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Collection Old Music Part5
  Others | Author: Admin | 10-04-2020, 00:32

Horna-Vihan Tiellae-Live-FI-2009-BERC
Horns of Hattin - De Veritate-2011-FREE
Horsepower-Best Offah-2007-SMO
Horsepower-Tall Terrific and Trouble-1992-AMRC
Horst Jankowski-For Nightpeople Only-CD-2009-OBC
Hortto Kaalo - 20 Suosikkia-Ei Kenenkaan Lahimmainen-FI-1996-SOP INT
Hortto Kaalo - Hortto Kaalo Legenda 40-V-2CD-FI-2012-SOP INT
Hortto Kaalo - Tunne Riittaa-FI-1992-SOP INT
Hostile - Eve of Destruction-2011-FREE
Hostil-Infernal Rites-2018-CSM
Hot Graves-Desecration Time-EP-Vinyl-2011-GRAVEWISH
Hot Water Music-A Flight And A Crash Vinyl Bonustrack-2001-SDR
Hot Water Music-Warped Tour Los Angeles 07-10-2002-SDR
Hot Water Music-Warped Tour Los Angeles 07-11-2002-SDR
Hounds Of Hate-No Redemption-7inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH
Hovimuusikko Ilkka - Jeti-FI-2015-SOP INT
Hovimuusikko Ilkka - Mee Takas Kotiin-FI-2015-SOP INT
Hovimuusikko-Ilkka - Hovimuusikko-Ilkka 2015-FI-2015-SOP INT
How Much More - Eminent Wait-2015-SOP INT
How Much More - Neurotic Mind-2004-SOP INT
How Much More - This Kind of Song-2003-SOP INT
Howling in the Fog-Unaware Prediction-EP-2012-GRM
Hubi Meisel-Kailash-Promo-2006-DJH INT
Huldre - Intet Menneskebarn-DK-2012-FREE
Hullujussi-Bingo Bulvania-FI-2003-COS
Human Cometh - HCll-2011-Nsc
Human Temple - Halfway to Heartache-2012-FREE
Human Temple-Insomnia-Japanese Retail with Bonus-2004-AMRC
Hummingbird Of Death-Goatmeal-5inch-Vinyl-2008-FiH
Hummingbird of Death-Sidetracked-Split-6inch-Vinyl-2010-FiH
Hung - Hung-2012-FREE
Hunger Pains-Self-Titled-7inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH
Hungry Like Rakovitz-Become Hungry-CDR-EP-2006-FiH
Hunter Killer-Hunter Killer-2018-CSM
Huntress - Spell Eater-2012-FREE
Huora - Hukutaan Paskaan-FI-2017-SOP INT
hurriganes-crazy days-1975-DDt
hurriganes-crazy days-remastered-2001-DDt
hurriganes-hot wheels-remastered-2001-DDt
hurriganes-jailbird 10 80-1989-DDt
hurriganes-live in hamina 1973-2011-DDt
hurriganes-live in stockholm 1977-1996-DDt
hurriganes-rock and roll all night long-remastered-2001-DDt
hurriganes-rockin hurriganes-1982-DDt
hurriganes-the legacy-3CD-1992-DDt
hurriganes-tsugu way-remastered-2001-DDt
hurt-rapture-(promo cds)-2006-dnr
husker du-candle apple grey-1986-dnr
Hybrid Children - Bleed Baby Bleed-1993-SOP INT
Hybrid Children - Hybrid Moments-2001-SOP INT
Hybrid Children-Ghost Town Carnival-2004-SER
Hydra Division V-Ostracized-2013-V0 iND
Hyhma - Suonsilman Satuja-EP-FI-2005-SOP INT
Hypocrisy - Catch 22 - V2.0.08-Boxset-Ltd.Ed.-2008-MCA int
Hypocrisy - Inferior Devoties-EP-1994-MCA int
Hypocrisy-10 Years Of Chaos And Confusion-2CD-2001-DNR
Hypocrisy-10 Years Of Chaos And Confusion-2CD-Limited Edition-2001-BLiZZARD
Hypocrisy-A Taste Of Extreme Divinity-2009-DNR
Hypocrisy-A Taste Of Extreme Divinity-Limited Edition-2009-EOSiNT
Hypocrisy-End of Disclosure-2013-GRM
Hypocrisy-Hypocrisy-(Digipak)-1999-VERiTAS INT
Hypocrisy-Into The Abyss-(Digipak)-2000-VERiTAS INT
hypocrisy-the arrival-2004-dnr
hypocrisy-the final chapter-1997-dnr
Hypocrisy-The Final Chapter-1997-VERiTAS INT
Hypocrisy-Virus-2CD-(Limited Edition)-2005-DNR
Hysteria - Zeptal Jsem Se Krista-CZ-2010-Nsc
I Abhor-Wormrot--Split-Vinyl-EP-2011-BERC
I Am I - Event Horizon-2012-FREE
I Am The Pendragon-The Castle Of Lost Hope-2018-CSM
I Compagni Di Baal - I Compagni Di Baal-IT-2012-FREE
I Excuse-Manifesto Jukebox--Split-Reissue-Vinyl-EP-2003-KALEVALA
I Know-The End Of Democracy-10inch-Vinyl-RU-2009-FiH
I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper-Whatevernights-2007-SER
I Will Break Thee - Welcome to My Kingdom-WEB-2011-FKK
I Your Liege - I Your Liege-EP-2010-Nsc
Ian - Nuevo Orden-SP-2012-FREE
Ian Gillan-Live in Nottingham-(Remastered Bootleg)-2002-NER
Ian Gillan-One Eye To Morocco-2009-DNR
Ian Gillan-One Eye to Morocco-2009-UasH
Ian Gillan-The Gillan Tapes-2004-SiRiON
Icarus Witch - Rise-2012-FREE
Ice Age - Liberation-Retail-2000-AMP3d
Ice Age - The Great Divide-Retail-1999-AMP3d
Iced Earth - The Reckoning-Retail-CDS-2003-QTXMp3
Iced Earth - Tribute to the Gods-Digipak-2001-WFD
Iced Earth-Best of-(Limited Edition)-(2006)-Kmp3
Iced Earth-Burnt Offerings-Remastered-2002-ViC
Iced Earth-Days of Purgatory (Disc 1-2)-Retail-1997-Zeal INT
Iced Earth-Dystopia-2CD-Ultimate Edition-2013-KRIEG
Iced Earth-Iced Earth-1991-DMA
Iced Earth-Night of the Stormrider-1992-BFS
Iced Earth--Rock Hard Special EP-MAG-2011-OMA
Iced Earth-Something Wicked This Way Comes-1998-AMRC INT
Icethrone - See You in Valhall-2012-FREE
Icy Steel - As The Gods Command-2010-Nsc
Idegleles-Blair Witch-Demo-HU-2009-GRW
Idegleles-Minden Idegen-Demo-HU-2011-GRAVEWISH
Identity-Rise To Power-7inch-Vinyl-2010-B2R
Idiots Parade-Saywhy--Split-Vinyl-EP-2011-BERC
Idron - Maddariid Lavlla-FI-2016-SOP INT
iggy and the stooges-escaped maniacs-(live)-2007-dnr
Iggy Pop - Post Pop Depression-2016-NB
Iggy Pop-Little Know It All-(CDS)-2003-DNR
Iggy Pop-Preliminaires-2009-DNR
Iiro Rantala New Trio-Elmo-2008-r35
Iiwanajulma-Tuhottu Tila-2008-mwnd int
Ike and Tina Turner - The Collection-10CD-2008-SOP INT
IKINAE-Samoista soluista-WEB-FI-2017-ENTiTLED
Ikon-As Time Goes By The Original Ikon-.Equinoxe.-2007-AMOK
Ikon-Love Hate And Sorrow-2CD-Ltd.Ed.-2009-AMOK
Ikon-On The Edge Of Forever-2CD-Ltd.Ed.-2009-AMOK
Ikon-The Burden Of History The Singles 1992-2007-.Equinoxe.-2CD-Limited Edition-2007-AMOK
Ikon-This Quiet Earth-2CD-Ltd.Ed.-2009-AMOK
Ikuinen Kaamos-Fall Of Icons-2010-mwnd int
Ikuinen Vaiva-Kuolleista-FI-2007-SMO
Ill Natured-Twisted Visions-2018-CSM
Ill Nino-How Can I Live-(CDS)-2003-DNR
Illdisposed-1-800 Vindication-(Remastered)-2009-DNR
illdisposed-1-800 vindication-2004-dnr
Illdisposed-Burn Me Wicked-(Remastered)-2009-DNR
Illdisposed-Burn Me Wicked-Remastered-2009-BERC
