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Old Music Part33
  Others | Author: Admin | 14-03-2017, 06:01
VA-Warner Music Promo Sampler September 08-Promo CDR-2012-UME
VA-We Love Synthpop The Album-2CD-2012-FWYH
VA-Yardlink Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
Vaski and Nostalgia-Twin City Slickness-PLAYTOO030-WEB-2012-BPM
Vattnet Viskar - Vattnet Viskar-EP-WEB-2012-CRUELTY
Vektor-Outer Isolation-2011-GRW
Velvet Revolver-Slither CD2-CDS-2004-DeBT iNT
Vertebral-The Empires Fall-2010-GRW
Villem - Shimmer EP-MEDIC30-WEB-2012-DD
Vintage Flesh-The Eyes That Glared at My Agonies-2009-GRW
Violen Outbursst-Demo Tape-TAPE-2012-FATHEAD
Violent Outburst-Demo Tape-TAPE-2012-FATHEAD
Vision Of Disorder-The Cursed Remain Cursed-2012-MTD
Void Paradigm-Void Paradigm-2012-B2R
Wafande - Uartig-WEB-DK-2012-SCENARiO INT
Waka Flocka Flame-Salute Me Or Shoot Me 4-2012-FaiLED INT
War Master-Thrones of Tyranny-EP-Vinyl-2010-GRW
Wax Tailor--Dusty Rainbow From The Dark-WEB-2012-WUS
We Are Legends Ft Rodriguez Sisters - Shoestrings-Promo-CDR-2012-UME
Wet Eyes-Clepto Journals-2011-FATHEAD
Whoisthis vs Dark Elixir-Invader-PLAYTOO045-WEB-2012-BPM
Whoisthis-Who Is This-PLAYTOO036-WEB-2012-BPM
Wise Guys-Zwei Welten Instrumentiert-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Wolfenhords-Aeon of the Wolf-Boxset-4CDR-2012-FiH
Woods of Infinity-Snart-7inch-Vinyl-2012-B2R
Woods-Bend Beyond-2012-FNT
X-Fade-Here We Are-WEB-1994-DWM INT
Xavas-Gespaltene Persoenlichkeit-DE-2012-VOiCE
XAVAS-Ich Schau Nicht Mehr Zurueck-CDM-DE-2012-MTD
Xavas-Schau Nicht Mehr Zurueck-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Yakoto--Live at New Pop Festival-DVBC-09-13-2012-OMA
Zazi-Turn Me On-WEB-2012-gnvr
Zen Zebra-Awaystation Digipack-2012-passed
Zhan Ya Man-Dang Dian-CPOP-2012-TosK
Zillertal Buam-Die Stunde Der Wahrheit-DE-2000-ALPMP3
Zillertal Buam-Hoamat-DE-2005-ALPMP3
Zillertal Buam-Wahnsinn-DE-2001-ALPMP3
Ahab-The Giant-2LP-2012-NOiR
Alanis Morissette-Guardian-CDS-2012-MTD
Alejandro Sanz-La Musica No Se Toca-ES-2012-EiTheLMP3
Alex Clare--Treading Water-WEB-2012-OMA
Alienn-Unlimited Force-EP-WEB-2012-FALCON
All The Young-Welcome Home-Retail-2012-SO
Anal Cunt-110 Song CD-2008-BERC
Anguish-Iron Funeral-2012-DeBT
Anita Und Alexandra Hofmann-Sommernacht-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Ankawa-Walla Walla Coco-ZYX 7803-8-CDM-1993-MAPHiA INT
Annie Nightingale - BBC Radio1 Guest Mike Delinquent Project-SAT-09-29-2012-TALiON
Annie Villeneuve-Telle Quelle-Digipak-FR-2012-SS4B
Antennas To Heaven-You Have 6 Weeks To Destroy Everything-2012-FiH
Apollon Musik-Unter Der Sonne-DE-2012-NOiR
Aquarelle Guitar Quartet-Final Cut Film Music For Four Guitars-2012-SO
Aquasky Vs Masterblaster-Stand Tall-PASA005-Vinyl-2001-1REAL
Arahat Mubali - Fly in My Chai-PBR204-WEB-2012-NRG
Arbok 48-Modus Operandi-DE-2012-NOiR
Arstidir--Live in Moelln-DVBC-09-14-2012-OMA
Atyss-Lux In Nocte EP-WEB-2012-FALCON
Au5-Iconoclast EP-ATOM002-WEB-2012-BPM
Au5-The Seahorse VIP-ROTD084-WEB-2012-BPM
August Burns Red - Sleigh Ride-WEB-2012-FKK
B4sstee--Hard To Say No-0641AS-WEB-2012-WUS
Bannedcore - Its Only When We Fall-GCOREN3-WEB-2012-JiM
Ben Liebrand-In The Mix Part 1 and 2 Radio Veronica-SAT-29-09-2012-SC
Big and Rich-Hillbilly Jedi-WEB-2012-wAx
Big Kuntry King-Still Kuntry-2012-FaiLED INT
Big Pete-Choice Cuts-2011-SO
Blur - Under the Westway-WEB-2012-FKK
Blut Aus Nord-777 Cosmosophy-Digipak CD-2012-211
Bong-She Said-ROTD082-WEB-2012-BPM
Brigitte Die Singende Wirtin-Verlorenes Herz-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Britney Spears-Till The World Ends Twister Remix-WEB-2012-oNLe
Broilers-Santa Muerte Live Tapes-2CD-DE-2012-KLV
Broilers-Santa Muerte Live Tapes-3LP-DE-2012-SDR
Broken Fist-Your Sentence-RU-2011-DeBT
Buckcherry-15-JP Import-2008-DeBT iNT
Buckcherry-All Night Long-JP Deluxe Edition-2CD-2010-DeBT
Buckcherry-Black Butterfly-JP Import-2010-DeBT
Buckcherry-Buckcherry-Special Edition-JP Import-2010-DeBT
Buckcherry-Time Bomb-JP Import-2008-DeBT
Buckethead-Empty Space-Web-2011-FKK
Buckethead-Its Alive-Web-2011-FKK
Buckethead-Underground Chamber-Web-2011-FKK
Bullet-Full Pull-2012-GRAVEWISH
Bumpy Knuckles And Statik Selektah-Ambition-Retail-2012-H3X
Callejon--Kind Im Nebel-CDM-DE-2012-OMA
Chano Dominguez-Flamenco Sketches-2012-EiTheLMP3
Chapels - Days of Sleepless Nights-Tape-2009-CRUELTY
Charles Mcpherson-Con Alma-1995-DGN
Cheak13-Letat Durgence-FR-2012-UTP
Cher Lloyd-Sticks And Stones-US Bonus Tracks-2012-C4
Chino XL-Ricanstruction-2CD-2012-Xplode
Cicatrice-Couleur Argent-FR-2012-H5N1
Civil Twilight-Holy Weather Amazon MP3 Exclusive-Web-2012-FKK
Clouds-Protecting Hands Remixes-MEDI024-WEB-2012-WC2R
Coffins-March Of Despair EP-2012-RTB
Coffins-Sewage Sludgecore Treatment EP-2012-RTB
Cognitive-The Horrid Swarm-MCD-2012-BERC
Coki-Bobs Pillow-DGIT001-WEB-2012-WC2R
Coldburn-The Harsh Fangs Of Life-2012-iTS
Condition Critical-Bred To Kill-Demo-Tape-2012-FiH
Copykill-New World Error-2011-DeBT
Corin Tucker Band-Kill My Blues-WEB-2012-wAx
Counterfeit - Path Of Recovery-NEGA008-WEB-2012-HB
CPU - Central Processing Unit EP-PBR200-WEB-2012-NRG
Dani Wilde-Juice Me Up-2012-SNOOK
Danny Byrd--Blaze The Fire Rah EP-NHS218DD-WEB-2012-OMA
Davr-Boombox Bob-ROTD091-WEB-2012-BPM
Dead Capo-Sale-2012-VPE
Deenk-Dont Stop-HH 020-WEB-2012-GTi
Deep Impact-Give it-PRPR18-Vinyl-2001-1REAL
Deliverance-Hallowed Rites-Demo-CDR-2012-FiH
Demon And Beezy-Ramification-MUD010-WEB-2012-WC2R
Deponedepone and Sonwah Fresh-Nuke-ROTD079-WEB-2012-BPM
Der Koenig Tanzt-Haeuserwand-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Der Koenig Tanzt-Self Titled-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Diana Krall-Glad Rag Doll-Deluxe Edition-2012-pLAN9
Die Drei Fragezeichen Kids-F29 Monsterpilze-DE-2012-VOiCE
Die Drei Fragezeichen-F157 Im Zeichen Der Schlangen-DE-2012-VOiCE
Die Drei Fragezeichen-Und Die Geisterlampe-3CD-DE-2012-VOiCE
Die Orsons-Das Chaos und Die Ordnung-DE-2012-NOiR
Die Orsons-Das Chaos Und Die Ordnung-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Die Priester-Rex Gloriae-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Dirt Monkey-In The Place EP-ROTD075-WEB-2012-BPM
Dirty Bird 13-Mix Collector-CDR-2012-D2H
DJ Drama-Quality Street Music-2012-WHOA
DJ Macu-Hot Mix 99-Planeta.FM-29-09-CABLE-2012-TDMLiVE
DJ Prime-The Prophecy-SAT-09-23-2012-XXL
DJ Promo - Promo Style 006-T3RDM0196D-WEB-2012-HB
DJ Rap-Spiritual Aura-PTR022-Vinyl-2001-1REAL
DJ Shadow-Reconstructed The Best Of DJ Shadow-2012-H3X
Dogchains-Demo 2012-Tape-2012-iTS
Dokken-Broken Bones-WEB-2012-wAx
Double Dragon - Glam Gore 2 Blackaria Original Soundtrack-CD-2012-CRUELTY
Down To This-Dirt City-2012-DeBT
Downlink-In The Zone-ROTD 097-WEB-2012-BPM
DR Hoffman-Riding On EP-GEOEP012-WEB-2010-COiN
Drex-LGCB-Promo CDS-FR-2012-K0K INT
Dritte Wahl-Auge um Auge-Remastered-DE-2012-uC
Dritte Wahl-Fasching In Bonn-Remastered-DE-2012-uC
Dub Elements and The Streets Are Ours-Lazer Girl-ROTD078-WEB-2012-BPM
Dubsmith-Time For Change-WEB-2012-SSR
Duvel x Nikes - DNA TN1208CD-NL-CD-2012-TALiON
Dwight Yoakam-3 Pears-WEB-2012-wAx
Dyprax Ft. MC Syco - Culture Of Chaos Official Project Hardcore 2012 Anthem-WEB-2012-HB INT
Earthworm Joe-Amynthas-ROTD096-WEB-2012-BPM
Eddie C Campbell-Spider Eating Preacher-2012-SNOOK
Eldorado-Gin Vinyle-FR-2012-UTP
Ellen Kibble-Turncoat-REPACK-2012-OZM
Elliot Sharps Terraplane--Sky Road Songs-2012-OMA
Enrique Heredia Negri-Mano A Mano A Manzanero-ES-2012-EiTheLMP3
Eric Clapton-Journeyman-Remastered-JP Import-2008-DeBT
Eric Clapton-The Cream Of Eric Clapton-JP Import-2008-DeBT
Eternal Mourning-Daimonion-2005-GRW
Evan Yo-Super Yo-CPOP-2012-TosK
Everclear-Invisible Stars-Deluxe Edition-2012-MTD
Everlast-More Songs of the Ungrateful Living-Web-2012-FKK
Evil Activities-Hardhouse Generation-FM-26-09-2012-1KING
Evocation-Illusions Of Grandeur-2012-BERC
Excision and Downlink-Crowd Control Rremixes-ROTD094-WEB-2012-BPM
Excision and Downlink-Headbanga-ROTD070-WEB-2012-BPM
Excision and Liquid Stranger-Get To The Point-ROTD076-WEB-2012-BPM
Faith Evans-Rnb Divas-2012-WHOA
Follow Your Instinct Feat. Samu Haber Sunrise Avenue-No Matter What They Say-WEB-2012-VOiCE
For All Eternity-Beyond The Gates-2012-KzT
Frank Turner-Last Minutes And Lost Evenings-2012-404
Freakazoids-Freak and Hustle-10KG014-Vinyl-2000-1REAL
Friction - BBC Radio1-SAT-09-30-2012-TALiON
Frightened Rabbit-State Hospital-EP-2012-MTD
Genetic Drugs-Cyberjam-SAT-09-29-2012-PTC
Getter-Swine EP-ROTD093-WEB-2012-BPM
Gigi with Material--Mesgana Ethiopia-Web-AM-2010-OMA
Groovy Onion-Memphis Funk-CB003A-Vinyl-2001-1REAL
Group 1 Crew-Fearless-2012-MTD
Hammer Of Gore-Uglified-2012-BERC
Hanne Kolstoe-FlashBlack-2012-KLV
Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard-The Dark Knight-OST-2008-EiTheLMP3 INT
Hans Zimmer-Inception-OST-2010-EiTheLMP3 INT
Heaven-Take Me Back-Remastered-2003-GRW
Hellyeah-Band of Brothers-2012-GRAVEWISH
Hermitude-Triple J Like A Version-FM-09-28-2012-OZM
HIM - Strange World-WEB-2012-FKK
Hoobastank-Fight Or Flight-2012-MTD
Hoodzie - Get Your Hands Up-TNT134-WEB-2012-JiM
Hulk and Dan Wall-Bed Bathsalts and Beyond-ROTD090-WEB-2012-BPM
Humberto Pernett-Global Player Selector-SAT-09-30-2012-PTC
Hxdb - Prism-MINDSET006-WEB-2009-DD
Ibenji-Titanium EP-ROTD083-WEB-2012-BPM
Ignominious-Death Walks Amongst Mortals-2011-FiH
Illdisposed-Sense The Darkness-2012-BERC
Infinity Night-The Lost Tracks-WEB-2012-FALCON
Iniquitous Savagery-Compelled By Perverse Immorality-MCD-2012-BERC
Issi Noho-First Snow-ACE003-Vinyl-2000-1REAL
Jackie Evancho-Songs From The Silver Screen-2012-C4
Jantsen and AFK-Jantsen Part 1-ROTD095-WEB-2012-BPM
Jean-Marie Ragald feat Medhy Custos-Je Reviendrai-WEB-FR-2012-K0K
Jessye Belleval-Toute Une Vie-WEB-FR-2012-K0K
Jinx--Somebody Come Get Me-IDJR134-WEB-2012-WUS
Joachim Witt--Dom-2CD-DE-2012-OMA
Joey Heindle-Die Ganze Welt Dreht Sich Um Dich-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Joey Moe-Midnat-2CD-DK-2012-pLAN9x
Joey Riot vs Dazza and Echo - Fkin Woo-LTR036-WEB-2012-JiM
John Williams-Schindlers List-OST-1993-EiTheLMP3 INT
Johnson-Kender Du Ik-DK-2012-pLAN9x
Jonas Myrin-Day Of The Battle-CDS-2012-MTD
Kaiserwaelder Musketiere-Autofahrn Und Singen-DE-1996-ALPMP3
Kaiserwaelder Musketiere-Heut Gehts Uns Gut-DE-1994-ALPMP3
Karetus-Entrudo EP-ROTD092-WEB-2012-BPM
Kasey Chambers And Shane Nicholson-Wreck And Ruin-Deluxe Edition-2CD-2012-404
Kasra and Foreign Concept-La Boum de Luxe-SAT-09-28-2012-PTC
Keith Harkin-Keith Harkin-WEB-2012-wAx
Keith Hudson-Pick A Dub-BAFCD003-1994-dL
Kid Kopphausen Gisbert Zu Knyphausen and Nils Koppruch--I-WEB-DE-2012-OMA
Kikka-Dont Take My Heartbeat-CNT21149-WEB-1997-DWM
Kikka-I Need U Tonight-CNT21237-WEB-1999-DWM
Kinesis - The Remixes-2012-UPE
Klaus Fiehe--1LiVE Fiehe-DVBS-09-23-2012-OMA
Kotiteollisuus-Sotakoira II-FI-2012-KALEVALA
Krafy Kutz-Dangerous-FLR024-Promo-Vinyl-2001-1REAL
Kromestar And Jay 5ive-Knowledge EP-MEDI060-WEB-2012-WC2R
Kuusumun Profeetta-Huutoja Hiljaisesta Huoneesta-FI-2012-r35
La Liga-Black Russian-CB004-Vinyl-2001-1REAL
La Oreja De Van Gogh-Cometas En El Cielo En Directo Desde America-ES-2012-EiTheLMP3
Lace Mamba - Krater-OST-2012-FKK
Lana Del Rey-Live At The Wireless-REPACK-FM-09-09-2012-OZM
Lana Del Rey-Summertime Sadness-CDS-2012-MTD
Lars Reichow--Live in Koeln-DE-DVBS-05-19-2012-OMA
Lee Scratch Perry ERM-Humanicity-2012-YARD
Les Friction-Les Friction with Instrumentals-Web-2012-XXX
Lili Haydn-Tyrant-Web-2012-XXX
Liv Kristine-Libertine-2012-GRAVEWISH
Los Evangelistas-Homenaje A Enrique Morente-ES-2012-EiTheLMP3
Los Mighty Calacas-Hot Pelucho Sounds-ES-2012-VPE
Mac Allen And Too Tight-Macking Tight-2004-CR
Maps And Diagrams-Get Lost-TRS05-2011-dL
Marconi Union-Beautifully Falling Apart Ambient Transmissions Vol. 1-TAO040-2011-dL
Marconi Union-Distance-TAO045-2005-Remastered-2012-dL
Marcus D-Melancholy Hopeful-2012-WHOA
Mariama--The Easy Way Out-Web-2012-OMA
Masquerade-Run To Me-CNT21145-WEB-1996-DWM
Masta Ace Incorporated-Sittin On Chrome-Deluxe Edition-3CD-2012-SO
Max Crumbs-Maidenhair-REPACK-2012-OZM
Melouria-How Do You Do 2012-CDS-2012-VOiCE
Method Of Defiance--Dub Arcanum Arcandrum-Web-2011-OMA
Method Of Defiance--Incunabula-Web-2010-OMA
Method Of Defiance--Jahbulon-Web-2010-OMA
Mickie Krause Feat. Marc Pircher-Schatzi Schenk Mir Ein Foto Volkstuemliche Version-WEB-DE-2012-VOiCE
Miguel-Kaleidoscope Dream-2012-WHOA
Ministry Of Truth-Skotniy Dvor-RU-2011-D2H
Missy Elliot with Timbaland--Triple Threat - 9th Inning-PROMO CDR-2012-WUS
Mix And Smitty-Long Grind-CDR-2005-CR
Moka Only-Airport 6-2012-FTD INT
Mondo Revuelta-Vidilla-SP-2012-SSR
Moon Duo-Circles-2012-FNT
Mr. Confuse-Do You Realize-Web-2012-XXX
Mr. Moon-Ohrschlag Hammer-EP-DE-2012-NOiR
Murs-24 Hrs. Wa G-VLS-2000-GCP INT
Muse--Live in Cologne-DVBS-09-20-2012-OMA
Muse-The 2nd Law-2012-BriBerY
Nathan Pacheco-Nathan Pacheco-WEB-2012-wAx
Ndread-Pinball EP-MUD011-WEB-2012-WC2R
Nerd Rage-Dork Fit-ROTD086-WEB-2012-BPM
Nerd Rage-Lets Rage-ROTD087-WEB-2012-BPM
Nightwalker-Start The Attack-ROTD081-WEB-2012-BPM
One Direction-Live While Were Young-CDS-2012-pLAN9
Onerepublic-Feel Again-CDS-2012-MTD
Ooze - Where The Fields Never End-Revisited-2CD-2012-UPE
Orange Avenue - Small Victories-WEB-2012-FKK
OST-Anamanaguchi--Bit.Trip Runner-WEB-2010-WUS
OST-Francisco Cerda--Jamestown-WEB-2011-WUS
OST-Jean Chan--Wizorb-WEB-2011-WUS
OST-Jesse Hopkins--Gratuitous Space Battles-WEB-2009-WUS INT
OST-Matt Uelmen--Torchlight-WEB-2009-WUS
OST-Steve Finney--Space Pirates and Zombies-WEB-2012-WUS
OST-Terence Lee--Dustforce-Fastfall-WEB-2012-WUS
OST-World of Warcraft-Mists of Pandaria-CD-2012-KOPiE
Papa Roach-The Connection-2012-FiH
Parashi - Troika-Tape-2011-CRUELTY
Perfect Stranger - Leap Of Faith-3CD-2012-gEm
Perjury-Life As A Ryder-1999-CR
Phantasia-Everytime You Touch Me-DFR3964-WEB-1996-DWM
Plan B--Live in Berlin-DVBS-09-01-2012-OMA
Princess Lover-Fe Chimenw-WEB-FR-2012-K0K
Project Pat And Nasty Mane-Belly On Full 2-2012-CR
Promo - Style 006-T3RDM0196D-WEB-2012-JiM INT
Prosonik-Shanti EP-GEOEP011-WEB-2010-COiN
Radiohead-Kid A-2000-FaiLED INT
Radiohead-OK Computer-1997-FaiLED INT
Radiohead-Pablo Honey-IMPORT-1993-FaiLED INT
Rain-The Struggle Continues-Bootleg-2005-CR
Red Star-Pretender-10KG019-Promo-Vinyl-2001-1REAL
Regulators-Untitled-RAW24001-White Label-Vinyl-2001-1REAL
Rizzod Rod-Ready 4 Tha World-Tape-2001-CR
Romeo Knight - Der Planer 5-OST-2012-FKK
Rulo Y La Contrabanda-Especies En Extincion-ES-2012-VPE
Sadon-This Is Sadon-CPOP-2012-TosK
Scissorkicks-Livin for Kicks-PRPR020-Vinyl-2002-1REAL
Seeed - Seeed-2012-MOD
Shaka Loveless-Shaka Loveless-DK-2012-pLAN9x
Shane Nicholson-Bad Machines-2011-404
Sivert Hoyem-Where is My Moon-MCD-2012-KLV
Skream and Benga - BBC Radio1-SAT-09-28-2012-TALiON
Sly And Robbie-Get To This Get To That-VLS-1985-GCP
Soften-Rocket Science-WEB-2012-FaiLED
Something For Kate-Leave Your Soul To Science-Special Edition-2CD-2012-MTD
Sonz of Mecha-Ruff and Rugged-MECH2010-Vinyl-2001-1REAL
Space Vision - Journey Into Space-2012-UPE
SPY-What The Future Holds-NHS219CD-Retail-2012-HNW
State of Emergency-Special Squad Syndicate Special-SAT-09-28-2012-TWCLIVE
Steven Wilson-Get All You Deserve-2CD-2012-r35
Sybreed-God Is An Automaton-2012-FiH
Szare - Dust-MINDSET011-WEB-2012-DD
Tangerine Dream-Ultima Thule-EREAS 1001-1971-Reissue-Vinyl-2012-dL
Tech N9ne-E.B.A.H.-EP-2012-FTD
Tegma-Docklands Crazyman-WEB-2012-WAV
Terror Danjah--Dark Crawler-HDB065-WEB-2012-OMA
Terror Danjah--Dark Crawler-HDBCD016-WEB-2012-OMA
That Nigga Winfree Presents-Something 2 Ride To-1997-CR
The 69 Eyes-X-2012-r35
The Beach Boys-In Concert From The Mermaid In London BBC Radio 2-SAT-24-09-2012-SC
The Blue Van-Would You Change Your Life-2012-pLAN9
The Floor Is Made of Lava - Lost In The Woods-WEB-2012-SCENARiO INT
The Jungle Giants-Shes A Riot-EP-2012-pLAN9
The Mountain Goats-Transcendental Youth-2012-FNT
