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Old Music Collection 1979 Part1
Collections | Author: Admin | 19-11-2020, 07:58
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101 Strings Orchestra-Piano Mixtures-LP-1979-JCE
10cc-10ccs Greatest Hits-1979-DuDE
10cc-Greatest Hits 1972-1978-1979-DNR
15 16 17-Im Hurt (12 Inch DEB 024)-VLS-1979-Gully
38 Special-Wild-Eyed Southern Boys-Retail-1979-Recycled INT
7th Wonder-Climbing Higher-LP-1979-JCE
A Taste Of Honey-Another Taste (Expanded Edition)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1979-ESG
Abba-Does Your Mother Know-DVDRip-XviD-1979-MV
Abba-Estoy Sonando-DVDRip-XviD-ES-1979-MV
ABBA-Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)-(2001919)-Vinyl-1979-DBM
ABBA-Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)-(3652)-Vinyl-1979-CUPiDO iNT
Abba-Gimme Gimme Gimme-DVDRip-XviD-1979-MV
Abba-Wembley Arena 1979-1979-ATM
AC DC - Highway to Hell-Remastered-Retail-1979-iNDiAN
AC-DC - Highway To Hell-1979-DMA
AC-DC - Highway to Hell-1979-PiAD INT
AC-DC - Living in Hell (Bootleg)-Live-1979-MCA int
AC-DC-Age Of Giants-1979-CRSmp3
AC-DC-Highway To Hell-(Remastered)-1979-HNH
AC-DC-Highway to Hell-1979-DuDE
AC-DC-Highway To Hell-1979-KSi INT
Accept - Accept (2010 Japan Shm-CD Uicy-94520)-1979-FREE
Accept - Accept-1979-MCA
Accept-Accept-1979-mwnd int
Accept-Accept-1979-UasH INT
acdc - angus cha cha-2cd-1979-cmg
ACDC - Live At The Hammersmith-BOOTLEG-1979-CRSmp3
Acdc - Touch Too Much-VLS-1979-SOP INT
ACDC-Highway To Hell-(VLS)-1979-DNR
ACDC-Highway to Hell-1979-EOS
ACDC-Highway To Hell-1979-iRO
ACDC-Highway To Hell-WEB-1979-ENTiTLED iNT
ACDC-Live At Towson State College 1979 (Live Radio Broadcast)-WEB-1979-ENTiTLED iNT
ACDC-Living in the Hell-(Bootleg)-1979-dSS
ACDC-Living in The Hell-1979-PMS
ACDC-The Ecstasy of Mr. S.-1979-CRSmp3
Adam And The Ants-Dirk Wears White Sox-(Remastered)-1979-DNR
aerosmith - night in the ruts-1979-dma
Aerosmith - Night in the Ruts-CD-1979-UNiCORN INT
Aerosmith-Night In The Ruts-Remastered-1979-FIH INT
Afro Cuban Band-Have A Real Good Time-VLS-1979-JCE
Air Power-Be Yourself-(AVISL102)-Vinyl-1979-MPX
Airto-Touching You Touching Me-LP-1979-GCP
AKB-Stand Up Sit Down-(Promo-VLS)-1979-UTB
Al Campbell and Clint Eastwood-Hit Me With Music Bw Like You Girl-(JBD003)-12INCH VINYL-1979-Gully
Al Campbell-Dance with Me Baby Bw La La Means I Love You (12 Inch NIADD-103)-VLS-1979-Gully
Al Campbell-Diamonds (BS1026)-LP-1979-Gully
Al Campbell-Diamonds (BURNING SOUNDS HI REZ)-LP-1979-UPR
Al Campbell-Diamonds-1979-MostHigh
Al Campbell-Diamonds-1979-PRiMO INT
Al Campbell-Just One Dance Bw Dancing Time (12 Inch JBD 007)-VLS-1979-Gully
Al Wayne-Money Money Bw Roddy Moodie-A Dunny Dunny (12 Inch PORT001)-VLS-1979-Gully
Alec R. Costandinos And The Syncophonic Orchestra--Synergy - For Amusement Only (Disques Vogue)-Vinyl-1979-dL
Aleksandr Varlamov-Kompozicii V Tancevalnyh Ritmah-LP-1979-D2H
Alrick Forbes-People Say (7 Inch DSR7653)-VLS-1979-Gully
Amii Stewart-Light My Fire-VLS-1979-GCP
Amy Grant-My Fathers Eyes-1979-DuDE
Andrea Juergens-Eine Rose Schenk Ich Dir Und Dieses Lied-WEB-DE-1979-ALPMP3
Andrew Baptiste-Ital Man-KD563-VINYL-1979-z0ne int
Andrew Cyrille-Nuba-1979-aAF
Angela Bofill-Angel Of The Night-CD-1979-OSC
Angela Bofill-Angel of the Night-LP-1979-JCE
Anita Ward-Dont Drop My Love-VLS-1979-GCP
