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  Others | Author: Admin | 1-01-2022, 15:21

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Belleruche-Northern Girls-(TRU153)-WEB-2008-JUST
Bill Withers-Just As I Am (1971) - Still Bill (1972)-(Remastered)-2003-DNR
Blue Raspberry-Within-EP-WEB-2019-WTCF
Cameo-Ugly Ego-2003-IGR
Curtis Mayfield-Roots-1999-CMS
DJ Spinna-Best Of Sade Mix-(OTWR20070002)-CD-2009-OBC
Dwele-Angel-Love-(Yam Who)-Bootleg-Vinyl-2005-mbs
Eruption-One Way Ticket-VLS-1978-GCP
Jimmy and June-T.O.L.C.-WEB-2016-WTCF
Jimmy and June-The Catchup-WEB-2015-WTCF
King Floyd-Think About it-LP-1973-JCE
Kristiina Wheeler-Hitchin To Helsinki-2008-r35
Latimore-More More More Lets Straighten it Out-LP-1974-JCE
Les Nubians-Echos-(Advance)-2005-RNS
Liv.E-Couldnt Wait To Tell You -2020-DiTF
Lord Finesse-Motown State Of Mind-2020-DiTF
Lyn Collins-Mama Feelgood-The Best Of Lyn Collins-2005-RNS
Madlib and Dudley Perkins-Flowers-Vinyl-2002-CMS
Martha Reeves And The Vandellas-Early Classics-Reissue CD-2008-OBC
Marvin Gaye-Soul Legends-2CD-2006-XXL
Marvin Gaye-The Master 1961-1984-Full-4CD-1995-JCE
Mary Wells-Motown-The Collection-CD-2008-OBC
Maze Ft Frankie Beverly - Anthology-2CD-1996-kiNky
Misja Helsloot - Live at IDT Radio (Heavens Gate)-02-05-2002-TWCMP3
Moneybrother-To Die Alone-(Advance)-2005-FNT
Natalie Cole-Leavin-2006-EGO
Nina Simone-Most Famous Hits-2CD-Retail-2001-CMS
Saydah-MeLee Madness Saydah Style-WEB-2013-WTCF
Shena-One Man Woman-(Advance)-2008-H3X
Soulman-Higher Heights-2003-JCE
Stevie Wonder-20th Century Masters Presents The Christmas Collection-2004-CNS
Stevie Wonder-Music Of My Mind-(Remastered)-2000-OSM
Stone Mecca-Live on 54th-WEB-2010-WTCF
The Isley Brothers--Original Album Classics-5CD-2008-OMA
The Jackson 5-ABC-1970-LLF
The Jackson 5-Classic-The Masters Collection-Reissue CD-2008-OBC
The Jackson 5-Goin Back To Indiana (1971)-Lookin Through The Windows (1972)-Remastered-2001-C4
The Ronettes--Be my Baby-(Vinyl)-1963-DC
Tre Azure-Ego Maniax Vol.1-WEB-2010-WTCF
V.A. - Give Me Soul Vol 4-1997-ESK
VA - 60s Soul Mix-2CD-Retail-2003-ESC
VA - 75 Original Moments-the Mississipi Soul-2004-CHiCNCREAM
Va - Best Of Soul-2001-SRM
VA - Black is Beautiful Black and Proud-MAG CD-2009-LiR
VA - Black is Beautiful Soul Classics-MAG CD-2009-LiR
VA - Broken Soul-2004-CMG
VA - Coming Home (Compiled By Nightmares On Wax)-2009-YSP
VA - Complete Stax-Volt Singles 1959-1968 9CD-v8
VA - Complete Stax-Volt Soul Singles 1968-1971 9CD-v8
VA - Complete Stax-Volt Soul Singles 1972-1975-10CD-10CD-1994-v8
VA - Disco and Soul the Best of-3CD-2002-MiP
VA - Doing The James Brown-2001-IDM
VA - Essence of Funk-Retail-2002-BOSS
VA - Fetenhits Black Classics-2CD-2004-MOD
VA - For Millionaires Only-2005-DQM
VA - Music Box Collection Soul-2CD-1997-NOiSE
VA - Soul Ballads-2001-SRM
VA - Soul Classics-2CD-2003-FD
VA - Soul Deep -the Story of Black Popular Music-2CD-2005-DQM
VA - Soul Lounge-3CD-Retail-2005-FEZMP3
VA - Soul Spectrum Volume 1-1998-FuFFENS
VA - Soul Ya Vol.3-2010-YSP
va - soul ya vol 2-2008-mod
VA - Soul Years 1970-2CD-1990-kiNky
VA - Soul Years 1971-2CD-1990-kiNky
VA - Soul Years 1972-2CD-1990-kiNky
VA - Soul Years 1973-2CD-1990-kiNky
VA - Soul Years 1974-2CD-1990-kiNky
VA - Soul Years 1975-2CD-1989-kiNky
VA - Soul Years 1976-2CD-1989-kiNky
VA - Soul Years 1977-2CD-1990-kiNky
VA - Soul Years 1978-2CD-1990-kiNky
VA - Soul Years 1979-2CD-1989-kiNky
VA - The Chess Story 1947-1975 14cd-v8
VA - The Motown Songbook-1993-CMG
VA - The Soul Box-3CD-1995-ESK
VA-10 All Time Soul Classics-the Best of Philadelphia International-1992-JCE
VA-100X Soul-5CD-2008-SSR
VA-20th Century Masters-The Best Of Soul Volume 2-2006-OSC
VA-25 Years Of RnB (1967) Remastered-2000-CHR
VA-50 Soul Classics-3CD-1992-ONe
VA-50 Soul Hits-2CD-1988-OSC
VA-A Brief History Of Soul - Sock It To Me-2005-XXL
VA-A Cellarful Of Motown Vol 3-2CD-2007-OBC
VA-A Cellarful Of Motown-2CD-2002-IGR
VA-A Change Is Gonna Come (40 Songs Of Freedom)-2CD-2009-SSR
VA-A Soldiers Sad Story-RETAIL-2003-ESC
VA-Absolute Soul-2006-uF
VA-All Time Classic Soul Heartbreakers-2CD-RETAIL-2003-ESC
VA-All Time Greats Vol 1-2005-SSR
VA-All Time Greats Vol 2-2005-SSR
VA-All Time Greats Vol 3-2005-SSR
VA-Andy Smiths Northern Soul-2005-JCE
VA-Art Laboes Dedicated To You (Vol. 6)-1995-JCE
VA-Art Laboes Dedicated to You Vol. 1-1991-JCE
VA-Art Laboes Dedicated to You Vol. 5-1994-JCE
VA-Atlantic Gold 100 Soul Classics-4CD-2009-ONe
VA-Atlantic Gold-3CD-2004-FEZMP3
VA-Beastie Boys Check Your Head Sample Sources-XXXX-INT INT
VA-Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill Sample Sources-XXXX-INT
VA-Beastie Boys Pauls Boutique Sample Sources-XXXX-INT INT
VA-Best Of Motown Vol. 1-2CD-2004-WHOA
VA-Best Of Motown Vol. 2-2CD-2004-WHOA
VA-Best Of Motown Vol. 4-2CD-2005-WHOA
VA-Best Of Motown Vol 3-2CD-2004-gnvr
VA-Best Of Motown-DVD-2006-WRE
VA-Best of Soul 70s-2003-ATX
VA-Best Of Soul Rnb-3CD-2007-XXL
va-best of soul volume 1-2003-emg int
VA-Best Of Soul Volume 2-2003-EMG INT
VA-Best Of Soul Volume 3-2003-EMG INT
VA-Best Of Soultown-2CD-2008-WRE
VA-Big Cheese Records Present The Smoocher Is Back-1997-IGR
VA-Big Cheese Records Present The Smoocher-1994-IGR
VA-Big Cheese Records Presents 12 Tasty Grooves-1993-IGR
VA-Black And Beautiful-2CD-1992-WRE
VA-Black and Proud vol. 1-2002-rH
VA-Black History In Music Sampler-2002-EGO
VA-Black Music-2CD-1999-OSC
VA-Black Music-LP-1974-kHz
VA-Black Soul-2CD-2007-H5N1
VA-Blues And Soul Bible-(DTKBOX93)-3CD-1999-MK2
VA-Blues And Soul Volume 1-1993-pyt
VA-Blues And Soul Volume 2-1993-pyt
VA-Blues And Soul Volume 3-1993-pyt
VA-Blues And Soul Volume 4-1993-pyt
VA-Blues and Soul-The Soul Years Vol 2 1970-71-2001-IGR
VA-Blues and Soul-The Soul Years Vol 3 1972-73-2001-IGR
VA-Blues and Soul-The Soul Years Vol 4 1974-75-2001-IGR
VA-Blues and Soul-The Soul Years Vol 5 1976-77-2001-IGR
VA-Blues and Soul-The Soul Years Vol 6 1978-79-2001-IGR
VA-Blues and Soul-The Soul Years Vol 7 1980-81-2001-IGR
VA-Blues and Soul-The Soul Years Vol 8 1982-83-2001-IGR
VA-Body and Soul 32 Great Soul Classics-2CD-2001-RpM
VA-Body And Soul Best Of-2CD-2003-OSC
VA-Body and Soul Destiny Love-2CD-2000-AnA
VA-Body and Soul Midnight Seduction-2CD-1998-AnA
VA-Body and Soul Moonlit Passion-2CD-2000-AnA
VA-Body and Soul Next to Ecstasy-2CD-1999-AnA
VA-Body and Soul Night Moods-2CD-1998-FTD
VA-Body and Soul Night Whispers-2CD-1999-AnA
VA-Body and Soul Romantic Interludes-2CD-1999-AnA
VA-Body and Soul Secret Fantasy-2CD-2000-AnA
VA-Body and Soul Slow Caress-2CD-1999-AnA
VA-Body and Soul Sweet Embrace-2CD-1999-AnA
VA-Body and Soul Sweet Seduction-2CD-1998-FTD
VA--Body and Soul--Forever Soul (Time Life)-2CD-2006-OMA
VA-Body And Soul-In The Grove-2CD-1999-MiNERAL iNT
VA-Body And Soul-Love And Tenderness-2CD-1998-MiNERAL iNT
VA-Body And Soul-Love Serenade-2CD-1998-MiNERAL iNT
VA-Body And Soul-Night Moods-2CD-1998-MiNERAL iNT
VA-Body And Soul-Smooth Jams-2CD-1998-MiNERAL iNT
VA-Boy Meets Girl-2000-IGR
VA-Brazilian Beats N Pieces Served Up By Phat Kev-CD-2007-MGC
VA-Brazilian Funk Mode Mixed by DJ Spinna-WEB-2004-PZH
va-break n bossa 3-2000-kW
VA-Brown Eyed Soul The Sound Of East L.A. Vol.1-1997-gF
VA-Brown Eyed Soul The Sound Of East L.A. Vol.3-1997-gF
VA-California Soul-Retail-2004-C4
VA-Capital Gold Motown Classics-3CD-2003-pH
VA-Chess Club Rhythm and Soul-1996-gF INT
VA-Chess Soul Sisters-2005-gF INT
Va-Chess Soul-2CD-1998-IGR
Va-Chicago Soul-2004-JUST
VA-Chillout Zone Vol 8-CD-2004-BWA
VA-Classic Cuts 09 Classic Soul-2002-XXL
VA-Classic Soul Ballads (Love Power)-2CD-2004-QMB
VA-Classic Soul Ballads (Lovin You)-2CD-2004-QMB
VA-Classic Soul Ballads (Nite And Day)-2CD-2004-QMB
VA-Classic Soul Ballads (Sweet Thing)-2CD-2004-QMB
VA-Classics In Soul-2008-TWCMP3
VA-Classics Soul Vol.2-2002-FSP
VA-Come On Soul Vol 2-2008-H5N1
VA-Complete Stax-Volt Soul Singles 1968-1971-9CD-1993-IGR
VA-Complete Stax-Volt Soul Singles 1972-1975-10CD-1994-IGR
VA-Dave Godins Deep Soul Treasures vol 1-1997-IGR
