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  Others | Author: Admin | 19-04-2020, 00:05

Losoul - Open Door (PLAY006)-EP-1996-TR
Losoul-Getting Even-(PLAY013CD)-Promo-CD-2004-BFHMP3
Losoul--Mandu (PLAY016)-EP-1997-CMC
Losoul--Synchro (PLAY 019)-EP-1998-CMC
Lotus Eaters-Wurmwulv-2007-FFWG INT
Lotus-A Taster for the Big One-1999-aAF
Lotus-Bossalaus (The Mark Of The Lotus)-RETAIL-2002-WCR
Lotus-Gilded Age-2014-WEB320
Lotus-Lazy Jane-Promo-CDM-IT-2003-BWA
Lotus-Quartet Conspiracy-2000-AMRC
Lotus-Space Of Time-Vinyl-2002-SND
Luca Lombardi-Artist Focus 13-(AEDAF13)-WEB-2013-AFO
Ludacris-Representin (Feat. Kelly Rowland)-(Digi-Single)-2012-XDG INT
Ludes-The Dark Art Of Happiness-(Advance)-2006-RNS
Ludo-Hits Collector-2CD-FR-2004-PUB
Ludo-Youre Awful I Love You-(Retail)-2008-FNT
Macy Gray-The Trouble with Being Myself-Retail-2003-Recycled INT
Madlib-Pill Jar-(MMS018)-VINYL-2013-jAZzMan
Madonna - Jump-CDM-2006-MiSFiTS
Madonna-GHV2 Greatest Hits Volume 2-2001-SRM
Madonna-Greatest Hits Volume 2-2001-SRM
Madonna-Hard Candy-(Bonus Track)-2008-UNLiKEAViRGiN
Madonna-Hard Candy-Retail-2008-Recycled INT
Madonna-House The Music Of Club-CD-2005-eTs
Madonna-Madame X-Deluxe Edition-2CD-2019-DDS
Madonna-Music (Album Promo)-2000-RNS
Magazine 60-Pancho Villa (Star De Cantina)-(Polydor885497)-Vinyl-1986-BFHMP3
Magic Island-Music For Balearic People Volume 2 Mixed By Roger Shah-Promo-2009-WAV INT
Mammatus-Sparkling Waters-2015-WEB320
Mando Diao - Hurricane Bar-2004-BTB
Manic Focus-Cerebral Eclipse-2014-WEB320
Manic Focus-Defintion of the Rhythm-2012-WEB320
Manic Focus-Distant Perspective-2013-WEB320
Manic Focus-Expanding Mind-2012-WEB320
Marco V Feat Jonathan Mendelsohn-Coming Back-WEB-2010-WAV
Marduk - Blackcrowned-2CD-Limited Edition-Compilation-2002-DodSno
Marduk-Dark Endless (25th Anniversary Edition)-2017-ELITE
Marduk-Deathmarch Tour EP-Ltd.Ed. CDM-2004-AMRC
Marduk-Fuck Me Jesus (Re-Release)-1999-AMRC INT
Marduk-Fuck Me Jesus-Demo-1991-grmg
Marduk-Heres No Peace-Reissue Digipak MCD-2001-BERC
Marduk-Panzer Division Marduk-Remastered-2008-MTD
Marduk-Rom 512-2007-DNR
Marduk-Those Of The Unlight-1993-DDZ INT
Margaret Cho-Revolution-2003-RNS
Maria Mena - Another Phase-CDA-2002-CiG
Marillion-Marbles-2CD-Limited Edition-2004-SnS
Marilyn Manson-Lest We Forget The Video Collection-DVD-2004-aAF
Marilyn Mazur And Jan Garbarek--Elixir-(ECM)-CD-2008-jAZzMan
Mark Farina - Cars (OM)-Promo-CDR-2005-EMP
Mark Farina - Landscape EP (PHR 015)-Vinyl-2001-EMP
Mark Farina - San Francisco Sessions-1999-FAF INT
Mark Farina - Time 2 Jack-(MFF12029)-Vinyl-2003-EMP
Mark Farina and Homero Espinosa--Somebody To Love-(MM148)-SINGLE-WEB-2018-dh
Mark Farina and Koenie-Live at Fuse (06-12-2002)-CABLE-2002-KTMP3
Mark Farina-Air Farina-2003-WHOA
Mark Farina-Cali Spaces-(CDM)-2005-MBI
Mark Farina-Mushroom Jazz Vol. 6-2008-FTD
Mark Farina-Mushroom Jazz Volume 1 (Continuous DJ Mix)-(OM005)-WEB-2009-EMM
Mark Farina-Mushroom Jazz Volume 2 (Continuous DJ Mix)-(OM015)-WEB-2009-EMM
Mark Farina-Mushroom Jazz Volume 3 (Continuous DJ Mix)-(OM065)-WEB-2009-EMM
Mark Farina-Mushroom Jazz Volume 4 (Continuous DJ Mix)-(OM125)-WEB-2009-EMM
Mark Farina-Mushroom Jazz Volume 5 (Continuous DJ Mix)-(OM175)-WEB-2009-EMM
Mark Farina-So Long-(ARD1024)-VINYL-1989-iDF
Mark Farina-Superman-ASIA1225-(WEB)-2008-ATRium
Mat Zo-Nuclear Fusion-(ANJ140D)-PROPER-WEB-2009-WLM
Matt Darey - Blossom and Decay-(ARDI3214)-(Extended Versions)-WEB-2012-E1
Matt Bukovski-Blissful Time-(MONSTER067)-WEB-2012-LOSSLESS
Mauro Picotto - Iguana-(BXR1211)-WEB-2010-WAVE
Max Farenthide Pres Disco Superstars-Slice Me Nice-WEB-2008-DOH
Max Sedgley - From The Roots To The Shoots-CD-2006-tronik
Max Sedgley - Happy (Incl Blackbeard And Bent Mixes)-Promo CDS-2004-tronik
Max Sedgley-Happy 2007 Remixes-Promo CDM-2007-OBC
Max Sedgley-Happy-VINYL-2003-BPM HOUSE
Max Sedgley-Slowly-(SBEST34)-Promo CDM-2006-NVS
Maxxi Soundsystem-Stellas Way-(ELL008)-WEB-2012-TraX
Meco-Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk-1977-(CD Re-Release)-1999-WEBV0
Medeski Martin and Wood--Zaebos Book of Angels Vol. 11-Digipak-2008-OMA
Medina-Velkommen Til Medina-DK-2009-pLAN9
Megadeth-Countdown To Extinction-(JP Edition)-1992-DNR
Megadeth-Countdown To Extinction-(Remastered)-2004-DNR
Megadeth-Peace Sells But Whos Buying Remastered-2004-AMRC
Megadeth-Risk-2CD-UK Limited Edition-1999-EOS
Megadeth-So Far So Good So What Remastered-2004-AMRC
Melodium-Flacana Flacana-2006-BCC
Memphis Minnie and Little Son Joe--Me and My Chauffeur 1935-1946-1997-FuFFENS
Menomena-Under An Hour-2006-RTB
Metaform-The Midnight Machine Act One-EP-WEB-2013-UGDN INT
Metallica - 17 Years In The Life Of Metallica-3CD-2003-RhR
Metallica-Hardwired To Self Destruct-2CD-2016-UNC
Metallica-Kill Em All (Remastered)-2016-H18
Metallica-St.Anger-REAL RETAIL-2003-MVP
Michael Jackson and Jackson 5-The Motown Years 50-3CD-2008-VOiCE
Michael Jackson-Bad-1987-NHH INT
Michael Jackson-Dangerous-1991-NHH INT
Michael Jackson-HIStory-2CD-1995-NHH INT
Michael Jackson-Jam-Retail CDM-1992-Recycled INT
Michael Jackson-Number Ones-2003-NHH INT
Michael Jackson-Thriller 25-(JP Retail)-2008-VAG
Mickey Avalon-Mickey Avalon-Retail-2006-Recycled INT
MIKE pres Plastic Boy-Chocolate Infusion Exposed-(CVSA102)-WEB-2010-3E
Miles Davis-Sketches Of Spain-1959-DNR
Millencolin-Live At Umea Open SWE 0409-RADIO-2005-SDR
Mind Flayer-Take Your Skin Off-Limited Edition Vinyl-2003-iTS
Mindflayer-Die and Mold Services-(VINYL)-2004-WEB320
Mindflayer-Expedition To The Hairier Peaks-2005-WEBV0
Mindflayer-Its Always 1999-(LOAD059)-2001-WEBV0
Mindflayer-Take Your Skin Off-2003-WEBV0
Missy Elliot-Miss E So Addictive (Clean Retail)-2001-RNS. Missy Elliot-Miss E So Addictive (Clean Retail)-2001-RNS
Missy Elliot-Under Construction-RETAIL-2002-EVIGHET
Mitch Hedberg-Mitch All Together-2003-DNR
Mitch Hedberg-Strategic Grill Locations-2002-DNR
Mnemic--The Audio Injected Soul-Promo-2004-ViC
Moby-Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (Remixes)-(UK CDS)-1999-DNR
Molly Hatchet-25th Anniversary-Best Of Re-Recorded-2003-SER
Morten Abel-Some Of Us Will Make It-2006-WUB
Motif--Apo Calypso-(Jazzland)-CD-2008-jAZzMan
Motorhead - Hammered-2CD-(Limited Edition)-2002-AOD
Motorhead - Iron Fist-REMASTERED-1996-AMRC
Motorhead-Ace Of Spades-1980-DNR
motorhead-another perfect day-1983-dnr
Motorhead-Dirty Love-1989-DNR
Motorhead-Eat The Rich-(Vinyl EP)-1987-DNR
Motorhead-No Sleep Til Hammersmith-(Reissue)-2004-DNR
Motorhead-The Very Best Of-2002-DNR
Motorhead-The World Is Yours-(Digipak)-2011-DNR
Mr. President - Coco Jamboo-(1996)-2005-djbase
Mr. President - Coco Jamboo-(CDM)-1996-ATRium INT
Mr. President-Coco Jamboo-1996-GRiPP
Mr. President-Forever and One Day-Japan Import-CD-2003-AEC
Mr. President-Give A Little Love-CDM-1999-BFHMP3
Mr. President-Happy People-CDM-1998-BFHMP3
Mr President-Show Me the Way-CDM-1996-JPL
Muneshine-Winter 2012 Beat Tape-2012-DiTF
Murs and 9th Wonder-Brighter Daze-WEB-2016-DVS
Narada Michael Walden-The Dance of Life (1979)-Remastered-2000-JCE
Natural Born Grooves - Soul System-(ZYX86578-CDM)-1997-DRUM
Nebula-H-Rh-2CD-Limited Edition-2008-FWYH
Neil Gaiman And Amanda Palmer-An Evening With Neil Gaiman And Amanda Palmer-3CD-2013-C4
Nelly Furtado - The Greatest Hits-2009-CSM
Nerutto - Beverly Hills Cop-(FZ80R005)-WEB-2014-PUTA
Neuroticfish-A Greater Good-2008-FWYH
new birth-blind baby-comin form all ends-2000-bsc
New Order-Waiting for the Sirens Call-2005-SSR
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds-Let Love In-1994-DNR
Nick Lachey-Whats Left of Me-2006-eXe
Nicki Minaj and Cassie-The Boys-(Digi-Single)-2012-XDG INT
Nina Sky-On Some Bullshit-(Promo CDR)-2008-ZzZz
Nine Inch Nails-Children Of The Night Bootleg-1996-KSi INT
Nirvana-MTV Unplugged In New York-1994-KSI INT
Nirvana-Nevermind-4CD-Super Deluxe Edition-2011-EOS
No Mercy-No Mercy-CD-1996-NVS
O.S.T-Wassup Rockers-2006-rH
Oasis-Heathen Chemistry (Retail)-2002-RNS
Offer Nissim Feat. Maya Simantov - Over You-(Retail CD)-2010-ATRium
Offer Nissim feat. Maya-First Time-(Proper)-2005-wAx
Offer Nissim Featuring Maya-Perfect Love-(STARCD13172)-CDM-2006-NVS
Offer Nissim-Be My Boyfriend-(STARCD13242)-CDM-2007-NVS
Ohm-Amino Acid Flashback-2005-SMO
Oingo Boingo-Dead Mans Party-1985-EOS
Old Mans Child-In Defiance Of Existence-2003-UBE
Oliver Hacke - Mid Atlantic-(ATC 017)-READ NFO-Vinyl-2006-JFK
Oliver Hacke-Millepieds Remixes-(LVL06)-(WEB)-2006-DLiVE
Oliver Hacke--Subject Carrier-(TRAPEZ044LP)-WEB-2004-dh
Oliver Hacke--Subject Carrier Remixes-(TRAPEZ054)-WEB-2005-SiBERiA iNT
Omnimotion - Dream Wide Awake-2006-gEm
One Day As A Lion-One Day As A Lion-(Digipak EP)-2008-DNR
One Man Army And The Undead Quartet-Error in Evolution-Promo-CD-2007-QTXMp3
One Man Army And the Undead Quartet-Grim Tales-Promo-2008-QTXMp3
Onom Agemo and The Disco Jumpers-Cranes and Carpets-2015-WEBV0
Onova-Platitude (Allen Watts Remix)-MPURE023-WEB-2014-JUSTiFY
Opeth - Blackwater Park-2CD-Ltd.Ed.-2002-WLM
Opeth-Damnation-2003-DeBT iNT
Opeth-Damnation-Reissue-2006-mwnd int
Opeth-Ghost Reveries-Reissue-2006-FKK
Opeth-Mellotron Heart-Ltd.Ed. CDS-2008-EOS
OST-Bully Soundtrack-2001-EMG INT
OST-Encino Man-1992-EOS
OST-Party Monster-2003-PMS
OST--Pecado Capital-LP-BR-1975-jAZzMan
P.O.D.-Greatest Hits the Atlantic Years-2006-FTM
P.Six vs. Guru Josh Project-Let Me Know (Infinity)-CDM-2009-VOiCE
P24-Stimmen Bleiben Stumm-DE-2008-FWYH
Panjabi MC - Another Sellout-BHANGRA-1994-ROD
Papa Roach - Getting Away with Murder-Advance-2004-FKK
Papa Roach-Between Angels And Insects-AUS CDS-2001-aPC
Papa Roach-Hollywood Whore-(EP)-2008-PMS
Papa Roach-Infest-2000-FIH INT
Papa Roach-Infest-2000-NHH INT
Papa Roach-She Loves Me Not (European CDS)-2002-PMS
Paradiso Girls Ft Lil Jon And Eve-Patron Tequila-(Promo CDM)-2009-WHOA
Paradiso Girls Ft Lil Jon-Patron Tequila-(Promo CDS)-2009-WHOA
Parra For Cuva-Veiled In Blue EP-WEB-2014-wWs
Pascal Feat. Karen Parry-I Think Were Alone Now-Promo-CDS-2002-BWA
Patty Griffin-A Kiss In Time (Advance)-2003-KSi
Patty Griffin-Children Running Through-(Proper Advance)-2007-FNT
Patty Griffin-Children Running Through-(Retail)-2007-FNT
Paul Oakenfold-Come Together-(PRFLU021)-WEB-2013-VL
Paul Trainer-Outbound-DISCWL33-WEB-2012-TraX
Paul Van Dyk-Evolution-CD-2012-QMI
Paul Van Dyk-Zurdo OST-2002-MIL
Pearl Jam-Lost Dogs Rarities and B Sides-2CD-2003-NHH INT
Pearl Jam-Pearl Jam-2006-NHH INT
Pearl Jam-Rearviewmirror Greatest Hits 1991-2003-2CD-2004-NHH INT
Pearl Jam-Ten-(AU Edition)-2005-NHH INT
Pearl Jam-Vitalogy-1994-NHH INT
PEGA5U5-Hippocrene (VIP Edits)-WEB-2016-WEBV0
PEGA5U5-The Flock-WEB-2014-WEBV0
Phil Lynott-Outlawed the Real Phil Lynott-Bonus CD-Live-2006-AMRC
Philippe El Sisi and Abstract Vision ft Jilliana Danise - This Time-(HTW0012)-WEB-2014-BC
Phuture Noize - Black Mirror Society Deluxe Edition (DJ Mixes)-WEB-2019-SRG
Pink Floyd-Echoes The Best Of Pink Floyd (ReRip)-2CD-2001-KSi
Pink Floyd-The Wall-2CD-Retail-1979-Recycled INT
Pink-Funhouse-Promo CDM-2009-USF
Placebo-Sleeping With Ghosts-Retail-2003-JUST
Pleasurekraft - Carny-(GSR117)-WEB-2111-UME
Polica-United Crushers-2016-C4
Portishead - Toy Box (Special Edition) (2002)-WOS
Primal Fear-Rulebreaker-2016-SoR
Prince And The Revolution-Purple Rain-(OST)-1984-HNH
Prince and The Revolution-Purple Rain-(Remastered)-(Limited Edition)-2009-SO
Prince-Around The World In A Day-1985-DNR
Prince-Diamonds And Pearls-1991-DNR
Prince-For You-1978-DNR
Proof-Electric Coolaid Acid Testing-EP-2002-EAC
PS I Love You-Meet At The Muster Station-2010-DNR
Pseudo Echo - Love An Adventure-1987-aAF
Pseudo Echo-Autumnal Park (Remastered with Bonus Tracks)-2005-JUST
Pseudo Echo-Best Adventures-1995-AUM
Quanta - Dream Before You Sleep-EP-2013-BR
Quanta - Elements-WEB-2016-BR
R. Stevie Moore-Nevertheless Optimistic-RETAIL-2003-ESC
R Stevie Moore-1984U-2CD-1984-WEB320
R Stevie Moore-All Well And Good-2CD-1986-WEB320
R Stevie Moore-Bob Moore on Hickory-2013-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Burst Upon The Scene-2013-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Clack-1980-WEB320
R Stevie Moore-Column 88-1981-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Control Panel-2012-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Delicate Tension-1978-WEB320
R Stevie Moore-Embarrass Paris-1984-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Free Pussy Riot-2012-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Games and Groceries-2CD-1978-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Glad Music-1986-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Homers-1973-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-How Can You Resist R Stevie Moore-1982-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Iconoclasm-1973-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Monotheism-1973-WEB320
R Stevie Moore-Moore Often-1975-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Musts-1983-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-New World Elder-2013-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Next Apologies To Mr Gottlieb-1974-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-NUN2 (Innuendos)-1973-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Of the Problematic Delight-2016-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-On Graycroft-1969-WEB320
R Stevie Moore-Phonography-1976-WEB320
R Stevie Moore-Please Leave-2012-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Pow Wow-1978-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Price Check Moores Code Freedom Now-2014-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Purpose-1986-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Quits-1979-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-R Stevie Moore (1952-19XX)-(NJ35)-1981-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-R Stevie Moore (1952-19XX)-1987-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-R-2CD-1979-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Sheetrock-1978-WEB320
R Stevie Moore-Stevie Does The Beatles-1975-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Stevie Moore or Less-1975-WEB320
R Stevie Moore-Swing and a Miss-1977-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Teenage Spectacular-1987-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-The North-2CD-1978-WEB320
R Stevie Moore-Warning R Stevie Moore-1988-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Whats The Point-1984-WEBV0
Radio Citizen-Berlin Serengeti (Advance)-2006-FM
Radion6 and Katty Heath-Beautiful Nothing-RNMR011-WEB-2014-JUSTiFY
Rage Against The Machine-Evil Empire-1996-FIH INT
Rage Against the Machine-Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium-2003-RNS
Rage-Perfect Man-Remastered-2002-MCA int
Rainbow Bridge-Rainbow Bridge-1997-pLAN9
Rainman-Bigga Than Life-2007-WHOA
Rainman-Fire In The Belly-2006-41st
Rainman-Out Here BW Go On (Talk That Shit)-(CDS)-2006-APT
Rainman-The Takeover-(Bootleg)-2006-RC
Rammstein - Amerika (Remixes)-CDM-2004-UTZ
Rammstein - Amerika-CDM-2004-ASR INT
Rammstein - Brachiale gewalt-1998-ASR INT
Rammstein - Feuer Frei-CDM-DE-2002-MOD
Rammstein - Greatest Hits 99-1999-TURKMP3
Rammstein - Herzeleid-1995-ASR INT
Rammstein - Herzeleid-1995-SQR
Rammstein - Herzeleid-Retail-1997-BLOWMP3
Rammstein - Links 2 3 4-CDM-2001-MOD
Rammstein - Live Aus Berlin-2CD-1999-TTR
Rammstein - Live Aus Berlin-CD-DE-1999-FL iNT
Rammstein - Mein Land-CDM-DE-2011-MOD
Rammstein - Reise Reise-(Chinese Retail)-2CD-DE-2004-x3m
Rammstein - Reise Reise in the Mix (Limitierte Fanedition)-DE-2004-SYNDIKAT
Rammstein - Rosenrot-CDM-DE-2005-SYNDIKAT
Rammstein - Rosenrot-Ltd.Ed.-Bonus DVD-DE-2005-MOD
Rammstein - Sehnsucht-1997-ASR INT
Rammstein - Sonne-CDM-2001-CMG
Rammstein - Vater-remix-2003-ASR INT
Rammstein - Verbranntes Fleisch-1998-EiTheLMP3
Rammstein-Asche Zu Asche-(EP)-2001-IDM
Rammstein--Brachiale Gewalt-1998-FLF
Rammstein-Brachialste Gewalt-1998-GORE
Rammstein-Du Hast-CDS-1997-EBH
Rammstein-Du Riechst So Gut 98-(CDS)-1998-NaJ iNT
Rammstein-Engel-(Fan Edition)-(CDS)-1997-MB iNT
Rammstein-Festival Vilar De Mouros Portugal-2CD-Bootleg-2002-PtSL
Rammstein-Feuer Frei-CDM-2002-iNT-GORE
Rammstein-Herzeleid-(1995)-AMOK INT
Rammstein-Herzeleid (Remastered)-2LP-DE-2015-NATT INT
Rammstein-Im Reich Der Sonne-2CD-Bootleg-DE-2001-GORE
Rammstein-Liebe Ist Fuer Alle Da (Itunes Deluxe Version)-(Bonus Track)-WEB-DE-2009-VOiCE
Rammstein-Liebe Ist Fuer Alle Da (Itunes Deluxe Version)-WEB-DE-2009-VOiCE iNT
Rammstein-Liebe Ist Fuer Alle Da (Remastered)-2LP-DE-NATT INT
Rammstein-Live Aus Berlin (Limited Edition)-2CD-1999-iRO
Rammstein-Live In Paris Le Zenith-2CD-2001-ViC
Rammstein-Mann Gegen Mann-Promo CDS2-DE-2006-mwnd
Rammstein-Maximum Rammstein-2002-FFI
Rammstein-Mein Herz Brennt-CDM-(Limited Digipack Edition)-DE-2012-XY iNT
Rammstein-Mein Teil-Promo-2004-FjC iNT
Rammstein-Musik Wie Munition-Bootleg-2003-radial
Rammstein-Mutter (Limited Tour Edition)-2CD-2001-LiT iNT
Rammstein-Mutter (Promo)-2001-PMS
Rammstein-Mutter (Remastered)-2LP-DE-2015-NATT INT
Rammstein-Mutter (Retail)-EGO
Rammstein-Mutter-DE-2001-NER INT
Rammstein-Original Single Kollektion-6CD-199x-REV
Rammstein-Prague CZ-LIVE-12-03-2004-gnvr
Rammstein-Raritaeten (Remastered)-2LP-DE-2015-NATT INT
Rammstein-Reise Reise (Remastered)-2LP-DE-2015-NATT INT
Rammstein-Reise Reise-RETAIL-2004-ESC
Rammstein-Rosenrot-(Ltd Edition With Bonus DVD)-2005-SMP3
Rammstein-Rosenrot (Remastered)-2LP-DE-2015-NATT INT
Rammstein-Rosenrot-DE-2005-KORV iNT
Rammstein-Rosenrot-Ltd.Ed.-DVDA-DE-2005-KORV iNT
Rammstein-Seemann-(CDS)-1996-MB iNT
Rammstein-Sehnsucht-(Bonus Tracks)-1997-INT-GORE
Rammstein-Sehnsucht-(Japanese Import)-1998-NER INT
Rammstein-Sehnsucht (Remastered)-2LP-DE-2015-NATT INT
Rammstein-Sehnsucht-CD-1997-2TU INT
Rammstein-Sehnsucht-Jap Import-1997-AMRC
Rammstein-Stripped-Singles And Remixes-Bootleg-1998-D2H INT
Rammstein-Totes Fleisch (New Version)-(1998)-radial
Rammstein-Vater Remix-2003-TLT
Rammstein-Voelkerball-(Bonus DVD)-2006-uF
Rammstein-Voelkerball (Live in Nimes) (Limited Special Edition)-DE-2006-XY iNT
Rammstein-Wilder Wein-Demo CDS-DE-2004-OBC
Rammstein-Zeitreise Reisezeit-Bootleg-2005-radial
Rank 1 Vs Jochen Miller-And Then-(HCR051)-CDS-2008-DGN
Ratatat-9 Beats-2006-InD
Richard Pryor-The Wizard Of Comedy-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Rick James-Cold Blooded-LP-1983-JCE
Rick James-Street Songs - Deluxe Edition-2CD-2001-FuFFENS
Rick James-This Magic Moment Dance with Me-VLS-1989-JCE
Rihanna-Only Girl In The World-WEB-2010-PWT
Ringo Starr - Blast From Your Past-1975-aAF
Ringo Starr - I Wanna Be Santa Claus-1999-v8
Ringo Starr-Choose Love-2005-RNS
Ringo Starr-Goodnight Vienna-LP-1974-JCE
Ringo Starr-I Wanna Be Santa Claus-Remastered-2003-SSR
Ringo Starr-In Concert-2005-WRE
Ringo Starr-Liverpool 8-2008-BEATLES
Ringo Starr-Photograph-The Very Best Of Ringo Starr-2007-DNR
Ringo Starr-Sentimental Journey-(1970)-LOGOS
Ringo Starr-Time Takes Time-1992-DNR
Rob Zombie-Hellbilly Deluxe 2-Reissue-2010-CRUELTY
Rob Zombie-The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser-2016-MTD
Robbie Williams-Rudebox-(Proper)-2006-RNS
Robert Miles-Organik-2001-iRO
Robert Miles-Thirteen-(Promo)-2011-404
Roc Raida-Hater Breaks Pt. 2-Vinyl-2003-bSC
Rockwell-Somebodys Watching Me-LP-1984-JCE
Roisin Murphy-Overpowered-(Advance)-2007-404
Ron Hagen and A.R.D.I. and Sarah Lynn-Gold In The Sky (Signum Mix)-HTW0022B-WEB-2014-JUSTiFY
Rufus and Chaka Khan-Ask Rufus-(Remastered)-2004-JCE
Rufus and Chaka Khan-Monsterjam (1979)-Remastered-2004-JCE
Rufus and Chaka Khan-Rags to Rufus (1974)-Remastered Ltd.Ed.Import-2004-JCE
Rufus and Chaka Khan-Rufus and Chaka Khan-(Remastered)-2004-JCE
Rufus and Chaka Khan-Rufus and Chaka Khan-1975-JCE
Rufus And Chaka Khan-Street Player (1978)-Remastered-2004-JCE
Rufus Feat. Chaka Khan-Rufusized (1974)-Remastered-2004-JCE
Rufus-Rufus (1973)-Remastered Ltd.Ed.Import-2004-JCE
Run DMC-Back From Hell-Retail-1990-Recycled INT
Ryan K-Foundenton-(TA202)-WEB-2019-AFO INT
Salem Al Fakir-This Is Who I Am-CD-2007-iPC
Sam Kinison - Leader of the Banned (1990)-IND
Sam Kinison-Have You Seen Me Lately-1988-EOS
Sandra Feat Whimsical and Kleen - I Morgen-Promo CDS-NO-2005-SMS
Sandra Lyng Haugen - Doegnvill-NO-2005-NERD
Santana-All That I Am-(Advance)-2005-RNS
Sarka Vankova - Verim Nahodam-CZ-2004-PiAD
Satanic Surfers-666 Motor Inn-1997-FK
Satanic Surfers-Going Nowhere Fast-1999-rH
Satanic Surfers-Unconsciously Confined-Retail-Promo-2002-JUST
Satyricon-Dark Medieval Times-1993-DOM
Satyricon-The Shadowthrone-1994-DOM
Scar Symmetry-Dark Matter Dimensions-2009-COS
Scissor Sisters-Ta-Dah-2006-RNS
Seed (aka Paul Schutze)-Vertical memory-(Beyond)-1995-JUST
Seether-Disclaimer II-2004-RNS
Seether-Fine Again-CDM-2004-FKK
Seven Tears-In Every Frozen Tear-Promo-2007-AMRC
Sevendust-Animosity-2CD-(Limited Edition)-2001-DNR
Sevendust-Chapter VII Hope And Sorrow-2008-SEVENDUST
Sevendust-Seasons (Explicit Retail)-2003-SWE
Shadows Fall-Fallout From The War-Promo-CD-2006-QTXMp3
Shadows Fall-The Art Of Balance-WEB-2002-ENTiTLED iNT
Shadows Fall-The War Within-WEB-2004-ENTiTLED iNT
Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings-Keep On Looking-VLS-2008-CMS
Sharon Jones And The Dap-Kings-Naturally-2005-ESC
Sharon Jones Dap-Kings-Dap Dippin-2002-JK
Shawn Colvin-These Four Walls-2006-JUST
Shock Treatment-Were Back Home-1997-iTS
Silje Nergaard-Be Still My Heart-The Essential-2005-PRS
Simon Patterson-Always Jordan Suckley Remix-(NV033)-WEB-2012-wAx
Simon Patterson-Northern Lights-NV023-WEB-2012-TraX
Simple Minds-Graffiti Soul-2009-ONe
Size Queen-Dance B.W Horny-VLS-2002-TWCMP3
Sizequeen-I Am Ready Sal Dano-CDS-2003-HTS
Sjammienators - Mop Mop Gas Der Op (2014 Edit)-(HCMALICE033)-WEB-2014-BC
Sjammienators - Mop Mop Gas Der Op-WEB-2013-HCC
Skye Ross-Skye Ross-PROPER-CDA-2016-wAx
Slipknot-London ENG 0524-2004-EOSiNT
Soil-Redefine-(Full Advance)-2004-RNS
SOiL-Scars-2001-NHH INT
Solarstone With Aly And Fila-Fireisland-(BH4710)-WEB-2012-wAx
Solex and Badlands-Wither and Fly Solex and DJ Eco Mix-(IST037)-WEB-2010-3E
Son House-Delta Blues And Spirituals-(Remastered)-2001-DNR
Son House-Delta Blues-2004-MVP
Son House-Father of The Delta Blues The Complete 1965 Sessions-2CD-1992-DNR
Sonmi451--A Phosphorous Spot-2006-1way
Souls Of Mischief-93 Til Infinity Instrumentals-Reissue-LP-2004-NuC
Souls of Mischief-Focus LP-1999-RNS
Souls of Mischief-No Mans Land-1995-OSR
Souls Of Mischief-Trilogy (EXPLICIT RETAIL)-2000-RNS
Soundgarden-Badmotorfinger-1991-EMG INT
Soundgarden-Superunknown 20th Anniversary-REMASTERED-2CD-2014-G3L INT
Soundgarden-Superunknown-1994-EMG INT
Squarz Kamel - New Adventure-(ND220)-WEB-2017-PUTA
Staind-Break The Cycle (RETAIL)-2001-KSi
Staind-Break the Cycle-2001-EMG INT
Staind-Chapter V-Limited Edition-2005-BUTT
Staind-Chapter V-Retail-2005-Recycled INT
Staind-Dysfunction-1999-NER INT
Staind-Dysfunction-1999-NHH INT
Staind-Staind-Special Edition-2011-EOS
Staind-Tormented-1996-NER INT
Staircase and Soulside-Restless Being incl Skytech Remix-(EMPHASE015)-WEB-2010-GAF
Stevie Wonder-Hotter Than July-1980-DNR
Stevie Wonder-Hotter Than July-WEB-1980-ENTiTLED iNT
Stone Sour-Greatest Hits-2015-ANONYMOUS
Stone Temple Pilots-Core-2CD-(Remastered Deluxe Edition)-2017-DNR
Stone Temple Pilots-No 4-1999-aPC
Stone Temple Pilots-Thank You-AUS Bonus Track-2003-aAF
Strapping Young Lad-Alien (JAP Import)-2005-EOS
Strapping Young Lad-Alien-2005-DNR
Strapping Young Lad-Chaos Years (1994-2006)-2008-EOS
Strapping Young Lad-City (JAP Import)-1997-EOS
Strapping Young Lad-Strapping Young Lad (JAP Import)-2003-EOS
Strapping Young Lad-The New Black (JAP Import)-2006-EOS
Sugababes-Denial-Promo CDM-2008-GTi
Sugarhill Gang-Sugarhill Gang-LP-1979-MC
Suicide - Near Death Experience-2013-FREE
Suicide-Near Death Experience-2013-KRIEG
Suicide-One of Your Neighbours-2004-FFF
Sun Ra and His Astro Infinity Orchestra-Strange Strings-LP-1967-JCE
Sun Ra--Strange Strings-2007-i8
Sunn O)))-Kannon-Limited Edition-Vinyl-2015-FFWG INT
Super8-Alba Dawn EP-(ANJ022)-2004-LOSSLESS-MiNiMAL
Susana-Brave Extended Mixes-(ARDI3031)-WEB-2012-TT
Susperia-Devil May Care-(EP)-2005-DNR
Susperia-Illusions of Evil-Demo-2000-BERC
Suzanne Vega-Solitude Standing-1987-D2H INT
Suzanne Vega-Songs In Red And Grey-2001-DNR
Svenson And Gielen - The Beauty Of Silence-CDA-2002-iDC
Sweet Coffee - Naked City-CD-2007-LiR
Swingin Utters-Five Lessons Learned-1998-rH
Sylvia Robinson-Pillow Talk-1973-WEBV0
Sylvia Robinson-Sweet Stuff-1976-WEB320
Sylvia Robinson-Sylvia-1976-WEB320
Symbolico-The Divine Purpose-WEB-2014-FALCON
System of a Down-Steal This Album-2002-NHH INT
System of a Down-System of a Down-1998-NHH INT
Taka Boom Ft Chaka Khan-Groove Like That-VINYL-2003-BPM HOUSE
Tall Paul-Rock Da House-CDM-1997-GTi
Talla 2XLC vs Carl B feat Katie Marne - Giving Up Giving In-(TETS105)-READ NFO-WEB-2008-EUPHORIC
Tenishia-Shores Of Eden-(ASOT169)-WEB-2011-3E
Terry Reid - Seed of Memory-1976-SOM
Terry Reid-Bang Bang Youre Terry Reid-1996-UTB
Terry Reid-Self Titled-1996-UTB
Terry Reid-Super Lungs-2CD-Retail-2004-CRN
The 69 Eyes-Back In Blood-(Advance)-2009-pLAN9
The Beatles - Abbey Road-1969-FAF INT
The Beatles - Love-CD-2006-SQ
The Beatles - Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band-1967-FAF INT
The Beatles - The Beatles White Album-2CD-1968-FAF INT
The Black Angels-Black Angel Exit-EP-2008-MwT iNT
The Black Angels-Phosphene Dream-2010-MTD
The Black Lips-ST (BOMP)-2003-SDR
The Black Lips-The Black Lips-2003-RNS
The Bluetones-Collection-2008-DV8
The Bluetones-Expecting To Fly-1996-DNR
The Bluetones-Luxembourg-2003-RNS
The Bluetones-Return To The Last Chance Saloon-1998-DNR
The Bluetones-Science And Nature-2000-DNR
The Bluetones-The Bluetones-2006-DNR
The Bluetones-The Singles-2CD-Ltd.Ed.-2002-SSR
The Cardigans-Best Of-2CD-(Limited Edition)-2008-DNR
The Cardigans-Emmerdale-1994-DNR
The Cardigans-Emmerdale-2CD-(US Edition)-1999-DNR
The Cardigans-First Band On The Moon-(JP Edition Reissue)-1996-DNR
The Cardigans-First Band On The Moon-1996-DNR
The Cardigans-Long Gone Before Daylight-2003-DNR
The Cardigans-The Other Side Of The Moon-(JP Edition)-1997-DNR
The Cold Crush Brothers-Punk Rock Rap (Vinyl)-1983-ATM
The Coup De Grace-The Coup De Grace-1990-AMRC
The Coup Ft Black Thought and Talib Kweli-My Favorite Mutiny-CDM-2005-FTD
The Coup-5 Million Ways To Kill A C.E.O.-VLS-2001-FTD
The Coup-Dig It (Cds)-1993-nJC
The Coup-Fat Cats and Bigga Fish-DVDRip-SVCD-1994-MVS
The Coup-Fat Cats Bigga Fish (12 Inch)-1994-CMS
The Coup-Funk-(CDS)-1993-GTP
The Coup-Genocide and Juice-1994-OSR
The Coupland - Breathe-CDM-2004-ALC
The Coupland - Illusions-Promo-2004-ALC
The Couple-Huh Yet-(EP)-KR-2009-KQX
The Coup-Not Yet Free-VLS-1993-ADE
