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Dance Tracks January 2016 Part7
Dance | Author: Admin | 21-03-2016, 15:12
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08-alexandra stan - i did it mama (fedo mora and oki doro remix)
09-alexandra stan - i did it mama (jack mazzoni remix)
10-alexandra stan - i did it mama (matthew bee remix)
01-anthonys games - sunshine love (dance original 12-inch version)-zzzz
02-anthonys games - sunshine love (bi-bi version original 12-inch version)-zzzz
03-anthonys games - theme from sunshine love (original 12-inch version)-zzzz
04-anthonys games - sunshine love (dance edit original 12-inch version)-zzzz
01-dj rocca and fred ventura - looking for love-zzzz
02-dj rocca and fred ventura - looking for love (italoconnection remix)-zzzz
03-dj rocca and fred ventura - looking for love (noia dub remix)-zzzz
04-dj rocca and fred ventura - looking for love (dubstrumental version)-zzzz
05-dj rocca and fred ventura - looking for love (italoconnection instrumental remix)-zzzz
01-djane housekat and rameez - ass up (radio version)
02-djane housekat and rameez - ass up (extended version)
03-djane housekat and rameez - ass up (club mix)
04-djane housekat and rameez - ass up (groove coverage remix)
05-djane housekat and rameez - ass up (martin van lectro remix)
01-gregory tank - thats just how you are (dj combo radio edit)-zzzz
02-gregory tank - thats just how you are (dj combo extended mix)-zzzz
01-jack perry - alegria (radio edit)
02-jack perry - alegria (extended)
01-johanna-when love comes (radio edit)
02-johanna-when love comes (monroe and moralezz remix edit)
03-johanna-when love comes (monroe and moralezz remix)
04-johanna-when love comes (blaikz remix edit)
05-johanna-when love comes (blaikz remix)
01-juicy m feat endemix - skies (i dont wanna come down) (radio edit)-zzzz
02-juicy m feat endemix - skies (i dont wanna come down)-zzzz
01-koos en de donderstenen - uren door (wij gaan niet slapen)-sob
01-last night feat fly project - next to you (radio edit)-zzzz
02-last night feat fly project - next to you (extended version)-zzzz
01-mario chris feat eleonora la luna - whos got your love tonight (original mix)-zzzz
02-mario chris feat eleonora la luna - whos got your love tonight (extended mix)-zzzz
01-marsal ventura and gerox - take my hand (radio edit)-zzzz
02-marsal ventura and gerox - take my hand (extended)-zzzz
01-paul de laat - troela oh troela (partymix by dj mora)-sob
01-tube tonic and dave cansis-take control (radio edit)
02-tube tonic and dave cansis-take control (mason tyler remix edit)
03-tube tonic and dave cansis-take control (special d remix edit)
04-tube tonic and dave cansis-take control (club mix)
05-tube tonic and dave cansis-take control (mason tyler remix)
06-tube tonic and dave cansis-take control (special d remix)
01-ben oa-3
02-diego palacios-lost eden (kurt rk remix)
03-the unikorns and leseux-dark metter
04-riky lopez-chacho (jona marrero remix)
05-ann streichman-come to my house (luke stanger remix)
06-conrad product-neither feet nor head
07-ann streichman-you (da productor remix)
08-sam greycious-krunk
09-ann streichman-come to my house (kurt rk remix)
10-k beatz-girlfriend (conrad product remix)
11-luke stanger-this house (hector villanueva remix)
12-riky lopez-disaster (luke stanger remix)
13-conrad product-neither feet nor head (luke stanger remix)
14-antonio ruiz-titan
15-luke stanger-this house (house this remix)
16-techno phobia-shake brake
17-tim jackman and david t boy-white square (kephee remix)
18-carles radikal-back at school
19-luke stanger-frequency
20-k beatz-technical ghost
21-the unikorns and leseux-dark metter (hector villanueva remix)
22-acidtoyz-route etoilee (jason heat remix)
23-k beatz-technical ghost (da productor remix)
25-riky lopez-amenophis (luke stanger remix)
26-dsom-questionable character
27-k beatz-girlfriend (da productor remix)
28-david t boy-mirna (knique remix)
29-luke stanger-the muzik
30-mickey destro-hot mess
01-deorro ft adrian delgado and madeleine jayne-unspoiled perfection
