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  0day | Author: Admin | 6-10-2016, 15:42
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Andrey Sher - Unity-(DUBTRXX 412)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
BRLY LGL-Lap of Luxury-(AS001)-WEB-2016-wAx
Corey Turner - The Better Life mix-(RU 83707)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
DJ Diox-Lost Paradise EP (Summer Edition)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-2016-CALM
D-Tune-Louder Faster Stronger (Remixes)-WEB-2016-UKHx
Gaidz-Apricot (Triptyk C)-WEB-2016-LEV
Jean Pearl-High On Sexy (The Remixes)-WEB-2016-CALM
Jordi P Feat Evelyn - Big Shame-(DNZ 217)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
MAKJ and Timmy Trumpet - Party Till We Die-WEB-2016-ZzZz INT
Marcos Rodriguez Feat Sasha David - Jump-(MX 2236)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
SHINee-1 Of 1-WEB-KR-2016-TosK
Tobe Li - Every Night-(10112279)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
VA - Select Mix - Select Essentials Vol.112-WEB-2016-MST
VA-Disco Dance Club International Vol 16-2016-BFHMP3
VA-DJ Selection 451-2CD-2016-ONe
VA-DJ Zone Best Session 10.2016-2CD-2016-ONe
VA-Klaphouse Compilation Volume 5-WEB-2016-iHR
Van Dresen And Akki And Monteur Feat Christina Novelli - Beautiful-WEB-2016-ZzZz
VA-Rugged Sound 5-WEB-2016-iHR
VA-Studio 33 The 112th Story-PROPER-BOOTLEG-2016-VOiCE
Veen And Veen - Festival De Guitarra-(SR 514)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
Drum and Bass
2DB-Amiga Man Happy Days-(TECH083)-WEB-2012-PRESCRiPTiON
2DB-Bassface Jet Black-(TECH094)-WEB-2013-PRESCRiPTiON
2DB-Ghetto Boy Blunderbus-(TECH088)-WEB-2012-PRESCRiPTiON
2DB-Original Soundsystem Style JDs Revenge-(TECH074)-WEB-2011-PRESCRiPTiON
Atlantic Connection-One Moment EP-(FOKUZ063)-WEB-2014-PRESCRiPTiON
Bipolar-Sublime EP-(FOKUZ062)-WEB-2014-PRESCRiPTiON
Command Strange-Rock Steady EP-(FOKUZ056)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-2013-PRESCRiPTiON
Donnie Dubson-Muted Horns Silver Plate-(FOKUZ058)-WEB-2013-PRESCRiPTiON
Drum Origins And Pariah-Lightyears Divided Worlds-(FOKUZ012)-WEB-2004-PRESCRiPTiON
Drum Origins-Infinite Orbit Mystical Fields-(FOKUZ001)-WEB-1999-PRESCRiPTiON
Drumsound And Bassline Smith-Belly Dancer Rock Your Body-(TECH049)-WEB-2008-PRESCRiPTiON
Drumsound And Bassline Smith-Body Pump Welcome To The Jungle-(TECH046)-WEB-2008-PRESCRiPTiON
Drumsound And Bassline Smith-Cold Turkey Stories Of The Future-(TECH040)-WEB-2007-PRESCRiPTiON
Drumsound And Bassline Smith-Get Through Dangerous-(TECH022)-WEB-2003-PRESCRiPTiON
Drumsound And Bassline Smith-Harder Faster It Came From Mars-(TECH043)-WEB-2007-PRESCRiPTiON
Drumsound And Bassline Smith-Junglist (Twisted Individual Remix) Original Badboy VIP-(TECH021R)-WEB-2003-PRESCRiPTiON
Drumsound And Bassline Smith-Junglist The Don-(TECH021)-WEB-2003-PRESCRiPTiON
Drumsound And Bassline Smith-Stay Loose (Tear Drop) Tijuana-(TECH042)-WEB-2007-PRESCRiPTiON
Drumsound And Bassline Smith-Stigmata Time-(TECH013)-WEB-2002-PRESCRiPTiON