The Coup-Pick A Bigger Weapon-(86720-2)-CD-2006-iPC
The Coup-Takin These-Maxi CD-1994-RNS
The Coup-Takin These-Maxi Single-1994-FTD
The Cranberries-Bury The Hatchet-2CD-(Australian Limited Edition)-1999-DNR
The Cranberries-Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Cant We-1993-DNR
The Cranberries-No Need To Argue-1994-DNR
The Cranberries-Roses-2012-MOD
The Cranberries-To The Faithful Departed-1996-DNR
The Cranberries-When Youre Gone-(CDM)-1996-DNR
The Crystal Method-Keep Hope A-(CDS)-2001-JCE
The Doors-Alive She Cried-1983-DNR
The Doors-Greatest Hits-(Vinyl)-1980-DNR
The Doors-Strange Days-(Remastered)-1999-FIH INT
The Doors-Strange Days-1967-DNR
The Doors-The Best of the Doors-2CD-(Remastered)-2000-EMG INT
The Doors-The Best Of-2CD-(Limited Edition Digipak)-2000-DNR
The Doors-The Soft Parade-Remastered-2009-AMRC
The Doors-The Very Best Of-3CD-(Limited Edition)-(Import)-2007-DNR
The Doors-Waiting For The Sun-1968-DNR
The Dzihan And Kamien Orchestra-Live In Vienna-2CD-2004-EMG INT
The Greyboy Allstars-What Happened to Television-2007-MFN
The Hep Stars-We And Our Cadillac-(1965)-1996-STEREO
The Isley Brothers And Santana-Power Of Peace-2017-RiBS
The Isley Brothers-3 Plus 3-1973-IGR
The Isley Brothers-3 Plus 3-Remastered-1973-99 INT
The Isley Brothers-Best of Isley Brothers Scepter Citation Series-LP-1972-JCE
The Isley Brothers-Between The Sheets-1983-99 INT
The Isley Brothers-Between The Sheets-1983-SSG
The Isley Brothers-Eternal-2001-EGO
The Isley Brothers-Forever Gold-LP-1977-JCE
The Isley Brothers-Go for Your Guns (1977)-Remastered-1990-JCE
The Isley Brothers-Isleys Live-1973-BLA
The Isley Brothers-Showdown-1978-BLA
The Isley Brothers-The Best Of The Early Years-1997-0MNi
The Isley Brothers-Ultimate Collection-2CD-2000-BLA
The Jesus And Mary Chain-Psychocandy (Expanded Version)-WEB-1985-MOHAWK
The Latin Kings-Omerta-SE-2003-RNS
The LilysAspera Ad Astra-Split CDS-2000-NuHS
The Magician Feat. Years And Years-Sunlight (Remixes)-(825646210848)-WEB-2014-IDF
The Motet-Dig Deep-2009-WEBV0
The Motet-Instrumental Dissent-2006-WEBV0
The Motet-Music for Life-2004-WEBV0
The Motet-Play-2000-WEBV0
The Motet-The Motet-2014-WEBV0
The Motet-Totem-2016-WEBV0
The Mumlers-Dont Throw Me Away-2009-FNT
The New Deal--Live NYC-2CD2002-kW
The New Deal-Mercury Switch-2016-WEBV0
the New Deal-the New Deal-2001-iRO
The Police-Outlandos Damour-1978-DuDE
The Prodigy-The Singles (Bootleg)-2000-CHR
The Rolling Stones-40 Licks-(1962-2002)-Retail-2CD-2002-SWE
The Rolling Stones-Voodoo Lounge-1994-iONx
The Sails-The Sails-2006-EGO
The Sequence-Funk You Up-WEBRIP-VLS-1979-YYY
The Sequence-In Lights-(EP)-2009-DV8
The Sequence-Monster Jam-2CD-2000-IGR
The Sushi Club-Sushidelic (4mpo ReIssue)-CD-2006-MiM
The Thrillseekers-When All Else Fails-WEB-2013-TSP
The Trammps - The Legenday Zing Album (KWEST)-CD-1990-kiNky
The Trammps-Mixin it Up-LP-1980-JCE
The Trammps-The Whole Worlds Dancing-(LP)-1979-OSC
The Trammps-Where the Happy People Go-(LP)-1976-OSC
The Turtles-Elenore-Reissue CD-1993-WC2R
The Turtles-Happy Together 1967-Reissue-2000-JCE
The Turtles-It Aint Me Babe-(REP4399WY)-Remastered and Expanded CD-1993-WC2R
The Turtles-Turtle Soup 1969-Reissue-1998-JCE
The Turtles-You Baby-1966-JUST
The Turtles-You Baby-Let Me Be 1966-Reissue-2000-JCE
The Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band-The Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band-Reissue-2005-CMS
The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band-Hot Heat and Sweet Groove-Remastered-2007-FTD
The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band-In The Jungle Babe-Remastered-2007-FTD
The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band-Together-Remastered-2007-FTD
Thomas Newman-The People Vs Larry Flynt OST-1996-SiRiON
Tiesto-Kaleidoscope-(V0 CD)-2009-TNMy INT
Timbaland Feat Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake-Give it to Me-CDS-2007-CMS
Tipper-Jettison Mind Hatch-2019-WEBV0
TLC-The Very Best Of Crazy Sexy Hits-2007-OSC
Todd Terje-Remaster Of The Universe-2CD-2010-DNR
Todd Terje-Snooze 4 Love Remixed-(OLS014)-WEB-2016-iDC
Tom Novy - Back to the Streets-CDM-2002-MOD
Tommy Tutone - Tommy Tutone 2-1981-aAF
Tommy Tutone - Tommy Tutone-1980-aAF
Toni Basil-Oh Mickey-2CD-2003-SSR
Toni Basil-The Best of-1994-SMO
Trammps-Disco Champs Plus-1999-IGR
Trance Arts and Sonic Element-Reformation-(PRFLU011)-WEB-2012-VL
Tricky-Knowle West Boy-2008-DNR
TRS-80--Mr Kickass-2002-WEB320
Tube And Berger - We Are All Stars-(KITT143)-WEB-2017-BDR
Tube And Berger Feat. Alegant - CURE-(KITT164)-WEB-2018-BDR
Tube And Berger Feat Vanity-Funky Shit-Promo Vinyl-2007-SND
Turtles-Happy Together the Very Best of the Turtles-Remastered-2004-SSR
Turtles-Happy Together-1967-JUST
Ty Segall-Ty Rex-WEB-2015-ENTITLED
Ty Segall-Ty Segall-2017-WEB320
Type 41-Mythology-EDGE033-WEB-2014-JUSTiFY
Ulf Lundell-Hogtryck-SE-2005-ATM
Urban Dance Squad-Artantica-Retail-2000-Recycled INT
Urban Dance Squad-Demagogue-(VLS)-1994-DNR
Urban Dance Squad-Life N Perspectives of A Genuine Crossover-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Urban Dance Squad-Mental Floss For The Globe-1990-DNR
Urban Dance Squad-The Singles Collection-2006-DNR
Utom Alla--Alskade Sjukdom-CDR-2006-1way
VA - Abbacadabramix Mixed By Techmix-2008-Bootleg-ZellDance
VA - Barcelona 2016 (Compiled by Chus and Ceballos)-(SP181)-WEB-2016-PUTA
VA - Beat Mix Eurodance Vol.1-Bootleg-2009-SYNDIKAT
VA - Boatparty 2002 Love Mix - Mixed By Tommyboy-CD-2002-ADR
VA - Boatparty 2002 Party Mix - Mixed By Tommyboy-CD-2002-ADR
VA - Bravo Black Hits Vol. 3-2CD-2000-MOD
VA - Bravo Black Hits Vol.8-2CD-2003-OGi
VA - Bravo Black Hits Vol 13-2CD-2005-MOD
VA - Bravo Black Hits Vol 15-2CD-2006-MOD
VA - Bravo Black Hits Vol 16-2CD-2007-MOD
Va - Bravo Black Hits Vol 17-2CD-2007-MOD
VA - Bravo Black Hits Vol 18-2CD-2008-YSP
VA - Bravo Black Hits Vol 19-2CD-2008-YSP
VA - Bravo Black Hits Vol 20-2CD-2009-YSP
VA - Bravo Black Hits Vol 21-2CD-2009-YSP
VA - Bravo Black Hits Vol 23-2CD-2010-YSP
VA - Bravo Black Hits Vol 4-2CD-2001-MOD
VA - Bravo Hits - Best of 90-2CD-1995-mCZ
VA - Bravo Hits - Best of 92-2CD-1995-mCZ
VA - Bravo Hits - Best of 93-2CD-1995-mCZ
VA - Bravo Hits 10-2CD-1995-DAW
VA - Bravo Hits 16-2CD-(1997)-LOGOS
VA - Bravo Hits 17-2CD-(1997)-LOGOS
VA - Bravo Hits 22-2CD-(1998)-LOGOS
VA - Bravo Hits 29-2CD-2000-ROYALMP3
VA - Bravo Hits 32-2CD-2001-MOD
Va - Bravo Hits 45-2CD-2004-NBD
Va - Bravo Hits 46-2CD-2004-NBD
VA - Bravo Hits 52-2CD-2006-VOiCE
VA - Bravo Hits 61-2CD-2008-MOD
VA - Bravo Hits 62-2CD-Retail-2008-MOD
VA - Bravo Hits 63-2CD-2008-MOD
VA - Bravo Hits Best of 95-2CD-1995-DAW
VA - Bravo Hits Vol. 64-2CD-2009-MOD
VA - Bravo Hits Vol.49-2CD-2005-BFHMP3
VA - Bravo the Hits 2002 Part 1-2CD-2002-MOD
VA - Bravo The Hits 2007-2CD-2007-MOD
VA - Bravo-The Hits 2001-2CD-2001-MOD
VA - Det Glade 60-Tall-2CD-2004-SMS
VA - Disco House 2 Mixed by Milk and Sugar and Damien J. Carter-2CD-2001-XDS
VA - Eye Trance 03-3CD-2001-NBD
VA - Fast and Furious 2009 OST-2009-FRESH
VA - Freee Magazin (2002-Okt) - Freee Mix - Mixed By Paul Van Dyk-(Promo)-CD-2002-ADR
VA - Garuda Presents Ben Gold Volume 1-(GARUDACD008)-WEB-2014-BC
VA - Happy People Mixed by Offer Nissim-PROPER-2CD-Promo-2008-JFK
VA - Hits For Kids 9-2003-WLM
VA - House Deluxe Vol.8-2CD-2004-MOD
VA - House Matic Club Hits- Mixed By Tommyboy-2CD-CD-1998-ADR
VA - Kadabra 4 Mixed By Igor S-CD-2004-iDC
VA - Offer Nissim - Pride All Over 2010-(Unmixed)-2010-ATRium
VA - Partyraiser Presents Machine City-2008-Homely
VA Bravo Hits Vol 29-CD-2000-NBD
VA-100 Disco Classics-5CD-2006-ONe
VA-Absolute Music 42-2CD-2003-ATM INT
VA-Armada Trance 2014 001 Sampler 1-ARDI3457-WEB-2014-JUSTiFY
VA-Autumn Thunder 40 Years of NFL Films Music Soundtrack-2004-WEBV0
VA-Beach House 0402-2CD-2002-SND
VA-Black Hole Compilation Vol 1-READNFO-1996-CR
VA-Bravo Black Hits 12-2CD-2005-NBD
VA-Bravo Black Hits Vol. 6-2CD-2002-TLT
VA-Bravo Black Hits Vol.10-2CD-2004-RpM
VA-Bravo Black Hits Vol.11-2CD-2004-MOD
VA-Bravo Black Hits Vol.7-2CD-2002-TLT
VA-Bravo Black Hits Vol.9-2CD-2003-TLT
VA-Bravo Black Hits Vol 1.-2002-BFHMP3
VA-Bravo Black Hits Vol 16-2CD-2007-MOD
VA-Bravo Hits (Best of 2006)-2CD-2006-B2R
VA-Bravo Hits 04-2CD-1993-WUFF INT
VA-Bravo Hits 05-2CD-1993-WUFF
VA-Bravo Hits 06-2CD-1994-WUFF
VA-Bravo Hits 07-2CD-1994-WUFF
VA-Bravo Hits 10-2CD-1995-ARCHIVE
VA-Bravo Hits 1-1992-ZzZz
VA-Bravo Hits 12-2CD-1996-EOS
VA-Bravo Hits 13-2CD-1996-EOS
VA-Bravo Hits 16-1997-BUL
VA-Bravo Hits 16-2CD-1997-EOS
VA-Bravo Hits 17-2CD-1997-EOS
VA-Bravo Hits 18-2CD-1997-EOS
VA-Bravo Hits 19-2CD-1997-EOS
VA-Bravo Hits 20-2CD-1998-WUFF INT
VA-Bravo Hits 21-.Polygram.-2CD-1998-BFHMP3
VA-Bravo Hits 22-2CD-1998-EOS
VA-Bravo Hits 24-2CD-1999-FLA
VA-Bravo Hits 25-2CD-1999-EOS
VA-Bravo Hits 25-2CD-1999-ROYALMP3
VA-Bravo Hits 27-2CD-1999-EOS
VA-Bravo Hits 28-2CD-2000-EOS
VA-Bravo Hits 29-2CD-2000-ROYALMP3
VA-Bravo Hits 3-2CD-(1993)-LOGOS
VA-Bravo Hits 34-2CD-2001-TLT
VA-Bravo Hits 35-2CD-2001-TLT
VA-Bravo Hits 36-2CD-2002-TLT
VA-Bravo Hits 37-2CD-Retail-2002-TLT
VA-Bravo Hits 37-2CD-Retail-Trackfix-2002-TLT
VA-Bravo Hits 38-2CD-2002-TLT
VA-Bravo Hits 38-2CD-2002-WMA
VA-Bravo Hits 39-2CD-2002-TLT
VA-Bravo Hits 40-2CD-2003-TLT
VA-Bravo Hits 41-2CD-2003-TLT
Va-Bravo Hits 45-2CD-2004-NBD
Va-Bravo Hits 46-2CD-2004-NBD
VA-Bravo Hits 48-2CD-2005-ALC
VA-Bravo Hits 49-2CD-2005-NBD
VA-Bravo Hits 50-2CD-2005-MOD
VA-Bravo Hits 51-2CD-2005-NBD
VA-Bravo Hits 53-2CD-2006-FKK
VA-Bravo Hits 56-2CD-2007-FKK
VA-Bravo Hits 57-2CD-2007-MOD
VA-Bravo Hits 58-2CD-2007-MOD
VA-Bravo Hits 60-2CD-2008-MOD
VA-Bravo Hits 8-2CD-1994-EOS
VA-Bravo Hits 9-2CD-1995-EOS
VA-Bravo Hits Best Of 95-2CD-1995-EOS
VA-Bravo Hits Vol. 11-2CD-1995-FLA
VA-Bravo Hits Vol. 37-2CD-Retail PROPER-2002-TLT
Va-Bravo Hits Vol. 55-2CD-2006-MST
VA-Bravo Hits Vol. 59-2CD-2007-MST
VA-Bravo Hits Vol. 68-2CD-2010-MOD
VA-Bravo Hits Vol.106-2CD-2019-VOiCE
VA-Bravo Hits Vol.21-2CD-1998-FLA INT
VA-Bravo Hits Vol.58-2CD-2007-MST
VA-Bravo Hits Vol.67-2CD-2009-MOD
VA-Bravo Hits Vol 11-2cd-1995-WUFF
va-bravo hits vol 22-2cd-1998-wuff int
va-bravo hits vol 23-2cd-1998-wuff int
va-bravo hits vol 24-2cd-1999-wuff int
va-bravo hits vol 25-2cd-1999-wuff int
va-bravo hits vol 26-2cd-1999-wuff int
va-bravo hits vol 27-2cd-1999
va-bravo hits vol 28-2cd-2000-wuff int
va-bravo hits vol 29-2cd-2000-wuff
va-bravo hits vol 30-2cd-2000-wuff int
VA-Bravo Hits Vol 40-2cd-2003-TLT
VA-Bravo Hits Vol 41-2cd-2003-TLT
VA-Bravo Hits-Best of 91-2CD-1995-mCZ
VA-Bravo Summer Hits (Hungarian Retail)-2002-XDS
VA-Bravo Summmer Hits-CD-2002-ADR
VA-Bravo the Hits 2002 Part 2-2CD-2002-MOD
VA-Bravo the Hits 2003-2CD-2003-TLT
VA-Bravo The Hits 2004-2CD-2004-MOD
VA-Bravo The Hits 2005-2CD-2005-MOD
VA-Bravo the Hits 2006-2CD-2006-MST
VA-Bravo the Hits 2009-2CD-2009-MOD
VA-Coldharbour Selections Part 25-CLHR109-PROPER-WEB-2011-TraX
VA-Colorize Best Of 2019-(ENCOLORDC09E)-WEB-2019-NDE
VA-D-Rom Issue 8-Exclusive David Morales Mix-CD-1999-MiM
VA-Elements (1st Testament)-3984-23868-2-2CD-1998-XTC INT
VA-Five Years of Milk and Sugar Record-2CD-2002-DAC
VA-German Hardstyle-2CD-2003-DOC
VA-Go On Air Mixed By Giuseppe Ottaviani-(VANVS007)-WEB-2011-PS
VA-Goldrush Vol. 1-ARDI3504-WEB-2014-JUSTiFY
Va-grass roots-danny krivit-2CD2001-kW
VA--Lets Rock-2CD-2007-OMA
VA-Magic Island Sampler 005-WEB-2009-ASOT
VA-Mash Chapter 2 - Mixed By Raul Rincon (Weekday And Weekend)-2CD-2004-BLA
VA-Ministry of Sound Presents Hard NRG-2CD-2001-aPC
VA-Ministry Of Sound The Annual III-Mixed By Pete Tong And Boy George-2CD-1997-MiM
VA-Mixmag Presents Pete Tongs Deep Funk Theory-CD-2000-DELTA
VA-Mixmag Presents Roger Sanchez The Global House Experience-CD-2000-DELTA
VA-MOS - Club Nation Mixed by Dynamix and GT-2CD-2000-OZM
VA-MOS Hard NRG - The Album-2CD-2000-OZM
Vamp-I Full Symfoni (Med Kringkastingsorkesteret)-NO-2006-PRS
Vanessa Mae-China Girl-1997-STD
Vangelis-Nocturne The Piano Album-CD-2019-D2H
Vanilla Ice-Ice Ice Baby-CDM-1990-funteek
VA-Promo Only Canada Urban Radio October-2008-XXL
VA-Promo Only Rhythm Radio October-2011-XXL
VA-Promo Only Urban Club November-2CD-2009-WRE
Various Artists-10 Things I Hate About You Soundtrack-1999-aPC
VA--Samba Soul 70-(Ziriguiboom)-CD-2001-jAZzMan
VA-Snoop Dogg Presents Doggy Style Allstars Welcome To Tha House Vol. 1-2002-SO INT
VA--Sounds of the 70s Power Hits-2CD-2003-OMA
VA-Step Up-3D-OST-2010-CR
VA-Talla 2XLC Presents Tetsuo Volume 2-3CD-1996-MiM
VA-Talla 2XLC Presents Tetsuo Volume 3-2CD-1996-MiM
VA-Tetsuo Hard Corps - First One (Tetcd01)-2CD-1995-MS
VA-The Best Club Anthems 05-2CD-2005-gF
VA-The Best Of Radio Dance Hits-2008-CEC
VA--The Brown Bunny-OST-2004-HiT2000
VA-The Love Songs Album-2CD-2006-MUSiQ
VA-The Many Faces Of Iron Maiden A Journey Through The Inner World Of Iron Maiden-(MBB7234)-3CD-2016-FREGON
VA-Trance Mania 3 Mixed by Flip and Fill-Japanese Retail-CD-2003-USF
VA-Vendetta Live Sessions Vol 3 - Mixed by Wally Lopez-2CD-2002-iPZ
VA-Yabba Dabba-Dance-(9902213)-READ NFO-CD-1994-HM
Vengaboys-The Party Album-(Retail)-1998-Homely INT
Vic Mensa - Theres A Lot Going on (Phuture Noize Bootleg)-WEB-2017-PUTA
Wally Lopez-Amman-EP-Vinyl-2001-BPM HOUSE
Zoom-Let it Go-FULL CDM-2002-BMI

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2Pac and Outlawz-Still I Rise-1999-RNS
2pac-2pac Forever (Mixed By DJ Dans Lzef and DJ T1 Kiet)-(Bootleg)-2007-H5N1
2Pac-2Pacalypse Now-1991-NHH INT
2Pac-In His Own Words-1998-NHH INT
2pac-Loyal To The Game-RETAIL-2004-ESC INT
2pac-Makaveli 2 Ready For War-(Bootleg)-199x-FTD INT
2pac-The OG Project Vol. 1-2003-2PACMP3
2pac-The OG Project Vol. 2-2003-2PACMP3
2pac-The OG Project Vol. 3-2003-2PACMP3
2pac-The OG Project Vol. 4-2003-2PACMP3
2Pac-The Prophet Returns-2005-41ST
2pac-The Rose That Grew From Concrete (Vol.1)-2000-REV
3 Doors Down-Its Not My Time-CDM-2008-NBMP3
3 Doors Down-Kryptonite-2000-TWCMP3
3 Doors Down-Landing In London-CDS-2005-SS
3 Doors Down-Let Me Be Myself-CDM-2008-MOD
3 Inches Of Blood-Advance and Vanquish-2004-FTS
3 Inches Of Blood-Battlecry Under A Winter Sun-2002-FTS
3 Inches Of Blood-Sect of the White Worm-EP-2001-RIAA
30 Seconds to Mars-30 Seconds to Mars-Retail-2002-Recycled INT
30 Seconds to Mars-A Beautiful Lie-Retail-2005-Recycled INT
30 Seconds to Mars--Kings and Queens-WEB-2009-OMA
30 Seconds To Mars-To The Edge Of The Earth-A Beautiful Lie-(CDS)-2008-EON
311-Hey You-Promo CDS-2009-XXL
4 Non Blondes-Bigger Better Faster More-Retail-1992-Recycled INT
4 Non Blondes-Whats Up-(CDS)-1993-DNR
50 Cent And Eminem-The Unstoppable Team (Bootleg)-2003-QMB
50 Cent-Avenge (Captain America)-(Bootleg)-2011-WEB
50 Cent-Bulletproof-(Russian Edition)-2006-VERiTAS
50 Cent-I Get It In-(Promo CDS)-2009-WHOA
50 Cent-In Da Club (Promo CDS)-2003-RNS
50 Cent-King Kong Returns-(Bootleg)-2011-WEB
50 Cent-Power Of The Dollar-(EP)-2000-APM INT
50 Cent-Power Of The Dollar-2000-RNS
50 Cent-Promotional Use Only-(Bootleg)-199X-eXe INT
50 Cent-Rowdy Rowdy (Unreleased)-1999-RNS
50 Cent-The Collaboration EP-EP-2003-KrbZ
50 Cent-The Game Was Over Before It Started (Bootleg)-2002-RVPPC
50 Cent-The Hits And Unreleased Vol 1-2002-GSM
50 Cent-The Massacre-(Special Edition)-2005-FIH INT
50 Cent-The Massacre-DVDA-2005-uC
50 Cent-The Next Best Thing-2001-GMZ
50 Cent-This Is 50-(Bootleg)-2008-Xplode
50-Cent-The War Angel (Street LP Version)-(Bootleg)-2009-Xplode
6Blocc vs Fiend Physical Fault Droid Sector-Ill Technique-(TD013)-WEB-2010-CBR
95 South-One Mo Gen-Retail-1995-Recycled INT
A Tribe Called Quest-Can I Kick It-(JIVECD265)-CDM-FLAC-1990-dL
A Tribe Called Quest-Can I Kick It-TAPE-1990-FTD INT
A Tribe Called Quest-Can I Kick It-VLS-1990-KD
A Tribe Called Quest-Funky Tribe Remixes-2000-KSi
A Tribe Called Quest-Lost Demos-Lp-19xx-FTD
A Tribe Called Quest-Midnight Marauders-Retail-1993-Recycled INT
A Tribe Called Quest-Peoples Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm-1990-GCP INT
A Tribe Called Quest-Peoples Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm-Retail-1990-Recycled INT
A Tribe Called Quest-The Anthology-1999-DNR
A Tribe Called Quest-The Love Movement-1998-OSM INT
A Tribe Called Quest-The Love Movement-Limited Edition-2CD-1998-MAD INT
Aborted-Goremageddon The Saw And The Carnage Done-2003-FIH INT
Acda En De Munnik-De Kapitein Deel II-CDS-NL-2000-POEP
Acda en de Munnik-Groeten uit Maaiveld-NL-2002-3G
Acda en de Munnik-Naar Huis-NL-1998-BiM
ACDC - Bons Ultimate Volts 3CD-2002-FERiCE
ACDC - The Very Best-(2001)-aAF
ACDC-Back In Black-1980-FIH INT
AC-DC-Black Ice-(Retail)-2008-RiR INT
ACDC-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap-(Australian Version)-1976-FIH
ACDC-Highway To Hell (Expanded)-2003-aAF
ACDC-Living In The Hell-1979-PMS
AC-DC-Who Made Who-Retail-1986-Recycled INT
Ace Of Base-The Sign-Retail-1993-Recycled INT
Acid Drinkers-Verses of Steel-2008-BFHMP3
Acid Mothers Temple and the Cosmic Inferno - Ominous from the Cosmic Inferno-Limited Edition-2007-TRVE
Across Five Aprils-A Tragedy In Progress-(Reissue)-2006-RTB
Across Five Aprils-Collapse-2006-KzT
Across Five Aprils-Self Titled-EP-2002-PMS
Activate-Save Me-CDM-DE-1994-TN INT
Acumen Nation-Anticore-2006-AMOK
Adam Shaw - Dance Department-CABLE-04-09-2010-ZzZz
Adam White and Andy Moor pres Whiteroom-The White Room Myon and Shane 54 Refill-WEB-2009-3E
Adele - Live At Paradiso Amsterdam-CABLE-08-04-2011-ZzZz
Aerosmith - Just Push Play-2001-KSi
Aerosmith - Toys in the Attic-Remastered-CD-2004-TN
Aerosmith-Done With Mirrors-1985-HNH
Aerosmith-Draw The Line-(Remastered)-1977-FIH INT
Aerosmith-Get Your Wings-(Remastered)-1974-FIH INT
Aerosmith-Greatest Hits 1973-1988-1997-Int-GORE
Aerosmith-Nine Lives-Retail-1997-Recycled INT
Aerosmith-O Yeah Ultimate Aerosmith Hits-PROPER-2CD-2002-EiTheLMP3
Aerosmith-Permanent Vacation-Live-DVD-2005-AMRC
Aerosmith-Rocks-(Remastered)-1976-FIH INT
Aerosmith-Young Lust-The Aerosmith Anthology-2CD-2001-EGO
AFI-The Art of Drowning-2000-EMG INT
Afrojack - Live At Museumplein Amsterdam-CABLE-30-04-2011-ZzZz
Against Me-New Wave (Bonus Tracks)-(WEB)-2008-H5N1x
Against Me-Stop-(CDS)-2008-DV8
Agalloch - Tomorrow Will Never Come-Vinyl-2003-WLM
Agamendon-Nuclear Rodeo-2008-AMRC
Ahmed Romel-Only For You Incl Arctic Moon Remix-WEB-2011-TSP
Aimoon-Comet Riders EP-BLS119-WEB-2013-JUSTiFY
Air-10000 Hz Legend-2001-LiT iNT
Air-Do The Joy-WEB-2009-0MNi
Air-Premiers Symptomes-1997-RNS
Akira Ifukube-Godzilla 50th Anniversary Edition (Original 1954 Soundtrack)-2004-WEB320
Akon-Be With You-(Promo CDS)-2009-WHOA
Akon-Konvicted-Retail-2006-Recycled INT
Akon-On Top-(Bootleg)-2010-WEB
Akwassa-Laila (1975)-(PMG016LP)-WEB-2016-jAZzMan
Al Green-Backup Train (Reissue)-2005-WUS
Al Green-Lay It Down-(Advance)-2008-LAYITDOWN
Al Jarreau-Jarreau-Retail-1983-Recycled INT
Al Jarreau-L is for Lover-Retail-1986-Recycled INT
Al Jarreau-Love Songs-2008-SnS
Al Jarreau-Tenderness-Retail Live-1994-Recycled INT
Al Jarreau-The Masters-Retail-1986-Recycled INT
Al Jarreau-This Time-Retail-1980-Recycled INT
Al Jarreau-Tomorrow Today-Retail-1999-Recycled INT
Alain Clark-Blow Me Away-(CDS)-2008-gnvr
Alain Clark-Hold On-WEB-2009-gnvr
Alain Clark-Live It Out (Special Edition)-2008-TWCMP3
Alex Gaudino And Jason Rooney-I Love Rock N Roll-(Promo CDM)-2009-EGM
Alex M.O.R.P.H. Feat. Natalie Gioia-My Heaven Incl Radio Edit-(ASOT247A)-WEB-2014-UKHx
Alex Niggemann-Everybodys Darling-(OSTWIND018)-Vinyl-2008-iHF
Alice Cooper-A Nice Nightmare-1997-DNR
Alice Cooper-Brutal Planet-2000-SNaKEPiT INT
Alice Cooper-Classicks-1995-EOS
Alice Cooper-Dragontown-2001-DNR
Alice Cooper-Hey Stoopid-1991-SNaKEPiT INT
Alice Cooper-Love It To Death-1971-EOS
Alice Cooper-Muscle Of Love-1973-EOS
Alice Cooper-Pretties For You-1969-EOS
Alice Cooper-Schools Out-1972-DNR
Alice Cooper-The Last Temptation-1994-DNR
Alice Cooper-Trash-1989-DNR
Alice Cooper-Welcome To My Nightmare-1975-DNR
Alicia Keys-The Diary of Alicia Keys-DVDA-2005-FKK
Alphabeat-This Is Alphabeat-2008-404
Aly And Fila Vs Roger Shah Feat Adrina Thorpe - Perfect Love-(FSOE052)-WEB-2012-E1
Aly and Fila with SkyPatrol ft. Sue McLaren-Running-FSOE095A-WEB-2014-JUSTiFY
Aly and Fila-Quiet Storm Remixes (Extended Versions)-ARDI3459-WEB-2014-JUSTiFY iNT
Amy Macdonald-Run-CDS-2009-VOiCE
Amy Macdonald-This Is The Life (Bonus CD)-READNFO-2008-ARiGOLD
Amy Winehouse-Frank-(Deluxe Edition)-2CD-2008-MTD
Anastacia - Not That Kind-2000-STAR
Anastacia - Pieces of a Dream-2005-MOD
Andre Rieu-Le Grand Bal Live En Australie-(DVD)-2009-H5N1
Andy Duguid feat. Ilana-Zebra-MM11250-WEB-2014-JUSTiFY
Ann Peebles-Brand New Classics-2006-DNR
Ann Peebles-I Cant Stand The Rain-1973-FTD
Ann Peebles-Straight From The Heart-1972-UZ INT
Ann Peebles-The Best Of Ann Peebles The Hi Records Years-1996-DNR
Ann Peebles-The Handwriting is on the Wall-1978-soup
Anouk-Live At Gelredome-2CD-2008-SSR
Anouk-Modern World-WEB-2008-DOH
Anthony Hamilton-Comin From Where Im From (Retail)-2003-WCR
Anthony Hamilton-Comin From Where Im From-VBR-2003-RNS INT
Anthony Hamilton-Soulife-(Retail)-2005-ESC INT
Anthony Hamilton-The Point Of It All-2008-H3X
Anthony Hamilton-Unplugged And More-(Promo Bootleg)-2005-H3X INT
Anthony Hamilton-Unplugged-2005-BX
Anthony Hamilton-XTC-1998-CNS INT
Anthony Hamilton-XTC-1998-EGO
Arctic Monkeys-Whatever People Say I Am Thats What Im Not-2006-UBE
Aretha Franklin - The Very Best Of The 60s - (1994)-ATM
Aretha Franklin - Willing to Forgive (74321-21334-2)-Retail CDM-1994-DJ Classics
Aretha Franklin-Respect The Bery Best Of-2CD-2002-TWCMP3
Aretha Franklin-Soul 69-1969-RA
Aretha Franklin-Soul Sister Aretha Franklin-WEB-2016-LEV
Aretha Franklin-Spirit In The Dark-(Remastered)-1993-OSM
Aretha Franklin-Spirit in the Dark-1970-JCE INT
Aretha Franklin-Spirit In The Dark-Reissue-1993-CdC INT
Aretha Franklin--Sweet Bitter Love-Retail-1989-WUS
Armin Van Buuren pres. Gaia-Humming The Lights-ARMD1197A-WEB-2014-JUSTiFY
Asher Roth Ft Cee-Lo-Be By Myself-(Promo CDS)-2009-WHOA
Asino and DJ Jean-Yo DJ-WEB-2010-gnvr
Askil Holm-Harmony Hotel-2007-ZiNEMP3
Atomik V - Guest DJ Time 2 Bass (Contact)-SBD-24-07-2010-SOB
Avril Lavigne - Complicated-Retail-CDM-2002-SOMP3
Avril Lavigne - Live form the Roxy Theatre-DVBS-2008-RST
Avril Lavigne-Live Acoustic-2005-MBI
Avril Lavigne-Live at the Roxy Theatre (Los Angeles)-DVBS-2007-JUST
Avril Lavigne-My World-(Bonus CD)-2003-TLT
Avril Lavigne-The Best Damn Thing-2007-PROPER-KLIN
Avril Lavigne-The Best Damn Tour Live In Toronto-(DVD)-2008-OND
Avril Lavigne-Under My Skin-(Bonus Tracks)-2005-F4G
Awkwafina-Yellow Ranger-2014-WEBV0
Axel Rudi Pell-Shadow Zone-Promo-2002-AMRC
Axwell - Dance Department (538)-CABLE-04-23-PROPER-2011-ZzZz
B.B. King And E. Clapton-Riding With The King-RETAIL-2000-THR
B.B. King-Live At The BBC-2008-MTD
Bakermat-Teach Me-(UL 5977)-WEB-2015-IDF
Baltimora - Tarzan Boy (Incl Discjockey Version)-(11 8691 7)-Vinyl-1985-ZzZz
Barack Obama-Speech On Race A More Perfect Union-(NEW WORLD ORDER)-WEB-2008-BbH
BAR--Going North-CD-2006-jAZzMan
Barry White and Friends-White Collection-(WHITE213)-2CD-2008-WRE
Bart Peeters - De Hemel In Het Klad-CD-NL-2008-MnD
Bat For Lashes-Fur And Gold-2006-DNR
Beat Service and Ana Criado-So Much Of Me Is You-BSA023-WEB-2014-JUSTiFY
Beats Antique-Shadowbox-2016-WEBV0
Bee Gees - Live by Request-(DVD)-2002-iHQ iNT
Belinda Carlisle-Bigscaryanimal-CDM-1993-DGN
Belinda Carlisle-California-CDS1-1997-SSR
Belinda Carlisle-California-CDS2-1997-SSR
Belinda Carlisle-Circle in the sand (with William Orbit-remixes)-(12inch)-(Virgin)-1987-JUST
Belinda Carlisle-Leave A Light On-CDM-1989-D2H
Belinda Carlisle-Vision Of You-CDM-1990-D2H
Belinda Carlisle-We Want The Same Thing-CDM-1990-D2H
Belladona - Spells Of Fear-1999-FERiCE
Bellini - Me Gusta La Vida-CDS-1998-VMC
Belocca Soneec Chris Lauer and Canard - Homework-(PT055)-WEB-2010-ZzZz INT
Benno Blome A Guy Called Gerald-Time To Jak-(SEND058)-WEB-2006-WiTF
Berlin-20th Century Masters-The Millennium Collection-2006-XXL
Bestien - Live at Bassleader 2010 (Flanders Expo Gent)-SBD-15-05-2010-SOB
Beth Orton-Central Reservation-1999-iRO
Beth Orton-Daybreaker-ADVANCE-2002-ESC
Beth Orton-Pass In Time The Definitive Collection-2CD-2003-iRO
B-Front And Aftershock - We Are All Stars (Extended Mix)-(ROUGH131)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
Billie Ray Martin Feat Ann Peebles-White Label-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Billy Joel-Piano Man The Very Best Of-2004-RNS
Billy Joel-Stranger-(Bonus CD)-2008-XXL
Billy Joel-The Stranger-(Legacy Edition)-2CD-2008-BiLLMARTiN
Billy Ocean - The Billy Ocean Collection (509314 2)-Retail-2002-DJ Classics
Billy Ocean - The Hit Music Of-1988-ToXiCMP3
Billy Ocean-Calypso Crazy-(UK CDM)-1988-Y2H INT
Billy Ocean-Get Outta My Dreams Get Into My Car-(EU CDM)-1988-Y2H INT
Billy Ocean-Greatest Hits-2004-XXL
Billy Ocean-Love Zone-1986-OSC INT
Billy Ocean-Tear These Walls Down-LP-1988-JCE
Billy Ocean-Time To Move On-1993-OSC
Billy Ocean-Ultimate Collection-Retail-2004-TN
Billy Ocean-When The Going Gets Tough -VLS-1986-CMS
Billy Talent-Rusted From The Rain-(Promo CDS)-2009-DV8
Birds of Paradise-Flight Patterns (Re-Routed)-2015-WEB320
Birds of Paradise-Riding The Froth-(EP)-2016-WEBV0
Black Eyed Peas-Boom Boom Pow-WEB-2009-eMF INT
Black Eyed Peas-Bridging The Gap-Retail-2000-Recycled INT
Black Eyed Peas-Renegotiations the Remixes-Retail-2006-Recycled INT
Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears-Scandalous-2011-DNR
Black Lips-Let It Bloom-2005-uF
Black Sabbath-Master Of Reality-Remastered-1996-AMRC INT
Black Sabbath-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath-1973-ALW
Black Stone Cherry-Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea-(Special Edition)-2011-DNR
Black Stone Cherry-Black Stone Cherry-2006-DNR
Black Stone Cherry-Folklore And Superstition-2CD-(Special Edition)-2009-DNR
Blackmill-Reach For Glory-2011-WEBV0
Blackmores Night-Fires At Midnight-2001-mwnd int
Blackmores Night-Ghost Of A Rose-Digipak-2003-mwnd int
Blackmores Night-Shadow Of The Moon-Reissue-2000-mwnd int
Blackmores Night-The Village Lanterne-2006-mwnd int
Blind Guardian-Somewhere Far Beyond-Import-1992-AMRC
Blind Willie Mctell-Atlanta Strut-2004-gF
Blink 182-A Tribute To Blink-2001-DNR
Blink 182-Adams Song (AUS CDS)-2000-iRO
Blink 182-All The Small Things-CDS1-1999-EOS
Blink 182-Blink 182-2003-FTS
Blink 182-Cheshire Cat-1994-eNT iNT
Blink 182-Chesire Cat-1994-FTS
Blink 182-Dammit (Growing Up)-CDS1-1997-EOS
Blink 182-Dick Lips-EP-1998-EOS
Blink 182-Dude Ranch-1997-EOS
Blink 182-E-Centre Camden NJ 05-25-00-EGO
Blink 182-Enema of the State-Retail-1999-Recycled INT
Blink 182-First Date-CDS-2001-EOS
Blink 182-Greatest Hits-2005-EOS
Blink 182-I Miss You-CDS-2004-C4
Blink 182-I Wont Be Home For Christmas-CDS-2001-EOS
