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Ahmad Jamal-Freeflight-(1971)-Reissue-1993-JCE
00-ahmad jamal-freeflight-(1971)-reissue-1993-jce.jpg
00-ahmad jamal-freeflight-(1971)-reissue-1993-jce.m3u
00-ahmad jamal-freeflight-(1971)-reissue-1993-jce.nfo
00-ahmad jamal-freeflight-(1971)-reissue-1993-jce.sfv
01-ahmad jamal-introduction-jce.mp3
02-ahmad jamal-effendi-jce.mp3
03-ahmad jamal-dolphin dance-jce.mp3
04-ahmad jamal-manhattan reflections-jce.mp3
05-ahmad jamal-poinciana-jce.mp3
Albert Ayler-Live in Greenwich Village (the Complete Impulse Recordings)-2CD-1998-JUST
000-albert ayler-live in greenwich village (the complete impulse recordings)-2cd-1998-just.m3u
000-albert ayler-live in greenwich village (the complete impulse recordings)-2cd-1998-just.nfo
000-albert ayler-live in greenwich village (the complete impulse recordings)-2cd-1998-just.sfv
100-albert ayler-live in greenwich village (the complete impulse recordings)-2cd-1998-just.m3u
101-albert ayler-holy ghost-just.mp3
102-albert ayler-truth is marching in-just.mp3
103-albert ayler-our prayer-just.mp3
104-albert ayler-spirits rejoice-just.mp3
105-albert ayler-divine peacemaker-just.mp3
106-albert ayler-angels-just.mp3
200-albert ayler-live in greenwich village (the complete imp.m3u
201-albert ayler-for john coltrane-just.mp3
202-albert ayler-change has come-just.mp3
203-albert ayler-light in darkness-just.mp3
204-albert ayler-heavenly home-just.mp3
205-albert ayler-spiritual rebirth-just.mp3
206-albert ayler-infinite spirit-just.mp3
207-albert ayler-omega is the alpha-just.mp3
208-albert ayler-universal thoughts-just.mp3
Albert Ayler--New Grass (reissue)-2005-WUS
00-albert ayler--new grass (reissue)-2005-wus.m3u
00-albert ayler--new grass (reissue)-2005-wus.sfv
01-albert ayler--new grass-message from albert-wus.mp3
02-albert ayler--new generation-wus.mp3
03-albert ayler--sun watcher-wus.mp3
04-albert ayler--new ghosts-wus.mp3
05-albert ayler--heart love-wus.mp3
06-albert ayler--everybodys movin-wus.mp3
07-albert ayler--free at last-wus.mp3
albert ayler--new grass (reissue)-2005-front cover-wus.jpg
albert ayler--new grass (reissue)-2005-inlay credits-wus.jpg
albert ayler--new grass (reissue)-2005-rear cover-wus.jpg
albert ayler--new grass (reissue)-2005-wus.nfo
Albert Ayler--The Impulse Story-2006-WUS
00-albert ayler--the impulse story-2006-wus.m3u
00-albert ayler--the impulse story-2006-wus.sfv
01-albert ayler--holy ghost-wus.mp3
02-albert ayler--truth is marching in-wus.mp3
03-albert ayler--angels-wus.mp3
04-albert ayler--love cry-wus.mp3
05-albert ayler--bells-wus.mp3
06-albert ayler--new grass-message from albert-wus.mp3
07-albert ayler--free at last-wus.mp3
08-albert ayler--music is the healing force of the universe-wus.mp3
09-albert ayler--water music-wus.mp3
10-albert ayler--untitled duet-wus.mp3
albert ayler--the impulse story-2006-front cover-wus.jpg
albert ayler--the impulse story-2006-inlay credits-wus.jpg
albert ayler--the impulse story-2006-rear cover-wus.jpg
albert ayler--the impulse story-2006-wus.nfo
Freda Payne-After The Lights Go Down Low-Remastered Digipak-2005-MS
