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Hip-Hop Part7
  Hip-Hop | Author: Admin | 26-12-2021, 13:34

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Destinys Child - Brown Eyed-Promo CDS-2002-CRN
Destinys Child - Lose My Breath (Peter Rauhofer Mixes)-Promo CDS-2004-XXL
Destinys Child - Lose My Breath (Peter Rauhofer Remixes)-Promo-CDS-2004-QCM
Destinys Child-Bills Bills Bills-(CDS)-1999-OSC
Destinys Child-Emotions-CDS-2001-PAiSAS iNT
Destinys Child-Emotion-UK CDS1-2001-SSR
Destinys Child-Emotion-UK CDS2-2001-SSR
Destinys Child-Girl-(UKCDS2)-2005-F4G
Destinys Child-Independent Women Part 1 Charlies Angels OST-CDS-2000-DENWO INT
Destinys Child-Lose My Breath (Gps Exclusive Club Mix)-Promo-CDS-2004-Scratch
Destinys Child-No No No-CDS-1998-XXL INT
Destinys Child-Say My Name (Exclusive Mix)-Promo CDS-2002-wAx
Destinys Child-Soldier Kayoremix-(Promo-CDS)-2005-VINYL
Destinys Child-Soldier-FR Promo CDS-2005-HMC
Destinys Child-With Me-CDS-1998-PRC
Destro Destructo-Day of the Dead-2013-DiTF
Destro Destructo-Day Of The Dead-2013-UGDN
Detane-Gods Bleed-WEB-2015-WTCF
Detane-Music and Strength-WEB-2004-WTCF
Detin8 and Gneticz-The Heart Of Patience-WEB-2021-WTCF
Detin8-A Generals DNA-WEB-2021-WTCF
Detin8-Tommy Black-WEB-2021-WTCF
Detin8-Vrich City Vol.1-WEB-2021-WTCF
Deuce Ellis-Midnight Ouroboros-WEB-2020-PZH
Deuce Hennessy X Chuck Chan-Articles Ill-SINGLE-2019-DiTF
Deuce Hennessy X Farma Beats-The Way It Goes-Single-2019-DiTF
dev rocka-the night shift-2007-ftd
Devaloop-From The Bits To The Cosmos-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
Devaloop-From The Bits To The Cosmos-WEB-2017-PZH
Devante-Things You Like-Promo CDs-2004-FTI
Devastating Tito and Mikey Dstruction-Gotm Sayn Hey (Digi12)-2014-DiTF
Develop-Origins Of Light-WEB-2019-PZH
devil faced angels-actin up (12 inch)-2000-ftd
Devils Rejects-5 Pillars-(CDS)-2006-DiTF
Devin The Dude Freddie Gibbs Starlito Killa Kyleon And Propain-Rollin-2013-TEXAS INT
Devin the Dude-Aight Ft.Taktloss and Jack Orsen-TAPE-2004-kHz INT
Devin The Dude-Doobie Ashtray-CDM-2002-EAC
Devin The Dude-Gotta Be Me-Single-WEB-2010-TEXAS
Devin The Dude-Jus Coolin-Single-WEB-2010-TEXAS
devin the dude-just tryin ta live-2002-kor
Devin The Dude-Just Tryin To Live (Promo)-2002-WCR
Devin The Dude-Probably Should Have-DigiSingle-2013-TEXAS INT
devin the dude-smoke sessions-2008-kor
devin the dude-suite 420-2010-kor
devin the dude-to tha x-treme-2004-kor
Devine Carama-The Lost Jewels Volume 1-2004-2014-2014-DiTF
Devin-See What I Can Pull-(Promo CDS)-1998-CDSINGLESV2
devin-the dude-1998-kor
Dexter-Palmen And Beats Instrumentals-WEB-2015-PZH
Dezert Eez-Ghettoboxx (Deluxe Edition)-WEB-2010-WTCF
Dezert Eez-Late Night Cognac Sessions-WEB-2016-WSS
Dezert Eez-Life Illustrated-WEB-2013-WTCF
Dezert Eez-Magnificent Swords and Fly Jewelz-WEB-2015-WTCF
Dezlooca-Apex Predator Vol. 1-Deluxe Edition-2016-NOiR
DG And Suavea-Swangin In Texas-Promo-2011-EAD INT
D-GRIMEZ-Wuts the Deal Son Remix-(CDS)-2005-DiTF
Diabolic - See the Light feat Nems-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Diabolic-Diabolical Sound-Promo-WEB-2014-URT INT
Diabolic-Fightin Words-WEB-2014-DOLAN
Diabolic-Fightin Words-WEB-2014-UGDN INT
Dialated Peoples and Kanye West-This Way-(Promo CDS)-2004-ECR
Dialect and Yucknasty-Will Be Done-WEB-2020-ENRAGED
Dial-G-From Tennis Shoes Tah 22s-WEB-2014-WTCF
Dial-G-O.G. (Original God)-WEB-2018-WTCF
diamond and the psychotic neurotics-stunts blunts and hip hop-1992-kor
Diamond D And Big Red-Created A Monster (12Inch)-199X-CMS
Diamond D and Sadat X-Feel it-(CDS)-1997-DiTF
Diamond D And The Psychotic Neurotics-Stunts Blunts and Hip Hop-1992-NHH INT
diamond district-in the ruff-2009-kor
Diamond District-March on Washington Redux-2014-DiTF
diamond district-march on washington-2014-kor
Diamond District-March On Washington-2014-UGDN
Diamond D-Sally Got A One Track Mind (12inch)-1993-CMS
Diamond D-What U Heard-(VLS)-1993-DiTF
Diamond Lung-Crack (Edible Beatz Remix) (Digi7)-2017-DiTF
diamond-hatred passions and infidelity-1997-kor
Diana King - Love Triangle-CDS-1995-oNePiEcE
Dia-Ohh Yeah-BW-Hate Dat-VLS-2004-CHR
Dice Raw-My Only Friend-WEB-2015-SOUNDz
Dicht Und Ergreifend-Schofal Boogie-WEB-DE-2018-ALPMP3
Die Firma-Kap Der Guten Hoffnung-DE-CDM-FLAC-1999-oNePiEcE
Die Verpeilas - Musike Fuer Atzen-DE-2004-YSP
digable planets-blowout comb-1994-kor
Digable Planets-Dial 7-VLS-1995-FTD
digable planets-reachin (a new refutation of time and space)-1993-kor
Digable Planets-Rebirth Of Slick-CDM-1992-DJM
digable planets-where im from-cds-1993-ftd
Di-gestivo-Wu Tango (Digest Remixes)-WEB-2020-WTCF
Diggin In The Crates-Day One (12 Inch)-1998-CMS
digital underground- cuz a d.u. party dont stop-2008-kor
digital underground-future rhythm-1996-kor
Digital Underground-No Nose Job-VLS-1992-FTD
digital underground-sex packets-1990-kor
digital underground-sons of the p-1991-kor
digital underground-the body-hat syndrome-1993-kor
digital underground-the greenlight-ep-2010-kor
digital underground-the lost files-1999-kor
digital underground-this is an e.p. release-ep-1991-kor
digital underground-who got the gravy-1998-kor
Digitalluc-Blu Dot.-2018-DiTF
Digitalluc-Blu Dot.-WEB-2018-PZH
dilated peoples - rework the angles-vls-1999-cms
Dilated Peoples-20-20-(Retail)-2006-RNS
dilated peoples-20-20-2006-kor
Dilated Peoples-Directors Of Photography-(Instrumentals)-(WEB)-2014-ZiLLA iNT
Dilated Peoples-Directors of Photography (Bonus Tracks)-2014-DiTF
Dilated Peoples-Directors of Photography (Instrumental Version)-2014-DiTF
dilated peoples-expansion team-2001-kor
Dilated Peoples-Good As Gone-Promo-WEB-2014-URT INT
Dilated Peoples-Live on Conan (11.13.01)-2001-CMS
dilated peoples-neighborhood watch-2004-kor
dilated peoples-rework the angles-1999-cms
Dilated Peoples-The Platform LP-2000-DSP
dilated peoples-the platform-2000-kor
Dilated Peoples-The Platform-2000-MVR
Dilated Peoples-The Platform-2000-Recycled INT
Dilated Peoples-Third Degree 12 Inch-1997-FTD
dilated peoples-work the angles (vinyl single)-1998-cms
Dilated Peoples-Worst Comes To Worst (Remix)-Proper-VLS-2002-FTD INT
Dilated Peoples-Worst Comes To Worst bw Remix-VLS-2001-CMS
Diligent Fingers and B3NBi-Smoke in the Jazz Lounge-EP-WEB-2015-METH INT
Diligent Fingers-BLACK-WEB-2017-PZH
Dillon And Paten Locke-Rap Safari (J-Zone Remix) Feat Phill Most Chill And J-Live-SINGLE-2018-DiTF
Dimples D-Sucker DJ-CDS-1990-FTD
Dina Rae-And-(Full VLS)-2004-0MNi
Dina Rae-And-(Promo-CDS)-2003-BUTT
Dina Rae-And-Promo CDS-2003-XXL
Dina Rae-Cant Even C It-(CDS)-2004-RNS
Dina Rae-Cant Even C it-(Promo CDS)-2004-CMS
Dina Rae-Ride the Boogie Ft Obie Trice-(Promo-CDS)-2003-MoB
Dino X-ExD Out-(Promo)-2004-SUT
Dio Drama - Der Hummelsteiner Junge-CDR-DE-2016-NOiR
Dio Drama - Mobshyt Day-EP-CDR-DE-2016-NOiR
Dio Drama - Verwundet-2014-tCN
Dion-Runnin Remix-Promo CDS-2005-JAH
Diplo-Diplo Rhythm-VLS-2004-FTD
Diplomats Present-Dipset More Than Music Vol. 1-(Retail)-2005-RNS
Dirt Disciples-The Ambition-(EP)-2015-DiTF
Dirt Merchants-Merchants Row-WEB-2017-PZH
Dirt Platoon and Kyo Itachi-War Face-3CD-2013-DiTF
Dirt Platoon-Bare Face Robbery-WEB-2015-PZH
Dirt Platoon-Black Sharpie Feat O.C-Single-2019-DiTF
Dirt Platoon-God Made Dirt and Dirt Dont Hurt-WEB-2017-CR7
Dirtbag-Ladies Luv Me BW Toot Dat Booty Up-VLS-2005-C4
Dirty Brigante Ft. Flesh-N-Bone And Lil Tone-The Game-Promo-2013-EAD INT
Dirty Clanzmen presents-The X-Tape-WEB-2016-WTCF
Dirty Clanzmen-The Legacies Project-WEB-2021-WTCF
Dirty Dens-Work Hard-WEB-2019-KLIN
Dirty Dickens-Hardcore Project-WEB-2014-UGDN INT
Dirty Dozen-The Underground EP-2000-DSP
Dirty Ft. Rodney Wilkerson-Dirty-CDS-2001-RNS
Dirty Hairy-Soul Dynamite 007 Feat Nat Lover-SINGLE-2019-DiTF
Dirty Joe-Tired Joy-WEB-2019-PZH
Dirty Money-Angels-(Promo-CDS)-2009-DiTF
Dirty R.A.Y Ft. Ice Water Slaughter-Make Money-Promo-2018-EAD INT
Dirty R.A.Y Ft. Lil Flex-Wanna Ball-Promo-2018-EAD INT
Dirty Rotten Skoundrelz Ft. Bun B-Jordans Under Dickies-PROMO-2013-EAD INT
Dirty Rotten Skoundrelz-Skoundrel Muzik-(Singles)-2009-EAD INT
Dirty Science Crew-They Be Loving Me Bw I Rock The Mic Bay-Bay-VLS-1996-PZH INT
Dirty South Rydaz-6 Kings-PROMO-2015-EAD INT
Dirty South Rydaz-Count This Cake-PROMO-2015-EAD INT
Dirty South Rydaz-Know The Feeling-PROMO-2015-EAD INT
Dirty South Rydaz-Tippin Down Bruton-PROMO-2015-EAD INT
Dirty-Candyman (CDS)-2001-RNS
DirtyDiggs-GOD.DAM-Deluxe Edition-2018-PZH INT
DirtyDiggs-Immaculate Conception-WEB-2017-PZH
Dirty-Hit Da Floe-2000-RNS
Dirty-My Cadillac-CDS-2002-RNS
Dirty-Thats Dirty Feat. Mannie Fresh-(Promo CDS)-2002-CDSINGLESV2
Disciples of the Sick-Disciples of the Sick-2014-DiTF
disco and the city boyz-comin straight at cha-1996-kor
Diseased Deities-Ill Infant-WEB-2020-PZH
Diseased Deities-iLL Infant-WEB-2020-WTCF
Disflex.6- The Guts EP-2000-CMS
Disflex6-Robot Dreams-2004-DiTF
Disflex6-Slow Burn-2006-DiTF
Disflex6-The Loophole Project (Unreleased Music)-2009-DiTF
Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy-Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury-(Retail)-1992-TJS
DistantStarr-The Vibe EP-WEB-2014-PZH
DITC-Get Yours (remix) (12inch)-2000-CMS
diversion tactics feat blade and beyond there-live to london-vls-2004-ftd
Diversion Tactics-Influence Bw School Thing-VLS-2002-CMS
Divine Scienze-Divine Scienze 2 (the Wake Up Album)-2014-DiTF
Divine Styler-Concept Design Deflon (12 inch)-2000-DSP
divine styler-wordpower-1989-kor
Divine Verbal Dialect-The Natural-VLS-2001-CMS
DJ 4our 5ive 50 Cent And Gunit Terminator (The Utimate Collection Pt 1)-2003-0MNi
DJ A Trak-Get Em High-(Remix-CDS)-2007-DiTF
DJ Ace - Fresh Party Breaks Vol 3 (Vinyl)-Promo-2004-DTM
Dj Action Pac-Butters-TAPE-1992-PFL
DJ Blaq Starr-Supastarr-(Mad Decent)-VLS-2007-soup
DJ Bless Aka Sutter Kain-August Underground-(Promo)-2006-DiTF
DJ Bless and Kenny Kingpin-I Should Run 4 Mayor (Digital 12inch)-2008-DiTF
DJ Bless feat. N.B.S.-Natural Born Spitters-(Digi12)-2010-METH INT
DJ Born Supreme Allah-Two Three Break Part II the Sequel-VLS-1985-DDC
DJ Bunk 1-Acapellas For You Pc Djs-2005-CCC
DJ Butta-Makaveli Pt 1 (7 Deadly Sins)-2003-MoB
DJ Cam Featuring Channel Live-Broadcasting Live-2VLS-1998-KrbZ
DJ Cam-Broadcasting Live-CDS-1998-kW
DJ Capone and Tony Yayo-Off Parole-Bootleg-2005-MrT
DJ Carisma-By Any Means (feat OneInThe4Rest Wiz Khalifa and 24hrs)-SINGLE-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
DJ Chris Styles-I Dont Believe in Love (feat Adam E And SmCity)-Single-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
Dj Christion-In This Bitch-(Promo CDS)-2012-CDSINGLESV2
DJ Chrome-Summit Sound Check-(TAPE)-2003-CMS
DJ Chuck Chillout And Kool Chip-Gimme Minze-VLS-1990-FTD
DJ Chuck T And The Slangin Boyz - Cant Break The Bank (Rick Ross And Poe Boy Ent.)-(WEB)-2008-MiXTAPE
DJ Chuck T And The Slangin Boyz - The Grandest Hustle Of All (T.I. And Grand Hustle)-(WEB)-2008-MiXTA
DJ Clue-The Cluemanatti Project Pt 1-1999-RNS
DJ Cosm-Connected Feat Touch (12inch Web)-2010-DiTF
DJ Cosm-Natural Within-2021-DiTF
DJ Create-Lets Go-(EP)-2015-DiTF
DJ da West-All My Niggaz Snort Coke (feat VA)-SINGLE-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
DJ Danger Mouse-The Grey Album-2003-WCR
DJ Dazon and ABM Entertainment-Back 2 School Pt. 1-2003-FUA
dj deckstream-deckstream soundtracks-2007-urt
DJ Designer Drugz-Welcome to the Xanny Family-WEB-2016-SOUNDz
DJ Doubledose-The Disrupt Chronicles Vol. Zero Hosted by Oh No-2005-B2R
DJ Drama Feat VA-5000 Ones-(CDS)-2007-DiTF
DJ Drama-Cannon-(CDS)-2006-DiTF
DJ Drama-Welcome To Saigon-Bootleg-2006-C4
DJ Duke And Large Professor-Hard As Steel-Single-WEB-2019-PZH
DJ Duke X Large Professor-Hard As Steel (Single)-2019-DiTF
dj eli - whos the best (feat. ill bill)-vls-2000-cms
DJ Eli And Shan Boogs-And So Kiddies -VLS-1999-FTD
DJ Eli and Shan Boogs-Cloudkickers EP-1999-B2R
dj eli-whos the best-vls-2000-soup int
DJ Envy And Red Cafe Feat. Fabolous-Dolla Bill-(Promo CDS)-2007-C4
DJ F. Sharp and DJ Supadave-Presents Mobb Hits (the Best of Mobb Deep)-2004-CRN
DJ Fashion-Partymix 1-VLS-199X-GCP
DJ Felli Fel-Reason to Hate Feat Ne-Yo Tyga and Wiz Khalifa (Digi12)-2013-DiTF
DJ Flare - Horney Martian Breaks-VLS-2000-FTD
DJ Flex-JeJe (Feat Mide)-WEB-2018-AZF
DJ Flipcyide presents-Tha Invasion Pt.6-WEB-2021-WTCF
DJ Flipcyide presents-Tha Invasion Pt.7-WEB-2021-WTCF
DJ Flipcyide presents-Tha Invasion Pt.8-WEB-2021-WTCF
DJ Format and Abdominal-We Say (Digi12)-2015-DiTF
DJ Format-English Lesson-VLS-1999-FTD
DJ Format-Vicious Battle Raps-VLS-2003-DDC
DJ Green Lantern - Invasion Pt. 2-2003-STH
DJ Green Lantern And Ghostface-Internet Invasion-Bootleg-2006-C4
DJ Green Lantern--The Invasion-SAT-08-17-2009-OMA
DJ Greg Street-I Am Somebody (Feat. Akon B.O.B And Big K.R.I.T.) Single-WEB-2016-LEV
dj greyboy-hidden crate remix-vls-1999-ftd
Dj Greyboy-Throw it Up-VLS-1999-FTD
DJ Hard2Def-I Know What U Want-CDS-2003-RpM
DJ Hitz and Lil Wayne-Its The Remix Baby-Bootleg-2008-XXL
Dj hurricane ft flipmode squad-come get it (cd single)-1999-apc
DJ Hurricane-Connect Remixes (12 Inch)-2000-EGO
DJ Ideal And Smitty-Coming From Da Bottom-Bootleg-2005-SUT
DJ Invasion-Homicide Feat Eminem And Logic (DNA Quick Blend)-Single-2019-DiTF
DJ Invasion-Phantom Seats Feat. Westside Gunn And Conway (Invasion Blend)-Single-2019-DiTF
DJ IQ-Welcome 2 the Circus BW Top Notch-CDS-2006-R3D
Dj Jay Faire-50 Cent Vs Camron-2002-FUA
DJ Jay Faire-Jay Z (Is He the Greatest Rapper)-2003-MoB
dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince-and in this corner-1989-kor
dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince-code red-1993-kor
dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince-homebase-1991-kor
dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince-rock the house-1987-kor
DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince-The Things That U Do-CDM-1991-iNT
DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince-The Things That U Do-CDS-1991-FTD
DJ Jazzy Jeff Ft CL Smooth-All I Want-CDS-2007-CMS INT
DJ Jazzy Jeff-Jeff N Fess B.W My Souls Not Sale-CDS-2007-CMS INT
Dj Jazzy Jeff-Love for the Game-CDS-2002-CMS INT
DJ Jazzy Jeff-Rock Wit U BW Scram-VLS-2002-KrbZ
dj jazzy jeff-the magnificent-2002-kor
DJ JHeat-Wu Blends Vol.1 (Shaolin vs Wu-Tang)-WEB-2007-WTCF
DJ JHeat-Wu-Tang vs Afu-Ra (Blendtape)-WEB-2008-WTCF
DJ Juice-Tape 52-Pimps Up Hoes Down-Bootleg-1998-DiTF
DJ K.O.-Let it Be Known (12inch Web)-2010-DiTF
Dj K.O.-Presents Hub City Revival-2004-CMS
DJ Kay Slay And Hedonis Da Amazon-Intimidation-(Bootleg)-2008-CR
DJ Kay Slay Presents Prinz-The Official Gun Talk Mixtape-(Bootleg)-2006-C4
DJ Kay Slay Presents-Election Day Papoose For The Streets-2004-C4
DJ Kay Slay-Im Gone BW The Truth-VLS-2004-C4
DJ Kay Slay-Victim (Who Wanna Be Like Mike)-2004-WHOA
DJ Kayslay Ft Fat Joe Joe Budden And Joe-Not Your Average Joe-Promo CDS-2004-SWE
DJ Kayslay Presents-The Best Of Remy Martin (Hosted By-2004-XMP3
DJ Khaled-All I Do is Win Feat Ludacris Snoop Dogg Rick Ross and T-Pain-2010-DITF
DJ Kiyo-Underground Railroad 4-2008-LTBB
DJ KO-80s Babies Feat East and Silent Knight-(VLS)-2009-DiTF
DJ Koco-Hardcore Hip Hop-2009-LTBB
DJ Koco-Underground Railroad 2-2007-LTBB
DJ KO-Forca Feat Silent Knight and Josephine-(VLS)-2010-DiTF
Dj Kool-I Got Dat Feelin Remixes-(VLS)-1997-JCE
DJ Kool-Welcome To The Party-VLS-1999-JCE
DJ KO-Someday-Promo CDM-2008-DDC
DJ Koss and Craig G-Whut Up Kid (Digi12)-2013-DiTF
DJ KO-What We on Feat Madkem-(VLS)-2010-DiTF
DJ Krush and Coldcut - Coldkrushcuts-2CD-1997-JUST INT
dj krush-krush-1994-kor
dj krush-meiso-1995-kor
dj krush-strictly turntablized-1994-kor
Dj Kurupt-We Aint Friends-Vinyl-2003-CHR
DJ Lifeforce Feat. Scope - Bundes-Rap-Publik-Toyland-VLS-2001-BLIZZARD
DJ Low Cut-Move On-Single-WEB-2019-PZH
DJ L-Take it to the Top (Digi 12)-2008-DiTF
DJ M80-Pasta And Tommy Gunz Feat Daddy Diesel And Illanoise-Single-2019-DiTF
DJ Mad - Soundfiles HipHop (N-JOY)-05-15-CABLE-2006-IMA
DJ Madsol Desar-Knights Of Edo.G Muzik (90s Unreleased)-EP VLS-2018-DiTF
dj magic mike and mc madness-aint no doubt about it-1991-osr
dj magic mike-bass is the name of the game-2008-kor
DJ Manny Marc - Electro Bassmixxx-2000-CMG
Dj Mastercash feat. Buckshot-Been Around the World-vls-2004-ftd
DJ Mentat Ft Skinnyman-When I Give My Heart to You-VLS-2004-CMS
DJ Mister Cee-One Time for the East Coast-(Promo-VLS)-1996-JCE
dj moves and birdapres - alleged legends-2001-dsp
DJ Muggs X Rome Streetz-Prayers Over Packages-Single-2021-DiTF
DJ Nu-Mark and Method Man-Zodiac Killah Single -WEB-2018-WTCF
DJ Obsolete-Squeeze-Single-2019-DiTF
DJ Pooh feat KAM-Whoop Whoop-VLS-1997-CMS
dj pooh ft. kam-whoop whoop-vls-1997-cms
Dj Pooh-Whoop Whoop-Promo CDS-1997-CDSINGLESV2
DJ Prao-D and Boogie B-Coolin with the P-VLS-2005-B2R
dj premier-new york reality check-1998-ltbb
dj premier-our streets-(ul9733-1)-vinyl-2018-frb
DJ Premier-Unreleased Beats Volume 2-2002-RNS
DJ Priority presents-Iron Cinema-WEB-2015-WTCF
Dj Pudgee P Presents The Best Bunch Of Shady-The Best Of Eminem Pt. 2-2003-0MNi
DJ Q-Bert-Cosmic Assassins Bw Sneak Attack-VLS-1998-soup int
dj q-bert-demolition pumpkin squeeze musik - a preskool breakmix-2003-kor
DJ Q-Bert-Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Musik-1994-TER
DJ Q-Bert-Gag Seal Breaks-LP-2001-JCE
DJ Q-Bert-ISP-Superseal-Vinyl-2001-HRS
DJ Q-Bert-Needle Thrashers Vol 1-2001-41ST
DJ Qbert-Superseal Breaks-2001-Q
DJ Q-Bert-Toasted Marshmello Feet Breaks Proper LP-1995-soup
DJ Q-Bert-Turntable Timmy-2003-CMS
DJ Quick Ft AMG-Can You Work Wit That-(Promo-CDS)-2007-THB
DJ Quik Feat Nate Dogg-What They Think (Proper Promo CDS)-2004-POiSE
dj quik ft amg-can you work with that-promo cds-2007-ftd
DJ Quik-Murda 1 Case-VLS-2002-GCP INT
dj quik-quik is the name-1991-kor
dj quik-rhythm-al-ism-1998-kor
DJ Quik-Safe And Sound-1995-AD
dj quik-safe and sound-1995-kor
dj quik-under tha influence-2002-kor
dj quik-way 2 fonky-1992-kor
DJ RAYBLAC-Aint A Bad Habit The Furious 1 Mr Styles Ft Jon Quest Harley Dyse (Prod By RayBlac)-SINGLE-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
DJ RAYBLAC-R-Sin Ron Sin -Coulda Woulda Shoulda ft AKnight (Prod By RayBlac)-SINGLE-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
DJ Raz Q-Jammin Jointz (Jamfm Cable 0526)-2006-R3D
DJ Raz-Q - Jammin Jointz (JamFM)-04-04-CABLE-2008-UME
DJ Ready Cee El Gant and Parakhan-Kamala (Digi12)-2013-DiTF
DJ Reg West Presents Lil Kim-Life Change BW Spell Check Remix-(Bootleg VLS)-2006-H5N1
dj revolution feat krs one-the dj-(promo-cds)-2008-ditf
DJ Rhomes-The Beat Down Mixtape Vol. 1-2004-B2R iNT
DJ Riz-Live form Brooklyn-(STM2003)-VLS-1999-GCP
DJ Rocky Rock and LDontheCut-Official Rock the Bells 2011 Promo Mix-2011-DiTF
Dj Roddyrod-Take Notice-VLS-2003-CMS
DJ Ron G.-Radio Pt. 2-2004-CRN
DJ RP Beats-Master Elements The Spear and The Shield-WEB-2021-WTCF
DJ Rubbish-Armageddon Session Vol.2 Live from the Bunker-2008-BCC
DJ Rukiz Shyne (Life After The Club)-2004-0mni
DJ Scrap Chamillionaire-King Koopa-2008-MF
DJ Seiji-1991 Beat Emotion Library-2009-LTBB
DJ Seismic Shift - Coke DJ Culture Guestmix (JamFM)-04-04-CABLE-2008-UME
DJ Semtex-Move (Yeah Yeah Yeah)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
DJ Semtex-Saturday Night Mixtape on 1xtra-DAB-05-27-2006-UKP
DJ Serious-Cold Tea-2005-B2R
dj shadow-endtroducing-1998-kor
dj shadow-the private press-2cd-limited edition-2002-kor
DJ Shortkut and Vinroc-Live At Freak Night Seattle (10-28-00)-2000-CMS
dj sichuan and manik-chuglife mixtape-(bootleg)-2006-vinyl
DJ Skandal-Black Moon-How Many MCs Skandal Remix-SINGLE-2019-DiTF
DJ Skandal-Definition Of Flow Ft DJ Robert Smith-SINGLE-2019-DiTF
DJ Skizz-Industry Remix Feat VA-(EP)-2016-DiTF
DJ Skizz-Jingle Rap Feat VA (Single)-2018-DiTF
DJ Skizz-Kings From Queens-2012-DiTF
DJ Skizz-Triboro Thoro-(EP)-2013-DiTF
DJ Skizz-Vio-Lence Feat Lil Fame and Ill Bill (Digi12)-2013-DiTF
DJ S-KY Cookinjax-Represent Underground-2010-LTBB
DJ Smallz - Southern Smoke Radio-SAT-01-05-2006-HSALIVE
DJ Smallz - Southern Smoke Radio-SAT-12-29-2005-HSALIVE
DJ Smallz Presents Loony T-706-N-Park-(Bootleg)-2008-LuL INT
DJ Smallz Presents Treal-The Formula-(Bootleg)-2007-LuL INT
DJ Smallz-Southern Smoke-2003-WHOA
DJ Sn1-What U Workin Wit (feat Show Banga)-SINGLE-WEB-2018-ENRAGED
DJ Soul Jah-Spice of Life (Hip Hop Originals)-2003-CMS
Dj Spank and Akos-FBI Show Part 1 (Live from NYC)-01-26-Live-2006-Scratch
DJ Spank and Akos-Street Exclusives Vol 2-Promo-Bootleg-2006-Scratch
