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Fast And Louder Records-(2016-2019)-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 9-11-2019, 12:27

Fast And Louder Records-(2016-2019)-0DAY
(FLO001) VA - Fast And Louder Sampler 1-(FLO 001)-WEB-FLAC-2016
(FLO002) Thunder - Recycling 1.0-(FLO002)-WEB-2016-SRG
(FLO003) Silverblack - Killers-(FLO003)-WEB-2016
(FLO004) Zero Bros. - We Fuck You-(FLO004)-WEB-2016-SRG
(FLO005) Masterz 666 And Ikaros - Hydra-(FLO005)-WEB-2016-SRG
(FLO006) VA - Fast And Louder Sampler 2-(FLO006)-WEB-2016-SRG
(FLO007) Project Alpha With Ikaros And JumpScare - In My Heart-(FLO007)-WEB-2017-SRG
(FLO008) SilverBlack - What A Voice-(FLO008)-WEB-2017-SRG
(FLO009) Kriminal And Satanik - Our Church (The Album)-(FLO009)-WEB-2017-SRG
(FLO010) A-Mind - The Rules-(FLO010)-WEB-2017-SRG
(FLO012) Frenetik - Feel The Pain-(FLO012)-WEB-2019-SRG
(FLO013) VA - Ultracore Sampler Vol. 2-(FLO 013)-WEB-2019
(FLO014) VA - Ultracore Sampler Vol. 3-(FLO 014)-WEB-2019
(FLO015) VA - Ultracore Sampler Vol. 4-(FLO 015)-WEB-2019
(FLO016) Psykrem - Shut Da Fkk Up-(FLO 016)-WEB-2019
(FLO017) Psykrem and Cosy Nightmare-Death To All-(FLO017)-WEB-2019-wAx

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Cartel00 Records-(2017-2019)-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 9-11-2019, 12:26

Cartel00 Records-(2017-2019)-0DAY
(CRT001) The Punisher - From The Ashes We Will Rise-(CRT001)-WEB-2017-SRG
(CRT001) The Punisher - From the Ashes We Will Rise - Chapter 1-(CRT001)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(CRT001) The Punisher-From the Ashes We Will Rise-(CRT001)-WEB-FLAC-2017-CB
(CRT002) The Punisher - From The Ashes We Rise Vol. 2-(CRT002)-WEB-2017-MMS
(CRT002) The Punisher - From the Ashes We Will Rise - Chapter 2-(CRT002)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(CRT003) The Punisher - For Or Against-(CRT003)-WEB-2017-MMS
(CRT003) The Punisher - For or Against-(CRT003)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(CRT004) VA - B-Day Fu ed Up Party Bash-(CRT004)-WEB-2018-SRG
(CRT005) The Punisher - I Hate Evryone-(CRT005)-WEB-2018-MMS
(CRT006) The Smasher - Pray For War-(CRT006)-WEB-2018-SRG
(CRT007) The Punisher - Before The End-(CRT007)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-MMS
(CRT008) Deviouz Vs. The Smasher - Hit The Floor-(CRT008)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG

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Boot Camp Recordings-2007-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 9-11-2019, 12:26

Boot Camp Recordings-2007-0DAY
(BCR001) American-Idiots Reazon-(BCR001)-WEB-2007-UKHx
(BCR002) Full Force-Last Goodbye-(BCR002)-WEB-2007-UKHx
(BCR003) Double D-Another Day-(BCR003)-WEB-2007-UKHx
(BCR004) Gang Of Magic-Weekend Has Come-(BCR004)-WEB-2007-UKHx
(BCR005) Full Force-Fell In Love-(BCR005)-WEB)-2007-UKHx
(BCR006) Gang Of Magic-Stay With Me-(BCR006)-WEB-2007-UKHx
(BCR007) Gang Of Magic-Sweet Escape-(BCR007)-WEB-2007-UKHx
(BCR008) Gang Of Magic-Land Of Fantasy-(BCR008)-WEB-2007-UKHx
(BCR009) Wingmen-Surrender-(BCR009)-WEB-2007-UKHx
(BCR009) Wingmen-Surrender-BCR009-WEB-2007-HTiD

