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Sublime Frequencies
  Labels | Author: Admin | 12-06-2016, 12:13
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Sublime Frequencies
Alan Bishop - Radio Phnom Penh-(SF020CD)-2005-BCC
00-alan bishop - radio phnom penh-(sf020cd)-2005-bcc.jpg
00-alan bishop - radio phnom penh-(sf020cd)-2005-bcc.m3u
00-alan bishop - radio phnom penh-(sf020cd)-2005-bcc.nfo
00-alan bishop - radio phnom penh-(sf020cd)-2005-bcc.sfv
01-alan bishop - dont want to let you go-bcc.mp3
02-alan bishop - multi-pop indigenous-bcc.mp3
03-alan bishop - blondie in khmer camouflage-bcc.mp3
04-alan bishop - street guns and studio drums-bcc.mp3
05-alan bishop - synthesizers east of siam-bcc.mp3
06-alan bishop - indefinite state of emergency-bcc.mp3
07-alan bishop - phnom penh on the seine-bcc.mp3
08-alan bishop - bubble gum independence-bcc.mp3
09-alan bishop - rebel guitars in strange dialect-bcc.mp3
10-alan bishop - the shiny radio in a blind mans wallet-bcc.mp3
11-alan bishop - re-mixed culture or the graffiti walls of angkor wat-bcc.mp3
12-alan bishop - condoms and condors-bcc.mp3
13-alan bishop - sign-off-the venerable anthem-bcc.mp3
Bush Mali Taxi--Field Recordings From Mali-2004-HiT2000
00-bush mali taxi--field recordings from mali-2004-hit2000.m3u
00-bush mali taxi--field recordings from mali-2004-hit2000.nfo
00-bush mali taxi--field recordings from mali-2004-hit2000.sfv
01-morning la djenne-les chevaux de sunjata-hit.mp3
02-radio bamako-hit.mp3
04-fouta djallon-hit.mp3
06-mopti niger walking-hit.mp3
08-kah mohno (dogon)-hit.mp3
10-deni meba-hit.mp3
11-bambaran wedding celebration-hit.mp3
12-sanan korya-hit.mp3
13-o mansa musa-hit.mp3
14-dogon country at night-hit.mp3
bush mali taxi--field recordings from mali-2004-hit2000.jpg
Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra - Vol.1-(SF001CD)-2003-BCC
00-folk and pop sounds of sumatra - vol.1-(sf001cd)-2003-bcc.jpg
00-folk and pop sounds of sumatra - vol.1-(sf001cd)-2003-bcc.m3u
00-folk and pop sounds of sumatra - vol.1-(sf001cd)-2003-bcc.nfo
00-folk and pop sounds of sumatra - vol.1-(sf001cd)-2003-bcc.sfv
01-folk and pop sounds of sumatra - sitogol 1-bcc.mp3
02-folk and pop sounds of sumatra - unknown title-bcc.mp3
03-folk and pop sounds of sumatra - borungku si derita-bcc.mp3
04-folk and pop sounds of sumatra - siti payung-bcc.mp3
05-folk and pop sounds of sumatra - indang pariaman-bcc.mp3
06-folk and pop sounds of sumatra - piso somalim 1-bcc.mp3
07-folk and pop sounds of sumatra - sri mersing-bcc.mp3
08-folk and pop sounds of sumatra - bapikek balam-bcc.mp3
09-folk and pop sounds of sumatra - piso somalim 2-bcc.mp3
10-folk and pop sounds of sumatra - sitogol 2-bcc.mp3
Group Bombino--Guitars from Agadez Vol. 2-(Sublime Frequencies)-Vinyl-2009-UKi
00-group bombino--guitars from agadez vol. 2-.sublime frequencies.-vinyl-2009.m3u
00-group bombino--guitars from agadez vol. 2-.sublime frequencies.-vinyl-2009.nfo
00-group bombino--guitars from agadez vol. 2-.sublime frequencies.-vinyl-2009.sfv
01-group bombino--tenere.mp3
02-group bombino--imuhar.mp3
03-group bombino--kamoutalia.mp3
04-group bombino--amidinine.mp3