02-inpetto-no more serious faces (2015 mix)
03-oliver heldens-juggernaut (original mix)
04-antonio giacca-alright 2015
05-green velvet-suga
06-kolsch-der alte
07-celeda-the underground
08-oliver heldens-buzzer
09-mario fischetti-everywhere (panda remix)
10-jumpstar ft ron carroll-we did alright (club mix)
11-moiez ft larcy-illusions
12-culture code ft elex-never let go (extended mix)
13-mr gonzo-got this feeling
14-the golden boy ft tailor-epiphany (copy paste soul remix)
15-adam rickfors-moogville
16-ian jay-get back
17-ciszak-feeling good
18-soundcheck-take me away (house of virus remix)
19-havana dub-feedback
20-saccao-garage acid
21-sam supplier ft jamie lewis-cant get enough (archie b remix)
23-dirty freek-all i need
24-krewzell-my love is real
25-aerreo-black satellites
26-dave silcox-roll out
27-anonimous-move down
28-lenny fontana-chocolate sensation (special request remix)
29-quiet disorder-something
30-simon portman-reload
31-villapic-looking for a way
32-steve andreas-underrated
33-silko-built to last (ft seri)
35-natema-i need your love
36-jecque and connell ft jessica sly-i dont need you
37-hairitage-just cant dance no more
38-farouk sendal-sinchon
39-spencill-wait 4 u
41-alex deane ft darren barley-get up
42-funkemotion ft rahjwanti-dont loose yourself
43-dubrocca-dont you know
44-kudo and fish-fire dance
45-mob serenade ft mila falls-dangerous
46-adam rickfors-mighty (dub)
47-house of virus ft marshall jefferson-100 house music
48-lenny fontana-chocolate sensation (archie b remix)
49-louis proud ft samarophox-the real thing (original mix)
50-pierce fulton-kuaga (sevag remix)
51-alice clark-bounce that
52-sui generis-we r kool
53-joao ribeiro-mustang
54-adam rickfors-livid
55-lizzie curious-round and round
56-retrospekt ft levina-by the sea
57-rob adans-lincoln
58-dave silcox-shut it down
59-mr gonzo-boss
60-sevag-the heat (original mix)
61-lee cabrera-shake it (matthew heyer edit)
62-nile rodgers-do what you wanna do (mync club edit)
63-maya schenk-gotta get this
64-various artists-best of ibiza (continuous dj mix)
101 snap - the power
102 dr. alban - its my life
103 ace of base - all that she wants
104 vengaboys - boom boom boom boom
105 gigi dagostino - l amour toujours
106 scatman john - scatman (ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop)
107 los del rio - macarena (bayside boys remix)
108 mr. president - coco jamboo
109 salt-n-pepa - lets talk about sex
110 no mercy - where do you go
111 dj bobo - everybody
112 haddaway - life
113 eiffel 65 - move your body
114 gala - freed from desire
115 masterboy - generation of love
116 love message - love message
117 cappella - move on baby
118 culture beat - got to get it
119 ann lee - 2 times
120 music instructor feat. abe - get freaky
121 mr. oizo - flat beat
122 bomfunk mcs - freestyler
201 scooter - how much is the fish
202 markoh - love song
203 dune - cant stop raving
204 e-rotic - max dont have sex with your ex
205 la bouche - sweet dreams
206 ice mc - its a rainy day
207 real mccoy - run away
208 captain hollywood project - flying high
209 u96 - club bizarre
210 prince ital joe feat. marky mark - united
211 double you - please dont go
212 the soundlovers - runaway
213 bluemchen - boomerang
214 technohead - i wanna be a hippy
215 2 unlimited - tribal dance
216 pharao - i show you secrets
217 urban cookie collective - the key the secret
218 rozalla - are you ready to fly
219 the 49ers - touch me
220 pizzaman - sex on the streets
221 crystal waters - gypsy woman (la da dee la da da)
222 suzanne vega - toms diner (dna remix)
301 faithless - god is a dj
302 darude - sandstorm
303 alice deejay - better off alone
304 atb - dont stop
305 chicane - saltwater
306 sash - encore une fois
307 mauro picotto - komodo
308 brooklyn bounce - get ready to bounce
309 rollergirl - dear jessie
310 blank and jones - heartbeat
311 kai tracid - dance for eternity
312 jam and spoon feat. plavka - find me (odyssey to anyoona)
313 dj sakin and friends - nomansland (davids song)
