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Hardcore Part2
  Hardcore | Author: Admin | 27-04-2016, 00:07
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NoTEK - The First Hard EP-(URV013)-WEB-2014-0day
Nspirit - Learn From The Pain-(NET026)-WEB-2016-0day
Nuclear Device - Thrown Out The Place-(IR019)-Vinyl-2006
N-Vitral and Deathmachine-Time to Meet the Devil Perfect Machines-(PRSPCTXTRM013)-WEB-2014-0day
Nyctophilia - 29-(DCR 29)-WEB-2015-0day
Obie - X (2015)(LTDSCD003)
Obie - X-(LTDSCD003)-2CD-2015
OGM909 - Digitalism-(AVX06)-WEB-2015-0day
Ohmicide - Dark Blood-(MAD026)-WEB-2015-0day
Ominous vs. Dr. Rude Live @ Reng Deng Deng 03-03-2006
Ones1mk - Fear-(FWXXDIGI026)-WEB-2015-0day
Ophidian - Between The Candle And The Star-(BYMCD053)-WEB-2013-0day
Ophidian - Rejects Leftovers and Unrelated Experiments 02 07-(META4 O)-WEB-2013-A05-0day
Ophidian - Tomorrow is a Promise-(ENZYME018Z)-WEB-2005-A05
Osmik-Machine Man-CD-2012
Ostfront Hate System - Akustische Schizophrenie (2007)
Outblast vs Korsakoff MoH Radio 26-04-2007
Oxidus - Levels EP-WEB-2015-0day
Painbringer - Afterglow (The Remix)-(MOKUM131R)-WEB-2012-XL-0day
Pandorum - Inner Conflicts-(ENZYME053)-WEB-2015-0day
Pandorum - The Religion (Official Pandemonium 2015 Anthem)-WEB-FLAC-2015-0day
Paranoizer-Secret Planet-(TIT010)-Vinyl-2007
Partyraiser and Friends - Ein Zwei Polizei-(PRR014)-WEB-2015-0day
Partyraiser and Friends - Enjoy The Noise-(PRR010)-WEB-2015-0day
Partyraiser And Friends - So You Wanna Be Hardcore-(PRR012)-WEB-2015-0day
Partyraiser vs Lunatic and Miss Hysteria - Nitromethane-(Bass-003)-EP WEB-2006
Pattern J - Spanking EP-(HTC004)-VINYL-2008
Pattern J Vs Subversion-I Could Be-(NOISTORM95)-WEB-2014-0day
Paul Elstak - I Am A God (Evil Activities Remix)-WEB-2008
Paul Elstak - Remix Project 3-(OFF027)-Vinyl-2007
Paul Elstak and DJ D - Furious Anger-(OFF021)-WEB-2005
Peaky Pounder - Munauainen (Carnage and Cluster Remix)-WEB-2013-0day
Peptek Akka Lord Of Sp33d - 4 Grams Of Frenchcore-(MD-010)-WEB-2015-0day
Peter Kurten - Angels-(NOISJLTD-10)-WEB-2013-0day
Petrochemical - Norwegian Core Definition-(GEN006)-REPACK-WEB-2004-rzr
Petrochemical - Regeneration-(DD13022)-WEB-2013-A05-0day
Philty Fingers - Move Bitch-(NO002)-WEB-2012-0day
Piecemaker - Smells Like Pure Gasoline-(NO001)-WEB-2012-0day
Pirate Mind - The Islands Of The Pirates-WEB-2015-0day
Progamers - Saturday Night Fire EP-(R909-56)-WEB-2016-0day
Programers - Game After Game-(PKGLP13)-VINYL-2007
Project4life - Cracking Skulls-(RED-055)-WEB-2015-0day
Promo & MC Drokz @ Thunderdome 15-12-2007
Promo - Patterns In Chaos (Promofile Classic 005)-(T3RDM0085)-WEB-2005
Promo and Armageddon Project - Diamonds For The Pigs-(T3RDM0095)-WEB-2006-A05
Promo True Tones-(T3RDM0191)-WEB-2012-0day
Proto X - Another Pussy-WEB-2011
Proto X - Coming Undone-WEB-2008
Proto X - Hell For A Remake-WEB-2013-0day
Psiko - Alcaloide 009-(Alcaloide 009)-VINYL-2008
Psiko - Burning Playground-(PKGCD65)-WEB-2012-0day
Psychosis Disorder - GGM Digital 32-(GGMDIGITAL032)-WEB-2013-0day
Psychoweapon-The Last Door-(MCORE031)-WEB-2015-CB-0day
Q-dance Presents Hardcore Top 40 (August 2014)-(Unmixed)
Qkhack And Im Colapsed And Edub - Ouija V6 Rave VIP-(INSANE008)-WEB-2015-0day
Qkhack-Mad Situation Rave-(SICKDIG036)-WEB-2014-0day
Quitara - Poisonous-(IMPHCDIG001)-WEB-2012-0day
Radium - Ersatz EP(ARENA)-WEB-2008
Radium And Pattern J - Kick Ass EP-(KICKASS 01)-WEB-2016-0day
Ragnarok - Outta My Mind EP-(9008798091997)-WEB-2012-0day
Ragnarok and Lost Technology - For The Incurable Insane Remixes-WEB-2012-0day
Ranxx - Lets Fight EP-(90087980860099)-WEB-2012-0day
Raoul - I Dont Bow-(HI-035hc)-WEB-2014-0day
Raoul vs Low Entropy - Head To Head (DIR005)-WEB-2016-0day
Ravers Alliance - Ballistic Bootlegs 14-(BOOTS014)-WEB-2007
Raxyor - Rancid Mantra EP-(POFFDIGIT14)-WEB-2013-0day
Ray X - Every Culture EP-WEB-2013-0day
Razor Edge - Dark Matter 005-(DM-05)-WEB-2012-0day
Razor Edge - Imagination Is Key EP-(DPDR017)-WEB-2015-0day
Razor Edge - Prodigious Part 2-(NOISJ16B)-WEB-2011
RBMZ - Dont Do That EP-(NOISEBOMB002)-WEB-2012-0day
RBMZ - Lock And Load Ep-(Pkg32)-Vinyl-2007
Receptor and Forbidden Society - To The Threshold Album Sampler-(FSREC006)-WEB-2012-0day
Recype @ Masters of Hardcore Radio (17-02-09)
Redalice - Emperor-(AECD-043)-CD-2015
Relapse - Industrial Infection EP-(HIHR014)-WEB-2013-0day
Relapse - Living In Sin EP-(HIHR021)-WEB-2014-0day
Relapse - Psychopath EP-(HIHRO11)-WEB-2012-0day
Relapse - The Heavy EP-(HIHR009)-WEB-2012-0day
Richie Gee - Nobody Listens To Techno-(MAD024)-WEB-2015-0day
Richie Gee Vs. Dj Mutante - Kool Dj-(FWXXDIGI014)-WEB-2015-0day
Rina May X Pose - Fight Of Nature - Sounds Diabolic (2014)
Rioteer - The Anti-Life-(SOS-10)-WEB-2014-0day
Roms - Disjoncted Compilation 01-(DISJCOMP01)-WEB-2009
Roms Aka Harry Potar-Kama Sous Trip 06-(KST06)-Vinyl-2012
Rotterdam Terror Corps - The Best Of (2006)
Rotterdam Gabber - Knocknock The World-WEB-2012-0day
RoughSketch - Aquarius Bootleg-WEB-2013-0day
Roughsketch - BASSDRUM? File #7-(MURCD-036)-WEB-2014
RoughSketch - Breaking The Rules-(NBCD009)-CD-2012
Roughsketch - Maddest Circus Show-(NBCD-019)-WEB-2015-0day
RoughSketch vs QUIL - The Far East Hard Session-(NBCD-010)-WEB-2013-0day
Round Wave Crusher - Elements Of Destruction-(DCKR009)-WEB-2014-0day
Rude Awakening - Anger Management-(T3RDM0028)-WEB-2002
Run APC - Afraid Of The Dark EP-(MOCRCYD041)-WEB-2016-0day
S Aphira - Anafylactic Shock-(CM055)-WEB-2009
Sacerdos Vigilia - Cortex Driller-(META4 P)-WEB-2013-A05-0day
Sacrifice - Geile Ficksau-(KRH068)-WEB-2013-0day
Sacrifice Ft Emeska - Beat 4 Me EP-(Krh104ep)-WEB-2014-0day
Sadistic - Adventure Into Fear-(NOISJ22)-WEB-2012-0day
Sadistic - Battle Virus-(NOISJ-33)-WEB-2013-0day
Sanchuk - Fire Tribe-(RED058)-WEB-2015-0day
Santoine and Masamune-Haunting EP-(BATAU044)-WEB-2014-0day
Saphira - Anafylactic Shock-(CM055)-WEB-2008-A05
Sarin Assault - Red Reign-(KTRXTCD001)-CD-2013
Satan - Flesh And Metal-(MSD016)-WEB-2015-0day
Satan-First Blood Cut and Run-(YSRD013)-WEB-2015-0day
Satan-Killing Instinct New Hunter-(TR006)-WEB-2014-0day
Savage - Nyctophobia EP-WEB-2015-0day
Scorpyd - Fake-Ass Bitches EP-(PN037)-WEB-2012-0day
ScreamerClauz - I Drink Your Blood And I Eat Your Skin-(PERVERT001)-Vinyl-2006
Section Grabuge - People will Die (2011)
Section Grabuge - Policia-(CBKR001)-WEB-2010
Section Grabuge - Together We'll Make Trouble-(FWXXDIGI006)-CD-2014
Section Grabuge - Together We'll Make Trouble-(FWXXDIGI006)-WEB-2014-0day
Sefa And Dr. Peacock - This Life Is Lost-(PCR030)-WEB-2016-0day
Sei2ure - Illusion of Safety-(ENZYME024)-Vinyl-2007
Sei2ure - War EP-(PRSPCTXTRM008)-WEB-2013-0day
Senseless Symptoms - Sins Of War EP-(SCR003)-WEB-2012-0day
Sequence & Ominous @ Thunderdome Radio (11-02-09)
Shadowsect - Choose And Perish-(BGRDM0019)-WEB-2014-0day
Shatterling - Bloodstone-(BATAU026)-WEB-2014-0day
Shatterling - Forewarn-(DD13072)-WEB-2015-0day
Shatterling and Insectoid In Isolation - Waking Beyond Reach -(NOISJLTD20)-WEB-2014-0day
Shatterling-Ghost Hunt EP-(BATAU045)-WEB-2014-0day
Shmidoo - Autopsy Heart Of Steel-(SICKDIG044)-WEB-2015-0day
Sidelnikov Vs Embrionyc & PRDM - Nuclear Mine-(DLH019)-WEB-2013-0day
Sidephex - War On Demand-(DD14071)-WEB-2015-0day
Sinecore and Petram-Insane Recs 005-(INSANE005)-WEB-2014-0day
Sinister Souls - Beat The Drum Hard-(PRSPCTLP004)-WEB-2012-0day
Sinister Souls - Edited and Forgotten-WEB-2014-0day
Sinister Souls and Erre - Tuh Tuh Duh RMX EP-(PRSPCTRMXEP001)-WEB-2015-0day
Sinister Souls And Neks - Their Destiny-(BLR010)-WEB-2016-0day
Sinister Souls and Proton Kid-Earth Prime Danger Time-(PRSPCT022)-WEB-2013-0day
Sinistra - Attero Immunde-(KP002)-WEB-2014-0day
Sirio - Atropina Ep-(NRTX34)-WEB-2008
Sirio - Control Your Power-(R909-30)-WEB-2008
Sirio - The First EP-(NRTX31)-WEB-2007
Sirio - Unreal-(PKGDIGI-05)-WEB-2014-0day
Sirio Vs. D-Tox - Loudness War-(NRTX41)-WEB-2010
Sirio Vs. Pattern J - Haunted Brainshit-(NOIS08)-WEB-2009
Sjammienators - Sjammienators And Friends EP-(FBR003)-WEB-2015-0day
Skim - Altern Hybrid-(NOISJLTD-48)-WEB-2015-0day
Skim - The Antichrist EP-(NOISJ062)-WEB-2014-0day
Skinny and Bundy - Lets Get Dirty-(NOTV016)-WEB-2012-0day
Skoza Vs. Sirio - Wake Up!-(NRTX43)-WEB-2010
Skullfuck3r - Damaged-(D8D034)-WEB-2012-0day
Skullfuck3r - Eat Fuck Kill-(D8D040)-WEB-2013-0day
Skullfuck3r Vs Mark EG And Cry - Crossminds-(ISRDIGI064)-WEB-2014-0day
Sky Line Walker - Disorder Without The Consent-(TSHR002)-WEB-2015-0day
