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Cold Meat Industry
Ordo Equilibrio-Conquest Love And Self Perseverance-1998-ViC INT
00-ordo equilibrio-conquest love and self perseverance-1998-vic int.m3u
00-ordo equilibrio-conquest love and self perseverance-1998-vic int.nfo
00-ordo equilibrio-conquest love and self perseverance-1998-vic int.sfv
01-phosphorus ascending - anthem of venus-vic.mp3
02-watching lucifer wander through the sweet dew of morning-vic.mp3
03-mistress of hourglass figure-vic.mp3
04-cleft of stainless rose-vic.mp3
05-in the grassy fields where the world goes to sleep we kissed this world goodbye again-vic.mp3
06-cleansing the tainted face of reason-vic.mp3
07-the perplexity of hybris i glorify myself-vic.mp3
08-the blind are leading the blind are leading the blind are leading the blind-vic.mp3
09-lets celebrate the exploration of the human body-vic.mp3
10-conquest love and self perseverance the gospel of aptitude-vic.mp3
11-disrobed but in stockings-vic.mp3
12-ouroboros the serpent of neither beginning or end-vic.mp3
13-man always forgets-vic.mp3
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Cocktails Carnage Crucifixion And Pornography-.CMI.-2003-END INT
00-ore-cccp-end int.m3u
00-ore-cccp-end int.nfo
00-ore-cccp-end int.sfv
01-ordo rosarius equilibrio-cocktails carnage crucifixion and pornography anthem intro-end int.mp3
02-ordo rosarius equilibrio-sheep for a lifetime or lion for a day-end int.mp3
03-ordo rosarius equilibrio-remember depravity and the orgies of rome-end int.mp3
04-ordo rosarius equilibrio-tango for the concession of the suspender princess-end int.mp3
05-ordo rosarius equilibrio-in the midst of flaming ruins desire of the few-end int.mp3
06-ordo rosarius equilibrio-it was the day of lucifer rising-end int.mp3
07-ordo rosarius equilibrio-for the good of humankind-end int.mp3
08 ordo rosarius equilibrio-nights of broken glass-end int.mp3
09-ordo rosarius equilibrio-serpent kisses and serpent smiles inside the order of roses and equilibrium-end int.mp3
10-ordo rosarius equilibrio-eucharist liturgy of 6-end int.mp3
11-ordo rosarius equilibrio-mary dances in the shadows the holiest of harlots-end int.mp3
12-ordo rosarius equilibrio-regression and the return to paradise extinct-end int.mp3
13-ordo rosarius equilibrio-cocktails carnage crucifixion and pornography anthem outro-end int.mp3
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Make Love And War (The Wedlock Of Roses)-.CMI.-2000-END INT
00-ore mlawwr end int.m3u
00-ore mlawwr end int.nfo
00-ore mlawwr end int.sfv
01-ordo rosarius equilibrio-beloved kitty and the piercing bolts of amor-end int.mp3
02-ordo rosarius equilibrio-ashen like love and black like the snow-end int.mp3
03-ordo rosarius equilibrio-passing eyes in mimers well-end int.mp3
04-ordo rosarius equilibrio-hunting for the black september-end int.mp3
05-ordo rosarius equilibrio-flowers and moonshine in my garden of eden-end int.mp3
06-ordo rosarius equilibrio-liebe utopia on weaves of silken carnage-end int.mp3
07-ordo rosarius equilibrio-make love and war-end int.mp3
08-ordo rosarius equilibrio-never before at the beauty of spring-end int.mp3
09-ordo rosarius equilibrio-ode to the beloved and impaired-end int.mp3
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio And Spiritual Front-Satyriasis Somewhere Between Equilibrium And Nihilism-.CMI.-2005-AMOK
00-ordo rosarius equilibrio and spiritual front.cmi.-2005-amok.m3u
00-ordo rosarius equilibrio and spiritual front.cmi.-2005-amok.nfo
00-ordo rosarius equilibrio and spiritual front.cmi.-2005-amok.sfv
01-ordo rosarius equilibrio feat spiritual front-your sex is the scar-amok.mp3
02-spiritual front-song for the old man-amok.mp3
03-ordo rosarius equilibrio-hell is where the heart is-the gospel of tomas-amok.mp3
04-spiritual front-autopsy of a love-amok.mp3
05-ordo rosarius equilibrio-three is an orgy four is forever-amok.mp3
06-spiritual front-border-amok.mp3
07-ordo rosarius equilibrio-dreaming of my scarlet woman-amok.mp3
08-spiritual front feat ordo rosarius equilibrio-the pleasure of pain-amok.mp3
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio-Apocalips-2006-radial
00-ordo rosarius equilibrio-apocalips-2006-radial.m3u
00-ordo rosarius equilibrio-apocalips-2006-radial.nfo
00-ordo rosarius equilibrio-apocalips-2006-radial.sfv
01-(mercury rising) seduced by the kisses of cinnabar sweet-radial.mp3
02-lost forever in the blitzkrieg of roses-radial.mp3
03-do murder and lust make me a man-radial.mp3
04-hear the sound of a black flame rising-radial.mp3
05-sons and daughters of lilith and cain-radial.mp3
06-hell is my refuge - a golden dawn for a judas kiss-radial.mp3
07-i think about germany and the end of the world-radial.mp3
08-let the words of my murder be the last words you hear-radial.mp3
09-when we murdered the world on the fourteenth of may-radial.mp3
10-(apocalips kisses) in the eyes of the scarlet ones-radial.mp3
11-can you see the forest for the trees-radial.mp3
12-shes in love with a whip - my venus in furs-radial.mp3
13-who stole the sun from its place in my heart-radial.mp3
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio-Cocktails Carnage Crucifixio and Pornography-CD-2003-radial
00-ordo rosarius equilibrio-cocktails carnage crucifixio and pornography-cd-2003-radial.nfo
