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Old Music Collection 197x
  Collections | Author: Admin | 15-11-2020, 18:32
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Al Campbell and Trinity-Press Along Youthman Press Along Sister (12 Inch DB002)-VLS-197x-Gully
Annette Brissett-Hard To Find-VLS-197x-RKS
Augustus Pablo-Frozen Dub-VLS-197x-YARD
Augustus Pablo-Golden Seal-(VLS)-197x-SSR
Augustus Pablo-Israel In Harmony-VL-7inch-197x-RAC
Augustus Pablo-Way Out Rockers-VL-7inch-197x-RAC
Augustus Pablo-Zion High (7 Inch)-VLS-197x-mrp int
Barry Brown-Barry Brown-VL-197x-RAC
Barry Brown-Barry-LP-197x-A
Big Joe - Keep Rocking And Swinging-Vinyl-197x-RAC2000
Bob Clarke-Evil People-(VLS)-197x-SSR
Bob Marley-Blackwell Dubs-197x-RAC
Bob Marley-Treasures from the Attic (Vol1 DubsVersions)-197x-RAC INT
Bobby Kalphat-Bobbys Theme-(VLS)-197x-SSR
Boris Gardiner Happening-Over The Mountain-VLS-197x-JRO
Bossa Nova Combo-Pronit 0246-(Vinyl)-EP-197x-MK2
Brad Osbourne-King Of Dub-LP-197x-YARD
Bunny Lee and the Aggrovators Presents-Super Dub Disco Style-VL-197x-RAC
Bunny Rugs and Upsetters-To Love Somebody-Retail CD-197x-KOA
Carl Murphy-Lick I Pipe-(VLS)-197x-SSR
Carlton Patterson-Wash Wash (7 Inch DSR7071)-VLS-197x-Gully
Charles Hanna And The Graduates-Dark Shadows-VLS-197x-YARD
Clint Eastwood-Action-(VLS)-197x-SSR
Conky-Sweet Mother-12Inch Vinyl-197x-LiViTY
Copie Copewell-Piece of the Action (12 Inch TW007)-VLS-197x-Gully
Cornell Campbell-Boxing-197x-RAC
Culture-Burning an Illusion (This Time)-VLS-197x-RAC iNT
Culture-Jah Jah See Them A Come-VLS-197x-RAC iNT
Cynthia Webber-Do Jah Good-VLS-197x-RKS
David Isaacs-I Went to Your Wedding-VLS-197x-RoW
David Isaacs-You Got to Come Home Back-VLS-197x-Gully
Dean Fraser and Nambo-Idi Amin (12 Inch DSR8189 Read NFO)-VLS-197x-Gully
Delroy Wilson-Im Your Puppet-VLS-197x-RKS
Demo Cates-Precious Love (CG-108)-LP-197x-Gully
Dennis Alcapone-My Voice Is Insured For Half A Million Dollars-197x-RAC
Dennis Brown-Immanuel-VL-7inch-197x-RAC
Dennis Walks And I Roy-Combination Heart Dont Leap (12 Inch HM8059)-VLS-197x-Gully
Devon Irons-When Jah Come-VLS-197x-RAC
Dillinger-Cornbread bw I Thirst - Part Two-(JSD 924)-12INCH VINYL-197x-YARD
Dillinger-Dub Organiser-LP-197x-YARD
Dillinger-Loving Pauper-VLS-197x-JRO
Donovan Adams-Mock Jah-VLS-197x-GMG
Edyta Piecha and Ansambl Druzhba-Untitled-RU-VLS-197x-D2H
Ernest Wilson-I Know Myself-VLS-197x-Fari
Freddie Mcgregor-Boby Babylon (7 Inch)-VLS-197x-Gully
Freddie Mckay-Rock A Bye Woman (7 Inch)-VLS-197x-Gully
Fully Fullwood-Stop and Think it Over-VLS-197x-RAC
Glen Washington-Brother to Brother(Studio1)-Vinyl-197x-TLC
Gregory Isaacs-Write Myself A Letter (7 Inch)-VLS-197x-RKS
Horace Andy-Best Of Vol 2 - Collie Weed-LP-197x-YARD
Horace Andy-Every Tongue Shall Tell-VLS-197x-YARD
Horace Fergison And Dellinger-Look What You Have Done (12 Inch GG 025)-VLS-197x-Gully
Hugh Mundell-Red Gold And Green-VL-7inch-197x-RAC
I Roy-Full Warning-(VLS)-197x-SSR
Jackie Edwards-Sad News-VLS-197x-Gully
Jackie Mittoo-Stepping Forward in Dub-VL-197x-RAC
Jacob Miller-Each One Teach One (7 Inch)-VLS-197x-mrp int
Jacob Miller-Healing Of The Nations-VLS-197x-RKS