Blink 182-Josie (Everythings Going To Be Fine)-CDS-1998-EOS
Blink 182-Live From Bayfest 2003 (07-17-03)-bRB
Blink 182-Live From Daytona Beach Florida (02-23-00)-2000-bRB
Blink 182-Live In Paris France 04-22-00-EGO
Blink 182-Man Overboard CDS-2000-iRO
Blink 182-Pop Disaster Tour Live in Milwaukee (6-16-02)-2002-bRB
Blink 182-Short Bus (7 Inch)-1996-bRB
Blink 182-Stay Together For The Kids CDS-2001-iRO
Blink 182-Take Off Your Pants and Jacket-2001-FTS
Blink 182-The Urethra Chronicles-DVD-2000-aAF
Blink-182-Blink-182-2003-NHH INT
Blink-182-Buddha (Promo Tape)-1996-TWCMP3 iNT
Blink-182-Take Off Your Pants And Jacket-2001-NHH INT
Blockhead-Free Sweatpants (The Instrumentals)-2019-DiTF
Bloodbath-Breeding Death-2000-DSR
Bloodbath-Resurrection Through Carnage-promo-2002-cnmc
Blu Cantrell - Sleeping In The Middle (Manny Lehman Mix)-Unreleased CDS-2004-iMRG
Blu Cantrell Feat. Sean Paul-Breathe (CDS)-2003-EGO
Blu Cantrell Feat. Sean Paul-Breathe (DJ Ronny D Remix)-Promo-CDS-2003-AFO
Blu Cantrell Feat Foxy Brown-Hit Em Up Style Opps(Rmx CDS)-2001-RNS
Blu Cantrell Feat Sean Paul-Breathe Ukg Mix-Promo-Vinyl-2003-PULSE
Blu Cantrell Ft E40-Breathe-Remix Vinyl-2004-OBC
Blu Cantrell Ft Ian Lewis-Make Me Wanna Scream-Full VLS-2003-CHR
Blu Cantrell-Breathe (Andy and the Lamboy Mixes)-Promo Vinyl-2002-USF
Blu Cantrell-Breathe Remix-(Proper CDS)-2002-WHOA
Blu Cantrell-Hit Em Up Style(Cd Single)-2001-RNS
Blu Cantrell-Hit Em Up Style(Explicit)-Remix CDS-2001-aPC
Blu Cantrell-Hit Em Up Style (Remix)-VLS-2001-aPC
Blu Cantrell-Hitem Up Style(oops)CD SINGLE-2001-WHOA
Blu Cantrell-Ill Find A Way (Promo CD Single)-2001-RNS
Blu Cantrell-Make Me Wanna Scream-UKCDS-2003-SWE
Blu Cantrell-Sleep In The Middle-CDS-2003-ESC
Blue Cantrell Vs 2 Pac - Hit Em Up Style (Remix 2004)-Remix-2004-iTP
Blue Cantrell Vs Unknown-Hit Up Em Style-Promo-VLS-2002-BLA
Blue Cantrell-Make Me Wanna Scream-CDS-2003-BWA
Bluetones-After Hours (Full Promo)-2002-NuHS
Bob Marley and the Wailers - Exodus-1977-FAF INT
Bobby Womack And The Cornelius Brothers-Back 2 Back Hits-1996-0MNi
Bon Jovi-One Wild Night-(AUS CDM 2)-2001-1REAL
Bon Jovi-One Wild Night(Sampler)-2001-RNS
Bon Jovi-One Wild Night-PROMO-2001-wAx
Bootsys Rubber Band-Aah The Name Is Bootsy Baby-Vinyl-1977-KOB INT
Bootsys Rubber Band-Ahh The Name Is Bootsy Baby-1977-IGR
Bootsys Rubber Band-Jungle Bass-CDM-1990-NuC
Bootsys Rubber Band-Stretchin Out In Bootsys Rubber Band-1976-WEB320
Bootsys Rubber Band-This Boot Is Made For Fonkin-1979-iGR
Boris-Amplifier Worship-Reissue-Vinyl-2010-FFWG INT
Boris-Boris At Last-Feedbacker-Reissue-Vinyl-2009-FFWG INT
Brock Berrigan-Four Walls and an Amplifier-2014-DiTF
Brolle Jr - Rebellious Heart 2002-Promo-2002-TRBMP3
Bruce Springsteen With The Sessions Band-Live In Dublin-(BD)-2007-VAG
Bruce Springsteen-Born In The U.S.A.-(Japan Vinyl Replica Release)-2008-LzY
Bruce Springsteen-Born In The U.S.A.-1984-FIH INT
Bruce Springsteen-Born To Run-1975-FIH INT
Bruce Springsteen-Darkness On The Edge Of Town-1978-FIH INT
Bruce Springsteen-Greetings From Asbury Park N.J.-1973-FIH INT
Bruce Springsteen-Human Touch-1992-FIH INT
Bruce Springsteen-Lucky Town-1992-FIH INT
Bruce Springsteen-Nebraska-1982-FIH INT
Bruce Springsteen-The Ghost Of Tom Joad-1995-FIH INT
Bruce Springsteen-The River-2CD-1980-FIH INT
Bruce Springsteen-The Wild The Innocent And The E Street Shuffle-1973-FIH INT
Bruce Springsteen-Tunnel Of Love-1987-FIH INT
Budai - Millenium Dance 2000-EP-CD-2000-TRBMP3
Budai and Vic - Ma Macoosa-Promo-Vinyl-2003-TuNe
Budai And Vic-R U Deep-(PLAY037-8)-WEB-2008-RACEMEx
Budai And Vic-Second Wave Of Emotions-(PLAX063)-Promo CDM-2008-RACEME
Budai And Vic-She EP (EGO005)-INTERNAL-Vinyl-2004-BF
Buddy Guy-Sweet Tea-2001-EGO
Bumble And Romz - Substance Special Blend-(MPDR025)-WEB-2007-WTW
Bumble and Romz - Synopsis Incl Monoroom Remix-(ANNGEL001)-Vinyl-2008-XDS
Bumble And Romz-Shell Street EP-(MPDR041)-WEB-2008-CBR
Bush-Sixteen Stone-Remastered-2001-iDX
Busted - Crashed the Wedding-CDS-2003-SMS
Busted - Hurra Hurra die Schule brennt-CDM-2003-MOD
Busted-3AM Thunderbirds-UKCDS2-2004-uF
Busted-Air Hostess-CDS-2004-C4
Busted-Air Hostess-UKCDS2-2004-uF
Busted-Crashed The Wedding-CDM-2004-TWCMP3
Busted-Crashed the Wedding-CDS-2003-uF
Busted-Crashed The Wedding-PROMO CDS-2003-uF
Busted-Self Titled-(US Retail)-2004-C4
Busted-She Wants to Be Me-Retail CDS-2004-FEZMP3
Busted-Thats What I Go To School For-(UKCDS1)-2002-TWCMP3
Busted-What I Go to School for-(UKCDS2)-2002-pH
Busted-Whos David-CDS2-2004-SSR
Busted-Year 3000-CDM-2003-M3F
Busted-You Said No-(CDS2)-2003-SC
Busted-You Said No UK-CDS2-2003-CHR
Busted-You Said No-UKCDS-2003-SSR
Butchwax-Butt Ugly Breaks-Vinyl-200x-bSC
Butchwax-Buttcrack Breaks-Vinyl-199x-bSC
Butchwax-Stoney Breaks-Vinyl-2005-bSC
C and C Feat Andi Pitch - Fuck Hip Hop-WEB-DE-2009-FMC
Cabaret Voltaire-Code-(Uk Only)-1987-AMOK
Cabaret Voltaire-Code-1987-BPM
Cabaret Voltaire--Conform To Deform 82-90-3CD-2002-FuFFENS
Cabaret Voltaire--Drinking Gasoline-2EP-1985-CMC
Cabaret Voltaire-Here To Go 12 US Issue-Vinyl-1987-AMOK
Cabaret Voltaire--Keep On (12R 6250)-Vinyl-1990-dL
Cabaret Voltaire--Listen Up With-2CD-1990-FuFFENS
Cabaret Voltaire-Micro-Phonies-1984-DNR
Cabaret Voltaire--Mix Up (ROUGH 4)-LP-1979-CMC
Cabaret Voltaire--Original Sound Of Sheffield 83-87-2002-FuFFENS
Cabaret Voltaire-Plasticity-CD-1992-MAGNOLiA
Cabaret Voltaire-Technology Western Re-Works-(1992)-AMOK
Cabaret Voltaire--The Convenant The Sword And The Arm Of The Lord-LP-1985-CMC
Cabaret Voltaire--The Crackdown-LP-1983-CMC
Cacophony-Speed Metal Symphony-1987-DOM
Candi Staton-His Hands-2006-GCP INT
Candi Staton-Whos Hurting Now-2009-GCP INT
Candlemass-Tales of Creation (Remastered)-2CD-2001-AMRC
Cans-Beyond the Gates-Promo-2004-AMRC
Captain Beefheart-Clear Spot-1972-DNR
Captain Beefheart-Mirror Man-1970-DNR
Captain Beefheart-Safe As Milk-1967-DNR
Captain Beefheart-Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)-1978-DNR
Captain Beefheart-The Spotlight Kid-1972-DNR
Cesaria Evora-Voz Damor-PT-2003-SCF
Chamber-Lorchestre De Chambre Noir-2002-AMOK
Chamber-Solitude-2CD-Limited Edition-2004-FWYH
Chance The Rapper-Coloring Book-WEB-2016-WUS
Charlie Murphy-I Will Not Apologize-WEB-2010-ENTiTLED
Charlie Murphy-Lady Lumps (BSR011)-Vinyl-2006-MRT
Chic - Cest Chic-(1978)-ATM
Chic - Good Times-Vinyl-2001-CRSmp3
Chicken Lips--Show Your Shape-(Tirk)-CD-2010-jAZzMan
Chic-Real People-1980-IGR
Chic-The Definitive Groove Collection-Remastered-2006-TAM
Childish Gambino-Camp-(Limited Edition)-2011-METH INT
Childish Gambino-Culdesac-2010-DiTF
Childish Gambino-Kauai-WEB-2014-SPANK
Childish Gambino-Royalty-2012-DiTF
Childish Gambino-Stn Mtn-2014-DiTF
Children Of Bodom - Journey into Sohrons Realm-1999-FERiCE
Children of Bodom-Live at Ruisrock 2014-DVBC-2014-KALEVALA
Chris Isaak-Best Of Chris Isaak-2006-DNR
Chris Isaak-Beyond The Sun-2011-DNR
Chris Isaak-Chris Isaak-1987-LAMB
Chris Isaak-Forever Blue-1995-DNR
Chris Isaak-San Francisco Days-1993-DNR
Chris Isaak-Speak Of The Devil-1998-DNR
Chug-Kisser EP-1993-WEBV0
Cinephile-Antimatter Music-2CD-2008-WEBV0
Claptone-The Masquerade-2016-WEBV0
Cliff Richard-My Songs-2003-SnS
Club Sodade-Cesaria Evora By-Promo-2003-aAF
Coldcrush Brothers-Troopers-Vinyl-1988-FTD
Coldplay - Viva La Vida Incl Cor Fijneman Remix-2009-WAV
Concrete Blonde - Mexican Moon (1993) - ATM
Concrete Blonde-Bloodletting (AUS Tour Souvenir)-1990-iRO
Concrete Blonde-Bloodletting-1990-DNR
Concrete Blonde-Caroline-CDM-1990-EOS
Concrete Blonde-Ghost Of A Texas Ladies Man-CDS-1992-EOS
Concrete Blonde-Mexican Moon-CDM-1994-EOS
Concrete Blonde-Mojave-2004-EOS
Concrete Blonde-Recollection-1996-JUST INT
Concrete Blonde-Walking In London-CDS-1992-EOS
Connie Francis - Heartaches By The Number-2002-MnD
Coolio-Gangstas Paradise 2010 Remixes-WEB-2010-gnvr INT
Cosmic Gate and JES - Yai (Here We Go Again)-(WYM010)-WEB-2015-SOB
Cosmic Gate-The Theme-BH3940-WEB-2011-TraX
Cradle Of Filth-Damnation And A Day-2003-FIH INT
Cradle Of Filth-Dusk And Her Embrace-Vempire-2 In 1 Remastered-Fix-2002-AMRC
Cradle Of Filth-Midian-2000-FIH INT
Cradle of Filth-The Evils Bitter Sweet (Limited Edition)-2001-BUTT
Crazy Town-The Gift Of Game-CD-2001-NBD
Crystal Castles-Crystal Castles III-CD-2012-FLAC-QiE
Da Klubb Kings Vs. Beats International - 2 Thumbs Dub Up Vs. Be Good to Me (Bootleg)-CDR-2004-HSA
Dag Arnesen Trio--Norwegian Song-(Resonant Music)-CD-2007-jAZzMan
Danilo Ercole - Reset-(PRLI010)-WEB-2015-PUTA
Danilo Ercole - Reset (Rafael Osmo Remix)-(PRLI013)-WEB-2015-PUTA
Danny Elfman-Alice In Wonderland (OST) (Original Score)-2010-Homely iNT
Danny Krivit-Re Edit Series-VINYL-1976-BPM HOUSE
Danny Tenaglia - Tourism-2001-LQz
Dark The Suns-In Darkness Comes Beauty-2007-DNR
Darude-Sandstorm-CDM-1999-WLTN INT
Dash Berlin And Alexander Popov Feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn-Steal You Away-(AROPA031)-WEB-2013-UKHx
Dash Berlin with Cerf Mitiska And Jaren-Man on the Run-(AROPA001)-WEB-PROMO-2009-SCM
Dave Attell-HBO Comedy Half-Hour-1996-aAF
David Bowie-Scary Monsters-Reissue-1992-DDZ INT
David Morales Feat Jocelyn Brown-Winners-FULL Vinyl-2002-HRS
De Lyckliga Kompisarna-Live pa Kafe 44-1997-END
Deathmind and Choval-The Intervention EP-DIVM033-WEB-2012-TraX
Deep Purple - Hush and Speed King (BBC Radio Sessions)-(HAR 5304)-PROPER-Vinyl-2011-ZzZz
Deep Purple - Introducing Deep Purple-(SZCD 6512-09)-CD-2009-FERiCE
Deep Purple-Deep Purple-(Japanese Import)-1987-FiH iNT
Deep Purple-Fireball-(Japanese Import)-1987-FiH iNT
Deep Purple-In Rock-(Japanese Import)-1999-FiH iNT
Deep Purple-Live at Montreux 1996-2006-JUST
Deep Purple-Machine Head-(Japanese Import)-1987-FiH iNT
Deep Purple-Perfect Strangers-(Japanese Import)-1984-FiH iNT
Deep Purple-Shades Of Deep Purple-(Japanese Import)-1987-FiH iNT
Deep Purple-Who Do We Think We Are-(Japanese Import)-2008-FiH iNT
Def Leppard-Stage Fright-2CD-Bootleg-1988-SSR
Deftones-Koi No Yokan-REPACK-2012-MOD
Deftones-The White Pony-2000-EGO
Destruction-A Black Metal Night-Demo-1984-grmg
Destruction-Bestial Invasion of Hell-Demo-1984-grmg
Destruction-Infernal Overkill-1985-GRM
Destruction-Live At World War III-Bootleg-LP-2010-FFWG INT
Destruction-Live Discharge DVD Bonus CD-2004-AMRC
Destruction-Ltd.Ed. Digipak.2007-FKK
Destruction-Mad Butcher-Eternal Devastation-1987-Trp
Destruction-Metal Discharge-2CD-2003-dupe int
Destruction-Under Attack-Japanese Edition-2016-GRM
Dido-Life For Rent-2003-ARiGOLD INT
Dimmu Borgir - Forces of the Northern Night (2CD Digipack)-2017-ELITE
Dimmu Borgir-1994-August Rehearsal-VARG
Dimmu Borgir-Abrahadabra-2010-EOS
Dimmu Borgir-Alive In Torment-(EP)-2001-DNR
Dimmu Borgir-Alive In Torment-Limited Edition EP-2002-EOS
Dimmu Borgir-Alive in Torment-Live-2001-AMRC
Dimmu Borgir-Council Of Wolves And Snakes-EP-2018-ELITE
Dimmu Borgir-Death Cult Amageddon-(Bonus Disc)-2004-ALW
Din Fiv-Escape To Reality-2000-AMOK
Dire Straits - Brighton 1982-Bootleg-1982-FKK
Dire Straits-Live at Wembley Arena 1982-2CD-1982-STAR
Dire Straits-Monaco 1985-2CD-Bootleg-1985-STAR
Dire Straits-Oakland 1992-2CD-Bootleg-1992-STAR
Dire Straits-The Demos 1977-1980-Bootleg-1980-STAR
Dire Straits-Zaragoza 1992-2CD-Bootleg-1992-STAR
Disclosure-Full Disclosure-WEB-2005-D2H
Discoconductor--Boogie Jams EP-(DICEY006)-Vinyl-2006-jAZzMan
DJ Craze-Bow Down Breaks-Vinyl-2005-bSC
Dj Danny Krivit-and Ya Dont Stop Maxn Hip Hop-1995-CMS
DJ Epic-Pandora (Volcal Mix) CD1-2002-FSN
DJ H.O.P.-40 Ounce Breaks-Vinyl-2003-bSC
DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince-Ring My Bell-(CDS)-1991-DNR
DJ Mad Dog and Noize Suppressor Vs Rob Gee - MFFYF-(DOG002)-WEB-2016-HB
DJ Octopus-Dont Let The Sun Goes Down-(ZOO 3021)-WEB-2000-iDF
DJ Qbert-Gag Seal Breaks-Vinyl-2001-bSC
DJ Rectangle-Battle Wax Vol. 2-Vinyl-200x-bSC
DJ Rectangle-Ultimate Ultimate Battle Weapon Vol. 5-Vinyl-2002-bSC
Dolores Oriordan-Are You Listening-(Advance)-2007-uF
Dolores Oriordan-No Baggage-Retail-2009-VPE
Doublev - The Gate-(IHU1010A)-WEB-2014-PUTA
Dr Dog-Abandoned Mansion-2016-WEBV0
Dreamy-You Said You Promised-LED007-WEB-2014-JUSTiFY
Drop Nineteens-Delaware-1992-JUST
Drop Nineteens-National Coma-1993-WEBV0
Dustin Zahn-Stranger To Stability Incl Len Faki Mixes-(REKD001)-WEB-2009-320
Dweezil Zappa-Automatic-2000-REV
Dweezil Zappa-Go With What You Know-2006-DNR
Dzihan and kamien--bomb the jazz-DAT2002-kW
Dzihan And Kamien-Freaks And Icons-2000-EOS
Dzihan and Kamien--Music Matters-2009-OMA
dzihan and kamien--refreaked-CD2001-kW
Echo and The Bunnymen-Ocean Rain Collectors Edition-(5186-50451-5)-2CD-2008-211
Ed Sheeran And Passenger-No Diggity Vs. Thrift Shop (Kygo Remix)-FREEWEB-2013-KPS INT
Ed Sheeran-How Would You Feel (Paean)-SINGLE-WEB-2017-ENTiTLED
Ed Sheeran-The A Team-(CDS)-2011-BPM
Elektromekanik and Happy Gutenberg - The Music EP-(ETC003)-WEB-2016-PUTA
Elle King-Shake The Spirit-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED
Elton John-Knight In White Satin-Bootleg-2CD-2001-0MNi
Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender (Claudia)-Promo-2004-BFHMP3
Elvis Presley-Before Anyone Did Anything Elvis Did Everything-2003-WLM
Eminem Ft 50 Cent And Dr. Dre-Crack A Bottle-(Promo CDS)-2009-WHOA
Enochian-Night Monumental Evil-1996-grmg
Etta James-Rocks the House-Live-(1964)-aAF
Evanescence-Synthesis-Deluxe Edition-CD-2017-FaiLED iNT
Faithless-Outrospective (Sampler)-2001-EGO
Fats Domino - The Fats Domino Gold Collect.-(1992)-aAF
Fats Domino - The paramount years (CD1) (1996)-ATM
Fats Domino - The paramount years (CD2) (1996)-ATM
Fats Domino - The paramount years (CD3) (1996)-ATM
Fats Domino-44 Great Performances-2CD-2008-XXL
Fats Domino-8 Oclock Rock-2006-WRE
Fats Domino-Aint that A Shame and Others Hits-1992-UTB
Fats Domino-All by Myself-2008-ONe
Fats Domino-Blueberry Hill Roots of Rock N Roll-1998-pyt
Fats Domino-Blueberry Hill-REMASTERED-1987-EDC INT
Fats Domino--Blueberry Hill-the Greatest Hits-199x-WUS
Fats Domino-Dance with Mr Domino-1992-FTD
Fats Domino-Here Stands Fats Domino And This Is Fats-1998-WRE
Fats Domino-His Greatest Hits Live-1985-DNR
Fats Domino-In Concert-Live-1965-EDC INT
Fats Domino-Out of New Orleans (1949-1962)-8CD-1993-UTB
Fats Domino-Rockin With Fats-1992-DNR
Fats Domino-The Best of Fats Domino-2004-DuDE
Fats Domino-The Chronological-2002-ATM
Fats Domino-The EP Collection-1996-DNR
Fats Domino-The Essential-1991-yOiNK
Fats Domino-The Fabulous Mr.d And Fats Domino Swings-1998-WRE
Fats Domino-The Legends of New Orleans-Retail-2003-SSR
Fats Domino-The Original Rock And Roll Classics-(Limited Edition)-8CD-2012-DNR
Fats Domino-White Collection-(WHITE208)-2CD-2008-WRE
Fear Factory-The Industrialist-DIGIPAK-2012-FKK
Feeder-Just the Way Im Feeling-CDS-2003-SSR
Filo and Peri feat Aruna-Ashley-(VANDIT102)-PROMO-2009-B2T
Filo and Peri with Eric Lumiere-Off the Hook-(VANDIG066)-WEB-2010-VOiCE
Filter-Short Bus-1995-NHH INT
First State feat Sarah Howells-Brave-(MAGIKMUZIK8720)-PROMO-2009-B2T
Fisherman and Hawkins-Underworld-CLHR185-WEB-2014-JUSTiFY
Five Finger Death Punch-Pre-Emptive Strike-iTunes Single-2007-FKK INT
Five Finger Death Punch-War Is The Answer-Digipak-2009-EOS
Flamingosis-A Groovy Thing-2017-WEBV0
Flamingosis-Flight Fantastic-2018-WEBV0
Flamingosis-Great Hair-2016-WEBV0
Foo Fighters-Everlong-UK CDS1-1997-SSR
Foo Fighters-Everlong-UK CDS2-1997-SSR
Foo Fighters-The Colour And The Shape-10th Anniversary Special Edition-2007-uF
Funk DVoid-Soma25 Remixes EP-2017-WEB320
Garcia - Bamboleo-CDM-1997-DAW
Gene Krupa And Buddy Rich-The Drum Battle At JATP-Digipak-1999-gF
Gene Krupa vs Buddy Rich-Krupa and Rich-1994-iRO
George Jones-The Rock-2001-aPC
Goatsnake - I-1999-aAF
Goatsnake-1 and Dog Days-(Reissue with Bonus)-2004-FNT
Goatsnake-1 and Dog Days-2004-GRM
Goatsnake-Black Age Blues-2015-GRM
Goatsnake-Flower of Disease-2000-GRM
Goatsnake-Goatsnake Vol. 1-1999-GRM
Gojira-Terra Incognita-2000-DVT
Gojira-The Link-Proper-2003-GRM
Gojira-The Way Of All Flesh-2008-DNR
Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five-The Message-Remastered-2006-EOS
Grandmaster Flash-They Said it Couldnt Be Done-LP-1985-JCE
Grateful Dead - Ladies and Gentlemen The Grateful Dead-2000-TBO
Grateful Dead-American Beauty-1970-DNR
Grateful Dead-Aoxomoxoa-1969-DNR
Grateful Dead-Grateful Dead-1971-DNR
Grateful Dead-Live at Barton Hall-3CD-Bootleg-1977-DON
Grateful Dead-May 1977-(BOXSET)-14CD-2013-WEBV0
Grateful Dead-Shakedown Street-1978-DNR
Grateful Dead-Skeletons From The Closet The Best Of-1974-DNR
Grateful Dead-What A Long Strange Trip Its Been-2CD-1977-DNR
Grave Digger-Symphony Of Death (Jap Edition)-1994-DOM
Greyboy Allstars-A Town Called Earth-1997-SYN
Greyboy Allstars-Live-(Relaxed-Ubiquity)-1999-soup int
Grouch And Knobs - Quantumplation-EP-(ZENCD108)-WEB-2016-BR
Guns N Roses-Appetite For Destruction-1987-iRO
Guns N Roses-Welcome to the Jungle (Best of)-WEB-2015-BiOHAZARD
Headhunterz - Megasound-WEB-2009-SRG
Headstrong feat Stine Grove - Tears-(SOLA0020)-WEB-2011-TT
Heatbeat-The Collected Works 2007-2009-(ARDI1278)-WEB-2009-B2T
Heidi Hauge - Country Rose-2001-OSC
Hi-Gate-After A Few Hours-(Promo-Vinyl)-2003-OSC
Highway Child-On The Old Kings Road-(ELEKTROHASCH129)-2009-KOUALA
Highway Child-Sanctuary Come-2010-WEB320
Hjerterknekt-I Ly Av Moerket-NO-2006-PRS
Hole-Pretty On The Inside-1991-PRA
I-Between Two Worlds-2006-DOM
Iced Earth-Iced Earth-1991-DOM
Ike and Tina Turner-Outta Season-1969-WEB320
Ike and Tina Turner-The Hunter-1969-WEB320
Illum Sphere-Incoming EP-(FC12031)-WEB-2009-USR
Immortal-Sons Of Northern Darkness-Retail-2002-PMS
In Flames-In Flames-2015-SPiDER
Jad Fair and R Stevie Moore-Fairmoore-2002-WEB320
James Curd Feat JDub-Buffalo Girl-Vinyl-2008-MNS
James Curd--Fall Of The Wall EP-(GKM-022)-WEB-2008-dh
James Curd--Hand Weight EP-(DRM-056)-WEB-2008-dh
James Gang - The Best of James Gang-2CD-1998-UTB
James Gang - Thirds-(1971)-aAF
James Gang - Yer Album-(1969)-aAF
James Gang-James Gang Rides Again-1970-DNR
James Gang-Live At The Beacon Theater-Bootleg-2006-gF
James Gang-Live In Concert-(1971)-aAF
James Gang-Miami-1974-OSC
James Gang-Newborn-LP-1975-JUST
James Gang-Passin Thru (72)-1992-JUST
Janelle Monae-Dirty Computer-2018-WEBV0
Jason Falkner and R Stevie Moore-Make It Be-2015-WEBV0
Jay Sean-Down Ft Lil Wayne-WEB-2009-eMF INT
Jello Biafra--I Blow Minds For A Living-2CD-1991-WUS INT
Jennifer Lopez-J Lo-2001-RNS
Jennifer lopez-on the 6-1999-rns
Jibbs Ft Lloyd-The Dedication (Ay DJ)-(Promo CDS)-2009-WHOA
Jim Norton-Trinkets I Own Made From Gorilla Hands-2005-SDRx
Jim Norton-Yellow Discipline-2003-SDRx
Jimi Hendrix - The Rainbow Bridge Concert-2CD-Bootleg-2002-FKK
Jimi Hendrix-The Rainbow Bridge Concert-2CD-1970-EOS
JJ Fad-Supersonic-1988-OSC INT
John Coltrane-A Love Supreme-1995-DNR
John Coltrane-A Love Supreme-2CD-(Deluxe Edition Remastered)-2002-DNR
John OCallaghan feat Sarah Howells-Find Yourself Incl Cosmic Gate Remix-(CVSA089)-WEB-2009-GAF
John OCallaghan-Never Fade Away-(ARDI1100)-WEB-2009-GAF
John OCallaghan-Never Fade Away Remix EP-(CVSA097)-2009-B2T
Joni Mitchell-Blue-1971-yOiNK
Joni Mitchell-Both Sides Now-2000-EGO
Joni Mitchell-Clouds-1969-yOiNK
Joni Mitchell-Court And Spark-1974-FiH iNT
Joni Mitchell-Hejira-1976-DNR
Joni Mitchell-Ladies Of The Canyon-1970-FIH INT
Joni Mitchell-Miles Of Aisles-1974-FIH INT
Joni Mitchell-Mingus-1979-DNR
Joni Mitchell-Shadows And Light-1980-DNR
Joni Mitchell-Shine-2007-JONiMiTCHELL
Joni Mitchell-The Beginning Of Survival-2004-RNS
Juicy J-Bounce it Feat Wale and Trey Songz (Digi12)-2013-DiTF
Justin Bieber--One Time-CDM-2009-OMA
K Bonus--Cookies For Breakfast-(IVR 012)-Vinyl-2008-jAZzMan
Kaizers Orchestra - Maestro-NO-2005-SMS
Kalya Scintilla - Open Ancient Eyes-WEB-2014-BR
Kalya Scintilla-Woodland Womp-2018-WEBV0
Kanye West and Sunday Service-Jesus Is Born-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Kanye West-Jesus Is King-(Repack)-2019-C4
Kanye West-The Life Of Pablo-WEB-2016-G3L INT
Kasey Taylor And Chris Meehan-Between The Lines Incl Greed Rmx-Promo-Vinyl-2004-UTE
Kasey Taylor And Chris Meehan-Simplicity-Promo Vinyl-2004-MNS
Kasey Taylor-Peaches-(IBOGADIGITAL19)-WEB-2008-Scratch
Kasey Taylor-Trapped Remixes-(VR069)-WEB-2008-320
Kate Ryan - I Surrender-CDS-2008-MnD
Kate Ryan-Stronger-2004-RNS
Katy Perry Vs Almighty Cover Girlz-Hot And Cold-(Promo CDR)-2008-WRE
Kelis-Kaleidoscope-Retail-1999-Recycled INT
Kelis-Tasty-Retail-2003-Recycled INT
Kelis-The Hits-2008-KELiS
Keri Hilson-In A Perfect World-2009-CMS
Kerri Chandler-Back To The Raw-(DRH003)-Vinyl-2004-MPX
Kerri Chandler-The Other Thing For Linda-PROMO VINYL-2004-BPM HOUSE
Kesha-Tik Tok-Promo CDR-2009-WUS
Khan-Say Goodbye-Losoul And Rework Remixes (PLAY059)-Vinyl-2002-MS
Kiasmos Vs Rival Consoles-65 Vs Milo-(ERATP013)-WEB-2009-KOUALA
Kikki And Roosarna - Vad Livet Har Att Ge-CDA-SE-2005-SMS
Killswitch Engage-Alive or Just Breathing-2002-BUTT INT
Killswitch Engage-Alive Or Just Breathing-2002-EOS
Killswitch Engage-Alive Or Just Breathing-2002-FIH INT
Killswitch Engage-As Daylight Dies-2006-EOS
Killswitch Engage-Killswitch Engage-(Remastered)-2005-BUTT INT
Killswitch Engage-Killswitch Engage-(Remastered)-2005-FIH INT
Killswitch Engage-Killswitch Engage (Special Edition)-2009-CiA
Killswitch Engage-Killswitch Engage-2000-EOS
Killswitch Engage-Let The Bridges Burn-(Target Bonus Track)-2006-ViPScene
Killswitch Engage-Live In Montreal Qc-0529-(Bootleg)-2004-PMS
Killswitch Engage-Niagara Falls NY 1120-2004-EOS
Killswitch Engage-The End of Heartache-(Retail)-2004-AoN
Killswitch Engage-The End Of Heartache-2CD-(Reissue)-2005-RNS
Kim Larsen Og Kjukken-En Lille Pose Stoej-Live-2CD-DK-2007-iFA
King Midas - The Jaguars-2005-SMS
KLM Music Feat. Whigfield - Saturday Night-(G010001917610Q)-WEB-2010-MARiBOR
KMFDM-Naive Hell To Go-1994-eDm int
KMFDM-Naive Hell to Go-1994-PtE INT
KMFDM-Naive-1990-PtE INT
KMFDM-Opium 1984 (Remastered)-2002-iRO
KMFDM-Split - Piggybank-1991-iRO
KMFDM-Sturm and Drang Tour 2002-2002-PtE INT
Koko Taylor - Audience with Koko Taylor-1987-aAF
Koko Taylor - Deluxe Edition-2002-aAF
Koko Taylor - Force of Nature-1993-aAF
Koko Taylor - From the Heart of a Woman-1981-aAF
Koko Taylor - Royal Blue-2000-aAF
Koko Taylor-Old School-2007-SAW
Koko Taylor-South Side Lady-1973-JUST
Koko Taylor-Wang Dang Doodle-1991-aAF
Korn-Follow the Leader-2CD-(Ltd.Ed.)-1998-LiT iNT
Korn-Korn-1994-BUTT INT
Korn-See You on The Other Side-Retail-2005-FH
Korn-Twisted Transistor-CDS-2005-DOH
Korn-Untouchables-Retail-2002-Recycled INT
Kreator-Cause For Conflict-1995-EOS
Kreator-Hordes Of Chaos-2CD-Ultra Riot Edition-2010-EOS
Kreator-Terror Prevails - Live at Rock Hard Festival-2012-GRM
Kreator-Violence Unleashed-MAG-EP-2016-GRAVEWISH
Kris Kristofferson-16 Biggest Hits-2007-XXL
Kris Kristofferson-Jesus Was a Capricorn-1972-aAF
Kris Kristofferson-Silver Tongued Devil and I-1971-aAF
Kris Kristofferson-Songs of Kristofferson-1977-aAF
Kris Kristofferson-Super Hits-1999-XSR
Kris Kristofferson-Surreal Thing-1996-DuDE
Kris Kristofferson-The Austin Sessions-1999-aAF
Kris Kristofferson-The Best of Kris Kristofferson-1993-EviL
Kris Kristofferson-The Essential-2CD-2004-SER
Kris Kristofferson-The Silver Tongued Devil And I-1988-DNR
Kris Kristofferson-This Old Road-(Advance)-2006-KzT
K-System-Samba 69-Promo CDR-2007-NVM
Kuffdam - Burning Up Remixes-(VANDIG042)-WEB-2009-SCMT
Kyau and Albert-15 Years Part Three-EUPH140-WEB-2011-TraX
Kygo Feat. Conrad-Firestone-(UL5826)-WEB-2014-IDF
La Bouche-Greatest Hits-2007-COS
La Plebe-Conquista 21-(EP)-2003-WEBV0
Lacuna Coil - Lacuna Coil-EP-1998-EiTheLMP3
Lady Gaga-The Fame-(UK Retail)-2009-Whoa
Lafayette Gilchrist-3-2007-SNOOK
Landikhan and Nina Indigo-Astral EP-2017-WEBV0
Lasgo - Out Of My Mind-CDS-2008-MnD
Last Days-Sea-2006-MUSiQ
Law Of The Least Effort-Library Catalog Music Series Volume 2 Music For Measurements-(AKR202)-CD-2009-iPC
Leftover Crack-Mediocre Generica-WEB-2001-ENTiTLED iNT
Leonard Cohen - Greatest Hits-2009-CMG
Leonard Cohen - Songs of Leonard Cohen-1968-spungo
Leonard Cohen - Various Positions-1985-GiBBs
Leonard Cohen-Dear Heather-ADVANCE-2004-ESC
Leonard Cohen-Field Commander Tour Of 1979-2000-JUST
Leonard Cohen-Greatest Hits-1999-DNR
Leonard Cohen-Greatest Hits-PROPER-1975-SDA
Leonard Cohen-Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970-2009-404
Leonard Cohen-Live Songs-1973-SNR
Leonard Cohen-More Best of-1997-BFHMP3
Leonard Cohen-New Skin For The Old Ceremony-1974-DNR
Leonard Cohen-Recent Songs-1979-EOS
Leonard Cohen-Songs From A Room-(Reissue)-2007-DNR
Leonard Cohen-Songs From A Room-(Remastered)-2007-SAW
Leonard Cohen-Songs From A Room-1969-DNR
Leonard Cohen-Songs Of Leonard Cohen-(Remastered)-2007-SAW
Leonard Cohen-Songs Of Love And Hate-(Remastered)-2007-SAW
Leonard Cohen-Songs Of Love And Hate-1971-DNR
Leonard Cohen-Ten New Songs-2001-DNR
Leonard Cohen-The Best Of Leonard Cohen-1975-DNR
Leonard Cohen--The Collection-5CD-2008-OMA
Leonard Cohen-The Essential-2CD-2002-EViGHET
Leonard Cohen-The Future-1992-iRO
Lettuce-Crush-WEB-2015-UZ INT
Lettuce-Fly-2012-UZ INT
Lettuce-Outta Here-2002-KSi
Lifehouse-Take Me Away (Promo CDS)-2003-KSi
Lifehouse-Who We Are-(Deluxe Edition)-2CD-2008-XXL
Lil Wayne-Tha Block Is Hot-CDS-1999-LILWAYNE
Lilys - In The Presence Of Nothing (1992)-ATM
Lilys-Brief History Of Amazing Letdowns (1993)-ATM
Lilys-Everything Wrong Is Imaginary-2006-tLOC
Limp Bizkit - Bittersweet Home-Promo CDS-2005-SMS
Limp Bizkit - Boiler(Single)-2001-SiNiSTER
Limp Bizkit - Family Values Tour-2002-WCR
Limp Bizkit - Platinum Collection-2000-FKK
Limp Bizkit - Results May Vary-RETAIL-2003-ESC
Limp Bizkit - The Chocolate Starfish And The Hotdog Flavored Water-EGO
Limp Bizkit Feat Snoop Dogg-Red Light Green Light-Promo CDS-2003-XXL
Limp Bizkit-3 Bill Yall-1997-EOS
Limp Bizkit-Behind Blue Eyes-CDS-2003-FMC
Limp Bizkit-Boiler-Promo CDS-2001-FKK
Limp Bizkit-Break Stuff (DJ Lethal Remix)-Promo CDS-2002-iDX
Limp Bizkit-Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water-(Special Edition)-2CD-2000-NER INT
Limp Bizkit-Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water-2000-BUTT INT
Limp Bizkit-Chocolate Starfish Best Buy Bonus CD-2000-KSi
Limp Bizkit-Chocolate Starfish Bonus Disc-2001-BUTT INT
Limp Bizkit-Counterfeit Countdown EP (JAP Import)-1999-eNT
Limp Bizkit-Counterfeit Countdown-1999-sC
Limp Bizkit-Counterfeit Remix-Promo-CDS-1997-DFC INT
Limp Bizkit-Crack Addict (Unreleased Track)-2003-VMA
Limp Bizkit-Eat You Alive-(CDM)-2003-FNT
Limp Bizkit-Eat You Alive-CDS-2003-PMS
Limp Bizkit-Greatest Videoz-DVDA-2005-TDPmp3
Limp Bizkit-Home Sweet Home (Bittersweet Symphony)-CDM-2005-DDS
Limp Bizkit-Just Drop Dead-Promo CDS-2003-aAF
Limp Bizkit-Masters Of Puppets-1999-KSi
Limp Bizkit-New Old Songs (Retail)-2001-REV
Limp Bizkit-Results May Vary-(Limited Edition Bonus)-DVD-2003-MuSiKa INT
