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Rock | Author: Admin | 1-01-2022, 15:18

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(Hed) Planet Earth-Blackout-2003-EOS
(LETO)-Degre Zero-2003-iND
(The Real) Tuesday Weld-I Lucifer-2004-RNS
(x) is greater than (y)-negative snow-2003-pyt
12 Stones-12 Stones-2002-FS
12 Stones-Potters Field-Retail-2004-FKK
22 Even-Turning of Tides-Demo-2003-PMS
27-Animal Life-2002-AMRC
27-Holding On For Brighter Days-2007-RTB
3 Pussy Kisses-selftitled-Vinyl-1992-HDP
30 Seconds to Mars-Live in Edgerton WI 0306-2003-PMS
31 Knots-Polemics-(EP)-2006-MP3
311-Gretest Hits 93-03-2004-DNR
32 Leaves - (Fikshen)-EP-2003-FKK
38th Parallel-Turn The Tides-2002-FS
40 Below Summer-Invitation To The Dance-2001-EOS
40 Below Summer-The Mourning After-2003-TIN
400 Blows-The Sore Thumb 7 Inch-Vinyl-2003-iTS
65daysofstatic-One Time For All Time-(TW Import)-2006-DNR
764-Hero-Weekends Of Sound-2000-zrO
7th Standard-Fire from the Sky-2003-PMS
A Minor Forest-Flemish Altruism (Constituent Parts 1993-1996)-19
A Minor Forest-Inindependence-1998-pyt
A Perfect Circle - Live Rare and Remixes-2004-GS INT
A Perfect Circle-Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums-2004-DVDA Single-FKK
A Perfect Circle-Mer De Noms-2000-FS
A Perfect Circle-Sleeping Beauty (Acoustic Live Fom Philly)-2001-PMS
A Perfect Circle-Sleeping Beauty Acoustic Live Fom Philly-2001-PMS
A Perfect Circle-Thirteenth Step-2003-BUTT INT
A Thorn For Every Heart-Gray Sky Goodbye-(Demo)-2003-pLAN9 iNT
A und P-Self Titled-Reissue-DE-2005-HDP
Abloom-Abloom Demos-2004-PMS
Abloom-Cover Up-CDS-2004-TINT
Abloom-January 2nd-Promo-2004-FKK
Absinthe Blind-Rings-2003-BUTT
Acceptance-Black Lines To Battlefields-(EP)-2003-DNR
Acceptance-Black Lines To Battlefields-2003-pH
Acceptance-Black Lines To Battlefields-EP-2003-pH
ACDC-Bons Ultimate Volts 3CD-2002-FERiCE
ActionReaction - 3 Is The Magic Number-2006-ViM
Addison-To The Ends Of The Earth-(EP)-2008-pLAN9
Adema-Freaking Out (CDS)-2002-iDX
Adema-Giving In (UK CDS)-2002-NuHS
Adema-Giving In-CDM-2001-EOS
Adema-Immortal-2002-PMS INT
Adema-Insomniacs Dream-EP-2002-RNS
Adema-Live At The Nassau Coliseum-2002-CSR
Adrenokrome-A Sunny Place For Shady People-2001-FTS
Advocatus Diaboli - Sterbend Durch Die Sonne-DE-2004-SOL
Aerosmith-Get A Grip-1993-iRO
Aerosmith-Just Push Play (Best Buy)-2001-iRO
Aerosmith-Pandoras Box-3CD-1991-DNR
Aerosmith-Toys In The Attic-1975-iRO
Aerosmith-You Gotta Move-DVD-2004-RNS
Aerosmith-Young Lust The Aerosmith Anthology-2CD-2001-iRO
AFI-A Fire Inside-2004-MUSiQ
AFI-A Fire Inside-EP-1998-TIN
Afi-Crash Love-2cd-2009-Fkk
After All-A.C.I.D.-2001-TIN
Agents of the Sun-Aurora-RETAIL-2003-ICE
Aggressive Betty-Aggressive Betty-2003-PMS
A-Ha-Scoundrel Days-1986-EOS
A-Hi-Fi Serious-2002-TIN
Aiden-Our Gangs Dark Oath-2004-RTB
Aiden-This Better Be Important-EP-2003-FTS
Airport5 (Robert Pollard And Tobin Sprout)-Life Starts Here-2002-NuHS
Alexisonfire-Pink Heart Skull Sampler-2002-DNR
Alice in Chains-Alice in Chains-1995-AoN INT
Alice in Chains-Alice in Chains-1995-NHH INT
Alice In Chains-Sap-1992-iRO
Alice In Chains-Tsunami Relief Benefit Show-2005-iND
Alien Ant Farm - 10-20-01-New Orleans LA-2001-PMS
Alien Ant Farm-071701-Live At The Warped Tour KY-2001-KSi
Alien Ant Farm-Anthology (ADVANCE)-2001-REV
Alien Ant Farm-Anthology-2001-IMG
Alien Ant Farm-Anthology-2001-TIN
Alien Ant Farm-Forgive and Forget-(Promo CDS)-2006-RTB
alien ant farm-smooth criminal-2001-atm
Alien Ant Farm-truANT-2003-TIN
Alien Ant Farm-Truant-Advance-2003-PMS
Align-Some Breaking News-2001-AoN INT
Alkaline Trio - Good Mourning-Retail-2003-BSM
Alkaline Trio And Hot Water Music-Split EP-2002-EOS
Alkaline Trio-Agony And Irony-(EP)-2008-RTP
alkaline trio-alkaline trio-2000-dnr
Alkaline Trio-From Here To Infirmary-2001-DNR
Alkaline Trio-Goddamnit-1998-EOS
Alkaline Trio-Maybe Ill Catch Fire-2000-EOSiNT
Alkaline Trio-Weve Had Enough-CDS-2003-SSR
All Time Low-Coffee Shop Soundtrack-(CDS)-2007-EXP INT
Allele-Point Of Origin-2005-SMO
Allerseelen-Terra Incognita-2015-V0 iND
Allied Vision-MMBO-(2001)-AMOK
Allister-Last Stop Suburbia-2002-DNR
Alter Bridge-One Day Remains-2004-FTS
Aluminum Babe-Smoke In Chinatown-2007-uF
Amazing Device-The Quiet Room-2003-TIN
Ambulette-The Lottery-(EP)-2006-tLOC
Amity Lane-The Sound Of Regret-2006-MP3
Amor Electro-Cai O Carmo E A Trindade-WEB-PT-2011-I KnoW INT
Amor Electro-Revolucao (Edicao Especial)-WEB-PT-2014-I KnoW INT
Amos-I Cant Stop My Feet-2005-JUST
Anarbor-Free Your Mind-EP-2009-CRD
Anathema-Falling Deeper-2011-GRM
Anathema-Live at Breda Barst Fest Holland 27-06-Bootleg-MD-2004-GRW
Anathema-Weather Systems-2012-GRM
Anathema-Were Here Because Were Here-2010-GRM
Anatomy Of A Ghost-Evanesce-2003-iRO
Anatomy Of A Ghost-Waiter You Vultures-(Demo)-2005-FNX
Anberlin-Blueprints For The Black Market-2003-iND
Anberlin-Blueprints For The Black Market-Advance-2003-pH
Anberlin-New Surrender-(Walmart Bonus Tracks)-2008-MTD
Ancient VVisdom-33-2017-HiT iNT
Ancient VVisdom-Sacrificial-2014-HiT iNT
Ancient-Night Visit-(Retail)-2004-MIL
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead-Source Tags And Codes-Retail-2002-PMS
