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Rock | Author: Admin | 1-01-2022, 15:19

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L.A. Guns-The Best Of L.A. Guns-Remastered-2005-RiP
La Brassee-Rgarde En Avant-FR-2007-JUST
La Confrerie-La Confrerie-FR-2008-H5N1
La Gachette-Quoi Quil Advienne-FR-2008-H5N1
La Patere Rose-La Patere Rose-FR-2009-UTP
Lac Estion-Affranchi-FR-2009-H5N1
Lacuna Coil-Karmacode-2006-EOS
Lame Immortelle-Fallen Angel-Ltd.Ed-CDM-2005-MOD
Lapalme-Musique Rock-FR-2004-JUST
Last Days Of April - Playerin-CDM-2002-TLT
Le Maximum Kouette-Et Alors-FR-2006-MVP
Le Mieux De La Mort-Le Mieux De La Mort-(Bootleg)-FR-2008-H5N1
Le Nombre-Scenario Catastrophe-FR-2004-JUST
Le Nombre-Vile Et Fantastique-FR-2009-H5N1
Led Zeppelin-BBC Sessions-2CD-1997-EOS
Led Zeppelin-Coda-Remastered-1995-EOS
Led Zeppelin-Houses Of The Holy-Remastered-1994-EOS
Led Zeppelin-Led Zeppelin III-Remastered-1994-EOS
Led Zeppelin-Led Zeppelin II-Remastered-1994-EOS
Led Zeppelin-Led Zeppelin IV-Remastered-1994-EOS
Led Zeppelin-Led Zeppelin-Remastered-1994-EOS
Led Zeppelin-Presence-Remastered-1994-EOS
Led Zeppelin-Remasters-2CD-1990-EOS
Led Zeppelin-The Soundtrack From The Film The Song Remains The Same-(Remastered)-2CD-2007-404
Leiah-Sound and Diversity-2002-rH
Les Chiens-Le Long Sentier Une Anthologie-FR-2007-JUST
Les Dorothee-Danse Et Expose-FR-2007-JUST
Les Goules-Les Animaux-FR-2007-PVT
Les Goules-Self Titled-FR-2002-UpQ
Les Prostiputes-Trop Souvent Mal Baises-FR-2005-MP3
Les Psycho Riders-Ne Pariez Jamais Votre Tete Au Diable-FR-2005-JUST
Les Savy Fav-Inches-2004-JCE
Letter Kills-EP-2003-iTS
LFO-West Side Story-CDS-1999-EOS
Liars Academy-Demons-(Advance)-2004-FNT
Life Of Agony-Broken Valley-2005-Rns
Life Of Agony-Soul Searching Sun-Limited Edition-1997-Dnr
Like A Storm-Like A Storm-(Tour EP)-2009-MTD
Like A Storm-The End Of The Beginning-(Retail)-2009-MTD
Limp Bizkit - Take A Look Around Special Edition-CDS-2000-STAR
Limp Bizkit-Results May Vary-2003-EOS
Limp Bizkit-Rollin-CDS-2000-EOS
Limp Bizkit-The Chocolate Starfish-2000-EGO
Linkin Park - Breakin the Habit-Promo CDS-2004-HSMp3
Linkin Park-Faint-(CDS)-2003-JCE
Linkin Park-Faint-UKCDS1-2003-SSR
Linkin Park-Faint-UKCDS2-2003-SSR
Linkin Park-Hybrid Theory (Special Edition)-2CD-2002-iRO
Linkin Park-In The End (Japanese EP)-2002-iRO
Linkin Park-Interview Disk-(Promo Only)-2003-VMA
Linkin Park-Live in Texas-(DVDA)-2003-EMG INT
Linkin Park-Live In Texas-2003-TIN
Linkin Park-Meteora-2003-KSi INT
Linkin Park-Papercut (CD Single)-EGO
Linkin Park-Secret (Unreleased)-(Promo-CDS)-2004-SHP
Linkin Park-Underground 3.0-(Fanclub CDM)-2003-DNR
Little Feat-Dixie Chicken-1973-DNR
Live-Four Songs-1991-EOS
Live-Mental Jewelry-1991-EOS
Live-Secret Samadhi-1997-EOS
Live-The Distance To Here-1999-EOS
Live-Throwing Copper-1994-EOS
Livintrust-Blind Drive-2005-PMS
Local H-Pack Up the Cats-1998-TIN
Local H-Retrospective (PROMO)-2002-EGO
Logic 34-Logic 34 (Demo) 2001-PMS
Longshot-One Small Voice-2001-rH
Lost In Fiction-The Distinguishing Process-2007-MTD
Loudermilk-The Red Record-2002-KSi
Louis XIV-Slick Dogs And Ponies-2008-FNT
Louise Attaque-A Plus Tard Crocodile-FR-2005-MVP
Love Is All-Make Out Fall Out Make Up-(UK CDS)-2006-MP3
Lovedrug-Everything Starts-(EP)-2006-MP3
Lovedrug-Everything Starts Where It Ends-(Advance)-2007-RTB
Lovedrug-The Sucker Punch Show-(Advance)-2008-FNT
Lovehatehero-Just Breathe-2005-RTB
Low Skies-The Bed-2003-SSR
Lowrider-Ode to Io-(special edition)-2002-UIH
Lucero-Nobodys Darlings-2005-iTS
Lucero-Rebels Rogues and Sworn Brothers-2006-RTB
Lucero-That Much Further West-ADVANCE-2003-ESC
Lucero-The Attic Tapes-Reissue-2006-MP3
Luxuslaerm - Unsterblich-CDM-DE-2009-MST
Lynam-Tragic City Symphony-2008-320
Lynyrd Skynyrd-Family-2006-EOS
Lynyrd Skynyrd-Gimme Back My Bullets (Deluxe Edition)-2006-EOS
Lynyrd Skynyrd-One More From The Road (Deluxe Edition)-2CD-2001-EOS
Lynyrd Skynyrd-Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd (Ultimate Masterdisc)-1993-EOS
Lynyrd Skynyrd-Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd-Reissue-2001-EOS
Lynyrd Skynyrd-Skynyrds First The Complete Muscle Shoals Album-1998-EOS
Lynyrd Skynyrd-Street Survivors (Expanded Edition)-2001-EOS
Lynyrd Skynyrd-The Best Of Lynyrd Skynyrd-1999-TIN
M83-Dont Save Us From The Flames-CDS-2005-SMS
Machine Head-Supercharger (Digipack)-2001-iRO
Mad at Gravity-If I Told You-Promo-CDS-2004-ALC
