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Crashline Records
  Labels | Author: Admin | 4-06-2016, 13:27
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Crashline Records
CLRP001 Ukrainian Hardstylerz - Pure Seduction-(CLRP001)-WEB-2011-JiM
00-ukrainian hardstylerz - pure seduction-(clrp001)-web-2011.m3u
00-ukrainian hardstylerz - pure seduction-(clrp001)-web-2011.nfo
00-ukrainian hardstylerz - pure seduction-(clrp001)-web-2011.sfv
01-ukrainian hardstylerz - pure seduction (original mix).mp3
02-ukrainian hardstylerz - pure seduction (g1 and twizted rawstyle remix).mp3
03-ukrainian hardstylerz - pure seduction (the reactorzz remix).mp3
CLRP002 Ukrainian Hardstylerz - Classical Overdose-(CLRP002)-WEB-2011-JiM
00-ukrainian hardstylerz - classical overdose-(clrp002)-web-2011.m3u
00-ukrainian hardstylerz - classical overdose-(clrp002)-web-2011.nfo
00-ukrainian hardstylerz - classical overdose-(clrp002)-web-2011.sfv
01-ukrainian hardstylerz - classical overdose (original mix).mp3
02-ukrainian hardstylerz - classical overdose (radio edit).mp3
CLRP003 Ukrainian Hardstylerz - Beyond EP-(CLRP003)-WEB-2011-JiM
00-ukrainian hardstylerz - beyond ep-(clrp003)-web-2011.m3u
00-ukrainian hardstylerz - beyond ep-(clrp003)-web-2011.nfo
00-ukrainian hardstylerz - beyond ep-(clrp003)-web-2011.sfv
01-ukrainian hardstylerz - beyond the light (original mix).mp3
02-ukrainian hardstylerz - beyond the dark (original mix).mp3
CLRP004 Alex Sance-Divinity EP-(CLRP004)-WEB-2011-DWM
00-alex sance-divinity ep-web-2011-dwm.m3u
00-alex sance-divinity ep-web-2011-dwm.nfo
00-alex sance-divinity ep-web-2011-dwm.sfv
01-alex sance-divinity-dwm.mp3
02-alex sance-alloy of emotions-dwm.mp3
CLRP005 The Beatcaster - Night Air-(CLRP005)-WEB-2011-SOB
00-the beatcaster - night air-(clrp005)-web-2011-cover-sob.jpg
00-the beatcaster - night air-(clrp005)-web-2011-sob.m3u
00-the beatcaster - night air-(clrp005)-web-2011-sob.nfo
00-the beatcaster - night air-(clrp005)-web-2011-sob.sfv
01-the beatcaster - night air (original mix)-sob.mp3
CLRP006 The Beatcaster - Way To Light Dreamland-(CLRP006)-WEB-2011-SOB
00-the beatcaster - way to light dreamland-(clrp006)-web-2011-cover-sob.jpg
00-the beatcaster - way to light dreamland-(clrp006)-web-2011-sob.m3u
00-the beatcaster - way to light dreamland-(clrp006)-web-2011-sob.nfo
00-the beatcaster - way to light dreamland-(clrp006)-web-2011-sob.sfv
01-the beatcaster - way to light (original mix)-sob.mp3
02-the beatcaster - dreamland (original mix)-sob.mp3
CLRP007 Alex Sance - No One-(CLRP007)-WEB-2011-SOB
00-alex sance - no one-(clrp007)-web-2011-cover-sob.jpg
00-alex sance - no one-(clrp007)-web-2011-sob.m3u
00-alex sance - no one-(clrp007)-web-2011-sob.nfo
00-alex sance - no one-(clrp007)-web-2011-sob.sfv