DJ Spinbad - Dissing Funkmaster Flex-2006-KrbZ iNT
DJ Spinbad-Live Power 105 Session-2002-CMS INT
DJ Spinna-Black Fudge Bw The Invite-Single-WEB-2019-PZH
DJ Spinna-Crystal Duds Bw 7 Extra Large-Single-WEB-2019-PZH
DJ Spinna-Da Beat Yall Bw Nerd Beats-Single-WEB-2019-PZH
DJ Spinna-Drive Bw Rock Unplugged-Vinyl-2002-SWE
DJ Spinna-Elly Bw The Yoke-Single-WEB-2019-PZH
DJ Spinna-Moog Lust Bw Nia-Single-WEB-2019-PZH
DJ Spinna-Stabby Thoughts Bw Solar Plexing-Single-WEB-2019-PZH
DJ Spinna-Sunset Bw Current-Single-WEB-2019-PZH
Dj Spontaneous-31 ILL Flavors Vol.1-2001-DSP
dj spox prezentuje-sinus vs rjd2-the blend album-pl-2006-cms int
dj squeeky and tha family-on a mission-1997-kor
DJ Stavros-The Coming Sword Vol.1-WEB-2021-WTCF
DJ Stavros-The Coming Sword Vol.2-WEB-2021-WTCF
Dj Stresh Feat. Kev Brown-Windows Down-Single-WEB-2018-PZH
DJ Stresh-Windows Down-EP-2018-DiTF
DJ Sushi-The Lost Dub Plates-2000-DSP
DJ Thoro-The Party Rock (VLS)-2002-CHR
DJ Tomekk (Feat. Fler und G-Hot)-Jump Jump (DJ Tomekk Kommt)-Promo CDS-DE-2005-uC
DJ Tonk-Aquarian Soul-JP-2002-soup
dj tonk-frequent flyers-2006-b2s int
DJ Toph One-Live Loud And Dirty-2004-soup
Dj Uneek-Where Brooklyn at BW Thug Niggas-VLS-1999-JCE
DJ Vadim-The Soundcatcher (Bonus Mix CD)-2007-VAG
DJ Wally-DJ Wallys Genetic Flaw-PROPER-1997-soup
DJ Whoo Kid And Lloyd Banks-Mo Money In The Bank Part 4-(Bootleg)-2006-WHOA
DJ Whoo Kid And Lloyd Banks-Mo Money In The Bank Part 4-Bootleg-2006-WHOA
DJ Whoo Kid And Tony Yayo-G-Unit Radio Part 11-(Bootleg)-2005-C4
DJ Whoo Kid Bach Logic And Jay-Z-The Red Album JPN Import-2005-C4
DJ Zeph-Shake It Down-VLS-2004-FTD
DJ Z-Trip-The Motown Breakdown-VLS-2004-soup
dj-moves-re-loaded mixtape-2004-b2r
DKA-Jakby To Bylo-Promo-CDS-PL-2003-AFO
DK-Soul Expressions-2019-DiTF
DL Incognito-Head Rush BW Theres Something-VLS-2002-CMS
DL-Certificate of Relief-CDS-2004-CMS
D-Loc-Bong Tokes and Love Notes-(EP)-2014-DiTF
dm and jemini-ghetto pop life-2003-kor
dmx- and then there was x-1999-kor
DMX-And Then There Was X-1999-AD
DMX-Born Losers-VLS-1993-KrbZ
Dmx-Catz Dont Know (Vinyl Single)-1999-RNS
DMX-Flesh Of My Flesh Blood Of My Blood-1998-FTD INT
dmx-flesh of my flesh blood of my blood-1998-kor
DMX-Get it on the Floor Feat. Swiss Beatz (Live Sharon Osbourne 1126)-(Cable)-2003-FUA
dmx-grand champ-2003-kor
DMX-I Dont Dance Feat Machine Gun Kelly (Digi12)-2012-DiTF
DMX-Its Dark And Hell Is Hot-1998-DNR
dmx-its dark and hell is hot-1998-kor
DMX-Niggaz Done Started Something-Promo Vinyl-1998-KD INT
DMX-Pump Ya Fist BW Give Em What They Want-VLS-2005-AES
DMX-The DMX Files-2003-jah
dmx-the great depression-2001-kor
DMX-The Weigh In-(EP)-2012-METH INT
DMX-Undisputed-(Deluxe Edition)-2012-C4 INT
dmx-year of the dog again-2006-kor
DMX-Year Of The Dog Again (Retail)-2006-res
DNA-Bronx Criminal County-VLS-1996-PZH INT
D-Nice-Call Me-VLS-1990-CMS
d-nice-to tha rescue-1991-kor
Do Or Die-Higher Remix Feat Shawnna-(CDS)-2004-SUT
Do Or Die-Picture This-1996-aPC-la
Do Or Die-The Pass-Out-EP-2020-DiTF
Doc Felix and Dialect-The Right Direction (Digi12)-2013-DiTF
doc gyneco-1000-2018-kor
Doctor Becket-Higher Bw Lil Bit Higher-Reissue-7inch-Vinyl-2013-PZH INT
Doctor Butcher And Da Odd Couple-Against All Odds-WEB-2020-PZH
doctor ice-the mic stalker-1989-kor
Dogg Inc-My Ghetto-(CDM)-2005-MSRP
Dogg Pound-Dedication (Vinyl Single)-1999-RNS
Dogmatic-8mile Chronicles 2-WEB-2012-ENRAGED
Doja Cat-Hot Pink-2019-DiTF
Dolla and Skeet-Cry 4 Me-CDS-2005-NLs
Dolla Dame-You Aint Gang (Remix) feat Prezi and Cash Click Boog-SINGLE-WEB-2018-ENRAGED
Dollarmentary-Americas Baby-WEB-2017-WTCF
Dolomight The Lyrical Genius-Keep It Live-VLS-1996-PZH INT
Dom Kennedy-Best After Bobby Two-WEB-2015-CR7
Dom Pachino Aka the Puerto Rican Terrorist-Tera Iz Him-(Retail)-2002-DiTF
Dom Pachino and Bronze Nazareth-War Poetry Pt.1-WEB-2015-WTCF
Dom Pachino and Bronze Nazareth-War Poetry Pt.2 (Poetic Justice)-CD-2018-WTCF
Dom Pachino and Bronze Nazareth-War Poetry-WEB-2015-WTCF
Dom Pachino and Bugsy Da God-The Teradome Project-CD-2018-WTCF
Dom Pachino as Mr Tera-Torture Chamber-LIMITED EDITION-CD-2021-WTCF
Dom Pachino vs PR Terrorist-Gemini Mind-WEB-2016-WTCF
Dom Pachino-Digital Warfare-2016-DiTF
Dom Pachino-Digital Warfare-WEB-2016-WTCF
Dom Pachino-Firegod Gift Of Fire-WEB-2018-WTCF
Dom Pachino-Firegod-Gift Of Fire-2018-DiTF
Dom Pachino-Gemini Mind-Dom Pachino Vs PR Terrorist-2016-DiTF
Dom Pachino-Life of Performer 2-2016-DiTF
Dom Pachino-Life Of Performer Pt.2 (Soundtrack)-CD-2016-WTCF
Dom Pachino-Life Of Performer Pt 2 Soundtrack -CD-2016-WTCF
Dom Pachino-Napalm World Compilation-REISSUE-LIMITED EDITION-CD-2021-WTCF
Dom Pachino-Soldiers Need Love Too-LIMITED EDITION-CD-2020-WTCF
Dom Pachino-T- 4 At Your Front Door-2020-DiTF
Dom Pachino-T-3 (The Killer Concoction)-LIMITED EDITION-CD-2020-WTCF
Dom Pachino-T-3 The Killer Concoction -LIMITED EDITION-CD-2020-WTCF
Dom Pachino-T-4 (At Your Front Door)-WEB-2020-WTCF
Dom Pachino-Tera Iz Him 1 2-2CD-LIMITED EDITION-CDR-2019-WTCF
Dom Pachino-Tera Iz Him 3-2020-DiTF
Dom Pachino-War Poetry 2 (Poetic Justice)-2018-PZH INT
Dom Pachino-War Poetry 2 (Poetic Justice)-CD-2018-DiTF
Dominant Species-Dammit Bw Pain To The Brain-VLS-1995-PZH INT
Domingo-Behind the Doors of the 13th Floor-HM86611-VINYL-1999-WUS INT
Domingo-Same Game New Rules-WEB-2014-WTCF
Domingo-Sessions And Lessons Vol. 2-2015-ZiLLA iNT
Dominican Jay And Slick Talk Of LOEGz-Tookie-PROMO-2015-EAD INT
Domino - Getto Jam-(CDM)-1993-kd
domino-d freaked it-2001-kor
domino-get it right-2014-kor
domino-remember me-1999-kor
Domino-Sweet Potatoe Pie-CDM-1993-FTD
domino-the world of dominology-1997-kor
Domo Genesis and Alchemist-No Idols-2012-METH INT
Domo Genesis And Mike And Keys-Just In Case-EP-2020-DiTF
Domo Genesis X Mike And Keys-Just In Case 2-EP-2020-DiTF
Domo Genesis-Under The Influence 2-(Bootleg)-2014-DiTF
Domo Genesis-Under the Influence-2011-DiTF
Don Cerino-Downtime-2013-DiTF
Don Def Lord Beatjitzu Bolo Yeung-Vital Info-WEB-2020-WTCF
Don Gargeyone-Multiply-EP VLS-1998-DiTF
Don Miguel-Waiting for Carmine-2015-DiTF
Don Omar-Dale Don Omar Ft Fabolous (Swiss Beatz Remix)-Promo-CDS-2005-Scratch
Don Primo-Crazy Loco-(VLS)-2001-DiTF
donald d-notorious-1989-kor
D-One Tha Chosen Ft. D-Bando And JB-Easy-Promo-2016-EAD INT
Donna Allen-Satisfied-VLS-1987-GCP
Donna Summer-Breakaway Remix-7 Inch Vinyl-1991-GCP
Donna Summer-Je Taime Moi Non Plus-VLS-1978-GCP INT
Donnie Darko (feat. Interstate Mook and Sutter Kain)-Chinese Opera-(Digi12)-2014-METH INT
Donnie Darko-New Jersey Drive BW Summertime Madness-(CDS)-2007-DiTF
Donnie Darko-One False Move Pt. 2-(Digi12)-2014-METH INT
Donnie Darko-Train of Thought Pt. 2-(Digi12)-2013-METH INT
Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment-Surf-2015-DiTF
Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment-Surf-2015-iTS
Doo Wop-Presents The Wet Ones-VLS-1995-PZH INT
Doof And Olasegun-Livin Like A Nigga But Im Dyin Like A Rich One-WEB-2020-PZH
Doof-Al.Divino Blocked You Doofgawd Edition Aka Mask As A Real Face 3-WEB-2020-PZH
DOOM-Born Like This-2009-FTD INT
Doomsday Project-Bodycatchers At Da Bullet Fest-VLS-1993-PZH INT
doomtree-no kings-2011-kor
Doors Of Perception-Alphabet Soup-WEB-2017-PZH
Dope Knife X Factor Chandelier-Kill Factory-EP-2020-DiTF
DOPE90-Joint Flight-WEB-2016-PZH
DOPE90-Lo-Head 2-WEB-2020-PZH
DOPE90-Soviet Boom Bap-WEB-2014-PZH
Dorasel-Bounce (CDS)-2001-RNS
Dorrough-M.I.A.-Promo CDS-2010-CDSINGLESV2
Dose One-Head 7 Inch-Vinyl-2001-CMS
Dose One-Live With Apogee-CDS-2000-CMS
Doseone-G Is For JOB-2020-DiTF
dosia-waiting to inhale-1998-kor
Dot45-Hairy Bastard-WEB-2017-WRT
Dot-Com Intelligence-Protoculture-WEB-2017-PZH
Dots-The Art Of Sacrificing-Bootleg-2013-WTCF
double ab and dub sonata-media shower (deluxe edition)-(web)-2012-bobby digital 1
Double Agent Media-Space Ships-2014-DiTF
Double Bill-Broken Love-WEB-2010-ENEMY
Double Dee And Steinski-Lesson 4-Promo-VLS-JP-1999-FTD
Double Edge (Eddie Brock and DJ Crossphader)-The Odds (Vinyl Single)-2001-CMS
double l-peeps in da ground bw dont never doubt-vls-1995-mrc
double x-ruff rugged and raw-1995-kor
Double XX Posse-Not Gonna Be Able To Do It-DMD1891-Promo VLS-1992-HLM
double xx posse-put ya boots on-1992-kor
doug e. fresh and the get fresh crew-oh my god-vinyl-1986-kor
doug e. fresh and the get fresh crew-oh my god-web-1986-kor
doug e. fresh and the get fresh crew-the worlds greatest entertainer-1988-kor
Doug E. Fresh-I-Ight (Alright)-FULL VLS-1993-CMS
doug e. fresh-play-1995-kor
doug e fresh-spirit remix vls-1989-ftd
Dough Netwrokz X Saint Pat Beatz-God Loves Pious-EP-2020-DiTF
Doughboy ft. Bonecrusher-From Da ATL-Promo CDS-2003-POiSE
Doughski G Feat. Young Black-Boomin Out Tha Apartments-Single-WEB-2012-TR
Doughski G-Do A Lil Mo-Single-WEB-2012-TR
dougie. fresh ft lil vicious and shyheim-life of a shorty-(vls)-1995-jce
doujah raze-hard times (12inch)-2001-cms
doujah raze-irish cream-vls-2002-cms
down south-lost in brooklyn-1994-kor
Down South-Southern Comfort-CDS-1994-FTD
Dox Boogie-Boom Box Bastards Vol. 1 The Invasion-WEB-2019-PZH
Doz Funky Baztardz-Get Down To My Dungeon-2017-PZH INT
Doz Funky Baztardz-Whats Goin On In A Baztardz Mind-VINYL-1994-DiTF
Doz Funky Baztardz-Whats Goin On In A Baztardz Mind-VLS-1994-PZH INT
Doz Funky Baztardz-Whats Going on in A Baztardz Mind 93-95-(VLS)-2014-DiTF
Doza The Drum Dealer And Casket D.-PkUrPzn-WEB-2021-PZH
Doza The Drum Dealer-The Waiting Room EP-WEB-2020-PZH
DPG-Coastin(CD Single)-2001-RNS
DPG-Unit-In Your Mouth-Promo VLS-2004-CMS
DQ-Phuck It Up (feat Remedy and Show Banga)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Dr. Ama aka Dark Skinned Assassin-Sex Crime and Audiotape-WEB-2008-WTCF
Dr. Ama aka Dark Skinned Assassin-Split Personali-D-WEB-2009-WTCF
Dr. Becket-One Two Bw Gettin Lifted (Remixes)-7inch-Vinyl-2013-PZH INT
dr. dooom-first come first served-1999-kor
Dr. Dre Ft Devin The Dude And Snoop Dogg-Fuck You-Promo CDS-1999-EAC
Dr. Dre Ft Snoop Dogg-Still D.R.E.-Promo CDS-1999
Dr. Dre-Dr. Dre And Friends-2003-UF
Dr. Dre-Dre Day-German CDS-1992-CdC INT
Dr. Dre-Dre Day-UK CDM-1994-CdC INT
Dr. Dre-Dretox (Presented by DJ Exclusive and Aftermath)-Bootleg-2005-MoB
Dr. Dre-Forgot About Dre-CDM-2000-iNT
Dr. Dre-I Need A Doctor Feat Eminem and Skylar Grey (Digi12)-2011-DiTF
Dr. Dre-Light Speed f.Snoop Xzibit Hittman (Promo CDS)-1999-FTD
dr. dre-presents the aftermath-1996-kor
Dr. Dre-Pretox (Mixed By Mick Boogie)-(Bootleg)-2005-DRX
Dr. Dre-Still Chronic-Guest Appearances-Bootleg-2020-DiTF
dr. dre-still d.r.e. (feat snoop dogg)-cd single-1999-rns
Dr. Dre-The Chronicle The Best Of The Works (Retail)-2003-OSM
Dr. Dre-The Next Episode-CDM-2000-iNT
Dr. Drumah-Drumahmental-WEB-2017-PZH
Dr. G-The Coalition Vol.1-WEB-2014-WTCF
Dr. Linus-Verbs Of Violence-PROMO CDS-2013-MwT iNT
Dr. Octagon - Area 54-SINGLE-WEB-2018-ENRAGED
Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers-(EP)-1996-sb
dr. octagon-dr. octagon-1996-kor
dr. octagon-dr. octagonecologyst-reissue-1997-kor
Dr. Octagon-Instrumentalyst-1996-EAC
Dr. Octagon-Moosebumps (an Exploration into Modern Day Horripilation)-2018-DiTF
dr. octagon-the return of dr. octagon-2006-kor
Dr. Zodiak-American Medicine-WEB-2014-WTCF
Dr.Dre Feat Eminem - Forgot About Dre-Single-2001-CMG
dr.dre-crooked cop (vls)-2002-wcr
Dr.Voodoo-Cosmic Lamp-(EP)-2015-DiTF
Dr Becket-Bad Mutha Fucka (12 Inch)-2000-DSP
dr becket-lyrixcism (vinyl single)-2001-cms
Dr Creep-Horrified By Design-WEB-2020-WTCF
Dr Creep-Zombification Of Society-WEB-2017-WTCF
Dr Dooom-Leave Me Alone (CD Single)-1999-RNS
Dr Dre (Feat Knocturnal)-Bad Intentions (12 Inch)-2001-EGO
Dr Dre - Cuts Like These-198x-SSS
Dr Dre And Snoop Doggy Dogg-Deep Cover (12 Inch)-1992-CMS
Dr Dre Ft Snoop Dogg And Akon-Kush Remixes-(VLS)-2011-MTD
Dr Dre-Dre Day-VLS-1992-WHOA
Dr Dre-Dretox-Presented by DJ Exclusive and Aftermath-Bootleg-2005-MoB
Dr Dre-Hip Hop Is Read Presents-The Chronic (The Samples)-2010-DiTF
Dr Dre-Hip Hop Is Read-2001 (The Samples)-2009-DiTF
Dr Dre-SNL Performances Oct 23 1999-1999-RNS
Dr Octagon-Earth People BW Bear Witness-VLS-1995-CMS INT
Drag On-Bang Bang Boom (Promo CDS)-2003-WHOA
Dragon Fli Empire-Supreme Remix Contest (Digi12)-2014-DiTF
Drag-On-Bang Bang Boom-(Full CDS)-2003-RNS
Drag-On-Barz On Fire 3-Bootleg-2018-DiTF
Dragonfly-9000 Miles-Promo-2006-WSD INT
Drag-On-Freestyle-(Promo CDS)-2002-GsM
Drag-on-Niggas Die 4 Me Feat. DMX (Full Vinyl Single)-2000-EGO
Drag-On-Put Your Drinks Down-Retail-VLS-2003-CMS
Drake-0 To 100 The Catch Up-WEB-2014-LEV
Drake-Back To Back-WEB-2015-LEV
drake-more life a playlist by october firm-web-2017-kor
drake-nothing was the same-2013-kor
drake-so far gone-2009-kor
drake-so far gone-ep-2009-kor
Drama-Double Time Promo Cd Single-2000-RNS
DraMatik-The Decennium X-Periment-WEB-2021-WTCF
D-Ray Ft. Beat King And Fat Pimp-Sloppy-(Digi Single)-2011-TEXAS
Dray Yard-Da Bumrush Volume 1-2020-DiTF
Dray Yard-Hand Grenades and Serenades-2014-DiTF
Dray Yard-Rugged Gems Made By Rusty Razors Book I-WEB-2020-PZH
Dray Yard-Usual Supsects Ft. VA-Single-2019-DiTF
Dre Specz-Commacho vs Everyone-WEB-2019-WTCF
Dre Specz-Intellectual Violence-WEB-2018-WTCF
Dre Specz-When Its All Said and Done-WEB-2021-WTCF
Dread Solo-I Think Weve Met Before-2018-DiTF
Dream Team-Champions-(Promo-CDS)-2002-DiTF
Dream Warriors And Gangstarr-I Lost My Ignorance (CD Single)-1991-CMS
Dream Warriors-And Now The Legacy Begins-1991-FTD INT
Dream Warriors-Subliminal Simulation-1994-DSP
Dreamkatcherz-A Windtalkerz Collection-WEB-2018-WTCF
Dreamweavers-Check Out My Mechanics-VLS-2001-FTD
D-Red Feat. C-Note And Will-Lean-Botany Love-Promo-2017-EAD INT
dred scott-back in the day-vls-1994-cms
dred scott-breakin combs (deluxe version)-reissue-2005-kor
dred scott-nutin ta lose bw duck ya head-promo cds-1993-cms
Dreddy Kruger-Think Differently Two The Audio Film-WEB-2020-PZH
Dredknotz-Causin A Menace-CDS-1994-CMS
Dregs One And Brycon-Invasion Of The City Snatchers-2016-DiTF
D-Rellz-Reverbnation Tracks-(Bootleg)-2010-UGDN INT
Dres-Sure Shot Redemption Original Version-1997-JCE
D-Rev-Dirty Capital-WEB-2017-PZH
Dro Pesci-The Sitdown-2014-DiTF
Droopy Eye Crew-One Life to Live-VLS-1997-CMS
Dru Down F. Bootsy Collins-Baby Bubba-Promo VLS-1996-JCE
dru down-can you feel me-1996-kor
dru down-chronicles of a pimp-2010-kor
dru down-explicit game-1994-kor
Dru Down-Im A Pimp-CDS-2001-CMS
Dru Down-Money-CDS-2001-CMS
Dru Hill - How Deep is Your Love and in My Bed (DJ Silver Remix)-CDS-2003-BiM
Dru Hill-I Love You-(CDS)-2003-RNS
Dru Hill-I Should Be-(CDS)-2002-RNS
Dru Hill-Never Make A Promise-(CDS)-1997-MoB
Dru Hill-Were Not Making Love No More-CDS-1997-FTD
Drumset and LMNO-Drumset Presents LMNO-2014-DiTF
Drunken Arseholes-Strength-WEB-2020-PZH
Drunken Dragon-Drunken Dragon-WEB-2020-WTCF
drunken master-the drunken ep-vls-1992-ftd
Drunken Tiger-Best of-Remastered-KR-2005-mhh INT
Drxquinnx X Lil Kydd-The Citizen-EP-2018-DiTF
Dshawn-Whateva You Please-(CDS)-2004-tAS
D-Sisive-Exclusive Demos-2000-CMS
D-Sisive-Feedback (Manifesto) (12inch Web)-2010-DiTF
D-Sisive-I Love A Girl (Grizzly Bear-Hijacked) (12inch Web)-2010-DiTF
D-Sisive-Knoblich-the Complete 08 Comeback Special-2013-DiTF
D-Sisive-No More Words BW if (12inch Web)-2010-DiTF
D-Strong And Giallo Point-Suitcase Full Of Gunz-2020-DiTF
D-Strong-Good For Nothing-2011-THHF INT
D-Strong-Rise And Shoot-2012-THHF INT
D-Strong-Sound in Variables-2014-DiTF
D-Styles-Return To Planetary Deterioration-VLS-2001-DSP
DTACH -VS ONE-DTACH -VS ONE (Deluxe Edition)-WEB-2014-WTCF
DTACH-Symphony Villain-WEB-2018-WTCF
DTACH-The World Is Aflame-WEB-2016-WTCF
D-Tension-Youre A Bitch Too (feat. Slug) and This Is Our Year-VLS-2005-CMS INT
DTM-4e Compilation Vol.1-WEB-2018-WTCF
DTP Presents-Small World-Put It In Reverse-(Promo CDS)-2007-C4
DTS And F-Star-The Masterplan Show-CABLE-06-11-2006-h3rblive
Dub Ill Of Sic Sense-Life Time Digesting-WEB-2020-PZH
Dub Ill-Air Tight Bw Nut N Nice-Promo VLS-2003-KrbZ
Dub Ill-Easy-VLS-2005-CMS
Dubbel Trubbel-Babymannen LP-2014-MwT iNT
Dubble J-All Star Line Up-Promo CDS-2002-CMS
Duce Duce-Twisting Dank-Promo Single-1995-RNS
Dudley Perkins-Stones Throw Bonus 45-(CDS)-2006-DiTF
Duece Poppi Ft Trina-To Da Flo-PROMO-CDS-2004-aPC
Dueling Experts-(Recognize Ali X Verbal Kent)-Dueling Experts-Instrumentals-2020-DiTF
Dueling Experts (Recognize Ali X Verbal Kent)-Dueling Experts-2020-DiTF
Dueling Experts-DE2 Sand The Floor-2020-DiTF
Dumhi-The Scene (You Dont Know) (Digi12)-2012-DiTF
Dunbarz and Sunz Burden-Dunz Burden-WEB-2021-WTCF
dungeon family-even in darkness-2001-kor
dush tray-ill rather lounge-1995-kor
dush tray-the coldest-1997-kor
Dusty Philharmonics-The Audiotopsy-WEB-2010-WTCF
Dutch And Bump Of Major Figgas-Freestyle-2002-tAS
Dutch Mob-The Passport EP-WEB-2017-PZH
DV Alias Khrist-Rejuvenation-VLS-2000-CMS
DV Alias Khryst-Music-2018-DiTF
Dwelle-Find A Way (Remix)-Promo CDS-2003-XXL
DXA-Rise Up Bw Get on Beat (Digi12)-2013-DiTF
Dylan James and Pharaoh-Trials and Tribulations-WEB-2017-WTCF
Dylan James and Rasul Allah 7-Rise Of The Underground-WEB-2017-WTCF
Dylan James and Rasul Allah 7-Sins Of The Unforgiven-WEB-2016-WTCF
Dylan James-Beginning of the End-2017-DiTF
Dylan James-Beginning Of The End-WEB-2017-WTCF
Dylan Sun James and Eternal Turbulence-Visions Collide-WEB-2021-WTCF
Dylan Sun James and Trilian-Ride Along-WEB-2021-WTCF
Dylan Sun James-Infinite 8-WEB-2021-WTCF
Dylan Sun James-Psychic Door Into The Absolute-WEB-2021-WTCF
Dynamite MC-What-Promo CDS-2008-CMS
DYNAMO-Forgotten Gold-WEB-2012-WTCF
dynas-me myself and rhymes-2007-1nt
Dynasty-Outlaw (Wildcat Part II) (Vinyl Single)-2000-CMS
Dynasty-Street Music-Promo-WEB-2013-URT INT
dysfunkshunal familee-new ruff flava-1994-wkz
DZL and FrostyFin-Aint Nothing More Than What It Is-WEB-2014-METH INT
E.C. Illa-Dont Get Me Started-VLS-2001-FTD
E.C. Illa-No More-CDM-1995-KD INT
E.D.G.E.-Destroy and Rebuild-2012-DiTF
E.D.G.E-Connect 4-2012-DiTF
E.D.G.E-First Decade-2012-DiTF
e.m.c.-the show-2008-kor
E.S.G.-Actin Bad-Promo-2008-EAD INT
E.S.G.-Guerilla Music-(Promo CDS)-2006-0MNi
E.S.G.-Southside Still Holdin-(Chopped And Screwed)-Promo-2017-EAD INT
E.S.G.-Southside Still Holding-(Read Nfo)-Remix-2018-EAD INT
E.S.P.-Fingertips (Clap Your Hands)-CDS-1992-DiTF
E Bros-A Toast Bw Harlemites-GS100-VLS-1997-cream
E Jake-Wu Raised Me-WEB-2015-WTCF
E Mozzy-Touch Yo Toes-SINGLE-WEB-2018-ENRAGED
E-40 Feat Clipse-Quaterbackin-Promo VLS-2003-EVIGHET
E-40 Ft Akon-Wake It Up (Radio Version)-WEB-2008-VSR
E-40 Ft Bo-Rock-Thingsll Never Change-Promo CDS-1996-EAC
E-40 Ft Clipse-Quarterbackin Remix-Promo-VLS-2003-JCE
E-40 ft Lil Jon-Turf Drop (Album Version)-WEB-2008-LMM
E40 ft Petey Pablo 8Ball Lil Jon-Rep Yo City-VLS-2002-tAS
E-40 ft Petey Pablo 8Ball Lil Jon-Rep Yo City-VLS-2002-tAS
E-40 ft WC Nore Loon-Automatic-(Remix Promo VLS)-2002-h20
E-40-All My Niggas Feat Danny Brown and Schoolboy Q (Digi12)-2013-DiTF
E40-Behind Gates Feat Ice Cube (12 Inch)-2000-EGO
e-40-charlie hustle - blueprint of a self-made millionaire-1999-kor
E-40-Dusted N Disgusted-(Full CDS)-1995-OSC
E-40-Episode Feat Chris Brown and TI (Digi12)-2013-DiTF
e-40-grit and grind-2002-kor
E-40-I Hope I Dont Go Back-CDS-1998-Paisas INT
e-40-in a major way-1995-kor
e-40-loyalty and betrayal-2000-kor
E-40-Nah Nah. Vinyl Single-2000-aPC
E-40-One Night Stand-(CDS)-2003-WCR
e-40-tha hall of game-1996-kor
e-40-the element of surprise-2cd-1998-kor
e-40-the mail man-1993-kor
E-40-The Slap-(CDS)-2002-0MNi
E-40-Timin (CDS)-2002-WCR
E-A Ski Ft. E-40 and B-Legit-Gangsta Funk-2003-SC
E-A Ski-Showdown-Full VLS-1997-kHz
Eamon Feat AC My Babys Lost (Remix CDS) 2004-FUA
Earatik Statik-Hot Lava (Vinyl Single)-2000-CMS
earl sweatshirt-doris-2013-kor
Earl Sweatshirt-EARL-2010-THHF INT
earl sweatshirt-earl-web-2010-kor
earl sweatshirt-feet of clay-web-2019-kor
earl sweatshirt-i dont like shit i dont go outside-2015-kor
Earlgrey--Lets Ride-(808391010062)-WEB-2016-WUS
Earplay Entertainment 96 Brooklyn-EP-Vinyl-2011-CMS
EA-Ski-Please (Ft Ice Cube)-WEB-2011-GCP
East - I Told Ya-1994-WKZ
East Flatbush Projects ft. Rustee Jux-Rustee Jux (12 Inch Promo)-2001-RNS
East Flatbush Project-Tried By 12-SB1908-VLS-1996-HLM
Eastkoast and IceRocks-Ghost-WEB-2013-METH INT
Easy Mo Bee And Emskee-Two For One LP-WEB-2015-PZH
Easy Mo Bee-Lets Make a Toast-Maxi Single-2000-RNS
easy mo bee-now or never odyssey 2000-2000-kor
Easy Money and Shortfyuz-Halfy-WEB-2020-WTCF
