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Aggressive Records-(2019-2022)-0DAY
  Labels / Hardstyle | Author: Admin | 29-07-2022, 01:27

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Contact: demand19761712@gmail.com

(AR001) Rooler and Tha Watcher - Wild Pack (Phoenix 2019 Anthem)-(AR001)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-MMS
(AR002) Malice - Fear-(AR002)-READNFO-WEB-2019-MMS
(AR003) Malice - Live Chapter 1-(AR003)-WEB-2019-SRG
(AR004) Rooler - The Rules-(AR004)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-FMC
(AR005) Aggressive Act - Supreme-(AR005)-WEB-2019-SRG
(AR006) Sickmode - Klaplongen-(AR006)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
(AR007) Malice And Krowdexx - Rawstars-(AR007)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-SRG
(AR009) Malice - Stronger-(AR009)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-SRG
(AR010) Sickmode - Hey X-(AR010)-WEB-2020-SRG
(AR011) Sickmode And Rooler - TOO HOT-(AR011)-SINGLE-WEB-2020-SRG
(AR012) Malice - Another Day-(AR012)-SINGLE-WEB-2021-SRG
(AR013) Sickmode And Mish - One And Only-(AR013)-SINGLE-WEB-2021-SRG
(AR014) Rooler - LOVE U BABY-(AR014)-SINGLE-WEB-2021-SRG
(AR015) Malice Ft. San284 - Dont You Dare-(AR015)-SINGLE-WEB-2021-SRG
(AR016) Sickmode - Make It Pop-(AR016)-SINGLE-WEB-2021-SRG
(AR017) Sickmode - HEY X2-(AR017) -WEB-2021-SRG
(AR018) Mutilator And NOTYPE - HUSTLE-(AR018)-SINGLE-WEB-2021-SRG
(AR019) Malice - Chasing My Dream-(AR019)-SINGLE-WEB-2021-SRG
(AR020) Sickmode And Rooler - TOO COLD-(AR020)-SINGLE-WEB-2021-SRG
(AR021) Sickmode And Rooler - WELCOME TO THE GANG VOL. 1-(AR021)-WEB-2021-SRG
(AR022) Malice - Live Chapter 2-(AR022)-WEB-2021-SRG
(AR023) Sickmode - GO STUPID (Extended Mix)-(AR023)-SINGLE-WEB-2022-SRG
(AR023) Sickmode-GO STUPID-(AR023)-SINGLE-WEB-2022-KNOWN
(AR026) Malice - Creatures Of The Night-(AR026)-SINGLE-WEB-2022-FMC
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Bully Records-(2003-2009)-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 16-07-2022, 11:47

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Contact: demand19761712@gmail.com

(BP001) Buddy Peace-Bully Projects-7Inch-2006-soup
(BP002) Sixtoo-Fight-3Inch Cds-2006-soup
(BP003) Matt Kelly-Peridot-(Bully Projects)-2006-soup
(FU001) He Did Glass Music (Sixtoo And Matth)-Split 7inch-2003-soup int
(FU002) Sixtoo Vs Simahlak-Split 2x7inch-2003-soup int
(FU003) Controller 7-Expansion-2X7Inch-2003-soup int
(FU004) Moodswing 9-Reflection Of Progress-7Inch-2003-soup int
(FU005) P-Love-Fob Lights-7Inch-2004-soup int
(FU006) Dj Signify-Unclean Vol 1-Ltd.Ed.7Inch-2004-FTD
(FU007) Mat Young-Illy Uno 7 Inch Bully-Limited Edition Vinyl-2004-CMS
(FU008) Moodswing 9-The Den 7 Inch-Ltd.Ed. Vinyl-2004-CMS
(FU009) Scott Matelic-Ring Finger 7 Inch-Vinyl-2004-CMS
(FU010) Elektro4-Tell Her B-W Three Views Of A Secret-7inch-2004-cms
(FU011) P-Love-Rocket Launch Test-7Inch-2004-soup int
(FU012) Mat Young And Carlo Cassetto-Split 7inch-2005-soup
(FU013) DJ Signify and Six Vicious-No One Leaves-2x7inch-2004-soup int
(FU013) DJ Signify and Six Vicious-No One Leaves-Ltd.Ed.-2004-CMS
(FU014) Matt Kelly and P-Love-Quasi Altercations EP-2X7Inch-2005-soup
(FU015) Six Vicious-Krunks Not Dead-7inch-2005-soup
(FU016) Elektro 4-Keystrokes One Selections-7Inch-2005-soup
(FU017) Controller 7-The Egg Ep-2X7inch-2005-soup
(FU018) DJ Moves-A Sad State Of Affairs Aka The Truro Drag Race-7inch-2005-soup
(FU019) Sixtoo And Norsola-Homages 2x7inch-2005-FTD INT
(FU019) Sixtoo and Norsola-Homages-2x7inch-2005-soup
(FU020) Mat Kelly-Hiroshima-7inch-2005-soup
(FU020) Matt Kelly-Hiroshima-7Inch-DIRFIX-2005-soup
(FU021) Sixtoo-NEXT-2x7inch-2006-soup
(FU022) Simahlak-Son Of Sakuraba-2x7inch-2006-soup
(FU023) Colmar Crew-Take The Fire-(Bully)-2x7inch-2006-soup
(FU024) Meaty Ogre-Carne Asada-(Bully)-7inch-2006-soup
(FU025) Maker-Elephant Strut-(Bully)-7inch-2006-soup
(FU026) 1 Speed Fukin Bike-A Swimmer In The Ocean-(Bully)-7inch-2006-soup
(FU027) Joe Beats-Fade-(Bully)-VLS-2007-soup
(FU028) D-Styles-Beautiful Fog-(Bully)-vls-2007-soup
(FU029) Dj Signify and Blockhead-Nobodys Smiling-(Bully)-VLS-2007-soup
(FUCD) VA-Obsession-(Bully Records)-2008
(FUCD001) va-bully-lunch money singles (bonus beats only)-2004-soup int
(FUCD001) va-lunch money singles vol.1-2004-soup int
(FUCD002) elektro 4-keystroke one bonus mixtape-cdr-2005-soup
(fucd002) elektro 4-keystroke one-2005-soup
(FUCD002) elektro4-keystroke one bonus mixtape-limited edition-2005-cms
(FUCD003) Sixtoo.Duration.2005.iNTERNAL.DVDRip.XviD-AEROHOLiCS
(FUCD003) sixtoo-duration dvdrip video-2005
(FUCD003) Sixtoo-Duration-2005-FTD INT
(FUCD003) Sixtoo-Duration-DVDA-2005-soup
(FUCD004) P-Love-All Up In Your Mind Bonus Mix-CDR-Promo-2005-soup
(FUCD004) P-Love-All Up In Your Mind-2005-soup int
(FUCD005) Sixtoo-Its The Mindfuck Yo Sit Your Ass Down-(Bully)-2006-soup
(FUCD006) Silver Apples-The Garden-(Bully)-2006-soup
(FUCD007) Joe Beats-Diverse Recourse-(Bully)-2007-soup
(FUCD009) DJ Signify-Of Cities-2009-FTD
(FULP) VA-Obsession-2LP-2008-BCC
(FULP002) elektro 4-keystroke one-(bully)-lp-2006-soup
(FULP002) elektro 4-keystroke one lp bonus mixtape-cdr-2006-lof
(FULP004) Joe Beats-Diverse Recourse-(Bully)-LP-2007-soup
(NONE) P-Love-Bully Records Rhythm Incursions (Christmas Mix)-Web Rip-2004-soup int
Matt Kelly-People St-3Inch-Promo-2004-soup int
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0day MP3 10_16-01-2022 - Part2
  0day | Author: Admin | 19-01-2022, 00:55

Reseller Neteller, Payoner, Altcoin, Webmoney
Contact: demand19761712@gmail.com

Psychedelic Rock
Earthless-From the Ages (Remastered)-WEB-2022-ENTiTLED
Earthless-Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky (Remastered)-WEB-2022-ENTiTLED
Earthless-Sonic Prayer (Remastered)-WEB-2022-ENTiTLED
Garcia Peoples-Dodging Dues-WEB-2022-ENTiTLED
Punk Rock
After The Fall-Isolation-(WEB)-2022-RUMBLE
Alarmsignal-Aesthetik des Widerstands-WEB-DE-2022-ENTiTLED
Fair Dos-1000 Miles-WEB-2021-RUMBLE
Good Friend-Ride The Storm-2016-FNT
Lendakaris Muertos-Se Habla Espanol-ES-2006-CEB
Side Out-Change Of Turn-(WEB)-2022-RUMBLE
Strangelight-The World Needs Laughter-EP-WEB-2021-FiH
The Arrival Note-The Arrival Note-(WEB)-2022-RUMBLE
Walk The Plank Daycare Swindlers-Walk The Plank Daycare Swindlers-Split-EP-WEB-2014-FiH
War Of Words-DimWorld Act II-WEB-2008-FiH
Wasei Hey Go-For The Human Species-EP-WEB-2017-FiH
Wasei Hey Go-Wasei Hey Go-EP-WEB-2015-FiH
Wasted Time-When It Was Fun-WEB-1996-FiH
Where The Sidewalk Ends-Blame The West Coast-EP-WEB-2015-FiH
XO Skeletons-Asthmagasm-EP-WEB-2006-FiH
Yes Sensei-In Excelsis-WEB-2011-FiH
Young Offenders-Art Of The Underground Single Series Volume 13-Single-WEB-2007-FiH
Young Offenders-Leader Of The Followers-WEB-2010-FiH
Young Offenders-Smoking Club-Demo-WEB-2006-FiH
Young Offenders-Young Offenders-EP-WEB-2007-FiH
Zowiso-At A Jogtrot To Death-WEB-1982-FiH
Zowiso-Beat Per Minute-EP-WEB-1983-FiH
Zowiso-The Lust-WEB-1985-FiH
Ant Clemons-4Play-EP-WEB-2022-UVU
Jachary-Loops of Life-WEB-2019-KNOWN
Jachary-Love Me My Hater-EP-SINGLE-WEB-2018-KNOWN
Jachary-The Virus Continues B-Sides and Remixes-WEB-2018-KNOWN
Jachary-Theres A Virus Going On-WEB-2017-KNOWN
Max Changmin-Devil-WEB-KR-2022-HUNNiT
Miss Jones-Love Somebody Else-(MISS JONES-1)-Promo VLS-1997-KNOWN
Puff Johnson-Over and Over-(6640345)-CDM-1996-VULGAR
The Weeknd-Dawn FM Alternate World-WEB-2022-UVU
VA - Funkymix 273-WEB-2021-MST
VA-Je Lai Perdu-WEB-FR-2021-OND
1863-Tsukinatra Feat Dawg Sinatra So La Lune And Kon Queso-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-GUESTS
2 Chainz-GOATED 2 Chainz-WEB-2021-KNOWN
2 Chainz-Million Dollars Worth of Game-SINGLE-WEB-2022-KNOWN
2nd II None-Profile Singles (1991-1992)-WEB-2021-UVU INT
2wo Offishall-Rap Is Art-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
50 Cent-Power Powder Respect-SINGLE-WEB-2022-KNOWN
A Plus-Fuck Yo Beats 2-EP-WEB-2017-KNOWN
A Plus-Fuck Yo Beats-WEB-2017-KNOWN
A Plus-FYB 10 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2020-KNOWN
A Plus-FYB 11 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2021-KNOWN
A Plus-FYB 12 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2022-KNOWN
A Plus-FYB 3 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2017-KNOWN
A Plus-FYB 4 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2018-KNOWN
A Plus-FYB 5 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2018-KNOWN iNT
A Plus-FYB 6 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2018-KNOWN iNT
A Plus-FYB 7 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2018-KNOWN
A Plus-No Way Out Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2017-KNOWN
A Plus-No Way Out 14 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2016-KNOWN
A Plus-No Way Out 15 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2017-KNOWN
A Plus-No Way Out 16 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2017-KNOWN
A Plus-No Way Out 17 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2017-KNOWN
A Plus-No Way Out 19 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2017-KNOWN
A Plus-No Way Out 20 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2017-KNOWN
A Plus-No Way Out 21 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2017-KNOWN
A Plus-No Way Out 22 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2017-KNOWN
A Plus-No Way Out 25 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2018-KNOWN
A Plus-No Way Out 26 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2018-KNOWN
A Plus-No Way Out 27 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2018-KNOWN
A Plus-No Way Out 28 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2019-KNOWN
A Plus-No Way Out 29 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2020-KNOWN
A Plus-No Way Out 31 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2021-KNOWN
A Plus-No Way Out 5 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2016-KNOWN
A Plus-No Way Out 7 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2016-KNOWN
A Plus-No Way Out 8 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2016-KNOWN
A Plus-No Way Out 9 Instrumental Mixtape Series-EP-WEB-2016-KNOWN
A Plus-Think Tank-WEB-2014-KNOWN
AC Killer-CNO Squad-CNO Or Die-WEB-2012-RAGEMP3
Altered Channel-Altered Channel Instrumental-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Altered Channel-Unlockers Instrumental-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Alvin Chris-Bug-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Amp Teez-Going Green-WEB-2012-RAGEMP3
Ape Gang B And Str8 Drop Lou-Lou And Bs Day Off-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Ape Gang B-All Profit Lifestyle-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Ape Gang B-Ape Gang The Mixtape-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
Ape Gang B-KC Jungle-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Ape Gang B-Rise Of The Ape-WEB-2018-RAGEMP3
Ape Gang B-Welcome To The Jungle (Deluxe Edition)-WEB-2017-RAGEMP3
ASAP Twelvyy-Noon Yung-WEB-2020-UVU
ASAP Twelvyy-Vanilla Sky-Single-WEB-2021-UVU
Astro Boi-Maux Damour Feat Tallisker-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Bam And Mike D-Street Tapes Vol. 5-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
Bandit Gang Forgi x Huncho Kaio-Thugrats-WEB-2020-ESG
Bandit Gang Forgi-Veracious-WEB-2021-ESG
Bang Thozz-BangLand-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Bang Thozz-Trap Seasons-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Benjamin Epps-Goom Feat KT Gorique Myk Vaga Tris Et Misa Remix-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2021-OND
Bianca Costa-Florianopolis-WEB-FR-2020-OND
Bianca Costa-Juliette-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Bianca Costa-Partout Et Nulle Part-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2021-OND
Big Lo G And DJ Don D-I-30 To 59 South-WEB-2012-RAGEMP3
Big Mak-Covid Chronicles Vol. 1-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Big Rigsi Loco-Gangsta Pride (Edited Version)-READNFO-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Big Tony-Sittin Low-SINGLE-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Bigg Hank And Coo Coo Cal-The Final Chapter A Bigg Hank Production-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Bigg Hank-Midwest Street Kingz Vol. 1-WEB-2017-RAGEMP3
Biggreedy2x-Certified Hustlas-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Billfold Ent.-Whats Da Deal (Mixtape Sampler)-WEB-2007-RAGEMP3
Billfold Music Group-Faces-WEB-2010-RAGEMP3
Black Cobain-Cobizzy-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Blaiz-Jungle Blbi-WEB-FR-2017-OND
Block Scientist and Fat Beats-Oceania Kites-WEB-2021-KNOWN
BOC-Tha Odds Against Me-WEB-2008-RAGEMP3
Bonobo-Avant Leveil-WEB-FR-2021-OND
Brasi-Big Drip-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-GUESTS
Brk-Shooter 3 (Feat L2B Gang)-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Brk-Shooter 3 Feat L2B Gang-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Brudi030 - 6210-WEB-DE-2022-NOiCE
Brudi030 X Samra X Kontra K - AVANTGARDE-SINGLE-WEB-DE-2022-NOiCE
Brunch Collect and Cashbay Collection-Friends Of Friends-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Camoflauge Monk and Tha God Fahim-Only God Can Judge Me-Reissue-WEB-2022-hbZ
Casey Heenan-Deadly Intentions Vol. 1-EP-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Casey Heenan-Deadly Intentions Vol. 2-EP-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Casey Heenan-The Heenan Saga 3-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Casey Heenan-Villainous-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
Cashbay Collection-Homecoming-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Cassie-Casandra Deluxe Edition-SINGLE-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Cause-N-Effect Wrecards-Ova Dose Compilation-WEB-2006-RAGEMP3
Cheek Da Freek-Cleveland Thugster-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Classified Alias-Beat Tape 2-WEB-2018-KNOWN
Classified Alias-Heros Journey I-EP-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Classified Alias-Heros Journey II-EP-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Classified Alias-Heros Journey III-EP-WEB-2022-KNOWN
Classified Alias-Small World Beat Tape-EP-WEB-2019-KNOWN
Classified Alias-Small World-EP-WEB-2019-KNOWN
ComptonAsstg x Hermanata-DISCREPANCY-WEB-2022-ESG
Connexion-Connexion Part 1-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Coo Coo Cal And Baby Drew-Kokain Kowboyz 2 The Plug-WEB-2015-RAGEMP3
Cookin Soul and L.Dre-Snow Flow-SINGLE-WEB-2022-KNOWN
Cool Kennedy-Agenda 21 (Beat Tape)-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Cool Kennedy-Dad Shoes (Beat Tape)-WEB-2022-KNOWN
Cool Kennedy-Man Is Perverse (Beat Tape)-WEB-2019-KNOWN
Cordae-From A Birds Eye View-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Cosmos-Danse La Rue (Feat Denzo)-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Country Boy-The Show Stopper-WEB-2007-RAGEMP3
Country Killas-U Doneheardofme-WEB-2008-RAGEMP3
Countryboy-The BlackHand Mob-WEB-2006-RAGEMP3
Coup D Santana-Blacc Trump-WEB-2019-ESG
Coup D Santana-Federal Freedom Papers-WEB-2020-ESG
Coup D Santana-Heavenly Hell-WEB-2019-ESG
Coup D Santana-REIGN CHECC-WEB-2021-ESG
Coup D Santana-Sauc3 Drippy-WEB-2019-ESG
Crazy Boy-805ers-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
Crazy Boy-Kali Koast 2-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Crazy8-Handle Mine-WEB-2003-RAGEMP3
Crewsont-666 Slavic-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Crewsont-Ignorant Scream Rap-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Currensy And Cash Fargo-Land Air Sea (Chopped Not Slopped)-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
CW Da Youngblood-November-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Da Damn Sen And Dano The Syco-Stomp Em Down-SINGLE-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Da Damn Sen And Konvikt-Secure The Bag-SINGLE-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Dada444L And TrePound-Purple Hearted Soldiers-EP-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Dada444L-Bxtch My Name Pablo 2-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Dada444L-Bxtch My Name Pablo-EP-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Dada444L-Fuxk Rap-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Dada444L-Realest Yung Nigga-EP-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Dada444L-Str8 Out Da Mud-EP-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
