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Dance / Hardcore / Techno / Trance | Author: Admin | 29-10-2018, 03:49
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(arpeggiators)-freedom of expression dj scott rmx vinyl-nbd
(bibi)-wild wind vinyl dj-nl vs dooly-bmi
(Crisis) - Evil I Killed Everyone-(ISRDIGI068)-WEB-2014-BC
(dj gert)-give me some more cd dkfinest-bmi
(dj overdog)-bassmachine vinyl djpit-bmi
(dj tom stevens)-outface 2000 vinyl djagebomb-bmi
(dj tom stevens vs. fridge)-outface 2000 vinyl dooly-bmi
(gift project feat. dj t.t. hacky)-genuine draft cd muerte-bmi
(hypetraxx)-see the day vinyl djpit-bmi
(lunatic asylum)-meltdown 99 vinyl-nbd
(pacific link)-if only you cd muerte-bmi
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor-Heaven Is Here-(2004041)-WEB-1999-iDF
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor-Living In Cyberspace-(2004413)-CDM-1999-iDF
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor-Living In Cyberspace-(2004413)-CDM-1999-iDF
2 Eivissa-Shattered Dreams-(0047505CON)-CDM-1999-iDF
2 Thousand Feat. D.D. Klein-Fire-(VVR5009943)-CDM-1999-iDF
2 Thousand Feat. D.D. Klein-Fire-(VVR5009943)-CDM-1999-iDF
3 Girlz-Boogie Oogie Oogie-(MP 168)-WEB-1999-iDF
3 Girlz-Boogie Oogie Oogie-(MP 168)-WEB-1999-iDF
31 Layers-Peepshow-(71-096)-WEB-1996-iDF
35 Maniac-Suspect-(MR 0654-28)-WEB-1996-iDF
3D Feat The Jazzmen-Party-WEB-1999-iDF
4 Fears - Zugluft-(RED037)-Vinyl-1996-BC
4 Fears-Zugluft (RED035) (Vinyl)-1996-iDF
49ers Feat. Ann Marie Smith-Got To Be Free-(MR594)-VINYL-1992-iDF
49ers Feat. Ann Marie Smith-Lovin You (Other Mixes)-(MR 1015-28)-WEB-1995-iDF
49ers Feat Ann Marie Smith-Hangin On To Love-(MR 640)-VINYL-1995-iDF
49ers Feat Ann Marie Smith-Hangin On To Love (Club Remixes)-(MR 640-BIS)-VINYL-1995-iDF
49ers Feat Anne-Marie Smith-Move Your Feet (Remixes)-(MR588)-WEB-1991-iDF
49ers-Baby Im Yours (Part 1)-(MR 022828)-WEB-1997-iDF
49ers-Baby Im Yours (Part 2)-(MR 036228)-WEB-1997-iDF
49ers-Everything (Remix)-(MR 608)-WEB-1993-iDF
49ers-Everything (Remix)-(MR608)-Vinyl-1993-iDF
49ers-Girl To Girl-(MR 0927-28)-WEB-1990-iDF
49ers-Girl To Girl (Remix)-(MR 092828)-WEB-1990-iDF
49ers-How Longer-(MR 0918-28)-WEB-1990-iDF
49ers-How Longer (Remix)-(MR562)-WEB-1990-iDF
49ers-I Got It-(MR 0233-28)-WEB-1997-iDF
49ers-I Need You-(MR 0933-28)-WEB-1990-iDF
49ers-Rockin My Body-(MR 0995-28)-WEB-1994-iDF
49ers-The Message (Masters At Work Remixes)-(MR593)-WEB-1992-iDF
49ers-The Message (Remixes)-(MR597)-VINYL-1992-iDF
49ers-Touch Me-(MR 091228)-WEB-1989-iDF
4dancefloor-Shape Your Body-(A&DS008)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
883-Grazie Mille-(4961742)-CDA-1999-iDF
A.K. Soul Feat. Jocelyn Brown-Show You Love-(ZYX 9008-8)-CDM-1999-iDF
A La Carte Feat Jojo Max-Do Wah Diddy Diddy 99-(74321 65505 2)-WEB-1999-iDF
A Very Good Friend Of Mine Feat. Joy-Just Round-(7243 8 87141 2 9)-CDS-1999-iDF
Abduction-Wait A Minute-(MR 0234-28)-WEB-1997-iDF
Abigail-If It Dont Fit-(GM 210)-WEB-1999-iDF
Absolute Project - Life Search-(RED070)-WEB-2008-BC
Absolute Project - Life Search-Vinyl-1997-iDC
Absolute Project - The Fly-(RED134)-Vinyl-1998-BC
Absolute Project-The Fly-(RED134)-VINYL-1998-iDF
Access-Chemical 25 Formania-The Future-(UDX-1-2)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Ace the Space - Nine is A Classic-(RED094)-Vinyl-1997-BC
Aceto-Go-(POLL 145)-WEB-1999-iDF
Ada-La Tua Notte-(MR 0507-28)-WEB-2004-iDF
Adamski Products Inc.-In The City-(DOIT41-99)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Afrika Bambaataa Pres. Khayan-You Ask For The Moon-(ZYX 9103-8)-CDM-1999-iDF
Age Control-Mr. Vain-CDM-1997-funteek
Agnelli And Nelson-Everyday-(XTRAV2CDS)-CDM-1999-iDF
Airbag Feat. Mary Mary-The Name Game-(IAM 024)-WEB-1999-iDF
Airbag-Closin Time-(IAM 020)-WEB-1999-iDF
Akira - Made in Hong Kong-(ISR073)-WEB-2007-VELOCiTY
A-Kriv - Union-(ISD104)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
Al Twisted and Sleeper Cell - No Rest for the Wicked-(ISRDIGI054)-WEB-2014-BC
Alabina-Loli Lolita Lola-(UDP CD 1079)-WEB-1999-iDF
Albert One-Change Your Mind Matter Of Time-(MD528)-VINYL-1988-iDF
Albert One-Everybody-(MR521)-VINYL-1988-iDF
Albert One-Freeboard-(MR525)-Vinyl-1988-iDF
Albert One-Visions-(MR522)-Vinyl-1988-iDF
Alex Bresil And Favilli-Spacer - Spaceland-WEB-1996-iDF
Alex Lab-Ghost House-(HZY047)-WEB-1999-iDF
Alex Laser and DJ Lobo - Old Beats-(DJ028)-WEB-2015-VELOCiTY
Alex Laser and DJ Lobo - Sueno Helado 2-(DJ034)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
Alex Perry-Copacabana-(WAY 1136)-WEB-1998-iDF
Alexia-Goodbye-(DAN 667562 2)-WEB-1999-iDF
Alexia-Goodbye (Original Remixes)-(8033196533283)-WEB-1999-IDF
Alexia-Happy-(DWA 99.04)-WEB-1999-iDF
Algioyd-Shock The Volume-(HP003)-Vinyl-1997-iDF
Alice Deejay-Back In My Life-(SHT 3479-2)-CDM-1999-iDF
Alice Deejay-Better Off Alone-(VIO1118)-WEB-1999-iDF
Alice-Do You Wanna Believe-(ALC 3002)-WEB-1999-iDF
Alisha-Papa Dont Preach-(WAY 1159)-WEB-1999-iDF
Allan III-My Lady-(MDR502)-Vinyl-1986-iDF
All-Go-Rhythm-Alpha Numeric-(MR 0065-28)-WEB-1997-iDF
Alta-Vista-Your Love Makes Me Up-(MNH007)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Amber-Sexual (Li Da Di)-(TBCD381)-CDM-1999-iDF
Amokfutok-Ezust Eso-(3984-27200-2)-WEB-1999-iDF
Ampak-Better World-(MWC 052)-WEB-1999-iDF
Amy-Lou Charles-Weekend-(MR 063228)-WEB-1992-iDF
Andrea Montorsi - Anthem-(RED284)-Vinyl-2008-BC
Angel Beats-Just A Long Thing-(ATH006)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Angel Beats-Just A Love Thing-(BLU-004)-WEB-1999-iDF
Angelica-Big Big World-(SAI 0158)-WEB-1999-iDF
Angelica-My Love Is Your Love-(SAI 271)-WEB-1999-iDF
Anita K-Love Affair-(MR 024528)-WEB-1998-iDF
Anita K-Reach Me (At The Top)-(MR 0206-28)-WEB-1995-iDF
Ann Lee-2 Times-(X 12260.98)-WEB-1999-iDF
Ann Lee-2 Times-(ZYX 9018-8)-CDM-1999-iDF
Ann Lee-2 Times (Remix)-(ZYX 9018R-8)-CDM-1999-iDF
