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Old House 2002
  House | Author: Admin | 26-10-2019, 23:14

12 inch thumpers - Pump it up-(Remix Vinyl)-2001-iPZ
12 Inch Thumpers - Real DJs-(Promo Vinyl)-2001-iPZ
2 Phat Ladies-Cant Say No-Vinyl-2002-SND
2 Phat Ladies-Feel The Sun - Promo-2001-iPZ
4 To The Floor - Les Disco-Vinyl-2001-EMP
4th Gear - Sick 4x4 Mix-2002-iPZ
4tune Twins - Outhouse Monkey Part 1-2001-EMP
A.T.F.C. Feat. Lisa Millett - Sleep Talk-CDM-2002-iDC
A Project - The Fantasy (Part 2)-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Aaeron D-Gold-(DD220390)-CDS-FLAC-2003-WRE
Above And Beyond-Live Ministry Of Sound Session 05-25-RADIO-2002-wAx
Accorsi and Bassetti-Until the End-Promo-Vinyl-2003-tronik
Aczess-Do What We Would-Promo CDM-2001-RDA
Africanism-Les Enfants Du Bled-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Africanism-Love Is The Answer-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Agent X-Decoy-Promo-Vinyl-2002-PULSE
Aircrash Bureau - Dont Expect Me (To Forget You)-CDM-2002-MiP
Alan Pullen - 123 kick it-(Promo Vinyl)-2002-iPZ
Alcazar-Sexual Guarantee Dubs Promo-Vinyl-2002-SND
Alicia Keys-Butterfly Troubles Promo-Vinyl-2002-SND
Alien-Groove Control-Promo Vinyl-2002-TCLUB
Alumina - Hyperspeed-(Promo VLS)-2001-iPZ
Andrea Brown - Give it up-(Remix CDM)-2002-iPZ
Andy Allder - Heart Break-(Promo Vinyl)-2002-iPZ
Andy Allder Vs Graham D - Pylon Ryder-(Promo Vinyl)-2002-iPZ
Angry Mexican DJs - Rock Dior-(Vinyl)-2002-iPZ
Anne Savage and BK - Instantly-(Promo CDM)-2002-iPZ
ATFC Featuring Lisa Millett-Sleep Talk-CDS-2002-SND
Atlas - Compass Error (Inc Way Out West Mix)-Promo-Vinyl-2002-KTMP3
Audio Soul Project-Tectronic Blur EP-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Autokat-Gimme The Beat-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Bas and Ram - Live at ID-T Radio (Q-Dance) 04-24-2002-MiM
Bas And Ram - Q-Dance (IDT Radio)-Cable 10-30-2002-MiM
Bas and Ram-Live at IDT Radio (Q-Dance) 05-29-2002-TWCLIVE
Base Graffiti-Smash N Grab-Promo-Vinyl-2002-SND
Bass Junkies - Unknown-(Ltd.Ed. Vinyl)-2002-iPZ
Bass Junkies - Unkown-(Ltd.Ed. Vinyl)-2002-iPZ
Beatchuggers vs Ray Dee Ohh-Mandags staevenemoede-DK CDM-2002-BMI
Beatchug-Unknown Title (White Label)-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Beats and Styles - Anthem-CDM-2002-MiP
Bel Amour-Manual-Vinyl-2002-SND
Ben Kaye - We Got Power-Promo-Vinyl-2002-iPZ
Ben Kaye and Synergy - Babilon-Vinyl-2002-iPZ
Benjamin Bates - Live at Innercity 2001-Radio-29-12-2001-iPZ
Beverley Knight-Shoulda Woulda Coulda Remixes-PROMO-CDR-FLAC-2002-BTTR
Black Masses-White Label-Promo Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Blaze - Breathe-Vinyl-2002-SQ
Blue Harvest-Morning Sun-RETAIL VINYL-2002-BPM HOUSE
Blue States - Season Song Incl Rui Da Silva Mix-Promo Vinyl-2002-MiP
Blue Yonda-Believe-Promo-Vinyl-2002-UTE
Bluestar - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of this)-CDS-2002-KTMP3
BMR And Level 42-Starchild-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
BN1 Recordings-Miami 2002 Sampler-2x12-Vinyl-2002-SND
Bob Sinclair Vs Bucketheads - Got Myself A Tonic-Bootleg-Vinyl-2002-XDS
Boris Dlugosch Ft Roisin Murphy-Never Enough-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
C22 - Vampire-(Promo Vinyl)-2001-iPZ
Cargo - Ill Show You Remixes-Promo-CDM-2002-MiP
Carlos Fauvrelle-Talking-Vinyl-2002-SND
Cedric Gervais And Mauritizo Celemato-440 Central-Vinyl-2002-SND
Celeda-Reach Up Part1-Vinyl-2001-UTE
Cenoginerz-Git Down-Remix Vinyl-2002-SND
Ceremonia Live on SSL 02-03-2002-Mellow D-DVB-2002-MTC
Chaka Khan-Feel For U Promo House Mix-Vinyl-2002-SND
Chaos Theory-Abstraction Another Dimension-Vinyl-2001-UTE
Charlie Tear Presents Soft Sessions-Convertor-Vinyl-2002-SND
Chemical X-Sleazy City-Vinyl-2002-SND
Chris Cowie-Russia Burner-Vinyl-2002-SND
Chris Pascoe Feat Haris - Almost Beautiful (Sulk001)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
Circuit Boy Feat Alan T-Rewind-Vinyl-2002-SND
C-Mos-Calling All Cars-Vinyl-2002-SND
Colin Dale-You Know How-Vinyl-2002-SND
Cortina-Music Is Moving (New Mixes-Vinyl Disc 2)-2001-iPZ
Cosmos - Take Me With You Incl Vocal Mix-Promo-Vinyl-2002-IPZ
Cream 10th Birthday Special-Fatboy Slim Live 12-10-2002-1REAL
Crispin J Glover Feat Johnnie Fiori-Never Give Up-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Cuba Libre - Romeo Y Julieta-Promo Vinyl-2002-SQ
CZR And ITO-Soiree-Vinyl-2002-SND
D Track-Back To Bass-Vinyl-2002-SND
Dallas Kiss-Revelation-Vinyl-2002-SND
Daniel Mode-Muzik Pressure-Vinyl-2002-SND
Daniels And Sin Plomo-Rules Of Life-Vinyl-2002-SND
Dave Ralph - Party 931 (3-27-02)-RADIO-2002-tronik
Davide Sgarbi-Untitled-Promo Vinyl-2002-KTMP3
DD Sound-Cafe-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
DDS Ft Janet Gray-Dont Stop The Music-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
De Nuit-All That Mattered-Vinyl-2002-SND
Dean Facer-Fun And Games-Vinyl-2001-UTE
Death In Vegas - Scorpio-Vinyl-2002-tronik
Dee Pattern Vs JDS - Whos the Bad Man-Promo-Vinyl-2002-iPZ
Deep Swing And Luis Radio-Musica-Promo Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Deep Swing Feat. Donna Washington-Were Going Up-Promo Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Defective Audio EP - VCR011-(Promo Vinyl)-2002-iPZ
Den Morris and Shylock - Lean (Silver Pearl 017)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
Dennis Ferrer - Reach 4 Freedom-Vinyl-2002-SQ
Discocaine - Touchdown-Vinyl-2002-iPZ
Dj Alex-Gettin up-Vinyl-2001-POW
DJ Buck - Living Room Chronicles Vol 3-Vinyl-2002-SQ
DJ Cross - Dance Department (Radio 538)-Cable 11-30-2002-MiM
Dj D-At Last (I Can Be Free)-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Dj Duck-Do You Want-Promo CDR-2002-SND
DJ Electric-Sunset On The Beach-Promo CDS-2002-SND
Dj Electric-Untitled-Promo CDS-2002-SND
DJ Goldfinger-Welcome To The Costa Brava-(HJDM4001183)-CDS-FLAC-2003-WRE
Dj Grad-Starfish Dj Kolya Underwater Mix-CDR-2002-SND
DJ Houze Mon Ft Cei Bei-I Cant Turn Around-Vinyl-2002-SND
DJ Illogik-Future Sound Of Hard Dance 15-03-2002-1REAL
DJ Isaac - Live at IDT Radio (Q-Dance)-02-20-2002-TWCMP3
DJ John Doe vs. Star Child-DJ John Doe vs. Star Child-2001-REV
Dj Kimo and Hafid Fido - So Free-Vinyl-2002-iPZ
DJ Kimo And Hafid Fido-Victory The Remixes-Vinyl-2002-SND
DJ Loop - Fascinate-Promo-Vinyl-2002-iPZ
DJ Oxide Vs Fatboy Slim - 69 to the Floor-2001-iPZ
DJ Phoenix-Movin House 16-06-2002-1REAL
DJ Pierre-Free For Life-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
DJ Pierre-Switch 2001-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
DJ Pure - Remember (Radio Couleur3) 12-23-2002-Cable-2002-LtH
Dj Shahrokh feat Esther Adams-Hot Stuff-Vinyl-2002-BMI
DJ Sonic-T - Live at Tranceescape 20-06-2002-iDC
Dj Soulstar Vs Pierre Paradise-Go-Vinyl-2002-PULSE
DJ Stefano Bonato - Virtual Indians-Vinyl-2002-DOC
Dj T-Gold Dreamer-Promo-Vinyl-2002-BMI
DJ Tiesto-Live on Radio BU 99 FM-06-29-Radio-2002-EOM
Don Diablo - On My Own-Vinyl-2002-XDS
Double 99-Freekazoid-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Drew Erskine-On The Floor At Renaissance 25-08-2002-1REAL
Drew Erskin-On The Floor At Renaissance 20-06-2002-1REAL
Drexxel-Big Trouble In Little Aix-EP-Vinyl-2002-SND
Drums-Ibiza Royal Drum-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Duplex Ft Richard Rogers-Right Back On You-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Earresistible Musick-Pornorama-Limited Edition EP-2002-SND
East Town-Come To Me-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Ed Real-Future Sound Of Hard Dance 06-03-2002-1REAL
Ed Real-Future Sound Of Hard Dance 06-07-2002-1REAL
Ed Real-Future Sound Of Hard Dance 09-07-2002-1REAL
Ed Real-Future Sound Of Hard Dance 14-02-2002-1REAL
Ed Real-Future Sound Of Hard Dance 15-04-2002-1REAL
Ed Real-Future Sound Of Hard Dance 20-08-2002-1REAL
Ed Real-Future Sound Of Hard Dance 21-05-2002-1REAL
Ed Real-Future Sound Of Hard Dance 29-07-2002-1REAL
Eddie Matos-Moving Forward-EP-Vinyl-2002-SND
Electrik Soul Brothers-The Sound Ritual EP-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Electrik Soul-HD 001-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Elesse-The Liberian Track-Vinyl-2002-SND
E-People-We Loved-Vinyl-2002-SND
Erland Oye - Sudden Rush (Incl Ewan Pearson Remix)-CDS-2003-iPZ
Evolution Feat Jayn Hanna - Walking on Fire Evolution Mix-Promo-Vinyl-2002-MiP
Exit - EP 9-Vinyl-2002-MiP
Fantastic Plastic Machine - Love Is Psychedelic-Promo Vinyl-2001-iDC
Felipe Inoa Patrone And Serebe Kironde-Silence 2002-Vinyl-2002-SND
Fergie - Exclusive Promo-(CDM)-2002-iPZ
Fertile Ground-Let The Wind Blow-Vinyl-2002-SND
Fierce Ruling Diva-You Gotta Believe-CDM-2002-SND
First Class-Clap Top On Me-Vinyl-2002-SND
French Funk Specialist-All Around The World-Vinyl-2002-SND
Frequency 01 - Deep Station-Retail Vinyl-2002-SQ
Future Groove-I See the Light-Promo-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Gant Garrard-Disko Will Never Die-Vinyl-2002-SND
Gaston And Phillips-Insolacion Disc 1-Vinyl-2002-SND
Gaston And Rowell Featuring Kent-Summer Skies-Vinyl-2002-SND
Gatecrasher NEC-Xpress2 Live 13-04-2002-1REAL
Gatecrasher NEC-X-Press2 Live 16-11-2002-1REAL
Gene Farris Featuring Lady Sarah-Black Satin-(SOMA125)-Vinyl-2002-SND
Ghis A Meets Cheryl Porter-Bad Groove (Music in Your Soul)-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Gloria Gaynor-I Am What I Am-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Godskitchen Carnival Newcastle-Tidy Boys Live 09-03-2002-1REAL
Godskitchen Global Gathering 2002-David Morales Live 27-07-2002-1REAL
Goldtrix Presents Andrea Brown-Its Love (Trippin)-CDM-2002-SND
Gomes - Live at Innercity 2001-Radio-29-12-2001-iPZ
Greg O-The Drill Reconstruction-Vinyl-2002-SND
Groove Armada-Superstylin-(9252399)-CDS-FLAC-2001-dL
Gu68-Drums-Promo Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Half A Heart-Untitled-Promo Vinyl-2002-SND
Hardtrax Records - Promo 14-(Promo Vinyl)-2001-iPZ
Haris - Always on My Mind-Promo-Vinyl-2002-iPZ
Harry - Sex Goes Round Jameson Mix-Promo Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Heads Of State-Pedro (ADX 023)-Vinyl-2002-SND
Helen Garcia-Soul Soothing Sunshine-(SPCDS030)-CDS-FLAC-2002-WRE
Hi-Gate - Work It Out-Promo Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Hitchild Feat Kless-We Got it (Im Just a Funly Man) -2002-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Hi-Tek Feat Jonell - Round and Round So Solid Rmx-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
House Of Jubilee-I Pray-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Ian Pooley-Missing You-(NRK064)-Vinyl-2002-SND
Ilogik - Make it Happen Remixes-Promo-Vinyl-2002-iPZ
Impala People-Margherita-(MS 375-5)-CDS-FLAC-2002-WRE
Impulz Sessions - 03 Lisa Pinup-(Exclusive MD)-2002-iPZ
Impulz Sessions - 04 Andy Farley-(Exclusive MD)-2002-iPZ
Impulz Sessions - 05 Paul Glazby-(MD)-2002-iPZ
Inside Feat Sanae-Need Somebody-Vinyl-2002-SND
Inspiration Records-Pulse X-Promo-Vinyl-2002-PULSE
Instep Ft Mintzy Berry-I Can Do Bad All By Myself-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
J. Majik Ft Kathy Brown-Love Is Not A Game-Part 2-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
J. Sanchez And C. Smith-United-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Jack Floyd-Move Your Feet-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Jake Fairley-Cold World-(Send022)-Vinyl-2002-EMP
Jameson Vs Whitney Houston - Fine-Promo Vinyl-2002-iPZ
Jamie Lewis And Luis Benedetti-Indipendent Moods-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Jas-The Rules of Space EP-Promo Vinyl-2002-UTE
Jay B - Crank the Funk-Promo-Vinyl-2002-iPZ
Jay Cox - Tribal Funk EP 250 copies-(Ltd.Ed. Vinyl)-2002-iPZ
Jerome O - Cosmic Dust EP-Promo-Vinyl-2002-iPZ
Jimmy Sommerville - Safe-Promo-CDS-2002-SQ
JL-So Nice-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
JN and Dyn Int - Back To The Funk 2001 (Vol 1)-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Joao Bahia-Malandro-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Joe And Jessey-Pure Hooney-Vinyl-2002-SND
Joe Montana-Fragile-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Joe T Vannelli Project-Stand Up-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Joeski And DJ Chus-El Amor Pt 2-Vinyl-2002-SND
Joesky And Onionz-Tatoo Session-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Jon Bishop - Stalker Inc Ingo Remix-Vinyl-2002-iPZ
Jose Nunez-Harmonizer-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Josh One-Contemplation New Mixes-Promo CDM-2002-TCLUB
Jovonn-Back To House-Vinyl-2002-SND
JP - Ready To Jam-(Promo Bootleg)-2002-iPZ
Jr-Lets Go Disco-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Julius Papp - Release the Groove-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Junior Sanchez And Rhythm Masters Are New Age Funkstas-Rock Your Body-Vinyl-2001-UTE
Jupiter Day-The Morning After Aloe Remix-Promo-CDS-2002-PULSE
Karaja - She Moves La La La-CDM-2002-SQ
Kava Kava-Maui Incl Cienna Remix-Vinyl-2002-SND
Kevin Yost - Move Your Mind-Vinyl-2002-SQ
Kevin Yost - One Starry Night (Evup 004)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
King of House - Can You Feel it-CDS-2002-iPZ
King Of House-Billie Jean-Promo CDS-2002-FSP
Kinga-Lights Out-Vinyl-2001-UTE
Kings Of Tomorrow-Young Hearts Remixes-Vinyl-2002-SND
Kirsty Hawkshaw-Fine Day-Promo CDM-2002-BMI
Knee Deep-Nightbirds-Promo-Vinyl-2002-PULSE
Knee Deep-Upperclass-Vinyl-2002-SND
Kobbe-Metro Turn-Vinyl-2002-SND
Kosheen - Hide U Remixes-Promo Vinyl-2001-PULSE
Krystal K-Lets Get it Right (Remixes)-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Kumara - Snap Ya Fingaz-(Unreleased Remix)-2001-iPZ
Kylie Minogue - In Your Eyes-Ltd.Ed. Vinyl-2002-SQ
Kylie Minogue-In Your Eyes Remixes Pt 1 Vinyl-2002-SND
Latin All Star-Salsa Vibes-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Lee Coombs-Breaks Ep-Vinyl-2002-SND
Lee Haslam (Tidy Trax)-Live On Galaxy 12-01-2002-1REAL
Les fils du soleil mt X-Beat - Sexual relations-Remix Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Les Rythmes Digitales-Hey You Whats That Sound-Vinyl-1998-MS
LHB-Tell Em Who We Are-2002-BMI
Liberty X-Just A Little-Remix Vinyl-2002-SND
Limelife - Peanut Butter Mixed by Todd Terry-Vinyl-2002-SQ
Lionel Richie-Dont Stop The Music-Joey Negro Remixes-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Liquid People vs Simple Minds-Monster-CDM-2002-BMI
Lisa Lashes-Dance 2 The House (Dont Go)-CDS-2001-1REAL
Lisa Lashes-Live At Judgement Sunday Eden Ibiza xx-08-2002-1REAL
Lisa Pin Up and London Fiesta - Jump Jump Jump-Vinyl-2002-iPZ
Lisa Pin-Up - Baddest Mutha Remixes-Promo Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Lost Children-Love Song-Vinyl-2002-PULSE
Lost Witness-Ibiza 1 (FIXED)-2x12-Promo Vinyl-2002-1REAL
Lost Witness-Ibiza 1-2x12-Promo Vinyl-2002-1REAL
Lost Witness-On The Floor At Renaissance 01-08-2002-1REAL
Low Sound - Samba (Luxury Grooves 053)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
Luca Ricci Ft Gary Bardouille-Happy Ever After-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Lucas Feat Blu Specialist Moss - My Feet Work-Remix Vinyl-2002-iPZ
Luis Botella-Funkosmonic Ep-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Luis Radio Ft Sabrina Johnston-House Music--Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Luna Bianca-Flama-Vinyl-2002-SND
Lupine Howl-Vaporizer One Sided-Vinyl-2002-SND
Lutricia Mcneal - Someone Loves You Honey Club Asylum Vocal Mix-2002-iPZ
M and K-Rappers Delight-Vinyl-2002-BMI
M Factor - Mother Onesided-Promo-Vinyl-2002-iPZ
M Factor-Mother-Promo-CDS-2002-SND
Mac And Mac-Hard Time-Promo-Vinyl-2002-SND
Maikee sweet - Groovy soul-Promo-CDM-2002-iPZ
Mainframe - Mainframe-Vinyl-2001-tronik
Mandara - Groove on (SHAKES REC 001)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
Manijama Feat Mukupa and Lil T - No No No (Incl K Klass Ultra Vocal Mix)-CDS-2003-iPZ
Manijama-No No No 2X12-VINYL-2002-BPM HOUSE
Manijama-No No No-Promo-Vinyl-2002-MiP
Manu Dibango-Soul Makossa-(981 074-6)-PROMO-CDM-FLAC-2003-BTTR
Marcel Woods-Live at IDT Radio (Shockers) 05-24-2002-TWCLIVE
Marcello Castelli-Espacial Aborigen-Vinyl-2002-SND
Marcello Castelli-Sonar-Vinyl-2002-SND
Mark Shimmon Vs. 3rd Degree - Dark Feelin (Remixes)-Vinyl-2001-tronik
Martin101 - Elektrofunk-(Vinyl)-2001-iPZ
Massimo Lippoli-Les Hommes Indispensable Part 2-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Masters At Work-Backfired-CDS-2002-ESC
Mathias Ware-Hey Little Girl Disc Two-Vinyl-2002-UTE
Max And Amino-Alien Jab-Vinyl-2002-TWCMP3
medway and sean cusick - neutrix and stray cuts saw022-vinyl-2003-boss
Meeker - Save Me-Vinyl-2002-iPZ
Mike G-Bellslut-Ltd.Ed. Vinyl-2002-SND
Milk And Sugar With Damien J. Carter-I Got This Feeling-CDM-2002-SND
Milk And Sugar With Damien J. Carter-Lift Me Up (Tees Dub Mix)-Promo Vinyl-2002-SND
Milk and Sugar with Damien J Carter - I Got this Feeling-Promo-Vinyl-2002-MiP
Milk And Sugar-Fun 2000 Hannover Live 26-10-2002-1REAL
Milk And Sugar-Lift Me Up Edition 2-Vinyl-2002-SND
Miss Thunderpussy - Ministry of Sound Session-07-07-DAB-2002-XDS
Modjo Vs Eminem-Chillin Underground-Vinyl Bootleg-2002-SND
Modjo-No More Tears Bootleg-Vinyl-2002-SND
Moo1 - So Fly-(Retail Vinyl)-2002-iPZ
Motive - Please Dont And Not Without Your Love-Vinyl-2002-tronik
Mr A.L.I.-Rial-Ltd.Ed. Vinyl-2002-SND
Mr Mike-We Gonna House It Up-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Mr Pink Presents The Program-Love And Affection-CDM-2002-SND
MR S and MR N - Heavy Petal-Vinyl-2002-XDS
M-Theory Feat. Tanya Beecham-Angels-Promo Vinyl-2002-SND
MV-Wait Till Tomorrow-Vinyl-2002-SND
Mysterious People-Fly Away-Full Vinyl-2002-BMI
Neurotron - Wellenfront-EP-2002-XDS
Next Chapter-Like This-Ltd.Ed. Vinyl-2002-SND
Nick K And Kid Vicious-Pants Down Spanking-Vinyl-2001-SND
Nick Santillan And Marc-Alen Gray Feat Carrie-Adore-Vinyl-2002-SND
Nightcrawlers-Push The Feeling-Vinyl-2001-UTE
Nile-Kiss Me-Vinyl-2002-SND
Noa-Lets Go To Bed-Vinyl-2002-SND
Norma Jean Bell-Dreams And Mystery (PFG014)-Vinyl-2002-MS
Nukleuz - Hard House Anthems 4 Sampler-Promo-CDS-2003-iPZ
Nulleins - Freeway-EP-2002-XDS
OD1 - Good Thing-(Promo Vinyl)-2001-iPZ
Od404-Robot Jam-Promo Vinyl-2002-SND
Olivier Le Castor-Tonal EP-Vinyl-2001-UTE
One Eyed Jack - Lets Rock-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
One Love-I Dont Know-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Onionz And Master D-The Fading Memories EP-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Orange Soul Feat Angie Brown-Tower Of Love-Vinyl-2002-SND
Orange-Remember Me-Vinyl-2002-SND
Ortus - Glow-Vinyl-2001-tronik
Osmosis-Gyro Slam-Vinyl-2002-SND
Osunlade Pres Sambas-Obatala Y Oduduwa-Vinyl-2002-SND
Osunlade Pres Sambas-Que Vive El Canto-Vinyl-2002-SND
Pablo Rodriguez-The Discorevenge EP-Vinyl-2002-SND
Paris And Healey - Under Pressure-Promo-Vinyl-2002-tronik
Paul Glazby - The Beautiful Remixes-(Promo Vinyl)-2002-iPZ
Paul Johnson Feat Jessica-Erotic City-Vinyl-2002-SND
Paul Oakenfold-State Side Live 15-12-2002-1REAL
PB And J Feat Hannah Dorsey-The Way-Vinyl-2002-SND
Pete Moss - Fearless EP (Vista 010)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
Pfaffendorf - Be Cool-CDS-2001-KTMP3
Phender - Slowly But Surely-Promo-Vinyl-2002-MiP
Photek-Mine To Give-(QEDCDJ10)-PROMO-CDS-FLAC-2001-dL
Pirates of Tribal - Hot Like the Sun Whitelabel Promo-Vinyl-2002-SQ
Planet Funk-Who Said-(SAMPCS12665)-PROMO-CDS-FLAC-2003-BTTR
Planete Noire-Movin On-Vinyl-2001-SND
Plank 15-Strings Of Life Remixes-Promo Vinyl-2002-SND
Plank 15-Strings Of Life-CDS-2002-SND
Ppk-Ressurection-Promo-2002-BPM HOUSE
Prince-Purple Rain 2002-Vinyl-2002-SND
Prophets Of Sound - Parade-EP Vinyl-2001-PULSE
Prototype-La Caldera-Remix Vinyl-2002-SND
Puncher - The Wall-CDS-2001-KTMP3
R. Rivera Grooves-Funk-A-Tron (Incl. Remixes)-CDM-2002-SND
Raoul Zerna - Ecuador Y Todo El Mundo-Promo CDR-2002-tronik
Ravi Mc Arthur - Try to Save Our Song (VISITOR021)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
Ray Hurley-Ride The Storm-Promo Vinyl-2002-SND
Recycle Ep-Vol 2 Disc 1-Promo-Vinyl-2002-SND
Red Buddah-Recovery Remixes-Vinyl-2002-SND
Red Shift - This High-Vinyl-2001-tronik
Renegade and Keri Roberts-Sex Bomb-Promo Vinyl-2001-tronik
Ridney Vs Punch - Goodlovin (300 Copies)-(Ltd.Ed. Vinyl)-2002-iPZ
Rise Ashen - Second Wind EP (Bombay 116)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
Rivera Rotation-Yes You Are-Vinyl-2002-SND
Robbie Rivera - Ritmo-Vinyl-2002-tronik
Robbie Rivera-Funk-A-Tron Robbies Remixes-Vinyl-2002-PULSE
Robin S - Show Me Love Rmxs-2x12-Vinyl-2002-SND
Rockwell-Somebodys Watching Me-Vinyl-2002-SND
Rollerblade-When Ive Done My First Hit-Vinyl-2001-UTE
Ron Gelfer-Do You Remember-Promo-CDS-2002-PULSE
Rossi - Q-Dance (IDT Radio)-12-04-CABLE-2002-XDS
Royksopp - Poor Leno-CDM-2001-CiG
Royksopp - Sparks-Promo CDS-2003-tronik
Royksopp-Remind Me-CDS1-UK-2002-DS
Royksopp-Remind Me-CDS2-UK-2002-DS
RR Fierce-Neuronex-Promo-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Rue St Denis-Getting Down In The Sunshine-Vinyl-2001-UTE
Russ-The Logic-Vinyl-2001-GTA
S.W.A.P. - Rock the House-Retail Vinyl-2002-SQ
S Club - Alive and Dance Funky Mixes-Promo-Vinyl-2002-MiP
Sabotage - Vol 1-White-Vinyl-2002-iPZ
Sandstorm-Oomba Part 1-Promo Vinyl-2001-MTC
Sandstorm-Oomba Part 2-Promo Vinyl-2001-MTC
Sebastian Leger-Tonight-Vinyl-2002-SND
Secret Concept Ft Quaima - Tamboraland-Vinyl-2002-SQ
Sen-Sei and David Coleman - Geronimo-Promo-Vinyl-2002-tronik
Shafunkers-Act Two E.P.-(PREMIER006)-Vinyl-2002-MTC
Shaggy-Hey Sexy Lady feat Brian and Tony Gold-DK Remix CDM-2002-BMI
Sharam Jey Pres. James Douglas-Out Of Your Mind-Vinyl-2002-SND
Sharam Jey Pres the Punisher - Straight Up-Promo-Vinyl-2002-MiP
Sharam Jey-4 Da Loverz-Vinyl-2002-SND
Sharam Jey-You Know Remixes-Vinyl-2002-SND
Sidechained - Citychained (Abyss Rec 005)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
Sieg Uber Die Sonne - Im Not A Sound-Promo-Vinyl-2002-MiP
Sign 13 - 2nd Degree-Promo-CDR-2002-MiP
Sinead Oconnor-Troy The Phoenix From The Flame-CDM-2002-DS
Sinema Feat. Sandra-You Keep Me Hangin On-Vinyl-2002-SND
Sinema-In Your Eyes EP-Vinyl-2002-SND
Skywalker-How Gee Incl Solid Punk Remix-Promo-Vinyl-2002-MiP
Slacker-On The Floor At Renaissance 17-02-2002-1REAL
Slam-Alien Radio-Vinyl-2001-UTE
Slide Vs Healey-Sink Or Swim-Vinyl-2002-SND
Slow Train Soul-In The Black Of Night-(PGMCDS35)-CDM-FLAC-2003-BTTR
Smith and Lavelle - The Legend-Vinyl-2002-MiP
Snooze-Doremifa Girl Ananda Project Remix-Vinyl-2002-SND
Sodex-My Melody-Vinyl-2002-SND
Solar Plexus-Solar Plexus-Vinyl-2003-MNS
Solaris - People-Vinyl-2002-tronik
Solid Solution - The Logical Song-CDS-2001-KTMP3
Solu Music Feat Karen Gardner-Love Come Around-Vinyl-2002-SND
Sonic-T - Live at Tranceescape 27-06-2002-iDC
Sonic-T - Live at Tranceescape 30-05-2002-iDC
Sonic-T - Remember (Radio Couleur3) 12-26-2002-Cable-2002-LtH
Soul Doubt-Red Bridge-EP-2002-SND
Soul Providers Feat Robin Rush-Let the Sunshine in-Vinyl-2002-SND
Soul Providers Ft Michelle Shellers-Hold On-Promo Vinyl-2001-iDC
Soulkeeper - Deeper-CDM-2002-MiP
Soundcheque Vs Cheryl Porter-Miracle-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Sounds Of Life-Mousetrap-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
South East Players - Horny Drum Machine (Remix)-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Soviente-Copacabana(Escape From Rio)-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Space Frog Xray-Follow Me-CDM-2002-DS
Spiller Vs Lisa Stansfield - Groovejet Vs People Hold on-Ltd.Ed.-Vinyl-2002-MiP
Starecase-Faith Loafer Remix-One Sided-Promo Vinyl-2002-MiP
Step Time Orchestra - Thats the End-CDM-2002-MiP
Stevie Wonder-Another Star 2002-Vinyl-2002-SND
Stixman-Da Bop-Vinyl-2001-UTE
Storm 4 - Unknown-Promo Vinyl-2001-PULSE
Streetvibes - Born To Be A Child-Vinyl-2001-iDC
Strump Dump-Old Skool Beat (Incl. Remixes)-CDM-2002-SND
Sunshine-Project vs Avant Garde - Get Down 2002-Bootleg-Promo CDS-2002-iPZ
Sure Player-Everybodys Flying-Vinyl-2002-SND
Suspicious Featuring Jocelyn Brown-Stitch-PROMO-CDR-FLAC-2002-BTTR
Suzanne Palmer-Show Me Remixes-Vinyl-2002-SND
Swain And Snell - Come Baby Ride-Promo-Vinyl-2002-tronik
SWAT Feat DJ Rasoul-They Keep Coming-EP-2002-SND
Sylwia Chaliss-Loud Enough-(BAMCDS3002)-PROMO-CDS-FLAC-2003-BTTR
Telepopmusik - Breathe-CDS-2002-WLM
Terry Francis - Move Your (Groovepleasure 003)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
The Amazing Project Ft Rover - I Like That-CDS-2001-KTMP3
The Circle of Friends EP - Part 2-(Promo Vinyl)-2002-iPZ
The Circle of Friends EP - Remixes Part 1-(Promo Vinyl)-2002-iPZ
The Crazy Drummer-Rollercoaster-Vinyl-2001-BPM
The Crumpster-Stomp Your Feet-Vinyl-2002-BMI
The Dolphins - House Panic (Guidance118)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
The Eternals-Astropioneers-Vinyl-2002-SND
The Floorfillerz-The Sweat-CDM-2005-BPM HOUSE
The Headhunterz-You Know The Score-Limited Edition-Vinyl-2002-UTE
The House Force-Just Do-Vinyl-2002-SND
The Hustle Brothers-Jacks Groove One Sided-Vinyl-2002-SND
The Long Run-Mambo Jambo-Vinyl-2002-SND
The Numbskulls-Pork Horn-Promo-Vinyl-2002-SND
The Numbskulls-Womb 13-Promo-Vinyl-2002-SND
The Pound Boys Express-Betty-Promo-Vinyl-2002-BMI
The Producers-Be Yourself-Promo-Vinyl-2002-BMI
The Rurals-Messages-EP-2002-SND
The Science Of Rhythm-Work-Vinyl-2001-UTE
The Space Cowboy-I Would Die 4 You Remixes-Vinyl-2002-SND
The Sugarland Gang-Straight Up To You-Vinyl-2002-SND
The Sunday Prayers-Central Park (BF00125E)-Promo-Vinyl-2002-MiP
The Tabledancers-Turn Me On-Vinyl-2002-SND
The Velours Brothers-Disco Noir EP-Vinyl-2002-SND
The Wit-Music for Freaks-Promo-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Thin Men-You Are-Promo-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Those Norwegians-Toons Terry Lee Brown Jr Re-Remix Vinyl-2002-SND
Tiesto-Global DJ Broadcast (Party931) 23-12-2002-1REAL
Tim De Luxe Vs Matt Bianco-Wap Bam Boogie Wont Do-Promo-Bootleg-2002-BMI
Timo Maas Feat. MC Chickaboo-Shifter-Promo-CDM-2002-SND
Timo Maas Feat Kelis - Help Me-(SUPER DJ 2055)-Promo-Vinyl-2002-XDS
Timo Maas Vs Simpson Tune-Bring It Down-Vinyl-2002-SND
Timo Maas-Shifter-Promo-CDM-2002-SND
Tod Gardner Feat Gynisse-Whatever-Promo-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Todd Gardner Feat Gynisse-Whatever-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Tom And Joyce-Queixume - Revisited By MAW-Vinyl-2002-SND
Tom Gianelli-Sticky Biscuit EP-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Tommy Carter-In The Mix On Sputnik Lounge-17-02-2002-1REAL
Tomy Or Zox - Music Makes Me Happy-Promo-Vinyl-2002-tronik
Tony De Vit And Simon Parkes-Dont U-Limited Edition-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Tony Thomas - Feel the Music EP-Vinyl-2002-SQ
Tortured Soul-Hows Your Life Part 1-Vinyl-2002-SND
Trains EP-Bongos-Promo-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Transluzent Feat Odessa-I Need You-Vinyl-2002-SND
Tripoli Trax - Allstars EP-Bonus-CD-2001-iPZ
Trouble Men Feat Colonel Abrams-Hurt My Feelings-Vinyl-2002-SND
Trust and Fletch-Is it Really U-CDM-2002-BMI
Tungsten - Complicity-Promo Vinyl-2002-tronik
Twilight Twins-Love On Your Side-Vinyl-2002-SND
Twin Pitch-Ghetto Blaster EP-Vinyl-2002-SND
Ty-Tek - Ultrasonic (Dirty Blue 002)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
U Karma-Freelance Science-Promo-Vinyl-2002-BMI
UDG-Ultimate Dream-Vinyl-2002-SND
Ultra Nate-I Dont Understand-Remix-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Undisputed Truth - Wreakage and Ruin-Promo-Vinyl-2002-MiP
Unknown - Blah-White Label-Vinyl-2002-iPZ
Unknown - Crazy People(White)-(Promo Vinyl)-2002-iPZ
Unknown - Donna Kebab-Promo Vinyl-2002-MiP
Unknown - Good Love (MISCHIEF002)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
Unknown - Party Tonight-Promo CDS-2002-SQ
Unknown - Suckers-(Promo Bootleg)-2002-iPZ
Unknown - Voodoo Lover-Promo-Vinyl-2002-iPZ
Unknown - Where You Belong-Promo Vinyl-2001-SQ
Unknown Artist - Purple-Promo-Vinyl-2002-iPZ
Unknown Artist-Beach of Esalos-Promo-CDS-2002-PULSE
Unknown Artist-Come On Everybody-(STINGME001)-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Unknown Artist-Easy Lover 2002-Promo-CDS-2002-PULSE
Unknown Artist-King of the Decks-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Unknown Artist-Lit Up and Doves-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Unknown Artist-Lowdown-White Label-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Unknown Artist-Suck My Friend-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Unknown Artist-Swiss Diner-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Unknown Artist-the Slave and the Dub-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Unknown-Because-Promo CDS-2002-SND
Unknown-Days And Times-Bootleg Vinyl-2002-SND
Unknown-Good Girl-Promo-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Unknown-I Believe-Promo-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Unknown-Loose Control-Promo-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Unknown-Sil RMX-Promo Vinyl-2002-SND
Unknown-The Ones And The Twos-Bootleg Vinyl-2002-SND
Unknown-Unknown Boot-Bootleg Vinyl-2002-SND
UPS-Fade to Kent-Promo CDS-2002-BMI
Uriel - The Cougar-Vinyl-2001-NmE
V.A.-Tripoli Trax Vol 4 Disc 1-Promo Vinyl-2002-SND
VA-Advance EP-Vinyl-2001-UTE
VA-Perfecto Presents-Great Wall-3x12 Vinyl-2003-UTE
VA-The White Disc-Vol 108w-2002-PULSE
VIP-Gotta Have It-Vinyl-2002-BMI
Vollsmose Singlen-Et Faelles Spor-DK CDS-2002-BMI
Volts Wagen-Feelin Alright-Promo-Vinyl-2001-UTE
Wally Lopez - Factorizando-Vinyl-2002-SQ
We In Music-For The Floorz-Vinyl-2002-SND
White label - beating of the drumz-(Vinyl)-2002-iPZ
White Label-In Trouble-Promo Vinyl-2001-MTC
White Label-Massage in A Brothel-Vinyl-2001-MTC
White Label-Say Hey-Promo CDR-2002-SND
Whitelabel - R.S.-Vinyl-2002-SQ
Whitelabel - Wannabe-Promo Vinyl-2002-SQ
Whitelabel-Criminally Smooth One Sided-Vinyl-2002-SND
X Cabs-Bolero-Vinyl-2002-PULSE
X-Press 2 feat Dieter Meier-I Want You Back-2x12-Promo Vinyl-2002-MTC
Xzique - Your Mind (Disc 2)-Promo-Vinyl-2001-tronik
Xzique-Your Mind (Disc Two)-Vinyl-2002-MiM INT
Yellow Energy - Bomba-CDS-2001-KTMP3
Yolanda Wins-I Know I Live You-Joey Negro Remixes-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Yomanda Vs AJ Gibson-Synth and Things-Bootleg-Vinyl-2002-PULSE
Zeki Lin Project - No Escape (City Sounds)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
Zia - Les Mysterieuses Cites Dor-CDM-2002-iPZ
Zolex - Dance Opera-Vinyl-2002-iPZ

