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Hardstyle Tracks January 2016
  Hardstyle | Author: Admin | 21-03-2016, 15:21
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01-a-lusion - a thousand miles (original mix)
01 a-lusion - a thousand miles (original mix)
02 a-lusion - a thousand miles (radio edit)
01 audiotricz - viii (freaqshow anthem 2015) (pro mix)
02 audiotricz - viii (freaqshow anthem 2015) (edit)
01-authentic-dynamite (original mix)
02-authentic-dynamite (radio edit)
01-bass chaserz-big dick (original mix)
01 bass modulators and noisecontrollers - glitch (short mix)
01-betavoice-reaching the sky (original mix)
02-betavoice-reaching the sky (radio edit)
01 black elision - just a story (original mix)
02 black elision - the mirror (original mix)
03 black elision - hunger (original mix)
01 break zero and deetox - rock it (original mix)
01 c-noize - make some noize (extended mix)
01-concept art-shout (radio edit)
02-concept art-shout (extended mix)
01 coone - this is coone 2014-2015
01-coone ft sik-wit-it-this (radio edit)
02-coone ft sik-wit-it-this (extended mix)
03-coone-universal language (cyber remix radio edit)
04-coone-universal language (cyber remix extended)
05-coone-beat on my drum (nsclt remix radio edit)
06-coone-beat on my drum (nsclt remix extended)
01 cyber - ily (pro mix)
02 cyber - ily (edit)
01-daniele mondello - scream
01 deepack - down low (2016 reamp pro mix)
02 deepack - down low (2016 reamp edit)
03 bertocucci feranzano - xtc love (deepack and bertocucci feranzano 2015 remix)
04 bertocucci feranzano - xtc love (deepack and bertocucci feranzano 2015 edit)
01-deepack-the music (extended mix)
02-deepack-the music (radio version)
01 deetox and lange frans - het land van (pro mix)
02 deetox and lange frans - het land van (edit)
01 delete - dismissed again
02 delete - the world is yours
01-devin wild-compound (original mix)
02-devin wild-compound (radio edit)
01-dj tectra one - call me up now (original mix)
01-dj yoz-edge of the universe (radio edit)
02-dj yoz and mkn-reversed the bass (radio edit)
03-dj yoz ft biggzy b-overdrive (radio edit)
04-dj yoz and echidna-hardstyle dealers (radio edit)
05-dj yoz ft biggzy b-night belongs to us (radio edit) (feat biggzy b)
06-dj yoz vs zoyza-two minds one soul (radio edit)
07-zoyza-weed (radio edit)
08-zoyza and korruptor-blow ya speakers (radio edit)
09-zoyza-testify (radio edit)
10-zoyza-church of satan (radio edit)
11-zoyza and reuben-hold (radio edit)
01-double f-ect-dark rules
02-double f-ect-monsters
01-dr phunk and genius-fck and party (original mix)
01-dr rude-apocalypse (extended mix)
02-dr rude-apocalypse (radio edit)
01 d-sturb - before the start (original mix)
02 d-sturb - going forward (original mix)
01 electric punk - haunted (original mix)
01 envine - escape (original mix)
02 envine - escape (radio mix)
01-galactixx - hold me (edit)
02-galactixx - hold me (original mix)
01 geck-o - international outernational (original mix)
02 geck-o - international outernational (radio edit)
01 genox - inhuman (original mix)
02 genox - future memories (original mix)
01-guru josh - infinity (noba memorial rework 2016)-sob
01-hyperion - runnin (original mix)
02-hyperion - runnin (radio edit)
01-hypix - shut the f up (original mix)
01 intractable one - inside buffalo
01 jack of sound and delete - heavy damage (original mix)
02 jack of sound and delete - heavy damage (radio edit)
01-josh and lareau-mosel
02-josh and lareau-nameless
01 kronos - ghost (original mix)
02 kronos - ghost (radio edit)
01-lawss feat lars v d veen - our world (original mix)
01-liberty and showdown - take me home tonight
01-manu kenton - after 31-sob
02-manu kenton - miss disco-sob
03-manu kenton - pussy rework-sob
04-manu kenton - lion king-sob
05-manu kenton - wir tanzen-sob