Ann Lee-Voices-(MS 351-8)-CDM-1999-iDF
Ann Lee-Voices-(X 12270.99)-WEB-1999-iDF
Ann Lee-Voices-(ZYX9110-8)-CDM-1999-iDF
Ann-Marie Absolut-Donna Donna-(HB 082)-WEB-1999-iDF
Anticappella-Express Your Freedom-(MR 121328)-WEB-1994-iDF
Antico-Dont You Fly-(MR 0061-28)-WEB-1996-iDF
Antico-Dreamer-Hoomba Hoomba-(829410312059)-WEB-1996-iDF
Antico-Moment-(MR 0060-28)-WEB-1996-iDF
Anti-Funky-Everybody Jump-(ZYX 9003-8)-CDM-1999-iDF
Apple 9-What You Do To Me-(8019991001646)-WEB-1999-iDF
Aquagen-Ihr Seid So Leise-(33301183)-CDM-1999-iDF
Aquagen-You Are So Quiet-(333.0125.3)-CDM-1999-iDF
Aqualite - Outback-(RED104)-Vinyl-1998-BC
Argentina-Baby Dont You Break (My Heart)-(MR507)-Vinyl-1986-iDF
Argentina-Baby Dont You Breake My Heart-(MR 089028)-WEB-1986-iDF
Aria-Jeopardy-(MR 023628)-WEB-1997-iDF
Arkanoid - A Song Of My Little Love-(71-626)-WEB-2000-velocity
Armageddon - Youll Never Be Min-(ROT017)-WEB-1993-VELOCiTY
Armand Van Helden Feat. Duane Harden-You Dont Know Me-(FCD 357)-CDM-1999-iDF
Art Of Love-Duro-(MIE8033993896758)-WEB-1999-iDF
Art of Love-Se Ti Sale-(DIY10-99)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Art Of Love-Se Ti Sale-(MIE8033993896741)-WEB-1999-iDF
Asepsis-Crying For More-(AT 1208-00369)-WEB-1997-iDF
Asia-Take Me Away-(X 1226699)-WEB-1999-iDF
ATB-Dont Stop-(MNH008CDS)-CDM-1999-iDF
Atlantic dream - dynamic water-vinyl-1999-nbd
Atlantic Wave-Relax-(POLL 140)-WEB-1999-iDF
Atlantis-You Get What You Give-(MP 169)-WEB-1999-iDF
Atom-X-Destination View From The Hill-(GFR009)-VINYL-1997-iDF
Ator and Axel - Dance Section-(71-155)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
ATR - The Train-(RED064)-Vinyl-1997-BC
ATR-The Train-(RED064)-Vinyl-1997-iDF
Aura-When I See You Again-(74321 68463 2)-WEB-1999-iDF
Auxilia-You Make My Body Move-(DEA 013)-WEB-1999-iDF
Auxilia-You Make My Body Move-(DEA013)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Axia-Love In December Remix-(MN007)-VINYL-1999-iDF
B.M.R. Feat. Felicia-Check It Out (Everybody)-(0066235JAM)-CDM-1999-iDF
B.P.M. System-One Two Three B.P.M.-(CON-234-MX)-WEB-1997-iDF
Babayaga-Hot Shudder-(HB 083)-WEB-1999-iDF
Babe-Oh My Little Baby Boy-(DXS0299CDS)-CDM-1999-iDF
Babilonia-Toy Boy-(DAN 19015)-WEB-1999-iDF
Baby Bumps-I Got This Feeling-(4742553006790)-WEB-1999-iDF
Backstage-The Model-(71-157)-WEB-1997-iDF
Bacon Popper-Rejoice In Love-(PDJ050DS)-CDM-1999-iDF
Bakerstreet-Larger Than Life-(WAY 1161)-WEB-1999-iDF
Bakerstreet-Until The Time Is Through-(WAY 1150)-WEB-1999-iDF
Bambee-Typical Tropical-(4742553001535)-WEB-1999-iDF
Bambee-You Are My Dream-(4742553 004802)-WEB-1999-iDF
Bandido-For Sale-(CNT.21-235-2)-CDM-1999-iDF
Banditos Bonitos Feat Nina-Gimme Sunshine-(CD 220 072-2)-CDM-1999-iDF
Barbie Young-Dolly Girl - Duppy Happy-(DAN 19014)-WEB-1999-iDF
Barbie Young-Duppy Huppy-(SAI 198)-WEB-1999-iDF
Basement Jaxx-Red Alert (Part 1)-(XLS 100CD)-WEB-1999-iDF
Basement Jaxx-Red Alert (Part 2)-(XLS 100CD2)-WEB-1999-iDF
Basement Three-Dum Dum-(ALC 3003)-WEB-1999-iDF
Bashiyra-This Will Be My Night Vinyl-2000-BMI
Bashiyra-This Will Be My Night-CDS-2001-FAF
Basstoy-Runnin-(PLATE 12004)-WEB-1999-iDF
Bastrik 99-All I Want-(MN 011)-VINYL-1999-iDF
Baxta - All Targets-(ISRDIGI086)-WEB-2015-BC
B-Charme-this is My World-(BRI-40352)-CDM-1999-iDF
Beam Vs Cyrus-Launch In Progress-(CYRUSTRAX 023)-WEB-1999-iDF
Beat Dream-Witch Doctor-(SAI 190)-WEB-1999-iDF
Beat-Boy-Roof Is On Fire-(503269 8631292)-WEB-1999-iDF
Beethoven - The Greatest Works Part 1-(RED015)-Vinyl-1995-BC
Beldemandis - Cera Una Volta-WEB-2004-iDC
Beldemandis-C Era Una Volta-(MR 1074-28)-WEB-2004-iDF
Belen Thomas-Survivor-(CDDV 6311)-WEB-1999-iDF
Belledonne-Ninetynine-(805645 0044158)-WEB-1999-iDF
Benjamin Jay-Love and Motion-(POLL105)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Benjamin Jay-Techno Sex-(POLL 146)-WEB-1999-iDF
Bennet-The Best Of Me-(STK 523)-WEB-1999-iDF
Benny Bee Feat Jenny B-Waitin for You-WEB-1999-iDF
Beth Orton-Central Reservation-(74321 695872)-CDS-1999-iDF
Betty N Boop-Maria Magdalena-(RRCDM 158)-WEB-1999-iDF
Betty N Boop-Mr Sun-(RRCDM 178)-WEB-1999-iDF
Beverlys Maniac-Extraordinary Experience (RED045) (Vinyl)-1996-iDF
Beverlys Maniacs - Extraordinary Experience-(RED045)-Vinyl-1996-BC
Beverlys Maniacs-Sex Techno and Drugs-(POLL101)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Beyond Pink-Boys Will Be Boys-(SAMPCM 6729)-CDM-1999-iDF
Bibi Schon-Ooh My Baby-(J&Q3799)-CDM-1999-iDF
Big Brother-Tonite (Remixed By Lovejoy)-(MN009)-VINYL-1999-iDF
Big Mama-Ale Alejandro - Maravijosamente-WEB-1999-iDF
Bismark-Double Pleasure-(MR 1228-28)-WEB-1996-iDF
Bismark-Parapapa-(BXR 1064)-WEB-1999-iDF
Bismark-Street Festival-(MR 1263-28)-WEB-1998-iDF
Black Machine-Funky Banana-(158 607-2)-WEB-1999-iDF
Black Vinyl-Camone-(MX026)-WEB-1999-iDF
Blackwood-You're The One-(A&DCDS013)-CDM-1999-iDF
Blafka Feat. Monika-Another Life-(DXS11.99)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Blafka Feat Monika-Another Life-(DXS 11.99)-WEB-1999-iDF
Blank And Jones-Cream-(4250117600594)-WEB-1999-iDF
Blaze-Wishing You Were Here-(826194 357498)-WEB-1999-iDF
Blockheads - Rain-(RED147)-Vinyl-1999-BC
Blockheads-Valley Of Shaddows-Vinyl-1999-BPM
Blue Connection-Touch The Sky-(MR 0247-28)-WEB-1998-iDF
Blue Dolphin-Faithful Memory-(DBR003-6)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Blue Nature-A Life So Changed-CDM-1999-iDF
Bluebeat-Big Times-(7243 8 46948 2 1)-WEB-1999-iDF
Blumchen Feat Yta Farrow-Tu Es Mon Ile-(EDL 4934-1)-WEB-1999-iDF
Blumchen-Heut Ist Mein Tag-(0044695ERE)-WEB-1999-iDF
Blumchen-Unterm Weihnachtsbaum-(0058635ERE)-WEB-1999-iDF
Bobby Summer-Jabba Jabba-(RRCDM 170)-WEB-1999-iDF
Bobby Summer-Like A Superstar-(RRCDA22)-WEB-1999-iDF
Body 2 Voice-You And Me-(APP 9903)-WEB-1999-iDF
Booshida-Against All Odds-(MP 202)-WEB-1999-iDF
Boys And Girls-Mr Sun-(SAI 275)-WEB-1999-iDF
