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Hard Tactical Records-2019-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 12-11-2019, 22:14

Hard Tactical Records-2019-0DAY
(HTRR007) Sinister Acts and Digital Destruction - Identify-(HTRR 007)-WEB-2019
(HTRR008) Nrk - Fire-(HTRR 008)-WEB-2019
(HTRR010) Insurgent X Escuro X Fractured - My Fortune-(HTRR010)-WEB-2019-FMC
(HTRR013) Fractured - Fool-(HTRR013)-WEB-2019-FMC
(HTRR014) Cerberus - Center of The Universe-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
(HTRR015) Matzic - Bass In Your Face EP-(HTRR015)-WEB-2019-FMC

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PRSPCT Recordings
  Labels | Author: Admin | 12-06-2016, 02:28
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PRSPCT Recordings
PRSPCT001 VA-The Resonators and Pain-PROMO-VLS-2005-MUSiQ
00-va-the resonators and pain-promo-vls-2005.jpg
00-va-the resonators and pain-promo-vls-2005.m3u
00-va-the resonators and pain-promo-vls-2005.nfo
00-va-the resonators and pain-promo-vls-2005.sfv
01-dj hidden-the resonators.mp3
PRSPCT002 Counterstrike-The Power To Distort-PRSPCT002-PROMO-VLS-2006-MUSiQ
00-counterstrike-the power to distort-prspct002-promo-vls-2006.m3u
00-counterstrike-the power to distort-prspct002-promo-vls-2006.nfo
00-counterstrike-the power to distort-prspct002-promo-vls-2006.sfv
00-counterstrike-the power to distort-prspct002-promo-vls-infosheet.jpg
00-counterstrike-the power to distort-prspct002-promo-vls-label.jpg
01-counterstrike-the power to distort.mp3
02-counterstrike-motherfucking skulls ft eye-d.mp3
PRSPCT003 Catacomb-Trashmouth-PRSPCT003-Vinyl-2007-XTC
PRSPCT003 Prspct-Catacomb-PRSPCT003-WEB-2007-UKDNB
PRSPCT004 Prspct-Nocturnal and Catacomb-PRSPCT004-Vinyl-2007-XTC
00-prspct-nocturnal and catacomb-prspct004-vinyl-2007-xtc.m3u
00-prspct-nocturnal and catacomb-prspct004-vinyl-2007-xtc.nfo
00-prspct-nocturnal and catacomb-prspct004-vinyl-2007-xtc.sfv
02-catacomb-filthy fucking faces (vip mix)-xtc.mp3
PRSPCT005 PRSPCT-Harm and Cooh-PRSPCT005-Vinyl-2008-XTC
00-prspct-harm and cooh-prspct005-vinyl-2008-xtc.m3u
00-prspct-harm and cooh-prspct005-vinyl-2008-xtc.nfo
00-prspct-harm and cooh-prspct005-vinyl-2008-xtc.sfv
01-harm-head stomp-xtc.mp3
02-cooh-be blast-xtc.mp3
PRSPCT006 Eye-D - Domino Brimstone-(PRSPCT006)-Vinyl-2008-SQ
00 eye-d - domino brimstone-(prspct006)-vinyl-2008.m3u
00 eye-d - domino brimstone-(prspct006)-vinyl-2008.nfo
00 eye-d - domino brimstone-(prspct006)-vinyl-2008.sfv
a1 eye-d - domino.mp3
b1 eye-d - brimstone.mp3
PRSPCT006 Eye-D-Domino Brimstone-(PRSPCT006)-WEB-2008-iTALiVE
00-eye-d-domino brimstone-(prspct006)-web-2008-italive.m3u
00-eye-d-domino brimstone-(prspct006)-web-2008-italive.nfo
00-eye-d-domino brimstone-(prspct006)-web-2008-italive.sfv
01-eye-d-domino (original mix)-italive.mp3
02-eye-d-brimstone (original mix)-italive.mp3
PRSPCT007 DJ Hidden-We Are Haunted The Signs-(PRSPCT007)-WEB-2008-DEF
00-dj hidden-we are haunted the signs-(prspct007)-web-2008-def.jpg
00-dj hidden-we are haunted the signs-(prspct007)-web-2008-def.m3u
00-dj hidden-we are haunted the signs-(prspct007)-web-2008-def.nfo
00-dj hidden-we are haunted the signs-(prspct007)-web-2008-def.sfv
01-dj hidden-we are haunted-def.mp3
02-dj hidden-the signs-def.mp3
PRSPCT007 PRSPCT-DJ Hidden-PRSPCT007-VINYL-2008-sour
00-prspct-dj hidden-prspct007-vinyl-2008-sour.m3u
00-prspct-dj hidden-prspct007-vinyl-2008-sour.nfo
00-prspct-dj hidden-prspct007-vinyl-2008-sour.sfv
a-dj hidden-we are haunted-sour.mp3
b-dj hidden-the signs-sour.mp3
PRSPCT008 Counterstrike - Rise Meltdown-(PRSPCT008)-Vinyl-2008-SQ
00 counterstrike - rise meltdown-(prspct008)-vinyl-2008.m3u
00 counterstrike - rise meltdown-(prspct008)-vinyl-2008.nfo
00 counterstrike - rise meltdown-(prspct008)-vinyl-2008.sfv
a1 counterstrike - rise.mp3
b1 counterstrike - meltdown.mp3
PRSPCT008 Counterstrike-Rise and Meltdown-(PRSPCT008)-WEB-2009-DEF
00-counterstrike-rise and meltdown-(prspct008)-web-2009-def.m3u
00-counterstrike-rise and meltdown-(prspct008)-web-2009-def.nfo
00-counterstrike-rise and meltdown-(prspct008)-web-2009-def.sfv
PRSPCT009 Donny-Wonder For Reason Sabotage-(PRSPCT009)-Vinyl-2009-hM
00 donny-wonder for reason sabotage-(prspct009)-vinyl-2009.m3u
00 donny-wonder for reason sabotage-(prspct009)-vinyl-2009.nfo
00 donny-wonder for reason sabotage-(prspct009)-vinyl-2009.sfv
a donny-wonder for reason.mp3
b donny-sabotage.mp3
PRSPCT009 Donny-Wonder for Reason-PRSPCT009-WEB-2010-XTC
00-donny-wonder for reason-prspct009-web-2010-xtc.m3u
00-donny-wonder for reason-prspct009-web-2010-xtc.nfo
00-donny-wonder for reason-prspct009-web-2010-xtc.sfv
01-donny-wonder for reason original mix-xtc.mp3
02-donny-sabotage original mix-xtc.mp3
PRSPCT010 Machine Code-Recoded Silicon Base-(PRSPCT010)-Vinyl-2010-hM
00 machine code-recoded silicon base-(prspct010)-vinyl-2010.m3u
00 machine code-recoded silicon base-(prspct010)-vinyl-2010.nfo
00 machine code-recoded silicon base-(prspct010)-vinyl-2010.sfv
a machine code-recoded.mp3
b machine code-silicon base.mp3
PRSPCT010 Machine Code-Recoded Silicon Base-(PRSPCT010)-WEB-2010-DEF
00-machine code-recoded silicon base-(prspct010)-web-2010-def.jpg
00-machine code-recoded silicon base-(prspct010)-web-2010-def.m3u
00-machine code-recoded silicon base-(prspct010)-web-2010-def.nfo
00-machine code-recoded silicon base-(prspct010)-web-2010-def.sfv
01-machine code-recoded-def.mp3
02-machine code-silicon base-def.mp3
PRSPCT011 VA-Large Hadron Collider Danger Nation-(PRSPCT011)-Vinyl-2010-hM
00 va-large hadron collider danger nation-(prspct011)-vinyl-2010.m3u
00 va-large hadron collider danger nation-(prspct011)-vinyl-2010.nfo
00 va-large hadron collider danger nation-(prspct011)-vinyl-2010.sfv
a the panacea and cooh-large hadron collider.mp3
b the sect and cooh-danger nation.mp3
PRSPCT011 VA-The Large Hadron Collider Danger Nation-(PRSPCT011)-WEB-2010-DEF
00-va-the large hadron collider danger nation-(prspct011)-web-2010-def.jpg
00-va-the large hadron collider danger nation-(prspct011)-web-2010-def.m3u
00-va-the large hadron collider danger nation-(prspct011)-web-2010-def.nfo
00-va-the large hadron collider danger nation-(prspct011)-web-2010-def.sfv
01-the panacea and cooh-the large hedron collider-def.mp3
02-the sect and cooh-danger nation-def.mp3
PRSPCT012 Current Value-The Spell Code Of Chaos-(PRSPCT012)-Vinyl-2011-hM
00 current value-the spell code of chaos-(prspct012)-vinyl-2011.m3u
00 current value-the spell code of chaos-(prspct012)-vinyl-2011.nfo