Anita Ward-Sweet Surrender-LP-1979-GCP
Anna Oxa-Il Pagliaccio Azzurro-VINYL-IT-1979-B2A INT
Anne Murray - Ill Always Love You-CD-1979-UNiCORN INT
Antonino Riccardo Luciani-Psyco Mood-WEB-1979-UVU
Antonio Adolfo-Viralata-WEB-1979-SOUNDz
Arawak-Background Music N. 2-WEB-1979-UKW
Arawak-Background Music N. 4-WEB-1979-UKW
Archie Bell and the Drells-The Right Stuff-(Retail)-1979-SC
Arsenal-Jazz Rock Ensemble Arsenal-(Vinyl)-RU-1979-VERiTAS
Art Garfunkel-Fate For Breakfast-WEB-1979-MARR INT
Ashanti Waugh-I Love Jah So (7 Inch DSR 7929)-VLS-1979-Gully
Ashanti Waugh-Love We A Deal With-VLS-1979-YARD
Ashford And Simpson-Stay Free-LP-1979-GCP INT
Ashra - Correlations-Retail-1979-teqra
Aswad-Hulet (ISLAND HI REZ)-LP-1979-UPR
Atlantic Starr-Straight to the Point-LP-1979-JCE
Augustus Pablo-Original Rockers-1979-RAC
Aural Exciters--Spooks In Space-(ZEDGLP 35)-WEB-1979-mbs
Average White Band-Feel No Fret-LP-1979-GCP
Average White Band-The Best Of-LP-1979-GCP
Azymuth-Light as A Feather-1979-JUST
B B Seaton-Im Aware of Love Bw One Little Thing Leads to Another (12 Inch GMDM21)-VLS-1979-Gully
B. Baker Chocolate Co.-B. Baker Chocolate Co.-LP-1979-GCP
B.B. Seaton-Im Aware Of Love (ROOTS MUSIC INTL)-LP-1979-UPR
Babatunde Tony Ellis-No Place To Run-LP-1979-JAH
Bad Brains-Black Dots-1979-ATR
Bad Brains-Live .02.01.1979-1979-SDR
Bar Kays-Injoy-LP-1979-JCE
Barbara Jones and Trinity-Soul and Devotion (12 Inch GG 027)-VLS-1979-Gully
Barbara Jones and Trinity-Why Didnt You Let Me Know (12 Inch GG-045)-VLS-1979-Gully
Barbara Jones-Dont Stop Loving Me (GG RECORDS)-LP-1979-UPR
Barre Phillips--Three Day Moon-(ECM)-CD-1979-mbs
Barrington Levy-Bounty Hunter (CACTUS REISSUE BONUS TRACKS)CD-1979-UPR
Barrington Levy-Bounty Hunter (JAH LIFE)-LP-1979-UPR
Barrington Levy-Bounty Hunter-1979-ECKO iNT
Barrington Levy-Bounty Hunter-CD-1979-RKS
Barrington Levy-Bounty Hunter-CD-1979-RKS INT
Barrington Levy-Bountyhunter-CD-1979-RKS
Barrington Levy-Doh Ray Me-Vinyl-1979-HIM
Barrington Levy-English Man-1979-ECKO iNT
Barrington Levy-Englishman (GREENSLEEVES)-LP-1979-UPR
Barrington Levy-Englishman-1979-IHH INT
Barrington Levy-Englishman-VLS-1979-YARD
Barrington Levy-Mine Yuh Mouth-VLS-1979-iLL
Barrington Levy-Reggae Music (7 Inch)-VLS-1979-Gully INT
Barrington Levy-Reggae Music-VLS-1979-Fari
Barrington Levy-Shaolin Temple (JAH GUIDANCE HI REZ)-LP-1979-UPR
Barrington Levy-Shine Eye Gal (BURNING ROCKERS HI REZ)-LP-1979-UPR
Barry Brown-Barry Brown Superstar (ORIGINAL STRIKER LEE PRESS)-LP-1979-UPR
Barry Brown-Big Big Policitian Bw No Wicked Shall Enter (12 Inch JUDIS126)-VLS-1979-YARD
Barry Brown-Big Big Pollution-VLS-1979-JAH
Barry Brown-Conscious Girl Bw School Days (12 Inch DRDD 12)-VLS-1979-Gully
Barry Brown-Cool Pon Your Corner-LP-1979-MostHigh
Barry Brown-No Wicked Shall Enter-VLS-1979-JAH
Barry Brown-Showcase - Midnight Rock At Channel One-LP-1979-YARD
Barry Brown-Step It Up Youthman-VL-1979-RAC
Bebeto-Cheio De Razao-BR-1979-100REAL
Ben Moore-Purified-LP-1979-GCP
Bette Midler-The Rose-1979-LT
Betty Wright-Betty Travelin In The Wright Circle-LP-1979-GCP
Big Walter Horton - Fine Cuts-CD-1979-UNiCORN INT
Big Youth-Progress (NICHOLA DELTA HI REZ)-LP-1979-UPR
Big Youth-Progress-LP-1979-YARD
Big Youth-Reggae Gi Dem Dub-(Limited Edition-Vinyl)-UK-1979-0MNi
Bill Connors-Swimming With A Hole In My Body-(ECM1158)-WEB-1979-MOHAWK