VA-Dave Godins Deep Soul Treasures vol 2-1999-IGR
VA-Dave Godins Deep Soul Treasures vol 3-2000-IGR
VA-Dave Matthews Band-Influences-2007-ERB
VA-Day of Soul-2002-EiS
VA-De Zwarte Lijst Vol1-3CD-2012-TALiON
VA-Deeper N Sweeter-2CD-2005-WUS
VA-Divas Of Soul-2005-CNS
VA-DJ Muro-Diggin Japanese Pops-(UICZ8172)-JP-CD-2016-LEB
VA-DJ NORDIN-City of Soul 9-(Bootleg)-2005-R6
VA-DMC Complete Soul Vol 1-4CD-2002-CHR
VA-Downtown Soulville-2000-DC
VA-Dr Dre-The Crates Vol.1-2001-CMS INT
VA-Dream Soul Real Voice-2CD-2007-XXL
VA-Dub Soul Symphony A New Sound F.O.S.S.I.L-2001-CMS
VA-East Coast Soul Connection-(CMEDD1502)-2CD-2007-OBC
VA-Easy Tempo Experience-Are You Are Experienced-1999-gF INT
VA-Eccentric Soul Smarts Palace-(NUM027)-CD-2009-iPC
VA-Eccentric Soul The Bandit Label-2004-CMS
VA-Eccentric Soul The Big Mack Label-(NUM009)-CD-2006-iPC
VA-Eccentric Soul The Capsoul Label-2004-CMS
VA-Eccentric Soul The Deep City Label-(NUM007)-CD-2006-iPC
VA-Eccentric Soul The Prix Label-(NUM015)-CD-2007-iPC
VA--Eccentric Soul the Tragar and Note Labels-(Numero)-2CD-2008-UKi
VA--Eccentric Soul the Young Disciples-(Numero)-2008-UKi
VA-Eccentric Soul-Mighty Mike Lenaburg-2006-EGO
VA-Eccentric Soul--The Bandit Label-(NUM003)-2005-WEBV0
VA-Eccentric Soul--The Capsoul Label-(NUM001)-2004-WEBV0
VA-Eccentric Soul-Twinights Lunar Rotation-2CD-2007-ESC
VA-Fauvrecords Presente Killer Soul Vol 11-(Bootleg)-2008-H5N1
va-feber andres lokko northern soul-2cd-2004-btb
VA-Feelin The Spirit-RETAIL-2003-FSP
VA-Ferry Maats Soulshow Classics Vol.2-2CD-2009-WRE
VA-Ferry Maats Soulshow-Funky no5-3CD-2007-SC
VA-Ferry Maats Soulshow-Saturday Night Grooves-3CD-2005-SC
VA-For The Ladies-1998-IGR
VA-Forever Soul Randb Vol 1-2007-WRE
VA-Forever Soul Randb Vol 2-2007-WRE
VA-Forever Soul Randb Vol 3-2007-WRE
VA-Free Soul Avenue-1995-JCE
VA-Free Soul Dream-1998-CMS
VA-Free Soul Eyes-1996-JCE
VA-Free Soul the Classic of Brunswick-2000-CMS
VA-Free Soul the Classic of Catalyst-2003-CMS
VA-Free Soul the Classic of Hot Wax and Invictus-2003-CMS
VA-Funky Disposition-Blackenized-1993-IGR
VA-Gangsta Soul 15-2004-CHR
VA-Gangsta Soul ET Pour Quelque Sons De Plus-FR-2007-RST
VA-Gangsta Soul Vol 18-Bootleg-2005-BLA
VA--Gangsta Soul Volume 08-2004-AES
VA-Gangsta Soul Volume 09-2003-CHR
VA-Gangsta Soul Volume 10-2003-CHR
VA-Gangsta Soul Volume 11-2003-CHR
VA-Gangsta Soul Volume 12-2003-CHR
VA-Gangsta Soul Volume 14-2004-CHR
VA--Gangsta Soul Volume 16-2004-AES
VA--Gangsta Soul Volume 17-2005-AES
VA-Gangsta Soul-80 Minutes De Pure Soul-(Bootleg)-2007-H5N1
VA-Gangster Soul Girlz Harmony-2007-TQM
VA-Giant Step Records Soul Sessions-2002-CMS
VA-Gonna Have A Good Time - Mainstream Soul Survey-2007-CMS
VA-Greatest Soul-(GO905036)-CD-2002-MK2
VA-Groove 80 Vol 1-2007-SAW
VA-Groove 80 Vol 2-2007-SAW
VA-Groovexperience - Feelin The Spirit-CD-2008-MK2 INT
VA-Hard to Find 45s on CD-Sweet Soul Sounds-2004-SSR
VA-Hard to Find Soul-2005-E
VA-Heart of Soul-Remastered-2003-STD
VA-Hootchie Cootchie-1999-gF INT
VA-I Believe to My Soul Session 01-2005-JUST
VA-I Will Survive-2002-MmE
VA-Instrumentally Yours-Retail-1999-Recycled INT
VA-James Browns Funky People Part 2-1988-CMS
VA-James Browns Original Funky Divas-2CD-1998-JCE INT
va-kheops-operation funk-2002-supa
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Beat Incidental-(KPM 1043)-WEB-1969-gF
VA-Laid Back Soul-CD-2004-CK
VA-Land of 1000 Dances-Special Soul and Funk Edition-2004-tmnd
VA-Legendary Soul-1996-XXS
VA-Lifestyles Compiled By Kenny Dope-CD-2004-MPX
VA-Lost Deep Soul Treasures Volume 1-WEB-2001-METH INT
VA-Love And Soulful-2003-WHOA
VA-Love Seduction (Make Out Jams)-2005-CNS
VA-Love Train-The Sound Of Philadelphia-4CD-2008-C4
VA-Low Rider Oldies Vol. 4-1994-CopyCAT
VA-Luxury Soul 2009-3CD-2009-C4
VA-Magic Motown-3CD-1994-FSP
VA-Magnetik Soul Vol.3 (Rare Soul Music)-2006-OSC
VA-Magnetik Soul Vol.4-2008-XXL
VA-Marvel of Marvin-PROPER-2CD-2004-DC
VA-Mastercuts Funk Divas-Remastered-3CD-2005-WRE
VA-Mastercuts Soul (MCUTCD04)-3CD-2005-OBC
VA-Mastermix Classic Cuts 09 Classic Soul-2002-XXL
va-mastermix classic cuts 68 nothern soul-2001-xxl
va-mastermix classic cuts 77 early soul-2002-xxl
va-mastermix classic cuts 94 early soul-2003-xxl
VA-Mastermix Classic Cuts Early Soul Vol 15-Remastered-CD-2007-HFT
VA-Mastermix Classic Cuts The Soul Box-4CD-2004-wAx
VA-Masterpieces of Modern Soul-RETAIL-2003-ESC
VA-Mega Soul-4CD-2003-FSP
VA-merry christmas from motown-1995-pyt
VA-Miami Sound Rare Funk And Soul From Miami Florida (1967-197)-2004-0MNi
VA-Miami Sound-ADVANCE-2003-ESC
VA-Midnite Soul-The Best Soul Songs-CD-2002-DAC
VA-Mojo Music Guide Volume 3 Raw Soul-2004-pyt
VA-Mojo Presents James Browns Funky Summer-2006-gF
VA-Mojo Presents-The New Dictionary Of Blues And Soul-(MAG)-2008-C4
VA-Mojo Southern Soul-2005-pyt
VA-MOS Funk Soul Classics-2CD-2004-EGO
VA-Motorcity Sounds of Detroit-3CD Boxset-2003-WCR
VA-Motown 50th Anniversary-3CD-2009-XXL
VA-Motown Celebrates Sinatra-1998-H3X INT
VA-Motown Christmas-2CD-2005-WHOA
VA-Motown Classics Gold-2CD-Remastered-2005-SSR
VA-Motown Classics-5CD-2009-DOH
VA-Motown From Broadway To Hollywood-2005-TWCMP3
VA-Motown Legends (Collection 1)-2001-SSR
VA-Motown Live Hits-2CD-2005-WHOA
VA-Motown Love Songs-2CD-2004-WHOA
VA-Motown Meets The Beatles-2005-MUSiQ
VA-Motown Men-2004-TWCMP3
VA-Motown No 1s-CD-2004-gnvr
VA-Motown Remixed Vol 3 Chill-PROMO VINYL-2005-BPM
VA-Motown-Hitsville UK-2005-XXL
VA-Music Factory Classic Cuts 98 (Early Soul)-2003-CHR
VA-Music from the Wattstax Festival and Film-3CD-2003-JCE
VA-Natural Vibes-Vintage Soul-CD-2003-JAH
VA-Neo Soul Vibes Vol 10-2003-CMS INT
va-neo soul vibes vol 1-2002-cms int
va-neo soul vibes vol 2-2002-cms int
va-neo soul vibes vol 4-2002-cms int
va-neo soul vibes vol 6-disc 2-2002-cms int
VA-New Orleans Funk and Soul Saturday Night Fish Fry-(2001)-LOGOS
VA-New York Soul A Bit of Soul from the Big Apple (Unisex)-CD-2004-BLA
VA-Nicky Sianos Legendary The Gallery-CD-2004-DC
VA-Nighttime Lovers Vol 10-2CD-2009-SC
VA-Nighttime Lovers Vol 3-2005-SC
VA-Norman Jay Presents Philadelphia 1973-1981-2CD-2004-B2R
VA-Northern Soul (The Collectors Choice)-2005-CRN
VA-Northern Soul From The City-2004-CRN
VA-Northern Soul Indemanders Vol.1-Retail-2004-FEZMP3
VA-Northern Soul Record Box-WEB-2018-sceau
VA-Northern Soul-2001-CMS
VA-Northern Soul-2001-rH
VA-Northern Soul-Keep the Faith-2CD-2002-DC
VA-Nova Classics Eight-2008-JUST
VA-Nova Le Grand Mix-(Boxset)-25CD-2008-JUST
VA-Old School Jams Vol 6-2CD-2006-Scratch
VA-Open Mic Volume 1-2004-ATX
VA-Organic Soul 3-2003-CHR
VA-Original Summer Soul Selection-2CD-2007-OSC
VA-Out On The Floor Again-28 Northern Soul Floor Fillers-1996-IGR
VA-Peter Young Presents Soul Cellar 2010-2CD-2010-H3X
VA-Peter Young Presents Soul Cellar Vol. 2-2CD-2006-SAW
VA-Peter Young Presents Soul Cellar-2CD-2006-SAW
VA-Philadelphia International Classics The Tom Moulton Remixes-4CD-2012-QMI
VA-Pops We Love You-the Album-LP-1979-CMS
VA-Porretta Soul Festival (DVB)-2001-JUST
VA-Prince Of Thieves (Dope Originals) 01-2003-CMS INT
VA-Puissance Soul Funk-4CD-2008-S0UL
VA-Rabbit Town Soul-Rare Sweet Soul Vol.4-2018-CR
VA-Rare Soul Heaven-RETAIL-2004-GTi
VA-Re Edits Volume 3-VINYL-2005-BPM
VA-Recovered Vol 3-2006-DELTA
va-recovered volume two-2005-DELTA
VA-Return of the Funk Phenomena (Retail)-2003-WCR
VA-Return of the Pusherman (Hustlin Soul)-3CD-2005-XXL
VA-Revenge Of The Pusherman Baad Asssss Soul-(CD903833)-3CD-2006-MK2
VA-Rhythm and Blues-Hits of The 1970s-1988-MiNERAL
VA-Right On-4CD-Boxset-2002-JUST
Various artists-classic rare groove mastercuts volume 2-1994-IGR
Various Artists-Feelin Good-1998-IGR
Various Artists-The Big Lulu volume 2-1997-IGR
Various Artists-The Philly Sound-3CD-1997-IGR
Various artists-this is soul-1986-IGR
VA-Rockdelux Ace 30 Anos De Soul Blues Y Rock And Roll-2005-SSR
VA--Rolling Stone Sounds Vol. 1 (Paint it Black)-MAG-2008-OMA
VA-Royal Memphis Soul-4CD-1996-JCE
VA-Salsoul Presents Disco Funk Flavas-2CD-2004-BWA
VA-Salsoul Presents Philly Soul Flavas-2005-CMS