Smurf @ DNA vs CSR (Peppermill, Heerlen) (18-07-08)
Social Teknology 07-(SOCIALTEK07)-WEB-2013-0day
Solar Eclipse - Invasion Of The Body Snatchers-(10043358)-WEB-2012-0day
Solar Eclipse - The Apocaliptic Riders-WEB-2012-0day
Somatic Responses - Reverse Engineering-(DI-II)-WEB-2013-A05-0day
Somniac One - Synthetic 4ms-(META4 S)-WEB-2015-0day
Sound Abuse-A Decade EP-(DD13052)-WEB-2014-0day
Speakerdeamon - Vintage Files-(DM040)-WEB-2015-0day
Speakerdeamon Meets Ratboy - Double Damage-(DSA001)-WEB-2012-0day
Speakerdemon - Conspiracy EP-(DISCLOSE002)-WEB-2012-0day
Spinecode - GGM Digital 023-(GGM Digital 023)-WEB-2012-0day
Squall - Girl Problems-(NOISTORM84)-WEB-2014-0day
Squaresoundz - Clipping-WEB-2013
SRB - Let It All Out EP-(TIT025)-WEB-2012-0day
SRB - Rocket Muppet-(TIT20133)-WEB-2013-0day
SRB - Rocket Science (TITCD018)-WEB-2015-0day
SRB - X-Mess Part Two-(TITCD251215)-WEB-2015-0day
Stan Grewzell - Key Scenes-(DD13038)-WEB-2013-0day
Star Wash - Disco Fans (The Remixes)-(ENF006)-2005-AFR
Stocker - Paroxysm-(RED-020)-WEB-2013-0day
Stocker and Razor Edge - Organic Androids-(GGMDIGITAL034)-WEB-2013-0day
Stolen Cult - Overdose MILF-(PRSPCTXTRMDIGI002)-WEB-2014-0day
Stormrage - Freedoms Progress-(Cenobite Digital 10)-WEB-2012-0day
Stormtrooper - Abusing Triplets-(ABUSED DIGI 004)-WEB-2014-0day
Stormtrooper - Nippon Kamikaze Rave-(FREE)-WEB-2013-0day
Stormtrooper - Serious Sounddrop Calling-(PRSPCTXTRMDIGI005)-WEB-2016-0day
Stormtrooper - The Bavarian Barbarian-(MRD014)-WEB-2014-0day
Stormtrooper - The Gateway EP-(CYC-002)-WEB-2013-0day
Stormtrooper - The Industrialist-(MRD016)-WEB-2015-0day
Stormtrooper - The Narkotikz-(DD13032)-WEB-2012-0day
Stormtrooper - The SZ Factor-(LVHz003)-WEB-2012-0day
Stormtrooper and DJ Amok - Cleansing The Sphere-(ARTILLERY020)-WEB-2009
Stormtrooper and MCK - What The Hell Is Rapcore-(AA06)-WEB-2007
Stormtrooper and Minupren - The Brutal and Sadistic Show-WEB-2012-0day
Strange Arrival - Borderworlds-(LVHz007)-WEB-2016-0day
Striker - Its Time For Terror-(EX008)-WEB-2014-0day
Strontium - The Chaos War-(NOISJ21)-WEB-2012-0day
Strontium - Unknown Origin-(SOS-09)-WEB-2014-0day
Succubus Helna - Azathoth-(DLH017)-WEB-2013-0day
Sudden Death - Paranoid-(pnzz003)-vinyl-2006
Suicide Code - Retribution-(KMRD007)-WEB-2015-0day
Sunday High Okt’08 (12-10-08)
supply module - rmxd-(z71.00)-vinyl-2007
SVK - The Theory Of Violence-(AVD28)-WEB-2015-0day
SXT aka Tieum - Untitled-(PROVOKE06)-WEB-2009
Sy and Unknown - The Hardcore Style-(QSH116)-WEB-2011
Sylenz-Possessed Minds-(MER041)-WEB-2015-0day
Synaptic Memories - Inhuman Dislocation-(NOISJLTD-07)-WEB-2013-0day
Syrinx - Into The Darkness-(HLTD018)-WEB-2015-0day
Syrinx - Witchcraft LP Sampler-(MOCRCYD040)-WEB-2016-0day
System Overload - System Overload-WEB-2015
System 3 And Mr. Madness - Russian Roulette-(DIGIGM052)-WEB-2014-0day
System Overload - System Overload-(MRV202)-WEB-2015-0day
Tatlum - Its Back EP-(MOCRCYD043)-WEB-2016-0day
Tchoum - Frenchcore Resistance 01-(FR001)-WEB-2013-0day
Tchoum And D-Ohmicyd - Frenchcore Resitance Vol. 2-(FR002)-WEB-2014-0day
Team Grimoire - Grimoire Of Crimson-WEB-2015-0day
TERROREAST Feat. TRN18 And C.V.I. - The Way Of Fear-WEB-2013-0day
Tha Kronik - Thats The Way-(MOK156)-WEB-2015-0day
Tha KroniK - All Italian Hardcore-(DTN016)-WEB-2012-0day
Tha KroniK - Dont Be The Worst (HI-037hc)-WEB-2014-0day
Tha Kronik - Summertime Madness EP-(TSD046)-WEB-2015-0day
Tha Playah & Nexes Live @ Thunderdome Radio 19-03-2008
Tha Playah-I Call The Shots-(NEO033)-Vinyl-2007
Thaman - Tek Sezzions Fearfm-SBD-12-09-2008-TRa
The Bass Navigators @ Thunderdome Radio (18-02-09)
The Demon Dwarf @ Thunderdome Radio (21-01-09)
The Destroyer & Bryan Fury - This Is Hardcore (THORN 13) (2007)
The Mother Fucker - Motherfucking EP(Urban Vandalism Records) (2015)
The 3eyed-Broken Home EP-(CBR012)-WEB-2015-0day
The Acolyte & Sean Apollo Feat. Skye - Dreaming Of You (Reese Mix)-(K12FREE011)-WEB-2006-SKIF
The Bassrider - Back to Bitchfuck-(DDNRFREE002)-WEB-2013-0day
The Bassrider vs HardexX - Fucking Funky (BiBchen Kiffen)-WEB-2012-0day
The Beatkrusher - Helemaal De Weg Kwijt-WEB-2013-0day
The Braindrillerz vs. Subversion - Paranoid Ep-(NOIS090)-WEB-2014-0day
The Clamps - Tha Real Enemy E.P.-(KARNAGE08)-WEB-2013-0day
The Darkwalker - Against The Wall-(DGP019)-WEB-2014-0day
The Destroyer - Italian Madness-(BRR002)-WEB-2009
The Destroyer - Prepare For The Return-(DBR-003)-WEB-2015-0day
The Destroyer and Tripped - A Further Reality EP-(AIRFIGHT001)-WEB-2012-0day
The DJ Producer - Breaks The Unbreakable-(T3RDM0121)-WEB-2007
The DJ Producer - Out of Control - Defending The Title-(HMR02)-WEB-2007
The Endless Souls - We Are Here-(PHKALB002)-WEB-2014-0day
The Executer And Ofearia - Human Kind-(KNOR77)-WEB-2015-0day
The Frey Effect - Embrace The Random-(BATAU062)-WEB-2015-0day
The Hard Way - The Nihilistic Remixes-(PRSPCTTHW003)-WEB-2015-0day
The Limewax and Goldberg Variations vs Gancher & Ruin-Arsch Noisyum Dirty Hand Of Gandolf-(PRSPCT026)-WEB-2014-0day
The Mastery And Dr. Peacock - Mister Jones EP-(PCR032)-WEB-2016-0day
The Mortal Noize - The Remixes-(TMN001)-WEB-2013-0day
The Mover Rave Creator - Classic Hardcore Vol 1 - ACA2017 Productions (2007)
The Noisy Terrorist - Sound Pollution-(HDFDIGI013)-WEB-2012-0day
The Outside Agency - Prepare To Die Borrowed Time-(GEN175-011)-WEB-2015-0day
The Outside Agency - Return Of The Revenge Of The Dark Alley Space Vampires (From Jupiter)-(GEN014)-WEB-2007-rzr
The Outside Agency - Scenocide 101 Sampler With Awesome Title-(GEN006.5)-WEB-2005-rzr
The Outside Agency - The Easy Money Remix EP-(GEN013)-WEB-2007-A05
The Outside Agency - Un Titre En Francais Intensement Profond Et Complique-WEB-2011
The Outside Agency - War In The 8th Dimension-(GEN008)-WEB-2005
The Outside Agency And Fracture 4 - Ten Inches of What-(GEN010)-WEB-2006
The Outside Agency-Motherfucking Ants-(GEN007)-WEB-2005
The Panacea and Limewax - Shining Sleeve Of Wizard-WEB-2013-0day
The Panacea-The Panacea Will Never Die EP-(PC089)-WEB-2014-0day
The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Anger Management-(ND53)-CDR-2010
The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Insurgency-(MOD12)-WEB-2015-0day
The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Machine District-(VM0042)-WEB-2012-0day
The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Mixtape Themes E.P.-(MOD 1)-WEB-2014-0day
The Philosopher - Paradise or Oblivion-(Cenobite Digital 11)-WEB-2013-0day
The Punisher - Cocaine Hustler-(DCN04)-WEB-2012-0day
The Punisher - Transmutation EP-(DCN02)-WEB-2011
The Qualunquist - Die To The Rhythm EP-(AVD 11)-WEB-2012-0day
The Raptor and Tinnitus Industry - The Creatures (Official Anthem)-WEB-2012-0day
The Relic - Its Not Human-(DD00042)-WEB-2013-0day
The Relic - Sentinels-(DD00064)-WEB-2014-0day
The Shapeshifter - Re Fusion Remix Contest EP-(TNIDIGI007)-WEB-2012-0day
The Sickest Squad - Digital Cocaine EP-(NRTX37)-WEB-2009
The Sickest Squad - Hard Abuse EP-(AA15)-WEB-2009
The Sickest Squad - Opera Prima-(PKGCD63)-WEB-2012-0day
The Sickest Squad feat System 3 RTSier - Sick Dreams EP-(PKG062)-WEB-2014-0day
The Sickest Squad Vs. System 3 - One of us EP-(NRTX42)-WEB-2010
The Speed Freak - Devastator-(PKG25)-WEB-2005
The Speed Freak - Driveby-(NOVINYL02)-WEB-2008
The Speed Freak - Hammerhead-(AA05)-WEB-2007
The Speed Freak - Psychotoxic-(MOK119)-WEB-2009
The Speed Freak - Re-Play (Messing With Your Brain For 20 Years)-(PKGCD58)-Web-2010-DoJu
The Speed Freak - Things That Go Boom In The Night-(PKG34)-WEB-2007
The Speed Freak And The DJ The Producer - The Freakwaves Remixes-(PKGRX11)-WEB-2010
The Speed Freak-Hammerhead-(AA05)-Vinyl-2007
The Stunned Guys and DJ Paul - Thrillseeka (Mad Mic Offensive Edit)-WEB-2013-0day
The Teknoist - Bleeding Out-(NL1GKDIGI010)-WEB-2012-0day
The Teknoist - Nekrolog1k Digital EP 005-(NEKROLOG1K DIGI005)-WEB-2011
The Teknoist And Throttler - Theres Nothing Here For You - I Dont Dance-(SSTD001)-WEB-2008
The Teknoist vs Throttler - Theres Nothing Here For You I Dont Dance-(SSTD001)-WEB-2008
The Twins Artcore - Girls Ruffneck Bass-(NP05)-WEB-2014-0day
The Twins Artcore - The Never Ending Story Part 2-(TWR-02)-WEB-2008
The Undead Project - Psycho-(FREE)-WEB-2012-0day
The Unlord - Corrupt-(HC017)-WEB-2016-0day
The Unlord-They Were Screaming-(NOISJLTD-47)-WEB-2015-CB-0day
The Untitled - Extreme EP-(10045656)-WEB-2012-0day
The Vinyl Junk vs Kokka - Fractured Minds-WEB-2009
The Vinyl Raider and Stinger - GGM Digital 28-(GGMDIGITAL028)-WEB-2012-0day