314 dance 2 trance - power of american natives
315 dr motte and westbam - sunshine
316 storm - storm
317 members of mayday - soundtropolis
318 phil fuldner - the final (the captain future theme)
319 celvin rotane - i believe
320 technotronic feat. mc eric - the beat is technotronic
321 azzido da bass - dooms night
322 elektrochemie lk - schall (thomas schuhmacher remix radio edit)
01-dario synth vs. matt3w and sideone-we are (g tron remix) (feat. chess)
02-heimkind-beta gamma
03-contract killers-step contract killers
04-xface-free on the moon (gbaby vocals)
05-dj rusty razorblade-nothing but dubstep baby
07-babe ruth-nasty bitch (twap mix)
08-michael andrew-gambit (radio cut)
09-morokle-today (dubstep remix)
10-chelo scotti-transitions
11-mauro rizzo-armonic (instrumental version)
12-weekend of robots-loneliness gives no faith
13-eridanus-ghosts of cold war
14-datzme-mystic (dutyfreak remix)
16-fantasy project-manic rain (d. baola remix) (feat. nathan brumley)
18-a scar in my mind-i do this (feat. rady lady a.k.a. jelly the model)
19-pumpkin harmony-say what
20-arealliferebel-the letter
21-soul phd-the castle
22-endless fountain of dubstep-leap of faith (remix)
23-brain foo long-dubtimes
25-fr33m4n-cough it up
26-clang of beats-long time to go
27-liquid hands-shaped
28-ferd-breakpoint (wiselabs remix)
29-king fatu-grime reggae
30-schinowatz bobofkof-the gentle walk (remix) (feat. akleton live)
01-ale b-love is gone
02-yuri balkan-ukra
03-stan kinley-balmorhea
04-tenimono-laguna pay
05-leo dj-art version
06-andy well-anile
07-doni wall-nu tone
08-leo dj-sequenza
09-supercnocs-soul raze
10-yuri salgado-trinidad
01-maxwell d-b.b hype (hard house banton refix)
02-dj footloose-so dangerous (original mix) (feat. courntey dennie)
03-richie dan-whats goin on (original mix)
04-enrique benitez-cooking (original mix) (feat. mia mendez)
05-jay harvey-sessions (original mix) (feat. special mc)
06-ed case-past love (original 2 step mix) (feat. elisabeth troy)
07-colour girl-joyrider (y tribes underground remix)
08-dreem teem-if i was your lover (original mix) (feat. luigi)
09-mark dwayne-in love again (dj q bassline remix)
10-the garage all stars-the vulture (oscar the professor bassline remix)
11-dj makka-in the air tonight (fb and zibba bassline remix)
12-supa-walk and wine (robbie rue and supa remix)
13-maxwell d-serious (dj q remix)
14-subzero-joyrider (subzero bassline remix)
15-maxwell d-i know you like it (g lock electro remix)
16-dj q-sessions (dj q bassline remix)
17-colour girl-cant get used to losing you (marvel and elis southside edit)
18-danny dubbz-snowflakes (original mix) (feat. tam walker)
19-whistla-black n blue (original mix)
20-dj q-you wot (original bassline mix featuring mc bonez)
21-dj matt farley-woman (raw talent original mix)
01-nikola gala-cloneo (mattei and omich remix)
02-levent er-hypogeum
03-tildbros-new york underground (club mix) (feat. stefan zintel)
04-afterboy and robbie baker-black hole
05-nick martira-wote (level mix)
07-nyavlis norach-heart music
08-dj rumax-moods
09-ugur project-society failure
10-sosa ibiza-revolution
11-ilhan gumus-fantasy
12-emir hazir-flux (translator remix)
13-since then-acid
14-hornbostel and thammer-shadowing (christian hornbostel ultradub)
15-christian hornbostel-geometrical vibes
16-ned rise-amara (smacs and patrick kong remix)
17-jacky wonder-full effect (beate kruse remix)
18-schreisalz-stay (chris hartwig remix)
20-jc delacruz-black shadows
21-moko and ramax-all the time
22-wasscass-the art of
23-envelope duo-olfen (alessandro enne mix)
01-acid casuals-if im a selt youre a sunt
02-acid casuals-132a column rd
03-acid casuals-y ferch ar y cei yn rio
04-acid casuals-j.t. 100
05-acid casuals-wa da da
06-acid casuals-roads
07-acid casuals-long time no see
08-acid casuals-kraken
09-acid casuals-luciano
10-acid casuals-bowl me over
01-bas van huizen-i
02-bas van huizen-ii
03-bas van huizen-iii
04-bas van huizen-iv
05-bas van huizen-v
06-bas van huizen-vi
07-bas van huizen-vii
