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UK Dance 2-(2005-2019)-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 21-11-2019, 18:10

UK Dance 2-(2005-2019)-0DAY
(UKD2001) Force and Jack Speed-Whenever You Need Me-UKDANCE2001-Vinyl-2005-XTC
(UKD2002) Force and Jack Speed Ft Lisa Abbott - Welcome-(UKD2002)-CDS-2005-SQ
(UKD2003) DJ Force and Jack Speed-Break of Dawn-UKD2003-Vinyl-2006-XTC
(UKD2004) Jamie Ritmen - Amnesia-(UKD2004)-Promo Vinyl-2007-SQ
(UKD2005) Force and Jack Speed Ft Lisa Abbott - Written in the Stars-(UKD2005)-Promo Vinyl-2007-SQ
(UKD2006) Force And Ritmen-Simply Electric-(UKDANCE2006)-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx
(UKD2007) Jamie Ritmen-Run To Heaven-(UKDANCE2007)-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx
(UKD2008) Hoodzie And Undefined Feat. Marie Louise-Fly With Me-(UKD2008)-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx
(UKD2009) Force And Ritmen-Break The Silence-(UKDANCE2009)-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx
(UKDANCE001) Jamie Ritmen - Stand Alone-(The Jamie Ritmen EP)-Vinyl-2008-SDS
(UKDANCE002) Exhalt And DTF Feat Lisa Abbot - Take Off-Vinyl-2009-SDS
(UKDANCE003) Jamie Ritmen Ft Marie Louise-Lost In Your World-(UKDD003)-WEB-2009-CHC
(UKDANCE004) Jamie Ritmen - Perfect Dreams 08 Lets Do it Again-(UKDANCE004)-Vinyl-2009-BC
(UKDANCE006) Jamie Ritmen ft Sonic Vox - You Are the One Top of the World-(UKDANCE006)-Vinyl-2009-BC
(UKDANCE007) Jamie Ritmen - Hurricane Southern Sun-(UKDANCE007)-Vinyl-2009-BC
(UKDANCE008) Jamie Ritmen - Stay with Me Are You Ready-(UKDANCE008)-Vinyl-2009-BC
(UKDD001) Jamie Ritmen - Stand Alone-(The Jamie Ritmen EP)-Vinyl-2008-SDS
(UKDD0011) Jamie Ritmen - Make Believe 24 Hours
(UKDD0012) Jamie Ritmen - Dont Ever Southern Sun (Re-Edit)-(UKDD0012)-WEB-2010-BC
(UKDD0012) Jamie Ritmen-Southern Sun (Re-Edit)-WEB-2010-Homely
(UKDD0013) Jamie Ritmen ft Sonic Vox vs Flakee and Coolfx - Number One-(UKDD0013)-WEB-2010-BC
(UKDD0014) Jamie Ritmen-Stalk You-UKDD0014-WEB-2010-epicfail
(UKDD0016) Jamie Ritmen ft Sonic Vox - I Dont Care-(UKDD0016)-WEB-2010-BC
(UKDD0018) Mike Vapour vs Jamie Ritmen - Saving Grace-(UKDD0018)-WEB-2010-BC
(UKDD0019) Gridbreaker - Mix The Track-(UKDD0019)-WEB-2010-JiM
(UKDD002) Jamie Ritmen-The Jamie Ritmen EP-(UKD002)-WEB-2009-UKHx
(UKDD0022) Anne Savage-I Cant Hear Ya (Jamie Ritmen Remix)-(UKDD0022)-WEB-2010-BPM
(UKDD0023) Jamie Ritmen vs Kevin Instinct - Bring the Light (Dont Stop)-(UKDD0023)-WEB-2010-BC
(UKDD0024) Mr Gee ft Sonic Vox - Im Lovin You (Eufeion Remix)-(UKDD0024-BBD014)-WEB-2011-BC
(UKDD0025) Insane And Mind Feat Jamie Ritmen-Free Again-(UKDD0025)-WEB-2011-EDML
(UKDD0026) Jamie Ritmen vs Coolfx and Agent M ft Sonic Vox - Thanks for the Memories-(UKDD0026)-WEB-2011-BC
(UKDD0027) Jamie Ritmen ft Sonic Vox - T-R-O-U-B-L-E-(UKDD0027)-WEB-2011-BC
(UKDD0028) Jamie Ritmen - Music for the Masses-(UKDD0028)-WEB-2011-BC
(UKDD0029) Jamie Ritmen - Jack Faith-(UKDD0029)-WEB-2012-BC
(UKDD003) Jamie Ritmen Ft Marie Louise-Lost In Your World-(UKDD003)-WEB-2009-CHC
(UKDD0030) Jamie Ritmen - Red Lightning-(UKDD0030)-WEB-2012-PUTA
(UKDD0032) Jamie Ritmen - The Great Design-WEB-2018-MMS
(UKDD0033) Jamie Ritmen - Jack Faith (Kevin Instinct Remix)-(UKDD0033)-WEB-2018-MMS
(UKDD0034) Jamie Ritmen - Run To Heaven (Night Light 18 Mix)-(UKDD0034)-WEB-2018-ZzZz
(UKDD0035) Jamie Ritmen - Back To The Underground-WEB-2018-MMS
(UKDD0037) Kevin Instinct vs SonicSound - In The Air-(UKDD0037)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
(UKDD004) Jamie Ritmen Ft Marie Louise-Lost In Your World-(UKDD003)-WEB-2009-CHC
(UKDD005) Jamie Ritmen-Perfect Dreams 09-UKDD005-WEB-2009-XTC
(UKDD006) Jamie Ritmen - The Sound Of Goodbye Clubsounds Come Again
(UKDD007) Jamie Ritmen - You Are the One Top of the World-(UKDD007)-WEB-2009-BC
(UKDD008) Jamie Ritmen - Hurricane Southern Sun-(UKDD008)-WEB-2009-BC
(UKDD009) Jamie Ritmen - Stay with Me Are You Ready-(UKDD009)-WEB-2009-BC
(UKDDFREE) Jamie Ritmen ft Sonic Vox - You Are the One (Piano Ballad Version)-(UKDDFREE)-WEB-2009-BC

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UK Dance-(1995-2000)-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 21-11-2019, 18:10

UK Dance-(1995-2000)-0DAY
(UKD001) New Motion - Break Release-(UKD001)-Vinyl-1995-CHC
(UKD002) Exhalt And DTF Feat Lisa Abbot - Take Off-Vinyl-2009-SDS
(UKD002) Force And Styles - All Over-(UKD002)-Vinyl-1995-CHC
(UKD003) Happy Division - You Make Me Happy-(UKD003)-Vinyl-1995-CHC
(UKD004) New Motion - Looking For Love (Remix)-(UKD004)-Vinyl-1995-CHC
(UKD005) Force And Styles - Harmony-(UKD005)-Vinyl-1995-CHC
(UKD005) Force and Styles - Harmony-UKD005-Vinyl-1996-PULSE
(UKD006) Force And Styles - Wonderland-(UKD006)-Vinyl-1996-CHC
(UKD007) Force And Styles - Shining Down-(UKD007)-Vinyl-1996-CHC
(UKD007) Force and Styles-Shining Down-UKD007-1997-XTC
(UKD008) Force & Styles - Fun Fair-(UKD 008)-Vinyl-1996-MUF
(UKD008) Force And Styles - Fun Fair-(UKD08)-Vinyl-1996-CHC
(UKD008) UK Dance-Force and Styles-UKD008-Vinyl-1996-uC
(UKD009) Force And Styles - All Over (Remix)-(UKD009)-Vinyl-1996-CHC
(UKD010) Force & Styles - Pretty Green Eyes-(UKD 010)-Vinyl-1997-MUF
(UKD010) Force And Styles - Pretty Green Eyes-(UKD010)-Vinyl-1997-CHC
(UKD010) Force and Styles-Pretty Green Eyes Apollo 13 Part 2-Vinyl-1997-HSL
(UKD011) Force And Styles - Simply Electric (Remix)-(UKD011)-Vinyl-1997-CHC
(UKD011) Force and Styles-Simply Electric-UKD011-1997-XTC
(UKD012) Force & Styles - Shining Down (Remix)-(UKD 012)-Vinyl-1997-MUF
(UKD012) Force And Styles - Shining Down (Remix)-(UKD012)-Vinyl-1997-CHC
(UKD014) Force and Styles - Field Of Dreams-(UKD 014)-Vinyl-1997-MUF
(UKD014) Force And Styles - Field Of Dreams-(UKD014)-Vinyl-1997-CHC
(UKD015) Force & Styles - Pacific Sun-(UKD 015)-Vinyl-1997-MUF
(UKD015) Force And Styles - Pacific Sun-(UKD015)-Vinyl-RERIP-1997-CHC
(UKD015) Force and Styles Ft MC Junior-Pacific Sun-(UKD015)-Vinyl-1997-CHC
(UKD016) Euphony - The Meaning Of Life-(UKD016)-Vinyl-1997-CHC
(UKD016) Euphony-Dancing In The Rain The Meaning Of Life-Vinyl-1997-HSL
(UKD017) Force & Styles - Follow Me-(UKD 017)-Vinyl-1997-MUF
(UKD017) Force And Styles - Follow Me-(UKD017)-Vinyl-1997-CHC
(UKD018) Sub Ace And Aura - My Dreams-(UKD018)-Vinyl-1998-CHC
(UKD018) Sub Ace and Aura-My Dreams-UKD018-1998-XTC
(UKD019) Unique-Feelin Fine-(UKD019)-Vinyl-1998-CHC
(UKD020) Quest - Images Of You-(UKD020)-Vinyl-1998-CHC
(UKD021) Force And Styles - Cutting Deep-(UKD021)-Vinyl-1998-CHC
(UKD022) Unique - Higher Ground-(UKD022)-Vinyl-1998-CHC
(UKD023) Euphony - Space Invader-(UKD023)-Vinyl-1999-CHC
(UKD024) Quest-Reach For Love-UKD024-Vinyl-1999-XTC
(UKDS001) Force And Styles - Heart Of Gold-(UKDS001)-Vinyl-2000-CHC

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Seismic Records-(2000-2018)-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 20-11-2019, 09:06

Seismic Records-(2000-2018)-0DAY
(SMC001) DJ C.S. - Cum-(SMC001)-Vinyl-2000-OVM
(SMC001) DJ C.S. - Cum-(SMC001)-WEB-2000-VELOCiTY
(SMC001) DJ C.S.-Cum-(SMC001)-Vinyl-2000-iND
(SMC001) DJ C.S.-Cum-VLS-2000-TGX
(SMC002) Zero Vision - Everybody-(SMC002)-WEB-2000-VELOCiTY
(SMC002) Zero Vision-Everybody-Reissue Vinyl-2002-SND
(SMC003) The Beholder - Frequency Attack-(SMC003)-Vinyl-2001-IND
(SMC003) The Beholder - Frequency Attack-(SMC003)-WEB-2002-HB
(SMC004) Sombrero Bros. - Pull the Plug-(SMC004)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
(SMC004) Sombrero Bros.-Pull The Plug-(SMC004)-Vinyl-2001-iND
(SMC004) Sombrero Bros - Pull The Plug-(SMC004)-Vinyl-2001-OVM
(SMC005) Zero Vision - Boekatsjaka-Promo Vinyl-2001-iDC
(SMC005) Zero Vision - Going Down-(SMC005)-Vinyl-2002-BJK
(SMC005) Zero Vision - Going Down-(SMC005)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
(SMC005) Zero Vision - Going Down-Promo Vinyl-2001-iDC
(SMC005) Zero Vision-Going Down-Vinyl-2001-UTE
(SMC006) Beholder-Beating Of The Drumz-(SMC006)-Vinyl-2002-UTE
(SMC006) Beholder-Beating of the Drumz-Vinyl-2002-UTE
(SMC006) The Beholder ft Max and Mike - Beating of the Drumz-(SMC006)-WEB-2001-VELOCiTY
(SMC007) The Dude - Sunglasses To Block The Sun-(SMC007)-Vinyl-2002-QTXMp3
(SMC007) The Dude - Sunglasses to Block the Sun-(SMC007)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(SMC007) The Dude - Sunglasses To Block The Sun-Vinyl-2002-QTXMp3
(SMC008) The Beholder - Testing-(SMC008)-WEB-2002-HB
(SMC008) The Beholder-Testing-(SMC008)-Vinyl-2002-iND
(SMC008) The Beholder-Testing-Vinyl-2002-SND
(SMC009) Geal - Losing My Feelin-(SMC009)-WEB-2002-VELOCiTY
(SMC009) Geal - Losing My Feelin (Incl The Beholder And Balistic Rmx)-Vinyl-2002-VMC
(SMC009) Geal - Losing My Feelin (The Beholder And Balistic Remix)-WEB-2002
(SMC009) Geal-Losing My Feelin-(SMC009)-Vinyl-2002-iND
(SMC009) Geal-Losing My Feeling 2002-Promo-2002-TWCMP3
(SMC009) Geal-Losing My Feeling-Remix-Vinyl-2003-MTC
(SMC010) DJ Zemtec-Bring Me Ur Silence-(SMC010)-Vinyl-2002-iND
(SMC010) DJ Zemtec-Bring Me Ur Silence-(SMC010)-WEB-2002-SSK
