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Old Music Collection 1999 Part20
Collections | Author: Admin | 4-12-2020, 17:45
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Tony Rebel-Collectors Series Vol 2-1999-RAC
Tony Rebel-Collectors Series Vol. 2-RETAiL CD-1999-R2R
Tony Rebel-Collectors Series Vol.1-(CD)-1999-GMG
Tony Rebel-Collectors Series Vol.1-Retail CD-1999-RoW INT
Tony Rome-Diamond In Da Ruff-Promo-1999-FTD
Tony Roots-(7 Inch JW707)-VLS-1999-TrT
Tony Roots-Whats Wrong Mankind (7 Inch ROTS010)-VLS-1999-RAC
Tony Roots-Whats Wrong Mankind-VLS-1999-JRO
Tony-H - Sicilia (You Got It)-WEB-1999-iDC
Tony-H-Sicilia You Got It-(BXR 1065)-WEB-1999-iDF
Too Short-Cant Stay Away (Retail)-1999-RNS
Too Short-Cant Stay Away Clean Key Cuts-Promo Vinyl-1999-FrB
Too Short-Cant Stay Away-1999-FR3SH INT
Tool-Coachella Festival-1999-PMS
Topazz-New Millenium-(3610150094186)-WEB-1999-iDF
Topazz-The New Millenium-(BNOISE007P)-Vinyl-1999-MPX
Topi Sorsakoski-Evergreens-WEB-FI-1999-KALEVALA INT
tore-hei tony-(3610152517164)-web-1999-idf
Torgny Melins 15 Ar-1999-NHK
Tormentula-Submit Your Unworthy Soul-1999-GRW
Torn Apart-Ten Songs For the Bleeding Hearts-WEB-1999-ENTiTLED iNT
Torn Apart-The Fifty-Ninth Session-WEB-1999-ENTiTLED iNT
Torsion-Jacksons Private Zoo-(Vinyl)-1999-radial
Torsion-Jacksons Private Zoo-(Y017)-WEB-1999-TrT
Torture Squad-Asylum of Shadows-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1999-ENTiTLED
Tosca-Suzuki-EP-WEB-1999-ENSLAVE iNT
Toshfyasu Kagami - Beat Bang Black-EP-1999-TR
Total Bang - Lets Goooooo (Come On Everybody)-(541416 500205)-CDS-1999-SOB INT
Total Chaos-Electric Lady --EP-1999-SDR
Total Chaos-In God We Kill --1999-SDR
Total Eclipse - Access Denied-1999-PsyCZiNT
Total Eclipse - Access Denied-READNFO-1999-PsyCZ
Totale Eclipse - Access Denied-1999-PsSt
Touch And Go-Straight To Number One-(VVR5009823)-CDM-1999-iDF
Touche - Dinner In Heaven-CDM-1999-iDC
Touloulou-Theme Of Guts-Retail CDM-1999-ATRium
Toxic 101 - The Beat Is Strong-Vinyl-1999-BC
Toy Dolls-On Stage In Stuttgart-1999-DNR
Toy Dolls-The Wonderful World Of The Toy Dolls-1999-iRO
Toy Soldiers-March 1 (71-442)-Vinyl-1999-NRG
TPM-Trabalhar Para Morrer-BR-1999-rH
TQ-Bye Bye Baby-CDM-FLAC-1999-NBFLAC
TR 808 - I Saved The World Today-WEB-1999-iDC
Trace - Philadelphia Session Version 1-TAPE-1999-BOSS
Trace Decay - Dispersion-1999-PsyCZ NP
Trachtenverein Dreitherkogler Und Das Orig. Alpbachtal Sextett-Auf Zum Tirolerabend-DE-1999-ALPMP3
Tracie Spencer-Its All About You Not About Me-CDS-FLAC-1999-EMG
Traeum Suess - Kleine Geschichten Zur Guten Nacht-Audiobook-DE-1999-oNePiEcE INT
Traindodge-About Tomorrows Mileage-1999-r35
Trammps-Disco Champs Plus-1999-IGR
Trance Allstars - The First Rebirth (Taucher Edit)-DVDRip-SVCD-1999-SE
Trance Allstars - The First Rebirth-CDM-1999-E4QM iNT
Trance Allstars-the First Rebirth Part 1-Vinyl-1999-LIT
Trance Allstars-the First Rebirth Part 2-Vinyl-1999-LIT
trance allstars-the first rebirth (atb edit)-dvdrip-svcd-1999-se
Trance Allstars-The First Rebirth (DJ Mellow D Remix Edit)-DVDRiP-SVCD-1999-SE
Trance Allstars-The First Rebirth (Sunbeam Remix Edit)-DVDRiP-SVCD-1999-SE
Trance Allstars-The First Rebirth (Taucher Edit)-DVDRiP-SVCD-1999-SE
Trance Allstars-The First Rebirth-CDM-1999-Jpl
Trance Allstars-The First Rebirth-KONTOR093-WEB-1999-JUSTiFY iNT
Trance Control-Beyond 2000-WEB-1999-JUSTiFY iNT
Trance Genetic--Around Your Space-(PULSE 017)-VINYL-1999-CMC INT
Trance To The Sun-Urchin Tear Soda-WEB-1999-WV
Trance-Genic - Around Your Space-(POLL111)-WEB-1999-MMS INT
Trance-Genic--Around Your Space-(FIRST 003)-VINYL-1999-CMC INT
Trance-Genic-Around Your Space-(POLL 111)-WEB-1999-iDF
Trancesistor - Alaska-CDM-1999-XDS
Trans Megetti-Fading Left To Completely On-WEB-1999-ENTiTLED iNT
Trans Motion--The Fate-(BOY 8892-12)-VINYL-1999-CMC INT
Transa - Supernova. Transtar-(Xn4773)-Promo-Vinyl-1999-TDJ
Transgabber - Worrah-(DTN02)-WEB-1999-HCC
Translucid - Space Demon (HS 015)-EP-1999-gEm
Tranzit Sy and Unknown - Beautiful Stranger Welcome 2 the New Skool-(QSH027)-Vinyl-1999-PUTA
Tranzit - Sy and Unknown - Beautiful Stranger Welcome 2 the New Skool-(QSH027)-Vinyl-1999-BC
Trap-Remember Me-(802256 7007522)-WEB-1999-iDF
Trashbin - Face Modulation-(POLL118)-Vinyl-1999-BC
Trashbin - Face Modulation-(POLL118)-WEB-1999-MMS INT