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead-The Secret of Elenas Tomb-CDM-2003-FjC
Anew Revolution-Anew Revolution (EP)-2006-FM
Angels and Airwaves-The Adventure-(UK CDS)-2006-MP3
Anthony Green-Avalon Remix-2009-CRD
Anthony Green-Ive Been Dying to Reach You-(Proper Demo)-2004-ePH INT
Anxiety Whispers-Broken Toys-CDM-2003-pH
Apocalyptica - Hope Vol. 2 (CDM)-2002-iRO
April Sixth-In Memory-(Advance)-2005-RTB
Arbeid Adelt-Slik-2015-FWYH
Archive-You All Look the Same to Me-2002-TIN
Armor for Sleep-Dream to Make Believe-(Retail)-2003-FNT
Armor For Sleep-What To Do When You Are Dead-2005-EOS
Armsbendback-The Waiting Room-2003-NHH INT
Arvins Garden-Arvins Garden-EP-2003-PMS
As Night Falls-The End of All Innocence-(EP)-2004-FNT
Ashes Divide-Keep Telling Myself Its Alright-2008-ASHESDiViDE
Ash-Free All Angels (Limited Edition)-2002-KSi INT
Asleep-The Machine In The Ghost-(WEB)-2008-IMG
Astrea-2 Song Demo-2006-MP3
At The Drive-In-Acrobatic Tenement-1996-EOS
at the drive-in-alfaro vive carajo-cdm-1995-nuhs
At The Drive-In-In Casino Out-1998-EOS
At The Drive-In-In Casino Out-1998-iRO
Atreyu-Shameful-(Promo CDS)-2006-tLOC INT
Audioslave-Be Yourself-UKCDS-2005-SSR
Audioslave-KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 1207-2002-SGE
Audioslave-Sessions At AOL Music-2005-UST
Audioslave-Your Time Has Come-(Webrip)-2005-TINT
Audiovent-Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris-2002-DeBT iNT
Audiovent-Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris-2002-IMG
Automatic Loveletter-Recover-EP-(iTunes Bonus Track)-2007-MRX
Avril Lavigne-Let Go-2002-IMG
az-pieces of a man-1998-kor
Backworld - The Fourth Wall-2001-XXI INT
Bad For Lazarus-Old Rats On A New Ship-(Promo CDS)-2009-SiRE
Bad Moon Music-Empire EP-2004-iTS
Bad News Bears-(Your Name Here)-(EP)-2007-RTB
Badly Drawn Boy-The Hour Of Bewilderbeast-2000-CHUPA
Barely Blind-My Life With A Giant-(EP)-2009-DV8
Barenaked Ladies-Stunt-1998-EOS
Basement-Beside Myself-2018-HiT iNT
Bauhaus-In The Flat Field-1980-FTS
Bauhaus-In The Flat Field-Remastered-1980-IWB
Bauhaus-The Singles 1981-1983-EP-1983-EOS
Bayside-Live At The Bayside Social Club-2008-FNT
Bayside-Long Stories Short-(EP)-2001-DNR
Bayside-Sirens And Condolences-2004-DNR
Bayside-The Walking Wounded-2007-DNR
Beach Boys - Pet Sounds-1966-FAF INT
Beatallica-A Garage Dayz Nite-2001-EOS
Beautiful Mistake-EP-ADVANCE-FIXED-2003-pH
Beck-One Foot In The Grave-1994-EOS
BEDlight For BlueEYES-The Dawn-2005-DNR
BEDlight For BlueEYES-Waste My Time-(EP)-2006-MP3 INT
Bee and Flower-Whats Mine is Yours-2003-iTS
Bela Kiss-The Horde-2007-RTZ
Belle And Sebastian-The Boy With the Arab Strap-1998-iRO
Beloved-Kiss it Goodbye the Final Show-DVD-2005-DELTA
Bemus-Bad Pill (Promo)-2003-KzT
Ben Harper And The Innocent Criminals-Lifeline-(Japanese Bonus Track)-2007-uF
Ben Harper-The Will To Live-Bonus CD-1998-PULSAR
Ben Lee-Awake is the New Sleep-ADVANCE-2005-ESC
Ben Lee-Ripe-(Advance)-2007-SAW
Ben Lee-Ripe-(Advance)-CD-2007-SAW
Benoit Pioulard-Precis-2006-RpM
Better Than Ezra-Before The Robots-Advance-2005-RNS
Better Than Ezra-Deluxe-1995-EOS
Better Than Ezra-Deluxe-1995-iRO
Better Than Ezra-Friction Baby-1996-EOS
Better Than Ezra-How Does Your Garden Grow-1998-iRO
Between Home And Serenity-Power Weapons In The Complex-(Proper)-2005-UST
Beyond All Reason-Burning Consequence-EP-2004-EOS
Beyond All Reason-Demo-2003-EOS
Biffy Clyro-Bubbles-(CDS)-2010-SiRE
Biffy Clyro-Many Of Horror-(CDS)-2010-SiRE
Big Fat Hen-Polyphase-2003-KzT
Big Wreck-In Loving Memory Of-1997-DBi
Big Wreck-The Pleasure And The Greed-Retail-2001-iTS
Billy Idol-Greatest Hits-2001-EOS
Billy Idol-Idol Songs-1988-EOS
Billy Idol-Vital Idol-1987-KSi INT
Billy Joel-12 Gardens-2CD-2006-EOS
Billy Joel-Glass Houses-1980-EOS
Billy Joel-Storm Front-1989-EOS
Billy Joel-The Essential Billy Joel-2CD-2001-aPC
Billy Talent - Billy Talent III-2009-YSP
Billy Talent-Billy Talent-2003-EOS
Billy Talent-Industry Demo-2002-CSR
Billy Talent-River Below-VLS-2004-SSR
Billy Talent-The Ex-VLS-2004-SSR
Bionic-Black Blood-2007-HiBRiD
Birds Of Avalon-Outer Upper Inner-(EP)-2008-RTB
bitcrush--epilogue in waves-web2008-kw
Black Dice-10inch-2001
Black Label Society-Stronger Than Death-2000-ALW
Black Light Burns-Cruel Melody-Advance-2007-FNT
Black Light Burns-Cruel Melody-Advance-Trackfix-2007-FNT
Black Market Radio-Better Than A Killer-2007-FM
Black Mountain-Black Mountain-2005-iTS INT
Black Nasa-Deuce-2004-TIN
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-Take Them On On Your Own-2003-TIN
Black Sabbath Tribute-Performs Abbas Greatest Hits-2003-MBI
Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath-1970-iRO
Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath-1970-iTS INT
Black Sabbath-Master of Reality-1971-iTS INT
Black Sabbath-Paranoid-1971-iTS INT
Black Sabbath-Sabotage-1975-iTS INT
Black Taj-Beyonder-2008-MTD
Blackmores Night--Fires At Midnight-Ltd.Ed-2001-UBE
Bleed The Dream-Asleep-(EP)-2004-DeBT iNT
Blind Hate Experiment-Blind Hate Experiment-2003-CSR
Blink 182-The Mark Tom And Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back)-2000-TIN
Bloc Party-Banquet-CDS-2005-SSR
Blood Red-Hostage-2002-V0
Blood Simple-2002 Demo-2002-CSR
Blood Simple-2003 Demo-2003-CSR
