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Old Music Collection 1984 Part2
  Collections | Author: Admin | 20-11-2020, 08:56
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M Like Moon-Sunlight-(ARIOLA601587)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
M.C. Frosty And Lovin C-Radio Activity Rapp-(VLS)-1984-RAGEMP3
M.C. Shan-Feed the World-VLS-1984-FrB
Mac Davis-In The Beginning-TAPE-1984-ERP
Macka B-Buppie Culture-1984-smc
Mad Max-Rollin Thunder-1984-grmg
Madness-Keep Moving-LP-1984-gF INT
Madonna - Like A Virgin-1984-FAF
Madonna - Like A Virgin-1984-KBL
Madonna-Like A Virgin-(Remastered)-1984-IND
Madonna-Like A Virgin-1984-Wyse
Madonna-Like A Virgin-Retail-1984-Recycled INT
Madonna-Like A Virgin-SVCD-1984-THE
Mamas Boys - Mamas Boys-(ND70267)-1984-MCA int
Manfred Manns Earth Band-Live In Budapest-WEB-1984-TosK INT
Manowar-Hail To England-1984-LAMB
Manowar-Secret Of Steel-Bootleg-LP-1984-hXc
Manowar-Sign Of The Hammer-1984-DNR
Manowar-Sign Of The Hammer-1984-LAMB
Manu Dibango - Abele Dance-(CEL171-Vinyl)-1984-DRUM
Maria Vidal-Body Rock-VLS-1984-GCP
Master Genius-Lets Break Into The 80s (12inch Vinyl)-(308453)-1984-WRE
Masumi Hara-4 X A Dream-(NUM811DIGITAL2)-WEB-1984-ENSLAVE
Matthew Cang-Kpm 1000 Series Another Surprise-(KPM 1309)-WEB-1984-gF
Matz Bladhs-Leende Dansmusik 84-1984-DuDE
Max Him-No Escape-(CBSA124611)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
McCoy Tyner-Dimensions-WEB-1984-MOHAWK
MDC-USA - Millions Of Dead Children EP-1984-JPP
Meat Loaf-Rock N Roll Hero-1984-DNR
Megadeth-Live in San Francisco-Bootleg-0219-1984-grmg
Mercyful Fate - Dont Break the Oath-Remastered-1984-FAF INT
Mercyful Fate-Dont Break The Oath-1984-DNR
Mercyful Fate-Dont Break The Oath-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Metal Church-Metal Church-1984-AFB INT
Metallica - Creeping Death-Ltd.Ed.-1984-iCe
Metallica - Ride The Lightning-(Retail CD)-1984-HiEM INT
Metallica-Creeping Death-(Vinyl EP)-1984-DNR
Metallica-Creeping Death-CDS-1984-PAL
Metallica-Creeping Death-Ltd.Ed.-1984-iCe
Metallica-Lyceum London England 841220-WEB-1984-LzY
Metallica-Ride The Lightning - Edits Alternate Versions And Demos-1984-0RB
Metallica-Ride The Lightning Demo-1984-PMS
Metallica-Ride The Lightning-1984-DNR
Metallica-Ride The Lightning-1984-gB
Metallica-Ride The Lightning-Limited Edition Gold CD-1984-MH
Metallica-Ride The Lightning-Retail-1984-FH
Metallica-The Heaviest Nights of Their Life-Bootleg-1984-radial
Michael Black-Take A Tip From Me-(N 067)-VLS-1984-YARD
Michael Palmer-Angella-LP-1984-JRO
Michael Palmer-Gunshot A Burst-VLS-1984-WiS
Michael Palmer-Modelling Girl (12 Inch TON001)-VLS-1984-YARD
Michael Palmer-Star Performer-LP-1984-YARD
Michael Prophet-Blood Stain-LP-1984-YARD INT
Michael Prophet-Cease Fire (12 Inch)-VLS-1984-RKS
Midnight Oil-Red Sails In The Sunset-1984-EOS
Midnight Star-Operator-(7-Inch Single)-VLS-1984-GCP
Mike Mareen - Dancing In The Dark (Galactica Remix)-WEB-1984-iDC
Minor Threat-First Two Seven Inches-WEB-1984-SOUNDz
Models - J.R. Robot-(VBDS 84V02)-(Vinyl)-1984-ATRium
Modem - Your Fun-(PME 128403)-(Vinyl)-1984-ATRium
Modem-Your Fun-(PME128403)-Vinyl-1984-iDF
Modern Talking-Youre My Heart Youre My Soul-dvdrip-svcd-1984-PmV
Mono Band - Ghost Town-WEB-1984-iDC
Mortal Sin-Trash On Arrival-Demo-Tape-1984-iTS
Motley Crue-Rare Demos-1984-aAF
Motorhead-killed by death-dvdrip-svcd-1984-mVa
Mtume-You Me And He-VLS-1984-GCP
Music Service-Another Song-(PM128401)-Vinyl-1984-iDF
Mutabaruka with High Time Players-Live-1984-10-06-Greek Theatre Berkeley, CA
My Mine-Zorro-(BLOWUP125527)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
N.O.I.A.-Do You Wanna Dance-12 Inch Vinyl-1984-FWYH
N.O.I.A.-True Love-12 Inch Vinyl-1984-FWYH
Nate Morgan-Retribution Reparation-WEB-1984-UVU
Neville Brown-Haul And Pull Up-VLS-1984-RKS
Neville Brown-Mr Music Man-VLS-1984-RKS
New Breed-Umsturz Jetzt-(TE 1)-Vinyl-1984-DPS
New Edition-Cool It Now-VLS-1984-GCP INT
New Edition-Mr. Telephone Man-VLS-1984-GCP
New Edition-New Edition (Expanded)-WEB-1984-ENRAGED
Nick Lowe-Nick Lowe and His Cowboy Outfit-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED
Nino De Angelo - Wir Sind Giganten-(511 703-2 - LC 0245)-1984-ZzZz
Nitty Gritty-Smile A While (Black Roots)-VLS-1984-RAC
Novecento-Movin On-(WEA-24-9427-0)-Vinyl-1984-DBM
Now Thats What I Call Music - Volume 02 (2CD)-1984-UNiCORN INT
Now Thats What I Call Music - Volume 03 (2CD)-1984-UNiCORN INT
O.S.T - Body Rock-Vinyl-1984-FKK
O.S.T-The Karate Kid Soundtrack-1984-ATM
Omen-Battle Cry-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark-Junk Culture (Deluxe Edition)-WEB-1984-TosK INT
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark-Junk Culture-1984-DOM
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark-Junk Culture-1984-EOS
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark-Never Turn Away 12inch-Vinyl-1984-AMOK
Orig. Moelltaler Vagabunden-Bella Bella Marie-DE-1984-ALPMP3
Orlando Jonhson And Trance--Chocolate City (BB 7021)-Vinyl-1984-dL
Orquestra De Cordas Dedilhadas De Pernambuco-Funarte-1984-100REAL
Orquestra De Cordas Dedilhadas De Pernambuco-Self Titled-1984-100REAL
Osamu Kitajima - The Source-(28 3H-248)-12inch-LP-1984-PsyCZnP
OST - Metropolis-1984-CMG
OST - Streets Of Fire-1984-HazaR
OST-Beverly Hills Cop-1984-DNR
OST-Beverly Hills Cop-1984-EOS
OST-Breakin-1984-IHH INT
OST-Risky Business-1984-DNR
OST-V The Lizard Trilogy-(PICCD031)-1984-B2A INT
Otfried Preussler - Die Kleine Hexe Teil 3-Audiobook-DE-1984-oNePiEcE INT
Otfried Preussler-Das Kleine Gespenst-Audiobook-DE-1984-oNePiEcE
Ozzy Osbourne - So Tired (5 Track 12)-Vinyl-1984-SOP INT
Pablo Moses-Reggae Greats-CD-1984-JAH
Paddy Kingsland-Kpm 1000 Series Storytellers-(KPM 1312)-WEB-1984-gF
Pantera - Projects in the Jungle-1984-MCA int
Pantera-Projects In The Jungle-1984-DNR
Pantera-Projects in the Jungle-1984-EMG INT
Pantera-Projects In The Jungle-1984-PMS
Papa Levi-Big N Broad Bw 84tion-VLS-1984-YARD
Papa Levi-Bonnie and Clyde Bw Warning-VLS-1984-YARD
Papa Levi-Mi God Mi King Bw In A Mi Yard (12 Inch Mango MLPS7815)-VLS-1984-YARD
Pat Benatar-Tropico-1984-DNR
Pat Benatar-Tropico-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Patrice Rushen-Now-WEB-1984-AMOR INT
Patrick Andy-Dont Worry Yourself (12 Inch JJ-206)-VLS-1984-YARD
Paul Blake And The Blood Fire Posse-Every Posse Get Flat-VLS-1984-RKS
Paul Blake And The Blood Fire Posse-Rub A Dub Soldier (12 Inch)-VLS-1984-RKS
Paul Hardcastle-Eat Your Heart Out-VLS-1984-FrB
Paul Sharada-Dancing All the Night (REMIX)-(ZYX5181)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Paul Sharada-Dancing All The Night-(ART1047)-Vinyl-1984-iDF
Paul Sharada-Florida (Move Your Feet)-(ZYX5157)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Peabo Bryson-If Ever Youre In My Arms Again-VLS-1984-GCP INT
Pennye Ford-Pennye-WEB-1984-ESG
Perikles-Ljuva Livet-1984-NoGRP
Peter And The Test Tube Babies-Journey To The Centre Of Johnny Carkes Head-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Peter Broggs-Got To Be Wise (7 Inch)-VLS-1984-RKS
Peter Maffay-Carambolage-WEB-DE-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Peter Metro-Dedicated To You-LP-1984-YARD
Peter Tosh-Captured Live-Retail CD-1984-RAS INT
Phil Collins--Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)-789700-VINYL-1984-WUS
Philip Bailey-Children Of The Ghetto-(TA4857)-VLS-1984-GCP
Philip Bailey-Chinese Wall-1984-GCP INT
Philip Bailey-Chinese Wall-LP-1984-GCP INT
Philip Bailey-Easy Lover (Extended Remix Version)-(TA4915)-VLS-1984-GCP
Philip Bailey-The Wonders Of His Love-LP-1984-GCP
Philip Levi-Mi God My King Bw in A Mi Yard-VLS-1984-YARD
Phillip Frazer-Moving Away-VLS-1984-JAH
Phyllis St. James-Candlelight Afternoon-(TMG1358)-7 Inch Vinyl-1984-GCP INT
Piirpauke-Ilahu Illalla-WEB-1984-KALEVALA INT
Piper-Sunshine Kiz-WEB-JP-1984-MOHAWK
Popeda - Harasoo-FI-1984-SOP INT
Powerman And S. Knight-My Love-VLS-1984-YARD
Precious Wilson-Funky Fingers-VLS-1984-GCP
Pretty Maids - Pretty Maids (Jap. Ed.)-EP-1984-MCA int
Pretty Maids-Pretty Maids (Japanese Release)-1984-Goober INT
Pretty Maids-Red Hot And Heavy-1984-HNH
Pretty Maids-Red Hot And Heavy-1984-JESUS INT
Prince and The Revolution-I Would Die 4 U-EP-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED
Prince And The Revolution-Purple Rain-(OST)-1984-HNH
Prince and the Revolution-Purple Rain-1984-EMG INT
Prince-Purple Rain-1984-DNR
Prince-Purple Rain-1984-FAF INT
Prism - Beat Street-1984-FKK
Pukka Orchestra-Cherry Beach Express-(SGS756)-VINYL-1984-XXS
Queen - The Works (Jap. Ed.)-1984-MCA int
Queen-I Want To Break Free (WideScreen)-DvdRip-Svcd-1984-mV4U
Queen-Radio Ga Ga (WideScreen)-DvdRip-Svcd-1984-mV4U
Queen-Radio Ga Ga-(12QUEEN-1)-Vinyl-1984-DBM
Queen-The Works-CD-1984-iOM INT
Queensryche-The Warning-1984-JESUS INT
R Hook Norton-Kpm 1000 Series Jingles and Programme Cues Volume 6-(KPM 1326)-WEB-1984-gF
R Stevie Moore-1984U-2CD-1984-WEB320
R Stevie Moore-Embarrass Paris-1984-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Whats The Point-1984-WEBV0
Raff-Change Your Love-(CARRERE881578)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Raga Rockers - Maskiner I Nirvana-NO-1984-DoR
Raga Rockers-Maskiner I Nirvana-NO-1984-LAMB
Raggio Di Luna-Comanchero-(ARIOLA601573)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Rainhard Fendrich - Auf Und Davon-DE-1984-ZzZz INT
Rainhard Fendrich-Auf Und Davon-CD-DE-1984-ALPMP3
Ramones-Too Tough To Die-1984-HiTS iNT
Ranking Ann-Something Fishy Going On-LP-1984-YARD
Ras Karbi-The Seven Seals-(LP)-1984-fyahchunes
Ratt-Out Of The Cellar-1984-NHH INT
Rebbie Jackson-Centipede-(CBSA124528)-VLS-1984-GCP
Redd Kross-Teen Babes From Monsanto-REISSUE-(MRG646)-WEB-1984-MOHAWK
Reggae Regular-Ghetto Rock-LP-1984-JAH
Reme Martin-Kpm 1000 Series Jingles and Programme Cues Volume 4-(KPM 1322)-WEB-1984-gF
REO Speedwagon-Wheels Are Turnin-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Restless-Heart Attack-CD-1984-GRW
Richard Harvey-Kpm 1000 Series Fantasia-(KPM 1319)-WEB-1984-gF
Richard Myhill-Kpm 1000 Series Project-(KPM 1311)-WEB-1984-gF
Rick James-Reflections-LP-1984-GCP INT
Righeira-Hey Mama-(RTI5512)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Rita Marley-Good Girls Culture (12 Inch)-VLS-1984-RKS
Robert Bravo-Love Me Like I Do-(TELDEC620316)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Robert Howes-Kpm 1000 Series Second Sight-(KPM 1332)-WEB-1984-gF
Robey - One Night In Bangkok-(601420)-Vinyl-1984-ZzZz
Robin Gibb--Secret Agent (Japanese Version)-1984-OMA
Rock Goddess - I Didnt Know I Loved You (Till I Saw You Rock and Roll)-VLS-1984-SOP INT
Rock Steady Crew-Hey You-XViD-1984-iNT-CMS
Rock Steady Crew-Ready For Battle-Vinyl-1984-FTD
Rock Steady Crew-Shes Fresh-VLS-1984-FrB
Rockwell-Somebodys Watching Me-LP-1984-JCE
Rod Stewart-Camouflage-Retail-1984-Recycled INT
Roger Waters-The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking-(Retail)-1984-dSS
Roger Waters-The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking-1984-FallenHero
Rose Royce-Music Magic-WEB-1984-ENRAGED
Running Wild-1984-Gates to Purgatory-AMRC INT
Running Wild-Gates To Purgatory-1984-DNR
Rush--Grace Under Pressure-CD-1984-WUS INT
S.A.D.O. - Shout-(N 0011)-CD-1984-MCA int
S.C.O.R.T.A.-Pertini Dance-(MIX 168)-VINYL-1984-B2A INT
Sade-Diamond Life-1984-VFN
Sade-Diamond Life-WEB-1984-TosK INT
Sade-Smooth Operator-EPCA124655-UK-VLS-1984-NuC
Saint Vitus-The Walking Dead Live 20-12-1984-Bootleg-LP-1984-NOiR
Sandy Wilson-The Boyfriend - London Cast-1984-SNOOK
Sandy Wilson-The Boyfriend-London Cast-ID3FIX-1984-SNOOK
Savage Process--My Soul Unwraps Tonight (601 220)-VINYL-1984-CMC INT
Savatage-The Dungeons Are Calling-(EP)-1984-DNR
Saxon - Crusader-1984-KMA
Saxon-Strong Arm Metal-LP-1984-GRW
Scandal (Featuring Patty Smyth)-Warrior-1984-pLAN9
Schoolly D-Gangster Boogie-VLS-1984-FTD INT
Scorpions-Love at First Sting-Retail-1984-Recycled INT
Scotch-Disco Band (New Remix)-(ZYX5132R)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Scotch-Disco Band-(ZYX5132)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Sergio Mendes-Confetti-LP-1984-GCP
Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened (INK122)-Vinyl-1984-TR
Sgt.Pepper and Jah Shaka-One Family-(12 Inch-SHAKA843)-Vinyl-1984-GMG
Shakatak-Down On The Street-1984-GCP
Shakin Stevens - Greatest Hits-1984-TNX
Shalamar-Dont Get Stopped In Beverly Hills-VLS-1984-GCP
Shannon-Give Me Tonight-VLS-1984-GCP
Sheila E.-The Glamorous Life-VLS-1984-GCP
Shinehead-Billie Jean-Mama Used To Say (VS 735-12)-EP-1984-RAC
Shirley Ross-If You Leave Me Now-(ZYX5127)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Shirley Stewart and Triple Xtra-Out Of Babylon-Vinyl-1984-LiViTY
Shock Corridor--Une Nuit a LOpera-LIVE-K7-FR-1984-WUS
Sielun Veljet - Hei Soturit-Remastered-FI-1984-SOP INT
Sign System-Stay with Me-(BELLAPHON12003001)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Silvio-Im Your Son South America-VLS-1984-ERP
Singers And Players - Leaps and Bounds-VL-1984-RAC
Singers and Players-Leaps and Bounds-VL-1984-RAC
Siouxsie And The Banshees-Dear Prudence-Promo Vinyl-1984-FWYH
Sister Carol-Black Cinderella-1984-ViB3z
Skinny Puppy-Remission-1984-AMOK
Slade-Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply-1984-HVN INT
Slave-New Plateau-WEB-1984-ESG
Slavko Avsenik Und Seine Original Oberkrainer-Goldene Klaenge Aus Oberkrain-DE-1984-ALPMP3
Slayer - Haunting The Chapel-EP-1984-KREMA
Slayer - Haunting the Chapel-EP-1984-MCA int
Slayer - Live Undead-Remastered-1984-FERiCEx
Slayer-Haunting The Chapel-(EP)-1984-DNR
Slayer-Live Detroit (1911)-(Bootleg)-1984-DNR
Sleepy Sleepers-Voikkaa Ja Huikkaa-FI-1984-KALEVALA
Sly and Robbie - A Dub Experience-1984-DDP
Smiley Culture-Police Officer (12 Inch)-VLS-1984-RKS
Smokey 007-No Bodys Child (12 Inch)-VLS-1984-Gully
Smokey Robinson-Essar-WEB-1984-ESG
SNFU- And No One Else Wanted To Play-1984-DNR
Sniper-Open The Attack-Vinyl-1984-FFWG INT
Son Seals-Bad Axe-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Sortilege-Metamorphose-German Import LP Read NFO-FR-1984-RZB
Spaniards-God is a Shield-EP-Vinyl-1984-GRW
Sparrow-Kings Of The World-LP-1984-JAH
Special Forces-World Domination-12inch-Vinyl-1984-hXc
Splash Band Pres John Carpenter - Christine-WEB-1984-iDC
Splash Band Pres John Carpenter - Philadelphia Experiment-WEB-1984-iDC
Split Enz - 1980-1984-Rear Enz-(1993)-aAF
Stage - Voodoo Dance (Vinyl Maxi)-1984-LsH
Stage - Voodoo Dance-WEB-1984-iDC
Steel Pulse - Live At Vredenburg Utrecht 22-03-1984-CD-1984-2GCREW
Steel Pulse-Earth Crisis-CD-1984-KSI
Steel Pulse-Earth Crisis-Retail-1984-Recycled INT
Steel Pulse-Earth Crisis-Vinyl-1984-RoW INT
Steeler - Steeler (Jap.Ed.)-1984-MCA int
Stephanie Mills-Ive Got The Cure-(8224211)-LP-1984-GCP
Steve Allen-Letter from My Heart-(818308-1)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Steve Arrington-Hall Of Fame (Positive Power)-WEB-1984-ESG
Steve Davies-Kpm 1000 Series Breath of Life-(KPM 1334)-WEB-1984-gF
Steve Roach - Structures From Silence-1984-EPP
Stevie Ray Vaughan-Couldnt Stand the Weather-1984-EMG INT
Stevie Wonder-Dont Drive Drunk-VLS-1984-GCP
Street Fighter-Shoot You Down-1984-GRW
Streetheart-Buried Treasure-1984-GRW
Subhumans-Ep Lp-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Subhumans-From The Cradle To The Grave-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Sugar Minott-Buy Off The Bar-LP-1984-YARD INT
Sugar Minott-Buy Off The Bar-Vinyl-1984-RAC
sugarhill gang-livin in the fast lane-vls-1984-jce
suomen poliisit-suomen poliisit-FI-1984-DDt
Super Cat-Under Pressure-Vinyl-1984-HIM
Supercat-Under pressure-VLS-1984-YARD
Survivor - Vital Signs (Jap. Ed.)-1984-MCA int
T.N.T - Knights of the New Thunder-1984-BFS INT
T.S.O.L.--Change Today-CD-1984-WUS INT
Talking Heads-Stop Making Sense-1984-FTS
Tangerine Dream-White Eagle-CD-1984-MAGNOLiA
Tapps - Runaway (With My Love)-(234671)-Vinyl-1984-ZzZz
Tears For Fears-Shout-(IDEA 8)-VINYL-1984-B2A INT
Ted Nugent-Penetrator-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Teddy Pendergrass-Hold Me-7inch-VLS-1984-GCP
Teddy Pendergrass-Love Language-1984-GCP INT
Teena Marie-Lovergirl-VLS-1984-GCP
Temper--No Favors (MCA-52412)-Vinyl-1984-dL
Tenor Saw-Roll Called-VLS-1984-YARD
Terje Rypdal And David Darling-Eos-1984-SNOOK
Test Dept.-Beating The Retreat-Vinyl Boxset-1984-FWYH
The 3 Rockies-Stop Wasting Your Time (You Could Be Wasting Mine)-VLS-1984-GCP
The Art of Noise - Beat Box-(ZTIS108-Vinyl)-1984-REDRUM
The Brothers Johnson-You Keep Me Coming Back-VLS-1984-GCP
The Chi-Lites-Steppin Out--CD-1984-UNiCORN INT
The Crusaders-Ghetto Blaster-LP-1984-GCP
The Cure-Concert-1984-TNS
The Del Lords-Frontier Days LP-1984-aAF
The Disco Connection-Rock Your Baby-(ZYX5007)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
The Earons--Land Of Hunger (7-99776)-Vinyl-1984-dL
The Egyptian Lover--On The Nile-(DMSR-0663)-WEB-1984-SiBERiA
The Gap Band-Gap Band VI-LP-1984-GCP
The Gladiators Israel Vibration-Live at reggae sunsplash-1984-RAC
The Gladiators - Serious Thing-(Retail CD)-1984-HiEM iNT
The Gladiators Israel Vibration-Live at Reggae Sunsplash-1984-RAC
The Gun Club-The Las Vegas Story-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
The Kitch Club-Cant Stop Saying I Love You-(MEMIX019)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
The Kroumata Percussion Ensemble--Play Music By Jolivet Harrison Cage and Sandstrom-1984-i8
The Master Scratch Band-Degout-LP-1984-NOiR
The Moscow Chamber Jazz Ensemble Cadence-The Way To Olympus-(C60 20875 003)-LP-1984-UKW
The Pointer Sisters-Im So Excited-(RSPT 108)-VINYL-1984-B2A INT
The Shadows-Compact Shadows-1984-pyt
The Skatalites-Return Of The Big Guns-1984-JUST
The Special AKA-Free Nelson Mandela-VLS-1984-SRC
The System-X-Periment-WEB-1984-ESG
The Temprees-The Best Of The Temprees-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
The Time-Ice Cream Castle-1984-GCP INT
The Time-Jungle Love-VLS-1984-GCP
The Treacherous Three-Self Titled-(Vinyl)-1984-FrB
The Twinkle Brothers-Live Reggae Sunsplash-CD-1984-JAH
The Vandals - When in Rome Do as Vandals-1984-SOP INT
The Viceroys-Chancery Lane-LP-1984-JAH
The Yardbirds-London 1963-The First Recordings-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
The Youth and Ben Watkins - The Empty Quarter (JAMS36)-Vinyl-1984-TR
This Kind Of Punishment-A Beard Of Bees-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED
This Kind Of Punishment-This Kind Of Punishment-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED
This Mortal Coil-Itll End In Tears-1984-EOS
Thor-Let the Blood Runs Red-EP-Vinyl-1984-GRW
Tippa Irie-Its Good to Have the Feeling Youre the Best (12 Inch UKMC 4)-VLS-1984-DELTA
Tnt-Knights Of The New Thunder-1984-DNR
TNT-Knights Of The New Thunder-1984-FTM
Tom Waits-Asylum Years-2LP-1984-ERP
Ton Scherpenzeel-Heart of the Universe-1984-GRAVEWISH
Toni Basil - Do You Wanna Dance-(VS 664-12)-Vinyl-1984-ZzZz
Tony Esposito-Simba De Ammon-(HANSA601570)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Tony Hymas-Kpm 1000 Series Face to Face-(KPM 1313)-WEB-1984-gF
Tony Kinsey-Kpm 1000 Series Pictures-(KPM 1331)-WEB-1984-gF
Tony Tuff-Wha We A Go Do-LP-1984-JAH
Toyan-Hot Bubble Gum-VL-1984-RAC
Trillion-Step By Step-(ZYX5211)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Trouble-Assassin-12 Inch EP-1984-RZB
Truck Stop - Alles Klar-CD-1984-UNiCORN INT
TSOL-Change Today-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Tuula Amberla-Lulu-FI-1984-KALEVALA
Twilight 22-Twilight 22-1984-JCE
Twinkle Brothers And Jah Shaka-The Right Way-LP-1984-2GCREW
Twinkle Brothers-Enter Zion-1984-RAC
Twisted Sister-Stay Hungry-1984-DNR
Twisted Sister-Stay Hungry-1984-IRO
Twisted Sister-Stay Hungry-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
U2-The Unforgettable Fire-1984-JUST INT
UB 40-If It Happens Again-VLS-1984-DELTA
UB40-Geffery Morgan-1984-SMU INT
UB40-If It Happens Again-(12 Inch)-VLS-1984-YARD
UB40-Im Not Fooled bw The Pillow (Remixed Version)-(DEP 16-12)-READNFO-12INCH VINYL-1984-YARD
Ulf Lundell-12 Sanger-1984-HNH
Ultima Thule--the Early Years - -87-1984-AMRC INT
Unit 9-State of the Art-ViNYL-1984-DARKAUDiO
USA For Africa-We Are The World-(CBSA-6112)-Vinyl-1984-DBM
VA - Italo Boot Mix Vol.2 (Vinyl)-1984-ATM
VA - Sombrero-(Ltd.Ed.)-(3Tape)-1984-ATRium
VA-20 Reggae Classics Volume 2-1984-RAC
VA-20 Reggae Classics-1984-RAC
VA-Beating The Meat-Vinyl-1984-hXc
VA-Beverly Hills Cop-OST-1984-EOS
VA-Breakin OST-Vinyl-1984-WCR
VA-Burning Up Volume 2 (BS1059)-LP-1984-YARD
VA-Come Home Riddim-VL-1984-Fari
VA-Downbeat Live In NY-5 The Hard Way-TAPE-1984-YARD
