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Xplizit Hardcore Recordings-(1998-2004)-0DAY
Labels / Hardcore | Author: Admin | 31-05-2021, 00:20

Xplizit Hardcore Recordings-(1998-2004)-0DAY
(XHR001) Atomic - Cocainewar at Thunderdome-(XHR001)-WEB-1998-BC
(XHR002) Atomic - Bitch-(XHR002)-WEB-1999-BC
(XHR003) R-Power - Live by the Gun Die by the Gun-(XHR003)-WEB-1999-BC
(XHR004) Atomic - Appollo 13-(XHR004)-WEB-1999-BC
(XHR005) NXS - The Drummachine-(XHR005)-WEB-1999-BC
(XHR006) NXS - Hardcore Maniac-(XHR006)-WEB-1999-BC
(XHR007) NXS - Can You Feel the Bass-(XHR007)-WEB-1999-BC
(XHR008) Atomic - Do U Want 2 Die-(XHR008)-WEB-1999-BC
(XHR009) NXS - The New Start-(XHR009)-WEB-1999-BC
(XHR010) R-Power - The Power of R-Power-(XHR010)-WEB-1999-BC
(XHR011) NXS - The Sound He Makes-(XHR011)-WEB-1999-BC
(XHR012) NXS - Fight Them-(XHR012)-WEB-1999-BC
(XHR013) Atomic - Da Gethoblasta-(XHR013)-WEB-1999-BC
(XHR014) NXS - This is My Blood-(XHR014)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR015) Da Pinhead - Weird Thoughts-(XHR015)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR016) NXS - Bring that Shit Back-(XHR016)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR017) Da Pinhead - Da Underground Atmosphere-(XHR017)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR018) NXS and the Divinity - The Punisher-(XHR018)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR019) R-Power - MoRtuARium-(XHR019)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR020) Phydomir - Worship-(XHR020)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR021) NXS - The Purpose of Life-(XHR021)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR022) DJ Riptor - Death and Destruction-(XHR022)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR023) Atomic and Phydomir - Evil Never Dies-(XHR023)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR024) Raven-X - Fuck it-(XHR024)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR025) Da Pinhead - Hysteria-(XHR025)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR026) DJ Riptor - Shoot Me-(XHR026)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR027) DJ Riptor - Ghostbeats-(XHR027)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR028) TwizT-R - Mind and Body-(XHR028)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR029) Phydomir - Our Paradize-(XHR029)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR030) Twizt-R - Do it-(XHR030)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR031) NXS - Sign of the Void-(XHR031)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR032) Triple Darkness - Underground Kingz-(XHR032)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR033) Procyon - Time 2 Die-(XHR033)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR034) Phydomir - Priority One Lifeforms-(XHR034)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR035) NXS - Behave Yourself-(XHR035)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR036) Triple Darkness - Adrealin Kickdown-(XHR036)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR037) Triple Darkness - Critical Conditions-(XHR037)-WEB-2000-BC
