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Hard Music Records
HMR001 VA - Introduction EP-(HMR001)-WEB-2010-SRG
00-va - introduction ep-(hmr001)-web-2010-srg.m3u
00-va - introduction ep-(hmr001)-web-2010-srg.nfo
00-va - introduction ep-(hmr001)-web-2010-srg.sfv
01-floorkillaz - ill be back.mp3
02-paulistos - sense of style.mp3
03-crazy boys - equinoxe.mp3
04-anderson t - kentaurus.mp3
HMR002 VA - Anderson T and Paulistos EP-(HMR002)-WEB-2010-SRG
00-va - anderson t and paulistos ep-(hmr002)-web-2010-srg.m3u
00-va - anderson t and paulistos ep-(hmr002)-web-2010-srg.nfo
00-va - anderson t and paulistos ep-(hmr002)-web-2010-srg.sfv
01-anderson t - light (brazilian beat mix).mp3
02-anderson t - light (original mix).mp3
03-paulistos - got the rythm (original mix).mp3
04-paulistos - hard music record (original mix).mp3
HMR003 Anderson T-Cause And Effect-WEB-2011-EDML
00-anderson t-cause and effect-web-2011-edml.m3u
00-anderson t-cause and effect-web-2011-edml.nfo
00-anderson t-cause and effect-web-2011-edml.sfv
01-anderson t-cause and effect (original mix).mp3
02-anderson t-cause and effect (radio edit).mp3
03-anderson t-keep on (radio edit).mp3
04-anderson t-keep on (original mix).mp3
05-anderson t-the truth (original mix).mp3
06-anderson t-the truth (radio edit).mp3
HMR004 Anderson T - T Dimension-(HMR004)-WEB-2011-SRG
00-anderson t - t dimension-(hmr004)-web-2011-srg.m3u
00-anderson t - t dimension-(hmr004)-web-2011-srg.nfo
00-anderson t - t dimension-(hmr004)-web-2011-srg.sfv
01-anderson t - t dimension (time travel mix).mp3
02-anderson t - t dimension (superstrings mix).mp3
HMR005 Star Driver - Desolation-(HMR005)-WEB-2011-SRG
00-star driver - desolation-(hmr005)-web-2011-srg.m3u
00-star driver - desolation-(hmr005)-web-2011-srg.nfo
00-star driver - desolation-(hmr005)-web-2011-srg.sfv
01-star driver feat ellie - desolation (original mix).mp3
02-star driver - g.u.n.d.a.m.mp3
03-star driver feat ellie - will of my heart.mp3
HMR006 Alpha And Omega - Chapter One-(HMR006)-WEB-2011-SRG
00-alpha and omega - chapter one-(hmr006)-web-2011-srg.m3u
00-alpha and omega - chapter one-(hmr006)-web-2011-srg.nfo
00-alpha and omega - chapter one-(hmr006)-web-2011-srg.sfv
01-alpha and omega - chapter one.mp3
02-alpha and omega ft. zaitek and kawaro - the weekend has landed.mp3
HMR007 Anderson T - Residential Area-(HMR007)-WEB-2011-SRG
00-anderson t - residential area-(hmr007)-web-2011-srg.m3u
00-anderson t - residential area-(hmr007)-web-2011-srg.nfo
00-anderson t - residential area-(hmr007)-web-2011-srg.sfv
01-anderson t - residential area.mp3
HMR008 Paulistos feat. Paul D - Elements Of Music-(HMR008)-WEB-2011-SRG
00-paulistos feat. paul d - elements of music-(hmr008)-web-2011-srg.m3u
00-paulistos feat. paul d - elements of music-(hmr008)-web-2011-srg.nfo
00-paulistos feat. paul d - elements of music-(hmr008)-web-2011-srg.sfv
01-paulistos feat. paul d - elements of music (original mix).mp3
02-paulistos feat. paul d - elements of music (anderson t mix).mp3
HMR009 Anderson T - Supersonic-(HMR009)-WEB-2011-SRG