08-bas van huizen-viii
09-bas van huizen-coda (bonus track)
10-bas van huizen-remix (bonus track)
01-cler-aleandro fuego
02-cler-el burrito de dios
03-cler-sombrero del sol
04-cler-mi hermano chico
05-cler-despues de ojos
06-cler-ramona diaz
07-cler-corazon desperado
08-cler-tambien cerrado
09-cler-el golpe
10-cler-flash trance
11-cler-fuck the maniac
12-cler-look in red area
13-cler-mega mic
14-cler-missy mini
15-cler-smell like a man
16-cler-time of cry
17-cler-turn the rack
18-cler-walk like a man
19-cler-future kill
20-cler-eclipse of skin
21-cler-hate inside
22-cler-moon gold
23-cler-radical poke
24-cler-travel alone
25-cler-back to spirit
26-cler-little baby sister
27-cler-rap my step
29-cler-dog tag
30-cler-cherry top
36-cler-rabbit food
01-djane housekat and rameez - ass up (radio version)-zzzz
02-djane housekat and rameez - ass up (extended version)-zzzz
03-djane housekat and rameez - ass up (club mix)-zzzz
04-djane housekat and rameez - ass up (groove coverage remix)-zzzz
05-djane housekat and rameez - ass up (martin van lectro)-zzzz
01-dr double face-attention
02-dr double face-count down
03-dr double face-this is the beguinning
04-dr double face-of the insomnia
05-dr double face-dance on the move
06-dr double face-tous perdu
07-dr double face-space laugh
08-dr double face-perception
09-dr double face-happy birthday
10-dr double face-panda
11-dr double face-i like it excentrique
12-dr double face-mais ou sont ils
13-dr double face-positive contact
14-dr double face-mi casa es su casa
15-dr double face-mush room
16-dr double face-no pain no fair
17-dr double face-trust in you
18-dr double face-we dance for our country
01-gonzalez s-to be
02-gonzalez s-blond
03-gonzalez s-lost vega
04-gonzalez s-damour
05-gonzalez s-salut
06-gonzalez s-your self
07-gonzalez s-bass me up
08-gonzalez s-tell me
09-gonzalez s-a fonkey
10-gonzalez s-discoball
11-gonzalez s-polarsun
12-gonzalez s-jungletrip
13-gonzalez s-sommer
14-gonzalez s-city
15-gonzalez s-travel one
16-gonzalez s-icewall
17-gonzalez s-outer planet
01-quintino - rock it to the beat-zzzz
02-quintino - get low-zzzz
03-quintino - bad man-zzzz
04-quintino - do it again-zzzz
01-le brion-hold on
02-rizzo dj-fly in the night (feat. stefany)
03-tony p and angelo deejay-electro sax (electro house mix)
04-maglido-space rodeo
06-fabriqu3 en france-love me now
07-bad hat bandits-rock your body (autique remix)
08-luca barletta-those days (rhadow remix)
09-wavefirez-bring the firez
10-caled-just off the m1 (sergio silva remix)
11-don veccy-i want your love (feat. stargzrlily)
12-schliffter studio-nuscht los (feat. ease and taste)
14-christian belt-ambie deep
15-transitive feelings-on the road again
16-dj stk-soul locked
17-alberto martinez and tyler phoenix-civil servant (radio mix)
18-acid aj-cmon
19-the italian job-deejay keep it up (extended mix)
20-duff and jordan alvarez-dk dance
21-damiani and castello-adelante
22-plaza real-stop the bone
23-jay bambi-dance with me
25-dj milectro-heartbeat
26-stereoliner-stutter (club mix)
27-fre3 fly-music and sex (tomio remix)
28-oscar bardelli-make it hot
29-mit liebe gemacht-paulinchen
30-dominik koislmeyer-light tower (feat. jabbabird)
31-d3nch-let it go (extended mix) (feat. jacq)
32-the virgin dolls-shock (the fool lovers remix)
01-reverie-dancing on the wind
02-lajana-coming down
04-idiosyncrasy red richards and aris-mobilis in mobili
07-beat-manufaktur potsdam-slow motion
08-wiplash-go home tonight (godwalrus trap remix)
09-doctor compressor-disintegration time
10-cubic nomad and emma susanne-rainy summer (wishing for grey)
11-jopo-art of doubt
13-hawkword-i dont know
14-zeon kid-koni-krot
15-silent geg-bei geg rauchts
16-4.chil4-shades of truth
17-manoya-in my sleep (miz jons remix)
18-funkfood records-lonesome city cowboy (remix)
19-patt smith-hesitate (bmon remix)
20-einfach nur falk-endless thoughts
21-cubic nomad and xtematic-the abyss
23-jerome sandron-nawak
24-in state of flux-dubnotic
25-heldig beat-jazzy
26-jean edouard lipa-the brave and the bad.
