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Drum and Bass Tracks January 2016
  Drum and Bass | Author: Admin | 21-03-2016, 15:17
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01-aaron loxx-the drum-1f9f2c37
02-aaron loxx-good to you-10f70e3c
03-aaron loxx-the last tape-862e3390
04-aaron loxx-energy of the ninties-be488e15
01-bcdj-junglist (original mix)-43c5a352
01-caspa - submission (youngsta remix)
02-caspa - war drum (feat. spyda) (50 carrot remix)
03-caspa - war drum (feat. spyda) (king yoof remix)
04-caspa - tales of the unexpected (edgem remix)
05-caspa - barcode dreams
01-centaurus b-space highway-d202dd9f
01-dj qt-ultra funk (manic beats manic jungle)-7f91d5bb
01-filibration-the maximum trip-61d35495
02-filibration-do not try-51f36b19
01-foth-dreada (original mix)-7b07d7d9
02-foth-jahmekya (original mix)-07ba2db5
03-foth-iah murderah (original mix)-e4ee72fd
04-foth-mad wan (original mix)-094b1759
05-foth-sycho screamer (original mix)-b5a74ee0
06-foth-rudeboi sound (original mix)-92c99400
07-foth-under me sensi speaky no english (original mix)-a2267a13
08-foth-wake n break (original mix)-6d3e31aa
02-evol intent-paradize scavenger-3491badd
01-konfront.audio vs qbig and zenith b-45 volts-89690eb7
01-mccarthy-moon snatcher (original mix)-e342d2f2
02-mccarthy-introspection (original mix)-3f8197b3
01-morah-bring me down-79bca295
01-rusty butterknife-false prophet-96a7f4c4
01-sound energy-insane move-1ae63746
02-sound energy-my addiction-29739c06
03-sound energy-most drugs-c582109c
04-sound energy-born in the jungle-9a67ef17
01-synesthesia angel and spider-jenga (angel and spider remix)-0cb6b4fc
03-rk-direct contact-ba7027e2
04-solarcube sense-bloody dark-bc19a762
06-hedlok-dark passenger-09f8a64e
07-wreckage machinery iron-borderland-f05d8a63
08-b4sstee-made to see you smile-56a28e1e
09-vulture-work like that-68401f1d
10-rick tyler-give me a dub-0feb4527
11-skexxy-the return-9896efaa
12-gunz n brozes-brave new world-da69e09d
14-danny feral elliott laser-playing space out in the street-30814b54
15-revenge-dream machine-1cbdd561
17-a p bolan-probably maybe-edf4914d
18-hedlok atomikdog-rites of passage-beb9680d
20-implant identity-hell of techno-df366dc6
21-angel and spider-africa-4ac96e3a
23-recall klef-hello pain (klef remix)-2fc1d512
24-zirash and bsa solarcube-slice of bread (solarcube remix)-25aa48a2
25-lsd f psycancer-hatit (psycancer remix)-1ff5ce78
27-digital soul-freak-f40682fc
29-reverse mode-faith-4cb383c6
30-b4sstee-need to be strong-cc51596c
31-vortech-how i build your bombs-37997c14
32-hellfire machina-we own the night-91b167df
33-tank quaden-galase-e6fe28db
34-klef recall-broiled (recall remix)-0a6d55d8
35-the necroid project-the last chance-bced8a1f
36-filthgrinder-soul keeper-16e8f4ce
38-recall-the crunch-262a5e7b
39-psycancer vortech-tetragridtron (vortech remix)-9ae6787f
40-mystification sinecore-oath is fun (sinecore remix)-a34b0d7e
01-nuclear-no mas (original mix)-2480a191
02-dmpr-faceless-x (original mix)-e3681f02
03-transerfing project-night fly (original mix)-c4b3ac30
04-the mord-the color nation (original mix)-22804b0f
05-damman-lonely drone (original mix)-7444f5d4
06-rav-immortal (original mix)-da10476d
07-the mord-san francisco 2013 (original mix)-1f28e01f
08-centaurus b-youve got to find your balance (original mix)-50e67f92
09-gysnoize-dance motion (original mix)-f57b4b18
10-rav-hammer (original mix)-6d824323