Dame Daniels-Project Kings Town 2-EP-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
dasd-loops and bars-WEB-2022-KNOWN
Dave Steezy-Divine Eloquence-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Dave Steezy-Race To Infiniti-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Dave Steezy-Royal Flush-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Depf-A Love Tape-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Depf-After Hours-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Depf-Before Dawn-EP-WEB-2020-KNOWN
DJ Muggs x Rigz-Gold-WEB-2022-ESG
Dmenace-Casualty Of Society-WEB-2018-RAGEMP3
Dmenace-End Dayz-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Dmenace-Last Ride-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Dmenace-Lifes Journey-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
Dmenace-My Mental Prison-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
Dmenace-Psych Meds-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
Dmenace-Shut Off Switch-WEB-2018-RAGEMP3
Dmenace-Trouble Vol. 1-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
Doddy Gatz-On My Sack-SINGLE-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Dolla Sign Gang-Dolla Signs Vol. 1-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Doria-Triste Epoque-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Down And Out Cartel-The Circle Of Trust-WEB-2010-RAGEMP3
Down South Deficit-Apocalypse The Unveiling Of Hidden Things-WEB-1999-UVU INT
Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde-Profile Singles (1981-1987)-WEB-2021-UVU
Drum Pedro-86-WEB-2022-KNOWN iNT
Drum Pedro-Grown Folks Music-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Drum Pedro-Low Light-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Drum Pedro-Mallorca Treats-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Drum Pedro-Night Raven-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Drum Pedro-Soul Folks Music-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Drum Pedro-Thai Fast Feast-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Drum Pedro-Xmas Folks Music-WEB-2020-KNOWN
D-Track And Akhenaton-Soroche-WEB-FR-2022-L0sS
Dude26-2026 Instrumentals-WEB-DE-2017-KNOWN
Dude26-26 Sonnen Instrumentals-WEB-DE-2017-KNOWN
Dude26-Gebrochenes Deutsch Instrumentals-WEB-DE-2019-KNOWN
Dude26-Zimmer 26 Instrumentals-WEB-DE-2017-KNOWN
Duece Treybo-Wake Up Call-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
Duvsac-Hood Reform-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
E Plus RO Equals 3-Remember When We-WEB-2021-KNOWN
E Plus RO Equals 3-The Restart-WEB-2020-KNOWN
E Plus RO Equals 3-With Or Without Your Blessings-WEB-2022-KNOWN
E Tha Turflord And One Tre Tone-Unfeigned Hustle-EP-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Elflaco-Dou Je Viens-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Engal Sama-D.O.J.O.-WEB-FR-2013-OND
Engal Sama-Eks Makina-WEB-FR-2015-OND
Engal Sama-Rounds-WEB-FR-2020-OND
Ese Clever And Ese Wacko-The Connection-EP-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Fat Beats-Fat Beats Vol 1 Produced By DJ Ice One-WEB-2013-KNOWN
Fat Beats-Fat Beats Vol 2 Produced By DJ Ice One-WEB-2013-KNOWN
Fat Beats-Fat Beats Vol 3 Produced By DJ Ice One-WEB-2013-KNOWN
Fat Beats-Fat Beats Vol 4 Produced By DJ Ice One-WEB-2013-KNOWN
Fat Beats-Fat Beats Vol 5 Produced By DJ Ice One-WEB-2013-KNOWN
Fat Don And Redneck RichNick-Boats And Hoes-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Fat Don And Redneck RichNick-Caviar Dreams-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Fat Don And Redneck RichNick-Exotic Flowers 2-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Fat Don And Redneck RichNick-Exotic Flowers-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Fat Don And Redneck RichNick-HeartBreak Hotel-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Fat Don And Redneck RichNick-Pain Makes You Stronger-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Fat Don And Redneck RichNick-Seal The Deal-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Fat Don-Jordan Year-EP-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Fat Don-On The Wooo-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Fat Don-Sushi Mane LaFlare-EP-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Fat Don-The Last Laugh-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
Fat Don-The Oldest Rookie-EP-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Fler X Frank White X Bass Sultan Hengzt - Kein Star-SINGLE-WEB-DE-2022-NOiCE
Floyd Creek-2 Much-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Francky Vincent And Alkpote-Eteins La Lumiere-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-L0sS
Frank N Dank and Young RJ-F.D.R. (Instrumentals)-EP-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Freak Nasty-Crunk Drunk Compilation Vol. 1-WEB-2006-RAGEMP3
Fresco Trey-Ruff Ryders-WEB-2019-ESG
Frogman x LBL-Blue Hour-SINGLE-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Frogman x LBL-Orange Leaf-SINGLE-WEB-2021-KNOWN
FrvrJaycee-Cant Hide Feelings-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
FrvrJaycee-Frvr 2-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Futuristic Money Playaz-The Invasion-WEB-2009-RAGEMP3
G Playaz-A Game-WEB-2005-RAGEMP3
G Style-Just Came Home-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
G2 And Jayy Greasy-2 Greasy-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Gemsmiff-The Compeller-SINGLE-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Gips-Album Gratuit Vol 1-WEB-FR-2020-OND
Glokk-In Da Pitt-WEB-2005-RAGEMP3
G-Nut-Rhymebook 2-WEB-2010-RAGEMP3
G-Nut-Rhymebook Chapter 1-WEB-2008-RAGEMP3
Gotti Maras-En Brr-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Gotti The Don-Global Warming-WEB-2008-RAGEMP3
Gotti The Don-I Am The Blueprint-WEB-2011-RAGEMP3
Gramatik-Native Son Remixes-WEB-2016-KNOWN
Gramatik-Satoshi Nakamoto Remixes-EP-WEB-2016-KNOWN
Grimy And Fat Don-Sharks Dont Sleep-EP-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Grind2Hard Osha-Eleven O Two-WEB-2020-ESG
Grind2Hard Osha-Pain Cobain-WEB-2021-ESG
Grind2Hard Osha-Universal Language-WEB-2021-ESG
Grind2Hard Osha-Wolf Talk-WEB-2021-ESG
Gunna-Drip Season 4ever-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Gunna-DS4EVER-Deluxe Edition-WEB-2022-UVU
Gzuz - Grosse Freiheit-WEB-DE-2022-NOiCE
Gzuz-Grosse Freiheit-WEB-DE-2022-ENRiCH
Halfdead-A Playas World-WEB-2010-RAGEMP3
Hard Nodd Cartel-Da Beginning-WEB-2008-RAGEMP3
Hardos-OLT 6 - Benefice-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Havik Layzie Bone Mo Thugs-Wake Em Up-SINGLE-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Havik-The Third Lane-WEB-2010-RAGEMP3
Havik-What We Up To-SINGLE-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
H-Gang-Wake County-WEB-2007-RAGEMP3
Hirschi Feat. Loeffelbein And Yasmo - Tschuldigung-SINGLE-WEB-DE-2021-BiLDERBERG
Hologram Lo Et Huntrill-REPLICA-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Holy Insane-From Kent To Cook County-WEB-2007-RAGEMP3
Hurracane-S.A.D. Laughter-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Hydrogenii and Golden Ticket Tapes-Land Of Dreams-SINGLE-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Hydrogenii and Golden Ticket Tapes-The Real Deal-SINGLE-WEB-2019-KNOWN
Hydrogenii and POSTPARTUM.-Enterprising-SINGLE-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Hydrogenii and POSTPARTUM.-Yesterday-SINGLE-WEB-2022-KNOWN
I.F.A.-Nuthin But Family-REMASTERED-CD-2022-RAGEMP3
Ike Dola-Tha Lost Archive-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Jahlil-Check Rock-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Jake OHM-Phonk Philosophy Vol. 5-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Jasem-Que Vienne Lhiver-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Jaymax-Bresom (Feat Naza)-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Jean x Sole-Flex in den Airmax-SINGLE-WEB-DE-2022-wAx
JEY BROWNIE-Trop De Love Feat Roissy-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
JGrxxn T Reks Akatami-Turbo Ether (Feat. Sxmpra)-SINGLE-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Jim Jones-Gangsta Grillz We Set The Trends-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Jit Benjamin Lil Wyte And Seed Of 6ix-Pull Up-SINGLE-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
JJ Spade-Tax Season-WEB-2013-RAGEMP3
Joanzin-Spiritual Charms-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Jugg Harden-Rookie Of The Year-WEB-2021-ESG
Jul-A La Russe-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-L0sS
Jul-La Recette-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-L0sS
K. Sparks and Phlocalyst-Soul Collective-EP-WEB-2022-KNOWN
K Camp and RARE Sound-RARE Family Reloaded-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Kanzi-Phone Sex-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Kayoz Da Don-Gunz In Ya Face (Feat. Seed Of 6ix M.C. Mack And J.B. Tha Hustla)-SINGLE-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
KC Rebell-Mogli-SINGLE-WEB-DE-2022-wAx
Kenji x Mr. Kaefer-Afloat - Instrumentals-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Kevoe West-Strictly Spezi Business-WEB-2019-KNOWN
Kid Ink-Alive (Deluxe)-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Killz AKA Killa Kaunn-Axel Foley-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Killz AKA Killa Kaunn-Epitome Music-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Kota the Friend-Lyrics to GO Vol. 3-WEB-2022-ESG
Kowie-hldy (feat. wooded)-SINGLE-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Krooked Elementz-Da Krak Album-WEB-2005-RAGEMP3
Kurupt-On Onsite Hate on Me-SINGLE-WEB-2001-KNOWN
Kurupt-Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha Digitally Remastered-WEB-2012-KNOWN
Kurupt-Tha Streetz Iz a Mutha-SINGLE-WEB-1999-KNOWN
Kurupt-Welcome Home I Call Shots-SINGLE-WEB-2000-KNOWN
L Gonzz-Diggin in Tha Crate S Vol 1-WEB-2021-KNOWN
L Gonzz-Living In The Classic-EP-WEB-2021-KNOWN
La Hyene-Sadio Mane-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-L0sS
Lambo Lucky-Malcolm Earl And Me-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Laws Babyface-Nom De Code Feat Skoffy Et Tedax Max-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2021-OND
LDB-Rackateerin Da Streetz Reloaded-WEB-2008-RAGEMP3
Lean.Dre1k-Bad Influence-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Leonis-Bloque En Bas (Sherhood 5)-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Lil De France And Chefscout-EMO-WEB-FR-2022-GUESTS
Lil Flex-No Streaks-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
Lil G OG Ana-Countryfied-WEB-2008-RAGEMP3
Lil Money-Never Broke Feat. Lord Big Lil Reek And P-Boy Stone-SINGLE-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Lil O-Tha Flood-WEB-2015-RAGEMP3
Lil Wayne-Sorry 4 The Wait-WEB-2022-ENRiCH
LoDown-N-Dirty-Life On The Edge-WEB-2004-RAGEMP3
Lune - Letzter Brief-SINGLE-WEB-DE-2022-NOiCE
Luni-Tout Pour Moi (Feat Mister V)-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Lyms-Menottes (Feat Negrito)-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
M.C. Mack-Kamikaze Kreaturez Chopped And Screwed-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
M Dot Digga-Trapped In The Attic-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Maez301-Hello Goodbye-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Malti-En Bas De Chez Moi-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-GUESTS
Marty Baller and Hell Rell-Wok World-EP-WEB-2021-UVU
Mattic and Parental-Down in the Rabbit Hole (Deluxe Edition)-WEB-2022-KNOWN
Megaski-Avalanche 2 - Implique-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Melan-Si Conscience Nentend Pas-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-L0sS
Messy CVMP-CVMP Chronikools-WEB-2016-RAGEMP3
MGM Flash-The Take Off-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Mike Ice-Da Beat Architech-WEB-2005-RAGEMP3
Mister Wickedsoul-Hatred To Inflitration-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Mister Wickedsoul-Straight Out The Gates-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Monkey D And Georgio-Bonne Voix-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-L0sS
Moz-Freestyles A Larret-WEB-FR-2021-GUESTS
Mr.Clever-Better Life-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
Mr.Clever-City Of Gun Smoke Pt. 2-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Mr.Clever-City Of Gun Smoke Pt. 3-ES-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Mr.Clever-Gangsta Mack-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Mr.Clever-Hustle And Sluggs-REISSUE-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
Mr.Clever-In Sluggs We Trust-REISSUE-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
Mr.Clever-Loyal To The Game-READNFO-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Mr.Clever-Recovery Safe And Sound-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Mr.Clever-Return Of The BossHogg-EP-READNFO-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
Mr.Clever-Tha O.C. Connection Project-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Mr.Clever-The Lost Tapes 1999-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
Mr.Clever-Unfinished Business-REISSUE-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
Mr.Destructo-Rawmeat N Gunpowder-WEB-2006-RAGEMP3
Mujo and Hakone-Ginkgo Tree-EP-WEB-2022-KNOWN
Naga 93-Hollow Moon-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Naga 93-LSDemons II Drug Demonology-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
Naga 93-LSDemons-WEB-2018-RAGEMP3
Naga 93-Spectral Sun-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Nej-Sos (Chapitre 2)-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Nessbeal-Best Of Nessbeal (Mixe Par Dj Noise)-WEB-FR-2021-OND
Nessbeal-Best Of Nessbeal Vol 2 (Mixe Par Dj Noise)-WEB-FR-2021-OND
Nessbeal-Le Dem (Feat Zkr)-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Nick Truant-6th Batch-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Nick Truant-7th Batch-WEB-2022-KNOWN
NITDG The Don-A Bit Untouchable (Platinum)-WEB-2018-RAGEMP3
NOEL IS and B-Side-Jewels to Express-EP-WEB-2021-KNOWN
NOEL IS and Figub Brazlevic-What You Are The World Is-EP-WEB-2022-KNOWN
NOFLAW Peach-Revenge Of Pain-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
NOFLAW Peach-Steppin In Blood-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Norsacce Berlusconi-A-R (Part 1)-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Notorious 2T-B.D.G-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2021-GUESTS
NTH-Low Feat Jaekers-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
O-Flow x Lukutz x Odd Job-TGS Instrumentals-WEB-2019-KNOWN
OG Memphis10-Bounced Bacc-EP-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Omar Syco-Negocie Pas-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Omizs-Vie De Reve Feat ARON-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
OMR-75-91 (Feat Chicaille Argente)-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
One Tre Tone-Free Will-EP-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
One Tre Tone-Reality Rap-EP-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
One Tre Tone-Slap Hop EP-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
One Tre Tone-The TonySpitaroni EP-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
One Tre Tone-Tony Spitaroni Vol 2-EP-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
One Tre Tone-Verified-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
P. Diddy-Diddy-VLS-2001-GCP
P.B.T.-Pretty Boy Thug-WEB-2004-RAGEMP3
P.L.P Profit Luving Playaz-P.L.P. Greatest Hits-WEB-2003-RAGEMP3
Page Kennedy-Straight Bars 4-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Paul Berra And Jake OHM-Overflow-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Persia Beats-Noir Et Blanc-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Pete Rock and CL Smooth-The Basement Demos EP-WEB-2009-KNOWN
Pip Mula-Mesmerized-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Playalife-From Blocks 2 Hallways-WEB-2006-RAGEMP3
Playdeville x YG Dreamz-Villainz-WEB-2021-ESG
Playdeville-In 2 Deep-WEB-2022-ESG
Playdeville-One Deep-WEB-2020-ESG
Pxrselow-Soleil Parisien-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Rad Cartier-Filles Du Calvaire-WEB-FR-2018-OND