VA-Sam Cookes SAR Records Story-2CD-2005-HiGH
VA-Samba Soul Groove (Pure Brazil)-2004-WUS
VA-Sampled Vol.2-2CD-2001-CMS INT
VA-Sampled Vol 2-CD-2002-BPM HOUSE
VA-Sampled Volume 3-2CD-2002-WLM
VA-Saturday Night Oldies Blvd Vol.1-2004-FAM
VA-Scandinavian Soul-2003-CHR
VA-Searching For Soul Rare And Classic Soul Funk And Jazz From Michigan 1968-1980-2005-ESC
VA-Sexy Soul Men Trackfix-2004-SSR
VA-Sexy Soul Men-2004-SSR
VA-Sexy Soul-2CD-2005-CRN
VA-Shanghaid Soul Episode 4-WEB-2016-WTCF
VA-Shaolin Soul Episode 1 (REEDiTiON)-2001-FSP
VA-Shaolin Soul-Episode 2-2001-FM INT
VA-Share A Moment Of Love-DC Soul In The Cut-2CD-2006-OSC
VA-Shark Production Presents Gangsta Soul 22-La Cite De La Soul-(Bootleg)-2006-KART3L
VA-Simply The Best Classic Soul-2CD-1997-NOiR
VA-Sisters of Soul-2007-TQM
VA-Slow Jams the 60s Vol. 1-1993-CMS
VA-Slow Jams the 70s Vol. 4-1995-CMS
VA-SLSK Espanol Soul Disco Boogie Vol.1-SP-(1979-1990)-2020-HJlO
VA-SLSK Japan Soul Disco Boogie Vol.6-JP-(1979-1988)-2021-HJlO
VA-Smooth Oldies Vol. 2-2005-MXS
VA-Smooth Oldies Vol. 4-2005-MXS
VA-Sock it to Em Soul-2004-JCE
VA-Sock it to Em Soul-2007-gF INT
VA-Solid Gold Soul 1959-1990-KSi
VA-Solid Gold Soul Presents-Deep Soul-1999-JCE
VA-Songs from Amys House-2008-BFHMP3
VA-Songs To Make Love To-2002-XXL
VA-Soul (Hit Master)-2CD-2005-OBC
VA-Soul 100 Hits And Classics-4CD-2002-FSP
VA-Soul 150s (The Original Moments) Vol.1-2001-QuiZ
VA-Soul 150s (The Original Moments) Vol.2-2001-QuiZ
VA-Soul 2 Love (Hosted By China)-(Bootleg)-2008-MiiiX
VA-Soul and The City-(MYMUSIC358)-3CD-2009-211
VA-Soul Anthems-CD-2004-MAHOU
VA-Soul Anthology-2CD-2004-C4
VA-Soul Beats Vol.1-(LP)-1997-JCE
VA-Soul Beats Vol.2-(LP)-1997-JCE
VA-Soul Beats Vol.3-(LP)-1997-JCE
VA-Soul Beats Vol.4-(LP)-1997-JCE
VA-Soul Beats Vol.5-(LP)-1997-JCE
VA-Soul Beats Vol.7-(LP)-1997-JCE
VA-Soul Brother Records Presents Sunday Soul Selection-2007-SO
VA-Soul Brothers (LATA507)-5CD-2004-BF
VA-Soul Brothers And Sisters-2CD-2007-WRE
VA-Soul Brothers I-2007-WRE
VA-Soul Brothers II-2007-WRE
VA-Soul Brothers III-2007-WRE
VA-Soul Brothers IV-2007-WRE
VA-Soul Classics Vol. 11-2005-WRE
VA-Soul Classics Vol. 12-2006-WRE
VA-Soul Classics Volume 2-2005-SSR
VA-Soul Collection-2008-H5N1
VA-Soul Collector 2 (Track 10 fix)-2001-FSP
VA-Soul Crooners from Soul to Nu Soul Vol 1-2CD-2005-JUST
VA-Soul Deep-The Story Of Black Popular Music-2CD-2005-gF
VA-Soul Diva Sessions-2CD-2004-MK2
VA-Soul Encyclopedia Of Soul Music-2CD-2003-0MNi
VA-Soul Essentials-4CD-2000-CHR
VA-Soul Explosion Vol.1-2001-STAR
VA-Soul Explosion-2CD-2007-WRE
VA-Soul Food (ABC Records)-LP-1976-GCP
VA-Soul for Dancers Out on the Floor Firecrackers That Ignited the Northern Soul Boom-WEB-2015-MOHAWK
VA-Soul Giants-3CD-2005-CRN
VA-Soul Gospel Vol 2-(SJR129CD)-Promo CD-2006-OBC
VA-Soul Gospel Vol 2-(SJR129CD)-Promo-CD-2006-OBC
VA-Soul Gospel-2005-JCE
VA-Soul Groove-1993-CMS
VA-Soul Hits of the 70s Volume 16-1995-CMS
VA-Soul Hits Of The 80s-2000-OSC
Va-Soul Hits Of The Seventies-Didnt It Blow Your Mind Vol 16-1995-IGR
VA-Soul Hymns-2CD-Promo-2004-REP
VA-Soul Jams-(Repack)-2CD-2006-WRE
VA-Soul Legends-2005-SSR
VA-Soul Love 3-1999-CHR
VA-Soul Love-3CD-2005-pyt
VA-Soul Music Audio News Collection-2000-1REAL
VA-Soul Oldies For The Ladies-2003-0mni
VA-Soul On Fire Vol One (Compiled By DJ Bunani)-2005-DELTA
VA-Soul Power CD1-2001-DGN
VA-Soul Power CD2-2001-DGN
VA-Soul Power-2CD-2007-WRE
VA-Soul Power-4CD-2007-WRE
VA-Soul Satisfaction 5-2005-CEC
VA-Soul Sensations Volume 1-2005-MTD
VA-Soul Sessions-2CD-2001-IGR
VA-Soul Sisters I-2007-WRE
VA-Soul Sisters II-2007-WRE
VA-Soul Sisters III-2007-WRE
VA-Soul Sisters IV-2007-WRE
VA-Soul Sisters V-2007-WRE
VA-Soul Spectrum 2 Compiled By Greg Edwards-(EVSCD42)-CD-2003-MK2
VA-Soul Spirit of Christmas-2002-CHR
VA-Soul Story Vol. 1-1994-TQM
VA-Soul The Very Best Of Motown-4CD-2004-DGN
VA-Soul Town-3CD-2000-KSi
VA-Soul Train-3CD-2004-WHOA
VA-Soul Tribute to the Beatles-2003-SSR
VA-Soul Unsigned Volume 2-2009-C4
VA-Soul-A Collection Of Soul Classics-3CD-2001-TWCMP3
VA-Sould Out Sampler-2007-C4
VA-Souled Out-1995-OSC
VA-Soulful Thangs Vol. 3-2005-TQM
VA-Soulful Thangs Vol. 4-2005-TQM
VA-Soulful Thangs Vol. 5-2006-TQM
VA-Soulful Thangs Vol. 7-2007-TQM
VA-Soulful Thangs Vol. 8-2008-TQM
VA-Souls Back-Modern Soul Music With Soul-2008-C4
va-soulsugar volume two-2005-DELTA
VA-Soulsville Sings Hitsville (Stax Sings Songs Of Motown Records)-2008-H5N1
VA-Sound Book DeWolfe Music Library-2CD-1998-IGR
VA-Sound Of The City-(Hamburg)-1999-CMG
VA--Southern Soul Stock Vol 1-LP-19xx-WUS
VA-Southside Soul-Volume One-2008-MTD
VA-Spill the Beans-2002-IGR
VA-Spirit Of Soul-2CD-2006-H5N1
VA-Standing in The Shadows of Mowtown-2CD-2004-SnS
VA-Stax 50th Anniversary Celebration-2CD-2007-OSC
VA-Stax Does The Beatles-2008-H5N1
VA-Stax of Funk Vol. 2-RETAIL-2002-ESC
VA-Strange Games And Funky Things Volume 2-1998-soup
VA-Street Soul Anthems-2CD-2005-MSRP
VA-Street Sounds Vol.7 (Sweet Soul)-2003-RFL
VA-Strictly Breaks-50 Collection-Sampled by 50 Cent-2LP-2006-JCE
VA-Stylus Northern Soul Selecta-WEB-JB
VA-Sunday Soul Volume 2-PROMO-2004-ESC
VA-Sunday Soul Volume 3-PROMO-2004-ESC
VA-Super Breaks Vol 3-2002-igr
VA-Superfly Soul-2CD-2003-IGR
VA-Superfly Soul-Dynamite Funk And Bad-Assed Street Grooves-2CD-2006-H5N1
VA-Superfly Soul-Riding Through The Ghetto-2CD-2006-H5N1
VA-Sweet Soul-1996-DiNA
VA-Sweet Taste of Sin (Sensual Breakbeat Soul)-2001-JCE
VA-Sweet Taste Of Westbound Records-1996-IGR
VA-Swing it-2007-ONe
VA-Talk to the Rain - Mainstream Soul Survey-2007-CMS
VA-Tamla Motown Is Hot Hot Hot Vol. 4-LP-1970-SvenneBanan
VA--Tear Stained Soul-LP-1989-WUS
VA-Tell it like it is Southern Soul-2004-XXL
VA-Thats Soul Vol 2-1972-BF
VA-Thats Soul Vol 3-1968-BF
VA-Thats Soul Vol 4-1973-BF
VA-Thats Soul Vol 5-1969-BF
VA-The Allen Toussaint Touch-2005-JCE
VA-The Best Northern Soul All-Nighter Ever-2CD-2001-NuHS
VA-The Best Of Blaxploitation-3CD-2006-SAW
VA-The Best Of Motown Vol 1-2008-XXL
VA-The Best Of Motown Vol 2-2008-XXL
VA-The Best Of Soul-2CD-2005-gnvr
VA-The Best of Soultime-2CD-2002-SnS
VA-The Collector Series-Rare Soul And Disco 2-Bootleg-2003-USR
VA-The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 10 1970-6CD-(Remastered)-2008-MTD
VA-The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 11A 1971-5CD-(Remastered)-2008-MTD
VA-The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 11B 1971-(Remastered)-5CD-2009-MTD
VA-The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 11B 1971-5CD-(Limited Edition)-2009-DNR
VA-The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 5 1965-6CD-(Remastered)-2006-MTD
VA-The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 6 1966-5CD-(Remastered)-2006-MTD
VA-The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 7 1967-5CD-(Remastered)-2007-MTD
VA-The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 8 1968-6CD-(Remastered)-2007-MTD
VA-The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 9 1969-6CD-(Remastered)-2008-MTD
VA-The Complete Motown Singles Vol.2 1962-4CD-Ltd. Ed.-Remastered-2005-dL
va-the complete stax volt singles 1959 1968-9cd-1991-just
VA-The Complete Stax-Volt Soul Singles 1972-1975-10CD-1994-IGR
VA-The Curtom Story-2CD-2003-JCE
VA-The Dresden Soul Symphony-2008-C4
VA-The Essential Northern Soul Story-1990-BLTZ
VA-The Essential Soul Collection-4CD-2002-FSP
VA-The Flamingos Meet The Moonglows On The Dusty Road Of Hits-2006-CMS
VA-the Funk Box-4CD-2000-FTD
VA-The Greatest Slow Jams-2000-OSC
VA-The Greatest Soul Collection Vol 1-1990-OSC
VA-The History Of Breaks Volume One-2003-RNS
VA-The Magic Of Motown-2003-aAF
VA-The Mizell Brothers-Sky High-1995-IGR
VA-The Most Beautiful Voices Ever Vol 03-2003-WRE
VA-The Northern Soul of Dore-2CD-2004-SnS
VA-The Northern Soul Story Vol 1-The Twisted Wheel-READ NFO-CD-2007-OBC
VA-The Northern Soul Story Vol 2-The Golden Torch-READ NFO-CD-2007-OBC
VA-The Northern Soul Story Vol 3-Blackpool Mecca-CD-2007-OBC
VA-The Northern Soul Story Vol 4-Wigan Casino-CD-2007-OBC