Blood Sweat Tears-Blood Sweat Tears Greatest Hits-1972-TIN
Bloodhound Gang-Use Your Fingers-1995-jayms
Blue Man Group-The Complex-2003-TIN
Blue Skies At War-You Pour The Gasoline Ill Light The Match-(Remastered)-2004-RTB
Blues Explosion-Damage-ADVANCE-2004-ESC
Blues Traveler-Truth Be Told-ADVANCE-2003-ESC
Blur-All The People... Live In Hyde Park 02-07-2009-2CD-2009-SiRE
Blur-Modern Life Is Rubbish-1993-EOS
Blur-Out Of Time-EP-2003-EOS
Blyss (Lifehouse)-Diffs Lucky Day-(Reissue)-(Advance)-2008-ROBiN
Bob Dylan-Dreaming of You-EP-2009-B2R
Bob Dylan-Greatest Hits Vol 1-1967-TIN
Bob Dylan-Live 1964-2CD-2004-FTO
Bob Dylan-Love And Theft-RETAIL-2001-REV
Bob Dylan-Sony Music Boxset-3cd-2003-ooze
Bob hund - Ingenting (Demos 92-93)-Ltd.Ed.-Vinyl-SE-2002-WLM
Bob Hund--Den Lilla Planeten--CDS-2002-FuFFENS
Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band-Greatest Hits 2-2003-EOS
Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band-Greatest Hits-1994-EOS
Bobby Conn-King For A Day-2007-uF
Body Count-Body Count-1992-FTD INT
Bon Jovi-Crush-2000-TIN
Bon Jovi-Keep The Faith-1992-EOS
Bon Jovi-Lost Highway-(JP Bonus Tracks)-2007-SAW
Bon Jovi-New Jersey-1988-TIN
Bonnie Prince Billy-Cold And Wet-(CDS)-2006-EGM
Bonnie Prince Billy-Is It The Sea-(Advance)-2008-DV8
Book Of Maps-II-2006-RTB
Boom Boom Kid-Abrazame - I Do-CDS-SP-2001-pHi
Boris With Michio Kurihara-Rainbow-JP-2006-UKP
Boston-Walk On-1994-DNR
Boy Hits Car-Boy Hits Car (Explicit Retail)-2001-EGO
Boy Hits Car-The Passage-2005-RNS
Boy Sets Fire-The Day the Sun Went Out-(Remastered)-2005-UpQ
Boy Sets Fire-Tomorrow Come Today-Advance-2003-aAF
Boys Night Out-Broken Bones And Bloody Kisses-(EP)-2002-DNR
Boys Night Out-Make Yourself Sick-ADVANCE-2003-pH
Boysetsfire-Tomorrow Come Today-2003-FTS
Boz Scaggs-Silk Degrees-1976-TIN
Braid-Frame and Canvas-1998-iTS INT
Braid-Frankie Welfare Boy Age Five-1995-iTS
Brain Banger-Yellow Belly-2007-iTS
Brainiac-Bonsai Superstar-1994-iTS INT
Brand New Deja Entendu-2003-FNT
Brand New-Deja Entendu-(Retail)-2003-FENIX
Brand New-Deja Entendu-(Trackfixes)-2003-FNT
Brand New-Deja Entendu-2003-DNR
Brand New-Jesus-(CDM)-2007-KzT
Brand New-Jesus-(CDS)-2007-SAW
Brand New-Your Favorite Weapon-(JP Import)-2003-DNR
Brazil-A Hostage And The Meaning Of Life-(Promo)-2004-GOB INT
Breaking Benjamin-Saturate-2002-CSR
Breaking Pangaea-Cannon To A Whisper-2001-iTS
Bright Eyes-Every Day And Every Night-EP-1999-EOS
Brookside-(Demo EP)-2005-KzT
Bruce Springsteen-Darkness Of The Edge Of Town-1978-FAF
Bruce Springsteen-Thougher Than The Rain-3CD-1999-ATM
Buckethead And Friends-Enter The Chicken-2005-DNR
Building Rome-Second Chance...-(Advance)-2008-RTZ
Built By Snow-Mega-(Advance)-2009-CRD
Burden Brothers-Buried In Your Black Heart-2003-TIN
Burn Season-Burn Season-Advance-2004-CSR
Burning Brides-Fall of the Plastic Empire-Retail-2002-REP
Burns Out Bright-Distance And Darkness-2003-PMS
Bush-Razorblade Suitcase-1996-FHF
Bush-Razorblade Suitcase-1996-SNR
Bush-Sixteen Stone (Limited Edition)-2CD-1994-FHF
Bush-Sixteen Stone-1994-DNR
Bush-Sixteen Stone-1994-FHF
Bush-The Science Of Things-1999-FHF
Cagedbaby-Disco Biscuit-CDS-2005-SSR
Cake-Extra Value-2004-TIN
Cake-Fashion Nugget-1996-EOS
Cake-Prolonging The Magic-1998-EOS
Cake-Prolonging The Magic-1998-IMG
Candlebox-Alive In Seattle-2008-XXL
Candlebox-Into The Sun-(Proper Repack)-2008-Xplode
Candlebox-The Best Of Candlebox-Greatest Hits-2006-TAM
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band-Trout Mask Replica-1970-LiT iNT
Captain Beefheart-Mirror Man-1967-wus
Captain Your Ship Is Sinking-Demo-(CDR)-2008-EXP
Capulet-Ship To Shore-(EP)-2004-RTB
Carnal Forge-Whos Gonna Burn-1998-VARG
Cartel-Chroma-(Advance)-2005-ePH INT
Cat Power-The Greatest-Retail-2006-JRP
Catamenia-the Time Unchained-2008-CRock INT
Cauterize-So Far From Real-2003-pH
Cave In-3 Song Sampler-2001-FTS
Cave In-Antenna-2003-TIN
Cave In-Planets Of Old-(Vinyl)-2009-SSR
Cave In-Unreleased Hand Out CD-2003-ALW
Cavo-the Painful Art Of Letting Go-2006-FM
Cavo-Thick As Thieves-2012-MTD
Celine Dion - Celine Dion-1992-TNX
Celine Dion - These Are Special Times-1998-TNX
Centro-Matic-Fort Recovery-2006-uF
Channels-Waiting For The Next End Of The World-2006-RTB
Chevelle-Sampler Bonus Track-2002-PMS
Chevelle-The Clincher Alt Take 103-(CDS)-2004-DGaF INT
Chevreuil-Getto Blaster-2001-VBR-iTS INT
Chicago-Chicago 17-1984-EOS
Chicago-Greatest Hits-1989-TIN
Chicago-Love Songs-2005-MHQ INT
Chicago-The Box-5CD-2003-MHQ INT
Chicago-The Very Best Of Chicago-Only The Beginning-2CD-2002-EOS
Children Of Bodom-Hate Me CDS-2000-RDA
Choke-Slow Fade Or How I Learned To Question Infinity-(Advance)-2005-RTB
Chris Cornell-Scream-2009-CHRiSCORNELL
Chris Cornell-You Know My Name-(CDS)-2006-SAW
Chuck Ragan-Singles Club February-(7 Inch)-2007-FNT
Chuck Ragan-Singles Club October-(7 Inch)-2006-FNT
Chuck Ragan-Singles Club September-(7 Inch)-2006-FNT
Cinder Road-Superhuman-2007-EON
Cinder-House Full Of No Trust-2006-MP3
Cinema Star-Stay Gold-2003-GOB
Circa Survive-The Amulet-2017-HiT iNT
City Sleeps-Walkers Ridge-2006-TJS
CKY-Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild-2002-EMG INT
CKY-Volume 1 Remastered-2001-TIN
Classic Case-Its Been Business Doing Pleasure with You-(EP)-2004-FNT