00-freda payne-after the lights go down low-remastered digipak-2005-ms.m3u
00-freda payne-after the lights go down low-remastered digipak-2005-ms.nfo
00-freda payne-after the lights go down low-remastered digipak-2005-ms.sfv
01-freda payne - after the lights go down low-ms.mp3
02-freda payne - sweet pumpkin-ms.mp3
03-freda payne - blue piano-ms.mp3
04-freda payne - the things we love to do-ms.mp3
05-freda payne - awaken my lonely one-ms.mp3
06-freda payne - sweet september-ms.mp3
07-freda payne - i cried for you-ms.mp3
08-freda payne - round midnight-ms.mp3
09-freda payne - out of this world-ms.mp3
10-freda payne - lonely woman-ms.mp3
11-freda payne - i wish i knew-ms.mp3
12-freda payne - its time-ms.mp3
02-greeting to saud (brother mccoy tyner).mp3
03-ore-se-rere (nigerian juju hilife).mp3
04-the gathering.mp3
05-spiritual blessing.mp3
00-pharoah sanders--jewels of thought-(1969)-diss.jpg
00-pharoah sanders--jewels of thought-(1969)-diss.m3u
00-pharoah sanders--jewels of thought-(1969)-diss.sfv
01-pharoah sanders--hum-allah-hum-allah-hum allah.mp3
02-pharoah sanders--sun in aquarius.mp3
pharoah sanders--jewels of thought-(1969)-diss.nfo
Pharoah Sanders - Black Unity (1971)-HiT2000
00-pharoah sanders - black unity (1971)-hit2000.m3u
00-pharoah sanders - black unity (1971)-hit2000.nfo
00-pharoah sanders - black unity (1971)-hit2000.sfv
01-black unity-hit.mp3
Pharoah Sanders - Summun Bukmun Umyun-1998-FuFFENS
00-pharoah sanders - summun bukmun umyun-1998-fuffens.m3u
00-pharoah sanders - summun bukmun umyun-1998-fuffens.nfo
00-pharoah sanders - summun bukmun umyun-1998-fuffens.sfv
01-summun bukmun umyun-fuf.mp3
02-let us go into the house of the lords-fuf.mp3
Pharoah Sanders--Elevation (reissue)-2005-WUS
00-pharoah sanders--elevation (reissue)-2005-wus.m3u
00-pharoah sanders--elevation (reissue)-2005-wus.sfv
01-pharoah sanders--elevation-wus.mp3
02-pharoah sanders--greetings to saud (brother mccoy tyner)-wus.mp3
03-pharoah sanders--ore-se-rere-wus.mp3
04-pharoah sanders--the gathering-wus.mp3
05-pharoah sanders--spiritual blessing-wus.mp3
pharoah sanders--elevation (reissue)-2005-front cover-wus.jpg
pharoah sanders--elevation (reissue)-2005-inlay credits-wus.jpg
pharoah sanders--elevation (reissue)-2005-rear cover-wus.jpg
pharoah sanders--elevation (reissue)-2005-wus.nfo
Pharoah Sanders--Karma-(Impulse)-CD1969-jW int
00-pharoah sanders--karma-cd1969-jw int.jpg
00-pharoah sanders--karma-cd1969-jw int.m3u
00-pharoah sanders--karma-cd1969-jw int.nfo
00-pharoah sanders--karma-cd1969-jw int.sfv
01-pharoah sanders--the creator has a master plan-jw.mp3
02-pharoah sanders--colors-jw.mp3
Pharoah Sanders--Love In Us All-(Impulse Records Japan)-CD-2006-mbs
000-pharoah sanders--love in us all-(impulse records japan)-cd-2006-mbs.jpg
000-pharoah sanders--love in us all-(impulse records japan)-cd-2006-mbs.m3u
000-pharoah sanders--love in us all-(impulse records japan)-cd-2006-mbs.nfo
000-pharoah sanders--love in us all-(impulse records japan)-cd-2006-mbs.sfv
101-pharoah sanders--love is everywhere-mbs.mp3
