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0day 2016.09.22 - Downloads Private FTP
  0day | Author: Admin | 22-09-2016, 16:21
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Andrew Feanor And Luca Argento Feat Mike Bairava - Spinnin Like-(DNL 479)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
Exile - Staring Alone At The Floor-(DNZ 216)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
Jay Burg - Ocean (Remixes)-(KCR 0110)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
Jumpin Jack - Afraid Of My Heart-(DNZF 238)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
KZ And Kidwolf And Theo Martel - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Remix)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
Laurette - Im Serious-(KAD 024)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
Ninelya - Love Song-(HLR 0082)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
Putzgrilla - Never Come Back-(RLZ 005)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
The Music Lovers - Mother Fucker-(EDD 138)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
Zero Range - Kosmic Love-(DNZF 236)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
Drum and Bass
How To Dress Well-Care-(WEIRD057LPX)-WEB-2016-MOHAWK
Lance Neptune-Animal Eclipse-(MAGICRS002D)-WEB-2015-MOHAWK
Peggy Gou-Gou Talk-(TCLRDNL019G)-WEB-2016-MOHAWK
Prins Thomas-Toransu EP-(FP050)-WEB-2016-MOHAWK
1977--Perspectives EP-(1977-4)-Vinyl-2016-dh
45 ACP--Graveyard Shift-(LIES083)-Vinyl-2016-dh int
A--Groovepressure 13-(GROOVE-13)-Vinyl-2016-dh
Al Zanders--Hot Diamond Aces-(AZ001)-Vinyl-2016-dh int
Andras--House Of Dad-(HOD001)-WEB-2016-dh int
Andres--Mighty Tribe-(LAVIDA004)-Vinyl-2016-dh int
Bassa Clan--Bassa Clan 02-(BC02)-Vinyl-2016-dh int
Byron The Aquarius--Euphoria-(S3AREC07)-Vinyl-2016-dh int
Buttechno--Yalta-(GOST005)-Vinyl-2016-dh int
Cab Drivers--Ground Service-(Cab-44)-Vinyl-2016-dh
Carlos Nilmmns--Cupid and Psyche-(ORNAMENTS025)-WEB-2013-dh int
Chaos In The Cbd--Invisible Spectrum-(RS014)-Vinyl-2016-dh int
Club Routine-Emotionen-(ASRD278)-WEB-2016-UKHx
Derek Carr--Knoe 5-1-(KNOE-5-1)-Vinyl-2016-dh
Diamond Lights - So Good Inside EP-(YYR 121)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
DJ Joe Lewis--Lost In Tracks-(CCC028)-Remastered-Vinyl-2016-dh
DJ Plant Texture--Hi Fi Ep-(10PILLSMATE003)-Vinyl-2016-dh int
DJ Qu--Conjure-(SMR-016)-WEB-2016-dh int
DJ Sonikku--All My Friends-(LT026)-WEB-2016-dh int
Dmarc Cantu--Car Type EP-(RUNOR1006)-Vinyl-2015-dh int
Florian Kupfer--Unfinished-(TCLR 017)-WEB-2016-dh int
Four Walls--Time To Shine-(SAFT10)-WEB-2016-dh int
Gilmer Galibard--Lost Tapes-(MRK009)-WEB-2016-dh int
Grant--Cranks-(MRK011)-WEB-2016-dh int
Greg Beato--Untitled-(LIES084)-Vinyl-2016-dh int
Hidden Spheres--Well Well-(RS012)-WEB-2016-dh int
J Albert and Person Of Interest--EDR002-(EDR002)-WEB-2016-dh int
James Booth--Silver Blaze EP-(CHURCH009)-WEB-2016-dh int
Julius Papp--Jazz On The Dancefloor-(FRCD2048)-WEB-2016-dh
Juxta Position--Soon EP-(RN004)-Vinyl-2016-dh int
Langenberg feat Blakkat--Shadows-(des131d)-WEB-2016-dh
Lapien--Something To Tell You EP-(HU-MR08-SH)-Vinyl-2016-dh int
Laszlo Dancehall--LZD IV-(WOLFEP034)-WEB-2016-dh
Linda Freeland - Tell It To My Heart (Remixe)-(LIB 021)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
Lnrdcroy--Ooze City-(MH011)-Vinyl-2016-dh int
Lost Scripts--Hiverned 4-(HVNED04)-Vinyl-2016-dh int
Lovebirds and Stee Downes--Loves Like Dancin-(TD015)-WEB-2016-dh
Lowtec--Untitled-(BLUNDAR1)-Vinyl-2016-dh int
Mind Cntrl and Fabian James-Light Me Up-WEB-2016-UKHx
Mood Hut--Better - Fever-(MH-013)-Vinyl-2016-dh
Moon B--Anything-(WA001)-Vinyl-2016-dh int
NHK Yx Koyxen--Sparrows Gardens-(LIES-0285)-Vinyl-2016-dh int
Norken--Fragile EP-(AS-13)-Vinyl-2016-dh
Nthng--Untitled-(LT0295)-WEB-2016-dh int
Omniverse--Venere-(FFOR 002)-Remastered-Vinyl-2016-dh
Professor Inc--Copper Oil EP-(PHONOGRAMME20)-Vinyl-2016-dh
P-Sh and Fitz Ellarald--Sh and Fitz Ellarald-(UDACHA12)-WEB-2016-dh int
Rene Rodrigezz-Weekend Mode-WEB-2016-UKHx
SamH3 and Betoko-Bamba-WEB-2016-UKHx
Smallpeople--Crystal Fandango-(SMALLVILLE48)-WEB-2016-dh
Soichi Terada--The Far East Transcripts III-(Hhatri003)-Vinyl-2016-dh
Spencer Kincy and JT Donaldson--Duality EP-(CYC0001.6)-Vinyl-2016-dh
Steve Huerta--Apache Line-(AMA017)-WEB-2016-dh int
Steve Osullivan--Classic Cuts Vol 1-(SPIRIT-2016)-Vinyl-2016-dh
Steven Tang--Infintesimal-(EMP017)-Vinyl-2016-dh
Strong Souls featuring Twanna X--Sensual-(BM021)-Vinyl-2016-dh
Sueno Latino With Manuel Gottsching--Sueno Latino-(DFC-5514)-Vinyl-2016-dh
The Black Madonna--Stay-(DINER 002)-WEB-2016-dh
Total Fitness-The Eclipse-EP-(SAN013)-WEB-2015-MOHAWK
Trinidadian Deep--Guidance EP-(RHR011)-Vinyl-2016-dh int
VA-Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds (1978-1982)-(FVR098LP)-Vinyl-2014-dh
VA-Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds Volume 2 (1977-1984)-(FVR109LP)-Vinyl-2015-dh
VA-Deep Love 100-(DIRT100)-WEB-2016-dh
Valentino Mora--Body Nostalgia EP-(IDO01)-Vinyl-2016-dh
Vapauteen--This Coercion Pt2-(LIES077)-WEB-2016-dh int
VA-QS002-(QS002)-WEB-2016-dh int
VA-Serie Limitee 008-(SL008)-Limited Edition-Vinyl-2016-dh
VA-Various People Volume 3-(PPR09)-Vinyl-2016-dh
VA-Village Elders 001-(GV005)-Vinyl-2016-dh int
Black Elk-Sketches III-WEB-2016-MOHAWK
Black Elk-Sketches II-WEB-2016-MOHAWK
Black Elk-Sketches IV-WEB-2016-MOHAWK
Black Elk-Sketches I-WEB-2016-MOHAWK
Black Elk-Sketches V-WEB-2016-MOHAWK
VA - Select Mix - Country Essentials Vol.36-WEB-2016-MST
Dance Hall
Audio Push-90951-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
Bagar aka Tricky D-The Square-(BBE217SDG2)-WEB-2016-MOHAWK
Chimurenga Renaissance-Girlz With Gunz-(GBEP030)-WEB-2016-MOHAWK
DJ Z-Trip-All Pro-WEB-2007-ENRAGED iNT
ELWD-Theres Light Somewhere-(BTDL66)-WEB-2016-MOHAWK
Illa J-4 Past Midnite-EP-WEB-2010-ENRAGED iNT
Illa J-Illa J Instrumentals-WEB-2016-ENRAGED iNT
Illa J-Illa J-WEB-2015-ENRAGED iNT
Illa J-Yancey Boys (Instrumentals By Jay Dee Aka J Dilla)-WEB-2009-ENRAGED iNT
Illa J-Sunflower (DJ Spinna Mixes)-Single-WEB-2015-ENRAGED iNT
Junior M.A.F.I.A. and Freestyle Fellowship-Daddy-O Presents Unreleased EP-Vinyl-2016-FTD
S.L.I.M. Rockwell-Selectah The Unreleased 90s EP-Vinyl-2016-FTD
Slaine-Slaine Is Dead-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
VA-Flow Hip Hop Hits-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
VA-Hip Hop Vol 4-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
LVL UP-Return To Love-2016-FNT
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez-El Bien y mal Nos Une-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED
Warpaint-Heads Up-(RTRADLPX780)-WEB-2016-MOHAWK
VA-70s Funk And Soul-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-70s Undercover TV Superbad Action Adventure And Luuuuv-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Audio Alchemy 2-WEB-1997-ENRAGED iNT
VA-Barrio Grooves Reggaeton Merengue Latin Pop-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
VA-Beat Battle-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Bump Hip Hop Vol 1-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Christmas Hip Hop-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Detroit Soul-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Funk And Soul-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Groove Channel-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Hip Hop Country-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Hip Hop Drops-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Hip Hop Radio-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Hip Hop Vol 1 Urban Street Beats-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Hip-Hop Orchestra-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Latin Mix-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Lubricant RNB Vol 1-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Mad Skillz-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Manhattan Homicide Big Jazz from the Asphalt Jungle-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Memphis Soul Timeless Grooves from the 60s And 70s-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Puro Sabor Salsa Merengue-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
VA-RNB Funk Vol 1-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Sin Fronteras Classic Latin Rock-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
VA-Smooth Hip-Hop Jazz-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Street Grooves-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Sweet Philly-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-The Vinyl Incident Big Beats and Breaks-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Trending Hip Hop-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Urban Alchemy Lite-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Urban Alchemy-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Urban And Dance Vol 2-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Urban Beats Vol 1-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Urban Grooves Vol 1-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Urban Grooves-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Spiritual Jazz 6-Vocals-(JMANCD076)-CD-2015-jAZzMan
Charred Walls of the Damned-Creatures Watching over the Dead-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED
In Flames-Sounds from the Heart of Gothenburg-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED
Insomnium-Winters Gate-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED
Monte Pittman-Inverted Grasp of Balance-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED
Neurosis-Fires Within Fires-2016-FNT
Operation Mindcrime-Resurrection-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED
Trap Them-Crown Feral-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED
Astrid North-Precious Ruby-WEB-2016-VOiCE
Cigarettes After Sex-Affection-WEB-2015-CRUELTY
Cigarettes After Sex-I.-WEB-2012-CRUELTY
Di-Rect-Fired Up-WEB-2016-AZF
VA - Select Mix - 70s Essentials Vol.14-WEB-2016-MST
Punk Rock
Beach Slang-A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings-2016-FNT
Die Dorks-Duschen Auf Staatskosten-DE-2016-uC
Rawside-Die Vorkriegsjugend EP-CDEP-DE-1996-uC
Stick To Your Guns-Better Ash Than Dust-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED
Illa J-Yancey Boys-WEB-2008-ENRAGED iNT
The Weeknd-Starboy-WEB-2016-SPANK
Will Fraker-Will Fraker-EP-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
Gucci Mane-Bling Blaww Burr Feat Young Dolph-(WEB)-2016-H5N1
Kap Kallous-December-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
Kap Kallous-Grandeur-WEB-2014-ENRAGED
Kap Kallous-Hearse-WEB-2012-ENRAGED
Kap Kallous-Lighthouse-Single-WEB-2014-ENRAGED
Kap Kallous-Lonely Famous (feat Jon Connor And PreauXX)-Single-WEB-2014-ENRAGED
Kap Kallous-Sushi Bar (feat Wrekonize And Psalm One)-Single-WEB-2014-ENRAGED
Kap Kallous-Three In The Stash-Single-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
Mick Jenkins-The Healing Component-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
VA-International Blunt Funk-WEB-1997-ENRAGED iNT
VA-Sounds From The Street Vol 3-WEB-1993-ENRAGED iNT
Beenie Man-Unstoppable-WEB-2016-JAH
Bunny Wailer-Tread Along Solomonic Singles Pt 1 1969-CD-2016-YARD
Marquis Melody-Bring Me To Life-CD-2016-YARD
VA-First Class Rocksteady-2CD-2016-YARD
Airbourne-Breakin Outta Hell-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED
Arrogance-Knights of Dreams-(NUM1248lp)-WEB-2016-MOHAWK
Leopold Und Das Paddelbootorchester-Leopold Und Das Paddelbootorchester-DE-CD-2016-PEGiDA
VA-Rock Sound Presents The Black Parade-(MAG)-2016-FNT
Wipers-Follow Blind-1987-iTS iNT
Dan Penn-Close To Me More Fame Recordings-2016-GCP
Dan Penn-The Fame Recordings-2012-GCP
Teddy Pendergrass-Love Language-1984-GCP INT
VA-Motor City Connection Soul RNB Vocal All-Stars-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
VA-Motown 66-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
Top 40
Carango - Aepyornis-WEB-2016-iDC
Crazed Keen-Make It Sound-(XBONE125)-WEB-2016-UKHx
Decibel Jezebel - Grapefruit-(INM 1351)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
Degos and Re-Done - Die Slowly-(NB025)-WEB-2016-HB
Digital Committee - Prak-WEB-2016-iDC
Dyverse - New Era-(DHD034)-WEB-2016-SRG
D-Mind - Beyond Turned To Dust-(ACTSH047)-WEB-2016-HB
Ivan Salvador - Punta Arabi-WEB-2016-iDC
Jason Little - Desaster-WEB-2016-SRG
Joshua Puerta - Oaxaca-(KLP 170)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
Kiya-K - Im Coming 4 U-(SWG018)-WEB-2016-SRG
Nik Import-Relieve The Moment-WEB-2016-UKHx
OUT And UP - Gypsy Style EP-(CLBRL 004)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
Raw Alliance - Now Is The Fucking Time-(RAW002)-WEB-2016-SRG
Richard Harrington - On My Own-WEB-2016-iDC
The Mind - The First Trip-(XR 002)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
The Two Boys - Blue Stone-WEB-2016-iDC
Uncto-Pain Remixes-(fu012)-VINYL-2015-DEF
Weltschmerz - Angst-(CTT 021A)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
Alexandre Bergheau - Theres Always A Way (Incl. Edit)-(FSOEX056)-WEB-2016-HB
Biohazzardt - High Fly-(NS274)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
Biohazzardt - Soft Line - Rise-(NS270)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
David Forbes And Richard Lowe-Our Day-(VAN2243)-WEB-2016-UKHx
Erik Vee - Wildside-WEB-2004-iDC
Ilan Bluestone and Grum - S.O.S.-WEB-2016-HB
James Cottle - Risky Business-(VAN2232B)-WEB-2016-HB
John Askew - Supersonic (Incl. Edit)-(FSOE185)-WEB-2016-HB
Kiran M-Captivate (Incl Edit)-(ALWAYSA164)-WEB-2016-UKHx
Mark W - Lancha (Incl. Edit)-(DIGISOC183)-WEB-2016-HB
Para-X-Fields Of Joy (The Remixes)-(SCR050)-WEB-2016-UKHx
Paul Rigel And Robbie Seed pres Omegate-Vela-(BLS255)-WEB-2016-JUSTiFY
Super8 and Tab - Nino-WEB-2016-HB
Uttara - Lost Signals-(10107118)-WEB-2016-ZzZz

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Hardcore 2005-2007 Part13
  Hardcore | Author: Admin | 22-09-2016, 15:08
VA-Hardcore EP 8-Promo CDR-2006-UTE.rar
VA-Hardcore EP3-NUK0680-CDS-2005-GTi.rar
VA-Hardcore EP7-0733PNUK-Vinyl-2006-XTC.rar
VA-Hardcore French Kiss Vol.2 Mixed By Randy-PKGCD37-CD-2007-OBC.rar
VA-Hardcore Heads II-CD-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-Hardcore Heaven 4-3CD-2007-wAx.rar
VA-Hardcore Heaven III-CD-2005-SND.rar
va-hardcore hooligans-2cd-2007-homely.rar
VA-Hardcore Hurricane-2CD-2006-SMO.rar
VA-Hardcore Junkieee Sampler Vol. 1-RBJP006-2005-BNP.rar
VA-Hardcore Megamix Volume 4-CD-2006-HDF.rar
VA-Hardcore Nation 2 Album Sampler 2-0715WNUK-CDS-2005-GTi.rar
VA-Hardcore Nation 2-Retail-3CD-2005-USF.rar
VA-Hardcore Nation 3 Album Sampler EP1-Promo CDR-2006-UTE.rar
VA-Hardcore Nation 3-3CD-2006-Homely INT.rar
VA-Hardcore Nation Album Sampler-0672PNUK-Vinyl-2005-UKH.rar
VA-Hardcore Nation Classics-3CD-2007-uF.rar
VA-Hardcore Nation Mixed by Emilio D-CD-2006-SSR.rar
VA-Hardcore Nation Sampler 2-0702PNUK-CD-2005-USF.rar
VA-Hardcore Nation Vol.3-RETAIL-3CD-2006-HLSMP3.rar
VA-Hardcore Rave Mixed By DJ Uraken-CD-2006-USF.rar
VA-Hardcore Samurai-CD-2005-hM.rar
VA-Hardcore Slavery Vol. 4-The Tour-PKGCD39-2CD-2007-OBC.rar
VA-Hardcore Super J-Trance Party Vol. 2-CD-2005-USF.rar
VA-Hardcore The 2007 Yearmix Mixed By DJ Panic And The Viper-2CD-2008-Homely.rar
VA-Hardcore Tunes 2006-2CD-2006-DDS.rar
VA-Hardcore Tunez 3-RETAIL-2CD-2005-XTC.rar
VA-Hell Of Hardcore Vol 2-2CD-2006-DDS.rar
VA-Hell Of Hardcore Vol 2-REPACK-2CD-2006-DDS.rar
VA-Hellbound-Frozen Hardcore Festival-2CD-2005-QTXMp3.rar
va-hellraiser 2005 pinhead goes to italy-2005-dds.rar
VA-Hellraiser No One Can Stop Us-2CD-2007-Homely.rar
VA-Hellraiser Versus Megarave-2CD-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-Hellraiser vs Megarave-DVD-2006-DELTA.rar
