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Mindshake Records-(2006-2020)-0DAY
  Labels | Author: Admin | 10-11-2021, 00:13

Mindshake Records-(2006-2020)-0DAY
[MINDSHAKE001] Paco Osuna-Mindacid-(MINDSHAKE001)-VLS-2006-PULSE
[MINDSHAKE002] Paco Osuna - Move Rin Haaa-Vinyl-2006-iDC
[MINDSHAKE004] andrea ferlin-reduced to the core-2007-loyalty
[MINDSHAKE005] Skoozbot--Two Over The Eight-(Mindshake005)-WEB-2008-dh INT
[MINDSHAKE006] Matteo Spedicati-Lets Talk About Feelings-WEB-2008-BSiDE
[MINDSHAKE007] Edgar De Ramon-Intuitions-(MINDSHAKE007)-WEB-2008-BSiDE
[MINDSHAKE008] VA-Just Two It Wasnt True-(MINDSHAKE008)-WEB-2008-CBR
[MINDSHAKE009] Dustin Zahn--420 EP-(MINDSHAKE009)-WEB-2009-SiBERiA
[MINDSHAKE010] VA-10th Part 2-(MINDSHAKE0102)-WEB-2010-1KING
[MINDSHAKE013] Carlo Lio-Finders Keepers EP-(MINDSHAKE013)-WEB-2011-iTALiVE
[MINDSHAKE016] Lorenzo Bartoletti-Safe and Sound EP-(Incl Barem Remix)-(MINDSHAKE016)-WEB-2012-wWs
[MINDSHAKE017] John Lagora-Contrast Part 2-(MINDSHAKE017)-WEB-2012-iTALiVE
[MINDSHAKE018] Alexis Cabrera - Wherever EP-(MINDSHAKE018)-WEB-2012-YOU
[MINDSHAKE020] Ronan Portela and Ariel Rodz - Hidden Mask EP-WEB-2012-YOU
[MINDSHAKE023] VA-From Our Family To Yours-(MINDSHAKE023)-WEB-2012-VA
[MINDSHAKE028] Carlo Lio-My Thang EP-MINDSHAKE028-WEB-2013-BPM
[MINDSHAKE030] John Lagora-Contrast Part IV-MINDSHAKE030-WEB-2013-TraX
[MINDSHAKE031] Sebastian Xottelo - Hustler EP-(MINDSHAKE031)-WEB-2014-XDS
[MINDSHAKE034] Sean Random-Zix EP-(MINDSHAKE034)-WEB-2014-BPM
[MINDSHAKE056] Cocodrills-On The Job-(MINDSHAKE056)-EP-WEB-2019-ENTANGLE
[MINDSHAKE057] Popof-Flashback-(MINDSHAKE057)-EP-WEB-2019-ENTANGLE
[MINDSHAKE062] Paco Osuna-Brain Bells EP-(MINDSHAKE062)-WEB-2020-AOV INT
[MINDSHAKE063] Wex 10--Travel One EP-(MINDSHAKE063)-WEB-2019-EBM
[MINDSHAKE071] Melanie Ribbe-Juno Mono-(MINDSHAKE071)-WEB-2020-PTC

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Plus 8
  Labels | Author: Admin | 12-06-2016, 02:22
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Plus 8
Adam Beyer - A Walking Contradiction (PLUS8087)-Vinyl-2005-kiNky
00-adam beyer-a walking contradiction-promo vinyl-2005-tsp.m3u
00-adam beyer-a walking contradiction-promo vinyl-2005-tsp.nfo
00-adam beyer-a walking contradiction-promo vinyl-2005-tsp.sfv
01-adam beyer-awc part 1-tsp.mp3
02-adam beyer-awc part 2-tsp.mp3
Adam Beyer - A Walking Contradiction (PLUS8087)-Vinyl-2005-kiNky INT
00-adam beyer - a walking contradiction-vinyl-2005-kinky int.m3u
00-adam beyer - a walking contradiction-vinyl-2005-kinky int.nfo
00-adam beyer - a walking contradiction-vinyl-2005-kinky int.sfv
a1-adam beyer - a walking contradiction (part 1)-kinky.mp3
b1-adam beyer - a walking contradiction (part 2)-kinky.mp3
Adam Beyer-A Walking Contradiction-(PLUS8087)-WEB-2005-CBR
00-adam beyer-a walking contradiction-(plus8087)-web-2005.m3u
00-adam beyer-a walking contradiction-(plus8087)-web-2005.nfo
00-adam beyer-a walking contradiction-(plus8087)-web-2005.sfv
01-adam beyer-a walking contradiction part 1 (original mix).mp3
02-adam beyer-a walking contradiction part 2 (original mix).mp3
Alberto Pascual-Vertigo EP-(PLUS8124D)-WEB-2012-iTALiVE
00-alberto pascual-vertigo ep-(plus8124d)-web-2012-italive.m3u
00-alberto pascual-vertigo ep-(plus8124d)-web-2012-italive.nfo
00-alberto pascual-vertigo ep-(plus8124d)-web-2012-italive.sfv
01-alberto pascual-vertigo (original mix)-italive.mp3
02-alberto pascual-truchas rancias (original mix)-italive.mp3
03-alberto pascual-continuous learning (original mix)-italive.mp3
04-alberto pascual-component (original mix)-italive.mp3
05-alberto pascual-serious injury (original mix)-italive.mp3
Alejandro Sab And Alexi Delano-Slipping Through The Cracks EP-(PLUS8108)-WEB-2009-CBR
00-alejandro sab and alexi delano-slipping through the cracks ep-(plus8108)-web-2009.m3u
00-alejandro sab and alexi delano-slipping through the cracks ep-(plus8108)-web-2009.nfo
00-alejandro sab and alexi delano-slipping through the cracks ep-(plus8108)-web-2009.sfv
01-alejandro sab and alexi delano-back to one (original mix).mp3
02-alejandro sab and alexi delano-holding patterns (original mix).mp3
03-alejandro sab and alexi delano-anytime insight (original mix).mp3
04-alejandro sab and alexi delano-at ars club (original mix).mp3
Alex Under - Collage-(PLUS8088)-WEB-2006-OXD
00 alex under - collage-(plus8088)-web-2006-oxd.m3u
00 alex under - collage-(plus8088)-web-2006-oxd.nfo
00 alex under - collage-(plus8088)-web-2006-oxd.sfv
01 alex under - el enucentro original mix-oxd.mp3
02 alex under - fortuito orginal mix-oxd.mp3
03 alex under - distantes original mix-oxd.mp3
Alexi Delano and Tony Rohr-Machine Run EP-(PLUS8099)-WEB-2008-BSiDE
00-alexi delano and tony rohr-machine run ep-(plus8099)-web-2008-bside.m3u
00-alexi delano and tony rohr-machine run ep-(plus8099)-web-2008-bside.nfo
00-alexi delano and tony rohr-machine run ep-(plus8099)-web-2008-bside.sfv
01-alexi delano and tony rohr-run 1 (original mix)-bside.mp3
02-alexi delano and tony rohr-run 2 (original mix)-bside.mp3
03-alexi delano and tony rohr-run 0 (original mix) (digital only)-bside.mp3
Alexi Delano And Xpansul-Intelligence Reframed-(PLUS8092)-WEB-2006-CBR
00-alexi delano and xpansul-intelligence reframed-(plus8092)-web-2006.m3u
00-alexi delano and xpansul-intelligence reframed-(plus8092)-web-2006.nfo
00-alexi delano and xpansul-intelligence reframed-(plus8092)-web-2006.sfv
01-alexi delano and xpansul-echolocation (original mix).mp3
02-alexi delano and xpansul-cosmic antipathy (original mix).mp3
03-alexi delano and xpansul-meta-intellectual (original mix).mp3
Alexi Delano And Xpansul-Intelligence Reframed-Vinyl-2006-SND
00-alexi delano and xpansul-intelligence reframed-vinyl-2006-snd.m3u
00-alexi delano and xpansul-intelligence reframed-vinyl-2006-snd.nfo
00-alexi delano and xpansul-intelligence reframed-vinyl-2006-snd.sfv
01-alexi delano and xpansul-echolocation-snd.mp3
02-alexi delano and xpansul-cosmic antipathy-snd.mp3
03-alexi delano and xpansul-vegetotherapy-snd.mp3
04-alexi delano and xpansul-meta-intellectual-snd.mp3
02-ambivalent-train to brooklyn-wws.mp3
04-ambivalent-ghost note-wws.mp3
05-ambivalent-jackson (camea remix)-wws.mp3
06-ambivalent-jackson (saso recyd remix)-wws.mp3
Baby Ford And Eon-Link--Dead Eye-Amenity (Plus 8086)-VLS-2006-CMC
00-baby ford and eon-link--dead eye-amenity (plus 8086)-vls-2006-cmc.m3u