Easy Money-The Motive of Nearly Everybody Yo-2015-DiTF
Eazy E Ft Roc Slanga-Switches-CDS-2002-XXL
Eazy E-Any Last Werdz-Vinyl-1994-FrB
Eazy E-Black Nigga Killa (CD Single)-1998-RAGEMP3
Eazy E-BNK-Promo VLS-1998-FrB
Eazy E-Eternal E-1995-OSC
Eazy E-Its On 187um Killa-Retail-1993-Recycled INT
Eazy E-Just Tah Let U Know-CD Single-1995-RNS
Eazy el Loco-Adios (feat Joei Razook)-SINGLE-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
Eazy el Loco-Freaks (feat Razook)-SINGLE-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
Eazy el Loco-Haze-SINGLE-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
Eazy el Loco-Now (feat Joei Razook)-SINGLE-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
Eazy el Loco-Pretty Thoughts (feat Emilio Morales and Sarah Skinner)-SINGLE-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
Eazy-E-24 HRS to Live-PROMO VLS-1998-FTD INT
Eazy-E-BNK-Promo VLS-1998-FrB
eazy-e-impact of a legend-2002-kor
Eazy-E-Luv 4 Dem Gangstaz-Promo CDM-1994-CdC INT
Ebbe Funk-Tibia Infamiae-2018-DiTF
Ebony Broadcast System - Skillz-1993-WKZ
EC Illa And Rubberoom-Taste of Chicago-VLS-1996-RFL
Eclipse Darkness-Diamond-WEB-2018-WRT
Eclipse-My Position - World Premiere-Vinyl-1998-CMS
Eclypse-Absolute Magnitude-WEB-2011-WTCF
Eclyse (Hypogeal Sounds)-Optical Shift-2016-DiTF
ECTO-84-P.LU.T.O. Feat Lord Juco And Mak P (Single)-2019-DiTF
Ed James-Our Reality-CDS-2004-SC
Ed O. G. - Work for it-VLS-2001-VBS
Ed O. G.-Lets be Realistic (12 Inch)-VLS-1999-NBD
ed o.g and da bulldogs-life of a kid in the ghetto-1991-kor
Ed O.G and Da Bulldogs-Roxbury 02119-1993-JCE INT
ed o.g and da bulldogs-roxbury 02119-1993-kor
Ed Scissor-BetterLuckNextLife-WEB-2012-ENRAGED
Ed Sheeran and Yelawolf-The Slumdon Bridge-(EP)-2012-DiTF
edan-beauty and the beat-2005-kor
Edan-Emcees Smoke Crack Remix Bw Ill Come Running Back to You-VLS-2002-CMS
Edan-Live at Asheville Musiczone NC-2003-CMS
Edan-Sing it Shitface-Vinyl-1999-CMS INT
Eddie Brock-Tension-2018-DiTF
Eddie Cain Ft. Pride-Blowed-Promo-2015-EAD INT
Eddie Kaine And The Standouts-Nezzies Star-WEB-2020-PZH
Eddie Kaine And Wavy Da Ghawd-Twelve 24-WEB-2020-PZH
Eddie Kaine-Legacy Of Kaine The Curse-WEB-2020-PZH
Eddie Mac-Super Lit (feat G Derty)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Eddie Matos-Pass the Essence-VLS-2001-CMS
Eddy Mugre-Emperador 404 II Codigo-WEB-2019-PZH
edge-do ya dirt bw whos dat chick-promo vls-1994-ssk
edo. g-the truth hurts-2001-kor
edo. g-understand-vls-1999-b2r
Edo.G-Intelligence And Ignorance-2013-MVR INT
edo.g-wishful thinking-2002-kor
Edo g.-Understand-VLS-1999-FTD
Edo G and Drunken Monks-Destiny (Deluxe Edition)-WEB-2021-WTCF
edo g featuring pete rock-my own worst enemy-reissue-2016-kor
Edo G Shabaam Sahdeeq and Fokis-Recognize Your Power-WEB-2016-WTCF
Eevee-Beat Tape 01-WEB-2013-DNR
Eff Yoo-Papa Dios-2015-DiTF
E-Fluent-Gods Daughter EP-WEB-2020-PZH
E-Fluent-White Devil-WEB-2020-PZH
eightball and m.j.g.-in our lifetime-1999-kor
Eightball and MJG Feat Outkast-Throw Your Hands Up Cd Single-1999-aPC
Eightball and MJG-Lyrics Of A Pimp (Classic Album Remastered Version 2013)-WEB-1997-TosK INT
eightball and mjg-on top of the world-1995-kor
Eightball-What The Fuck Is The Eightball-VLS-1993-DJMN
Eklypse-Wonder Why bw Main Attraction-VLS-2002-CMS
El Camino X 8th Dan-Sturdy (Single)-2018-DiTF
El Circulo De La Serpiente-Deus Mortuus-WEB-MX-2020-WTCF
El Da Sensei and The Returners-Got Fire-VLS-2008-FTD
El Da Sensei-Crowd Pleasa (Prod Illmind)-Promo CDS-2006-pHaZe
El Da Sensei-Crowd Pleasa-Promo-CDS-2006-TMI
El Da Sensei-Try Again-(EP)-2014-DiTF
El Da Sensei-Try Again-EP-(WEB)-2014-ZiLLA iNT
el fudge-chronic irresponsibility-2001-kor
El Fudge-Love Letters (Import)-VLS-2000-CMS
El Fudge-The Last Word (12 Inch)-2000-DSP
El Gant-Beast Academy-2014-DiTF
El Jazzy Chavo-Aspects Of Dystopia-WEB-2020-PZH
El Jazzy Chavo-Disposable Art-WEB-GR-2018-PZH
El Jazzy Chavo-Redirections-WEB-2018-PZH
El Jazzy Chavo-Today The Sun Falls In The East-WEB-2017-PZH
EL Maryacho-No Time (Pre Order)-2019-DiTF
El Michaels Affair And Wu-Tang Clan-Live In Concert On XM Radio 10-22-05-(Webrip)-2005-LHQR
El P-Fantastic Damage (Advance)-EGO
El P-Weareallgoingtoburninhell Megamix-Reissue Bootleg-2006-CMS INT
el p-weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixx.2-eat my garbage-2cd-2008-cms int
El Stefanato-Lost In Space-WEB-2020-PZH
El The Sensei-Got Dat (12 Inch)-2000-CMS
El The Sensei-Keep It Live (12 Inch)-2000-CMS
Elation-Spring Fever-VLS-2002-CMS
Elcamino-Anti Gun Violence Part 1-Bootleg-2020-DiTF
Elcamino-Elcamino 2 (Alternate Artwork)-EP-2019-DiTF
Elcamino-Elcamino 2-2019-DiTF
Electrik Red-So Good-(Promo CDS)-2009-WHOA
Element-Green Acres-(Digi-Single)-WEB-2009-BbH
Elements of Music aka EOM-Flying Limousine-2012-METH INT
Elephant man ft. Killah Priest-Who We Are-(promo cds)-2003-vod
Elfer and The 49ers-Hip Hops Taking Over My Mind-(Maxi-Single)-2011-METH INT
Elgee Da Beatdetonator-Cre8 With Da Greats-WEB-2019-PZH
Eli Sostre-Glass-SINGLE-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
Eli Sostre-Hold You Close-SINGLE-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
Eli Sostre-Let You Go-SINGLE-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
Eli Sostre-Neighbors (feat Kevin Pollari)-SINGLE-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
Eli Sostre-New Addy-SINGLE-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
Eli Sostre-New Pirelli-SINGLE-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
Eli Sostre-Same Pain-SINGLE-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
Eli Sostre-Vibe With You-SINGLE-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
Eli Sostre-With the Homies-SINGLE-WEB-2014-ENRAGED
E-Life - I Wonder Why-VLS-1999-TB INT
E-Life-Stacked With Honors-VLS-1996-PZH INT
Eligh-As They Pass-Remastered-1999-ADE
Eligh-Gas Dream-1999-CMS
Eligh-Gas Dream-1999-sfsh
Elijah Divine-3D-WEB-2014-WTCF
Elijah Divine-Divine Intervention-WEB-2011-WTCF
Eliot Hydro Ness-Kaddilac Bw Money Calls-PROMO-2014-EAD INT
Eliot Ness Feat. Lil Keke And E. Digitul-We On Remix-PROMO-2014-EAD INT
Eliot Ness Ft. Lil Keke And E.S.G.-25 Lighterz-Promo-2016-EAD INT
Eliot Ness Ft. Scotty Boi T Berry And DJ Sky High-Money Calls-Promo-2013-EAD INT
Eliot Ness Ft. Se7en-Platinum Plus-Promo-2015-EAD INT
Elix-The Beast Within-VLS-2003-FTD INT
El-Jay Burner-My Thing (Single)-2019-DiTF
El-Jay Burner-My Thing-Single-WEB-2019-PZH
Elle Varner-Kinda Love-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Elliot Ness-My Hood-(Promo-CDS)-2004-MoB
Ellmatic And Kijk Een Ster-Interim-EP-2019-DiTF
Ellmatic And SQB Feat. Montes-Yes Yall-WEB-SINGLE-2018-PZH
Ellmatic And SQB-Nuttin But Flava-EP-2018-DiTF
Eloh Kush And Budamunk-Fly Emperor 2-WEB-2020-PZH
Eloh Kush And J.Rawls-Valor-WEB-2020-PZH
Eloh Kush And John Robinson-Ebony Ronin-2019-DiTF
Eloh Kush X J. Rawls-Valor-EP-2020-DiTF
el-p - ill sleep when youre dead (inst)-2007-6ac int
el-p-cancer 4 cure-2012-kor
el-p-dead disnee remix-vls-2002-cms
el-p-fantastic damage-2002-kor
el-p-lazerfaces warning-vls-2002-cms
Elucid X Haj Of Dumhi-No Edge Ups In Uganda-2018-DiTF
Elucid-Bear Trapz-(EP)-2009-DiTF
Elucid-Smash and Grab-2007-FTD INT
Elucid-Super Chocolate Black Simian-2010-DiTF
elusive and aceyalone-the bigger they come (12 inch)-2000-chr
Elusive-A Passage Between Dimensions-2000-mwL
Elyon Beats-My Dream-WEB-2012-NAVER
elzhi-lead poison-2016-kor
Elzhi-Lead Poison-WEB-2016-PZH
elzhi-the preface-2008-kor
Em Jay-Anybody-Promo-2010-EAD INT
Em Jay-Focus-Promo-2011-EAD INT
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Gangsta Pack
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3ohblack-Who Want It-WEB-2020-WEB
ace deuce-comin up n da ghetto-1996-kor
B.P.M. (Beats Per Minute)-Premeditated-1995-RAGEMP3
BG Bullet Wound-2Gd Up-2002-RAGEMP3
big mike-somethin serious-1994-kor
Big Sid N Deetha Savor-Underdog (feat Magno Of The Swishahouse)-2004-POiSE
Big Tuck-Instrumentals-(Retail)-2004-THC
b-legit-word pimpin-2003-kor
C.C.G.-Only Game In Town-1999-RNS
C-Bo-West Coast Mafia (Chopped And Screwed by OG Ron C)-2003-FiH INT
Chingo Bling-Chingo Bling 4 Presedent-2005-NPG
Chino Nino-Get Wet-2000-RAGEMP3
C-I-N-Richmond Roulette-1996-RAGEMP3
Cold World Hustlers-Iceland-1995-RNS
Crooked I-Evolution Of A Boss-2CD-(Bootleg)-2006-ERB
Crooked I-Untouchable Snippits-2002-CR
Darkroom Familia - Connectionz-2008-C4
Darkroom Familia - North Pole 2-2008-C4
daz dillinger and jt the bigga figga-long beach 2 fillmoe-2001-kor
Daz Dillinger-Who Ride Wit Us Tha Compalation Vol. 2-2002-ESC
Dazzie Dee-ReBirth-1995-RNS
Dilated Peoples-Expansion Team-2001-EMG INT
DJ Capone-D Block-Gods of War-Bootleg-2006-eXe
DJ Lil Les-Something 4 My Thug Figgaz-(Bootleg)-1999-CR INT
DJ Paul - Scale-A-Ton (Dragged and Chopped by DJ K6)-WEB-2009-FiH
DJ Paul - Underground Vol.16 For Da Summa (Dragged And Chopped)-2002-FiH iNT
DJ Paul - Vol.16 The Original Masters-Remastered-2013-FiH
DJ Smallz And Yo Gotti-Hustle And Flow-Bootleg-2005-MTD
DJ Whoo Kid And 50 Cent-Max Payne 2-2002-TS4L
Dr. Faustus - Dr. Faustus-DE-2008-NOiR
E-A-Ski-The Black Album EP-1999-RAGEMP3
Eazy E-Just Tah Let U Know-1995-TS4L
Eazy E-Switchez (Promo VLS)-2002-OSC
eazy-e-its on (dr. dre) 187um killa-1993-214 int
Gangsta Boo - Enquiring Minds Vol.1-1998-SUT INT
Gangsta Boo - Street Ringers Volume 2 (Talkin Cash Shyt)-2004-SUT
ganksta nip-psychic thoughts-1993-kor
ganxsta nip-the return (of the psychopath)-2004-kor
Geto Boys-Crooked Officer VLS-1993-RAGEMP3
geto boys-the geto boys-1990-kor
Ghetto Kaos-Guilty As Charged-1994-RNS
greyson and jasun-sweatin me wet-1991-kor
Hirntot Records - Erster Mai EP Steinschlag-Limited Edition EP-CDR-DE-2006-kHz
Humiside Soldiers-4 Death-1998-RAGEMP3
ice cube-raw footage special edition-2008-kor
Ice T - The Hardcore Anthology With Body Count 1989 - 1997 (3 CDs)-2000-CHR
ja rule-rule 336-2000-kor
ja rule-venni vetti vecci-1999-kor
Jayo Felony-Faces of death-1999-CHR
Kane And Abel-The 7 Sins-1996-SUT INT
Killa Tay-Mr. Mafioso-1998-BAY
Killa Tay-Mr. Mafioso-1998-CdC INT
Killa Tay-Outlaw Syndicate-2002-OLZ
Killa Tay-Presents Murder Show (OST)-2002-SJS
Killa Tay-Snake Eyes-2000-CdC INT
King JC-Underground Terror-1999-RAGEMP3
King JC-Vol 9 A New Beginning-1998-RAGEMP3
Kingpin Skinny Pimp Presents - Code 999 Underground Comp-2003-WCR
Klas one-Once In A Blue Moon-1999-RAGEMP3
Kottonmouth-Introducing Blo-Fly-Killa Kottonfields-1996-LBP
Kottonmouth-Urban Legend (Chopped and Screwed)-2002-LBP
Krayzie Bone-Thug On Da Line (Retail)-2001-RMG
Lace Leno-Tha Unda Turf 2-2008-CR
Lady of Rage-VA 2 L.A.-2005-CR
Lady Red-Hi A Lady-1998-CR
Layzie Bone Presents Royal Family-Family Ties-2007-DB
Lboy-The South Side Boss-2008-pLAN9
Lee Majors-Wonder Bread 4 (The Ace Of Cake)-Bootleg-2008-CR
Legendary Traxster-Traxster Beats Volume 1-Bootleg-2006-UKP
Legendary Traxster-Traxster Beats Volume 2-Bootleg-2006-UKP
Legendary Traxster-Traxster Beats Volume 3-Bootleg-2006-UKP
Lil Bam-Twenty Twenty Vision-2006-CR
Lil Boy Blue-Lil Boy Blue-2000-RAGEMP3
Lil Cali-Long Live Tha Game-2004-SUT
Lil Coner-Child Hood-2007-CR
Lil Crook-Southland Style-2005-CR
Lil Dank-Thuggin In Public-2005-CR
Lil Dee-Gangsta Poetry1993-RAGEMP3
Lil Eazy-This Aint A Game-(Bootleg)-2006-SUT
Lil Fame-Block Bleeder Ft. That Boy Dutt-(Promo CDS)-2004-SUT
Lil Gangsta P-Meet The Lil Gangsta-1995-RNS
Lil G-Hood Money Mixape-(Bootleg)-2009-H3X
Lil Italy-On Top Of The World-1999-SUT INT
Lil Menace-Down 2 Ride-2006-MXS
Lil Menace-Im Still Here-2007-CR
Lil Rob-Gangster Classics-2005-AES
Lil Rosh-Break It Down-(CDS)-2006-SUT
Lil Tec And Da U.S.C.-East Texas Hustlaz-2005-SUT
Lil Tweety-Confessing A Feeling-2005-RNS
Lil Tweety-Most Requested-2006-RAZAMP3
Lil Vandal-The Streets Been Waiting-2008-VAG
Lil Wicked And Dat Raskal-No Way Out-2008-TQM
Little Bruce-XXX Classics-2008-CR
Livewire The Gang Presents Murder Fa Hire-The Hop Out-Bootleg-2008-CR
Lj Boogie-Fight Night Project-2008-SNOOK
Loaded Mic-Thicker Then Water-2001-RAGEMP3
Low Key Records Presents-Chin Chillah New Millenium Thug-2005-SUT
Low-Im Here-(Bootleg)-2006-SUT
Lucky Luciano-Johnny Paycheck Vol.1-2CD-2005-SUT
Lucky Presents-Ese Blue-2004-FAM
Lucky-Back From Tour-(Bootleg)-2007-GT4
Lump G-Da Picasso-2009-SNOOK
M.O.N.E.Y. And The Currency Click-Everyday Love Remix-(CDS)-2005-SUT
Mac Dre And Andre Nickatina-Tales Of II Andres-(Bootleg)-2006-CR
Mac Dre And Jay Tee-Everybody Aint Able-2007-CR
Mac Dre Presents BavGate-The Instagator-2005-RAGEMP3
Mac Dre Presents Mistah F.A.B.-Son Of A Pimp-2005-RAGEMP3
Mac Dre Presents Money Gang-Bang Fo Bread-2005-RAGEMP3
Mac Mall-Immaculate-2001-VAG INT
Mac Mall-Macuscript Vol 1-2004-CR
Mac Mall-Macuscript Vol 2-2005-RAGEMP3
Mac Mall-Thizziana Stoned And The Temple Of Shrooms-2006-CR
Mac Mall-Untouchable-1996-KSi
Mack 10 Feat. Tha Dogg Pound-Nothin But The Cavi Hit-CDS-1996-CR iNT
Mac-Shell Shocked-1998-SUT INT
Mac-World War III-1999-SUT INT
Mad Man Smooth-Hallucinaverbalationz-2007-SNOOK
Magic-Skys The Limit-1998-SUT INT
Malachi-A Sheep Amongst Wolves-1999-WHOA
Master P.-Mamas Bad Boy-1992-UGH
Master P-99 Ways To Die-1995-RMG
Master P-Ghetto D-1996-RMG
Master P-Ice Cream Man-1996-RMG
Master P-Mamas Bad Boy-1992-AD
Master P-Mamas Bad Boy-1992-DOBER
master p-mamas bad boy-1992-kor
Master P-MP Da Last Don-2CD-1998-SUT INT
Master P-The Best Of (Edited)-2005-SUT
Master P-The Ghettos Tryin To Kill Me-(Limited Edition)-1997-SUT INT
MC Circulaire-4 Putain De Titres-Promo CDM-FR-2007-E
Meez-Thizz Nation Vol. 22-2008-CR
Messcalen Aka Messy Marv-Gettin That Guac-2006-CR
Messy Marv And Mitchy Slick-Messy Slick-Retail-2007-CR
Messy Marv and San Quinn-Explosive Mode 2-2006-CR
Messy Marv ft Guce-50 Explanations (G-Unit Diss)-2005-CR
Messy Marv-Cake And Ice Cream Vol. 2-2009-CR
Messy Marv-Cake and Ice Cream-2008-FTD
Messy Marv-HollyHood-The Mix Tape-(Proper Bootleg)-2006-CR
Messy Marv-The Best Of-2CD-2009-CR
Metabolics-The M-Virus-1999-DSP
Mia X-Good Girl Gone Bad-1995-SUT INT
Mia X-Unlady Like-1997-SUT INT
Mill-Town Hustlas-Just Anotha Hustle-1995-RAGEMP3
Mista Madd-The pH Factor (Chopped)-2005-SUT
Mistah Brown-C-Town-Bootleg-2006-RAZAMP3
Mistah Brown-Profit-2005-AES
Mistah F.A.B.-The Tonite Show Part 2-2008-CR
Mistah F.A.B.-Thizz Nation Vol. 8-2006-CR
Mistah FAB-All Star Season-2008-CR
Mister D-From Southland to Japan-2007-RAZAMP3
MNMSTA-Here For A Reason-2007-CR
Mo Thugs-Thug Devotion-(Real Promo)-CDS-1996-RpM
Money Gettin Souljaz-Out Here Gettin It-2007-CR
motion man-clearing the field-2002-kor
Mr. Blackie-El Patron-2CD-2005-RAZAMP3
Mr. Capone-E-Dedicated 2 The Oldies 2-2CD-2007-CR
Mr. Capone-E-Dont Get it Twisted-2006-RAZAMP3
Mr. Capone-E-Love Jams-2008-WCS
Mr. Capone-E-Still Connected Part 3-2008-KART3L
Mr. Criminal Presents-What The Streets Created Pt.3-2007-KART3L
Mr. Criminal-Hood Affiliated-2008-KART3L
Mr. Criminal-Only The Strong Survive-2009-KART3L
Mr. Criminal-Rise To Power-2008-KART3L
Mr. G-Brown Pimpin-2006-eXe
Mr. Ivan-Resurrection-1999-RAGEMP3
Mr. Knightowl-No Regrets-2007-H3X
Mr. Lil One-Once In A Decade-1996-RAGEMP3
Mr. Milky-He Dont Care-2006-CR
Mr. Shadow-Gangsters And Strippers-2008-KART3L
Mr. Solo-No Way Out-1999-CR INT
Mr Lil One-Tha Boogieman-2003-RAGEMP3
Mr Magic-Skys The Limit-1998-RAGEMP3
Mr Marcelo AKA Brick-Son Of Magnolia-2006-RNS
Mr Pha Rill And Top Key-Keep Your Shirt On-(CDS)-2005-SUT
Ms Re-Break Em Off BW Want Some-(Promo CDS)-2005-SUT
Mystik Entertainment - Von Der Strasse In Deinen Kopf-DE-2005-kHz
Mystikal-Tarantula-2001-FiH INT
Nasty Nardo-Cant Stop Ballin-2005-SUT
Natas-N Of Tha World-2006-EMG INT
Natas-Wicketworldwide Dot Com-1999-RAGEMP3
Nate Dogg-The Best Of Nate Dogg 20 Super Hits-(Bootleg)-2007-KART3L
Nationwide Rip Ridaz-Nationwide Rip Ridaz-1995-RNS
O.F.T.B.-The Missing D.R. Files-2007-eXe
p.s.d. keak da sneak messy marv-da bidness-2007-cr
Peedie Crack Indy 500-Street Volume 1 (Giveway Mix Tape)-2002-tAS
Project Pat-Ghetty Green-1999-SUT INT
Ras Kass-Quarterly-2009-CR INT
richie rich-dont do it-1990-kor
Richie Rich-Nixon Pryor Roundtree-Retail-2002-REALM
salt n pepa-a salt with a deadly pepa-1988-kor
salt n pepa-hot cool and vicious-1986-kor
salt n pepa-very necessary-1993-kor
scarface-deeply rooted the lost files-2017-kor
schoolly d-how a blackman feels-1991-kor
schoolly d-international supersport-web-2010-kor
schoolly d-saturday night the album-reissue-2014-kor
schoolly d-schoolly-d-vinyl-1985-kor
Schwartz - Lady Bitch Gay-DE-2008-NOiR
Shyne-Gangsta Shit I Live It-2CD-2004-SUT INT
snoop dogg-dead man walkin-2000-kor
Space Hog The Boss-Vegas Hog Livin-2002-RNS
Spider Loc-Connected 2-Bootleg-2008-CR
Swan Mag-Its All Under Control-2000-RAGEMP3
Swolts-The Vault-2009-SNOOK
T Fella Feat Ruscola of Dru Hill Mike Jones Tricky-Cuttin Bw All U Hoes-Promo-Vinyl-2005-OMC
Temporary Insanity - The Lost Tapes From Back In The Day-2005-RAGEMP3
Tha Dogg Pound-Cali Iz Active-2006-eXe
Tha Eastsidaz-Deuces and Trays (Advance)-2001-WHOA
three 6 mafia-live by yo rep (b.o.n.e. dis)-ep-1995-kor
three 6 mafia-the end-1996-kor
Three Six Mafia - Chapter 2 World Domination-1997-RMG
thug life-volume 1-1994-kor
Tito B-Starz The Limit-2007-CR
T-Ray (Formerly Of Guerilla Maab)-Da Original Guerilla-2004-SUT
Triple Six Mafia - Mystic Stylez-2001-RAGEMP3
VA-505 Connecta-(Advance)-2003-FAM
VA-Cutmaster C-The Committee Click-Destination Dynasty-(Bootleg)-2006-eXe
VA-Dj Lil Les Breaking Bank (Mega Mix)-(Bootleg)-1998-RpM
VA-E-40 Presents The Bay Bridges Compilation Vol 1-2005-CR
VA-Hi Power Soldiers-Too Gangster Dissing Studio Gangsters-2006-RAZA
VA-Natural Born Hustlers Compilation-What They Hit 4-2002-RAGEMP3
VA-Northside 45-Swisha House Mix-2001-RAGEMP3
VA-Poets and Gangstas featuring Members of P.K.O.-1992-RAGEMP3
VA-Slim Thug and Chamillionaire-We Built This City-Bootleg-2006-eXe
VA-Straight Up Gangsta Shit-Volume 3-1995-RAGEMP3
VA-Swisha House-Lestor Roy-Pourin Up Blowin Up-2002-SUT
VA-Swishahouse-Lestor Roy-Pourin Up Blowin Up-2002-ATX
VA-Trill Of The Trill-Welcome Home Pimp C-Bootleg-2CD-2006-RAGEMP3
VA-Welcome 2 Tha Chuuch Mix Tape Vol 1-2003-WCR
va-white men cant rap-ep-1992-kor
VA-Wreckshop Family Presents-Doin It Fa Texas-(CDS)-2004-SUT
Westside Connection-Bow Down-1996-OSM
Westside Connection-Bow Down-1996-OSM
who am i-addictive hip hop muzick-1991-kor
X-Raided And Loki-Ignition-2007-CR
Young Maylay-The Real Coast Guard-2008-CR
Young Sicc-Life Luv and Pain-2008-KART3L
Yukmouth-Half Baked-2012-CR
Z-Ro-Life-Underground ReMixed By Young Chi-2006-RAGEMP3
Z-Ro-Look What You Did To Me (Chopped And Skrewed)-2005-SUT
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Hip-Hop Part2
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Paper Chasers-Touchdown-CDS-2002-CMS
Paradigm-Manufacturing Dissent-2002-JCE
Paradigm-Tales Of Anguish And Divide EP-Vinyl-2003-FTD
Paradime-Stale Brew Vol 2-2003-MoB
Paris-Blast First (12 Inch)-1998-CMS
Paris-Break The Grip Of Shame (12 Inch)-1989-CMS
Party Fun Action Committee-Lets Get Serious-(Retail)-2003-WCR
Pase Rock-Grey Matter-VLS-2004-CMS
Paw-Dukes-Cest La Vie-CDM-2000-FTD
PBS (Lazerus Jackson and Mercury)-Upsidedown-2001-FTD INT
Peace Bureau-The Boom Remixes-VLS-1995-soup
Pelding-Days in Shades of Grey-Streetbuzz-Vinyl-2000-soup
People Under The Stairs-Question In The Form Of Answer-2000-CMS
Percee P-Now and Then-2005-B2R
Percee-P-Now And Then-Bootleg Cassette-2000-CMS
Perverted Monks-Album Sampler-2004-CMS
Pete (of the Cuf)-Money Isnt Everything But it Helps-2003-CMS
Pete Rock - Back On Da Block DJ Krush Rmx-VLS-2001-VBS
Pete Rock and CL Smooth-Mecca and the Soul Brother-1992-CMS INT
Pete Rock and Marley Marl-Future Flavas Mixtape-1999-EAC
Pete Rock presents-gettin sirius (live from shade 45) vol.1-2005-mad
Pete Rock-Soul Brother Joints Vol. 2-EP-2002-B2R iNT
Pete Rock-Soul Survivor-(Retail)-1998-SIN EAC
Pete Rock-The Surviving Elements-2005-EAC
Peter Presta-Nuttin But The Reel (For The Hip-Hop Junkies Only)-VLS-1996-soup
Phaderheadz - 5 Years Phaderheadz-Limited Edition-2002-BLIZZARD
Phaize II-The Art Of Hip Hop-(EP)-2002-JCE
Pharoahe Monch-Best of Rarities Features and B-Sides-2011-DiTF
Pharoahe Monch-The Awakening-Bootleg-2006-AD
Phase II-The Roxy-VLS-1983-FTD
Phil Da Agony-Smokefest-2003-aPC
Phila Crew-Croos Me Challenger-2000-CMS
Phonetics - Speech Recognition-2000-CMS
Phonopsychograph Disk-Turbulence Chest (Live)-1999-CMS
Phunk Junkeez-Hydro Phonic-(Advance)-2007-FM
Pigeon John-Is Dating Your Sister-ADVANCE-2003-CMS
Pimp-T-Power Is Mindful Peace-2002-CMS