The Weaver - The Only One-(RED-060)-WEB-2016-0day
Thorax Ft. The Ultimate MC - Fvkked Up-(THOPRO002)-WEB-2015-0day
Threatening Developments And X-Core - Kallkallan-(Kall1)-WEB-2015-0day
Thumpa - Blood, Sweat & Tears (2012)
Thunder Hardcore Present Series Vol.3-2007
Thunderdome 2008 livesets
Thunderdome 2008 Website Playlist
Thunderdome Pay Back Time
Thunderdome Pay Back Time WarmUp Mix
Thunderdome Radio - 2007-05-23-HDH
Thunderdome Radio - Clone (04-06-2008)
Thunderdome XX On Tour Switzerland Mixes
Thunderdome Radio 03-12-08
Tieum - Untitled-(A8015)-WEB-2009
Tieum and Dr. Macabre - Untitled-(A8010)-WEB-2008
Tieum and Partyraiser - Here I Cum-(ARN09)-WEB-2006
Tieum Versus Hibou - INRI-(OFFDEA02)-CD-2008
Tieum Vs Lunatic and Miss Hysteria - Sex House-(Bass-002)-WEB-2005
T-Junction & Osiris live @ Q-Base 2007 (26.11.07)
T-Junction and Osiris and MC Syco - Whats Up With Life (Masters of Ceremony Remix)-WEB-2009
Tonal Verges - The Inner Light-(SOP 029-1315)-WEB-2015-0day
Tones - The Hand Of God-(NEXT002)-WEB-2012-0day
Torsion and Fear Engineer-Infringment F-(SCUM019)-Vinyl-2007
Total Hardcore - Total Hardcore Vol.6-WEB-2008-AloS
Trackdriver And Animal Tag - Hit Me Hard-(CSRDIGI007)-WEB-2015-0day
Traffik - Personal Issue-(Par004)-Vinyl-2002
Transcend - Synaesthesia (2015)(STMCD002)
Transcend - Synaesthesia-(STMCD002)-2CD-2015
Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied - Disposal Of Outer Power-(TRAX0063)-WEB-2006
Trebor And Strange Arrival - Times Edge-(BATAU061)-WEB-2015-0day
T-Rex - Hard Step-(D8D032)-WEB-2012-0day
tripped & khaoz engine - competition is none vol.3-(hkv014)-2013
Tripped - Untitled-(STRIKE556)-WEB-2008
Tritone - The Storm-(TRITONE001)-WEB-2013-0day
Tritone and D-Ceptor - Quadcore-(TRITONE002)-WEB-2014-0day
Truecore - death will catch us all (2006)
TTM Hardcore Top 40 March 2013
Tugie - Sample Killer-WEB-2013-0day
Twilight And Jackall - N.E.Tunes Family-(NET019)-WEB-2014-0day
Twisted Freq - Fall 4 You-(KRFREE001)-WEB-2007
Tymon The DJ Producer - Never Look Back-(KSHEEPV012)-WEB-2011
UKTM - Eat The World Alive-(HDFDIGI024)-WEB-2014-0day
Underdoggz - Doggz For Life-(BFR008)-WEB-2016-0day
Unexist - Danger (Andy The Core Remix)-WEB-2013-0day
Unexist Vs Promo - The Missing Chromosome-(T3RDM0076)-WEB-2005
United Hardcore Forces 2010-CD-2010-DoJu
Unrest - Inside EP-(3091)-WEB-2014-0day
VA - DTN HARDCAST 005. SHADOWCORE - The Darkness Within Me. Album Mix (2015)
VA - Hardcore Addiction 6 (2012)(HHC.COM-6)
VA - Live at HTID Event 13 The Skool Of Hardcore
hixxy b2b darren styles-live at htid event 13 the skool of hardcore-12tape-2006-xtc
VA - Recovery-[HLRECS001]-[WEB 320]-[2015]-[DB9]-0day
VA - Smiling Corpse #001 [2012]
VA - The Future Of Hardcore Album (Exclusive Tracks) (TFOH97) WEB 2015-0day
VA - Who’s Got The Stamina! vol.1 (STMCD001-002) 2015
VA - 10 Years Of PRSPCT Madness (Mixed By Thrasher)-WEB-2012-0day
VA - 12 Years Of Noise - The Album Sampler-(FWXXDIGI030)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - 2012 The End Of The World-(DPINC666-B)-WEB-2012-0day
VA - 700 OVER-(PFEX010)-CD-2015
va - a nightmare in germany - stand your ground-2015-web-0day
VA - A Paranoid Kone and A Rotten Smurf u-EP-(GGM Digital 014)-WEB-2012-0day
VA - Altered Perception-(NLG1K007)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Another World EP-(EM006)-Vinyl-2006-Dz
VA - Anthony Is Not Available EP-(ASR001)-Vinyl-2006
VA - Bass Fusion 10 Years (100 Percent Hardcore)-(KYTEZO051)-WEB-2013-0day
VA - Because We Care-(TNIDIGI2)-WEB-2011
VA - Biomechanoid-(SMACK001)-Vinyl-2006
VA - Breakbeat Revolution 3-(Clsmbrlp3)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - C.H.R Re.Edition - 525.538-(CHR-558)-Vinyl-2005
VA - C.H.R Re.Edition 548.557-(CHR-570)-Vinyl-2005
VA - C.S.R Vs Japan-(CSR11)-VINYL-2008
VA - Candy Star-(GECD-014)-CD-2015
VA - Chaos Order-(RM001)-WEB-2014-0day
VA - Chaos Reign EP-(NL1GKDIGI004)-WEB-2011
VA - Collected Into The Dark Lands - Origin-(DD15075)-WEB-2016-0day
VA - Competition Is None Vol 2-(HKV008)-WEB-2006
VA - DCKR VAMP1RES Chapter I The Creed-(DCKRBLCK006)-WEB-2014-0day
VA - Dead Kitty 002-WEB-2012-0day
VA - Death Sentence-(DBH-0001)-CD-2011
VA - Defragmentation EP-(PNR010)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Digital Chaos Part 2-(MCORE009)-WEB-2013-0day
VA - Doomed Industry-(TRM-VA-010)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Dr Peacock and Friends-(GGM Digital 29)-WEB-2012-0day
VA - Ein Zwei Polizei-(PRR014)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Enduser Shares Needles With The Teknoist-(ADN164)-WEB-2012-0day
VA - Forced To Break-(KCRCD005)-CD-2014
VA - Forza Italia ! EP-(NB005)-WEB-2012-0day
VA - Frenchcore Sil Vous Plait-(FSVP005)-WEB-2016-0day
VA - Frenchcore Sil Vous Plait Records 004-(FSVP004)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Fucking Bastards-(NKR012)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Fucking Bastards Records 001-(FBR001)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Fucking Bastards Records 002-(FBR002)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Fucking Bastards Records 004-(FBR004)-WEB-2016-0day
VA - GGM Digital 21-(GGMDIGITAL021)-WEB-2012-0day
VA - GGM Digital 24-(GGM Digital 24)-WEB-2012-0day
VA - GGM Digital 33-(GGMDIGITAL033)-WEB-2013-0day
VA - Go Insane-(HPZ07)-Vinyl-2006-Dz
VA - Goes Noord Vs The Rest Of The World II-(GEN016)-WEB-2008
VA - Good Fellas (First Chapter)-(HI-021hc)-WEB-2013-0day
VA - Goodfellas (Second Chapter)-(HI-025hc)-WEB-2013-0day
VA - Hakken Krakken EP-(MOK164)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Hardcore Repossession-(HPZ08)-Vinyl-2006-Dz
VA - Hardcore Techno 2014 Vol 1 (The Party Hard Club)-WEB-2014-0day
VA - Hardcore Top 40 April 2014 Unmixed-WEB-2014-0day
VA - Hardcore Underground 7-(HUDSCD017)-3CD-2015
VA - Heavyweight Rollerz-(DGPLP001)-WEB-2013-0day
VA - Heretic - Blasphemy Re-Engineerd-(POFFDIGIT23)-WEB-2014-0day
VA - Hoodoo EP-(Bass-004)-WEB-2006
VA - Incoming Noizes-(HN001)-WEB-2012-0day
VA - Infectech Records Hits Vol.I-(INTECHCOMP001)-WEB-2012-0day
VA - Into The Dark Lands-(DD15025)-WEB-2012-0day
VA - Irregular Nation-(TCPLUS-0015)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Japanese Stream Hardcore Vol. 4-(JSH004)-WEB-2013-0day
VA - Japanese Stream Hardcore Vol. 6-(JSH006)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Japanese Stream Hardcore Vol.3-(JSH003)-WEB-2013-0day
VA - Japanese Stream Hardcore Vol.5-(JSH005)-WEB-2014-0day
VA - Japanese Stream Hardcore Vol 1-(JSH001)-CD-2011
VA - Japanese Stream Hardcore Vol 2-(JSH002)-CD-2012
VA - Jason S - First Class Ticket To Hell-CD-Darkside
VA - Jason S - Floating Around In Xtc-CD-Darkside
VA - Jason S - Get The Fuck Outta My House... Bitch!-CD-Darkside
VA - Jason S - Hardcore Jaarmix 2000-CD-Darkside
VA - Jason S - Hardcore Jaarmix 2001-CD-Darkside
VA - Jason S - Hardcore Jaarmix 2002-CD-Darkside
VA - Jason S - Hardcore Yearmix 2003-CD-2004-KLF
VA - Jason S - Hardcore Yearmix 2004 S-2CD-2005-SQ
VA - Jason S - Judgement Day-CD-Darkside
VA - Jason S - Let Me In Your Fucking House-CD-Darkside
VA - Jason S - Music Of The New Church-CD-Darkside
VA - Jason S - Pounding Your Brain Again-CD-Darkside
VA - Jason S - The Darkside Chainsaw Massacre-CD-Darkside
VA - Jason S - The Darkside Of The Core-CD-Darkside
VA - Jason S - The Rebirth Of Hardcore-CD-Darkside
VA - Jason S - The Time Machine-CD-2002-Darkside
VA - Jason S - Unleash Hell 2-CD-Darkside
VA - J-Core Masterz Vol 10-(MSTBL040)-CD-2011
VA - J-Neration 2-(JNCD-0002)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - K12 Studios Gentlemans EP-(K12EP 002)-WEB-2008
VA - K12 Studios Just The Tip-(K12EP 001)-WEB-2008
VA - Karnage 666-(KRG666)-Vinyl-2007
VA - Kill The Sun-(DPR002)-VINYL-2008
VA - Le Diable Au Core Compilation Vol I (LDAC COMP 01)-WEB-2009
VA - Le Diable Au Corps Compilation 04 (LDAC COMP 04)-Web-2011
VA - Le Diable Au Corps Compilation 05 (LDAC COMP 05)-WEB-2011
VA - Lilium World Tour-(LLMR-041)-CD-2015
VA - Lilum Liberation Tribute-(LLMR-040)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Litanies Of Hate EP-(IPRDIGI02)-WEB-2013-0day
VA - Lose Your Faith Chapter 1-(Exclusive Mix By The Outside Agency)-CD-2012
VA - Makina Spain United-(MSU001)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Masters Of Hardcore Chapter XXXIV-(CLDM2012140)-2CD-2012
VA - Mechanical Brain Vs Cheeze Graterz-(MCB GRATERZ SP 666)-WEB-2013-0day
VA - Mechanical Slaves EP-(NVIO001)-WEB-2007
