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G-Net Records
  Labels | Author: Admin | 6-06-2016, 23:58
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G-Net Records
GN001 Gif Phobia - Choose Da Hardcore Generation
a1 - gif phobia - choose da hardcore generation.mp3
a2 - gif phobia - this shit is my life.mp3
b1 - gif phobia - we believe in the hardcore sound.mp3
b2 - gif phobia - who the fuck is that guy.mp3
GN002 Mental D-Sturbed - Resurrection M.F.-(GN002)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
00 mental d-sturbed - resurrection m.f.-(gn002)-vinyl-2002-sq.m3u
00 mental d-sturbed - resurrection m.f.-(gn002)-vinyl-2002-sq.nfo
00 mental d-sturbed - resurrection m.f.-(gn002)-vinyl-2002-sq.sfv
a1 mental d-sturbed - resurrection m.f.-sq.mp3
a2 mental d-sturbed - hold the beat-sq.mp3
b1 mental d-sturbed - marlene dietrich-sq.mp3
b2 mental d-sturbed - angoscia-sq.mp3
GN003 The Depudee - Get Ready
A1- The Depudee - Get Ready.mp3
A2- The Depudee - The Fat Bitch.mp3
B1- The Depudee - Fresh Beatzzz.mp3
B2- The Depudee -The Sound of The Depudee.mp3
GN004 DJ Spete and Jacko - Rotterdam 2 Milan-(GN004)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
00 dj spete and jacko - rotterdam 2 milan-(gn004)-vinyl-2002-sq.m3u
00 dj spete and jacko - rotterdam 2 milan-(gn004)-vinyl-2002-sq.nfo
00 dj spete and jacko - rotterdam 2 milan-(gn004)-vinyl-2002-sq.sfv
a1 dj spete and jacko - rotterdam 2 milan-sq.mp3
a2 dj spete and jacko - i need coke-sq.mp3
b1 dj spete and jacko - dragonpill-z-sq.mp3
b2 dj spete and jacko - engergiehal beats-sq.mp3
GN005 Sick DJ Team - Inspector Fucker-(GN005)-Vinyl-2002-SQ
00 sick dj team - inspector fucker-(gn005)-vinyl-2002-sq.m3u
00 sick dj team - inspector fucker-(gn005)-vinyl-2002-sq.nfo
00 sick dj team - inspector fucker-(gn005)-vinyl-2002-sq.sfv
a1 sick dj team - inspector fucker-sq.mp3
a2 sick dj team - you make me feel-sq.mp3
b1 sick dj team - till the end-sq.mp3
b2 sick dj team - technology-sq.mp3
GN006 The Depudee - About Time-(GN006)-Vinyl-2003-SQ
00 the depudee - about time-(gn006)-vinyl-2003-sq.m3u
00 the depudee - about time-(gn006)-vinyl-2003-sq.nfo
00 the depudee - about time-(gn006)-vinyl-2003-sq.sfv
a1 the depudee - about time-sq.mp3
a2 the depudee - not against rap-sq.mp3
b1 the depudee - hate me now-sq.mp3
b2 the depudee - raw kicking shit-sq.mp3
GN007 Dj Spete And Jacko-Drugs R Bad-(GN007)-Vinyl-2003-DOC
00-dj spete and jacko-drugs r bad-(gn007)-vinyl-2003-doc.m3u
00-dj spete and jacko-drugs r bad-(gn007)-vinyl-2003-doc.nfo
00-dj spete and jacko-drugs r bad-(gn007)-vinyl-2003-doc.sfv
a1-drugs are bad-doc.mp3
a2-soda and pie party-doc.mp3
b2-ramn with me-doc.mp3
GN008 Headnodderz - Riot-(GN008)-Vinyl-2003-SQ
00 headnodderz - riot-(gn008)-vinyl-2003-sq.m3u
00 headnodderz - riot-(gn008)-vinyl-2003-sq.nfo
00 headnodderz - riot-(gn008)-vinyl-2003-sq.sfv
a1 headnodderz - riot-sq.mp3
b1 headnodderz - make it drop-sq.mp3
b2 headnodderz - brain bug-sq.mp3
GN009 Gif Phobia - Hardcore Phobia-(GN009)-Vinyl-2003-SQ
00 gif phobia - hardcore phobia-(gn009)-vinyl-2003-sq.m3u
00 gif phobia - hardcore phobia-(gn009)-vinyl-2003-sq.nfo
00 gif phobia - hardcore phobia-(gn009)-vinyl-2003-sq.sfv