VA-Downbeat-Galaxy Ballroom-TAPE-1984-YARD
VA-Electro 03-1984-RNS
VA-Electro 04-1984-RNS
VA-Electro 05-1984-RNS
VA-Footloose-OST-1984-Error403 INT
VA-Ghostbusters OST-1984-VMA
VA-Ghostbusters-OST-1984-EiTheLMP3 INT
VA-Greensleeves (12 Inch GRED143)-VLS-1984-YARD
VA-Greensleeves (12 Inch GRED167)-VLS-1984-YARD
VA-Greensleeves 12 Inch (GRED 150)-VLS-1984-Gully
VA-Greensleeves Records-(GRED 158)-12INCH VLS-1984-Gully
VA-Greetings Riddim (Power House)-Vinyl-1984-TLC
VA-Greetings Riddim(Power House)-Vinyl-1984-TLC
VA-Greetings Riddim-vls-1984-tlc
VA-Hypocrite Inna Dance Hall Style-LP-1984-YARD
VA-Hypocrite Inna Dance Hall Style-VL-1984-RAC
VA-Ja Vi Elsker Dette Landet-Tape-NO-1984-hXc
VA-Jah Guidance (12 Inch VPRD168)-VLS-1984-YARD
VA-Jedi (12 Inch JJ-183)-VLS-1984-YARD
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Archive Series Vol. 5 Comedy Happy Activity-(KPM 1320)-WEB-1984-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Black and White-(KPM 1324)-WEB-1984-gF
VA-Master Piece Vol 2-LP-1984-JAH
VA-Metal Treasures And Vinyl Heavies-LP-1984-RZB
VA-Mintun Ja Villen Lastenlaulut-TAPE-FI-1984-KALEVALA
VA-No Small Affair-OST-TAPE-1984-ERP
VA-Nothing is Impossible BW Walk Out on Me-VLS-1984-RIDDIM iNT
VA-Obscure NWOBHM Masterpieces-1984-DNR
VA-Praise His Name Riddim-(Reissue-Vinyl)-1984-GMG
VA-Promo For DJ Only-Promo Vinyl-1984-WiS
VA-Ras Records Presents A Reggae Christmas-LP-1984-RKS
VA-Real Rock Riddim-VL-1984-JAH
VA-Reggae Greats - Strictly for Lovers-LP-1984-YARD
VA-Revenge Of The Nerds-OST-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED
VA-Roots Rockers-VL-1984-RAC
VA-Saxon Studio International Coughing Up Fire-LP-1984-JAH
VA-Shaka All Stars Message From Africa-(SHAKA 848)-LP-1984-YARD INT
VA-Sister Candy Colonel Flux And General T-Showcase-1984-RDR
VA-Sly Robbie And The Radication Squad Presents Adam And Eve-LP-1984-RAC
VA-Soul Agents-LP-1984-WUS
VA-Swing Easy Riddim (Midnight Rock)-VL-1984-RKS
VA-The Age Of Reggae-(LP)-1984-DELTA
VA-The Best of Italo Disco Vol.2-1984-BFHMP3
VA-The CSA Collection Vol 2-LP-1984-YARD
VA-The Terminator O.S.T.-1984-EOS
VA-UK Electro-1984-RNS
VA-Voyage Of The Rock Aliens Soundtrack-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED
VA-Wheely Riddim-VL-1984-RKS
VA-Yellowman Versus Josey Wales Two Giants Clash-LP-1984-RAC
Valeri Leontiev-Raimond Pauls Dialogue Valeri Leontiev Sings-RU-LP-1984-UKW
Valerie Claire-Im a Model (Tonights the Night)-(CBSA124353)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Valerie Dore-Get Closer-(ZYX5187)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Van Halen - 1984-1984-ATB
Van Halen-1984 Previous Night-1984-aAF
Van Halen-1984-Retail-1984-Recycled INT
Van Halen-Jump-DVDRiP-PROPER-SVCD-1984-mV4U
Vanilla Fudge-Mystery-WEB-1984-TERSE
Vantt Sant And The Lions-Roots Reggae-LP-1984-RAC
Vasco Rossi-Va Bene Va Bene Cosi-1984-IT-MAPHiA
Venom - At War with Satan-1984-MCA int
Vice Squad-Shot Away-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Vikingarna-Kramgoa Latar 12-1984-TiMaN
Violent Femmes-Hallowed Ground-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Voivod-War And Pain-1984-DNR
W.A.S.P - W.A.S.P.-(Remastered)-1984-NaJ iNT
W.A.S.P. - Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)-VLS-1984-SOP INT
Warlord-And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun-Vinyl-1984-AMRC
Warlord-The Cannons of Destruction (Remastered)-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED
Wayne Blackstock-Mr Officer-VLS-1984-YARD
Wayne Smith-Come Along (Stalag)-VLS-1984-RKS
Weird al yankovic-eat it-dvdrip-x264-1984-mVz
Weird Al Yankovic-Greatest Hits-1989-EOSAbi Zeider-Igraet Abi Zeider-(Vinyl)-1984-VERiTAS
Weird al yankovic-i lost on jeopardy-dvdrip-x264-1984-mVz
Weird Al Yankovic-In 3D-1984-FIH INT
Weird al yankovic-this is life-dvdrip-x264-1984-mVz
West Street Mob-Break Dance-Electric Boogie-WEB-1984-ENRAGED iNT
Wham - Last Christmas (Single Version)-WEB-1984-ZgbK
Wham - Make it Big-(EPC86311)-Vinyl-1984-SOB INT
Wham-Careless Whisper (Japan 12)-(123P-570)-VINYL-1984-B2A INT
Wham-Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go-VLS-1984-GCP
White Wolf-Standing Alone-EP-Vinyl-1984-GRW
Whitesnake-Slide it In-(Retail)-1984-BFS
Whitesnake-Slide It In-Remastered-1984-BgF
Whitesnake-Slide it in-Retail-1984-Recycled INT
Whodini-Escape (I Need A Break)-(JIVET56)-VLS-1984-GCP
Whodini-Nasty Lady-(JIVET58)-VLS-1984-GCP
Willi Tokarev-Zoloto-RU-WEB-1984-UKW
Winston Jarrett-Rocking Vibration-LP-1984-RKS
Winston Reedy-Superstar (12 Inch DEP 17)-VLS-1984-YARD
Wizex-Det Ar Dej Jag Vantar Pa-LP-1984-D4NS4NT
Wolf Maahn - Irgendwo In Deutschland-DE-1984-ZzZz INT
X-Ray Connection--No More Communication (308443)-Vinyl-1984-dL
Y and T - In Rock We Trust-1984-MCA int
Yarbrough and Peoples-Dont Waste Your Time-VLS-1984-GCP
Yellowman - King Yellowman -CD-1984-2GCREW
Yellowman - Operation Eradication-1984-RBK
Yellowman vs. Josey Wales-Two Giants Clash-1984-YARD
Yellowman-King Yellowman-(Retail)-1984-MPC
Yellowman-King Yellowman-CD-1984-2GCREW
Yellowman-Operation Eradication-1984-RBK
Yngwie J.Malmsteen-Rising Force-1984-UasH
Yngwie Malmsteen-Rising Force-1984-DNR
Yngwie Malmsteen-Rising Force-1984-GiFT
Youth Brigade-Sink With Kalifornija-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT

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Old Music Collection 1984 Part1
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38 Special-Tour De Force-Retail-1984-Recycled INT
4 Play-Olympic Rap-VLS-1984-DDC
7 Seconds-The Crew-WEB-1984-COURAGE INT
A Flock Of Seagulls-The More You Live The More You Love 12inch-Vinyl-1984-SiRiON
Aage Aleksandersen - Levva Livet-NO-1984-DoR
Aage Aleksandersen - Lys Og Varme-NO-1984-DoR
AC DC-'74 Jailbreak-1984-RBZ
AC-DC - 74 Jailbreak-EP-1984-PiAD INT
AC-DC - Nervous Shakedown-VLS-1984-FKK
AC-DC-74 Jailbreak-(Remastered)-1984-HNH
AC-DC-74 Jailbreak-Retail-1984-Recycled INT
Accept - Balls to the Wall (2005 Japan MHCP-786)-1984-FREE
Accept-Balls To The Wall-1984-DNR
ACDC-74 Jailbreak-(EP)-1984-DNR
ACDC-74 Jailbreak-1984-eNT iNT
ACDC-74 Jailbreak-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Adolphson And Falk - Over Tid Och Rum-Vinyl-1984-NuHS
Adolphson-Falk-Over Tid Och Rum-Vinyl-1984-NuHS
Afrika Bambaataa and James Brown-Unity-1984-JCE
Afrika Bambaataa And James Brown-Unity-WEB-1984-ENRAGED iNT
afrika bambaataa and the soul sonic force-frantic situation (tommy boy)-vls-1984-crz
Agent Orange-When You Least Expect It-1984-1REAL
Aggressive Dogs-Dizzy Life-EP-1984-COR
Agnostic Front-United Blood 7inch-EP-1984-SLiT
Agnostic Front-Victim In Pain-1984-SLiT
Agnostic Front-Victim In Pain-WEB-1984-COURAGE INT
Akabu-Watch Yourself-Vinyl-1984-BTB
Al Campbell-Bad Boy-LP-1984-RAC
Al Campbell-Freedom Street-LP-1984-JAH
Al Corley-Square Rooms-1984-AMOK
Al Green-Greatest Hits-1984-RMG
Al Jarreau-High Crime-Retail-1984-Recycled INT
Alain Souchon-Olympia 83-Live-FR-1984-SNOOK
Albert One-Turbo Diesel-(Baby-601382)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Alex And The City Crew-Say What Say Who-12inch-1984-CRZ
Alicia Myers--You Get The Best From Me (MCA 4070)-Vinyl-1984-dL INT
Alien Sex Fiend-E.S.T. (Trip to the Moon)-Vinyl-1984-radial
Alien Sex Fiend-R.I.P.-Vinyl-1984-radial
Alphaville - Forever Young-(2292-40481-2 - LC 4281)-1984-ZzZz INT
Alphaville - Forever Young-1984-GRiPP
Alphaville - Forever Young-1984-HaVeFuN INT
Alphaville - Forever Young-1984-Records INT
Alphaville - Forever Young-CDM-1984-RMT
Alphaville-Big In Japan (Original)-SVCD-1984-mkv
Alphaville-Forever Young-1984-GRiPP
Alphaville-Forever Young-1984-NoGRP
Alphaville-Forever Young-CDM-1984-TN INT
Alphaville-Forever Young-DVDRiP-SVCD-1984-mV4U
Alphaville-Forever Young-Special Dance Mix-Vinyl-1984-AMOK
Alphaville-Sounds Like A Melody (Special Long Version)-(249 366-0)-VINYL-1984-B2A INT
Alphaville-Sounds Like A Melody 12inch-Vinyl-1984-AMOK
Alton Ellis-Showcase-LP-1984-RKS
Ananda Shankar and His Orchestra-2001-WEB-1984-SOUNDz
Andersson Rice Ulvaeus-Chess-1984-aAF
Andre Duchesne-Le Temps Des Bombes-FR-1984-JUST
Andrea Juergens-Weil Wir Uns Lieben-WEB-DE-1984-ALPMP3
Andy Clark-Kpm 1000 Series Open Your Mind-(KPM 1314)-WEB-1984-gF
Angela Bofill-Let Me Be The One-1984-OSC
Angie Care-Your Mind-(MKX800)-Vinyl-1984-iDF
Angie Care-Your Mind-(ZYX5189)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Anna Oxa-Eclissi Totale-VINYL-IT-1984-B2A INT
Anna Oxa-Non Scendo-VINYL-IT-1984-B2A INT
Anna Vissi-Anna Vissi Live-WEB-GR-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Anne Clark - Sleeper In Metropolis-(RTD016T-Vinyl)-READ NFO-1984-DRUM
Anthony Johnson-Dancehall Style-VLS-1984-JAH
Anthony Johnson-Reggae Feeling (LIVE AND LEARN)-LP-1984-UPR
Anthrax-Fistful of Metal-1984-iRO
Antiseen-Honour Among Thieves-WEB-1984-COURAGE INT
Apollonia 6--Sex Shooter-(929 182-7)-7inch-1984-mbs
Aretha Franklin-The Best Of Aretha Franklin-1984-WRE
armored saint-march of the saint-1984-dnr
Ashford and Simpson-Solid-VLS-1984-CMS
Asta Kask-Plikten Framfoor Allt-7inch-SE-1984-FFaCC
Asta Kask-Plikten framfor allt-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Aston Reymers Rivaler-I Indialand-VLS-1984-DCR
Aswad-54-46 Was My Number-EP-1984-YARD
Aswad-Need Your Love (12 Inch 12IS214)-VLS-1984-YARD
Aswad-Rebel Souls-1984-CD-MIL
Aswad-Rebel Souls-1984-MIL
Aswad-Rebel Souls-1984-UAK
Aswad-To The Top-1984-UPR
Attentat-I Denna Stan-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Audley Rollens-Role Model (WACKIES W2396)-LP-1984-UPR
Audley Rollens-Role Model-LP-1984-YARD
Audrey Hall-I Want to Know What Love is-VLS-1984-YARD
Austin Lounge Lizards-Creatures From The Black Saloon-1984-DNR
Avenger-Blood Sports-LP-1984-RZB
Awesome Foursome-Funky Breakdown-VLS-1984-CRZ
Awesome Foursome-Funky Breakdown-VLS-1984-FTD
Axodry Feat. Two Of China--Feel It Right (WESTSIDE 21002)-Vinyl-1984-dL INT
Axodry-Feel It Right-12 Inch Vinyl-1984-FWYH
Aztec Camera-All I Need Is Everything-.WEA.-12inch-Vinyl-1984-AMOK
Babys Gang-Happy Song-(BB8007)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Band Aid-Do They Know Its Christmas-7 Inch Vinyl-1984-GCP INT
Bar-Kays-Sexomatic (12inch Vinyl)-(880 255-1)-1984-WRE iNT
Barbara Mandrell and Lee Greenwood-Meant For Each Other-CD-1984-D2H
Baron Rojo - Al Rojo Vivo-1984-ESK
Barrabas - Forbidden-WEB-1984-BiNGO iNT
Barrence Whitfield And The Savages-S-T-1984-SDR
Barrington Levy Meets Frankie Paul - Arrival --Vinyl-UK-1984-UNiCORN INT
Barrington Levy Meets Frankie Paul-Barrington Levy Meets Frankie Paul-(ARRIVAL)-LP-1984-UPR
Barrington Levy-Mini Bus (on the Telephone) bw Red Eye-VLS-1984-YARD
Barrington Levy-Money Move (12 Inch Powerhouse DSR1881)-VLS-1984-YARD
Barrington Levy-Money Move (POWER HOUSE GEORGE PHANG PROD)-LP-1984-UPR
Barrington Levy-Money Move-1984-NEM
Barrington Levy-Money Move-1984-RAC
Barrington Levy-Money Move-CD-1984-RAC
Barrington Levy-Prison Oval Rock-1984-MostHigh
barry brown and willie williams-brown-w-williams-1984-rac
Barry Brown And Willie Williams-Roots And Culture (UPTEMPO)-LP-1984-UPR
Barry Brown and Willie Williams-Roots and Culture-1984-RAC
Barry Brown-Far East-LP-1984-2GCREW
Barry Brown-Right Now-U.K.Vinyl-1984-MostHigh
Basil Poledouris-Conan The Destroyer-OST-1984-EOS
Bathory-Bathory-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Bathory-The Return-Demo Tape-1984-GRAVEWISH
Beastie Boys-Cookypuss-CDM-1984-NuC
Beau Coup-Born Raised (on Rock-N-Roll)-1984-aAF
Beenie Man-The 10 Year Old DJ Wonder-1984-RDR
Bernard Lavilliers-Tout Est Permis Rien N Est Possible-FR-1984-SNOOK
Berurier Noir-Macadam Massacre-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Betty Miranda-Take Me to the Top-(FLARENASCH249275)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Big Black-Racer-X (Remastered)-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Big Youth - Live At Reggae Sunsplash-1984-RAC
Big Youth-Live At Reggae Sunsplash-1984-RAC
Bill Conti-The Karate Kid Soundtrack-1984-ATM
Billy Branch-Wheres My Money-1984-JUST
Billy Hutch-Change Of Time-LP-1984-JRO
Billy Ocean-Suddenly-CD-1984-OSC
Black Death-Black Death-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED
Black Flag-Family Man-1984-END
Black Flag-Family Man-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Black Flag-First 4 Years-1984-SYN
Black Flag-Kent OH 1013-SBD-1984-EOS
Black Flag-Live 84-1984-DNR
Black Flag-Live 84-1984-FTS
Black Flag-Live 84-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Black Flag-My War-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Black Flag-Slip It In-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Black Juniors-1984-WEB-ES-1984-ENRAGED
Black Roots - The Frontline VL-1984-RAC
Black Roots-The Frontline-VL-1984-RAC
Black Uhuru-Anthem-1984-RAC
Black Uhuru-Anthem-CD-1984-UPR
Black Uhuru-Anthem-LP-1984-RKS
Black Uhuru-Anthem-WEB-1984-ENRAGED iNT
Black Uhuru-Fit You Haffi Fit (12 Inch)-VLS-1984-SPLiFF
Black Uhuru-Reggae Greats-WEB-1984-ENRAGED iNT
Black Uhuru-What is Life-VLS-1984-YARD
Blackfoot - Vertical Smiles-1984-FKK
Blowfly - Electronic Banana LP-(OOPS102-Vinyl)-1984-DRUM
Blue Cheer-The Beast is back-WEB-1984-TERSE
Blurt-Bullets For You-1984-SDR
Bob and Marcia-Young Gifted and Black-VLS-1984-Gully
Bob Dylan-Real-Live-1984-RAMP3
Bob James-12-LP-1984-JCE
Bob Marley and the Wailers - Legend-1984-HaVeFuN INT
Bob Marley And The Wailers - Legend-1984-PaDDeRaX
Bob Marley and the Wailers Legend - Tuff Gong-(Promo-CDS)-1984-PRC
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Legend (Retail)-1984-TU INT
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Legend the Best of-Vinyl-1984-RoW INT
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Legend-(Remastered)-1984-FIH INT
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Legend-1984-eNT iNT
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Legend-1984-LiT iNT
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Legend-1984-LT
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Legend-1984-RBK iNT
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Legend-Remastered-1984-FIH INT
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Legend-The Best Of-1984-FTM
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Natural Mystic-VLS-1984-YARD
Bob Marley The Wailers-Legend-The Best Of-1984-iRO
Bob Marley-Buffalo Soldier (12 Inch)-VLS-1984-RKS
Bob Marley-Legend The Best Of Bob Marley And The Wailers-1984-RAS
Bob Marley-Natural Mystic-VLS-1984-YARD
Bobby Ellis-Shaka-1984-YARD
Bobby Glover-Bad Bobby Glover-1984-JCE
Bobby O--Givin Up (BMC 3580)-Vinyl-1984-dL
Boehse Onkelz - Der Nette Mann and Demos-DE-1984-HORST INT
Bolland-Silent Partners-WEB-1984-UKW
Bon Jovi - Bon Jovi (Remastered)-1984-LiT iNT
Bon Jovi-Bon Jovi (Remastered)-1984-DNK
Bon Jovi-Bon Jovi (Remastered)-1984-LiT iNT
Bon Rock - Dancing in the Street (PB 60197)-Vinyl-1984-Disc0
Boney M-Happy Song-(Hansa601555)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Brad Fiedel-Terminator-OST-1984-JCE
Break Machine-Break Dance Party-LP-1984-DDC
Brian Martin-Sex Tonight-(ZYX5165)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Broken Bones-I.O.U. Nothing-EP-1984-COR
Bronski Beat-Smalltown Boy-12 Inch Vinyl-1984-FWYH
Bruce Cockburn-Stealing Fire (Deluxe Edition)-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Bruce Cockburn-Stealing Fire-1984-EOSiNT
Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A.-1984-TBO
Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the Dark-VLS-1984-FKK
Bruce Springsteen--Born In The USA-A6342-VINYL-1984-WUS
Bruce Springsteen-Alpine Valley Night-3CD-1984-aAF
Bruce Springsteen-Born In The U.S.A.-1984-FIH INT
Bruce Springsteen-Born in the U.S.A.-1984-VhV iNT
Bruce Springsteen-Born In The U.S.A.-Retail-1984-Recycled INT
Bruce Springsteen-Born In The USA-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Bruce Springsteen-Dancing In The Dark-DDC-x264-1984-FRAY INT
Bryan Adams - Reckless (24 KT Gold MFSL)-CD-1984-UNiCORN INT
Bryan Adams - Reckless-CD-1984-UNiCORN INT
Bryan Adams-Reckless-1984-EOS
Bryan Adams-Reckless-1984-Wyse
Bryan Loren-Bryan Loren (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1984-ENRAGED
Burning Spear-Live-1984-01-20-Vredenburg, Utrecht-Hollande
Bus Town Gang-A Cast Of Thousands-LP-1984-GCP
Butthole Surfers-Psychic Powerless Another Mans Sac-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Byron Lee and The Dragonaires-Tiny Winey-VLS-1984-JRO
Cabaret Voltaire-Micro-Phonies (Remastered)-WEB-1984-MOHAWK
Cabaret Voltaire-Micro-Phonies-1984-DNR
Caetano Veloso-Velo-BR-1984-100REAL
Camaros Gang--Ali Shuffle (ZYX 5177)-VINYL-1984-CMC
Camel-Stationary Traveller-CD-1984-IND INT
Cameo - Shes Strange-(814 984-1)-WEB-1984-BiNGO iNT
Cameo-Shes Strange-1984-aAF
Canovas Rodrigo Adolfo Y Guzman-Queridos Companeros-ES-1984-EiTheLMP3
Captain Rock-Cosmic Blast-VLS-1984-FTD
Cardiacs--The Seaside-1984-WUS
Cargo - Do It (Vinyl)-1984-ATM
Carlene Davis-Paradise-LP-1984-JRO
Carlos Dafe-Um Estranho No Ninho-Deixa Pra La-Single-WEB-1984-UVU
Carlton Livingston-100 Weight Of Collie Weed-LP-1984-JAH
Carlton Livingston-Mr Music Man Bw Herbcutter-(GRED 149)-12INCH VINYL-1984-YARD
Carnivore-Live In New York-1984-NMS
Carrara-Shine on Dance-(Ariola601451)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Carrara-Shine on Dance-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Cecil B - Come With Me To Paradise-WEB-1984-iDC
Celtic Frost-Morbid Tales-(EP)-1984-DNR
Celtic Frost-Morbid Tales-1984-gB
Celtic Frost-Morbid Tales-CD-1984-z0ne int
Chaka Khan-I Feel For You-(W9208T)-VLS-1984-GCP INT
Chaka Khan-I Feel for You-VLS-1984-CMS
Chaka Khan-This Is My Night-7inch-VLS-1984-GCP
Change-Change Of Heart (Original Album And Rare Tracks)-WEB-1984-ESG
Change-Change of heart-(Atlantic)-1984-JUST
Charlie Chaplin-Fire Bun Them Below-(Vinyl)-1984-YARD
Charlie Chaplin-Fire Bun Them Below-LP-1984-YARD
Charlie Chaplin-Fire Burn Them Below-LP-1984-RDGN INT
Charlie Chaplin-Que Dem-VL-1984-RAC
Charlie Chaplin-Sound System-LP-1984-JAH
Charlie Musselwhite-Memphis Tennesee-1984-JUST
Chemist-Dub Mixture-LP-1984-YARD
Chemist-Dub Prescription-VL-1984-RAC
Cherrelle-Fragile Handle With Care-VLS-1984-GCP
Cherrelle-I Didnt Mean To Turn You On-VLS-1984-GCP
Chico Freeman-The Pied Piper-1984-gF
Chris De Burgh-Man on the Line-1984-VhV iNT
Chris Wayne-Play Anancey-VLS-1984-RAC
Christian Death-Catastrophe Ballet (feat R Williams)-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Chron Gen-Nowhere To Run-1984-rH
Cirith Ungol-King of the Dead (Ultimate Edition)-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED
Claudio Rodito-Red On Red-LP-1984-MK2
Cliff Richard - 20 Original Greats-CD-1984-UNiCORN INT
Clock On 5 - Mayerling-WEB-1984-iDC
CMOS--X-1-12 (841202)-VINYL-1984-CMC
Cock Sparrer-Running Riot in 84-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Cockney Rejects-Quiet Storm-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Coco Tea-Weh Dem A Go Do(Cant Stop Coco Tea)-LP-1984-MostHigh
Coil-How To Destroy Angels-(12Inch Vinyl)-1984-V0
Combat 84-Send In the Marines-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Congo Ashanti Roy-Level Vibes-LP-1984-JAH
Cool Candys-Go Bitar-LP-1984-RoLLe
Cornell Campbell-Cornell Campbell Meets Gaylads with Sly and Robbie-LP-1984-MostHigh
Cornell Campebell Toyan-Concious Lover-My Granny-VLS-1984-JAH
Count Basie and His Orchestra-Kansas City Suite-1984-UTB
Crass-Best Before-1984-gF
Crystal--Music Life-WEB-1984-WUS
Cultural Roots-Hell A Go Pop-LP-1984-JAH
Culture Club-Waking Up With The House On Fire-WEB-1984-ESG
Curt Haagers-Agadoo-SE-1984-NoGRP
Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun 12inch-Vinyl-1984-KOMA
Cyndi Lauper - Live at the Summit (Houston84)-CD-1984-UNiCORN INT
Cyndi Lauper - Money Changes Everything 12inch-Vinyl-1984-KOMA
D Train-Somethings On Your Mind-1984-SO INT
D.I.-Horse Bites Dog Cries-1984-rH
D.R.I. - Dirty Rotten Lp-1984-aAF
D.R.I.-Dirty Rotten LP-1984-aAF
Daddy Freddie-Get Fat-VLS-1984-YARD
Daddy Rusty-No No Way Bw Roger The Dodger (12 Inch UKMC 2)-(VLS)-1984-DELTA
Daddy Sandy-Riddle Bubble (12 Inch UKMC 3)-VLS-1984-Gully
Dalis Car - The Waking Hour-1984-CMG
Dan Siegel-Another Time Another Place-1984-WUS
Danny Keith-Keep On Music-(TRD1002)-Vinyl-1984-iDF
Danny Spanos - Looks Like Trouble-Vinyl-1984-FKK
Dark Angel-Demo-1984-NMS
Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond-Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond-LP-1984-CMS
Dave Grusin-Night-Lines-TAPE-1984-GCP
David Bowie-Tonight-1984-VhV iNT
David Gilmour-About Face-1984-EOS
David Isaacs-Place In The Sun-LP-1984-JRO
