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Label Hardstyle: Hardbassfanatics Records Digital Pack-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 10-07-2016, 00:21
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Label Hardstyle: Hardbassfanatics Records Digital Pack-0DAY
HFBL001 Ukrainian Hardstylers Feat DJ Ded-Lets Face The Music-(HFBL001)-WEB-2010-BPM
HFBL002 G1 and Twizted-Stay-(HFBL002)-WEB-2010-BPM
HFBL003 G1 and Twizted-Drum Maschine-(HFBL003)-WEB-2011-BPM
HFBL004 G1 And Twizted Feat. Tha Sequalizer-Creatures-WEB-2011-UKHx
HFBL005 G1 And Twizted - Trick Or Treat-(HFBL005)-WEB-2011-SRG
HFBL006 G1 And Twizted - We Got To Demonstrate-(HFBL006)-WEB-2012-SRG
HFRD001 G1 and Twizted - Black Bash-(10009954)-WEB-2009-HB
HFRD003 Bloodpressure and Mindshokers - Push It-(HFRD003)-WEB-2009-HB
HFRD004 G1 And Twizted - The Universe-WEB-2009-SRG
HFRD005 Bloodpressure - Viva La Revolution-(HFRD005)-WEB-2009-HB
HFRD006 G1 And Twizted Feat MC G-Angel - Truth I Am Ready-WEB-2010-SRG
HFRD007 Sincera Lady - The Girly E.P.-(HFRD007)-WEB-2010-HB
HFRD008 G1 and Twizted - Oldskool EP-(HFRD008)-WEB-2010-HB
HFRD009 Impakt Now-Mother Nature-(HFRD009)-WEB-2010-HEARTBEAT
HFRD010 Da Miller-Mystic World-(HFRD010)-WEB-2010-UKHx
HFRD011 Short-E - Keep Da Noize Down-WEB-2010-JiM
HFRD012 Mindshockers - Earth-WEB-2010-JiM
HFRD013 Bloodpressure And DJ Terrorstyle - The Message-(HFRD013)-WEB-2010-SRG
HFRD014 Aron Setha - Dancin Cocain-(HFRD014)-WEB-2010-SRG
HFRD015 Short E - Predicted-(HFRD015)-WEB-2010-SOB
HFRD016 Cash Money Broz-Rock n Roll B-Side-(HFRD016)-WEB-2010-BPM
HFRD017 Impakt Now - Body Language Insanity-(HFRD017)-WEB-2010-SRG
HFRD018 G1 and Twizted-Oldskool EP Vol 2-(HFRD018)-WEB-2010-BPM
HFRD019 R-Traxx-Pumping-(HFRD019)-WEB-2010-BPM
HFRD020 DoomJayChrizZ - Kryptonite-(HFRD020)-WEB-2010-SRG
HFRD021 G1 And Twizted Feat Aron Setha - Hardsound Syndicate Mankind-(HFRD021)-WEB-2010-SRG
HFRD022 G1 and Twizted Feat Lady Crush-Wicked Plastik-(HFRD022)-WEB-2010-BPM
HFRD023 G1 and Twizted Feat Doomjaychrizz-The Forrest-(HFRD023)-WEB-2010-BPM
HFRD024 Deelay Pain-Bring It Back Waitin-(HFRD024)-WEB-2010-BPM
HFRD025 Bloodpressure and Dj Terrorstyle-Halluzination Album Sampler 1-(HFRD025)-WEB-2010-BPM
HFRD026 Short-E - Alternatives Breathe-(HFRD026)-WEB-2010-HB
HFRD027 Bloodpressure and DJ Terrorstyle-Halluzination Album Sampler 2-(HFRD027)-WEB-2010-BPM
HFRD028 Aron Setha-Setha EP-(HFRD028)-WEB-2010-BPM
HFRD029 G1 and Twizted Ft Triple 6-Hardstyle Society Anthem-(HFRD029)-WEB-2010-BPM
HFRD030 Lady Crush - I Need Love-(HFRD030)-WEB-2010-SOB
HFRD031 Aron Setha - The Wall Shut Up-(HFRD031)-WEB-2011-SRG
HFRD032 Lady Crush - Revolution-(HFRD032)-WEB-2011-HB
HFRD033 Hardbassfanatics Allstars - Take Control-(HFRD033)-WEB-2011-SOB
HFRD034 Aron Setha - Green Energy-(HFRD034)-WEB-2011-SRG
HFRD035 Lady Crush And Twizted - Golden Day-(HFRD035)-WEB-2011-HB
HFRD036 Sector One - On A Ride-(HFRD036)-WEB-2012-HB
HFRD037 Lady Crush ft Sector One - In My Mind-(HFRD037)-WEB-2012-HB
HFRD038 Sector One - Diamonds (The Remixes)-(HFRD038)-WEB-2012-SRG

