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Hardcore 1993-2019 Part1
  Hardcore | Author: Admin | 17-11-2019, 16:20

100percent Jeeex - Hello Sun-(BWL001)-WEB-2015-BC
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Heaven is Here-CDM-1999-Dang3
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor-Do You Know-CDM-1998-funteek
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor-Wonderful Feeling-CDM-2000-funteek
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor-Wonderful Feelings-CDS-2000-ZzZz
2 Colors - Music of My Life-(BOY-289)-320kbps Vinyl-1995-PUTA
2h2h crew-ich bin ein berliner-vls-1997-doc
3 Steps Ahead - Drop it-(PENGO012)-320kbps WEB-1996-BC
3 Steps Ahead - Most Wanted & Mad-CD-1997-HSA
3 steps ahead-drop it-vls-1999-dgn
3 steps ahead-hakkuh-vls-1996-upe
3 steps ahead-step 2-vls-1994-hm
3 Style Feat. Lisa Abbott-Your Future SYN001-Vinyl-2009-NRG
3rd Party-Noise Factory-3RD03-1993-sour
4 in Action - Wind of Change-(BOY-326)-320kbps Vinyl-1995-PUTA
4 Tune Fairytales - My Little Fantasy-(PENGO014)-320kbps WEB-1996-BC
4 Tune Fairytales - My Little Fantasy-(PENGO014)-Vinyl-1996-BC
4 tune fairytales-take me 2 wonderland-(pengo018)-cds-1996-scl
909 Junkies - New York Terror-(BF-055)-WEB-2018-PUTA
99 Maniacs-Fuck Charly And Theo-(White Label)-Vinyl-1996-DOC
A-Kriv and Chem D - Instagram DJ-(TWS 02)-WEB-2019
A-Kriv Ft. Meccano Twins - Vato Loco-(FWXXDIGI099)-WEB-2019-SRG
A.K.A. - The Nuttiest Sound Comin from Da Top-(QSH004)-Vinyl-1995-PUTA
A.N.T.I.-Todeshochzeit-(ANG ENT 004)-Vinyl-2009-OBC
Absolute - Your Loving Arms (Hardcore Mix)-(DBD018)-WEB-2010-PUTA
Ace the Space--1 Gun 2 Gun 3 Gun Roar (DAN 659526 2)-CDM-1993-CMC
Act of Rage - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
Adaro - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
Adrenokrome-The Last Fight-PKGCD77-WEB-2018-NDE
Adrian Pitscher-Conquered-(NPR0200)-EP-WEB-2019-ENTANGLE
AfterAphex and Legacy Of Supremacy-New Order Dead-(CBR009)-WEB-2015-t2m
Agoraphobic Nosebleed-PCP Torpedo and Remixes-2CD-2006-FNT
AK-Industry - 9th Door-(AMR016)-WEB-2019-SRG
Al Storm - Everybody In The Club (Luna-C Remix)-(247HC137) Single-WEB-2019-UKHC
Al Storm and Euphony - First Kontakt Blinded-(WARPED002)-WEB-2002-PUTA
Al Storm and Euphony Ft Danielle - Turn Around-(WARPED003)-WEB-2003-PUTA
Al Storm and Euphony Ft Donna Marie - Runaway-(WARPED063)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Al Storm and Orbit1 Ft Lisa Abbott - Falling Through-(WARPED015)-WEB-2007-PUTA
Al Storm ft Vicky Fee - Dirtbox-(247HC037)-WEB-2010-VELOCiTY
Al Storm x MC Whizzkid - Trigger-(247HC156)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ZzZz
Al Storm-Projections Of A Fractured Mind-(247HCLP007P1)-WEB-2019-NDE
Al Storm-Reflections Of A Fractured Mind-(247HCLP007P2)-WEB-2019-NDE
Al Twisted and JFX - Raise the Roof-(TNCLTD006)-Vinyl-2007-SQ
Al Twisted And Strontium - Power 2 Distort-(DSU001)-WEB-2010-BC
Alaguan - Millionaire-(HPTG015)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ZzZz
Alaguan feat Lexi - Dreams-(HPTG017)-WEB-2019-FMC
ALES - Ninety-Nine Eleven Call it Music-(SRD007)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Alessandro Bunduc-Schlacht-(OTR974)-WEB-2019-ENTANGLE
All Else Failed-In Times Of Desperation-CDEP-2000-BTB
Altered Beasts - The Slut Slow-(RSR028)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
Aluna-Fuck Off-(134)-WEB-2015-t2m
Ambassador21-Justified Thirst For Blood-US Edition-2008-FWYH
ANDRNV-In the Dark-(OTR977)-WEB-2019-ENTANGLE
Andy The Core - Kill Somebody (Detest Remix)-(BRU072)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
Andy The Core - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
Andy Whitby - Everybodys Free-(0791WNUK)-WEB-2006-iHQ
Angels Of Darkness - World Of Darkness-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
Angels Of Darkness-Theyre Comin- HM2762 -WEB-2008-1KING
Angerfist - Bite Yo Style EP-(MOH079)-WEB-2009-HB INT
Angerfist - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
Angerfist - Live at Dominator Rally of Retribution 20-07-2019-SBD-2019-RED int
Angerfist - Live at Harmony of Hardcore 08-06-2019-SBD-2019-RED int
Angerfist - Live at Masters of Hardcore 24-03-2018-(Tournament of Tyrants)-SBD-2018-RED int
Angerfist - Reality Sting Like A Scorpion-READ NFO-CDS-2005-XHS
Angerfist and Miss K8 - Live At Masters Of Hardcore (The Skull Dynasty)-STREAM-25-03-2017-RAiN iNT
Angerfist and Stereotype - Primal Instinct-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
Angerfist-Creed Of Chaos-WEB-2017-CB
Angerfist-Diabolic Dice (Official Anthem)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-wAx iNT
Angerkill - Kvneki-(MONSTERSFREE003)-WEB-2019
Angernoizer - Defqon.1 2018-(Warm Up Mix)-SBD-2018-RED int
Angernoizer - Not For Pussies E.P-(NARKOTIK003)-WEB-2009
AniMe - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
AniMe - Live at Westfalenhallen-(Exodus Festival 2017)-11-02-2017-SBD-RED int
Anime - Masters of Hardcore Podcast 139-SAT-01-31-2018-TALiON
Anime - Masters of Hardcore Podcast-SAT-05-01-2019-TALiON
Antenora - Next Religion EP-(HELLS026)-WEB-2019-PUTA
Anti Logic - Dominator 2018 Wrath of Warlords-(Warm Up Mix)-SBD-2018-RED int
Anti Logic - Masters of Hardcore 2018-(Warm Up Mix)-SBD-2018-RED int
AnTraxid-Statements Of Social Decay-(TRM-EP-008)-WEB-2015-t2m
Antydote - Dead Man-PM003-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
Apeldoornse Hardcore - A-Vision Live-SBD-04-16-2006-HSALiVE
Apeldoornse Hardcore - Daemon Vs Mnemesis Live-SBD-04-16-2006-HSALiVE
Apeldoornse Hardcore - Michael Live-SBD-04-16-2006-HSALiVE
Apeldoornse Hardcore - Pin-TRG Live-SBD-04-16-2006-HSALiVE
Apex System-Trip To Eclipse-SINGLE-WEB-2019-KLIN
Arachno Purgatory-Mad Hermit-(AR015)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-wAx
Arkimed - Lultimo Dei Mohicani (BIT 72-405)-Vinyl-2004-NRG
Art Is Dead - Proof Of Concept-(T3RDM0317)-WEB-2019-SRG
Art of Fighters - Earthquake-(TRAX038)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
Artek OBX Jacob - Untitled-(OBX003)-128kbps Vinyl-2001-PUTA
Artemistic - No Fucking Bullshit-(IFR028)-WEB-2009-BC
Ashawa Dance - Terrordance-EP-(REPACK)-WEB-2010-bFg
Asin - Future Listening Remixes-(10122115)-WEB-2017-ZzZz
Asylum - Hardcore Asylum-(KN 004-5)-Vinyl-1992-OMA
Atomic - Appollo 13-(XHR004)-WEB-1999-BC
Atomic - Bitch-(XHR002)-WEB-1999-BC
Atomic - Cocainewar at Thunderdome-(XHR001)-WEB-1998-BC
Atomic - Da Gethoblasta-(XHR013)-WEB-1999-BC
Atomic - Do U Want 2 Die-(XHR008)-WEB-1999-BC
Atomic and Phydomir - Evil Never Dies-(XHR023)-WEB-2000-BC
AtomTM-Atomu Shinzo Act ( Singles)-AAA014-WEB-2017-PITY
Audio Kamuflaj-Untitled-(SHORT EPK02)-Vinyl-2001-HM
Audio Nitrate - Surrender To You-(JH251)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ZzZz
Audiorider - Naabhikeey-(SOM027)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ZzZz
Audiotricz - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
Auscore and Brondogs - Cuttingedge Anthem-(CEDG001)-WEB-2010-PUTA
Auscore and Skeptikz - Double the Dragon-(CEDG013)-WEB-2010-PUTA
Auscore Ft Kim Louise - Waiting (X-Cyte Remix)-(CEDG009)-WEB-2010-PUTA
Autopsy And Dj Tugie-The Deck Wreckers EP-WEB-2009
Azrael - Cold Cash-(LFT007)-WEB-2009
B Scott-Dark Matter-(OTR971)-WEB-2019-ENTANGLE
B-Front - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
B.S.E. - Good Old Days-(BABY 024)-Vinyl-1997-CRIP INT
B.S.E. - I Have Your Power-(BABY033)-Vinyl-1998-BC
B.S.E. - I Have Your Power-Vinyl-1998-DOC
B.S.E. - Wreerw-(BABY028)-Vinyl-1997-BC
Badlxck-Embrace The Darkness-(EX046)-WEB-2019-NDE
Baggio Ft Hyperforce - My Everything-(JH133)-WEB-2014-PUTA
Bang DJ Ham - Break of Dawn Life (Remixes)-(NGLPS006)-WEB-2000-PUTA
Bang Rapido - Cloudy Daze (Hixxy Mix) Raytracer-(NGLPS004)-WEB-2000-PUTA
Bang Rapido - Sailaway Inside Beat (Remixes)-(NGLPS002)-WEB-2000-PUTA
Bang - Shooting Star (Remixes)-(NGLPS001)-WEB-1999-PUTA
Bang - Storm and Euphony Remixes-(WARPED004)-WEB-2004-PUTA
Bangkok Impact - Savas Pascalidis-(Ll01)-Vinyl-2006-OXD
Bartoch - Im The Danger (Remixes)-(VDA15)-WEB-2016
Base Alert - Down With The Game(MOHSP2)-EP-2001-NBD
Bass D And King Matthew Vs Lady Dana - Rock That-(MOH016)-Vinyl-2001-UPE
Bass Modulators - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
Bass Reaction - Technophobia (Remixes)-(BT3)-Vinyl-1999-PUTA
Bass Shot Idiots - Toxic Action-(USAOCD-03)-2CD-2009
Bass X - Horsepower Chubby Round-(BT2)-Vinyl-1998-PUTA
Bass-D and King Matthew - True Legends-(PNMX61(M))-Vinyl-2001-PUTA
Bass-D And King Matthew Vs Lady Dana - Rock Steady-(MOH007)-Vinyl-1999-UPE
Bass-D and King Matthew Vs. Lady Dana - Rock that-(PNMX28)-Vinyl-2000-PUTA
Bassbottle and Hard J - Night Falls-(IBR009)-WEB-2015-FMC
Bassdrum Project And Dj Tronic-Usa To Spain-(CHR-514)-Vinyl-2003-DOC
Bassdrum Project-Unlock It-WEB-2010-XPERT MP3
Bassline Abuser - Masters Of Hardcore Tournament Of Tyrants 2018-(Warm Up Mix)-SBD-2018-RED int
Ben Defekt and Mike Enemy feat Nina Kray - Gotta Be You-(ELFX022)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
Ben Harder - Ben Harder Show 318-READNFO-CABLE-02-01-2015-TALiON
Ben Harder - Ben Harder Show 459 Incl DJ Ascend Guestmix-CABLE-01-14-2018-TALiON
Bennie D - Something About-(VIBE002)-WEB-2019-PUTA
Bennie D - Untitled (Imagination)-(V90BOOTS001)-WEB-2019-PUTA
Berto-Power of Darkness-(OTR984)-WEB-2019-ENTANGLE
Best Of Hardcore-All Time Favourites-CDS-1996-HSACLASSiX
Billx and Fortanoiza-Spirit Of India-(3665741001135)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-wAx
Billy Daniel Bunter and Jon Doe feat Lisa Abbott - I Want You-(GCJD38)-WEB-2019-ZzZz iNT
Biochip C.-GU-D-Im Walking-(ANO02)-Vinyl-1995-FCN
Bionator Project-Kick It Up-(FKR027)-WEB-2019-NDE
Bitcrusher - Im the Bitcrusher-(DFR006)-WEB-2017-PUTA
Bizzy B-Science EP Volumes III and IV-(Planet Mu)-2005-DPS
Black Death and Prince Ov Darkness - This is Speedcore-(SBRFREE019)-WEB-2017-PUTA
Black Hacker-Demonic Bastard-(SD075)-WEB-2015-CB
Blaster - Tear The Place Up EP (Original Mixes)-(DOG060)-WEB-2019-SRG
Blaster - Tear The Place Up-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
BNGI-Other World 2-(OTR975)-WEB-2019-ENTANGLE
Bodyshock Ft. MC Tha Watcher - The Storm (Masters Of Hardcore Russia Anthem) (Incl. Edit)-(MOHDIGI131)-WEB-2016-HB
Bombardier - Punisher-(ISRD160)-WEB-2019-SRG
Bong-Ra-Conquering The World-(HYDRO 06)-Vinyl-2004-TrT
Boombastic - Booooom-(BABY018)-Vinyl-1996-CRIP INT
Boombastic - Leaders Of The New School-(BABY 025)-Vinyl-1997-CRIP INT
Boombastic - Leaders of the New School-(BABY025)-Vinyl-1997-BC
Boombastic - Rudeboy-(BABY015)-Vinyl-1996-BC
Bounce Heaven Podcast 016-Andy Whitby And Klubfiller-WEB-2019-XTC iNT
Braincrash And DMG - Supersonic - Supersonic-(R909-57)-WEB-2016
Brainfucker and X-Teknokore - The Damage-(FFR001)-WEB-2012-SOB
Brako and G Fresh - Thats Why We Do this-(JH140)-WEB-2017-PUTA
Breeze and Styles - All I Want-(Jelly03)-Vinyl-2001-kHz
Breeze And Styles - Over And Over Do You Feel The Same-Promo Vinyl-2003-XDS
Breeze and Styles - Youre Shining (Synthbiosis and Xtring Cover 2016)-(C58FT-006)-WEB-2016-PUTA
Brisk and Devastate 2 Damn Tuff - Time to Move Ruff Muff (Remixes)-(NGLPS009)-WEB-2001-PUTA
Brisk and Fade - Radio Rockin Get Fresh-(NGLPS015)-WEB-2002-PUTA
Brisk and Fade - Stay Here Forever-Full Vinyl-2003-iDC
Brisk and Ham Brisk and Fade - Serious Hardcore to My Beat-(NGLPS011)-WEB-2002-PUTA
Brisk and Ham Stabilized Ft MC Casper - Taste the Rainbow (Remix) Reminisce-(BB058)-WEB-2006-PUTA
Brisk and Ham - Since You Went Away Dance Dont Slip Fire and Flames (Remix)-(NG099)-WEB-2011-PUTA
Brisk and Ham - Sunrize - Fuck with My DJ-(NG094)-WEB-2010-PUTA
Brisk and Stormtrooper - Rudeboy Sounds Rubix Cubix-(NG091)-WEB-2009-PUTA
Brisk and Trixxy - Rok Da Beat-(ST020)-WEB-1997-PUTA
Brisk and V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D - Goodbye Summertime Gonna Blind You-(NG087)-WEB-2009-PUTA
Brisk and V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D - Hope and Pray Nation to Nation-(BB074)-WEB-2007-PUTA
Brisk and V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D - Lift Me Up We Remain True-(BB078)-WEB-2008-PUTA
Brisk and V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D Ft MC Wotsee - The Last Word Keep on Stompin-(BB076)-WEB-2007-PUTA
Brisk and Vagabond Ft DMO - Away from Here in Control-(BB081)-WEB-2008-PUTA
Broken Minds feat Ernesto Alonso and Alee - Waltz Of Death (Official Masters of Hardcore Spain 2019 Anthem)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
Broken Oath-Blood Cleanse The Street-2005-DeBT iNT
Brothers In Arms aka Jason Little vs Withecker - System Collapse-(10118578)-WEB-2017-ZzZz
Brothers in Crime - Hallucinating-(BABY001)-Vinyl-1994-BC
Brothers In Crime-Hallucinating (BABY001)-Vinyl-1994-DEF
Bsa and Blast-Harbingers Of Chaos-(WPU3V3)-WEB-2019-wAx
Bsrb-Keep Shocking-(BSRB004)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-wAx
Budburnerz - En Route Pour Sirius-(EPKCDACT01)-CD-2001-BC
Bulletproof and Lady Dammage - Paperback-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
Bulletproof-Gladiator-SINGLE-WEB-2019-wAx iNT
Burnout vs Renstar - Blue Dragon-(AA017) Single-WEB-2019-UKHC
Buzz Fuzz - Intergalactic-WEB-1998-BC
Cadra - Ra-(XHR059)-WEB-2003-BC
Cally Gage and Gammer - Breakneck B Stard (Hardcore Mix OMG)-(MUFN015)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Carara-Code X-WEB-2017-2FAST4U
Carbone-Vitamin EP-(HKTK008)-WEB-2019-wAx
Cat-Scan - Universal-(7002835)-Vinyl-1999-BC
Catscan - Bust Ya Brain-(MOHDIGI186)-WEB-2017-BOTW
Catscan-Capture In Distress-(T3RDM00005)-Vinyl-2001-DEF
Cellblock X - Hypersector E.P.-(RAVE24TH)-Vinyl-1993-BC
Celsius-Resurrection-(EPK CDACT14)-WEB-2006-GogiM
charly lownoise & mental theo-flight to frankfurt-vls-1993-doc
Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo - Just Cant Get Enough-(571 280-2)-CDM-1997-BC
Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo - Party-(573 332-2)-CDS-1997-BC
Cheddar - Cheddar Vol IV Remix Cheddar Vol III Remix-(QSH008)-320kbps Vinyl-1997-PUTA
Chico Chipolata - No More Happy Hardcore-(WAX020)-Vinyl-1996-BC
Chico Chipolata VS Dj Waxweazle - All We Want Is Hardcore-(WAX026)-Vinyl-1998-HF
Chimera - Forgotten-(OBSR005)-WEB-2012
Chosen Few - After Hourz-(MOK 190)-WEB-2019
Chosen Few Ft Stoophoor - Doomzday-(MRV030)-Vinyl-1999-BC
chosen few-name of the dj-vls-2003-sq
Chris E and MC Restless - Born to Be A Raver-(JH139)-WEB-2014-PUTA
Chris Unknown and Technikore and DJ Sy - Let Me Go Black Wednesday-(QSH106)-WEB-2011-PUTA
Chris Unknown Technikore and DJ Sy - Let Me Go Black Wednesday-(QSH106)-WEB-2011-PUTA
Chrissy-Feeling Fine-(VDH027)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-wAx
chucky-thunderdome xi - dont fuck with the chuck (the single)-cdm-1996-cd-hm
Circuit Parallele-Umani Autodistruttivi-(SPINE01)-Vinyl-2007-DEF
Citizen X - Alien Conspiracy-WEB-2009
Cixx - Ride to the Rhythm-(PENGO010CDM)-320kbps CDM-1995-BC
CJ Glover And Vinyl Junkie-Live At Uprising Oldskool All Nighter-17-07-CD-2010-PiCKLE
CJ Sheila - Stay Underground-(CSR11)-CDR-2009
Class Act - Fall Down Itch it Up Selecta-(QSH002)-Vinyl-1995-BC
Class Act - Fall Down Itch it Up Selecta-(QSH002)-Vinyl-1995-PUTA
Class of 94 - Lift Me One Stage Higher Distant Love (Remix)-(QSH023)-Vinyl-1999-BC
Class of 94 - Lift Me One Stage Higher Distant Love (Remix)-(QSH023)-Vinyl-1999-PUTA
Clear Vu - Never 2 Late (Gammer Remix)-WEB-2013-PUTA
Clsm - Automatic Jungalist-(CLSMLW34)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Clsm - Boy in Da Corner-(CLSMLW40)-WEB-2013-PUTA
Clsm - Can You Feel it Can You-(CLSMLW39)-WEB-2013-PUTA
Clsm - Cant Hold Back-(CLSMLW47)-WEB-2013-PUTA
Clsm - Glow-(CLSMLW42)-WEB-2013-PUTA
Clsm - Hook Line and Sinker-(CLSMLW28)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Clsm - I Can See it-(CLSMLW10)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Clsm - I Will Wait-(CLSMLW18)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Clsm - Let the Feeling Grow (CLSM and Paul Bassrock Mix)-(CLSMLW21)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Clsm and Bello B - Transmission to Mars (Orbit1 Remix)-(CLSMLW15)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Clsm and Dionne - Music is Changing-(CLSMLW01)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Clsm and Entity - Rudloe (Cold War City) (Breakbeat Mix)-(CLSMLW13)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Clsm and Entity and Niki Mak - You Are Mine-(CLSMLW29)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Clsm and Jo Nye - Open Wide-(CLSMLW19)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Clsm and Matt Lastname - Jungle Field-(CLSMLW23)-WEB-2012-PUTA
CLSM and Maximus Baxter and Peacemaker - Kitchen Sink E.P.-(CLSMLW14)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Clsm and Noodlez - Fat Controller-(CLSMLW09)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Clsm Entity and Lawlzy - Lost in Time-(CLSMLW03)-WEB-2012-PUTA
CLSM-Beyond The Darkness-(RBM015)-WEB-HEARTBEAT
Club Ondersteboven - Korsakoff (DJ SET)-CABLE-29-08-2019-RED
Club Ondersteboven - Korsakoff (DJ SET)-REPACK-CABLE-29-08-2019-RED
CMD - Frenchbreed-(RUR003)-WEB-2019-PUTA
Cocooma - Best Of Cocooma Vol 2-(COC 035)-WEB-2019-ZzZz
Code Black and Atmozfears - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
Coltek-Psyco Drummer-(DCKR014)-WEB-2015-UKHx
Combat Code - Psychotic EP-(ENZYME97)-WEB-2019-FMC
Contorsionist - Departures-CD-2009
Core Pusher - All Are Your Enemies-(IR018)-Vinyl-2006-PDB
Corerrior-Fuck It (Original Mix)-(CRR002)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-wAx
Corner - Engine Of Nerves-(TRM-EP-017)-WEB-2016
Craig Daze - Head Games-(TIOS025)-WEB-2019-PUTA
Craig Daze - Ket Hole-(DBD029)-WEB-2010-PUTA
Craig Daze - Sing Again 2011 (Remix)-(DBD031)-WEB-2011-PUTA
Craig Daze Ft. Evila and Kelly - All I Got-(DBD017)-WEB-2010-PUTA
Craig Daze Ft. MC Bouncin - Lets Go-(DBD030)-WEB-2010-PUTA
Creatures in the Night - Laytor Gynman-(BOY-395)-320kbps Vinyl-1996-PUTA
Crime Scene - Unbelievable EP-(MRV236)-WEB-2019-SRG
Crime Scene Ft. MC Instinct - Turn The Speakers Up-(RSR031)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
Cris E Manic and Lukozade and Uplift - Poached and Scrambled (ELEM001)-Vinyl-2002-iPZ
Cris E. Manic With Lukozade And Uplift - Poached And Scrambled-(ELEM001A)-WEB-2002-UHHC
Cristian Van Gurgel-Dust-WEB-2017-PITY
Critical Mass - Burnin Love-(PENGO011)-320kbps WEB-1996-BC
Critical Mass - Dancing Together-(PENGO001)-320kbps CDM-1995-BC
Crucified God-Promo Mix-WEB-2017-XTC iNT
Cruze And Breaks-The Cruze And Breaks EP-(TMMV001)-Vinyl-2010-BNP
Cryion - 13 Hours-(XHR051)-WEB-2001-BC
Crypton - Like that-WEB-2018-PUTA
Crypton And Crude Intentions - Saviour (Original Mix)-(BLACK005)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
Crypton and Crude Intentions - Saviour-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
Culture Shock - Hell of A Society-(XHR039)-WEB-2001-BC
Culverin-Give It To Dem-(LBSK006)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-wAx
Cybernaut - Tales from the Cyberzone E.P.-(RAVE39TH)-Vinyl-1994-BC
CyberWave - Valkyries-(DQX035)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
Cyclone Tracy - Balla Con Il Ritmo-(GOFO9823-6)-Vinyl-1998-PUTA
Cyclone Tracy - Six Strings to Heaven-(GOFO0064-6)-320kbps Vinyl-2000-PUTA
Cygnus X - The Orange Theme-(BTI048)-Vinyl-1999-PUTA
D Frek and Vorteks-Contractor-(LBSK005)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-wAx
D-Block and S-te-fan - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
D-Block and S-te-fan ft DJ Isaac - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
D-Ceptor And Tyfon Ft. Gee MC - True Dedication (Hardcore Legacy Anthem)-(DQX034)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
D-Fence - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
D-Fence - Live at Harmony of Hardcore 08-06-2019-SBD-2019-RED int
D-Fence And Mr. Hyde - Raggen-(NEO214)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
D-Fence And Penta - Monsterbass (Extended Mix)-(NEO217)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
D-Fence and Penta - Monsterbass-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
D-Fence feat Mr Hyde - Sonic Storm (Official Syndicate 2019 Anthem)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
D-Fence Ft. Mr. Hyde - Sonic Storm (Official Syndicate 2019 Anthem) (Incl. Original Mix)-(MOHDIGI287)-WEB-2019-SRG
D-Frag - The Wizard (Al Storm Remix)-(GCJD43)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ZzZz
D-Lyte And Fracus - Fat Pants-(LEG001)-WEB-2016
D-Passion - Live At Club R Aw-(P60 Amstelveen)-29-01-2005-IND
D-Sturb - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
D-Xtreme-Pledge To Make It Real-(HZH001)-WEB-2017-CB
D.J. Crack - Singular-(FUE-008)-320kbps CDM-1995-PUTA
D.J. Raze - Silicon Beats-(BOY-503)-320kbps Vinyl-1997-PUTA
D.J. Sy and Unknown - Real Love the Anthem-(HECT010)-128kbps Vinyl-1994-PUTA
D32 - Alcaloide 11-(Alcaloide 11)-VINYL-2009
Da Blitz - Stay with Me-(BOY-273)-320kbps Vinyl-1994-PUTA
Da Pinhead - Da Underground Atmosphere-(XHR017)-WEB-2000-BC
Da Pinhead - Hysteria-(XHR025)-WEB-2000-BC
Da Pinhead - Weird Thoughts-(XHR015)-WEB-2000-BC
DAM - Social Teknology - Riot EP Vol. 10-(SOCIALTEKNOLOGY10)-WEB-2012-VELOCiTY
DAM - Social Teknology LP Vol. 4 (Riot Remixes)-(STLP004)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
Dam - Social Teknology Vol. 15 (Methylmorphinan)-(SOCIALTEKNOLOGY15)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
Dani Delirio - Kling Verruckt-(SW31)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Dani Delirio - Maximum Sansgutz (Sinthetic Remixed Part 1)-(SRD021BIS)-WEB-2013-PUTA
Daniel Seven - Resonate EP-(HPTGEP002)-WEB-2018-PUTA
Daniel Seven-Brainstorm-(HPTG016)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-wAx
Dany Bpm Vs John Core - In The End Remix-WEB-2006-iDC
Dark By Design-Born In Black-SINGLE-WEB-2019-KLIN
Dark Headz--Suppaman-(ST-B-002-12-01)-WEB-2012-strezz
Dark Like Hell-Natural Selection (The Remixes)-(DLH033)-WEB-2015-CB
Darkinox - Fuck You EP-(HI-056hc)-WEB-2016
Darkside - Urban.BrainDeviance Part. 1 3-(U.BD 45.02 A)-VINYL-2009
Darkus feat MC Mad P-Uppacutz Round 1-UPPACUTZ001-Vinyl-2007-sour
Darren Styles and Gammer - Feel Like This-(MCS533)-WEB-2017-HARDBAY
Darren Styles-Feel The Pressure-2CD-2010-BPM
Darwin - DJ Silver - Hardcore Addiction-(HHC.COM-1)-320kbps CD-2008-PUTA
Dashcraft-Creative Destruction-CDR-2004-DPS
Dataklysm - Midi-Evil Kicks-(MOUTHDATA082)-WEB-2019-SRG
Davie Forbes - Apocalypse Now-(BABY010)-Vinyl-1995-BC
Dazecore - Brainstorm-(VIBE008)-WEB-2019-PUTA
DBN And Chaotic Circle-Dysmenhorrheal - Chemical Thinkin-(Z71MP3003)-READ NFO-WEB-2009-Homely INT
dDamage-Pressure (ZIQ108)-Vinyl-2004-OBC
De Euromasters - Amsterdam Waar Lech Dat Dan-(ROT001)-Vinyl-1992-iND
Deadlock - Imagination-(PM008)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
Deadly Force - BKJN vs. Partyraiser Festival 2018-(Warm Up Mix)-SBD-2018-RED int
Deadly Force - Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2018-(Warm Up Mix)-SBD-2018-RED int
Deadly Force - Dominator 2018 Wrath of Warlords-(Warm Up Mix)-SBD-2018-RED int
Deadly Force - Masters Of Hardcore Tournament Of Tyrants 2018-(Warm Up Mix)-SBD-2018-RED int
Deadly Force - Official Deadly Force-(PodCast 01)-SBD-2019-RED int
Deadly Force - Official Deadly Force-(PodCast 02)-SBD-2019-RED int
Deadly Force - Official Deadly Force-(PodCast 03)-SBD-2019-RED int
Deadly Force - Official Deadly Force-(PodCast 04)-SBD-2019-RED int
Deadly Force - Official Deadly Force-(PodCast 07)-SBD-2019-RED int
Deadly Force - Official Deadly Force-(PodCast 08)-SBD-2019-RED int
Deadly Force - Official Deadly Force-(PodCast 09)-SBD-2019-RED int
Deadly Force - Official Deadly Force-(PodCast 10)-SBD-2019-RED int
Deadly Force - Snakepit Kingdom Of Cobra 2018-(Warm Up Mix)-Part1-SBD-2018-RED int
Deadly Force - Snakepit Kingdom Of Cobra 2018-(Warm Up Mix)-Part2-SBD-2018-RED int
Deadly Guns - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
Deadly Guns - Live at Dominator Rally of Retribution 20-07-2019-SBD-2019-RED int
Deadly Guns - MOH Mash-Up 1.0-WEB-2018-PUTA
Deadly Guns - The Gunshow-(MOHCD2036)-WEB-2017-MMS INT
Deadly Guns X Predator - The Surge-(MOHDIGI192)-WEB-2017-BOTW
Deathmachine - Hallucinations Of Mendes-WEB-2014-SOB INT
Deathpool-500 Miles EP-WEB-2019-wAx
Deaz D ft DJ Fish - Dark Entrance-(RAVE20TH)-Vinyl-1993-BC
Deaz D. - Back in Time-(RAVE42ND)-Vinyl-1994-BC
Decipher - Go Buzurk-(EX048)-WEB-2019-SRG
Dedicator - Dedicated To Hard Music-(TMR032)-WEB-2019
Dedicator - Dedicated to Hard Music-(TMR032)-WEB-2019-PUTA
Dedicator - Feels Like Forever-(TIU005)-WEB-2018-PUTA
Deetox - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
Deetox - Live at QAPITAL Ziggo Dome Amsterdam 31-03-2018-SBD-2018-RED int
Definition Of Hardcore - Volume 1 (Mixed By Unauthorized)-2008-Pornoholix
Definition Of Hardcore - Volume 2 (Mixed By Unauthorized)-2008-Pornoholix
Defrag-Battle For The Mind-WEB-2009-SSK
Delete VIP - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
Delta 9-Deep 13-(DNB010)-Vinyl-1994-hM
Densha Crisis And Strange Arrival - Gabbers In The Mist-(INDZ010)-WEB-2019-SRG
Dertexx - Black Jack Style-(DEXX022)-WEB-2016-PUTA
Dertexx - Hard Tools-(DEXX005)-WEB-2016-PUTA
Dertexx - Panic Attack-(DEXX008)-WEB-2016-PUTA
Dertexx - Predator-(DEXX007)-WEB-2016-PUTA
Dertexx - Stole the Show-(CORECDIG043)-WEB-2016-PUTA
Desolation And Xaero - Raw Storm-(TRM-EP-015)-WEB-2016
Desolation and Xaero - Raw Storm-(TRM-EP-015)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
Desolation--A New Concept in Terror-(VDA09)-WEB-2012-strezz
Destructive Tendencies - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
Destructive Tendencies - Live At Masters Of Hardcore (The Skull Dynasty)-STREAM-25-03-2017-RAiN iNT
Destructive Tendencies - Nefarious EP-WEB-2019-FMC
Destructive Tendencies - The Skull Dynasty -(MOHDIGI185)-WEB-2017-SRG
Deterrent Man-Im Funny (Isend Remix)-WEB-2015-tmh
Detest-Right Now-WEB-2019-CBR
Devastator-In The Darkness-(BLV2046835)-WEB-2015-CB
Deviouz Vs. The Smasher - Hit The Floor-(CRT008)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
Dgtp - Ekte Terreur-(BF-050)-WEB-2017-PUTA
Di-bit - Auto Bust Machine-(SRmp3 159)-WEB-2009
Dice and Pjonax-Girls Dont Know (You Need Me)-(ATRC001)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-wAx
Dimatik and Hitak-The Story Of Excalibur-SINGLE-WEB-2019-wAx
Diogo Ramos - Speaker Freaker-(CAUSE041)-WEB-2017-SRG