01-alex sance - no one (original mix)-sob.mp3
CLRP008 Distant - Way-(CLRP008)-WEB-2011-SOB
00-distant - way-(clrp008)-web-2011-sob.nfo
00-distant - way-(clrp008)-web-2011-sob.sfv
01-distant - way (original mix)-sob.mp3
CLRP009 F35 - Get Some Head-(CLRP009)-WEB-2011-SOB
00-f35 - get some head-(clrp009)-web-2011-cover-sob.jpg
00-f35 - get some head-(clrp009)-web-2011-sob.m3u
00-f35 - get some head-(clrp009)-web-2011-sob.nfo
00-f35 - get some head-(clrp009)-web-2011-sob.sfv
01-f35 - get some head (original mix)-sob.mp3
02-f35 - get some head (killaheadz remix)-sob.mp3
03-f35 - get some head (dizzy plant remix)-sob.mp3
CLRP010 Grandtrend - By The Way-(CLRP010)-WEB-2012-HB
00 grandtrend - by the way-(clrp010)-web-2012.m3u
00 grandtrend - by the way-(clrp010)-web-2012.nfo
00 grandtrend - by the way-(clrp010)-web-2012.sfv
01 grandtrend - by the way (original mix).mp3
CLRP011 Alex Sance - Crash It EP-(CLRP011)-WEB-2012-HB
00 alex sance - crash it ep-(clrp011)-web-2012.m3u
00 alex sance - crash it ep-(clrp011)-web-2012.nfo
00 alex sance - crash it ep-(clrp011)-web-2012.sfv
01 alex sance - crash it.mp3
02 alex sance - consist of sound.mp3
CLRP012 The Beatcaster - Fallen Up-(CLRP012)-WEB-2012-HB
00 the beatcaster - fallen up-(clrp012)-web-2012.m3u
00 the beatcaster - fallen up-(clrp012)-web-2012.nfo
00 the beatcaster - fallen up-(clrp012)-web-2012.sfv
01 the beatcaster - fallen up.mp3
CLRP013 Subquakerz - Lost Psychosomatic EP-(CLRP013)-WEB-2012-SOB
00-subquakerz - lost psychosomatic ep-(clrp013)-web-2012-cover-sob.jpg
00-subquakerz - lost psychosomatic ep-(clrp013)-web-2012-sob.m3u
00-subquakerz - lost psychosomatic ep-(clrp013)-web-2012-sob.nfo
00-subquakerz - lost psychosomatic ep-(clrp013)-web-2012-sob.sfv
01-subquakerz - bass fly (original mix)-sob.mp3
02-subquakerz - psychosomatic (original mix)-sob.mp3
03-subquakerz - the lost consciousness (original mix)-sob.mp3
CLRP014 Grandtrend - Notez-(CLRP014)-WEB-2012-HB
00 grandtrend - notez-(clrp014)-web-2012.m3u
00 grandtrend - notez-(clrp014)-web-2012.nfo
00 grandtrend - notez-(clrp014)-web-2012.sfv
01 grandtrend - notez.mp3
CLRP015 Dizzy Plant - Road Monster-(CLRP015)-WEB-2012-HB
00 dizzy plant - road monster-(clrp015)-web-2012.m3u
00 dizzy plant - road monster-(clrp015)-web-2012.nfo
00 dizzy plant - road monster-(clrp015)-web-2012.sfv
01 dizzy plant - road monster.mp3
CLRP016 Big-A - Dirty (Stylemasters Remix)-(CLRP016)-WEB-2012-HB
00 big-a - dirty (stylemasters remix)-(clrp016)-web-2012.m3u
00 big-a - dirty (stylemasters remix)-(clrp016)-web-2012.nfo
00 big-a - dirty (stylemasters remix)-(clrp016)-web-2012.sfv
01 big-a - dirty (stylemasters remix).mp3
CLRP017 Grandtrend - In Our Mind-(CLRP017)-WEB-2012-SRG
00-grandtrend - in our mind-(clrp017)-web-2012-srg.m3u
00-grandtrend - in our mind-(clrp017)-web-2012-srg.nfo