06-manu kenton - supplement-sob
07-manu kenton - cordiak-sob
08-manu kenton - run smoothly-sob
09-manu kenton - the base mk-sob
10-manu kenton - wake up baby-sob
11-manu kenton - snare and roll-sob
12-manu kenton - rainy sunday-sob
13-manu kenton - percuz-sob
14-manu kenton - pokemons-sob
15-manu kenton - go-sob
16-manu kenton - elek-sob
01-max b grant - fckn hardstyle (original mix)
02-max b grant - fckn hardstyle (radio edit)
01-maximizerz - turn n twist-sob
02-maximizerz - burn the world-sob
03-maximizerz - burn the world (bass-d remix)-sob
01-maxxus and nontoxic - fable (original mix)
02-maxxus and nontoxic - fable (radio edit)
01-michael phase - kalypso (original mix)
02-michael phase - kalypso (radio edit)
01 mind dimension and rooler - nothing (original mix)
01 nexone - higher (edit)
02 nexone - higher (original mix)
01-nolimits - swing (original mix)
01-norman kash - fucking house-sob
01-north core project - never alone
01 notoriouz - thrilled
01 notoriouz - thrilled (pro mix)
02 notoriouz - thrilled (edit)
01-nutty t-abomination (original mix)
01-phrantic-glowing in the dark (original mix)
02-phrantic-glowing in the dark (radio edit)
01-playboyz - revolution (extended mix)
02-playboyz - revolution (radio version)
01 prefix and density - just a memory
01-punish and ruthless - fkn bass (original mix)-sob
02-punish and ruthless - fkn bass (dutch movement remix)-sob
03-punish and ruthless - fkn bass (the partysquad remix)-sob
01-qatja s and djpablo - drop that booty (original mix)
01-ravage - hit m (original mix)
02-ravage - hit m (radio edit)
01 refluxed - insanity (edit)
02 refluxed - insanity (original mix)
01-regain and blackwatch ft. mc renegade - go harder (original mix)
01-secret unity and rekson-future
01-shadowfact-crank it up (original mix)
02-shadowfact-crank it up (radio edit)
01-sick sense - never stop the fucking rave
01-stormerz and wav3motion-feel the rhythm (original mix)
02-stormerz and wav3motion-feel the rhythm (radio edit)
01-tartaros-take u there (original mix)
02-tartaros-take u there (radio mix)
01-tek soldierz - war on di dancefloor
02-tek soldierz - blow ya mind (royal s remix)
03-tek soldierz - blow ya mind (polycarpus remix)
01-the geminizers-gangsta shit (original mix)
02-the geminizers-gangsta shit (radio mix)
01 the machine - bassline skanka (geck-o remix)
01 the machine and tartaros - clubs pubs and parties (pro mix)
02 the machine and tartaros - clubs pubs and parties (edit)
01-the machine and tartaros-clubs pubs and parties
01-the straikerz and kloon - apocalypse
02-the straikerz - one true king
03-the straikerz - dark laugh
01-the vision feat. lynx-follow your heart (edit)
02-the vision feat. lynx-follow your heart (original mix)
01-theo gobensen - interstellar
02-theo gobensen ft. erik ray - live for the weekend
01 tnt aka technoboy n tuneboy - ravish (extended version)
02 tnt aka technoboy n tuneboy - ravish (radio edit)
01-tnt - ravish (extended version)
02-tnt - ravish (radio edit)
01-trash p - vakarm
01 va - hard bass 2016 (continuous mix by wildstylez)
02 va - hard bass 2016 (continuous mix by frontliner)
03 va - hard bass 2016 (continuous mix by digital punk)
04 va - hard bass 2016 (continuous mix by delete)
05 wildstylez and max enforcer - get down (album edit)
06 adrenalize - all the memories
07 wildstylez ft. e-life and noah jacobs - one (album edit)
08 cyber - union (edit)
09 isaac - burn (edit)
10 wave pressure - take me high (edit)
11 concept art - shout (radio edit)
12 wildstylez and demi kanton - perfect love (album edit)
13 dr rude - apocalypse
14 wasted penguinz and sylence - one day (edit)
15 wildstylez and noisecontrollers - take control (album edit)
16 stephanie - groovin to the beat (energyzed remix edit)
17 noisecontrollers and bass modulators - solar (edit)