VA-The Platters-2006-CEC
VA-The Primo Collection-(Bootleg 2LP)-1999-41ST
VA-The Sisters of Soul-2004-RFL
VA-The Songs Of Hitsville Volume 1-2002-TWCMP3
VA-The Songs Of Hitsville Volume 2-2002-TWCMP3
VA-The Songs Of Hitsville Volume 3-2002-TWCMP3
VA-The Soul Ballads-2CD-2009-gnvr
VA-The Soul of Christmas-CD-2005-BEX
VA-The Soul Of Motown 3CD (BOX SET)-2003-BSC
VA-The Soul Of Motown-2CD-2005-DDS
VA-The Soul Of Stax 3-2001-sfE
VA-The Soul Party Pack-5CD-2005-OMC
VA-The Soul Revolution-(Soulab)-WEB-2009-mbs
VA-The Soulful Sounds of Christmas-2004-SSR
VA-The Sound of Motorcity-3CD-READ NFO-199X-ATM
VA-The Stax Soul Collection-1971-DGN
VA-The Sweeter Side of Latin Soul Vol. 2-2007-TQM
VA-The Sweeter Side of Latin Soul-2006-RAZAMP3
VA-The Very Best Of Blues Brother Soul Sister-3CD-2005-C4
VA-The Very Best Of Northern Soul-3CD-2003-pLAN9
VA-The Wants List-2003-JCE
VA-This Is Northern Soul - The Motown Sound-1997-NuHS
VA-This Is Soul Romantic Soul-1997-RpM
VA-This Is Soul-3CD-2008-H5N1
VA-Three Degrees And The Ladies Of The Supremes-2CD-2005-0MNi
VA-Throwback Soul-2004-JCE
VA-Timeless Soul-2CD-2004-SSR
VA-Tom Moulton-A Tom Moulton Mix-2CD-2006-RNS
VA-Top Ballads-2001-REV
VA-Troubles Heartaches And Sadness-2002-IGR
VA-Ubiquity Recordings-Promo-2002-CHR
VA-Ubiquity Records II-(Sampler)-2006-OSC
VA-Ubiquity Records Sampler-2005-JCE
VA-Ultimate Northern Soul-Retail-2004-C4
VA-Ultimate Oldies Vol. 2-2005-MXS
VA-Ultimate Soul-2003-WRE
VA-Ultimate Soul-2004-C4
VA-Uncut Presents the Original Funk Soul Brothers and Sisters-2005-pyt
VA-Underground Oldies Vol. 4-1999-CR
VA-Urban Mellow Presents A Touch of Soul-2003-CMS
VA-Vinroc Presents-So Much Soul 4-2006-WHOA
VA-Voices Of Motown-2CD-2005-gnvr
VA-Voices Of Soul-2CD-2005-gnvr
VA-Wattstax Highlights From the Soundtrack-2004-B2R
VA-We Got Latin Soul Volume 2-1988-IGR
VA-West Indies Soul-2012-WUS
VA-Whats Happening Stateside Vol 3-CD-2008-OBC
VA-Whats Happening Stateside-2002-IGR
VA-Wide Hive Records Sampler Volume 3-2004-0MNi
VA-Wigan Casino Soul Club-RETAIL-2003-GTi
VA-Working Mans Soul Rare Funk Rock Soul And Jazz From The UK Cabaret Scene-2007-uF
VA-World Sound Volume 4-(WORLDSOUNDCD04)-Mag CD-2009-OBC
VA-Wu Ru Presente Les Samples Rap Francais Vol.1-7CD-2003-FSP INT
VA-Wu-Tang Clans Dug Up Beats and Digger Delights-2CD-2004-JCE INT
VA-You Thrill My Soul-(Ace Records)-1993-soup
VA-Zealous Records Presents Soul Sides Volume One-2006-EGO
Ya-Ya-HOME Welcome To 3020-WEB-2020-WTCF
Ya-Ya-What Freedom Dreams 2-WEB-2021-WTCF
Ya-Ya-What Freedom Dreams-WEB-2011-WTCF
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112-Dance With Me (Single)-2000-RNS
112-hot and wet-2003-kor
112-Part III-2001-eNT iNT
112-part iii-2001-kor
112-pleasure and pain-2005-kor
112-room 112-1998-kor
112-Room 112-1998-RNS
50 Cent-If Dead Men Could Talk CDS-2002-0MNi
aaliyah-age aint nothing but a number-1994-kor
aaliyah-i care 4 u-2003-kor
Aaliyah-One In A Million-1996-FR3SH INT
aaliyah-one in a million-1996-kor
Adina Howard - Do You Wanna Ride-1995-EMC
Adina Howard-Do You Wanna Ride-(E2 61757)-1995-SCL
Adina Howard-Its All About You-(Promo CDM)-1995-hlm
Adrian Younge and Angela Munoz-Introspection-WEB-2020-WTCF
Adrian Younge and Loren Oden-My Heart My Love-WEB-2020-WTCF
Aela Hopeful Monster X Camoflauge Monk-Magicians Mistress-2020-DiTF
After 7-Damn Thing Called Love-CDM-1995-SCF
akon-konvicted platinum edition-2007-kor
Al B Sure-In Effect Mode-1988-iNT-OSM
Alicia Keys-ALICIA-2020-C4
Alicia Keys-The Diary Of Alicia Keys-2003-EOS
alicia keys-the diary of alicia keys-2003-kor
Alisa Randolph-Alisa Randolph-1990-C4
Allen Anthony-Urban Pop (Re-Issue)-WEB-2019-WTCF
Angie Stone-Unexpected-2009-C4
Ashanti-Chapter II-2003-WCR
ashanti-only you remix feat. dipset-(cds)-2005-sut
Ashanti-The Vault-(Proper)-2009-VAG
Barry White-All-Time Greatest Hits-1994-EOS
Beltway 8-Still Riding-2001-aPC
Beyonce - I Am Yours (An Intimate Performance At Wynn Las Vegas)-2CD-2009-YSP
beyonce-dangerously in love-2003-kor
beyonce-i am sasha fierce (platinum edition)-2009-kor
Beyonce-I Am Sasha Fierce-(Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks)-2009-C4
Beyonce-Naughty Girl-(CDS)-2004-DNR
Beyonce-Speak My Mind-2005-EF
bilal-1st born second-2001-kor
Biz Markie-Theory of Old School RNB-1999-JCE INT
Blackstreet And Mya-Take Me There-CDM-1998-CDSINGLESV2
blackstreet-another level-1996-eos
Blackstreet-Another Level-1996-RBT
Blackstreet-Dont Leave Me-VLS-1997-BLACKSTREET
bone thugs-n-harmony-bone 4 life-2005-kor
Boyz II Men-Christmas Interpretations-1993-C4 INT
boyz ii men-cooleyhighharmony-1991-kor
boyz ii men-evolution-1997-kor
Boyz II Men-Evolution-Retail-1997-iNT-OSM
boyz ii men-ii-1994-kor
Boyz II Men-The Remix Collection-1995-EOS
Boyz II Men-Throwback Vol.1-2004-iGN
Brandy - The Best of-Retail-2005-FEZMP3
Brandy And Monica-The Boy Is Mine-(CDM)-1998--CDSINGLESV2
Brandy-Never Say Never-Retail-1998-iNT-OSM
Brassmunk ft Ivana Santilli and Carmen Klutch-El Dorado-VLS-2002-CHR
Brian McKnight-Back At One-1999-KSi INT
Brooke Hogan-The Redemption-2009-VAG
bushido (feat. cassandra steen)-hoffnung stirbt zuletzt-promo cds-de-2005-uc
cappadonna-the yin and the yang-2001-kor
Carl Thomas Feat Prodigy Shyne-I Wish Remix (Vinyl Single)-2000-RNS
Chante Moore-Straight Up (No Twist)-Promo CDS-2000-i
Chico DeBarge-Player Hater-Promo CDS-2000-i
Chuck Berry-Johnny B Goode-1985-RNS
City High-City High-2001-EOS
Craig David-Greatest Hits-2008-ONe
d'angelo-brown sugar-1995-stim int
dangelo-voodoo (retail)-2000-ego
Dave Keller and The Revelations-Where Im Coming From-WEB-2011-WTCF
Destinys Child - This Is The Remix-(Retail)-CDA-2002-RNS
destinys child-destinys child-reissue-2001-kor
Destinys Child-Independent Women Part II-(CDS2)-2000-TRBMP3
destinys child-survivor-2001-kor
destinys child-the writings on the wall-1999-kor
destinys child-the writings on the wall-1999-rns
Diana King-Love Triangle-(662606 2)-CDM-1995-BTTR
DJ Action Pac-Rnb Life Pt 12-2002-FUA
DJ Juice-The Best Of Blends Freestyles And Intros-(Bootleg)-2CD-2007-H3X iNT
dj poska-just let me introduce myself-2002-kor
do or die-pimpin aint dead-2003-kor
El Michels Affair-Yeti Season-WEB-2021-WTCF
Eminem-Loose Mundian-Promo Vinyl-2003-SQ
Eric Benet-Love Dont Love Me-Promo CDS-2001-i
Evelyn Champagne King-Greatest Hits-CD-FLAC-2001-PERFECT
fabolous-street dreams-2003-kor
faith evans-faith-1995-kor
faith evans-faithfully-2001-kor
faith evans-keep the faith-1998-kor
Faith Evans-Mesmerized (Desert Storm Remix)-CDS-2005-TWCMP3
faith evans-something about faith-2010-kor
faith evans-the first lady-2005-kor
Faith Evans-You Gets No Love-CDM-2002-XXL
Father MC-This Is For The Players-1995-EMG INT
freddie foxxx-freddie foxxx is here-1989-kor
Georgia Anne Muldrow-Early-2009-C4
Ginuwine-The Bachelor-1996-OSM
Gutta Muzic Presents-The Best Of Ginuwine-2004-QMB
J.Lamotta-Suzume Remixed-WEB-2019-PZH
Jaheim-Anything (Remix) (Promo CDS)-2003-SSE
Janet Jackson-All For You (Track 7 Fix)-2001-RNS
Janet Jackson-Janet.-1993-EOS
Janet Jackson-The Velvet Rope-1997-EOS
Janet Jackson-Who (Bonus Track For Jap Retail)-2001-RNS
jennifer lopez-rebirth-2005-kor
Jodeci-Cry For You-(Import CDS)-1993-BBK
Jodeci-Diary Of A Mad Band-Retail-1993-OSM
Jodeci-Forever My Lady-Retail-1991-OSM
Joe-Joe Thomas New Man-2008-C4
Joe-My Name Is Joe-2000-aPC INT
Juleunique-Gizella (London America)-WEB-2020-WTCF
Justin Timberlake-Futuresex-Lovesounds-(Retail)-2006-H3X
K Ci and JoJo-Tell Me Its Real-CD Single-1999-RNS
K Young-Westcoast Mixtape-PROPER-(Bootleg)-2006-SC
K Young-Youre So Bad-Retail CDM-2005-R6
Kaleb Simmonds-The Life Of The 80s Baby-2006-FTD
Kareem-Against the Wall-CDS-2004-SC
Kareem-Go Low-Promo-CDS-2004-DON
Karyn White-Hungah-(CDM)-1994-C4
Karyn White-The Way I Feel About You-(CDM)-1991-C4
Kaye Styles-Watching Me-.Hit N Hot.-Retail CDM-2005-BFHMP3
Kci and Jo Jo-Crazy Promo Vinyl-2000-RNS
K-Ci And Jojo-20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection-2007-ERB
K-Ci And Jojo-All My Life (Their Greatest Hits)-2005-H3X