VA - Mert 002-(MERT002)-Vinyl-2006
VA - Mert 003-(MERT003)-Vinyl-2006-Dz
VA - Mert 004-(MERT004)-Vinyl-2006-Dz
VA - Micropoint - Remontees - (PTHCD10) - 2005
VA - Mighty Manipulating Masters of MIDI-Chlorian Mind-Masturbation-(AA08)-WEB-2007
VA - Militia Remixes Part I-(YSRD009)-WEB-2014-0day
VA - MOH Radio Top 100 2015-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Moment Of Silence-(T3RDM0074)-WEB-2005
VA - No Way Back-(EPP071)-WEB-2011
VA - Noisekick Records 006-(NKR006)-WEB-2014-0day
VA - Noisekicks Terrordrang-(NKR008)-WEB-2014-0day
VA - Noisekicks Terrordrang-(NKR014)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Noisekicks Terrordrang-(NKR017)-WEB-2016-0day
VA - Offensive Floorkillaz vol 2-(OFF-SP 002)-Vinyl-2006
VA - Oldschool Hardcore Top 100 Megamix Volume 2-(CLDM2012013)-WEB-2012-0day
VA - One-(SBR-004)-WEB-2010
VA - Open The Mind-(JSHSP002)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Partyraiser And Friends - Speakah Killers The Album-WEB-2014-0day
VA - Primordial Artefacts-WEB-2012-0day
VA - PRSPCT Best Of 2015-(PRSPCTCOMP2015)-WEB-2016-0day
VA - Sandy Warez Anthem 2013-(FFXXDIGI001)-WEB-2013-0day
VA - Sandy Warez Birthday Anthem 2014-(FWXXDIGI004)-WEB-2014-0day
VA - Sandy Warez Birthday Anthem 2016 (FWXXDIGI032)-WEB-2016-0day
VA - Screwface-(HPZ04)-Vinyl-2006-Dz
VA - Serial Murder EP Vol 1-(NARKOTIK007)-WEB-2012-0day
VA - Signal-To-Noise Ratio 1-(NOISJCOMP01)-WEB-2012-0day
VA - SMACK Records 002-(SMACK002)-Vinyl-2006
VA - Social Teknology LP 02-(STLP02)-WEB-2012-0day
VA - Social Teknology LP 05 - Best Of Social Teknology 01-05-(STLP005)-WEB-2013-0day
VA - Solidcore I-(SBR-001)-WEB-2010
VA - Solidcore VIII-(SBCD-008)-CD-2015
VA - Sphere-(NOISJLTD-46)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - SPLASH-(MNFK-014)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Split Personality EP-(TNI14)-WEB-2010
VA - Storm Sampler Volume 2 All Ireland Hardcore-WEB-2012-0day
VA - SUPERNOVA RECORDS 004 E.P (SNR004)-WEB-2012-FC-0day
VA - Supernova Records EP-(SNR009)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Superstar Shit-(CBKR019)-WEB-2012-0day
VA - Terrorland Records Vol. 1-(TRL01)-WEB-2014-0day
VA - TerrorNoize Industry Limited 1
VA - The Aftermath-(IWRCD009)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - The Battle E.P-(AUK005)-WEB-2011-XL
VA - The Coalition-(FWXXDIGI024)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - The Featuring Project-(EX005)-WEB-2013-0day
VA - The First One To Die Wins EP-(SSTD004)-WEB-2010
VA - The Fucked Up Edition-(ENZYMEX013)-WEB-2003-A05
VA - The Golden Showers EP-(IDR05)-WEB-2013-0day
VA - The Joke EP-(KNOR064)-WEB-2007
VA - The Kiss Of Death-(PHKCD002)-WEB-2013-0day
VA - The Lost Tracks V1 (sfu mp301)-2006
VA - The Psycho Filth Vol1 -Mr.Mad Masochist--(PFR001)-WEB-2010
VA - The Psycho Filth Vol10 -Zilch Zenith--(PFCD009)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - The Psycho Filth Vol2 -Segregated Screams--(PFCD-001)-CD-2010
VA - The Psycho Filth Vol3 -Agony Addiction--(PFCD-002)-CD-2011
VA - The Psycho Filth Vol4 -Fierce Fuss--(PFCD-003)-CD-2011
VA - The Superiority Of Pain-(TR007)-WEB-2016-0day
VA - The Vivisection LP-(SSTDMP3012)-WEB-2011
VA - Total Destruction EP-(SBMB022)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Touhou Vs Core Vol. 01-(KCRCD009)-CD-2015
VA - Underground Hardcore Fuckers - Delirium Tremens (Comp.)-(PHKCD007)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Unlocked-(PRR013B)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Untitled-(VDA01)-WEB-2007
VA - Vol. 1-(TOR002DJ)-Vinyl-2006-Dz
VA - Vol. 2-(TOR003DJ)-Vinyl-2006-Dz
VA - Voltage Ignition 3-(MOTF-0005)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - We Are Back-(WAB001)-WEB-2014-0day
VA - We Like Dark Hell-(DLH020)-WEB-2013-0day
VA - Welcome To AMMO-(AMMOREC 001)-WEB-2015-0day
VA - Welcome To The Paranoid-(PNZ001)-WEB-2006
VA - Worldwide Movement-(HKD060)-WEB-2014-0day
VA - X-Core-(SBR-003)-WEB-2010
VA - Yellow Stripe Militia EP-(YSRD001EP)-EP-2011
VA-3 Vomit Scraping Bastardos-(NII009)-WEB-2013-0day
VA-45 RPM Only (As Always)-(SUP008)-Vinyl-2007
VA-Angry Beat'z Vol 1-(3610157924486)-WEB-2014-0day
VA-Crosspunx EP-(CULTASS013)-WEB-2013-0day
VA-Extreme Sound Mayhem Vol.1-(ESF01)-WEB-2011
VA-GGM Raw 005-(GGMRAW005)-WEB-2012-0day
Vague Entity - Enter Apocalypse-(DM034)-WEB-2015-0day
Vague Entity - Indefinable-(SOS-06)-WEB-2014-0day
Vague Entity - Open Minds Will Dominate-(NOISJLTD-36)-WEB-2014-0day
Vague Entity - Sleep For The Weak EP-(HDFDIGI015)-WEB 2013-0day
VA-History Of Dutch Hardcore Volume 6-(MIDDIG033)-WEB-2008-320
VA-Kick and Tricks EP-(N.E.TUNES012)-WEB-2012-0day
VA-Kill The VIP-(Splitter Gewalt03)-Vinyl-2007
Vandalsm - Passion-(FWXXDIGI031)-WEB-2016-0day
Various - Oldskool Classics (PDJ003)-CD-2005-PDJ
VA-Sell Your Soul Iron Factory-(UNION010)-WEB-2014-0day
VA-Social Teknology Vol 12-(ST12)-WEB-2013-0day
VA-Two Hells as One-(BHR027)-WEB-2014-0day
VA-Untitled-(ANALOGUEFREQUENCIES 04)-Vinyl-2013
VA-Untitled-(INCORPORATED 16)-Vinyl-2012
VA-Untitled-(SONIKART 01)-Vinyl-2013
VA-Untitled-(TRAFIK 11)-Vinyl-2013
Vavatek - Vertigo-(NOISTORM79)-WEB-2014-0day
Vavatek-For Your Mother-(NOISTORM93)-WEB-2014-0day
Vendettah - Rock N Roll-(FMR016)-WEB-2013-0day
Vextor - The Rebel Remixes-(VCR009)-WEB-2014-0day
Vextor - You Know (The Remixes)-(VCR005)-WEB-2012-0day
Virus Factory-Virus Control-(R909R21)-Vinyl-2006-PDB
Visiblesound-The Thunderfist-HCLD021 EP-2012
Void Stalker-The Darkness Throne of Skulls-(SICKDIG040)-WEB-2015-0day
VTX - Paraponzipo-(HCM022)-WEB-2013-0day
Waqs - 95 Suicide Rave Party -WEB-2013-0day
Weapon X Thunderdome Radio 08-10-08
Xaero - Downfall-(TRM-EP-001)-WEB-2014-0day
X-Fly - Frenchcore Traxx Vol. 3-(HDF-24)-WEB-2016-0day
X-Fly and Frazbass - Tormented By Kill-(PKG31)-Vinyl-2006
Xkri - Calcium-(GIF011)-WEB-2015-0day
xl - R.E.L.A.X-(XL002)-2006
Xl - R.E.L.A.X-Incl Dr Dust Remix-Promo Vinyl-2006
xl - the crusader's story-2006 cd
xl -
X-Mind ft. Minckz - Re-Catched Again (DGP007VIP)-2012-WEB-0day
X-Mind And Andy The Core - Noise Like This-(10067773)-WEB-2013-0day
X-Mind feat Minckz - Frenchcore Sil Vous Plait Part 4 (Anthem)-(DGP015)-WEB-2013-0day
Ymb and Emoshin-Through the Gates LP Part 1-(NCR001)-WEB-2013-0day
YmB and Ogonek - Going Crazy-(MTFZ19)-WEB-2012-0day
Zanthrax - Dark by Nature - Mental - A-(DD00020)-WEB-2012-0day
Zanthrax - Lost Heritage-(N SJ018)-WEB-2012-0day
Zanthrax - Savage-(DD13001)-WEB-2012-0day
Zanthrax Vs The Relic - Mind Battle Part I-(USR008)-WEB-2006
Zardonic-Far Beyond Bass (the Vulgar Remixes)-(BGRDM016)-WEB-2013-0day
Zardonic-For Justice EP-(099923083634)-WEB-2014-0day
Zeom - Ocean Of Barsoom-(RED-041)-WEB-2014-0day
Zeom - The End Of History-(RED-049)-WEB-2015-0day
Zeuge And Satan - Watch The Saints Burn-(POFFDIGIT24)-WEB-2014-0day

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100 Jeeex - Albatraoz Bizarre-(BWL002)-WEB-2016-0day
14anger-Right After Midnight EP-(KALL3)-WEB-2015-CB
2014 Fracus & Darwin - Filth And Dumb Hatred (3rd Album)
3 Steps Ahead – Junkie (Digital Version)
3 Steps Ahead - 3 Steps Ahead Remember Remixes-WEB-2007
3 Steps Ahead - Thunderdome Youre Gonna Die (Waxweazle Mashup)-(FREE)-WEB-2012-0day
3x6 - Enfants Terribles-(ICNCLST002)-CDR-2015
A.L.F - Its A K-(BLR005)-WEB-2015-0day
A Kriv & Friends - I Am Nexus-(R909-48)-WEB-2014-0day
Abort Retry Fail - Meat Grinder-(NOISJ-49)-WEB-2014-0day
Abscence - Abscence EP-(SICKDIG023)-WEB-2013-0day
Absence - Cross Attitude-(DGP014)-WEB-2013-0day
Acid Diaper - Torture95 Nno-(LB13)-WEB-2014-0day
Action Agenda - Bass Of Federation-(BKZ025)-WEB-2015-0day
Adreim999-Aggressive Philosophy EP-(TK047)-WEB-2012-0day
Adrenokrome - Ground Zero Anthem 2015-WEB-2015-0day
Affective Dizorder - Diabolic-(RED-047)-WEB-2014-0day
Air J and Negato - Untitled-(NL1GKDIGI008)-WEB-2012-0day
Air J and Skud-Viral Infection Remixes EP-(KKREC017)-WEB-2014-0day
Air J-L'enfer EP-(NL1GKDIGI018)-WEB-2013-0day
Akira live @ Proud 2 Be Hardcore (12-4-08)
Akira - Attitude Legit-WEB-2013-0day
Akiradeath - State Of Confusion-(MDSTCD045)-CD-2013
A-Kriv - S.T.O.R.T.O. EP-(VDA12)-WEB-2013-0day
A-Kriv And Friends - I Am Nexus-(R909-48)-WEB-2014-0day
A-Kriv and Overtrip - Die Motherfucker Die EP-(AVD017)-WEB-2013-0day
A-Kriv And Overtrip Ft. MC Matt - Die Motherfucker Die (X Mind Remix)-(FWXXDIGI027)-WEB-2015-0day
Al Storm & Euphony - Mind over Matter (2013) [HUDSCD003] [3xCD MP3 320kbps]
Al Storm and Technikore and JTS - Sheltered-(247SNK001)-WEB-2011