11-gysnoize-end of 2015 drum and bass music (drum and bass mix)-d8054b29
01-bronski-jazz club (original mix)
02-bronski-the reasoning (original mix)
01-fanu-polar chord
02-fanu-devil chord
04-fanu-multi-rhythm music
05-fanu-dynamic 7
08-fanu-the last stretch
10-fanu ft sarah kivi-winterlude
01-fullcasual and kooka ft. brais larkin-feel (original)
02-fullcasual and kooka ft. brais larkin-feel (congi remix)
01-kharma factory-street symphony (original mix)
02-kharma factory-star girl 2 (original mix)
01-monsttep-vape cloud
01-team 13-can u feel it
02-team 13-soundz of the police
03-team 13-wormhole
04-team 13-all in the mind
01-aerostat industry-ocean of money
02-moresounds-braaka toolo
03-graphs-sleep recursive
04-redraft and hp ritch-champion killa
05-out of fuel-portal
06-sds-shadow people
08-mister shifter-nowhere fast
10-recue-watching you
11-sonis-west coast
14-nonfuture-the watcher
15-ilk-start back
16-fistfunk-do it right
01-exit point-the dj (nicky havey remix)
02-exit point-the dj (kubic eye remix)
03-exit point-the dj (sophistics remix)
04-fiendreflex ft gina lola-coloured raindrops (decibel lecter remix)
05-fiendreflex ft gina lola-coloured raindrops (misterb remix)
06-fiendreflex ft gina lola-coloured raindrops (sophistics remix)
07-fiendreflex ft gina lola-coloured raindrops (prizm prime remix)
08-hannibal selector-bad trip (kubic eye remix)
09-hannibal selector-bad trip (sophistics remix)
10-inertia-backbreaker (decibel lecter remix)
11-inertia-backbreaker (sophistics remix)
12-prizm prime-new day demon (fiendreflex remix)
13-prizm prime-new day demon (sophistics remix)
14-quartizone-remedy (roxie webb remix)
15-quartizone-the fight (sophistics remix)
16-trixta uk-voodoo (carbone remix)
17-trixta uk-voodoo (sophistics remix)
01-azhot-le monde est devant toi
02-barbitura-the last outlaw
01-black tiger sex machine feat. lektrique-religion far too loud rmx
02-black tiger sex machine feat. lektrique-religion muzzy rmx
03-black tiger sex machine feat. lektrique-religion erotic cafe rmx
01-blood-the truth
01-dawn wall-spears
02-dawn wall-round table
03-dawn wall-longshanks
04-dawn wall-lose face
03-eris-crazy raver
01-issa-euphoria (original mix)
02-issa-desert heat (original mix)
01-leo-deep space roll (original mix)
02-leo-on the road (original mix)
03-leo-lazy sunday (original mix)
02-mejfus-clock off
04-mejfus-chaos theory
01-rido and counterstrike-new chapter part one
02-rido and counterstrike-new chapter part two
03-rido and counterstrike-let it roll
01-shaka bass-overdose
01-silence groove-dust bowl
02-silence groove-element late
03-silence groove-forever believe
04-silence groove-scandinavian dream
01-slang banger-fling rock stone
02-slang banger-highgrade
03-slang banger-hyper g
04-slang banger-bagleys
01-soularize-skin deep
02-soularize-who am i
03-soularize-empty shell
05-soularize-to the sun
01-tact tokyo-holiday beats
02-tact tokyo-glide by
03-trilo-end game
04-trilo-closing chapter
01-exit point-the dj (nicky havey remix)
02-exit point-the dj (kubic eye remix)
03-exit point-the dj (sophistics remix)
04-fiendreflex ft gina lola-coloured raindrops (decibel lecter remix)
05-fiendreflex ft gina lola-coloured raindrops (misterb remix)
06-fiendreflex ft gina lola-coloured raindrops (sophistics remix)
07-fiendreflex ft gina lola-coloured raindrops (prizm prime remix)
08-hannibal selector-bad trip (kubic eye remix)
09-hannibal selector-bad trip (sophistics remix)