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Label Hardstyle/Jumpstyle: Eternal Bliss Pack-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 10-07-2016, 00:20
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Label Hardstyle/Jumpstyle: Eternal Bliss Pack-0DAY
EB002 VA - Eternal Bliss Traxx Sampler Vol 2-(EB002)-Vinyl-2005-HB
EB003 VA - Eternal Bliss Sampler 3-(EB003)-PROPER-Vinyl-2006-HB
EB004 VA-Eternal Bliss Sampler Vol.4-(EB004)-Promo-Vinyl-2006-SVB
EB006 DJ Endy feat. Trip-Tik - The Revolution of 2 Empires-(EB006)-Vinyl-2008-FQS
EB007 VA - Eternal Bliss Club Tour 2008 Sampler-(EB007)-Vinyl-2008-FQS
EB008 Eternal Bliss Traxx - Blessed for Life-(EB008)-WEB-2008-SOB
EB008 Eternal Bliss Traxx ft MC Chucky - Blessed For Life-(EB008)-Vinyl-2008-HB
EB009 DJ Fox and Amalia Syst-M - Dywtk-(EB009)-PROPER-WEB-2009-SOB
EB009 DJ Fox Presents Amalia Syst-M - DYWTK-(EB009)-WEB-2009-HB
EB010 DJ Fox and Amalia Syst-M - The Shock-(EB010)-WEB-2009-SOB
EB010 DJ Fox and Amalia Syst-M - The Shock (the Mindhackerz Remix)-WEB-2009-SOB
EB011A The Mindhackerz - We Are the Mindhackerz-(EB011-A)-WEB-2010-SOB
EB011B The Mindhackerz - Mind Control-(EB011-B)-WEB-2010-SOB
EB012 DJ Fox - Nightmare-(EB012)-WEB-2010-HB
EB013 Amalia Syst-M and Burn Soldier - Thinkin Me Dead Everybody Fck-(EB013)-WEB-2010-HB

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Label Hardstyle: Epidemic Black Pack-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 10-07-2016, 00:19
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Label Hardstyle: Epidemic Black Pack-0DAY
EPBLK001 Renegade DJ And Missjudged-For The Money-(EPBLK001)-WEB-2011-DWM
EPBLK002 MickeyG - Yawn-(EPBLK002)-WEB-2011-HB
EPBLK006 Renegade DJ - Crystals-(EPBLK006)-WEB-2011-HB
EPBLK007 Skywavez - The Beginning-(EPBLK007)-WEB-2012-HB
EPBLK008 DJ MOS ft MissJudged - Lovin-(EPBLK008)-WEB-2012-SRG
EPBLK009 Studio-X - Rockin The Hardstyle-(EPBLK009)-WEB-2012-SRG
EPBLK010 Studio-X ft Zaeda - Red Is Best-(EPBLK010)-WEB-2012-SRG
EPBLK011 The Void - Creation-(EPBLK011)-WEB-2012-SRG
EPBLK012 The Void - Alone-(EPBLK012)-WEB-2012-SRG
EPBLK014 Renegade DJ ft MissJudged - Lose Your Mind-(EPBLK014)-WEB-2012-HB
EPBLK015 Stargazer - Limitless-(EPBLK015)-WEB-2012-SRG
EPBLK016 Studio-X ft Zaeda - 2012-(EPBLK016)-WEB-2012-HB
EPBLK017 Mythik - Particles Of Life-(EPBLK017)-WEB-2012-SRG
EPBLK018 Mythik - A Rift In Time-(EPBLK018)-WEB-2012-SRG
EPBLK019 DJ-Ra And The Void - Were Back-(EPBLK019)-WEB-2012-SRG
EPBLK020 Renegade DJ Ft MissJudged - Release The Fear-(EPBLK020)-WEB-2012-SRG
EPBLK021 Drop Atomik Ft Zaeda - Re-Modulate-(EPBLK021)-WEB-2012-SRG
EPBLK022 The Void - Life-(EPBLK022)-WEB-2012-SRG
EPBLK023 The Void And OneReaktor - Hope-(EPBLK023)-WEB-2012-SRG
EPBLK024 VerdyBoy And Synthesiz - Space Affair-(EPBLK024)-WEB-2012-SRG
EPBLK025 A-CicCo - Mystery Planet-(EPBLK025)-WEB-2012-SRG
EPBLK026 A-CicCo - Without You-(EPBLK026)-WEB-2012-SRG
EPBLK027 The Void ft Projex - Pure-(EPBLK027)-WEB-2012-HB
EPBLK028 Akku and Kyllsters - Rise Of The Sun-(EPBLK028)-WEB-2012-HB
EPBLK029 A-CicCo Ft MissJudged - The Fear-(EPBLK029)-REPACK-WEB-2012-SRG
EPBLK029 A-CicCo Ft MissJudged - The Fear-(EPBLK029)-WEB-2012-SRG
EPBLK030 VerdyBoy And SKZ Ft Bonnie Legion - Nothing To Fear-(EPBLK030)-WEB-2012-SRG
EPBLK031 Renegade DJ ft Missjudged - For The Money 2012-(EPBLK031)-WEB-2012-HB
EPBLK032 Binary Attack - Glorify-(EPBLK032)-WEB-2012-SRG