Drumsound And Bassline Smith-Tinman Palomino-(TECH023)-WEB-2004-PRESCRiPTiON
Drumsound And Bassline Smith-Welcome To The Jungle Cape Fear (Tantrum Desire Remixes)-(TECH059)-WEB-2009-PRESCRiPTiON
Fourward And N-Phect-White Noise Down Jewel-(FOKUZ038)-WEB-2009-PRESCRiPTiON INT
Futuretech-Gangster Boogie Spring In Paris-(TECH019)-WEB-2003-PRESCRiPTiON
FX 909 And Electrosoul System-Les Jolies Choses On The Beach-(FOKUZ022)-WEB-2006-PRESCRiPTiON
Gen-Reactor Catcha-(FOKUZ007)-WEB-2002-PRESCRiPTiON
Gen-Rhythmicon Cas 8-(FOKUZ006)-WEB-2002-PRESCRiPTiON
Greg Packer-Inside Tonight If You Know-(FOKUZ023)-WEB-2006-PRESCRiPTiON
Greg Packer-Shaker Song Soulbrother-(FOKUZ017)-WEB-2005-PRESCRiPTiON
Hashtag-Shit Bangs Language Barrier-(TECH091)-WEB-2012-PRESCRiPTiON
Hydro-Roller X Ride With Me-(FOKUZ039)-WEB-2010-PRESCRiPTiON
Incident And Bcee-Fill Me In Double Take-(FOKUZ064)-WEB-2014-PRESCRiPTiON
Incident-Feel The Limit EP-(FOKUZ057)-WEB-2013-PRESCRiPTiON
Incident-High Explain Streamlight-(FOKUZ052)-WEB-2012-PRESCRiPTiON
Intelligent Manners-Miracles EP-(FOKUZ068EP)-WEB-2014-PRESCRiPTiON
Intelligent Manners-Secret Feeling Heavenly Thing-(FOKUZ059)-WEB-2013-PRESCRiPTiON
J Cut And Electrosoul-The Beginning Come Around-(FOKUZ026)-WEB-2007-PRESCRiPTiON
J Laze And Mykra-7 Sensez What U Need-(FOKUZ004)-WEB-2001-PRESCRiPTiON
Kasper And Intelligent Manners-Best Place Ever EP-(FOKUZ060)-WEB-2013-PRESCRiPTiON
Komatic And Command Strange-When You Come Home Forgive-(FOKUZ053)-WEB-2012-PRESCRiPTiON
Maduk-Hold On Never Again-(FOKUZ054)-WEB-2012-PRESCRiPTiON
Maxnrg-Now Hear This Midnight Rider-(TECH110)-WEB-2014-PRESCRiPTiON
Mykra-Sun II Chimes-(FOKUZ013)-WEB-2004-PRESCRiPTiON
Naibu-Screens Piper Dream-(FOKUZ036)-WEB-2009-PRESCRiPTiON
N-Phect And Fourward-Without Your Touch Nova-(FOKUZ046)-WEB-2011-PRESCRiPTiON
Phat Playaz And Duo Science-The Real You North Zone Of SP-(FOKUZ049)-WEB-2011-PRESCRiPTiON
Phetsta And Shockone-The Sun Cyclones-(TECH052)-WEB-2008-PRESCRiPTiON
Phetsta-The Bloodening Gamera-(TECH031)-WEB-2005-PRESCRiPTiON
Phetsta-The Key Skank-(TECH055)-WEB-2009-PRESCRiPTiON
Phetsta-Virtual Reality From My Eyes-(TECH048)-WEB-2008-PRESCRiPTiON
Scott Allen And Deeper Connection-Wicked Ones Zion Dub-(FOKUZ061)-WEB-2013-PRESCRiPTiON
Syncopix-Carpark Veteran-(FOKUZ021)-WEB-2005-PRESCRiPTiON
Skyver And D Jon-Beastie General All That Stands-(TECH025)-WEB-2004-PRESCRiPTiON
Skyver And D Jon-Claw Justice VIP-(TECH028)-WEB-2005-PRESCRiPTiON
Soulproof-On The Line EP-(FOKUZ020)-WEB-2005-PRESCRiPTiON
Tantrum Desire-Adventure Through Space Nightmare-(TECH103)-WEB-2014-PRESCRiPTiON
Tantrum Desire-Xenomorph The Last Stand-(TECH050)-WEB-2008-PRESCRiPTiON INT
Technicolour-Half A Chance Le Corbusier-(TECH051)-WEB-2008-PRESCRiPTiON
Terravita-Beantown Boogaloo Adult Robot Kung Fu VIP-(TECH053)-WEB-2008-PRESCRiPTiON
Terravita-Project Mayhem Subliminal Square Dance-(TECH047)-WEB-2008-PRESCRiPTiON
Terravita-Quantum Physics Damages-(TECH041)-WEB-2007-PRESCRiPTiON
VA-Chronicles Continued The Aftermath-(FOKUZ032DIG)-WEB-2008-PRESCRiPTiON