Clinic-Internal Wrangler-2000-iRO
Closure-Closure-2003-NHH INT
Clouds-Legendary Demo-2007-FNT
Clutch-From Beale Street To Oblivion-2007-EOS
Clutch-Robot Hive-Exodus-2005-EOS
Coheed And Cambria-In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth 3-2003-TIN
Coheed And Cambria-The Second Stage Turbine Blade-2002-EOS
Coheed And Cambria-The Second Stage Turbine Blade-2002-TIN
Coheed And Cambria-The Suffering-(CDS)-2005-tC
Cold War Kids-We Used To Vacation-(Advance EP)-2006-uF
Cold-13 Ways To Bleed On Stage-(Japanese Import)-2001-EOS
Cold-A Different Kind Of Pain-2005-EOS
Cold-Check Please-Promo CDS-2005-MP3
Cold-Live at Headliners 0502-2003-CSR
Cold-Project 13-EP-2000-EOS
Cold-PSI-Ops The Mindgate Conspiracy (Bonus CD)-2004-iND
Cold-Stupid Girl-CDS-2003-PMS
Cold-Year Of The Spider-2003-EOS
Colin Hay-Transcendental Highway-2009-KzT
Collective Soul-Blender-2000-EMG INT
Collective Soul-Collective Soul-1995-EOS
Collective Soul-Disciplined Breakdown-1997-EOS
Collective Soul-Dosage-1999-iRO
Collective Soul-Hints Allegations and Things Left Unsaid-1994-EMG INT
Collective Soul-Home-2CD-2006-EOSiNT
Communique-Walk Into The Light-(EP)-2006-RTB
Contrived-This Is Why The Stars Shine And It Moves Through Me At The Speed On Fire-EP-2004-KORV
Convocation Of-Pyramid Technology-2001-EGO
Corrosion Of Conformity-Technocracy-1987-EOS
Counting Crows-Films About Ghosts The Best Of -2003-iRO
Counting Crows-She Dont Want Nobody Near-PROMO CDS-2003-pH
Counting Crows-This Desert Life-1999-EOS
cowboy junkies-at the end of paths taken-(advance)-2007-uf
Crash Test Dummies-Afternoons And Coffeespoons-EP-1994-TIN
Crash Test Dummies-God Shuffled His Feet-1993-EOS
Crash Test Dummies-The Ghosts That Haunt Me-1991-EOS
Crazy Horse-The Complete Reprise Recordings 1971-73-2CD-2006-uF
Creedence Clearwater Revival-Green River-1969-EOS
Creed-Human Clay-1999-FS
Creed-My Own Prison-1997-FS
Crisis In Hollywood-Safe And Sound-2009-iTS
Crooked Fingers - Reservoir Songs-2002-WLM
Crosby Stills And Nash-Crosby Stills And Nash-1969-TIN
Current 93--Black Ships Ate the Sky-Promo-2006-OMA
Cursive-Mama I m Swollen-2009-NiSHiNO
Cursive-The Reclusive-Retail-UK-CDS-2004-GTi
Curve-The Way Of Curve (2CD Retail)-2004-ESC
Cyclefly-Generation Sap-1999-TIN
Cypress Hill-Rise Up-(Explicit Retail)-2010-SOM
D. Biddle-Five Songs-2004-iTS
Dakota Suite-This River Only Brings Poison-2002-NuHS
Damon Albarn-Everyday Robots-CD-FLAC-2014-OUTERSPACE
Daniel Belanger-Lechec Du Materiel-(Retail CD)-FR-2007-FRP
Dark Matter-Structure In The Storm (EP)-1999-SUF
Darkest Hour-Deliver Us-2007-EOS
Darwins Waiting Room-Darwins Waiting Room-1996-TIN
Dashboard Confessional-Dusk And Summer-2006-EOS
Dashboard Confessional-Summers Kiss-EP-2002-EOS
Dave Matthews Band-Everyday-2001-EMG INT
Dave Matthews Band-Listener Supported-2CD-1999-EOS
David Bowie-Changesbowie-1990-EOS
David Bowie-Diamond Dogs (30th Anniversary Edition)-2CD-2004-EOS
David Bowie-Earthling-1997-EOS
David Bowie-Heroes (Bonus Tracks)-Remastered-1999-EOS
David Bowie-Hunky Dory (Bonus Tracks)-Remastered-1999-EOS
David Bowie-Lets Dance-1983-EOS
David Bowie-Lodger (Bonus Tracks)-Remastered-1999-EOS
David Bowie-Reality (Bonus Tracks)-2CD-2003-EOS
David Bowie-Something Really Fishy the 1 Outside Outtakes-Bootleg-2006-radial
David Bowie-Station To Station (Bonus Tracks)-Remastered-1999-EOS
David Bowie-The Platinum Collection-3CD-2005-EOS
David Bowie-Tonight-1984-EOS
David Bowie-Young Americans (Bonus Tracks)-Remastered-1999-EOS
David Bowie-Ziggy Stardust-Remastered-1999-EOS
David Gray-A Century Ends-1993-EOS
David Karsten Daniels-Fear Of Flying-(Advance)-2008-RTB
David Pajo-Pajo-(Advance)-2005-ESC
Days of the New-Green Album-1999-TIN
Days of the New-Orange Album-1997-TIN
DD-MM-YYYY-Are They Masks-(Retail)-2007-uF
Dead And Gone-God Loves Everyone But You-1997-rH
Dead Can Dance-Garden Of The Arcane Delights-1985-JCE
Dead Kennedys-Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables-Remastered-2002-PoS
Dead Kennedys-Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death-1987-DGS
Dead Kennedys-Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death-1987-TIN
Dead Poetic-Narcotic-(CDS)-2006-FS
Death Cab For Cutie-Crooked Teeth-(CDS)-2006-KzT
death cab for cutie-live on
Death Cab for Cutie-The New Year-CDS-2004-SSR
Death From Above 1979-Black History Month-CDS-2005-C4
Death From Above 1979-Youre A Woman Im A Machine-2004-iTS INT
December Shade-A Fragile Cluster Of Ice-(EP)-2003-MTD
Decyfer Down-End Of Grey-2006-DGN
Deep Purple-Abandon-1998-EOS
Deep Purple-Bananas-2003-EOS
Deep Purple-Deep Pruple-1969-EOS
Deep Purple-Fireball (25th Anniversary Edition)-1996-EOS
Deep Purple-House Of Blue Light-1987-EOS
Deep Purple-Machine Head-1972-EOS
Deep Purple-Made In Europe-1976-EOS
Deep Purple-Made In Japan-1972-EOS
Deep Purple-Perfect Strangers-1984-EOS
Deep Purple-Purpendicular-1996-EOS
Deep Purple-Slaves And Masters-1990-EOS
Deep Purple-Stormbringer-1974-EOS
Deep Purple-The Battle Rages On-1992-EOS
Deep Purple-The Very Best Of Deep Purple-2000-EOS
Deep Purple-Who Do We Think We Are-1973-EOS
Def Leppard-Adrenalize-1992-iRO
Def Leppard-High n Dry-1992-EOS
Def Leppard-Hysteria-1987-MCM iNT
