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Real Legacy Records Pack-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 18-07-2016, 19:00
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Real Legacy Records Pack-0DAY
[RLR001] Der Mystik And Alex Reliic-Paradise Beyond The Mirror Incl Remixes-WEB-2008-UKHx
[RLR002] Der Mystik-Colombia Incl Remixes-WEB-2008-UKHx
[RLR005] Der Mystik-Rockin Your World Incl Remixes-WEB-2008-ASOT
[RLR006] Vira and Aerium - Anastacia-(RLR006)-WEB-2008-EUPHORiC
[RLR007] Chosc-Memories of Ibiza-WEB-2008-ASOT
[RLR008] Shindrah-Fade Away-WEB-2008-WAV
[RLR009] Mnzx2-Exoduz-(RLR009)-WEB-2008-WTW
[RLR010A] VA-Nightlife Anthems (Best Of 08) (Sampler 1)-WEB-(RLR010A)-2009-CopyCAT
[RLR010B] VA--Nightlife Anthems-(Best of 08)-(Sampler 2)-(RLR010B)-WEB-2009-SHELTER
[RLR011] Der Mystik-Good Karma-WEB-2009-UKHx
[RLR012] Daniel Loubscher And Illyra-Golden Sky Incl Original Mix-(DIRFIX)-WEB-2009-ASOT
[RLR012] Daniel Loubscher And Illyra-Golden Sky Incl Original Mix-2009-ASOT
[RLR012] Daniel Loubscher And Illyra-Golden Sky Remixes-WEB-2009-UKHx
[RLR013] Der Mystik-Sevillana-WEB-2009-UKHx
[RLR014] Type-Desert Moon-(RLR014)-WEB-2009-iTALiVE
[RLR015] Alex Van Gar-Your Eyes-WEB-2009-ASOT
[RLR016] Dejan S-Nightscape Incl Der Mystik Remix-(RLR016)-WEB-2009-UKHx
[RLR017] VA-Real Legacy-Trance Top Five Vol 1-WEB-2009-ASOT
[RLS001] Dhamika-Never Let The Sun Go Down-(RLS001)-WEB-2008-WTW

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Pulse Label Pack-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 18-07-2016, 19:00
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Pulse Label Pack-0DAY
[PULSE008P] Lord Of Tranz - Sanctificum-Promo Vinyl-1999-NBD
[PULSE010P] Arome-Talk to Me DJ Scot Project Remix-256kbs-CD-1998-USF INT
[PULSE012] Ecsape--Control-(PULSE 012)-VINYL-1999-CMC INT
[PULSE017] Trance Genetic--Around Your Space-(PULSE 017)-VINYL-1999-CMC INT
[PULSE022] Mass In Orbit--Fear Remixes-(PULSE 022)-VINYL-1999-CMC INT
[PULSE030] Russenmafia - Go-Vinyl-2000-TR
[PULSE031P] Arome-Scream DJ Scot Project Remix-256kbs-CD-2000-USF INT
[PULSE033] S.h.o.k.k. - Folie a Deux-Vinyl-2002-DHS
[PULSE033] Shokk-Folie A Deux-Vinyl-2000-TCLUB
[PULSE038] Uluru-Koala Sunrise Russenmafia Mix-Promo Vinyl-2001-MTC
[PULSE041] SOD--State Control-(PULSE 041)-VINYL-2001-CMC INT
[PULSE043] Shokk-Isn T It All A Little Strange-Vinyl-2001-SND
[PULSE044] Klinish Tot-Klinish Tot-Vinyl-2001-POW
[PULSE047] Planet Punk-X-T-Cee-Vinyl-2001-BMI
[PULSE048] Flash-Givin It All-Vinyl-2001-SND
[PULSE051] Russenmafia-Afraid Of Us-Vinyl-2002-SND
[PULSE052] Mass In Orbit-The Mission-Vinyl-2002-1REAL