Pirkka and Plankton-Insanity-2001-CMS
Pitbull-Oye Bacardi Cubalibre Oh-CDS-2002-CMS
Pitbull-Promo Sampler-2001-FTD
Planet Asia-Pure Coke-VLS-2001-FTD
Planet Mars-Planet Mars EP-1999-FTD
P-Love-Fob Lights B-W Clausland Mountain Road-Ltd.Ed. 7inch-2003-CMS
P-Love-Hey Mama-PROPER-2002-soup
PMD-Business is Business-1996-soup
PMD-I Saw it Cummin BW Steppin Thru Hardcore-VLS-1994-RFL INT
PMD-The Awakening (Advance)-2003-CMS
Pocket Dwellers-Lifecheck-2003-JCE
Point Blank-Ghetto Life-PROMO CDS-2003-JCE
Point Blank-Top Shottas (Da Street CD)-2003-FTD
Poisen Pen-Fall Back (Re-Rip)-(12 Inch)--2003-CMS
Polyrhythm-Addicts-Not Your Ordinary (12 Inch)-1998-CMS
Powers Of The Sun-My Attack-VLS-2002-FTD
Prefuse 73--Estrocaro EP-VLS2000-kW
Prefuse 73-One Word Extinguisher-Promo-2003-soup int
Prefuse 73-Vocal Studies And Uprock Narratives-2001-CMS
Prince Paul-Itstrumental-2005-EGO
Prince Paul-Politics of the Business-(ADVANCE)-2002-CMS
Princes of Babylon-Princes of Babylon-2000-JCE
Princess Superstar-Keith N Me-Promo-EP-2002-FTD
Priority One-Total Chaos-Vinyl-1989-JCE
Professor Griff and the L.A.D.-Pawns in the Game-(CDS)-1990-JCE
Project Blowed Feat.Co-Flow-House Of Phat Beats F-Style Show Kvrx-FM-Austin-TX-2000-FTD
Prolific-A Change Of Err And Scenery-2003-JCE
Prophetix-High Risk-2002-CMS
Prozack Turner-Death Taxes And Prozack-ADVANCE-2003-PMSx
Psycho .Vs Iriscience-On Deadly Ground-VLS-2001-CMS
Puah Hedz-Despite The Odds-Retail-2000-FTD
Public Enemy-Night Of The Living Baseheads-12inch-1988-CRZ
Quantic (Feat Aspects)-Primate Boogaloo-VLS-2002-CMS
Quarterbar-Me And My MPC2000-Reissue-2003-JCE
Quasimodo Orchestra-Untracable Moves-EP-2002-Ph
Queen Latifah Featuring Monie Love - Ladies First-Reissue-CDM-1993-BLIZZARD
Quro-This Last Week Ive-1998-FTD
Qwasian-The Secrecy-2002-FTD
Ra The Rugged Man-What The.VLS-2000-FTD
Rack Lo-Thou Shalt Not Steal-2000-CMS
Radical Freaks-Chikyu Jin-CDS-JP-1997-FTD
Rah Vital-Demo-2001-FTD
Rahzel-Rahzels Greatest Knockouts-Advance-2003-BLA
Ralph Dog-Afflictions-2002-FTD
Rammel Zee Versus K Rob-Beat Bop-VLS-1983-FTD
Randy And Pseudo-The Elevators-2003-FTD
Randy Maverick-Pure Love-VLS-2002-soup
Raphi-Cali Quake-(Advance)-2002-CMS
Rappagariya-Enter the Gamoe Yo Gariya-CDM-JP-2002-soup
Rappagariya-Its A Show Time-CDM-JP-2001-soup
Rappagariya-Nippon Kaizou Keikaku-JP-2001-soup
Rappagariya-Rappagariya Densetsu-JP-2000-soup
Rappagariya-Remix Densetsu-JP-2000-soup
Rappagariya-RG Air 4th-JP-2003-soup
Rappagariya-RG Rikigaku Remix-VLS-JP-2001-soup
Rappagariya-Super Hard-JP-1998-soup
Rappagariya-Yabasugiru Skill Part 2-CDM-JP-1998-soup
Rappagariya-Yabasugiru Skill Part 4-VLS-JP-2001-soup
Rappagariya-Yabasugiru Skill-Promo-CDM-JP-2001-soup
Rare Essence-Pieces of Me EP-2005-CMS
Ras Kass-Goldyn Chyld-2002-ZiLLA iNT
Ras Kass-R.A.S. (Run Away Slave)-White Label-2003-KPT
Ras Kass-Van Gogh (Full Advance)-2002-CMS INT
Rasco - Escape From Alcatraz-Promo-2003-CMG
Rasco-Hostile Environment (CD-Retail)-2001-CMS
Rawdog-Arrest the President-(12 Inch)-2003-CMS
RE.4M-Field Test-2004-FTD
Reachout-Bristo SQ-EP-1999-QKE
Real Live-The Turnaround A Long Awaited Drama-1996-QKE-INT
Real Styla-Zendai Mimon-JP-2002-FTD
Rearranged-The Foundation-2000-FTD
Record Players-Direct Drive-2003-KrbZ
Redd Eyezz-Baum Baum (12 Inch)-2002-CMS
Redman-Trap House feat Kazzie-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Reflection Eternal-The Express (Vinyl Single)-CMS
Regenerated Headpiece-Dog Fight-2003-CMS
Regla Presents-Oestsida-2003-FTD
rehab-king of tweakers remix-(ep)-2012-ditf
Restiform Bodies-Sun Hop Flat-2001-FTD
Reverse Priorities-Reverse Priorities-2003-JCE
Rezin-The Last Word-2002-FTD
Rhymesayers-Headshots Vol. 7-Se7ens-Re-Rip1999-FTD
Rhymester-Gennama Ni Karada Wo Hare (CDS)-JP-2003-OSC
Rhymester-Nikutai Kankei Part 2 Gyaku-CDS-JP-2002-FTD
Rhymester-Plus Alpha-CDM-JP-1995-soup
Rhymester-The Great Amateurism-CDS-JP-2003-BLA
Rhythmicru-Open Canvas-2003-JCE
Ricci Rucker and Mike Boo-Scetchbook an Introduction to Scratch Music-2003-soup int
Ricci Rucker-Things Im Listening To-2003-SWE
Ricci Rucker-Utility Phonograph Record 2-Vinyl-2004-CMS
Rich Bitch-Rich Bitch-2003-CMS
Rick Rock-Instrumentals-2004-CMS
Rick Threat-Pain-2004-JCE
Rikoshay-One By One-CDS-2003-FTD
Rip Slyme-Yapparip-JP-2003-BLA
Rising Sons-Dusk Till Dawn--2003-CMS
Rob Base And D.J E-Z Rock-Joy And Pain-Remix-VLS-1989-FTD
Rob Base-I Wanna Rock (Tape Rip)-1990-CMS
Rob Swift-Sound Event-Retail-READ NFO-2002-LUV
Rob Swift-Turntable Jazz Jazzlicious vol 2-Bootleg-2008-FTD
Roc Raida-One Too Many-2001-CMS INT
Rock Da House Ft. Nabob-Open Up Your Eyes (Remix)-2003-CMS
Rock Da House-Open Up Your Eyes-Promo CDS-2003-CMS
Rock Steady Crew-Uprock-VLS-1984-FTD
Rodney P and Skitz - Aint You Heard 1xtra Anniversary Mix for Hip Hop Connection-CD-2003-BOSS
Rodney P-The Future-Advance-2003-soup
Roey Marquis II-Beatcollection 1-LP-2002-KrbZ
Roey Marquis II-Herzessenz-Instrumental LP-2002-KrbZ
Roland Rat Superstar-The Cassette of the Album-LP-1984-soup
Rooi Rho-Smart Bomb Mixtape-1999-CMS
Roosevelt Franklin-Somethings Gotta Give-ADVANCE-2003-JCE
Roosevelt Franklin-The Bootleg-EP-2003-FTD
Roots Manuva and MK - Live on 1xtra Hip Hop Weekender 05-23-DAB-2003-BOSS
Roots Manuva-Brand New Second Hand-1999-soup int
Roots Manuva-Dreamy Days-Remix-2001-CMS
Roots Manuva-Dub Come Save Me-(Promo)-2002-RNS
Roots Manuva-Too Cold-7inch-2005-CMS
Roots Manuva-Too Cold-VLS-2005-CMS
Roots Manuva-Yellow Submarine-Limited Edition-VLS-2002-FTD
Roscoe-Smooth Sailin-Promo-VLS-2003-CRN
Ross Hogg-From The Bay And Beyond-2004-soup
Roundtable Mcs-Table Manners-Retail-2001-FTD
Roxanne Shante-Bite This-Vinyl-1985-soup
Royce Da 59-Build and Destroy Lost Sessions Part 1-(Retail)-2003-WCR
Ruff Rhymers-Still Shining-JP-2003-BLA
Rumble Pak-Ready 2 Rumble-2002-FTD
Run DMC-Crown Royal-EGO
Run DMC-Greatest Hits-2003-FIH INT
Runaways UK-Pounds for Dollars Bw You Dont Understand-VLS-2000-RFL
Runaways UK-Reflections-VLS-1998-CMS
RUN-D.M.C.-King of Rock-1985-OSR
Ruthless Rap Assassins-Think it Aint Illegal Yet-1991-JCE
RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo-RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo-1998-OSR
Saadiq Mubarak-New Era Tru Era-Retail-2002-CMS
Sacred Hoop-Martini Breaks-LP-2000-FTD
Sage Francis-Live In Deurne-11-12-2002-FTD
Sage Francis-Live In Paris-13-12-2002-FTD
Sage Francis-Unreleased Live Tracks-2002-TWCLIVE
Saian Supa Crew-Da Stand Out EP-2002-0MNi
Saian Supa Crew-The Beat A Demi Nue-(Promo CDS)-2003-RNS
Saj Supreme-Cleveland Children-Promo-2003-CMS
Saj Supreme-Hostage Negotiation Team-2003-JCE
Sam The Kid-Beats Vol.1 - Amor-2001-SNS
Sam-E-Album Sampler-SE-2002-FTD
Sanuhtayshun Department-The Muzik EP-1998-FTD
Satchel Paige-Guy Im From Here-2003-FTD
Saul Williams-Not In Our Name Sampler-2002-FTD
Saul Williams-Penny For A Thought-VLS-2001-FTD
Savilion - Sound Puzzles-2001-FTD
Scaramanga-Mind IC Mine (Reissue 12inch)-2000-CMS
Schoolly D-Schoolly D-TAPE-1986-CMS
Schoolz Of Thought-From Thought To Finish-Advance-2003-LUV
Scoob Rock A K A Grandemperial-The EP Falling Star-1999-FTD
Scoob Rock-Third Chapter-CDA-2003-wAx
Scribe-Exclusive Album Sampler-Ltd.Ed.-2003-FTD
Seeborn PUMA-They Call Me Puma 12Inch Promo-1989-CMS
Sektion 31-Humpbackcamelwhale-VLS-2002-CMS
Self Scientific-Self Science-(Retail)-2001-ZOO
Serebe-Semantical Elevation Relating Everything Between Everyone-2003-CMS
Shabazz Palaces-Quazarz Vs The Jealous Machines-(SPD1185)-WEB-2017-SNZ
Shakespeare-My Old Jams Still Slam-Vinyl-1990-FTD
Shakkazombie-Hero the SZ-JP-2003-BLA
Shape Shifters-Soul Lows (Collectors Edition)-2002-CMS
Shark-Tommys Son-2002-JCE
Shawne Supreme-Figurez Of Speech-2003-FTD
Shells-They Wanna Spit Like-VLS-2002-CMS
Ship Of Fools-Live And Direct-1998-FTD
Showtime-The Adventures Of Bo Jangles-2003-FTD
Shrink One-The Beef Squasher-EP-2001-FTD
Shunami Productions - Alliance-2002-FTD
Siah And Yeshua Da Poed-Visualz EP-1997-CMS
Sichuan-Instrumental Floss-1999-FTD
Silent Eclipse-Government-VLS-1995-FTD
Simon Harris-Bass (How Low Can You Go)-Remix VLS-1988-soup
Simon Harris-Here Comes That Sound-VLS-1988-FTD
Sincere Life-Under One Roof Entertainment-Promo EP-2002-CMS
Single Minded Pros-Session 2-VLS-2002-CMS
Sixtoo - Psyche Continuum-2000-CMS
Sixtoo - The Psyche Intangible-LP-2000-CMS
Skelitor-What Else-PROMO-2003-JCE
Skhool Yard-A New Way Of Thinking-2002-CMS
Skinny Boys-Skinny They Cant Get Enough-1988-FTD
Skinny Boys-Skinny They Just Cant Get Enough-LP-1988-JCE
Skitz and Rodney P - Live on 1xtra-DAB-09-08-2003-BOSS
Skitzofreniks-Enter The Realm-(Advance)-2002-CMS
Skitz-The Killing-Promo-CDS-2001-soup
Skitz-Twilight Of The Gods-VLS-2000-FTD
Skratch Bastid-The Blazin Mix-2003-CMS
Slang Hughes-Watch Nothin-CDS-2003-JCE
Slangston Hughes-Songs At Random Selection-PROMO-2003-JCE
Slanid-Bittahsweet Mind Control-2002-JCE
Slick Rick-The Art of Storytelling and Bonus Instrumentals-(Clean-LP)-1999-JCE
Slick Rick-The Rulers Back-1991-FTD
Slug-Sad Clown Bad Dub II-2000-FTD
Slum Village - Live At The Sanctuary Birmingham-DAB-10-05-2003-BOSS
Slum Village-Detroit Deli-(Advance)-2004-MoB
Slum Village-Detroit Deli-(Real Advance)-2004-ATW
Slum Village-Trinity-Explicit Promo-2002-ESC
Slum Village-Volume 1-2000-CHR
Sly Boogie Ft Prince Paul Kardinal Official-What I Need(Promo Cds)-2003-RAS
Sly Boogie-Summer Time (Show Me Love) (Cd Single)-200-CMS
Smut Peddlers-For The Record 1st Name Smut (VLS)-2001-GREY
Smut Peddlers-Porn Again-Instrumental LP-2001-CMS
So Called Artists-Paint By Numb-2001-CMS
Sohrab the Skeptic-Blue Sphere-Promo-2003-RFL
Sol Illaquist Of Sound-N Between Worlds-2002-CMS
Sol-Illaquists Of Sound-4 Student Counsol-2003-CMS
Sol-Illaquists of Sound-The Truth Dont Need Support-Live-2004-CMS
Solitair-Me You and The World-(CDS)-2003-JCE
Solo Vibes Presents-The Abstract Poetic-2002-CMS
Solo Vibes Radio-Vibes And Stuff-2002-FTD
Solo Vibes-Presents The Roots Underground Volume Two-2002-FTD
Sonic Sum-Plasterman-2002-CMS
Sons of Hagar-Is the Only Way Towards-2002-CMS
Soul G-Scratch Action Breaks Vol. 2-Vinyl-2001-BLA
Soul G-Skratch Action Breaks-Vinyl-2000-BLA
Soul Purpose-Lets Go (Remix)-VLS-2003-CMS
SOUL-A World Without End-2003-FTD
Soup-From Anuva Planet-2000-FTD
South-Broken Head-PROPER-VLS-2001-soup
SP1200 Vs Blowout Comb-9th Wonder Remix-2003-FTD INT
SP1200-Colors Remix-2003-FTD INT
SP1200-Fuck You I Make Remixes-2003-FTD INT
SP1200-Likwidation Remix-2003-FTD INT
SP1200-SPLO1200 Style-Remix-2003-FTD INT
Space Invaders-Bar Codes-1999-FTD
Spank-Thought I Wasnt -2002-FTD
Speakeasy Crew-Promo-Promo-2002-CMS
Spearhead-Hole In The Bucket-VLS-1995-FTD
Spectac-Lessons form Da Ghetto-EP-2002-JCE
Spectre meets Torture On The Otherside-Blackhoodz Dimebag-10inch-1997-soup
Spectre-Psychic Wars-2003-JCE
Speechwerks-The Journey-2002-CMS
Sphere Of Influence-Atlantis-2003-MVP
Sphere of Influence-Bounce-VLS-JP-2003-BLA
Sphere of Influence-Brash Ball Remix-VLS-JP-2003-BLA
Sphere of Influence-Hiphop Star-CDS-JP-2003-BLA
Sphere of Influence-Luv Ya-CDM-JP-2003-BLA
Sphere of Influence-Walk this Way-CDM-JP-2003-BLA
Spoken Art-Spoken Art-Promo-2003-CMS
Spontaneous-Spur Of The Moment Musik-2000-FTD
Spontaneous-Spur of the Moment Musik-2000-FTD INT
Sprawlic Stream-Rites Of Passage-1999-FTD
Spyder D-Try to Bite Me Now-VLS-1988-JCE
Spytek-Bytes In Pisces-2002-FTD
Squarepusher-Untitled Promo EP-Advance-2002-RNS
Star Eye-Archives 1-EP-2002-CMS
Stargate-Easier Said Than Done-CDS-2002-WAX
Stealth Magazine Vol. 2 Issue 4-2002-CMS
Steinski-Beg Borrow and Steal-2001-CMS
Steinski-Nothing To Fear-A Rough Mix-2002-RNS
Stereo MCs--DJ-Kicks-2LP2000-kW
Stetstasonic-Live In The Netherlands-1989-FTD
Stigg Of The Dump-Still Alive At The Veglia Lounge-EP-2002-FTD
Still Catchin Wreck-Ground Zero-EP-2001-FTD
Still Wil-Product 74-2001-FTD
Stoerok and Dj Blake9-Flume Bw Flipside-2003-CMS
Strange Sanity-Strange Sanity-2001-CMS
Strategic Prophecy-Strategic Prophecy-2002-CMS
Street Scriptures-ST-2003-CMS
Submerged Mseas-Pretty Black Dots-2001-FTD
Subtitle with Omid and Free Moral Agents Featuring Beegs Alchemy-Leave Home Bw Instinctively Intact-VLS-2004-CMS
Subtitle-Delete The Elite-2001-FTD
Subtitle-Greatest Hiss Vol. 2-2004-FTD
Subtitle-How 2 Beat The Beat 1-FTD
Subtitle-The Invisible Enemy Mix CD Vol. 1-2004-FTD
Sugarhill Gang Vs Grandmaster Flash-The Greatest Hits-2CD-2000-soup
Sugarhill Gang-The Essentials-Retail-2002-CRN
Sumach-Dead Midget on Stilts Crutches-2002-FTD
Sunspot Jonz-Beatdie Delites-(Tape)-1999-CMS
Supastition-7 Years Of Bad Luck EP-2002-CMS
Supastition-7 Years Of Bad Luck-LP-2002-CMS
Supastition-Franchise Player-2002-JCE
Superkids-The Tragedy Dont Do It-VLS-1986-FTD
Superlover Cee and Casanova Rud-Girls I Got Em Locked-1988-CMS
Supernatural-The Lost Freestyle Files-(Advance)-2003-JCE
Superrappin Mix CD-Superrappin Mix CD-2000-FTD
Superscientifiku With Peter Umah-How We Gonna Fail Now-Bootleg-2002-FTD
Supherb - Backstreet Biographies-1999-FTD
Supreme Force-You Gotta Come Out Fresh-Bw-Handling Things-VLS NI1256-1986-JCE
Supremeex-Koyaanisqatsi-7 Inch-2002-CMS
Sway and Tech-The Wake Up Show 9th Anniversary Live Album-Ltd.Ed.-2000-CMS
Swollen Members-Bad Dreams-(Re-Issue)-2001-ICE
Swollen Members-Lady Venom-2001-CMS
Swollen Members-Monsters in the Closet Instrumentals-2003-SDC
S-Word - Star Ill Warz-JP-2003-BLA
S-Word-Wrap Muzik-CDS-JP-2003-soup
Symmetry-Red Out Promo-Promo CDS-2003-CMS
Syntifik-On The Rise-PROMO-2003-JCE
T La Rock-Lyrical King From The Boogie Down Bronx-Vinyl-1987-FTD-INT
Takagi Kan-Artman-1997-soup
Takagi Kan-Fruit Of The Rhythm-1991-soup
Talib Kweli - Where Do We Go-Promo-CDS-2003-BLIZZARD
Talib Kweli Feat Bahamadia-Chaos-CDS-2003-Sphere
Talib Kweli-Beautiful Struggle (Unmastered Advance)-2004-SWE INT
Talib Kweli--Get By (Blackbeard Reworks)-VLS2004-kW
Talib Kweli-Wait For The DJ bw Guerrilla-2002-GSM
Tallib Kweli-Beautiful Struggle-Advance-2004-CMS INT
Tape Master Steph-An Observance Of Trial And Error-2000-FTD
Task Force And Pegasus-12 Inch Apostles-VLS-2002-JCE
Taskforce and MC Intenz-Jacked-VLS-2004-CMS
Teenoize-Bootman Breaks Vol. 5-2001-soup
Teewhy-Dinner At Moes- --Promo-CDS-2003-CMS
Terminal Illness-Sons Of Medusa-2001-FTD
Terntable Jediz-All Out War-2004-OZM
Terrafirma-Waking The Dead-2003-OZM
Tha 4orce-Mind The Gap Anthems-EP-2002-soup
Tha Alkaholiks-21 And Over-1993-TRBINT
Tha Blue Herb-Mirai Wa Oira No Te No Naka-VLS-JP-2003-soup
Tha Mexakinz-Problems-(CDS)-1995-0MNi
Tha Mexakinz-Tha Mexakinz (With Bonus Tracks)-1995-0MNi
Tha Woodsmen-Dis Go-CDS-2003-JCE
Tha Woodsmen-Till Tomorrow-CDS-2003-JCE
Thadvus1-Standard Dvation-2003-JCE
The 45 King-45 Kingdom CD Release-1990-FTD
The 45 King-Beats of the Month February-VLS-2001-CMS
The 45 King-Beats of the Month May-VLS-2001-CMS
The 45 King-Straight Out Da Crate Vol. 5-LP-1994-FTD
The 45 King-The Brainstorm EP-Vinyl-1997-SPX
The 45 King-The Lost Breakbeats (The Beige Album)-Vinyl-1993-FTD
The Alchemist-1st Infantry-2004-JCE
The Appliance Shop Crew-Things Always Seem to Change-2003-CMS
The Are-Hustlers Theme-2002-CMS
The Aspects-Impact-VLS-2004-CMS
The Aspects-Mystery Theatre-2004-RNS
The Avirex Twinz Present-Vol 16 The Uk Answers Back-2003-JCE
The Basement-Second Nature-Promo-2003-RFL
The Beastie Boys - Live at the London ICA-DAB-05-18-2004-BOSS
The Beatnuts Ft Tony Touch-Work That Pole-2002-GSM
The Beatnuts-Do U Believe-VLS-1997-CMG
The Beatnuts-Intoxicated Demons EP-1993-FTD
The Beatnuts-The Originators (Advance)-2002-CMS
The Bedroom Wizard-Represent-VLS-1999-CMS
The Bomarr Monk-Surface Sincerity-EP-2004-CMS
The Boogie Boys Ft DJ Darryl C-Rappin Aint No Thing-VLS-1981-JCE
The Brotherhood-XXIII-1993-JCE
The Candy Store Ft Willie Littles and Entreprenuer-Candy Store-EP-1996-JCE
The Cawz-Grey-2004-FTD
The Cuf - Federal Expressions-1998-FTD
The Dare Devilz-Life Without A Net Vol. 1.5-2003-FTD
The Detroit Experiment-The Way We Make Music (12inch)-2002-CMS
The Feenom Circle-Prescriptions-EP-1998-JCE
The Fraud Squad-Overweight Beats-Promo-VLS-198x-FTD
The Get Funky Crew-Shake Them-Vinyl-1989-FTD
The Grouch Daddy Kev-Sound Advice-(EP)-2003-CNS
The Grouch-A Wealthy Mind-Bootleg-3CD-2003-S1MPLE
The Grouch-Crusader For Justice-2002-SWE
The Grouch-Crusader For Justice-Advance-2002-FTD
The Grouch-Fuck The Dumb-1998-AMP
The Grouch-My Baddest Bitches-DVDA-2003-FTD
The Gumshoe Strut-Lets Get Dangerous-Double EP-2003-FTD
The Herbaliser-The New And Improved (Vinyl EP)-1997-CMS
The High and the Mighty-Its All for You-VLS-1996-CMS
The Jungle Book-Mowgli-Vinyl-1974-FTD
The Life And Times Of Cee-Lo-Cee-Lo Green And His Perfect Imperfections Street Sampler-Promo-2002-BMI
The Lost Boys-Untitled-Promo LP-1995-KrbZ
The Lost Lyricists-Food for Thought-2002-WLM
The Majesticons-Beauty Party-Advance-2003-ESC
The Master Jedi-Pump it Up Again-AV315-Vinyl-2003-CHR
The Masters-Unprecedented-VLS-2002-SWE
The Nextmen-Get Over It-ADVANCE-2003-WCR
The Nextmen-The Next Trend-Promo CDS-2002-CMS
The Nutsons-The Sleaze Cheesebourg-EP-2003-FTD
the outsidaz-the rah rah-promo cds-2000-j4mz
The Pharcyde-Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde-1992-OLD
The Pharcyde-Frontline-Promo-CDS-2000-NuC
The Pharcyde-Labcabincalifornia-1995-soup int
The Plague-Gang Green-2002-JCE
The Planets Ft. Slug-Global (CD Single)-EGO
The Planets-The Opening-2002-FTD
The Pocalik Klan Feat. Piccalo-For My Home-CDS-2002-CMS
The Prof. Meets The Supervillian-Convexed Bonusdisc-2003-FTD
The Proov-Two Entropies Bw Battle Mode-VLS-2003-soup
The Prunes-Red Moon-2003-CMS
The Prunes-Tracks from the Darkside-1996-soup
The R.I.S.E. Project-Maroon-2003-PRS
The Rappin Reverend Dr. C. Dexter Wise III-I Aint Into That-VLS-1986-FTD
The Restitution-The Restitution-2001-FTD
The Roots - Organix-CD-1993-DAW
The Roots-Dug Up Compilation 2-DSP
The Roots-In Washington DC 01 12 02-Live-2002-CMS
The Roots-Live on Kilborn 0318-2003-FNT
The Roots-Phrenology-2002-eNT iNT
The Silent Lambs Project-Comrade-EP-1998-FTD
The Smurfs-Smurf For What Its Worth-VLS-1982-FTD
The Smut Peddlers-One by One-VLS-1997-FTD
The Strange Fruit Project-All the Way-VLS-2003-CMS
The Third Unheard-Connecticut Hip Hop 1979 1983-RETAIL-2004-ESC
The Unspoken Heard Presents-Cosmology The E.P.-EP-2000-KrbZ
The Vinyl Junkies-Curious Monkeybumps-(Promo)-2002-CMS
The Young Gunz-Simple Things-VLS-2001-CMS
Think Twice-Rock To This Beat-2008-CMS
Third Degree-Better Days-VLS-1997-CMS
Third Earth Music-Non-Conformists Guide To Conformity-2003-FTD
Third Estate-Its Time-Limited Edition Demo-2002-FTD
Thirdop-Promo Sampler-2002-CMS
Thirstin Howl III-Serial Skiller-2001-CMS
Thought Bug - Enter Society-2001-FTD
Three Times Dope-Live From Acknickulous Land-1990-JCE
Three Times Dope-Mr. Sandman-CDM-1991-JCE
Three Times Dope-The Sequel 3-1999-JCE
Time Zone-Wildstyle-VLS-1983-soup
Timsears-Ten Wheel Motion-EP-2002-CMS
TKO-The Entrance-2003-CMS
Toadstyle-Get Em-Ltd.Ed.-Vinyl-2004-CMS
Tommy Evans-The Turbulent Times of Tommy Evans-2004-CMS
Tommy V-Fresh Produce-2002-FTD
Tommy V-Homeless-Limited Edition-2001-FTD
Tomorowz Weaponz-Raised In The Slumz-Ltd.Ed.-VLS-2003-FTD
Tone Kapone-Down for Mine-VLS-1998-JCE
Tony Da Skitzo-Split Decision Wax No.2-EP-1999-FTD
Tony Touch-Piecemaker 2-(Album Snippet Sampler)-2003-WHOA
Too Short-Gettin it (Album Number Ten)-1996-RFL INT
Top R-Burning the Candle at Both Ends-2004-FTD
Topshelf Music-Summer Sampler-2003-FTD
Transit-Year Of The Taurus LP-2002-FTD
Treach-Concrete Jungle-PROMO-CDS-2003-aPC
Treach-Pocket Full Of Miracles-PROMO-CDS-2003-aPC
Treevortex-Translinguistic Matter-VLS-2001-FTD
Trek Life-Sampler-2004-FTD
Triangulum Productions Presents-Paraphernalia-2001-FTD
Tricky-Vulnerable (Fix Read NFO)-2003-WCR
Triple Threat DJs-Classic 80s Flashbacks-2003-RFL
Triznain-Get What You Want-CDS-2003-JCE
Trojen The Iron Horse-Method Man P.L.O. Style-Remix-2006-FTD INT
Troy S.L.U.G.S.-Organized Krhyme Unit Presents Troy S.L.U.G.S.-2003-JCE
Truth E.No.La-No Matter What They Say (Vinyl Single)--CMS
Twigy-Yoin Danpen Syu-CDM-JP-2002-FTD
Twin Hype-Do It To The Crowd-VLS-1989-soup
Two Kings In A Cipher-From Pyramids To Projects-1991-FTD INT
Ty-C-Still Hear-2003-JCE
UBS-Experiments In Audiology V.0.5-(Sampler)-2002-SWE
Ugly Duckling-Fresh Mode-2002-FSN
Ugly Duckling-Taste the Secret Sampler and More-2003-CMS
Ugly Duckling-The Leftovers-2004-CMS
Ultramagnetic MCs-Critical Beatdown-1988-OLD
Ultramagnetic MCs-Funk Ya Head Up-1992-JCE
Ultramagnetic MCs-Funk Ya Head Up-CD-1992-JCE