(SMC010) DJ Zemtec-Bring Me Ur Silence Incl The Beholder Rmx-Vinyl-2002-MiM
(SMC011) Zero Vision - Overdrive (Scantraxx Remix)-WEB-2004
(SMC011) Zero Vision - Overdrive-Promo Vinyl-2003-NBD
(SMC011) Zero Vision - Overdrive-WEB-2003
(SMC011) Zero Vision-Overdrive-(SMC011)-WEB-2003-SSK
(SMC012) DJ Zemtec - Kick it-(SMC012)-Vinyl-2003-SQ
(SMC012) DJ Zemtec - Kick it-(SMC012)-WEB-2007-VELOCiTY
(SMC012) DJ Zemtec-Kick It-(SMC012)-Vinyl-2003-iND
(SMC013) The Beholder and Max Enforcer - Pulse Protraction-(SMC013)-Vinyl-2004-SQ
(SMC013) The Beholder and Max Enforcer - Pulse Protraction-(SMC013)-WEB-2004-HB
(SMC014) DJ Rob - Boys Interface (The Remixes)-(SMC014)-WEB-2004-iHQ INT
(SMC014) DJ Rob - Boys Interface The Remixes-(SMC014)-Vinyl-2004-SQ
(SMC014) DJ Rob-Boys Interface Beholder And Balistic Remix-Promo-Vinyl-2004-MiM
(SMC015) Zero Vision - Overdrive Right Here-(the Remixes)-(SMC015)-Vinyl-2004-HB
(SMC015) Zero Vision-Overdrive Right Here (The Remixes)-(SMC015)-WEB-2004-SSK
(SMC015) Zero Vision-Overdrive Right Here Remixes-(SMC015)-PROPER-Vinyl-2004-SND
(SMC015) Zero Vision-Overdrive Right Here Remixes-PROPER-Vinyl-2004-SND
(SMC016) DJ Rob - Start Playing-(SMC016)-Vinyl-2005-HB
(SMC016) DJ Rob - Start Playing-(SMC016)-WEB-2007-VELOCiTY
(SMC017) DJ Zemtec - Amen-(SMC017)-WEB-2007-VELOCiTY
(SMC017) DJ Zemtec-Amen-(SMC017)-Promo Vinyl-2005-NGM
(SMC017) DJ Zemtec-Amen-(SMC017)-REPACK-Retail-Vinyl-2005-DDS
(SMC017) DJ Zemtec-Amen-(SMC017)-Retail-Vinyl-2005-DDS
(SMC018) The Beholder & Max Enforcer - Bitcrusher-(SMC018)-Vinyl-2005-MIC
(SMC018) The Beholder and Max Enforcer - Bitcrusher-(SMC018)-Proper-Vinyl-2005-SQ
(SMC018) The Beholder and Max Enforcer - Bitcrusher-(SMC018)-WEB-2005-HB
(SMC018) The Beholder And Max Enforcer The Prophet-Bitcrusher Mani-X-(SMC018)-WEB-2005-SSK
(SMC018) The Beholder And Max Enforcer And The Prophet-Bitcrusher Mani-X-(SMC014)-WEB-2005-DFM INT
(SMC018) The Beholder and Max Enforcer-Bitcrusher-(SMC018)-Promo-Vinyl-2005-ROD
(SMC019) Lock N Load - Blow Ya Mind (The Hardstyle Remixes)-(SMC019)-Vinyl-2005-SQ
(SMC019) Lock N Load - Blow Ya Mind (The Hardstyle Remixes)-(SMC019)-WEB-2005-BC
(SMC019) Lock N Load - Blow Ya Mind (the Hardstyle Remixes)-(SMC019)-WEB-2007-VELOCiTY
(SMC019) Lock N Load - Blow Your Mind (DJ Zany Remix)-Promo CDR-2005-OXDx
(SMC020) DJ Rob - In Your Face-(SMC020)-WEB-2006-HB
(SMC020) DJ Rob - In Your Face-(SMC-020)-WEB-2006-TBY INT
(SMC020) DJ Rob-In Your Face-(SMC020)-Vinyl-2006-DDS
(SMC021) The Beholder Meets DJ Zany - Midnight-(SMC021)-WEB-2007-HB
(SMC021) The Beholder Meets DJ Zany - Midnight Psychadelic Drops-(SMC021)-Vinyl-2006-HB
(SMC021) The Beholder Meets Dj Zany-Midnight Psychadelic Drops-(SMC021)-WEB-2006-SSK
(SMC022) Max Enforcer - Catchin Up Bring it Down-(SMC022)-WEB-2006-iHQ INT
(SMC022) Max Enforcer - Catchin Up Bring it Down-Promo Vinyl-2006-QMI
(SMC023) The Beholder and Max Enforcer - Got To Be There-(SMC023)-WEB-2006-HB
(SMC023) The Beholder and Max Enforcer - Got to be There The Underground-Vinyl-2006-QMI
(SMC023) The Beholder And Max Enforcer-Got To Be There-(SMC023)-WEB-2006-SSK
(SMC023) The Beholder Max Enforcer-Got To Be There-WEB-2008-SSK
(SMC024) Max B. Grant and Joaquin DJ - Fire Breeze-(SMC024)-WEB-2007-VELOCiTY
(SMC024) Max B Grant And Joaquin Dj - Fire Breeze-(SMC024)-Vinyl-2007-HB
(SMC025) The Beholder Meets DJ Zany - Euphoria Fear Reigns Today-(SMC025)-Vinyl-2008-HB
(SMC025) The Beholder meets DJ Zany-Euphoria Fear Reigns Today-WEB-2008-DOH
(SMC026) Bulldozer Project - Arise-(SMC026)-Vinyl-2008-HB INT
(SMC026) Bulldozer Project - Arise (The Remixes)-(SMC026)-WEB-2008-JiM
(SMC026) Bulldozer Project - Arise Incl The Beholder And Zany Remix-Vinyl-2008-QMI
(SMC027) Marlon S Meets Digital Punk - Bringing The Funk-(SMC027)-Vinyl-2008-HB
(SMC027) Marlon S meets Digital Punk-Bringing The Funk-WEB-2008-Homely
(SMC027) Marlon S Meets Digital Punk-Intoxication-Web-2008-SSK
(SMC028) Balistic and Zero Vision - Upgrade The Noize-(SMC028)-Vinyl-2008-HB
(SMC028) Balistic And Zero Vision - Upgrade The Noize (SMC028)-WEB-2008-SRG
(SMC028) Balistic And Zero Vision-Upgrade The Noize-(SMC028)-WEB-2008-SSK
(SMC029) Digital Punk And Profyler - Dark Symphony Rock The Party-(SMC029)-WEB-2009-HMG
(SMC029) Digital Punk And Profyler - Dark Symphony-Vinyl-2009-QMI
(SMC029) Digital Punk And Profyler-Dark Symphony Rock The Party-WEB-2009-UKHx
(SMC030) Digital Punk And Profyler - Loose Control-Vinyl-2009-QMI
(SMC030) Digital Punk and Profyler-Loose Control-SMC030-WEB-2009-HEARTBEAT
(SMC031) Brian NRG-Punk Motherfockers-(SMC031)-WEB-2009-UKHx
(SMC032) A-Drive - Beautiful Day-(SMC032)-WEB-2010-HB
(SMC032) A-Drive - Beautiful Day-(SMC032)-WEB-2010-HEARTBEAT
(SMC033) Brian NRG - The Seismic Lab EP-(SMC033)-WEB-2010-JiM
(SMC034) The Disciplez - 1 Speed Go-(SMC034)-WEB-2011-SRG
(SMC035) Zero Vision - Style Dropping-(SMC035)-TRACKFIX-WEB-2011-HB
(SMC035) Zero Vision - Style Dropping-(SMC035)-WEB-2011-HB
(SMC036) The Disciplez - Maniac Killer-(SMC036)-WEB-2012-HB
(SMC037) Alex Kidd - Forbidden Tribe-(SMC037)-WEB-2018-MMS INT
(SMCCD01) VA - Hard Bass - Mixed By Dana And The Beholder-2CD-2002-DOC
(SMCCD01) VA-Hard Bass - Mixed By Dana And The Beholder-2CD-2002-DOC
(SMCCD02) VA-Hard Bass The Second Edition-2CD-2002-SND
(SMCCD03) VA-Hard Bass Extreme Mixed By Supermarco May The Beholder And Balistic-2CD-2003-SND
(SMCCD04) VA - Decibel Outdoor 2003-3CD-2003-HB
(SMCCD05) VA-Hardbass Extreme 2004-2CD-2004-DOC
(SMCCD06) VA-Decibel 2004 Festival-REPACK-DVDA-2004-TWCMP3
(SMCCD06) VA-Decibel Outdoor 2004 The Festival-3CD-2004-QTXMp3
(SMCCD07) VA - Seismic Records Presents The Hardstyle Album-2CD-2004-SQ
(SMCCD08) VA - Hardbass Vol 5 Mixed By DJ Greg C And Technoboy-2CD-2005-SQ
(SMCCD09) VA - Decibel Outdoor 2005-3CD-2005-HB
(SMCCD10) VA-Hardbass Vol 6 Mixed By Luna And DJ Coone-2CD-2006-DDS
(SMCCD11) VA - Hardbass Vol 7-2CD-2007-SQ
(SMCCD12) VA - Decibel 2007-3CD-2007-KTMP3
(SMCCD12) VA - Decibel Outdoor Festival 2007-3CD-2007-gMP3
(SMCCD13) VA - Hardbass Volume 08 by DJ Zany and Josh and Wesz-2CD-2008-UNiCORN INT
(SMCCD13) VA-Hardbass 8-2CD-2008-hM
(SMCCD14) VA - Decibel 2008-3CD-2008-HB
(SMCCD14) VA-Decibel-3CD-2008-hM
(SMCCD15) VA-Seismic Records (THE HARDSTYLE ALBUM PART 2)-2CD-2008-SSR
(SMCCD16) VA-Hardbass Vol 09-4CD-2009-VML
(SMCCD17) VA - Decibel 2009-3CD-2009-HiEM iNT
(SMCCD17) VA-Decibel 2009-3CD-2009-hM
(SMCCD18) VA-Hardbass Vol 10-4CD-2010-hM
(SMCPROMO) VA-Harddance Presents Tempus A Cantus Mixed By Zemtec-Promo-CD-2003-DOC

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Rotterdam Records-(1992-2012)-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 20-11-2019, 09:05

Rotterdam Records-(1992-2012)-0DAY
(NEOPHYTEPROMO) Neophyte - 5 Years Anniversary Promo-(NEOPHYTE PROMO)-Vinyl-1997-BC
(ROT001) De Euromasters - Amsterdam Waar Lech Dat Dan-(ROT001)-Vinyl-1992-iND
(ROT001) Euromasters - Adam Waar Lech Dat Dan-(ROT001)-WEB-1992-HCC
(ROT001) Euromasters - Amsterdam Waar Lech Dat Dan-(ROT 001)-Vinyl-1992-Homely INT
(ROT001) Euromasters-Amsterdam Waar Lech Dat Dan-(ROT001)-Vinyl-1992-hM
(ROT001) Euromasters-Amsterdam Waar Lech Dat Dan-(ROT001MAXI)-CDM-1992-DOC
(ROT001) Rotterdam-Euromasters-ROT01-1992-OSM
(ROT002) Holy Noise - The Sound Of Rotterdam - Vol 1-(ROT02)-WEB-1992-HCC
(ROT002) Rotterdam-The Sound Of Rotterdam-ROT002-1992-OSM
(ROT003) DJ Rob-1992 is for You-(ROT003)-EP-1992-HSA
(ROT003) Rotterdam-DJ Rob-ROT003-1992-OSM
(ROT004) Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing-(ROT004)-Vinyl-1992-iND
(ROT004) Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing-(ROT004)-WEB-1992-HCC
(ROT004) Rotterdam Termination Source-Poing-1990-TT
(ROT004) Rotterdam-Rotterdam Termination Source-ROT004-1992-OSM
(ROT005) Rotterdam-Stomach Basher-ROT005-1992-OSM
(ROT005) Stomach Basher - Not Offensive EP-(ROT005)-Vinyl-1992-iND
(ROT005) Stomach Basher-Is This Happening To Me-ROT005-WEB-2011-TraX
(ROT006) Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing (Remix)-(ROT006)-WEB-1992-HCC
(ROT006) Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing Remix-(ROT006)-WEB-1992-HCC
(ROT006) Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing The Remixes-(ROT006)-vinyl-1992-iND
(ROT006) Rotterdam-Rotterdam Termination Source-ROT006-1992-OSM
(ROT007) Pelgrim - Amen-(ROT007)-Vinyl-1992-iND
(ROT007) Rotterdam-Pelgrim-ROT007-1992-OSM
(ROT008) Rotterdam-Sperminator-ROT008-1992-OSM
(ROT008) Sperminator - No Woman Allowed-(ROT008)-WEB-1992-HCC
(ROT008) Sperminator - No Women Allowed-(ROT008)-Vinyl-1992-iND
(ROT009) Euromasters - Alles Naar De Klote-(ROT009)-WEB-1992-HCC
(ROT009) EuromastersAlles Naar De KlTe (RSN 44)-EP-1992-CMC
(ROT009) Rotterdam-Euromasters-ROT09-1992-OSM
(ROT010) General Noise - Rotterdam Subway-(ROT010)-Vinyl-1992-iND
(ROT010) General Noise - Rotterdam Subway-(ROT010)-WEB-1992-HCC
(ROT010) Rotterdam-General Noise-ROT010-1992-OSM
(ROT011) 2 Low 4 Zero - Fast EP-(ROT011)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(ROT011) Rotterdam-2 Low 4 Zero-ROT011-1992-OSM