Illdisposed-Four Depressive Seasons-1993-DNR
illdisposed-the prestige-(limited edition)-2008-dnr
Illdisposed-There Is Light (But Its Not For Me)-2011-EOSiNT
Illdisposed-Theres Something Rotten In The State Of Denmark-1997-DNR
Illdisposed-To Those Who Walk Behind Us-(Limited Edition)-2009-DNR
Illusionist-Dont Mind This-2018-CSM
Im Your Nemesis-The Inner Voice-2018-CSM
Immension-Worth Dying For-2018-CSM
Imminent Sonic Destruction - Recurring Themes-2012-FREE
Immolation-Majesty And Decay-2010-COS
Impaled Nazarene - Morbid Fate-EP-2017-ELITE
Impaled Nazarene-Absence of War Does Not Mean Peace-2001-UBE
Impaled Nazarene-Goat Perversion-Reissue Vinyl EP-2012-mwnd int
Impaled Nazarene-Latex Cult-WEB-FI-2008-KALEVALA INT
Impaled Nazarene-Sadogoat-Reissue Vinyl EP-2012-mwnd int
Impaled Nazarene-Satanic Masowhore-Reissue Vinyl EP-2012-mwnd int
Impalers-From Ashes To Iron-EP-2019-CSM
Impellitteri-Faster Than The Speed Of Light-Japanese Release-2002-AMRC
Impellitteri-Impellitteri-EP-1987-SLF INT
Impellitteri-Pedal to the Metal-Japanese Retail-2004-AMRC
Impera - Legacy of Life-2012-FREE
Imperial Vengeance - Black Heart of Empire-2011-FREE
Imperium-Beyond The Stars-2018-CSM
In Extremo - Saengerkrieg-(Bonus DVD)-DE-2008-MST
In Extremo - Sterneneisen-DE-2011-FREE
In Flames - Sounds Of A Playground Fading-2011-Nsc
In Flames-Best Of In Flames-2CD-2013-UiF
In Flames-Colony-1999-VERiTAS INT
In Some Dismals-Smartgrans-Split-CDR-RU-2011-FiH
In Vain - In Death We Trust-2012-FREE
Incendiary-Suburban Scum-Split-EP-Vinyl-2010-GRAVEWISH
Inception To Embrace-From-2008-GITE
Incite - All Out War-2012-FREE
Industri Royal-Kalashnikov Love-EP-2005-SDR
Industri Royal-The Trigger-CDM-2006-SDR
Industrial Company Inc.-Directgod-2008-PTK
Inerzia-Siete Cruces-ES-2017-GRM
Infectious Grooves-Groove Family Cyco-1994-EOS
Infernal Majesty - None Shall Defy-1987-Nsc
Infernal Majesty - Unholier Than Thou-1998-Nsc
Infex - Circling the Drain-2012-FREE
Infinite Translation-Impulsive Attack-2010-GRW
Infinity Overture - The Infinite Overture Pt 1-2011-Nsc
Inflammare - In Memory Of-2010-Nsc
Inhale The Sea - The Fourth Coordinate-2011-Nsc
Inhuman Obsessed-The Criophylic Labarum-2010-BERC
Iniquity-Five Across The Eyes-1999-EOS
Iniquity-Iniquity Bloody Iniquity-2003-ViC
Injected-Burn It Black-2002-NHH INT
Ink Stained Promises - Ink Stained Promises-EP-2010-Nsc
Inka - Tomua Tuulessa-FI-1996-SOP INT
Inner Core-Soultaker-2017-CSM
Inner Fear - First Born Fear-2012-FREE
Inner Vision-Control the Past-(Advance)-2004-FTC
Innerself-Phantoms Crossing The Sky-2017-CSM
insaint and co-amnesty-vinyl-FI-1993-DDt
Insane Assholes-Grindzilla-2006-BERC
Insania-House Of Cards-1997-SSR
Insomnium - One for Sorrow-2011-FREE
Insomnium - Weather The Storm-Ep-2011-Nsc
Insomnium-Across the Dark-2009-GRAVEWISH
Insomnium-In The Halls Of Awaiting-2002-mwnd int
Insomnium--In The Halls Of Awaiting-Promo-2002-UBE
Insomnium-Since The Day It Came Down-2004-mwnd int
Insomnium-Weather the Storm-CDS-2010-grmg
Insulters-Metal Still Means Danger-2017-GRM
Insurgents-Fad Cash-7inch-Vinyl-2010-hXc
Insurrecion - Kuestion Social-Lazos De Ruido Y Fuego-Split-CDR-ES-2009-D2H
Internal Conflict-Nothing Is Lost-EP-2018-CSM
Intervention - Groving Line of Caskets-2011-SOP INT
Into Eternity-Buried in Oblivion-Promo-2004-AMRC
Into Eternity-Dead or Dreaming-2001-EM INT
Intrigue - Cappa Nieida-2011-SOP INT
Intrigue - Crossover-2003-SOP INT
Intrigue - Heavyjoik-2002-SOP INT
Inu-Hacia El Abismo-12inch-Vinyl-SP-2011-FiH
INXS-All Juiced Up-1994-CHiCNCREAM
INXS-Beautiful girl (CDS)-1993-OSC
INXS-INXS-Retail-1980-Recycled INT
INXS-Listen Like Thieves-Retail-1985-Recycled INT
INXS-Never Tear Us Apart-CDM-1988-oNePiEcE
INXS-Shine Like It Does-The Anthology-2CD-2001-EGO
INXS-The Greatest Hits-Retail-1994-Recycled INT
INXS--The Singles Collection-1999-WUS
Irina Bjorklund - Ce Soir Tout Peut Arriver -2015-SOP INT
Iron Cross-Iron Cross-2001-SER
Iron Fire - Metalmorphosized-(Limited Edition)-2010-Nsc inT
Iron Kind - Voodooshock-Lord of Evil - Cordial Vicinity-Split EP-Vinyl-2003-GRW
Iron Kingdom - Curse of the Voodoo Queen-2011-FREE
Iron Knights - New Sound of War-2012-FREE
Iron Lung-Cold Storage-2006-FiH
Iron Lung-Exposed-(7 INCH VINYL)-2009-iTS
Iron Lung-I Hate You Motherfuckers Iron Lung Live In Australia March 2011-Tape-2011-FiH
Iron Maiden - Summerfestival-Live-1981-WEB INT
Iron Maiden-Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter-(12 Inch Picture VLS)-1990-DNR
Iron Maiden-Can I Play With Madness-(EP)-1988-DNR
Iron Maiden-Coming Moscow-2CD-2011-GRM
Iron Maiden-Death On The Road (Live)-2CD-2005-DNR
Iron Maiden-En Vivo-2CD-2012-GRM
Iron Maiden-Fear of the Dark-Japanese Version-1992-GRM
Iron Maiden-Flight 666 The Concert-(DVD)-2009-DNR
Iron Maiden-From Here To Eternity-(CDM)-1992-DNR
Iron Maiden-Invasion Of Rarities-(Bootleg)-1994-DNR
Iron Maiden-Iron Maiden-(Remastered)-1980-FTM
Iron Maiden-Killers-(Remastered)-1981-FTM
Iron Maiden-Live Plus One (Japanese Release)-(Vinyl EP)-1980-DNR
Iron Maiden-Live USA-(Bootleg)-1982-DNR
Iron Maiden-Maiden Japan-(Vinyl EP)-1981-DNR
Iron Maiden-No Prayer For The Dying-Retail-1990-Recycled INT
Iron Maiden-Powerslave-Japanese Version-1984-GRM
Iron Maiden-seventh son of a seventh son-2cd-1998-int-gore
Iron Maiden-Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son-Retail-1988-Recycled INT
Iron Maiden-Somewhere in Time-Japanese Version-1986-GRM
Iron Maiden-Somewhere in Time-Retail-1986-Recycled INT
Iron Maiden-Soundhouse Tapes-(1979)-aAF
Iron Maiden-The Book Of Souls-2CD-2015-FREEMP3
Iron Maiden-The Essential Iron Maiden-2CD-2005-DNR
Iron Maiden-The Evil That Men Do-(EP)-1988-DNR
Iron Maiden-The Number Of The Beast-(Remastered)-1982-FTM
Iron Maiden-The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg-(CDS)-2006-DNR
Iron Maiden-The Wicker Man-(CDM)-2000-DNR