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Trance FLAC
  FLAC-LOSSLESS | Author: Admin | 25-10-2019, 22:43

Adam Navel-Spitfire Mirage-(ASK039)-WEB-2011-LOSSLESS-L4L
Airwave-I Want To Believe - Remastered Deluxe Edition-(BCD2019462)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Alexey Omen-Halls Creek-(ASK031)-WEB-2010-LOSSLESS-L4L
Alternate High and Laucco-Dune Du Pilat-(BTSR276)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Alternate High-Run To Your Rescue-(BTSR280)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Altitude-Silence Is Loud-(PLATMU76)-WEB-2012-LOSSLESS-L4L
Andy Jornee and Zara Taylor-Everything Changes In Your Eyes-(BTSR273)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Angel and Jozhy K-Perfect Woman-(ASK035)-WEB-2010-LOSSLESS-L4L
Anguilla Project-Nightmare Creatures EP-(DANGBX010)-WEB-2008-LOSSLESS-L4L
Artem Zlobin ft. Anton Ovsyukov-String Through The Heart-(ASK049)-WEB-2011-LOSSLESS-L4L
Artem Zlobin-Intuitive Insight Iridescent Snowfall-(ASK045)-WEB-2011-LOSSLESS-L4L
Artem Zlobin-Phoenix Wandering Wind-(ASK040)-WEB-2011-LOSSLESS-L4L
Ashley Wallbridge-Masquerade-(AVA013)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Atem Niblz-Gold Moon Red Planet-(ASK025)-WEB-2010-LOSSLESS-L4L
Atem Niblz-Green Awakening Water Tribe-(ASK023)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Atem Niblz-Serene Air Spirit Of Yellow Forest-(ASK033)-WEB-2010-LOSSLESS-L4L
Atem Niblz-Stop Time Silver Storm-(ASK019)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Avenger and Hodel-Rebirth-(ASK012)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Basil OGlue-Traitors Pledge-(JOOF306)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Beat Service and Xspective Sense-Feel Our Heaven-(ASK017)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Beat Service meets Tucandeo feat Manon Polare-Waiting For The Sun-(CLHR096)-WEB-2010-LOSSLESS-L4L
Beat Service-Nectar EP-(ASK008)-WEB-2008-LOSSLESS-L4L
Bissen ft. Victoria Jane-Fly Away-(DRIZ2088)-WEB-2007-LOSSLESS-L4L
Bissen ft. Victoria Jane-Melting-(DRIZ2086)-WEB-2007-LOSSLESS-L4L
Bissen-Collective Unconscious EP-(BBC2015169)-WEB-2015-LOSSLESS-L4L
Bixx-Escape To Euphoria-(ABRD201)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Blade Attack-Seelenwandler-(BLV38088)-WEB-2000-LOSSLESS-L4L
Blue and Andrelli ft. Hila-Whats Going On-(ASK010)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Blue Serigala-Constitution-(BTSR272)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Bluebear Project-Nowhere To Go-(10004157)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Brvnni-Moodiness EP-(BP8722019)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Calvin OCommor-Light Years Away (George Crossfield Remix)-(BTSR277)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Chamberlain-Tek 3000 Way To Paradise-(INSPD003)-WEB-2006-LOSSLESS-L4L
Commander Tom-Are Am Eye The 2019 Remixes-(NOOM076)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Daniel Heatcliff-Never Slow Down-(INSPD08)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Daniel Lesden-Breaking From The Shadows-(JOOF308)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Dave Steward-In The Dark (Extended Edition)-(NC01B)-WEB-2018-LOSSLESS-L4L
Dave Steward-Rage-(NC0040)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Dj Greenhead-Crystal-(BLV53166)-WEB-2004-LOSSLESS-L4L
DJ Shog-Remember December-(ONDRIZ004)-WEB-2008-LOSSLESS-L4L
DJ Shog-The 2nd Dimension-(BLV243445)-WEB-2002-LOSSLESS-L4L
DreamLife and Laucco-Trilogy EP-(BTSR058E)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
DreamLife vs Craig Mortimer and Coke Montilla-Life Above Our World-(ABSK065)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Duderstadt vs Store N Forward-Broken-(AGR039)-WEB-2008-LOSSLESS-L4L
Eddie Sender-Genesis-(INSP014)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Element One-South Haven International Language-(CLHR085)-WEB-2010-LOSSLESS-L4L
Eric Prydz pres Pryda-Pryda-(5099963538250)-WEB-2012-LOSSLESS-L4L iNT
Etasonic vs Laucco-Tetrameral EP-(BTSR060E)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Flutlicht-Icarus (The Flight)-(BLV38082)-WEB-2001-LOSSLESS-L4L
Flutlicht-The Fall Icarus (The Flight) (The Remixes)-(ONDRIZ016)-WEB-2010-LOSSLESS-L4L
Frank Anthony and Nino Anthony-Balance Retox EP-(ASK004)-WEB-2008-LOSSLESS-L4L
Frank Anthony-Moonlight Madness Hola EP-(ASK001)-WEB-2008-LOSSLESS-L4L
Gai Barone-Appetite EP-(ASK009)-WEB-2008-LOSSLESS-L4L
Gai Barone-Younique-(ASK047)-WEB-2011-LOSSLESS-L4L
Gianluca Motta ft. Molly Bancroft-Not Alone-(WLM004)-WEB-2008-LOSSLESS-L4L
Gosh-Understate True Way-(ASK027)-WEB-2010-LOSSLESS-L4L
Grande Piano-Black Locomotive-(ABSK066)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Gravity 2000-Welcome To The New Millenium-(BLV37662)-WEB-1999-LOSSLESS-L4L
Harryson-Atlantica Pacifica-(ASK020)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Hodel and Anguilla Project-Emerald-(INFRA056)-WEB-2011-LOSSLESS-L4L
Hodel and Avenger-Rebirth-(ASK012)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Human Force-Sun Rising High-(BLV38084)-WEB-2000-LOSSLESS-L4L
Igoda-Debutantez Ice Dance-(ASK036)-WEB-2010-LOSSLESS-L4L
Igor Dyachkov and U-Jeen-Aurora Traffic-(ASK051)-WEB-2011-LOSSLESS-L4L
Igor Dyachkov-Still One Illumination-(ASK044)-WEB-2011-LOSSLESS-L4L
Impulsive Drive-Higher State-(ASK013)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Jonas Hornblad and C-Systems-Still Remember-(ASK022)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Julian Wess and Mike Carey-Mountains-(ASK029)-WEB-2010-LOSSLESS-L4L
Julian Wess and Mike Carey-Sunrise-(ASK043)-WEB-2011-LOSSLESS-L4L
Kelly Andrew-Julietta-(ASK024)-WEB-2010-LOSSLESS-L4L
Kid Broke-Apogee-(ASK005)-WEB-2008-LOSSLESS-L4L
Kyamoto-One Moment Of Thought-(ASK028)-WEB-2010-LOSSLESS-L4L
Laucco and Eryon Stocker-Jotunheim-(BTSR264)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Lemon and Einar K-Anticipation Hold Me Now-(FLASH023)-WEB-2008-LOSSLESS-L4L
Lentos-Forget About Us-(CLHR082)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Leo Donato-Ruski-(ASK007)-WEB-2008-LOSSLESS-L4L
Lolo-Extended Horizon-(BCD2015194)-WEB-2015-LOSSLESS-L4L
Loobosh and Laucco-Albatross-(BTSR281)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Luke Terry and Akemi-Alone Without You A New Era-(INSPD06)-WEB-2008-LOSSLESS-L4L
Luttrell-Into Clouds-(ANJCD068D)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Marc Walsh-Never Far Away-(MONSTER028)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Marco Torrance-Oceanne-(BTSR266)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Mario Piu and Andy Asher-Reflex-(DRIZ2089)-WEB-2008-LOSSLESS-L4L
Markus Schulz feat Jennifer Rene-Not The Same-(CLHR113)-WEB-2011-LOSSLESS-L4L
Markus Schulz feat Justine Suissa-Perception (Johan Gielen Remix)-(CLHR338)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Markus Schulz-The New World (Fisherman and Hawkins Remix)-(ARMD1309)-WEB-2016-LOSSLESS-L4L
Markus Schulz-The New World (Remixes)-(ARDI3937)-WEB-2018-LOSSLESS-L4L
Martin Everson and B. Prime-Ambitions-(ASK032)-WEB-2010-LOSSLESS-L4L
Matt Lange-Drift (Dub Mix)-(AWD430355)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Mercurial Virus-Earth Ethno-(BTSR275)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Michael Angelo-Reload-(INSPD04)-WEB-2007-LOSSLESS-L4L
Michael Rods-The Eyes Of Andrea-(BTSR270)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Mike Foyle pres Statica-Blossom Sundown-(CLHR097)-WEB-2010-LOSSLESS-L4L
Mikka Leinonen and Lush-Illusion-(INSPD05)-WEB-2007-LOSSLESS-L4L
Miroslav Vrlik-Solar Elements Mountain Wind-(ASK042)-WEB-2011-LOSSLESS-L4L
Octagen and DJ Dazzle-Zero-(INSPD012)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Omen-Skyline Arriba Cielo EP-(ASK011)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Omnia and IRA-The Fusion-(CLHR135)-WEB-2012-LOSSLESS-L4L
Ozgur Ozkan-Calm Before The Storm-(19BOX056)-WEB-2012-LOSSLESS-L4L
Passenger 10-Kamasutra EP-(ETR470)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Paul Miller-Colors-(PHAT066)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Paul Steiner-Patet Caleum-(BTSR267)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Pavel Khvaleev and Vian Pelez ft. Leusin-Waves Of Love (Part 1)-(FIGURA055)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Pm Attitude-Feeby Troy-(ASK038)-WEB-2011-LOSSLESS-L4L
Pryda-Pryda 15 Vol III-(PRY042)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Rex Mundi-Bella Monaco E.P.-(CLHR148)-WEB-2012-LOSSLESS-L4L
Reysan Khan-Shi-Du-(ONUPB003)-WEB-2008-LOSSLESS-L4L
Reysan Khan-Shi-Du 2000-(JOOF003)-WEB-2000-LOSSLESS-L4L
Robert Gitelman and Michael Tsukerman-Bolivia-(ASK003)-WEB-2008-LOSSLESS-L4L
Robert Nickson-Tellurian-(BHCD192)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Ronny K. vs Laucco-Better Tomorrows Zero Gravity-(BTSR059E)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Ryota Arai-Into The Past-(ABRD202)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
S N S-Conflicts-(AMCFC003)-WEB-2007-LOSSLESS-L4L
Saint Rush-Burning Red Skies-(BBC2016721)-WEB-2016-LOSSLESS-L4L
Sandro Mireno and Genio ft. Elle-Ave Maria-(AASC017)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Sandro Mireno-Palladium-(BTSR269)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Se.Ra.Phic-Call To Light (2019 Mixes)-(BTSR274)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Se.Ra.Phic-Chasing Dreams Sogno-(BTSR278)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Sean Tyas-Candida (Remix)-(INSPD01RX)-WEB-2007-LOSSLESS-L4L
Sebastian Brandt vs Guised-Never Alone-(YAK022)-WEB-2008-LOSSLESS-L4L
Sinytal-Blue Mountains-(10004849)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Skytech-Rocket Science Planet-(CLHR107)-WEB-2010-LOSSLESS-L4L
Snatt and Vix and Alex Staltari-On My Own-(ASK058)-WEB-2016-LOSSLESS-L4L
Snatt and Vix with KeyPlayer-Skyrise-(ASK061)-WEB-2017-LOSSLESS-L4L
Snatt and Vix-Rapture-(ASK057)-WEB-2016-LOSSLESS-L4L
Snatt and Vix-Revive-(ASK060)-WEB-2016-LOSSLESS-L4L
Snatt and Vix-Sunshine White Fire-(ASK056)-WEB-2016-LOSSLESS-L4L
Snatt and Vix-Synthia-(ASK059)-WEB-2016-LOSSLESS-L4L
Snatt and Vix-TrancENDance-(ASK055)-WEB-2015-LOSSLESS-L4L
Sonic Journey-Forever Alive-(ABRD203)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Spark7-Airwalker Lightness-(ASK037)-WEB-2011-LOSSLESS-L4L
Spark7-Apocalypse Icicles-(ASK053)-WEB-2012-LOSSLESS-L4L
Spark7-Lightness (Remixes)-(ASK054)-WEB-2014-LOSSLESS-L4L
Spark7-Road Of Life-(ASK050)-WEB-2011-LOSSLESS-L4L
Spicelab-Spice Is A Fulltime Occupation-(SOLD027)-WEB-2014-LOSSLESS-L4L
Steve Bengaln-Illumination-(ASK052)-WEB-2012-LOSSLESS-L4L
Steve Bengaln-Source Of Light-(ASK018)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Sultan and Ned Shepard-Together We Rise-(SHI037)-WEB-2007-LOSSLESS-L4L
Suncatcher-Good Morning-(ASK015)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Terk Dawn-Sunburst-(ASK048)-WEB-2011-LOSSLESS-L4L
Teya ft. Tiff Lacey -Only You-(ASK002)-WEB-2008-LOSSLESS-L4L
The Orange-Walk With Me-(ASK021)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
The Rewalkers and Eddie Sender-Aliencity-(INSPD07)-WEB-2008-LOSSLESS-L4L
Thomas Feijk and Jonas Hornblad ft. Sonja-Taxi Driver-(ASK014)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Tommy Baynen-Steel-(ASK030)-WEB-2010-LOSSLESS-L4L
Tommy Kierland-Ethereal-(BTSR268)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Tropical Groove-Cloudwalk-(ASK016)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
UCast-Aida Rising Sun-(ASK034)-WEB-2010-LOSSLESS-L4L
Urban Lea-Dimensions Firefly-(INSPD002)-WEB-2006-LOSSLESS-L4L
Urban Lea-Firefly Crystal Dimensions-(INSPD02)-WEB-2007-LOSSLESS-L4L
VA-ADE 2019-(MWCD2019539)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
VA-A-Sides Vol. 8-(DC211)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
VA-Balance Presents The Soundgarden-(BAL027DIGI)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
VA-Black Hole Trance Music 10-19-(BHDC556)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
VA-Coldharbour Selections Part 20-(CLHR070)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
VA-Coldharbour Selections Part 23-(CLHR098)-WEB-2010-LOSSLESS-L4L
VA-Coldharbour Selections Part 24-(CLHR106)-WEB-2010-LOSSLESS-L4L
VA-Coldharbour Selections Part 28-(CLHR132)-WEB-2012-LOSSLESS-L4L
VA-Coldharbour Selections Part 29-(CLHR145)-WEB-2012-LOSSLESS-L4L
VA-Progressive Onrush III-(SACD007)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
VA-Unified Vol 9-(ZT12901Z)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L
Xspective Sense-Double Life-(ASK041)-WEB-2011-LOSSLESS-L4L
Yans-Rai Reva-(INSPD010)-WEB-2009-LOSSLESS-L4L
Zenfire-Violet Horizon-(BTSR279)-WEB-2019-LOSSLESS-L4L