The Parlotones - Journey Through the Shadows-WEB-2012-FKK
The Savage Rose-Love and Freedom-2012-pLAN9
The Vasco Era-The Vasco Era-2011-pLAN9
Thomas Thomsen - Alt Det Jeg Troede Du Bedst Ku Li-WEB-DK-2012-SCENARiO INT
Timo Rautiainen and Neljas Sektori-Kunnes Elama Meidat Erottaa-FI-2012-KALEVALA
Tindersticks-The Something Rain-Retail-2012-SO
Tom Koenig - Ich Bin Ein Kunde Holt Mich Hier Raus - Irrwitziges Aus Der Servicewelt-2CD-DE-Audiobook-2012-kooba
Tony Anthem and Axl Ender-Nightfall-ROTD073-WEB-2012-BPM
Tony Bennett Duet With Marc Anthony-For Once In My Life-WEB-2012-oNLe
Tori Amos-Gold Dust-2012-pLAN9
Trypsin and DJ Only - Re-Activate-DTB015D-WEB-2012-HB
U-God-Mr. Xcitement-2005-SO INT
Ultima Experiencia-La Casa De La Bruja-ES-2012-EiTheLMP3
V.I.V.E.K-Against The Tide - Trinity-TEC064-WEB-2012-WC2R
VA - Bass Faced EP-TMMD069-071-WEB-2012-JiM
VA - Chartsurfer Vol.25-2CD-Bootleg-2012-SYNDIKAT
VA - De Vlaamse 10 Zomereditie-CD-NL-2012-MnD
VA - Eurodance From High Energy To Para Para Vol 2-801436 0773728-WEB-2012-ZzZz
VA - Eurodance From High Energy To Para Para-MIE 8014360155821-WEB-2012-ZzZz
VA - Forest Of Banyan-Compiled By Senang And Asmodis-2012-UPE
VA - Goa Culture Vol. VII-2CD-2012-gEm
VA - Het Beste Uit De Tricolore Top 100-3CD-2012-MnD
VA - OE3 Greatest Hits Vol 59-WEB-2012-ZzZz
VA - Smaakvolle Muziek Voor De Hobbykok-3CD-2012-MnD
VA--Sony Music Promo Sampler September 01-PROMO CDR-2012-WUS
VA--The Lightness of Being-3CD-2011-OMA
VA-Blunt Magazine Presents Jack Jill and Coke Vol 9-MAG-2012-pLAN9
VA-DJ Nite-The Nitemare Vol. 1-Bootleg-1996-CR INT
VA-Frankenweenie Unleashed-OST-2012-C4
VA-Guitar Escape Music For Relaxation-3CD-2006-D2H
VA-I Love Contact RnB-3CD-2012-SO
VA-Maximum Metal Vol 177-MAG-2012-GRAVEWISH
VA-Mondao Corp. Music-SP-2012-SSR
VA-Rage Silver Jubilee 25 Years-2CD-2012-pLAN9
VA-Ragga Dancefloor Vol 2 Mixed By Dj Mike One-2012-SO
VA-Raspect Riddim Selection-WEB-2012-SSR
VA-Rockdelux PSM Festival-SP-MAG-2012-SSR
VA-Rockdelux Resistencia Soul-MAG-2012-SSR
VA-So Fresh The Hits Of Spring-2012-pLAN9
VA-Terrorizer Fear Candy 100-MAG-2011-pLAN9
VA-Terrorizer Fear Candy 96-MAG-2011-pLAN9
Vaski-Take Me There-ROTD071-WEB-2012-BPM
Wax Tailor-Dusty Rainbow From The Dark-RETAIL-2CD-2012-SO
We All Want To-Come Up Invisible-2012-OZM
We All Want To-Come Up Invisible-REPACK-2012-OZM
Weldon Irvine-The RCA Years-3CD-2012-FTD
Wesley Klein-Volg Je Hart-WEB-NL-2012-gnvr
Wrongtom Meets Deemas J-In East London-WEB-2012-SSR
Yarbrough And Peoples-I Wouldnt Lie-VLS-1986-GCP
Yen J-Simple Love-CPOP-2012-TosK
Yes - Yessongs 40th Annivesary Edition-BD-2012-FKK
Young Dro-Ralph Lauren Reefa-2012-FaiLED INT
Z-Ro-Angel Dust-2012-CR
Zed Bias--Heavy Water Riddim-DSB045-WEB-2012-OMA
Zesau et D.boy Glyphe-Dirty Zoo-FR-2012-SO
Zion I-Shadow Boxing-2012-FTD
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Old Music Part32
  Others | Author: Admin | 14-03-2017, 06:01
Matik - Live at Life Festival Ireland-SAT-05-26-2012-TALiON
Maverick-Natural Born Steel-2012-GRAVEWISH
MC F40 Feat. DB-Magic Fly-SPE29-WEB-2001-DWM
MC F40 Feat. DB-Maria-SPE03-WEB-1999-DWM
MC Lyte-Cold Rock A Party Bad Boy Remix-CDM-1996-GCP INT
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes--Live at Area4 Festival-DVBC-08-19-2012-OMA
Megatronic-Power Of Dancing New House Remixes-SFT01358-WEB-1994-DWM
Megatronic-Power Of Dancing Remix 2000-SFT01708-WEB-1999-DWM
Melodys Echo Chamber-Melodys Echo Chamber-2012-C4
Mental Theo - Hard Attack SlamFM-SAT-09-16-2012-TALiON
Mental Theo - Hard Attack SlamFM-SAT-09-23-2012-TALiON
Mephorash-Death Awakens-2011-B2R
Merciful Nuns-Xibalba III-2011-GRW
Michael Bolton-Gems and The Very Best Of-2CD-2012-SO
Michael Jackson-Bad-25th Anniversary Edition-2CD-2012-MTD
Michael Jackson-Live At Wembley July 16 1988-DVD-2012-C4
Michael Jackson-You Rock My World-CDM-2001-GCP INT
Michael Kiwanuka--Live at New Pop Festival-DVBC-09-14-2012-OMA
Mika-Origin Of Love-International Deluxe Edition-2CD-2012-pLAN9
Mika-The Origin Of Love-2CD-2012-FRAY
Miky Ding La-Doudou-Promo CDS-FR-2012-K0K INT
Milans Boehmische Blasmusik-Heimweh Nach Boehmen-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Misere Nobis-Fade Away Gradually My Hope-IT-2012-B2R
Mix Master Mike-Suprize Packidge-VLS-1999-GCP INT
Mnkizzle-The Zone 2-Promo-2012-K0K INT
Moka Only-Like That-VLS-2012-FTD INT
Moke-Burning The Ground-WEB-2012-gnvr
Mongrels Cross-The Sins Of Aquarius-2012-B2R
Monsters Of Liedermaching-Schnaps Und Kekse-CD-DE-2012-k4
Montti - Escape-UTPEP18-WEB-2012-Homely
Mortor-Shootem Up-2012-UTP
Mother Love Bone-Apple-Remastered-2003-DeBT
Mother Mother-The Sticks-2012-C4
Motoerhead-Steal Your Face-DVD-2010-UMT
Mr L-Walk Alone-CPOP-2012-COCMP3
Mudbones-Mudbones Madness-2012-FTD
Muddy Waters-Deep Down In The Blues-2000-0MNi
Mudhoney-Mudhoney-1989-DGN int
Mudra-The End of World-2012-GRAVEWISH
Muert-Mysteriorum Prophanationis Sepulcralis-2012-BERC
Muerti-Asi To Ma Takhle Bejt-CZ-2012-gF
Mumford And Sons-Babel-Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks-2012-pLAN9
Mumford And Sons-Babel-2012-CR
Muri Og Mario - Hun Tog Min Guitar-WEB-DK-2012-SCENARiO INT
Murs And Fashawn-This Generation-2012-CR
Myka 9-Mykology-2012-FTD
Nanci And Phoebe Featuring Congo Natty-Notorious-CONGOBASS001-WEB-2012-PiCKLE
Nas-Hate Me Now-CDM-1998-GCP INT
Natasha Watts-Downtown Diva EP-ISM025X-WEB-2012-USR
Neal Morse - Momentum-2012-UNiCORN INT
Necro - Uncreation-Trapped into SelfDestruction-Split EP-Vinyl-2010-GRW
Nelson Riddle--Eight Classic Albums Remastered-4CD-2012-OMA
Nemika-Anomali Distorti-100464 13-WEB-2012-GTi
Neptrecus-Self Titled-Demo-CDR-FR-2011-FiH
Neue Boehmische Blasmusik-25 Jahre-WEB-DE-2007-ALPMP3
Neue Boehmische Blasmusik-Blasmusik Zu Jeder Stund-WEB-DE-1998-ALPMP3
Neue Boehmische Blasmusik-Blasmusik-Vergnuegen-WEB-DE-2003-ALPMP3
Neue Boehmische Blasmusik-Ein Festival Der Blasmusik-WEB-DE-2000-ALPMP3
Neue Boehmische Blasmusik-Volksmusik-Party Mit Neue Boehmische Blasmusik-WEB-DE-2008-ALPMP3
Nezfales-Kazdej Klub I Bar-CZ-2012-gF
Nick En Simon-Alles Overwinnen-WEB-NL-2012-gnvr
Nickelback-All The Right Reasons-Reissue-JP Import-2008-DeBT
Nickelback-Silver Side Up-Reissue-JP Import-2008-DeBT
Nickelback-The Long Road-Reissue-JP Import-2008-DeBT
Nielson-Beauty And De Brains-WEB-2012-gnvr
Nightbringer-31st and Michigan-Vinyl-2011-FATHEAD
Nightbringer-Fight Like Hell-Vinyl-2012-FATHEAD
Nino De Angelo-Heiligenschein-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3
No Doubt-Push and Shove-Deluxe Edition-2CD-2012-pLAN9
No Doubt-Push And Shove-2012-CR
Noah - Over Byen-WEB-DK-2012-SCENARiO INT
Nocturnal Depression-Suicidal Thoughts XXI-2011-GRW
Norah Jones-We Love Green Festival-DVBS-2012-JUST
Nosliw and Band--Live at Chiemsee Reggae Summer Festival-DE-DVBC-08-24-2012-OMA
Odpad-Viva La Punk Musica-SK-2012-gF
Olly Murs--Live at New Pop Festival-DVBC-09-13-2012-OMA
Onesta-The American Dream-Limited Edition-2012-DeBT
Open Mike Eagle-4NML HSPTL-2012-uC
Oprich - Piarevaracien - Chur-Triunity-Split-RU-2012-GRAVEWISH
Orange-Dear Orange-CPOP-2012-TosK
Orgy-Grime Of The Century-Promo CDS-2012-MTD
Orlando-Forever Again-SPE08-WEB-1999-DWM
OST - Ctyri Slunce-WEB-CZ-2012-mCZ INT
OST - Vana-WEB-CZ-2012-mCZ
OST-Fairytale Original Soundtrack-CPOP-2012-TosK
OST-The Last Supper OrIgInal Soundtrack-CPOP-2012-TosK
Otherwise-True Love Never Dies-2012-DeBT
Oui 3-Arms Of Solitude-MCSTD1759-CDM-1993-XTC
Our Ceasing Voice - Satory - Split-EP-WEB-2011-CRUELTY
Oxbow - The Luxury of Empire-DVD-READNFO-2011-CRUELTY
Oxmo Puccino-Roi Sans Carrosse-FR-2012-SO
P-Square feat Rick Ross-Beautiful Onyinye-Promo CDS-2012-K0K INT
Papa Roach - The Connection-2012-UNiCORN INT
Paper Tiger-Summer EP-2012-FATHEAD
Partypower-Brenna Tuats Guat-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Partypower-Traum Von Amsterdam-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Partyraiser-Hardhouse Generation-FM-19-09-2012-1KING
Pascale-Im Sturm Der Gefuehle-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Paul Personne-A L Ouest-Face A-FR-2011-SNOOK
Paul Personne-A L Ouest-Face B-FR-2011-SNOOK
Paula Abdul-Knocked Out Remixes-VLS-1989-GCP
Paw Og Lina - Stolt Af Mig Selv-WEB-DK-2012-SCENARiO INT
Pekka Kuusisto Ja Paula Vesala-Kiestinki-FI-2011-KALEVALA
Peste Negra-Peste Negra-Demo-Tape-2011-GRW
Peter Jaeggi-Sesseli Hoeren-Eine Meditation-2012-SNOOK
Peter Power-Sputnik Chillzone-SAT-09-23-2012-PTC
Petra Marklund-Haenderna Mot Himlen-WEB-SE-2012-DGN
Pheo-California Sex-JEFF025-FREEWEB-2012-PWT INT
Philipp Poisel--Eiserner Steg-CDM-DE-2012-OMA
Phoma - Spirit Of The Moon-OVNIEP054-WEB-2012-HQEM
Piet Blank-N-Joy Lounge-SAT-09-16-2012-PTC
Piet Blank-N-Joy Lounge-SAT-09-23-2012-PTC
Pink Priest - Cat Tails - At the Mouth of Swollen Summer-Tape-2009-CRUELTY
Pink--Live in Munich-DVBC-09-14-2012-OMA
Pinzgauer Spatzen-Was Gibts Schoenres Als Volksmusik-WEB-DE-2005-ALPMP3
Pinzgauer Tanzlmusi-Ueber Berg Und Tal-WEB-DE-2011-ALPMP3
Piratenpapst-Plankenpogo Vol. 2-EP-DE-2012-NOiR
PL Mafia-Le Kid-FR-2010-UTP
Placebo-Rock En Seine-DVBS-2012-JUST
Planks - Narshardaa Single Club-WEB-2009-CRUELTY
Plumbo-Full aapning-Reissue-NO-2012-KLV
Poema-Remembering You-2012-C4
Poor Moon-Poor Moon-Promo-2012-pLAN9
Pride Of Lions-Immortal-2012-GCP
Project-X-Come To Facebook-WEB-2012-ALPMP3
Proper Villains and Reid Speed-We Love The Blunts-PLAYTOO042-WEB-2012-BPM
Prototype Hardcore-Bath Salts-NOISTORM057-WEB-2012-BPM
Prototype Hardcore-Boom Headshot-NOISTORM051-WEB-2012-BPM
Pupose and Confidence-The Purpose of Confidence-2012-FrB
Quench - Flux-2012-MYCEL
Raduza - Ocelovy Mesto-WEB-CZ-2012-mCZ
Rain Presents-Illusions Of Da Struggle-Bootleg-2005-CR
Ramon-Libre Albedrio-ES-2009-GRW
Ras Mikey-Heart Of Love-REPACK-WEB-2012-SSR
Rata Blanca-The Forgotten Kingdom-2009-GRW
Ray Charles-His Greatest Hits Volume 1-1987-0MNi
Rebecca Corry-My Story-2012-WHOA
Red-E-No Label-2012-GCP
Redeemer-First Degree-EP-2012-KzT
Redrighthand-They Sang and Chanted For Hours Then the Locked in Hundreds Set Themselves Ablaze-2011-B2R
Remembering Never-She Looks So Good In Red-2002-UTP INT
Remembering Never-Women And Children Die First-2004-UTP INT
Retroid - Revive 040 Proton Radio-SBD-09-16-2012-TALiON INT
Revolting-Hymns Of Ghastly Horror-2012-BERC
Rex Riot-Beyond-PLAYTOO035-WEB-2012-BPM
Rickie Lee Jones - The Devil You Know-2012-UNiCORN INT
Rigel - Melt Into Unity-WEB-2012-gEm
Riti Occulti-Riti Occulti-2012-GRAVEWISH
Riverside People-Fantasy Dancing-SFT00568-WEB-1994-DWM INT
Riverside People-You Got To Move-SFT01478-WEB-1997-DWM INT
Rob Da Rhythm - Twilight Zone EP-DARKUL017-WEB-2012-HB
Roger Whittaker-Wunder-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Roland Kaiser-Dankeschoen-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Roots Manuva-4everevolution-Retail-2011-SO
Rudimental-Clubding-Read Nfo-SAT-09-24-2012-PTC
Ruste Juxx and The Arcitype-V.I.C. Victorious Impervious Champions-2012-FTD
Ryan Bingham-Tomorrowland-2012-404
Sacriphyx - Stargazer-Split EP-Vinyl-2010-GRW
Sade-Lovers Rock-Limited Edition-2CD-2000-DeBT
Saint Diablo-Saint Diablo-2012-DeBT
Sandy Lam-Gaia-CPOP-2012-COCMP3
Sangre Amado-Ancient Bitch-2006-GRW
Satanic Warmaster-Akitsa-Split-Reissue-7inch-Vinyl-2011-B2R
Satanika-Metal Possession-2011-GRW
Satellite Stories-Phrases To Break The Ice-2012-r35
Saturn Form Essence-Forgotten Space of Chaos-EP-CDR-2012-GRAVEWISH
Saturn Form Essence-Orbital Structure of Venus-CDR-2012-GRAVEWISH
Schabernack-Egerlaender Schmankerl-WEB-DE-2010-ALPMP3
Schiller Mit Unheilig-Sonne-WEB-2012-VOiCE
Schwarzer Tetris Block - Schwarzer Tetris Block-DE-2009-CRUELTY
Sean Paul--Live at Chiemsee Reggae Summer Festival-DVBC-08-26-2012-OMA
Sebastian Lind--I Will Follow-2012-OMA
Sebastian Sturm--Live at Chiemsee Reggae Summer Festival-DVBC-08-26-2012-OMA
Sekhmet-Pomsta pekelnych legii-Reissue-2012-FiH
Selda - Are You Ready to Fly-Promo-CDR-2012-UME
Serpentcult-Raised by Wolves-2011-GRW
Seth Lakeman-Tales From The Barrel House-2012-SO
Seth Sentry-This Was Tomorrow-2012-OZM
Seven Sense-Yong Chun-Promo EP-CPOP-2012-TosK
Seven-The Art Is King-2012-KOPiE
Shadai And T.D.R-Iori Yagami-Clan Rmx EP-WEB-2012-FALCON
Sharon Doorson-Fail In Love-WEB-2012-gnvr
Sheldon-Dont Tell Me-SPE101-WEB-2004-DWM
Sick of It All--Live at Area4 Festival-DVBC-08-19-2012-OMA
Sideform - The Remixes EP YSEDEP007-WEB-2012-gEm
Sigur Ros--Live at Berlin Festival-DVBC-09-07-2012-OMA
Simian Ghost-Youth-2012-H3X
Sinik-La Plume et Le Poignard-FR-2012-SO
Sinistrary-Luz De Luna-ES-2012-GRAVEWISH
Sizarr--Live at Berlin Festival-DVBC-09-08-2012-OMA
Ska War and Sir Randha-Skankin Twins 2-2003-SDR
Skeletron and Prototype Hardcore-U Jelly-NOISTORM054-WEB-2012-BPM
Skeletron-Mental Paralysis-NOISTORM052-WEB-2012-BPM
Skism-Switch Playground Studio Brussel-CABLE-16-09-2012-1KING
Skream and Benga - BBC Radio1-SAT-09-14-2012-TALiON
Skream and Benga - BBC Radio1-SAT-09-21-2012-TALiON
Skunk Anansie - Black Traffic-2012-UNiCORN INT
Skunk Anansie-Black Traffic-2012-gnvr
Slam Coke-First Cookie Fick Die Bude Kaputt-2011-DeBT
Slavko Avsenik Und Seine Original Oberkrainer-Unvergaenglich Unerreicht Folge 14-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Smooth-Switch Playground Studio Brussel-CABLE-23-09-2012-1KING
Solace And Stable-Adaptation And The Seclusive Remedy-2009-KzT
Solace And Stable-The Systematic Erosion Of Integrity-2012-KzT
Son of Saturn-The Blackhole Speakeasy-2012-FrB
Sons Of Alpha Centauri-Conspiracy Theory-Web-2010-FKK
Specktors Feat Silas - Slaedemusik Edit-WEB-DK-2012-SCENARiO INT
Speedmaster-Burning Heart-SPE118-WEB-2006-DWM
Speedmaster-Dip It Low-SPE100-WEB-2004-DWM
Speedmaster-Highway Star-SPE18-WEB-2000-DWM
Speedmaster-Love Shine A Speedy Light-SPE38-WEB-2002-DWM
Speedmaster-Never Ending Story-SPE36-WEB-2002-DWM
Spooky-Once Upon A Time-SPE31-WEB-2001-DWM
Spooky-Sweet Love-SPE17-WEB-2000-DWM
Sportfreunde Stiller--Live at Area4 Festival-DE-DVBC-08-19-2012-OMA
Starcluster Feat Marc Almond-Smoke And Mirrors Rmx EP-WEB-2008-FALCON
Starcluster-Starcluster EP-WEB-2008-FALCON
Stefan Zauner-Zeitgefuehl-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Stefano Di Battista-Womans Land-2012-SNOOK
Stephanie Mills-Merciless-LP-1983-GCP
Stephen Malkmus-Stephen Malkmus-WIGCD90-CD-2001-k4 int
Steve Forbert-Over With You-WEB-2012-wAx
Steve Harris-British Lion-2012-KLV
Straight P-D.O.G. Deep Ohne Grund-DE-2012-NOiR
Streets Kill Strange Animals-Plan B Back To The Analog Time-CPOP-2012-CaHeSo
Stupeflip-Terrora T H I Live-FR-DVD BONUS-2012-JUST
Subversion Feat. System 3-Time Is Running-NOISTORM053-WEB-2012-BPM
Sundials-When I Couldnt Breathe-2012-pLAN9
Supergrass-I Should Coco-72438333502-2-CD-1995-k4 int
Systemoverload - Rise Of The Gods Immortals Anthem-DTB014D-WEB-2012-HB
Tanya Stephens--Live at Chiemsee Reggae Summer Festival-DVBC-08-25-2012-OMA
Taphephobia-Self Titled-2012-FiH
Tatana-You Cant Get In My Head-WEB-2012-SSR
TBMA-Escape Reality-PLAYTOO043-WEB-2012-BPM
Terveet Kadet-Musta Hetki-FI-2012-KALEVALA
Tes Elations-Tes Elations-2012-C4
Tesla-Into The Now-JP Import-2004-DeBT
Testor-Next Stop Insanity-2007-GRW
The Bamboos - Medicine Man TRUCD251-CD-2012-TALiON
The Black Opera-Entermission-2012-FTD
The Brothers Johnson-Welcome To The Club-VLS-1982-GCP INT
The Charlatans-Tellin Stories-Expanded Edition-2CD-2012-SO
The Dandelion War-We Were Always Loyal To Lost Causes-2012-FNT
The Dead Rose Music Company And Tomas Malo Dead-May Contain Samples EP MOCHI001-WEB-2011-MiNDTRiP
The Dead Rose Music Company-Four Songs EP LPH003-WEB-2012-MiNDTRiP
The Dodoz-Ghost-WEB-2012-SSR
The Epilogues - The Fallout Single-WEB-2012-FKK
The Fresh And Onlys-Long Slow Dance-2012-FNT
The Grief-Arise from Hell-2012-GRAVEWISH
The Headhunters - Survival of the Fittest Straight From the Gate-2CD-2012-UNiCORN INT
The Headhunters-Survival Of The Fittest-Straight From The Gate-2CD-Remastered-2012-FTD
The Helio Sequence-Negotiations-2012-FNT
The Hirsch Effekt-Holon Anamnesis-WEB-DE-2012-SDR
