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Techno Tracks January 2016 Part2
Techno | Author: Admin | 21-03-2016, 15:31
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11-death abyss - the black book-tr
01-dr double face-nice to meet you-dd161904
02-dr double face-revelation-d096742f
03-dr double face-happy birthday-d8f5bc2a
04-dr double face-illusionismus-956a57f0
05-dr double face-the space-e11e895b
06-dr double face-visum-578db0a0
07-dr double face-connecting people-680038dc
08-dr double face-chic am stuck-bb9e254e
09-dr double face-illumination-3f43f331
10-dr double face-fuck your industry-5547979e
11-dr double face-dy namik cyrcle-de00d84f
12-dr double face-evolution-7134e47a
01-drvg cvltvre - new earth army-tr
02-drvg cvltvre - we have become the filth of the universe-tr
03-drvg cvltvre - possessed-tr
01-fc shuttle-zzzipper (original mix)
02-fc shuttle-hippozaun (original mix)
01-jemil deep-jericho (original mix)(1)
01-jemil deep-jericho (original mix)
02-jemil deep-karowelt (original mix)
03-jemil deep-life is
04-jemil deep-lucidity (original mix)
05-jemil deep-subconscious (original mix)
01-joy fagnani-future shock (original mix)
02-joy fagnani-la misma mision (original mix)
03-joy fagnani-the traveller (original mix)
01-longalenga-vitesse (original mix)
02-longalenga-vitesse (crennwiick remix)
03-longalenga-vitesse (ben rama remix)
04-longalenga-vitesse (matt dwellers remix)
05-longalenga-ministerium impactum (original mix)
01-jflores-dosenmil (original mix)
02-jflores-dosenmil (luca m remix)
01-lowkey and kardinal - state of hype-tr
02-lowkey and kardinal - state of hype (kardinal rework)-tr
03-lowkey and kardinal - state of hype (kalden bess remix)-tr
04-lowkey and kardinal - state of hype (yan stricker remix)-tr
01-michael bibi-restoration (original mix)
02-michael bibi-excuse you (original mix)
03-michael bibi-standing near (original mix)
04-michael bibi-excuse you (onno remix)
01-rodhad - im glanz des mondes-tr
02-rodhad - kinder der ringwelt-tr
03-rodhad - planet der verlorenen-tr
04-rodhad - venusianische holle-tr
01-sascha beek-exodus
02-sascha beek-mandan
03-sascha beek-t001
04-sascha beek-sickness
05-sascha beek-temperature between
01-simone liberali-watch out
02-simone liberali-abstract
03-simone liberali-moody island
04-simone liberali-number 19
01-wildstylez and brennan heart-lies or truth (album edit)
02-max enforcer and coone-love and hate (edit)
03-low-e and zero sanity-broken record (radio edit)
04-audiotricz-a broken story (edit)
05-noisecontrollers-faster n further (bass modulators remix)
06-sound rush-froz3n (edit)
07-code black ft chris madin-new world (radio edit)
08-brennan heart and jonathan mendelsohn-follow the light (radio edit)
09-crisis era-make it pop (radio edit)
10-dailucia-rawphoria (radio edit)
11-code black and wasted penguinz ft insali-end like this (edit)
12-brennan heart toneshifterz and dv8 rocks-my identity (radio edit)
14-the vision ft melissa pixel-we r one
15-code black and toneshifterz-kick it up now (edit)
16-galactic-hold me (edit)(1)
16-galactic-hold me (edit)
17-brennan heart-hardbass junkie (digital punk remix)
18-crisis era-come on (edit)
19-wildstylez-forever (tnt remix)
20-outbreak-brain smacker (radio edit)
21-sub sonik-fuck yall if you doubt me (radio edit)
22-demi kanon-supersonic
23-frontliner-raining melodies (an x-qlusive soundtrack)
24-concept art-catching contact (edit)
25-brennan heart-outta my way (endymion remix)
26-crisis era-what im about
27-outbreak-get the mean (radio edit) (ft dv8 rocks)
28-concept art-ready to rumble (radio edit)
29-frontliner and wasted penguinz-t m m o (radio edit)
30-electronic vibes-movement (radio edit)
31-wildstylez-roots (album edit)
32-dailucia ft popr3b3l-where my heart matches the beat (radio edit)
33-ncrypta-alone in the dark (radio edit)