00 current value-the spell code of chaos-(prspct012)-vinyl-2011.sfv
a current value-the spell (ft. snow).mp3
b current value and nanotek-code of chaos.mp3
PRSPCT012 Current Value-The Spell Code Of Chaos-(PRSPCT012)-WEB-2011-DEF
00-current value-the spell code of chaos-(prspct012)-web-2011-def.m3u
00-current value-the spell code of chaos-(prspct012)-web-2011-def.nfo
00-current value-the spell code of chaos-(prspct012)-web-2011-def.sfv
01-current value featuring snow-the spell-def.mp3
02-current value and nanotek-code of chaos-def.mp3
PRSPCT013 Donny-Crawler-(PRSPCT013)-WEB-2011-BPM
PRSPCT013 Donny-Crawler Fiend-(PRSPCT013)-Vinyl-2011-hM
00 donny-crawler fiend-(prspct013)-vinyl-2011.m3u
00 donny-crawler fiend-(prspct013)-vinyl-2011.nfo
00 donny-crawler fiend-(prspct013)-vinyl-2011.sfv
a donny-crawler.mp3
b donny-fiend.mp3
PRSPCT014 Counterstrike-When Worlds Collide Mindfuck-(PRSPCT014)-Vinyl-2011-hM
00 counterstrike-when worlds collide mindfuck-(prspct014)-vinyl-2011.m3u
00 counterstrike-when worlds collide mindfuck-(prspct014)-vinyl-2011.nfo
00 counterstrike-when worlds collide mindfuck-(prspct014)-vinyl-2011.sfv
a counterstrike and zardonic-when worlds collide.mp3
b counterstrike-mindfuck.mp3
PRSPCT014 Counterstrike-When Worlds Collide Mindfuck-(PRSPCT014)-WEB-2011-BPM
00-counterstrike-when worlds collide - mindfuck-(prspct014)-web-2011.m3u
00-counterstrike-when worlds collide - mindfuck-(prspct014)-web-2011.nfo
00-counterstrike-when worlds collide - mindfuck-(prspct014)-web-2011.sfv
01-counterstrike and zardonic-when worlds collide.mp3
PRSPCT015 Cooh - Sezon Teran-WEB-2011
00-cooh-sezon and teran-(prspct015)-web-2011.jpg
00-cooh-sezon and teran-(prspct015)-web-2011.nfo
00-cooh-sezon and teran-(prspct015)-web-2011.sfv
PRSPCT015 Cooh-Sezon Teran-(PRSPCT015)-VINYL-2011-SQ
00-cooh-sezon teran-(prspct015)-vinyl-2011.m3u
00-cooh-sezon teran-(prspct015)-vinyl-2011.nfo
00-cooh-sezon teran-(prspct015)-vinyl-2011.sfv
00-cooh-teran sezon-(prspct015)-vinyl-2011.jpg
PRSPCT016 VA-We Will Burn Pop Im-(PRSPCT016)-Vinyl-2011-hM
00 va-we will burn pop im-(prspct016)-vinyl-2011.jpg
00 va-we will burn pop im-(prspct016)-vinyl-2011.m3u
00 va-we will burn pop im-(prspct016)-vinyl-2011.nfo
00 va-we will burn pop im-(prspct016)-vinyl-2011.sfv
a the panacea gancher and ruin-we will burn.mp3
b dub elements and erre-pop im (the panacea vip).mp3
PRSPCT017 Thrasher vs Bong-Ra vs Limewax - The Hard Way-(PRSPCT017)-WEB-2012-SOB
00-thrasher vs bong-ra vs limewax - the hard way-(prspct017)-web-2012-cover-sob.jpg
00-thrasher vs bong-ra vs limewax - the hard way-(prspct017)-web-2012-sob.m3u
00-thrasher vs bong-ra vs limewax - the hard way-(prspct017)-web-2012-sob.nfo
00-thrasher vs bong-ra vs limewax - the hard way-(prspct017)-web-2012-sob.sfv
01-thrasher vs bong-ra vs limewax - suck satans cock-sob.mp3
02-thrasher vs bong-ra vs limewax - the hard way-sob.mp3
PRSPCT018 Limewax-Landing Bone Hess29-(PRSPCT018)-WEB-2012-BPM
00-limewax-landing bone hess29-(prspct018)-web-2012.m3u
00-limewax-landing bone hess29-(prspct018)-web-2012.nfo
00-limewax-landing bone hess29-(prspct018)-web-2012.sfv
01-limewax-landing bone.mp3
02-limewax-hess 29.mp3
PRSPCT019 Cooh C.A.2K Ogonek - Rebirth-(PRSPCT019)-WEB-2012-SOB
00-cooh c.a.2k ogonek - rebirth-(prspct019)-web-2012-cover-sob.jpg
00-cooh c.a.2k ogonek - rebirth-(prspct019)-web-2012-sob.m3u
00-cooh c.a.2k ogonek - rebirth-(prspct019)-web-2012-sob.nfo
00-cooh c.a.2k ogonek - rebirth-(prspct019)-web-2012-sob.sfv
01-cooh and c.a.2k - rebirth-sob.mp3
02-cooh and ogonek - shrambo-sob.mp3
PRSPCT020 VA - Dominator Suck Satans Cock-(PRSPCT020)-WEB-2012-SRG
00-va - dominator suck satans cock-(prspct020)-web-2012-srg.m3u
00-va - dominator suck satans cock-(prspct020)-web-2012-srg.nfo
00-va - dominator suck satans cock-(prspct020)-web-2012-srg.sfv
01-human resource - dominator (the panacea vip).mp3
02-limewax vs bong-ra and thrasher - suck satans cock (the panacea vip).mp3
PRSPCT021 Limewax Acid Diaper - Riget-(PRSPCT021)-WEB-2013-SOB
00-limewax acid diaper - riget-(prspct021)-web-2013-sob.m3u
00-limewax acid diaper - riget-(prspct021)-web-2013-sob.nfo
00-limewax acid diaper - riget-(prspct021)-web-2013-sob.sfv
01-limewax - riget-sob.mp3
02-acid diaper - mending monday-sob.mp3
PRSPCT022 Sinister Souls - Earth Prime Danger Time-(PRSPCT022)-Vinyl-2013-SRG
00-sinister souls - earth prime danger time-(prspct022)-vinyl-2013-srg.m3u
00-sinister souls - earth prime danger time-(prspct022)-vinyl-2013-srg.nfo
00-sinister souls - earth prime danger time-(prspct022)-vinyl-2013-srg.sfv
00-sinister souls - earth prime danger time-(prspct022)-vinyl-2013-srg-proof.jpg
a-sinister souls - earth prime.mp3
b-sinister souls and proton kid - danger time.mp3
PRSPCT022 Sinister Souls - Earth Prime Danger Time-(PRSPCT022)-WEB-2013-SRG
00-sinister souls - earth prime danger time-(prspct022)-web-2013-srg.jpg
00-sinister souls - earth prime danger time-(prspct022)-web-2013-srg.m3u
00-sinister souls - earth prime danger time-(prspct022)-web-2013-srg.nfo
00-sinister souls - earth prime danger time-(prspct022)-web-2013-srg.sfv
01-sinister souls - earth prime.mp3
02-sinister souls and proton kid - danger time.mp3
PRSPCT023 C Netik Cooh - Retrofit-(PRSPCT023)-WEB-2013-SOB
00-c netik cooh - retrofit-(prspct023)-web-2013-cover-sob.jpg
00-c netik cooh - retrofit-(prspct023)-web-2013-sob.m3u
00-c netik cooh - retrofit-(prspct023)-web-2013-sob.nfo
00-c netik cooh - retrofit-(prspct023)-web-2013-sob.sfv
01-c netik and cooh - retrofit-sob.mp3
02-c netik - checkmate-sob.mp3
03-c netik - loophole (digital bonus)-sob.mp3
PRSPCT024 Counterstrike - Rotterdam Sangomas Impossible Mission-(PRSPCT024)-WEB-2014-SRG
00-counterstrike - rotterdam sangomas impossible mission-(prspct024)-web-2014-srg.jpg
00-counterstrike - rotterdam sangomas impossible mission-(prspct024)-web-2014-srg.m3u
00-counterstrike - rotterdam sangomas impossible mission-(prspct024)-web-2014-srg.nfo
00-counterstrike - rotterdam sangomas impossible mission-(prspct024)-web-2014-srg.sfv
01-counterstrike - rotterdam sangomas.mp3
02-counterstrike - impossible mission.mp3
03-counterstrike - rotterdam sangomas vip.mp3
PRSPCT025 Fragz and Sinister Souls - Something Sinister Go Psycho-(PRSPCT025)-WEB-2014-SRG
00-fragz and sinister souls - something sinister go psycho-(prspct025)-web-2014-srg.jpg
00-fragz and sinister souls - something sinister go psycho-(prspct025)-web-2014-srg.m3u
00-fragz and sinister souls - something sinister go psycho-(prspct025)-web-2014-srg.nfo