00-grandtrend - in our mind-(clrp017)-web-2012-srg.sfv
01-grandtrend - in our mind.mp3
CLRP018 Sounderz - Ring-(CLRP018)-WEB-2012-SRG
00-sounderz - ring-(clrp018)-web-2012-srg.m3u
00-sounderz - ring-(clrp018)-web-2012-srg.nfo
00-sounderz - ring-(clrp018)-web-2012-srg.sfv
01-sounderz - ring.mp3
CLRP019 Dizzy Plant - Sunrise-(CLRP019)-WEB-2012-SRG
00-dizzy plant - sunrise-(clrp019)-web-2012-srg.m3u
00-dizzy plant - sunrise-(clrp019)-web-2012-srg.nfo
00-dizzy plant - sunrise-(clrp019)-web-2012-srg.sfv
01-dizzy plant - sunrise.mp3
CLRP020 The Beatcaster And Agami Mosh - Deeper Love-(CLRP020)-WEB-2012-HB
00 the beatcaster and agami mosh - deeper love-(clrp020)-web-2012.jpg
00 the beatcaster and agami mosh - deeper love-(clrp020)-web-2012.m3u
00 the beatcaster and agami mosh - deeper love-(clrp020)-web-2012.nfo
00 the beatcaster and agami mosh - deeper love-(clrp020)-web-2012.sfv
01 the beatcaster and agami mosh - deeper love.mp3
CLRP021 Sounderz pres. Modul8 - Night Club Kings-(CLRP021)-WEB-2012-SRG
00-sounderz pres. modul8 - night club kings-(clrp021)-web-2012-srg.m3u
00-sounderz pres. modul8 - night club kings-(clrp021)-web-2012-srg.nfo
00-sounderz pres. modul8 - night club kings-(clrp021)-web-2012-srg.sfv
01-sounderz pres. modul8 - night club kings.mp3
CLRP022 G1 And Twizted - This Is A Dream-(CLRP022)-WEB-2012-SRG
00-g1 and twizted - this is a dream-(clrp022)-web-2012-srg.m3u
00-g1 and twizted - this is a dream-(clrp022)-web-2012-srg.nfo
00-g1 and twizted - this is a dream-(clrp022)-web-2012-srg.sfv
01-g1 and twizted - this is a dream (original mix).mp3
CLRP023 Grandtrend - Beyond Reality-(CLRP023)-WEB-2012-HB
00 grandtrend - beyond reality-(clrp023)-web-2012.jpg
00 grandtrend - beyond reality-(clrp023)-web-2012.m3u
00 grandtrend - beyond reality-(clrp023)-web-2012.nfo
00 grandtrend - beyond reality-(clrp023)-web-2012.sfv
01 grandtrend - beyond reality.mp3
CLRP024 Dizzy Plant - Butter You Up High Volume EP-(CLRP024)-WEB-2012-HB
00 dizzy plant - butter you up high volume ep-(clrp024)-web-2012.jpg
00 dizzy plant - butter you up high volume ep-(clrp024)-web-2012.m3u
00 dizzy plant - butter you up high volume ep-(clrp024)-web-2012.nfo
00 dizzy plant - butter you up high volume ep-(clrp024)-web-2012.sfv
01 dizzy plant - butter you up.mp3
02 dizzy plant - high volume.mp3
CLRP025 Agami Mosh - Truly Matters-(CLRP025)-WEB-2012-SOB
00-agami mosh - truly matters-(clrp025)-web-2012-cover-sob.jpg
00-agami mosh - truly matters-(clrp025)-web-2012-sob.nfo
00-agami mosh - truly matters-(clrp025)-web-2012-sob.sfv
01-agami mosh - truly matters (original mix)-sob.mp3
CLRP026 Modul8 - My Mind-(CLRP026)-WEB-2013-SOB
00-modul8 - my mind-(clrp026)-web-2013-cover-sob.jpg
00-modul8 - my mind-(clrp026)-web-2013-sob.m3u
00-modul8 - my mind-(clrp026)-web-2013-sob.nfo