05-group bombino--boghassa.mp3
06-group bombino--imouhare.mp3
07-group bombino--issitchilane.mp3
08-group bombino--kamu telyat.mp3
09-group bombino--eronafene tihoussayene.mp3
Group Doueh-Treeg Salaam-LP-2009-BCC
00-group doueh-treeg salaam-lp-2009.m3u
00-group doueh-treeg salaam-lp-2009.nfo
00-group doueh-treeg salaam-lp-2009.sfv
00-group doueh-treeg salaam-lp-2009-back.jpg
00-group doueh-treeg salaam-lp-2009-front.jpg
00-group doueh-treeg salaam-lp-2009-inside.jpg
01-group doueh-min binat omum.mp3
02-group doueh-ragsa jaguar.mp3
03-group doueh-beatte harab.mp3
04-group doueh-nabi el mohamed.mp3
05-group doueh-tazit kalifa.mp3
Group Doueh-Zayna Jumma-2011-BCC
00-group doueh-zayna jumma-2011-.m3u
00-group doueh-zayna jumma-2011-.nfo
00-group doueh-zayna jumma-2011-.sfv
00-group doueh-zayna jumma-2011-cover.jpg
00-group doueh-zayna jumma-2011-inside.jpg
00-group doueh-zayna jumma-2011-outside.jpg
00-group doueh-zayna jumma-2011-proof.jpg
01-group doueh-zayna jumma.mp3
02-group doueh-ishadlak ya khey.mp3
03-group doueh-zaya koum.mp3
04-group doueh-met-ha.mp3
05-group doueh-jagwar doueh.mp3
06-group doueh-aziza.mp3
07-group doueh-ana lakweri.mp3
08-group doueh-wazan doueh.mp3
Hayvanlar Alemi-Guarana Superpower-LP-2010-BCC
00-hayvanlar alemi-guarana superpower-lp-2010.m3u
00-hayvanlar alemi-guarana superpower-lp-2010.nfo
00-hayvanlar alemi-guarana superpower-lp-2010.sfv
00-hayvanlar alemi-guarana superpower-lp-2010-a.jpg
00-hayvanlar alemi-guarana superpower-lp-2010-b.jpg
01-hayvanlar alemi-bahar patlatan.mp3
02-hayvanlar alemi-mega lambada.mp3
03-hayvanlar alemi-welcome to sunny australia.mp3
04-hayvanlar alemi-stamina.mp3
05-hayvanlar alemi-hayalgucu sporkulubu.mp3
06-hayvanlar alemi-mavi sepet.mp3
07-hayvanlar alemi-guarana superpower.mp3
08-hayvanlar alemi-karpuzkafa 777.mp3
09-hayvanlar alemi-snakesurfing.mp3
10-hayvanlar alemi-neptune sunset casino.mp3
11-hayvanlar alemi-akiskan misafirler iki.mp3
12-hayvanlar alemi-ineffable dresscode.mp3
Koes-Bersaudara (1967)-2010-BCC
00-koes-bersaudara (1967)-2010.m3u
00-koes-bersaudara (1967)-2010.nfo
00-koes-bersaudara (1967)-2010.sfv
00-koes-bersaudara (1967)-2010-inside 1.jpg
00-koes-bersaudara (1967)-2010-inside 2.jpg
00-koes-bersaudara (1967)-2010-outside.jpg
01-koes-hari ini (today).mp3
02-koes-to the so-called the guilties.mp3
03-koes-apa sadja (whatever).mp3
04-koes-little words.mp3
05-koes-bintang mars (mars star).mp3
06-koes-poor clown.mp3
07-koes-mengapa hari telah gelap (why has the day become dark).mp3
08-koes-untukmu (for you).mp3
09-koes-bunga rindu (the flower of longing).mp3
10-koes-laguku sendiri (my song).mp3
11-koes-di dalam bui (in jail).mp3
12-koes-voorman (jailor).mp3
13-koes-bilakan kamu tetap disini (i wish you would stay here).mp3
14-koes-balada kamar 15 (the ballad of room 15).mp3
15-koes-lontjeng jang kentjil (tiny bell).mp3
16-koes-rasa hatiku (the feel of my heart).mp3
17-koes-djadikan aku domba mu (make me your sheep).mp3
18-koes-bidadari (the fairy).mp3
19-koes-untuk ajah dan ibu (dear mom and dad).mp3
20-koes-aku berdjandji (i promise).mp3
21-koes-the land of evergreen.mp3
VA-My Friend Rain-2010-BCC