Mad Season-Above-1995-TBR
Madame De C-Throw it-2004-FNT
Made In China-The Basement Sessions-Demo-2003-HiRE
Made in China-The Epic Story-2003-HIRE
Made Out Of Babies-Coward-2006-KzT
Madina Lake-From Them Through Us To You-2007-MP3
Madrugada - The Deep End-Ltd.Ed.-2005-SSR
Mae-Singularity-(Bonus Tracks)-2007-DELTA
maestro fresh-wes-symphony in effect-1989-kor
Magna Fi-Burn Out the Stars-2004-TIN
magnolia electric co-trials and errors-(advance)-2005-rtb
Magnolia Electric Co-What Comes After The Blues-(Advance)-2005-ESC
Malevolent Creation-The 13th Beast-2019-ELITE
Manic Street Preachers-Lipstick Traces-2CD-2003-TIN
Marcy Playground-Shapeshifter-1999-TIN
Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus-CDM-2004-MOD
Marilyn Manson-Dark Adventures-(Bootleg)-1995-BUTT INT
Marilyn Manson-Holy Wood-2000-BUTT INT
Marilyn Manson-Mechanical Animals-1998-DNR
Marilyn Manson-Mr Mansons Home Demos-(Bootleg)-199x-BUTT INT
Marilyn Manson-Portrait of an American Family-1994-EOS
Marilyn Manson-Smells Like Children-1995-pND
Marilyn Manson-The Golden Age Of Grotesque-2003-EOS
Marilyn Manson-The Last Tour on Earth-1999-TIN
Marnie Stern-This Is It And I Am It...-2008-RTB
Mary Timony-Ex Hex-Advance-2005-rH
Maryslim-A Perfect Mess-2007-SER
Maserati-Inventions For The New Season-(Advance)-2007-MTD
Matchbook Romance-Voices-2006-RTB
Matchbook Romance-West For Wishing-RETAIL-EP-2003-pH
Matchbox 20-Yourself Or Someone Like You-1996-EOS
Matchbox Twenty-Yourself or Someone Like You-1996-EOS
matthew good band - the audio of being-retail-2001-its
Matthew Good Band-Beautiful Midnight-2001-EOS
Matthew Good Band-Last of The Ghetto Astronauts-1995-iRO
Matthew Good Band-Loser Anthems-2001-EGO
Matthew Good-White Light Rock Roll Review-2004-pR
Mauvais Quarts D'heure-Gaucher-FR-1998-LgK
Maximo Park-Going Missing (Part 2)-CDS-2005-SSR
Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster-III-2009-Fnt
Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster-II-Promo-2007-Cmg
Meat Beat Manifesto-Off-Center-(CDS)-2005-WLM
Meet Me in St Louis-Variations on Swing-Advance-2007-SSR
Mekons-Heaven and Hell Very Best Of-2CD-2004-pyt
Melt-Banana-Love Song-(VLS)-2006-VAG
Melvins-Houdini Live 2005-A Live History Of Gluttony and Lust-2006-tLOC
Mesh-Ripple Effect (EP)-1998-SUF
Metallica-Garage Inc.-2CD-1998-KSi INT
Metallica-Kill Em All-1983-IRO
Metallica-Load-2000-ksi INT
Metallica-S and M-CD-1999-sinned-EGO
Metric - Old World Underground Where Are You Now-Retail-2003-UNiT
Mewithoutyou-A To B Life-2002-DNR
Mewithoutyou-Its All Crazy Its All False Its All A Dream Its Alright-2009-FNT
Michael Anton and Amok--Jesus Makes You High-2008-OMA
Michael Jackson-Rock with You-(Limited Edition)-(CDS)-2006-uF
Mick Est Tout Seul-Les Chansons Perdues-FR-2007-E
Mickey 3D-La Grande Evasion-FR-2009-H5N1
Midtown-Forget What You Know-(Real Advance)-2004-FNT
Milemarker-Satanic Versus-EP-2002-iTS
Mille Monarques-Mille Monarques-FR-2009-H5N1
Mindless Self Indulgence-Despierta Los Ninos-EP-2003-EOS
Mindless Self Indulgence-Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy-1999-EOS
Mindless Self Indulgence-Tight-1999-EOS
Mindless Self Indulgence-Youll Rebel To Anything-2005-EOS
Mister Owl-All My Friends-(EP)-2009-DV8
Moby-18 B Sides-RETAIL-2003-REP
Modest Mouse-Good News For People Who Love Bad News-(Retail)-2004-RTB
Modest Mouse-This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About-1997-EOS
Mogwai - Batcat-2008-agw
Mogwai-Mr. Beast-Proper Advance-2006-uF
Mogwai-Rock Action-2001-EOS
Molotov-Donde Jugaran Las Ninas-1997-DNR
Mondo Generator-Cocaine Rodeo-(Extended Edition)-2CD-2009-404
Moneen-Are We Really Happy with Who We Are Right Now-2003-FNT
Moneen-Saying Something You Have Already Said Before-(EP)-2006-NFA
Moneen-Smaller Chairs For The Early 1900s-(EP)-2000-DNR
Moneen-The Red Tree-2006-DNR
Money Brother-Mount Pleasure-2007-FNT
Mono-Hymn To The Immortal Wind-(Advance)-2009-FNT
morphine-good-remastered cd-2007-usz
Morrissey-Years of Refusal-2009-pLAN9
Morrissey-You Are The Quarry-2004-uF
Mother Love Bone-Stardog Champion-1990-DNR
Motion Coming To Rest-Wussrock-7 Inch-EP-2003-gF
Motley Crue-Greatest Hits-1998-iRO
Motley Crue-Supersonic And Demonic Relics-1999-EOS
Motley Crue-Theatre Of Pain (Remastered)-1999-iRO
Motorhead-The Best Of-2CD-2000-EOS
Moving Mountains-Foreword-EP-2008-MTD
Mt. Helium-Faces-(WEB)-2008-NER
Muse - Origin of Symmetry-UK-2001-MfEE