Bill Evans Trio-Live at Balboa Jazz Club Vol 1-1979-JUST
Bill Evans-The Paris Concert Ed II-1979-JUST
Bill LaBounty-Rain In My Life-WEB-1979-ENTiTLED
Bill Woody-Organized Noise-LP-1979-ERP
Billy Cobham-B.C-LP-1979-JUST
Billy Preston and Syreeta-Go For It-VLS-1979-GCP
Billy Preston And Syreeta-With You Im Born Again-(TMG1159)-7 Inch Vinyl-1979-GCP
Billy Preston-Late At Night-LP-1979-GCP
Bim Sherman Ft Jah Buzz-Love Jah Only 12 Inch HIT DD11 -VLS-1979-Gully
Bim Sherman Ft Jah Buzz-Love Jah Only (12 Inch HIT DD11)-VLS-1979-Gully
Bim Sherman-Golden Locks Bw Tribulation (12 Inch SVN 12-2)-VLS-1979-Gully
Bim Sherman-Lovers Leap Showcase-LP-1979-YARD
Black Harmony-Since Youve Been Gone (12 Inch DEB 029)-VLS-1979-Gully
Black Uhuro-Shine Eye Bw D Roy Band-Licking Stick (12 Inch DRDD-15)-VLS-1979-Gully
Black Uhuru-Black Uhuru-WEB-1979-ENRAGED iNT
Black Uhuru-Rent Man-VLS-1979-YARD
Black Uhuru-Showcase (D-Roy)-LP-1979-UPR
Black Uhuru-Showcase-LP-1979-JAH
Black Uhuru-Showcase-LP-1979-MK3
Black Volts-Struggling (12 Inch ARK DD 0012)-VLS-1979-Gully
Blackfoot - Strikes-(7567-90419-2)-CD-1979-MCA int
Blondie - Sunday Girl-(9198 232)-Vinyl-1979-ZzZz
Blue Oyster Cult-Mirrors-1979-EOS
Bob James--Lucky Seven-LP-1979-WUS
Bob James-Lucky Seven-LP-1979-GCP INT
Bob James-Lucky Seven-LP-1979-JCE
Bob Marley and the Wailers - Live in Santa Cruz Dicembre-1979-PaDDeRaX
Bob Marley And The Wailers - Survival Rehearsal Complete Source 2-(Unreleased)-(READ NFO)-1979-HiEM
Bob Marley and the Wailers - Survival-1979-HoBo
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Live At The Civic Center Santa Cruz CA-1979-ICE
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Live At The Nagano Sun Plaza Japan-1979-ICE
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Live At The Oakland Coliseum-1979-ICE
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Survival Jamaican Mix And B-Sides-(Vinyl)-1979-DNR
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Survival-1979-ReZz
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Survival-1979-sfsh
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Survival-1979-VhV iNT
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Survival-Retail CD-1979-HLC INT
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Wake Up And Live-VLS-1979-YARD
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Zimbabwe-VLS-1979-YARD
Bob Marley-A Man In Tokyo-Sunplaza-Apr 10-1979-JAH
Bob Marley-Live at UCLA-1979-JAH
Bob Marley-Ride Natty Ride-Bw-Ride Dus Yah Dub-(12 Inch)-VLS-1979-YARD
Bob Marley-Survival-1979-SKPoWaH
Bombers-Bombers 2-(LP)-1979-OSC
Boney M-Gotta Go Home-(Hansa600081)-Vinyl-1979-BFHMP3
Bonnie Raitt-The Glow-WEB-1979-ENTiTLED iNT
Bootsys Rubber Band-This Boot Is Made For Fonkin-1979-iGR
Brainstorm-Funky Entertainment-LP-1979-JCE
Brass Construction-Brass Construction 5-WEB-1979-UVU INT
Brenton King-Dont Cry Little Girl (12 Inch)-VLS-1979-Gully
Brides of Funkenstein-Never Buy Texas form A Cowboy-LP-1979-JCE
Bro Valentino-Dread Music-(MD9027)-VLS-1979-KOA
Bruni Pagan-Just Bruni-WEB-1979-UVU
Buddy Guy and Jr. Wells-Pleading the Blues-1979-JUST
Buggles-The Age Of Plastic-CD-Flac-1979-flachedelic
Bunny Lie Lie-You Got To Be Sure (7 Inch)-VLS-1979-RKS
Bunny Mack-Discolypso Bw Funny Lady (12 Inch SD-RK-07)-VLS-1979-Gully