Iron Savior - The Landing (Japanese Edition)-2011-FREE
Iron Savior-Battering Ram-2004-mwnd int
Iron Savior-Kill Or Get Killed-2019-CSM
Iron Savior-Live at the Final Frontier-2CD-2015-GRM
Iron Savior-Titancraft-Japanese Edition-2016-GRM
Ironcross-Too Hot To Rock-Remastered-2002-SER
Ironia-Drag Me To Your Hell-2018-CSM
Ironica - Consequences-2007-SOP INT
Ironweed - Your World of Tomorrow-2011-FREE
Irwin Goodman-Ennen kuulumattomat-lauluja Suomalaisille-FI-2015-DDt
Irwin Goodman - 20 Suosikkia - Salainen Agentti-FI-2000-SOP INT
Irwin Goodman-30 Suosikkia-2CD-FI-2006-SER
Irwin Goodman-Ai Ai Ai Kun Nuori Ois-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Cha Cha Cha-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Dirtly Dirly Dee-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Ei Tippa Tapa-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Hairikko-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Inkkareita Ja Lankkareita-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Irwin Goodman-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Irwinismi-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Keisari Irwin I-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Kellarissa Lavalla Ja Studiossa-FI-2003-SER
Irwin Goodman-Kolmastoista Kerta-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Lauluja Elokuvasta Rentun Ruusu-OST-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Osta Minut-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Rentun Ruusu-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Rentun Ruusut-4CD-2000-SER
Irwin Goodman-Rentun Ruusut-Parhaat-2CD-2000-SER
Irwin Goodman-Reteesti Vaan-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Si Si Si-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-St. Pauli Ja Reeperbahn-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Tytto Tuli-Remastered-2001-SER
irwin goodman-vain elamaa-kootut levytykset 1965-1990-14CD-FI-2010-DDt
Irwin Goodman-Vuosikerta 89-Remastered-2001-SER
Isanta Meidan - Vereen Piirretty Viiva-PROMO-FI-2009-MrB
iskuryhma-ottaa lukua 1-2-3-4-FI-2004-DDt
Isle Of Q-Isle Of Q-2000-NER INT
Ismo Alanko - Elavaa Musiikkia-Live-FI-2004-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko - Jaatyneita Lauluja-FI-1993-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko - Kolmannesvuosisata Taiteilijaelamaa-2CD-Live-FI-2013-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko - Kun Suomi Putos Puusta-FI-1990-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko - Maailmanlopun Sushibaari-FI-2013-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko - Pannaanko Pakasteet Pieneen Pussiin-FI-2016-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko - Taiteilijaelamaa-FI-1995-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko Saatio - Hallanvaara-FI-2002-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko Saatio - Joululevy (CDS 1999)-wAMMA
Ismo Alanko Saatio - Mina Ja Pojat-FI-2004-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko Saatio - Ruuhkainen Taivas-FI-2006-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko Saatio-Nokian Takana-CDS-2001-SER
Ismo Alanko Saatio-Paratiisin Puu-FI-CDS-2002-SER
Ismo Alanko Saatio-Paskiainen-CDS-FI-2006-iNT
Ismo Alanko Saatio-Sisainen Solarium-Album-2000-SER
Ismo Alanko Saatio-Tyhmaa-CDS-2000-SER
Ismo Alanko Teholla - BLANCO SPIRITUALS-FI-2008-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko Teholla - Onnellisuus-FI-2010-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko Teholla-Blanco Spirituals-FI-2008-r35
Ismo Alanko-Alangolla-4CD-FI-1997-BOS
Ismo Leikola and Muusikot - Raksamies-FI-SOP INT
Isterismo-Self Titled-Demo-Tape-IT-2006-hXc
Istukas Over Disneyland - R.A.B.-Split 7inch-Vinyl-2011-D2H
Ita-Saksa-Man The Machines-2000-SER
Ives Gulle - Husar-SP-2011-FREE
Ivich-Chacun Sa Verite-7inch-Vinyl-FR-1993-FiH
Ivory Tower-Beyond The Stars-2000-mwnd int
Ivory Tower-Ivory Tower-1998-mwnd int
izzy stradlin and the ju ju hounds-izzy stradlin and the ju ju hounds-1992-dnr
J. J. Johnson-J. J. Johnson The Eminent Volume One (RVG Edition)-(Remastered)-2001-DNR
J. Karjalainen - Juhlakokoelma 1981-2005-FI-2005-SOP INT
j.m.k.e.-gringode kultuur-RERIP-EE-1993-DDt
J.M.K.E.-Totally Estoned-1997-SDR
Jaakko Kuusisto - Taalla Pohjantahden Alla-FI-2009-SOP INT
Jaakko Laitinen and Vaara Raha - Lapland-Balkan-FI-2013-SOP INT
Jaakko Teppo - Katuojalaulaja-FI-1981-SOP INT
Jaakko Teppo - Onnen Kerjalainen-FI-1984-SOP INT
Jaakko Teppo - Parhaat Tarinat-FI-2004-SOP INT
Jaakko Teppo - Sammakkoprinssi Kaikki Levytykset 1987-2003-2CD-FI-2009-SOP INT
Jaakko Teppo - Uutisraivooja-FI-1993-SOP INT
Jaakko Teppo-Jalkitauti-Kaikki Levytykset 1980-1986-2CD-FI-2008-SMO
Jaakko Teppo-Karjalan Kunnailla 1984-FI-2007-COS
Jack Starrs Burning Starr - Land of the Dead-2011-FREE
Jack White and Alicia Keys-Another Way To Die-Promo CDS-2008-XXL
Jack White and Loretta Lynn-Remembering Van Lean Rose-DVD-2015-JUST
Jack White-That Black Bat Licorice-WEB-2015-OMA
Jackman-Bad Intentions-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc
Jack-MMVII Ctenomys Blainv-Promo-HU-2007-GRAVEWISH
Jacques Daniels Project - Are We There Yet-2015-SOP INT
Jaguar-The Story So Far-(JP Edition)-2018-CSM
Jake Bugg-Kentucky-VLS-2013-DAC
Jake E. Lee-A Fine Pink Mist-1996-AOD
Jake E Lee - Retraced-2005-RNS
Jalla Jalla - Crumelur-1992-SOP INT
Jalla Jalla - Graverobbers Handbook-1997-SOP INT
Jalla Jalla - Jalla Jalla-1991-SOP INT
Jalla Jalla - Snowmans Land-1994-SOP INT
Jalla Jalla-Crumelur Jalla Jalla-1993-SDR
James Christian-Best Power Ballads-2010-DLB
James Newton Howard-The Bourne Legacy OST-WEB-2012-FRAY
james puhto ren-keep your eyes on the road-1996-DDt
james puhto ren-keep your eyes on the road-RERIP-FI-1996-DDt
james puhto-ren - ain't no country road - DDt
james puhto-ren - hit the road - DDt
james puhto-ren - oh shit! more from the road - DDt