00-va-my friend rain-2010.m3u
00-va-my friend rain-2010.nfo
00-va-my friend rain-2010.sfv
00-va-my friend rain-2010-back-bcc.jpg
00-va-my friend rain-2010-cd-bcc.jpg
00-va-my friend rain-2010-inside-bcc.jpg
00-va-my friend rain-2010-outside-bcc.jpg
01-zaw win shein - how can you mend a broken heart.mp3
02-unkown blind street musician - unknown.mp3
03-lashio thein aung - ugly face with a kind heart.mp3
04-meas hokseng - jomnes jis kor aung (khmer remix version).mp3
05-waiphot phetsuphan band - where is my voice.mp3
06-mandalay marionette orchestra - improvisation on the hsiang waing.mp3
07-chhorn sam ath sous sumarly - thgay trang (popular khmer song).mp3
08-unknown elephant mahoot - improvisation with a small leaf.mp3
09-playboy group - flower with the scent of night.mp3
10-pan ron - pka sondun.mp3
11-sein hing ensemble - single man with the kids.mp3
12-unknown blind street musician - unknown.mp3
VA-Pakistan (Folk And Pop Instrumentals 1966-1976)-2LP-2011-BCC
00-va-pakistan (folk and pop instrumentals 1966-1976)-2lp-2011.m3u
00-va-pakistan (folk and pop instrumentals 1966-1976)-2lp-2011.nfo
00-va-pakistan (folk and pop instrumentals 1966-1976)-2lp-2011.sfv
01-the panthers - malkaus.mp3
02-the mods - spring dance.mp3
03-the bugs - theme from do raha.mp3
04-the blue birds - hussani lal qalander.mp3
05-sohail rana - the khyber twist.mp3
06-nisar bazmi - aesi chal main.mp3
07-the abastracts - mahiya.mp3
08-the fore thoughts - the boat mans cry.mp3
09-the panthers - simmi dance.mp3
10-the aay jays - lal qualandar lal.mp3
11-the mods - bondure.mp3
12-the panthers - bhairvi.mp3
13-the abstracts - sindhi bhairvin.mp3
14-the fore thoughts - shahbaz qalander.mp3
15-the aay jays - mirza ki dhun.mp3
16-the mods - garba dance.mp3
17-nisar bazmi - pyar ki lk naee.mp3
18-the aay jays -- the aay jays theme.mp3
19-the abstracts - lotus flower.mp3
20-the panthers - khatak dance.mp3
21-the fore thoughts - jungee.mp3
22-the blue birds - sun we bilou akh waliya.mp3
VA-Saigon Rock and Soul (Vietnamese Classic Tracks 1968-1974)-2LP-2010-BCC
00-va-saigon rock and soul (vietnamese classic tracks 1968-1974)-2lp-2010.m3u
00-va-saigon rock and soul (vietnamese classic tracks 1968-1974)-2lp-2010.nfo
00-va-saigon rock and soul (vietnamese classic tracks 1968-1974)-2lp-2010.sfv
01-bich loan and cbc band - tinh yeu tuyet voi (the greatest love).mp3
02-elvis phurong - bai ca ngong (the crazy song).mp3
03-carol kim - cai tram em cai (your hair clip).mp3
04-thanh mai - toc mai soi van soi dai (long uneven hair).mp3
05-carol kim - noi buon con gai (the sadness of being a girl).mp3
06-bich loan and cbc band - con tim va nuroc mat (heart and tears).mp3
07-phurong tam - dem huyen dieu (magical night).mp3
08-le thu - sao bien (etoile des neiges) (starfish).mp3
09-minh xuan and phurong hoang - mat troi den (black sun).mp3
10-thai thanh - burng sang (dawn).mp3
11-bang chan - nhurng dom mat hoa chau (fireballs).mp3
12-giao linh - chuyen tinh sao ly (a love story from sau ri).mp3
13-elvis phurong - kho tang cua chung ta (our treasures).mp3
14-thanh lan - hoai thu (autumn memory).mp3
15-hung curong and mai le huyen - hon anh gian em (jealousy).mp3