00-baby ford and eon-link--dead eye-amenity (plus 8086)-vls-2006-cmc.nfo
00-baby ford and eon-link--dead eye-amenity (plus 8086)-vls-2006-cmc.sfv
a1-baby ford and eon--dead eye-cmc.mp3
Born Under A Rhyming Planet - Analogue Heaven-(PLUS8030)-1992-SP3CTR3
00-Born Under A Rhyming Planet - Analogue Heaven-(PLUS8030)-1992-SP3CTR3.m3u
00-Born Under A Rhyming Planet - Analogue Heaven-(PLUS8030)-1992-SP3CTR3.nfo
00-Born Under A Rhyming Planet - Analogue Heaven-(PLUS8030)-1992-SP3CTR3.sfv
01-Born Under A Rhyming Planet - Digital Hell-SP3CTR3.mp3
02-Born Under A Rhyming Planet - Analog Heaven (Dreaming Of 82)-SP3CTR3.mp3
03-Born Under A Rhyming Planet - Analog Heaven (Voltage Control)-SP3CTR3.mp3
04-Born Under A Rhyming Planet - Analog Heaven (On Beat Off Beat Style)-SP3CTR3.mp3
Bryan Zentz-D-Clash-(PLUS8122)-WEB-2011-wWs
00-bryan zentz-d-clash-(plus8122)-web-2011-wws.m3u
00-bryan zentz-d-clash-(plus8122)-web-2011-wws.nfo
00-bryan zentz-d-clash-(plus8122)-web-2011-wws.sfv
01-bryan zentz-dclash (matador remix)-wws.mp3
Bryan Zentz-Midnight Teeth EP-(PLUS8105)-WEB-2009-320
00-bryan zentz-midnight teeth ep-(plus8105)-web-2009.m3u
00-bryan zentz-midnight teeth ep-(plus8105)-web-2009.nfo
00-bryan zentz-midnight teeth ep-(plus8105)-web-2009.sfv
01-bryan zentz-lokjaw.mp3
02-bryan zentz-shadowtalk.mp3
03-bryan zentz-vania.mp3
04-bryan zentz-fixed eye.mp3
Cybersonik - Backlash (Plus8007)-EP-1991-TR
00-cybersonik - backlash (plus8007)-ep-1991-tr.m3u
00-cybersonik - backlash (plus8007)-ep-1991-tr.nfo
00-cybersonik - backlash (plus8007)-ep-1991-tr.sfv
a1-cybersonik - backlash-tr.mp3
b1-cybersonik - revelation 928-tr.mp3
b2-cybersonik - lash out-tr.mp3
Cybersonik - Technarchy (BZZXL 106021)-1990-gEm
00-cybersonik - technarchy (bzzxl 106021)-1990-gem.m3u
00-cybersonik - technarchy (bzzxl 106021)-1990-gem.nfo
00-cybersonik - technarchy (bzzxl 106021)-1990-gem.sfv
01-cybersonik - a1 technarchy-gem.mp3
02-cybersonik - b1 algorhythm-gem.mp3
03-cybersonik - b2 melody 928-gem.mp3
Cybersonik - Thrash (Plus8016)-EP-1991-TR
00-cybersonik - thrash (plus8016)-ep-1991-tr.m3u
00-cybersonik - thrash (plus8016)-ep-1991-tr.sfv
a1-cybersonik - trash-tr.mp3
b1-cybersonik - the minds eye-tr.mp3
b2-cybersonik - trashing-tr.mp3
cybersonik - thrash (plus8016)-ep-1991-tr.nfo
Cybersonik-Thrash-(PLUS8016)-Vinyl-1992-HSACLASSiX INT
00-cybersonik-thrash-(plus8016)-vinyl-1internal-1992-hsaclassix int.m3u
00-cybersonik-thrash-(plus8016)-vinyl-1internal-1992-hsaclassix int.nfo
00-cybersonik-thrash-(plus8016)-vinyl-1internal-1992-hsaclassix int.sfv
b1-cybersonik-the minds eye-hsaclassix.mp3
Danilo Vigorito-Primal Scream-(PLUS8113)-WEB-2010-320
00-danilo vigorito-primal scream-(plus8113)-web-2010.m3u
00-danilo vigorito-primal scream-(plus8113)-web-2010.nfo
00-danilo vigorito-primal scream-(plus8113)-web-2010.sfv
01-danilo vigorito-prima.mp3
02-danilo vigorito-i saw the light.mp3
03-danilo vigorito-walk around.mp3
04-danilo vigorito-run run.mp3
05-danilo vigorito-no there.mp3
Datasoul-Digital Disorder-(PLUS8112)-WEB-2010-WEB
00-datasoul-digital disorder-(plus8112)-web-2010.m3u
00-datasoul-digital disorder-(plus8112)-web-2010.nfo
00-datasoul-digital disorder-(plus8112)-web-2010.sfv
01-datasoul-digital disorder.mp3
04-datasoul-yellow knives.mp3
Dreamlife - Dreamlife PLUS8084-Vinyl-2003-iDC
00 dreamlife - dreamlife plus8084-vinyl-2003-idc.m3u
00 dreamlife - dreamlife plus8084-vinyl-2003-idc.nfo
00 dreamlife - dreamlife plus8084-vinyl-2003-idc.sfv
01 dreamlife - dawn alone dj esp mix-idc.mp3
02 dreamlife - dreamlife-idc.mp3
03 dreamlife - wake now dj esp mix-idc.mp3
Electric Deluxe - Electric Deluxe-Promo CDR-2001-tronik
00 electric deluxe - electric deluxe-promo cdr-2001-tronik.sfv
01 electric deluxe - electric deluxe (original mix)-tronik.mp3
02 electric deluxe - electric deluxe (christian smith and john selway remix)-tronik.mp3
electric deluxe - electric deluxe-promo cdr-2001-tronik.nfo
F.U.S.E. - Comic & Flexi (PLUS 8019)-Ltd.Ed.-1992-sp3ctr3
00-f.u.s.e. - comic & flexi (plus 8019)-ltd.ed.-1992-comic-sp3ctr3.jpg
00-f.u.s.e. - comic & flexi (plus 8019)-ltd.ed.-1992-cover-sp3ctr3.jpg
00-f.u.s.e. - comic & flexi (plus 8019)-ltd.ed.-1992-sp3ctr3.m3u
00-f.u.s.e. - comic & flexi (plus 8019)-ltd.ed.-1992-sp3ctr3.nfo
00-f.u.s.e. - comic & flexi (plus 8019)-ltd.ed.-1992-sp3ctr3.sfv
01-f.u.s.e. - a1 overdrive (demo version)-sp3ctr3.mp3
02-f.u.s.e. - b1 interlude-sp3ctr3.mp3
F.U.S.E. - Substance Abuse (PLUS8013)-Vinyl-1991-gEm INT
00 f.u.s.e. - substance abuse (plus8013)-vinyl-1991-gem int.m3u
00 f.u.s.e. - substance abuse (plus8013)-vinyl-1991-gem int.nfo
00 f.u.s.e. - substance abuse (plus8013)-vinyl-1991-gem int.sfv
01 Substance Abuse-gEm.mp3
02 Confusion (Dub)-gEm.mp3
03 F.U.2 (Re-Edit)-gEm.mp3
F.U.S.E.-Dimension Intrusion-1993-EMG INT
00-f.u.s.e.-dimension intrusion-1993-emg int.m3u
00-f.u.s.e.-dimension intrusion-1993-emg int.nfo
00-f.u.s.e.-dimension intrusion-1993-emg int.sfv
01-f u s e-a new day.mp3
02-f u s e-f.u..mp3
03-f u s e-slac.mp3
04-f u s e-dimension intrusion.mp3
05-f u s e-substance abuse.mp3
06-f u s e-train-trac.1.mp3
07-f u s e-another time (revisited).mp3
08-f u s e-theychx.mp3
09-f u s e-uva.mp3
10-f u s e-mantrax.mp3
11-f u s e-nitedrive.mp3
12-f u s e-into the space.mp3
13-f u s e-logikal nonsense.mp3
False - .Wav Pool-(PLUS8-081)-Vinyl-2002-EMP
00 false - .wav pool-(plus8-081)-vinyl-2002-emp.m3u
00 false - .wav pool-(plus8-081)-vinyl-2002-emp.nfo
00 false - .wav pool-(plus8-081)-vinyl-2002-emp.sfv
a1 false - .wav pool-emp.mp3
a2 false - zilker park-emp.mp3
b1 false - kick ball-emp.mp3
b2 false - not all weighs-emp.mp3
False - Beginners Luck And You Wouldnt-(PLUS8-082)-Vinyl-2003-EMP
00-false - beginners luck and you wouldnt-(plus8-082)-vinyl-2003-emp.m3u
00-false - beginners luck and you wouldnt-(plus8-082)-vinyl-2003-emp.nfo
00-false - beginners luck and you wouldnt-(plus8-082)-vinyl-2003-emp.sfv
a1-false - you wouldnt-emp.mp3
b1-false - beginners luck-emp.mp3
False - False (Plus8 083CD)-2003-gEm
00-false - false (plus8 083cd)-2003-gem.m3u
00-false - false (plus8 083cd)-2003-gem.nfo
00-false - false (plus8 083cd)-2003-gem.sfv
02-zilker park-gem.mp3
04-warsaw bread-gem.mp3
05-good ader-gem.mp3
07-beginners luck-gem.mp3
08-wav pool-gem.mp3
09-not all weighs-gem.mp3
10-you wouldnt-gem.mp3
False - Warsaw Bread-(PLUS8079)-Vinyl-2002-EMP