201-pharoah sanders--to john-mbs.mp3
Pharoah Sanders--Tauhid-1993-FuFFENS
00-pharoah sanders--tauhid-1993-fuffens.m3u
00-pharoah sanders--tauhid-1993-fuffens.nfo
00-pharoah sanders--tauhid-1993-fuffens.sfv
01-pharoah sanders - upper egypt and lower egypt-fuf.mp3
02-pharoah sanders - japan-fuf.mp3
03-pharoah sanders - aum-venus-capricorn rising-fuf.mp3
Pharoah Sanders-The Impulse Story-CDM-2006-MiX
00-pharoah sanders-the impulse story-cdm-2006-mix.m3u
00-pharoah sanders-the impulse story-cdm-2006-mix.nfo
00-pharoah sanders-the impulse story-cdm-2006-mix.sfv
01-pharoah sanders-upper egypt and lower egypt-mix.mp3
02-pharoah sanders-the creator has a master plan-mix.mp3
03-pharoah sanders-astral traveling-mix.mp3
04-pharoah sanders-spiritual blessing-mix.mp3
Pharoah Sanders-Thembi-Vinyl-1971-CMS
00-pharoah sanders-thembi-vinyl-1971-cms.jpg
00-pharoah sanders-thembi-vinyl-1971-cms.m3u
00-pharoah sanders-thembi-vinyl-1971-cms.nfo
00-pharoah sanders-thembi-vinyl-1971-cms.sfv
01-pharoah sanders-astral traveling-cms.mp3
02-pharoah sanders-red black and green-cms.mp3
03-pharoah sanders-thembi-cms.mp3
04-pharoah sanders-love-cms.mp3
05-pharoah sanders-morning prayer-cms.mp3
06-pharoah sanders-bailophone dance-cms.mp3
Pharoah Sanders--Village Of The Pharoahs-(Impulse Records Japan)-CD-2006-mbs
000-pharoah sanders--village of the pharoahs-(impulse records japan)-cd-2006-mbs.jpg
000-pharoah sanders--village of the pharoahs-(impulse records japan)-cd-2006-mbs.m3u
000-pharoah sanders--village of the pharoahs-(impulse records japan)-cd-2006-mbs.nfo
000-pharoah sanders--village of the pharoahs-(impulse records japan)-cd-2006-mbs.sfv
01-pharoah sanders--village of the pharoahs pt.1-mbs.mp3
02-pharoah sanders--village of the pharoahs pt.2-mbs.mp3
03-pharoah sanders--village of the pharoahs pt.3-mbs.mp3
04-pharoah sanders--myth-mbs.mp3
05-pharoah sanders--mansion worlds-mbs.mp3
06-pharoah sanders--memories of lee morgan-mbs.mp3
07-pharoah sanders--went like it came-mbs.mp3
Pharoah Sanders-Wisdom Through Music-LP-1973-JCE
00-pharoah sanders-wisdom through music-lp-1973-jce.m3u
00-pharoah sanders-wisdom through music-lp-1973-jce.nfo
00-pharoah sanders-wisdom through music-lp-1973-jce.sfv
01-high life-jce.mp3
02-love is everywhere-jce.mp3
03-wisdom through music-jce.mp3
04-golden lamp-jce.mp3
VA-Impulse Records Compilation-2007-uF
00-va-impulse records compilation-2007.m3u
00-va-impulse records compilation-2007.nfo
00-va-impulse records compilation-2007.sfv
01-john coltrane - afro blue.mp3
02-keith jarrett - treasure island.mp3
03-albert ayler - for john coltrane.mp3
04-johnny hartman - in the wee small hours of the morning.mp3
05-charles mingus - better get hit in yo soul.mp3
06-alice coltrane - journey in satchidananda.mp3
07-archie sheep - rufus (swung his face at last to the windthen his neck snapped).mp3
08-mccoy tyner - speak low.mp3
09-sonny rollins - on green dolphin street.mp3
10-pharoah sanders - rejoice.mp3
VA-Pure Fire A Gilles Peterson Impulse Collection-CD-2006-OBC
00 va-pure fire a gilles peterson impulse collection-cd-2006.m3u