james puhto-ren - on the road - DDt
james puhto-ren - outtakes tapes from the road - DDt
james puhto-ren - road - DDt
james puhto-ren - two for the road - DDt
james puhto-ren-ain t no country road-RERIP-FI-1994-DDt
james puhtoren-back on the road-2008-DDt
james puhtoren-back on the road-RERIP-FI-2008-DDt
james puhto-ren-hit the road-RERIP-FI-1995-DDt
james puhto-ren-in the halfway of the road-1997-DDt
james puhto-ren-in the halfway of the road-RERIP-FI-1997-DDt
james puhto-ren-kihnio-FI-2012-DDt
james puhto-ren-kuin niagara (radio edit) (promo cds)-FI-2010-DDt
james puhto-ren-made in taiwan (promo cds)-FI-2011-DDt
james puhto-ren-oh shit more from the road-RERIP-1993-DDt
james puhto-ren-road-RERIP-FI-1993-DDt
james puhto-ren-start of the road-vinyl-FI-1990-DDt
james puhto-ren-still on the road-FI-2010-DDt
james puhto-ren-sun roll n road-RERIP-FI-1998-DDt
james puhto-ren-suvas albumi-FI-2010-DDt
james puhto-ren-tulit niin kuin laiva - tahdon sinut-CDS-FI-2010-DDt
james puhto-ren-two for the road-RERIP-FI-1997-DDt
James Reyne - Any Day Above Ground-1991-FKK
James Reyne-Electric Digger Dandy-1991-aAF
James Reyne-Reckless 1979-1995-2000-aAF
James Reyne-Speedboats for Breakfast-2004-aAF
James Reyne-The Best-1992-OZM
Jamiroquai-A Funk Odyssey-2001-TMND iNT
Jamiroquai-Dynamite-2005-TMND iNT
Jamiroquai-Emergency On Planet Earth-1993-TMND iNT
Jamiroquai-The Return Of The Space Cowboy-1994-TMND iNT
Jamiroquai-Travelling Without Moving-1996-TMND iNT
Jan Johansson-Folkvisor-1995-DNR
Jan Lundgren Trio-European Standards-(ACT94822)-2009-pyt
janes addiction-a cabinet of curiosities-3cd-2009-dnr
janes addiction-janes addiction-1987-dnr
janes addiction-kettle whistle-1997-dnr
Janes Addiction-Ritual De Lo Habitual-1990-DNR
Janes Addiction-Strays-2003-DNR
janes addiction-up from the catacombs-the best of-(digipak)-2006-dnr
jani ja yleistilan lasku-III-FI-2018-DDt
Jani Uhlenius-Hauskimmillaan-FI-2005-SER
Janna-The Makings Of Me-2008-r35
Jarjestyshairio-Lahion Lapset-EP-FI-2006-SER
Jarkko Martikainen - Koirien Taivas-FI-2014-SOP INT
Jarkko Martikainen - Mierolainen-FI-2004-SOP INT
Jarkko Martikainen Ja Luotetut Miehet - Kierratyspiste-EP-FI-2016-SOP INT
Jarkko Martikainen-Hyvaa Yota Hyvat Ihmiset-FI-2007-SER
Jarkko Martikainen-Mierolainen-FI-2004-SER
Jarkko Martikainen-Rakkaus-FI-2006-SER
Jarmo Saari-Trubamolli-FI-2011-KALEVALA
Jaromir Honzak Quintet-Little Things-2009-JAROMIRHONZAK
Jarring - Give Me Back My Zen-2017-SOP INT
Jarring - One False Move-Promo Live-2015-SOP INT
Jason Ringenberg - All Over Creation-2002-WLM
Jason Ringenberg-A Day at the Farm with Farmer Jason-2003-SSR
Jason Ringenberg-Empire Builders-2004-SiRiON
Javlaranamma-50 ar-1997-MaC
Javlaranamma-alskade goteborg-2008-FiNT
Javlaranamma-Det Basta Fran TV-Serien-2000-MaC
Javlaranamma-Fin I Kanten-1999-MaC
Javlaranamma-Kinesen Med Huvudet Bakofram Och Lammet Som Hade En Pistol-CDS-SE-2004-ATM
JavlarAnamma-Max 1 5 svang-1998-skrot
Jay Reatard-Matador Singles 08-(Advance)-2008-DV8
Jean Michel Jarre-Oxygene 7 13-1997-INT-DDZ
Jean-Michel Jarre - Rendez-Vous-1986-TtR
Jean-Michel Jarre - The Essential-2004-STALiNGRAD
Jean-Michel Jarre - Zoolook-1985-STALiNGRAD
jeeves had a heart attack-demo-(cdr ep)-FI-2011-DDt
jeeves had a heart attack-demo II-(cdr ep)-FI-2011-DDt
jeeves had a heart attack-jeeves had a heart attack-FI-2014-DDt
Jeff Dunham - Very Special Christmas Special-CD-2008-LiR
Jeff Scott Soto-Lost In Translation-Promo-2004-AMRC
jello biafra and mojo nixon-prairie home invasion-1994-dnr
Jello Biafra Feat. NOMEANSNO-The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy-1991-PMS
jello biafra with d.o.a.-last scream of the missing neighbors-1990-dnr
jello biafra with the melvins-never breathe what you cant see-2004-dnr
jello biafra with the melvins-sieg howdy-2005-dnr
Jello Biafra-High Priest Of Harmful Matter-2CD-1989-rH
Jello Biafra-If Evolution Is Outlawed Only-3CD-1998-rH
Jellyfish-Fan Club-4CD-(Digibook)-2002-DNR
Jenni Vartiainen - Terra-2013-320Kbps-VBR-DeeKoo
Jerry Cantrell - Degredation Trip-2002-SOP INT
jerry cantrell-boggy depot-1998-dnr
Jerry Cantrell-Degradation Trip Volumes 1 And 2-2CD-2002-FNT
jerry cantrell-degradation trip-volumes 1 and 2-2cd-(limited edition)-2002-dnr
Jerry Goldsmith - First Blood (Intrada 1st Edition)-1982-SOP INT
Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls of Fire-2010-SOP INT
Jerrys Kids-Is This My World-1983-gF
Jerrys Kids-Kill Kill Kill-is this My World-1989-rH
Jerusalem Slim - Jerusalem Slim-JAPAN-(1992)-aAF
Jesus Chrusler Supercar-Jesus Chrusler Supercar-2013-BELT
Jesus Jones - The Next Big Thing-CDS-1997-oNePiEcE
Jesus Jones-Doubt-1992-DNR
Jesus On Extasy-Beloved Enemy-Retail-Limited Edition-2008-FWYH
Jet Black Stare-In This Life-2008-FM
Jet Boys-Larger than Life Dusted-1998-AMRC
Jigsore Puzzle-Ultimate Blowup--Split-Vinyl-EP-2011-BERC
Jills Project-Bloody Chronicle-Complete Edition Bonus CDR-2008-GRAVEWISH
Jills Project-Bloody Chronicle-Complete Edition-2008-GRAVEWISH
Jim Hall and Bill Frisell-Hemispheres-2CD-2008-SnS
Jim Shepard-Jaded-2018-CSM
Jimi Hendrix-People Hell and Angels-2013-GRM
Jimi Hendrix-Valleys Of Neptune-(Digipak)-2010-DNR
Jimmy Barnes-Barnes Hits-Ltd.Ed.-2003-FTD
Jimmy Barnes-Barnestorming-(Retail)-1988-dSS
Jimmy Barnes-Bodyswerve-1984-aAF
Jimmy Barnes-Freight Train Heart-(Retail)-1988-dCO
Jimmy Barnes-Hits (Singles and Rarities)-2CD-1997-JUST
Jimmy Barnes-Out In The Blue-2007-FRAY
Jimmy Barnes-Psyclone-1995-aAF
Jimmy Barnes-The Rythm And The Blues-2009-404
Jimmy Barnes-Two Fires-(Retail)-1990-dCO
Jimmy Nail-Aint No Doubt-(CDM)-1992-DNR
Jimmy Page Robert Plant-Walking Into Clarksdale-1998-iRO
Jimmy Page And Robert Plant-No Quarter-1994-DNR
Jimmy Page-Lucifer Rising and Other Sound Tracks-2012-GRM
Jirka Hala-Make You Wanna Hala-2009-JIRKAHALA
Jivestones - Teddy Boys form Outer Space-1990-SOP INT