27-state recall-que sera
29-201 soundsystem-motion
01-jason rivas bossa del chill-ipanema
02-jason rivas flamenco tokyo-amor brujo
03-elsa del mar jason rivas-systematic flow
04-jason rivas hot pool-acapulco nights (instrumental club mix)
05-jason rivas supersonic lizards-are you ready
06-elsa del mar jason rivas-sax game (dub mix)
07-jason rivas positive feeling-la bamba (instrumental club mix)
08-glitchdropper-glitch is the new black
09-organic noise from ibiza-hojas iluminadas (club mix)
10-nu disco bitches medud ssa-sexy chick
11-jason rivas creeperfunk-streets of san francisco (club mix)
12-almost believers dan traxmander-las afinidades selectivas
13-miami latin juice-taxibeats (dj tool)
01-abel moreno-restricted area
02-alexprotest-dead flower
03-andre hecht-funky
04-andrejs jumkins-city weekend
05-anna tarraste-near the coast (eraserlad remix)
06-artem d-enko-sensate
07-catapulta-princess (radio mix)
08-cristian agrillo-else
09-deep control-love feel somebody (eraserlad remix)
10-deep control-new age
11-deepend-the dogs in my head
12-dima kubik-disclosure me
13-dj di mikelis-get ya
14-dmc bilan-respect
15-eraserlad-andando nas nuvens
16-eze gonzalez-self control (matt mirenda remix)
17-highland bird-spectre
18-lifestream-something big (cristian agrillo remix)
19-magnum beatman-another day (lifestream remix)
20-manchus-solar africa
01-andrew willow-freak (radio edit)
02-hamoon amiralee-purple (extended mix)
03-joseph westpha-peace (zwette remix)
04-katrina-energy (radio mix)
05-kenny carpenter-scotts theme
06-kings of tribal-genetic twist
07-marysol-amor para eternidad (tropical radio mix)
08-jazz journey-jazz journey
09-michael diniego-phunky investigation
10-michelle wilson-key of life (piano dub)
11-nic capadocia-alien meeting
12-ramie ebar-push the air (feat. bianca dino) ramie ebar mix
13-ramie ebar-push the air (feat. bianca dino) ramie burns mix
14-ckg-colombia (tim nice remix)
15-joco-i say
16-stuttering munx-automatic
17-stuttering munx-bad fangs (kimeko remix)
18-tom leeland-just you just me (adrian bahil dub)
19-togafunk-computerman (feat. shemzee)
20-vortex-give you something
01-alex price-magic moments (official street parade hymn 2015) plastik funk radio mix
02-chant le grand-party once again (radio edit) (feat. romy)
03-martha mateo-still alive (japan radio edit)
04-rome-chase me (radio cut)
05-van snyder-you (enyo and mario ayuda remix edit)
06-dj madwave-pleasure (radio edit)
07-dj noby-dance (chris bates vs. stephan age radio cut)
08-flexxa-let there be light (d-tune radio cut)
09-decibel artforce-jinx (radio edit)
10-sonny vice vs. antiheroes-rock n rolla (radio cut)
11-7 baltic and ledo-taurus (airbalance radio cut)
12-alexander piven-catch the dream (radio cut)
13-dj fait-go your own way (radio mix edit)
14-brilliant-londons on fire (vocal edit) (feat. drew darcy)
15-enrico bariello-head over heals (radio edit)
16-intusgate and nika-fliegen (radio edit)
17-samuraj-hardlooking babes (2 playaz radio cut)
18-dj vaven-profound (radio edit)
19-wrong plane-we love you (vocal cut)
20-franques-in the summer (radio edit) (feat. max c)
21-tierra-my greatest fear (crystal lake remix edit)
22-j.a.e.-endless (radio edit)
23-tasha-black due (alexkea remix edit)
24-alexander lasocki-adara (radio cut)
25-cold rush-escaped (radio edit)
26-e. braveri vs. lisaya-sadly (radio edit) (feat. dot comma)
27-rico bowen-sunshine (radio edit)
28-rayman rave-clubbing (radio edit)
29-h4re-toy shop (radio edit)
30-dreamy-scar (radio cut)
31-emanuele braveri-in the universe (radio cut)
32-cueboy and tribune-aliens go wow (radio edit)
33-selam araya and prince kojo asante-no enemies (deltaforcez remix edit)
34-dj vaven and simeon-navigation (radio cut)