00-modul8 - my mind-(clrp026)-web-2013-sob.sfv
01-modul8 - my mind (original mix)-sob.mp3
CLRP027 The Beatcaster - Technik-(CLRP027)-WEB-2013-SOB
00-the beatcaster - technik-(clrp027)-web-2013-cover-sob.jpg
00-the beatcaster - technik-(clrp027)-web-2013-sob.m3u
00-the beatcaster - technik-(clrp027)-web-2013-sob.nfo
00-the beatcaster - technik-(clrp027)-web-2013-sob.sfv
01-the beatcaster - technik (original mix)-sob.mp3
CLRP028 VA - Russian Hardstyle Awardz Anthem-(CLRP028)-WEB-2013-SOB
00-va - russian hardstyle awardz anthem-(clrp028)-web-2013-cover-sob.jpg
00-va - russian hardstyle awardz anthem-(clrp028)-web-2013-sob.m3u
00-va - russian hardstyle awardz anthem-(clrp028)-web-2013-sob.nfo
00-va - russian hardstyle awardz anthem-(clrp028)-web-2013-sob.sfv
01-mc b-kicker and grandtrend - number one (russian hardstyle awardz anthem) (original mix)-sob.mp3
02-killaheadz and mc b-kicker - letters 2 remember (russian hardstyle awardz anthem) (original mix)-sob.mp3
03-stylemasters and mc b-kicker - one (russian hardstyle awardz anthem) (original mix)-sob.mp3
04-modul8 and mc b-kicker - just a words (russian hardstyle awardz anthem) (original mix)-sob.mp3
CLRP029 Audiogenetic and Friends - It Took Us A Long Time To EP-(CLRP029)-WEB-2013-SOB
00-audiogenetic and friends - it took us a long time to ep-(clrp029)-web-2013-cover-sob.jpg
00-audiogenetic and friends - it took us a long time to ep-(clrp029)-web-2013-sob.nfo
00-audiogenetic and friends - it took us a long time to ep-(clrp029)-web-2013-sob.sfv
01-audiogenetic - obscurity (original mix)-sob.mp3
02-stylemasters and audiogenetic - trouble (original mix)-sob.mp3
03-stylemasters and audiogenetic - trouble (dizzy plant remix)-sob.mp3
04-audiogenetic - crystal (crashline records 1 year anniversary anthem)-sob.mp3
CLRP030 Dizzy Plant - Nightmare-(CLRP030)-WEB-2013-SOB
00-dizzy plant - nightmare-(clrp030)-web-2013-sob.nfo
00-dizzy plant - nightmare-(clrp030)-web-2013-sob.sfv
01-dizzy plant - nightmare (agami mosh remix)-sob.mp3
02-dizzy plant - nightmare (original mix)-sob.mp3
CLRP031 Vyu - Eretic Source-(CLRP031)-WEB-2013-SOB
00-vyu - eretic source-(clrp031)-web-2013-cover-sob.jpg
00-vyu - eretic source-(clrp031)-web-2013-sob.m3u
00-vyu - eretic source-(clrp031)-web-2013-sob.nfo
00-vyu - eretic source-(clrp031)-web-2013-sob.sfv
01-vyu - eretic (original mix)-sob.mp3
02-vyu - source (original mix)-sob.mp3
CLRP032 Grandtrend and Hitcherz - Thunder-(CLRP032)-WEB-2013-SOB
00-grandtrend and hitcherz - thunder-(clrp032)-web-2013-sob.m3u
00-grandtrend and hitcherz - thunder-(clrp032)-web-2013-sob.nfo
00-grandtrend and hitcherz - thunder-(clrp032)-web-2013-sob.sfv
01-grandtrend and hitcherz - thunder (original mix)-sob.mp3
CLRP033 Agami Mosh - Diva-(CLRP033)-WEB-2013-SOB