00-anderson t - supersonic-(hmr009)-web-2011-srg.m3u
00-anderson t - supersonic-(hmr009)-web-2011-srg.nfo
00-anderson t - supersonic-(hmr009)-web-2011-srg.sfv
01-anderson t - supersonic (original mix).mp3
02-anderson t - supersonic (breakless mix).mp3
HMR010 Hard Music Crew - Immortal Aeon EP-(HMR010)-WEB-2011-SRG
00-hard music crew - immortal aeon ep-(hmr010)-web-2011-srg.m3u
00-hard music crew - immortal aeon ep-(hmr010)-web-2011-srg.nfo
00-hard music crew - immortal aeon ep-(hmr010)-web-2011-srg.sfv
01-hard music crew feat claire - immortal (aron setha mix).mp3
02-hard music crew feat mc dart and claire - immortal (paulistos mix).mp3
03-hard music crew - aeon (alpha and omega mix).mp3
04-hard music crew feat claire - aeon (star driver mix).mp3
HMR011 Anderson T ft Ellie - Anderson T feat Ellie EP-(HMR011)-WEB-2012-SRG
00-anderson t ft ellie - anderson t feat ellie ep-(hmr011)-web-2012-srg.m3u
00-anderson t ft ellie - anderson t feat ellie ep-(hmr011)-web-2012-srg.nfo
00-anderson t ft ellie - anderson t feat ellie ep-(hmr011)-web-2012-srg.sfv
01-anderson t ft ellie - i dare u.mp3
02-anderson t ft ellie - disco bitch.mp3
HMR012 Star Driver - Lost In Space EP-(HMR012)-WEB-2012-SRG
00-star driver - lost in space ep-(hmr012)-web-2012-srg.m3u
00-star driver - lost in space ep-(hmr012)-web-2012-srg.nfo
00-star driver - lost in space ep-(hmr012)-web-2012-srg.sfv
01-star driver - lost in space.mp3
02-star driver ft ellie - seize the day.mp3
HMR013 Anderson T-Addicted-(HMR013)-WEB-2012-BPM
00-anderson t-addicted-(hmr013)-web-2012.m3u
00-anderson t-addicted-(hmr013)-web-2012.nfo
01-anderson t-addicted.mp3
02-anderson t-what 2 do.mp3
HMR014 Paul2 Ft Yuna-X - Music Playing In Our Hearts-(HMR014)-WEB-2012-SRG
00-paul2 ft yuna-x - music playing in our hearts-(hmr014)-web-2012-srg.m3u
00-paul2 ft yuna-x - music playing in our hearts-(hmr014)-web-2012-srg.nfo
00-paul2 ft yuna-x - music playing in our hearts-(hmr014)-web-2012-srg.sfv
01-paul2 ft yuna-x - music playing in our hearts (paulistos mix).mp3
02-paul2 ft yuna-x - music playing in our hearts (anderson t mix).mp3
HMR015 Paulistos Ft Claire - Judgement Day-(HMR015)-WEB-2012-SRG
00-paulistos ft claire - judgement day-(hmr015)-web-2012-srg.m3u
00-paulistos ft claire - judgement day-(hmr015)-web-2012-srg.nfo
00-paulistos ft claire - judgement day-(hmr015)-web-2012-srg.sfv
01-paulistos ft claire - judgement day (original hardstyle mix).mp3
HMR016 Alpha And Omega - Awakening Of Gods-(HMR016)-WEB-2012-SRG
00-alpha and omega - awakening of gods-(hmr016)-web-2012-srg.m3u
00-alpha and omega - awakening of gods-(hmr016)-web-2012-srg.nfo
00-alpha and omega - awakening of gods-(hmr016)-web-2012-srg.sfv
01-alpha and omega - awakening of gods.mp3
HMR017 Procyon - End Of Days-(HMR017)-WEB-2012-SRG
00-procyon - end of days-(hmr017)-web-2012-srg.m3u
00-procyon - end of days-(hmr017)-web-2012-srg.nfo
00-procyon - end of days-(hmr017)-web-2012-srg.sfv
01-procyon - end of days.mp3
HMR018 High Level - T.E.S. EP-(HMR018)-WEB-2012-SRG
00-high level - t.e.s. ep-(hmr018)-web-2012-srg.m3u