00-fragz and sinister souls - something sinister go psycho-(prspct025)-web-2014-srg.sfv
01-fragz and sinister souls - something sinister.mp3
02-fragz - go psycho.mp3
03-fragz - im your god now (digital bonus track).mp3
PRSPCT025 Fragz and Sinister Souls-Something Sinister Go Psycho-(PRSPCT025)-Vinyl-2014-hM
00 fragz and sinister souls-something sinister go psycho-(prspct025)-vinyl-2014.jpg
00 fragz and sinister souls-something sinister go psycho-(prspct025)-vinyl-2014.m3u
00 fragz and sinister souls-something sinister go psycho-(prspct025)-vinyl-2014.nfo
00 fragz and sinister souls-something sinister go psycho-(prspct025)-vinyl-2014.sfv
a1 fragz and sinister souls-something sinister.mp3
b1 fragz-go psycho.mp3
PRSPCTCD002 Eye-D and DJ Hidden - Peer to Peer Pressure-(PRSPCTCD002)-CD-2011
00.eye-d and dj hidden - peer to peer pressure-(prspctcd002)-cd-2011-320.jpg
00.eye-d and dj hidden - peer to peer pressure-(prspctcd002)-cd-2011-320.m3u
00.eye-d and dj hidden - peer to peer pressure-(prspctcd002)-cd-2011-320.nfo
00.eye-d and dj hidden - peer to peer pressure-(prspctcd002)-cd-2011-320.sfv
01.eye-d and dj hidden - ascender.mp3
02.eye-d and dj hidden - instinct.mp3
03.eye-d and dj hidden - rain.mp3
04.eye-d and dj hidden - chemical dreams.mp3
05.eye-d and dj hidden - time device.mp3
06.eye-d and dj hidden - transformer.mp3
07.eye-d and dj hidden - beholder.mp3
08.eye-d and dj hidden - speed bump.mp3
09.eye-d and dj hidden - highways.mp3
10.eye-d and dj hidden - battlefield.mp3
11.eye-d and dj hidden - break you.mp3
12.eye-d and dj hidden - untitled.mp3
13.eye-d and dj hidden - untitled.mp3
PRSPCTCD002 Eye-D And DJ Hidden-Peer To Peer Pressure-(PRSPCTCD002)-CD-2011-hM
00 eye-d and dj hidden-peer to peer pressure-(prspctcd002)-cd-2011.jpg
00 eye-d and dj hidden-peer to peer pressure-(prspctcd002)-cd-2011.m3u
00 eye-d and dj hidden-peer to peer pressure-(prspctcd002)-cd-2011.nfo
00 eye-d and dj hidden-peer to peer pressure-(prspctcd002)-cd-2011.sfv
01 eye-d and dj hidden-ascender.mp3
02 eye-d and dj hidden-instinct.mp3
03 eye-d and dj hidden-rain.mp3
04 eye-d and dj hidden-chemical dreams.mp3
05 eye-d and dj hidden-time device.mp3
06 eye-d and dj hidden-transformer.mp3
07 eye-d and dj hidden-beholder.mp3
08 eye-d and dj hidden-speed bump.mp3
09 eye-d and dj hidden-highways.mp3
10 eye-d and dj hidden-battlefield.mp3
11 eye-d and dj hidden-break you.mp3
12 eye-d and dj hidden-untitled.mp3
13 eye-d and dj hidden-untitled.mp3
PRSPCTEP001 VA-Future Filth EP-PRSPCTEP001-Vinyl-2007-XTC
00-va-future filth ep-prspctep001-vinyl-2007-xtc.m3u
00-va-future filth ep-prspctep001-vinyl-2007-xtc.nfo
00-va-future filth ep-prspctep001-vinyl-2007-xtc.sfv
01-counterstrike and eye d-the grind-xtc.mp3
02-catacomb-gut wrench-xtc.mp3
03-limewax-last call-xtc.mp3
04-eye d and dj hidden-joshuas war-xtc.mp3
PRSPCTEP002 Cooh - Sleepwalkers EP-(PRSPCTEP002)-Vinyl-2009-SQ
00 cooh - sleepwalkers ep-(prspctep002)-vinyl-2009.m3u
00 cooh - sleepwalkers ep-(prspctep002)-vinyl-2009.nfo
00 cooh - sleepwalkers ep-(prspctep002)-vinyl-2009.sfv
a1 cooh and dj hidden - sleepwalkers.mp3
b1 cooh and lucio de rimanez - each of us.mp3
c1 cooh - drome.mp3
d1 cooh and markoman and tsunami - spitfire.mp3
PRSPCTEP002 Cooh - The Sleepwalkers EP-WEB-2009
00-cooh-sleepwalkers ep-(prspctep002)-web-2009.jpg
00-cooh-sleepwalkers ep-(prspctep002)-web-2009.nfo
00-cooh-sleepwalkers ep-(prspctep002)-web-2009.sfv
01-cooh & dj hidden-sleepwalkers.mp3
02-cooh & lucio de rimanez-each of us.mp3
04-cooh & markoman & tsunami-spitfire.mp3
PRSPCTEP003 Meth-The Rampage EP-(PRSPCTEP003)-2x12 Vinyl-2010-hM
00 meth-the rampage ep-(prspctep003)-2x12 vinyl-2010.m3u
00 meth-the rampage ep-(prspctep003)-2x12 vinyl-2010.nfo
00 meth-the rampage ep-(prspctep003)-2x12 vinyl-2010.sfv
a meth and audio-rampage.mp3
b meth-branch.mp3
c meth-narler.mp3
d meth-the vacants.mp3
PRSPCTEP003 Meth-The Rampage EP-(PRSPCTEP003)-WEB-2010-DEF
00-meth-the rampage ep-(prspctep003)-web-2010-def.jpg
00-meth-the rampage ep-(prspctep003)-web-2010-def.m3u
00-meth-the rampage ep-(prspctep003)-web-2010-def.nfo
00-meth-the rampage ep-(prspctep003)-web-2010-def.sfv
01-meth and audio-rampage-def.mp3
04-meth-the vacants-def.mp3
PRSPCTEP004 Dub Elements - Bass Up To The Tope EP-(PRSPCTEP004)-VINYL-2010-SQ
00-dub elements - bass up to the tope ep-(prspctep004)-vinyl-2010.m3u
00-dub elements - bass up to the tope ep-(prspctep004)-vinyl-2010.nfo
00-dub elements - bass up to the tope ep-(prspctep004)-vinyl-2010.sfv
a1-dub elements and erre - popim.mp3
b1-dub elements and neonlight - placebo.mp3
c1-dub elements gancher and ruin - aftermath.mp3
d1-dub elements and erre - bass up to the tope.mp3
PRSPCTEP004 Dub Elements-Bass Up To The Tope EP-(PRSPCTEP004)-WEB-2010-DEF
00-dub elements-bass up to the tope ep-(prspctep004)-web-2010-def.jpg
00-dub elements-bass up to the tope ep-(prspctep004)-web-2010-def.m3u
00-dub elements-bass up to the tope ep-(prspctep004)-web-2010-def.nfo
00-dub elements-bass up to the tope ep-(prspctep004)-web-2010-def.sfv
01-dub elements and erre-popim-def.mp3
02-dub elements and neonlight-placebo-def.mp3
03-dub elements and gancher and ruin-aftermath-def.mp3
04-dub elements and erre-bass up to the tope-def.mp3
PRSPCTLP001 VA - Blood and Steel-(PRSPCTLP001)-3xVinyl-2009-SQ
00 va - blood and steel-(prspctlp001)-vinyl-2009.m3u
00 va - blood and steel-(prspctlp001)-vinyl-2009.nfo
00 va - blood and steel-(prspctlp001)-vinyl-2009.sfv
a1 limewax - uncomes.mp3
b1 donny - they are coming.mp3
c1 raiden - cant be myself.mp3
d1 eye-d and squee - circuitry.mp3
e1 counterstrike and cooh - blood and steel.mp3
f1 vengeanze - caves.mp3
PRSPCTLP001 VA-Blood and Steel LP-(PRSPCTLP001)-WEB-2009-THERAPY
00-va-blood and steel lp-(prspctlp001)-web-2009-therapy.jpg
00-va-blood and steel lp-(prspctlp001)-web-2009-therapy.m3u
00-va-blood and steel lp-(prspctlp001)-web-2009-therapy.nfo
00-va-blood and steel lp-(prspctlp001)-web-2009-therapy.sfv
02-donny-they are coming-therapy.mp3
03-raiden-cant be myself-therapy.mp3
04-eye-d and squee-circuitry-therapy.mp3
05-counterstrike and cooh-blood and steel-therapy.mp3
PRSPCTLP002 Eye-D and DJ Hidden-Peer To Peer Pressure-(PRSPCTLP002)-WEB-2011-BPM INT
00-eye-d and dj hidden-peer to peer pressure-(prspctlp002)-web-2011.m3u
00-eye-d and dj hidden-peer to peer pressure-(prspctlp002)-web-2011.nfo
00-eye-d and dj hidden-peer to peer pressure-(prspctlp002)-web-2011.sfv
01-eye-d and dj hidden-ascender.mp3
02-eye-d and dj hidden-instinct.mp3
03-eye-d and dj hidden-rain.mp3