Limp Bizkit-Results May Vary (Japan Bonus Track)-2003-LB
Limp Bizkit-Results May Vary (UK Bonus Track)-2003-LB
Limp Bizkit-Results May Vary-2003-INT-DDZ
Limp Bizkit-Results May Vary-UK BONUS TRACK-2003-pH
Limp Bizkit-Rock Am Ring-2001-JUST
Limp Bizkit-Rock Im Park 2001-2008-DURST
Limp Bizkit-Rollin-Silver Artwork CDM-2000-FKK
Limp Bizkit-Shut The Fuck Up ft. Method Man-Demo-1999-CMS INT
Limp Bizkit-Significant Other-1999-eNT
Limp Bizkit-Significant Other-1999-NHH INT
Limp Bizkit-Significant Other-1999-sinned-aPC
Limp Bizkit-The Rare and The Remixes-Bootleg-2002-PoS
Limp Bizkit-Three Dollar Bill Yall-1997-BUTT INT
Limp Bizkit-Three Dollar Bill Yall-RETAIL-1997-THR
Limpbizkit-The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1)-2005-INT-DDZ
Lindstrom And Prins Thomas-II-Retail CD-2009-OBC
Lindstrom And Prins Thomas-Reinterpretations-CD-2007-BPM
Lindstrom And Prins Thomas-Tirsdagsjam-WEB-2009-CBR
Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory (Special Asian Edition)-2002-CHR
Linkin Park-Hybrid Theory (PROMO)-2000-zrO
Linkin Park-Hybrid Theory-2000-KSi INT
Linkin Park-Hybrid Theory-EP-1999-NEUTEK
Lipps Inc - Mouth To Mouth (Incl Full Length Funky Town)-(VLA)-1979-SMO
Lisa Miskovsky-Fallingwater-2003-RNS
Lloyd Cole--Antidepressant-Promo-2006-1way
Long Arm-The Branches-Deluxe Edition-2LP-2012-NOiR
Loobosh - Morning Dew (SSR122)-WEB-2012-SCMT
Loona-Vamos A La Playa-WEB-2010-PWT
Losoul - Belong-CD2000-MGC

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VA-Blunt Magazine Presents Less Talk More Punk Vol 2-(MAG)-2012-pLAN9
VA-Bon Jovi-TNT-Split-Promo VLS-1985-RZB
VA-Bored To Death-Criminal Trap-Split-7inch-Vinyl-2010-hXc
VA-Bringing You Home For Spring Sampler-2005-DeBT iNT
VA-Brutal Supremacy-2x7inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH
VA-Bullens Klassiker 1-2013-SoR
VA-Bullens Klassiker-2013-SoR
VA-Bullens Nostalgi 2-2013-SoR
VA-Bullens Rockklassiker Vol-01-2013-SoR
VA-Bullens Rockklassiker Vol-03-2013-SoR
VA-Bullens Rockklassiker Vol-06-2013-SoR
VA-Bullens Rockklassiker Vol-07-2013-SoR
VA-Bullens Rockklassiker Vol-09-2013-SoR
VA-Bullens Rockklassiker Vol-10-2013-SoR
VA-Bullens Rockklassiker Vol-11-2013-SoR
VA-Bullens Rockklassiker Vol-17-2014-SoR
VA-Bullens Rockklassiker Vol-19-2014-SoR
VA-Bullens Rockklassiker Vol-20-2014-SoR
VA-Bullens TungGung-2015-SoR
VA-Bullens Ultimate Rock Vol-1-2CD-2013-SoR
VA-Cafe Veijon Baari-FI-2002-SER
VA-Call For Blood A Tribute To Hatebreed-2006-DeBT iNT
Vacant State-Internal Conflict-EP-Vinyl-2009-GRAVEWISH
VA-Capsule Records Compilation-7inch-Vinyl-2010-FiH
Vaccine-Crimes In Blood-EP-Vinyl-2011-GRAVEWISH
Vaccine-Human Hatred-EP-Vinyl-2010-GRAVEWISH
Vaccuum-Self Titled (2nd)-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc
Vaccuum-Self Titled-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc
VA-Century Media - Covering 20 Years Of Extremes-2CD-2008-mwnd int
VA-Chain To Thread-Bleed-Split-7inch-Vinyl-1994-FiH
VA-Christmas With The Kranks-OST-2004-RNS
VA-Chuck Norris Experiment-So Fucking What-Split-2008-SDR
VA-Cinema Century Compilation-5CD-Ltd.Ed.-2002-MIL
VA-Communicates-Square The Circle-Hard Core Punk And Resistance-Split-JP-2011-hXc
VA-Converge-Dropdead-(Split 7 Inch Vinyl)-2011-AMX
VA-Covered In Blood-A Tribute To Slayer-2002-AMRC
VA-Cyber Core Compilation.COP International-1994-V0 iND
VA-Cyberpunk Fiction-1998-FiNE320
VA-Dark Christmas Industrial Evening-2011-V0
VA-Darkbuster Vs Tommy And The Terrors-2001-ATR
VA-Dee Sniders Strangeland OST-2000-OTH
Vader-Tibi Et Igni-LIMITED EDITION-2014-GRM
VA-Despise You-Agoraphobic Nosebleed-And On And On-(Split)-2011-FNT
VA-Devil Must Be Driven Out With Devil-LP-1986-JRP
VA-Dick Cheney-B.U.S.H.-Split-EP-2005-COR
VA--Die Dicksten Dinger Des Jahres (Rock Hard)-MAG-2011-OMA
VA-Drum Nation Vol 3-2006-RNS
VA-DWA XxX (100 Remixes)-10CD-Limited Edition-2013-FWYH
va-ela ja anna toisten kuolla-FI-2012-DDt
va-elavana koomassa-split ep-FI-2014-DDt
VA-Electric Funeral-Go Filth Go-Split-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc
VA-Electrospective Electronic Music Since 1958-2CD-2012-WC2R
VA-Emergency Broadcast Systems Volume Three-7inch-Vinyl-1993-FiH
va-en saa mistaan tyydytysta-FI-2012-DDt
VA-Epitaph Sampler-2006-MTD
VA-Essential Hardrock Hits-2005-gF
VA-Eulogy Records The New Jack Welcoming Committee Sampler-2004-DeBT iNT
VA-Evangelion-Metall Collection-2018-CSM
VA-Excrement-Aspect Of Behind-Split Demo 06-Tape-2006-hXc
VA-Exithippies-Asocial Terror Fabrication-Split-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc
VA-Extortion - Completed Exposition Split-(7 INCH VINYL)-2010-iTS
VA-Facedown Fest 04 Sampler-2004-DeBT iNT
Va-Facedown Records 22 Ton Sampler-2002-DeBT iNT
VA-Family Values Tour 1999-2000-DNR
VA-Family Values Tour 2006-2006-ESC
VA-Family Values Tour 98-1999-DNR
VA-Fucking Greatest Hits - Kesakumibiisit 1996-2004-FI-2004-EVVK
VA-Full Metal Jacket (Limited Edition Digipak)-2002-WOM
VA-Full Of Hell And Goldust Split-(7 INCH VINYL)-2011-iTS
VA-GBH-Billy Club-Punk Rock Ambulance Split-EP-2001-ApoLLo
VA-German Metal-Gold I Gave For Iron Vol.1-2018-CSM
VA-German Metal-Steel Throne Vol.2-2018-CSM
VA-Glee The Music Vol 5-OST-2011-VAG
VA-Golden Legends-Great Blues Masters-2005-GT4
VA-Gothic Industrial Madness-(DVD)-2000-pLAN9
VA-Great Falls and Pastor Tonal Split-(CDR)-2010-iTS
VA-Grey Area-Go Rydell Split-(WEB)-2011-iTS
VA-Greyhouse-Dahlia Seed-Split-7inch-Vinyl-1993-FiH
VA-Guitarristas Volume 1-2005-AMRC
VA-HammerShark Vol 39-2019-UNC
VA-Hard N Heavy Vol 30-2CD-2018-MGCW
VA-Hardcore Amerika The Reagan Years-1st Term-CD-200x-COR
VA-Hardcore Breakout USA (Vinyl)-1991-rH
VA-Hardcore03 - Finnish Hardcore - Punk Compilation-LP-FI-2006-COR
VA-Hazlo Tu Mismo Vol. 1-CDR-ES-2007-D2H
VA-Heal For Unality Touhoku-JP-2011-hXc
VA-HeavyAss Vol 34-2019-UNC
VA-HeavyAss Vol 6-2015-UNC
VA-HeavyAss Vol 7-2015-UNC
VA-HeavyAss Vol 8-2015-UNC
va-heitan hetulaa-FI-2CD-2012-DDt
VA-High Voltage Box The Ultimate ACDC Tribute-2CD-2007-R00CK
Va-Hilselp - Suomen Suursuosikit Samalla Levylla-2002-rH
VA-I Exist-Phantoms-Rerip-(Split EP Vinyl)-2011-AMX
VA-I Scream Summer Sampler-2006-DeBT iNT
VA-Ilosaarirock 35 Juhlakokoelma-2CD-FI-2006-SER
va-ilta lintsilla-FI-2014-DDt
Vainaja - Kadotetut-FI-2014-SOP INT
VA-In-Flight No-Slam Revelation Records Collection 06-2006-DeBT iNT
Vain-No Respect-(1989)-P2P
Vains Of Jenna - The Art of Telling Lies-2009-UasH
Vains of Jenna-Reverse Tripped-2011-WEB-UasH
Vains of Jenna-The Demos-2005-AMRC
Vains of Jenna-We Can Never Die Vol. 2-2011-WEB-UasH
VA-Iron Lung Mixtape I-Tape-2011-FiH
va-iskelma suomi-14CD-FI-2013-DDt
VA-Isterismo-Kromosom-Hardcore Pollution-Split-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc
VA--Jackass Number Two-Clean-OST-CD-2006-PiT
VA-JaneS-FavoriteR Vol 3-2013-SoR
VA-Jay Reatard and Sonic Youth-Split-EP-2009-B2R
VA-Jazz Sketches Autumn-2CD-2006-MsC
VA-Johnny Futuro-Lara Korona-Split-LP-2010-FiH
va-joulurayhaa -FI-2007-DDt
va-k-18 kielletyt laulut-FI-2014-DDt
VA-Kaikkien Aikojen Paras Joululevy-3CD-FI-2008-wAx
VA-Kaikkien Aikojen Suomimetallit-3CD-2011-COS INT
va-kassarock 10-FI-2011-DDt
VA-Kassarock 10-FI-2011-KALEVALA
va-kesahitit 60 s 70 s-FI-2014-DDt
VA-Kurt Cobain About A Son-(OST)-2007-NFA
VA-La Finestra Di Fronte OST-2003-RNS INT
VA-Lariat-At War With Shadows-(Split)-2001-DeBT iNT
VA-Last Legion Alive-Hellstorm-Split-LP-2011-hXc
VA-Legacy Vol 72-2CD-MAG-2011-GRAVEWISH
Valiant Bastards-Harbingers Of Chaos-2019-CSM
Validor - In Blood in Battle-2011-FREE
Valikausitakki - Valikausitakki-FI-1978-SOP INT
VA-Like Wolves-Oak and Bone-Split-(7 Inch Vinyl)-2010-FNT
VA-Live at Wacken 2007-3DVD-Ltd.Ed.-2008-JUST
Vallenfyre-A Fragile King-2011-GRM
VA-Lokalmatadore And Klamydia-VLS-DE-1994-SDR
Valonkantajat - Pimentola-FI-2014-SOP INT
Valonkantajat - Tuomittu Elamaan-FI-2012-SOP INT
VA-Lotus Fucker-Penis Geyser-Split-7inch-Vinyl-2010-hXc
ValSans - Sword-2011-Nsc
Valse triste - turha ruokkia ruumiita-1999-ss
Valse Triste-Madon Luku-FI-2006-MTD
Valtyr - Verinen Saagat-2011-Nsc
VA-Lumberjack Distribution Spring Sampler-2003-DeBT iNT
VA-Machines Against Hunger-2CD-2008-FWYH
VA-Makabert Fynd-Tortyr-Split-7inch-Vinyl-SE-2011-hXc
VA-Mamavikisokolovoy-Louder Than Words-Split-2010-FiH
VA-Melkein Vieraissa-Nimemme On Dingo-FI-2008-r35
VA-Melkein Vieraissa-Tribuutti Leevi And The Leavingsille-FI-2007-MAN
VA-Mestaria Kunnioittaen-Tribuutti Tapio Rautavaaralle-FI-2008-r35
VA-Metal Allstar Live in Moscow April 9th 2014-BOOTLEG-2014-xTEAM
VA-Metal Blade Records 20th Anniversary Party-(DVD)-2004-DNR
VA-Metal Blade Records 20th Anniversary Party-2004-DNR
VA-Metal Hammer-Hammered At Xmas-DVD-MAG-2006-gF
VA-Metal In Rocks Volume I-Vinyl-1988-FFWG INT
VA-Metal Treasures And Vinyl Heavies-LP-1984-RZB
VA-Metallica A Tribute to Ride the Lightning-MAG-2014-GRAVEWISH
VA-Ministry of Sound Funky House Session (MIXFM)-SAT-13-06-2007-GTi
VA-Misfits-Balzac Split-2002-SGE
VA-Mojo Presents-(Sgt. Pepper With A Little Help From My Friends)-(MAG)-2007-SMO
VA-Monster Ballads Xmas-2007-XXL
VA-Moonrise Kingdom OST-2012-gF
VA-More Than A Piece Of Mind-Vinyl-2011-GRAVEWISH
VA-Morning Again-25 Ta Life-(Split)-1998-DeBT iNT
VA-Motorhead-Girlschool-The St. Valentines Day Massacre-10 Inch EP-1981-RZB
VA-Movie Lounge Vol 2 Strega Selected by Randi Ingerman-2007-ONe
Vampires Everywhere-Kiss The Sun Goodbye-2011-KzT
Van Canto--A Storm to Come-2006-UBE
Van Canto-Dawn Of The Brave-2CD-2014-BELT
Van Canto--Hero-PROPER-2008-UBE
Van Canto-Voices of Fire-LIMITED EDITION-2016-GRM
Van Halen - 1984-1984-ATB
Van Halen - Balance-1995-ATB
Van Halen - Best of Volume 1-1996-FAF INT
Van Halen - Jump-DVD-2006-LzY
Van Halen - Right Here Right Now-2CD-1993-ATB
Van Halen - Van Halen Remastered-2000-aAF
Van Halen-1984 Previous Night-1984-aAF
Van Halen-5150-1986-DNR
Van Halen-A Different Kind Of Truth-2012-ESAD
Van Halen-Balance-Retail-1995-CRock
Van Halen-Dont Tell Me-(CDM)-1995-DNR
Van Halen-Essentials-2019-CSM
Van Halen-Fair Warning (Remastered)-2000-aAF
Van Halen-The Best of Volume 1-Japanese Edition-1996-GRM
Van Halen-The Collection-9CD-2015-GAS
Van Halen-The Very Best Of Van Halen-2CD-2015-BELT
Van Halen-Tokyo Dome Live in Concert-2CD-2015-GRM
VA-Nacht Der Maschinen Vol.2-Limited Edition-2008-FWYH
VA-Naked Breakers-7inch-Vinyl-2009-hXc
VA-Nativity In Black-A Tribute To Black Sabbath-1994-EOS
Vandaalit - Kaupallista Paskaa-FI-2011-SOP INT
vandaalit-elavana -FI-2014-DDt
vandaalit-historiaa tehdaan oisin-CDS-FI-2013-DDt
vandaalit-karvoja korvissa-CDS-FI-2011-DDt
vandaalit-kaupallista paskaa-FI-2011-DDt
vandaalit-namuja lapsille-remastered-FI-2008-DDt
vandaalit-tahko voittaa matsin-FI-1993-DDt
Vanden Plas-Far Off Grace-1999-mwnd int
Vandenberg - Heading for A Storm (Jap. Ed.)-1983-MCA int
VA-Need for Speed Underground ST-2CD-2003-ATX
va-nelja nahkafagottia-FI-1998-DDt
Vanessa Mae-Fantastic Violin 2-CD-1998-QMI
Vanessa Mae-The Best Of-2002-BMI
Vanessa Mae-The Original Four Seasons-CD-2003-OFC
Vanessa Mae-The Ultimate-RETAIL-2003-uF
Vanessa Mae-The Violin Player-1995-EOS
Vanessa-Mae-Red Hot-Retail-CDS-1995-aAF
VA-New York City Hardcore-The Way It Is-1988-DNR
Vangelis - Odyssey (The Definite Collection)-2003-STALiNGRAD
Vanilla Ninja - Dont Go Too Fast-Promo-CDS-2004-TDJ
Vanilla Ninja - I Know-Retail CDM-2005-MOD
Vanilla Ninja - Liar-CDM-2004-MOD
vanilla ninja-dangerzone-(cdm)-2006-mst
Vanir - Onwards into Battle-2012-FREE
Vanisher - Unbound-2012-FREE
Vanity-A Thousand Feuds-(EP)-2011-AMX
VA-No Use For A Name Soda Split - Two Month Bender-1996-rH
VA-NOFX Rancid (Split Series Vol. 3)-2002-PMS
Vanquished Kingdom-Vanquished Kingdom-2018-CSM
va-nuori rytmi -FI-2014-DDt
VA-OM Lounge 8-2003-CHR
VA-Onanizer-Joe Pesci-2009-rH
VA-Open Hardcore Fest - The Way It Was-Promo-2011-B2R
VA-Our Impact Will Be Felt-A Tribute To Sick Of It All-2007-QTXMp3
VA-Pahojen Poikien Lauluja-2000-IND
VA-Pantera-Villain-Power Metal Only Time Will Tell Split-1993-iRO
VA-Paskakaupunni Collection-2006-SER
Vapenlicens - Hat 101-SE-2012-FREE
va-pioneers of finnish noize-FI-2014-DDt
VA-Pitchfork New York Hardwear Vol 3-2011-GRAVEWISH
VA-Podrum Against Nazis Vol. 1-CDR-2008-D2H
VA-Poliittisten Laulujen Parhaat-2CD-2002-SER
VA-Por Los Que NO Tienen Voz-2008-D2H
VA-Porsanmaen Sanomat (Tribuutti Jaakko Tepolle)-FI-2009-KALEVALA
VA-Portuguese Nightmare-A Tribute to Misfits-2005-BUTT
VA-Power It Up-Sampler-2011-B2R
VA-Project X-(OST)-2012-MTD
Vapuleador-Violencia Ortodoxa-2018-CSM
VA-Punch-Loma Prieta-Split-VLS-2011-gF
Va-Punk Alert-1996-rH
VA-Punk As A Fuck-DVDA-2005-COR
VA-Punk Bites-1996-rH
VA-Punk Dead Nah Mate the Smell is Jus Summink in Yer Underpants Innit-LP-1983-rH
VA-Punk Goes Pop-2002-DNR
VA-Punk Hardcore Subterraneo En Paraguay-Vinyl-ES-2011-D2H
VA-Punk Iberico Pata Negra Vol. 1-ES-2003-rH
VA-Punk Rock Camp 2-JP-2003-rH
VA-Punk Rock Is Your Friend 6-2005-RTB
VA-Punk Rock Made In Slovakia 1-SK-2001-rH
VA-Punk Rock Made In Slovakia 2-SK-2001-rH
VA-Punk Rock Pirates-2CD-2004-rH
VA-Punk Rock Strike Vol 2-2001-rH
VA-Punk Rock Strike-2000-rH
VA-Punk Rock Xmas-1995-GRW
VA-Punk Samling 1-Antistortion Vs D3-2000-rH
VA-Punk Session Vol2-CZ-2001-rH
VA-Punk Strikes Back-1994-DNR
VA-Punk Trash-1998-rH
VA-Punk Vol.1 - Loud and Angry-1991-rH
VA-Punk-O-Rama Vol. 2-1996-DNR
VA-Punk-O-Rama Vol. 3-1998-DNR
VA-Punk-O-Rama Vol. 5-2000-DNR
VA-Punk-O-Rama Vol. 7-2002-DNR
VA-Punks Are Fuckin Making Fuckin CDs-JP-2005-rH
VA-Punks Drunks and Other Junk-2000-rH
VA-Punks Not Dread-1991-rH
VA-Punx Unite-Leaders Of Today-2005-DNR
VA-Pure Finnish Rock-Aitoa Suomirockia-Poko Rekordsin Historia-5CD-FI-2004-SER
VA-Quality Punk Rock-1996-DNR
va-rakkaudesta... 80 s special-FI-2014-DDt
va-ramoviisut-vuoden 2014 parhaimmistoa-FI-2014-DDt
Varaus S.S-2003-2007-10inch-Vinyl-FI-2011-hXc
VA-Reaper Records United Blood Fest Compilation-Vinyl-2011-GRAVEWISH
VA-Reino and Aino - Rakkaustarina-FI-2010-VBR2
VA-Relapse Records Sampler-2006-DNR
VA-Remixed by Terrorfakt-2003-FWYH
VA-Reunation - A Tribute to Running Wild-2CD-2009-GRW
VA-Rev Distribution Summer Smash 06-2006-DeBT iNT
Varg - Wolfskult-(Limited Edition)-DE-2011-Nsc
Various Artists - 80s Hard N Heavy-2009-SOP INT
various artists-utsunomiya city hardcore-ep-1994-cor
VA-Ripple Music - 5 Year Anniversary Compilation-2CD-2015-COD
VA-Rock Of Ages-OST-2012-C4
VA-Rock Rallye 77-LP-1977-KALEVALA
va-rock rock rock -FI-2014-DDt
VA-Rock SM 2002-2002-SER
VA-Rockin Korkeat Korot-FI-2004-SER
VA-Rocksound Italian Punk Rock Vol 10-2002-rH
VA-Rocksound Italian Punk Rock Vol 11-2002-rH
Va-Rocksound Italian Punk Rock Vol 1-1998-rH
VA-Rocksound Italian Punk Rock Vol 14-2002-rH
VA-Rocksound Italian Punk Rock Vol 16-2003-rH
VA-Rocksound Italian Punk Rock Vol 17-2003-rH
VA-Rocksound Italian Punk Rock Vol 19-2004-rH
VA-Rocksound Italian Punk Rock Vol 20-2004-rH
VA-Rocksound Italian Punk Rock Vol 21-2005-rH
Va-Rocksound Italian Punk Rock Vol 2-2000-rH
VA-Rocksound Italian Punk Rock Vol 22-2005-rH
Va-Rocksound Italian Punk Rock Vol 4-2000-rH
VA-Rocksound Italian Punk Rock Vol 5-2001-rH
VA-Rocksound Italian Punk Rock Vol 6-2001-rH
VA-Rocksound Italian Punk Rock Vol 7-2001-rH
VA-Rocksound Italian Punk Rock Vol 8-2001-rH
VA-Rocksound Italian Punk Rock Vol 9-2002-rH
VA-Rotta Sanomat Esittelee-20 Vappu Suosikkia-Vapuksi Kotiin-FI-2010-r35
VA-Rough Trade Shops Post Punk Vol 01-2CD-2003-NuHS
VA-Ruiner-Attica Attica-Under The Influence Vol 14-(WEB)-2011-iTS
Varukers-No Masters No Slaves-2007-D2H
va-runeberginkatu 8-1993-DDt
VA-Sakara Tour 06 (Nosturi Helsinki)-CDS-FI-2007-SER
VA-Scandinavian Metal Attack Volume 1-2003-DMG
VA-Scandinavian Metal Attack Volume 2-2003-DMG
VA-Scandinavian Metal-The Halls Of Valhalla Vol.1-2018-CSM
VA-Scheisse Minnelli-Nervous Breakdown-Split-LP-2011-hXc
VA-Selfminded-The Spirit That Guides Us-The Oslo Compact-Split-2001-pLAN9
VA-Sik Samlingskass 1-Advance-2002-pH
VA-Silver Linings Playbook-OST-WEB-2012-wAx
VA-Singles (Deluxe Version) [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]-2CD-2017-H18
VA-Sinister Label Sampler-2003-DeBT iNT
VA-Sistemas De Aniquilacion-Necromongo-Lima Inferno Split Assault-Split-SP-2011-hXc
VA-Skull Smash Vol. 1-Vinyl-1988-FFWG INT
VA-Slatanic Slaughter-1995-mwnd int
VA-Sleeping By The Riverside-Carry The Dead-(Split)-1999-DeBT iNT
VA-Snapcase Vs Boy Sets Fire-(Split)-1999-DeBT iNT
va-sotajumala deathchain-split-2010-DDt
VA-Sound Explosion Lifeforce-Goodlife Spring Sampler-2003-DeBT iNT
VA-Southern Death A Tribute To Pantera-2000-DNR
VA-Spinefarm Hardcovers-2004-mwnd int
VA-Still Alive in Our Minds-2008-FiH
VA-Stoned Immaculate The Music Of The Doors-2000-EGO
VA-Striving Higher A Hardcore Compilation-2011-GRAVEWISH
VA-Sub Pop 200-1991-LaPH
VA-Summer Tour Survival Soundtrack-2008-XXL
va-suomi hits - 70-luvun klassikot vol. 1-FI-2013-DDt
va-suomi hits - 70-luvun klassikot vol. 2-FI-2013-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1950-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1951-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1952-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1953-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1954-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1955-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1956-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1957-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1958-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1959-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1960-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1961-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1962-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1963-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1964-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1965-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1966-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1967-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1968-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1969-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1970-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1971-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1972-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1973-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1974-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1975-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1976-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1977-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1978-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi hits - vuosikerta 1979-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomidisco - mamma mia - sverige special-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomidisco 80 s-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomi-rock 1978-RERIP-FI-1994-DDt
va-suomi-rock 1979-RERIP-FI-1994-DDt
va-suomi-rock 1980-RERIP-FI-1994-DDt
va-suomi-rock 1981-RERIP-FI-1994-DDt
va-suomi-rock 1982-RERIP-FI-1994-DDt
va-suomi-rock 1983-RERIP-FI-1994-DDt
va-suomi-rock 1984-RERIP-FI-1994-DDt
va-suomi-rock 1985-RERIP-FI-1994-DDt
va-suomi-rock 1986-RERIP-FI-1994-DDt
va-suomi-rock 1987-RERIP-FI-1994-DDt
va-suomi-rock 1988-RERIP-FI-1994-DDt
va-suomi-rock 1989-RERIP-FI-1994-DDt
va-suomirocks-kulman kundit-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomirocks-lennonia lainaamassa-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomirocks-memphisista vegasiin-elvis elossa -FI-2014-DDt
va-suomirocks-on the road-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomirocks-valtatie 66-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomirocks-wanha kunnon rock n roll vol.2-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomirocks-wanha kunnon rock n roll vol.3-FI-2014-DDt
va-suomirocks-wanha kunnon rock n roll-FI-2014-DDt
VA-Supersuckers Vs The Hangmen-Split VLS-2004-FFaCC
va-surfpoika rex-pukki-ep-FI-2002-DDt
va-sweet leaf - a stoner rock salute to black sabbath-2CD-2015-DDt
VA-System Fucker-D-Clone-What Is Your Hardcore-Split-Tape-JP-2011-hXc
VA-Syvissa Vesissa-FI-2009-r35
VA-Tahdet Tahdet-Tribuutti Rauli Badding Somerjoelle-FI-2008-WAGNER
VA-Taking Liberties 7inch-Vinyl-1996-D2H
VA-Taytta Elamaa-50-Suomalaisten Suosikkia-2CD-FI-2002-RDA
VA-Technomancer-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
VA-The Best Beer Drinking Songs in the World Ever Vol 5-2CD-2004-XXL
VA-The Best Gay Hits Ever-2CD-2009-SSR
VA-The Blackest Box The Ultimate Metallica Tribute-2CD-2007-R00CK2
VA-The Good Life Vol. 2-1998-DeBT iNT
VA-The Hirsch Effekt-Caleya-Promo-Split-EP-DE-2010-FiH
VA-The Pauki-The Vendetta-Sick Of Society-A.R.E. Freundschaft-Split-2006-gF
VA-The Revivalry (A Tribute To Running Wild)-2CD-2005-AMRC
VA-The Transporter-OST-RETAIL-2002-ESC
VA-The Unholy Alliance-Unholy Download-WEB-2008-DRI
VA-The Vampire Diaries (Original Television Soundtrack)-OST-2010-C4
VA-The Vans Warped Tour 15th Anniversary Celebration-2010-FNT
VA-The Very Best Of Hard Rock Ballads-2002-mwnd int
VA-The Vision The Volume An Independent Music Sampler Spring-Summer-2004-DeBT iNT
VA-The Vision The Volume An Independent Music Sampler Summer-2004-DeBT iNT
VA-The Worlds Greatest 80s Anthems-WEB-MP3-2018-MusicBits
VA-The Wrestling Album-1985-EOS
VA-This Is Australia-(EP Vinyl)-2011-AMX
VA-This Is What We Call British Industrial-2CD-2012-AMOK
VA-Thrash Metal Anthology Vol.I-2014-CSM
VA-Thrash Metal Anthology Vol.II-2014-CSM
VA-Thrash Metal Anthology Vol.III-2014-CSM
VA-Thrash Metal Anthology Vol.IV-2014-CSM
VA-Thrash Metal Anthology Vol.IX-2014-CSM
VA-Thrash Metal Anthology Vol.V-2014-CSM
VA-Thrash Metal Anthology Vol.VI-2014-CSM
VA-Thrash Metal Anthology Vol.VII-2014-CSM
VA-Thrash Metal Anthology Vol.VIII-2014-CSM
VA-Thrash Metal Anthology Vol.X-2014-CSM
VA-Thrashing Relics Vol 1 Finnish Underground Thrash Metal 1987-90-CD-2006-COR
va-tuomarin todistajat-FI-2000-DDt
Vaughn - Soldiers and Sailors on Riverside-2000-BEX
VA-Underworld Awakening-(OST)-2012-MTD
VA-US Vs. UK Punk-2006-KzT
VA-Vain Elamaa Kausi 7 - Ensimmainen Kattaus-CD-FI-2017-COS
VA-Violent Core Attack 2 7inch-Vinyl-1998-D2H
VA-Vuonna 85 Kauan On Aikaa Siis Manserock-Musikaali-FI-2006-SER
va-wanhanajan klassikot-kuule sydamesi aanta-FI-2014-DDt
va-wanhanajan klassikot-rillumarei-FI-2014-DDt
VA-Warped Tour 2007 Compilation-(2CD)-2007-pLAN9
VA-We Wish You A Metal Xmas And A Headbanging New Year-2008-EOS
VA-Wrestlemania The Album-1993-EOS
VA-WWE Originals-2004-EOS
VA-WWF Tough Enough-2001-EOS
VA-Xerxes-Midnight Souls Split-(VLS)-2011-iTS
VA-Xtreemities Compilation Vol 10-2008-GRAVEWISH
VA-You Really Got It-MAG-2014-DECRyPTED
VA-Zetor Hitit-2CD-FI-2010-COS
Velcra-Between Force and Fate-2005-COS
Velcra-Consequences Of Disobedience-2002-SER
Velcra-Our Will Against Their Will-CDS-2005-COS
Velcra-Shine For Me EP-2003-pyt
Velcra-Water Is Getting High-CDS-2004-SER
Velcro Overdose-Flesh Ripping Sonic Polka-EP-Vinyl-1990-GRW
Veltto Virtanen-Kusessa-Remastered-FI-2007-SER
Veltto Virtanen-Ronkpukki-Remastered-FI-2007-SER
Veltto Virtanen-Tahdon-Remastered-FI-2006-SER
Vendetta - Feed the Extermination-2011-FREE
Vendetta Spoken - Schrodinger Equation-2010-Nsc
Vendetta-Heretic Nation-2009-Ouzo
Venemous-In Presence of Evil-EP-2016-GRM
Venia-Frozen Hands-2009-FNT
Venom - Hammerhead - Hail Satanas-EP-2011-FREE
Venom-From The Very Depths-2015-BELT
Venom-The First Born Will Die-2012-GRM
Venom-The Singles 80-86-1986-DNR
Venom-Welcome To Hell-1981-DNR
Venom-Welcome To Hell-Remastered-2002-SER
Ventana-American Survival Guide Vol. 1-2008-PMS
Verenpisara-Happosadetta-2003-mwnd int
Verenpisara-Helpoin Tie-CDS-FI-2005-SER
Verenpisara-Me Tapoimme Tunteen-CDM-FI-2003-SER
Verenpisara-Sinun Tyyneytesi Vie Voiton Kaikesta-CDS-2001-SER
Verivala-Kalliolle Kukkulalle-FI-2009-BERC
Verjnuarmu-Muanpiallinen Helevetti-FI-2006-SER
Verjnuarmu-Pimmeyvven Ruhtinas-FI-2012-GRM
Vermithrax-Imperium Draconus-2018-CSM
Veronica Maggio - Dumpa Mig-CDS-SE-2006-SMS
Veronica Maggio-Havanna Mamma-CDS-SE-2006-iDM
Versailles-Philharmonic Quintet - Versailles-2012-FREE
Vertigo-II-Promo-2006-DJH INT
Vesa-Matti Loiri - Sydameeni Joulun Teen - Juhlapainos-2CD-FI-2017-SOP INT
Vesa-Matti Loiri - Vesku Suomesta-4CD-FI-2001-SOP INT
Vesa-Matti Loiri-Inari-FI-2007-SER
Vesa-Matti Loiri-Ivalo-FI-2006-SER
Vesa-Matti Loiri-Oskar Merikannon Lauluja-Remastered-FI-2002-SER
Vesa-Matti Loiri-Taalla Pohjantahden Alla-Remastered-FI-2003-SER
Vesa-Matti Loiri-Unelmia-Remastered-FI-2003-SER
Vesa-Matti Loiri-Vesku Suomesta-Kaikki Parhaat-FI-4CD-BOX-2001-MM
Vesa-Matti Loiri-Ystavan Laulut 2-Albatrossi-FI-2004-SER
Vesa-Matti Loiri-Ystavan Laulut-FI-2003-SER
Veuve SS-Shlass-Tape-FR-2011-FiH
Vexillum - The Wandering Notes-2011-Nsc
Via Fondo-Sensor Sensor-Halal-Hadhari-Echo Echo Landscape-Lies In Human Life-Split-CDR-2011-FiH
Via Fondo-Tar-7inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH
Vicious Cycle-Numbers-Over The Edge-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc
Victims-A Dissident-2011-FNT
Victorian Whore Dogs-Afternoonified-2016-GRM
Victorius - Age of Tyranny-2012-FREE
Victory Pill-Victory Pill-2007-VAG
Vihan Messu-Vihan Messu-FI-2016-GRM
viikate-ah ahtaita aikoja-CDS-FI-2006-DDt
viikate-ei enkeleita-CDS-FI-2007-DDt
viikate-ei ole ketaan kelle soittaa-CDS-FI-2002-DDt
viikate-kaajarven rannat-FI-2002-DDt
viikate-katkerimmat 2011 - 2017-2CD-FI-2017-DDt
viikate-kaunis kotkan kasi-CDS-FI-2003-DDt
viikate-kevyesti keskella paivaa-FI-2002-DDt
viikate-kuolleen miehen kupletti -ep-FI-2004-DDt
viikate-kuu kaakon ylla - [kultapainos]-FI-2010-DDt
viikate-kuu kaakon ylla-FI-2009-DDt
viikate-kuu kaakon ylla-promo-CDS-FI-2009-DDt
viikate-kuutamo kaiho ja katkeruus-FI-3CD-2011-DDt
viikate-kuutamourakat - riippumattomat pienjulkaisut - 1998-2003-FI-2004-DDt
viikate-kymijoen lautturit-FI-2013-DDt
viikate-linna espanjassa-ep-FI-2010-DDt
viikate-marraskuun lauluja i-FI-2007-DDt
viikate-marraskuun lauluja ii-FI-2007-DDt
viikate-marraskuun singlet-FI-2008-DDt
viikate-me olemme myohaiset-CDS-FI-2007-DDt
viikate-noutajan valssi-FI-2000-DDt
viikate-nuori mies nimeton-CDS-FI-2002-DDt
viikate-parrun patkia-ranka ep t 2000-2004-FI-2006-DDt
viikate-pohjoista viljaa-CDS-FI-2005-DDt
viikate-surut pois ja kukka rintaan-FI-2003-DDt
viikate-unholan urut-FI-2005-DDt
viikate-vesi jota pelkaat-CDS-FI-2005-DDt
viikate-vuoden synkin juhla-FI-2001-DDt
viikate-xii - kouvostomolli-FI-2016-DDt
Viimeinen Kolonna-Luonnoton Poistuma-Vinyl-EP-FI-2011-KALEVALA
Viking Skull - Cursed by the Sword-2012-FREE
Vile Gash-Deluded-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc
Vile Gash-Vile Gash-EP-Vinyl-2010-GRAVEWISH
Villain-Trouble At Home-(EP Vinyl)-2011-AMX
ville valo agents-ville valo agents-FI-2019-DDt