The Killers-Battle Born-Deluxe Edition-2012-pLAN9
The Magnetic North-Orkney Symphony Of-Promo-2012-pLAN9
The Main Ingredient-Euphrates River-LP-1974-GCP INT
The Maine-Pioneer And Good Love-Deluxe Edition-2012-404
The Neighbourhood-Im Sorry-Promo EP-2012-pLAN9
The New Shining-Cant Make Up My Mind-WEB-2012-gnvr
The Rolling Stones-Singles Collection The London Years-Remastered-JP Import-3CD-2008-DeBT
The Roys-New Day Dawning-WEB-2012-wAx
The Rubens-The Rubens-2012-MTD
The Script ft. Will I Am-Hall Of Fame-WEB-2012-gnvr
The Slag-The Big Beat Manifesto-PLAYTOO039-WEB-2012-BPM
The Soft Pack-Strapped-2012-FNT
The Soul Rebels Brass Band-Unlock Your Mind-Retail-2011-SO
The Souljazz Orchestra--Solidarity-STRUT086CD-WEB-2012-SHELTER
The Spinners-Down To Business-1989-0MNi
The Younguns--When Our Grandfathers Said No Promo-2012-OMA
Thee Oh Sees-Putrifiers II-EP-2012-FNT
This Or The Apocalypse-Dead Years-2012-FiH
Thomas White-Yalla-2012-404
Three Loco-Sampler-JEFF028-FREEWEB-2012-PWT INT
Throneum - Morbid Execution-Demonical Communion-Split EP-Vinyl-2010-GRW
Tiken Jah Fakoly--Live at Chiemsee Reggae Summer Festival-DVBC-08-24-2012-OMA
Tim Dog-Do Or Die-1993-GCP INT
Tim Dog-Penicillin On Wax-1991-GCP INT
Timo Raisanen-Endeavor-RAZZIA218-CD-2012-iPC
Title Fight-Floral Green-2012-pLAN9
TKKG-F179 Abzocke Im Online-Chat-DE-2012-VOiCE
Tocotronic--Live at Berlin Festival-DE-DVBC-09-07-2012-OMA
Tom Liwa-Gelogen-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Tommy B.-The Final Countdown-SPE12WEB-2000-DWM
Tony Anthem and Axl Ender-Backdraft-PLAYTOO037-WEB-2012-BPM
Trama Afona-Trama afonA-2010-GRW
Trapped Under Ice-Dirty Money-Split-EP-WEB-2008-iTS
Traumen von Aurora-Sehnsuchts Wogen-DE-2012-GRAVEWISH
Trevor Mac and Mr Mellow-Live at Moondoo Hamburg-SAT-10-14-2011-PTC
Tricky-Vulnerable Musical Selection-11162-CDM-2003-XTC
Trimbal James Blake-Confidence Boost-RS1210-WEB-2012-WC2R
Trinity-The Bronx-Web-2011-XXX
Triskele-Triade Nordique-Tape-FR-2008-GRW
TT - Opfer-Einheit-2006-CRUELTY
TT - Tragwerk 12-2006-CRUELTY
Tuk-Power Of The Soul EP-GEOEP009-WEB-2010-COiN
Tymon and Waldhaus-Indust We Trust-ISRDIGI029-WEB-2012-BPM INT
U Me 2 Feat. Anka-The Night-SFT01348-WEB-1997-DWM
Unknown Artist-Nocturnal Emissions 21 Liquid Radio-SAT-09-17-2012-PTC
Urban Fever Vol 105 - The Dance Edition-2012-UNiCORN INT
Urban Tokyo-Ichi Ni San San-SPE15-WEB-2000-DWM
Urban Tokyo-Over The Blue-SPE28-WEB-2001-DWM
Uruk-Hai-The Orcish Battle Hymns-Boxset-6CDR-2012-FiH
VA - 1000 Klassiekers Vol 3-5CD-2012-MnD
VA - Ballermann Megamix 2012-2CD-DE-2012-CENSORED
VA - Ballermann Sangria Party Vol.1-2CD-DE-2012-CENSORED
VA - Belpop De Eerste Vijftig Jaar-5CD-2012-MnD
VA - Best of Oesterreich 20 Hits aus Oesterreich-CD-DE-2012-CENSORED
VA - Deutsche Disco Box Vol.49-2CD-Bootleg-DE-2012-SYNDIKAT
VA - Die Grosse Schlager Starparade 2012 Folge 2-DE-2012-CENSORED
VA - Domain Hardcore Volume 3 Mixed by Neophyte And Panic-NEOCD21-WEB-2012-SRG
VA - Foute CD Van Q-Music Volume 11-PROPER-2CD-2012-SOB
VA - Goa Vol. 43-2CD-2012-gEm
VA - Looney Boom-2012-MYCEL
VA - Oktoberfest Megamix 2012-2CD-DE-2012-CENSORED
VA - Sports Megamix Vol.01-3CD-2012-CENSORED
VA - Sunshine Live Vol.43-3CD-2012-MvB
VA - Superprestige Hits Seizoen 2011-2012-2CD-2012-MnD
VA - The Beach 2012-2012-gEm
VA - This Is Hardcore-WEB-2012-HB INT
VA - Tribal Mechanics-2012-UPE
VA - Warner Music Promo Sampler September 05-Promo CDR-2012-ATRium
VA - Warner Music Promo Sampler September 06-Promo CDR-2012-ATRium
VA Promo Only Country Radio October-2012-UNiCORN INT
VA--Big Bad and Heavy Part 3-BBHDD003-WEB-2012-OMA
VA--DJ Hitparade Vol. 1-DE-2012-OMA
VA--Drum and Bass Arena Summer Selection 2012 B008FNOTR4-WEB-2012-OMA
VA--EMB Presents Levitation Planet Radio-DVBS-09-16-2012-OMA
VA--Foundations 2-DTR017-WEB-2012-SiBERiA iNT
VA--Juice Vol. 113-MAG-2012-OMA
VA--Rocks Vol. 5-MAG-2012-OMA
VA--RTL Sommerhits-2CD-2012-OMA
VA-40 Summer Trance Hits 2012 Vol 2-ARVA051-WEB-2012-wAx
VA-A Tribute to Emperor - In Honour of Icon E-2012-BERC
VA-Antibiotic Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Back On The Map Vol.1-2012-iTS
VA-Bad Ass-Original Motion Picture Soundtrack-WEB-2012-UMT
VA-Beer SQ-2CD-2012-FNTx
VA-Black Chaos-2011-GRW
VA-Boarische Landlermusi-WEB-DE-2008-ALPMP3
VA-Bundesvision Songcontest 2012-DE-2012-VOiCE
VA-Buttons From Champaign To Chicago-2012-WHOA
VA-China Rave Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Chronic Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Classic Rock-Fresh Fruit-Issue 176-MAG-2012-GRAVEWISH
VA-Classics 90 Mixed By Dj Mosko-2CD-2012-SO
VA-Colin Farrell-Hopewrecker-Lili Champ-Valve Drive-4 Way Split-Vinyl-2012-FATHEAD
VA-Cool Fire Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Daily Dose Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Dance Classics 51 And 52-2CD-2012-wAx
VA-Dbandit-Musicology Vol. 3-Bootleg-2012-0MNi
VA-Disco Wax Promo Sampler September 06-Promo CDR-2012-UME
VA-Disco Wax Promo Sampler September 07-Promo CDR-2012-UME
VA-Disco Wax Promo Sampler September 08-Promo CDR-2012-UME
VA-DJ Chief-Celebrate Vol. 6-Bootleg-2012-0MNi
VA-DJ Jason Chambers-Amnesia Cruise Edition-Bootleg-2012-0MNi
VA-DJ Jason Chambers-Amnesia Valentines Edition-Bootleg-2012-0MNi
VA-DJ Jester-Musicology Vol. 1-Bootleg-2011-0MNi
VA-DJ Jester-Musicology Vol. 2-Bootleg-2012-0MNi
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Black 109-2012-B2R
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Pop 176-2012-B2R
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mix 318-2012-B2R
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mix 319-2012-B2R
VA-DJ Promotion CD Pool Tech-Mix 320-2012-B2R
VA-DJ SFS-Amnesia Cruise Edition-Bootleg-2012-0MNi
VA-DJ SFS-Amnesia Valentines Edition-Bootleg-2012-0MNi
VA-Domain Hardcore Vol 3 Mixed By Neophyte And Panic-2CD-2012-wAx
VA-Dreamboats and Petticoats Presents Three Steps To Heaven-2CD-2012-SO
VA-Dreamchaser EP-PLAYTOO028-WEB-2012-BPM
VA-Fatality Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Future Classic Djs Compilation-FCL71A-WEB-2012-dh
VA-Ghetto Prayer Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Global Bass Vol 3-UW025LPD-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3
VA-Good Memories Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Grill Fly Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Guild Wars 2 Original Game Soundtrack-OST-4CD-2012-FNTx
VA-Herzausreisser - Neues vom Wienerlied-OST-AT-2008-KLV
VA-Hit Connection 2012.2-2012-SO
VA-I.Corrupt Records Compilation-CDR-2012-iTS
VA-Its Not Boring Its Ambient-2CDR-2012-iHF
VA-Jack To Phono Sampler 2012-Promo-2012-C4
VA-Je T Aime-2CD-2002-MAPHiA
VA-Jeunes Chanteuses Aux Vieilles Charrues-DVBS-2012-JUST
VA-Jungle Junkee-Reggae Cafe-Bootleg-2011-0MNi
VA-Kanye West Presents GOOD Music-Cruel Summer-2012-WHOA
VA-Kids On The Slope Original Soundtrack Plus More And Rare-OST-2012-FNTx
VA-King Turbo-Fusion-Bootleg-2012-0MNi
VA-King Turbo-Grown Folk Vol. 5-Bootleg-2012-0MNi
VA-Legacy Vol 80-MAG-2012-GRAVEWISH
VA-Life Is Change Vol 3-1993-SDR
VA-Long Journey Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Midwest Gangster Shit-Real Niggaz From The Chi Chapter II-Bootleg-Repack-2000-CR
VA-Midwest Gangster Shit-Real Niggaz From The Chi Chapter II-Bootleg-2000-CR
VA-Millennium Madness Vol. 2-4CD-DE-2000-SDR
VA-Most Wanted Hits 2-1999-DeBT iNT
VA-Moving Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Not Salsa Just Brutal Music-2008-GRW
VA-Nu-World Order Records Presents-The Nu World Order The Compilation-2004-CR
VA-Omega-Selected By Avizz-WEB-2012-FALCON
VA-Paradise Lounge Deluxe Edition-STH227-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3
VA-Party Pur Freche Hits Fuer Freche Zeiten-CD-2000-VOLDiES
VA-Perfect Key Riddim More-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-PH12 Mixed By Dyprax and Partyraiser-2CD-2012-hM
VA-Plattenbosse Aus Der Gosse-DE-2011-SDR
VA-Promo Only Alternative Club October-2012-XXL
VA-Reservoir Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Shake It Up Live 2 Dance-OST-Deluxe Edition-2012-C4
VA-Sonically Speaking Vol 64-MAG-2012-GCP
VA-Spiritual Jazz 3 Europe-JMANCD050-WEB-2012-USR
VA-Split Dimension 1-WEB-2011-FALCON
VA-Stu Bangas and Vanderslice-Diggas With Attitude-2012-FTD
VA-Sturm - Black Execution Depressive-2012-GRAVEWISH
VA-Sturm - Metal Assault-2011-GRW
VA-Summa Heat Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Sunday Cry Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Sunset Blvd Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Supa Soca 17 Read Nfo-Bootleg-2012-WiS
VA-Teriyaki Asthma Vols. I-V-1991-SDR
VA-The Rock Collection Night Rock-2CD-1991-DeBT iNT
VA-The Rolling Fog EP-DUADIGI001-WEB-2012-BPM
VA-Theres No Place Like Home-2002-SDR
VA-Too High To Move The Quiet Village Remixes-POMCD001-CD-2012-dh
VA-Too High To Move The Quiet Village Remixes-POMCD001-WEB-2012-dh
VA-Toppen Af Poppen 3-2CD-DK-2012-pLAN9x
VA-Tuff Love Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Ultimate Hip Hop and RnB-3CD-2009-SO
VA-Ultratop Hit Box 2012.03-2012-SO
VA-Visions All Areas Vol. 144-MAG-2012-gF
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Old Music Part28
  Others | Author: Admin | 14-03-2017, 05:59
Cruze And Ripps-Damage-TFOH007-WEB-2012-DWM
Current Value and Bryan Fury-Best Of Both Worlds EP-SMACKDOWN005-Vinyl-2012-hM
Cyanic-Litanies of Lust Unholy-2012-B2R
D Cruze--Importance Of Drums Holocaust-TPR12017-WEB-1998-SiBERiAx
D-Clone-Creation And Destroy-2012-hXc
Dabruck And Klein Vs Morgan Page - Liaison-WEB-2012-iDC
Damian Marley Tarrus Riley Wayne Marshall And T.O.K-Independence-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Damn Vandals-Done For Desire-2012-DECRyPTED
DAMNIAM-Damn The Beat-CDM-2009-SDR
Dan Bull-Dishonored-WEB-2012-FRAY
Dan Edge-Picks Me Up-ELEM046-WEB-2012-FaiLED
Dark 99--Pressure-BOY 8863-8-CDM-1994-CMC INT
Dark Opus-Ignominious Fundamentals-EP-2012-FiH
Darkside of Innocence-Xenogenesis-CDR-2012-FiH
Darrio-Hurry Up-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Darwin-I Found You-BB097-WEB-2011-DWM
Das Alpenchaos-Mei Bester Freind-WEB-DE-2009-ALPMP3
Das Fest-Babel Fishh James P Honey and James Reindeer-Marathonmann-Split-VLS-2012-NOiR
Daughter-His Young Heart-EP-2011-pLAN9
Daughter-The Wild Youth-EP-2011-pLAN9
Dave Skee Feat Niacin-Media Whore-AAA010-WEB-2012-DWM
David Garfit-Warning-NCT084-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3
Davide Van De Sfroos-Best Of 1999-2011-2CD-WEB-IT-2011-DGN
Dawgiss-The Reaction-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Deablo-Come Home-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Dead Existence-Dopefight-Untitled-Split-2009-GRW
Dean-P-The Voice-TNT130-WEB-2012-DWM
Dear Stalker-Whole Other Kind-CDS-2012-MTD
Debian Blak-Hawks and Spies Remix EP-FW91-WEB-2012-USR
Defib - Psypothiopis EP-GOAEP074-WEB-2012-NRG
Delta 9 and Fiend - From Hell With Love-ISRDIGI033-WEB-2012-HB
Demarco-Broad Out-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Demarco-Done See Dem-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Demarco-Nah Go Change-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Demoraliser-A Living Nightmare-2012-KzT
Denno-Wine And Brace-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Der Nino aus Wien-Live at Wiener Funkhaus-AT-SAT-04-21-2011-PTC
Destiny-Cocky Mechanic-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Detechtor - Sudden Invasion-WEB-2012-NRG
Deviate-Small Traces Of Life-1992-DeBT
Devilry-Curse The Trinity-Vinyl EP-2000-mwnd int
Devilry-Inhumane Regiment-Vinyl EP-2002-mwnd int
Devina Burn And Kid Kurupt Uncle Mucks-You And Me-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Devon Williams-Sufferer-VLS-2009-iTS
Devon Williams-Sympathy-VLS-2012-iTS
Diana Darby-I V Intravenous-2012-DECRyPTED
Die Aerzte-Ist Das Noch Punkrock-CDM-DE-2012-VOiCE
Die Bestesten-Ein Job Fuer Die Bestesten-VLS-DE-2012-NOiR
Die Jungen Zellberger-Ein Lied Aus Unseren Schoenen Bergen-DE-1997-ALPMP3
Die Jungen Zellberger-Ohne Garantie-DE-2000-ALPMP3
Die Toten Hosen-Altes Fieber-CDM-DE-2012-VOiCE
Dimonsium Chaotic-Labyrinthum Nebulae-2012-GRAVEWISH
Discarga-Musica Pra Guerra-PT-2009-D2H INT
Distortion-Alone Again-TNT127-WEB-2012-DWM
Distortion-Wherever You Will Go-TNT123-WEB-2012-DWM
DJ Clash-La Boum de Luxe-SAT-09-01-2012-PTC
DJ Ferro and Mc Def - Ne Voglio Ancora Remixes-8033749222329-WEB-2012-YOU
DJ Fnk-Trippy-DGTLTK 033-WEB-2012-GTi
Dj Jairo feat Yoan-Kalin-Promo CDS-FR-2012-K0K INT
DJ Khaled Mavado French Montana And Ace Hood-Suicidal Thoughts Remix-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
DJ Mad Axe--Fire And Ice-WAFT 3-VINYL-1992-CMC INT
DJ Massive--Massive Overload-12 MKT 1-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
DJ Massive--The Intelligent Hardcore EP Part 1-LB 38-VINYL-1993-CMC INT
DJ Shiven-A Beginning-DGTLTK 034-WEB-2012-GTi
DJ System-System Dub-DVBC-06-10-2012-1KING
Doc Nasty - Broken Angel-SFR31-WEB-2012-BTA
Doc Nasty-Alien Frequencies-RAR 091-WEB-2012-GTi
Don Davis-The Matrix-OST-1999-EiTheLMP3 INT
Donant Pel Sak-Sempre Diferent-CAT-2012-VPE
Donots--So Long-WEB-2012-OMA
Doomsday Axe-Total Holocaust-Demo-CDR-2012-FiH
Dopefight - GURT-Untitled-Split-VLS-2012-GRAVEWISH
Dougal And Gammer-Orbit-EPP079-WEB-2012-FaiLED
Dougal And Gammer-Your One-EP078-WEB-2012-FaiLED
Douwe Bob-Multicoloured Angels-WEB-2012-gnvr
Dramamine-Green Horse-WEB-2011-iTS
Drop and Audiodrop - The Narrow Way-PM0039-WEB-2012-NRG
Druid And Heatwave--Music For The 90s-HVR007-VINYL-1995-CMC INT
Dual Vision - Paradisiac Waves-ONMX001-WEB-2012-NRG
Dusk - Bad Bwoy EP-NOIZE113-WEB-2012-TALiON
Dustin OHalloran-Piano Solos-SPLTR0006-CD-2004-k4 int
Dys7-DJ Play My Song-SCR010-WEB-2012-DWM
E Dee-Bruk Whyne-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
E-Clip - Troublemaker EP INM1DIGI085-WEB-2012-gEm
Early Graves-Red Horse-2012-FNT
Eek A Mouse-Slim Thing-Promo CDS-2007-YVP INT
Egorythmia - Most Wanted YSEDEP010-WEB-2012-gEm
Einherjer-Far Far North-Vinyl EP-1997-mwnd int
Ekca Liena--Downer Supine-EF.0040-WEB-2011-SiBERiA
Electric Universe - Psystep EP EUR005-WEB-2012-gEm
Elephant Man And Ding Dong-Crocodile-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Elephant Man-Badman Style-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Elephant Man-Dash Wata-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Elephant Man-Real Badman-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Elephant Man-Xmas Party-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Ellende-Ruckzug in die Innerlichkeit-Tape-2012-FiH
Ellie Goulding-Halcyon-Bonus Tracks-2012-C4
Encoffination-Elegant Funerals For the Unknown Dead-MLP-2012-B2R
Enkelz - ...Dassdieerste...-DE-CD-2005-SRG
Epik High-99-KR-CD-2012-FRAY
Epoxy - Burning-STEP029-WEB-2012-BTA
Eptic-UKF vs Rampage Lotto Arena-STREAM-09-30-2012-COiN INT
Eradicator--Shortage Of Oxygen-FISCH 005-VINYL-1994-CMC INT
Errol Dunkley-Repatriation-VLS-1980-YARD
Erykah Badu-On And On-CDM-1997-GCP
Escher - Rugged - Late Snare-NARRATIVES003-WEB-2012-BTA
Esquizofrenia-La Orden Del Castigo-EP-ES-2012-GRAVEWISH
Esther Burns--The Genius Of The Crowd-EF.0063-WEB-2012-SiBERiA
Etana And Busy Signal-Love Love Love-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Eterna--You And Me For The Eternity-ZYX 7832-8-CDM-1995-CMC INT
Europa Park - Horror Nights Starring Marc Terenzi-Hfcd-91007199-CD-2012-ZzZz
Europa Park - Original Soundtrack And Theme-01CD-CD-2011-ZzZz
Europa Park - Wodan Timbur Coaster-02CD-CDM-2012-ZzZz
Eva Bai-Barbie Queen-EP-CPOP-2012-TosK
Extortion and Cold World--Split-LP-2012-iTS
Extreme-More than Words-75021 7515 2-CDS-1990-B2A INT
Eyesus And I Octane-Rave All Night-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
EZ Icarus-Ez Ghost Busterz-NRGEZGHSTBZ-WEB-2012-GTi