00-agami mosh - diva-(clrp033)-web-2013-cover-sob.jpg
00-agami mosh - diva-(clrp033)-web-2013-sob.m3u
00-agami mosh - diva-(clrp033)-web-2013-sob.nfo
00-agami mosh - diva-(clrp033)-web-2013-sob.sfv
01-agami mosh - diva (original mix)-sob.mp3
CLRP035 Agami Mosh and G1 and Twizted-Prince Of Darkness-CLRP035-WEB-2013-JUSTiFY
00-agami mosh and g1 and twizted-prince of darkness-clrp035-web-2013.m3u
00-agami mosh and g1 and twizted-prince of darkness-clrp035-web-2013.nfo
00-agami mosh and g1 and twizted-prince of darkness-clrp035-web-2013.sfv
00-agami mosh and g1 and twizted-prince of darkness-cover-2013.jpg
01-agami mosh and g1 and twizted-prince of darkness (original mix).mp3
CLRP036 The Beatcaster and Agami Mosh - Deeper Love-(CLRP036)-WEB-2013-SOB
00-the beatcaster and agami mosh - deeper love-(clrp036)-web-2013-cover-sob.jpg
00-the beatcaster and agami mosh - deeper love-(clrp036)-web-2013-sob.m3u
00-the beatcaster and agami mosh - deeper love-(clrp036)-web-2013-sob.nfo
00-the beatcaster and agami mosh - deeper love-(clrp036)-web-2013-sob.sfv
01-the beatcaster and agami mosh - deeper love (agami mosh 2013 edit)-sob.mp3
CLRP037 Dizzy Plant - Scared-(CLRP037)-WEB-2013-JiM
00-dizzy plant - scared-(clrp037)-web-2013.m3u
00-dizzy plant - scared-(clrp037)-web-2013.nfo
00-dizzy plant - scared-(clrp037)-web-2013.sfv
01-dizzy plant - scared (original mix).mp3
CLRP038 Spacy - Pendulum-(CLRP038)-WEB-2013-SRG
00-spacy - pendulum-(clrp038)-web-2013-srg.jpg
00-spacy - pendulum-(clrp038)-web-2013-srg.m3u
00-spacy - pendulum-(clrp038)-web-2013-srg.nfo
00-spacy - pendulum-(clrp038)-web-2013-srg.sfv
01-spacy - pendulum.mp3
CLRP040 The Beatcaster - Glow (2 Years Anniversary Anthem)-(CLRP040)-WEB-2014-FMC
00-the beatcaster - glow (2 years anniversary anthem)-(clrp040)-web-2014.m3u
00-the beatcaster - glow (2 years anniversary anthem)-(clrp040)-web-2014.nfo
00-the beatcaster - glow (2 years anniversary anthem)-(clrp040)-web-2014.sfv
00-the beatcaster - glow (2 years anniversary anthem)-(clrp040)-web-2014-cover.jpg
01-the beatcaster - glow (2 years anniversary anthem) (original mix).mp3
CLRP041 Fillter and Audiogenetic - Circle Of Flame-(CLRP041)-WEB-2014-SOB
00-fillter and audiogenetic - circle of flame-(clrp041)-web-2014-sob.m3u
00-fillter and audiogenetic - circle of flame-(clrp041)-web-2014-sob.sfv
01-fillter and audiogenetic - circle of flame (original mix)-sob.mp3
CLRP041 Fillter And Audiogenetic - Circle Of Flame-(CLRP041)-WEB-2014-SRG
00-fillter and audiogenetic - circle of flame-(clrp041)-web-2014-srg.m3u
00-fillter and audiogenetic - circle of flame-(clrp041)-web-2014-srg.nfo
00-fillter and audiogenetic - circle of flame-(clrp041)-web-2014-srg.sfv
01-fillter and audiogenetic - circle of flame (original mix).mp3

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