Boys R Us-Alright-(TW11)-VINYL-1999-iDF
Boyz 3-Break It On Down-(CLD 010)-VINYL-1999-iDF
Brahama-Future Love-(2102887)-CDM-1999-DBM
Brahama-Future Love-(3053595)-CDM-1999-IDF
Brahama-Rockets-Future Woman (Future Love)-Double Vinyl-2001-MTC
BrainCrash and Grigio - The Sinisters-(ISRDIGI058)-WEB-2014-BC
Bump N Grind Feat. Melissa-Bang Bang-(DMX10434)-VINYL-1999-iDF
Busker-I Want To Be Free-(TIME 152)-WEB-1999-iDF
Butcher And Son-Free My Soul E.P.-(POLL 131)-WEB-1999-iDF
Buzzerator - Inframundo-(70-115)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
C.D. Jay-Hardtack E.P.-(3614592025326)-WEB-1999-IDF
C R W-I Feel Love (Remix)-(GFB 168)-WEB-1999-iDF
C R W-Lovin + Sweet Dreams-(MR 0596-28)-WEB-2000-iDF
Caba Kroll Presents C.J Stone-Pleasure E.P.-(4250117600235)-WEB-1999-iDF
Cantina-Playing Along-(PROMCD 2793)-WEB-1999-iDF
Cantina-Watching Old Movies-(MRCXCD 2933)-WEB-1999-iDF
Cappella Feat Loleatta Holloway-Take Me Away-(MB1303)-CDM-1991-iDF
Cappella-Be Master In Ones Own House (Remix)-(MR556)-Vinyl-1990-iDF
Cappella-Be My Baby-(MR 0144-28)-WEB-1997-iDF
Cappella-Be My Baby (House Mixes)-(MR 0143-28)-WEB-1997-iDF
Cappella-Cappella Megamix-(MR559)-Vinyl-1990-iDF
Cappella-Do You Run Away Now-(MR 0366-28)-WEB-1996-iDF
Cappella-Everybody-(MR 0937-28)-WEB-1991-iDF
Cappella-Everybody (Remixes)-(MB 303 R)-CDM-1991-iDF
Cappella-Get Out Of My Case-(MR 0915-28)-WEB-1989-iDF
Cappella-Get Out Of My Case (Remix)-(MR 0916-28)-WEB-1990-iDF
Cappella-Get Out Of My Case (Remix)-(MR549)-Vinyl-1990-iDF
Cappella-Hyper Mixes From Gigi Dagostino And R.A.F. By Picotto-(MR 660)-WEB-1996-iDF
Cappella-I Need Your Love RMX-(829410320153)-WEB-1996-iDF
Cappella-Move It Up-(MR 626)-WEB-1994-iDF
Cappella-Move It Up-(MR 627)-WEB-1994-iDF
Cappella-Move On Baby-(MR 616 JELLOW)-WEB-1994-iDF
Cappella-The Big Beat Megamix-(MR 0381-28)-WEB-1994-iDF
Cappella-U And Me-(MR 619)-WEB-1994-iDF
Cappella-U And Me-(MR 620 1)-WEB-1994-iDF
Cappella-U And Me-(MR 620 2)-WEB-1994-iDF
Cappella-U Got 2 Know (Remixes)-(MR 607)-WEB-1993-iDF
Cappella-U Got 2 Let The Music-(MR 0975-28)-WEB-1993-iDF
Cappella-U Got 2 Let The Music (Remix)-(MR617)-WEB-1994-iDF
Cappella-U Got 2 Let The Music (The Other Mixes)-(MR613)-WEB-1993-iDF
Cappella-U Tore My World Apart (Part 1)-(MR 0152-28)-WEB-1997-iDF
Cappella-U Tore My World Apart (Part 2)-(MR 0148-28)-WEB-1997-iDF
Cappella-U Tore My World Apart (Part 3)-(8200001412)-WEB-1997-iDF
Captain Hook-Crazy Party-(CHR 022)-WEB-1999-iDF
Captain Hook-Crazy Party-(CHR 022)-WEB-1999-iDF
Captain Hook-Crazy Party-(CHR0222)-CDM-1999-iDF
Captain Hook-Crazy Party-(CHR0222)-CDM-1999-iDF
Captain Hook-Rhythm of Love-(CHR 035)-WEB-1999-iDF
Captain Jack Feat The Gypsy Kings-Get Up-(74321 68734-2)-WEB-1999-iDF
Captain Jack-born in the usa-(cj-2012 004u)-web-2011-idf
Captain Jack-Dream A Dream-(74321 66190-2)-WEB-1999-iDF
Captain Jack-give it up-(426032 2280085)-web-2013-idf
Captain Jack-Only You-(74321 70923-2)-WEB-1999-iDF
Caramell-Gott Och Blandat-(3984-29329-2)-WEB-1999-iDF
Carboo-A Taste Of Boogie-(STH 1999)-WEB-1999-iDF
Carlo Testi-In Your Mind-(ATH016)-VINYL-1999-iDF
Carlos T.Quila-Everybody-(SFT 0159-8)-WEB-1999-iDF
Carolina Marquez-Contacto-(MIE 8033993891418)-WEB-1999-iDF
Cartoons-The X-Mas Single-(EMI 8879852)-CDS-1999-iDF
Cassandra-Just Tell Me Why-(MIE 8033993894556)-WEB-1999-iDF
Cassandra-Just Tell Me Why-(NL 12-99 CDS)-CDS-1999-iDF
Celestial - The Light-(DJ008)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
Central Seven-Te Quiero-(DNT0011-8)-CDM-1999-iDF
Ceres - Turn Me on Now - Ease Your Mind-(RED146)-Vinyl-1999-BC
Chant-Sweet Images-(7243 8 95826 2 8)-CDM-1999-iDF
Charles L Admiral & Hooligan-Get Down On It-(EPD 666960-2)-CDM-1999-iDF
Charles L'Admiral & Hooligan-Get Down On It-(EPD 666960-2)-CDM-1999-iDF
Checkmate-Another World-CDS-2001-FAF
Cher-All Or Nothing (CD 1)-(3984 28120 2)-CDM-1999-iDF
Cher-All Or Nothing (CD 2)-(3984 28127 2)-CDM-1999-iDF
Cher-All Or Nothing - Dove Lamore EP-(9 44774-2)-CDM-1999-iDF
Cherry-Boogie On Da Floor-(DISN 053)-WEB-1999-iDF
Cheyen-Salome-(SAI 195)-WEB-1999-iDF
Chinese Detectives-Are Kisses Out Of Fashion-(TAT CD 046)-WEB-1999-iDF
Cik - Salute Your Enemies-(ISRDIGI060)-WEB-2014-BC
Cindy-Crazy For You-(SHN 104)-WEB-1999-iDF
Circle 99-Broken Wings-(UNION 102)-WEB-1999-iDF
Circle 99-I Want It That Way-(UNION 106)-WEB-1999-iDF
Circuit Boy Feat Alan T-The Door-Vinyl-2002-SND
Cirillo - Cristallo-(RED217)-Vinyl-2002-BC
City Man - I Feel Good-(RED016)-Vinyl-1996-BC
City Man - Mellow Heat-(RED030)-Vinyl-1996-BC
Clark Wayne-The Clown-(COI 0006)-WEB-1999-iDF
Clock-Its Time-1995-ZzZz
Clock-The Rhythm (Inc Holding on)-CDM-1994-GTi
Club House And D. Morales-Deep In My Heart (Rmx)-(MR 0947-28)-WEB-1991-iDF
Club House Feat. Carl-Light My Fire-(MR610)-WEB-1993-iDF
Club House Feat. Carl-Light My Fire (Remixes)-(MR618)-WEB-1994-iDF
Club House Feat. Carl-Living In The Sunshine-(MR622)-WEB-1994-iDF
Club House Feat. Carl-Living In The Sunshine (Other Mixes)-(MR623)-WEB-1994-iDF
Club House Feat. Carl-Remixes 96-(MR656)-WEB-1996-iDF
Club House Feat. Carl-You And I-(MR642)-WEB-1995-iDF
Club House Feat Carl-Endless Love-(MR657)-WEB-1996-iDF
Club House Feat Carl-Take Your Time-(MR599)-WEB-1992-iDF
Club House Feat Carl-Take Your Time (Remixes)-(MR604)-WEB-1993-iDF
Club House-Deep In My Heart-(MR574)-WEB-1990-iDF
Club House-Im Alone-(MR538)-Vinyl-1989-iDF
Clubhouse Feat. Carl-Nowhere Land (Remix)-(MR635)-1994-iDF
Clubsukkas-Discostepper-(3984 23932-2)-WEB-1999-iDF
Clutch-I Cant Wait-(NSCD 116)-WEB-1999-iDF
Clutch-I Love My Dreams-(MIE 8012861401058)-WEB-1999-iDF
Coconut Groove-I Can Feel It-(MRL 120008)-WEB-1993-iDF
Colours-You Re My Love-(LUP 039)-VINYL-1999-iDF
Cominotto-Minimalistix-(BXR 1079)-WEB-1999-iDF
Cominotto-Tyson-(UND 1041)-WEB-1999-iDF
Connection - Portamento-(72-086)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
