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Rock | Author: Admin | 25-12-2021, 15:46

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10 Years-The Autumn Effect-2005-FIH INT
6gig-Mind Over Mind-2003-TIN
8stops7-In Moderation (Bonus CD)-2000-iRO
8stops7-In Moderation-1999-SUF
A Perfect Circle-aMOTION-2004-DNR
A Perfect Circle-Amotion-DVDA-2004-TIN
A Perfect Circle-Perfect-Angels 99-1999-REV
A Perfect Circle-The Outsider (Lost In The Bermuda Triangle)-(DVDS)-2004-DNR
A Wish For Wings-Burden Of Breath-EP-2003-HiRE
Absolve-A Cure for Separation-2002-FNT
ACDC-Back In Black-(Remastered)-2003-FTS
ACDC-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap-(Remastered)-2003-FTS
ACDC-For Those About To Rock-(Remastered)-2003-FTS
ACDC-High Voltage-(Remastered)-2003-FTS
ACDC-Highway To Hell-(Remastered)-2003-FTS
ACDC-Let There Be Rock-(Remastered)-2003-FTS
Acrimony-Bong On - Live Long-2007-SDR
Acumen Nation-Parasite Mine (Promo CDS)-2002-KSi
Adema-Live on Kimmel 0819-2003-FNT
Adema-Unstable-(Japanese Import)-2003-NER INT
Airbourne-Runnin Wild-2007-NER
Alice Cooper - Love It To Death-1971-SER
Alien Ant Farm-Truant-2003-FTS
Align-Blue Book Value-2003-KzT
Align-Some Breaking News-2001-TIN
Alkaline Trio-Burn-(CDS)-2006-KzT
Apartment 26-Give Me More-(Promo-CDS)-2003-KSE
Apartment 26-Music For The Massive-2004-NHH INT
Audioslave-Out Of Exile (Japanese Import)-2005-EOS
Avenged Sevenfold - Almost Easy-CDS-2007-MOD
Avenged Sevenfold-Beast And The Harlot-(CDS)-2006-KzT
Avenged Sevenfold-Burn It Down-(UK CDS1)-2006-KzT
Avenged Sevenfold-Burn It Down-(UK CDS2)-2006-KzT
Axxis - Collection of Power-Digipak-2000-TOM
Black Sabbath-Dehumanizer-(1992)-PRW INT
Black Sabbath-King Biscuit Flower Hour 1975-2CD-Bootleg-2005-SLF INT
Blindside-I Know Why You Dress In Black-CDS-2004-TINT
Blue Tears-Blue Tears-1990-AMRC
body count-body count-1992-kor
Boy Sets Fire-After The Eulogy-2000-EOS
Boy Sets Fire-Live for Today-EP-2002-EOS
Boy Sets Fire-Tomorrow Come Today-2003-EOS
Breed 77-Kharma-2001-ViLE
Breed77-Vol.1 (EP)-1999-PMS
Calm-8 Song Demo-Ltd.Ed.-2002-PMS
Calm-IIn A Place Called Perfect-(EP)-2003-PMS
Calm-In A Place Called Perfect-EP-2003-PMS
Candiria-Signs of Discontent (CD Single)-2001-EGO
Chevelle-Live From The Norva-DVDA-2003-REP
Chevelle-Wonder Whats Next-2002-FS
Chimaira-This Present Darkness-2000-TIN
Circle Of Fifths-Far Away From Here-2003-KzT
City of Fire--City of Fire-2009-UBE
City of Fire--City of Fire-REPACK-2009-UBE
CKY-Volume 1-2001-DNR
Clockwise-Healthy Manipulation-Advance-2002-REP
Clutch-Blast Tyrant-2004-EOS
CO2-Curcumstance (Bonus Tracks)-(WEB)-2017-Co2RoCKS
Cold-13 Ways To Bleed On Stage-(Bonus Disc)-2001-BKF
Cold-13 Ways To Bleed On Stage-2000-NER INT
Cold-Year of the Spider-2003-iND
Crash Poet-Cellar Door-RETAIL-2003-ICE
Crashdiet-Rest In Sleaze-2005-FTM
Craving Theo-Craving Theo-2002-TIN
Dangerous Toys - Dangerous Toys-Retail-1989-FH
Danzig-2 Lucifuge-1990-SnS
Danzig-Danzig III How The Gods Kill-1992-iRO