Fabian And Pickney-Jiggle Your Body-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Fabian And Tash-Its In The Books-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Fambo-Who Does That-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Fanum And Parchim-Coniunctio-Limited Edition-2012-D2H
Farmer Nappy-Minglin-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Fay Ann Lyons-We Doin This Owah-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Feine Sahne Fischfilet-Komplett Im Arsch-WEB-DE-2012-SDR
Ferbi Boys-Matrixx-WEB-2012-FALCON
Fiona-Hopelessly Devoted-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Fire Empress And Fusion-Secrets-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Follow Your Instinct feat Samu Haber-No Matter What They Say-CDS-2012-SSR
Formless Terror-Sovereign Chaos Authority-2011-GRW
Forty Mc-Familybizz-LP-DE-2012-NOiR
Forufreezer - Forufreezer-EP-IBR012-WEB-2012-HQEM
Foxes-Live At Bi Nuu Berlin-DVBS-2012-JUST
Fracus-Next To Me-BB096-WEB-2011-DWM
Funk Truck - Japan Online EP-CROTUSCD31-WEB-2012-NRG
Further Seems Forever-Penny Black-2012-FNT
Furze-First Feast For Freedom-Vinyl EP-2000-mwnd int
Future And Cham-Turn On The Lights Remix-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
G Wayne And Honorebel-Lucky Charm-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Gamble 202--Serena-23-012-VINYL-1994-CMC INT
Gaurithoth-Huoravasara-Vinyl EP-2004-mwnd int
Gavin G - Phantom-BFR053-WEB-2012-YOU
Get The Shot-Perdition-2012-SS4B
Ghetto Intello Didi G Fasta And Micky Mick-Ou Ka Menti Too Much-Promo CDS-2011-YVP INT
Ghettolandz-Ginuwine Thoughtz Bw Mic Hot-VLS-1997-FTD
GIA-Lights Out-8141300 16363-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3
Gina Star And Laza Morgan-I.W.I.N-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Glavio-Crash Test Zombies-CDR-2011-DiTCH
Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova - Live at Moments Bremen-10-14-DVBC-2009-UME
Glen Porter-The Devil is a Dancer the Piper is a Madman-Vinyl-EP-2012-NOiR
Global Hardcore Source--G Rave-RTD 364.1008.0-VINYL-1994-CMC INT
Grand Beast Sodomy-Fuck the Holy Trinity-Tape-2012-FiH
Grand Nocturne-Journey-Demo-Tape-2012-FiH
Grandmaster Flash-All Wrapped Up-VLS-1987-GCP
Grasshopper X Softhard-GHVSSH-EP-CPOP-2012-TosK
Grave Digger - Home at Last-EP-2012-MCA int
Grift-Twisted Paradigm of Light-EP-2012-GRAVEWISH
Guadana-Matar Por Matar-SP-EP-2006-wWs
Guillaume and The Coutu Dumonts-Nightflight-SAT-10-21-2012-PTC
Guy-Teddys Jam-VLS-1988-GCP INT
Gyptian And Maja Current-Hold On-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Gyptian-Prettiest Girl-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Gyptian-Stomp It Harder-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Hannah Georgas-Hannah Georgas-2012-C4
Hardcore Masterz Vienna - Nuclear Disaster EP-MRV169H-WEB-2012-SRG
Harry Keyworth-Flux EP-JTP036-WEB-2012-USR
Harry Toddler And Motion-Broad Tail-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Hartbless-Dont Diss Gaza Don-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Harvest-The Call - Bare Riddim-GRIDUK053DD-WEB-2012-USR
HateHordes-A.A.G.A.D.U 777-Antikosmos Assault 666-Demo-Tape-2011-FiH
Hector-Cold Specks-WEB-2012-SSR
Hellsystem - Devil Face EP-HM2796-WEB-2012-HB
Hideous Rebirth-Partially Devoured-2012-B2R
Hit-Rock and Roll Szerelem-Uveghegy-Vinyl EP-HU-1982-gF
Hitmaker-Nah Bawl-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Hitmaker-No Fren-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Hixxy And Technikore-Home Alone-HTID019-WEB-2012-FaiLED
Hixxy Vs Dave Castellano And Fat Steve-Falling-HTID005-WEB-2012-FaiLED
Hocus Pocus Featuring Ramirez--Heres Johnny-DTR 1064-VINYL-1993-CMC INT
Holger Burner-Kampfansage-LP-DE-2012-NOiR
Holyhell - Apocalypse-EP-2007-MCA int
Holyhell - Darkness Visible-EP-2012-MCA int
Hooverphonic-Renaissance Affair-WEB-2012-SSR
House Of Lewdness--Casablanca Nights-OS 026-VINYL-1994-CMC INT
Housefires-Before The Ceiling Caves-EP-2012-MTD
Howlin Wolf-Message To The Young-Remastered-2012-SO
Huw M-Gathering Dusk-2012-DECRyPTED
Hyland-Finding Our Way-2012-FNT
Hypnocoustics-Black Box-WEB-2012-FALCON
I Octane And Bounty Killer-Badmind Dem A Pree-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
I Octane-Fly Over Badmind People-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Ian K Skeets-Were Going Down-PIL09-WEB-2011-FaiLED
Icona Pop-Live At Bi Nuu Berlin-DVBS-2012-JUST
Idlefingerz-Dust Off-DLAB 397-WEB-2012-GTi
Ike Strong-Boogie Land-VLS-1981-GCP
Illscarlett-2012 EP-2012-SSR
Immortal-Call Of The Wintermoon-Bootleg Vinyl EP-1991-gF
Impaled Nazarene-Enlightenment Process-Vinyl EP-2012-mwnd int
Imperador Belial-Journey Back to Hell-Demo-Tape-2011-FiH
Indicus III--Green Parallels-IPC001-VINYL-1995-CMC INT
Indigo - Symbol 7-AUXSYM007-WEB-2012-DD
Infamous DJ Haze-The Color Purple-2012-SO
Inferno-Fagyhamu-Sacrifice For Black Metal Magic - Flames Of Torment Split-Vinyl EP-2006-gF
Ingler--357 Kcal-PTH005-VINYL-1995-CMC INT
Inopexia-Myocardical Biopsy Had a Lethal Outcome-2012-GRAVEWISH
Intel Outside--Intelligence-23-041-VINYL-1996-CMC INT
Interpulse - Interpulse-EP-OPNDG005-WEB-2008-HQEM
Invisible Reality And Vice - Nightrunner-PQ311-2012-HQEM
Iration-Sample This-EP-2008-FAM
Isa Christ - New England Colors-Tape-2010-CRUELTY
Israeli Sphinx - Rounders EP-GEOEP085-WEB-2012-NRG
Iyara-Bad Inna Real Life-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
J Riskit-Vuori I-CDEP-FI-2012-uC
J.Rabbit - Learning to Time Travel EP-ROTD101-WEB-2012-TALiON
Jabulani-Full It Up-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Jack Beauregard-Live At Bi Nuu Berlin-DVBS-2012-JUST
Jah Cure-Give Thanks For Life-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Jah Vinci And IQ-Jingle Bell-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Jah Vinci And Twin Of Twinz-Jah Is-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Jah Vinci-Kill Dem Fast-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Jah Vinci-Lets Rock-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Jakes - Somebody Say feat. Sgt Pokes-HENCH039DA-WEB-2012-BTA
Jamie N Commons - Live at Airport Tempelhof Berlin-09-08-DVBC-2012-UME INT
Jamsey P-Obama Will Survive-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Janine Johnson - Constant Evolution-SED6014-WEB-2012-YOU
Jawsmoke - Nite Lite - Palo Santo - Molly-Split-Tape-2010-CRUELTY
Jay Sean-So High EP-WEB-2012-FRAY
Jeff Lynne - Long Wave-2012-UNiCORN INT
Jeff Lynne-Long Wave-2012-404
Jeff Lynne-Long Wave-WEB-2012-wAx
Jelly Toast-Eskapada-2011-SDR
Jelly Toast-Wir Sind Schuld-CDM-DE-2006-SDR
JH-No Fear-JL03-WEB-2012-FaiLED
Jim Jones Revue-The Savage Heart-2012-404
JNM Trax Volume 1-Return Of The Homeraver SUCK 041-12-VINYL-1995-CMC INT
John Frusciante-Letur-Lefr-2012-JUST
Joshua-The Outsiders-2012-SO
Junior Reid-Same Boat-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Justin Jude-5 Kinds Of Rain-2012-DECRyPTED
K Rich-Wine Back-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Kaine Haler - Kook-WEB-2012-iDC
Kalado-Squeeze It-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Kapelle Vorwaerts-Solidaarismuus-DE-2012-iTS
Karamanti-Read-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Katherine Jenkins-This Is Christmas-2012-C4
Kato Og Electric Lady Lab - Alive-WEB-2012-SCENARiO INT
Kay Bianco - Ce Di Piu-NSCD 112-WEB-IT-2012-ZzZz
Kelissa-Burning-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Kelly Clarkson-Catch My Breath-WEB-2012-FRAY
Kent-Tand Pa-CDS-2012-GCP
Keny Arkana-Gens Presses-WEB-FR-2012-K0K
Keoma-Otvots Orbit-2012-KALEVALA
Kes The Band-Thief A Wine-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Kevin Washington-Pleasure In Love-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Keygenlog-Hacker-WEB-2012-CRN WEB
Khago-Greenlight-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Kill Life-DEA Dead End America-VLS-2012-GRAVEWISH
Kim G Reem-Love Song-KR-WEB-2012-FRAY
Kim Larsen Og Kjukken - Soed Symfoni-WEB-DK-2012-SCENARiO INT
Kimberly Nain-L.O.V.E-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Kinderen Voor Kinderen-Hallo Wereld-WEB-NL-2012-gnvr
Kinetic Dissent - I Will Fight No More Forever-Remastered-Digipak-2007-MCA int
King Asar-Heart Affi Strong-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Kitten-Cut It Out-EP-2012-C4
Klever - Money Stacks EP-TBMP3106-WEB-2012-BTA
KLRGRM - Big Bad Wolf EP-DON033-WEB-2012-BTA
KMC-Somebody to Touch Me-ZYX 7908-8-CDM-1995-B2A INT
Knaan-Country God Or The Girl-Bonus Tracks-2012-C4
Koma Club And DJ Florian--Micro G-VOL 074-VINYL-1994-CMC INT
Koma Klub--Power In Your Minds-VOL 081-VINYL-1994-CMC INT
Kommando Elefant-Live at Chelsea Musicplace Vienna-AT-SAT-10-28-2012-PTC
Konshens-Take You Ova-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Krys-Alcool and Dancehall-WEB-FR-2012-K0K
Kukerpillid-Rahvalikke Laule-Vinyl EP-EE-1976-gF
Kukoo Da Baga Bonez-Unreleased Demos 94-97-VLS-2012-FrB
Kylie Minogue-Flower-WEB-2012-gnvr
L. Tha Head Toucha-Too Complex-VLS-1997-FTD INT
Laden And Snypa King-Ruff Out Deh-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Lady Saw-Heels On-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Lamont Dozier-The Quiets Too Loud-CDM-1991-GCP
Lara Liang-Free Spirit-CPOP-2012-TosK
Lascowiec-Unbroken Spirit-CD-2012-GRAVEWISH
Laserdance--Future Generation-GLX 9027-CD-1987-CMC INT
Lashdown-A New Page-EP-2012-iTS
Latex And W Van Den Bergh--Panic In Rotterdam Vol 1-PANIC-VINYL-1992-CMC INT
Laza Morgan-Love Me 2-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Lee Majors And Matt Blaque-What Mobstaz Do-2012-CR
Leftside Dr. Evil-Naughty-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Leftside-Lightning And Thunder-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Leila Chicot-Lov Intans-WEB-FR-2012-K0K
Leonie Meijer-Niemand Als Jij-WEB-NL-2012-gnvr
Levek-Look A Little Closer-Promo-2012-pLAN9
Li Hang Liang-One For Love-EP-CPOP-2012-COCMP3
Life Support-Broken Record-EP CDR-2012-iTS
Liquid Bass--In Full Effect Remixes-ZYX 7422R-12-VINYL-1994-CMC INT
Lisa Hyper And Laza Morgan-Gangsta Girl-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Lisa Hyper-Anywhere We Buck-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Lisa Hyper-Money Dont Sleep-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Listening Mirror--From Dreams-EF.0017-WEB-2011-SiBERiA
Live Fast Die Fast-The End Of What We Know-CDR-2011-hXc
Lizards Have Personalities-Adaje-Split-7inch-Vinyl-2012-FiH
Lord Snow-EP-CDREP-2011-DeBT iNT
Loreen-My Heart Is Refusing Me-WEB-2012-SSR
Louisiana Jones - Boom City-HAR174-WEB-2012-BTA
LPSD-Lyrical Prophets Strictly Dope EP-Vinyl-2012-FTD
Luke White-Outside In-2012-DECRyPTED
Lupin - Fuera De Orbita YSEDEP003-WEB-2012-gEm
Lust-In The Name Of Pleasure In The Name Of Lust-EP-2001-wWs INT
Lust-Possessed-2007-wWs INT
Luther-Siblings And Sevens-2011-FNT
Luv Aka Teflon-They Cant Stop Me Now-2004-CR
Lyctum - Ancient Groove-SYNCD166-WEB-2012-HQEM
Lyctum-Future Intelligence-WEB-2012-WAV
Lynch Mob-Sound Mountain Sessions-EP-2012-PMS
Machel Montano-She Ready-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis-The Heist-Deluxe Edition-2012-FTD
Mad Bwoy And Gregory Isaacs-Rumors-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Mad General-No Time To Ways-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Mad Lion And Eddley Shine-Just Dat Crazy-VLS-200X-YARD
Mainstreet-Stop The Time-WEB-NL-2012-gnvr
Major Notes-Rokit-HRR002-WEB-2012-USR
Manolo Tarancon-Reflexiones-ES-2012-VPE
Marc Rizzo - Downside Up-WEB-2012-FKK
Marianne Nowottny And Barry Schwabsky-A Voice Hears You From Mysterious Places-2012-C4
Marie Key-De Her Dage-DK-2012-pLAN9x
Martyrium-Ideology Of Death-2001-gF
Masakari-Grin And Bear It-Split-WEB-2012-iTS
Masicka-Nah Cry-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Massgrav-Still The Kings-12inch-Vinyl-SE-2012-hXc
Masters Hammer-Transgalakticky Reznik - Barva Kosmu-7Inch Vinyl-CZ-2012-211
Masticksoul Feat David Anthony And Taylor Jones - Hurricane-WEB-2012-iDC
Mathijs Rumping-Young Ones From The Voice Of Holland-WEB-2012-gnvr
Matt Gonzo Roehr - Alles Aendert Sich-DE-CDS-2012-SRG
Matthew Koma-Parachute-WEB-2012-SSR
Mavado-Invisible-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Mavado-This Morning-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Mayhem and Antiserum - BayTL Dub-SMOG018-WEB-2012-TALiON
Meagashira - I Will Rise Now-AFTER008-WEB-2012-HB
Mechanical - Solar Winds-WEB-2012-NRG
Mechanimal Vs Spinal Fusion - Lunar Rains EP-PREP004-WEB-2012-NRG
Medze--Esprit Libre-MAXI-FR-2004-WUS
Mega Banton G Loc And Singer J-Badman Style-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Megalith Grave-Through Clandestine Thickets-Demo-Tape-2012-FiH
Melanie Amaro-Love Me Now-WEB-2012-FRAY
Melodica Deathship-The Sunken Path EP-WEB-2012-DEF
Mental Flow - Defenders Of The Moon-EP-OVN1DW058-WEB-2012-HQEM
Mental Flow - Spring Back-EP-OVN1DW051-WEB-2012-HQEM
MF Doom-Hoe Cakes BW Potholderz-Promo VLS-2004-GCP INT
MGK-Lace Up-Bonus Tracks-2012-C4
Michael Allan-Carnival Baby-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Michael Jackson-Bad-VLS-1987-GCP INT
Michael Jackson-Give In To Me-EPC-658946-2-CDM-1993-MAPHiA INT
Mighty Ki La-Ass Des Ass-WEB-FR-2012-K0K
Miguel-Adorn Remix-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Mikerobenics--Replika-GAMB 010-6-VINYL-1996-CMC INT
Mindwave - Enlightenment EP INM1DIGI086-WEB-2012-gEm
Miracles-Hudo Mudie And Fred Jacques Present-2012-FNT
Misanthrop and Aqua Luminus III.-6 Years Later-Vinyl-EP-2012-NOiR
Mizz Beats-My World-MEDI026-WEB-2012-WC2R
Mock and Toof-My Head-TINC006-WEB-2012-USR
Modest Intentions-Only Once-WEB-2012-CRN WEB
Moh Denebi-In Tune-WEB-2012-gnvr
Monica Molina-Mar Blanca-WEB-ES-2012-ASS
Monocoolar--Typhoon-NINE 004-VINYL-1994-CMC INT
Monster Truck-The Brown-EP-2011-MTD
Mood-Telepathy EP-Vinyl-2012-FTD
Moog--Mastermind-SPEC 103-VINYL-1997-CMC INT
Morbus Chron-A Saunter Through The Shroud-10Inch Vinyl-2012-211
Morlockk Dilemma-Morlockko Plus the Instrumentals 2-Vinyl EP-2012-NOiR
Morning Again-The Cleanest War-1996-DeBT iNT
Mouldy Soul-Hypersquelch EP-COL019DIGI-WEB-2011-USR
Moullinex-Take My Pain Away-GOMMA177-WEB-2012-CBR
Mr Cloudy--Transaction With Mind Moon Dub-EF0089-WEB-2012-SiBERiA
Mr. G And Cubanis-Real Boss-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Mr. Vegas-Bare Tingz-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Mr. Vegas-Party Tun Up Remix-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Mr. Vegas-Slow Wine-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Mujeres-Soft Gems-Vinyl-2012-MTD
Munga-When The Love Get Nice-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
N.Phect - Machines-Blackwhite-OBSE017-WEB-2012-YOU
Naiad-Hardcore Emotion-Limited Reissue-2012-DeBT
Nasty Djangos--Ey Fukkas-DE 2008-VINYL-1992-CMC INT
Natty Freq-Broken Crown EP-TUFF031-WEB-2012-WC2R
Natural Elements-Lost Demos and Instrumentals EP-Vinyl-2012-FTD
Nature-Trying Man-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Navino-Age Is Just A Number-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Navino-Shell Down Freestyle-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Necrotorture-Gore Solution-2012-DiTCH
Nectar--Girl He Is Fine-BOY 8878-12-VINYL-1996-CMC INT
Nena-Das Ist Nicht Alles-WEB-DE-2012-VOiCE
New Kids On The Block-Ill Be Loving You Forever-VLS-1989-GCP
New Kidz Baby Chris And Ding Dong-Street Pledge-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Nias-Live At Bi Nuu Berlin-DVBS-2012-JUST
Nico-Target GO 1941-6-VINYL-1996-CMC INT
No Limits Project - Duende-10046777-WEB-2012-TALiON
No Mas No-Aquel Que Tanto odias-SP-2005-wWs INT
No Turning Back-No Regrets-2012-iTS
North Bronx Alliance and Aiello Wilson-The NY Kings EP-Vinyl-2012-FTD
Nu-Direction - Platinum EP-PHRECS047-WEB-2012-YOU
Nuclear Death Terror-Blood Fire Chaos Death-12inch-Vinyl-2012-hXc