Def Leppard-Hysteria-2CD-Deluxe Edition-2006-EOS
Default-(Taking My) Life Away-PROMO CDS-2003-pH
Default-Count On Me-Webrip CDS-2005-JNE
Default-The Fallout-Limited Edition-2002-EOSiNT
Deftones-Adrenaline-1995-EMG INT
Deftones-Around the Fur-1997-EMG INT
Deftones-Deftones-2003-BUTT INT
Demolition Doll Rods-There Is A Difference-(SWA131)-CD-2006-iPC
Denver Harbor-Extended Play-(EP)-2003-GOB
Depeche Mode-Enjoy The Silence-04-(Remix CDS1)-2004-DNR
Depeche Mode-Enjoy The Silence-04-(Remix CDS2)-2004-DNR
Depeche Mode-Exciter Tour 01-2CD-Bootleg-2001-gF
Depeche Mode-Remixes 81-04-(Limited Edition)-3CD-2004-DNR
Depeche Mode-Shake The Disease-CDM-1985-EOS
Depeche Mode-Songs Of Faith And Devotion-(Remastered)-2006-DNR
Depeche Mode-Sounds Of The Universe-2009-EOSiNT
Depeche Mode-Sounds Of The Universe-2009-FTM
Depeche Mode-Ultra-1997-DNR
Despe E Siga-Despe E Siga-PT-1994-phEAR
Dido-No Angel-1999-EOS
Die Happy - Four and More-Unplugged-2005-MOD
Die Trying-Die Trying (B-Sides)-2003-PMS
Dillusion-Self-Titled EP-2003-KSi
Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms-1985-DMA
Dire Straits - On the Night-1993-TBO
Dire Straits-Brothers In Arms-(Remastered)-1985-FIH iNT
Disciple-Scars Remain-2006-MP3
Disturbed-Guarded-(Promo CDS)-2005-BWC
Dokken-Tooth And Nail-1984-EOS
Don Caballero-For Respect-1993-iTS INT
Doubledrive-1000 Yard Stare-1999-FTS
Dover-The Flame-2003-DNR
Dream Theater-Greatest Hit (And 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs)-2CD-2008-EOS
Dream Theater-International Fan Club Christmas CD-1996-EOS
Dream Theater-The Silent Man-CDS-1998-EOS
Dream Theater-Trial Of Singles-1998-EOS
Dropout Year-Seven Unreturned Phonecalls-2006-FNT
Drowning Pool-Step Up-PROMO CDS-2004-pH
Dry Cell-2003 Demo-2003-CSR
Dry Cell-Epic Demos-2003-oRN INT
Dry Cell-Grape Jelly (New Rip)-2003-oRN iNT
Dry Cell-Unreleased Songs (WEBRIP)-2005-FS
Dumas-Le Cours Des Jours-FR-2003-CHR
Duran Duran-Duran Duran (The Wedding Album)-1993-EOS
Duran Duran-Thank You-1995-EOS
Dust To Dust-Dust To Dust-2001-SUF
Eagle-Eye Cherry-Desireless-1998-FS
Early Humans-One-Sided 7 Inch-EP-2002-gF
Eastern Youth-1996-2001-JP-2008-COCMP3
Eastern Youth-365 Step Blues-JP-2006-rH
Edgewater-Were Not Robots-2006-pR
Edguy-Rocket Ride-Korean Limited Edition-2006-NTH
Eels-Daisies Of The Galaxy-2000-EOS
Eighteen Visions-Obsession (Japanese Import)-2004-EOS
El Gordo-The Man Behind The Machine-(Advance)-2007-uF
Electric Six-Fire-ADVANCE-2003-ESC
Electric Six-I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me From Being The Master-2007-40
Electric Six-Radio Ga Ga-UKCDS-2004-uF
Elin Sigvardsson-A Fiction-2007-LzY
Elmer Food Beat-Ze Best of-2003-FjC
Eluvium-Travels in Constants Vol.20-Behind Your Trouble-2005-uF
Elvis Costello - When I Was Cruel-Full Retail-CD-2002-iDC
Elvis Costello And The Imposters-The Delivery Man-2004-EOS
Elvis Costello-Armed Forces-2CD-Expanded Edition-2002-EOS
Elvis Costello-Get Happy-2CD-Expanded Edition-2002-EOS
Elvis Costello-Mighty Like A Rose-1991-EOS
Elvis Costello-My Aim Is True-2CD-Expanded Edition-2001-EOS
Elvis Costello-North-2003-EOS
Elvis Costello-This Years Model-2CD-Expanded Edition-2002-EOS
Elvis Costello-Trust-2CD-Expanded Edition-2003-EOS
Elvis Presley-Elvis For Everyone-1965-EOS
Ember Coast-From the Mood Room-2003-PMS
Embrace-Drawn From Memory-2000-TIN
Embrace-The Good Will Out-1998-TIN
Emery-Returning The Smile You Have Had From The Start-(Webrip CDS)-2005-uNi
Emery-The Question-(Sampler)-2005-uNi
Emery-The Question-2005-EOS
Emil Bulls-Porcelain-2003-BUTT INT
Emil Bulls-Take On Me-CDM-2001-CRSMP3
Emperor-In The Nightside Eclipse-1995-gB
Erase The Grey-Rain (Unplugged)-WEB-2019-PAiN
Eric Clapton-461 Ocean Boulevard-1974-EOS
Eric Clapton-Another Ticket-1981-aAF
Eric Clapton-August-1986-EOS
Eric Clapton-Back Home-2005-EOS
Eric Clapton-Chronicles-Best Of-1999-EOS
Eric Clapton-Eric Clapton-1997-TIN
Eric Clapton-Slowhand-1977-EOS
Eric Clapton-The Cream Of Clapton (Canadian)-1995-EOS
Eric Clapton-There Is One In Every Crowd-1975-JH
Eric Clapton-Time Pieces-Best Of-1982-EOS
Ernie And The Automatics-Low Expectations-2009-ERNiEANDTHEAUTOMATiCS
Et Gregor-Lamour Perpetuite-(Bootleg)-FR-2009-H5N1
Ettison Clio-The Credit Card Debt-EP-2003-pH
Evanescence - Dement Music Remixes-(Remixes)-2004-PFC
Evanescence-Evanescence-Deluxe Edition-2011-EOS
Evanescence-Fallen-(510879 0)-(CD)-2003-iRG iNT
Evanescence-Fallen-Re-Release-2004-NER INT
Eve 6-Eve 6-1998-EOS
Eve 6-Horrorscope-2000-EOS
Eve 6-Its All In Your Head-2003-EOS
Everclear-So Much For The Afterglow-1997-EOS
Everclear-Songs From An American Movie Volume 1-2000-EOS
Everclear-Songs From An American Movie Volume 2-2000-EOS
Everclear-Sparkle And Fade-1995-TIN
Everlast-The Life Acoustic-(WEB)-2013-FuZZ INT
Everyone-Everyone (ADVANCE)-2003-EGO
Explosions In The Sky-Whose Who Tell Truth Shall Die-2001-UBE
Exterio-Vous Etes Ici-FR-2003-PVT
Faith No More - Album Of The Year-1997-XXL
Faith No More - Angel Dust-1992-XXL
Faith No More - King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime-1995-XXL
Faith No More - Who Cares A Lot - Greatest Hits-1998-Unci
Faith No More-Album Of The Year-1997-EOS
Faith No More-Introduce Yourself-1987-EOS
Faith No More-King for A Day Fool for A Life Time-2CD-Ltd.Ed.-1995-TIN