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5th Gear-(1995-2013)-0DAY
(FGR01-2166-2) VA - World Raiser - Wonder Drugs-2CD-1995-GiZ
(FGR01-2166-2) VA - Worldraiser (Wonder Drugs)-(FGR01-2166-2)-WEB-1995-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2171-2) VA - Hellraider 3 Play the Devil-(FGR01-2171-2)-WEB-1995-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2180-2) VA - Worldraiser Vol. 2 (Welcome to Hardcore)-WEB-1995-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2180-2) VA-Worldraiser 2 - Welcome To Hardcore-2CD-1995-hM
(FGR01-2188-2) VA - Hellraider 4 (Weird as Hell)-(FGR01-2188-2)-2CD-1995-BC
(FGR01-2188-2) VA - Hellraider 4 Weird as Hell-(FGR01-2188-2)-WEB-1995-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2207-2) VA - Hellraider 5 Blow Your Braincells-(FGR01-2207-2)-WEB-1995-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2207-2) VA-Hellraider 5 Blow Your Braincells-2CD-1995-hM
(FGR01-2218-2) VA - Gabberdome (Adios Motherfuckers)-(FGR01-2218-2)-WEB-1995-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2218-2) VA-Gabberdome - Adios Motherfucker-2CD-1995-hM
(FGR01-2222-2) VA - Worldraiser Vol. 3-WEB-1995-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2222-2) VA-Worldraiser 3-2CD-1995-hM
(FGR01-2226-2) VA - Hellraider 6 See You in Hell-(FGR01-2226-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2226-2) VA - Hellraider Vol. 6 (See You in Hell)-(FGR01-2226-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2226-2) VA-Hellraider 6 - See You In Hell-2CD-1996-hM
(FGR01-2234-2) VA - Gabberdome II (Amiga Suckers)-(FGR01-2234-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2235-2) VA - Cyber NRG-Izer (The Gabber Edition)-(FGR01-2235-2)-2CD-1996-BC
(FGR01-2235-2) VA - Cyber NRG-Izer (the Gabber Edition)-(FGR01-2235-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2235-2) VA-Cyber NRG-Izer The Gabber Edition-(FGR01-2235-2)-2CD-FLAC-1996-dL
(FGR01-2239-2) VA - Hellraider 7 Nightmare in Hell-(FGR01-2239-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2240-2) VA - Gabber Nation (La-Di-Da-Di Fuck Everybody)-(FGR01-2240-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2240-2) VA - Gabber Nation (La-Di-Da-Di Fuck Everybody)-WEB-2010
(FGR01-2240-2) VA - Gabbernation 1 - La Di Da Di Fuck Everybody-1996-DGN
(FGR01-2242-2) VA - Gabber Snacks (Poisoned by XTC)-(FGR01-2242-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2242-2) VA - Gabber Snacks Poisoned By XTC (FGR01-2242-2)-2CD-1996-TR
(FGR01-2243-2) VA - World Raiser 4 Evil Spirits-(FGR01-2243-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2243-2) va - world raiser iv - evil spirits-2cd-1996-giz
(FGR01-2249-2) VA - Gabberdome Vol. 3 (Head Blowers)-(FGR01-2249-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2249-2) VA-Gabberdome III - Head Blowers-2CD-1996-TsFMP3
(FGR01-2252-2) VA - Hellraider 8 (Hell Terror)-(FGR01-2252-2)-2CD-1996-BC
(FGR01-2252-2) VA - Hellraider 8 Hell Terror-(FGR01-2252-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2257-2) VA - Miles of Smiles (the Happy Hardcore Stuff)-(FGR01-2257-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2257-2) VA - Miles Of Smiles - The Happy Hardcore Stuff-2CD-1996-Arman
(FGR01-2258-2) VA - World Raiser 5 (Paranoid)-(FGR01-2258-2)-2CD-1996-BC
(FGR01-2258-2) VA - World Raiser 5 Paranoid-(FGR01-2258-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2262-2) VA - Rave Guardian-(FGR01-2262-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2265-2) VA - Gabberdome Vol. 4 (Paragon)-(FGR01-2265-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2266-2) VA - The Bomb Squad-(FGR01-2266-2)-2CD-1996-BC
(FGR01-2266-2) VA - The Bomb Squad-(FGR01-2266-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2266-2) VA-The Bomb Squad-30 Extremely Hardcore Traxx-2CD-FLAC-1996-SMASH
(FGR01-2267-2) VA - Gabbernation Vol. 3 (Bleeding Ears)-(FGR01-2267-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2267-2) VA-Gabber Nation 3 Bleeding Ears-(FGR 01-2267-2)-2CD-FLAC-1996-CUSTODES
(FGR01-2267-2) VA-Gabber Nation 3 Bleeding Ears-1996-EVIGHET
(FGR01-2269-2) VA - Hellraider 9 (Satans Hell)-(FGR01-2269-2)-2CD-1996-BC
(FGR01-2269-2) VA - Hellraider 9 Satans Hell-(FGR01-2269-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2276-2) VA - World Raiser 6 (Hardcore Expander)-(FGR01-2276-2)-2CD-1997-BC
(FGR01-2276-2) VA - World Raiser 6 Hardcore Expander-(FGR01-2276-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2280-2) VA - Rave Guardian 2-(FGR01-2280-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2280-2) VA-Rave Guardian 2-2CD-1997-OBC
(FGR01-2284-2) VA - For Real Gabbers Only-(FGR01-2284-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2284-2) VA-For Real Gabbers Only-2CD-1997-hM
(FGR01-2287-2) VA - Gabberdome 5-(FGR01-2287-2)-2CD-1997-BC
(FGR01-2287-2) VA - Gabberdome 5-(FGR01-2287-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2293-2) VA - Gabber Snacks 2 (Red Devil)-(FGR01-2293-2)-2CD-1997-BC
(FGR01-2294-2) VA - For Real Gabbers Only 2-(FGR01-2294-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2299-2) VA - Gabbernation Vol. 4-(FGR01-2299-2)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2300-2) VA - Hellraider 10 Armageddon-(FGR01-2300-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2305-2) VA - For Real Gabbers Only 3-(FGR01-2305-2)-2CD-1997-BC
(FGR01-2305-2) VA - For Real Gabbers Only 3-(FGR01-2305-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2309-2) VA - Terror Gabber-(FGR01-2309-2)-2CD-1997-BC
(FGR01-2309-2) VA - Terror Gabber-(FGR01-2309-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2310-2) VA - Rave Guardian 3-(FGR01-2310-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2310-2) VA-Rave Guardian 3 (FGR 01-2310-2)-2CD-1997-CMC INT
(FGR01-2310-2) VA-Rave Guardian 3-2CD-1997-hM
(FGR01-2315-2) VA - Gabberdome 6-(FGR01-2315-2)-2CD-1997-BC
(FGR01-2315-2) VA - Gabberdome 6-(FGR01-2315-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2315-2) VA - Gabberdome 6 (FGR 01-2315-2)-2CD-1997-TR
(FGR01-2317-2) VA - Cyber NRG-Izer 2-(FGR01-2317-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2321-2) VA - Hardcore Junkie-(FGR01-2321-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2323-2) VA - Gabberdome 7-(FGR01-2323-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2342-2) VA - Future Hardcoretrance-(FGR01-2342-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2342-2) VA-Future Hardcoretrance-2CD-1997-hM
(FGR01-2350-2) VA - Hardcore to the Bone Hard by Nature vs the New Style-(FGR01-2350-2)-WEB-1998-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2356-2) VA - For Real Gabbers Only 4-(FGR01-2356-2)-2CD-1998-BC
(FGR01-2356-2) VA - For Real Gabbers Only 4-(FGR01-2356-2)-WEB-1998-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2361-2) VA - Future Hardcoretrance II-(FGR01-2361-2)-WEB-1998-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2363-2) VA - Silence is Rave Massacre-(FGR01-2363-2)-WEB-1998-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2363-2) VA - Silence is Rave Massacre-(FGR01-2363-2)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2363-2) VA-Silence Is Rave Massacre-2CD-1998-hM
(FGR01-2368-2) VA - The Gabber Story-(FGR01-2368-2)-WEB-1998-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2368-2) VA-The Gabber Story-2CD-1998-hM
(FGR01-2402-2) VA - Hardcore Turbulence-(FGR01-2402-2)-WEB-1998-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2406-2) VA - Tha Mindblower-(FGR01-2406-2)-2CD-1998-BC
(FGR01-2406-2) VA - Tha Mindblower-(FGR01-2406-2)-WEB-1998-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2445-2) VA - Gabberdome Volume 8-(FGR01-2445-2)-WEB-1999-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2491-2) VA - Hellraider Thunder and Lightning-(FGR01-2491-2)-WEB-2000-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2498-2) VA - Gabberbox Presents 2 More Fucking Megamixes-2CD-2002-HcH
(FGR01-2498-2) VA - Gabberbox Prs. 2 F king Megamixes-(FGR01-2498-2)-WEB-2000-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2512-2) VA - 40 Happy Hardcore Tracks-2cd-2001-MOD
(FGR01-2515-2) VA - Hardcore Turbulence Vol 2-2CD-2001-iPZ
(FGR01-2515-2) VA - Hardcore Turbulence Volume 2-(FGR01-2515-2)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2521-2) VA - The Gabber Story Volume 2-(FGR01-2521-2)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2521-2) VA-The Gabber Story - Volume 2-2CD-2001-hM
(FGR01-2525-2) VA - 40 Happy Hardcore Tracks 2-2CD-2001-iDC
(FGR01-2547-2) VA - 40 Happy Hardcore Tracks 3-2CD-2002-HS
--(FGR01-2553-2) VA - Gabberbox Presents 2 Fucking Megamixes-2CD-2000-HcH
(FGR01-2553-2) VA - Gabberbox Presents 2 More Fucking Megamixes-2CD-2002-TWCMP3
(FGR01-2556-2) VA - Terrorcore-(FGR01-2556-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2556-2) VA - Terrorcore-2CD-2002-iPZ
(FGR01-2558-2) VA - The Gabber Story Vol. 3-(FGR01-2558-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2587-2) VA - 40 Happy Hardcore Tracks 4-2CD-2002-SND
(FGR01-2590-2) VA - Gabber Story Vol. 4 (Warlords of Thunder)-(FGR01-2590-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2590-2) VA - The Gabber Story Chapter 4 - 2CD-2003-iPZ
(FGR01-2595-2) VA - Hardcore Turbulence 3-(FGR01-2595-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2595-2) VA - Hardcore Turbulence Vol 3-2CD-2003-XDS
(FGR01-2607-2) VA - The Gabber Story Chapter 5 - Warriors from Hell-(FGR01-2607-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2607-2) VA - The Gabber Story Chapter 5-2CD-2003-UNiCORN
(FGR01-2608-2) VA - Hardcore Doom-(FGR01-2608-2)-WEB-2007-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2621-2) VA - The Gabber Story Chapter 6 Master Blaster-(FGR01-2621-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2621-2) VA-The Gabber Story Chapter 6-2CD-2003-DGN
(FGR01-2637-2) VA-Hardcore Thrills-2CD-2004-DGN
(FGR01-2666-2) VA - Happy Hardcore - 2 Ultimate Megamixes-(FGR01-2666-2)-WEB-2004-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2666-2) VA-Happy Hardcore - 2 Ultimate Megamixes-2CD-2004-hM
(FGR01-2680-2) VA-Unleash Hell-2CD-2004-TWCMP3
(FGR01-2768-2) VA - H.C.M.F. the Essential Rotterdam Hardcore Collection-(FGR01-2768-2)-WEB-2006-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2768-2) VA - H.C.M.F. The Essential Rotterdam Hardcore Collection-2CD-2006-GFF
(FGR01-2768-2) VA - H.C.M.F.-2CD-2007-JiM
(FGR01-2791-2) VA - Jump Around-(FGR01-2791-2)-WEB-2007-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2791-2) VA - Jump Around-2CD-2007-KTMP3
(FGR01-2811-2) VA - Terror Impact-(FGR01-2811-2)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2811-2) VA-Terror Impact - The Brand New Hits-2CD-(Read NFO)-2008-Homely
(FGR01-2821-2) VA - Jump 4 Ever - Hardstyle My Jumpstyle-(FGR01-2821-2)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2821-2) VA - Jump 4 Ever-2CD-2008-KTMP3
(FGR01-2824-2) VA - Survivors of Hardcore 2008-(FGR01-2824-2)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2824-2) VA-Survivors Of Hardcore 2008-2CD-2008-Homely
(FGR01-2852-2) VA - Terror Impact Vol. 2-(FGR01-2852-2)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-2852-2) VA-Terror Impact Vol. 2-2CD-2008-hM
(FGR01-3223-2) VA - The Gabberbox-(FGR01-3223-2)-3CD-1996-BC
(FGR01-3223-2) VA - The Gabberbox-(FGR01-3223-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3244-2) VA - The Gabberbox 2-(FGR01-3244-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3255-2) VA - Gabberbox Vol. 3-(FGR01-3255-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3255-2) VA-Gabberbox Vol 3-3CD-1996-hM
(FGR01-3273-2) VA - Gabberbox Vol. 4-(FGR01-3273-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3273-2) VA-Gabberbox Vol 4-3CD-1997-hM
(FGR01-3292-2) VA - The Gabberbox 5-(FGR01-3292-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3318-2) VA - The Gabberbox 6-(FGR01-3318-2)-3CD-1997-BC
(FGR01-3318-2) VA - The Gabberbox 6-(FGR01-3318-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3329-2) VA - The Gabberbox 7-(FGR01-3329-2)-3CD-1997-BC
(FGR01-3329-2) VA - The Gabberbox 7-(FGR01-3329-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3329-2) VA-Gabberbox 7-3CD-1997-gMP3
(FGR01-3358-2) VA - The Gabberbox 8-(FGR01-3358-2)-3CD-1998-BC
(FGR01-3358-2) VA - The Gabberbox 8-(FGR01-3358-2)-WEB-1998-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3358-2) VA-Gabberbox 8-3CD-1998-DAFTPUNK
(FGR01-3370-2) VA - Gabberbox 9-(FGR01-3370-2)-WEB-1998-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3416-2) VA - Gabberbox 10-(FGR01-3416-2)-WEB-1999-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3416-2) VA-Gabberbox 10-3CD-1999-ESK
CD 1
CD 2
CD 3
(FGR01-3432-2) VA - Gabberbox 11-(FGR01-3432-2)-3CD-1999-BC
(FGR01-3432-2) VA - Gabberbox 11-(FGR01-3432-2)-WEB-1999-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3443-2) VA - Gabberbox 12-(FGR01-3443-2)-3CD-1999-BC
(FGR01-3443-2) VA - Gabberbox 12-(FGR01-3443-2)-WEB-1999-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3453-2) VA - Gabberbox 13-(FGR01-3453-2)-3CD-1999-BC
(FGR01-3453-2) VA - Gabberbox 13-(FGR01-3453-2)-WEB-1999-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3457-2) VA - Gabberbox (The Best of the Past Present and Future)-(FGR01-3457-2)-3CD-2000-BC
(FGR01-3457-2) VA - Gabberbox the Best of the Past Present and Future-(FGR01-3457-2)-WEB-2000-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3463-2) VA - Gabberbox 14-(FGR01-3463-2)-3CD-2000-BC
(FGR01-3463-2) VA - Gabberbox 14-(FGR01-3463-2)-WEB-2000-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3471-2) VA - Gabberbox 15-(FGR01-3471-2)-3CD-2000-BC
(FGR01-3471-2) VA - Gabberbox 15-(FGR01-3471-2)-WEB-2000-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3475-2) VA - Hardtrance Thunder 1-(FGR01-3475-2)-3CD-2000-BC
(FGR01-3475-2) VA - Hardtrance Thunder 1-(FGR01-3475-2)-WEB-2000-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3479-2) VA - Gabberbox (The Best of the Past Present and Future 2)-(FGR01-3479-2)-3CD-2000-BC
(FGR01-3479-2) VA - Gabberbox the Best of the Past Present and Future 2-(FGR01-3479-2)-WEB-2000-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3485-2) VA - Gabberbox 16-(FGR01-3485-2)-WEB-2000-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3496-2) VA - Gabberbox 17-(FGR01-3496-2)-3CD-2000-BC
(FGR01-3496-2) VA - Gabberbox 17-(FGR01-3496-2)-WEB-2000-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3501-2) VA - Hellraider Presents The Best 60 Crazy H.C. Hits-(FGR01-3501-2)-3CD-2000-BC
(FGR01-3501-2) VA - Hellraider the Best Crazy Hardcore Hits-(FGR01-3501-2)-WEB-2000-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3507-2) VA - Gabberbox 18-(FGR01-3507-2)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3509-2) VA - Ministry Of Hardcore-(FGR01-3509-2)-3CD-2001-HCC
(FGR01-3511-2) VA - Hardcore to the Bone Hard by Nature-(FGR01-3511-2)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3511-2) VA-Hardcore To The Bone Chapter 2 - Hard By Nature-3CD-2001-hM
(FGR01-3517-2) VA - Hardtrance Thunder 2-(FGR01-3517-2)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3520-2) VA - Gabberbox Apocalypse the Best of Past Present and Future Vol 3 -WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3520-2) VA - Gabberbox-The Best Of Past Present and Future Vol 3-(FGR 01-3520-2)-3CD-2001-iPZ
(FGR01-3526-2) VA - Hellraider More Thunder and Lightning-(FGR01-3526-2)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3529-2) VA - Hardcore Muthafucka-(FGR01-3529-2)-3CD-2001-BC
(FGR01-3532-2) VA - Gabberbox 19-(FGR01-3532-2)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3534-2) VA - Hardcore Slammer-(FGR01-3534-2)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3539-2) VA - Hardtrance Thunder Vol. 3-(FGR01-3539-2)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3539-2) VA-Hardtrance Thunder 3-3CD-2001-TWCMP3
(FGR01-3540-2) VA - Ministry Of Hardcore Part 2-3CD-2001-iPZ
(FGR01-3541-2) VA - Hardcore Forever-(FGR01-3541-2)-3CD-2001-BC
--(FGR01-3544-2) VA - Gabberbox - The Best Of Vol 4-3CD-2002-iPZ
(FGR01-3544-2) VA - Gabberbox Vol. 4-(FGR01-3544-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3544-2) VA - Gabberbox-The Best Of Past Present and Future Vol 4-(FGR 01-3544-2)-3CD-2002-iPZ
(FGR01-3546-2) VA - Hardcore to the Bone Chapter 3-(FGR01-3546-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3549-2) VA - Gabberbox 20-(FGR01-3549-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3554-2) VA - Strictly Hardcore-(FGR01-3554-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3554-2) VA - Strictly Hardcore-3CD-2002-iPZ
(FGR01-3557-2) VA - Hellraider - Hardcore From Hell-3CD-2002-IPZ
(FGR01-3557-2) VA - Hellraider Hardcore from Hell-(FGR01-3557-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3559-2) VA - Hardcore Slammer Vol. 2-(FGR01-3559-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3560-2) VA - 10 Years of Terror (Vol. 1)-(FGR01-3560-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3560-2) VA - 10 Years Of Terror-3CD-2002-iPZ
(FGR01-3561-2) VA - Gabberbox 21-(FGR01-3561-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3561-2) VA - Gabberbox 21-3CD-2002-iPZ
(FGR01-3563-2) VA - Happy Hardcore the Best of the Past Present and Future-3CD-2002-MOD
(FGR01-3564-2) VA - Hardcore Forever Vol. 2-(FGR01-3564-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3564-2) VA - Hardcore Forever Vol 2-3CD-2002-iPZ
(FGR01-3566-2) VA - Hardcore to the Bone Chapter 4-(FGR01-3566-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3567-2) VA - M.E.G.A. Hardcore-(FGR01-3567-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3567-2) VA - M.E.G.A. Hardcore (1.0)-3CD-2002-iPZ
(FGR01-3569-2) VA - Hardcore Most Wanted-(FGR01-3569-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3569-2) VA - Hardcore Most Wanted-3CD-2002-iPZ
(FGR01-3572-2) VA - Hardcore Will Never Die-(FGR01-3572-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3572-2) VA - Hardcore Will Never Die-3CD-2002-iPZ
(FGR01-3573-2) VA - Speedcore-(FGR01-3573-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3574-2) VA - Gabberbox - The Best Of Vol 5-3CD-2002-iPZ
(FGR01-3574-2) VA - Gabberbox the Best of the Past Present and Future 5-(FGR01-3574-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3574-2) VA-Gabberbox - the Best of Past Present and Future 5 - Hot as Hell-3CD-2002-gMP3
(FGR01-3576-2) VA - Ministry of Hardcore (the Ultimate Collection Vol. 3)-(FGR01-3576-2)-3CD-2002-BC
(FGR01-3576-2) VA - Ministry of Hardcore Vol. 3 (the Ultimate Collection)-(FGR01-3576-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3577-2) VA - Thundercore (the Survivors of Hardcore)-(FGR01-3577-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3578-2) VA - Extreme Hardcore Power-PROPER-3CD-2002-iPZ
(FGR01-3578-2) VA-Extreme Hardcore Power-3CD-2002-SND
(FGR01-3580-2) VA - Strictly Hardcore Vol. 2 (Resurrection of the Damned)-(FGR01-3580-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3580-2) VA - Strictly Hardcore Vol 2-3CD-2002-iPZ
(FGR01-3581-2) VA - Hardcore Slammer 3-PROPER READNFO-3CD-2002-iPZ
(FGR01-3581-2) VA - Hardcore Slammer Vol. 3-(FGR01-3581-2)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3581-2) VA-Hardcore Slammer 3-3CD-2002-SND
(FGR01-3583-2) VA - Hardcore to the Bone V-(FGR01-3583-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3583-2) VA - Hardcore To The Bone V-3CD-2002-iPZ
(FGR01-3584-2) VA - Gabberbox 22-(FGR01-3584-2)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3584-2) VA - Gabberbox 22-3CD-2002-iPZ
(FGR01-3585-2) VA - Hellraider the Second Level (to Hell and Back)-2002-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3589-2) VA - Gabberbox 23-3CD-2003-iPZ
(FGR01-3591-2) VA - Loud and Proud (No Happy Shit)-(FGR01-3591-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3591-2) VA - Loud And Proud-3CD-2003-iPZ
(FGR01-3592-2) VA - Hardcore Forever Vol. 3-(FGR01-3592-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3593-2) VA - Strictly Hardcore Vol. 3-(FGR01-3593-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
--(FGR01-3593-2) VA - Strictly Hardcore Vol 3-3CD-2003-iPZ
(FGR01-3597-2) VA - Hardcore Most Wanted II-(FGR01-3597-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3597-2) VA-Hardcore Most Wanted 2-3CD-2003-TWCMP3
(FGR01-3598-2) VA - Gabberbox 23-(FGR 01-3598-2)-3CD-2003-iPZ
(FGR01-3598-2) VA - Gabberbox Vol. 23-(FGR01-3598-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3600-2) VA-Ministry Of Hardcore Vol.4-3CD-2003-DGN
(FGR01-3602-2) VA - Hardcore to the Bone Chapter 6-(FGR01-3602-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3602-2) VA-Hardcore To The Bone - Chapter 6-3CD-2003-USF
(FGR01-3606-2) VA - Hardcore Slammer Vol. 4 (Now it is Time to Play)-(FGR01-3606-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3606-2) VA-Hardcore Slammer Vol.4-3CD-2003-DGN
(FGR01-3609-2) VA - Hardcore Forever Vol. 4-(FGR01-3609-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3609-2) VA-Hardcore Forever Vol. 4-3CD-2003-hM
(FGR01-3613-2) VA - Gabberbox 24-(FGR 01-3613-2)-3CD-2003-DOC
(FGR01-3613-2) VA - Gabberbox 24-(FGR01-3613-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3613-2) VA-Gabberbox 24-3CD-2003-DOC
(FGR01-3614-2) VA - 10 Years of Terror Vol 2-3CD-(2003)-DOC
(FGR01-3614-2) VA - 10 Years Of Terror Volume 2-(FGR01-3614-2)-3CD-2003-HCC
(FGR01-3614-2) VA - 10 Years of Terror Volume 2-(FGR01-3614-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3614-2) VA-10 Years Of Terror Vol 2-3CD-2003-DOC
(FGR01-3616-2) VA - Hardcore Most Wanted III-(FGR01-3616-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3616-2) VA-Hardcore Most Wanted Vol 3-3CD-2003-DOC
(FGR01-3618-2) VA - Hellraider the Bloody Suffusion-(FGR01-3618-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3620-2) VA-Gabbers At Work 2-3cd-2003-DGN
(FGR01-3623-2) VA - Hardcore Classics-(FGR01-3623-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3623-2) VA-Hardcore Classics 1-3cd-2003-DGN
(FGR01-3624-2) VA - Strictly Hardcore Volume 4-(FGR01-3624-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3624-2) VA-Strictly Hardcore Vol.4-3CD-2003-DGN
(FGR01-3626-2) VA - Gabberbox 25-(FGR01-3626-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3626-2) VA - Gabberbox 25 Twentyfive-(FGR01-3626-2)-3CD-2003-BC
(FGR01-3630-2) VA - Extreme Hardcore Power Vol. 2-(FGR01-3630-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3630-2) VA-Extreme Hardcore Power 2-3cd-2004-DGN
(FGR01-3633-2) VA - Loud and Proud Vol. 2 (No Happy Shit)-(FGR01-3633-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3633-2) VA-Loud And Proud No Happy Shit 2-3cd-2004-DGN
(FGR01-3646-2) VA - Hardcore Most Wanted IV-(FGR01-3646-2)-WEB-2004-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3646-2) VA-Hardcore Most Wanted 4-3cd-2004-DGN
(FGR01-3649-2) VA - Hardcore to the Bone (Dantes Symphony)-(FGR01-3649-2)-WEB-2004-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3649-2) VA - Hardcore To The Bone - Dantes Symphony-3cd-2004-DGN
(FGR01-3649-2) VA-Hardcore To The Bone - Dantes Symphony-3cd-2004-DGN
(FGR01-3651-2) VA - Gabberbox Vol. 26 Resurrected-(FGR01-3651-2)-WEB-2004-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3651-2) VA-Gabberbox 26-3cd-2004-DGN
(FGR01-3657-2) VA - Hardcore Classics Vol. 2-(FGR01-3657-2)-WEB-2004-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3662-2) VA - Hardcore Forever Vol. 5-(FGR01-3662-2)-WEB-2004-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3662-2) VA-Hardcore Forever Vol.5-3CD-2004-hM
(FGR01-3664-2) VA - Lets Kick Some Ass-(FGR01-3664-2)-WEB-2004-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3664-2) VA - Lets Kick Some Ass-3CD-2004-FUN
(FGR01-3671-2) VA - Gabberbox 27 Unleashing the Fury-(FGR01-3671-2)-WEB-2004-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3671-2) VA-Gabberbox Vol.27-3CD-2004-MST
(FGR01-3681-2) VA - Hardcore X-Mas Party-(FGR01-3681-2)-3CD-2004-BC
(FGR01-3681-2) VA - Hardcore X-Mas Party Vol. 1-2000-DJ Classics
(FGR01-3697-2) VA - Rotterdam Most Wanted Hardcore-(FGR01-3697-2)-WEB-2005-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3697-2) VA - Rotterdam Most Wanted Hardcore-3CD-2005-JiM
(FGR01-3707-2) VA - Xtreme Hardcore from Rotterdam-(FGR01-3707-2)-WEB-2005-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3707-2) VA - Xtreme Hardcore From Rotterdam-3CD-2005-JiM
(FGR01-3711-2) VA - Rotterdam Hardcore Most Wanted Vol. 2-(FGR01-3711-2)-WEB-2005-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3711-2) VA - Rotterdam Most Wanted Hardcore Vol.2-3CD-2005-JiM
(FGR01-3718-2) VA - Underground Hardcore-3CD-2005-HB
(FGR01-3735-2) VA - Xtreme Hardcore from Rotterdam Vol. 2-(FGR01-3735-2)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3735-2) VA - Xtreme Hardcore from Rotterdam Vol 2-3CD-2006-KTMP3
(FGR01-3745-2) VA - Rotterdam Most Wanted Hardcore Vol.3-3CD-2006-JiM
(FGR01-3747-2) VA - Masters Of Rotterdam-3CD-2006-JiM
(FGR01-3752-2) VA-Underground Hardcore 2-READ NFO-3CD-2006-hM
(FGR01-3756-2) VA - Happy Hardcore (The Happy Generation)-3CD-2006-HB
(FGR01-3766-2) VA - Xtreme Hardcore from Rotterdam Vol. 3-(FGR01-3766-2)-WEB-2006-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3766-2) VA - Xtreme Hardcore From Rotterdam Vol 3-3CD-2006-KTMP3
(FGR01-3771-2) VA - The Sound Of Rotterdam Hardcore-3CD-2007-HB
(FGR01-3774-2) VA - Rotterdam Hardcore Car Tuning-3CD-2007-KTMP3
(FGR01-3781-2) VA - Underground Hardcore Vol. 3-(FGR01-3781-2)-3CD-2007-BC
(FGR01-3787-2) VA - Xtreme Hardcore From Rotterdam 4-3CD-2007-KTMP3
(FGR01-3787-2) VA - Xtreme Hardcore from Rotterdam Vol. 4-(FGR01-3787-2)-WEB-2007-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3793-2) VA - Rotterdam Hardcorestyle-(FGR01-3793-2)-3CD-2007-BC
(FGR01-3793-2) VA - Rotterdam Hardcorestyle-(FGR01-3793-2)-WEB-2007-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3799-2) VA - Rotterdam Hardcore Classics-(FGR01-3799-2)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3799-2) VA-Rotterdam Hardcore Classics-3CD-2007-Homely
(FGR01-3799-2) VA-Rotterdam Hardcore Classics-PROPER-3CD-2007-hM
(FGR01-3833-2) VA - Rotterdam Hardcore Classics Vol. 2-(FGR01-3833-2)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-3833-2) VA-Rotterdam Hardcore Classics Vol. 2-3CD-2008-Homely
(FGR01-6178-2) VA - Raving Fields Terminated by the Devil-(FGR01-6178-2)-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-6178-2) VA-Raving Fields Terminated By The Devil (FGR 01-6178-2)-CD-1995-CMC INT
(FGR01-6178-2) VA-Raving Fields-1995-DGN
(FGR01-6210-2) D.J. Razor-Rave Freedom-CD-1995-hM
(FGR01-6212-2) VA - Raving Fields 2-(FGR01-6212-2)-CD-1995-BC
(FGR01-6221-2) Crosslock - Fuck M All-(FGR01-6221-2)-WEB-1995-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-6227-2) Fraxion - Body Snatchers (Fuckin Loud)-(FGR01-6227-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-6231-2) VA - Raving Fields 3-1996-DGN
(FGR01-6233) DJ Dione - We Like to Party-(FGR01-6233)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-6233-2) DJ Dione - We Like to Party-(FGR01-6233-2)-CD-1996-BC
(FGR01-6246-2) Terror Clan - Master Killers-(FGR01-6246-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-6268-2) Crosslock - The Killing State of Xtc Power-(FGR01-6268-2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-6268-2) Crosslock - The Killing State Of XTC Power-1996-DGN
(FGR01-6277-2) DJ Roy - Happy Hardcore Vibes-(FGR01-6277-2)-CD-1997-BC
(FGR01-6277-2) DJ Roy - Happy Hardcore Vibes-(FGR01-6277-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-6281-2) C-Squad - 000 Times Up-(FGR 01-6281-2)-WEB-2009
(FGR01-6281-2) C-Squad - 000 Times Up-(FGR01-6281-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-6327-2) Crosslock - Speedtown Terror-(FGR01-6327-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-6338-2) VA - Hardtrance (The Non-Stop Party Mix)-(FGR01-6338-2)-CD-1997-BC
(FGR01-6338-2) VA-Hardtrance The Non-Stop Party Mix-(FGR01-6338-2)-CD-FLAC-1997-CUSTODES
(FGR01-6355) VA - Total Freak Out-(FGR01-6355)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-6450-2) VA-Hyperdome Experience-CD-1999-hM
(FGR01-6455-2) VA - Gabberbox Presents Hardcore X-Mas Party-(FGR01-6455-2)-WEB-1999-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-6455-2) VA - Gabberbox Presents Hardcore X-Mas Party-1999-HcH
(FGR01-6455-2) VA - HardcoreXmas Party Vol.1-CD-1999-HcRe
(FGR01-6455-2) VA-Gabberbox Presents Hardcore X-Mas Party Vol 1-WEB-1999-uC
(FGR01-6473-2) VA - Hardtrance 2 (the Non Stop Party Mix)-(FGR01-6473-2)-WEB-2000-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-6473-2) VA - Hardtrance 2 (The Non-Stop Party Mix)-(FGR01-6473-2)-CD-2000-BC
(FGR01-6492-2) VA - Gabberbox Pres. Hardcore X-Mas Party Vol. 2-(FGR01-6492-2)-WEB-2000-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-6492-2) VA - Hardcore X-Mas Party Vol. 2-2000-DJ Classics
(FGR01-6492-2) VA - HardcoreXmas Party Vol.2-CD-2000-HcRe
(FGR01-6531-2) VA - Gabbernation - the Legend Strikes Again-(FGR01-6531-2)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-6536-2) VA - Gabberbox Presents Hardcore X-Mas Party Vol.3-(FGR01-6536-2)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-6536-2) VA - HardcoreXmas Party Vol.3-CD-2001-SQ
(FGR01-6536-2) VA-Gabberbox Presents Hardcore X-Mas Party Vol 3-WEB-2001-uC
(FGR01-6628-2) VA - Gabbernation Vol. 2 (2 Hard 2 Handle)-(FGR01-6628-2)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-6653-2) VA - Happy Hardcore 5-(FGR01-6653-2)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-6653-2) VA - Happy Hardcore 5-2004-MOD
(FGR01-6653-2) VA - Happy Hardcore 5-Repack-2004-MOD
(FGR01-6653-2) VA-Happy Hardcore 5-Repack-2004-MOD
(FGR01-6801-2) VA - Jump Around (The Ultimate Jump And Party Megamix)-CD-2007-KTMP3
(FGR01-6801-2) VA - Jump Around - the Ultimate Jump and Party Megamix-(FGR01-6801-2)-WEB-2007-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-6814-2) VA - DJ Makina Presents the Ultimate Jump Tonic Megamix-CD-2008-FQS
(FGR01-7131) Speed-Lab - Speed-Lab-(FGR01-7131)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR01-7131-2) Speed-Lab - Speed-Lab (FGR01-7131)-CD-1994-TR
(FGR01-7150-2) Integrator-Hardcore Madness-CD-1994-hM
(FGR02-7107) Conqueror-Under Attack-CD-1993-hM
(FGR02-7112) Hardhouse-No Shit 2-CD-1993-hM
(FGR02-7128) Hardcore Tripper - Hard-Core Tripper-(FGR02-7128)-CD-1994-HCC
(FGR02-7228-2) VA - House Sampler-(FGR02-7228-2)-WEB-1995-VELOCiTY
(FGR02-7364-2) DJ Heaven and Gabbers - Le Silence Est Massacre-CD-1998-gMP3
(FGR02-7364-2) VA - DJ Heaven and Gabbers-(FGR02-7364-2)-WEB-1998-VELOCiTY
(FGR02-7364-2) VA-DJ Heaven And Gabbers - Le Silence Est Massacre-CD-1998-hM
(FGR02-7469-2) (various artists)-gabber skool 4 album XB
(FGR02-7469-2) VA - Gabber Skool 4-(FGR02-7469-2)-CD-2000-BC
(FGR02-7469-2) VA - Gabber Skool 4-(FGR02-7469-2)-WEB-2000-VELOCiTY
(FGR02-8290-2) VA - Best of 5th Gear (Just for Real Gabbers Only)-(FGR02-8290-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR02-8296-2) VA - One Nation (For Real Gabbers and Rave Bitches)-(FGR02-8296-2)-CD-1997-BC
(FGR02-8296-2) VA - One Nation for Real Gabbers and Rave Bitches-(FGR02-8296-2)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
(FGR03-28222-2) DJ Makina Presents - Tech-Tonic 2008 the Limited Edition-(FGR03-28222-2)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
--(FGR03-28222-2) VA - Jump Tonic 2008 The Limited Edition-CD-2008-KTMP3
(FGR04-2701-2) VA - Hardcore from Another Dimension-(FGR04-2701-2)-WEB-2005-VELOCiTY
(FGR04-2701-2) VA - Hardcore From Another Dimension-2CD-2005-JiM
(FGR04-2729-2) VA - The Legends Of Rotterdam Hardcore-2CD-2006-JiM
(FGR04-2759-2) VA - Bazzcore V.1 - the Core Will Never Die-(FGR04-2759-2)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR04-2759-2) VA-Bazz Core V.1 - The Core Will Never Die-2CD-2006-hM
(FGR04-2836-2) VA - Hardcore Activities-(FGR04-2836-2)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(FGR04-2836-2) VA-Hardcore Activities-2CD-2008-hM
(FGR11-8319-2) VA - Gabber Skool-(FGR11-8319-2)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(FGR18-9345-2) VA-Gabber Skool 2-CD-1997-hM
(FGR18-9376-2) VA - Gabberskool Vol. 3-(FGR18-9376-2)-WEB-1998-VELOCiTY
(FGR18-9376-2) VA-Gabber Skool 3-CD-1998-hM
(FGR2127) VA - Hellraider Straight Out of Hell-(2127)-WEB-1994-VELOCiTY
(FGR22-3845-2) VA - Bullshit (Lets Kick Some Ass)-(FGR22-3845-2)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(FGR22-3845-2) VA-Bullshit - Lets Kick Some Ass-(READ NFO)-3CD-2008-Homely INT
(FGR2302) VA - Happy Hardcore Vibes Vol. 2-(2302)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR2321) VA - Hardcore Junkie-(2321)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR2587) VA - Happy Hardcore Tracks Vol. 4 (Its Party Time)-(2587)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR2607) VA - Gabber Story Vol 5-(2607)-WEB-2009
(FGR2680) VA - Unleash Hell-(2680)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR2701) VA - Godfather of Hardtechno-(2701)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR2762) VA - The Legends of Rotterdam Hardcore Vol. 2-(2762)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR3475) VA-Hardtrance Thunder 1-(3475)-READ NFO-WEB-2008-ALKi
(FGR3529) VA - Hardcore Muthafucka-(3529)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR3541) VA - Hardcore Forever-(3541)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR3541) VA - Hardcore Forever (Unmixed Tracks)-(3541)-WEB-2009
(FGR3563) VA - Happy Hardcore (the Best of Past Present and Future)-(3563)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR3578) VA - Extreme Hardcore Power-(3578)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR3620) VA - Gabbers at Works Vol. 2-(3620)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR3620) VA - Hardcore to the Bone Summer 2010-(3620)-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
(FGR3718) VA - Underground Hardcore-(3718)-WEB-2011
(FGR3718) VA - Underground Hardcore-(3718)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR3747) VA - Masters of Rotterdam (Most Wanted Hardcore Tracks)-(3747)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR3752) VA - Underground Hardcore Vol. 2-(3752)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR3756) VA - Happy Hardcore (the Happy Generation)-(3756)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR3771) VA - The Sound of Rotterdam Hardcore-(3771)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR3774) VA - Rotterdam Hardcore Car Tuning-(3774)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR3781) VA - Underground Hardcore Vol. 3-(3781)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR3847) VA - The Best of Tecktonik-Generation-(3847)-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
(FGR3928) Nuts - I Wanna Be Master-(3928)-REPACK-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(FGR3928) Nuts - I Wanna Be Master-(3928)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(FGR3939) E-Lab - Syntatex-(FGR3939)-Vinyl-1993-BC
(FGR3939) E-Lab - Syntatex-(FGR3939)-WEB-1993-VELOCiTY
(FGR3941) Hardhouse - Stutter Trance-(3941)-REPACK-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(FGR3941) Hardhouse - Stutter Trance-(FGR3941)-WEB-1993-VELOCiTY
(FGR3944) Speedmaster - Your Ass is Mine-(3944)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(FGR3947) Barbarian - Loud and Fast-(3947)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(FGR3952) Rolando - Schudden-(FGR3952)-WEB-1993-VELOCiTY
(FGR4161) Nuts - I Wanna Be Master-(FGR4161)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(FGR4165) E-Lab - Syntatex-(FGR4165)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(FGR4165) E-Lab-Syntatex-CDM-1993-gMP3
(FGR4166) Hardhouse - Stutter Trance-(FGR4166)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(FGR6210) Speedmaster - Rave Freedom-(6210)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR6212) VA - Raving Fields 2 Megamix-(6212)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR6425) VA - Hardcore Halloween (The Scary Horror Party)-(6425)-WEB-2018-ZzZz
(FGR6426) VA - I Love Happy Hardcore-(6426)-WEB-2018-ZzZz
(FGR6427) VA - Happy Hardcore Forever-(6427)-WEB-2018-ZzZz
(FGR6428) VA - Happy Hardcore 2018 (Survivors Of The Happy Generation)-(6428)-WEB-2018-ZzZz
(FGR6656) VA - Frenchcore The Ultimate Collection 2018-(6656)-WEB-2018-ZzZz
(FGR6657) VA - Frenchcore Ibiza 2018-(6657)-WEB-2018
(FGR6658) VA - Frenchcore Outdoor 2018-(665 8)-WEB-2018-ZzZz
(FGR6659) VA - Frenchcore The Annual 2018-(665 9)-WEB-2018-ZzZz
(FGR6662) VA - Frenchcore Germany-(6662)-WEB-2018
(FGR6696) VA - Ibiza Goes Hard (The Hardest Holiday)-(6696)-WEB-2018-ZzZz
(FGR6697) VA - La Fete Du Frenchcore-(6697)-WEB-2018
(FGR6698) VA - Frenchcore Xxl 2018 Vive La Frenchcore-(6698)-WEB-2018
(FGR6819) VA - Ireland Hardcore - Hardcore Will Never Die-(6819)-WEB-2017-ZzZz
(FGR6821) VA - UK Hardcore the Sound of the Proper Underground-(6821)-WEB-2017-ZzZz
(FGR6877) VA - 25 Years of Hardcore (1992-2017 Hardcore Will Never Die)-(FGR6877)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(FGR6881) VA - Halloween Haunted Hardcore Party-(FGR6881)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(FGR6882) VA - Scary Halloween - A Creepy Horror Hardcore Party-(FGR6882)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(FGR6886) VA - Hardcore Halloween 2017 (A Raving Nightmare)-(FGR6886)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(FGR6933) VA - Happy Hardcore Mix-(FGR6933)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(FGR6940) VA - Hardcore 2017-(6940)-WEB-2017-ZzZz
(FGR6941) VA - Die Hards Only The Survivors Of Hardcore-(6941)-WEB-2017-ZzZz
(FGR6942) VA - Embrace The Darkness (Decade Of Hardcore Dedication)-(6942)-WEB-2017-ZzZz
(FGR6943) VA - New Horizon Hardcore-(6943)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(FGR6944) VA - New Horizon Hardstyle-(6944)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(FGR6951) VA - The Best Masters of Rotterdam Hardcore 2017 (the Conquest of Eternity)-(6951)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(FGR6953) VA - Fckd-Up Nation (the Ultimate Global Hardcore Nation)-(6953)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(FGR6954) VA - Frenchcore XXL Connection-(6954)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(FGR6955) VA - Hardshock Bastards - Release Your Anger (100 Masters of Rotterdam Hardcore)-(6955)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(FGR6956) VA - Raiders Of Rampage Madness In Violence (The Best Masters Of Hardcore Ever)-(6956)-WEB-2017-ZzZz
(FGR6957) VA - Raiders of Rampage the 2nd Battle (the Best Masters of Hardcore Ever)-(6957)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(FGR7079) Nuts - Mad as(S) Nuts -(7079)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR7079) Nuts - Mad As(s) Nuts -(FGR7079)-CD-1993-HCC
(FGR7089) Hardhouse - No Shit-(7089)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR7095) Speedmaster - Ive Got the Power-(7095)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR7095) Speedmaster - Ive Got The Power-(FGR7095)-CD-1993-HCC
(FGR7096) Barbarian - Destroyer-(7096)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR7096) Barbarian - Destroyer-CD-1993-iDC
(FGR7099) E-Lab - Novatron Power - More than 77 Minutes the Hardest Rotterdam House-(7099)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR7101) VA - 5th Gear The Best Of-(7101)-WEB-2009
(FGR7101) VA - The Best of 5th Gear Records-(FGR7101)-WEB-1993-VELOCiTY
(FGR7102) Nuts - Okidoki-(7102)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR7102) Nuts - Okidoki-(FGR7102)-CD-1993-HCC
(FGR7107) Conqueror - Under Attack-(7107)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR7108) VA - Fuck A Duck this is Our Fucking Megamix-(7108)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR7112) Hardhouse - No Shit Part 2-(7112)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR7117) Bulldog - Viva La Headache-(7117)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR7117) Bulldog - Viva La Headache-(FGR7117)-CD-1993-BOTW
(FGR7128) Hardcore Tripper - Hardcore Tripper-(7128)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR7133) Speedmaster - 2-(7133)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR7133) Speedmaster - 2-(FGR7133)-CD-1994-HCC
(FGR7141) VA - The Best of 5th Gear Records Vol. 2-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR7150) Integrator - Hardcore Madness-(7150)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR7216) VA - Raiders of Rampage (the Best Masters of the Hardcore Scene)-(7216)-WEB-2016-PUTA
(FGR7259) VA - Hardcore Halloween (A Raving Nightmare)-(7259)-WEB-2016-PUTA
(FGR7292) Hardcor-E - Hardcor-E from Hell-(7292)-WEB-2016-PUTA
(FGR7293) Hardcor-E - Extreminate and Destroy-(7293)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(FGR7295) Phantasia - Touch the Rainbow in the Sky-(7295)-WEB-2016-PUTA
(FGR7620) VA - Minddrillerz (Sense of Hardcore)-(7620)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
(FGR7621) VA - Hardcore Jingle Bells-(7621)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
(FGR7623) VA - Do They Know Its (A Hardcore) Christmas-(7623)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
(FGR7624) VA - Hardcore Christmas Bells - Hallelujahhh Its Christmas-(7624)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
(FGR7625) VA - EDM Christmas-(7625)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
(FGR7626) VA - Hardcore Happy Holidays-(7626)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
(FGR7628) VA - Hardcore Demolition 2014-2015-(7628)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
(FGR7630) VA - Gabberbox 2014-2015-(7630)-WEB-2014-BC
(FGR7923) VA - Hardcore Intellect-(7923)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR7924) VA - Demolition-(7924)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR7926) VA - Hardcore Forever (Winter 2013-2014)-(7926)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
(FGR8076) VA - Respect the Core-(8076)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8141) VA - Harddance - the Resurrection of House-(8141)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8142) VA - A Rave Return to the L.A. Coliseum-(8142)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8183) VA - Global Awaking-(8183)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8184) VA - Core Nature-(8184)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8185) VA - Hardcore Blaster-(8185)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8186) VA - Maximum Core-(8186)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8187) VA - Hardcore 4 Life-(8187)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8188) VA - Masters of Rotterdam Hardcore-(8188)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8189) VA - Hard with Style-(8189)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8190) VA - Gates of Hell-(8190)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8191) VA - Hard Fest-(8191)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8192) VA - Forces of Hardcore-(8192)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8193) VA - The Holy Kingdom-(8193)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8194) VA - Belgium Hardcore Master-(8194)-WEB-2013
(FGR8194) VA - Belgium Hardcore Master-(8194)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8195) VA - Proud 2 Be Hard(Core)-(8195)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8196) VA - The Art of Power-(8196)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8197) VA - Skullfuck Nation-(8197)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8198) VA - Frenchcore 4 Ever-(8198)-WEB-2013
(FGR8198) VA - Frenchcore 4 Ever-(8198)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8199) VA - Holy Hardcore Noise-(8199)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8200) VA - What the Hell-(8200)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8201) VA - World of Darkness-(8201)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8202) VA - Belgium Hardest Sound-(8202)-WEB-2013
(FGR8202) VA - Belgium Hardest Sound-(8202)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8361) VA - Hq Schranz-(8361)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8362) VA - Schranz Harder and Louder-(8362)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8362) VA - Schranz Harder and Louder (the Ultimate Hardtechno Schranz Banging)-(8362)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8363) VA - Pure German Schranz-(8363)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8367) VA - Hardtechno (the Ultimate Hardtechno Schranz Banging)-(8367)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8368) VA - 100pct Schranz Party-(8368)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8369) VA - Hardclash (the Ultimate Hardtechno Schranz Banging)-(8369)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8439) VA - Hardcore Will Never Die-(8439)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8441) VA - Hardcore Republic (the Greatest Hardcore Compilation)-(8441)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8444) VA - Ravers Night-(8444)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8445) VA - Hardcore Demolition-(8445)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8447) VA - Speedcore 4 Life-(8447)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8448) VA - Harder Faster Hardstyle-(8448)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8449) VA - Terrorcore Terminator-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8453) VA - Massacre Terrorcore-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8455) VA - Always Speedcore-(8455)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8460) VA - Hardcore 4 Life 2013-(8460)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8461) VA - Masters of Speedcore-(8461)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8463) VA - Hardcore Germany-(8463)-WEB-2013
(FGR8465) VA - Alltime Greatest Happy Hardcore Hits-(8465)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8466) VA - Universal Happy Hardcore-(8466)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8467) VA - Happy Hardcore Essentials 2013-(84672)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8468) VA - The Best of Mega Happy Hardcore-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8469) VA - Happy Hardcore Generation-(8469)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8470) VA - This is Happy Hardcore-(8470)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8471) VA - Happy Hardstyle-(8471)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(FGR8472) VA - Trancecore-(8472)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8474) VA - Mega Dirty Frenchcore (Vive La French Hardcore)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8475) VA - The Motherfucking Best Rotterdam Hardcore Classics-(8475)-WEB-2013
(FGR8475) VA - The Motherfucking Best Rotterdam Hardcore Classics-(8475)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8477) VA - Insane Bastard (the Ultimate Hardcore Collection)-(FGR8477)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(FGR8479) VA - Puissance Hardcore Party-(8479)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8484) VA - The Best Masters of Rotterdam Hardcore-(8484)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8485) VA - Organic Androids (Serious Hardcore Beats)-(8485)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8488) VA - The Conquest of Fury-(8488)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8820) DJ Jago - The Best of-(8820)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(FGR8990) VA - Raw Psychic Genocide-(8990)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9037) VA - House Religion-(9037)-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
(FGR9039) VA - The Best Hardstyle Classics-(9039)-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
(FGR9043) VA - Harddrive - Strictly Xtreme-(9043)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9091) VA - Technological Terror-(9091)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9092) VA - Harder is Better (the Best Todays Hardcore)-(9092)-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
(FGR9094) VA - Hardcore Entremis - Hard Harder Hardest-(9094)-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
(FGR9103) VA - Harddrive-(9103)-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
(FGR9106) VA - Hardcore Motherfucker-(9106)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9107) VA - Independence Day 2010-(9107)-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
(FGR9109) VA - Industrial Hardcore Grooves-(9109)-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
(FGR9110) VA - Hardcore Activities-(9110)-WEB-2008-PUTA
(FGR9114) VA - Dirty Hardstyle-(9114)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9116) VA - Dirty Hardcore-(9116)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9117) VA - Dirty Hardstyle Part Two-(9117)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9193) VA - Godfather of Hardcore-(9193)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9195) VA - Godfather of Harddance-(9195)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9205) VA - The Gangsters of Oldschool-(9205)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9339) VA - Puissance Tecktonik-(9339)-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
(FGR9342) VA - Puissance Hardcore-(9342)-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
(FGR9376) VA - Speedcore Xxl-(9376)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9377) VA - Gabber XXL-(9377)-WEB-2010
(FGR9377) VA - Gabber Xxl-(9377)-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
(FGR9383) VA - Jump Xxl-(9383)-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
(FGR9384) VA - Frenchcore Xxl Vol. 2-(9384)-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
(FGR9385) VA - Tecktonik Xxl-(9385)-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
(FGR9388) VA - Frenchcore Xxl-(9388)-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
(FGR9390) VA - Darkcore Xxl-(9390)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9393) VA - Hardcore Xxl 2010-(9393)-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
(FGR9529) The Northern Boyz - Confrontation Keep this Party Jumping-(9529)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9533) Madness Insanity - Cocaine Pump It In My Brain The Wise-WEB-2010-FMC
(FGR9575) DJ Dione - Kickin Ass-(9575)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9667) VA - Classic 1990 - 1998 Early Rave Oldskool 2-(9667)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9668) VA - Classic 1990 - 1998 Early Rave Oldskool-(9668)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9677-2852CD2) VA - Welcome to My Nightmare Pt. 2-(9677-2852CD2)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(FGR9679-2852CD1) VA - Welcome to My Nightmare-(9679-2852CD1)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(FGR9730) VA - Hardbass Society 2009-(9730)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR9730) VA - Hardbass Society 2009-(Mixed By Protectorz Of Da Core)-CD-2009-SVB
(FGR9731) VA - Rave Anthems - the Dark Side of the Underground-(9731)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9741) VA - 100pct Hardbass (Mixed by Protectorz of Da Core)-(9741)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR9742) VA - Hardtechno My Lifestyle-(9742)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(FGR9753) VA - Rave Massacre - the Dark Side of the Underground-(9753)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9754) VA - Early Hardcore - Simply the Best-(9754)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9808) VA - 20 Crazy Early Rave Traxx-(9808)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9809) VA - Masters of Darkness - the Best Early Rave and Hardcore-(9809)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9815) VA - The Legends of Rotterdam Hardcore-(9815)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(FGR9888) Terror Corps - Suck My M.F. Dick (the Album)-(9888)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
VA - Gabba De La Lloret De Mar (31 Pumping Hardcore Tracks)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
VA - Godfather of Hardstyle-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
VA - Happy Hardcore (Back To The 90s Best Old Skool)-(5888)-WEB-2019-ZzZz
VA - Hardbass Society 2009-(Mixed By Protectorz Of Da Core)-CD-2009-SVB
VA - Hardcore X-Mas Bells 2015 (Christmas)-WEB-2015-VELOCiTY
VA - Hardcore Xxl Vol. 2-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
VA - Its Party Time (Happy Hardcore Tracks) Vol. 3-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
VA - Its Party Time (Happy Hardcore Tracks)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
VA - Its Party Time Again (Happy Hardcore Tracks) Vol. 2-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
VA - Jump Around 2-2CD-2007-KTMP3
VA - Jump Around 2-WEB-2007-VELOCiTY
VA - Jump-Tonic 2008-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
VA - Jump-Tonic-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
VA - Tech-Tonic-WEB-2007-VELOCiTY
VA - Terrorcore XXL-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
VA - The Legends of Hardstyle - the Essential Hardstyle Collection-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY

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Label Pack Part20
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(10101202) VA-The Best Of Theracords 2015-(10101202)-WEB-2016-wAx
(10101202) VA-The Best Of Theracords 2015-WEB-2016-CB
(THER000) DJ Thera - The Classic Collection-(THER000)-WEB-2019-MMS
(THER001) Dj Thera - Serotonin-(THER-001)-WEB-2008-JiM
(THER002) Two Hawks - The Chase-WEB-2008-Sak
(THER003) Sybase-Who Is Watching-WEB-2008-DGN
(THER004) Dimavi - Vertigo-(THER-004)-WEB-2008-JiM
(THER005) Stana - Scum (THER-005)-WEB-2009-MP INT
(THER005) Stana-Scum-(THER005)-WEB-2008-gnvr
(THER006) DJ Thera - 2009 EP-HAPPY NEW YEAR-WEB-2009-eST
(THER007) Stana And Sybase-Alias-(THER007)-WEB-2009-NRG
(THER008) Geck-O - Smasher-WEB-2009-BiLDERBERG
(THER009) Hellraiser And Satyriasis-Grindhouse EP-WEB-2009-Homely
(THER010) Matt Restless-And it Goes-WEB-2009-VOiCE
(THER011) Stana-Tech Maniac EP-(THER-011)-WEB-2009-1KING
(THER012) GECK-O-Alliance-(THER012)-WEB-2009-gnvr
(THER014) Theracords Allstar-Cooperation EP-(THER014)-REPACK-WEB-2009-FUP
(THER014) Theracords Allstar-Cooperation EP-(THER014)-WEB-2009-FUP
(THER014) Theracords Allstars-Cooperation EP-(THER014)-WEB-2009-SSK
(THER015) Joe E Vs Busho-Music Matters-(THER015)-WEB-2009-UKHx
(THER016) Sinith and Stana-Alice-(THER016)-WEB-2009-iWD
(THER017) Phrantic-Kick It Your Story-(THER017)-WEB-2009-UKHx
(THER018) Stana-Stockholm-(THER018)-WEB-2009-UKHx
(THER019) DJ Thera-Again And Again-(THER019)-WEB-2009-UKHx
(THER020) Gatty-Undetected-(THER020)-WEB-2009-gnvr
(THER021) Geck O-Seduction-PROPER-(THER021)-WEB-2009-iWD
(THER021) Geck-O-Seduction-(THER021)-WEB-2009-UKHx
(THER022) Squarehead - The Gathering-(THER022)-WEB-2009-HB
(THER023) Busho - Midnight-(THER023)-WEB-2009-HB
(THER024) Geck-O and Friends - Full Force E.P.-(THER024)-WEB-2009-HB
(THER025) Stana - Leila-(THER025)-WEB-2009-HB INT
(THER025) Stana-Leila Approach-(THER025)-WEB-2009-UKHx
(THER026) DJ Thera - One Year 4 Years-(THER026)-WEB-2009-HB
(THER027) Busho Vs Joe-E-This is Not Techno-WEB-2009-VOiCE
(THER028) Rephex-Time Machine EP-(THER-028)-WEB-2009-UKHx
(THER029) Wavolizer - Fight-(THER029)-WEB-2009-HB
(THER030) Chris One - Convictions-(THER030)-WEB-2009-HB
(THER031) DJ Thera--2010 EP-(THER-031)-WEB-2010-WUS
(THER032) Geck-o - Give Me Some Heat-(THER032)-WEB-2010-HB
(THER033) DJ Thera-Birth Of A Flame-(THER-033)-WEB-2010-UKHx
(THER034) Theracords Allstars - Collaboration EP 2010-(THER-034)-WEB-2010-HW
(THER034) VA-Theracords Allstars Collaboration E.P. 2010-WEB-2010-PL4Y iNT
(THER035) Chris One-Coming After You-(THER-035)-WEB-2010-UKHx
(THER036) Louk-Evil Intent Incl DJ Thera Remix-(THER-036)-WEB-2010-UKHx
(THER037) DJ Thera-No More Misunderstanding-(THER-037)-WEB-2010-UKHx
(THER038) DJ Thera and Friends - Theracords EP-(THER038)-WEB-2010-HB
(THER039) Catatonic Overload - Heavyweight-(THER039)-WEB-2010-HB
(THER040) Wavolizer - Omega Centauri E.P.-(THER040)-WEB-2010-HB
(THER040) Wavolizer-Omega Centauri EP-(THER040)-WEB-2010-BPM
(THER041) DJ Thera Vs Geck-O Feat Wackiejacky - Hysteria-(THER041)-WEB-2010-HB
(THER042) Geck-O - Forces Of The Universe-(THER042)-WEB-2010-HB
(THER043) Catatonic Overload - Paralyzed-(THER043)-WEB-2010-SRG
(THER044) The Dizzorder Ft. R-Tillary - Vampires Dream-(THER044)-WEB-2010-HB
(THER045) DJ Thera - 2011 EP-(THER045)-WEB-2011-HB
(THER046) Geck-O-The Word Is Out-WEB-2011-EDML
(THER047) Phrantic - Become One-(THER047)-WEB-2011-HB
(THER048) DJ Thera vs Geck-O - Do The Happy Face-(THER048)-WEB-2011-HB
(THER048) DJ Thera Vs Geck-O-Do The Happy Face-(THER048)-PROMO-WEB-2011-EDML INT
(THER049) Degos and Re-Done - Warrior E.P.-(THER049)-WEB-2011-HB
(THER049) Degos And Re-Done-Warrior EP-(THER049)-PROMO-WEB-2011-EDML INT
(THER050) Geck-O - Its What We Are (Headhunterz Edit)-WEB-2011-HB INT
(THER050) Geck-O-Its What We Are-(THER050)-PROMO-WEB-2011-EDML INT
(THER050) Geck-O-Its What We Are-(THER050)-WEB-2011-EDML
(THER051) VA - Theracords Allstars Collaboration EP Part 1-(THER051)-WEB-2011-HB
(THER052) VA - Theracords Allstars Collaboration EP Part 2-(THER052)-WEB-2011-HB
(THER053) Catatonic Overload - Make Raw Not War Part 1-(THER053)-WEB-2011-SRG
(THER054) Wavolizer - Amnesia-(THER054)-WEB-2011-HB
(THER055) Geck-O - Dancing Machine-(THER055)-WEB-2011-HB
(THER056) DJ Thera - Live Hard Now-(THER056)-WEB-2011-HB
(THER057) Catatonic Overload - Make Raw Not War Part 2-(THER057)-WEB-2011-HB
(THER058) Phrantic - Edge Of Extinction-(THER058)-WEB-2011-HB
(THER059) DJ Thera vs Geck-O - Help Help-(THER059)-WEB-2011-HB
(THER060) The Dizzorder and R-Tillary - Fluffy-(THER060)-WEB-2011-HB
(THER061) Phrantic - Dark Skies-(THER061)-WEB-2011-HB
(THER062) Geck-E - Lets Talk About You-(THER062)-WEB-2011-SRG
(THER063) Degos and Re-Done - Bite My Shit-(THER063)-WEB-2011-HB
(THER064) Catatonic Overload - Make Raw Not War Part 3-(THER064)-WEB-2011-HB
(THER065) DJ Thera and Pavo - All Get Down-(THER065)-WEB-2011-HB
(THER066) Geck-O - Bingo The American Bad-(THER066)-WEB-2011-HB
(THER067) Degos and Re-Done - Yes We Know-(THER067)-WEB-2011-HB
(THER068) Deetox - Once Upon A Time-(THER068)-WEB-2012-HB
(THER069) Phrantic - Spells-(THER069)-WEB-2012-HB
(THER070) Prefix and Density - Breakout EP-(THER070)-WEB-2012-HB
(THER071) DJ Thera ft Yuna-X - Its A Fine Day-(THER071)-WEB-2012-HB
(THER072) Degos and Re-Done - Forsaken-(THER072)-WEB-2012-HB
(THER073) Geck-O - Sticky Disco-(THER073)-WEB-2012-HB
(THER074) Wavolizer - Excitement EP-(THER074)-WEB-2012-HB
(THER075) Phrantic and Blackburn - Overdose-(THER075)-WEB-2012-SOB
(THER076) DJ Thera Ft Yuna X - People Not Afraid-(THER076)-WEB-2012-SOB
(THER077) Blackburn - Be Aware-(THER077)-WEB-2012-SRG
(THER077) Blackburn - Be Aware-THER077-WEB-2012-SRG
(THER078) Cellrock - Summer Is Calling-(THER078)-WEB-2012-HB
(THER079) Deetox - Black Magic-(THER079)-WEB-2012-SRG
(THER080) Geck-O - Oh-(THER080)-WEB-2012-HB
(THER081) VA - Violence Arise-(THER081)-WEB-2012-HB
(THER082) Prefix and Density - La Musica-(THER082)-WEB-2012-HB
(THER083) Degos and Re-Done - Crisis-(THER083)-WEB-2012-HB
(THER084) DJ Thera - The Battle-(THER084)-WEB-2012-SRG
(THER085) Cellrock - Champion Sound-(THER085)-WEB-2012-HB
(THER086) Wavolizer Ft. Yuna-X - Retaliation-(THER086)-WEB-2012-HB
(THER087) DJ Thera And Frequencerz - Incoming-(THER087)-WEB-2012-SRG
(THER088) Blackburn - Without Warning-(THER088)-WEB-2012-HB
(THER089) Phrantic - Lightning Strikes-(THER089)-WEB-2013-HB
(THER090) Geck-O - Smasher (Delete Remix)-(THER090)-WEB-2013-SRG
(THER091) DJ Thera - The Breaking Point-(THER091)-WEB-2013-SRG iNT
(THER092) Degos and Re-Done - Turn It Off-(THER092)-WEB-2013-HB
(THER093) Deetox - Here I Come-(THER093)-WEB-2013-HB
(THER094) Prefix and Density - Soundwaves-(THER094)-WEB-2013-HB
(THER094) Prefix and Density - Soundwaves (Defqon Edit)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(THER095) Phrantic - Open Your Mind--(THER095)-WEB-2013-HB
(THER096) Blackburn - Stay Alert-(THER096)-WEB-2013-HB
(THER097) Geck-O - Assquake EP-(THER097)-WEB-2013-HB
(THER098) Cellrock - Why Cant We See-(THER098)-WEB-2013-HB
(THER099) DJ Thera and Delete - Welcome-(THER099)-WEB-2013-HB
(THER100) Wavolizer - Sympho-(THER100)-WEB-2013-HB
(THER101) Degos and Re-Done - Connected-(THER101)-WEB-2013-HB
(THER102) DJ Thera Ft. Yuna-X - Surreal-(THER102)-WEB-2013-HB
(THER103) Geck-O - AHA-(THER103)-WEB-2013-HB
(THER104) Phrantic - Beyond Boundaries Part One-(THER104)-WEB-2013-HB
(THER105) Delete - Beheaded-(THER105)-WEB-2013-HB
(THER106) Exit Mind - Together-(THER106)-WEB-2013-HB
(THER107) Cellrock - Speakers On Rec-(THER107)-WEB-2013-HB
(THER108) Degos and Re-Done - This Mind-(THER108)-WEB-2013-HB
(THER109) VA - The Lost Tracks EP-(THER109)-WEB-2013-SRG
(THER110) Prefix and Density vs Blackburn - The Future-(THER110)-DIRFIX-WEB-2013-HB
(THER110) Prefix and Density vs Blackburn - The Future-(THER111)-WEB-2013-HB
(THER111) DJ Thera - Celebrate-(THER111)-WEB-2013-HB
(THER111) Prefix and Density vs Blackburn - The Future-(THER111)-WEB-2013-HB
(THER112) Exit Mind - Diverse The Black Temple-(THER112)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER113) Phrantic - Beyond Boundaries Vol 2-(THER113)-DIRFIX-WEB-2014-HB
(THER113) Phrantic - Beyond Boundaries Vol 2-(THER115)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER114) Deetox Ft. MC Nolz - Trigger-(THER114)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER115) DJ Thera - Boom Bashing (THER115)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER115) Phrantic - Beyond Boundaries Vol 2-(THER115)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER116) Delete - Ghetto-(THER116)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER117) Degos and Re-Done - Drugs of Choice-(THER117)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER118) Prefix and Density - Anger-(THER118)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER119) K96 - The World Is Changing-(THER119)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER120) Geck-O - Ask Yourself-(THER120)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER121) Blackburn - Weakness Unstoppable-(THER121)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER122) Prefix and Density vs Solutio - Artillery-(THER122)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER123) Aeros - Savage-(THER123)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER124) Wavolizer - Imagination-(THER124)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER125) Chris One - Remixed EP-(THER125)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER126) Phrantic - Beyond Boundaries Volume 3-(THER126)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER127) Delete - Dismissed Level-(THER127)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER128) Cellrock - Drive The Compresoor-(THER128)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER129) Degos and Re-Done - Expanding Chaos-(THER129)-WEB-2014-HB INT
(THER129) Degos and Re-Done - Expanding Chaos-(THER129)-WEB-2014-SRG
(THER130) Prefix and Density Ft. The Vision - Never Come Close-(THER130)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER131) K96 Ft. MC Livid - Exterminate (Raw Is The Power)-(THER131)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER132) Exit Mind - Get Down-(THER132)-WEB-2014-SRG
(THER132) Exit Mind - Get Down Believe-(THER132)-WEB-2014-HB INT
(THER133) Project Exile - Your Own Past-(THER133)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER134) Deetox - Street Movement-(THER134)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER135) Degos and Re-Done - Dark Times-(THER135)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER136) Wavolizer Ft. Yuna-X - Fragile-(THER136)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER137) DJ Thera - Training Sessions-WEB-2014-HB INT
(THER138) Jason Payne - Awesome Choices-(THER138)-WEB-2014-HB
(THER139) Wavolizer - Not Your Average Remixes-(THER139)-WEB-2014-SRG
(THER140) Delete - The Curse-(THER140)-WEB-2015-HB
(THER141) K96 - One More EP-(THER141)-WEB-2015-HB
(THER142) Aeros and Blackburn - Infinite-(THER142)-WEB-2015-HB
(THER143) Deetox - Headknocker-(THER143)-WEB-2015-SRG
(THER144) Degos and Re-Done - Madness-(THER144)-WEB-2015-HB
(THER145) DJ Thera - The Paranormal-(THER145)-WEB-2015-HB
(THER146) Deetox - Bring The Riot-(THER146)-WEB-2015-HB
(THER147) Delete and Warface - The Baddest-(THER147)-WEB-2015-HB
(THER148) Psyched - Nightstalker-(THER148)-WEB-2015-SRG
(THER149) Project Exile - Death May Die-(THER149)-WEB-2015-HB
(THER150) Degos and Re-Done - Feedback-(THER150)-WEB-2015-HB
(THER151) Delete And Psyched - Take It Leave It-(THER151)-WEB-2015-SRG
(THER152) Prefix And Density - The Brain-(THER152)-WEB-2015-SRG
(THER153) DJ Thera - Desolation-(THER153)-WEB-2015-SRG
(THER154) DJ Thera Vs. Degos And Re-Done - Rave-(THER154)-WEB-2015-SRG
(THER155) Delete And Deetox - Fatal-(THER155)-WEB-2015-SRG
(THER156) Prefix And Density - The Brutal-(THER156)-WEB-2015-SRG
(THER157) DJ Thera And Jason Payne - Hate Society-(THER157)-WEB-2015-SRG
(THER158) Delete - Funk-(THER158)-WEB-2015-SRG
(THER159) Degos And Re-Done - Demon Haunted-(THER159)-WEB-2015-SRG
(THER160) Jason Payne - The Realness-(THER160)-WEB-2015-SRG
(THER161) DJ Thera and Artifact - Revenge-(THER161)-WEB-2015-HB
(THER162) K96 - Pull The Trigger-(THER162)-WEB-2015-SRG
(THER163) Project Exile - F cker-(THER163)-WEB-2015-SRG
(THER164) Psyched - F.B.M.-(THER164)-WEB-2015-HB
(THER165) Prefix and Density - Just A Memory-(THER165)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER166) Delete - Dismissed Again The World Is Yours-(THER166)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER167) Deetox - Lower Level-(THER167)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER168) Degos And Re-Done Vs. Prefix And Density Ft. MC Livid - Fight Your Fears-(THER168)-WEB-2016-SRG
(THER168) Degos and Re-Done vs Prefix and Density Ft. MC Livid - Fight Your Fears-(THER168)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER169) Psyched and Regain - Piece Of Shit-(THER169)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER170) Caine - Prepare For Glory-(THER170)-WEB-2016-SRG
(THER171) Degos And Re-Done Vs. Jason Payne - Stomping-(THER171)-WEB-2016-SRG
(THER172) K96 - Survive-(THER172)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER173) Project Exile - Tchaikovsky On E-(THER173)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER174) DJ Thera - The New Era-CD-2016-SRG
(THER174) DJ Thera - The New Era-WEB-2016-HB INT
(THER175) Psyched Ft. Aninia - Encomium-(THER175)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER176) Jason Payne - Venom-(THER176)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER176) Jason Payne - Venom-(THER176)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(THER177) Caine - Saviour-(THER177)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER178) Deetox and Delete - Alone-(THER178)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER179) Alphaverb and The Machine - Smokemachine-(THER179)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER180) Delete - Remixed-(THER180)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER181) Project Exile - Prisoners Observer-(THER181)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER182) DJ Thera - Hyperspace-(THER182)-WEB-2016-SRG
(THER183) Jason Payne - Brainless-(THER183)-WEB-2016-HB INT
(THER183) Jason Payne - Brainless-(THER183)-WEB-2016-SRG
(THER184) Caine - Lets Get Pillz-(THER184)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER185) Invector - Destruction-(THER185)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER186) DJ Thera and Luminite - Failure Of Democrasy-(THER186)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER187) Project Exile - Outcast-(THER187)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER188) Hardcraft and Psyched - Voice Of The Spirit-(THER188)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER189) Retaliation - Awoken-(THER189)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER190) Invector - Pump Ya First-(THER190)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER191) Psyched - There Is Something In This House-(THER191)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER192) Jason Payne - Doomsday-(THER192)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER193) Invector and Retaliation - Twilight-(THER193)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER194) Invector - Singularity Of Sound (S.O.T.H.S. Anthem)-(THER194)-WEB-2016-HB
(THER195) Resist - Your Mind-(THER195)-WEB-2016-SRG
(THER196) Invector - Extreme Aggression-(THER196)-WEB-2017-SRG
(THER197) Retaliation - The Curse-(THER197)-WEB-2017-SRG
(THER198) DJ Thera - The New Era Continues-(THER198)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER199) Caine And John Harris - No Mercy-(THER199)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER200) BeatFreak - Pay Up-(THER200)-WEB-2017-SRG
(THER201) Caine - Abomination-(THER201)-WEB-2017-SRG
(THER201) Caine - Abomination (Incl Edit)-(THER201)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER202) Retaliation - Powerless-(THER202)-WEB-2017-SRG
(THER202) Retaliation - Powerless (Incl Edit)-(THER202)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER202) Retaliation - Powerless (Incl Radio Edit)-WEB-2017-FMC
(THER203) BeatFreak - Divination-(THER203)-WEB-2017-SRG
(THER203) BeatFreak - Divination (Incl Edit)-(THER203)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER204) Resist - Pain-(THER204)-WEB-2017-SRG
(THER204) Resist - Pain (Incl Edit)-(THER204)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER205) DJ Thera Ft. Yuna-X - Feel Alive-(THER205)-WEB-2017-SRG
(THER205) DJ Thera ft Yuna-X - Feel Alive (Incl Edit)-(THER205)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER206) Invector - X Gonna Give To Ya-(THER206)-WEB-2017-SRG
(THER206) Invector - X Gonna Give To Ya (Incl Edit)-(THER206)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER207) Caine - Extinction-(THER207)-WEB-2017-SRG
(THER207) Caine - Extinction (Incl Edit)-(THER207)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER208) Retaliation - God (Incl Edit)-(THER208)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER209) Project Exile - Angel (Incl Edit)-(THER209)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER210) VA - The Opposition Part 1-(THER210)-WEB-2017-SRG
(THER210) VA - The Opposition Part 1 (Incl. CD Versions)-(THER210)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER211) VA - The Opposition Part 2-(THER211)-WEB-2017-SRG
(THER211) VA - The Opposition Part 2 (Incl. CD Versions)-(THER211)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER212) VA - The Opposition Part 3-(THER212)-WEB-2017-SRG
(THER213) VA - The Opposition Pt 4-(THER213)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER214) Riot Shift - 36th Chamber You Cant Break Me-(THER214)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER215) Invector - Guns Smoke and Death-(THER215)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER216) DJ Thera - Welcome to the Valley-(THER216)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER216) DJ Thera - Welcome to the Valley (Dance Valley Hard Anthem 2017)-(THER-216)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(THER217) Beatfreak - I Am a Demon-(THER217)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER217) BeatFreak - I Am Demon-(THER217)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER218) Resist - Time Is Up-(THER218)-WEB-2017-SRG
(THER219) Retaliation - Underworld (Ground Zero Hardstyle Anthem 2017)-(THER219)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER220) Riot Shift - The Beast-(THER220)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER221) Project Exile - Burn-(THER221)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER221) Project Exile - Burn-(THER-221)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(THER222) Jason Payne - Violence (Wildness and Criminal Mayhem Remix)-(THER222)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER223) BeatFreak and Ressurectz - Hustlers-(THER223)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER224) Invector - Bassdrop-(THER224)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER225) Caine - To Be King-(THER225)-WEB-2017-SRG
(THER226) Riot Shift ft. MC Tools - Vision Of Disorder (Raw District Anthem 2017)-(THER226)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER227) Resist and BeatFreak - Fcking Around-(THER227)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER228) Riot Shift - Engage-(THER228)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER229) BMBSQD - My Name Is-(THER229)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER230) Resist ft. MC I See - Cross The Line-(THER230)-WEB-2017-MMS
(THER231) DJ Thera - 2018 EP-(THER231)-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER232) Retaliation - The Awakening EP-(THER232)-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER233) Caine - Break The Sound-(THER233)-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER234) Riot Shift - Sin and Sentence-(THER234)-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER234) Riot Shift - Sin And Sentence (Pro Mix)-(THER234)-WEB-2018-SRG
(THER235) Psyched ft. MC I See - Alles.Kut.Enter-(THER235)-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER235) Psyched ft. MC I See - Alles.Kut.Enter (Pro Mix)-(THER235)-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER236) Caine - Lets Get (Pro Mixes)-(THER236)-WEB-2018-SRG
(THER237) Retaliation - Our Soul-(THER237)-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER237) Retaliation - Our Soul (Pro Mix)-(THER237)-WEB-2018-SRG
(THER238) Psyched - I Will Kill You-(THER238)-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER238) Psyched - I Will Kill You (Pro Mix)-(THER238)-WEB-2018-SRG
(THER239) Caine - How You Like Me (Pro Mix)-(THER239)-WEB-2018-SRG
(THER239) Caine - How You Like Me-WEB-2018-MMS INT
(THER240) Riot Shift - Extasis-(THER240)-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER240) Riot Shift - Extasis (Pro Mix)-(THER240)-WEB-2018-SRG
(THER241) DJ Thera - Far Away EP (Pro Mixes)-(THER241)-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER241) DJ Thera - Far Away EP-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER242) Caine - Blast Yo Ass-(THER242)-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER242) Caine - Blast Yo Ass (Pro Mix)-(THER242)-WEB-2018-SRG
(THER243) Retaliation ft. Lhoraine S - Fire-(THER243)-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER243) Retaliation ft. Lhoraine S - Fire (Pro Mix)-(THER243)-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER244) BeatFreak - Madness-(THER244)-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER245) Project Exile - Collaborations-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER246) Riot Shift - Pulsar-(THER246)-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER246) Riot Shift - Pulsar (Pro Mix)-(THER246)-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER247) Resist - Sleep When Im Dead-(THER247)-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER247) Resist - Sleep When Im Dead (Pro Mix)-(THER247)-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER248) DJ Thera - The Art Of Magic (Magic Festival 2018 Anthem)-(THER248)-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER248) DJ Thera - The Art Of Magic (Magic Festival 2018 Anthem) (Pro Mix)-(THER248)-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER249) Exit Mind - Back From 2014-(THER249)-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER250) Cellrock - New Life (Pro Mixes)-(THER250)-WEB-2018-SRG
(THER250) Cellrock - New Life-WEB-2018-MMS
(THER251) Riot Shift - Boundaries (Pro Mix)-(THER251)-WEB-2018-MMS INT
(THER252) Caine And Deimos - Together (Caine 2018 Remix) (Pro Mix)-(THER252)-WEB-2018-SRG
(THER253) Retaliation - The New Shit-(THER253)-WEB-2019-MMS
(THER254) Retaliation - Here We Go-(THER254)-WEB-2019-MMS
(THER255) Retaliation - The New Shit EP (Pro Mixes)-(THER255)-WEB-2019-SRG
(THER255) Retaliation - The New Shit EP-WEB-2019-MMS
(THER256) Riot Shift - From The Grave (Pro Mix)-(THER254)-WEB-2019-MMS
(THER256) Riot Shift - From The Grave-WEB-2019-MMS
(THER257) DJ Thera Ft. MC Raise - All Night Klaplong (Pro Mix)-(THER257)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
(THER257) DJ Thera ft. MC Raise - All Night Klaplong-WEB-2019-MMS
(THER258) Riot Shift And Firelite - Out Of Time (Pro Mix)-(THER258)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
(THER258) Riot Shift and Firelite - Out Of Time-SINGLE-WEB-2019-MMS
(THER259) Retaliation - The Revolution-(4061707185571)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
(THER259) Retaliation - The Revolution (Pro Mix)-(THER259)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-MMS
(THER260) Aversion - Beyond Reality (Pro Mix)-(THER260)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
(THER260) Aversion - Beyond Reality-SINGLE-WEB-2019-MMS
(THER260) Aversion - Beyond Reality-SINGLE-WEB-2019-MMS INT
(THER261) DJ Thera - Forever (Pro Mix)-(THER261)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
(THER261) DJ Thera - Forever-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
(THER262) Riot Shift - Oblivion-(THER262)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
(THER263) Retaliation feat Jake Sussman - Solo-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
(THER263) Retaliation Ft. Jake Sussman - Solo (Pro Mix)-(THER263)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
(THER264) Aversion and Calybr - Showtime-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
(THER265) Caine feat Sheryl Daneen - Angels Deserve to Die-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
(THER265) Caine Ft. Sheryl Daneen - Angels Deserve To Die (Pro Mix)-(THER266)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
(THER666) Hellraiser And the Engineer - Legion for We Are Many-WEB-2009-eST
(THERCD-01) DJ Thera - Training Sessions-CD-2014-SRG
(THERCD-01) DJ Thera-Training Sessions-(THERCD-01)-CD-FLAC-2014-WRE
(THERCD02) DJ Thera-The New Era-(THERCD-02)-CD-FLAC-2016-WRE
(THERCOMP002) VA-The Best Of Theracords-WEB-2010-EDML
(THERCOMP003) VA - The Best Of Theracords 2012-(THERCOMP3)-WEB-2012-JiM
(THER-COMP1) VA - The Best Of Theracords 2009-(THERCOMP-001)-WEB-2009-BC
(THER-COMP2) VA-The Best Of Theracords-WEB-2010-EDML
(THER-COMP3) VA - The Best Of Theracords 2012-(THERCOMP3)-WEB-2012-JiM
(THERFREE-01) DJ Thera - Serotonin-(THERFREE-01)-WEB-2010-SOB INT
(THERFREE-02) The Prodigy - Warriors Dance (DJ Thera Bootleg Remix)-(THERFREE-02)-WEB-2010-SOB INT
(THERFREE-03) Die Antwoord vs Coca - Zef Side Extreme Voice (Geck-O Mashup)-(THERFREE-03)-WEB-2010-SOB INT
(THERFREE-04) Geck-O - Another Way-(THERFREE-04)-WEB-2010-SOB INT
(THERFREE-05) Mauro Picotto - Proximus (DJ Thera Bootleg Remix)-(THERFREE-05)-WEB-2011-SOB INT
(THERFREE-06) Wavolizer - Activator Mega Mashup (2011 Remaster)-(THERFREE-06)-WEB-2011-SOB INT
(THERFREE-07) VA - August 4-Track Package-(THERFREE-07)-WEB-2011-SOB INT
(THERFREE-08) Geck-O - 2-1-(THERFREE-08)-WEB-2011-SOB INT
(THERFREE-09) Geal - Losing My Feelin (Geck-O Remix)-(THERFREE-09)-WEB-2012-SOB INT
(THERFREE-10) Geck-O - Megabase Anthem-(THERFREE-10)-WEB-2012-SOB INT
(THERFREE-11) Geck-O - Space Jam-(THERFREE-11)-WEB-2012-SOB INT
(THERFREE-12) CO2 vs DJ Thera - Goddamn Therafied (Theracords Live Mix)-(THERFREE-12)-WEB-2012-SOB INT
(THERFREE-13) Degos and Re-Done - Outside The Box (Live Edit)-(THERFREE-13)-WEB-2012-SOB INT
(THERFREE-14) Wavolizer vs DJ Thera - Done With My Stash (Theracords Live Mix)-(THERFREE-14)-WEB-2012-SOB INT
(THERFREE-15) Prefix and Density - Loudness Tool-(THERFREE-15)-WEB-2012-SOB INT
(THERFREE-16) Headhunterz - Left Some Answerz (Geck-O Unofficial Remix)-(THERFREE-16)-WEB-2012-SOB INT
(THERFREE-17) DJ Thera - Do You Know Who I Am-(THERFREE-17)-WEB-2012-SOB INT
(THERFREE-18) Geck-E - Body Flow-(THERFREE-18)-WEB-2012-SOB INT
(THERFREE-19) Wavolizer - Done (Fancy Edit)-(THERFREE-19)-WEB-2013-SOB INT
(THERFREE-20) Excision ft Messinian - X Rated (Geck-O Bootleg)-(THERFREE-20)-WEB-2013-SOB INT
(THERFREE-21) Cellrock - Headache-(THERFREE-21)-WEB-2013-SOB INT
(THERFREE-22) Delete - Protocol (Bass Protocol 2013 Anthem)-(THERFREE-22)-WEB-2013-SOB INT
(THERFREE-23) Blackburn and Geck-O ft Drivium - Pan-Demic-(THERFREE-23)-WEB-2013-SOB INT
(THERFREE-24) Degos and Re-Done - Rawness 2012 (Loudness Mix)-(THERFREE-24)-WEB-2013-SOB INT
(THERFREE-25) DJ Thera ft Yuna-X - Its A Fine Day (Hard Bass 2013 Mix)-(THERFREE-25)-WEB-2013-SOB INT
(THERFREE-26) Prefix and Density - TC Live Polka (DJ Tool)-(THERFREE-26)-WEB-2013-SOB INT
(THERFREE-27) Phrantic - Loudness DJ Tool-(THERFREE-27)-WEB-2013-SOB INT
(THERFREE-28) Exit Mind and Zirkum - Place Of Power-(THERFREE-28)-WEB-2013-SOB INT
(THERFREE-29) Blackburn ft Yuna-X - Shelter-WEB-2014-SOB INT
(THERFREE-29) Delete - Corruption-WEB-2014-SOB INT
(THERFREE-30) Delete - Corruption-WEB-2014-SOB INT
(THERFREE-30) Excision ft Messinian - X-Rated (Geck-O and Phrantic vs Space Laces Bootleg)-(THERFREE-31)-WEB-2014-SOB INT
(THERFREE-31) DJ Thera - 50K Likes Free Release-WEB-2014-SOB INT
(THERFREE-31) Excision ft Messinian - X-Rated (Geck-O and Phrantic vs Space Laces Bootleg)-(THERFREE-31)-WEB-2014-SOB INT
(THERFREE-32) DJ Snake ft Lil Jon - Turn Down For What (Aeros DJ Tool)-(THERFREE-32)-WEB-2014-SOB INT
(THERFREE-33) Deetox - Voodoo-(THERFREE-33)-WEB-2014-SOB INT
(THERFREE-34) DJ Thera - Boom Bashing (Thera Live Mix)-(THERFREE-34)-WEB-2014-BC
(THERFREE-35) Delete - Fast Lane-(THERFREE-35)-WEB-2014-BC
(THERFREE-35) Delete - Fast Lane-(THERFREE-35)-WEB-2014-SOB INT
(THERFREE-36) Prefix and Density - The Roof-(THERFREE-36)-WEB-2015-BC
(THERFREE-37) Caine - Live Or Die-(THERFREE-37)-WEB-2015-BC
(THERFREE-38) Degos And Re-Done - Sing For The Moment-(THERFREE-38)-WEB-2015-BC
(THERFREE-39) Project Exile - Death May Die (Q-Base 2016 Edit)-(THERFREE-39)-WEB-2016-HCC
(THERFREE-40) Psyched - Let Us All Unite-(THERFREE-40)-WEB-2016-HCC
(THERFREE-41) Psyched - Sys-X Bootleg-(THERFREE-41)-WEB-2016-HCC
Hardstyle Mafia and Yuna-X - Sound of Victory (DJ Thera Remix)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY

Theracords LABS-(2018-2019)-0DAY
(LABS001) VA - Chemical Compound Vol. 1-WEB-2018-MMS INT
(LABS002) Criminal Mayhem - Bite Your Tongue-(LABS002)-WEB-2018-MMS
(LABS002) Criminal Mayhem - Bite Your Tongue (Pro Mixes)-(LABS002)-WEB-2018-SRG
(LABS003) Ressurectz - Street Legends-(LABS003)-WEB-2018-MMS
(LABS003) Ressurectz - Street Legends (Pro Mix)-(LABS003)-WEB-2018-SRG
(LABS004) Valido - A New Dream-(LABS004)-WEB-2018-MMS
(LABS005) Re-Shock and Scream Intention - Outer Dark-(LABS005)-WEB-2018-MMS
(LABS005) Re-Shock and Scream Intention - Outer Dark (Pro Mix)-(LABS005)-WEB-2018-MMS
(LABS006) Criminal Mayhem - The Crucible Dangerous Depths (Pro Mixes)-(LABS006)-WEB-2018-MMS
(LABS006) Criminal Mayhem - The Crucible-WEB-2018-MMS
(LABS007) Ressurectz and Deimos - Hell-(LABS007)-WEB-2018-MMS
(LABS007) Ressurectz and Deimos - Hell (Pro Mix)-(LABS007)-WEB-2018-MMS
(LABS008) Distrix - On The edge-(LABS008)-WEB-2018-MMS
(LABS008) Distrix - On The Edge (Pro Mix)-(LABS008)-WEB-2018-MMS
(LABS009) Murdock - Fear and Sin-(LABS009)-WEB-2018-MMS
(LABS009) Murdock - Fear and Sin (Pro Mix)-(LABS009)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(LABS010) Valido - Dusk and Dawn (Pro Mix)-(LABS010)-WEB-2018-MMS
(LABS011) Aversion - In The Night-(LABS011)-WEB-2018-MMS
(LABS011) Aversion - In The Night (Pro Mix)-(LABS011)-WEB-2018-MMS INT
(LABS012) Ressurectz - Demonic Pro Mix-LABS012-WEB-2018-MMS INT
(LABS012) Ressurectz - Demonic-LABS012-WEB-2018-MMS
(LABS013) Criminal Mayhem - Chaos-WEB-2019-MMS
(LABS014) Kruelty - Reign of Terror-WEB-2019-FMC
(LABS015) Aversion and Friends - Collaborations-WEB-2019-FMC
(LABS016) Kruelty - The Sinner-SINGLE-WEB-2019-MMS
(LABS017) Distrix - Wasting Away (Pro Mix)-(LABS017)-WEB-2019
(LABS017) Distrix - Wasting Away-SINGLE-WEB-2019-MMS
(LABS019) Aversion and Qriminal - Bringin Sexy Back (Pro Mix)-(LABS019)-WEB-2019
(LABS019) Aversion and Qriminal - Bringin Sexy Back-SINGLE-WEB-2019-MMS
(LABS020) Kruelty - From The Depths-SINGLE-WEB-2019-MMS
(LABS021) DJ Thera and Criminal Mayhem - Justice-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
(LABS023) Criminal Mayhem - Blood Moon-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
This Is Frenchcore Recordings-(2018-2019)-0DAY
(TIF001) Skull Demon - Shotgun-(TIF001)-WEB-2018
(TIF001) Skull Demon - Shotgun (EP)-(TIF001)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(TIF002) Freakensis - Spektrum-(TIF002)-WEB-2018
(TIF002) Freakensis - Spektrum-(TIF002)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(TIF003) D-Silent Vs Waellpae - Dont Stop this Record-(TIF003)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(TIF004) The Galdean - Strangers-(TIF004)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(TIF004) The Galdean - Strangers-(TIF004)-WEB-2018-ZzZz
(TIF005) VA - This Is Frenchcore Voodoo Dolls-(TIF005)-WEB-2018
(TIF005) VA - This is Frenchcore Voodoo Dolls-(TIF005)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(TIF006) Dr.Denk vs Psickopathik - Fury Of Machines-(TIF006)-WEB-2019-ZzZz
(TIF007) The Galdean - Dragon Warrior-(TIF007)-WEB-2019-ZzZz
(TIF008) Patchi Msk - Layeringrage-(TIF008)-WEB-2019-ZzZz