34-concept art-giddem di style (radio edit)
36-electronic vibes-till the day comes
37-dillytek ft mz-losing control
38-hardwave-revamp (edit)
39-distance-peace of mind
40-nexone-be free
41-frontliner and nexone-run (extended mix)
42-audiomedics ft mc livid-nightlife criminal
43-the khemist-rockin steady
44-denza-moments (edit)
45-audiomedics and de snoeiploeg-coming through (edit)
46-frontliner ft anouck b-weightless (radio edit)
47-electronic vibes-here now (edit)
48-max enforcer-rise up (radio edit)
49-outbreak-its on
50-demi kanon and inverze-higher (radio edit)
51-sound rush-i cant stay (radio edit)
52-frontliner and geck-o-up there (radio edit)
53-concept art-tranquility (radio edit)
54-dillytek and nsclt-rushin
55-nexone-dare to be (ft nola)
56-frontliner-sound (extended mix)
57-sub sonik-go (welcome to my world) (edit)
58-e-force-blood written (qapital anthem 2015)
59-da tweekaz-celebration of sin (freaqshow anthem 2014)
60-frontliner-last one (radio mix) (ft seri)
01-killerpunkers-fuck all (killerpunkers re-work mix)-3ba0cc8c
02-vnh mdf-our time-6ba81c57
04-eke-wonder drug (moonstate remix)-3795bb06
05-dj alien-sinusoide-8b700b31
06-emilove-my drum-3403c8f1
08-pitcher-one night in sittard-c923ad0a
09-robert kuo-aurora-ff149780
10-pablo b-paranoik-6bbccc04
01-solee-still here (solee club re-edit)
02-beckers-secret games (martin roth remix)
03-oliver lieb-convergence (midas 104 remix)
04-oliver schories-the trick (cristoph in a fettle mix)
05-david granha-empathogen
07-teho-cliche (franz alice stern remix)
08-boss axis-something behind
09-andrea arcangeli-cuore (soul button remix)
10-pete oak-synesthesia
11-aaryon-calathea (d-nox and beckers remix)
12-oliver lieb-dynamo (david keno remix)
13-jonathan kaspar-dawn
14-almamale-rocker 33 (solee remix)
15-tim engelhardt-ost
16-arjuna schiks-new23 (zusammenklang remix)
17-lonya-iron door
18-unique repeat-alive
19-anders-mr holmes
21-jos and eli-destination
22-karada-last day on earth
23-cliff de zoete-two for one
25-khen-arnica montana
01-viicius-the underground (marco giorgino mix)
01-wes yvaez-from earth to mars (original mix)
02-wes yvaez-urano ice (original mix)
01-answer code request--calm down-siberia
02-answer code request--dust 02-siberia
03-answer code request--modal-siberia
04-answer code request--feel rework-siberia
01-code 701-h725 (original mix)
02-code 701-spiro (original mix)
03-code 701-just one check (original mix)
04-code 701-spiro (wunderblock dub)
01-daniel stefanik--it might drizzle until september-siberia
02-daniel stefanik--jolly green giant-siberia
01-jeff bennett--catching the train-siberia
02-jeff bennett--blowout-siberia
01-ryan davis and microtrauma--harmonia-siberia(1)
01-ryan davis and microtrauma--harmonia-siberia
02-ryan davis and microtrauma--calendula-siberia
03-ryan davis and microtrauma--calendula (dubspeeka remix)-siberia
04-ryan davis and microtrauma--philomela-siberia
01-sa pa--we can be friends-siberia(1)
01-sa pa--we can be friends-siberia
02-sa pa--morocco-siberia
03-sa pa--fast jam-siberia
04-sa pa--untitled 11-siberia
01-stl--nite train-siberia
02-stl--make believe-siberia
03-stl--deep stare-siberia
04-stl--loop 1-siberia
05-stl--loop 2-siberia
01-cristian varela - ghost bassers (original mix)-eithel
02-cristian varela - ghost bassers (gabriel d or and bordoy remix)-eithel
03-the advent and industrialyzer - jack of hearts (original mix)-eithel
04-eric sneo - immediate perception (original mix)-eithel
05-hollen - safety tutor (original mix)-eithel
06-axel karakasis - power plant (original mix)-eithel
07-steve mulder - paradox (original mix)-eithel
08-alen milivojevic - sweat (original mix)-eithel
09-paul darey and hannes bruniic - this life of mortal (original mix)-eithel
10-adrian oblanca - inedito (original mix)-eithel
11-dart darkman - ideal (original mix)-eithel