K-Ci And JoJo-All My Life Their Greatest Hits-2005-VAG INT
K-Ci And JoJo-Emotional-(Retail)-2002-RNS
K-Ci And Jojo-Emotional-ADVANCE-2002-ESC
K-Ci And Jojo-Its Real-1999-EOS
K-Ci and JoJo-Love (Japan Retail)-2008-XXL
K-Ci And Jojo-Love Always-1997-EOS
K-Ci And Jojo-Playlist Your Way-2008-XXL
K-Ci and Jojo-X (Japanese Retail)-2000-RNS
K-Ci And Jojo-X-2000-EOS
K-Ci-My Book-2006-OSC
Keisha White Feat. Cassidy-Dont Care Who Knows-Retail UKCDS-2005-FEZMP3
Keith Sweat-Just Me-(Bonus Track)-2008-VAG
Keith Sweat-Just Me-2008-C4
Keith Sweat-Keith Sweat-1996-EOS
Keith Sweat-Still In The Game-1998-EOSiNT
Keith Sweat-Twisted-CDM-1996-JNE
Kelis-Wanderland (RETAIL)-2001-RNS
Kelly Rowland-Ms Kelly-(Deluxe Edition)-2008-pLAN9
Kem-Album II-(Dualdisc)-2005-MTD
Kenna-Say Goodbye To Love-(Promo CDS)-2007-OGC
Kenny Lattimore And Chante Moore-Uncovered-Covered-2CD-2006-TAM
Keyshia Cole-A Different Me-2008-H3X
Keyshia Cole-The Way It Is (Retail)-2005-KSi
King C.-Diamond Status-2007-R6
King Kapisi-Raise Up-CDM-2005-XXL
K-N-S-The Truth-2005-R6
L. Boogie-Top Notch-2007-R6
Laam And Jennifer Paige-Ta Voix (The Calling)-(CDM)-FR-2008-H5N1
Lady Rho-Real Chick-CDS-2008-R6
Lanskey-Mama Much Love-CDS-2008-R6
Latoya London-Appreciate-Promo-CDS-2005-SC
Laurnea-The Collection-Advance-2005-R6
Lauryn Hill-The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill-1998-MVR
Leki Feat Yasmina-No Matter What-Promo-CDS-2005-IMT
Lil C-Thug Luv-2004-RNS
Lil Mo-Based On A True Story-Retail-2001-Recycled INT
Lil Mo-Dem Boyz-(Promo CDS)-2005-RNS
Lionel Richie-Coming Home-(Advance Album Sampler)-2006-uF
Lisa Mafia-Shake for Daddy-(Promo-CDS)-2005-VINYL
Lisa Taylor-Did You Pray Today-Promo CDM-1992-XXS
Lisette Melendez-Goody Goody-(CDM)-1993-C4
LL Cool J Introducing Kandice Love-Amazin-CDS-2003-CMS
ll cool j-g.o.a.t. featuring james t. smith the greatest of all time-2000-kor
Lloyd Banks Feat 50 Cent and Lala-Smile (Remix)-(Promo CDS)-2003-FUA
London-One 2 Many-Promo VLS-2008-Scratch
Lorenzo-Non Stop Reloaded-2006-R6
lucy pearl-lucy pearl-2000-kor
ludacris-back for the first time-2000-kor
Luther Vandross-Stop To Love-Reissue-2005-CNS
Luther Vandross-The Ultimate Luther Vandross-Reissue-Read NFO-2006-TAM
Lutricia Mcneal - What About it-CDM-2005-SMS
Lyfe Jennings-Lyfe 268-192-(Special Edition)-2005-MTD
Lyfe Jennings-Lyfe Change-(Bonus DVD)-2008-EON
Macy Gray-The Very Best Of Macy Gray-(Retail)-2004-RNS
Majic Massey-Devils Advocate-(Promo VLS)-2006-H3X
Malik-Dance Wit Me-CDS-2007-R6
Maria Ilieva-Off the Record-Promo CDS-2005-BUL
Mariah Carey - Never Too Far Dont Stop (Funkin 4 Jamaica)-DK CDS-2001-SMO
Mariah Carey - Rainbow-1999-TRI INT
Mariah Carey Feat Jd and Fatman Scoop-Its Like that-READ NFO-Promo-CDM-2005-Mill
Mariah Carey Feat Joe Nas-Thank God I Found U REMIX-CD Sing-RNS
Mariah Carey-1s-(Australian Edition)-1998-NHH INT
Mariah Carey-1s-1998-AMP
Mariah Carey-1s-1998-OSC INT
Mariah Carey-Always Be My Baby (Remix CD Single)-RNS
Mariah Carey-Butterfly-1997-AVE
mariah carey-butterfly-1997-kor
Mariah Carey-Butterfly-1997-OSC INT
Mariah Carey-Butterfly-1997-RBT INT
Mariah Carey-Cant Take That Away (Maxi Single)-2000-EGO
Mariah Carey-Charmbracelet (Japanese Bonus Track)-2002-RNS
Mariah Carey-Charmbracelet (Tour Edition)-2CD-2003-VAG INT
Mariah Carey-Dont Forget About Us-(Promo CDS)-2005-SUT
Mariah Carey-EMC2-(JP Retail)-2008-Resurrected INT
mariah carey-emc2-2008-kor
Mariah Carey-Emotions-1991-CNS INT
Mariah Carey-Emotions-1991-OSC INT
Mariah Carey-Emotions-1991-RMG
Mariah Carey-Get Your Number-CDS-2005-DOH
Mariah Carey-Heartbreaker-CDM-1999-CDSINGLESV2
Mariah Carey-Heartbreaker-CDM-1999-PRO INT
Mariah Carey-Help Me Make It-(WEB)-2010-0MNi INT
Mariah Carey-Honey-CDM-1997-ONSOMENEXTSHIT
Mariah Carey-In Store Play Sampler NFO-Promo-1995-XXS
Mariah Carey-Its Like that (Read NFO)-(CDS)-2005-MSRP
Mariah Carey-Its Like that-Remix-VLS-2005-ROD
mariah carey-lovesongs-2010-kor
Mariah Carey-Mariah Carey-1990-OSC INT
Mariah Carey-Mariah Carey-1990-OSR
Mariah Carey-Mariah Carey-1990-RMG
mariah carey-memoirs of an imperfect angel-2cd-2009-kor
mariah carey-mtv unplugged-ep-1992-kor
mariah carey-music box-1993-kor
Mariah Carey-Music Box-1993-OSC INT
Mariah Carey-Music Box-Retail-1993-iNT-OSM
Mariah Carey-My All Breakdown-CDM-1998-RAV
Mariah Carey-Shake It off b.w Remix-CDS-2005-CMS INT
Mariah Carey-Shake it Off-Promo CDS-2006-MiP
Mariah Carey-The Adventures Of Mimi-(DVD)-2007-OND
Mariah Carey-The Adventures Of Mimi-2DVD-2007-VAG INT
Mariah Carey-The Adventures Of Mimi-BD-2008-VAG
mariah carey-the ballads-2009-kor
Mariah Carey-The Emancipation Of Mimi-(Retail Platinum Edition)-2005-Homely INT
Mariah Carey-The Emancipation Of Mimi-(Ultra Platinum Edition)-2005-RES
Mariah Carey-The Emancipation Of Mimi (Platinum Edition)-CD-2005-2TU INT
Mariah Carey-The Emancipation of Mimi (Sampler)-2005-VINYL
Mariah Carey-The Emancipation of Mimi-Retail-2005-FH
Mariah Carey-Valentines Sampler-2000-RNS
Mariah Carey-We Belong Together-(Promo CDS)-2005-RNS
Mariah Carey-Without You-CDM-1994-NuC
Mario Winans Ft. Lil Flip-Never Really Was-(UK VLS)-2004-MAD
Mario Winans Ft.Sun-E-Never Really Was (Remix)-Promo CDS-2004-MFU
Mario Winans-Bear with Me-(Promo)-2004-VINYL
Mario Winans-Hurt No More-(Advance)-2004-CNS
Mario Winans-Hurt No More-(Retail)-2004-RNS
Mario Winans-Hurt No More (UK Bonus Track)-2004-QMB
Mario Winans-I Dont Wanna Know-(Promo CDS)-2003-nFL
Mario Winans-Never Really Was (CD Scans Included)-(CDS)-2004-FUA
Mario Winans-Never Really Was (Remixes)-Vinyl-2004-iGN
Mario Winans-Never Really Was Remix Ft Twista-PROMO VLS-2004-iGN
Mario Winans-Story of My Heart-1997-FTD INT
Mario Winans-Story of My Heart-Retail-1997-OSC INT
Marques Houston-Naked-2005-C4
Marvin Gaye-Lets Get It On-Reissue-2003-EOS
Marvin Gaye-Whats Going On-1971-EOS
Marvin Sease-Candy Licker the Sex and Soul of Marvin Sease-2006-R6
Mary J. Blige-Give Me You-(CDM)-2000-OSC
Mary J. Blige-Love and Life (Japan Bonus Track)-2003-CMS
mary j. blige-love and life-2003-kor
Mary J. Blige-Love Is All We Need-Promo VLS-1997-CMS
mary j. blige-mary-1999-kor
mary j. blige-my life-1994-kor
Mary J. Blige-My Love-Promo CDS-1993-OSC
mary j. blige-no more drama-2002-kor
mary j. blige-share my world-1997-kor
mary j. blige-whats the 411-1992-kor
Mary J. Blige-Whats The 411-Remix-1993-OSR
Mary J Blige feat Brook-Lyn-Enough Cryin-CDS-2006-CMS
Mary J Blige Feat Drake-The One-CDS-2009-CMS INT
Mary J Blige-Be Without You-CDS-2005-CMS
Mary J Blige-Growing Pains-2007-CMS
Mary J Blige-Live on Leno 0119-2006-SNR
Mary J Blige-Whats The 411-1992-KSI INT
Mashonda-January Joy-Sampler-2005-TWCMP3
Mayaeni-Album Sampler-2006-CMS INT
ME-2-U-Want U Back-(Promo CDM)-1993-OSC
Melisa Morgan--I Remember-Remix-VLS-2005-AES
Melissa Morgan-I Remember-(Retail)-2005-MSRP
Mercedes Feat. Guerilla Black-Hey Baby-VLS-2005-R6
Meryl Carter-Not The One-(CDS)-2005-SUT
Michael Cooper-Just What I Like-1989-C4
Michael Cooper-Love Is Such A Funny Game-1987-C4
Michael Hart-Forever-2005-eXe
Michael Jackson-20th Century Masters-The Best Of Michael Jackson-2000-C4
michael jackson-bad (special edition)-reissue-1987-kor
michael jackson-ben-1972-kor
Michael Jackson-Billie Jean-VLS-1982-CMS
Michael Jackson-Blood On The Dance Floor (History In The Mix)-1997-EOS
michael jackson-blood on the dance floor history in the mix-1997-kor
michael jackson-dangerous (special edition)-reissue-1991-kor
michael jackson-forever michael-1975-kor
michael jackson-got to be there-1972-kor
michael jackson-history begins-2cd-1995-kor
michael jackson-invincible-2001-kor
michael jackson-michael-2010-kor
michael jackson-music and me-1973-kor
michael jackson-off the wall (special edition)-reissue-1979-kor
Michael Jackson-Off The Wall-Reissue-2001-EOSiNT
michael jackson-thriller (special edition)-reissue-1982-kor
Michael Rodgers-I Got Love-1989-C4
Michelle Gayle-Do You Know-CDM-1997-XXS
Michelle Williams-Unexpected-2008-C4
mikah nine-a work in progress-2003-jce
Miles Jaye-Heaven (12inch Vinyl)-(BRW 133)-1989-WRE