Ultramagnetic MCs-The Basement Tapes 1984-1990-1994-FTD
Uncany (Underground-Cali-NY)-Artist Demo-2003-CMS
Uncharted Realms-Final Destination(Bonus CD)-2002-FTD
Uncharted Realms-Final Destination-2002-FTD
Uncle Ill-Ke On (12 Inch)--2002-CMS
Underated Colaborated 2-The Co Op Vol 2-Advance-2002-FTD
Underground Mafia-Caught Up in the System Bw Dont Charge-VLS-1992-CMS
Undergroundhiphopdotcom-August 2003 Sampler-2003-CMS
United Hip Hop Artists-Ndodemny (Free South Afri-1990-FTD
Universal Soul-Time Capsule-Promo-2003-JCE
Unkle-Rock On-EP-1997-DGN
Urban Classics--Big Pun-Vinyl-2004-AES
Urban Classics--Lord Tariq And Peter Gunz-Vinyl-2004-AES
Urban Tribe-D-2000-Ltd.Ed.-VLS-1998-soup
UTFO-Bag It And Bone It-CD-1991-gnvr
V.A.-The Boombox Presents-Underground Airwaves Vol 1-TAPE-1999-JCE
VA - Anticon 10th Anniversary Concert-5CD-Bootleg-2002-FTD
VA - DJ MK London Underground 2003-Retail CD-2003-BOSS
VA - DJ Skully - Champion Sounds-2003-BOSS
VA - DJ Skully Champion Sounds Sampler-DMCLIVEV05-VINYL-2003-BOSS
VA - Lyricist Lounge Vol 2-Retail-READ NFO-2000-TWCMP3
VA - Puma Strut-the 45s-2003-CMS
VA - Quannum-Live On British Radio-2CD-2003-JUST
VA - Sugar Hill-Hip Hop Box Set-3CD-(UK Retail)-2002-BiM
VA - Tommy Tee-H.E.A.T. Vol 3-2002-WLM
VA - Tommy Tee-H.E.A.T. Vol 4-PROPER-2003-WLM
VA - UK Duty Paid Volume 1-Retail CD-2003-BOSS
VA Big ABB Presents-That Was Then this is Now Vol. 1-2003-THH
VA Dj Big Harry-Cruise Ship Special-2003-CMS
VA DJ G Brown-Extra Clip the Best of Gangstar-2003-FUA
VA Fat City Records-Heavy Loungin-2000-FTD INT
VA Ocean Records Presents-Live from I-5-2003-CMS
VA Scian Smooth-Trunk of Treats 28-2003-CMS
VA-100 U.K. Hip Hop-2000-CMS
VA-7heads Exclusives-Promo-2003-CMS
VA-A Brief History Of Breaks Mixed By DJ Ransom-PROMO CD-2003-BPM
VA-Across 155th Street OST Sampler-2003-CMS
VA-adN criptic Presents Fuck The Dumb Mix-September-2003-FTD INT
VA-All that Urban-3CD-2004-OSC
VA-Amoeba Music Compilation Vol. V-2CD-2004-soup
VA-Anticon Presents Music for the Advancement of Hip Hop-2002-kHz
VA-Battle Of The Year 2002-CD-2002-TLT
VA-Beat Brickies-2003-CMS
VA-Betty Bankok And The Crazy Convicts-Beats For Fat Kids-Instrumental Promo EP-2003-QKE
VA-Big Dada Sampler-2001-REV
VA-Big Dada-Extra Yard-Advance-2002-CHR
VA-Big Daddy Volume 3-The Showstopper-2002-CMS
VA-Boiling Point Presents Temperature Rising-Promo-2003-CMS
VA-Bomb Hip-Hop Sampler Mixed by DJ T-Rock-2003-soup
VA-Bomb Hip-Hop The Real Deal-2002-CMS
VA-Celluloid-the Electro Years-Why is it Fresh-1998-soup
VA-Dirtstyle Records 10 Year Anniversary-LP-2003-JCE
VA-DJ ShortKut-Bashment Vibes-2003-RFL
VA-Hiero Imperium Sampler-2003-WCR
VA-J.Hop-The Best Of Japanese Hip Hop Selections-JP-2003-CHR
VA-Melo-D-Live At The Rootdown-CD-2003-RFL
VA-Rawkus Sampler Promo-2002-WCR
VA-Roc Raida and DJ The Boy-Tales From The Flip Level 2-1999-KrbZ
VA-Ronin Records Instrumental-EP-1998-CMS
VA-Soundbombing II Snippet Mixed by J-Rocc and DJ Babu-Tape-1999-CMS
VA-Stones Throw Records Sampler-2000-DSP
VA-Taskforce Present-DJ Louis Slipperz 10 Bag Vol.3-2004-CMS
VA-Taskforce Presents Louis Slipperz 10pound Bag Vol 2-2003-CMS
VA-Turntablist Revolution - ITF World DJ Compilation Album Vol1-WEB-2012-ENRAGED iNT
VA-Undercover Magazine Issue 13-2004-JCE
VA-Undercover Magazine Issue 21-2005-JCE
VA-Underground Hiphop Compilation Summer 2006-(Bootleg)-2006-VINYL
Vinroc and DJ Flux-Breakout-2001-RFL
Vinroc Presents-Outkast the Cadillac Mix-2005-B2R
Vinroc-Best Of The Underground Vol. 1-2001-FTD
Warcloud-Smuggling Booze in the Graveyard-Demo-2002-FSP
Warren G Ft KRS-One and Lil Al-Lets Go-VLS-2003-OLZ
Warsawpack-Attention To Defecit-Promo-CDS-2001-JCE
Waxfactor-Battle Cake Mix-2002-soup
Waxolutionists-Rewax Instrumentals-LP-2003-QKE
WC And The Maad Circle-Aint A Damn Thing Changed-1991-FTD
We Stain Porcelain-The First Flush Compilation-2003-JCE
Wee Bee Foolish - Brighton Beach Memoirs-2003-FTD INT
West Street Mob-Break Dancin Electric Boogie-VLS-1983-soup
White Shadow-Hip-Hop Instrumentality-(Vinyl)-2003-JCE
White Shadow-Hip-Hop Instrumentality-Vinyl-2002-JCE
Whodini-Back In Black-LP-1986-JCE
Why And His Band-Almost Live From Annas Cabin-2003-FTD
Why Knows-Vinho Barato-2003-KrbZ
Why-The Early Whitney-EP-2003-CMS
Wicked Conconctions-The Hundred Hand Slap-Advance-2003-JCE
Wild Beats-Wild Beats Volume 1-2002-JCE
Wild Style Da Project-Only Represent-(Limited Edition TAPE)-1996-OSC
Wildchild-Secondary Protocol Instrumentals-2003-FTD
Wildchild-Secondary Protocol-LP-2003-KrbZ
Wildstyle-Instrumental Beats-LP-1998-CMS
Will.I.Am-Lost Change-2001-FTD INT
Wiseguys-In Tha Company (Of Killaz) Bw Satisfaction-VLS-1997-KrbZ
Wizdumb-Pentium Flux-EP-2002-FTD
Wolftown Committee-Legendary Status-2002-CMS
Write Brothers-Weathered Wings-2002-FTD
Writers Block-Next Step-2005-FTD
Writers Block-Singles n Sideshows-2001-CMS
Wu Tang Clan-Enter The Wu Tang 36 Chambers-1993-RFL INT
Wu Tang Clan-Iron Flag-2001-CMS
Wu-Tang Clan-Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)-1993-soup int
Wu-Tang Clan-Iron Flag CDS-2001-BEATDOWN
X Force-X Bird-2003-JCE
XBS-Exclusive Benefit Story-JP-2003-BLA
XBS-Life in Memory-CDS-JP-2003-soup
Zeebra-Based On A True Story-JP-2000-FTD
Zeebra-Perfect Queen-CDM-JP-2003-BLA
Zeebra-The Rhyme Animal Remix EP 1-JP-1998-FTD
Zeebra-The Rhyme Animal Remix EP 2-JP-1999-FTD
Zeebra-The Rhyme Animal-JP-1998-FTD
Zeebra-Tokyos Finest-JP-2003-BLA
Z-Man-Four Hours Of Sleep-TAPE-2002-JCE
Adeaze-How Deep Is Your Love-CDM-2004-FTD
Ashanti-Rain on Me (Incl Taz and Vanguard Remix)-Vinyl-2003-GTi
Babyface-A Collection Of His Greatest Hits-2000-RBV
Common Ft Mary J-Come To Me-2002-GSM
Dee C. Lee-Things Will Be Sweeter-Vinyl-1995-CMS
DJ Muro-Swagger Flagship Harajuku Open Exclusive Mix CD-Limited Edition-JP-2007-JRP
Eternal-Greatest Hits-1997-R3D
Force M.D.S-Tender Love Remix-VLS-1985-JCE
Heavy D and the Boyz-Is it Good to You-(CDS)-1991-OSC
Intro-Intro-1993-soup int
James Brown-50th Anniversary Collection-2CD-2003-SWE
Jodeci-The Show The After-Party The Hotel-1995-UGHH
K Fox-Life (L.A. To Chicago)-Full-VLS-2003-CMS
Keith Sweat-Get Up On It-1994-soup int
Keith Sweat-Nobody AUS-CDM-1996-FTD
Keith Sweat-The Best Of Keith Sweat-Make You Sweat-2004-RNS
Les Nubians-One Step Forward (Mix Sampler By DJ Garth)-2003-FSP
Lionel Richie And The Commodores-Definative Collection-2CD-RETAIL-2003-uF
LL Cool J-Doin It-1995-RNS INT
Mark Ronson Ft Ghostface-Ohh Wee(Promo Vls)-2003-WHOA
Marvin Gaye-Motown Legends-1993-OSC
Marvin Gaye-Sexual Healing the Love Collection-2CD-2004-SSR
Mary J. Blige-My Life-1992-OSR
Mckay - Tell Him-Vinyl-2003-SMS
Mckay-Tell Him-Promo-CDS-2003-BPM
M-Flo Feat Crystal Kay-Reeewind-CDM-2003-BLA
Ol Skool-R.S.V.P.-2000-CMS
P.M. Dawn-Of The Heart Of The Soul And Of The Cross-1991-FTD
Pushim-Paks Groove-CD EP-JP-2002-CMS
Pushim-Working Girl-2003-MVP
Rae And Christian ft The Pharcyde-Let It Go (Promo CDS)-2001-WHOA
Randy And The Gypsys-Self Titled-Vinyl-1989-FTD
Raphael Saadiq-Instant Vintage-PROPER RETAIL-2002-ESC
Silk-Silk-1994-soup int
Smooth-Mind Blowin-(CDS)-1995-OSC
Stevie Wonder-In Square Circle-1985-BSC INT
Subway feat 702-This Lil Game We Play-(CDM)-1995-OSC
Teddy Riley-Is It Good to You-(CDS)-1992-OSC
The Black Eyed Peas-Shut Up-CDS-2003-BPM
The Isley Brothers Feat Ronald Isley-Body Kiss-(Proper Retail)-2003-HWC
The Isley Brothers-Live It Up-REMASTERED-2004-ESC
The Isley Brothers-The Essential Isley Brothers-2CD-2004-RNS
The Isley Brothers-The Heat Is On (Remastered)-2001-EGO
Usher-Usher-1994-soup int
Action Bronson-Dreamer-2CD-2013-UGDN
Adam F Featuring M.O.P - Stand Clear-CDM-2001-NmE
Aesop Rock-Daylight (Retail)-2002-EGO
Aesop-In A Wolfs Clothing-Remastered Read Nfo-Tape-1999-KrbZ INT
Ali Vegas-The Apology(Promo VLS)-2002-WHOA
Anacron-Be Boy EP-0000-mwL
Anacron-Damn Foo EP-0000-mwL
Beastie Boys - Lowlands Festival-Live Japanese Import-1999-BLIZZARD
Beastie Boys - The Sounds Of Science-2CD-1998-NFH
Beastie Boys-Pauls Boutique-1989-KSi INT
Beastie Boys-So Whatcha Want-VLS-1992-JPN
Beastie Boys-Sure Shot (UK CDS2)-1994-IRO
Big Gipp (of Goodie Mob)-Mutant Mind Frame-ADVANCE-2003-ESC
Billy Nova Aka Rebel the Analyst-Hurry Go Now-CDS-2003-CMS
Biz Markie-I Need A Haircut-1995-4HM
Black Attack - Bang Bang-CDM-1997-ALC
Black Moon-Buck Em Down Remix-CDS-1994-KPT
Black Moon-Enta Da Stage-1993-AMP
Black Moon-War Zone-1999-RNS
Blackalicious-If I May CD Single-2000-EGO
Blade-The Lion Goes From Strength To Strength-1993-FTD INT
Blueprint-The Weight Room-EGO
Boogie Down Productions-Sex And Violence-1992-MC
Boom Box 2000-Boom Box 2000-2002-CHR
BWP-The Bytches-LP-1991-JCE
Camp Lo-Lets Do It Again-2002-CHR
Cash Money and Marvelous-Wheres the Party at-1988-IGR INT
Cee-Lo-Ill Be Around-Promo CDS-2003-XXL
Choobakka-Big Daddy Money BW Gunz Cocked-VLS-2002-JCE
Choobakka-Shes Feelin Me BW Bluntz in the Air-VLS-2001-JCE
Chubb Rock-Chubb Rock Feat. Hitman Howie Tee-LP-1988-KrbZ
Common -Tekzilla - 1999 Remix-VLS-2001-CMS
Common-Resurrection-1994-soup int
Coolio-Shake It Up-CDS-2002-XXL
Craig Mack-Operation Get Down-1997-CMS-INT
C-Rayz Walz-The Prelude-2000-CMS
C-Rayz Walz-The Prelude-Noodlz2000-CMS
Crooked I-Still Tha Row-(Promo Radio Edits CDS)-2003-CMS
Cypress Hill-Skull And Bones-(2CD)-2000-ALW
Da Youngstas-No Mercy-1994-R3D
David Banner Feat. Pastor Troy And Bone Crusher-Fuck Em-(Promo CDS)-2003-CMS
Dead Prez-Demo Tracks-1997-PRM INT
Deeskee-In Loving Memory Of-1999-CMS INT
Demon Boyz-Recognition-Vinyl-1989-FTD
Depth Charge Vs. Gunshot-Colour Code-VLS-1994-FTD
DJ Andrew Unknown And DJ Mekalek-Aint No Love-EGO
DJ Format-The Hit Song-Promo-Vinyl-2003-ZzZz
DJ Junk-The Best B-Boy Tunes By-2001-RNS
DJ Lady Tribe feat. Mellowman Ace-Tribe Keep It Live-Promo-CDS-2003-iGN
DJ Mello Presents-Black Monday (The Best of Game Vol 2)-2004-STD
DJ Q-bert and D-Styles-Hot Sauce In The Dickhole-1997-WHOA
DJ Stylewarz-2360-CDM-DE-2002-KrbZ
Don Dinero-Where You At-CDS-2003-FTD
Double X Posse-Not Gonna Be Able To Do It-Promo CDS-2000-PoS
Down South--Southern Comfort-TAPE-1994-no
Dr. Dre-Swap Meet Mix-CASSETTE-1987-PRM INT
Dr. Dre-The Chronic-1992-eNT iNT
Dr. Octagon-Dr. Octagonecologyst-1996-CQint
Dr Dre And Tony-A-Jam-CASSETTE-1989-PRM INT
Dr Dre-Bet Mixtape-CASSETTE-1987-PRM INT
Dr Dre-Dope Beat-CASSETTE-1987-PRM INT
Dr Dre-Panic Zone-CASSETTE-1987-PRM INT
Dr Dre-U Got Ganked-CASSETTE-1988-PRM INT
Dream Warriors-And Now The Legacy Begins-1991-TRC INT
Ed Rock-That Next Nigga Vol.2-2003-SWE
Edan and Insight-Live at Umass-2004-kHz INT
Erick Sermon-React-2002-RNS
Esham-No War-(Radio Single)-2003-AAF
Esham-Woo Woo Woo Woo-(Promo-CDS)-2003-MoB
Everlast-I Got The Knack-CDM-1990-CMS
Fat Joe - Crush Tonight-CDM-2002-SMS
Fat Joe-All or Nothing-(Snippet Sampler)-2005-C4
Fat Joe-Jealous One's Envy-1995-GMZ
Filthy Rich-Filthy Rich-VLS-2003-CMS
First Frontal Assault-Atomic Airraid-VLS-1992-FTD
First Frontal Assault-Bloodfire Assault-VLS-1991-FTD
Five Deez-Stupid-VLS-2002-JUST INT
Foekus-Life Of A Thief-2003-JCE
Fonky Family-Live Au Dome De Marseille-2CD-FR-2003-MVP
Foreign Traits-Its Got To Be Us (CDS)-EGO
Fu-Schnickens-Nervous Break Down-1994-OSR
Gang Starr-Full Clip DJ Promo-Vinyl-1999-STAR
Gang Starr-Full Clip Live On Tour (Amsterdam)-Promo LP-2002-KrbZ
Gang Starr-Positivity-VLS-(1989)-LOGOS
Gang Starr-The Ownerz-Clean Snippet Promo-2003-GSF
Gangstarr-The Ownerz Sampler Vol.1-EP-2003-LTB
Gangstarr-The Ownerz Sampler Vol.2-EP-2003-LTB
Gemini-Crazy For You Part Two (Promo CDM)-2004-WCR
Get Large Productions-Get Large (12 Inch)-EGO
Geto Boys-War And Peace (Album Snippets)-2004-POiSE
Goldie Lookin Chain-Guns Dont Kill People Rappers Do-PROMO CDS-2004-uF
Gravediggaz-6 Feet De-EP-1994-OSR
Hard Target-Southern Axe-Sent Sampler--2003-FTD
Hijack-Hi-Pro-Jack-Promo Vinyl-19xx-FTD
Ice Cube-Death Certificate-1991-ALW
Ice Cube-Death Certificate-1991-RMG
Ice-T-Live On KDAY Colder Than Ever-CASSETTE-1987-PRM INT
Ii Tone Committee-Hangman 12inch---Vinyl-1991-FTD
Ii Tone Committee-Submission E.P-Vinyl-1998-FTD
Jin-Kamikaze Pilots-Promo CDS-2003-CMS
Jin-The Best Of MC Battles Vol. 1-EGO
Joe Budden-Fire (Yes Yes Yall)-VLS-2003-CMS
Jurassic 5-W.O.E. Is Me EP-RNS
K Dee-Ass Gas or Cash (No One Rides for Free)-1994-OSR
Kady Kane-The Album-2003-WCR
Kardinal Offishall-Belly Dancer-Promo-VLS-2003-CHR
Katch 22 Feat. Ann Gay-Dark Epoch-VLS-19xx-FTD
Katch 22-22 Steps Ahead-VLS-19xx-FTD
Katch 22-Return To The Fundamentals-VLS-1992-FTD
Killa Instinct-Dead Breed-Vinyl-2002-FTD INT
Killer Mike-Bang X3 (Official Mixtape)-2011-DjLeak
Killer Mike-I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind-2CD-2006-STaT
KMC-Breakout bw Part Of Me-Promo VLS-2002-KrbZ
KMD--The Best Of KMD-(Proper Retail)-2004-no
Kurrup Money-Bondage-Demo-2004-CMS INT
Kwote-Keepin Wisdom on the Enemies-EP-2003-FUA
L.L. Cool J-Walking With A Panther-1989-GMZ
Labtekwon the Brotherhood of Soul and CSD-Baby Pictures-2000-FTD
Leaders of the New School-The Inner Minds Eye-1993-AMP
Leaders Of The New School--Whats Next bw Connections-TAPE-1993-no
Les Instigateurs-Les Instigateurs-EP-1999-CMS
Living Legends-The 4 Track Avengers Vol 2-2000-CMS
London Posse-Hows Life In London-VLS-1993-FTD
Lord Finesse -1990- Strictly For The Ladies-VLS-1990-CMS
Lord Shabazz-Living Legend-(Promo-CDS)-2003-0MNi
Lordz Of Brooklyn - All In The Family-1995-NFH
Lost Souls-Promo-2002-CMS
Loud Records-10 Year Anniversary-2002-EGO
M.C. Hammer--U Cant Touch This-VLS1990-pop
Mack Da Maniak-Loco Motive-1995-KrbZ
Madkap--Da Whole Kit And Kaboodle-TAPE-1993-no
Maestro Fresh Wes-416 905-(CDM)-1998-OSC
Main Source-What You Need - Merrick Blvd-Vinyl-1993-CMS
Mark B and the Mud Family-The Half Bw Rich N Switch-1998-RFL
Masta Killa - No Said Date Bonus Disc DVDA-2004-SMO
Maxwell-Maximum Well Being-EP-1997-CMS INT
MC A.D.E.-Just Somethin To Do-LP-1987-JCE
MC Ren-Villain in Black-(Bootleg)-2003-BKE
MC Solaar-Mach 6 (Bonus CD)-FR-2003-FSP
Miss Nana-Still Unsigned-2004-FTD
Money Mark Ft Slick Rick-Do It Do It-CDS-2004-CRN
Mr Pink And Mr Blonde-Payin Tha Price-VLS-1996-FTD
N.W.A.-Greatest Hits-1996-eNT iNT
Nappy Headz-What They Do (FLA Remix)-Promo-CDS-2004-CRN
Nas-It Was Written-1996-GMZ
Nas-Stillmatic (Remixes)-2002-DJP
Nas-The Lost Tapes-2002-RNS
Naughty By Nature ft 3LW-Feels Goods (Stylez Xtended)-2002-WHOA
Naughty By Nature-Swing Swang BW Red Light-(Vinyl)-2002-SC
NEM-S-SIS-My Word-2003-CMS
Non Phixion - Live hultsfred festival-RADIO-2002-EVIGHET
O.C.-Bon Appetit (Retail)-EGO
Obscure Disorder - Maintain The Focus-VLS-1999-CMS
Ol Dirty Bastard-Return To The 36 Chambers-1995-RFL
Old Skool Professors Of Funk-Old School Street Jams Vol. 1-1996-JCE
Onyx-Shut Em Down-1998-FTD INT
Onyx-Slam Harder Bring Em Out Dead-CDS-2002-AFT
Oobie Ft Trina-Nothings Free Remix-CDS-2003-CMS
O-Rapid Fire-VLS-1999-JCE
Organized Noize-Sleepys Theme The Vinyl Room-1998-FTD
P Kid And Zulu Gremlin-Enemy Of The Break-LP-2001-KrbZ
Perverted Monks-Get Up (12 Inch)-EGO
Picket Fence-Who R Iz-2002-FTD
Pigeon John-Is Dating Your Sister-2003-EGO
Pitbull-Thats Nasty-Promo VLS-2004-FTD
Playa Pimp-Compilation Vol 1-1998-FTD
Pokafase-Gangsta Alone-VLS-2003-CMS
Poor Righteous Teachers - Black Business-1998-CMG
Positive K-The Skills Dat Pay Da Bills--1992-RV
Princess Superstar-Keith N Me-Reissue VLS-2002-CMS
Public Enemy-The Millennium Collection-2001-HCU
Racket City-Throw Up-(CDS)-2002-JCE
Raw Breed-Blood Sweat And Tears-1997-RFL INT
Realistikk-Secular Stress-2002-CMS
Redman-Whut Thee Album-1992-RMG
Regenerated Headpiece-Rat Race Vacation-2001-FTD
Rick Rock-2002 Beat CD-2002-FTD
Rip Shop-FM Modes (Listen To This) (12 Inch)-EGO
Roscoe-Young Roscoe Philaphornia-(Retail)-2003-RNS
Rough Element-The Elements E.P-Vinyl-1992-FTD
Royal Flush-Hood Stories-2005-EGO
Royal Flush-The Message (Based On The True Story)-(Retail)-2004-C4
Royce Da 59-Rock City 2.0-ADVANCE-READ NFO-2002-FTD
Royce Da 59-Take Me Away-(Promo CDS)-2003-KPT
Run D.M.C.-Back From Hell-1990-OLD
Run D.M.C.-Down With The King-1993-OLD
Run-D.M.C.-Back From Hell-(Reissue)-1999-OSC
Rype-Rypist EP-2002-FTD
Sacred Hoop-Sleepover-2000-CMS
Sage Francis-Still Sick Urine Trouble (90 Minute Tape Version)-2000-mwL
Saian Supa Crew-Police-VLS-2003-CHR
Silver Bullet-Bring Forth The Guillotine-VLS-1989-FTD
Silver Bullet-Ruff Karnage-VLS-1991-FTD
Silver Bullet-Undercover Anarchist-VLS-1991-FTD
Slick Rick - The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick-Remastered-2000-VBS
Slick Rick-The Art Of Storytelling-1999-ALW
Sly Boogie-Judgement Day Album Sampler-(Mixtape)-2003-CMS
Solitaire-Easy 2 Slip (12 Inch)-EGO
Sometwo-12 Song LP-2002-CMS
Son Of Noise-Son Of Noise-VLS-1991-FTD
Sseleman-Our Time-2001-FTD
Stagga Lee-Roll Wit M.V.P.-VLS-2003-CMS
Stereo MCs-Deep Down And Dirty-2001-RNS
Strait Jacket-SJ-Promo-2002-FTD
Supreme The Falcon-Sci Fi Jerusalem-2000-FTD
T.I.-Be Easy (Promo CDS)-2003-QMB
T.I.-Look What I Got (Promo CDS)-2003-QMB
T.I.-Trap Muzik (Snippet Sampler)-2003-KSi
Talib Kweli-Kwelity (Promo)-EGO
Tame One-When Rappers Attack (Advance)-2003-EGO
Tasrip-Who Is That-LP-2003-QKE
TBTBT-Too Bad to Be True-1993-OSC
Tech N9ne-Absolute Power 2003 Tour Sampler-2003-FTD
Tha Brigade-The First Blood E.P.-Vinyl-1993-FTD
The 2 Live Crew-Pop That Pussy-(VLS)-1991-JCE
The 45 King-45 Kingdom-LP-1990-CMS
The Alchemist Feat Prodigy Nina Sky and Ill Ghee-Hold You Down-Promo-CDS-2004-UGG
The Beatnuts-U.F.O. Files-Rare & Unreleased Joints-CDR-2008-C4
The Criminal Minds-Break Shit Up-EP-2003-FTD
The Egyptian Lover-Back From the Tomb-1995-JCE
The Maker Profaze-The Free Album-2000-FTD
The Maker Profaze-The Vanguard Returns-2000-FTD
The Makeshift Gods-Audio Movement-2002-FTD
The Mezziah And Casino Dice-Crown Jewel-CDS-2003-FTD
The Roots-Dont Say Nothin-(Promo-CDS)-2004-HSA
The Roots-Dont Say Nuthin-(Promo-CDS)-2004-ATW
The Roots-Phrenology (Snippet Sampler)-2002-KSI
The Rza - Rza as Bobby Digital in Stereo-Retail CD-2003-DLS
Thedjstrong Feat Wildchild-Youz A Fiend-Vinyl-2002-CMS
Theoretical Oddities-Hiphopcondrical-EP-2003-QKE
Thigahmahjiggee-Martin Luther King Jr. Whopper With Cheese-2004-soup
Thirstin Howl III-Skilligans Island-2002-EGO
Thrust-This Is For Sure (Remix) (12 Inch)-EGO
Tony Tee-Time To Get Physical-LP-1988-JCE
Tribe Called Quest-I.C.U. (Doin It)-CDS-2003-CMS
T-Rock-Defcon 1 Lyrical Warfare-2003-ATX
Tuff City Squad-Breakmania (Mixed By 45 King)-LP-1989-SPX
Ty-Oh U Want More-(CDS)-2004-R3D
U.M.C.s--Blue Cheese bw Any Way The Wind Blows-TAPE-1991-no
Ugly Duckling-Turn It Up-2003-KrbZ
Ultramagnetic MCs--The Four Horsemen-1993-no int
Unauthordox-Heart-Thru-Tunnel Syndrome-2001-CMS
Uncle Ill-Yall Know-2001-FTD
VA - Battle Of The Year 2003 The Soundtrack-2003-hbZ
VA-AMC Urban Retail Sampler-2002-CMS
VA-Big Business bw Endalay-VLS-2002-CMS
VA-DJ Clue Presents The Bad Boy Mixtape 1-CASSETTE-1994-PRM INT
VA-DJ Doo Wop Presents Bad Boy Mixtape Volume II-CASSETTE-1995-PRM INT
VA-DJ Stretch Armstrong Presents Bad Boy Mixtape 3-CASSETTE-1996-PRM INT
Warrior-Whos Hustlin Who-VLS-2004-JCE
Wee Bee Foolish-The Main Attraction (12 Inch)-2001-EGO
Whodini-Freaks Come Out at Night-VLS-1984-CMS
Whodini-Open Sesame-Vinyl-1987-JCE
Word A Mouth-Crazy (12 Inch)-EGO
World Class Wreckin Crew-World Class-Vinyl-1985-FTD
World Class Wreckin Cru-Greatest Hits Plus-2001-aPc
World Famous Supreme Team-Rappin-LP-1986-JCE
Xecutioners-Built From Scratch-RETAIL-2002-4HM
Zion I-The Collection-Retail-2004-uF
Z-Man-Anti Nerd-2003-CMS
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1200 Hobos - Evolution-1997-DNH
2mex And Jel-Diypartisan-XXXX-FTD
3582 - Situationalethics-CD-2003-iDC
57th Dynastry-Spoken Word-2001-THH
9th Wonder - The Remixes Vol 2-2003-CHR
A Tribe Called Quest-Beats Rhymes Life-1996-AMP
A Tribe Called Quest-Peoples Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm-1990-FTD INT
Action Bronson-Bad Lieutenant-(Bootleg)-2013-DiTF
Adverse-Way With Words-2002-CMS
AE Productions Presents-Dr Krome G Swift and Rola-7inch-2003-CMS
Aesop Rock-Bazooka Tooth (Promo)-2003-WCR
Aesop-As Good As It Gets-1998-CMS
Aesop-As Soon As It Gets 2.0-2003-KrbZ
Aesop-Black Libra-2001-FTD
Aesop-Starring In Tha Superhuman-1999-CR
Aesop-The Multimedia Man-2001-FTD
Afrika Bambaataa-Renegades of Funk-VLS-2001-CMS
AG-Get Dirty Radio-2006-CMS INT
Aile-Who Dat-CDM-JP-2003-BLA
Akbar - Bigga Dey Come-VLS-2001-VBS
Aki-La-New G Nation-JP-2003-soup
Akira AKA Crazy-A-Who Hates Crazy-A-JP-1995-soup
Alias-Final Act (12 Inch)-EGO
Anacron-Tight Jeans And Sneaks-EP-1998-soup
Anarchist-Hiphop Vs. Electro-(VLS)-2003-GMG