00-ordo rosarius equilibrio-cocktails carnage crucifixio and pornography-cd-2003-radial.sfv
01-ordo rosarius equilibrio-intro-radial.mp3
02-sheep for a lifetime or lion for a day-radial.mp3
03-remember depravity and the orgies of rome-radial.mp3
04-tango for the concession of the suspender princess-radial.mp3
05-in the midst of flaming ruins desire of the few-radial.mp3
06-it was the day of lucifer rising-radial.mp3
07-for the good of humankind-radial.mp3
08-in high heels through nights of broken glasses-radial.mp3
09-serpent kisses and serpent smiles inside the order of roses and equilibrium-radial.mp3
10-eucharist liturgy of 6-radial.mp3
11-mary dances in the shadow the holiest of harlots-radial.mp3
12-regression and the return to paradise extinct-radial.mp3
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio-Make Love And War (The Wedlock Of Equilibrium)-2001-AMRC
00 ordo rosarius equilibrio-make love and war (the wedlock of equilibrium)-2001-amrc.m3u
00 ordo rosarius equilibrio-make love and war (the wedlock of equilibrium)-2001-amrc.nfo
00 ordo rosarius equilibrio-make love and war (the wedlock of equilibrium)-2001-amrc.sfv
00-ordo rosarius equilibrio-make love and war (the wedlock of equilibrium)-2001-amrc.m3u
01 ordo rosarius equilibrio-beloved kitty and the piercing bolts of amor-amrc.mp3
02 ordo rosarius equilibrio-harvesting the crop (the chaste verdict of negligence)-amrc.mp3
03 ordo rosarius equilibrio-apocalypse kisses (commemorating with summer solstice)-amrc.mp3
04 ordo rosarius equilibrio-love conquers all-amrc.mp3
05 ordo rosarius equilibrio-to tirzah-amrc.mp3
06 ordo rosarius equilibrio-erotisk tillagnan-amrc.mp3
07 ordo rosarius equilibrio-advancement and demoalization-amrc.mp3
08 ordo rosarius equilibrio-my felicity of midwinter-amrc.mp3
09 ordo rosarius equilibrio-rituals of love in the passage of genocide (song of rose)-amrc.mp3
10 ordo rosarius equilibrio-ode to the beloved and impaired-amrc.mp3
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio-Make Love And War (The Wedlock Of Roses)-2000-DGS
00-ordo rosarius equilibrio-make love and war (the wedlock of roses)-2000-dgs.m3u
00-ordo rosarius equilibrio-make love and war (the wedlock of roses)-2000-dgs.nfo
00-ordo rosarius equilibrio-make love and war (the wedlock of roses)-2000-dgs.sfv
01-ordo rosarius equilibrio-beloved kitty and the piercing bolts of amor-dgs.mp3
02-ordo rosarius equilibrio-ashen like love and black like the snow-dgs.mp3
03-ordo rosarius equilibrio-passing eyes in mimers well-dgs.mp3
04-ordo rosarius equilibrio-hunting for the black september-dgs.mp3
05-ordo rosarius equilibrio-flowers and moonshine in my garden of eden-dgs.mp3
06-ordo rosarius equilibrio-liebe utopia on weaves of silken carnage-dgs.mp3
07-ordo rosarius equilibrio-make love and war-dgs.mp3
08-ordo rosarius equilibrio-never before at the beauty of spring-dgs.mp3
09-ordo rosarius equilibrio-ode to the beloved and impaired-dgs.mp3
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio-O N A N I - (Practice Makes Perfect)-2009-SnS
00-ordo rosarius equilibrio-o n a n i - (practice makes perfect)-2009.m3u
00-ordo rosarius equilibrio-o n a n i - (practice makes perfect)-2009.nfo
00-ordo rosarius equilibrio-o n a n i - (practice makes perfect)-2009.sfv
01-ordo rosarius equilibrio-glory to thee my beloved masturbator.mp3
02-ordo rosarius equilibrio-(remember) what you sow is what you reap.mp3
03-ordo rosarius equilibrio-can you hear the devils laughing (or is it just me).mp3
04-ordo rosarius equilibrio-the love and defiance of being alive.mp3
05-ordo rosarius equilibrio-let me show you all the secrets of the torture garden.mp3
06-ordo rosarius equilibrio-too late for innocence too late for regret (four hands please better than two).mp3
07-ordo rosarius equilibrio-forgive me i am not satan i am mary just like you.mp3
08-ordo rosarius equilibrio-c u m and let me lead you far astray.mp3
09-ordo rosarius equilibrio-amore rosso amore marrone amore nero (il waltzer del lupo mannaro).mp3
10-ordo rosarius equilibrio-i w i l l even after the flowers are gone.mp3
11-ordo rosarius equilibrio-confessions of a sinflower.mp3
Parca Pace-Raumspannung-.CMI.-2005-AMOK
00-parca pace-raumspannung-.cmi.-2005-amok.nfo
00-parca pace-raumspannung-.cmi.-2005-amok.sfv
02-urban consequences-amok.mp3
05-self service island-amok.mp3
08-longing to return-amok.mp3
09-enter now-amok.mp3
Passione Nera-Research-EP-2008-FWYH
00 passione nera-research-ep-2008.m3u
00 passione nera-research-ep-2008.nfo
00 passione nera-research-ep-2008.sfv
01 passione nera-sinking.mp3
02 passione nera-north on canvas.mp3
03 passione nera-strength in a smile.mp3
04 passione nera-return of the fly.mp3
01-i det uendelige-amok.mp3
04-the dance of demons-amok.mp3
05-the undertaker-amok.mp3
06-possessive thought-amok.mp3
07-det sorte tjern-amok.mp3
Penitent-Melancholia-Limited Edition-1996-D2H INT
00-penitent-melancholia-limited edition-1996.m3u
00-penitent-melancholia-limited edition-1996.nfo
00-penitent-melancholia-limited edition-1996.sfv
00-penitent-melancholia-limited edition-1996-back.jpg
00-penitent-melancholia-limited edition-1996-cd.jpg
00-penitent-melancholia-limited edition-1996-front.jpg
01-penitent-prolog-i det uendelige.mp3
04-penitent-the dance of demons.mp3
05-penitent-the undertaker.mp3