Alexander Head-Insane Recs 004-(INSANE004)-WEB-2014-0day
Ambassador21 - Riot Generation-(RIOT001)-WEB-2014-0day
Amnesys @ Masters of Hardcore Radio (03-03-09)
Amnesys - Re-Inventing The Core - The Best Of Amnesys-(TRAXDIGI006)-WEB-2014-0day
Andy The Core - 250 Suicide Ways (Paranormal Mix)-(ATCFREE002)-WEB-2013-0day
Andy The Core - Mad As Hell-(DGP013)-WEB-2012-0day
Andy The Core - Serious People EP-(DARKUL028)-WEB-2013-0day
Andy The Core And Onesimk - Unexpected-WEB-2016
Andy The Core And Radical Disorder - Assault Techniques-(DGP016)-WEB-2013-0day
Andy The Core And Shadowcore - Terror By Night-(MCORE011)-WEB-2013-0day
Andy Wolf and Moon Queen - Making Of The Dance (Hellseekhaa Remix)-(JCM005)-WEB-2012-0day
Angerfist @ Be-Dance Special Christmas Mix (26-12-08)
Angerfist Crucifier Thunderdome Radio 05-11-2008
Angerfist And Crucifier - Naked Bodies-WEB-2010
AniMe - Fuckin Nocturnal Detonation (Mash Up)-WEB-2013-0day
Antraxid - Der Zweifler-(TRM-EP-013)-WEB-2015-0day
Antraxid - Layers Sustained Distorted-(TRM-EP-004)-WEB-2014-0day
Anxiety - Necrosis-(RED-018)-WEB-2012-0day
Apolloud-Hiroshima Nagazaki-(HLTD010)-WEB-2014-0day
Armageddon Project - Feeding The Demons Breed-(T3RDM0021)-WEB-2002-A05
Armageddon Project - Perfer Et Obdura-(TRDM0090)-WEB-2006-A05
Audio Habitat-Welcome to Level 7 EP-(T3KEXT041)-WEB-2015-0day
Audio Nail - Battleground-(NOISJ52)-WEB-2014-0day
Audiokillers - Audiokilla-(PKS03)-WEB-2014-0day
Austin Darkus - Crazy Club Feel The Impact-(HPZ09)-Vinyl-2006-Dz
Autopsy - Point Click Kill-Vinyl-2006
B.Slave - Down Under-(KETA003)-WEB-2008
Bad Mind - Sinister Symphony-(PHK036)-WEB-2014-0day
Bartoch - Im The Danger-WEB-2012-0day
Base Alert - Down With The Game-(MOHSP-05)-WEB-2001
Base Alert - Jellyneck-(MOHSP-09)-WEB-2002
Bass Bumpers-Musics Got Me Re-Con Remix -TWISTA003-WEB-2010
Bass-D & Dr. Rude @ Thunderdome Radio (04-03-09)
Bass-D live Thunderdome Radio 26-11-08
Bassgrow-Picture of the Future EP-(BATAU044)-WEB-2014-0day
Bass-X-We Are Back Let It Go-(PLUS035)-WEB-2008
Batashi - Death Perception-(TRM-EP-011)-WEB-2015-0day
Batch - Shut Up-(DCN05)-WEB-2013-0day
Beat Syndikate - Frenchcore Volume 1-WEB-2012-0day
Beatplayers Feat Lara Mcallen-Piece Of Heaven (Re-Con Remix)-(TWISTA005)-WEB-2010
Big Head - Infinity Is Not A Limit-(AGRO06)-WEB-2014-0day
Billy S and AK-Industry - Untitled-(AGN012)-WEB-2013-0day
Biochip C. - Antimatter-(OFFBITSRECORDS04)-WEB-2009
Biochip C. And Alice D. - Choose Your Reality-(OFFBITSRECORDS02)-WEB-2013-0day
Biochip C. And Alice D - Resonant Evil-(OFFBITSRECORDS03)-WEB-2008
Biochip C - Antimatter EP-(OFFBITSRECORDS04)-WEB-2008
Biochip C and Alice D - Resonant Evil EP-(OFFBITSRECORDS03)-WEB-2008
Biomek Featuring Embrionyc - Assuming Direct Control-(DISCLOSE004)-WEB-2015-0day
Black Sun Empire And State Of Min - Thug-(BLCKTNL025)-WEB-2016-0day
Bodyshock - The Search Of Destruction-(CLDM2015005)-WEB-2015-0day
Bombardier - Pitch-(DI.XV)-WEB-2015-0day
Bong-Ra - Experiments In Nihilism-(MURCD-038)-WEB-2015-0day
Braincrash - Ruthless-(R909-47)-WEB-2014-0day
Braincrash - Untouchable And Unfuckable-(PKS07)-WEB-2014-0day
Braincrash and Grigio - Psychical Torture-(ADV14)-WEB-2012-0day
Braincrushers - Crush On You E.P. (Electrolyt 1.1)-(HKD059)-WEB-2014-0day
Braincrushers - You-(HKF003)-WEB-2015-0day
Braincrushers-Tone Cocktail EP-(HKD061)-WEB-2014-0day
Brainpain - Chronicles Of Madman-(NL1GKCD002)-WEB-2013-0day
Brainpain - Hadron Collider Modern Warfare-(UNIONLTD009)-WEB-2015-0day
Brainpain - Killa Army EP-(SSTDMP3010)-WEB-2010
Brainpain - Killing Us Remixes-(NLG1KDIGI023)-WEB-2014-0day
Brainpain - No Prisoners EP-(NLG1KDIGI011)-WEB-2012-0day
Brainpain-Freaks in Action EP-WEB-2013-0day
Brainpain-Never Gonna Die Again EP-(ION001)-WEB-2014-0day
Brainpain-War Drums EP-(NOCAT)-WEB-2015-0day
Brainwash - Violent Shit EP-(MAD019)-WEB-2014-0day
Bratkilla - Nefertitie Corona Virus-(YSRD008)-WEB-2014-0day
Breakstyle Feat T-Rax - Became Hardcore-(MAD027)-WEB-2016-0day
Brisk and Vagabond - Lift Me Up-(BB078)-Promo Vinyl-2007
Broken Note - Flood-(ADN134)-Vinyl-2010
Brutal Jesters - Accept Your Fate-(CYC-05)-WEB-2014-0day
Brutal Jesters-Vive La Frenchcore-(PCR028)-WEB-2015-0day
Bryan Fury - Bringing The Pain-(PRSPCT LTD 014)-WEB-2015-0day
Bryan Fury - Ex-It Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned-(PACEMAKER015)-WEB-2009
BSA - Back To The Future EP-(YSRD007EP)-WEB-2014-0day
BSA - Come Close EP-(YSRD010EP)-WEB-2016-0day
BSA and CA2K-Game Maker Dream on-(YSRD007)-WEB-2013-0day
Burning Lazy Persons - DJ Mutante - Untitled-(SBMB008)-WEB-2013-0day
Burning Lazy Persons - Kill The J-Core EP-(TNIDIGI001)-WEB-2011
Burning Lazy Persons - Silent Majority-(SBMB012)-WEB-2013-0day
C.A.2K-Kontakt Shifter-(SICKDIG038)-WEB-2015-0day
Cannibal7 - Daemon Infection-(SOP 025-1314)-WEB-2014-0day
Carles S vs Lysa and Italian Terrorist - Devastated EP-(AUK007)-WEB-2011
Carlos Murphy - Doomcore EP-(10047261)-WEB-2012-0day
Carnage and Cluster - Remixing The Elite-(NOISJ-015)-WEB-2012-0day
Caspa ft Riko - Mad Man (Is end VIP Remix)-WEB-2015-0day
Celoy @ Thunderdome Radio (12-11-08)
Cemon Victa - A 24 7 Passion (The Remixes)-(HKD044)-WEB-2013-0day
Cemon Victa - Hoe Maak Je Herrie Remix-(TIT20141)-EP WEB-2014
Cemtex - Vicious Circle-(ABRALCORE003)-VINYL-2008
CH3OH vs Forsaken Is Dead - Bridges In Orbit-(NOISJ08)-WEB-2011
Chaotic Hostility - Fuck Up Everything EP (KRH142ep)-WEB-2015-0day
Chem D - Dedication-(AVD 10)-WEB-2012-0day
Chimera - Forgotten-(OBSR005)-WEB-2012-0day
Chosen Few - Ебанный хардкор (2006)
Circular D. - Rise Of Dontcore EP Pt.1-(SBBR003)-WEB-2015-0day
Clive King - In Search Of A New Land (D-Tune Remix) (Dance 2 Eden Outdoor Anthem)-WEB-2013-0day
CLSM Seduction And CLSM - Into The Sound Causing A Heart Attack-(cdgcore3)-WEB-2004
Club Fresh (13-09) Met Isaac, Korsakoff en Outblast (2006)
C-Netik - Bam Bam VIP-WEB-2013-0day
Coexsystems Traffik and Tripped - Were Back With Some 303 Mayhem-(BADBACK04)-WEB-2015-0day
Conspiracies - Final Judgment-(NET023)-WEB-2015-0day
Contagious Sense - Shag-(OFFDEA03)-WEB-2008
Cooh - Kill Your Enemies-(OTHRCD003)-WEB-2016-0day
Corrosive Destruction-Sleeping Pills You Scared-(10084151)-WEB-2014-0day
Corrupted Minds - Corrupted World-(KNB01)-WEB-2012-0day
Corrupted Minds-Snake Charmer Tears of Mankind-(BGRDM021)-WEB-2014-0day
Corrupted Minds-Taste the Fear-(BGRDMLP02)-WEB-2014-0day
Counterfeit - Crossed The Line-(NEGA004)-WEB-2012-0day
Counterfeit - Paranoid Figures At War-WEB-2013-0day
Counterstrike-Rotterdam Sangomas EP-(PRSPCT024)-WEB-2014-0day
Crawler - Silent Break-(100743 86)-WEB-2014-0day
Cubic Nomad - Paradox Lost (Shatterling Remix)-(DD00000)-WEB-2015-0day
Current Value & Homeboy - Ready For Apocalypse-(OTHRCD002)-WEB-2015-0day
Cyberstruct - Weltschmerz-(TRM-EP-002)-WEB-2014-0day
Cyrotex - Take This EP-(KRH131)-WEB-2015-0day
D.O.M. - Fuckkk The System EP 2 (AUK008)-WEB-2012-0day
D.O.M. - HC Madness-(R909-50)-WEB-2014-0day
D.O.M. - I Am A Warrior-(PKS06)-WEB-2014-0day
D.O.M. - Pure Kore Sound-(AUK012)-WEB-2012-0day
D.O.M. - Selfie-(PKS09)-WEB-2014-0day
D.O.M. And X-Fly - Frenchcore S'il Vous Plait Frenchore Will Never Die (FSVP Anthem 6)-(FSVP002)-WEB-2014-0day
D Passion - live at Hellbound (Amsterdam)-(28-04-06)-GIZ
D3z - Oracle-(BATAU057)-WEB-2015-0day
Da Bulldozer Project-Arise The Remixes-(CM053)-Vinyl-2007
Da Emperor - Work That Shit [2006]
Da Goose - Relive The Past-(NOISJLTD02A)-WEB-2012-0day
Da Goose - Relive The Past Again-(NOISJLTD02B)-WEB-2012-0day
Da Mouth Of Madness - Old Dog New Trixx-(BYMD090D2)-WEB-2016-0day
Damage Inc - Blackball Remixes EP-(SICK022)-WEB-2016-0day
Damage Inc - Psycho Circus-(SICKDIG048)-WEB-2016-0day
Damaged - Rescue Me-(EHC001)-WEB-2011
Damm - Killing People-(CBKR030)-WEB-2013-0day
DaMM - Rack City-(CBKR024)-WEB-2012-0day
DaMM - You Cant Kill Me-(CBKR028)-WEB-2013-0day
Danny C vs Hybridonhard feat Lenny Dee - Parasites Attack-(KB003)-WEB-2015-0day
Danny Firestone Vs Leviathan - Less Standards More Value-(Cenobite Digital 13)-WEB-2013-0day
Dark Bayron - Inmortal-(PHK027)-WEB-2013-0day
Dark Bayron - The Voice Of The Raven-(PHK016)-WEB-2013-0day
Dark Droid - In Your Face-(BLR012)-WEB-2015-0day
Dark Experiment and Kompass - Theory Of The Dead EP-(DPINC666-E)-WEB-2014-0day
Dark Frequencer - Supernatural Tendencies-(DI.III)-WEB-2013-0day
Dark Noise Experience - Strange Days-(DLH026)-WEB-2014-0day
Darkinox - Fuck You EP-(HI-056hc)-WEB-2016-0day
Darkus & Vinyl Junkie - Stray Missile-(HPZ06)-Vinyl-2006-Dz
Darkus And Kubyk - Two Sounds Go To War And You Can Do It-(BROCK12)-Vinyl-2006-mycel