David Matthews-Super Funky Sax-LP-1984-JCE
Dead Kennedys-Never Been On MTV-(Bootleg)-1984-DNR
Dead or Alive-You Spin Me Round-AU-CDS-1984-AMOK
Dean Fraser-A Few Goes Aboasting-VINYL-1984-z0ne int
Dean Fraser-Feel Like Dancing-VLS-1984-YARD
Dean Fraser-Pumpin Air-LP-1984-RKS
Death-Infernal Live-1984-NMS
Death-Mantas Rehearsal 3-1984-NMS
Death-Regin Of Terror-1984-NMS
Death-Rehearsal 11-11-84 Demo-1984-FERiCE
Debbie Harry-Rush Rush-(601149)-VLS-1984-GCP INT
Deep Purple-Perfect Strangers-(Japanese Import)-1984-FiH iNT
Deep Purple-Perfect Strangers-1984-DNR
Deep Purple-Perfect Strangers-1984-EOS
Deep Purple-Perfect Strangers-CD-1984-VhV iNT
Deep Purple-Perfectstrangers-1984-VhV iNT
Def Leppard-High n Dry-(Retail)-1984-dSS
Delroy Wilson-Dancing Mood Bw Tetrack-Trappers (12 Inch Jedi JJ211)-VLS-1984-YARD
Delroy Wilson-Worth Your Weight In Gold-(Vinyl)-1984-0MNi
Denise Lasalle-Right Place Right Time-1984-MoB
Denise Simmins - Cry Of Passion-Vinyl-1984-ZzZz
Dennis Brown-Amagideon-EP-1984-RAC
Dennis Brown-Here I Come-VLS-1984-iLL
Dennis Brown-Loves Got A Hold On Me-VLS-1984-JAH
Dennis Brown-Revolution Part2 (12 Inch JJ230)-VLS-1984-YARD
Dennis Brown-Them A Fight-VLS-1984-JAH
Dennis Edwards - Dont Look Any Further (1715GF)-Vinyl-1984-Disc0
Dennis Farnon-Kpm 1000 Series Pictures from A Life-(KPM 1327)-WEB-1984-gF
Deodato--S O S Fire In The Sky-(Warner)-VLS-1984-mbs
Depeche Mode - Some Great Reward-1984-HaVeFuN INT
Depeche Mode-On The Crest Of A Wave(Live)-1984-SDR
Depeche Mode-People Are People-1984-EOS
Depeche Mode-Some Great Reward-1984-EOS
Depeche Mode-Some Great Reward-1984-KSI
Depeche Mode-Some Great Reward-1984-VhV iNT
Destruction-A Black Metal Night-Demo-1984-grmg
Destruction-Bestial Invasion of Hell-Demo-1984-grmg
Devo-Here To Go 12inch-Vinyl-1984-AMOK
Diana Ross-Swept Away-VLS-1984-GCP INT
Dick Walter-Kpm 1000 Series the Editor s Companion 1-(KPM 1317)-WEB-1984-gF
Dick Walter-Kpm 1000 Series the Editor s Companion Volume Four-(KPM 1329)-WEB-1984-gF
Dick Walter-Kpm 1000 Series the Editor s Companion Volume Three-(KPM 1328)-WEB-1984-gF
Dick Walter-Kpm 1000 Series Whimsy-(KPM 1336)-WEB-1984-gF
Die Toten Hosen-Unter Falscher Flagge-DE-1984-VhV iNT
Diethelm - Famulari-Valleys In My Head-VINYL-1984-DGN
Digital Emotion-Digital Emotion LP-(841012)-Vinyl-1984-dL
Dillinger - Live At The Music Machine-LP-1984-JAH
Dillinger-Blackboard Jungle-LP-1984-RAC
Dillinger-King Pharaoh-1984-RAC
Dillinger-Live at the Music Machine-1984-YARD-INT
Dillinger-Live At The Music Machine-LP-1984-JAH
Dillinger-Live At The Music Machine-LP-1984-RKS
Dingo-Nimeni on Dingo-WEB-FI-1984-KALEVALA
Dio-Last In Line-1984-aAF
Dio-The Last In Line-1984-DNR
Dionne Warwick-Without Your Love-VLS-1984-GCP INT
Dire Straits - Alchemy (Dire Straits Live )-Remastered WEB-1984-KNOWN iNT
Dire Straits-Alchemy-2CD-1984-OrB
Discharge-Never Again-1984-DNR
Discharge-The More I See-VLS-1984-SLiT
Divine Sounds-What People Do For Money-SINGLE-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED
Dockhuset-Fish Circus-WEB-1984-ENSLAVE
Doctors Cat - Gee Wiz-(LP)-1984-ATRium
Don Carlos & Gladiators-Showdown Vol. 3-VL-1984-RAC
Don Carlos And Gladiators-Showdown Vol.3 VL-1984-RAC
Don Carlos And Gold With The Gladiators-Show Down Vol 3-LP-1984-A
Don Carlos And Gold-Never Run Away-LP-1984-RAC
Don Carlos-Just A Passing Glance-1984-MostHigh
Don Carlos-Just A Passing Glance-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Donatella Milani-Libera-(SRL 10997)-VINYL-IT-1984-B2A INT
Donna Summer-There Goes My Baby-(2594130)-VLS-1984-GCP
Douge Fresh--Just Having Fun (EN-6035)-VINYL-1984-CMC INT
Drifters Tjejer-LP-1984-NHK
Duke Ellington and His Orchestra-Jazz Cocktail-1984-aAF
Duran Duran - The Reflex-(V75058)-Vinyl-1984-EMP
Duran Duran--The Reflex-DURAN2-VINYL-1984-WUS iNT
Duran Duran-Arena-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Duran Duran-Wild Boys-(PARLOPHONE-16-2003826)-Vinyl-1984-COBRA INT
Dynamic Breakers-Dynamic-(VLS)-1984-RAGEMP3
Earlene Bentley-Stargazing-VLS-1984-GCP
Early B-Four Wheel No Reel-LP-1984-RKS
Early B-Sunday Dish-VLS-1984-Fari
Early B-Sunday Dish-VLS-1984-YARD INT
EBNOZN-Feeling Cavalier-WEB-1984-ESG
Echo Minott Along With Sly And Robbie-Showcase-LP-1984-YARD
Eddie Cochran-Pioneros Del Rock-Retail CD-1984-LiViTY
Eddy Grant-Romancing The Stone-IE47009-VINYL-1984-z0ne int
Eddy Grant-Romancing The Stone-VLS-1984-DCR
Edward Artemiev-Kartiny Nastroeniya-LP-1984-D2H
Eek A Mouse-Mouseketeer-1984-CHR
Eek-A-Mouse - Michigan and Smiley-Live at Reggae Sunsplash (1982)-CD-1984-R2R
Eek-A-Mouse-Live Rotterdam 1984-CD-1984-LHC
Egyptian Lover-Egypt Egypt-VLS-1984-CRZ
Eino Lehtinen-Neiti Elokuu-Vinyl-EP-FI-1984-KALEVALA
Einsturzende Neubauten-2x4-1984-WUS
Elis Regina-Luz Das Estrelas-BR-1984-100REAL
Elton John-Breaking Hearts-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Elvis Presley--Elvis Christmas-(PCD1-5486)-CD-1984-WUS INT
Elvis Presley--Elvis-(PCD1-5199)-REMASTERED CD-1984-WUS
English Dogs-To The Ends Of The Earth-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Eppu Normaali - Rupisia Riimeja Karmeita Tarinoita-FI-1984-SOP INT
Eppu Normaali-Rupisia Riimeja Karmeita Tarinoita-Remastered-WEB-FI-1984-KALEVALA INT
Eros Ramazzotti-Terra Promessa-(DDD A 4126)-VINYL-IT-1984-B2A INT
Errol Dunkley-A Little Way Different Bw Dreadful Julio-Different-12 Inch-VLS-1984-RKS
Errol Dunkley-In A Different Different Style-LP-1984-RAC
Escape From New York-Fire In My Heart-(ISLE001)-WEB-1984-MOHAWK
Eugene Wilde-Chey Chey Kule-Promo VLS-1984-GCP
Europe-Wings Of Tomorrow-1984-DNR
Europe-Wings Of Tomorrow-1984-HNH
Europe-Wings of Tomorrow-LP-1984-GRM
Eurythmics-Touch Dance-(CDM)-1984-UTB
Evelyn Champagne King-Im So Romantic-VLS-1984-GCP
Evelyn Champagne King-So Romantic (Expanded)-WEB-1984-ESG
Evelyn Thomas - High-Energy (SOHO 18)-Vinyl-1984-Disc0
Everything But the Girl-Eden-Retail-1984-Recycled INT
Exciter-Devils Soul-Bootleg-LP-1984-hXc
Fad Gadget-Gag-1984-AMOK
Fade To Black-Corridors of Gender-.CD Presents.-Vinyl-1984-AMOK
Falco-Junge Roemer-WEB-DE-1984-ALPMP3 INT
Fancy - Slice Me Nice (ENA(T) 120)-Vinyl-1984-Disc0
Fat Boys-Fat Boys-Vinyl-1984-CMS
Fat Boys-Fat Boys-WEB-1984-ENRAGED iNT
Fat Boys-Jail House Rap-VLS-1984-CMS
Flamingokvintetten-Flamingo 15-1984-Sn00py
Flavia Fortunato-Flavia-IT-WEB-1984-UKW
Flipper-Blow N Chunks-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Flipper-Gone Fishin-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Fockewulf 190-Gitano-(DM9319)-Vinyl-1984-iDF
Fokewulf 190 - Body Heat-WEB-1984-iDC
Force M.D.s-Love Letters-LP-1984-GCP
Force MDs-Love Letters-WEB-1984-ENRAGED
Foreigner - Agent Provocateur-1984-MCA int
Foreigner-i want to know what love is-svcd-1984-mVi
Foreigner-I Want To Know What Love Is-VLS-1984-GCP
Frank Chickens-We Are Ninja (12 Inch KAZ10T)-VLS-1984-Gully
Frank Zappa-The Perfect Stranger-1984-DNR
Frank Zappa-Them Or Us-1984-DNR
Frank Zappa-Them Or Us-1984-HVN
Frank Zappa-Thing-Fish-2CD-1984-DNR
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love-(107 007)-VLS-1984-Homely iNT
Frankie Goes To Hollywood-Two Tribes-(CDM)-1984-WRE
Frankie Goes to Hollywood-Welcome to the Pleasuredome-1984-klaatu
Frankie Jones and Michael Palmer-Showdown Vol.4-1984-LP-MostHigh
Frankie Jones-Chase Them Jah-(VLS)-1984-SSR
Frankie Paul And Little John-Showdown Vol 6-VL-1984-RKS
Frankie Paul-Pass The Tu-Sheng-Peng-LP-1984-2GCREW
Fred Crossley-Schoolgirl-(J 149)-VLS-1984-YARD
Freddie McGregor-Across The Boarder-1984-RAC
Freddie Mcgregor-Across The Border-(7inch Vinyl)-1984-H3X
Freddie Mckay-You Doing Fine-(NO 56)-VLS-1984-YARD
Fun Fun-Colour My Love-(TELDEC620327)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Fun Fun-Give Me Your Love-(TELDEC620406)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Fun Fun-Have fun-LP-(Teldec)-1984-JUST
G Isaacs And D Brown-Two Bad Superstars-LP-1984-JAH
Gal Costa-Profana-BR-1984-100REAL
Gandalf - Tale From A Long Forgotten Kingdom-1984-UPE
Gang Green-Sold Out-1984-SDR
Gary Moore-Dirty Fingers-1984-DNR
Gary Moore-We Want Moore-1984-DNR
Gary Moore-We Want Moore-1984-LzY INT
Gary Numan - Exhibition-2CD-1984-XXX
GBH-City Babys Revenge-1984-BUTT
George Carlin-Carlin on Campus-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Ginno Soccio--Out Of My Life-(786 953-0)-VLS-1984-mbs
Girlschool-King Biscuit-BOOTLEG-1984-grmg
Gladiators-Serious Thing-CD-1984-JAH
Glenn Jones-Finesse (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1984-TosK
Glorious Bankrobbers-Glorious Bankrobbers-WEB-1984-KLV INT
Gordon Giltrap-Kpm 1000 Series in at the Deep End-(KPM 1330)-WEB-1984-gF
Gotham City-The Unknown-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED
Graham De Wilde-Kpm 1000 Series Classical Fusion 2-(KPM 1333)-WEB-1984-gF
Gray Matter-Food For Thought-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Great White - Great White-1984-MCA int
Gregory Isaacs and D Brown-Two Bad Superstars-LP-1984-JAH
Gregory Isaacs And Dennis Brown-Two Bad Superstars-LP-1984-RKS
Grim Reaper-See you in Hell - Fear no Evil-1984-FERiCEx
Grover Washington Jr.-Inside Moves-1984-JUST
Grupo Niche-No Hay Quinto Malo-Retail CD-SP-1984-WiSx
Gudon-Zannin Seija-FLEXI-JP-1984-COR
Guru-Who You Stealin From-(Promo VLS)-1984-FrB
Half Pint-Political Friction-VLS-1984-RKS
Half Pint-Sally (12 Inch Jedi JJ209)-VLS-1984-YARD
Hamilton Bohannon--Motions-(MCA-23522)-Vinyl-1984-dh
Harold Budd and Brian Eno--the Pearl-1984-sb
Harold Faltermeyer-Axel F-VLS-1984-GCP INT
Hausberg Spatzen-Jugendtraeume-WEB-DE-1984-ALPMP3
Hazell Dean-Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)-(bellaphon12007105)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Heatwave-Heatwaves Greatest Hits-WEB-1984-ESG
Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass-Bullish-1984-DuDE
Herbie Hancock-Grandmixer DST Future Shock Megamix-45RPM-1984-JCE
Herbie Hancock-Hardrock-45RPM-1984-JCE
Herbie Hancock-Metal Beat BW Karabali-VLS-1984-JCE
Herbie Hancock-Sound System-1984-ROYALMP3
Herbs-Long Ago-LP-1984-DELTA
Herman Van Veen--Signale-DE-1984-OMA
Hernaldo Zuniga-Siglo XX-ES-REMASTERED-WEB-1984-FREGON
High Fidelity Three-B Boys Breakdance-(VLS)-1984-RAGEMP3
Hipnosis - Hipnosis (Vinyl Lp)-1984-LsH
Hiroshima-Rockn Roll Priest-Touch Me-VINYL-1984-gF
Honey Boy-Move Closer-READ NFO-VLS-1984-JRO
Hot Rox - Summer Fever (34-04588)-Vinyl-1984-Disc0
Huey Lewis And The News-I Want A New Drug (Called Love)-Vinyl-1984-ERP
Hugh Masekela-Dont Go Lose It Baby (12inch Vinyl)-(JVD 017)-1984-WRE
Hysteria-Behind The Veil-.Sculpture.-12inch Vinyl-1984-AMOK
I.R.T.-(Interboro Rhythm Team)-Made in the U.S.A. (American XTC)-Promo VLS-1984-JCE
Icons Of Filth-Onward Christian Soldier-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Icons of Filth-The Mortarhate Projects-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Ijahman Levi - Africa-1984-HiEM INT
Ijahman Levy-Africa-1984-YARD
Ijahman Levy-Africa-LP-1984-MostHigh
Ike Turner and The Kings Of Rhythm-Hey Hey-LP-1984-WUS
Ilegales - Agotados De Esperar El Fin-(EPC 26243)-LP-1984-FERiCE
Ingmar Nordstroms-Saxparty 11-1984-Sn00py
Ini Kamoze-Debut Album-1984-JAH
Ini Kamoze-Ini Kamoze-1984--Lp-MostHigh
Ini Kamoze-Statement-1984-RAC
Iron Maiden - Powerslave-1984-BiR
Iron maiden-aces high-dvdrip-svcd-1984-mVa
Iron Maiden-Back In The Village-2CD-Bootleg-1984-PMS
Iron Maiden-Powerslave-1984-DNR
Iron Maiden-Powerslave-1984-FTS
Iron Maiden-Powerslave-1984-iRO
Iron Maiden-Powerslave-1984-ViC INT
Iron Maiden-Powerslave-Japanese Version-1984-GRM
Iron Maiden-Powerslave-Remastered-1984-INT-GORE
Iron Maiden-The Number Of The Beast-1984-LAMB
Island-The Art Of Noise-206492-1984-OSM
Itals - Early Recordings 1971-1979-CD-1984-YARD
Itals-Early Recordings 1971-1979-CD-1984-YARD
Ivan--Fotonovela Chapter II (CBS 12-4498)-VINYL-1984-CMC INT
Ivan-Fotonovela Chapter 1-(CBSA-4498)-VLS-ES-1984-CRAP4U
Ivars Vigners-Music Over The Sea-(Vinyl)-1984-VERiTAS
Ivo Linna-Ivo Linna-LP-EE-1984-KLP
J.J. Cale-Special Edition-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Jaakko Teppo - Onnen Kerjalainen-FI-1984-SOP INT
Jag Panzer-Ample Destruction-1984-DNR
Jah Lloyd-Soldier Round The Corner and Herbs of Dub-1984-RbR
Jah Shaka All Stars-Message form Africa-Vinyl-1984-MostHigh
Jah Shaka-Commandments Of Dub 2-LP-1984-YARD
Jah Shaka-Commandments of Dub 3 Lions Share of Dub-1984-MostHigh
Jah Shaka-Commandments Of Dub Chapter 2-LP-1984-YARD
Jah Shaka-Kings Music-1984-RAC
Jah Shaka-Meets Mad Professor At Ariwa Sounds-1984-RAC INT
Janet Jackson-Dont Stand Another Chance-(Vinyl)-1984-OSC
Janet Jackson-Dream Street-WEB-1984-ESG INT
Janice Marie Johnson-One Taste Of Honey-LP-1984-GCP
Jay Gruska-Which One of Us Is Me-LP-1984-VULGAR
Jean Michel Jarre - Zoolook-1984-TtR
Jean-Michel Jarre-Zoolook (12inch)-VLS-(Disques Dreyfus)-1984-EVIGHET
Jefferson Starship-Nuclear Furniture-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Jeffrey Osborne-Dont Stop-1984-OSC
Jellybean - The Mexican (B-8240)-Vinyl-1984-Disc0
Jermaine Jackson - Dynamite (AS1-9190)-Vinyl-1984-Disc0
Jerry Goldsmith-Supergirl OST-1984-ATM
Jim Brown-Kasha Macka-VLS-1984-YARD
Jimmy Barnes-Bodyswerve-1984-aAF
Joao Bosco-Gagabiro-BR-1984-100REAL
Joe Jackson-Body and Soul-LP-1984-GCP INT
Joe Pass-A Man And His Guitar Live At Long Beach City College-(8806-2)-CD-1984-MK2
John Lydon-World Destruction-Single-WEB-1984-ENRAGED
John Surman-Withholding Pattern-1984-JUST
John Tchicai-Timos Message-1984-aAF
John Williams - Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom-OST-1984-EiTheLMP3
Johnny Adams-From The Heart-1984-404
Johnny Adams-From The Heart-LP-1984-GCP
Johnny Mars-Life on Mars-1984-JUST
Johnny Osbourne Bw Wayne Smith-In The Area Bw Saying Goodbye-(GRED 168)-12INCH VINYL-1984-YARD
Johnny Osbourne-Bad Mama Jamma-CD-1984-YARD
Johnny Osbourne-If Yu Love De Rubba Dub Say Forward-VLS-1984-JAH
Johnny Osbourne-Johnny Osbourne-LP-1984-DELTA
Johnny Osbourne-Reality-LP-1984-YARD
Joseph Cotton-Dancehall Days-1976-1984-(1998)-RAC99
Joseph Cotton-Talk Of The Town-(WEB)-1984-DIGI
Josey Wales-Undercover Lover-VLS-1984-RoW
Judas Priest - British Steel-(32412 PR)-REISSUE-LP-1984-MCA int
judas priest-defenders of the faith-1984-SataN Int
Juicy-Beat Street Strut-VLS-1984-JCE
Julie Kelly-Were On Our Way-LP-1984-MK2
Junior Murvin-Muggers In The Street-VL-1984-RAC
Justin Hinds And The Dominoes-Travel With Love-1984-RAC
Kajagoogoo-Islands-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Kajagoogoo-The Lions Mouth (the Beast Mix)-MLP-1984-KLV
Kajagoogoo-Turn Your Back on Me-MLP-1984-KLV
Kake Randelin-Kake-WEB-FI-1984-KALEVALA
Kansas-The Best of Kansas-(Retail)-1984-BFS
Kashif-Send Me Your Love-WEB-1984-ENRAGED iNT
Keith Mansfield and Richard Elen-The Video Connection-WEB-1984-UVU
Keith Mansfield-Kpm 1000 Series Good News-(KPM 1325)-WEB-1984-gF
Keith Mansfield-Kpm 1000 Series Options 2-(KPM 1220)-WEB-1984-gF
Keith Mansfield-Kpm 1000 Series Options-(KPM 1315)-WEB-1984-gF
Ken Laszlo-Hey Hey Guy (Swedish Mega-Mix)-(BB8023)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Ken Laszlo-Hey Hey Guy-(MEM016)-Vinyl-1984-BFHMP3
Kikki Danielsson Midnight Sunshine-1984-NHK
Kim Wilde-Teases And Dares-(MCA)-1984-EVIGHET
Kim Wilde-Teases and Dares-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
King Kobra-Ready To Strike-1984-JESUS INT
Kirmes Karussell-Schoene Weihnacht-DE-1984-PiNKCHAMPAGNE
Kiss-Animalize Live Uncensored-DVDA-1984-SMP3
Klaus Lage Band-Schweissperlen-Retail-DE-1984-UMT
Kleeer--Intimate Connection-WEB-1984-WUS
Koeurs-Lolly Pop - Je Ne Controle Plus Tes Reves-(13.599)-VLS-FR-1984-CRAP4U
Kool and the Gang-Fresh-XviD-1984-HHE
Kormendi Vilmos-Lehar 84-LP-1984-D2H
Koto--Japanese War Game Mega Track (ZYX 5143)-VINYL-1984-CMC INT
Krokus-The Blitz-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Krystol-Gettin Ready (Bonus Track Version)-WEB-1984-ENRAGED
Kurt Riemann-Electronic Nightworks-Vinyl-1984-D2H
Kurtis Blow-Ego Trip-LP-1984-CMS
La Nuova Fattoria-Disco Pollo-(PROMO)-CDS-1984-KAiLENA iNT
laaz rockit-citys gonna burn-1984-dnr
Laid Back-Sunshine Reggae-9293307-VINYL-1984-z0ne int
Larry Alvin-Throw Me Corn-VLS-1984-JAH
Laura Branigan-Self Control (Extended Version)-VLS-1984-GCP
Lee Aaron - Lee Aaron Project LP-1984-aAF
Lee Aaron-Lee Aaron Project-1984-DNR
Lee Aaron-Metal Queen-1984-GRAVEWISH iNT
Lee Scratch Perry-History Mystery Prophesy-Retail CD-1984-RKS
Lee Scratch Perry-Reggae Greats-Retail CD-1984-RKS iNT
Leroy Smart And Junior Reid-Face To Face Clash-(Vinyl)-1984-0MNi
Leroy Smart-Exclusive-LP-1984-RAC
Leroy Smart-Live Up Children-1984-RAC
Leroy Smart-Lovers Market (12 Inch)-VLS-1984-RKS
Les Forbans - Tape Des Mains-(881 531-7)-Vinyl-FR-1984-ZzZz INT
Limahl - Never Ending Story-WEB-1984-iDC
Limahl-Neverending Story-DVDRiP-SVCD-1984-mV4U
Lime--Sensual Sensation-Vinyl-1984-dL
Linda Lewis--Class Style (RTRIC 5)-Vinyl-1984-dL INT
Linton Kwesi Johnson-Making History-1984-RAC
Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam With Full Force-I Wonder If I Take You Home-VLS-1984-WiS
Lisa-Lisa And Cult Jam With Full Force-I Wonder If I Take You Home-VLS-1984-GCP
Lita Ford-Dancin on the Edge-1984-PRW INT
Little John-Dont Want To Be Lonely (12 Inch SMJ001)-VLS-1984-YARD
Little John-Foreign Mind Bw Local Body (12 Inch Witty MM019)-VLS-1984-YARD
Little John-Hard Fe Get-VLS-1984-YARD
Little John-My Official Lady BW The More We Are Together (12 Inch L11)-VLS-1984-YARD
Little John-Rolling Stone-VLS-1984-YARD
Little John-Save A Little For Christmas-VLS-1984-YARD
Little John-Wrong Fe Send Come-VLS-1984-YARD
Lloyd Charmers-If You Were Here Tonight Bw Galveston Bay-VLS-1984-JRO
Lloyd Parks-Hello-VLS-1984-YARD
Lone Ranger-DJ Daddy-LP-1984-JAH
Los Lobos-How Will the Wolf Survive-WEB-1984-ENTiTLED iNT
Lou Rawls-Close Company-LP-1984-GCP INT
Louisa Mark and Zabandis-Hello There-VLS-1984-JRO
Lovindeer-One Day Christian-CD-1984-PQM
Ludwig Hirsch-Traurige Indianer Unfreundliche Kellner-CD-DE-1984-ALPMP3
Lukhash - C64 reMIXed-WEB-1984-ZzZz

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Old Music Collection 1983 Part2
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Kajagoogoo-Big Apple-Vinyl-EP-1983-KLV
Kajagoogoo-White Feathers-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Kake Randelin-Kop Kop Kop-LP-FI-1983-KALEVALA
Kake Randelin-Kop Kop Kop-WEB-FI-1983-KALEVALA INT
Kano-I Need Love Ikeya Seki-(549064)-Vinyl-1983-iDF
Kansas-Drastic Measures (Remastered)-WEB-1983-PLST iNT
Kansas-Drastic Measures-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Kashif-Kashif-WEB-1983-ENRAGED iNT
Keith Hudson-Steaming Jungle-LP-1983-YARD
Keith Hudson-The Black Morphologist Of Reggae-1983-RAC
Keith Hudson-The Black Morphologist Of Reggae-LP-1983-RKS
Keith Jarrett--Standards Vol.1-1983-WUS
Keith Mansfield-Kpm 1000 Series Contact-(KPM 1304)-WEB-1983-gF
Ken Nordine and The Fred Katz Group-Word Jazz-(Reissue)-TAPE-1983-GCP
Kim Wilde-Catch As Catch Can-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
King Tubby-Majestic Dub-WEB-1983-SOUNDz iNT
King Tubbys Meets Scientist-In A Midnight Rock Dub Vol 1. Vinyl-1983-CMS
King Tubbys Meets Scientist-In A Midnight Rock Dub Vol. 1-Vinyl-1983-CMS
Kiri Te Kanawa-Verdi and Puccini-1983-pLAN9
KISS-Lick it Up-1983-INT-GORE
Kitaro-Oasis-(D35R0003)-CDA-1983-DARKAUDiO iNT
Kitaro-Silk Road II-(P-3003)-CDA-1983-DARKAUDiO
Kitaro-Silver Cloud-(3142-5)-CDA-1983-DARKAUDiO iNT
Kitaro-Tunhuang-(D35R0006)-CDA-1983-DARKAUDiO iNT
Kool and the Gang-In the Heart-LP-1983-JCE
Kraftwerk - Computer World-1983-pzi
Kraftwerk-Computer World-1983-pzi
Kraftwerk-Tour De France-1545056-READ NFO-1983-sweet
Kurtis Blow-Party Time-EP-1983-FTD
Lacksley castell-princess lady-1983-rac
Lacksley Castell-Princess Lady-LP-1983-YARD INT
Lacksley Castell-Princess Lady-VL-1983-RAC
Laid Back-Sunshine Reggae-VLS-1983-JCE
Lasse Stefanz-Marie Marie-1983-Sn00py
Le Jete--La Cage Aux Folles (MT-119)-Vinyl-1983-dL
Le Roux-So Fired Up-Japanese Edition-1983-GRAVEWISH
Lee Perry-Megaton Dub Vol.1-Vinyl-1983-YARD
Leon Hyatt and Trinity-Sweet Talking (12 Inch GG 118)-VLS-1983-Gully
Lime--Angel Eyes-Vinyl-1983-dL
Lime--On The Grid (Re-Mix)-Vinyl-1983-dL
Linda Ronstadt-Whats New-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Linval Thompson-Baby Father-LP-1983-YARD
Lionel Richie-All Night Long (All Night)-Promo VLS-1983-GCP INT
Lionel Richie-Cant Slow Down-1983-C4 INT
Lionel Richie-Cant Slow Down-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Lionel Richie-Hello-VLS-1983-GCP
Lionel Richie-Penny Lover-VLS-1983-GCP INT
Lita Ford-Out for Blood-1983-PRW INT
Little John-Dance Hall Style-VLS-1983-YARD
Little John-English Woman-LP-1983-YARD
Little John-Form A Line-VLS-1983-YARD