Villielain-Julma Satu-CDA-FI-2009-wAx
Vince Neil-Exposed-Retail-1993-FH
Vindicator - United We Fall-2012-FREE
Vinnie Moore-Collection-Promo-2006-WooX
Vinnie Moore-Meltdown-1991-DNR
Vinnum Sabbathi-Gravity Works-2017-GRM
Vinterblot - Nether Collapse-2012-FREE
Vintersorg - Orkan-SE-2012-FREE
Violence In Ascension-Blood Moon-2018-CSM
Vio-Lence-Eternal Nightmare-2CD-(Reissue)-2005-DNR
Vio-Lence-Opressing The Masses-Torture Tactics-(Reissue)-2003-DNR
Violent Arrest - Tooth and Nail-2011-FKK
Violent By Design-Dark Days Deserved-2019-CSM
Violent Party-End Of Existence-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc
Violent Uprising-4 Track E.P.-12inch-Vinyl-2007-hXc
Violet Sun - Loneliness In Supremacy-2010-Nsc
Vir Unis - Aeonian Glow-(Green House)-2000-BCC
Vir Unis - Book of Mutations-2003-BCC
Vir Unis - Symbology-(AtmoWorks)-CDR-2002-BCC
Vir Unis - The Drift Inside-1999-zEn
Vir Unis And Saul Stokes-Thermal Transfer-2002-FWYH
Vir Unis-Lumen-3.Inch CD-2002-FWYH
Vir Unis-Mercury And Plastic-CDR-2002-FLUiD
Vira-Deadbeat Club-(EP)-2008-ABORTED
Virgin Steele - The Black Light Bacchanalia-2CD-(Limited Edition)-2010-Nsc
Virgin Steele-Ghost Harvest-Vintage II-Red Wine For Warning-2018-CSM
Virgin Steele-Noble Savage-(SPV3085422CD)-Reissue 2CD-2011-211
Virgin Witch-Virgin Witch-VLS-2010-GRAVEWISH
Virtue Concept-Between Scylla And Charibdis-2018-CSM
Vision Divine - Destination Set to Nowhere-2CD-Ltd.Ed.-2012-FREE
Visions Of Atlantis-Eternal Endless Infinity-(Reissue)-2004-FTC
visions of atlantis-favorites-(japanese edition)-2011-wcm
Vital Remains-Into Cold Darkness-(Remastered)-2004-GOB
Vitalij Kuprij-Glacial Inferno-Japanese Retail with Bonus Track-2007-NTH
Viva Clarity-Our Demons-Our Hell-MCD-2009-BERC
Vixen - Live at Sweden Rock Festival-Bootleg-2005-AMRC
Vixen - Tangerine-1998-SaR
Vixen - The Works-2004-AMRC
Vixen-Live And Learn-2006-SER
Vixen-Rev It Up (Japanese Edition)-1990-GRW
Vixen-Vixen (Japanese Edition)-1989-GRW
VMTK-Sika Huora-EP-1990-COR
Voice of Justice-Eruption of Hate-2009-FOAD
Voice Of Trepidation - The Godless One-2011-Nsc
Voices In Vain-Narcotics And Animal Instincts-2018-CSM
Voices of Destiny - Power Dive-2012-FREE
Voices of Destiny - Power Dive-Digipak-2012-FREE
Voices Of Rock-High and Mighty-2009-SSR
Voidhanger - Wrathprayers-2011-FREE
Void-Hit And Run-Condensed Flesh Demos-Bootleg-LP-2010-hXc
Voivod-Nothingface (japanese retail)-1989-PMS
Voivod-The Best Of Voivod-1992-DNR
Voivod-The Outer Limits-1993-DNR
Voivod-War And Pain-1984-DNR
Volbeat - The Devil's Bleeding Crown (Single)-2016-NB
Volbeat-Guitar Gangsters And Cadillac Blood-(Limited Tour Edition)-2009-DNR
Volbeat-Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies-2CD-Limited Edition-2013-KRIEG
Volbeat-The Strength-The Sound-The Songs-2005-DNR
Von Boom-Punkrockterrorists-SE-2010-rH
Von Hertzen Brothers-Experience-2001-SER
Von Hertzen Brothers-New Day Rising-2015-BELT
Voodooshock-The Golden Beauty-Live for the Moment-VLS-2006-GRW
Vorpal Nomad - Hyperborea-2012-FREE
Vos Me Fallaste-Cuando El Sol Brillaba En Nuestros Dias-SP-2010-iTS
v-osasto-rakastaa hylkioita-cas-FI-2013-DDt
Vox Mortem-Slaves of Vanity-2017-CSM
Vultures-I Dont Blame You-(EP)-2010-AMX
Vysotskij - Katkennut Laulu-FI-1995-SOP INT
VYST-Try Again Fail Again Keep On Trying Keep On Living Gain While Giving-WEB-2012-rH
W.A.S.P. - Black Forever Goodbye America (Version 1)-CDM-1995-MCA int
W.A.S.P. - Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue)-CDS-1992-MCA int
W.A.S.P. - Forever Free-EP-1989-MCA int
W.A.S.P. - Helldorado (Japan Ed.)-1999-MCA int
W.A.S.P. - I Am One-CDS-Digipak-1992-MCA int
W.A.S.P. - Kill Fuck Die (Clean Radio Edit)-CDS-1997-MCA int
W.A.S.P. - Live Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)-CDS-1988-MCA int
W.A.S.P. - Mean Man-CDS-1989-MCA int
W.A.S.P. - Still Not Black Enough (Japan Ed.)-1995-MCA int
W.A.S.P. - The Crimson Idol-2CD-Remastered-1998-MCA int
W.A.S.P. - The Idol-CDS-Digipak-1992-MCA int
W.A.S.P. - The Real Me-CDS-1989-MCA int
W.A.S.P. - Unholy Terror (Japan Ed.)-2001-MCA int
W.A.S.P.-30 Years Of Thunder-2CD-2012-iCAJERRY
W.A.S.P.-Live In The Raw-1987-DNR
W.A.S.P.-The Crimson Idol-1993-DNR
W.A.S.P.-The Headless Children And Inside The Electric Circus-2CD-(Reissue)-2003-DNR
W.A.S.P.-The Last Command-1985-DNR
W.A.S.P.-Unholy Terror-2001-DNR
Waking Terror-Unholy Grave-Split-7inch-Vinyl-2005-B2R
Waking The Misery-Brotherhood-2018-CSM
Walking With Wolves-Parallels-2018-CSM
Walls Of Babylon-A Portrait Of Memories-2018-CSM
Walls Of Jericho-A Day And A Thousand Years-(Retail)-1999-DeBT iNT
Walls Of Jericho-All Hail The Dead-(Retail)-2004-DeBT iNT
Walls Of Jericho-From Hell-(Retail)-2006-DeBT iNT
Walls Of Jericho-Redemption-(Retail)-2008-DeBT iNT
Walls Of Jericho-The Bound Feed The Gagged-(Retail)-2000-DeBT iNT
Walls Of Jericho-With Devils Amongst Us All-(Retail)-2006-DeBT iNT
Walls-Stare At The Walls-7inch-Vinyl-2010-FiH
Walnut Grove-Self-Titled-2003-B2R
Waltari - Monk-Punk-2CD-2016-SOP INT
Waltari - Rare Species-2004-CMG
Waltari And Angelit-Channel Nordica-2000-mwnd int
Wanna-Bees - Another-EP-1993-SOP INT
War Command - Warlords Supremacy-2010-Nsc
War form A Harlots Mouth - Voyeur-2012-FREE
War Of Ages-Arise And Conquer-2008-FNT
Warbringer - Worlds Torn Asunder-(Digipak)-2011-FREE
Warchildren-Self Titled-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc
Warcollapse-The Final End-15 Years of Misery and Despair-2009-rH
Warcry-Donde Esta La Luz-Digipak-ES-2005-AMRC
Wardogs-Nuclear Disorder-2010-rH
Wardrum - Spadework-2011-FREE
Wardrum-Messenger-Japanese Edition-2014-GRM
Warhead - Speedway The Day After (Double Pack Edition)-2002-Nsc
Warhead-This World Of Confusion-Acceleration-7inch-Vinyl-JP-2011-hXc
Warlock-True As Steel-1986-DNR
Warmen-Accept The Fact-2005-mwnd int
Warmen-First of the Five Elements-2014-GRM
Warner Drive-City of Angels-2014-BELT
Warner Drive-Fully Loaded-2006-PMS
Warning Warning-My World-7inch-Vinyl-2010-hXc
Warp Brothers - Smells Like Teen Spirit-CDS-2005-SMS
Warpstone - Daemonic Warpfire-2012-FREE
Warrant - Rockaholic-2011-Nsc
Warrant-Inside Out-(JP Edition)-2018-CSM
Warrick - Beyond Diplomacy-2012-FREE
War-saw-Nuclear Nightmare-2013-GRM
Wartorn - Pyroklast-The Last Line Of Resistence-Split-Vinyl-2010-D2H
Wasted Puppets - Beg for More-2013-SOP INT
Wasted Puppets - Puppet Show-2015-SOP INT
Wasted Shells - The Debt-2011-FREE
Wasted Time-And So It Goes The First Two E.P.S-(VINYL)-2009-iTS
Wasted-Heroes Amongst Thieves-2004-SER
Wasted-Modern World is Dead-EP-WEB-2010-KALEVALA
Wavves-Self Titled-2008-hXc
Waylander - Kindred Spirits-2012-FREE
Wayne-Metal Church-2001-NiF3 INT
We Are The Damned-Holy Beast-2011-FiH
We Butter The Bread With Butter-Der Tag An Dem Die Welt Unterging-DE-2010-pLAN9
Weapon - Form the Devils Tomb-(Retail)-2010-FREE
wednesday 13-bloodwork-(ep)-2010-crn
Wednesday 13-Fang Bang-2006-KzT
wednesday 13-fuck it weil do it live-2008-arigold
Wednesday 13-Monsters of the Universe Come out and Plague-2015-BELT
Wednesday 13-Skeletons-CDA-2008-OVK
Wednesday 13-Transyvania 90210 Songs Of Death Dying And The Dead-2005-KSi
Weekend Nachos-Black Earth-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc
Weekend Nachos-Punish And Destroy-Torture-2008-GRAVEWISH
Weekend Nachos-Two Things At Once-LP-2011-hXc
Weekend Nachos-Worthless-2011-FNT
Weezer-Weezer-(The Blue Album)-(Deluxe Edition)-2CD-2004-DNR
Weird Al Yankovic-Off The Deep End-1992-DNR
Weird Al Yankovic-Running With Scissors-1999-DNR
Weird Al Yankovic-Smells Like Nirvana-1992-AntiQue
Weird Al Yankovic-Straight Outta Lynwood-2006-DNR
Weird Al Yankovic-The Food Album-1993-aPC
Weird Al Yankovic-The Food Album-1993-DNR
Wendy O. Williams-Wow-Reissue-2000-DMRG
Weresquatch-Frozen Void-2015-GRM
West of Hell - Spiral Empire-2012-FREE
Westman-Kaikella Kunnioituksella-FI-2008-r35
Wharf Rats-Wharf Rats-(7 Inch Vinyl)-2011-pLAN9
What Lies Within-Complete Discography-2006-BUTT
What Price Wonderland-Twisted-Split-7inch-Vinyl-2010-FiH
When the Empire Falls - Episode V-2011-FREE
While She Sleeps-The North Stands For Nothing-(Deluxe Edition)-(EP)-2011-MTD
Whiplash-Insult To Injury-1990-DNR
Whiplash-Unborn Again-Promo-2009-QTXMp3
Whispering Woods - Fairy Woods-2011-FREE
White Boy Wasted-The Dirty South Special-2018-CSM
White Fields-Chronicles-EP-2011-iTS
White Flag-Wild Kingdom-2008-CRN
White Noise-Endorphines-2008-GRW
White Trash - White Trash-1991-SOP INT
White Walls-The Milk Of A Lonely Man-Lady Parts-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc
White Wards-Live On KBOO-Tape-2011-FiH
White Wards-Waste My Time-7inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH
White Wolf-Live in Germany-2008-NER
White Zombie-Astro Creep 2000-1995-iRO
White Zombie-Astro-Creep 2000-1995-DNR
White Zombie-La Sexorcisto Devil Music Vol. 1-1992-eNT
Whitesnake - 1987 20th Anniversary-2007-SOP INT
Whitesnake - 30th Anniversary Collection-3CD-2008-SOP INT
Whitesnake - Forevermore-2011-SOP INT
Whitesnake - Good to Be Bad-2008-SOP INT
Whitesnake - Little Box O Snakes-8CD-2013-SOP INT
Whitesnake - Live in 84 Back to the Bone-LIVE-2014-SOP INT
Whitesnake - Live in the Shadow of the Blues-2CD-LIVE-2006-SOP INT
Whitesnake - Made in Japan-2CD-2013-SOP INT
Whitesnake - Slip of the Tongue (20th Anniversary Edition)-2009-SOP INT
Whitesnake - Starkers In Tokyo-1998-NMS
Whitesnake - Starkers in Tokyo-Live-1997-SOP INT
Whitesnake - The Early Years 1978-1984-2004-SOP INT
Whitesnake - The Purple-2015-SOP INT
Whitesnake-Live at Donington 1990-2CD-2011-WEB-UasH
Whitesnake-Live In The Heart Of The City-1980-NMS
Whitesnake-Live In The Shadow Of The Blues-2006-JUST
Whitesnake-Made In Britain-2CD-2013-BELT
Whitesnake-Restless Heart-1997-NMS
Whitesnake-Slide It In-Remastered-1984-BgF
Whitesnake-Slide it in-Retail-1984-Recycled INT
Whitesnake-The Purple Album-Japanese Edition-2015-BELT
Who Needs Maps-Demo-CDR-2010-rH
Who Needs Maps-Self-Titled-12inch-Vinyl-FR-2010-FiH
Why Amnesia-Jacks And Hearts-2018-CSM
Widescreen Mode - Fallen form the Sky-2011-FREE
Widow - Lifes Blood-2011-FREE
Wig Wam-Wall Street-2012-GRM
Wigelius - Reinventions-2012-FREE
Wigwam-Dark Album-Remastered-2008-mwnd int
Wigwam-Fairyport-Remastered-2003-mwnd int
Wigwam-Hard N Horny-Remastered-2003-mwnd int
Wigwam-Light Ages-1993-mwnd int
Wigwam-Lucky Golden Stripes And Starpose-Reissue-1992-mwnd int
Wigwam-Some Several Moons-2005-mwnd int
Wigwam-Tombstone Valentine-Remastered-2003-mwnd int
Wilko-Full Circle-2018-CSM
Will Haven-WHVN-1999-DeBT iNT
Will Wallner and Vivien Vain - Will Wallner and Vivien Vain-2012-FREE
Willow Wisp - Antihuman Manifesto-2010-Nsc
Wilma - Suuri Valkea-FI-1996-SOP INT
Windrider - A Warriors Tale-EP-2010-Nsc
Windrider - Muspelheim-EP-2009-Nsc
Windrider - To New Lands-2010-Nsc
Winds Of Genocide-The Arrival Of Apokalyptic Armageddon-CDR-2010-hXc
Winger - Better Days Comin-2014-NOSCENE
Winston and George-Streetcore Demo-CDR-2006-iTS
Winter in Eden - Echoes of Betrayal-2012-FREE
Winter Will Follow-Surviving The Storm-EP-2011-UTP
Winters Verge - Beyond Vengeance-2012-FREE
Winterstorm-Greatest Hits-(JP Edition)-2018-CSM
Winterstorm-Kings Will Fall-2012-GRM
Wintersun - The Forest Seasons-2CD-Limited Edition-2017-ELITE
Wisdom - Judas-2011-Nsc
Wisdom In Chains-Die Young-2005-RNS
Wisdom In Chains-Pocono Ghosts-EP-Vinyl-2011-GRAVEWISH
Wishes On A Plane-Bail-Split-7inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH
Wishing Well-Rat Race-2018-CSM
Wiszdomstone - Rise-2009-MCA int
Witch Hazel - Forsaken Remedies-2012-FREE
With Life In Mind - Grievances-2010-Nsc
Within Temptation - Angel A Best Of-2016-NB
Within Temptation - Let Us Burn Elements-2CD-Live-2014-SOP INT
Within Temptation-And We Run-CDEP-2014-GRM
Within Temptation-Black Symphony-2CD-2008-GRM
Within Temptation-Essentials-2018-CSM
Within Temptation-Hydra-3CD-DELUXE EDITION-2014-GRM
Within Temptation-Mother Earth-2001-DNR
Within Temptation-Paradise (What About Us)-CDEP-2013-GRM
Within Temptation-The Heart Of Everything-2007-DNR
Within Temptation-The Q Music Sessions-2013-KRIEG
Within Temptation-The Silent Force (Premium Digipack Edition)-CD-2004-QTXMp3
Within Walls-Set Me Free-2008-CRD
Wits End-Self-Titled-7inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH
Wizard-...Of Wariwulfs and Bluotvarwes-(MASCD0705)-CD-2011-211
Wolf Down-MMXI EP-WEB-2011-B2R
Wolf-Black Wings-Remastered-2005-AMRC
Wolf-Evil Star-Promo-2004-ViC
Wolfgang Japantour-Necessary Ordeal-7inch-Vinyl-2009-hXc
Wolfmother-Cosmic Egg-Digipak-2009-EOSiNT
Wolfmother-Wolfmother-(US Version)-2006-DNR
Wolfpack-Hellhound Warpig-Vinyl-1997-COR
Wolfpakk-Cry Wolf-2013-GRM
Wolfsbane - Wolfsbane Save the World-2012-FREE
Wolfshade - Wolfshade-2012-FREE
Wolf-The Black Flame-Retail-2006-NTH INT
Wolves Among Us-Collapse-2018-CSM
Wolves of Hate - To Victory-2011-FREE
Word For Word-Manchester Forever-2009-GRAVEWISH
Word Up-Cabin Fever-2010-AMX
Worlds-Demo Vol II-CDR-2009-GRAVEWISH
Worlds-Unforseen Paths-7inch-Vinyl-2010-FiH
Worn In Red-In The Offing-2009-FNT
Wounded Knee-Not Proud-Demo Tape-1993-rH
Wounded Knee-Shimmering New Vistas-2009-BCC
Wouter Hamel-Nobodys Tune-2009-NHH
Wrath and Redemption-White Death-EP-2017-FLEGMON
Wrath Cobra-Total WC-2011-rH
Wrathblade-God of the deep unleashed-2017-CSM
Wrathchild - Stakk Attakk Two-2011-FREE
Wretched-Son Of Perdition-2012-EOS
Written Off-Written Off-Demo-CDR-2011-GRAVEWISH
Wurzel-Bess-Vinyl-EP-1987-FFWG INT
X - Wild Gift-1981-OBSERVER
X Japan-Returns-7DVD-Ltd.Ed. Boxset-JP-2008-JRP
X Japan-X Japan Complete II-10CD-Limited Edition-Box Set-JP-2005-JRP
Xandria Vs. Jesus On Extasy-Sisters Of The Light-Promo-CDM-2007-D2H
X-Fusion-Choir Of Damnation-CDM-Limited Edition-2007-FWYH
Xibalba - Hasta La Muerte-2012-FREE
XIV Dark Centuries - Gizit Dar Faida-DE-2011-FREE
Xlos Crustaceosx-Self Titled-(EP CDR)-SP-2011-iTS
Xpiano-The Return Of Hero-WEB-2010-ENEMY
X-Ray Spex - Germ Free Adolescents-1977-OBSERVER
Xtra Vomit - Tropiezo-International Split 7inch-Vinyl-2010-D2H
X-Vision-So Close So Far-2007-VERiTAS
Xxaron-The Legacy-1985-GRW
Xysma - Fata Morgana-EP-Vinyl-1990-FERiCE
Xysma-Lotto-Girl On The Beach-2CD-2005-RNS
XYZ-Straight In The Night-(JP Edition)-2018-CSM
Y and T - Live at the Mystic-2CD-Live-2012-FREE
Yazata-Rehearsal Demo-CDR-2009-B2R
Ydinmata-Paskahalvaus--Paska Mikkeli-Vinyl-EP-FI-2010-KALEVALA
Year Of The Knife-First State Aggression-EP-2018-CSM
Year12-Great Escape-2018-CSM
Yes-90125 Expanded And Remastered-RETAIL-2004-pH
Yhdyskuntajate-Oulussa Ei Naureta-FI-2005-COS
Yhteiskunnan Ystavat - Kahleet Poikki-Digipak-FI-2012-SOP INT
Yleislakko-Kuka Pelkaa Politiikkaa-FI-2010-KALEVALA
yleislakko-maailmanpolitiikan arkipaivaa-FI-2012-DDt
Yngwie J. Malmsteens - Spellbound-2012-FREE
Yngwie J Malmsteen-Fan Club Only-Live-LP-1985-GRW
Yngwie Malmsteen-Alchemy-1999-DNR
Yngwie Malmsteen-Inspiration-1996-DNR
Yngwie Malmsteen-Marching Out-1985-DNR
Yngwie Malmsteen-Odyssey-1988-DNR
Yngwie Malmsteen-Rising Force-1984-DNR
Yngwie Malmsteen-The Yngwie Malmsteen Collection-1991-DNR
Yngwie Malmsteen-Trial By Fire-Live In Leningrad-1989-DNR
Yngwie Malmsteen-Trilogy-1986-DNR
Yo - Varietee-Remastered-FI-1983-SOP INT
Yojuttu - Yojuttu-FI-2012-SOP INT
Yo-Kiitos Ja Kunnia-30-vuotisjuhlakokoelma 2CD 2011-UnKnown
Yo-Kolmen Illan Varietee-(3DVD)-FI-2006-SMO
Yo-Pelko Ja Rakkaus-WEB-FI-2012-FATPiPE
Yotyovaen Orkesteri - Koyhan Kansan Lauluja-FI-2013-SOP INT
You Me At Six-Jealous Minds Think Alike-(CDS)-2008-pLAN9
Young Widows-In And Out Of Youth And Lightness-2011-FNT
Youth Of Togay-The Dongs We Bury-7inch-Vinyl-2008-FiH
Ypo Viis - Ilosaarirock 2008-Live-FI-2008-SOP INT
YPO-Viis - Karhula Poikii Koko Stoori-FI-2002-SOP INT
YUP - Hajota Ja Hallitse-FI-2001-SOP INT
YUP - Keppijumppaa-FI-2005-SOP INT
YUP - The Hippos From Hell-VL-1990-MM
YUP - YUP Yours Demo 1988-TAPE-1988-MM
yup vieraanaan mari rantasila-alla jalavapuun (promo cds)-FI-1996-DDt
yup-helppoa katseltavaa-DVD-FI-2004-DDt
yup-meita odotellaan mullan alla-CDS-FI-1999-DDt
yup-pohjaton sakki-CDS-FI-2000-DDt
yup-toppatakkeja ja toledon terasta-remastered-FI-1994-DDt
YUP-Vapauden Kaupungit-FI-2008-WAGNER
Zakk Wylde - Book of Shadows II-2016-NB
Zakk Wylde-Book Of Shadows-(Retail)-1996-EPK
Zakk Wyldes Pride And Glory-Pride And Glory--1999-HAMMER
Zann-Roadsick (More Adventures with Zann)-CD-2011-rH
Zao-The 2nd Era-3CD-2011-FiH
Zaz-Recto Verso-FR-2013-OMA
Zebrahead-Broadcast to the World-Retail-2006-JRP
Zebrahead--Live Pomona CA (11-28-98)-CDR-1998-WUS INT
Zebrahead-Phoenix (Bonus Track)-2008-COCMP3
Zebrahead-Playmate Of The Year French Import-CDS-2000-NXL
Zeni Geva-Alive And Rising-2010-JRP
Zenithal-Death Race-2010-GRAVEWISH
Zeno Morf - Wings Of Madness-2010-Nsc
Zeno Morf-Wild And Free-2018-CSM
Zergoth - Psychological Defense-2010-Nsc
Zero Nine - Intrigue-Remastered-2003-SOP INT
Zero Nine - White Lines-Remastered-2003-SOP INT
Zero Nine-Black Verse-Remastered-2001-SER
Zero Nine-Freakshow-1996-SER
Zero Nine-Headline-Remastered-2002-SER
Zero Nine-Intrigue-Remastered-2003-SER
Zero Nine-Key To The Paradise-CDS-2004-SER
Zero Nine-N E Files-2004-SER
Zero Nine-Visions Scenes And Dreams-Remastered-2001-SER
Zero Nine-Voodoo You-Remastered-2004-SER
Zero Nine-White Lines-Remastered-2003-SER
Zero Vision-Acrid Taste-1994-CSM
Zerocrowd - Rout-2012-FREE
Z-Keepers Of The Sign-1999-CSM
Zlodzieje Rowerow-Rozproszenie-(CDR EP)-PL-2010-B2RPL
Zodiac-Rasierter Affe-10inch-Vinyl-DE-2009-FiH
Zombie Death Stench-The Redeadening-2010-MTD
Zombiekrig - Den Vanstra Stigens Ljus-SE-2012-FREE
Zonata-Reality-2001-mwnd int
Zorba-The Best Collection Of Greek Music-2005-ROYALMP3
Zuby-Vitamin Rosta-Punk Federatsiya Part 1-Split-7inch-Vinyl-RU-2001-FiH
Zyanide-Tactics Of Death-2012-CSM
ZZ Top - Eliminator-(Remastered)-2008-ZZTOP
ZZ TOP-The Heaviest-2015-BELT

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Collection Old Music Part8
  Others | Author: Admin | 13-04-2020, 00:25

Nomos-Notes From The Acheron-12inch-Vinyl-2010-FiH
Nomy - Atonic Atrocity-Remastered-SE-2007-BiF
Nomy - Clownen Ler Inte-Remastered-SE-2006-BiF
Nomy - Random Old Songs (1995-2005)-Remastered-SE-2005-BiF
Nomy - Song or Suicide-Remastered-SE-2008-BiF
Nomy-The End Of The World-2018-CSM
Nondeskript - Human Compost-Split EP-Vinyl-2007-D2H
Norah Jones-Feels Like Home-ADVANCE-2004-ph
Nordglanz-Das Sterbende Volk-DE-2016-GRM
Norma Jean-O God The Aftermath-2005-DNR
Norther-Circle Regenerated-2011-WCM
Norther-Death Unlimited-Japanese Bonus Track-2004-iTS
Norther-Mirror Of Madness-2003-RDA
Northern Asylum-Catering Carl-2018-CSM
Northern Oak - Monuments-2010-Nsc
Norther-N-Digipak-2007-mwnd int
Northless-Clandestine Abuse-2LP-2011-hXc
Nostra Morte - Sin Retorno-SP-2012-FREE
Nostradameus-Out of this World-(JP Edition)-2018-CSM
Not Sorry-Moving On-EP-Vinyl-2009-GRAVEWISH
Not Sorry-Our Choices-EP-Vinyl-2010-GRAVEWISH
Nothing Remains-World of Error-2013-GRM
Nothing Sacred-Nothing Sacred-2005-DeBT iNT
November 13th-Stillstand - Weiter-12inch-Vinyl-DE-2007-FiH
Novembers Doom - Aphotic-2011-Nsc
Noxen-Le Linceul De La Noyee-Demo-Tape-FR-2011-FiH
Nu Deja-Vu-the Beast Inside Your Souls-2017-CSM
Nubian Rose - Mountain-2012-FREE
Nuclear Assault - Alive Again (Jap.Ed.)-2003-MCA int
Nuclear Assault - Handle with Care (Jap.Ed.)-1989-MCA int
Nuclear Assault - Something Wicked (Jap.Ed.)-1993-MCA int
Nuclear Assault - Third World Genocide (Jap.Ed.)-2005-MCA int
Nuclear Assault-Atomic Waste Demos and Rehearsals-2012-GRM
Nuclear Assault-Game Over-The Plague-(Reissue)-1991-DNR
Nuclear Assault-Game Over-the Plague (Reissue)-1991-FeNRiS
Nuclear Assault-Greatest Hits-(JP Edition)-2018-CSM
Nuclear Assault-Handle With Care-1989-DNR
Nuclear Assault-Out Of Order-1991-cnmc
Nuclear Assault-Something Wicked-1993-DNR
Nuclear Assault-Something Wicked-Proper-1993-GRM
Nuclear Assault-Survive-1988-DNR
Nuclear Death Terror-Total Annihilation-7inch-Vinyl-2009-FiH
Nuclear Desolation-Pestilentia Deorum-EP-2018-CSM
Nuclear Frost-Nuclear Winter Gloom-2010-hXc
Nuclear Omnicide-Nuclear Omnicide-2018-CSM
Nuclear Sex Addict-Seminaal Fuckkwit-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc
Nuclear Warfare-Just Fucking Thrash-2014-GRM
Nucleator - Home is Where War is-2012-FREE
Nuestra Venganza-Algo Mas Que Palabras-(REISSUE)-SP-2011-iTS
Nuestra Venganza-Puedes Ver Una Luz-(EP)-SP-2011-iTS
Nueva Etica-La Venganza De Los Justos-(REISSUE)-SP-2009-iTS
Nu-Kle-Ar Blast Suntan-Blot Out The Worthless Sun-LP-2010-hXc
Numbnuts - Smokey the Salmon and the Horny Mermaids of Detention-2011-FREE
Nux Vomica-Embrace The Cycles-7inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH
Nylon Beat-Funpack-DVD-FI-2005-gF
NYMF-From the Dark-2013-GRM
Oak Pantheon - Form A Whisper-2012-FREE
Oakhelm - Echtra-2011-FREE
Obituary-Live Xecution-(DVD)-2009-DNR
Obituary-The End Complete-1992-DNR
Obituary-World Demise-1994-DNR
Obituary-Xecutioners Return-2007-DNR
Objector-Social Intolerance-2018-CSM
Oblique Rain-Isohyet-2007-PMS
Obscene Jester-Citadels On Fire-(Remastered)-2015-CSM
Obsydians-False Light Constructs-SINGLE-WEB-2018-Gradvill
Obzidian - Damned Eterna-2012-FREE
Oceans Ate Alaska-Taming Lions-WEB-2012-FiH
Oceans of Time - Faces-2012-FREE
Oceans Turn Red-Subterranean Depths-EP-2018-CSM
Oconnor-Estamos Pariendo-(Digipak)-SP-2006-NER
October File-Holy Armour From The Jaws Of God-2007-mwnd int
Odd Crew - Beyond the Shell-2012-FREE
Odenwrath - Riding on Dragons Breath-2011-FREE
Odinfist - Rest in Glory-2012-FREE
Odinfist-Rest in Glory-2012-GRM
Odium - Stop My Anger-2010-Nsc
Of Clarity-Derelict-2018-CSM
Of Our Design-Utopia-EP-2018-CSM
Of Wrath And Ruin - Conquering Oblivion-2011-Nsc
Officer Negative-Officer Negative Presents The Death Campaign Project-2004-DeBT iNT
Offspring-Conspiracy Of One (Japanese Retail)-2000-RNS
Offspring-Dusseldorf GER 0330-SBD-1997-EOSiNT
Offspring-Punks Not Dead-2CD-199x-rH
Ogreish Organism-4th Pill-MCD-JP-1994-rH
Oh Deer-Violence For Hurley-Split-2011-FiH
Oi Polloi - Carson-VLS-(NNNW)-2003-SDR
Oi Polloi-Total Resistance To The Fucking System-Vinyl-2006-SDR
Oker - Burlando A La Muerte-SP-2011-FREE
Okera - A Beautiful Dystopia-2012-FREE
olavi virta-laulaja - kaikki levytykset-24CD-FI-2013-DDt
Old Habits-American as Fuck-2018-CSM
Old Man Gloom-Seminar 3 Zozobra-2001-iTS
Olde Ghost-Use Yer Illusion 3N4-(LP)-2011-FNT
Olho Seco-Lutar Matar - Early Rare Discography-Bootleg-LP-BR-2009-hXc
Oliver Dawson Saxon - Motorbiker-2012-FREE
Olli Lindholm-Voima-FI-2000-KALEVALA
Omara-All Eyes On Me-2018-CSM
Omega Reign - Arise-2012-FREE
Omegas-N.Y Terminator-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc
Once Again-As The Fire Went Out.......-7inch-Vinyl-1994-FiH
Once We Emerged-A Vivid World-2018-CSM
Onceover-Red Right Returning-2008-KzT
One Foot In The Grave-One Foot In The Grave-EP-Vinyl-2009-GRAVEWISH
One Hundred Days-Void And Form-2018-CSM
One Hundred Words For Snow-I Wish I-Split-7inch-Vinyl-1997-FiH
One King Down-God Loves Man Kills-1998-iTS INT
One Minute Silence-Buy Now Saved Later-2000-NiF3 INT
One Win Choice-Conveyor-2011-FNT
Onesidezero-Is This Room Getting Smaller-2001-NHH INT
Onesta-Back To Reality-2007-hXc
Oneway System-Leave Me Alone-1997-WUS
Ongelma-Valituksia Varastohuoneesta-FI-2015-DDt
Only Fate Remains - Breathe-2011-FREE
Onmyouza - Kishi-Bojin (Jap. Ed.)-JP-2011-MCA int
Onslaught - Sounds Of Violence-2011-Nsc
Onward To Olympas-The War Within Us-2011-KzT
Open Wide the Sky - Monolith-2012-FREE
Operation Ivy-69 Newport 7Inch-Vinyl-1987-gF
Operation Ivy-Energy Hectic Turn It Around-1990-iRO
Operation Ivy-Gilman Street Bootleg-1988-rH
Operation Ivy-Lint The King of Ska-Vinal-1987-KSi
operation ivy-operation ivy-(remastered)-2007-fih int
Operation Ivy-Operation Ivy-(Remastered)-2007-pLAN9
Operation Ivy-Plea For Peace 7Inch-Vinyl-1992-gF
Operation Ivy-Radio Daze-1999-FyI
Operation Ivy-Seedy-1992-RNS
operation ivy-unity the complete collection-1996-dnr
Operation Ivy-Unity the Complete Collection-1996-FTS
Operation Ivy-Unity The Complete Collection-2001-rH
OPM - Horny-CDM-2005-MOD
Optimus Prime-Self Titled-RU-2010-GRAVEWISH
Opus Doria - Infraworld-2011-FREE
Oranssi Pazuzu - Farmakologinen-EP-2017-ELITE
Order 66-Demo II-Tape-2008-FiH
Order Of The Vulture-Death Mask-7inch-Vinyl-2009-FiH
Order Of The Vulture-Martyr For Nothing-7inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH
Ordog - Remorse-2011-SOP INT
Orestea - Love Lines And Blood Ties-2010-Nsc
Orianthi-Violet Journey-2006-VAG
Orion Child - A New Dark Apology-2010-Nsc
Orlacs Hande-Self Titled-(EP)-2011-AMX
Oscar Peterson Trio-Bursting Out-1996-SNOOK
OST - Artificial Intelligence-2001-aPC
OST - Ganes - Soundtrack-2007-SOP INT
OST - Keisarikunta - Ei Oltu Niin Kuin Muut-2004-SOP INT
OST - Musiikkia Elokuvasta Hymypoika-2003-SOP INT
OST - Punk -Tauti Joka Ei Tapa-FI-2008-SOP INT
OST - The Art of Flight-WEB-2011-mCZ INT
OST - The Man Without A Past-FI-2002-SOP INT
OST - The Runaways - Music form the Motion Picture-2010-SOP INT
OST-Bill And Teds Bogus Journey-1991-DNR
OST-Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure-1989-SGE
OST-Cheech And Chong-Up In Smoke-Reissue-1991-CLR
OST-Detroit Rock City-1999-DNR
OST-Mita Meista Tuli-FI-2010-MFF
OST-Musiikkia Elokuvaan Koti-Ikava-2005-SER
OST-Musiikkia Elokuvasta Punk Tauti Joka Ei Tapa-FI-2008-SMO
OST-Wolf Creek (Score)-2005-uF
Our Gang-Uprising-LP-2010-hXc
Our Sacred Honor-Kill Everything to Survive-2018-CSM
Our Waking Hour-Seconds To Save Her-2011-CSM
Ouroboros - Glorification Of A Myth-2011-Nsc
Outgrown-Chasing Your Ghost-2010-FNT
Outkast-Stankonia-2000-NHH INT
Outloud-Love Catastrophe-Promo-2011-DJH
Outshine - Addiction-2012-FREE
Overdrive - Angelmaker-2011-Nsc
Overkill - The Electric Age-(Jap.Ed.)-2012-FREE
Overkill-6 Songs-EP-2012-GRM
Overkill-Electric Rattlesnake-CDS-2012-GRM
Overkill-Extended Versions-2002-GRM
Overkill-Fuck You-(EP)-1990-DNR
Overkill-Hello From The Gutter-(Bootleg)-198x-DNR
Overkill-Immortalis-(Special Edition Bonus DVD)-2007-DNR
Overkill-The Grinding Wheel-Japanese Edition-2017-GRM
Overkill-Wrecking Your Neck Live-2CD-1995-DNR
Overlooked-Nothing Is Sacred-(EP Vinyl)-2010-AMX
Overnoise-Lethal Ways To Hells Kitchen Doors-2002-hXc
Owls Are Not What They Seem-Selftitled-Demo-CZ-2011-rH
Oxygen - Final Warning-2012-FREE
Oxygirl-Sence Of Incompability-7inch-Vinyl-JP-2010-hXc
Oz - Burning Leather-2011-FREE
Oz Knozz - True Believer-2012-FREE
Oz Noy-Ha-(Advance)-2005-BUTT
Oz Noy-Oz Live-Retail-2006-CMS
Oz-Burning Leather-2011-GRAVEWISH
Ozric Tentacles-Pyramidion-MCD-2001-SER
Oz-Vinyl Tracks-2012-GRM
Ozzy And Kelly Osbourne-Changes-UK-CDS-2003-GTI
Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon-Reissue-2002-SER
Ozzy Osbourne - Best of Ozz (Jap. Ed.)-1989-MCA int
Ozzy Osbourne - No Rest For The Wicked-Remastered-1995-MCA int
Ozzy Osbourne - Ozzmosis-Remastered-2002-aAF