Thunderdome Records-(2006-2017)-0DAY
(8715576104947) 3 Steps Ahead - Remember Remixes-(8715576104947)-WEB-2007-BC
(TD001) VA - Thunderdome 2006-(TD001)-Vinyl-2006-SQ
(TD001) VA-Thunderdome Anthem 2006-WEB-2007-HiROSHiMA
(TD002) Endymion And Nosferatu-Act Of God (Thunderdome 2008 Anthem)-(TD002)-WEB-2008-Homely
(TD002) Endymion And Nosferatu-Act Of God (Thunderdome 2008 Anthem)-(TD002)-WEB-2008-SSK
(TD002) Endymion and Nosferatu-Act Of God (Thunderdome 2008 Anthem)-(TD002)-WEB-2009-BPM INT
(TD003) Unexist Vs Day Mar And The Immobilizers - KO Life And Death-(TD003D)-WEB-2009-eST
(TD003) VA-Thunderdome Fight Night Anthem 2009-WEB-2009-UKHx
(TD004) Neophyte and Drokz - Sloop Die Speakers-(TD004)-WEB-2009-HB
(TD005) Negative-A ft MC Justice - Breaking Barriers (Thunderdome Anthem 2010)-(TD005)-WEB-2010-HB
(TD006) VA - Thunderdome XX The Final Exam Anthems-(TD006)-WEB-2012-HB
(TD007) Guerrillas - Our Legacy (Official Thunderdome 2017 Anthem)-(TD007)-WEB-2017-SRG

Together We Rise-(2015-2016)-0DAY
(TWR1) Gammer Ft Becci-Look Back-(TWR1)-WEB-2015-UKHx
(TWR10) Darren Styles Dougal And Gammer-Top Of The World-(TWR10)-WEB-2015-UKHx
(TWR11) Darren Styles - Get this Place-(TWR11)-WEB-2015-VELOCiTY
(TWR12) Gammer - Love You Everyday-(TWR12)-WEB-2015-VELOCiTY
(TWR13) Molly-Beneath The Lights (Darren Styles)-WEB-2015-DWM
(TWR14) Omegatypez-Take Me High Kutski And Gammer Remix-(TWR14)-WEB-2015-UKHx
(TWR15) Lyck Dougal And Gammer-Make It If We Try Hardcore Mix-(TWR15)-WEB-2015-UKHx
(TWR16) Re-Con-Touch The Stars-(TWR16)-WEB-2015-UKHx
(TWR17) Mark Breeze-Raving Drug-(TWR17)-WEB-2015-UKHx
(TWR18) Darren Styles Feat. Gavin Beach-Before The Sun-(TWR18)-WEB-2015-UKHx
(TWR19) Dougal And Re-Con-Circles-(TWR19)-WEB-2015-UKHx
(TWR2) Darren Styles Dougal And Gammer-Stay Young-(TWR2)-WEB-2015-UKHx
(TWR20) Gammer And Galaxy Fox-Burn You Tonight-(TWR20)-WEB-2016-UKHx
(TWR21) Darren Styles Feat. Christina Novelli-Sun Is Rising-(TWR21)-WEB-2016-UKHx
(TWR22) Gammer-Pigface (Dougal And Gammer Edit)-(TWR22)-WEB-2016-UKHx
(TWR23) Darren Styles-Its Like That-(TWR23)-WEB-2016-UKHx
(TWR24) Mark Breeze - Be Alone (VIP)-WEB-2016-PUTA
(TWR24) Mark Breeze - Be Alone-WEB-2016-bigboss
(TWR24) Mark Breeze-Be Alone-(TWR24)-WEB-2016-UKHx
(TWR25) Dougal and Gammer - Never Stop-(TWR25)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TWR25) Dougal And Gammer-Never Stop-(TWR25)-WEB-2016-UKHx
(TWR25) Dougal And Gammer-Snakebite-(TWR25)-WEB-2016-WUS
(TWR26) Dougal And Gammer-Snakebite-(TWR26)-WEB-2016-UKHx
(TWR27) Da Tweekaz - Hewwego (Darren Styles Remix)-(TWR27)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TWR27) Da Tweekaz-Hewwego (Darren Styles Remix)-WEB-2016-UKHx
(TWR28) Dougal and Gammer - Shoulder Lock-(TWR28)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TWR28) Dougal And Gammer-Shoulder Lock-(TWR28)-WEB-2016-UKHx
(TWR29) Mizel and Wilson - The Blackout EP-(TWR29)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TWR29) Mizel And Wilson-The Blackout EP-(TWR29)-WEB-2016-UKHx
(TWR3) Dougal and Gammer-The World-TWR3-WEB-2015-PITY
(TWR4) Atmozfears And Code Black-Accelerate Darren Styles Edit-(TWR4)-WEB-2015-UKHx
(TWR5) Darren Styles Re-Con And Whizzkid-Jump Up-(TWR5)-WEB-2015-UKHx
(TWR6) Re-Con - Raw Power-(TWR6)-WEB-2015-VELOCiTY
(TWR7) Mark Breeze-Gotta Get-(TWR7)-WEB-2015-UKHx
(TWR8) Darren Styles And Re-Con-Rest Of Your Life-(TWR8)-WEB-2015-UKHx
(TWR9) Darren Styles And Chris Unknown-Down Like That-(TWR9)-WEB-2015-UKHx
(TWRFREE1) Re-Con - Ignite-WEB-2015-VELOCiTY
(TWRFREE1) Re-Con-Ignite-WEB-2015-DWM INT