VA-Jungle Ballad EP-(FOKUZ069)-WEB-2014-PRESCRiPTiON
VA-Night On Earth When I Remember-(FOKUZ042)-WEB-2010-PRESCRiPTiON
VA-Pushed Surprise-(FOKUZ045)-WEB-2011-PRESCRiPTiON
VA-Snow Country String Thing-(FOKUZ027)-WEB-2007-PRESCRiPTiON
VA-Sound For The Masses Altered Soul-(FOKUZ019)-WEB-2005-PRESCRiPTiON
VA-The Meaning Grace Light-(FOKUZ048)-WEB-2011-PRESCRiPTiON
VA-The Sun 2009 Stage Diver-(TECH057)-WEB-2009-PRESCRiPTiON
VA-This Is The Shiva Soundsytem Vol3-SV003-MD-2016-G3L INT
VA-Ur In My Head Anchorage-(FOKUZ028)-WEB-2007-PRESCRiPTiON
Adda Schade-Rote Boje-2012-NOiR
Amber And Luna-Heartbeat-WEB-KR-2016-TosK
Con-Dom-How Welcome Is Death To I Who Have Nothing More To Do But Die-2016-FWYH
Empathy Test-Demons-Seeing Stars-Limited Edition-CDEP-2016-FWYH
Konstantyn Ra - Teck Movement-(TUNE 386)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
November Noevelet-Unintended By Nature-2016-FWYH
OMD-The OMD Singles (Remix Edition)-2CD-RETAIL-2003-FSP
VA-Bedroomproducers Paderborn-Der Ton Der Region-2016-NOiR
Alfred Azzetto and Face Off - Om Namaha Shiva-(MMB126)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
Andrea Carissimi and Michele Chiavarini - Needle On The Record-(HOD003)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
Andrea Terrano - Felix Jaxx (Andrea Terrano Remixes)-(JAXX080D)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
Angitu-Deep Colors (Incl CJ Stone Mixes)-(BSR004)-WEB-2016-UKHx
DJ Poertsch-Everlasting Love-(ASRD279)-WEB-2016-UKHx
Elderbrook - Closer Eats Everything Remix-WEB-2016-iDC
Empyre One and Enerdizer-Next World (Official Anthem)-WEB-2016-UKHx
Young DJ - Say No To Drugs-WEB-2016-iDC
John Dahlback - Bapalapa-WEB-2016-HB
Lost Frequencies-What Is Love 2016-WEB-2016-UKHx
Manuel Riva and Eneli-Mhm Mhm (Remixes)-WEB-2016-UKHx
Michele Chiavarini - Let Me See You (ATFC REMIXES)-(QTZ060)-WEB-2014-ZzZz
Mike Newman Stricted Soul Muzikfabrik - Sweetest Morning Touch-(LIP100)-WEB-2014-ZzZz
Mindy - All The Words You Do-(U2R0415)-WEB-2014-ZzZz
Ministry Of Funk - You Are The One For Me-(DJX062)-WEB-2014-ZzZz
Myk - Get To Stepping-(WYS0035)-WEB-2014-ZzZz
Mykal Junior feat Sophie Way - Delirious-(AST022)-WEB-2014-ZzZz
Monday Club - Total Confusion-WEB-2016-iDC
Muzzaik feat Zaida - Work It (URH Remix)-(LIP099)-WEB-2014-ZzZz
Nick Skitz Feat Meg Ripps-The Horses-WEB-2016-UKHx
Oliver Portamento and Arfy Wild - Work This-(WYS0036)-WEB-2014-ZzZz
Rebel Army-Waveless EP-(VNTGRD023)-WEB-2016-wAx
Rich Wakley - In The Place-WEB-2016-iDC
Ritmo Du Vela - Proud Mexican-WEB-2016-iDC
Rockstroh Feat Tonberg-Weil Ich Das Leben Mag-WEB-DE-2016-UKHx
Rune feat Garett Luvit - Wont Let You Go-WEB-2016-iDC
Shades Of Gray - Circulate-WEB-2016-iDC
Silvia Zaragoza and Franois A feat Carla Prather - Body Language-WEB-2016-iDC
The Gruv Manics Project and Kimicoh - Can You Feel The Groove-WEB-2016-iDC
Tidy Daps - Consequences-WEB-2016-iDC
VA-30 Best Songs 2016 For Fitness And Workout Motivation Training Music-WEB-2016-CALM
VA-Autumn Deep House Sensation Vol2-(ZEL054)-WEB-2016-ENSLAVE
VA-Showcase 2.0-(RSTS004)-WEB-2016-SPANK