VA-Hellraizer 6 Mixed By DJ Jokerr-Bootleg-2006-eMF.rar
VA-Helping Beautiful People Not Having Sex Since 2005 EP-IV02-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-Helter Skelter Hardcore 2007 The New Generation-3CD-2007-GTi.rar
VA-Hip Hop Hardcore Mixed By DJ Statics And Jof-EPKCDMIX19-CD-2006-OBC.rar
VA-History Of Dance 13 The Hardcore Edition Part 2 Top 100-5CD-2007-WRE.rar
VA-History Of Hardcore Volume 1-4CD-2007-Homely.rar
VA-hM 2nd Anniversary-2CD-2007-hM INT.rar
VA-Hokus Pokus-Back Catalogue Mixed by Popof-CD-2006-TrT.rar
VA-Hollowgram Collective-ALIENS05-Vinyl-2007-CT.rar
VA-Human Meat For Intergalactic Hamburgers-RATTAPLAN003-Vinyl-2006-DEF.rar
VA-I Hate Trance Volume 2-2CD-2007-1REAL.rar
VA-I Hate Trance Volume 2-2CD-2007-GFF.rar
VA-Imaginary Friends-2007-FWYH.rar
VA-In Da Curley Style-DEMONTAGE03-Vinyl-2007-DEF.rar
VA-Industrialization 2.0-CD-2005-Sounds.rar
VA-Insomnia Vol.2 Mixed By Kabal-PKGCD40-CD-2007-OBC.rar
VA-Issue 01-Metathesiophobia-META4 A-Vinyl-2005-DEF INT.rar
VA-It Hides Inside EP-Grater02-Vinyl-2007-1KING.rar
VA-Its All Fadding-KX2009-Vinyl-2005-OBC.rar
VA-Its So Pure-HB02-Vinyl-2007-1KING.rar
VA-Jagoff Uprising-Boxset-2005-MUSiQ.rar
VA-Javi Boss And DJ Juanma Presentan Fusion-PROPER-2CD-2006-UNiT.rar
VA-Julius Ethal-MARASM14-Vinyl-2006-DEF.rar
VA-Katacombe Mixed By DJ Arkane-Bootleg-2006-DEF.rar
VA-KFA Past Present Future 2-2006-XTC.rar
VA-KFA Past Present Future 3-2006-XTC.rar
VA-KFA Past Present Future 4-2007-XTC.rar
VA-KFA Past Present Future-2006-XTC.rar
VA-Kill The VIP-Splitter Gewalt03-Vinyl-2007-1REAL.rar
VA-Kill Your Brain-SANA008-Vinyl-2005-OBC.rar
VA-Klando 02-KLANDO02-Vinyl-2007-CT.rar
VA-Kontrol - Live At Kontrol-2CD-2007-NRG.rar
VA-Kreatrix Evilution V4-EECD023-2007-XTC.rar
VA-Lacquers In Limbo EP-ETRIC017-Vinyl-2007-BNP.rar
VA-Le Diable Au Corps-Five Years Ultimate Tracks-CD-2006-OBC.rar
VA-Lenny Dee Vs Radium Present Beatz Brulee-PKGCD31-2006-DEF Vid.rar
VA-Lenny Dee Vs Radium Present Beatz Brulee-PKGCD31-2006-DEF.rar
VA-Live at Hardcore Heaven Transmission-12TAPE-2005-XTC.rar
VA-Live At Uproar The Hardcore Showdown Part 2-12TAPE-2006-XTC.rar
VA-Locked On Feel The Impact-BROCK015-Vinyl-2007-NVS.rar
VA-Lords of Hardstyle Volume 2-2CD-2007-HDF.rar
VA-Luna-C-Live at Knite Force Night Poland-DVDA-2006-XTC.rar
VA-Lunatic Pilgrim-CD-2006-hM.rar
VA-Mahotek 03-MAHOTEK03-Vinyl-2007-CT.rar
VA-Make Your Own Tea-ACSA001-2006-DEF.rar
VA-Makina 2006-2CD-2005-SnS.rar
VA-Makina Hits 2006-2CD-2006-UNiT.rar
VA-Makina Old EP Vol 1-ELTOLD011-Vinyl-2006-UNiT.rar
VA-Makina Old EP Vol 12 ELTOLD022-Vinyl-2006-UNiT.rar
VA-Makina Old EP Vol 2-ELTOLD012-Vinyl-2006-UNiT.rar
VA-Makina Old EP Vol 3 ELITOLD013-Vinyl-2006-UNiT.rar
VA-Makina Old EP Vol 4 ELITOLD014-Vinyl-2006-UNiT.rar
VA-Makina Old EP Vol 8 ELTOLD018-Vinyl-2006-UNiT.rar
VA-Makina Old EP Vol 9 ELTOLD019-Vinyl-2006-UNiT.rar
VA-Makina Resistance Vol. 2-2CD-2006-SAW.rar
VA-Makineros Mixed By Mister Fly-CD-2005-hM.rar
VA-Maladroit Shares Capslock With Bit Shifter-KETA002-Vinyl-2006-DEF.rar
VA-Manu Le Malin-Biomechanik 3 The Final Chapter-2005-F4G.rar
VA-Manu Le Malin-Biomechanik 3-DVD-2005-F4G.rar
VA-Mashed Up and Beatdown-ADN45-Vinyl-2005-DEF.rar
VA-Masters of Disaster-GOD007-REPACK-Vinyl-2007-CT.rar
VA-Masters of Disaster-GOD007-Vinyl-2007-CT.rar
VA-Mauvaises Graines 02-MAUVAISESGRAINES02-Vinyl-2006-CT.rar
VA-Maximum Hardcore-2006-MST.rar
VA-Megarave 2005 MRV075B-Vinyl-2005-DGN.rar
VA-Megarave 2006 The Live DVD-2006-DDS.rar
VA-Megarave 2007-2CD-2007-1REAL.rar
VA-Militia Cell A-Militia Cell A-Vinyl-2007-1REAL.rar
VA-Ministry of Sound-United in Hardcore-3CD-2006-HLSMP3.rar
VA-Miscellaneous Ways Of Improvement-NWS.002-Vinyl-2007-hM.rar
VA-MOH Top 90 Yearmix-Mixed By Dynamike-CD-2006-DOC.rar
VA-Molecular Destruction Mixed By DJ Freak-EPKCDMIX20-CD-2006-OBC.rar
VA-Monsters of Mashup-ADN49-2005-rH.rar
VA-Most Wanted EP BIT72620-Vinyl-2006-UNiT.rar
VA-Most Wanted EP Vol 2 BIT72654-Vinyl-2006-UNiT.rar
VA-Most Wanted EP Vol.4-BIT72778-Vinyl-2007-ASS.rar
VA-Most Wanted Hardcore And Gabber-2005-DDS.rar
VA-MPT Tag-Team UG DJ Tool Vol.1-Promo CDR-2005-USF.rar
VA-Narkotek Vs Maissouille-NKTVSMS03-Vinyl-2007-CT.rar
VA-Narkotek VS Soundbomber-KAMTAR07-Vinyl-2006-CT.rar
VA-Narkotek Vs Weasel Busters-NKTVSWB01-Vinyl-2007-CT.rar
VA-Nec Promo-RLNT035-Bootleg CDS-2007-CBR.rar
VA-Nec Promo-Liquid Hardcore-LIQ003-Bootleg CDM-2007-CBR.rar
VA-Neophyte Records Sampler Vol 3-NEO025-Vinyl-2005-DDS.rar
VA-Neurotrope 10-NRT010-Vinyl-2007-DEF.rar
VA-New Collision By Tieum-PKGCD34-2CD-2006-OBC.rar
VA-New Wave Of Hardcore Vol 1-CD-2006-HDF.rar
VA-Newcastle Vs Newcastle-STRIKE025RP-Reissue-Vinyl-2005-hM.rar
VA-Next Generation Blatant Beats Vol3-2005-USF.rar
VA-Nitromethane Ep-BASS003-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-No Clowning Around Project 1-CD-2006-Homely.rar
VA-No Cops Area-NCA01-Vinyl-2006-TrT.rar
VA-No Title EP-Vinyl-2005-gMP3.rar
VA-No U Turn EP-KELLERMUSIK09 1-9-Vinyl-2007-DEF.rar
VA-No Warning Shot-DLK003-Vinyl-2007-1REAL.rar
VA-No-Tek - Torsion Feconde-CD-2007-Homely.rar
VA-No-Tek Gwakai vs Anti Narcose-NARC02-Vinyl-2007-1REAL.rar
VA-Noise Veteran EP-CONTROVERSE002-Vinyl-2006-DEF.rar
VA-Noizetrauma 3-The Hardcore Experiment Continues-2CD-2006-hM.rar
VA-Nu Energy Collective-Live At Frantic-RETAIL-RESISTCD44-2CD-2005-GTi.rar
VA-Nukleuz Hardcore EP 10 Bootleg Edition-0810WNUK-WEB-2007-HTiD.rar
VA-Nukleuz Hardcore EP 13-Promo Cdr-2007-UKHx.rar
VA-Nukleuz Hardcore EP 14-0916WNUK-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
VA-Nukleuz Hardcore EP2-0658PNUK-VINYL-2005-UKH.rar
VA-Offensive Floorkillaz Volume 2-OFF-SP002-Vinyl-2006-HSA.rar
VA-Old Skool Legends Vol 2-RETAIL-6CD-2005-XTC.rar
VA-Old Skool Remixes-OSR001-Bootleg Vinyl-2007-DEF.rar
VA-Oldskool Karnage-HPZ05-Vinyl-2006-DEF.rar
VA-On Fire Mixed By DJ Nitric-EPKCDMIX23-CD-2007-OBC.rar
VA-One Kind Word Hardcore Compilation-7 Inch-2006-KzT.rar
VA-Opus 02-SILICIUM02-VLS-2006-DEF.rar
VA-Original Hardcore Selection-2CD-2007-UKHx.rar
VA-Otonoishi 2-AECD-003-2006-NRG.rar
VA-Partyraiser-One Man Half Machine-2CD-2005-1REAL.rar
VA-Pastis And Buenri Presents - Activa Vol.1 Live 2007-2CD-2007-NRG.rar
VA-Patterns Of Force-Schablonen Der Gewalt-SDG1-Vinyl-2007-Tommyrulez.rar
VA-Patterns Of Force-Schablonen Der Gewalt-SDG1-Vinyl-2007-Tommyrulez.rar
VA-PCP Torpedo Agoraphobic Nosebleed Remixed-BLASTBEAT02-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-Peace Off Kamikaze Club 05-KC05-Vinyl-2006-TrT.rar
VA-Personal Revenge-VDA01-Vinyl-2007-hM.rar
VA-Pharmacy Vol 5-Mixed By Hellraiser And Organ Donors-2CD-2007-DOC.rar
VA-Piramide-7 Aniversario-READ NFO-CD-01-22-2005-EdeNMP3.rar
VA-Pirates of the Hardcore Sound-WISH003-Vinyl-2006-MTC.rar
VA-Pitos EP-72-749-Vinyl-2007-NRG.rar
VA-Planes Trains and Alcohol Bills-A Compilation of Excess-PURCD001-2007-XTC.rar
VA-Platinum Hardcore 5-2005-TN.rar
VA-Platinum Hardcore 6-CD-2005-Homely.rar
VA-Plnou Parouback EP-PROTEST01-Vinyl-2005-CT.rar
VA-Polvere Da Sparo GPW003-Vinyl-2006-ONe.rar
VA-Pont Aeri The Winter Compilation-2CD-2005-UNiT.rar
VA-Pressed Works I-NCNET001-WEB-2005-SSK.rar
VA-Pressed Works II-NCNET002-WEB-2005-SSK.rar
VA-Prostitution Sonore 00-PS00-Vinyl-2007-CT.rar
VA-Prostitution Sonore 02-PS02-Vinyl-2007-CT.rar
VA-Psychodrome Mixed By DJ Tof-EPKCDCOMP01-2005-DEF.rar
VA-Public Convenience 2-RESTROOM1200D-Vinyl-2006-TrT.rar
VA-Public Convenience II-RESTROOM1200D-WEB-2006-DEF.rar
VA-Pulp Fiction Original Soundtrack-Collectors Edition Internal Version-WEB-2007-TSX.rar
VA-r AW Essential 5 Mixed By DJ Amok-CD-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-R-909 Outrage Mixed By Randy-2CD-2007-SDS.rar
VA-Rattaplan 002 De Link E.P-Obx07-Vinyl-2005-DEF.rar
VA-Ravin Beatz Japan 007-Vinyl-2005-USF.rar
VA-Raving Mad Volume Three DJ Sy-RETAIL CD-2005-XTC.rar
VA-Raving Nightmare Nocturnal Rituals Mixed By Tommyknocker And Dj Producer-2CD-2005-1REAL.rar
VA-Raving Nightmare-Premonition-REPACK-2CD-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-Raviour EP-DTK04-2005-khz.rar
VA-Reaktif 04-RKT04-Vinyl-2005-CT.rar
VA-Rest in Pieces Records 002-RIP002-Vinyl-2006-TrT.rar
VA-Rotterdam Hardcore Classics-3CD-2007-Homely.rar
VA-Rotterdam Hardcore Classics-PROPER-3CD-2007-hM.rar
VA-Rotterdam Records 100-ROT100-2xVinyl-2007-QTXMP3.rar
VA-Rotterdam Records 100-ROT100-REPACK-2xVinyl-2007-QTXMp3.rar
VA-Rotterdam Records 100-ROT100-WEB-2007-gnvr.rar
VA-Sacred Forces Meets TNI-SFL001-Vinyl-2007-1REAL.rar
VA-Schizophrenic Mixed By Darkraver And Steve Sweet-2CD-2005-TWCMP3.rar
VA-Schnell And Hart Abhusten-SSF01-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-Scott Brown 10 Years Of Hardcore-EVOCD10-2CD-2005-UKH.rar
VA-Screwface HPZ004-Vinyl-2006-TCLUB.rar
VA-Shit And Noize Art 001-SANA001-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-Shit And Noize Art 002-SANA002-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-Sick Compilation-ACSA002-2CD-2007-DEF.rar
VA-Sick Shit for Sick Minded People-OCD001-2005-DEF.rar
VA-Silvata I-LPN00001-Vinyl-2007-1REAL.rar
VA-Skin Out and the Rave Returns BROCK011-Vinyl-2006-TCLUB.rar
VA-Slammin Vinyl Presents Hardcore Heaven 4-3CD-2006-JOM INT.rar
VA-Slammin Vinyl Presents-New Years Eve-Trance and Techno-Retail-2006-BUS.rar
VA-Smartyz Long Drive Home-FREEWEB-2007-KPS INT.rar
VA-Smartyz Sam Thomsitt Rocks-FREEWEB-2007-KPS INT.rar
VA-Sofy Major-One Second Riot-Split-Vinyl-2007-hXc.rar
VA-Sonido Masia-2CD-2006-OBC.rar
VA-Speed Beats X1-CDR-2006-hM.rar
VA-Speedcore 4 Life Volume 3-3CD-2007-hM.rar
VA-Speedcore Terror Worldwide-SPF014-WEB-2006-SSK.rar
VA-Speedcore Volume 8-CORE08-PROPER-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-Speedcore Volume 8-CORE08-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-Statues Of Sound 3-CD-2006-hM.rar
VA-Statues Of Sound 4-CD-2006-hM.rar
VA-Statues Of Sound 5-CD-2006-hM.rar
VA-T-Day Hardcore Domination in Progress-TRAXXCD60-CD-2007-HDF.rar
VA-T-Day Hardcore Domination in Progress-TRAXXCD60-CUEFIX-CD-2007-HDF.rar
VA-TDK 014-TDK014-Vinyl-2005-DEF.rar
VA-Techno Collector Volume 2-RM-CDMP02-CD-2007-SVB.rar
VA-Teknival Mixed By Androgyn Network And Nout-2CD-2007-OBC.rar
VA-Temple Of Terror-2CD-2006-hM.rar
VA-Teranoid And MC Natsack Pres. Teranoid Underground Edition-WFCD003-2006-NRG.rar
VA-Terrorheads Against Cancer-TIT011-Vinyl-2007-1KING.rar
VA-Terrorists Never Miss-Vinyl-2006-Hardcore.rar
VA-Terrornoize Industry EP 6-TNI6-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-Terrornoize Industry EP 7-TNI7-Vinyl-2007-1REAL.rar
VA-The 6th Machine-APOC007-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-The Best Of Makina 2007-2CD-2007-ASS.rar
VA-The Bigger Boat EP-SF002-Vinyl-2006-RACEME.rar
VA-The Box Presents Hardcore And More Volume 2-2005-DDS.rar
VA-The Gates Of Death-DSR002VINYL-Vinyl-2007-tommyrulez.rar
VA-The Hardcoholics Bloody Factory-NFCDBOX01-2CD-2006-DEF.rar
VA-The Hardest Encounter 2-2006-DDS.rar
VA-The Hardextant II - Hydroduster Fortification-2005-OBC.rar
VA-The Hardextant III - Hibernal Conflagration-CD-2007-hM.rar
VA-The Jakazid EP 1-0879WNUK-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
VA-The Kaerlighetshanske EP-KETA001-Vinyl-2005-hM.rar
VA-The Kamikaze Club 06-POFF KC 06-Vinyl-2007-DEF.rar
VA-The No. 1 Rave Album-4CD-2006-SMO.rar
VA-The No1 Hardcore The Oldskool Mix Album-4CD-2007-UKHx.rar
VA-The No1 Old Skool Album-4CD-2006-LT7.rar
VA-The Parousia EP-GB002-Vinyl-2007-sour.rar
VA-The Rave Master Live At Chasis-3CD-2007-ASS.rar
VA-The Rave Master Live At Kontrol-3CD-2006-UNiT.rar
VA-The Remix Project Mixed By Bonehead-Promo-CDS-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-The Remix Project-CD-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-The Speed Freak-Swallow This Remixed And Mutilated-CD-2006-OBC.rar
VA-The Stunned Guys Present Always Hardcore Vol 18-2CD-2005-DGN.rar
VA-The Teknoist and Scheme Boy vs Mr Kill-BAG005-Vinyl-2007-DEF.rar
VA-The Time Will Tell EP-ASR002-VINYL-2007-sour.rar
VA-The Ultimate Hardcore Top 100-4CD-2005-DDS.rar
VA-The United EP Volume 2 T3H928-Vinyl-2007-NRG.rar
VA-The Whereabouts Of 97-ACE010-CCA55-Vinyl-2007-DEF.rar
VA-The Worlds Greatest Hardcore-3CD-2007-SMO.rar
VA-This Is Terror 8-TIT008-Vinyl-2006-UNiT.rar
VA-Thunderdome 2007 Anthem-T3RDM0135-Vinyl-2007-hM.rar
VA-Thunderdome Anthem 2006-WEB-2007-HiROSHiMA.rar
VA-Time Machine Mixed By Armaguet Nad-EPILEPTIKMIX14-CD-2006-OBC.rar
VA-Torsion Feconde - Chromosome X Part Two-NO-TEK012CHX-Vinyl-2007-1REAL.rar
VA-Torsion Feconde - Chromosome Y Part One-NO-TEK012CHY-Vinyl-2007-1REAL.rar
VA-Traveller Tcheque-ELFCD010-2CD-2005-OBC.rar
VA-Traxtorm Revamped 005-TRRV005-Vinyl-2006-OBC.rar
VA-True Hardcore Its A Way Of Life-3CD-2007-UKHx.rar
VA-Truecore Alliance - Death Will Catch Us All-TR001-PROPER-2CD-2006-TC.rar
VA-Tunnel Of Terror-SANA09-Vinyl-2005-hM.rar
VA-Twins Harmonies Mixed By DJ Lobotomix Vs DJ Obiwan-EPKCDMIX24-CD-2007-OBC.rar
VA-Ultimate Hard Trance And Happy Hard-4CD-2005-SMO.rar
VA-Unpressed Works I-NCNET004-WEB-2005-SSK.rar
VA-Unpressed Works II-NCNET005-WEB-2005-SSK.rar
VA-Uppacutz Vol 2-UPPACUTZ002-VINYL-2007-RACEME.rar
VA-Uproar Hard to the Core Bonus CD Mixed by DJ Vibes-2005-XTC.rar
VA-Use Once and Destroy-DevilMusic Music 01-2007-DEF.rar
VA-Vet Harder-2CD-2005-gnvr.rar
VA-Violent Special 3-VIOLENTSP 3-Vinyl-2007-1REAL.rar
VA-Wanagaine Zero Deux-OUANAIGAINE02-Vinyl-2007-CT.rar
VA-Wanted Bit Vol. 16-72578-Vinyl-2005-UTZ.rar
VA-We Are Responsible For Ears Disagreements-ZERK002-VLS-2006-DEF.rar
VA-We Have Explosive-RESTROOM1200F ANAL016-Vinyl-2007-DEF.rar
Va-White Cock 02-Vinyl-2005-TrT.rar
VA-White Line Vol 2-AENT007-Vinyl-2007-DEF.rar
VA-Whojamaflip Presents Jama Jamz Vol1-2006-XTC.rar
VA-Whojamaflip Presents Jama Jamz Vol2-2006-XTC.rar
VA-X-Rated EP-WARPED12 Read NFO-Vinyl-2006-PDB.rar
VA-Xque - The Rave Master Vol.8 Live at Xque-3CD-2005-PTRD.rar
VA-Xque The Best Sessions-3CD-2006-UNiT.rar
VA-Xque Wanted EP Vol 2-XQUE72587-Vinyl-2006-XTC.rar
VA-Zodiac Brave-MCRX002-2007-NRG.rar
Vagabond - Crush The Night-BB077-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM.rar
Vagabond - Poisonous And World Of Unknown-BB051-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Vagabond - Riding The Air-BB073-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM.rar
Vagabond - Sweet Love Wilde Syde-NG058-Vinyl-2006-JIM.rar
Vagabond Ft Mc Casper - Flowing Free-BB063-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Vagabond Ft Tais - Dance for Me-BB069-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Vagabond-Poisonous World Of Unknown-BB051-WEB-2005-EDML.rar
Vagabond-Poisonous And World Of Unknown-BB051-WEB-2005-HTiD.rar
Vagabond-Ready For Chaos-BB057-Vinyl-2006-XTC.rar
Vagabond-Riding the Air-BB073-PROPER-Vinyl-2007-XTC.rar
Vagabond-Sweet Love Wilde Syde-NG058-WEB-2006-UKHx iNT.rar
Vagabond-Sweet Love-NG058-Vinyl-2006-XTC.rar
VAH001 DJ Vibes And Hattrix - Rave Is Still A Mystery-VAH001-Vinyl-2005-CHC.rar
Van Roezel - I Miss You Ready to Go-ASR015-Promo Vinyl-2006-QMI.rar
Various - Most Wanted EP Vol 4-BIT72-778-2007-Q91.rar
Various Artists - F.A.S.T Digital Exclusives 001 to 004-MP3-2005-Q91.rar
Various Artists - Final Digital Beatz Release-MP3-2005-Q91.rar
Various Artists - Hardcore EP 2-MP3-2005-Q91.rar
Various Artists - Hardcore EP 3-MP3-2005-Q91.rar
Various Artists - Hardcore EP5 NUK0697-MP3-2005-Q91.rar
Various Artists - Hardcore Nation Sampler-MP3-2005-Q91.rar
Various Artists-Banged Up EP-ASBO003-VINYL-2006-sour.rar
Various Artists-Community Service EP-ASBO002-VINYL-2006-sour.rar
Various Artists-Lights Out EP-ASBO004-Vinyl-2007-sour.rar
Various Artists-Pitch Control Volume 1-PC001-Vinyl-2007-sour.rar
Various Artists-Remixedfile E.P-RTX018-Vinyl-2005-OBC.rar
Venetian Snares - Winnipeg is A Frozen Shithole EP Vol.2-BAG004-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
