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(CHS-0001) VA - For the Lunatix-(CHS-0001)-CD-JP-2005-PUTA
(CHS-0002) tandpazolite - Unlimited Spark-(CHS-0002)-CD-2006
(CHS-0003) TandPazolite Sasa Nishi Yuuyuu Indoshina - Neetmania-(CHS-0003)-CDR-2007
(CHS-0003) Tpluspazolite and Sasarayouna - Neetmania-(CHS-0003)-CDR-2007-ZzZz
(CHS-0003) VA - Neetmania-(CHS-0003)-CDR-JP-2007-PUTA
(CHS-0004) T Pazolite-Gottamaze-CDR-2007-hM
(CHS-0004) TandPazolite - Gottamaze ~gotamaze~-(CHS-0004)-CDR-2007
(CHS-0004) VA - Gotta Maze-(CHS-0004)-CDR-JP-2007-PUTA
(CHS-0005) TandPazolite - Ultracute-(CHS-0005)-CD-2008
(CHS-0005) T-Pazolite - Ultra Cute-(CHS-0005)-CD-JP-2008-PUTA
(CHS-0006) TandPazolite - Gottamaze2-(CHS-0006)-CD-2009
(CHS-0006) T-Pazolite - Gottamaze2-(CHS-0006)-CD-JP-2009-VELOCiTY
(CHS-0007) tandpazolite - Unconnected.-(CHS-0007)-CD-2009
(CHS-0008) TandPazolite - Honey I Scream-(CHS-0008)-CD-2010
(CHS-0008) T-Pazolite - Honey I Scream-(CHS-0008)-CD-JP-2010-PUTA
(CHS-0009) TandPazolite - Resetup-(CHS-0009)-CD-2010
(CHS-0009) T-Pazolite - Resetup-(CHS-0009)-CD-JP-2010-PUTA
(CHS-0010) TandPazolite - Samplejunk-(CHS-0010)-CD-2011
(CHS-0010) T-Pazolite - Samplejunk-(CHS-0010)-CD-JP-2011-PUTA
(CHS-0011) TandPazolite - Answer From X Girlz-(CHS-0011)-CD-2012
(CHS-0011) T-Pazolite - Answer from X Girlz-(CHS-0011)-CD-JP-2012-VELOCiTY
(CHS-0012) TandPazolite - So Many Materials-(CHS-0012)-CD-2012
(CHS-0012) T-Pazolite - So Many Materials-(CHS-0012)-CD-JP-2012-PUTA
(CHS-0013) TandPazolite - Ultra Cutie Breakin-(CHS-0013)-CD-2012
(CHS-0013) T-Pazolite - ULTRA Cutie Breakin-(CHS-0013)-CD-JP-2012-PUTA
(CHS-0014) VA - Deposition E.P.-(CHS-0014)-CD-JP-2013-VELOCiTY
(CHS-0015) T-pazolite - Beauty-Noizy-Orient-(CHS-0015)-CD-JP-2013-VELOCiTY
(CHS-0015) Tpluspazolite - Beauty-Noizy-Orient-(CHS-0015)-WEB-2014-ZzZz
(CHS-0016) VA - Elder Dragon Legend-(CHS-0016)-CD-2014-BC
(CHS-0016) VA - Elder Dragon Legend-(CHS-0016)-CD-JP-2014-VELOCiTY
(CHS-0017) t-pazolite - Ibun Densho Arakaruto-(CHS-0017)-CD-JP-2014-BC
(CHS-0017) Tpluspazolite - Ibun Denshou A La Carte-(CHS-0017)-WEB-2014-ZzZz
(CHS-0018) VA - Deposition E.P.2-(CHS-0018)-CD-JP-2014-VELOCiTY
(CHS-0019) VA - Kakattekoyeah-(CHS-0019)-CD-JP-2014-BC
(CHS-0020) VA - Ayuyu Cable-(CHS-0020)-CD-JP-2015-BC
(CHS-0021-0022) T-Pazolite - Ponko2 Girlish-(CHS-0021-0022)-2CD-JP-2015-VELOCiTY
(CHS-0021-0022) Tpluspazolite - Ponko2 Girlish-(CHS-0021 CHS-0022)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
(CHS-0026) VA - Kakattekoyeah 2-(CHS-0026)-CD-2016
(CHS-0026) VA - Kakattekoyeah 2-(CHS-0026)-WEB-2016
(CHS-0027-0028) Tpluspazolite - The Best Of Tpz 2 The Best (Album)-(4538182675083)-WEB-2017-ZzZz
(CHS-0029) T-Pazolite - TandtT Tpz and Touhou from 2005-(CHS-0029)-CD-JP-2017-PUTA
(CHS-0030) VA - R. U. U. K. Too -(CHS-0030)-WEB-2017
(CHS-0030) VA - R U U K Too-(4538182710616)-WEB-2017-ZzZz
(CHS-0031) T-Pazolite - Good Evening Hollowood-(CHS-0031)-CD-JP-2017-PUTA
(CHS-0032) VA - Complete Deposition-(CHS-0032)-CD-JP-2018-PUTA
(CHS-0033) T-Pazolite - See You Again Hollowood-(CHS-0033)-CD-JP-2018-PUTA
(CHSEP-0001) TandPazolite - Cutie Breaks E.p.-(CHSEP-0001)-CD-2011
(CHSEP-0001) T-Pazolite - Cutie Breaks E.P.-(CHSEP-0001)-CD-JP-2011-PUTA
(CHSEP-0002) TandPazolite - Hommaging Greats-(CHSEP-0002)-CD-2011
(CHSEP-0002) T-Pazolite - Hommaging Greats-(CHSEP-0002)-CD-JP-2011-PUTA
(CHSEP-0003) VA-Dont Waste Me-WEB-2015-PITY
(TRIF-0001) Aran and Massive New Krew and T-Pazolite - TRI FORCE-(TRIF-0001)-CD-JP-2016-PUTA
TandPazolite - Gottamaze2 - Previewdisk Gomennasai Edit-CD-2009
VA - C.H.S C88 Special Disc-PROMO CDR-JP-2015-VELOCiTY

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