a1 gif phobia - im fuckin-sq.mp3
a2 gif phobia - all my murderers-sq.mp3
b1 gif phobia - hardcore phobia-sq.mp3
b2 gif phobia - fuck the police-sq.mp3
GN010 The Depude - Move Around-(GN010)-Vinyl-2004-SQ missing nfo
00 the depude - move around-(gn010)-vinyl-2004-sq.m3u
00 the depude - move around-(gn010)-vinyl-2004-sq.sfv
a1 the depude - move around-sq.mp3
a2 the depude - evil spirit-sq.mp3
b1 the depude - no more drugz-sq.mp3
b2 the depude - devils advocate-sq.mp3
GN011 DJ S Pete and Jacko - The 1000 Years Has Ended-(GN011)-Vinyl-2004-SQ
00 dj s pete and jacko - the 1000 years has ended-(gn011)-vinyl-2004-sq.m3u
00 dj s pete and jacko - the 1000 years has ended-(gn011)-vinyl-2004-sq.nfo
00 dj s pete and jacko - the 1000 years has ended-(gn011)-vinyl-2004-sq.sfv
a1 dj s pete and jacko - cold rock party-sq.mp3
a2 dj s pete and jacko - the 1000 years has ended-sq.mp3
b1 dj s pete and jacko - dragonpill-z (2nd trip)-sq.mp3
b2 dj s pete and jacko - popmusic-sq.mp3
GN012 VA-G-Mixed-(GN012)-Vinyl-2004-DOC
a1-the depudee-go bezerk-doc.mp3
a2-the depudee-get ready(djs pete g-mix)-doc.mp3
b1-dj spete-vriendjes-doc.mp3
b2-dj spete-dragonpillz-z(the depudee g-mix)-doc.mp3
GN013 Va - Underground Revenge-(GN013)-Vinyl-2004-NBD
00-va - underground revenge-(gn013)-vinyl-2004-nbd.m3u
00-va - underground revenge-(gn013)-vinyl-2004-nbd.nfo
00-va - underground revenge-(gn013)-vinyl-2004-nbd.sfv
01-dj bono - we wont stop-nbd.mp3
02-killerloop - burnout-nbd.mp3
03-the depudee - blowjob lesson-nbd.mp3
04-the depudee - the rhyme makah-nbd.mp3
GN013 Va - Underground Revenge-(GN013)-Vinyl-Trackfix-2004-NBD
00-va - underground revenge-(gn013)-vinyl-trackfix-2004-nbd.m3u
00-va - underground revenge-(gn013)-vinyl-trackfix-2004-nbd.nfo
00-va - underground revenge-(gn013)-vinyl-trackfix-2004-nbd.sfv
01-dj bono - we wont stop trackfix-nbd.mp3
GN014 The Genesis Projection-The Secret Doctrine EP (GN014)-Vinyl-2007-ONe
00-the genesis projection-the secret doctrine ep (gn014)-vinyl-2007.m3u
00-the genesis projection-the secret doctrine ep (gn014)-vinyl-2007.nfo
00-the genesis projection-the secret doctrine ep (gn014)-vinyl-2007.sfv
00-the genesis projection-the secret doctrine ep (gn014)-vinyl-2007-front.jpg
01-a1 the genesis projection-original crime.mp3
02-a2 the genesis projection-pump please.mp3
03-b1 the genesis projection-sdl inspiration.mp3
04-b2 the genesis projection-brain insanity.mp3
GN015 Braincrushers-Little Asses (GN015)-Vinyl-2007-ONe
00-braincrushers-little asses (gn015)-vinyl-2007.m3u
00-braincrushers-little asses (gn015)-vinyl-2007.nfo
00-braincrushers-little asses (gn015)-vinyl-2007.sfv
01-a1 braincrushers-little asses.mp3
02-a2 braincrushers-you can call me hardcore.mp3
03-b1 braincrushers-auflegen.mp3
04-b2 braincrushers-diieee.mp3
GN016 Alien T - Ill Be Tha Hardest (GN016)-Vinyl-2007-NBD
00-alien t - ill be tha hardest (gn016)-vinyl-2007-nbd.m3u
00-alien t - ill be tha hardest (gn016)-vinyl-2007-nbd.nfo
00-alien t - ill be tha hardest (gn016)-vinyl-2007-nbd.sfv
01-alien t - ill be tha hardest-nbd.mp3
02-alien t - 4 your justice-nbd.mp3
03-alien t - shit back-nbd.mp3
04-alien t - back up-nbd.mp3

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