(ROT012) King Dale - Utter-(ROT012)-WEB-1992-HCC
(ROT012) Rotterdam-King Dale-ROT012-1992-OSM
(ROT013) German Division - Concerto Grosso-(ROT013)-Vinyl-1992-iND
(ROT013) German Division-Concerto Grosso-(ROT013)-Vinyl-1992-DOC
(ROT013) Rotterdam-German Division-ROT013-1992-OSM
(ROT014) Morlock - Der Energy Noise-(ROT014)-Vinyl-1992-iND
(ROT014) Rotterdam-Morlock-ROT014-1992-OSM
(ROT015) Holy Noise - The Nightmare The Final Remixes-(ROT015)-Vinyl-1992-iND
(ROT015) Rotterdam-Holy Noise-ROT015-1992-OSM
(ROT016) Rotterdam-The Agressor-ROT016-1992-OSM
(ROT016) The Agressor - Im Coming-(ROT016)-WEB-1993-VELOCiTY
(ROT016) The Agressor-Im Coming-1992-TT
(ROT017) Armageddon - Youll Never Be Min-(ROT017)-WEB-1993-VELOCiTY
(ROT017) Armageddon - Youll Never Be Mine-(ROT017)-Vinyl-1993-iND
(ROT017) Armageddon - Youll Never Be Mine-(ROT017)-WEB-1993-HCC
(ROT017) Rotterdam-Armageddon-ROT017-1993-OSM
(ROT018) Rotterdam-Bald Terror-ROT018-1993-OSM
(ROT019) Bonehead - Hard Attack-Promo Vinyl-2003-HB
(ROT019) Hard Attack - Volume 1-(ROT 019)-Vinyl-1992-CRiP INT
(ROT019) Rotterdam-Hard Attack-ROT019-1992-OSM
(ROT020) Rotterdam-Underground Nation Of Rotterdam-ROT020-1993-OSM
(ROT020) Underground Nation Of Rotterdam - I Am The Master-(ROT020)-Vinyl-1993-iND
(ROT020) Underground Nation of Rotterdam-I Am the Master-(ROT 020) Vinyl-1993-radial
(ROT021) De Euromasters - Oranje Boven (ROT021)-Vinyl-1993-DGN
(ROT021) Euromasters - Oranje Boven-(ROT021)-WEB-1993-HCC
(ROT022) Neophyte - The Three Amigas-(8717931683876)-WEB-1993-HCC
(ROT022) Neophyte-The Three Amigas EP-(ROT022)-Reissue Vinyl-2005-DEF
(ROT022) Neophyte-The Three Amigas EP-(ROT022)-Vinyl-1993-DOC
(ROT023) Dj Rob and MC Joe-Boys Interface DJ Pauls Interface-Remix-CDS-2004-LCDMP3
(ROT023) DJ Rob Ft MC Joe - The Beat Is Flow-(ROT023)-WEB-1993-HCC
(ROT023) DJ Rob Ft MC Joe - The Beat is Flown-(ROT023)-Vinyl-1993-BC
(ROT024) VA - Sound Of Rotterdam Volume II Hardcore Will Never Die-(ROT024)-2xVinyl-1993-HB
(ROT025) Rotterdam Remix Project - Loving You-(ROT025)-Vinyl-1993-EMP
(ROT025) Rotterdam Remix Project - Loving You-(ROT025)-Vinyl-1993-HB INT
(ROT025) Rotterdam Remix Project - Loving You-(ROT025)-WEB-1993-VELOCiTY
(ROT026) Rotterdam-Speed Soul Brothers-ROT26-1993-OSM
(ROT026) Speed Soul Brothers - Retsekets-(ROT026)-WEB-1993-VELOCiTY
(ROT027) Sperminator - S Fucking-(ROT027)-WEB-1993-HCC
(ROT028) Short Circuit - Fuck Me-(ROT028)-Vinyl-1993-BC
(ROT028) Short Circuit - Fuck Me-(ROT028)-WEB-1993-VELOCiTY
(ROT028) Short Circuit-Fuck Me(ROT028)-Vinyl-1993-DGN
(ROT029) Rotterdam Termination Source - Merry X Mess-(ROT029)-WEB-1993-HCC
(ROT029) Rotterdam Termination Source - Merry X-Mess-(ROT029)-Vinyl-1993-BC
(ROT030) Neophyte - Protacker EP-(8717931683890)-WEB-2011-HCC
(ROT030) Neophyte - Protracker-EP-1992-GoDSMaCK
(ROT031) Hardliners - Pikke Poeli Mellow-(ROT031)-Vinyl-1993-EMP
(ROT031) Hardliners - Pikke Poeli Mellow-(ROT031)-WEB-1993-VELOCiTY
(ROT032) Underground Nation of Rotterdam - Bitch-(ROT032)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(ROT032) Underground Nation Of RotterdamBitch-(ROT 032)-VINYL-1994-CMC INT
(ROT033) DJ Paul Ft Lenny D - Round One-(ROT033)-WEB-1994-HCC
(ROT033) Lenny Dee Vs DJ Paul - Round One-(ROT033)-Vinyl-1994-BC
(ROT034) Evil Maniax - The Creators Of Hardcore-(ROT 034)-Vinyl-1994-MUF
(ROT034) Evil Maniax - The Creators of Hardcore-(ROT034)-WEB-2011-PUTA
(ROT034) Rotterdam-Evil Maniax-ROT034-1994-OSM
(ROT035) De Euromasters - Hardscore-(ROT035)-Vinyl-1994-iND
(ROT035) Euromasters - Free Kick-(ROT035)-WEB-1994-HCC
(ROT036) DJ Buby feat The Stunned Guys - Nidra EP-(ROT 036)-Vinyl-1995-MUF
(ROT036) Dj Buby Feat The Stunned Guys - Nidra EP-WEB-IT-2011-iDC
(ROT036) DJ Buby Ft. The Stunned Guys-Nidra EP-(ROT036)-Vinyl-1994-1KING
(ROT036) DJ Buby Ft The Stunned Guys - Nidra EP-(ROT036)-WEB-1994-HCC
(ROT037) King Dale - Fuck Face-(ROT037)-WEB-1994-HCC
(ROT037) King Dale - Fuckface-(ROT037)-Vinyl-1994-BC
(ROT038) Neophyte - Noise Is The Message-(8717931683906)-WEB-2011-HCC
(ROT038) Neophyte - Noise Is The Message-(ROT038)-Vinyl-1994-iND
(ROT039) Armageddon - Sunset Party Slam-(ROT039)-WEB-2011-PUTA
(ROT039) Armageddon - Sunset Party Slamm-(ROT039)-Vinyl-1994-HCC
(ROT040) DJ Paul Elstak - Play My Game-(ROT 040)-Vinyl-1995-MUF
(ROT040) DJ Paul Elstak - Play My Game-(ROT040)-WEB-1994-HCC
(ROT041) Roger - Amitraz 21 Per Cent-(ROT041)-WEB-1995-HCC
(ROT041) Roger - Amitraz 21 Per Cent-(ROT041)-WEB-2011-VELOCiTY
(ROT041) Roger - Amitraz 21 Percent-(ROT041)-Vinyl-1994-iND
(ROT042) DJ Paul Elstak - Life Is Like A Dance-(ROT042)-WEB-1995-HCC
(ROT042) DJ Paul Elstak-Life Is Like A Dance (Remixes)-(ROT 042)-Vinyl-1995-MUF
(ROT043) Wicked on Wax - Speed it Up-(ROT043)-Vinyl-1995-VELOCiTY
(ROT043) Wicked on Wax - Speed it Up-(ROT043)-WEB-2011-PUTA
(ROT044) Evil Maniax - Psychopath-(ROT044)-Vinyl-1995-VELOCiTY
(ROT045) DJ Paul Elstak - Luv U More-(ROT 045)-Vinyl-1995-MUF
(ROT045) DJ Paul Elstak - Luv U More-1996-GoDSMaCK
(ROT045) Paul Elstak - Luv U More-(ROT045)-WEB-1995-HCC
(ROT046) DJ Paul Elstak - Rainbow In The Sky-(ROT 046)-Vinyl-1995-MUF
(ROT046) DJ Paul Elstak - Rainbow in the Sky-(ROT046)-Vinyl-1995-BC
(ROT046) DJ Paul Elstak - Rainbow in the Sky-(ROT046)-WEB-1995-PUTA
(ROT046) DJ Paul Elstak - Rainbow In The Sky-CDM-1995-HB INT
(ROT047) Short Circuit - Planet E-(ROT047)-Vinyl-1995-VELOCiTY
(ROT047) Short Circuit - Planet E-(ROT047)-WEB-2011-PUTA
(ROT048) DJ Giangy Feat. DJ Buby And DJ Maxx - Musica Nevrotica-(ROT048)-Vinyl-1996-UPE
(ROT048) Dj Max Feat DJ Giangy E DJ Buby - Musica Nevrotica-WEB-IT-2011-iDC
(ROT049) DJ Paul Elstak - Dont Leave Me Alone-(ROT049)-Vinyl-1995-BC
(ROT049) DJ Paul Elstak - Dont Leave Me Alone-(ROT049)-WEB-1995-PUTA
(ROT050) Neophyte - Execute-(8717931683913)-WEB-2011-HCC
(ROT050) Neophyte - Execute-(ROT050)-Vinyl-1996-BC
(ROT051) Dj Paul - Power Of The Forze-(ROT051)-Vinyl-1996-iND
(ROT051) DJ Paul Elstak - The Power Of The Forze-(ROT051)-WEB-1996-HCC
(ROT052) DJ Paul Elstak - The Promised Land-(ROT052)-Vinyl-1996-HB INT
(ROT052) DJ Paul Elstak - The Promised Land-(ROT052)-WEB-1996-HCC
(ROT053) DJ Rob And MC Joe - The Beat Is Flown-(ROT053)-WEB-1996-HCC
(ROT053) DJ Rob and MC Joe - The Beat is Flown (Remixes)-(ROT053)-Vinyl-1996-BC
(ROT054) DJ Paul, Lenny Dee - Round 2
(ROT055) Too Hostile - Makem Clap-(ROT055)-WEB-1996-HCC
(ROT055) Too Hostile - No Bullshitting-(ROT055)-Vinyl-1996-HCC
(ROT056) Short Circuit - No Experiment-(ROT056)-Vinyl-1996-BC
(ROT056) Short Circuit - No Experiment-(ROT056)-WEB-2011-PUTA
(ROT057) DJ Paul Elstak - Rave on-(ROT057)-Vinyl-1996-BC
(ROT057) DJ Paul Elstak - Rave on-(ROT057)-WEB-1996-PUTA
(ROT057) DJ Paul Elstak - Rave On-CDM-1996-HB INT
(ROT058) Neophyte And The Stunned Guys - Get This Motherfucker-(8717931683920)-WEB-2011-HCC
(ROT058) Neophyte vs Stunned Guys - Get This Motherfucker-(ROT058)-Vinyl-1996-HB INT
(ROT058) Neophyte Vs The Stunned Guys - Get This Motherfucker-(ROT058)-Vinyl-1996-iND
(ROT059) Oldschool Terrorists - Ill on A Posse-(ROT059)-Vinyl-1996-BC
(ROT059) Oldschool Terrorists - Ill On A Posse-(ROT059)-WEB-1996-HCC
(ROT060) DJ Paul Elstak - Unity-(ROT060)-Vinyl-1997-BC
(ROT060) DJ Paul Elstak - Unity-(ROT060)-WEB-1996-PUTA
(ROT060) DJ Paul Elstak - Unity-1996-GoDSMaCK
(ROT061) Euromasters - Alles Naar De Klote (Remixes)-(ROT061)-Vinyl-1997-HCC
(ROT062) Dj Paul And Dj Rob Feat Mc Hughie Babe-Lords Of The Hardschool-SVCD-1996-TJ.CLASSiCS
(ROT062) DJ Paul and Rob Ft MC Hughie Babe - Lords of the Hardschool-(ROT062)-Vinyl-1997-BC
(ROT062) DJ Paul and Rob Ft MC Hughie Babe - Lords of the Hardschool-(ROT062)-WEB-1997-PUTA
(ROT063) Oldschool Terrorists - Number 4-(ROT063)-Vinyl-1997-BC
(ROT063) Oldschool Terrorists - Number 4-(ROT063)-WEB-1997-HCC
(ROT064) Too Hostile - Pain in the Ass-(ROT064)-Vinyl-1997-BC
(ROT064) Too Hostile - Pain In The Ass-(ROT064)-WEB-1997-HCC
(ROT065) Neophyte - None Of Ya Left-(8717931683937)-WEB-2011-HCC
(ROT065) Neophyte - None Of Ya Left-(ROT065)-Vinyl-1997-DOC
(ROT065) Neophyte - None Of Ya Left-(ROT065)-Vinyl-1997-iND
(ROT066) Old School Terrorists - Triple 665-(ROT066)-Vinyl-1997-iND
(ROT067) The Stunned Guys And DJ Paul - Confusion-(ROT067)-Vinyl-1998-HCC
(ROT067) The Stunned Guys And DJ Paul - Confusion-(ROT067)-WEB-1998-HCC
(ROT068) Men Of Steel - Pain-(8717931683944)-WEB-2011-HCC
(ROT068) Men Of Steel - Pain-(PNMX32)-Vinyl-2000-BC
(ROT068) Men Of Steel - Pain-(ROT068)-Vinyl-1998-DOC
(ROT068) Men of Steel - Pain-(ROT068)-Vinyl-1998-VELOCiTY
(ROT069) Neophyte And The Stunned Guys - Army Of Hardcore-(8717931683951)-WEB-2011-HCC
(ROT069) Neophyte and the Stunned Guys - Army of Hardcore-(ROT069)-Vinyl-1998-UPE
(ROT069) Neophyte Vs. Stunned Guys - Army of Hardcore-(ROT 069)-Vinyl-1998-UNiCORN INT
(ROT070) Oldschool Terrorists - Terror And Mayhem-(ROT070)-WEB-1998-HCC
(ROT071) Neophtye-Totally Remixed-VLS-2002-TWCMP3
(ROT071) Neophyte - Totally Remixed-(8717931683968)-WEB-2011-HCC
(ROT071) Neophyte - Totally Remixed-Vinyl-2002-BPM
(ROT072) The Headbanger - Totally Frustrated-(ROT072)-WEB-1999-HCC