Bunny Mack-Let Me Love You Bw Love You Forever-(SDRK09)-12INCH VLS-1979-Gully
Bunny Wailer - In I Fathers House-(Retail Vinyl)-1979-HiEM iNT
Buzzcocks-A Different Kind Of Tension (2019 Remastered Version)-(REWIG128D2)-WEB-1979-MOHAWK
Buzzcocks-Singles Going Steady (2019 Remastered Version)-(REWIG129D1)-WEB-1979-MOHAWK
Byron Otis-Love You Madly-(NWD14)-12INCH VLS-1979-Gully
Cabaret Voltaire--Mix Up (ROUGH 4)-LP-1979-CMC
Cabaret Voltaire-Silent Command-Vinyl-1979-FWYH
Cameo - Secret Omen-(NB 7050)-WEB-1979-BiNGO iNT
Cameo-Secret Omen-LP-1979-JCE
Capital Letters - Headline News-Retail CD-1979-HiEM
Capital Letters-UK Skanking (7 Inch GRED16)-VLS-1979-RAC
Captain And Tennille-Make Your Move-WEB-1979-ENTiTLED iNT
Captain Sinbad And Little John-51 Storm-VLS-1979-YARD
Captain Sky-Pop Goes the Captain-(LP)-1979-JCE
Carlton and His Shoes-Sugar and Spice (7 Inch)-VLS-1979-Gully INT
Carlton Livingston-Mr.Dee Jay (JAHWANZA)-VLS-1979-RAC
Carol Douglas-I Got The Answer-VLS-1979-GCP
Carrie Lucas-Keep Smilin BW Im Gonna Make You Happy-VLS-1979-JCE
Cecil Brown and Jah Ruff-Stand Straight (12 Inch GG 053)-VLS-1979-Gully
Chalawa-Hop Skip and Jump (GEN-3009)-LP-1979-Gully
Charlie Chaplin - One Of A Kind-(7-Inch)-VLS-1979-BANDULU
Charly Antolini-Knock Out-1979-STD
Cheap Trick-Dream Police-WEB-1979-ENTiTLED iNT
Cheryl Lynn-In Love (Expanded Edition)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1979-ESG
Cheryl Lynn-Star Love-VLS-1979-GCP
Chic-Risque-WEB-1979-ESG INT
Chico Buarque-Opera Do Malandro-BR-1979-100REAL
Chocolate Milk-Milky Way-LP-1979-JCE
Chocolats-Senorita Por Favor-VLS-1979-GCP
Christine White-Caught by Love Bw Youll Lose A Good Thing (12 Inch BJD 45-04)-VLS-1979-Gully
Christopher Cross--Sailing-WBS49507-VINYL-1979-WUS iNT
Chuck Mangione-Give It All You Got-VLS-1979-GCP
Clannad-Clannad In Concert-1979-ooze
Claudette Et Ti Pierre-Tour 79-Vinyl-1979-RoW
Clint Eastwood-Angel Face-(BS043)-VLS-1979-NOiR
Clint Eastwood-Love And Happiness-LP-1979-RKSiNT
Cloud One--Atmosphere Strut (New Disco Version Remix 1976)-(QCLP4646)-WEB-1979-BABAS INT
Commodores-Midnight Magic-LP-1979-JCE
Con Funk Shun-Candy-LP-1979-JUST
Concept--Invasion-LP-1979-WUS INT
Congos-Congo Ashanti-1979-HiM
Cowboys International-The Original Sin-(LP)-1979-OSC
Creation Rebel-Rebel Vibrations-(APLP9004)-LP-1979-Gully INT
Creation Rebel-Rebel Vibrations-CD-1979-RKS
Cultural Roots-Blackie Blackie Bw Only Jah Know (12 Inch HD 20)-VLS-1979-Gully
Culture-Down in Jamaica-VLS-1979-RAC iNT
Culture-International Herb-1979-JUST INT
Culture-International Herb-1979-RAC-INT
Culture-Jah Rastafari-VLS-1979-RAC iNT
Culture-The Shepherd-VLS-1979-RAC iNT
D.C. LaRue-Forces Of The Night-WEB-1979-UVU
Daniel Balavoine-Face Amour Face Amere-CD-FR-1979-MK2
Dannys - Rock on-1979-NHK
Darryl Way-Kpm 1000 Series Variations-(KPM 1232)-WEB-1979-gF
Dave Brubeck Quartet-Back Home-1979-FTD
Dave Greenslade And Patrick Woodroffe-The Pentateuch Of The Cosmology-1979-CNS
Dave Robinson And Jah Thomas-Ruby And Diamond Bw Flabby Dub (12 Inch BFM 124)-VLS-1979-Gully
David Bendeth-Adrenalin-WEB-1979-ESG
David Bowie-Lodger-1979-VhV iNT
David Bowie-Scary Monsters-1979-VhV iNT
David Isaacs-More Love (12 Inch DS-CR-102)-VLS-1979-Gully
David Lampell-I Ran Iran-WEBRIP-VLS-1979-YYY
David Ruffin-So Soon We Change-LP-1979-GCP
Dean Frazer-Black Horn Man-(Vinyl)-1979-0MNi