Little John-Ghetto Youth-LP-1983-(iNT)-RKS
Little John-Ghetto Youth-LP-1983-JAH
Little John-My Woman Is Crying-VLS-1983-YARD
Little John-Show Case 83-LP-1983-YARD
Little John-Smoking Cocaine (12 Inch VPRD166)-VLS-1983-YARD
Little John-Tea Tar Toe-VLS-1983-YARD
Little Mike and The Sweet Soul Music Band-Get On Up-TAPE-1983-GCP
Lloyd Parks-Reservation For Two-VLS-1983-YARD
Los Huayanay-Cuando El Indio Llora-TAPE-1983-KASSETA
Loudness-Road Racer-VLS-1983-EPK
Loudness-The Law Of Devils Land-1983-DNR
Loudness-The Law of Devils Land-1983-GRM
Louise Bennett-Long Time Gal-(IS 127)-VLS-1983-YARD
Ludwig Hirsch-Bis Ins Herz-CD-DE-1983-ALPMP3
Ludwig Hirsch-Gel Du Magst Mi-CD-DE-1983-ALPMP3
M A Numminen - Den Eviga Rgngen-SE-1983-SOP INT
M-Basic-Ok Run-(DJMIX483)-Vinyl-1983-iDF
M.A. Numminen - Helena Est Libertas-1983-SOP INT
Mad Professor-Escape to the Asylum of Dub-CD-1983-RAC
Mad Professor-In A Rub A Dub Style-1983-JCE
Mad Professor-The Mad Professor-In A Rub A Dub Style-1983-JCE
Madonna - The First Album-1983-FAF
Madonna-Lucky Star-CDS-1983-aAF
Madonna-Madonna-Retail-1983-Recycled INT
Madonna-The First Album-1983-ESK INT
Madonna-The First Album-1983-iRO
Magnus Uggla-Vaelkommen Till Folkhemmet-SE-1983-ATM
Major Christie-Stay with Me-VLS-1983-Gully
Manfred Manns Earth Band-Somewhere In Afrika-WEB-1983-TosK INT
Manilla Road-Crystal Logic-1983-FAF
Manowar-Fight For Revenge-Bootleg-1983-gF
manowar-into glory ride-1983-dnr
Manowar-Into Glory Ride-1983-LAMB
Manowar-Live at the Ritz New York-Bootleg-1983-M4E
Marcos Valle-Marcos Valle-WEB-1983-ESG
Marcus Miller-Suddenly-WEB-1983-ENRAGED iNT
Mark Stewart And The Maffia-Learning To Cope With Cowardice-.On-U Sound.-Vinyl-1983-AMOK
Marsha Raven-Catch Me (Im Falling In Love) (12inch Vinyl)-(PASH 12 7)-1983-WRE
Matthew Cang-Kpm 1000 Series Surprise Package-(KPM 1294)-WEB-1983-gF
Matz Bladhs - Leende Dansmusik-LP-1983-RoLLe
Max Romeo - Loving You - (Japan import)-LP-1983-JAH
Max Romeo - Loving You-(Japan Import)-LP-1983-JAH
Max Romeo-Loving You-(Japan Import)-LP-1983-JAH
Meat Loaf-Midnight At The Lost And Found-1983-DNR
Melba Moore-Keepin My Lover Satisfied-VLS-1983-GCP
Mercyful Fate - Melissa-Remastered-1983-FAF INT
Mercyful Fate-Melissa-Remastered-1983-SCFY
Metallica - 83.04.09-Daves Last Show-1983-REV
Metallica - Kill Em All-(Retail CD)-1983-HiEM INT
Metallica-Agora Ballroom Cleveland Oh 831218-WEB-1983-LzY
Metallica-Berkeley Ca-1125-Bootleg-1983-PMS
Metallica-Birmingham Whiplash-Bootleg-1983-radial
Metallica-Kill Em All-1983-DNR
Metallica-Kill Em All-1983-EOS
Metallica-Kill Em All-1983-mwnd int
Metallica-Kill Em All-1983-NADA
Metallica-Kill Em All-1983-RMG
Metallica-Kill Em All-Australia Bonus-1983-MH
metallica-kill em all-retail-1983-ice
Metallica-L Amours Brooklyn 0904-Bootleg-1983-AMRC
Metallica-Power Metal-Demo Tape-1983-REV
Michael Jackson-Beat It-(VLS)-1983-DNR
Michael Jackson-Billie Jean-(VLS)-1983-DNR
Michael Prophet-Certify-LP-1983-RAC
Michael Prophet-Love Is An Earthly Thing-1983-RAC
Michael Prophet-Your Love Is Amazing (12 Inch)-VLS-1983-RKS
Michael Sembello-Maniac-(812 516-7)-VINYL-1983-B2A INT
Michigan and Smiley-Sugar Daddy-CD-1983-HLC INT
Mighty Diamonds-Backstage-VL-1983-RAC
Mike Mareen - Cecilia-WEB-1983-iDC
Mike Oldfield - Shadow on the Wall-Vinyl-1983-FKK
Mike Oldfield feat Maggie Reilly-Moonlight Shadow-SVCD-1983-mV4U
Mike Oldfield-Moonlight Shadow-(600-928)-Vinyl-1983-DBM INT
ministry-with sympathy-1983-dnr
Ministry-With Sympathy-1983-FallenHero
Ministry-Work for Love-1983-oNePiEcE
Minor Threat-Salad Days-EP-1983-SDR
misfits-earth a.d.-1983-dnr
Misty In Roots-Live-1983-05-20-Fabrik Hamburg, Germany
Misty In Roots-Live-1983-05-xx-BBC In Concert Paris Theatre, London
Misty in Roots-Poor and Needy BW Follow Fashion-VLS-1983-RIDDIM iNT
Mito--Droid (RR 1001)-Vinyl-1983-dL INT
Moderat Likvidation-Nitad-7inch EP-SE-1983-FFaCC
Motley Crue-Looks That Kill-DVDRip-x264-1983-SRP
Motley Crue-Shout At The Devil-1983-DNR
Motley Crue-Shout At The Devil-Retail-1983-Recycled INT
motorhead-another perfect day-1983-dnr
Motorhead-I Got Mine-(VLS)-1983-DNR
Mtume-Juicy Fruit-1983-SO INT
Mtume-Juicy Fruit-Retail-1983-Recycled INT
Musical Youth-007-VLS-1983-ATM
Musical Youth-007-VLS-1983-SRC
Musical Youth-Different Style-LP-1983-4581
Musical Youth-Never Gonna Give You Up-MCA52203-VINYL-1983-z0ne
Mutabaruka with High Time Players-Live-1983-05-06-Country Club Reseda, Ca
Mutabaruka-Check It-CD-1983-JAH
Mutabaruka-Live At Rochester Ny-Cd-1983-2Gcrew
My Mine-Hypnotic Tango-(601006)-Vinyl-1983-iDF
My Mine-Hypnotic Tango-(BLOWUP125522)-Vinyl-1983-BFHMP3
Nadagen-Staccato-.Blessure.-7inch Vinyl-1983-AMOK
Nadine Sutherland-Work and Pray (7 Inch)-VLS-1983-Gully
Nate Morgan-Journey Into Nigritia-WEB-1983-UVU
Native-I Just Want To See You Smile-(N 035)-VLS-1983-YARD
Negative Approach-Tied Down-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Negus Roots Meets The Mad Professor-In A Rub A Dub Style Dub Rockers Vol. 2-Vinyl-1983-RAC
Nena-99 Luftballons-dvdrip-svcd-1983-PmV
Nena-99 Red Balloons 12inch-Vinyl-1983-AMOK
New Order-Confusion 12inch-Vinyl-1983-AMOK
Nicholas Glennie-Smith-Kpm 1000 Series Rock Licks from the Snake Ranch-(KPM 1306)-WEB-1983-gF
Nick Lowe-The Abominable Showman-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED
Nile Rodgers-Yum-Yum-VLS-1983-GCP
Nils Lofgren-Wonderland LP-1983-aAF
Nini Rosso I Ego Orkestr-Neapol-(C60-19695 002)-IT-LP-1983-UKW
Norris Reid-Give Jah The Praises-CD-1983-JAH
Now Thats What I Call Music - Volume 01 (2CD)-1983-UNiCORN INT
O Gar--Playback Fantasy (T-20045)-Vinyl-1983-dL
Oku Onuora Ak7-Pressure Drop-1983-YARD
OMD-Genetic Engineering-(VS 527)-Vinyl-1983-AMOK
One-Two-Three--Runaway (PRL 8069)-Vinyl-1983-dL
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark-Dazzle Ships-1983-EOS
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark-Dazzle Ships-WEB-1983-TosK INT
Orlando Johnson And Trance-Turn The Music On LP-(ZPLZZ 34206)-Vinyl-1983-dL
OST-Scarface-1983-OND iNTERNAL
OST-Yentl-1983-EMG INT
Ozzy Osbourne - So Tired (Demonstration)-Promo VLS-1983-SOP INT
Ozzy Osbourne - Suicide Solution (Bark at the Moon Limited Edition Japanese Special Issue Bonus Single)-VLS-1983-SOP INT
Ozzy osbourne-bark at the moon-svcd-1983-mVa
P Lion--Happy Children (817 505-1)-Vinyl-1983-dL INT
Pablo Moses-In The Future-LP-1983-YARD
Pantera - Metal Magic-1983-MCA int
Pantera-Metal Magic-1983-aAF
Papa Tollo And Purpleman-Purpleman Saves Papa Tollo Inna Dancehall-LP-1983-RKS
Pat Benatar-Live From Earth-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Patrick Simmons-Arcade-WEB-1983-ESG
Paul Horn-Inside The Taj Mahal-(Reissue)-TAPE-1983-GCP
Paul Horn-Jupiter 8-TAPE-1983-GCP
Paul Paul--Good Times-(MIX147)-WEB-1983-BABAS INT
Paul Simon-Hearts And Bones-WEB-1983-TosK INT
Paul Westwood-Kpm 1000 Series Bass Patterns-(KPM 1295)-WEB-1983-gF
Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack-Heaven Above Me-VLS-1983-GCP
Peech Boys--On A Journey (12 IS 119)-Vinyl-1983-dL
Peter And The Test Tube Babies-The Mating Sounds of South American Frogs-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Peter Baumann-Strangers In The Night-.ARISTA.-12inch Vinyl-1983-AMOK
Peter Tosh-Johnny B Goode-dvdrip-svcd-1983-PmV
Peter Tosh-Johnny B Goode-VLS-1983-YARD
Peter Tosh-Johnny B Goode-XviD-1983-NaWaK
Peter Tosh-Live-1983-06-07-Pier 84 NYC, NY, USA
Peter Tosh-Live-1983-08-23-Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA
Peter Tosh-Live-1983-12-31-At Pulsar Starjam, Kingston
Peter Tosh-Mama Africa-Retail CD-1983-RAS INT
Philip Glass-Koyaanisqatsi-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Phillip Fraser-Blood Of A Saint (10 Inch)-VLS-1983-SPLIFF
Pigbag--Hit The O Deck (YT 101)-Vinyl-1983-dL INT
Piirpauke-Live In Europe-WEB-1983-KALEVALA INT
Pink Floyd - Works-1983-TtR
Pink Floyd-Works-1983-EOS
Piper-Gentle Breeze-(STS-070)-WEB-JP-1983-MOHAWK
Planet Patrol--Selftitled (210.008)-Vinyl-1983-Disc0LjUS INT
Platinum Hook-Watching You-(EP)-WEB-1983-ESG
Pointer Sisters-Neutron Dance-(FC3952)-VLS-1983-GCP
Poor Souls-S.O.S.-LP-1983-GCP
Popol Vuh-Agape-Agape (Love-Love)-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED
Pretty Maids-Demo Tape-1983-AMRC
Prince Far I Feat Bim Sherman-Jah Love-VLS-1983-SPLiFF
Prince Far I-Musical History-LP-1983-RAC
Prince Far I-Musical History-VL-1983-RAC
Prince Far I-Musical Revue-1983-DELTA
Prince Far I-Spear of the Nation-CD-1983-JAH
Prince Far I-Umkhonto We Sizwe-1983-RAC
Prince Far I-Umkhonto We Sizwe-CD-1983-2GCREW
Prince Jammy-Dub Culture-1983-RAC
Prism-Beat Street-1983-WCM
Quartz - Against All Odds-1983-MCA int
Queensryche-Live at the Civic Center San Jose CA 30th Oct 1983-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED
Quiet Riot - Metal Health - Special 4-Track Tour Edition-VLS-1983-SOP INT
Quiet Riot - Metal Health-1983-KMA
Quiet Riot-Cum On Feel The Noize-CONVERT-x264-1983-SRP
Quiet Riot-Metal Health-Retail-1983-Recycled INT
R Stevie Moore-Musts-1983-WEBV0
R.E.M. - Computer Communication-(XAN 10002)-(Vinyl)-1983-ATRium
Raga Rockers - The Return of the Raga Rockers-NO-1983-DoR
Raga Rockers-The Return Of The Raga Rockers-NO-1983-LAMB
Rainhard Fendrich-Es Hat Sie Keiner Gefragt-CD-DE-1983-ALPMP3
Ranking Dread-Gate Man-EP-1983-RAC
Ranking Joe-Natty Superstar-VL-1983-RAC
Ratt - Ratt-(28XD-706)-CDEP-1983-MCA int
Ratt - Ratt-1983-AOD
Ray Parker Jr.-Woman Out Of Control (Bonus Track Version)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1983-ESG
Reggae Team-Jakten Pa Baron Gruda-LP-SE-1983-DELTA
REO Speedwagon-Metro Center Rockford IL 15-07-83-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Rex Smith-Camouflage-WEB-1983-ALPMP3
Ricchi And Povery-Voulez Vous Danser-(CDLSM 100068)-IT-1983-B2A INT
Ricchi E Poveri-Voulez Vous Dancer-(1C 006 2000377)-VINYL-IT-1983-B2A INT
Ricchi E Poveri-Voulez Vous Danser-(BR 56057)-LP-IT-1983-B2A INT
Richard Jon Smith-Shes The Master (Of The Game)-VLS-1983-GCP
Richard Myhill-Kpm 1000 Series Upfront-(KPM 1300)-WEB-1983-gF
Rick James-Cold Blooded (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1983-AMOR INT
Rick James-Cold Blooded-LP-1983-JCE
Rick James-Cold Blooded-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Rick James-U Bring The Freak Out-VLS-1983-GCP
Righeira-No Tengo Dinero-(601097)-VINYL-1983-iDF
Righeira-No Tengo Dinero-(TELDEC620267)-Vinyl-1983-BFHMP3
Righeira-Vamos a La Playa-(TELDEC620226)-Vinyl-1983-BFHMP3
Riistetyt - Skitsofrenia-FI-1983-SOP INT
Riot - Born in America-(SLAMCD 6)-1983-MCA int
Riot-Born In America-1983-DNR
Riot-Born In America-1983-KiLLER
Riot-Riot Live-1983-DNR
Rita Marley-Harambe-LP-1983-YARD
Rita Marley-Harambe-Vinyl-1983-SRC
Roberto Carlos-Emocoes-BR-1983-100REAL
Rock Goddess - Hell Hath No Fury-1983-SOP INT
Rock Goddess-BBC Live in Concert-BOOTLEG-1983-GRM
Rock Goddess-Hell Hath No Fury-12inch-Vinyl-1983-GRM
Rock Goddess-Hell Hath No Fury-1983-grmg
Rock Goddess-Live in London-BOOTLEG-1983-GRM
Rock Goddess-My Angel-12inch-Vinyl-1983-GRM
Rockwell - Somebodys Watching Me (TMGT 1331)-Vinyl-1983-TRa-CLX
Rockwell-Somebodys Watching Me-(4515mg)-VLS-1983-GCP INT
Rod Stewart-Body Wishes-Retail-1983-Recycled INT
Rofo--Flashlight on A Disconight (ZR 0119)-VINYL-1983-CMC
Roland Kaiser-Gefuehle Sind Frei-WEB-DE-1983-ALPMP3
Ron Banks-Truly Bad-WEB-1983-ESG
Roots Radics Band--Scientist and Jammy Strike Back-1983-RAC
Rough Cutt-Demo Tape-1983-AMRC
Rufus And Chaka Khan-Aint Nobody BW Sweet Thing (Live)-WEB-1983-ENRAGED iNT
Sam Frank-Sam Frank-WEB-1983-G3L INT
Samoa Park-Monkey Latino-Vinyl-1983-ESK
Samoa Park-Tubular Affair (12 Vocal Version)-(ZYX5043)-Vinyl-1983-BFHMP3
Samocvety-Prognoz Pogody-(Vinyl)-RU-1983-VERiTAS
Sandra Reid-We Belong Together-VLS-1983-JRO
Satan-Court in the Act-1983-DNR
Saxon - Power And The Glory-1983-ATM
Saxon-Power And The Glory-1983-DNR
Scientist vs The Professor-Dub Duel At King Tubbys-LP-1983-YARD
Scientist-High Priest Of Dub-1983-RAC
Scotch-Penguins Invasion-(AMD001)-Vinyl-1983-iDF
Secret Hate-Vegetables Dancing-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED
Serge Ponsar-Back To The Light-WEB-1983-ESG
Sergio Mendes-Sergio Mendes-(Vinyl)-1983-VERiTAS
Shalamar-Deadline U.S.A.-VLS-1983-GCP
Shannon-Let the Music Play-(SPEC-1609)-Vinyl-1983-DPS
Sielun Veljet - Sielun Veljet-Remastered Live-FI-1983-SOP INT
Sister Verna-Mini Van-VLS-1983-JRO
Slade-The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome-1983-int-HaVoC
Slave-Bad Enuff-WEB-1983-ESG
Slayer-Show No Mercy-(Vinyl)-1983-DNR
Slayer-Show No Mercy-1983-DNR
sleepy sleepers-alma tadin illuusio-FI-1983-DDt
Social Distortion-Mommys Little Monster-1983-SRC
Social Distortion-Mommys Little Monster-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Soul Syndicate-Ghettology Dub-1983-0MNi
State Of Grace-Thats When (Well Be Free)-(JMP101)-Vinyl-1983-iDF
Stefan Borsch - I Sommar-LP-1983-RoLLe
Stephanie Mills-Merciless-LP-1983-GCP
Steve Arrington-Hall Of Fame Vol 1-WEB-1983-ESG
Steve Roach-Traveler-WEB-1983-UKW INT
Stevie Nicks-The Wild Heart-1983-MHQ INT
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble-Live at the El Mocambo-1983-Wyse
Stevie Ray Vaughan-Texas Flood-1983-EMG INT
Stone City Band-Meet The Stone City Band Out From The Shadow-LP-1983-GCP
Stone City Band-Meet The Stone City Band Out From The Shadow-WEB-1983-ESG
Streaplers-Var Gamle Van-1983-Sn00py
Subhumans-From The Cradle To The Grave-1983-rH
Subhumans-The Day The Country Died-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Sugar Hill Gang-Be A Winner-Vinyl-1983-FrB
Sugar Minott And Frankie Paul-Show-Down Vol.2-LP-1983-YARD
Sugar Minott And Itopia-International Herb Bw Must Be The Season-VLS-1983-SPLiFF
Sugar Minott-Dancehall Showcase (10 Inch Black Roots)-LP-1983-YARD
Sugar Minott-Dancehall Showcase Vol. 2-LP-1983-RAC
Sugar Minott-International Herb (Dougies 10inch)-VLS-1983-YARD
Sugar Minott-Never Can Say Good-VLS-1983-JRO
Sugar Minott-No Vacancy-VLS-1983-JAH
Sugar Minott-Slice Of The Cake-VLS-1983-YARD
Sugar Minott-Sufferers Choice (Heartbeat)-CD-1983-4581
Sugar Minott-The Best Of Sugar Minott Vol 1-LP-1983-RKS
Sugar Minott-Uptown Girl (12 Inch)-VLS-1983-RKS
sugarhill gang-kickin it live from 9 to 5-vls-1983-jce
Suicidal Tendencies-Suicidal Tendencies-1983-DBH INT
Suicidal Tendencies-Suicidal Tendencies-1983-EOS
Suicidal Tendencies-Suicidal Tendencies-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Supa-Rap featuring TC Anderson--Bills-(NH 25)-Vinyl-1983-dh int
Supermax - Coconut Reggae-(Vinyl)-1983-REDRUM
Survivor - Caught in the Game (Jap. Ed.)-1983-MCA int
Sven-Erics-Lilla Fru Musica-LP-1983-Sn00py
Swamp Dogg-Dancin with Soul (Digitally Remastered)-WEB-1983-ENRAGED
Swelele-Feel The Vibes Of Love-LP-1983-RAC
Syreeta-Forever Is Not Enough-VLS-1983-GCP
Syreeta-The Spell-LP-1983-GCP
T-Connection-Tonights The Night-VLS-1983-GCP
Taco-After Eight-1983-C4
Talking Heads-Speaking In Tongues-1983-EOS
Talko - Psyko Flash-(BBL 1001)-(Vinyl)-1983-ATRium
Tank-This Means War-1983-DNR
Tavares-Words And Music-WEB-1983-ESG
Teddy Pendergrass-Heaven Only Knows-LP-1983-GCP
Terveet Kadet - Terveet Kadet-FI-1983-SOP INT
Terveet Kadet-Terveet Kadet-FI-1983-KALEVALA
Tetrack Kojak-Come A We-Hear Me Now-VLS-1983-JAH
Tetrack-Trouble-LP-1983-RKS iNT
The Art Blakey Percussion Ensemble and The Jazz Messengers-Drum Suite-LP-1983-GCP INT
The Art Company-Susanna-(CBS4174)-Vinyl-1983-BFHMP3
The B. B. And Q. Band-Six Million Times (Original Album And Rare Tracks)-WEB-1983-ESG
The Black Angel--Change An Angel-(AMD003)-WEB-1983-BABAS INT
The Chi-Lites-Bottoms Up--CD-1983-UNiCORN INT
The Cold Crush Brothers-Punk Rock Rap (Vinyl)-1983-ATM
The Creatures - Believe In Yourself (Special Remix)-WEB-1983-ZzZz
The Creatures--Laltro Mondo Studios-(FTM31722)-WEB-1983-BABAS INT
The Dickies-Stukas Over Disneyland-Vinyl-1983-SDR
The Doors-Alive She Cried-1983-DNR
The Dub Band-Reggae High Bw Hong Kong Ting-(VLS)-1983-SSR
The Durutti Column--Live At The Venue-WEB-1983-WUS
The Fall-Perverted By Language (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
The Fatback Band-With Love-WEB-1983-AMOR
The Flirts-Danger-(ARIOLA601081)-Vinyl-1983-BFHMP3
The Four Tops-Back Where I Belong-LP-1983-GCP
The Funk Master-Its Over-VLS-1983-GCP
The Gladiators - 1983 US Tour-EP-1983-YARD
The Gladiators-1983 US Tour-EP-1983-YARD
The Gladiators-Dreadlocks the Time is Now-1983-ReZz
The Gun Club-Death Party-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
The Isley Brothers-Between The Sheets-1983-99 INT
The Isley Brothers-Between The Sheets-1983-SSG
The Itals-In Deh Bw Jah Glory (12 Inch)-VLS-1983-RKS
The Kids-Hon Aer Foraelskad I Laeraren EP-(Vinyl)-SE-1983-LAMB
The Kinks-State of Confusion-1983-DuDE
The Lords of the New Church-Is Nothing Sacred-1983-pyt
The Manhattan Transfer-Bodies and Souls-1983-GCP
The Meatmen-Were the Meatmen and You Suck-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
The Meditations-No More Friend-1983-ESC
The Mighty Diamonds-Backstage-LP-1983-RKS INT
The Mighty Diamonds-Leaders Of Black Countrys-(Vinyl)-1983-0MNi
The Misfits-Earth A.D.-Wolfs Blood-WEB-1983-COURAGE INT
The Mysterious Mixer (BULLWACKIES)-Jamaica Super Dub Session-(WACKIES HI REZ)-CD-1983-UPR
The Mysterious Mixer-Jamaica Super Dub-VL-1983-RAC
The Partisans-The Partisans-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED
The Pete Brown Sextet-The Jonah Jones Sextet-Harlem Jump and Swing-LP-1983-GCP
The Peter King Quartet-Kpm 1000 Series Focus-(KPM 1307)-WEB-1983-gF
The Police-Synchronicity-1983-FAF
The Rainbow Band-The Rainbow Band-(C60 19069 006)-LP-1983-UKW
The Ritchie Family-All Night All Right-WEB-1983-UVU
The Romantics-Talking In Your Sleep-(7inch Vinyl)-1983-SO INT
The S.O.S. Band-On The Rise-LP-1983-GCP INT
The Shangri-Las-Leader Of The Pack-LP-1983-WUS
The Special AKA-Racist Friend-VLS-1983-YARD
The Toyes-Some Two Joints BW Fume Deux Joints-WEB-1983-RIDDIM iNT
The Toyes-The Toyes-WEB-1983-RIDDIM iNT
The Treacherous Three-Get Up-(VLS)-1983-FrB
The Twins-Ballet Dancer-(BR54036)-Vinyl-1983-iDF
The Twins-Face To Face Heart To Heart-(13.184)-7 Inch Vinyl-1983-MAPHiA INT
The Uplifter-We Are Moving-LP-1983-RAC
The Viceroys-Brethren And Sistren-LP-1983-RAC
Thelma Houston-Working Girl-VLS-1983-GCP
Thin Lizzy - Cold Sweat-VLS-1983-SOP INT
Thin Lizzy - Life-2CD-Live-1983-MCA int
Thin Lizzy - Thunder and Lightning-1983-MMF INT
Thin Lizzy-Life-2CD-1983-DNR
Thin Lizzy-Life-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Thin Lizzy-Thunder And Lightning-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Thorleifs-Saxgodingar 02-1983-Sn00py
Thoroughbred-The Bomb-VLS-1983-SPLiFF
Time - Shaker Shake-(TPF 002-83)-(Vinyl)-1983-ATRium
Tom Waits-Swordfishtrombones-1983-MHQ INT
Tony Kinsey-Kpm 1000 Series Entertainment-(KPM 1302)-WEB-1983-gF
Tony Tuff-Come Fi Mash it-LP-1983-4581
Tony Tuff-Come Fi Mash It-LP-1983-JAHMiN
Toronto-Girls Night Out-SGS737-VINYL-1983-z0ne
Toxoplasma-Toxoplasma-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Toy Dolls-Dig That Groove Baby-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Toyan with Tipper Lee and Johnny Slaughter-Murder-(STPL1023)-LP-1983-Gully
Toyan-DJ Daddy-LP-1983-JRO
Toydolls - Dig that Groove Baby-1983-OaO
Trans-Lux-Big Apple Noise-VLS-1983-GCP
Trans-X - Living On Video-(Japan Edition)-(LP)-1983-ATRium INT
Trans-X - Living On Video-(Polydor 811 810-1)-Vinyl-1983-RiZLA
Trevor Walters-You Make Me Feel-VLS-1983-JRO
Trinity Featuring Little Culture-Teen Jam-LP-1983-MostHigh
Tristan Palma-Settle Down Girl-LP-1983-RAC
Triston Palma-Joker Lover-LP-1983-YARD
Triston Palma-True Love-VLS-1983-JRO
Triston Palmer-Entertainment-VLS-1983-JAH
Trouble Funk-Saturday Night Live From Washington DC-LP-1983-GCP
Truck Stop - Potz Blitz-CD-1983-UNiCORN INT
Twisted Sister-I Am (Im Me)-VLS-1983-RZB
Tyrone Evans-For Lovers Only-LP-1983-YARD
U Roy And Friends-DJ Masterpieces-LP-1983-YARD
U2 - War-1983-HaVeFuN INT
U2-Under A Blood Red Sky-1983-EVIGHET INT
U2-Under A Blood Red Sky-1983-JUST INT
U2-War-1983-FIH INT
U2-War-1983-JUST INT
UB 40-Labour Of Love-1983-420RipZ iNT
UB40-Ive Got Mine-(7 Inch)-VLS-1983-YARD
UB40-Labour Of Love Vol.1-CD-1983-MPX
UB40-Labour Of Love-1983-DNR
UB40-Labour of Love-1983-DuDE
UB40-Labour Of Love-1983-LT
UB40-Labour of Love-1983-XXL iNT
UB40-Love Is All Is All Right-(12 Inch)-VLS-1983-YARD
UB40-Love Is Alright-(7 Inch)-VLS-1983-YARD
UB40-Many Rivers To Cross-(7 Inch)-VLS-1983-YARD
UB40-Please Dont Make Me Cry-(7 Inch)-VLS-1983-YARD
UB40-Red Red Wine-(12 Inch)-VLS-1983-YARD
UB40-Red Red Wine-CDM-1983-ATM
Ub40-Red Red Wine-DVDRip-SVCD-1983-HHE
UFO - Making Contact (Jap. Ed.)-1983-MCA int
Up front - infatuation (vinyl)-1983-ATRium