Dark Matter-Demo (CDR)-2003-SUF
Death Before Disco-Party Bullet-2004-TIN
Deep Purple-Abandon-(Retail)-1998-m0ll3
Deep Purple-Abandon-1998-DuDE
Deep Purple-Abandon-1998-mwnd int
Deep Purple-Burn (30th Anniversary Edition)-2004-EOS
Deep Purple-Fireball-(25th Anniversary Reissue)-1996-DNR
Deep Purple-Now What-2013-KRIEG
Deep Purple-Perfect Strangers-Remastered-1999-mwnd int
Deep Purple-Purpendicular-1996-MHM INT
Deep Purple-Shades Of Deep Purple-Remastered-2000-mwnd int
Deep Purple-The Battle Rages On-1993-FiH iNT
Def Leppard - On Through the Night-980-BFS INT
Def Leppard-Hysteria-1987-TIN
Def Leppard-Retro Active Ltd. Ed. Bonus CD-1993-TIN
Def Leppard-Retro Active-1993-GMP3
Depswa-Two Angels And A Dream-2003-TIN
Die Trying-Die Trying-2003-TIN
Dirt-Welcome To The Pressure Cooker (Advance Promo)-2003-KzT
Dirty Power-Dirty Power-2003-PMS
Disturbed-The Sickness Instrumentals-(Bootleg)-2001-MTD INT
Dokken-Back For The Attack-1987-EOS
Dokken-Breaking The Chains-1982-EOS
Dokken-Erase The Slate-1999-EOS
Dokken-Long Way Home-2002-EOS
Dokken-Under Lock And Key-1985-EOS
Dope-Slipping Away-CDS-2002-iDX
Dope-You Spin Me Round-Promo Single-2000-aPc
Dragpipe-Music For The Last Day Of Your Life-2002-TIN
Drain STH-Freaks of Nature-1999-TIN
Drowning Pool-Desensitized-2004-TIN
Drowning Pool-Drowning Pool-1999-iRO
Drowning Pool-Sinner-2001-FS
Dry Cell-Disconnected-(Advance)-2002-FHF
Dust For Life-Dust For Life-2000-DBi
Earshot-Letting Go-2002-FS
Edgewater-South of Sideways-2004-TIN
Endo - Songs for the Restless Bonus Tracks-2003-ALC
Endo-Songs For The Restless-2003-NER INT
Evans Blue-Evans Blue-2009-DeBT iNT
Evans Blue-The Pursuit-(Acoustic CDS)-2007-MTD
Evans Blue-The Pursuit Begins When This Portrayal Of Life Ends-(Retail)-2007-MTD
Factory 81-Mankind-2000-DNR
Faith No More-Angel Dust-2CD-Limited Edition-1993-EOS
Faith No More-Who Cares A Lot Greatest Hits-2CD-1998-EOS
Filter-Take A Picture-CDM-2000-SKY
Filter-Title Of Record-1999-FS
Finger Eleven-Live On Pepsi Breakout 0925-2003-GOB
Fingerspitzengefuhl-Happy Doomsday-2006-FFaCC
Fingertight-In The Name Of Progress-2003-NHH INT
Firehouse-3-1995-MCA int
Firehouse-Bring Em Out Live-2000-LAMB
Firehouse-Category 5-1998-MCA int
Firehouse-Firehouse-1990-MCA int
Firehouse-Good Acoustics-1996-MCA int
Firehouse-Here For You-1998-aAF
Firehouse-Hold Your Fire-1992-TtR
Firehouse-O2-2000-MCA int
Firehouse-Prime Time-2003-MCA int
Five Finger Death Punch-A Decade of Destruction-2017-FKK
Flaw-Endangered Species-2004-EOS
Flaw-Recognize-CDS-2004-ICE INT
Flaw-Through The Eyes (UK Special Edition)-2002-iRO
Fly2Void-A New Thought-2002-PMS
From Autumn to Ashes-Too Bad Youre Beautiful-2001-EOS
From Zero-My So-Called Life-ADVANCE-2003-ESC
From Zero-One Nation Under-2001-NHH INT
Fuel-Natural Selection-2003-EOS
Full Devil Jacket-A Wax Box To Put Your Frankenstein Heads In-EP-1999-DBi
Full Devil Jacket-Full Devil Jacket-2000-DBi
Funeral For A Friend-Seven Ways To Scream Your Name-EP-2003-TIN
Giant-Last of the Runaways-(Japan Release)-1989-UasH