06-penitent-possessive thought.mp3
07-penitent-det sorte tjern.mp3
00 pimentola-misantropolis-2007.m3u
00 pimentola-misantropolis-2007.nfo
00 pimentola-misantropolis-2007.sfv
01 pimentola-black globe.mp3
02 pimentola-death is a secret (featuring aprox.).mp3
03 pimentola-hearts dementia (phase i.).mp3
04 pimentola-hearts dementia (phase ii.).mp3
05 pimentola-wish upon a fallen star.mp3
06 pimentola-psychopompos.mp3
07 pimentola-wann endet dir zeit.mp3
08 pimentola-the stars hang like lamps from a sky of steel.mp3
09 pimentola-todessprache.mp3
10 pimentola-tuoni pauloo tiukoin sitein iii (remixed by somnivore).mp3
Proiekt Hat-Lebensunwertes Leben-.Cold Meat Industry.-LP-1998-SEVER
00-proiekt hat-lebensunwertes leben-lp-1998-svr.m3u
00-proiekt hat-lebensunwertes leben-lp-1998-svr.nfo
00-proiekt hat-lebensunwertes leben-lp-1998-svr.sfv
01-soaring the skies over sinai-svr.mp3
02-dislocator of the soul-svr.mp3
04-bodies brighten the red sea-svr.mp3
05-succumbing to the weakness-svr.mp3
Projekt Hat - Deform Process-Ltd.Ed. Vinyl-1999-BFAMP3
00-projekt hat - deform process-ltd.ed. vinyl-1999-bfamp3.m3u
00-projekt hat - deform process-ltd.ed. vinyl-1999-bfamp3.nfo
00-projekt hat - deform process-ltd.ed. vinyl-1999-bfamp3.sfv
01-projekt hat - the things we wouldnt do for money-bfamp3.mp3
02-projekt hat - pigeater-bfamp3.mp3
03-projekt hat - ultimate negative-bfamp3.mp3
04-projekt hat - ultimate negative-retry-bfamp3.mp3
05-projekt hat - limestone-bfamp3.mp3
06-projekt hat - neither passion -bfamp3.mp3
07-projekt hat - nor prejudice-bfamp3.mp3
08-projekt hat - the sense of belonging-bfamp3.mp3
Puissance-Back In Control-Remastered-2007-FWYH
00 puissance-back in control-remastered-2007.m3u
00 puissance-back in control-remastered-2007.nfo
00 puissance-back in control-remastered-2007.sfv
01 puissance-actinium.mp3
02 puissance-evolution.mp3
03 puissance-love incenerate.mp3
04 puissance-bloodwed.mp3
05 puissance-command and conquer.mp3
06 puissance-artificial sun.mp3
07 puissance-stagnate and perish (reconstructed version).mp3
08 puissance-totalitarian hearts.mp3
09 puissance-evolution hearts (early version).mp3
Puissance-Let Us Lead-Reissue-Digipak-2005-radial
00-puissance-let us lead-reissue-digipak-2005-back-radial.jpg
00-puissance-let us lead-reissue-digipak-2005-front-radial.jpg
00-puissance-let us lead-reissue-digipak-2005-inlay-radial.jpg
00-puissance-let us lead-reissue-digipak-2005-radial.m3u
00-puissance-let us lead-reissue-digipak-2005-radial.nfo
00-puissance-let us lead-reissue-digipak-2005-radial.sfv
01-burn the earth-radial.mp3
03-to reap the bitter crops of hate-radial.mp3
04-behold the valiant misanthropist-radial.mp3
05-dance in the sulphur garden-radial.mp3
06-march of the puissant-radial.mp3
07-global deathrape-radial.mp3
08-whirlpool of flames-radial.mp3
09-warfare (bonus track)-radial.mp3
Puissance-Totalitarian Hearts-Ltd.Ed. EP-1997-AMRC
00 puissance-totalitarian hearts-ltd.ed. ep-1997-amrc.m3u
00 puissance-totalitarian hearts-ltd.ed. ep-1997-amrc.nfo
00 puissance-totalitarian hearts-ltd.ed. ep-1997-amrc.sfv
00 puissance-totalitarian hearts-ltd.ed. ep-1997-cover-amrc.jpg
a1 puissance-command and conquer-amrc.mp3
b1 puissance-stagnate and perish-amrc.mp3
Raison D Etre-The Empty Hollow Unfolds-(2000)-AMOK
00-raison detre-the empty hollow unfolds-2000-amok.m3u
00-raison detre-the empty hollow unfolds-2000-amok.nfo
00-raison detre-the empty hollow unfolds-2000-amok.sfv
01-the slow ascent-amok.mp3
02-the hidden hallows-amok.mp3
03-end of a cycle-amok.mp3
04-the wasteland-amok.mp3
05-the eternal return and the infinity horizon-amok.mp3
Raison Detre - Prospectus 1-1993-CMG
00-raison detre - prospectus 1-1993-cmg.m3u
00-raison detre - prospectus 1-1993-cmg.sfv
02-ordeal in chapel-cmg.mp3
03-ascension de profundis-cmg.mp3
05-mesmerised in sorrow-cmg.mp3
08-anathema apotheosis-cmg.mp3
raison detre - prospectus 1-1993-cmg.nfo
Raison Detre - Reflections from the Time of Opening-.Cold Meat Industry.-2005-BCC
00 raison detre - reflections from the time of opening-.cold meat industry.-2005-bcc.m3u
00 raison detre - reflections from the time of opening-.cold meat industry.-2005-bcc.nfo
00 raison detre - reflections from the time of opening-.cold meat industry.-2005-bcc.sfv
00 raison detre - reflections from the time of opening-.cold meat industry.-2005-bcc-back.jpg
00 raison detre - reflections from the time of opening-.cold meat industry.-2005-bcc-cd.jpg
00 raison detre - reflections from the time of opening-.cold meat industry.-2005-bcc-inside.jpg
00 raison detre - reflections from the time of opening-.cold meat industry.-2005-bcc-outside.jpg
01 raison detre - ruins-bcc.mp3
02 raison detre - auto-dafe-bcc.mp3
03 raison detre - sub specie aeternitatis-bcc.mp3
04 raison detre - archetypon ataraxi-bcc.mp3
05 raison detre - faceless-bcc.mp3
06 raison detre - the external world-bcc.mp3
07 raison detre - metamorphe-bcc.mp3
08 raison detre - gwynn-ap-nudd-bcc.mp3
09 raison detre - reflectio mediato-bcc.mp3
10 raison detre - arbitaire emotion-bcc.mp3
11 raison detre - the maturation of nature-bcc.mp3
12 raison detre - death pit of ur-bcc.mp3
13 raison detre - hell if trembling and the gates of death-bcc.mp3
14 raison detre - le temp et lespace-bcc.mp3
15 raison detre - the verge of somnolence-bcc.mp3