18 brennan heart and tnt - its my style (short edit)
19 wildstylez - unleash the beast (edit)
20 sound rush ft. exilium - unshakable
21 coone - love for the game (edit)
22 tatanka - inner beast (edit)
23 wildstylez ft. mc villain - let the bass go (album edit)
24 audiotricz - alchemy of hardstyle (edit)
25 delayers - make them bounce (tnt remix edit)
26 frontliner - beatdown
27 nexone - higher (short edit)
28 d-block and s-te-fan - drop it down (radio edit)
29 notoriouz - thrilled (edit)
30 frontliner ft. anouck b - weightless (radio edit)
31 zany - bouncer (original edit)
32 clockartz - 4 da floor
33 frontliner - beam me into space (envine remix edit)
34 armin van buuren - shivers (frontliner remix)
35 d-block and s-te-fan - higher
36 geck-o - dont wake the dreamer (edit)
37 frontliner and natalia isabella - sail away (edit)
38 frontliner and john harris - loud (radio edit)
39 zany and frontliner - shock
40 frontliner - tell me (radio edit)
41 frontliner - you need me (edit)
42 dillytek - through the light (edit)
43 nexone - problem
44 donkey rollers - the fusion of sound
45 frontliner ft. seri - last one (radio mix)
46 hard driver - rampage (radio edit)
47 mean machine - reloaded
48 frontliner and radical redemption - frontliner and radical redemption (radio edit)
49 the pitcher - those summer nights
50 alpha2 - let it go (digital punk remix edit)
51 clockartz - ruthless
52 b-front and digital punk - for the girls 2015
53 malua - madness is coming
54 warface and digital punk - unleash war
55 b-freqz - destroy you
56 gunz for hire - plata o plomo
57 digital punk and mean machine - how we roll (edit)
58 adaro and digital punk - whiplashed (edit)
59 ran-d and e-life - firestarter (radio edit)
60 radical redemption and e-force - release the fear
61 digital punk - invasion (sub zero project remix edit)
62 alpha2 - willow waly
63 outbreak and kronos - click clack
64 atmozfears and energyzed - hate (edit)
65 sub zero project - get your hands up
66 digital punk - rest in hell (edit)
67 bass chaserz - in control
68 radical redemption and digital punk ft. mc alee - retaliate with hate
69 sub sonik - go (welcome to my world) (edit)
70 radical redemption - my name is the lord
71 project exile - rings of fire (2015 raw mix)
72 degos and re-done vs prefix and density ft. mc livid - fight your fears
73 bass chaserz - big dick (edit)
74 geck-o - shakedown (the machine remix edit)
75 dj thera - lightsaber
76 outbreak ft. cuntmafia - rebel territory
77 delete - the world is yours
78 vazard and delete vs main concern - absolute terror (edit)
79 genox - inhuman
80 warface - refuse to follow
81 deetox - lower level
82 deetox and delete ft. mc livid - do or die (rebelion remix)
83 jack of sound and delete - heavy damage (edit)
84 regain and blackwatch ft. mc renegade - go harder
85 digital mindz ft. mc heretik - im your new god
86 delete - dismissed again
87 density - specymen (d-verze remix)
88 vazard - fall
89 main concern - psychological warfare
90 chris one - ready2die
91 warface and high voltage - sanctuary
92 break zero and deetox - rock it (edit)
93 warface - deception
94 radical redemption - hard bass tribute
101-va - hardstyle sounds vol.05 cd1
201-va - hardstyle sounds vol.05 cd2
301-va - hardstyle sounds vol.05 cd3
101 va-hard bass 2016 cd1 mixed by wildstylez
201 va-hard bass 2016 cd2 mixed by frontliner
301 va-hard bass 2016 cd3 mixed by digital punk
401 va-hard bass 2016 cd4 mixed by delete
01-va-hard dance sessions vol. 3 dj mix (mix 1 from smart mix continuous dj mix)
02-va-hard dance sessions vol. 3 dj mix (mix 2 to hard mix continuous dj mix)
03-jim noizer-amore hardstyle (fashion mix) (feat. miss roberta)
04-mic e-age of freedom (vortex and impakt remix)
05-stephy-get down (francesco zeta remix)
06-max b. grant-hardstyle champion