VA-A Chillout Affair-WEB-2016-iHR
Adrian Costa Blues Band-Adrian Costa Blues Band-2015-VPE
Dance Hall
Morlack - Katakana Edits Vol 45-WEB-2016-iDC
Fabolous-Real Talk-WEB-2004-ANGER INT
Marz-I Love 2 Hate-LP-DE-2016-NOiR
Pop Da Brown Hornet and King Just-Best Of Both Hoods-CDR-2016-FTD
Rasul Allah 7-Heru The Face Of The Golden Falcon Rise Of The Shemsu Har-CDR-2016-FTD
Saigon-GSNT 3 The Troubled Times of Brian Carenard-WEB-2014-ANGER INT
Saigon-Welcome To Saigon-WEB-2008-ANGER INT
The Flying Dutchmen-Foul Weather-CDR-2016-FTD
In Isolation-A Certain Fractal Light-CD-2016-D2H
VA-Secret City Records 10 Years-2CD-2016-FNT
Onna Project-Un Hogar-ES-2016-VPE
Sun Ra And His Arkestra-My Brother the Wind Vol 1-Expanded Edition (Remastered 2016)-WEB-2016-MOHAWK
Sun Ra And His Arkestra-When Angels Speak of Love-(Remastered 2016)-WEB-2016-MOHAWK
Sun Ra-Aurora Borealis-(Remastered 2015)-WEB-2015-MOHAWK
Sun Ra-Beyond the Purple Star Zone-(Remastered 2015)-WEB-2015-MOHAWK
Sun Ra-Oblique Parallax-(Remastered)-WEB-1982-MOHAWK
El Super Nuevo Ft El Sicokario-Te Ta Haciendo La Loca-WEB-2016-FMT
Sensato Ft. 8ky-Zillions-WEB-2016-FMT
Club Des Belugas-Nine-(GLJ003)-WEB-2016-SPANK
Candiria-While They Were Sleeping-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED
Dance Gavin Dance-Mothership-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED
Meshuggah-Violent Sleep-2016-FNT
Sonata Arctica-The Ninth Hour-2016-FNT
The Devil Wears Prada-Transit Blues-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED
Suicidal Tendencies-World Gone Mad-2016-NOiR
Hins Cheung-Vibes-WEB-CPOP-2016-TosK
Jess Glynn-I Cry When I Laugh (Deluxe Edition)-2015-BFHMP3
Lukas Rieger-Compass-WEB-2016-VOiCE
Michele Joy-Verfluchte Samstagnacht-CDA-DE-2016-wAx
Park Hyo Shin-I Am A Dreamer-WEB-KR-2016-TosK
Sandeul-Stay As You Are-WEB-KR-2016-TosK
VA - Full Tilt Remix Vol.67-WEB-2016-MST
VA - Select Mix - 90s Essentials Vol.34-WEB-2016-MST
VA - Select Mix - Select Essentials Vol.113-WEB-2016-MST
VA-Super Deep Fox 2-BOOTLEG-DE-2016-VOiCE
Zoltan - Love Is In The Air-(WS 00117)-WEB-2016-ZzZz
Punk Rock
Green Day-Revolution Radio-WEB-2016-SPANK
Night Birds-Who Killed Mike Hunchback-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED
NOFX-First Ditch Effort-2016-FNT
Eric Benet-Eric Benet-2016-H3X
VA-60s Soul Revue-WEB-2016-iHR
Amero Shotta-Dirty Sprite 3-WEB-2016-ESG
Asap Floata-Misery Loves Company-WEB-2016-ESG
C-STUD VILL-The Formula-WEB-2016-ESG
Da Boy Eternal-Get Money Or Look Funny-WEB-2016-ESG
Green-By The Water-WEB-2016-ESG
Lushlife-No Dead Languages-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED
MACKA-CHIN-Maririn Cafe Blue-WEB-2016-ESG
Plat-Str8 Drop-WEB-2016-ESG
Red Shaydez-Magnetic Aura-WEB-2016-ESG
Reece Loc-Inner City Blues-WEB-2016-ESG
Reece Loc-Lived What U Rap About-WEB-2016-ESG
SoufWessDes-Trap Energy-WEB-2016-ESG
The Game-1992-2CD-2016-H3X
VA-Nouvelle Ere Vol.2-(WEB)-FR-2016-H5N1
Viper-Anonymous Sex-WEB-2016-ESG
Zensery-Capfront Family-WEB-2016-ESG
Lukie D-Some Day-VINYL-2003-z0ne
Spragga Benz-African Move-VINYL-2002-z0ne