Rad Cartier-Gr8-WEB-FR-2017-OND
Ramses-Quelle Vie-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Ras Kass-Quarterly-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Raw Life-The Collab Tape-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Raw Life-Vol.4-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Raw Life-Vol.5-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Rigsi Loco-Dia De Los Muertos-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Rigsi Loco-Palabra Ese-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Rigsi Loco-You Never Saw Me Coming-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Risen Inc. Compilation-The Basement-WEB-2000-RAGEMP3
Riski-Free Zelda-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-GUESTS
Rocboi-Swagg City-WEB-2007-RAGEMP3
Roddy Rod-Oakwood Grain II-WEB-2012-KNOWN
Romenowski-Billy Dee Dillinger-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Romenowski-Counterfit World-WEB-2018-RAGEMP3
Romenowski-Dope Boy Fresh 2-WEB-2018-RAGEMP3
Romenowski-Dopeboy Fresh 3-WEB-2018-RAGEMP3
Romenowski-Lil Mackin Ass Nowski 2-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Romenowski-Lil Mackin Ass Nowski-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Romenowski-Medication And Prayer-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Romenowski-Money Sex And Drugs-WEB-2016-RAGEMP3
Romenowski-Night Ryda-WEB-2016-RAGEMP3
Romenowski-Nowski Balboa 2-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Romenowski-Nowski Balboa-WEB-2018-RAGEMP3
Romenowski-The Blacklight Vol. 1-WEB-2016-RAGEMP3
Romenowski-The Cookout-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Romenowski-The Nowski Report-WEB-2016-RAGEMP3
Sage Pee-Miroir Miroir-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2021-GUESTS
SB Lotto-Demon Time-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
SB Lotto-Moncler Season-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Senyss-Tout Va Bien Pt 2-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Shabaam Sahdeeq x Nick Wiz-Cabin Fever-WEB-2022-ESG
Shadow Loowee Stromae Et Ekila-Enfants De Lan 2000-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2009-OND
Sheeba Black-Check Yo Style-SINGLE-WEB-1999-KNOWN
SickTanicK-From The Vault Rare And Unreleased-WEB-2012-RAGEMP3
Sinizter And Netuh-Darkness Before Light-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Sinizter-The Eternal Diatribe-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Skitzo Silva-Heavensent and Hellbound-WEB-2021-ESG
Skitzo Silva-Nothing Major-WEB-2019-ESG
Skrrt Cobain And Feio-Pandoras Paradox-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Slim Thug-BIGslim-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Slum Shun And Monsta Maine-DollasSignGangEnt-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Slum Shun-TrapN Out Da Benz-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Smuff Tha Quiz-Boomtres Way-EP-WEB-2014-KNOWN
Smuff Tha Quiz-Time Mirror-WEB-2022-KNOWN
Snowgoons-Renaissance Kings-WEB-2022-ATX
Sound Architeks-Heat From The Vault-WEB-2016-RAGEMP3
Str8 Drop Lou-Big Lous Son-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Str8 Drop Lou-Lou Lou Money Land-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
Str8 Drop Lou-Loucifer-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
Swift Holiday-Orbits-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Swift Holiday-Project 2 State of Emergency-WEB-2011-KNOWN
Swift Holiday-Satellites-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Swift Holiday-Still Searchin-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Swift Holiday-Suge Noche-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Swift Holiday-Summer Night Cruise Instrumentals-EP-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Swift Holiday-The Chill Factor Instrumentals Vol 1 - EP-WEB-2019-KNOWN
Swift Holiday-The Chill Factor Instrumentals Vol 2 - EP-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Swift Holiday-The Chill Factor Instrumentals Vol 3 - EP-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Swift Holiday-The Chill Factor Instrumentals Vol 4-WEB-2022-KNOWN
Swift Holiday-The Holiday Project-WEB-2008-KNOWN
Swift Holiday-Vibes In The Fall-EP-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Sxmpra And Teddy Slugz-A Hockey Mask And A Real Bad Attitude-SINGLE-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Sycho Gast and BenDiS-Mehtap Ard Kelamlar-WEB-TR-2019-KNOWN
Sycho Gast-Anxiete Tape-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Sycho Gast-Dilla Orbits -EP-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Sycho Gast-f u c k s o m e t h i n g.s EP-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Sycho Gast-Un Voyage en France-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Teigo Bay-Better Days-WEB-2019-RAGEMP3
Terracotta Blue-Dreamcatcher-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Terracotta Blue-Fenton and Ellsworth-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Terracotta Blue-Freeform-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Terracotta Blue-Heavy Metal in a Plastic World 3-WEB-2019-KNOWN
Terracotta Blue-Meadowlands-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Terracotta Blue-Music to Uber By-WEB-2019-KNOWN
Terracotta Blue-Passionite-WEB-2018-KNOWN
Terracotta Blue-Shenandoah 2-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Terracotta Blue-Shenandoah-WEB-2019-KNOWN
Terracotta Blue-Shores of Solace-WEB-2018-KNOWN
Terracotta Blue-Snapshot-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Terracotta Blue-SONZAI-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Terracotta Blue-Sunset City-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Terracotta Blue-The Simple Life-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Terracotta Blue-Turn the Corner-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Terracotta Blue-WHUR-EP-WEB-2018-KNOWN
Terror Time-Hard Times In Da Country-WEB-2006-RAGEMP3
That Mexican OT-South Texas Project-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3
the beep-Secondhands Vol 2-WEB-2012-KNOWN
The Country Boys-21863-WEB-2008-RAGEMP3
The Fox-Contrasted Mind-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KNOWN
The Fox-Dragon Temple-SINGLE-WEB-2021-KNOWN
The Fox-Solo Jam-SINGLE-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Timal-Freestyle Tarmac-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Toby Ginobli-Gang Related Offense-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Tomoke And GB3-Serv Yo Country-WEB-2008-RAGEMP3
Tonio MC-Loch Ness Feat Keroue-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Trifector-Country Livin Pt 2 Aint No Rookiez-WEB-2009-RAGEMP3
Trina-Diamond Princess-2002-GCP INT
Urban Groovz Entertainment-Urban Groovz Compilation Volume 1-WEB-2004-RAGEMP3
VA-Billfold Ent Whats Da Deal Its Time 2 Collect-WEB-2008-RAGEMP3
VA-Black Party Supastarz-2001-SNOOK
VA-Connexion Part.1-PROPER-WEB-FR-2022-L0sS
VA-Fat Beats-WEB-2020-KNOWN
VA-Headnod Mixtape Vol 1-WEB-2020-KNOWN
VA-Headnod Mixtape Vol 2-WEB-2021-KNOWN
VA-Heavens Hip-Hop Compilation Volume III Ghetto Drama-CD-1998-RAGEMP3
VA-Hits Rap - Hiver 2022-WEB-FR-2021-GUESTS
Val S-One Two One Two Selecta-(m2o)-SAT-01-10-2022-TDMLiVE
Val S-One Two One Two Selecta-(m2o)-SAT-01-11-2022-TDMLiVE
Val S-One Two One Two Selecta-(m2o)-SAT-01-12-2022-TDMLiVE
Val S-One Two One Two Selecta-(m2o)-SAT-01-13-2022-TDMLiVE
VA-Le Digger Rap 2021-WEB-FR-2022-GUESTS
VA-Snoop Dogg Presents Algorithm Guest List-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
VA-SXT Rawtakes III-WEB-2018-KNOWN
VA-Tone Capone-Harvest Day-2011-CR
Venom Vicious-Country Boys And Pimps-WEB-2009-RAGEMP3
Venus VNR-Parfait-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-OND
Vves-Neymar Mbappe (Feat ALP)-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-GUESTS
Wad-7ala (Feat Djalito)-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-GUESTS
X-Sphere-C.S.E. Freestyle-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2021-OND
Y.F.N.D.D.-Bad Meaning Good-WEB-2018-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Beat Batch 2-WEB-2019-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Beat Batch 3-WEB-2019-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Beat Batch 4-WEB-2019-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Beat Batch 5-WEB-2019-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Beat Batch-WEB-2019-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Beats Galore-WEB-2018-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Beaucoup Beats-WEB-2018-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Blacc Magic-WEB-2018-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Dine and Dash-WEB-2018-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Duel of the Iron SP-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Endangered Species-WEB-2019-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Entartete Kunst-WEB-2019-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Gettin Loose-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Go Bump in the Night-WEB-2018-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Like a Chevy in Quicksand-WEB-2018-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Lo Brow-WEB-2018-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Operation Mean Stacks-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Slap Happy-WEB-2018-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Sunny Place for Shady People-WEB-2018-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-The Soul Survivors-WEB-2018-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Three-O-Three Files-WEB-2019-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Throwem for a Loop-WEB-2018-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Tryna Get This Bread-WEB-2018-KNOWN
Y.F.N.D.D.-Ultra Magnetic-WEB-2018-KNOWN
Yaro-Ghetto Parisien Escale 3-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2021-GUESTS
Young C-Nite-This Aint No Movie-WEB-2006-RAGEMP3
Young RJ and Mega Ran-2 Hands Up (Instrumentals)-WEB-2020-KNOWN
Young RJ x Guilty Simpson x Phat Kat-The Detroit Project (Instrumentals)-EP-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Young RJ-Blaq Royalty Instrumentals-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Young RJ-Seventh Son (Instrumentals)-WEB-2018-KNOWN
Young Short And Young Homie-Straight Outta Broketown-WEB-2022-RAGEMP3
Young Short-The Movement-WEB-2021-RAGEMP3
Yuri J-Agonie Freestyle-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2021-OND
Zuukou Mayzie-Primera Y Segunda Temporada-2CD-FR-2021-SO
Abassi All Stars--Dub Conference-WW054-WEB-2013-BABAS
Abassi All Stars--Showcase Vol 2-WW053-WEB-2012-BABAS
Brizion--San Diego Roots-WEB-2022-BABAS
David Rodigan-BBC 1xtra-DAB-01-16-2022-z0ne
Dubmatix-Bassment Sessions-DAB-01-14-2022-z0ne
Ital Noiz--Everyday Jungle-WWCD052-WEB-2011-BABAS
Jah Warrior presents Hughie Izachar--Cant Take The Pressure-(JWCD012)-WEB-1998-BABAS INT
Jah Warrior presents Prince Alla--Glory-(JWLP016)-WEB-2000-BABAS INT
Jah Warrior--Jah Golden Throne Dubwise-WEB-2001-BABAS INT
Joey Quinones-For You-On Taitt St.-Single-WEB-2021-UVU
Jungle Weed--Flying Island-WEB-2019-BABAS
King Earthquake--Dub Plates Chapter Two-(KECD004)-WEB-2010-BABAS INT
King Earthquake--Dubplates Chapter 3-(KECD010)-WEB-2013-BABAS
King Earthquake--Earthquake Dub-Plates Chapter One-KECD001-WEB-2005-BABAS
Nucleus Roots--Heart Of The Matter-Volume 3-PMPCD002-WEB-2004-BABAS
Nucleus Roots--Universal Love-PMPCD001-WEB-2002-BABAS INT
Peter Broggs--Fire Fe Lucifer-WEB-2009-BABAS
Sabab--Revival Style-(LIONCHGLP001)-WEB-2022-BABAS
Terracotta Blue-Grand Anse Sound System-WEB-2021-KNOWN
The Power Steppers--Bass Enforcement-WW15-WEB-1994-BABAS INT
The Tasilli Players--The Wonderful World Of Weed In Dub-WEB-1995-BABAS INT
VA-All The World In An Egg-WWCD016-WEB-1996-BABAS INT
VA-Jah Warrior and Friends-(BASSCD015)-WEB-2003-BABAS INT
VA-The Best Of Deep Root-WWCD050-WEB-2010-BABAS
Vibronics--Dubliftment-WWCD037-WEB-2004-BABAS INT
Yaniss Odua-Stay High-SINGLE-WEB-FR-2022-L0sS
Zion Train--Passage To Indica-WWLP01-WEB-1993-BABAS INT
Zion Train--The Early Recordings-WWDIG001-WEB-2005-BABAS
Alishas Attic-Wish I Were You-(5667192)-CDS-1998-VULGAR
Blackberry Smoke-The Southern Ground Sessions-VINYL-2018-FATHEAD
Casting Crowns-Healer-WEB-2022-ENRiCH
Chastity-Suffer Summer-WEB-2022-ENTiTLED
Citizen Cope-Citizen Cope-WEB-2002-KNOWN
Citizen Cope-The Pull of Niagara Falls-WEB-2021-KNOWN
Cowboys and Aliens-25 Fucking Years Of Mayhem and No Wifi-(PRO29-CD)-REMASTERED DELUXE EDITION-2CD-2021-FERiCE
Curse Of Lono-People in Cars-WEB-2021-TERSE
Dave Evans and Thunder Down Under-Dave Evans and Thunder Down Under-CD-1998-6DM
Dead History-Dead History-WEB-2021-FiH
Drinking Flowers-New Swirled Order-2016-BIGLOVE
Duane Eddy-Rockin The Guitar With Duane Eddy-CD-1989-6DM
Eddie Vedder-Brother The Cloud-SINGLE-WEB-2022-ENTiTLED
Elvis Costello and The Imposters-The Boy Named If-WEB-2022-ENTiTLED
Eric Brace-Everything Will Be-WEB-2022-TERSE
Falling In Reverse-Zombified-SINGLE-WEB-2022-RUMBLE
Gregg Hill-Born Liar-WEB-2022-TERSE
Happydaze-Underground Summer Sound-(WEB)-2022-RUMBLE
John Lodge-The Royal Affair and After (Live)-WEB-2022-ENRiCH
Lighthouse In Darkness--The Melancholy Movies-WEB-2019-WUS
Lou Gramm-Lou Gramm Greatest Hits-WEB-2013-TERSE
Lou Gramm-Midnight In New York Live 1987-WEB-2020-TERSE
Lou Gramm-Ready Or Not-WEB-1987-TERSE INT
Marc Cohn-The Very Best Of Marc Cohn-CD-2006-6DM
Maria Mckee-La Vita Nuova-2020-SNOOK
Matthias Reim - Matthias-WEB-DE-2022-L4M
Mizmor-Wits End-WEB-2022-ENTiTLED
Nathan Gray-Rebel Songs-2021-FNT
Out Of This World-Out Of This World-WEB-2022-ENTiTLED
Plastiscene-Seeing Stars-1998-SNOOK
Randy Scott-Out of the Blue-WEB-2013-KNOWN
Rats Live On No Evil Star-Rats Live On No Evil Star-(GRAM 1003)-CD-2010-FERiCE
Scorpions - Rock Believer-SINGLE-WEB-2022-OCTO
Second Hand Rose-Summer In Ice City-WEB-CN-2022-TosK
Sprain-As Lost Through Collision-WEB-2020-FiH
Stephen Fretwell-Busy Guy-CD-2021-DDS
The Longsands-Cheshire Life-(BANDREP001)-CDS-2006-VULGAR
The Lou Gramm Band-The Lou Gramm Band-WEB-2009-TERSE INT
The Spyrals-Same Old Line-2020-SNOOK
The Strypes-Snapshot-(Deluxe Edition)-2013-BIGLOVE
The Temperance Movement-Caught on Stage Live and Acoustic-WEB-2022-ENTiTLED
Two Tongues-Two Tongues Two-2016-BIGLOVE
VA-Strictly Instrumental Vol 10-WEB-2008-KNOWN
VA-Strictly Instrumental Vol 11-WEB-2009-KNOWN
VA-Strictly Instrumental Vol 2-WEB-1997-KNOWN
VA-Strictly Instrumental Vol 3-WEB-1997-KNOWN
VA-Strictly Instrumental Vol 4-WEB-1998-KNOWN
VA-Strictly Instrumental Vol 5-WEB-1999-KNOWN
VA-Strictly Instrumental Vol 6-WEB-2001-KNOWN
VA-Strictly Instrumental Vol 7-WEB-2003-KNOWN
VA-Strictly Instrumental Vol 8-WEB-2005-KNOWN
VA-Strictly Instrumental Vol 9-WEB-2006-KNOWN
Young Widows-Live Radio Performance April 6 2009-WEB-2010-FiH
David Ruffin-Feelin Good-WEB-1969-UVU
Eddie Kendricks-Hes A Friend-WEB-1976-UVU
Eddie Kendricks-Ive Got My Eyes On You-WEB-1983-UVU
Eddie Kendricks-Love Keys-WEB-1981-UVU
Eddie Kendricks-Slick-WEB-1977-UVU
Gramatik and Leo NapierLeo Napier and-Native Son Prequel Remixes-EP-WEB-2016-KNOWN
Gramatik-Get A Grip feat. Gibbz Remixes-EP-WEB-2014-KNOWN
Lady Wray--Joy and Pain-WEB-2022-BABAS
The Chi-Lites-Give It Away (1969)-Remastered-WEB-2019-UVU
The Chi-Lites-Half A Love (1974)-Remastered-WEB-2019-UVU
The Chi-Lites-Happy Being Lonely-WEB-1976-UVU
The Chi-Lites-I Like Your Lovin (Do You Like Mine) (1970)-Remastered-WEB-2019-UVU
The Chi-Lites-Love Your Way Through-WEB-1981-UVU
The Chi-Lites-Steppin Out (1984)-Remastered-WEB-2013-UVU
The Chi-Lites-Toby (1974)-Remastered-WEB-2019-UVU
Thee Sinseers-Seems Like-Single-WEB-2020-UVU
Thee Sinseers-Whats His Name-Its Only Love-Single-WEB-2022-UVU
Carter Burwell-The Tragedy of Macbeth-OST-WEB-2022-ENRiCH
Juan Miguel Martin Munoz-Vertigo Game Soundtrack-OST-WEB-2021-I KnoW
Mariah Carey-Glitter-OST-2001-GCP INT
Matt Holle--Battle Realms-OST-WEB-2012-WUS
VA-Colors-OST-LP-1988-GCP INT
VA-Daughters Of Darkness-OST-CD-2020-TOTENKVLT
VA-Eddie-OST-1996-GCP INT
VA--Hotline Miami 2 Remix EP-WEB-2015-WUS
Symphonic Rock
Echo Image-Mono No Aware-WEB-2022-AMOK
VA - 80s Classics The Full 12 Inch - LP Versions Remixes-WEB-2021-iDC
VA - 80s Electro Floorfillers-WEB-2020-iDC
VA - 80s Mood Boost-WEB-2021-iDC
VA - 80s Underground-WEB-2020-iDC