35-xtance-you rock my world (tarabass dance remix edit) (feat. jo)
36-sean dar-whats up (radio edit)
37-basador-mr. big boom (radio edit)
38-abide-the second chapter (radio cut)
39-camera x-gonna paint the town (quickdrop remix edit)
40-sparkos-another day (radio cut)
01-dualxess and nico provenzano-ladies night (gordon and doyle remix edit) (feat. charlee)
02-neal claed-adventure (radio edit)
03-marasco-holy shit (radio edit)
04-butterfly-hold me (radio cut)
05-steve bengaln-broken heart (radio cut)
06-ale-n-the last yard (radio edit)
07-lowcash-heat (radio edit)
08-chris wittig-go home youre drunk (rekaro radio cut)
09-royal xtc-hello (alexkea and raindropz remix edit) (feat. molti)
10-jaybee-tcha tcha tcha (boom boom) radio edit (feat. denasis)
11-chris decay and re-lay-love junkie (club mix)
12-stuff and floor-up to the beat (mondo edit)
13-dj fait-walking into nowhere (radio mix edit)
14-damian wasse-rush all roads (radio edit)
15-7 baltic-solar wind (radio cut)
16-frank dattilo-heart scream (radio edit)
17-tronix dj-someday (nookati remix edit) (feat. gemma b.)
18-dodobeatz and thimlife-across the water (radio edit) (feat. sameday records)
19-djane holly who-im feeling good (radio edit) (feat. sam lasoy)
20-danstyle-my love is true (raindropz remix edit) (feat. sandra gee)
21-dual playaz-all i want (radio edit)
22-patrick metzker-love is taking over (bomb n amato remix edit) (feat. lyck)
23-deejay advance-amazing love (giornos jump edit)
24-izzy meusen presents 12.24-utopia come home (radio cut)
25-inglide-i hope to see you (radio cut)
26-vanity in mind-midnight obsession (radio cut)
27-spring emotions and seaside clubbers-egoist (topmodelz edit)
28-paskal-till the moonlight (radio edit)
29-rico caliente and alessio pras-manos parriba (radio version) (feat. papa london)
30-damn-r-i dont care (radio edit)
31-roxor and hardfader-you dont know (radio edit)
32-state mx-im gonna get you baby (radio edit)
33-squarz kamel and lugh dessire-beginning future (art inc. remix)
34-otto le blanc and alain prideux-loco (lowcash remix edit)
35-facade presents digital darkroom-singapore sling (terrafusion radio cut)
36-bulljay-my house (malu project remix edit)
37-dj can-jackpot (radio edit)
38-andrew lias and crew 7-club bizarre (crew 7 radio mix) (feat. paloma)
39-mark dean-under the influence (radio cut)
40-al majid and kj-i like (schuhmacher radio mix)
01-edher torres-if you sexy (radio edit)
02-attex-stand up (radio cut)
03-christopher s and greenhorn-bubbles (radio edit)
04-starjack and collini-up (arnold palmer remix edit)
05-rabih-leave the world behind (radio edit)
06-carlos rivera-rock this (radio cut)
07-marasco-holy shit (radio edit)
08-dan daniels and miss d-star-music (radio edit)
09-chris decay and re-lay-love junkie (club mix)
10-stuff and floor-up to the beat (mondo edit)
11-igor blaska-could you be loved (radio edit) (feat. jaba)
12-nera-together (we stay) radio edit
13-christopher s and neotune-beat and lights (radio edit) (feat. aloma steele and tome)
14-hate and love-we are the night (radio edit)
15-luca hanni and christopher s-good time (radio edit) and franques-keisha (radio edit) (feat. henry poupa)
17-neal claed-lets rave (radio edit)
18-rico caliente and alessio pras-manos parriba (clubbanger house remix edit) (feat. papa london)
19-wrong plane-we love you (vocal cut)
20-dropclusive-station (radio cut)
21-arjan kramer-pacific ocean (radio edit)
22-sunshine state plscb and onix lan-tonight (radio edit)
23-shaolin master-imagination (radio edit) (feat. alex grace)
24-rick delta-terminus (radio edit)
25-sd project-armadillo (radio edit)
26-trillogee and taw-tnt (radio edit) (feat. gemeni)
27-pat farrell-when u come around (radio edit) (feat. john anselm)
28-whiteside-till the night is over (radio edit)