Discofrisco and DJ Inferno - Back into Time E.P-(ERR 9712001)-Vinyl-1997-HB
Dissy - Conflict Of Interests-(CAT328704)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ZzZz
Distorted Voices-Headbanger-(HELLS030)-WEB-2019-NDE
Distortoize-Shine Now-SINGLE-WEB-2019-KLIN
District7 and Hellmute-Danger Zone-(INQUISITION002)-WEB-2014-t2m
District7-Deep Depression EP-(INQUISITION004)-WEB-2015-t2m
District7-Digital Army-(INQUISITION003)-WEB-2015-t2m
Dither - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
Dither - Purest Forms-(ISRDIGI032)-WEB-2012
Dither - To The Death (Official Thunderdome 2019 Anthem)-(TDM001)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
DJ 156 BPM-New Hard Dance-OT121-WEB-2017-PITY
DJ Alex Gimenez - Paty Time-(CHR535)-Vinyl-2004-DOC
DJ AniMe - Absolute Mix 23-SBD-2017-RED int
DJ AniMe - Absolute Mix Vol 24-SBD-2018-RED int
DJ Bass and DJ Malone - Da Lords of Illusions-(PNMX62M)-320kbps Vinyl-2001-PUTA
DJ Blas And Lou DJ - Out Of Me-(72611)-Vinyl-2006-MS
DJ Blunchi-Crocodile-(PUR038)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-wAx
DJ Bogdan-Love Inna Basement-(NE-001-GH)-VINYL-2019-DEF
DJ Bountyhunter - Once Upon A Time Part One-(BTI026)-320kbps Vinyl-1998-PUTA
DJ Buzz Fuzz - 1 EP-Vinyl-1998-IRWW
DJ Buzz Fuzz - Murphys Law-(PNMX76)-Vinyl-2002-PUTA
dj buzz fuzz-#01 ep-cdm-1998-doc
dj buzz fuzz-dreamgirl-vls-1997-ind
dj buzz fuzz-jealousy is a mf (the 1999 remixes)-vls-1999-doc
DJ C-Type - Inoue Madness 22-(MYSC-030)-CDR-2009-ZzZz
DJ CDC-Time Takes Care EP-(CAT67742)-WEB-2017-CB INT
DJ Cerla And Moratto-Wonder (Remix)-(8044290132654)-WEB-1995-B2A
DJ Churry Vs DJ Tito - I Dont Believe In You-(72608)-Vinyl-2006-MS
Dj Contra - The World Is A Dream-(MIRDIG 011) Single-WEB-2019-UKHC
DJ Creator and Shardy.L with Dougal - Bang 9 Heaven Sent-(PL004)-128kbps Vinyl-1996-PUTA
DJ Dark Matter-Heartbeats Creation-(RU208663)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-wAx
DJ Davie Forbes - Getting There E.P.-(BABY016)-Vinyl-1996-BC
DJ Davie Forbes - Getting There E.P.-(BABY016)-Vinyl-1996-CRIP INT
DJ DBN - The Madhouse Rap-(MADDIGI006)-WEB-2013-Kamerad
DJ Delirium - Guess Whos Back-(PNMX45)-320kbps Vinyl-2001-PUTA
DJ Delirium and Guitar Rob - State of Emergency-(7001615)-Vinyl-1998-BC
DJ Delirium ft Guitar-Rob - The Rhythms on Time-(WAX007)-Vinyl-1995-BC
DJ Dione - Human Infestation(MRV039)-Vinyl-2001-DMP
DJ Dougal and Micky Skeedale - Lovetoy Back to the Future-(PL010)-320kbps Vinyl-1996-PUTA
DJ Doughboy - Harmless and Puffy and Cute-(KFA97)-WEB-2019-ZzZz
dj e-rick & tactic-time to party-ep-1996-homely
DJ E-Rick and Tactic - The Antidote E.P.-(WAX005)-Vinyl-1995-BC
Dj Eclipse-Devastation-Nunrg005-WEB-1999-XTC iNT
DJ Edu Track Vs K-Rlos DJ - Im Ready to Fly-(SW23)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Dj Energy-Warped Reality-Nunrg004-WEB-1998-XTC iNT
DJ Entity - Eye of the Storm-(CLSMLW33)-WEB-2012-PUTA
DJ Entity - Fallen Souls (Breakbeat Mix)-(CLSMLW17)-WEB-2012-PUTA
DJ Entity - When We Find Akanoyo (Entity and CLSM Remix)-(CLSMLW12)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Dj Extaci - Fuck You-(EXREC01)-WEB-2009
DJ Ezc-Dont Take Acid On Mayday-(CAT306767)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-wAx
DJ Fer and Nano V6-Need You Smyle-(FTR-001)-Vinyl-2003-FSH
DJ Fraki-Vol. 2 (Al-Khemie 09-050)-Vinyl-2009-NRG
DJ Freak - Too Hard For 2006-CD-2006-ZzZz
DJ Fred and Arnold T - Wall Street-CDS-1998-DJ Classics
DJ Gipnotizer - Mad Party (MTL011)-WEB-2016
DJ Gizmo - 2 the Resque E.P.-(BABY012)-Vinyl-1995-BC
DJ Gizmo - Lords of the New Order - Sixtrax-(GMX-011)-Vinyl-1998-BC
DJ Gizmo - Straight from the Hague-(GMX-008)-Vinyl-1997-BC
DJ Gizmo - The Powerdome EP-(RAVE10TH)-Vinyl-1992-BC
DJ Gizmo and Buzz Fuzz - Drummz E.P.-(RAVE15TH)-Vinyl-1993-BC
DJ Gizmo and DJ Norman - Check this Out EP-(GMX-012)-Vinyl-1998-BC
DJ Gizmo and DJ Norman - The Trap-(GIZ010)-Vinyl-1997-VELOCiTY
DJ Gizmo and the Dark Raver - The Real Gizmaniacs E.P.-(GMX-001)-Vinyl-1996-BC
DJ Gizmo and the Dark Raver - We Got the Juice (Remixes)-(GMX-006)-Vinyl-1997-BC
DJ Gizmo and the Houseviking - Burnin Fire E.P.-(GMX-003)-Vinyl-1997-BC
dj gizmo-the dopeman-ep-1996-hm
DJ Gizmo-The Power Dome 2 EP-(RAVE32ND)-Vinyl-1994-DOC
dj gizmo-the power dome 2-ep-1994-doc
DJ Gizmo-The Second Chapter-(RAVE38TH)-Vinyl-1994-DOC
Dj Hidden-Directive-WEB-2015-LEV
Dj Hixxy - Your Shining-(BABY11)-Vinyl-2002-iPZ
DJ Hixxy and Vinyl Blair - The Meaning of Life-(PL015)-Vinyl-1996-PUTA
DJ Houseviking - Happy Heaven-(RAVE47TH)-Vinyl-1995-BC
DJ Impact Lost Soul - The Funky Technician Enchanted-(RLNT008)-WEB-2004-PUTA
DJ Impact - Phat as Fck Party Hard-(RLNT005)-WEB-2004-PUTA
DJ Isaac - Fuckin Boots-(BABY007)-Vinyl-1995-BC
DJ Isaac - The Lunch-(7001878)-Single-Sided Vinyl-1998-BC
DJ J.D.A.-Con-X-Ion Part 1-Vinyl-2006-hM
DJ JDA--Voel Je Die Bass (MOH 020)-EP-2001-CMC
DJ Jimenee - Open Up Your Heart-(SSS0008)-WEB-2016-PUTA
DJ Kast - Underworld E.P.-(IFR023)-WEB-2009-BC
Dj Kevin Energy-Strictly Freeform Ep-NuNrg024-WEB-2002-XTC iNT
DJ Klaus - Jammy Wants Hardcore-(HRPREC0012)-WEB-2011-PUTA
DJ Kurt - Rock Ya Hardcore Super Fly-(QSH055)-256kbps Vinyl-2004-PUTA
DJ Kurt - U Wanna Rock Break the Law-(QSH068)-320kbps Vinyl-2005-PUTA
DJ Lem X-The Vanguard-(MOK193)-WEB-2019-wAx
Dj Lem-X - Back World-(HAKC001)-WEB-2019
DJ Luna-C - “Strictly 4 The 4 By 4” Part 1-(KFD006)-WEB-2009-SKIF
DJ Luna-C - “Strictly 4 The 4 By 4” Part 2-(KFD007)-WEB-2009-SKIF
dj mad dog - agony-(trax0105)-wav-2013
DJ Mad Dog - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
DJ Mad Dog - Masters of Hardcore Podcast-SAT-03-07-2018-TALiON
DJ Mad Dog - The Missing Channel (Original Mix)-(DOG061)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
DJ Mad Dog - The Missing Channel-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
DJ Mad Dog - Welcome Down (Neverlution Remix)-WEB-2018-PUTA
DJ Mad-E-Fact - The Hustle-(BABY 039)-Vinyl-1999-QMP3 INT
DJ Maniak - Ignition-(CHR565)-Vinyl-2005-1REAL
DJ Mental Theo Vs. DJ C7 - Air-(PHB002)-Vinyl-2000-PUTA
DJ Motor - Bases Vol. 1-(71-950)-WEB-2014
DJ Motor - Sacramento-(CHR551)-Vinyl-2005-OBC
DJ Mr Hyde - The Remixes-(PL007)-Vinyl-1995-PUTA
DJ Mutante Pattern J - Untitled-(COSMICBABY12)-VINYL-2009
DJ Mutante - Best of DJ Mutante (Social Teknology)-(STLP006)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
DJ Mutante - Lick My Crack (Remastered and Remixes)-(QCORE012)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
DJ Mutante - The Speedfreak - Nukem - Clap Your Tits-(R909-64)-WEB-2016-HCC
DJ Mutante the Speedfreak and Nukem - Clap Your Tits EP-(R909-64)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
DJ Myosuke Ft Daisuke - Fight for the Core-(TCDR-0006)-CDR-JP-2018-PUTA
DJ Mystery - Bomb Project-(BOMB004)-Vinyl-2005-SQ
DJ Nemesis - Destruction-(XHR070)-WEB-2003-BC
DJ Nemesis - Detailed Crap-(XHR060)-WEB-2003-BC
DJ Nemesis - Trauma-(XHR055)-WEB-2003-BC
DJ Nemesis - Xplizit.Com-(XHR065)-WEB-2003-BC
DJ Neophyte And MC Ruffian - Muil Houwe-(ROT088)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
DJ Niel - Hardcore Underdog-(Z-T010)-WEB-2009-HCC
DJ Niel - Mainstream Mayhem-(Z-T009)-WEB-2009-SVB
Dj Noize - A Life Full Of Delirium-(PHKMIX001)-WEB-2019
DJ Noriken - Soldiers-(TCDR-0007)-CDR-JP-2018-PUTA
DJ Normal vs. Darkraver - Komt Ie Dan He-CDS-2005-MTP
DJ Norman - Hurricane-(GMX-004)-Vinyl-1997-VELOCiTY
DJ Norman and DJ Spock - Cypress Hardcore-(GMX-005)-Vinyl-1997-BC
DJ Nosferatu-Datafile Area 51-(CDS)-2002-Homely INT
DJ Obscurity and DJ Rampage - Fuck Your Own Face-(DI003)-WEB-2009-BC
Dj Ogalla - In The Mix-(CHR574)-Vinyl-2005-OBC
DJ Outblast And Catscan - Stampgevaar-(TTM044)-Vinyl-2003-TN
DJ Outblast Vs. DJ Wicked - Masters Symphony-(PNMX63M)-Vinyl-2001-PUTA
DJ Paul and DJ Attic and Stylzz - Fuck You Up-(PNMX33)-Vinyl-2000-PUTA
DJ Paul and Endymion with MC Rage – Hardcore For Life Vol 3-(SORL-DB 115)-Vinyl-2001
DJ Paul and Rob feat MC Hughie Babe – Lords Of The Hardschool-(ROT062)-Vinyl-1997
DJ Paul and Teenage Warning – If The Kids Are United (Remixes)-(FORZE023)-Vinyl-2000
DJ Paul and Teenage Warning – If The Kids Are United-(FORZE018)-Vinyl-1998
DJ Paul Elstak - The Offensive Mix-(MR027)-CD-2001-BC
DJ Paul presents The Forze DJ Team – May The Forze Be With You-(FORZE001)-Vinyl-1994
DJ Paul Vs Bass-D and King Matthew - Something Evil-(PNMX41)-Vinyl-2001-PUTA
DJ Paul Vs DJ Panic - Go-(PNMX17(M))-320kbps Vinyl-2000-PUTA
DJ Paul Vs DJ Panic - Hate-(PNMX11)-320kbps Vinyl-2000-PUTA
DJ Pauls Megamix 2-CD-1996-gMP3
DJ Promo - Patterns In Chaos-Vinyl-1998-DOC
DJ Promo - System Feedback-Vinyl-1997-DOC
DJ Promo Feat. Brian Acardy-Cold As Stone-(NL9020)-Vinyl-1997-DOC
DJ Promo Ft Brian Acardy - Beat Ya Brain-(7001485)-Vinyl-1998-BC
DJ Promo Vs Unknown - Not Down with the Standard EP-(T3RDM0015)-WEB-2001-PUTA
DJ R.Shock - Burning Systems-CD-2003-Homely INT
DJ Radiate and DJ Freeze - Fick Verotted DJ Fuck Mash Up-WEB-2014-PUTA
DJ Randy - Deception Deep Dive-(BOY-324)-320kbps Vinyl-1995-PUTA
DJ Rave in Peace - Lost Angels-(CAT20292)-WEB-2015-PUTA
DJ Riptor - Death and Destruction-(XHR022)-WEB-2000-BC
DJ Riptor - Ghostbeats-(XHR027)-WEB-2000-BC
DJ Riptor - Good and Evil-(XHR042)-WEB-2001-BC
DJ Riptor - Our House-(XHR048)-WEB-2001-BC
DJ Riptor - Shoot Me-(XHR026)-WEB-2000-BC
DJ Riptor Vs NXS - Here Once Again-(XHR054)-WEB-2003-BC
Dj Rx feat Jolea-My Serenity Machina Remix-WEB-2017-XTC iNT
DJ Scotch Egg-KFC Core-2005-gMP3
DJ Seak-Anayaz What Do You Want-(SKR003)-WEB-2015-CB
DJ Seak-Hardcore Against All-4061707158384-WEB-2019-NDE
DJ Sharpnel - Bassline Crisis-(SRPC-0027)-2CD-2011-ZzZz
DJ Sharpnel - PPPH -Phat Pinky Powerful and Hard--(SRPC-0012)-CD-JP-2003-VELOCiTY
DJ Sharpnel - Welcome to the Ottack Universe-(SRPC-0029)-CD-JP-2012-VELOCiTY
DJ Sharpnel - Yonderdome Decade -10 Years of DJ Sharpnel--(SRPC-0028)-CD-JP-2011-VELOCiTY
DJ Skinhead - Extreme Terror (Remixes)-(ISRD159)-WEB-2019-SRG
Dj Solution-Autumn Anthology 1999-2019-WEB-2019-XTC iNT
Dj Solution-Freeform Power 6-WEB-2019-XTC iNT
Dj Solution-Freeform Power 7-WEB-2019-XTC iNT
DJ Stompy Mindcontroller - Test of Time Rock the Party-(RB01)-Vinyl-2001-PUTA
DJ Stompy - I Can Shine Trancer-(TKK003)-Vinyl-2004-PUTA
DJ Stompy - The Way Who I Am-(TKK001)-Vinyl-2003-PUTA
DJ Stompy - Thoughts of You Come on-(HECT018)-Vinyl-1996-PUTA
DJ Storm and Blade DJ Storm - Darkzone Rock the Party-(TRIFF009)-Vinyl-1998-PUTA
DJ Sy and Chris Unknown - Pictures of You (Technikore Remix)-(QSH145)-WEB-2012-PUTA
DJ Sy and Unknown - Are You Ready Moments in Time-(HECT008)-Vinyl-1994-PUTA
DJ Sylvan - Adonai-(M015)-Vinyl-1995-PUTA
DJ Sylvan - Blast-(M011)-320kbps Vinyl-1994-PUTA
DJ Sylvan - Guitar Spell (Remix 98)-(M022)-320kbps Vinyl-1998-PUTA
DJ Sylvan - Guitar Spell-(M005)-320kbps Vinyl-1994-PUTA
DJ Sylvan - Hypnotic-(M017)-Vinyl-1996-PUTA
DJ Sylvan - Master of Time-(M021)-320kbps Vinyl-1998-PUTA
DJ Sylvan - System of Love-(M019)-320kbps Vinyl-1997-PUTA
DJ Sylvan - Thank You-(M009)-Vinyl-1994-PUTA
DJ Tails And DJ Noizer - Double Impact The Segual-(WAX 011)-Vinyl-1996-CRIP INT
DJ Tails and DJ Noizer - Double Impact the Segual-(WAX011)-Vinyl-1996-BC
DJ Tails and Noizer - Double Impact E.P.-(WAX004)-Vinyl-1995-BC
DJ Tails and Noizer ft General Noise - Its Time to Have Fun E.P.-(WAX016)-Vinyl-1996-BC
DJ TCO-Re Entry of the Deathchant-2004-DEF
DJ the Viper - Hardcore Gangster-(DWARF044)-Vinyl-1998-PUTA
DJ The Viper And DJ Perpetrator - The DJ Rocks-(BABY038)-WEB-1998-HCC
DJ the Viper and DJ Perpetrator - The DJ Rocks-(BABY038)-WEB-1998-VELOCiTY
DJ Thera and Sjammienators - Lost Control-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
DJ Tim Records - Octillion-2018-WEB
DJ Totschlager - From 425 Til 435 - How Fucking Primitive Can We Be-CDr-2005-tommyrulez
DJ TSX-Witchery-(MC05)-WEB-2015-t2m
DJ Unscarred-Black Zodiac-(3615939536345)-WEB-2019-NDE
DJ Unscarred-Just Like This-(OUT019)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-wAx
Dj Vilchez - American House Volumen 1-(CHR568)-Vinyl-2005-OBC
DJ Vipe and Agm-Virtual Dreams-WEB-2017-POWPOW
DJ Virulenz - I Dont Give A Fuck EP-(BF-058)-WEB-2018-PUTA
DJ Waxweazle - Drop Some Hardcore E.P.-(WAX009)-Vinyl-1995-BC
DJ Waxweazle - Feel Da Rhythm E.P.-(WAX017)-Vinyl-1996-BC
DJ Waxweazle - Hardcore Power 97 (The Remix Anthems)-(WAXSP003)-Vinyl-1997-CRIP INT
DJ Waxweazle - Special Birthday Edition-(WAXSP002)-Vinyl-1996-BC
DJ Waxweazle - Special Edition Volume 1-(WAXSP001)-Vinyl-1996-BC
DJ Waxweazle And DJ Bomber-Now We Play EP-(WAX012)-Vinyl-1995-hM
DJ Waxweazle meets DJ Delirium - The Mantis Goes Rotterdam Vol. 1-(WAX010)-Vinyl-1995-BC
DJ Waxweazle vs DJ Promo - Fixxxed-(WAX000)-Vinyl-1997-BC
DJ Waxweazle Vs Guitar Rob - Pump it DJ-(WAX006)-Vinyl-1995-BC
DJ Weaver-Come Into My Dreams-(RBABY017)-Vinyl-2003-TWCMP3
DJ Weirdo and DJ Sim - Pump that Stupid Bass-(PENGO008)-320kbps CDM-1995-BC
DJ WILD PARTY - Hardcore Tanoc 15th Anniversary - Special DJ Mix CD-(TCE-7945)-CD-JP-2018-PUTA
dj youri & dj mon-e-fast food-cds-1998-hb int
DJ Yunomi - Waiting-(GHD048)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ZzZz
Djane J7-Toxic Sickness Residency Show April-WEB-2017-XTC iNT
dje paysou-anal story liveset-2005-def
DJIPE And The Purge - Reset-(T3RDM0318)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
DjPablo - My Mind (Frenchcore Edit)-(SWG085)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
DjPablo - Oldschool Rekord-(SWG086)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
Djxx - The Best Of-(4061707202612)-WEB-2019-ZzZz
Dkle - Byok-Hardcore Barbie C Fini-2004-DEF
Dolce. - Hardcore Syndrome 9 Limited Mix CD-CD-JP-2015-PUTA
Don Escobar - Heart-(BABY019)-Vinyl-1996-CRIP INT
Doormouse-I Heart Polka-Vls-2005-musiq
Doormouse-I Love Country-Addictss003-2004-KHz
Dorpzicht - Transistor EP-(BF-052)-WEB-2018-PUTA
Dougal and Discos Over feat Lokka Vox - Reflections-(ONESEVENTY 50)-WEB-2019-ZzZz
Dougal and Gammer - 3000 Cycles Dougs Nightmare-(EPP024)-WEB-2004-PUTA
Dougal and Gammer - Acid Move 2 Groove-(EPP004)-Vinyl-2002-PUTA
Dougal and Gammer - Acid Move 2 Groove-(EPP004)-WEB-2002-PUTA
Dougal and Gammer - Addictions Rock this Place-(EPP018)-WEB-2004-PUTA
Dougal and Gammer - Crackwhore Rainfall (Remix)-(EPP025)-WEB-2005-PUTA
Dougal and Gammer - Drive Me Crazy Testing 1-2-(EPP035)-WEB-2006-PUTA
Dougal and Gammer - Essential Platinum Hardcore Anthems-(EPPCOMP001)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Dougal and Gammer - Extreme (Unreleased Clubland Remix) Extreme Make Noise-(EPPMW004)-WEB-2008-PUTA
Dougal and Gammer - Jam the Night Club-(EPP002)-WEB-2002-PUTA
Dougal and Gammer - Jam the Nightclub (Remix) Pump Up the Noise-(EPP014)-Vinyl-2003-PUTA
Dougal and Gammer - Kick the Nation Dreamer-(EPP008)-Vinyl-2002-PUTA
Dougal and Gammer - Kick the Nation Dreamer-(EPP008)-WEB-2002-PUTA
Dougal and Gammer - Know the Score Supernova-(EPP021)-WEB-2004-PUTA
Dougal and Gammer - Lift Me Above Nobody Likes the Records 3000 Cycles-(EPPMW005)-WEB-2008-PUTA
Dougal and Gammer - Make Some Noise I Beefed Her-(EPP031)-WEB-2005-PUTA
Dougal and Gammer - Ordinary People Distorted Visions-(EPP016)-WEB-2003-PUTA
Dougal and Gammer - Ordinary People this is A Virus the Beats the Bass-(EPPMW001)-WEB-2003-PUTA
Dougal and Gammer - Stomp the Piano Song-(EPP020)-WEB-2004-PUTA
Dougal and Gammer - Tell Me A Story Tripod-(EPPMW007)-WEB-2006-PUTA
Dougal And Gammer Feat Nikki Mak-Everytime I Hear Your Name-(EPP064)-Vinyl-2010-BNP
Dougal and Gammer Ft Jenna - All the Tears Ive Cried (JB-C Remix)-(EPP075)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Dougal and Gammer Ft Jerome - There for You-(EPP074)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Dougal and Gammer Vs Chris Fear - Supersonic - Stereo Benefits-(EPP069)-WEB-2011-PUTA
Dougal and Gammer-Higher Than Heaven-(EPP015)-Vinyl-2003-GTi
Dougal and Mickey Skeedale - Really Love You (Remix) Sounds of House-(PL002)-Vinyl-1995-PUTA
Dougal and Mickey Skeedale - Speakers Burn Feel the Madness-(EPP007)-Vinyl-2002-PUTA
Dougal and Mickey Skeedale - What the Fuck Pump it-(EPP009)-Vinyl-2003-PUTA
Dougal and Mickey Skeedale Ft Jenna - Peace of Mind-(RB07)-Vinyl-2002-PUTA
Dougal and Reality - Jam the Nightclub Go-(EPP002)-320kbps Vinyl-2002-PUTA
Dougal and TKM - Afermative Party Time Yail-(EPP003)-Vinyl-2002-PUTA
Dougal and TKM - Fire in the Hole-(EPP006)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
Dougal-Live At Uprising Oldskool All Nighter-17-07-CD-2010-PiCKLE
Dowster - Something X-Hale-(Jelly008)-Vinyl-2003-PUTA
Dr Peacock - Trip to Poland-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
Dr Peacock and Billx - Trip to Antarctica-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
Dr Peacock and Repix ft. Da Mouth Of Madness - Rise and Shine (15 Years BKJN Anthem)-(PCR075)-WEB-2018-MMS
Dr Peacock and Sefa-Bad Dreams-(PCR024)-WEB-2015-t2m
Dr Phunk and Mandy - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
Dr Z-Vago Vs Outblast - Seiko Groupie-(MRV064)-Vinyl-2003-SQ
dr. macabre-ghost stories chapter 1-vls-1996-trt
Dr. Peacock - Acid Bomb-(PCR077)-2CD-2018-MoH-
Dr. Peacock - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
Dr. Peacock - Live at Dominator Rally of Retribution 20-07-2019-SBD-2019-RED int
Dr. Peacock - Live at History of Terror and Speedcore-11-02-2018-SBD-2018-RED int
Dr. Peacock - Live at X-Qlusive Holland XXL 30-09-2018-SBD-2018-RED int
Dr. Peacock - Sjeng Oan de Geng-WEB-2018-RED int
Dr. Peacock - Trip Around The World-(PCR048)-WEB-2016
Dr. Peacock And Crypton - Limitless EP-(PCR046)-WEB-2016
Dr. Peacock And The Sickest Squad Feat Da Mouth Of Madness - Frenchcore Family EP (VLF Anthem)-(PCR045)-WEB-2016
Dr. Peacock vs Chemical Madness - Footworxx 2018-(Warm Up Mix)-SBD-2018-RED int
Dr. Peacock vs Repix - Destroy Everything EP-(PCR012)-WEB-2014-BNL
Dr. Ruthless - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
Dream Foundation - Hold You Tonight Ordinary-(RB17)-Vinyl-2004-PUTA
dream your dream-gallileos trip-vls-1993-rstclassik
Drokz and Tails - All Styles and No One Tells Us What to Do-1CD-2001-gMP3
Drokz-Worst Enemy-SINGLE-WEB-2019-KLIN
Droonix - The Chronicle-(FKR021)-WEB-2019-PUTA
Drug Fuckers - Hot Vino EP-(DF002)-WEB-2015-BC
Drugzilla HateWire - The Passion Of St Tibulus (Split)-(Buckfast01)-CD-2009
Dualcore-The Duality-(HRK005)-WEB-2015-t2m
Dutch Masters - 2 The Dance- DMW007 -Vinyl-2006-SQ
Dyewitness - Best Tracks Minimix-(MIDDIG069)-WEB-2009-BC
dyewitness-the classics collection-vls-1998-hsa
Dyprax - Live At Masters Of Hardcore (The Skull Dynasty)-STREAM-25-03-2017-RAiN iNT
E-Force and Luna - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
E-Man - Under My Command-(ACA010-12)-Vinyl-2000-BC
e-noid - destination death-a different hardcore experienc-cd-2003-sq
E-Noid - Efficient Methods (Plague Remix)-(NLS160800132)-WEB-2009-BC
E-Noid - Extinguished-(DNA049)-WEB-2011
E-Noid - Mixmaster-(NLS160800238)-WEB-2009-HCC
E-Noid - Torture-(DNA047)-WEB-2011
E-Noid vs Krad Evitagen - Maximum Armour-(DNA050)-WEB-2011
E-Vision feat Oceania - Wish You Like Me-(CAT327504)-WEB-2019-ZzZz
Earthquake 02 - The Ultimate Hardcore Collection-2CD-1994-AMA
Earthquake 04 - The Ultimate Hardcore Collection-2CD-1996-AMA
Eazyvibe and Rise - Electro Magnetism (Original Mix)-(SD162)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ZzZz
Ebola-On A Gastro-Bass Tip-(MSADV0.07)-Vinyl-2007-DEF
Ech Heftag - Uit Je Dakkie-(RAVE18TH)-Vinyl-1993-BC
Edge Of Darkness - Immortal Decay-(BA006)-WEB-2014-SRG
Effection - Fuck Em All-(TMR031)-WEB-2019
Eiton Max Shade - Superhuman Get Your Fucking-(INSANE007)-WEB-2015
El Bruto - El Bruto-(RAVE31ST)-Vinyl-1994-BC
Elemental - Reach Out-(0623PNUK)-Vinyl-2004-NRG
Embrionyc - Incomprehensible-WEB-2014-SOB INT
Enduser and Line 47-Presents Machine Girl-(ADN97)-Vinyl-2008-DEF
Endymion - Bio Acoustic Warfare-Vinyl-2001-iPZ
endymion - make some noise ep-(neodig002)-wav-2013
Energy and Safe N Sound-The Baptism-NUNRG020-VINYL-2001-XTC
Energy-In Deep Trouble-NUNRG015-VINYL-2000-XTC
Energy-King of Rock-NUNRG002-VINYL-1998-XTC
Energy-Take Me Up-NuNrg008-WEB-1999-XTC iNT
Energy-Warped Reality-NUNRG004-VINYL-1998-XTC
Enzyme X - Hammerhead Kapotnaaien-(ENZYME X 06)-WEB-2002-rzr
Enzyme X - Kissing The Enemy Clonewave-(ENZYME X 12)-WEB-2003-rzr
Enzyme X - Nightbreed Thou Shalt Consume Thyself-(ENZYME X 15)-WEB-2003-rzr
Enzyme X - Opbokken Post-Traumatic Fuckup-(ENZYME X 04)-WEB-2002-rzr
Enzyme X - Parasomnia Traces of Insanity-(ENZYME X 05)-WEB-2002-rzr
Enzyme X - Parasomnia-(Enzyme-X05)-Vinyl-2002-DOC
Enzyme X - Silly Mid On Deep Square Leg-(ENZYME X 30)-WEB-2009-rzr
Enzyme X - Skummes Optjenkere-(ENZYME X 14)-WEB-2003-rzr
Equatek-Time To Rock-(DSR016)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-wAx
Eric Carmen - All by Myself (Rikston and Johnny Hyde Cover Uk Hardcore)-WEB-2018-PUTA
eRRe-Filthy Sanchez 06 AkeleRRe Part 2-(FS06PT2)-WEB-2015-t2m
Eskimo Callboy-Nice Boi-SINGLE-WEB-2019-wAx
Esox - Unfulfilled Dream Of A Desperate Mind-(MCORE015)-WEB-2014
Estasia-No Brakes-(TSR036)-WEB-2019-wAx
Eufeion - Hits Like Thunder-(CEDG020)-WEB-2011-PUTA
Eufeion - Like Tha Flava-(KRU0005)-WEB-2011-PUTA
Eufeion and Denile - Find Me Tonight-(NINJAHC014)-WEB-2019-ZzZz
Euphony - Dancing In The Rain (Darwin Remix)-(247HC141) Single-WEB-2019-UKHC
Euphony - Warped Science Remixes-(WARPED043)-WEB-2009-PUTA
Euphony And Al Storm-Rough Like A Boulder-DIGIWARPED-WEB-2010-epicfail
Euphony and Chris Richochet - The Future-(WARPED058)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Euphoria - Restore My Heart Hardcore Intensity-(BB075)-WEB-2007-PUTA
Euphoria Ft TAIS - The Rush is Mine - Unseen Land-(BB070)-WEB-2007-PUTA
Euphoria Melodia Sessions 010-With Lab 4-WEB-2019-XTC iNT
Euphoria-Playing Games-NG062-Vinyl-2006-XTC
Euromasters - Alles Naar De Klote (Naughty Kicks and Sound Reaver Bootleg)-WEB-2018-PUTA
Euromasters - Keiharde Hardcore Klappurs-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
Evil Activities - Dedicated (To Those Who Tried to Hold Me Down)-(NEO021)-Retail-Vinyl-2003-SQ
Evil Activities - Extinction-(PNMX52(M))-320kbps Vinyl-2001-PUTA
Evil Activities - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
Evil Activities - Nobody Said it Was Easy (Gammers Blatant Ripoff)-WEB-2011-PUTA
Evil Activities - Presents Extreme Audio Live at Q-Dance Radio-DAB-29-09-2017-RED
Evil Activities - Presents Extreme Audio Live at Q-Dance Radio-SBD-23-02-2018-RED int
Evil Activities - Presents Extreme Audio Thunderdome Special Live at Q-Dance Radio-DAB-27-10-2017-RED
Evil Activities - Presents Extreme Audio-(PodCast 68)-SBD-2018-RED int
Evil Activities - Presents Extreme Audio-(PodCast 69)-SBD-2018-RED int
Evil Activities Vs Chaosphere - State of Emergency-(NEO18)-Vinyl-2003-SQ
Evil Of Pain - Arsenic Spectrator-CDR-2009
Evil Of Pain - Rasta Mastah Bastard-(CGI001)-WEB-2009
Evil Of Pain-Upgrade Mentalitet EP-(SIR017)-WEB-2009-SSK
Exagon and DJ Thunder Vs Virus Factory - Sampler EP-(FK020)-Vinyl-2010-BC
Execrate-Blast Time EP-(8790001262133)-WEB-2019-NDE
Exeqtionerz-Monsters (Radio Edit)-(RUR011)-WEB-2019-wAx
Explicit-Explicit EP-(IC004)-WEB-2019-wAx
Exploynk-Fire-(RN046)-WEB-2017-CB INT
Extermination Core-Dedicator-WEB-2016-XTC iNT
Extermination Core-Lady Dammage-WEB-2017-XTC iNT
Extermination Core-Razorheadz-WEB-2016-XTC iNT
Extermination Core-Terrorclown-WEB-2016-XTC iNT
Extreme Rage - Op Tijd-(PHKADR003)-WEB-2016
F-Noize and A-Kriv ft MC Mike and Stephy - The Sound Of Violence (Kataklysm Anthem 2014)-WEB-2014-SOB
F-Shock - Dear Mama-(TFOM0174)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ZzZz
F. Noize - Cold as Ice (Hyrule War Refix)-WEB-2018-PUTA
F.noize - Hardkaze 2018-(Promo Mix)-SBD-2018-RED int
Fade and Heatwave - Sky High on A High (Remixes)-(PL014)-Vinyl-1996-PUTA
Fade Ft Kelly JHAL - Should I Missing U-(RB09)-Vinyl-2003-PUTA
Febro - The Underground EP-(BBR023)-WEB-2019-SRG
Feedback Extra Greg Peaks And Aeon-I Love Hard Beats-WEB-2019-XTC iNT
Feedback With Mark And Jam (And Sometimes Dan)-I Love Hard Beats-WEB-2019-XTC iNT
Fifthy and Earclear-Die From The Suspension-(DNBDS011)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-wAx
Fillmac - Apollo 2019 (Remix)-(5059033869356)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ZzZz
Firelite feat Nheon and Jack Knight - What You Want (Technikore and Suae Remix-(ONESEVENTY 49)-WEB-2019-ZzZz
Flame and K-Complex ft Louise Davies - Allure-(RENRG013)-WEB-2010-BC
Floxytek - Untitled (DARK RABBIT 666)-Web-2009
Flyp Fermentor - Quietuz-4061798151967-WEB-2018-ZzZz
Formula 7 - Its Just Not Ragga (the Bizzy B Remixes)-(QUAY-07)-320kbps Vinyl-1993-PUTA
Formula 7 - Its Not Just Ragga Parasite-(FORMULA09)-320kbps Vinyl-1992-PUTA
Formula 7 - Its Not Just Ragga (Remix) Night Life-(FORMULA7)-320kbps Vinyl-1992-PUTA
Formula 7 - Jodis Theme Manifestation-(QUAY04)-320kbps Vinyl-1993-PUTA
Formula 7 - Time Stretch the Bass War Cries-(QUAY-05)-320kbps Vinyl-1993-PUTA
Formula 7 and DJ Ruff Kutt - Guava Jodis Theme (94 Remix)-(QUAY-12)-320kbps Vinyl-1994-PUTA
Forsaken Is Dead - Dead Like Me (SFU CD01)-2007-Homely
Foxsky Ft Negitoro - My Friend the Yellowtail (M-Project Remix)-WEB-2018-PUTA
Fracus - Every Word You Say-(HU004)-WEB-2009-PUTA
Fracus - Never Love-(CEDG024)-WEB-2012-PUTA
Fracus and Darwin Scott Brown - Hardcore Heaven Volume 2 (Incl Unmixed Tracks)-(HHDSCD002)-3CD-2017-PUTA
Fracus x Darwin vs Daniel Seven - The Dark Shadows EP Pt. 13-(247HC148DS)-WEB-2019-UKHC
Frank - Planet Kick 16-(Planet Kick 16)-VINYL-2009
Frank Kvitta Vs DJ Mahatma - Fradsezeggus (ARTILLERY005)-EP-2003-JFK
Frantic - Joining Of The Clans 2-(GCJD25)-WEB-2019-ZzZz
Fred Baker and Vincent Gorczak-La Part Des Anges-Vinyl-2005-TSP
Fredd-E - Hectic Machinery-(USR003)-WEB-2009-VELOCiTY
french connection-french connection ii-ep-1996-cmc
Frenchcore Familia - Time Is Not Absolute (Radio Edit)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
Frequencerz - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
Frequencerz and Phuture Noize - Live at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019-SBD-RED int
Fucking Hardcore 8-1CD-1998-ITX
Full Force-Fell In Love-(BCR005)-WEB)-2007-UKHx
Furyan - Live At Masters Of Hardcore (The Skull Dynasty)-STREAM-25-03-2017-RAiN iNT
Furyan - Masters of Hardcore Podcast 141-SAT-02-14-2018-TALiON
Furyan And Tha Watcher - Live By Your Vow (Masters Of Hardcore Russia Anthem)-(MOHDIGI225)-WEB-2018-SRG
Future Resonance - Neverland-(CBN19)-WEB-2010-BPM
Futurewave - Beginning (Stormrage Remix)-(FTR022)-WEB-2009