04-eye-d and dj hidden-chemical dreams.mp3
05-eye-d and dj hidden-time device.mp3
06-eye-d and dj hidden-transformer.mp3
07-eye-d and dj hidden-beholder.mp3
08-eye-d and dj hidden-speed bump.mp3
09-eye-d and dj hidden-highways.mp3
10-eye-d and dj hidden-battlefield.mp3
11-eye-d and dj hidden-break you.mp3
PRSPCTLP003 Dub Elements-Party Program-(PRSPCTLP003)-CD-2012-hM
00 dub elements-party program-(prspctlp003)-cd-2012.jpg
00 dub elements-party program-(prspctlp003)-cd-2012.m3u
00 dub elements-party program-(prspctlp003)-cd-2012.nfo
00 dub elements-party program-(prspctlp003)-cd-2012.sfv
01 dub elements-threat.mp3
02 dub elements-extreme punishment.mp3
03 dub elements-black ninja.mp3
04 dub elements-murder.mp3
05 dub elements-loaded (ft counterstrike).mp3
06 dub elements-truth rising.mp3
07 dub elements-chicago (ft gancher and ruin).mp3
08 dub elements-back to the game.mp3
09 dub elements-go party (ft alexander head).mp3
10 dub elements-rude awakening.mp3
11 dub elements-never give up.mp3
12 dub elements-bass to the tope vip (ft erre).mp3
PRSPCTLP003 Dub Elements-Party Program-(PRSPCTLP003)-WEB-2012-BPM
00-dub elements-party program-(prspctlp003)-web-2012.m3u
00-dub elements-party program-(prspctlp003)-web-2012.nfo
00-dub elements-party program-(prspctlp003)-web-2012.sfv
01-dub elements-threat.mp3
02-dub elements-extreme punishment.mp3
03-dub elements-black ninja.mp3
04-dub elements-murder.mp3
05-dub elements-loaded feat. counterstrike.mp3
06-dub elements-truth rising.mp3
07-dub elements-chicago feat. gancher and ruin.mp3
08-dub elements-back to the game.mp3
09-dub elements-go party feat. alexander head.mp3
10-dub elements-rude awakening.mp3
11-dub elements-never give up.mp3
12-dub elements-bass to the top feat. erre vip.mp3
PRSPCTLP004 Sinister Souls - Beat The Drum Hard-(PRSPCTLP004)-WEB-2012
PRSPCT Recordings - PRSPCTLP004 - Sinister Souls 'Beat The Drum Hard' - 01 Beat The Drum Hard.mp3
PRSPCT Recordings - PRSPCTLP004 - Sinister Souls 'Beat The Drum Hard' - 02 Tuh Tuh Duh -ft eRRe-.mp3
PRSPCT Recordings - PRSPCTLP004 - Sinister Souls 'Beat The Drum Hard' - 03 Not Human.mp3
PRSPCT Recordings - PRSPCTLP004 - Sinister Souls 'Beat The Drum Hard' - 04 Diablo -ft Dub Elements-.mp3
PRSPCT Recordings - PRSPCTLP004 - Sinister Souls 'Beat The Drum Hard' - 05 Bird Boy.mp3
PRSPCT Recordings - PRSPCTLP004 - Sinister Souls 'Beat The Drum Hard' - 06 Natural Selection.mp3
PRSPCT Recordings - PRSPCTLP004 - Sinister Souls 'Beat The Drum Hard' - 07 Parasite Bandit -ft Gein & Bratkilla-.mp3
PRSPCT Recordings - PRSPCTLP004 - Sinister Souls 'Beat The Drum Hard' - 08 We Are Killers -ft eRRe-.mp3
PRSPCT Recordings - PRSPCTLP004 - Sinister Souls 'Beat The Drum Hard' - 09 Let Me In.mp3
PRSPCT Recordings - PRSPCTLP004 - Sinister Souls 'Beat The Drum Hard' - 10 Stattlecar Spectacula.mp3
PRSPCT Recordings - PRSPCTLP004 - Sinister Souls 'Beat The Drum Hard' - 11 Black Magic -ft Counterstrike-.mp3
PRSPCT Recordings - PRSPCTLP004 - Sinister Souls 'Beat The Drum Hard' - 12 Perfect Organism -ft The Outside Agency-.mp3
PRSPCTLP005 VA - Family Album-(PRSPCTLP005)-WEB-2013
00 va-the prspct family album-(prspctlp005cd)-cd-2013.jpg
00 va-the prspct family album-(prspctlp005cd)-cd-2013.m3u
00 va-the prspct family album-(prspctlp005cd)-cd-2013.nfo
00 va-the prspct family album-(prspctlp005cd)-cd-2013.sfv
01 goldberg variations-whoopi of.mp3
02 eye-d-mission statement.mp3
03 lowroller-payback time.mp3
04 katharsys and cooh-dark red.mp3
05 donny and dub elements-the evil.mp3
06 gancher and ruin-victim.mp3
07 limewax and thrasher-prspct wrecking crew anthem.mp3
08 sinister souls-skullsplitter.mp3
09 dj hidden-the raw universe.mp3
10 current value and cooh-biohazard.mp3
11 igor-total confusion.mp3
12 counterstrike and bong-ra ft j. petterson-possessed.mp3
13 hallucinator-death will set us free.mp3
PRSPCTLP006 Sinister Souls-Horns Up-PRSPCT006LP-WEB-2014
01. Sinister Souls - Horns Up (feat MC Dart & MC Swift).mp3
02. Swing.mp3
03. Sinister Souls & Gein & Bratkilla - Come At Me Bro.mp3
04. Grim Reaper.mp3
05. Rocket Propelled Grenade.mp3
06. Meanwhile On Apocalypse.mp3
07. Sinister Souls & Cooh - Fight For More.mp3
08. Earth Prime.mp3
09. Sinister Souls & Ruffneck - Executioner.mp3
10. Sinister Souls & Proton Kid - Danger Time.mp3
11. Sinister Souls & Triamer & Nagato - Technical Difficulties.mp3
12. Fractured Psyche.mp3
PRSPCTLP006CD Sinister Souls-Horns Up-(PRSPCTLP006CD)-CD-2014-hM
00 sinister souls-horns up-(prspctlp006cd)-cd-2014.jpg
00 sinister souls-horns up-(prspctlp006cd)-cd-2014.m3u
00 sinister souls-horns up-(prspctlp006cd)-cd-2014.nfo
00 sinister souls-horns up-(prspctlp006cd)-cd-2014.sfv
01 sinister souls-horns up (ft mc dart and mc swift).mp3
02 sinister souls-swing.mp3
03 sinister souls-come at me bro (ft gein and bratkilla).mp3
04 sinister souls-grim reaper.mp3
05 sinister souls-rocket propelled grenade.mp3
06 sinister souls-meanwhile on apocalypse.mp3
07 sinister souls-fight for more (ft cooh).mp3
08 sinister souls-earth prime.mp3
09 sinister souls-executioner (ft ruffneck).mp3
10 sinister souls-danger time (ft proton kid).mp3
11 sinister souls-technical difficulties (ft triamer and nagato).mp3
12 sinister souls-fractured psyche.mp3
PRSPCTLTD001 VA - Prspct Limited-WEB-2009
01. Mumblz & Gancher - Brain Cracklin.mp3
02. Dub Elements - My Hole.mp3
03. Mumblz & Switch Technique - Guardian.mp3
04. Dereck - Apollo.mp3
Cover 1.jpg
Cover 2.jpg
PRSPCTLTD001 VA-Braincracklin-(PRSPCTLTD001)-2x12 Vinyl-2009-hM
00 va-braincracklin-(prspctltd001)-2x12 vinyl-2009.m3u
00 va-braincracklin-(prspctltd001)-2x12 vinyl-2009.nfo
00 va-braincracklin-(prspctltd001)-2x12 vinyl-2009.sfv
a mumblz and gancher-braincracklin.mp3
b dub elements-my hole.mp3
c mumblz and switch technique-guardian.mp3
d dereck-apollo.mp3
PRSPCTLTD002 Broken Note-Channel Zero-(PRSPCTLTD002)-Vinyl-2010-OBC
00-broken note-channel zero-(prspctltd002)-vinyl-2010.m3u
00-broken note-channel zero-(prspctltd002)-vinyl-2010.sfv
00-broken note-channel zero-(prspctltd002)-vinyl-2010-picture.jpg
a1-broken note-channel zero.mp3
b1-broken note-pyrotek (cooh remix).mp3
PRSPCTLTD002 Broken Note-Channel Zero Pyrotek-(PRSPCTLTD002)-WEB-2010-DEF
00-broken note-channel zero - pyrotek-(prspctltd002)-web-2010-def.jpg
00-broken note-channel zero - pyrotek-(prspctltd002)-web-2010-def.m3u
00-broken note-channel zero - pyrotek-(prspctltd002)-web-2010-def.nfo
00-broken note-channel zero - pyrotek-(prspctltd002)-web-2010-def.sfv
01-broken note-channel zero-def.mp3