Travis Haddix-Winners Never Quit-WEB-1999-TERSE
Travis-The Man Who (20th Anniversary Edition)-WEB-1999-ENTiTLED
Travis-The Man Who-1999-FaiLED INT
TRAX9912 Impulse Factory - Try to Make it Harder-(TRAX9912)-Vinyl-1999-BC
TRAX9912 Impulse Factory Meets Three Village and Hardcore Terrorists - Try to Make it Harder-(TRAX9912)-WEB-1999-BC
TRAX9913 The Stunned Guys - Element 3-(TRAX9913)-WEB-1999-HB INT
TRAX9914 The Stunned Guys And DJ Paul - Thrillseeka-(TRAX 9914)-Vinyl-1999-Homely INT
TRAX9914 The Stunned Guys and DJ Paul Elstak - Thrillseeka-(TRAX9914)-WEB-1999-HB
TRAX9914 The Stunned Guys And DJ Paul-Thrillseeka-Vinyl-1999-DOC
TRAX9915 The Reactor and Raoul meet Impulse Factory - Rock My World-(TRAX9915)-Vinyl-1999-BC
TRAX9915 The Reactor and Raoul Meet Impulse Factory - Rock My World-(TRAX9915)-WEB-1999-BC
TRAX9916 Lancinhouse Meets the Stunned Guys - Brain Confusion-(TRAX9916)-WEB-1999-BC
TRAX9917 Tommyknocker and Mc Lob-The Realm-(VLS)-1999-GMG
TRAX9918 Neophyte vs The Stunned Guys - The Music is Rising-(TRAX 9918)-WEB-1999-UNiCORN
TRAX9918 Neophyte Vs the Stunned Guys - The Music is Rising-(TRAX 9918)-WEB-REPACK-1999-UNiCORN
TRAX9918 Neophyte Vs. Stunned Guys - The Music Is Rising-(TRAX 9918)-Vinyl-1999-Homely INT
TRAX9919 Art of Fighters - The Beat Cant Change-(TRAX9919)-Vinyl-1999-HB INT
TRAX9919 Art of Fighters - The Beat Cant Change-(TRAX9919)-WEB-1999-BC
TRAXCD01 VA-Always Hardcore Vol 1-CD-1999-BPM
TRAXCD10 VA - History Of Hardcore I (TRAXCD10)-3CD-1999-DGN
TRAXCD11 VA - Always Hardcore Vol.6-2CD-1999-DGN
Tre-8-Armageddon-1999-CR INT
Trevor Jones-Cleopatra-(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)-WEB-1999-TSX
Trevor Rockcliffe--Pump The Rhythm (PRVL010)-VINYL-1999-CMC INT
Tribal Warriors-Devils cream-1999-QDP
Tribu Acustica-Tribu Acustica-IT-1999-rH
Tribulation All Stars-Dub Pressure-Tribulation Dub Vol.1-VL-1999-RAC
Tribulation All Stars-Positive Dub-Tribulation Dub Vol.3-VL-1999-RAC
Tricky Means (Sonata Arctica)-Fullmoon-Demo-1999-gf
Trife Wound-We Re Here-Vinyl-1999-FTD
Triflin Pac-College Park-(EP)-1999-RAGEMP3
Trigger - Live Stik Live-(STK024)-WEB-1999-BC
Trike - Polytron-(Gigolo 26)-Limited Edition Vinyl-1999-BLIZZARD
Trinity Garden Cartel-Id Rather Be Judged By 12 Than Carried By 6-1999-RAGEMP3
Trio Tirolerland-Deine Himmelblauen Augen-DE-1999-ALPMP3
Triple 6 Mafia-Underground Vol 1-1999-FiH iNT
Triple Darkness-Comin Up From Da Darkness-1999-RAGEMP3
Triple S - Fly with Me - 21st Century-CDM-1999-oNePiEcE
Triple S-Fly With Me - 21st Century (Remixes)-(4014235251270)-WEB-1999-iDF
Triple S-Fly With Me - 21st Century-(4250117600686)-WEB-1999-iDF
Triple S-Fly With Me-CDM-1999-ATRium
Triple S. - Fly with Me 21st Century (Remixes)-(KONTOR081)-WEB-1999-JUSTiFY iNT
Triple S. - Fly with Me 21st Century-(KONTOR078)-WEB-1999-JUSTiFY iNT
Triple Six Mafia-Underground Vol 2 Club Memphis-1999-FiH iNT
Triple X - Feel the Same-(7002855)-Vinyl-1999-BC
Triple X - Feel the Same-CDM-1999-oNePiEcE
Triple X-Feel The Same-(366158 5251347)-WEB-1999-iDF
Triple X-Feel The Same-CDM-1999-OND
Tripple Double-The Parable-1999-RAGEMP3
Tripple O.G.-O.G. Style-1999-CR INT
Tripple O.G.-O.G. Style-1999-RAGEMP3
Trish Murphy-Rubies On The Lawn-1999-ERP
Tristan - Audiodrome-(TWSCD09)-1999-MS INT
Tristan - Audiodrome-1999-OiG
Tristan - Audiodrome-1999-PTP
Tristan - Inside Out EP-1999-(eMission)
Tristan - The Temple and Stalking the Wild Controller-(TWST07)-Vinyl-1999-Angel
Tristan Palma-Let Them Talk-VLS-1999-JRO
Tristania-beyond the veil-1999-moe
Triumphator-Wings of Antichrist-1999-BBRC
Trivia - Speed Of Sound-1999-MS
Trivia - Speed of Sound-1999-PsyCZiNT
Trixxy - Mentasmission-(BB-17)-Vinyl-1999-NRG
Trixxy-Mentasmission Conquest-(BB017)-WEB-1999-EDML
Trixxy-Sunrise Hold On-(BB010)-WEB-1999-EDML
Troika - Faeries-A Realm Of Magic And Enchantment-(47322)-1999-NCR
trouble on vinyl-friction n nu balance-tov12036-1999-sour
trouble on vinyl-notorious j-tov39-1999-sour
trouble on vinyl-tov38-dj reality-1999-sour
Trouble On Vinyl-TOV39-Notorious J-1999-sour
Trouble On Vinyl-TOVLPCD02-Various Artists-Mission Control-1999-sour-int
Trouble Souljah-Ghetto Playarizm (Kentucky Killer)-1999-RAGEMP3
Trouble The Hoodrat-Murder Rapp-1999-RAGEMP3
Troublesome-More Girls-(MF-PRE-41)-7INCH VINYL-1999-YARD
Trouser Enthusiasts - Sweet Release-CDM-1999-NmE
Troy Brown--Music Nine-(FDCO-409)-Vinyl-1999-dh