Giuffria-Giuffria (Ltd.Ed.)-1999-BFS INT
Glassjaw-Cosmopolitan Bloodloss (UKCDM)-2002-FNT
Godhead-America Now EP-1994-NMR
Guns N Roses-Live Era 87-93 (Japanese Import)-2CD-1999-EOS
Guns N Roses-Live From The Jungle (Japanese Import)-EP-1988-EOS
Hail The Villain-Population Declining-(Deluxe Edition)-2010-SOM
Halfway Broken-The Artist-EP-2005-TIN
Hardcore Superstar-Beg For It-2009-GRAVEWISH
Hawthorne Heights-The Silence In Black And White-(Reissue)-2005-DNR
He Is Legend-It Hates You-(Proper)-2009-aPoLLo
Headstrong-Headstrong (Explicit Retail)-2002-PMS
Heaven and Hell-Live at Sweden Rock Festival (07-06-07)-2CD-Bootleg-2007-BFS
Helmet-Strap It On-1991-Iro
Hoobastank-Live On Mike Bullard 1002-2003-GOB
Hotwire-The Routine-2003-DNR
Hunchback-A Hunchback is Also a Man -2002-iTS
Hundred Reasons-Live At Freakscene-2006-KzT
Hybrid Theory-Hybrid Theory EP-2000-KSi
In Extremo-Erdbeermund-CDS-2004-ZzZz
Incubus-A Certain Shade Of Green (AUS CDS)-1998-PMS
Index Case-Youre The Reason (Why Dreams Bleed)-CDS-2002-SUF
Integrity-Integrity 2000-Promo-1999-AMRC
Iron Maiden-Live After Death-(2DVD)-Proper-2008-LzY
Iron Maiden-No Prayer For The Dying-1990-DNR
Iron Maiden-Piece Of Mind-1983-DNR
It Rains For Caleb-It Rains For Caleb-EP-2003-KzT
Jailhouse - Alive in a Mad World-1989-aAF
Jetboy-Feel the Shake-1988-UasH
Judas Priest-Demolition-2001-EOS
Key To Arson-Island Records-DEMO-2003-PMS
Kiss-Lick It Up-Remastered-1998-EOS
Korn-A.D.I.D.A.S-(Remix CDS)-1997-BUTT INT
Korn-Did My Time-CDM-2003-TIN
Korn-Life Is Peachy-1996-MTD-iNT
L.i.f.t.-3 Song (Demo)-2003-BUTT
Landmine Spring-Are We the Culprits-2003-FNT
Lesprit Du Clan-Chapitre 3 Corpus Delicti-FR-2007-E
Life Of Agony-River Runs Red-1993-Eos
Life of Agony-Ugly-Soul Searching Sun-2CD-(Remastered)-2008-MTD
Lifer Factory 81-Sampler-2001-STA
Limp Bizkit-Mission Impossible 2-Promo-CD Version-2000-aPC
Limp Bizkit-Three Dollar Bill Yall Demo Tape-1996-aPC
Limp Bizkit-Three Dollar Bill Yall-1997-KSi INT
Linkin Park-Crawling-UKCDS3-2001-LPO
Look What I Did-Minuteman For The Moment-2005-RTB
Love Said No-Love Said No-(ep)-2007-PMS
M.S.G-Perfect Timing-1987-BFS INT
Machine Head-Hellalive (Retail)-2003-BUTT
Machine Head-The More Things Change (Digipack)-1997-iRO
Machine Head-The More Things Change-1997-BIP
Maree Haute-Demo-FR-2006-MP3 INT
Mercy Fall-For The Taken-(Advance)-2006-RNS
Metallica-Ride The Lightning-1990-APT
Minus-Halldor Laxness-2003-TIN
Modern Day Zero-The Wait-2007-SUF
Mondo Generator-A Drug Problem that Never Existed-2003-FNT
Mustasch - Welcome To Black City-(Bootleg)-2006-BOi
Mustasch-In The Night Live In Gothenburg-DVD-2008-LzY
myDownfall-Born Again-Promo-2003-FXN
Neverbetter-Still Feels Like Your Here-2007-PMS
Nickelback-Silver Side Up (Non LP Tracks)-(Bootleg)-2001-MTD
Nightwish-Over The Hills And Far Away-2001-iND
Nine Inch Nails-Things Falling Apart-2000-eNT
No December-Mobius-(EP)-2004-FNT
No Sweat-No Sweat-1990-UasH INT
Nonpoint-Buscando Me (Demo)-Webrip CDS-2005-JNE