29-rome-chase me (radio cut)
30-butterfly-hold me (radio cut)
31-decibel artforce-jinx (radio edit)
32-lana k and elwina-ne do tebja (radio edit) (feat. the phat mack)
33-tha groove junkeez-its you (feat. voice jluv)
34-arnold palmer-instagram vid (radio edit) (feat. tommy gunz)
35-alva edison-try to start (radio mix edit) (feat. tim h)
36-phil dinner-partycrasher (radio edit) (feat. shahara)
37-dj can and max urban-feel the beat (radio edit)
38-andrew lias and ale-n-you make me crazy (radio edit)
39-noni-let it snow (radio edit)
40-dave ramone-dazed (radio edit)
01-oziriz dura-sweet beep (original mix)
02-joph wa dat butterflies-spitting groove (dat butterflies remix)
03-oziriz dura-club mode (original mix)
04-joph wa flagman djs-this insistance is intense (flagman djs remix)
05-oziriz dura-chin ga chguk (original mix)
06-lightest way dawid web-alexandra (dawid web remix)
07-oziriz dura-sternly (original mix)
08-logarythm flagman djs-consciousness (flagman djs remix)
09-olw oziriz dura-yuramemory (oziriz and dura remix)
10-dawid web-inspiration (original mix)
11-yell of bee oxyenen-dogufo (original mix)
12-olw yell of bee-yuramemory (yell of bee remix)
13-dj zim-boombeat (original mix)
14-oziriz dura-zombie on miami (original mix)
15-flagman djs-huli trali vali (original mix)
16-antonio banderas-vain (underground mix)
17-oziriz dura-voluptous grand (original boom bam mix)
18-oziriz dura-bass orgasm (gumus remix)
19-jon rich-tumba yumba (original mix)
20-dura oziriz-play and look (original mix)
01-sky mode-nightmare
02-slam voice-neat wind
03-space energie-cold planet
04-space energie-minimal winter
05-spellrise-arrogant nerd
06-spellrise-in the blue sky
08-stereo sport-electric voodoo
09-stream noize-fire
01-boldyart-some times
03-brilliant brothers-s.w.a.t. team
04-bulat steel-swingt
07-burn-we dont stop
09-catapulta-chuss and ceballos
11-a. chagochkin-times
13-chris fashion-last kiss
14-chris fashion-unrequited love
15-chronotech-summer green
01-dmitry glushkov-dont you love me (feat. dimetry way)
02-gurban abbasli and juliet lyons-together (radio edit)
03-david pataconi-answer his call
04-dj x face and pi base-rhythm of the earth (feat. lexa)
05-c.o.b the cult of bass-paradise
06-loopa jem-forever
07-emanuele braveri-moments (feat. marcia juell)
08-damon paul-rhythm is a dancer (frozen skies remix) (feat. simone mangiapane)
09-elmadon-cry my soul (2015 vocal edit)
10-dj-chart-be yourself
11-romm alex believe and margo lane-fly (feat. syntheticsax)
12-south germany trance-faith (radio short mix)
13-javah-nights like these (radio mix) (feat. claire willis)
14-dj philomela-take me back (club mix)
15-dan taylor-te quiero musica (club version)
16-markell-never let you go (tensile force remix) (feat. nika white)
17-paul vax and ultrabazz-infected
18-dj n-dee cut-dont go apart (steve secret trance remix)
19-alexander zhakulin-run away (feat. eva kade)
20-moelamonde and ian what-in your arms (feat. mque)
21-nerutto-orchideja (feat. alina)
22-avsr pres ailuronyx-so far away (feat. bayana)
23-tartarus and michelle hutcheson-beyond the rainbow
25-max denoise and swoan mayer-suspiria (feat. hoxygen)
26-dj axel f. vs. gokosoul-dont run away (quiet dosage edit mix)
27-air diver-i try
28-sean bay and michelle hutcheson-do you dream (radio edit)
01-niko de luka-one night in bangalore
02-the henchmen and david puentez-heart beat (hanna hansen remix) (feat. linda newman)
03-brown sneakers-you get what you give (hy2rogen and fr3cky remix) (feat. majuri)
04-john de mark macroy and roger slato-kiss me (davoizz remix)
06-cedric vian and joss h-clockwise
07-tonio liarte-release your voices (vertical smile remix)
08-dj fist-long road
09-deft duo-growth
10-john de mark and steve kid-trumpet groove