Jacob Miller-In Time to Come-VLS-197x-RoW
Jacob Miller-Jolly Joseph-VL-7inch-197x-RAC
Jah Ali-Soldier Round The Corner-(VLS)-197x-SSR
Jah Rhythm-Leave Daddy and Mummy Bw the Freedom Fighters (7 Inch)-VLS-197x-Gully
Jah T Augustus Pablo-Lick The Pipe Peter-197x-RAC
Jah Woosh-Satta Land-VLS-197x-JAH
James Last-Hair-LP-197x-JCE
Janet Kay-Silly Games (12 Inch ARKDD-003)-VLS-197x-Gully
Jayes And Ranking Trevor-Queen Majesty-VLS-197x-RAC
Jim Nastic and Clement Dodd-Chanting-VLS-197x-RAC
Jimmie and Vella--Heartbeat-LP-197x-WUS
Jimmy London-Collection (18 Magnificent Hits)-(BT1004)-LP-197x-KOA
Jimmy Stratdan-So Long Baby (7 Inch ETH-13)-VLS-197x-Gully
John Holt-Police in Helicopter-(VLS)-197x-WiS
John Holt-Police in Helicopter-(VLS)-197x-WiS INT
Johnny Clarke-Roots Music-197x-RAC
Johnny Clarke-Stop Them Jah-VL-7inch-197x-RAC
Joy Card-I Love You In Everyway BW Superstatic Magic Mystery-VLS-197x-RKS
Junior Byles-Fever-VLS-197x-RAC
Kandi Man-Make Up Your Mind-VLS-197x-R2R
Keith Poppin-Pop Inn-Vinyl-197x-SRC
Ken Boothe And Lloyd Calmers-Rasta Never Fail-VLS-197x-RAC
Ken Parker-True True True-VLS-197x-Gully
King Burnett-Babylon A Fall-VLS-197x-RKS
King Tubby-Yabby You Presents King Tubbys Boom Sounds Vol 4-LP-197x-YARD
King Tubbys-Dancehall Style Dub-LP-197x-YARD
Klaus Wunderlich-Hammond Fur Millionen-LP-197x-D2H
Lee Perry And Zap Pow Riverstone-VL-7inch-197x-RAC
Lee Scratch Perry And Zap Pow-Riverstone-VL-7inch-197x-RAC
Lenard Wilson-Searching For A Home-(VLS)-197x-SSR
Leroy Smart And U Brown-Peace Is What We Want-(ARI002)-12INCH VINYL-197x-Gully
Levi Williams-Peaceful Rasta-VLS-197x-RAC
Linval Thompson-Follow My Heart VL-197x-RAC
Linval Thompson-Follow My Heart-VL-197x-RAC
Linval Thompson-Long Long Dreadlocks-(VLS)-197x-SSR
Lloyd Parks-Officially-VLS-197x-RAC
Lord Kitchener-Curfew Time-LP-197x-LiViTY
Max Remeo-Saltfish-VLS-197x-JRO
Michael Campbell-Barber Saloon (7 Inch)-VLS-197x-Gully
Mighty Diamonds-Struggling Bw Release The Chain (7 Inch)-VLS-197x-RKS
Mighty Maytones-Creation Time Bw Rain from the Sky (12 Inch GG014)-VLS-197x-Gully
Mighty Maytones-Searching In Disco Ft Trinity Bw Madness In Disco Ft U Brown (12 Inch GG 029)-VLS-197x-Gully
Mighty Threes-Rasta Business Bw Sata (12 Inch)-VLS-197x-RKS
Mike Brooks-Love Comes and Goes-(VLS)-197x-SSR
Ossie Scott-Love Me Tender-LP-197x-LiViTY
Pablo Gad-Blood Suckers-VL-197x-RAC
Pamela Maynard-Rough Rider (12 Inch 78-12)-VLS-197x-Gully
Peter Tosh-Babylon Queendom-(VLS)-197x-SSR
Peter Tosh-Cant Blame The Youth Bw Hammer-(VLS)-197x-SSR
Peter Wright-What Would You Say (12 Inch JA0016)-VLS-197x-Gully
Phillip Fraser-Youre No Good-VL-7inch-197x-RAC
Phillip Fullwood and Winston McKenzie-Words In Dub-(Jah Marcus)-Vinyl-197x-HiM
Phillis Dillon and the Revolutionarys-Right Track Bw Touch Me Tomatoes (12 Inch SKYDD006)-VLS-197x-Gully
Pluto-I Man Born Ya-VLS-197x-RAC
Prince Buster-Big 5 Bw Music Lesson (7 Inch PB1)-VLS-197x-Gully
Prince Far I-Weather Man Tom (7 Inch DSR6878)-VLS-197x-Gully
Prince Fari-Same Knife-VLS-197x-RAC iNT
Prince Jazzbo-Get Tonight Brother-Vl-197x-RAC
Prince Jazzbo-Get Tonight Brother-VL-TRACK FIX-197x-RAC
Prince Mohammed-Informer-VLS-197x-RAC iNT