Squiddly Ranks-Cosco-VINYL-1998-z0ne
Wayne Marshall-Check Yourself-VINYL-2002-z0ne
Abre-Abre Ke Paso-ES-2016-VPE
Gabriel and the Apocalypse-The Ghost Parade-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED
Green Day-Revolution Radio-2016-FNT
Helmet-Bad News-Single-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED
Luke Haines-Smash the System-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED
Magic Power-Ours MP Concert Live (Bonus CD)-CPOP-2016-TosK
Melissa Etheridge-MEmphis Rock And Soul-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED
Placebo-Lifes What You Make It-WEB-2016-SPANK
Take Over And Destroy-Take Over and Destroy-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED
The Answer-Solas-Single-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED
The Verve-A Storm In Heaven-(2016 Remastered-Deluxe)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-2016-MOHAWK
VA-Im A Freak Baby-A Journey Through British Heavy Psych And Hard Rock-(Remastered)-3CD-2016-ERP
Ailee-A New Empire-WEB-KR-2016-TosK
Betty Harris-The Lost Queen Of New Orleans Soul-WEB-2016-MOHAWK
Desert Dog-Mundo Paralelo-ES-2016-VPE
Top 40
Cirez D-Backlash-(MOUSE022)-WEB-2016-KiEF
Devotion - Feel This-(XBONE129)-WEB-2016-HB
DJ Death Face-Chappie How Many Shots-(ACTDIG134)-WEB-2016-UKHx
Dustin Hertz And Clayton Cash - Fkn Society-(SWG019)-WEB-2016-SRG
Julien Piacentino-Silk-(UYSR022)-WEB-2015-NERVE
Philippe Rochard - Origin Of Style-(SB-DA3416)-WEB-2016-SRG
Sable Sheep-Butterflies Drowning-(MHR081)-WEB-2015-NERVE
Smilla-Acid Freak-(NEVERENDING057)-WEB-2015-NERVE
Undercatt-Venus EP-(DIYNAMIC088)-WEB-2016-NERVE
VA - Captain 2016-CD-2015-SOB
VA - Captain 23 Years-CD-2016-SOB
VA-Cocoon Compilation P-CORCD039-Retail-CD-2016-BFHMP3
Woo York-Enigma EP-(PRRUKDIG003)-WEB-2012-NERVE
Ahmed Romel-Himba-(AOLE002)-WEB-2016-UKHx
Andrew Cash-Tomorrow EP-WEB-2016-UKHx
Andrew Lang - Visions LP-(ESH009)-WEB-2016-HB
Broning Vs. Solis And Sean Truby-Radiate-(INFRA119)-PROPER-WEB-2013-SPANK
Cubetonic Ft Dilara Gadel-So Strong-(VOICE011)-WEB-2016-UKHx
Dan Stone - Macy (Incl. Edit)-(FSOE187)-WEB-2016-HB
David Gravell - Make Some Noise-WEB-2016-HB
Enlusion-Inverted Horizon-(WHS062)-WEB-2016-UKHx
Markus Schulz - The New World (Fisherman and Hawkins Remix)-WEB-2016-HB
Matt Eray - Living The Dream-(MPURE085)-WEB-2016-HB
Para X-Flaming Skies-WEB-2016-UKHx
ReLocate-Rogue (Robert Nickson 2016 Reboot)-WEB-2016-UKHx
Rene Ablaze and Ian Buff - Stonecold (Incl. Edit)-(ALWAYSA166)-WEB-2016-HB
Ron Van Der Beuken And Bodo Kaiser-Rising Flure (Remixes)-(NIX055)-WEB-2016-UKHx
Ronski Speed Ft Linnea Schossow-Set Me To The Light (Incl Edit)-(DIGISOC184E)-WEB-2016-UKHx
Sluice-Other Dimension-(ATR019)-WEB-2016-SPANK
Talla 2XLC-Free Your Mind-(FSOE190)-WEB-2016-UKHx
Vadim Bonkrashkov - Sesto Elemento-(MARA008)-WEB-2016-HB
Vermin Vibes and Arctic Ocean Pres Stellanova-Take Us To Heaven-(SDR072)-WEB-2016-UKHx
Victorv Aka Trance Factory Project-Born From The Planet Solaris-(AR059)-WEB-2016-SPANK

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