Octane-When All is Said and Done-2003-TIN
OneSideZero-Is This Room Getting Smaller -2001-PMS
OneSideZero-Oneside of the Zero-CDS-2002-PMS
OneSideZero-Sleep Through This-(b-side)-2000-PMS
Orgy-Vapor Transmission Bonus CD-2000-iRO
Orgy-Vapor Transmission-2000-iRO
Papa Roach-5 Tracks Deep-1998-EOS
Pillar-Broken Down The EP-RETAIL FIX-2003-ICE
Pillar-Broken Down The EP-RETAIL-2003-ICE
Powerman 5000 - Korea Tour-EP-2005-FKK
Powerman 5000-Tonight The Stars Revolt-1999-FS
Pressure 4-5-Burning The Process-2001-FS
Primesth-Underneath the Surface-2002-AMRC
Project 86-Drawing Black Lines-2000-UTP iNT
Puddle Of Mudd-Vol 4 Songs In The Key Of Love And Hate-(Deluxe Edition)-2009-DeBT iNT
Pulse Ultra-Streetwise DVDA-2003-ICE
Quarashi-Guerilla Disco (JP Retail)-2005-JRP
Queens Of The Stone Age-Queens of the Stone Age-1998-TIN
Quicksand-Manic Compression-1995-Ice Int
Quiet Riot-Metal Health Special 4 Track Tour Edition-EP-1983-AMRC
Ra-One EP-2002-PMS
Ratt-Dancing Undercover-Remastered-2014-KLV
Ratt-The Essentials-2002-Wyse
Reach 454-Reach 454-2003-TIN
Reveille-Bleed The Sky-2001-EOS
Rikets-Anything For The Devil-EP-2005-KzT
Rob Zombie-Hellbilly Deluxe-1998-FS
Rob Zombie-Past Present And Future-2003-EOS
Rob Zombie-The Sinister Urge-2001-FS
Rolling Stones - Tattoo You-1981-ASR INT
Rollins Band-Come In And Burn Sessions-2CD-2005-RNS
Rough Cutt-Wants You-1986-CRock INT
Rumblefish-Exit Highland-(Advance)-2004-RNS
Saliva-Back Into Your System-2002-NER INT
Saliva-Blood Stained Love Story-2CD-2007-EOS
Scars of Life-Another Tomorrow-(EP)-2003-FNT
Scars of Life-Mute-EP-2002-PMS
Scars Of Life-What We Reflect-2005-BUTT
School For Heroes-Listen-2003-RNS
Seemless-What Have We Become-(Advance CDR)-2006-KzT
Seether-Disclaimer-2002-eNT iNT
Seven Revolutions-Carolina-(EP)-2005-MP3
Sevendust-Deathstar (Webrip CDS)-2007-FS
Sevendust-Pieces-Webrip CDS-2005-JNE
Sevendust-Ugly-Webrip CDS-2005-JNE
Seventh Day Slumber-Finally Awake-2007-FM
Seventh Void-Heaven Is Gone-2009-MTD
Shy-Excess All Areas-(Remastered)-2001-AMRC
Sighlo-This Used To Hurt-(EP)-2006-MP3
Simon Says-Jump Start-1999-TIN
Sinch-The Strychnine-1996-PMS
Sixpin-Made To Bleed-2006-PMS
Skrape-Up The Dose-2004-TIN
Slade-The Slade Box-4CD-2006-AMRC
Slaughter - 10 Great Songs (2011)-VBR
Slipknot-Exclusive Metal Radio Sampler-Promo-1999-TIN
Slow Horse-II-2001-RHT iNT
Smashing Pumpkins-The Mother of All Unplugged Collections-Bootleg-1993-radial
Soil-Scream the Essentials-2017-FKK
Solid State Logic-Disarray-2006-PMS
Souls Harbor-Writings On The Wall-2006-MTD
Spineshank-The Height Of Callousness (Digipak Bonus Tracks)-2001-TIN
Spineshank-The Height Of Callousness-Limited Edition-2001-EOS
Staind-The Singles 1996-2006-2006-DNR
Stretch Arm Strong-Engage-2003-TIN
Stutterfly-And We Are Bled Of Color-2005-DNR
Stutterfly-Fire Whispers-Promo-CDS-2004-TINT
Submersed-Immortal Verses-(Retail)-2007-BUTT
Submersed-In Due Time-ADVANCE-2004-ICE
Sunk Loto-Make You Feel-CDM-2001-EOS
Sunk Loto-Society Anxiety-EP-1999-TIN