Faith No More-Songs To Make Love To-EP-1993-EOS
Faith No More-We Care A Lot-1985-FjC
Faktion-Make A Dent-(EP)-2004-BUTT
Falling Up-Exit Lights-2006-FM
Falling Up-Fangs-2009-DV8
Familiar 48-Wonderful Nothing (Advance Promo)-2002-PMS
Far-Less-Broken Hearts Unite (Retail) (READ NFO)-2003-KzT
Fear Factory-Remanufacture-1997-iRO
Fear The Clown-Within-2001-IMG
Feeder-Echo Park-2001-iRO
Fight Da Suckas-Self Titled-Demo Tape-FR-1995-rH
Fightstar-One Day Son This Will All Be Yours-(Advance)-2007-uF
Fightstar-They Liked You Better When You Were Dead-2006-RTB
Filter-Take A Picture-(CDS)-2000-MTD INT
Filter-Take A Picture-CDS2-2000-APT
Finch-Bitemarks and Bloodstains-(Demo)-2004-FENIX
Finger Eleven-Finger Eleven-2003-EOS
Finger Eleven-Live on IMX 0915-2003-ICE
Finger Eleven-The Greyest Of Blue Skies-2000-EOS
Fingertight-In The Name Of Progress-2003-CSR
Fingertight-In the Name of Progress-2003-TIN
Fiona Apple-Extraordinary Machine-2005-EOS
Fiona Apple-Tidal-1996-EOS
Fireside-Elite-2000-LiT iNT
First Time Fallen-2 Song Promo-2003-SDC
Five Minute Ride-November in My Soul-DEMO-2003-PMS
Fivespeed-4 Song Demo-2003-FNT
Fivespeed-Morning Over Midnight-2006-FIH INT
Flaming Lips-The Soft Bulletin-1999-iRO
Flaming Lips-Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots-Proper-2002-iTS
Flashlight Brown-Blue-(Advance)-2006-KzT
Fleetwood Mac-Greatest Hits-1988-EOS
Fleetwood Mac-Rumours-1977-EOS
Fleetwood Mac-Tango In The Night-1987-EOS
Fleetwood Mac-The Dance-1997-EOS
Flying Donuts-Renewed Attack-2006-WHQRE
Flying Donuts-Until the Morning Comes-2009-JUST
Foo Fighters-All My Life-UK RETAIL CDS1-2002-ESC
Foo Fighters-All My Life-UK RETAIL CDS2-2002-ESC
Foo Fighters-Best Of You-2005-AR
Foo Fighters-Best of You-CDM-PROPER-2005-uF
Foo Fighters-Breakout-CDM-2000-FTS
[100% Complete]-[3F @ 20.3MB at 990KBps]-[mp3info - Rock (2000) @ 224kbps]
Foo Fighters-Echoes Silence Patience and Grace-(Read NFO)-2007-HDP
Foo Fighters-Echoes Silence Patience And Grace-(UK Bonus Track)-2007-KCL
Foo Fighters-Five Songs And A Cover-EP-2005-EOSiNT
Foo Fighters-Generator (AUS Import)-CDM-2000-FTS
[100% Complete]-[4F @ 27.0MB at 987KBps]-[mp3info - Rock (2000) @ 226kbps]
Foo Fighters-Generator-CDM-2000-REV
Foo Fighters-In Your Honor (UK Import)-2CD-2005-EOSiNT
Foo Fighters-Live At Big Day Out-2003-aAF
Foo Fighters-Live In Oslo Norway (Soundboard) 0204-2002-FNT
Foo Fighters-Monkey Wrench UK CDS1-1997-aAF
Foo Fighters-Monkey Wrench-UK CDS2-1997-SSR
Foo Fighters-Next Year UK CDS1-2000-aAF
Foo Fighters-No Way Back-UKCDS1-2006-EOSiNT
Foo Fighters-One By One-Ltd.Ed.-(Bonus DVD)-2002-NET
Foo Fighters-Stacked Actors-CDM-2000-REV
Foo Fighters-The Colour And The Shape-1997-EOS
Foo Fighters-The Pretender-CDM-2007-UKP
Foo Fighters-The Wireless-1998-KSi
Foo Fighters-This Is A Call-AUS CDS-1995-aAF
Foo Fighters-Times Like These (AUS Version 1)-CDS-2003-FTS
[100% Complete]-[3F @ 20.4MB at 993KBps]-[mp3info - Rock (2003) @ 228kbps]
Foo Fighters-Walking After You-UK CDS-1998-SSR
Forensics-The Green Lion-(7 Inch Vinyl)-2007-FNT
Forever Changed-The Need to Feel Alive-Advance-2005-GMZ
Forgotten Arrival-Through Your Eyes-2003-HiRE
Framing Hanley-The Moment-(Reissue)-2008-EXP
Frank Zappa-Strictly Commercial the Best of Frank Zappa-1995-LiT iNT
Franz Ferdinand-Take Me Out-CDS-2004-aAF
Franz Ferdinand-You Could Have It So Much Better-2005-EOS
Friends of Dean Martinez-Under the Waves-2003-JUST
From Zero-One Nation Under-2001-TIN
Fuel-Natural Selection-2003-DNR
Fuel-Something Like Human-(Special Expanded Edition)-2003-FIH
Fuel-Something Like Human (Bonus Disc)-2000-TIN
Fuel-Something Like Human (Special Expanded Edition)-2000-SUF
Fuel-Something Like Human-2000-EOS
Fuel-Sunburn-(Special Expanded Edition)-2003-FiH
Fuel-The Best Of Fuel-2005-EOS
Funera For A Friend-Escape Artists Never Die-DVDA Single-2004-SSR
Funeral For A Friend-Between Order and Model-EP-2002-EOS
Funeral For A Friend-The Art Of American Football Live-(CDS)-2004-FNT
funkdoobiest-the troubleshooters-1997-kor
Further Seems Forever-The Final Curtain-2007-DELTA
G.I.Joe-Clitos Angels-2004-rH
G A S Drummers-Standards Down-2005-ESC
Galaxie 500-Galaxie 500-Read NFO-FR-2002-JUST
Garbage-Beautiful Garbage-2001-EOS
Garbage-The G Files-1995-EOS
Garbage-The World is Not Enough-CDM-1999-TIN
Garbage-Why Do You Love Me-CDS-2005-MiP
Gary Moore-Over The Hills And Far Away-VLS-1986-BEX
Gatsbys American Dream-Gatsbys American Dream-2006-KzT
Gatsbys American Dream-In The Land Of Lost Monsters-(EP)-2004-DNR
Gatsbys American Dream-Ribbons And Sugar-RETAIL-2003-pH INT
Gatsbys American Dream-Volcano-(Bonus CD)-2005-KzT
Gavin Rossdale-Love Remains The Same-CDS-2008-BUTT
Genesis-And Then There Were Three-Remastered-1994-EOS
Genesis-Nursery Cryme-1971-EOS
Genesis-Selling England By The Pound-1973-EOS
Genesis-Three Sides Live-2CD-1982-TIN
Genesis-Turn It On Again (The Hits)-1999-EOS
Genesis-Wind And Wuthering-Remastered-1994-EOS
Ghosts of Modern Man-City of No Light-2005-iTS
Ghosts of Modern Man-Self-Titled-EP-2004-iTS
Giardini Di Miro-Dividing Opinions-2007-SAW
Giardini Di Miro-Hits for Broken Hearts and Asses-2004-SSR
Giddy Motors-Magmanic-EP-2003-iTS
Giddy Motors-Sassy-EP-2001-iTS