00 va-pure fire a gilles peterson impulse collection-cd-2006.nfo
00 va-pure fire a gilles peterson impulse collection-cd-2006.sfv
01 michael white-the blessing song.mp3
02 milt jackson and ray brown-enchanted lady.mp3
03 max roach-lonesome lover.mp3
04 art blakey-alamode.mp3
05 archie shepp-i got it bad (and that aint good).mp3
06 john coltrane-wise one.mp3
07 mccoy tyner-three flowers.mp3
08 dave mackay and vicky hamilton-see you later.mp3
09 oliver nelson-patterns.mp3
10 yusef lateef-first gymnopedie.mp3
VA-The House That Trane Built-The Best of Impulse Records-2006-GT4
00-va-the house that trane built-the best of impulse records-2006-gt4.m3u
00-va-the house that trane built-the best of impulse records-2006-gt4.nfo
00-va-the house that trane built-the best of impulse records-2006-gt4.sfv
01-oliver nelson-stolen moments.mp3
02-art blakey-alamode.mp3
03-charles mingus-theme for lester young (aka goodbye pork pie hat).mp3
04-john coltrane-a love supremepart 1-acknowledgement.mp3
05-archie shepp-los olvidados.mp3
06-albert ayler-our prayer.mp3
07-earl hines-black and tan fantasy.mp3
08-alice coltrane-journey in satchidananda.mp3
09-john handy-hard work.mp3
00-yusef lateef--live at peps volume two-(1964)-diss.m3u
00-yusef lateef--live at peps volume two-(1964)-diss.nfo
00-yusef lateef--live at peps volume two-(1964)-diss.sfv
01-yusef lateef--brother john.mp3
02-yusef lateef--p bouk.mp3
03-yusef lateef--nu book.mp3
04-yusef lateef--yusef s mood.mp3
05-yusef lateef--i remember clifford.mp3
06-yusef lateef--listen to the wind.mp3
07-yusef lateef--i loved.mp3
08-yusef lateef--delilah.mp3
09-yusef lateef--the magnolia triangle (alternate version).mp3
Yusef Lateef--Psychicemotus (reissue)-2005-WUS
00-yusef lateef--psychicemotus (reissue)-2005-wus.m3u
00-yusef lateef--psychicemotus (reissue)-2005-wus.sfv
01-yusef lateef--psychicemotus-wus.mp3
02-yusef lateef--bamboo flute blues-wus.mp3
03-yusef lateef--semiocto-wus.mp3
04-yusef lateef--why do i love you-wus.mp3
05-yusef lateef--first gymnopedie-wus.mp3
06-yusef lateef--medula sonata-wus.mp3
07-yusef lateef--ill always be in love with you-wus.mp3
08-yusef lateef--aint misbehavin-wus.mp3
yusef lateef--psychicemotus (reissue)-2005-front cover-wus.jpg
yusef lateef--psychicemotus (reissue)-2005-inlay credits-wus.jpg
yusef lateef--psychicemotus (reissue)-2005-rear cover-wus.jpg
yusef lateef--psychicemotus (reissue)-2005-wus.nfo
Yusef Lateef-The Golden Flute-Remastered-2004-JUST
00-yusef lateef-the golden flute-remastered-2004-just.m3u
00-yusef lateef-the golden flute-remastered-2004-just.nfo
00-yusef lateef-the golden flute-remastered-2004-just.sfv
01-yusef lateef-road runner-just.mp3
02-yusef lateef-straighten up and fly right-just.mp3
03-yusef lateef-oasis-just.mp3
04-yusef lateef-i dont stand a ghost of a chance with you-just.mp3
05-yusef lateef-exactly like you-just.mp3
06-yusef lateef-the golden flute-just.mp3
07-yusef lateef-rosetta-just.mp3
08-yusef lateef-head hunters-just.mp3
09-yusef lateef-the smart set-just.mp3

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