VA - Ein Vollrausch In Stereo 20 Schaeumende Stimmungshits-VINYL-DE-1983-RAiN
VA - Italo Boot Mix Vol.1 (Vinyl)-1983-ATM
VA - Silmalasiapina-1983-SOP INT
VA--Diamonds In Rough-REPACK-2LP-1983-WUS
VA--On The Spot Volume 2 (Elite DANCE LP2)-VINYL-1983-CMC INT
VA-Black Star Liner Reggae From Africa-1983-RAC
VA-Come Home Riddim-VL-1983-YARD
VA-D.C. Cab OST-LP-1983-GCP
VA-Dance Hall Style Live From The Bibow Posse-LP-1983-YARD
VA-Diamonds In Rough-2LP-1983-WUS
VA-Discoklub-9 Dzhazovye Kompozicii-LP-1983-D2H
VA-Doctor Detroit-OST-LP-1983-GCP
VA-Electro 01-1983-RNS
VA-Electro 02-1983-RNS
Va-Grapevine Records Vault classics Vol 1-1983-RAC
VA-Hitbound-10INCH VINYL-1983-YARD
VA-Jah Guidance (12 Inch VPRD114)-VLS-1983-YARD
VA-Jah Guidance (12 Inch VPRD119)-VLS-1983-YARD
VA-Jah Guidance (12 Inch VPRD121)-VLS-1983-YARD
VA-Jah Guidance (12 Inch VPRD124)-VLS-1983-YARD INT
VA-Jah Guidance (12 Inch VPRD126)-VLS-1983-YARD
VA-Jah Guidance (12 Inch VPRD138)-VLS-1983-YARD
VA-Jah Guidance (12 Inch VPRD141)-VLS-1983-YARD
VA-Jah Guidance (12 Inch VPRD94)-VLS-1983-YARD
VA-James Bond Original Themes (1977)-1983-SiRiON
VA-King Stergraph Vs. King Ataurus Live At The Fishworld Club-LP-1983-YARD
VA-King Stur-Gav Live At Negril (Kris Disk)-LP-1983-YARD
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Archive Series Vol. 3 Light Hearts-(KPM 1297)-WEB-1983-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Archive Series Vol. 4 Newsreels-(KPM 1298)-WEB-1983-gF
VA-Live and Learn Pres A Live Session With Kilimanjaro-LP-1983-YARD
va-live and learn pres. a live session with kilimanjaro-lp-1983-yard
VA-Mother Liza Meets Papa Tollo-LP-1983-YARD
VA-Niney the Observer - Ital Observer Style-LP-1983-YARD
VA-Niney the Observer - Rock on-LP-1983-YARD
VA-Osennie Ritmy-83 (Vol. 1)-(Vinyl)-1983-VERiTAS
VA-Ploskaya Planeta-RU-LP-1983-UKW
VA-Punk Dead Nah Mate the Smell is Jus Summink in Yer Underpants Innit-LP-1983-rH
VA-Rusty International (12 Inch RI013)-VLS-1983-YARD
VA-Silver Camel (12 Inch SC021)-VLS-1983-YARD
VA-Solid Gold from the Vaults Vol 1-1983-RAC
VA-Splashdance-WEB-1983-ENRiCH iNT
VA-Sunsplash Live-LP-1983-YARD
VA-The Best of Italo Disco Vol.1-1983-BFHMP3
VA-The Bulgarian Variety Stars Perform Toncho Rusevs Songs-BG-LP-1983-UKW
VA-The CSA Collection Vol 1-LP-1983-YARD
VA-The Last Testament-LP-1983-nXX INT
VA-Tidal Wave-LP-1983-JAH
VA-Two Big Sound-(LP)-1983-GMG
VA-UK First Ever Dancehall Session-1983-YARD
VA-UK first ever Dancehall Session-VL-1983-YARD
VA-Varning Foer Punk-BOXSET 3CD-SE-1983-FFaCC
VA-Weh Dem A Go Do BW it No Right-VLS-1983-RIDDIM iNT
VA-Wild Style-OST-Reissue-1983-KOB INT
VA-Word Soun Ave Power (Reggae Poetry)-LP-1983-JAH
Valerij Leontev-Muza-(Vinyl)-RU-1983-VERiTAS
Vandenberg - Heading for A Storm (Jap. Ed.)-1983-MCA int
Vangelis - Antarctica ()-OST CD-1983-UNiCORN int
Vaughan Mason And Butch Dayo-Feel My Love-WEB-1983-ESG
Viceroys-Brethren And Sistren-1983-RKS
Victrola - Maritime Tatami-(EES004)-(Vinyl)-1983-ATRium
Vikingarna-Kramgoa Latar 11-1983-Sn00py
Violent Femmes-Violent Femmes-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Wailing Souls-Inch Pinchers-1983-RAC
Wailing Souls-On The Rocks-1983-RAC
Wailing Souls-Water Pumpee-(VLS)-1983-R2R
Wang Chung-Dont Be My Enemy-VLS-1983-ERP
War-Life (Is So Strange)-LP-1983-GCP INT
Warlord-Deliver Us-EP-1983-GRM
Wayne Wade Ft Trinity-Try Again-VLS-1983-YARD
Weird al yankovic-i love rocky road-dvdrip-x264-1983-mVz
Weird al yankovic-ricky-dvdrip-x264-1983-mVz
Weird Al Yankovic-Weird Al Yankovic-1983-FIH INT
Westwood Cash-Psycho For Your Love-(EP)-WEB-1983-ESG
Whispers--Contagious (7-69683)-Vinyl-1983-dL
Whispers--Tonight (7-69342)-Vinyl-1983-dL
Whodini-The Haunted House Of Rock-(VLS)-1983-RAGEMP3
WHY-Woman of Steel-Vinyl-EP-1983-GRW
Willi Tokarev-Nad Gudzonom-RU-WEB-1983-UKW
Winston Hussey-The Girl I Adore-(LLLP0009)-(Vinyl LP)-1983-KOA
Winston Hussey-The Girl I Adore-1983-A
Winston Reedy-Dim The Light-LP-1983-JAH
Wish Key - Orient Express-(MIX 126)-(Vinyl)-1983-ATRium
Wish Key - Orient Express-WEB-1983-iDC
Wolfgang Ambros-Der Letzte Tanz-CD-DE-1983-ALPMP3
Wrathchild-Stackheel Strutt-VINYL-1983-gF
Xray Connection--Get Ready (308333)-VINYL-1983-CMC INT
Y and T - Mean Streak-1983-MCA int
Yarbrough And Peoples--Feels So Good (TE 8208)-Vinyl-1983-dL
Yarbrough and Peoples-Heartbeats-LP-1983-GCP INT
Yazoo-You And Me Both-1983-DNR
Yello-You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess-LP-1983-UKW INT
Yellow Man-Zungguzungguguzungguzeng (7 Inch)-VLS-1983-Gully iNT
Yellowman - Zungguzungguguzungguzeng-1983-RAC
Yellowman-Live at Killamanjaro-VL-1983-RAC
Yellowman-Zungguzungguguzungguzeng-1983-IHH INT
Yes--Owner of a Lonely Heart-799817-VINYL-1983-WUS iNT
Yo - Varietee-Remastered-FI-1983-SOP INT
Yuri Antonov-Your Homes Roof-(C60 19741 007)-RU-LP-1983-UKW INT
Yuri Antonov-Your Homes Roof-(Vinyl)-RU-1983-VERiTAS
ZZ TOP-Eliminator-1983-EMG INT
ZZ Top-Eliminator-1983-Wyse
ZZ Top-ZZ Tops First Album-1970-LAMB220 Volt-200 Volt-1983-AMRC

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Old Music Collection 1983 Part1
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10cc-Windows In The Jungle (Re-Presents)-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
45 Grave-Sleep In Safety-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
AC-DC - Flick of the Switch-1983-PiAD INT
AC-DC-Flick Of The Switch-(Remastered)-1983-HNH
AC-DC-Flick of the Switch-1983-DuDE
AC-DC-Flick of the Switch-1983-GOReMP3
Accept-Balls To The Wall-1983-FTM
Accept-Balls To The Wall-1983-mwnd int
Accept-Restless And Wild-1983-DNR
Accept-Where Monsters Dwell-Bootleg-2LP-1983-hXc
Acdc - Flick of the Switch-1983-HaVeFuN INT
ACDC-Flick Of The Switch-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Acero - Acero-Vinyl-ES-1983-MCA int
Adam Ant-Strip-1983-JUST
African Disciples-Place Called Earth In Dub Vol 1-LP-1983-YARD
Agnetha Faltskog-Wrap Your Arms Around Me-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED
Agnostic Front-United Blood EP-1983-HaMMeR
Agnostic Front-United Blood EP-WEB-1983-COURAGE INT
Al Campbell-Roots and Culture-1983-MostHigh
Al Jarreau-Jarreau-Retail-1983-Recycled INT
Albert King - Years Gone by-CD-1983-UNiCORN INT
Alice Cooper - Da Da-1983-HaVeFuN INT
Alice Cooper-Dada-1983-LTA
Alien Sex Fiend-Whos Been Sleeping In My Brain-WEB-1983-CBR
Alla Pugacheva-Million Roz-WEB-RU-1983-SOUNDz iNT
Alpenoberkrainer Mit Ivanka Und Janko-Herbststimmung-DE-1983-ALPMP3
Alton Ellis-A New Day (BODY MUSIC)-LP-1983-UPR
Alton Ellis-Daydreaming (SILVER CAMEL)-LP-1983-UPR
Amin-Peck - Suicidal-(Vinyl)-1983-ATRium
Amy Grant-A Christmas Album-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Ananda Shankar-I Remember-WEB-1983-SOUNDz
Andy Clark-Kpm 1000 Series A Higher State-(KPM 1308)-WEB-1983-gF
Andy Clark-Kpm 1000 Series the Next One-(KPM 1296)-WEB-1983-gF
Angela Bofill-Teaser-1983-OSC
Anita Baker-The Songstress (1991 Re-Issue)-CD-1983-SC
Anna Oxa-Senza Di Me-VINYL-IT-1983-B2A INT
Anthony Johnson-Im Ready Showcase Style (RUSTY INTERNATIONAL)-LP-1983-UPR
anthrax - soldiers of metal-vinyl-1983-grm
Antidote-Thou Shalt Not Kill-WEB-1983-COURAGE INT
Anvil - Forged in Fire-1983-MCA int
Anvil-Forged In Fire-1983-CRock
Aretha Franklin-Get It Right-LP-1983-GCP
Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers-Blues March-1983-JUST
Art Pepper-Art Lives-VLA-READNFO-1983-DGN
Ashanti Waugh-Funny Love-VLS-1983-JAH
Ashford And Simpson-High-Rise-WEB-1983-ESG
Asia - Alpha-Retail-1983-ALX INT
Asia-Alpha-WEB-1983-PLST iNT
Aswad-Live And Direct-1983-JVB
Aswad-Live and Direct-1983-MostHigh
Aswad-Live and Direct-1983-UAK
Aswad-Live And Direct-CD-1983-UPR
Attentat-Har a nu-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Attitude - We Got the Juice (Z-89879)-Vinyl-1983-Disc0
Augustus Pablo-Earths Rightful Ruler-1983-RAC
Augustus Pablo-King Davids Melody 1976-82 (ALLIGATOR HI REZ)-LP-1983-UPR
Augustus Pablo-King Davids Melody-1983-RAC
Augustus Pablo-Thriller-1983-RAC
Aurra-Live And Let Live-WEB-1983-ESG
B.W.H.-Livin Up Stop-(HM 1001)-WEB-1983-USR
Bad Brains-Legends From The End Of Time-Vinyl-1983-gF
bad brains-rock for light-(reissue)-1983-dnr
Bad Brains-Rock For Light-1983-EMG INT
Bad Brains-Rock For Light-1983-SDR
Bad Religion - Into The Unknown-1983-MoFF iNT
Bad Religion-Into the Unknown-1983-NoneScene
Bag Of Rhythm-Our Mama Wont Weep No More-LP-1983-DELTA
Baron Rojo - Metalmorfosis-1983-ESK
Baron-The Jammer-EP-1983-SPLiFF
Barricada - Noche De Rock and Roll-(PC-120)-CD-1983-MCA int
Barrington Levy - Teach Me Culture-1983-HiEM
Barrington Levy-Barrington Levys Life Style-Vinyl-1983-HIM
Barrington Levy-Hunter Man (BURNING SOUNDS)-LP-1983-UPR
Barrington Levy-Hunter Man-1983-RAC
Barrington Levy-Hunter Man-LP-1983-R2R
Barrington Levy-Lifestyle (Ggs)-LP-1983-UPR
Barrington Levy-Poorman Style-1983-RAC
Barrington Levy-Prison Oval Rock (12 Inch GRED136)-VLS-1983-YARD
Barrington Levy-Teach Me Culture-CD-1983-JAH
Barry Brown And Little John-Showdown Vol. 1 (HITBOUND)-LP-1983-UPR
Barry Brown And Little John-Showdown Vol.1-LP-1983-RKS
Barry Brown-Right Now-1983-RAC
Bastards-Har Haa - Live Roxy-1983-SDR
Ben Liebrand-Grandmix 1983-WEB-1983-CiN INT
Bernard Edwards-Glad to Be Here-(LP)-1983-JCE
Bernard Wright-Funky Beat-LP-1983-JCE
Betty Wright-Betty Wright Live-WEB-1983-AMOR
Big Black-Bulldozer (Remastered)-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Billy Boyo-Zim Zim-CD-1983-UPR
Billy Cobhams Glass Menagerie--Smokin-tape-1983-WUS
Billy Idol-Dont Stop-CD-1983-VhV iNT
Billy Idol-Rebel Yell-CD-1983-VhV iNT
Billy Joel-An Innocent Man-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Black Flag-Arhus Denmark 0301-SBD-1983-EOS
Black Flag-Baltimore MD 0918-1983-EOS
Black Flag-Everything Went Black-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Black Flag-Milan Italy 0222-1983-EOS
Black Flag-My War-1983-FTS
Black Flag-The First Four Years-(Vinyl)-1983-DNR
Black Flag-The First Four Years-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Black Roots-Black Roots-LP-1983-PRiMO
Black Rose-Black Rose-VINYL-1983-gF
Black Sabbath - The Gillan Tapes --1983-KHD
Black Sabbath-Born Again-1983-INT-GORE
Black Sabbath-Born Again-1983-iRO
Black Sabbath-Born Again-CD-1983-VhV iNT
Black Uhuru - The Dub Factor-1983-DDP
Black Uhuru-Anthem-CD-1983-RotM
Black Uhuru-Party Next Door (12 Inch MPLS7819)-VLS-1983-YARD INT
Black Uhuru-Party Next Door-VLS-1983-YARD
Black Uhuru-Sponji Reggae-1983-YARD
Black Uhuru-The Dub Factor (ISLAND RRCD 28)-CD-1983-UPR
Black Uhuru-The Dub Factor-CD-1983-RKS INT
Black Uhuru-The Dub Factor-WEB-1983-ENRAGED iNT
Blackfoot - Siogo-1983-FKK
Blitz-Second Empire Justice-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Bob Andy-Friends (I-Anka)-LP-1983-UPR
Bob James-Foxie-LP-1983-JCE
Bob James-The Genie (Themes and Variations From The TV Series Taxi)-LP-1983-GCP
Bob Marley & The Wailers - Confrontation-1983-MeeD
Bob Marley - Buffalo Soldier VL-12inch-1983-RAC
Bob Marley And The Wailers - Confrontation-1983-PaDDeRaX
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Buffalo Soldier-VL-12inch-1983-RAC
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Confrontation (CD)-1983-NGR
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Confrontation-1983-DuDE
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Confrontation-1983-EMG INT
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Confrontation-1983-iNT
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Confrontation-1983-RAC
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Confrontation-1983-ReZz
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Confrontation-1983-sfsh
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Confrontation-1983-VhV iNT
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Confrontation-Retail CD-1983-Gully iNT
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Rainbow Country-VLS-1983-RIDDIM iNT
Bob marley-buffalo soldier-dvdrip-svcd-1983-mVz
Bobby Melody-Low The Sensi Man (Midnight Rock)-VLS-1983-RAC
Bobby Nunn - Private Party-Promo-Vinyl-1983-PDJ
Bobby O--I Cry For You (12UNI-1110)-Vinyl-1983-dL
Bohannon--Lets Start The Dance III-(CPD 204)-Vinyl-1983-mbs
Bohannon--Lets Start To Dance III-(CLTL 001)-VLS-1983-mbs
Bolland-Youre in the Army Now-(ULTRAPHONE620184011)-Vinyl-1983-BFHMP3
Bonnie Tyler-Faster Than The Speed of Night-1983-Wyse
Boris Gardiner-Guilty Bw Willie Lindo-Not Guilty (7 Inch)-VLS-1983-Gully
Bow Wow-Youre Mine-UK VLS-1983-JRP
Brand Image-Are You Loving-(ART 1020)-VINYL-1983-DEF
Brass Construction-Conversations-LP-1983-GCP INT
Brass Construction-Conversations-LP-1983-JCE
Break Machine-Street Dance-(8179401)-VLS-1983-GCP INT
Brent Dowe-Fancy Dress-VLS-1983-RAC
Brian Eno-Apollo (Atmospheres and Soundtracks)-1983-NuHS
Brian Eno-Apollo Atmospheres And Soundtracks (Extended Edition)-(7764319)-WEB-1983-MOHAWK
Brian Eno-Apollo Atmospheres and Soundtracks-1983-sfsh
Brigadier Jerry-Live At The Controls (Read NFO)-LP-1983-JAH
Broadcast-Whos Got the Ball-LP-1983-KALEVALA
Bruce Cockburn-The Trouble With Normal (Deluxe Edition)-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Bruce Cockburn-The Trouble With Normal-1983-EOSiNT
Bryan Adams - Cuts Like A Knife-1983-INF INT
Bryan Adams - Cuts Like A Knife-CD-1983-UNiCORN INT
Bryan Adams-Cuts Like A Knife-1983-Wyse
Bullwackies All Stars-Creation Dub-VL-1983-RAC
Bunny Wailer-Radics Rockers And Reggae Bw Peace Talk (12 Inch BW0079)-VLS-1983-Gully
Bunny Wailer-Roots Radics Rockers Reggae VL-1983-RAC
Burning Spear - The Fittest Of The Fittest-1983-JUST
Burning Spear-Live In Utrecht Bootleg-1983-JUST
Burning Spear-The Fittest Of The Fittest-1983-JUST
Burro Banton-Buro-Buro-LP-1983-JAH
C.O.D.-In The Bottle-Promo VLS-1983-soup
Cabaret Voltaire--The Crackdown-LP-1983-CMC
Cabo Frio-Just Having Fun-CD-1983-MK2
Caetano Veloso-Uns-BR-1983-100REAL
Captain Sinbad-Again-(WEB)-1983-DIGI
Captain Sinbad-Sister Maracle (Live)-VLS-1983-JAH
Cardiacs--Archive Cardiacs-1983-WUS
Carlos - Papayou-(1727507)-Vinyl-FR-1983-ZzZz INT
Carlos Dafe-De Repente-WEB-1983-UVU
Carlton Livingston-Those Tricks-VLS-1983-JRO
Carlton Livingston-Trodding Through The Jungle-VL-1983-RAC
Carrara-Disco King-(ARIOLA601043)-Vinyl-1983-BFHMP3
Cause For Alarm-Cause For Alarm-WEB-1983-COURAGE INT
Chalice-Standard Procedure-LP-1983-DELTA
Chalice-Stew Peas-VLS-1983-YARD
Change-This Is Your Time-WEB-1983-ESG
Chaos U.K.-Self Titled-Vinyl-1983-hXc
Charlie Chaplin-Dancehall Rockers Vol 2-1983-85 LP-MostHigh
Charlie-Spacer Woman-WEB-1983-CBR
Cheap Trick-Next Position Please (The Authorized Version)-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Cheryl Lynn - Preppie (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1983-KNOWN
Chet Atkins-East Tennessee Christmas-1983-JUST
Chic - Give Me the Lovin (7-89725)-Vinyl-1983-Disc0
China Crisis - Wishful Thinking-(106 105-100)-VLS-1983-Homely iNT
Christian Chevallier-Trailers Signatures Underscores-WEB-1983-UVU
Circle Jerks-Golden Shower Of Hits-WEB-1983-COURAGE INT
Claire Waldoff-Die Lieder Der Claire Waldoff-Vinyl-DE-1983-NOiR
Claude Williamson-Claude Reigns-Vinyl-1983-UTB
Cliff Richard-Silver-WEB-1983-ESG
Clint Eastwood and General Saint-Stop that Train-(Vinyl)-1983-BUL
Clint Eastwood-Jah Lights Shining-LP-1983-RKS
Coati Mundi--Oh That Love Decision-(ZEDGEP-57)-WEB-1983-mbs
COD - In The Bottle-WEB-1983-iDC
Commodores-Turn Off The Lights-VLS-1983-GCP
Complot Bronswick-L Image Oubliee-.Divine.-12inch Vinyl-1983-AMOK
Cornell Campbell-Fight Against Corruption-1983-RAC
Cornell Campbell-Fight Against Corruption-JA LP-1983-MostHigh
Cornell Campbell-Follow Instructions-UK LP-1983-MostHigh
Cornell Campbell-Follow instructions-VL-1983-RAC
Cosmic Touch-Nothin Ever Changes-WEBRIP-VLS-1983-YYY
Crucifix-Dehumanization-1983-iTS INT
Cuba Gooding--Happiness Is Just Around The Bend-(London)-Vinyl-1983-mbs
Culture - Interwiew Swedish Radioshow Radio Vaestindien-1983-LTD
Culture Club-Karma Chameleon-VLS-1983-GCP INT
Curt Haagers-Guld Och Grona Skogar-1983-Sn00py
Cvece-Polenov Prah-HR-LP-1983-UKW
Cybotron - Clear (D-216)-Vinyl-1983-TRa-CLX
Cybotron--Enter (F-9625)-Vinyl-1983-dL
Cybotron-Clear-(D-216)-Vinyl-1983-DPS INT
Cybotron-Enter-WEB-1983-ENRAGED iNT
Cyndi Lauper - Shes So Unusual (Remastered 2000)(Japan Edition)-CD-1983-UNiCORN INT
Cynthia Schloss-As If I Dont Know-VLS-1983-JRO
D Train-Music-WEB-1983-ESG
Daniel Balavoine-Loin Des Yeux De Loccident-CD-FR-1983-MK2
Darinka Rolincova-Keby som bola princezna Arabela-WEB-SK-1983-I KnoW INT
Dark Angel-Gonna Burn-1983-128Kbs
Dave Gruisin-Night Lines-1983-JUST
David Bowie-Lets Dance-1983-VhV iNT
David Bowie-Lets Dance-DDC-x264-1983-FRAY
David Bowie-Modern Love-(VLS)-1983-SO
David Bowie-Ziggy Stardust the Motion Picture-1983-VhV iNT
David Koven-Samba Maria-(LP)-FR-1983-JCE
David Lanz-Heartsounds-1983-aAF
David Vorhaus-Kpm 1000 Series Sound Conjurer-(KPM 1303)-WEB-1983-gF
Dead Kennedys-A Skateboard Party-Vinyl-1983-gF
Death Angel-Heavy Metal Insanity-Demo-1983-grmg
Death SS-Evil Metal-Vinyl-EP-1983-FFWG INT
Debbie Harry-Rush Rush-Special Extended Remix-Vinyl-1983-CMS
Decadance - On And On (Fears Keep On)-(NSMIX 2007)-(Vinyl)-1983-ATRium
Def Leppard - Pyromania-Retail-1983-ALX INT
Def Leppard-Pyromania (Deluxe)-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Def Leppard-Pyromania-1983-EcL INT
Def Leppard-Pyromania-1983-EOS
Delroy Wilson-Nice Times-LP-1983-MostHigh
Demian-Kopek - Duende-WEB-1983-UKW
Den Harrow--To Meet Me (ZYX 5079)-VINYL-1983-CMC INT
Den Harrow-A Taste of Love-(HOLE20110)-Vinyl-1983-BFHMP3
Den Harrow-To Meet Me-(HISPAVOX549057)-Vinyl-1983-BFHMP3
Denise Lasalle-A Lady in the Street-1983-MoB
Dennis Brown-Breaking the Barriers-(VLS)-1983-reD
Dennis Brown-I Like It Like That-12INCH VINYL-1983-YARD
Dennis Brown-Revolution-VLS-1983-RKS
Dennis Brown-Satisfaction Feeling-LP-1983-RKS
Dennis Brown-Sitting And Watching (12 Inch Taxi100)-VLS-1983-YARD
Dennis Brown-The Best Of-LP-1983-JAH
Dennis Brown-The Prophet Rides Again-LP-1983-JAH
Dennis Brown-The Prophet Rides Again-LP-1983-RKS
Dennis Brown-To Be A Weakman (12inch)-1983-TuShengPeng
Dennis Brown-Your Love Got A Hold On Me Bw Joe Gibbs-Oh Girl (12 Inch)-VLS-1983-RKS
Dennis Brown-Your Love Gotta Hold On Me-7Inch-1983-SRC
Dennis Walks-Fisherman-VLS-1983-JAH
Depeche Mode-Construction Time Again-1983-AMOK INT
Depeche Mode-Construction Time Again-1983-EOS
Depeche Mode-Construction Time Again-1983-RWHCLASSIX
Diana Est-Le Louvre-(SRLM2027)-Vinyl-1983-iDF
Diana Ross-Ross-(SLEM1143)-Mexican Vinyl Edition-LP-1983-GCP
Dick Smith-Initial Thrust-LP-1983-GCP
Die Toten Hosen-Opel-Gang-DE-1983-VhV iNT
Digital Emotion--Go Go Yellow Screen (308448)-Vinyl-1983-dL
Digital Game-Im Boogie Man 12inch-CDM-1983-BFHMP3
Dillinger-Join the Queue-VL-1983-RAC
Dillinger-Tribal War-VLS-1983-YARD
Dio-Holy Diver-1983-OLD
Dio-Holy Diver-EP-1983-AMRC
Dio-Rainbow In The Dark-EP-1983-AMRC
Dio-Rainbow in the Dark-Vinyl-1983-grmg
Dire Straits-Rome 1983-2CD-Bootleg-1983-STAR
Dire Straits-Two Nights in Paris 1983-4CD-Bootleg-1983-STAR
Discharge-The Price Of Silence-VLS-1983-SLiT
Discharge-Warning 7inch-EP-1983-SLiT
Dokken - Breaking the Chains-1983-MCA int
Dokken-Breaking The Chains-1983-DNR
Don Carlos and Gold-Raving Tonight-Retail-1983-ReZz
Don Carlos-Come In-Special Request-VLS-1983-JAH
Don Carlos-Live-1983-Olympic Auditorium LA, CA
Don Carlos-Mr Big Man (12 Inch)-VLS-1983-YARD
Don Carlos-Pass Me The Lazer Beam-LP-1983-RDGN INT
Don Carlos-Pure Gold-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Don Carlos-Spread Out-VL-1983-RAC
Donatella Milani-Lontani Noi-(SRL 10987)-VINYL-IT-1983-B2A INT
Donatella Milani-Volevo Dirti-(SRL 10975)-VINYL-IT-1983-LUCiO iNT
Drahdiwaberl-Werwolfromantik-WEB-DE-1983-ALPMP3 INT
Dschinghis Khan - Wir Sitzen Alle Im Selben Boot-(CDRDM 509095)-DE-1983-ZzZz
Dub Oven-Skin N Bones-VINYL-1983-FWYH
Duke Lake - Do You-(MEMIX 009)-(Vinyl)-1983-ATRium
Dunkelziffer-Colours And Soul-(F0114)-WEB-1983-iHR
Duo Nove-Home-Coming-BG-LP-1983-UKW
Duran Duran - Is There Something I Should Know-VLS-1983-FKK
Duran Duran-The Reflex-(B5345)-Vinyl-1983-XXS
Dutch Mason-Wish Me Luck-WEB-1983-TERSE
Earl Cunningham-Earl Cunningham-LP-1983-MostHigh
Earl Cunningham-John Tom-1983-RAC
Earl Cunningham-John Tom-CD-1983-RAC
Earl Sixteen-Shining Star-Vinyl-1983-RAC iNT
Earl Sixteen-Special Request-(Vinyl)-1983-0MNi
Earl Sixteen-Special Request-1983-RAC INT
Earth Wind And Fire-Electric Universe (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1983-AMOR
Earth Wind and Fire-Magnetic-VLS-1983-JCE
Ed Bickert-Dance to the Lady-1983-UTB
Eddie Meduza - Fraeckisar-1983-MrX
Eddie Money-Wheres The Party-WEB-1983-MARR INT