11-ash paine-house fever
13-peter brown-save the drums
14-jon craig-here as one (feat. sarah story)
15-dion mavath-b52
16-teo moss-activation
17-niko de luka-i love your sex (extended mix)
19-cosmic funk-i defy (dub mix) (feat. tanya michelle)
20-tonio liarte-cerebral storm (bk duke remix)
21-roger slato-la trompeta (swing mix)
22-mark bale-how we roll (monoloop remix)
23-dj pearl-you never know
24-frater and stent-release (brown sugar remode)
01-the mord-propaganda vata
03-night rain project-melody of the soul
05-ybc tha nerd-work
06-martians on maui-space chunks
07-kajah and doppinh-humanoid
08-edvin.v-russian shit
09-toyaz cat-desire
10-holldike-flux power
11-l.v deejays-beautiful moment
12-engle smith-bangarang
13-dual corps activities-thats the deal
14-gysnoize-dont you want me
15-dist hard-hey maine
17-martians on maui-fresh distortions
18-johnston high-mix-scary monsters and nice sprites
19-infinite unknown-tokyo universum
20-frozzy and funn1k-speedcore
02-difa-ice on me
03-difa-why sad
04-difa-my lie
05-difa-feel dum
06-difa-from the top
07-difa-remind disco
08-difa-do reprise
09-difa-ayo mama
11-difa-music stand
12-difa-maid lady
14-difa-you can go
15-difa-cow slag
18-difa-kiss giver
19-difa-bobby soxer
20-difa-let oneself
21-difa-taken it
22-difa-freezing time
25-difa-by doubts
26-difa-bleak vision
27-difa-smelling night
28-difa-big p
30-difa-some boys
01-giom-stolen soul (2016 rework)
02-giom-people (2016 rework)
04-giom-play on
05-giom-lets make a record
06-giom-bring down the walls
08-giom-i know you were right
09-giom-where u from
10-giom-stolen soul
11-giom-be free
01-l.u.k.l.-the wastelands pt. 1
02-l.u.k.l.-the wilderness
03-l.u.k.l.-the wastelands intro
04-l.u.k.l.-picture of me
05-l.u.k.l.-trust is more than words
06-l.u.k.l.-the wastelands pt. 2
07-l.u.k.l.-hotel rooms
09-l.u.k.l.-taking lifes
12-l.u.k.l.-forgotten words
01-maan-perfect world
01 essential dance warm up monsterjam vol. starts its your turn(delegation) (110128)-sl
02-nowfrago-pa sporet av peter pan
03-nowfrago-prelude to tsvaj
04-nowfrago-pences in times of pounds
05-nowfrago-life in pollyanna
07-nowfrago-jars of toey
08-nowfrago-come insight
09-nowfrago-everything is reluminated
10-nowfrago-you shall overcome
01-paulo ribeiro-with techno
02-paulo ribeiro-daiana
03-paulo ribeiro-frank beat
04-paulo ribeiro-cajica sync
05-paulo ribeiro-taz pronto
06-paulo ribeiro-cocu louco
07-paulo ribeiro-out afrika
08-paulo ribeiro-the contrast
09-paulo ribeiro-clubing infra rave
10-paulo ribeiro-urbano
01-paulo ribeiro-fora de tempo
02-paulo ribeiro-met ad acid
03-paulo ribeiro-lab
04-paulo ribeiro-mrs
05-paulo ribeiro-olhos da banda
06-paulo ribeiro-21 am
07-paulo ribeiro-tempusfora
08-paulo ribeiro-600
09-paulo ribeiro-hard loby
10-paulo ribeiro-as futuras
01-paulo ribeiro-dance club infra rave
02-paulo ribeiro-scrooll
03-paulo ribeiro-decib eis
04-paulo ribeiro-saints populares
05-paulo ribeiro-total beach
06-paulo ribeiro-traxx tribal
07-paulo ribeiro-interferencia
08-paulo ribeiro-we have
09-paulo ribeiro-seleco de espirito
10-paulo ribeiro-natural source
11-paulo ribeiro-beam
12-paulo ribeiro-exactement
01-pete van payne-bacteria
02-pete van payne-relentless
03-pete van payne-fuck the bitch named karma
04-pete van payne-dead rat
05-pete van payne-dead rat (jim bob remix)
06-pete van payne-italian girls
07-pete van payne-refugees
08-pete van payne-polarium
09-pete van payne-just make it (suspicious perception studio work)
01-pierre bastien-tin unit
02-pierre bastien-gnostic illicit song
03-pierre bastien-edo ode
04-pierre bastien-oho
05-pierre bastien-dubs bud
06-pierre bastien-seven eves
07-pierre bastien-moody doom
08-pierre bastien-snide dins

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