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Label Hardstyle: DJS Records Pack-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 10-07-2016, 00:18
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Label Hardstyle: DJS Records Pack-0DAY
DJS001 DJS - 3 Seconds-(03001-DJS-12)-Vinyl-2003-SQ
DJS002 Haze and Abyss ft The Prospektor-Hardpact-Vinyl-2003-USF
DJS003 DJ Busy-Get Busy Yo-Vinyl-2003-SND
DJS004 Dragan Vs Busy-The Sound-Vinyl-2004-SND
DJS005 A-Lusion Meetz The Bassfillerz - Mess With The Best-(04002djs12)-Vinyl-2004-NBD
DJS006 Thalamus - R.E.M.-(04003DJS)-Vinyl-2004-SQ
DJS007 Maik Davids and The Demolition DJ - Disintegration-(04004DJS)-Vinyl-2004-SQ
DJS008 Haze - Interference-(008DJS)-Vinyl-2005-SQ
DJS009 D-Tremble-Give Me The MF Beatz-(DJS009)-Vinyl-2005-DDS
DJS010 DJ Dragan - Invisibility-(DJS010)-Vinyl-2005-MP3HL
DJS011 Kayem Vs Brainkicker - Take This-(DJS011)-Vinyl-2005-HB
DJS012 Dj Luke Spellbound And The Mad Kiwi - My Dj-Vinyl-2006-QMI
DJS013 A-Lusion Feat. MC Villain-Get Smacked-(DJS013)-WEB-2006-SSK
DJS014 DJ Dragan and Main - Funk Pump it-Promo Vinyl-2006-QMI
DJS015 DJ B-Front and DJ Dragan-Shock-(DJS015)-Whitelabel-Vinyl-2006-HDF
DJS016 Noisecontrollers Vs Speedy Bass - Wanna Freak You-(DJS016)-WEB-2007-Homely
DJS016 Noisecontrollers Vs Speedy Bass-Wanna Freak You-(DJS016)-Vinyl-2007-HDF
DJS017 DJ Dragan Vs Luke Spellbound - Gateway 2 Hell-(DJS017)-Promo Vinyl-2007-HB
DJS018 DJ B-Front - My Style EP-(DJS018)-Vinyl-2007-HB
DJS019 DJ Main-Another World (DJS019)-Vinyl-2007-NBD
DJS020 The Revivals - Final Prayer-(DJS020)-Promo Vinyl-2008-HB
DJS021 DJ B-Front - Confuse-(DJS021)-WEB-2008-Homely
DJS021 DJ B-Front-Confuse (DJS021)-Vinyl-2008-NBD
DJS022 Dragan and The Vision - Another Level-WEB-2008-SRG
DJS023 DJ Frenetic - Im A Maniac-(DJS023)-Vinyl-2008-HB
DJS024 The Vision - Gettin Dollars-Vinyl-2008-QMI
DJS025 DJ Nightkiller - Skwert-(DJS025)-WEB-2010-HB
DJS026 Dragan and The Vision - The Switch E.P-(DJS026)-WEB-2009-HB
DJS026 Dragan And The Vision - The Switch E.P-Vinyl-2009-QMI
DJS026 Dragan And The Vision-Imitate The Switch-(DJS026)-Vinyl-2009-SSK
DJS027 Daniele Mondello vs Express Viviane - Its A Fine Day-(DJS027)-Vinyl-2009-HB
DJS028 Frenetic vs Dragan and Main - Headbanger-(DJS028)-WEB-2010-HB
DJS029 DJ Frenetic vs Dragan - Melodic Madness EP-WEB-2010-HB

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Label Jumpstyle: Black Milk Records Pack-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 10-07-2016, 00:15
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Label Jumpstyle: Black Milk Records Pack-0DAY
BM001 Panik X Trem-Elektrostatik-Raveworst-Vinyl-2004-USF
BM001 Panik-X Trem - Electrostatik (BLACKMILK001)-PROMO CDR-2004-OXD
BM002 Largemellow - Holiday-(BM002)-PROPER-Vinyl-2005-HB
BM002 Largemellow - Holiday-(BM002)-Retail Vinyl-2005-OXD
BM002 Largemellow - Timescape Holiday-Promo CDR-2004-HB
BM003 DJ Smokie - Blast Out EP-(BM003)-Vinyl-2005-HB
BM003 DJ Smokie - Blast Out-Promo (Records Mania)-CDR-2005-OXD
BM004 Largemellow - Revalation-(BM004)-Vinyl-2005-HB
BM004 Largemellow - Revalation (BM004)-Vinyl-2005-ToX
BM005 DJ Smokie - My House-(BM005)-Vinyl-2005-HB
BM006 Largemellow - Mellowstyle-(BM006)-Vinyl-2005-HB
BM006 Largemellow - Mellowstyle-Promo-CDR-2005-ToX

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