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Label Pack Part11
  Labels | Author: Admin | 19-10-2019, 00:18

Mindsvision Records-(2009-2012)-0DAY
(MV001) VA-Mindsvision Sampler Vol 1-(MV001)-WEB-2009-EDML
(MV001B) Apothecary - False Emperor-(MV01B)-WEB-2012-SRG
(MV002) Johan Herz-Animism-(MV002)-WEB-2009-NRG
(MV003) VA-Domination Overdrive-(MV003)-WEB-2009-EDML
(MV004) Ferren-I Walk With The Gods-(MV004)-WEB-2009-HEARTBEAT
(MV005) Antizimex Ferren Johan Herz - Best Of Mindsvision-(MV005)-WEB-2011-HCC
(MV005) Apothecary - Maverick-(MV005)-WEB-2012-SRG
(MVS001) Nervebreaker--Worst Nightmare EP-(MVS001)-WEB-2010-strezz

Mirakle Digital Records-(2016-2018)-0DAY
(PHKMKR001) VA - Mirakle Myths and Legends Vol. 01-(PHKMKR001)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(PHKMKR002) Mad Alien - Eclipse-(PHKMKR002)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(PHKMKR003) VA - Mirakle Myths and Legends Vol. 02-(PHKMKR003)-WEB-2016-PUTA
(PHKMKR004) DJ Contra vs Gino and Victor Ronda - Hard Reality Refucked-(PHKMKR004)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(PHKMKR004) DJ Contra Vs Gino And Victor Ronda-Hard Reality Refucked-WEB-2016-DWM
(PHKMKR005) VA - Mirakle Myths and Legends Vol. 03-(PHKMKR005)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(PHKMKR006) The Big One And Javi MF - Premium Tracks-(PHKMKR 006)-WEB-2017-ZzZz
(PHKMKR007) VA - Mirakle Myths and Legends Vol 04-(PHKMKR007)-WEB-2018-ZzZz

Mirakle Records-(2008-2011)-0DAY
(MIR001) DJ Contra vs. DJ Gino And DJ Mochue-Arms Of Heaven-(MIR001)-Vinyl-2008-NRG
(MIR002) DJ Peyes And DJ Puertas-The Battle Is Ours-(MIR002)-WEB-2009-NRG
(MIR003) Bombi And Lewis-Hard Noize Vol. 1-(MIR003)-WEB-2010-NRG
(MIR004) DJ Farver And DJ Anakin-Potencia Maxima Vol. 1 - Fighting For Life-(MIR004)-WEB-2010-NRG
(MIR005) DJ Mochue And DJ Gino-Arms Of Heaven Vol. 2-(MIR005)-Vinyl-2009-NRG
(MIR006) DJ Contra Pres. Sector DJS Vol. 2-Hurt Remix 09-(MIR006)-Vinyl-2009-NRG
(MIR007) Bombi And Lewis-Hard Noize Vol. 2-(MIR007)-Vinyl-2009-NRG
(MIR008) DJ Invi-State Of Darkness-(MIR008)-Vinyl-2010-NRG
(MIR009) Victor Ronda And The Ivish-Hot-(MIR009)-Vinyl-2010-NRG
(MIR010) DJ Luxe and DJ Aaron - You Belong with Me-(MIR010)-Vinyl-2010-BC
(MIR011) DJ Castano presents DJ Mathou - New Divide RMX-(MIR011)-Vinyl-2010-BC
(MIR012) DJ Aaron - Anathema-(MIR012)-Vinyl-2010-BC
(MIR013) DJ Contra and DJ Berni - Dark Angel-(MIR013)-Vinyl-2011-BC
---(MIR014) DJ Gino & Victor Ronda - Hard Reality
(MIR015) VA - Mirakle Wanted EP Vol. 1-(MIR015)-Vinyl-2011-BC
(MIR016) DJ Contra - Mirakle Tracks Vol. 1-(MIR016)-Vinyl-2011-BC
---(MIRXP001) DJ Compressor & DJ Alias - N.T.I
(MIRXP002) DJ Caesar 9114 - Tek-No-Plus-(MIRXP002)-Vinyl-2010-BC
(MOB001) DJ Contra And DJ Franky And DJ Gino And DJ Mochue-Mirakle Only Bases Vol. 1-(MOB001)-Vinyl-2009-NRG
(MOB002) DJ Contra - Mirakle Only Bases Vol. 2-(MOB002)-Vinyl-2010-BC