Glassjaw-Worship And Tribute-(Retail)-2002-Aon Int
Glassjaw-Worship and Tribute-2002-EOS
Go Audio-Made Up Stories-(Advance)-2008-DV8
Go Back Snowball (Pollard And Mccaughan)-Calling Zero-2002-NuHS
God Is An Astronaut-Far From Refuge-2007-Schatten
Godhead-2000 Years Of Human Error-2001-EOS
Godhead-At The Edge Of The World-(Advance)-2008-GODHEAd
Godhead-Evolver-(Japanese Import)-2003-PMS
Gogogo Airheart And Los Cincos-Syncopation-1999-iTS
Golden Shoulders-Kin-(EP)-2006-RTB
Gomez-Five Men In A Hut (Singles 1998-2004)-2CD-(Advance)-2006-uF
Goo Goo Dolls-A Boy Named Goo-1995-EOS
Goo Goo Dolls-Dizzy Up The Girl-1998-EOS
Goo Goo Dolls-Dizzy Up The Girl-1998-FIH INT
Good Charlotte-Young And The Hopeless-2002-FIH INT
Gorillaz-Gorillaz-UK Reissue-2001-EOS
Grade 8-Grade 8-2003-DNR
grandmaster melle mel and the furious five-1984-kor
Grateful Dead-Aoxomoxoa-1990-iRO
Grateful Dead-Built to Last-1989-EOS
Grateful Dead-Go To Heaven-1980-TIN
Grateful Dead-Nightfall Of Diamonds 2CD-2001-apc
Grateful Dead-Skeletons From The Closet-1974-iRO
Grateful Dead-Winterland 1973 the Complete Recordings (BOXSET)-9CD-2009-ONe
Grateful Dead-Workingmans Dead-1970-EOS
Gratitude-Drive Away-CDS-2005-TINT
Gravity Kills-Superstarved-2002-EOS
Gravy Train-All The Sweet Stuff-2007-SnS
Green Day - Warning-Limited Edition-2000-FSM
Green Day-Wake Me Up When September Ends-(CDM)-2005-OSC
Green Jello-Cereal Killer Soundtrack-1993-FWYH INT
Green Jelly-333-1994-FWYH INT
Greenwheel-Bridges For Burning-(EP)-2006-MP3
Grey Daze -Wake Me-1994-iRO
Grinspoon-Licker Bottle Cozy-1996-TIN
Guano Apes-Bel Air (Gold Edition)-2011-JUST
Guano Apes-Proud Like A God-1997-phEAR INT
Guano Apes-Walking On A Thin Line-Limited Edition-CD-2003-TLT
Guapo-Black Oni-2005-RTB
Guided By Voices And Airport 5-Selective Service-2002-NuHS
Guns N Roses-Appetite for Destruction-1987-EMG INT
Guns N Roses-Greatest Hits-2004-EOS
Guns N Roses-The Ultimate Rareties-Bootleg-2005-radial
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion I-1991-EMG INT
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion II-1991-EMG INT
Gym Class Heroes-As Cruel As School Children-(Limited Edition)-2007-EON
Handsome Devil-Knock Yourself Out-2003-GOB
Harvey Danger-Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone-1997-EOS
Haste-The Mercury Lift-Promo-2003-TIN
Have Mercy-The Love Life-2019-HiT iNT
He is Legend-I Am Hollywood-2004-TIN
Head Automatica-Beating Heart Baby-(UK CDM)-2005-KzT
Head Automatica-Graduation Day-(CDM)-2006-uF
Head Automatica-Graduation Day-(CDS)-2006-uF
Headcase-3 Song Demo-2003-BUTT
Heart-Bad Animals-1987-EOS
Heart-Greatest Hits (1985-1995)-2000-EOS
Heart-Greatest Hits-1986-EOS
Heart-Rock The House-1991-EOS
Hearts Of Heroes-Free From Sin And Death-(EP)-2004-RTB
Heart-These Dreams Hearts Greatest Hits-1997-TIN
Heatmiser-Dead Air-1993-ATH
Hell In The Cannon-Demo-2005-iTS
Hell on Wheels-Oh My God What Have I Done-Advance-2003-MiP
Hella-Acoustics-EP-2004-iTS INT
Hemmingway-The Landlord Dr. Islam 3 Inch Cdr-2008-iTS
HIM-And Love Said No (The Greatest Hits)-2004-EOS
Hinder-Lips Of An Angel (AU CDS)-2006-WRE
Hinder-Take It To The Limit (Bonus Tracks)-2008-Xplode
His Another Fall-Birds Fly Sedated-LP-2003-KzT
Hold Steady-Stay Positive-2008-RTB
Hole-Celebrity Skin-1998-EOS
Holy Roman Empire-Action Figures-Demo-2006-iTS
Holy Roman Empire-The Longue Duree-(Advance)-2007-RTZ
Homesick For Space-Unison-2003-pH
Hoobastank-Out of Control-CDS-2003-REP
Hoobastank-The Reason-2003-TIN
Hoobastank-The Target Release-EP-2002-TIN
Hootie and the Blowfish-Cracked Rear View-1994-EOS
Hootie and the Blowfish-Fairweather Johnson-1996-EOS
Hooverphonic - The Magnificent Tree-2CD-Limited Edition-2000-MnD
Hope Sandoval The Warm Inventions-Bavarian Fruit Bread-2001-iRO
Hot Hot Heat-Goodnight Goodnight-(CDS)-2005-FNT
Hot Hot Heat-Let Me In-(Retail CDS)-2007-S4L
Hot Like (A) Robot-The Evil EP-2003-GOB
hot rod circuit-if its cool with you its cool with me-2000-buc
Hot Snakes-Audit in Progress-2004-OBC
Hotwire-The Routine-2003-TIN
Hundred Reasons-Ideas Above Our Station-2002-TIN
Hundred Reasons-Shatterproof Is Not A Challenge-PROPER-ADVANCE-2004-SFA
Hurt-Vol 2-2007-HURT
Hypnogaja-Kill Switch-2003-GOB
Hypothermia-Kaffe och Blod-Demo-Vinyl-2008-GRAVEWISH
I Am Kloot-I Am Kloot-2003-TIN
Ida-The Bottom Of The Hill-(Limited Edition)-2CD-2005-MTD
Idlewild - American English-UK CDS2-2002-WLM
Idlewild-100 Broken Windows-2001-EoS
Idlewild-Make A New World-(Advance)-2007-uF
Idlewild-The Remote Part-ADVANCE-2002-ESC
Idlewild-You Held The World In Your Arms CDS1-2002-NuHS
Idlewild-You Held The World In Your Arms CDS2-2002-NuHS
Iggy Pop-Naughty Little Doggie-1996-EOS
Ill Nino-This is War-CDS-2005-TINT
In Extremo-Am Goldenen Rhein-Live-2CD-DE-2009-MOD
in the nursery--era-promo-2007-oma
Incubus-A Crow Left Of The Murder-2004-EOS
Incubus-Alive at Red Rocks (incl Bonus)-2004-iND
Incubus-Anna-Molly-(Promo CDS)-2006-tLOC
Incubus-Fungus Amongus-1996-EOS
Incubus-Live At Lollapalooza-2003-TIN
Incubus-Live At Sno Core-(DVDA)-1998-IMG
Incubus-Live In Chicago-(DVDA)-1998-IMG
Incubus-Live On Mad Tv-(DVDA)-1998-IMG
Incubus-Megalomaniac-AUS CDS-2004-TIN
Incubus-Morning View-2001-EOS
Incubus-Morning View-2001-KSi INT