16 raison detre - procession-bcc.mp3
17 raison detre - forgotten mound-bcc.mp3
18 raison detre - cenotaphium-bcc.mp3
19 raison detre - penumbra-bcc.mp3
20 raison detre - summoning the void-bcc.mp3
Raison Detre-Enthraled By The Wind Of Lonelienes-1994-ViC
00-raison detre-enthraled by the wind of lonelienes-1994-vic.m3u
00-raison detre-enthraled by the wind of lonelienes-1994-vic.nfo
00-raison detre-enthraled by the wind of lonelienes-1994-vic.sfv
01-the awakening-vic.mp3
02-spire of withhold-vic.mp3
03-in lonelienes-vic.mp3
04-the narrow gate-vic.mp3
Raison dEtre-in sadness silence and solitude-.CMI.-Remastered-2006-AMOK
00-raison detre-in sadness silence and solitude-.cmi.-remastered-2006-amok.jpg
00-raison detre-in sadness silence and solitude-.cmi.-remastered-2006-amok.m3u
00-raison detre-in sadness silence and solitude-.cmi.-remastered-2006-amok.nfo
00-raison detre-in sadness silence and solitude-.cmi.-remastered-2006-amok.sfv
01-reflecting in shadows-amok.mp3
02-in abscence of light-amok.mp3
03-the well of sadness-amok.mp3
04-deep enshrouded-amok.mp3
05-falling twilight-amok.mp3
06-passing inner shield-amok.mp3
07-reflecting in shadows live-amok.mp3
08-passing inner shield live-amok.mp3
Raison DEtre-Lost Fragments-2CD-2002-BERC
000-Raison dEtre-Lost Fragments-2CD-2002-BERC.m3u
000-Raison dEtre-Lost Fragments-2CD-2002-BERC.nfo
000-Raison dEtre-Lost Fragments-2CD-2002-BERC.sfv
100-Fragment A-BERC.m3u
101-Reflecting in Shadows-BERC.mp3
102-In Absence of Light-BERC.mp3
104-The Well of Sadness-BERC.mp3
105-Deep Enshrouded-BERC.mp3
106-Ascent of the Blessed-BERC.mp3
108-Ascension De Profundis-BERC.mp3
109-Cantharsis II-BERC.mp3
110-Saivo II-BERC.mp3
111-Spiraal II-BERC.mp3
112-Katharsis - Early Version-BERC.mp3
113-Penumbra - Alternative End-BERC.mp3
200-Fragment B-BERC.m3u
201-In Extremis-BERC.mp3
202-The Revival-BERC.mp3
204-Dissection I-BERC.mp3
205-Carnificina I-BERC.mp3
206-Decay I-BERC.mp3
207-Dissection II-BERC.mp3
208-Decay II-BERC.mp3
209-Synopsis I-BERC.mp3
211-Carnificina II-BERC.mp3
212-Dissection III-BERC.mp3
213-Synopsis II-BERC.mp3
214-Maze Shrine-BERC.mp3
Raison Detre-Metamorphyses-(Digipak)-2006-PMSx
00-raison detre-metamorphyses-(digipak)-2006.m3u
00-raison detre-metamorphyses-(digipak)-2006.nfo
00-raison detre-metamorphyses-(digipak)-2006.sfv
00-raison detre-metamorphyses-(digipak)-2006-cd.jpg
01-raison detre-metamorphyses phase i.mp3
02-raison detre-metamorphyses phase ii.mp3
03-raison detre-metamorphyses phase iii.mp3
04-raison detre-metamorphyses phase iv.mp3
05-raison detre-metamorphyses phase v.mp3
06-raison detre-metamorphyses phase vi.mp3
Raison Detre-Prospectus I-1993-D2H INT
00-raison detre-prospectus i-1993.m3u
00-raison detre-prospectus i-1993.nfo
00-raison detre-prospectus i-1993.sfv
00-raison detre-prospectus i-1993-back.jpg
00-raison detre-prospectus i-1993-cd.jpg
00-raison detre-prospectus i-1993-front.jpg
01-raison detre-katharsis.mp3
02-raison detre-ordeal in chapel.mp3
03-raison detre-ascension de profundis.mp3
04-raison detre-mourning.mp3
05-raison detre-mesmerised in sorrow.mp3
06-raison detre-cenotaphium.mp3
07-raison detre-synopsis.mp3
08-raison detre-anathema-apotheosis.mp3
09-raison detre-penumbra.mp3
Raison Detre-Requiem for Abandoned Souls-2003-AMOK
00-raison detre-requiem for abandoned souls-2003-amok.m3u
00-raison detre-requiem for abandoned souls-2003-amok.nfo
00-raison detre-requiem for abandoned souls-2003-amok.sfv
01-in abandoned places-amok.mp3
02-the shadow of the soul-amok.mp3
03-desintegrates form within-amok.mp3
04-towards desolation-amok.mp3
05-becoming the void of nothingness-amok.mp3
Raison Detre-The Luminous Experience-2008-FWYH
00 raison detre-the luminous experience-2008.m3u
00 raison detre-the luminous experience-2008.nfo
00 raison detre-the luminous experience-2008.sfv
01 raison detre-the invisible gate of the temple.mp3
02 raison detre-metal stone mental heart.mp3
03 raison detre-the luminous shield.mp3
04 raison detre-metamorphyses - phase iii.mp3
05 raison detre-metamorphyses - phase iv.mp3
06 raison detre-wasteland.mp3
07 raison detre-mouldering the forlorned - part i.mp3
08 raison detre-pathfinder.mp3
09 raison detre-the end of the key.mp3
Raison Detre-The Stains of the Embodied Sacrifice-2009-FWYH
00 raison detre-the stains of the embodied sacrifice-2009.m3u
00 raison detre-the stains of the embodied sacrifice-2009.nfo
00 raison detre-the stains of the embodied sacrifice-2009.sfv
01 raison detre-if it bears thorns its end is to be burned.mp3
02 raison detre-withstand the fire.mp3
03 raison detre-the spirit will not share the guilt.mp3
04 raison detre-desecrated by the blood.mp3
05 raison detre-purified with fire.mp3
06 raison detre-without the shedding there is no forgiveness.mp3
07 raison detre-death in the body but made alive by the spirit.mp3
08 raison detre-the temple is eternal sacred.mp3
Raison Detre-When The Earth Dissolves In Ashes-2012-FWYH
00 raison detre-when the earth dissolves in ashes-2012.jpg
00 raison detre-when the earth dissolves in ashes-2012.m3u
00 raison detre-when the earth dissolves in ashes-2012.nfo
00 raison detre-when the earth dissolves in ashes-2012.sfv
01 raison detre-the everlasting fire (linecheck).mp3
02 raison detre-summoning.mp3
03 raison detre-the unclean spirit.mp3
04 raison detre-shedding.mp3
05 raison detre-darken my soul.mp3