00-high level - t.e.s. ep-(hmr018)-web-2012-srg.nfo
00-high level - t.e.s. ep-(hmr018)-web-2012-srg.sfv
01-high level - t.e.s..mp3
02-high level - the one.mp3
03-high level - bassgun.mp3
HMR019 D-Mon - Feed Our Souls EP-(HMR019)-WEB-2012-SRG
00-d-mon - feed our souls ep-(hmr019)-web-2012-srg.m3u
00-d-mon - feed our souls ep-(hmr019)-web-2012-srg.nfo
00-d-mon - feed our souls ep-(hmr019)-web-2012-srg.sfv
01-d-mon - feed our souls.mp3
02-d-mon - unite.mp3
HMR020 Procyon - Multitude-(HMR020)-WEB-2013-SRG
00-procyon - multitude-(hmr020)-web-2013-srg.m3u
00-procyon - multitude-(hmr020)-web-2013-srg.nfo
00-procyon - multitude-(hmr020)-web-2013-srg.sfv
01-procyon - multitude.mp3
02-procyon - nothingness.mp3
03-procyon - embracing change.mp3
HMR021 Ncrypta - The Sandman-(HMR021)-WEB-2013-SRG
00-ncrypta - the sandman-(hmr021)-web-2013-srg.m3u
00-ncrypta - the sandman-(hmr021)-web-2013-srg.nfo
00-ncrypta - the sandman-(hmr021)-web-2013-srg.sfv
01-ncrypta - the sandman (original mix).mp3
02-ncrypta - the sandman (evil edit).mp3
03-ncrypta ft claire - hitman.mp3
04-ncrypta - hitman (stormtroopers sniper mix).mp3
HMR022 High Level - House Some More-(HMR022)-WEB-2013-SRG
00-high level - house some more-(hmr022)-web-2013-srg.m3u
00-high level - house some more-(hmr022)-web-2013-srg.nfo
00-high level - house some more-(hmr022)-web-2013-srg.sfv
01-high level - house some more.mp3
02-high level ft claire - the vengeance.mp3
03-high level - the lavender town syndrome.mp3
HMR023 D-Mon - Lullaby-(HMR023)-WEB-2013-SRG
00-d-mon - lullaby-(hmr023)-web-2013-srg.m3u
00-d-mon - lullaby-(hmr023)-web-2013-srg.nfo
00-d-mon - lullaby-(hmr023)-web-2013-srg.sfv
01-d-mon - lullaby.mp3
02-d-mon - get your club on.mp3
03-d-mon - goblin.mp3
HMR024 Anderson T - The Wall-(HMR024)-WEB-2013-SRG
00-anderson t - the wall-(hmr024)-web-2013-srg.m3u
00-anderson t - the wall-(hmr024)-web-2013-srg.nfo
00-anderson t - the wall-(hmr024)-web-2013-srg.sfv
01-anderson t - the wall.mp3
HMR025 Sephyx - Revenge EP-(HMR025)-WEB-2013-SRG
00-sephyx - r025)r025)-we5)-w5)-web-2013-srg.nfo
00-sephyx - revenge ep-(hmr025)-web-2013-srg.m3u
00-sephyx - revenge ep-(hmr025)-web-2013-srg.nfo
00-sephyx - revenge ep-(hmr025)-web-2013-srg.sfv
01-sephyx - revenge.mp3
02-sephyx - the warrior.mp3
03-the raven and sephyx - here we are.mp3
HMR026 The Raven - Chaos-(HMR026)-WEB-2013-SRG
00-the raven - chaos-(hmr026)-web-2013-srg.nfo
00-the raven - chaos-(hmr026)-web-2013-srg.sfv
01-the raven - chaos.mp3
HMR028 D-Mon - Awaken-(HMR028)-WEB-2013-SRG
00-d-mon - awaken-(hmr028)-web-2013-srg.m3u
00-d-mon - awaken-(hmr028)-web-2013-srg.nfo
00-d-mon - awaken-(hmr028)-web-2013-srg.sfv
01-d-mon - awaken.mp3
02-d-mon - dead.mp3
03-d-mon - eternal night.mp3
HMR029 Amaros - Tear The Roof Off-(HMR029)-WEB-2013-SRG
00-amaros - tear the roof off-(hmr029)-web-2013-srg.m3u
00-amaros - tear the roof off-(hmr029)-web-2013-srg.nfo
00-amaros - tear the roof off-(hmr029)-web-2013-srg.sfv
01-amaros - tear the roof off.mp3
HMR030 Paulistos And D-Mon And High Level - Angels And Demons (Official Anthem 2013)-(HMR030)-WEB-2013-SRG