Copeland-Verano Del Amor-(TTF 03-4326)-WEB-1999-iDF
Core-Key - Blow Minded-(DR032)-WEB-2015-VELOCiTY
Core-Key - Deep Inside-(DR058)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
Countermove-Myself Free-(MIE 8033993891425)-WEB-1999-iDF
Crazy Heaven-In Your Eyes-(LT-122-MX)-WEB-1999-iDF
Cre(8)or-Underground-(RRCDM 169)-WEB-1999-iDF
Crispy-Crispy Demo (04-99)-CDA-1999-iDF
Crispy-Crispy Demo (06-99)-CDA-1999-iDF
Crispy-Crispy Demo (08-99)-CDA-1999-iDF
CRW Feat Veronika-Like A Cat-(NM031CD)-CDM-2002-iDF
Crw-I Feel Love-(MR 0585-28)-WEB-1999-iDF
Culture Beat-Mr. Vain-(DAN6591522)-CDM-1993-iDF
Cyane - Resistance Breeds Revolution-(ISRDIGI092)-WEB-2015-BC
Cyane-Resistance Breeds Revolution-(ISRDIGI092)-WEB-2015-CB
C-YA-Unforgivable Sinner-(UNION108)-WEB-1999-iDF
CYB - Now-(RED150)-Vinyl-1999-BC
D. J. Gabry Fasano-Jaiss Bangin-(BXRC 001)-WEB-1999-iDF
D.C. 2000-1 More Time-(NSCD 120)-WEB-1999-iDF
D.C. 2000-1 More Time-(NSCD120)-CDM-1999-iDF
D.E.A.R.-Talk To Me-(362706-39744)-WEB-1999-iDF
D.J. Arabesque-Yes-(MR 1127-28)-WEB-1998-iDF
D.J. Gabriele Tosoni-Rock Shock Sound Shock-Vinyl-2001-MTC
D.J. Gabry Fasano-Jaiss Bangin-(BXRC001)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
D.J. Meltron - Good Music-(RED009)-Vinyl-1995-BC
d.j. molella-free-(mr 0322-28)-web-1992-idf
D.J. Skott K - Talking to the Sun-(RED002)-Vinyl-1995-BC
D.Traxxx Feat Techno G.-Work it-(Kool010)-WEB-1999-iDF
Da Bros-What Is Music (Ba-Ba-Ba)-(SPY 01)-WEB-1999-iDF
Da Hool-Wankers On Duty-(KOS040)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Daddy-Time Is On My Side-(2102631)-VINYL-1999-iDF
Dagostino Planet-Fly-(MR 1221-28)-WEB-1995-iDF
DAgostino Planet-Melody Voyager-(8200000205)-WEB-1995-iDF
Daisey-Boogie Your Body-(76869-72039-2)-WEB-1999-iDF
Dance Test Dummies-Hands Up-(ACCMX-38)-WEB-1997-iDF
Daniel Aminati-When I Give My Love To You-(SFT 0165)-WEB-1999-iDF
Danko Vs. La Camilla-Russians R Coming-(JAM1001-8)-CDM-1999-iDF
Danny Travis - Funny People-(71-135)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
Danny Travis - Rave Motion-(71-079)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
Danox - The Return-(DR049)-WEB-2015-VELOCiTY
Da-Paka - Free Your Energy-(DR061)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
Dark Raver Lenny Dee And DJ Cirillo - Hardcore Rave Classics Vol 1-(ISL-15)-WEB-2008-HCC
Darth Man - Imperial March-(ACCMX-19)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
Datura-El Sueno The 7th Hallucination (Live Remixes)-(DFR03-4231-8)-CDM-1995-iDF
Datura-The 7th Hallucination-(DFR0342088)-CDM-1994-iDF
Dave Dope - Handful of Freaks-(ISRDIGI063)-WEB-2014-BC
Dave Holmes-Samsara-(POLL 126)-WEB-1999-iDF
David Traya by Ghonsso and Tazz - Only You-(71-582)-WEB-2000-VELOCiTY
Davide Sgarbi-Big Up-(STK016)-WEB-1999-iDF
Davidson-All I Wanna Do-(3051195)-CDM-1999-iDF
Davidson-All I Wanna Do-WEB-1999-iDF
Davinah-Innocent Child-(892002-6)-WEB-1999-iDF
Davis-Coming Out-(UDP1078)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Davis-No Good-(KONTOR055)-CDM-1999-iDF
DB-You Gotta Be-(STK-505)-WEB-1999-iDF
DCX-Flying High (1999 Mixes)-WEB-1999-iDF
D-Dac - New Age-(DR047)-WEB-2015-VELOCiTY
Deadly Drive - Deadly Drive-(IS041)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
Death Factory - Enjoy Your Meal-(ISE004)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
Death Factory - Enjoy Your Meal E.P.-(ISE004)-Vinyl-2001-BC
Deborah Haslam-Hot Stuff-(MR509)-VINYL-1987-iDF
Dee.M - Vibrations-(DJ024)-WEB-2015-VELOCiTY
Dee Lay-One Day-(805645 0044165)-WEB-1999-iDF
Deja Vu Feat Tasmin-When You Say Nothing At All-(ALMY147)-WEB-1999-iDF
Dejavu-Soleado-(805645 0044172)-WEB-1999-iDF
Delegation-You And I (Remixes 2000)-(WAY 1149)-WEB-1999-iDF
Delta 9 - Delta 9-(ISL010)-WEB-1998-VELOCiTY
Delta 9 - Disco Inferno-(ISL003)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
Delta 9 - Disco Inferno-(ISL3)-Vinyl-1996-BC
Delta 9 - Doomz Day Celebration-(ISR036)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
Delta 9 - Dusted-ISL10-Vinyl-1998-gMP3
Delta 9 - Hate Tank-(ISRDIGI055)-WEB-2014-BC
Delta 9 - Headstrong-WEB-1996-HCC
Delta 9 - No More Regrets Remixes-(ISL013)-WEB-2006-VELOCiTY
Delta 9 - No Regrets-(ISRCD-03)-WEB-2007-BC
Delta 9 - Real Hardcore 98-WEB-1998-HCC
Delta 9 - Speaker Worship-WEB-1998-HCC
Delta 9 - Wehrmacht-(ISR031)-WEB-1995-VELOCiTY
Delta 9 and Lenny Dee - Society-(ISD106)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
Delta Nine - Dusted-(ISL10)-Vinyl-1998-BC
Delta Nine - Wermacht-(IS031)-Vinyl-1995-BC
Deluxe - Sweet Line-(ACCMX-33)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
Denise-Deeper Love-(NMX1870)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Dfx Feat. Atheena-Manumission-(805645 0044189)-WEB-1999-iDF
Dhany-Quiero Respirar-(DV 240)-WEB-1999-iDF
Diana May-Take A Ride-(724389566222)-CDS-1999-iDF
Disciples of Annihilation - Unleash the Brutality-(ISL2)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
Disintegrator DX-13 - Industrial Strength Sampler Vol. II-(IS009)-Vinyl-1992-BC
Diskovery - Melody Party-(ACCMX-11)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
Diver and Ace - Mental Thing-(RED148)-Vinyl-1999-BC
Dixies Gang-Run Away Vinyl-2000-BMI
DJ Aier - Special Melody-(DR066)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
DJ Allan Mc Loud - Ready for Take Off-(RED157)-Vinyl-1999-BC
DJ Allan Mcloud-Ready for Take Off-Vinyl-1999-BEX
DJ Ato-Its Time For Revenge-(POLL 137)-WEB-1999-iDF
DJ Bart - Rock the House-(2102603)-CDS-1999-BC
DJ Bart - Rock the House-CDS-1999-DJ Classics
DJ Bart - The Blue Pill-(2102947)-CDS-1999-BC
DJ Benja - Fire-(ACCMX-25)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
DJ Benja - Harmony-(ACCMX-39)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
DJ Bobo-Level 6-(EAMS 4011-2)-WEB-1999-iDF
DJ Bobo-Lies-(EAMS 2394-2)-WEB-1999-iDF