02-broken note-pyrotek (cooh remix)-def.mp3
PRSPCTLTD003 Freqax-World In A Box The Witch-(PRSPCTLTD003)-WEB-2010-DEF
00-freqax-world in a box the witch-(prspctltd003)-web-2010-def.jpg
00-freqax-world in a box the witch-(prspctltd003)-web-2010-def.m3u
00-freqax-world in a box the witch-(prspctltd003)-web-2010-def.nfo
00-freqax-world in a box the witch-(prspctltd003)-web-2010-def.sfv
01-freqax-world in a box-def.mp3
02-freqax-the witch-def.mp3
PRSPCTLTD004 Forbidden Society-Attack The Beautiful Despised-(PRSPCTLTD004)-WEB-2011-DEF
00-forbidden society-attack the beautiful despised-(prspctltd004)-web-2011-def.jpg
00-forbidden society-attack the beautiful despised-(prspctltd004)-web-2011-def.m3u
00-forbidden society-attack the beautiful despised-(prspctltd004)-web-2011-def.nfo
00-forbidden society-attack the beautiful despised-(prspctltd004)-web-2011-def.sfv
01-forbidden society-attack the beautiful-def.mp3
02-forbidden society-despised-def.mp3
PRSPCTLTD005 Gancher and Ruin-Larum-(PRSPCTLTD005)-WEB-2011-BPM
00-gancher and ruin-larum-(prspctltd005)-web-2011.m3u
00-gancher and ruin-larum-(prspctltd005)-web-2011.nfo
00-gancher and ruin-larum-(prspctltd005)-web-2011.sfv
01-gancher and ruin-larum (feat. triamer).mp3
02-gancher and ruin-avenger.mp3
PRSPCTLTD005 Gancher And Ruin-Larum (ft Triamer) Avanger-(PRSPCTLTD005)-Vinyl-2011-hM
00 gancher and ruin-larum (ft triamer) avanger-(prspctltd005)-vinyl-2011.m3u
00 gancher and ruin-larum (ft triamer) avanger-(prspctltd005)-vinyl-2011.nfo
00 gancher and ruin-larum (ft triamer) avanger-(prspctltd005)-vinyl-2011.sfv
00 gancher and ruin-larum (ft triamer) avanger-(prspctltd005)-vinyl-2011-a side.jpg
00 gancher and ruin-larum (ft triamer) avanger-(prspctltd005)-vinyl-2011-b side.jpg
a gancher and ruin-larum (ft. triamer).mp3
b gancher and ruin-avanger.mp3
PRSPCTLTD006 Dead Phantoms-Dead Phantoms EP-(PRSPCTLTD006)-WEB-2011-tmnd
00-dead phantoms-dead phantoms ep-2011.m3u
00-dead phantoms-dead phantoms ep-2011.nfo
00-dead phantoms-dead phantoms ep-2011.sfv
01-dead phantoms-rubber wall.mp3
02-dead phantoms-fucking snail.mp3
03-dead phantoms-a town.mp3
04-dead phantoms-thats it.mp3
PRSPCTLTD007 Igneon System vs Lowroller-Great Violence-(PRSPCTLTD007)-WEB-2011-BPM
00-igneon system vs lowroller-great violence-(prspctltd007)-web-2011.m3u
00-igneon system vs lowroller-great violence-(prspctltd007)-web-2011.nfo
00-igneon system vs lowroller-great violence-(prspctltd007)-web-2011.sfv
01-igneon system vs lowroller-great violence.mp3
02-igneon system vs lowroller-ultimate weapon.mp3
PRSPCTLTD007 Igneon System vs Lowroller-Great Violence Ultimate Weapon-(PRSPCTLTD007)-Vinyl-2011-hM
00 igneon system vs lowroller-great violence ultimate weapon-(prspctltd007)-vinyl-2011.jpg
00 igneon system vs lowroller-great violence ultimate weapon-(prspctltd007)-vinyl-2011.m3u
00 igneon system vs lowroller-great violence ultimate weapon-(prspctltd007)-vinyl-2011.nfo
00 igneon system vs lowroller-great violence ultimate weapon-(prspctltd007)-vinyl-2011.sfv
a igneon system vs lowroller-great violence.mp3
b igneon system vs lowroller-ultimate weapon.mp3
PRSPCTLTD008 C-Netik and Erre-Comon Dance Judgment-(PRSPCTLTD008)-WEB-2012-BPM
00-c-netik and erre-comon dance judgment-(prspctltd008)-web-2012.m3u
00-c-netik and erre-comon dance judgment-(prspctltd008)-web-2012.nfo
00-c-netik and erre-comon dance judgment-(prspctltd008)-web-2012.sfv
01-c-netik and erre-c-netik and erre-comon dance.mp3
02-c-netik and erre-c-netik-judgment.mp3
PRSPCTLTD008 C-Netik and Erre-Comon Dance Judgment-(PRSPCTLTD008)-WEB-2012-D23
00-C-Netik and Erre-Comon Dance Judgment-(PRSPCTLTD008)-WEB-2012-D23.jpg
00-C-Netik and Erre-Comon Dance Judgment-(PRSPCTLTD008)-WEB-2012-D23.m3u
00-C-Netik and Erre-Comon Dance Judgment-(PRSPCTLTD008)-WEB-2012-D23.nfo
00-C-Netik and Erre-Comon Dance Judgment-(PRSPCTLTD008)-WEB-2012-D23.sfv
01-C-Netik and Erre-Comon Dance-d23.mp3
PRSPCTLTD009 Loop Stepwalker and Erre-Release Your Rage David Likes Chopped VIP-(PRSPCTLTD009)-WEB-2012-BPM
00-loop stepwalker and erre-release your rage david likes chopped vip-(prspctltd009)-web-2012.m3u
00-loop stepwalker and erre-release your rage david likes chopped vip-(prspctltd009)-web-2012.nfo
00-loop stepwalker and erre-release your rage david likes chopped vip-(prspctltd009)-web-2012.sfv
01-loop stepwalker and erre-release your rage (original mix).mp3
02-loop stepwalker and erre-david likes chopped vip (original mix).mp3
PRSPCTLTD010 Hallucinator-Kill Them All Eternal Darkness-(PRSPCTLTD010)-WEB-2013
Hallucinator - Eternal Darkness.mp3
Hallucinator - Kill Them All.mp3
PRSPCTMIXCD001 VA - 10 Years Of PRSPCT Madness (Mixed By Thrasher)-WEB-2012
10 Years of PRSPCT Madness Mixed by Thrasher.mp3
PRSPCTRVLT002 Deformer-Hybrid EP-(PRSPCTRVLT002)-WEB-2012
00-deformer-hybrid ep-(prspctrvlt002)-web-2012.jpg
00-deformer-hybrid ep-(prspctrvlt002)-web-2012.nfo
00-deformer-hybrid ep-(prspctrvlt002)-web-2012.sfv
05-wormskull-nosebleed (deformer remix) (digital bonus).mp3
PRSPCTRVLT003 Bong-Ra - Monolith - The Remixes-(PRSPCTRVLT03)-WEB-2013
01 bong-ra - crawlers (akira remix).mp3
02 bong-ra - monolith (cooh remix).mp3
03 bong-ra - fallen sons (lowroller remix).mp3
04 bong-ra - dawn of the megalomaniacs (dj skullvomit remix).mp3
05 bong-ra - monolith (enduser remix).mp3
PRSPCTRVLT004 Igorrr Vs Bong-Ra-Tombs Pallbearer-(PRSPCTRVLT004)-WEB-2013-D23
00-Igorrr Vs Bong-Ra-Tombs Pallbearer-(PRSPCTRVLT004)-WEB-2013-D23.jpg
00-Igorrr Vs Bong-Ra-Tombs Pallbearer-(PRSPCTRVLT004)-WEB-2013-D23.m3u
00-Igorrr Vs Bong-Ra-Tombs Pallbearer-(PRSPCTRVLT004)-WEB-2013-D23.nfo
00-Igorrr Vs Bong-Ra-Tombs Pallbearer-(PRSPCTRVLT004)-WEB-2013-D23.sfv
01-Igorrr Vs Bong-Ra-Tombs.mp3
02-Igorrr Vs Bong-Ra-Pallbearer.mp3
PRSPCTRVLT005 FFF - Bloodclat Mentality-(PRSPCTRVLT005)-WEB-2013-SOB
00-fff - bloodclat mentality-(prspctrvlt005)-web-2013-cover-sob.jpg
00-fff - bloodclat mentality-(prspctrvlt005)-web-2013-sob.nfo
00-fff - bloodclat mentality-(prspctrvlt005)-web-2013-sob.sfv
01-fff - bloodclat mentality-sob.mp3
02-fff - dreamstate-sob.mp3
03-fff - machine-sob.mp3
04-fff - prl b58-sob.mp3
05-fff - no longer visible-sob.mp3
06-fff - shockwaves (digital bonus)-sob.mp3
PRSPCTRVLT006 Bong-Ra - On Your Knees Motherfucker EP (PRSPCTRVLT006)-2013
01 666MPH - (2013 Remix).mp3
02 Can You Dig It (2013 Remix).mp3
03 Dub Murderer (2013 Remix).mp3
04 Blood & Fire (2013 Remix).mp3
05 Can You Dig It (Sinister Souls Remix).mp3
06 666MPH (Gore Tech Remix).mp3
07 Dub Murderer (Stazma The Junglechrist Remix).mp3