Muse-Origin of Symmetry-2001-iRO
Muse-The Resistance-PROPER-2009-BiGW
Muse-The Resistance-Real Proper-2009-HSM
Mustasch - Parasite-(EP)-2006-SMO
Mustasch - The True Sound of the New West-EP-2001-RbR
Mutemath-Armistice-(JP Retail)-2009-CaHeSo
Mutoid Man-Bleeder-WEB-2015-COURAGE INT
MXPX-The Ever Passing Moment-2000-EOS
My American Heart-Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather-(Advance)-2007-FNT
My Morning Jacket-Acoustic Citsuoca-2004-RFK
My Morning Jacket-Celebracion De La Ciudad Natal-2009-RTB
My Morning Jacket-Evil Urges-2008-404
N.E.R.D.-Fly Or Die-2004-ESC
Nada Surf-Karmic-(Remastered EP)-2007-FNT
Nada Surf-Let Go-2002-EOS
Nada Surf-Lucky-(Bonus CD)-2008-FNT
Naio Ssaion - Out Loud-2005-MOD
Naked Lunch-Songs for the Exhausted-2004-TIN
Near Life Experience-Day of Silver Sun-2002-FNT
Neil Diamond-Hot August Night-2CD-1972-EOS
Neil Diamond-Jonathan Livingtson Seagull-OST-1973-EOS
Neil Diamond-The Greatest Hits 1966-1992-2CD-1992-TIN
Neil Young And Crazy Horse-Greendale-RETAIL-2CD-2003-pH
Neil Young-After The Gold Rush-1970-iRO
Neil Young-Everybody Knows this is Nowhere-(Remastered)-2009-ONe
Neil Young-Living With War - In The Beginning-2006-UKP
Neil Young-Neil Young Archives Vol. 1 1963-1972-8CD-2009-MTD
Neil Young-Neil Young-Remastered-2009-r35
Neil Young-Tonights The Night-1975-bR4
Neil Young-Unplugged-1993-EOS
Nelson-After The Rain-Retail-1990-FH
Neon Blonde-Chandeliers In The Savannah-2005-WLM
Neon Blonde-Headlines-(EP)-2005-tLOC
Nevertheless-In The Making-(Advance)-2008-FNT
New Brutalism-Territorial Reconstruction-2003-iTS
New Found Glory-New Found Glory-(10th Anniversary Edition)-2010-MTD
New Mexican Disaster Squad-Dont Believe-2006-MP3
New Order-Low Life-1985-FTO
Next Best Thing-Dear Diary Postscript-2005-SDR
Nick Cave and Grinderman - Grinderman-2007-PirateK
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Nature Boy-Promo CDS-2004-SMS
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds-Kicking Against The Pricks-(Remastered)-2009-DV8
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds-The Firstborn Is Dead-(Remastered)-2009-DV8
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds-Your Funeral My Trial-(Remastered)-2009-DV8
Nickelback-How You Remind Me-CDS-2001-EOSiNT
Nickelback-Silver Side Up-2001-EOS
Nickelback-The State-1999-EOSiNT
Nightwish-Century Child-2002-EOS
Nine Black Alps-Love-Hate-2007-404
Nine Inch Nails-And All That Could Have Been-2CD-2002-EOS
Nine Inch Nails-Demos And Remixes (Bootleg 1992)-AMOK
Nine Inch Nails-Halo 16 - Things Falling Apart-2000-PMS iNT
Nine Inch Nails-With Teeth-DVDA-2005-EOS
Nine Inch Nails-Year Zero-2007-EOSiNT
Nirvana-Come as You Are-(CDM)-1992-EMG INT
Nirvana-In Utero 20th Anniversary Edition-Remastered-2013-MTD
Nitro Tokyo-Hell Yeah-2006-iTS
No December-In The Essence Of Innocence-2002-TIN
No Doctors-Origin And Tectonics-2008-NODOCTORS
No Doubt-No Doubt-1992-iRO
No Doubt-The Singles (1992-2003)-2003-TIN
No Knife-Fire in the City of Automations-1999-iTS INT
No More Lies-4146.5N 31.9E-2005-SSR
Nodaska-Le Raconteur-FR-2006-PVT
Nonpoint-Across the Line-CDS-2003-TINT
Nonpoint-Overture EP-2002-TIN
Nonpoint-Separate Yourself (The Beginning 1997-1998)-2002-TIN
Nonpoint-The Truth-CDS-2004-TINT
Not for Capture-People-Promo-FR-2007-JUST
Nothing More-The Few Not Fleeting-2009-MTD
O Pioneers-Neon Creeps-(Advance)-2009-pLAN9
Oasis-Be Here Now-1997-EOS
Oasis-Dig Out Your Soul-2008-OASiS
Oasis-Falling Down-(EP)-2009-NiSHiNO
Oasis-Only Hits-2002-SOM
Oasis-Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants-2000-EOS
Oasis-Supersonic SBD-1015-1994-EOS
Oceansize-Music for Nurses-EP-2004-SSR
OK Go-090402 Live On Conan-2002-KSi
Oleander-February Son-1999-MAINSTAGE
Oleander-Shrinking The Blob-1997-SUF
OneSideZero-Live In Tempe AZ (04-19-03)-2003-PMS
OneSideZero-Summer Demo-2002-PMS
Onward Crispin Glover-The Further And The Faster-2001-iTS
Open Hand-The Dream-2003-EOS
Open Hand-You And Me-2005-EOS
Orgy-Blue Monday-CDM-1998-EOS
Ostinato-Left Too Far Behind-2004-FNT
Otherwise-Sleeping Lions-2017-FKK
Our Lady Peace-Burn Burn-2009-MTD
Our Lady Peace-Gravity-2002-FHF
Our Lady Peace-Gravity-2002-KSi INT
Our Lady Peace-Happiness Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch-1999-FHF
Our Lady Peace-Live-2003-FHF
Our Lady Peace-Naveed-1994-FHF
Our Lady Peace-Spiritual Machines-2000-FHF
Our Last Night-The Ghosts Among Us-(Advance)-2008-FNT