venetian snares - meathole-planet mu-2005-BOSS.rar
Venetian Snares - Winnipeg is A Frozen Shithole EP Vol.2-BAG004-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
venetian snares - winnipeg is a frozen shithole-SLR203-cd-2005.rar
Venetian Snares -Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole EP-BAG03-Vinyl-2005-TrT.rar
Venetian Snares--Hospitality-Planet Mu-CDM-2006-mbs.rar
Venetian Snares--Pink and Green-SLR204-CDM-2007-mbs.rar
Venetian Snares-4 Adaptations of Rossz Csillag Alatt Szuletett-ZIQ111R-WEB-2006-TrT.rar
Venetian Snares-4 Adaptations Of Rossz Csillag Alatt Szuletett-ZIQ111R-VLS-2006-MUSiQ.rar
Venetian Snares-Cavalcade Of Glee and Dadaist Happy Hardcore-2006-MUSiQ.rar
Venetian Snares-Hospitality-ZIQ140-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
Venetian Snares-My Downfall Original Soundtrack-Retail CD-2007-B2R.rar
Venetian Snares-Rossz Csillag Allat Szuletett-2005-OBC.rar
Venetian Snares-Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole EP-BAG03-Vinyl-2005-TrT.rar
Versus - Es Por Ti-CRMX076-Vinyl-2006-MS.rar
Versus 4-Vivela-CRMX083-Proper Vinyl-2007-OBC.rar
Versus IV - Vivela-CRMX083-Vinyl-2007-NRG.rar
Versus-Why U Cry-Crmx054-Vinyl-2005-OBC.rar
Vertigo Feat. DJ Josu - Vertigo 72485-Vinyl-2005-NRG.rar
Vicho Destroy - Dominator Sampler RBY-GOLD-003-Vinyl-2006-NRG.rar
Viko and Talasemik-Untitled-ARCHITEK06-Vinyl-2007-CT.rar
Vince Nysse And NJ Hinton-Silver Water Darren Styles Remix-THC004-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx.rar
Vinyl Junkie - Were Not Dead Incl 30hz Mix-Vinyl-2005-tronik.rar
Vinyl Junkie %26 Austin - Jah Love-WAX009-Vinyl-2007-Dz.rar
Vinyl Junkie and Austin-Check it Out WAX004-Promo-VLS-2005-SLaM.rar
Vinyl Junkie and Austin-Jah Love-WAX009-Vinyl-2007-sour.rar
Vinyl Junkie And Dstate-Tour Of Duty-Vinyl-2005-MNS.rar
VIP - Butterfly-Vinyl-READ NFO-2005-QTXMp3.rar
Viper Vs Mad-E-Fact - Live at Mindcontroller-21-01-2006-DLO.rar
Viper XXL - Hardtechno Anthem-ANIMASOLA003-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
Viper XXL and Co-Animasola EP-ANIMASOLA001-2005-sweet.rar
Virus Factory - Destroy the Night-R909-28-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
Virus Factory-Virus Control-R909r21-Vinyl-2006-PDB.rar
Virus Syndicate-Slow Down-ZIQ119-Vinyl-2005-TrT.rar
Visa Vs Barley-On The Sun Incl Eufeion Mix-0866WNUK-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Visa-All of My Life-0750PNUK-Vinyl-2006-PDB.rar
Visa-All Of My Life-Promo CDR-2006-UTE.rar
Visa-Fly Away Hixxy Remix-BABY035-Vinyl-2005-XTC.rar
Visa-Fly Away Time Ladies Please Mix-0650FNUK-2005-XTC.rar
Visa-Fly Away-0650CNUK-CDM-2005-UKH.rar
Visa-On The Sun-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Visa-On The Sun-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Visionary-Taste the Funk-ST035-Vinyl-2005-UKH.rar
Visionary-Taste the Funk-ST35-VINYL-2005-XTC iNT.rar
Void Settler - None Follows The Sunrise-T3RDM0096-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Void Settler - None Follows The Sunrise-T3RDM0096-WEB-2006-HB.rar
Void Settler - None Follows The Sunrise-CD-2006-SQ.rar
Void Settler - None Follows The Sunrise-WEB-2006-HB INT.rar
Void Settler And Labyrinth - Amphibious Lemonade Strang-Vinyl-2005-DOC.rar
Void Thru Materialism-Converge Into Unquiet Spaces-CDM-2005-hXc.rar
Waldhaus - Decadent And Depraved-ARTILLERY012-Vinyl-2005-NBD.rar
Wappenbund - Andacht Supply Modules Smackdown Z71WEB006-WEB-2007-GFF.rar
Warbeat - Bako Bako-DC142-Vinyl-2005-MS.rar
Warp Brothers-Blade-Vinyl-2005-MTC.rar
Wave-Piece of Heaven Squad-E Remix-Promo-CDR-2007-XTC INT.rar
Wave-Piece of Heaven Squad-E Remix-Promo-CDR-2007-XTC.rar
Weapon X - Money is Power-ENZYME026-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
Weapon X - Money Is Power-ENZYME026-WEB-2007-HB.rar
Weasel Buster Vs Keygen Kaotik-Gafatonfront 5-GAF05-Vinyl-2006-CT.rar
Weasel Busters Tribe-Humungus Records-HUM011-Vinyl-2007-CT.rar
Weasel Busters-Best Of Matt Weasel Happy Tekcore-HUMCD03-2006-DEF.rar
Weaver - Pump it Up-TNCLTD008-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Weaver - Rock It-RLNT021-VINYL-2006-XTC.rar
Weaver And DMO-Burning Paradise-PLUS34-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx.rar
Weaver And DMO-Burning Paradise-PLUS34-WEB-2007-UKHx iNT.rar
Weaver and Suae - Get Stupid-RLNT024-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Weaver and Suae - Rock Tha Party-EXE010-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Weaver and Suae-Eternity-PROMO-CDS-2005-UKH.rar
Weaver-All I Wanna Do-EXEDIGI019-WEB-2006-XTC iNT.rar
Weaver-All I Wanna Do-EXEDIGI019-WEB-2006-XTC.rar
Weaver-Blue Eyes-PROMO-CDS-2005-UKH.rar
Weaver-Fallen Angel Antix Remix-PROMO-CDS-2005-UKH.rar
Weaver-Fallen Angel-PROMO-CDS-2005-UKH.rar
Weaver-Falling in-PROMO-CDS-2005-UKH.rar
Weaver-Holding On Miracle-NG079-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx.rar
Weaver-Holding On Miracle-NG079-WEB-2007-HTiD.rar
Weaver-Rock It-RLNT021-Vinyl-2006-XTC.rar
Weaver-Run Away-EXEDIGI010-WEB-2005-XTC iNT.rar
Weaver-Run Away-PROMO-CDS-2005-UKH.rar
Wedlock vs Comababy - Void Sector Legend Memorandum-ENZYMEVIP06-WEB-2005-HB.rar
Wedlock vs. Comababy - Void Sector-Legend Memorandum-ERV006-TRACKFIX-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Wedlock vs. Comababy - Void Sector-Legend Memorandum-ERV006-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Weichentechnikk - Resistance EP ARTILLERY013-Vinyl-2007-NBD.rar
Weichentechnikk vs. Marcel Cousteau - Stresscore-CROWBAR020-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Weirdo-Live At MOH The Genesis Of The Hardcore Legacy Airpeace FM-18-02-2006-CABLE-2006-hM.rar
Weser and Kefran-Trafik 07-TRF07-REPACK-Vinyl-2007-CT.rar
Whitelabel-Danger Style-RED005-Vinyl-2006-OBC.rar
Whitey-We Gonna Rock-RLNTDIGI036-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Whizzkick - Into My Mind-HPZ11-Vinyl-2007-Dz.rar
Whizzkick - Urbanasia EP-WAX011-Vinyl-2007-Dz.rar
Wickedsquad-Wicked Vinyl 02-BUCCANEER02-Vinyl-2005-TrT.rar
Wilfuck - Barbarians Fury-DT003-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Wilfuck - First Blow EP-BMR011-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Wilfuck vs Hibou - Le Phuture Est Present-SFRT02-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
Win-Mother Fucking Houlombel-WINPROD01-Vinyl-2006-hM.rar
Win-Trop Haut-WINPROD02-Vinyl-2007-hM.rar
Wipeout Vs Iom Factory - Welcome to the Battlefield-BTP00-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
Wizbit-My Immortal-JAM003-Vinyl-2006-XTC.rar
Wonter-Vital Harmony-OTR001-Vinyl-2005-BFHMP3.rar
Wovn And S3RL-720 Suicide-RLNTDIGI038-WEB-2007-DWM.rar
Wuzl - Live At Synergy Reewijk Netherlands-LINE-13-01-2006-HBLiVE.rar
X Treme--Live at Unite Parade Salzburg Hardcore Truck-LINE-07-07-2007-OMA.rar
X-Change - Ready To Rock-BR92007-Vinyl-1992-BC.rar
X-Fade Feat. MC %D0%90rankfurts Madness - Schall Und Rauch-Promo-CDS-2005-JIM.rar
X-Fade Feat. MC Frankfurts Madness - Schall Und Rauch-SFV FIX-Promo CDS-2005-JiM.rar
X-Fly - Chart To Chart-PKG27-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
X-Fly aka Master Mind-Headfuck Reloade EP-HDF023-Vinyl-2007-1KING.rar
X-Fly and Frazbass - Tormented By Kill-PKG31-Vinyl-2006.rar
X-Fly vs. Frazzbass - Boogie Monster-R909-019-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
X-Que Vol.4-Remastered-Vinyl-2005-UNiT.rar
X-Tension - Core-Poration-EP-ARTILLERY14-Vinyl-2007-NBD.rar
X-Tension - Dead Rhythms-MIM010-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
Xanax and Keta - Doom Salvation E.P.-KTS01-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Xanopticon - Psicicite-Y054-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Xavi BCN Pres Makoky And Vid Vs Victor DLN-Heaser 72-793-WEB-2007-NRG.rar
Xavi Metralla Vs. Dj Sonic - Sk8er Boy Rmx PARMX23-Vinyl-2005-NRG.rar
Xbron vs Rank Sinatra-Untitled-HIRNTRUST10 CCI703-Vinyl-2007-DEF.rar
Xbron vs Red Ewe Lamb-CCI 7inch Color Collection Part 1-CCI701-Vinyl-2007-DEF.rar
Xero And K Complex-Judgement Day-NUNRGDIGI027-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Xl - R.E.L.A.X-Incl Dr Dust Remix-Promo Vinyl-2006-.rar
Xque Compilation 2005 In Live-3CD-2004-EdeNMP3.rar
Xque Remixes Vol 4-Rendez Vous II XQUE72682-Vinyl-2006-UNiT.rar
Xque Remixes Vol.3 - Going Under-Vinyl-2006-NRG.rar
Xque Vol. 10-Amazing Time-72522-Vinyl-2005-UTZ.rar
Xtrecist - Live at Zero Tolerance-CABLE-29-07-2005-4CHOON.rar
Xtrecist-Live At Kraak Piep Show Airpeace FM-15-01-2006-CABLE-2006-hM.rar
Z-Aires Mayapur-Speedtek 3-CDR-2005-CT.rar
Zanthrax - Hellseeker and Prototypes-FIX18-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Zanthrax Vs The Relic - Mind Battle Part 1-USR008-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Zhao and K21-Untitled-CE05-Vinyl-2005-DEF.rar
Zombie-Species War-RIP001-Vinyl-2005-hM.rar
Zombieflesheater-Face Destroy-HIRNTRUST05-Onesided Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
Zombieflesheater-Face Destroy-HIRNTRUST05-PROPER-Onesided Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
Zombieflesheater-Powerviolent Dancehall-Sprengstoff09-Vinyl-2005-DPS.rar
Zubzero - Live At Mortal Kombat The War Continues-SBD-29-09-2006-HBLiVE.rar
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Hardcore 2005-2007 Part12
  Hardcore | Author: Admin | 22-09-2016, 15:07
Va - Members Of Megarave-mrv083-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Members Of Megarave-MRV100A-Vinyl-2007-HB.rar
VA - Mert 001-MERT001-Vinyl-2005-Dz.rar
VA - Mert 002-MERT002-Vinyl-2006.rar
VA - Mert 003-MERT003-Vinyl-2006-Dz.rar
VA - Mert 004-MERT004-Vinyl-2006-Dz.rar
VA - Mert 005-MERT005-Vinyl-2007-Dz.rar
VA - Mert 006-MERT006-Vinyl-2007-Dz.rar
VA - Mighty Manipulating Masters of MIDI-Chlorian Mind-Masturbation-AA08-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Mind Pollution and Orphaned Land Remixes-PKGRX06-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Mindcontrollers 2-2005-MYCEL.rar
VA - Miss Heady EP-KFR002-Vinyl-2007-MTC.rar
VA - Moment Of Silence And Princess Of The Posse-T3RDM0074-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Monza Club Ibiza Compilation Vol. 2-GPM079-WEB-2007-HQEM INT.rar
VA - Most Wanted E.P. Vol.3 72679-Vinyl-2006-NRG.rar
VA - MP3HL Hardcore Top 100 Mixed by Rottende Schapen Part 02-UMR.rar
VA - Neophyte Records The Second Invasion The Megamix-NEOCD10-2CD-2006-SOB INT.rar
VA - Neophyte Records Sampler 1-NEO 008-WEB-2007-UNiCORN.rar
VA - Neophyte Records Sampler 2-NEO020-WEB-2007-HB INT.rar
VA - Neophyte Records Sampler 3-NEO025-WEB-2005-HB INT.rar
VA - Neophyte Records The Second Invasion The Megamix-2CD-2006-HB.rar
VA - Neophyte Records The Second Invasion The Megamix-CUEFIX-2CD-2006-HB.rar
VA - New Wave Of Hardcore Vol.1-SBD-2005-SOB INT.rar
VA - Nightmare in Rotterdam Welcome to Wonderland-2CD-2005-HB.rar
VA - Nightmare In Rotterdam Welcome To Wonderland-DVD-2006-HBLiVE.rar
VA - Nightmare In Rotterdam Welcome To Wonderland-2CD-2005-HB.rar
VA - No Core 01-NCR01-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - No Core 02-NCR02-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - No Core 02-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Noisekick Records 002-NKR002-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Novissima Europa-ANAL8-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Nukleuz Hard Trance EP9-0696PNUK-Vinyl-2005-JiM.rar
VA - Nukleuz Hardcore EP2-0658PNUK-Vinyl-2005-UKH.rar
VA - Number One Mixed By Claudio Lancinhouse-CD-2007-QMI.rar
VA - Offensive Floorkillaz vol 2-OFF-SP 002-Vinyl-2006.rar
VA - Offensive Sampler Volume 2-OFF023-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Old School Classics Limited Edition Volume 4-RC010-Vinyl-2006-SDS.rar
VA - Old School Classics Limited Edition Volume 5-RC011-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Old School Classics Volume 5-RC011-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - One Inch Punch 4-OIP004-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Operation Nordcore 5-The Point of No Return-2CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Our Thing EP Part 2-TRAX0059-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
VA - Our Thing EP Part II-TRAX 0059-WEB-2005-UNiCORN.rar
VA - Outblast 2005-Hardcore In Concert-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Overclockerz-NET02-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Pastis And Buenri - La Guerra De Los Deejays-2CD-2005- V0 .rar
VA - Patterns of Force Schablonen Der Gewalt-SDG1-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
VA - PCP Classics Vol 1-WHITELABEL-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
VA - Piramide Returns The Rave-2CD-2006-NRG.rar
VA - Piramide-7 Aniversario-READ NFO-CD-01-22-2005-EdeNMP3.rar
VA - Platinum Hardcore 7-CD-2006-KTMP3.rar
VA - Platinum Hardcore Vol 8-CD-2007-QMI.rar
VA - Projekt 1 Dub Chemist-HPZ01-Vinyl-2005-Dz.rar
VA - Protocast 01-PROTO001-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Protocast 03-PROTO003-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Protocast 04-PROTO004-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Protocast 04-PROTO004-Vinyl-2006.rar
VA - Protocast 05-PROTO005-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Protocast 06-PROTO006-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Provoke 02-PROVOKE02-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Psycho Akustik-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Psychodrome-EPK038-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Pull The Trigger-RON01-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - r AW Essential .03 Mixed By Rude Awakening-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - r AW Essential .04 Mixed by Armageddon Project-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - r AW Essential .05 Mixed by DJ Amok-PROPER-CD-2006-SQ.rar
VA - R909 Chapter.1 Part One R909 26-Vinyl-2007-NBD.rar
VA - R909 Chapter.1 Part Two R909-27-Vinyl-2007-NBD.rar
VA - Raise Caine EP-MOH058-WEB-2007-HB.rar
VA - Randy Presents Hardcore French Kiss Vol 2- PKGCD37 -2007-GFF GFF.rar
VA - Randy Presents Hardcore French Kiss-CD-2005-HB.rar
VA - Rave Riot 1-2CD-2006-MOD.rar
VA - Rave-O-Lution Records 01-ROL01-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Rave-O-Lution Records 02-ROL02-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Raving Nightmare Devastation EP Part 1-UMH001-A-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
VA - Raving Nightmare Devastation EP Part 2-UMH001-B-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
VA - Raving Nightmare Nocturnal Rituals-UHM002-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
VA - Raving Nightmare Face The Future Mixed By Tommyknocker And Unexist-2CD-2007-QMI.rar
VA - Raving Nightmare Premonition-UHMR003-READ NFO-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Raving Nightmare-Premonition-2CD-2006-1REAL.rar
VA - Raw State and RAM Live at The Core Jan.29th 2005-2CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Re-Birth Vol.1-Promo-2006-gEm.rar
VA - Real Rave Classics-2006-KLF.rar
VA - Remeber the Style-IFR04-WEB-2007-FW.rar
VA - Resident E A New Chapter-2CD-2006-MOD.rar
VA - Resident E Recordings-The Singles Vol. 1-2005-MOD.rar
VA - Robots of the Core Mixed by System 3 and Death Factory-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Roots of The Core 2-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Roots Of The Core 3-2CD-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Roots Of The Core 3-CD-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Roots of the Core Mixed by System 3 and Death Factory-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Rotterdam Hardcore Car Tuning-3CD-2007-KTMP3.rar