10-inertia-backbreaker (decibel lecter remix)
11-inertia-backbreaker (sophistics remix)
12-prizm prime-new day demon (fiendreflex remix)
13-prizm prime-new day demon (sophistics remix)
14-quartizone-remedy (roxie webb remix)
15-quartizone-the fight (sophistics remix)
16-trixta uk-voodoo (carbone remix)
17-trixta uk-voodoo (sophistics remix)
02-kursiva and voltage voodoo-neuromancer
03-gancher and ruin-why
05-counterstrike and cooh-shuffler
07-hallucinator-circus freak
08-erre-blood moon
09-neomind-stay up chemistry
10-abrara-out of the shadows damaged minds rmx
01-mindscape-head shrinker
02-mob tactics-tuff guy
03-qo-levels feat. kryptomedic
04-agressor bunx-burn
05-signs-poison dart
06-dub elements-shots fired feat. mc dino
07-optiv and bk-antimatter
08-state of mind and jade-repisrator
09-chris.su-space probe
11-l 33-scream vip
13-splash heads-sanitarium
14-gancher and ruin-at all costs
15-trilo-punk punk feat. nuklear mc
16-maztek vs. zombie cats-voodoo
17-cod3x-beat cannon
18-term bowsar-friction
01-mike nice and dj hero ft jett- is it real (original mix)
02-davip and imetic-puncture wound (hyper remix)
03-reset-shake the party (original mix)
04-hironimus bosch-form functional (original mix)
05-aeon flex ft aelyus-predictions (burufunk remix)
06-dj randy-insanity (original mix)
07-metha-acid is better than drugs beat (tempest remix)
08-colombo-brightness (dj d-xtreme remix)
09-disaster beats-power trumpets (original mix)
10-bad boyz of breakz-dont stop the rock (original breaks mix)
11-dj hero-once upon a time in south florida (original mix)
12-chevy one-no mans land (the push) (original mix)
13-ngwa-breakbeat buddha (original mix)
14-1st break-glitch (original mix)
15-outer kid-funkstep (original mix)
16-kwerk-slung low (original mix)
17-lejack-rockin (original mix)
18-ghideon-arcadia (don marco remix)
19-lewo ft melleefresh and bbk-excuse my french (bradley drop remix)
20-dj d-xtreme and devine noise-when the morning cums (bass ballers remix)
01-ganz-dino war (original mix)
02-awe-triassic (original mix)
03-opiuo ft gift of gab and syreneiscreamy-life (ketatonic remix)
04-clyde machine-moonlight over istanbul (original mix)
05-delhi 2 dublin-high as you want (original mix)
06-spread seagull-shadowy faces (original mix)
07-sublion-valleys (original mix)
08-hsky-kush bitch (original mix)
09-matphilly-a new version of me (naughty bear remix)
10-wumbaloo-soar (original mix)
11-maddela-subway (original mix)
12-irama pacific-free (original mix)
13-jhonatan mandato-not afraid (original mix)
14-isis graham-you (original mix)
15-the number line ft piper davis-fever dream (original mix)
16-tomas balaz-til end (original mix)
17-mutehead-smile (original mix)
19-mario yume-overseas (intro)
20-jaques le noir-winning (original mix)
21-mark walter-lies (original mix)
01-nick thayer and a skillz-get got (original mix)
02-defunk ft amvis and true1-leave it behind (original mix)
03-royal blood ft bbk-ole (original mix)
04-kingfisha-piece of the puzzle (crazy daylight remix)
05-opiuo ft gift of gab and syreneiscreamy-life (sugarbeats remix)
06-cheshire-sunnyside down (original mix)
07-vespers-hexadecibel (original mix)
08-funkanomics-frida funk (original mix)
09-spekrfreks and melleefresh-koochie koo (instrumental mix)
10-mongoose-stex (original mix)
11-we bang and mister black-family tree (original mix)
12-sicktune-trickery (royal blood remix)