Ours-Distorted Lullabies-Retail-2001-EGO
Outbreak-Information Overload-2003-HiRE
Ozzy Osbourne-No More Tears-Remastered-2002-TIN
Ozzy Osbourne-Speak of the Devil-1982-TIN
Ozzy Osbourne-The Ozzman Cometh-Reissue-2002-EOS
P.O.D.-Will You-Promo-CDS-2003-PMS
Paloalto-Heroes And Villains-2003-PMS
Panic At The Disco - Pretty Odd-CD-2008-LiR
Panoply Academy Corps Of Engineers-Concentus-2000-NuHS
Panthers-Things Are Strange (Advance)-2004-KSi
Papa Roach-Infest (UK Import)-2001-iRO
Paper Lions-The Symptom and the Sick-2003-iTS
Papier Tigre-Papier Tigre-2007-JUST
Paramore-All We Know Is Falling-2005-DNR
Paris Texas-Like You Like An Arsonist-(Retail)-2004-RTB
Part Chimp-Cup-2007-RTB
Parts and Labor-Mapmaker-2007-RTB
Parts and Labor-Stay Afraid-2006-tLOC
Passenger-Wicked Mans Rest-(US Advance)-2008-PASSENGER
Paul Simon-Concert In The Park-2CD-1991-EOS
Paul Simon-Graceland-1986-EOS
Paul Simon-Greatest Hits-2000-TIN
Pavement-Brighten The Corners-1997-DNR
Pavement-Wowee Zowee (Sordid Sentinels Edition)-2CD-2006-uF
Pax 217-Engage-2002-TIN
PAX217-Check Your Pulse-EP-2004-CSR
Pay the Girl-Pay the Girl-Retail-2003-PMS
Peach-Giving Birth To A Stone-1993-gRX
Pearl Jam-Live on Two Legs-1998-EOS
Pearl Jam-Lost Dogs (Retail)-2CD-2003-KSi
Pearl Jam-No Code-1996-iRO
Pearl Jam-Vs.-1993-EMG INT
Peeping Tom-Music Swop Shop-2007-SDR
People in Planes-As Far as the Eye Can See-2006-JUST
Phantom Planet-California-CDS-2001-ATR
Phantom Planet-Negatives-2004-PMS
Phantom Planet-Phantom Planet-2004-TIN
Phantom Planet-The Guest (Bonus CD)-2002-PMS
Phantom Planet-The Guest-Reissue-2003-TIN
Phish-Left Nuts-(Bonus CD)-2008-MTD
Phish-Live In Brooklyn-3CD-2006-FM
Piebald-Accidental Gentlemen-(Advance)-2007-RTB
Piebald-Just A Simple Plan-CDS-2002-iTS
Pink Floyd-A Collection Of Great Dance Songs-1981-ONT
Pink Floyd-A Momentary Lapse Of Reason-Remastered-2002-HVN
Pink Floyd-A Saucerful Of Secrets-Remastered-1992-HVN
Pink Floyd-Animals-1977-EMG INT
Pink Floyd-Another Brick In The World Part II-HAR5194-VINYL-2006-BPM
Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon (SACD)-2003-TIN
Pink Floyd-Delicate Sound of Thunder-2CD-1988-TBR
Pink Floyd-Is There Anybody Out There The Wall Live-2CD-2000-EOS
Pink Floyd-Obscured By Clouds-Ltd.Ed.-1963-PMS
Pink Floyd-Pulse-2CD-1995-EOS
Pink Floyd-Relics-1971-EMG INT
Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here-1975-EMG INT
Placebo-Once More With Feeling (LTD ED)-2CD-2004-iRO
Plaid-P-Brane-EP (Fixed)-2002-RNS
Plain White Ts-Hey There Delilah-(CDM)-2007-SAW
Planes Mistaken For Stars-Black On Black-7 Inch-2001-rH
Planes Mistaken for Stars-Fuckin Fight-CDS-2003-gF
Plastic Pride-Daredevil I Lost-1997-rH
Plastic Pride-No Hot Ashes-1998-rH
Plastic Pride-Noir-7 Inch-EP-1999-gF
Please Mr Gravedigger-Throw A Beat-(EP)-2005-RNS
Plus-Minus-Lets Build A Fire-2006-KzT
Poison-Flesh And Blood-1990-EOS
Poison-Look What The Cat Dragged In-Retail-1986-Recycled INT
Poison-Native Tongue-1993-EOS
Poison-Poisons Greatest Hits (1986-1996)-1996-EOS
Polysics-Polysics Or Die Vista-(MSR10005)-CD-2007-iPC
Pop Evil-Pop Evil-2018-RiBS
Post Harbor-Praenumbra-2007-UKP
Poster Children-No More Songs About Sleep and Fire-2004-iTS INT
Powerman 5000-Anyone For Doomsday-2001-EOS
Powerman 5000-Heroes And Villians-Webrip CDS-2005-JNE
Powerman 5000-Tonight The Stars Revolt-1999-iRO
Powerman 5000-True Force-1994-TIN
Presidents Of The USA-Rarities (JAP Import)-1997-iRO
Priestess-Hello Master (Advance)-2006-FM
Primer 55-Introduction To Mayhem-2000-EOS
Primus-Frizzle Fry (Remastered)-1990-EOS
Procol Harum-A Salty Dog-(Remastered)-2009-ONe
Professor Fate - The Inferno-2007-ViC
Project 86-Picket Fence Cartel-2009-ApoLLo
Project 86-Rival Factions-2007-pLAN9
Prove-A Piece of Energy-2006-rH
Puddle Of Mudd-Striking A Familiar Chord-(DVDA)-2005-MTD
Puscifer-V Is For Vagina-(Digipak)-2007-DNR
Puscifer-V Is For Viagra-The Remixes-(Digipak)-2008-DNR
Qntal - Flamma-CDS-2005-MOD
Queen - Greatest Hits I II And III Platinum Collection-3CD-2002-HEB
Queen-A Kind Of Magic-1986-EOS
Queen-Classic Queen-1992-EOS
Queen-Greatest Hits 3-1999-EOS
Queen-Greatest Hits II-1991-EOS
Queen-Greatest Hits-1992-EOS
Queen-Hot Space-1982-EOS
Queen-Sheer Heart Attack-1974-TIN
Queen-The Game-1980-EOS
Queen-The Hits From Queen Songbook-2002-heb
Queen-The Miracle-1989-EOS
Quicksand-Slip-1993-Veritas Int
Qui-Loves Miracle-2007-RTB
R.E.M.-Around The Sun-(Proper)-2004-RTB
