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Red Rhino Europe
Front 242 - Headhunter-CDM-1988-STROH80
00-front 242 - headhunter-cdm-1988-stroh80.m3u
00-front 242 - headhunter-cdm-1988-stroh80.nfo
00-front 242 - headhunter-cdm-1988-stroh80.sfv
01-headhunter v1.0-stroh80.mp3
02-welcome to paradise v1.0-stroh80.mp3
03-headhunter v2.0-stroh80.mp3
Front 242 - Headhunter-Vinyl-1988-MS iNT
00-front 242 - headhunter-vinyl-1988.m3u
00-front 242 - headhunter-vinyl-1988.nfo
00-front 242 - headhunter-vinyl-1988.sfv
01-front 242 - a1-headhunter (extended).mp3
02-front 242 - b1-welcome to paradise (extended).mp3
Front 242 - Politics Of Pressure-CDM-1985-CMG
00-front 242 - politics of pressure-cdm-1985-cmg.m3u
00-front 242 - politics of pressure-cdm-1985-cmg.sfv
01-commando (remix)-cmg.mp3
02-no shuffle-cmg.mp3
03-dont crash-cmg.mp3
front 242 - politics of pressure-cdm-1985-cmg.nfo
Front 242 - Rhythm Of Time-CDM-1991-CMG
00-front 242 - rhythm of time-cdm-1991-cmg.m3u
00-front 242 - rhythm of time-cdm-1991-cmg.sfv
01-rhythm of time (12 inch mix)-cmg.mp3
02-rhythm of time (anti-g mix)-cmg.mp3
03-rhythm of time (victor the cleaner)-cmg.mp3
front 242 - rhythm of time-cdm-1991-cmg.nfo
Front 242 - Tragedy For You (RRET European Version)-CDM-1990-CMG
00-front 242 - tragedy for you (rret european version)-cdm-1990-cmg.m3u
00-front 242 - tragedy for you (rret european version)-cdm-1990-cmg.nfo
00-front 242 - tragedy for you (rret european version)-cdm-1990-cmg.sfv
01-tragedy for you (tragedy for you)-cmg.mp3
02-tragedy for you (punish your machine mix)-cmg.mp3
03-tragedy for you (slo-mo)-cmg.mp3
Front 242-05 22 09 12 (Evil) Off-(1993)-AMOK
00-front 242-05 22 09 12 (evil) off-(1993)-amok.m3u
00-front 242-05 22 09 12 (evil) off-(1993)-amok.nfo
00-front 242-05 22 09 12 (evil) off-(1993)-amok.sfv
00-front 242-05 22 09 12 (evil) off-back-amok.jpg
00-front 242-05 22 09 12 (evil) off-cover-amok.jpg
00-front 242-05 22 09 12 (evil) off-inner-amok.jpg
01-animal (cage)-amok.mp3
02-animal (gate)-amok.mp3
03-animal (guide)-amok.mp3
04-modern angel-amok.mp3
06-serial killers dont kill their girlfriend-amok.mp3
07-skin (fur coat)-amok.mp3
11-animal (zoo)-amok.mp3
12-serial killers dont kill their boyfriend-amok.mp3
13-happiness (more angels)-amok.mp3
14-crushed (obscene)-amok.mp3
15-melt (again)-amok.mp3
16-speed angels-amok.mp3
Front 242-Angels Versus Animals (RRE 18 CD)-CD-1993-CMC iNT
00-front 242--angels versus animals (rre 18 cd)-cd-1993-cmc int.m3u
00-front 242--angels versus animals (rre 18 cd)-cd-1993-cmc int.nfo
00-front 242--angels versus animals (rre 18 cd)-cd-1993-cmc int.sfv
00-front 242--angels versus animals (rre 18 cd)-cd-1993-cover1.jpg
00-front 242--angels versus animals (rre 18 cd)-cd-1993-cover2.jpg
00-front 242--angels versus animals (rre 18 cd)-cd-1993-cover3.jpg
01-front 242--animal (radio)-cmc int.mp3
02-front 242--angel (wipe out)-cmc int.mp3
03-front 242--serial killers dont kill their dog either-cmc int.mp3