00 false - warsaw bread-(plus8079)-vinyl-2002-emp.m3u
00 false - warsaw bread-(plus8079)-vinyl-2002-emp.nfo
00 false - warsaw bread-(plus8079)-vinyl-2002-emp.sfv
a1 false - warsaw bread-emp.mp3
a2 false - walled-emp.mp3
b1 false - flack-emp.mp3
b2 false - good adder-emp.mp3
Fascinating Rhythm - The Woodpecker (PLUS8 040)-1994-gEm
00-fascinating rhythm - the woodpecker (plus8 040)-1994-gem.m3u
00-fascinating rhythm - the woodpecker (plus8 040)-1994-gem.nfo
00-fascinating rhythm - the woodpecker (plus8 040)-1994-gem.sfv
01-fascinating rhythm - a1 the woodpecker-up-gem.mp3
02-fascinating rhythm - a2 swim in dope-up-gem.mp3
03-fascinating rhythm - b1 bouncing balls-up-gem.mp3
04-fascinating rhythm - b2 square fantasy-up-gem.mp3
Fuse - Approach And Identify (Plus8004)-EP-1990-TR
00-fuse - approach and identify (plus8004)-ep-1990-tr.m3u
00-fuse - approach and identify (plus8004)-ep-1990-tr.nfo
00-fuse - approach and identify (plus8004)-ep-1990-tr.sfv
a1-fuse - approach and identify-tr.mp3
a2-fuse - just 4 u fm-tr.mp3
b1-fuse - phase 1 (motorcity madness)-tr.mp3
b2-fuse - technotropic-tr.mp3
fuse - approach and identify (plus8004)-ep-1990-tr.nfo
FUSE - Dimension Intrusion (Plus8 024CD)-PROPER-1993-gEm INT
00-fuse - dimension intrusion (plus8 024cd)-proper-1993-gem int.m3u
00-fuse - dimension intrusion (plus8 024cd)-proper-1993-gem int.nfo
00-fuse - dimension intrusion (plus8 024cd)-proper-1993-gem int.sfv
01-a new day-gem.mp3
04-dimension intrusion-gem.mp3
05-substance abuse-gem.mp3
07-another time (revisited)-gem.mp3
12-into the space-gem.mp3
13-logikal nonsense-gem.mp3
Fuse-Substance Abuse-VL-1991-QDP
00-fuse-substance abuse-vl-1991-qdp.m3u
00-fuse-substance abuse-vl-1991-qdp.nfo
00-fuse-substance abuse-vl-1991-qdp.sfv
01-fuse-substance abuse-qdp.mp3
02-fuse-f u 2 (re-edit)-qdp.mp3
03-fuse-confusion (dub)-qdp.mp3
Hazed - Bells-(PLUS8049)-1994-SP3CTR3
00-Hazed - Bells-(PLUS8049)-1994-SP3CTR3.m3u
00-Hazed - Bells-(PLUS8049)-1994-SP3CTR3.nfo
00-Hazed - Bells-(PLUS8049)-1994-SP3CTR3.sfv
01-hazed - bells-sp3ctr3.mp3
02-hazed - world watches on-sp3ctr3.mp3
03-hazed - bellchant-sp3ctr3.mp3
Hazed-Bells (PLUS8049)-Vinyl-1994-DELTA
00-hazed-bells (plus8049)-vinyl-1994-delta.m3u
00-hazed-bells (plus8049)-vinyl-1994-delta.nfo
00-hazed-bells (plus8049)-vinyl-1994-delta.sfv
02-hazed-world watches on-delta.mp3
Julian Jeweil-Babou-(PLUS8109)-WEB-2010-CBR
00-julian jeweil-babou-(plus8109)-web-2010.m3u
00-julian jeweil-babou-(plus8109)-web-2010.nfo
00-julian jeweil-babou-(plus8109)-web-2010.sfv
01-julian jeweil-babou (original mix).mp3
02-julian jeweil-opening (original mix).mp3
03-julian jeweil-soda (original mix).mp3
04-julian jeweil-tournicoti (original mix).mp3
Julian Jeweil-Babou-(PLUS8109)-WEB-2010-DWM
00-julian jeweil-babou-(plus8109)-web-2010-dwm.m3u
00-julian jeweil-babou-(plus8109)-web-2010-dwm.nfo
00-julian jeweil-babou-(plus8109)-web-2010-dwm.sfv
01-julian jeweil-babou - original mix-dwm.mp3
02-julian jeweil-opening - original mix-dwm.mp3
03-julian jeweil-soda - original mix-dwm.mp3
04-julian jeweil-tournicoti - original mix-dwm.mp3
Julian Jeweil-Hermanos EP-(PLUS8120)-WEB-2011-320
00-julian jeweil-hermanos ep-(plus8120)-web-2011.jpg
00-julian jeweil-hermanos ep-(plus8120)-web-2011.m3u
00-julian jeweil-hermanos ep-(plus8120)-web-2011.nfo
00-julian jeweil-hermanos ep-(plus8120)-web-2011.sfv
01-julian jeweil-hermanos.mp3
02-julian jeweil-circus.mp3
03-julian jeweil-tabasco.mp3
04-julian jeweil-juice.mp3
Kenny Larkin - Integration-(PLUS8008)-1991-UP
00-kenny larkin - integration-(plus8008)-1991-up!.m3u
00-kenny larkin - integration-(plus8008)-1991-up!.nfo
00-kenny larkin - integration-(plus8008)-1991-up!.sfv
01-kenny larkin - colonize.mp3
02-kenny larkin - colony.mp3
03-kenny larkin - integration.mp3
04-kenny larkin - acropolis.mp3
Kenny Larkin - We Shall Overcome (PLUS8002)-EP-1990-TR
00-kenny larkin - we shall overcome (plus8002)-ep-1990-tr.m3u
00-kenny larkin - we shall overcome (plus8002)-ep-1990-tr.nfo
00-kenny larkin - we shall overcome (plus8002)-ep-1990-tr.sfv
a1-kenny larkin - we shall overcome (kens mix)-tr.mp3
a2-kenny larkin - we shall overcome (ritchie hawtins loonie mix)-tr.mp3
b1-kenny larkin - we shall overcome (j acq shall overdub)-tr.mp3
b2-kenny larkin - rubbernotes (stretch mix)-tr.mp3
b3-kenny larkin - rubbernotes (5th gear edit)-tr.mp3
Kenny Larkin-Integration-(PLUS8008)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
00-kenny larkin-integration-(plus8008)-vinyl-1991-dps.m3u
00-kenny larkin-integration-(plus8008)-vinyl-1991-dps.nfo
00-kenny larkin-integration-(plus8008)-vinyl-1991-dps.sfv
00-kenny larkin-integration-(plus8008)-vinyl-1991-side aa-dps.jpg
00-kenny larkin-integration-(plus8008)-vinyl-1991-side a-dps.jpg
01-kenny larkin-integration-dps.mp3
02-kenny larkin-colony-dps.mp3
03-kenny larkin-metropolis-dps.mp3
04-kenny larkin-colonize-dps.mp3
Layo And Bushwacka-Endangered EP-(PLUS8114)-WEB-2010-320
00-layo and bushwacka-endangered ep-(plus8114)-web-2010.m3u
00-layo and bushwacka-endangered ep-(plus8114)-web-2010.nfo
00-layo and bushwacka-endangered ep-(plus8114)-web-2010.sfv
01-layo and bushwacka-white rhino.mp3
02-layo and bushwacka-black jackrabbit.mp3
03-layo and bushwacka-gray wolf.mp3
Layo And Bushwacka-Storm And Stress-PLUS8119-WEB-2011-USF
00-layo and bushwacka-storm and stress-plus8119-web-2011.m3u
00-layo and bushwacka-storm and stress-plus8119-web-2011.nfo
00-layo and bushwacka-storm and stress-plus8119-web-2011.sfv
01-layo and bushwacka-stress original mix.mp3
02-layo and bushwacka-artillery original mix.mp3
03-layo and bushwacka-gunpowder.mp3
01-lemon8-model8 (original mix).mp3
02-lemon8-model8 (lemon8 remix).mp3
01-lemon8-model8 original mix-snd.mp3
02-lemon8-model8 lemon8 remix-snd.mp3
Luigi Madonna-Sensation EP-(PLUS8123)-WEB-2011-iTALiVE
00-luigi madonna-sensation ep-(plus8123)-web-2011-italive.m3u
00-luigi madonna-sensation ep-(plus8123)-web-2011-italive.nfo
00-luigi madonna-sensation ep-(plus8123)-web-2011-italive.sfv
01-luigi madonna-summer sensation (original mix)-italive.mp3
02-luigi madonna-300 (original mix)-italive.mp3
03-luigi madonna-blaster (original mix)-italive.mp3
04-luigi madonna-fuencarral (original mix)-italive.mp3
05-luigi madonna-vibration (original mix)-italive.mp3
Marco Carola - Apnea Dancing Days-(PLUS8094)-Vinyl-2007-iHQ INT
00-marco carola - apnea dancing days-(plus8094)-vinyl-2007.m3u