Andrew Broder Aka Fog-Modern Hits-(EP)-2002-CMS
Anti Pop Consortium-Arrythmia-LP-2002-CMS
Apani B-Fly Emcee - Estragen bw Woman In Me And Soul Control-VLS-1998-KrbZ
Aquarius (Deli And Yakko)-Rendou-CDM-JP-2003-soup
Aquarius-Oboreta Machi-JP-2003-BLA
Arcane-Bipolar VLS-2002-WCR
Archie Eversole-Hear Ya Talkin-Promo-VLS-2003-CMS
Aromadozeski Therapy Ft Romanowski and Devious Doze-Future Primitive Sound 12-VLS-2001-soup
Arsonists-As The World Burns-(Instrumentals)-1999-DKF
Ayentee-Public Diary-2001-FTD INT
BAAC-The Nameless And Faceless TAPE-Advance-1999-FTD
Bansh33-Conversations with My Shadow-2002-CMS
Basbombing-Maximum Overlarge (VLS)-2001-CHR
Basbombing-Microphone Champs (12 inch)-2000-CHR
Beastie Boys-Beastie Show Breaks-2003-FTD INT
Beastie Boys-Check Your Head-1992-BaU
Beastie Boys-Gratitude EP-(Grand Royal)-1992-KSI
Beastie Boys-Gratitude-VLS-1992-JPN
Beastie Boys-Licensed To Ill-1986-soup int
Beastie Boys-Root Down-EP-1995-CMS INT
Beastie Boys-Some Old Bullshit-(Grand Royal)-CD-1994-RH
Beastie Boys-Sounds of Science-2CD-1999-EGO
Beastie Boys-Triple Trouble-(UK CDS)-2004-pMD
Beatdie Delites-Mini Beats-1999-FTD
Beatmaster-Black Sunrise-CDS-JP-2001-soup
Beatmaster-Pain Killer-JP-1999-soup
Beatminerz-Ready 4 Impak-2001-CMS
Beatnuts-Do You Belive bw Give Me The Ass-(VLS)-1997-0MNi
Bicasso-House Of Kolor-2000-FTD INT
Big Daddy Kane Primo-Any Type Of Way Promo CDS-2002-aPC
Big Jerm-Ghetto Beatz-2003-FTD INT
Big L-The Big Picture-2000-FTD INT
Big Punisher-Capital Punishment-1998-AMP
Bigzam-Number One Draft Pick-2003-MVP
Birdy Nam Nam-Engineer Fear-Vinyl-2005-MVP
Bishop-Dont Touch That-CDM-2003-CMS
Bishop-U Know U Ghetto-(Retail-VLS)-2001-JCE
Biz Markie Ft. Kool G Rap Big Daddy Kane-Erase Racism-VLS-1989-CMS
Biz Markie-All Samples Cleared-RTL-1993-ADE INT
Biz Markie-Goin Off-1988-OLD
Biz Markie-Just A Friend-(7inch)-1989-CCC
Biz Markie-The Weekend Leftovers-2003-WDK
Biz Markie-Weekend Warrior-(Promo)-2003-SC
Black Eyed Peas-Bridging The Gap (Retail)-EGO
Black Moon-War Zone-1999-FTD INT
Black Sheep--A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing-1991-no int
Black Sheep-Red Light-Green Light EP-VLS-2002-CHR
Blackalicious-A2G EP-1999-STAC
Blackalicious-Live At 930Club (March 23 2002) DAT-2002-FSN
Blackalicious-Live at Bonnaroo-Bootleg-2002-CMS
Blackalicious-Live in Seattle-2000-FTD INT
Blackalicious-Make You Feel That Way bw Paragraph President-Promo-CDS-2001-CQint
Blackalicious-Melodica-1994-CD-soup int
Blacklodge-Blood Brass and Gay Boy-VLS-2002-soup
Blak Twang-G.C.S.E.-(Promo CDM)-2005-OSC
Blak Twang-The Rotton Club-(Sampler)-2005-OSC
Blaktwang - Trixstar-(Remix Vinyl)-2002-SC
Bless Feat Guru-Talkin To Me-(Promo CDS)-2003-CMS
Blestenation-Foyomama-(Promo EP)-2003-CMS
Blockead-The Block is Hot-2004-FTD
Blu Warta-This Is Luv-VLS-2002-CMS
Boogie Down Productions-Edutainment-1990-MC
Boogie Down Productions-Man And His Music-1991-CMS INT
Boogie Monsters-Riders of the Storm the Underwater Album-1994-RUBIX
Boo-Smile In Your Face Feat Muro-CDS-JP-2002-soup
Boot Camp Clik-For The People-1997-LB
Brad Strut-The Authentic LP-MHH
Brainwash Projects-The Rise And Fall Of...-1998-FTD INT
Brand Nubian-Young Son(VLS)-2004-WHOA
Brassmunk-Live At Studio 211-LP-2003-QKE
Briteside-Dawn-EP-2002-THH INT
Brother Ali-Shadows on the Sun-2003-CMS INT
Buck 65-Johnny Rockwell VS Henry Krinkle-2000-CMS
Buck 65-Live In Stockholm-4-18-2002-FTD
Buck 65-Performance On CBC - Video Pack-2003-FTD INT
Buck 65-Synesthesia(Tracknames Fix)-2002-soup int
Buck 65-Vertex Rre-Release-2002-FTD
Buck65-Wierdo Magnet-Tape 1-1997-DSP
Buck65-Wierdo Magnet-Tape 2-1997-DSP
Buddha Brand-Ningen Hatsudensho Prologue-CDS-JP-1996-FTD
Buddy Peace Pres.-Class Half Empty-Class Half Full-2002-soup
Bukue One - Lastarfighta 2-2000-FTD
Bullet Proof Scratch Hamsters-The Dark Ages 1991-1995-1996-FTD-INT
By Phar the Dopest-By Phar the Dopest-JP-1998-soup
C.L.A.S-In My City-Promo-CDS-2003-JCE
C Rayz Walz Prezentz-The Angel And The Preacher-VLS-2001-CMS
Cage-Hell's Winter-2005-CMS
Cage-Movies For The Blind-Promo-2002-ESC
Camp Lo-Uptown Saturday Night-1997-OSR
Canibus-2000 B.C. Album Sampler Mixed By DJ Mirko Machine-2000-FTD
Casimir-The One-Promo-VLS-2003-CMS
Cee-Why-Water Torture Bw the Great Escape-VLS-2001-CMS
Centre Ft The Bad Seed-Ds Grounds-VLS-2001-CMS
Chappelle Show-Guests Form Chappelle Show (Season 1)-2003-MTR
Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf-My World Premiere-VLS-1993-CMS
Cheap Cologne-Just A Little Sample-Promo EP-2002-FTD
Chestnut Versus Sekou-Green-VLS-2002-KrbZ
Child Left Alone Stranded-CLAS-DEMO-2003-FTD
Chill Rob G-Court Is In Session(45 King Rmx)12 Inch-1-CMS
Chino XL-I Told You So (Sampler)-2000-FTD
Choclair W Solitair-Internal Affairs bw Silver S-1999-FTD
Circle Research-Mulligan Screwed-PROMO-2004-JCE
Co-Key-Back 2 Da Future-CDM-JP-1999-soup
Co-Key-Sanmen Kyou-JP-1998-soup
Commodore 64-K-Minus Initiative-1999-soup int
Common Sense-Resurrection-(Full VLS)-1995-JCE
Common-Like Water For Chocolate-2000-EGO
Common-Senseless Vol.I-(Bootleg)-2003-BKE
Community Service-Authentic bw Dont Snooze-VLS-2003-JCE
Company Flow-In Zurich Switzerland-Live-1999-FTD
Constant Deviants - 8th Wonder-VLS-2000-CMS
Cookie Crew-Born this Way (Lets Dance)-7inch-1989-soup
Cookie Crew-Fade To Black-1991-JCE
Coolio - What is A MC-Vinyl-2003-SOL
Copywrite-Holier Than Thou 12inch-2000-oMAR
Cora E-Und Der MC Ist Weiblich-Instrumentals-LP-1997-KrbZ
Craig Mack-Project Funk Da World-1994-RFL INT
Craig Solo and Edzon - Hiphop 120 KinkFM 08-07-CABLE-2003-BOSS
Crash Crew-Crash Crew EP-Vinyl-1984-FTD
Critically Acclaimed-Wall Flower Bw Flashback-VLS-2003-CMS INT
Crooklyn Clan - Hands to the Roof-(AV8-76)-Vinyl-1999-BLIZZARD
Cross Bred Mongrels-Overgrown Town-2000-JCE
Crown City Rockers-Earthtones Snippets and Shenanigans-2004-FTD
Crush Sounds-Summertime Dubplate-Vinyl-2002-CHR
Culture VI-Dont Holla the Mixtape Vol 1-2003-CNS
Cut Chemist and Shortkut-Live at the Future Primitive Soundsession-PROPER-Ltd.Ed-1998-soup
Cypress Hill - Black Sunday-1993-RGMP3
Cypress Hill - Stash (This Is The Remix)-EP-2002-RNS
Cypress Hill-IV-1998-ALW
Cypress Hill-Skulls And Bones-2000-iNTERNAL
D.O.C.-Deuce (Explicit Album Sampler)-EGO
D Styles-Felonious Funk-Vinyl-2002-CMS
Dabo-Clap Ya Hands-CDM-JP-2003-soup
Dabo-Koi Wa Ootoma-CDS-JP-2002-soup
Dabo-Platinum Tongue (Special Sampler Mixtape by DJ Hazime)-TAPE-JP-2001-soup
Dabo-Platinum Tongue-JP-2001-soup
Danger Mouse-Take Care Of Business-2002-CMS
Daniel Merriweather-City Rules-(Promo CDS)-2003-WHOA
Dark Circle-Bleak Mid Winter-CDM-2003-KrbZ
Darkskin Scorpion-Brooklyn Blues-CDM-2003-SWE
Das EFX-Dro And Henne (CDS)-2003-EGO
Davy D-Davys Ride-Vinyl-1987-CMS
De La Soul - Live in Concert-DAB-12-10-2003-OMA
De La Soul-Buhloone Mind State-1993-RUBIX
De La Soul-Live At Festivalpark Werchter(06-29)-HRXXL-09-21-SAT-2003-YSP
De La Soul-Me Myself and I-CDM-1989-LOL
De La Soul-Stakes Is High-1996-RMG
Dead Poets-Omnipotent-LP-2002-FTD
Dead Prez-Lets Get Free-2000-CQint
Deadly Venoms - Pretty Thugs-(Promo)-2000-CMS
Dee Jay P-Hell on Wheels-2002-soup
Dee Nasty-The Link-DTRT001-Vinyl-2003-JUST
Dee One-Deez Dayz-2003-AnA
Deejay Zeph And Imperial-Break Builders Volume One-1999-CQi
Deep Concentration Camp-The Aggravated Vaults 93-95 EP-Vinyl-2014 FTD
Def Beat Remixes vol.4-DJ Krush-(Def Beat Remixes)-2LP-2005-LABEL
Def Poets Society-Def Poets Society-2001-OMR
Def Wish Cast-Mad As A Hatter-Vinyl-1992-JCE
Defari - Best Of Mixtape Vol. 1 By DJ Revolution-2004-dVs
Defari-Focused Daily-1998-KrbZ INT
Defjam Germany-Unreleased Beats (Promo)-2003-OSC
Del And J Biz-Live In St. Louis-Live-2003-FTD
Del The Funkee Homosapien-Live-2000-FTD
Del The Funky Homosapien-If You Must 12 Inch-2000-CMS
Del The Funkyhomosapien-No Need For Alarm-1993-OLD
Deli-Delta Express-VLS-JP-2002-soup
Delighted Mint-Best 1-JP-2001-FTD
Delighted Mint-Force-CDS-JP-2000-soup
Deli-Kuchiguruma Kimi Kimi Chuui Kiiroudoku-JP-2002-soup
Delinquent Habits-Delinquent Habits-1996-FTD INT
Delta-Paper Weight-Vinyl EP-2003-JCE
Deltron 3030-Virus (CDS)-EGO
Desert Eagle Discs-Big Deal-Promo-2002-soup
Dev Large-Music Maker Bw Realizer-VLS-JP-2001-soup
Devo-X-Comin Up-Vinyl-1991-FTD
Diamond-Stunts Blunts and Hip Hop-1992-OSR
Diatribe-From The Boondox-2001-JCE
Dilated Peoples-DETA LIDeracy Project (Dilated Classics-2002-WCR
Dilated Peoples-Imagery Battle Hymns Political Poetry-DSP
Dimples D-Sucker DJ-VLS-1990-soup
Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy-The Other Side Radio Show-1992-QKE
DITC-Get Yours (Remix) (12inch)-CMS
Diverse-One A.M.-Promo-2003-RFL
Divine Stylers-Spiral Walls Containg Autumns of Light-1992-RFL
Divine Styler-Wordpower 2-Vinyl-1998-FTD
DJ 4our5ive-Presents Best Of GZA-2003-FTD INT
DJ A-1 And DJ Qraft-Spin Scaanlous-2003-soup
DJ Afrika Bambaataa-Death Mix-VLS-1983-FTD INT
DJ Aladdin and DJ Scratch-The Shiznit L.A Style-(Quality Tape Rip)-1993-OSC
DJ Andrew Unknown And DJ Mekalek-Aint No Love (The Lost Freestyle Sessions Pt. 2)-2002-FTD INT
DJ Babu-Comprehension-TAPE-1998-DSP
DJ Beat-Beat Player-JP-2001-soup
DJ Beat-From Tokyo to Tokyo-JP-2000-soup
DJ Celory-J-Rap Mix-TAPE-JP-2000-soup
DJ Celory-SOSC Best Cuts 1996-2002-TAPE-JP-2003-soup
DJ Celory-World Celo Cup 1994-2001-TAPE-JP-2002-soup
DJ Chrome-Solid Breaks Vol 1-Vinyl-2003-CRN
DJ Craze - Live on 1xtra Hip Hop Weekender 05-26-DAB-2003-BOSS
DJ Craze-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder-CDM-2000-soup int
DJ Craze-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder-EP-2000-CMS
DJ Cursa-The Bad The Ugly The Dirty-(Mix CD)-2002-soup
DJ Dee Nasty-Battle Breaks 82-84-Vinyl-2001-CMS
DJ Def Cut-Street Level-Promo-2001-KrbZ
DJ Def Kut-Party Breaks Vol 2-(EP)-2003-GMG
DJ DSL-Happy Bear-VLS-2002-kW
DJ DSL-Live At Tribe Vibes-07-03-2003-QKE
DJ Easyone-Gettin Around Vol.10-Tape-2001-JCE
DJ Eddie Def-Inner Scratch Demons-2001-CMS
DJ Enki-Summer Session-2003-soup
DJ E-Nuff and the Tekhoods-Tek Em (123)-VLS-1994-JCE
DJ Excel Presents-Break Wax Volume 1-Vinyl-2003-CRN
DJ Excel-The Magnificent-AV8317 Vinyl-2003-CHR
DJ Fisher-A Piece Of The Action-2001-CMS
DJ Flare-Horney Martian Breaks-VLS-2000-FTD
DJ Format-3 Feet Deep-CDS-2005-FTD
DJ Format-3 Feet Deep-VLS-2005-CMS
DJ Format-Average White Bloke Mixtape-Promo-2003-FSP
DJ Format-Music For The Mature B-Boy (RETAIL)-2003-tAS
DJ Format-We Know Something You Dont Know-Promo CDS-2003-wAx
DJ Goldenchyld (of the Fingerbangerz) Presents-Ear Infections-2005-B2R
DJ Green Lantern Ft. D-Block-2 Gunz Up-Promo-CDS-2003-FTD
DJ Hangman-Decade-2003-CMS
DJ Hasebe-Adore-CDM-JP-2000-soup
DJ Hasebe-Get Out-CDM-JP-2002-soup
DJ Hasebe-Throw Ur Drinks Up-CDM-JP-2003-soup
DJ Hasebe-Throw Your Drinks Up-CDM-2003-BLA
DJ Haul And Mason-Scion CD Sampler V9-2004-soup
DJ Hitch-Scratch Tape Masters Volume 1-Tape-2002-JCE
DJ Hype And DJ Reaf-Area Code-CD-2002-KrbZ
DJ Impereal-The Usual Suspects Vol.1-2001-soup
DJ Ivory (From The P Brothers)-Hear No Evil-2002-CMS
DJ J.Period-The Best Of Big Daddy Kane-2003-FTD INT
DJ Jazz Feat The Rebel Rahsheed-R A P-VLS-1999-JCE
DJ JS1-Mash Ups-Vinyl-2005-NBD
DJ Ken-Bo-Reach for the Stars-TAPE-JP-200x-soup
DJ Kid Capri-Old School Pt.3-2002-WHOA
DJ King IXL-Been In It For A Minute-2001-CMS
DJ Krush-Selektions-VLS-1997-soup
DJ Lord Wax-Full Time-Tape-1999-JCE
DJ Mana-Metamers-2002-CMS
DJ Mana-Unknown Title (Read Nfo)-Promo-2002-MS
DJ Masterkey-Daddys House Vol 2-2003-MVP
DJ Masterkey-VIP Hi-Power-TAPE-JP-1999-soup
DJ Mayonnaise-55 Stories-2000-DSP
DJ Mel-Short But Funky-MIX-2003-soup
DJ MK Jehst Kyza and Super T-Its All Live-VLS-2002-CMS
DJ Muggs vs. Sick Jacken-Legend of the Mask and the Sssassin-2007-CR
DJ Muro and DJ Paul Nice-WKOD 11154 FM The Golden Era Of Break Beats-2CD-Bootleg-2014-FTD
DJ Nando And Mike C-My Sides Better Naw Mine Is-Tape-2000-JCE
DJ Noize - Live in D Store Mix at P3 05-17-2003-iTM
DJ Noize-Fantastic Ep-2001-soup
DJ Oasis Feat. K-Dub Shine-Kikishigai-VLS-2002-BLA
DJ Oasis-Tokyo Sabaku-JP-2001-soup
DJ Peabird-Turntabletuning-VLS-2002-aPC
DJ Peter Parker-On The Rise-2001-JCE
DJ Phat-T-B-Boying 2 Hell-Mixtape Vol. I-2003-FFI
DJ Platurn-A Little Funky Dance Now-7-Inch-2004-CMS
DJ Poetic Rock-Crash Rockin Beats-Tape-1998-KrbZ
DJ Pone And DJ Damage-Beef Frog Breaks-VLS-2000-FTD
DJ Premier-VA-Rare and Unreleased Joints Vol.1-(Vinyl)-2007-WHOA
DJ Q-Bert-Battle Breaks-LP-1998-PSG
DJ Q-Bert-Toasted Marshmellow Breaks-LP-1995-PSG
DJ Quest-Mutation Mann-PROPER-2003-CQi
DJ Q-Unique Presents-I Heard It On Stretch And Bobbi-0MNi
DJ Real - DJ Membrain-Blah Blah-Tape-2002-JCE
DJ Red Alert-Red Alert Show Kiss FM 1989-1989-LTBB
DJ Red Alert-Red Alert Show Kiss FM 24 October 1994-1994-LTBB
DJ Red Alert-Red Alert Show Kiss FM August 1988 (DJ Sammy B)-1988-LTBB
DJ Rels Aka Madlib-Diggin in Brownswood-45RPM VLS-2003-JCE INT
DJ Revolution-Wake Up Show Lost Archives Vol. 3-2003-SWE
DJ Scratch And Sniff-Welcome To Buckeye City-(CDM)-2003-OSC
DJ Self And Blast-Hbtk Music-2002-CMS
DJ Shadow-Q-Bert-Camel Bobsled Race Live Mix-1997-JUST INT
DJ Shadow-Space Labtokyo Mowax Release Party-1998-BKF
DJ Shadow-The Number Song-VLS-2002-soup
DJ Shane-The Remix Joints-Promo-2003-CMS
DJ Shiro-Subterranean Breaks-Vinyl-2001-CMS
DJ Signify - Mixed Messages-2000-CMS
DJ Skully and DJ Noize - Live on Kiss100 FM-DAB-10-30-2003-BOSS
DJ Smasherelly - Live on 1xtra Hip Hop Weekender 05-24-DAB-2003-BOSS
DJ Solomon-Broadcasting-2003-soup
DJ Spark-Vinyl Frontier-2002-soup
DJ Spinbad And DJ Revolution-Best Of 2001 Vol.2-Tape-2002-KrbZ
DJ Spinbad-Jiggy Breaks-Vinyl-2003-LTB
DJ Spinna-Here To There (Sampler)-2003-WCR
DJ Steady G Presents-Bentlee Breakz-(AV118 VLS)-2000-JCE
DJ Streak-Catholic High School Girls In Trouble-EP-2001-KrbZ
DJ Streak-Catholic High School Girls In Trouble-Vinyl-2001-JCE
DJ Streak-We Dig Chicks Volume One-Vinyl-2003-JCE
DJ Sure Shot-Sure Shot Volume 10-Tape-2003-KrbZ
DJ Ted Shred-Hip Hop Vs It All Vol 1-2001-CQi
DJ Ted Shred-Hip Hop Vs It All Vol 2-2002-CQi
DJ The Boy Presents-Vinyl Warfare-LP-1999-JCE
DJ Tk421-CDddr 13-2002-CMS
DJ Todd 1-Thats the Way I Cut-VLS-19xx-soup
DJ Tomekk-Beat Of Life-CDM-2002-BMI
DJ Tomekk-Ganxtaville PT 3-CDM-2003-BMI
DJ Tomekk-Ganxtaville PT3-Remix CDM-2003-TLT
DJ Tomekk-Kimnotyze Remix-VLS-2002-KrbZ
DJ Tomekk-Party Joint Vol.1-Tape-1999-KrbZ
DJ Tonk-Reincarnation for the Sake of Funky Children-JP-2000-soup
DJ Transmit and Shogun-Dope Transmission-Tape-2003-CMS
DJ T-Rock-Fuck The Radio And Listen To My Shit-2001-CMS INT
DJ T-Rock-Hip-Hop Sundae-2003-soup
DJ T-Rock-Sikinthehed-2001-soup int
DJ T-Rock-Whos Your Daddy-1999-soup int
DJ Ty Boogie-Remember This Pt.2-2002-WHOA
DJ Utern-Vol 3-2000-soup
DJ Vadim - Freestylistic (HR-XXL)-DAB-06-15-2003-OMA
DJ Vadim - Live on 1xtra Hip Hop Weekender 05-24-DAB-2003-BOSS
DJ Wok Ft 50 Cent - Live on 1xtra Hip Hop Weekender 05-24-DAB-2003-BOSS
DJ Yas-Angler Fish-CDM-2002-soup
DJ Yas-Asian Promotion-TAPE-JP-2000-soup
DJ Yoda and James Lebens-Spread Love Vol.1-2000-soup
DJ Yoda-Jewbonics-1999-CMS
DJ Ys-Presents Will Mix For Food-2002-CMS
DJ Yutaka feat. Rhymester-Success no Himitsu (Promo CDM)-JP-2003-BLA
DJ Yutaka Feat Rappagariya-Original Flow-CDS-JP-2003-soup
DJ Yutaka Ft. Dabo-In Da Club (CDS)-JP-2003-OSC
DJ Yutaka-Deep Blue-CDM-JP-2003-BLA
DJ Z-Trip-Live at
DJ Z-Trip-Live at WMC Miami-2003-CMS
Dons-Birth Of A Star-2003-KPT
Dr. Seuss-Yertle The Turtle-Vinyl-1965-FTD
Dr Oop and Budamunk-Black Love Oriented-JP-2011-HHB
Dred Scott-Breakin Combs-1994-FTD INT
Drum Machine Technicians-Little Dog Music Por La Chupacabra-2000-FTD
DS455-Bayside Ridaz-JP-2000-soup
DS455-Night Cruise Hoshi No Furuyoruni-CDS-JP-2002-soup
DS455-Ride Wit Tha DSC Just Like Me-CDS-JP-2002-soup
D-Styles - Heavy Petting Breaks-(Promo Vinyl)-2002-NO
Dug Infinite And No I.D-The Sampler Vol. 1-2002-CMS
Dynamite Two-Cant Stop-VLS-1984-FTD
E.G.G. Man-Yashinon (Pinger Seaking for the Heart)-CDS-JP-2001-soup
Earthling-Echo on My Mind Part II-CDS-1995-soup
Eazy-E Ft. Game-Still Cruisin-(Promo CDS)-2004-MAD INT
Ed Rock-How 2 Rob Boston Style-Promo Cds-2002-SWE
Edan-Primitive Plus-2002-EDM
El The Sensei-Keep It Live (Vinyl Single)-Album Info-CMS
Electric-Lifes a Struggle-US Retail-2004-soup int
Elevated Elements-Progress-DSP
Eligh-As They Pass-Remastered-2000-DSP
Elix-The Beast Within-VLS-2003-CMS
Elusive-Celestial Impressions-2001-CMS
Elusive-Deceiving The Right Eye-1999-RNS
Elusive-Elements Of A Prototype 2 0-Retail LP-2000-CMS
Enzyme-The Enzyme Sampler-2004-FTD
Epic-8 30 In Newfoundland Instrumentals-2001-FTD
Eric B And Rakim-Let The Rhythm Hit Em The Blacksmith Remix Vol.1-VLS-1990-FTD
Eric B and Rakim-Microphone Fiend (CD Single)-VLS-1988-CMS
Everlast-The Rhythm-Bw-Pass It On-VLS-1990-CMS
Exile(Project Element)-Uprising-2001-CMS
F.IT-100 Times Ahead Of You-PROMO CDS-2003-JCE
Fat Joe-All I Need B-W Take A Look At My Life-(VLS)-2002-GSM
Fat Joe-Fight Music Freestyle (Hot 97 Exclusive)-2003-QMB
Fat Joe-Flow Joe (CDS)-1993-WHOA
Fat Joe-Loyalty (Sampler)-EGO
Fat Joe-Oh Yeah(Promo VLS)-2003-WHOA
Fat Joe-The Shit Is Real (DJ Premier Remix) 12''-1999-DSP
Fat Joe-We Run This Shit-(Promo CDS)-2002-SC
Fatigue League-Secret Societies-2001-JCE
Fatmilk-Scratchbattle 26 May-Live-SE-2000-FTD
Fearless Four - Rockin It-VLS-1982-TAK
Fedahi-Sleepin On The Floor-Promo-2003-FTD
First Platoon-Connected-(Ltd.Ed.-EP)-1999-JCE
Flick-Ready for this Bw Shit on Em-VLS-JP-2001-soup
Focus Group-Body Language-CDS-2003-FTD
Fondle Em Presents-Fondle Em Fossils-VLS-2001-CMS
Foreign Traits-Its Got To Be Us bw Realize-VLS-2002-CMS
Fourth World Occupants-Mobile Suit Battle Memoir-2000-FTD
Frankenstein-The Projects 12inch-2001-CMS
Frankie Cutlass-Politics And Bullshit-1997-FTD INT
Freak L-Buggin In the Crib-1989-CMS
Frednukes-Bullshit And Throwaways-EP-2001-CMS
Frek Sho-Papercuts-Vinyl (Extra Tracks)-2002-CMS
Fresh Pro-Sampler-2003-CMS
Full Force-Still Standing Masterdisk-(Promo-Vinyl)-2001-JCE
Funkdoobiest Brothas Doobie-1995-KrbZ INT
Funkdoobiest-Brothas Doobie-1995-OSR
Funkdoobiest-The Troubleshooters-READ NFO-1997-OMR
Funky DL-Hit Me-VLS-2001-RFL
Funky Four-Do You Want To Rock-VLS-1982-FTD
Funky Fresh Few-However You Want it-(Promo VLS)-2003-CMS
Fu-Schnickens-FU Dont Take it Personal-1991-OSR
Fu-Schnickens-Whats Up Doc-CDS-1993-CMS
G.D.S.-Guardioes Do Subsolo-2001-FTD
G.K. Maryan-Ego Rappin-CDS-JP-2002-soup
Gaki Ranger-Monkey 4-CDS-JP-2002-soup
Gang Starr - Dwyck-VLS-1994-TAK
Gang Starr - Jazz Thing 12inch-1990-Dnh
Gang Starr-Reality Check-1999-BKF
Gangstarr-The Natural-2000-CMS
Gangstarr-Transmusicales Rennes-DAB-12-05-2003-JUST
G-Clef Of Soul Kid Klik-Journals From A Desert Planet-EP-2002-CMS
Geisha Girls-The Geisha Remix Girls Show-1995-soup
General 2-Smooth-Scarborough Blizzard-(CDS)-2002-JCE
Geto Boys-Uncut Dope-1992-OLD
Ghetto Concept-Live At The Horseshoe Tavern-2002-QKE
Ghetto-The Best Of Ghetto-Ltd.Ed. Promo CD-2003-SWE
Ghostface Killah-Bulletproof Wallets-2001-eNT iNT
Ghostface Killah-Hidden Darts (Special Edition)-CD-2007-FTD
Gigolo Tony-Aint It Good To Ya-Vinyl-1988-FTD
Glocks-No Hataz Involved Bw Off Safety-Promo VLS-2004-soup
Go Forcemen-Super Heavy Weight Sampler-Promo CDS-JP-2003-soup
Godfather Don - Piece of the Action 12 Inch-1997-FTD
Godfather Don-Donnie Brasco-2010-THHF INT
Godfather Don-Presents Zoo York-2002-IHH INT
Goldie Lookin Chain-Greatest Hits-Promo-2004-B2R
Good 4 Nothin-The Real Sacramento Kings-EP-2001-CMS
Goodfella-Now And Laters-Promo-VLS-2004-CRN
Goodie Mob-World Party-(Instrumental Vinyl)-2000-JCE
Gorillaz-Gorillaz-2001-eNT iNT
Grand Agent-By Design-2001-RFL INT
Grand Buffet-Live in Johnson City TN-2002-CMS
Grand Master Caz and Chris Stein-Wildstyle Rap-VLS-1983-FTD
Grand Mixer DST-Grand Mixer Cuts it Up-VLS-1982-FTD
Grand Vanacular-Entering The Brain-DSP
Grandaddy Magazine-One On Volume 1-2003-JCE
Grandmaster Caz-Breakbeats Vol.1-1999-JCE
Grandmaster Feat. Flash - If U Wanna Party-CDM-2000-CMG
Grandmaster Flash - Ministry of Sound Session-10-18-DAB-2002-XDS
Graph-Bang Out-(Promo CDS)-2003-CMS
Gravanaught Feat Zion I - Why Waste Time-Promo-2000-CMS
Gravediggaz-6 Feet Deep-1995-RUBIX
Gravediggaz-Niggamortis-1994-RFL INT
Greenhouse Effect-Life Sentences-Sampler-2003-CMS
Greenpeace and DJ Yoda-Jews Paid Too-(Tape)-2000-CMS
Group Home - East NY Theorie-VLS-1998-CMG
Group Home-Livin Proof LP-1999-CMS
Gunshot-Patriot Games Instrumental-Vinyl-1993-KrbZ
Guru-Jazzmattzz Street Soul Vol 3 (Retail)-EGO
Guy-Teddys Jam-VLS-1988-soup
Gwashi-The First Choice-JP-2000-CMS
H.O.P-All I Need-CDS-2003-FTD