01-volunteer--looking back at the universe-siberia
02-volunteer--looking back at the universe (reduction)-siberia
05-volunteer--gateway to infinity-siberia
a1-andre kronert - planetary-tr
a2-andre kronert - planetary (stefan rein remix)-tr
b1-andre kronert - rest nor tranquility-tr
b2-andre kronert - rest nor tranquility (ron albrecht remix)-tr
01-crusta-expediense (original mix)
02-crusta-mist (original mix)
03-demax-fibius (original mix)
04-demax-machinaru (original mix)
05-demax-malevolent (original mix)
06-demax-morrh vell (original mix)
07-demax-porophop (original mix)
08-demax-sapifius (original mix)
01-hidro-riot (original mix)
02-hidro-soulful (original mix)
03-hidro-chopin boar (original mix)
04-hidro-albricia (original mix)
05-hidro-another grog (original mix)
06-hidro-bailaran (original mix)
07-hidro-disorder technovore (original mix)
08-hidro-bailarin (original mix)
09-hidro-drunky (original mix)
10-hidro-flock (original mix)
11-hidro-fuscounk (original mix)
12-hidro-icecreaman (original mix)
13-hidro-knowing (original mix)
14-hidro-move on (original mix)
15-hidro-naked (hidro remix)
16-hidro-nonsense (original mix)
17-hidro-oft (original mix)
18-hidro-paleolitic (original mix)
19-hidro-quill (original mix)
20-hidro-roam (hidro remix)
01-black annis
02-dames blanches
03-sea of trees
01-welcome to my domain (intro)
02-flight 303
03-bass pimp (extended mix)
04-forbidden dance (extended mix)
05-zone black (extended mix)
08-feeling loco (short mix)
09-overdrive (album mix)
10-wreck yourself
11-where am i
12-flight 303 (radio edit)
13-zone black (short mix)
14-toxicated (radio edit)
15-where am i (video edit)
01-na mi - psiche (original mix)-xds
02-na mi - la dame en noire (original mix)-xds
03-na mi - psiche (ikuto mind revision remix)-xds
04-na mi - la dame en noire (ikutos interpretation)-xds
01-the junkies - living and giving (original mix)-xds
02-the junkies - give you more (original mix)-xds
03-the junkies - smoke city (original mix)-xds
04-the junkies - lost cntrl (original mix)-xds
01-tripeo-untitled 13 (original mix)
02-tripeo-untitled 14 (original mix)
01-acid child-the prophet
02-acid child-the prophet (forest mix)
03-acid child-the prophet (bassboy (au) remix)
01-fnkey-once upon a crime
02-fnkey-my move (ft buddhi adikari)
03-fnkey-once upon a crime (klienfeld remix)
04-fnkey-my move (albyy remix) (ft buddhi adikari)
01-luciano leone - fireball (original mix)-xds
01-aahan-walmer (original mix)
02-aahan-summit avenue (original mix)
03-aahan-tfw (original mix)
01-ruben losada-mindtrap
02-martin occo-melody madness
03-chris air-nowhere to run
04-sistal-fane (flavio calzado remix)
05-float and rutz-moving onwards
06-the midnight perverts-under a spell (andre salmon and roggs remix)
07-proudly people-warm tube (re-mastered)
08-alexander vogt-overcome the fear
09-dive craft-scratching the stratosphere
12-sa du-glide
13-j osciua-inno
14-abnormal boyz-nethox
15-eastone-sweet mash
16-gleis 5-economies of scale
17-javi alvado-dopetrope
18-loco and jam-vesta (tom hades remix)
20-borja becker-phonique (ismael alonso remix)
21-holger nielson-humanoid
22-christian bonori-red noise (forest people replant)
23-red meat therapy-luxury tax
24-enoc-even so
02-ambivalent-swung out
01-dust-breeding pit
02-dust-alien prey
04-dust-the alien is contracting
05-dust-tell me
08-dust-message from enoch
10-dust-she woke up in water
11-dust-acid bath
13-dust-the alien is contracting (digital bonus beat)
a1-house of black lanterns - the smack-tr
a2-house of black lanterns - the smack (mosca dread at the controls mix)-tr
b1-house of black lanterns - grey leather glass-tr
b2-house of black lanterns - 8 million stories-tr
01-marco shuttle--and then-siberia
02-marco shuttle--beyond the mass-siberia
03-marco shuttle--buona visione-siberia
04-marco shuttle--elephante-siberia
05-marco shuttle--the chaos-siberia