(ROT072) The Headbanger-Totally Frustrated EP-(ROT072)-Vinyl-1999-1REAL
(ROT073) Evil Activities - The Introduction-(ROT073)-WEB-1999-PUTA
(ROT073) Evil Activities - The Introduction-(ROT73)-Vinyl-1999-BC
(ROT073) Evil Activities - The Introduction-(ROT73)-Vinyl-1999-DOC
(ROT074) Men Of Steel - The Future Is Ours-(8717931683982)-WEB-2011-HCC
(ROT074) Men of Steel - The Future is Ours-(ROT74)-Vinyl-1999-VELOCiTY
(ROT075) DJ Rob And MC Joe - Beat Is Flow 99-(ROT075)-Vinyl-1999-HB INT
(ROT075) DJ Rob And MC Joe - Beat Is Flow 99-(ROT075)-WEB-1999-HCC
(ROT076) The Headbanger - The Third Torture-(ROT076)-WEB-1999-HCC
(ROT076) The Headbanger - The Third Torture-(ROT76)-Vinyl-1999-VELOCiTY
(ROT077) The Masochist And DJ Neophyte - The Tunnel-(8717931683999)-WEB-2011-HCC
(ROT077) The Masochist vs DJ Neophyte - The Tunnel-(ROT077)-WEB-1999-HB
(ROT077) The masochist vs dj neophyte-the tunnel-vinyl-2000-tclub
(ROT078) The Headbanger Ft Alee And Ruffian - Enter The 4th Dimension-(ROT078)-WEB-2000-HCC
(ROT078) The Headbanger Ft Alee and Ruffian - Enter the 4th Dimension-(ROT78)-Vinyl-2000-BC
(ROT079) Deathlok - Borgnetic Lifeforms-Vinyl-2000-MiM
(ROT079) Deathlok Hardcore Team - Borgnetic Lifeforms-(ROT079)-WEB-2000-HCC
(ROT080) DJ Rob and MC Joe - Hardbeat-(ROT080)-Vinyl-2000-BC
(ROT080) DJ Rob And MC Joe - Hardbeat-(ROT080)-WEB-2000-HCC
(ROT081) Deathlok Hardcore Team - Men of the Law-(ROT081)-Vinyl-2001-iND
(ROT081) Deathlok Hardcore Team - Men Of The Law-(ROT081)-WEB-2001-HCC
(ROT082) Elite Forces - Precautions-(ROT082)-WEB-2001-HCC
(ROT082) Elite Forces - The Forces of Hardcore-(ROT082)-Vinyl-2001-BC
(ROT083) The Reactor and Raoul Vs T-Factor - ROT 083-Vinyl-2001-TWCMP3
(ROT084) Lord Hostile - Shadowbuilder-(ROT084)-WEB-2001-HB
(ROT084) Lord Hostile - Shadowbuilder-(ROT084)-WEB-2001-HCC
(ROT084) Lord Hostile - Shadowbuilder (ROT084)-Vinyl-2001-NBD
(ROT085) DJ Neophyte Vs The Stunned Guys - Nation Of Domination-(ROT085)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
(ROT085) Neophyte vs The Stunned Guys - Nation Of Domination-(ROT085)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
(ROT085) Neophyte vs The Stunned Guys - Nation Of Domination-(ROT085)-WEB-2002-HB
(ROT086) DJ Neophyte Vs. Scott Brown - Black Magic-(ROT 086)-Vinyl-2002-Homely INT
(ROT086) DJ Neophyte vs Scott Brown - Black Magic-(ROT086)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
(ROT086) Neophyte vs Scott Brown - Black Magic-(ROT086)-WEB-2002-HB
(ROT087) Sinergy - Dont Stop-(ROT087)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
(ROT087) Sinergy - Dont Stop-(ROT087)-WEB-2002-HCC
(ROT088) Dj Neophyte and MC Ruffian - Muil Houwe-(ROT088)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
(ROT088) DJ Neophyte and MC Ruffian - Muil Houwe-(ROT088)-WEB-2002-HB
(ROT088) Neophyte - Perfect Drug-Promo Vinyl-2002-SQ
(ROT088) Neophyte - Perfect Drug-Retail-Vinyl-2002-hM
(ROT089) DJ Neophyte and The Viper - Got 2 B Original-(ROT089)-WEB-2003-HB
(ROT089) DJ Neophyte Vs The Viper - Got 2 B Original-(ROT089)-Vinyl-2003-SQ
(ROT090) Evil Activities and the Viper - Project Hardcore-(ROT 090)-WEB-2003-UNiCORN
(ROT090) Evil Activities And The Viper - Project Hardcore-(ROT090)-Vinyl-2003-SQ
(ROT091) DJ Niel - In the Darkness-(ROT091)-Vinyl-2003-SQ
(ROT091) DJ Niel - In the Darkness-(ROT091)-WEB-2003-PUTA
(ROT092) Scott Brown Feat. DJ Neophyte - Self Destruction-(ROT 092)-Vinyl-2004-Homely INT
(ROT092) Scott Brown Feat. DJ Neophyte - Self Destruction-(ROT092)-Vinyl-2003-SQ
(ROT092) Scott Brown Ft. DJ Neophyte - Self Destruction-(ROT092)-WEB-2003-HB
(ROT093) De Klootzakken - Dominee Dimitri 2004-(ROT093)-Vinyl-2004-SQ
(ROT093) Reefboer and Hooihouse Present De Klootzakken - Dominee Dimitri-(ROT093)-WEB-2004-PUTA
(ROT094) Demon Squad - Devastation-(ROT094)-WEB-2004-PUTA
(ROT094) Demonsquad - Devastation-(ROT094)-Vinyl-2004-SQ
(ROT094) Demonsquad-Devastation-Promo-2004-DGN
(ROT095) DJ Kristof and DJ Niel - The Business-(ROT095)-Vinyl-2005-SQ
(ROT095) DJ Niel Vs DJ Kristof - The Business-(ROT095)-WEB-2005-HCC
(ROT096) Elite Forces - Because You Killed Us-(ROT096)-WEB-2005-HCC
(ROT096) Elite Forces-Our World-(ROT096)-Vinyl-2005-DOC
(ROT097) Outrage - Hard 2 Resist-(ROT097)-WEB-2005-HCC
(ROT097) Outrage - Hard 2 Resist EP-(ROT097)-Vinyl-2005-HB
(ROT098) Elite Forces - Borgnetic Evolution-(ROT098)-Vinyl-2006-1REAL
(ROT098) Elite Forces - Borgnetic Evolution-(ROT098)-WEB-2006-HCC
(ROT098) Elite Forces-Biorgnetic Evolution-(ROT098)-Vinyl-2005-1REAL
(ROT099) Neophyte - Recht Uit De Ondergrond-(ROT099)-Vinyl-2006-SQ
(ROT099) Neophyte - Recht Uit De Ondergrond-(ROT099)-WEB-2007-HB INT
(ROT100) VA - Rotterdam Records 100-(ROT100)-PROPER-2xVinyl-2007-HB
(ROT100) VA - Rotterdam Records 100-(ROT100)-WEB-2007-HCC
(ROT100) VA-Rotterdam Records 100-(ROT100)-2xVinyl-2007-QTXMp3
(ROT100) VA-Rotterdam Records 100-(ROT100)-REPACK-2xVinyl-2007-QTXMp3
(ROT100) VA-Rotterdam Records 100-(ROT100)-WEB-2007-gnvr
(ROT101) Euromasters - Terug Naar Rotterdam (Best of)-Promo-CDS-2002-hM
(ROT101) Euromasters-Amsterdam Waar Lech Dat Dan-Limited Edition-CDS-1992-TWCMP3
(ROT101) Headbanger Feat. Alee And Ruffian-Headbangers Theme (The 2008 Remixes)-(ROT101)-Vinyl-2008-hM
(ROT101) Headbanger Feat Alee And Ruffian - Headbangers Theme (The 2008 Remixes)-(ROT 101)-Vinyl-2008-Homely INT
(ROT101) Headbanger Ft Alee And Ruffian-Headbangers Theme Incl Remixes-WEB-2008-UKHx
(ROT102) Evil Activities and Nosferatu - From Cradle To Grave-(ROT102)-REPACK-WEB-2008-HB
(ROT102) Evil Activities and Nosferatu - From Cradle To Grave-(ROT102)-WEB-2008-HB
(ROT102) Evil Activities And Nosferatu-From The Cradle To The Grave-(ROT102)-Vinyl-2008-hM
(ROT102) The Sound Of Rotterdam-Vol 1-CDM-1992-TraX INT
(ROT103) Headbanger - Im In Your Head No Law (The 2008 Remixes)-(ROT103)-WEB-2008-HB
(ROT103) Headbanger-Im In Your Head - The 2008 Remixes-(ROT103)-Vinyl-2008-hM
(ROT104) Prankster - Life Of Crime-(ROT104)-WEB-2008-HB
(ROT104) Prankster-Life Of Crime (ROT104)-Vinyl-2008-NBD
(ROT104) Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing-(ROT104)-CDM-1992-SOB INT
(ROT104) Rotterdam Termination SourcePoing (ROT 104)-CDM-1992-CMC
(ROT105) DJ Neophyte vs Tha Playa - The Ultimate Project-(ROT105)-WEB-2008-JiM
(ROT105) DJ Neophyte vs Tha Playah - The Ultimate Project-(ROT105)-Vinyl-2008-HB
(ROT105) DJ Neophyte Vs Tha Playah-The Ultimate Project-(ROT105)-WEB-2008-Homely
(ROT106) Neophyte Vs The Stunned Guys-The Soul Collector-(ROT106)-Vinyl-2008-hM
(ROT106) Neophyte vs The Stunned Guys-The Soul Collector-WEB-2008-Homely
(ROT106) Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing Remixes-CDM-1992-DOC
(ROT107) Tha Playah And Neophyte-Im In A Nightmare-(ROT107)-Vinyl-2009-hM
(ROT107) Tha Playah And Neophyte-Im In A Nightmare-(ROT107)-WEB-2009-UKHx
(ROT108) Nosferatu-When Angels Cry-(ROT108)-Vinyl-2009-hM
(ROT108) Nosferatu-When Angels Cry-(ROT108)-WEB-2009-UKHx
(ROT108) Sperminator - No Woman Allowed-(ROT108)-CDM-1992-HCC
(ROT109) Furyan - Inevitable-(ROT109)-WEB-2010-HB
(ROT109) Furyan-Inevitable-(ROT109)-Vinyl-2010-hM
(ROT110) Ophidian - Lost In The Forest-(ROT 110)-Vinyl-2010-Homely INT
(ROT110) Ophidian - Lost In The Forest-(ROT110)-WEB-2010-HB
(ROT110) Ophidian-Lost In The Forest-(ROT110)-Vinyl-2010-hM
(ROT111) Outrage And Prolaxx - Basterds-(ROT111)-WEB-2010-SRG
(ROT112) Furyan - When Worlds Collide-(ROT112)-WEB-2010-HEARTBEAT
(ROT113) VA - Create The Future (Official Nightmare Anthem 2010)-(ROT113)-WEB-2010-HB
(ROT114) Triax - Testify-(ROT114)-WEB-2011-SRG
(ROT115) Wasted Mind - Paradox-(ROT115)-REPACK-TRACKFIX-WEB-2011-SRG
(ROT115) Wasted Mind - Paradox-(ROT115)-REPACK-WEB-2011-SRG
(ROT115) Wasted Mind - Paradox-(ROT115)-WEB-2011-SRG
(ROT116) Weapon X - Hell Awaits (Official Nightmare 2011 Anthem)-WEB-2011-HB
(ROT117) Komarovski - Ill Never Change-(ROT117)-WEB-2011-SRG
(ROT118) VA - Earthquake Ignored and Provoked-(UHMD01EP)-WEB-2011-HB
(ROT118) VA - Earthquake Ignored and Provoked EP-(ROT118)-WEB-2011
(ROT119) The Melodyst - Clint EP-(ROT119D)-WEB-2011-SRG
(ROT120) Wasted Mind - Despite You-(ROT120)-WEB-2011-HB
(ROT121) Euromasters - Oranje Boven-(CDM)-1993-sXoLDsCHooL
(ROT121) Paulie 4-Fingers - Freedom-(ROT121D)-WEB-2011-HB
(ROT122) Proto X - More Than Life-(ROT122)-READ NFO-WEB-2011-HB
(ROT123) DJ Ruffneck - The Global Hardcore Gathering (Official Nightmare Anthem)-(ROT123)-WEB-2011-HB INT
(ROT123) DJ Ruffneck - The Global Hardcore Gathering (Official Nightmare Anthem)-(ROT123)-WEB-2011-SRG
(ROT124) Holod and Komarovski - Coomooon-(ROT124D)-WEB-2012-HB
(ROT124) VA-Sound Of Rotterdam Vol 2 Hardcore Will Never Die-1993-HSACLASSiX INT
(ROT125) Legion Of The Lost - Lets Go-(ROT125D)-WEB-2012-HB
(ROT125) Rotterdam Remix Project - Loving You-(ROT125)-CDM-1993-HCC
(ROT126) Neox - Artz-(ROT126D)-WEB-2012-HB
(ROT127) The Hatebusters - A Place To Heaven-(ROT127)-WEB-2012-SRG
(ROT128) Legion Of The Lost - Dont Cross Me-(ROT128D)-WEB-2012
(ROT128) Legion Of The Lost - Dont Cross Me-(ROT128D)-WEB-2012-HB