PRSPCTRVLT007 Deformer - Repossessor-(PRSPCTRVLT007)-WEB-2014
01 Repossessor.mp3
02 Malevolent Mastery.mp3
00-bong-ra-monolith-(prspctrvltcd001)-cd-cd scan-2012-def.jpg
03-bong-ra-trillion nemesi-def.mp3
04-bong-ra-pandoras box-def.mp3
05-bong-ra-dawn of the megalomaniacs-def.mp3
06-bong-ra-darkness artificial flesh-def.mp3
07-bong-ra-fallen sons-def.mp3
PRSPCTRVLTDIGI001 Gore Tech - Hammers Of Blasphemy Iron Widow-(PRSPCTRVLTDIGI001)-WEB-2014
01 Hammers Of Blasphemy.mp3
02 Iron Widow.mp3
03-bong-ra-trillion nemes.mp3
04-bong-ra-pandora s box.mp3
05-bong-ra-dawn of the megalomaniacs.mp3
06-bong-ra-artificial flesh.mp3
07-bong-ra-fallen sons.mp3
PRSPCTSUB001 Counterstrike-Careful With That Axe Fucking Disgusting-(PRSPCTSUB001)-WEB-2011-BPM
00-counterstrike-careful with that axe fucking disgusting-(prspctsub001)-web-2011.m3u
00-counterstrike-careful with that axe fucking disgusting-(prspctsub001)-web-2011.nfo
00-counterstrike-careful with that axe fucking disgusting-(prspctsub001)-web-2011.sfv
01-counterstrike-careful with that axe.mp3
02-counterstrike-fucking disgusting (with cooh and balkansky).mp3
PRSPCTSUB001 Counterstrike-Careful With That Axe Thats Fucking Disgusting-(PRSPCTSUB001)-Vinyl-2011-hM
00 counterstrike-careful with that axe thats fucking disgusting-(prspctsub001)-vinyl-2011.jpg
00 counterstrike-careful with that axe thats fucking disgusting-(prspctsub001)-vinyl-2011.m3u
00 counterstrike-careful with that axe thats fucking disgusting-(prspctsub001)-vinyl-2011.nfo
00 counterstrike-careful with that axe thats fucking disgusting-(prspctsub001)-vinyl-2011.sfv
a counterstrike-careful with that axe.mp3
b counterstrike-thats fucking disgusting (ft. cooh and balkansky).mp3
PRSPCTSUB002 Wormskull - Nosebleed Remixes-(PRSPCTSUB002)-WEB-2012-SOB
00-wormskull - nosebleed remixes-(prspctsub002)-web-2012-cover-sob.jpg
00-wormskull - nosebleed remixes-(prspctsub002)-web-2012-sob.m3u
00-wormskull - nosebleed remixes-(prspctsub002)-web-2012-sob.nfo
00-wormskull - nosebleed remixes-(prspctsub002)-web-2012-sob.sfv
01-wormskull - nosebleed (sinister souls remix)-sob.mp3
02-wormskull - nosebleed (balkansky remix)-sob.mp3
03-wormskull - nosebleed (machine code remix)-sob.mp3
04-wormskull - nosebleed (lone wolf remix)-sob.mp3
PRSPCTTHW001 The Hard Way - The Hard Way-(PRSPCTTHW001)-WEB-2014-SOB
00-the hard way - the hard way-(prspctthw001)-web-2014-cover-sob.jpg
00-the hard way - the hard way-(prspctthw001)-web-2014-sob.m3u
00-the hard way - the hard way-(prspctthw001)-web-2014-sob.nfo
00-the hard way - the hard way-(prspctthw001)-web-2014-sob.sfv
01-the hard way - no snow no show-sob.mp3
02-the hard way - devil worshipping motherfuckers-sob.mp3
03-the hard way - dead rockstars-sob.mp3
04-the hard way - the hard way-sob.mp3
05-the hard way - meatstick-sob.mp3
06-the hard way - total fucking nihilism-sob.mp3
07-the hard way - sodomizer-sob.mp3
08-the hard way - halal breaks (bring the pork chops)-sob.mp3
09-the hard way - thw wrecking crew-sob.mp3
10-the hard way - suck satans cock (1997 vip)-sob.mp3
11-the hard way - pentagram of coke-sob.mp3
12-the hard way - humor of the tumor-sob.mp3
13-the hard way - crakchouse warming party-sob.mp3
14-the hard way - devil worshipping motherfuckers (live at the blue oyster club)-sob.mp3
PRSPCTTHW001CD The Hard Way - The Hard Way-(PRSPCTTHW001CD)-CD-2014-SRG
00-the hard way - the hard way-(prspctthw001cd)-cd-2014-srg.m3u
00-the hard way - the hard way-(prspctthw001cd)-cd-2014-srg.nfo
00-the hard way - the hard way-(prspctthw001cd)-cd-2014-srg.sfv
00-the hard way - the hard way-(prspctthw001cd)-cd-2014-srg-proof.jpg
01-the hard way - no snow no show.mp3
02-the hard way - devil worshipping motherfuckers.mp3
03-the hard way - dead rockstars.mp3
04-the hard way - the hard way.mp3
05-the hard way - meatstick.mp3
06-the hard way - total fuckin nihilism.mp3
07-the hard way - sodomizer.mp3
08-the hard way - halal breaks (bring the pork chops).mp3
09-the hard way - thw wrecking crew.mp3
10-the hard way - suck satans cock (1997 vip).mp3
11-the hard way - pentagram of coke.mp3
12-the hard way - humor of the tumor.mp3
13-the hard way - crackhouse warming party.mp3
14-the hard way - devil worshipping motherfuckers (live at the blue oyster bar).mp3
PRSPCT-XL15 Dub Elements and eRRe - Bass Up To The Top (VIP)-(PRSPCT-XL15)-WEB-2012
01-Dub Elements & eRRe - Bass Up To The Top (V.I.P.).mp3
PRSPCTXTRM001 The DJ Producer Vs Bong-Ra-The Abominable Blood Clot Techno-(PRSPCTXTRM001)-VINYL-2011-SQ
00-the dj producer vs bong-ra-the abominable blood clot techno-(prspctxtrm001)-vinyl-2011.jpg
00-the dj producer vs bong-ra-the abominable blood clot techno-(prspctxtrm001)-vinyl-2011.m3u
00-the dj producer vs bong-ra-the abominable blood clot techno-(prspctxtrm001)-vinyl-2011.nfo
00-the dj producer vs bong-ra-the abominable blood clot techno-(prspctxtrm001)-vinyl-2011.sfv
01-the dj producer vs bong-ra-the abominable.mp3
02-the dj producer vs bong-ra-blood clot techno.mp3
PRSPCTXTRM001 The DJ Producer Vs Bong-Ra-The Abominable Blood Clot Techno-(PRSPCTXTRM001)-WEB-2011-DEF
00-the dj producer vs bong-ra-the abominable blood clot techno-(prspctxtrm001)-web-2011-def.jpg
00-the dj producer vs bong-ra-the abominable blood clot techno-(prspctxtrm001)-web-2011-def.m3u
00-the dj producer vs bong-ra-the abominable blood clot techno-(prspctxtrm001)-web-2011-def.nfo
00-the dj producer vs bong-ra-the abominable blood clot techno-(prspctxtrm001)-web-2011-def.sfv
01-the dj producer vs bong-ra-the abominable-def.mp3
02-the dj producer vs bong-ra-bloodclot techno-def.mp3
PRSPCTXTRM002 The Outside Agency-The Price Is Right Ghetto Blast-(PRSPCTXTRM002)-WEB-2012-BPM
00-the outside agency-the price is right ghetto blast-(prspctxtrm002)-web-2012.m3u
00-the outside agency-the price is right ghetto blast-(prspctxtrm002)-web-2012.nfo
00-the outside agency-the price is right ghetto blast-(prspctxtrm002)-web-2012.sfv
01-the outside agency-the price is right.mp3
02-the outside agency-ghetto blast.mp3
PRSPCTXTRM003 IGor-Testify Power To Distort-(PRSPCTXTRM003)-Vinyl-2012-hM
00 igor-testify power to distort-(prspctxtrm003)-vinyl-2012.jpg
00 igor-testify power to distort-(prspctxtrm003)-vinyl-2012.m3u
00 igor-testify power to distort-(prspctxtrm003)-vinyl-2012.nfo
00 igor-testify power to distort-(prspctxtrm003)-vinyl-2012.sfv
a igor-testify.mp3
b counterstrike-power to distort (igor remix).mp3
PRSPCTXTRM003 Igor-Testify Power to Distort (Igor Remix)-(PRSPCTXTRM003)-WEB-2012-D23