(XHR038) TwizT-R - I Have Come-(XHR038)-WEB-2001-BC
(XHR039) Culture Shock - Hell of A Society-(XHR039)-WEB-2001-BC
(XHR040) Procyon - Forces of Evil-(XHR040)-WEB-2001-BC
(XHR041) Raw Footage - Shadowdriver 01-(XHR041)-WEB-2001-BC
(XHR042) DJ Riptor - Good and Evil-(XHR042)-WEB-2001-BC
(XHR043) Raven-X - Returning the Fever-(XHR043)-WEB-2001-BC
(XHR044) Phydomir - Atmosphere-(XHR044)-WEB-2001-BC
(XHR045) Menace II Society - Fuck Off-(XHR045)-WEB-2001-BC
(XHR046) NXS - The Darkness-(XHR046)-WEB-2001-BC
(XHR047) Procyon - Fear of Night-(XHR047)-WEB-2001-BC
(XHR048) DJ Riptor - Our House-(XHR048)-WEB-2001-BC
(XHR049) Menace II Society - We Will Prevail-(XHR049)-WEB-2001-BC
(XHR050) NXS - Oblivion-(XHR050)-WEB-2001-BC
(XHR051) Cryion - 13 Hours-(XHR051)-WEB-2001-BC
(XHR052) Zephyrian - No Escape-(XHR052)-WEB-2001-BC
(XHR053) Midget - I Am the Mayhem-(XHR053)-WEB-2003-BC
(XHR054) DJ Riptor Vs NXS - Here Once Again-(XHR054)-WEB-2003-BC
(XHR055) DJ Nemesis - Trauma-(XHR055)-WEB-2003-BC
(XHR056) The IMT - The IMT Seduction-(XHR056)-WEB-2003-BC
(XHR057) VeXation - Stranger-(XHR057)-WEB-2003-BC
(XHR058) TwizT-R - War Against Our People-(XHR058)-WEB-2003-BC
(XHR059) Cadra - Ra-(XHR059)-WEB-2003-BC
(XHR060) DJ Nemesis - Detailed Crap-(XHR060)-WEB-2003-BC
(XHR061) Redrum - Bad Move-(XHR061)-WEB-2003-BC
(XHR062) Phydomir - Beta-(XHR062)-WEB-2003-BC
(XHR063) Redrum - Make Your Eyes Spin-(XHR063)-WEB-2003-BC
(XHR064) VeXation - Electric Slide-(XHR064)-WEB-2003-BC
(XHR065) DJ Nemesis - Xplizit.Com-(XHR065)-WEB-2003-BC
(XHR066) Void Pointer - Disturbing-(XHR066)-WEB-2003-BC
(XHR067) Void Pointer - Kah Tsan-(XHR067)-WEB-2003-BC
(XHR068) Recall - The Prophecy of Death-(XHR068)-WEB-2003-BC
(XHR069) Twizt-R - My Lifes Like A Soundtrack-(XHR069)-WEB-2003-BC
(XHR070) DJ Nemesis - Destruction-(XHR070)-WEB-2003-BC
(XHR071) Twizt-R - When the Smoke Clears Up-(XHR071)-WEB-2003-BC
(XHR072) Void Pointer - Peewee-(XHR072)-WEB-2004-BC
(XHR073) Recall - Distorted Reality-(XHR073)-WEB-2004-BC
(XHR074) Hammerhead - Neurodance-(XHR074)-WEB-2004-BC
(XHR075) DJ Nemesis - Run Bitch-(XHR075)-WEB-2004-BC
(XHR076) Proto X - On A Mission-(XHR076)-WEB-2004-BC
(XHR077) VeXation - Rekkalpnednab-(XHR077)-WEB-2004-BC
(XHR078) D Tox - Lucidit Assoluta-(XHR078)-WEB-2004-BC
(XHR079) Twizt-R - Ill Never Be Warm Again-(XHR079)-WEB-2004-BC
(XHR080) Proto X - The Unknown-(XHR080)-WEB-2004-BC
(XHR081) DJ Nemesis - Back from the Depth-(XHR081)-WEB-2004-BC
(XHR082) DJ Nemesis - World of Filth-(XHR082)-WEB-2004-BC
(XHR083) Cryion - 13 Hours (Deliverance Remix)-(XHR083)-WEB-2004-BC
(XHR084) Phydomir - Sound of Defeat-(XHR084)-WEB-2004-BC
(XHR085) Deha - Paranoyak N Paradoxial Psychology (Void Pointer Remix)-(XHR085)-WEB-2004-BC
(XHR086) Recall - Into the Darkness-(XHR086)-WEB-2004-BC
(XHR087) Twizt-R - My Aim is Accurate-(XHR087)-WEB-2004-BC
(XHR088) Nyocore - Angels to Me-(XHR088)-WEB-2004-BC
(XHR089) Nyocore - Bloody Stairway-(XHR089)-WEB-2004-BC
(XHR090) DJ Tomahawk And DJ Synthet - Call Me-(XHR090)-WEB-2004-BC
(XHR091) NXS - Here I Stand-(XHR091)-WEB-2004-BC
(XHR092) Recall - Day of Evil-(XHR092)-WEB-2004-BC

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