06 raison detre-the water of cleansing.mp3
07 raison detre-disowned before the angels of god.mp3
08 raison detre-the dark age will come.mp3
09 raison detre-spira mirabilis.mp3
10 raison detre-sharing the guilt.mp3
11 raison detre-my soul is darkened.mp3
12 raison detre-the everlasting fire.mp3
13 raison detre-reconstructing the void.mp3
14 raison detre-shadow weaver.mp3
Rome - Confessions Dun Voleur Dames-2007-agw
00-rome - confessions dun voleur dames-2007-agw.m3u
00-rome - confessions dun voleur dames-2007-agw.nfo
00-rome - confessions dun voleur dames-2007-agw.sfv
01-rome - ni dieu ni maitre-agw.mp3
02-rome - the consolation of man-agw.mp3
03-rome - le carillon-agw.mp3
04-rome - der wolfsmantel-agw.mp3
05-rome - querkraft-agw.mp3
06-rome - the torture detachment-agw.mp3
07-rome - le voile de loubli-agw.mp3
08-rome - the joys of stealth-agw.mp3
09-rome - this twisted crown-agw.mp3
10-rome - novemberblut-agw.mp3
11-rome - wilde lager-agw.mp3
12-rome - ladieu aux anciens-agw.mp3
Rome-Masse Mensch Material-Digipak-DE-2008-FWYH
00 rome-masse mensch material-digipak-de-2008.m3u
00 rome-masse mensch material-digipak-de-2008.nfo
00 rome-masse mensch material-digipak-de-2008.sfv
01 rome-sonnengoetter.mp3
02 rome-der brandtaucher.mp3
03 rome-das feuerordal.mp3
04 rome-der tote spielmann.mp3
05 rome-wir goetter der stadt.mp3
06 rome-die nelke.mp3
07 rome-der erscheinungen flucht.mp3
08 rome-die brandstifter.mp3
09 rome-kriegsgoetter.mp3
10 rome-wir moorsoldaten.mp3
11 rome-neue erinnerung.mp3
12 rome-nachtklang.mp3
01-rome-der zeitsturm.mp3
02-rome-a burden of flowers.mp3
04-rome-a la faveur de la nuit.mp3
05-rome-das unbedingte.mp3
06-rome-rape blossoms.mp3
07-rome-beasts of prey.mp3
08-rome-the blade unmasked.mp3
09-rome-hope dies painless.mp3
11-rome-birds of prey.mp3
12-rome-les hirondelles.mp3
Sala Delle Colonne-XX.A.D-IT-2012-FWYH
00 sala delle colonne-xx.a.d-2012.jpg
00 sala delle colonne-xx.a.d-2012.m3u
00 sala delle colonne-xx.a.d-2012.nfo
00 sala delle colonne-xx.a.d-2012.sfv
01 sala delle colonne-ferin.mp3
02 sala delle colonne-militia.mp3
03 sala delle colonne-imperialismo pagano.mp3
04 sala delle colonne-terra di thule.mp3
05 sala delle colonne-cuore nero.mp3
06 sala delle colonne-the fhuntain.mp3
07 sala delle colonne-tradizione futurista.mp3
08 sala delle colonne-febbraio.mp3
09 sala delle colonne-legionario.mp3
10 sala delle colonne-una generazione di eroi.mp3
11 sala delle colonne-s.d..mp3
Sanctum-Lets Eat-2004-RTB
00-sanctum-lets eat-2004-rtb.m3u
00-sanctum-lets eat-2004-rtb.nfo
00-sanctum-lets eat-2004-rtb.sfv
02-sanctum-lie low-rtb.mp3
03-sanctum-lets eat-rtb.mp3
04-sanctum-a pose-rtb.mp3
06-sanctum-shut up-rtb.mp3
09-sanctum-lets play-rtb.mp3
10-sanctum-a part-rtb.mp3
Sephiroth - Cathedron-(CMI.69)-1999-NCR
00-sephiroth - cathedron-(cmi.69)-1999-ncr.m3u
00-sephiroth - cathedron-(cmi.69)-1999-ncr.nfo
00-sephiroth - cathedron-(cmi.69)-1999-ncr.sfv
00-sephiroth - cathedron-(cmi.69)-back-1999-ncr.jpg
00-sephiroth - cathedron-(cmi.69)-cd-1999-ncr.jpg
00-sephiroth - cathedron-(cmi.69)-front-1999-ncr.jpg
00-sephiroth - cathedron-(cmi.69)-inside-1999-ncr.jpg
01-sephiroth - cathedron-ncr.mp3
Sephiroth - Draconian Poetry-2005-NCR
00-sephiroth - draconian poetry-2005-ncr.jpg
00-sephiroth - draconian poetry-2005-ncr.m3u
00-sephiroth - draconian poetry-2005-ncr.nfo
00-sephiroth - draconian poetry-2005-ncr.sfv
01-sephiroth - the call of the serpent-ncr.mp3
02-sephiroth - dark garden-ncr.mp3
03-sephiroth - uthul khulture-ncr.mp3
04-sephiroth - therasia-ncr.mp3
05-sephiroth - a map of eden before the storms-ncr.mp3
06-sephiroth - the clock of distant dreams-ncr.mp3
07-sephiroth - now night her course began-ncr.mp3
Sephiroth-Cathedron-1999-D2H INT
03-sephiroth-the moongate.mp3
06-sephiroth-dark father.mp3
00 00 Sephiroth - Cathedron-2001-AS.m3u
00 00 Sephiroth - Cathedron-2001-AS.nfo
00 00 Sephiroth - Cathedron-2001-AS.sfv
01 01 Wolftribes-AS.mp3
02 02 Cathedron-AS.mp3
03 03 the Moongate-AS.mp3
04 04 Abyssanctum-AS.mp3
05 05 Heliopolis-AS.mp3
06 06 Dark Father-AS.mp3
Sephiroth-Draconian Poetry-2005-D2H INT
00-sephiroth-draconian poetry-2005.m3u
00-sephiroth-draconian poetry-2005.nfo
00-sephiroth-draconian poetry-2005.sfv
00-sephiroth-draconian poetry-2005-back.jpg
00-sephiroth-draconian poetry-2005-cd.jpg
00-sephiroth-draconian poetry-2005-front.jpg
00-sephiroth-draconian poetry-2005-inlay.jpg
01-sephiroth-the call of the serpent.mp3
02-sephiroth-dark garden.mp3
03-sephiroth-uthul khulture.mp3
05-sephiroth-a map of eden before the storms.mp3
06-sephiroth-the clock of distant dreams.mp3
07-sephiroth-now night her course began.mp3
Sephiroth-Draconian Poetry-2005-PMS
00-sephiroth-draconian poetry-2005.m3u
00-sephiroth-draconian poetry-2005.nfo
00-sephiroth-draconian poetry-2005.sfv
01-sephiroth-the call of the serpent.mp3
02-sephiroth-dark garden.mp3
03-sephiroth-uthul khulture.mp3
05-sephiroth-a map of eden before the storms.mp3
06-sephiroth-the clock of distant dreams.mp3
07-sephiroth-now night her course began.mp3
Skin Area-Journal Noir-Lithium Path-2CD-2006-SnS
000-skin area-journal noir-lithium path-2cd-2006.m3u
000-skin area-journal noir-lithium path-2cd-2006.nfo
000-skin area-journal noir-lithium path-2cd-2006.sfv
101-skin area-posthumous.mp3
102-skin area-silverhall.mp3
103-skin area-borderline.mp3