Mint Condition-E-Life-(US Retail)-2008-C4
Mint Condition-Live From The 9-30 Club-2006-RNS
MisseZ Feat Pimp C-Love Song-(Promo CDS)-2006-RNS
Mission Control Unit-Down by the River-(Promo-CDM)-2005-VINYL
Mister O Feat. Tony-J-Ultimate Rnb Session 21-(Bootleg Vinyl)-2006-41ST
Mo and Grazz-Defiant-WEB-2019-WTCF
Mo and Grazz-Fallin Upon Def Ears-WEB-2006-WTCF
Mo and Grazz-Gemini Remixed-WEB-2011-WTCF
Mo and Grazz-Gemini-WEB-2009-WTCF
Monica-Miss Thang-1995-EOS
Monica-The Boy Is Mine-(Retail)-1998-iNT-OSM
Mont Jake-Shadow (EP)-WEB-2016-WTCF
Montell Jordan-Life After Def-2003-QMB
Mr. Ealey-Heavy Situations-2007-R6
Mr Altine-Unsigned Hype-2005-CNS
Muhabbet-Ich Will Nicht Gehn (Premium)-(CDM)-DE-2006-RpM
Mya-Fear Of Flying (Retail)-2000-OSM
Nadiya-Electron Libre-FR-2008-H5N1
Najiyah-Its Just Me-2005-MSRP
Nas-A Womans Worth (RMX) Ft. Alycia Keys-CDS-2002-BLEH
Natasha Thomas-Skin Deep-(CDM)-2005-eXe
Natasha-Sidekick-(Promo CDS)-2009-WHOA
Nathan-Come into My Room-(CDS)-2005-VINYL
Nelly Furtado-Do it and All Good Things (Remixes)-Promo CDM-2007-GTi
Next-Rated Next-1997-EOS
Ne-Yo-Closer (Remixes)-Promo CDM-2008-GTi
Ne-Yo-So Sick Of Ghost Writing-Bootleg-2006-RRR INT
Nicole Bus-You-EP-Bootleg-2020-WTCF
Notorious B.I.G. Ft. Puff Daddy and Mase-Mo Money Mo Problems-1997-XXL iNT
Nxworries (Anderson Paak and Knxwledge)-Link Up and Suede-(EP)-2015-DiTF
Olivia Feat Lloyd Banks-Twist it-Promo-CDS-2005-Scratch
Olivia Feat Maino-Im So into You-Promo-CDS-2005-Scratch
Olivia Ft 50 Cent-Cloud 9-(Promo CDS)-2004-JCE
Pink-Cant Take Me Home-2000-EOS
Prince-Live At The Aladdin Theater-(DVD)-2003-EGO
Pussycat Dolls-I Hate this Part-Promo CDM-2008-GTi
r. kelly and public announcement-born into the 90s-1991-kor
r. kelly-untitled-2009-kor
R Kelly-12 Play-1993-EOS
R Kelly-Chocolate Factory-RETAIL-2003-0MNi
R Kelly-Down Low (Remix CD Single)-1996-RNS
R Kelly-The R In R And B Greatest Hits Collection Volume 1-2003-EOS
R Kelly-TP-2COM-2000-EOS
Ram Z-Let Me Be The One Feat Drag On (CD Single)-2000-EGO
raphael saadiq-as ray ray-retail-2004-esc
Raw Jawz Feat. Leki-Throw M Up (Incl. Reggaeton Remix)-Promo-CDS-2005-SC
Ray J-This Aint A Game (Retail)-2001-EGO
Rihanna-Good Girl Gone Bad (UK Deluxe Edition)-2CD-2007-VAG INT
Sarah Connor Feat TQ-Lets Get Back To Bed-Boy-(CDM)-2001-VAG INT
Shaggy-It Wasnt Me Ft. Ricardo RikRok Ducent-(CDM)-2000-CDSINGLESV2
Shai-I Dont Wanna Be Alone-Promo VLS-1996-GCP
Sistars-Inspirations-(Warner Music)-CDM-2007-onelove
sleepy brown-mr. brown-(retail)-2006-homely
Snoh Aalegra-- Ugh those feels again-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Solange-Sol-Angel And The Hadley St. Dreams-2008-pLAN9
son of bazerk featuring no self control and the band-bazerk bazerk bazerk-1991-kor
Stevie Wonder-Innervisions-1973-EOS
SWV-The Encore Collection-2004-0MNi
Taio Cruz-Departure-(Advance)-2008-3AM
Tamia-Tamia-(JP Retail)-1998-Y2H INT
tank-sex love and pain-2007-osc
Teyana Taylor-The Album-WEB-2020-TACOS
The Black Eyed Peas-Elephunk-Special Edition-2003-TIN
The Jackson 5-The Jackson 5 Story-2CD-(Remastered-Import)-2006-OSC
The Jacksons-Destiny-(Expanded Edition)-2008-C4
The Jacksons-Triumph-(Expanded Edition)-2008-C4
The Pussycat Dolls-Stickwitu-CDM-2005-uC
timbaland-present shock value (deluxe edition)-2cd-2007-smo
TLC-Fanmail (Japanese Version)-1999-RNS
TLC-Now And Forever-The Hits-RETAIL-2004-ESC
TLC-We Love TLC-2009-VAG
Toni Braxton-More Than A Woman (Retail)-2002-RNS
Toni Braxton-Secrets-1996-TIN
Toni Braxton-The Heat-2000-iRO
Toni Braxton-Toni Braxton-1993-EOS
Toni Braxton-Ultimate Toni Braxton-2003-RNS
Tony LeMans-Tony LeMans-1989-C4
tony scott-love let love-(rhythm 013-3)-cdm-1990-zzzz
Tre Williams-Chocolate Soul-WEB-2017-WTCF
Usher-My Way-1997-TIN
Usher-Rhythm City Volume 1. Caught Up-(Bonus CD)-2005-RTB
Usher-You Make Me Wanna-(CDS)-1997-CDSINGLESV2
VA - Atlantic Unearthed - Soul Sisters-CD-2006-USZ
VA - Bravo Black Hits Vol.11-2CD-2004-MOD
VA - R N B Meets Northern Soul-2005-DQM
VA - Royalbunker Nr.1 Vol.1-DE-2004-Krbz
VA DJ-Casual Presents-The Comfort Zone-Classic Slow Jams Vol. 1-Bootleg-2006-h3rb
VA-A Thin Line Between Love And Hate-(OST)-1996-KAL INT
VA--Avlon Salutes Legendary African-American Divas Legacy-CD-2001-WUS
VA-Big Hype-Magnificent R And B Part 2-2004-FUA
VA-Big Mike RNB Jumpoff Pt.5-2003-tAS
VA-Bigg Premiere-Top Billin 13-2002-4HM
VA-Blue Eyed Soul-2CD-2004-pH
VA-Body and Soul-the Best of Black Music Vol 3-2CD-1995-sfsh
va-comme un aimant-fr-2000-kor
VA-Cutmaster C-Charge It To Da Game-2002-WCR
VA-Cutmaster C-Ghetto Hollywood-2001-REV
VA-DJ Arson Ball Til You Fall The Remix-2003-WHOA
VA-DJ Arson-Flash Of Class Pt.2-2002-WHOA
VA-Dj Big Hype-The Magnificent RB Blends Pt. 7-2002-WCR
VA-DJ Big Mike-Mesmerized-2003-FUA
VA-Dj Capone Best of Classic R and B-2001-CMS
VA-DJ Craig G and DJ Precise-Hot Like Fire RnB-Megamix-1999-RNS
VA-DJ Dazon-Summer Heat-2003-WCR
VA-Dj DND presents-lisa left eye lopes-legacy-2002-tAS
VA-DJ Doitall-Rnb Blendz Part 15-2003-FUA
VA-DJ Doitall-Summer Shit-2003-tAS
VA-DJ Dollar Bill-RnB Part 3-2002-WHOA
VA-DJ Enuff-The Spot-2001-tAS
VA-DJ Envy-Cruisin Part 5-2003-WCR
VA-DJ Envy-RnB 26-Bootleg-2006-C4
VA-Dj Envy-RnB For The Holidays-2001-MoB
VA-Dj Envy-Spring Fever 3-2002-4HM
VA-Dj Envy-Summer Blends 2002-2002-WCR
VA-Dj Envy-Trade it All Pt.3-2002-FUA
VA-DJ Famous - Rnb Vol. 29 and the Winner Still is-2002-FUA
VA-DJ Famous - Sexual Affairs Vol. 16-2002-FUA
VA-DJ Famous Sexual Affairs Pt. 17 Make Up 2 Break Up-2003-FUA
VA-DJ Famous-Best Men Of The Year (Sexual Affairs 12)-2002-WHOA
VA-Dj Famous-Going for 3-Rnb 27 2k2 Edition-2002-FUA
VA-Dj Famous-H20 is Needed RnB Vol15-2001-REV
VA-Dj Famous-I Does this-Rnb 26 2k2 Edition-2002-FUA
VA-DJ Famous-Is The F For Females (RnB Vol 36) (Hosted By Xavier Aeon)-2003-QMB
VA-DJ Famous-Rnb Pt. 30 (Guess Whos Back)-2003-FUA
VA-DJ Famous-RnB Vol. 31 Spring Break 2K3-2003-FUA
VA-DJ Famous-Sexual Affairs Vol. 18-Independent Mothers-2003-tAS
VA-DJ Jay Faire-Lets Party 4-2003-tAS
VA-DJ Juice-Vol 49-R And B Blendz Part 3-2000-RNS
VA-DJ Kool Kid-Pimps Up Hos Down (RnB Chick Pt.2)-2002-WHOA
VA-DJ Kool Kid-Shorty Wanna Ride 2-(Bootleg)-2005-MAD
VA-DJ Kurupt-Love Jones Vol.1(Hosted By Alicia Keys)-2002-WHOA
VA-DJ L Presents-Unforgettable Music Pt. 2-2003-WHOA
VA-DJ Radio-Thug Passion Pt.2-2003-FUA
VA-DJ Rell Love-RnB Cookout Part 5-2002-tAS
VA-DJ Rell Love-RnB Cookout Part 8-2003-tAS
VA-DJ Rukiz Presents-Babymaker Part 3-2004-CNS
VA-Dj Scoob Doo Pres Ladies First (Lights Out Vol 4) Hosted by Remy Ma-Promo-Bootleg-2005-Scratch
VA-DJ Shortkut-Going Uptown-A New Jack Swing Era Mix-(ANTCD119)-CD-2007-OBC
VA-DJ Silva Sir-Fa-Clash Of The Titans (Soul Vs. RnB) Vol. 2-2005-FUA
VA-DJ Silva Sir-Fa-Clash of the Titans Pt.3-(Bootleg)-2005-0MNi
VA-DJ Smallz And Chris Brown-Dirty RnB 10-Bootleg-2005-C4
VA-DJ Smallz-Dirty RnB 11 (Hosted By T-Pain)-(Bootleg)-2006-RAGEMP3
VA-Dj Smallz-Dirty Rnb 12 (Hosted By Daron Jones From 112)-(Bootleg)-2006-H3X
VA-Dj Smallz-Dirty Rnb 13 (Hosted By Cherish)-(Bootleg)-2006-H3X
VA-DJ Smallz-Dirty RnB 6 (Hosted By Ludacris)-(Bootleg)-2006-ANYGRP
VA-DJ Smallz-Dirty RnB Part 2 (Hosted By Trey Songz)-2004-C4
VA-DJ Smallz-Smokin RnB Vol. 2-(Bootleg)-2007-CR
VA-DJ Smallz-Smokin RnB Vol. 3-(Bootleg)-2007-CR
VA-DJ Smallz-Smokin RnB Vol. 4-(Bootleg)-2007-CR
VA-DJ Smallz-Smokin RnB Vol. 5 (Screamfest 07 Edition)-Bootleg-2007-UKP
VA-DJ Smallz-Smokin RnB Vol. 6-(Bootleg)-2007-CR
VA-DJ Smallz-Smokin RnB Vol. 7-(Bootleg)-2007-CR
VA-DJ Smallz-Smokin RnB Vol. 8-(Bootleg)-2007-CR
VA-DJ Storm-Desert Storm South Radio Pt. 3 (Chopped Not Slopped By DJ Lil Steve)-(Bootleg)-2007-RAGEMP3
VA-DJ Suss One And DJ L - Perserve The Sexy Pt.3-Bootleg-2007-ebj
VA-DJ Thoro-Bump and Grind Volume 2-(Bootleg)-2007-GTL
VA-DJ Tight-O and DJ Bay Bay-the M-Town Collabo Mixtape Vol. 1-2004-CRN
VA-DJ Trigga And DJ Cheese-Keyshia Vs. Alicia-Bootleg-2007-R3D
VA-DJ Trigga-Lloyd Vs. Omarion-Bootleg-2007-R3D
VA-DJ Ty Boogie-Blend City (Reminisce Pt 3)-(Bootleg)-2005-MAD
VA-Dj Ty Boogie-Blend City Vol.7-2002-FUA