VA - Rotterdam Hardcorestyle-FGR01-3793-2-3CD-2007-BC.rar
VA - Rotterdam Most Wanted Hardcore Vol.2-3CD-2005-JiM.rar
VA - Rotterdam Most Wanted Hardcore Vol.3-3CD-2006-JiM.rar
va - rotterdam most wanted hardcore-3cd-2005-jim.rar
VA - Rotterdam Records 100-ROT100-PROPER-2xVinyl-2007-HB.rar
VA - Rotterdam Records 100-ROT100-PROPER-TRACKFIX-2xVinyl-2007-HB.rar
VA - Rotterdam Records 50-De Megamiks Gemikst Door Panic En Neophyte-3CD-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Running The Club-LOTH002-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Schnell %26 Hart Abhusten- 2006 -1REAL.rar
VA - Schranz Total 10.0-2CD-2005-MOD.rar
VA - Schranz Total 15.0-2CD-2006-MOD.rar
VA - Schranzwerk 15-2CD-2006-MOD.rar
VA - Scott Brown 10 Years of Hardcore Vol 2-2CD-EVOCD12-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Screwface-HPZ04-Vinyl-2006-Dz.rar
VA - SE7EN-Vinyl-2005-DOC.rar
VA - Shit And Noize Art 001-SANA001-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
VA - Shit And Noize Art 10-Not Broken Anymore-SANA10-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Sickspack Part III-MOH053-Vinyl-2006-HB.rar
VA - Sigma Core-DLK02-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Six Years Of Dedication-T3RDM0100-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Six Years Of Dedication-T3RDM0100-WEB-2006-HB.rar
VA - SMACK Records 002-SMACK002-Vinyl-2006.rar
VA - Sound Bites Volume 2-ISR070-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Special CD-R Compilation-MNR05-Ltd.Ed. CDR-2007-tu.rar
VA - Speed Beats EP-SBR1000 S.O.N.I.X.0001-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Speedcore 4 Life Vol.2 Mixed by DJ R.Shock-2CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Speedcore Inferno Vol 01-2CD-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Speedcore Terror Worldwide-SPF14-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Streetcore STREETCD01-2005-NBD.rar
VA - Stryktniks 4-STRYKT4-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Suffer And Sacrifice Ep-BASS005-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Suntec E.P Bit72446-Vinyl-2005-NRG.rar
VA - Sydney Scags E.P-PV1-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Techmaticore-TMC001-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Technodome Vol. 11 Mixed by Luca Antolini DJ and Technoboy-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Tekyes-KO2-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Temple of Terror 2005-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Tentacle Terrorists on Speed Vs. Camo-Ninjas Showing Some Pink-CORE07- Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Tentacle Terrorists on Speed Vs. Camo-Ninjas Showing Some Pink-CORE07-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Terror Noize Industry E.P.-TNI01-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Terror Traxx Classics Volume 1-TT 55-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Terror Traxx Classics Volume 1-TT055-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Terrorists Never Miss-CSR006-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Terrornoize Industry Mixed By DJ Twilight-CD-2007-QMI.rar
VA - Terrornoize Industry E.P. 2-TNI2-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Terrornoize Industry E.P. 3-TNI3-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Terrornoize Industry E.P. 4-TNI4-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Terrornoize Industry E.P. 8-TNI8-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Terrornoize Industry Ep 5-TNI5-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - TerrorNoize Industry Limited %23 1.rar
VA - The 3 Hit Combo EP-NINJAC005-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
VA - The 6th Machine Part 2-APOC08-WEB-2007-SOB INT.rar
VA - The Best of Hardcore Volume 2-2CD-2006-HB.rar
VA - The Best Parties-READ NFO-2CD-2005-EiTheLMP3.rar
VA - The Box Presents Hardcore and More-CD-2005-BG.rar
VA - The Collected Hardcore Works-HAWOR001-Vinyl-2007-HB.rar
VA - The Core Supremacy E.P.-MOH044-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - The Electric Hellfire-Hardcore 2005-2CD-2005-JiM.rar
VA - The Genesis-MOH050-Vinyl-2006-JiM.rar
VA - The Genesis-MOH050-WEB-2006-HB.rar
VA - The Hardest Encounter 1-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - The History Of Hardcore Presents The Megamixes-CD-2005-HB.rar
VA - The Hunt-MOH060-Vinyl-2007-HB.rar
VA - The Hunt-MOH060-WEB-2007-HB.rar
VA - The Joke EP-KNOR064-Vinyl-2007-HB.rar
VA - The Kjaerlighetshanske EP-KETA001-Vinyl-2005-HF.rar
VA - The Legends Of Rotterdam Hardcore-2CD-2006-JiM.rar
VA - The Longest War-CSR7-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
VA - The Lost Tracks V1 sfu mp301-2006.rar
VA - The Next Generation NxG-2CD-2006-PTRD.rar
VA - The No 1 Hardcore Classics-4CD-2006-SQ.rar
VA - The Outbreak Of The Hardcore Psychopaths-MOH046-WEB-2005-HB.rar
VA - The Prophet Hard-CD-2006-KTMP3.rar
VA - The Real Nightmare-Monsterdome Vol. 2-2005-JiM.rar
VA - The Sound Of Rotterdam Hardcore-3CD-2007-HB.rar
VA - The Space Between Zero and One-SMPT005-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
VA - The Stunned Guys Present Always Hardcore Vol 20-2CD-2007-QMI.rar
VA - The Trigger Album-PROVOKE01-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - The True Renegades EP-SF003-Vinyl-2006-Dz.rar
VA - The Underworld EP-SF004-Vinyl-2007-Dz.rar
VA - The Wall No One Harder Core 3-2CD-2005-HB.rar
VA - This is Not Hardcore Vol.1-SUBVT011-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - This Is Terror 8-TIT008-Vinyl-2006-HF.rar
VA - This Shit Will Crush You-CD-2006-TNB.rar
VA - Thunderbase The Hardcore Revolution Vol 1-2CD-2007-ZzZz.rar
VA - Thunderdome 2006-TD001-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Thunderdome 2007 Anthem Remember Remixes-T3RDM0135-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Titans Playground Of The Gods Mixed By DJ Vince And Day-Mar-2CD-2006-HB.rar
VA - Total Hardcore 7-2CD-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Total Hardcore 9-TH009-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Trance Sessions Vol 2 Album Sampler 0731PNUK-Vinyl-2006-JiM.rar
VA - Traxtorm Power 2006 Invasion of the World-2CD-2006-KTMP3.rar
VA - Traxtorm Revamped 001-TRRV001-Vinyl-2005-NBD.rar
VA - Traxtorm Revamped 002-TRRV002-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Traxtorm Revamped 003-TRRV003-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Traxtorm Revamped 004-TRRV004-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
VA - Traxtorm Revamped 005-TRRV005-Vinyl-2006-SVB.rar
VA - Traxtorm Revamped 006-TRRV006-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Traxtorm Revamped Volume 8 TRRV008-Vinyl-2007-NBD.rar
VA - Traxtorm Revamped-TRRV001-Vinyl-2005-NBD.rar
VA - Ultimate Hardcore Mixed by Buzz Fuzz-2CD-2007-HB.rar
VA - Ultimate Hardcore 2-2CD-2007-KTMP3.rar
VA - Underground Hardcore-3CD-2005-HB.rar
VA - Underground Hardcore-3CD-2007-SQ.rar
VA - United Hardcore Forces Mixed By DJ Neophyte And Tieum-2CD-2007-QMI.rar
VA - United in Hardcore Till We Die-Mixed by YPC-CD-Bootleg-2006-DFM.rar
VA - United Nations Of Hardcore Vol.5-The New Oblivium Project-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Unstoppable and Kill.Exe-IFR001-WEB-2007-FW.rar
VA - Untitled--Track N Art 01-Vinyl-2005-ZzZz.rar
VA - Untitled-EM007-Vinyl-2007-Dz.rar
VA - Untitled-IFR03-WEB-2007-FW.rar
VA - Untitled-IFR06-WEB-2007-FW.rar
VA - Untitled-VDA01-WEB-2007.rar
VA - Untitled-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Versus-BROOD6-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Violent Special 1-VIOLENT SPECIAL1-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Violent Special 2-VIOLENTSP02-WEB-2007-Homely.rar
VA - Vip Classics 21-VIPCL1021-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 22-VIPCL1022-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 23-VIPCL1023-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 24-VIPCL1024-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 25-VIPCL1025-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 26-VIPCL1026-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 27-VIPCL1027-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 28-VIPCL1028-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 29-VIPCL1029-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 30-VIPCL1030-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 31-VIPCL1031-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 32-VIPCL1032-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 33-VIPCL1033-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 34-VIPCL1034-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 35-VIPCL1035-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 36-VIPCL1036-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 37-VIPCL1037-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 38-VIPCL1038-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 39-VIPCL1039-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 40-VIPCL1040-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 41-VIPCL1041-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 42-VIPCL1042-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 43-VIPCL1043-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 44-VIPCL1044-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 45-VIPCL1045-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 46-VIPCL1046-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 47-VIPCL1047-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 48-VIPCL1048-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Vip Classics 49-VIPCL1049-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Vol. 1-TOR002DJ-Vinyl-2006-Dz.rar
VA - Vol. 2-TOR003DJ-Vinyl-2006-Dz.rar
VA - Wanted Bit 15-Vinyl-2005-EiTheLMP3.rar
VA - Wanted Bit Vol. 18-72-729-Vinyl-2007-NRG.rar
VA - Wanted Bit Vol.17 72725-Vinyl-2007-NRG.rar
VA - Warcraft Hardcore Edition Mixed by Nico and Tetta and Lem-X-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - we gotz game csr1 .rar
VA - Welcome To The Paranoid-PNZ001-WEB-2006.rar
VA - What A Rush Volume 10 Mixed by Darwin-CD-2006-SQ.rar
VA - When the Going Gets Tough Mixed by Felix Kroecher-2CD-2006-XDS.rar
VA - White Edition-DNA021-X-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
VA - Wishcraft004 WISH004-Vinyl-2007-NBD.rar
VA - Woman Platinum Vol. 3-3CD-2006-NRG.rar
VA - X-Plosive Techno Gabber-2CD-2007-KTMP3.rar
VA - X-Plosive Techno Makina-2CD-2007-KTMP3.rar
VA - X-Plosive Techno Speedcore-2CD-2007-KTMP3.rar
VA - X-Que Compilation 2007 in Live-3CD-2006-NRG.rar
VA - X-Rated EP-WARPED12-Read NFO-Vinyl-2006-PDB.rar
VA - Xque Remenber In Live 2006-2CD-2005- 128k .rar
VA - Xtreme Core 4-CD-2006-DLO.rar
VA - Xtreme.Core Vol.2 Presents I Hate Trance-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Xtreme.Core Volume 3-CD-2006-HB.rar
VA - Xtreme.Core Xtract-NOISTORM001-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA Alk-E-D-Live at Knite Force Night Poland-DVDA-2006-XTC.rar
VA Electronic Phusion-The Complete Works-EECD012-2007-XTC.rar
VA Electronica Exclusives 7-Tome of Corruption-EECD024-2007-XTC.rar
VA Luna-C-Live at Knite Force Night Poland-DVDA-2006-XTC.rar
VA Manssion-The Future Experience-2CD-2005-OBC.rar
VA This Shit Will Crush You-CD-2006-TNB.rar
VA--Platinum Happy Hardcore-3CD-2006-OMA.rar
VA-100 Percent Hardcore Mixed by Impact-100HCCD-RETAIL CD-2005-XTC.rar
VA-15 Years Of Dj Panic-2CD-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-30000 Percent Makina-2CD-2006-SAW.rar
VA-400 Percent Nu Energy Mixed by Mark Ashley-NRGCD004-RETAIL CD-2005-XTC.rar
VA-400 Percent Nu Energy Mixed By Mark Ashley-NRGCD004-Retail-CD-2005-XTC.rar
VA-45 RPM Only As Always-SUP008-Vinyl-2007-1REAL.rar
VA-7000 Percent Makina-2CD-2005-E.rar
VA-A Hardtechno Mix Bloc 46 Mixed By Torgull And Manu Le Malin-2CD-2006-E.rar
VA-A Kingdom Divided-BIONIC15-Vinyl-2007-1REAL.rar
VA-A Nightmare In Germany The Ultimate Collectors Box-6CD-2005-SMO.rar
VA-A Nightmare in Rotterdam Enter the Timemachine-2CD-2007-QTXMp3.rar
va-a nightmare outdoor - symp toms vol 1-cd-2005-1real.rar
VA-A Nightmare Outdoor - Symp.Toms Vol 1-CD-2005-1REAL.rar
VA-A Nightmare Outdoor - The Live DJ Sets-2CD-2007-Homely.rar
VA-A Nightmare Outdoor 2006-DVD-2006-DOC.rar
VA-A Nightmare Outdoor Symp.Toms Vol 3-CD-2007-1REAL.rar
VA-A Nightmare Outdoor-2CD-2005-DOC.rar
VA-Alk-E-D-Live at Knite Force Night Poland-DVDA-2006-XTC.rar
VA-Always Hardcore Vol 17 TRAXCD49-2CD-2005-ROD.rar
VA-Animal Farm EP-AT002-Vinyl-2007-DEF.rar
VA-Another Hardcore Mix By DJ Loky Hardcoholics-Bootleg-2005-DEF.rar
VA-Anti Hardware EP-USR011-Vinyl-2007-1KING.rar
VA-Ass Kickers 1-BL024-Vinyl-2006-hM.rar
VA-Astrofonik Vs Balarace MRX05-Vinyl-2007-PBS.rar
VA-Astrofonik Vs Balarace-MRX03-Vinyl-2007-PBS.rar
VA-Astrofonik Vs Balarace-MRX04-Vinyl-2007-PBS.rar
VA-Audio Outlaws Mixed by DJ Luna C-RETAIL CD-2005-XTC.rar
VA-Audio Outlaws Unmixed by DJ Luna C-2006-XTC.rar
VA-Back In Time EP-BIT72653-Vinyl-2006-UTZ.rar
VA-Berzerk Produkts 01-ZERK001-VLS-2005-DEF.rar
VA-Beter Kom Je Niet - Mixed By Partyraiser And Tha Vizitor-2CD-2007-Homely.rar
VA-Biomechanik III-The Final Chapter By Manu Le Malin-UWEDVD04-2005-DEF int.rar
VA-Bionic Conspiracy Part 2-BIONIC010-Vinyl-2005-DEF INT.rar
VA-Bloemen Straat 01-BLO 01-Vinyl-2006-DEF.rar
VA-Bonus CD Mixed by DJ Stompy-BONUS CD-2005-XTC.rar
VA-Bonus CD Mixed by Lee UHF-2006-XTC.rar
VA-Bruchstellen Records Vol. 3-Vinyl-2006-TrT.rar
VA-Bzrk Anniversary Trilogy Part 3-BZRKAN3-Vinyl-2005-HSA.rar
VA-C.H.R in Session-Vol.2-CON277CD-3CD-2005-OBC.rar
VA-C.H.R-Platinum Tracks-3CD-2005-OBC.rar
VA-Cardiac Platinum Collection Vol 10 CPC10-Vinyl-2007-NBD.rar
VA-Celtic Invaders EP-FNR LP 004-Vinyl-2007-hM.rar
VA-Central Fieston De Reyes-Promo CD-2006-UNiT.rar
VA-Central Presents-Evolution-2CD-2005-OBC.rar
VA-Central The History-2CD-2006-UNiT.rar
VA-Central V.I.P.-2CD-2006-UNiT.rar
VA-Chasis New Spirit-2CD-2007-NRG.rar
VA-Cheper Killers EP-DECR01-Vinyl-2007-1REAL.rar
Va-Cock Rock Disco White 01-Vinyl-2005-TrT.rar
VA-Cock Rock Disco White 03-Vinyl-2006-TrT.rar
VA-Corrupt Twelve-CORRUPT12-Vinyl-2005-hM.rar
VA-Countdown Apocalypse 10-APOC005-Vinyl-2005-hM.rar
VA-Cross Roads EP-DTK07-Vinyl-2007-DEF.rar
VA-Dark Rabbit 03-DR03-Vinyl-2007-CT.rar
VA-De Link E.P.-OBX007-PROPER-Vinyl-2005-hM.rar
VA-Deathchant Anti Ebay Weapon 1-DC AEW01-Vinyl- 2005-TrT.rar
VA-Deathchant Anti Ebay Weapon 1-DC AEW01-Vinyl-2005-TrT.rar
VA-Demolition Part 5-T3RDM0072-WEB-2005-DEF.rar
VA-Desobeidancia-Elektron Libre-FR-2006-DEF.rar
VA-Deuteronome Mixed By DJ Daisy-EPKCDMIX16-CD-2006-OBC.rar
VA-Different Faces From The Same Source Mixed By Drok z Vs Tafkat-EPKCDMIX22-2CD-2007-OBC.rar
VA-Different Faces From The Same Source Mixed By Drokz Vs Tafkat-EPKCDMIX22-2CD-2007-OBC.rar
VA-Digital Beatz-the Complete Works-EECD011-2CD-2007-XTC.rar
VA-Dirty Bastards 4-HM2752-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-Dirty Bastards 5-HM2752-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-Disturb-Fat Society-From South We Rise-Split CDM-2006-hXc.rar
VA-DJ Depath And M-Project Pres. Oxygen Destroyer-BCCD003-2006-NRG.rar
VA-DJ Depath Vs. M-Project Pres. Ourboros Circle-BCCD001-2006-NRG.rar
VA-DJ Depath Vs. M-Project Pres. Trioxin245-BCCD002-2006-NRG.rar
VA-DJ Javi Boss And DJ Juanma Presents-Fusion-Promo CDM-2006-OBC.rar
VA-DJ Luna-C Presents Luna-C FM-2006-XTC.rar
VA-DJ Luna-C Presents the Inevitable Ultimate Kniteforce Mix-RETAIL-2CD-2005-XTC.rar
VA-DJ Luna-C-Presents Luna-C FM-DVDA-2006-XTC.rar
VA-DJ Spinback and Storm Present Old Skool Rewinds Vol 1-RETAIL 2CD-2005-XTC.rar
VA-Dominator The Hardcore Festival-DVDA-2007-Homely.rar