VA - Classic Synth And Electro-WEB-2020-iDC
VA - Synthpop Legends-WEB-2020-iDC
VA - Synthpop Love-WEB-2021-iDC
VA - Uplifting 80s-WEB-2020-iDC
VA-Musik Music Musique 2.0 1981 The Rise Of Synth Pop-Boxset-3CD-2021-D2H
David Saludes - Playing To Be Older (Tribal Remix)-SINGLE-WEB-2022-iDC
Meta Meat-Infrasupra-WEB-2021-AMOK
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TGT-Three Kings (iTunes Mastered Version)-(WEB)-2013-FuZZ INT
Tha Alkaholiks-21 And Over-1993-RNS
Tha Dogg Pound-Dogg Chit-2007-41ST
Tha Dogg Pound-Dogg Food-1995-RMG
Tha Eastsidaz-Got Beef BW Ghetto-VLS-2000-HECARES
Tha H-No Feelings-WEB-2020-ENRAGED
Tha Project - Los Angeles-CDS-2003-FAM
Thawfor-Where Thawght is Worshiped-2001-CMS
the 2 live crew-as clean as they wanna be-1989-kor
the 2 live crew-banned in the usa-1990-kor
the 2 live crew-move somthin-1988-kor
the 2 live crew-private personal parts-2cd-2000-kor
the 2 live crew-the real one-1998-kor
the almighty rso-revenge of da badd boyz - the e.p.-1994-kor
the avalanches-since i left you-2001-kor
The Beatnuts-Intoxicated Demons-1993-AMP
the beatnuts-take it or squeeze it-2001-kor
The Click-Down and Dirty (92 Version)-1992-RAGEMP3
the click-money and muscle-2001-kor
The Clipse-Lost Tracks (Limited Edition)-2003-WCR
The Clipse-The Hustlers Manual (Best Of)-Bootleg-2006-H3X
The Conscious Daughter-The Nutcracker Suite-2009-H3X
the d.o.c.-deuce-2003-kor
the d.o.c.-helter skelter-1995-kor
The Day Laborers-The Learning Process-2009-HHB
The Diplomats Present Jay Bezel-The Philadelphia Beast-RETAIL-2005-C4
the diplomats present jim jones-on my way to church (retail)-2004-c4
The Diplomats Present S.A.S.-Who Dares Wins (Limited Edition)-2004-R3D
the diplomats-diplomatic immunity 2-2004-kor
the diplomats-diplomatic immunity-2cd-2003-kor
The Diplomats-Diplomatic Immunity-2CD-2003-RNS
the disposable heroes of hiphoprisy-hypocrisy is the greatest-1992-kor
The Dove Shack-Reality Got Me Tied Up-2000-RNS
The Dream-A Purple Dream To Climax (Chopped Not Slopped)-(Bootleg)-2013-FuZZ INT
The Eminem Show-Presented by Deep Dance-2003-TLT
the firm-the album-1997-kor
The Fixxers Feat Quik And AMG-Can U Werk Wit Dat-CDS-2007-CMS
The Four Horsemen-The Horsemen Project-Read NFO-2003-WCR
the future sound-the whole shabang - volume 1-1992-kor
the game-live from compton-2cd-2003-kor
The Game-O.K.E. (Operation Kill Everyhing) (Slowed)-2013-409 INT
the game-the documentary-2005-kor
the game-untold story - part 2-2005-kor
the genius - gza-liquid swords-1995-kor
The Genius-Words From The Genius-1991-RNS
the goats-no goats no glory-1994-kor
the goats-tricks of the shade-1992-kor
The Grouch-Nothing Changes-1999-KrbZ
The Heatmakerz-The Rush-(Advance)-2007-EGO
The Hustla Mixtape (Hosted By Cassidy)-(Bootleg)-2005-C4
the jaz-word to the jaz-1989-kor
The Jazz Jousters-New Genesis-2014-DiTF
The Kickdrums-Inspiration For Conversation EP-(Bootleg)-2013-FuZZ INT
The Lady Of Rage-Necessary Roughness-1997-CdC INT
the large professor-the lp-web-2009-umt
The LOEGz And Shane Eli-The Plug EP-2012-EAD INT
the lost children of babylon-words from the duat the book of anubis-2006-kor
the mercenaries-war on the streets-2004-kor
the notorious b.i.g.-born again-1999-kor
the notorious b.i.g.-life after death-2cd-1997-kor
The Notorious B.I.G.-One More Chance (UK-CDM)-1995-NuC
the pack-skateboards 2 scrapers-ep-2006-kor
the pharcyde-labcabincalifornia-1995-kor
The Premonist-Collections Volume 2-BOOTLEG-2013-MwT iNT
the roots- and then you shoot your cousin-2014-kor
the sequence-sugar hill presents the sequence-1980-kor
the shape shifters-adopted by aliens-2000-kor
the shape shifters-know future-2cd-2000-kor
the terrorists-terror strikes - always bizness never personal-1991-kor
the wascals-greatest hits-2cd-2007-c4
The Whoridas-Corner Store-2002-RNS
The WhoRidas-High Times-1999-RNS
Thereza Vs. Ron - Armee Der Finsterniss-DE-2006-hood
three 6 mafia-choices the album-2001-kor
three 6 mafia-chpt. 2 world domination-1997-kor
three 6 mafia-mystic stylez-1995-kor
Three Kingz Presents Mike Nitty-Tha Casino Kid-2004-C4
Tim Black-Been Winning-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
Tity Boi AKA 2Chainz-Official White Label-(Bootleg)-2012-MTD
Tom Gist-Initiation (Hosted By DJ Scoob Doo)-(Bootleg)-2005-DRX
tone spliff-ardore melodico-2019-kor
Tony Sunshine Ft. R.Kelly-Holla-Promo-CDS-2004-UGG
Tony Yayo And C.Los-Welcome Back 2 Jail-2004-CRN
Tony Yayo-Godfather Of The Ghetto-(Bootleg)-2013-FuZZ INT
Tony Yayo-Sex Drugs And Hip-Hop-(WEB)-2012-CR7
too much trouble-bringing hell on earth-1992-kor
too short-born to mack-1987-kor
too short-cant stay away-1999-kor
too short-chase the cat-2001-kor
too short-get in where you fit in-1993-kor
too short-get off the stage-2007-kor
too short-gettin it (album number ten)-1996-kor
too short-life is too short-1988-kor
too short-no trespassing-2012-kor
Too Short-Players-1987-aPC INT
Too Short-Raw Uncut and X-Rated-1987-aPC
too short-respect the pimpin-ep-2010-kor
too short-you nasty-2000-kor
Too Strong - Dreamachine-DE-2005-hbZ
Too Strong - Ich Wollte Doch Nur Beats Machen-2001-EP-DE-BLZ
Too Strong - Musik-Web-DE-2009-OMA
Too Strong - Purer Rap-CDM-DE-2005-kHz
Too Strong - Rap Music Is Life Music (The Remix Album)-DE-2009-OMA
Toolshed-Clockwork Awkward-2000-FTD
Top Shottas-Underground Railroad-(Bootleg)-2005-eXe
topdolla sweizy-Heart in the Hood-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
Tornts - Street Visions-(Web)-2013-Toxi
Tracey Lee-Live From The 215-2001-aPC
Tracey Lee-We Like Promo Single-2000-RNS
Tragedy Khadafi-The 9 11 Project (Clean Advance)-2002-WCR
Tragedy Khadafi-Thug Matrix (Retail)-2001-EGO
Trailerpark - Crack Street Boys 2-DE-2012-OMA
treacherous three-the treacherous three-vinyl-1984-kor
Trick Daddy-Thugs Are Us (Explicit Retail)-2001-aPC
Trick Daddy-www.Thug.com-Re-Release-2002-WCR
Trick Trick-Outlaw-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
Trillville And Lil Scrappy-Swisha House Mix CD Sampler (Hosted By Paul Wall)-2004-DsR
Trillville-Welcome to Trillville-2004-kHz
Trinidad James-10 Pc. Mild-(Bootleg)-2013-FuZZ INT
Trinidad James-10 Pc Mild (Chopped Not Slopped)-(Bootleg)-2013-KAL INT
Trinidad James-10 Piece Mild (Slim K Slowdown)-(WEB)-2013-SK
trinity garden cartel-da saga continues-1996-kor
trinity garden cartel-dont blame it on da music-1994-kor
trinity garden cartel-id rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6-1998-kor
trinity garden cartel-the ghetto my hood-1992-kor
Triple Six Mafia - Live By Yo Rep-1997-VMA
Triple Six Mafia - Most Known Unknown-(Reissue)-2006-RNS
Triple Six Mafia - Mystic Stylez-1995-eNT INT
Triple Six Mafia - Sixty 6 Sixty 1 When The Smoke Clears-2000-RAGEMP3
Triple Six Mafia-Kings Of Memphis Underground Vol 3-2000-RNS
Trippie Redd-exclamation mark-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
T-Rock And MC Mack-The President And Da Undaboss-2012-MTD
T-Rock-Independence Day-WEB-2013-SOUNDz
Troy Ave-New York City The Album (Chopped Not Slopped)-(Bootleg)-2014-KAL INT
TRU-Da Crime Family-2CD-1999-SUT INT
T-spoon-4 da Love of da Game-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
TTC-Batards Sensibles-FR-2004-TiLT
Tuff City Squad-Breakmania (Mixed By 45 King)-LP-1989-CMS
Tuff City Squad-Breakmania 2 (Mixed By 45 King)-LP-1989-CMS
tuff crew-danger zone-1988-kor
Tumor - Suicide Brothers-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
Tung Twista-Runnin Off At Da Mouth-1991-GMZ
Turk-Get Money Stay Real Volume 2-WEB-2015-ESG
Turnpike Vol. 1 (Hosted by Avalanche)-2002-WHOA
twead hurrikan leflah and bokass monstaz-77 syndikat du bled-fr-1999-kor
Twin G-In Tha Name Of Game Volume 2-2005-CR
twista-adrenaline rush-1997-kor
twista-category f5-2009-kor
Ty Dolla Sign-Beach House 2 (Chopped Not Slopped)-(WEB)-2012-CNS
Tyga-Hotel California-(Clean)-(Deluxe Edition)-2013-CDSINGLESV2
Tyga-Well Done IV-(Bootleg)-2013-KAL INT
Tyler The Creator-Cherry Bomb-WEB-2015-LEV iNT
typical cats-3-2012-kor
typical cats-typical cats-2001-kor
u.g.k.-too hard to swallow-1992-kor
ugk-super tight-1994-kor
ugk-the southern way-tape-ep-1992-kor
ugly duckling-bang for the buck-2005-kor
u-god-golden arms redemption-1999-kor
ultramagnetic mcs-funk your head up-1992-kor
ultramagnetic mcs-the four horsemen-1993-kor
umcs-fruits of nature-1991-kor
Un Kasa-Best Of Un Kasa Straight Out The Krayon Box-(Bootleg)-2006-41ST
Un Kasa-The Kasa Collection-2004-C4
Uncle Luke-My Life And Freaky Times-3CD-2006-C4
uncle luke-something nasty-2001-kor
Unk-2 Step Bw Beatn Down Yo Block-Promo VLS-2006-WHOA
UNK-Second Season-2008-C4
Unsigned Hype Feb 03 Frankie Crutches-C4 No beef no mor-2003-tAS
Untergrund Soldaten - Der Anschlag-DE-2005-hbZ
Untergrund Soldaten - Jeder Liebt Sein Viertel-DE-2009-YSP
Urbs-Until Reality Becomes Stable-WEB-2014-ENRAGED
utfo-skeezer pleezer-1986-kor
VA - Bloodshot Beats like Bombs-Bootleg-2006-hbZ
VA - Maintheme Allstars Vol.7-WEB-DE-2010-UMT
VA - Maintheme Records 41 Karat-DE-2005-hbZ
VA - Mehr Kohle Atzen-Machen Aerger-DE-2005-hbZ
VA - Optik Army - Snipes Exclusive-CDS-DE-2006-OR4Y iNT
VA - Splater Connection - Untergrund Sampla Nr.1-DE-2004-kHz
VA - Three 6 Mafia Presents Choices (The Album)-2001-FiH INT
VA Big Mike Presents Something For The Radio Pt 3 2004-OiS
VA DJ Kool Mike Ski-Flavor of the Month-(Limited Edition-Tape)-1992-OSC
VA DJ Shok-Shok TV Freestyles Vol. 1-2004-CRN
VA DJ Whoo Kid G Unit Footwear By Reebok Vol 1 2004-POiSE
va-13 organise-fr-2020-kor
va-15 balles perdues-2001-kor
va-45 scientific-2001-kor
VA-4DATASS-Holding It Down-2002-WHOA
va-50 cent bullet proof pt.3 (hosted by j-love) - 2006-(bootleg)-2006-tpt
VA-A Tribute To G Unit-2004-CNS
VA-Ace Mcclowd Presents-Horse Stable Production Compilation-Bootleg-2006-eXe
VA-Action Pac-Spread the News Volume 1-2003-WCR
VA-Anka Man-Freestyle Professionalz Vol.3-2002-ATX
va-art-chives 17 ans de rap belge francophone 1990-2007-3cd-fr-2008-kor
VA-Assassin Presents City Of Dope-1999-RNS
va-attaque verbale 2-2005-kor
va-banlieue 13 - bande originale et inspiree du film-2004-kor
VA-Beltway 8-Beach Party 2002-2002-ATX
VA-Berlin Macht - Untergrundsampler Vol. 1-DE-2004-kHz
VA-Best Of Beanie Sigel-2000-RNS
VA-Big Mike And Evil Empire-Interstate Trafficking 3.0-(Bootleg)-2006-C4
VA-Big Mike And The Empire-Southern Slang (A One Man Show)-(Bootleg)-2006-Homely
VA-Big Mike Cruel Summer 2 (All Eyes On Me)-2002-tAS
VA-Big Mike Supa Mario And D-Block-Street Music 2-(Bootleg)-2006-C4
VA-Big Mike The Getaway Pt.1-2CD-2003-tAS
VA-Big Mike-New Years Resolution 2K3-2003-ESC
VA-Big T Presents Dipset City (Hosted By The Diplomats)-2004-MoB
VA-Big Wheel Records-Cash Flow Vol.4-(Bootleg)-2007-RAGEMP3
VA-Big Wheels Of Texas Pt. 1-2002-ATX
va-bones - original motion picture soundtrack-2001-kor
VA-Boss Hogg Outlawz-Headed To Da Kappa 2K8-Bootleg-2CD-2008-RAGEMP3
va-ca fait partie de mon passe (mixe par dj manifest)-2cd-fr-2008-kor
VA-Catch 22 And Kochece-Almost Famous 3-(Bootleg)-2005-WHOA
va-cercle rouge-fr-1998-kor
VA-Choppland Presents-Still Choppin-(Retail)-2004-DsR
va-chroniques de mars-fr-1998-kor
va-collectif rap 2 de paris a marseille (mixe par dj abdel et dj djel)-2cd-fr-1998-kor
va-collectif rap volume 3 (mixed by dj premier)-2cd-fr-2000-kor
va-cut killer freestyle canada-2000-kor
va-cut killer la tempete-2001-kor
VA-Cutmaster C-Boss Of The Bosses Pt 3-The Final Cut-2001-REV
Va-Cutmaster c-Presents the wire2004-c4
VA-Cutmaster C-the Hood News 50 Cent Vs. Diddy (I Run Hip-Hop)-Bootleg-2006-R3D
va-de brazza records presente maximum boycott vol 1-2003-kor
va-de brazza records presente maximum boycott vol 4-2cd-2013-kor
va-departement 93-fr-2008-kor
VA-Dipset Byrd Gang Volume 1 All Eyes On Zeke-Who Shot Freaky Zeeky-2003-WHOA
VA-DJ A.Vee-Drunk Mix Show (Shade 45)-(Bootleg)-2005-FUA
VA-DJ Absolut Presents Ice Veins-2003-WCR
VA-DJ Absolut-Back To The Future Hosted By MR.Cee-2005-FUA
VA-DJ Absolut-Dear Summer Pt. 1-(Bootleg)2005-DRX
VA-DJ Absolut-Ice Veins Pt. 2 (Ruthless Edition)-2003-WCR
VA-DJ Absolut-Ice Veins Pt. 3 (Crown Me)-2003-WCR
VA-DJ Absolut-Mobbed Up Mixtape Hosted by Shyne-2004-C4
VA-DJ Action Pac-Most Requested Vol.14-2003-WCR
VA-DJ Antalive-Lloyd Banks Vs Fabolous-Bootleg-2006-RRR
VA-DJ Big Mike Lockdown Show U How Pt2-2002-LsP
VA-DJ Big Mike Show You How Pt 3-2002-LsP
VA-DJ Boom-The Streets Illustrated Tour Mixtape(Hosted by Jin)-2002-FUA
VA-DJ Boom-Yall Aint Ready pt.1-2001-REALM
VA-Dj Camilo-Heavy Hitter-2001-tAS
VA-Dj Capone presents Changin Tha Game-2002-WCR
VA-DJ Capone Presents-Unsigned Street Legends-2003-WHOA
VA-DJ Capone-Goodfellas Part 1-1999-RNS
VA-DJ Capone-Its A Problem-2002-WHOA
VA-DJ Capone-Party Time 5-2001-WHOA
VA-DJ Chilly Willy-South Park Vol. 2-(Bootleg)-2006-RAGEMP3
VA-DJ Cipha Sounds-Hosted By Kardinal Offishall-2002-WHOA
VA-DJ Clear - Ghetto Enquirer (Streets is Talkin)-2003-FUA
VA-DJ Clue Monday Night Mixtape 0204-2CD-2002-SSE
VA-DJ Clue Monday Night Mixtape 0204-Cd1
VA-DJ Clue Monday Night Mixtape 0204-Cd2
VA-DJ Clue-Show Me The Money Pt 1-1997-4HM
VA-Dj Cool Kev-Killa Cam-Then and Now-Bootleg-2006-eXe
VA-DJ Craig G And DJ P Nice-Show U How To Do This-(Bootleg)-2005-MAD
VA-DJ Dazon-Joints For The Street (Hosted By Shells)-2003-WCR
VA-DJ Dazon-Make It Alright Blendz-2002-WHOA
VA-DJ Dazon-Money Talks Part 4-2003-WCR
VA-DJ Diggz And DJ Rated R-The Suffering Pt. 2-(Bootleg)-2005-RRR
VA-DJ DND Presents-Money And The Power-2004-QMB
VA-DJ Dnd-Drop the Dice the Game is Over-2003-FUA
VA-DJ Doitall-Cut Da Check (Hosted By Fats)-2003-WCR
VA-DJ Doitall-You Know My Style-(Bootleg)-2005-FUA
VA-DJ E.Nyce-Nothing But Freestyles Pt. 2-(Bootleg)-2005-DRX
VA-DJ E.Nyce-Welcome 2 Philly-(Bootleg)-2005-DRX
VA-Dj Enuff and Kool Mike Ski-Whos Da Bitch Now-2003-FUA
VA-DJ Envy - MVP (All-American)-2001-EGO
VA-DJ Envy And Lazy K-Sold Out Prt. 2-2003-WCR
VA-DJ Famous-Sold Out Pt.14(Thug Holiday)-2002-FUA
VA-DJ Fantasy And Jay-E.M.S Hosted By G-Unit-2002-WCR
VA-DJ Finesse And DJ Gully-Future Hitz 9-Bootleg-2005-DRX
VA-DJ Fingaz-Guns N Roses 4-Hosted By Yukmouth-Bootleg-2005-H3X
VA-DJ Hitz-J-Hood (The Game Dont Wait)-(Bootleg)-2006-eXe
VA-DJ Jay Faire Dirty South 8-2004-SnS
VA-DJ Jay Faire-50 Cent Does He Still Got the Game Locked-2003-FUA
VA-DJ Jay Faire-All Star Freestyles-2003-FUA
VA-DJ Jay Faire-Eminem is He the Greatest Rapper-2003-FUA
VA-DJ Jay Faire-Top 20 Dirty South Vol.3-2003-QMB
VA-DJ Jay Faire-Whats Beef (Da Battle For Da South)-2004-QMB
VA-DJ Kay Slay And DJ Smallz-Cutthroat-Bootleg-2009-Xplode
VA-DJ Kay Slay-Down With The King Hosted by Maino-Bootleg-2005-C4
VA-DJ Kay Slay-NYC Drama Vol. 3-(Bootleg)-2005-C4
VA-DJ Kay Slay-Streetsweeper Radio-(Shade 45)-SAT-10-9-2005-RRR
VA-DJ Kay Slay-The Drama Hour-(Hot 97)-RADIO-11-03-2005-RRR
VA-DJ Kayslay Renegades pt4 (Sore Losers)-2002-tAS
VA-DJ Kayslay-Streetsweeper Radio-(Shade 45)-SAT-12-08-2005-RRR
VA-DJ Kool Kid And DJ Trigga-The Phenom Pt. 1 (Read NFO)-2003-WCR
VA-DJ Kool Kid and Shakedown-Shakedown Vol. 1 Pre Game-2003-FUA
VA-DJ Kool Kid Hood Legends Pt.2-2002-SSE
VA-DJ Kool KId Presents-Best Of Lady Luck-2003-WCR
VA-DJ Kool Kid-Best Of D Block-2002-WHOA
VA-Dj Kool Kid-Follow the Leader Pt 3-2003-FUA
VA-DJ Kool Kid-Hood Legends Pt13-2002-WCR
VA-DJ Kool Kid-House Party Part 4our-(Bootleg)-2007-iNTS
VA-DJ Kool Kid-I Get Money-(Bootleg)-2007-iNTS
VA-DJ Kool Kid-Keepin It Gully Pt.3-2001-HYP
VA-DJ Kool Kid-M.O.B. Money Over Bitches-2005-FUA
VA-DJ Kool Kid-Straight Monopoly Pt.2-TAPE-1998-FUA
VA-DJ Kool Kirk-Money Train Vol.5-2000-CNS
VA-DJ Kurupt Armed and Dangerous-2003-tAS
VA-DJ Kurupt and Young Jeezy-Southern Streetcorner Gangstas 2-(Bootleg)-2005-0MNi
VA-DJ Kurupt the Master Jedi-Street Corner Radio-2003-FUA
VA-DJ Kurupt-Paid In Full pt3 (Host Busta Rhymes)-2002-WCR
VA-DJ Kurupt-Revenge Of The King Pt.3-(Bootleg)-2005-FUA
VA-DJ Kurupt-The Rundown Pt. 1-2003-WHOA
VA-DJ L And DJ Suss One-Summer Takeover-(Bootleg)-(READ NFO)-2007-iNTS
VA-DJ L And DJ Suss One-Summer Takeover 2 (Bootleg)-(READ NFO)-2007-iNTS
VA-DJ L and DJ Suss One-The Greatest Duo Pt. 2-(Bootleg)-2005-R3D
VA-DJ L Presents-Mixtape Massacre-2003-WHOA
VA-DJ L-A Problem U Cant Solve Pt 1-2003-SWE
VA-DJ Lazy K-Reality Check-2003-0MNi
VA-DJ L-Comin For The Crown 2 (Hosted by Cassidy)-(Bootleg)-2005-0MNi
VA-DJ Lennox-The Incredible-(Bootleg)-2005-DRX
VA-DJ Limelight-Grime Theft Auto Hosted By Chipmunk-Bootleg-2008-RAGEMP3
VA-DJ Lt. Dan Presents Jay-Z Vs. G-Unit Part 1-2003-WCR
VA-DJ Melo And DJ Cinema The Talk Of New York-Bootleg-2006-EGO
VA-DJ Michael Mayhem-Urban Blend 11-2003-ATX
VA-DJ Mino-Gutta Muzic (The Carter Edition)-Bootleg-2006-R3D