Darren Styles and Gammer-Paranoia EP-(NFWORLD001)-WEB-2013-0day
Dave - GGM Digital 27-(GGMDIGITAL027)-WEB-2012-0day
Day-Mar - Black Widow-CD-2010-DoJu
D-Ceptor - 10 Years EP-WEB-2016-0day
Dead By Silence - God Is Dead-(KPHQ11)-WEB-2014-0day
Dead By Silence - Mortal Kombass EP-(N SJ015)-WEB-2012-0day
Death and Crawler-Resurrection EP-(CBR008)-WEB-2014-0day
Deathstalker - 30-(DCR 30)-WEB-2015-0day
Deester - Dark Aikikai Skillz-(XTT-EP004)-Vinyl-2006
Defiler - Anger Management-(DD13073)-WEB-2016-0day
Deformer - Repossessor-(PRSPCTRVLT007)-WEB-2014-0day
Delta 9 - Summoning Darkside-(DTN5)-WEB-2014-0day
Delugenist - Fear By Choice-(AAA07)-WEB-2015-0day
Demolior - The Power Within-(RED-057)-WEB-2015-0day
Dep Affect - Atomichron-(DD13070)-WEB-2015-0day
Desolation - Alien Tribute-(DSE003)-WEB-2015-0day
Desolation - Doom Trooper-(NOISJ-44)-WEB-2014-0day
Desolation - Fields Of Victory-(NOISJ-32)-WEB-2013-0day
Desolation And Xaero - Raw Storm-(TRM-EP-015)-WEB-2016-0day
Detest - Beat and Pulse-(NL1GKDIGI013)-WEB-2012-0day
Detest - Beat and Pulse-(NLG1KDIGI013)-WEB-2012-0day
Detest - Blasteroid Shotgun-(PRSPCTXTRM005)-WEB-2012-0day
Detest - Every Second VIP-(SICKDIG035)-WEB-2014-0day
Detest - Oxygenocide 2015 VIP-WEB-FLAC-2015-0day
Detest - Untitled-(STRIKE7002)-WEB-2006
Detest - Witch Hunt - Fuck That-(PRSPCTXTRM011)-WEB-2014-0day
Devilchild - Chainsaw Disaster-WEB-2013-0day
die die color - No Future But Good Remixes-(MSTCD009)-CD-2010
Dione - Alcoholic Pessa-(FREE)-WEB-2012-0day
Dione - Alcoholic Pessa-WEB-2012-0day
Diplomat - Dub War-(SF012)-Vinyl-2006-Dz
Disocial - Jurassic Riot-(AAA-08)-WEB-2015-0day
Dither - The Architect (Extended)-(BBN002)-WEB-2015-0day
Divato @ Thunderdome Radio (18-02-09)
Divuz @ Thunderdome Radio (11-02-09)
Diztortz - I Cant Believe Its Not Speedcore-WEB-2008
DJ Barry - Hardcore Frequences 1
DJ Clone In The Mix (12-11-2007)
Dj D @ 12 Horas Piramide (27-10-07)
DJ Freeze - 100% Oer Ouderwetse Hardcore
DJ Insomnia @ Music In Control (try-out)
DJ Mad Dog - DJ Mad Dog Rmx Contest 2013 Top 20
DJ Mad Dog @ Thunderdome Radio (16-01-08)
DJ Mad Dog Live @ Doomsday (Florido Beach Club Vienna) 20-09-08
DJ Mynotic @ JumpCoreRadio (22.10.2008)
DJ Or-Beat - Hardcore Heat 2010
Dj Yves & Guest's Live @ Re-loaded (Full Throttle) Live @ Topradio 08-03-08
DJ Arjuna-Share The Power-(CENOBITEDIGITAL19)-WEB-2015-CB-0day
DJ Bigfoot - Gun To Your Head-(HI-040hc)-WEB-2014-0day
DJ Ded And Komarovski - Origin Of Pain-(HKD069)-WEB-2015-0day
DJ Fallout @ Hardcore Demolition 04-04-08
DJ Freak - I Feel Noize-(NOISJ-64)-WEB-2014-0day
DJ Hidden - Directive Album 2-(HIDTR005)-WEB-2015-0day
DJ Hidden - Drastic Dying Star-(HIDTR002)-WEB-2011
DJ Hidden - Youre Not Real Breathe In Breathe Out-(HIDTR001)-WEB-2011
DJ Hidden vs Igor - The Memento Mori EP-(SSTD003)-WEB-2009
Dj Hidden vs The Outside Agency-Einstein and Tesla-(SICK016)-WEB-2013-0day
Dj Javi Boss - The Boss-(CRMX024)-Vinyl-2002
Dj Javi Boss - The Boss II-(crmx 035)-Vinyl-2003
Dj Juanma-A Personal Work III-(72-788)-WEB-2007
DJ Kriptonic - First EP-(COSMICBABY09)-VINYL-2008
DJ Lady Dana live Thunderdome Radio 10-12-08
DJ Mad Dog - Boom And Shake Up-(TRAX0043)-WEB-2003
DJ Maissouille - Phase Of Master Part 5-(BMT03)-VINYL-2008
DJ Mastersound - The Ultimate Master Track-(FK026)-WEB-2014-0day
DJ Mutante - Alcaloide 10-(Alcaloide 10)-VINYL-2008
DJ Mutante - C.S.R. Remaster Collection-(Qcore008)-WEB-2014-0day
DJ Mutante - Here We Go EP-(AA16)-WEB-2010
DJ Mutante - Violence Et Intimidation-(Qcoredgtalsped78)-WEB-2012-0day
DJ Mutante - Violence Et Intimidation-WEB-2012-0day
DJ Myosuke - Ugly Verse (JSHSA001) 2013
DJ Nee & Stu Chapman - Higher Ill Notes-(EM005)-Vinyl-2006-Dz
DJ Nosferatu - Datafile Area 51-(ENZYME07CDS)-WEB-2002
Dj Sagy - Da Jump (Chr603)-Vinyl-2007
DJ Shimamura - Fenix-(DNCD-010)-WEB-2015-0day
DJ Skull Vomit - Untitled-(PRSPCTRVLTDIGI002)-WEB-2014-0day
DJ Smash - 100 Percent Power-(THUNDERAREA004)-WEB-2012-0day
DJ Smurf - Re-Dengs Volume 1 (Frenchcore Edition)-(Digigm073)-WEB-2016-0day
DJ Smurf - Smurfenland Anthem 2012-(DIGIGMSP006)-WEB-2012-0day
DJ Sycotic - The Virus (Incl Unmixed Full Tracks and Bonus Studio Mix)-WEB-2012-0day
DJ Technorch - Henshin Daini Keitai The Metamorphosis 2nd Form-(MURDG-007)-WEB-2013-0day
DJ TSX - I Just Want To Say Go Fuck Yourself-(B2K21)-WEB-2012-0day
Djipe - Dedicated-(NOISJLTD-13)-WEB-2013-0day
Djipe - Tinnitus-(MURDG-012)-WEB-2014-0day
DjVensor - Variacion Latente-(EFD-FREE)-WEB-2015
Dm.Stage - Sickness Breaks EP-(URV027)-WEB-2015-0day
D-Mas - Mecreant BDM (Branlee Du Matin)-(MAD025)-WEB-2015-0day
D-Mas - My Judgment-(MADO180)-WEB-2014-0day
D-Mas - Succubus-(MAD023)-WEB-2015-0day
D-Mas And Bartoch - Yes Sir-(VDA16)-WEB-2015-0day
Dmr-Steel Teares EP-(ODR004)-WEB-2012-0day
D-Ohmicyd - Mental Disorder-(TSD08)-WEB-2013-0day
D-Ohmicyd And Wars Industry - A.C.A.B-(EXO04)-WEB-2013-0day
Dolphin - The Polychronican Raiders Cap-(PRSPCTXTRM020)-WEB-2015-0day
Dolphin-Black Gold Snow Hill Massacre-(PRSPCTLTD012)-WEB-2014-0day
Dominator 2008 - Bonehead (HK Violence Stage)
Dougal & Gammer - We Love Japan (2015)(DGJPN1)
Dr. Rude @ Masters of Hardcore Radio (10-02-09)
Dr. Peacock Vs Zyklon - Eclipse EP-(PCR029)-WEB-2015-0day
Dr Bastardo - Cognitive Dissonance-(POFFDIGIT12)-WEB-2012-0day
Dr Mathlovsky - 6AM Nowhere To Go-(BLR006)-WEB-2015-0day
Dr Mathlovsky - Cyanide Smile-(POFFLTD28)-WEB-2014-0day
Dr Mathlovsky - Murder Channel-(MCFREEEP002)-WEB-2015-0day
Dr Mathlovsky - My Teacher Used To Tell Me I Make Drugmusic-(BKZ021)-WEB-2015-0day
Dr Mathlovsky - No Meat Invader-WEB-2013
Dr Mathlovsky-Buyan Gol EP-(SSTDMP3020)-WEB-2014-0day
Dr Peacock and Marcus Decks - Wanna Play A Game-(GGM Digital 022)-WEB-2012-0day
Dr Peacock Vs Death By Design - Eat This EP-(PCR023)-WEB-2015-0day
Dr Strange - Lead Masks-(LVHz002)-WEB-2012-0day
Drainbamage - Recapitate EP-(H3D.002)-WEB-2014-0day
Dramcore-Acid Rain-(BATAU030)-WEB-2014-0day
Dread-Geometry of Sound EP-(CBR006)-WEB-2014-0day
Dri1L - Corpse Anatomy-(MOCRCYD021)-WEB-2015-0day
Drokz - Ammunution EP-(DROKZ016)-WEB-2015-0day
Drokz - Rockarolla Sampler Vol.2-(DROKZ007)-WEB-2012-0day
Drokz - Rockarolla Sampler Vol.3-(DROKZ008)-WEB-2012-0day
Drokz - Rockarolla Sampler Vol.4-(DROKZ009)-WEB-2013-0day
Drokz - Work Ethic To Feed The Terrorheads EP-(DROKZ010)-WEB-2013-0day
Drokz And Goetia - Intensive Caring Music-WEB-2015-0day
DRS - Never Surrender EP (2016)
Drug Fuckers - Hot Vino EP-(DF002)-WEB-2015-0day
Dual Mechanism - Aspectamen-(SMPTW04)-WEB-2011
Dualcore - Fast Death EP-(GGMD037)-WEB-2013-0day
Dub Elements and eRRe - Bass Up To The Top (VIP)-(PRSPCT-XL15)-WEB-2012-0day
Dustboxxxx - Reprogram The Mind-(FKWSA001)-WEB-2014-0day
Dylan and Cativo-Virus Devil Has No Boundaries (DJ Hidden Remixes)-(HIDFR000)-WEB-2013-0day
Dylan And Kitech - Hate-(YSRD011)-WEB-2014-0day
Dystoper - Musical Philosophy to Self Destruct EP-(PHK009)-WEB-2012-0day
Early Hardcore Classics by Bass H Live @ Screamer-Hardstyle Radio
East Kingdom - Devils Symphony EP-(CBR003)-WEB-2014-0day
Edub - Chechu-(MOCRCYD035)-WEB-2015-0day
Edub - Fakers-(CBR026)-WEB-2016-0day
Effect - Creatures-(LBD001)-WEB-2012-0day
Effect - Dance Or Die EP-(NOBUSS035)-WEB-2012-0day
Effect-Breathless EP-(ODR003)-WEB-2012-0day
Eiton Max Shade - Superhuman Get Your Fucking-(INSANE007)-WEB-2015-0day
Electric Kettle - News From Berlin EP-(PRAXIS50)-Vinyl-2012
Embrionyc - Hymenoptera-(Kall2)-WEB-2015-0day
Embrionyc - No Words Left-(Lvhz005)-WEB-2013-0day
Endymion - Live At MOH Radio [04.10.2007]
Endymion @ Midnight Escape Vibration FM (08-06-08)
Endymion @ Oners Piramide 30-4-08
Endymion - Bionic Conspiracy (Special Edition)-(BIONIC003)-WEB-2001
Engage Blue - Alpha And Omega Hatred-(NRCR-013)-WEB-2015-0day
Engage Blue - Figurehead-(RED-042)-WEB-2014-0day
Engage Blue - Freaks Of Violence-(RED-021)-WEB-2013-0day
Engage Blue - In Cage Loose End Cause Her Desire Remains Hurting-WEB-2012-0day
Enthorine-Drum and Breed-(NOISJ-LTD41)-WEB-2015-0day
Enzyme X - Dissimulation Fytoftora-(ENZYME X 19)-WEB-2005-rzr
Enzyme X - Dissonant Poetry Rauwkost-(ENZYME X 16)-WEB-2004-rzr
Enzyme X - G-Strike Gods Child-(ENZYME X 20)-WEB-2005-rzr
Enzyme X - Hammerhead Kapotnaaien-(ENZYME X 06)-WEB-2002-rzr
Enzyme X - Kissing The Enemy Clonewave-(ENZYME X 12)-WEB-2003-rzr
Enzyme X - Mastodont Safelight-(ENZYME X 22)-WEB-2006-rzr
Enzyme X - Memento Mori Tsui Pa Shien-(ENZYME X 17)-WEB-2004-rzr
Enzyme X - Nightbreed Thou Shalt Consume Thyself-(ENZYME X 15)-WEB-2003-rzr