(ROT129) Rotterdam Termination Source - Merry X-Mess-(ROT129)-CDM-1993-BC
(ROT129) The Melodyst - Personal Demon-(ROT129D)-WEB-2012-HB
(ROT130) The Hatebusters - Get It Up-(ROT130D)-WEB-2012-HB
(ROT131) Sharpside - Spacecruising-EP-(ROT0131)-WEB-2008-TRa
(ROT131) Sharpside-Wave Cruising (ROT0131)-Vinyl-2001-PTC iNT
(ROT131) Wasted Mind - Rayo De Sol-(ROT131D)-WEB-2012-SRG
(ROT132) VA - Re-Enter The Timemachine (The Official Anthems)-(ROT132)-WEB-2012-SRG
(ROT133) Legion Of The Lost - Argument-(ROT133D)-WEB-2012-SRG
(ROT134) Proto X - Back Forever-(ROT134D)-WEB-2012-SRG
(ROT135) Legion Of The Lost - Diversion-(ROT135-D)-WEB-2012-BC
(ROT135) Legion Of The Lost - Diversion-(ROT135D)-WEB-2012-HB
(ROT136) The Melodyst and NeoX - The End Of The Road-(ROT136D)-WEB-2012-HB
(ROT137) The Hatebusters Ft. MC Rave - Live Your Life-(ROT137D)-WEB-2012-HB
(ROT138) Neophyte-Noise Is The Message-CDM-1994-DGN
(ROT138) The Hatebusters - Origins-(ROT138)-WEB-2018-SRG
(ROT139) Alex Escriva - Deserve To Die-(ROT139)-WEB-2018-MMS
(ROT140) DJ Paul Elstak - Life Is Like A Dance-CDM-(1995)-ER
(ROT140) DJ Paul Elstak - Life Is Like A Dance-CDM-1995-HB INT
(ROT140) DJ Paul Elstak-Life is Like A Dance-.Rotterdam.-CDM-1995-BFHMP3
(ROT140) DJ Paul Elstak-Life is Like A Dance-CDM-1995-funteek
(ROT141) Evil Projects - Dark Dog-(ROT141)-WEB-2018-MMS
(ROT142) Evil Projects - Like A Monster-(ROT142)-WEB-2018-SRG
(ROT143) Riki XL - Future Envy-(ROT143)-WEB-2018-MMS
(ROT143) RiKi XL-Future Envy-(ROT143)-WEB-FLAC-2018-CB
(ROT145) DJ Paul Elstak - Luv U More-CDM-(1995)-ER
(ROT145) DJ Paul Elstak - Luv U More-CDM-1995-HB INT
(ROT145) DJ Paul Elstak-Luv U More-CDM-1995-hopsis
(ROT145) DJ Paul-Luv U More-(CNR-8800376)-CDM-1995-DBM INT
(ROT146) DJ Paul Elstak - Rainbow In The Sky-(ROT146)-CDM-1995-AiR iNT
(ROT146) DJ Paul Elstak - Rainbow In The Sky-1996-CDS-BCKZ
(ROT146) DJ Paul Elstak - Rainbow In The Sky-CDM-(1993)-ER
(ROT146) DJ Paul Elstak - Rainbow In The Sky-CDM-1995-HB INT
(ROT146) DJ Paul Elstak-Rainbow In The Sky-(ROT 146)-CDM-1995-FLAC-AiR
(ROT146) dj paul elstak-rainbow in the sky-(rot146)-cds-1995-scl
(ROT146) DJ Paul Elstak-Rainbow in the Sky-CDM-1995-gMP3
(ROT147) Evil Projects - Stranger-(ROT147)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(ROT147) Evil Projects - Stranger-ROT147-WEB-2018-MMS INT
(ROT148) D-Stort - Een Keer Leven-(ROT148)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-MMS
(ROT149) DJ Paul Elstak - Dont Leave Me Alone-CDM-(1994)-ER
(ROT149) DJ Paul Elstak-Dont Leave Me Alone-(ROT 149)-CDM-1995-FLAC-AiR
(ROT149) DJ Paul Elstak-Dont Leave Me Alone-(ROT149)-CDM-FLAC-1995-WRE
(ROT149) DJ Paul Elstak-Dont Leave Me Alone-CDM-1995-hopsis
(ROT150) DJ LX - This Burning World-(ROT150)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-MMS
(ROT151) Alex Escriva and Jony K - Beyond Horizons-(ROT151)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-MMS
(ROT152) DJ Paul Elstak - The Promised Land-(ROT152)-CDM-1996-BC
(ROT152) DJ Paul Elstak-The Promised Land-(ROT 152)-CDM-FLAC-1996-WRE
(ROT153) Paul Elstak - Mega Mix 2004-(ROT153)-CDS-2004-SQ
(ROT157) DJ Paul Elstak - Rave On-CDM-1996-HB INT
(ROT157) dj paul elstak-rave on-(rot157)-cdm-1995-goc
(ROT157) DJ Paul Elstak-Rave on-CDM-1996-gMP3
(ROT157) DJ Paul Elstak-Rave on-CDM-1996-hopsis
(ROT160) DJ Paul Elstak - Unity-(ROT160)-CDM-1997-BC
(ROT160) DJ Paul Elstak-Unity-CDM-1997-hopsis
(ROT161) Euromasters-Alles Naar De KlTe (Remixes)-(CDS)(READ NFO)-1997-Homely
(ROT162) Dj Paul And Dj Rob Feat Mc Hughie Babe-Lords Of The Hardschool-SVCD-1996-TJ.CLASSiCS
(ROT162) DJ Paul and Rob Ft MC Hughie Babe - Lords of the Hardschool-(ROT162)-CDM-1997-BC
(ROT165) Neophyte - None Of Ya Left-CDM-1998-DOC
(ROT204) Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing-(ROT204)-Vinyl-1992-BC
(ROT204) Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing-(ROT204)-WEB-1992-HCC
(ROT206) Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing (the Original Remixes)-(ROT206)-Vinyl-1992-VELOCiTY
(ROT246) DJ Paul Elstak - Rainbow in the Sky-(ROT246)-CDS-1995-BC
(ROT249) DJ Paul Elstak - Dont Leave Me Alone-(ROT249)-CDS-1995-BC
(ROT252) DJ Paul Elstak - The Promised Land-(ROT252)-CDS-1996-BC
(ROT257) DJ Paul Elstak - Rave on-(ROT257)-CDS-1996-BC
(ROT260) DJ Paul Elstak - Unity-(ROT260)-CDS-1997-BC
(ROT260) DJ Paul Elstak-Unity-CDS-1996-DENWO
(ROT262) DJ Paul and Rob Ft MC Hughie Babe - Lords of the Hardschool-(ROT262)-CDS-1997-BC
(ROTC01) VA - The Best of Rotterdam Records Vol1 CD-1993-TALiON INT
(ROTC02) VA - The Best of Rotterdam Records Vol II-(ROTC02)-CD-1993-BC
(ROTC02) VA - The Best Of Rotterdam Records Vol II-(ROTCO02)-CD-1993-NONSCENE
(ROTC03) VA - A Nightmare in Rotterdam Part I-CD-1994-UNiCORN INT
(ROTC03) VA-A Nightmare in Rotterdam Part 1-(ROTC03)-CD-1994-TB
(ROTC03) VA-A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part I-(ROTC03)-CD-FLAC-1994-SPL
(ROTC04) VA - The Best of Rotterdam Records Volume III-(ROTC04)-CD-1994-BC
(ROTC04) VA-The Best Of Rotterdam Records III-(ROTC04)-CD-FLAC-1994-CUSTODES
(ROTC05) VA-A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part 2-(ROTC05)-CD-1994-TB
(ROTC05) VA-A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part Two-(ROTC05)-CD-FLAC-1994-SPL
(ROTC06) VA - A Nightmare in Rotterdam Part Three-CD-1994-UNiCORN INT
(ROTC07) VA - A Nightmare in Rotterdam Part Four-CD-1995-UNiCORN INT
(ROTC07) VA-A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part 4-(ROTC07)-CD-1995-TB
(ROTC07) VA-A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part Four-(ROTC07)-CD-FLAC-1995-SPL
(ROTC08) VA - A Nightmare in Rotterdam Part Five-CD-1995-UNiCORN INT
(ROTC08) VA-A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part Five-(ROTC08)-CD-FLAC-1995-SPL
(ROTC09) DJ Paul Elstak - May The Force Be With You-1996-NiZ INT
(ROTC09) DJ Paul Elstak - May The Forze Be With You-(ROTC09)-CD-1995
(ROTC09) DJ Paul Elstak - May the Forze Be with You (Happy Hardcore Edition)-1996-BLIZZARD
(ROTC09) DJ Paul Elstak - May the Forze Be with You (Hardcore Edition)-1996-BLIZZARD
(ROTC09) DJ Paul Elstak - May The Forze Be With You-CD-1995-HB INT
(ROTC09) DJ Paul Elstak-May The Forze Be With You-(ROTC09)-WEB-2008-320
(ROTC10) VA-A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part 6-(ROTC10)-2CD-1996-FRAY
(ROTC10) VA-A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part 6-(ROTC10)-2CD-FLAC-1996-SPL
(ROTC11) DJ Rob - Old School Classics-CD-1996-GBR
(ROTC11) VA-DJ Robs Old School Classics (ROT C11) CD-1996-TRa
(ROTC12) VA-A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part 7-2CD-1996-hM
(ROTC12) VA-A Nightmare In Rotterdam VII-1996-KiRMP3
(ROTC13) VA - A Nightmare in Rotterdam Part Eight-(ROTC13)-2CD-1996-BC
(ROTC13) VA - A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part VIII-(ROTC13)-2CD-1996
(ROTC13) VA-A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part Eight-2CD-1996-HSACLASSiX INT
(ROTC13) VA-A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part VIII-(ROTC13)-2CD-FLAC-1996-SPL
(ROTC14) VA - DJ Robs Oldschool Classics Part 2-(ROTC14)-CD-1996-HCC
(ROTC14) VA - DJ Robs Oldschool Classics Part 2-(ROTC14)-CD-1998-BC
(ROTC15) VA-A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part IX-(ROTC15)-2CD-1997-FRAY
(ROTC15) VA-A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part IX-(ROTC15)-2CD-FLAC-1997-SPL
(ROTC16) VA - A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part 10-2CD-1997-HB INT
(ROTC16) VA-A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part X-(ROTC16)-2CD-FLAC-1997-SPL
(ROTC17) Neophyte - Hardcore-(ROTC17)-2CD-1997-SOB INT
(ROTC17) Neophyte-Hardcore-(ROTC17)-2CD-FLAC-1997-SPL
(ROTC17) VA - Neophyte Hardcore-2CD-1998-HB
(ROTC18) VA - A Nightmare in Rotterdam Part XI-(ROTC18)-2CD-1997-BC
(ROTC18) VA-A Nightmare In Rotterdam Part XI-(ROTC18)-2CD-FLAC-1997-SPL
(ROTC19) VA-DJ Robs Oldschool Classics Part 3-CD-1998-MiM
(ROTC20) The Stunned Guys - SHE-Stunning Hardcore Elements-1998-UPE
(ROTC20) The Stunned Guys-S.H.E (Stunning Hardcore Elements)-CDA-1998-C4A
(ROTC21) VA-History of the Nightmares-CD-1998-gMP3
(ROTC22) VA-History of Rotterdam Records-CD-1998-gMP3
(ROTC23) DJ Paul - The Nightmare Series-(ROTC23)-2CD-1999-BC
(ROTC24) VA-DJ Paul And DJ Rob-De Gabberstory-(ROTC24)-2CD-2000-FRAY
(ROTC25) VA - Hardcore to the Bone Volume 2 2CD-2001-TWCMP3
(ROTC25) VA - Hardcore to the Bone Volume 2 Mixed by Panic and Neophyte-2CD-2001-TWCMP3
(ROTC26) VA - The Best Of Italian Hardcore (Traxtorm Power)-2CD-2001-SQ
(ROTC26) VA-The Stunned Guys Present-The Best Of Italian Hardcore - Traxtorm Power-(ROTC26)-2CD-2001-FRAY
(ROTC27) VA - Hardcore To The Bone Chapter 3-3CD-2002-DOC
(ROTC27) VA - Hardcore To The Bone Vol 3-2CD-2002-IPZ
(ROTC28) VA - Project Hardcore-2CD-2002-SQ
(ROTC29) VA - Hardcore to the Bone Volume IV-2CD-2002-SQ
(ROTC30) VA - Hardcore To The Bone Volume 5 Mixed By Panic And Neophyte-2CD-2002-SQ
(ROTC31) VA - Project Hardcore 2003-2CD-2003-SQ
(ROTC32) VA - Hardcore to the Bone Volume VI Mixed by Panic and Neophyte-2CD-2003-SQ