07-spaceplanet-sunrise (dizmaster and dave joy remix)
08-d mind-madman
09-sam punk-what are we livin for (audio damage remix)
10-the abductors-flabbergast
11-bizerk-juke (dj activator remix )
12-sisma dj-people strong (daniele mondello remix) (feat. mc tr3no)
13-roland hyper-devastator
14-dj dready 2-dready style (djanny mix)
15-ruff headz-scream (dizmaster mix)
16-enigmato-bang ya
18-acti-i run ny
19-david robert schifino-another jam
20-legend b.-lost in love (philippe rochard remix)
21-stephy-2 asses and 4 titties (hardstyle mafia and mind hunterz remix)
22-freqs-ta reine
23-ben passion-junglefighter (fight mix)
24-the ripper-brainfucker
25-miss tess x-my beautiful things
01-jose gonzalez-hard live
02-leon clarke-amber skies
03-tony demoet-rich pole
04-argy (uk)-dont give up the fight
05-zazu-my fortune
06-dj audy-onbekende (electro mix)
07-mario ranieri-pilzpolka (q-ic remix)
08-scary clowns-get out
09-rave p-houseplastik (p antoniazzi mix)
10-marco cordi-bukake
11-the music makers-do it
14-kronoz-burning fire (shc anthem)
15-dready-2-energy (protec and timefighter remix)
16-euval spirits-pure evil
17-super ragga gabba-one mo rave
01-va dj mix-hardstyle world the best of outdoor festival megamix vol. 1 pt.1
02-va dj mix-hardstyle world the best of outdoor festival megamix vol. 1 pt.2
03-brennan heart-my identity (original mix)
04-frontliner-beatdown (extended mix)
05-tuneboy-out of space (extended mix)
06-hard driver-pow
07-code black-draw me closer (original mix)
08-energyzed-timeless worlds (radio edit)
09-m.a.n.d.y.-bitch is back (extended mix) (feat. dv8 rocks)
10-bass modulators-oxygen (radio edit)
11-dj tatanka-dis co tek (radio edit)
12-rebourne-scr34m (original edit)
13-sephyx-solaris (original mix)
14-mekanikal-make the crowd go (150bpm original mix)
15-cyber-everything is god (original mix)
16-lny tnz-yard of the free (original mix) (feat. john harris)
17-energyzed-dreams and fantasies (radio edit)
18-da tweekaz-wodka
19-crisis era-make it pop (original mix)
20-wasted penguinz and rebourne-fuck yeah (hardwithstyle mix)
21-the prophet-mixmaster (radio edit)
22-core shifter-fabricated world (original mix)
23-blutonium boy-make it loud (headhunterz remix)
24-noisecontrollers-here we go (radio edit)
25-devin wild-everlasting (radio edit)
26-stephanie-shift (radio edit)
27-atmozfears-release (radio edit) (feat. david spekter)
28-loophunter-lick my ass (original mix)
29-neilio-wish i never met you (the vision remix) (feat. ohwin)
30-psyko punkz-doutzen
31-digital punk and crypsis-blood sweat and tears (radio edit)
32-audiobooster-reset it (original mix)
33-kutski and audiofreq-hookshot (dj edit) (feat. ragga twins)
34-hard driver-nothing
35-phrantic-by my side (original mix)
36-e force-disorder (ground zero anthem 2015) (radio edit)
37-phuture noize and hard driver-everywhere
38-code black-new world (original mix) (feat. chris madin)
39-taki yamuto-cutoff (original mix)
40-nsclt-the lost tribe (official otlands 2015 anthem)
41-rebourne-airwave (original mix)
42-phrantic-minute by minute (original mix)
43-dr rude-freak (phrantic remix)
44-crystal lake-right here right now (original mix)
45-concept art-tranquility (original mix)
46-the vision and neilio-alive (official sunrise festival 2015 hardstyle anthem) (original mix)
47-faizar and avana-dont give up (original mix)
48-nightfall-no surrender (original mix) (feat. mc i see)
49-the pitcher-bitches cry (original mix)
50-noisecontrollers-wolfs (radio edit)
51-brennan heart-outta my way (original mix)
52-dillytek-dropping the heat (radio edit)
53-bass modulators-let me see ya (noisecontrollers radio remix)
54-omegatypez and phrantic-party like a rockstar (original mix)
55-technoboy n tuneboy presents tnt-contrast (dr. rude remix radio edit)
56-zany and dr phunk-no sleep (original mix)