13-groove mind-funk power (original mix)
14-brains ft halott penz-akkor hivsz (original mix)
15-skryonic-nawsty frosty (original mix)
16-frai-the blockbuster (original mix)
17-ninjula-robolion funk (original mix)
18-dj ekl-day dreaming (original mix)
19-kc4k-get rekt (original mix)
20-egoteque-revolution (original mix)
21-ad voca-alright (original mix)
01-basic forces- cause and effect
02-cloak-soulscape skinley rmx
03-sterling sound-release me
06-rassterlin-who can i blame
08-dj westy-promise
09-basic forces-lost love
10-cloak-soul digger
11-dj westy-keep trying
01-wavewhore-got to be funky (original mix)
01-kimyan law-daimyo vip-g3l
02-kimyan law-lavish-g3l
03-kimyan law-chai-g3l
01-need for mirrors-ethos-g3l
02-need for mirrors-self portrait-g3l
01-spirit-life goes on-g3l
01-daydreamers-back to fight
01-marso and gala-promise-g3l
02-marso and gala-monochrome-g3l
01-boom boom distortion-gong dong (original mix)
02-silent frequencies and fen-x-getting into (original mix)
03-hectix-give me more (original mix)
04-fen-x-spirit up (original mix)
05-wiselabs gft and urban assault-fatality (urban assault remix)
06-godan-shopengo (original mix)
07-urban assault-guns blazing (original mix)
08-razat-target trap (original mix)
09-arkasia-analogic delirium (original mix)
10-urban assault-back to darkness (original mix)
11-pro7 and wiselabs-hell party (original mix)
12-silent frequencies and fen-x-nomad (original mix)
13-hectix and ozma ft avenax-i wanna (original mix)
14-boom boom distortion and urban assault-gong dong (urban assault remix)
15-hectix-new form (original mix)
01-spective-just us (original mix)
02-drifta-hold it down (original mix)
03-tremah-warmth (original mix)
04-dan guidance-liquid state (original mix)
05-jazzatron-jack white (original mix)
06-zero zero-take it back (original mix)
07-malaky-wizards (original mix)
08-aristocrats-the teller (original mix)
09-mjt-kaleidoscope (original mix)
10-skru dmt-all my love (original mix)
11-mystific-break for love (original mix)
12-spective-cool cats (original mix)
13-greekboy-flapping (original mix)
14-lo contakt-what makes you move (original mix)
15-msdos-molivos theories (original mix)
01-enea-cycle (original mix)
02-dan guidance-chione (original mix)
03-mystific-u give me (original mix)
04-magnaflow-sleeper (original mix)
05-rms-feels (original mix)
06-a k a-saints and sirens (original mix)
07-greekboy-saturn rings (original mix)
08-dan guidance-champagne and heartbreak (original mix)
09-duoscience-sparta (original mix)
10-ji ben gong-blow my mind (original mix)
11-mayforms-i try (original mix)
12-cryogenics-unspoken words (original mix)
13-dmt-love me too (original mix)
14-wyman-black vape (original mix)
15-fishy-long time (original mix)
16-carlo eq-u gotta know (original mix)
01-mooncat-southern lights
02-moa-tunnel vision
03-strago-the shed
04-exodous-bass scanner
06-7th sense-susan
07-voltage voodoo-failbreak
09-keos-inhale exhale
11-lups digga-bohemia
12-tiknology-riot zone
13-mukiyare-feeling inside
14-hi fidel cartel-omni
aa-au-oncle arm (ft jesta)
a-au-fear dem (ft collinjah)
a-unknown vs erykah badu-orange moon (dnb remix)
b-unknown vs erykah badu-cleva (dnb remix)
01-nscape-without the gravity (original mix)
02-jalex-comfort (original mix)
03-paranoid society-hidden society pt2 (original mix)
04-abstract elements-pseudoreality (original mix)
05-dissociative-microcrack (original mix)