Mob Squad Black Label-(2007-2014)-0DAY
(MSTBL001) VA - J-Core Masterz Vol.1-(MSTBL001)-CD-JP-2007-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL002) VA - J-Core Masterz Vol.2-(MSTBL002)-CD-JP-2007-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL003) DJ Schwarzenegger - Arnold Archive 1-(MSTBL003)-CD-JP-2007-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL004) M1dy - Wake Up Machine is BACK-(MSTBL004)-CD-JP-2008-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL005) VA - J-Core Masterz Vol.3-(MSTBL005)-CD-JP-2008-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL006) BSK - Bit Shoujo Kisser-(MSTBL006)-CD-JP-2008-PUTA
(MSTBL007) DJ Schwarzenegger - Toho Female Offender-(MSTBL007)-CD-JP-2008-PUTA
(MSTBL008) VA - J-Core Masterz Vol.4-(MSTBL008)-CD-JP-2008-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL009) Round Wave Crusher - Tales of Rapes Maids and Hardcore-(MSTBL009)-CD-JP-2008-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL010) Shingo DJ-Gensokyo Style-(MSTBL010)-2009-NRG
(MSTBL012) OZIGIRI - Delusive Girl-(MSTBL012)-CD-JP-2009-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL013) M11dy-Megashit EP-(MSTBL013)-2009-NRG
(MSTBL014) VA - J-Core Masterz Vol.5-(MSTBL014)-CD-JP-2009-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL016) VA - Scouse Tokyo Presents - Donk Bass Bootlegs-(MSTBL016)-CD-JP-2009-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL017) Round Wave Crusher-Born In The Wrong Place-(MSTBL017)-2009-NRG
(MSTBL018) DJ Schwarzenegger - Arnold Archive 2-(MSTBL018)-CD-JP-2009-PUTA
(MSTBL019) VA - Fuck DJ Paper Chaos EP-(MSTBL019)-CD-JP-2009-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL020) VA - J-Core Masterz Vol.6-(MSTBL020)-CD-JP-2009-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL021) Black Ace and VA - Famicompi-(MSTBL021)-CD-JP-2009-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL022) DJ A.Q.-The Very Best Of DJ A.Q. Remixes-(MSTBL022)-2009-NRG
(MSTBL023) DJ Schwarzenegger Shingo DJ - Live at Ryougoku Kokugikan-(MSTBL023)-CD-JP-2010-PUTA
(MSTBL024) VA - J-Core Masterz Vol.7-(MSTBL024)-CD-JP-2010-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL025) DJ Schwarzenegger - Pacific Rim Tour EP-(MSTBL025)-CD-JP-2010-PUTA
(MSTBL026) OZIGIRI - Digital Grinding Slaughter-(MSTBL026)-CD-JP-2010-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL027) 204 - Tokyo dOnkers eXclusive-(MSTBL027)-CD-JP-2010-PUTA
(MSTBL028) Enjo-G - Shashishashatsu of Enjijiji-(MSTBL028)-CD-JP-2010-PUTA
(MSTBL029) Black Ace-Keep Fighting-2010-JRP
(MSTBL030) VA - J-Core Masterz Vol.8-(MSTBL030)-CD-JP-2010-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL031) Sub-69 - The Chicagin of the Dead-(MSTBL031)-CD-JP-2010-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL033) ANA - Chemical Mes-(MSTBL033)-CD-JP-2011-PUTA
(MSTBL035) VA - J-Core Masterz Vol.9-(MSTBL035)-CD-2011-BC
(MSTBL036) Black Ace - Retrocore Vol.1-(MSTBL036)-CD-2011-BC
(MSTBL037) DJ Schwarzenegger Ozigiri - Arma Magica-(MSTBL037)-CD-2011-BC
(MSTBL038) OZIGIRI - Dark History-(MSTBL038)-CD-JP-2012-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL039) 204 - U Got 2 Bounce-(MSTBL039)-CD-2011-BC
(MSTBL040) VA - J-Core Masterz Vol.10-(MSTBL040)-CD-2011-BC
(MSTBL041) Round Wave Crusher - Doujin or Death-(MSTBL041)-CD-2011-BC
(MSTBL042) Black Ace - Retrocore Vol.2-(MSTBL042)-CD-2011-BC
(MSTBL043) 3R2 - Happiness Paradise-(MSTBL043)-CD-JP-2012-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL044) Shoujo - Electro X Life EP-(MSTBL044)-CD-JP-2012-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL045) VA - J-Core Masterz Vol.11-(MSTBL045)-CD-JP-2012-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL046) Black Ace and Various - FAMICOMPi2-(MSTBL046)-CD-JP-2012-PUTA
(MSTBL047) 3R2 ft MC Violence - Skype Sex E.P.-(MSTBL047)-CD-JP-2012-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL050) VA - J-Core Masterz Vol.12-(MSTBL050)-CD-JP-2012-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL051) Sub-69 - Electronic Dope Mutant-(MSTBL051)-CD-JP-2013-VELOCiTY
(MSTBL054) DJKurara - Pop Teen Mashcore Paradise-(MSTBL054)-CD-JP-2013-PUTA
(MSTBL055) VA - J-Core Masterz Vol.13-(MSTBL055)-CD-2013-BC
(MSTBL057) DJ Schwarzenegger - Troublemaker EP-(MSTBL057)-CD-2013-BC
(MSTBL059) Round Wave Crusher - Unhinged E.P.-(MSTBL059)-CD-2013-BC
(MSTBL060) VA - J-Core Masterz Vol.14-(MSTBL060)-CD-2013-BC
(MSTBL062) VA - J-Core Masterz Vol.15-(MSTBL062)-CD-2014-BC
(MSTBL063) Round Wave Crusher - Supremacy-(MSTBL063)-CD-JP-2014-VELOCiTY

Mob Squad Tokyo-(2006-2017)-0DAY
(MSTCD001) VA - Core-O-Rama-(MSTCD001)-CD-JP-2006-BC
(MSTCD002) VA - Core-O-Rama Vol. 2-(MSTCD002)-CD-JP-2007-BC
(MSTCD003) diediecolor - Photonoise-(MSTCD003)-CD-JP-2009-BC
(MSTCD004) m1dy and Killingscum - Radio Warning-(MSTCD004)-CD-JP-2009-BC
(MSTCD005) Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubou - Bleep Shoujo Khz-(MSTCD005)-CD-JP-2010-BC
(MSTCD006) diediecolor - Nextwired-(MSTCD006)-CD-JP-2010-BC
(MSTCD007) Shingo DJ-Hardstyle Or No-Style-(MSTCD007)-2010-NRG
(MSTCD008) Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubou - Bit Shoujo Komputer-(MSTCD008)-CD-JP-2010-BC
(MSTCD009) diediecolor - No Future But Good Remixes-(MSTCD009)-CD-JP-2010-BC
(MSTCD010) Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubou - Bloody Shoujou Killbite-(MSTCD010)-CD-JP-2011-BC
(MSTCD011) M2dy - M1dy IS DEAD-(MSTCD011)-CD-JP-2011-VELOCiTY
(MSTCD012) DJ Schwarzenegger - Hurricane Mixer EP-(MSTCD012)-CD-2012-BC
(MSTCD012) DJ Schwarzenegger - Hurricane Mixer EP-(MSTCD012)-CD-JP-2012-VELOCiTY
(MSTCD015) VA - TaiwakinaPLUS-(MSTCD015)-CD-JP-2012-BC
(MSTCD016) Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubou - Hardcore Chiptune.Lsdsng-(MSTCD016)-CD-JP-2014-BC
(MSTCD017) Sound Pressure Gangsta - Deadly Poison Public Theater Performance-(MSTCD017-SRPK-0004)-CD-JP-2014-PUTA
(MSTCD019) VA - Parallel Hardcore-(MSTCD019)-CD-JP-2015-BC
(MSTCD023) VA - Parallel Hardcore 3-(MSTCD023)-CD-JP-2016-PUTA
(MSTCD024) Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubou - DMG 666-(MSTCD024)-CD-JP-2017-PUTA
(MSTLTD001) DJ Schwarzenegger Neodash Zerox - Fuck to the Future-(MSTLTD001)-CD-JP-2011-BC

Monta Musica-(2018-2019)-0DAY
(MMDS001) Danny Eclipse ft. Savannah - Kick It (I Wont Let Go)-(MMDS001)-WEB-2018-MMS
(MMDS0010) Lozza and Static feat Jess - In and Out Of Love-(MMDS0010)-WEB-2018-ZzZz
(MMDS002) K9 - Watchkeeper-(MMDS002)-WEB-2018-MMS
(MMDS005) Static - Martians-(MMDS005)-WEB-2018-ZzZz
(MMDS006) Makinarium - Rhodes-(MMDS006)-WEB-2018-ZzZz
(MMDS007) K9 - Kaisu-(MMDS007)-WEB-2018-ZzZz
(MMDS009) Lethal Connection - My Name Is Jessica-(MMDS009)-WEB-2018-ZzZz
(MMLPD001) VA - Monta Musica presents Artificial Intelligence-(MMLPD001)-WEB-2019-ZzZz

Multi Function-(2010-2017)-0DAY
(MFM001) Minimal Fuss-Elbow Grease And Jigsaw-MFM001-WEB-2010-XTC
(MFM002) VA - Elbow Grease Delusion-(MFM002)-WEB-2010-PUTA
(MFM003) VA-I Know You Make No Mistake-(MFM003)-WEB-2010-MPX
(MFM004) Hoax and Sensa - Atlantis-(MFM004)-WEB-2010-PUTA
(MFM005) Voltage - Fading Love-(MFM005)-WEB-2011-PUTA
(MFM006) Replicant - Revenge Black Magik-(MFM006)-WEB-2011-PUTA
(MFM007) Voltage - Catalyst Fading Love VIP-(MFM007)-WEB-2011-PUTA
(MFM008) Levela - Unconscious Beat Around the Bush-(MFM008)-WEB-2011-PUTA
(MFM009) VA - The Rush EP-(MFM009)-WEB-2011-PUTA
(MFM010) VA - Cheating Need You-(MFM010)-WEB-2011-PUTA
(MFM011) Levela Voltage and Alter Ego - Pussy Ole in Ya Face-(MFM011)-WEB-2011-PUTA
(MFM012) Levela - Unconscious Remixes-(MFM012)-WEB-2011-PUTA
(MFM013) Chew Lay - Aint Too Proud Bass Baby-(MFM013)-WEB-2011-PUTA
(MFM014) Levela - Riot Shield Beat Around the Bush (Shufunk Remix)-(MFM014)-WEB-2012-D23
(MFM015) Levela Ft Envy - MFM015-(MFM015)-WEB-2012-PUTA
(MFM016) Splice - The Promise Summer Breeze-(MFM016)-WEB-2012-PUTA
(MFM017) Link - See You Again Hold Tight-(MFM017)-WEB-2012-PUTA
(MFM018) Levela - My Sound EP-(MFM018)-WEB-2012-PUTA
(MFM019) Agro and Too Greezey - Intricate - Come Clean-(MFM019)-WEB-2012-PUTA
(MFM019) Agro-Intricate Come Clean-(MFM019)-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3
(MFM020) Puppetz and Whisper - So Special Wrangling-(MFM020)-WEB-2012-PUTA
(MFM022) DJ Alpha and Warren B - Deal with the Case I Was Blind-(MFM022)-WEB-2012-PUTA
(MFM024) Levela Feat MC Funsta-Skatta EP-(MFM024)-WEB-2012-D23
(MFM025) Samy Nicks and Rekwest - Raw Meat EP-(MFM025)-WEB-2012-PUTA
(MFM026) Puppetz - Journey EP-(MFM026)-WEB-2012-PUTA
(MFM027) VA - Multi Function Elite Vol 1-(MFM027)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(MFM028) Levela Ft Farisha - Walk Away-(MFM028)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(MFM029) Samy Nicks and Rekwest - Curtain Call Cool Whip-(MFM029)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(MFM030) Corruptive Coltcha - Scratching at the Nest-(MFM030)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(MFM031) Agro and Too Greezey - Isolated-(MFM031)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(MFM031) Agro-Isolated EP-MFM031-WEB-2013-320
(MFM032) VA - Multi Function Elite Vol 2-(5055721806795)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(MFM033) Hizzleguy - Kung Fu Style-(5055721807501)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(MFM033) Hizzleguy-Kung Fu Style EP-(MFM033)-WEB-2013-USR
(MFM034) Levela - Farts and Pirates-(MFM034)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(MFM035) Levela - Vips and Stuff-(MFM035)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(MFM036) Substainless - Day by Day-(MFM036)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(MFM037) Simplistix - Lethal Dose-(MFM037)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(MFM038) Levela - Imaginary Friend EP-(MFM038)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(MFM039) Levela - Ecstasy Love the Remixes-(MFM039)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(MFM040) Too Greezey - Jibba Jabba-(MFM040)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(MFM041) Benns - Gods Prototype Signal-(MFM041)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(MFM042) VA - MF Elite Vol 3-(MFM042)-WEB-2014-PUTA
(MFM042) VA-Multi Function Elite Vol 3-(MFM042)-WEB-2014-FDH
(MFM043) Dub Zero Levela and Jayline - Get Ready Unreal (Dub Zero Remix)-(MFM043)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(MFM044) Lunatic - Keep it Moving Blazin-(MFM044)-WEB-2014-PUTA
(MFM045) Agro and Hizzleguy-Connected-(MFM045)-WEB-2014-USR
(MFM046) Fretman - Eye of the Needle-(MFM046)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(MFM047) Hizzleguy - Warlord VIP - Take Off VIP-(MFM047)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(MFM048) Substainless - Bounce Like A Psycho Go Stronger-(MFM048)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(MFM049) Levela - Disco Dust-(MFM049)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(MFM050) Jeopardize - Tiger Style Power Practice-(MFM050)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(MFM051) Section - Here and Now Vantage Point-(MFM051)-WEB-2014-PUTA
(MFM051) Section-Here And Now And Vantage Point-WEB-2014-FALCON
(MFM052) DJ Hybrid-Killer-(MFM052)-WEB-2014-wAx
(MFM053) Freek-By Name by Nature EP-(MFM053)-WEB-2014-D23
(MFM054) Jaxx and Illphaze - Deadly Dance-(MFM054)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(MFM055) Levela-Fires EP-(MFM055)-WEB-2014-wAx
(MFM057) Fretman-Empire EP-(MFM057)-WEB-2014-D23
(MFM058) Hizzleguy - Concrete 50 Caliber-(MFM058)-WEB-2014-PUTA
(MFM058) Hizzleguy-Concrete 50 Caliber-(MFM048)-WEB-2014-D23
(MFM059) Benns-The First Could Be Famous-(MFM059)-WEB-2014-D23
(MFM060) Levela-Avalanche EP-(MFM060)-WEB-2014-wAx
(MFM061) Yagura-Hold Ya Horses Salvo-(MFM061)-WEB-2015-D23
(MFM062) VA - MF Elite Vol 4 LP-(MFM062)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(MFM063) Audio Abyss-Desolation Stand Up-(MFM063)-WEB-2015-FDH
(MFM064) Levela-Levela Remixed EP-(MFM064)-WEB-2015-D23
(MFM065) Envenom - Scrappy-(MFM065)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(MFM066) Fretman-Dragon Fire-MFM066-WEB-2015-PITY
(MFM067) Genetix-Humanity-MFM067-WEB-2015-PITY
(MFM068) Levela - Darkness-(MFM068)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(MFM068) Levela-Darkness-WEB-2015-FALCON
(MFM069) Ozma-The Drone Paranormal-MFM069-WEB-2015-PITY
(MFM070) Hizzleguy-Eat Lead-(MFM070)-WEB-2015-BCG
(MFM070) Hizzleguy-Eat Lead EP-(MFM070)-WEB-2015-FDH
(MFM071) Agro-Run You Out Of Town-MFM071-WEB-2015-PITY
(MFM072) K Motionz-SSL 4000 vs Sektion 51-MFM072-WEB-2015-MKD
(MFM073) Envenom-March Forward-(MFM073)-WEB-2015-wAx
(MFM074) Freek - Break the Mould EP-(MFM074)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(MFM075) Hectix-Mental Growth Changes-MFM075-WEB-2015-PITY
(MFM076) Levela - Glitch Darkness VIP-(MFM076)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(MFM077) D Code-Flying Saucer vs Lessons-MFM077-WEB-2016-MKD
(MFM079) Ozma-Pixels-(MFM079)-WEB-2016-wAx
(MFM080) Levela-Sensory-WEB-2016-LEV
(MFM081) Jayline--Blank Walls-(MFM081)-WEB-2016-WUS
(MFM081) Jayline-Blank Walls-MFM081-WEB-2016-MKD
(MFM082) Freek-The Unholy-MFM082-WEB-2016-MKD
(MFM083) Dub Zero-Transformers-MFM083-WEB-2016-MKD
(MFM083) Dub Zero--Transformers-WEB-2016-SUW
(MFM084) Hizzleguy-Big Sound-(MF084)-WEB-2016-USR
(MFM085) Nostalgia - Bonus Stage-(MFM085)-WEB-2016-PUTA
(MFM086) Gnome - Guess Whos Back-(MFM086)-WEB-2016-PUTA
(MFM087) Levela-Ghetto Blaster-(MFM087)-WEB-2016-wAx
(MFM088) Envenom-Three-MFM088-WEB-2016-MKD
(MFM089) D-Code - Initiate-(MFM089)-WEB-2016-PUTA
(MFM090) Ozma-Said Never EP-(MFM090)-WEB-2016-PRESCRiPTiON
(MFM091) Levela-Rebellion-MFM091-WEB-2016-PITY
(MFM092) Jayline-Unzip It-MFM092-WEB-2017-PITY
(MFM093) Freek - Captain Savage-(MFM093)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(MFM094) Indiekai-Cyclone-(MFM094)-WEB-2017-CB
(MFM095) Nostalgia - Splash Damage-(MFM095)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(MFM096) Envenom-Rouge-(MFM096)-WEB-2017-2FAST4U
(MFM097) Levela and Kit Rice-I Keep Going-(MFM097)-WEB-2017-wAx
(MFM098) Ozma and Lowriderz-Ozriderz-(MFM098)-WEB-2017-ENSLAVE
(MFM099) Levela - -GENESIS- Sampler-(MFM099)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(MFM100) Levela-GENESIS-(MFM100)-WEB-2017-CB
(MFM100) Levela-Genesis-WEB-2017-FALCON
(MFMBC001) VA - Back Catalogue Bundle 1-(MFMBC001)-WEB-2015-PUTA
(MFMBC002) VA-Back Catalogue Bundle 2-MFMBC002-WEB-2015-MKD

Mythica Records-(2005-2012)-0DAY
(MRA001) Aphobia - Its About Time-(MRA001)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
(MYTH001) Trilok and Chiren Present Mythica - Rise of A New Order-(MYTH001)-Proper-Vinyl-2005-SQ
(MYTH001) Trilok And Chiren-Rise Of A New Order (MYTH001)-Promo Vinyl-2005-HSA
(MYTH002) Trilok and Chiren feat. The Divide - Devils Night-Vinyl-2005-SND
(MYTH002) Trilok and Chiren Feat. the Divide-Devils Night-Vinyl-2005-SND
(MYTH003) Luna Meets Trilok and Chiren - Tales from Da Hood-PROPER Vinyl-2006-QMI
(MYTH003) Luna meets Trilok and Chiren - Tales of Da Hood-(MYTH003)-Vinyl-2006-SDS
(MYTH004) Gizmo and Symastic-Listen Up-Vinyl-2006-SND
(MYTH005) DJ Norman and Symastic-Play it Loud Punk Bitch-Vinyl-2006-SND
(MYTH006) Trilok and Chiren Vs the Alpha Twins-Laws of War-Vinyl-2006-SND
(MYTH007) Dhhd - On Fire-(MYTH007)-Proper-Vinyl-2007-HB
(MYTH007) DHHD - On Fire (Myth007)-Vinyl-2007-KTB
(MYTH008) Trilok And Chiren Vs Alpha2 - Straight To Hell-(MYTH008)-Vinyl-2007-HB
(MYTH009) DJ Chuckie Meets Trilok And Chiren - Never Scared-(MYTH009)-Vinyl-2008-HB
(MYTH009) Dj Chuckie Meets Trilok And Chiren-Never Scared-WEB-2008-Homely
(MYTH010) Trilok Vs. chiren - into battle-(MYTH010)-vinyl-2008-HB INT
(MYTH010) Trilok vs Chiren - Into Battle-(MYTH010)-WEB-2008-gnvr
(MYTH011) Beat Providers - Silence Face2Face-(MYTH011)-WEB-2008-gnvr INT
(MYTH011) Beat Providers-Face To Face-2008-WEB-Homely
(MYTH012) Beat Providers - Darkest Dreams-(MYTH012)-WEB-2008-RUSH
(MYTH012) Beat Providers - Darkest Dreams-Vinyl-2008-QMI
(MYTH013) Degos And Re Done-Hardsound Amplifier-(MYTH013)-WEB-2009-UKHx
(MYTH013) Degos And Re-Done-Hardsound Amplifier (MYTH013)-Vinyl-2009-NBD
(MYTH013) Degos And Re-Done-Hardsound Amplifier EP-(MYTH013)-Vinyl-2009-SSK
(MYTH014) DJ Norman - Live For Nothing-(MYTH014)-WEB-2009-Homely
(MYTH015) Trilok And Chiren - Return To The Hood Incl Mindhunterz Rmx-(MYTH015)-WEB-2009-HB
(MYTH015) Trilok And Chiren-Return To The Hood-(MYTH015)-READ NFO-WEB-2009-SSK
(MYTH015) Trilok and Chiren-Return To The Hood-MYTH015-WEB-2009-BPM
(MYTH015) Trilok And Chiren-Return To The Hood-(MYTH015)-READ NFO-WEB-2009-SSK
(MYTH016) Trilok and Chiren - Mythica (the Remixes)-(MYTH016)-TRACKFIX-WEB-2009-HB
(MYTH016) Trilok and Chiren - Mythica (the Remixes)-(MYTH016)-WEB-2009-HB
(MYTH017) VA - Mythica Collective Works Part 1-(MYTH017)-Vinyl-2010-SOB INT
(MYTH017) VA-Mythica The Collected Works 001-(MYTH017)-WEB-2009-UKHx
(MYTH018) VA - Mythica Collective Works Part 2-(MYTH018)-REPACK-WEB-2010-HB
(MYTH018) VA - Mythica Collective Works Part 2-(MYTH018)-Vinyl-2010-SOB INT
(MYTH018) VA - Mythica Collective Works Part 2-(MYTH018)-WEB-2010-HB
(MYTH019) Degos and Re-Done - Cause Chaos-(MYTH019)-WEB-2010-HB
(MYTH020) Aphobia - The Edge Of Surface-(MYTH020)-WEB-2011-HB
(MYTH021) Crucial Value - Free Your Mind-(MYTH021)-WEB-2011-SRG
(MYTH022) Ironite - Unnecessary Evil-(MYTH022)-WEB-2011-HB
(MYTH023) Crucial Value - Grain Of Sand-(MYTH023)-DiRFiX-WEB-2011-SRG
(MYTH023) Crucial Value - Grain Of Sand-(MYTH024)-WEB-2011-SRG
(MYTH024) Ironite - Trust In Me-(MYTH024)-WEB-2012-SRG
(MYTH025) Crucial Value - Move It Vita Nuova-(MYTH025)-WEB-2012-HB
(MYTH026) Ironite And Crucial Value - Beneath The Dark-(MYTH026)-WEB-2012-HB
(MYTHFREE001) Ironite - No Good (2011 Bootleg)-(MYTHFREE001)-WEB-2011-BC
(MYTHW001) DJ Norman And DCarrera Ft. MC Da Syndrome-Crazy On The Dancefloor (MYTHW001)-Vinyl-2007-NBD
(SOMYTH001) DHHD - Hard Bass Anthem-(SOMYTH001)-Vinyl-2006-HB
Trilok and Chiren - The Return-WEB-2009-BC

(NRG-00) DropKick - Trapdoor (John S. Morris Remix)-(NRG-00)-WEB-2013-BC
(NRG-01) DropKick - Trapdoor-(NRG-01)-WEB-2013-BC
(NRG-0X) DropKick - Spin Me (Like A Christmas Pudding)-(NRG-0X)-WEB-2013-BC

(NARCOSIS01) VA-God Slave-(NARC01)-Vinyl-2010-OBC
(NARCOSIS06) VA-Untitled-(NARCOSIS06)-Vinyl-2014-hM