R.E.M.-Automatic for the People-Remastered-Limited Edition-2005-radial
R.E.M.-Bad Day-PROMO CDS-2003-pH
R.E.M.-In Time-The Best Of REM 1988-2003-(Retail)-2003-RNS
R.E.M.-Near Wild Heaven-(VLS)-1991-OSC
R.E.M.-New Adventures In Hi-Fi-1996-EOS
R.E.M.-Up-Remastered-Limited Edition-2005-radial
Ra-Black Sun-2008-RTB
Radio 4 - Struggle-Promo CDM-2003-SOL
Radio 4-Stealing of A Nation-ADVANCE-2004-ESC
Radiohead Towering Above The Rest - 10 CDs BOX
Radiohead - Towering Above the Rest CD 2-2002-FAF
Radiohead - Towering Above the Rest CD10-2002-FAF
Radiohead - Towering Above the Rest CD1-2002-FAF
Radiohead - Towering Above the Rest CD3-2002-FAF
Radiohead - Towering Above the Rest CD4-2002-FAF
Radiohead - Towering Above the Rest CD5-2002-FAF
Radiohead - Towering Above the Rest CD6-2002-FAF
Radiohead - Towering Above the Rest CD7-2002-FAF
Radiohead - Towering Above the Rest CD8-2002-FAF
Radiohead - Towering Above the Rest CD9-2002-FAF
Radiohead-2 Plus 2 Equals 5-CDM1-2003-EOS
Radiohead-Airbag-How Am I Driving-Ltd.Ed EP-1998-EOS
Radiohead-College EP-2001-REV
Radiohead-Follow Me Around (KROQ Studio Mix)-CDS-2003-EOS
Radiohead-Go To Sleep-CDS2-2003-EOS
Radiohead-Hail To The Thief-2003-EOS
Radiohead-High And Dry-CDM1-1995-EOS
Radiohead-High And Dry-CDM2-2000-EOS
Radiohead-In Rainbows-2CD-2007-EOS
radiohead-jigsaw falling into place (promo cdm)-2008-robin
Radiohead-Kid A-2000-EOS
Radiohead-Knives Out-CDM2-2001-EOS
Radiohead-No Surprises Running From The Demons-EP-1997-EOS
Radiohead-No Surprises-CDM1-1998-EOS
Radiohead-Not My Fault-2003-EOS
Radiohead-OK Computer-1997-DNR
Radiohead-OK Computer-1997-EOS
Radiohead-Paranoid Android-CDM1-1997-EOS
Radiohead-Paris FRA 0428 Live At Canal (EMI Promo CD)-2001-EOS
Radiohead-The Bends (Irish Single)-1996-EOS
Radiohead-The Bends (Japanese Version)-1996-EOS
Radiohead-The Bends-1995-nU
Radiohead-There There-(CDM)-2003-EMG INT
Radiohead-There There-CDM-2003-EOS
rage against the machine-chris cornell demos-2002-mro int
Rage Against the Machine-Renegades-2000-EMG INT
Rage Against The Machine-The Palace Of Exile 110699-KSi
Razorlight-I Cant Stop This Feeling Ive Got-(CDM)-2007-SAW
Razorlight-Razorlight-(Bonus DVD)-2007-SAW
Reach 454-Demo Dayz-2008-VBR
Red Animal War-Seven Year War-2006-KzT
Red Car Wire-Lets Never Get Older-(Advance EP)-2008-FNT
Red Dons (ex-Observers)-Death To Idealism-CD-2007-pLAN9
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Californication-2000-FIH INT
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Greatest Hits-2003-DNR
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Mother's Milk (Remastered)-2003-iRO
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Stadium Arcadium-2CD-2006-FIH INT
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Tell Me Baby-CDS-2006-DOH
Red Hot Chili Peppers-The Abbey Road EP-1988-TIN
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Under the Bridge-(CDM)-1992-TAN
Red Sparowes-Oh Lord God Of Vengeance Show Yourself-2006-FNT
Reggie and The Full Effect-Last Stop Crappy Town-2008-pLAN9
Reggie And The Full Effect-Songs Not To Get Married To-(Advance)-2005-RTB
Reggie And The Full Effect-Take Me Home Please-(Promo CDS)-2005-KzT
Regina Spektor-Begin To Hope-2006-RNS
Reignition-Empty Heart Loaded Gun-2006-FM
Relient K-The Bird And The Bee Sides-2008-VAG
Relient K-The First Three Gears (2000-2003)-3CD-2010-HiT
Religious Knives - Live at Bigjar-2008-CRUELTY
Renaud-Rouge Sang-RETAIL-FR-2006-RENAUD
Renee Heartfelt-Death Of The Ghost-(Advance)-(Repack)-2005-MTD
REO Speedwagon-Good Trouble-1982-EOS
REO Speedwagon-Hi Infidelity-1980-EOS
REO Speedwagon-The Ballads-1999-EOS
REO Speedwagon-The Hits-1988-EOS
Republica-Ready to Go the Best of-2002-SSR
Resplendent-Casket City Wolves-EP3-2003-iTS INT
Resplendent-Wings Beneath the Sills-EP2-2003-iTS INT
Retrograde-This Frequency We Share-2005-MTD
Richard Ashcroft-Alone with Everybody-2000-TIN
Richard Ashcroft-Human Conditions-2004-TIN
Rise Against-Endgame-(New Zealand Import)-2011-ATH
Rise Against-Siren Songs Of The Counter Culture-2004-EOS
Ritter-Six Degrees Of Variation-EP-2004-TIN
Rod Stewart-Greatest Hits-1979-EOS
Rod Stewart-Stay With Me-1995-TIN
Rollins Band-Come In And Burn-1997-DNR
Rollins Band-Get Some Go Again-2000-iRO
Rollins Band-The End Of Silence-1992-Iro
Rollins Band-Weighting-2004-RNS
Rookie Of The Year-Sweet Attention-(Advance)-2008-FNT
Rooney-Calling The World-(Bonus Track)-2007-ROONEY