(ROTC32) VA-Hardcore To The Bone Vol. 6-Mixed By Panic And Neophyte-PROPER-2CD-2003-DOC
(ROTC33) VA - Hardcore to the Bone Volume 7 Mixed by Panic and Neophyte-2CD-2003-SQ
(ROTC34) VA - A Nightmare In Rotterdam-The Legend Returns-2CD-2004-MiM
(ROTC34) VA-A Nightmare In Rotterdam The Legend Returns-(ROTC34)-2CD-2004-EUPHORiC
(ROTC35) VA - Project Hardcore 2004-2CD-2004-SQ
(ROTC35) VA-Project Hardcore 2004-2CD-2004-gMP3
(ROTC36) VA - Hardcore To The Bone Volume 8 Mixed By Neophyte A nd Panic-2CD-2004-SQ
(ROTC37) VA - A Nightmare in Rotterdam Never Sleep Again-2CD-2004-HB
(ROTC38) VA-A Nightmare Outdoor-2CD-2005-DOC
(ROTC39) VA - Project Hardcore 2005-2CD-2005-SQ
(ROTC40) VA-A Nightmare in Rotterdam Welcome to Wonderland-2CD-2005-HB
(ROTC41) VA - Back2school (Mixed by DJ Rob)-2CD-2006-HB
(ROTC42) VA - Project Hardcore Dot NL-2CD-2006-KTMP3
(ROTC43) VA - 15 Years of Panic Mixed by DJ Panic-PROPER-2CD-2006-HB
(ROTC43) VA-15 Years Of Dj Panic-2CD-2006-1REAL
(ROTC44) VA - Hardcore to the Bone Volume 9 Mixed by Neophyte and Panic-2CD-2006-SQ
(ROTC45) VA-A Nightmare Outdoor The Dj Sets-2CD-2006-1REAL
(ROTC46) VA-Project Hardcore Dot NL 2006 Live at the Silverdome-2CD-2007-QTXMp3
(ROTC47) VA-Parkzicht-3CD-2007-QTXMp3
(ROTC48) VA-A Nightmare in Rotterdam Enter the Timemachine-2CD-2007-QTXMp3
(ROTC49) VA - Hardcore to the Bone Volume 10 Mixed by Neophyte and Panic-2CD-2007-SQ
(ROTC50) VA - Rotterdam Records 50-De Megamiks Gemikst Door Panic En Neophyte-3CD-2007-SQ
(ROTC51) VA-Hardcore4life Mixed by DJ Paul Elstak and the Viper-2CD-2007-QTXMp3
(ROTC52) VA - A Nightmare Outdoor - The Live DJ Sets-2CD-2007-Homely
(ROTC53) VA-Hardcore To The Bone Volume 11 Mixed By Neophyte And Panic-2CD-2008-Homely
(ROTC54) VA-DJ Partyraiser Presents - Machine City-(DVD)-2008-Homely
(ROTC54) VA-DJ Partyraiser Presents Machine City-(REPACK)-2CD-2008-Homely
(ROTC54) VA-DJ Partyraiser Presents Machine City-2CD-2008-Homely
(ROTC55) VA-The Darkraver - More Than 20 Years Of His Royal Darkness-(ROTC55)-2CD-2008-hM
(ROTC56) VA-A Nightmare In Rotterdam - From Cradle To Grave-2CD-2008-hM
(ROTC57) VA-Hardcore 4 Life-(ROTC57)-2CD-2008-hM
(ROTC58) VA-Earthquake Magnitude 1-2CD-2008-hM
(ROTC59) VA-1992 Is 4 You (Mixed By Stanton)-2CD-2008-hM
(ROTC60) VA-Hardcore To The Bone XII Mixed By Neophyte and DJ Panic-2CD-2008-SSR
(ROTC61) VA-Rotterdam Records - 15 Plus 1 Jaar Feest-2CD-2008-hM
(ROTC62) VA-Project Hardcore.NL-2CD-2008-hM
(ROTC63) VA-15 Years Of Nightmare-2CD-2008-hM
(ROTC64) VA-DJ Panic Presents Start The Panic-2CD-2009-hM
(ROTC65) VA-Hardcore To The Bone Volume XIII Mixed By DJ Neophyte And DJ Panic-2CD-2009-hM
(ROTC66) VA - Nightmare Outdoor - The Last Daylight - The Live Sets-3CD-2009-Homely
(ROTC67) VA-Earthquake 2009 The In And Outdoor Hardcore Festival-2CD-2009-hM
(ROTC67) VA-Earthquake 2009 The In And Outdoor Hardcore Festival-DVD-2009-hM INT
(ROTC68) VA-Nightmare 2009-2CD-2009-SSR
(ROTC69) VA-Hardcore To The Bone Volume XIV-2CD-2010-hM
(ROTC70) VA-Hardcore4Life Mixed By Neophyte And Promo-READNFO-2CD-2010-hM
(ROTC71) VA-Nightmare The Anthems-CD-2010-hM
(ROTC72) VA-Nightmare Outdoor Lost In The Forest - The Live Sets-2CD-2010-hM
(ROTC73) VA-Hardcore To The Bone Volume XV-2CD-2010-hM
(ROTC74) VA-Nightmare - Create The Future-2CD-2010-hM
(ROTC75) Triax-Audioslave-2CD-2011-hM
(ROTC76) VA-Hardcore The 2010 Yearmix-2CD-2011-hM
(ROTC77) VA - Nightmare Hell Awaits-2CD-2011-HB INT
(ROTC77) VA-Nightmare - Hell Awaits-2CD-2011-hM
(ROTC78) VA-Earthquake - Ignored And Provoked-2CD-2011-hM
(ROTC79) VA - Hardcore To The Bone Volume XVI-2CD-2011-SRG
(ROTC79) VA-Hardcore To The Bone Vol XVI-(ROTC79)-2CD-FLAC-2011-WRE
(ROTC80) Stereotype and Stanton - Nightmare - The Global Hardcore Gathering-(ROTC80)-2CD-2011
(ROTC80) VA-Nightmare The Global Hardcore Gathering-2CD-2012-wAx
(ROTC81) VA-The Best Hardcore Releases Of 2012 (Mixed By The Hatebusters)-CDA-2012-wAx
(ROTC82) VA-Nightmare - Re-Enter The Timemachine-2CD-2012-hM
(ROTDVD001) VA - A Nightmare In Rotterdam The Legend Returns 2004 DVDA-MsH
(ROTDVD009) VA-A Nightmare In Rotterdam Enter The Timemachine-DVDA-2007-Homely
(ROTDVD011) VA-Project Harcore Dot NL 2007 Live Dj Sets-2008-FRAY
(ROTDVD011) VA-Project Hardcore Dot NL 2007 Live Dj Sets-(REPACK)-2008-FRAY
(ROTDVD012) VA-A Nightmare In Rotterdam Cradle To Grave-2CD-(DVD Read NFO)-2008-Homely
(ROTMIXCD01) VA-Rotterdam Records - 1st Anniversary Mega-Mix-1992-1REAL
(ROTPROMO) VA-Prins Willem Alexander Is Een Flikker E.P.-Vinyl-1993-DOC
(ROTV03) (Nightmare In Rotterdam)-Part 3 Telejunkie-iPZViD
DJ Paul Elstak-Rainbow In The Sky-CDM-FLAC-1995-MAHOU
VA - DJ Paul Presents DJ Pauls Year Mix 96-1996-XTC Only

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Psychik Genocide-(1997-2019)-0DAY
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Psychik Genocide-(1997-2019)-0DAY
(BACK01) VA - Backdraft-(BACK01)-Vinyl-2005-SQ
(CDMIXRADIUM1) Radium - Attract - A Special Limited Mix (2006)
(CDMIXRADIUM1) Radium - Attract - A Special Limited Mix-CDMIXRADIUM1-2006
(PKG01) Radium - Ministry of Mass Domination-(PKG01)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(PKG01) Radium - Ministry of Mass Domination EP-(PKG01)-1999-LSP
(PKG02) Ingler - Reboot System-(PKG02)-Vinyl-2001-iND
(PKG03) Androgyn Network - Hysteric Woman-(PKG03)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(PKG03) Androgyn Network - Hysteric Women EP-(PKG03)-Vinyl-2001-iND
(PKG04) Radium - Private Life-(PKG04)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(PKG04) Radium - Private Life EP-(PKG04)-Vinyl-2001-iND
(PKG05) Al Core - The War Dance-(PKG05)-WEB-2008-BC
(PKG05) Al Core - The Wardance EP-(PKG 05)-Vinyl-2007-ZzZz
(PKG06) Hellfish vs Producer - Violent Works of Art EP-(PKG06)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(PKG06) VA - Violent Works of Art EP-(PKG06)-Vinyl-2001-iND
(PKG07) Fast Forward-Ketamin Runnin Along My Brain-(PKG07)-Vinyl-2002-DEF
(PKG08) DJ Radium-Vice Machine EP-(PKG008)-Vinyl-2001-DOC
(PKG08) Radium - Vice Machine-(PKG08)-WEB-2008-BC
(PKG08) Radium - Vice Machine EP-(PKG08)-Vinyl-2001-iND
(PKG08) Radium - Vice Machine EP-(PKG08)-WEB-2008-PUTA
(PKG09) Hellfish Vs. Micropoint-Motordog-(PKG 09)-Vinyl-2001-DOC
(PKG09) Hellfish vs. Micropoint-Motordog-(PKG009)-Vinyl-2001-DOC
(PKG09) Hellfish vs Micropoint - Motordog Healing Mod-(PKG09)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(PKG09) Hellfish Vs Micropoint-Motordog-Healing Mod-(PKG09)-Vinyl-2002-DEF INT
(PKG10) Hardcoholics - Bionic Taste-(PKG10)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(PKG10) Hardcoholics - Bionic Taste EP-(PKG 10)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
(PKG11) Deadface - Evil Side-(PKG11)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(PKG11) Deadface - Evil Side EP-(PKG11)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
(PKG12) The Speed Freak - Smokers Delight-(PKG12)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(PKG12) The Speed Freak-Smokers Delight-(PKG 12)-EP-2002-FSP
(PKG13) Androgyn Network - Earsex Extra EP-(PKG13)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
(PKG13) Androgyn Network - Earsex Extra EP-(PKG13)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(PKG14) The Speed Freak - Needles Upgrade-(PKG14)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(PKG14) The Speed Freak - Needles Upgrade EP-(PKG14)-Vinyl-2003-SQ
(PKG15) DJ Japan - Just Hardcore-(PKG15)-Vinyl-2003-SQ
(PKG15) DJ Japan - Just Hardcore EP-(PKG15)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(PKG16) Al Zeimer - Nevroz EP-(PKG16)-Vinyl-2003-SQ
(PKG16) Al Zeimer - Nevroz EP-(PKG16)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(PKG17) Travon - Pain of Mind-(PKG17)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(PKG17) Travon - Pain of Mind EP-(PKG17)-Vinyl-2004-SQ
(PKG18) Micron - Trepidation EP-(PKG18)-Vinyl-2004-SQ
(PKG18) Micron - Trepidation EP-(PKG18)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(PKG19) Travon - A Prayer for Survival-(PKG19)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(PKG19) Travon - A Prayer For Survival E.P.-(PKG019)-Vinyl-2004-SQ
(PKG20) The Mastery - Endemik Damage-(PKG20)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(PKG20) The Mastery - Endemik Damage E.P.-(PKG020)-Vinyl-2004-SQ
(PKG21) Cat Killers - Postal EP-(PKG21)-Vinyl-2004-SQ
(PKG21) Cat Killers - Postal EP-(PKG21)-WEB-2004-BOA
(PKG21) Cat Killers-Postal EP-(PKG21)-Vinyl-2004-DEF INT
(PKG22) Liquid Blasted - Panical Mechanical EP-(PKG 22)-WEB-2013-ZzZz
(PKG22) Liquid Blasted - Panical Mechanical EP-(PKG22)-Vinyl-2004-SQ
(PKG23) Lenny Dee and Radium - Headbanger Boogie-(PKG023)-Vinyl-2005-SQ
(PKG24) DJ Mutante - Im Not A Jock-(PKG24)-Vinyl-2005-SQ
(PKG24) DJ Mutante - Im Not A Jock-(PKG24)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(PKG25) The Speed Freak - Devastator-(3661585024583)-WEB-2005-BC
(PKG25) The Speed Freak - Devastator-(PKG25)-Vinyl-2005-SQ
(PKG25) The Speed Freak - Devastator-(PKG25)-WEB-2008-BC
(PKG25) The Speed Freak-Devastator-(PKG25)-Vinyl-2005-DEF INT