Tru-Da Crime Family-2CD-1999-SO INT
Truant--Naked Ape BC-(REPAP 002)-Vinyl-1999-dh
Truck Stop - 25 Jahre on Tour-CD-1999-UNiCORN INT
True II Life-Lifestyles-(EP)-WEB-1999-ESG
true playaz-dj swift-tpr12022-1999-sour
True Playaz-TPR12020-Freestyles-Stronger EP-1999-sour
True Playaz-tpr12023-fuck the millenium ep-1999-sour
True Steppers-The Finest (INSP004)-Vinyl-1999-UKP
Trump Thight-Phase I-Earn Yo Keep-1999-CR
Trypticon - Technological Era E.P.-(G585)-Vinyl-1999-UPE
Trypticon-Abducted Soul-(G60-5)-Vinyl-1999-hM
Trypticon-Abducted Soul-(G60-5)-WEB-1999-hM
Trypticon-Technological Era EP-(G58-5)-Vinyl-1999-hM INT
Trypticon-Technological Era EP-(G58-5)-WEB-1999-hM
TS Mason - Eject-(JP9016)-Vinyl-1999-SOB INT
Tschabos - Und Die Bass Ist Oberlaut-(ACA005-12)-Vinyl-1999-BC
Tschabos - Und Die Bass Ist Oberlaut-(ACA005-12P)-Vinyl-1999-BC
Tsunami One And BT--Hip Hop Phenomenon (MAPA005)-VLS-1999-CMC
Tufaan and Mindfield--Green Nuns Remix EP (PTM32)-Vinyl-1999-dL
Tulus-Evil 1999-1999-VSM
Tuneboy - Heaven-(POLL120)-Vinyl-1999-BC
Tuneboy - Heaven-(POLL120)-WEB-1999-MMS INT
Tuneboy-Heaven-(POLL 120)-WEB-1999-iDF
Tunnel Vs Hypnoskull-Darkbeat Planet Reakt.Ammo-(Y011)-WEB-1999-TrT
Tupac featuring The Notorious B.i.g-The Here After-Aim4005CD-CD-1999-XTC iNT
Turbonegro-Darkness Forever-1999-DNR
Turbonegro-Darkness Forever-1999-TiS
Turbulence-My Way To Zion-VLS-1999-RKS
Turbund Sturmwerk-Weltbrand-1999-AMRC
Turmoil-The Process Of-WEB-1999-ENTiTLED iNT
Turntable Disciples - Vortex-(H2O30)-Vinyl-1999-BC
Turos Hevi Gee-Tuplaturo-2CD-FI-1999-TiPU
Tusken Raiders-Bantha Trax Vol 2-(ZIQ003)-WEB-1999-DEF INT
Tusken Raiders-The Motorbike Track-(ZIQ006)-WEB-1999-DEF INT
TV Junkeez Feat K.I.T.T.-Knight Rider-(42855CON)-CDM-1999-DBM INT
TV Junkeez Feat. K.I.T.T-Knight Rider-(42855CON)-CDM-1999-B2A INT
TV Junkeez ft. K.I.T.T.-Knight Rider-US037-WEB-1999-JUSTiFY iNT
TV Junkeez-Battlestar Galactica-(B922010-01)-VINYL-1999-B2A INT
TV Smith-Channel Five-REMASTERED-1999-SDR
TV40 Punisher-You Are Hardcore-(TV040)-Vinyl-1999-BNP
Twelve Hour Turn-The Victory of Flight-WEB-1999-ENTiTLED iNT
Twelve Tribes-As Feathers to Flowers and Petals to Wings-WEB-1999-ENTiTLED iNT
Twenty 4 Seven Featuring Stay-C - Ne Ne-CDS-1999-iDC
Twilight Circus Dub Soud System-Dub Plates Vol.2-1999-RAC
Twilight Circus Sound System--Horsie-1999-sb
Twilight Guardians - Tales Of The Brave-1999-MAD
Twilightning-Change of the Scepter-Demo-1999-KMS INT
Twin-Bring Back The Funk-(CLUB 05-99)-VINYL-1999-iDF
Twinteam--Together-(BT-002)-VINYL-1999-CMC INT
Twista-Legit Ballin-1999-EGO
Two Eleven-Prophecy Fullfilled-1999-RAGEMP3
Two Lone Swordsmen--A Virus With Shoes-1999-sb
Two Powers - Whatever You Want-WEB-1999-iDC
two16 vinylgroover - time (remixes)-two 16-vinyl-1999-gl
two17 vinylgroover - rainbows no way back-two 17-vinyl-1999-gl
two18 dj force & the evolution - perfect dreams (remixes)-two 18-vinyl-1999-gl
two19 select - ray of light the best days-two 19-vinyl-1999-gl
two20 hyperdrive - stars fall down-two 20-vinyl-1999-gl
two21 select - the realm happiness-two 21-vinyl-1999-gl
two22 sound assassins apple mac - all together real high real fast-vinyl-1999-gl
two23 vinylgroover - rain on me-two 23-vinyl-1999-gl
two24 elevate - the love all you see and hear-two 24-vinyl-1999-gl
two25 hardcore masters - golden fields-two 25-vinyl-1999-gl
TWOLTD1 Techno-Phobic - The Rave Theme-TWOLTD1-Vinyl-1999-GL
TWOLTD2 Vinylgroover - Take It From The Groove-TWOLTD2-Vinyl-1999-GL
TWOLTD3 The Collective - The Collective EP-TWOLTD3-Vinyl-1999-GL
TWOLTD4 Vinylgroover - Power Play-TWOLTD4-Vinyl-1999-GL
TWOLTD5 Select - You Will Be Mine Always In My Dream-TWOLTD5-Vinyl-1999-GL
TWOLTD6 DJ Destiny - Feel Real Flying Strawberries-TWOLTD6-Vinyl-1999-GL
TWOLTD7 Sound Assassins - Sweet Dreams (Remix) Synths N Stuff-TWOLTD7-Vinyl-1999-GL
TWOLTD8 Elevate DJ ABH - The Love (Remix) Gabba Island-TWOLTD8-Vinyl-1999-GL
Type O Negative - Everything Dies-Promo-1999-SYN
Type O Negative-Circus Stockholm-Bootleg-(160)-1999-Xtf INT
Type O Negative-Green With Envy-Bootleg-1999-EOS
Type O Negative-Live at Bizarre Festival GER-1999-GRM
Type O Negative-Live at Bizarre-Bootleg-(160)-1999-Xtf INT
Type O Negative-Live in Cleveland OH 1-Bootleg-1999-Xtf INT
Type O Negative-Wolf Moon-Bootleg-1999-MOE
Type O Negative-World Coming Down-1999-AMRC INT