06-reborn-fundamental sequence (original mix)
07-eschaton-sirena (original mix)
08-marginal-aetheric electric (original mix)
09-torn-dinozaurus fall (original mix)
10-genoc1de-babylon take me away (original mix)
11-cyberworm-chernota (original mix)
12-asymmetric-cabinet (original mix)
13-nic tvg-sun room (original mix)
14-code-dark nights (original mix)
15-dissident-scolopendra (original mix)
16-hidden element-not the same (original mix)
17-saint kuz-drops of the stormclouds (original mix)
18-mirror network-this song (original mix)
19-diligens-wave-corpuscular duality (original mix)
20-remembrance-everything is jazz (original mix)
01-calibre-all you want-xtc
02-calibre-even if -xtc
05-calibre-thirst dub-xtc
06-calibre-me myself and i-xtc
08-calibre-open your eyes-xtc
09-calibre-acid hands-xtc
10-calibre-section dub-xtc
11-calibre-gone away-xtc
12-calibre-no reply-xtc
13-calibre-manchester nights-xtc
01-pin--true (ft. mr porter)-wus
01-soulphiction-jungle ad
02-metaboman-next please
03-portable-the shallow
04-feindrehstar ft tina keserovic-caje sukarije
05-ian simmonds-the esel (dave aju remix)
06-comfort fit-schlesischer koller
07-even tuell-mental marathon
08-robag wruhme-brumby kapell
09-fuck yeah-mount julip
10-jay haze-brazil
11-berk offset-die sache mit dem kopher
12-ian simmonds-roots
13-ian simmonds-the dog
14-ian simmonds-kon1 (krause duo remix)
16-someone else-deeeep in lube
17-schleck - stecker
18-soulphiction-with attitude
19-krause duo-dance with me
01-neimodian-monoceros (original mix)
02-neimodian-raikou (original mix)
aa-lowcut-seraphe dub
a-lowcut-never get burn
01-ago-so mi seh-bnp
02-ago-thats what i was talking about in 96-bnp
01-dj fresh and high contrast feat dizzee rascal-how love begins club mix-g3l
02-dj fresh and high contrast feat dizzee rascal-how love begins delta heavys 2003 remix-g3l
03-dj fresh and high contrast feat dizzee rascal-how love begins diztortion remix-g3l
04-dj fresh and high contrast feat dizzee rascal-how love begins hardcore will never die edit 2-g3l
05-dj fresh and high contrast feat dizzee rascal-how love begins phillip george remix-g3l
06-dj fresh and high contrast feat dizzee rascal-how love begins radio edit-g3l
01-krsc8-cold call (original mix)
02-krsc8-doodlebug (original mix)
03-krsc8-rise and fall (original mix)
04-krsc8-synapse (original mix)
05-krsc8-the antidote (original mix)
01-raket-murda sound (original mix)
02-raket-sunshine riddim (dub mix)
01-sound shifter-feel (original mix)
02-sound shifter-dis jungle (original mix)
03-sound shifter-break it down (original mix)
04-sound shifter-nothing changes (original mix)
01-syrinx ft khaoz engine-great danger
02-syrinx-the worship of baphomet
01-va - ukf dubstep 2015
01-baron destroy-hard buzz (original mix)
02-cyberfunk-beautiful mountains (original mix)
03-cyberfunk-experiment (original mix)
04-cyberfunk-light signals (original mix)
05-j. night-red (original mix)
06-j. night-u (original mix)
07-pickled brains-in my head (original mix)
08-pooh dub-scary (original mix)
09-stirds-dream (original mix)
10-stirds-febreeze (original mix)
01-va-ukf drum and bass 2015-noir
01-lurka-ritual dingers-bnp
01-torro torro-make a move (skrillex remix)
02-torro torro-make a move (habstrakt remix)
03-torro torro-make a move (mark johns and star slinger remix)
04-torro torro-make a move
01 cryate - the monster inside
02 cryate - the onslaught
03 cryate - the distress (feat. xage)