Hades und Deesword-Dachboden-CDM-DE-2003-kHz
HalfwayHouse MCs-Dondi bw Hot Wheels-7inch VLS-2003-JCE
Hard Knocks-Nigga for Hire-VLS-1991-soup
Harry Love and Mystro - Live on 1xtra Hip Hop Weekender 05-24-DAB-2003-BOSS
Hashim-Al-Naafiysh The Soul-Retail-VLS-1983-FTD
Headcase Ladz-Funky Fresh-CDS-2003-CMS
Heavy D-Dont Stop-VLS-1999-JCE
Herb and Skills-The Gathering-2003-CMS
Hi Tek Ft Snoop Dogg And Talib Kweli-On My Way-Promo CDS-2004-SWE
Hieroglyphics-Full Circle-(Clean)-Advance-2003-iTS
Hiphoprisy-Television the Drug of the Nation-(CDS)-1991-JCE
Hiphoprisy-Television the Drug of the Nation-(UK CDS)-1992-JCE
Homegrown with Ras Kwame - Live on 1xtra Hip Hop Weekender 05-25-DAB-2003-BOSS
Homeliss Derelix-12-Tapes and Rare-Bootleg-2002-CMS INT
Homeliss Derilex-Fraudulent-EP-2003-FTD INT
Hope and Mcaudio Present-Loops and Instrumentals Vol 2--2003-JCE INT
Hope and Mcaudio Present-Loops and Instrumentals Vol 4-2004-eTc INT
Hot Day And The Dream Team Presents-Roc-Strumentals-2CD-2002-FTD
Hot Ones - Tribute To Jam Master J-Promo VLS-2004-KrbZ
House Of Beats-Im Still Number One-2002-OSC
House Of Pain-House Of Pain (Fine Malt Lyrics)-1992-OLD
Huggybear-I Got Bank-(VLS)-1990-JCE
Hype-A-Delics-Mo Funk For Your Ass-1993-KrbZ
I Born-Not Ready for Us BW Cant Stop-(Retail-VLS)-2000-JCE
Ice Cube-Amerikkkas Most Wanted-1990-OSR
Ice Cube-The Predator-1992-CMS
Ice T - Power-1988-OLD
Ice-T - Rhyme Pays-1987-CHICNCREAM
Ice-T - The Classic Collection-(1993)-AXIS
Ill Al Skratch-Creep Wit Me-Retail-CD-1994-NuC INT
Ill Dosage-Can You Feel That-Promo VLS-2003-QKE
Illmariachi-Aiming Higher-CDS-JP-2001-soup
Illmariachi-Nagoya Queens-CDM-JP-1997-soup
Illmariachi-Tha Masta Blusta-JP-1997-soup
Immortal Technique-Revolutionary Vol. 2-Promo-2003-CMS
Imperial Allstars-Sally-CDS-2003-CMS
Imperial Allstars-Time Changes Everything-CDS-2003-CMS
Imperial Brothers-We Come to Rock-VLS-1984-soup
Imperial Jbs-Yo Imperial Jbs-CDM-1992-soup
Infinite Mass-Caught Up in Da Game-1997-THH
Infinite-Sick (Promo CD Single)-2002-FTD
INI - Fakin Jax-Promo-VLS-1996-TAK
ini-center of attention-2002-EAC
ini-fakin jax-repress-vls-2003-rfl
Inner Dialogue-Untitled Demo-2002-CMS
Innerstance.Beatbox-All Little Boys Do Silly Little Dances-2003-CQi
Insight-Updated Software V. 2.5-2CD-2002-soup int
Insight-Updated Software V 2.5-2002-FTD INT
Insomniac Dream Ent-Hello From The Gutter Hosted By DJ Mista Sinista-0MNi
Inverse-Inverse Theory-Promo-2003-SWE
Invisbl Skratch Piklz.vs.Da Klamz uv Deth-Furious Ostrich Tracks-Promo-VL-1996-LNX
Invisibl Skratch Piklz - The Shiggar Fraggar Show Vol 5-1996-aMEN
Invisible Skratch Piklz-Shiggar Fraggar Show Vol 4-1999-RNS
Irie the Big Dog - Live on 1xtra Hip Hop Weekender 05-24-DAB-2003-BOSS
Iron African-Stay Awake-CDS-2004-FTD
Ironclad Feat Computa And Big Tito-Seen It All-CDS-2003-CMS
Irregularz-No Loot For Vinyl-Promo EP-2002-CMS
Irs-We Dont Play(12inch)-2002-CMS
Ishues-Most Wanted Mixtape Vol 1-2003-CMS
J. Davis Trio-New No. 2-2002-AAF
J Live-The Day I Fell Off (7 Inch)-2002-CMS
Jakki Da Motamouth-Built To Last-Bootleg-2003-FTD INT
Jamalski-Guaranteed Rewind-2001-JCE
Jaylib-Altersample Retag And Die Hoes-2003-CMS INT
Jaysonic-Applie Pie bw The Obituary Of Hugo D. Naranja-7inch-2002-CMS
Jaysonic-Hot Air-2001-CMS
Jaz O-00-Ova(Full VLS)-2002-WHOA
Jazz Liberatorz-Whats Real-VLS-2003-CMS INT
Jazzyfatnastees-The Wound (Prod By The Roots)-(12 Inch)-2000-CMS
J-Dollas-The Remixes-CDS-2003-FTD
Jedi Knights Circle And Friends-Rip Mix Burn Vol 1.0-2002-KrbZ
Jedi Mind Tricks-Manipulation Of Human Consciousness-1998-WPG
Jedi Mind Tricks-The Psycho-Social Biological and Electro-Magnet-2002-CMS
Jedi Mind Tricks-Violent By Design (Retail)-EGO
Jedi Mind Tricks-Visions Of Gandhi (Advance Promo)-2003-EGO
Jeff Spec - Fort Knock-2000-FTD
Jerboa and Lefto-Eardrums-Split EP-2004-soup int
Jeru The Damaja-You Cant Stop The Prophet-CD Sin-1994-FTD
Jimmy Finguz Prime Number 7 And U.N.I.-Hip Hop For Real-(CDS)-2002-JCE
Jimmy Plates Feat Endevers-Big Rigs Bw Tasty Kakes-VLS-2003-soup
J-Live-Braggin Writes-VLS-1996-FTD INT
J-Love-80s Mixtape-2000-PONCH
Jo Productions-Breakbeats Instrumental Vol.1-2003-eoL
Joe Harvey-Sampler-2003-FTD
John Smith-High Arctics 7 Inch-VLS-2002-FTD
Journalist Ft Pete Rock Mr Cheeks Cl Smooth-Reminisce 2002-2002-GSM
J-Ra-The Renegade-Demo-2002-FTD
J-Ro (Of Tha Liks)-The X Homie (Xzibit Diss)-Promo CD-ESC
Jugganot Ft. Climax-Oh Canada-CDS-2001-FTD
Jupitersciples-Snapped Faders and Blown Speaker Milkshakes-1999-soup
Jurassic 5-Jurassick (Freestyles and Rareities)-2001-CMS INT
Jurassic 5-Power In Numbers (Advance Sampler)-2002-OMR
Jurassic 5-Quality Control Bonus Tracks-TBO
Jurassic 5-W.O.E is me-2000-CHR
Just-Ice-Back To The Old School-Vinyl-1986-FTD
Just-Ice-Kool And Deadly-Vinyl-1987-CMS
Justus League-Just Us Vol.5-2003-JCE
Juvenile Committee-Free Us Colored Kids-1993-FTD
Jyeah-Likwidation-Remix-2003-FTD INT
J-Zone-Sick of Being Rich-ADVANCE-2003-soup
K.A.S.T.A. - KUT-0-Hip Hop - Raz Dwa Trzy - Da Generation-CDM-PL-2003-BFHMP3
K Dub Shine-Genzai Jikoku-JP-1997-soup
K Dub Shine-Shoushinshoumei-CDM-JP-2004-MVP
K Solo-Times Up-1992-RFL INT
K9 Posse-K9 Posse-Vinyl-1988-FTD
Kain Cioffe-Hard White Sampler-2002-FTD
Kamikaze Grey-Girl Interrupted Part 1-Demo-2002-CMS
Kamikaze Grey-I Been Watchin You-CDS-2004-CMS
Kamikaze Grey-Life Situations Freestyle-Promo CDS-2003-CMS
Kamikaze Grey-Rap Zombies-Promo CDS-2003-CMS
Kamikaze Grey-That La La La-Promo-CDS-2003-CMS
Kamikaze Grey-The Arrival (Sampler)-2003-CMS
Kamikaze Grey-This Kid Jin-Promo CDS-2003-CMS
Kamikaze Grey-Uh Huh-Promo CDS-2003-CMS
Kardinal Offishall Feat Bounty-Sick-2002-GSM
Karl Hinds-Get to Know Me-VLS-2003-RpM
Katchphraze-Walk On-CDS-2003-CMS
Keith Lawrence and Ty - Live on 1xtra Hip Hop Weekender 05-26-DAB-2003-BOSS
Keith Murray-The Most Beautifullest Thing In Th-1995-WHOA
Kenny Dope-Found Instrumentals Vol 3-Vinyl-2002-BPM
Kenny Dope-Found Instrumentals Vol 4-Vinyl-2002-BPM
Kev The Head-Brit Style-LP-2003-QKE
Kid Acne-Zub-Zub Rockerz-VLS-2003-soup
Kid Frost-La Raza-VLS-1990-FTD
Kid Koala-Live at the Knitting Factory 29.03.2003-2003-CQint
Kid N Play-Face The Nation-Retail-1991-OSM INT
King Bee-Back by Dope Demand-(VLS)-1990-JCE
King Giddra-911-CDS-JP-2002-FTD
King Giddra-Saigo Heiki-JP-2002-BLA
King Giddra-Saishu Heiki the Remix Album-JP-2003-BLA
KK The Khaosist - Vibration-Lo-CD-2001-soup
Klashnekoff - Murda in Parrowdice-KERRK002-Vinyl-2003-BOSS
KMD - Who Me-VLS-2000-CMS
Kohei Japan-The Adventures of Kohei Japan-JP-2000-soup
Kokane Feat. Bad Azz-Tell it Like it is-(Promo CDS)-2004-CMS
Konsequence-Everything BW the Way I Flex-(Reissue VLS)-2003-JCE
Kool G Rap And DJ Polo-Streets Of New York-VLS-1989-FTD
Kool G Rap Feat G Wise-My Life (12 Inch)-EGO
Kool Keith Ft. Black Seel-Truck Jewels Verse-CDS-2002-THH INT
Kool Keith-Black Elvis Lost In Space-1999-JCE INT
Kool Keith-Erotic Man (Limited Vinyl Release)-1995-Dunn
K-Otix-World Reknown (Vinyl Single)-CMS
Kream-Your Grils Been Fuckin With My Turntables-Tape-2000-CMS
Kronikal Of Prolifk-Likwidation-Remix-2003-FTD INT
KRS One-(The Real Hiphop Is )Ova Here-Promo VLS-2002-KrbZ
KRS One-Problems-2002-GSM
KRS-One-Step Into a World-CDS-1997-CMS INT
Kryptonite Of Redlife-Thats Me-PROMO CDS-2003-JCE
Kutmaster Kurt-Masters of Illusion-2000-KODE
Kweli-Good To You-VLS-2002-CMS
L.L. Cool J-Mama Said Knock You Out-1989-soup int
L.S.D. - Watch Out For The Third Rail-1991-FTD
L.S.D. And C.U.S.-Split 7inch-1992-FTD
L Soul Recordings Presents-Barber Breaks-1998-CMS
Lacks-Relacks Vol. 1 With The World-2003-FTD
Lafa Taylor-Life Music-2004-FTD
Lam-I Told Jesus-CDS-2002-CMS
Lanski-Ill Try-PROMO CDS-2003-JCE
Large Professor-1st Class-Jpn Retail-2002-SWE
Large Professor-Mix CD 2002-2002-tAS
Large Professor-The LP (Version 2)-2002-FTD
Last Emperor-Music Magic Myth-Retail-2003-FTD
Last Emperor-Rawkus Promo Emp-2002-WCR
Layman-But Im Sayin Tho-Promo-2002-CMS
Leaders of the New School-A Future Without a Past-1991-RPS INT
Leaders Of The New School-T.I.M.E.-The Inner Minds Eye-1993-KRBZ INT
Lee Glize-Lee Glize-CDM-2003-CMS
Lee Mason Bw Jack Arel and Jean-Claude-Shady Blues Bw Psychedelic Portrait-7inch-2002-CMS
Lemon Jelly--Nice Weather For Ducks-CDS-(2003)-QBi
Lethal And Destruction-Zero Tolerance-2000-JCE
Levi 167-Something Fresh To Swing To-VLS-1987-FTD
Lewis Parker-Put a Beat 2 a Rhyme-Promo 2LP-2005-CMS
Lews Tewns and Nobsta Nuts-Poverty is Thirsty Work-2003-CMS
Life-Everyday Life-Retail-2003-JCE
Linc-804 EP-2003-FTD
Lions of the Desert-Lions of the Desert-2004-FTD
Liquid Liquid-Remixes-VLS-1998-soup
Little Larry-Cant Nobody Love Me Like Me-2002-FTD
Live Human-Live-Limited Edition-2002-CMS
Living Legends-UHB2-1996-FTD
LJ Blendz - Live on 1xtra Hip Hop Weekender 05-24-DAB-2003-BOSS
LL Cool J-Im that Type of Guy-VLS-1989-CMS
LL Cool J-Mr Smith-1995-eNT iNT
LL Cool J-The Definition-2004-iGN
LMNO-Headlock-VLS-2000-soup int
Locksmith from MTV MC Battles ft. Rock and Left-We Got -2003-RRZ
Loer Velocity-Loer Velocity EP-(Promo CDS)-2002-CMS
Lofihoney-Untitled (Vinyl LP)-2002-CMS
Logan Projects-Character Assassination-2001-FTD
London Funk Allstars-London Funk Volume 1-2002-soup int
London Posse-Hows Life in London-(CDS)-1994-JCE
London Posse-Live Like The Other Half Do-VLS-1990-FTD
Long Axe-New Shyt Compilation-2003-FTD
Loop Junktion-Turkey-JP-2003-soup
Loopjackerz-80 Original Cuts Sampled in French Rap-Advance-Vinyl-2004-CHR
Looptroop-Modern Day City Symphony-2000-FTD INT
Lord Digga-The High Plains Drifter-EP-2008-FTD
Lord Finesse OC-Ya Better Recognize (VLS)-2000-CHR
Lord Finesse -2006- Real Talk-VLS-2006-FTD
Lord Finesse-Return of the Funky Man-1991-OLD
Louis Logic-Sin-O-Matic-Promo-2003-CMS
Love Bomb Soundclash-Self-Titled-2001-FTD
Low Budget Affiliates-6 Dollars A Six Pack-Advance-2003-FTD
Lsd Proton-Flashback-Vinyl-1999-FTD
Luckyiam.PSC-Extra Credit 2-2003-CMS INT
Luke-Luke Sheila (Promo VLS)-1997-CMS
Lunar Heights-Crescent Moon-2004-soup
Lunar Heights-Tasting-2003-FTD
Lunch Time Speax-180-CDS-JP-2003-soup
Lunch Time Speax-Going Over-JP-2003-BLA
Lyrical Technicians-Seeds Of Lyricism-2001-FTD
M.C. Wildski-Warrior-CDS-1989-FTD
M.F. Doom-The Doomilation-Bootleg-2003-FTD INT
M.F. Grimm-Landslide (Remix) (12'')-1999-CMS
M.O.P.-To The Death-1994-FTD
Mach25-MOB SQUAD-JPOP-2003-aSx
Mad Ro-White Neighborhood-VLS-2002-CMS
Mad Son-Peace Amongst the Madness-Bonus Track Reversed-2004-CMS INT
Maestro Fresh-Wes - The Black Tie Affair-1991-FTD
Maestro-Built to Last-1998-FTD
Maggotron-The Bassman Of The Acropolys-1991-JCE
Maggotron-The Invasion Will Not Be Televised-1984-JCE
Magma MCs-MGM-VLS-JP-2003-soup
Main Flow-Hip Hopulation-(Advance)-2004-QMB
Main Source-Breaking Atoms-1991-CMS INT
Main Source-Fakin The Funk (Remix CDS)-1992-WHOA
Main Source-The Best of Main Source-1999-CMS
Majesticons-Beauty Versus Ugly (Inst)-Vinyl-2003-CMS
Major League Entertainment-The Subway Series Vol.1-2002-JCE
Maki-Fuck You I Make Rock Megamixes-Advance-2003-FTD
Malachi Male Ft Sound Proof-B Boy Stance-CDS-2003-CMS
Malcolm Mclaren-Duck Rock-1987-soup int
Malcom Kipe-Breakspiracy Theories Vol. 1-Vinyl-2004-soup
Manik-Real Eyes Realize Real Lies-2003-JCE
Marden Hill Vs JC001-Evolution-VLS-1995-soup
Marley Marl-Best Of Cold Chillin In Control Vol 1 And 2-2CD-2002-CMS
Marley Marl-Best of Cold Chillin in Control Vol 1-2002-CMS
Marley Marl-Best of Cold Chillin in Control Vol 2-2002-CMS
Marusha-Live at Rave Satellite 07-06-(CABLE)-(2002)-LOGOS
Marv Eliis-The Opposite-2002-FTD
Maspyke-Static EP-Promo-2002-ESC
Massinfluence-Analyze (12inch)-CMS
Massive Attack-Blue Lines-1991-soup int
Massive-Beats 2 Technics-Vl-2003-FTD
Masta Ace Incorporated-Sittin On Chrome-CDS-1995-DNH
Masta Ace-A Long Hot Summer (Promo)-2004-FTD INT
Mastamind-The Mastapiece-320-2012-420 iNT
Masters of Ceremony-Dynamite-1988-CMS
Matt Strange-The 77 Project-2004-CMS
Matti Pee-King Song (10 Inch)-2003-CMS
Max Bryte-Yesterdays Nuclear Test-2003-CMS
MC Hammer-The MC Hammer Hits-2003-ooze
MC Hawking-A Brief History of Rhyme - MC Hawkings Greatest Hits-2004-JRP
MC Honda Civic And MC Sanfranchriscompany-Self Titled-(EP)-2003-SDR
MC Pitman-It Takes A Nation of Tossers-2003-FSO
MC Ren f. Fat Joe-Gangsta-2002-THB
MC Rene-Spuere Diesen Groove-CDM-DE-1995-FTD INT
MC Solaar - Mc Solaar-1998-gEmInt
MC Solaar - Paradisique-1997-gEmInt
MC Solaar - Prose Combat-1994-gEmInt
MC Solaar - Qui Seme Le Vent Recolte Le Tempo-1991-gEmInt
MC Solaar-La Concubine De Lhemoglobine-(CDM)-FR-1994-0MNi
MC Solaar-Obsolete (CDM2)-FR-1994-0MNi
Mcenroe-Billys Vision-(Vinyl)-2002-CMS
Medina Green bw Self Scientific (CD Single)-CMS
Megalon-A Penny for Your Thoughts-2004-CMS
Memphis Bleek-The Understanding-2000-TRBINT
Metabass N Breath-The Life And Times Of A Beatboxer-2000-FTD
Metal Fingers Presents-Special Blends-(Promo)-2002-JCE
Metaphoreplay-The Living Room-EP-2000-CMS
Metaphysics-Elevated Perception-2002-KrbZ
Mic Black-Who-VLS-2002-FTD
Mic Geronimo-A Long Road Back-Demo-2002-CMS
Mic Geronimo-Long Road Back-Retail-2003-CMS
Mic Killin It-Live Bait-2002-FTD
Micadelic-Funk Junk Zoukangou-JP-2000-soup
Micadelic-Funk Junk-JP-2000-soup
Micadelic-Goraku No Dendou-JP-2001-soup
Micadelic-It Self-JP-2003-soup
Micranots-F-Style Mixshow - Kvrx-91 7fm-Austin-Tx-2000-FTD
Micranots-Obelisk Movements-2000-RFL INT
Mics Of Fury-M.O.F Blend-EP-2002-ATM INT
Mics Of Fury-Mof Blend LP-Bootleg-2002-FTD
Midwess-East Side Wess-2004-FTD
Mihara and DJ Dolbee-Mihara and DJ Dolbee-Promo-VLS-2001-soup
Mike Boo-Soul Canvas-Vinyl-2003-SWE
Mike Cee-You Cant Hang With This-CDS-2003-JCE
Mike Relm-Radio Fryer-2005-soup
Mike Relm--The Mike Relm Holiday Special-2003-no
Mike Slim-Allow Me to Introduce Myself-Sampler-2003-CMS
Mikey D and the LA Posse-Out Of Control 12inch -1988-CMS
Miles Davis-Panthalassa the Remixes-VLS-1999-soup
Mims-I Did You Wrong (Promo CDS)-2003-pMD
Mims-The Mini Album-PROMO-2003-JCE
Mindbender-Beautiful Mutant-2CD-2004-JCE
Mindbender-Promo Sampler-2003-JCE
Minor Chords-Instrumental EP-2003-CMS
Minority Report-Minority Report-Promo-2004-FTD
Miss Ohios Nameless-Miss Ohios Nameless-Remastered-EP-2003-FTD
Mission-One (Japanese Edition)-2002-CMS
Mister Tibbs-Thro Yo Set Up-VLS-2003-FTD
Mix Master Mike-Anti-Theft Device-1998-eNT iNT
Mix Master Mike-Eardrum Medicine DIRT STYLE-Ltd.Ed. Vinyl-1999-CMS
Mix Master Mike-Surprize Packidge-1998-eNT iNT
Mix Rasta-Popand Circumstances-2002-KrbZ
Mixmaster Mike-Rescue 916-TAPE-2001-KrbZ
Mixmaster Mike-Suprize Packidge EP-1999-CMS
Mixologists - Live on 1xtra Hip Hop Weekender 05-24-DAB-2003-BOSS
Mixologist-Unknown Mix 1-19xx-FTD
Miyoshi Zenzou-Miyoshi Teki Daimakyou-JP-2000-soup
Miyoshi Zenzou-Tekken Gaiden-CDM-JP-2001-soup
Mnemonic Ascent-The Outside Inn-2001-JCE
Mobb Deep Feat. Alchemist-DJ Clue Presents Thee American Idol-2004-MFU
Mobb Deep Free Agents Murda Mixtape-RETAIL-2CD-2003-WCR
Mobb Deep-Amerikaz Nightmare-(Sampler)-2004-FUA
Mobstyle-Game Of Death-1992-FTD
Modill Feat. Diverse - Change Form-Promo CDS-2004-HQM
Moka Only-Monsterpiece-1998-CHR
Moka Only-Patina-2019-FTD
Mood Swingaz-Primetime (Cd Single)-CMS
Morbid Concepts-The Arrival-EP-2003-CMS
Mos Def-Black On Both Sides-1999-FTD INT
Mos Def-Urban Thermo Dynamics-1999-DSP
Motion Man-Motion Man Vs Kutmaster Kurt (Mix)-2002-CMS
Mountain Brothers-Microphone Phenomenal-Read NFO-2002-MHH
Mousouzoku-Grand Champion-JP-2001-soup
Mowax Vs Major Force (MWMFW001)-Love T.K.O.-VLS-1994-soup
Mowax Vs Major Force (MWMFW002)-Howie B-VLS-1994-soup
Mowax Vs Major Force (MWMFW003)-Love T.K.O.-VLS-1994-soup
MPC Brothers (Greyboy And DNO)-In The Lab-2002-soup
Mr. Lif-Live at the Middle East-2002-CMS
Mr. Metaphor-Metropolis-2004-CMS
Mr Dibbs And Habitat Present-Primitive Tracks-2000-RNS
Mr Dibbs-231 Ways To Fry An Egg-2001-DSP
Mr Dibbs-Unearthed-Vol2-Remastered Vinyl-2000-0MNi
Mr Kinkajou-Beats Inspection-2002-soup
Mr Mean-Close to Me-CDS-2003-THH
Mr Nash-Operation Street-2000-JCE
Mr Scruff-Beyond Featuring Seaming-Vinyl-2002-TuNe
MS Word Ft.G.A.M.E-No Stoppin-CDS-2003-FTD
Ms Word-Smackdown-CDS-2003-FTD
Mtume Ft. Looptroop-Juicy-Remix-VLS-2002-TAIWAN
Mud Family-Mud Family EP-Limited Edition Promo-VLS-2002-soup
Mud Family-Mud Family EP-Limited Edition-VLS-2002-soup
Mud Family-Mud Family-EP-2002-CMS
Mumbles-A Book Of Human Beats-2002-FTD
Mummy Fortunas Theatre Company-Born Of Man And Flies-EP-2002-soup
Mums The Word-People Keep Movin-LP-2003-KrbZ
Murmurecordings-Back Against The World-2001-CMS
Muro-El Carnival-CDS-JP-2000-soup
Muro-K.M.W (King Most Wanted)-CDM-JP-1999-soup
Murrs-Merr Up In Harlem-2001-CMS
Murs-They Don't Have This Either-2001-DSP
Musab-Respect The Life-2002-SWE
Musik G and the U.G.A.-U.G.A Throwdown-(Promo CDS)-2002-CMS
Mynd Chemicals-Bedroom Music-2002-CMS
N.O.Vators-Crescent City Classic Vol.1-2003-CMS
N.V.A-Straight From The Crates Vol.1-2003-JCE
N8 Da Gr8-N8 Got Beats-2002-FTD
N8e-One Universoul-2003-CMS
N8e-One Universoul-Re Rip-2003-CMS
Nabob Ft. Tre Nice-With Em-2003-CMS
Nacrobats-We Equator-EP-2002-FTD
Nadanuf Ft Kurtis Blow-The Breaks Mixes-(Import-VLS)-1996-JCE
Naked Artz-95 Remix-JP-1997-soup
Naked Artz-Kyotou 98-CDM-JP-1998-soup
Naked Artz-Shintou (Penetration)-JP-1997-soup
Naked Artz-Skip 2 the Roots-CDS-JP-1996-soup
Nas Feat Pop-Street Glory bw Theme Of New York-2002-BKE
Nas Ft. Brainpower-Nas One Mic Remix Ft. Brainpower-CDM-3G
Nas-Stillmatic (Remixes)-2002-DJP
Nas-U Gotta Love It-2002-GSM
Nas-You Know My Style-CDM-2004-UGG
Nathaniel Merriweather Presents-Lovage Companion CD-2002-CMS
Nathaniel Merriweather Presents-Lovage Songs To Make Love To-Retail-2001-CMS
Native Bastards-Tonites Da Night-EP-1999-JCE
Naughty 13-Highz And Lowz-2003-FTD
Naughty By Nature - O.P.P.(Singel)-SKPoWaH
Naughty By Nature-Swing Swang BW Red Light-(Vinyl)-2002-SC
Nebulus-On The Ball-Advance-2002-FTD
Necro-The Murder Murder Kill Kill Double EP-2012-NOIR
Neila-Vertical Trees With Eternal Leaves-2003-FTD
Nemesis Two-Live-PROMO-2003-JCE
Nesian Mystik-Brothaz-CDM-2003-FTD
Network Reps-Yeah (12 Inch Promo)-1998-CMS
New Breed-Stop The Music-2002-FTD
New Flesh-Understanding-Retail-2002-CMS
Newcleus-Jam On Revenge-VLS-1983-FTD
Ngoma-Do U No-2001-FTD
Niamaj-With Beats by E.Brown-2003-CMS
Nico B Flesh O.N.E And Polyphonic-Certain Sount-2003-FTD
Nid And Sancy-Never Mind The Bootlegs-CD-2002-soup
Nighthawks(Cage And Camu)-Cop Hell-Promo VLS-2002-CMS
Nigo-Kung Fu Fightin-VLS-2000-soup
Nigo-Shadow Of The Ape Sounds-3CD-2000-soup
Nimrod-Ryan Blake Is Ill-2002-FTD
Nimrod-The Mighty Hunter-2001-FTD
Nipps-God Bird-CDS-2001-soup
Nitro Microphone Underground-Nitrich (Promo CDS)-JP-2003-BLA
Nitro Microphone Underground-Nitrich (Retail CDM)-JP-2003-BLA
Nitro Microphone Underground-Reality Records Sampler 2000 Vol 1-VLS-JP-2000-soup
No Games Involved-A Hustlers Guide to Prosperity-2002-soup
No Nami-Da Halfmoon-EP-2003-FTD
No Particulars-Backroads-Promo-CDS-2004-CMS
No Vox-Blue Book Examination-Limited Edition-2002-FTD
Noah 23 and Jaffa Gate-Ancient Israelites Older than Anorthosite-2003-CMS
Noah 23-Quicksand-2002-FTD
Nobody-Climax Orgasmo-2001-FTD
Noisy Stylus - Superstar - Stick Em Up-VLS-DE-2003-BLIZZARD
Non Equation-Hypoetix-VLS-1997-FTD
Non Phixion-Black Helicopters (VLS)-2000-GREY
Non Phixion-The Future Is Now (Retail)-2002-CMS INT
Non Phixion-The Future Is Now (Retail)-2002-WCR
Non Phixion-The Future Is Now Instrumentals-2002-JCE
Non Phixion-The Future Is Now Instrumentals-Retail-LP-2003-JCE
Nowon-Sky Children-VLS-2003-CMS
Numskullz-Enough Of That bw Nothing But Music-Vinyl-1996-KrbZ
Nyoil-Hood Treason-2007-CMS
Obadiah One-Let The Truth Be Told-2002-CMS
OC-Born To Live-VLS-1994-FTD
Ocpg-Birthplace Of Aviation-(CDS)-2002-JCE
Octavius-Audio Noir-2003-FTD
Ocult One And Jabber Jaw-Milk Crate Scholars-EP-2001-FTD
Odd Jobs-Absorbing Playtime-EP-2001-FTD
Odd Nosdam-Plan9 Meat Your Hypnotis CD Reissue-2001-FTD
Od-Distant Drummer-2002-FTD
Old Joseph-The Walk-LP-2003-FTD
Old Skool Professors of Funk-Old School Jams Vol. 2-1998-RFL INT
Old Skool Professors Of Funk-Old School Street Jams Vol. 1-1996-Rfl Int
Ollie Teeba-Plutonium Discs-Tape-1998-JCE
Omni-Funkdafied Freddy-LP-2002-FTD
Onedae-Geminis Curse-2001-FTD
Onyx-All We Got Iz Us-1995-SHI
Orchard-Likwidation-Remix-2003-FTD INT
Organized Konfusion-Fudge Pudge-1991-FTD
Original Fever Ft Terra Firma and Skinnyman - Live on 1xtra Hip Hop Weekender 05-26-DAB-2003-BOSS
Orny Ozzborn-Owleye-1998-CMS
Otherwize-Burnt Out Bizness-2003-FTD
Other-Wize-Some Other Shit-VLS-1999-CMS
Outkast-Aquemini-1998-soup int