Toxic Sickness Digital-(2013-2017)-0DAY
(TSD001) Skullfuck3r Ft Feralist - Possessive-(TSD001)-WEB-2013-BOTW
(TSD002) Billy The Kid - Possession EP-(TSD002)-WEB-2013-BOTW
(TSD003) Maloonatic - Way Of The Dead EP-(TSD003)-WEB-2013-SOB
(TSD006) Execute - 190 BPM EP-(TSD006)-WEB-2014-SOB
(TSD008) D-Ohmicyd - Mental Disorder-(TSD08)-WEB-2013
(TSD008) D-Ohmicyd - Mental Disorder EP-(TSD008)-WEB-2014-SOB
(TSD009) Unix-Clan - Die 2Night-(TSD009)-WEB-2014-SOB
(TSD010) Skullfuck3r - The Devil's Rejects
(TSD012) Hardbouncer - Fucking Problems-(TSD012)-WEB-2014-BOTW
(TSD015) Le Demonist - The Fight Into Pieces EP-(TSD015)-WEB-2014-SOB
(TSD017) Mindestruction - Razorblade-(TSD017)-WEB-2014-SOB
(TSD018) Emergency Fuckerz And Grigio - Check-(TSD018)-WEB-2014-HCC
(TSD019) KM-System - The Killer Is Back-(TSD019)-WEB-2014-HCC
(TSD020) X-Clusive And Trypsin Ft. GyZe - Limetless Infinity (Bassrulers 2014 Anthem)-(TSD020)-WEB-2014-SRG
(TSD021) Unrest - Inside EP-(TSD021)-WEB-2014-BC
(TSD021) Unrest - Inside EP-WEB-2014-BC
(TSD021) Unrest - Pussy Generation EP-(TSD021)-WEB-2014-BOTW
(TSD026) Repix Violence and Bane - Give it to Ya EP-(TSD026)-WEB-2014-BC
(TSD027) Hardcoholics - Straight on to Death EP-(TSD027)-WEB-2014-BC
(TSD028) Terror - Flip It-(TSD028)-WEB-2014-HCC
(TSD029) Maloonatic - Harder Than You Think-(TSD029)-WEB-2014-SOB
(TSD030) Trypsin And Sinturimons - Take Back Your Soul-(TSD030)-WEB-2014-HCC
(TSD031) Wasted Guys - Haters-(TSD031)-WEB-2014-HCC
(TSD036) Unix-Clan - R.O.T.T.E.R.D.A.M. R.E.F.I.X.E.D. (3 Year Toxic Anniversary)-(TSD036)-WEB-2014-BOTW
(TSD041) Vandalism - Something Inside Me-(TSD041)-WEB-2015-BOTW
(TSD043) Total Disruption And Lady Bex - Cunt-(TSD043)-WEB-2016-BOTW
(TSD046) Tha Kronik - Summertime Madness-(TSD046)-WEB-2015-BC
(TSD046) Tha Kronik - Summertime Madness EP-(TSD046)-WEB-2015-ToC
(TSD048) Unproven - Release Me EP-(TSD048)-WEB-2015-BOTW
(TSD051) Tha Kronik - Weed And Cocaine-(TSD051)-WEB-2016
(TSD051) Tha Kronik - Weed And Cocaine-(TSD051)-WEB-2016-HCC
(TSD052) Hatred - Fight Music-(TSD052)-WEB-2016-BOTW
(TSD053) Unleashed Fury And Exhilarate - Fuck With Me-(TSD053)-WEB-2016-BOTW
(TSD055) Striker - Know Your Enemy-(TSD055)-WEB-2016-BOTW
(TSD056) Unleashed Fury And Exhilarate - Really Fucking Hard-(TSD056)-WEB-2016-BOTW
(TSD058) Accuser - Poison EP-(TSD058)-WEB-2016-HCC
(TSD059) Accuser - Play It-(TSD050)-WEB-2016-HCC
(TSD059) Toxic Inside - Push It EP-(TSD059)-WEB-2016-BOTW
(TSD060) Billy Manik Vs Aurora-D - Just Wait-(TSD060)-WEB-2016-BOTW
(TSD062) DJ Terror - Jam Hot (Bootleg)-WEB-2017-PUTA
Accuser - Misery-WEB-2015-BOTW
Naughty Kicks And Accuser - The Final Chapter (Reng Deng Deng Anthem 2016)-WEB-2016-BOTW

(TRM-EP-001) Xaero - Downfall-(TRM-EP-001)-WEB-2014
(TRM-EP-002) Cyberstruct - Weltschmerz-(TRM-EP-002)-WEB-2014
(TRM-EP-003) Naos - Seeker-(TRM-EP-003)-WEB-2014-BC
(TRM-EP-004) AnTraxid - Layers Sustained Distorted-(TRM-EP-004)-WEB-2014-BC
(TRM-EP-005) Diffuse - The Curse-(TRM-EP-005)-WEB-2014-DDS
(TRM-EP-006) Desolation - Vengeance-(TRM-EP-006)-WEB-2014-SOB
(TRM-EP-007) CRPTC - Marching to the Frontline-(TRM-EP-007)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
(TRM-EP-008) AnTraxid-Statements Of Social Decay-(TRM-EP-008)-WEB-2015-t2m
(TRM-EP-009) Xaero Mel Agony-Distort Into Dystopia-WEB-2015-UKHx
(TRM-EP-011) Batashi - Death Perception-(TRM-EP-011)-WEB-2015
(TRM-EP-011) Batashi - Death Perception-(TRM-EP-011)-WEB-2015-BC
--(TRM-EP-012) Hypoxic - Adrift In Desolation
(TRM-EP-013) Antraxid - Der Zweifler-(TRM-EP-013)-WEB-2015
(TRM-EP-014) Helios is Dead - Sol Gott-(TRM-EP-014)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TRM-EP-015) Desolation and Xaero - Raw Storm-(TRM-EP-015)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TRM-EP-016) Ragnarok - Ancient Writings Of Sacred Remorse-(TRM-EP-016)-WEB-2016
(TRM-EP-017) Corner - Engine Of Nerves-(TRM-EP-017)-WEB-2016
(TRM-EP-018) CRPTC - Midnight Transmission-(TRM-EP-018)-WEB-2016
--(TRM-EP-021) Desolation - Illusions
(TRM-EP-022) Corner - Rour-(TRM-EP-022)-WEB-2016
--(TRM-EP-023) Xaero And Mel Agony - Lies And Fables (Remixes)
(TRM-EP-024) Silent Humanity - A Life Of Sacrifice-(TRM-EP-024)-WEB-2017
--(TRM-EP-025) Shatterling - Eternal Moment
--(TRM-EP-026) XKRi And Nyctophilia - Underground Creatures
(TRM-EP-027) Creature - Vicious Things-(TRM-EP-027)-WEB-2017
--(TRM-EP-028) CRPTC - Approaching The Void
(TRM-EP-032) Braintune - Deathcult-(TRM-EP-032)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(TRM-EP-033) Diffuse - The Womb-(TRM-EP-033)-WEB-2018
--(TRM-EP-035) AnTraxid, Desolation And Hatedriven - Trianger
--(TRM-EP-036) Havocknoize - Dark Ops
--(TRM-EP-037) CRPTC - Weapons Of Darkcore
(TRM-LP-029) Xaero - Neurosis-(TRM-LP-029)-WEB-2017
--(TRM-LP-031) Desolation - A Shadow In Oblivion
(TRM-LP-034) Hypoxic - Dissociate-(TRM-LP-034)-WEB-2018
(TRM-LP-042) Hypoxic - In The Grips Of A Swamp-(TRM-LP-042)-WEB-2019
(TRM-VA-010) VA - Doomed Industry-(TRM-VA-010)-WEB-2015
(TRM-VA-010) VA - Doomed Industry-(TRM-VA-010)-WEB-2015-BC
(TRM-VA-020) VA - Doomed Industry II-(TRM-VA-020)-WEB-2016
(TRM-VA-030) VA - Doomed Industry III-(TRM-VA-030)-WEB-2017
(TRM-VA-040) VA - -(TRM-VA-040)-WEB-2018-PUTA

TriaMer Recordings-(2013-2018)-0DAY
(TR001) Triamer and Nagato - The Power of Darkness LP-(TR001)-WEB-2013-BC
(TR002) Triamer and Nagato - Return of Madness-(TR002)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(TR003) Follix and Back Up - Hell Kitchen EP-(TR003)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(TR004) Triamer and Nagato ?- Cold Paper-(TR004)-WEB-2014-CB
(TR004) Triamer and Nagato - Cold Paper-(TR004)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
(TR005) Satan - Killing Instinct-(TR006)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
(TR006) Satan-Killing Instinct New Hunter-(TR006)-WEB-2014-D23
(TR007) VA - The Superiority Of Pain-(TR007)-WEB-2016
(TR007) VA - The Superiority of Pain-(TR007)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TR008) Triamer and Nagato - Brainstorm-(TR008)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TR009) VA - Streets of Goa-(TR009)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TR010) Big-Head - Haunted-(TR010)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TR010) Big-Head-Haunted-(TR010)-WEB-2016-CB
(TR010) Big-Head--Haunted-WEB-2016-WUS
(TR011) Terrortek and Zero - The Trick-(TR011)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TR012) Brainpain - Final Phase-(TR012)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TR013) Triamer and Nagato - Lazerjet-(TR013)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TR014) Savage - Just Savage Things-(TR014)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(TR015) VA-Crocodile-(TR015)-WEB-2017-CB
(TR016) Hell Kitchen - Wounds of Hate-(TR016)-WEB-2018-CB
(TR017) Triamer and Nagato-Triamer and Nagato Remixes-(TR017)-WEB-2018-CB
(TR018) TriaMer And Nagato - Hands Up (Remixes)-(TR018)-WEB-2018-SRG
(TR019) Savage And Gorebug - Savage Tales EP-(TR019)-WEB-2018-SRG
(TR020) Braincrash - Humanoid EP-(TR020)-WEB-2018-SRG
(TR021) Masamune - Pandaemonium EP-(TR021)-WEB-2018-CB
(TR022) Hated and Fundo - Coma EP-(TR022)-WEB-2018-CB
Tritone Records-(2013-2016)-0DAY
(TRITONE001) Tritone - The Storm-(TRITONE001)-WEB-2013
(TRITONE001) Tritone - The Storm-(TRITONE001)-WEB-2013-BC
(TRITONE002) Tritone and D-Ceptor - Quadcore-(TRITONE002)-WEB-2014
(TRITONE002) Tritone And D-Ceptor - Quadcore-(TRITONE002)-WEB-2014-HCC
(TRITONE003) Tritone - Mind-(TRITONE003)-WEB-2014-BOTW
(TRITONE004) Tritone And D-Ceptor - Big Fat Tits-(TRITONE004)-WEB-2015-SRG
(TRITONE005) Tritone - Politicians-WEB-2016-SRG

Turbulence Hardcore-(2006-2011)-0DAY
(FUTF51) Trinity-Tomorrow is Our Future (Supreme and Sunset Regime Mix)-WEB-FUTF51-2008-XTC
(THC001) Audiolush - Feel the Power-(THC001)-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ
(THC001) Audiolush-Feel The Power Remixes-THC001-WEB-2007-UKHx
(THC002) Beat Commanders - Make You Mine (Supreme UFO and MOB Remix)-(THC002)-WEB-2011-BC
(THC002) Paradise - Wanna Be Free-(THC002)-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ
(THC003) CLSM And Cube Hard-See You On The Other Side-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx
(THC004) Vince Nysse And NJ Hinton-Silver Water (Darren Styles Remix)-THC004-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx
(THC005) Pulsonix-Lift Me Up (Geos Crew And Gammer Remix)-THC005-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx
(THC005) Pulsonix-Lift Me Up (Sy And Unknown Remix)-THC005-WEB-2007-UKHx
(THC006) Trinity-In Dreams-(THC006)-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx
(THC007) Paradise-Angel-THC007-Vinyl-2007-XTC
(THC008) Audiolush-Take Me Away-THC008-Vinyl-2007-XTC
(THC009) Ramos Supreme and Sunset Regime-Gotta Believe (Re-con Remix)-(THC009)-Vinyl-2008-CHC
(THC010) VA - Turn to Me and Broken Hearted (Remixes)-(THC010)-Vinyl-2008-BC
(THC011) Flyin Sparky and Charm - Hold On Me (THC011)-Vinyl-2008-JiM
(THC011) Flyin Sparky and Charm-Hold on Me-THC011-WEB-2008-XTC iNT
(THC012) Paul EP And Smithy - All I Wanna Do-Vinyl-2008-SDS
(THC013) Ultimate Devotion - Think of You-(THC013)-Vinyl-2009-BC
(THC014) UFO and Supreme ft Shelly Clifford - Best Days Breathing in-(THC014)-WEB-2009-BC
(THC018) Mob Feat Lou-Butterflies-(THC018)-WEB-2011-EDML
(THC019) Darren Hotchkiss and Stu Infinity - Last Goodbye-(THC019)-WEB-2011-BC
(THC020) Supreme and Technikore - Follow Your Voice-(THC0020)-WEB-2011-BC
(THC021) Mob and Enemy - Come on-(THC0021)-WEB-2011-BC
(THC022) Mob and Supreme - My Turn-(THC0022)-WEB-2011-BC
(THC023) Mob And Spyro-Lose Control-(THC0023)-WEB-2011-EDML
(THC024) Supreme and Mob - GEN-(THC0024)-WEB-2011-BC
(THC025) Mob and Enemy - Walked Away-(THC0025)-WEB-2011-BC
(THC026) Mob and Ajaay - Mod Whore-(THC0026)-WEB-2011-BC
(THC027) Mob and Enemy - Its Over-(THC0027)-WEB-2011-BC
(THC028) Mob ft Lou - Ask of You-(THC0028)-WEB-2011-BC
(THC029) Supreme and Mob - Cameo-(THC0029)-WEB-2011-BC
(THC030) Mob - Never Give it Up-(THC0030)-WEB-2011-BC
(THC031) Trinity - Turn to Me (Mob and Supreme Mix)-(THC0031)-WEB-2011-BC
(THC031) Trinity - Turn to Me (Mob and Supreme Remix)-(THC0031)-WEB-2011-BC
(THC032) Mob - Never Thought I Would-(THC0032)-WEB-2011-BC
(THC033) Mob - Like You Just Dont Care-(THC0033)-WEB-2012-BC
(THC034) Mob - Your Eyes-(THC0034)-WEB-2012-BC
(THC035) Mob and Supreme - Come and Get it-(THC0035)-WEB-2012-BC
(THC036) Supreme-Chunky and Mob - Pompay-(THC0036)-WEB-2014-BC
(THC037) Mob Chunky and Supreme ft JJ - Finally-(THC0037)-WEB-2014-BC
(THC038) Pulsonix - Lift Me Up (2014 Mix)-(THC0038)-WEB-2014-BC
(THC042) Mob and Supreme - Fat Ass-(THC042)-WEB-2011-BC
(THC047) Sound of Soho ft Amanda Wilson - Smile (Mob and Supreme H.A.R.D Remix)-(THC0047)-WEB-2010-BC
(THC047) Sound of Soho ft Amanda Wilson - Smile (Supreme and MOB Remix)-(THC0047)-WEB-2010-BC
(THC048) Mob ft MC Static - Still Waiting-(THC0048)-WEB-2010-BC
(THC049) Arkaine Silver - Broken Hearted (Supreme and Mob RMX)-(THC0049)-WEB-2010-BC
(THC050) Mob And Static-Chase The Dream-WEB-2010-EDML
(THC050) Supreme and Mob - Judgement Day-(THC0050)-WEB-2010-BC
(THC051) Supreme and MOB - In the Dark Dance Now-(THC0051)-WEB-2010-BC
(THC052) Mob and Supreme ft Tim - Looking Out-(THC0052)-WEB-2011-BC
(THC053) Mob - Ill Be Good-(THC0053)-WEB-2011-BC
--(THCA001) DJ Supreme & DJ Mob - Turbulence Hardcore Anthems
(THC-CHe7) Mob And Supreme Feat JJ-I Hate You-WEB-2010-EDML
(TURZ51) Trinity-Turn to Me (Supreme and Sunset Regime Remix)-WEB-TURZ51-2008-XTC

Twins Records-(2008-2014)-0DAY
(TWR-01) The Twins Artcore - The Never Ending Story (TWR01)-Vinyl-2008-ZzZz
(TWR-02) The Twins Artcore - The Never Ending Story Part 2-(TWR-02)-Vinyl-2008-BC
(TWR-02) The Twins Artcore - The Never Ending Story Part 2-(TWR-02)-WEB-2008
(TWR-03) The Twins Artcore - Freaky-(TWR-03)-WEB-2010-SOB
(TWR-04) The Twins Artcore - Live in Rome Vol. 1-(TWR-04)-WEB-2011-BC
(TWRCD-01) The Twins Artcore-The Never Ending Story-CD-2008-Homely
(TWRCD-02) The Twins Artcore - Live in Rome-(TWRCD-02)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(TWRCD-02) The Twins Artcore-Live In Rome-CD-2011-hM
(TWRCD-03) The Twins Artcore - Live at Pandemonium 2013-(TWRCD03)-WEB-2014-SOB
(TWRCD-04) The Twins Artcore - Hardcore Is Not A Crime-(TWRCD04)-WEB-2014-SOB
(TWRCD-04) VA - Hardcore is Not A Crime-(TWRCD04)-WEB-2014-BC

Twisted Sounds Records-(2018-2019)-0DAY
(TWS01) A-Kriv and F.Noize - Savage Squad-(TWS01)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(TWS02) A-Kriv and Chem D - Instagram DJ-(TWS 02)-WEB-2019
(TWS03) A-Kriv and Maissouille - Against Me-(TWS 03)-WEB-2019
(TWS04 Ultragore - Selva De Cemento-(TWS04)-WEB-2019

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T.I.T. Records-(2002-2019)-0DAY
(NLS160900142) Deterrent Man - Im Funny-(NLS160900142)-WEB-2009-HCC
(NLS160900143) Deterrent Man - Kikk Art-(NLS160900143)-WEB-2009-HCC
(NLS160900144) Deterrent Man - Open The Door-(NLS160900144)-WEB-2009-HCC
(NLS160900145) Deterrent Man - Pulse-(NLS160900145)-WEB-2009-HCC
(NLS160900146) Deterrent Man - Terrorlution-(NLS160900146)-WEB-2009-HCC
(NLS160900146) Deterrent Man-Terrorlution-WEB-2009-DWM
(REBOOSTED1) SRB - Reboosted Part 1-WEB-2011-HB
(REBOOSTED2) SRB - Reboosted Part 2-WEB-2011-HB
(SRB2011) SRB - Solid Rocket Boosters-WEB-2011-HB
(TIT001) Catkiller - Porn Again-(TIT001-12)-Vinyl-2002-BC
(TIT001) Catkiller - Porn Again-EP-(TIT001-12)-2002-DOC
(TIT002) S.R.B. - Satanic Verses-(TIT002)-Vinyl-2003-SQ
(TIT002) S.R.B. - Satanic Verses-(TIT002-12)-Vinyl-2003-BC
(TIT004) Catkiller - Drugs Do Help-(TIT004)-Vinyl-2005-BC
(TIT004) Catkiller - Drugs No Help-(TIT004)-Vinyl-2005-SQ
(TIT005) Noizekick - Access 666-(TIT005)-Vinyl-2005-HB
(TIT006) SRB - Break And Eliminate-(TIT006)-Vinyl-2005-HB
(TIT007) Catkiller - Body Count-(TIT007)-Vinyl-2006-SQ
(TIT008) VA - This Is Terror 8-(TIT008)-Vinyl-2006-HF
(TIT008) VA-This Is Terror 8-(TIT008)-Vinyl-2006-UNiT
(TIT009) S.R.B. - Not So Smooth-(TIT009)-Vinyl-2007-BC
(TIT009) SRB-Not So Smooth-(TIT009)-Vinyl-2007-1KING
(TIT010) Paranoizer-Secret Planet-(TIT010)-Vinyl-2007-1KING
(TIT011) VA - Terrorheads Against Cancer-(TIT011)-Vinyl-2007-BC
(TIT011) VA-Terrorheads Against Cancer-(TIT011)-Vinyl-2007-1KING
(TIT012) SRB-Boost 4-(TIT012)-Vinyl-2008-hM
(TIT013) Noisekick Vs Untitled-Sensueel Geluid Uit Friesland-(TIT013)-Vinyl-2008-hM INT
(TIT014) Derek - Burning Up-(TIT014)-Vinyl-2003-SQ
(TIT014) VA - This Is Terror 14-(TIT014)-Vinyl-2008-SQ
(TIT015) Catkiller - Serious Music-(TIT015)-Vinyl-2008-SQ
(TIT016) Paranoizer - Spazeman-(TIT016)-Vinyl-2008-SQ
(TIT017) Derek - Psycho Love-(TIT017)-Vinyl-2004-SQ
(TIT017) SRB - The Fifth Booster-Vinyl-2009-QMI
(TIT018) The Vizitor - See the Devil-(TIT018)-Vinyl-2009-BC
(TIT018) The Vizitor - See The Devil-(TIT018)-WEB-2009-Homely
(TIT019) Paranoizer - Dead Silence-(TIT019)-WEB-2009-Homely
(TIT020) Noisekick vs The Sickest Squad - This is Terror 20-(TIT020)-Vinyl-2009-SQ
(TIT020) Noisekick vs the Sickest Squad - Untitled-(TIT020)-WEB-2009-BC
(TIT021) SRB - Call the Cops-(TIT021)-Vinyl-2009-SQ
(TIT022) Earfist-All The Way To Fucking Eindhoven-(TIT022)-WEB-2010-DEF
(TIT024) S.R.B.-Everything Is Fucked-(TIT024)-WEB-2010-DEF
(TIT025) S.R.B. - Let It All Out EP-(TIT025)-WEB-2012-SOB
(TIT026) SRB - Solid Cervezas EP-(TIT026)-WEB-2012-HB
(TIT20131) The Vizitor - DJ Cursus-(TIT20131)-WEB-2013-HB
(TIT20132) SRB and Smurf - Terror Time EP-(TIT20132)-WEB-2013-SOB
(TIT20133) SRB - Rocket Muppet-(TIT20133)-WEB-2013
(TIT20133) SRB - Rocket Muppet-(TIT20133)-WEB-2013-BC
(TIT20141) Cemon Victa - Hoe Maak Je Herrie Remix-(TIT20141)-EP WEB-2014
(TIT20141) Cemon Victa - Hoe Maak Je Herrie Remix EP-(TIT20141)-WEB-2014-BC
(TIT20142) The Vizitor - Legend EP-(TIT20142)-WEB-2014-SOB
(TIT20143) Paranoizer - Armed and Dangerous-(TIT20143)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TIT20144) SRB - Ready 2 Die EP-(TIT20144)-WEB-2014-SOB
(TIT20145) SRB - Eat Sleep Terror Repeat-(TIT20145)-WEB-2014-SOB
(TIT20151) SRB and The Vizitor - Start The War EP-(TIT20151)-WEB-2015-SOB
(TIT20152) DJ Smurf - Hello You Are A Cunt-(TIT20152)-WEB-2015-SOB
(TIT20153) SRB - Vamos EP-(TIT20153)-WEB-2015-SOB
(TIT20154) SRB vs RTC - Attack the Flow-(TIT20154)-WEB-2015-BC
(TIT20161) SRB - This is Terror 001-(TIT20161)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TIT20161) VA - This Is Terror 001-(TIT20161)-WEB-2016
(TIT20162) VA - SRB Presents this is Terror 001-(TIT20162)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TIT20162) VA - This Is Terror 002-(TIT20162)-WEB-2016
(TIT20162) VA - This is Terror 002-(TIT20162)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TIT20163) VA - This Is Terror 003-(TIT20163)-WEB-2016
(TIT20163) VA - This Is Terror 003-(TIT20163)-WEB-2016-HCC
(TIT20164) SRB - Shit Is Hard EP-(TIT20164)-WEB-2016
(TIT20164) SRB - Shit Is Hard EP-(TIT20164)-WEB-2016-BOTW
(TIT20164) SRB - Shit Is Hard EP-(TIT20164)-WEB-2016-HCC
(TIT20165) Dissoactive - Move On Bitch EP-(TIT20165)-WEB-2017
(TIT20165) Dissoactive - Move On Bitch EP-(TIT20165)-WEB-2017-BOTW
(TIT20171) SRB - I Need Your Terror-(TIT20171)-WEB-2017-MMS
(TIT20171) SRB - I Need Your Terror EP-(TIT20171)-WEB-2017-ToC
(TIT20172) S.R.B. - This Is Terror 004-(TIT20172)-WEB-2017
(TIT20172) VA - SRB Presents this is Terror - Vol. 4-(TIT20172)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(TIT20172) VA - This Is Terror 004-(TIT20172)-WEB-2017-BOTW
(TIT20172) VA-SRB presents This Is Terror Vol 4-(TIT20172)-WEB-FLAC-2017-CB
(TIT20175) VA - This is Terror Vol.5-(TIT20175)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(TIT20175) VA-This Is Terror Vol 5-WEB-2017-2FAST4U
(TIT20181) Suicide Rage Vs Paranoizer - Straight In Your Face Ep-(TIT20181)-WEB-2018
(TIT20181) Suicide Rage Vs Paranoizer - Straight in Your Face EP-(TIT20181)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(TIT20182) SRB - Hallo Allemaal-(TIT20182)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(TIT20183) Dissoactive - Active Dissociation-(TIT20183)-WEB-2018
(TIT20183) Dissoactive - Active Dissociation-(TIT20183)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(TIT20185) SRB - War Machine-(TIT20185)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(TIT20191) Suicide Rage-The Preacher EP-(TIT20191)-WEB-2019-NDE
(TIT20192) SRB-Pedal To The Floor-(TIT20192)-WEB-2019-NDE
(TIT20193) Dissoactive - Beat The Punk Down-(TIT20193)-WEB-2019
(TITCD001) VA - This Is Terror-2CD-2002-SQ
(TITCD002) VA - This Is Terror Volume 2 - The Coffeecore Cru Mix-2CD-2002-SQ
(TITCD003) VA - This Is Terror Volume 3-The Pendeho Mix-2CD-2004-SQ
(TITCD004) VA - This Is Terror Volume 4-2CD-2005-SQ
(TITCD005) VA - This is Terror Volume 5-2CD-2005-HB
(TITCD006) VA-This Is Terror 6 Welcome To Terrorland-2CD-2006-1REAL
(TITCD007) VA-This is Terror Vol 7 Mixed by Jason S and SRB Vs Catkiller-2CD-2007-1REAL
(TITCD008) VA-This Is Terror 8 - Noisekicks Verouderingsproces-READ NFO-2CD-2007-Homely
(TITCD009) VA-This Is Terror 9 (Selected And Mixed By Drokz And Mr. Courage)-2CD-2008-hM
(TITCD010) VA-This is Terror 10 - Pure Terror-2CD-2008-Homely
(TITCD010) VA-This Is Terror 10 - Pure Terror-PROPER-2CD-2008-hM
(TITCD011) VA-This Is Terror 11-2CD-2008-Homely
(TITCD012) VA-This Is Terror 12 - Apocalypse-2CD-2009-hM
(TITCD013) The Sickest Squad-Pure Sickcore-CD-2010-hM
(TITCD014) VA-This Is Terror 14-2CD-2010-hM
(TITCD015) VA-This Is Terror 15-2CD-2011-hM
(TITCD016) SRB - Dutchcore-(TITCD016)-3CD-2013
(TITCD016) SRB - Dutchcore-(TITCD016)-3CD-2013-SRG
(TITCD016) SRB - Dutchcore-(TITCD016)-WEB-2013-SRG
(TITCD016) SRB-Dutchcore-(TITCD016)-3CD-FLAC-2013-WRE
(TITCD017) Dr. Peacock - Frenchcore Revolution-(TITCD017)-WEB-2014-SOB
(TITCD018) SRB - Rocket Science-(TITCD018)-WEB-2015-BC
(TITCD019) SRB-More Dutchcore-(TITCD019)-WEB-2017-CB
(TITCD019) Srb-More Dutchcore-WEB-2017-2FAST4U
(TITCD2014ALB) VA - This is Terror F ck Memories Edition-(TITCD2014ALB)-WEB-2014-BC
(TITCD251215) SRB - X-Mess Part Two-(TITCD251215)-WEB-2015-BC
(TITCOMP001) VA - This is Terror Compiled by SRB (TITCOMP001)-WEB-2017-PUTA
SRB - Xmess Booster-WEB-2009-HCC