Type O Negative-World Coming Down-1999-DNR
Type O Negative-World Coming Down-1999-EOS
Type O Negative-World Coming Down-1999-GRM
Type O Negative-World Coming Down-1999-TBR
Type O Negative-World Crashing Down-Bootleg-(128)-1999-Xtf INT
Tyrese-Sweet Lady-CDM-FLAC-1999-LoKET
Tyrome - The Underground-(DO513)-320kbps Vinyl-1999-PUTA
Tystion-EP Toys-WEB-1999-ENRAGED
Tystion-Shrug Off Ya Complex-WEB-1999-ENRAGED
U God-Turbulance BW Dats Gangsta-(VLS)-1999-JCE
U Roy-Wake The Town-RETAIL CD-1999-R2R
U-God-Dats Gangsta bw Shell Shock-Promo VLS-1999-FrB
U-God-Golden Arms Redemption-1999-EMG INT
U-God-Golden Arms Redemption-1999-RNS
U-Roy - Version of Wisdom-(Retail CD)-1999-HiEM iNT
UB40-Labour Of Love III-1999-DNR
UB40-Labour Of Love III-1999-RNS
udo-No limits-vbr-1999-AFB INT
UFO Presents Contact-Ray Keith-UFOLP001-1999-SOUR
Ufo Waves - The Balloon 99-(UFO006)-(VLMX258)-Vinyl-1999-BC
UFO-Contact Limited Edition-2CD-1999-BPM
UGK-Trill Azz Mixez-(Bootleg)-1999-CR INT
Ugly Duckling-Fresh Mode (Reissue)-1999-GCP INT
Ugly Kid Jay - The Day the Earth Caught Fire-(DOSE053)-Vinyl-1999-BC
Ul Team Atom-1er Volet-Mixtape-FR-1999-iHH INT
Ultim-Power-Fais Gaffe Ou Tu Marches-FR-1999-H5N1
Ultima Thule-Soerjd Och Saknad-CDS-Limited Edition-1999-WS
Ultimate Fakebook-This Will Be Laughing Week-WEB-1999-ENTiTLED iNT
Ultimo Rausea-Selftitled-CDM-1999-rH
Ultra Milkmaids-Vorelay Relay-1999-FWYH
Ultra Shock-The Sound Of E-(TTX 2015 CD)-CDM-1999-B2A INT
Ultra Shock-The Sound Of E-(TTX 2015)-VINYL-1999-B2A INT
ultra violet-chromatix-ultra02-1999-sour
Umbilical Chord - Glass Fibre And Mined Form The E.P.M. (Cluster 28)-Vinyl-1999-kiNky
Umek - Nodlocnost (12SPIEL07)-Vinyl-1999-kiNky INT
Umek--Lanicor (KUPEC 01)-VINYL-1999-CMC INT
Umek-Consumer Recreation-(KUPEC001)-Vinyl-1999-TR
Umek-Nodlocnost-(12SPIEL07)-Vinyl-1999-kiNky INT
Umkra-Mize 002-(MIZE002)-Vinyl-1999-TrT
Uncle Head and Mr Kue Dog-Just The 2 Of Us-1999-RAGEMP3
Unconditional-Magic Fett-(0063)-CDM-1999-iDF
Under Threat-Hipostasis-1999-D2H
Underestimated-Gettin It Off My Chest-1999-RAGEMP3
Underfire Recordings-Blazin-1999-sour
Underfire Recordings-Blazin-CD Rip-1999-sour
Underfish - Its My Beat-CDM-1999-149
Underfish-Get Up-(J&Q41-00)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Underfish-Its My Beat-CDM-1999-funteek
Underground Connection - Waterloo-(NOIZE010)-Vinyl-1999-CHC
Underground Cuts-Vol 5-UC003-BOOTLEG-VINYL-1999-XTC
Underground Cuts-Vol 6-UC006-BOOTLEG-VINYL-1999-XTC
Underground Warriors-Blue-(ZYX9072-8)-CDM-1999-iDF
Underground-Dope From Tha D-1999-RAGEMP3
Underworld - Bruce Lee-Vinyl-1999-NBD
Underworld--King of Snake-JBO5005826P-VINYL-1999-WUS
Underworld--King of Snake-JBO5008796-VINYL-1999-WUS
Underworld--King of Snake-JBO5009806-VINYL-1999-WUS
Underworld--push upstairs (JBO5005446)-EP-1999-CMC
Underworld--Push Upstairs-JBO5006216P-VINYL-1999-WUS
Underworld--Push Upstairs-JBO5006376P-VINYL-PROPER-1999-WUS
Underworld--Push Upstrairs-JBO5006376P-VINYL-1999-WUS
Underworld-Beaucoup Fish-1999-iRO
Underworld-Beaucoup Fish-1999-RNS
Underworld-Diving Through The B-Sides Vol 2-Bootleg-1999-NSR
Underworld-Jumbo-(JBO5008313)-CDM-1999-WLTN INT
Underworld-King Of Snake (2nd Remix EP)-(JBO)-Vinyl-1999-MK2
Underworld-King of Snake-CDM-1999-USF INT
Underworld-King of Snake-JBO5008793-CDS-1999-XTC
Underworld-Push Upstairs-JBO5006173-CDS-1999-XTC
Undiluted-DJ Kane and Genotype-VDUD003-1999-sour
Unearth-Above the Fall of Man-(EP)-1999-BUTT INT
Unisex - Jon 2000-CDM-HU-1999-ADR
United Deejays For Central America - Too Much Rain-Retail CDM-1999-KSPRT
United Deejays For Central America-Too Much Rain-CDM-1999-C4A
United Rave Orchestra-Auferstanden Aus Ruinen (The Anniversary Mixes)-(SFT 0169)-WEB-1999-iDF
United States Of Belt--Sparkle Night Mojave-.Champ Records.-1999-HiT2000
Unity Klan-One Day-WEB-1999-ESG
Universal Voice Feat. Guax-If You Believe-(SBD 017-99)-READ NFO-Vinyl-1999-DWM
Unkle - Be There-CDS-1999-tronik
Unknown - Secrets of Asia-(BLU012LTD)-Vinyl-1999-HB
Unknown Artist--Untitled-(RSN 01)-Vinyl-1999-mbs
Unknown Artist-Che Roba-(PWR60199)-VINYL-1999-iDF
Unknown Artist-I Need To Dance-(STRUT001)-Vinyl-1999-RHYTHMIC
Unknown Artist-Washmachine-(CB18)-Vinyl-1999-TrT
unknown-brinta ep-unknown-1999-sour
Unknown-Supreme Sanction (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)-DVD-1999-DECRyPTED
Unknown-The cage-1999-sour