Outkast-Speakerboxxx-the Love Below (Chopped)-2CD-2004-THC
Outkast-Stankonia-2000-soup int
Outkast-The Videos-(DVDA)-2003-tAS
Outlaw Posse-My Afros on Fire-1990-JCE
Outsidaz-Night Life EP-2000-EGO
Outthere-What Does He Think He Is Doing-DSP
Overlord X-Weapon Is My Lyric-(LP)-1988-JCE
Overme-Power (7 Inch)-2002-CMS
Ozomalti-Street Signs-2004-OSC
Ozomatli-Cut Chemist Suite Remixes-Promo-CDS-2000-soup
Ozrosaurus-Area Area-CDS-JP-2000-soup
Ozrosaurus-Bay Blues-CDS-JP-1998-soup
Ozrosaurus-Hey Girl-CDS-JP-2002-soup
Ozrosaurus-Rhyme Darts-JP-1997-soup
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Aci Krank - Harlem City Beats Vol.3-Tape-2001-kHz
Barbara Mason-Lady Love-(CDSBCS32)-Remastered-2009-KOUALA
Beck-Deadweight CDS-1997-iRO
Cameo-Feel Me-1980-iGR
Fatback Band-Is This The Future-1983-IGR
Fatback Band-Nycnyusa-1977-IGR
Flevans-Part Time Millionaire-(JAL282)-WEB-2019-ENRiCH
Kidgusto Feat Marc Hype-Kg Originals Remixed-Vinyl-2008-OBC
Killa Calles and Porno Lutsch-Grabbeln Inne Kiste-TAPE-2002-kHz
King Khan and The Shrines-What Is-Reissue-2009-FTD INT
Lee Dorsey-Freedom For The Funk-1995-JCE
Lee Fields and The Explorers-Im The Man-SF006-VLS-2000-JCE
Leon Ware-Rockin You Eternally-(1981)-(7559627272)-REISSUE-CD-2001-WEBRip
Manu Dibango - Manu Dibango-(DBR20096-Vinyl)-1978-REDRUM
marc hype and jim dunloop-supastars-(mc10)-promo vinyl-2007-obc
Marcos Valle-Marcos Valle-(1983)-(05142)-BR-REISSUE-CD-2006-WEBRip
Mellow Veneer-A Little Late-2006-TAM
Miquifaye--Keeping Time-(CM003P)-Vinyl-2005-dh
Mr Konfuze-Sabus Delight BW Lookout Weekend-(MUTO012)-Whitelabel Vinyl-2008-OBC
Mustafa Ozkent-Genclik Ile Elele-(BMS003)-CD-2006-iPC
Pablo Discobar-The Only Thing-(EP)-2006-RTB
Pastrami Man (Idjut Boys)-Pastrami Machine-Vinyl-2005-OBC
peak-get carter-(afr030)-vinyl-2005-obc
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Red Hot Chili Peppers-Reissue-CDA-2003-iDC
Skeewiff-Wet Your Beak-(Promo CDS)-2006-VOiCE
Stone Mecca-Alienman-WEB-2018-WTCF
sygaire and defcon-we did dat thang-(mpm035)-vinyl-2007-obc
The Black Eyed Peas-Dont Phunk With My Heart-(Promo CDS)-2005-RNS
The Dynamics - Version Excursions-Promo-CD-2007-UME
The New Mastersounds-Stay On The Groove You Got It All (FSR7015)-Vinyl-2005-BF
The New Mastersounds-Two Note Brown-(FSR7007)-Vinyl-2005-OBC
V.A.-Funk Phenomena-2003-FTD INT
V.A.-Funk Spectrum 2-1999-IGRINT
Va - Bay Area Funk-Promo-2003-smc
VA - Bollywood Funk-2001-FuFFENS
VA - Brown Sugar pres Cold Sweat-(BSR 1002-2)-Digipak CD-2001-DJ INT
VA - Funk Club-(2CD)-2004-REDRUM
VA - Gamm Doin James Part 4 (GAMMJB004)-Vinyl-2008-kiNky
VA - Give Peas A Chance-2002-CMG
VA - Groove Edition-2CD-2003-CMG
VA - Preludes Greatest Hits Vol 3-1995-DJ Classics
VA - Soul Jammin Vol 1-Mixed By Nostalgia 77 (Soultage)-CD-2008-kiNky
VA - Stones Throw Records - the Funky 16 Corners-2001-FTD
VA - Super Breaks Volume 2-2000-TWCMP3
VA - The In-Kraut Vol 3-Hip Shaking Grooves 1967-74 (Marina Germany)-CD-2008-kiNky
VA- Spirit Of Funk From The Roots To The Fruits-2CD-2000-IGR
VA The History of Funk-In Yo Face Vol.4-Retail-CD-2004-AnA
VA The History of Funk-In Yo Face Vol.5-Retail-CD-2004-AnA
VA-10 Classic Funk 45s Box Set-7inch-2004-JCE
VA-13 of the Best 70s Funk-2004-SSR
VA-30th Birthday Soul And Funk-2005-uF
va-30th celebration soul and funk-2005-dgn
VA-45 Kings II-Fat And Funky Part Two-2002-IGR
VA-98.7 Kiss FM Mastermixes Vol 1 (2-6003)-2LP-1982-WRE
VA-98.7 Kiss FM Mastermixes Vol 2 (2-6011)-2LP-1983-WRE
VA-A Break from the Norm-UK CD-2001-JCE
VA-A Gospel Funk Hymnal-2LP-2006-WUS
VA-Absolute Funk Vol.5-2008-H5N1
VA-Achilifunk Gipsy Soul From 21st Century-(Promo)-SP-2009-SSR
VA-ACME Funk-(LP)-1995-JCE
VA-Africa Funk-1998-IGR
VA-Afro Baby-The Evolution of the Afro Sound 1970 79-2004-JCE
VA-Afro Rock Vol 1-Vinyl-2006-SND
VA-All Funked Up Volume Two-2000-IGR
VA-All Night Funk Party Vol One Prime Cuts Taken from Obscure Funk-2005-SSR
VA-Amazing Funk Masters (Soul Patrol)-1999-IGR
VA-Another J And M Re-Edit-(PATH001)-Vinyl-2008-OBC
va-apache-seven minutes of funk-(ao9506)-vls1998-kw
VA-Back To Funk-1995-JCE
VA-Bag of Goodies-1992-dnh
va-baia degli angeli 1977-1978-(amk5001)-CD2005-kW
VA-Baile Funk 1-The Brazillian Beat Mix-Promo-2003-bossa
VA-Bay Area Funk 2 Sampler EP-(LH049)-Vinyl-2006-OBC
VA-Bay Area Funk-Promo-2003-SMC
VA-Beach Diggin Volume 1 (HS090VL)-VINYL-2013-TR
VA-Beams Happy 25th Anniversary Compiled By Muro And Yo Iwasawa-2001-CMS
VA-Beams Presents Super Flavors Rich Taste Compiled by Yo Iwasawa-2003-CMS
VA-Beating Off-12 Dirty Grooves Of Funky Exotica-2003-JCE
VA-Black Feeling-(FSRCD027)-CD-2007-OBC
VA-Black Power-Music of a Revolution-2CD-2004-CMS
VA-Blaxploitation Vol 1-2cd-1996-JUST
VA-Blues and Soul-The Soul Years Vol 1 1966-69-2001-IGR
VA-Blues Harp Diggers Funky Harmonica-2008-SnS
VA-B-Music Weekend Breaks Volume Two-Vinyl-2009-BCC
VA-Bol De Funk Son De La Grenouille Vol 2-2003-FSP
VA-Bombay Connection Reworked and Remixed Vol.1-(Bombay Connection)-LP-2007-soup
VA-Boogie On The Mainline - A Collection of Rare Disco Funk and Boogie from Germany 1980-1987-WEB-2018-USR
VA-Boogie Times Presents The Great Collectors Funky Music 80ies Vol 8-2008-XXL
VA-Boogie Times Presents the Great Collectors Funky Music Vol.1-2005-OSC
VA-Boogie Times Presents the Great Collectors Funky Music Vol.2-2006-OSC
VA-Boogie Times Presents the Great Collectors Funky Music Vol.3-2006-OSC
VA-Boogie Times Presents The Great Collectors Funky Music Vol.4-2006-OSC
VA-Boogie Times Presents The Great Collectors Funky Music Vol 6-2007-OSC
VA-Boogie Times Presents The Great Collectors Funky Music Vol 7-2007-XXL
VA-Boogie Times Presents The Great Collectors Funky Music Vol 9-2008-XXL
VA-Brainfreeze Breaks-2001-CMS
VA-Brazilian Breaks and Beats-LP-2006-bossa
VA-Breakdown Funk Soul Groove and Grind Vol 1-1992-JCE
VA-Bring On Da Funk Vol 6 Slow Jams-1999-OSC
VA-Bump And Hustle Music Re-Edits-(GB011)-Bootleg Vinyl-2007-MK2
VA-California Soul Volume 1-(Vinyl)-2002-JCE
VA-California Soul Volume 2-(Vinyl)-2002-JCE
VA-Canadas Message To The Meters-2003-JCE
VA-Charlys Rhythm Changes-1998-IGR
VA-Classic 80s Groove Mastercuts Volume 1-CD-1993-STAR
VA-Classic 80s Groove Mastercuts Volume 2-CD-1995-STAR
VA-Classic 80s Groove Mastercuts Volume 3-CD-1997-STAR
VA-Classic Funk Mastercuts Vol 1-1992-IGR
VA-Classic Funk Mastercuts Vol 3-1995-IGR
VA-Classic Funk Vol. 03-(1997)-LOGOS
VA-Classic Funk Vol. 04-(1997)-LOGOS
VA-Classic Funk Vol. 05-(1997)-LOGOS
VA-Classic Funk Vol. 07-(1997)-logos
VA-Classic Funk-The Universal Masters Collection-2003-SER
VA-Classic P-Funk Mastercuts vol 1-1993-IGR
VA-Colours of Funk-LP-2009-BCC
VA-Concrete Funk Vol 1-1993-JCE
VA-Concrete Funk Vol 2-1994-JCE
VA-Contemporary Funk-(TRCD9005)-CD-2009-OBC
VA-Crash Of Thunder-2007-uF
VA-Creative Musicians-2002-NuC
VA-Crescent City Funk and More-2002-IGR
VA-Cult Cargo Grand Bahama Goombay-(NUM014)-CD-2007-iPC
VA-Danny Krivit-Grass Roots Sampler EP Vol 2-VINYL-2002-BPM
VA-David Axelrod Anthology 2-2002-CMS
VA-Disco Funk Collection-2008-H5N1
VA-Disco Giants 5-2CD-2009-WRE
VA-Disco Nights Vol 2-The Best Of Disco Funk-1994-IGR
VA-Doctor Dark Side-1999-IGR
va-doing the james brown-2001-jce int
VA-Dramatic Funk Themes Vol.2-2009-hbZ
VA-Eccentric Soul-The Outskirts Of Deep City-(NUMERO17CD)-CD-2007-OBC
VA-Eclectic Breaks Pres Shawn Lee and Heidi Levo-(Eclectic Breaks)-7inch-2004-soup
VA-Eddie Bo-Funky Funky New Orleans Funk 1968-1971-1999-soup
VA-Elefunk Vol.1 Funky Club En Sevilla-2009-SSR
VA-Feel The Funk Mixed By DJ Pheels Feat DJ Der K-2003-MVP
VA-Florida Funk-(JMANLP014)-LP-2006-MPX
VA-Fufu Funk Fix No 8 Thanksgiving Part 2 Dinner with Soul-2007-INT INT
VA-Fufu Funk Fix No 8 Thanksgiving Part 3 Room for Dessert-2007-INT INT
VA-Fufu Stew Presents A Bonus Fufu Funk Fix-2007-INT INT
VA-Fufu Stew Presents Fufu Funk Fix No 10-2008-INT INT
VA-Fufu Stew Presents Fufu Funk Fix No 4.5-2007-INT INT
VA-Fufu Stew Presents Fufu Funk Fix No 4-2007-INT INT
VA-Fufu Stew Presents Fufu Funk Fix No 5-2008-INT INT
VA-Fufu Stew Presents Fufu Funk Fix No 6-2008-INT INT
VA-Full Length Funk 12 Collection-1999-IGR
VA-Funk and Soul-2CD-1997-RAZA
VA-Funk Club Sensational Funk Grooves-2CD-2004-OBC
VA-Funk Essentials 2-4CD-2002-ALPAX
VA-Funk From Bollywood Action Thrillers 1977-1984-(Bombay Connection)-WEB-2010-mbs
VA-Funk Funk The Best Of Funk Essentials 2-(314522460-2)-CD-1994-211
VA-Funk Gold-2CD-Remastered-2005-SSR
VA-Funk Mode-2005-JCE
VA-Funk Mundial-2009-BCC
VA-Funk Power Black Power (Soul Patrol)-2001-IGR
VA-Funk Spectrum 2-1999-IGR
VA-Funk Spectrum III Compiled by Pete Rock and Keb Darge-2001-CMS
VA-Funk Spectrum Vol. 1 (Compiled by Josh Davis and Keb Darge)-1999-JCE INT
VA-Funk Spectrum-Real Funk for Real People-by DJ Shadow and Keb Darge-1999-gF INT
VA-Funk Volume 1-(SEAMVGCD002)-2CD-2007-OBC
VA-Funkaphonix Vol 3-Raw And Uncut Funk 1968-75-2001-IGR
VA-Funkaphonix Vol 3-Raw And Uncut Funk 1968-75-IGR
VA-Funkaphonix Vol 4-Raw And Uncut Funk 1968-1975-2001-IGR
VA-Funkaphonix Vol 4-Raw And Uncut Funk 1968-75-2001-IGR
VA-Funked Volume 3-2001-STAR
VA-Funkology-15 Slabs of Dynamite Funk-2002-REV
VA-Funky Business Vol 1-2002-ZzZz
VA-Funky Business Vol 2-2002-ZzZz
VA-Funky Collector 10-2001-FSP
VA-Funky Collector 1-2001-FSP
VA-Funky Collector 12-2001-FSP
VA-Funky Collector 13-2001-FSP
VA-Funky Collector 14-2001-FSP
VA-Funky Collector 2-2001-FSP
VA-Funky Collector 3-2001-FSP
VA-Funky Collector 4-2001-FSP
VA-Funky Collector 5-2001-FSP
VA-Funky collector 6-2001-FSP
VA-Funky Collector 7-2001-FSP
VA-Funky Collector 8-2001-FSP
VA-Funky collector 9-2001-FSP
VA-Funky collector Sampler-PROMO-2001-FSP
VA-Funky Collector-Volume 15-2003-0mni
VA-Funky Collector-Volume 16-2003-0mni
VA-Funky Forty Fives Volume 11-(FFF011)-Vinyl-2008-MPX
VA-Funky Funky Chicago-Retail-CD-2004-JAH
VA-Funky Funky Detroit-LP-2004-JCE
VA-Funky Funky New York-2006-CMS
VA-Funky Grooves-2CD-2006-WRE
VA-Funky Jams Vol.1-2000-IGR
VA-Funky Music Machine (Soul Patrol)-1999-IGR
VA-Funky Saturday Vol.1 (Mixed By DJ Pharoah)-(Bootleg)-2008-H5N1x
VA-George Clinton-Family Series Pt 2-1993-SNOOK
VA-German Funk Fieber-DE-2007-hbZ
VA-Gettin It Off-Westbound Funk-2003-BSC
VA-Ghetto Funk (15 Rare and Classic Ghetto Vibe Toons)-Limited Edition-2003-LiNk
VA-Gilles Peterson Digs America Vol. 2-CD-2007-OBC
VA-Gimme Shelter Kaleidoscopic Funk Collision-2001-JUST
VA-Give Peas A Chance-LP-2003-JCE
VA-Golden State Funk-(CDBGPD186)-CD-2007-OBC
va-grandmaster flash presents salsoul jam 2000-1997-cms
VA-Groove Vibration-12 Tracks Rare Groove Singles-LP-1995-IGR
VA-Heavy Weight Grooves Volume Two-White Label LP-2000-IGR
VA-Hitsville Usa the Motown Singles Collection 1959 1971-4CD-1992-JUST
VA-Hot Funky and Sweaty (Soul Patrol)-1999-iGR
VA-I Love Funk-2007-BnL
VA-Im A Good Woman Vol 1-2000-JCE
VA-Im A Good Woman Vol 2-2001-JCE
VA-Im A Good Woman Vol 3-2002-JCE
va-in yo face the history of funk vol 1-1993-eos
VA-In Yo Face The History Of Funk Vol 2-1993-EOS
VA-In Yo Face The History Of Funk Vol 3-1993-EOS
va-in yo face the history of funk vol 4-1993-eos
VA-In Yo Face The History Of Funk Vol 5-1993-EOS
VA-In Yo Face The Roots Of Funk Vol One Half-1994-IGR
VA-In Yo Face Vol.2 The History Of Funk-1993-JUST
VA-In Yo Face-The History of Funk Vol 3-1993-IGR
VA-In Yo Face-The History of Funk Vol 4-1993-IGR
VA-In Yo Face-The History of Funk Vol 5-1993-IGR
VA-Inner City Sounds-2003-IGR
VA-Invasion Funk Masters (Soul Patrol)-1998-IGR
Va-Its Just Begun-Such A Lady-(Octopus Breaks)-7 Inch-2006-mbs
VA-Jackin Summer 2019-WEB-2019-NDE
VA-Jalapeno Funk Vol 1-(JALCD058)-CD-2007-OBC
VA-Jalapeno Funk Vol 10-(JAL290)-WEB-2018-ENRAGED
VA-James Brown With James Brown Orchestra-JB106-PROMO VINYL-2005-BPM
VA-James Browns Funky People People Part 1-1986-JCE INT
VA-James Browns Funky People People Part 2-1988-JCE INT
VA-James Browns Funky People People Part 3-2000-JCE INT
VA-JBs People-1998-IGR
VA-Johhny Otis and Friends Watts Funky-2001-JCE
VA-John Shaftman Introducing A Bad Mutha-2000-IGR
VA-Joyful Grooves-2006-WHOA
VA-Keb Darge Experience-14 Super Rare Hammond Soul And Funk Monsters-1999-JCE
Va-keb darge presents funk for the 21st century-CD2002-kW
VA-Keb Darges Legendary Deep Funk Vol. 1-1997-gF INT
VA-Keb Darges Legendary Deep Funk Vol. 2-1998-DGN
VA-Keb Darges Legendary Deep Funk Volume 3-(BBE)-1999
VA-King Funk-2000-IGR
va-larry levan classic mixes vol 1-2x12-bootleg-vinyl-2000-mbs
va-larry levan classic mixes vol 2-2x12-bootleg-vinyl-2002-mbs
VA-Larry Levan the Definitive Salsoul Mixes (1978-1983)-2CD-2003-BLA
VA-Le Gang Du Lyonnais-Funk Du Lyonnais-2004-HMC
Va-leroy burgess anthology vol 1-the voice-CD2001-kW
VA-Les 100 Plus Grands Tubes Funk-5CD-2007-H5N1
VA-Lessentiel Funk-2007-E
VA--Lifestyles Compiled By Bugz In The Attic-2CD-2005-FuFFENS
VA-Loose the Funk Boodie-2006-CMS
VA-Loose the Funk Eel-2006-CMS
va-love sounds-soul sleeper-jm006-vls-2001-jce
VA-Make Way for the Originals-A BGP Sampler-1994-IGR
VA-Mastercuts Funk (MCUTCD02)-3CD-2005-OBC
VA-Masterpiece Vol.8 The Ultimate Disco Funk Collection-2009-WRE
VA-Masterpiece Volume 4 The Ultimate Disco Funk Collection-2006-OSC
VA-Mega Disco Funk-4CD-2006-MVP
VA-Mega Funk-4CD-2004-MVP
VA-Midwest Funk-2004-CMS
VA-Mike Clark Disco Re-Edits-Bootleg-Vinyl-2004-mbs
VA-Mirage Records Soul And Funk Collection Vol.1-(Remastered)-2008-WRE
VA-Modern Funk-Compiled By Adrian Gibson-(FSRCD036)-Advance CD-2007-OBC
VA-Monk One-Monks Dream-2003-JCE
VA-Mood Mosaic 10-Retro Active-2001-JCE
VA-Mood Mosaic 7-New Shapes of Sound-1997-JCE
VA-Mood Mosaic 9-The Sound Bullet-2000-JCE
VA-MOS Funk And Soul Classics (Proper)-2CD-2004-RNS
VA-Moton Records Vol 04-Bootleg-Vinyl-2000-mbs
VA-Moton Records Vol 23-Bootleg-Vinyl-2007-mbs
VA-Movements (Compiled by Tobias Kirmayer)-2005-Scratch
va-movements 2 (compiled by tobias kirmayer)-(pt028)-CD2006-kW
va--music for dancefloors cream of the kpn music-VLS2000-kW
VA-Mystic Brew-The Counter Culture-LP-1998-FTD
VA-Night Channel Vol. 1 mixed by DJ Spinna-2010-MTC
VA-Night Channel Vol. 2 mixed by DJ Muro-2010-MTC
VA-Nighttime Lovers Vol.11-2009-WRE
VA-Nighttime Lovers Vol.5-2007-OSC
VA-Nighttime Lovers Vol 7-2007-XXL
VA-Nighttime Lovers Vol 7-2008-XXL
VA-Nu Funk-2CD-2007-MVP
VA-Nuggets Diggin Deeper Vol. 3-LP-1994-JCE
VA-Old School Funk Celebration (Boxset)-2CD-2007-TQM
VA-Old School Funk-Bootleg-2009-wWs
VA-Old School Jams-Gold-Remastered-2CD-2007-TAM
VA-Planet Funk-Vinyl-1998-mbs
VA-Polish Funk (Compiled by Soul Service DJ Team)-(Polskie Nagrania)-CD-2007-onelove
VA-Polish Funk (Compiled by Soul Service DJ Team - 7)-Vinyl-2007-B3
VA--Polish Funk 3-(Polskie Nagrania)-CD-PL-2008-mbs
VA-Precious Funk-2001-2cd-rev
va-pulp fusion bustin loose-2cd-2006-ego
VA-Pulp Fusion The harder They Come-2002-BMI
VA-Pulp Fusion Vol. 5 - Evolution-2000-DGN
VA-Pulp Fusion Vol. 5-2000-DGN
VA-Pure Breaks-(VLS)-1993-JCE
va-pure essential funk vol. 2-lp-1992-jce
VA-Pure Funk Vol. 2-1999-CMS
VA-Pure Funk-1998-iRO
Va-Rare Collector Funk Volume One (Mixed By Dj Polak)-VLS-2006-PRO iNT
VA-Rare Funk Liberation-1999-IGR
VA-Rare Funk Uncovered-Retail-2004-FEZMP3
VA-Rare Funk Vol 1-LP-1993-IGR
VA-Rare Funk Vol 2-LP-1993-IGR
VA-Rare Funk Vol 6-Mod Funk Edition-LP-1995-IGR
VA-Rare Funk Vol 7-Female Funk-LP-1995-IGR
VA-Rare Funk Vol 8-Psyche Funk-LP-1996-IGR
VA-Rare Funk Vol 9-Junk Funk-LP-1996-IGR
VA-Rare Funky Groove Volume 3-2004-IGR
VA-Return of The Funkateer OST (Papa Joe)-2001-IGR
VA-Rewind 4-CD-(Ubiquity)-2005-AES
VA-Rewind 5 Sampler EP-(UR192)-Vinyl-2006-OBC
VA-Right On Vol 3-2001-IGR
VA-Rio Baile Funk Breaks-LP-2008-BCC
VA-Royale With Beats-Stoopid Rare Original Breaks And Beats-Promo-2002-IGR
VA-School Me Volume One 1968-1975 High School And Collegiate Jazz Funk Soul And Psychedelia-(STA001)-CD-2009-iPC
VA-Siamese Soul (Thai Pop Spectacular Vol.2 1960s-1980s)-TH-2009-BCC
VA-Simply Funk-(SIMPLYCD041)-4CD-2007-H5N1
va-sister funk 2-compiled by dj ian wright-cd-2007-obc
VA-Sitar Beat Indian Style Heavy Funk Vol. 2-(Guerrilla Reissues)-2LP-IN-2007-soup
VA-Sitar Beat Vol.2-(Guerilla Funk)-VLS-2006-soup
VA-Sitar Beat Vol.3-(Guerilla Funk)-VLS-2006-soup
VA-Sitar Beat Vol.4-(Guerilla Funk)-VLS-2006-soup
VA-Sitar Beat Vol 1-(Vinyl)-2004-JCE
VA-Skye Presents The Breaks-(Harmless)-Vinyl-2000-mbs INT
VA-Slam Dunk Presents Funk Carioca Mixed By Tetine-CD-2005-MGC
va-slamjam neroli re-edits 1-(sjnrl01)-VLS2004-kW
Va-slamjam neroli re-edits 2-(sjnrl02)-VLS2004-kW
VA-Soul Fire The Majestic Collection-2CD-2005-SSR
VA-Soul Fire Up From The Vaults Volume 1-2002-IGR
VA-Soul Kitchen 11154 mixed by DJ Muro-2009-MTC
va-soulmans choice joints-2000-cms
VA-Soulshaker Vol 3-(RKX017)-CD-2006-OBC
VA-Soulshaker Volume 4-(RKX021)-CD-2007-BF
VA-Soulshaker Volume 5-(RKX024)-CD-2008-OBC
VA-Space Echo The Mystery Behind The Cosmic Sound Of Cabo Verde Finally Revealed-2016-gF
VA-Spirit of Funk (From The Roots To The Fruits)-2CD-2000-SO INT
VA-Spirit Of Funk 1-(Wagram)-2CD-2000-mbs INT
va-spirit of funk 2-(wagram)-2cd-2001-mbs
VA-Stax Funx Vol 1-1997-IHH INT
VA-Stax Funx Vol 2-1999-IHH INT
VA-Stax Of Funk-2000-IGR
va-stone cold funk-1998-cms
VA-Strange Funky Games and Things-.BBE.-CD-2005-BFHMP3
VA-Strictly Breaks-Pete Treats-Vinyl-1998-FTD INT
VA-Summer Funk the Summer Series Vol.1-PROMO-2004-ESC
VA-Supa Funky-2CD-2CD-2002-PULSE
VA-Texas Funk-Black Gold From The Lone Star State 1968-1975-2005-B2R
VA-Thai Beat A Go-Go Volume 1-(SUBCD11)-CD-2004-iPC
VA-Thai Funk Zudrangma Vol.1 (Compiled By Maft Sai)-2008-BCC
VA-The Best Of Funk-Groove Me-2004-XXL
va-the big cheese (12 tasty grooves)-1993-dnh
VA-The Brasileiro-Treasure Box Of Funk And Soul-(COS015CD)-BR-CD-2015-WEBRip
VA-The Craig Charles Funk And Soul Club Vol. 1-(FSRCD097)-2012-UZ INT
VA-The Craig Charles Funk And Soul Club Vol. 2-(FSRCD101)-2013-UZ INT
VA-The Craig Charles Funk And Soul Club Vol. 3-(FSRCD107)-2014-UZ INT
VA-The Funk Box Vol.1-2000-CMS
VA-The Funk Box Vol.2-2000-CMS
VA-The Funk Box Vol.3-2000-CMS
VA-The Funk Box Vol.4-2000-CMS
VA-The Funk Project-How Good Is Good Vol 1-2001-IGR
VA-The Funk Project-How Good Is Good Vol 2 READ NFO-2001-IGRINT
VA-The Funk Project-How Good Is Good Vol 3-2001-IGR
VA-The Funky End-2CD-2000-CMS
VA-The Further Adventures Of The Funksoul Brothers-2002-IGR
VA-The Masters Series Funk-(CDSM357)-CD-2009-211
VA-The Mighty Mellow 1-A Folk-Funk Psychedelic Experience-1997-IGR
VA-The Mighty Mellow 3-Some Other Kind of Funk-1999-IGR
VA-The Mood Mosaic 11-Feelin Funky-(SML052)-CD-2001-MK2
VA-The Mood Mosaic 12-Mondo Porno-(SML067)-CD-2002-MK2
VA-The New Testament Of Funk (Unique 073)-CD-2004-BLA
Va-the nuyorican funk experience-2002-ooze
VA-The Raid Part Deux-(JAL71)-WEB-2008-MK2
VA-The Rustler Presents Because Youre Funky-2002-IGR
VA-The Rustler Roots of Funk-2003-IGR
VA-The Sleepers Recordz-10th Anniversary-(CDR)-2017-SO
VA-The Soul Fire Funk 45 Collection-Grazing In The Trash Vol 1-2001-CMS
VA-The Sound of Funk Volume 10-2001-IGR
VA-The Sound of Funk Volume 1-1992-IGR
VA-The Sound of Funk Volume 2-1993-IGR
VA-The Sound of Funk Volume 3-1993-IGR
VA-The Sound of Funk Volume 4-2001-IGR
VA-The Sound of Funk Volume 5-2001-IGR
VA-The Sound of Funk Volume 6-2001-IGR
VA-The Sound of Funk Volume 7-2001-IGR
VA-The Sound of Funk Volume 8-2001-IGR
VA-The Sound of Funk Volume 9-2001-IGR
VA-The Weird and Wonderful Diggin Deeper Vol. 4-LP-1995-JCE
VA-This Funky Thing-LP-1997-JCE
VA--Tighten Up With Soul-(TR 103)-Vinyl-2005-jAZzMan
VA-Tortilla Funk-1998-IGR
VA-Total Funk-4CD-Advance-2002-JUST
VA-Totally Wired-Old School New Cool 2-(AJXCD175)-CD-2005-OBC
VA--Tributo Ao Funk by DJ Marlboro-BR-2010-WUS
VA-Tru Thoughts Licensing And Synch Showreel 01-Promo CD-2007-MK2
VA-Ubiquity Records Inc 12 Singles Spring-Promo CDr-2006-AES
VA-Ultimate Brazilian Breaks and Beats-LP-2006-bossa
VA-Underground Funk Rare Groove Ltd Ed-Vinyl-1993-IGR
VA-Urban Classics Vol. 1-1988-JCE
VA-Urban Classics Vol 2-1988-JCE
VA-Vintage Grooves Funk Vol.1-2CD-2007-WRE
VA-Voodoo Soul-Deep and Dirty New Orleans Funk-2001-IGR
VA-What It Is Funky Soul and Rare Grooves-(Rhino)-4CD-2006-mbs
VA-Wheedles Groove Seattles Finest in Funk and Soul 1965-75-2004-CMS
Venetian Snares-Badminton-Limited Edition-(VLS)-2003-FWYH
Zapp And Roger-All The Greatest Hits-1993-CDSINGLESV2
Zapp and Roger-All The Greatest Hits-1993-FTD INT
Zapp And Roger-All The Greatest Hits-1993-IGR
Zapp-The New Zapp IV U-1985-C4 INT
Zapp-Zapp II-1982-C4 INT
Zapp-Zapp-1980-C4 INT
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