VA-DJ On Point-I Getz Bizzy 3-(Bootleg)-2005-MAD
VA-DJ On Point-Lexx And Wexx-Def Jam Mixtape Vol. 2-2003-WCR
VA-DJ On Point-Point Of No Return Pt. 2 host Jim Jones-2004-WHOA
VA-DJ On Point-Step Ya Game Up Part 3-2004-WHOA
VA-DJ On Point-This What U Want Pt.1-2003-WCR
VA-DJ On Point-Undisputed Round 2-2002-WHOA
VA-DJ On Point-Undisputed Round 6-2002-WHOA
VA-Dj Phantom-The Streets Vol 1-2002-CFR
VA-DJ Pudgee P-The Riot Squad Pt. 3 (Stomp Music)-2003-WCR
VA-Dj Purplesprite Presents-Screw Passion Vol.4-2003-POiSE
VA-DJ Radio And Oddz N Endz-Got The Hood On Smash-(Bootleg)-2006-WHOA
VA-DJ Radio-Freestyle Session-2003-FUA
VA-DJ Radio-HNIC Head Nigga In Charge-(Bootleg)-2005-FUA
VA-DJ Radio-Mr Sold Out Is Back-(Bootleg)-2005-FUA
VA-DJ Radio-Mr Sold Out Pt.4-(Bootleg)-2005-FUA
VA-DJ Radio-the Preseason-2002-FUA
VA-DJ Radio-Who the Fuck is Radio Pt.2-2003-FUA
VA-DJ Radio-Who The Fuck Is Radio Pt.4-2003-FUA
VA-DJ Rerok The Ok Kid-Reloaded(hosted by Ranjahz)-2003-WHOA
VA-DJ Rice Streetmix Vol.3-1997-ATX
va-dj rick and dj monir - 96.2 freestyle-2000-kor
VA-DJ Roli Fingaz-Fire Blends Pt. 6-2003-OSC
VA-Dj Roli Fingaz-Fire Blends Pt 3-2003-FUA
VA-DJ Roli Fingaz-Holiday Hang Over-2002-EGO
VA-DJ Ron G-Fuck Da Haters-2003-FUA
VA-DJ Ron G-Mix 2-A New Beginning-2002-WHOA
VA-DJ Rondevu-C.H.U.D.(Cannibalistic HipHop Underground Dwellers)-2003-ESC
VA-Dj Rondevu-Dangerous Minded Vol 2 (Bootleg)-2005-MoB
VA-DJ Rondevu-Knights Of The Roundtable-2003-WHOA
VA-DJ Rukiz Presents-Big Hawk Vol 2-2004-CNS
VA-DJ Rukiz Rukiz Radio R and B Blends-2003-tAS
VA-DJ Scoob Doo-Best of D-Block Vol. 2-2004-FUA
VA-DJ Scoob Doo-Lost in Yonkers 5 The Usual Suspects-Bootleg-2006-R3D
VA-DJ Scoob Doo-Lost In Yonkers Part 3-(Bootleg)-2005-WHOA
VA-DJ Scream And D4L-Only The Crunk Survive XII-Bootleg-2006-RAGEMP3
VA-DJ Screw-11-16-00-3CD-2005-FiH INT
VA-DJ Screw-11-16-09-2CD-2009-GT4
VA-DJ Self-Down South Hustlers and Ballers Vol 2 (Part 1)-2003-QMB
VA-DJ Shok Shok TV-2002-SWE
VA-DJ Supreme-The Best Of Jay-Z-2001-REALM
VA-DJ Thoro-Taking The Streets-2003-WHOA
VA-DJ Trigga And Styles P-Best of Styles P Freestyles-Bootleg-2006-UKP
VA-DJ Wats-Scissor Handz-2003-FUA
VA-DJ Whoo Kid and 50 Cent and Game-G Unit Radio Part 8-2004-C4
VA-DJ Whoo Kid And Snoop-Welcome 2 The Chuuch Vol. 5-2004-C4
VA-DJ Whoo Kid-G-Unit Radio-(Shade 45)-SAT-10-08-2005-RRR
VA-DJ Whoo Kid-G-Unit Radio-(Shade 45)-SAT-11-12-2005-RRR
VA-DJ Whoo Kid-The Moisture Hour-(Shade 45)-SAT-12-10-2005-RRR
VA-DJ Whoo Kid-the Moisture Hour-(Sirius)-SAT-02-25-2006-SPLiFF
VA-DJ Wreck-Cant Be Shut Down Pt. 3-2003-WCR
VA-DJ Wreck-Put Your Money Up Part Two-2003-WCR
VA-DJ Wreck-Still The Most Hated Pt.1-2002-WCR
VA-DJ Wreck-Still The Most Hated Pt.2-2003-WHOA
VA-Doin It Big Ent. Presents-Kaddillak Vs Trick Daddy-2004-SUT
va-dont sleep 2-l album (mixe par dj djel et dj soon)-2003-kor
va-driver presente self defense-2008-kor
VA-Dutty Laundry Leaders Of The New South 4-Hosted By Lil Boosie-Bootleg-2006-RAGEMP3
VA-E.M.S. DJ Fantasy Jay Exclusive Nas Untouchable-2003-EBH
VA-E.M.S.-DJ Fantasy and Jay Exclusive-Bang Out-2003-FUA
VA-E.M.S.-Hes Back-2003-WCR
VA-E.M.S.-Hip Hop 101 (The Game) Pt. 2-2003-WCR
VA-E.M.S-Jay Exclusive-Hes Back-2003-FUA
VA-E.M.S-Official 50 Cent and G-Unit Extortion-2002-FUA
VA-Enterprise Compilation-1999-RNS
va-face cachee de mars-fr-1999-kor
VA-Fahrenheit Underbelly-2000-RAGEMP3
va-fat taf 2-fr-2008-kor
va-fat taf-fr-2003-kor
va-full one presents days are longer-ep-2007-shiva
va-futur proche ii-2003-kor
va-generation sacrifiee volume 2-2003-kor
va-get rich or die tryin the original motion picture soundtrack-2007-kor
va-ghetto fabulous gang invasion-fr-2007-kor
VA-Ghetto House - It Goes Off-2001-CHR
VA-Heavy Traffic Mixtape Vol.2-2002-WHOA
VA-Heavy Traffic Music Mixtape Vol.1-2002-WHOA
VA-Hip Hop Story Tha Movie Soundtrack-2003-WCR
va-hostile hip-hop-reissue-fr-2006-kor
va-hostile une speciale pour les halls (mixe par dj poska)-fr-2000-kor
va-hostile une speciale pour les halls volume 2 mixe par dj poska-2004-kor
va-hs groove fonky family (mixe par dj djel)-fr-2002-kor
va-hs groove hip hop francais vol.2 (cut killer)-fr-1998-kor
va-hs groove hip hop francais vol.3 mixe par logilo-fr-1999-kor
va-hs groove marseille underground (mixe par dj djel et dj soon)-fr-2000-kor
VA-Ice Records Mixtape Vol.1-2004-tAS
va-illegal radio-fr-2006-kor
va-interdit en radio 2-fr-2006-kor
va-interdit en radio-fr-2003-kor
VA-Jhiame Presents-Syrup City Hitz-2001-RAGEMP3
VA-Jimmy Swag and DJ Furious-the Sound and the Fury 2-(Bootleg)-2005-MoB
VA-Jimmy Swag Presents-Return Of The King-2003-WHOA
VA-J-Love King Of What I Do 14-Hosted By Raekwon-2006-EGO
VA-K Chopped-Peaces And Creme-2002-ATX
VA-Kay Slay-Streetsweeper Radio-(Sirius)-SAT-02-22-2006-SPLiFF
VA-Kay Slay-Streetsweeper Radio-(Sirius)-SAT-03-08-2006-SPLiFF
VA-Kay Slay-Streetsweeper Radio-(Sirius)-SAT-03-15-2006-SPLiFF
VA-Kay Slay-Streetsweeper Radio-(Sirius)-SAT-04-12-2006-SPLiFF
VA-Kayslay-Drama Hour (5-22-03)-2003-CMS
VA-KChop.Com-Chocolate Syrup Couples Only Part 2-2003-ATX
VA-King Smij-Official Down South Part 4-(Bootleg)-2005-MoB
VA-Kochece And DJ Shay-NY Times Vol 3-(Bootleg)-2005-RRR
VA-Kochece Presents-Rumble In The Jungle Part 3 (D-Block Vs Diplomats)-2004-QMB
VA-Kochece-D-Block And The 5 Heartbeats Vol. 3-(Bootleg)-2005-RRR
VA-Kochece-Fists Of Fury 2 (Juelz Santana Vs. J-Hood)-(Bootleg)-2005-WHOA
VA-Kochece-Thrilla in Manilla (Sheek Vs Yayo)-(Bootleg)-2005-MAD
VA-Krime Cleargates and Bink B Whats Beef 8-2003-tAS
va-la legende 2-2000-kor
va-la legende 3-2007-kor
va-le code de la rue-fr-2002-kor
va-le debarquement - offensive acte ii-1999-kor
va-les 5 dernieres minutes -ep-1999-kor
VA-Les Sessions Premiere Classe Vol. 1-VLS-FR-1999-CMS
va-liaisons dangereuses-1998-kor
VA-Lil Scrappy And Trillville (Chopped And Screwed)-Retail-2005-MUSiQ
VA-Lil Skrilla Presents Welcome to Hellaware-2004-tAS
VA-Live Hot97 Freestyles-2CD-2002-WHOA INT
VA-Love Dinero Presents-Im Still Hood Famous-2004-WHOA
VA-Mac Dre Presents Thizz Nation Vol 3-2CD-2005-CR
va-marseille and sa production-2007-kor
va-maximum boycott hors serie-tous pourris-mixtape-2001-kor
va-maximum boycott volume bleu-2000-kor
va-maximum boycott volume marron-2000-kor
VA-Memorial Weekend Jump Off 2004-Mixed By Ty Boogie-2004-CNS
VA-Mick Boogie-The Pre-Up-Hosted By Eminem And The Alchemist-Bootleg-2006-C4
VA-Mistarello.Com-Hip-Hops Hottest 16s and Verses V. 3-(Bootleg)-2006-0MNi
VA-Mixunit And DJ Rukiz Present Jae Millz-The Future-2004-QMB
VA-Monsters Of The Midway-2001-tAS
va-murder was the case (the soundtrack)-1994-kor
va-musiques inspirees du film la haine-fr-1995-kor
VA-Nashville Underground-Chapter 1-1996-RAGEMP3
VA-Nat King and DJ Jay Faire-Livin A Movie-Bootleg-2005-R3D
va-neochrome hall stars game-2012-kor
Vanilla Ice - To The Extreme-CD-1990-HPc
Vanilla Ice-Ice Ice Shady (Remix CDS)-2002-z0
Vanilla Ice-To The Extreme-1990-iRO
va-nique la musique de france-1998-kor
VA-Nitro Entertainment Presents. Hustlin Pays-2000-RNS
VA-NMS Labs - From Da Lab 2 Da Slab-2001-RAGEMP3
va-nouvelle donne volume 2 tout vient a point a qui sait attendre -fr-2000-kor
va-numero 14 (special rap francais)-1995-kor
VA-Obie Trice Presents TRIFE LIFE The Introduction-Mixtape Special-2006-FTD
va-offensive hors-serie-2003-kor
VA-OG Ron C And DJ Khaled-Im So Hood-Bootleg-2007-RAGEMP3
VA-OMG Presents-Byron Paper Chase (Hosted By DJ KaySlay)-2004-POiSE
va-original bombattak 2-2008-kor
VA-Out Of Payne Comes Glory Vol 4-2003-POiSE
VA-P Cutta And DJ Wreck-True Hustlas Vol 2 (Don Diva Edition)-Bootleg-2005-DRX
VA-P Cutta And DJ Wreck-True Hustlas Vol 2 (Don Diva Edition)-Bootleg-2005-DRX
VA-P Cutta And DNA Present-The Lineup Pt. 2-2003-WHOA
VA-P Cutta-Palladium Hot Volume 3 Hosted by Phat Cat-2003-WCR
VA-P Cutta-Street Wars Vol. 11 Street Wars or Die-2004-C4
va-pacte avec le micro-1998-kor
VA-Payola Brothers Present-S.T.R.E.E.T.S. Beef Vol. 3-2004-MoB
VA-Payola Brothers Present-S.T.R.E.E.T.S. Beef Vol. 4-2004-MoB
VA-Payola Brothers-S.T.R.E.E.T.S. (Big And Pac)-2003-WHOA
VA-Pcutta and DNA Presents-The Lineup-2003-WHOA
VA-PCutta-Street Wars Volume 22-(Bootleg)-2009-MGZ
VA-Pimps And Players-2002-CHR
VA-Platinum 1 Entertainment - The First Family-2002-RAGEMP3
VA-Poetic 1 Presents-Unforgiven-1998-RAGEMP3
VA-Poetic One Presents Unforgiven Volume II-2001-RAGEMP3
VA-Project Sounds Presents-50 Cent-3CD-2003-WHOA
va-projet ares-2004-kor
VA-Promo Only Canada Urban Radio December-2003-XXL
VA-Promo Only Canada Urban Radio November-2003-XXL
VA-Purple City Productions Presents DJ Moe Sticky-Bubble Music (Hosted By Shiest Bubz)-(Bootleg)-2005-MAD
Va-qb and ruffryders vs rocafella-2001-DMS
VA-QuBe Presents Rubiks QuBe 02-1999-DSP
VA-Radio And Streetsweepers Present-Face Off Pt. 3-2004-C4
VA-Radio And Streetsweepers-50 Is Still The Future-2005-FUA
VA-Rap Charts Vol.39-2004-NTK
VA-Rap Hustlaz Presents Big Business-2002-RAGEMP3
va-rapattitude 2-1992-kor
VA-Raveology Present MC Bassman Bday Bash-10CD-2007-uC
Various Artists-Game Over-2000-EGO
Various Artists-Westside Riderz Vol. 1-RNS
various parraine par expression direkt-lame des guerriers-fr-1998-kor
VA-Rocafella Presents HOT97 Live 2-2002-SSE
VA-Ron G-Radio-2004-FUA
VA-Ron Gs Whatever Man Pt 3-1996-RNS
VA-Royce Da 59 Presents Rock City Mixtape Hosted By Stretch Armstrong-2002-RAS
va-sad hill-2cd-fr-1997-kor
va-sad street vol. 1-2001-kor
va-sarcelles ligne de front-1999-kor
VA-Scott Storch Productions (Special Edition Double Disc)-2005-VFF
VA-Scott Storch Productions (Special Edition Double Disc)-2005-VFF-Disc 1
VA-Scott Storch Productions (Special Edition Double Disc)-2005-VFF-Disc 2
VA-Screwhouse Records-Hoppin Outta Hoo.-2002-ATX
VA-Shells-Bronx On Fire-2004-FUA
VA-Sickamore Presents-Platinum Battles Vol.1 Mase VS Fabolous-2002-SC
VA-Sickamore-Brooklyn Kings Part 2-2002-FUA
VA-Sickamore-Trash Talkin(Official Beef CD of 2003)-2002-FUA
VA-Sickamore-Trash Talkin Pt 2-2003-FUA
VA-Sickamore-Watch Me Do Me Pt. 2 (Hosted By Smurf And Domination)-2003-WCR
VA-Sittin On Gold-1999-RAGEMP3
VA-SoSouth.com-Free Shit Vol.1-WEB-2008-TEXAS INT
VA-SoSouth.com-Free Shit Vol.3-WEB-2013-TEXAS INT
VA-SoSouth.com-Free Shit Vol.4-WEB-2008-TEXAS INT
VA-SoSouth.com-Free Shit Vol.5-WEB-2008-TEXAS INT
va-soundbombing ii-1999-kor
va-source lab-2cd-fr-1995-kor
VA-Southern Style DJs-The Best Of Three 6 Mafia-Hosted By DJ Unk-Bootleg-2006-RAGEMP3
VA-Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse (Soundtrack From and Inspired by the Motion Picture)-WEB-2018-ENRAGED
Vast Aire-Scissor Tounge-Bootleg-2001-THH
VA-Steady Fam-Love Hate Envy (Host DJ Wats)-2003-CNS
VA-Straight Dissin-Volume One-2001-FSN
va-street lourd hall stars-fr-2004-kor
va-street lourd ii-2cd-fr-2010-kor
VA-Street Sweepers-Winter 2001-2001-RNS
va-streetly street 2-fr-2003-kor
va-streetly street 3-fr-2004-kor
va-streetly street-fr-2001-kor
Va-Streets Iz Watching-Sirius-SAT-12-16-2005-SPLiFF
VA-Streetsweepers Presents The Drama Hour Pt. 4 (Lock In)-2003-WCR
va-sunset park (original motion picture soundtrack)-1996-kor
VA-Supa Mario-Mariostreet Level 1 (D-Block Approved)-2002-VVV
VA-Swishahouse-Hustle 2K8 And Straight To The Room 10-Bootleg-2CD-2008-RAGEMP3
VA-Syrup Shop-Still Holdin-2003-POiSE
VA-T.I-N-P.S.C.-in Da Streets Pt.3-(Trackfixes)-2003-WCR
VA-T.I-N-P.S.C.-in Da Streets Pt.3-(Trackfixes Pt. 2)-2003-WCR
VA-Takedown Records Present-Streetz Incorporated-2003-WCR
VA-Team Invasion-2 Gunz Up The Mixtape-(Bootleg)-2005-WHOA
VA-The Best Of Shade 45 (Shade 45)-SAT-08-28-2005-RRR
VA-The Funky Precedent-1999-DSP
va-the game-the doctors advocate-(advance)-2006-c4
VA-The Heatmakerz - Crack On Wax-Limited Edition-Bootleg Vinyl-2006-MK2
VA-The Neptunes Present Clones-2003-FS
va-the show (original soundtrack)-1995-kor
VA-Thug Mentality-2007-H5N1
va-trop racaille pour la radio-2003-kor
VA-Ty Boogie-Remember This 2 (Old School) (Bootleg)-2005-MAD
VA-Ty Fyffe-Best Of (Mixed By DJ Dazon)-2003-WCR
va-underground punchliners-fr-2011-kor
va-undertoc mixtape volume 1-fr-2005-kor
VA-Undisputed-OST-2002-TAM INT
VA-V Click-Versatile Compilation-2003-ATX
va-we came from beyond 2-retail-2003-cms
VA-Welcome To The Hood Hosted By Scoob Doo-2003-SWE
VA-West Coast Never Dies-1999-ERB
VA-West Coast Trippin 2-1999-RNS
VA-Westside Badboys-Bay 2 L.A.-2000-KSi
VA-Whoop Ass (Bay Rap)-2000-KSi
va-wild style - 25th anniversary edition-2cd-2014-kor
VA-Wrexxshop Remixes Vol. 21-2004-FUA
VA-Wyse Schmeek Presents-Ice City Vol. 1-2004-MoB
VA-XMIX Radioactive Urban Radio-July-2004-XXL
VA-Young Bob Presents-Headshot 73-Bootleg-2006-eXe
VA-Yungstar Throwed Yung Playas Part 3-2000-REV
V-Dog - Kick Up Da Cash (A Lost 3 6 Mafia Underground Tape)-1994-PRM INT
V-Dog-23 Hourz-SPV To SPL-1999-KSi
Verbal Accult-Insurrection Return Of The Cult Masters-2009-DGN
Verse Simmonds-Circa96 (A Prelude To 1996)-(Bootleg)-2013-FuZZ INT
Verstyle AKA Pretty Black-Definitely Eatin Vol 1-Bootleg-2005-CR
Vic Damone-On Da Grind (Hosted By DJ On Point)-2004-MAD
Vinnie Paz (Of Jedi Mind Tricks)-The Sound And The Fury-2006-SUT
Vinnie Paz-The Priest Of Bloodshed-(Bootleg)-2012-WEB
Virtuoso-Word War II-Evolution Of The Torturer-Proper-2004-CMS INT
Virus Syndicate-Mosquito-Promo EP-2009-CMS
Vodka-1000 Proof-2005-aAF
Voodoo - Filmmusik Vol.1-EP-CDR-DE-2016-VOiCE
Voodoo - Filmmusik Vol.2-EP-CDR-DE-2012-VOiCE
Voodoo - Unsterblich-WEB-DE-2011-TPMF
VS Mafia - Brennpunkt Berlin Vol.1-DE-2007-YSP
VS Mafia - Jeder Vs Jeden-DE-2006-uc
W Wyjatkowych Okolicznosciach-Witam Was W Rzeczywistosci-PROPER-PL-2005-41ST
Waco Boyz-Best Kept Secret-2004-CMS
Waka Flocka Flame-Baller Of The Year Volume 2-(Bootleg)-2012-WEB
Waka Flocka Flame-Duflocka Rant Halftime Show-(Bootleg)-2013-FuZZ INT
waka flocka flame-flockaveli-2010-kor
Waka Flocka Flame-Salute Me or Shoot Me 4-(No DJ)-2012-409 INT
Wale-Purple Ambition (Chopped Not Slopped)-(WEB)-2012-CNS
Warren B.-Gotta Love A Hustler-2014-EAD INT
Warren G.-In The Mid-Night Hour-Advance-2005-JCE
Warren G Ft Mack 10-I Want It All-Promo CDS-1999-CDSINGLESV2
warren g-i want it all-1999-kor
warren g-in the mid-nite hour-2005-kor
warren g-regulate g funk era part ii-ep-2015-kor
Warren G-Regulate G Funk Era-1994-FS
warren g-take a look over your shoulder (reality)-1997-kor
Warren G-Whats Love Got To Do With It-(CDS)-1996-CDSINGLESV2
Wash-Off-WaSHpocalypse-2014-EAD INT
Wastelands-After Years of Television-2009-R6
Watch Your Back Records - Komfortabel Spitten-DE-2006-iND
Waterboy and Lord - Lembitul On Volad ja Igoril On Pohhui-Promo CDS-EE-2005-MCA
Watsman Presents-Whos Number One (Papoose Vs. Mense)-(Bootleg)-2005-eXe
WC And The Maad Circle-Curb Servin-1995-OSR
Webbie-Savage Life 2-2008-pLAN9
Webbie-Savage Life 4 (Slowed)-2013-409 INT
Webbie-Savage Life-2005-RNS
weedy-24 heures d un mc yegri-fr-2005-kor
Weeh78 - Sag Servus-AT-2006-YSP
Weerd Science-Friends And Nervous Breakdowns-2005-RNS
Wes Fif Ft Eliseo-Wasting Your Time-(Promo CDS)-2008-0MNi
west coast crew-in the mix-web-1986-kor
westside connection-bow down-1996-kor
Westside Connection-Bow Down-1996-OSR
Westside Connection-Terrorist Threats-2003-R3D
White Dawg-The Broward Playaz-1993-0MNi
white mike-hustle smarter volume 2-bootleg-2006-exe
whodini-back in black-1986-kor
Whodini-Open Sesame-CD-1987-OSC
Wicked and Streetsweepers Present-The Art of War Part 2-2004-JCE
Wicked-A Great and Dreadful Day-2002-CMS
Wicked-Code Of The Streetz (Hosted By Kay Slay)-(Bootleg)-2005-MAD
will smith-born to reign-2002-kor
Will Smith-Greatest Hits-2002-WCR
Will Smith-Willennium-1999-EOS
will smith-willennium-1999-kor
Will Tell-Volume 4 (Raider of The Lost Art)-2002-EGO
william cooper-beware of the pale horse-2009-kor
willie d-controversy-1989-kor
Willie Dee-Controversy-1989-EMG INT
willie d-im goin out lika soldier-1992-kor
willie d-play witcha mama-1994-kor
Willie D-Play Witcha Mama-1994-RNS
willie d-relentless-2012-kor
Willie Hustle Feat. Mobb-Money Dance-(Promo CDS)-2008-EON
Willie The Kid-Aquamarine-(Bootleg)-2013-FuZZ INT
Willus Drummond-Makin Music with Your Mom-VLS-2001-CMS
wise intelligent-killin u for fun-1996-kor
Witchdoctor-Holiday VLS-1997-FTD
Wiz Khalifa-Based on a Taylored Story-(Bootleg)-2012-WEB
Wiz Khalifa-Best of So Far-(Bootleg)-2012-XDG INT
Wiz Khalifa-Blacc Hollywood-(Deluxe Edition)-(Clean)-2014-CDSINGLESV2
Wiz Khalifa-Cabin Fever 2-(NO DJ)-(Bootleg)-2012-XDG INT
Wiz Khalifa-California-(Bootleg)-2012-WEB
Wiz Khalifa-Like A Movie-(Bootleg)-2012-XDG INT
Wiz Khalifa-Morocco-(Bootleg)-2012-WEB
Wiz Khalifa-Smokin Tha Competition 2-(Bootleg)-2012-WEB
Wiz Khalifa-The Layover-(Bootleg)-2012-XDG INT