(PKG26) Randy vs Radium - Burn-(PKG26)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(PKG26) Randy vs Radium - Real Big-(PKG26)-Vinyl-2005-SQ
(PKG27) X-Fly - Alarma Station-(PKG27)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(PKG27) X-Fly - Chart To Chart-(PKG27)-Vinyl-2005-SQ
(PKG28) The Mastery - Oxyde-(PKG28)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(PKG28) The Mastery - Oxyde E.P.-(PKG28)-Vinyl-2005-SQ
(PKG29) The Speed Freak - Heartstopper EP-(PKG29)-WEB-2005-BOA
(PKG29) The Speed Freak-Heartstopper EP-(PKG29)-Vinyl-2005-DEF
(PKG30) Micron - Sentimental EP-(PKG30)-Vinyl-2006-SQ
(PKG31) DJ X-Fly and Frazzbass - Tormented by Kill-(PKG31)-Vinyl-2006-SQ
(PKG32) RBMZ - Lock and Load EP-(PKG32)-Vinyl-2007-SQ
(PKG33) Skoza-The Never-Ending Obsession-(PKG33)-REPACK-Vinyl-2007-1KING
(PKG33) Skoza-The Never-Ending Obsession-(PKG33)-Vinyl-2007-1KING
(PKG33) Skoza-The Never-Ending Obsession-(PKG33)-WEB-2007-DEF
(PKG34) The Speed Freak - Things That Go Boom In The Night-(PKG34)-Vinyl-2007-SQ
(PKG35) Radium - Dead Zone EP-(PKG35)-Vinyl-2007-SQ
(PKG36) Pattern J - Play with Me EP-(PKG36)-Vinyl-2008-SQ
(PKG37) Maissouille - Phase of Master Part 4-(PKG37)-Vinyl-2008-SQ
(PKG38) D.O.M. - Brand New Era EP-(PKG38)-Vinyl-2008-SQ
(PKG39) Mutante vs Pattern J-Spinal Vibes EP-(PKG39)-WEB-2008-1KING
(PKG40) Psiko vs Gobus-Radioactive EP-(BL38807)-WEB-2009-ALKi
(PKG41) Komprex and Frazzbass-Fothermucker EP-(BL38806)-WEB-2009-ALKi
(PKG42) Radium - Expired-(PKG42)-WEB-2009-SOB
(PKG42) Radium - Expired EP-(PKG42)-Vinyl-2009-SQ
(PKG43) Psiko - Disko Inferno EP-(BL49739-X)-WEB-READ NFO-2009-Homely
(PKG44) Maissouille - Onde De Choc-(PKG44)-320kbps Vinyl-2009-PUTA
(PKG44) Maissouille - Onde De Choc Part 3-(PKG44)-WEB-2009-SOB
(PKG45) VA - Robotsex-(PKG45)-WEB-2009-SOB
(PKG45) VA - Untitled-(PKG45)-320kbps Vinyl-2009-PUTA
(PKG46) Radium - Morepiss-(PKG46)-WEB-2010-BC
(PKG46) Radium - Morepiss-(PKG46)-WEB-2010-SOB
(PKG47) D.O.M. - Killing Machine-(PKG47)-WEB-2010-SOB
(PKG48) Al Core - Nightbreed-(PKG48)-WEB-2010-SOB
(PKG49) Pirate Mind - Sex-Drug-Frenchcore-(PKG49)-WEB-2010-SOB
(PKG50) Radium-Arrogant-(PKG50)-WEB-2010-DEF
(PKG51) The Sickest Squad-Strike-(PKG51)-WEB-2011-EDML
(PKG52) DJ Japan - Freakin Out-(PKG52)-WEB-2011-SOB
(PKG53) Psiko - Zero Tolerance-(PKG53)-WEB-2011-SOB
(PKG54) Maissouille - Blackout Project EP (Pt 1)-(PKG54)-WEB-2011-BC
(PKG54) Maissouille - Blackout Project Part 1-(PKG54)-WEB-2011-SOB
(PKG55) X-Fly - Voodoo Classic E.P.-(PKG55)-WEB-2012-SOB
(PKG55) X-Fly - Voodoo Classic Ep-(PKG055)-WEB-2012-D23
(PKG56) The Sickest Squad - Atto Secondo-(PKG56)-WEB-2012-BC
(PKG56) The Sickest Squad - Atto Secondo-(PKG56)-WEB-2012-SOB INT
(PKG56) The Sickest Squad-Atto Secondo EP-(PKG056)-WEB-2012-D23
(PKG57) The Speed Freak - The End Of Reality-(PKG57)-WEB-2012-SOB
(PKG58) Radium - Le Fake-(PKG58)-WEB-2012-SOB INT
(PKG59) Dr. Peacock - Dr Peacock and Friends-(PKG59)-WEB-2013-SOB
(PKG60) Pattern J - Until Disaster-(PKG60)-WEB-2013-SOB
(PKG61) The Speed Freak - WTF (What the Freak)-(PKG61)-Vinyl-2015-BC
(PKG62) The Sickest Squad - Sick Dreams-(PKG62)-WEB-2014-SOB
(PKG63) Adrenokrome - Rebel Music-(PKG63)-Vinyl-2015-BC
(PKG66) The Braindrillerz - First Blood-(PKG66)-WEB-2017
(PKG66) The Braindrillerz - First Blood-(PKG66)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(PKGCD01) VA - Hardcore Slavery Vol. 1-(PKGCD01)-WEB-2007-VELOCiTY
(PKGCD01) VA-Hardcore Slavery-2002-DTC
(PKGCD02) Radium - Paranoia Performance-CD-2001-TrT
(PKGCD02) Radium - Paranoia Performance-Edition Limitee-2CD-2003-SQ
(PKGCD03) Hellfish - Meat Machine Broadcast System-200x-TrT INT
(PKGCD03) Hellfish-Meat Machine Broadcast System-2001-KSi
(PKGCD04) Maniaks - Le Jour Et La Nuit-CD-2002-SQ
(PKGCD05) Hellfish And Producer - Bastard Sonz Of Rave-CD-2002-DOC
(PKGCD05) Hellfish and Producer-Bastard Sonz Of Rave-(PKGCD05)-2002-DEF INT
(PKGCD06) VA - Hardcore Slavery II-the Resistants-CD-2002-SQ
(PKGCD06) VA - Hardcore Slavery Volume 2-(PKGCD06)-WEB-2007-VELOCiTY
(PKGCD07) VA - Planet Hardcore-CD-2002-SQ
(PKGCD07) VA-Planet Hardcore-(PKGCD07)-2002-DEF INT
(PKGCD08) Androgyn Network - Earsex-CD-2002-SQ
(PKGCD09) The Speed Freak - 1000 Needles-(PKGCD09)-WEB-2003-BOA
(PKGCD09) The Speed Freak-1000 Needles-(PKGCD09)-2003-DEF INT
(PKGCD09) The Speed Freak-1000 Needles (PKGCD09)-2003-FSP
(PKGCD10) VA-Kyo O Aka Hardcoholics-Blasted-(PKGCD10)-2003-FSP
(PKGCD11) VA-Braindead-2003 (PKGCD11)-2CD-2003-FSP
(PKGCD12) Radium - Inextremist-(PKGCD12)-WEB-2007-BC
(PKGCD12) Radium - Inextremist-CD-2003-KLF
(PKGCD12) Radium-In Extremist-(PKGCD12)-2003-FSP
(PKGCD12) Radium-Inextremist (PKGCD12)-2003-TrT iNT
(PKGCD13) Deadface-Gates of the Underworld (PKGCD13)-2003-TrT
(PKGCD14) VA - Hardcore Slavery Vol.3 Digitally Mixed by Androgyn Network-CD-2003-SQ
(PKGCD14) VA - Hardcore Slavery Vol 3 Digitally Mixed By Androgyn Network-CD-2003-SQ
(PKGCD15) VA - Hot Magma Core Mixed by Benji la Malice-CD-2004-SQ
(PKGCD16) DJ Japan-Alcoholic Backstage-(PKGCD16)-2004-DEF
(PKGCD17) VA - Joshua-Saevus-CD-2004-SQ
(PKGCD18) Tieum-Shake Dat Ass-(PKGCD18)-2004-DEF
(PKGCD19) The Speed Freak - The Cycore Megamix-CD-2004-SQ
(PKGCD19) The Speed Freak-The Cycore Megamix-(PKGCD19)-2004-DEF INT
(PKGCD20) VA - Backdraft-CD-2005-SQ
(PKGCD21) The Nihilist - Is 0-CD-2005-SQ
(PKGCD22) VA - Lobotomix-My Piece Of Mind-CD-2005-SQ
(PKGCD23) Lenny Dee and Radium - Noise Brulee-(PKGCD023)-FLAC-2005-NONSCENE
(PKGCD23) Lenny Dee and Radium - Noise Brulee-CD-2005-SQ
(PKGCD23) Lenny Dee and Radium-Noise Brulee-(PKGCD23)-2005-DEF INT
(PKGCD24) VA - Randy Presents Hardcore French Kiss-CD-2005-HB
(PKGCD25) The Speed Freak - Disinformation Overload-CD-2005-HB
(PKGCD25) The Speed Freak - Disinformation Overload-WEB-2009
(PKGCD25) The Speed Freak-Disinformation Overload-(PKGCD25)-2005-DEF INT
(PKGCD26) VA - Insomnia (Mixed by Kabal)-CD-2005-HB
(PKGCD27) Rude Awakening - Forward Observer-(T3RDM0050)-WEB-2005-HB INT
(PKGCD27) Rude Awakening-Forward Observer-CD-2005-DOC
(PKGCD28) Kyo O Aka Hardcoholics-Wreck Your Brain-(PKGCD28)-2006-DEF
(PKGCD29) Joshua - Prohibited Love-(PKGCD29)-WEB-2006-BC
(PKGCD29) Joshua - Prohibited Love-(PKGCD29)-WEB-2006-PUTA
(PKGCD29) Joshua - Prohibited Love-CD-2006-SQ
(PKGCD29) Joshua-Prohibited Love-(PKGCD29)-2006-DEF INT
(PKGCD30) The Speed Freak-The Cycore Megamix Chapter 2-(PKGCD30)-2006-DEF
(PKGCD31) VA - Lenny Dee Vs Radium Present Beatz Brulee-(PKGCD31)-2006-DEF
(PKGCD31) VA-Lenny Dee Vs Radium Present Beatz Brulee-(PKGCD31)-2006-DEF
(PKGCD32) Fist Of Fury-Son Of A Beat-CD-2006-hM
(PKGCD33) The Speed Freak - Swallow This Remixed And Mutilated-(PKGCD33)-WEB-2006-BOA
(PKGCD33) VA-The Speed Freak-Swallow This Remixed And Mutilated-CD-2006-OBC
(PKGCD34) VA-New Collision By Tieum-(PKGCD34)-2CD-2006-OBC
(PKGCD35) Progamers - Game After Game-(PKGCD035)-CD-2007-DLO
(PKGCD35) Progamers-Game After Game-(PKGCD35)-CD-2007-OBC
(PKGCD36) Maissouille-Le Projet KO-(PKGCD36)-CD-2007-OBC
(PKGCD37) Randy - Hardcore French Kiss Vol.2-(PKGCD37)-WEB-2007
(PKGCD37) Randy Presents Hardcore French Kiss Vol 2-(PKGCD37)-2007-GFF
(PKGCD37) VA-Hardcore French Kiss Vol.2 Mixed By Randy-(PKGCD37)-CD-2007-OBC
(PKGCD38) Hard Disc Version 1.0 Mixed By Lenny Dee Bonus Video-AVI-2007-GFF
(PKGCD38) Hard Disc Version 1.0 Mixed By Lenny Dee Bonus Video-WMV-2007-GFF
(PKGCD38) VA-Hard Disc Version 1.0 Mixed By Lenny Dee-(PKGCD38)-CD-2007-OBC
(PKGCD39) VA - Hardcore Slavery Vol.4 - the Tour-(PKGCD39)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(PKGCD39) VA-Hardcore Slavery Vol. 4-The Tour-(PKGCD39)-2CD-2007-OBC
(PKGCD40) Kabal - Insomnia 2-(PKGCD40)-CD-2007-NONSCENE
(PKGCD40) VA-Insomnia Vol.2 Mixed By Kabal-(PKGCD40)-CD-2007-OBC
(PKGCD41) Radium-Livepack-(PKGCD41)-CD-2007-OBC
(PKGCD41) Radium-Livepack-DVD-2007-OBC
(PKGCD42) Maissouille-Phase Of Master-(PKGCD42)-CD-2008-OBC
(PKGCD43) Miss Tiffy-Nervous Breakdown-(PKGCD43)-CD-2008-hM
(PKGCD44) The Sickest Squad-The Celebration Of Decerebration-CD-2008-Homely
(PKGCD45) VA-The DJ Producer-Operation Obliterate-2008-hM
(PKGCD46) The Speed Freak - Freakwaves-(PKGCD46)-WEB-2008-BC
(PKGCD46) The Speed Freak - Freakwaves-(PKGCD46)-WEB-2008-BOA
(PKGCD46) The Speed Freak-Freakwaves-(PKGCD46)-2008-Homely
(PKGCD47) VA-Psychik Genocide (Mixed By Skoza)-(Bootleg)-2008-H5N1
(PKGCD48) Progamers-Final Stage-(PKGCD48)-CD-2009-hM
(PKGCD49) VA-Lenny Dee - Ballad Of The Broken Turntable-(PKGCD49)-CD-2009-hM
(PKGCD50) RedMore - Plus RedMore Que Vivant-(PKGCD50)-WEB-2009-BC
(PKGCD50) Redmore-Plus Redmore Que Vivant-(PKGCD050)-2009-Homely
(PKGCD50) Redmore-Plus Redmore Que Vivant-(PKGCD050)-Rerip-2009-Homely
(PKGCD51) Maissouille-Onde De Choc-(PKGCD51)-WEB-2009-DWM
(PKGCD51) Maissouille-Onde De Choc-CD-2009-hM
(PKGCD52) Pattern J-Digital Jolt-(PKGCD52)-CD-2009-hM
(PKGCD53) Radium-MasterPiss-(PKGCD53)-CD-2009-hM
(PKGCD54) Al Core-Atomic Requiem-(PKGCD54)-CD-2010-hM
(PKGCD55) Psiko-Beat and Torture and Kill-(PKGCD55)-CD-2010-hM
(PKGCD56) DJ Japan - Fast And Vicious-(PKGCD56)-WEB-2010