01 different heaven - harhippa
02 different heaven - rockin
03 different heaven - paradise (feat. alexa lusader)
01 f.i.v.e. - schmeckles
01 kill rex - sucker (original mix)
02 kill rex - kill your heroes (original mix)
03 kill rex - fracture (original mix)
04 kill rex - rumble (original mix)
01 lowquid - death note
02 lowquid - okubo freeze
03 lowquid - orcs
01 moonstones - mutations
02 moonstones - mutations (malleus remix)
03 malleus - sleepwalker
04 moonstones - prosopopee
01 syndaesia - guns in the air (original mix)
02 syndaesia - 911 (original mix)
03 syndaesia - lizard stomp (original mix)
01 shandy - speciality
02 itchy robot - reverse paranoia
03 dj squarewave - krypton
04 felix - x files
05 sukh knight - grandmasters
01-brillz ft ms williams-wtpa (henry fong remix)
02-brillz-hawt (getter remix)
03-brillz ft gangsta boo-buck (lambo and doobious remix)
04-brillz ft que-geekin (sikdope remix)
01 gantz - free focus (commodo remix)
02 commodo - buckwild (gantz remix)
01-6blocc-dirty bird-g3l
02-6blocc-facebook dj-g3l
03-6blocc-final assassination-g3l
05-6blocc-gangsta full vocal mix-g3l
08-6blocc-rudebwoy full vocal mix-g3l
09-6blocc-talk bout dun-g3l
10-6blocc-way it is-g3l
01-capsika-moscow (original mix)
02-euphorics-we will win (original mix)
03-innaself-colours in time (original mix)
04-levite-radio (original mix)
05-phaeny-feel 4 you (original mix)
06-tremah-rotations (original mix)
07-liquid waves-cosmic funk (original mix)
08-loving soul-drunk (original mix)
09-slaine-tuning (original mix)
10-bereneces-chances (original mix)
11-headcrab-u got (original mix)
12-imprint-dark hearts (original mix)
13-nightfly-breathe easy (original mix)
14-pin-not you (original mix)
15-soul connection-mendoza (original mix)
16-symphorax-colours (original mix)
01-rabit and dedekind cut-randd-i-bnp
02-rabit and dedekind cut-randd-ii-bnp
03-rabit and dedekind cut-randd-iii-bnp
04-rabit and dedekind cut-randd-iv-bnp
a1-dead mans chest-all about u
a2-dead mans chest-revenant
b1-dead mans chest-foundation days
b2-dead mans chest-dreamscapes
a1-dead mans chest-liquid 94
a2-dead mans chest-cutthroat hardcore
b1-dead mans chest-nautilus
b2-dead mans chest-the future
01-june miller and teddy killerz-rocknroll (original mix)
02-june miller and teddy killerz-wildlife (original mix)
03-june miller and teddy killerz-wildlife (cvpellv remix)
01-3 notes-dualizm (original mix)
02-artficial fake-camel dreams (original mix)
03-bad surfer-living on the right side (original mix)
04-blind factor project-dont touch my lips (original mix)
05-centaurus b-extrasense (original mix)
06-dmpr-faceless-x (original mix)
07-demerro-baby girl (original mix)
08-dist hard-hard (original mix)
09-rav-restricted area (original mix)
10-the mord-bar kokade (original mix)
01-sigmund void-in deep-g3l
02-sigmund void-thievery dub-g3l
03-sigmund void-been gone-g3l
04-sigmund void-prozium dose-g3l
01-sleeper-spread out-bnp
02-sleeper-burn finger dub-bnp
03-sleeper-prayer room-bnp
01-gimbal and sinan-earthlings
02-gimbal and sinan-graya
03-gimbal and sinan-kick me
04-gimbal and sinan-on the sofa
05-gimbal and sinan-boah
06-gimbal and sinan-margoon
07-gimbal and sinan-guillotine
08-gimbal and sinan-destruction
09-gimbal and sinan-high
10-gimbal and sinan-gute laune
01-pinch-pinch screamer-bnp
02-pinch-pinch no justice-bnp
01-va - ray keith presents dub dread 5-rdt

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