Oberkrainer Musikanten-Spielen Flott Auf-DE-1989-ALPMP3
Oberkrainer Sextett Janes Kalsek-Oberkrainer Wunschkonzert-DE-1974-ALPMP3
Oberkrainer Sextett Janes Kalsek-Oberkrainer Wunschkonzert-DE-REPACK-1974-ALPMP3
Obie Trice-Got Some Teeth-Promo CDM-2003-GCP INT
OBL--The Prison System-23-LIM-002-VINYL-1995-CMC INT
Oceana-Put Your Gun Down-WEB-2012-BPM
Oddball--Fear Of Death-23-038-VINYL-1996-CMC INT
Oerkenens Soenner-Varm Luft I Canal Grande-DK-2012-pLAN9x
Of Monsters and Men - Live at SWR3 New Pop Festival Baden-Baden-09-13-DVBC-2012-UME
Olde York-Shallow World-2012-FiH
Ophidian and D-Passion - The Expected Unknown-ENZYME041-WEB-2012-HB
Ordog-Blasphemy And Hate-Demo-Tape-2011-FiH
Organ Thieves-Somewhere Between Free Men And Slaves-Bonus DVD-2012-MTD
Orig. Alpenland Quintett-Ein Tiroler Auf St. Pauli-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Orig. Tiroler Spatzen-So A Edelweiss-DE-1994-ALPMP3
Original Grenzland Sextett-A Musi Aus Tirol-DE-1996-ALPMP3
Original Thriller-Marker Song-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Orlando Octave-Her Body-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Osculum Infame-Consuming the Metatron-2012-FiH
Outbound-Far Away-WEB-2012-B2R
Outloud - More Catastrophe-EP-2012-MCA int
P.E.M. - Aim Locate-DTR120-WEB-2012-NRG
Pablo Gargano--Definition Of A Track-EVE 96002-VINYL-1996-CMC INT
Pagan Altar-The Time Lord-EP Remastered-2012-RTB
Painbringer - Afterglow The Remix-MOK131R-WEB-2012-HB
Painbringer - Afterglow-MOK131-WEB-2012-HB
Painkiller-The Loop-WEB-2012-FALCON
Palm Reader-Palm Reader-EP-CDR-2012-iTS
Palmetto Moon Electronic Group - Palmetto Moon Electronic Group-Tape-2011-CRUELTY
Pandoras Box-Halalkatlan-A Bolond-Vinyl EP-HU-1981-gF
Paper Tongues - Amen Feat. Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D-WEB-2012-FKK
Paranoia Department--Disturbance And Forgotten Diseases-EF.0059-WEB-2012-SiBERiA
Pat Metheny Group-American Garage-Reissue-2002-DeBT iNT
Patchbay - Its All About Music-MSCR013-WEB-2012-NRG
Paul Glazby - Anabolic Catabolic-VCR060-WEB-2007-Homely
Paul Glazby - Genetically Modified-VCR065-WEB-2007-Homely
Paul Glazby - Kick It-VCR001-WEB-2000-Homely
Pepita And Vybz Kartel-Roll Out-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
PH1 And Major Arcana--Greater Than Science-ACID 002-VINYL-1993-CMC INT
Phrenik - Knock Em Down EP-DR040-WEB-2012-BTA
Pigeon-Oh Hebe-CDS-2012-MTD
Pitbull featuring TJR-Dont Stop The Party-WEB-2012-VOiCE
Pixelord-Supaplex EP-CIV039D-WEB-2012-WC2R
Placid K - Brush Em Off-TRAX0103-WEB-2012-HB
Porta Nigra-Megalomaniac-7Inch Vinyl-2012-211
Postumus-Adversus Vos-Demo-Tape-2012-FiH
POX-Insanity Is No Disgrace-Trackfix-Vinyl-2012-SDR
Primary-Primary And The Messengers LP-KR-WEB-2012-FRAY
Prince Pin-Demon A Dead-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Public Enemy-911 Is A Joke-VLS-1990-GCP INT
Pur--Der Bestmoegliche Versuch-CDM-DE-2012-OMA
PUR-Der bestmoegliche Versuch-WEB-DE-2012-VOiCE
Pyrodox - Darkness EP-BSCR05-WEB-2012-BTA
Quitara - Poisonous-IMPHCDIG001-WEB-2012-HB
Raglans-Long Live-Promo EP-2012-pLAN9
Rahovart - Nurnen-Fleshless Rituals of Devotion - Scorn and Integrity-Split-2006-GRW
Rainy Day Women-Sleigh Bed-EP-2012-MTD
Rakim-Im Back-VLS-2008-FrB
Rameses B-Pegasus-WEB-2012-CRN WEB
Randomer-We Laugh We Scream-HEK018-Vinyl-2012-BNP INT
Randomer-We Laugh We Scream-HEK018-WEB-2012-WC2R
Ranger - She Must Die-SOAD003-WEB-2012-BTA
Raped God-Tyrant Ressurection-Limited Edition-EP-2005-wWs
Rashanto Jah Senye And A Mili-Party Rum-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Raw Theory - Meltdown-Flight Path-VPRVIP016-WEB-2012-YOU
RDX-W.T.F-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
RDX-Wine It Up-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Rebels Bay-Carry On-EP-2012-FiH
Recondite-DRGN - Wist 365-HFT025-WEB-2012-WC2R
Red Army-Alienography-Xenophobia-OA035-WEB-2012-CBR
Red Eyed Devil-Demo 2-2012-DeBT
Red Mongoose - Breathe EP-SUB018-WEB-2012-TALiON
Red Rat-Bun Christmas-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Redd Man Uk-Real Gangstas-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Restos De Tragedia-Tiro De Gracia-Hardcore Revolucion-Desgarrando Entranas-Split-ES-2008-D2H INT
Rewind--I Get Up-PROMO-RED003-2012-WUS
Rewind--Love Yourself-EP-RED007-2012-WUS
Richie Loop-Honey Money-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Richie Spice-Soothing Sounds Acoustic-TRCD 0747-CD-2012-211
Richie Stephens And Gentleman-I Found Heaven-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Rihanna-Diamonds-2012-MW3 iNT
Ritmo And Egorythmia-Spin It Remixes-WEB-2012-WAV
Ritualmord-Invert the Cross-Demo-Tape-2008-FiH
Riverge-Raid for Riverging-2012-GRAVEWISH
Rocky-Body Slammin-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Rolling Stones-Doom And Gloom-WEB-2012-gnvr
Roman Hard-Drum In Your Face-WEB-2012-CRN WEB
Roosbeef - Waruem EXCEL96318-CD-NL-2012-TALiON
Roska - Blurry - Spearhead-TEC065-WEB-2012-BTA
Rost--La Voix Du Peuple-FR-SNIPPET-PROMO-2004-WUS INT
Royal Hunt - Far Away Jap. Ed.-CDM-1995-MCA int
Ruback-Endless Soul-WEB-2012-FALCON
Ruffryder - Dropping Beats-T3RDM197D-WEB-2012-SRG
S-Type-Billboard EP-LM013-WEB-2012-USR
S.Kiv Le Teknicien--Exakt-EP-FR-1997-WUS
S3rl-Shoulder Boulders-EMF016-WEB-2012-FaiLED
Sacrilege-The Lost Tapes-7Inch Vinyl-2012-211
Sam Holden-Skinny Love From The Voice Of Holland-WEB-2012-gnvr
Samo Sound Boy - 5 Dollar Paradise EP-BH009-WEB-2012-BTA
Sams-Gestlude Feat. Youssoupha-WEB-FR-2012-0MNi
Sams-Gestlude 2-WEB-FR-2012-0MNi
Sanna-Mari Titov-Hiekkaa Saharaan-WEB-FI-2012-KALEVALA
Satanic Warmaster-Bloody Ritual-Vinyl EP-2012-gF
Sawoff Shotgun-Live at Wiener Funkhaus-SAT-04-21-2011-PTC
Sean Caruth And Devon Matthews-Whole Day-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Sean Pang-Etudes-EP-CPOP-2012-TosK
Sektarism-Le Son des Stigmates-2012-FiH
Sergio Delanua - La Tua Immagine Dentro Di Me-ANT-PRO 007-WEB-IT-2006-ZzZz
Serial Killer Smile-The Elephant In The Room-EP-2012-MTD
Seven Lions-Days To Come-OWS023-WEB-2012-DOSENPFAND
Shalli And Tiwony-I Fly Remix-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Shockone - Chaos Theory-VPR047-WEB-2012-YOU
Shreddy Krueger-Curses-EP-2012-FiH
Shurwayne Winchester-Give It To Me-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Shurwayne Winchester-Tonight-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Shut Up and Dance--Raving Im Raving Remix-RTD 128.1428.3-CDM-1992-CMC INT
Sidonie-Let It Shine-WEB-2003-ASS
Simon Paradis-EP04-American Bittern-WEB-2012-iTS
Simon Paradis-EP05-Roasted Chicken-WEB-2012-iTS
Sinister Souls - Flatliner Remixes-SUBSCUM010-WEB-2012-BTA
Sister-Deadboys Making Noise-EP-2009-GRW
Sivyi Yar-Towards to Twilight-RU-2012-FiH
Sizzla-Head Over Heels-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Sizzla-Temperature-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Skampy Bustin - He is Dead-10046036-WEB-2012-YOU
Skeletal Remains-Desolate Isolation-Demo-Tape-2011-FiH
Skism-UKF vs Rampage Lotto Arena-STREAM-09-30-2012-COiN INT
SL2--On A Ragga Tip-NT 004 92-VINYL-1992-CMC INT
Slammin Jack--Stop The Rain-23-028-VINYL-1995-CMC INT
Slow Moving Millie-Renditions-2011-SO
Smote - Star City EP-CLS2012027-WEB-2012-YOU
Sohyang-Horse Doctor OST Part.1-KR-WEB-2012-FRAY
Solange-Losing You-WEB-2012-DGN
Solution-Goodside-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Soulbound - Towards the Sun-2012-CRUELTY
South London Ordnance-Trojan Pacific-WRND015-WEB-2012-DEF
Spag Heddy - Delirium-basserk00070-WEB-2012-BTA
Spanish Moss-Kelp-Vinyl-2012-MTD
Special Forces-World Domination-12inch-Vinyl-1984-hXc
Spice-Nah Tek No Talk-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Spite-Secular Hatred for a Singular Spawn-Tape-2012-FiH
Spor-Ziggurat Push Me Pull You-LFTD013-WEB-2012-LFTD013
Squarewave - Snitch Sukh Knight VIP - Heartbeat Dub-BOKA041D-WEB-2012-BTA
Stein-Virgin-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
Stephan Eicher-Lenvolee-FR-2012-JUST
Stone Heart-Silesia Hardcore-2012-B2R
Storm The Sky-Storm The Sky-EP-2011-MTD
Stormtrooper - The Narkotikz-DD13032-WEB-2012-HB
Stylez-Good Ole-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Subscape - Graveyard Shift-DP069-WEB-2012-BTA
Suki Bedeaux Featuring Nick Fury-Him And Me-RHSB001HAM-WEB-2012-ASS
Sunbird - They Accept Paradise-RMDI0002-WEB-2012-TALiON
Sunk - Dub License EP-TSA013-WEB-2012-BTA
Suoy - Dub Symphony EP-MDR092-WEB-2012-BTA
Supa Hype And Friends-Spliff-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Supermatic-Bassquest BANG 020-VINYL-1992-CMC INT
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Nachtmystium-Live At Roadburn MMX-LP-2011-211
Nada Surf--Live at Rolling Stone Weekender-DVBS-11-12-2011-OMA
Naer Mataron-Long Live Death-LP-2012-211
Nando Griffiths-Yaad And Abroad-2012-H3X
Narcolaptic-More Than Noise-2009-SDR
Narrow House-A Key to Panngrieb-UA-2012-GRAVEWISH
Natalie Duncan-Devil In Me-2012-SO
Natrium Muriaticum-Tugia Magna Opera Mortiis-Demo-Tape-2011-FiH
Naytronix-Dirty Glow-WEB-2012-FRAY
Ndidi O-The Escape-2012-SNOOK
Neil Cowley Trio-The Face Of Mount Molehill-2012-SO
Neneh Cherry and the Thing - The Cherry Thing STS229CD-CD-2012-TALiON
Nini-Wei Lian Ai-CPOP-2012-TosK
Nino Sabalic-Digital Konfusion Mixshow-SAT-09-30-2012-PTC
No Bragging Rights-Cycles-2012-FNT
Noah Stewart-Noah-2012-SO
Noize Suppressor - Circus Of Hell-WEB-2012-HB
Nomak-Muziq and Foto-2CD-2009-FTD INT
Northless-Light Bearer-Split-LP-2012-FiH
Nyodene D-Edenfall-2012-B2R
Ochre Room-Evening Coming In-LJ006-CD-2012-iPC
Olly Murs - Live at SWR3 New Pop Festival Baden-Baden-09-13-DVBC-2012-UME INT
Ololiuqui--Ololiuqui-SPIRIT ZONE 021-CD-1997-CMC INT
Ondskapt-Draco Sit Mihi Dux-Reissue-2004-B2R INT
Onuinu-Mirror Gazer-2012-B2R
Onward To Olympas-Indicator-2012-KzT
Organ Thieves-Somewhere Between Free Men And Slaves-2012-MTD
Original Grenzland Sextett-Traeumen Von Dir-DE-199X-ALPMP3
Original Tiroler Spatzen-Wir Sind Wieder Da-DE-1997-ALPMP3
Orphalis-Human Individual Metamorphosis-2012-B2R
Overthrow-Adjust To Darkness-2012-FiH
Owl-Tapes 97-99-2012-B2R
P.O.S.-We Dont Even Live Here-2012-H3X
Panteon Rococo-Ni Carne Ni Pescado-SP-2012-wWs
Parish - Envision Jap. Ed.-1995-MCA int
Parkway Drive-Atlas-2012-FNT
Pascal Rueck--Early Morning Breaks Planet Radio-DVBS-09-30-2012-OMA
Paul Banks-Banks-2012-FNT
Pete Belasco-Ligths On-2012-SO
Pete Yorn-Musicforthemorningafter 10th Anniversary Edition-Vinyl-2LP-2012-404
Peter Moren-Pyramiden-SE-2012-GCP
Petra Marklund-Inferno-SE-2012-GCP
Philthy Rich And Chris Lockett-11-5900-Bootleg-2012-CR
Piet Blank-N-Joy Lounge-SAT-09-30-2012-PTC
Piet Blank-N-Joy Lounge-SAT-10-07-2012-PTC
Piet Blank-N-Joy Lounge-SAT-10-14-2012-PTC
Piet Blank-N-Joy Lounge-SAT-10-21-2012-PTC
Piet Blank-N-Joy Lounge-SAT-10-28-2012-PTC
Pig Destroyer-Book Burner-Deluxe Edition-2CD-2012-FNT
Pinback-Information Retrieved-2012-RTB
Plushgun - Me.Me.-WEB-2011-FKK
Ponderosa-Pool Party-2012-DECRyPTED
Posthum-Lights Out-2012-FiH
Power Theory-An Axe To Grind-2012-RTB
Powermad - Absolute Power-1989-MCA int
POX-Insanity Is No Disgrace-Vinyl-2012-SDR
Presto Ballet-Relic of the Modern World-2012-GRAVEWISH
Professor-Throw Down Your Arms-Promo-2012-H3X
Profezia-The Truth of Ages-2012-GRAVEWISH
Prohibitory-In Death We Trust-1999-wWs INT
Projected - Human-WEB-2012-FKK
Provenzano DJ Feat. Manuela Doriani-Provenzano DJ Show-SAT-16-10-2012-LFA
Psy Phy Six--Metaphysical-BTM 106-CD-1999-CMC INT
Pulled Apart By Horses-Tough Love-Retail-2012-SO
Putrefaccion-Ominous-Escuadrones De La Muerte-Split-12inch-Vinyl-ES-2012-D2H
Ra--To Sirius-GTN 1066.20-CD-2001-CMC INT
Radical Face-The Family Tree The Roots-LP-2012-k4
Radio Havanna-Alterta-DE-2012-iTS
Rage Nucleaire-Unrelenting Fucking Hatred-2012-FiH
Rainald Grebe-Das Rainald Grebe Konzert-DE-2012-NOiR
Ransom-Winters Coming-2012-FaiLED INT
RayLand Baxter-Feathers And FishHooks-Promo-2012-C4
Red Summer Tape-Moving At The Speed Of Light-2010-FNT
Red Wine - Hijos Del Despertar-Digipak-ES-2001-MCA int
Reece Mastin-Beautiful Nightmare-2012-MTD
Reinxeed-Welcome to the Theater-2012-GRAVEWISH
Retro Stefson-Live At Bi Nuu Berlin-DVBS-2012-JUST
Revival-The Message-WEB-2012-SSR
Rhythm Foundation-Everchanging Dub TBXLP 014-LP-2006-Gully
Rhythmusrepublik-Sputnik Chillzone-SAT-10-28-2012-PTC
Rick Springfield-Songs For The End Of The World-2012-SSR
Rieder Gipfelstuermer-Heimweh Nach Tirol-DE-2007-ALPMP3
Rigby-Fire And Ice Sugar And Spice-2012-gnvr
Right-Throw Your Gauntlets Down-2012-FNT
Rita Lee-Reza-BR-2012-404
Rollz-UKF vs Rampage Lotto Arena-STREAM-09-29-2012-COiN INT
Rome-Hell Money-Limited Edition-2012-FWYH
Rory Block-I Belong To The Band A Tribute To Rev. Gary Davis-2012-SO
Ruffneck-Retour Aux Sources-FR-2012-SS4B
Ruki Vverh-Mne S Toboy Horosho-RU-2003-DECRyPTED
Rusty Bryant Returns-Rusty Bryant-2011-DGN
Ryan Leslie-Les Is More-2012-C4
S.I.N. - Equilibrium Jap. Ed.-2005-MCA int
S.I.R.S.-Illness-Drowning In Schizophrenic Depression-Split-Tape-2012-FiH
Salvador Beltran-Cambio De Planes-ES-2012-EiTheLMP3
Sam Sparro-Return To Paradise-Retail-2012-SO
Samuel Harfst-Schritt Zurueck-DE-2012-VOiCE
Sarah Blasko-I Awake-2012-OZM
Sarca-Nollasta Sataan-FI-2012-KALEVALA
Satans Wrath-Galloping Blasphemy-2012-MTD
Savestates--Calm Your Nerves-WEB-2012-WUS
Savestates--Chip Undeath-WEB-2011-WUS
Schwartz-Altersgeilheit EP-DE-2012-VOiCE
Scotty Mccreery--Christmas with Scotty Mccreery-2012-OMA
Scum Sentinel-Scumshot-Digipak-2012-UTP
Sean Price-Mic Tyson-2012-FNT
Sebastian-I Danmark Er Jeg Foedt-DK-2012-pLAN9x
Seestern Quintett-Eine Kleine Kissenschlacht-DE-2006-ALPMP3
Sektor 304-Soul Cleansing-2009-D2H
Septycal Gorge-Growing Seeds of Decay-Reissue-2012-DiTCH
Sera Cahoone-Deer Creek Canyon-Vinyl-2012-404
Set It Off-Cinematics-2012-MTD
Seven Minutes of Nausea-Sist En 343-tn666-Split-2012-B2R
Sha Stimuli-The 9.2.5.-WEB-2012-Xplode
Shalamar-Friends-LP-1982-GCP INT
Shining-Redefining Darkness-2012-GRAVEWISH
Shiny Toy Guns-III-2012-FNT
Shoes For Julia-Shoes For Julia-2012-pLAN9
Shrinebuilder-Live-Limited Edition-LP-2011-NOiR
Si Qin Gao Li And Gu Feng-Micro Blog Master-OST-CPOP-2012-TosK
Si Qin Gao Li-Love Strange-CPOP-2012-TosK
Sidhartha-Into Immortality Chapter 2-WEB-2012-FALCON
Sigur Ros - Live at Airport Tempelhof Berlin-09-07-DVBC-2012-UME INT
Simon McBride-Crossing The Line-2012-404
Simon Paradis-EP03-Goldfinch-WEB-2012-iTS
Sister Sin-Now And Forever-2012-FNT
Sizarr - Live at Airport Tempelhof Berlin-09-08-DVBC-2012-UME INT
Skeewiff - The Skeewiff Disco-PEDS09-WEB-2012-TALiON
Skinny Al Kontra K Fatal Und Rico - Mach Keine Chromen Dinga-DE-2012-YSP
Skyzoo-A Dream Deferred-WEB-2012-Xplode
Slavko Avsenik Und Seine Original Oberkrainer-Unvergaenglich Unerreicht Folge 15-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Soeren Huss-Oppefra Og Ned-DK-2012-pLAN9x
Solarward-How to Survive a Rainout-2012-GRAVEWISH
Son Kite--Minilogue-NTD 92555-22-CD-1999-CMC INT
Sonne Adam-Doctrines Of Dark Devotion-MLP-2012-211
Soothsayers-Human Nature-2012-YARD
Sophicide-Perdition Of The Sublime-2012-PMS
Sophie Hunger--The Danger of Light-Deluxe Edition-TWOGTL034-2-2CD-2012-SHELTER
Sound Storm - Immortalia-2012-MCA int
Sound Survivors-Feelthisundastood-2012-NOiR
Sounds From The Ground - Widerworld-2012-MYCEL
Spectrum - The Late Night Sessions-SAT-10-13-2012-TALiON
Spectrum - The Late Night Sessions-SAT-10-27-2012-TALiON
Spits Nelson-Open It Up-2011-DeBT
Spunky-Sputnik Chillzone-SAT-09-30-2012-PTC
Steffen Juergens-Stark Wie Nie-CD-DE-2011-ALPMP3
Steve Chou-Disturb Love-CPOP-2012-TosK
Stigmata-The Calling Of The Just-1993-DeBT
Stomper 98-Bis Hierher-Vinyl-DE-2012-SDR
Stonesour-House Of Gold And Bones Part 1-2012-CR
Strike Anywhere-In Defiance Of Empty Times-2012-FiH
Striker - Armed to the Teeth-2012-MCA int
Suckers-Candy Salad-2012-RTB
SUN Project--Zwork-NTD 92501-22-CD-1999-CMC INT
Sundial Aeon - Wolfsberg-2012-MYCEL
Surrounded By Monsters-Novella-2012-KzT
Sweet Revenge--Forbidden Happiness-WEB-2011-WUS