00-marco carola - apnea dancing days-(plus8094)-vinyl-2007.nfo
00-marco carola - apnea dancing days-(plus8094)-vinyl-2007.sfv
a1-marco carola - apnea-ihq.mp3
b1-marco carola - dancing days-ihq.mp3
Marco Carola - Plus Two-(PLUS8098-WEB)-2008-DD
00 marco carola - plus two-(plus8098-web)-2008-dd.m3u
00 marco carola - plus two-(plus8098-web)-2008-dd.nfo
00 marco carola - plus two-(plus8098-web)-2008-dd.sfv
01 contortionist-dd.mp3
02 sensation-dd.mp3
03 mini monkey-dd.mp3
Marco Carola-Apnea Dancing Days-PLUS8094-ADVANCE CDS-2007-BPM
00-marco carola-apnea dancing days-plus8094-advance cds-2007-bpm.m3u
00-marco carola-apnea dancing days-plus8094-advance cds-2007-bpm.nfo
00-marco carola-apnea dancing days-plus8094-advance cds-2007-bpm.sfv
01-marco carola-dancing days.mp3
02-marco carola-apnea.mp3
Marco Carola-Bloody Cash-(PLUS8104)-WEB-2008-CBR INT
00-marco carola-bloody cash-(plus8104)-web-2008.m3u
00-marco carola-bloody cash-(plus8104)-web-2008.nfo
00-marco carola-bloody cash-(plus8104)-web-2008.sfv
01-marco carola-bloody cash (original mix).mp3
02-marco carola-sirens (original mix).mp3
03-marco carola-pampero (original mix).mp3
04-marco carola-long jump (original mix).mp3
Marco Carola-Bloody Cash EP-(PLUS8104)-WEB-2008-320
00-marco carola-bloody cash ep-(plus8104)-web-2008.m3u
00-marco carola-bloody cash ep-(plus8104)-web-2008.nfo
00-marco carola-bloody cash ep-(plus8104)-web-2008.sfv
01-marco carola-bloody cash.mp3
02-marco carola-sirens.mp3
03-marco carola-pampero.mp3
04-marco carola-long jump.mp3
Marco Carola--Plus One-(PLUS8097)-WEB-2008-dh
00-marco carola--plus one-(plus8097)-web-2008-dh.m3u
00-marco carola--plus one-(plus8097)-web-2008-dh.nfo
00-marco carola--plus one-(plus8097)-web-2008-dh.sfv
01-marco carola--jackpot-dh.mp3
02-marco carola--swingback-dh.mp3
03-marco carola--lost connection (digital release)-dh.mp3
Marco Carola-Plus Two-(PLUS8098)-Promo-WEB-2008-BSiDE INT
00-marco carola-plus two-(plus8098)-promo-web-2008-bside int.m3u
00-marco carola-plus two-(plus8098)-promo-web-2008-bside int.nfo
00-marco carola-plus two-(plus8098)-promo-web-2008-bside int.sfv
01-marco carola-contortionist-bside.mp3
02-marco carola-mini monkey (digital bonus)-bside.mp3
03-marco carola-sensation-bside.mp3
Mike Shannon - Memory Seed-EP-(PLUS8101)-WEB-2008-HQEM
00-mike shannon - memory seed-ep-(plus8101)-web-2008-hqem.m3u
00-mike shannon - memory seed-ep-(plus8101)-web-2008-hqem.nfo
00-mike shannon - memory seed-ep-(plus8101)-web-2008-hqem.sfv
01-mike shannon-mercury mile.mp3
02-mike shannon-dr. x (x flex mix).mp3
03-mike shannon-the love fry.mp3
04-mike shannon-the love fry raw mix. (only digital).mp3
Mike Shannon - Memory Tree-(Plus8120)-WEB-2008-JFK
00-mike shannon - memory tree-2008.m3u
00-mike shannon - memory tree-2008.nfo
00-mike shannon - memory tree-2008.sfv
01-mike shannon - beyond incubation.mp3
02-mike shannon - mercury mile.mp3
03-mike shannon - wolf module.mp3
04-mike shannon - enero.mp3
05-mike shannon - the love fry.mp3
06-mike shannon - uno para el sol.mp3
07-mike shannon - dr x.mp3
08-mike shannon - regalos de pandora.mp3
09-mike shannon - closed question.mp3
Mike Shannon-Memory Seed-EP-(PLUS8101)-WEB-2008-BSiDE
00-mike shannon-memory seed-ep-2008-bside.m3u
00-mike shannon-memory seed-ep-2008-bside.nfo
00-mike shannon-memory seed-ep-2008-bside.sfv
01-mike shannon-mercury mile-bside.mp3
02-mike shannon-dr. x (x flex mix)-bside.mp3
03-mike shannon-the love fry-bside.mp3
04-mike shannon-the love fry (raw mix)-bside.mp3
Mike Shannon-Memory Tree (PLUS8102CD)-2008-HFT
00-mike shannon-memory tree (plus8102cd)-2008-back.JPG
00-mike shannon-memory tree (plus8102cd)-2008-cd.JPG
00-mike shannon-memory tree (plus8102cd)-2008-front.JPG
00-mike shannon-memory tree (plus8102cd)-2008-hft.m3u
00-mike shannon-memory tree (plus8102cd)-2008-hft.nfo
00-mike shannon-memory tree (plus8102cd)-2008-hft.sfv
01-mike shannon-beyond incubation.mp3
02-mike shannon-mercury mile.mp3
03-mike shannon-wolf module.mp3
04-mike shannon-enero.mp3
05-mike shannon-the love fry.mp3
06-mike shannon-uno para el sol.mp3
07-mike shannon-dr. x.mp3
08-mike shannon-regalos de pandora.mp3
09-mike shannon-closed question.mp3
Paco Osuna-Amigos-(PLUS8115)-WEB-2010-iTALiVE
00-paco osuna-amigos-(plus8115)-web-2010-italive.m3u
00-paco osuna-amigos-(plus8115)-web-2010-italive.nfo
00-paco osuna-amigos-(plus8115)-web-2010-italive.sfv
01-paco osuna and daniel sanchez-kawuriel (original mix)-italive.mp3
02-paco osuna and alex under-waaaaa (original mix)-italive.mp3
03-paco osuna and joseph capriati-wope (original mix)-italive.mp3
04-paco osuna and alexi delano-waxfix (original mix)-italive.mp3
Paco Osuna--Crazy-(Incl Bonus Track)-(PLUS8093)-WEB-2007-dh
00-paco osuna--crazy-(incl bonus track)-(plus8093)-web-2007-dh.m3u
00-paco osuna--crazy-(incl bonus track)-(plus8093)-web-2007-dh.nfo
00-paco osuna--crazy-(incl bonus track)-(plus8093)-web-2007-dh.sfv
01-paco osuna--crazy-dh.mp3
02-paco osuna--alsound-dh.mp3
03-paco osuna--joakhim-dh.mp3
04-paco osuna--sechamps-dh.mp3
05-paco osuna--cretine-dh.mp3
paco osuna-crazy ep-(promo cdm)-2007-saw
00-paco osuna-crazy ep-(promo cdm)-2007.m3u
00-paco osuna-crazy ep-(promo cdm)-2007.nfo
00-paco osuna-crazy ep-(promo cdm)-2007.sfv
01-paco osuna-crazy.mp3
02-paco osuna-alsound.mp3
03-paco osuna-joakim.mp3
04-paco osuna-sechamps.mp3
Paco Osuna-Four-EP-(PLUS8117)-WEB-2011-MonoPoly
00-paco osuna-four-ep-(plus8117)-web-2011-monopoly.m3u
00-paco osuna-four-ep-(plus8117)-web-2011-monopoly.nfo
00-paco osuna-four-ep-(plus8117)-web-2011-monopoly.sfv
01-paco osuna-atopisimo (original mix).mp3
02-paco osuna-what that (original mix).mp3
03-paco osuna-jackthor (original mix).mp3
04-paco osuna-pum pum (original mix).mp3
Paco Osuna-Lemon Juice-(PLUS8106)-WEB-2009-320
00-paco osuna-lemon juice-(plus8106)-web-2009.m3u
00-paco osuna-lemon juice-(plus8106)-web-2009.nfo
00-paco osuna-lemon juice-(plus8106)-web-2009.sfv
01-paco osuna-party in chicago.mp3
02-paco osuna-looking for v2.mp3
03-paco osuna-my friend.mp3
04-paco osuna-whats up.mp3
05-paco osuna-looking for v1.mp3
Paco Osuna-Orbeat-(PLUS8096)-WEB-2008-BSiDE
00-paco osuna-orbeat-(plus8096)-web-2008-bside.m3u
00-paco osuna-orbeat-(plus8096)-web-2008-bside.nfo
00-paco osuna-orbeat-(plus8096)-web-2008-bside.sfv
01-paco osuna-orbeat (original mix)-bside.mp3
02-paco osuna-influence (original mix)-bside.mp3