Roy Orbison-The All-Time Greatest Hits of Roy Orbison-1989-TIN
Rufio-MCMLXXXV (1985)-2003-DNR
Rufio-The Comfort Of Home-2005-DNR
Rush-A Farewell To Kings-Remastered-1977-EOS
Rush-A Show Of Hands-Remastered-1997-EOS
Rush-All The Worlds A Stage-Remastered-1997-EOS
Rush-Caress Of Steel-Remastered-1975-EOS
Rush-Exit Stage Left-Remastered-1997-EOS
Rush-Feedback (EP)-2004-KSi
Rush-Fly By Night-Remastered-1975-EOS
Rush-Grace Under Pressure-Remastered-1997-EOS
Rush-Hold Your Fire-Remastered-1997-EOS
Rush-Moving Pictures-Remastered-1997-EOS
Rush-Permanent Waves-Remastered-1997-EOS
Rush-Power Windows-Remastered-1997-EOS
Rush-Retrospective Vol 1 (1974-1980)-1997-EOS
Rush-Roll The Bones-Remastered-2004-EOS
Rush-Rush in Rio-3CD-2003-AMRC
Rush-Snakes And Arrows-2007-EOS
Rush-Test For Echo-Remastered-2004-EOS
Rush-The Spirit Of Radio Greatest Hits 1974-1987-2003-EOS
Rush-Vapor Trails-2002-EOS
Saliva-Back Into Your System-2002-EOS
Saliva-Blood Stained Love Story-(Bonus CD)-2007-ERB
Saliva-Blood Stained Love Story-2007-TAM
Saliva-Survival Of The Sickest-(Promo CDS)-2004-RTB
Sandra Nasic-The Signal-2007-SANDRANASiC
Santana-Between Good And Evil-1996-EOS
Santana-Blues For Salvador-1987-EOS
Santana-Caravanserai-Limited Edition-2006-EOS
Santana-Definitive Collection-1992
Santana-Gold Collection-2001-EOS
Santana-Lotus-3CD-Limited Edition-2006-EOS
Santana-Love Devotion Surrender-Remastered-2003-EOS
Santana-Mother Earth-2001-EOS
Santana-Oneness Silver Dreams-Golden Reality-1979-EOS
Santana-Santana (Legacy Edition)-2CD-2004-EOS
Santana-Santana III-1971-iRO
Santana-SF Mission District-2001-EOS
Santana-Supernatural-1999-EMG INT
Santana-The Essential Santana-2CD-2002-RNS
Santana-Ultimate Santana-2007-EON
Saosin-Come Close-2008-FNT
Saosin-In Search Of Solid Ground-2009-FNT
Saosin-Saosin-(Bonus DVD)-2006-CNS
Saosin-Voices-(Promo CDS)-2006-ARK
Sarah McLachlan-Afterglow-2003-iRO
Sarah Mclachlan-The Freedom Sessions-1995-EOS
Sarah Mclachlan-Touch-1989-EOS
Save Your Breath-Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy-(Advance EP)-2009-DV8
Saves The Day-Im Sorry Im Leaving-(EP)-2001-DNR
Saves The Day-In Reverie-ADVANCE-2003-pH
saves the day-in reverie-retail-2003-ph
Saves The Day-Through Being Cool-CD-V0-1999-JLM
Saves The Day-Ups And Downs Early Recordings And B-Sides-2004-Rtb
Say Anything-In Defense Of The Genre-2CD-2007-FNT
Scarlet Undercover-Stop Drop Rock N Roll-(EP)-2005-PMS
Scars of Life-A Heart Still Beats-2013-SUF
Scary Kids Scaring Kids-The City Sleeps In Flames-(Advance)-2005-RTB
Scott Stapp-The Great Divide-2005-RRR
Search The City-A Fire So Big The Heavens Can See It-2008-FNT
Secret Lives of the Freemasons-Weekend Warriors-(Advance)-2008-FNT
Seether-Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray-2011-CaHeSo
Semisonic-All About Chemistry-2001-EGO
Semisonic-Great Divide-1996-iRO
Sense Field - Living Outside-Advance-2003-iTS
Sense Field - Sense Field-1994-XXI INT
Sense Field - To End a Letter-2004-RNS
Senses Fail-Let It Enfold You-(Reissue)-2005-RTB
Senses Fail-Life Is Not A Waiting Room-2008-FNT
Senses Fail-Still Searching-(Bonus Tracks)-2006-NFA
Senses Fail-Still Searching-2006-RTB
Set Your Goals-Mutiny-(Deluxe Edition)-2CD-2008-FNT
Seven Mary Three-American Standard-1995-TIN
Seven Mary Three-Day And Nightdriving-2008-RTB
Seven Mary Three-Dislocation-2004-WHOA
Seven Story Mountain-At The Poles-2007-MTD
Seventh Day Slumber-Once Upon a Shattered Life-2005-aAF
Seventh Day Slumber-Picking Up The Pieces-Retail-2003-XXL
Seventh Day Slumber-Take Everything-(Repack)-2009-MTD
Shadows Fall-Fallout From The War-2006-EOS
She Wants Revenge-She Wants Revenge-2006-EMG INT
Shellac-At Action Park-1994-STL
shels-sea of the dying dhow-promo-2007-gw
Shelter-Quest For Certainty-1998-Its
Shelter-The Purpose The Passion-2001-Mod
Sheryl Crow-Sheryl Crow-1996-EOS
Sheryl Crow-The Globe Sessions-1998-EOS
Sheryl Crow-The Very Best Of Sheryl Crow-2003-EOS
Sheryl Crow-Tuesday Night Music Club-1993-EOS
Shiny Toy Guns-Season Of Poison-2008-FNT
Sick Puppies-Tri-Polar-2009-ApoLLo
Sick Puppies-Welcome To The Real World-2001-FS
Sighlo-Shattered Pieces-2009-SiGHLO
Sikth - The Trees Are Dead And Dried Out-Retail-2003-BiM
Silverchair-Neon Ballroom-1999-EMG INT
Silverstein-18 Candles the Early Years-2006-MP3
Silverstein-A Shipwreck In The Sand-2009-FNT
Simon Says-Jump Start-1999-EOS
Simon Says-Shut Your Breath-2001-REV
Since October-This Is My Heart-2008-FNT