[PULSE053] Klinisch Tot - Der Tropf-(PULSE053)-Vinyl-2002-OVM
[PULSE054] Pro Tech - Orgasm-(Pulse 054)-Vinyl-2002-ZzZz INT
[PULSE055] Adam - Pure Energy-Vinyl-2002-DOC
[PULSE056] DJ Sabu-Indian Spirit-Vinyl-2002-MTC
[PULSE057] Fargo-Can T Control Incl Mass in Orbit Rmx-Vinyl-2002-TCLUB
[PULSE058] DJ Overdog--Its Not Over-(PULSE 058)-VINYL-2002-CMC INT
[PULSE058] Dj Overdog-Its Not Over Incl Mass in Orbit Rmx-2002-TCLUB
[PULSE059] Microbe-Xit 2 Nowhere Remixes-Vinyl-2002-TCLUB
[PULSE060] Chapter And Page - Theres A Monster In My House-Vinyl-2002-NBD
[PULSE061] Vatos Locos Bros-Vatos Locos-Vinyl-2002-1REAL
[PULSE062] Microbe-The Answer-Promo-Vinyl-2002-TCLUB
[PULSE063] Russenmafia-Waves To Die-Vinyl-2002-SND
[PULSE064] Mr Bouncer-Members Only-Vinyl-2002-SND
[PULSE065] Mass in Orbit - Connect (Incl DJ Overdog Mix)-Vinyl-2003-iPZ
[PULSE067] Dr K - We Are The Family-Vinyl-2003-NBD
[PULSE068] SHOKK-My Maddness Says What I Must Do Relieve The Pain With Eating You-Retail-Vinyl-2003-PULSE
[PULSE069] Russenmafia - Back on Track-Vinyl-2003-UTZ
[PULSE070] Planet Punk-Bang the Boy-Vinyl-2003-SND
[PULSE071] Pro-Tech-Dominating Power-Vinyl-2003-PULSE
[PULSE072] DJ Sabu-The Circle-Vinyl-2003-MiP
[PULSE073] Chapter and Page-Relevation 2003-Vinyl-2003-SND
[PULSE074] Mass in Orbit - Power is Your Mind-(PULSE74)-Vinyl-2003-SQ
[PULSE075] S.O.D. - Relax-Vinyl-2003-NBD
[PULSE076] Vatos Locos Brothers - Dedicated-Vinyl-2003-NBD
[PULSE077] Microbe-Unknown Treasure-Vinyl-2003-MiP
[PULSE078] DJ T.T. Hacky - I Want You Incl DJ Wag Remix-Vinyl-2003-SQ
[PULSE079] Sol Ray and Dark by Design-Future (in Your Eyes)-Vinyl-2004-MiP
[PULSE080] Pro-Tech-Free Your Mind-Retail Vinyl-2004-USF
[PULSE081] Mass In Orbit-Wrong Is Right-Vinyl-2004-SND
[PULSE082] Planet Punk - Troja.Wav-(PULSE82)-Vinyl-2004-NBD
[PULSE084] Flash - I Dont Want You-(PULSE084)-Vinyl-2004-NBD
[PULSE085] Adam - Danger-(PULSE085)-Vinyl-2004-NBD
[PULSE086] Sol Ray And Dark By Design - Nexus Darkness And Light-(PULSE86)-Vinyl-2004-NBD
[PULSE087] Monocore - Kisses Of Fire-(PULSE087)-Vinyl-2004-NBD
[PULSE088] Pro Tech-Cosmic Vision-Vinyl-2004-SND
[PULSE089] Sol Ray and Dark by Design-Evolution-Promo Vinyl-2004-USF
[PULSE090] Microbe - B52-Vinyl-2004-QMI

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Prog On Syndicate Pack-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 18-07-2016, 18:59
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Prog On Syndicate Pack-0DAY
[10008934] VA - Progstorm-2009-PyS
[10008934] VA - Progstorm-2009-Psy
[10008934] VA--Progstorm-(10008934)-WEB-2009-SHELTER
[10009278] Monod - Still Free-EP-2009-PyS