DJ Bobo-The Ultimate Megamix 99-(0003062MIN)-WEB-1999-iDF
DJ Bobo-Together-(EAMS 2389-2)-WEB-1999-iDF
DJ Costa-Bam Bam Boo-(COI 0002)-WEB-1999-iDF
DJ Crews - Get Up on Your Feet-(2102811)-CDS-1999-BC
DJ Crews - Pump this Party-(2102569)-CDS-1999-BC
DJ Dado Feat. Michelle Weeks-Forever-(366158 5251200)-WEB-1999-iDF
DJ Dado Feat. Michelle Weeks-Forever-(366158 5251200)-WEB-1999-iDF
DJ Dee.M-Free Spirit-(NAUMX 021)-WEB-1999-iDF
DJ Dyd - Dimensional-(71-145)-WEB-1996-velocity
DJ Earthquake - Cross Check-(ISR055)-WEB-2004-VELOCiTY
DJ El Brujo And Maquiabelik-La Danza Feliz-(VLMX081-3)-WEB-1999-iDF
DJ ELB-Relieve My Pain Vinyl Djpit-BMI
DJ Ensaime-I Want You-(802256 7007720)-WEB-1999-iDF
DJ Gabriele Tosoni - Rock Shock-(RED206)-Vinyl-2001-OVM
DJ Gert - Give Me Some More-CDM-2000-HB INT
DJ Gert-Give Me Some More-(2103206)-CDM-2000-WLTN INT
Dj gius - dynamite-vinyl-2000-nbd
DJ Gius - Puffganger-(RED238)-Vinyl-2003-BC
DJ Gius - Puffganger-(RED238)-Vinyl-2003-HB
DJ Guerre and Fidel - East Project-(71-673)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
DJ HMC - Phreakin-(RED021)-Vinyl-1995-BC
DJ Hush-Its A Fine Day-(SAI 177)-WEB-1999-iDF
DJ JamX Joins B.I.A.-Das Licht-(POLL 116)-WEB-1999-iDF
DJ Jamx-Keep It That Way-(RTD103.2420.3)-CDM-1999-iDF
DJ Jappo vs. DJ Lancinhouse - DJ Jappo vs. DJ Lancinhouse-(ISL004)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
DJ Jappo vs. DJ Lancinhouse - DJ Jappo vs. DJ Lancinhouse-(ISL009)-WEB-1998-VELOCiTY
DJ Jappo Vs DJ Lancinhouse - Sacrifice-(ISL9)-Vinyl-1998-BC
DJ Jean-The Launch-(5635452)-CDM-1999-iDF
DJ Klem - Elektra (Remixes)-(71-128)-WEB-1996-velocity
DJ Konik - I Am the King-(DJ010)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
DJ Konik - Konik World-(DJ036)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
DJ Konik - System of Love-(DJ037)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
DJ Kontrol - Initium-(DJ012)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
DJ Luca Antolini - Heat-Retail-(RED220)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
DJ Lunatic-Dont Break My Heart-(POLL 130)-WEB-1999-iDF
DJ Main - Another World-(DJS019)-WEB-2007-VELOCiTY
DJ Marlyn Vs Reverend Bee-The Promised Land-(POLL 121)-WEB-1999-iDF
DJ Miko-Sky High-(ZOO 3010)-WEB-1999-iDF
Dj Millo Vs Mazinga-Techno Warriors EP-(RED053)-WEB-1996-CBR
DJ Misjah and DJ Tim - DJ Misjah and DJ Groovehead - X-Trax E. P.-(RED007)-Vinyl-1995-BC
DJ N.U.K.K-Work EP-(801409 0079510)-WEB-1999-iDF
DJ Noah-Human Steps-(POLL 124)-WEB-1999-iDF
DJ Octopus-Baker Street-(ZOO 3013)-WEB-1999-iDF
Dj One Finger - One Finger-Vinyl-2000-TR
DJ Orbith-Progressive Session 02-CD-2003-1REAL
DJ Overdog - Bassmachine-(RED200)-Vinyl-2000-BC
DJ Overdog - Bassmachine-Vinyl-2000-NBD
DJ Panda-Paradise Motel-(RGR 099-001)-WEB-1999-iDF
DJ Pandolfi-Forever-(MR 1078-28)-WEB-2005-iDF
DJ Philip - Reach Out-(RED060)-Vinyl-1997-BC
DJ Piccolo-Supa-Nacht-(BR 1208-04569)-WEB-1999-iDF
DJ PMC - Subplate (RED 121)-VLS-1998-gEm
DJ Professor-Rock Me Steady-(MR587)-WEB-1991-iDF
DJ Psycho and Kontrol DJ - Guitar Active-(71-992)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
DJ Psycho and Kontrol DJ - Sensitive-(71-882)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
DJ Ricci Vs Moratto-The Game Woodo Tronic-(PRG7130)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
DJ Ricky Graphis and DJ Cual - Soy El Diablo-(71-627)-WEB-2000-VELOCiTY
DJ Ricky T - Do You Like That Sound Now-(RED221)-Vinyl-2002-UTE
DJ Ricky T - Platinum-Vinyl-2003-SQ
DJ Ricky T - Vegeta-(RED205)-Vinyl-2001-OVM
DJ Ricky T-Do You Like That Sound Now-Vinyl-2002-UTE
DJ Ricky T-Platinum-(RED237)-WEB-2003-SSK
DJ Roy and DJ Cram - Da Tekno-(71-585)-WEB-2000-VELOCiTY
DJ Roy-Power Party-(71-137)-WEB-1996-iDF
DJ Ruben Fx-Nube vs DJ T-Ten Globo - Los Telerulix in Ozon 4-(71-690)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
DJ Sakin and Friends - Nomansland-(RED142)-Vinyl-1999-BC
DJ Sakin and Friends - Nomansland (Davids Song)-(RED149)-Vinyl-1999-BC
DJ Sakin and Friends - Protect Your Mind-(RED116)-Vinyl-1998-BC
DJ Sakin And Friends - Protect Your Mind-Vinyl-1998-ASR
DJ Sakin And Friends-Dragonfly-(INT8871192)-CDM-1999-iDF
DJ Scot Project - F (Future is Now )-(RED195)-Vinyl-2000-BC
DJ Sergio D.S.L. - Melody S.O.I.-(71-750)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
DJ Session One Vs. Y.O.M.C.-Dreams In My Fantasy-(ATH005)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
DJ Sevy - Trancemutation (the X-Cabs Remixes)-(RED061)-Vinyl-1997-BC
DJ Sino vs Javi Tracker - Grouping EP-(DR031)-WEB-2015-VELOCiTY
DJ Skaky - Pin8-(71-791)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
DJ Skinhead - DJ Skinhead III-(IS039)-Vinyl-1996-BC
DJ Skinhead - DJ Skinhead III-(ISR039)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
DJ Skinhead - Extreme Terror-(IS026)-Vinyl-1994-BC
DJ Skinhead - Extreme Terror-(ISR051)-WEB-2003-VELOCiTY
DJ Skinhead - Extreme Terror - Strychnine and Temper Tantrum Remixes-(ISR026)-WEB-1994-VELOCiTY
DJ Skinhead - The Ultimate Cxxshot-(ISR058)-WEB-2005-VELOCiTY
DJ Skott K-Sunset-(POLL 100)-WEB-1999-iDF
Dj Skott K-Talking To The Sun-(RED002)-WEB-1995-CBR
DJ Skryker - The Harry Song-(71-808)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
DJ Tom Stevens - Emotions-(RED176)-Vinyl-2000-BC
DJ Xilo - Angie-(DJ018)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
DJ Xilo - Good Vibes-(DJ006)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
DJ Xilo - Rising Fire-(DJ033)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
DJ Xilo - The Division-(DJ041)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
DJW-Please Stop The War-(POLL 128)-WEB-1999-iDF
Dolce Vita-Sway-(MP 180)-WEB-1999-iDF
Domino-Yes Sir I Can Boogie-(SAI 237)-WEB-1999-iDF
Don Pablos Animals-I Miss You (5 Oclock)-(MP 160)-WEB-1999-iDF
Doris Norton-Next Objective-WEB-1993-iDF