(4061798004485) Weser Narkotek - Free Your Mind-(4061798004485)-WEB-2018-PUTA
(BLV2939164) Seno Narkotek - Hard Motion-(BLV2939164)-WEB-2017-PUTA
(BLV2939164) Seno Narkotek-Hard Motion-WEB-2017-CB
(CDNKT03) Guigoo-Narkotek Ravolution-(CDNKT03)-2010-DEF
(GUIGOOPICTURE01) Guigoo - Guigoo Picture 01-(GUIGOOPICTURE01)-WEB-2008-PUTA
(GUIGOOPICTURE02) Guigoo - Guigoo Picture 02-(GUIGOOPICTURE02)-WEB-2010-PUTA
(GUIGOOPICTURE03) Guigoo - Guigoo Picture 03-(GUIGOOPICTURE03)-WEB-2011-PUTA
(M4190) Guigoo - Best of Narkotek Tracks 01-WEB-2010-SOB
(M4810) Guigoo - Narkotek Soundsystem 2004-2005-(M4810)-WEB-2012-PUTA
(M4811) Guigoo - Best of Narkotek Tracks 02-WEB-2012-SOB
(MD0152) Kefran Narkotek - Kick Your Ass Up-(MD0152)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(MD0163) Kefran Narkotek - Onde De Choc (2005)-(MD0163)-WEB-2005-PUTA
(MD0229) Guigoo - Narkotek Old School Tracks-(MD0229)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(NARKOTEKEV01) Kefran - Narkotek Revolution 01-(Narkotek Ev 01)-Vinyl-2006-ZzZz INT
(NKT02) Kefran-Musik Addict (Nkt 02)-Vinyl-2003-DEF
(NKT03) Kefran and Guigoo-3 5-(NKT03)-VINYL-2003-CT
(NKT04) Kefran Guigoo and Weser-Narkotek 04-Vinyl-2005-DEF
(NKT07) Guigoo Kefran - Narkotek 07-(NKT07)-WEB-2008-PUTA
(NKT07) Guigoo Vs Kefran-Narkotek 07-(NKT07)-Vinyl-2007-CT
(NKTHS01) Guigoo Kefran - Narkotek Hors Serie 01-(NKTHS01)-WEB-2013-PUTA
(NKTHS01) narkotek-hors serie (narkhs01)-vls-2004-def
(NKTHS03) Guigoo-Narkotek Hors Serie 03-(NKTHS03)-Vinyl-2007-CT
(NKTVSLSDF) Narkotek Vs LSDF-Untitled-(NKTVSLSDF)-Vinyl-2006-CT
(NKTVSMS) Guigoo Maissouille - Narkotek VS Maissouille-(NKTVSMS)-WEB-2010-PUTA
(NKTVSMS) VA-Narkotek Vs Maissouille-(NKTVSMS)-Vinyl-2006-CT
(NKTVSMS03) Guigoo And Maissouille - Narkotek Vs Maissouille 03--(NKTVSMS03)-Vinyl-2007-ZzZz INT
(NKTVSWB02) Guigoo And Weasel Busters - Narkotek Vs Weasel Busters 02-(Buster 02)-Vinyl-2010-ZzZz INT
(NKTVSWB02) VA-Narkotek Vs Weasel Busters-(NKTVSWB02)-2VINYL-2010-CT

Nasty Productions-(2010-2013)-0DAY
(NP-001) Dutch Bastard - Dutch Bastard E.P-(NP-001)-WEB-2010-HB INT
(NP-002) Fact or Fiction - You Make Me Feel-(NP-002)-WEB-2010-SOB
(NP-003) G-Swatt - GameNerd EP-(NP-003)-WEB-2010-SOB
(NP-004) M-KO - Kick this EP-(NP-004)-WEB-2010-SOB INT
(NP-005) Paco Rincon - DJ Play EP-(NP-005)-WEB-2010-SOB
(NP-006) Dutch Bastard - I Can Do It All-(NP-006)-WEB-2010-SRG
(NP-007) M-KO - Casino EP-(NP-007)-WEB-2010-SOB
(NP-008) Paco Rincon - Ghost Jumpers-(NP-008)-WEB-2010-SRG
(NP-009) VA - Nasty Productions Sampler-(NP-009)-WEB-2011-SOB
(NP-010) G-Swatt - Trigz EP-(NP-010)-WEB-2011-SOB
(NP-011) Pat B - Verano-(NP-011)-WEB-2012-HB
(NP-012) RDC and Mike D - Dancefloor Sunrise-(NP-012)-WEB-2012-SOB
(NP-013) DJ Pablo and Clayton Cash - Shut and Jump Up-(NP-013)-WEB-2012-SOB
(NP-014) Rum-B - Got 2 Jump Up Shake Girls-(NP-014)-WEB-2012-SOB
(NP-015) Francois and Pat B - Back 2 Back-(NP-015)-WEB-2013-BC
(NP-015) Francois and Pat B - Back 2 Back Double EP-(NP-015)-WEB-2013-SOB
(NP-U001) KaosS - Industrial-(NP-U001)-WEB-2010-SOB
(NP-U002) KaosS - Enforcers EP-(NPU002)-WEB-2011-SRG
(NP-U003) Kaoss - Another Love EP-(NP-U-003)-WEB-2011-JiM

Nawak Artkore-(2002-2009)-0DAY
(ALIVE01) leeroy-untitled-(alive01)-vinyl-2008-fcn
(LEEROY02) Nawak Hardkore-Leeroy 02-(LEEROY02)-Vinyl-2007-CT
(NWK003) VA-Nawak Artkore 03-(NWK 003)-Vinyl-2004-TrT
(NWK004) Nawak-Hardsoundzfromzeunderground-(NWK004)-Vinyl-2004-TrT
(NWK01BIS) CPU-Nawak 01 Bis-(NWK01BIS)-Vinyl-2008-DEF
(NWK01BIS) CPU-Nawak Artkore 01 Bis-(NWK01BIS)-Vinyl-2008-OBC
(NWK04) Nawak Featuring Cpubespktrjkom-Untitled-(NWK04)-Vinyl-2005-DEF INT
(NWK05) VA - Nawak Sound System And Shortgreyz-(NWK 05)-Vinyl-2009-ZzZz
(NWK05) VA-Nawak Sound System and Shortgreys-(NWK05)-Vinyl-2009-FCN
Nawak-Fafoo Style-CD-2002-TrT
Nawak-Gabber Fucker Part Two-2004-DEF

(NECROSOCIETY01) Goetia Anarchi3 - Parano-(NECROSOCIETY 01)-VINYL-2006
(NECROSOCIETY02) Anarchi3 Venom - Mind Killer-(NECROSOCIETY 02)-VINYL-2006
(NECROSOCIETY04) Necrosociety - Shit Man Son of A Bitch-(NECRO04)-Vinyl-2008-FMC
(NECROSOCIETY07) VA - Born Revenger-(NECROSOCIETY 07)-WEB-2010
(NECROSOCIETY08) Stormtrooper and DJ TSX--Crazy Drug Music (NECROSOCIETY08)-VINYL-2010-CMC

New Brutale-(2008-2012)-0DAY
(BRUT001) Brain Exciter-Rude EP-(BRUT001)-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3
(BRUT001) Brain Exciter-Rude Ep-WEB-2008-Homely
(BRUT004) Darkbazz - The First EP-WEB-2009-HB
(BRUT004) Darkbazz-The First EP-WEB-2009-HEARTBEAT
(BRUT007) Joshua Il Dalaylama-Grida EP-WEB-2009-UKHx
(BRUT010) Dark Bazz-Waves-(BRUT010)-WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3
(MIE8014090060518) Wildboyz feat. Ameerah-The Sound Of Missing You-(MIE8014090060518)-WEB-2010-HFT
(MIE8032774611184) Brain Exciter-Rude Ep-WEB-2008-Homely
(MIE8032774611207) Ginger Vs Evil Minded Meets Il Dalaylama-Danger-WEB-2008-Homely
(MIE8032774612150) Brain Exciter-Funny-WEB-2009-HEARTBEAT
(MIE8032774612174) Evil Minded Vs Ginger Kommander-Old School-WEB-2009-iWD
(MIE8032774612181) Icaro vs Moricks-Epica-WEB-2009-HEARTBEAT
(MIE8032774612907) The Emofukkerz - Abduction-(BRUT008)-WEB-2010-TSR
(MIE8033509659815) VA-Hard Style Movement-(MIE8033509659815)-WEB-2009-NRG

Newstyle Corps-(2008-2010)-0DAY
(NSC002) DJ Luisito Chupete And Matra K Presents-The Plastik Faces-(NSC-002)-Vinyl-2008-NRG
(NSC002) DJ Luisito Chupete and Matra-K - The Plastik Faces-(NSC002)-WEB-2008-NRG
(NSC003) Abel K Kana Presenta-The Drabel (NSC-003)-Vinyl-2008-NRG
(NSC004) VA - Newstyle Number 001-(NSC004)-WEB-2008-NRG
(NSC004) VA-Newstyle Number 001-(NSC-004)-Vinyl-2008-NRG
(NSC005) VA - Newstyle Number 002-(NSC005)-WEB-2008-NRG
(NSC005) VA-Newstyle Number 002-(NSC-005)-Vinyl-2008-NRG
(NSC006) Abel K Kana - Oh Break-(NSC006)-REPACK-WEB-2010-NRG

Next Generation Records-(1996-2011)-0DAY
(NG001) Brisk And Ham-On And On Musics Hypnotising-(NG001)-WEB-1996-UKHx iNT
(NG002) Quicksilver-What Is A Beat-(NG002)-Vinyl-1996-BNP
(NG002) Quicksilver-What Is A Beat Get On Up-(NG002)-WEB-1996-UKHx iNT
(NG003) Bang - Cloudy Daze-(NG003)-Vinyl-1997-CHC
(NG003) Bang-Cloudy Daze-(NG003)-WEB-1996-UKHx iNT
(NG003) Bang-Cloudy Daze-NG003-WEB-1997-BPM
(NG003) Bang-Cloudy Daze-Vinyl-1996-HSL
(NG004) DJ Demo - Ive Got A Feeling-Vinyl-1996-HSL
(NG004) DJ Demo-Ive Got A Feeling-(NG004)-WEB-1997-UKHx iNT
(NG005) 2 Damn Tuff - Ruff Muff-(NG005)-Vinyl-1997-CHC
(NG005) 2 Damn Tuff-Ruff Muff Techno City-(NG005)-WEB-1997-UKHx iNT
(NG006) Rapido-Insomniak Inside Beat-(NG006)-WEB-1997-UKHx iNT
(NG007) Brisk And Vinylgroover-Freedom 2 Dance Dont Give A Damn-(NG007)-WEB-1997-UKHx iNT
(NG007) Brisk And Vinylgroover-Freedom 2 Dance Dont Give A Damn-Vinyl-1997-HSL
(NG008) Bang-Shooting Star-(NG008)-Vinyl-1997-DEF
(NG008) Bang-Shooting Star-(NG008)-WEB-1997-UKHx iNT
(NG008) Bang-Shooting Star-Vinyl-1997-HSL
(NG009) Robbie Long And Devastate-24 Track I Wanna Rock-(NG009)-WEB-1997-UKHx iNT
(NG009) Robbie Long And Devastate-24 Track I Wanna Rock-Vinyl-1997-HSL
(NG010) Brisk And DJ Ham - On And On (Slipmatt Remix)-(NG010)-Vinyl-1998-CHC
(NG010) Brisk And Ham-On And On (Slipmatt Remix)-(NG010)-WEB-1998-UKHx iNT
(NG011) Force And Styles - Shining Down (Brisk Remix)-(NG011)-Vinyl-1998-CHC
(NG011) Force And Styles-Funfair Shining Down Remixes-Vinyl-1997-HSL
(NG011) Force And Styles-Shining Down Funfair-(NG011)-WEB-1998-UKHx iNT
(NG011) Force and Styles-Shining Down Funfair-NG011-WEB-1998-BPM
(NG012) Bang - Sailaway-(NG012)-Vinyl-1998-CHC
(NG012) Bang-Sailaway-(NG012)-WEB-1998-UKHx iNT
(NG012) Bang-Sailaway (Hard As Fock Remix)-NG012-1998-XTC
(NG014) 2 Damn Tuff-Live At Liverpool (Remixes)-(NG014)-WEB-1998-UKHx iNT
(NG015) Fabulous Faber - Better Day-(NG015)-Vinyl-1998-CHC
(NG015) Fabulous Faber-Better Day-(NG015)-WEB-1998-UKHx iNT
(NG016) Brisk And Vinylgroover - Rain Fall Down-(NG016)-Vinyl-1998-CHC
(NG016) Brisk And Vinylgroover-Rain Fall Down Checkin Da Cutz-(NG016)-WEB-1998-UKHx iNT
(NG017) Bang - Break Of Dawn-(NG017)-Vinyl-1998-CHC
(NG017) Bang-Break Of Dawn-(NG017)-WEB-1998-UKHx INT
(NG018) DJ Ham-New Style Your Love-(NG018)-WEB-1998-UKHx iNT
(NG019) Northern Lights-Love Of My Life-(NG019)-WEB-1999-UKHx iNT
(NG019) Northern Lights-Love of My Life (Ham Remix)-NG019-1999-XTC
(NG020) Brisk And Vinylgroover-Freedom 2 Dance (Triple J Remix)-(NG020)-WEB-1999-UKHx iNT
(NG021) Bang-Hyperspace-(NG021)-WEB-1999-UKHx iNT
(NG022) Bang-Give Me A Reason-(NG022)-WEB-1999-UKHx iNT
(NG023) DJ Ham-Theres A Heaven Good In Da Neighbourhood-(NG023)-WEB-2002-UKHx iNT
(NG023) DJ Ham-Theres A Heaven-NG023-Vinyl-2002-PULSE
(NG024) Brisk And Fade-Stay Here Forever Retro Rush-(NG024)-WEB-2002-UKHx iNT
(NG025) Brisk And Scott Brown-Mindpunks-(NG025)-WEB-2003-UKHx iNT
(NG025) Brisk Scott Brown Trixxy - Mind Punks Eyeopener-Vinyl-2003-XDS
(NG026) Brisk and Fade-New Sensation Bang Da Beatz-Vinyl-2003-XDS
(NG026) Brisk And Fade-New Sensation Bang Da Beatz-(NG026)-WEB-2003-UKHx iNT
(NG027) DJ Ham-Remembering The Time Let Them Know-(NG027)-WEB-2003-UKHx iNT
(NG027) Ham-Remembering the Time-NG027-Vinyl-2003-UKH
(NG028) Brisk and Ham - Taste the Rainbow-Vinyl-2004-NRG
(NG028) Brisk And Ham-Taste The Rainbow Rock Da Party-(NG028)-WEB-2003-UKHx iNT
(NG029) Brisk and Ham - Angel Eyes (NG029)-Vinyl-2004-Q91
(NG029) Brisk And Ham-Angel Eyes Gettin Down-(NG029)-WEB-2003-UKHx iNT
(NG029) Next Generation-Brisk And Ham-NG029-2003-Vinyl-2LAME
(NG030) Euphoria Feat. Kristy - 2 Damn Beautiful-(NG030)-Promo-Vinyl-2004-NRG
(NG030) Euphoria Ft Kristy-Too Beautiful No Way Out-(NG030)-WEB-2004-UKHx iNT
(NG031) Eclipse Feat. Melvinia - 24-7 Vinyl-(NG031)-2004-NRG
(NG031) Eclipse Feat. Melvinia-24-7-NG031-WEB-2004-HTiD
(NG031) Eclipse-24-7-(NG031)-WEB-2004-UKHx iNT
(NG032) DJ Ham-Hardcore 2004 You Ready-(NG032)-WEB-2004-UKHx iNT
(NG032) DJ Ham-Hardcore 2004-NG032-PROMO-2004-XTC
(NG033) DJ Frisky and Hujib - Party Crasher (NG033)-Promo Vinyl-2004-Q91
(NG033) Frisky And Hujib - Party Crasher-(NG033)-Promo-Vinyl-2004-NRG
(NG033) Frisky And Hujib-Partycrasher - Lost Our Minds-(NG033)-WEB-2004-UKHx iNT
(NG034) Euphoria Feat. MC Casper-Forbidden Fruit Angel Calling-(NG034)-WEB-2004-UKHx iNT
(NG034) Euphoria Ft MC Casper-Forbidden Fruit-NG034-Promo-2004-XTC
(NG035) Brisk and Ham Feat MC Whizzkid-Crazy Love-NG035-VINYL-2004-UKH
(NG035) Brisk and Ham Feat MC Whizzkid-Crazy Love-NG035-Vinyl-2004-UKHx
(NG035) Brisk And Ham Ft MC Whizzkid-Crazy Love-(NG035)-WEB-2004-UKHx iNT
(NG036) Frisky And Hujib-The One Shake-(NG036)-WEB-2004-UKHx iNT
(NG036) Frisky and Hujib-The One-NG036-WEB-2004-XTC
(NG036) Next Generation-Frisky And Hujib-NG036-PROMO-2004-XTC
(NG037) Euphoria-Silver Dawn Dreamskies-(NG037)-WEB-2004-UKHx iNT
(NG037) Next Generation-Euphoria-NG037-PROMO-2004-XTC
(NG038) Eclipse-Before Tomorrow-(NG038)-WEB-2004-UKHx iNT
(NG038) Next Generation-Eclipse-NG038-PROMO-2004-XTC
(NG039) Euphoria-Hold The Rush Eternal Heights-(NG039)-WEB-2005-UKHx iNT
(NG039) Euphoria-Hold the Rush-NG039-VINYL-2005-GTi
(NG040) Brisk And Vagabond-The Time Has Come Punchdrunk-(NG040)-WEB-2005-UKHx iNT
(NG040) Brisk and Vagabond-The Time Has Come-NG040-Vinyl-2005-GTi
(NG041) Eclipse-Be Happy-(NG041)-WEB-2005-UKHx iNT
(NG041) Eclipse-Be Happy-NG041-Vinyl-2005-GTi
(NG042) Brisk And Vagabond-The Only Ones-(NG042)-WEB-2005-UKHx iNT
(NG042) Brisk and Vagabond-The Only Ones-NG042-Vinyl-2005-GTi
(NG043) Brisk And Ham Feat. MC Whizzkid-Crazy Love (Scott Brown Remix)-NG043-WEB-2005-HTiD
(NG043) Brisk and Ham Feat Mc Whizzkid-Crazy Love (Scott Brown Remix)-NG043-Vinyl-2005-GTi
(NG043) Brisk And Ham Ft MC Whizzkid-Crazy Love (Remixes Part 1)-(NG043)-WEB-2005-UKHx iNT
(NG044) Brisk And Ham Feat. MC Whizzkid-Crazy Love (Breeze And Styles Remix)-NG044-WEB-2005-HTiD
(NG044) Brisk and Ham Feat. MC Wizzkid-Crazy Love-(NG044)-Vinyl-2005-OBC
(NG044) Brisk And Ham Ft MC Whizzkid-Crazy Love (Remixes Part 2)-(NG044)-WEB-2005-UKHx iNT
(NG045) Brisk And Ham-In Your Life-(NG045)-WEB-2005-UKHx iNT
(NG045) Brisk and Ham-In Your Life-NG045-Vinyl-2005-GTi
(NG045) Brisk And Ham-In Your Life-NG045-WEB-2005-HTiD
(NG046) Euphoria-Drunk With Love Open The Void-(NG046)-WEB-2005-UKHx iNT
(NG046) Euphoria-Drunk with Love-NG046-Vinyl-2005-XTC
(NG046) Euphoria-Drunk With Love-NG046-WEB-2005-HTiD
(NG047) Brisk And Ham-Gettin High Serious Hardcore-(NG047)-WEB-2005-UKHx iNT
(NG047) Brisk and Ham-Getting Hi-NG047-Vinyl-2005-XTC
(NG048) Frisky And Hujib-Believe-(NG048)-WEB-2005-UKHx iNT
(NG048) Frisky and Hujib-Believe-NG048-Vinyl-2005-XTC
(NG048) Frisky And Hujib-Believe-NG048-WEB-2005-HTiD
(NG049) Brisk And Vagabond-Night And Dayz Black Mamba-(NG049)-WEB-2005-UKHx iNT
(NG049) Brisk and Vagabond-Night and Dayz-NG049-Vinyl-2005-XTC
(NG050) Brisk And Ham-Angel Eyes (Remixes)-(NG050)-WEB-2005-UKHx iNT
(NG050) Brisk and Ham-Angel Eyes Remixes-NG050-VINYL-2005-XTC
(NG050) Brisk And Ham-Angel Eyes Remixes-NG050-WEB-2005-HTiD
(NG051) Euphoria-Second Sight Without A Trace-(NG051)-WEB-2005-UKHx iNT
(NG051) Euphoria-Second Sight-NG051-VINYL-2005-XTC
(NG052) Asa And S1-Reach Out-(NG052)-WEB-2005-UKHx iNT
(NG052) Asa and S1-Reach Out-NG052-VINYL-2005-XTC
(NG053) Human Resource-Dominator-(NG053)-WEB-2006-UKHx iNT
(NG053) Human Resource-Dominator Remixes-NG053-VINYL-2006-XTC
(NG054) Eclipse-Things You Do-(NG054)-WEB-2006-UKHx iNT
(NG054) Eclipse-Things You Do-NG054-VINYL-2006-XTC
(NG055) DJ Ham-Count Of Three Working Up A Sweat-(NG055)-WEB-2006-UKHx iNT
(NG055) Ham-Count Of Three-NG055-VINYL-2006-XTC
(NG056) Fracus-Mirage-(NG056)-WEB-2006-UKHx iNT
(NG056) Fracus-Mirage-NG056-VINYL-2006-XTC
(NG057) Frisky And Hujib-The One (Re-Con Remix)-(NG057)-WEB-2006-UKHx iNT
(NG057) Frisky and Hujib-The One (Re-Con Remix)-NG057-VINYL-2006-XTC
(NG058) Vagabond - Sweet Love Wilde Syde-(NG058)-Vinyl-2006-JIM
(NG058) Vagabond-Sweet Love Wilde Syde-(NG058)-WEB-2006-UKHx iNT
(NG058) Vagabond-Sweet Love-NG058-VINYL-2006-XTC
(NG059) Impact and Nemesis-Blown Away-(NG059)-Promo Vinyl-2006-PDB
(NG059) Impact And Nemesis-Blown Away-(NG059)-WEB-2006-UKHx iNT
(NG059) Impact And Nemesis-Blown Away Incl Vagabond Remix-NG059-WEB-2006-HTiD
(NG060) Joey Riot and Angel Eyez-Dont Make Me Wait-(NG060)-Promo Vinyl-2006-PDB
(NG060) Joey Riot And Angel Eyez-Dont Make Me Wait-(NG060)-WEB-2006-UKHx iNT
(NG061) Brisk and Vagabond - Hit the Deck-(NG061)-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ
(NG061) Brisk And Vagabond-Hit The Deck-(NG061)-WEB-2006-UKHx iNT
(NG062) Euphoria-Playing Games Holding Out-(NG062)-WEB-2006-UKHx iNT
(NG063) Brisk and Ham - Ive Got A Feeling-(NG063)-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ
(NG063) Brisk And Ham-Ive Got A Feeling-(NG063)-WEB-2006-UKHx iNT
(NG064) Adam Harris - My Star-(NG064)-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ
(NG064) Adam Harris-My Star-(NG064)-WEB-2006-UKHx iNT
(NG065) Gammer And Cat Knight-A New Feeling (Let It Shine)-(NG065)-WEB-2006-UKHx iNT
(NG065) Gammer Ft Cat Knight - A New Feeling (Let it Shine)-(NG065)-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ
(NG065) Gammer Ft Cat Knight-A New Feeling (Let It Shine)-NG065-WEB-2006-HTiD
(NG066) Euphoria - Sing What You See-(NG066)-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ
(NG066) Euphoria-Sing What You See Deal With The Thrill-(NG066)-WEB-2007-UKHx iNT
(NG067) Brisk and Vagabond - Eurolove-(NG067)-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ
(NG067) Brisk And Vagabond-Eurolove 2006 Hardcore Virus-(NG067)-WEB-2007-UKHx iNT
(NG068) Frisky and Hujib - Get Away-(NG068)-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM
(NG068) Frisky and Hujib - Get Away-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM
(NG068) Frisky And Hujib-Get Away-(NG068)-WEB-2007-UKHx iNT
(NG068) Frisky And Hujib-Get Away-NG068-WEB-2007-HTiD
(NG069) Brisk and Ham ft. Lisa Marie - Your Angel-(NG069)-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM
(NG069) Brisk and Ham ft. Lisa Marie - Your Angel-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM
(NG069) Brisk And Ham Ft Lisa Marie-Your Angel-(NG069)-WEB-2007-UKHx iNT
(NG069) Brisk And Ham Ft Lisa Marie-Your Angel (Eclipse Remix)-NG069-PROPER-Vinyl-2007-UKHx
(NG070) Brisk and Ham ft. Lisa Marie - Into Your Arms-(NG070)-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM
(NG070) Brisk and Ham ft. Lisa Marie - Into Your Arms-(NG070)-Promo Vinyl-JiM
(NG070) Brisk And Ham Ft Lisa Marie-Into Your Arms-(NG070)-WEB-2007-UKHx iNT
(NG070) Brisk And Ham Ft Lisa Marie-Into Your Arms (Brisk And Vagabond Remix)-NG070-PROPER-Vinyl-2007-UKHx
(NG071) Euphoria - Better Than Before-(NG071)-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM
(NG071) Euphoria-Better Than Before The Way-(NG071)-WEB-2007-UKHx iNT
(NG071) Euphoria-Better than Before-NG071-PROPER-Vinyl-2007-XTC
(NG072) Brisk and Vagabond - Innocent-(NG072)-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM
(NG072) Brisk and Vagabond - Innocent-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM
(NG072) Brisk And Vagabond-Innocent Funky Joint-(NG072)-WEB-2007-UKHx iNT
(NG072) Brisk and Vagabond-Innocent-NG072-PROPER-Vinyl-2007-XTC
(NG073) DJ Ham-Dancefloor Is Open Everybody Move Your Body-(NG073)-WEB-2007-UKHx iNT
(NG073) Ham - Dancefloor Is Open-(NG073)-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM
(NG073) Ham-Dancefloor is Open-NG073-PROPER-Vinyl-2007-XTC
(NG074) Brisk And Vagabond Vs Uraken-Tokyo Rush Back In Town-(NG074)-WEB-2007-UKHx iNT
(NG074) Brisk And Vagabond Vs Uraken-Toyko Rush-(NG074)-WEB-2007-HTiD
(NG074) Brisk and Vagabond Vs Uraken-Toyko Rush-NG074-Vinyl-2007-XTC
(NG074) Brisk And Vagabond Vs Uraken-Toyko Rush-NG074-WEB-2007-HTiD
(NG074) Brisk and Vagabond Vs Uraken-Toyko Rush-Vinyl-2007-XTC
(NG075) Eclipse Feat. Lisa Marie-Hearts Desire Incl Brisk And Vagabond Mix-NG075-WEB-2007-HTiD
(NG075) Eclipse Ft Lisa Marie-Hearts Desire Incl Brisk And Vagabond Mix-(NG075)-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx
(NG076) Brisk And Vagabond-Eyeopener 2007 Enviromental Product-(NG076)-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx
(NG076) Brisk And Vagabond-Eyeopener 2007 Enviromental Product-NG076-WEB-2007-HTiD
(NG077) Fracus Feat Angel Eyez-Into My Life-(NG077)-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx
(NG077) Fracus Feat Angel Eyez-Into My Life-NG077-WEB-2007-HTiD
(NG077) Fracus Ft Angel Eyez-Into My Life-(NG077)-WEB-2008-UKHx iNT
(NG078) Brisk And Vagabond Ft. Lisa Marie-Free-(NG078)-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx
(NG078) Brisk And Vagabond Ft. Lisa Marie-Free-NG078-WEB-2007-HTiD
(NG078) Brisk And Vagabond Ft Lisa Marie-Free-(NG078)-WEB-2008-UKHx iNT
(NG079) Weaver-Holding On Miracle-(NG079)-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx
(NG079) Weaver-Holding On Miracle-(NG079)-Promo Vinyl-2007-UKHx
(NG079) Weaver-Holding On Miracle-(NG079)-WEB-2008-UKHx iNT
(NG079) Weaver-Holding On Miracle-NG079-WEB-2007-HTiD
(NG080) Brisk and Ham-Crazy Love 2008-NG080-Vinyl-2008-XTC
(NG080) Brisk And Ham-Crazy Love 2008-NG080-WEB-2008-HTiD
(NG081) Ham And DMO-Every Single Day Incl Remixes-NG081-WEB-2008-HTiD
(NG082) Euphoria ft. Tess and Wotsee-Final Goodbye-(NG082)-WEB-2008-CHC
(NG083) Fracus-Guiding Light Gettin Rolled Out-(NG083)-WEB-2008-UKHx
(NG084) Eclipse-24-7 (Squad-E Rmx)-(NG084)-Vinyl-2009-CHC iNT
(NG084) Eclipse-24-7 (Squad-E Rmx)-(NG084)-WEB-2008-CHC
(NG085) Brisk And Stormtrooper-Twatris Grumblebum-(NG085)-Vinyl-2009-UKHx
--(NG086) Ham & DNA - About You (DJ Ham 2008 Remix) & Let The Rhythm Flow
--(NG087) Brisk & Vagabond - Goodbye Summertime & Gonna Blind You
--(NG088) Eclipse - Making Love Forever
(NG089) Fracus feat. Sam Honey - What It Feels Like-(NG089)-WEB-2009-JiM
(NG090) Brisk and Fracus-On and On 2009-(NG090)-WEB-2009-HEARTBEAT
--(NG091) Brisk & Stormtrooper - Rudeboy Sounds & Rubix Cubix
(NG092) Double Dutch-Worlds Collide Killer-(NG092)-WEB-2009-HEARTBEAT
(NG093) Ham-Epic Riff Old Skool-(NG093)-WEB-2009-HEARTBEAT
--(NG094) Brisk & Ham - Sunrize & Fuck With My DJ
(NG095) Brisk And Ham-Fire And Flames Daybreaker-(NG095)-WEB-2010-DWM
(NG096) Brisk And Fracus-Clear Blue Skies-(NG096)-WEB-2011-EDML
(NG096) Brisk And Fracus-Clear Blue Skies-Vinyl-2011-EDML
(NG097) Ham Vs S.O.U.L-Run To You-(NG097)-Vinyl-2011-BNP
(NG097) Ham Vs S.O.U.L-Run To You-(NG097)-WEB-2011-EDML
(NG098) Double Dutch-Eternity-(NG098)-WEB-2011-EDML
--(NG099) Brisk & Ham - Since You Went Away, Dance Don't Slip, Fire & Flames (Remix)
(NGCD001) DJ Brisk and Ham - The Collection V.1 Hi Octane Hardcore Music-RETAIL-2CD-2002-iPZ
(NGCD002) VA-Next Generation Blatent Beats the Collection Vol 2-2CD-2004-ARNMP3
(NGCD002) VA-The Collection V2 Mixed By Brisk And Ham-2CD-RETAIL-2004-XTC
(NGLPS001) Bang - Shooting Star (Remixes)-(NGLPS001)-Vinyl-1999-GL
(NGLPS006) Bang DJ Ham - Break Of Dawn Life (Remixes)-(NGLPS006)-Vinyl-2000-GL
(NGLPS008) Stealth - See Me Climb Dna Remix-Vinyl-2002-TuNe
(NGR001) DJ Brisk And DJ Ham-On And On-(NGR001)-Vinyl-1996-BNP
(UN002) DJ Ham-The Beat Kiks-UN002-WEB-2008-HTiD
(UN003) Stormtrooper-Clubshaker-UN003-WEB-2008-HTiD
(UN004) Stormtrooper And Dair-Hit The Floor-UN004-WEB-2008-HTiD
(UN005) DJ Ham-Night To Remember-UN005-WEB-2008-HTiD
(UN006) Robbie Long And Devastate-Still Got Power-UN006-WEB-2008-HTiD
(UN007) Ham and Sharkey-Dont Stop-UN007-WEB-2008-XTC
(UN008) Rampage and Revolution-Real God-UN008-WEB-2008-XTC
(UN009) Rampage and Revolution-I Like Da Bass UN009-UN009-WEB-2008-XTC
(UN010) DJ Ham-Right Now-UN010-WEB-2008-HTiD
(UN011) Pursiut-Amokoma-UN011-WEB-2008-XTC
(UN012) Ham And Robbie Long-Entertain Your Brain-UN012-WEB-2008-HTiD
(UN014) Expression-Total Darkness-UN014-WEB-2008-HTiD
(UN015) DJ Ham-Jam For Me-UN015-WEB-2008-HTiD
(UN016) DJ Pumpy - Les Lacs Du Connemara-(UN016)-Vinyl-2006-HB
(UN016) Dreadhed-Take The Blame-UN016-WEB-2008-HTiD
(UN017) Brisk And Vagabond-Into The Sunlight-UN017-WEB-2008-HTiD
(UN018) Brisk And Vagabond-Get It Started-UN018-WEB-2008-HTiD
(UN018) Oksana And DJ HS - The Jump Cancan Jet Set-(UN018)-Vinyl-2007-HB
(UN019) DJ Ham-Underground Sound-UN019-WEB-2008-HTiD
(UN020) Hujib-Over And Over-UN020-WEB-2008-HTiD
(UN021) Eclipse-Making Love Forever-UN021-WEB-2008-HTiD