06-marco shuttle--masay lama-siberia
07-marco shuttle--the way out-siberia
08-marco shuttle--volts-siberia
01-michal wolski--dawn-siberia
02-michal wolski--qi-siberia
03-michal wolski--unthinkable otherwiseness-siberia
01-ryogo yamamori-hasu
02-ryogo yamamori-overwork
03-ryogo yamamori-resource
01-stasik t-centipede
02-stasik t-dragonfly
01-tensal--eco 1-siberia
02-tensal--eco 2-siberia
03-tensal--eco 3-siberia
04-tensal--eco 4-siberia
01-collective machine captain knuckles-tucano
02-livio and roby-ananda (luca bacchetti endless remix)
03-leman and dieckmann-b-stick (aaaron remix)
04-stereofysh-the ease (stefanikaden dub)
05-fabio aurea-night call
06-sasch bbc caspar-do it right
07-philipp lammers-2 faces
08-right on-stay yourself
09-collective machine-lux (miguel lobo remix)
10-ortis jakob reiter-kind of jazz
11-7th star-rescue
12-florian rietze-nightdrive
13-marc scholl-face down
14-enric ricone danny fernandez-last days
16-c-rock patrick testor-vicious thinking (yapacc remix)
01-zombie nation-something else
02-zombie nation-workhorse
03-zombie nation-horsework
04-zombie nation-a numbers game
02-ambivalent-swung out
01-buchecha - cannonball (alex tb remix)
02-buchecha - cannonball (original mix)
03-buchecha - lost in space
04-buchecha - vertical drop
01-cari lekebusch - toad-tr(1)
01-cari lekebusch - toad-tr
02-cari lekebusch - cicada-tr
a1 under the hood-drum
a2 sex gymnasium-drum
b1 les quasimorockers-drum
01-cyberpunkz-lost in the city
01-dave blunt - are u ready (original mix)
02-dave blunt - broken beats (original mix)
03-dave blunt - calm down (original mix)
04-dave blunt - weird dreams (original mix)
05-dave blunt - ypsilon (original mix)
01-dub capsule - utraperc-tr
02-dub capsule - sens-tr(1)
02-dub capsule - sens-tr
03-dub capsule - stand by me-tr
04-dub capsule - what-tr
05-dub capsule - chocolate-tr
06-dub capsule - lying-tr
01-eugeneos-natura (original mix)
02-eugeneos-frankofer (original mix)
01-green velvet and claude vonstroke - mind yo bizness-tr
02-green velvet and claude vonstroke - snuffaluffagus-tr
01-hard j - breaks confused (original mix)
02-hard j - cardiac beats (original mix)
03-hard j - fight for it (buchecha remix)
04-hard j - fight for it (original mix)
05-hard j - way to the abyss (original mix)
01-leeon-approccio (2nd mix)
02-leeon-detroit adventures pt 1
03-leeon-approccio (hard mix)
04-leeon-detroit adventures pt 3
05-leeon-chill mod
06-leeon-vocal house
07-leeon-oldschool is a classic
09-leeon-the quiet experience
10-leeon-take your time
11-leeon-around my soul
01-tony denise-eagard
02-tony denise-tranzpass
03-tony denise-murk
01-ahric-dead on moon (original mix)
02-ahric-no whats that (original mix)
03-ahric-dead on the moon (vincent hiest and digital session remix)
04-ahric-no whats that (kevin sick remix)
05-ahric-dead on the moon (stekofk remix)
01-alberto costas-t-rex (original mix)
01-circuit alpha-possesive (original mix)
02-circuit alpha-control board (original mix)
03-circuit alpha-dimension (original mix)
01-dar glimmer-elva
01-martyn hare-rise again
02-martyn hare-reloop resist
03-martyn hare-the circle pit
04-martyn hare-guilt rider
01-rodion-allee der kosmonauten (original mix)
02-rodion-allee der kosmonauten (lauer remix)
03-rodion-allee der kosmonauten (heretic remix)
01-speed mode-civilization
02-speed mode-escape from the police
03-speed mode-mind
01-theeor moor-technologika (original mix)
02-theeor moor-black hole (original mix)
03-theeor moor-orion (original mix)
04-theeor moor-technologika (mimimal remix)
01-fran navaez-active resistance (original mix)
02-hanna strong-dramma (original mix)
03-mark rey-pastiche (original mix)
04-oscar palacios-dope (original mix)
05-lluis ribalta-hypnos (original mix)
06-rabent-spiral (original mix)
07-dualitik-kronos (original mix)
08-javi always-side (original mix)