Enzyme X - Opbokken Post-Traumatic Fuckup-(ENZYME X 04)-WEB-2002-rzr
Enzyme X - Parasomnia Traces of Insanity-(ENZYME X 05)-WEB-2002-rzr
Enzyme X - Prankster Problem Child-(ENZYME X 18)-WEB-2004-rzr
Enzyme X - Seconds From Disaster - Slurfdieren-(ENZYME X 24)-WEB-2007
Enzyme X - Seconds From Disaster Slurfdieren-(ENZYME X 24)-WEB-2007-rzr
Enzyme X - Silly Mid On Deep Square Leg-(ENZYME X 30)-WEB-2009-rzr
Enzyme X - Skummes Optjenkere-(ENZYME X 14)-WEB-2003-rzr
Enzyme-X and Tiesto - Lethal Industry Batfish (BlackSun Edit)-WEB-2012-0day
Ergot - My Life-(AVD27)-WEB-2015-0day
Erre - Akelerre Part 1-(FS06PT1)-WEB-2014-0day
Erre - World Is Changing - Candela-(SICKDIG034)-WEB-2014-0day
Erre + Hardlogik-Apocalypse EP-(NCRDIGI002)-WEB-2014-0day
Erre + Hardlogik-Donde Se Esconden Las Pistolas Bumba Warfare-WEB-2013-0day
Erre And Drainbamage - Fight Music Rust-(TSR005)-WEB-2015-0day
eRRe and Hardlogik vs Syrinx - D.I.E. (The Remixes)-(NOISJLTD-23)-WEB-2014-0day
Erre and Hardlogik-Da Spanish Bumbaclart EP-(AGRO004)-WEB-2013-0day
Erre-Dark Rituals EP-(YSRD008EP)-WEB-2015-0day
Evil Activities & Nosferatu @ Ben Harder Show (08-03-08)
Evil Activities - Extreme Audio-(NEOCD20)-CD-2012
Evil Activities - Go Fuck Yourself-WEB-2015-0day
Evil Maniac - The Evil Raizez EP-WEB-2014-0day
Evil Projects - Sound Of My Dreams-(PHKALB007)-WEB-2016-0day
Exodite and Masamune - Remixes EP-(none)-WEB-2015-0day
Experimental Chemistry - Raven Claws-WEB-2015-0day
Experimental Chemistry and Maza-Zenhiser EP-(KNB08)-WEB-2014-0day
Experimental Chemistry-Dialogue with the Stars EP-(EMR42)-WEB-2014-0day
Experimental Chemistry-Sadness Is Rebellion vs The Feast-CBR010-WEB-2015-0day
Experimental Chemistry-Spasm EP-(BH007)-WEB-2013-0day
Extreme Rage - La Rage-(PHK053)-WEB-2015-0day
F. Noize & Friends - Re-Mix & Re-Hit-(HCM032)-WEB-2014-0day
Famous Anonymous Nobody Knows Burning Lazy Persons - Sense Of Incognito-(SOS-01)-WEB-2013-0day
Fear FM Hardcore Top 40 January 2011 (Unmixed)
FearFM Hardcore Top 100 2010 (Unmixed)
FearFm Hardcore Top 40 2009 04 April
FearFM Hardcore Top100 2009 (unmixed)
FearFm presents - DJ Ektoplasm in the mix 26-07-08
FearFM Presents T1 in the mix 17-11-2008
Ferox And Ki-Real - Claim Ur Prize-(BIONIC002)-WEB-2001
FFF-Bloodclat Mentality EP-(PRSPCTRVLT005)-WEB-2013-0day
Fifth Era - We Are F.E.-Vo-(KETACDR008)-WEB-2013-0day
Final Judgment - Antidepressant-(MER039)-WEB-2014-0day
Fist Of Fury - Son Of A Beat-(PKGLP11)-Vinyl-2006
Forbidden Machine And Im Colapsed - The Skullfeast LP-(INTECHLP011)-WEB-2013-0day
Forgiven Soul - Inside The Soul EP-(CBR020)-WEB-2015-0day
Forgiven Soul-Oculus Gould Belt-(SICKDIG039)-WEB-2015-0day
Fortitude - Malpractice-(CBR005)-WEB-2014-0day
Fracture 4 - Hope and Hopelessness-(LVHZ004)-WEB-2013-0day
Fracture 4 - Love Hz-(LVHZ001)-WEB-2012-0day
Fracture 4 - The Girl With The Green Eyes-(LVHzOF002)-2013-WEB-A05-0day
Fracture 4 - Untitled-(PRSPCTXTRM019)-WEB-2015-0day
Fragz - Fire Fight EP-(MTFZ18)-WEB-2012-0day
Fragz and Deathmachine - Necessary Evil I Got A Story To Tell-(SICK019)-WEB-2014-0day
Fragz and Erre-Bounce in Da Place-(BGRDM022)-WEB-2014-0day
Fragz Ft Cooh and Hallucinator-They Are Here EP-(YSRD005EP)-WEB-2013-0day
Frame Of Mind - Electro Violence-(T3RDM0198D)-WEB-2012-0day
Francesco Adornetto ft Amousement - Disappear-(NOISTORM99)-WEB-2014-0day
Frazzbass vs Pattern J - Know Your Enemy-(NOISTORM78)-WEB-2014-0day
Freqax - Fuck You Back To The Stone Age-Remixes EP-(HLTD007)-WEB-2014-0day
Freqax-Desert Dark Wolf 50K-(BGRDM0025)-WEB-2015-0day
Frozen Herd and Adam Frost - Echoes From A Rotting Reign-(OFFDEA06)-WEB-2009
Furyan - Guns And Ammo-WEB-2016-0day
FXX IT - Monster-(KRH108)-WEB-2014-0day
Gammer - Re-Sauce (Exclusive Remix)-(WARPEDEXCLUSIVE02)-WEB-2006
Gammer Ft Cat Knight - A New Feeling (Let it Shine)-2006
Gancher and Ruin-Facing the Othercide-(OTHRCD001)-WEB-2015-0day
Gancher Ruin CA2K and Damage Inc-SICK018 EP-(SICK018)-WEB-2013-0day
Gasmask 71 - Human Game EP-(BH008EP)-WEB-2006
Genocide - Buried Alive EP-(HIHR022)-WEB-2014-0day
Giangy Feat. Stellaman - Fucking Cassa-WEB-2012-0day
Goetia - No Surrender-WEB-2015-0day
Goetia - Riot Girl-WEB-2013-0day
Goetia - Space Distortion-(NOIS005)-WEB-2006
Goetia - Wild Wild Core 15 Years Of Noise-(361015 9992162)-WEB-2014-0day
G-OHM - Not Hurt (2013)
G-OHM - Maggots-(HI-042hc)-WEB-2014-0day
G-OHM - Not Hurt-(HI-026hc)-WEB-2013-0day
Gore Tech - Hammers Of Blasphemy Iron Widow-(PRSPCTRVLTDIGI001)-WEB-2014-0day
Gorebug - Gorebreed Time-(BLR011)-WEB-2015-0day
Grigio - Something To Break EP-(AVD23)-WEB-2014-0day
Groan-er - Aniolowie Gryza Piach-(NKR013)-WEB-2015
Grr - A Full Cycle-(ABUSEDDIGI009)-WEB-2015-0day
G-Shock and Zekt - File Classic 010A-(T3RDM0113)-Vinyl-2006
Hallucinator - Fuck The System-(YSRDEP006)-WEB-2014-0day
Hallucinator - The New World Disorder-(YSRLP002)-WEB-2015-0day
Hallucinator-I Am the Devil Violent Content-(SICKDIG027)-WEB-2013-0day
Hangars Liquides-HL 028-Atomhead - Spiral Field Velocity 2.0-2006
Hard Infantry - The New Diabolic-(FWXXDIGI028)-WEB-2015-0day
Hard Lines - Save Your Soul-(WSZ017)-WEB-2014-0day
Hardbouncer - Crusher-(HCM021)-2013
Hardlogik - Not Alone Serumen-(KKREC027)-WEB-2015-0day
Hardsequencer - Hardsequencer EP-(FIRE101)-Vinyl-2006
Hard-Text & OutRage The Night Is Generous-(HKD062)-WEB-2014-0day
Harry Potar aka Roms - Scream Baby Ep (DISJONCTED 06)-Vinyl-2007
Hatebusters - Free Tracks Compilation (2014)
HB & Ponder - On My Mind-(ED002)-WEB-2006-Q91
H-Blast And Beshanoe - Breaking Bad-(GPW019)-WEB-2016-0day
Headbanger - What The Hell Are U Waiting 4 (2010 Refix)-WEB-2010
Helblinde - Deep Dark Fantasies-WEB-2015-0day
Helios Is Dead - Ctrl.Doom-(BATTLEFREE014)-WEB-2016-0day
Helios Is Dead - Sol Gott-(TRM-EP-014)-WEB-2016-0day
Hell Spawn - Hardcore Nightmare-(MER040)-WEB-2014-0day
Hellfish - Chained Evil-(PKGCD062)-WEB-2012-0day
Hellfish - Fatal Banana-(NF014)-WEB-2007
Hellfish - Now Thats What I Call Hellfish Vol. 2-(CHANTLP008)-WEB-2008
Hellfish P E - Untitled-(STROID008)-WEB-2013-0day
Hellfish - Stroid 07-(STROID07)-WEB-2012-0day
Hellfish - Untitled-(STROID007)-WEB-2012-0day
Hellseeker And Doctor Terror - Insanity-(NKR016)-WEB-2015-0day
Hellseekhaa - Barbarian-(JCM006)-WEB-2012-0day
Hellsystem - Devil Face-(HB1202)-WEB-2012-0day
Hellzkicks - Squaaad EP-(MOK147)-WEB-2014-0day
Heretik HTK - Take Them Back In The Woods-(SSD0019)-WEB-2013-0day
Heretik HTK - These Dreams-(SSD0020)-WEB-2013-0day
Hibou - A Suicide In Heaven-(OFFDEA01)-WEB-2007
HIBOU-Born in Darkness-(10057252)-WEB-2013-0day
Homeboy - Something Evil-(NLG1KDIGI017)-WEB-2013-0day
Howler - The Signs Of Evil-(BATAU047)-WEB-2015-0day
Human End - Fallen Stars-(SOS-08)-WEB-2014-0day
Human Resource - Dominator (The Hard Remixes)-(NKR003)-WEB-2013-0day
Hungry Beats - Eclipse Of Mind-(PCR027)-WEB-2015-0day
Hungry Beats - Quarantine X EP-(PNRDIGI012)-WEB-2016-0day
Hungry Beats - The Bullets Shatter Around Me EP-(10062278)-WEB-2013-0day
Hungry Beats And The Butchers - So Effusive-(PNR013)-WEB-2016-0day
Hyena - Atrabile-(DI-I)-WEB-2012-A05-0day
Hypasonic-Get Away Squad-E Remix-(TW02A)-WEB-2011
Hyrule War - Rule The Nation-(PCR026)-WEB-2015-0day
Igor - Galloping Neurosis Paralish-(Pacemaker014)-WEB-2009
Igor - Gunz Up-(NL1GK005)-WEB-2013-0day
IGor - IGor EP-(NLG1K002)-WEB-2009
Igor - Obak - Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder-(SSTD002)-WEB-2008
IGor - Sparta-(STRIKE48)-WEB-2008
IGor and Tymon - Execution The Mangler-(ABDREC002)-WEB-2013-0day
Illegal Trade - Lets Go To Prison Brain Drug-(PRSPCTRVLTDIGI004)-WEB-2015-0day
Im Colapsed - Out Of Defeat EP-(HLDIGI005)-WEB-2013-0day
Imperia feat Imperium Bass - I Gotta Take It Back One More Time-(PHM008)-WEB-2012-0day
Imperium - The New Order (2016)
Imtek - Destroyers-(HI-036hc)-WEB-2014-0day
Imtek - The Killa Sounds-(MER038)-WEB-2014-0day
Imtek - Western EP-(AFB007)-WEB-2014-0day
Inerpois and Tremors-Sarcasm-(AGRO07)-WEB-2015-0day
Infamous and Hardlogik-Ion Storm Space Goblins-(BGRDM0023)-WEB-2015-0day
Infamous-The Intruder-(KKREC021)-WEB-2015-0day
Infernal Noise and Mockstar - Alphacut-(MCBLTD003)-WEB-2012-0day
Infradist - Immortal Geometry Abolition-(HLTD024)-WEB-2015-0day
inna armin van buuren - amazing in and out of love (hixxy, sy + unknown remixes) (2010)
InQontrol Special (Thunderdome Radio) (19-03-08)
Insane Project - I Feel Insane-WEB-2013-0day
Int Company and Torqux and Teknian - Dirtyboy EP-(NOBUSS036)-WEB-2012-0day
In-Toxx - Infinity Gauntlet-(NOISJ028)-WEB-2013-0day
J Root And How Hard - Recalibrate-(HKD058)-WEB-2014-0day