Unkutt A.M. Records Presents The Senate-Flawless Vol.1-1999-RAGEMP3
Unlimited Beat - The Hits Of George Michael-CDM-1999-iDC
Uno Da Playa-Elevation-1999-RAGEMP3
Unreal Tournament-OST-1999-R3D
Untidy Djs - The Colours Ep-EP-1999-NBD
Up-Date-Buster-(SRCDM 53595)-CDM-1999-iDF
Upside Down-Do Gory Nogami-PL-1999-hXc
Uptown Superstars-No More Dreams-1999-RAGEMP3
Ural 13 Diktators and DJ Skip--Helsinki-Chicago Connection EP-(U13002)-Vinyl-1999-dh int
Uranium ft Alexandra - Virtual Reality-(71-476)-Vinyl-1999-BC
Urban Dub-Communicate-RETAiL CDM-1999-R2R
Urban Flavour-Justice-UF12013-1999-sour
Urban Flavour-Parallax-UF12014-Vinyl-1999-uC
Urban Takeover-Mulder-URBTAKE017-Vinyl-1999-uC
Urban Takeover-Mulder-URBTAKE17-1999-OSM
Urban Takeover-Rayner-URBTAKE016-1999-sour
Urban Takeover-Sonic Perfection-URBTAKE15-Vinyl-1999-uC
Urban Takeover-Swerve-URBTAKE014-Vinyl-1999-uC
Uriot-Fit Like Man-1999-iTS
Ursula 1000-Very Leggy-EP-Vinyl-1999-CMS
US Bombs-Put Strength in the Final Blow-Buy US Bombs-WEB-1999-ENTiTLED iNT
US Bombs-The World-WEB-1999-ENTiTLED iNT
US Toxic-Portland Game 4 Sale-1999-RAGEMP3
User - 08 (USER 08)-Vinyl-1999-kiNky
User - User 02-EP-1999-TR
User-User 04-(USER04)-Vinyl-1999-HQS
Usie - Scratch Tune (MX023)-Vinyl-1999-NRG
Usschi Classen--Reach Out-(PAP040)-WEB-1999-dh int
usual suspects live at lifeforce 1 year anniversary-1999-sour
Usual Suspects-Contortion Killa Bees-(RH16)-WEB-1999-PRESCRiPTiON INT
Usual Suspects-Spawn Hole Punch-(RH017)-WEB-1999-1KING
Usual Suspects-Spawn vs Hole Punch-RH17-WEB-1999-MKD
V Anderson--Monorail-(BUSH 1068)-VINYL-1999-CMC INT
v recordings-krust and bio mechanics-v030-1999-sour
V Recordings-V031-jagged edge-1999-sour
V Recordings-VELPRMX01-Planet V remixes-1999-sour
V-Jagged Edge-V031-1999-sour
V-Planet V remixes-VELP02RX1-1999-sour
V-Svetov Album-CDR-SK-1999-gF
V.A.-Xterminator presents MILKDUB-1999-RAC
v2 music-bm funkster-vvr5008506-1999-sour
VA - 10 Jaar VTM (89-99)-2CD-NL-1999-HB
VA - 4th Flight - Velocity-1999-MYCEL iNT
VA - 538 Dance Smash Hits After Summer 99-CD-1999-HB INT
VA - 538 Dance Smash Hits Spring-CD-1999-HB INT
VA - 538 Dance Smash Hits Winter-CD-1999-HB INT
VA - A Capitol Rockabilly Party Part 1-1999-ZnorK
VA - A Party Is For Life Not Just For Xmas-1999-MS
VA - A Progress in Trance-(HQ)-(TRANR624CD)-1999-ZAiK iNT
VA - A Progress in Trance-1999-Angel
VA - A Progress in Trance-1999-gEm INT
VA - A Taste of Dragonfly Vol 3-(Retail)-1999-Byble
VA - A Taste of Dragonfly Vol 3-1999-mycel int
VA - A Taste Of Dragonfly Vol.3-(NTD90319-07)-1999-ZAiK iNT
VA - A Taste of Dragonfly Volume 3-1999-omfg
VA - A Taste Of Free Form 1-1999-PsyCZiNT
VA - A Taste of Free Form 1-1999-zEn
VA - A Taste Of Freeform Vol.1-1999-Angel
VA - A Taste of Nephilim Vol 2-Retail-(320)-1999-Byble
VA - A2 Power Compilation Vol 5-(491926 2)-1999-ZzZz INT
VA - Abe Duque Presents Disko B. (DB86CD)-1999-gEm INT
VA - Acid Drops Vol 1-2CD-(Retail)-1999-Byble
VA - Acid Drops Vol 2-2CD-(Retail)-1999-Byble
VA - Acid Drops Vol 3-2CD-(Retail)-1999-Byble
VA - Acid Drops Vol 4-2CD-(Retail)-1999-Byble
VA - Acid Flash Vol 10-(NTD9290424)-2CD-1999-Angel
VA - Acid Flash Vol 10-2CD-(Retail)-1999-Byble
VA - Acid Flash Vol. 10-2CD-1999-gEm INT
VA - Acid Traxx Vol 2-2CD-1999-gEm
VA - Adrenalina Vol. 4-MAG-CD-1999-FERiCE
VA - Adrenalina Vol. 5-MAG-CD-1999-FERiCE
VA - Adrenalina Vol. 6-MAG-CD-1999-FERiCE
VA - Adrenalina Vol. 7-MAG-CD-1999-FERiCE
VA - All Time Rock N Roll - Do You Remember-1999-ZnorK
VA - Always Coca-Cola Enjoy The Real Thing Part 1-CD-1999-HB
VA - Always Hardcore Vol.6-2CD-1999-DGN
VA - Ambient Spirit Earth-1999-gEm
VA - Annex 2 (Tresor 109CD)-1999-HTiNT
VA - Arsim On Acid-1999-OiG
VA - Ascension-1999-UPE
VA - Astronomic Trance-1999-MS
VA - Australian - The Hardcore Edition V-CD-1999-TRa
VA - Australian The Hardcore Compilation 3-(2107027)-CD-1999-BC
VA - Australian The Hardcore Compilation 4-(2107072)-CD-1999-BC
VA - Baja Beach Club 4-CD-1999-HB INT
VA - Balla Italiano Compilation-CD-IT-1999-iDC
VA - Bass D and King Matthew in the Mixcd-1999-SViK
VA - Beach Power-CD-1999-HB INT
VA - Best Dance 1999 Volume 3 (Club Edition)-2CD-1999-HB
VA - Best of Destination Goa-2CD-1999-PTP
VA - Best of Dream Dance-2CD-1999-LOSSLESS
VA - Best of Foxmix 1-1999-Records INT
VA - Best Of Funkymix 3-2CD-1999-XXS
VA - Beyond Freedom Beyond Dignity-(BMR002)-Vinyl-1999-iND