Ozzy Osbourne Randy Rhoads-Tribute-2002-0MNi
Ozzy Osbourne-A Madmans Story-3CD-2007-FTM
Ozzy Osbourne-Auburn Hills MI 0212-2CD-2011-EOSiNT
Ozzy Osbourne-Bark At The Moon (Remastered)-1995-IRO
Ozzy Osbourne-Black Rain (Tour Edition)-2CD-2007-EOSiNT
Ozzy Osbourne-Blizzard of Ozz - Diary of A Madman-3CD-30th Anniversary Box Set-2011-GRM
Ozzy Osbourne-Dreamer-2014-GRM
Ozzy Osbourne-Ozzmosis Demos 1992-2014-GRM
Ozzy Osbourne-Ozzmosis-1995-HNH
Ozzy Osbourne-Sunrise FL 0220-2CD-2011-EOSiNT
Ozzy Osbourne-Ten Commandments (Limited Collectors Edition)-Retail-1990-Recycled INT
Ozzy Osbourne-The Ozzman Cometh-1997-mwnd int
Ozzy Osbourne-Tribute To Randy Rhoads-Remastered-1995-AM INT
P.T.O.M.A.-Shit into Existence-2014-GRM
Paa Kii - Paa Kii-Digipak-FI-2012-SOP INT
Paan-Endlich Sind Alle Tiere Tot-DE-2010-FiH
Paganini-Guardian Angel-(JP Edition)-2018-CSM
Paha Kaksonen-Paha Kaksonen-FI-2006-SER
Pahat Agentit-Kukkia Poikkeaville-FI-2008-WAGNER
Pain - You Only Live Twice-(Limited Edition)-2CD-2011-Nsc
Pain - You Only Live Twice-2011-Nsc
Pain Confessor-Incarcerated-2012-GRM
Pain In Vain-Immolation-2018-CSM
Pain Of Salvation-Road Salt One-Digipak-2010-mwnd int
Pain Runs Deep-Pain Runs Deep-(CDM)-1999-VERiTAS INT
Pain Runs Deep-Whispered Truths-WEB-2010-B2R
Painful Existence - Dead Lies-2011-Nsc inT
Pain-Nothing Remains The Same-Limited Edition-2002-EOSiNT
Painted In Exile-Revitalized-(EP)-2009-FNT
Pale 3-Cloud Atlas Score-Web-2012-XXX
Pale Creation-Pale Creation-EP-Vinyl-2010-GRAVEWISH
Paleface-Helsinki Shangri La-2010-FI-FORSSAOWNZTHESCENE
Paleface-Luova Tuho-REPACK-FI-2014-KALEVALA
Paleface-Palaneen Karya-FI-2011-FORSSAOWNZTHESCENE
Pallas-Moment To Moment-2008-PALLAS
Palm Reader-Beside The Ones We Love-2015-CSM
Palm Reader-Braille-2018-CSM
Panacea-Under Blackened Sky-2010-B2R
Pandion-Beyond The Eyesight I-EP-2018-CSM
Panikos-Awakening From Lethargy-12inch-Vinyl-GR-2011-FiH
Pansori-Summer 2010-CDR-2010-FiH
Pantera-1990-2000-A Decade Of Domination-2010-WEB-TOKER
Pantera-5 Minutes Alone-(CDS)-1994-DNR
Pantera-Alive And Hostile E.P.-1994-BKF
Pantera-Frankfurt Music Hall (0402)-(Bootleg)-1993-DNR
Pantera-Fucking Hostile-(VLS)-1992-DNR
Pantera-Hellbound III-(Bootleg)-1993-DNR
PanterA-Mouth For War-CDS-1992-PMS
Pantera-No Compromise No Sell Out-2CD-2015-GRM
Pantera-Noize Booze And Tattoos-(Bootleg)-1995-DNR
Pantera-Official Live 101 Proof-1997-LutCREW
Pantera-Official Live 101 Proof-1997-mwnd int
Pantera-Planet Caravan-(CDS)-1994-BUTT INT
Pantera-Planet Caravan-(Import CDS)-1994-DNR
Pantera-Reinventing Hell The Best Of Pantera-Bonus DVD-2003-mwnd int
Pantera-Reinventing Hell The Best Of Pantera-DVD-2003-gF
Pantera-Rhino Hi-Five-Remastered-2006-WEB-TOKER
Pantera-The Best Of Pantera Far Beyond The Great Southern Cowboys Vulgar Hits-2003-BiM
Pantera-The Best Of Pantera Far Beyond The Great Southern Cowboys Vulgar Hits-2003-NHH INT
Pantera-The Singles 1991-1996 (AUS Import)-6CD-1996-iRO
Pantera-Vulgar Display Of Power-1992-DNR
Pantera-Vulgar Display Of Power-1992-TBO
Pantera-Vulgar Display of Power-Reissue-2012-GRM
Pantera-Vulgar Display Of Power-TBO
Pantera-War In Hollywood-(Bootleg)-1992-DNR
Pantera-Where You Come From-(Promo)-1997-DNR
Pantera-Yokohama JAP 0826-2001-EOSiNT
panzercrow-the sound of horror-2014-DDt
Panzram-A New Mental Disorder For Youth In Disapproval-7inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH
Papa Roach-Essentials-2018-CSM
Papa Roach-Who Do You Trust-2019-CSM
Paradise Lost - Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us-Promo-2009-MrA
Paradise Lost - Medusa-2017-ELITE
Paradise Lost - The Longest Winter-EP-2017-ELITE
Paradise Lost-At The BBC-2003-ViC
Paradise Lost-Believe In Nothing (Remixed - Remastered)-2018-ELITE
Paradise Lost-Erased-Ltd.Ed.-Digipak-CDM-2002-DAC
Paradise Lost-Forever After-CDM-Limited Edition-2005-FWYH
Paradise Lost-Live at the Roundhouse-2CD-2013-GRM
Paradise Lost-Lost in Time-2012-GRM
Paradise Lost-Maximum Plague-2015-GRM
Paradise Lost-Paradise Lost-2005-mwnd int
Paradise Lost-Seals The Sense-(CDM)-1994-DNR
Paradise Lost-Symbol Of Life-Real Limited Edition-2002-AMOK
Paradise Lost-Symphony for the Lost (Live)-2CD-2015-H18
Paradise Lost-The Plague Within-DELUXE EDITION-2015-GRM
Paradise Lost-Tragic Idol-Japanese Edition-2012-GRM
Paradise Lost-Tragic Illusion 25 (The Rarities)-2013-H18
Paradox-Tales of the Weird-2012-GRAVEWISH
Paramore - Brand New Eyes-2009-YSP
Parantola - Maailma Ei Opi Virheistaan-FI-2011-SOP INT
Parasite-1st Demo-CDR-JP-2009-hXc
Parasite-Metal Punk Massacre-10inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc
Parasites - Compost-1999-SOP INT
Parasites - Punch Lines-1996-SOP INT
Parasites - Rat Ass Pie-1999-SOP INT
Pariso-Sooner Insignificant Better-7inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH
Parlamentarisk Sodomi-De Anarkistiske An(N)Aler-NO-2011-hXc
Passionworks-Blue Play-2006-SER
Passionworks-Passion Play-2003-SER
Pastore - The Price For The Human Sins-2010-Nsc
Pat Benatar-Extended Versions-2000-aAF
Pat Benatar-Greatest Hits-(Retail)-2005-die
Patchwork-Exit Wounds-2015-GRM
Pate Mustajarvi - 60-6CD-FI-2016-SOP INT
Pate Mustajarvi - Musta-FI-2010-SOP INT
Pate Mustajarvi-Kaksoiselamaa-CDS-FI-2009-COS
Pate Mustajarvi-Kun Lahdet Armeijaan-CDS-FI-2003-TiPU
Pate Mustajarvi-Miehen Tie-Paten Soolohitit 1983-2006-FI-2CD-2006-SER
Pate Mustajarvi-Ollaan Ihmisiksi-FI-2009-WAGNER
Patriarchal Death Machine-Yes-(EP)-2010-AMX
Patrick Hemer - More than Meets the Eye-2011-FREE
Patrik Isaksson-Naer Verkligheten Traenger Sig Paa-SE-1999-MrC
Paul Anka-Rock Swings-CD-2005-MCO
Paul Di Annos Battlezone-Fighting Back-UK Import LP-1986-RZB
Paul DiAnno - The Beast Arises-2014-NOSCENE
Paul Dianno-The Beast Arises-DVD-2014-GRM
Paul Dianno-The Masters 2CD-1999-AMRC
Paul Dianno-The Worlds First Iron Man-1997-AMRC
Paul Haslinger-Shoot Em Up-(OST)-2007-S4L
Paul Leonard-Morgan And Kelvis Ochoa-Dredd OST-WEB-2012-FRAY
Paul Stanley-Live To Win-2006-EOS
Paula Gardin-A Little Rain Must Fall-2009-R6
Paula Koivuniemi-Rakkaudesta-FI-2010-MEDiA
Pauli Hanhiniemen Perunateatteri-Bob-FI-2001-SER
Pay The Girl-Pay The Girl-2003-NHH INT
Pearl Jam-Lets Play Two-CD-2017-JUST
Pearl Jam - Live Radio Broadcast from the Aladdin Theater. Las Vegas Nevada-1CD-LIVE-2015-SOP INT
Pearl Jam-2013-10-29 John Paul Jones Arena Charlottesville Virginia USA-WEB-2013-PLAYBOY
Pearl Jam-Backspacer-2009-DNR
Pearl Jam-Binaural-2000-DNR
Pearl Jam-Given To Fly-(CDS)-1998-DNR
Pearl Jam-Go-(CDS)-1993-DNR
Pearl Jam-Immortality-(CDS)-1995-DNR
Pearl Jam-Live On Two Legs-1998-DNR
Pearl Jam-Lost Dogs-2CD-2003-DNR
Pearl Jam-Merkinball-(CDS)-1995-DNR
Pearl Jam-No Code-1996-DNR
Pearl Jam-Oaka Sports Hall Athens Greece 9.30.2006-2CD-2006-DNR
Pearl Jam-Pearl Jam-2006-DNR
Pearl Jam-Riot Act-2002-DNR
Pearl Jam-Ten-(Deluxe Edition DVD)-2009-DNR
Pearl Jam-Ten (New European Version)-1992-GORE
Pearl Jam-Ten Club Holiday Single (Pj03xmas)-Fanclub VLS-2003-JUST
Pearl Jam-Ten Club Holiday Single-Fanclub VLS-2009-JUST
Pearl Jam-Ten Club Xmas Single-(VLS)-2004-SDR
Pearl Jam-Ten-2CD-(Deluxe Edition)-2009-DNR
Pearl Jam-Ten-JP Import-1991-DeBT
Pearl Jam-Vitalogy-1994-DNR
Pearl Jam-Vs.-1993-DNR
Pearl Jam-Yield-1998-DNR
Pearlshape - The First Part of the Beginning-2011-SOP INT
Peer Gunt - Backseat-Remastered-2000-SOP INT
Peer Gunt - Buck the Odds-FI-2009-SOP INT
Peer Gunt - Good Girls Dont -Remastered-2000-SOP INT
Peer Gunt - Guts and Glory-2007-SOP INT
Peer Gunt - Knock Out the DJ-CDS-Web-2011-SOP INT
Peer Gunt - Live Today Gone Tomorrow-Live-2011-SOP INT
Peer Gunt-Buck the Odds-2009-KALEVALA
Peer Gunt-Liquire And Drugs-20 Favorites-2002-SER
Peer Gunt-Live At Rockperry-2006-SER
peer gunt-pg1 through the wall-1987-DDt
Peer Gunt-Years On The Road-Remastered-2000-SER
Pegazus - In Metal We Trust-2011-Nsc
Pekka Ja Susi-Pekka Ja Susi-FI-1994-KALEVALA
Pekka Ja Susi-Rannalla-2CD-FI-2002-SER
pekka myllykoski ja jytajemmarit-vaksi ladatta-FI-2014-DDt
Pekka Myllykoski Ja Jytajemmarit-Viekaa Minut Baariin Taas-FI-2004-SER
Pekka Pettersson-Nuoruus-Reissue-FI-1996-KALEVALA
Pelle Miljoona - Olen Kaunis Kaikki Laulut 1978-1980-4CD-FI-2008-SOP INT
Pelle Miljoona - Stoori Vuodet 78-82-FI-1995-SOP INT
pelle miljoona 1980-nayttamokuvia-FI-1980-DDt
Pelle Miljoona and 1980 - Viimeinen Syksy-FI-1979-SOP INT
Pelle Miljoona and Jju Jousiensemble - Halki Ajan Ja Rakkauden-FI-2011-SOP INT
Pelle Miljoona And Rockers-Seta Samulin Sirkus-FI-2004-SER
Pelle Miljoona Ja 1980-Vallankumous Kulttuuriin-Remastered-FI-2004-SER
Pelle Miljoona Ja Linnunlaulu-Sadepaivan Ihmisia-Remastered-FI-2005-SER
Pelle Miljoona Ja Linnunlaulu-Tule Kotiin Johnny-Remastered-FI-2003-SER
Pelle Miljoona Ja NUS-Pelle Miljoona Ja NUS-Remastered-FI-2005-SER
Pelle Miljoona Ja Rockers-Tahtivaeltaja-FI-2003-SER
Pelle Miljoona Unabomber - Dharmapummi-FI-2009-SOP INT
Pelle Miljoona United - Avara Maa-FI-2011-SOP INT
Pelle Miljoona United - Diaspora-FI-2013-SOP INT
Pelle Miljoona United - Elavana Vastavirrassa-Live-FI-2013-SOP INT
Pelle Miljoona United - Kino Riviera-FI-2015-SOP INT
Pelle Miljoona United - Olla Joku-FI-2017-SOP INT
pelle miljoona-ela-DVD-FI-2005-DDt
Pelle Miljoona-Rauhan Aika-Remastered-FI-2005-SER
Pelle Miljoona-Villi Lapsi-FI-2002-SER
Penniless-The Attraction-2007-SER
Pennywise-About Time-(Remastered)-2005-DNR
Pennywise-Dying To Know PROMO-1994-ATR
Pennywise-Land Of The Free-2001-DNR
Pennywise-Reason to Believe (Bonus Track)-2008-RCD
Pennywise-Reason To Believe-2008-DNR
Pennywise-Unknown Road-1993-DNR
Pentagram - MMXII-2012-FREE
Pentti Oskari Kangas and Seitseman Seinahullua Veljesta - Tuplat Vaakahuoneella-2CD-Live-FI-2009-SOP INT
Penumbra-Era 4.0-2015-CSM
Penumbra-The Last Bewitchment-2002-CSM
People-Authentic Oral Communication-JP-2012-hXc
perast troikaa orchestra-krugerit vs kriitikot-1994-DDt
Perihellium - The War Machines-2010-Nsc
Periphery-Juggernaut Alpha and Juggernaut Omega-2CD-2015-BELT
Periphery-Periphery III Select Difficulty-2016-KzT
Perkele - Confront-2005-FKK
Perkele - Sound Of The Streets-Live In Prague-DVD-2006-YSP
Perkele-No Shame-WEB-2002-ENTiTLED iNT
Perkele-Songs For You-Live-2CD-2008-SnS
Perkele-Stories From The Past-LP-2004-FFaCC
Perkele-Voice of Anger-WEB-2001-ENTiTLED iNT
Permanent Ruin-Demo-Tape-2011-FiH
Perpetual Fate-Cordis-2018-CSM
Persecutor - Bestial Overkill-2011-Nsc
Persist-The Untold Story-2010-GRAVEWISH
Perspective X IV - Shadow of Doubt-2008-RNC
pertti kurikan nimipaivat-kuus kuppia kahvia... ...ja yks kokis-FI-2012-DDt
pertti kurikan nimipaivat-letkukytkentoja-FI-2016-DDt
pertti kurikan nimipaivat-the best of greatest hits-FI-2015-DDt
Peruutettu and Raivopaat - Viimeiset Lajissaan-EP-FI-2002-SOP INT
Peruutettu-Kahleet Irti-FI-2000-SER
Perzonal War - Captive Breeding-2012-FREE
Pestilence-Consuming Impulse-1989-DNR
Pestilence-Malleus Maleficarum-1988-DNR
Pestilence-Mind Reflections-1994-DNR
Pestilence-Spheres-Remastered Deluxe Edition-2CD-2017-D2H
Pestilence-Testimony Of The Ancients-1991-DNR
Pet Shop Boys-Popart the Hits-2CD-Advance-2003-JUST
Pete Klassen-The Reality Of Being-EP-2018-CSM
Pete Lesperance - Fade into Stars-2012-FREE
Pete Malmi-Malmi-Remastered-2005-SER
peter cetera - glory of love-2005-ssr
Peter Criss-Let Me Rock You-1982-UNC
Peter Crowley - Escapism-2012-FREE
Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream - Dragon Sword IV-Power of the Dark Dragon-2011-FREE
Peter H Nilsson-Little American Dream-2018-CSM
Peter Pan Speedrock-Buckle Up And Shove It-2014-CSM
Peter Pan Speedrock-Cross Contamination-PPS and Batmobile-SPLIT-2008-CSM
Peter Pan Speedrock-Killermachine-2000-CSM
Peter Pan Speedrock-Loud Mean Fast and Dirty-2004-CSM
Peter Pan Speedrock-Lucky Bastards-2003-CSM
Peter Pan Speedrock-PPS and Zeke-SPLIT-2005-CSM
Peter Pan Speedrock-Premium Quality Serve Loud-2001-CSM
Peter Pan Speedrock-Pursuit Until Capture-2007-CSM
Peter Pan Speedrock-Rocketfuel-1998-CSM
Peter Pan Speedrock-Speedrock Chartbusters Vol.1-2002-CSM
Peter Pan Speedrock-Spread Eagle-2005-CSM
Peter Pan Speedrock-We Want Blood-2010-CSM
Petersons Powertrip-Marching Into Fire-2018-CSM
Petition-Anchored In-(EP)-2008-BUTT
Petra - Rakas Kaupunki-FI-2009-SOP INT
Petri Nygard-29 Syntia - Kaikki Vitun Hitit-2CD-FI-2011-KALEVALA
Petri Nygard-Sarvet Esiin Feat Mokoma-WEB-FI-2010-SYTYTiN
Phantom Blue-Built To Perform-1993-DNR
Phantoms-As Above So Below-2010-AMX
Phantom-X - The Opera of the Phantom-2012-FREE
Phil Collins-The Platinum Collection-3CD-Retail-2004-UF
Phil Daw-Too Late For Roses-2018-CSM
Phil Lynott - Yellow Pearl-2010-SOP INT
Philm - Harmonic-2012-LimB
Phobous - Ethereal Perception-2011-FREE
Phoenix Effect-Cyanide Skies-2009-r35
PHTV (Pig Heart Transplant-Vaccuum)-PHTV-7inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH
Pick Your Side-Survival Prayer-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc
Picture - Greatest Hits-2012-FREE
Piece By Piece-Piece By Piece-LP-2010-GRAVEWISH
pietarinkadun oilers band-latkaammattilainen-cds-fi-2003-rda
Pigeon Religion-Crystallized Meth-7inch-Vinyl-2010-FiH
Pink Cream 69 - 2001 - Endangered-VBR
Pink Cream 69 - Thunderdome-Promo-2004-FERiCE
Pink Cream 69-Ceremonial-2013-GRM
Pink Cream 69-Live in Karlsruhe-2CD-2009-AMRC
Pink Cream 69-One Size Fits All-(Retail)-1991-dss
Pink Cream 69-Thunderdome-Ltd.Ed.-2004-AMRC
Pink Martini-Hey Eugene-2007-SAW
Pink Martini-Splendor In The Grass-(Advance)-2009-RVP
Pink Panthers Penthouse Party - Pink Panthers Theme-Vinyl-2004-NBD
Pistvakt och Pjax Pistols-Ockelbo 300-2001-GRiPP
Pitch Black-Hate Division-2009-PMS
Pitch Shifter-Desensitized-1993-DNR
Pitch Shifter-Submit-(EP)-1992-DNR
PJ Harvey - Rid Of Me (1993) - ATM
PJ Harvey-B-Sides-(EP)-2004-FNT
PJ Harvey-Cmon Billy-CDM2-1995-EOS
PJ Harvey-Dry-1992-iRO
PJ Harvey-Is This Desire-(Retail)-1998-dSS
PJ Harvey-Jools Holland 12-10-01-Bootleg-2001-NuHS
PJ Harvey-Live in Amsterdam-0610-Bootleg-2004-JUST
PJ Harvey-Live in Paris France 30-06-2CD-2004-SSR
PJ Harvey-On Tour Please Leave Quietly-DVD-2006-gF
PJ Harvey-Rid Of Me-1993-DNR
PJ Harvey-Shame-(CDS)-2004-RNS
PJ Harvey-The Letter-SVCD-2004-LCF
PJ Harvey-The Peel Sessions (1991-2004)-2006-uF
PJ Harvey-To Bring You My Love-(Retail)-1995-dSS
PJ Harvey-To Bring You My Love-1995-DNR
Plan 15-Punk Rock For Dummies-2004-SDR
Plan 15-We Play Punk Rock Like Bon Jovi Plays Heavy Metal-2004-SDR
Plan Three-Screaming Our Sins-(WEB)-2009-NER
Planet X-Quantum-2007-JUST
Poets Of The Fall-Clearview-2016-GR4CE
Pogues-The Best Of-1991-ATM INT
Pohjannaula-Tata Kaikki Kaipaa-FI-2005-SER
Poison Idea-Dysfunctional Songs For Codendent Addicts-1994-SDR
Poison Idea-Ian Mackaye-1989-SDR
Poison Idea-Last Will and Testament-Vinyl-2006-SDR
Poison Idea-Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes-(Reissue EP)-1989-DNR
Poison Idea-The Early Years-1994-DNR
Poison Idea-Your Choice Live Series-1995-SDR
Poison My Blood-The Great Northern-2010-iTS
Poison The Well-The Opposite Of December-1999-DeBT iNT
Poisonblack - Lust Stained Despair - Ltd.Ed. - 2006-Stja3rtiZ INT
Poisonblack-Lust Stained Despair-2006-iND
Poisonblack-Lust Stained Despair-Digipak-2006-gF
Poisoned-Demo 2010-MCDR-RU-2010-FiH
Poison-Live Raw And Uncut-2008-XXL
Pojat - Iso Kolmonen-FI-1993-SOP INT
Pojat - Keta Sa Rakastat-FI-2009-SOP INT
Pojat - Lemmikkihautuumaa-CDS-FI-1994-SOP INT
Pojat - Ma Uskon Meihin-CDM-FI-2003-SOP INT
Pojat - Mari-EP-FI-1993-SOP INT
Pojat - Palaa-FI-2003-SOP INT
pojat-parhaat biisit ja paras mahdollinen show-RERIP-FI-1997-DDt
Pojat-Toimintaa Ja Sankareita-2CD-FI-2013-KALEVALA
Pokolgep-A Tulelo-HU-2004-DeBT iNT
Police Bastard - War--Plague-Split-Vinyl-2011-D2H
Poncho Sanchez - Latin Spirits-2001-SOP INT
Popeda - H.O.N.O-FI-1994-SOP INT
Popeda - Harasoo-FI-1984-SOP INT
Popeda - Pelkkaa Juhlaa-(2cd)-2002-IND
Popeda - Raswaa Koneeseen-Remastered-FI-2003-SOP INT
Popeda-15 GT Golden Turpo-1986-MrE
Popeda-30-Vuotinen Sota 1977-2007-FI-2007-SMO
Popeda-Ei Lasten Kasiin-CDS-FI-2004-ITmp3
Popeda-Kaasua -Remastered-FI-2013-KALEVALA
Popeda-Kansan Popeda-FI-1990-OvEr30 iNT
Popeda-Taydelliset Miehet-FI-2008-WAGNER
Pornorphans - Beyond Good and Evil-2002-SOP INT
PORN-The Darkest Of Human Desires-Act II-2019-CSM
Poser Disposer-You Dont Count-7inch-Vinyl-2005-B2R
Positive Noise - Xtra Vomit-Split EP-Vinyl-2010-D2H
Possessor - City Built with Skulls-2012-FREE
Powderfinger-Already Gone-CDS-1998-OZM
Powderfinger-Blue-Retail-EP-1993-OZM INT
Powderfinger-Dont Wanna Be Left Out - Good-Day Ray-CDS-1998-OZM
Powderfinger-Dream Days at the Hotel Existence-2007-OZM
Powderfinger-Footprints-The Best Of Powderfinger 1994-2004-OZM
Powderfinger-Internationalist P2K Bonus Disc-1999-OZM
Powderfinger-Live at the Wireless-1129-2004-aAF
Powderfinger-Lost and Running-CDS-2007-WRE
Powderfinger-Odyssey Number Five-2000-EGO
Powderfinger-On My Mind-CDM-2003-TLT
Powderfinger-Since Youve Been Gone-CDS-2004-aAF
Powderfinger-These Days Live In Concert-2CD-2004-OZM INT
Powderfinger-Vulture Street-(Bonus DVD)-2003-aAF
Powderfinger-Vulture Street-Retail-2003-aAF
Power Fuel-Tribute to Slayer-2015-GRM
Power-Death Haunts-7inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH
Power-File In The Cake-7Inch-Vinyl-2011-iTS
Powerglove-Saturday Morning Apocalypse-2010-KzT
Powerstorm - Act I-2011-FREE
Powerworld - Powerworld-2008-MCA int
Pratfall-First Puke-Demo-Tape-2004-hXc
Pratfall-Second Puke-Demo-Tape-2005-hXc
Pray The Martyr-Pray The Martyr-RU-2010-GRAVEWISH
Prayer - Danger in the Dark-2012-FREE
Prayer For Cleansing-The Rain In Endless Fall-(Remastered)-2003-DeBT iNT
Predatory Violence - Hate Nation-2010-Nsc
Preface To The Dead Sea-Self-Titled-2010-FiH
Preludio Ancestral-Hacia Lo Inmortal-ES-2012-GRM
Presence of Mind-Finding Home-Promo-2005-AMRC
President-Full House-EP-2011-UTP
Presley Bastards-End Of Time-2005-SER
Presley Bastards-To The Last Breath-2004-COR
Pressan Katit-Miska Ja Rontti-FI-2006-PAHiZ
Prestige-Attack Against Gnomes-1989-FFWG INT
Prestige-Selling The Salvation-1990-FFWG INT
Pretty Maids - Golden Collection-2005-SaR
Pretty Maids - Wake Up To The Real World-Promo-2006-ALX
Pretty Maids-Demo Tape-1983-AMRC
Pretty Maids-First Cuts And Then Some-(1999)-PRW INT
Pretty Maids-Future World-(1987)-PRW INT
Pretty Maids-If it Aint Gonna Change-CDS-1993-Goober INT
Pretty Maids-It Comes Alive (Maid in Switzerland)-2CD-2012-GRM
Pretty Maids-Jump The Gun-(1990)-PRW INT
Pretty Maids-Motherland-2013-GRM
Pretty Maids-Offside (Japanese Release)-CDM-1992-Goober INT
Pretty Maids-Original Album Classics-5CD-2015-ERP
Pretty Maids-Planet Panic-(2002)-PRW INT
Pretty Maids-Please Dont Leave Me-CDS-1992-Goober INT
Pretty Maids-Pretty Maids (Japanese Release)-1984-Goober INT
Pretty Maids-Red Hot And Heavy-1984-HNH
Pretty Maids-Scream-(1994)-PRW INT
Pretty Maids-Screamin-Live-(1995)-PRW INT
Pretty Maids-Sin Decade-(1992)-PRW
Pretty Maids-Spooked-(1997)-PRW INT
Pretty Maids-The Best Of Back To Back-(1998)-PRW INT
Prey 4 Reign-Chaos-EP-2018-CSM
Prezutptsiya Nevinovnosti-Prezutptsiya Nevinovnosti-Demo-RU-2010-GRAVEWISH
Primal Fear-Delivering the Black-Japanese Edition-2014-GRM
Primal Fear-Unbreakable-Japanese Edition-2012-GRM
Prime STH-Beautiful Awakening-2004-BUTT
prime sth-pieces-(promo single)-2004-pms
Prime STH-Underneath The Surface-iNT-2001-LMW
Prime Target-Throwback-WEB-2009-wWs
Primus - The Desaturating Seven-2017-SOP INT
Primus-89 Demo-1989-EPK
Primus-Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People EP-2003-iRO
Primus-Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People-ADVANCE-2003-ESC
Primus-Brown Album-1997-DNR
Primus-Brown Album-1997-iRO
Primus-Brown Album-Retail-1997-BERC INT
Primus-Frizzle Fry-(Remastered)-2002-DNR
Primus-Frizzle Fry-(Remastered)-2002-RNS
Primus-Frizzle Fry-Retail-1990-BERC INT
Primus-Miscellaneous Debris-(EP)-1992-DNR
Primus-Miscellaneous Debris-Ep-1992-iRO
Primus-Pork Soda-1993-DNR
Primus-Pork Soda-1993-EOS
Primus-Promo de Fromage-2003-PMS
Primus-Sailing The Seas Of Cheese-1991-DNR
Primus-Sailing The Seas Of Cheese-1991-eMG INT
Primus-Sailing The Seas Of Cheese-Retail-READ NFO-1991-QwL INT
Primus-Suck On This-1990-iRO
Primus-Suck On This-Remastered-Fixed-2002-POS
Primus-Tales From The Punchbowl-1995-DNR
Primus-Tales From The Punchbowl-1995-EOS
Primus-They Cant All Be Zingers-2006-RNS
Primus-They Cant All Be Zingers-2CD-(Best Buy Exclusive)-2006-DNR
Primus-Woodstock Festival 08-13-(Bootleg)-1994-EPK
Primus-Wyonas Big Brown Beaver-EP-1995-EPK
Prism - Beat Street-1984-FKK
Prism - Edge Of Heaven-RMX (incl Lazard Remix)-Vinyl-2002-MOD
Prism - From The Vaults-1997-aAF
Prism - See Forever Eyes-(1978)-aAF
Prism - Small Change-1981-aAF
Prism - Young And Restless-(1980)-aAF
Prism-Beat Street-1983-WCM
Prism-Big Black Sky-2008-UasH
Prism-Edge Of Heaven CDS-2002-aPC
Prism-Over 60 Minutes With Prism-1988-EOS
Probation-Fucked By Life-EP-2018-CSM
Problems - Johanna Vuodet 1980-1983-3CD-FI-2014-SOP INT
Problems - Katupoikia-FI-1982-SOP INT
Problems - Suora Lahetys-Digipak-FI-2011-SOP INT
Process - Through Acknowledgment Only-2011-Nsc
Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up-1997-CDM-TNS
Prodigy-Music for the Jilted Generation-2000-REV
Product Of Waste-Prophecies Of A Poor Man-EP-CDR-2010-GRAVEWISH
Profane Omen-Inherit The Void-2009-MAN
Professional Murder Music-Looking Through-2003-NHH INT
Professional Murder Music-Professional Murder Music-2001-NHH INT
Professori Heikkero - Ketunaantelya Vol2-FI-2008-SOP INT
Professori Heikkero Feat. Johanna Tukianen - Hei Johanna-CDS-FI-2011-SOP INT
Professori Heikkero-Alkoholistit Areenalla-FI-2002-BOS
Profit And Murder-Mother Natures Afterbirth-LP-2009-hXc
Profusion - Rewotower-2012-FREE
Project 86-Drawing Black Lines-2000-HiTS iNT
Project Pain - I Have Sinned-2012-FREE
Project Pain-Brothers in Blood-2018-CSM
project steiger-defiance-2004-amrc
promones-...tut siita -FI-2011-DDt
promones-hullut paivat-WEB-FI-2013-DDt
Prong-Beg to Differ-Retail-1990-Recycled INT
Prong-Prove You Wrong-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Prong-Songs from the Black Hole-2015-GRM
Propagandhi-Banned in Canada-Demo Tape-1992-rH
Propagandhi-Die Jugend Marschiert-CDS-2005-RIAA
Propagandhi-How To Clean A Couple Of Things - 7inch-1993-rH
Propagandhi-How To Clean Everything-1993-EOS
Propagandhi-Id Rather Be Flag-Burning-1995-rH
Propagandhi-Less Talk More Rock-1996-EOS
Propagandhi-Live From Occupied Territory-(DVD)-2007-FNT
Propagandhi-Potemkin City Limits-2005-KzT
Propagandhi-Reclaim The Streets-7Inch Bootleg-1998-rH
Propagandhi-Supporting Caste-2009-CRD
Propagandhi-Supporting Caste-2009-DNR
Propagandhi-Todays Empires Tomorrows Ashes-2001-EOS
Propagandhi-Where Quantity Is Job No.1-1998-EOS
Prospect-07 Ep-CDR-RU-2007-FiH
Protest The Hero-Scurrilous-2011-EOS
Protoni-Hei Sisko-CDS-FI-2004-TiPU
Prototype - Catalyst-2012-FREE
Psalms Of Silence-In Silence There Is Truth-2018-CSM
Psionic-Nu Tech Cyber Sorcery-2003-MiNERAL
Psuduko-Space Grind-LP-2011-hXc
Psyborg Corp-The Mechanical Renaissance-2010-FWYH
Psychema - The Entry Point-2012-FREE
Psychoparalysis - Human Dispositoin-2013-FREE
Psychoplasma-Until We Meet Again-2CD-2001-SER
Psychopunch - Back of My Car-2013-FREE
Psycho-Self Titled-7inch-Vinyl-2010-hXc
Psycrence-A Frail Deception-2014-PMS
psykoterapia-hullu nainen-CDS-FI-2013-DDt
psykoterapia-vihaan sua-FI-2015-DDt
Ptahil - For His Satanic Majestys Glory-2011-FREE
Public Display Of Aggression-To Live And Die In Your Suit And Tie-2018-CSM
Public Enemy-It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back-1988-DNR
Public Image Ltd.-That What Is Not-1992-iRO
Public Image Ltd - Live In Tokyo (1983)-WOS
Public Image Ltd-Metal Box-3CD-Remastered-2009-D2H
Public Image Ltd-Plastic Box-4CD-1999-SDR
Puddle Of Mudd-Come Clean-(Import)-2002-DNR
Puddle Of Mudd-Come Clean-2001-JESUS INT
Puddle Of Mudd-Life On Display-2003-NHH INT
Pulley-Beyond Warped-2005-RTB
Pulley-Esteem Driven Engine-1996-iPS
Pulley-Live At Knaack In Berlin 03-31-2003-iRC
Pulley-Time-Insensitive Material-(EP)-2009-FNT
Pulley-Together Again For The First Time (Fixed)-2001-rH
Pulley-Together Again For The First Time (PROPER)-2001-rH
Pulling Teeth-Shin To Shin-Split-EP-Vinyl-2010-GRAVEWISH
Punching Moses-Humanity Pandemic-EP-2015-CSM
Punching Moses-Impending Doom-2013-CSM
Pungent Stench-Ampeauty-2004-DNR
Pungent Stench-Club Mondo Bizarre-1994-DNR
Pungent Stench-Extreme Deformity-(Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl EP)-1989-DNR
punk lurex ok-aika vapaa-ajatuksia kaikille-2002-DDt
punk lurex-puolesta ja vastaan-FI-2012-DDt
punkkani-muistoja karjalasta-FI-2002-DDt
Purple Nail-Night Lights-2013-BELT
Put To Death-Self Titled-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc
Putte Wickman And Hal Galper Trio - Time To Remember-2002-WLM
Puujumalat - Pirun Hyva Paiva-FI-2014-SOP INT
Puya-Fundamental-1999-HiTS iNT
PVC-Punk Rock Berlin-1995-SDR
PVC-Wall City Rock-Vinyl-1997-SDR
Pyhat Nuket-Bella-FI-2003-SER
pykimat-ilmainen lounas-FI-2010-DDt
Pyramada - Now is the Time-2012-FREE
Pyrrhonist-Chaos Vortex-2018-CSM
Quartier Rouge-Les Annees Lumieres-FR-2009-hXc
Quasimodo-One Shot-2017-CSM
Queen-Greatest Hits I II and III-The Platinum Collection-3CD-2002-NHH INT
Queen-Live At The Rainbow 74-(Remastered)-2CD-2014-H18
Queens of the Stone Age - Live at the Fillmore-CDR-Bootleg-2007-FKK
Queens Of The Stone Age - Songs For The Deaf-(Real Retail)-2002-NET
Queensryche-Condition Human-(Deluxe Edition)-2015-MTD
Queensryche-Greatest Hits-2000-DNR
Queensryche-Hear In The Now Frontier-1997-EOS
Queensryche-Queensryche-Special Edition-2CD-2013-GRM
Queers - A Day Late and Dollar Short-SOP INT
Quiet Riot-10-2014-GRM
Quiet Riot-89 Live in Japan-DVDA-2004-AMRC
Quiet Riot-Metal Health-Retail-1983-Recycled INT
Quiet Riot-QR III-1986-DNR
Quintessence-Le Fleau De Ton Existence-Reissue-FR-2010-FiH
Quo Vadis-XXX-2CD-2018-CSM
R.A.I.-Out Of Nowhere-(Tape)-1997-VERiTAS
R3-N7-Rebel And Rusty Knife EP-CDEP-JP-2009-hXc
Raaka-Aine-Elaman Tarkoitus-CDS-FI-2009-WAGNER
Raate-Halki Kuolleen Maan-2007-GRAVEWISH
Rabbits-Lower Forms-2011-FNT
Racebannon-IV Acid Or Blood-2008-hXc
Radiance - The Burning Sun-2010-Nsc
Radiopuhelimet - Avaruus-FI-1997-SOP INT
Radiopuhelimet - Ei Kenenkaan Maa-FI-2013-SOP INT
Radiopuhelimet - Jaameri-FI-1992-SOP INT
Radiopuhelimet - Maalla-FI-1993-SOP INT
Radiopuhelimet - Oulu on Kaupungin Nimi-FI-2000-SOP INT
Radiopuhelimet - Radiopuhelimet Rakastaa Sinua-FI-2010-SOP INT
Radiopuhelimet - Saastan Kaipuu-FI-2016-SOP INT
Radiopuhelimet - Tanaan-FI-2002-SOP INT
Radiopuhelimet - Varmaa Hapuilua 1987 - 2002-2CD-FI-2006-SOP INT
Radiopuhelimet - Viisi Tahtea-FI-2007-SOP INT
Radiopuhelimet-Rakastaa Sinua-FI-2010-WAGNER
Radiopuhelimet-Varmaa Hapuilua 1987-2002-2CD-FI-2006-SER
Radogost - Dark Side of the Forest-2012-FREE
Raein-Ah As If..-2011-FiH
Rage.Against The Machine-Reading ENG 0827-1993-EOS
Rage - Best Ballads (Compilation by Dark Dragon)-2012-FREE