Eek A Mouse-Assassinator-1983-RAC
Eek A Mouse-Assassinator-VL-1983-RAC
Eek-A-Mouse-the Mouse and the Man-(CD)-1983-R2R
Eek-A-Mouse-The Mouse and The Man-(GREL56)-(LP)-1983-TML
Eek-A-Mouse-The Mouse and The Man-1983-420
Eek-A-Mouse-the Mouse and the Man-1983-HiM
Eero Koivistoinen - New York Session 14.11.1983-1983-SOP INT
El DeBarge with DeBarge - You Wear it Well (1804 GF)-VLS-1983-Disc0
Elastic Devils-Wanna Be With You-WEB-1983-KLIN
Electric Theatre-Ballet Dancer-(MERCURY818027)-Vinyl-1983-BFHMP3
Elton John-The Superior Sound Of Elton John 1970-1975 (READ NFO)-Retail CD-1983-LiViTY
Elton John-Too Low For Zero-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Emerson-Something Special-EP-Vinyl-1983-GRW
Ennio Morricone-Le marginal (Bande originale du film)-OST-WEB-1983-ENRiCH
Eppu Normaali-Aku Ja Koyhat Pojat-Remastered-WEB-FI-1983-KALEVALA INT
Eric Clapton - Milwaukee Time-2CD-Bootleg-1983-FKK
Eric Clapton-Money and Cigarettes-1983-aAF
Errol Lee And Karen Marr-My Special Smile-VLS-1983-YARD
Erroll Garner-Misty-LP-1983-CMS
Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung-Spitalo Fatalo-CD-DE-1983-ALPMP3
Europe - Europe (Jap. Ed.)-1983-MCA int
Eurythmics-sweet dreams (are made of this)-dvdrip-svcd-1983-mVi
Evelyn Champagne King-Action-VLS-1983-GCP INT
Exciter - Heavy Metal Maniac-1983-MCA int
Exodus-Demo Material with Kirk Hammett-Bootleg-1983-grmg
Fastway - Fastway-1983-MCA int
Fastway-Fastway-1983-MCA int
Fat Larrys Band-Straight From The Heart-LP-1983-GCP
Fatman-You Are Ft Lynn Bryant-12inch-1983-JAH
Fear-The Record-WEB-1983-COURAGE INT
Fearless Four-Just Rock-VLS-1983-JCE
Felix And Jarvis-Felix And Jarvis-WEB-1983-ESG
Fiction Factory-Feels Like Heaven 12inch-Vinyl-1983-AMOK
Finis Henderson - Skip to My Lou (1669 MF)-VLS-1983-Disc0
Flamingokvintetten-Flamingo 14-LP-1983-Sn00py
Flexx--Love Theme From Flexxy-Ball (Youll Never Change No More)-(OLE20202)-WEB-1983-BABAS INT
Foghat--Foghat Live (Remastered)-(603497877935)-WEB-1983-WUS
Foghat--Stone Blue (Remastered)-(603497877874)-WEB-1983-WUS
Foghat-Zig Zag Walk-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Four Tops-Im Here Again-VLS-1983-GCP
France Joli-Attitude (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1983-ESG
Frank Zappa - The Man From Utopia-1983-ATM
Frank Zappa-The Man From Utopia-1983-DNR
Franz Shubert-Mass A D678 and C D452-CD-1983-LiViTY
Freddie Hubbard-Sweet Return-LP-1983-JCE
Freddie McGregor-Come On Over-1983-RAC
Freddie McGregor-Freddie-LP-1983-RKS
Freddie Mcgregor-Rhythm So Nice-LP-1983-YARD
Freestyle Express-Freestyle-VLS-1983-CMS
Front 242-Endless Riddance-3Inch CDS-1983-SiRiON
Front 242-Endless Riddance-3inch-CDS-1983-SiRiON
Front 242-Endless Riddance-Vinyl-1983-AMOK
Fun Fun - Happy Station-WEB-1983-iDC
Fun Fun-Happy Station-(TELDEC620271)-Vinyl-1983-BFHMP3
Future World Orchestra--Turning Point (Dureco Benelux)-Vinyl-1983-dL
Galaxy--Dancing Tight (600 846)-Vinyl-1983-dL INT
Galina Kareva-Dumala Chto Serdtse Otlyubilo-RU-REISSUE-LP-1983-UKW
Gary Byrd and The G.B. Experience-The Crown-VLS-1983-GCP
Gary Moore - Live at the Marquee-Live-1983-SOP INT
Gazebo-I Like Chopin-(1 C 006-65 151)-VINYL-1983-B2A INT
GBH-City Babys Revenge-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Genesis - Mama-CDM-1983-Records INT
George Duke-Guardian Of The Light (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1983-AMOR
George Kranz--Din Daa Daa (HCL 2210)-VINYL-1983-CMC INT
Giant Steppers - Push Jimmy Bond Push (7 Inch REK-035)-VLS-1983-mrp int
Giant Steppers-Push Jimmy Bond Push (7 Inch REK-035)-VLS-1983-mrp int
Gilberto Gil-Extra-BR-1983-100REAL
Girlschool-Play Dirty-1983-aAF
Gladiators-Dreadlocks The Time Is Now-1983-RAC
Glenn Jones-Everybody Loves A Winner (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1983-TosK
GMS Vs Alien Project - Active-256kbps-1983-gEm
Grandmaster And Melle Mel--White Lines-Picturedisc (SHLX-130)-VLS-1983-gEm
Grandmaster Flash - White Lines (Dont Do It)-WEB-1983-KNOWN
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5-Greatest Messages-LP-1983-CMS
Grandmixer DST-Crazy Cuts-VLS-1983-FTD
Graven Image-Kicked Out Of The Scene-EP-1983-COR
Greg Kihn Band--Love Never Fails (7-69820)-Vinyl-1983-dL
Gregory Isaacs-Love Feeling (12 Inch African Museum SS5208)-VLS-1983-YARD
Gregory Isaacs-Love Me with Feeling-VL-1983-RAS
Gregory Isaacs-Out Deh-1983-RAC
Gregory Isaacs-Secretary (7 Inch)-VLS-1983-RKS
Grim Reaper-See You in Hell-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Grupo Medusa--Ferrovias-WEB-1983-WUS
Gunsmoke-At The Control-LP-1983-RAC
Haldra And Woody-Up Where We Belong-(WKS-007)-VLS-1983-YARD
Half Pint-Money Man Skank-LP-1983-RKS
Hananas--From Here To Eternity (ZR 123)-VINYL-1983-CMC INT
Hans Theessink-Titanic-1983-JUST
Hard Rock-Feel No Way-(DLT 103)-12INCH VINYL-1983-YARD
Hashim-Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)-(Full VLS)-1983-RAGEMP3
Heaven 17-Penthouse And Pavement-1983-FWYH
Helix-Dont Get Mad Get Even (Special Remixed Version)-VINYL-1983-gF
Hellhammer - Death Fiend (Demo I)-Demo-1983-BFHMP3
Hellhammer - Triumph Of Death (Demo II)-Demo-1983-BFHMP3
Hellhammer-Satanic Rites (Demo III)-Demo-1983-LD
Herbie Hancock - TFS (38-04473)-Vinyl-1983-Disc0
Herbie Hancock-Future Shock-1983-TJS
Herbie Hancock-Rockit-Retail-VLS-1983-FTD
High Energy - Back In My Arms Again (1688 GF)-VLS-1983-Disc0
Highway Chile-Storybook Heroes-LP-1983-RZB
Homo Liber-Siberian 4-LP-1983-JUST
Hoo Doo-Yaya-AL101-VINYL-1983-z0ne int
Horace Andy-Dance Hall Style-1983-RAC
Hot Chocolate-What Kinda Boy Youre Lookin For (Girl)-(1A00665110)-7 Inch Vinyl-1983-GCP
Hot Streak - Body Work (POSP 642)-VLS-1983-Disc0
Hot Streak-Body Work-VLS-1983-CMS
Hugh Griffiths-Jah Bible-VLS-1983-YARD
Hugh Mundell-Blackmans Foundation-LP-1983-RAC iNT
Husker Du-Metal Circus-1983-aAF
Hypnosis--Oxygene (ZYX 5060)-VINYL-1983-CMC INT
Hypnosis-Pulstar - End Title (Blade Runner)-Vinyl-1983-BCC
Hypnosis-Pulstar-(Zyx)-CDS-1983-DPS INT
I Benjahman-Fraction of Jah Action-(milkcdd11)-WEB-1983-MOHAWK
I Benjahman-Fraction Of Jah-LP-1983-JAH
I Level-I-Level-WEB-1983-ENRAGED
I Threes-Music for the World Bw Many Are Called-VLS-1983-YARD
Ice T-Body Rock-VLS-1983-CMS
Icehouse - Street Cafe-(105 391)-VLS-1983-Homely
Idris Muhammad-My Turn-1983-CMS
Ijahman Levi - Tell it to the Children-1983-HiEM INT
Illes-Illes 1965-1969 Legendas Kislemezek-HU-LP-1983-UKW
Imagination-Night Dubbing-1983-OND
Imagination-State Of Love-VLS-1983-GCP
Inai Kamosa-Trouble You A Trouble Me - General (12inch)-1983-TuShengPeng
Indeep--When Boys Talk (SNY 604)-Vinyl-1983-dL
Indochine - L Aventurier-(104242)-Vinyl-FR-1983-ZzZz INT
Ingmar Nordstroms-Saxparty 10-1983-NoGRP
Ingram-Smoothin and Groovin-VLS-1983-JCE
Ini Kamoze-World A Music Bw Call A Taxi-VLS-1983-RKS
Instant Funk-Instant Funk V-WEB-1983-ESG
Instant Funk-Kinky-WEB-1983-ESG
Irene Cara-Flashdance What A Feeling (812 353-1)-Vinyl-1983-TRa
Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind-1983-BiR
Iron Maiden-Piece of Mind-1983-iRO
Iron Maiden-Piece Of Mind-1983-ViC INT
iron maiden-the trooper-dvdrip-svcd-1983-mva
Itals-Give Me Power-CD-1983-YARD
J Karjalainen Ja Mustat Lasit-Tatsum Tisal-FI-1983-KALEVALA
J.D. Jaber - Dont Stop Lovin-(MEMIX 005 Vinyl)-1983-ATRium
Jago-Im Going to Go-(FTM31585)-WEB-1983-ENSLAVE
Jah B-Live Up-LP-1983-RAC
Jah Batta-Argument (Wackies)-CD-1983-RKS
Jah Shaka-Revelation Songs-LP-1983-JAH
Jah Thomas-Nah Fight Over Woman-LP-1983-JAH
Jah Thomas-New Dress Style (7 Inch)-VLS-1983-Gully
Jah Thomas-New Dress Style-VLS-1983-RAC
Jah Walton-Price A Move-VLS-1983-YARD
James Blood Ulmer-Odyssey-LP-1983-JCE
James Last - Traeum Was Schoenes-DE-1983-oNePiEcE
James Last-My Favorite Love Songs-1983-UTB
James Last-Party Power-1983-UTB
Jan Garbarek Group-Wayfarer-CD-1983-MK2
Janne Onneruds-Greatest Hits-1983-Sn00py
Jasper Vant Hof and Joachim Kuhn-Balloons-WEB-1983-UKW
Jean-Michel Jarre - Equinoxe-1983-OiGnp
Jean-Michel Jarre - Magnetic Fields-1983-OiGnp
Jean-Patrick Capdevielle-Halloween-(CBSA3875)-VLS-FR-1983-CRAP4U
Jean-Pierre Posit-Flute Damour-(BR 56056)-LP-1983-UKW
Jeff Beck-The Jeff Beck Group Upp (Featuring Jeff Beck)-1983-JUST
Jeffrey Osborne-Plane Love-Vinyl-1983-LiViTY
Jeffrey Osborne-Stay With Me Tonight-1983-OSC
Jeffrey Osborne-Stay With Me Tonight-CD-1983-YARD INT
Jerrys Kids-Is This My World-1983-gF
Jerrys Kids-Is This My World-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Jigs-Egna Drommar-1983-Sn00py
Jim Reeves - Mexican Joe (24 Great Early Recordings)--CD-1983-UNiCORN INT
Jim Reeves - the Jim Reeves Medley--CD-1983-UNiCORN INT
Jimmy Cliff - The Power And The Glory-1983-ToXiCMP3
Jimmy Cliff-Reggae Greats-Retail CD-1983-Gully
Jimmy Cliff-Reggae Night (7 Inch)-VLS-1983-Gully
Jimmy Cliff-Reggae Night-1983-SRC
Jimmy Cliff-Rub A Dub Partner-VLS-1983-YARD
Jimmy Cliff-The Power And The Glory-1983-DNR
Jimmy Cliff-We All Are One Bw No Apology-(VLS)-1983-SSR
Jimmy Spicer-Money (Dollar Bill Yall)-VLS-1983-JCE
Jimmy The Hoover--Tantalise (Wo Wo Ee Yeh Yeh)-(TA 3406)-VLS-1983-mbs
Joachim Witt-Maerchenblau-WEB-DE-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Joan Armatrading-Track Record-1983-SNOOK
Joe Yellow-Lover to Lover (for Sale)-(BRD1252226)-Vinyl-1983-iDF
John Denver-Its About Time-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED
John Holt-Police In Helicopter-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
John Wayne-Boogie Down-VL-1983-RKS
Johnny Cash-Koncert V Praze-In Prague Live-LP-1983-gF iNT
Johnny Clarke-None Shall Escape the Judgement-VLS-1983-RoW
Johnny Clarke-Yard Style-LP-1983-RAC
Johnny Osbourne-Musical Chopper-LP-1983-YARD
Johnny Osbourne-To The Rub A Dub Session (Midnight Rock)-VLS-1983-RAC
Johnny Osbourne-Water Pumping-LP-1983-JAH
Johnny Osbourne-Water Pumping-VLS-1983-YARD
Johnny Thunders-Hurt Me-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Johnny Thunders-In Cold Blood-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Johnny Thunders-The New Too Much Junkie Business-WEB-1983-ENTiTLED iNT
Jorge Ben-Bem Vinda Amizade-BR-1983-100REAL
Josey Wales-No Way Better That Yard-1983-RAC
Josey Wales-Outlaw-CD-1983-JAH
Jukka Raitanen-Jos Tuopin Nyt Saan-WEB-FI-1983-KALEVALA
Junior - Unison (814 725-7)-Vinyl-1983-Disc0
Junior Byron - Woman Dance To The Music-Vinyl-1983-EiTheLMP3
Junior Walker and the All Stars-All the Great Hits-1983-CMS
Junior Walker-Blow The House Down-LP-1983-GCP
Junior-Inside Lookin Out-LP-1983-GCP

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Old Music Collection 1982
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2 Bad DJs Meet-Nicodemus And Rankin Toyan-VL-1982-RKS
220 Volt-Prisoner Of War-EP-1982-AMRC
38 Special-Special Forces-Retail-1982-Recycled INT
7 Seconds-Hardcore Rules 1980-1982-Bootleg-Vinyl-2008-hXc
7e Himlen - Vilken Natt Foer Revolutionen-CDS-1982-TNX
A Flock Of Seagulls-A Flock Of Seagulls-1982-DNR
A Flock of Seagulls-A Flock of Seagulls-Retail-1982-Recycled INT
A Taste Of Honey-Ladies Of The Eighties-WEB-1982-ESG
Abba-Head Over Heels-DVDRip-XviD-1982-MV
ABBA-Lay All Your Love (Peter Slaghuis Remix)-Bootleg Vinyl-1982-jAZzMan
Abba-The Day Before You Came-DVDRip-XviD-1982-MV
Abba-Under Attack-DVDRip-XviD-1982-MV
ABC-The Look Of Love-VLS-1982-GCP
Abrasive Wheels-When The Punks Go Marching In-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED
AC-DC - For Those About to Rock-VLS-1982-FKK
AC-DC--For Those About To Rock (We Sulute You)-K11721-VINYL-1982-WUS iNT
Accept - Restless and Wild (2005 Japan MHCP-785)-1982-FREE
Accept-Hungry Years-1982-WS INT
Accept-Restless And Wild-1982-mwnd int
Accept-Restless and Wild-1982-UasH INT
Aerosmith - Rock in A Hard Place-CD-1982-UNiCORN INT
Aerosmith-Rock in A Hard Place-Remastered-1982-Recycled INT
Africa Bambaata-Planet Rock (Vinyl)-1982-CLUBMP3
African Disciples-Surviving-VLS-(12inch)-1982-YARD
African Head Charge-Environmental Studies-LP-1982-YARD
Al Campbell - Dance Hall Style - Fight I Down 12inch gred94 VLS-1982-RAC
Al Campbell-Dance Hall Style-Fight I Down 12inch GRED94-VLS-1982-RAC
Al Campbell-Dance Hall Stylee (NARROWS ENTERPRISE)-LP-1982-UPR
Al Campbell-Dance Hall Stylee-LP-1982-YARD
Al Campbell-Greensleeves 12inch GRED94-VLS-1982-RAC
Al Campbell-The Other Side Of Love (GREENSLEEVES)-LP-1982-UPR
Al Campbell-Turn Me Loose Bw Super Chick-Roach Killer (10 Inch)-VLS-1982-RKS
Al Di Meola - Electric Rendezvous-Advance-1982-teqra
Alberto Camerini-Tanz Bambolina-(CBS-A-2386)-Vinyl-1982-MAPHiA iNT
Alfie Silas - A Puppet to You (PB-13304)-Vinyl-1982-Disc0
Alfie Silas-Alfie (Expanded Edition)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1982-ESG
Alice Cooper - Zipper Catches Skin-1982-HaVeFuN INT
Alice Cooper-Zipper Catches Skin-1982-DNR
Alice Cooper-Zipper Catches Skin-1982-Mr Metal
Alice Cooper-Zipper Catches Skin-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Allan Holdsworth-I.O.U.-1982-CNS
Alpha Blondy and the Natty Rebels-Jah Glory-LP-1982-RKS
Alpha Blondy-Rasta Poue (12 Inch Syllart Records 8312)-VLS-1982-YARD
Amebix-Whos The Enemy-1982-SDR
Amin Peck - Girls On Me-Vinyl-1982-CMG
Amin-Peck-Girls on Me-Vinyl-(DLM M25971)-1982-DPS INT
Andrae Crouch-Finally-LP-1982-GCP
Andrea Juergens-Solang Ein Maedchen Traeumen Kann-WEB-DE-1982-ALPMP3
Andy Borg-Adios Amor-VLS-1982-GCP
Anna Oxa-Io No-VINYL-IT-1982-B2A INT
Anthony Johnson and Toyan-Baby Loving and Joycie Gone-VLS-1982-CMS
Anthony Johnson-Gun Shot (MIDNIGHT ROCK)-LP-1982-UPR
Anthony Johnson-Gunshot-LP-1982-YARD
Anthony Johnson-Strictly Rub A Dub-VLS-1982-RKS
Anthrax-Capitalism Is Cannibalism-1982-SDR
Anthrax-The Neil Turbin Demos-DEMO-1982-ICE
Anti Cimex-Raped Ass 7inch-EP-1982-SLiT
Anti Nowhere League - We Are the League-1982-SOP INT
anvil - anvil-ltd.ed.-ep-1982-amrc
Anvil-Metal on Metal-(Retail)-1982-dSS
Anvil-Metal On Metal-1982-CRock
Aragorn-Black Ice-EP-1982-AMRC
Arrow-Hot Hot Hot-LP-1982-Gully
Asia - Asia-Retail-1982-ALX INT
Asia-Asia-WEB-1982-PLST iNT
Asta Kask-En Tyst Minut-7inch EP-SE-1982-FFaCC
Aswad-A New Chapter Of Dub (ISLAND HI REZ)-LP-1982-UPR
Aswad-A New Chapter Of Dub-1982-RAC
Aswad-A New Chapter Of Dub-CD-1982-RKS iNT
Aswad-Not Satisfied-1982-RAC
Aswad-Not Satisfied-CD-1982-RKS
Aswad-Unsatisfied bw Oh Jah (Dub)-VLS-1982-YARD
Audley Rollens-Showcase Prevail (PHILADELPHIA REGGAE SOUNDS)-LP-1982-UPR
Audley Rollens-Showcase Prevail-LP-1982-MostHigh
Augustus (Gussie) Clarke-Music Works Shocase (MUSIC WORKS HI REZ)-LP-1982-UPR
Aurra-A Little Love-WEB-1982-ESG
Average White Band-Cupids In Fashion-LP-1982-GCP
B.T Express - Star Child (ZS4 03246)-Vinyl-1982-Disc0
B.T. Express-Keep It Up-WEB-1982-ESG
Bad Brains-Bad Brains-(Remastered)-1982-DNR
Bad Brains-Bad Brains-WEB-1982-COURAGE INT
Bad Brains-I And I Survive-Destroy Babylon 12inch-1982-ATR
Bad Company - Rough Diamonds-1982-v8
Bad Religion-How Could Hell Be Any Worse-1982-rH
Bad Religion-How Could Hell Be Any Worse-1982-T4
Baiano and Novos Caetanos-A Volta-WEB-BR-1982-SOUNDz
Bal Pare-Hamburg Paris Catania-WEB-1982-CBR
Balance-In For The Count-WEB-1982-PLST iNT
Bankie Banx - Soothe Your Soul-(Retail Vinyl)-1982-HiEM iNT
BAP-Vun Drinne Noh Drusse-DE-1982-oNePiEcE INT
Bar-Kays - She Talks to Me With Her Body (810 435-7)-Vinyl-1982-Disc0
Baron Rojo-Volumen Brutal-LP-SP-1982-JRP
Barrabas - Bestial-WEB-1982-BiNGO iNT
Barrington Levy-21 Girls Salute (LIVE AND LEARN HI REZ)-LP-1982-UPR
Barrington Levy-21 Girls Salute-Vinyl-1982-HIM
Barrington Levy-On The Telephone (7 Inch)-VLS-(Read Nfo)-1982-RKS
Barrington Levy-Open Book (12 Inch Oak Sound Osd008)-VLS-1982-YARD
Barrington Levy-Rob And Gone-VLS-1982-iLL
Barrington Spence-Star In The Ghetto (CIRCLE HI REZ)-LP-1982-UPR
Barrington Spence-Star In The Ghetto-(Vinyl)-1982-0MNi
Barry Biggs-Rain From The Sky-(AF 139)-VLS-1982-YARD
Barry Brown-Barry-LP-1982-KOA iNT
Barry Brown-Far East (CHANNEL ONE)-LP-1982-UPR
Barry Brown-Far East (HITBOUND)-LP-1982-UPR
Barry Brown-Thirty Pieces Of Silver-VLS-1982-JAH
Barry White-Change-1982-OSC
Basil Poledouris-Conan The Barbarian-OST-1982-EOS
Battalion Of Saints-The Best Of Battalion Of Saints-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
BB and Band--Wee The People-(ZR001)-WEB-1982-BABAS INT
Beastie Boys-Some Old Bullshit-CD-1982-VhV iNT
Beeva-Do You See What I See-VLS-1982-JRO
Bella Davidovich - Klavierkonzerte Nr. 1 And 2-(CD)-1982-REDRUM
Berlin-Pleasure Victim-Retail-1982-Recycled INT
Big Black-Lungs (Remastered)-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Bill Cosby-Himself-OST-LP-1982-JCE
Bill Laswell-Baselines-1982-DUB
Billy Cobhams Glass Menagerie-Observations And-LP-1982-GCP
Billy Idol-Billy Idol-CD-1982-VhV iNT
Billy Joel-The Nylon Curtain-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Bim Sherman (Singers and Players)-Revolution Bw Too Much Word Load (10 Inch on U Sound DP2)-VLS-1982-Gully
Bim Sherman (Singers and Players)-Revolution Bw Too Much Word Load (10 Inch OnU DP2)-VLS-1982-Gully
Bim Sherman Meets Horace Andy And U Black-In A Rub A Dub Style (YARD INTERNATIONAL)-LP-1982-UPR
Bim Sherman Meets Horace Andy And U Black-In A Rubadub Style (ORIGINAL MUSIC)-CD-1982-UPR
Bingy Bunny And The Morwells-Bingy Bunny And The Morwells (PARK HEIGHTS HI REZ)-LP-1982-UPR
Bingy Bunny-Me And Jane (CHA CHA)-LP-1982-UPR
Bingy Bunny-Me And Jane-LP-1982-RKS
Bitch-Damnation Alley-MLP-1982-RZB
Bizzy And Co. - Take A Change-(DJ MIX 584)-VINYL-1982-EMP
Black Flag-Six Pack-1982-ATR
Black Flag-Tv Party-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Black Slate-Six Plus One (TOP RANKING)-LP-1982-UPR
Black Uhuru - Tear it Up - Live-CD-1982-DDP
Black Uhuru--Tear It Up-Live-(Mango)-Proper-CD-1982-MBS
Black Uhuru-Chill Out-CD-1982-UPR
Black Uhuru-Chill Out-WEB-1982-ENRAGED iNT
Black Uhuru-Live-1982-08-08-Soledad Correctional Training Facility, CA
Blackway and Helene-Music For Us-WEB-1982-USR
Blancmange - Living on the Ceiling (BLANC3)-VLS-1982-TR
Blitz-Voice Of A Generation-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
bob james--hands down-1982-csa
Bob James-Hands Down-1982-CMS
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Shakedown-Vinyl-1982-CMS INT
Bob Marley-Interviews-LP-1982-DELTA
Bobby Caldwell-Carry On-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Bobby Nunn-Sexy Sassy-VLS-1982-GCP
Bobby O - She Has A Way (QUE 5)-Vinyl-1982-Disc0
Bonnie Raitt-Green Light-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Bootsy Collins-The One Giveth The Count Taketh Away (Remastered)-READ NFO-WEB-1982-ENRAGED
Bossa Combo-Premiere Communion-CD-FR-1982-KONPA
Bow Wow-Warning From Stardust-LP-1982-WBR
Boy Katindig-Midnight Lady-LP-1982-MK2
Brass Construction-Attitudes (Expanded Edition)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1982-ENRAGED
Brass Construction-Attitudes-LP-1982-JCE
Brian Eno-Ambient 4 on Land-Retail-1982-Recycled INT
Brian May-The Road Warrior Mad Max 2-OST-1982-EOS
Brigada do Odio-Self Titled-1982-rH
Brigadier Jerry-Pain-VLS-1982-Gully
Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska-1982-spungo
Bruce Springsteen-Nebraska-1982-FIH INT
Bruce Springsteen-Nebraska-1982-VhV iNT
Bruce Springsteen-Nebraska-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Bud Freeman-California Session-1982-UTB
Buddy Guy and Junior Wells-Drinkin TNT N Smokin Dynamite--Live-1982-aAF
Bunny Wailer-Hook Line N Sinker (Vinyl)-1982-RAC
Bunny Wailer-Trouble Is On The Road Again-(VLS)-1982-SSR
Burning Spear-Farover-CD-1982-RKS INT
Burning Spear-Live-1982-09-09-Staches, Columbus, OH
Burning Spear-Live-1982-09-24-Wolf & Rissmillers Country Club Reseda, Ca
Burning Spear-Live-1982-10-25-Starry Night, Portland, OR
Caetano Veloso-Cores E Nomes-BR-1982-100REAL
Calcutta Transfer-Calcutta Transfer 2-LP-SE-1982-DELTA
Cameo - Alligator Woman-(6480 079)-WEB-1982-BiNGO iNT
Cameo-Alligator Women-LP-1982-JCE
Candela - Love You Madly (AS 0682)-Vinyl-1982-Disc0
Captain Sinbad-The 7 Voyages Of Captain Sinbad-LP-1982-RKS
Captain Sinbad-The Seven Voyages of Captain Sinbad-VL-1982-RAC
Captain Sky-Them Changes-VLS-1982-JCE
Carl Carlton-Baby I Need Your Loving-VLS-1982-GCP
Carlton Livingston-100 Weight Of Collie Weed BW Soundman Clash-(12 Inch) VLS-1982-RKS
Carmen-Puppe Aus Glas-(SCHALL017)-LP-DE-1982-SnS
Cerrone-Cerrone 8 Back Track-WEB-1982-UVU
Change-Sharing Your Love (Original Album And Rare Tracks)-WEB-1982-ESG
Charlene And Stevie Wonder-Used To Be-VLS-1982-GCP
Charlie Chaplin - Presenting Charlie Chaplin-LP-1982-JAH
Charlie Chaplin-Presenting Charlie Chaplin-lp-1982-jah
Charlie Chaplin-Quenchie-LP-1982-JAH
Cheap Trick-One On One-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Chemise-She Cant Love You-WEB-1982-AZF
Cheri - Murphys Law (V-949)-VLS-1982-Disc0
Chic-Tongue In Chic-WEB-1982-LEV