00-paulistos and d-mon and high level - angels and demons (official anthem 2013)-(hmr030)-web-2013-srg.m3u
00-paulistos and d-mon and high level - angels and demons (official anthem 2013)-(hmr030)-web-2013-srg.nfo
00-paulistos and d-mon and high level - angels and demons (official anthem 2013)-(hmr030)-web-2013-srg.sfv
01-paulistos and d-mon and high level - angels and demons (original mix).mp3
02-paulistos and d-mon and high level - angels and demons (raw edit).mp3
HMR032 Upraiser - Critical Analoq-(HMR032)-PROPER-WEB-2013-SRG
00-upraiser - critical analoq-(hmr032)-proper-web-2013-srg.jpg
00-upraiser - critical analoq-(hmr032)-proper-web-2013-srg.m3u
00-upraiser - critical analoq-(hmr032)-proper-web-2013-srg.nfo
00-upraiser - critical analoq-(hmr032)-proper-web-2013-srg.sfv
00-upraiser - critical analoq-(hmr032)-proper-web-2013-srg-proof1.jpg
00-upraiser - critical analoq-(hmr032)-proper-web-2013-srg-proof2.jpg
01-upraiser - critical.mp3
02-upraiser - analoq.mp3
03-upraiser - strangers.mp3
HMR032 Upraiser - Critical Analoq-(HMR032)-WEB-2013-SOB
00-upraiser - critical analoq-(hmr032)-web-2013-cover-sob.jpg
00-upraiser - critical analoq-(hmr032)-web-2013-sob.m3u
00-upraiser - critical analoq-(hmr032)-web-2013-sob.nfo
00-upraiser - critical analoq-(hmr032)-web-2013-sob.sfv
01-upraiser - critical-sob.mp3
02-upraiser - analoq-sob.mp3
03-upraiser - strangers-sob.mp3
HMR033 Paulistos And D-Mon - Fierce-(HMR033)-WEB-2013-SRG
00-paulistos and d-mon - fierce-(hmr033)-web-2013-srg.m3u
00-paulistos and d-mon - fierce-(hmr033)-web-2013-srg.nfo
00-paulistos and d-mon - fierce-(hmr033)-web-2013-srg.sfv
01-paulistos and d-mon - fierce (original mix).mp3
HMR034 D-Entrax Ft MC I See - Struggle 4 Survival-(HMR034)-WEB-2013-SRG
00-d-entrax ft mc i see - struggle 4 survival-(hmr034)-web-2013-srg.m3u
00-d-entrax ft mc i see - struggle 4 survival-(hmr034)-web-2013-srg.nfo
00-d-entrax ft mc i see - struggle 4 survival-(hmr034)-web-2013-srg.sfv
01-d-entrax ft mc i see - struggle 4 survival.mp3
HMR035 Paulistos And D-Mon And High Level - Heroes-(HMR035)-WEB-2013-SRG
00-paulistos and d-mon and high level - heroes-(hmr035)-web-2013-srg.m3u
00-paulistos and d-mon and high level - heroes-(hmr035)-web-2013-srg.nfo
00-paulistos and d-mon and high level - heroes-(hmr035)-web-2013-srg.sfv
01-paulistos and d-mon and high level - heroes (original mix).mp3
HMR036 D-Mon - Hands Up-(HMR036)-WEB-2014-SRG
00-d-mon - hands up-(hmr036)-web-2014-srg.jpg
00-d-mon - hands up-(hmr036)-web-2014-srg.m3u
00-d-mon - hands up-(hmr036)-web-2014-srg.nfo
00-d-mon - hands up-(hmr036)-web-2014-srg.sfv
01-d-mon - hands up.mp3
02-d-mon - monstrous sense.mp3
03-d-mon - feed our souls 2014.mp3
HMR037 Ampyre - Animus EP-(HMR037)-WEB-2014-SRG
00-ampyre - animus ep-(hmr037)-web-2014-srg.m3u
00-ampyre - animus ep-(hmr037)-web-2014-srg.nfo
00-ampyre - animus ep-(hmr037)-web-2014-srg.sfv
01-ampyre - animus.mp3
02-ampyre - free.mp3
03-ampyre - our creed.mp3
HMR038 Paulistos Ft. Evrae Altana - We Are Free-(HMR038)-WEB-2014-SRG
00-paulistos ft. evrae altana - we are free-(hmr038)-web-2014-srg.m3u