Jivetones - Teddy Boys form Outer Space-1990-SOP INT
Joan Jett - Great Hits-1996-SOP INT
Joao Lencastres Communion-B-Sides-2009-JUST
Joao Paulo-White Works (Plays Carlos Bica)-2009-JUST
Joe Stump's Reign of Terror-Conquer and Divide-2002-AMRC
Joe Henderson - Mirror Mirror-1980-SOP INT
Joe Mizzi - Angels Fall-2011-FREE
Joe Satriani - Not Of This Earth-1986-FAF Int
joe satriani-crystal planet-1998-iro
Joe Satriani-Engines of Creation-2000-EGo
Joe Satriani-Professor Satchafunkilus And The Musterion Of Rock-2008-SATRiANi
Joe Satriani-Unstoppable Momentum-2013-KRIEG
Joe Stump - Revenge of the Shredlord-2012-FREE
Joe Stump-Shredology-2CD-2005-aAF
Joe Stump-Virtuosic Vendetta-2009-UasH
Joe Thrasher - Cries of War-2011-FREE
Joey Cape and Tony Sly-Acoustic-2004-FNT
Joey Luumaki & Tappajatomaatit - Villi Ita-FI-2010-SOP INT
joey luumaki & tappajatomaatit-villi ita-2010-DDt
Joey Ramone-Christmas Spirit In My House-CDM-2002-gF
Johanna Kurkela-Rakkauslaulu-CDS-Web-2010-MrE
Johanna Debreczeni-Lanteet Kertovat Sen-FI-2008-WAGNER
Johanna Kurkela-Oothan Tassa Viela Huomenna-WEB-FI-2012-FATPiPE
Johansson-Heavy Machinery-(Japanese Retail with Bonus)-1997-NTH
John Arch-A Twist Of Fate-Promo-2003-AMRC
John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman-John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman-1995-FnF INT
John Coltrane And The Red Garland Trio-Traneing In-Remastered-1996-FnF INT
John Coltrane Quartet-Ballads-1995-FnF INT
John Coltrane Quartet-Crescent-1987-FnF INT
John Coltrane-A Man Called Trane-2008-MTD
John Coltrane-Bahia-1991-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Black Pearls-1991-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Blue Train-The Ultimate Blue Train-1997-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Bye Bye Blackbird-1981-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Coltrane Time-Remastered-1991-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Dakar-Remastered-2008-XXL
John Coltrane-Fearless Leader-The 1957-1958 Prestige Sessions-2006-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Giant Steps-Remastered-2006-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Live At The Village Vanguard-The Master Takes-1998-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Lush Life-1990-FnF INT
John Coltrane-My Favorite Things-Remastered-1998-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Settin The Pace-1987-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Soultrane-1987-FnF INT
John Coltrane-The Believer-Remastered-1996-FnF INT
John Coltrane-The Last Trane-1991-FnF INT
John Coltrane-The Paris Concert-1993-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Wheelin And Dealin-1991-FnF INT
John Doe-John Doe-2008-VERiTAS INT
John Mclaughlin Al Di Meola Paco De Lucia - Friday Night in San Francisco-Live-1981-SOP INT
John Mellencamp - Mr. Happy Go Lucky-1996-KME
john mellencamp-freedoms road-(bonus cd)-2007-erb
john mellencamp-freedoms road-2007-esc
John Mellencamp-Life Death Live And Freedom-2009-JOHNMELLENCAMP
John Mellencamp-Mr Happy Go Lucky-1996-iRO
John Mellencamp-No Better Than This-2010-DNR
John Mellencamp-Performs Trouble No More (Live At Town Hall-July 31 2003)-2014-404
John Patitucci Trio-Remembrance-(Concord)-2009-BOSS
John Patton--Soul Connection-Remastered-2008-OMA
John Scofield - Bump-2000-SOP INT
John Scofield - East Meets West-1987-SOP INT
John Scofield - Flat Out-1989-SOP INT
John Scofield - Grace Under Pressure-1992-SOP INT
John Scofield - Hand Jive-1994-SOP INT
John Scofield - Slo Sco Best of the Ballads-1990-SOP INT
John Scofield - Thats What I Say John Scofield Plays the Music of Ray Charles-2005-SOP INT
John Scofield - Time on My Hands-1990-SOP INT
John Scofield and Pat Metheny - I Can See Your House form Here-1994-SOP INT
John Scofield Band - Pick Hits-Live-1990-SOP INT
John Scofield Band - Ueberjam-2002-SOP INT
John Scofield--Piety Street-2009-1way
John Wetton-Battle Lines-Retail-1994-Myn
John Williams-Lincoln-OST-WEB-2012-wAx
John Williams-Schindlers List-OST-1994-EOS
Johnny Cash - 10 Original Albums and Bonus Track-10CD-1957-SOP INT
Johnny Cash - American V A Hundred Highways-2006-SOP INT
Johnny Cash - Man in Black Live in Denmark 1971-2006-SOP INT
Johnny Cash - Original Album Classic-5CD-2008-SOP INT
Johnny Cash - Trilogy-3CD-2010-SOP INT
Johnny Cash And The Tennesse Two-Original Golden Hits Vol 1-LP-1969-SDR
johnny cash-20 super hits-1991-dnr
johnny cash-american iii solitary man-2000-dnr
johnny cash-american iv the man comes around-2002-dnr
johnny cash-at folsom prison and san quentin-1976-dnr
johnny cash-at san quentin (the complete 1969 concert)-2000-dnr
Johnny Cash-Country Greatest (Best Of Sun Records)-2000-SDR
johnny cash-forever-3cd-(digipak)-2006-dnr
Johnny Cash-Glastonbury 97-Bootleg-1997-SDR
Johnny Cash-In Concert Series Johnny Cash-DVD-2006-SDR
Johnny Cash-Live At Montreux 1994-DVDA-2005-SDR
Johnny Cash-Live From Austin Texas-DVD-2005-SDR
Johnny Cash-Live In Denmark 1971-DVD-2006-SDR
Johnny Cash-Presents A Concert Behind Prison Walls-2003-SER
Johnny Cash-Remember Me The Man In Black-DVDA-2004-SDR
johnny cash-ring of fire-the legend of johnny cash-2005-dnr
johnny cash-the essential-2cd-2002-dnr
johnny cash-unchained-1996-dnr
johnny cash-unearthed-5cd-2003-dnr
Johnny Cash-Walking The Line The Legendary Sun Recordings-3CD-2005-DNR
Johnny Joker and The Twilight Kids-Somewhere Far Away-2007-gF
Johns Town Aloha-Digworker-7inch-Vinyl-JP-2009-hXc
Jolly Jumpers-Rurality-1993-SER
Jolly Jumpers-Tyrnava-1996-SER
Jon Lord-Gemini Suite-Remastered Limited Edition CD-2008-OBC
Jon McLaughlin-Indiana-(Advance)-2007-KzT
Jon Olivas Pain-Global Warning-Retail-2008-GRAVEWISH
Jonestown-Messerschmitt 109--Split-Vinyl-EP-2009-BERC
Jonna Geagea-Katso mua-2010-MrE
Jonna Tervomaa - Jonna Tervomaa-FI-1998-SOP INT