03-paco osuna-transheet (original mix)-bside.mp3
04-paco osuna-alarm (original mix)-bside.mp3
05-paco osuna-breath (original mix digital exclusive)-bside.mp3
06-paco osuna-amore (original mix digital exclusive)-bside.mp3
Plastikman - Sickness-(PLUS8058)-VLS-1997-DPS INT
00-plastikman-sickness-(plus8058)-vls-1997-dps int.m3u
00-plastikman-sickness-(plus8058)-vls-1997-dps int.nfo
00-plastikman-sickness-(plus8058)-vls-1997-dps int.sfv
00-plastikman-sickness-(plus8058)-vls-1997-side aa-dps.jpg
00-plastikman-sickness-(plus8058)-vls-1997-side a-dps.jpg
Plastikman-Sickness-(PLUS8058)-VLS-1997-DPS iNT
00-plastikman-sickness-(plus8058)-vls-1997-dps int.m3u
00-plastikman-sickness-(plus8058)-vls-1997-dps int.nfo
00-plastikman-sickness-(plus8058)-vls-1997-dps int.sfv
00-plastikman-sickness-(plus8058)-vls-1997-side aa-dps.jpg
00-plastikman-sickness-(plus8058)-vls-1997-side a-dps.jpg
Plastikman-Spastik Remastered (PLUS8078)-EP-2002-2DB
00-plastikman-spastik remastered (plus8078)-ep-2002-2db.m3u
00-plastikman-spastik remastered (plus8078)-ep-2002-2db.nfo
00-plastikman-spastik remastered (plus8078)-ep-2002-2db.sfv
01-plastikman-spastik remastered (spastik side a)-2db.mp3
02-plastikman-spastik remastered (slack and kriket side aa1)-2db.mp3
03-plastikman-spastik remastered (gak remix side aa2)-2db.mp3
Psyance - Motion-(PLUS8006)-Vinyl-1991-EMP
00-psyance - motion-(plus8006)-vinyl-1991-emp.jpg
00-psyance - motion-(plus8006)-vinyl-1991-emp.m3u
00-psyance - motion-(plus8006)-vinyl-1991-emp.nfo
00-psyance - motion-(plus8006)-vinyl-1991-emp.sfv
a1-psyance - motion-emp.mp3
b1-psyance - eq-emp.mp3
b2-psyance - andromedas dance-emp.mp3
Psyance-The Answer-(PLUS8038)-Vinyl-1994-DPS
00-psyance-the answer-(plus8038)-vinyl-1994-dps.m3u
00-psyance-the answer-(plus8038)-vinyl-1994-dps.nfo
00-psyance-the answer-(plus8038)-vinyl-1994-dps.sfv
01-psyance-the answer-dps.mp3
03-psyance-the 8th dimension-dps.mp3
Richie Hawtin - 005-(PLUS8068-Vinyl)-1997-DRUM INT
00 richie hawtin - 005-(plus8068-vinyl)-1997-drum.m3u
00 richie hawtin - 005-(plus8068-vinyl)-1997-drum.nfo
00 richie hawtin - 005-(plus8068-vinyl)-1997-drum.sfv
a1 005-drum.mp3
b1 003-drum.mp3
b2 002-drum.mp3
Richie Hawtin-8068 (Plus8 068)-EP-1998-MS
00-richie hawtin-8068 (plus8 068)-ep-1998-ms.m3u
00-richie hawtin-8068 (plus8 068)-ep-1998-ms.nfo
00-richie hawtin-8068 (plus8 068)-ep-1998-ms.sfv
01-richie hawtin-a1 005-ms.mp3
02-richie hawtin-b1 003-ms.mp3
03-richie hawtin-b2 002-ms.mp3
Richie Hawtin-Call It What You Want-Ltd.Ed. VLS-1995-QDP
00-richie hawtin-call it what you want-ltd.ed. vls-1995-qdp.jpg
00-richie hawtin-call it what you want-ltd.ed. vls-1995-qdp.m3u
00-richie hawtin-call it what you want-ltd.ed. vls-1995-qdp.nfo
00-richie hawtin-call it what you want-ltd.ed. vls-1995-qdp.sfv
01-richie hawtin-call it what you want-qdp.mp3
Richie Hawtin-Hard Trax Vol 3-(PLUS8080)-Vinyl-2003-3G
00-richie hawtin-hard trax vol 3-(plus8080)-vinyl-2003-3g.m3u
00-richie hawtin-hard trax vol 3-(plus8080)-vinyl-2003-3g.nfo
00-richie hawtin-hard trax vol 3-(plus8080)-vinyl-2003-3g.sfv
01-richie hawtin-shufflephunk-3g.mp3
02-richie hawtin-shufflephunk (beats)-3g.mp3
03-richie hawtin-subphunk-3g.mp3
04-richie hawtin-statikphunk-3g.mp3
Sam Paganini - Cobra-EP-(PLUS8121)-WEB-2011-HQEM
00-sam paganini - cobra-ep-(plus8121)-web-2011-hqem.m3u
00-sam paganini - cobra-ep-(plus8121)-web-2011-hqem.nfo
00-sam paganini - cobra-ep-(plus8121)-web-2011-hqem.sfv
01-sam paganini-cobra.mp3
02-sam paganini-last call.mp3
03-sam paganini-phantom.mp3
04-sam paganini-primitives.mp3
Silver Shower - Ice Fractions 1 (PLUS8059)-EP-1996-TR
00-silver shower - ice fractions 1 (plus8059)-ep-1996-tr.m3u
00-silver shower - ice fractions 1 (plus8059)-ep-1996-tr.sfv
a1-silver shower - ice fractions 1 - untitled-tr.mp3
b1-silver shower - ice fractions 1 - untitled-tr.mp3
b2-silver shower - ice fractions 1 - untitled-tr.mp3
silver shower - ice fractions 1 (plus8059)-ep-1996-tr.nfo
Silver Shower-Early Fever EP-PLUS8116-WEB-2011-USF
00-silver shower-early fever ep-plus8116-web-2011.m3u
00-silver shower-early fever ep-plus8116-web-2011.nfo
00-silver shower-early fever ep-plus8116-web-2011.sfv
01-silver shower-early fever original mix.mp3
02-silver shower-blue 2011 original mix.mp3
03-silver shower-whiteout original mix.mp3
04-silver shower-sinister original mix.mp3
Silver Shower--Ice Fractions 2 (PLUS8 061)-EP-1996-CMC
00-silver shower--ice fractions 2 (plus8 061)-ep-1996-cmc.m3u
00-silver shower--ice fractions 2 (plus8 061)-ep-1996-cmc.nfo
00-silver shower--ice fractions 2 (plus8 061)-ep-1996-cmc.sfv
a1-silver shower--ice fractions 2--untitled-cmc.mp3
a2-silver shower--ice fractions 2--untitled-cmc.mp3
b1-silver shower--ice fractions 2--untitled-cmc.mp3
b2-silver shower--ice fractions 2--untitled-cmc.mp3
Silvershower - Ice Fractions 2-(PLUS8061-Vinyl)-1996-DRUM INT
00 silvershower - ice fractions 2-(plus8061-vinyl)-1996-drum int.m3u
00 silvershower - ice fractions 2-(plus8061-vinyl)-1996-drum int.nfo
00 silvershower - ice fractions 2-(plus8061-vinyl)-1996-drum int.sfv
a1 ice fractions 2 - 1-drum.mp3
a2 ice fractions 2 - 2-drum.mp3
b1 ice fractions 2 - 3-drum.mp3
b2 ice fractions 2 - 4-drum.mp3
Skoozbot - Next To Monchhichi-(PLUS8095)-WEB-2007-HQEM INT
00-skoozbot - next to monchhichi-(plus8095)-web-2007-hqem.jpg
00-skoozbot - next to monchhichi-(plus8095)-web-2007-hqem int.m3u
00-skoozbot - next to monchhichi-(plus8095)-web-2007-hqem int.nfo
00-skoozbot - next to monchhichi-(plus8095)-web-2007-hqem int.sfv
01-skoozbot-next to monchhichi (original mix)-hqem.mp3
02-skoozbot-next to monchhichi (adam beyer remix)-hqem.mp3
03-skoozbot-next to monchhichi (paco osuna remix)-hqem.mp3
04-skoozbot-a fistful of duckets-hqem.mp3
05-skoozbot-lemma three-hqem.mp3
Skoozbot - Next To Monchhichi-(PLUS8095-WEB)-2007-DD
00 skoozbot - next to monchhichi-(plus8095-web)-2007-(a)-dd.jpg
00 skoozbot - next to monchhichi-(plus8095-web)-2007-(b)-dd.jpg
00 skoozbot - next to monchhichi-(plus8095-web)-2007-dd.m3u
00 skoozbot - next to monchhichi-(plus8095-web)-2007-dd.nfo
00 skoozbot - next to monchhichi-(plus8095-web)-2007-dd.sfv
01 next to monchhichi - original mix-dd.mp3
02 next to monchhichi - adam beyer remix-dd.mp3
03 next to monchhichi - paco osuna remix-dd.mp3
04 a fistful of duckets - original mix-dd.mp3
05 lemma three - original mix-dd.mp3
06 lost - original mix-dd.mp3