04-front 242--modern angel (kmfdm remix)-cmc int.mp3
05-front 242--animal (extended)-cmc int.mp3
06-front 242--break me (female)-cmc int.mp3
07-front 242--der verfluchte engel-cmc int.mp3
08-front 242--lange moderne-cmc int.mp3
09-front 242--born to breathe-cmc int.mp3
Front 242-Angels Versus Animals-CDM-1993-BLA
00-front 242-angels versus animals-cdm-1993.m3u
00-front 242-angels versus animals-cdm-1993.nfo
00-front 242-angels versus animals-cdm-1993.sfv
01-front 242-animal (radio).mp3
02-front 242-angel (wipe out).mp3
03-front 242-serial killers dont kill their dog either.mp3
04-front 242-modern angel (kmfdm remix).mp3
05-front 242-animal (extended).mp3
06-front 242-break me (female).mp3
07-front 242-der verfluchte engel.mp3
08-front 242-lange moderne.mp3
09-front 242-born to breathe.mp3
Front 242-Endless Riddance-3Inch CDS-1983-SiRiON
00-front 242-endless riddance-3inch cds-1983-sirion.m3u
00-front 242-endless riddance-3inch cds-1983-sirion.nfo
00-front 242-endless riddance-3inch cds-1983-sirion.sfv
01-take one-srn.mp3
02-controversy between-srn.mp3
03-sample d-srn.mp3
Front 242-Endless Riddance-3inch-CDS-1983-SiRiON
00-front 242-endless riddance-3inch-cds-1983-sirion.m3u
00-front 242-endless riddance-3inch-cds-1983-sirion.nfo
00-front 242-endless riddance-3inch-cds-1983-sirion.sfv
01-front 242-take one-srn.mp3
02-front 242-controversy between-srn.mp3
03-front 242-sample d-srn.mp3
Front 242-Endless Riddance-Vinyl-1983-AMOK
00-front 242-endless riddance-vinyl-1983-amok.m3u
00-front 242-endless riddance-vinyl-1983-amok.nfo
00-front 242-endless riddance-vinyl-1983-amok.sfv
01-take one-amok.mp3
02-controversy between-amok.mp3
03-sample d-amok.mp3
Front 242-Happiness-(RRE 20-Vinyl)-1996-DRUM
00 front 242-happiness-(rre 20-vinyl)-1996-drum.m3u
00 front 242-happiness-(rre 20-vinyl)-1996-drum.nfo
00 front 242-happiness-(rre 20-vinyl)-1996-drum.sfv
a1 happiness (dance rmx by underworld)-drum.mp3
b1 religion (trance you down mix by the prodigy)-drum.mp3
b2 rhythm of time (victor the cleaner mix by the orb)-drum.mp3
Front 242-Headhunter CDM-1988-AMOK
00-front 242-headhunter cdm-(1988)-amok.m3u
00-front 242-headhunter cdm-(1988)-amok.nfo
00-front 242-headhunter cdm-(1988)-amok.sfv
00-front 242-headhunter cdm-cover-amok.jpg
00-front 242-headhunter cdm-inner-amok.jpg
01-headhunter (v1.0)-amok.mp3
02-welcome to paradise (v1.0)-amok.mp3
03-headhunter (v2.0)-amok.mp3
Front 242-Masterhit-CDM-1987-AMOK
00-front 242-masterhit cdm-(1987)-amok.m3u
00-front 242-masterhit cdm-(1987)-amok.nfo
00-front 242-masterhit cdm-(1987)-amok.sfv
00-front 242-masterhit cdm-cover-amok.jpg
00-front 242-masterhit cdm-inner-amok.jpg
01-part 1 - masterblaster-amok.mp3
02-part 2 - hypnomix-amok.mp3
03-part 3 - lp version-amok.mp3
Front 242-Mixed By Fear (RRE CD 12)-CD-1991-CMC INT
00-front 242--mixed by fear (rre cd 12)-cd-1991-cmc int.jpg
00-front 242--mixed by fear (rre cd 12)-cd-1991-cmc int.m3u
00-front 242--mixed by fear (rre cd 12)-cd-1991-cmc int.nfo
00-front 242--mixed by fear (rre cd 12)-cd-1991-cmc int.sfv