104-skin area-a childish confession.mp3
105-skin area-blut und weintrauben.mp3
106-skin area-journal noir.mp3
107-skin area-doll.mp3
108-skin area-spiral nerve.mp3
109-skin area-choose art not life.mp3
201-skin area-into bliss.mp3
202-skin area-elvira.mp3
203-skin area-the vivian girls.mp3
204-skin area-nostalgia.mp3
205-skin area-the room.mp3
206-skin area-lithium path pt. 1.mp3
207-skin area-down the third conjunction.mp3
208-skin area-lithium path pt. 2.mp3
Skin Area-Journal Noir-Lithium Path-2CD-TRACKFIX-2006-SnS
000-skin area-journal noir-lithium path trackfix-2006.m3u
000-skin area-journal noir-lithium path trackfix-2006.nfo
000-skin area-journal noir-lithium path trackfix-2006.sfv
106-skin area-journal noir (trackfix).mp3
Skin Area-New Skin-Ltd.Ed.-2002-AMOK
00-skin area-new skin-ltd.ed.-2002-amok.m3u
00-skin area-new skin-ltd.ed.-2002-amok.nfo
00-skin area-new skin-ltd.ed.-2002-amok.sfv
01-through the corridors-amok.mp3
02-as whole as i can be-amok.mp3
03-your life is a gift-amok.mp3
04-opiate ocean-amok.mp3
05-new skin-amok.mp3
Sophia-Herbstwerk-Ltd.Ed. Digipak-2001-AMOK
000-sophia-herbstwerk-ltd.ed. digipak-2001-amok.m3u
000-sophia-herbstwerk-ltd.ed. digipak-2001-amok.nfo
000-sophia-herbstwerk-ltd.ed. digipak-2001-amok.sfv
103-march of strength-amok.mp3
105-inner turmoil-amok.mp3
106-copper sun-amok.mp3
107-my salvation-amok.mp3
201-strength through sorrow-amok.mp3
202-march of the new king-amok.mp3
203-aus der welt-amok.mp3
204-soni de ignis-amok.mp3
Sophia-Sigillum Militum-(2000)-AMOK
00-sophia - Sigillum Militum-(2000)-amok.nfo
00-sophia - Sigillum Militum-(2000)-amok.sfv
01-sigillum militum i-amok.mp3
02-sigillum militum ii-amok.mp3
03-sigillum militum iii-amok.mp3
04-sigillum militum iv-amok.mp3
05-sigillum militum v-amok.mp3
06-sigillum militum vi-amok.mp3
07-sigillum militum vii-amok.mp3
08-sigillum militum viii-amok.mp3
09-sigillum militum ix-amok.mp3
10-adeptus last movement-amok.mp3
Sophia-Sigillum Militum-2000-BERC
00-sophia-sigillum militum-2000-berc.m3u
00-sophia-sigillum militum-2000-berc.nfo
00-sophia-sigillum militum-2000-berc.sfv
01-sigillum militum i-berc.mp3
02-sigillum militum ii-berc.mp3
03-sigillum militum iii-berc.mp3
04-sigillum militum iv-berc.mp3
05-sigillum militum v-berc.mp3
06-sigillum militum vi-berc.mp3
07-sigillum militum vii-berc.mp3
08-sigillum militum viii-berc.mp3
09-sigillum militum ix-berc.mp3
10-adeptus last movement-berc.mp3
Sophia-The Seduction Of Madness-EP-2002-AMOK
00-sophia-the seduction of madness-ep-2002-amok.m3u
00-sophia-the seduction of madness-ep-2002-amok.nfo
00-sophia-the seduction of madness-ep-2002-amok.sfv
01-sophia-i - untitled-amok.mp3
02-sophia-ii - untitled-amok.mp3
03-sophia-iii - untitled-amok.mp3
Stormfagel - Ett Berg Av Fasa-2007-agw
00-stormfagel - ett berg av fasa-2007-agw.m3u
00-stormfagel - ett berg av fasa-2007-agw.nfo
00-stormfagel - ett berg av fasa-2007-agw.sfv
01-stormfagel - skoldmon-agw.mp3
02-stormfagel - but there was a hammer-agw.mp3
03-stormfagel - az idegen jovo-agw.mp3
04-stormfagel - kis kece lanyom-agw.mp3
05-stormfagel - herrschaft des verbrechens-agw.mp3
06-stormfagel - varj meg vandor-agw.mp3
07-stormfagel - i cursed each tune-agw.mp3
08-stormfagel - ett berg av fasa-agw.mp3
09-stormfagel - the smile-agw.mp3
10-stormfagel - gammal visa-agw.mp3
Stormfagel-Den Nalkande Stormen-(Digipak)-2005-PMS
00-stormfagel-den nalkande stormen-(digipak)-2005.m3u
00-stormfagel-den nalkande stormen-(digipak)-2005.nfo
00-stormfagel-den nalkande stormen-(digipak)-2005.sfv
01-stormfagel-anyam edesanyam.mp3
03-stormfagel-a vicei temetoebe.mp3
05-stormfagel-man will always be a man.mp3
06-stormfagel-holy sleep.mp3
07-stormfagel-a jo lovas katonanak.mp3
08-stormfagel-a poison tree.mp3
09-stormfagel-elmegyek elmegyek hosszu utra megyek.mp3
10-stormfagel-these woods are ancient.mp3
Sturmast-Ibis Redibis Nunquam In Bello Peribis-2007-FWYH
00 sturmast-ibis redibis nunquam in bello peribis-2007.m3u
00 sturmast-ibis redibis nunquam in bello peribis-2007.nfo
00 sturmast-ibis redibis nunquam in bello peribis-2007.sfv
01 sturmast-solum ipsum.mp3
02 sturmast-my prayer is my inner armour.mp3
03 sturmast-kraft.mp3
04 sturmast-the big play.mp3
05 sturmast-for everyone circus and bread.mp3
06 sturmast-veni vidi vici.mp3
07 sturmast-the regiment is departing.mp3
The Protagonist-Interim-(EP)-2005-SnS
00-the protagonist-interim-(ep)-2005.m3u
00-the protagonist-interim-(ep)-2005.nfo
00-the protagonist-interim-(ep)-2005.sfv
01-the protagonist-strife.mp3
02-the protagonist-sacrifice.mp3
03-the protagonist-der wahsinn.mp3
04-the protagonist-la fin de la journee (stripped).mp3
The Protagonist-Song of Experience-2005-JUST
00-the protagonist-song of experience-2005.m3u
00-the protagonist-song of experience-2005.nfo
00-the protagonist-song of experience-2005.sfv
01-the protagonist-the sick rose.mp3
02-the protagonist-hesperia.mp3
03-the protagonist-spirits of the dead.mp3
04-the protagonist-down there.mp3
05-the protagonist-the hunt.mp3
06-the protagonist-strife.mp3
07-the protagonist-la fin de la journee.mp3
08-the protagonist-sermon.mp3
Triore-Three Hours-2009-FWYH
00 triore-three hours-2009.m3u
00 triore-three hours-2009.nfo
00 triore-three hours-2009.sfv
01 triore-the first three hours.mp3
02 triore-victory rising.mp3
03 triore-after summer we fall.mp3