Wiz Khalifa-Wizzy Hendrix-(Bootleg)-2012-WEB
Wolfpac-Best Of Freestyles Pt.1-2004-SUT
Wordsworth-Mirror Music (The Deluxe Edition Acapellas)-2006-41ST
Wordsworth-People Without Turntables (Volume 1)-(Bootleg)-2005-EGO
Wordsworth-People Without Turntables (Volume 2)-(Bootleg)-2005-EGO
Woroc - Best Of Woroc Beatz 2 Moabit Moabit-DE-2008-YSP
Woroc - Inferno-de-2007-YSP
Woss Ness-Texas Dream Team-2CD-2003-ATX
WreckHouse-Freestyle Pharoah-2002-aPC
Writers Block-No More No Less (12 Inch)-2002-EGO
Wu Tang Clan-The W-2000-RNS
Wu-Syndicate-Wu-Syndicate-1999-EMG INT
wu-tang clan-enter the wu-tang (36 chambers)-1993-kor
Wu-Tang Clan-Legend Of The Wu-Tang Wu-Tang Clans Greatest Hits-2004-ESC
Wu-Tang Clan-The W-2000-RNS
Wu-Tang Clan-The W-2000-TIN
wu-tang clan-wu-tang forever-2cd-1997-kor
Wyclef Jean-Greatest Hits-(US Retail)-2003-WCR
Wyclef Jean-The Carnival-1997-KDS
wyclef jean-the carnival-1997-kor
Wyclef Jean-Welcome To Haiti Creole 101-2004-RNS
X Clan-To The East Blackwards-1990-OSR
xl feat. 50 cent-getting right-(promo cds)-2003-cms
X-Men Klan - Der Pfad Des Kriegers-FREEWEB-DE-2008-KPS INT
X-Raided and Kingpin-City of Kings the Sac-A-Indo Project-2002-EMG INT
X-Raided-These Walls Can Talk-2002-CR
Xzibit-40 Dayz and 40 Nightz-1998-TWCMP3 INT
Xzibit-At The Speed of Life-1996-OSR
Xzibit-At The Speed Of Life-1996-XXL INT
xzibit-weapons of mass destruction-2004-kor
Yak Ballz-Scifentology-2006-C4
Yelawolf And DJ Paul-Black Fall EP (Slowed And Chopped By DJ Lil Sprite)-WEB-2013-DR
Yelawolf And DJ Paul-Black Fall EP-WEB-2013-DR
Yelawolf-Love Story-WEB-2015-LEV iNT
Yelawolf-Trunk Muzik Returns-(Bootleg)-2013-FuZZ INT
Yelawolf-Trunk Muzik Returns (Chopped Not Slopped)-(Bootleg)-2013-FuZZ INT
YFN Lucci-Key to the Streets (Keychain Pack)-EP-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
Ying Yang Twins ft Mike Jones-Badd-(Promo-CDS)-2005-THB
Ying Yang Twins-1st Booty On Duty-(Promo VLS)-2006-R6
Ying Yang Twins-Ass In Session-(Bootleg)-2013-FuZZ INT
Ying Yang Twins-Bedroom Boom (Ft Avant) BW Git it (Ft Bun B)-VLS-2005-R6
Ying Yang Twins-Jigglin-(CDS)-2006-TiN
ying yang twins-my brother and me-clean retail-2004-c4
Ying Yang Twins-The Remixes-(Bootleg)-2013-FuZZ INT
Ying Yang Twins-USA Still United-2005-RNS
Yo Gotti-American Money-(Bootleg)-2013-FM INT
Yo Gotti-CM8 Any Hood America-WEB-2015-ENTiTLED
Yo Gotti-Cocaine Boss-(Bootleg)-2012-WEB
Yo Gotti-Cocaine Muzik 7 The World Is Yours-(Bootleg)-2012-XDG INT
Yo Gotti-I Still Am (Chopped Not Slopped)-WEB-2018-TXMAD3 INT
Yo Lynch-Caughtcha Slippin-1996-RAGEMP3
Yomo and Maulkie-Glory-(VLS)-1991-CMS
Young 3rd-Total Control-2002-CR
young black teenagers-young black teenagers-1991-kor
Young Black Teenagers-Young Black Teenagers-1991-OSR
Young Bleed-My Balls And My Word-1998-NHH INT
Young Buck And D-Tay-YB-2005-ATX
Young Chris (From The Young Gunz)-G.I.F.I. Part 3-2CD-Bootleg-2006-h3rb
Young Dolph-16 Zips (Chopped Not Slopped)-2015-409 INT
Young Dolph-Cross Country Trappin-2CD-(NO DJ)-2014-409 INT
Young Dolph-High Class Street Music 3 (Trappin Out A Mansion)-(Bootleg)-2013-FuZZ INT
Young Dolph-High Class Street Music 3 (Trappin Out A Mansion)-WEB-2013-DR
Young Dolph-High Class Street Music-WEB-2011-ESG
Young Dolph-King Of Memphis (Chopped Not Slopped)-2016-409 INT
Young Dro-Purple Label-WEB-2014-ESG
Young Face Presents 50 Cent-Behind Da Bars-2004-MoB
Young Jeezy-Black On Black-(Bootleg)-2012-WEB
Young Jeezy-Coke Direct-(Bootleg)-2012-XDG INT
Young Jeezy-CTE World Presents ItsThaWorld 2-(Bootleg)-2013-KAL INT
Young Jeezy-Go For It-(Bootleg)-2012-XDG INT
Young Jeezy-Me Against The World-(Bootleg)-2012-XDG INT
Young Jeezy-Since Trap Or Die-(Bootleg)-2012-XDG INT
Young Jeezy-The Dope King-(Bootleg)-2012-XDG INT
young m.c.-stone cold rhymin-1989-kor
Young Thug-Barter 6 (Chopped Not Slopped By Slim K)-Bootleg-WEB-2015-WEB
young thug-beautiful thugger girls-web-2017-kor
Young Thuggz-L.A.N.C. The City-2002-tAS
Young Vishus-Back to da Block-READ NFO-2005-BbP
yo-yo-make way for the motherlode-1991-kor
Yukmouth and Killa Klump-Im Good-2006-CR
yukmouth-million dollar mouthpiece-2008-kor
yukmouth-united ghettos of america eye candy-2007-kor
Yung Chill-Stop Talking And Listen-(Retail)-2007-SUT
Yung Joc Ft Gorilla Zoe-Coffee Shop-Promo CDS-2007-XXL
Yung L.A. Ft Big Kuntry-Aint I-(Promo CDS)-2008-0MNi
Yung Nation-PNU2 (Purple Nation University) (Chopped Not Slopped)-2013-409 INT
Yung Rackz-Trapademic-WEB-2020-ATX
Yung Wun-The Dirtiest Thirtiest-2004-WHOA
yz-the ghettos been good to me-1993-kor
yz-the legend of floyd jones-2002-kor
Zer.Fleisch - Best of Wlados-WEB-DE-2019-ENRAGED
Zion I and the Grouch-Soul Searchin-7 Inch-2006-SHiVA
Zion I-Deep Water Slang 2.0-2003-EGO
Zion I-Hustle Hard Collection-Bootleg-2007-CR
Zion I-Street Legend-EP-2006-eXtaCY
Zion I-Street Legends-2007-pLAN9
Zion I-True And Livin (Retail)-2005-EGO
Zion I-True And Livin-2005-EGO
Zombee Killaz - The Hits-WEB-DE-2010-UMT
zone libre vs casey and b.james-les contes du chaos-fr-2011-kor
Z-Ro And Slim Thug-Cancelled Tha Non-Album-Bootleg-WEB-2013-WEB
Z-Ro-Angel Dust (Chopped To Perfection)-(WEB)-2012-DP
Z-Ro-Angel Dust (Slowed)-2012-WEBRIP
Z-Ro-Codeine-2017-FiH iNT
z-ro-look what you did to me-1998-kor
Z-Ro-Look What You Did To Me-1998-RAGEMP3 INT
Z-Ro-Melting The Crown-2015-FiH INT
z-ro-z-ro vs. the world-2000-kor
Zwang - Rueckendeckung-DE-2009-YSP
Zwart Licht-Bliksemschicht-NL-2009-RAGEMP3
Zyklon Beatz - Enzyklonpaedie-DE-2006-NOiR
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030 Gangxta Clicc - Zeig Dir Wie Es Ist-Bootleg-CDS-DE-2003-kHz INT
10.40 Boyz-10.40 TX-2012-EAD INT
100 soucis-sans soucis-1997-kor
10kret-message souterrain part 1-2011-kor
113-113 Degres-FR-2005-TiLT
113-113 Fout La Merde-FR-2002-FSP
113-Dans Lurgence-FR-2003-MVP
113-fout la merde-2002-kor
113-les princes de la ville-1999-kor
113-Les Princes De La Ville-FR-1999-SO INT
113-Les Princes De La Ville-VLS-FR-1999-CMS
113-Live En Suisse-Bootleg-FR-2000-MOP
113-ni barreaux ni barrieres ni frontieres-1998-kor
13 block-violence urbaine emeute-2016-kor
187 Family-Burial Site-(1996)-RAGEMP3
1995-la source-ep-2011-kor
1995-paris sud minute-2012-kor
1995-Paris Sud Minute-FR-2012-H5N1
1-g-dread et boula z-1996-kor
1st Dagree aka Mr. Hitchcock-Angels vs Devils-2002-RAGEMP3
1st Degree Deep Sleep-Mental Prison-1999-RAGEMP3
2 Bal 2 Neg - 3x Plus Efficace-FR-1996-CHRS
2 Black-Da Heartstoppa Mixtape-(Bootleg)-2005-RAGEMP3
2 Low Key-Test My Nuts-(Tape)-1995-RAGEMP3
2 Of A Kind-Sound Click Revenge-2014-EAD INT
2 Real-Any Last Words-2012-EAD INT
213-the hard way-2004-kor
23Klikk - Tod Suenden Rap-DE-2015-VOiCE
2nd ii none-2nd ii none-1991-kor
2nd ii none-compton muzik-2014-kor
2Pac Feat The Outlawz-Homeboyz (Vinyl Single)-1999-RNS
2Pac ft Tech N9ne-Thugs Get Lonely Too (CD Single)-2000-RAGEMP3
2pac-2pacalypse Now-US-1991-ADK
2Pac-Dear mama Remix Single-1999-aPC
2pac-Hail Mary (Import CD Single)-1998-aPC-HYDRO
2pac-loyal to the game-advance-2004-mob
2pac-Makaveli 02 Ready 4 War-GMZ
2pac-Makaveli 04 Thug In Me-19xx-aTP INT
2pac-Makaveli 04 Vengeance-GMZ
2pac-Makaveli 05 East On Him-GMZ
2pac-Makaveli 06 Thug 4 Life-19xx-aTP INT
2pac-Makaveli 08 All Eyez On Him-19xx-aTP INT
2pac-Makaveli 08-1999-RNS
2pac-Makaveli 09 Thugs Dont Die-19xx-aTP INT
2Pac-The Vault Vol II The Originals Vs Tha Remixes-2002-WCR INT
2Pac-The Vault Vol III Classics-2002-WCR INT
2Pac-Toss It Up (Vinyl Promo)-1996-CHR
2-Time-Tha Issue-EP-2015-EAD INT
3.R.DE-Cash B4 Fame-2007-RAGEMP3
34ers-streettape vol. 1-de-2004-khz
357. mp-danse dans lombre-cdm-2001-kor
38 Slimm-Slick Bricks-2013-J2K
3rd bass-the cactus cee-d (the cactus album)-1989-kor
3rDee-All Over Texas The Mixtape-2013-EAD INT
4.9.0 Friedhof Chiller - Die Fruehen Jahre Teil 1-DE-2005-YSP
4.9.0 Friedhof Chiller - Hanfgranaten Vol.1-DE-2011-VOiCE
4.9.0 Friedhof Chiller - Wahre Veteranen (Gastparts)-DE-2006-SHiVA
4.9.0 Friedhof Chiller - Willkommen Im Tal Der Finsternis-DE-2004-iGN
4 deep-all dat n den some-1997-kor
4 deep-another day in the jungle-1993-kor
4 deep-deep 4 life-1996-kor
4 deep-foreclosure-2010-kor
4 deep-whats really goin on-1994-kor
4 fantastiks-le passage-ep-1999-kor
4 fantastiks-super heros flow-vls-1997-kor
4 saken-Slippin Into Evil-2008-RAGEMP3
45 niggaz-justice sauvage-2003-kor
5 Ward Boyz-Greatest Features-2CD-2006-RAGEMP3
50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin Sampler-2003-B4F
50 Cent - Piggy Bank and Baltimore Love Thing-(VLS)-(2005)-GIB
50 cent scarlet lloyd banks-saigon (whitelabel)-2002-tas
50 Cent-2001 Demo EP-2001-CMS
50 Cent-After Curtis-2007-RGF
50 cent-g unit freestyles (promo vls)-2002-tas
50 cent-get rich or die tryin-2003-kor
50 Cent-Jackin For Jay-Z (12 Inch)-EGO
50 Cent-More Music Form the New Breed-(Bootleg)-2003-OSC
50 cent-thats how we get down-promo cds-2002-sse
50 Cent-The Massacre-2005-CMS
50 cent-the massacre-2005-kor
50-50 Twin-M.O.E. Remix 2013-2013-EAD INT
57th Street RDV-Roguish Ways-2002-ATX
7th Letter G-The Great Escape-2013-EAD INT
808 Mafia - Hartkor Kinkxz-Split-RETAIL VINYL-1996-KrbZ
808 Mafia - Hartkorkinkxz-Whitelabel EP-DE-1998-KrbZ
82EE-EPME (Erik und Paul Machen Euros)-EP-DE-2003-kHz
8ball-almost famous-2001-kor
9th Uno-Unassociated Press-The Street Album-208-HHB
9th Ward-Supermodel-(Promo CDS)-2008-0MNi
A.G.-The Dirty Version (Retail)-2000-RNS
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie-Artist 2.0-WEB-FLAC-2020-QdM TR24
A2H-Les Hommes Pleurent En Hiver (Winter Tape)-WEB-FR-2017-H5N1
A-3-Flowcaine III (True Boy)-2014-EAD INT
abd al malik-chateau rouge-2010-kor
abd al malik-dante-2008-kor
abd al malik-le face a face des coeurs-2004-kor
abd al malik-le jeune noir a lepee-2019-kor
abdelalien-carte de visite-2014-kor
ab-soul-control system-2013-kor
Absztrakkt - Das Buch Der Drei Ringe-WEB-DE-2009-OMA
Absztrakkt--Das Buch Der Drei Ringe-WEB-DE-2009-OMA
Acaz - Best of-2CD-Limited Edition-DE-2014-UMT
Acaz - Unveroeffentlichte Tracks (2004-2007)-Bonus CD-DE-2014-SKz iNT
Accrophone-Duo Du Balcon-FR-2005-OBC
Ace Boogie B-Karisma Kampaign-(Its Elektion Season)-2012-EAD INT
Ace DaHooligan-Da Definition Of Fitted-2013-EAD INT
Ace DaHooligan-No Love For A Hooligan III-2014-EAD INT
Ace Thuggin And Tyrant-Mac 2 Da K-2013-WCC
Aci Krank - Untergrund Klassika Teil 1-DE-2005-hbZ
Aci Krank und Boxxxstar-In Den Strassen Dieser Welt-DE-2006-uC
action bronson-easy rider-(single)-web-2014-er1
ades (le repentis)-pronostic-ep-2003-kor
ades-ame et conscience-2004-kor
ades-chasse a lhomme 2-2009-kor
ades-chasse a lhomme-2006-kor
ades-fuck tout le monde-ep-2006-kor
ades-le poids dune plume-2011-kor
ades-un degre de plus-2007-kor
Adrian Younge-Dark Soul (Exclusive Mix For Parisdjs)-2012-DiTF
aelpeacha et jltisme-cinquante cinquante-2007-kor
aelpeacha-jarrive jamais-2005-kor
Aesop Rock-Daylight-Retail-2002-EGO
aesop rock-music for earthworms-1997-kor
Affiliated Soldierz-Houstons Best Kept Secret 2-The Rebirth-WEB-2012-TR
afro jazz-perle noire-cdm-1996-kor
After Death Entertainment-Straight Drop Vol. 1-2013-J2K
Afternoons in Stereo-A Jazz Odyssey-2014-DiTF
agression verbale-ce nest que le debut-ep-1998-kor
ahmad-justin herman plaza-2010-kor
A-Kaza-Introducing The Shoota-2013-EAD INT
Akhenaton (Avec La Fonky Family) - Bad Boys De Marseille-CDS-FR-1996-CHRS
akhenaton-je suis en vie-2014-kor
akhenaton-meteque et mat-reissue-1996-kor
akhenaton-soldats de fortune-2cd-2006-kor
Akte One - Deutschrap-Track-DE-2003-Rule
Akte One - Fat Cap Rap-DE-2009-YSP
Akte One - Overkill-DE-2003-kHz
Akte One - Teroa Live Berlin-DE-2005-kHz
al et adil el kabir-a force de tourner en rond-ep-1999-kor
Al Kapone And Mr. Sche-Showdown-2005-RAGEMP3
Al Nuke-Nuke Stars And Stripes-WEB-2017-CTF
al peco-bledhard concept 2-2006-kor
al peco-pec exel-ep-2001-kor
alarmiste-garder lattitude hiphop-vls-2002-kor
Alexnda Tha Great-1933 Gold Standard-2013-iNT sTrUcTuRe
alibi montana et lim-rue-2005-kor
alibi montana-1260 jours-2004-kor
alibi montana-cd bonus-promo-2008-kor
alibi montana-mandat de depot-2002-kor
alibi montana-numero decrou 8460-f-2005-kor
alibi montana-t as ma parole-1999-kor
ali-le rassemblement-2010-kor
ali-que la paix soit sur vous-2015-kor
Alize-A New Breed-2002-RAGEMP3
alkpote et dj weedim-les marches de lempereur-2017-kor
alkpote-lorgasmixtape vol. 2-2015-kor
All World X-The West Kept Secret-WEB-2018-NCM
alliance du nord-un oeil sur le monde-ep-2005-kor
All-Star-Underground Vol. 4-(Hatin Aint Healthy Mixtape)-2004-RAGEMP3
alpha 5.20-scarface dafrique-2010-kor
alpha wann and nekfeu-en sous-marin-web-ep-2011-kor
alter ego-guerriers-2005-kor
amara-jme presente bw cque jveux-vls-2005-kor
amara-mic check - cque jai-vls-2000-kor
amara-portrait crache-2006-kor
amara-rimes utiles-vls-2001-kor
Amber London-1994 EP-2012-EAD INT
amg-ballin outta control-1995-kor
Amp Capone-5 Later Even Greater-2013-EAD INT
Anacron Tight Jeans And Sneaks EP-1998-MWL
Anacron-Be Boy EP-1997-MWL
Anahata Sacred Sound Current-Lakshmi Sound Bath Vol.1 (Healing Abandonment)-2018-DiTF
andre nickatina-daiquiri factory - cocaine raps volume 2-2000-kor
Andrew Kastel - Totschlag-DE-2007-OMA
anfalsh-que dla haine vol. 3-2005-kor
ankhlejohn-a cold world-2019-kor
antilop sa-lete sera chaud-cdm-2003-kor
ap du 113-discret-2009-kor
Apex Clique-The Invitation-2014-EAD INT
Apostle Paw-The Collaboration Tour-2012-EAD INT
armaguedon-alpha et omega-2004-kor
arom-john connor-ep-2014-kor
arsenik-le meilleur de larsenik-2007-kor
arsenik-quelque chose a survecu-2002-kor
arsenik-quelques gouttes suffisent -1998-kor
Arsenik-Quelques Gouttes Suffisent-2CD-Limited Edition-FR-1998-BLA
arsonists-as the world burns-1999-kor
arsonists-date of birth-2001-kor
Art Official Intelligence-Voice-Mail-Bomb-Threat-1997-iSA
Asap Mob-Purple Lord Never Worry (Slim K Slowdown)-(WEB)-2012-SK
assassin-a lolympia-2cd-2010-kor
assassin-academie mythique-2006-kor
assassin-le futur que nous reserve t il -reissue-2004-kor
assassin-lhomicide volontaire-1995-kor
assassin-note mon nom sur ta liste-reissue-2005-kor
assassin-perles rares (1989-2002)-2004-kor
assassin-retour vers le futur old school classic 90s mixe par dj duke-2013-kor
assia-chercheuse dor-2000-kor
ATK - Heptagone-(REISSUE)-FR-2006-SO INT
atk-fk pour toi hommage a fredy.k-2009-kor
atk-oxygene (coffret collector)-4cd-2012-kor
atk-oxygene volume 1-2003-kor
atypick-reflexions et plus -ep-2003-kor
audio two-i dont care the album-1990-kor
Automato-The Single-(VLS)-2004-ATW
Avsmak - Ljud Av Foerruttnelse-(EP)-SE-2003-KiRT4P
Avsmak Och Sjukdomshaerden - Avsmak Och Sjukdomshaerden-(EP)-SE-2003-KiRT4P
awesome dre and the hardcore committee-a.d.s revenge-1993-kor
awesome dre and the hardcore committee-you cant hold me back-1989-kor
Ayyell-Styll Under Hawks Wings-WEB-Bootleg-2011-TR
Azad - Assassin-DE-2009-YSP
Azad - NXTLVL-3CD-Limited Edition-DE-2017-OMA
Azzed Out-A O-2001-RAGEMP3
B.G. feat. T.I.-For A Minute-Promo CDS-2007-XXL
B.H.P. Records Presents-Presidents Day-(CDR)-2CD-2005-RAGEMP3
b.o.s.s.-boss of scandalz strategyz opus 3-2004-kor
b.o.s.s.-boss of scandalz strategyz vol.2-2cd-2000-kor
B.R.E.T.T. Ft. Rick Rock-Couple Of Thugs (VLS)-2001-tAS
B2K Feat. Fabolous-Girlfriend Remix-(Promo CDS)-2003-CMS
Babu-Duck Season Volume 1-EGO
Baby Face Assassins-Ruby Red Eye (Retail)-2002-WCR
Bacon The Small Town General-Tears Of A Soldier-2014-WCC
Bad Meets Evil-The Shady Project (iTunes Version)-(RETAIL)-2013-XDG INT
Bad News Brown-Go Up From The Street Up-(Bootleg)-2008-H5N1
Badazzis-Fuel To Da Fire -2000-RAGEMP3
badi-si je meurs-cdm-2012-kor
Baking Soda Fresh-ITS MEE-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
Ballin Ass Dame-Get Rich Quick Schemes-2001-RNS
bambi cruz-on avance-fr-2001-kor
bambi cruz-ouvre les yeux-fr-1997-kor
bams-de ce monde-fr-2005-kor
bams-vivre ou mourir-fr-1999-kor
BandGang Masoe-Grind Season 4-WEB-2016-LEV
Bangem Smurf And Domination-Youll Lose-Promo CDS-2004-SWE
Banish-Dredgar Cayce-WEB-2012-CR7
Bari-Grey Tape-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
Barret Beatz - Todessymphonie-WEB-DE-2014-SKz
basic-de jungle a jungle-cdm-fr-1998-kor
Bass Sultan Hengzt - Grosse Schnauze Viel Dahinter Mixtape (Mixed By DJ Devin)-DE-2006-YSP
BassBoxxx - Greatest Hits-CD-DE-2003-Khz
Bavu Blakes-On The Cool-Promo-2009-EAD INT
B-Dawg And Doc 9-Ghetto Sickness-WEB-2014-NCM
Beanie Sigel Feat Snoop Dogg-Dont Stop-(Promo CDS)-2005-RNS
Beanie Sigel-The Truth-2000-MIL INT
Beanz-New Found Gold-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
Beanz-Robbin Hood-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
Beastie Boys-Hello Nasty-2CD-Limited Tour Edition-1998-ent int