01-front 242--gripped by fear-cmc int.mp3
02-front 242--this world must be destroyed (dsmo1)-cmc int.mp3
03-front 242--this world must be destroyed (dsmo2)-cmc int.mp3
04-front 242--this world must be destroyed (dsmo3)-cmc int.mp3
05-front 242--this world must be destroyed (dsmo4)-cmc int.mp3
06-front 242--gripped by fear (bunker mix 1)-cmc int.mp3
07-front 242--mixed by fear-cmc int.mp3
08-front 242--gripped by fear (club mix 2)-cmc int.mp3
Front 242-Official Version (RRE 5 CD)-Reissue-1992-for RaLLe
00-front 242 - official version (rre 5 cd)-reissue-1992-for ralle.jpg
00-front 242 - official version (rre 5 cd)-reissue-1992-for ralle.m3u
00-front 242 - official version (rre 5 cd)-reissue-1992-for ralle.nfo
00-front 242 - official version (rre 5 cd)-reissue-1992-for ralle.sfv
01-front 242 - w.y.h.i.w.y.g..mp3
02-front 242 - rerun time.mp3
03-front 242 - television station.mp3
04-front 242 - agressiva due.mp3
05-front 242 - masterhit (part i and ii).mp3
06-front 242 - slaughter.mp3
07-front 242 - quite unusual.mp3
08-front 242 - red team.mp3
09-front 242 - angst.mp3
10-front 242 - quite unusual (12 version).mp3
11-front 242 - agressiva (12 version).mp3
12-front 242 - masterblaster.mp3
13-front 242 - hypnomix.mp3
Front 242-Official Version-1987-FWYH INT
00 front 242-official version-1987-fwyh int.m3u
00 front 242-official version-1987-fwyh int.nfo
00 front 242-official version-1987-fwyh int.sfv
01 front 242-w.y.h.i.w.y.g..mp3
02 front 242-rerun time.mp3
03 front 242-television station.mp3
04 front 242-agressiva due.mp3
05 front 242-master hit (part 1 and 2).mp3
06 front 242-slaugher.mp3
07 front 242-quite unusual.mp3
08 front 242-red team.mp3
09 front 242-angst.mp3
10 front 242-quite unusual (12 version).mp3
11 front 242-agressiva (12 version).mp3
Front 242-Official Version-1987-iRO
00-front 242-official version-1987-iro.m3u
00-front 242-official version-1987-iro.nfo
00-front 242-official version-1987-iro.sfv
01-front 242-w.y.h.i.w.y.g.-iro.mp3
02-front 242-rerun time-iro.mp3
03-front 242-television station-iro.mp3
04-front 242-agressiva due-iro.mp3
05-front 242-master hit (part 1 and 2)-iro.mp3
06-front 242-slaughter-iro.mp3
07-front 242-quite unusual-iro.mp3
08-front 242-red team-iro.mp3
09-front 242-angst-iro.mp3
10-front 242-quite unusual (12 version)-iro.mp3
11-front 242-agressiva (12 version)-iro.mp3
Front 242-Tragedy -For You- Two CDM-(1990)-AMOK
00-front 242-tragedy -for you- two cdm-(1990)-amok.m3u
00-front 242-tragedy -for you- two cdm-(1990)-amok.nfo
00-front 242-tragedy -for you- two cdm-(1990)-amok.sfv
00-front 242-tragedy -for you- two cdm-cover-amok.jpg
00-front 242-tragedy -for you- two cdm-inner-amok.jpg
01-tragedy -for you- neurodancer-amok.mp3
02-tragedy -for you- instrumental-amok.mp3
03-trigger 3-amok.mp3
Front 242-Tragedy For You Two-CDS-1990-eDm
00-front 242-tragedy for you two-cds-1990-eDm.jpg
00-front 242-tragedy for you two-cds-1990-eDm.m3u
00-front 242-tragedy for you two-cds-1990-eDm.nfo