Next Cyclone-(2013-2016)-0DAY
(NXC001) The Melodyst - You Dont Know-(NXC001)-WEB-2013-SRG
(NXC002) The Fuze - Waz Going On-(NXC002)-WEB-2013-SRG
(NXC003) N-Vader - Show Me Down-(NXC003)-WEB-2013-SRG
(NXC004) Koozah - Enslaved-(NXC004)-WEB-2013-HB
(NXC005) The Melodyst - Candyman-(NXC005)-WEB-2013-SRG
(NXC006) The Fuze - Customer Care-(NXC006)-WEB-2013-SRG
(NXC007) Xcite - Gods Child-(NXC007)-WEB-2013-HB
(NXC007) Xcite - Gods Child-(NXC007)-WEB-2013-SRG iNT
(NXC008) N-Vader - Fother Mucker-(NXC008)-WEB-2014-SRG
(NXC009) Kyuzo - The End-(NXC009)-WEB-2014-SRG
(NXC010) Koozah - Type Zero-(NXC010)-WEB-2014-HB
(NXC011) Xcite - Invasion-(NXC011)-WEB-2014-HB
(NXC012) N-Vader - A New Era-(NXC012)-WEB-2014-HB
(NXC013) The Melodyst - Reject-(NXC013)-WEB-2014-HB
(NXC014) Kyuzo - Die For Something-(NXC014)-WEB-2014-HB
(NXC015) The Fuze - Starcatching-(NXC015)-WEB-2014-HB
(NXC016) The Melodyst - Raveolusion-(NXC016)-WEB-2015-HB
(NXC017) Kyuzo And The Empire - Our Potential-(NXC017)-WEB-2015-SRG
(NXC018) VA - Eye Of The Storm-(NXC018)-WEB-2015-SRG
(NXC019) The Fuze - Shake It-(NXC019)-WEB-2015-HB
(NXC020) VA - Unleash Your Skillz-(NXC020)-WEB-2016-SRG
(NXC020) VA - Unleash Your Skillz-(NXC020)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(NXC021) The Fuze - I Will Bust You-(NXC021)-WEB-2016-SRG
(NXC021) The Fuze--I Will Bust You-WEB-2016-WUS
(NXC022) VA - Forging The Legacy-(NXC022)-WEB-2016-SRG
(NXC023) DMS - Middle Fingers To The Law-(NXC023)-WEB-2016-HB
(NXC024) DMS-What Have You Done-(NXC024)-WEB-2016-UKHx

Night Terror Recordings-(2008-2011)-0DAY
(NTR004) Mothball Z - Double Vision EP-(NTR004)-WEB-2008
(NTR008) Mothball Z - God Mode-(NTR008)-WEB-2008
(NTR009) Michael T Roper-Emotional Incest-(NTR009)-WEB-2008-SSK
(NTR010) Dalit - The Secret Museum-(NTR010)-WEB-2008
(NTR011) Boymeatsgirl-Large Hardon Collider-(NTR011)-WEB-2008-SSK
(NTR012) Speedcore Mex-Heavy Doses-(NTR012)-WEB-2008-SSK
(NTR013) Necrarch-The Absence Of Light-(NTR013)-WEB-2008-SSK
(NTR014) Pain Generate Sperm-Four Degenerates Between Christian And Jew At Prayer-(NTR014)-WEB-2009-SSK
(NTR015) Eject-Mutually Assured Distortion-(NTR015)-WEB-2009-SSK
(NTR016) Boymeatsgirl-Meat-Aids EP-(NTR016)-WEB-2009-SSK
(NTR018) Buttress OKneel - Mash-Up Your Ass-(NTR018)-WEB-2009
(NTR019) Drone-Z And Miss Chaotik-6 Milliards De Parasites-(NTR019)-WEB-2009-SSK
(NTR021) Boymeatsgirl-Ravecuntanthemsforashitfistedgeneration-(NTR021)-WEB-2009-SSK
(NTR022) Deftrax - Art Of Dance EP-(NTR022)-WEB-2009
(NTR023) Michael T Roper-Slutcake-(NTR023)-WEB-2009-SSK
(NTR027) Deftrax - Mental Disaster-(NTR027)-WEB-2009
(NTR036) DJ T42 AKA Deathcut - From Paradise To Hell-(NTR036)-WEB-2010
(NTR037) Splitface - Night In The Madhouse-(NTR037)-WEB-2010
(NTR038) Lord Sinister vs Metamphkore Aka Hells Authority - Warlords-(NTR038)-WEB-2010
(NTR043) Doc Ross - Mad Science-(NTR043)-WEB-2010
(NTR047) Defexer - A Non-Paradoxical-(NTR047)-WEB-2010
(NTR052) Lord Of Sp33d and Dave - Evil Vs Silly-(NTR052)-WEB-2011
(NTR056) DJ T42 AKA Deathcut - Brain Breaker EP-(NTR056)-WEB-2011
(NTR057) Doc Ross - Misbegotten-(NTR057)-WEB-2011
(NTR058) Happy Amen - Which Block R U From-(NTR058)-WEB-2011
(NTR063) Hybrid System DJ T42 AKA Deathcut - Split Visions EP-(NTR063)-WEB-2011
(NTR065) Dave - Son I Am EP-(NTR065)-WEB-2011
(NTR068) Deftrax - Daily Confusion EP-(NTR068)-WEB-2011
(NTR069) Cloned For Eternity - Warrior Blood-(NTR069)-WEB-2011

Ninja Hardcore-(2013-2019)-0DAY
Clip Eufeion and Konekshon and Miss-defy - Jessica (Clip)-WEB-2015
Eufeion and Denile - Find Me Tonight (Radio Edit)-WEB-2018
Eufeion and Konekshon and Miss-defy - Jessica (Clip)-WEB-2015
NINJACORE001 Eufeion feat Yuki - Lollipop Chainsaw-WEB-2013
NINJACORE001 Eufeion Ft. Yuki - Lollipop Chainsaw-(NINJACORE001)-WEB-2013
NINJACORE002 Eufeion - Halcyon-(NINJACORE002)-WEB-2013
NINJACORE003 Eufeion - Take Off-(NINJACORE003)-WEB-2013
NINJACORE004 Eufeion - Im A Zombie-(NINJACORE004)-WEB-2013
NINJACORE005 Eufeion and Konekshon - Play The Theme-(NINJACORE005)-WEB-2013
NINJACORE006 Eufeion - Ride Like The Wind-(NINJACORE006)-WEB-2013
NINJACORE007 Eufeion Ft. Shadyvox - Pony-(NINJACORE007)-WEB-2013
NINJACORE008 Eufeion and Konekshon - Reefa-(NINJACORE008)-WEB-2013
NINJACORE009 Eufeion - Love Story 2013-(NINJACORE009)-WEB-2013
NINJACORE010 Eufeion - Ravers Groovin (Powerstomp Mix)-(NINJACORE010)-WEB-2013
NINJACORE011 Eufeion - Kung Fu Showdown-(NINJACORE011)-WEB-2013
NINJACORE012 Eufeion and Relevant Feat. Mc Skatty - Down and Dirty 2013-(NINJACORE012)-WEB-2013
NINJACORE013 Eufeion and Dekay - Freak Club-(NINJACORE013)-WEB-2014
NINJACORE014 Eufeion Mizz-T and Dj Spesh - Attack Of The Minions-(NINJACORE014)-WEB-2014
NINJAHC001 Eufeion - Unshakeable-(NINJAHC001)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
NINJAHC001 Eufeion-Unshakeable-(NINJAHC001)-WEB-2016-UKHx
NINJAHC002 Eufeion-Dragon Fist-(NINJAHC002)-WEB-2016-UKHx
NINJAHC003 Eufeion Ft Gemma Macleod-Catch My Fall (2016 Mix)-(NINJAHC003)-WEB-2016-UKHx
NINJAHC004 Eufeion and Gemma MacLeod-Darkness Falls (2016 Update)-(NINJAHC004)-WEB-2016-UKHx
NINJAHC005 Eufeion And Konekshon - Sunset City-(NINJAHC005)-WEB-2017-MMS
NINJAHC006 Eufeion and Denile - Hear Me-(NINJAHC006)-WEB-2017-MMS
NINJAHC007 Eufeion - Horizon-(NINJAHC007)-WEB-2017-MMS
NINJAHC008 Hannah Stacia and Eufeion and Denile - Lose Control-(NINJAHC008)-WEB-2017-MMS
NINJAHC009 Dowster and Vagabond - My Little Fantasy (Eufeion 2017 Remix)-(NINJAHC009)-WEB-2017-MMS
NINJAHC010 Eufeion - United By Life (2017 Mix)-(NINJAHC010)-WEB-2017-MMS
NINJAHC011 Eufeion - In The Place-(NINJAHC011)-WEB-2018-MMS
NINJAHC012 Eufeion and Denile - Music Is My Suicide-(NINJAHC012)-WEB-2018-ZzZz
NINJAHC013 Eufeion - Burning Desire-(NINJAHC013)-WEB-2019-ZzZz
NINJAHCSE001 Eufeion & Kandie Rush - Tokie-WEB-2016
NINJAHCSE001 Eufeion and Kandie Rush - Tokie-(NINJAHCSE001)-WEB-2016
NINJAHCSE002 Eufeion and S3RL feat Harri Rush - Never Let You Go-(NINJAHCSE002)-WEB-2018-ZzZz
Radio Edit Eufeion and Denile - Find Me Tonight (Radio Edit)-WEB-2018

No Core Records-(2005-2007)-0DAY
(NCR01) VA - No Core 01-(NCR01)-Vinyl-2005-SQ
(NCR02) VA - No Core 02-(NCR02)-Vinyl-2005-SQ
(NCR03) The Nihilist - The Lost Chapter-(NCR03)-Vinyl-2005-SQ
(NCR04) Skoza - Initial Increase E.P.-(NCR04)-Vinyl-2005-SQ
(NCR04) Skoza--Initial Increase Ep (NCR04)-WEB-2005-CMC
(NCR05) RbMz - Productive Works EP-(NCR05)-Vinyl-2006-SQ
(NCR06) Liquid Blasted - Rezervnoe Pitanie-(NCR 06)-WEB-2008-ZzZz
(NCR06) Liquid Blasted - Rezervnoe Pitanie-(NCR06)-Vinyl-2007-SQ
(NCR07) Radium - More Trauma-(NCR07)-Vinyl-2007-SQ
(NCR08) Le Cercle Noir - Le 11e Choque-(NCR08)-Vinyl-2007-SQ

No Label Records-(2008-2009)-0DAY
(NL001) Vloe En Tip - Stelen En Roven-(NL001)-Onesided Vinyl-2008-FQS
(NL001) Vloe En Tip - Stelen En Roven-(NL001)-TRACKFIX-READ NFO-Onesided Vinyl-2008-FQS INT
(NL001) Vloe En Tip Ft Drokz - Stelen En Roven Part 1-(NL001)-WEB-2008-BC
(NL001) Vloe En Tip-Stelen En Roven-(NL001)-Vinyl-2008-BNP INT
(NL003) Vloe En Tip - Stelen En Roven Part 2-(NL003)-WEB-2008-BC
(NL003) Vloe En Tip - Stelen En Roven Part 2-Vinyl-2008-QMI
(NL004) DJ Berry Vs D Fuzer - The Genesis-(NL004)-WEB-2009-BC
(NL004) DJ Berry Vs D-Fuzer - The Genesis-(NL004)-Vinyl-2009-BC

No Mercy Records-(1992-1997)-0DAY
(NM001) No Mercy-Friends Of Alex-NM01-1992-OSM
(NM002) No Mercy-No Mercy Records (1 Sided)-NM002-1992-OSM
(NM004) Smash--Geht schon (NM004)-EP-1994-CMC
(NM008) Tschabos-Chikkas-(NM008)-Vinyl-1997-DOC
(NMCD01) Smash - Prolos Have More Fun-(NMCD01)-CD-1994-BC

No Strings Hardcore-(2012-2018)-0DAY
(NSH00001) VA - This is No Strings Hardcore-(NSH00001)-WEB-2012-VELOCiTY
(NSH00002) VA - Paper - Rock - Scissors-(NSH00002)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(NSH00003) VA - Herrie in De Keuken-(NSH00003)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(NSH00004) VA - Thunderloos.-(NSH00004)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(NSH00005) VA - 024 - Sekah-(NSH00005)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(NSH00006) Naughty Kicks - Ruido-WEB-2013-BC
(NSH00006) VA - Lawaai-(NSH00006)-WEB-2013-VELOCiTY
(NSH00007) Trackdriver - Trackdriver EP-(NSH00007)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
(NSH00008) Animal Tag - Pull that String-(NSH00008)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
(NSH00009) VA - Zware Jongens-(NSH00009)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
(NSH00010) VA - The Strings Edition-(NSH00010)-WEB-2014-VELOCiTY
(NSH00011) Naughty Kicks - Blackout-WEB-2015-BC
(NSH00011) VA - ADHD-(NSH00011)-WEB-2015-VELOCiTY
(NSH00012) Inacopia - Inacopia EP-(NSH00012)-WEB-2015-BC
(NSH00012) Inacopia-Inacopia EP-(NSH00012)-WEB-2015-CB
(NSH00013) Inacopia And Naughty Kicks - People Dont Change-WEB-2015-BC
(NSH00013) Naughty Kicks - Babadook-WEB-2015-BC
(NSH00013) VA - Lucky 13-(NSH00013)-WEB-2015-VELOCiTY
(NSH00014) VA - Various NSH Artists - Part 1-(NSH00014)-WEB-2016-PUTA
(NSH00015) VA - Various NSH Artists - Part 2-(NSH00015)-WEB-2016-PUTA
(NSH00016) Animal Tag - Prepare To Kill EP-(NSH00016)-WEB-2017
(NSH00016) Animal Tag-Prepare To Kill EP-WEB-2017-2FAST4U
(NSH00017) Maikimaik-Zombie Drug EP-WEB-2017-FURY
(NSH00018) VA-5 Years Of NSH-(NSH00018)-WEB-2018
(NSHALBUM1) Animal Tag - Core Business Vol. 1-(NSHALBUM1)-WEB-2016-VELOCiTY
(NSHALBUM1) Animal Tag - Core Business Vol 1-(NSHALBUM1)-WEB-2016-HCC
(NSHALBUM1) Animal Tag-Core Business Vol 1-(NSHALBUM1)-2CD-2016-hM
(NSHALBUM1) Animal Tag-Core Business Vol 1-(NSHALBUM1)-WEB-2016-CB
(NSHANT1) VA - Poffercore Anthems-(NSHANT1)-WEB-2014-SOB
(NSHANT2) Animal Tag Dave Dope Trackdriver-Monte Carlo Hakkuh Anthems-WEB-2015-PITY
Inacopia - Angry-WEB-2014-BC
Inacopia - Cold Hard Cash-WEB-2014-BC
Inacopia - Crucifixion-WEB-2014-BC
Inacopia - Sick Shit-WEB-2014-BC
Inacopia - Side Effects-WEB-2013-BC
Inacopia - The Work Of The Devil-WEB-2014-BC

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Remix Records-(1993-2008)-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 6-10-2019, 18:57

Remix Records-(1993-2008)-0DAY
(BARRY01) Jimmy J And Cru L T-Runaway Remix-Vinyl-1993-1REAL
(BARRY01) Remix Records Camden-Evoke-BARRY01-1995-kHz
(REC02) Remix-2 Croozin-REC02-1994-OSM
(REC03) Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Take Me Away & Ool Lortnoc-(REC03)-WEB-2008-SKIF
(REC03) Remix-Jimmy J and Cru L T-REC003-1994-OSM
(REC05) Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Six Days & Seventh Day-(REC05)-WEB-2008-SKIF
(REC05) Remix Records-Jimmy J and Cru L T-REC005-READ NFO-1994-sour
(REC05) Remix-Jimmy J and Cru L T-REC05-1994-OSM
(REC05RM) Jimmy J - Six Days EP-REMASTERED-(REC05RM)-WEB-2017-ZzZz
(REC06RM) The Timespan - Stop The Music EP-(REC006RM)-WEB-1994
(REC06RM) The Timespan-Stop the Music EP (Remastered)-(REC06RM)-WEB-2017-SOUNDz
(REC07) Brisk - You And Me And Make It Rough-(REC007)-Vinyl-1994-EMP
(REC07RM) DJ Brisk - You And Me EP (Remastered)-(REC 07RM)-WEB-2017-ZzZz
(REC08RM) 2 Croozin - 2 Pumpin EP (Remastered)-(REC 08RM)-WEB-2017-ZzZz
(REC09) Remix-DJ Brisk-REC09-1994-OSM
(REC09RM) DJ Brisk - Airhead EP (Remastered)-(REC 09RM)-WEB-2017-ZzZz
(REC11) Remix-Jimmy J and Cru L T-REC11-1995-OSM
(REC12) Remix-The Timespan and Krazy Fresh 2-REC12-1995-OSM
(REC13) Remix-Richie Whizz-REC13-1995-OSM
(REC13RM) Richie Whizz - Angels EP (Remastered)-(REC 13RM)-WEB-2017-ZzZz
(REC14) Remix-2 Croozin-REC14-1995-OSM
(REC14RM) 2 Croozin - Reach Out EP (Remastered)-(REC 14RM)-WEB-2017-ZzZz
(REC15) Remix-DJ Ham-REC15-1995-OSM
(REC15RM) DJ Ham - Nameless EP (Remastered)-(REC 15RM)-WEB-2017-ZzZz
(REC16) Dj Poosie - Its Gonna Be & Gotta Get Down-(REC16)-WEB-2008-SKIF
(REC16) Remix-DJ Poosie-REC16-1996-OSM
(REC18) The Timespan - Timespan & You Are Here-(REC18)-WEB-2008-SKIF
(REMIX002) Mixmatt and DJ Magical-Hold on to your Heart-REC002-1997-XTC

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Blatant_Beats-(1997-2011)-0DAY [Hardcore]
  Labels | Author: Admin | 23-09-2019, 02:53