Rage Against The Machine-San Francisco CA 0616-1996-EOS
Rage Against the Machine-XX-2CD-2012-GRM
Rage My Bitch-Now Here Nowhere-2014-BELT
Rage-Cover and Acoustic-2012-GRM
Rage-My Way-CDEP-2016-GRM
Ragenheart - Ragenheart-Retail-2010-FREE
Ragenheart-The Last King-2018-CSM
Rage-Seasons Of The Black-(Limited Edition)-2CD-2017-RiBS
raggars-heita piiska pois-FI-1995-DDt
Raging Speedhorn - Raging Speedhorn-2001-Nsc
Raging Speedhorn - We Will Be Dead Tomorrow-2002-Nsc
Rain - Starlight Extinction-(UK Import)-2002-ATRium
Rain - XXX-2011-FREE
Rainbow-Long Live Rock N Roll-1978-DNR
Rainbow-On Stage-(Live)-1977-DNR
Rainbow-Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow-1975-DNR
Rainbow-Straight Between The Eyes-1982-DNR
Raising Fear - Eternal Creed-2010-Nsc
Raivopaat - Syntyneet Haviamaan-FI-1996-SOP INT
Raivopaat - Vapaana Syntynyt --EP-FI-1997-SOP INT
Raivopaat - Via Dolorosa - Vuodet 1994-97-FI-2010-SOP INT
Raivopaat Feat. Friends - Punkrock Jukebox 1-EP-FI-2007-SOP INT
Raivopaat Feat. Friends - Punkrock Jukebox 2-FI-2008-SOP INT
Raivopaat Feat. Friends - Punkrock Jukebox 3-FI-2009-SOP INT
Raivopaat Feat. Friends - Punkrock Jukebox 4-FI-2011-SOP INT
Raivopaat Feat. Friends - Punkrock Jukebox 5-FI-2011-SOP INT
Rakas Rappio - Irstaita Leikkeja-FI-2014-SOP INT
rakas rappio-kliseekaruselli-FI-2015-DDt
Ramesses-Baptism of the Walking Dead-MCD-2009-BERC
Rami-Now Here This-2018-CSM
Rammstein-Gebratenes Eis Aus Remixes-2015-GRM
Rammstein-Live Aus Berlin-1999-DNR
Rammstein-Volkerball-Live In Nimes-(Digipak)-2006-DNR
Rammstein-XXI (Limited Edition)-14LP-DE-2015-NATT INT
Ramones - We Are Punk Generation-Reissue Vinyl-2002-SDR
Ramones - Weird Tales of the Ramones-3CD-2005-SOP INT
Ramones-Acid Eaters-1993-DNR
Ramones-Animal Boy-1986-DNR
Ramones-Brain Drain-1989-FIH INT
Ramones-Halfway To Sanity-1987-FIH INT
Ramones-Its Alive-1979-FIH INT
Ramones-Mondo Bizarro-1992-DNR
Ramones-Mondo Bizarro-1992-FIH INT
Ramones-Pleasant Dreams-(Remastered)-2002-FIH INT
Ramones-Ramones-(Remastered)-2001-FIH INT
ramones-ramones (expanded remastered)-2001-DDt
Ramones-The Chrysalis Years-3CD-2002-EVIGHET
Ramonez 77-Mr. Ramone-VLS-2004-SDR
Ramonez 77-Rest in Pace-2004-FNT
Rampant Decay-Tour EP 2011-2011-gF
Rampart - War Behest-2012-FREE
Rampires-Bat Taste-2006-gF
Rancid - Honor is All We Know Bonus Track-LP-2014-SOP INT
Rancid - Honor is All We Know-2014-SOP INT
Rancid-1995 BBC Sessions-(Promo VLS)-1995-DNR
Rancid-And Out Come the Wolves-1995-EOS
Rancid-B Sides And C Sides-2008-3AM
Rancid-Death Wont Wait-(Bootleg Vinyl)-2002-DNR
Rancid-Let The Dominoes Fall (Acoustic Bonus CD)-2009-FNT
Rancid-Let The Dominoes Fall-CD-2009-WUS INT
Rancid-Lets Go-1994-DNR
Rancid-Life Wont Wait-1998-DNR
Rancid-Radio Radio Radio-(Vinyl EP)-1993-DNR
Rancid-Rancid VS Operation Ivy (Live In Japan 2007)-(Bootleg Vinyl)-2007-DNR
rancid-roots radical single-1996-rh int
Rancid-Trouble Maker-CD-2017-WUS INT
Random Riots-Vintage Violence-2014-BELT
Rapid Cities-Machinery Saints-2009-FiH
Rapid Terror-Speed Metal Bastard - Faster Master-Tape-2016-GRAVEWISH
Raptori vs Caater-Kumitissit ja Oi Beibi IV-FI-CDS-2000-RDA
Raptori-Debi Gibson 3000 CDS-2000-RDA
Raptori-Epaviralliset Muistelmat-FI-1996-TiPU-iNTERNAL
Raptori-Jyraa Jo Tellus-VLS-FI-1990-LCH
Rapture-Infernal Manifest-2010-BERC
Raskasta Joulua-Ragnarok Juletide-2014-BELT
Rat Cats and Karelia Military Band-Rebel-1998-gF
Rata Blanca - VII-es-1997-esk
Rata Blanca - Entre El Cielo Y El Infierno-SP-1994-MCA int
Rata Blanca - La Llave De La Puerta Secreta-2005 INT
Rata Blanca - Rata Blanca-1988 INT
Rata Blanca-El Reino Olvidado-Digipak-ES-2008-AMRC
Rata Blanca-Magos Espadas Y Rosas-Remastered-ES-2004-GRAVEWISH
Rata Blanca-Rata Blanca And Glenn Hughes-ES-DVDA-2005-AMRC
Ratos De Porao-Brasil-1989-DNR
Ratos De Porao-Brasil-Anarkophobia-2005-DNR
Ratos De Porao-Crucificados Pelo Sistema-Remastered-BR-2009-hXc
Ratos De Porao-Descanse Em Paz-Reissue-LP-BR-2010-hXc
Ratos De Porao-Feijoada Acidente International-(Reissue)-2007-DNR
Ratos De Porao-Guerra Civil Canibal-(EP)-2000-DNR
Ratos De Porao-Onisciente Coletivo-2002-DNR
Ratos De Porao-Seculo Sinistro-BR-2014-GRM
Rats Into Robots-A Column Of Smoke By Day A Pillar Of Fire By Night-2004-DNR
Ratsia - 1979-1981-FI-1995-SOP INT
Ratsia - Ratsia-FI-2008-SOP INT
Ratt - Collage - (1997)-ATM99
Ratt - Dancing Undercover-1986-AOD
Ratt - Ratt and Roll 81-91-Retail-1991-MAC INT
Ratt - Ratt II-1999-BFS INT
Ratt - Ratt-1983-AOD
Ratt - Reach For the Sky - (1988)-ATM99
Ratt - Tell The World-The Very Best Of Ratt-2007-EON
Ratt-Best of Me-CDS-2010-grmg
Rattle Cloud-Rattle Cloud-(WEB)-2009-NER
Ratt-Metal Hits-2003-MTD
Ratto Ja Lehtisalo-Ed Benttonin Briljantti Stabilismi Tai Taivaallinen Kylpysaippua-FI-2006-SER
Ratto Ja Lehtisalo-Kopernikus Hortoilee Nakinkengassa-FI-2003-SER
Ratto Ja Lehtisalo-Pari Lepakkoa Transylvaniassa-FI-2004-SER
Ratt-Orginal Album Series-5CD-2013-xTEAM
Ratt-Rare Tracks and Demos-1997-grmg
Ratt-Ratt And Roll 8191-1991-DNR
Ratt-The Essentials-2002-GRM
Rattus - Levytykset 1981-1984
Rattus - Rattus-FI-2005-SOP INT
Rattus - Turta-FI-2013-SOP INT
Rattus - Uudet Piikit-FI-2007-SOP INT
Rauli Badding Somerjoki - Kaikki Laulut-6CD-FI-1997-SOP INT
Rauli Badding Somerjoki - Tass on Rauli Moi-FI-1999-SOP INT
Rautakello-1-2003-mwnd int
Ravachol-Great Moments In The Void-EP-2011-FiH
Ravage Machinery - The Dystopian Tide-2011-SOP INT
Ravenland-And a Crow Brings Me Back-2009-GRAVEWISH
Ravenous-We Are Become Death-2013-GRM
Ravens Creed-The Power-2012-GRM
Ravens Wyrd-Descent Into Madness-2017-CSM
Raventale-Mortal Aspirations-2009-GRAVEWISH
Raventhorn-Nightmare In Eden-2018-CSM
Raw Nerve-Midnight-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc
Raw Nerve-Raw Nerve-LP-2010-FiH
Raw Noise-System Never-2010-hXc
Ray Charles - Blues is My Middle Name-3CD-2005-SYNDIKAT
Ray Charles And The Count Basie Orchestra-Ray Sings Basie Swings-2006-RNS
Ray Charles-Genius Remixed-2005-wTOb
Ray Charles-The Legend Lives-(MYMUSIC171)-3CD-2008-RACEME
Ray Charles-The Very Best Of-2CD-2006-WRE
Razgate-Welcome Mass Hysteria-2018-CSM
Razor White-Just What The Doctor Ordered-1990-AMRC
Ready Set Fall-Buried-EP-WEB-2011-FiH
Reagan SS-Hail The New Dawn-2002-SDR
Reagan Youth-Live At Cbgbs 1985 Vol. 1-VLS-1985-SDR
Real Mckenzies-10000 Shots-(Advance)-2005-SDR
Reality Check-No Love For The Underdogs-Demo-WEB-2011-B2R INT
Reality Crisis-Sound Of Destruction-7inch-Vinyl-JP-2010-hXc
Rearview Mirror-All Lights Off-2002-NHH INT
Reason To Care-Farewell I Am Longing For Home.-10Inch-Vinyl-2009-iTS
Rebecka Tornqvist-Melting Into Orange-2006-FTM
Rebel Meets Rebel-Rebel Meets Rebel-2006-GRM
Reborn To Conquer-Homicide-2009-hXc
Reckless Agression-Reckless Agression-Demo-Vinyl-2011-GRAVEWISH
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Collection Old Music Part5
  Others | Author: Admin | 10-04-2020, 00:32

Horna-Vihan Tiellae-Live-FI-2009-BERC
Horns of Hattin - De Veritate-2011-FREE
Horsepower-Best Offah-2007-SMO
Horsepower-Tall Terrific and Trouble-1992-AMRC
Horst Jankowski-For Nightpeople Only-CD-2009-OBC
Hortto Kaalo - 20 Suosikkia-Ei Kenenkaan Lahimmainen-FI-1996-SOP INT
Hortto Kaalo - Hortto Kaalo Legenda 40-V-2CD-FI-2012-SOP INT
Hortto Kaalo - Tunne Riittaa-FI-1992-SOP INT
Hostile - Eve of Destruction-2011-FREE
Hostil-Infernal Rites-2018-CSM
Hot Graves-Desecration Time-EP-Vinyl-2011-GRAVEWISH
Hot Water Music-A Flight And A Crash Vinyl Bonustrack-2001-SDR
Hot Water Music-Warped Tour Los Angeles 07-10-2002-SDR
Hot Water Music-Warped Tour Los Angeles 07-11-2002-SDR
Hounds Of Hate-No Redemption-7inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH
Hovimuusikko Ilkka - Jeti-FI-2015-SOP INT
Hovimuusikko Ilkka - Mee Takas Kotiin-FI-2015-SOP INT
Hovimuusikko-Ilkka - Hovimuusikko-Ilkka 2015-FI-2015-SOP INT
How Much More - Eminent Wait-2015-SOP INT
How Much More - Neurotic Mind-2004-SOP INT
How Much More - This Kind of Song-2003-SOP INT
Howling in the Fog-Unaware Prediction-EP-2012-GRM
Hubi Meisel-Kailash-Promo-2006-DJH INT
Huldre - Intet Menneskebarn-DK-2012-FREE
Hullujussi-Bingo Bulvania-FI-2003-COS
Human Cometh - HCll-2011-Nsc
Human Temple - Halfway to Heartache-2012-FREE
Human Temple-Insomnia-Japanese Retail with Bonus-2004-AMRC
Hummingbird Of Death-Goatmeal-5inch-Vinyl-2008-FiH
Hummingbird of Death-Sidetracked-Split-6inch-Vinyl-2010-FiH
Hung - Hung-2012-FREE
Hunger Pains-Self-Titled-7inch-Vinyl-2011-FiH
Hungry Like Rakovitz-Become Hungry-CDR-EP-2006-FiH
Hunter Killer-Hunter Killer-2018-CSM
Huntress - Spell Eater-2012-FREE
Huora - Hukutaan Paskaan-FI-2017-SOP INT
hurriganes-crazy days-1975-DDt
hurriganes-crazy days-remastered-2001-DDt
hurriganes-hot wheels-remastered-2001-DDt
hurriganes-jailbird 10 80-1989-DDt
hurriganes-live in hamina 1973-2011-DDt
hurriganes-live in stockholm 1977-1996-DDt
hurriganes-rock and roll all night long-remastered-2001-DDt
hurriganes-rockin hurriganes-1982-DDt
hurriganes-the legacy-3CD-1992-DDt
hurriganes-tsugu way-remastered-2001-DDt
hurt-rapture-(promo cds)-2006-dnr
husker du-candle apple grey-1986-dnr
Hybrid Children - Bleed Baby Bleed-1993-SOP INT
Hybrid Children - Hybrid Moments-2001-SOP INT
Hybrid Children-Ghost Town Carnival-2004-SER
Hydra Division V-Ostracized-2013-V0 iND
Hyhma - Suonsilman Satuja-EP-FI-2005-SOP INT
Hypocrisy - Catch 22 - V2.0.08-Boxset-Ltd.Ed.-2008-MCA int
Hypocrisy - Inferior Devoties-EP-1994-MCA int
Hypocrisy-10 Years Of Chaos And Confusion-2CD-2001-DNR
Hypocrisy-10 Years Of Chaos And Confusion-2CD-Limited Edition-2001-BLiZZARD
Hypocrisy-A Taste Of Extreme Divinity-2009-DNR
Hypocrisy-A Taste Of Extreme Divinity-Limited Edition-2009-EOSiNT
Hypocrisy-End of Disclosure-2013-GRM
Hypocrisy-Hypocrisy-(Digipak)-1999-VERiTAS INT
Hypocrisy-Into The Abyss-(Digipak)-2000-VERiTAS INT
hypocrisy-the arrival-2004-dnr
hypocrisy-the final chapter-1997-dnr
Hypocrisy-The Final Chapter-1997-VERiTAS INT
Hypocrisy-Virus-2CD-(Limited Edition)-2005-DNR
Hysteria - Zeptal Jsem Se Krista-CZ-2010-Nsc
I Abhor-Wormrot--Split-Vinyl-EP-2011-BERC
I Am I - Event Horizon-2012-FREE
I Am The Pendragon-The Castle Of Lost Hope-2018-CSM
I Compagni Di Baal - I Compagni Di Baal-IT-2012-FREE
I Excuse-Manifesto Jukebox--Split-Reissue-Vinyl-EP-2003-KALEVALA
I Know-The End Of Democracy-10inch-Vinyl-RU-2009-FiH
I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper-Whatevernights-2007-SER
I Will Break Thee - Welcome to My Kingdom-WEB-2011-FKK
I Your Liege - I Your Liege-EP-2010-Nsc
Ian - Nuevo Orden-SP-2012-FREE
Ian Gillan-Live in Nottingham-(Remastered Bootleg)-2002-NER
Ian Gillan-One Eye To Morocco-2009-DNR
Ian Gillan-One Eye to Morocco-2009-UasH
Ian Gillan-The Gillan Tapes-2004-SiRiON
Icarus Witch - Rise-2012-FREE
Ice Age - Liberation-Retail-2000-AMP3d
Ice Age - The Great Divide-Retail-1999-AMP3d
Iced Earth - The Reckoning-Retail-CDS-2003-QTXMp3
Iced Earth - Tribute to the Gods-Digipak-2001-WFD
Iced Earth-Best of-(Limited Edition)-(2006)-Kmp3
Iced Earth-Burnt Offerings-Remastered-2002-ViC
Iced Earth-Days of Purgatory (Disc 1-2)-Retail-1997-Zeal INT
Iced Earth-Dystopia-2CD-Ultimate Edition-2013-KRIEG
Iced Earth-Iced Earth-1991-DMA
Iced Earth-Night of the Stormrider-1992-BFS
Iced Earth--Rock Hard Special EP-MAG-2011-OMA
Iced Earth-Something Wicked This Way Comes-1998-AMRC INT
Icethrone - See You in Valhall-2012-FREE
Icy Steel - As The Gods Command-2010-Nsc
Idegleles-Blair Witch-Demo-HU-2009-GRW
Idegleles-Minden Idegen-Demo-HU-2011-GRAVEWISH
Identity-Rise To Power-7inch-Vinyl-2010-B2R
Idiots Parade-Saywhy--Split-Vinyl-EP-2011-BERC
Idron - Maddariid Lavlla-FI-2016-SOP INT
iggy and the stooges-escaped maniacs-(live)-2007-dnr
Iggy Pop - Post Pop Depression-2016-NB
Iggy Pop-Little Know It All-(CDS)-2003-DNR
Iggy Pop-Preliminaires-2009-DNR
Iiro Rantala New Trio-Elmo-2008-r35
Iiwanajulma-Tuhottu Tila-2008-mwnd int
Ike and Tina Turner - The Collection-10CD-2008-SOP INT
IKINAE-Samoista soluista-WEB-FI-2017-ENTiTLED
Ikon-As Time Goes By The Original Ikon-.Equinoxe.-2007-AMOK
Ikon-Love Hate And Sorrow-2CD-Ltd.Ed.-2009-AMOK
Ikon-On The Edge Of Forever-2CD-Ltd.Ed.-2009-AMOK
Ikon-The Burden Of History The Singles 1992-2007-.Equinoxe.-2CD-Limited Edition-2007-AMOK
Ikon-This Quiet Earth-2CD-Ltd.Ed.-2009-AMOK
Ikuinen Kaamos-Fall Of Icons-2010-mwnd int
Ikuinen Vaiva-Kuolleista-FI-2007-SMO
Ill Natured-Twisted Visions-2018-CSM
Ill Nino-How Can I Live-(CDS)-2003-DNR
Illdisposed-1-800 Vindication-(Remastered)-2009-DNR
illdisposed-1-800 vindication-2004-dnr
Illdisposed-Burn Me Wicked-(Remastered)-2009-DNR
Illdisposed-Burn Me Wicked-Remastered-2009-BERC
Illdisposed-Four Depressive Seasons-1993-DNR
illdisposed-the prestige-(limited edition)-2008-dnr
Illdisposed-There Is Light (But Its Not For Me)-2011-EOSiNT
Illdisposed-Theres Something Rotten In The State Of Denmark-1997-DNR
Illdisposed-To Those Who Walk Behind Us-(Limited Edition)-2009-DNR
Illusionist-Dont Mind This-2018-CSM
Im Your Nemesis-The Inner Voice-2018-CSM
Immension-Worth Dying For-2018-CSM
Imminent Sonic Destruction - Recurring Themes-2012-FREE
Immolation-Majesty And Decay-2010-COS
Impaled Nazarene - Morbid Fate-EP-2017-ELITE
Impaled Nazarene-Absence of War Does Not Mean Peace-2001-UBE
Impaled Nazarene-Goat Perversion-Reissue Vinyl EP-2012-mwnd int
Impaled Nazarene-Latex Cult-WEB-FI-2008-KALEVALA INT
Impaled Nazarene-Sadogoat-Reissue Vinyl EP-2012-mwnd int
Impaled Nazarene-Satanic Masowhore-Reissue Vinyl EP-2012-mwnd int
Impalers-From Ashes To Iron-EP-2019-CSM
Impellitteri-Faster Than The Speed Of Light-Japanese Release-2002-AMRC
Impellitteri-Impellitteri-EP-1987-SLF INT
Impellitteri-Pedal to the Metal-Japanese Retail-2004-AMRC
Impera - Legacy of Life-2012-FREE
Imperial Vengeance - Black Heart of Empire-2011-FREE
Imperium-Beyond The Stars-2018-CSM
In Extremo - Saengerkrieg-(Bonus DVD)-DE-2008-MST
In Extremo - Sterneneisen-DE-2011-FREE
In Flames - Sounds Of A Playground Fading-2011-Nsc
In Flames-Best Of In Flames-2CD-2013-UiF
In Flames-Colony-1999-VERiTAS INT
In Some Dismals-Smartgrans-Split-CDR-RU-2011-FiH
In Vain - In Death We Trust-2012-FREE
Incendiary-Suburban Scum-Split-EP-Vinyl-2010-GRAVEWISH
Inception To Embrace-From-2008-GITE
Incite - All Out War-2012-FREE
Industri Royal-Kalashnikov Love-EP-2005-SDR
Industri Royal-The Trigger-CDM-2006-SDR
Industrial Company Inc.-Directgod-2008-PTK
Inerzia-Siete Cruces-ES-2017-GRM
Infectious Grooves-Groove Family Cyco-1994-EOS
Infernal Majesty - None Shall Defy-1987-Nsc
Infernal Majesty - Unholier Than Thou-1998-Nsc
Infex - Circling the Drain-2012-FREE
Infinite Translation-Impulsive Attack-2010-GRW
Infinity Overture - The Infinite Overture Pt 1-2011-Nsc
Inflammare - In Memory Of-2010-Nsc
Inhale The Sea - The Fourth Coordinate-2011-Nsc
Inhuman Obsessed-The Criophylic Labarum-2010-BERC
Iniquity-Five Across The Eyes-1999-EOS
Iniquity-Iniquity Bloody Iniquity-2003-ViC
Injected-Burn It Black-2002-NHH INT
Ink Stained Promises - Ink Stained Promises-EP-2010-Nsc
Inka - Tomua Tuulessa-FI-1996-SOP INT
Inner Core-Soultaker-2017-CSM
Inner Fear - First Born Fear-2012-FREE
Inner Vision-Control the Past-(Advance)-2004-FTC
Innerself-Phantoms Crossing The Sky-2017-CSM
insaint and co-amnesty-vinyl-FI-1993-DDt
Insane Assholes-Grindzilla-2006-BERC
Insania-House Of Cards-1997-SSR
Insomnium - One for Sorrow-2011-FREE
Insomnium - Weather The Storm-Ep-2011-Nsc
Insomnium-Across the Dark-2009-GRAVEWISH
Insomnium-In The Halls Of Awaiting-2002-mwnd int
Insomnium--In The Halls Of Awaiting-Promo-2002-UBE
Insomnium-Since The Day It Came Down-2004-mwnd int
Insomnium-Weather the Storm-CDS-2010-grmg
Insulters-Metal Still Means Danger-2017-GRM
Insurgents-Fad Cash-7inch-Vinyl-2010-hXc
Insurrecion - Kuestion Social-Lazos De Ruido Y Fuego-Split-CDR-ES-2009-D2H
Internal Conflict-Nothing Is Lost-EP-2018-CSM
Intervention - Groving Line of Caskets-2011-SOP INT
Into Eternity-Buried in Oblivion-Promo-2004-AMRC
Into Eternity-Dead or Dreaming-2001-EM INT
Intrigue - Cappa Nieida-2011-SOP INT
Intrigue - Crossover-2003-SOP INT
Intrigue - Heavyjoik-2002-SOP INT
Inu-Hacia El Abismo-12inch-Vinyl-SP-2011-FiH
INXS-All Juiced Up-1994-CHiCNCREAM
INXS-Beautiful girl (CDS)-1993-OSC
INXS-INXS-Retail-1980-Recycled INT
INXS-Listen Like Thieves-Retail-1985-Recycled INT
INXS-Never Tear Us Apart-CDM-1988-oNePiEcE
INXS-Shine Like It Does-The Anthology-2CD-2001-EGO
INXS-The Greatest Hits-Retail-1994-Recycled INT
INXS--The Singles Collection-1999-WUS
Irina Bjorklund - Ce Soir Tout Peut Arriver -2015-SOP INT
Iron Cross-Iron Cross-2001-SER
Iron Fire - Metalmorphosized-(Limited Edition)-2010-Nsc inT
Iron Kind - Voodooshock-Lord of Evil - Cordial Vicinity-Split EP-Vinyl-2003-GRW
Iron Kingdom - Curse of the Voodoo Queen-2011-FREE
Iron Knights - New Sound of War-2012-FREE
Iron Lung-Cold Storage-2006-FiH
Iron Lung-Exposed-(7 INCH VINYL)-2009-iTS
Iron Lung-I Hate You Motherfuckers Iron Lung Live In Australia March 2011-Tape-2011-FiH
Iron Maiden - Summerfestival-Live-1981-WEB INT
Iron Maiden-Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter-(12 Inch Picture VLS)-1990-DNR
Iron Maiden-Can I Play With Madness-(EP)-1988-DNR
Iron Maiden-Coming Moscow-2CD-2011-GRM
Iron Maiden-Death On The Road (Live)-2CD-2005-DNR
Iron Maiden-En Vivo-2CD-2012-GRM
Iron Maiden-Fear of the Dark-Japanese Version-1992-GRM
Iron Maiden-Flight 666 The Concert-(DVD)-2009-DNR
Iron Maiden-From Here To Eternity-(CDM)-1992-DNR
Iron Maiden-Invasion Of Rarities-(Bootleg)-1994-DNR
Iron Maiden-Iron Maiden-(Remastered)-1980-FTM
Iron Maiden-Killers-(Remastered)-1981-FTM
Iron Maiden-Live Plus One (Japanese Release)-(Vinyl EP)-1980-DNR
Iron Maiden-Live USA-(Bootleg)-1982-DNR
Iron Maiden-Maiden Japan-(Vinyl EP)-1981-DNR
Iron Maiden-No Prayer For The Dying-Retail-1990-Recycled INT
Iron Maiden-Powerslave-Japanese Version-1984-GRM
Iron Maiden-seventh son of a seventh son-2cd-1998-int-gore
Iron Maiden-Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son-Retail-1988-Recycled INT
Iron Maiden-Somewhere in Time-Japanese Version-1986-GRM
Iron Maiden-Somewhere in Time-Retail-1986-Recycled INT
Iron Maiden-Soundhouse Tapes-(1979)-aAF
Iron Maiden-The Book Of Souls-2CD-2015-FREEMP3
Iron Maiden-The Essential Iron Maiden-2CD-2005-DNR
Iron Maiden-The Evil That Men Do-(EP)-1988-DNR
Iron Maiden-The Number Of The Beast-(Remastered)-1982-FTM
Iron Maiden-The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg-(CDS)-2006-DNR
Iron Maiden-The Wicker Man-(CDM)-2000-DNR
Iron Savior - The Landing (Japanese Edition)-2011-FREE
Iron Savior-Battering Ram-2004-mwnd int
Iron Savior-Kill Or Get Killed-2019-CSM
Iron Savior-Live at the Final Frontier-2CD-2015-GRM
Iron Savior-Titancraft-Japanese Edition-2016-GRM
Ironcross-Too Hot To Rock-Remastered-2002-SER
Ironia-Drag Me To Your Hell-2018-CSM
Ironica - Consequences-2007-SOP INT
Ironweed - Your World of Tomorrow-2011-FREE
Irwin Goodman-Ennen kuulumattomat-lauluja Suomalaisille-FI-2015-DDt
Irwin Goodman - 20 Suosikkia - Salainen Agentti-FI-2000-SOP INT
Irwin Goodman-30 Suosikkia-2CD-FI-2006-SER
Irwin Goodman-Ai Ai Ai Kun Nuori Ois-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Cha Cha Cha-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Dirtly Dirly Dee-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Ei Tippa Tapa-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Hairikko-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Inkkareita Ja Lankkareita-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Irwin Goodman-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Irwinismi-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Keisari Irwin I-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Kellarissa Lavalla Ja Studiossa-FI-2003-SER
Irwin Goodman-Kolmastoista Kerta-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Lauluja Elokuvasta Rentun Ruusu-OST-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Osta Minut-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Rentun Ruusu-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Rentun Ruusut-4CD-2000-SER
Irwin Goodman-Rentun Ruusut-Parhaat-2CD-2000-SER
Irwin Goodman-Reteesti Vaan-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Si Si Si-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-St. Pauli Ja Reeperbahn-Remastered-2001-SER
Irwin Goodman-Tytto Tuli-Remastered-2001-SER
irwin goodman-vain elamaa-kootut levytykset 1965-1990-14CD-FI-2010-DDt
Irwin Goodman-Vuosikerta 89-Remastered-2001-SER
Isanta Meidan - Vereen Piirretty Viiva-PROMO-FI-2009-MrB
iskuryhma-ottaa lukua 1-2-3-4-FI-2004-DDt
Isle Of Q-Isle Of Q-2000-NER INT
Ismo Alanko - Elavaa Musiikkia-Live-FI-2004-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko - Jaatyneita Lauluja-FI-1993-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko - Kolmannesvuosisata Taiteilijaelamaa-2CD-Live-FI-2013-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko - Kun Suomi Putos Puusta-FI-1990-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko - Maailmanlopun Sushibaari-FI-2013-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko - Pannaanko Pakasteet Pieneen Pussiin-FI-2016-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko - Taiteilijaelamaa-FI-1995-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko Saatio - Hallanvaara-FI-2002-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko Saatio - Joululevy (CDS 1999)-wAMMA
Ismo Alanko Saatio - Mina Ja Pojat-FI-2004-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko Saatio - Ruuhkainen Taivas-FI-2006-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko Saatio-Nokian Takana-CDS-2001-SER
Ismo Alanko Saatio-Paratiisin Puu-FI-CDS-2002-SER
Ismo Alanko Saatio-Paskiainen-CDS-FI-2006-iNT
Ismo Alanko Saatio-Sisainen Solarium-Album-2000-SER
Ismo Alanko Saatio-Tyhmaa-CDS-2000-SER
Ismo Alanko Teholla - BLANCO SPIRITUALS-FI-2008-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko Teholla - Onnellisuus-FI-2010-SOP INT
Ismo Alanko Teholla-Blanco Spirituals-FI-2008-r35
Ismo Alanko-Alangolla-4CD-FI-1997-BOS
Ismo Leikola and Muusikot - Raksamies-FI-SOP INT
Isterismo-Self Titled-Demo-Tape-IT-2006-hXc
Istukas Over Disneyland - R.A.B.-Split 7inch-Vinyl-2011-D2H
Ita-Saksa-Man The Machines-2000-SER
Ives Gulle - Husar-SP-2011-FREE
Ivich-Chacun Sa Verite-7inch-Vinyl-FR-1993-FiH
Ivory Tower-Beyond The Stars-2000-mwnd int
Ivory Tower-Ivory Tower-1998-mwnd int
izzy stradlin and the ju ju hounds-izzy stradlin and the ju ju hounds-1992-dnr
J. J. Johnson-J. J. Johnson The Eminent Volume One (RVG Edition)-(Remastered)-2001-DNR
J. Karjalainen - Juhlakokoelma 1981-2005-FI-2005-SOP INT
j.m.k.e.-gringode kultuur-RERIP-EE-1993-DDt
J.M.K.E.-Totally Estoned-1997-SDR
Jaakko Kuusisto - Taalla Pohjantahden Alla-FI-2009-SOP INT
Jaakko Laitinen and Vaara Raha - Lapland-Balkan-FI-2013-SOP INT
Jaakko Teppo - Katuojalaulaja-FI-1981-SOP INT
Jaakko Teppo - Onnen Kerjalainen-FI-1984-SOP INT
Jaakko Teppo - Parhaat Tarinat-FI-2004-SOP INT
Jaakko Teppo - Sammakkoprinssi Kaikki Levytykset 1987-2003-2CD-FI-2009-SOP INT
Jaakko Teppo - Uutisraivooja-FI-1993-SOP INT
Jaakko Teppo-Jalkitauti-Kaikki Levytykset 1980-1986-2CD-FI-2008-SMO
Jaakko Teppo-Karjalan Kunnailla 1984-FI-2007-COS
Jack Starrs Burning Starr - Land of the Dead-2011-FREE
Jack White and Alicia Keys-Another Way To Die-Promo CDS-2008-XXL
Jack White and Loretta Lynn-Remembering Van Lean Rose-DVD-2015-JUST
Jack White-That Black Bat Licorice-WEB-2015-OMA
Jackman-Bad Intentions-7inch-Vinyl-2011-hXc
Jack-MMVII Ctenomys Blainv-Promo-HU-2007-GRAVEWISH
Jacques Daniels Project - Are We There Yet-2015-SOP INT
Jaguar-The Story So Far-(JP Edition)-2018-CSM
Jake Bugg-Kentucky-VLS-2013-DAC
Jake E. Lee-A Fine Pink Mist-1996-AOD
Jake E Lee - Retraced-2005-RNS
Jalla Jalla - Crumelur-1992-SOP INT
Jalla Jalla - Graverobbers Handbook-1997-SOP INT
Jalla Jalla - Jalla Jalla-1991-SOP INT
Jalla Jalla - Snowmans Land-1994-SOP INT
Jalla Jalla-Crumelur Jalla Jalla-1993-SDR
James Christian-Best Power Ballads-2010-DLB
James Newton Howard-The Bourne Legacy OST-WEB-2012-FRAY
james puhto ren-keep your eyes on the road-1996-DDt
james puhto ren-keep your eyes on the road-RERIP-FI-1996-DDt
james puhto-ren - ain't no country road - DDt
james puhto-ren - hit the road - DDt
james puhto-ren - oh shit! more from the road - DDt
james puhto-ren - on the road - DDt
james puhto-ren - outtakes tapes from the road - DDt
james puhto-ren - road - DDt
james puhto-ren - two for the road - DDt
james puhto-ren-ain t no country road-RERIP-FI-1994-DDt
james puhtoren-back on the road-2008-DDt
james puhtoren-back on the road-RERIP-FI-2008-DDt
james puhto-ren-hit the road-RERIP-FI-1995-DDt
james puhto-ren-in the halfway of the road-1997-DDt
james puhto-ren-in the halfway of the road-RERIP-FI-1997-DDt
james puhto-ren-kihnio-FI-2012-DDt
james puhto-ren-kuin niagara (radio edit) (promo cds)-FI-2010-DDt
james puhto-ren-made in taiwan (promo cds)-FI-2011-DDt
james puhto-ren-oh shit more from the road-RERIP-1993-DDt
james puhto-ren-road-RERIP-FI-1993-DDt
james puhto-ren-start of the road-vinyl-FI-1990-DDt
james puhto-ren-still on the road-FI-2010-DDt
james puhto-ren-sun roll n road-RERIP-FI-1998-DDt
james puhto-ren-suvas albumi-FI-2010-DDt
james puhto-ren-tulit niin kuin laiva - tahdon sinut-CDS-FI-2010-DDt
james puhto-ren-two for the road-RERIP-FI-1997-DDt
James Reyne - Any Day Above Ground-1991-FKK
James Reyne-Electric Digger Dandy-1991-aAF
James Reyne-Reckless 1979-1995-2000-aAF
James Reyne-Speedboats for Breakfast-2004-aAF
James Reyne-The Best-1992-OZM
Jamiroquai-A Funk Odyssey-2001-TMND iNT
Jamiroquai-Dynamite-2005-TMND iNT
Jamiroquai-Emergency On Planet Earth-1993-TMND iNT
Jamiroquai-The Return Of The Space Cowboy-1994-TMND iNT
Jamiroquai-Travelling Without Moving-1996-TMND iNT
Jan Johansson-Folkvisor-1995-DNR
Jan Lundgren Trio-European Standards-(ACT94822)-2009-pyt
janes addiction-a cabinet of curiosities-3cd-2009-dnr
janes addiction-janes addiction-1987-dnr
janes addiction-kettle whistle-1997-dnr
Janes Addiction-Ritual De Lo Habitual-1990-DNR
Janes Addiction-Strays-2003-DNR
janes addiction-up from the catacombs-the best of-(digipak)-2006-dnr
jani ja yleistilan lasku-III-FI-2018-DDt
Jani Uhlenius-Hauskimmillaan-FI-2005-SER
Janna-The Makings Of Me-2008-r35
Jarjestyshairio-Lahion Lapset-EP-FI-2006-SER
Jarkko Martikainen - Koirien Taivas-FI-2014-SOP INT
Jarkko Martikainen - Mierolainen-FI-2004-SOP INT
Jarkko Martikainen Ja Luotetut Miehet - Kierratyspiste-EP-FI-2016-SOP INT
Jarkko Martikainen-Hyvaa Yota Hyvat Ihmiset-FI-2007-SER
Jarkko Martikainen-Mierolainen-FI-2004-SER
Jarkko Martikainen-Rakkaus-FI-2006-SER
Jarmo Saari-Trubamolli-FI-2011-KALEVALA
Jaromir Honzak Quintet-Little Things-2009-JAROMIRHONZAK
Jarring - Give Me Back My Zen-2017-SOP INT
Jarring - One False Move-Promo Live-2015-SOP INT