Dean Frazer-Pure Horn-VL-1979-RKS
Debbie Jacobs-Undercover Lover-Vinyl-1979-UTB
Dee Edwards-Heavy Love-LP-1979-GCP
Def Leppard-First Strike-1979-Wga
Delroy Wilson And I Roy-I Trust You (12 Inch GG 043)-VLS-1979-Gully
Delroy Wilson-Sharing The Night Together Bw I Wont Take You Back-(EJD1)-12INCH VINYL-1979-Gully
Delroy Wilson-Who Done it-LP-1979-MostHigh
Denise LaSalle-Unwrapped-LP-1979-GCP
Dennis Brown Nigger Kojak-Aint That Lovin You-VL-12inch-1979-RAC
Dennis Brown-Cup of Tea Bw A Piece of Bread (7 Inch)-VLS-1979-Gully INT
Dennis Brown-Cup of Tea-VLS-1979-SPLiFF
Dennis Brown-Im Coming Home Tonight (12 Inch YS01)-VLS-1979-Gully
Dennis Brown-Live in Montreux-1979-RAC
Dennis Brown-Money In My Pocket-VL-12inch-1979-RAC
Dennis Brown-Say What You Say (12 Inch JGM-8033)-VLS-1979-Gully
Dennis Brown-The Man Next Door Bw Three Meals A Day (12 Inch JGMD-8043)-VLS-1979-Gully
Dennis Brown-Words Of Wisdom-CD-1979-JAH
Dennis Parker - New York By Night (NB 986)-VLS-1979-Disc0
Derek Harriot-Born To Love You-VLS-1979-JRO
Detonators-Ganster (LRLP001)-LP-1979-Gully INT
Dillinger - Disco Tek-VLS-1979-YARD
Dillinger-Cocaine In My Brain Bw Funky Punk (12 Inch)-VLS-1979-YARD
Dillinger-Disco Tek-VLS-1979-YARD
Dillinger-Funky Punk - Rock To The Music-LP-1979-YARD
Dinamit-Mi Ez Az Erzes-Igazsag-Vinyl EP-HU-1979-gF
Dinasty-I Dont Wanna Be A Freak-Vinyl-1979-BWA
Dionne Warwick-Deja Vu-AS0459-VINYL-1979-G3LTUNES INT
Dire Straits-Dallas 1979-2CD-1979-STAR
Dire Straits-Rockfile 79-Bootleg-1979-STAR
Donald Byrd-Chant-WEB-1979-UVU
Donna Summer-Bad Girls-LP-1979-JCE
Donna Summer-Dim All The Lights BW There Will Always Be A You-(CANL162)-VLS-1979-GCP
Dony McGuires Heaven Connection-Get In Touch With The World-LP-1979-GCP
Doreen Schaffer and Nioami Philips-Read Me Right (NWLP-006)-LP-1979-Gully
Dottsy-When Im Gone-Vinyl-1979-VULGAR
Dr Alimantado And The Rebels-Sitting In The Park (12 Inch)-VLS-1979-YARD
Dr Alimantado-Kings Bread Dub-VL-1979-RAC
Dr Alimatado and the Rebels-Sitting in the Park (12 Inch GRED017)-VLS-1979-Gully
Dr Strut-Dr Strut-WEB-1979-SOUNDz
Earl Cunningham-Dont Shoot Your Brother Down Bw Loving Feeling (12 Inch JUDIS125)-VLS-1979-Gully
Earl Cunningham-Vanity Woman Bw Best Things (12 Inch FSD016)-VLS-1979-Gully
Earl Klugh and Bob James-One on One-1979-CMS
Earl Zero And Soul Syndicate-City Of The Wicked Bw Righteous Works (12 Inch GRED 23)-VLS-1979-Gully
Earth Stone-Sweet Africa-VLS-1979-JAH
Earth and Stone-Magic Woman Bw Slave Driver (12 Inch CHAD 15)-VLS-1979-Gully
Ebba Groen - Were Only In It For The Drugs-1979-KALAS
Eberhard Weber-Fluid Rustle-WEB-1979-UVU INT
Eddie Henderson-Runnin To Your Love-LP-1979-GCP
Eddie Kendricks-Something More (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1979-ENRAGED
Eddie Meduza - Luftwaffe 3 Del 1-1979-MrX
Eddie Meduza - Luftwaffe 3 Del 2-1979-MrX
Eddie Meduza - Svensktoppsrulle-1979-MrX
Eddie Money-Life For The Taking-WEB-1979-ENTiTLED iNT
Eddy Grant-Living On The Frontline VLS-1979-RAC
Eddy Grant-War Party Bw I Love You-Promo VLS-1979-Gully
Electric Light Orchestra-Discovery-1979-DuDE
Electric Light Orchestra-ELOs Greatest Hits-1979-MHQ INT
Elton John-Victim Of Love-WEB-1979-ENTiTLED iNT
Elvis Costello And The Attract-Elvis Goes To Washington-3CD-1979-SDR
Elvis Costello-Armed Forces-WEB-1979-ENTiTLED iNT
Emily Woods-Venus-VLS-1979-GCP