beastie boys-ill communication-1994-hnh
beastie boys-ill communication-1994-kor
Beastie Boys-Intergalactic-cdm-1998-wax
Beastie Boys-Pauls Boutique (Japanese Edition)-1989-wrm
Beastie Boys-Pauls Boutique (Remastered)-2009-PRM INT
beastie boys-pauls boutique-1989-kor
beat de boul-dans la sono-ep-fr-1997-kor
beat de boul-dans un autre monde-fr-2007-kor
BeatFabrik - Exclusive Audio Tracks-DVDA-DE-2004-kHz
BeatFabrik - Freifickmuschi-Unreleased-DE-2001-Cube
Beelow-Ballin 4 Billions-1999-TAM INT
Bellow-Ballin 4 Billions-1999-RNS
Benjamin Earl Turner-Yell Pretty-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
Benny The Butcher-Burden of Proof (Chopped Not Slopped by Slim K)-WEB-2020-WEB
Benzino-Benzino Presents Round 3-(Die Another Day)-2002-WHOA
bern li-lepouvantail-cdm-2005-kor
beton arme-rage au coeur-ep-2002-kor
B-Hav-Who The Fck Is B-Hav (The Prequel To Haven Day)-(Bootleg)-2013-FuZZ INT
BHC Presents-Crime Pays-1999-RNS
Big Al-Ghetto Stories-2000-RAGEMP3
Big Bank Black-The Godfather (Narrated By Future)-(Bootleg)-2013-FuZZ INT
Big Baraka-American Rude Boy-WEB-2016-LEV
Big Bear-1 Mic 1 Nite Vol.1-2013-EAD INT
Big Ced-Bamboozled-2016-EAD INT
Big Ced-Burden Of Proof-2015-EAD INT
Big Chief-Eat Greedy Vol. 13 Already Cash Money-2012-J2K
Big Chief-Eat Greedy Vol. 14 Letter To My City-2012-J2K
Big Chief-Eat Greedy Vol. 15 Versache-2012-J2K
Big Chief-Eat Greedy Vol. 16-2013-EAD INT
Big Chief-Fuck Yo Feelings Vol. 2-2013-J2K
Big D. Goodwitit-No Skimps (Its All Goodwitit Vol.1)-2012-EAD INT
Big D Goodwitit-Raphael De La Ghetto-(A Street Poets Diary)-2012-EAD INT
Big D Goodwitit-REAL-2014-EAD INT
big daddy kane-taste of chocolate-1990-kor
Big Deuce Houston-HustleMotion-2015-EAD INT
Big Dex And Marcellus Scott-For The Ladies-2012-EAD INT
Big Dirty And Tone Brigante-You Gotta Grind Like Theres No Tomorrow-2016-EAD INT
Big Duce-2nd To None-2012-EAD INT
Big Fellas-The money is made-1998-RAGEMP3
Big Game-90 Grindin 10 Sleep-2012-EAD INT
Big Gemini-Top Of The World-EP-2013-EAD INT
Big Gerb-Antisocial-2014-EAD INT
Big Hen-Just Listen-2015-EAD INT
Big Hud And Beeda Weeda-The Calm Before The Storm-2013-EAD INT
Big Kree Aka El Toro-The Mixtape-2016-EAD INT
Big Kree-Southern Contraband-2016-EAD INT
Big Kree-The Cuban Link-2018-EAD INT
Big L-Unsolved Mysteries 2-Presented by DJ Rukiz-Bootleg-2006-R3D
big mike and poobs present styles p.-the phantom-(bootleg)-2007-c4
Big Mike Supa Mario And Jae Hood-Hood Stripes-2004-C4
Big Mitch-Iz Still Smokin-2013-EAD INT
Big O.G Barret (of Grace Boys Commission)-Still Wreckin Vol.1-2013-EAD INT
big pokey and wreckshop wolfpack-tha collabo-2002-kor
big pun - capital punishment-retail-1998-rcc
Big Pun-Best Of The Punisher-3CD-2003-BKE
Big Punisher-Yeeeah Baby (CD Retail)-2000-EGO
Big Redd-Itz Me U Guuuyz (Hosted By DJ Rapid Ric)-(WEB)-2013-SE
Big Rick-3-Peat EP-2013-WCC
Big Sad 1900-Dont Forget-WEB-2020-ENRAGED
Big Tyme Boys-Beach Party H2Tha0-2002-aPC
Big Unc-West Coast Revival Day1-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
bigflo et oli-la cour des grands-fr-2015-kor
bigflo et oli-la vie de reve-fr-2018-kor
bigflo et oli-la vraie vie-fr-2017-kor
Bigg Loop-Valley Fever-WEB-2014-NCM
Bigg Sipp And L-O-We Outchea-2012-WCC
Big-Peezy Aka Yung Trapper-Block Storyz Vol.2-(Chopped And Screwed Remix)-2013-EAD INT
Big-Peezy Aka Yung Trapper-Block Storyz Vol.2-2013-EAD INT
Bigstat-Heart Of A Lion-WEB-2016-LEV
billy woods-camouflage-2003-kor
billy woods-the chalice-2004-kor
binary star-masters of the universe-2000-kor
Binky Mack-The Black Republican Mixtape-WEB-2012-CR7
Bionic Jive-Armageddon Through Your Speaker-2001-TIN
Birch Boy Barie And Young Gully-Rise Of The Realest-2012-WEB
Bishop Lamont-The PReformation-(Bootleg)-2014-KAL INT
Bishops Chop Shop-E.S.G Slim Thug Lil Keke-2002-ATX
bisso na bisso-africa-2009-kor
bisso na bisso-racines-1999-kor
biz markie-goin off-1988-kor
bizzy bone-heavenz movie-1998-kor
Bizzy Bone-Heavenz Movie-1998-RMG
black attack-on the edge-1997-kor
Black Eyed Peas-Boom Boom Pow-(Promo CDS)-2009-WHOA
Black Market-Alltagsphysik-DE-2004-kHz
black moon-war zone-1999-kor
Black Rob-Life Story-2000-RNS
blackalicious-imani vol. 1-2015-kor
Black-Black Da Young Gunna-2006-EAD INT
Black-G-The Unexpected They Made Me-(Chopped And Screwed By DJ D)-2008-EAD INT
Blakburd-From a Burds Eye View-2000-RAGEMP3
B-Lash - WCB.FM Vol.1-DE-2005-khz
B-Lash - West Berlin Ist Mein Heim-(Promo CDS)-DE-2007-bWs
b-legit-coast 2 coast-2007-kor
b-legit-hempin aint easy-2000-kor
b-legit-tryin to get a buck-1995-kor
b-legit-what we been doin-2015-kor
Bleu Davinci-We Still Here Vol. 2-Hosted by DJ S and S-Bootleg-2006-GT4
bling47-we love marvin-2006-ess
Blocc Monstaz-Monstaz On Elm Street-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
Blokkmonsta - Boeses Blut-DE-2007-OMA
bob marley et the wailers-legend the best of bob marley and the wailers-1984-kor
Bobba Fettt - Die Fetten Jahre Fangen An Vol. 1-DE-2006-YSP
Bobby Brackins-Maxwell Park-(Bootleg)-2013-FuZZ INT
Bobby Creekwater-Imperial Radio-WEB-2018-CR7
Boca 45-Dig Eat Beats Repeat-2015-DiTF
Body Count-Born Dead-1994-KrbZ INT
bokass diesel 2-relations humaines guerre et paix-ep-fr-2002-kor
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony-E. 1999 Eternal-1995-CSF
bone thugs-n-harmony-e. 1999 eternal-1995-kor
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony-East 1999-(Import)-1995-CDSINGLESV2
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony-For Tha Love Of Money-(CDM)-1994-CDSINGLEV2
bone thugs-n-harmony-strength and loyalty-2007-kor
bone thugs-n-harmony-uni5 the worlds enemy-2010-kor
boo graz-censures inedites-2005-kor
boo graz-hommage-2000-kor
booba-autopsie 0-2017-kor
booba-autopsie vol. 1-2cd-2005-kor
booba-autopsie vol. 3 mixe par dj medi med-2009-kor
booba-autopsie vol. 4-2011-kor
booba-nero nemesis-fr-2015-kor
booba-temps mort-reissue-fr-2002-kor
boogie down productions-criminal minded-1987-kor
boogotop-ghetto world-2006-kor
boot camp clik-for the people-1997-kor
Born Stunna 3G-Thr33-WEB-2018-NCM
boss-born gangstaz-1993-kor
boss-boss of scandalz strategyz-2cd-1999-kor
Boston George And Boo Rossini-Drug War II Da Bricktape-2015-EAD INT
botany boys-forever botany-2000-kor
bouchees doubles-apartheid-fr-2006-kor
bouchees doubles-collector-3cd-fr-2007-kor
bouchees doubles-matiere grise-fr-2004-kor
bouchees doubles-quand ruines and rimes s rallient-ep-fr-2003-kor
Brassmunk-El-Dorado-Full VLS-2002-CMS
brav-sous france-2015-kor
Bread Ed-Grind Stimulation Mixtape Vol 1-(WEB)-2012-iNT sTrUcTuRe
Bread Ed-Grind Stimulation Mixtape Vol 2-(WEB)-2012-iNT sTrUcTuRe
B-Real-Tell You Somethin-WEB-2021-FTD
breez evahflowin-breez deez treez-web-2009-umt
Brisco-OG Kush 4 (G-12 Edition)-(Bootleg)-2013-FuZZ INT
Brook Gang-Shake Life-2CD-2013-409 INT
brotha lynch hung-24 deep-ep-1993-kor
brotha lynch hung-loaded-1997-kor
brotha lynch hung-mannibalector-2013-kor
brotha lynch hung-season of da siccness (the resurrection)-1995-kor
brother ali-rites of passage-2004-kor
bruno coulais and akhenaton-comme un aimant-2001-kor
B-Smoove-Fresh Out Da Box-EP-WEB-2012-ENRAGED
B-Tight - X-Tasy-EP-DE-2006-YSP
BTM Squad - Schuldig Bei Verdacht 1-Tape-DE-2004-kHz
BTM Squad - Totgesagte Leben Laenger (Special Edition)-2CD-DE-2013-TPMF
buck 65-game tight (cd reissue)-1994-cms
buckshot-the bdi thug-1999-an187
Bugsy-Kiss the Ring Part 1-Bootleg-2007-eXtaCY
Bujaka Crew - Schiess Doch Bulle-CDM-DE-2004-kHz
Bujaka Crew-Schiess Doch Bulle-CDM-DE-2004-kHz
Buk (Of Psychodrama)-The Deep End (Chopped Not Slopped)-2016-409 INT
Bull Locc-One In The Chamber-WEB-2019-NCM
bullys wit fullys-hardball-2005-kor
Bushido - Alles Verloren-CDS-DE-2007-G2B
Bushido - Carlo Cokxxx Nutten 2-DE-2005-kHz INT
Bushido - Demotape 1999-REISSUE-PROMO-CD-DE-2004-kHz
Bushido - Endgegner-PROMO CDS-DE-2005-iND
Bushido - Gemein wie Zehn-CDM-DE-2003-YSP
Bushido - King of Kingz-Demotape-2CD-Remastered-DE-2005-kHz
Bushido - Staatsfeind Nr.1 (Rizbo Remix)-(PROMO CDS)-DE-2005-gbz int
Bushido - Staatsfeind Nr.1-Advance-DE-2005-uC INT
Bushido - Von Der Skyline Zum Bordstein Zurueck-PROMO CDS-DE-2006-AK INT
Bushido-Staatsfeind Nr.1-Advance-DE-2005-uC INT
bushwick bill-no surrender no retreat-1998-kor
bushwick bill-phantom of the rapra-1995-kor
busta flex-busta flex (edition 20eme anniversaire)-2cd-fr-2018-kor
busta flex-eclipse-fr-2002-kor
busta flex-flex tape 93.8-fr-2012-kor
busta flex-la piece maitresse-fr-2006-kor
busta flex-sexe violence rap flooze vol.2-fr-2008-kor
Busta Rhymes (ft Erykah Badu)-One-(Import CDS)-1998-REG
Busta Rhymes feat-1. Linkin Park-We Made It-Promo CDS-2008-XXL
busta rhymes-anarchy-2000-kor
busta rhymes-extinction level event - the final world front-1998-kor
busta rhymes-the big bang-2006-kor
busta rhymes-the coming-1996-int-osm
Busta Rhymes-Throw It Up Ft-1. Lil Wayne-(Promo CDS)-2008-ZzZz
Butcher Brown-Camden Session-WEB-2018-PZH
C.A. Brown-Kings Testimony-WEB-2020-RAGEMP3 INT
C.O.D.-Straight From The Underground-1993-CNS
C.Stone Ft. Paul Wall And Trae-Reppin Tx-Promo-2009-EAD INT
caballero et jeanjass-double helice 2-2017-kor
caballero jeanjass le seize-pont de la reine-2014-kor
cage-movies for the blind-2002-kor
Cal Wayne-Ghetto (Instrumentals)-WEB-2020-WEB
Calibah 4.1.9. - Audiocrack-DE-2008-NOiR
camelia pandor-le cul entre deux 16-ep-2013-kor
camoflauge-strictly 4 da streets (drugssexand violence vol 1)-2001-kor
camron-purple haze-2004-kor
Camron-S.D.E-Sports Drugs & Entertainment-2000-RNS
Camron-Yeo Man-Promo VLS-2003-CMS
Cane Dubb-Tripolar Disorder-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
Canibus - Second Round K.O.-(u12-56175)-CDM-1998-GCP INT
Canibus-Artofficial Intelligence Presents the Best of Canibus-2002-SSE
canibus-breathe (freestyle) (promo tape)-2004-3std int
Canibus-Get Retarded-CD Single-1999-RNS
Cappadonna - The Pillage-FR-1998-KOR
Caput - Caputalismus-DE-2008-YSP
Capuz - Manga Manga EP-DE-2016-WEB-BB
Carmike - Still Comin At Yo Azz-TAPE-2017-ONE
carre rouge-de la part de lombre-fr-2001-kor
carre rouge-le rappel-fr-2003-kor
case negre-prologues -fr-2004-kor
Casely Ft Flo Rida-Emotional Remix-(Promo CDS)-2008-0MNi
Cash Jigga Milez - Cash Rulez Again-DE-2007-OMA
Cash Money-Platinum Hits Pt. 1-Real Retail-2002-RAGEMP3
Cashis-The Leak-2008-BitCHs iNT
Casino Dice-Unsigned Hype Vol. 1-2001-OSC
Casper - Auf Und Davon-CDM-DE-2011-SDR INT
Casper - Grundstein-DE-2003-RpM
casseurs flowters-comment cest loin-fr-2015-kor
Cassidy-Best Of Cassidy Vol.1-2004-ATX
Castro Escobar-Fidels Lunch-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
Catastrophic-Written-In-Blood-2009-EAD INT
Cease Music-Dreams To Words-WEB-2012-TR
Centa Of Da Web-Beyond Human Comprehension EP-1996-mWL
cercle ferme-douce france-1999-kor
cercle vicieux-cercle vicieux-vls-1999-kor
cercle vicieux-guerrilla 2000-ep-2000-kor
cercle vicieux-plus motives que jamais-2005-kor
Cha-Cha-Dear Diary-1999-RNS
Chalie Boy and Tite-Underground Hits-2003-ATX
Chalie Boy-The Return Of The Versatyle Child-(Bootleg)-2CD-2008-RAGEMP3
Chamillionaire-The Sound Of Revenge-(Explicit)-2005-RNS
Charles Hamilton-StHRezzurexion-(Bootleg)-2013-KAL INT
Charlez360-Fire up and Go-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
Chicagos Supastarr-Chi Da Mixtape Vol.1-2014-WCC
Chico-Best Of Chico aka Chic Raw-(Bootleg)-2005-eXe
chief keef-finally rich (deluxe edition)-2012-kor
chiens de paille-mille et un fantomes-2001-kor
chiens de paille-sincerement-2004-kor
Children Of The Corn-Demos-2000-CMS
Chingo Bling-Tamale Season Vol.1-Bootleg-2010-EAD INT
Chino Nino-Knockem Wit Game-2002-RAGEMP3
Chino Nino-Smash Out (Cd Single)-2001-RNS
Chopemup Green-Chopped Without Warning-WEB-2017-ESG
Chosen Few-Climbin Through Amerikkkas Window-2001-RNS
Chris King-Leonardo DiTrappio-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
chubb rock and wordsmith-bridging the gap lp-web-2009-umt
chuck d-autobiography of mistachuck-1996-kor
chunk-chunk ii still the menace-1992-kor
Ciara-the Evolution-Retail-2006-s2k
cinquante cinquante-50-50-2006-kor
CJ Da Great-Midway Plaisance-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
CJ Fly-Thee Way Eye See It-(Bootleg)-2013-KAL INT
C-Jack-Break The Bank Vol. 1-WEB-2012-TR
Clap Cognac And Superstar Jay-Stay Hungry-(Bootleg)-2005-MoB
class affair crew-soiree sexy-cdm-1999-kor
Clip - Duestere Klaenge-DE-2011-TPMF
Clip - Rotes X-Limited Edition-EP-DE-2015-ONE
club splifton-embauche pour la debauche-fr-1999-kor
cmp familia-lhonneur perdu -1998-kor
CMP-Da Game-1998-KSi
cmp-largent et la mafia-ep-1997-kor
cmp-vener com lucifer-1996-kor
C-Murder-Life Or Death-1998-NHH INT
cold world hustlers-cold streets-reissue-2005-kor
Cole James Cash-BBW A Pornographic Opera-2014-DiTF
coloquinte-lost album-web-fr-2011-kor
coloquinte-street tape (presente par masar)-fr-2004-kor
color-pourquoi se battre-ep-1998-kor
Colos - Independent-DE-2009-OMA
Comb-Camp Mystic Cake-WEB-2012-MwT iNT
Common feat Erikah Badu-The Light (remix) single-2000-RNS
comptons most wanted-its a compton thang-1990-kor
comptons most wanted-music to driveby-1992-kor
comptons most wanted-straight checkn em-1991-kor
Cone Gorilla - Audiocrack-DE-2013-TPMF
Cookin Soul-Whateva Vol. 4-WEB-2020-DNR
Cool D - Tasa-(Promo-CDS)-EE-2005-TDJ
Coolio-Gangstas Paradise-1995-SO
Cory Gunz-Datz WTF Im Talkin Bout-(Bootleg)-2013-FuZZ INT
costello-co-coss style mixe par dj law-2005-kor
costello-faut que jrepete-cds-2000-kor
coup ii pression-on reve tous - alanick-vls-2001-kor
Court Dog-Pullin Rank-1999-RAGEMP3
CP Tha Great-Only Heaven Is Greater-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
cpo-to hell and black-1990-kor
Cr7z - Scythe (Exclusive Track)-FREEWEB-DE-2014-SKz INT
craig g-the kingpin-1989-kor
Crooked I-The Boss Is Back-(Bootleg)-2005-VINYL
Crookwood-The First Chapter-WEB-2019-NCM
cru-da dirty 30-1997-kor
Crystal F - X-DE-2012-OMA
Cuban Link-24-K (Official Advance)-2000-EGO
cut killer and menage a 3-mixtape n17-fr-2005-kor
cut killer-cut killa show 19361 - part 1 and 2-2cd-fr-2005-kor
cut killer-cut killer presente lunatic (edition collector)-fr-2005-kor
cut killer-cut killer show 2-fr-2001-kor
cut killer-cut killer show episode iii-fr-2005-kor
cut killer-cut killer tape 3-2cd-fr-2014-kor
cut killer-d.abuz suspects-fr-2015-kor
cut killer-freestyle 2 (volume 1 paris)-1998-kor
cut killer-freestyle 2 (volume 2 banlieues)-1998-kor
cut killer-freestyle 2 (volume 3 provinces)-1998-kor
cut killer-hip hop soul party 2-2cd-fr-1996-kor
cut killer-keep it real-fr-2015-kor
cut killer-la cliqua-2cd-fr-2005-kor
cut killer-special afro jazz (mixtape n16)-fr-2005-kor
cypress hill-iv-1998-recycled int
cypress hill-rise up-2010-kor
cypress hill-skull and bones-2000-recycled int
Cypress Hill-Stoned Raiders-Special Edition-2001-TLT
Cyssero AKA Rockstar-Free Agent (The Prequel)-2006-h3rb
d. abuz system-ca se passe-ep-1996-kor
d.abuz system-le syndikat-fr-1999-kor
D.I.M.E.-Poverty And Prosperity-2001-RNS
D.I.T.C.-Rawkus Reissues-2001-SSE
d.o.c-bloc no.3-fr-2011-kor
d of trinity garden cartel-game done changed-1995-kor
D of Trinity Garden Cartel-Game Done Changed-1995-RNS
d of trinity garden cartel-i love n.i.g.g.a.z.-1997-kor
d of trinity garden cartel-straight texas hoodlum-1995-kor
D of Trinity Garden Cartel-Straight Texas Hoodlum-1995-RNS
D12-D12 World-ADVANCE-2004-DRUG INT
D12-Devils Night (Promo Sampler)-2001-KSi
D12-How Come-AU CDS-2004-aAF
Da Brat-Anuthafunkdafiedtantrum-2CD-(Clean)-1996-CDSINGLESV2
da brat-anuthatantrum-1996-kor
Da Brat-Anuthatantrum-1996-RNS
da brat-unrestricted-2000-kor
da hood-mack 10 presents da hood-2002-kor
da youngstas-no mercy-1994-kor
daddy lord c et la cliqua-freaky flow remix-cdm-1995-kor
daddy lord c-le fruit des sacrifices-fr-2011-kor
daddy lord c-le noble art-fr-1998-kor
daddy lord c-sans mes gosses-vinyl-fr-2005-kor
daddy yod-le contrat-1997-kor
daddy yod-le survivant-1995-kor
dadoo-france history x - part 1-fr-2003-kor
damani nkosi-thoughtful king-2014-kor
Damion Davis - Am Ende Des Tunnels-DE-2007-OMA
Damion Davis - Lichtermeer-DE-2007-OMA
damso-batterie faible-2cd-2016-kor
Danger Doom-Occult Hymn EP-2006-CMS INT
dangerdoom-occult hymn-ep-(webrip)-readnfo-2006-ftd int
Dangerous Dame-Escape From The Mental Ward-1995-RNS
Danny Blunt-The Only Way Is Up-2012-EAD INT
dan-t et barros-le meme flou-cdm-2012-kor
Dante Higgins-Rhymes For Months-Trillogy-WEB-2012-TR
dany dan-flashback mixtape mixe par dj saber et jay carre-2004-kor
dany dan-poetiquement correct-fr-2006-kor
dany dan-special dany dan volume 2 mixe par jay carre-2004-kor