VA-Dont Mess With BBQ-BLD002-Vinyl-2007-DEF.rar
VA-Dyskinesie Label Independant 2-DYSKINESiE02-Vinyl-2006-OBC.rar
VA-Electronic Exclusives 5-Digital Dawn-EECD015-2007-XTC.rar
VA-Electronic Exclusives 6-Free from Form-EECD022-2007-XTC.rar
VA-Electroplates 10-EPLATE010-Vinyl-2007-BNP.rar
VA-Electroplates 8-EPLATE008-Vinyl-2007-BNP.rar
VA-Elements One-Z-T003-Vinyl-2007-hM.rar
VA-Eliptik Corp 3-ECCD01-2005-DEF.rar
VA-Enforced Anthem 2005-ENF005-Vinyl-2005-DDS.rar
VA-Epileptikmix17 Oldschool Kicking Beats Mixed By Budburnerz-CD-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-Everything You Feel Is Laced With Fucking Lies-OBLITERATI004-2xVinyl-2007-DEF.rar
VA-Evil Returns-SUP007-PROPER-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-Fait Croustiller Tes Enceintes-CROUSTICORE01-VINYL-2007-CT.rar
VA-Freeformation Wise Up Get Stupid-3CD-2007-UKHx.rar
VA-Friday the 13th the Hardcore Massacre Vol 2-2CD-2005-NBD.rar
VA-Gabbermp3 - Chapter I - Selected by BaByBo0m-CD-2006-gMP3.rar
VA-Gabbermp3 Chapter II Mixed by The Undertaker-CD-2006-gMP3.rar
VA-Gabbermp3 Chapter III Mixed by Ago-CD-2006-gMP3.rar
va-gathering the dead part two-sfu cd03-cd-2007-tommyrulez.rar
VA-Gathering The Dead Part Two-CD-2007MERRY CHRISTMAS-Homely.rar
VA-Genetically Wasted Youth-DNA017-Vinyl-2005-DOC.rar
VA-Gettin Down 2 Bizness-HMCRLP001-LP-2006-DEF.rar
VA-GGM Raw Records 002-GGM RAW 002-Vinyl-2007-hM.rar
VA-GGM RAW Records-GGM RAW 001-Vinyl-2007-1KING.rar
VA-Gold Greatest Oldies Volume 3-HMG03-Vinyl-2007-HDF.rar
VA-Golden Bases EP Vol 3 BIT72701-Vinyl-2006-UNiT.rar
VA-Golden Vocals EP Vol 2 BIT72692-Vinyl-2006-UNiT.rar
VA-Golden Vocals-BPM72625-Vinyl-2006-UNIT.rar
VA-Gunpowder Hardcore Album-WEB-2007-Homely.rar
VA-Gunpowder Records - Hardcore Compilation-WEB-2007-Homely.rar
VA-Gurnin Beatz Volume 1 The Golden Gurn EP-GB001-VINYL-2006-sour.rar
VA-Hard Disc Version 1.0 Mixed By Lenny Dee-PKGCD38-CD-2007-OBC.rar
VA-Hard Off Vs 1Bomb1Target-HIRNTRUST03-Vinyl-2006-TrT.rar
VA-Hard Sound Festival-CD-2006-UNiT.rar
VA-Hardbeatz Collectors Box Vol 1-4CD-2005-SMO.rar
VA-Hardcore - Made In Germany-2CD-2007-MST.rar
VA-Hardcore - Made In Germany-2CD-Rerip-2007-MST.rar
VA-Hardcore 2007-Helter Skelter Vs Raindance-3CD-2006-uF.rar
VA-Hardcore Academy Volume 1-CD-2005-SSR.rar
VA-Hardcore Addict Sampler-Promo-2005-TiLT.rar
VA-Hardcore Adrenaline 2 Sampler-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx.rar
VA-Hardcore Adrenaline 2-3CD-2007-uF.rar
VA-Hardcore Adrenaline Vol 3 Mixed By Stu Allan And DJ Seduction-INCL.CUEFIX-3CD-2007-404.rar
VA-Hardcore Adrenaline-3CD-2007-uF.rar
VA-Hardcore And Gabber 2006-2CD-2006-MST.rar
VA-Hardcore Anthems Vol 01 HCB72714-PROPER-Vinyl-2007-UNiT.rar
VA-Hardcore Blasters Presents The Greatest Oldiez 02-HMG02-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-Hardcore Blasters Presents the Greatest Oldiez 04-HMG04-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
VA-Hardcore Blasters Presents the Greatest Oldiez 04-HMG04-Vinyl-2007-1REAL.rar
VA-Hardcore Empire Vol. 05-2CD-2006-hM.rar
VA-Hardcore EP 12-Promo CDR-2007-UKHx.rar
VA-Hardcore EP 12-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
VA-Hardcore EP 4-CDS-0692PNUK-2005-XTC.rar
VA-Hardcore EP 7-Promo CDR-2006-UTE.rar
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Hardcore 2005-2007 Part11
  Hardcore | Author: Admin | 22-09-2016, 15:07
Toxikboy and Vulcanik-Eat Pussy EP-ANARCORE03-Vinyl-2007-CT.rar
Tpluspazolite and Sasarayouna - Neetmania-CHS-0003-CDR-2007-ZzZz.rar
Trancerized-Wicked-Promo CDS-2005-OBC.rar
Trancerized-Xpress Yourself-Promo CDS-2005-OBC.rar
Transit-Count the Hours Dougal and Gammer Remix-EPP045-Vinyl-2007-XTC.rar
Transit-Count the Hours Dougal and Gammer Remix-EPP045-WEB-2007-HTiD.rar
Traum - The Frame-Vinyl-2005-LGU.rar
Trauma - Alloperidol 03-ALLO PERIDOLE003-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
TraumaTizer-Undefined Expression of Thought-Z71WEB.004-WEB-2007-1REAL.rar
Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied-Disposal Of Outer Power-TRAX0063-Vinyl-2006-PDB.rar
Triax - Unlocked Demons-RAGE003-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Triax And DJ Kristof - Our War-Vinyl-2007-QMI.rar
Triax-Become One E.P. Part 1-UHMR01EP-Vinyl-2007-hM.rar
Trilok And Chiren Vs Alpha2 - Straight to Hell-MYTH008-Vinyl-2007-HB.rar
Trinity - Like the Sun Sy and Unknown Remix-QSH075-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Trinity-In Dreams-THC006-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx.rar
Tripped vs Moleculez - Tripped Molecules in Action-OOC05-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
Tripped-The Fear Syndrome EP-B2K16-Vinyl-2007-1KING.rar
Tt DJ-Fly-OVERBOOKING008-Vinyl-2006-OBC.rar
Turbolence-Classic Hardcore Vol 2 ACA201706D-Vinyl-2007-NBD.rar
Turbulence-Classic Hardcore Vol.2 ACA201706D-WEB-2007-Homely.rar
Twist And Helix-Hands To Heaven-WOWLP002GH-REISSUE-Vinyl-2006-XTC.rar
Twisted and JFX-Harder than God-UDGR003-Vinyl-2005-XTC.rar
Twisted Freq - Fall 4 You-KRFREE001-WEB-2007.rar
Twisted Freq - Kill-MP3-2005-Q91.rar
Twisted Freq - Nightmare-MP3-2005-Q91.rar
Twisted Freq - Time Freeze-MP3-2005-Q91.rar
Twisted Freq-Acidian Peninsula-WEB-2005-XTC.rar
Twisted Freq-Death from Above-WEB-2005-XTC.rar
Twisted Freq-Diftier World-WEB-2006-XTC.rar
Twisted Freq-Dragon Form-KAN004-WEB-2007-Homely.rar
Twisted Freq-Frozen Parts of Hell-WEB-2005-XTC.rar
Twisted Freq-Ghost City-WEB-2005-XTC.rar
Twisted Freq-Innocence 2007-WEB-2006-XTC.rar
Twisted Freq-Martydom-WEB-2005-XTC.rar
Twisted Freq-Nightmares-WEB-2005-XTC.rar
Twisted Freq-Red Android-KRE009-WEB-2007-XTC.rar
Twisted Freq-Rougher than You-WEB-2006-XTC.rar
Twisted Freq-Secret Dimension-WEB-2005-XTC.rar
Twisted Freq-Star Dust-WEB-2006-XTC.rar
Twisted Freq-The Elephant King-KRE005-WEB-2007-XTC.rar
Twisted Freq-Unleashed-WEB-2006-XTC.rar
Twistet Freq - Fall 4 You-WEB-2007.rar
TwizT-R - My Aim Is Accurate-xhr087-Mp3-2005.rar
Twizt-R - My Aim Is Accurate-XHR087-WEB-2005.rar
Two Brothers - 1st Anniversary Scream-SBD-03-18-2006-HSALIVE.rar
Two Deejays Feat. Medieval - Greensleeves Mangas Verdes ELTOLD001-Vinyl-2005-NRG.rar
Twos Company K-Complex And Desire-Dream The Machine-NUNRG045-WEB-2005-Homely.rar
Tymon - Distort Reality-ISR065-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Tymon - Punk Bitch-ISR71-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
UFO - Tears 2006-UFOLOGY002-2006-SQ.rar
Ufo And Marley-Connections Remix-UFOLOGY004-Promo-Vinyl-2007-UKHx.rar
UFO and Shelly-Always-UFOLOGY001-VINYL-2006-XTC.rar
UFO-Heaven In My Heart-BABY038-Vinyl-2006-XTC.rar
UFO-Heaven In My Heart-VINYL-2006-XTC.rar
UK Hardcore Ft Nikki Mak-Need Your Emotion Dougal And Gammer Mix-UKHARDCORE4-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
UK Hardcore-Go Crazy Gammer Remix-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
UK Hardcore-Step Up To The Next Level Squad-E Mix-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Ultrabeat - Pretty Green Eyes Hixxy Remix-BABY039-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Ultrabeat Vs Darren Styles-Sure Feels Good Incl Hardcore Remix-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Ultrabeat Vs Scott Brown-Elysium I Go Crazy Scott Brown Remix-WEB-2006-HTiD.rar
Ultrabeat with Scott Brown-Elysium I go crazy-CDM-2006-GaYfAcE.rar
Ultrasonic - Annihilating Rhythms Bonus DVDA-2005-SQ.rar
Ultrasonic - Annihilating Rhythms-CDRAID573-CD-2005-SQ.rar
Ultravibes - Back 2 Roughness-ADV002-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Ultravibes - Dimension-MP3-2005-Q91.rar
Ultravibes - Irresistable-DD005-CD-CDS-2006-SQ.rar
Ultravibes-Fuck You-WARPED019-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Ultravibes-Lies-WARPED019-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx.rar
Ultravibes-Soundsystem Banger-WARPED011-VINYL-2006-XTC.rar
Ultravibes-We Need More Core-EPP033-Vinyl-2005-XTC.rar
Unexist - Contagion E.P.-DT6001-WEB-2006-HB.rar
Unexist - Contagion EP-DT6001-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Unexist - Contagion-2CD-2006-SQ.rar
Unexist - Liberate-LI666-003-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Unexist - Smash-T3RDM0079-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Unexist - Smash-T3RDM0079-WEB-2005-HB.rar
Unexist And Tieum - Lesson 1-A8007-Proper-Vinyl-2006-HB.rar
Unexist And Tieum - Lesson 1-A8007-WEB-2006-HB.rar
Unexist And Tommyknocker - Step Into Our World TRSE019-Vinyl-2006-NBD.rar
Unexist And Tommyknocker - Step Into Our World-TRSE19-WEB-2006-HB.rar
Unexist vs Promo - The Missing Chromosome-T3RDM0076-WEB-2005-HB.rar
Unexist Vs Promo-The Missing Chromosome-T3RDM0076-Vinyl-2005-DEF INT.rar
Unexist vs Tieum- a8007 -vinyl-2006-1real.rar
Unexist Vs Tieum-A8007-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
Unexist Vs Tieum-Lesson 1-A8007-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
Unexist vs. Promo - The Missing Chromosome-T3RDM0076-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Unexist-Counter Virus-DT6001-WEB-2007-iBUMP3.rar
Unit 731 - The First Strike EP-AVR303-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
United Hardcore - Time to Make A Stand-HUR001-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
United Hardcore Against Racism and Hate - Time To Make A Stand-HUR001-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
United in Dance - Lift Me Above Ft Lisa Marie-EPP040-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
United in Dance-Boom Daka-EPP044-Vinyl-2007-XTC.rar
United in Dance-Boom Daka-EPP044-WEB-2007-HTiD.rar
United In Dance-Lift Me Above Ft Lisa Marie-EPP040-WEB-2006-HTiD.rar
United In Dance-Still The One-BABY034-Vinyl-2005-XTC.rar
Unknown - Schranz Bailando-SCHRANZ021-Vinyl-2005-NBD.rar
Unknown Artist - Anti Alti 1-ANTIALTI01-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Unknown Artist-Newstyle Records 001-NEWSTYLE001-Vinyl-2007-1REAL.rar
Unknown-Anti Alti 01-AA01-Vinyl-2005-TrT.rar
Unknown-Voodoo Incl Rave Mix-DOOVOO001-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Unseen - Hell In A Cell-BUV007-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Uplift and Euphony - Inside Your Mind Ft Donna Marie-ELEM018-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
Uplift and Euphony-Hand of God-ELEM013-Promo-CDS-2005-GTi.rar
Uplift-The Flight-PHSE006-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Uproar Maximum Overload-Mixed By Joey Riot-Bonus CD-2006-XTC.rar
Urban Atmosphere-Banana Hardcore-UR006-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Urban Atmosphere-Fly Away-UR008-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Urban Noize - Bum Bam Boom-72-768-Vinyl-2007-NRG.rar
V.A. - Fusion Mixed by Javi Boss and DJ Juanma-2CD-2006-NRG.rar
V.A. - Los Toreros-CHR-549-Vinyl-2005-MS.rar
V.A. - Los Toreros-CHR549-Vinyl-2005-MS.rar
V.A. - Makina Old Ep Vol. 5-ELTOLD015-Vinyl-2006-NRG.rar
V.A. - Manssion The Future Is Coming-CON331CD-2CD-2006-NRG.rar
V.A. - Maquina O Muerte Mixed By Pastis And Buenri-BIT37599-2CD-2006-NRG.rar
V.A. - Megapanic-PROPER-3CD-2006-NRG.rar
V.A. - Wanted Bit Vol.11 BIT72481-Vinyl-2005-NRG.rar
V.A. - Wanted Bit Vol.12-Vinyl-2005-NRG.rar
V.A. - Wanted Bit Vol.13-Vinyl-2005-NRG.rar
V.A. - Wanted Bit Vol.14 BIT72498-Vinyl-2005-NRG.rar
V.A. - Wanted Hcb Vol.2-72500-Vinyl-2005-MS.rar
V.A. - Wanted Hcb Vol.3-72501-Vinyl-2005-MS.rar
V.A. - Wanted HCB Vol.4 72502-Vinyl-2005-NRG.rar
V.A.-Blood Bath DT6.002-Vinyl-2007-ONe.rar
V.A.-FINRG Hakkapeliitta Compilation Volume 1-REPACK-FINRG31-2007-XTC.rar
V.A.-Mutant Sniper Invasion From XXX Dimension MSADV0.03CD-2005-TrT.rar
V.A.-Seeds Of Insanity Part 2-RTX025-Vinyl-2005-OBC.rar
V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D-Dancefloor Innovators Bone Crusher-BB049-WEB-2005-EDML.rar
V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D-Dancefloor Innovators-Vinyl-2005-GTi.rar
VA - Hoodoo E.P.-incl.TRACKFIX-Vinyl-2006-FCN.rar
VA - Mind Pollution and Orphaned Land Remixes-PKGRX06-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - The Core Supremacy E.P.-MOH044-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Violent Special 1-VIOLENT SPECIAL1-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - 100 Percent Tuning - Mixed By Dj Zany-CD-2006-HB.rar
VA - 100 X 100 Makina-BIT-37760-2CD-2007-NRG.rar
VA - 1000 Per Cent Hardcore Vol. 3-2007-JiM.rar
VA - 1000 Percent Hardcore Volume 2-CD-2007-HB.rar
VA - 1000percent Hardcore-The Ultimate Hardcore and Gabber Attack-CD-2006-SQ.rar
VA - 110 Prozent Hardcore Classics Vol.1-2CD-2005-MOD.rar
VA - 15 Years of Panic Mixed by DJ Panic-PROPER-2CD-2006-HB.rar
VA - 21st Century EP 02-Vinyl-2005-EiTheLMP3.rar
VA - 3x Hard3r Chapter 3-3CD-2007-HB.rar
VA - 3x Hard3r the Second Chapter-3CD-2005-HB.rar
VA - 4 Elements EP-DNA029-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - 46 Records 001-L Gong-46-001-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - 46 Records 001-L Gong-Uwe-46-001-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - 5 Years of Enzyme Records-ENZYME025-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - 5 Years Of Enzyme Records-ENZYME025-WEB-2006-HB.rar
VA - 50 Hardcore Tunes 2-2CD-2007-KTMP3.rar
VA - 50 Hardcore Tunes-2CD-2007-HB.rar
VA - A Decade of Darkness-BONES10-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - A Gathering Of Styles Part 2-ENZYME 20-WEB-2005.rar
VA - A Nightmare Outdoor - Symp Toms Vol 1-CD-2005-1Real.rar
VA - A Nightmare Outdoor Symp Toms Vol 2-CD-2006-SQ.rar
VA - A Nightmare Outdoor-2CD-2005-DOC.rar
va - a tasteless gallery of dead celebrities-nws001-vinyl-2007-sq.rar
VA - A-Core-ACORE001-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Adrenaline Bootlegs EP 1-Promo CDR-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Adrenaline Bootlegs EP 2-Promo CDR-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Aeon Label - The Megamix Mixed By The Chainsaw Massacre-CD-2005-HC4L.rar
VA - Aeoncore 03-AEON040-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - All Starz Project Volume 1-BZRK037-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - All Starz Project Volume 2-BZRK038-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Always Hardcore 10 Years Mastermix Mixed by The Stunned Guys-3CD-2007-HB.rar
VA - Angerfist - Pissin Razorbladez-2CD-2006-TiP.rar
VA - Another World EP-EM006-Vinyl-2006-Dz.rar
VA - Answer Me Please-EM004-Vinyl-2006.rar
VA - Anthony Is Not Available EP-ASR001-Vinyl-2006.rar
VA - Anti Narcose 01-NARC01-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Army Of Hardcore Volume 3-2CD-2005-JIM.rar
VA - Artchltek-SALAMANDRE1-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - ASR Artists EP-ASR019-Vinyl-2006-FMC.rar
VA - Audio Hazard-INSHOCK002-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Back To Base-HB01-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Back2school Mixed by DJ Rob-2CD-2006-HB.rar
VA - Backdraft-BACK01-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Backdraft-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Bang-Shooting Star Hardcore Vocal Anthems-2CD-Limited Edition-2005-KNK.rar
VA - Bat Beat Recordings Volume 1-BATBEAT001-Vinyl-2007-Dz.rar
VA - Beter Kom Je Niet Mixed by Unexist and Hellfish-2CD-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Billy Daniel Bunter Presents Hard Dance To Hardcore Acceleration-Retail 2CD-2005-BOSS.rar
VA - Biomechanik III-The Final Chapter Volume 1-46.002-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Biomechanik III-The Final Chapter Volume 2-46.003-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Biomechanoid SMACK001.rar
VA - Biomechanoid-SMACK001-Vinyl-2006.rar
VA - Bionic Conspiracy Part 2 Of 2-BIONIC10-WEB-2005-HB.rar