Incubus-When Incubus Attacks Volume 2-2CD-(DVDA)-2002-GOB INT
Indice Doktane-Pret-A-Porter-FR-2009-H5N1
Infared-4 Song Demo-2003-SDC
Injected-Burn It Black-2002-TIN
InMe-Daydream Anonymous-(Advance)-2007-uF
Inme-Overgrown Eden-2003-pH
Inme-White Butterfly-Promo CDS-2006-R3D
Interpol-Antics-Read NFO-Retail-2004-DGN
INXS-The Greatest Hits-1994-EOS
INXS-The Swing-1984-EOS
INXS-Underneath The Colours-1981-EOS
INXS-Welcome To Wherever You Are-1992-EOS
Iron Maiden-Number Of The Beast-UKCDS-2005-uF
Islands-Arms Way-ADVANCE CD-2008-BPM
Isolation Years-Its Golden-2003-PULSAR
Its Not Not-No Time for Jokes-(Advance)-2005-SSR
Ivory Wire-The World is Flat (Retail)-2003-BUTT
Janes Addiction-Kettle Whistle-1997-TIN
Janes Addiction-Nothings Shocking-1988-EMG INT
Janes Addiction-Ritual De Lo Habitual-1990-LT
Janes Addiction-Up From The Catacombs-2006-EOS
Janis Joplin-Greatest Hits-1973-TIN
Jawbreaker-Dear You-1995-iTS-INT
Jeff Buckley-So Real Songs From Jeff Buckley-(Advance)-2007-uF
Jefferson Starship-Gold-1979-TIN
Jet-Get Born-2CD-Limited Edition-2005-EGO
Jethro Tull-This Was-2CD-2008-XXL
Jet-Shine On-CDM-2007-WRE
Jimi Hendrix Experience-Winterland Night-2CD-2005-RNS
Jimi Hendrix-37 Tracks-2CD-2003-EOS
Jimi Hendrix-Albert Hall Experience-2CD-(Import)-2002-DNR
jimi hendrix-albert hall experience-2cd-retail-2001-srm
Jimi Hendrix-Experience Hendrix The Best Of Jimi Hendrix-1997-GRiPP
Jimi Hendrix-His Greatest Hits-1999-EOS
Jimi Hendrix-In The Studio-10CD-Limited Edition-2006-EOS
Jimi Hendrix-Live at Winterland-1987-TIN
Jimi Hendrix-Live At Woodstock-2CD-1999-iRO
Jimi Hendrix-Love Or Confusion-1969-EOS
Jimi Hendrix-Manic Expressions-Digital-Remastered-1998-LCmp3
Jimi Hendrix-The Cry Of Love-1971-EOS
Jimi Hendrix-The Jimi Hendrix Experience-4CD-2000-iRO
Jimi Hendrix-The Ultimate Experience-1992-EOS
Jimmi Hendrix - Real Gold-2CD-2003-FKK
Jimmies Chicken Shack-2 for 1 Special-1994-TIN
Jimmies Chicken Shack-Bring Your Own Stereo-1999-TIN
Jimmies Chicken Shack-Fail On Cue-2008-RTB
Jimmies Chicken Shack-Pushing The Salmanilla Envelope-1997-TIN
Jimmies Chicken Shack-Slow Change EP-1999-iRO
Jimmy Eat World-Clarity-1999-TIN
Jimmy Eat World-Futures-(Internet Advance)-2004-FNX INT
Jimmy Eat World-Jimmy Eat World-EP-1998-TIN
Jimmy Eat World-Sessions at AOL-2004-RRD
Jimmy Eat World-Work-(CDM)-2005-KzT
Joe Lally-Nothing Is Underrated-2007-404
Joe Lally--There to Here-2006-OMA
John Cougar Mellencamp-The Lonesome Jubilee-1987-TIN
John Doe And The Sadies-Country Club-(Advance)-2009-RVP
John Frusciante - To Record Only Water For Ten Days-2001-STS INT
John Frusciante-B-Sides-2002-PMS
John Frusciante-The Will to Death-RETAIL-2004-ESC
John Lennon-Imagine-1971-EOS
John Lennon-Plastic Ono Band-1970-EOS
John Lennon-The John Lennon Collection-1989-EOS
John Mayer-Waiting On The World To Change-Limited Edition EP-2006-EOS
John Mellencamp-Dance Naked-1994-EOS
John Mellencamp-The Best That I Could Do (1978-1988)-1997-EOS
John Mellencamp-Whenever We Wanted-1991-EOS
John Squire-Time Changes Everything-2002-TIN
John Zorn-The Dreamers-2008-JOHNZORN
Johnny Cash-The Greatest Years-2003-WCR
Josh Todd-You Made Me-2003-GOB
Journey-Greatest Hits-1988-EOS
Journey-Raised On Radio-1986-EOS
Journey-Trial By Fire-1996-EOS
Joy Division - Desperation Takes Hold-1980-WOS
Jude Cole-Start The Car-1992-MST
Jump-Between the Dim the Dark-2004-TIN
June Of 44-In The Fishtank-1999-NuHS
Justice Vs. Simian-We Are Your Friends-(CDS)-2006-uF
Katerine-Live Session (Itunes Exclusive) EP-WEB-FR-2007-JUST
Keith Kouna-Les Annees Monsieur-FR-2008-H5N1
Keller Williams-Laugh-2002-iRO
Kelly Clarkson-Breakaway-2004-EOS
Kenna-Out Of Control (State Of Emotion)-(Promo CDM)-2007-RTB
Kenna-The Black Goodbye-(Promo EP)-2007-RTB
Kent-The Hjaerta and Smaerta-EP-SE-2005-SnS
Kevin Martin And The Hiwatts-The Possibility Of Being-2003-SDC
Key to Arson-Light Em Up (Version 2)-2004-TIN
Key to Arson-Light Em Up-2003-BUTT
Key to Arson-Light Em Up-2003-TIN
Kid Rock-Cocky-2001-TIN
Kid Rock-Devil Without A Cause-1998-FS
Kid Rock-Devil Without A Cause-Australian Retail-1999-CSR
Kid Rock-Feel Like Makin Love-PROMO CDS-2003-pH
Kid Rock-Live on Kimmel 0131-2006-SNR
Killing Joke-Killing Joke-2003-iLLUSiON
Killing Joke-Night Time-1990-iRO
King Crimson - The Beat Club-1999-FKK
King Mungi-Fear the Little People-EP-2002-NgR
Kingfield - Letters Post Mortem-2006-FKK
Kings Of Leon-Sex On Fire-(UK CDS)-2008-H3X
Kiss-Box Set-5CD-2001-EOS
Kiss-Creatures Of The Night-Remastered-1997-TIN
Kiss-Double Platinum-1997-EOS
Kissing Chaos - Enter with A Bullet-EP-2003-iTS
Kiss-Psycho Circus-1998-EOS
Kiss-Smashes Thrashes And Hits-1988-EOS
Korn-Take A Look In The Mirror-2003-EOS
Korn-The Box Set Series-2013-FKK
Korn-Untitled-Limited Edition-2007-EOS
Korn-Untouchables-Limited Edition-2002-EOS
Kula Shaker-Kollected The Best Of-2002-SSR
Kutless-Hearts Of The Innocent-(Special Edition)-2006-VERiTAS INT
Kutless-It Is Well-2009-CRN
Kutless-Kutless-2002-HiT iNT
Kutless-Sea Of Faces-(Retail)-2004-VERiTAS INT
Kutless-Strong Tower-2005-aAF
Kutless-Strong Tower-2005-HiT iNT
Kyuss-And The Circus Leaves Town-1995-FIH INT
Kyuss-Blues For The Red Sun-1992-FIH INT
Kyuss-Welcome To Sky Valley-1994-FIH INT
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