Skoozbot-The Rising Sap-(PLUS8103)-WEB-2008-BSiDE
00-skoozbot-the rising sap-(plus8103)-web-2008-bside.m3u
00-skoozbot-the rising sap-(plus8103)-web-2008-bside.nfo
00-skoozbot-the rising sap-(plus8103)-web-2008-bside.sfv
01-skoozbot-lost wages (original mix)-bside.mp3
02-skoozbot-raw garmonbozia (original mix)-bside.mp3
03-skoozbot-like stigmergy (original mix)-bside.mp3
04-skoozbot-in vacuo (original mix)-bside.mp3
05-skoozbot-rued reckoning (original mix)-bside.mp3
06-skoozbot-subtension (original mix)-bside.mp3
Speedy J. - Plus 8 Rec.072-Vinyl-2000-TR
00-speedy j. - plus 8 rec.072-vinyl-2000-tr.m3u
00-speedy j. - plus 8 rec.072-vinyl-2000-tr.nfo
00-speedy j. - plus 8 rec.072-vinyl-2000-tr.sfv
a1 electric deluxe-tr.mp3
b1 glitch-tr.mp3
b2 glitch 2-tr.mp3
Speedy J - Evolution EP-Vinyl-1991-EMP
00 speedy j - evolution ep-vinyl-1991-emp.m3u
00 speedy j - evolution ep-vinyl-1991-emp.nfo
00 speedy j - evolution ep-vinyl-1991-emp.sfv
a1 speedy j - evolution-emp.mp3
b1 speedy j - destroit-emp.mp3
b2 speedy j - analogical-emp.mp3
Speedy J - G Spot-Limited Edition-2CD-1995-MiM
000-speedy j - g spot-limited edition-2cd-1995-mim.m3u
000-speedy j - g spot-limited edition-2cd-1995-mim.nfo
000-speedy j - g spot-limited edition-2cd-1995-mim.sfv
101-speedy j - the fun equation-mim.mp3
102-speedy j - ping pong-mim.mp3
103-speedy j - fill 25-mim.mp3
104-speedy j - lanzarote-mim.mp3
105-speedy j - extruma-mim.mp3
106-speedy j - the oil zone-mim.mp3
107-speedy j - treatments-mim.mp3
108-speedy j - fill 17-mim.mp3
109-speedy j - g spot-mim.mp3
110-speedy j - grogno-mim.mp3
201-speedy j - speedy j live-mim.cue
201-speedy j - speedy j live-mim.mp3
Speedy J - Public Energy No.1-1997-EMP
00-speedy j - public energy no.1-1997-emp.m3u
00-speedy j - public energy no.1-1997-emp.nfo
00-speedy j - public energy no.1-1997-emp.sfv
01-speedy j - tuning in-emp.mp3
02-speedy j - patterns-emp.mp3
03-speedy j - melanor-emp.mp3
04-speedy j - in-formation-emp.mp3
05-speedy j - pure energy-emp.mp3
06-speedy j - haywire-emp.mp3
07-speedy j - hayfever-emp.mp3
08-speedy j - tesla-emp.mp3
09-speedy j - drainpipe-emp.mp3
10-speedy j - canola-emp.mp3
11-speedy j - as the bubble expands-emp.mp3
Speedy J - Something For Your Mind-Vinyl-1991-EMP
00 speedy j - something for your mind-vinyl-1991-emp.m3u
00 speedy j - something for your mind-vinyl-1991-emp.nfo
00 speedy j - something for your mind-vinyl-1991-emp.sfv
a1 speedy j - rise-emp.mp3
a2 speedy j - something for your mind-emp.mp3
b1 speedy j - tresor-emp.mp3
b2 speedy j - de-orbit-emp.mp3
Speedy J - Wicked Saw (Plus8005)-EP-1991-TR
00-speedy j - wicked saw (plus8005)-ep-1991-tr.m3u
00-speedy j - wicked saw (plus8005)-ep-1991-tr.nfo
00-speedy j - wicked saw (plus8005)-ep-1991-tr.sfv
a1-speedy j - wicked saw-tr.mp3
a2-speedy j - minimal-tr.mp3
b1-speedy j - journey-tr.mp3
b2-speedy j - spectrum-tr.mp3
Speedy J-Ginger (PLUS8025)-2LP-1993-HSACLASSiX
00-speedy j-ginger (plus8025)-2lp-1993.m3u
00-speedy j-ginger (plus8025)-2lp-1993.nfo
00-speedy j-ginger (plus8025)-2lp-1993.sfv
a1-speedy j-ginger.mp3
a2-speedy j-fill 4.mp3
b1-speedy j-r2 d2.mp3
b2-speedy j-fill 14.mp3
b3-speedy j-basic design.mp3
c1-speedy j-perfect pitch.mp3
c2-speedy j-flashback.mp3
d1-speedy j-pepper.mp3
d2-speedy j-beam me up.mp3
Speedy J--G-Spot Remixes-(Plus 8)-Vinyl-1995-mbs
00-speedy j--g-spot remixes-(plus 8)-vinyl-1995-mbs.jpg
00-speedy j--g-spot remixes-(plus 8)-vinyl-1995-mbs.m3u
00-speedy j--g-spot remixes-(plus 8)-vinyl-1995-mbs.nfo
00-speedy j--g-spot remixes-(plus 8)-vinyl-1995-mbs.sfv
01-speedy j--g-spot (j spot mix)-mbs.mp3
02-speedy j--g-spot (spice spot mix)-mbs.mp3
03-speedy j--pepper (speedy j remix)-mbs.mp3
04-speedy j--the oil zone (human beings remix)-mbs.mp3
05-speedy j--the oil zone (edge of motion remix)-mbs.mp3
Speedy J-Pullover-READ NFO-Vinyl-2003-MiM
00-speedy j-pullover-vinyl-2003-mim.m3u
00-speedy j-pullover-vinyl-2003-mim.nfo
00-speedy j-pullover-vinyl-2003-mim.sfv
01-speedy j-pullover original demo mix-mim.mp3
Speedy J-The Remixes (PLUS8009R)-VLS-1992-DTV
00-speedy j-the remixes (plus8009r)-vls-1992-dtv.m3u
00-speedy j-the remixes (plus8009r)-vls-1992-dtv.nfo
00-speedy j-the remixes (plus8009r)-vls-1992-dtv.sfv
a1-speedy j-pullover (first remix)-dtv.mp3
a2-speedy j-pullover (second remix)-dtv.mp3
b1-speedy j-something for your mind (speedy j remix)-dtv.mp3
b2-speedy j-something for your mind (exposure remix)-dtv.mp3
States of Mind-Elements of Tone-(PLUS8001 L)-Vinyl-1990-DPS
00-states of mind-elements of tone-(plus8001 l)-vinyl-1990-dps.m3u
00-states of mind-elements of tone-(plus8001 l)-vinyl-1990-dps.nfo
00-states of mind-elements of tone-(plus8001 l)-vinyl-1990-dps.sfv
01-states of mind-elements of tone (richies dream mix)-dps.mp3
02-states of mind-elements of tone (raw tone mix)-dps.mp3
03-states of mind-elements of tone (js a mix)-dps.mp3
04-states of mind-elements of tone (beep-a-pella)-dps.mp3
05-states of mind-the chant (chant 90)-dps.mp3
06-states of mind-you like that (the question)-dps.mp3
07-states of mind-you like that (page 3 mix)-dps.mp3
08-states of mind-audio q-5a (the zone-out mix)-dps.mp3
Sysex - World Domination (PLUS8020)-EP-1992-TR
00-sysex - world domination (plus8020)-ep-1992-tr.m3u
00-sysex - world domination (plus8020)-ep-1992-tr.nfo
00-sysex - world domination (plus8020)-ep-1992-tr.sfv
a1-sysex - intro-tr.mp3
a2-sysex - world domination-tr.mp3
a3-sysex - intruder-tr.mp3
b1-sysex - our planet-tr.mp3
b2-sysex - unreal life-tr.mp3
b3-sysex - mind buggin 909-tr.mp3
Sysex-World Domination-1992-ROYALMP3
00 sysex-world domination-1992-royalmp3.m3u
00 sysex-world domination-1992-royalmp3.nfo
00 sysex-world domination-1992-royalmp3.sfv
01 sysex-a1 intro-royalmp3.mp3
02 sysex-a2 world domination-royalmp3.mp3
03 sysex-a3 intruder-royalmp3.mp3
04 sysex-b1 our planet-royalmp3.mp3
05 sysex-b2 unreal life-royalmp3.mp3
06 sysex-b3 mind buggin 909-royalmp3.mp3
Taksi-Schneesturm Hawtin DE9 Remix-Vinyl-2001-MTC
00 taksi-schneesturm hawtin de9 remix-vinyl-2001-mtc.m3u
00 taksi-schneesturm hawtin de9 remix-vinyl-2001-mtc.nfo
00 taksi-schneesturm hawtin de9 remix-vinyl-2001-mtc.sfv
01 taksi-schneesturm hawtin de9 remix-mtc.mp3
02 taksi-schneesturm original mix-mtc.mp3
Teste-The Wipe-Vinyl-1994-MS
00-teste-the wipe-vinyl-1994-ms.m3u
00-teste-the wipe-vinyl-1994-ms.nfo
00-teste-the wipe-vinyl-1994-ms.sfv