VA - Bionic Conspiracy Part 2 of 2-bionic010-vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Black Edition-DNA021-Z-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
VA - Blood Bath-DT6002-WEB-2007-HB.rar
VA - Braindamage EP BRAIN004-Vinyl-2006-NBD.rar
VA - Braindestruction Vol.2-BDRV2-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
va - bzrk mental health centre-audiology volume 01-2cd-2005-sq.rar
VA - C.H.R Re.Edition - 525.538-CHR-558-Vinyl-2005.rar
VA - C.H.R Re.Edition 548.557-CHR-570-Vinyl-2005.rar
VA - C.H.R.-Special Edition 001-CHR546-Vinyl-2005-OBC.rar
VA - C.S.R.-Whatcha Gonna Do-CSR004-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Cardiac Platinum Collection 001-CPC001-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Cardiac Platinum Collection 002-CPC002-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Cardiac Platinum Collection 003-CPC003-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Cardiac Platinum Collection 004-CPC004-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Cardiac Platinum Collection 006-CPC006-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Cardiac Platinum Collection 007-CPC007-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Cardiac Platinum Collection 008- CPC008 -Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Cardiac Platinum Collection 008-CPC008-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Cardiac Platinum Collection 009-CPC009-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Chasis Returns 37771-2CD-2007-NRG.rar
VA - Chemical Terror EPKCDCOMP03-CD-2006-KTMP3.rar
VA - Chilies Sick Mind EP-NF012-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Clash of the Titans-USR005-Vinyl-2005-OXD.rar
VA - Competition is None Vol 2-HKV008-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Competition Is None Vol 2-HKV008-WEB-2006.rar
VA - Confusion Reloaded-PCR004-Vinyl-2006-MS.rar
VA - Core Meltdown-You Cant Escape the New World-CD-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Corrupt Eleven-CORRUPT11-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Countdown Apocalypse 10-APOC05-WEB-2005-SOB.rar
VA - Creation and Destruction E.P.-AEON043-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Creatures From Hell HBR001-Vinyl-2007-NBD.rar
VA - Crispy Kick Disease-ENZYMEK7-06-WEB-2005-HB.rar
VA - D- Boy Invasion-10 Years of D-Boy Black Label Mixed by Lem-X-2CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - D-Boy Invasion-10 Years Of D-Boy Black Label Mixed By Lem-X-2CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Dark Negative Antisocial-The Dark Generation-2CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Dark Temple Selected by Joshua-CD-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Dark Temple-DT02-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Darkraver Returns-2CD-2006-KTMP3.rar
VA - Darkside of Hardcore Event 04 Casted by Meccano Twins-CD-2006-KTMP3.rar
VA - Darkside Of Hardcore The EP-TRSE17-WEB-2005-HB.rar
VA - Darkside of Hardcore-The EP-TRSE17-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Deathchant Anti Ebay Weapon 2- DCAEW02 -Vinyl-2006-SQ-gruz.rar
VA - Deathchant Anti Ebay Weapon 2-DCAEW02-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Deathchant Anti Ebay Weapon 3-DCAEW03-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Decadance 004-DEC004-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Dedicat3d The DJ Producer-CD-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Demolition Part 5-T3RDM0072-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Demolition Part 6-T3RDM0089-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
VA - Demolition Part 7-T3RDM0104-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Demolition Part 8-T3RDM0120-DIRFIX-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Demolition Part 8-T3RDM0120-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Demolition Part 9-T3RDM0131-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Demoliton Part 6-T3RDM0089-WEB-2005-HB.rar
VA - Demoliton Part 7-T3RDM0104-WEB-2006-HB.rar
VA - Demoltion Part 8-T3RDM0120-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
VA - DFZ Records 3-DFZ03-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Dirty Bastards Chapter 5-HM2752-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Dirty Bastards Chapter 5-HM2752-WEB-2006-HB.rar
VA - Disposal of Outer Power-TRAX 0063-WEB-2006-UNiCORN.rar
VA - Dj D Presents Jump 8-Reload The Mfk Sounds-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Dj Javi Boss - Homenaje-2CD-2005-eXPLOSiVE.rar
VA - DJ Panic Presents Early Rave Classics Volume 1-RC007-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - DJ Panic Presents Early Rave Classics Volume 2-RC009-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - DJ Partyraiser One Man Half Machine Project 2-2CD-2007-KTMP3.rar
VA - DJ Speedfreak and RonneH - Dissin The Sound Volume 3-CD-2005-LRSL.rar
VA - DJ Totschlaeger and Disco Cunt Presents Totschlag Records-2CD-TOTCD2-2005-SQ.rar
VA - DNA Black And White Edition-DNA021-Y-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
VA - Doomsday Records Vol.5-DOOMSDAY5-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Dynamix Platinum-DNX025-Vinyl-2005-JiM.rar
VA - E-Changeur De Mondes-PVK01-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Early Rave Top 50-3CD-2007-QMI.rar
VA - Earthquake Vol.3-2CD-2005-MOD.rar
VA - Electronic Exclusives 4 - Dying Of The Light-EECD013-2007-NCZ.rar
VA - Elements One-Z-T003-WEB-2007-HB.rar
Va - Enzyme - A Gathering Of Styles Part 2-enzyme020-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Enzyme-A Gathering of Styles Part 2-ENZYME020-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Epileptikmix12-Blasphemy Mixed by DJ Daisy-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Epileptikmix13-The Night Killer Mixed by DJ Nitric-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Epileptikmix15 Maintain Uncontrolable Mixed by Drokz-CD-2006-KTMP3.rar
VA - Epileptikmix18 Rachdingue Mixed by Empatysm-CD-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Essential Hardcore-3CD-2006-Homely.rar
VA - Extract of Hardcore Mixed By DJ Dex-CD-2007-HB.rar
VA - F ck Trance Formers.rar
VA - Faceless-PENDEHO 008-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Faceless-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Fall of Technarchy Kaos Communication-ENZYME K7-7-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Fall Of Technarchy Kaos Communication-ENZYMEK7-07-WEB-2006-HB.rar
VA - Fall Of Technarchy ENZYMEK7-7-Vinyl-2006-NBD.rar
VA - Fight Club Vol.1-France Vs. Germany Vs. Schweden-VIOLENT14-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Five Year SQ Celebration Mix-2006-SQ INT.rar
VA - Frantic Residents 06 Album Sampler-0763PNUK-Promo CDR-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Frazzbass Presents Fuckparade 2007-CD-2007-ZzZz.rar
VA - Frei-Tot Sampler Comic Edition-TOT6-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Friday The 13th-The Hardcore Massacre-2CD-Ltd.Ed.-2005-JiM.rar
VA - From the Darkest Depths-2CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Furius Hardcore-IFR05-WEB-2007-FW.rar
VA - Fury Kore Fighting-FKF03-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Gafatonfron 04-GAFO4-Vinyl-2005-SWAMP.rar
VA - Game Over-MNR06-WEB-2007-GFF.rar
VA - Generation Hardcore Vol. 2-2CD-2007-JiM.rar
VA - Generation Hardcore Vol.1-2CD-2006-JiM.rar
VA - Ghosttown the Early Hardcore Compilation-2CD-2006-KTMP3.rar
VA - Global Pandemic meta4 E-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Hardcore For The Headstrong - Japanese Edition 2005 .rar
VA - History Of Dutch Hardcore Vol 4-CDR-2007.rar
VA - I Burn Up In Your Face-2006-Obc.rar
VA - Polvere Da Sparo-Vinyl-2006-ONE.rar
VA - Global Hardcore Players-2CD-2006-JiM.rar
VA - Go Insane-HPZ07-Vinyl-2006-Dz.rar
VA - Godfathers Of Hardcore Vol. 3-2CD-2005-JiM.rar
VA - Gods Of Thunder Vol. 2-2CD-2007-JiM.rar
VA - Gods Of Thunder Vol.1-2CD-2006-JiM.rar
VA - Gold Greatest Oldies Volume 3-HMG003-Vinyl-2007-HDF.rar
VA - Gold Greatest Oldiez 1-HMG 01-Vinyl-2005-Homely INT.rar
VA - Golden Bases EP Vol.2 72697-Vinyl-2006-NRG.rar
VA - Golden Bases EP Vol.4 72713-Vinyl-2006-NRG.rar
VA - Good Gosh EP. 2-GG02-Vinyl-2007-Dz.rar
VA - Ground Zero Mixed by Daniele Mondello and Buzz Fuzz-2CD-2006-HB.rar
VA - Ground Zero the Live DJ Sets-3CD-2007-KTMP3.rar
VA - H.C.M.F.-2CD-2007-JiM.rar
VA - Happy Hardcore The Happy Generation-3CD-2006-HB.rar
VA - Hard 2 the Core Mixed by Sharkey-RESISTCD71-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Hard EP 72728-Vinyl-2007-NRG.rar
VA - Hard House Anthems Vol. 6 Album Sampler E.P. 2-0683PNUK-Vinyl-2005-JiM.rar
VA - Hard to the Core Volume 2-2CD-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Hard To The Core-2CD-2005-JiM.rar
VA - Hardbeatz Vol 8-2CD-2005-MOD.rar
VA - Hardcore Academy Volume 1-CD-2005-SSR.rar
VA - Hardcore Academy Volume 2-CD-2005-SSR.rar
VA - Hardcore Adrenaline Album Sampler-0821PNUK-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Hardcore And Gabber 2005-2CD-2005-JiM.rar
VA - Hardcore and More 3-CD-2005-KTMP3.rar
VA - Hardcore Anthems Vol 001-72714-Vinyl-2007-NRG.rar
VA - Hardcore Blasters Present the Greatest Oldiez 01-HMG001-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
VA - Hardcore Blasters Present the Greatest Oldiez 01-HMG01-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
VA - Hardcore Blasters Presents Spin This Shit Volume 3-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Hardcore Blasters Presents The Greatest Oldiez 02-HMG002-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
VA - Hardcore Box Vol 3-3CD-2007-ZzZz.rar
VA - Hardcore Da Struck DVDA 2005-TRG.rar
VA - Hardcore EP 10 Bootleg Edition-Promo CDR-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Hardcore EP 11-0835PNUK-Promo CDR-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Hardcore EP 3 NUK0680-MP3-2005-Q91.rar
VA - Hardcore EP 4-0692PNUK-Vinyl-2005-JiM.rar
VA - Hardcore EP 5 NUK0697-MP3-2005-Q91.rar
VA - Hardcore EP 6-CD-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Hardcore EP 8-Promo CDR-2006-UTE.rar
VA - Hardcore EP 9-0794PNUK-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Hardcore Euphoria-3CD-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Hardcore From Another Dimension-2CD-2005-JiM.rar
VA - Hardcore Gladiators 2-2CD-2006-KTMP3.rar
Va - Hardcore Gladiators-mrv085-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
VA - Hardcore Gladiators-2CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Hardcore Heads Mixed by Homer-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Hardcore Heroes 3 Mixed by Headbanger and Omar Santana-2CD-2006-KTMP3.rar
VA - Hardcore Heroes-MRV082-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Hardcore Hooligans-MRV089-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Hardcore Hurricane Mixed by Lenny Dee and Radium-2CD-2006-DLO.rar
VA - Hardcore Junkieee Vol.2-Answer from the Far East-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Hardcore Killers-2CD-2007-SYNDIKAT.rar
VA - Hardcore Megamix Vol. 3-2005-JiM.rar
VA - Hardcore Monsters-2CD-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Hardcore Motherfuckers Vol. 4 Mixed by Nico and Tetta-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Hardcore Nation 2 Album Sampler 2-0715WNUK-CDS-2005-GTi.rar
VA - Hardcore Nation 3 Album Sampler EP1-Promo CDR-2006-UTE.rar
VA - Hardcore Nation 3 Album Sampler EP2-Promo CDR-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Hardcore Nation Album Sampler-0672PNUK-VINYL-2005-UKH.rar
VA - Hardcore Nation Sampler 2-0702PNUK-CD-2005-USF.rar
VA - Hardcore Projektz 10-HPZ10-Vinyl-2006-Dz.rar
VA - Hardcore Repossession-HPZ08-Vinyl-2006-Dz.rar
VA - Hardcore The 2006 Yearmix Mixed by Neophyte and Evil Activities-2CD-2007-HB.rar
VA - Hardcore The Yearmix Mixed by Neophyte and Evil Activities-REPACK-2CD-2007-HB.rar
VA - Hardcore Top 50-3CD-2007-HB.rar
VA - Hardcore Vibes Back to the Good Old Days-2CD-2006-KTMP3.rar
VA - Hardcore vs Terrorville-WISH002-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Hell Invades Gods Heaven-SLASH03-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Hell Of Hardcore Vol 2-2CD-2006-DDS.rar
VA - Hell Of Hardcore Vol. 1-2CD-2005-JiM.rar
VA - Hellbound-2005 Assassins Registration-2CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Hellbound-Frozen Hardcore Festival-2CD-2005-QTXMp3.rar
VA - Hellraiser 2005-MR053-2CD-2005-HB.rar
VA - Hellraiser Claimed By Darkness-2CD-2007-SQ.rar
VA - Hellraiser vs Hotter Than Hell Mixed by Dione and Cut A Kaos-2CD-2006-HB.rar
VA - Hellraiser Vs Megarave 2007-CD-2007-KTMP3.rar
VA - Hellraiser vs Megarave-mrv093-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Hellraiser-MRV078-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Helter Skelter Presents Hardcore Classics-3CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - HIC Vol.2-HIC02-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - History Of Dance 3 The Oldskool Edition-4CD-2006-HB INT.rar
VA - History Of Dance 5 The Happy Hardcore Edition-4CD-2006-HB INT.rar
VA - History Of Dance 7 The Hardcore Edition-4CD-2006-HB INT.rar
VA - History Of Dutch Hardcore 01-MIDDIG001-WEB-2007-SSK.rar
VA - History of Dutch Hardcore 02-MIDDIG002-WEB-2007-BC.rar
VA - History of Dutch Hardcore 03-MIDDIG003-WEB-2007-BC.rar
VA - Hoodoo-BASS004-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Hunt Down For Your Prey-FP009-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - HWND 001-HWND001-Vinyl-2005.rar
VA - I Burn Up In Your Face-2006-Obc.rar
VA - I Hate Trance Volume 1 The Terror Worldwide Compilation-CD-2005-HB.rar
VA - Illegal Ravers Volume 1-CD-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Industrial Shock 001-PAM016-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Va - Industrial Shock-pam009-Promo-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Industrial Strength Mixed by Marc Johnson and Jupe-2CD-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Industrial Strength Records Presents Soundbites 1-ISR063-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Insomnia Mixed by Kabal-CD-2005-HB.rar
va - issue 01-metathesiophobia-meta4 a-vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Issue 02-Albuminurophobia-META4 C-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Kapotte Radio 001 KR001-LP-2006-TR.rar
VA - Kill Your Brain-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Knights Of Hardcore Vol 3 Waxweazle Vs Headbanger-CD-2005-Bartt.rar
VA - Kontrol La Fiesta Continua-PROPER-2CD-2006-NRG.rar
VA - Kopfkrank 7-KKR07-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Kreatrix Evilution-Unmixed Compilation Volume 1-EECD009-2005.rar
VA - La Corsa Nostra-This Core Of Ours-AWW003-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Last Enemy EP-AEON045-Vinyl-2005-JiM.rar
VA - Live at Hardcore Heaven Hardstock-6CD-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Live at Hardcore Heaven-the Weekender 2-PROPER-Pack 1-2CD-2006-DFM.rar
VA - Live at Hardcore Heaven-the Weekender 2-PROPER-Pack 2-2CD-2006-DFM.rar
VA - Lobotomix-My Piece of Mind-CD-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Makina 2007-2CD-2006- 320k .rar
VA - Makina Old Ep Vol.11 ELTOLD021-Vinyl-2006-NRG.rar
VA - Makina Old Vol.6 ELITOLD016-PROPER-Vinyl-2007-NRG.rar
VA - Makina Old Vol.7 ELITOLD017-Vinyl-2006-NRG.rar
VA - Malice In Wonderland EP-TF003-Vinyl-2005.rar
VA - Masters Of Rotterdam-3CD-2006-JiM.rar
VA - Masters of Speedcore-CD-2006-SQ.rar
VA - Mechanical Slaves EP-NVIO001-WEB-2007.rar
VA - Mechanical Slaves-EP-NVIO001-Vinyl-2007.rar
VA - Megarave Records Classics Volume 2-MRV084-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