Jonna Tervomaa - Parempi Loppu-FI-2007-SOP INT
Jonna Tervomaa-Aani-FI-2017-COS
Jonna-Lahempana Totuutta-FI-2006-MAN
Joonas Widenius - Guitarra Utopia Musica-2014-SOP INT
Joonas Widenius Trio - Arktik Traktor Konspirazy-2017-SOP INT
Jope Ruonansuu - Finnshits-FI-2004-SOP INT
Jope Ruonansuu-Politiikkaa Ja Erotiikkaa-FI-1993-VBR0
Jope Ruonansuu-Tosi-CD-FI-2004-SER
Jordan Rudess-The Road Home-2007-QTXMp3
Jorma Hynninen-Kylla Tukkipoika Tunnetaan-FI-2004-Soumi
Jorma Koskisen Hittiparaati - Isi Oli Kiljupunkkari-FI-2012-SOP INT
Jorn - Bring Heavy Rock to the Land-2012-FREE
Jorn - Spirit Black - 2009-HomE320
Jorn-Dukebox (Best Of)-(REPACK)-2009-EGM
Jorn-Spirit Black-(Limited Edition Digipak)-2009-DNR
Jose Luis Perales-Celebridades-SP-2008-PeRaLeS
journey - anthology-super collection-(retail)-1988-bfs
Joykiller - Three-1997-SOP INT
JR Ewing-Calling In Dead-2000-DNR
JR Ewing-Maelstrom-2006-DNR
Judas Priest-98 Live Meltdown-2CD-1998-DNR
Judas Priest-A Touch Of Evil-(CDM)-1991-DNR
Judas Priest-A Touch Of Evil-Live-2009-DNR
Judas Priest-Battle Cry-2016-H18
Judas Priest-British Steel-1980-DNR
Judas Priest-Epitaph-DVD-2013-BELT
Judas Priest-Essentials-2018-CSM
Judas Priest-Firepower-2018-RiBS
Judas Priest-Greatest Hits-(Steel Box Collection)-2008-DNR
Judas Priest-Judas Archives Vol.2 (Black Sabbath and Halford)-2CD-Bootleg-2003-BELT
Judas Priest-Killing Machine-1978-DNR
Judas Priest-Night Crawler-(Limited Edition EP)-1990-DNR
Judas Priest-Painkiller-1990-DNR
Judas Priest-Playlist The Very Best Of-2008-DNR
Judas Priest-Point Of Entry-1981-DNR
Judas Priest-Priest -(Live)-1987-DNR
Judas Priest-Priest Live And Rare-1998-DNR
Judas Priest-Ram It Down-1988-DNR
Judas Priest-Sad Wings Of Destiny-(Reissue)-2000-DNR
Judas Priest-Screaming For Vengeance-1982-DNR
Judas Priest-Sin After Sin-1977-DNR
Judas Priest-Stained Class-1978-DNR
Judas Priest-The Best Of Judas Priest-Living After Midnight-1998-DNR
Judas Priest-The Essential-2CD-2010-COS INT
Judas Priest-Unleashed In The East-1979-DNR
Judicator - King of Rome-2012-FREE
Juggernaut-East Coast Rockers-2003-CSM
Juggernaut-Out of the Ashes-2017-CSM
Jugheads Revenge - Image is Everything-1996-SOP INT
Jugheads Revenge - Just Joined-1998-SOP INT
Jugheads Revenge-13 Kiddie Favorites-1995-DNR
Jugheads Revenge-13 Kiddie Favorites-2001-iRO
Jugheads Revenge-Image Is Everything-1996-DNR
Jugheads Revenge-Its Lonely At The Bottom-1995-iRO
Jugheads Revenge-Just Joined-1998-DNR
Jugheads Revenge-Pearly Gates-1999-rH INT
Jugheads Revenge-Unstuck In Time-1994-iRO
Juice and Mikko - Klassikoiden Ilta-2CD-Live-FI-2005-SOP INT
Juice Ja Mikko - Juice Ja Mikko-FI-1975-SOP INT
Juice Ja Mikko - Senaattori Ja Boheemi-FI-2004-SOP INT
juice leskinen coitus int-juice leskinen coitus int-remastered-FI-2013-DDt
juice leskinen coitus int-per vers runoilija-remastered-FI-2003-DDt
Juice Leskinen Grand Slam--Kuopio-Iisalmi-Nivala-FI-2003-SER
juice leskinen grand slam-pyromaani palaa rikospaikalle-FI-1985-DDt
Juice Leskinen Grand Slam-Pyromaani Palaa Rikospaikalle-Remastered-FI-2005-SER
juice leskinen grand slam-yolento-FI-1986-DDt
Juice Leskinen Ja Coitus Int-Juice Leskinen Ja Coitus Int-Remastered-FI-2003-SER
Juice Leskinen Ja Coitus Int-Per Vers Runoilija-Remastered-FI-2003-SER
Juice Leskinen Ja Mikko Alatalo-Klassikoiden Ilta-2CD-FI-2005-SER
Juice Leskinen-L-Good Rip-2000-SER
Juice Leskinen-Syksyn Savel (Kaikki Singlet 1974-2004)-6CD-FI-2007-SMO
Juice Leskinen-Tuomaksen Evankeliumi-FI-2003-SER
juice-keskitysleirin ruokavalio-remastered-FI-2009-DDt
Jukka Ja Jytamimmit - Jytaa Vaan-FI-2015-SOP INT
Jukka Takalo - Jukka Takalo-FI-2005-SOP INT
Jukka Takalo-Jukka Takalo-FI-2005-SER
jukka takalo-kahden hengen disko-cas-FI-2012-DDt
jukka takalo-maakinen mysteeri trio-FI-2013-DDt
jukka takalo-oodi mulkuille-web-FI-2013-DDt
Jukka Tolonen-Cool Train Tolonen Plays Coltrane-2004-mwnd int
Jukka Tolonen-Hysterica-Remastered-2004-mwnd int
Jukka Tolonen-Mountain Stream-Remastered-2000-mwnd int
Juliana Hatfield - Become What You Are-1999-SOP INT
Juliana Hatfield - Only Everything-1995-SOP INT
Juliet Jones-Ihme-FI-2002-SER
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Albania-Remastered-FI-1987-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Arkiston Aarteet Liisasta Liisaan Ja Muita JJS-Harvinaisuuksia-FI-2002-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Helppo Elama-2CD-FI-2006-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Janis-FI-1988-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Joneskaupunki-FI-1994-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Juliet Jonesin Sydan-FI-1985-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Jupiter-FI-1990-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Nakoispatsas - the Very Best of JJS-FI-1992-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Revontulet - Singlet 1983-2001-2CD-FI-2015-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Roistot-FI-1986-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Roistot-FI-1991-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Veijari Ja Pyhimys-CDS-FI-1992-SOP INT
juliet jonesin sydan-arkiston aarteet-FI-2002-DDt
juliet jonesin sydan-hai-FI-1996-DDt
Juliet Jonesin Sydan-Helppo Elama-2CD-FI-2006-MAN
juliet jonesin sydan-nauru-FI-1992-DDt
juliet jonesin sydanystavat-kadonneet laulut-FI-2017-DDt
Juliette Is Back-Impuro-2018-CSM
Juliette Lewis-Terra Incognita-(Bonus Tracks)-2009-FNT
Julio Iglesias-Emociones-1979-DNR
Julio Iglesias-La Carretera-1995-DNR
Julma Isanta-Hyvat Ja Huonot Paivat-CDM-FI-2005-SER
Jungle Rot-Kill On Command-2011-EOSiNT
Juovasusi - Muistoloukko-FI-2014-SOP INT
jussi the boys-kerran viela pojat -FI-2014-DDt
Jussi Hakulinen-Motti-CDS-FI-2009-VBR2
Jussi Hakulinen-Vaaleanpunainen Majatalo-Reissue-FI-2002-SER
Jussi Kinnunen-Musta Poppi-FI-2002-SER
Juustopaat-Nuori Kaunis Onneton-FI-1999-COS