(BB001) Robbie Long and Devastate - Mountain Move Lock Down-(BB1)-Vinyl-1997-PUTA
(BB002) Robbie Long and Devastate - Break the Law Rippin Up Wax-(BB2)-Vinyl-1997-PUTA
(BB003) Robbie Long and Devastate - Panic Attack Blatant Statement-(BB3)-320kbps Vinyl-1997-PUTA
--(BB004) Shortfuse - Hard Harmony & Thrilling Me
--(BB005) Frantic - Check It Out & The Afterbirth
(BB006) DJ Storm - (Now) Whos in Control the Final Conflict-(BB6)-Vinyl-1998-PUTA
(BB007) Hyperaktive-Let Me Play Funky Ass Beats-(BB007)-WEB-1998-EDML
(BB008) DJ Storm-Funky Drums Kickin Hard-(BB008)-WEB-1998-EDML
(BB009) Robbie Long And Devestate-The Champ Lower Level-(BB009)-WEB-1999-EDML
(BB010) Trixxy-Sunrise Hold On-(BB010)-WEB-1999-EDML
(BB011) Stealth - See Me Climb-Vinyl-2002-TuNe
(BB011) Stealth-See Me Climb-(BB011)-WEB-1999-EDML
(BB012) Rapido-Ultraviolet-(BB-12)-Vinyl-1999-BNP
(BB012) Rapido-Ultraviolet Witness Da Strength-(BB012)-WEB-1999-EDML
(BB014) Robbie Long And Devastate Ft. Leroy-Flip Flop Flava-(BB014)-Vinyl-1999-BNP
(BB014) Robbie Long And Devestate-Flip Flop Flava Caffeine Rush-(BB014)-WEB-1999-EDML
(BB015) Stealth-Flower Needs The Rain-(BB015)-WEB-1999-EDML
(BB015) Stealth-Flower Needs the Rain-BB015-VINYL-1999-XTC
(BB016) Supernova-Go DJ Step Off-(BB016)-WEB-1999-EDML
(BB017) Trixxy - Mentasmission-(BB-17)-Vinyl-1999-NRG
(BB017) Trixxy-Mentasmission Conquest-(BB017)-WEB-1999-EDML
(BB018) Double Dutch-Make Em Bounce Cubic 99-(BB018)-WEB-1999-EDML
(BB019) Stealth-Love Life And Happiness-(BB019)-WEB-2000-EDML
(BB020) Robbie Long And Devastate-Runnin-(BB020)-Vinyl-2000-BNP
(BB020) Robbie Long And Devastate-Runnin The Squeeler-(BB020)-WEB-2000-EDML
(BB021) DJ Fade Feat Kelly-Believe In Me Vortex-(BB021)-WEB-2000-EDML
(BB022) Brisk And Fade-Mindblowin Do It Like This-(BB022)-WEB-2000-EDML
(BB023) Scott Brown-Return To Elysium-(Vinyl)-2001-TOWMP3
(BB023) Scott Brown-Return To Elysium Ignition-(BB023)-WEB-2000-EDML
(BB023) Scott Brown-Return To Elysium Ignition-Vinyl-2001-SND
(BB024) Da Edge - Shine (BB024)-Vinyl-2000-Q91
(BB024) Da Edge-Shine Wizardry-(BB024)-WEB-2000-EDML
(BB025) Project X-Liberation Mobotron-(BB025)-WEB-2001-EDML
(BB026) Da Edge-Not Alone I Believe-(BB026)-WEB-2001-EDML
(BB026) Da Edge-Not Alone-BB026-VINYL-2001-GTi
(BB027) Brisk And Fade-Desire Skillz And Stylez-(BB027)-WEB-2001-EDML
(BB027) Brisk And Fade-Desire Skillz And Stylez-Vinyl-2001-SND
(BB028) Brisk and Fade-Control Your Mind-BB028-VINYL-2001-UKH
(BB028) Brisk And Fade-Want Your Love Control Your Mind-(BB028)-WEB-2001-EDML
(BB029) DJ Fade-Beautiful Come With Me-(BB029)-WEB-2002-EDML
(BB029) DJ Fade-Beautiful-BB029-Vinyl-2002-XTC
(BB030) Robbie Long And Coyote-Ultimate Sounds 10-4-(BB030)-WEB-2002-EDML
(BB031) Double Dutch-Delirious Movin On-(BB031)-WEB-2002-EDML
(BB032) Kaos And Ethos-Lost Technorocker-(BB032)-WEB-2002-EDML
(BB033) Double Dutch - Here Comes the Noise-(BB033)-Vinyl-2002-iPZ
(BB033) Double Dutch-Here Comes The Noise Droptop-(BB033)-WEB-2003-EDML
(BB034) DJ Ham-Pay Attention Kinda Funky-(BB034)-WEB-2003-EDML
(BB035) DJ Fade-Fly With You Start The Party-(BB035)-WEB-2003-EDML
(BB036) DJ Brisk and DJ Energy-Unlock Ya Brain-VLS-2003-uF
(BB036) VA-Unlock Ya Brain Guardcore-(BB036)-WEB-2003-EDML
(BB037) Sunrize - Standing Still-(BB037)-Promo-Vinyl-2004-NRG
(BB037) Sunrize-Standing Still Dont Even Try It-(BB037)-WEB-2003-EDML
(BB037) Vagabond-Enter Heaven-BB037-Vinyl-2003-XTC
(BB038) DJ Frisky And Hujib-Love Me Forever Never Stop-(BB038)-WEB-2003-EDML
(BB038) Frisky and Hujib - Love Me Forever-Promo-Vinyl-2004-NRG
(BB039) V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D-Enter Heaven Comin Closer-(BB039)-WEB-2004-EDML
(BB040) Euphoria Feat. Kristy - Future is Now-(BB040)-Promo-Vinyl-2004-NRG
(BB040) Euphoria ft Kristy - Future is Now (BB040)-Promo Vinyl-2004-Q91
(BB040) Euphoria-Future is Now-BB040-WEB-2004-XTC
(BB041) V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D Feat Wotsee-Huggermugger Inorganic Sound-(BB041)-WEB-2004-EDML
(BB041) Vagabond Feat MC Wotsee - Hugger Mugger (BB041)-Promo-Vinyl-2004-NRG
(BB042) Euphoria Feat. Casper - Hardcore Overdose (BB042)-Promo-Vinyl-2004-NRG
(BB042) Euphoria Feat MC Casper-Hardcore Overdose Eternal Summer-(BB042)-WEB-2004-EDML
(BB043) Blatant Beats-Dreadhed-BB043-PROMO-2004-XTC
(BB043) Dreadhed-On Fire Chaos And Might-(BB043)-WEB-2004-EDML
(BB044) V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D Feat MC Wotsee-True Awareness Axis Mundi-(BB044)-WEB-2004-EDML
(BB044) Vagabond Feat MC Wotsee - True Awareness (BB044)-Promo-Vinyl-2004-NRG
(BB045) Dreadhead-Chemicals in Motion-BB045-PROMO-2004-UKH
(BB045) Dreadhed Feat MC Casper-Chemicals In Motion Liberate-(BB045)-WEB-2004-EDML
(BB046) Brisk And Ham-2 The Floor Run For Cover-(BB046)-WEB-2005-EDML
(BB046) Brisk and Ham-2 The Floor-BB046-VINYL-2004-UKH
(BB047) Frisky And Hujib-You Better Run-(BB047)-WEB-2005-EDML
(BB047) Frisky and Hujib-You Better Run (V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D Remix)-BB047-VINYL-2004-UKH
(BB048) Euphoria Feat MC Casper And MC Wotsee-Save Me Echo Of Heaven-(BB048)-WEB-2005-EDML
(BB048) Euphoria-Save Me-Vinyl-2005-GTi
(BB049) V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D-Dancefloor Innovators Bone Crusher-(BB049)-WEB-2005-EDML
(BB049) V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D-Dancefloor Innovators-Vinyl-2005-GTi
(BB050) DJ Ham-Jump 2 Da Groove Do It Again-(BB050)-WEB-2005-EDML
(BB050) DJ Ham-Jump 2 the Groove-BB050-Vinyl-2005-GTi
(BB051) V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D-Poisonous-BB051-VINYL-2005-GTi
(BB051) Vagabond - Poisonous and World of Unknown-(BB051)-Vinyl-2005-SQ
(BB051) Vagabond-Poisonous World Of Unknown-(BB051)-WEB-2005-EDML
(BB051) Vagabond-Poisonous And World Of Unknown-BB051-WEB-2005-HTiD
(BB052) DJ Ham-Hardcore Velocity Come Again-(BB052)-WEB-2005-EDML
(BB052) DJ Ham-Hardcore Velocity-BB052-Vinyl-2005-XTC
(BB053) Frisky and Hujib-Cast A Spell-BB053A-WEB-2005-XTC
(BB053) Frisky and Hujib-Cast A Spell-BB053-VINYL-2005-XTC
(BB053A) Frisky and Hujib-Cast A Spell-BB053A-WEB-2005-XTC
(BB054) Dreadhed-Trust in the Music-BB054-VINYL-2005-XTC
(BB055) Ham and Robbie Long-Lets Begin-BB055-VINYL-2005-XTC
(BB056) Stormtrooper-Rocksteady-BB056-VINYL-2006-XTC
(BB057) Vagabond-Ready For Chaos-BB057-VINYL-2006-XTC
(BB058) Brisk And Ham-Taste The Rainbow (RLS Remix)-BB058-VINYL-2006-XTC
(BB059) Dreadhed-On Fire (Hixxy Remix) Dancefloor Tremor-BB059-WEB-2006-HTiD
(BB059) Dreadhed-On Fire (Hixxy Rmx) Dancefloor Tremor-(BB59)-Promo Vinyl-2006-PDB
(BB060) Joey Riot - Into Tomorrow-(BB060)-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ
(BB061) Impact - All I Need-(BB061)-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ
(BB062) Ham - In Da Club-(BB062)-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ
(BB063) Vagabond Ft MC Casper - Flowing Free-(BB063)-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ
(BB063) Vagabond Ft Mc Casper - Flowing Free-(BB063)-Vinyl-2006-SQ
(BB064) Ham - Clubheads (Bang the Drum)-(BB064)-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ
(BB065) Ben XTC and MC Ortie - Looking Down-(BB065)-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ
(BB065) Ben Xtreme and MC Ortie-Looking Down-BB065-WEB-2008-XTC
(BB066) Double Dutch - Dance and Spin-(BB066)-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ
(BB067) MC Keyes - Take A Chance-(BB067)-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ
(BB068) DJ Ham - Listen to the Beat-(BB068) Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ
(BB069) Vagabond Ft Tais - Dance for Me-(BB069)-Promo Vinyl-2006-SQ
(BB070) Euphoria ft. Tais - The Rush Is Mine-(BB070)-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM
(BB071) Double Dutch - Back 2 Your Love-(BB071)-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM
(BB072) Ham - Every Day Of My Life-(BB072)-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM
(BB072) Ham - Every Day Of My Life-(BB072)-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM
(BB073) Vagabond - Riding The Air-(BB073)-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM
(BB073) Vagabond-Riding the Air-BB073-PROPER-Vinyl-2007-XTC
(BB074) Brisk and Vagabond - Hope and Pray-(BB074)-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM
(BB074) Brisk and Vagabond-Hope and Pray-BB074-PROPER-Vinyl-2007-XTC
(BB075) Euphoria - Restore My Heart (BB075) Vinyl-2007-JiM
(BB075) Euphoria - Restore My Heart-(BB075)-Vinyl-2007-JiM
(BB076) Brisk and Vagabond vs Wotsee - The Last Word-(BB076)-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM
(BB077) Vagabond - Crush The Night-(BB077)-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM
(BB078) Brisk and Vagabond - Lift Me Up-(BB078)-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM
(BB079) Dreadhed - Sent With Intent-(BB079)-Promo Vinyl-2007-JiM
(BB080) Ham-Scream Your Heart Out-BB080-Vinyl-2008-XTC
(BB081) Brisk and Vagabond feat DMO - Away From Here In Control-(BB081)-Vinyl-2008-sds
(BB081) Brisk And Vagabond Feat DMO-Away From Here In Control-Vinyl-2008-SDS
(BB082) Ham and DMO-This Emotion-(BB082)-WEB-2008-CHC
(BB082) Ham And DMO-This Emotion In Your Eyes-Vinyl-2008-SDS
(BB083) Brisk And Stormtrooper-Moscow Mule Insomniak 08-(BB083)-WEB-2008-UKHx
(BB084) Brisk And Vagabond Ft DMO-Never Be Alone-(BB084)-WEB-2009-CHC
--(BB085) Brisk and Vagabond ft Tess - Shouting Out-(BB085)-WEB-2009-SVB
(BB085) Brisk and Vagabond Ft Tess - Shouting Out New for the Street-(BB085)-320kbps Vinyl-2009-PUTA
(BB085) Brisk and Vagabond Ft Tess - Shouting Out New for the Street-(BB085)-Vinyl-2009-PUTA
(BB086) Brisk And Vagabond-My Obsession Clubfucker-(BB086)-WEB-2009-EDML
(BB086) Brisk And Vagabond-My Obssession-(BB086)-Vinyl-2009-BNP
(BB087) Brisk And Vagabond-Into The Sunlight Get It Started-(BB087)-WEB-2009-EDML
(BB088) Brisk and Vagabond-Drift Away-(BB088)-WEB-2009-HEARTBEAT
(BB088AA) Brisk And Vagabond-Hardcore Habanera-BB088AA-WEB-2010-epicfail
(BB089) Brisk and Vagabond-Hardcore Never Dies-(BB089)-WEB-2009-HEARTBEAT
(BB089A) Brisk And Vagabond-Hardcore Never Dies-BB089A-WEB-2010-epicfail
(BB090) Brisk and Fracus-Stuck On You-(BB090)-WEB-2010-HEARTBEAT
(BB090) Brisk and Fracus-Stuck On You Make The Crowd Jump-BB090-WEB-2010-epicfail
(BB091) Darwin and Fretman - Summer Of Love-(BB091)-WEB-2010-JiM
(BB091) Summer Of Love-(BB091)-WEB-2010
(BB092) Brisk And Fracus-Realplaya-(BB092)-Vinyl-2011-BNP
(BB092) Brisk And Fracus-Realplaya-(BB092)-WEB-2011-EDML
(BB093) DJ Ham-Love You Tonight-(BB093)-WEB-2011-UKHx
(BB093) Ham-Love You Tonight-(BB093)-Vinyl-2011-BNP
(BB094) Brisk and Darwin - Make U Mine - Lets Live Forever-(BB094)-WEB-2011-PUTA
(BB095) Brisk And Vagabond-The Only Ones (Fracus Remix)-(BB095)-WEB-2011-EDML
(BB096) Fracus-Next To Me-(BB096)-WEB-2011-DWM
(BB097) Darwin-I Found You-(BB097)-WEB-2011-DWM
(BB098) Brisk And Fracus-Shine On Me-(BB098)-WEB-2011-DWM