00-front 242-tragedy for you two-cds-1990-eDm.sfv
01-front 242-tragedy for you neurodancer-eDm int.mp3
02-front 242-tragedy for you instrumental-eDm int.mp3
03-front 242-trigger 3-eDm int.mp3
Front 242--Tyranny For You (RRE CD 11)-CD-1991-CMC INT
00-front 242--tyranny for you (rre cd 11)-cd-1991-cmc int.m3u
00-front 242--tyranny for you (rre cd 11)-cd-1991-cmc int.nfo
00-front 242--tyranny for you (rre cd 11)-cd-1991-cmc int.sfv
00-front 242--tyranny for you (rre cd 11)-cover1-cmc int.jpg
00-front 242--tyranny for you (rre cd 11)-cover2-cmc int.jpg
00-front 242--tyranny for you (rre cd 11)-cover3-cmc int.jpg
00-front 242--tyranny for you (rre cd 11)-cover4-cmc int.jpg
00-front 242--tyranny for you (rre cd 11)-cover5-cmc int.jpg
00-front 242--tyranny for you (rre cd 11)-cover6-cmc int.jpg
01-front 242--sacrifice-cmc int.mp3
02-front 242--rhythm of time-cmc int.mp3
03-front 242--moldavia-cmc int.mp3
04-front 242--trigger 2 (anatomy of a shot)-cmc int.mp3
05-front 242--gripped by fear-cmc int.mp3
06-front 242--tragedy for you-cmc int.mp3
07-front 242--the untold-cmc int.mp3
08-front 242--neurobashing-cmc int.mp3
09-front 242--leitmotiv 136-cmc int.mp3
10-front 242--soul manager-cmc int.mp3
Zoviet France-Popular Soviet Songs-3CD-1985-NuHS
000-zoviet france-popular soviet songs-3cd-1985-nuhs.m3u
000-zoviet france-popular soviet songs-3cd-1985-nuhs.nfo
000-zoviet france-popular soviet songs-3cd-1985-nuhs.sfv
100-zoviet france-popular soviet songs-3cd-1985-nuhs.m3u
101-zoviet france-tier of veils-nuhs.mp3
102-zoviet france-ram-nuhs.mp3
103-zoviet france-duir-nuhs.mp3
104-zoviet france-zone-nuhs.mp3
105-zoviet france-straif (la mere du bois) z estrif-nuhs.mp3
106-zoviet france-white track - fire frost-nuhs.mp3
107-zoviet france-veil-nuhs.mp3
108-zoviet france-pesach-nuhs.mp3
109-zoviet france-decoy-nuhs.mp3
110-zoviet france-yezidi-nuhs.mp3
200-zoviet france-popular soviet songs-3cd-1985-nuhs.m3u
201-zoviet france-dobrei djen-nuhs.mp3
202-zoviet france-signal-nuhs.mp3
203-zoviet france-sidi-nuhs.mp3
204-zoviet france-birch brake-nuhs.mp3
205-zoviet france-sein-nuhs.mp3
206-zoviet france-spin-nuhs.mp3
207-zoviet france-tan-tal-nuhs.mp3
208-zoviet france-ma-ja-nuhs.mp3
209-zoviet france-whip-nuhs.mp3
210-zoviet france-veil-nuhs.mp3
211-zoviet france-fearn-nuhs.mp3
212-zoviet france-burning bush-nuhs.mp3
213-zoviet france-sidhe-nuhs.mp3
214-zoviet france-marsh-nuhs.mp3
215-zoviet france-swine-nuhs.mp3
216-zoviet france-marsh-nuhs.mp3
217-zoviet france-signal-nuhs.mp3
218-zoviet france-migration-nuhs.mp3
300-zoviet france-popular soviet songs-3cd-1985-nuhs.m3u
301-zoviet france-burning bush-nuhs.mp3
302-zoviet france-sheol-nuhs.mp3
303-zoviet france-veil-nuhs.mp3
304-zoviet france-signal-nuhs.mp3
305-zoviet france-chirm ela-nuhs.mp3
306-zoviet france-chirm geis-nuhs.mp3
307-zoviet france-charm aliso-nuhs.mp3
308-zoviet france-shewel-nuhs.mp3
309-zoviet france-yezidi say-nuhs.mp3

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