(PKGCD56) DJ Japan - Fast And Vicious-(PKGCD56)-WEB-2010-BC
(PKGCD56) DJ Japan-Fast and Vicious-(PKGCD56)-CD-2010-hM
(PKGCD57) VA-Hardcore Slavery Vol.5 - The Survivors-CD-2010-hM
(PKGCD58) The Speed Freak-Re-Play-(PKGCD58)-2CD-2010-hM
(PKGCD58) The Speed Freak-Re-Play Messing With Your Brain For 20 Years-(PKGCD58)-WEB-2010-DEF INT
(PKGCD59) DJ Mutante-Im A Hotshot Robot-CD-2011-hM
(PKGCD60) Progamers-Reloaded-(PKGCD60)-CD-2011-hM
(PKGCD60) Programers - Reloaded (PKGCD60)-Web-2011
(PKGCD61) Micropoint-Exit Mankind-CDA-2011-wAx
(PKGCD62) Hellfish - Chained Evil-(PKGCD062)-WEB-2012-SCMT
(PKGCD62) Hellfish-Chained Evil-(PKGCD62)-WEB-2012
(PKGCD62) VA-Chained Evil-CD-2012-hM
(PKGCD63) The Sickest Squad - Opera Prima-(PKGCD63)-CD-2012-SRG
(PKGCD63) The Sickest Squad-Opera Prima-(PKGCD63)-CD-FLAC-2012-WRE
(PKGCD63) The Sickest Squad-Opera Prima-(PKGCD63)-WEB-2012
(PKGCD64) Pattern J - Twisted Galaxy (The Spacecore Experience)-(PKGCD64)-WEB-2012-SOB
(PKGCD64) Pattern J-Twisted Galaxy (the Spacecore Experience)-(PKGCD64)-WEB-2012-D23
(PKGCD65) Psiko - Burning Playground-(PKGCD65)-WEB-2012-SOB
(PKGCD65) Psiko-Burning Playground-CDA-2012-wAx
(PKGCD66) Maissouille - Blackout (PKGCD66)-WEB-2012-SOB
(PKGCD67) Radium - Le Fake-(PKGCD067)-WEB-2012
(PKGCD67) Radium - Le Fake-(PKGCD67)-WEB-2012-SOB
(PKGCD68) Pirate Mind - Knight Of Destruction-(PKGCD68)-WEB-2013-SOB
(PKGCD68) Pirate Mind-Knight Of Destruction-CDA-2013-wAx
(PKGCD69) Radium - Excess Overdrive-(PKGCD69)-WEB-2013-SOB
(PKGCD70) Osmik - Alienation-(PKGCD70)-WEB-2014-SOB
(PKGCD71) Al Core - Loudness Wars-(PKGCD71)-WEB-2014-BC
(PKGCD72) The Speed Freak - WTF (What the Freak)-(PKGCD72)-WEB-2014-BC
(PKGCD72) The Speed Freak - WTF (What The Freak)-(PKGCD72)-WEB-2014-SOB
(PKGCD73) Adrenokrome - Rebel Music-(PKGCD73)-WEB-2015-SOB
(PKGCD74) Maissouille - Born to Rave-(PKGCD74)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(PKGCD75) The Speed Freak-WTR (What The Remix)-PKGCD75-WEB-2016-PITY
(PKGCD76) Maissouille-Regeneration-(PKGCD76)-WEB-2018-CB
(PKGCD77) Adrenokrome - The Last Fight-(PKGCD77)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(PKGDIGI01) Radium - Le Fake Xtras-(PKGDIGI01)-WEB-2013-SOB
(PKGDIGI02) Psiko - Bad Monster EP-(PKGDIGI02)-WEB-2013-SOB
(PKGDIGI03) Pirate Mind - French Dkonnect-(PKGDIGI03)-WEB-2014-SOB
(PKGDIGI04) RbMz vs Pattern J - Hardcore Gangsta Shit-(PKGDIGI04)-WEB-2014-SOB
(PKGDIGI05) Sirio - Unreal-(PKGDIGI05)-320KBPS WEB-2014-BC
(PKGDIGI05) Sirio - Unreal-WEB-2014-DDS
(PKGDIGI06) The Sickest Squad - Sick Dreams-(PKGDIGI06)-WEB-2014-BC
(PKGDIGI06) The Speed Freak - Straight Forward-(PKGDIGI06)-WEB-2015-SOB
(PKGDIGI07) The Braindrillerz - The Train EP-(PKGDIGI07)-WEB-2015-BC
(PKGDIGI07) The Braindrillerz - The Train EP-(PKGDIGO07)-WEB-2015-BNL
(PKGDIGI08) Psiko - Fast Life-(PKGDIGI08)-WEB-2015-BC
(PKGDIGI08) Psiko - Fast Life-(PKGDIGI08)-WEB-2015-SOB
(PKGDIGI08) Psiko-Fast Life-(PKGDIGI08)-WEB-2015-t2m
(PKGDIGI09) The Speed Freak - Mutations 02-(PKGDIGI09)-WEB-2015-SOB
(PKGDIGI10) VA-Close Combat-(PKGDIGI10)-WEB-2015-CB
(PKGDIGI11) Psiko - Frenchcore Rules-(PKGDIGI11)-WEB-2017
(PKGDIGI12) Unit-First Wave-(PKGDIGI12)-WEB-2017-CB
(PKGDIGI13) Hungry Beats-Chaotic Cannibal-(PKGDIGI13)-WEB-2017-CB
(PKGDIGI14) UNIT - Ready to Rumble-(PKGDIGI14)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(PKGDIGI14) Unit - Ready To Rumble Ep-(PKGDIGI 14)-WEB-2018
(PKGDIGI15) Psiko - Riot Tools-(PKGDIGI 15)-WEB-2019
(PKGDIGI15) Psiko-Riot Tools-(PKGDIGI15)-WEB-2019-NDE
(PKGDIGI16) The Speed Freak - Mutations 03 (The Gabberdisco Mutations)-(PKGDIGI 16)-WEB-2019-ZzZz
(PKGDIGI17) The Braindrillerz - Role Play-(PKGDIGI17)-WEB-2019-FMC
(PKGLP01) Radium - Paranoia Performance-(PKGLP01)-Vinyl-2001-iND
(PKGLP02) Maniaks - Le Jour Et La Nuit-(PKGLP02)-Vinyl-2002-iND
(PKGLP03) Androgyn Network - Earsex-(PKGLP03)-2xVinyl-2002-BC
(PKGLP03) Androgyn Network - Earsex-(PKGLP03)-2xVinyl-2002-PUTA
(PKGLP04) The Speed Freak - 1000 Needles-(PKGLP04)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
(PKGLP05) Radium - Inextremist Vol 1-(PKGLP005)-Vinyl-2003-KLF
(PKGLP06) Radium - Inextremist Vol 2-(PKGLP006)-Vinyl-2004-KLF
(PKGLP07) Deadface - Gates of the Underworld-(PKGLP007)-Vinyl-2003-iND
(PKGLP07) Deadface - The Gates of the Underworld-(PKGLP07)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(PKGLP08) Tieum - Ive Got Nothing to Lose-(PKGLP08)-Vinyl-2004-SQ
(PKGLP09) Tieum - Ive Got Nothing to Lose Vol.2-(PKGLP09)-Vinyl-2004-SQ
(PKGLP10) DJ Japan - Alcoholic Backstage-(PKGLP010)-Vinyl-2004-SQ
(PKGLP10) DJ Japan - Alcoholic Backstage-(PKGLP10)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(PKGLP11) Fist of Fury - Son of A Beat-(PKGLP11)-2xVinyl-2006-BC
(PKGLP11) Fist of Fury - Son of A Beat-(PKGLP11)-2xVinyl-2006-PUTA
(PKGLP12) Radium - Terminal Trauma-(PKGLP12)-Vinyl-2006-SQ
(PKGLP13) Progamers - Game After Game-(PKGLP13)-Vinyl-2007-FCN
(PKGLP13) Programers - Game After Game-(PKGLP13)-VINYL-2007
(PKGLP14) The Sickest Squad - The Celebration of Decerebration-(PKGLP14)-2xVinyl-2008-BC
(PKGLP14) The Sickest Squad-The Celebration Of Decerebration-CD-2008-Homely
(PKGLP15) The Speed Freak - Freakwaves-(PKGLP 15)-Vinyl-2008-ZzZz INT
(PKGLP15) The Speed Freak - Freakwaves-(PKGLP15)-Vinyl-2008-SQ
(PKGLP16) Progamers - Final Stage-(PKGLP16)-2xVinyl-2009-BC
(PKGLP17) Redmore - Plus Redmore Que Vivant-(PKGLP17)-2xVinyl-2009-BC
(PKGLP18) Pattern J - Digital Jolt-(PKGLP18)-2xvinyl-2009-BC
(PKGLP19) Radium - Masterpiss-(PKGLP19)-2xVinyl-2009-BC
(PKGLP20) Al Core - Atomic Requiem-(PKGLP20)-2xVinyl-2010-BC
(PKGLP21) Psiko - Beat and Torture and Kill - the Hated Frenchcore Menace-(PKGLP21)-2xVinyl-2010-BC
(PKGLP22) DJ Japan - Fast and Vicious-(PKGLP22)-2xVinyl-2010-BC
(PKGLP23) The Speed Freak - Re-Play - Messing with Your Brain for 20 Years-(PKGLP23)-2xVinyl-2010-BC
(PKGLP24) DJ Mutante-Im A Hotshot Robot-(PKGLP24)-WEB-2011-DEF
(PKGLP25) Progamers - Reloaded-(PKGLP25)-2xVinyl-2011-BC
(PKGLP25) Programers - Reloaded-(PKGLP25)-WEB-2011-PUTA
(PKGLP26) Micropoint - Exit Mankind Vol. 1-(PKGLP26)-2xVinyl-2011-BC
(PKGLP27) Micropoint - Exit Mankind Vol. 2-(PKGLP27)-2xVinyl-2012-BC
(PKGLP28) Sickest Squad-Opera Prima-(PKGLP28)-Vinyl-2012-CT
(PKGLP29) Pattern J - Twisted Galaxy-(PKGLP29)-2xVinyl-2012-BC
(PKGLP30) Psiko - Burning Playground-(PKGLP30)-2xVinyl-2012-BC
(PKGLP31) Maissouille - Blackout-(PKGLP31)-2xVinyl-2012-BC
(PKGLP32) Pirate Mind - Knight of Destruction-(PKGLP32)-2xVinyl-2013-BC
(PKGLP34) Osmik - Alienation-(PKGLP34)-2xVinyl-2014-BC
(PKGRX01) Radium - Playmobils Remixes-(PKGRX01)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(PKGRX01) VA-Radium-Playmobils Remixes-Vinyl-2003-RFL
(PKGRX02) Radium - Paranoia Performance Remixes-(PKG-RX02)-Vinyl-2003-SQ
(PKGRX02) Radium - Paranoia Performance Remixes-(PKGRX02)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(PKGRX03) Radium - Disconnect Me Remixes-(PKG-RX03)-Vinyl-2004-SQ
(PKGRX03) Radium - Disconnect Me Remixes-(PKGRX03)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(PKGRX04) The Speed Freak - Steel-Finger Remixes-(PKG-RX04)-Vinyl-2004-SQ
(PKGRX04) The Speed Freak - Steel-Finger Remixes-(PKGRX04)-WEB-2004-BOA
(PKGRX04) The Speed Freak-Steel-Finger Remixes-(PKGRX04)-Vinyl-2004-DEF INT
(PKGRX05) Radium - Livextrax-(PKG-RX05)-Vinyl-2004-SQ
(PKGRX05) Radium - Livextrax-(PKGRX05)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(PKGRX05) Radium - Livextrax EP-(PKGRX 05)-Vinyl-2004-ZzZz INT
(PKGRX06) VA - Mind Pollution Orphaned Land (Remixes)-(PKGRX06)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(PKGRX06) VA - Mind Pollution and Orphaned Land Remixes-(PKGRX06)-Vinyl-2005-SQ
(PKGRX07) Beagle and the Speed Freak - Dr Betruger-(PKGRX07)-WEB-2008-VELOCiTY
(PKGRX07) The Speed Freak and Beagle - Dr Betruger Remixes-(PKGRX07)-Vinyl-2005-SQ
(PKGRX08) The Speed Freak and Stormtrooper - Devastator The Remixes-(PKGRX08)-Vinyl-2006-SQ
(PKGRX08) The Speed Freak And Stormtrooper - Devastator The Remixes-(PKGRX08)-Vinyl-2006-SQ
(PKGRX08) The Speed Freak and Stormtrooper - Devastator The Remixes-(PKGRX08)-WEB-2006-BOA
(PKGRX09) X-Fly - The Remixes EP-(PKGRX09)-WEB-2008-BC
(PKGRX10) Progamers - Game After Game Remixes-(PKGRX10)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
(PKGRX10) Progamers-Game After Game (Remixes) (PKGRX10)-Vinyl-2009-NBD
(PKGRX11) The Speed Freak - Freakwaves Remixes-(PKGRX11)-VINYL-2010-SQ
(PKGRX11) The Speed Freak The DJ Producer - Freakwaves (Remixes)-(PKGRX11)-WEB-2010-BC
(PKGRX11) The Speed Freak And The DJ The Producer - The Freakwaves Remixes-(PKGRX11)-WEB-2010
(PKGRX12) Radium - Masterpiss Remixes-(PKGRX12)-Vinyl-2011-BC
(PKGRX13) The Sickest Squad - Opera Prima Remixes-(PKGRX13)-WEB-2013-BC
(PKGRX13) The Sickest Squad-Opera Prima Remixes-(PKGRX13)-WEB-2013-D23
(PKGRX14) The Speed Freak - Mutations 01-(PKGRX14)-WEB-2013-BC
(T17CD01) Tieum - Ive Got Nothing to Lose-CD-2004-SQ
Lenny Dee and Radium - The Mix Brulee-Promo CDM-2005-BC

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