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Hardcore 2011-2013 Part1
  Hardcore | Author: Admin | 23-09-2016, 20:25
KRTM - Dildo XL-MOUTHDATA028-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
KRTM and Khaoz Engine - Stormtrooper - Skanque EP-ISRDIGI042-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
2 Brothers Of Hardstyle ft Marty - Lovn Too The Sickest Squad Serenity Mashup-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
2 Damn Tuff-Blow The Roof Stormtrooper Remix-TNC010-WEB-2005-EDML INT.rar
3 Steps Ahead - Junkie Digital Version-8715576142918-WEB-2012-SOB.rar
4orce DJ - Mind Splinter-TMMD013-WEB-2011-JiM.rar
4ORCE DJ-Missing Channel-MBR012C-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
4orce DJ-Warning-MBSE004-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
A Sense Of Summer Vibes And Wishdokta-Techno Round The World-HUDIGI031-WEB-2011-DWM.rar
A-Kriv - S.T.O.R.T.O. EP-VDA12-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
A-Kriv - Syncmaster EP-VC060.2-WEB-2012-SOB INT.rar
Aaron - Competition Underground-TNS002-WEB-2011-HB INT.rar
Aaron - Competition Underground-TNS002-WEB-2011-SRG.rar
Aaron - Hellrazor-TNS007-WEB-2012-HB.rar
AB - System Overdrive-RLNTDIGI080-WEB-2012-JiM.rar
Abel Effect - Hard Head-C58-009-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Abel Effect - My Time EP-C58006-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Abort Retry Fail-Disruption-AAA-002-WEB-2013-587.rar
Absence - Maelstrom-DGP017-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
ABSENCE - Synthetic Biology-BATTLEFREE003-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Absurd and Proton Kid - Train To Hell EP-SICKDIGI011-WEB-2012-D23.rar
Accelarator - Against All Odds-MOHDIGI040-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
Accelarator - Cant Break Me Down-WEB-2011-HB.rar
Accelarator - Dawn of the End-MOHDIGI066-WEB-2013-SRG.rar
Accelarator - Vocalists Encore Part 1-MOHDIGI027-WEB-2011-HB.rar
Ache - Protectors Of The Earth-NOXDHC002-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Adam - Viral Processing Unit-VC068.2-WEB-2012-SOB INT.rar
Adam - Viral Sequence A.D.A.M.-VC082-WEB-2012-SOB INT.rar
Adrenalin-No Need To Run-RR21-WEB-2013-MW3.rar
Adrenokrome - Homicidal Gang 04-Homicidal Gang 04-WEB-2011-D23.rar
Adrenokrome - The 1013 Effect-NRTX52-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Adrenokrome Feat. Mc FK-Brainfusion-NOISTORM039-WEB-2011-BPM.rar
Adrenokrome VS Skeletron-Radio Pro Gen-NOISTORM034-WEB-2011-BPM.rar
Adrenokrome-Frenchcore Sil Vous Plait Part 2-NOISTORM042-WEB-2012-BPM.rar
Advanced Dealer - Freedom-TRAX0113-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Advanced Dealers - Trancecore 2.0-Cenobite Digital 8-WEB-2011-HB.rar
Adventum - Unbalanced Equation A Dark Matter-GBD013-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
Adventum feat. Kona Black - Armageddon Anthem 2013-GBD035-WEB-2013-JiM.rar
Aeon Flux-The Aeon Flux EP-7TH12002-VINYL-2011-DEF.rar
Air Frantz-Air Frantz EP-NT17-VINYL-2011-DEF.rar
Ajaay And Al Storm-Beating Heart-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
AJaay-Forever You and Me-SSH014-WEB-2011-BPM.rar
AK Industry - Already Dead-T3RDM0215-WEB-2013-SRG.rar
AK Industry - Monster-T3RDM0193D-WEB-2012-HB.rar
AK Industry - Night Hunt Machine-ISRDIGI015-WEB-2011-SRG.rar
AK Industry and Lowroller--Nekrolog1k Digital EP 002 NL1GKDIGI002-WEB-2011-CMC.rar
AK Industry-Nosebleed-ISRDIGI020-WEB-2012-BPM.rar
AK-Industry - Prequel To Chaos-DD13029-WEB-2012-HB.rar
AK-Industry and Brainpain-Nekromongers Metal Hammer-EGO1ST001-WEB-2012-BPM.rar
AK-Industry and Dither-Ignorance-ISRDIGI041-WEB-2013-hM.rar
AK-Industry Feat. Lowroller and Deathmachine-The Dark Industry-ISRDIGI011-WEB-2011-BPM.rar
Akani - Hello Am Your Neighbor-BKR06-WEB-2012-SOB INT.rar
Akira and Drokz-XTRM Is What We Are-PRSPCTXTRM010-Vinyl-2013-BNP INT.rar
Akira and Fiend--Fast and Akkurad-London Iz HKV012-VINYL-2011-CMC.rar
Akon - Beautiful Ryan Kore Remix-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Al Storm And Darwin-Dont Hesitate-247HC076-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
Al Storm And Euphony Feat Danielle-Breathe 2011-247HC057-WEB-2011-DWM.rar
Al Storm And Euphony Feat Danielle-Long Time Cubehard Remix-247HC045-WEB-2011-DWM.rar
Al Storm And Euphony Feat Donna Marie-Runaway Mike Modulate Remix-247HC021-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Al Storm And Euphony Feat. Danielle-Turn Around Clubland Mix-247HC039-WEB-2011-DWM.rar
Al Storm And Euphony-Give A Little Love-BABY71-Promo Vinyl-2011-BNP.rar
Al Storm And Mob-Poltergiest-247HC074-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
Al Storm And Nu Foundation-Going Crazy-247HC075-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
Al Storm And Orbit1 Feat Lisa Abbott-Falling Through-Nu Foundation Remix-247HC065-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
Al Storm Feat Ali-Heartache Summertime Mix-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
Al Storm feat Ali-Swept Away Nu Foundation Remix-WEB-2011-BPM.rar
Al Storm Feat Amy-Surrender Clubland Mix-247HC025-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Al Storm Feat Fraz-Tell Me Why-247HC064-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
Al Storm Feat Malaya-Its Over 2011-247HC027-WEB-2011-DWM.rar
Al Storm Feat Marie Louise-Wherever I Go-Take A Step-247HC073-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
Al Storm Feat Taya-Stars Collide EP-247HC051-WEB-2011-DWM.rar
Al Storm feat. Malaya - Everytime We Say Goodbye-247HC055-WEB-2011-JiM.rar
Al Storm Vs Last Of The Mohicans And J-Swish-Rough Beatz-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Al Storm Vs. Hardforze-Dont Go Breaking My Heart Mike Modulate Remix-WEB-2011-ALPMP3.rar
Al Storm-Crank It Up-247HC053-WEB-2011-DWM.rar
Al Storm-Madhouse-247HC028-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Al Storm-Mental Universe-247HC 058-WEB-2011-GTi.rar
Al Storm-Trick Or Treat-247HC052-WEB-2011-DWM.rar
Al Storm-U4EA-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
Al Storm-Werewolf Ep Part 1-247HC047-WEB-2011-DWM.rar
Al Storm-Werewolf Ep Part 2-247HC048-WEB-2011-DWM.rar
Al Twisted - Tales From The Darkside-DARKUL015-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
Alan Wilson-City Of The Sun-ODR007-WEB-2012-587.rar
Alarma Ravers - Juanita Banana EP-NPR 00-WEB-2011-SOB.rar
Alarma Ravers vs X-Fly - Erdelirioz-HDF-20-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Albert Kraner - Distorted Connection-DISTORTED015-WEB-2011-SRG.rar
Alex Bassjunkie-Soldiers on the Frontline-JHC003-WEB-2013-DWM.rar
Alex Kidd and Kidd Chaos-Kiddception EP 1-KCEP001-WEB-2012-XXW.rar
Alex Prospect ft MC Thunda - Ima Turn It Up Thunda Freestyle-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Alex Tune - Takes Me Higher-VC069-WEB-2012-SOB INT.rar
Alien T - I Am Not Perfect-TRAX0092-WEB-2011-HB.rar
Alien T - Make A Difference-TRAX0104-WEB-2012-HB.rar
Alien T - This Is A Movement-TRAX0112-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Alpha-Let It Go A2REC023-WEB-2011-EMH.rar
Alphaverb - Alphabet Session Part 1-AVIO125-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
Alphaverb - Alphabet Sessions Part 1-AVIO125-WEB-2012-HB INT.rar
Amnesys - Back 2 Zero-TRAX0097-WEB-2012-HB.rar
Amnesys - We Stand United-TRAX0111-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Amy Macdonald - Slow It Down PJ Makina Glasgow Remix-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Anansis ft The DesastaMasta - Core Riders-VC020-WEB-2011-SOB INT.rar
Andy Dee Feat Marie Louise-So Far Behind Alex Bassjunkie Remix-MBR017B-WEB-2012-FaiLED.rar
Andy Freestyle And Devastate-Uprising Digital 001-UPRDIGI001-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
Andy Freestyle And Devastate-Uprising Digital 002-UPRDIGI002-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
Andy The Core - Acts Of War EP-VC078-WEB-2012-SOB INT.rar
Andy The Core - Serious People EP-DARKUL028-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Andy The Core - The Worst-DARKUL024-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Andy The Core and Thunder - Murder EP-DARKUL021-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Andy The Core Ft. Shadowcore - Nemesis EP-DGP010-WEB-2012-Facciapulita.rar
Andy The Core vs Reckless - Viral Catastrophes-VC014-WEB-2011-SOB INT.rar
Andy the Core--Painstream HCC26-WEB-2011-CMC.rar
Andy Vilo - Andy Vilo EP-TMMD027-029-WEB-2011-JiM.rar
Andy Vilo Feat Marie Louise-Want Me Tonight-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Andy Vilo-Azure-WEB-2011-BPM.rar
Andy Wilson-Evolution EP-GTR024-WEB-2012-587.rar
Andy Wilson-Need Your Touch EP-RAVE22-WEB-2013-DWM.rar
Angel - Dirty Thirty-ISRDIGI048-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Angel - Totally Awesome Remixes-ISRDIGI034-WEB-2012-HB.rar
Angel Enemy - Odium Aeternus-VC032.2-WEB-2011-SOB INT.rar
Angel Enemy - The Ruiner-VC006-WEB-2011-SOB INT.rar
Angel-Distorted Thinking-ISR097-Vinyl-2011-hM.rar
Angeldust - Fencyclidine Revisiting-AFTER002-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
Angeldust - Innovator Sky High-AFTER001-WEB-2011-SRG.rar
Angelo Consagra and Daniel Hansen - New Year New Life-RD013-WEB-2012-JiM.rar
Angerfist - Buckle Up and Kill-MOHDIG046-WEB-2012-HB.rar
Angerfist - Lethal Generation EP-MOHDIGI064-WEB-2013-HB INT.rar
Angerfist - Lethal Generation EP-MOHDIGI064-WEB-2013-SRG.rar
Angerfist - Megamix 2013-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Angerfist - Retaliate-CLDM2011100-3CD-2011-SOB.rar
Angerfist - Retaliate-MOHDIGI031-WEB-2011-HB INT.rar
Angerfist - The Depths Of Despair Official MOH Anthem-MOHDIGI030-WEB-2011-SRG.rar
Angerfist and Miss K8 - Divide and Conquer-MOHDIGI057-WEB-2012-HB.rar
Angerfist And Miss K8 - Divide And Conquer-MOHDIGI057-WEB-2012-SRG iNT.rar
Angerfist And Outblast feat. Mc Tha Watcher - Catastrophe Official Dominator Anthem-MOHDIGI048-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
Angerfist And Outblast feat. Mc Tha Watcher - Catastrophe-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
Angerfist And Tieum - Just Know Shitty Rave-MOHDIGI015-WEB-2011-SRG INT.rar
AniMe - A-Bomb-TRAX0102-WEB-2012-HB.rar
AniMe - Hands Up-TRAX0108-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Anon-Getting Over You The Ultimate-Vinyl-2011-EDML.rar
Anon-Laff Ur Ass Off-FCB005-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Anon-Seek Romance X-FIR3 And Dimension Remix-RAW004-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Anonymau5-Hold It Against Me-SSH015-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Anthem Power aka Esline and Onit and Tempo - Get Enough-O2W014-WEB-2011-JiM.rar
Antracks - Therapy-GBD039-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Antracks and Adventum - Refutation-GBD052-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Anxiety - Necrosis-RED-018-WEB-2012-HB.rar
Apocalypse Recordings - Trivia-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Apothecary - False Emperor-MV01B-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
Apothecary - Maverick-MV005-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
App-Do It Again-HSR002-WEB-2012-587.rar
Area 51 - Go-BIR007-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Area 51 - Rock N Rolla-BIR024-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Area 51-Powerstomp Time-BIR004-WEB-2013-DWM.rar
Arjuna and Beyonder - Shoot that Motherfuck Negative A Remix-WEB-2011-hardcore mf.rar
Armageddon Project - No Hell No Dignity-T3RDM0178D-WEB-2011-HB.rar
Armageddon Project - Thirteen Upon Mankind-T3RDM0201-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Armin Van Buuren ft Trevor Guthrie - This Is What It Feels Like Klubfiller DJ Tool-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Art Of Fighters - Gods Fury-TRAX0090-WEB-2011-SRG.rar
Art of Fighters - In For The Kill-WEB-2011-SCMT.rar
Art Of Fighters - Nirvana Of Noise Official Dominator 2011 Anthem-WEB-2011-HB.rar
Art Of Fighters - Resurrection-TRAX0116-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Art Of Fighters - Tears Of Blood-TRAX0106-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Art Of Fighters - Toxic Hotel Official Thunderdome 2011 Anthem-TRAX0098-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
Art Of Fighters And Endymion - Freaks Plastic Surgery-TRAX0095-WEB-2011-SRG.rar
Art of Fighters and Endymion - Freaks-TRAX0095-WEB-2011-HB INT.rar
Artifact - Out Of Time-GBD045-WEB-2013-JiM.rar
Artifex - Stop Taking Shortcuts-Mrv181h-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Artifex and D-Master - Bring Me Back To Life-MRV174h-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Artifex ft Animal Tag - Seven Days Of Hardcore-HCMALICE012-WEB-2012-SOB.rar
Artistic Soul-Give Us Everything-HR002-WEB-2013-MW3.rar
Artritik-Buzz Born EP-PA04-WEB-2012-D23.rar
Astral Tribe - Sleeping Minds Sailing Again Emile-HCMALICE020-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Astral Tribe - What A Fuckin Shit-HCMALICE014-REPACK-WEB-2012-SOB.rar
Astral Tribe - What A Fuckin Shit-HCMALICE014-WEB-2012-SOB.rar
Atari Teenage Riot-Is This Hyperreal-2011-uC.rar
Atltitude-Cuz the House Gets Walm-BIR005-WEB-2013-DWM.rar
Atltitude-Your Ass Belongs to the Core-BIR016-WEB-2013-DWM.rar
Atomic Compressor-Medusa-KIOSK020-Vinyl-2011-OBC.rar
Atomik V. And Lobotomy Inc.-Follow Me-AV003-WEB-2011-NRG.rar
Atomik V.-First Album-AV001-WEB-2011-NRG.rar
Atticwavez and Growlingwhispers - Atticted Wavez EP-JUM037MX-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Audio Stomperz-Never Ending Beginning-WEB-2013-DWM.rar
Audio Warfare - Audio Warfare EP-TMMD016-018-WEB-2011-JiM.rar
Audiogenetic - Rage and Despair-GBD019-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Aural Kaos-Aural Kaos EP-TNTEP001-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
Auscore And IYF-Better Off Alone-AH007-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Auscore And IYF-Call Me An Ambulance-AH008-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Autopsy - Digital Violence EP-AA-19-WEB-2012-ZzZz.rar
Autopsy - Digital Violence-AA-19-WEB-2012-BC.rar
Aux 9 - Probe-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Avicii - Seeking Levels Klubfiller Mashup-WEB-2012-SOB INT.rar
Avicii - Wake Me Up PJ Makina Glasgow Remix-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Avis - Harpy-TCYCLED007-WEB-2011-D23.rar
Axe Gabba Murda Mob-UK Hardcore - Chapter 01-CD-2011-hM.rar
Aza Herzkiller - Designing My Own Destruction-BKR04-WEB-2012-SOB INT.rar
Balocore-No No-MER011-WEB-2013-MW3.rar
Bangerz and Masherz - Digital Wasteland Signalz-GBD008-WEB-2012-SOB INT.rar
Bangerz and Masherz - Rush Infected-GBD003-WEB-2012-SOB INT.rar
Bangerz and Masherz - Virus In Me-GBD044-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Bannedcore - Its Only When We Fall-GCOREN3-WEB-2012-JiM.rar
Barry Brown Feat Sharon F-Find A Way Home-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Bartoch - EP-VDA13-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Bartoch and A-Kriv - Party EP-VDA14-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Bartoch and Fixed Gear - Untitled-VDA04-WEB-2011-SOB.rar
Bartoch and Marc Osmate - Lijpohuis-VDA05-WEB-2011-SOB.rar
Bassbutcherz - Smoke It-QR0010-WEB-2011-BPM.rar
Bassmati - The End of the Game-NOISTORM69-WEB-2013-BC.rar
BB019 Stealth-Love Life And Happiness-BB019-WEB-2000-EDML.rar
BB020 Robbie Long And Devastate-Runnin The Squeeler-BB020-WEB-2000-EDML.rar
BB021 DJ Fade Feat Kelly-Believe In Me Vortex-BB021-WEB-2000-EDML.rar
BB023 Scott Brown-Return To Elysium Ignition-BB023-WEB-2000-EDML.rar
BB024 Da Edge-Shine Wizardry-BB024-WEB-2000-EDML.rar
Bean And Ganar-Shine Forever-FBR001-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Beatstream and Radiate - Here Comes The Hammer-OFF038-WEB-2011-HB.rar
Beatstream And Radiate - Vendetta EP-OFF040-REPACK-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
Beatstream And Radiate - Vendetta EP-OFF040-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
BEF005 Flyin Sparky And Clodhopper-Too Stoopid-WEB2010-EDML.rar
Ben Manic And Hoodzie-Ready For This-TNT126-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
Ben Manic And Hoodzie-Stand Still-TNT116-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
Benni Benassi-Spaceship Re-Con And Chris Unknown Remix-TWISTA044-Vinyl-2011-BNP.rar
Bentech And Sis-Shot Yourself-10044972-WEB-2012-587.rar
Betwixt And Between-Nanosecond Eternity-2011-JRP.rar
Bio-Forge - Turbulence-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Biomek - Blending In EP-HKD027-WEB-2011-SRG.rar
Biomek-Dawnbreaker EP-DISCLOSE003-WEB-2012-D23.rar
Biomekanik - The Showdown-ISRDIGI044-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Biorekk - A Journey To Hell Darkside 14th Birthday Anthem-DARKUL027-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Bishop feat Ant Johnson-The Into Orbit EP-WARPED045-SEXY NEW YEAR-WEB-2011-TraX.rar
Bishop Vs. Outburst-Cut That Bass-WEB-2011-ALPMP3.rar
Bishop-Taking Me Higher-RAW006-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Bitstylerz - Magicbits EP-HSGL007-WEB-2012-BiLDERBERG.rar
Black and White Feat Taya-Everything You Do 2011 Mix-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
Blood Red-Show Me The Way-TW51-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
Bloodcage - Valley Of Shadows-MOHDIGI070-WEB-2013-SRG.rar
Blurix - High Roller-10029116-WEB-2011-JiM.rar
Bodylotion - The Final Bodylotion Pt. II-NEO005-WEB-2000-HB.rar
Bodyshock - The Darkness EP-AFTER014-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Bodyshock - Through The Flames-AFTER016-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Bong-Ra - Dominator The Carnival of Doom Podcast4-WEB-2013-FFM.rar
Braincrash - Random Visions-RED-026-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Braincrushers - In My Mind-HKD042-WEB-2013-SRG.rar
Brainfucker - Traumatic E.P.-DSR002-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Brainfucker and X-Teknokore - The Damage-FFR001-WEB-2012-SOB INT.rar
Brainfucker and X-Teknokore - The Damage-FFR001-WEB-2012-SOB.rar
Brainkicker - F.M.W. Anagenetic Remixes-DJU046-WEB-2012-HB.rar
Brains - Your Desire DJ Insight Hardcore Bootleg-CSDFREE001-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Brainwash Fester - Dropping Beats-MADDIGI007-WEB-2013-Kamerad.rar
Brainwash And Bullit - Hardcore Music-TT065-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
Brainwash and Fester - Dropping Beats-MADDIGI007-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Brawler and The Striker - Destroy Starz-IMPHCDIG007-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Breathing Hell - Chronicle Of Hell Part 1-PHM007-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
Bredasblar - Overdub Millenium Stars-EGO007-WEB-2011-SRG.rar
Bredasblar And Cor-Tex Feat. DJ Fruky - State Of Core EP-EGO008-WEB-2011-SRG.rar
Breeze and Modulate - Breeze and Modulate EP-NFWORLD010-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Breeze and Re-Con - Testify-NFWORLD014-WEB-2013-SM7.rar
Breeze and Re-Con - Testify-NFWORLD014-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Breeze And Re-Con-Twist-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Breeze And Technikore-Dont Need Ya Anymore-SNK023-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
Breeze And Technikore-Moments-SNK021-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
Breeze-1 2 3 Hit It-FWORLD027-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Brett Cooper - Bass Is Kickin-XDR002-WEB-2011-JiM.rar
Bridson - Destruction EP-GTX060-WEB-2011-JiM.rar
Bridson and DCN - Time Is Right-DXR003-WEB-2011-JiM.rar
Bridson-Wheres Ma Fags-RAVE5-WEB-2012-BPM.rar
Brisk And Fracus-Clear Blue Skies-NG096-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Brisk And Fracus-Clear Blue Skies-Vinyl-2011-EDML.rar
Brisk And Fracus-Realplaya-BB092-Vinyl-2011-BNP.rar
Brisk And Fracus-Realplaya-BB092-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Brisk And Fracus-Shine On Me-BB098-WEB-2011-DWM.rar
Brisk And Trixxy-Eye Opener Instigate Remix-WEB-2013-FaiLED INT.rar
Brisk And Vagabond-The Only Ones Fracus Remix-BB095-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Broken Minds And Javi Molina - Get Up-KNOR74-WEB-2013-SRG.rar
Broken Rules - Bounce Factory-SF005-WEB-2011-BPM.rar
Broken Rules-Possibilities-SF007-WEB-2012-BPM.rar
Brutal Jesters - Dreaming Of A Better World-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Brutal Jesters and Dr. Peacock-Groundshaker EP-PCR005-WEB-2013-JUSTiFY.rar
Brutal Smashing Heads - Hurricane EP-PCR003-WEB-2013-BC.rar
Bula - Take it Back to the Oldschool-NOISTORM72-WEB-2013-BC.rar
Bulby G Feat Fingaz MC-The Core Elite-NSR058-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Burning Lazy Persons DJ Mutante - Untitled-SBMB008-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Burning Lazy Persons - Kill The J Core EP-TNIDIGI1-WEB-2011-SOB.rar
Burning Lazy Persons - Silent Majority-SBMB012-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Burnout - Blow Ya Speakers-TFOH0046-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
C Netik Cooh - Retrofit-PRSPCT023-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
C-Kay Feat Fraz-Deeper Love Al Storm Remix-247HC042-WEB-2011-DWM.rar
C-Netik-Catatonic State EP-YSR003DEP-WEB-2012-D23.rar
Cally And Juice Vs. DJ Yoz - Star-OURS032-WEB-2011-SRG.rar
Camo and Konekshon and Redie - Burn Like A Synth Bitch Mashup-HCR022B-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Camzor-Great Odins Raven-BFBL005-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Candee Jay-If I Were You Al Storm Remix-WEB-2011-FaiLED INT.rar
Carnage And Cluster - Life Hardcore-NOISJ-25-2012-HB.rar
Carnage and Cluster - Self Proclaimed Anarchists-10030267-WEB-2011-JiM.rar
Carnage And Cluster - Submit And Be Spared-NOISJ-25-PROPER-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
Carnage and Cluster - Submit and Be Spared-NOISJ-25-REPACK-WEB-2012-HB.rar
Carnage and Cluster - Whats That Noisj-HKD026-WEB-2011-HB.rar
Carnage And Cluster - Whats This Noisj-HKD024-WEB-2011-SRG.rar
Carnage and Cluster-Check Your Totem-NOISJ05-WEB-2011-DEF.rar
Carnal War-Iridium-SICKDIG018-WEB-2012-D23.rar
Cat Like Thief-When I See The Sunshine L-BEMU002-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Catatonic Overload - The Sexual Thrill Theras Core Mix-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Catscan - Divine Area-MOHDIGI019-WEB-2011-HB.rar
Catscan - Modular Capacity-MOHDIGI068-WEB-2013-HB INT.rar
Catscan - Modular Capacity-MOHDIGI068-WEB-2013-SRG.rar
Catscan - Wake Of Liberty-MOHDIGI041-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
CC Inc. - Go Insane-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
CC Inc. - Maniac Hypercore-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
CC Inc. - Ton Ton Ton-WEB-2011-SOB INT.rar
CC Inc. - Twatrixcore-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Cemon Victa - Born In Obscurity-REDSP04-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Cemon Victa - Hardcore Battleflield-REDSP05-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Cemon Victa - Nature Of The Beast-REDSP03-WEB-2013-HB.rar
CH30H vs Redmore - Venomous Philosophy-NOISJ-19-WEB-2012-HB.rar
Chain Reaction - The Record Breaking System Overload Hardcore Bootleg-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Chaos - To Yourself-DTB021-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Chaos And Fastraxx-Let Me See You Dance-ELEM034-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Chaotic Spirit And Regain-For Real-GBD015-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
Charger - 100 Charged EP-TIR003-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Chase and Status - Time PJ Makina Glasgow Remix-WEB-2012-SOB INT.rar
Chase and Status ft Delilah - Time Klubfiller Remix-WEB-2011-SOB INT.rar
Chemical Noize - Lost In Love-EML137-WEB-2011-BPM INT.rar
Chimera - The Forgotten Nokum Remix-OBSR006-WEB-2012-HB.rar
Chosen Few - Cape Fear-MOK136-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ Jason Payne Remix-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ 2012 Pt 2-MOK126R-WEB-2012-JiM.rar
Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ 2012-MOK126-WEB-2012-JiM.rar
Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ-Jason Payne Remix-WEB-2013-FFM.rar
Chosen Few - Tranceparant 2012-MOK128-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
Chris Dynasty--Subwayz-TTR015-WEB-2012-WUS.rar
Chris Unknown and Re Con - Show Me Now-QTWIST004-WEB-2012-JiM.rar
Chris Unknown and Technikore-Let Me Go-QSH106-Vinyl-2011-BNP INT.rar
Chrissy Murderbot - Greatest Hits-MURDG-005-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Chrono - BKJN Hardcore At Sea Anthem-MRV183-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Chrono And Imperium Bass - Life Is A Bitch-MRV170H-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
Chrono And The Damon Dwarf - Hardcore In My Head EP-MRV148-WEB-2011-SRG.rar
Chrono and The Demon Dwarf - Gangsta Life Rich N Shameless-WEB-2011-HB.rar
Chuff - Twisted Ravers EP-GTX059-WEB-2011-SRG.rar
Circular Discharge-Exile EP-T3KEXT020-WEB-2012-D23.rar
Clive King - In Search Of A New Land Dance 2 Eden Outdoor Anthem-WEB-2013-FFM.rar
Clowny And MC Offside And Danny J-The Clowny-EP-AAA008-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
Clowny vs Genic and Delgado - This Is A Robbery-TFOH0042-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Clowny-Check This-RAW008-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Clowny-Dont Do Drugs-TFOH009-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
CLSM Feat Lisa Abbott-Timebomb Al Storm Remix-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
CLSM-I Will Wait-CLSMLW18-WEB-2012-BPM.rar
Collision-Past Present Future-OBS.6-Vinyl-2011-OBC.rar
Coltek-Happy Mandolin-10053106-WEB-2013-MW3.rar
Cooh and Counterstrike - Manual Control - Kentar-SMACKDOWN003-WEB-2012-D23.rar
Coone - The Challenge Evil Activities Remix-DWX054-WEB-2011-HB.rar
Core Infection vs The Vinyl Raider - Mindless Creature-DTN H-007-WEB-RU-2012-SOB INT.rar
Coreporation and CSI--Ataxia RED001-WEB-2011-CMC.rar
Corrupted Minds-Horror Usb EP-KNB02-WEB-2012-D23.rar
Corrupted Minds-Invasion-KNB004-WEB-2012-D23.rar
Corrupted Minds-Screams of Satan EP-NOISJLTD-011-WEB-2013-D23.rar
Corruption Vs Periferal Feat Freda J-Young Forever-IYHR021-WEB-2011-EDML INT.rar
Corruptive Chaos - Bing Bang Rock The-DIGIGM038-WEB-2013-SRG.rar
Corruptive Chaos - GGM Digital 38-DIGIGM038-WEB-2013-Kamerad.rar
Counterfeit - Crossed The Line-NEGA004-WEB-2012-SRG iNT.rar
Counterfeit - Crossed The Line-NEGA04-WEB-2012-HB.rar
Counterfeit - Molded Patterns-NEGA012-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Counterfeit - Path Of Recovery-NEGA008-WEB-2012-HB.rar
Counterstrike Ft the Panacea and Robin Chaos-Collaboration Part 5-CSRECS005-WEB-2012-D23.rar
Craftcore - Small Things-UNIONHC001-WEB-2013-Kamerad.rar
Craig Daze-Bring It On-DBD036-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Craig Daze-Fly Away-DBD034-WEB-2011-EDML.rar
Crisis Era Ft Katrina Mae - Let Go Merkurius Remix Official Dream Creator 2012 Anthem-HDN017-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
Critical Mass - Burning Love The Viper Remix-DTBC006-WEB-2011-HB.rar
Cross-B And Raul Lokura Pres. DJ Fires-Blue Fire-RLK008-WEB-2011-NRG.rar
Crossfiyah - Dominator The Carnival of Doom Podcast3-WEB-2013-FFM.rar
Crossfiyah - Rage-AFTER012-REPACK-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Crossfiyah - Rage-AFTER012-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Crossfiyah - The Devil Made Me Do It-AFTER015-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Crossfiyah - The Reckoning-AFTER009-WEB-2012-HB INT.rar
Crossfiyah - The Reckoning-AFTER009-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
Crossfiyah - Unhallowed-AFTER017-WEB-2013-SRG iNT.rar
Cruze And Ripps-Damage-TFOH007-WEB-2012-DWM.rar
Cube Hard and Darwin-Dark and Light Passion Is Obsession-HUDIGI032-SEXY NEW YEAR-WEB-2011-TraX.rar
Cubic Nomad - Forgotten Grounds-DD14049-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Cubic Nomad and Xtematic-Darkness Audible-DD0009-WEB-2011-DEF.rar
Cubic Nomad--Light Errant DD14005-WEB-2011-CMC.rar
Cubic Nomad-Seeker-DD13016-WEB-2012-DEF.rar
Cubic Nomad-Unformed-DM-1-WEB-2012-DEF.rar
Current Value and Bryan Fury-The Best of Both Worls EP-SMACKDOWN005-WEB-2012-D23.rar
Cyane - Ass Social Bitches Vindicta 6.6.6-VDA06-WEB-2011-SOB.rar
Cyane--Ass Social Bitches Vindicta 666-VDA06-WEB-2011-strezz.rar
Cybernators - World Of C Cyanide 2006 Edit-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Cyberwaste - Legion Remixes-DTN R-006-WEB-RU-2013-SOB INT.rar
D F X -Illusion-AH010-WEB-2011-PYHU.rar
D Linquants and Last Of The Mohicians - Like This-RLNTDIGI079-WEB-2012-JiM.rar
D Tox vs Igneon System-Illumina LOscurita Contain The Pressure-NOISTORM031-WEB-2011-BPM.rar
D-Ceptor - Drop Out EP-IMPHCLTD009-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
D-Ceptor - Raw Sushi EP-IMPHCDIG008-WEB-2013-HB.rar
D-Devils--The 6th Gate-BP0005-3-WEB-2012-WUS.rar
D-Passion - Devil EP-T3RDM0209-WEB-2013-HB.rar
D-Passion - Different Frequencies-T3RDM0173-WEB-2011-SRG.rar
D-Passion - Different Frequencies-T3RDM0173D-WEB-2011-HB.rar
D-Passion - Dispel the Darkness-T3RDM0195D-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
D-Passion - Done Talking-T3RDM0169D-WEB-2011-SRG.rar
D-Passion - Violate Pride-T3RDM0183D-WEB-2011-HB.rar
D-Spirit - Twisted Souls-BASS011-WEB-2011-SRG.rar
D-Tune - My Name EP-DTB018-WEB-2013-HB.rar
D-Tune - Nosebone-DTB016D-WEB-2012-HB.rar
D-Tune - Twisted Minds-DTB009D-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
D-Tune And Recype - Set You Up-DTB011D-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
D-Version And Mecanek - Never Hesitate-DTB006D-WEB-2011-SRG.rar
D.O.M-Fuck The System Remixing Project Part 1-AUK010-WEB-2012-BPM.rar
D.O.M. and Carles S-Mechanicaldead EP-HDF-8-WEB-2012-D23.rar
D.O.M. vs Carles S - Mechanicaldead-HDF-8-WEB-2012-SOB.rar
D.O.M. vs Dualcore - Asskickerz-PKS01-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
D.O.M. vs The Destroyer-Amiga Terror EP-AUK009-WEB-2012-BPM.rar
D.O.M.-Fuck The System Remixing Project Part 2-AUK011-WEB-2012-BPM.rar
D.O.M.-Fuckkk The System EP 1-AUK006-WEB-2011-BPM.rar
D.O.M.-Fuckkk the System-2011-CD-hM.rar
Dam-Social Teknology Vol 10-Riot EP-ST010-WEB-2012-D23.rar
Damage Inc - Connect the Cuts Elucidate-SICKDIG020-WEB-2012-BOA.rar
Damage Inc-Connect the Cuts Elucidate-SICKDIG020-WEB-2012-D23.rar
Damaged - Rescue Me-EHC001-WEB-2011.rar
DaMM And Ezio - Disco Frequencies-CKR022-WEB-2012-SRG.rar
Dan Edge - The Return EP-TMD019-022-WEB-2011-JiM.rar
Dan Edge-In The Void-KRU0045-WEB-2012-MW3.rar
Dancelordz-Promises Dancelordz Remix-RENRG016-WEB-2011-BPM.rar
Danny Ovington - Pussy Squirt Everywhere-KRH081-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Danny V and Arhetium R - Double Sublimity-GBD010-WEB-2012-SOB INT.rar
Danny Williamson - Krave-GBD030-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Danny Williamson - Say Something-GBD042-WEB-2013-SOB INT.rar
Danny Williamson and Paj - Hardstyle Thing-GBD016-WEB-2012-SOB INT.rar
Dano and Mr Madness-Time for New Blood-ISRDIGI024-WEB-2012-BPM.rar
Dany BPM-Episode 1-ENK015MX-WEB-2011-NRG.rar
Dark Bayron - Thersicore-ADAKO001-WEB-2011-SOB.rar
Dark By Design and Sykesy presents Cunning Linguists - Cunning Stunts-GBD006-WEB-2012-SOB INT.rar
Dark By Design vs DJ Husband - Revolution-GBD054-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Dark Forces - The Slender Man-BIR029-WEB-2013-SOB.rar
Dark Frequencer - The Dimensions Of Darkness-DD14018-WEB-2012-SOB.rar
Dark Headz - Suppaman-ST-B002-WEB-2012-HB.rar
Dark Headz--Suppaman-ST-B-002-12-01-WEB-2012-strezz.rar
Dark Pact - Chaos Theory-GBD022-WEB-2013-HB.rar
Dark Sector - Feel it-100352 19-WEB-2011-ZzZz.rar
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