Enchantment-Journey To The Land Of Enchantment-WEB-1979-UVU
Energetics-Come Down To Earth-LP-1979-GCP
Ennio Morricone - Chi Lha Vista Morire (1972)-LP-1979-sfE
Eppu Normaali-Maximum JeejaJee-Remastered-WEB-FI-1979-KALEVALA INT
Eric Burdon-Black and White Blues-1979-JUST
Ernest Wilson-If I Was A Carpenter (12 Inch DEB028)-VLS-1979-Gully
Ernie Smith-Dont Down Me Now Bw to Behold Jah (12 Inch GGG003)-VLS-1979-Gully
Ernie Smith-To Behold Jah-LP-1979-Gully
Errol Dunkley-O.K. Fred Bw Rush Me No Badness-(VLS)-1979-SSR
Errol Gentles-Tell Me Why (12 Inch TACK11)-VLS-1979-YARD
Errol Scorcher-Roach In De Corner-VLS-1979-RKS
Esperanza Marquez-El Canto De Esperanza-(CE-001)-ES-LP-1979-VULGAR
Ethiopian-Everything Crash-LP-1979-JAH
Ethiopians and Kojak-Rastaman Song (12 Inch GG 036)-VLS-1979-Gully
Fat Larrys Band-Lookin For Love-(FANTASY867)-7 Inch VLS-1979-GCP
Fatback-Youre My Candy Sweet-VLS-1979-CMS
Fathers Children-Fathers Children-LP-1979-DGN
Fathers Children-Fathers Children-TRACKFIX-LP-1979-DGN
Fatman Riddim Section-Bald Head Justice-VL-1979-RAC
Faze O-Breakin the Funk-LP-1979-JCE
Ferrara-Wuthering Heights-LP-1979-GCP
Flamingokvintetten-Flamingo 10-LP-1979-Sn00py
Foghat--Boogie Motel (Remastered)-(603497877966)-WEB-1979-WUS
Foghat-Boogie Motel-WEB-1979-ENTiTLED iNT
Foxy - Headhunter (DA-5053)-VLS-1979-Disc0
France Joli-Come To Me-WEB-1979-ESG
Francis Monkman-Kpm 1000 Series Predictions Part 1-(KPM 1233)-WEB-1979-gF
Frank Zappa-Joes Garage Acts 1-3 (CD1)-1979-MFO
Frank Zappa-Joes Garage Acts 1-3 (CD2)-1979-MFO
Frank Zappa-Joes Garage Acts I II & III-2CD-1979-DNR
Frank Zappa-Orchestral Favorites-1979-EOS
Frank Zappa-Sheik Yerbouti-1979-DNR
Frank Zappa-Sheik Yerbouti-1979-EOS
Frank Zappa-Sheik Yerbouti-1979-iNT-MUPP
Frank Zappa-Sleep Dirt-1979-DNR
Freddie Clarke-If You Dont Know Me Bw All I Want is You-(ARKDD014)-12INCH VLS-1979-Gully
Freddie Mc Gregor-Bobby Bobylon-LP-1979-YARD INT
Freddie McGregor-Freddie-STLP1026-Vinyl-1979-corn
Freddie McGregor-Mr McGregor-LP-1979-JAH
Freddie McKay And I Roy-Some Kind A Wonderful Thing (12 Inch GG 044)-VLS-1979-Gully
Freddie McKay And Nicka-Pretty Looks (12 Inch BFM 127)-VLS-1979-Gully
Freddy Mcgregor-Mr Mcgregor-LP-1979-JAH
Freddy McKay-Mop And Cry BW Pope Of Rome (Falling) (12 Inch DEB 014)-VLS-1979-Gully
Funkadelic-Uncle Jam Wants You-1979-CMS
Funky Four Plus One More-Rappin and Rocking the House-VLS-1979-CMS
Gary Numan--Cars-BEG23-VINYL-1979-WUS iNT
Gary Numan-The Pleasure Principle-Reissue-1979-AMOK
Gaurdian Angel-China Gate Gerrard Street (12 Inch MM-7001)-VLS-1979-Gully
General Echo-Boom Boom-VLS-1979-RIDDIM iNT
General Echo-Rocking And Swing-LP-1979-JAH
General Echo-Rocking And Swing-LP-1979-YARD INT
Generation X-Valley Of The Dolls-WEB-1979-ENTiTLED iNT
George Adams and Don Pullen-Dont Lose Control-LP-1979-JCE
George Benson-Beyond the Blue Horizon-LP-1979-JCE
George Burrell-Drop Mi A Line-VLS-1979-JRO
George Clemons Band-No Woman No Cry-7inch-VLS-1979-GCP
George Fullwood and Soul Syndicate Band-Stop and Think it Over-(12 INCH FREEDOM SOUNDS)-Vinyl-1979-RAC
George Nook and Trinity-If You Should Loose Me (12 Inch SLD-502)-VLS-1979-Gully
George Nook and Trinity-If You Should Lose Me-VLS-1979-JRO
George Nooks-Darling Bw Prince Mohamed-Mc Donald (7 Inch)-VLS-1979-Gully
Georges Brassens-Brassens En Jazz-Remastered-FR-1979-JUST