Dos Morenos-The Speak Up Mambo (Cuentame)-(MP 172)-WEB-1999-iDF
Double Base-Ill Be Free-(IAM 022)-WEB-1999-iDF
Double Base-Ill Be Free-(IAM022)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Double Impact-Ever Try-(HB 087)-WEB-1999-iDF
Double Infusion-Let There Be-(DIY01-00)-VINYL-1999-iDF
Double You-Desperado-(MVM-9923)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Doug Laurent-Im Rushin 98-(RED 124)-WEB-1998-iDF
Dr. Maniac-Bongo Bong (Je Ne Taime Plus)-(CHR 029)-WEB-1999-iDF
Dr Mathlovsky - Void X Death-(ISRDIGI101)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
Drax - Cascades-(RED018)-Vinyl-1995-BC
Dream Planet Project-Fly With Me-(POLL 110)-WEB-1999-iDF
Dresco-Can You Feel It-(TTF 03-4311)-WEB-1999-iDF
Dromhus-Halla Dig Nara (Remix)-(188.277-6)-WEB-1999-iDF
Dromhus-Stjarna Pa Himlen-(188.223-6)-WEB-1999-iDF
Dromhus-Varje Steg-(188.257-6)-WEB-1999-iDF
Drop-In Your Face-(MR 0027-28)-WEB-1994-iDF
D-Sfase and Neurotik and Crack DJ - Fussion Djs-(71-656)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
D-Stressed-Tell Me-(UNION110)-WEB-1999-iDF
D-Traxxx Feat. Techno G.-Work It-(3610152519038)-WEB-1999-iDF
Dual Band-GSM-(STK 019)-WEB-1999-iDF
Dual Shock-Fight-(POLL 149)-WEB-1999-iDF
Duck Soup-Da Ya Think Im Happy-(MTV 042)-WEB-1999-iDF
Duma - Cocaine-(21 03114)-Vinyl-2001-BC
Dumonde - Tomorrow-(2102532)-CDS-1998-BC
Dune-Dark Side Of The Moon-(0724389637526)-WEB-1999-iDF
D-Voice-Get On Up-(805645 0044202)-WEB-1999-iDF
Dy-Keery-D Party-(MM99-01)-VINYL-1999-iDF
Dyno - Ghost in the Shell-(RED256)-Vinyl-2004-BC
Dyno - sound force vinyl-2000-nbd
Dyno - State Of Moog-Vinyl-SWP
Dyno - Trip to Neverland-(RED246)-Vinyl-2004-BC
E.T.D.-Right Here Waiting-(P&P001)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
E Magic Feat Nancy-Prepare Yourself-(SPY 02)-WEB-1999-iDF
East Side Beat-My Girl-(MR615)-WEB-1993-HFT
East Side Beat-Youre My Everything-(MR606)-WEB-1993-HFT
East Town Feat David Sion-How Deep Is Your Love-(OCN 022)-WEB-1999-iDF
Eclipse-Makes Me Love You-(803403 4230609)-WEB-1999-iDF
Eddy Brando-Break Out-(MR510)-Vinyl-1987-iDF
Eddy The Fish Feat. E-Love-Evidence Of Love-(3610152518925)-WEB-1999-iDF
Edesio Vs. Boris Dlugosch-Blen Blen-(563 773-2)-CDM-1999-iDF
Edy The Fish Feat E Love-Evidence Of Love-WEB-1999-iDF
Egoland Vs DJ Cinny-Back 2 Heaven-(SND 020)-VINYL-1999-iDF
Eiffel 65-Blue-CDS-1999-iDF
Eiffel 65-Move Your Body-(257541308)-WEB-1999-iDF
E-Ject - Hard to Say Im Sorry-(23 205302)-CDS-2002-BC
E-Ject - Hard To Say Im Sorry-(23 205302)-CDS-2002-SOB
El Canario Feat Lilu-Summer 99-(SPY 04)-WEB-1999-iDF
Elastic Band-Love Is In The Air-(MP159)-WEB-1999-iDF
Electric Fruit Orchestra - Nexus 6-(RED159)-Vinyl-1999-BC
Electrotheque-Everyones A Winner-(503269 8631285)-WEB-1999-iDF
Elena Becker-All Right-(DUE 99.02)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Eliane-Lero Lero Lero Le Le-(DOIT1599CDS)-CDM-1999-iDF
Eliane-Take My Heart-(805645 0044219)-WEB-1999-iDF
Eliane-Take My Heart-(DOIT37-99)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Elisir-Elisir Theme-(POLL 144)-WEB-1999-iDF
Elliott-La Flaca - Candle In The Wind-(805645 0044226)-WEB-1999-iDF
E-Magine-Big Big World (The Dance Mixes)-(PCDS 54031)-WEB-1999-iDF
Emergency 197-It Turns Up-(MR 0017-28)-WEB-1992-iDF
Emergency House-EH 3-(398427071 2)-WEB-1999-iDF
EmFactor-My Name Is-(SB 048-2)-WEB-1999-iDF
Emphassis - Lets Go-(71-099)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
En - Soft-Devotion-(805645 0044233)-WEB-1999-iDF
Encrypter - Power Struggle-(ISRDIGI099)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
English Muffin - The Blood of an English Muffin-(IS011)-Vinyl-1993-BC
En-Soft-Devotion-(DIY 08-99)-WEB-1999-iDF
Enyosion-Life Is A Game-(930082-2)-WEB-1999-iDF
E-Pact-The Mystery Of Sound-(23 20309)-Vinyl-2001-SCORP
Equinox - Transcendental Love-(71-129)-WEB-1996-velocity
Espresso-Drive Me Crazy-(RBCDTS-057)-CDM-1999-IDF
Espuma - The Ultimate Trip-(RED214)-Vinyl-2001-BC
Eternity - Sanctify Yourself-(RED044)-Vinyl-1996-BC
Ethnics Beats-Alla Fiera Dellest (Fair Song)-(366158 5828600)-WEB-1999-iDF
Etzwane-Close Your Eyes-(ALC 3001)-WEB-1999-iDF
Everything But The Girl-Five Fathoms (Part 1)-(724389 619157)-WEB-1999-iDF
Everything But The Girl-Five Fathoms (Part 2)-(724389 619256)-WEB-1999-iDF
Everything But The Girl-Five Fathoms (Part 2)-(724389 619256)-WEB-1999-iDF
Exential Feat DD Klein-Little Love-(GFB163)-WEB-1999-iDF
Express Of Sound-Everybody To The Sound-(MTR2076)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Eyes Cream-Fly Away (Bye Bye)-(724388723428)-CDM-1999-iDF
Eyes Cream-Fly Away (Bye Bye)-(HB-30880)-WEB-1999-iDF
F. Zappala D.J. Professor-We Gotta Do It (Remix)-Vinyl-1991-iDF
F.C.B.-Dreaming Joy The Sound Of Joy-(GFB 162)-WEB-1999-iDF
F.U.H.D. - F.U.H.D. (Vol 2)-(ISR040)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
F.U.H.D. - Untitled-(IS040)-Vinyl-1996-BC
F4-Discobeatles-(SPG 3000)-WEB-1999-iDF
fabietto cataneo - flight controller-(vrt 007)-vinyl-1996-idf
Fabio Mc and Thomas T-Groove In The Mind-(TDT-002)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Faithless-If Lovin You Is Wrong - Why Go-(CHEKRCD 038)-CDM-1999-iDF
Faithless-Why Go (CD 1)-(7243 8 87839 2 7)-CDM-1999-iDF
Faithless-Why Go (CD 2)-(D1979)-CDM-1999-iDF
Fanatic Cracks - Universal Sound-(RED003)-Vinyl-1995-BC
Farfa and Kitikonti Present Miss Message-Touch-(AE003)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Fargetta - The Music is Movin-Remix CDS-1992-iDC
Fargetta And A.M. Smith-Music - The Music Is Movin (Remixes)-(MR 0327-28)-WEB-1992-iDF
Fargetta And Ann Marie Smith-Music + The Music Is Movin (Remix)-(MM 006)-WEB-1992-iDF
Fargo-Come On-(3661585256670)-WEB-1999-iDF
Fester-Streetcriminal Minded-(ISRDIGI093)-WEB-2015-CB
Final Fantasy - I Close My Eyes-(RED112)-Vinyl-1998-BC
Fine Young Cannibals-The Flame-(MR 0142-28)-WEB-1996-iDF