[10009278] Monod--Still Free EP-(10009278)-WEB-2009-SHELTER
[10009606] Fehja--Impulses EP-(10009606)-WEB-2009-SHELTER
[10010006] Precision Cut--Dream On EP-(10010006)-WEB-2009-SHELTER
[10010468] Shinouda--All You Can Beat EP-(10010468)-WEB-2009-SHELTER
[10011035] Tryptamoon--Nachtdenklich EP-(10011035)-WEB-2009-SHELTER iNT
[10011035] Tryptamoon--Nachtdenklich EP-DE-(10011035)-WEB-2009-WUS
[10012025] Tranceformation--Into The Light EP-(10012025)-WEB-2010-SHELTER
[10012295] Time Stretch--System Overload EP-(10012295)-WEB-2010-SHELTER
[10012839] Querox--Sex Drugs and Progressive EP-(10012839)-WEB-2010-SHELTER
[10013893] Loopstep--Crystal Dreams-(10013893)-WEB-2010-SHELTER
[10018110] Toxic Universe--Deep Down and Dirty-(10018110)-WEB-2010-SHELTER
[10019584] Flegma And Nerso--Shader EP-(10019584)-WEB-2010-SHELTER
[10020878] Zoetropes--Zeronine-Teen-(10020878)-WEB-2010-SHELTER
[10020879] Odd Sequence--Timedown EP-(10020879)-WEB-2010-SHELTER
[10026961] Protoactive--Sacred Mirrors-(10026961)-WEB-2011-SHELTER
[POS1DW027] Synsoniq--Turn Live EP-(10027936)-WEB-2011-SHELTER
[POS1DW028] Fasma--Audiofields-(10026962)-WEB-2011-SHELTER
[POS1DW029] Monod--Through The Skies-(10020882)-WEB-2011-SHELTER
[POS1DW030] Querox--The Life And Me-(10031519)-WEB-2011-SHELTER
[POS1DW031] Eight Sin--Science Of Dance-(10029166)-WEB-2011-SHELTER
[POS1DW032] Querox - Sex Drugs And Progressive The Remixes-(10031066)-WEB-2011-HQEM
[POS1DW033] Aviron - Human Progress-(10026182)-WEB-2011-BPM
[POS1DW034] Tryptamoon--Tomorrow Never Comes-(10031683)-WEB-2011-SHELTER
[POS1DW035] Mr.Suspect--Feelings-(10033112)-WEB-2011-SHELTER
[POS1DW036] Sunix--Sunset EP-(10033336)-WEB-2011-SHELTER
[POS1DW037] Dzp-Uforia EP-WEB-2011-FALCON
[POS1DW038] Naturalize - Its Like A Dream-(10035770)-WEB-2011-HQEM
[POS1DW039] Querox And Monod - Sunix Remixes-EP-(POS1DW039)-WEB-2012-HQEM
[POS1DW040] Infinity - The Syndicate Remixes-EP-(POS1DW040)-WEB-2012-HQEM
[POS1DW041] Sideform - Prog Ons Remix Selection-EP-(POS1DW041)-WEB-2012-HQEM
[POS1DW042] Zane - The Forgotten World-EP-(POS1DW042)-WEB-2012-HQEM
[POS1DW043] Sunix And Dzp-Step By Step EP-WEB-2012-FALCON
[POS1DW044] Liquid Space--Stomp Or Die-(10038427)-WEB-2012-SHELTER
[POS1DW045] Eight Sin--The Garden Of Heaven EP-(10038854)-WEB-2012-SHELTER
[POSCD104] VA - Kosmics Playground-2010-gEm
[POSCD105] VA - Progstorm 2-2010-MYCEL
[POSCD106] VA - Artificial Elements-2011-UPE
[POSCD107] VA - Progstorm 3-Compiled By Querox-2012-MYCEL

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Planet Traxx Pack-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 18-07-2016, 18:59