01-teste - the wipe (sonic dub)-ms.mp3
02-teste - spatialk-ms.mp3
03-teste - the wipe (5am synaptic)-ms.mp3
The Kooky Scientist - Rambunctious (Plus8 056)-1995-gEm
00-the kooky scientist - rambunctious (plus8 056)-1995-gem.m3u
00-the kooky scientist - rambunctious (plus8 056)-1995-gem.nfo
00-the kooky scientist - rambunctious (plus8 056)-1995-gem.sfv
a1 rambunctious-gem.mp3
a2 rogue-gem.mp3
b1 bonkers-gem.mp3
b2 clackered-gem.mp3
The Kooky Scientist - Unpopular Science-1997-PsyCZnP
00-the kooky scientist - unpopular science-1997-psycznp.m3u
00-the kooky scientist - unpopular science-1997-psycznp.nfo
00-the kooky scientist - unpopular science-1997-psycznp.sfv
01-the kooky scientist - dicombobulate-psycznp.mp3
02-the kooky scientist - old vs. neau-psycznp.mp3
03-the kooky scientist - organ donor-psycznp.mp3
04-the kooky scientist - inter-mission-psycznp.mp3
05-the kooky scientist - cash flow-psycznp.mp3
06-the kooky scientist - kookai-psycznp.mp3
07-the kooky scientist - bad chemistry 2-psycznp.mp3
08-the kooky scientist - glitterbug-psycznp.mp3
09-the kooky scientist - nite glide-psycznp.mp3
10-the kooky scientist - touched by sound-psycznp.mp3
The Kooky Scientist--O.L.D. vs N.E.A.U. (PLUS8 062)-EP-1997-CMC
00-the kooky scientist--o.l.d. vs n.e.a.u. (plus8 062)-ep-1997-cmc.m3u
00-the kooky scientist--o.l.d. vs n.e.a.u. (plus8 062)-ep-1997-cmc.nfo
00-the kooky scientist--o.l.d. vs n.e.a.u. (plus8 062)-ep-1997-cmc.sfv
a1-the kooky scientist--o.l.d. vs n.e.a.u.-cmc.mp3
b1-the kooky scientist--moaner-cmc.mp3
b2-the kooky scientist--groaner-cmc.mp3
Theorem - Mantra One-PLUS8070-Vinyl-1997-BOSS
00-theorem - mantra one-plus8070-vinyl-1997-boss.m3u
00-theorem - mantra one-plus8070-vinyl-1997-boss.nfo
00-theorem - mantra one-plus8070-vinyl-1997-boss.sfv
01-theorem - mantra one-boss.mp3
02-theorem - os-boss.mp3
03-theorem - clone-boss.mp3
04-theorem - dos-boss.mp3
Theorem - Nano (Plus8057CD)-CD-1995-TR
00-theorem - nano (plus8057cd)-cd-1995-tr.m3u
00-theorem - nano (plus8057cd)-cd-1995-tr.nfo
00-theorem - nano (plus8057cd)-cd-1995-tr.sfv
01-theorem - nebulus-tr.mp3
02-theorem - graviti-tr.mp3
03-theorem - stasis-tr.mp3
04-theorem - terrabella-tr.mp3
05-theorem - steem-tr.mp3
06-theorem - emulsion-tr.mp3
07-theorem - dilate-tr.mp3
08-theorem - radii-tr.mp3
09-theorem - aslan-tr.mp3
Uto Karem-Maschine Love-(PLUS8111)-WEB-2010-320
00-uto karem-maschine love-(plus8111)-web-2010.m3u
00-uto karem-maschine love-(plus8111)-web-2010.nfo
00-uto karem-maschine love-(plus8111)-web-2010.sfv
01-uto karem-maschine love.mp3
02-uto karem-butterfly effect.mp3
03-uto karem-black jack.mp3
04-uto karem-body move.mp3
Uto Karem-Take Control All Over You-(PLUS8125)-WEB-2012-iTALiVE
00-uto karem-take control all over you-(plus8125)-web-2012-italive.m3u
00-uto karem-take control all over you-(plus8125)-web-2012-italive.nfo
00-uto karem-take control all over you-(plus8125)-web-2012-italive.sfv
01-uto karem-take control (original mix)-italive.mp3
02-uto karem-all over you (original mix)-italive.mp3
03-uto karem-take control (dub)-italive.mp3
VA - Cabinet Unreleased Classics (PLUS8091)-READ NFO-2EP-2006-TR
00-va - cabinet unreleased classics (plus8091)-read nfo-2ep-2006-tr.m3u
00-va - cabinet unreleased classics (plus8091)-read nfo-2ep-2006-tr.sfv
a1-compass - unknown-tr.mp3
b1-cab drivers - live at e-werk (edit)-tr.mp3
b2-compass - second error-tr.mp3
c1-horseshoe - bassfunk-tr.mp3
c2-dj trike - acid dream-tr.mp3
d1-cab drivers - selbstausloeser-tr.mp3
d2-ons project - michele-tr.mp3
va - cabinet unreleased classics (plus8091)-read nfo-2ep-2006-tr.nfo
VA - Dead Eye-Vinyl-2006-kinky
00-va - dead eye-vinyl-2006-kinky.m3u
00-va - dead eye-vinyl-2006-kinky.nfo
00-va - dead eye-vinyl-2006-kinky.sfv
a1-baby ford and eon - dead eye-kinky.mp3
b1-link - amenity-kinky.mp3
VA - From Our Minds To Yours (PLUS8009)-2x12-1991-gEm
00-va - from our minds to yours (plus8009)-2x12-1991-gem.m3u
00-va - from our minds to yours (plus8009)-2x12-1991-gem.nfo
00-va - from our minds to yours (plus8009)-2x12-1991-gem.sfv
01-from our minds to yours - a1intro-gem.mp3
02-chrome - a2 my reflection-gem.mp3
03-states of mind - a3 destiny-gem.mp3
04-xenon - b1 xenophobia-gem.mp3
05-kenny larkin - b2 manik man-gem.mp3
06-cybersonik - b3 cabaret 7-gem.mp3
07-cybersonik - c1 technarchy (remix)-gem.mp3
08-f.u.s.e. - c2 refused-gem.mp3
09-speedy j - d1 pullover-gem.mp3
10-prophet 5 - d2 invasion of the techno snatchers-gem.mp3
VA - From Our Minds To Yours Vol. 2 (PLUS8022CD)-1992-gEm
00-va - from our minds to yours vol. 2 (plus8022cd)-1992-gem.m3u
00-va - from our minds to yours vol. 2 (plus8022cd)-1992-gem.nfo
00-va - from our minds to yours vol. 2 (plus8022cd)-1992-gem.sfv
01-speedy j. - spikkels-gem.mp3
02-psyance - gates of heaven-gem.mp3
03-v.f.t. - location-gem.mp3
04-g-man - bio-fidelic-gem.mp3
05-f.u.s.e. - xntrik-gem.mp3
06-v-room - v-shaped-gem.mp3
07-gary 7 - let the circle -gem.mp3
08-sysex - dallas-gem.mp3
09-sysex - fever-gem.mp3
10-cybersonik - red alert-gem.mp3
VA--Blueprints For Modern Technology Vol. 3 (PLUS 8047)-CD-1994-CMC
00--va-blueprints for modern technology vol. 3 (plus 8047)-cd-1994-cmc.m3u
00--va-blueprints for modern technology vol. 3 (plus 8047)-cd-1994-cmc.nfo
00--va-blueprints for modern technology vol. 3 (plus 8047)-cd-1994-cmc.sfv
01-fuse--caro cell-cmc.mp3
02-legion of green men--synaptic response-cmc.mp3
03-fascinating rhythms--woodpecker-cmc.mp3
05-himadri--the perverted truth-cmc.mp3
07-from within--a million miles to earth-cmc.mp3
VA-Cabinet Classics And Unreleased-(Promo)-2CD-2006-SAW
000-va-cabinet classics and unreleased-(promo)-2cd-2006.m3u
000-va-cabinet classics and unreleased-(promo)-2cd-2006.nfo
000-va-cabinet classics and unreleased-(promo)-2cd-2006.sfv
102-cab drivers-ewilco.mp3
103-cab drivers-arcade (edit).mp3
104-horseshoe-honey (edit).mp3
105-compass-cab driver.mp3
106-horseshoe-so closed (edit).mp3
107-compass 3-citylights (edit).mp3
108-horseshoe 2-collage.mp3
109-compass 3-messinger (edit).mp3
110-compass 3-rainy day.mp3
111-cab drivers-steam.mp3
202-cab drivers-selbtausloeser.mp3
203-ons project-michele.mp3
204-cab drivers-live at e-werk.mp3
205-dj trike-turbulenz.mp3
206-daniel p-discomadley.mp3
207-todd bodine-mool (edit).mp3
208-dj trike-acid dream.mp3
209-compass 4-moonflight 1557-08.mp3
210-karo zwo-two strangers.mp3