VA - Bhakti Unreleased Psychedelic Tracks-1999-gEm
VA - Boa Sound Of BTM-PROPER-2CD-1999-MYCEL
VA - Boa Trance 3 2CD-1999-MS
VA - Boccaccio Life Beat Festival 1-(BB0399104-2)-CD-1999-TRa INT
VA - Boundaries of Imagination Mixed by Armin van Buuren-1999-LOSSLESS
VA - Bpitch Control Volume 2 (BPC 003)-EP-1999-CMC
VA - Bravo Hits 21-2CD-1999-WUFF INT
VA - Bravo Hits 24-2CD-1999-WUFF INT
VA - Bravo Hits 25-2CD-1999-WUFF INT
VA - Bravo Hits 26-2CD-1999-WUFF INT
VA - Bravo Hits 27-2CD-1999-WUFF INT
VA - Bravo Hits Vol.21-2CD-1999-WUFF INT
VA - Bravo Hits Vol.25-2CD-1999-WUFF INT
VA - Bravo Super Show 99-2CD-1999-HB
VA - Buddha-Om Mani Padme Hung-2CD-1999-PsyCZnP
Va - burning man 98degrees under the sun-1999-eGs
VA - Burnt Out-1999-KMx
VA - Byte Progressive Attack 2-(BP019904-12)-Vinyl-1999-PUSi
VA - Byte Progressive Attack 3-(BP019912-12)-Vinyl-1999-SOB
VA - Byte Progressive Attack 3-CD-1999-FD
VA - Cafe Del Mar Retrospective-1999-ESK
VA - Caribbean Eclipse-1999-gEm INT
VA - Caribbean Eclipse-1999-kNAS
VA - Chaishop 001-1999-UPE iNT
VA - Chaishop-1999-gEm
VA - Chakra Blue - A Psychedelic Trance Compilation Vol 2-(NTD91122)-1999-Angel
VA - Chakra Blue - A Psychedelic Trance Compilation Vol2-1999-NBD
VA - Chakra Green-(HQ)-(NTD91124-19)-1999-ZAiK iNT
VA - Chakra Green-1999-OiG
VA - Chakra Green-1999-PsyCZ iNT
VA - Chakra Green-1999-PTP
VA - Cherry Moon Retro Classics Volume 1-1999-HB INT
VA - Cherry Moon the Compilation Vol 10-(CM48005)-CD-1999-SOB INT
VA - Cherry Moon the Compilation Vol 11-(CM48008)-CD-1999-SOB INT
VA - Chill Out Vol. 3 Voyages Into Trance And Ambient-2CD-1999-gEm INT
VA - Christmas 2000-(AS5815)-CD-1999-SOB
VA - Clubber's Guide To... Trance Mixed by ATB-1999-LOSSLESS
VA - Clubtrance 99 Vol 1-CD-1999-HB INT
VA - Clubtrance 99 Vol 2-CD-1999-HB INT
VA - Colors of Trance Vol 1-(BF88002)-1999-Angel
VA - Cosmic Communications-1999-MS
VA - Dance And Disco 11-CD-1999-iDC
VA - Dance and Disco Vol 14-1999-RoM
VA - Dance and Disco Vol 8-1999-RoM
VA - Dance Machine Volume 17-(197-0922)-1999-ZzZz
VA - Dance Therapy-Session 1-1999-PsyCZnP iNT
VA - Dance Trends Volume 2-2CD-1999-HB INT
VA - Dance Trends Volume 3-2CD-1999-HB INT
VA - Dance Trends Volume 4-2CD-1999-HB INT
VA - Dance Trends-2CD-1999-HB INT
VA - De Apres Skihut 2-CD-1999-HB INT
VA - De Apres Skihut 3-CD-1999-HB INT
VA - Deck Wizards - DJ Dede - Enhanced Reality-1999-PsyCZ iNT
VA - Deck wizards Vol 6 Dj Dede - Enhanced Reality-(Psychic-Deli)-1999-gEm
VA - Deliver The Decoder (HD6)-EP-1999-TR
VA - Destination Goa - the Eighth Chapter-2CD-1999-PsyCZiNT
VA - Destination Goa Best Of-2CD-1999-Chris
VA - Digitale-1999-gEm
VA - Disco Alegria 1999 Vol I (Carpas and Terracitas)-WEB-1999-ZzZz
VA - Disco Alegria 1999 Vol II (Caribe and Latinos)-WEB-1999-ZzZz
VA - Discomagia 2000 3-CD-1999-iDC
VA - DJ Markski - Ski Mix 1-1999-ER
VA - DJ Markski - Ski Mix Vol 3-1999-ER
VA - DJ Networx Vol 02 2CD-1999-SNUDDAS
VA - DJ Networx Vol 03 2CD-1999-SNUDDAS
VA - DJ Networx Vol 04 2CD-1999-SNUDDAS
VA - DJ Networx Vol. 2-2CD-3rd Ed.-1999-EMP
VA - DJ Networx Vol. 3-2CD-3rd Ed.-1999-EMP
VA - Dj Networx Vol. 4-2CD-3rd Ed.-1999-EMP
VA - DJ Tiesto Presents Magik 3 - Far From Earth-1999-TWCMP3 iNT
VA - DJ Tiesto Presents Magik 4 - A New Adventure-1999-TWCMP3 iNT
VA - DJ Tiesto Presents Space Age 2.0-1999-TWCMP3 iNT
VA - Docklands - A State of Mind 2-1999-PTP
VA - Docklands - A State Of Mind Vol 2-(LRR252242)-1999-Angel
VA - Double Dipped-1999-HiEM INT
VA - Double Dipped-1999-PTP
VA - Dr Hu Volume 15-1999-RBK
VA - Dragonfly Records-Psychedelic Trance-2CD-(Retail)-1999-VL iNT
VA - Dragonfly Records-Psychedelic Trance-PROMO-1999-UPE
VA - Dream Dance Vol 11-2CD-1999-iND
VA - Dream Dance Vol 12-2CD-1999-BMI
VA - Dream Dance Vol 12-2CD-1999-Trackfix-GULD
VA - Dream Dance Vol 13-2CD-1999-NBD
VA - Dream Dance Vol 14-2CD-1999-NBD
VA - Dreamland 2000 Volume II-2CD-1999-ATRium
VA - East Co. Co. Records Presents Northern Expozure Vol. 1-WEB-1999-KNOWN iNT
VA - Edges R Fun-1999-gEm
VA - Eesti Hit 14-EE-1999-dEr
VA - Electrosect-(ATOM003CD)-1999-ZAiK iNT
VA - Electrosect-1999-MYCEL iNT
VA - Electrosect-1999-OiG
VA - Elektronische Musik Aus Buenos Aires-(Traumcd1)-1999-CROMiX
VA - Endless Wave Theme From Norefjell-(BH110)-WEB-1999-MMS
VA - Enhanced Reality-READ NFO-LP-1999-gEm
VA - Excerpts form the Chillspace-(MPCD28)-1999-PsyCZiNT