Syar - Death Before Dishonour-Reissue-1994-MCA int
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T-Tee-It Gets Greater Later-1997-CR INT
Taken By Trees-Other Worlds-Advance-2012-C4
Tako - El Taller De Los Caprichos-Digipak-ES-2010-MCA int
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Tame Impala-Lonerism-2012-FNT
Taruna - Beyond The Event Horizon-2012-gEm
Tedd Chan-Lonely Tear Drops And Journey-CPOP-2012-TosK
Teen-In Limbo-Promo-2012-pLAN9
Tenth Avenue North-The Struggle-2012-CRN
Texas In July-Texas In July-2012-FNT
The Acacia Strain-Death Is The Only Mortal-2012-FNT
The Adicts-All The Young Droogs-2012-uC
The Assemble Head In Sunburst-Manzanita-WEB-2012-SDR
The Bewitched Hands-Vampiric Way-2012-JUST
The Bones-Monkeys With Guns-2012-gF
The Cash Box Kings-Holler and Stomp-2011-EiTheLMP3
The Casino Royal-From Portugal With Love-MOLE105-2-CD-2012-BF
The Casualties-Resistance-2012-FiH
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The Chevin-Borderland-WEB-2012-wAx
The Classic Crime-Phoenix-2012-DeBT
The combers-Less Conversation-DAB-10-07-2012-G4E
The Coup-Sorry To Bother You-2012-CR
The Daughters Of Bristol-The Ave-2012-FWYH
The Doppelgangaz-2012 the New Beginning-2012-NOiR
The Drowning Men - All of the Unknown-WEB-2012-FKK
The Forsaken-Beyond Redemption-2012-MTD
The Haarp Machine-Disclosure-2012-KzT
The Herbaliser-There Were Seven-2012-FTD
The Hickey Underworld - Im Under The House Im Dying-CD-2012-MnD
The Holdup-Confidence-2010-FAM
The Holdup-Still Gold-2011-FAM
The Horseflies-Human Fly-COOK013-1987-ALKi
The Issue-Front Page News-2007-CR
The Jacka-The Tonite Show-Repack-2012-CR
The Luyas-Animator-Advance-2012-404
The Lytics-They Told Me-2012-XXL
The Me In You - Forgotten Clothes-CD-2012-MnD
The Meteors-Doing The Lords Work-Vinyl-2012-SDR
The Osmonds-Cant Get There Without You-2012-SO
The Paramedic-Smoke And Mirrors-2012-KzT
The PPL - The PPL-2011-CMG
The Prowlers - Re-Evolution-2009-MCA int
The Razor Skyline-Dark Water Oasis-2012-FWYH
The Rongetz Foundation--Brooklyn Butterfly Session-HS067-WEB-2012-OMA
The Rumour Said Fire-Dead Ends-2012-pLAN9
The Script-3-Deluxe Edition-2012-404
The Shaolin Afronauts - Question Under Capricorn FSRCD095-CD-2012-TALiON
The Sorrow-Misery.Escape-2012-FiH
The Spill Canvas-Gestalt-Repack-2012-FNT
The Stranglers-Giants-2012-SO
The Sunpilots-King Of The Sugarcoated Tongues-2012-CRN
The Tragically Hip-Now For Plan A-2012-C4
The Undisputed Truth-Method To The Madness-LP-1976-GCP
The Unwinding Hours-Afterlives-2012-passed
The Wallflowers-Glad All Over-2012-404
The Wedding-No Direction-2012-FNT
The Whigs-Enjoy The Company-2012-MTD
Thees Uhlmann--Live at Southside Festival-DE-DVBC-06-22-2012-OMA
Therion-Les Fleurs du Mal-2012-FiH
This Town Going Under-This Town Going Under-EP-2010-UTP
Thug Pound-Bizzy Bone And Bad Azz-2012-CR
Thy Art Is Murder-Hate-2012-KzT
Thy Majestie-Shihuangdi-2012-RTB
Tian Wei Ying-What The Hell Do You Want-CPOP-2012-COCMP3
Tig Notaro--Live-WEB-2012-WUS
TNT - Intuition Jap. Ed.-1989-MCA int
Toby Keith-Hope On The Rocks-2012-MTD
Toires--Hemisphere-096-003-CD-1996-CMC INT
Tom Beck--Americanized-2012-OMA
Tom Dice - Heart For Sale-CD-2012-MnD
Tony Bennett-Viva Duets-2012-C4
Tony Holiday-Tanze Samba Mit Mir-DE-2012-ALPMP3 INT
Trailerpark--Crack Street Boys 2-DE-2012-OMA
Train-In Concert Live From The BBC Radio Theatre BBC Radio 2-SAT-25-10-2012-SC
Trancemission-Naked Flames-2012-GRAVEWISH
Travis And Fripp-Follow-2012-r35
Trey Anastasio-Traveler-2012-404
Triptides-Sun Pavillion-Promo-2012-pLAN9
Turbo-Dead End-Vinyl-1990-mwnd int
Tuure Kilpelainen Ja Kaihon Karavaani-Afrikan Tahti-FI-2012-KALEVALA
TV Off-The Writing On The Wall-2012-uC
Two Wounded Birds-Two Wounded Birds-Promo-2012-pLAN9
Typical Cats-3-2012-FrB
Ulrich Drechsler Trio - Beyond Words-CD-2012-TALiON
Unfathomable Ruination-Misshapen Congenital Entropy-2012-DiTCH
Unknown Artist-Nocturnal Emissions 22 Liquid Radio-SAT-10-22-2012-PTC
Unwritten Law-Unwritten Law-INTSD-90189-CD-1998-k4 int
Upon This Dawning-To Keep Us Safe-2012-KzT
Urusen-This Is Where We Meet-2012-DECRyPTED
UX--Ultimate Experience-NTD 90302-22-CD-1997-CMC INT
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VA - Rebellion A Tribute to Queensryche-2000-MCA int
VA - Return of the Mountain King A Tribute to Savatage-Digipak-2000-MCA int
VA - The Voice Of Holland The Blind Auditions Season 3-WEB-2012-HB
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VA--EMB Presents Levitation Planet Radio-DVBS-10-14-2012-OMA
VA--Metal Hammer Maximum Metal Vol. 178-MAG-2012-OMA
VA--Nside-Fall Promo Mix-LINE-09-07-2012-WUS
VA--ReComposed by Max Richter-Vivaldi The Four Seasons-Web-2012-OMA
VA--Riddim Vol. 64-MAG-2012-OMA
VA--Rocks Vol. 6-MAG-2012-OMA
VA--The Art of Sysyphus Vol. 68-MAG-2012-OMA
VA--The Ultimate Rockin Halloween Party American Horror Songs 1930 1950-WEB-2009-WUS
VA--Zillo Vol. 11-MAG-2012-OMA
VA-A Friction Records Sampler-2011-FrB
VA-A Taste Of Nephilim Volume 1 NTD 90518-07-CD-1999-CMC INT
VA-A Taste Of Nephilim Volume 2 NTD 90522-07-CD-1999-CMC INT
VA-A Taste Of Trust In Trance Volume 1 NTD 91012-07-CD-1997-CMC INT
VA-A Tribe Called Quest Abstract Revelations-2012-GCP
VA-A Tribe Called Quest Abstract Revelations-REPACK-2012-GCP
VA-A Tribute To Repo Man-2012-C4
VA-Ace Of Spade Riddim-Promo CD-2012-YVP INT
VA-Antibiotic Riddim-Promo CD-2012-YVP INT
VA-Bad Baby Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Belly Flat Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
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VA-Cos Im Black Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-DJ Buttaball Ed And DJ Sam Smoove-Reggaeton Blends-Bootleg-2007-UMT
VA-DNA Productions Virtual Jungle PHONOKOL 2047-2-CD-1997-CMC INT
VA-Duch Pot Riddim-Promo CD-2012-YVP INT
VA-Dutch Pot Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Extra Credit Riddim-Promo CD-2012-YVP INT
VA-Food Time Riddim-Promo CD-2012-YVP INT
VA-G.S.U.M Riddim-Promo CD-2012-YVP INT
VA-Gangnam Style Riddim-Promo CD-2012-YVP INT
VA-Ghana Step Riddim-Promo CD-2012-YVP INT
VA-Ghostbusters-OST-1984-EiTheLMP3 INT
VA-Good Memories Riddim-Promo CD-2012-YVP INT
VA-Havana Sunset Riddim-Promo CD-2012-YVP INT
VA-Hysteria Riddim-Promo CD-2012-YVP INT
VA-Hysteria Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Journeys Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Kickdown Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Kohls Cares Best of The Best-2012-0MNi
VA-La Musique Du Faubourg By Malik Alary-AV1112-CD-2011-BF
VA-Lamp Light The Fire A Compilation Of Quieter Songs-2011-pLAN9
VA-Lo Esencial De Los Trovadores-Bonus DVD-SP-2009-wWs
VA-Microwave Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-MOJO Presents Sticky Soul Fingers A Rolling Stones Tribute-Issue218-MAG-2012-gF
VA-Moving Riddim-Promo CD-2012-YVP INT
VA-Now Country 7-Canadian Edition-2012-C4
VA-One Way Riddim-WEB-FR-2012-LaZik INT
VA-OX Compilation 104-MAG-2012-SDR
VA-Penthouse Records Showcase Vol 9-2012-SPLiFF
VA-Poetry Riddim-Promo CD-2012-YVP INT
VA-Push Fi Start Riddim-Promo CD-2012-YVP INT
VA-Question Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Rave Collision EWM 41782-CD-1995-CMC INT
VA-Raving Fields Terminated By The Devil FGR 01-6178-2-CD-1995-CMC INT
VA-Re-Machined - A Tribute To Deep Purples Machine Head-2012-KLV
VA-Soak Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Starts With Them Ends With Us-Promo-2012-DECRyPTED
VA-The beginning Of A new Legend Vol. 1 Tribute To Burzum-CDR-2012-FiH
VA-The Best Of Labworks Volume 2 UNDLAB 004-VINYL-1993-CMC INT
VA-The Man With The Iron Fists-OST-2012-C4
VA-The Perks Of Being A Wallflower-2012-CRN
VA-The Rah Rah Gorilla Sampler-EP-Vinyl-2012-FrB
VA-The Replicants II-WEB-2012-FALCON
VA-Timespace Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
VA-Top Shottas Riddim-Promo CD-2012-YVP INT
VA-Top Shottas Riddim-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
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VA-Visions All Areas Vol. 145-MAG-2012-gF
VA-Wavemusic Easy Beats Vol. 5-EB-05-CD-2009-BF
VA-We Hate You-Split-Tape-2011-FiH
VA-White Squall Riddim-Promo CD-2012-YVP INT
VA-X-Trax Aura Surround Soundbites Volume 2 SUSSCD3-CD-1995-CMC INT
VA-Year of No Light-Thisquietarmy-Split-2012-DGS
VA-Zero System Crash Mixed By Randy CDHT001-CD-1995-CMC INT
Van Halen-1984-Remastered-2000-DeBT iNT
Van Halen-Van Halen II-Remastered-2000-DeBT iNT
Van Halen-Van Halen-Remastered-2000-DeBT iNT
Van Halen-Women And Children First-Remastered-2000-DeBT iNT
Vanesa Martin-Ven Sientate Y Me Lo Preguntas-ES-2012-EiTheLMP3
Vardan - Striborg-Untitled-Split-2010-GRW
Venus - Ordinary Existence-1998-MCA int
Victor Yturbe El Piruli-Simplemente Lo Mejor-Repack Bonus DVD-SP-2012-wWs
Viralata-Vai Buscar-PT-2012-PMS
Vivian Green-The Green Room-2012-C4
Voice - Soulhunter Jap. Ed.-2003-MCA int
Voivod-Live At Roadburn 2011-LP-2011-211
Volkan Baydar--Raum Schaffen-2012-OMA
Vorpal Nomad - Hyperborea-2012-MCA int
Wahwahsda-Radio Rum-2012-H3X
Waylander-Kindred Spirits-2012-DeBT
We Are The Ocean-Maybe Today Maybe Tomorrow-2012-passed
Weech Lok-Its All Bangin-Repack-2012-CR
Weech Lok-Its All Bangin-2012-CR
Weikie-Raise Our Sunken Ship-2012-SO
Why-Mumps Etc.-2012-pLAN9
Willie Hutch-The Mark Of The Beast-LP-1974-GCP
Winterstorm - Kings Will Fall-2012-MCA int
Wintersun-Time I-2012-GRAVEWISH
Wizards - Beyond the Sight Jap. Ed-1998-MCA int
Wot Gorilla-Kebnekaise-2012-RTB
Yeti Lane-The Echo Show-2012-SO
Yo Gotti-Cocaine Muzik 7-2012-FaiLED INT
Zarach Baal Tharagh-Nagelsturm-Morbid Machinery-Split-CDR-2012-B2R
Zerotonine--Cygnus Loops-GTN 1087.20-CD-2001-CMC INT
Zhao Wen Yu-Cabin In The Woods-CPOP-2012-TosK
Zifou-Zifou 2 Dingue-FR-2012-H5N1
Zillertaler Gipfelstuermer-Berge Der Heimat-DE-1994-ALPMP3
Zillertaler Gipfelstuermer-Drunter Und Drueber-DE-1994-ALPMP3
Zillertaler Gipfelstuermer-Freizeichen-DE-1998-ALPMP3
Zillertaler Gipfelstuermer-I Denk An Di-DE-1994-ALPMP3
Zillertaler Gipfelstuermer-Stad Is Wordn-DE-1994-ALPMP3
Zillertaler Jodlertrio-Nur Aufs Herz Kommts An-DE-1993-ALPMP3
Zillertaler Jodlertrio-Verlier Nicht Den Mut-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Zoe Muth and The Lost High Rollers-Self Titled-2012-EiTheLMP3
ZZ Ward-Til The Casket Drops-2012-C4
1984-Wide Awake In The Land Of The Dead-CDEP-2005-gF
2 in Rhythm--We Want Funk-XLT-1R-VINYL-1989-CMC INT
4orce DJ-Spending Your Time-TNT074-WEB-2010-DWM
A Galchenko - Joker So Serious-WEB-2012-iDC
Aaron - Hellrazor-TNS007-WEB-2012-HB
Aber A-Voxer-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Acaro-The Disease Of Fear-2012-KzT
Accion Mutante-What A Wonderful World The Doomsday-Track-Collection-2005-D2H INT
Admiral P--Kallenavn-PROMO CDR-NO-2012-WUS
Adrenalin Drum--The Israel-SPIRIT ZONE 4005-VINYL-1995-CMC INT
Affie Yusuf And Nigel Casey--Mad Dogs And Englishmen-PER 910-VINYL-1994-CMC INT
Agent K-Motor City-DR 417-WEB-2012-GTi
Aggresivnes - My Course-ESR068-WEB-2012-TALiON
Aidonia And Onton-Keep Dem Talking-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Aidonia-Come Ova-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Aidonia-Love It-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Aidonia-Tip Pon Yuh Toe-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Airplay--Give Me Acid-BR 93032-VINYL-1993-CMC INT
Al Storm And Darwin-Dont Hesitate-247HC076-WEB-2012-DWM
Al Storm And Euphony Feat Danielle-Breathe 2011-247HC057-WEB-2011-DWM
Al Storm And Euphony Feat Danielle-Long Time Cubehard Remix-247HC045-WEB-2011-DWM
Al Storm And Euphony Feat. Danielle-Turn Around Clubland Mix-247HC039-WEB-2011-DWM
Al Storm And Nu Foundation-Going Crazy-247HC075-WEB-2012-DWM
Al Storm And Orbit1 Feat Lisa Abbott-Falling Through-Nu Foundation Remix-247HC065-WEB-2012-DWM
Al Storm Feat Fraz-Every Step Everyday-247HC062-WEB-2012-FaiLED
Al Storm Feat Fraz-Tell Me Why-247HC064-WEB-2012-DWM
Al Storm Feat Marie Louise-Wherever I Go-Take A Step-247HC073-WEB-2012-DWM
Al Storm Feat Taya-Stars Collide EP-247HC051-WEB-2011-DWM
Al Storm-Crank It Up-247HC053-WEB-2011-DWM
Al Storm-Werewolf Ep Part 2-247HC048-WEB-2011-DWM
Alaine-Walking On Air-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Albektro--Live At Infierno Cafe-LINE-11-06-2012-WUS
Albektro--Live At Infierno Cafe-LINE-13-06-2012-WUS
Albektro--Live At Infierno Cafe-LINE-17-06-2012-WUS
Albektro--Live At Infierno Cafe-LINE-19-06-2012-WUS
Aleksey - Millennium Der Countdown Laeuft-CDM-1999-HaVeFuN INT
Alex Barnett - Push-Tape-2011-CRUELTY
Alexis HK-Le Dernier Present-FR-2012-JUST
Alhimik Sound - Islam-NFB162-WEB-2012-TALiON
Alpinkrainer Aus Tirol-Durchs Gurgltal-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3 INT
Altercado-Radio Rebelion-ES-2005-D2H INT
Alternate States--EP SPV CDS 055-62823-CDM-1994-CMC INT
Analog Feat MC Harlequin-Games Fun And Bass Drums-RR13-WEB-2012-FaiLED
Anastacia-What Can We Do Deeper Love-Web-2012-XXX
Andy Dee Feat Marie Louise-So Far Behind Alex Bassjunkie Remix-MBR017B-WEB-2012-FaiLED
Angra - Lisbon Jap. Ed.-CDS-1998-MCA int
Angra - Live Acoustic at FNAC Jap. Ed.-CDS-1998-MCA int
Animalis - Raveland-MSD004-WEB-2012-NRG
Anna Puu-Antaudun-FI-2012-KALEVALA
Anthem - Special-CDS-1992-MCA int
Antimaster-Give Up All Hope-Split-2007-D2H INT
Aphid Moon and Contineum and Zeus - Cultivate EP-APHIDEP007-WEB-2012-NRG
Arcana-Verbos Copulativos-2012-SSR
Arckanum-Antikosmos-Vinyl EP-2008-mwnd int
Arckanum-Sataros Grief-Split-Vinyl EP-2008-mwnd int
Argeter Buam-15 Jahre-WEB-DE-2009-ALPMP3
Argeter Buam-Tanz Dich Fit-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Argeter Buam-Wenn Die Sonn Untergeht-WEB-DE-2009-ALPMP3
Argeter Buam-Wir Wuenschen Frohe Stunden-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Arms Aloft-Sawdust City-2012-FNT
ARP 101 x Elliott Yorke-Fluro Black-DKY007D-WEB-2012-USR
Art Blakey-And the Jazz Messengers-the Quintessence-2CD-2011-SNOOK
Art in Motion-Holy Disco Days and the Clou EP MOTHER006-WEB-2012-1REAL
As Diabatz-Crazy Psychos 1st Degree-Vinyl-2012-SDR
Asaf Avidan and The Mojos-One Day - Reckoning Song Wankelmut Remix EP-WEB-2012-VOiCE
Ascorbin Acid--Quillsichord-23-033-VINYL-1996-CMC INT
Ascorbin Acid--Sweet Liberty-23-018-VINYL-1994-CMC INT
Asia 2001--Antis Trax-VOL 069-VINYL-1994-CMC INT
Astrix - Type 1-HMHD44-WEB-2012-HQEM
Asvendark-Odio Post-Apocaliptico-CDR-2012-FiH
Atanatos-Assault Of Heathen Forces-Vinyl EP-1997-mwnd int
Atoned Splendor - Alien Possession-GOA2-WEB-2012-NRG
Audiosketch - Escapism Neurotik Funk-MUTATION021-WEB-2012-TALiON
Aural Kaos-Aural Kaos EP-TNTEP001-WEB-2012-DWM
B.O.B Ft. Nicki Minaj-Out Of My Mind-PROMO-WEB-2012-SPiKE iNT
Baba Yaga--Rave Planet-LOC 171-VINYL-1995-CMC INT
Babiluzion-Welcome-Promo CDS-FR-2012-YVP INT
Baby Doc And The Dentist--A Sports Day At Dream Inn-DREAM 05-VINYL-1995-CMC INT
Babyface-Its No Crime-VLS-1989-GCP
Bad Losers-Azimut Brutal-Tape-FR-2012-FiH
Bafoomay--Monosonicum-OS 049-VINYL-1995-CMC INT
Balboa-No Mercy-2010-DeBT
Ball Park Music-Surrender-WEB-2012-FRAY
Balofo - Let Me See - Island-SINE003-WEB-2012-BTA
Barcode-Songs From The Living Dead Part 1-WEB-2012-TM
Bastille-Bad Blood-Promo CDS-2012-pLAN9
Bastille-Laura Palmer-Promo EP-2011-pLAN9
Beaten Soul Feat Stephanie Cooke-Here Comes The Rain-OD073-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3
Beech - Live at Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg-09-22-DVBC-2012-UME
Beer Pressure-The Four Drunkards of the Alkokalypse-EP-2010-GRW
Behind Enemy Lines-The Global Cannibal-Reissue-2006-D2H INT
Below The Bottom-Self Defined-CDREP-2012-DeBT
Ben Manic And Hoodzie-Ready For This-TNT126-WEB-2012-DWM
Ben Manic And Hoodzie-Stand Still-TNT116-WEB-2012-DWM
Benjamin Damage - Swarm - Headache-50WEAPONS023-WEB-2012-BTA
Berg-Double Edge-WEB-2012-FALCON
Besta-Ajoelha-Te Perante A Besta-PT-2012-PMS
Beth Orton-Sugaring Season-WEB-2012-BPM
Betrayal-Preliminaire Sadistica-Demo CDR-2008-gF