00-Igor-Testify - Power to Distort (Igor Remix)-(PRSPCTXTRM003)-WEB-2012-D23.jpg
00-Igor-Testify - Power to Distort (Igor Remix)-(PRSPCTXTRM003)-WEB-2012-D23.m3u
00-Igor-Testify - Power to Distort (Igor Remix)-(PRSPCTXTRM003)-WEB-2012-D23.nfo
00-Igor-Testify - Power to Distort (Igor Remix)-(PRSPCTXTRM003)-WEB-2012-D23.sfv
02-Counterstrike-Power to Distort (Igor Remix)-d23.mp3
PRSPCTXTRM004 Lowroller - No Fear Crossroad-(PRSPCTXTRM004)-WEB-2012-SRG
00-lowroller - no fear crossroad-(prspctxtrm004)-web-2012-srg.m3u
00-lowroller - no fear crossroad-(prspctxtrm004)-web-2012-srg.nfo
00-lowroller - no fear crossroad-(prspctxtrm004)-web-2012-srg.sfv
01-lowroller - no fear.mp3
02-lowroller - crossroad.mp3
PRSPCTXTRM005 Detest - Blasteroid Shotgun-(PRSPCTXTRM005)-WEB-2012
PRSPCT Recordings - PRSPCT XTRM005 - Detest - 01 Blasteroid.mp3
PRSPCT Recordings - PRSPCT XTRM005 - Detest - 02 Shotgun.mp3
PRSPCTXTRM005 Detest-Blasteroid-(PRSPCTXTRM005)-VINYL-2012-CT
00 detest-blasteroid-(prspctxtrm005)-vinyl-2012-ct.m3u
00 detest-blasteroid-(prspctxtrm005)-vinyl-2012-ct.nfo
00 detest-blasteroid-(prspctxtrm005)-vinyl-2012-ct.sfv
01 detest-blasteroid-ct.mp3
02 detest-shotgun-ct.mp3
PRSPCTXTRM006 Delta 9 And Fiend - Drag Me To Hell Legion-(PRSPCTXTRM006)-WEB-2013-SRG
00-delta 9 and fiend - drag me to hell legion-(prspctxtrm006)-web-2013-srg.m3u
00-delta 9 and fiend - drag me to hell legion-(prspctxtrm006)-web-2013-srg.nfo
00-delta 9 and fiend - drag me to hell legion-(prspctxtrm006)-web-2013-srg.sfv
01-delta 9 and fiend - drag me to hell.mp3
02-delta 9 and fiend - legion.mp3
PRSPCTXTRM007 Dither - Digital Chemistry Adopted The Dark-(PRSPCTXTRM007)-WEB-2013-SRG
00-dither - digital chemistry adopted the dark (prspctxtrm007)-web-2013-srg.m3u
00-dither - digital chemistry adopted the dark (prspctxtrm007)-web-2013-srg.nfo
00-dither - digital chemistry adopted the dark (prspctxtrm007)-web-2013-srg.sfv
01-dither - digital chemistry.mp3
02-dither - adopted the dark.mp3
PRSPCTXTRM008 Sei2ure-War-(PRSPCTXTRM008)-Vinyl-2013-hM
00 sei2ure-war-(prspctxtrm008)-vinyl-2013.jpg
00 sei2ure-war-(prspctxtrm008)-vinyl-2013.m3u
00 sei2ure-war-(prspctxtrm008)-vinyl-2013.nfo
00 sei2ure-war-(prspctxtrm008)-vinyl-2013.sfv
a1 sei2ure-war.mp3
b1 sei2ure-destroy.mp3
b2 sei2ure-i am god.mp3
PRSPCTXTRM008 Sei2ure-War-(PRSPCTXTRM008)-WEB-2013-hM
00 sei2ure-war-(prspctxtrm008)-web-2013.m3u
00 sei2ure-war-(prspctxtrm008)-web-2013.nfo
00 sei2ure-war-(prspctxtrm008)-web-2013.sfv
01 sei2ure-war.mp3
02 sei2ure-destroy.mp3
03 sei2ure-i am god.mp3
PRSPCTXTRM009 The DJ Producer - Punk Attitude Restored-(PRSPCTXTRM009)-2013-WEB
01 The DJ Producer - Ease Up Selector.mp3
02 The DJ Producer feat. Deathmachine - Hell-E-Vator (Producers XTRM Punk Funk Slamdunk VIP Mix).mp3
PRSPCTXTRM009 The DJ Producer-Punk Attitude Restored-(PRSPCTXTRM009)-Vinyl-2013-BNP INT
00-the dj producer-prspctxtrm009-2013-bnp.m3u
00-the dj producer-prspctxtrm009-2013-bnp.nfo
00-the dj producer-prspctxtrm009-2013-bnp.sfv
01-the dj producer-ease up selector-bnp.mp3
02-the dj producer ft. deathmachine-hell-e-vator (producers xtrm punk funk slamdunk vip mix)-bnp.mp3
PRSPCTXTRM010 Akira and Drokz-XTRM Is What We Are-(PRSPCTXTRM010)-Vinyl-2013-BNP INT
01-akira-xtrm is what we are-bnp.mp3
02-akira-custom grind-bnp.mp3
03-drokz-f da police-bnp.mp3
04-drokz-bad boy-bnp.mp3
PRSPCTXTRM010 Akira and Drokz-XTRM is What We Are EP-(PRSPCTXTRM010)-WEB-2013
00-Akira and Drokz-XTRM is What We Are EP-(PRSPCTXTRM010)-WEB-2013.jpg
00-Akira and Drokz-XTRM is What We Are EP-(PRSPCTXTRM010)-WEB-2013.m3u
00-Akira and Drokz-XTRM is What We Are EP-(PRSPCTXTRM010)-WEB-2013.nfo
00-Akira and Drokz-XTRM is What We Are EP-(PRSPCTXTRM010)-WEB-2013.sfv
01-Akira-XTRM is What We Are.mp3
02-Akira-Custom Grind.mp3
03-Drokz-F Da Police.mp3
04-Drokz-Bad Boy.mp3
PRSPCTXTRM011 Detest - Witch Hunt - Fuck That-(PRSPCTXTRM011)-WEB-2014
00 detest - witch hunt - fuck that-(prspctxtrm011)-web-2014.m3u
00 detest - witch hunt - fuck that-(prspctxtrm011)-web-2014.nfo
00 detest - witch hunt - fuck that-(prspctxtrm011)-web-2014.sfv
01 detest - witch hunt.mp3
02 detest - fuck that.mp3
PRSPCTXTRM011 Detest-Witch Hunt Fuck That-(PRSPCTXTRM011)-Vinyl-2014-hM
00 detest-witch hunt fuck that-(prspctxtrm011)-vinyl-2014.jpg
00 detest-witch hunt fuck that-(prspctxtrm011)-vinyl-2014.m3u
00 detest-witch hunt fuck that-(prspctxtrm011)-vinyl-2014.nfo
00 detest-witch hunt fuck that-(prspctxtrm011)-vinyl-2014.sfv
a detest-witch hunt.mp3
b detest-fuck that.mp3
PRSPCTXTRM012 Sei2ure - The Messenger-(PRSPCTXTRM012)-Vinyl-2014-SRG
00-sei2ure - the messenger-(prspctxtrm012)-vinyl-2014-srg.m3u
00-sei2ure - the messenger-(prspctxtrm012)-vinyl-2014-srg.nfo
00-sei2ure - the messenger-(prspctxtrm012)-vinyl-2014-srg.sfv
00-sei2ure - the messenger-(prspctxtrm012)-vinyl-2014-srg-proof.jpg
a1-sei2ure - informer.mp3
a2-sei2ure - i had a dream.mp3
b1-sei2ure - quake generator.mp3
b2-sei2ure feat. dither - interference.mp3
PRSPCTXTRM012 Sei2ure - The Messenger-(PRSPCTXTRM012)-WEB-2014-SOB
00-sei2ure - the messenger-(prspctxtrm012)-web-2014-cover-sob.jpg
00-sei2ure - the messenger-(prspctxtrm012)-web-2014-sob.m3u
00-sei2ure - the messenger-(prspctxtrm012)-web-2014-sob.nfo
00-sei2ure - the messenger-(prspctxtrm012)-web-2014-sob.sfv
00-va-crossing wires 002 mixed by timo maas-(mfr102cd)-cd-flac-2014.m3u
01-sei2ure - informer-sob.mp3
02-sei2ure - i had a dream-sob.mp3
03-sei2ure - quake generator-sob.mp3
04-sei2ure ft dither - interferance-sob.mp3
05-sei2ure - beyond belief-sob.mp3
06-sei2ure - get down-sob.mp3
PRSPCTXTRM013 N-Vitral and Deathmachine-Time To Meet The Devil Perfect Machines-(PRSPCTXTRM013)-WEB-2014-hM
00 n-vitral and deathmachine-time to meet the devil perfect machines-(prspctxtrm013)-web-2014.m3u
00 n-vitral and deathmachine-time to meet the devil perfect machines-(prspctxtrm013)-web-2014.nfo
00 n-vitral and deathmachine-time to meet the devil perfect machines-(prspctxtrm013)-web-2014.sfv
01 n-vitral and deathmachine-time to meet the devil.mp3
02 n-vitral and deathmachine-perfect machines.mp3
PRSPCTXTRM666 The Hard Way - Devil Worshipping Motherfuckers-(PRSPCTXTRM666)-WEB-2013-BOA
00 the hard way - devil worshipping motherfuckers-(prspctxtrm666)-web-2013-boa.m3u
00 the hard way - devil worshipping motherfuckers-(prspctxtrm666)-web-2013-boa.nfo
00 the hard way - devil worshipping motherfuckers-(prspctxtrm666)-web-2013-boa.sfv
01 the hard way - devil worshipping motherfuckers.mp3
02 the hard way - pentagram of coke.mp3