VA-DJ Wreak-RnB Thuggin Pt. 7 (Hosted by Mashonda)-Bootleg-2006-R3D
VA-DJ Wreck - Rnb Thuggin Pt.8-Bootleg-2006-ebj
VA-DJ2Mello-Law and Order RnB Pt.1-(Bootleg)-2007-CR
VA-DJ2Mello-There Can Be Only One-(Bootleg)-2007-CR
VA-DJ2Mello-Thuggin Or Luvin (Hosted By Deuce)-(Bootleg)-2007-CR
VA-DJ2Mello-Undercover RNB (Sea Edition)-(Bootleg)-2007-CR
VA-Doc Holliday-Slow Shit 4-2002-POiSE
VA-Doc Holliday-Slow Shit 5-2002-POiSE
VA-Doggtime The Art Of Blending 03-2003-tAS
VA-E.M.S.-Anniversary Edition-2001-EGO
VA-E.M.S.-Down For Me Pt. 1-2003-WCR
VA-E.M.S.-Exclusive RnB-2003-WCR
VA-E.M.S-Where Singles Meet-2003-WHOA
VA-Everyone Has A Limit (Mixed By DJ Enuff)-2002-CHR
VA-Frank Social Club-Soul And Discofunk Pleasure-2008-FRANKSOCiALCLUB
VA-Gangsta Soul Vol 19-La Soul A Vif-(Bootleg)-2005-41ST
VA-Generation Rap And RNB-2CD-FR-2003-MVP
VA-I Will Always Be There For You-1998-C4
VA-Independent Soul Divas-Independence Day-2008-C4
VA-James Browns Funky People Volume 3-2000-0MNi iNT
VA-King Smij-Shhhh RnB Vol.28 (Feat. Gully)-Bootleg-2006-R3D
VA-King Smij-Sshhhh Vol 35-(Bootleg)-2007-VAG
VA-More Motown Classics-Gold-2CD-2007-OSC
VA-MOS Maximum Bass 3-2CD-2006-WRE
VA-Motor City Gold-Sounds From The Motor City-2004-DNR
VA-Motown Legends Guy Groups-1995-pyt
VA-Motown Remixed Vol. 2-2007-SAW
VA-Neo Soul Vibes Vol 11-2003-CMS INT
VA-Neo Soul Vibes Vol 12-2003-CMS INT
VA-Neo Soul Vibes Vol 13-2003-CMS INT
VA-Neo Soul Vibes Vol 15-2002-CMS INT
va-neo soul vibes vol 17-2005-cms int
va-neo soul vibes vol 3-2002-cms int
VA-Neo Soul Vibes Vol 5-2002-CMS INT
va-neo soul vibes vol 6-disc 1-2002-cms int
VA-Neo Soul Vibes Vol 7-2002-CMS INT
va-neo soul vibes vol 8-2002-cms int
VA-Neo Soul Vibes Vol 9-2003-CMS INT
VA-Night Train to Nashville-2CD-2004-IGR
VA-Power Rnb Vol 3-Bootleg-2008-RiFF
VA-Project Sounds Presents-Ojays and Stylistics-CD-2005-RAS
VA-R n B Relix (1976-1977)-2000-CHR
VA-Radioplay Urban Express 757Y-2008-SC
VA-Randb Show and Tell Classics-2CD-2005-CRN
VA-Rare Groove Party Vol 1-2CD-2002-WHOA
Various Artists-Ron G-New Beginnings-2000-EGO
VA-Shaolin Soul Episode 4-CD-2018-WTCF
VA-Shaolin Soul Plays Motown-CD-2019-WTCF
VA-Silky Soul Music-An All-Star Tribute To Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly-2009-C4
VA-Silva Sirfa-Blends Pt.1-1996-MoB
VA-Smooth Grooves Live-2001-RNS
VA-Soul Ballads 9-(CDSM348)-CD-2008-211
VA-Soul Hits Of The 80s-3CD-2004-WHOA
VA-Soul Lounge 6-40 Soulful Grooves-3CD-2009-C4
Va-Southern Soul-Let Me Down Easy-2004-XXL
VA-Southern Style Djs-Mo Love (Atlanta Style 2005 Series Pt 1)-(Bootleg)-2005-POiSE
VA-StreetSweepers No More Drama RNB Exclusive-2001-tAS
VA-Streetsweepers Presents RNB Gangstas 2k3-2003-FUA
VA-Streetsweepers Presents RnB Gangsters Pt.2-2002-WHOA
VA-Streetsweepers Presents Ruff RnB-2001-EGO
VA-Streetsweepers Presents the Smooth Criminal-2002-FUA
VA-The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 12A 1972-(Limited Edition)-5CD-2013-DNR
VA-The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 12B 1972-(Limited Edition)-5CD-2013-DNR
VA-The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 4 1964-(Limited Edition)-6CD-2006-DNR
VA-The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 6 1966-(Limited Edition)-5CD-2006-DNR
VA-The Complete Stax-Volt Singles 1959-1968-(Limited Edition)-9CD-1991-DNR
VA-The Complete Stax-Volt Soul Singles Vol. 2 1968-1971-(Limited Edition)-9CD-2014-DNR
VA-The Complete Stax-Volt Soul Singles Vol. 3 1972-1975-(Limited Edition)-9CD-2014-DNR
VA-The Greatest Mardis Gras Concert Ever-2006-WUS
VA-The Honorable King Smij-Blend Gems Part 9-2003-WCR
VA-The Honorable King Smij-Sshhhh Vol. 15-2004-C4
VA-The Honorable King Smij-Sshhhh Vol.5 (RnB)-2002-WHOA
VA-The Honorable King Smij-Sshhhh Vol.6 (RnB)-2002-WHOA
VA-The Honorable King Smij-Sshhhh Vol 36-(Bootleg Sampler)-2007-VAG
VA-The Masters Series Philly Soul-(CDSM360)-CD-2009-211
VA-The Motown Acappellas-(BAC-7519)-Bootleg Vinyl-2007-WHOA
VA-The Motown Acappellas-(BAC-7522)-Bootleg Vinyl-2007-WHOA
VA-The Ultimate Bootlegs and Remixes Service Vol.12-Promo-2004-CHR
VA-The Ultimate Rare Groove Collection-(Promo)-2009-ONe
VA-This Is Charly RnB-CD-1987-gnvr
VA-Ty Boogie and Action Pac-RnB Jewels Pt. 2-Bootleg-2006-R3D
VA-Ultimate Rhythm and Black Collection-2CD-2002-TQL
VA-Untampered RnB 14-Bootleg-2006-RAGEMP3
VA-Urban Express 599Y-2005-LNC
VA-Urban Express 600Y-2005-LNC
VA-Urban Express 612Y-2005-LNC
VA-Urban Express 750Y-2007-SC
VA-Urban Express 751Y-2007-SC
va-whats the flavor vol.44-2001-kor
VA-Wicked Mix 85-(Vinyl)-2004-QMB
VA-Wyse Schmeek-Gangsta Love HipHop and RnB Blends-2003-tAS
VA-Xmix Radioactive Urban Radio January-2006-XXL
VA-Xmix Radioactive Urban Radio September-2005-XXL
VA-X-Mix Urban Series 77-2005-XXL
VA-X-Mix Urban Series 86-2005-XXL
VA-X-Mix Urban Series 93-2006-XXL
VA-X-Mix Urban Series 95-2006-XXL
VA-X-Mix Urban Series 98-2007-XXL
VA-X-Mix Urban Series Issue 100-2CD-2007-XXL
VA-X-Mix Urban Series Issue 102-2007-XXL
VA-X-Mix Urban Series Issue 106-2007-XXL
VA-X-Mix Urban Series Issue 110-2007-XXL
Yvette Michele-Everyday and Everynight-(Remix CDM)-1996-PM1
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Soul 2019
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Aretha Franklin-The Atlantic Albums Collection-Boxset-19CD-2015-DDS
Barbara Mason-Oh How It Hurts-WEB-1968-ENRiCH
Barry White-The 20th Century Albums (1973-1979)-Remastered Boxset-9CD-2018-DDS
Billy Paul-Me and Mrs Jones The Anthology-Remastered-2CD-2019-DDS
Billy Stewart-I Do Love You-WEB-1965-ENRAGED
Bryony Jarman-Pinto-Cage and Aviary-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Candi Staton-Evidence The Complete Fame Records Masters-WEB-2005-ENRAGED
Cheryl Lynn-Got To Be Real The Columbia Anthology-Remastered-2CD-2019-DDS
Dee Dee Warwick-I Want To Be With You-Im Gonna Make You Love Me-Remastered-2013-GCP
Eddie Floyd-California Girl-WEB-1970-ENRAGED
Human Race-Human Race b w Grey Boy-EP-WEB-2019-ENRAGED iNT
Kim Weston-Kim Kim Kim-WEB-1970-ENRAGED
Marvin Gaye-Trouble Man (40th Anniversary Expanded Edition)-WEB-2012-ENRAGED iNT
Marvin Gaye-Whats Going On (40th Anniversary Expanded Edition)-WEB-2011-ENRAGED
Momo Said-Break The Rules-(TTS190276)-CD-2019-FANG
Quincy Jones-The Cinema Of Quincy Jones-6CD-2017-SNOOK
Shirley Murdock-Shirley Murdock-Remastered Expanded Edition-2CD-2019-DDS
Sister Sledge-The Early Years-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
The Dells-The Mighty Mighty Dells-LP-1974-GCP
The Facts Of Life-A Matter Of Fact-LP-1978-GCP
The Temprees-Love Maze-Remastered-1995-GCP
The Teskey Brothers-Half Mile Harvest (Deluxe)-WEB-2018-ENTiTLED iNT
The Teskey Brothers-Right For Me-EP-WEB-2019-ENTiTLED
The Toys-The Toys Sing A Lovers Concerto and Attack-Remastered-1994-GCP
VA-Motown Greatest Hits-3CD-2019-404
VA-Motown Unreleased 1963-WEB-2013-ENRAGED
VA-Motown Unreleased 1964-WEB-2014-ENRAGED
VA-Motown Unreleased 1965-WEB-2015-ENRAGED
VA-Motown Unreleased 1967-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
VA-Motown Unreleased 1969-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
VA-The Time for Peace Is Now - Gospel Music About Us-(LB0094)-WEB-2019-MOHAWK
Wilson Pickett-The Complete Atlantic Albums Collection-Remastered Boxset-10CD-2017-DDS
Andy Aaron-Youre the Only One-(TR269)-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Baxter-Where Is The Love-WEB-2019-NDE
Bobby Oroza-Strange Girl-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Bobby Oroza-This Love (Instrumentals)-(DBC076FL)-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Boz Scaggs-Silk Degrees-Remastered Expanded Edition-CD-2007-KOMA
Brainstory-Cover It Up-(DBC079DIG1)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Brown Eyed Soul-It Soul Right-WEB-KR-2019-TosK
Chris Jasper-For the Love of You-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
David Ruffin-So Soon We Change-LP-1979-GCP
Eric Kol-Today-WEB-2019-sceau
Etta James-Dragon Punch-WEB-2019-sceau
Fieh-Cold Water Burning Skin-WEB-2019-UVU