K.R.B.-Serve The Truth Defy The Lie-EP CDR-2011-iTS
Kaamea Rangaistus-Ei Tartte Auttaa-FI-2005-BOS
Kadotettu-Ihmisyyden Viimeiset Askeleet-2016-COD
Kadotetut - Askel Taaksepain-FI-2001-SOP INT
Kakka-Hata 77-Ei Taa Lama Paahan Kay-Vinyl-EP-FI-2009-KALEVALA
Kakka-Hata 77-Totaalinen Kakkahata-FI-2007-NORRiS
Kakkahata-77 - Huoltoasemalle Unohdettu Mies-FI-2011-SOP INT
Kakka-Hata-77 - Totaalinen Kakkahata-FI-2007-SOP INT
Kakkahata77-WTC Rajahtaa-Vinyl-EP-FI-2007-COR
Kaksonen - Atlas-FI-2011-FREE
Kalevala-People No Names-Boogie Jungle-Reissue-2003-mwnd int
Kali-Ultimate Blowup--Split-Vinyl-EP-2011-BERC
Kalle Ahola - 1-FI-2000-SOP INT
Kalle Ahola-En Koskaan-CDS-FI-2006-MAN
Kalle Ahola-Huonoa Seuraa-FI-2006-SER
Kalle Ahola-Rumat Lapset-CDM-FI-2005-SiSOmp3
kalle g rytinakerjalaiset-darwin oli vaarassa-FI-2011-DDt
Kalmah-12 Gauge-Vinyl-2010-mwnd int
Kalmah-Palo-(JP Edition)-2018-CSM
Kalypso - Nyktophobie-DE-2011-Nsc
Kamala-Kamala Akka-FI-2013-GRM
Kamara-Synti Tuomio Katumus-FI-2005-M4E
Kameleontti-Tarkein Vahemmisto-FI-2009-WAGNER
Kamelot-Where I Reign - The Very Best of the Noise Years 1995-2003-2CD-2016-GRM
Kamikaze Zombie-Night Of The Nuberus-2017-CSM
Kansalaistottelemattomuus-Fuck Their Fuckin System-VLS-2002-SDR
Kansas Demokratia-Populaatiot Pois-EP-1997-SDR
Kansas-Monolith-Remastered-2004-DeBT iNT
Kantri-Antero Ja Rahtarit-Nuppi Ei Tutise-FI-2004-SER
Kaoteon - Veni Vidi Vomui-2011-FREE
kapykakku-runkkarit roviolle-(cdr ep)-FI-2011-DDt
Karanteeni - Raakaa Mutta Rehellista Karanteenin Vika-Live-FI-2017-SOP INT
Karanteeni - Raivopaat - Aitoa Punkkia-FI-2014-SOP INT
Karanteeni-Anna Palaa Frank-FI-2001-SER
kari peitsamo risto-the second coming of mr. jesus h. christ-2007-DDt
kari peitsamo straight perverts-unparalleled adventures of one hans pfaall-2010-DDt
Kari Peitsamo Ja Aku Ankkuli-Fur Elise-FI-2006-SER
kari peitsamo ja ankkuli-greatest hits vallankumous-FI-2015-DDt
kari peitsamo ja ankkuli-kari peitsamo ja ankkuli-FI-1979-DDt
kari peitsamo revival-jytaorkesteri tulee taas-FI-1993-DDt
kari peitsamo road hogs-kitarani haluaa rakastella aitiasi rajusti-FI-2012-DDt
kari peitsamo-20x kari peitsamo-FI-2013-DDt
kari peitsamo-60-2CD-FI-2017-DDt
kari peitsamo-lahde autoiluretkelle suureen etelan kanjoniin-2CD-FI-2003-DDt
Kari Peitsamo-Levylaulaja-Remastered-FI-2004-SER
kari peitsamon skootteri-liskon laki-FI-2008-DDt
kari peitsamon skootteri-memories-FI-1992-DDt
kari peitsamon skootteri-natural boogie-FI-1993-DDt
kari peitsamon skootteri-on pakko vatkaa-2CD-FI-2008-DDt
kari peitsamon skootteri-vi skall spela rock-SE-1993-DDt
Kari Peitsamo-No Mercy-2005-SER
kari peitsamo-polypilleri-FI-1979-DDt
kari peitsamo-sokea joe-FI-2014-DDt
kari peitsamo-takaisin ita-saksaan-FI-2009-DDt
Kari Peitsamo-The 30th Anniversary Album-2007-SER
Kari Rueslatten-Other Peoples Stories-Remastered-2008-GRAVEWISH
Karkkiautomaatti - Kaikilla-2CD-FI-2006-SOP INT
karleby fittans-karleby fittans-ep-cdr-FI-2012-DDt
karleby fittans-punainen risti-FI-2013-DDt
Karmakanic--Wheel of Life-Promo-2004-UBE
Karmakanic-Who s The Boss In The Factory-Promo-2008-QTXMp3
Karnak Seti - In Harmonic Entropy-2012-FREE
Karo-Heavy Birthday III-2018-CSM
Karst - Cleaning A Cave-HU-2011-Nsc
Karu Arki - Rakkauden Dobermanni - Yokahvila-EP-FI-2001-SOP INT
Karu Arki - Valehtelija-EP-FI-2012-SOP INT
Kasai-Guns To Shoot-2018-CSM
Kaseva-Joku Jota Rakastan-DVD-FI-2009-KALEVALA
Kaseva-Silloin Kun-Reissue-FI-2002-SER
Kassiopeia-Nothing Left To Grasp-Split-7inch-Vinyl-DE-1995-FiH
Katana - Storms of War-2012-MCA int
Katatonia-The Fall of Hearts-DELUXE EDITION-2016-GRM
Katzenjammer Kabarett-Grand Guignol And Varietes-2009-D2H
Kauan-Aava Tuulen Maa-2009-mwnd int
Kauko Royhka - Akti-FI-1995-SOP INT
Kauko Royhka - Lauluntekija-2CD-FI-2006-SOP INT
Kauko Royhka - Miss Farkku-Suomi-FI-2001-SOP INT
Kauko Royhka - Olen Messias Valitut Palat 1980-2012-6CD-FI-2012-SOP INT
Kauko Royhka - Pois Valoista --Live-FI-2013-SOP INT
Kauko Royhka Ja Narttu-Lauralle-Remastered-FI-2000-BOS
Kauko Royhka Ja Narttu-Mikki Hiiren Myohemmat Vaiheet-Remastered-FI-2003-SER
Kauko Royhka Ja Narttu-Uusia Tansseja-Remastered-FI-2003-SER
Kauko Royhka Severi Pyysalo Ja Maarit - Turmion Suurherttua-FI-2017-SOP INT
Kauko Royhka-Elama Ja Kuolema-FI-2005-SER
Kauko Royhka-Lauluntekija-2CD-FI-2006-SER
Kauko Royhka-Miss Farkku-Suomi-2001-SER
Kauko Royhka-Selkaranka 1996-2004-FI-2004-SER
Kauko Royhka-Steppaillen-Remastered-FI-2003-SER
Kauko Royhka-Talo Meren Rannalla-20 Suosikkia-FI-2002-SER
Kee Marcello - Reduxeurope-2011-FREE
Kee Marcellos K2-Melon Demon Divine-Promo-2003-AMRC
Keef Baker-Pen Fifteen-2cd-2009-FWYH
Keel-Larger Than Live-1989-DNR
Keel-Lay Down the Law-Reissue-2008-GRW
Keel-The Final Frontier-1986-DNR
Keel-The Right To Rock-1985-DNR
Keep It Clear-Keep It Clear-EP-Vinyl-2010-GRAVEWISH
Keith Jarret-Fort Yawuh-Death and the Flower-2CD-(Remastered)-2006-JUST
Keith Jarrett-Birth (1971)-Remastered-2008-CMS
Keith Jarrett-Radiance-2CD-2005-MUSiQ
Kelly Osbourne-Shut Up-2002-FiH iNT
Kemopetrol-Everythings Fine-2002-SER
Kemopetrol-Play For Me-2004-SER
Kemopetrol-Saw It On TV-CDM-2002-SER
Kenny Garrett--Sketches Of MD Live At The Iridium Feat Pharoah Sanders-2008-OMA
Kenny Olson Cartel - Kenny Olson Cartel-2012-FREE
Kentucky Headhunters - From Grass String Ranch-(2000)-aAF
Kentucky Headhunters - Pickin on Nashville-(1989)-aAF
Kentucky Headhunters-Electric Barnyard-1991-aAF
Kentucky Headhunters-Soul-Retail-2003-SSR
Kentucky Headhunters-The Best of Still Pickin-1994-aAF
Kerion - Cloudriders Part 1 Road to Skycity-2012-FREE
Keuhkot-Toimintatapoja Olioille-2005-SER
Kevin Delaney-Unusual Clarity-2018-CSM
Kevin Gilbert-The Shaming of the True-1999-AoR
kevyet mullat ystavineen-mylsa-FI-2015-DDt
Khadaver - New World Disorder-2012-FREE
Khali-Tones Of The Self Destroyer-2018-CSM
Kiharakolmio - Vanhoja Poikia-2019-WEB-320kbps-MP3-Dheugor