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BlackYs BEATFLOOR-(2013-2018)-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 9-11-2019, 12:25

BlackYs BEATFLOOR-(2013-2018)-0DAY
(BYBF-0001) Blacky - Blackmaniya-(BYBF-0001)-CD-JP-2013-PUTA
(BYBF-0002) Blacky - Blackmaniya 2 -Love Games--(BYBF-0002)-CD-JP-2014-PUTA
(BYBF-0003) Blacky - MAXXXBURNING-(BYBF-0003)-CD-JP-2014-PUTA
(BYBF-0004) Blacky - Eleqtryes-(BYBF-0004)-CD-JP-2015-PUTA
(BYBF-0005) Blacky - Asterhythm-(BYBF-0005)-CD-JP-2015-PUTA
(BYBF-0006) Blacky - Blazeful-Cracky-(BYBF-0006)-CD-JP-2015-VELOCiTY
(BYBF-0007) BlackY - AsterhYthm 2 -Another Lights--(BYBF-0007)-CD-JP-2016-PUTA
(BYBF-0008) Blacky - Everfloat EP-(BYBF-0008)-CD-JP-2016-PUTA
(BYBF-0009) Blacky - Hyperspark-(BYBF-0009)-CD-2016
(BYBF-0009) Blacky - Hyperspark-(BYBF-0009)-CD-JP-2016-PUTA
(BYBF-0010) BlackY - Blackmaniya Ver1.1 -Reminiscence--(BYBF-0010)-CD-JP-2017-PUTA
(BYBF-0011) BlackY - AsterhYthm 3 -Infinite Meteor--(BYBF-0011)-CD-JP-2017-PUTA
(BYBF-0012) BlackY - NextgalaxY-(BYBF-0012)-CD-JP-2018-PUTA
(BYYH-001) VA - V.U.R.S.T.-(BYYH-001)-2CD-2016
(BYYH-001.002) Blacky and Yooh - V.U.R.S.T.-(BYYH-001.002)-2CD-JP-2016-VELOCiTY

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BCN Records-(2012-2015)-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 9-11-2019, 12:25

BCN Records-(2012-2015)-0DAY
(BCNM050) Xavi BCN - The Album-(BCNM050)-WEB-2012-SOB
(BCNM053) Kubik - The Legend Returns-(BCNM053)-WEB-2012-SOB
(BCNM062) Makina Heart by Xavi BCN - Stomping To The Upper Beat-(BCNM062)-WEB-2012-SOB
(BCNM068) VA - Special Productions Pack-(BCNM068)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
(BCNM069) Moite - Old Makina Style E.P. Part 5-(BCNM069)-WEB-2013-SOB
(BCNM071) Maximum Power Bases - Maximum Power Bases-(BCNM071)-WEB-2013-SOB
(BCNM072) Makina Heart V.2 by Xavi BCN - Music-(BCNM072)-WEB-2013-SOB
(BCNM073) Gotye ft Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know (Xavi BCN Remix)-(BCNM073)-WEB-2013-SOB INT
(BCNM074) Xavi BCN - Old Makina Style Part 6-(BCNM074)-WEB-2013-SOB
(BCNM077) Kroma - 4U-(BCNM077)-WEB-2013-SOB
(BCNM078) DJ Sodeck - You Got It-(BCNM078)-WEB-2013-SOB
(BCNM098) Xavi BCN - Never Alone (Escalate)-(BCNM098)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
(BCNM100) Xavi BCN - The Album Vol.2-(BCNM100)-WEB-2013-SOB
(BCNM102) Maximum Power Bases Vol. 3 - Maximum Power Bases Vol. 3 (All Bases)-(BCNM102)-WEB-2014-PUTA
(BCNM109) Fernando D.C. - Fucking Popcorn-(BCNM109)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(BCNM111) BCN Connection Remixes Vol. 1 - Young Edition-(BCNM111)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(BCNM120) Acid - Recharge-(BCNM120)-WEB-2015-VELOCiTY
(BCNM122) Mans Zelmerloew - Heroes (Xavi BCN Remix)-WEB-2015-SOB INT
(BCNPROMO001) VA - I Love Makina Sound-(BCNPROMO001)-CD-2014-BC

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