16-mai le huyen - duyen phan con gai(a girls destiny).mp3
17-phurong dung - do ai (riddles).mp3
VA--Shadow Music of Thailand-(Sublime Frequencies)-Vinyl-2008-UKi
00-va--shadow music of thailand-.sublime frequencies.-vinyl-2008.m3u
00-va--shadow music of thailand-.sublime frequencies.-vinyl-2008.nfo
00-va--shadow music of thailand-.sublime frequencies.-vinyl-2008.sfv
00-va--shadow music of thailand-.sublime frequencies.-vinyl-2008-back.jpg
00-va--shadow music of thailand-.sublime frequencies.-vinyl-2008-cover.jpg
00-va--shadow music of thailand-.sublime frequencies.-vinyl-2008-inside.jpg
00-va--shadow music of thailand-.sublime frequencies.-vinyl-2008-label.jpg
01-the son of p.m.--luk tung klong yao.mp3
02-p.m. pocket music--kack toi mor.mp3
03-the son of p.m.--koisun ching.mp3
04-p.m. pocket music--pama rum kwan.mp3
05-johnny guitar--mon du dow.mp3
06-the son of p.m.--klong yao.mp3
07-the son of p.m.--taloong jun loum.mp3
08-p.m. 7 - jupiter--susie wong.mp3
09-p.m. 7 - jupiter--pone tala pone (indian).mp3
10-the son of p.m.--lhow lenum.mp3
11-the son of p.m.--cho cho chan.mp3
12-p.m. 7 - jupiter--sawan bangkok.mp3
13-johnny guitar--lao kratob mai.mp3
14-the son of p.m.--plaeng yiepoun.mp3
15-the son of p.m.--lum jow praya.mp3
16-p.m. 7 - jupiter--pone tala pone (twee sak).mp3
17-johnny guitar--bangkok by night.mp3
VA-Singapore A-Go-Go-2009-BCC
00-va-singapore a-go-go-2009.m3u
00-va-singapore a-go-go-2009.nfo
00-va-singapore a-go-go-2009.sfv
00-va-singapore a-go-go-2009-back.jpg
00-va-singapore a-go-go-2009-cd.jpg
00-va-singapore a-go-go-2009-cover.jpg
01-grace lee and the stylers - each and every flower.mp3
02-chew yan and the stylers - tall mountain green (traditional).mp3
03-linda yong and the silvertones - good luck in the new year.mp3
04-charlie electric guitar bands sound of japan - carnation.mp3
05-lim ling and the silvertones - love is like dew and flowers.mp3
06-lena lim and the stylers - lunaluna.mp3
07-chew yan and the stylers - mimi cat.mp3
08-charlie electric guitar bands sound of japan - tough time missing you.mp3
09-linda yong and the silvertones - congrats congrats (new year song).mp3
10-lim ling and the silvertones - (funny funny) why do i fall in love with you.mp3
11-lim ling and the silvertones - si li li li li our hearts beat as one.mp3
12-dong rong and the stylers - you are a heartless person (main theme from the film you me her).mp3
13-charlie electric guitar bands sound of japan - diamond.mp3
14-mei feng with tony and the polar bear five - secretly love you.mp3
15-john teo and the stylers - riding a trishaw around chinatown.mp3
16-grace lee and the stylers - why are you not smiling.mp3
17-chen jie and golden melody band - spring wind kisses my face (traditional).mp3
18-lim chay and the silvertones - i hate my unrequited love for you.mp3
19-lim ling and the silvertones - where is the lady.mp3
20-charlie electric guitar bands sound of japan - mountain lady.mp3
21-lim ling and the sivertones - oh no (incidental song from the film you me her).mp3
22-linda yong and the silvertones - happy lunar new year.mp3

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