Bill Laswell--Means Of Deliverance-Web-2012-OMA
Birds Of Tokyo-This Fire-EP-2012-OZM
Black Sabbath-Into The Void-After Forever-Bootleg Vinyl EP-1971-gF
Black Sun Empire - La Boum De Luxe-SAT-10-12-2012-TALiON
Black Sun Empire-System Dub-DVBC-06-10-2012-1KING
Blackbones--Paranoia-OS 037-VINYL-1995-CMC INT
Blacksmith-Fighting Again-EP-2006-wWs
Blackwood-Peace-BMG 74321 56139 1-Vinyl-1998-B2A INT
Blackwood-Ride on the Rhythm Remix-ZYX 8594-8-CDM-1997-B2A INT
Blak Diamon Bugle And Masicka-Poison Mouth-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Blak Ryno-Bere Gyal-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Blaxx-Bounce And Drive-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Blindman - in the Dark Jap. Ed.-EP-2000-MCA int
Block Device-Spaceship EP-UBDR010-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3
Blodhound Gang - Along Comes Mary-CDM-1999-HaVeFuN INT
Blof-Zo Stil-WEB-NL-2012-gnvr
Blood Music-The Fire And The Flame-2012-GCP
Blood Red-Show Me The Way-TW51-WEB-2012-DWM
Blu and Exile-Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them-2012-FTD
Blue Foundation--Eyes On Fire-DPCCD004-WEB-2011-OMA
Bob Mould-Silver Age-2012-FNT
BOB T.racKer--The Horns-EF.0005-WEB-2010-SiBERiA
Bon Jovi-Wanted Dead or Alive-JOV CD1-CDM-1986-B2A INT
Boom Steppa And Chronixx-Never Stop Pray-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Bordeauxxx-Only Fiction-Promo EP-2012-pLAN9
Born From Pain-The New Future-2012-DeBT
Botox-My Shoyce-TEMPERZ007-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3
Bounty Killer And Bling Dawg-Run Out-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Bounty Killer Kiprich And Kalado-War Fi God-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Brain Exciter-Rude EP-BRUT001-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3
Brain Implosion-Sandgrains-Vinyl EP-1990-mwnd int
Bran-Follow Through EP-COL021DIGI-WEB-2012-USR
Break Pitt-La Boum de Luxe-SAT-09-01-2012-PTC
Breeze And Technikore-Dont Need Ya Anymore-SNK023-WEB-2012-DWM
Breeze And Technikore-Moments-SNK021-WEB-2012-DWM
BRENZ - The Piff-IABT003-WEB-2012-BTA
Brisk And Fracus-Shine On Me-BB098-WEB-2011-DWM
Brooklyn Bonez-I Want In Hosted By DJ Noize-Trackfix-Bootleg-2012-UMT
Brooklyn Bonez-I Want In Hosted By DJ Noize-Bootleg-2012-UMT
Brous One-Un Momento En El Tiempo-LP-2012-NOiR
Buddy Sativa-Mystic Voyage bw Una Peripecia-VLS-2011-NOiR
Bugle-Dont Give Up-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Bump And Skelly-When Hill Get Loose-VLS-1992-YARD
Bunji Garlin-Good Oye-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
BunZer0-Wet Wool-L2S086-WEB-2012-DEF
Bushido-Kleine Bushidos-WEB-DE-2012-VOiCE
C-Kay Feat Fraz-Deeper Love Al Storm Remix-247HC042-WEB-2011-DWM
Camille Jones - Midnat I Mit Liv-WEB-DK-2012-SCENARiO INT
Capital Crime-The Perfect Crime-CDEP-1994-gF
Captain Barkey-Pure Gyal Ina Di Middle-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Carlprit - Fiesta-529755 0908602-WEB-2012-ZzZz
Carnage And Cluster - Life Hardcore-NOISJ-25-2012-HB
Carnage And Cluster - Submit And Be Spared-NOISJ-25-PROPER-WEB-2012-SRG
Cat Power-Sun-2012-FNT
Cave Cat-Deception-VLS-2012-GCP
Cecile-Put It Deh-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Celia Flores-En Una Calle Blanca-ES-2012-EiTheLMP3
Cellblock X--Intercourse-LOUD 006-VINYL-1993-CMC INT
Cendra-Rock n Raw-Demo-Tape-2012-FiH
Cham-Lawless-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Cham-Portmore Anthem-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Cham-Stripper Pose-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Chan Dizzy-Gone Too Far-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Chan-Dizzy-Gone Too Far-WEB-2012-LaZik INT
Chaos Control-Jawbone Juxtaposition-WGRDL 008-WEB-2012-GTi
Charles Mcpherson-Live At The 5 Spot-1994-DGN
Charly Black-Love Me-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Chase Cross-Run Come-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Chico Debarge-Ive Been Watching You-VLS-1987-GCP
Children Of The Corn-A Star Is Born-Promo VLS-1997-FTD
Choix-Golod And Tetka-Split-RU-2009-FiH
Chris Anderson feat DJ Doug - Last Night Remix 2012-361015 1264809-WEB-2012-ZzZz
Chris Martin-Step Up-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Chris Rene-I Am Right Here-WEB-2012-wAx
Chris Roberts-Was Du Jetzt Nicht Siehst-WEB-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Christiane Vallejo-Il Dit Quil Maime-WEB-FR-2012-LaZik INT
Christina Perri-A Very Merry Perri Christmas-EP-2012-C4
Chrono And Imperium Bass - Life Is A Bitch-MRV170H-WEB-2012-SRG
Clock Opera-Live At Bi Nuu Berlin-DVBS-2012-JUST
Clowny And MC Offside And Danny J-The Clowny-EP-AAA008-WEB-2012-DWM
Clowny-Dont Do Drugs-TFOH009-WEB-2012-DWM
Clubtune--Oxygene-SFT 0098-8-CDM-1996-CMC INT
Cocoa Tea-In A Di Red-Promo CDS-2012-YVP INT
Cody Simpson-Paradise-2012-MTD
Collie Buddz-Ganja P
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21 Gramms-Water-Membrane-2012-FiH
2Bal-2Bal 2Plus-FR-2012-H5N1
2raumwohnung - 36 Grad-2007-HaVeFuN INT
2raumwohnung - In Wirklich-2002-HaVeFuN INT
2raumwohnung - Kommt Zusammen-2001-HaVeFuN INT
2raumwohnung - Melancholisch Schoen-2005-HaVeFuN INT
A Life Once Lost-Ecstatic Trance-Repack-2012-FNT
A Life Once Lost-Ecstatic Trance-2012-FNT
A Past Unknown-Vainglory-2012-FiH
A Surgeon-Block Rocking Jungle EP-TDMDB0062-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3
Aaron Yan-The Moment-CPOP-2012-TosK
Abandoned Pools-Sublime Currency-2012-FNT
Abc - Alphabet City-1987-HaVeFuN INT
Abel Korzeniowksi-W.E. Music From The Motion Picture-2012-SO
Abrahel-Implacabilis Procella Cupiditatis-2012-GRAVEWISH
Absolva-Flames of Justice-2012-GRAVEWISH
AC Newman-Shut Down The Streets-2012-FNT
ACDC - If You Want Blood Youve Got it-1978-HaVeFuN INT
Acid Drinkers-La Part Du Diable-2012-BFHMP3
Aim For The Sunrise-No Kings No Chains-2012-KzT
Akte One - Blues-DE-2012-YSP
Albektro--Live At Infierno Cafe LINE-03-05-2012-WUS
Albektro--Live At Infierno Cafe-LINE-05-05-2012-WUS
Alcoholic Faith Mission-Ask Me This-2012-CRN
Aldo Romano-Sclavis and Texier-3 Plus 3-2012-SNOOK
Alex B Groove--Early Morning Breaks Planet Radio-DVBS-10-07-2012-OMA
Alex B Groove--Early Morning Breaks Planet Radio-DVBS-10-14-2012-OMA
Alexis - Birds of Prey-2010-MCA int
All Systems Fail-Self-Titled-2007-D2H INT
All Time Low-Dont Panic-2012-FNT
Allessa-Samstag Nacht-WEB-DE-2008-ALPMP3
Alphaville - Forever Young-1984-HaVeFuN INT
Alvin Lee--Still on the Road to Freedom-2012-OMA
American Aquarium-Burn Flicker Die-2012-404
Amy Cook-Summer Skin-Promo-2012-C4
Amy Mcdonald - Live at Fashion and Music Festival Metzingen-07-28-DVBC-2012-UME
Anaal Nathrakh-Vanitas-2012-FiH
Anchor And Braille-The Quiet Life-2012-MTD
And One - Virgin Superstar-2000-HaVeFuN INT
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead-Lost Songs-2012-FNT
Andre Stade-Unendlichkeit-WEB-DE-2011-ALPMP3
Andreane Le May-Et Si -FR-2012-JUST
Ane Trolle-Honest Wall-2012-pLAN9
Animetal USA - Animetal USA Jap. Ed.-2011-MCA int
Animetal USA - Animetal USA W Jap. Ed.-2012-MCA int
Ankerstjerne-Ankerstjerne-Bonus Version-DK-2012-pLAN9x
Anne Linnet-Kalder Laengsel-DK-2012-pLAN9x
Annisokay-The Lucid Dreamer-2012-KzT
Anstam - Stones and Woods-50WEAPONSCD10-WEB-2012-BTA
Antikatechon-Chrisma Crucifixorum-Digipak-2012-FWYH
Aoria-The Constant-2012-FiH
Arch Nemesis - Of Mind and Fantasy-2004-MCA int
Ark Storm - No Boundaries Jap. Ed.-2002-MCA int
Arkangel-Arkangel Is Your Enemy-2008-DeBT iNT
Arliss Nancy-Simple Machines-2012-CRN
As If--Transpose-EF.0024-WEB-2011-SiBERiA
Assedium - Fighting for the Flame-2008-MCA int
Assedium - Rise of the Warlords-2006-MCA int
Aste-Sirkus Palaa-FI-2012-KALEVALA
Astharoth-Gloomy Experiments-Vinyl-1990-mwnd int
Astpai-Efforts And Means-2012-FNT
Athlantis - M.W.N.D.-2012-MCA INT
Atomtrakt-Artefakte Des Verderbens-DE-2012-GRAVEWISH
Axehammer-Marching On-2012-RTB
Ayna-Entree En Scene-WEB-FR-2012-0MNi
B.T. Express-Do It Til Youre Satisfied-LP-1974-GCP INT
Ba Cissoko-Nimissa-2012-SNOOK
Bad Sector And Astro-Idio Blast-Reissue-2012-D2H INT
Baden Baden-Coline-CD-2012-JUST
Baden Baden-Coline-WEB-2012-BPM
Bambu-One Rifle Per Family-2012-CR
Barbra Streisand - Release Me-2012-UNiCORN INT
Barbra Streisand-Release Me-2012-gnvr
Barilari - Barilari-Digipak-SP-2003-MCA int
Bass Ill Euro-Global Player Selector-SAT-10-28-2012-PTC
Bat For Lashes-The Haunted Man-2012-pLAN9
BB Brunes-Long Courrier-FR-2012-H5N1
Beatmode and Peter Hook-Love Will Tear Us Apart-LG017-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3
Bed Rugs - 8th Cloud-CD-2012-MnD
Before God-Wolves Amongst the Sheep-Remastered-2012-BERC
Behexen-Nightside Emanations-2012-B2R
Being As An Ocean-Dear G-D-2012-KzT
Ben Harper-By My Side-WEB-2012-BPM
Benedictum - Seasons of Tragedy-2007-MCA int
Benedictum - Uncreation-2006-MCA int
Benjamin Gibbard-Former Lives-2012-FNT
Benjamin Schoos-China Man vs China Girl-2012-CRN
Beth Hart-Bang Bang Boom Boom-2012-passed
Beto Cuevas-Transformacion-SP-2012-wWs
Bettye Lavette-Thankful N Thoughtful-2012-404
Bettye LaVette-Thankful N Thoughtful-WEB-2012-BPM
Beyond All Recognition-Drop Dead-2012-FiH
Bible Of The Devil-For The Love Of Thugs and Fools-2012-RTB
Big D-Think Big-2010-FaiLED INT
Big Sean-Detroit-Bootleg-2012-H3X
Big Shawn-Leigon Of Honor-2011-FTD
Bill Withers-Making Music-2010-SO
Billy Idol - Vital Idol-1985-HaVeFuN INT
Billy Ray Cyrus-Change My Mind-2012-SSR
Biot--Synthetic Organic-BTM 109-CD-2000-CMC INT
Bizarre Uproar-Rape Africa-2012-B2R
Black Country Communion--Afterglow-2012-UBE
Black Lakes-Necrolatreia-White Silence-Split-CDR-2012-FiH
Black Majesty - Stargazer Aus. Ed.-2012-MCA int
Black September-Into the Darkness Into the Void-2012-FiH
Blake Shelton--Cheers Its Christmas-2012-OMA
Blod Command-Funeral Beach-2012-KLV
Blod Red Shoes-In Time To Voices-2012-SO
Blodhound Gang - One Fierce Beer Coaster-1996-HaVeFuN INT
Blonds-The Bad Ones-2012-pLAN9
Blood On The Dance Floor-The Anthem Of The Outcast-EP-2012-FNT
BloodSoil-Striider-Legionarii-TSIDMZ--Civis Europaeus Sum-Split-CDR-2012-BERC
Blowsight--Life and Death-2012-OMA
Bo Kaspers Orkester-Du Borde Tycka Om Mig-SE-2012-pLAN9x
Bob Marley and the Wailers - Legend-1984-HaVeFuN INT
Bobby V-Dusk Till Dawn-2012-C4
Boris Carloff - Escapist-2012-mCZ
Boycut-Jrepars A 9-FR-2012-SS4B
Brandon Heath-Blue Mountain-WEB-2012-wAx
Brandy-Two Eleven-Deluxe Edition-2012-C4
Brethren-Alienated and Radicalized-2012-B2R
Bridgit Mendler-Hello My Name Is Bridgit Mendler-Retail-2012-C4
Brodown-Bros Before Hose-2011-MTD
Bruce Springsteen - Bruce Springsteen Live and Alive-1978-HaVeFuN INT
Bubble Puppy-A Gathering Of Promises-Remastered-2011-FiH
Buddy Sativa-Deus Ex Machina-2011-NOiR
Bunny Rugs-Time-2012-SPLiFF
Burial Hex-Book of Delusions-2012-FWYH
Cage9-How To Shoot Lasers From Your Eyes-2012-MTD
Capital Lights-Rhythm N Moves-2012-FNT
Car Bomb-wwww-2012-KzT
Carach Angren-Where The Corpses Sink Forever-2012-FiH
Carice Van Houten-See You On The Ice-2012-gnvr
Cashis-The Art Of Dying-2012-CR
Caspa-UKF vs Rampage Lotto Arena-STREAM-09-30-2012-COiN INT
Cave Painting-Votive Life-Promo-2012-pLAN9
Centinela - Panico-ES-2006-MCA int
Cesar Salads-The Latin Beat Vol 2-2012-404
Cevlade-Requiem For A Drink-SP-2012-iTS
Charisma - Karma-1999-MCA int
Charles Bradley-Live At La Cigale Paris-DVBS-2012-JUST
Charlie Shred - Charlie Shred Japan Ed.-2012-MCA int
Charmin Carmen-Dynamite-2006-SDR
Cheek Mountain Thief-Cheek Mountain Thief-Promo-2012-pLAN9
Chimene-Gospel and Soul-FR-2012-SO
Chiraj-Chiraj-Retail CD-FR-1994-K0K
Chords-Looped State Of Mind-WEB-2012-GCP
Chris Cagle-10 Great Songs-2012-MTD
Chris Spheeris-MAYA And The Eight Illusions-2012-D2H
Christian Arndt--Early Morning Breaks Planet Radio-DVBS-09-30-2012-OMA
Circles of Mind - Revelation Insight-2010-MCA int
Clan Of Xymox-Kindred Spirits-2012-FWYH
Claude Bolling-Suite for Flute and Piano Jazz-1996-JUST
Coheed And Cambria-The Afterman Ascension-2012-C4
Colbie Caillat-Christmas In The Sand-2012-C4
Cold 187um-The Only Solution-2012-FiH
Conception - Flow Jap. Ed.-1997-MCA int
Congress-Angry With The Sun-Remastered-2012-DeBT
Congress-Blackened Persistance-Remastered-2012-DeBT
Congress-The Other Cheek-Remastered-2012-DeBT
Converge-All We Love We Leave Behind-2012-FNT
Converge-All We Love We Leave Behind-Limited Edition-2012-B2R
Cory Chisel And The Wandering Sons-Old Believers-2012-404
Crawler - Knight of the Word-2011-MCA int
Crippled Black Phoenix-No Sadness Or Farewell-2012-SDR
Cro - Live at Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg-09-23-DVBC-DE-2012-UME
Cult of the Fox - A Vow of Vengeance-2011-MCA int
Culture-From The Vault Demos and Outtakes 1993-1998-2012-DeBT
Damnation Angels - Bringer of Light Jap. Ed.-2012-MCA int
Danko Jones-Rock and Roll Is Black and Blue-2012-SSR
Dantalion-Return to Deep Lethargy-2012-FiH
Dapnom-Paralipomenes A La Divine Comedie-2012-FiH
Dark Forest - Dark Forest-2009-MCA int
Dark Forest - Dawn of Infinity-2011-MCA int
Dark Nightmare - Beneath the Veils of Winter-2012-MCA int
Dark Nightmare - The Human Liberty-2009-MCA int
Darkraver - Hardhouse Generation FreshFM-FM-10-10-2012-TALiON
Datune-Changer Dair-FR-2012-H5N1
David Bustamante-Mas Mio-ES-2012-EiTheLMP3
David Garrett-Music-2012-VOiCE
David Lee Roth-A Little Aint Enough-JP Import-1991-DeBT iNT
David Lee Roth-Skyscraper-JP Import-2011-DeBT iNT
David Usher-Songs From The Last Day On Earth-2012-MTD
Daville-Krazy Love-2012-SPLiFF
Dawes-North Hills-Reissue-2012-SO
Daylight Dies-A Frail Becoming-2012-DeBT
Dday One--Blend Meditation 2-2009-WUS
Dead Bunny-The Truth is A Fucking Liar-2012-JUST
Dead Fingers-Dead Fingers-2012-404
Death Cab for Cutie--Live at Rolling Stone Weekender-DVBS-11-11-2011-OMA
Deep Purple-Machine Head 40th Anniversary Edition-Remastered-2012-KLV
Def Rhythm Productions-Back To The Lab-Vinyl-2012-FTD
Deformity-When Tomorrow Comes-2012-GRAVEWISH
Delamour-Take Back The Name-2012-FNT
Delirium-A Day After Die-2005-wWs INT
Delirium-All These Years Of Dying-2009-wWs
Demi Portion-Sous Le Choc Vol.2-Retail-FR-2012-H5N1
Demonic Death Judge-Skygods-2012-GRAVEWISH
Demonlord - Adventures in Hell Pt.1-1999-MCA int
Demonlord - Helltrust-2002-MCA int
Depeche Mode-I Feel You-0724354832529-CDM-1993-MAPHiA INT
Der W - III Deluxe Edition-DE-CD-2012-SRG
Descend To Rise-Milestones-2012-KzT
Despeinados-Buenos Dias-ES-2012-VPE
Dethklok-Dethalbum III-2012-FNT
Detlev Joecker - Kleine Kerze Leuchte-DE-199X-oNePiEcE
Diabolical Demon Director-Rehearsal in a Grave-Tape-2010-FiH
Diamond Rings-Free Dimensional-2012-C4
Diamond Rugs-Diamond Rugs-2012-JUST
Diary of Dreams-The Anatomy of Silence-2012-FWYH
Die Jungen Zellberger-Drauf Sein Mir Stolz-DE-1998-ALPMP3
Die Kammer--Season I the Seeming and the Real-2012-OMA
Diego Carrasco-Hippytano-ES-2012-EiTheLMP3
Dimension Act - Manifestation of Progress-2012-MCA int
Disko Degenhardt-Donna Klara-DE-2011-NOiR
DJ Baby Anne-Bad Baby-CD-2012-WRS
DJ Diaz-La Boum de Luxe-SAT-10-27-2012-PTC
dj fabio b and albertino-one two one two-dab-10-12-2012-G4E
dj fabio b and emis killa-one two one two-dab-10-17-2012-G4E
dj fabio b and emis killa-one two one two-dab-10-26-2012-G4E
DJ Hard2Def--Black Beats-DVBS-10-18-2012-OMA
DJ Harlo - New Kingdom-MHS01-WEB-2012-TALiON
DJ Hype - Kiss Drum and Bass-SAT-10-06-2012-TALiON
DJ Jellin--Black Beats-DVBS-10-04-2012-OMA
DJ Jondal--Early Morning Breaks Planet Radio-DVBS-09-30-2012-OMA
DJ K-Zee--Black Beats-DVBS-10-11-2012-OMA
DJ Larry Law--Black Beats-DVBS-10-11-2012-OMA
DJ LRM And Touch Money Presents Kaboom-Thoughts Of Mass Destruction-Bootleg-2006-UMT
DJ Macu-Hot Mix 102-Planeta.FM-20-10-CABLE-2012-TDMLiVE
DJ Mighty Mike--Black Beats-DVBS-09-27-2012-OMA
DJ Mighty Mike--Black Beats-DVBS-10-25-2012-OMA
DJ Morrison--Black Beats-DVBS-09-27-2012-OMA
DJ Morrison--Black Beats-DVBS-10-25-2012-OMA
DJ Nova--Early Morning Breaks Planet Radio-DVBS-10-14-2012-OMA
DJ Optimus-Double Helix DNA-2011-FTD