VA - Excerpts From The Databass 2-1999-gEm INT
VA - Excerpts From The Databass Vol 2-(SPVD0632)-PROPER-1999-Angel
VA - Extreme 2000 Compilation-(SORL-DB079)-CD-1999-BC
VA - Extreme Sound Israeli Psy - Trance-1999-PsyCZ
VA - Fifth Flight - Maelstrom-(AFRCD18)-1999-NCR iNT
VA - Fifth Flight - Maelstrom-(AFRCD18)-1999-PSL
VA - Fifth Flight Maelstroem-1999-gEm INT
VA - Fill Your Head With Phantasm Vol. 5-1999-gEm INT
VA - Flying Rhino-5th Flight-Maelstrom-1999-MS
VA - Fourth Flight - Velocity-(AFRCD16)-1999-PSL
VA - Fourth Flight - Velocity-1999-OiG
VA - Fourth Flight Velocity-1999-gEm INT
VA - Fourth Flight-Velocity-(HQ)-(AFRCD16)-1999-ZAiK iNT
VA - Frequency (PRO003)-EP-1999-TR
VA - Friends Again-1999-SOP INT
VA - Full On 2-The Israeli DAT Mafia-1999-PsyTagger
VA - Full On 3 Audio Extras-1999-MS
VA - Full On Vol 3 - Audio XTZ-1999-OiG
VA - Fun De Siecle Volume 1-2CD-1999-HB INT
VA - Fuse Presents Dave Clarke-3EP-1999-TR
VA - Fusion Vs Confusion-2CD-(EXOCD06)-1999-NCR
VA - Future Musik Presents Tech America Vol. 1-(FMR002)-VINYL-1999-NRG
VA - Future Trance Vol 07-2CD-PROPER-1999-FiSKPiNNE INT
VA - Future Trance Vol 08-2CD-1999-iND
VA - Gabberbox 10-(FGR01-3416-2)-WEB-1999-VELOCiTY
VA - Gabberbox 11-(FGR01-3432-2)-3CD-1999-BC
VA - Gabberbox 11-(FGR01-3432-2)-WEB-1999-VELOCiTY
VA - Gabberbox 12-(FGR01-3443-2)-3CD-1999-BC
VA - Gabberbox 12-(FGR01-3443-2)-WEB-1999-VELOCiTY
VA - Gabberbox 13-(FGR01-3453-2)-3CD-1999-BC
VA - Gabberbox 13-(FGR01-3453-2)-WEB-1999-VELOCiTY
VA - Gabberbox Presents Hardcore X-Mas Party-(FGR01-6455-2)-WEB-1999-VELOCiTY
VA - Gabberbox Presents Hardcore X-Mas Party-1999-HcH
VA - Gabberdome Volume 8-(FGR01-2445-2)-WEB-1999-VELOCiTY
VA - Gary D Pres D Trance 12-3CD-1999-Records INT
VA - Global Ascendance-1999-eMi
VA - Global Psychedelic Trance Vol 5 (Spirit Zone 054) (320)-2CD-1999-JA INT
VA - Global Psychedelic Trance Vol 5-2CD-1999-gEm
VA - Global Psychedelic Trance Vol. 5-2CD-1999-gEm INT
VA - Global Psychedelic Trance Vol.5-2CD-1999-OiG
VA - Global Underground 007 New York mixed by Paul Oakenfold-1999-LOSSLESS
VA - Goa Head Vol.8-2CD-1999-DMM iNT
VA - Goa Head Volume 7-2CD-1999-BVR
VA - Goa Mix on Evosonic Radio-1999-zEn
VA - Goa Trance - Psychedelic Flashbacks Vol 2-4CD-(TRIPBX 2)-1999-NCR
VA - Goa Trance 5-1999-UPE
VA - Goa Trance Psychedelic Flashbacks 2-4CD-1999-PsyCZ iNT
VA - Goa Trance R.I.P-1999-PtSl
VA - Goa Trance Vol.10-3CD-1999-iDC
VA - Goa Trance Volume 8-2CD-1999-FD
VA - Goa-Head Vol. 7-2CD-1999-gEm INT
VA - Goa-Head Vol. 8-2CD-1999-gEm INT
VA - Goa-Head Vol. 9-2CD-1999-gEm INT
VA - Goa-Head Vol.7-2CD-1999-Angel
VA - Goa-Head Vol.8-2CD-1999-Angel
VA - Goa-Head Vol.9-2CD-1999-Angel
VA - Goa-Visions - Psychedelic Trance Vol. 1-2CD-1999-PsyCZ
VA - Goa-Visions - Psychedelic Trance Vol. 1-2CD-1999-PsyCZ-VBR
VA - Goa-Visions Psychedelic Trance Vol. 1-2CD-1999-gEm INT
VA - Golden Super Stars the 80s-Retail-1999-BLZMP3
VA - Goliath Part 4 Mixed By DJ Tatana-(Ltd.Ed.)-1999-HiEM
VA - Goliath Part 5 Mixed By DJ Nonsdrome-1999-HiEM
VA - Greatest Hits Of The Millennium 80s Vol 1-3CD-1999-aAF
VA - Greatest Hits Of The Millennium 80s Vol 2-3CD-1999-aAF
VA - Greatest Hits Of The Millennium 90s Vol 2-2CD-1999-aAF
VA - Greatest Hits Of The Millennium 90s Vol 3-2CD-1999-aAF
VA - Greatest Hits Of The Millennium Addon-2CD-1999-aAF
VA - Groeten Uit Salou 2-CD-1999-sTARiN
VA - GU 001 Tony De Vit Tel Aviv-2CD-1999-tronik
VA - GU 007 Paul Oakenfold New York-2CD-1999-tronik
VA - Halluci Nations(TIPWCD01)-1999-OiG
VA - Halluci-Nations-1999-gEm INT
VA - Halluci-Nations-1999-kNAS
VA - Hardcore 2000-(EVCD 007)-CD-1999-[V2]
VA - Hardcore for the Headstrong-(H2OHCD1)-CD-1999-BC
VA - Hardcore Innovations-1999-NBD
VA - HardcoreXmas Party Vol.1-CD-1999-HcRe
VA - Headacheriddimvol.2-CD-1999-2GCREW
VA - Heavy Machinery-1999-FS
VA - Heavy Machinery-1999-gEm
VA - Het Beste Uit De Mega Top 100 Van-2CD-1999-SmR
VA - Hidden Rooms 2-(CERT18CD004)-1999-BEATP0RT
VA - History Of Hardcore I (TRAXCD10)-3CD-1999-DGN
VA - Hit Mania Dance Estate 1999-PROPER-CD-1999-iDC
VA - Hitclub (The Very Best Of 99)-2CD-1999-HB INT
VA - Hitclub 1999 Volume 2-CD-1999-VLGMP3
VA - Hitzone 5-CD-1999-HB INT
VA - Hitzone 6-CD-1999-HB INT
VA - Hitzone 7-CD-1999-HB INT
VA - Hitzone Best Of 99-2CD-1999-HB INT
VA - Holdin' On Ghetto People (Remixes)-(IMP066)-Vinyl-1999-GL