PRSPCTXTRM667 Acid Diaper - Get Hard-(PRSPCTXTRM667)-WEB-2014-SOB
00-acid diaper - get hard-(prspctxtrm667)-web-2014-cover-sob.jpg
00-acid diaper - get hard-(prspctxtrm667)-web-2014-sob.m3u
00-acid diaper - get hard-(prspctxtrm667)-web-2014-sob.nfo
00-acid diaper - get hard-(prspctxtrm667)-web-2014-sob.sfv
01-acid diaper - get hard-sob.mp3
02-acid diaper - get loud-sob.mp3
PRSPCTXTRMDIGI001 Bong Ra vs Goetia - Axe To Grind Sickness Of The Underground-(PRSPCTXTRMDIGI001)-WEB-2014-SOB
00-bong ra vs goetia - axe to grind sickness of the underground-(prspctxtrmdigi001)-web-2014-sob.m3u
00-bong ra vs goetia - axe to grind sickness of the underground-(prspctxtrmdigi001)-web-2014-sob.nfo
00-bong ra vs goetia - axe to grind sickness of the underground-(prspctxtrmdigi001)-web-2014-sob.sfv
01-bong ra vs goetia - axe to grind-sob.mp3
02-bong ra vs goetia - sickness of the underground-sob.mp3
01 Overdose.mp3
02 Overdose (Dither Remix).mp3
03 Milf.mp3
04 Milf (The Speedfreak's Bitchmix).mp3

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)EI3( - The Pulse - China Cup-(PRO001UK-Vinyl)-1999-DRUM
00 )ei3( - the pulse - china cup-(pro001uk-vinyl)-1999-(r-3275-1159276261)-drum.jpg
00 )ei3( - the pulse - china cup-(pro001uk-vinyl)-1999-(r-3275-1159276262)-drum.jpg
00 )ei3( - the pulse - china cup-(pro001uk-vinyl)-1999-drum.m3u
00 )ei3( - the pulse - china cup-(pro001uk-vinyl)-1999-drum.nfo
00 )ei3( - the pulse - china cup-(pro001uk-vinyl)-1999-drum.sfv
a1 the pulse-drum.mp3
b1 china cup-drum.mp3
Bad Company-Planet Dust-VLS-2001-CMS
00-bad company-planet dust-vls-2001-cms.nfo
00-bad company-planet dust-vls-2001-cms.sfv
01-bad company-planet dust-cms.mp3
02-bad company-speedball-cms.mp3
Boymerang--Still Urban Space (PRO 008)-Vinyl-1996-dL INT
00-boymerang--still urban space (pro 008)-vinyl-1996-dl.jpg
00-boymerang--still urban space (pro 008)-vinyl-1996-dl int.m3u
00-boymerang--still urban space (pro 008)-vinyl-1996-dl int.nfo
00-boymerang--still urban space (pro 008)-vinyl-1996-dl int.sfv
b1-boymerang--urban space.mp3
Dillinja-Threshold-(PRO004)-VINYL-1997-XXS INT
02-dillinja-got to.mp3
Optical--Moving 808s High Tek Dreams (PRO 009)-Vinyl-1996-dL INT
00-optical--moving 808s high tek dreams (pro 009)-vinyl-1996-dl int.m3u
00-optical--moving 808s high tek dreams (pro 009)-vinyl-1996-dl int.nfo
00-optical--moving 808s high tek dreams (pro 009)-vinyl-1996-dl int.sfv
00-optical--moving 808s high tek dreams (pro 009)-vinyl-1996-label a.jpg
00-optical--moving 808s high tek dreams (pro 009)-vinyl-1996-label b.jpg
a1-optical--moving 808s.mp3
b1-optical--high tek dreams.mp3
Prototype UK 001-Bad Company-sour
A - Bad Company - Pulse.mp3
B - Bad Company - China Cup.mp3
Prototype UK 001 - Bad Company - sour.m3u
Prototype UK 001 - Bad Company - sour.nfo
Prototype UK 001 - Bad Company - sour.sfv
Prototype-Bad Company-PROUK001-1999-SOUR
00-Prototype-Bad Company-PROUK001-1999-sour.m3u
00-Prototype-Bad Company-PROUK001-1999-sour.nfo
00-Prototype-Bad Company-PROUK001-1999-sour.sfv
A-Bad Company-Pulse-sour.mp3
B-Bad Company-China Cup-sour.mp3
Prototype-Bad Company-PROUK003-2001-SOUR
00-prototype-bad company pro003-sour.m3u
00-prototype-bad company pro003-sour.nfo
00-prototype-bad company pro003-sour.sfv
aa-bad company-speedball-sour.mp3
a-bad company-planet dust-sour.mp3
AA-Boymerang-Urban Space-sour.mp3
Prototype-Connexions EP-PROUK002-2000-sour
00-prototype-connexions ep-prouk002-2000-sour.m3u
00-prototype-connexions ep-prouk002-2000-sour.nfo
00-prototype-connexions ep-prouk002-2000-sour.sfv
A-Bad Company-The Pulse 2000 (Bad Company remix).mp3
B-Codename John-Be With You-sour.mp3
C-Trace-Sonar (optical and trace remix)-sour.mp3
D-Inta Warriors-Inta (Special Forces remix)-sour.mp3
Prototype-Cybotron featuring Dillinja-PRO004-1996-sour
00-prototype-cybotron featuring dillinja-pro004-1996-sour.m3u
00-prototype-cybotron featuring dillinja-pro004-1996-sour.nfo
00-prototype-cybotron featuring dillinja-pro004-1996-sour.sfv
aa-cybotron featuring dillinja-got to-sour.mp3
a-cybotron featuring dillinja-threshold-sour.mp3
Prototype-Cybotron featuring Dillinja-PRO010-1998-sour
00-Prototype-Cybotron featuring Dillinja-PRO010-1998-sour.m3u
00-Prototype-Cybotron featuring Dillinja-PRO010-1998-sour.nfo
00-Prototype-Cybotron featuring Dillinja-PRO010-1998-sour.sfv
AA-Cybotron featuring Dillinja-Revelations-sour.mp3
A-Cybotron featuring Dillinja-Light Years-sour.mp3
Prototype-Drumsound and Simon Bassline Smith-PROUK004-2004-sour
00-prototype-drumsound and bassline smith-prouk004-2004-sour.m3u
00-prototype-drumsound and bassline smith-prouk004-2004-sour.nfo
00-prototype-drumsound and bassline smith-prouk004-2004-sour.sfv
aa-drumsound and simon bassline smith-body movin-sour.mp3
a-drumsound and simon bassline smith-the odyssey-sour.mp3
Prototype-Ed Rush And Optical And Fierce-PRO014-1998-SOUR
00-prototype-ed rush and optical and fierce-pro014-1998-sour.m3u
00-prototype-ed rush and optical and fierce-pro014-1998-sour.nfo
00-prototype-ed rush and optical and fierce-pro014-1998-sour.sfv
aa-ed rush and optical and fierce-alien girl-sour.mp3
a-ed rush and optical and fierce-cutslo (lokuste mix)-sour.mp3
Prototype-Ed Rush-PRO005-2000-sour
A1-Ed Rush-Killamanjaro-sour.mp3
A2-Ed Rush-Subway-sour.mp3
Prototype-Ed Rush-PRO005-2000-sour.nfo
Prototype-Ed Rush-PRO005-2000-sour.sfv
Prototype-Lemon D-PRO007-1996-sour
00-prototype-lemon d-pro007-1996-sour.m3u
00-prototype-lemon d-pro007-1996-sour.nfo
00-prototype-lemon d-pro007-1996-sour.sfv
aa-lemon d-subphonic-sour.mp3
a-lemon d-going gets tough-sour.mp3
a-matrix-mute 98-sour.mp3
aa-optical-high tek dreams-sour.mp3
a-optical-moving 808s-sour.mp3
VA-Grooverider Presents The Prototype Years-1997-SOUR
000-va-grooverider presents the prototype years-1997-sour.nfo
000-va-grooverider presents the prototype years-1997-sour.sfv
000-va-grooverider presents the prototype years-back-sour.jpg
000-va-grooverider presents the prototype years-disc 2-sour.cue
000-va-grooverider presents the prototype years-front-sour.jpg
000-va-grooverider presents the prototype years-inlay-sour.jpg
101-codename john (feat grooverider)-dreams of heaven-sour.mp3
102-john b-secrets-sour.mp3
103-optical-grey odyssey-sour.mp3
105-codename john (feat grooverider)-deep inside-sour.mp3
106-dillinja-silver blade-sour.mp3
107-ed rush and fierce-locust-sour.mp3
108-codename john (feat grooverider)-warned-sour.mp3
110-lemon d-city lights-sour.mp3
201-the prototype years (mixed by grooverider)-sour.mp3

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