Switched-Ghosts In The Machine-(Retail)-2CD-2006-DBi
Switched-Spread Your EP-2001-DBi
Switched-Subject to Change-2002-EOS
System Of A Down-System Of A Down (Japanese Import)-1998-aPC
System Of A Down-Toxicity-CDM-2002-EOS
Systematic-Pleasure to Burn Sampler-2003-BUTT
Systematic-Somewhere In Between-2001-iRO
SYX-A Cold Breath Of What It Takes-2003-RNS
T.N.T - Tell No Tales-1987-bfs int
Taking Back Sunday-Twenty-Twenty Surgery-(UK CDS1)-2006-KzT
Taking Back Sunday-Twenty-Twenty Surgery-(UK CDS2)-2006-KzT
Taproot-Upon Us-1999-bkf
Tenfold-Ad Astra-2002-PMS
Tesla-20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection The Best Of Tesla-2001-aPC
The Blank Theory-Blinding Process (EP)-1999-FNT
The Blank Theory-Catalyst-2001-ViLE
the blueprint-phenomenology-(retail)-2004-kzt
The Bronx-The Bronx-(Advance)-2006-RNS
The Butterfly Effect-Always-CDS-2004-EOS
The Cult-Ceremony-1991-TIN
The Donnas-Get Skintight-1999-aPC
The Drama Club-The Drama Club-(Retail EP)-2008-MTD
The Dreaming-The Dreaming-(EP)-2003-RNS
The Hurt Process-A Heartbeat Behind-(Advance)-2005-KzT
The Model Citizen-The Model Citizen-2008-KzT
The Revolution Smile-Above the Noise-ADVANCE-2003-ESC
The Revolution Smile-Above The Noise-ADVANCE-Fix-2003-ESC
The Revolution Smile-Summer Ever-2006-DELTA
The Revolution Smile-We Are In This Alone-Ltd Ed-2002-TIN
The Scream-Let it Scream-1991-aAF
The Sound And The Fury-Another Stage-2004-SUF
The Tubes-The Best of the Tubes-1992-kHz
The Union Underground-Live One Nation Underground-2002-DBi
Therapy-Nurse-(Jp Edition)-1992-Dnr
Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak-1976-MCA int
Thin Lizzy-Renegade-Remastered-2013-KLV
Thousand Foot Krutch-The Art Of Breaking-2005-KSi
Three Days Grace-Live In St Catherines 0415-(Bootleg)-2006-MTD
Thrice-If We Could Only See Us Now-(Proper DVDA)-2005-KzT INT
Tora Tora-Surprise Attack-1989-UasH INT
Treble Charger-Maybe Its Me-1997-ICE
TRUSTcompany-Surfacing-PROMO CDS-2004-ICE INT
Trustcompany-The Lonely Position Of Neutral-2002-NER INT
UFO-Strangers in the Night-Remastered-2005-AMRC
Ultraspank-Turn Your Head And Cough-PROMO-1998-ICE
Uncrowned-Devils And Angels-(EP)-2007-MTD
Unloco-Useless (Demo)-2000-PMS
Van Halen-1984-Remastered-2000-EOS
Van Halen-Club Days Goldenwest Ballroom-1975-aAF
Van Halen-Diver Down-Remastered-2000-EOS
Van Halen-OU812-1988-KSi INT
Van Halen-Van Halen II-Remastered-2000-EOS
Van Halen-Van Halen-Remastered-2000-EOS
Van Halen-Women And Children First-Remastered-2000-EOS
Vandenberg - Alibi-Reissue-2002-MCA int
VA-Ozzfest 2003 Summer Sampler-2003-TIN
Victory-Culture Killed the Native-(Retail)-1989-dSS
Warrant-Playlist - The Very Best of Warrant-WEB-1996-PAiN
Warrant-The Best Of Warrant-1996-FTM
White Lion - Big Game-1989-AMRC INT
White Lion-Mane Attraction-1991-MCA int
White Zombie-Astro-Creep 2000-1995-FS
Winger - Pull-1993-BFS INT
Winger-In The Heart Of The Young-Retail-1990-FH
Winnebago Deal-Plata O Plomo-(AUS Reissue)-2005-KzT
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