Fire Boys-Boys-(GFB 161)-WEB-1999-iDF
Fits Of Gloom-Heaven-(885686227893)-WEB-1993-iDF
Fits Of Gloom-Heaven (Re-Edit And Remixes)-(885686227909)-WEB-1993-iDF
Fits Of Gloom-Return To Me-(MR 0055-28)-WEB-1994-iDF
Fizmo-Sexy Mother Fucker-Vinyl-2002-SND
Flashback-Give Up-(WR 2036)-VINYL-1999-iDF
Flickman-The Sound Of Bamboo-(CD FERN 25)-CDM-1999-iDF
Floorfilla-Anthem 2-(MIE 8014360135045)-WEB-1999-iDF
Floorfilla-Anthem 3-(801436 0135946)-WEB-1999-iDF
Floorfilla-Anthem 3-(ZYX 9168-8)-CDM-1999-iDF
Fluide-Jingo-(NVG1599)-Promo VINYL-1999-iDF
Fox M.C.-Precious Little Diamond-(COI 0004)-WEB-1999-iDF
Foxter-I Was Made For Dancing-(OW 1154)-WEB-1999-iDF
Foxy-Come On And Sing It-(805645 0044257)-WEB-1999-iDF
Francesco Zappala-No Way Out-(MR589)-WEB-1992-iDF
Francesco Zappala-No Way Out (Hard Core Remix)-(MR592)-WEB-1992-iDF
Franchino-Ogni Pensiero-(MR 1327-28)-WEB-2000-iDF
Frankino-Solidao-(885686 228050)-WEB-2004-iDF
Freebee-Home Sweet Home-(ABCD 30070-3)-WEB-1999-iDF
Freebee-Megamix Album-(Popcd 010)-WEB-1999-iDF
Freesbee-Jumpin To The Moon-(TIME 179)-WEB-1999-iDF
French Affair-My Heart Goes Boom-(74321710572)-CDM-1999-iDF
Fridge - Paradise-(RED143)-Vinyl-1999-BC
Friends In Need Feat Dr Alban-Alla Vi-(188.247-3)-WEB-1999-iDF
Friends Of Matthew-Out There-(BITCDM 502)-WEB-1999-iDF
Full Intention Feat Hustle Espano-(Do The) Spanish Hustle-(AMM 181)-WEB-1999-iDF
Fun 2 U-I Wish I Could Fly-(CNT 21-239)-WEB-1999-iDF
Fun Factory-Next Generation-(VICP-60630)-WEB-1999-iDF
Funky Green Dogs-Cant Help It + Body-(ARP 21063)-VINYL-1999-iDF
Funky Green Dogs-Star-(TWD-11903)-WEB-1999-iDF
Funny-Sing A Song (All Night Long)-(FUNNY 001)-CDM-1999-iDF
Furilla-I Wont Be Waiting-(MR 0448-28)-WEB-2003-iDF
Future Breeze - Ocean of Eternity-(RED223)-Vinyl-2002-BC
Gate 51 - Time from the Universe-(RED052)-Vinyl-1996-BC
Gee Moore Pres Es Vedra-All Fat Boys Dancing-(UND 1038)-WEB-1999-iDF
Gee Moore-Dolphin-(MR 1316-28)-WEB-2000-iDF
Giacomorlando - Radio on Line-(RED129)-Vinyl-1998-BC
Giada - Chains-PROPER-Vinyl-2002-SND
Giada - Diamond-(RED224)-Vinyl-2002-BC
Giada - Diamond-(RED224)-WEB-2002-HCC
Gianni Parrini-Oasis 97-(NEON700397)-VINYL-1997-iDF
Gigi And Molly-Con Il Nastro Rosa-(829410320856)-WEB-2004-iDF
Gigi D Agostino-Elektro Message-(MR 1224-28)-WEB-1996-iDF
Gigi D Agostino-Gin Lemon E.P. (Part 1)-(885686228449)-WEB-1997-iDF
Gigi D Agostino-Gin Lemon E.P. (Part 2)-(885686228456)-WEB-1997-iDF
Gigi D Agostino-Gin Lemon E.P. (Part 3)-(885686228463)-WEB-1997-iDF
Gigi D Agostino-Lento Violento E Altre Storie (NM077)-2CD-Retail-IT-2007-HFT
Gigi D Agostino-Tanzen E.P. (Disc 1)-(8200001525)-WEB-1999-iDF
Gigi D Agostino-Tanzen E.P. (Disc 2)-(8200001537)-WEB-1999-iDF
Gigi D Agostino-Tanzen E.P. (Disc 3)-(8200001524)-WEB-1999-iDF
Gigi D Agostino-Underconstruction 3 Remix-(NM 048-CD)-CD-2004-iDF
Gigi D Agostino-Wellfare-(MR 1084-28)-WEB-2005-iDF
Gigi DAgostino - Elisir Your Love-CDS-1998-iDC
Gigi Dagostino And Albertino-Super-(MR 1035-28)-WEB-2000-iDF
Gigi Dagostino And Pandolfi-Gigis Goodnight-(829410320955)-WEB-2004-iDF
Gigi Dagostino-Another Way-(GDC 2236-8)-WEB-1999-iDF
Gigi Dagostino-Bla Bla Bla-(MR 1278-28)-WEB-1999-iDF
Gigi Dagostino-Elektro Message-(MR 1224-28)-WEB-1996-iDF
Gigi Dagostino-Elisir-(829410312851)-WEB-1998-iDF
Gigi Dagostino-Gin Lemon-(829410312653)-WEB-1997-iDF
Gigi Dagostino-Lamour Toujours-(ALB-003)-2CD-1999-iDF
Gigi D'Agostino-The Riddle-(ZYX 9133D-8)-CDM-1999-IDF
Ginger-I Need You Babe-(DXS04.99)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Gisella-Joy (I Feel Good I Feel Fine) (Remix)-(DV 9901)-WEB-1999-iDF
Gisella-Shine On Me-(DV 2002)-WEB-1999-iDF
Gisella-Shine On Me-(DV2002)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Glamour-Family Affair-(NSCO 118)-WEB-1999-iDF
Glitch - Brain Circuit Surgery-(IS005)-Vinyl-1992-BC
Glitch--Trauma EP (IS010)-EP-1993-CMC
Global Cee - Give Me Love-(RED085)-Vinyl-1997-BC
Global Cee-Love Dream Energy-Classic-Vinyl-1997-POW
Global Control - Crazy (the Kgbs Remixes)-(RED056)-Vinyl-1996-BC
Global Insert-Sounds Theme-(MR 0063-28)-WEB-1996-iDF
Gloria Gaynor-First Be A Woman (by Alex Natale)-(07243 8876422 3)-CDM-1999-iDF
Gloria Gaynor-Reach Out Ill Be There (Remix By Alex Natale)-(NSCD 110)-WEB-1999-iDF
Go-KKO-Beginning Of The End-(POLL 132)-WEB-1999-iDF
Gollum and Yanny - Shadows and Lights-(RED210)-Vinyl-2001-BC
Goody Feat. Luna-Mamma Mia-(BR 3006-8)-CDM-1999-iDF
Goody Featuring Luna-Mamma Mia-(805645 0044264)-WEB-1999-iDF
Gouryella-Gouryella-(FLASHBACK 016)-WEB-1999-iDF
Graaf-Heartbreaker-(74321 66959 2)-WEB-1999-iDF
Green House Feat. Gerideau-All I Need-(805645 0044271)-WEB-1999-iDF
Greta-Time To Play-(HZY 025)-WEB-1999-iDF
Griffith-Murderer-(RRCDM 175)-WEB-1999-iDF
Groovezone - Eisbaer-(MS09)-Vinyl-1997-LiR
Groovezone - Eisbaer-(RED084)-Vinyl-1997-BC
Groovezone - Eisbear-(RED102)-Vinyl-1998-BC
Groovy 69-Where Did You Go-(MP 175)-WEB-1999-iDF
Grr - 7 Driven by 9-(ISRDIGI071)-WEB-2014-BC
Harpoon Feat Monika-Gimme Love-(BRI4048-2)-CDM-1999-iDF
Hazell Dean-Living On A Prayer-(D-ACST065)-CDM-1999-iDF
HCM - Like A Train in Your Brain-(ISE003)-Vinyl-2001-BC
Helen-(You Drive Me) Crazy-(CHR 033)-WEB-1999-iDF
Hesperia - E.P.-(RED111)-Vinyl-1998-BC
High Density-Label - Fader Remixes-(CON-193-RMX)-WEB-1996-iDF
High Spirit-Mr. Moon-(SFT 0171)-WEB-1999-iDF
Hombre Latino-La Flaca-(EX 99)-WEB-1999-iDF
House Of Glass Feat Judy Albanese-Take Me Over-(803403 4230890)-WEB-1999-iDF
Humana-When You Believe-(VOL 199-03)-WEB-1999-iDF
Hypetraxx - See The Day-Promo-2000-MTC
Hypetraxx - The Darkside-(RED185)-Vinyl-2000-BC
Hypnopunk-Excalibur-(POLL 104)-WEB-1999-iDF
Hypnopunk-Red Alert-(POLL 122)-WEB-1999-iDF
I Chiodi-Coracao Louco (Cuore Matto)-(MRG 1009-8)-CDM-2004-iDF
IDeLaVega-Oppla Another Music (From Euro Sat Dance)-WEB-1999-iDF
Ilogic - Why-(ACCMX-12)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
In.Deep-Beautiful Stranger-(MP 177)-WEB-1999-iDF