Single File-Common Struggles-2009-DV8
Sixpence None the Richer-Sixpence None the Richer-1997-TIN
Skillet - The Early Years (1996-2001) (2010)-VBR
Skindred-Big Tings-2018-FKK
Slaughter - The Wild Life (1992)-VBR
Slaves To Gravity-Scatter The Crow-2008-KzT
Slayer-Hell Awaits-(Remastered)-1993-FERiCEx
Small Brown Bike-The River Bed-2003-pH
Smash Into Pieces - Unbreakable-2013-FKK
Smash Mouth-Fush Yu Mang-1997-EOS
Smashing Pumpkins-Atomic Energy-1996-REV
Smashing Pumpkins-Children of Gotham-1997-PMS
Smashing Pumpkins-Friends and Enemies of Modern Music-2000-KSi
Smashing Pumpkins-Machina Machines of God-2000-EGO
Smashing Pumpkins-Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness-2CD-1995-EOS
Smashing Pumpkins-Pisces Iscariot-1994-EOS
Smashing Pumpkins-Still Becoming Apart-Ltd.Ed.-2000-JUST
Smashing Pumpkins-VH1 Storytellers-2000-KSi
Smile Empty Soul-Anxiety-(Advance)-2005-RNS
Smile Empty Soul-Consciousness-2009-CRN
Snow Patrol - Eyes Open (Limited Edition Bonus DVD)-2006-FKK
Snow Patrol-Chasing Cars-(UK CDS)-2006-NFA
Snow Patrol-Eyes Open (UK Bonus Tracks)-2006-uF
Snow Patrol-Eyes Open-2006-FM
Snow Patrol-Songs For Polarbears-(Reissue)-2006-uF
Snow Patrol-When Its All Over We Still Have To Clear Up-2001-iRO
So They Say-Life In Surveillance-(Advance)-2007-RTB
Social Distortion-Sex Love and Rock N Roll-2004-xTEAM
Social Distortion-Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell-1992-xTEAM
Socialburn-The Beauty Of Letting Go Sampler-Webrip-2005-JNE
Socialburn-The Beauty of Letting Go-2005-DELTA
Soil-Throttle Junkies-(Reissue)-2007-FNT
Something Corporate-Fillmore-EP-2004-KzT
Something Corporate-Leaving Through The Window-2002-TIN
Soundgarden-Down On The Upside-1996-EOS
sounds like violence-with blood on my hands-2007-mp3
Sparta-Porcelain-2004-DeBT iNT
Sparta-Wiretap Scars-UK Retail-2002-SSR
Spin Doctors-Turn It Upside Down-1994-EOS
Spineshank-Strictly Diesel-1998-TIN
Spitalfield-Better Than Knowing Where You Are-2006-RTB
Spitalfield-Everything 1998-2002-2007-DNR
Spitalfield-Stop Doing Bad Things-Advance-2005-RIAA
Splender-Halfway Down The Sky-1999-SUF
Spoken-Last Chance To Breathe-2005-RNS
Sponge-For All The Drugs In The World-(Retail)-2003-RNS
Sponge-Wax Ecstatic-1996-DNR
Stabbing Westward-What Do I Have To Do-2003-EOS
Staind-14 Shades Of Grey-2003-MTD INT
Staind-Break The Cycle-2001-MTD INT
Staind-King Of All Excuses-CDS-2005-JNE
Staind-Right Here-(Promo CDS)-2005-PMS INT
Staind-Sober (Acoustic Tool Cover Live)-2001-MaB
Staind-Zoe Jane-(Promo CDS)-2004-CHR
State Of Shock-Life Love And Lies-2007-OSC
Static X-Wisconsin Death Trip-1999-EoS
Stay Inside-Viewing-2020-CUTT
Steadlur-Everything Is Nothing-(Advance)-2009-FNT
Stellar Kart-Expect The Impossible-(Advance)-2008-EXP
Stereomud-Perfect Self-2001-FS
Stereomud-Perfect Self-2001-RNS
Stereophonics-Decade in the Sun-2008-ONe
Stereophonics-Just Enough Education To Perform-2001-RNS
Stereophonics-Keep Calm And Carry On-2009-SiRE
steve earle-washington square serenade-(advance)-2007-saw
Steve Kilbey-Painkiller-(Advance)-2009-404
Steve Miller Band-Greatest Hits 1974-78-1978-EOS
Steve Miller Band-Live-1983-EOS
Still Life-A Memory In Waiting-2002-TIN
Still Life-Missing The Perfect-2001-TIN
Sting-Brand New Day-1999-Wyse
Sting-Nothing Like The Sun-1987-LT
Sting-Sacred Love-2003-RNS
Sting-Ten Summoners Tales-1993-Wyse
Sting-The Best Of Sting - Fields Of Gold-1994-EOS
Sting-The Dream Of The Blue Turtles-1985-DNR
Sting-The Soul Cages-1991-Wyse
Stone Sour-Stone Sour-Reissue-2003-EOS
Stone Temple Pilots-All In The Suit That You Wear-PROMO CDS-2003-pH
Story Of The Year-Page Avenue-2003-Ner Int
Story Of The Year-Page Avenue-Retail-2003-REP
Strapping Young Lad-Alien-2005-EOS
Strata-Now the Industry is Outnumbered Their Factories Are Burning Down-EP-2003-TIN
Strata-Presents The End Of The World-(Advance)-2007-SAW
Strata-Strata (Haxord Ecard Sampler)-2004-RTB INT
Straylight Run-Straylight Run-Advance-2004-phEAR
Strike Anywhere-Exit English-Advance-2003-iTS
Stutterfly-Lifes Disease-Remix-2002-ViLE
Styx-Greatest Hits-1995-TIN
Sugar Ray-1459-1999-FS
Sugar Ray-Floored-1997-FS
Sugar Ray-Lemonade And Brownies-1995-TIN
Sugarcoma-Becoming Something Else-2002-RNS
Sugarcult-Palm Trees And Power Lines-(Advance)-2004-RNS
Sum 41-All Killer No Filler-2001-RNS
Sum 41-Does This Look Infected-2002-DNR
Sun Kil Moon-Ghosts Of The Great Highway-(Reissue)-2CD-2007-KzT
Sunk Loto-Between Birth And Death-2003-EOS