VA - Megarave Records Classics Volume 3-mrv091-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Va - Megarave Records Classics-mrv079-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
VA - Melodies EP 72700-Vinyl-2006-NRG.rar
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Hardcore 2005-2007 Part10
  Hardcore | Author: Admin | 22-09-2016, 15:06
Statik-Got A Feeling-NS1-WEB-2006-HTiD.rar
Statik-I Got A Feeling Mikk And The Doctor Remix-AMPDIG019-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Steew-Live in Velke Pavlovice XX-XX-LINE-2006-CT.rar
Steve Beatz-Soul Chaser-NUNRGDIGI002-WEB-2005-NRG.rar
Stickhead - Blood Addict-KOTZ-M3-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Stickhead - The Only Real Kotzaak E.P.-KOTZ-M4-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
stickhead - the only real kotzaak e.p.-kotz-m4-vinyl-2006.rar
Stickhead and Don Demon - Once Upon A Time in Frankfurt-RE-KOTZ07-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
Stochastic-The Binary Walls Between Us EP-GDTK-12-2005-TrT.rar
Stompy and Abeyance-Time to Fly-MAXIMP011-Vinyl-2005-UKH.rar
Stompy and Abeyance-Time to Fly-PROMO-CDS-2005-UKH.rar
Stompy-Here Beside Me Remix-HTEC034-CDS-READ NFO-2005-XTC.rar
Storm And Euphony-Show Me The Way Ultravibes Remix-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Storm and Spinback - Rugged and Raw-UDGR006-MP3-2005-Q91.rar
Storm Euphony and Weaver-Eyes Dont Hide-WARPED10AA-READ NFO-2005-GTi.rar
Storm Flyin and Rampant-X-Rated-Promo-CDS-2005-GTi INT.rar
Stormtrooper - 4 Swords-SCUM021-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
Stormtrooper - Music for the Empire-CHANTLP05-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Stormtrooper - Operation Destruction-ISR062-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Stormtrooper - Phatt Bwoy-TNC017-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Stormtrooper - Self Mutilation-ISR57-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Stormtrooper And D-Lyte Ft Nemesis-Gypsy Disco-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx.rar
Stormtrooper and Dair-Do It Like That-TNCLTD001-VINYL-2005-XTC.rar
Stormtrooper and MCK - What the Hell is Rapcore -AA-06-WEB-2007-BC.rar
Stormtrooper and MCK-What the Hell is Rapcore-AA06-Vinyl-2007-1KING.rar
Stormtrooper Vs D Lyte-Gypsy Disco Red Alert-TNC025-WEB-2007-HTiD.rar
Stormtrooper Vs DJ D-Lyte - One More-TNC022-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Stormtrooper-Diva Beaver-SB001-Vinyl-2005-XTC.rar
Stormtrooper-The Remix Project-ISR72-Vinyl-2007-1KING.rar
Stormtrooper-Tune In-TNCLTD004-Vinyl-2006-XTC.rar
Strahov-Go Play Ss3x-CDR-2005-CT.rar
Stratekk-DJ Masox and DJ Maslo-CDR-2005-CT.rar
Strik-E-Up The Bass UPL001 Read.Nfo-Promo-Vinyl-2005-DGN.rar
Strontium - Audio Assault-SCUM016-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Stu Allan - A Feeling Technikal Vocal Mix-PNUK0693-WEB-2006-NRG.rar
Stu Allan - Far Away-Promo CDR-2007-SQ.rar
Stu Allan - Musics Got Me-Promo CDR-2006-SQ.rar
Stu Allan - Musics Got Me-READ NFO-Promo CDR-2006-SQ.rar
Stu Allen-A Feeling-Cdm-2005-USF.rar
Stuart J D%27State Darkus %26 Tension - Remixes Vol.1-HPZR01-Vinyl-2007-Dz.rar
Styles and Breeze - I Will Be-BABY47-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Styles And Breeze Feat. Karen Danzig-I Will Be-Promo CDM-2006-USF.rar
Styles and Breeze-Hardcore Heaven Vs Slinky Intro-2005-XTC INT.rar
Styles and Breeze-Heartbeats Scott Brown Remix-BABY031-VINYL-2005-UKH.rar
Styles And Breeze-Heartbeatz Hardcore Mix-2005-HTiD.rar
Styles and Breeze-Slide Away-BABY041-Vinyl-2006-XTC.rar
Styles And Breeze-Slide Away-BABY041-Vinyl-2006-XTC.rar
Styles And Breeze-Youre My Angel-BABY033-Vinyl-2005-XTC.rar
Styles and DJ Breeze - Heartbeats and Electric remix BABY031-VLS-2005-Q91.rar
Sublime-The Rain Hardcore Mix-WEB-2007-HTiD.rar
Suburbass - Judgement Day E.P.-HARD05-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Suburbass-Darkwav 01-Vinyl-2005-DEF.rar
Suburbass-Hardfloor Chapter V-HARDFLOOR 05-Vinyl-2005-DEF.rar
Subversa Vs Intergalactik Purifier - Shrine Of Darkness-SW005-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
Sudden Death - Paranoid-pnzz003-vinyl-2006.rar
Sudden Death-The Darkness-PNZZ009-Promo Vinyl-2007-NRG INT.rar
Sunjammer - You-Z71.06-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
Sunrise-It Aint Over Incl Remix-SRZ005-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Sunrize-Fallen Angel Love Hertz-SRZ006-WEB-2007-ATRium.rar
Sunshine Productions-Above the Clouds Darwin and Ant Johnson Remix-JAL082-WEB-2007-XTC.rar
Sunshine Productions-Above The Clouds Darwin And Ant Johnson Remix-Repack-JAL082-WEB-2007-XTC.rar
Supply Module - Issue Of Alliance-Z71.01-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Supply Module - My Early Vote Against Everyone-Z71.SM.1001-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
supply module - rmxd-z71.00-vinyl-2007.rar
Supply Module-A Comprehensive Collection Of Several Wars-Z71 02-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
Suspicious-Suspicious XQUE72583-Vinyl-2005-UNiT.rar
Sven Wittekind - Live At Kashmir Underground Budapest Hungary-Line-31-12-2005-HBLIVE.rar
Swan-Le Spectre Part II-LESPECTRE02-Vinyl-2005-OBC.rar
Sy %26 Unknown - Promised Land-WEB-2007-SKIF.rar
Sy and Unknown - Break The Spell 2007-QSH080-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM.rar
Sy And Unknown - Do We Have To Say Goodbye Breeze And Styles Remix-QSHLTD006-WEB-2005-gnvr.rar
Sy And Unknown - Do We Have To Say Goodbye-QSH061-WEB-2005-gnvr.rar
Sy and Unknown - Edge One remix-MP3-2005-Q91.rar
Sy and Unknown - I Feel on Fire-MP3-2005-Q91.rar
Sy and Unknown - Live at Hardcore Heaven-the Weekender 2-CD-2006-DFM.rar
Sy and Unknown - Maniac Psycho-QSH079-Promo Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
Sy and Unknown - U R My Phantasy-QSH074-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Sy And Unknown Feat Charlotte Oleary-Reach Out-QD003-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Sy And Unknown Feat Emily Reed-Love For Life 2007-QD012-WEB-2008-CHC.rar
Sy And Unknown Feat Lou Lou-Believe In Me Breeze Remix-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Sy And Unknown Feat Lou Lou-The Time Of Our Lives-QSH084-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx.rar
Sy And Unknown Feat. Lou Lou-Be With You Feels So Good-QSH082-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx.rar
Sy And Unknown Feat. Lou Lou-Be With You-QSH082-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Sy And Unknown Feat. Robbie Craig - The Player-QSH065-WEB-2005-gnvr.rar
Sy And Unknown Feat. Robbie Craig-The Player-QSH065-Vinyl-2005-GTi.rar
Sy And Unknown Feat. Robbie Craig-The Player-QSH065-Vinyl-2005-GTi.rar
Sy and Unknown Ft Lou Lou - Caught Up in Your Love-QSH077-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Sy and Unknown Ft Robbie Craig-The Player-QSH065-2005-GTi.rar
Sy And Unknown-Break The Spell 2007-WEB-QSH080-2007-UKHx.rar
Sy And Unknown-Do We Have To Say Goodbye Breeze And Styles Mix-QSHLTD006-Vinyl-2005-GTi.rar
Sy And Unknown-Do We Have To Say Goodbye Breeze And Styles Remix-QSHLTD006-WEB-2005-gnvr.rar
Sy and Unknown-Edge One Remix-R2F002-Vinyl-2005-UKH.rar
Sy and Unknown-I Feel on Fire-QSH063-Vinyl-2005-GTi.rar
Sy And Unknown-Ultrafunkular-QD002-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Synapse and Nosferatu - Crispy Kick Disease-ENZYME K7-6-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Synapse And Seizure - RenoisedSSine And Pneumatic Transmission-ENZYME K7-5-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Syndicate 2007 - Evil Activities Live Dortmund-SAT-10-07-2007-TALiON.rar
Syndrom - Wreck It Up-VIP009-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Syndrom-Intimidation ASBEST006-Vinyl-2007-NBD.rar
Synth City - Take it Now-CRMX069-Vinyl-2006-MS.rar
Synth Wulf-Ascending Moon-NUNRGDIGI020-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Synth Wulf-Full Moon Freeform-NUNRGDIGI024-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
System F-Cry Re-Con Remix-BABY048-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx.rar
System F-Cry Re-Con Remix-WEB-2007-HTiD.rar
Sytronik and Scott Devotion-Kick it Hardcore-PROMO-CDR-2005-UKH.rar
SZEM - Ravemix1 CD-2005-EPPO.rar
T Pazolite-Gottamaze-CDR-2007-hM.rar
T-Bone Castro - Its Me T-Bone Fuckin Castro-Vinyl-DE 2006-1992-OMA.rar
T-Junction and Osiris - Livin the Hard Life-T3RDM0125-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
T-Junction and Osiris - Livin The Hard Life-T3RDM0125-WEB-2007-HB.rar
T-Junction and Osiris-Live At Masters Of Hardcore Radio Airpeace FM-05-01-2006-CABLE-2006-hM.rar
T-Junction vs Tomcat and Rudeboy - Masters of Hardcore Radio-CABLE-03-23-2006-HSALIVE.rar
T-Ty And Kullere-The Shadow XQUE75582-Vinyl-2005-UNiT.rar
T.M.T. - Are You Ready-DHT7033-Vinyl-2005-SVB.rar
T.M.T. - Fuckin Noize-DHT7029-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
T.M.T. and DJ Brainwash - Are You Ready-DHT7033-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
Tabz-As The World Turns Original Mix-DIR002-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Tabz-Eat Your Lazer Original Mix-DIR001-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Tabz-The Hardcore Massive-BDGX002-WEB-2006-HTiD.rar
Tabz-Turn Up the Bass-BDG009-WEB-2006-XTC.rar
Tabz-Wake The Fuck Up-RLNTDIGI035-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Tapage and Meander - Hydromedusa EP-META0 01-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Tapage and Meander - Hydromedusa EP-meta4-1-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Tapage And Meander-Hydromedusa EP-META0 01-EP-2006-DEF INT.rar
Tayo Vs Sunz Of Mecha-Reality Dub-BROCK014-Vinyl-2006.rar
Tazz and Digital Anarchy - Twisted and Evil-MP3-2005-Q91.rar
Tazz and Loopy - Life Support-MP3-2005-Q91.rar
Tazz and Narcotic-Khemical Pressure-ETRIC009-Vinyl-2005-XTC.rar
Tc Ponder Top Cat and Defnoyz-JAMA02-Vinyl-2005-XTC.rar
TD Alliance - Break Free-MP3-2005-Q91.rar
Team of Darkness - J.C.J-FNR-001-MX-Vinyl-2007-NRG.rar
Techamin-14 08-CDR-2006-CT.rar
Techdiff-Coronation Of A Cursed King-ALRG02CD-2007-h3rb.rar
Technikore-Gimme Some More-MASIFCORE002-Vinyl-2007-XTC.rar
Technique-Drumsound and Bassline Smith-TECH043-VINYL-2007-sour.rar
Technohead - The Number One Contender-MOK107-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Technological Terror Crew - Hardcore Mafia Revenge HMR001-Vinyl-2006-PBS.rar
Tekno Dred Alliance-Break Free Scott Brown Remix-RLNT012-Vinyl-2005-GTi.rar
Tellurian - Guyver 2007-MOK112-WEB-2006-SOB.rar
Tellurian - Guyver 2007-MOK112-WEB-2006.rar
Tellurian-Guyver 2007-MOK112-Vinyl-2006-MTC.rar
Terrawave-Bad Boy-AVC002-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Terrawave-Rock With Me-AVC003-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Terrorfakt - Achtung-ISR56-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Terrorfakt - The Fine Art of Killing Yourself-ISR75-Vinyl-2007-SQ INT.rar
Terrorfakt-Reworks2 Friendly
Terrorfakt-The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself-2CD-2007-FWYH.rar
Terrornoize Industry 8-TNI008-2007-Vinyl-Tommyrulez.rar
Tha Playah - Fuckin Weird Titties And Clits-NEO 030-Vinyl-2006-Homely INT.rar
Tha Playah - Fuckin Weird Titties And Clits-neo030-vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Tha Playah - Fuckin%27 Weird Titties %26 Clits-NEO030-Vinyl-2006-HB.rar
Tha Playah - I Call Tha Shots-NEO033-WEB-2007-HB.rar
Tha Playah - I Call The Shots-NEO 033-Vinyl-2007-Homely INT.rar
Tha Playah - The Greatest Clits-NEOCD08-2CD-2006-SOB INT.rar
Tha Playah - The Greatest Clits-2CD-2006-HB.rar
Tha Playah - The Rule Of Cool-NEO028-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
Tha Playah - The Rule Of Cool-NEO028-WEB-2006-HB INT.rar
Tha Playah Vs DJ Mad Dog - Enter the Time Machine-ROTSP5-WEB-2006-UNiCORN.rar
Tha Playah Vs DJ Mad Dog-Enter The Time Machine-PROPER Vinyl-2006-SDS.rar
Tha Playah Vs. DJ Mad Dog-Enter the Time Machine ROTSP05-Vinyl-2006-ONe.rar
Tha Playah-I Call The Shots-NEO033-Vinyl-2007-hM.rar
Tha Playah-The Rule Of Cool-NEO028-PROPER-Vinyl-2006-OBC.rar
Tha Playah-The Rule Of Cool-NEO028-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
The Acolyte - Heal My Soul-DTD004-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
The Acolyte - It Ain%27t Hard To Tell-FutureNoize02-WEB-2006-SKIF.rar
The Acolyte - Make It-FutureNoize03-WEB-2006-SKIF.rar
The Acolyte - My Heart 4Beat Mix-FutureNoize05-WEB-2006-SKIF.rar
The Acolyte - Tsing Tao-FutureNoize04-WEB-2006-SKIF.rar
The Acolyte - When The Rain Comes-FutureNoize06-WEB-2006-SKIF.rar
The Acolyte %26 Sean Apollo Feat. Skye - Dreaming Of You Reese Mix-K12FREE011-WEB-2006-SKIF.rar
The Acolyte and Shanty-Party People-EPLATE006-Vinyl-2006-XTC.rar
The Acolyte Feat Amy - Draw to You-DTD005-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
The Acolyte-Nightlfe-GSR07-WEB-2006-XTC.rar
The Acolyte-Nightlife-GSR07-WEB-2006-XTC iNT.rar
The American Idiots - Walk Alone-K12FREE004-WEB-2006-SKIF.rar
The American Lovers - American Lovers 2 C2C003-MX-Vinyl-2006-NRG.rar
The Arpeggiators - Dissection-72673-Vinyl-2006-MS.rar
The Bezerker-World Of Lies-CD-2006-QMP3.rar
The Boss Vol.4-Dedicated-CRMX070-2xVinyl-2006-OBC.rar
The Boss-Vice-CRMX084-Vinyl-2007-OBC.rar
The Bouncemasters And The Vizitor-He Is From Hell-EP-Vinyl-2005-1REAL.rar
The Carcass - Exhume to Consume-Demo-2005-1REAL.rar
the carcass-live at core radio-sbd-17-01-2007-1real.rar
the carcass-live at thunderdome radio-sbd-02-03-2007-1real.rar
The Chainsaw Massacre - Early Rave Megamix-2005-HC4L.rar
The Chainsaw Massacre - Fuck Your Braincells-2006-HC4L.rar
The Chainsaw Massacre - Meesterlijk Gemusiceerd Gecomponeerd Lawaai-2006-HC4L.rar
The Core Suppremacy - The Promised Land-2006-HC4L.rar
The Destroyer - Head Fuck Is Dead R909 25-Vinyl-2007-NBD.rar
The Destroyer - Live At D-Boy Invasion III-14-05-2005-HF.rar
the destroyer - live at darkness4life-15-10-2005-hf.rar
The Destroyer - Live At Dominator-30-07-2005-HF.rar
the destroyer - live at masters of hardcore-18-02-2006-hf.rar
The Destroyer - The Album-Epileptikact11-CD-2005-SQ.rar
The Dexorcist-Dextermination Ep-SMB 15-Vinyl-2005-TRT.rar
The DJ Fantom - Soundcraft EP-TEKNO MAD RCDS01-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The DJ Producer - Breaks The Unbreakable-T3RDM 0121-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
The DJ Producer - Breaks The Unbreakable-T3RDM0121-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
The DJ Producer - Breaks The Unbreakable-T3RDM0121-WEB-2007-HB.rar
The DJ Producer - Doomsday Mechaniks Part 1-46.004-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The DJ Producer - Doomsday Mechaniks Part 2-46.005-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The DJ Producer - Doomsday Mechaniks-SCUM013-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The DJ Producer - Knowledge Is Power-SCUM020-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
The DJ Producer - Untitled-HMR02-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
The DJ Producer And Throttler-Untitled-KSHEEPV006-Vinyl-2007-DEF.rar
The Doubtful Guest-Electrobotz Mind Detergent-ZIQ139-Vinyl-2006-DEF.rar
The Embryo-Live At Core Radio-SBD-30-08-2006-1REAL.rar
The Emperator and Chromatic - Forget The Past EP-BONES011-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
The End Of Six Thousand Years-The End Of Six Thousand Years-CDM-2005-DGN.rar
The Enticer-The Paraphilia EP-B2K11-Vinyl-2005-hM.rar
The Enticer-The Paraphilia ep-b2k11-vinyl-2005-UK.rar
The Evil-G - The Real World-TH010-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
The Firm-Dont Fuck With Us-HOL00-Vinyl-2005-hM.rar
The Genesis Projection-The Secret Doctrine Ep Gn014-Vinyl-2007-ONe.rar