Ranking Joe-Up the Big Hill Bw the Loving Feeling (12 Inch TR5001)-VLS-197x-Gully
Ranking Michigan and General Smile-Rub A Dub Style (7 Inch)-VLS-197x-Gully
Ray Sylvester Orchestra-Calypso Revolution-LP-197x-LiViTY
Roland Burrell-Jonny Dollar (7 Inch)-VLS-197x-Gully
Roman Stewart-You Wont See Me-VLS-197x-RAC
Rootsman-Soca Ambassador-12Inch Vinyl-197x-LiViTY
Roy Richards-Roy Richards Studio One-LP-197x-A
Samantha Rose-I Cant Believe Im Losing You Bw I Cant Believe Im Losing You (12 Inch PDIS006)-VLS-197x-Gully
Sang Hugh And Lionel Airs-Rasta No Born Ya-VLS-197x-RAC
Sharon Tucker-Your Love Bw If You Know (12 Inch CGDD 108)-VLS-197x-Gully
Silford Walker-Lambs Bread-VL-7inch-197x-RAC
Sly and Robbie - Master Of Ceremony Dub-LP-197x-YARD
Sly And Robbie-The Force Is Within You-197x-RAC
Sly Robbie And The Revolutionaries-Hardcore Dub-LP-197x-YARD
Sonny Binns and the Ethnic Fight Band-Gold Dust (EF44225 Read NFO)-LP-197x-Gully
Sugar Minott-Vanity-VLS-197x-TLC
Sylford Walker-Burn Babylon-VLS-197x-RKS
Tamlins and Trinity-Youll Never Know Bw Tamlins-Undying Love (12 Inch SKYDD012)-VLS-197x-Gully
Techniques All Stars-Block-Out-VLS-197x-RAC
The Abyssinians-Love Comes And Goes-(7 Inch)-Reissue-VLS-197x-YARD
The Congos-Heart Of The Congo (Original JA Mix)-197x-RAC INT
The Diamonds-Danger In Your Eyes Bw Fools Rush In (12 Inch Gussie76 KKG059)-VLS-197x-YARD
The Heptones-Mystery Babylon-(VLS)-197x-SSR
The Jayes And Ranking Trevor-Queen Majesty-VLS-197x-RAC
The Jewels-Love and Livity (7 Inch DSR8742)-VLS-197x-Gully
The Maytones And I Roy-Money Trouble-VLS-197x-RAC
The Mighty Diamonds-Struggling Bw Release The Chain (7 Inch)-VLS-197x-RKS
The Mystic-Forward Jah Orthodox-VLS-197x-RAC
The Silvertones-Rejoice Jah Jah Children-VLS-197x-RKS
The Silvertones-Young At Heart-197x-RAC Int
The Webber Sisters-I And I Love You Honey-VL-197x-RAC
Tony Francis-Pure Love (12 Inch BFM-112)-VLS-197x-Gully
Tony Tuff-No Warrior-VLS-197x-YARD
Trevor Byfield-Tell Me that You Love Me (7 Inch CAW-3190)-VLS-197x-Gully
Trinity-DJ Jamboree (7 Inch)-VLS-197x-Gully
Trinity-Income Tax-(VLS)-197x-SSR
Triston Palma-Showcase-VL-197x-RAC
U Roy-Way Down South-VLS-197x-RAC
VA-Combine Lovers Rock-LP-197x-YARD
VA-Dee Jay (12 Inch FKM 6830)-VLS-197x-YARD
VA-Ethnic Fight Productions-(FTDD4400)-12INCH VINYL-197x-Gully
VA-King Tubby-Rod Of Correction Showcase-197x-RAC
VA-Love And Inify-(VGO001)-12INCH VINYL-197x-Gully
VA-Niney and friends-197x-RAC INT
VA-Sky Note 12 Inch (SKY DD0011)-VLS-197x-Gully
VA-Stars 12 Inch (SR003 SR004)-VLS-197x-Gully
VA-Studio One Show Case Vol. 1-LP-197x-YARD
VA-Studio One-Better Dub (READ-NFO)-LP-197x-A
VA-Studio One-Toughest Dub-LP-197x-A
VA-Tops Records 12 Inch (Tops12 Read NFO)-VLS-197x-Gully
VA-Upsetter Records (7inch Dsr 4596)-VLS-197x-YARD
Vivian Jackson-Beware-VLS-197x-YARD
Wayne Jarrett-Come Let s Go BW Wasn t It You-VLS-197x-RKS
Wayne Wade-Happy Go Lucky Girl Bw Prince Pompado-Jamacian Girl (12 Inch GMDM2)-VLS-197x-Gully
Welton Irie-Ghettoman Corner-197x-RAC
Willie Williams-Armagedeon Time-VL-7inch-197x-RAC
Yabby U-Fire In Kingston-VL-7inch-197x-RAC
Yabby You Meets Trinity-At (King Tubbys) Dubstation-VL-197x-RAC

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