Chico Freeman-Tradition in Transition-LP-1982-JCE
Cimarons - Big Girls Dont Cry VLS-1982-YARD
Cimarons-Big Girls Dont Cry-VLS-1982-YARD
Cinecyde-I Left My Heart in Detroit City-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Classix Nouveaux-La Verite-(1A06483269)-VINYL-1982-VULGAR
Claudia Mori-Non Succedera Piu-(104 094)-VINYL-IT-1982-B2A INT
Claudio Baglioni-Avrai-(CBS A 2546)-VINYL-IT-1982-B2A INT
Click Click-Run Me Down-(Vinyl)-1982-V0
Clint Eastwood-Step it Ina Zion-LP-1982-YARD
Cock Sparrer-Shock Troops-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Cockney Rejects-The Wild Ones-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Colin Newman-Not To (Remastered)-(4AD0016DA)-WEB-1982-MOHAWK
Corrosion Of Conformity-The 1982 Demos-1982-SDR
Creation Rebel-Independent Man Bw Creation Rebel (10 Inch on U Sound DP3)-VLS-1982-Gully
Creation Rebel-Lows and Highs-1982-DDP
Crosby Stills and Nash-Daylight Again-1982-MHQ INT
Crucifix-Nineteen Eighty-Four-EP-1982-SLiT
Cultural Roots-Drift Away From Evil VL-1982-RAC INT
Culture & Don Carlos - Roots & Culture (Jah Guidence)-1982-HiEM
Culture And Don Carlos-Roots And Culture-LP-1982-RKS
Culture And Don Carlos-Roots And Culture-LP-1982-YARD INT
Culture Club--Do You Really Want To Hurt Me-3403368-VINYL-1982-WUS iNT
Culture-Bad Dog Bw Disobedient Children-EP-1982-RAC iNT
Culture-Lion Rock-CD-1982-JAH
Curt Haagers-En Spannande Dag for Josefine-SE-1982-NoGRP
Cusco-Cool Islands-1982-UTB
Cusco-Planet Voyage-1982-aAF
D Train-Youre The One For Me-1982-SO INT
Dag Vag - 7 Lyckliga Elefanter-1982-MARjA INT
Daily Terror-Schmuzige Zeiten-1982-rH
Danny Ray-Spring Again-VLS-1982-JRO
Dave Brubeck Quartett-Live at Montreux-CD-1982-aAF
Dave Holland-Life Cycle-1982-JUST
David (Ziggy) Marley And The Melody Makers-What A Plot-VLS-1982-YARD
David Murray Octet-Ming-1982-aAF
Dazz Band - Keep It Live (On the K.I.L) (1622 MF)-VLS-1982-Disc0
Dean Frazer Ft. Mighty Diamonds-Ebony and Ivory-VLS-1982-YARD
DeBarge-All This Love-LP-1982-GCP
Delegation - What Took You So Long (104 145)-VLS-1982-Disc0
Delton Screechie-Living In The Ghetto Showcase-LP-1982-YARD INT
Delton Screechie-Suffering In The Ghetto-LP-1982-YARD
Deniece Williams-Its Gonna Take A Miracle-VLS-1982-GCP INT
Dennis Brown-Best Of Part1-LP-1982-YARD
Dennis Brown-If I Didn t Love You-VLS-1982-RKS
Dennis Brown-Love Has Found It s Way-LP-1982-RKS
Dennis Brown-Love Has Found Its Way (12 Inch AMSX-8226)-VLS-1982-Gully
Dennis Brown-Love Has Found Its Way-LP-1982-YARD
Dennis Brown-Love Light-VLS-1982-YARD
Dennis Brown-Stagecoach Showcase-LP-1982-JAH
Dennis Brown-Youthman-(7INCH ED008)-1982-CDB
Depeche Mode-A Broken Frame-1982-KSI
Descendents-Milo Goes To College-1982-EOS
Descendents-Milo Goes To College-1982-iRO
Descendents-Milo Goes To College-1982-rH INT
Descendents-Milo Goes To College-WEB-1982-COURAGE INT
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft - Fuer Immer (204 956)-Vinyl-1982-kiNky INT
Diana Ross-Silk Electric-1982-OSC
Diana-When Music Hits You Bw Combination-Feel No Pain (12 Inch)-VLS-1982-Gully
Dick Gaughan and Andy Irvine-Parallel Lines-1982-gF
Dick Walter-Kpm 1000 Series Foundations 2-(KPM 1289)-WEB-1982-gF
Dick Walter-Kpm 1000 Series Foundations-(KPM 1288)-WEB-1982-gF
Dick Walter-Kpm 1000 Series Love Stories-(KPM 1275)-WEB-1982-gF
Dick Walter-Kpm 1000 Series Pot Pourri-(KPM 1280)-WEB-1982-gF
Die Toten Hosen Mit Kurt Raab-Kriminaltango-VLS-DE-1982-SDR
Dillinger-Addis Ababa-VLS-1982-JAH
Dionne Warwick-Friends In Love-LP-1982-GCP
Dire Straits - Brighton 1982-Bootleg-1982-FKK
Dire Straits-Live at Wembley Arena 1982-2CD-1982-STAR
Dire Straits-Love Over Gold-(Remastered)-1982-EMG INT
Discharge-Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing-LP-1982-SLiT
Discharge-State Violence State Control-VLS-1982-SLiT
Divine--Shoot Your Shot (308208)-VINYL-1982-CMC INT
Djavan-Faltando Um Pedaco-BR-1982-100REAL
Dllegance - Chanson Dllegance (RAMSH 12-31101)-Vinyl-1982-EMP
Doe Maar-Doris Day En Andere Stukken-Retail CD-NL-1982-RKS
Dokken-Breaking The Chains-1982-iRO
Don Blackman-Don Blackman-LP-1982-SnS
Don Carlos - Day To Day Living-1982-HiEM
Don Carlos - Rootsman Party VLS-1982-RKS
Don Carlos and Gold-Them Never Know Natty Dread Have Him Credential-LP-1982-iSelf
Don Carlos and Gold-Them Never Know Natty Dread Have Him Credential-Vinyl-1982-MostHigh
Don Carlos and Gold-Them Never Know Natty Dread Have Him Credentials-LP-1982-RDGN INT
Don Carlos-Day To Day Living-1982-RAC
Don Carlos-Day To Day Living-LP-1982-RDGN INT
Don Carlos-Day To Day Living-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Don Carlos-Harvest Time-CD-1982-YARD
Don Carlos-Harvest Time-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Don Carlos-Never Run Away-VLS-1982-JAH
Don Carlos-Rootsman Party-VLS-1982-RKS
Don Carlos-Satamasagana-VLS-1982-JAH
Don Carlos-Tribulation (7 Inch ATT017)-VLS-1982-RAC
Donald And Lulu Davidson With The Wailers-Beautiful Garden-CD-1982-RAC
Donna Summer - I Feel Love (FEEL12)-VLS-1982-TR
Donna Summer-State Of Independence-VLS-1982-GCP
Downchild Blues Band-But Im on the Guest List (Live)-WEB-1982-TERSE
Dub Connection-D.C.Dub Connection-Vinyl-1982-RAC
Duet Emmo-Or So It Seems-12 Inch Vinyl-1982-AMOK
Duran Duran-Rio (Collectors Edition)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED
Eagles-Greatest Hits Vol 2-1982-MHQ INT
Earl 16-Julia-LP-1982-YARD
Earl 16-Reggae Rock-(VLS)-1982-SSR
Earl Cunningham-Jail House (12 Inch ACD-016)-VLS-1982-Gully
Earl Klugh and Bob James-Two of A Kind-1982-JCE
Earl Sixteen-Crazy Woman-VLS-1982-JAH
Ebba Groen-Ebba Groen 1978-1982-SE-1987-JESUS INT
Ebba Gron-1978-1982-SE-1987-FTM
Eddie Meduza - Domvaersta-1982-MrX
Eddie Money-No Control-LP-1982-ERP
Eddie Money-No Control-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Eddie Money-No Control-WEB-1982-MARR INT
Eddie Murphy-Eddie Murphy-Vinyl-1982-CMS
Eddie Shaw-Movin and Groovin Man-1982-JUST
Eddy Grant-Electric Avenue-(VLS)-1982-SO
Eddy Grant-I Dont Wanna Dance-12Inch Vinyl-1982-LiViTY
Eddy Grant-I Dont Wanna Dance-3704039-VINYL-1982-z0ne int
Eddy Grant-Time To Let Go-3704620-VINYL-1982-z0ne int
Edi Fitzroy And Roots Radics-Check For You Once-VL-1982-RKS
Edi Fitzroy-Check for You Once (MALP-001)-LP-1982-Gully
Edi Fitzroy-Check For You Once-LP-1982-RDGN INT
Eek A Mouse - Do You Remember VLS-1982-JAH
Eek A Mouse Bw Toyan-Do You Remember Bw Strictly The Dread-(Gred 88)-12INCH VINYL-1982-YARD
Eek A Mouse-Do You Remember-VLS-1982-JAH
Eek A Mouse-Sensimilla-VLS-1982-RAC
Eek A Mouse-Wa Do Dem (Volcano)-VLS-1982-RAC
Eek-A-Mouse-Buble Up Yu Hip-LP-1982-RDGN INT
Eek-A-Mouse-Skidip-LP-1982-RDGN INT
Egberto Gismonti-Sonho 70-(Serie Reprise)-Vinyl-1982-jAZzMan
El Coco-Collectables-WEB-1982-UVU
Elton John-Jump Up-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Ennio Morricone - Marco Polo OST-1982-XCell
Eric Burdon-The Unreleased Eric Burdon-1982-JUST
Eric Clapton-Time Pieces-1982-XY iNT
Eric Clapton-Timepieces The Best Of Eric Clapton-1982-NHH INT
Eric Donaldson-Come Away-1982-RAC
Erroll Alves-Sun Is Shining Bw Down In The Ghetto-(TF006)-12INCH VINYL-1982-Gully
Explorer--Explorer-(625087AP)-WEB-1982-BABAS INT
Fab 5 Freddy-Une Sale Histoire-VLS-FR-1982-TAK
Fad Gadget-Under the Flag-1982-AMOK
Fantasy-Sex And Material Possessions-WEB-1982-ESG
Fat Larrys Band - Zoom (WS9 03056)-VLS-1982-Disc0
Fat Larrys Band-Breakin Out-LP-1982-GCP INT
Fatman 2 - Tribute to Swing - Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination-1982-CMG
Fatman Riddim Section-Tribulation Dub-1982-RAC
Felix Riebl--Into The Rain-WEB-1982-WUS
Flamingokvintetten-Flamingo 13-LP-1982-Sn00py
Fleetwood Mac-Mirage-(Deluxe)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1982-MOHAWK
Fleetwood Mac-Mirage-1982-MHQ INT
Foghat-In The Mood For Something Rude-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Fonda Rae--Over Like A Fat Rat (0932.011)-VINYL-1982-CMC INT
Frank Zappa - Baby Snakes-1982-FKK INT
Frank Zappa-Baby Snakes-1982-DNR
Frank Zappa-Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch-1982-EOS
Frankie Paul-Rich And Poor-LP-1982-YARD
Frankie Paul-Sweet Reggae Music Bw Josey Wales-Drug Abusing (12 Inch)-VLS-1982-RKS
Freddie Mcgregor And Toyan-Roots Man Skanking-ReadNFO-VLS-1982-SPLiFF
Freddie Mcgregor-Big Ship Bw Come and Take it (12inch GRED-90)-VLS-1982-Gully
Freddie McGregor-Jah Help The People-VLS-1982-YARD
Freddie McGregor-Jumping Jack-VLS-1982-RAC
Freddie McGregor-Roots Man Skanking-LP-1982-YARD
Freddie Mcgregor-Rootsman Skanking-(VLS)-1982-SSR
Freddie Mckay-Harsh Words-Vinyl-1982-MostHigh
Freddie Mckay-In Times of Trouble (12 Inch LLDIS-204)-VLS-1982-Gully
Gary Moore-Corridors Of Power-1982-DNR
Gayle Adams-Love Fever-WEB-1982-ESG
GBH-City Baby Attacked By Rats-1982-SYN
GBH-City Baby Attacked by Rats-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Gemini Sound With Archie The Operator-Live At Skateland-VL-1982-RKS
Genesis-Marquee Club London 092782-2CD-1982-JUST
George Clinton-Computer Games-1982-FTD
George Duke-The 1976 Solo Keyboard Album-LP-1982-JCE
George Faith-Since I Met You Baby-LP-1982-PSM INT
George Winston-December-WEB-1982-ENRiCH iNT
Gerry Rafferty-Sleepwalking-1982-JUST
Gilberto Gil-Um Banda Um-BR-1982-100REAL
Gino Soccio - You Move Me (7-89975)-Vinyl-1982-Disc0
Giorgio Moroder-Cat People-OST-1982-D2H INT
Girlschool-Screaming Blue Murder-1982-aAF
Glenn Frey-No Fun Aloud-1982-JUST
Golden Earring-Cut-1982-JUST
Gordon Giltrap Band-Kpm 1000 Series Soundwaves-(KPM 1292)-WEB-1982-gF
Gottlieb Wendehals-Da Kommt Freude Auf-(Master Records)-Vinyl-DE-1982-jAZzMan
Grace Jones - Nipple to the Bottle (7-99963)-Vinyl-1982-Disc0
Graham De Wilde-Kpm 1000 Series Atmospheric Journeys 1-(KPM 1345)-WEB-1982-gF
Graham De Wilde-Kpm 1000 Series Duty Free-(KPM 1285)-WEB-1982-gF
Graham Preskett-Kpm 1000 Series Middle of the Road-(KPM 1281)-WEB-1982-gF
Grand Master Flash And The Furious Five-The Message-VLS-1982-FTD
Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five - Scorpio-(SHL 118)-Vinyl-1982-EMP
grandmaster flash and the furious five-the message-1982-ihh int
Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five-The Message-XViD-1982-iNT-CMS
Grandmaster Flash Ft Melle Mel-The Message (Vinyl)-1982-cLuBMP3
Greggory Isaacs with Roots Radics-Live-1982-08-21-The Roxy Hollywood-(Early Show)
Gregory Isaacs-Material Man Bw Night Nurse (10 Inch)-VLS-1982-RKS
Gregory Isaacs-Mr Isaacs-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Gregory Isaacs-Night Nurse (10 Inch 10WIP6800)-VLS-1982-YARD
Gregory Isaacs-Night Nurse (RETAIL CD)-1982-R2R INT
Gregory Isaacs-Night Nurse-CD-1982-R2R
Gregory Isaacs-Night Nurse-CD-1982-RKS INT
Gregory Isaacs-Night Nurse-Retail-1982-Recycled INT
Gregory Isaacs-Top Ten (7 Inch)-VLS-1982-Gully INT
Gunnar Graps And Magnetic Band-Rozy Dlya Papy-(Vinyl)-EE-1982-VERiTAS
Hades-Deliver Us From Evil-VLS-1982-FFWG INT
Hanoi Rocks - Oriental Beat-1982-SOP INT
Herbie Hancock-Lite Me Up-1982-IGR
Herbie Hancock-Quartet-Herbie Hancock-Quartet-CD-1982-MK2
Hernaldo Zuniga-A Tanto Fuego-ES-REMASTERED-WEB-1982-FREGON
High Energy - Hes A Pretender (1662 GF)-VLS-1982-Disc0
High Inergy-So Right-TAPE-1982-GCP
Hit-Rock and Roll Szerelem-Uveghegy-Vinyl EP-HU-1982-gF
Horace Andy Meets Naggo Morris And Wayne Jarrett-Mini Showcase-1982-RAC
Huang Chung-Ti Na Na-VLS-1982-GCP
Hugh Griffiths-Mother Africa (7 Inch)-VLS-1982-Gully
Hugh Madoo-Jamaazina Pop Style-VL-1982-RAC
Hugh Mundell - Mundell-CD-1982-JAH
Hugh Mundell-Live-1982-05-30-Keystone Berkeley, Ca
Hugh Mundell-Mundell-1982-JAH
Hugh Porter-Tonight Is The Night-VLS-1982-JRO
hurriganes-rockin hurriganes-1982-DDt
Ian Roots-Steppers-VLS-1982-YARD
Iggy Pop-Zombie Birdhouse (Special Edition)-2CD-1982-Ror
Imojah-Rockers From The Land Of Reggae-LP-1982-RAC
Incognito Rockers-Rad About You-Vinyl-1982-SDR
Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (SNY 5102)-Vinyl-1982-kiNky INT
Indeep-Last Night A DJ Saved My Life-(Vinyl)-1982-BUL INT
Indeep-Last Night A DJ Saved My Life-Vinyl-1982-UTE
Ingmar Nordstroms-Saxparty 9-1982-DuDE
Inner Life-Inner Life II-1982-IGR
Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast-1982-H4X INT
Iron Maiden-Live USA-(Bootleg)-1982-DNR
Iron Maiden-The Number Of The Beast-(Remastered)-1982-FTM
Iron Maiden-The Number Of The Beast-1982-DNR
Iron Maiden-The Number Of The Beast-1982-iRO
Iron maiden-the number of the beast-dvdrip-svcd-1982-mVa
Iron Maiden-The Number of the Beast-Remastered-1982-GORE
J Karjalainen Ja Mustat Lasit-Yo Kun Saapuu Helsinkiin-FI-1982-KALEVALA
J.B. Hutto-Slideslinger-1982-JUST
J.J. Cale-Grasshopper-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Jack Mack and The Heart Attack-Cardiac Party-1982-GCP
Jackie Edwards-King Of The Ghetto-LP-1982-FireSon
Jacques Prevert-L Opera Des Girafes-Vls-1982-A
Jaguar-Axe Crazy-(VLS)-1982-DNR
Jah B-Live Up-LP-1982-YARD INT
Jah Thomas Bw Anthony Johnson-Dance Hall Conection Bw Mystic Woman-(MR 009)-12INCH VINYL-1982-YARD
Jah Thomas-Dancehall Stylee-LP-1982-MostHigh
Jah Thomas-Shoulder Move-LP-1982-YARD
Jah Woosh-Chalice Blaze-(Limited Edition)-1982-0MNi
James Brown-Body Heat-Vinyl-1982-kHz
JAMES LAST - Greatest Melodies-1982-HSMp3
James Last-Mystique-1982-JUST
Janet Jackson-Janet Jackson-1982-OSC INT
Jasper Van T Hof-Visitors-LP-1982-D2H
Jean Carn-Trust Me-WEB-1982-ENRAGED
Jean-Michel Jarre - Les Concerts En Chine-1982-OiGnp
Jean-Michel Jarre - The Concerts in China-1982-TtR
Jeff Lorber-Its A Fact-LP-1982-JCE
Jefferson Starship-Winds Of Change-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Jermaine Jackson-Let Me Tickle Your Fancy-Promo VLS-1982-GCP
Jerry Goldsmith - First Blood (Intrada 1st Edition)-1982-SOP INT
Jerry Goldsmith-Poltergeist OST-LP-1982-JCE
Jezzreel-Rockers (Showcase Vol2 WACKIES WLP 1482)-Vinyl-1982-RAC
Jimmy Buffett-Somewhere Over China-1982-MHQ INT
Jimmy Cliff - Special-1982-ToXiCMP3
Jimmy Cliff-Speical-Retail CD-1982-Gully
Jimmy Page-Death Wish II-OST-1982-JCE
Jimmy Smith-Off The Top-LP-1982-GCP
Joachim Witt-Edelweiss-WEB-DE-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Johan Timman-Trip into the Body-1982-UTB
Johann Sebastian Bach-Conciertos De Brandemburgo 1 2 3-CD-1982-LiViTY
John Carpenter - Halloween 3 Season Of The Witch Soundtrack-CD-1982-CRUELTY
John Holt-Gold-(Vinyl)-1982-0MNi
John Holt-Let Your Love Flow-1982-HSACLASSiX
John Holt-Police In Helicopter (Volcano)-VLS-1982-RAC
John Holt-Sweetie Come Brush Me-1982-RAC
John Holt-Sweetie Come Brush Me-VLS-1982-RAS
John Klemmer-Blowin Gold-Promo 2LP-1982-GCP
John Lennon-John Lennon Collection-1982-EMG INT
John McMorris-Want Your Lovin-VLS-1982-YARD
John Surman-Such Winters of Memory-1982-JUST
John Williams-Aisle Seat-Great Film Music-1982-TiNU
Johnnie Ringo-Riding West-LP-1982-YARD
Johnny Cash-The General Lee-VLS-1982-SDR
Johnny Osbourne and Pappa Tullo-Rock and Come on Ya (12 Inch)-VLS-1982-Gully
Johnny Osbourne Bw Wayne Smith-Water Pumping Bw Music On My Mind-(DH 820)-12INCH VINYL-1982-YARD
Johnny Osbourne-Yo Yo-LP-1982-YARD
Johnny Osbourne-Yo-Yo-VLS-1982-YARD
Johnny Paycheck-The Best Of-(Tape)-1982-pLAN9x
Johnny Ringo-Pancoot-LP-1982-YARD
Johnny Ringo-Riding West-LP-1982-YARD
Jr. Walker and the All Stars-Greatest Hits-LP-1982-JCE
Judas Priest-Screaming For Vengeance-1982-DNR
Judas Priest-Screaming For Vengeance-1982-iRO
judas priest-screaming for vengeance-1982-satan int
Judy Mowatt And The One Vibe Band-Live-1982-11-13-Rissmillers Reseda, Ca
Judy Mowatt-Only A Woman-LP-1982-YARD
Jukka Tolonen-In A This Year Time-LP-1982-YARD
June Lodge Ft Prince Mohammed-Someone Loves You Honey-LP-1982-RKS
June Lodge-Someone Loves You Honey (7 Inch Ariola104394)-VLS-1982-YARD
Junior Dan-KTW Dub-LP-1982-RKS
Junior Delahaye-All I Need Jah-(12 Inch WACKIES LB782)-1982-RAC
Junior Delgado-More She Love It - Disco Style Showcase-VL-1982-RKS
Junior Delgado-Rich Man Poor Man Bw First on Sunday (12 Inch LLDIS 200)-VLS-1982-Gully
Junior Kimbrough - Do the Rump-CD-1982-UNiCORN INT
Junior Reid-Jail House (12 Inch KG008)-VLS-1982-YARD
Junior Reid-Mini Bus Driver-LP-1982-YARD
just four-jam to remember-vls-1982-jce
Kake Randelin-Huoleton-WEB-FI-1982-KALEVALA INT
Kalle Baah - Candles in the Dark-VLS-1982-BKT
Kalle Baah - In Roots-VLS-SE-1982-YARD
Kalle Baah-In Roots-Vinyl Single-1982-SRC
Kalle Baah-In Roots-VLS-SE-1982-YARD
Kansas-Vinyl Confessions-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
KC and the Sunshine Band-All in A Nights Work-LP-1982-iCU
Keith Mansfield-Kpm 1000 Series Blue Perspectives-(KPM 1283)-WEB-1982-gF
Keith Mansfield-Kpm 1000 Series Future Perspective-(KPM 1277)-WEB-1982-gF
Keith Mansfield-Kpm 1000 Series the Four Elements-(KPM 1284)-WEB-1982-gF
Keni Burke-Changes (Expanded)-WEB-1982-ENRAGED
Kim Carnes-Voyeur-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED
Kim Wilde-Select-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Kitaro-Silk Road I-(D35R0001)-CDA-1982-DARKAUDiO
Kleeer--Taste The Music-WEB-1982-WUS
Kleeer-Get Ready-WEB-1982-ENRAGED
Kleeer-Taste The Music-LP-1982-GCP
Knowledge-Stumbling Block-1982-RAC
Kohu 63-Lisaa Verta Historiaan-Vinyl-FI-1982-SDR
Komon Noriko-Hitori no Komoriuta-JP-VINYL-1982-DARKSiDERS
Kool and The Gang-As One-PROPER-LP-1982-GCP
Krokus-One Vice At A Time-1982-FTM
Krokus-One Vice At A Time-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
KSMB - Live-De E For Mycke-CDA-SE-1982-PLASTKASSEMP3
Kurtis Blow-Tough-(VLS)-1982-RAGEMP3
Lacksley Castell-Morning Glory (Proper)-LP-1982-YARD
Lacksley Castell-Morning Glory-1982-RAC
Laibach - Ljubljana-Zagreb-Beograd-1982-AMOK
Lama - Lama-FI-1982-SOP INT
Lasse Stefanz-Med Gaster 2-1982-Sn00py
Led Zeppelin-Coda-1982-iRO
Led Zeppelin-Coda-Retail-1982-Recycled INT
Lee Dorsey-All Ways Funky-LP-1982-WUS
Lee Perry-Presents Megaton Dub-LP-1982-YARD
Lee Van Cliff-Rock It To Me Twice-LP-1982-JAH
Leevi And The Leavings-Kadonnut Laakso-FI-1982-BOS
Leroy Hutson-Paradise (Remastered)-WEB-1982-ESG
Leroy Sibblis-Rock Steady Party-(GRN-12-82)-7INCH VINYL-1982-YARD
Leroy Smart-More Than A Million-7INCH VINYL-1982-YARD
Lime--Lime II-Vinyl-1982-dL
Linda Ronstadt-Get Closer-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Linval Thompson-Baby Mother Bw She Gone (12 Inch Jah Guidance VPRD111)-VLS-1982-YARD
Lionel Richie-Lionel Richie (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Lionel Richie-Lionel Richie-1982-C4 INT
Little John And Billy Boyo-Janet Sinclair (12 Inch GRED92)-VLS-1982-YARD INT
Little John-All Who Gone-VLS-1982-YARD
Little John-Gamblin-VLS-1982-YARD
Little John-Reggae Dance-LP-1982-RKS
Little John-Sometime Lover (10 Inch MA008)-VLS-1982-YARD
Logic System-Logic-(TEC-2005)-CDA-JP-1982-DARKAUDiO
Logic System-Orient Express-(TEC-2015)-CDA-JP-1982-DARKAUDiO
London Underground-Watching West Indians in the Cold (10 Inch on U Sound DP4)-VLS-1982-Gully
Lone Ranger-Badda Dan Dem-LP-1982-RKS
Lone Ranger-Badda Dan Dem-LP-1982-YARD
Lone Ranger-Collie Dub-VLS-1982-JAH
Lone Ranger-Jamaican Collie (12 Inch GG 100)-VLS-1982-Gully
Lone Ranger-Johnny Make You Bad So (12 Inch GRED 85)-VLS-1982-Gully
Lords Of The New Church-Open Your Eyes-Promo VLS-1982-GCP INT
Loudness-Burning Love-VLS-1982-EPK
Louie Lepkie-Willie Red-LP-1982-NoGrp
Love Joys-One Draw Sensimilla-VLS-1982-YARD
Lovindeer-Yellow Fellow-VLS-1982-YARD
Ludwig Hirsch-Bis Zum Himmel Hoch-CD-DE-1982-ALPMP3
Luie Lepki-Willie Red-VL-1982-RAC
Luis Miguel-1 Mas 1 2 Enamorados-SP-1982-iTS
Luther Allison-Southside Safari-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Mad Max - Mad Max-1982-MCA int
Mad Professor-Beyond the Realms of Dub-1982-JCE
Mad Professor-Dub Me Crazy Part 1-CD-1982-DDoS
Mad Professor-Dub Me Crazy Part 2-Beyond The Realms Of Dub-CD-1982-DDoS
Mad Professor-Dub Me Crazy-1982-JCE
Mad Professor-Dub Me Crazy-RETAIL CD-1982-R2R INT
Mahogany--Ride On The Rhythm (WES-1250)-Vinyl-1982-dL
Malcolm McLaren-Buffalo Gals Stampede (Roger Sanchez Mix)-SINGLE-WEB-1982-ENRAGED iNT
Manowar-Battle Hymns-1982-bfhmp3 int
Manowar-Battle Hymns-1982-HH
Manowar-Battle Hymns-1982-LAMB
Marcia Griffiths-Untrue Love-VLS-1982-JRO
Marie Marrian-How Can Love Be So Cruel-VLS-1982-JRO
Markku Aro-Suojassa Saman Auringon-WEB-FI-1982-KALEVALA
Marvin Gaye-Midnight Love-(CK 38197)-CD-FLAC-1982-EMG
Marvin Gaye-Sexual Healing-(CBSA2855)-7 Inch-VLS-1982-GCP
Marzio Dance DJ-The Adventure-(XN001)-Vinyl-1982-iDF
Masumi Hara-Imagination Exchange-(NUM5147DIGITAL)-WEB-1982-ENSLAVE
Matz Bladhs-Leende Dansmusik 82-1982-Sn00py
Max Edwards-Rockers Arena-LP-1982-YARD
Meditations-I Love Jah-VL-1982-RAC
Mellow Yellow And Young Ranks-Herpes Take Over-LP-1982-YARD
Mentors-Trash Bag-Vinyl-EP-1982-FFWG INT
Mercyful Fate - Mercyful Fate-(RCMD-002)-CDEP-1982-MCA int