00-paulistos ft. evrae altana - we are free-(hmr038)-web-2014-srg.nfo
00-paulistos ft. evrae altana - we are free-(hmr038)-web-2014-srg.sfv
01-paulistos ft. evrae altana - we are free (original mix).mp3
02-paulistos ft. evrae altana - we are free (high level remix).mp3
03-paulistos ft. evrae altana - we are free (freedom in chiptune mix by stormtrooper).mp3
04-paulistos ft. evrae altana - we are free (freedom in darkness mix by stormtrooper).mp3
05-paulistos ft. evrae altana - we are free (inyoung hardcore remix).mp3
HMR039 Fireattack - The Journey-(HMR039)-WEB-2014-SRG
00-fireattack - the journey-(hmr039)-web-2014-srg.jpg
00-fireattack - the journey-(hmr039)-web-2014-srg.m3u
00-fireattack - the journey-(hmr039)-web-2014-srg.nfo
00-fireattack - the journey-(hmr039)-web-2014-srg.sfv
01-fireattack ft. elisa - is this the end.mp3
02-fireattack - the journey.mp3
03-fireattack and distorted soundhead - the madman.mp3
HMR040 High Level And Paulistos Ft. MC I See - Triple Ace (Official Anthem 2014)-(HMR040)-WEB-2014-SRG
00-high level and paulistos ft. mc i see - triple ace (official anthem 2014)-(hmr040)-web-2014-srg.jpg
00-high level and paulistos ft. mc i see - triple ace (official anthem 2014)-(hmr040)-web-2014-srg.m3u
00-high level and paulistos ft. mc i see - triple ace (official anthem 2014)-(hmr040)-web-2014-srg.nfo
00-high level and paulistos ft. mc i see - triple ace (official anthem 2014)-(hmr040)-web-2014-srg.sfv
01-high level and paulistos ft. mc i see - triple ace (official anthem 2014).mp3
HMR041 Raw Harmony - Synetrix-(HMR041)-WEB-2014-SRG
00-raw harmony - synetrix-(hmr041)-web-2014-srg.jpg
00-raw harmony - synetrix-(hmr041)-web-2014-srg.m3u
00-raw harmony - synetrix-(hmr041)-web-2014-srg.nfo
00-raw harmony - synetrix-(hmr041)-web-2014-srg.sfv
01-raw harmony - synetrix.mp3
02-raw harmony - dark oblivion.mp3
03-raw harmony - determined.mp3
HMR042 D-Mon - Turn It Up-(HMR042)-WEB-2014-HB
00 d-mon - turn it up-(hmr042)-web-2014.jpg
00 d-mon - turn it up-(hmr042)-web-2014.m3u
00 d-mon - turn it up-(hmr042)-web-2014.nfo
00 d-mon - turn it up-(hmr042)-web-2014.sfv
01 d-mon - turn it up.mp3
02 d-mon - c-c-c-come on.mp3
HMR042 D-Mon - Turn It Up-(HMR042)-WEB-2014-SRG iNT
00-d-mon - turn it up-(hmr042)-web-2014-srg int.jpg
00-d-mon - turn it up-(hmr042)-web-2014-srg int.m3u
00-d-mon - turn it up-(hmr042)-web-2014-srg int.nfo
00-d-mon - turn it up-(hmr042)-web-2014-srg int.sfv
01-d-mon - turn it up.mp3
02-d-mon - c-c-c-come on.mp3
HMR043 Ampyre - Evolution-(HMR043)-WEB-2014-SRG
00-ampyre - evolution-(hmr043)-web-2014-srg.jpg
00-ampyre - evolution-(hmr043)-web-2014-srg.m3u
00-ampyre - evolution-(hmr043)-web-2014-srg.nfo
00-ampyre - evolution-(hmr043)-web-2014-srg.sfv
01-ampyre - evolution.mp3
02-ampyre - magic.mp3
HMR044 Enter The Void - We Are Lost (High Level Remixes)-(HMR044)-WEB-2014-SRG
00-enter the void - we are lost (high level remixes)-(hmr044)-web-2014-srg.jpg
00-enter the void - we are lost (high level remixes)-(hmr044)-web-2014-srg.m3u