Swift-Unbelieveable (Cover Song)-CDS-2004-TINT
Switchfoot-Hello Hurricane-2009-YOURCANADiANFRiENDS
Switchfoot-Learning To Breathe-2000-TIN
Switchfoot-Nothing Is Sound-(Advance)-2005-RNS
Switchfoot-Nothing is Sound-JP Bonus Tracks-2005-JRP
Swizzle Tree-Here We Are-2006-RTB
Taking Back Sunday-Louder Now-(Bonus Tracks)-2006-RNS
Taking Back Sunday-MakeDamnSure-(UK CDS2)-2006-KzT
Taking Back Sunday-MakeDamnSure-UKCDS-2006-uF
Taking Back Sunday-Tell All Your Friends-WEB-2002-ENTiTLED iNT
Talk Show-Talk Show-1997-EOS
Tantric-37 Channels-2013-MTD
Tephra - A Modicum Of Truth-2007-CMG
Terrorvision-How to Make Friends and Influence People-(Retail)-1994-dSS
texas is the reason-texas is the reason-ep-1995-fts
The (International) Noise Conspiracy-The Cross Of My Calling-(Advance)-2008-RTB
The Academy Is-Fast Times At Barrington High-2008-FNT
The Academy Is-Santi-(Retail)-2007-uF
The Allman Brothers Band-Live at Fillmore East-REMASTERED-2CD-2003-aAF
The Alternate Routes-The Watershed-EP-2008-KzT
The Apex Theory-Inthatskyissomethingwatching-EP-2004-EOS
The Apex Theory-The Apex Theory-EP-2001-TIN
the appleseed cast-low level owl-vol-1-2001-rh
the appleseed cast-low level owl-vol-2-2001-ksi
The Appleseed Cast-Sagarmatha-2009-FNT
The Ataris-So Long Astoria-2003-EOS
The Ataris-Welcome The Night-2007-DNR
The Audition-Self Titled Album-2009-ApoLLo
The B-52s-Cosmic Thing-1989-EOS
The B-52s-Nude On The Moon The B52s Anthology-2CD-2002-EOS
The B-52s-Time Capsule Songs For A Future Generation-1998-TIN
The B-52s-Wild Planet-1980-EOS
The Band-The Band-50th Anniversary Edition-2CD-2019-404
The Beach Boys-20 Good Vibrations The Beach Boys Greatest Hits Volume 1-1999-EOS
The Beach Boys-Summer in Paradise-1992-TIN
The Beatles-1-2000-EOS
The Beatles-Beatlemania Hit Mix-Bootleg-2006-eMF
The Beatles-Let It Be Naked-2003-EOS
The Beatles-Revolver-1966-EOS
The Beatles-The Beatles (White Album)-2CD-1968-EOS
The Beatles-White Album-2CD-2002-TIN
The Beatles-With The Beatles-1963-iRO
The Beautiful Mistake-Light A Match for I Deserve to Burn-2002-iTS
The Beautiful Mistake-This Is Who You Are-RETAIL-2004-ETH0
The Black Crowes-Before The Frost-2009-HSM
the black crowes-sho nuff-5cd-(boxset)-1998-nhh int
The Black Crowes-Warpaint-2008-BLACKCROWES
The Blood Brothers-Burn Piano Island Burn-2003-EOS
The Boy And His Machine-Show Them What Youre Made Of-(EP)-2009-pLAN9
the bravery-the sun and the moon complete-2cd-2008-eon
The Builders and The Butchers-Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well-2009-SSR
The Cardigans-First Band On The Moon-1996-EOS
The Cars-Candy-O-1979-EOS
The Cars-Door To Door-1987-EOS
The Cars-Just What I Needed (Anthology)-2CD-1995-TIN
The Cars-Just What I Needed The Cars Anthology-2CD-1995-EOS
The Cars-The Cars Greatest Hits-1985-EOS
The Cars-The Cars-1978-EOS
The Casket Lottery-Survival is for Cowards-2002-iTS INT
The Clash-Cut The Crap-1985-EOS
The Clash-From Here To Eternity-1999-EOS
The Clash-Give Em Enough Rope-1978-EOS
The Clash-Rockers Galore-Promo-1999-EOS
The Clash-Sandinista-2CD-1980-EOS
The Clash-Singles-Remastered-2000-EOS
The Clash-Super Black Market Clash-Remastered-1994-EOS
The Clash-The Singles (Boxset)-19cds-2oo6-Saw
The Classic Crime-The Silver Cord-2008-FNT
The Constellation Branch-The Dream Life The Real Life The Empty Glass-2008-CRD
The Cooper Temple Clause-Kick Up The Fire And Let The Flames Break Loose-2003-EOS
The Cooper Temple Clause-See This Through And Leave-2002-EOS
The Cooper Temple Clause-See this Through and Leave-Bonus CD-2002-TIN
The Cranberries-Bury The Hatchet-1999-EOS
The Cranberries-Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Cant We-1993-EOS
The Cranberries-No Need To Argue-2CD-Limited Edition-1995-EoS
The Cranberries-No Need To Argue-2CD-Limited Edition-1995-EOSiNT
The Cranberries-Stars The Best Of-2002-EOS
The Cranberries-To The Faithful Departed-1996-EOS
The Cult-Best Of Rare Cult-2000-EOS
The Cult-Born Into This-(Savage Edition Bonus CD)-2007-CULT
the cult-born into this-2007-fnt
The Cult-Dreamtime-1984-EOS
The Cult-High Octane Cult-1996-EOS
The Cult-The Cult-1994-EOS
The Cure-Bloodflowers-2000-EOS
The Cure-Disintegration-1989-EOS
The Cure-Faith-1981-EOS
The Cure-Japanese Whispers-1984-EOS
The Cure-The Head On The Door-2CD-Deluxe Reissue-2006-EOS
The Cure-Wild Mood Swings-1996-EOS
The Cure-Wish-1992-EOS
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