Jackhammer - Witchcraft EP-(900879100101)-WEB-2012-0day
Jason S - Going Back To The Nineties-2005-Darkside-HF
Javi Boss - Hardcore Legend Never Die-(CRMX122)-WEB-2010
Javi Boss - The Boss Dedicated-(CRMX070)-Vinyl-2006
Javi Boss - Vendetta-(CRDG106)-WEB-2009
Jeff T - 2916 Souls-(OFFDEA04)-WEB-2008
John-Core - Overclock (Hellsystem Remix)-(3700368488539)-WEB-2008
J-Roon and Kosmix-Attack Em-(FWXXDIGI013)-WEB-2015-0day
Juanma - Living Changes EP-(HM2792)-WEB-2012-0day
Kader - Distortlove-(NOISJ-77)-WEB-2015-0day
Kali DTS - Oedema-(RED-019)-WEB-2012-0day
KCMA And Rottencore - Pazzo Hermanos EP-(SI024)-WEB-2015-0day
Kevlar - Rooftops EP-(HLTD033)-WEB-2016-0day
Khaoz Engine - Lost Frequency Digital 2 (2011)
Khaoz Engine - Deception-(MCB005)-WEB-2014-0day
Khaoz Engine - Se7en Sin Sickness EP-(OUR 002)-WEB-2015-0day
Khaoz Engine - The 1000 Likes EP-WEB-2013-0day
KickMaschine666 - Group13-WEB-2015-0day
Kid Morbid - Regrets-WEB-2010
Kidd Kaos and Alex Kidd - Painkiller-(355024)-WEB-2011
Kirk - Music Connexion-(PHKALB008)-WEB-2016-0day
Kit Curse and Valevo - Metalspace-(LBD002)-WEB-2012-0day
Kix - The Rage-(ABRALCORE004)-VINYL-2008
Knockout Circuz 2015 - Mixed By Darrent Styles
Knockout Circuz 2015 - Mixed By Kid Finley
Krieg - Twilight Of The Idols-(WARD003)-WEB-2014-0day
Kristof And Badboy - Seasons Of Mist (Nosferatu Remix)-WEB-2004
Kryzys - Overdose Of Monotony EP-(CBR004)-WEB-2014-0day
Kurrupt - Jukebox-(GGM Digital 54)-WEB-2014-0day
Kush - Darkness Is-(NOISJLTD-29)-WEB-2014-0day
Lady Sin vs. MC Hughie Babe - Kill The Bitch [2006]
Le Demonist - GGM Digital 26-(GGMDIGITAL026)-WEB-2012-0day
Le Talium - Etoile Froide-Zhark Recordings-zhark00022-2006
Legacy Of Supremacy - New Warriors-(NOIZZ11)-WEB-2014-0day
Legion Of The Lost - Bass Power-(DGN029)-WEB-2015-0day
Lenny Dee - Forgotten Moments-Ophidian Remixes (ISL18)-WEB-2009-DJR
Lenny Dee and Randy and The Sickest Squad - Boomshakalaka-(R909-29)-Vinyl-2007
Lenny Dee And Randy And The Sickest Squad - Boomshakalaka-(R909-29)-WEB-2007
Lethal Beat - Stay Back EP-(HDF-7)-WEB-2012-0day
Leviathan @ Thunderdome Radio (22-04-09)
Leviathan - We'll Tear Your Soul Apart-(C001)-WEB-2007
Lex Immitem - Hello EP-(FMR018)-WEB-2014-0day
Life Runs Red - Evolution 4 A.M-(IM08)-WEB-2006-A05
Life Runs Red - Hexadecimal Bad Mood-(IM04)-WEB-2004
Limewax-Empfindsamer Stil-(LB008)-WEB-2011
Live at Mindcontroller 20-01-2007
Llamatron-Bass Cartel EP-(RUFFDIGIT05)-WEB-2015-0day
Lockjaw - Come As One (2015)
Low Entropy - The Advent Of Acid-(ZUUR005)-WEB-2015-0day
Low Entropy - Visions Of The Emerald Planet-(TTT-16)-WEB-2014-0day
Lowroller - Abused-WEB-2013
Lowroller - Bloodbath-WEB-2013
Lowroller - Nekrolog1k Digital E.P-003-(NL1GKDIGI003)-WEB-2011
Lowroller - Turning Point-(NLG1KDIGI027)-WEB-2015-0day
Lowroller and AK-Industry - Epidemik EP-(NL1GK004)-WEB-2012-0day
Lowroller and Homeboy - Endless Rotary-(LBD000)-WEB-2012-0day
Lowroller and N3AR - Paper Zombie Moment Zero-(LDB003)-WEB-2012-0day
Lowtek - Distorted Doom-(DLH027)-WEB-2014-0day
Lowtek - Not Dead Yet-(NOISJ-57)-WEB-2014-0day
Lunatic and Miss Hysteria - The Remixes-(BASS007)-WEB-2009
Luxxer And Splitt2nd - Beyond Every Hidden Truth-(NOISJ-54)-WEB-2014-0day
Machine Code and Igor-ID (the Panacea Remix) Devil Has A Name-(YSR007)-WEB-2013-0day
Mad Dog - Agony (Le Demonist Remix TiH)-WEB-2013-0day
Madkore - Hallowscream-(MDK-001)-WEB-2016-0day
Mainstage Maffia - G#d Damn Record-(P44-0714)-WEB-2014-0day
Mainstage Maffia - Suoni Della Mafia-(P44-0914)-WEB-2014-0day
Maissouille - Born To Rave-(PKGCD74)-WEB-2016-0day
Maissouille And Friends - Gang Of Frenchcore 01-(R909-049)-WEB-2014-0day
Maissouille Vs Kriptonic - Onde De Choc (Hors Serie)-(BMT04)-VINYL-2008
Malicious and Aggressor - Space Between Scream Engine-(UNIONLTD004)-WEB-2011
Marc Osmate - Sociologia-(PLTN8000)-WEB-2011
Marc Osmate and Exced - Doubt and Certainty-(PLTN9000)-WEB-2012-0day
Mark Frostbite - Diabolical Mercy-(NO005)-WEB-2014-0day
Masamune - Controlled Killing EP-(MOCRCYD039)-WEB-2015-0day
Mash Manson - The Keeper Of Eternity-WEB-2012-0day
Masters Of Hardcore - Pole Position
Matt green - Metro Intelligence '76-(LVHzMT001)-WEB-2014-0day
Maverick And The Endless Souls - Burn In Hell-(PHK030)-WEB-2013-0day
Maynor - GGM Digital 25-(GGMDIGITAL025)-WEB-2012-0day
Maynor and Ragnarok - GGM Digital 31-(GGMDIGITAL031)-WEB-2013-0day
Maza - Floor Control EP-(MOCRCYD020)-WEB-2015-0day
Maza and Death-Destroy Everything EP-(MOCRCYD024)-WEB-2015-0day
Maza and The Infernal Brothers - Cybertron-(NOISJLTD-38)-WEB-2015-0day
Meagashira - Helvetica Chimica Acta-(ENZYME004)-WEB-2002-A05
Mednoe Ozero 2007 Hardcore Dancefloor
Megarave 2008 - Newstyler & D-Ceptor
Mental Shock - Injection Of Pain-(HI-055hc)-WEB-2015-0day
Merkurius @ Music In Control (try-out) (hardcore)
Merkurius - Extreme Possibilities-(MCORE029)-WEB-2015-0day
metal head-rolling phase-(mtl05)-vinyl-2008
Meta-Morph - 27-(DCR 27)-WEB-2015-0day
Metro Fun - Live at HARD.FM Invites 10-10-2006
MIC Presents - 62 Minutes Hardcore Mix By DJ Freeze
Micropoint - Exit Mankind-(PKGCD61)-WEB-2011
Midnightraver @ Thunderdome Radio (21-01-09)
Mindestruction And Kick Terrorist - Fuck The Enemies-(888831 172833)-WEB-2014-0day
Mindgrinders - Midnight-(NOISJLTD-37)-WEB-2014-0day
Mindgrinders - Technologik-(BATTLEFREE006)-WEB-320-2014-0day
Mindshade - Operation Hell-(BFR002)-WEB-2015-0day
Mindstalker - Rise Of The Cthulhu-(GGMDIGITALSPECIAL007)-WEB-2013-0day
Mindstalker - Time Travellers-(GGMDIGITAL030)-WEB-2013-0day
Mindustries - Deusexmachina Exp001-(ENZYME014)-WEB-2004-rzr
Mindustries - Malum Incarnatus-(FREE)-WEB-2013-0day
Mindustries - Translated Visions Exp 002-(ENZYME019)-WEB-2005
Mindwalker - End Of Eternity-(DD13058)-WEB-2014-0day
Mindwalker - What Is Beyond Horizons-(DD14037)-WEB-2013-0day
Mkatr vs Cyprikore-Untitled-(SUICIDECOLLECTIF 01)-Vinyl-2013
Modulate Feat MC Whizzkid Whizzkid EP Vol 2-(NFWORLD003)-WEB-2013-0day
Moebius - Alcaloide 007-(Alcaloide 007)-VINYL-2007
MOH - Design The Future 2009
MOH The Warrior Elite 16-02-08
Mokushi - Quantum Core-(O66-02)-WEB-2014-0day
Moleculez - Agents Collaborateur-(DD13034)-WEB-2013-A05-0day
Moleculez - Raw Like Sushi-(SMPT013)-WEB-2010
Mono-Amine - Do Not Bend-(ACT247)-WEB-2010
Mono-Amine - Stratification-(AGN ERA 01)-WEB-2015-0day
Monsters Of Doomcore - Doombahton Vol I-WEB-2015-0day
Morderain - Manifesto-(NOISJLTD21)-WEB-2014-0day
Mortifer - Godless Universe-(NOISJ53)-WEB-2014-0day
M-Project - Project Powerstomp 2 (2015)(TFCD-008)
Mr. Madness And System 3 - My Fury-(BFR004)-WEB-2015-0day
Mr Madness Feat How Hard - Burn It EP-(HKD050)-WEB-2013-0day
Mr Madness feat How Hard and Mario Morbid - Madcore EP Bonus Edition-(HKD036)-WEB-2012-0day
Mystification - I Always Will Paranoid-(DWARFSTAR004)-WEB-2012-0day
N3AR - Nekromutant-(NLG1KDIGI014)-WEB-2013-0day
Na-Goyah - Enemy-WEB-2008
Na-Goyah vs sAphira - Vita Aeterna (Life After Death)-(CM058)-WEB-2009
Nanaka - Deliver-(BLR013)-WEB-2015-0day
Natural Born Killerz - Fucking Sound-(PHK041)-WEB-2014-0day
Natural Born Killerz - InTo The Future(B-Day Promo)-(PHK052)-WEB-2015-0day
N-Corruptor-Welcome to the darkness-(TRSE016)-WEB-2004
Negative A And Counterfeit - Present Danger-WEB-2010
Neophyte - The Remedy (T.C.D RMX)-WEB-2013-0day
Neophyte and the Stunned Guys - Army of Hardcore-WEB-2008
Neophyte Vs The Stunned Guys - Army Of Hardcore-(8717931683951)-WEB-2011
Neophyte Vs The Stunned Guys - Get This Motherfucker-(8717931683920)-WEB-2011
Nephilim - Conspiracy-(HI-058hc)-WEB-2016-0day
nick 235 - fundamental darkness close your eyes naomi-nunrg090-web-2011-
Nitrogenetics - Train of Thought-WEB-2012-0day
Noisekick And Paranoizer - Terrordrang-(NKR015)-WEB-2015-0day
Noize Suppressor @ Hard Attack (SlamFM) (07-03-09)
Noize Punishment-The Riot Outburst EP-(BH007XEPA)-WEB-2006
Noize Suppressor - Bone Crusher (NL-FL7-09-00136)-2009
Noize Suppressor - Circus Of Hell-WEB-2012-0day
Noize Suppressor - Forgeman (Sorl-DB105)-2001
Noize Suppressor - Movin' Quickly (Sorl-DB120)-2002
Noize Suppressor - Nobody Like's (NL-FL7-09-00178)-2009
Noize Suppressor featuring Da Mouth Of Madness – Still Want More (NL-FL7-09-00180)-2009
Norphine - Punishment Of God-(REDSP-10)-WEB-2015-0day
Nosferatu & The Viper @ Thunderdome Radio 18-06-08
Nosferatu and Bass D @ Geert Bedankt - In Loving Memory (29-02-2008)
Nosferatu - Datafile Area 51-(ENZYME07)-WEB-2002-rzr
nosferatu live at thunderdome special 08-12-2007

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