00-enter the void - we are lost (high level remixes)-(hmr044)-web-2014-srg.nfo
00-enter the void - we are lost (high level remixes)-(hmr044)-web-2014-srg.sfv
01-enter the void - we are lost (high level hardstyle remix).mp3
02-enter the void - we are lost (high level hardstyle edit).mp3
03-enter the void - we are lost (high level hardcore remix).mp3
04-enter the void - we are lost (high level hardcore edit).mp3
HMR045 Ampyre - Supernova-(HMR045)-WEB-2014-SRG
00-ampyre - supernova-(hmr045)-web-2014-srg.m3u
00-ampyre - supernova-(hmr045)-web-2014-srg.nfo
00-ampyre - supernova-(hmr045)-web-2014-srg.sfv
01-ampyre - supernova.mp3
02-ampyre - new life.mp3
03-ampyre - animus reloaded.mp3
HMR046 Raw Harmony - In My Mind-(HMR046)-WEB-2015-SRG
00-raw harmony - in my mind-(hmr046)-web-2015-srg.m3u
00-raw harmony - in my mind-(hmr046)-web-2015-srg.nfo
00-raw harmony - in my mind-(hmr046)-web-2015-srg.sfv
01-raw harmony - in my mind.mp3
02-raw harmony - open your eyes.mp3
HMR047 D-Mon - Bass Bomb-(HMR047)-WEB-2015-HB
00 d-mon - bass bomb-(hmr047)-web-2015.jpg
00 d-mon - bass bomb-(hmr047)-web-2015.m3u
00 d-mon - bass bomb-(hmr047)-web-2015.nfo
00 d-mon - bass bomb-(hmr047)-web-2015.sfv
01 d-mon - bass bomb.mp3
02 d-mon ft. squire zama - i dont need you.mp3
HMR048 Ampyre - Unlock The Future-(HMR048)-WEB-2015-SRG
00-ampyre - unlock the future-(hmr048)-web-2015-srg.jpg
00-ampyre - unlock the future-(hmr048)-web-2015-srg.m3u
00-ampyre - unlock the future-(hmr048)-web-2015-srg.nfo
00-ampyre - unlock the future-(hmr048)-web-2015-srg.sfv
01-ampyre - unlock the future.mp3
02-ampyre - darkness.mp3
03-ampyre - dreams.mp3
HMR049 Raw Harmony - Sunset-(HMR049)-WEB-2015-SRG
00-raw harmony - sunset-(hmr049)-web-2015-srg.jpg
00-raw harmony - sunset-(hmr049)-web-2015-srg.m3u
00-raw harmony - sunset-(hmr049)-web-2015-srg.nfo
00-raw harmony - sunset-(hmr049)-web-2015-srg.sfv
01-raw harmony - sunset.mp3
02-raw harmony - get up.mp3
03-raw harmony - love.mp3
HMR050 D-Mon - Hard Music Club (Official Anthem 2015)-(HMR050)-WEB-2015-SRG
00-d-mon - hard music club (official anthem 2015)-(hmr050)-web-2015-srg.jpg
00-d-mon - hard music club (official anthem 2015)-(hmr050)-web-2015-srg.m3u
00-d-mon - hard music club (official anthem 2015)-(hmr050)-web-2015-srg.nfo
00-d-mon - hard music club (official anthem 2015)-(hmr050)-web-2015-srg.sfv
01-d-mon - hard music club (official anthem 2015).mp3
HMR051 Amaros - The Game-(HMR051)-WEB-2015-SRG
00-amaros - the game-(hmr051)-web-2015-srg.jpg
00-amaros - the game-(hmr051)-web-2015-srg.m3u
00-amaros - the game-(hmr051)-web-2015-srg.nfo
00-amaros - the game-(hmr051)-web-2015-srg.sfv
01-amaros - the game.mp3
02-amaros - dark mysteries.mp3
03-amaros - raw hustlers.mp3
04-amaros - the world is yours.mp3
HMR052 Ampyre - The Spirit-(HMR052)-WEB-2015-SRG
00-ampyre - the spirit-(hmr052)-web-2015-srg.jpg
00-ampyre - the spirit-(hmr052)-web-2015-srg.m3u
00-ampyre - the spirit-(hmr052)-web-2015-srg.nfo
00-ampyre - the spirit-(hmr052)-web-2015-srg.sfv
01-ampyre - the spirit.mp3
02-ampyre - live for today.mp3

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