Kikka-Devil Gate Drive-WEB-2008-iDF
Kilcrops - Opus Dei-ES-2010-Nsc
Kiljuvelka-70 - Ihmis-Saastaa Ja Pohjasakkaa-FI-2010-SOP INT
Kill Authority-1994-2019-CSM
Kill The Hunters-Kill The Hunters-2017-CSM
Kill Your Kitty-Nevermore-2018-CSM
Kill Your TV-Castle Bravo-2018-CSM
Killburn-First Mayhem-2016-GRM
Killer Aspect-How Does It Work-2008-r35
Killer Clan of F.U.N. - The World of Voodoo-2011-FREE
Killer Souls-Revenge Of Souls-EP-2018-CSM
Killinfear-Face The Demon-2018-CSM
Killjoy-Compelled by Fear-Reissue-2002-GRW
Killswitch Engage-The End Of Heartache (Japan Bonus Track)-2004-KzT
Kilpi-18 Parasta Savuna Ilmaan-FI-2008-WAGNER
Kilpi-II Taso-FI-2004-COS
Kilpi-Kaaos Live-FI-2007-SER
Kilpi-Laske Kuolleet Ja Rukoile-CDS-FI-2006-SER
Kim-Kim Is Back-2007-gnvr
Kimmo Kuusniemi Band-Moottorilinnut-Remastered-FI-2007-SER
kimmo liskomaen pitkat kalsarit-kimmo liskomaen pitkat kalsarit-FI-2004-DDt
kimmo liskomaen pitkat kalsarit-liskoelamaa-FI-2005-DDt
kimmo liskomaen pitkat kalsarit-perustuu tositapahtumiin-FI-2008-DDt
kimmo liskomaki taustayhtyeineen-kun ne menee pakastimelle-FI-2015-DDt
kimmo liskomaki-ohukaisen kosto ep-FI-2013-DDt
King Company-Queen Of Hearts (Japanese Edition)-2018-HIRC
King Crimson-Live in Toronto-2CD-2016-GRM
king diamond and mercyful fate-a dangerous meeting-1992-dnr
king diamond-abigail-(remastered)-1997-dnr
king diamond-conspiracy-(remastered)-1997-dnr
king diamond-deadly lullabyes live-2cd-2004-dnr
King Diamond-Essentials-2018-CSM
king diamond-give me your soul please-(limited edition digipak)-2007-dnr
king diamond-halloween-(ep)-1986-dnr
king diamond-house of god-2000-dnr
king diamond-in concert abigail-1991-dnr
King Diamond-Live at Sweden Rock Festival-Bootleg-2012-GRM
king diamond-the dark sides-(ep)-1988-dnr
king diamond-the eye-(remastered)-1997-dnr
king diamond-the graveyard-(reissue)-2004-dnr
King Diamond-The Graveyard-1996-EMG INT
king diamond-the puppet master-2003-dnr
king diamond-the spiders lullabye-1995-dnr
king diamond-them-(remastered)-1997-dnr
king diamond-voodoo-1998-dnr
King Leoric-Warriors Tune-2018-CSM
King of Asgard - to North-2012-FREE
Kingdom Of Sorrow-Behind The Blackest Tears-2010-EOSiNT
Kingdom Of Sorrow-Kingdom Of Sorrow-2008-EOS
Kinsky - Valtaa Ja Voimaa-Remastered-FI-1986-SOP INT
Kirfex-A Paradise Forever Untold-2018-CSM
Kirka - Kaikki Singlet 1967-2007-8CD-FI-2007-SOP INT
Kirka - Rautaa Ja Kettinkia-FI-1973-SOP INT
Kirka - Saat Kaiken-FI-2007-SOP INT
Kirka and Islanders - Tiukka Linja-FI-1997-SOP INT
Kirous-Sivistyksen Rauniot-1997-SDR
Kirsi Ranto-En Sua Mielestani Saa-CDS-FI-2004-TiPU
Kiss - Charlotte-2CD-2014-SOP INT
Kiss - The KISS Box Set-5CD-2001-SOP INT
Kiss-40 Years Decades of Decibels-2CD-2014-GRM
Kiss-Alive The Millenium Concert-2000-UNC
Kiss-Destroyer Resurrected-Reissue-2012-GRM
Kiss-Greatest Ballads-2015-GRM
Kissin Dynamite-Money Sex and Power-Digipak-2012-GRM
Kissing The Mirror - Locus Of The Eastern Dream EX-2011-Nsc
Kiss-Rocks Vegas-2016-GAS
KISS-Sonic Boom-(Deluxe Edition DVD)-2009-DNR
KISS-Sonic Boom-2CD-(Deluxe Edition)-2009-DNR
Kitkerat Neitsyet-Todellisen Menestyksen Salaisuus-FI-2005-SER
Kiukku - Kiukku-FI-2013-SOP INT
kivesveto go go-nopeempi ku veijo-FI-2017-DDt
kivesveto go go-tutti frutti-FI-2014-DDt
Kivimetsan Druidi-Taival-Demo-FI-2004-COS
Kix-Rock Your Face Off-2014-BELT
Klamydia - Antisupersankarit-FI-2016-SOP INT
Klamydia - Ceedee-FI-1989-SDR
Klamydia - Ceedee-FI-1989-SOP INT
Klamydia - Ja Kasi Kay-Live-FI-1998-SOP INT
Klamydia - Jubelium-FI-2009-SOP INT
Klamydia - Klamydia-FI-2007-SOP INT
Klamydia - Klamytapit-2CD-FI-2001-SOP INT
Klamydia - Klamytologia-3CD-FI-1998-SOP INT
Klamydia - Letoisa Lewinsky-FI-CDS-1999-MM
Klamydia - Live Simerock Rovaniemi-FI-2008-SOP INT
Klamydia - Loputon Luokkaretki-2CD-FI-2011-SOP INT
Klamydia - Perseeseen-FI-CDS-1997-MM
Klamydia - Piikkina Lihassa-3CD-FI-2003-SOP INT
Klamydia - Punktsipum-FI-2002-SOP INT
Klamydia - Rujoa Taidetta-FI-2009-SOP INT
Klamydia - Siittiot Sotapolulla-FI-1995-SDR
Klamydia - Tango Delirium-FI-1997-SOP INT
Klamydia - Tippurikvartetti-FI-1994-SOP INT
Klamydia - Tyhmyyden Ylistys-FI-2005-SOP INT
Klamydia - XXV-2CD-FI-2013-SOP INT
Klamydia - Zulupohjalta-FI-1999-SOP INT
Klamydia-Ceedee-FI-1989-DP iNT
Klamydia-Klamysutra Lauluja Rakastelemisen Vaikeudesta-FI-1996-DP iNT
Klamydia-Kosketus-(CDS)-FI-1997-DP iNT
Klamydia-Los Celibatos-FI-1991-DP iNT
Klamydia-Miljoonan Kilsan Tennarit-CDS-FI-2009-WAGNER
Klamydia-Ryssa Mun Leipaani Syo-EP-FI-2000-OvEr30 iNT
Klamydia-Suomi On Sun-CDM-FI-2002-RDA
Klamydia-Tres Hombres-FI-1992-DP iNT
Klangwerk-Die Kybernauten-CDM-Limited Edition-DE-2009-FWYH
Klootzak - Bloodlust-2011-Nsc
Klover-Feel Lucky Punk-1995-DNR
KMFDM-Extra-Volume 3-2CD-2008-DNR
KMFDM-Our Time Will Come-2014-GRM
KMFDM-We Are KMFDM-2014-V0 iND
Kneipenterroristen--Haerter als der Rest-Promo-DE-2007-UBE
Knife Fight-Isolated-EP-Vinyl-2010-GRAVEWISH
Knightmare - In Deaths Shadow-2012-FREE
Knights of Round - The Book of Awakening-2010-FREE
Knock out Kaine-Rise of the Electric Jester-2015-BELT
Knucklebone Oscar-Back From The Jungle-2007-SER
Knucklebone Oscar-Songs From My Heart-2001-SER
Kohu 63-Hullabaloo-1990-SDR
Kohu 63-Lisaa Verta Historiaan-Vinyl-FI-1982-SDR
Kohu-63 - Greatest Shits-FI-1996-SOP INT
koljosen tiekiista-ei kuule mitaan ei naa mitaan ei sano mitaan-FI-2010-DDt
koljosen tiekiista-heka metal-FI-2015-DDt
koljosen tiekiista-III-FI-2012-DDt
koljosen tiekiista-no sleep til konela-FI-2011-DDt
Kollaa Kestaa - Jaahyvaiset Aseille-FI-1995-SOP INT
Kollage-At this Time-2006-JUST
Komando Ost-Wir Haben Genug-DE-2008-KANGAROO
Konsta Hietanen-Kone-FI-1994-KALEVALA
Kontra-Mieto Levy-Remastered-FI-2005-SER
kontra-suurimmat iskut-1996-DDt
Korgull The Exterminator - War Of The Voivodes-2010-Nsc
Koritni - Welcome to the Crossroads-2012-FREE

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