The Gnat and Mad Line - Hunted Souls-Vinyl-2005-SYNDIKAT.rar
The Gnat And Mad Line - Never Burn Out-HD6-Vinyl-2006-FMC.rar
The Gnat And Mad Line - Never Burn Out-HD6-Vinyl-2007-FMC.rar
The Hardcoholics-3 Are Better Than 1-NF011-Vinyl-2006-hM.rar
The Hitman Vs. JDA - Like It Raw OFF029-Vinyl-2007-NBD.rar
The Hitmen - We Like It Raw OFF029 REPACK-Vinyl-2007-NBD.rar
The Horror-The Fear The Terror The Horror-2006-KzT.rar
The Horrorist - Body To Body-READ NFO-TTC012-Vinyl-2006-JiM.rar
the horrorist - body to body-read nfo-ttc012-vinyl-2006.rar
The Horrorist - Voice Of The Butcher The Remixes-NCNET003-Vinyl-2005-JiM.rar
the horrorist - wire to the ear and pure nh26 .rar
The Horrorist-Voice Of The Butcher The Remixes-NCNET003-WEB-2005-SSK.rar
The Kotzaak Klan - Powerstation Kotzaak-RE-KOTZ08-Vinyl-2007-SQ INT.rar
The Man Unknown - Generic Prototype EP-BMR013- Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
The Man Unknown - Generic Prototype EP-BMR013-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
The Martyrs of Doom - Dark Temple 04-DT04-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
the masochist - the ninth gate moh 019 .rar
the masochist vs neophyte - loud %26 proud moh 026 .rar
The Masochist-Masochizm-NL9358-Vinyl-1998-UNiT.rar
The Mastery - Electronical Sound Theory E.P.-ARN08-Vinyl- 2005-SQ.rar
The Mastery - Electronical Sound Theory E.P.-ARN08-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The Mastery - Oxyde E.P.-pkg28-vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The Mastery-Itchy And Scratchy Show-ITC001-Vinyl-2005-hM.rar
The Modulators - Infected-72616-Vinyl-2006-MS.rar
the mover - signs of %2796 pcp 961 .rar
The Mystify Project - The Nightmare Edition Mixed By TCM-2006-HC4L.rar
The Mystify Project - Volume 1 Mixed By TCM-2006-HC4L.rar
The Mystify Project - Volume 3 Mixed By TCM-2006-HC4L.rar
The Mystify Project - Volume 4 Mixed By TCM-2006-HC4L.rar
The Mystify Project - Volume 5 Mixed By TCM-2006-HC4L.rar
The Mystify Project - Volume 6 Mixed By TCM-2006-HC4L.rar
The Mystify Project - Volume 7 Mixed By TCM-2006-HC4L.rar
The Mystify Project - Volume 8 Mixed By TCM-2006-HC4L.rar
The Mystify Project - Volume 9 Mixed By TCM-2006-GabbaH.rar
The Nice Guys - I Get What I Want-K12FREE009-WEB-2006-SKIF.rar
The Nice Guys %26 DJ Reese - Run To Me 2006-K12FREE006-WEB-2006-SKIF.rar
The Nice Guys-Green Destiny White Noise-SRZ003-WEB-2007-ATRium.rar
The Nihilist - III-ARN07-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The Nihilist - III-ARN07-WEB-2005.rar
The Nihilist - Is 0-CD-2005-SQ.rar
The Nihilist - The Lost Chapter-NCR03-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The Nihilist - The Lost Chapter-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The Nihilist - Volume 2-ARN05-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The Outside Agency - Motherfucking Ants-GEN007-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The Outside Agency - No We Dont Want You To Clap Your Fucking Hands-GEN012-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
The Outside Agency - Scenocide 101 Album Sampler With Awesome Title-GEN006.5-WEB-2005.rar
The Outside Agency - Scenocide 101 Sampler With Awesome Title E.P.-GEN006.5-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The Outside Agency - Scenocide 101-2CD-2005-SQ.rar
The Outside Agency - Scenocide 101-2CD-2005.rar
The Outside Agency - Screaming Phoenix VIP-ENZYMEVIP05-WEB-2005-HB.rar
The Outside Agency - Screaming Phoenix VIP-EOV005-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The Outside Agency - The Easy Money Remix EP-GEN013-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
The Outside Agency - War In The 8Th Dimension-GEN008-2005-SQ.rar
The Outside Agency - War In The 8th DimensionGEN008-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The Outside Agency and Fracture 4 - 10 Inches of What- GEN010 -Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
The Outside Agency And Fracture 4 - 10 Inches Of What-GEN010-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
The Outside Agency and Mindustries - Forever is A Long Time Coming-GEN015-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
The Outside Agency and Mindustries-Forever Is A Long Time Coming-GENOSHA015-WEB-2007-hM.rar
The Outside Agency-Motherfucking Ants-GEN007-Vinyl-2005-DEF INT.rar
The Outside Agency-Motherfucking Ants-GENOSHA007-WEB-2005-hM.rar
The Outside Agency-No We Dont Want You To Clap Your Fucking Hands-GENOSHA012-WEB-2006-hM.rar
The Outside Agency-Return Of The Revenge Of The Dark Alley Space Vampires From Jupiter-GENOSHA014-WEB-2007-hM.rar
The Outside Agency-Return of the Revenge of the Dark Alley Space Vampires-GEN014-Vinyl-2007-1REAL.rar
The Outside Agency-Return Of The Revenge Of The Dark Alley Space Vampires-WEB-2007-hM.rar
The Outside Agency-Return of the Revenge-GEN014-Vinyl-2007-1REAL.rar
The Outside Agency-Scenocide 101 Sampler With Awesome Title E.P-GEN006.5-Vinyl-2005-DEF INT.rar
The Outside Agency-The Easy Money Remix EP-GENOSHA013-WEB-2007-hM.rar
The Outside Agency-The Way Of The Exploding Fist-HKV009PD-Vinyl-2007-1REAL.rar
The Outside Agency-War In The 8th Dimension-GENOSHA008-WEB-2005-hM.rar
The Panacea-Feelgood Tune-EMAG001-Vinyl-2007-XTC.rar
The Pitcher-New World-SPK023-5-WEB-2007-hM.rar
The Producer and Deathmachine - Tectonics-SCUM015-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The Prophet and Omar Santana-Power Pill-SSM5645-WEB-2006-1KING.rar
The Prophet Feat Headhunterz - Scar Your Face High Rollerz-SCAN-RELOAD03-PROMO-Promo Vinyl-2007-HB.rar
The Prophets-Amazon-E XQUE72635-Vinyl-2006-UNiT.rar
The Rapist - International Fear 2006-EXPO008-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
The Relic - Inside The Machine-SMPT006-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
The Riddler-The Impossible Dream-BDG004-WEB-2006-XTC.rar
The Ripper-Cannibalism E.P-RTX032-Vinyl-2005-1REAL.rar
The Sickest Sound - The Sickest E.P.-NRTX23-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The Sickest Squad - As U Wish-NRTX30-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
The Sickest Squad - Lobotomia-VIOLENT17-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
The Sickest Squad - Obbligo O Verita EP-R909-20-Vinyl-2005-JiM.rar
The Sickest Squad - Really Hot- HTC003 -Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
The Sickest Squad - Really Hot-HTC003-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
The Sickest Squad - Tekno Kronik In 26-STRIKE7003-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
The Sickest Squad and Frazzbass - Speak English Motherfucker-NOIS002-Vinyl-2005-BC.rar
The Sickest Squad-Il Clitoride-R909r22-Vinyl-2006-PDB.rar
The Speed Freak - Banging Trash-AA01-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
The Speed Freak - Banging Trash-AA01-WEB-2006-BOA.rar
The Speed Freak - Brute Force-AA02-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
The Speed Freak - Brute Force-AA02-WEB-2006-BOA.rar
The Speed Freak - Bust Your Eardrums-MOK104-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The Speed Freak - Cucumbah Tool-ISR-66-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
The Speed Freak - Devastator-PKG25-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The Speed Freak - Disinformation Overload-CD-2005-HB.rar
The Speed Freak - Hammerhead-AA05-Vinyl-2007-1KING.rar
The Speed Freak - Hammerhead-AA05-WEB-2007-BOA.rar
The Speed Freak - Heartstopper EP-PKG29-WEB-2005-BOA.rar
The Speed Freak - Swallow This Remixed And Mutilated-PKGCD33-WEB-2006-BOA.rar
The Speed Freak - Things That Go Boom In The Night-PKG34-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
The Speed Freak - Unknown-AO10-Limited Edition Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
The Speed Freak and Beagle - Dr Betruger Remixes-PKGRX07-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The Speed Freak and Stormtrooper - Arse Attacks EP-AA03-WEB-2006-BOA.rar
The Speed Freak and Stormtrooper - Arse Attacks-AA03-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
The Speed Freak and Stormtrooper - Devastator The Remixes-PKGRX08-WEB-2006-BOA.rar
The Speed Freak and Stormtrooper - Mighty Manipulating Masters of MIDI-Chlorian Mind-Masturbation-AA-08-WEB-2007-BC.rar
The Speed Freak and Stormtrooper - Mighty Manipulating Masters Of MIDI-Chlorian Mind-Masturbation-AA08-WEB-2007-BOA.rar
The Speed Freak and Stormtrooper-Chlorian Mind-Masturbation-AA08-WEB-2007-BOA.rar
The Speed Freak-Banging Trash-AA01-Vinyl-2006-DEF.rar
The Speed Freak-Devastator-PKG25-Vinyl-2005-DEF INT.rar
The Speed Freak-Disinformation Overload-PKGCD25-2005-DEF INT.rar
the speed freak-hammerhead-aa05-vinyl-2007-1KING.rar
The Speed Freak-Heartstopper EP-PKG29-Vinyl-2005-DEF.rar
The Speed Freak-The Cycore Megamix Chapter 2-PKGCD30-2006-DEF.rar
The Stunned Guys - 8th Anniversary Piramide Espiral FM-CABLE-01-28-2006-HSALIVE.rar
The Stunned Guys - Live at Mindcontroller Hemkade-CABLE-09-30-2006-HSALIVE.rar
The Stunned Guys - Masters Of Hardcore 10 Years Thialf Heerenveen-CABLE-23-04-2005-4CHOON.rar
The Stunned Guys - Traxtorm Revamped 004-TRRV004-REPACK-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
The Stunned Guys - Traxtorm Revamped 004-TRRV004-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
The Stunned Guys - You Will Survive-TRAX 0057-WEB-2005-UNiCORN.rar
The Stunned Guys - You Will Survive-TRAX0057-Vinyl-2005-MS.rar
The Stunned Guys-Live at Central-CD-2005-OBC.rar
The Teknoist - I Break You Like I Break Your Friend-NINJAC003-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
The Teknoist and Dolphin - Someones Gotta Represent-NINJAC001-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The Teknoist vs Dolphin - Stand Up Step Aside EP-NINJAC002-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The Tyrant - Untitled-SPEEDBOAT22-Onesided Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
The Tyrant And Fiend-Untitled-BLASTBEAT06-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
The Tyrant-Untitled-SPEEDBOAT22-Onesided Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
The Villain and Basstard--Live at Unite Parade Salzburg Hardcore Truck-LINE-07-07-2007-OMA.rar
The Viper - Blow Da Club Down-VB001-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
The Viper - Club Fresh Hardhouse Fresh FM-FM-02-05-2007-hM.rar
The Viper - Intellectual Killer Nosferatu And Endymion Remix-WEB-2007-XTC Only.rar
The Viper - Under Force Demo Mix-CD-2005-ToX.rar
The Wishmaster - Disobedience-COL017-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
The Wishmaster - Extrema Ratio 2006 BIONIC 13 .rar
The Wishmaster - Extrema Ratio-BIONIC13-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
The Wishmaster - Extrema Ratio-BIONIC13-WEB-2006-HB.rar
The Wishmaster - Ground Pressure-BIONIC016-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
The Wishmaster - Ground Pressure-BIONIC16-WEB-2007-HB.rar
Therapia Ft Kube-Meaning Of White Noise ST4313-Vinyl-2007-NBD.rar
Three in One - Right or Wrong-Vinyl-2005-PTRD.rar
Thrillogy Allstars - Thrillogy 2007 The Anthem-THRILL001-Vinyl-2007-HB.rar
Thrillogy Allstars - Thrillogy 2007 The Anthem-THRILL001-WEB-2007-LiR.rar
Thumpa And G Man Oli G-Dungeon Keeper-BDGX004-WEB-2007-HTiD.rar
Thunderdome 2005 - Public Domain-LINE-12-03-2005-HSALIVE INT.rar
Thye and Supply Module-Listen To The Rude Boy Z71SP 01-Vinyl-2007-1REAL.rar
Tieum - Not Design For U-CD-2007-SQ.rar
Tieum - Shake Dat Ass Part 1-A8001-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Tieum - Shake Dat Ass Part 2-A8002-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Tieum - Shake Dat Ass Part 2-A8002-WEB-2005-HB.rar
Tieum - Shake Dat Ass Part 3-A8003-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Tieum - Shake Dat Ass Part 3-A8003-WEB-2005-HB.rar
Tieum - Shake Dat Ass Part 4-A8004-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Tieum - Shake Dat Ass Part 4-A8004-WEB-2005-HB.rar
Tieum - Show Me The Devil EP-MOH048-WEB-2005-HB.rar
Tieum - Show Me The Devil-MOH048-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
Tieum and DJ Kristoff - Core and A 45-RAGE002-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Tieum and Dr Macabre-Altern-Hate 10-A8010-Vinyl-2007-1KING.rar
Tieum and Dr. Macabre - Hatefull E.P.-A8010-WEB-2007-HB.rar
Tieum and Hellfish - Shit Sick-AFT01-Vinyl-2007-SQ.rar
Tieum and Hellfish - Shit Sick-AFT01-WEB-2007-BC.rar
Tieum and Lenny Dee - A Better World-ISR060-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
tieum and lenny dee - a better world.rar
Tieum and Lenny Dee - I Dont Like You Either-ISR060-WEB-2005-HB.rar
Tieum and Ophidian - La Chronique Du Chat Et Du Chien-META4 D-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Tieum and Ophidian - La Chronique Du Chat Et Du Chien-META4D-WEB-2005-SOB.rar
Tieum and Ophidian - Nothing I Cant Handle-ISR064-Vinyl-2006-SQ.rar
Tieum And Partyraiser-Here I Cum-ARN09-Vinyl-2006-1REAL.rar
Tieum and Partyraiser-Here I Cum-ARN09-Vinyl-2006-DEF INT.rar
Tieum and The Negotiator - Mental Mayhem E.P.-EXPO007-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Tieum and Tommyknocker - Post Traumatic Stress EP-A8011-WEB-2007-VELOCiTY.rar
Tieum And Tommyknocker - Post Traumatic Stress-A8011-WEB-2007-HB.rar
Tieum And Tommyknocker-Post Traumatic Stress-A8011-Vinyl-2007-hM.rar
Tieum Vs Lunatic And Miss Hysteria - Sex House-BASS002-Vinyl-2005-HSA.rar
Tieum Vs Lunatic And Miss Hysteria-Sex House-BASS002-Vinyl-2005-HSA.rar
Tieum vs. Bartoch - Disgusting E.P.-HARDSONIC01-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Tieum-Live At Well Darkness 2005-05-27-MD-2005-DEF INT.rar
Tieum-Psykiatrik 01 Repress-PSY4X1RP-Vinyl-2007-TrT.rar
Tipsy T-Pump That Shit-KAN008-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
TLM - I Feel The Light FBI009-MP3-2005-Q91.rar
Tlm - Saving Grace-HCC007-Vinyl-2005-XTC.rar
TLM-I Feel Alive-FBI009-Vinyl-2005-GTi.rar
TLM-Saving Grace Sy and Unknown Remix-PROMO-CDR-2005-UKH.rar
TLM-Saving Grace-HCC007-VINYL-2005-XTC.rar
TMLP - This is Our World EP-KASHWALU05-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Tolo and Danox - Nothing Else But Me 72-716-Vinyl-2007-NRG.rar
Toltek Vs Weser-Pure Mixture 02-Pure02-Vinyl-2006-CT.rar
Tomash Gee - Critical Call HOSTAGE03-Vinyl-2007-NBD.rar
Tommy Pulse - Techno Riot-STIND008-Vinyl-2005-JIM.rar
Tommyknocker - Domination-TRAX0060-WEB-2006-HB.rar
Tommyknocker - Learn From The Pain-TRAX 0068-Vinyl-2007-Homely INT.rar
Tommyknocker - Learn From the Pain-TRAX0068-WEB-2007-UNiCORN.rar
Tommyknocker - Traxtorm Revamped 007 TRRV007-Vinyl-2006-NBD.rar
Tommyknocker - Traxtorm Revamped 007-TRRV007-Vinyl-2006-NBD.rar
Tommyknocker And DJ The Viper-Live At Thunderdome 2006 Thunderdome Radio-SBD-02-03-2007-1REAL.rar
Tommyknocker Vs Sunbeam - Twisted World-TRAX 0067-Vinyl-2007-Homely INT.rar
Tommyknocker Vs Sunbeam - Twisted World-TRAX 0067-WEB-2007-UNiCORN.rar
Tommyknocker Vs Sunbeam-Twisted World-TRAX0067-Onesided Vinyl-2007-MTC.rar
Tommyknocker-Learn From The Pain-TRAX0068-Vinyl-2007-hM.rar
Tomo And Smetz-Drop The Bass-RLNTDIGI026-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Tomo And Smetz-Fireball-LTD026-WEB-2007-UKHx.rar
Toni DJ - T-Project 2005-ENF002-Vinyl-2005-NRG.rar
Toni DJ-My Personal Style-OBS002-Vinyl-2006-OBC.rar
Torquemada Aka KRS - Tous Des Hereiques-TORQUEMANDA 01-Vinyl-2005-SQ.rar
Torsion - Gore From Bleech-USR006-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
Torsion - Gore From Bleech-UST006-Vinyl-2005-HB.rar
Torsion and Fear Engineer-Infringment F-SCUM019-Vinyl-2007-1KING.rar
Torsion and Fear Engineer-Infringment F-SCUM019-Vinyl-2007.rar
Toxikboy and Vulcanik-Eat Pussy EP-ANARCORE03-REPACK-Vinyl-2007-CT.rar
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