Gerry Rafferty-Night Owl-1979-JUST
Gibson Brothers-Cuba-(ARX-16010)-VINYL-1979-B2A INT
Gibson Brothers-Cuba-Vinyl-1979-RpM
Gilberto Gil-Nightingale-1979-CEC
Gilda Radner-Live From New York-1979-pLAN9
Gillstrands-Jag Tycker Om Dig-1979-CrY
Gina X Performance - Do It Yourself And Opposite Number-Vinyl-1979-CMG
Gina X Performance - Nice Mover-Vinyl-1979-CMG
Gino Soccio--Outline-(RFC 3309)-LP-1979-mbs
Giorgio Moroder - What A Night (OASIS 7)-Vinyl-1979-Disc0
Gladiators-Sweet So Till-1979-RAC
Glen Brown-Marcus Garvey Words (12 INCH KINGLEY SOUNDS REISSUE)-Vinyl-1979-RAC
Glenn Teach-Party Time (7 Inch)-VLS-1979-Gully
Glenroy Richards-Wicked Cant Run Away-VLS-1979-Fari
Glenroy Richards-Wicked Cant Run Away-VLS-1979-RKS
Gloria Gaynor - Midnight Rocker (PD 2056)-VLS-1979-Disc0
Goblin-Dawn Of The Dead OST-1979-FTD
Golden Flamingo Orchestra--The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us (GF 2929)-Vinyl-1979-dL
Gong - Time is the Key-Retail-1979-teqra
GQ-Disco Nights (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1979-ENRAGED
Grace Jones-Muse-(0060075360285)-WEB-1979-UKW INT
Grand Jojo - On A Soif-(101336)-Vinyl-FR-1979-ZzZz INT
Gregory Isaacs And Trinity-Chunnie You Are The Number One (12 Inch)-VLS-1979-RKS
Gregory Isaacs And U Roy-The Tide Is High (12 Inch)-VLS-1979-YARD
Gregory Isaacs-Bumping And Boring (7 Inch)-VLS-1979-RKS
Gregory Isaacs-Going Down Town Bw Motherless Children (12 Inch NIADD-104)-VLS-1979-Gully
Gregory Isaacs-Poor and Clean (African Museum)-VLS-1979-YARD
Gregory Isaacs-Soon Forward BW Oh What A Feeling-VLS-1979-SPLiFF
Gregory Isaacs-Soon Forward-CD-1979-YARD
Gregory Isaacs-Soon Forward-WEB-1979-ENTiTLED iNT
Gregory Isaacs-Tune In (7 Inch)-VLS-1979-RKS
Gromin I Kuznecov-Dzhazovye Kompozicii-(Vinyl)-1979-VERiTAS
Guardian Angel-China Gate (LAS 5 T)-Vinyl-1979-RAC
Gunars Rozenbergs Ensemble-Invitation To The Dance 4-(Vinyl)-1979-VERiTAS
Gyllene Tider - Gyllene Tider-SE-1979-Rusland
Hammer-Black Sheep-LP-1979-GCP
Harry Thumann-American Express-WEB-1979-UVU
Harvey Mason--Groovin You (CP 704)-Vinyl-1979-dL
Harvey Mason-Groovin You (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1979-AMOR
Heater Parisi-Disco Bambina-(CGD 15028)-VINYL-IT-1979-B2A INT
Heldon-Stand By-WEB-1979-KNOWN
Henry Mancini-10-OST-LP-1979-GCP
Herb Alpert-Rise-7inch 45RPM-1979-JCE
Herbie Hancock-Feets Dont Fail Me Now-1979-IGR
High Fidelity--High Fidelity-(QC98)-WEB-1979-BABAS INT
High Inergy-Frenzy-LP-1979-GCP
High Inergy-Shoulda Gone Dancin-(TMG1142)-Vinyl-1979-PULSE
Horace Andy And Tappa Zukie-Natty Dread A Weh She Want (12 Inch)-VLS-1979-YARD
Horace Andy-Pure Ranking-LP-1979-DON
Hortens Ellis And Trinity-African Chistmas-LP-1979-RAC
Hortense Ellis and General Roy-Give Thanks (12 Inch BRD 30)-VLS-1979-Gully
Hortense Ellis and Jetman-Secretly Bw Part 2 Lovers Serenade (12 Inch GG 046)-VLS-1979-Gully
Hortense Ellis-How Could it Be (7 Inch)-VLS-1979-Gully
Hortense Ellis-If You Knew (12 Inch JBD 002)-VLS-1979-Gully
Hugh Cornwell And Robert Williams-In White Room-7inch-1979-SDR
Hugh Mundell-Great Tribulation-VLS(12 Inch)-1979-JAH
Hugh Mundell-Great Tribulation-VLS(12 Inch)-1979-RoW iNT
Hugh Mundell-One Jah One Aim One Destiny-VLS-1979-JAH
Human League-Empire State Human-7inch-Vinyl-1979-AMOK
I Gatti Di Vicolo Miracoli-Discogatto Verona Beat-(PROMO 092)-(45RPM)-VINYL-IT-1979-B2A INT