04 triore-the missing hour.mp3
05 triore-another love another hate.mp3
06 triore-no tears are shed for you and me.mp3
07 triore-pleasures and tortures.mp3
08 triore-fires burn like fires do.mp3
09 triore-let us meet in the trenches.mp3
10 triore-theres a smell to life that dies.mp3
11 triore-europas dream.mp3
12 triore-the last three hours.mp3
VA - The Absolute Supper-2CD-(CMI.50)-1998-NCR
000-va - the absolute supper-2cd-(cmi.50)-1998-(back)-ncr.jpg
000-va - the absolute supper-2cd-(cmi.50)-1998-(cd1)-ncr.jpg
000-va - the absolute supper-2cd-(cmi.50)-1998-(cd2)-ncr.jpg
000-va - the absolute supper-2cd-(cmi.50)-1998-(front)-ncr.jpg
000-va - the absolute supper-2cd-(cmi.50)-1998-ncr.m3u
000-va - the absolute supper-2cd-(cmi.50)-1998-ncr.nfo
000-va - the absolute supper-2cd-(cmi.50)-1998-ncr.sfv
100-va - the absolute supper-cd1-1998-ncr.m3u
101-in slaughter natives - inri raped by the cross-ncr.mp3
102-the protagonist - imitation-ncr.mp3
103-the protagonist - zoroaster-ncr.mp3
104-ordo equilibrio - the perplexity of hybris i glorify myself-ncr.mp3
105-sanctum - untitled-ncr.mp3
106-puissance - love incinerate-ncr.mp3
107-arcana - winds of the lost soul-ncr.mp3
108-mortiis - child of curiosity and the old man of knowledge-ncr.mp3
109-desiderii marginis - chaos undivided-ncr.mp3
110-sephiroth - rlyeh-ncr.mp3
111-raison detre - the verge of somnolence-ncr.mp3
112-hazard - who blew out the northern lights-ncr.mp3
200-va - the absolute supper-cd2-1998-ncr.m3u
201-brighter death now - i wish i was a little girl-ncr.mp3
202-frozen faces - zyklon b doll-ncr.mp3
203-mz.412 - n.b.s. act 1-begravning-ncr.mp3
204-megaptera - dont desecrate the dead-ncr.mp3
205-deutsch nepal - logo-ncr.mp3
206-nacht - svartsinn-ncr.mp3
207-archon satani - a time of ruin-ncr.mp3
208-ildfrost - hearts perturbe-ncr.mp3
209-ildfrost - slept awake-ncr.mp3
210-cintecele diavolui - the devil must kill-ncr.mp3
VA Perception Multiplied-The Manifold Of Peter Andersonn-2001-AMOK
00-va perception multiplied-the manifold of peter andersonn-.m3u
00-va perception multiplied-the manifold of peter andersonn-.nfo
00-va perception multiplied-the manifold of peter andersonn-.sfv
01-stratum terror-amok.mp3
02-raison detre-amok.mp3
03-atomic elektrine-amok.mp3
08-svasti ayanam-amok.mp3
VA-2x6 The Dimensions Of A Coffin-Limited Edition-Vinyl-1991-FWYH
00-va-2x6 the dimensions of a coffin-limited edition-vinyl-1991.m3u
00-va-2x6 the dimensions of a coffin-limited edition-vinyl-1991.nfo
00-va-2x6 the dimensions of a coffin-limited edition-vinyl-1991.sfv
a1-consono-satans flute.mp3
a2-consono-a ritual.mp3
a4-morthond-the path of death.mp3
a5-archon satani-voices of insanity.mp3
a6-archon satani-grief (taste of death).mp3
b1-embrocation-modus vivendi.mp3
b2-embrocation-of unknown age.mp3
b3-mental destruction-metamorphoses.mp3
b4-mental destruction- and the fire.mp3
b5-systema-as we go astray.mp3
b6-systema-let me come inside you.mp3
VA-All My Dead Friends-2006-FWYH
00 va-all my dead friends-2006-fwyh.m3u
00 va-all my dead friends-2006-fwyh.nfo
00 va-all my dead friends-2006-fwyh.sfv
01 atrium carceri - end titles-fwyh.mp3
02 golgatha - rite of spring-fwyh.mp3
03 rome - a la faveur de la nuit (version one)-fwyh.mp3
04 beyond sensory experience - in the midst of death-fwyh.mp3
05 medusas spell - lulling-fwyh.mp3
06 decadence - love is for ever-fwyh.mp3
07 coph nia - hymn to lucifer (premix)-fwyh.mp3
08 hrafn - crawl into dreads labyrinth act 1-fwyh.mp3
09 all my faith lost - the waves-fwyh.mp3
10 stormfgel - halgass-fwyh.mp3
11 pimentola - psychopompos-fwyh.mp3
12 tharmapsal - molecules out-fwyh.mp3
13 letum - death will be my friend-fwyh.mp3
14 foundation hope - troubled herd crawling-fwyh.mp3
15 for greater good - le jugement du roi en jaune-fwyh.mp3
VA-Cold Meat Industry Live In Australia-DVD-2007-FWYH
00 va-cold meat industry live in australia-dvd-2007.m3u
00 va-cold meat industry live in australia-dvd-2007.nfo
00 va-cold meat industry live in australia-dvd-2007.sfv
01 raison detre - metamorphyses (phase iii).mp3
02 raison detre - evocation.mp3
03 bocksholm - elektrik swastika lokomotiv (excerpts first part).mp3
04 bocksholm - pressbyrn 78.mp3
05 brighter death now - the killing season.mp3
06 brighter death now - in formalin.mp3
07 shinjuku thief - lesion.mp3
08 shinjuku thief - burning heat.mp3
09 shinjuku thief - firejar hell (excerpt).mp3
10 shinjuku thief - infinity.mp3
11 shinjuku thief - the darkned psalm.mp3
12 manticle - the proper containment of offspring.mp3
13 manticle - fun in the waterbath.mp3
14 brighter death now - crimescene nostalgia.mp3
15 brighter death now - i wish i was a little girl.mp3
16 deutsch nepal - silent siege.mp3
17 deutsch nepal - tintomara - thiudinassus.mp3
18 atomine elektrine - in-between spaces.mp3
19 atomine elektrine - deep sky twilight.mp3
20 frozen faces - we are the pigs.mp3
21 frozen faces - in order to confuse.mp3
22 isomer - eye of dawn.mp3
23 isomer - sins of freedom.mp3
24 isomer - fire front.mp3
VA-Estheticks Of Cruelty-2CD-1999-D2H
000-va-estheticks of cruelty-2cd-1999-back-d2h.jpg
000-va-estheticks of cruelty-2cd-1999-cd-d2h.jpg
000-va-estheticks of cruelty-2cd-1999-d2h.m3u
000-va-estheticks of cruelty-2cd-1999-d2h.nfo
000-va-estheticks of cruelty-2cd-1999-d2h.sfv
000-va-estheticks of cruelty-2cd-1999-front-d2h.jpg