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Planet Traxx Pack-0DAY
[ON.PTRAXX002] DJ Sakin-I Cried For Her-(ONPTRAXX002-X)-WEB-2008-DWM
[ON.PTRAXX003] Luca Antolini vs 2life-Eclipse Colors-(ONPTRAXX003)-WEB-2008-WLM
[ON.PTRAXX006] DJ Nell And DJ Beda-Infinity Day-(ONPTRAXX006)-WEB-2009-UKHx
[PTRAXX2001] Solar Impact-Der Schwarze Monolith-(PTRAXX2001)-WEB-1999-DWM
[PTRAXX2002] S.O.T.O.-Unicorn-(PTRAXX2002)-WEB-1999-DWM
[PTRAXX2003] Extensions Of Eternity-All Over-(PTRAXX2003)-WEB-1999-DWM
[PTRAXX2006] DJ Worris-Nightmare-(PTRAXX2006)-WEB-1999-DWM
[PTRAXX2007] DJ Natron And Reverb Pres Flutlicht - Das Siegel-(PTRAXX2007-X)-WEB-1999-eST INT
[PTRAXX2008] DJ Worris-The Drug-(PTRAXX2008)-WEB-2000-DWM
[PTRAXX2009] Flutlicht - Mutterkorn-Vinyl-2001-POW
[PTRAXX2011] A And S System-Darkness-(PTRAXX2011)-WEB-2008-DWM
[PTRAXX2012] Flutlicht-Ahmea EP-Vinyl-2000-TCLUB
[PTRAXX2013] Servant Of Light-Exhale-(PTRAXX2013)-WEB-2000-DWM
[PTRAXX2014] Phuture Punk-Der Klang-(PTRAXX2014)-WEB-2000-DWM
[PTRAXX2015] Icebreaker-Too Cold Frozen-(PTRAXX2015)-WEB-2001-DWM
[PTRAXX2016] DJ Worris-Spiegebild-(PTRAXX2016)-WEB-2001-DWM
[PTRAXX2017] Servant Of Light-Ibex Phyllit-(PTRAXX2017)-WEB-2001-DWM
[PTRAXX2018] Dave Joy-First Impression-(PTRAXX2018)-WEB-2005-DWM
[PTRAXX2019] Novator-Fusion-(PTRAXX2019)-WEB-2001-DWM
[PTRAXX2019] Novator-Fusion-Vinyl-2001-MTC
[PTRAXX2020] Wavetraxx-Freedom-Vinyl-2001-MTC
[PTRAXX2021] DJ Tatana Meets DJ Energy-Feel Energy 2001 Anthem-Promo Vinyl-2001-MTC
[PTRAXX2022] Wavescope-The Spirit-Vinyl-2002-MTC
[PTRAXX2023] Merly Dee-Paradise-(PTRAXX2023)-WEB-2002-DWM
[PTRAXX2024] Dave Joy-Second Chase-Vinyl-2002-BMI
[PTRAXX2025] S.Y.S.-Weiber-(PTRAXX2025)-WEB-2002-DWM
[PTRAXX2026] DJ Robert and The Martinez Brothers-Dreaming About Paprica 2003-WEB-2002-JUSTiFY
[PTRAXX2027] SMP pres. DJ Tom-4ever (PTRAXX 2027-X)-WEB-2003-HUSQ
[PTRAXX2028] Next Exit-Rise of Nations Incl Mat Silver Vs Tony Burt Remix-Promo-Vinyl-2003-USF
[PTRAXX2029] Wavetraxx - Das Boot 2003-Promo CDS-2003-SQ
[PTRAXX2030] Soulcatch-Asia Must Love-Vinyl-2003-SND
[PTRAXX2031] Next Exit-The Beginning the Quickness-Promo-Vinyl-2003-USF
[PTRAXX2032] Dave Joy-Third Pleasure Incl DJ Spoke Remix-Vinyl-2003-1REAL
[PTRAXX2033] Reysan Khan-Shiatsu Incl 2Players Remix-Vinyl-2003-POW
[PTRAXX2034] Wavetraxx - Peace-Vinyl-2003-NBD
[PTRAXX2035] Alex Bartlett-R.A.C.-(PTRAXX2035)-WEB-2004-DWM
[PTRAXX2036] Mainbrain and Somville-Energy-Promo-Vinyl-2004-QMI
[PTRAXX2038] Rocket Base - In My House-(PTRAXX2038)-Vinyl-2004-NBD
[PTRAXX2039] Polartraxx Vs. Unicorn-Hero Incl Wavetraxx Mixes-Promo Vinyl-2004-USF