Mercyful Fate-Mercyful Fate-EP-1982-AMRC
Metallica - Night of the Rivvit Heads-1982-ESK
metallica-bay area thrashers-(bootleg)-1982-dnr
Metallica-Live at the Waldorf-(Bootleg)-1982-SDC
Metallica-Night of the Rivvit Heads-1982-ESK
Metallica-No Life Til Leather-(Demo)-1982-EPK
Metallica-No Life Till Leather-Demo-1982-DFC INT
Metallica-Ron Mcgovneys Garage Demo-1982-grmg
Metallica-The Power Metal Demos-Bootleg-1982-EOS
Michael Jackson - Thriller-1982-FAF INT
Michael Jackson--Billie Jean-3403509-VINYL-1982-WUS
Michael Jackson-Music Me-CD-1982-iOM INT
Michael Jackson-Thriller-1982-DNR
Michael Jackson-Thriller-1982-GRM
Michael Jackson-Thriller-CD-1982-iOM INT
Michael Jackson-Thriller-TAPE-1982-GCP INT
Michael Prophet-Boom Him Up Now (12 Inch GRED87)-VLS-1982-YARD
Michael Prophet-In Disco Showcase-LP-1982-YARD
Michigan And Smiley-Downpression-1982-RAC
Michigan And Smiley-Downpression-1982-RUPT
Michigan And Smiley-Step By Step-LP-1982-YARD
Michigan And Smilie-Come When Jah Call You Bw Ghetto Man (12 Inch VPRD90)-VLS-1982-YARD
Mighty Diamonds-The Roots Is There-LP-1982-RKS iNT
Mike and Brenda Sutton-Dont Hold Back-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED
Mikey Dread-Dub Merchant-1982-RAC
Milos Kirschner Helena Stachova a spol.-Cirkus Hurvajz-WEB-CZ-1982-I KnoW
Ministry-1982-05-18 On Broadway Chicago-(Bootleg)-1982-V0
Ministry-1982-07-10 Clutchs Cargo Detroit-(Bootleg)-1982-V0
Minor Threat-Screaming At The Wall-Bootleg-1982-DeBT iNT
Miroslav Zbirka-Light Of My Life-LP-1982-UKW
Misfits-LA Woman-2CD-Bootleg-1982-SDR
misfits-walk among us-1982-dnr
Misty In Roots-Wise And Foolish-VL-1982-RKS
Misty In Roots-Wise And Foolish-VL-1982-SRC
Modern English-After the Snow-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Morwells Bingy Bunny-Keep it in the Family Bw Me and Jane (12 Inch CHAD46)-VLS-1982-Gully
Motley Crue - Too Fast for Love (Jap. Ed.)-1982-MCA int
Motley Crue-Live Wire-DVDRip-x264-1982-SRP
motorhead-iron fist-1982-dnr
Murray Head-Shade-WEB-1982-OND
Musical Youth-Give Love A Chance-VLS-1982-RKS
Musical Youth-Pass The Dutchie 12inch Club Version-VLS-1982-RKS
Musical Youth-Pass The Dutchie-MCA52149-VINYL-1982-z0ne int
Musical Youth-Pass the Dutchie-VLS-1982-SRC
Musical Youth-Pass The Dutchie-VLS-1982-YARD
Musical Youth-Pass the Dutchie-YOU1-VLS-1982-SLC iNT
Musical Youth-The Youth of Today-LP-1982-4581
Mussorgsky - Kazuhito Yamashita-Pictures At An Exhibition - Transcribed For Solo Guitar-1982-SNOOK
Mwanamke Mwfrika-African Woman Abroad(TAPE)-1982-UPR
Natural Roots-Know Yourself (12 Inch Fasim FS106)-VLS-1982-RAC
New York Dolls-Personality Crisis-EP-Vinyl-1982-SDR
Niccadeemos-Dance Hall Style-Vinyl-1982-MostHigh
Nick Lowe-Nick the Knife-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED
Nicodemus Toyan-DJ Clash-LP-1982-JRO
Nicodemus-Gunman Connection-LP-1982-JAH
Nicodemus-Hail Nico Dread-VLS-1982-Gully
Nicodemus-She Love it in the Morning (JJ-064)-LP-1982-Gully
Nikolas Asimos-O Ksanapes-GR-CD-1982-gmr
Nina Simone-Fodder on My Wings (2020 Reissue)-WEB-1982-ENRAGED
NON-Rise-12 Inch Vinyl-1982-FWYH
Obus-Ponderoso Como El Trueno-Belgium Import LP-SP-1982-RZB
One Way-Wild Night-LP-1982-GCP
Orkestr Pod Upravleniem Berta Kempferta-Pamyati Berta Kempferta-(C60-18281-2)-LP-1982-UKW
OST-Fast Times At Ridgemont High-1982-EOS
Oz-Oz (Heavy Metal Heroes)-1982-GRW
Ozone - Lil Suzy-(260 15 039)-VINYL-1982-EMP
Panzer-Al Pie Del Canon-Vinyl-1982-FFWG INT
Papa Bues Viking Jazzband-On Stage-1982-ALPMP3 INT
Papa King Kong-Pink Eye And Malaria-VLS-1982-YARD
Pat Benatar-Get Nervous-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Patrick Cowley--Mind Warp (RAMSH 5048)-Vinyl-1982-dL INT
Paul Davidson-Hard To Say I Am Sorry-VLS-1982-JRO
Paul Lekakis-Boom Boom-WEB-1982-ESG INT
Pellepepsperssons Kapell-Persson Sjonger Persson-LP-SE-1982-GCP
Perikles-Marie Marie-LP-1982-NoGRP
Peter And The Test Tube Babies-Pissed And Proud-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Peter Broggs-Rastafari Liveth-1982-GCP INT
Peter Criss-Let Me Rock You-1982-UNC
Peter Tosh-Jamaica World Music Festival Mobay-Cd-1982-JAH
Peter Tosh-Live-1982-05-11-The Roxy Los Angeles, USA (Early Show)
Peter Tosh-Live-1982-05-11-The Roxy Los Angeles, USA (Late Show)
Peter Yellow-Hot-LP-1982-YARD
Phil collins-i dont care anymore-svcd-1982-mVi
Phillip Frazer-In A Dancehall Style-LP-1982-YARD
Pippo Franco-Che Fico-(LUN 4926)-(45RPM)-VINYL-IT-1982-B2A INT
Pleasure-Give It Up-WEB-1982-UVU
Point Blank-On A Roll-1982-aAF
Prince Allah-Take My Love (7 Inch)-VLS-1982-TrT
Prince Far I-Live-1982-12-07-Manchester, England
Prince Far I-Virgin Bw Singers and Players-Danger (10 Inch on U Sound DP1)-VLS-1982-Gully
Prince Jammy - Presents Uhuru In Dub LP-1982-RKS
Prince Jammy And King Tubbys-His Majestys Dub-LP-1982-YARD INT
Prince Jammy-Destroys The Invaders-1982-RAC
Prince Jammy-Presents Uhuru In Dub-LP-1982-RKS
Prince-1999-1982-GCP INT
Problems - Katupoikia-FI-1982-SOP INT
Profil-Ich Liebe Dich-VLS-1982-radial
Q--The Voice Of Q (PWR-2007)-Vinyl-1982-dL
Q-Feel-Dancing In Heaven (Orbital Be-Bop)-(Single)-WEB-1982-ESG
Queen - Hot Space (Jap. Ed.)-1982-MCA int
Queen-Hot Space-CD-1982-iOM INT
R Stevie Moore-How Can You Resist R Stevie Moore-1982-WEBV0
Rachel Sweet-Blame It On Love-WEB-1982-MARR
Rainbow - Live Between the Eyes-1982-MCA int
Rainbow-Straight Between The Eyes-1982-DNR
Randy Crawford-Windsong-TAPE-1982-GCP
ranking dread-ranking dread in dub-vl-1982-rac
Ranking Dread-Shut Me Mouth (12 Inch GRED-82)-VLS-1982-Gully
Ranking Dread-Shut Me Mouth-VLS-1982-YARD
Ranking Lee-At The Dance-VLS-1982-JRO
Rappa Robert-Come In A Dis-LP-1982-YARD
Ras Clifton-Queen Of The Universe-(12 Inch WACKIES 3482)-1982-RAC
Ras Imru Asha - Marshall-12inch-1982-rac
Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus - Revelation-LP-1982-RAC
Ras Michael and The Sons of Negus-Revelation-LP-1982-RAC
Ray Parker Jr.-The Other Woman (Bonus Track Version)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1982-ESG
Raymond Naptali-Trouble Possee-LP-1982-JAH
Reggae George-Mix Up-LP-1982-JAH
Reggae Team-Reggae Team-LP-SE-1982-YARD
Reggie Griffin And Technofunk-Mirda Rock-(VLS)-1982-RAGEMP3
Ren Woods-Azz Izz-WEB-1982-ENRAGED
REO Speedwagon-Good Trouble-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Richard Allen Harvey-Kpm 1000 Series Unnatural Causes 1-(KPM 1282)-WEB-1982-gF
Richard Dimples Fields-If It Aint One Thing Its Another-VLS-1982-GCP
Rick James-Throwin Down (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1982-AMOR INT
Rick James-Throwin Down-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Ricky Grant-I Love Jah Rastafari-LP-1982-YARD
Riistetyt-Laki Ja Jarjestys-7Inch EP-1982-COR
Ringo-Eye Witness-LP-1982-YARD INT
Riot-Restless Breed-1982-DNR
Rita Marley-One Draw Bw Beauty of Gods Plan-VLS-1982-YARD
Robbie Robinson-The Time Is Right-LP-1982-JRO
Robert Schroeder-Galaxie Cygnus-A-LP-1982-NOiR
Rock Goddess - Heavy Metal Rock N Roll-Vinyl-1982-SOP INT
Rock Goddess-Heavy Metal Rock N Roll-12inch-Vinyl-1982-GRM
Rockers Revenge Featuring Donnie Calvin - Walking On Sunshine (SWRL 2203)-WEB-1982-TR
Rockers Revenge-The Harder They Come-VLS-1982-JCE
Rolf Trostel-Two Faces-WEB-1982-TosK
Roots Radics-At Channel One Kingston Jamaica-LP-1982-YARD
Roots Radics-Radicfaction-LP-1982-RAC
Rose Laurens-Africa-(721703)-VLS-FR-1982-CRAP4U
Ruddy Thomas and Susan Cadogan-Feel So Good-VLS-1982-JRO
Ruddy Thomas-Key To The World (12 Inch HD 42)-VLS-1982-Gully
Ruddy Thomas-Nice and Easy-VLS-1982-JRO
Rupa-Disco Jazz-WEB-IN-1982-ENRiCH
Rush - Signals-1982-MCA int
Ry Cooder--The Slide Area-CD-1982-WUS
Saga - In Transit-1982-KMA
Saga-in Transit-Live-1982-PRW INT
Sammy Dread-Is Mr Music-LP-1982-YARD
Sammy Dread-Is Mr Music-VL-1982-YARD
Sammy Dread-Road Block-CD-1982-JAH
Sanctus-Thy Disciples-Demo-Tape-1982-GRM
Saxon-The Eagle Has Landed-1982-DNR
Scientist-Encounters Pac Man-1982-RAC
Scientist-Encounters Pac-Man-1982-RAC
Scientist-Heavyweight Dub Champion-1982-RAC
Scientist-Seducer Dubwise-1982-RAC
Scorpions - Blackout-Remastered-1982-DXE
Scorpions-Blackout-Retail-1982-Recycled INT
Shalamar-Friends-LP-1982-GCP INT
Sharon Brown--Specialize In Love (PRO-5006)-Vinyl-1982-dL
Shirley and Lee-The Best Of-LP-1982-WUS
Sigi Schwab Chris Hinze Jasper Vant Hof-Total Musik-WEB-1982-UKW
Singers And Players - War of Words-VL-1982-RAC
Singers And Players-War Of Words-VL-1982-RAC
Sister Nancy-Chalice Bw Dance Pon The Corner (12 Inch Jah Guidance VPRD103)-VLS-1982-YARD
Sister Nancy-One Two-LP-1982-RKS INT
Sister Nancy-Transport Connection-VLS-1982-iLL
Slave-Visions Of The Lite-WEB-1982-AMOR INT
Slim Smith-The Very Best Of (PTPLP-1030)-LP-1982-Gully
Sly And Robbie-Crucial Reggae-(MLPS9730)-VINYL-1982-XXS iNT
Sly Dunbar-Sly-Go-Ville-VL-1982-RAC
Soeur Sourire-Dominique-(49883)-VINYL-1982-MAPHiA INT
Soft Cell-Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing-LP-1982-iCU
Sons Of Jah-Universal Message VL-1982-RAC
Sowell Radics-Wheel O Matilda-(SG 15)-12INCH VINYL-1982-YARD
Sowell Radix-Give Me Your Love (DATCD 011)-EP-1982-RAC
Spoons--Nova Heart-SRB020-VINYL-1982-WUS
Steel Mind-Bad Passion (Remixed Disco Version)-(DLM M25972)-VINYL-1982-DEF
Steel Pulse-True Democracy-CD-1982-JAH
Steel Pulse-True Democracy-LP-1982-SRC
Stefan Borsch - En Liten Fgel-LP-1982-RoLLe
Stefan Grossman-Kpm 1000 Series Blues and Ragtime Guitar-(KPM 1276)-WEB-1982-gF
Stephanie Mills-Tantalizingly Hot-TAPE-1982-GCP INT
Steve Roach-NOW-WEB-1982-UKW INT
Stiff Little Fingers-Now Then-1982-gF
Stiff Little Fingers-Now Then-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Storung-This Is Future-WEB-1982-CBR
Sugar And Spice-Sweet Loving (12 Inch)-VLS-1982-RKS
Sugar Minott-Dancehall Showcase Vol. 1-LP-1982-RAC
Sugar Minott-How Could I Let You Get Away (12 Inch Jah Guidance VPRD109)-VLS-1982-YARD
Sugar Minott-More Sugar-LP-1982-MostHigh
Sun Ra-Oblique Parallax-(Remastered)-WEB-1982-MOHAWK
Sunrize-Sunrize-LP-1982-GCP INT
Supercat - dance inna new york - vls-1982-rbk
Supertramp-Famous Last Words-1982-DuDE
Survivor - Eye of the Tiger (Jap. Ed.)-1982-MCA int
Susan Drake-Echoes Of A Waterfall Romantic Harp Music Of The 19th Century-TAPE-1982-KASSETA
Sylvester-All I Need-LP-1982-GCP
T.S.T.-Self Titled-LP-1982-hXc
Talking Drums-Courage-EP-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED
Talking Heads-The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads (Expanded And Remastered)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1982-MOHAWK
Tamlins-Hold on Bw Baby I Need You (12 Inch PL 007)-VLS-1982-Gully
Tank-Filth Hounds Of Hades-1982-DNR
Tank-Power Of The Hunter-1982-DNR
Tappa Zukie-Ragy Joey Boy-VL-1982-RAC
Tavares-New Directions (Bonus Track Version)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1982-ESG
Ted Nugent-Nugent-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Tenor Saw-Pumpkin Belly Bw Echo Minott-Original Fat Thing (12 Inch)-VLS-1982-Gully
The Abyssinians-Forward (1969-76)-LP-1982-UPR
The Aces-Dream Of Me-VLS-1982-JRO
The B. B. And Q. Band-All Night Long (2012 Expanded Edition)-WEB-1982-ESG
The Brothers Johnson-Welcome To The Club-VLS-1982-GCP INT
The Catsfield Steamers-Kpm 1000 Series Traditional Folk Music British Isles Vol. 1-(KPM 1286)-WEB-1982-gF
The Church-The Church-LP-1982-iCU
The Clash - Combat Rock-1982-EDGEiN
The Clash-Rock The Casbah-(VLS)-1982-DNR
The Creatures--Expansion-LAltro Mondo Studios-(SP31712)-WEB-1982-BABAS INT
The Crusaders-Royal Jam-2LP-1982-GCP
The Exploited-Troops Of Tomorrow-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
The Fatback Band-On The Floor-WEB-1982-AMOR
The Flirts--Jukebox (ORS 1001)-Vinyl-1982-dL
The Flirts--Passion Special Remixed Disco Version (RAMSH 12-3136)-VINYL-1982-CMC
The Gladiators-Babylon Street-1982-KN
The Gladiators-Reggae To Bone VL-1982-RAC
The Gladiators-Symbol Of Reality-1982-KN
The Gun Club-Miami-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
The Heptones-On The Run-LP-1982-RKS
The Isley Brothers--The Real Deal (SZ5 02985)-Vinyl-1982-dL
The Isley Brothers-The Real Deal-WEB-1982-ESG INT
The Melody Makers Ft David Ziggy Marley-What A Plot-VLS-1982-RKS
The Michael Schenker Group-One Night at Budokan (Deluxe Version)-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
The Mighty Diamonds and Toyan-Pretty Woman-(REG04)-VLS-1982-NOiR
The Mighty Diamonds-Changes-JA LP-1982-MostHigh
The Mighty Diamonds-The Roots Is There-LP-1982-JAH
The Mighty Diamonds-The Roots Is There-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
The Misfits-Evilive-WEB-1982-COURAGE INT
The Misfits-Walk Among Us-WEB-1982-COURAGE INT
The Nick Straker Band--Straight Ahead (PRL 8059)-Vinyl-1982-dL
The Nuptown Keys and Chorale-The Best Of Christmas-WEB-1982-UVU
The Pretenders--Back On The Chain Gang-9298407-VINYL-1982-WUS iNT
The Psychedelic Furs-Forever Now-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
The Rods-Wild Dogs-1982-CRock
The Rolands-Johnny Dollar-VL-1982-RKS
The Spinners-Grand Slam-LP-1982-GCP
The Steve Miller Band-Abracadabra-(7inch Vinyl)-1982-SO INT
The Time-What Time Is It-LP-1982-GCP INT
The Tradewinds-Cream Of The Crops-Carnival 82-LP-1982-JAH
The Viceroys-We Must Unite-VL-1982-RAC
The Wackies Rhythm Force-African Roots Act 2-1982-UPR
The Whispers-Emergency-VLS-1982-GCP
Theatre Of Sheep-Nacreous Caberet-WEB-1982-CBR
Third World-Try Jah Love Bw Inna Time Like This (12 Inch)-VLS-1982-Gully
Third World-Youve Got The Power-(Retail CD)-1982-RAS
Third World-Youve Got The Power-Vinyl-1982-SRC
Tinga Stewart And Yellowman-Just Cool Jack Sprat (12 Inch JC002)-VLS-1982-YARD
Tinga Stewart-Key To Your Heart (12 Inch)-VLS-1982-RKS
TNT - TNT-1982-NOR
Tom Petty-Long After Dark-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Tom Trick-Tom Trick-LP-1982-iCU
Tony Gregory-Gipsy Girl Bw I Need You Now (7 Inch)-VLS-1982-Gully
Tony Gregory-Gipsy Girl-VINYL-1982-z0ne int
Tony Tuff-Piece Of The Pie-VLS-1982-JAH
Tony Tuff-Tuff Selection-LP-1982-RAC
Total Chaos-There Are No Russians In Afghanistan-1982-SDR
Toto--Africa-3803335-VINYL-1982-WUS iNT
Toto-Toto IV-1982-LAMB
Toyan-Spar With Me-VL-1982-RAC
Toyan-Strictly The Dread-VLS-1982-JAH
Trance-Power Infusion-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Tristan Palmer-Rub A Dub Session Bw Your Friend (12 Inch Jah Guidance VPRD121)-VLS-1982-YARD
Triston Palma-Joker Smoker-VL-1982-RAC
Triston Palma-Rub A Dub Session (12 Inch VPRD112)-VLS-1982-YARD
Triston Palma-Show Case In A Roots Radics Drum Bass-VL-1982-RAC
Triston Palma-Touch Me Take Me-VL-1982-RAC
Triston Palmer-Fancyness-LP-1982-YARD
Triston Palmer-Joker Smoker (Midnight Rock)-VLS-1982-RAC
Trophy--Slow Flight-(ZZ20001)-WEB-1982-BABAS INT
Trouble Funk-Drop The Bomb-LP-1982-GCP INT
TSOL-Beneath The Shadows-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
TSOL-TSOL Weathered Statues-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
tuomari nurmio-punainen planeetta-FI-1982-DDt
Tupperware-La Chiave Del Successo-VINYL-1982-PiATEK
Twinkle Brothers-Underground-1982-MostHigh
Twisted Sister-Under The Blade-1982-DNR
Twisted Sister-Under The Blade-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
Tygers of Pan Tang - The Cage (Jap. Ed.)-1982-MCA int
U Roy-Hustlers Taking Over-VLS-1982-YARD
UB40-I Wont Close My Eyes-(12 Inch)-VLS-1982-YARD
UB40-I Wont Close My Eyes-(7 Inch)-VLS-1982-YARD
UB40-UB 44 (RETAIL CD)-1982-R2R INT
Ulf Lundell-Kar Och Galen-1982-DuDE
Ullanda McCullough-Watching You Watching Me-WEB-1982-ENRAGED
Ultravox-Reap The Wild Wind 12inch-Vinyl-1982-AMOK
Un Solo Pueblo-La Musica De Un Solo Pueblo Vol. 4-Vinyl-ES-1982-D2H
Unit 9-Delta-ViNYL-1982-DARKAUDiO
Uriah Heep - Abominog-1982-MCA int
Uroy-Love Gamble-LP-1982-TLC
VA - Jakub Jan Ryba Ceska Mse Vanocni-WEB-CZ-1982-mCZ
VA--Electric Dance Music (ZYX 60.001)-Vinyl-1982-dL INT
VA--Surprise Power (DB 8210)-Vinyl-1982-dL
VA--The Last Unicorn-OST-205732-VINYL-1982-WUS INT
VA-A Dee-Jay Explosion-1982-RAC
VA-Africa Iron Gate Showcase-LP-1982-YARD
VA-Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zit-LP-1982-hXc
VA-Bim Sherman Meets Horace Andy And U. Black-LP-1982-JAH
VA-Calling Rastafari-CD-1982-RAC
VA-Catch Dem Jah Jah Riddim-VL-1982-JAH
VA-Crucial Reggae-Driven By Sly And Robbie-RETAIL CD-1982-RKS
VA-DJ Clash Nicodemus Vs Toyan (GREL32)-LP-1982-Gully
VA-Dub Rockers Delight-LP-1982-YARD
VA-Going Your Way Riddim-VLS-1982-Gully
VA-Greensleeves (12 Inch GRED081)-VLS-1982-Gully INT
VA-Greensleeves (12 Inch GRED99)-VLS-1982-YARD
VA-Greensleeves 12 Inch (GRED 86)-VLS-1982-Gully
VA-Igraj Esche-(Vinyl)-RU-1982-VERiTAS
VA-Jah Guidance (12 Inch VPRD101)-VLS-1982-YARD
VA-Jah Guidance (12 Inch VPRD108)-VLS-1982-YARD
VA-Jah Guidance (12 Inch VPRD113)-VLS-1982-YARD
VA-Jah Guidance (12 Inch VPRD115)-VLS-1982-YARD
VA-Jah Guidance (12 Inch VPRD97)-VLS-1982-YARD
VA-Jah Guidance (12 Inch)-VLS-1982-YARD
VA-Junjo Presents A Live Session-LP-1982-YARD
VA-King Stur-Gav Hifi Lee Unlimited-LP-1982-YARD
VA-King Stur-Grav Hifi Lee Unlimited-LP-1982-YARD
VA-King Tubbys Vs Nasty Rockers-TAPE-1982-YARD
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Music for the Movies-(KPM 1274)-WEB-1982-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Nursery Rhymes-(KPM 1270)-WEB-1982-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Traditional Folk Music British Isles Vol. 2-(KPM 1287)-WEB-1982-gF
VA-Laser Reggae Hits-(LP)-1982-DON
VA-Little Harry vs Billy Boyo Dj Clash Volume 2-VL-1982-RAC
VA-Metal Maniaxe-Vinyl-1982-AMRC
VA-Moa Anbessa (10 Inch MA008)-VLS-1982-YARD
VA-O Comeco Do Fim Do Mundo-BR-1982-ATR
VA-Oak Sound 12 Inch (OSD 002)-VLS-1982-Gully
VA-Oneness (12 Inch One001)-VLS-1982-YARD
VA-Original Soundtrack from Countryman-1982-SRC
VA-Reggae Sunsplash 81 A Tribute To Bob Marley-Retail CD-1982-Gully iNT
VA-Rocky III Music From The Motion Picture-WEB-1982-ENTiTLED iNT
VA-Roots Reggae Party Vol 2-VL-1982-RAC
VA-Roots Reggae Party Vol. 2-LP-1982-YARD INT
VA-Shank I Sheck Riddim Vol 1-LP-1982-YARD
VA-Shank I Sheck Riddim Vol.1-LP-1982-YARD
va-shank i sheck riddim vol.1-lp-1982-yard-zeno
VA-Shoulder Move Riddim-VL-1982-RKS
VA-Sto Let Nazad Pesni Na Stihi Vladimira Haritonova-RU-REISSUE-LP-1982-UKW
VA-The Gladiators And Israel Vibration-Live At Reggae Soundsplash-1982-SRC
VA-The Hit Collection of the Eighties Vol.2-1982-VhV iNT
VA-The Yellow The Purple And The Nancy-GREL49-VLS-1982-KOA
VA-The Yellow The Purple And The Nancy-LP-1982-JAH
VA-Thompson Sound (12 Inch TS003)-VLS-1982-YARD
VA-Tribulation Riddim-VL-1982-JAH
VA-Unity Is Strength Vol 2-LP-1982-RKS
Vandenberg - Vandenberg (Jap. Ed.)-1982-MCA int
Viceroys-Jah Jah-VLS-1982-JAH
Vikingarna-Kramgoa Latar 10-1982-Sn00py
Violation-Meet Me at Midnight-VLS-1982-GRW
Voice of Progress-Mini Bus Driver-LP-1982-IHH INT
Wailing Soul-Soul And Power-LP-1982-RKS
Wailing Souls-Diamonds And Pearls Bw Papa Tullo-Sister Pearl (12 Inch)-VLS-1982-RKS
Wailing Souls-Kingdom Rise And Fall (10 Inch Jah Guidance JG011)-VLS-1982-RAC
War-Outlaw-LP-1982-GCP INT
War-You Got The Power-VLS-1982-GCP
Wayne Jarret-Garden Of Eden-VLS-1982-JAH
Wayne Jarrett-Bubble Up-LP-1982-RKS
Wayne Jarrett-Chippin-LP-1982-iLL
Wayne Smith-Youthman Skanking-LP-1982-RKS
Wayne Wade-Poor And Humble-LP-1982-YARD
Welton Irie-Army Life-LP-1982-MostHigh
Welton Irie-Musicians-VLS-1982-Gully
Whitesnake-Here I Go Again-DVDRIP-x264-1982-KLViD
Willie Williams and Jackie Mittoo - Come Along-EP-1982-YARD
Wizex-Some Girls and Trouble Boys-1982-NHK
Y and T - Black Tiger-1982-MCA int
Yabby U And The Prophets-African Queen-LP-1982-YARD
Yazoo-Dont Go-DVDRip-SVCD-1982-MV
Yellow Man-Soldier Take Over (7 Inch)-VLS-1982-Gully
Yellowman - Live At Reggae Sunsplash-1982-JUST
Yellowman And Fathead - One Yellowman-LP-1982-JAH
yellowman and fathead-bad boy skanking cd-1982-yard
Yellowman And Fathead-Bad Boy Skanking-CD-1982-YARD
Yellowman And Fathead-For Your Eyes Only-LP-1982-YARD INT
Yellowman And Fathead-Hold On To Your Woman-VLS-1982-SPLiFF
Yellowman And Fathead-Im Getting Divorce Bw Natty Dread Thing (12 Inch VPRD98)-VLS-1982-YARD
Yellowman and Fathead-Just Cool-1982-IHH INT
Yellowman And Fathead-One Yellowman And Fathead-LP-1982-JAH
Yellowman And Fathead-One Yellowman-LP-1982-JAH
Yellowman And Fathead-Operation Radication (12 Inch Jah Guidance VPRD93)-VLS-1982-YARD
Yellowman-Jack Sprat-LP-1982-RAC
Yellowman-Live At Reggae Sunsplash-1982-JUST
Yellowman-Mister Yellowman-1982-UAK
Yellowman-Mr Chin (7 Inch)-VLS-1982-Gully iNT
Yellowman-Them A Mad Over Me-CD-1982-RKS
Yellowman-Them A Mad Over Me-Retail CD-1982-R2R
Zodiac-Music in the Universe-LP-1982-KLV
Zowiso-At A Jogtrot To Death-Vinyl-1982-hXc

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