VA - Hotel Costes Vol 1 Mixed By S. Pompougnac-1999-smc-int
VA - Hovek Olam-1999-PsyCZ
VA - Huipputahtien Ykkoshitit-FI-1999-SOP INT
VA - Hyperstate-Copenhagen Trance Edition-1999-CHR
VA - Illusion Delta Edition-2CD-1999-KTMP3iNT
VA - Illusion Gamma Edition-2CD-1999-KTMP3iNT
VA - Illusion Omega Edition-2CD-1999-KTMP3 INT
VA - In Search of Sunrise 1 Mixed by Tiesto-1999-LOSSLESS
VA - Infected Trance Volume II-(Bootleg)-1999-ATRium
VA - Infinite Excursions 3-(TIPWCD02)-1999-Angel
VA - Infinite Excursions Vol.3-(HQ)-(TIPWCD02)-1999-ZAiK iNT
VA - Interactive - The Best Of Tsuyoshi-1999-MS
VA - Irresistible Meltdown-1999-PsyCZiNT
VA - Irresistible Meltdown-Compiled by Antaro-(HQ)-(SZR061CD)-1999-ZAiK iNT
VA - Isra-Aliens-(128)-1999-MS
va - israel on trance-1999-upe
VA - Israels Psy Trance Vol I-1999-KMA
VA - Israels Psychadelic Trance 4-Album-CD-1999-2DB
VA - Israels Psychedelic Trance 4-1999-OiG
VA - Israels Psychedelic Trance Vol 4-1999-eMi
VA - Israels Psychedelic Trance Vol. 4-1999-gEm INT
VA - Israliens - Futuristic Psy-Trance for the Year 2000-(HMCD04)-1999-Angel
VA - Italo Energy Classics-CD-1999-iDC
VA - Joker Records-(JOKER54-2VINYL)-1999-DRUM
Va - Jump 99-CD-1999-PUSI
VA - Kennzeichen D 82-TAPE-DE-1999-RAiN
VA - Kennzeichen D 83-TAPE-DE-1999-RAiN
VA - KiKi Riddim (Vinyl)-1999-RBK
VA - Knuffelrock 8-2CD-1999-HB INT
VA - Kompakt Total 1-(KOM 10-2Vinyl)-1999-DRUM
VA - Kruder And Dorfmeister Rarities G-Stone Limited-CD-1999-BOSS INT
VA - L Ete Des Hits (Vol4)-(197 172-2)-CD-1999-ZzZz
VA - La Plus Grande Discotheque Du Monde Vol 19-(197 247-2)-1999-ZzZz
VA - Legends On Acid Part 1-1999-UPE INT
VA - Lemon 1 - Thank God Its Friday-1999-ATRium
VA - Lepakon Hautajaiset 12-13.11.1999-Live-FI-1999-SOP INT
VA - Liberator Djs Radio On One John Peel Session-READ NFO-CDM-1999-gEm
VA - Limitlessness-1999-gEm
VA - Liquid Dub Vol 7-(BFLCD36)-1999-Angel
VA - Live at Goliath 8 Mixed by Angy Dee-CDA-1999-QBTeam
VA - Los And Bailados 3-3CD-1999-iDC
VA - Lovefield - Earth Spirits-1999-SCF
VA - Luxus LP 001 (LUX 001LP)-2EP-1999-TR
VA - Makina Makina Makina-(32-796)-WEB-1999-VELOCiTY
VA - Mashed Mellow Grooves-1999-MS
VA - Maximum Dance 01-1999-TNX
VA - Maximum Dance 02-1999-TNX
VA - Maximum Dance 03-1999-TNX
VA - Maximum Dance 04-1999-TNX
VA - Maximum Dance 05-1999-TNX
VA - Maximum Dance 06-1999-TNX
VA - Maximum Dance 07-1999-TNX
VA - Maximum Dance 08-1999-TNX
VA - Maximum Dance 09-1999-TNX
VA - Maximum Dance 10-1999-TNX
VA - Maximum Dance 11-1999-TNX
VA - Maximum Dance 12-1999-TNX
VA - Media Markt Collection The 70s-3CD-1999-L2M
VA - Mega Dance 1999 Volume 1-CD-1999-KnBr
VA - Mega Dance 1999 Volume 2-CD-1999-KnBr
VA - Mega Dance 1999 Volume 3-CD-1999-KnBr
VA - Mega Dance 1999-2CD-1999-KnBr
VA - Megahits 99 Die Zweite-2CD-1999-Records INT
VA - Megarave 99-(MR012)-2CD-1999-SOB INT
VA - Millenium 2000-(READ NFO)-1999-MfG
va - millenium allstars (nyc allstar djs)-mixtape-1999-chrs
VA - Millennium Club Compilation Release One-(220100-2)-Limited Edition-2CD-1999-ZzZz INT
VA - Mini Max 2000-(NMCD 1103)-1999-ZzZz
VA - Mixmania 1999 Volume 04-CD-1999-KTMP3int
VA - Mixmania 1999 Volume 05-CD-1999-KTMP3int
VA - Mixmania 1999 Volume 06-CD-1999-KTMP3int
VA - Mixmania 1999 Volume 07-CD-1999-KTMP3int
VA - Mm Twelve Inch-(MM 061)-WEB-1999-UNiCORN
VA - Modern 80s The Best Of Discopop Volume 2-2CD-1999-HB INT
VA - Modern 80s The Best Of Discopop Volume 3-2CD-1999-HB
VA - Modern 80s The Best Of Discopop Volume 4-2CD-1999-HB
VA - Move-X Dance Awards 1999-2CD-1999-HB
VA - Mr Music Hits No.01-12-1999-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.01-1999-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.02-1999-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.03-1999-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.04-1999-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.05-1999-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.06-1999-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.07-1999-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.08-1999-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.09-1999-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.10-1999-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.11-1999-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.12-1999-TNX

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