DJ Rapture--Black Beats-DVBS-10-18-2012-OMA
DJ Ray-D and Jagger--Black Beats-DVBS-10-04-2012-OMA
DJ Sixpack and DJ Norman-Hardhouse Generation-FM-03-10-2012-1KING
DJ Tomez and Meirez-Clubding-SAT-10-01-2012-PTC
DJ Vadim-Global Player Selector-SAT-10-14-2012-PTC
Django Lassi - Bumm Drischts-2011-CMG
Django Wagner-Als De Nacht-WEB-NL-2012-gnvr
Dog Is Dead-All Our Favourite Stories-WEB-2012-FRAY
Dokken - One Live Night Jap. Ed.-Live-1995-MCA int
Dokken-Broken Bones-2012-passed
Don Peyote - Heaven And Earth-2012-MYCEL
Donald Fagen-Sunken Condos-2012-404
Donald Fagen-Sunken Condos-WEB-2012-FRAY
Doraid-Birth Ritual-Parasite-The Savage Beast Of Three Head-Split-12inch-Vinyl-2012-FiH
Doro-Raise Your Fist-2012-GRAVEWISH
Doubleface-Falls and Decline-2012-GRAVEWISH
Drumsound and Bassline Smith-UKF vs Rampage Lotto Arena-STREAM-09-30-2012-COiN INT
Dublin Death Patrol - DDP 4 Life-Reissue-2012-MCA int
Dustin OHalloran-Piano Solos Vol.2-SPLTR0007-Reissue-CD-2011-k4
Dweller-The Reality Vector-2012-KzT
Dwight Yoakam-3 Pears-2012-404
DWNSTRS-Ghost Memoir-2012-r35
Eagle Twin-the Feather Tipped the Serpents Scale-2012-B2R
Easy Rider - Lo Mejor De Easy Rider-2006-MCA int
Ebo Taylor-Appia Kwa Bridge-2012-SO
Eclipse-Corrupted Society-WEB-2012-YARD
Ed And Kim-Switch Playground Studio Brussel-CABLE-14-10-2012-1KING
Edge of Thorns - Masquerading of the Wicked-2007-MCA int
Edge of Thorns - Ravenland-2004-MCA int
Edina Pop-Halt Die Liebe Fest-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Egida Aurea-Derive-IT-2012-gF
Egida Aurea-La Mia Piccola Guerra-IT-2010-gF
El Arrebato-Campamento Labandon-ES-2012-EiTheLMP3
El Ten Eleven-Transitions-2012-RTB
Elanne Kwong-Skytree-CPOP-2012-TosK
Electrozombies-He Visto-ES-2008-D2H INT
Elisapie-Travelling Love-2012-C4
Eliwagar-Memories of the Warrior Will-2008-KLV
Elleya Tao-Chemistry Love-CPOP-2012-TosK
Ellie Goulding-Halcyon-2012-pLAN9
Elwing - Immortal Stories-2002-MCA int
Emerald - Forces of Doom-2004-MCA int
Emerald - Unleashed-2012-MCA int
Emily Loizeau-Mothers and Tigers-2012-JUST
End of Line-Eol Trio-2012-SNOOK
Entwine - Fatal Design Jap. Ed.-2006-MCA int
Erebus Enthroned-Nights Black Angel-2011-GRW
Esso-Essocentric Vol.1 History In The Making-Bootleg-2007-UMT
Esthero-Everything Is Expensive-2012-C4
Eternal Flame - Desire Jap. Ed.-1999-MCA int
Eternal-Abismos De Suenos-SP-1994-wWs
Etrusgrave - Masters of Fate-2008-MCA int
Etrusgrave - Tophet-2010-MCA int
Eugenic Death-Crimes Against Humanity-2012-B2R
Europa Park - Horror Nights Starring Marc Terenzi-Hfcd-0340-CD-2011-ZzZz
Execration-The Acceptance of Zero Existence-2012-DiTCH
Existem-Years Of Winter-2012-KzT
Exumer-Possessed By Fire-Remastered-2012-GRAVEWISH
Exumer-Rising from the Sea-Remastered-2012-GRAVEWISH
Eyes of Shiva - Deep Jap. Ed.-2006-MCA int
Face The Front-Modern Values-2012-FiH
Falling Leaves-Mournful Cry of a Dying Sun-2012-GRAVEWISH
Family--Portrait Promo-2012-OMA
Fantom-Chas Rasplaty-RU-2012-GRAVEWISH
Fatboy-Love Creole-2012-r35
Fatty Down-Roller Coaster-2012-FTD
Faustcoven-Hellfire and Funeral Bells-LP-2012-211
Fiar - Today You Are Victim-ILI115-WEB-2012-BTA
Firewater-Psychopharmacology-TWA37CD-CD-2001-k4 int
FIS - The Commons-EXITMINILP001-WEB-2012-BTA
Flavia Coelho-Bossa Muffin-2012-SNOOK
Fleet Foxes--Live at Rolling Stone Weekender-DVBS-11-11-2011-OMA
FleshTorture-The Stench of Humanity-2011-GRW
Florence and The Machine - Live at Southside Festival Tuttlingen-06-22-DVBC-2012-UME
Florian Horwath-Tonight-2012-CRN
Flyleaf-New Horizons-Retail-2012-C4
Flynt-Itineraire Bis-FR-2012-H5N1
Fobia-Destruye Hogares-SP-2012-wWs
Folks-French Songs - 1 2 3-2CD-2012-JUST
Forever Storm - Soul Revolution-2009-MCA int
Fossils from the Sun - Mix Tape-Tape-2010-CRUELTY
Freelance Whales-Diluvia-2012-RTB
Frenchie-Concrete Jungle 2-2012-FaiLED INT
Freshchest Prose-Present Jabs And Cuts Volume One-2001-GCP INT
Frozen Tears - Way of Temptation-2002-MCA int
Fuck Off - A Different Sacrifice 1987-1988-2012-MCA int
Fun - Live at SWR3 New Pop Festival Baden-Baden-09-14-DVBC-2012-UME INT
Further Seems Forever-Penny Black-Repack-2012-FNT
Fusionator-Kung Fu-2012-BFHMP3
Gap Dream-Gap Dream-Vinyl-2012-MTD
Garou-Rhythm And Blues-FR-2012-H5N1
General Fiasco-Unfaithfully Yours-Promo-2012-pLAN9
George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic-Festival Jazz A Vienne-DVBS-2012-JUST
Gerardo Ortiz-El Primer Ministro Deluxe Version-ES-2012-FAM
Goats of Doom-Lost in Time and Void-2012-GRAVEWISH
God Seed-I Begin-2012-BERC
Gorefest-The Demos-LP-2012-211
Gorugoth-Self Titled-2011-FiH
Got Blue Balls-Got Blue Balls-2011-gF
Grandes Genios De La Musica-Claude Debussy Obras Para Piano-Retail CD-SP-199X-LiViTY
Grandes Genios De La Musica-Frederic Chopin Obras Para Piano Vol1-Retail CD-SP-199X-LiViTY
Grandes Genios De La Musica-Frederic Chopin Obras Para Piano Vol2-Retail CD-SP-199X-LiViTY
Grandes Genios De La Musica-Georg Philipp Teleman Y Johann Nepomuk Hummel-Retail CD-SP-199X-LiViTY
Grandes Genios De La Musica-Joseph Haydn Sinfonia 98 Y 102-Retail CD-SP-199X-LiViTY
Grandes Genios De La Musica-Nicolai Rimsky Korssakoff Sheherazade-Retail CD-SP-199X-LiViTY
Grandes Genios De La Musica-Piotr I Tschaikowsky Y Mijail Glinka-Retail CD-SP-199X-LiViTY
Grave - Endless Procession of Souls-2012-MCA int
Grave Digger - Clash of the Gods-Ltd.Ed. Digipak-2012-MCA int
Graveyard-Lights Out-2012-r35
Grinspoon-Black Rabbits-2012-MTD
Gros Mene-Agnus Dei-FR-2012-iTS
Gros Mene-Agnus Dei-WEB-FR-2012-iTS
Grunt-World Draped in a Camouflage-2012-B2R
Gullfisk-Live At 10 Days Off Ghent-CABLE-19-07-2012-1KING
GUN-Break the Silence-CD-2012-GRAVEWISH
Guy Sebastian-Armageddon-2012-pLAN9
Gwyn Ashton--Radiogram-2012-OMA
Gyotrelem-Dimenziok Pusztulasa-HU-2012-GRAVEWISH
Hamilton b2b Culture Shock-UKF vs Rampage Lotto Arena-STREAM-09-29-2012-COiN INT
Hammer-Shermann-1990-mwnd int
Hans Soellner-SoSoSo-DE-2012-NOiR
Haste The Day-Best Of The Best-2012-DeBT
Heart-Fanatic-Deluxe Edition-2012-C4
Heathen Hoof - Rock Crusader-2011-MCA int
Heimatland Duo-Auf Regen Da Folgt Sonnenschein-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Hell Militia-Jacobs Ladder-2012-FiH
Herbert Groenemeyer--I Walk-2012-OMA
Heresiarch Seminary-Spill the Cursed Wine-EP-2012-GRAVEWISH
Hetman-Viter S Gaem Rozmovlae-UA-2012-GRAVEWISH
Hexvessel-No Holier Temple-2012-r35
Hey Sholay-O-Promo-2012-pLAN9
Holy Knights-Between Daylight and Pain-2012-RTB
Hostage Calm-Please Remain Calm-2012-pLAN9
Hotel Diablo-The Return To Psycho California-2012-RTB
Hubert Sumlin-Blues Guitar Boss-Remastered-2012-SO
Ian Siegal And The Mississippi Mudbloods-Candy Store Kid-2012-404
Icarus Witch-Rise-2012-PMS
Ice Cube-10 Great Songs-2012-MTD
Icons Of Elegance-Carousel-2012-DECRyPTED
Ida Jenshus-Someone To Love-2012-FiH
Ide and Alucard-Uncovered Remains-2012-FrB
Iguana Tango-Efecto Domino-ES-2012-VPE
Ill Nino-Epidemia-2012-FNT
In Fear And Faith-In Fear And Faith-2012-FNT
In Fear And Faith-In Fear And Faith-WEB-2012-FRAY
India Martinez-Otras Verdades-ES-2012-EiTheLMP3
Infernal Necromancy-2001-2002-2011-FiH
Infernal Necromancy-2002-2006-2011-FiH
Inhale Exhale-Movement-2012-FiH
Innercity - 2-Tape-2010-CRUELTY
Inside Project-A History Of Violence-2012-KzT
Inspector Dubplate Xkore and Culprate-UKF vs Rampage Lotto Arena-STREAM-09-30-2012-COiN INT
Intestinal Disgorge - Smallpox Aroma-The Abysmal Morgue-Split-2012-GRAVEWISH
Intohimo-Northern Lights-2012-FNT
Ireen Sheer-Keine Liebt Dich So Wie Ich-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Isaac Hayes-Groove-A-Thon-LP-1976-GCP INT
Ivanhoe - Lifeline-2008-MCA int
Ivanhoe - Symbols of Time-1995-MCA int
Ivanhoe - Visions and Reality-1994-MCA int
Ivory Gates - The Devils Dance-2011-MCA int
Jacky Rapon-Authentique-DJF1163-CD-FR-2012-211
Jackyl-Best in Show-CD-2012-GRAVEWISH
Jacob Groth-Men Who Hate Women-OST-2009-EiTheLMP3 INT
Jade Kwan-Pause-CPOP-2012-TosK
Jafu - Add To Cart-2012-MYCEL
Jagwa Music-Bongo Hotheads-2012-SO
Jake Bugg-Jake Bugg-2012-pLAN9
Jamey Johnson-Living For A Song A Tribute To Hank Cochran-2012-404
Janiva Magness-Stronger for it-2012-SNOOK
Jar-Zimowe Sloncastanie-2012-BERC
Jaromir Nohavica - Tak Me Tu Mas-WEB-CZ-2012-mCZ
Jason Aldean-Night Train-2012-C4
Jason Lytle-Dept Of Disappearance-2012-FNT
Jean Jacques Milteau-With Manu Galvin Michael Robinson and Ron Smyth-Consideration-2012-SNOOK
Jeff Caresse-Les Mamelles Du Desir-2012-H3X
Jenifer-Lamour Et Moi-FR-2012-H5N1
Jerrod Niemann-Free The Music-2012-404
Jessie Ware-Devotion-2012-C4
Jets Overhead-Boredom And Joy-2012-C4
Jhose Angel--Live At Fabulush Ibiza-LINE-01-09-2012-WUS
Jhose Angel--Live At Fabulush Ibiza-LINE-05-10-2012-WUS
Jhose Angel--Live At Fabulush Ibiza-LINE-08-09-2012-WUS
Jhose Angel--Live At Fabulush Ibiza-LINE-29-09-2012-WUS
Joel Harrison 7-Search-2012-JUST
Johanna Kurkela-Sudenmorsian-FI-2012-KALEVALA
John Cale--Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood-2012-OMA
John Cale-Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood-WEB-2012-BPM
John Frusciante-PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone-2012-JUST
John Olav Nilsen og Gjengen-Den Eneste Veien Ut-NO-2012-KLV
John Olav Nilsen og Gjengen-Det Naermeste Du Kommer-NO-2011-KLV
John Olav Nilsen og Gjengen-For Sant Til Aa Vaere Godt-NO-2009-KLV
John Williams-Memoirs of A Geisha-OST-2005-EiTheLMP3 INT
Johnny Hallyday - Johnny Chante Hallyday 1965 Volume 39-276436-5-REMASTERED-FR-2012-ZzZz
Johnny Hallyday - Nashville 1963 Volume 44-276439-1-REMASTERED-FR-2012-ZzZz
Jon Balke Batagraf-Say and Play-2011-SO
Jon Lord--Concerto for Group and Orchestra-2012-OMA
Jose Rubios Nova Era - Nova Era-2012-MCA int
Josh Smith-Im Gonna Be Ready-2011-404
Josh Turner--Live Across America-2012-OMA
Joshua Radin - Live at Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg-09-22-DVBC-2012-UME
Joss Stone-Live in Koeln-FM-09-16-2012-CMS
Joy Disaster-Sickness-2012-AMOK
Jukka Assa-Mitas Tassa-FI-2012-r35
Julie Maria-Kom-DK-2012-pLAN9x
Justin Bieber Featuring Big Sean - As Long As You Love Me Remixes-WEB-2012-iDC
Kach - Unreal Reality-DDZR016-WEB-2012-BTA
Kaiserwaelder Musketiere-Ab Geht Die Luzie-DE-1994-ALPMP3
Kaki King-Glow-2012-C4
Kandis-No. 15-DK-2012-pLAN9x
Karel Plihal - Vzduchoprazdniny-CZ-2012-mCZ
Kari Bremnes--Og Sa Kom Resten Av Livet-NO-2012-OMA
Karushi-Bastard Rock-1999-SDR
Karyn White-Carpe Diem-2012-C4
Kasan - Drown-2012-CRUELTY
Kastelruther Spatzen-Leben Und Leben Lassen-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Katherine Jenkins-Best Of British-2012-SO
Katrin Navessi-17 Shades Of Blue-2012-CRN
Keith Jarrett-El Juicio-2006-DGN
Kelan Philip Cohran-Kelan Philip Cohran and The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble-2012-SO
Khoma--All Erodes Promo-2012-OMA
Khors-Wisdom of Centuries-2012-FiH
Kidboy-Global Player Selector-SAT-10-21-2012-PTC
Kidz Bop-Kidz Bop 22-2012-CRN
Kingston 530-Long Time Coming-2011-DeBT
Kira Isabella-Love Me Like That-2012-C4
Kjaftur-Perpetual Solitude-CDR-2010-FiH
Knaan-Country God Or The Girl-2012-C4
Koan Sound--The Adventures Of Mr. Fox EP-OWS020-WEB-2012-WUS
Kobra and the Lotus-Kobra and the Lotus-2012-GRAVEWISH
Konitz Meets Bollani-Suite For Paolo-2010-DGN
Kopek-White Collar Lies-Read NFO-WEB-2012-BPM
Kreayshawn-Somethin Bout Kreay-2012-C4
Kryptos-The Coils of Apollyon-2012-GRAVEWISH
Krystof - Inzerat-WEB-CZ-2012-mCZ
Kylie Minogue--The Abbey Road Sessions-2012-OMA
La Connexion-Elevation-FR-2012-SS4B
La Ruelle En Chantier-La Vie Belle-FR-2012-SNOOK
Laas Unltd.--Im Herzen Kind-DE-2012-OMA
Lady Antebellum-On This Winters Night-2012-C4
Lanfear - This Harmonic Consonance-2012-MCA int
Lao Tseu--Poesie De Boulevard-FR-2004-WUS
Lasse Sigfridsson-Min Egen Vag-SE-2012-LoKET
Last Minute To Jaffna-Volume 1-2008-D2H INT
Lavender Diamond-Incorruptible Heart-2012-B2R
Lazer Lloyd - My Own Blues-2012-UNiCORN INT
Lee Majors And Matt Blaque-What Mobstaz Do-Repack-2012-CR
Lena Valaitis-Die Welt Der Stars Und Hits-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Lento - Anxiety Despair Languish-2012-CRUELTY
Les Trois Accords-Jaime Ta Grand-Mere-Digipak-FR-2012-SS4B
Lil Rob-All My Life-2012-CR
Lil Rob-Its My Time-Repack-2012-CR
Lil Wayne-Dedication 4-2012-FaiLED INT
Lindi Ortega-Cigarettes And Truckstops-2012-C4
Lindi Ortega-Cigarettes And Truckstops-WEB-2012-wAx
Linear Sphere - Manvantara-2012-MCA int
Lionel Loueke-Heritage-2012-H3X
Lions Share - Lions Share Jap. Ed.-1994-MCA int
Lisa Mitchell-Bless This Mess-2012-OZM
Little Axe-If You Want Loyalty Buy A Dog-2012-SNOOK
Little Trouble Kids - Adventureland-CD-2012-MnD
Loathsome-Born from Rot-2012-B2R
Loock und Disko Degenhardt-Johnny War Ein Taenzer-DE-2010-NOiR
Los Sirex-Baladas-WEB-ES-2009-ASS
Loudness - Jap. Ed.-2CD-2012-MCA int
Loudness-Eve to Dawn-CD-2012-GRAVEWISH
Love Shop-Skandinavisk Lyst-DK-2012-pLAN9x
Lucy And The Cloud Parade-Cloud 9-WEB-2012-FRAY
Lujuria - Llama Eterna-ES-2010-MCA int
Luke Ritchie-The Waters Edge-2012-DECRyPTED
Luke Ritchie-The Waters Edge-2012-DEyRyPTED
Luley-Todays Tomorrow-2012-GRAVEWISH
Lustre-They Awoke to the Scent of Spring-2012-B2R
Luther-Lets Get You Somewhere Else-2012-FNT
M-City Solo--Lunch Box Vol4-The Fresh Report-PROMO CDR-2009-WUS
Maculatum-The Nameless City-Limited Edition-2012-D2H
Macy Gray-Talking Book-2012-C4
Magtens Korridorer-Spil Noget Vi Kender-DK-2012-pLAN9x
Main Moe and Q-Cut-Tango Charlie Alpha Zulu-LP-DE-2012-NOiR
Majestic Downfall-Temple Of Guilt-2007-wWs INT
Major Look Live-UKF vs Rampage Lotto Arena-STREAM-09-29-2012-COiN INT
Manowar-The Lord Of Steel-REMASTERED-2012-gF
Marchello - The Magic Comes Alive-2012-MCA int
Marci Geller--Open Book-2012-OMA
Marfik-Devotum Lucifer-IT-2012-GRAVEWISH
Margot Werner-Wasser Feuer Luft Und Erde-DE-2012-ALPMP3
Marika and Spokoarmia-Momenty-PL-2012-BiL
Mario Barth-Maenner Sind Schuld Sagen Die Frauen-DE-2012-VOiCE
Mark--Early Morning Breaks Planet Radio-DVBS-09-30-2012-OMA
Mark--Early Morning Breaks Part 2 Planet Radio-DVBS-10-14-2012-OMA
Marta Krol-the First Look-2011-BFHMP3
Martha Wainwright-Come Home To Mama-2012-pLAN9
Martire-Brutal Legions Of The Apocalypse-LP-2012-211
Mary Byrne-With Love-2012-SO
Mary Gauthier--Live at Blue Rock Promo-2012-OMA
Maserati-Maserati VII-2012-r35
Massenhinrichtung-Raven Throne--Adzinota Kruka-Split-2012-BERC
Massimiliano Troiani-Soul kooking-DAB-10-08-2012-G4E
Massimiliano Troiani-Soulcooking-SAT-10-11-2012-TBM
Massimiliano Troiani-Soulcooking-SAT-10-16-2012-TBM
Massimiliano Troiani-Soulcooking-SAT-10-17-2012-TBM
Massimiliano Troiani-Soulcooking-SAT-10-18-2012-TBM
Matana Roberts-Coin Coin Chapter One-2012-SNOOK
Matraca Berg--Loves Truck Stop Promo-2012-OMA
Matti Esko-Halleluja-FI-2010-KALEVALA
Maurice Fleret-Depose Madanm Moun La-6425.2-CD-FR-2012-211
Max Buskohl-Sidewalk Conversation-2012-passed
Maximilian Hecker-Mirage Of Bliss-2012-CaHeSo
Maximo Park-The National Health-2012-passed
MC Lars-Greatest Hits-2012-uC
Med1 40 Gang--Asocial Vagabind-FR-2008-WUS
Meek Mill-Dreams And Nightmares-2012-CR
Mel and Tim-Mel and Tim-2010-SO
Melocos-Mientras El Mundo Explota-ES-2012-EiTheLMP3
Meridiam - El Fin De Los Dias-Digipak-ES-2005-MCA int
Meshell Ndegeocello-Pour Une ame Souveraine-WEB-2012-BPM
Metrik b2b Smooth-UKF vs Rampage Lotto Arena-STREAM-09-30-2012-COiN INT
MGK-Lace Up-2012-CR
Micachu and the Shapes - Never-CD-2012-TALiON
Micky Dolenz-Remember-WEB-2012-wAx
Millions - Spectrum Tickets - Be Excellent to Each Other - Space-Time-Split-Tape-2011-CRUELTY
Miss Lava-Red Supergiant-2012-PMS
Misser-Every Day I Tell Myself Im Going To Be A Better Person-2012-FNT
Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom--Bug-NTD 92509-22-CD-1999-CMC INT
Mob Rules-Cannibal Nation-WEB-2012-LFA
Moncho-Sangre De Bolero En Concierto En El Palau De La Musica-ES-2012-EiTheLMP3
Moneybrother-This Is Where Life Is-2012-passed
Moonlit Sailor-Colors In Stereo-2011-CaHeSo
Moriturus-Gdy Rozum Spi Budza Sie Upiory-2012-BERC
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