09-efren kairos-lost in the village (original mix)
01-alex sayvin-big bang
02-alex sayvin-planet earth
01-atesh k-mind loop
02-atesh k-mind loop ferhat albayarak rmx
03-atesh k-synthetic
01-dani sbert-complete history feat. andreew
02-dani sbert-terminos
02-d-unity-bounce richie santana rmx
03-d-unity-bounce tony dee rmx
04-d-unity-bounce konstantin yoodza rmx
01-huminal-knocking on the sky tim penner rmx
02-huminal-knocking on the sky james monro rmx
03-huminal-doomwatcher pedro mercado and karada rmx
01-instigator - all alone-sob
02-instigator - the walk of doom-sob
03-instigator - drop this-sob
04-instigator - the beats flow-sob
01-myles serge - we are not alone (original mix)-xds
02-myles serge - shapeshifting (original mix)-xds
03-myles serge - axial pitch (original mix)-xds
04-myles serge - we are not alone (mattia trani remix)-xds
01-passone - requiem (original mix)-xds
01-ritzi lee-intrusive
02-ritzi lee-interconnective
01-rymdfunk-cycle of life
03-rymdfunk-the source
01-maxime dangles - kromatik (original mix)-xds
02-maxime dangles - fokal (sians telescopic remix)-xds
03-maxime dangles - perspektiv (original mix)-xds
04-maxime dangles - bokeh (original mix)-xds
05-maxime dangles - fokus (original mix)-xds
01-felix krocher-ammunition (original mix)
02-felix krocher-ammunition (loco and jam remix)
03-felix krocher-amps (original mix)
04-felix krocher-amps (hollen remix)
01 savannah-dd
02 dry me (acid mix)-dd
03 dry me-dd
01-john rowe-bradbury original mix
02-john rowe-scram original mix
03-john rowe-trepidation acid mix
04-john rowe-phethead original mix
01-kobosil-telling the truth
02-kobosil-to see land
04-kobosil-the exploring mountain
05-kobosil-aim for target
06-kobosil-the living ritual
07-kobosil-when i speak
09-kobosil-while the stars be not darkened
10-kobosil-you answered with love
11-kobosil-they looked on
01-oliver deuerling-wookie wonderland original mix
02-oliver deuerling-wookie wonderland karlos kastillo remix
03-oliver deuerling-wookie wonderland instrumental mix
01-crossfaded (original mix)
02-crossfaded (petar dundov remix)
03-crossfaded (pedro aguiar remix)
02-surgeon-z8 gnd 5296
06-surgeon-ulas j1120et0641
07-surgeon-a1703 zd6
01-jonyk-mirage (original mix)
02-jonyk-stranger (original mix)
03-droplex-radioactive (radio mix)
04-kon up-derelick (original mix)
05-kon up-the power (original mix)
06-lumia dee-barneys theme (original mix)
07-m.a.m.i.-iam no rocker (original mix)
08-m.a.m.i.-crazy things (original mix)
09-m.a.m.i.-weltweit (original mix)
10-maguta-minimal particle (original mix)
11-malek-so long and thanks for all the samples (original mix)
12-mamula-calculus (original mix)
13-marcel ei gio-bora bora (original mix)
14-marcel ei gio-disinfecting the hole (original mix)
15-melazeta-squirt (deep mix)
16-melazeta-revenge (original mix)
17-michel caron-down the steps (original mix)
18-midscape-minimal effect (original mix)
19-minitronik-detroit street (original mix)
20-minitronik-back into the darkness (original mix)
21-minitronik-es ist diese (original mix)
22-moritz ruebe-voodoo (original mix)
23-mrm-globing (original mix)
24-mrm-ibiza warrior (original mix)
25-nacim ladj-15 bucks (original mix)
01 the stellar hunter-dd
02 beyond the portal of madness-dd
03 the man from outer space-dd
01-arnold v - cyber birds (original mix)-xds
01-fixfeel-feeled (original mix)
02-fixfeel-underground 1 (original mix)
03-fixfeel-underground 2 (original mix)
04-fixfeel-underground 11 (original mix)
05-fixfeel-underground 10 (original mix)
06-fixfeel-underground 3 (original mix)
07-fixfeel-underground 4 (original mix)
08-fixfeel-underground 5 (original mix)
09-fixfeel-underground 6 (original mix)
10-fixfeel-underground 7 (original mix)
11-fixfeel-underground 8 (original mix)
12-fixfeel-underground 9 (original mix)

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