daomen-de la ou jemerge-vls-1999-kor
daomen-underground classic-1999-kor
Darien Fields-Young Astronaut-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
Darkroom Familia - Temporary Insanity-WEB-2005-TPMF
Darkroom Familia Present Unknown and Venomous - 209-Illation-WEB-2004-TPMF
Darkroom Familia Presents - Norcal Factorz-WEB-2005-TPMF
Darkroom Familia Presents Brown Area - California Latins-WEB-2001-TPMF
Darkroom Familia Presents Young-D - The Mind Of A Mexican-WEB-2002-TPMF
Darkroom Familia-Gang Stories-1999-RNS
Darkroom Familia-Hitz From Tha Barrio-2001-EOS
Darkroom Familia-Penitentiary Chances-OST-1998-RNS
Darkroom Family Presents DJ M.T.-Brown Sick N Wicked-1997-EOSiNT
Darkroom Family-Barrio Love-1997-RNS
DarkStar The Last-End of The Road-LP-2012-MwT iNT
Dat Guy-Randb Experience-(Bootleg)-2012-FuZZ INT
Dave-Game Over-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
davodka- juste titre-fr-2019-kor
davodka-accuse de reflexion-2017-kor
davodka-la mise au poing-fr-2015-kor
daz dillinger and jt the bigga figga-game for sale-2001-kor
Daz Dillinger-D.A.Z.-2011-HHA
daz-ini-le magicien-2007-kor
D-Block-Street Muzik-2007-C4
De La Soul-3 Feet High And Rising-1989-OSR
Dead Prez And Outlawz Present Cant Sell Dope Forever-2006-EGO
Deadly Deuce-Creepin Thru The Fog-1995-RNS
Deadly Game Clique-Propositionz-1997-RAGEMP3
Deadly Venoms-Still Standing-2002-EGO
Declaime - Andsoitisaid-2001-HBZ
Declaime - Exclaim The Name-Promo VLS-2001-KrbZ
Declaime-Self Study-2011-HHB
dee nasty-paname city rappin-vinyl-fr-1984-kor
Dee Ruggz-Basic 4 R U Being Served Vol 1-(Bootleg)-2007-Homely
deen burbigo-grand cru-2017-kor
Def 1-Boy From Da Blockz-Bootleg-2005-UKP
Def 1-Time On My Hands Vol.1-Bootleg-2005-UKP
def bond-def-2003-kor
Deine Ltan - Kopfschuss-DE-2006-SHiVA
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien-Eleventh Hour-2008-EOSiNT
del the funky homosapien-both sides of the brain-2000-kor
delinquent habits-here come the horns-1998-kor
Delusional Thomas (Mac Miller)-Delusional Thomas-(Bootleg)-2013-KAL INT
Dem Franchize Boyz-On Top Of Our Game-Explicit Advance-2006-FM
Dem Franchize Boyz-The White Tee Gang Da Mixtape-Bootleg-2007-RAGEMP3
Dem Franchize Boyz-White Tees-Promo CDS-2004-XXL
Dem West Virginia Bois-The New Breed-WEB-2007-BbH
demi portion-1990-2020-kor
demi portion-2 chez moi-fr-2017-kor
demi portion-8 titres et demi volume 1-ep-2013-kor
demi portion-8 titres et demi volume 2-ep-2013-kor
demi portion-artisan du bic-fr-2011-kor
demi portion-dragon rash-2015-kor
demi portion-la bonne ecole-fr-2020-kor
demi portion-les histoires-fr-2013-kor
demi portion-sous le choc volume 1-ep-2013-kor
demi portion-sous le choc volume 2-ep-2012-kor
democrates d-la voie du peuple-fr-1995-kor
demon one-demons et merveilles-2008-kor
Demonenpark Klicke - Nr.1-PROPER-TAPE-DE-2001-kHz INT
Dennis Diamonds - E.F.D.E.-DE-2007-Ysp
Dennis Diamonds - Nigguhzukunft-CDR-DE-2003-khz
despo rutti mokless and guizmo-jamais 203-fr-2013-kor
destinee-le quotidien-cdm-fr-1995-kor
Detag-Decades Of Magic-WEB-2015-ESG
Detentos Do Rap - Apologia Ao Crime-1998-MDMA
Deuce Komradz-What Part-(Promo-CDS)-2004-TS4L
devin the dude-waitin to inhale-2007-kor
Devin the Dude-Waiting to Inhale-2007-aBc
Devin-The Dude-1998-WCR INT
DFC-Things In Tha Hood-1994-RNS
DFC-Things In Tha Hood-WEB-1994-WUS
D-Gotti-Monroe Season-(WEB)-2012-WEB
Diamond Recordz-Its On-2002-ATX
Dice Soho-Lean Routine (Chopped Not Slopped)-2014-409 INT
Dice-Red Rain-2002-RAGEMP3
dicidens-hlm rezidants-cd-fr-2004-kor
dicidens-session prelude avant de devenir dicidensgereux-bootleg-fr-2007-2m7
Die Fantastischen Vier - Fornika Fuer Alle-DVD-DE-2008-YSP
digamaz-transmets noir sur blanc-vinyl-1997-kor
dilated peoples-directors of photography-2014-kor
dimension ouest cartel-reglement de comptes-1997-kor
Diomay-Street Credibilite Mixtape-(Bootleg)-FR-2006-H5N1
DirtyDiggs-7 Figure Patterns-WEB-2016-SOUNDz
DirtyDiggs-Gold Digger-WEB-2014-SOUNDz
disiz la peste-disizilla-fr-2018-kor
disiz la peste-jeu de societe-2003-kor
disiz la peste-les histoires extraordinaires-fr-2005-kor
disiz-rap machine-fr-2015-kor
Dissput - Anders Als Du-DE-2008-YSP
Dissput - Demo-TAPE-DE-2000-KrbZ
Dissput - Fuenf-DE-2009-YSP
Dizzee Rascal-Holiday-UK CDS-2009-UTE
DJ Aristocat-Touched Remixes and Mashups Volume 2-Bootleg Vinyl-2007-CMS
DJ BeyondRest-The Talk of New York (Hosted By Tony Yayo)-(Bootleg)-2005-MAD
DJ Black Beatz Presents 50 Cent-Superstar-2008-ONe
dj chuck chillout and kool chip-masters of the rhythm-1989-kor
DJ Coolbreeze Presents Lil Boosie-Blade Eternal-(Bootleg)-READ NFO-2008-BbH
DJ Deadeye Ft. Big Noyd Big Tac And Termanology-The Murderous-WEB-2009-BbH
DJ DMD-Go Back Home-Promo CD Single-2000-RNS
DJ Drama And Bump J-Chicagorilla-Gangsta Grillz Extra-Bootleg-2006-RRR
DJ Drama and Lil Wayne-Dedication 1 and 2 (Edition Collector)-2CD-2013-SO INT
dj drama big mike and willie the kid-divide and conquer-2006-C4
DJ EFX And Lil Wayne-Before The Carter-(Bootleg)-2008-CR
DJ Famous And Drake-Almost Famous-Bootleg-2009-AD
DJ Famous-On Parole Best of Tony Yayo Pt 2-(Bootleg)-2005-MAD
DJ Flash-The Best of Mobb Deep (Bootleg)-2005-SWE
DJ Four Five-The Best of Lil Kim-(Bootleg)-2006-eXe
DJ Hard-Inhale My Flow-1994-(Tape)-RAGEMP3
DJ Hitz And Jim Jones-The Jim Jones Chronicles-(Bootleg)-2007-CR
DJ IQ Ft. Dubbledge-9-5-Promo CDS-2007-R3D
DJ Jay Faire-50 Cent Best Rapper 2002-2003-FUA
Dj Jay Faire-G Unit (The Hottest Click)-2003-MoB
DJ Jay Faire-The Game-2004-SnS
DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince-Ring My Bell-CDS-1991-RZB
DJ Jelly-Bow Down Part 1-199x-RAGEMP3
DJ Jimi-Its Jimi-1992-RNS
DJ Kay Slay-Cant Stop The Reign Bw Big Problems-Promo CDM-2006-XXL
DJ Keyz And Big Mike-Beanie Sigel Broad Street Bully Pt. 2-(Bootleg)-2005-DRX
DJ Keyz and DJ Envy-Fabolous NY Transporters-Bootleg-2005-0MNi
DJ Keyz Big Mike And Jim Jones-Dirty Bird (Collabo Edition 36)-(Bootleg)-2007-CR
DJ Klapton Presents Lil Wayne VS Cassidy-The Beast And The Hustla Pt. 4-(Bootleg)-2008-Xplode
DJ Kool Kid And AZ-Return To Sugarhill-(Bootleg)-2005-C4
DJ Kool Kid Presents Future-The Next In Line Vol 1-2003-WCR
Dj Kool Mike Ski-Major League Ballers Pt.1-2002-WHOA
DJ Korx - Dies Sind Die Raps Die Ihr Immer Hoeren Wolltet-DE-2008-YSP
DJ Krash Slaughta-Plans For An Interplanetary Bust EP-CDEP-2008-hbZ
DJ L Presents-Bigger Than Life (Best Of Biggie)-2003-WHOA
dj manifest-compte de faits-2001-kor
DJ Manny Marc - Krieg In Berlin-DE-2007-YSP
dj mehdi-espion le ep-2000-kor
DJ Nasty Feat MIMS Pitbull Red Cafe And Currensy-We Really Do This-CDS-2007-eXtaCY
DJ Nicon - Optische Elemente Vol.2.5-DE-2005-AK
DJ Norap And Oschino-The Best Of Oschino Pt. 2-2004-MoB
DJ On Point And Joe Budden-Mood Muzik (The Worst Of Joe Budden)-2004-C4
DJ On Point Presents Shinobi-See You Chumps On Top-2004-C4
DJ OP And DJ RC Present-Styles P-A Gangster and A Gentlemen-(Bootleg)-2008-pLAN9x
DJ Papa Smirf DJ Envy And Paperboyz-Got Paper Vol 1-Bootleg-2006-TAM
DJ Paul and Juicy J - Vol. 2 Da Exorcist-1994-STR
DJ Paul And Juicy J-Vol 3 Spring Mix 1995-RAGEMP3
dj poska-whats the flavor(100 freestyle hip-hop francais)-fr-1997-kor
dj poska-whats the flavor 50 - freestyle anthology-2cd-2002-kor
DJ Quik-Balance & Options-Retail-2000-Recycled INT
dj quik-balance and options-2000-kor
DJ Quik-Greatest Hits (Live At The House Of Blues)-PROPER-2006-41ST
DJ Roli Fingaz-Fire Blends Pt. 7-(Best Of Jay-Z Blend Version)-2003-QMB
DJ Rukiz And DJ Quest-Da Nolia Solider 3 (Best Of Soulja Slim)-(Bootleg)-2005-DRX
DJ Rukiz And Juelz Santana-Dont Watch Me Watch TV-Bootleg-2006-T4C
DJ Rukiz-50 Cent (Underdogs On Top)-Bootleg-2005-DRX
DJ Scoob Doo-Im the Hardest Out (50 Cent Vs Styles P)-2005-MAD
DJ Scream-The Pimp C Collective-2006-RAGEMP3
DJ Screw-Serial Killa-1996-OSC
DJ Screw-Southside Holdin-Bootleg-2CD-1997-RAGEMP3 INT
DJ Semi And Lloyd Banks-A South Side Story-2004-QMB
DJ Semi and Rick Ross-Boss Life (The Remixes)-Bootleg CD-2008-RACEME
DJ Spanish Fly-Im Da Nigga-1990-RAGEMP3
DJ Special Blend-Black Skater Sampler Vol. 1-(Bootleg)-2008-pLAN9x
Dj spinna ft eminem-heavy beats vol1 promo-1999-apc
DJ Unk-In Yo Face-(Promo CDS)-(Repack)-2008-0MNi
DJ Wats And Fabolous-Starring In Joe Millionaire-2004-WCR
DJ Wats and Nigo-Bape Store NYC Mixtape-2005-OiS
DJ Wats-Best Of Ja Rule PT.2-2002-WHOA
DJ Wats-The Red Tape Pt.3 (Hardbody Edition)-2005-OiS
DJ Whiteowl and Lil Wayne-New Orleans Nightmare-Bootleg-2007-R3D
DJ Whiteowl And Styles P-The Ghost Story-(Bootleg)-2007-CR
DJ Whoo Kid And 50 Cent-G-Unit Radio 25 Hosted By Chris Rock-Bootleg-2007-C4
DJ Whoo Kid And 50 Cent-This Ones For My Bitches-2007-C4
DJ Whoo Kid And DJ Envy Presents Pokerface-World Series Of Pokerface-(Bootleg)-2005-C4
DJ Whoo Kid And Lloyd Banks-4-30-09 Happy Birthday Vol. 4-(Bootleg)-2CD-2009-Xplode INT
DJ Whoo Kid And Mister Cee Present Lil Kim-Ms. G.O.A.T.-(Bootleg)-2007-C4
DJ Whoo Kid and Mobb Deep-G Unit Radio Pt.20-Best in the Bizness-(Bootleg)-2006-mos
DJ Whoo Kid And Obie Trice-The Most Underrated-(Bootleg)-2007-GT4
DJ Whoo Kid And Quan-Long Time Coming Vol 1 (Bootleg)-2006-SWE
DJ Whoo Kid And Tony Yayo-Bloody Xmas-(Bootleg)-2008-Xplode INT
DJ Whoo Kid Jim Jones And NOE-BirdGang-(Bootleg)-2008-Xplode INT
DJ Whoo Kid Presents Mense-The Transporter-(Bootleg)-2005-OSN
DJ Wreck-50 Cent Classics-(Bootleg)-2005-MAD
DJ Zirk and Tha 2 Thick Family-Looken For Tha Chewin-1996-RAGEMP3 INT
Djibutie Mc - Det Albooom-de-2002-khz int
Dmg Cip-LITT Live in Them Trenches-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
DMG Cip-Still Cippin 2-WEB-2018-ENRAGED
dmg-black roulette-2002-kor
DMN-Saida De Emergencia-BR-2002-LB
D-Moe-Do You Feel Me-1994-CR-INT
D-Money-City Of Carnivorous-(CDR)-2008-HooD
DMX- And Then There Was X-1999-R3D INT
DMX- and Then There Was X-Retail-1999-XXL
DMX vs Canibus-Part 1-Bootleg-1998-NHH INT
DMX vs Canibus-Part 2-Bootleg-1998-NHH INT
DMX-And Then There Was X-(Clean)-1999-CDSINGLESV2
DMX-And Then There Was X-1999-VMA
DMX-Born Loser-2002-409
DMX-Damien III-(Promo CDS)-2001-phe
DMX-Flesh Of My Flesh Blood Of My Blood-(Clean)-1998-CDSINGLESV2
DMX-Flesh Of My Flesh Blood Of My Blood-1998-GMZ
DMX-Fuck the Industry-(Bootleg)-2004-DiTF
DMX-Grand Champ-(Clean)-2003-CDSINGLESV2
DMX-Grand Champ-2003-R3D INT
Dmx-Its Dark And Hell Is Hot-(Clean)-1998-CDSINGLESV2
DMX-Its Dark and Hell is Hot-1998-EMG INT
DMX-Its Dark And Hell Is Hot-1998-WHOA INT
DMX-Its Dark And Hell Is Hot-VBR-1998-AMP INT
DMX-Live from L.A Peformances (2-9-00)-2000-RNS
DMX-The Great Depression-(Clean)-2001-CDSINGLESV2
DMX-Walk These Dogs-Promo-2005-MGZ
DMX-Whats My Name (CD Single)-1999-RNS
DMX-Whats My Name (DIRTY Vinyl Single)-1999-RNS
DMX-Year of Yhe Dog Again-(Retail)-2006-DiTF
d-nice-call me d-nice-1990-kor
Do Or Die-Back 2 The Game (Snippets Advance)-2002-RNS
Do or Die-D.O.D-2005-SUT INT
Do Or Die-Dimenz bw Sex Appeal-VLS-2002-tAS
Do Or Die-Headz Or Tails-1998-RNS INT
Do Or Die-Headz or Tailz (Screwed And Chopped)-2005-RAGEMP3
Do or die-just ballin single-1999-apc
Do Or Die-Picture This-1996-hydro-aPC
Do or Die-Trunk Music Mixtape-(Bootleg)-2011-HAAS INT
Do Or Die-Victory-2000-HHR
doc gyneco-enregistre au quartier-2006-kor
Doc Gyneco-Menu Best Of-FR-2003-R00TS iNT
doc gyneco-peace maker-2008-kor
doc gyneco-premiere consultation-1996-kor
doc gyneco-premiere consultation-2cd-deluxe-1996-kor
Doc Gyneco-Premiere Consultation-RETAiL CD-FR-1996-R2R iNT
doc gyneco-solitaire-2002-kor
Doe Doe Records Presents Doe Boyz-The Streetz Talk Vol.1-2005-SUT
Dog House Posse-Dope Gets No Heavier-1995-RAGEMP3 INT
Dom Pachino (P.R. Terrorist)-Gunz An Glory (A Soldier Story)-2006-41ST
Dom Pachino-Tera Iz Him-2002-41ST
Domination-DJ Elbow Presents-Best Of Domination Hosted By Bangem Smurf-2004-SWE
domino-physical funk-1995-kor
don vito-corleone-cdm-2004-kor
Donald D-Notorious-Retail-1989-Recycled INT
D-One Tha Chosen-AMM Volume 1-2012-EAD INT
dontcha-etat brut 2-2009-kor
dontcha-etat brut-2006-kor
dontcha-maxi calibre-ep-2008-kor
donya-100 regrets-1998-kor
Dotarachi-New Wave-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
double h dj crew-h2 dj crew-fr-1999-kor
double impact-en vers et contre tous -2005-kor
double pact-cest comme la vie-1999-kor
double pact-rien a perdre-2002-kor
Double R-Bizzy Bone Presents Double R-Retail-2003-Recycled INT
Double Vision (Kane and Abel)-Keep You Eyes Open-1995-RAGEMP3
doudou masta-mastamorphose-2002-kor
Doug E. Fresh and the New Get Fresh Crew-Doin What I Gotta Do-Retail-1992-Recycled INT
Dr. Dre-2001 Instrumental-1999-KAL INT
dr. dre-2001-cd-1999-kor
Dr. Dre-85 Live-CASSETTE-1985-PRM INT
Dr. Dre-86 In The Mix-CASSETTE-1986-PRM INT
Dr. Dre-BET-(TAPE)-1987-PRM INT
dr. dre-compton (a soundtrack by dr. dre)-2015-kor
Dr. Dre-First Round Knock Out-1996-OSR
Dr. Dre-Keep Their Heads Ringing-2CD-(Bootleg)-2003-BKE
Dr. Dre-Kush Remix Feat Snoop Dogg Akon and the Game (Digi 12)-2010-DiTF
Dr. Dre-The Aftermath-VBR-1998-AMP INT
Dr. Dre-The Chronic-1992-EAC
Dr. Faustus - Gesichter Des Todes-DE-2006-SHiVA
Dr. Octagon - Ecologyst-1997-iMPG
Dr Dre And Tony A-88 Boom N Bass-CASSETTE-1988-PRM INT
Dr Dre Ft Knocturnal-Bad Intentions (12 Inch)-2001-EGO
Dr Dre-2003-2CD-2002-CRN
Dr Dre-Chronicles (Death Row Classics)-2006-C4
Dr Dre-Goin Off-CASSETTE-1986-PRM INT
Dr Dre-In Effect-CASSETTE-1988-PRM INT
Dr Dre-KDAY Traffic Jam-CASSETTE-1987-PRM INT
Dr Dre-Legendary Style-2014-ATX
Dr Dre-Live At The Operating Room With KRS ONE And Scott La Rock-CASSETTE-1987-PRM INT
Drag On-Hell And Back-(Advance)-2003-OLZ
Drag On-The Race-Promo VLS-2003-CHR
Drag-On-Hell and Back (Retail)-2004-C4
Drag-On-Opposite of H2o-2000-CMS INT
Dramatik Gamble-Pray 4 Mercy Vol 1-WEB-2019-ESG
dre dog-i hate you with a passion-1995-kor
Dre Robinson Ft Mobb Deep-Get Right-(Promo CDS)-2004-OiS
Drebreezy-Hustle Thru Da Struggle-WEB-2016-LEV
Dre-D-Fast Dreams-1999-RAGEMP3
Drekno-Marks on My Soul-Retail-1999-Recycled INT
Dretti Franks-Rare Sounds 3-WEB-2019-ESG INT
driver-maintenant jsuis chaud-ep-2017-kor
driver-swing popotin-2001-kor
dru down-fools from the street-1993-kor
dru down-gangsta pimpin-2001-kor
Dru Down-Pimpin Phernelia-2001-HMU
dry-de la pure pour les durs-fr-2008-kor
D-Shot-You Need A Hustler (Promo CDS)-2001-RNS
DTP Presents the Playaz Circle-Fresh Out the Spot (Promo CDS)-2005-CRN
Dubb Sicks Rittz Cory Kendrix-Im Gowne-2012-EAD INT
dubee aka sugawolf-dubee aka sugawolf-1996-kor
Duke Kellz-MoolahOverEverything-WEB-2018-ENRAGED
Dukedagod And Diplomat Records Present 40 Cal-Dip Masters Collection-(Bootleg)-2008-BbH
Durell-Call Me Later Way Too Busy-WEB-2017-ESG
Dusty Leigh-Quitting My Day Job-WEB-2013-ENRAGED
E.C. Illa L.P-.Ill State Assassins Presents-1995-RAGEMP3
e.s.g.-ocean of funk-1994-kor
E Moneybags-In E Moneybags We Trust-LP-1999-FTD INT
e-40 and b-legit-connected and respected-2018-kor
E-40 Feat. Akon-Wake It Up-(Promo CDS)-2008-iTUNES
E-40-1 Luv (Vls)-1995-nJC
E-40-Charlie Hustle-Blueprint Of A Self Made Millionaire-1999-RNS
E-40-Hall Of Game-1996-OSR
E-40-In A Major Way-1995-EMG INT
E-40-In A Major Way-1995-RNS
E-40-My Ghetto Report Card-2006-DNR
E-40-Rappers Ball Feat Too Short and K-Ci-CDS-1996-QMB
E-40-Tha Hall Of Game-1996-DNR
E-40-Tha Hall Of Game-Retail-1996-OSR
E-40-Wake It Up-(Proper CDS)-2008-WHOA
ea-ski-1 step ahead of yall-ep-1992-kor
E-A-Ski-Showdown-Retail CDM-1997-Recycled INT
Eazy E-5150 Home 4 Tha Sick-EP-1992-VMA
Eazy E-Black Nigga Killa (CDS)-RAGEMP3
Eazy E-Black Nigga Killa (Promo 12)-1998-CHR
Eazy E-Eazy Duz It-1988-RNS
Eazy E-Eazy Duz-It-(U.S.D.A. Remastered)-2010-H3X
Eazy E-Eazy Duz-It (Remastered)-2002-WCR
Eazy E-Eternal E-(Remastered)-2003-WCR
Eazy E-Featuring Eazy-E-(Advance)-2007-FM
Eazy E-Impact Of A Legend-2002-CMS
Eazy E-Real Muthaphuckkin Gs-RNS
Eazy E-The Boyz In The Hood-(VLS)-1987-CMS
Eazy E-The Life and Timez of Eric Wright-LIMITED EDITION-2004-0MNi
eazy-e-5150 home 4 tha sick-ep-1992-kor
eazy-e-its on (dr. dre) 187um killa-ep-1993-kor
eazy-e-str8 off tha streetz of muthaphukkin compton-1995-kor
Ece - Jubilaeum Leben und Tod-2CD-DE-2014-UMT
Ece - Jubilaeum Tod-DE-2014-tCN
Eddy Rebel-Legendary G-(Reissue)-2013-CR
Eevee-Beat Tape 08-WEB-2016-DNR
eightball and mjg-comin out hard-1993-kor
Eightball And MJG-Living Legends (Chopped By Michael Watts)-2004-SUT
eightball and mjg-on the outside looking in-1994-kor
Eightball feat Jadakiss-Stop Playing Games Remix (Promo-2002-DMS
El Axel ft Nico D-Muevelo-Promo CDS-2007-REiTAN
El P-Fantastic Damage-2002-TS4L INT
Elliot Ness-Rhyme Or Crime Vol. 1 (the Leak)-2004-MoB
el-p-ill sleep when youre dead-2007-kor
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