I Kong-The Way It Is-VL-1979-RKS
I Roy-African Herbsman-1979-RAC
I Roy-Spiders Web and More-VL-1979-RAC
I Society-Sad Movies-(SLD 500)-12INCH VINYL-1979-Gully
I-Roy - Spiders Web and More-VL-1979-RAC
Ibrahim Tatlises-Sabuha-WEB-TR-1979-SOUNDz
Iggy Pop - New Values-1979-SataN INT
Iggy Pop-New Values-1979-DNR
Ijahman - Are We A Warrior-1979-ToXiCMP3
Ijahman Levi - Are We A Warrior-1979-ToXiCMP3
Ijahman-Are We A Warrior-1979-ToXiCMP3
Ijahman-Are We A Warrior-Retail-1979-ReZz
Incrowd-Getting Cozy Bw Marcus Garvey Back in Town (12 Inch WB098)-VLS-1979-Gully
Ingmar Nordstroms-Saxparty 6-1979-DuDE
Inner Circle-Everything Is Great-Vinyl-1979-SRC
Inner Circle-Live-1979-04-07-Exit Rotterdam
Instant Funk-Instant Funk-LP-1979-JCE
Instant Funk-Witch Doctor-LP-1979-JCE
Iron Maiden - The Soundhouse Tapes-Demo-1979-MCA int
J A H Naptali And Roddy Moodie-Give Me Love (Summertime To Drink Wine)(12 Inch Port002)-VLS-1979-Gully
J.J. Cale-5-WEB-1979-ENTiTLED iNT
Jackie Brown And Jah Lloyd-Am Too Shy (12 Inch GG 057)-VLS-1979-Gully
Jackie Brown-Blue-VLS-1979-JRO
Jackie Edwards-Come To Me Softly-LP-1979-PSM INT
Jackie Parris and Big Youth-Really Together Bw Let Him Try (12 Inch BP 001)-VLS-1979-Gully
Jackie-Girl Over Board (12 Inch)-VLS-1979-Gully
Jacno-Self Titled-FR-Vinyl-1979-SDR
Jacob Miller - Mix Up Moods-(Retail Vinyl)-1979-HiEM iNT
Jacob Miller-Keep on Knocking Bw U Brown-this Old Man (12 Inch DSR7811)-VLS-1979-Gully
Jah Lloyd-Black Moses-1979-RAC
Jah Skerta And Dream-Darkness-VLS-1979-RKS
Jah Stitch-Moving Away-LP-1979-JAH
Jah Thomas-Cricket Lovely Cricket-VLS-1979-Gully
Jah Thomas-Dance On The Corner-VL-1979-RKS
Jah Tony & Fish Clarke-Remember Me Bw Nice In Jamaica-(Soundoff SOFD 002)-12inch-1979-YARD
Jah Wisdom-Come Let Us Sing (12 Inch SR008)-VLS-1979-Gully
James Bradley-James Bradley-LP-1979-GCP
James Taylor--Flag-1979-WUS
James Taylor-Flag-WEB-1979-ENRiCH iNT
Jan Akkerman-Live-1979-JUST
Jean-Pierre Posit-Jean-Pierre Posit-(3C 064 18388)-LP-1979-UKW
Jefferson Starship-Freedom At Point Zero-WEB-1979-ENTiTLED iNT
Jimmy Cliff-Oh Jamaica-LP-1979-UTB
Jimmy James And The Vagabonds-Golden Hour-LP-1979-GCP
Jimmy James-Dancing Till Dawn-LP-1979-GCP
Jo Jo Bennett-Leaving Rome-7INCH VINYL-1979-YARD
Jo Lemaire And Flouze-S-T-1979-SDR
Joe Bataan-Rap-O Clap-O-VLS-1979-CMS
Joe Gibbs And The Professionals-Majestic Dub-LP-1979-RKS
Joe Gibbs-Majestic Dub-LP-1979-YARD
Joe Higgs-Devotion (7 Inch ONLY-1)-VLS-1979-RAC
John Carpenter-The Fog-2CD-(OST)-1979-CR
John Clarke And Bullwackies All Stars-We Need Some Solution-VLS-1979-RKS
John Clarke-Visions Of John Clarke-LP-1979-YARD
John Surman-Upon Reflection-1979-JUST
Johnny Clarke-Jah Love is with I Bw Bad Days Are Going (12 Inch GRED020)-VLS-1979-Gully
Johnny Clarke-Sweet Sensation (12 Inch TR13)-VLS-1979-YARD
Johnny Osbourne-Truths And Rights-Vinyl-1979-R2R
Jolly Brothers-Consciousness-Vinyl-1979-MostHigh
Joni Mitchell-Mingus-1979-DNR
Journey-In the Beginning-Retail-1979-Recycled INT
Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures-1979-PiAD
Joy Division Unknown Pleasures-Unknown Pleasures-CD-1979-G3L INT
Joy Division-092279 Live From Nashville Ballroom London UK-1979-KSi
Joy Division-Studio Sessions-1979-KSi
Joy White and Prince Mohammed-If You Run Away (12 Inch GG 062)-VLS-1979-Gully

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