57-noisecontrollers-destruction (radio edit)
58-brennan heart-follow the light (radio edit) (feat. jonathan mendelsohn)
59-frontliner-sound (radio edit)
60-nightfall-boom like (original mix)
61-sephyx-crime for love (feat. persons)
62-wasted penguinz-i love you
63-tnt-antares (radio edit)
64-dj tatanka-tokyo reload (radio edit)
66-adaro-for the street (radio edit) (feat. danny scandal)
67-wasted penguinz-bitterness (radio edit)
68-xpander and sub zero project-hell on earth (radio edit)
69-focuz-stay (radio edit)
70-xcula-709 (original mix)
71-frontliner-loud (original mix) (feat. john harris)
72-nsclt-fly with me
73-josh and wesz-world at peace (original edit)
74-rebourne-galaxy (original mix)
75-audiotricz-united as one (wish outdoor festival anthem 2015) (radio edit)
76-crystal lake and dr rude-turn up (original mix)
77-adrenalize-find you (radio edit) (feat. jannika)
78-frontliner-123 jump (original mix)
79-dj man v. vs. dj deep-ass claps (original mix)
80-nexone-be free (original mix)
81-dj man v. vs. dj deep-kick the dancefloor
82-digital punk-supreme (official supremacy 2015 anthem) (radio edit) (feat. mc nolz)
83-titan-demon (original mix)
84-re style and korsakoff-rebellion
85-titan-sentinel (original mix)
86-kristhoff and decker-flight 767 (original mix)
01-van bass-10 feat. stonie and rene-the break of dawn (insane anthem1)
02-van bass-10 feat. stonie and rene-the break of dawn (insane anthem2)
01 akyra - beatswitch-587
02 atmozfears - world of presets (radio edit)-587
03 bestien - insidious-587
04 bestien - raptor-587
05 code black and wasted pinguinz - activated (original edit)-587
06 coone and technoboy - nustyle crap (coone goes wild mix)-587
07 coone - beat on my drum-587
08 da tweekaz - are u ready.-587
09 da tweekaz - become (feat marion kelly)-587
10 da tweekaz - people against porn (2012 edit)-587
11 dark-e - tranceballers (ruthless vorwerk remix)-587
12 davoodi - cant stop raving (feat mark with a k)-587
13 davoodi - king kong-587
14 demoniak and dr phunk - scream-587
15 demoniak - destination proxyserver (re-mash)-587
16 dj greg c - static faction (gregamix by boon-t)-587
17 dr phunk and gave - inner music-587
18 fenix and dr phunk - beat machine-587
19 frequencerz and in-phase - fight for survival (original edit)-587
20 frontliner and max enforcer - we forget to live-587
21 g-swatt and pat b - turn up the treble (feat mc toxicalz)-587
22 hard driver - world premiere-587
23 headhunterz and zatox - the perfect weapon (feat nikkita)-587
24 josh - rhtm (feat wesz)-587
25 kid rascal - lifestyle-587
26 loic d - hands up-587
27 mark with a k and gave - big booty-587
28 mark with a k - get hyper-587
29 mark with a k - intro-587
30 mark with a k - moneyshaker-587
31 noisecontrollers - e-nc2 (radio edit)-587
32 noisecontrollers - moonraker (feat alpha2 - radio edit)-587
33 noisecontrollers - pillars of creation-587
34 noisecontrollers - so high-587
35 omegatypez - calling (feat the vision)-587
36 outlander - evening sky-587
37 psyko punkz - beyond belief (reverze 2012 anthem)-587
38 psyko punkz - feel the rhythm (alpha twins remix)-587
39 q-ic and stephan strube - ejaculator-587
40 qrank - lightz-587
41 royal s - aesthetic-587
42 ruthless and vorwerk - not this record-587
43 ruthless - how its done-587
44 saltzer - zygo-587
45 toneshifterz - take my breath away (feat nitrouz - original edit)-587
46 transfarmers - chicago-587
47 various - reverze (continuous dj mix by da tweekaz)-587
48 various - reverze full length (continuous dj mix by mark with a k)-587
01-wood vibrationz-eternal sunrise (original mix)
02-wood vibrationz-live for today (original mix)
03-wood vibrationz-eternal sunrise (radio edit)
04-wood vibrationz-live for today (radio edit)

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