Tainted Audio-(2012-2015)-0DAY
(TNT001) VA - Dawn of Paranoia-(TNT001)-WEB-2012-VELOCiTY
(TNT001CD) VA-Dawn Of Paranoia-(TNTCD001)-CD-2012-hM
(TNT001CD) VA-Dawn Of Paranoia-(TNTCD001)-CD-FLAC-2012-SPL
(TNT002) Gancher and Ruin - Glitch-(TNT002)-WEB-2013-BC
(TNT002) Gancher And Ruin - Glitch-(TNT002)-WEB-2013-SRG
(TNT002) Gancher and Ruin-Glitch EP-(TNT002)-WEB-FLAC-2013-D23
(TNT003) VA - Numeric Representation Scarecrow-(TNT003)-Vinyl-2013-SRG iNT
(TNT003) VA - Tainted Audio 003 Sampler-(TNT003)-WEB-2013-HB
(TNT004) Strobcore - No Compromise-(TNT004)-WEB-2013-BOTW
(TNT004CD) Strobcore-No Compromise-(TNT004CD)-CD-2013-hM
(TNT004CD) Strobcore-No Compromise-(TNT004CD)-CD-FLAC-2013-SPL
(TNT005) Ruffneck and Predator - Monochromatic EP-(TNT005)-WEB-2013-HB
(TNT006) Strobcore - Beat Plus Right-(TNT006)-WEB-2013-HB
(TNT007) Gancher and Ruin - Helltrap-(TNT007)-WEB-2014-HB
(TNT007CD) Gancher and Ruin-Helltrap-(TNT007CD)-CD-2014-hM
(TNT007CD) Gancher and Ruin-Helltrap-(TNT007CD)-CD-FLAC-2014-SPL
(TNT008) Synapse and Sei2ure - Politics Fuck-(TNT008)-Vinyl-2014-SRG
(TNT008) Synapse and Sei2ure - Politics Fuck-(TNT008)-WEB-2014-HB
(TNT009) VA - Tainted Audio 009 Sampler-(TNT009)-WEB-2014-HB
(TNT010) Meander - Gazing Long Into The Abyss-(TNT010)-WEB-2014-SOB
(TNT010CD) Meander-Gazing Long Into The Abyss-(TNT010CD)-CD-2014-hM
(TNT011) Micromakine - Hybrid Solution-(TNT011)-WEB-2014-HB
(TNT011CD) Micromakine-Hybrid Solutions-(TNT011CD)-CD-2014-hM
(TNT012) VA - The Formula EP-(TNT012)-WEB-2015-HB
(TNT013) Ruffneck - Wraith (The Underground Community Remixes)-(TNT013)-WEB-2014-SOB INT
(TNT014) VA-Necrochasm-(TNT014)-WEB-2015-CB
(TNT014) VA-Necrochasm-(TNT014)-WEB-2015-wAx
(TNT014CD) VA - Necrochasm-(TNT014CD)-CD-2015-SRG
(TNT014CD) VA-Necrochasm-(TNT014CD)-CD-FLAC-2015-WRE
Ruffneck - Wraith Remix Contest Sample Pack-WEB-2014-BC

Techneura Records-(2016-2017)-0DAY
(TCN001) VA - Scream for Daddy EP-(TCN001)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TCN002) VA - World Heroes-(TCN002)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TCN002) VA-World Heroes EP-WEB-2016-FALCON
(TCN003) VA - Non Mi Viene in Mente-(TCN003)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TCN004) VA - Maracugina EP-(TCN004)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TCN005) Xavier - Get Up and Dance EP-(TCN005)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TCN005) Xavier and Kid Elum and Alex TB - Get Up and Dance EP-(TCN005)-WEB-2014-FMC
(TCN006) VA - Unperfect Bodies Perfect Souls EP-(TCN006)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TCN007) Withecker - Inside the Fire EP-(TCN007)-WEB-2014-FMC
(TCN007) Withecker - Inside the Fire EP-(TCN007)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TCN008) Svetec - Stunts of Schranz EP-(TCN008)-WEB-2015-FMC
(TCN008) Svetec - Stunts of Schranz EP-(TCN008)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TCN009) Barka and Taris - Lets Head Outside EP-(TCN009)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TCN010) O.B.I. - Suck that Beat-(TCN010)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TCN010) O.B.I. - Suck That Beat EP-(TCN010)-WEB-2016-SRG
(TCN011) Greg Notill - Process EP-(TCN011)-WEB-2016-SRG
(TCN011) Greg Notill - Process EP-(TCN011)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TCN012) Hard J - Sound Bullet EP-(TCN012)-WEB-2017-SRG

(TM9236CDP) Vincent De Moor-Flowtation 2002 Remix-Promo Vinyl-2002-TCLUB
(TP9001MX) Kaos-Atmosphere (TP9001MX)-Vinyl-1999-NRG
(TP9004MX) Sirius-Open Your Eyes (TP9004MX)-Vinyl-1999-NRG
(TP9008MX) Octopus-Chinadream (TP9008MX)-Vinyl-1999-NRG
(TP9013MX) Forcefield-Visions Of Eden (TP9013MX)-Vinyl-1999-NRG
(TP9015MX) Tom Wax And Jan Jacarta-Ready To Explode (TP9015MX)-Vinyl-1999-NRG
(TP9017MX) Prototype-Soundpiercing (TP9017MX)-Vinyl-1999-NRG
(TP9019MX) DJ Borr-X-The Moments (TP9019MX)-Vinyl-1999-NRG
(TP9022MX) Eddie Lock Vs The Priest-La Noche Vieja (TP9022MX)-Vinyl-1999-NRG
(TP9024MX) DJ Rafa And DJ Composer-The Sounds Of Beginning (TP9024MX)-Vinyl-1999-NRG
(TP9026MX) Atlantis 6-Give It To Me (TP9026MX)-Vinyl-1999-NRG
(TP9029MX) Delbosque-The Spelled Guitar Do You Like To Play The Game (TP9029MX)-Vinyl-1999-NRG
(TP9034MX) Moontribe-Dance Of The Seventh Hill (TP9034MX)-Vinyl-1999-NRG
(TP9040MX) Anglia-Out Of Grace (Remixes)-Vinyl-2000-BPM
(TP9044MX) DJ Roosta - 414 All-(TP9044MX)L-Vinyl-2000-UTZ
(TP9048MX) J.C. Trance Vs. Luzifer-Natalies (TP9048MX)-Vinyl-2000-NRG
(TP9050MX) Handsomeboy-Free Mind (TP9050MX)-Vinyl-2000-NRG
(TP9051MX) DJ Alici-Ankhesenamun (TP9051MX)-Vinyl-1999-NRG INT
(TP9058CDMX) Walden Vol. 1 - Running-(TP9058CDMX)-CDS-2000-Ita
(TP9075MX) Kratters By Dj Puchi-Keep The Fire Burnin-Vinyl-2000-MTC
(TP9086MX) Vincent De Moor-Fly Away Mixes-Vinyl-2000-GTA
(TP9101MX) Mauro Picotto-E.P. Vol. 2 (TP9101MX)-Vinyl-2000-NRG
(TP9102MX) Mythos N DJ Cosmo - Hymn-Vinyl-2000-MTC
(TP9106MX) Elastica Present Jesus Elices-The Test (TP9106MX)-Vinyl-2001-NRG
(TP9123CD) Mauro Picotto - Vip Lounge-CDS-2001-EiTheLMP3
(TP9130MX) DJ Goro And DJ Christian - Soniko-dB-(TP9130MX)-Vinyl-2001-ZzZz INT
(TP9171MX) Sylver-Forgiven New Mixes-Vinyl-2001-SND
(TP9198MX) Medicine Men - Psyckofunk-(TP9198MX)-VINYL-2002-NRG
(TP9206MX) Gollum And Yanny-Shadows And Lights (TP9206MX)-Vinyl-2002-NRG
(TP9208MX) Chelsee-Sweet Destiny Incl Dumonde Remix-Vinyl-2000-BPM
(TP9218MX) Jimmy The Sound-L.O.G.I.C.O-(TP9218MX)-Vinyl-2002-BNP INT
(TP9228MX) Elastica Pres. Jesus Elices - Tahikiry-Retail Vinyl-2002-SQ
(TP9246MX) 4 Strings-Take Me Away (Into The Night) Rmxs-Vinyl-2002-POiNT
(TP9252MX) DJ Nano - El Mar-(Tp9252mx)-Vinyl-2003-EviL
(TP9285MX) Omega Nine-Hypnose (TP9285MX)-Vinyl-2002-NRG
(TP9305MX) Matt Darey - U Shine On (Incl Steve Murano Remix)-Vinyl-2003-NBD

Terminal Boondock Records-(2013-2015)-0DAY
(TBR001) Da Morty - Boondock Sampler 01-WEB-2013-HB
(TBR002) Da Morty - Boondock Sampler 02-(TBR002)-WEB-2013-SRG
(TBR003) Da Morty - Boondock Sampler 03-(TBR003)-WEB-2013-SRG
(TBR004) Da Morty - Boondock Sampler 04-(TBR004)-WEB-2013-SRG
(TBR005) Mad B - Gangsta EP-(TBR005)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(TBR006) Da Morty - Drug Zombie-(TBR006)-WEB-2013-HB
(TBR007) Tek-Nology and D-Boy - Take Power EP-(TBR007)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(TBR008) VA - Boondock Slangers Sampler 01-(TBR008)-WEB-2014-PUTA
(TBR009) VA - Boondock Slangers Sampler 02-(TBR009)-WEB-2014-PUTA
(TBR010) Da Morty - Hellfire-(TBR010)-WEB-2014-PUTA
(TBR011) DJ Pablo - Rastafary-(TBR011)-WEB-2014-PUTA
(TBR012) Da Morty - Fuckin Model-(TBR012)-WEB-2014-PUTA
(TBR013) DJ Pablo - Moombahjump-(TBR013)-WEB-2014-PUTA
(TBR014) Mad-B and Dave - Fuck this Your Soul-(TBR014)-WEB-2014-PUTA
(TBR015) DJ Pablo - Rock the Disco-(TR015)-WEB-2014-PUTA
(TBR016) Da Morty - Unknown Destination-(TR016)-WEB-2014-PUTA
(TBR017) Egea - Take Me-(TR017)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(TBR018) Tek-Nology - Take Off Pump it Up-(TR018)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(TBR019) Da Morty - Party on-(TBR019)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(TBR020) Kiya-K - We Need Pussy-(TR020)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(TBR021) Tek-Nology - Shake Up Are You Ready (Mad-B and Dave RMX)-(TR021)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(TBR-FREE-001) Da Morty - Smash-(TBR-FREE-001)-WEB-2013-SOB INT
Da Morty - The Best of 5 Years DA MORTY (Megamix)-SBD-2015-VELOCiTY
Tek-Nology and D-Boy - Take Power-WEB-2013-HB

Terraform Music-(2008-2019)-0DAY
(DQC-279) M-Project - Hardcore Illusionist 1-(DQC-279)-CD-FLAC-2009
(DQC-527) M-Project - No Alternative-(DQC-527)-CD-FLAC-2010
(DQC-733) M-Project - Hardcore Illusionist 2-(DQC-733)-CD-FLAC-2011
(DQC-941) M-Project - Hardcore Illusionist 3-(DQC-941)-CD-FLAC-2012
(DQC-98) DJ Depath and M-Project - Land of Passion-(DQC-98)-CD-FLAC-2008
(TFCD001) M-Project - No Alternative Plus-(TFCD001)-CD-FLAC-2010
(TFCD002) M-Project - Suzumoto Kouichi E.P.-(TFCD002)-CD-FLAC-2011
(TFCD003) M-Project - Suzumoto Kouichi E.P. 2-(TFCD003)-CD-FLAC-2012
(TFCD004) M-Project - Blood Sweat and Makina-(TFCD-004)-CD-FLAC-2013
(TFCD005) M-Project and Daniel Seven - Polymerization (C85)-(TFCD005)-CD-FLAC-2013
(TFCD006) M-Project - Blood Sweat and Makina 2 (TDOH2014)-(TFCD006)-CD-FLAC-2014
(TFCD007) M-Project - Project Powerstomp 1 (C87)-(TFCD-007)-CD-FLAC-2014
(TFCD008) M-Project - Project Powerstomp 2 (C88)-(TFCD-008)-CD-FLAC-2015
(TFCD009) VA - Makinastomp Vol.1 (M3-37)-(TFCD-009)-CD-FLAC-2016
(TFCD010) M-Project - Project Powerstomp 3 (TDOH2016)-(TFCD-010)-CD-FLAC-2016
(TFCD011) VA - Nightfall-(FSMCD-001-TFCD-011)-CD-2016-PUTA
(TFCD012) M-Project - Detonated-(TFCD-012)-CD-2016-PUTA
(TFCD013) M-Project - Weaponized Soul (C92)-(TFCD-013)-CD-FLAC-2017
(TFCD015D) M-Project - Weaponized Soul 2-(TFCD 015D)-WEB-2019-ZzZz
(TFCD016) Dj Depath and M-Project - Metatron-(TFCD-016)-WEB-2019
(TFDA002) M-Project - Digital Archives Part 2-(TFDA002)-CD-FLAC-2016
(TFDA003) M-Project - Digital Archives Part 3-(TFDA003)-CD-FLAC-2016
(TFDA003) M-Project - Digital Archives Part 3-(TFDA003)-WEB-2016-PUTA
(TFDIGI001) M-Project vs DJ Sharpnel - Dawn Of The Kore-(TFDIGI001)-WEB-2014-SOB
(TFPROMO001) M-Project - Makina Execution-(TFPROMO-001)-CD-FLAC-2009
(TFPROMO001) M-Project - Makina Execution-(TFPROMO-001)-CD-JP-2009-VELOCiTY
(TFPROMO002) M-Project - Promo Mix 2010-07-(TFPROMO002)-CD-FLAC-2010
(TFPROMO002) M-Project - Promo Mix 2010-07-(TFPROMO002)-CD-JP-2010-VELOCiTY
(TFPROMO003) M-Project - Sweet Dreams E.P.-(TFPROMO003)-CD-JP-2010-PUTA
(TFPROMO004) M-Project - Promo Mix 2011-(TFPROMO004)-CD-JP-2011-PUTA
(TFPROMO005) M-Project - Promo Mix 2012-(TFPROMO005)-CD-JP-2012-PUTA

Terror Machine Records-(2016-2019)-0DAY
(TMR005) Madnezz And Naughty Kicks - Hardcore Psychopath-(TMR005)-WEB-2016
(TMR005) Madnezz ft Sonic and D-Vstor - Hardcore Psychopath EP-(TMR005)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(TMR007) VA - Terror Machine Records Sampler 1-(TMR007)-WEB-2016
(TMR008) Masters Of Noise Vs Terrorclown - Grab Em Hard-(TMR008)-WEB-2017
(TMR008) Masters of Noise Vs Terrorclown - Grab Em Hard-(TMR008)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(TMR010) VA - 10 Years Of Violence Sampler-(TMR010)-WEB-2017
(TMR010) VA - 10 Years Of Violence Sampler-(TMR010)-WEB-2017-BOTW
(TMR012) VA - Asylum Of Agony-(TMR012)-WEB-2017-BOTW
(TMR013) Masters of Noise and Terrorclown - Restless (Pokke Herrie Anthem 2017)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(TMR014) VA - 1 Year Terror Machine Records Sampler-(TMR014)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(TMR014) VA-1 Year Terror Machine Records Album-(TMR014)-WEB-2017-CB
(TMR014) VA-1 Year Terror Machine Records Album-(TMR014)-WEB-FLAC-2017-CB
(TMR017) VA - Terror Machine Records Sampler 2-(TMR017)-WEB-2017
(TMR017) VA - Terror Machine Records Sampler 2-(TMR017)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(TMR017) VA-Terror Machine Records Sampler 2-(TMR017)-WEB-2018-CB
(TMR018) Brainrape - Extermination Core (Official Anthem 2018)-(TMR018)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(TMR020) Terrorclown - Lock Load and Fire-(TMR020)-WEB-2018
(TMR020) TerrorClown - Lock Load and Fire-(TMR020)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(TMR021) Sodiak and Emphaser - Automatic Nightmare-(TMR021)-WEB-2018
(TMR022) Terrorclown and Dedicator - Against Them All-(TMR022)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(TMR022) Terrorclown and Dedicator - Against Them All-(TMR022)-WEB-2018
(TMR023) Brainrape - Fucking Industrial-(TMR023)-WEB-2018
(TMR023) Brainrape - Fucking Industrial-(TMR023)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(TMR023) Brainrape - Fucking Industrial EP-(TMR023)-WEB-FLAC-2018-CB
(TMR025) VA - Pokke Herrie Festival Sampler-(TMR025)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(TMR027) S.D. Rayden - Control EP-(TMR027)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(TMR027) Sd Rayden - Control-(TMR 027)-WEB-2018
(TMR029) Maotai and Monkey Selektah - Tell Dem-(TMR029)-WEB-2019
(TMR029) Maotai and Monkey Selektah - Tell Dem-(TMR029)-WEB-2019-PUTA
(TMR030) Terrorclown - Kill All Humans-(TMR030)-WEB-2019-PUTA
(TMR030) VA - Kill All Humans-(TMR 030)-WEB-2019
(TMR031) Effection - Fuck Em All-(TMR031)-WEB-2019
(TMR031) Effection - Fuck Em All-(TMR031)-WEB-2019-PUTA
(TMR032) Dedicator - Dedicated To Hard Music-(TMR032)-WEB-2019
(TMR032) Dedicator - Dedicated to Hard Music-(TMR032)-WEB-2019-PUTA
(TMR033) Brainrape - Revelation-(TMR033)-WEB-2019-PUTA
(TMR034) Emphaser - Embrace The Dark-(TMR034)-WEB-2019
(TMR034) Emphaser - Embrace the Dark-(TMR034)-WEB-2019-PUTA
(TMR035) Epic Aggressive - Spaceman-(TMR035)-WEB-2019

(TRK001) DJ Fivan - Far Away-(TRK001)-Vinyl-2005-NBD
(TRK002) Lisboa-X - Why Not Down With The Standard-(TRK002)-Vinyl-2005-JiM
(TRK003) Brutal Disorder - You Cant Kill Me (TRK003) PROPER-Vinyl-2006-NBD
(TRK003) Brutal Disorder - You Cant Kill Me (TRK003)-Vinyl-2006-NBD
(TRK004) Lisboa X - Alcatraz EP-(TRK004) Vinyl-2006-SQ
(TRK005) Apex Mind - Demons From Hell-Vinyl-2007-QMI
(TRK006) Dave Dope - So Hard-(TRK006)-WEB-2007-eST
(TRK007) Apex Mind - Darkness is Coming-(TRK007)-WEB-2008-iHQ
(TRK008) Lisboa-X feat. Sasha-F-Stop And Listen (TRK008)-Vinyl-2008-NBD
(TRK009) Acid Bunny - Starscream-WEB-2008-SRG
(TRK010) Apex Mind - We Are Mafia-(TRK010)-Vinyl-2008-FMC
(TRK010) Apex Mind - We Are Mafia-WEB-2008-Homely
(TRK010) Apex Mind-We Are Mafia Incl Remixes-(TRK010)-WEB-2008-SSK
(TRK011) Dave Dope - Like Diz-(TRK011)-WEB-2008-eST
(TRK012) Acid Bunny - Jump with Bunny or Die-(TRK012)-WEB-2009-BC
(TRK013) Lisboa X-Rock N Rolla-(TRK013)-WEB-2009-Homely
(TRK014) Lisboa-X Vs Armenianboy - Now-(TRK014)-WEB-2009-HB
(TRK015) Apex Mind and Lemon-Darkmind-(TRK015)-WEB-2010-iWD
(TRK016) Acid Bunny-Not Pop Music-(TRK016)-WEB-2010-BPM
(TRK017) Lisboa-X feat. Armenian Boy - Into The Night-(TRK017)-WEB-2010-JiM
(TRK018) Acid Bunny - The Game-(TRK018)-WEB-2011-BC
(TRK019) Lisboa-X - Falling-(TRK019)-WEB-2011-HB
(TRK020) Lisboa-X - Purified-(TRK020)-WEB-2011-HB
(TRK021) Acid Bunny - Anger-(TRK021)-WEB-2011-SRG
(TRK022) Acid Bunny And Noisyboy - Insanity-(TRK022)-WEB-2012-SRG

The Day Of Hardcore-(2006-2017)-0DAY
(TDOH001) VA - The Day of Hardcore Vol. 1-(TDOH001)-CD-JP-2006-BC
(TDOH002) VA - The Day of Hardcore Vol. 2-(TDOH002)-CD-JP-2007-BC
(TDOH003) VA - The Day of Hardcore Vol. 3-(TDOH003)-CD-JP-2008-BC
(TDOH004) VA - The Day of Hardcore Vol. 4-(TDOH004)-CD-JP-2009-BC
(TDOH005) VA - The Day of Hardcore Vol. 5-(TDOH005)-CD-JP-2010-BC
(TDOH006) VA - The Day of Hardcore Vol. 6-(TDOH006)-CD-JP-2011-BC
(TDOH007) VA - The Day of Hardcore Vol. 7-(TDOH007)-CD-JP-2012-VELOCiTY
(TDOH008) VA - The Day Of Hardcore Vol. 8-(TDOH008)-CD-2013-SOB INT
(TDOH009) VA - The Day of Hardcore Vol. 9-(TDOH009)-CD-JP-2014-BC
(TDOH010) VA - The Day of Hardcore Vol. 10-(TDOH010)-CD-JP-2015-PUTA
(TDOH011) VA - The Day of Hardcore Vol. 11-(TDOH011)-CD-2016-PUTA
(TDOH012) VA - The Day of Hardcore Vol. 12-(TDOH012)-CD-JP-2017-PUTA

The Sect Music-(2012-2015)-0DAY
(TSM001) The Sect Ft Hostile MC - Indoctrination Advanced Science-(TSM001)-WEB-2012-PUTA
(TSM002) VA - Burn in Glitch Thought Machines-(TSM002)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(TSMDIGI001) The Sect-Angel-(TSMDIGI001)-WEB-2012-BPM
(TSMDIGI001) The Sect-Angel Protected-(TSMDIGI001)-WEB-2012-VL
(TSMDIGI002) Current Value and The Sect-Hydrolic-(TSMDIGI002)-WEB-2013-BPM
(TSMDIGI003) VA - The Sect Music Vs Subsistenz EP Part 2-(TSMDIGI003)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(TSMDIGI004) The Sect - Recall Protected (Remixes)-(TSMDIG004)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(TSMDIGI005) Current Value-Sonic Barrier EP-(TSMDIGI005)-WEB-2014-hM
(TSMDIGI006) VA - Set it Free Black Light-(TSMDIGI006)-WEB-2014-PUTA
(TSMDIGI007) The Sect - Ulysses Voltan-(TSMDIGI007)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(TSMDIGI007) The Sect-Ulysses Voltan-(TSMDIGI007)-WEB-2015-D23
(TSMDIGI008) Current Value - Jet Bike Traktion-(TSMDIGI008)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(TSMDIGI009) The Sect Music-The Sect-TSMDIGI009-WEB-2015-320
(TSMDIGI009) The Sect-Surfacing Feel The Fire-(TSMDIGI009)-WEB-2015-CB
(TSMDIGI010) The Sect--Orbiter Tetromino-(TSMDIGI010)-WEB-2016-WUS
(TSMDIGI011) The Sect - The Shutdown EP-(TSMDIGI011)-WEB-2017-CB

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