Industrial Strength Sampler III-The Remixes-(Iso025)-EP-1994-HSA
Industrial Terror Squad - Da Bxxtards Are Back-(ISR043)-WEB-1997-VELOCiTY
Industrial Terror Squad - Welcome to the Killing Fields-(IS035)-Vinyl-1995-BC
Industrial Terror Squad - Welcome to the Killing Fields-(ISR035)-WEB-1995-VELOCiTY
Inferno Brothers - Slaves to the Rave-(RED014)-Vinyl-1995-BC
Inner City-Good Life (Buena Vida)-(VENCD200)-CDM-1999-iDF
Isaeff-Give Me Love-(MN012)-VINYL-1999-iDF
I-Taliani-Maccaroni-(IAM 023)-WEB-1999-iDF
J.B. Sound-Oh Yea Baby-(DXS06.99CDS)-CDM-1999-iDF
J.D.T.-Ibiza La Vida-(POLL 143)-WEB-1999-iDF
J.J. Mc.Crus-Somewhere (In Da House)-(TTF 03-4312)-WEB-1999-iDF
J.K.C. - Hole Point-(71-875)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
J.K.-Deep In The Night-(X 12268.99)-WEB-1999-iDF
J And P-Paris La Nuit-(PL 29902)-WEB-1999-iDF
Jalma-No Boys-(NSCD 97)-WEB-1999-iDF
James T-You Are the One-(MN010)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Javi Tracker - 4 My Mother-(DR033)-WEB-2015-VELOCiTY
Javi Tracker - 4 My Mother 2-(DR062)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
Javi Tracker - Another Planet-(DR070)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
Javi Tracker - Indestructible-(DR025)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
Javi Tracker - Move Your Body-(DR068)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
Javi Tracker - The Album-(DR079)-WEB-2017-VELOCiTY
Javiolo - Twisted-(DR034)-WEB-2015-VELOCiTY
Jay Ray Feat. Phill Edwards-Goldstar-(0109225A45)-WEB-1999-iDF
Jb Sound-Turn It Up-(DXS1299CDS)-CDM-1999-iDF
Jealousy-Tango-(805645 0044288)-WEB-1999-iDF
Jerry Daley-Send Me an Angel-(STK-506)-WEB-1999-iDF
Jerry Daley-Send Me An Angel (Reloaded)-(889176039553)-WEB-1999-iDF
Jessica Jay-Summer Nights-(MP 183)-WEB-1999-iDF
JFC-Meet Me In Paradise-(RISE 195)-WEB-1999-iDF
Jhava-A Love 4 U-(99.01)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
JHWH - Behind Me-(RED255)-Vinyl-2004-BC
JHWH - Quintessence-(RED170)-Vinyl-2000-BC
JHWH-Lost In Trance-(RED 135)-WEB-1998-iDF
JHWH-Quintessence-(RED 170)-WEB-1999-iDF
Joanna-Always in My Mind-(EXTERNA9903)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
Joe Brown-Look At Me-(805645 0044295)-WEB-1999-iDF
Joe Montana-Tatoo E.P.-(HS004)-VINYL-1999-iDF
Joga-Dam Dariram-(MIE 8019991683545)-WEB-1999-iDF
Johanna-Love Is Alive-(3610152556415)-WEB-1999-iDF
Johanna-Love Is Alive-(VOL199-01)-Vinyl-1999-iDF
John Robinson-I Believe-(MR 0139-28)-WEB-1996-iDF
John Selway - Spy-(ISR015)-WEB-1993-BC
Joinit-Let The Music Play-(VOL 199-04)-WEB-1999-iDF
Joker-Im Gonna Love Ya-(DEA 014)-WEB-1999-iDF
Jose-Love Games-(6682972000)-CDM-1999-iDF
Joy Dee-Love Is Not A Destiny (Rmx)-WEB-1999-iDF
Joy Diva-Im Waiting-(DXS 13.99)-VINYL-1999-iDF
Joy Kitikonti-A Century Of Beatz-(AE 004)-WEB-1999-iDF
Julia-Loving You-(IMP003)-VINYL-1999-iDF
Jump And Joy-Lets Roll (I Like It)-(DS055-70621.3)-CDM-1999-iDF
Jump Engine - Oversampling-(71-578)-WEB-2000-VELOCiTY
Junior Jack-My Feeling-(PIASB 012CD)-WEB-1999-iDF
K.C. Tronic-Say What You Say-(MR554)-Vinyl-1990-iDF
Kai Tracid - Dance for Eternity-(RED109)-Vinyl-1998-BC
Kai Tracid - Dance For Eternity-(suck10712)-limited edition-vinyl-1998-bc
Kai Tracid - Liquid Skies-(2102522)-CDS-1998-BC
Kai Tracid - Liquid Skies-(RED133)-Vinyl-1998-BC
Kai Tracid - Your Own Reality-(RED081)-Vinyl-1997-OVM
Kamasutra-Where Is The Love-(WEA246CD)-CDM-1999-iDF
Kangaroo-Promises-(MP 171)-WEB-1999-iDF
Kapital - Magic Melody-(DJ019)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
Karen Ramirez-Lies-(BL023)-VINYL-1999-iDF
Karin De Ponti-Charlie Is Back-(HB 081)-WEB-1999-iDF
Karin T-Prendimi Con Te-(MDI 012 MIX-V)-WEB-1997-iDF
Kary Vee-This Is-(PF 9902)-Bootleg-WEB-1999-iDF
Karyna-Gonna Believe-(4T 006)-VINYL-1999-iDF
Kasai - Passion-(RED154)-Vinyl-1999-BC
Kasai - Passion-VINYL-2000-wAx
Kate Project-A Better World-(CNT 21-233)-WEB-1999-iDF
Katherine E-Then I Feel Good-(MB-1603)-CDM-1991-iDF
Katty B-Lets Hear It For The Boy-(CNT 21-246)-WEB-1999-iDF
Ken Laszlo-Inside My Music-(090204756810)-WEB-2003-iDF
Kick Feat. Gabes-Reaction-(805645 0044301)-WEB-1999-iDF
Killer Shadows-Dont You Want Me-(WAY 1156)-WEB-1999-iDF
Killer Shadows-I Just Cant Get Enough-(WAY 1163)-WEB-1999-iDF
Killjoy - Age of Gold-(RED012)-Vinyl-1995-BC
Killjoy - Boys Say Go-(RED033)-Vinyl-1996-BC
Killjoy - Harmonic Groove-(RED039)-Vinyl-1996-BC
Killjoy - Heat and Dust-(RED110)-Vinyl-1998-BC
Killjoy-Age Of Gold-(RED012)-Vinyl-1995-iDF
Killjoy-Mystic Loop-Promo-Vinyl-1997-KPB INT
Kim Lukas-All I Really Want-(0550812)-CDM-1999-iDF
Kim Lukas-All I Really Want-(DJ 11184)-WEB-1999-iDF
Kimara Lawson-Stand Up-(NSCD 117)-WEB-1999-iDF
Kimara Lawson-Stand Up-(NSCD117)-CDM-1999-iDF
Kim-I Feel Your Love-(UNION109)-WEB-1999-iDF
King Arthur-Faith-(MR 0174-28)-WEB-1999-iDF
Kit Williams - Darkness is Back-(ISE005)-Vinyl-2001-BC
Kit Williams - Darkness is Back-(ISE005)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
Klan - Its Inside My Soul-(CON-243-MX)-WEB-2014-PUTA
Klan-The Heaven Gate-(CON-209-MX)-WEB-1996-iDF
Klippers-Step Into The Rhythm-(RISE 051)-WEB-1999-iDF
Klubbheads dj team vs. dj mark von dale---raise your hands-cdm-1998-omcx
Kluster-Back To The Funk-(942 312 129-2)-WEB-1999-iDF
Koko And Leroy-Jarzinho-(3000072703)-WEB-1999-iDF
Koko-Paradise Medley With Da Di Da-(SPE 04)-WEB-1999-iDF
Koolmatch-The Album-(WS-0002)-CDA-1999-iDF
K-Psula - Crazy EP-(71-123)-WEB-1996-VELOCiTY
Kristian-Voglio Solo Piangere-(MR035628)-WEB-1999-iDF
Krrenyo ft Friedchipz - Ultimatum Pawa-(DJ031)-WEB-2015-VELOCiTY
Kym Mazelle And Intrallazzi And Provera-Love Magic (Cube Guys Remixes)-(090204753499)-WEB-2004-iDF
Kyria-Snow On The Sahara-(MP 167)-WEB-1999-iDF
K-Zero - Victory-(DJ002)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY

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