Jason Ringenberg - All Over Creation-2002-WLM
Jason Ringenberg-A Day at the Farm with Farmer Jason-2003-SSR
Jason Ringenberg-Empire Builders-2004-SiRiON
Javlaranamma-50 ar-1997-MaC
Javlaranamma-alskade goteborg-2008-FiNT
Javlaranamma-Det Basta Fran TV-Serien-2000-MaC
Javlaranamma-Fin I Kanten-1999-MaC
Javlaranamma-Kinesen Med Huvudet Bakofram Och Lammet Som Hade En Pistol-CDS-SE-2004-ATM
JavlarAnamma-Max 1 5 svang-1998-skrot
Jay Reatard-Matador Singles 08-(Advance)-2008-DV8
Jean Michel Jarre-Oxygene 7 13-1997-INT-DDZ
Jean-Michel Jarre - Rendez-Vous-1986-TtR
Jean-Michel Jarre - The Essential-2004-STALiNGRAD
Jean-Michel Jarre - Zoolook-1985-STALiNGRAD
jeeves had a heart attack-demo-(cdr ep)-FI-2011-DDt
jeeves had a heart attack-demo II-(cdr ep)-FI-2011-DDt
jeeves had a heart attack-jeeves had a heart attack-FI-2014-DDt
Jeff Dunham - Very Special Christmas Special-CD-2008-LiR
Jeff Scott Soto-Lost In Translation-Promo-2004-AMRC
jello biafra and mojo nixon-prairie home invasion-1994-dnr
Jello Biafra Feat. NOMEANSNO-The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy-1991-PMS
jello biafra with d.o.a.-last scream of the missing neighbors-1990-dnr
jello biafra with the melvins-never breathe what you cant see-2004-dnr
jello biafra with the melvins-sieg howdy-2005-dnr
Jello Biafra-High Priest Of Harmful Matter-2CD-1989-rH
Jello Biafra-If Evolution Is Outlawed Only-3CD-1998-rH
Jellyfish-Fan Club-4CD-(Digibook)-2002-DNR
Jenni Vartiainen - Terra-2013-320Kbps-VBR-DeeKoo
Jerry Cantrell - Degredation Trip-2002-SOP INT
jerry cantrell-boggy depot-1998-dnr
Jerry Cantrell-Degradation Trip Volumes 1 And 2-2CD-2002-FNT
jerry cantrell-degradation trip-volumes 1 and 2-2cd-(limited edition)-2002-dnr
Jerry Goldsmith - First Blood (Intrada 1st Edition)-1982-SOP INT
Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls of Fire-2010-SOP INT
Jerrys Kids-Is This My World-1983-gF
Jerrys Kids-Kill Kill Kill-is this My World-1989-rH
Jerusalem Slim - Jerusalem Slim-JAPAN-(1992)-aAF
Jesus Chrusler Supercar-Jesus Chrusler Supercar-2013-BELT
Jesus Jones - The Next Big Thing-CDS-1997-oNePiEcE
Jesus Jones-Doubt-1992-DNR
Jesus On Extasy-Beloved Enemy-Retail-Limited Edition-2008-FWYH
Jet Black Stare-In This Life-2008-FM
Jet Boys-Larger than Life Dusted-1998-AMRC
Jigsore Puzzle-Ultimate Blowup--Split-Vinyl-EP-2011-BERC
Jills Project-Bloody Chronicle-Complete Edition Bonus CDR-2008-GRAVEWISH
Jills Project-Bloody Chronicle-Complete Edition-2008-GRAVEWISH
Jim Hall and Bill Frisell-Hemispheres-2CD-2008-SnS
Jim Shepard-Jaded-2018-CSM
Jimi Hendrix-People Hell and Angels-2013-GRM
Jimi Hendrix-Valleys Of Neptune-(Digipak)-2010-DNR
Jimmy Barnes-Barnes Hits-Ltd.Ed.-2003-FTD
Jimmy Barnes-Barnestorming-(Retail)-1988-dSS
Jimmy Barnes-Bodyswerve-1984-aAF
Jimmy Barnes-Freight Train Heart-(Retail)-1988-dCO
Jimmy Barnes-Hits (Singles and Rarities)-2CD-1997-JUST
Jimmy Barnes-Out In The Blue-2007-FRAY
Jimmy Barnes-Psyclone-1995-aAF
Jimmy Barnes-The Rythm And The Blues-2009-404
Jimmy Barnes-Two Fires-(Retail)-1990-dCO
Jimmy Nail-Aint No Doubt-(CDM)-1992-DNR
Jimmy Page Robert Plant-Walking Into Clarksdale-1998-iRO
Jimmy Page And Robert Plant-No Quarter-1994-DNR
Jimmy Page-Lucifer Rising and Other Sound Tracks-2012-GRM
Jirka Hala-Make You Wanna Hala-2009-JIRKAHALA
Jivestones - Teddy Boys form Outer Space-1990-SOP INT
Jivetones - Teddy Boys form Outer Space-1990-SOP INT
Joan Jett - Great Hits-1996-SOP INT
Joao Lencastres Communion-B-Sides-2009-JUST
Joao Paulo-White Works (Plays Carlos Bica)-2009-JUST
Joe Stump's Reign of Terror-Conquer and Divide-2002-AMRC
Joe Henderson - Mirror Mirror-1980-SOP INT
Joe Mizzi - Angels Fall-2011-FREE
Joe Satriani - Not Of This Earth-1986-FAF Int
joe satriani-crystal planet-1998-iro
Joe Satriani-Engines of Creation-2000-EGo
Joe Satriani-Professor Satchafunkilus And The Musterion Of Rock-2008-SATRiANi
Joe Satriani-Unstoppable Momentum-2013-KRIEG
Joe Stump - Revenge of the Shredlord-2012-FREE
Joe Stump-Shredology-2CD-2005-aAF
Joe Stump-Virtuosic Vendetta-2009-UasH
Joe Thrasher - Cries of War-2011-FREE
Joey Cape and Tony Sly-Acoustic-2004-FNT
Joey Luumaki & Tappajatomaatit - Villi Ita-FI-2010-SOP INT
joey luumaki & tappajatomaatit-villi ita-2010-DDt
Joey Ramone-Christmas Spirit In My House-CDM-2002-gF
Johanna Kurkela-Rakkauslaulu-CDS-Web-2010-MrE
Johanna Debreczeni-Lanteet Kertovat Sen-FI-2008-WAGNER
Johanna Kurkela-Oothan Tassa Viela Huomenna-WEB-FI-2012-FATPiPE
Johansson-Heavy Machinery-(Japanese Retail with Bonus)-1997-NTH
John Arch-A Twist Of Fate-Promo-2003-AMRC
John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman-John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman-1995-FnF INT
John Coltrane And The Red Garland Trio-Traneing In-Remastered-1996-FnF INT
John Coltrane Quartet-Ballads-1995-FnF INT
John Coltrane Quartet-Crescent-1987-FnF INT
John Coltrane-A Man Called Trane-2008-MTD
John Coltrane-Bahia-1991-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Black Pearls-1991-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Blue Train-The Ultimate Blue Train-1997-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Bye Bye Blackbird-1981-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Coltrane Time-Remastered-1991-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Dakar-Remastered-2008-XXL
John Coltrane-Fearless Leader-The 1957-1958 Prestige Sessions-2006-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Giant Steps-Remastered-2006-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Live At The Village Vanguard-The Master Takes-1998-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Lush Life-1990-FnF INT
John Coltrane-My Favorite Things-Remastered-1998-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Settin The Pace-1987-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Soultrane-1987-FnF INT
John Coltrane-The Believer-Remastered-1996-FnF INT
John Coltrane-The Last Trane-1991-FnF INT
John Coltrane-The Paris Concert-1993-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Wheelin And Dealin-1991-FnF INT
John Doe-John Doe-2008-VERiTAS INT
John Mclaughlin Al Di Meola Paco De Lucia - Friday Night in San Francisco-Live-1981-SOP INT
John Mellencamp - Mr. Happy Go Lucky-1996-KME
john mellencamp-freedoms road-(bonus cd)-2007-erb
john mellencamp-freedoms road-2007-esc
John Mellencamp-Life Death Live And Freedom-2009-JOHNMELLENCAMP
John Mellencamp-Mr Happy Go Lucky-1996-iRO
John Mellencamp-No Better Than This-2010-DNR
John Mellencamp-Performs Trouble No More (Live At Town Hall-July 31 2003)-2014-404
John Patitucci Trio-Remembrance-(Concord)-2009-BOSS
John Patton--Soul Connection-Remastered-2008-OMA
John Scofield - Bump-2000-SOP INT
John Scofield - East Meets West-1987-SOP INT
John Scofield - Flat Out-1989-SOP INT
John Scofield - Grace Under Pressure-1992-SOP INT
John Scofield - Hand Jive-1994-SOP INT
John Scofield - Slo Sco Best of the Ballads-1990-SOP INT
John Scofield - Thats What I Say John Scofield Plays the Music of Ray Charles-2005-SOP INT
John Scofield - Time on My Hands-1990-SOP INT
John Scofield and Pat Metheny - I Can See Your House form Here-1994-SOP INT
John Scofield Band - Pick Hits-Live-1990-SOP INT
John Scofield Band - Ueberjam-2002-SOP INT
John Scofield--Piety Street-2009-1way
John Wetton-Battle Lines-Retail-1994-Myn
John Williams-Lincoln-OST-WEB-2012-wAx
John Williams-Schindlers List-OST-1994-EOS
Johnny Cash - 10 Original Albums and Bonus Track-10CD-1957-SOP INT
Johnny Cash - American V A Hundred Highways-2006-SOP INT
Johnny Cash - Man in Black Live in Denmark 1971-2006-SOP INT
Johnny Cash - Original Album Classic-5CD-2008-SOP INT
Johnny Cash - Trilogy-3CD-2010-SOP INT
Johnny Cash And The Tennesse Two-Original Golden Hits Vol 1-LP-1969-SDR
johnny cash-20 super hits-1991-dnr
johnny cash-american iii solitary man-2000-dnr
johnny cash-american iv the man comes around-2002-dnr
johnny cash-at folsom prison and san quentin-1976-dnr
johnny cash-at san quentin (the complete 1969 concert)-2000-dnr
Johnny Cash-Country Greatest (Best Of Sun Records)-2000-SDR
johnny cash-forever-3cd-(digipak)-2006-dnr
Johnny Cash-Glastonbury 97-Bootleg-1997-SDR
Johnny Cash-In Concert Series Johnny Cash-DVD-2006-SDR
Johnny Cash-Live At Montreux 1994-DVDA-2005-SDR
Johnny Cash-Live From Austin Texas-DVD-2005-SDR
Johnny Cash-Live In Denmark 1971-DVD-2006-SDR
Johnny Cash-Presents A Concert Behind Prison Walls-2003-SER
Johnny Cash-Remember Me The Man In Black-DVDA-2004-SDR
johnny cash-ring of fire-the legend of johnny cash-2005-dnr
johnny cash-the essential-2cd-2002-dnr
johnny cash-unchained-1996-dnr
johnny cash-unearthed-5cd-2003-dnr
Johnny Cash-Walking The Line The Legendary Sun Recordings-3CD-2005-DNR
Johnny Joker and The Twilight Kids-Somewhere Far Away-2007-gF
Johns Town Aloha-Digworker-7inch-Vinyl-JP-2009-hXc
Jolly Jumpers-Rurality-1993-SER
Jolly Jumpers-Tyrnava-1996-SER
Jon Lord-Gemini Suite-Remastered Limited Edition CD-2008-OBC
Jon McLaughlin-Indiana-(Advance)-2007-KzT
Jon Olivas Pain-Global Warning-Retail-2008-GRAVEWISH
Jonestown-Messerschmitt 109--Split-Vinyl-EP-2009-BERC
Jonna Geagea-Katso mua-2010-MrE
Jonna Tervomaa - Jonna Tervomaa-FI-1998-SOP INT
Jonna Tervomaa - Parempi Loppu-FI-2007-SOP INT
Jonna Tervomaa-Aani-FI-2017-COS
Jonna-Lahempana Totuutta-FI-2006-MAN
Joonas Widenius - Guitarra Utopia Musica-2014-SOP INT
Joonas Widenius Trio - Arktik Traktor Konspirazy-2017-SOP INT
Jope Ruonansuu - Finnshits-FI-2004-SOP INT
Jope Ruonansuu-Politiikkaa Ja Erotiikkaa-FI-1993-VBR0
Jope Ruonansuu-Tosi-CD-FI-2004-SER
Jordan Rudess-The Road Home-2007-QTXMp3
Jorma Hynninen-Kylla Tukkipoika Tunnetaan-FI-2004-Soumi
Jorma Koskisen Hittiparaati - Isi Oli Kiljupunkkari-FI-2012-SOP INT
Jorn - Bring Heavy Rock to the Land-2012-FREE
Jorn - Spirit Black - 2009-HomE320
Jorn-Dukebox (Best Of)-(REPACK)-2009-EGM
Jorn-Spirit Black-(Limited Edition Digipak)-2009-DNR
Jose Luis Perales-Celebridades-SP-2008-PeRaLeS
journey - anthology-super collection-(retail)-1988-bfs
Joykiller - Three-1997-SOP INT
JR Ewing-Calling In Dead-2000-DNR
JR Ewing-Maelstrom-2006-DNR
Judas Priest-98 Live Meltdown-2CD-1998-DNR
Judas Priest-A Touch Of Evil-(CDM)-1991-DNR
Judas Priest-A Touch Of Evil-Live-2009-DNR
Judas Priest-Battle Cry-2016-H18
Judas Priest-British Steel-1980-DNR
Judas Priest-Epitaph-DVD-2013-BELT
Judas Priest-Essentials-2018-CSM
Judas Priest-Firepower-2018-RiBS
Judas Priest-Greatest Hits-(Steel Box Collection)-2008-DNR
Judas Priest-Judas Archives Vol.2 (Black Sabbath and Halford)-2CD-Bootleg-2003-BELT
Judas Priest-Killing Machine-1978-DNR
Judas Priest-Night Crawler-(Limited Edition EP)-1990-DNR
Judas Priest-Painkiller-1990-DNR
Judas Priest-Playlist The Very Best Of-2008-DNR
Judas Priest-Point Of Entry-1981-DNR
Judas Priest-Priest -(Live)-1987-DNR
Judas Priest-Priest Live And Rare-1998-DNR
Judas Priest-Ram It Down-1988-DNR
Judas Priest-Sad Wings Of Destiny-(Reissue)-2000-DNR
Judas Priest-Screaming For Vengeance-1982-DNR
Judas Priest-Sin After Sin-1977-DNR
Judas Priest-Stained Class-1978-DNR
Judas Priest-The Best Of Judas Priest-Living After Midnight-1998-DNR
Judas Priest-The Essential-2CD-2010-COS INT
Judas Priest-Unleashed In The East-1979-DNR
Judicator - King of Rome-2012-FREE
Juggernaut-East Coast Rockers-2003-CSM
Juggernaut-Out of the Ashes-2017-CSM
Jugheads Revenge - Image is Everything-1996-SOP INT
Jugheads Revenge - Just Joined-1998-SOP INT
Jugheads Revenge-13 Kiddie Favorites-1995-DNR
Jugheads Revenge-13 Kiddie Favorites-2001-iRO
Jugheads Revenge-Image Is Everything-1996-DNR
Jugheads Revenge-Its Lonely At The Bottom-1995-iRO
Jugheads Revenge-Just Joined-1998-DNR
Jugheads Revenge-Pearly Gates-1999-rH INT
Jugheads Revenge-Unstuck In Time-1994-iRO
Juice and Mikko - Klassikoiden Ilta-2CD-Live-FI-2005-SOP INT
Juice Ja Mikko - Juice Ja Mikko-FI-1975-SOP INT
Juice Ja Mikko - Senaattori Ja Boheemi-FI-2004-SOP INT
juice leskinen coitus int-juice leskinen coitus int-remastered-FI-2013-DDt
juice leskinen coitus int-per vers runoilija-remastered-FI-2003-DDt
Juice Leskinen Grand Slam--Kuopio-Iisalmi-Nivala-FI-2003-SER
juice leskinen grand slam-pyromaani palaa rikospaikalle-FI-1985-DDt
Juice Leskinen Grand Slam-Pyromaani Palaa Rikospaikalle-Remastered-FI-2005-SER
juice leskinen grand slam-yolento-FI-1986-DDt
Juice Leskinen Ja Coitus Int-Juice Leskinen Ja Coitus Int-Remastered-FI-2003-SER
Juice Leskinen Ja Coitus Int-Per Vers Runoilija-Remastered-FI-2003-SER
Juice Leskinen Ja Mikko Alatalo-Klassikoiden Ilta-2CD-FI-2005-SER
Juice Leskinen-L-Good Rip-2000-SER
Juice Leskinen-Syksyn Savel (Kaikki Singlet 1974-2004)-6CD-FI-2007-SMO
Juice Leskinen-Tuomaksen Evankeliumi-FI-2003-SER
juice-keskitysleirin ruokavalio-remastered-FI-2009-DDt
Jukka Ja Jytamimmit - Jytaa Vaan-FI-2015-SOP INT
Jukka Takalo - Jukka Takalo-FI-2005-SOP INT
Jukka Takalo-Jukka Takalo-FI-2005-SER
jukka takalo-kahden hengen disko-cas-FI-2012-DDt
jukka takalo-maakinen mysteeri trio-FI-2013-DDt
jukka takalo-oodi mulkuille-web-FI-2013-DDt
Jukka Tolonen-Cool Train Tolonen Plays Coltrane-2004-mwnd int
Jukka Tolonen-Hysterica-Remastered-2004-mwnd int
Jukka Tolonen-Mountain Stream-Remastered-2000-mwnd int
Juliana Hatfield - Become What You Are-1999-SOP INT
Juliana Hatfield - Only Everything-1995-SOP INT
Juliet Jones-Ihme-FI-2002-SER
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Albania-Remastered-FI-1987-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Arkiston Aarteet Liisasta Liisaan Ja Muita JJS-Harvinaisuuksia-FI-2002-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Helppo Elama-2CD-FI-2006-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Janis-FI-1988-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Joneskaupunki-FI-1994-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Juliet Jonesin Sydan-FI-1985-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Jupiter-FI-1990-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Nakoispatsas - the Very Best of JJS-FI-1992-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Revontulet - Singlet 1983-2001-2CD-FI-2015-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Roistot-FI-1986-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Roistot-FI-1991-SOP INT
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Veijari Ja Pyhimys-CDS-FI-1992-SOP INT
juliet jonesin sydan-arkiston aarteet-FI-2002-DDt
juliet jonesin sydan-hai-FI-1996-DDt
Juliet Jonesin Sydan-Helppo Elama-2CD-FI-2006-MAN
juliet jonesin sydan-nauru-FI-1992-DDt
juliet jonesin sydanystavat-kadonneet laulut-FI-2017-DDt
Juliette Is Back-Impuro-2018-CSM
Juliette Lewis-Terra Incognita-(Bonus Tracks)-2009-FNT
Julio Iglesias-Emociones-1979-DNR
Julio Iglesias-La Carretera-1995-DNR
Julma Isanta-Hyvat Ja Huonot Paivat-CDM-FI-2005-SER
Jungle Rot-Kill On Command-2011-EOSiNT
Juovasusi - Muistoloukko-FI-2014-SOP INT
jussi the boys-kerran viela pojat -FI-2014-DDt
Jussi Hakulinen-Motti-CDS-FI-2009-VBR2
Jussi Hakulinen-Vaaleanpunainen Majatalo-Reissue-FI-2002-SER
Jussi Kinnunen-Musta Poppi-FI-2002-SER
Juustopaat-Nuori Kaunis Onneton-FI-1999-COS
K.R.B.-Serve The Truth Defy The Lie-EP CDR-2011-iTS
Kaamea Rangaistus-Ei Tartte Auttaa-FI-2005-BOS
Kadotettu-Ihmisyyden Viimeiset Askeleet-2016-COD
Kadotetut - Askel Taaksepain-FI-2001-SOP INT
Kakka-Hata 77-Ei Taa Lama Paahan Kay-Vinyl-EP-FI-2009-KALEVALA
Kakka-Hata 77-Totaalinen Kakkahata-FI-2007-NORRiS
Kakkahata-77 - Huoltoasemalle Unohdettu Mies-FI-2011-SOP INT
Kakka-Hata-77 - Totaalinen Kakkahata-FI-2007-SOP INT
Kakkahata77-WTC Rajahtaa-Vinyl-EP-FI-2007-COR
Kaksonen - Atlas-FI-2011-FREE
Kalevala-People No Names-Boogie Jungle-Reissue-2003-mwnd int
Kali-Ultimate Blowup--Split-Vinyl-EP-2011-BERC
Kalle Ahola - 1-FI-2000-SOP INT
Kalle Ahola-En Koskaan-CDS-FI-2006-MAN
Kalle Ahola-Huonoa Seuraa-FI-2006-SER
Kalle Ahola-Rumat Lapset-CDM-FI-2005-SiSOmp3
kalle g rytinakerjalaiset-darwin oli vaarassa-FI-2011-DDt
Kalmah-12 Gauge-Vinyl-2010-mwnd int
Kalmah-Palo-(JP Edition)-2018-CSM
Kalypso - Nyktophobie-DE-2011-Nsc
Kamala-Kamala Akka-FI-2013-GRM
Kamara-Synti Tuomio Katumus-FI-2005-M4E
Kameleontti-Tarkein Vahemmisto-FI-2009-WAGNER
Kamelot-Where I Reign - The Very Best of the Noise Years 1995-2003-2CD-2016-GRM
Kamikaze Zombie-Night Of The Nuberus-2017-CSM
Kansalaistottelemattomuus-Fuck Their Fuckin System-VLS-2002-SDR
Kansas Demokratia-Populaatiot Pois-EP-1997-SDR
Kansas-Monolith-Remastered-2004-DeBT iNT
Kantri-Antero Ja Rahtarit-Nuppi Ei Tutise-FI-2004-SER
Kaoteon - Veni Vidi Vomui-2011-FREE
kapykakku-runkkarit roviolle-(cdr ep)-FI-2011-DDt
Karanteeni - Raakaa Mutta Rehellista Karanteenin Vika-Live-FI-2017-SOP INT
Karanteeni - Raivopaat - Aitoa Punkkia-FI-2014-SOP INT
Karanteeni-Anna Palaa Frank-FI-2001-SER
kari peitsamo risto-the second coming of mr. jesus h. christ-2007-DDt
kari peitsamo straight perverts-unparalleled adventures of one hans pfaall-2010-DDt
Kari Peitsamo Ja Aku Ankkuli-Fur Elise-FI-2006-SER
kari peitsamo ja ankkuli-greatest hits vallankumous-FI-2015-DDt
kari peitsamo ja ankkuli-kari peitsamo ja ankkuli-FI-1979-DDt
kari peitsamo revival-jytaorkesteri tulee taas-FI-1993-DDt
kari peitsamo road hogs-kitarani haluaa rakastella aitiasi rajusti-FI-2012-DDt
kari peitsamo-20x kari peitsamo-FI-2013-DDt
kari peitsamo-60-2CD-FI-2017-DDt
kari peitsamo-lahde autoiluretkelle suureen etelan kanjoniin-2CD-FI-2003-DDt
Kari Peitsamo-Levylaulaja-Remastered-FI-2004-SER
kari peitsamon skootteri-liskon laki-FI-2008-DDt
kari peitsamon skootteri-memories-FI-1992-DDt
kari peitsamon skootteri-natural boogie-FI-1993-DDt
kari peitsamon skootteri-on pakko vatkaa-2CD-FI-2008-DDt
kari peitsamon skootteri-vi skall spela rock-SE-1993-DDt
Kari Peitsamo-No Mercy-2005-SER
kari peitsamo-polypilleri-FI-1979-DDt
kari peitsamo-sokea joe-FI-2014-DDt
kari peitsamo-takaisin ita-saksaan-FI-2009-DDt
Kari Peitsamo-The 30th Anniversary Album-2007-SER
Kari Rueslatten-Other Peoples Stories-Remastered-2008-GRAVEWISH
Karkkiautomaatti - Kaikilla-2CD-FI-2006-SOP INT
karleby fittans-karleby fittans-ep-cdr-FI-2012-DDt
karleby fittans-punainen risti-FI-2013-DDt
Karmakanic--Wheel of Life-Promo-2004-UBE
Karmakanic-Who s The Boss In The Factory-Promo-2008-QTXMp3
Karnak Seti - In Harmonic Entropy-2012-FREE
Karo-Heavy Birthday III-2018-CSM
Karst - Cleaning A Cave-HU-2011-Nsc
Karu Arki - Rakkauden Dobermanni - Yokahvila-EP-FI-2001-SOP INT
Karu Arki - Valehtelija-EP-FI-2012-SOP INT
Kasai-Guns To Shoot-2018-CSM
Kaseva-Joku Jota Rakastan-DVD-FI-2009-KALEVALA
Kaseva-Silloin Kun-Reissue-FI-2002-SER
Kassiopeia-Nothing Left To Grasp-Split-7inch-Vinyl-DE-1995-FiH
Katana - Storms of War-2012-MCA int
Katatonia-The Fall of Hearts-DELUXE EDITION-2016-GRM
Katzenjammer Kabarett-Grand Guignol And Varietes-2009-D2H
Kauan-Aava Tuulen Maa-2009-mwnd int
Kauko Royhka - Akti-FI-1995-SOP INT
Kauko Royhka - Lauluntekija-2CD-FI-2006-SOP INT
Kauko Royhka - Miss Farkku-Suomi-FI-2001-SOP INT
Kauko Royhka - Olen Messias Valitut Palat 1980-2012-6CD-FI-2012-SOP INT
Kauko Royhka - Pois Valoista --Live-FI-2013-SOP INT
Kauko Royhka Ja Narttu-Lauralle-Remastered-FI-2000-BOS
Kauko Royhka Ja Narttu-Mikki Hiiren Myohemmat Vaiheet-Remastered-FI-2003-SER
Kauko Royhka Ja Narttu-Uusia Tansseja-Remastered-FI-2003-SER
Kauko Royhka Severi Pyysalo Ja Maarit - Turmion Suurherttua-FI-2017-SOP INT
Kauko Royhka-Elama Ja Kuolema-FI-2005-SER
Kauko Royhka-Lauluntekija-2CD-FI-2006-SER
Kauko Royhka-Miss Farkku-Suomi-2001-SER
Kauko Royhka-Selkaranka 1996-2004-FI-2004-SER
Kauko Royhka-Steppaillen-Remastered-FI-2003-SER
Kauko Royhka-Talo Meren Rannalla-20 Suosikkia-FI-2002-SER
Kee Marcello - Reduxeurope-2011-FREE
Kee Marcellos K2-Melon Demon Divine-Promo-2003-AMRC
Keef Baker-Pen Fifteen-2cd-2009-FWYH
Keel-Larger Than Live-1989-DNR
Keel-Lay Down the Law-Reissue-2008-GRW
Keel-The Final Frontier-1986-DNR
Keel-The Right To Rock-1985-DNR
Keep It Clear-Keep It Clear-EP-Vinyl-2010-GRAVEWISH
Keith Jarret-Fort Yawuh-Death and the Flower-2CD-(Remastered)-2006-JUST
Keith Jarrett-Birth (1971)-Remastered-2008-CMS
Keith Jarrett-Radiance-2CD-2005-MUSiQ
Kelly Osbourne-Shut Up-2002-FiH iNT
Kemopetrol-Everythings Fine-2002-SER
Kemopetrol-Play For Me-2004-SER
Kemopetrol-Saw It On TV-CDM-2002-SER
Kenny Garrett--Sketches Of MD Live At The Iridium Feat Pharoah Sanders-2008-OMA
Kenny Olson Cartel - Kenny Olson Cartel-2012-FREE
Kentucky Headhunters - From Grass String Ranch-(2000)-aAF
Kentucky Headhunters - Pickin on Nashville-(1989)-aAF
Kentucky Headhunters-Electric Barnyard-1991-aAF
Kentucky Headhunters-Soul-Retail-2003-SSR
Kentucky Headhunters-The Best of Still Pickin-1994-aAF
Kerion - Cloudriders Part 1 Road to Skycity-2012-FREE
Keuhkot-Toimintatapoja Olioille-2005-SER
Kevin Delaney-Unusual Clarity-2018-CSM
Kevin Gilbert-The Shaming of the True-1999-AoR
kevyet mullat ystavineen-mylsa-FI-2015-DDt
Khadaver - New World Disorder-2012-FREE
Khali-Tones Of The Self Destroyer-2018-CSM
Kiharakolmio - Vanhoja Poikia-2019-WEB-320kbps-MP3-Dheugor
Kikka-Devil Gate Drive-WEB-2008-iDF
Kilcrops - Opus Dei-ES-2010-Nsc
Kiljuvelka-70 - Ihmis-Saastaa Ja Pohjasakkaa-FI-2010-SOP INT
Kill Authority-1994-2019-CSM
Kill The Hunters-Kill The Hunters-2017-CSM
Kill Your Kitty-Nevermore-2018-CSM
Kill Your TV-Castle Bravo-2018-CSM
Killburn-First Mayhem-2016-GRM
Killer Aspect-How Does It Work-2008-r35
Killer Clan of F.U.N. - The World of Voodoo-2011-FREE
Killer Souls-Revenge Of Souls-EP-2018-CSM
Killinfear-Face The Demon-2018-CSM
Killjoy-Compelled by Fear-Reissue-2002-GRW
Killswitch Engage-The End Of Heartache (Japan Bonus Track)-2004-KzT
Kilpi-18 Parasta Savuna Ilmaan-FI-2008-WAGNER
Kilpi-II Taso-FI-2004-COS
Kilpi-Kaaos Live-FI-2007-SER
Kilpi-Laske Kuolleet Ja Rukoile-CDS-FI-2006-SER
Kim-Kim Is Back-2007-gnvr
Kimmo Kuusniemi Band-Moottorilinnut-Remastered-FI-2007-SER
kimmo liskomaen pitkat kalsarit-kimmo liskomaen pitkat kalsarit-FI-2004-DDt
kimmo liskomaen pitkat kalsarit-liskoelamaa-FI-2005-DDt
kimmo liskomaen pitkat kalsarit-perustuu tositapahtumiin-FI-2008-DDt
kimmo liskomaki taustayhtyeineen-kun ne menee pakastimelle-FI-2015-DDt
kimmo liskomaki-ohukaisen kosto ep-FI-2013-DDt
King Company-Queen Of Hearts (Japanese Edition)-2018-HIRC
King Crimson-Live in Toronto-2CD-2016-GRM
king diamond and mercyful fate-a dangerous meeting-1992-dnr
king diamond-abigail-(remastered)-1997-dnr
king diamond-conspiracy-(remastered)-1997-dnr
king diamond-deadly lullabyes live-2cd-2004-dnr
King Diamond-Essentials-2018-CSM
king diamond-give me your soul please-(limited edition digipak)-2007-dnr
king diamond-halloween-(ep)-1986-dnr
king diamond-house of god-2000-dnr
king diamond-in concert abigail-1991-dnr
King Diamond-Live at Sweden Rock Festival-Bootleg-2012-GRM
king diamond-the dark sides-(ep)-1988-dnr
king diamond-the eye-(remastered)-1997-dnr
king diamond-the graveyard-(reissue)-2004-dnr
King Diamond-The Graveyard-1996-EMG INT
king diamond-the puppet master-2003-dnr
king diamond-the spiders lullabye-1995-dnr
king diamond-them-(remastered)-1997-dnr
king diamond-voodoo-1998-dnr
King Leoric-Warriors Tune-2018-CSM
King of Asgard - to North-2012-FREE
Kingdom Of Sorrow-Behind The Blackest Tears-2010-EOSiNT
Kingdom Of Sorrow-Kingdom Of Sorrow-2008-EOS
Kinsky - Valtaa Ja Voimaa-Remastered-FI-1986-SOP INT
Kirfex-A Paradise Forever Untold-2018-CSM
Kirka - Kaikki Singlet 1967-2007-8CD-FI-2007-SOP INT
Kirka - Rautaa Ja Kettinkia-FI-1973-SOP INT
Kirka - Saat Kaiken-FI-2007-SOP INT
Kirka and Islanders - Tiukka Linja-FI-1997-SOP INT
Kirous-Sivistyksen Rauniot-1997-SDR
Kirsi Ranto-En Sua Mielestani Saa-CDS-FI-2004-TiPU
Kiss - Charlotte-2CD-2014-SOP INT
Kiss - The KISS Box Set-5CD-2001-SOP INT
Kiss-40 Years Decades of Decibels-2CD-2014-GRM
Kiss-Alive The Millenium Concert-2000-UNC
Kiss-Destroyer Resurrected-Reissue-2012-GRM
Kiss-Greatest Ballads-2015-GRM
Kissin Dynamite-Money Sex and Power-Digipak-2012-GRM
Kissing The Mirror - Locus Of The Eastern Dream EX-2011-Nsc
Kiss-Rocks Vegas-2016-GAS
KISS-Sonic Boom-(Deluxe Edition DVD)-2009-DNR
KISS-Sonic Boom-2CD-(Deluxe Edition)-2009-DNR
Kitkerat Neitsyet-Todellisen Menestyksen Salaisuus-FI-2005-SER
Kiukku - Kiukku-FI-2013-SOP INT
kivesveto go go-nopeempi ku veijo-FI-2017-DDt
kivesveto go go-tutti frutti-FI-2014-DDt
Kivimetsan Druidi-Taival-Demo-FI-2004-COS
Kix-Rock Your Face Off-2014-BELT
Klamydia - Antisupersankarit-FI-2016-SOP INT
Klamydia - Ceedee-FI-1989-SDR
Klamydia - Ceedee-FI-1989-SOP INT
Klamydia - Ja Kasi Kay-Live-FI-1998-SOP INT
Klamydia - Jubelium-FI-2009-SOP INT
Klamydia - Klamydia-FI-2007-SOP INT
Klamydia - Klamytapit-2CD-FI-2001-SOP INT
Klamydia - Klamytologia-3CD-FI-1998-SOP INT
Klamydia - Letoisa Lewinsky-FI-CDS-1999-MM
Klamydia - Live Simerock Rovaniemi-FI-2008-SOP INT
Klamydia - Loputon Luokkaretki-2CD-FI-2011-SOP INT
Klamydia - Perseeseen-FI-CDS-1997-MM
Klamydia - Piikkina Lihassa-3CD-FI-2003-SOP INT
Klamydia - Punktsipum-FI-2002-SOP INT
Klamydia - Rujoa Taidetta-FI-2009-SOP INT
Klamydia - Siittiot Sotapolulla-FI-1995-SDR
Klamydia - Tango Delirium-FI-1997-SOP INT
Klamydia - Tippurikvartetti-FI-1994-SOP INT
Klamydia - Tyhmyyden Ylistys-FI-2005-SOP INT
Klamydia - XXV-2CD-FI-2013-SOP INT
Klamydia - Zulupohjalta-FI-1999-SOP INT
Klamydia-Ceedee-FI-1989-DP iNT
Klamydia-Klamysutra Lauluja Rakastelemisen Vaikeudesta-FI-1996-DP iNT
Klamydia-Kosketus-(CDS)-FI-1997-DP iNT
Klamydia-Los Celibatos-FI-1991-DP iNT
Klamydia-Miljoonan Kilsan Tennarit-CDS-FI-2009-WAGNER
Klamydia-Ryssa Mun Leipaani Syo-EP-FI-2000-OvEr30 iNT
Klamydia-Suomi On Sun-CDM-FI-2002-RDA
Klamydia-Tres Hombres-FI-1992-DP iNT
Klangwerk-Die Kybernauten-CDM-Limited Edition-DE-2009-FWYH
Klootzak - Bloodlust-2011-Nsc
Klover-Feel Lucky Punk-1995-DNR
KMFDM-Extra-Volume 3-2CD-2008-DNR
KMFDM-Our Time Will Come-2014-GRM
KMFDM-We Are KMFDM-2014-V0 iND
Kneipenterroristen--Haerter als der Rest-Promo-DE-2007-UBE
Knife Fight-Isolated-EP-Vinyl-2010-GRAVEWISH
Knightmare - In Deaths Shadow-2012-FREE
Knights of Round - The Book of Awakening-2010-FREE
Knock out Kaine-Rise of the Electric Jester-2015-BELT
Knucklebone Oscar-Back From The Jungle-2007-SER
Knucklebone Oscar-Songs From My Heart-2001-SER
Kohu 63-Hullabaloo-1990-SDR
Kohu 63-Lisaa Verta Historiaan-Vinyl-FI-1982-SDR
Kohu-63 - Greatest Shits-FI-1996-SOP INT
koljosen tiekiista-ei kuule mitaan ei naa mitaan ei sano mitaan-FI-2010-DDt
koljosen tiekiista-heka metal-FI-2015-DDt
koljosen tiekiista-III-FI-2012-DDt
koljosen tiekiista-no sleep til konela-FI-2011-DDt
Kollaa Kestaa - Jaahyvaiset Aseille-FI-1995-SOP INT
Kollage-At this Time-2006-JUST
Komando Ost-Wir Haben Genug-DE-2008-KANGAROO
Konsta Hietanen-Kone-FI-1994-KALEVALA
Kontra-Mieto Levy-Remastered-FI-2005-SER
kontra-suurimmat iskut-1996-DDt
Korgull The Exterminator - War Of The Voivodes-2010-Nsc
Koritni - Welcome to the Crossroads-2012-FREE

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