[PTRAXX2040] DJ Greenhead pres Yoko M-No Fate-Vinyl-2004-1REAL
[PTRAXX2041] Wavetraxx-The Rhythem-(PTRAXX2041)-WEB-2005-DWM
[PTRAXX2042] Dave Joy-Fourth Joyride (Buckle Up)-Vinyl-2005-AEC
[PTRAXX2042] Dave Joy-Joyride-(PTRAXX2042)-WEB-2005-DWM
[PTRAXX2043] Dave 202-Nuclear Device-CDS-2006-CRN
[PTRAXX2044] Wavetraxx - Nightshift-Vinyl-2006-QMI
[PTRAXX2045] P.H.A.T.T Jennie Rix - Eternal-(PTRAXX2045)-WEB-2007-TRa

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Parvati Records Pack-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 18-07-2016, 18:58
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Parvati Records Pack-0DAY
[PRVCD01] VA - First Step-2001-gEm
[PRVCD02] VA - Psychedelically Yours-2002-gEm
[PRVCD03] VA - Third Trip-2003-PsyCZ
[PRVCD04] VA - Voices Of Madness-2003-UPE
[PRVCD05] Kindzadza - Waves From Outer Space-PRVCD05-CD-2004-SQ
[PRVCD06] VA - Psychedelically Yours 2-2004-MYCEL
[PRVCD07] Grapes of Wrath and Meteloids - Tits on Fire-2004-PsyCZ
[PRVCD08] VA - Psychedelic Yours 3-2005-gEm
[PRVCD09] Para Halu - The World Of Peace-2005-UPE
[PRVCD10] VA - Psy Stories-2005-gEm
[PRVCD11] Naked Tourist - Mad Different Methods-2006-MYCEL
[PRVCD12] VA - Psy Stories 2-2006-MYCEL
[PRVCD13] VA - Psy Stories 3-2007-UPE
[PRVCD14] VA - No Time No Space-2007-UPE
[PRVCD15] VA - No Strings Attached-2008-MYCEL
[PRVCD15] VA - No Strings Attached-REPACK-2008-MYCEL
[PRVCD16] VA - Turbulences-2008-PsyCZ
[PRVCD17] Atriohm and Encephalopaticys - Ukalen-2009-PsyCZ
[PRVCD18] VA - Parvatrip-2010-gEm
[PRVCD19] VA - Brainzcrew Compiled By DJ Ilse-(Retail)-2010-PsyCZ
[PRVCD19] VA - Brainzcrew-WEB-2010-MYCEL
[PRVCD20] Gappeq - Made Of Clay-2010-MYCEL
[PRVCD21] VA - Parvatrip 2-2011-PsyCZ
[PRVCD21] VA-Parvatrip 2-WEB-2011-WAV
[PRVCD22] Onkel Dunkel - Use Your Head-(PRVCD22)-WEB-2011-PsyCZ
[PRVCD23] VA - Parvatrip 3-2012-gEm
[PRVCD24] VA - Brainzcrew 2-PRVCD24-2012-FYM
[PRVCD25] Abrahadabra - Abrahadabra-2012-UPE
[PRVCD26] VA - Open Gates-Compiled By Giuseppe-2013-MYCEL
[PRVCD27] VA - Brainzcrew Vol.3-(PRVCD27)-WEB-2014-BR
[PRVCD28] Arjuna - Primal Contact-2015-gEm
[PRVCD28] Arjuna-Primal Contact-WEB-2015-FALCON
[PRVCD29] VA - XV-WEB-2015-gEm
[PRVDG05] Nargun - SSI-EP-(PRVDG05)-2013-BR
[PRVDG06] Vertical - Vertical-EP-(PRVDG06)-2014-BR
[PRVDG09] Flipknot - Musicians Curse-EP-(PRVDG09)-WEB-2014-BR
[PRVDG10] Confo - No Intro-EP-(PRVDG10)-WEB-2015-BR
[PXPCD01] VA - Pearls And Pixies-Limited Edition-2009-UPE
[PXPCD02] VA - Pearls And Pixies 2-2010-UPE
[PXPCD02] VA - Pearls and Pixies II-2010-UZV
[PXPCD03] VA - Pearls And Pixies III-Limited Edition-2011-HiEM

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