Glen Ricketts-Commandments Of Love-LP-199x-GCP
James Brown-Live At Home With His Bad Self (2019 Mix)-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Jay Morris Group-Like Food to My Soul-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Jimmy Briscoe and The Beavers-Living For Today-VLS-1978-GCP
Joe Tex-Get Back Leroy-VLS-1978-GCP
KLIN is a Shit Group-Spread if You Agree-WEB-2019-KLIT
Lee Fields and The Expressions-It Rains Love (Instrumentals)-(DBC921FL)-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Lillo Thomas-Greatest Hits-WEB-2012-ENRAGED
Louis York-American Griots-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Marcus Scott-Back 2 Da Soul-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Marvin Gaye-Whats Going On (Live)-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Michael Kiwanuka-KIWANUKA-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Oscar Jerome-Live In Amsterdam-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Son Little-Invisible EP-WEB-2019-sceau
Tawiah-Starts Again-(FW205CD)-CD-2019-FANG
Tawiah-Starts Again-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
The Dramatics-Drama V (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1975-ENRAGED
The Moments and The Whatnauts-Girls-VLS-1975-GCP
The Spinners-I Love The Music-VLS-1979-GCP
The Three Degrees-The Roulette Years-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
The Tymes-Gods Gonna Punish You-VLS-1975-GCP
VA-Can You Feel It Vol 2 Modern Soul Disco and Boogie 1976-84-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
VA-Sisters Of Soul The Sweeter Voices Of Soul-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-2012-SOUNDz
VA-The Essential Motown Northern Soul-(REVPD11515)-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
VA-Tramp 45 RPM Single Collection Vol 12-(TRCD9088DD)-WEB-2019-MOHAWK
Will Downing-Deja Vu (feat Avery Sunshine)-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Allen Stone-Building Balance-2019-GCP
Amy Winehouse-In Concert 2007-DVD-2011-GCP
Ben Loncle Soul-Ben.-WEB-2019-OND
Boca 45-Boca 45 Bombs from the Vaults-WEB-2017-ENRAGED
Booker T and The MGs-Mo Onions-WEB-2013-ENRAGED
Booker T Jones-Note By Note-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Celi Bee and The Buzzy Bunch-Celi Bee and The Buzzy Bunch-LP-1977-GCP
Cold Diamond and Mink-Here Today Gone Tomorrow (1634 Lexington Ave Instrumentals)-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Doug Shorts-Casual Encounter-(DAPD004)-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Freddie Jackson-A Million Ways-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
GQ-Two (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1980-ENRAGED
Hanorah-For the Good Guys and the Bad Guys-(DTC-072)-WEB-2019-MOHAWK
James And Black-This Time-2018-SNOOK
Joe Simon-Get Down Get Down (Get On The Floor)-VLS-1975-GCP
Kansas City Express-This Is The Place-(OOT005)-WEB-2019-jAZzMan
Kea-Being with You-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Love Committee-One Day Of Peace-VLS-1974-GCP
Love Unlimited Orchestra-The 20th Century Records Albums (1973-1979)-BOXSET-7CD-2019-DDS
Michael Kiwanuka-KIWANUKA-2019-CR
Minnie Riperton-Adventures In Paradise-WEB-1975-ENRAGED iNT
Miriah Avila-You in Love Again-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Nicole Henry-Angels We Have Heard on High-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Paul and The Tall Trees-So Long (Instrumentals)-(DBC918-FL)-WEB-2019-MOHAWK
Shawn Lee-Rides Again-2019-404
Soul Messin Allstars-Soul A Go Go-(SMR45-0319)-PROMO-CDS-2019-FANG
Terry Callier-Welcome Home (Deluxe Edition)-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
The Edwin Hawkins Singers-Oh Happy Day-VLS-1969-GCP
The New Ventures-Rocky Road-LP-1976-GCP
The Secret Souls-All of The Moments-2019-VULGAR
VA-Chateau Soulbeats-WEB-2011-ENRAGED
VA-Daptone Records Singles Collection Volume 1-WEB-2019-iHR
VA-Daptone Records Singles Collection Volume 2-WEB-2019-iHR
VA-The Men Of Society Hill Records The Lovers Compilation-WEB-2019-NDE
VA-The Sound Of Legere Recordings Legere Remixed-WEB-2013-ENRAGED
VA-This EP Is Especially Made For New Members In Musik For Alla Plateringen-Vinyl-1980-GCP
VA-Wah Wah 45s We Wah Fifteen-WEB-2014-ENRAGED
Archie Bell and The Drells-Tighten Up-I Cant Stop Dancing-Remastered-2004-GCP
Bizzi Dixon-The Sounds Of Yesteryear-WEB-2019-NDE
Brooklyn Soul Stew-Hits Where It Hurts-WEB-2019-NDE
Dean Ting-The Script of Destiny-WEB-CN-2019-TosK
Delirious George-Family Reunion-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
Delirious George-New Funk Who Dis-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Dobie Gray-New Ray Of Sunshine-LP-1975-GCP
Eamon-Captive Thoughts-WEB-2019-NDE
Irma Thomas-Wish Someone Would Care-WEB-1964-UVU
Jack Mack and The Heart Attack-Live from Centennial Park Atlanta 1996-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders-GarciaLive Volume 12 January 23rd 1973 The Boarding House-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Joe Simon-Drowning In The Sea Of Love-WEB-1972-UVU
Melba Moore-The Day I Turned To You Remastered-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Miles Malone-This Is Our Time-SINGLE-WEB-2013-KOPiE
Morris Chestnut-Too Darn Soulful b w You Dont Love Me Anymore-(NUM5459DIGITAL1)-WEB-1967-ENRAGED
Patrice Rushen-Remind Me The Classic Elektra Recordings 1978-1984-CD-2019-DDS
Ray Charles-Live At The Montreux Jazz Festival-DVD-2002-GCP
Ronnie McNeir-Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Simply United-A Midnight Dream-WEB-2016-ENRAGED
Simply United-Love Will Make a Way-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Solomon Burke-The Complete Atlantic Albums-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
Soul Survivors-Take Another Look-WEB-1969-UVU
Soul Survivors-When The Whistle Blows Anything Goes (Expanded Edition)-WEB-2019-UVU
Steve Elliott-Completion Of A Miracle-WEB-2019-NDE
Stevie Wonder-A Time To Love-2005-GCP INT
Stevie Wonder-At The Close Of A Century-Remastered-4CD-1999-GCP INT
Stevie Wonder-Fulfillingness First Finale-Remastered-2000-GCP
Stevie Wonder-Hotter Than July-Remastered-2000-GCP
Stevie Wonder-Innervisions-Remastered-2000-GCP
Stevie Wonder-Number Ones-Remastered-2007-GCP INT
Stevie Wonder-Songs In The Key Of Life-Remastered-2CD-2000-GCP INT
Stevie Wonder-Talking Book-Remastered-2000-GCP INT
The Christians-Sings And Strings-WEB-2017-NDE
The Continental IV-Dream World (1972)-Remastered-WEB-2019-UVU
The Delfonics-La La Means I Love You-Remastered-2016-GCP
The Doo Ray Mi Trio-The Doo Ray Mi Trio-LP-1959-GCP
The Impressions-The Impressions Complete A Side-WEB-2019-NDE
The Impressions-The Impressions Complete B Side-WEB-2019-NDE
The Lost Generation-Young Tough And Terrible (1972)-Remastered-WEB-2002-UVU
The Persuasions-Sincerely-1996-GCP
Uneda Dennard-Fantasy Ride-SINGLE-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
VA-Big Crown Records presents Crown Jewels Vol 1-(DBC100-FL)-WEB-2019-MOHAWK
VA-DJ Muro-Best Of Tropicooool Boogie-(KING082)-CD-2014-LEB
VA-DJ Muro-Diggin Heat 2011-(DHCD005)-2CD-2011-LEB
VA-DJ Muro-Diggin Heat 2015-(PROT1159)-CD-2015-LEB
VA-DJ Muro-Diggin Heat 2016-(PROT1203)-CD-2016-LEB
VA-DJ Muro-Diggin Heat 2017-(PROT1224)-CD-2017-LEB
VA-DJ Muro-Diggin Heat 2019-(PROT1250)-CD-2019-LEB
VA-DJ Muro-Diggin Ice 2011-(DICD005)-2CD-2011-LEB
VA-DJ Muro-Diggin Ice 2015-(PROT1155)-CD-2015-LEB
VA-DJ Muro-Diggin Ice 97-(DICD002)-Reissue-2CD-2011-LEB
VA-Everything Is Gonna Be Alright 50 Years Of Westbound Soul and Funk-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
VA-Freestyle Soul and Disco-(FSRSOULDIG01)-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
VA-Soul of Switzerland-PROMO-2003-NOiR
VA-Underground Oldies Gold Vol 3-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
VA-Underground Oldies Gold-WEB-2019-ENRAGED
VA-Wah Wah Twenty-(WAHDIG116)-WEB-2019-MOHAWK

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