000-va-estheticks of cruelty-2cd-1999-inside-d2h.jpg
100-va-estheticks of cruelty-cd1-1999-d2h.m3u
101-nod-and into flesh shall i return-d2h.mp3
102-nod-forget me not-d2h.mp3
103-iron justice-nothing and again nothing-d2h.mp3
104-iron justice-europe in flames-d2h.mp3
105-dodsdomd-fistfucking sodomy-d2h.mp3
106-vehm-do you believe-d2h.mp3
109-thurnemans-cut off-d2h.mp3
110-irgun zwai leumi-downward slope-d2h.mp3
111-treriksroset-no doves-d2h.mp3
112-bad kharma-elektra 1-d2h.mp3
113-proiekt hat-rhe wandering jew-d2h.mp3
200-va-estheticks of cruelty-cd2-1999-d2h.m3u
202-blod-extremely shitexplosive sara-d2h.mp3
203-janitor-the four humours-d2h.mp3
204-born of fire-the death of god is art-d2h.mp3
205-obscene noise korporation-one happy gravel pit and the death-d2h.mp3
206-tape decay-force it hard thank you-d2h.mp3
207-tape decay-forsokspersonerna-d2h.mp3
208-irm-martyr 2000-d2h.mp3
211-persona-pro patria-d2h.mp3
212-moljebka pvlse-aftermath-d2h.mp3
215-ovum-shes on the phone-d2h.mp3
216-bodies drowned natural-in belief-d2h.mp3
VA-Flowers Made Of Snow-2CD-2004-FWYH
00 va-flowers made of snow-2004-fwyh.m3u
000 va-flowers made of snow-2cd-2004-fwyh.m3u
000 va-flowers made of snow-2cd-2004-fwyh.nfo
000 va-flowers made of snow-2cd-2004-fwyh.sfv
000 va-flowers made of snow-2cd-back-inside-2004-fwyh.jpg
000 va-flowers made of snow-2cd-back-outside-2004-fwyh.jpg
000 va-flowers made of snow-2cd-cd1-2004-fwyh.jpg
000 va-flowers made of snow-2cd-cd2-2004-fwyh.jpg
000 va-flowers made of snow-2cd-front-inside-2004-fwyh.jpg
000 va-flowers made of snow-2cd-front-outside-2004-fwyh.jpg
000 va-flowers made of snow-2cd-inlay1-2004-fwyh.jpg
000 va-flowers made of snow-2cd-inlay2-2004-fwyh.jpg
000 va-flowers made of snow-2cd-inlay3-2004-fwyh.jpg
000 va-flowers made of snow-2cd-inlay4-2004-fwyh.jpg
000 va-flowers made of snow-2cd-inlay5-2004-fwyh(22).jpg
000 va-flowers made of snow-2cd-inlay5-2004-fwyh.jpg
000 va-flowers made of snow-2cd-inlay6-2004-fwyh.jpg
000 va-flowers made of snow-2cd-inlay7-2004-fwyh.jpg
00-va-flowers made of snow-2cd-2004-fwyh.m3u
100 va-flowers made of snow-cd1-2004-fwyh.m3u
101 va-coph nia - the oath-fwyh.mp3
102 va-the protagonist - the sick rose-fwyh.mp3
103 va-in slaughther natives - the vulture-fwyh.mp3
104 va-olenk - season of tears-fwyh.mp3
105 va-all my faith lost - sleep now-fwyh.mp3
106 va-the last hour - into empty depth-fwyh.mp3
107 va-apatheia - safehouse-fwyh.mp3
108 va-ataraxia - incabala-fwyh.mp3
109 va-hesperos - the warm whisper of wind-fwyh.mp3
110 va-ordo rosarius equilibrio - yesterday brings but a serpent of ash-fwyh.mp3
111 va-sibelian - the sin eater-fwyh.mp3
112 va-sanctum - lie low-fwyh.mp3
200 va-flowers made of snow-cd2-2004-fwyh.m3u
201 va-desiderii marginis - where i end and you begin-fwyh.mp3
202 va-raison detre - mouldering the forlon ii-fwyh.mp3
203 va-atrium carceri - impaled butterfly-fwyh.mp3
204 va-mz 412 - in hoc signes vinces-fwyh.mp3
205 va-brigther death now - while you sleep-fwyh.mp3
206 va-irm - my mother-fwyh.mp3
207 va-deutsch nepal - of parasites and disguises-fwyh.mp3
208 va-nacht - death posture-fwyh.mp3
209 va-beyond sensory experience - the trade-fwyh.mp3
210 va-sephiroth - therasia-fwyh.mp3
211 va-skin area - choose art not life-fwyh.mp3
VA-Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio-Spiritual Front-Satyriasis-(Split)-2005-PMS
00-va-ordo rosarius equilibrio-spiritual front-satyriasis-(split)-2005.nfo
00-va-ordo rosarius equilibrio-spiritual front-satyriasis-(split)-2005.sfv
00-va-ordo rosarius equilibrio-spiritual front-satyriasis-(split)-front-2005.jpg
01-ordo rosarius equilibrio feat. spiritual front-your sex is the scar.mp3
02-spiritual front-song for the old man.mp3
03-ordo rosarius equilibrio-hell is where the heart is - the gospel of tomas.mp3
04-spiritual front-autopsy of a love.mp3
05-ordo rosarius equilibrio-three is an orgy four is forever.mp3
06-spiritual front-border.mp3
07-ordo rosarius equilibrio-dreaming of my scarlet woman.mp3
08-spiritual front feat. ordo rosarius equilibrio-the pleasure of pain.mp3
VA-V28 - Total Reconstruction-2008-FWYH
00 va-v28 - total reconstruction-2008.m3u
00 va-v28 - total reconstruction-2008.nfo
00 va-v28 - total reconstruction-2008.sfv
01 nordvargr - desert generator hell.mp3
02 beyond sensory experience - pattern of the weak (remix).mp3
03 megaptera - infected by life (remix 33 rpm lp-version).mp3
04 manes - absolute nothing (manes redux).mp3
05 des esseintes - to be detuned.mp3
06 lrz - surrender to oblivion (dark resonance mix).mp3
07 thrawn hellspawn - when entropy is thwarted.mp3
08 shinjuku thief - epa - solid structure undone.mp3
09 desiderii marginis - dead mens choir (remix).mp3
10 origami galaktika - towards the sun swansong (zero nothing remixed).mp3
11 v28 featuring coph nia - all lined up (swans cover).mp3
12 v28 - one last breath (bleak cover).mp3
Vestigial-Translucent Communion-2008-FWYH
00 vestigial-translucent communion-2008.m3u
00 vestigial-translucent communion-2008.nfo
00 vestigial-translucent communion-2008.sfv
01 vestigial-anthropic uncreation.mp3
02 vestigial-the coming.mp3
03 vestigial-the geometry.mp3
04 vestigial-the void.mp3
05 vestigial-primordial communication.mp3
06 vestigial-anthropic resonance.mp3

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