VA-Dead Eye And Amenity-(PLUS8086)-WEB-2006-LOYALTY
00-va-dead eye and amenity-2006-loyalty.m3u
00-va-dead eye and amenity-2006-loyalty.nfo
00-va-dead eye and amenity-2006-loyalty.sfv
01-baby ford and eon-dead eye (original mix)-loyalty.mp3
02-link-amenity (original mix)-loyalty.mp3
VA-Once Again Again (Mixed By Matthew Hawtin)-2010-CFD
00-va-once again again (mixed by matthew hawtin)-2010.m3u
00-va-once again again (mixed by matthew hawtin)-2010.nfo
00-va-once again again (mixed by matthew hawtin)-2010.sfv
00-va-once again again (mixed by matthew hawtin)-2010-proof.jpg
01-a.s.i.o. and paddee-transparencies from the outer regions.mp3
02-pineapple circle-circle waves.mp3
03-namlook-the dutch side of the milky way.mp3
04-jet chamber-feedback fluctuation.mp3
05-solar quest-flying spirals.mp3
07-james bernard-helix.mp3
08-the irresistible force-flying high.mp3
10-the irresistible force-symphony in e.mp3
11-a positive life-aquasonic.mp3
12-dubtribe sound system-quiet earth.mp3
14-aedena cycle-the dreamshadow.mp3
15-atlas-compass error (east).mp3
16-sun electric-northern lights.mp3
17-porcupine tree-voyage 34 phase 3 (astralasia dreamstate).mp3
18-shades of orion-liquid shade.mp3
20-gusta vo lamas-naturales.mp3
21-james bernard-euph.mp3
23-a.s.i.o. and paddee-transparencies from the outer regions.mp3
24-squid-emprisoning sound on a piece of wax.mp3
25-legion of green man-synaptic response (memories reoccuring).mp3
26-a.s.i.o. and paddee-transparencies from the outer regions.mp3
27-sun electric-sarotti.mp3
28-mlo-birds and flutes.mp3
VA-Plus 8 Classics Vol.1-2000-1REAL
00-va-plus 8 classics vol.1-2000-1real.m3u
00-va-plus 8 classics vol.1-2000-1real.nfo
00-va-plus 8 classics vol.1-2000-1real.sfv
00-va-plus 8 classics vol.1-2000-back-1real.jpg
00-va-plus 8 classics vol.1-2000-booklet inside-1real.jpg
00-va-plus 8 classics vol.1-2000-booklet outside-1real.jpg
00-va-plus 8 classics vol.1-2000-cd-1real.jpg
01-va-state of mind - elements of tone-1real.mp3
02-va-cybersonik - technarchy-1real.mp3
03-va-psyance - motion-1real.mp3
04-va-kenny larkin - colony-1real.mp3
05-va-final exposure - vortex-1real.mp3
06-va-speedy j - evolution-1real.mp3
07-va-fuse - substance abuse-1real.mp3
08-va-fuse - f.u.2-1real.mp3
09-va-speedy j - rise-1real.mp3
10-va-speedy j - pullover-1real.mp3
11-va-v-room - g-hertz-1real.mp3
VA-Plus 8 Classics Vol.2-2000-1REAL
00-va-plus 8 classics vol.2-2000-1real.m3u
00-va-plus 8 classics vol.2-2000-1real.nfo
00-va-plus 8 classics vol.2-2000-1real.sfv
00-va-plus 8 classics vol.2-2000-back-1real.jpg
00-va-plus 8 classics vol.2-2000-booklet inside-1real.jpg
00-va-plus 8 classics vol.2-2000-booklet outside-1real.jpg
00-va-plus 8 classics vol.2-2000-cd-1real.jpg
01-fuse - slac-1real.mp3
02-speedy j - beam me up-1real.mp3
03-utu - between the mirrors-1real.mp3
04-plastikman - spastik-1real.mp3
05-sysex - cr acid trax 1-1real.mp3
06-born under a rhyming planet - analogue heaven-1real.mp3
07-plastikman - krakpot-1real.mp3
08-himadri - the perverted truth-1real.mp3
09-plastikman - plastique-1real.mp3
VA-Plus 8 Classics Vol.3-2000-1REAL
00-va-plus 8 classics vol.3-2000-1real.m3u
00-va-plus 8 classics vol.3-2000-1real.nfo
00-va-plus 8 classics vol.3-2000-1real.sfv
00-va-plus 8 classics vol.3-2000-back-1real.jpg
00-va-plus 8 classics vol.3-2000-booklet inside-1real.jpg
00-va-plus 8 classics vol.3-2000-booklet outside-1real.jpg
00-va-plus 8 classics vol.3-2000-cd-1real.jpg
01-r hawtin - call it what you want-1real.mp3
02-born under a rhyming planet - spasm band-1real.mp3
03-fuse vs lfo - loop-1real.mp3
04-plastikman - panikattack-1real.mp3
05-silvershower - 1-1real.mp3
06-the kooky scientist - o.l.d. vs n.e.a.u.-1real.mp3
07-speedy j - pannik-1real.mp3
08-r hawtin - 005-1real.mp3
09-theorem - mantra one-1real.mp3
Vapour Space - Gravitational Arch Of 10 (Plus8 023)-1993-gEm
00-vapour space - gravitational arch of 10 (plus8 023)-1993-gem.m3u
00-vapour space - gravitational arch of 10 (plus8 023)-1993-gem.nfo
00-vapour space - gravitational arch of 10 (plus8 023)-1993-gem.sfv
a1 gravitational arch of 10-gem.mp3
b1 paradox of time dilation-gem.mp3
b2 the cold air-gem.mp3
Vapour Space - Themes From V.S. (Plus8 035)-1994-gEm
00-vapour space - themes from v.s. (plus8 035)-1994-gem.m3u
00-vapour space - themes from v.s. (plus8 035)-1994-gem.nfo
00-vapour space - themes from v.s. (plus8 035)-1994-gem.sfv
01-a-side (earth)-gem.mp3
02-b-side (air)-gem.mp3
03-c-side (fire)-gem.mp3
04-d-side (water)-gem.mp3
VA--The Remixes-(PLUS8100)-WEB-2009-SiBERiA
00-va--the remixes-(plus8100)-web-2009-cover-siberia.jpg
00-va--the remixes-(plus8100)-web-2009-siberia.m3u
00-va--the remixes-(plus8100)-web-2009-siberia.nfo
00-va--the remixes-(plus8100)-web-2009-siberia.sfv
01-fuse--intro (from our minds to yours) (tiefschwarz remix)-siberia.mp3
02-plastikman--goo (paco osuna remix)-siberia.mp3
03-speedy j--evolution (ken ishii 2009 remix)-siberia.mp3
04-speedy j--minimal (john acquaviva and olivier giacomotto remix)-siberia.mp3
05-speedy j--pullover (alexi delano and tony rohr remix)-siberia.mp3
06-final exposure--vortex (function remix)-siberia.mp3
07-fuse--substance abuse (barem remix)-siberia.mp3
08-hard brothers--hardphunk (mike shannon reshake)-siberia.mp3
09-plastikman--ethnik (paco osuna remix)-siberia.mp3
10-richie hawtin--005 (alex under remix)-siberia.mp3
11-richie hawtin--statikphunk (ambivalent remix)-siberia.mp3
12-plastikman--kriket (danilo vigorito remix)-siberia.mp3
13-final exposure--vortex (hobos vile remix)-siberia.mp3
14-teste--the wipe (rex sepulveda remix)-siberia.mp3
15-fuse--theychx (tobias fuse remix)-siberia.mp3
16-cybersonik--technarchy (marcel dettmann remix)-siberia.mp3
17-fuse--dimension intrusion (layo and bushwacka fuze remix)-siberia.mp3
18-plastikman--elektrostatik (skoozbot remix)-siberia.mp3
19-teste--the wipe (marco carola remix)-siberia.mp3
20-v-room--g-hertz (skoozbot remix)-siberia.mp3
21-fuse--substance abuse (mark broom remix)-siberia.mp3
22-fuse--theychx (jpls thx remix)-siberia.mp3
V-Room - Audiology (Plus8017)-EP-1992-TR
00-v-room - audiology (plus8017)-ep-1992-tr.m3u
00-v-room - audiology (plus8017)-ep-1992-tr.nfo
00-v-room - audiology (plus8017)-ep-1992-tr.sfv
a1-v-room - no end in sight-tr.mp3
a2-v-room - sonic jungle-tr.mp3
b1-v-room - audiology-tr.mp3
b2-v-room - g-hertz-tr.mp3

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