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01-joe williams-everyday i have the blues-impg.mp3
02-joe williams-teach me tonight-impg.mp3
03-joe williams-in the evening (when the sun-impg.mp3
04-joe williams-my baby upsets me-impg.mp3
05-joe williams-please send me someone to love-impg.mp3
06-joe williams-too close for comfort-impg.mp3
07-joe williams-dont worry bout me-impg.mp3
08-joe williams-party blues-impg.mp3
09-joe williams-stop pretty baby-impg.mp3
10-joe williams-im beginning to see the light-impg.mp3
11-joe williams-fine romance-impg.mp3
12-joe williams-i dont like you no more-impg.mp3
13-joe williams-there will never be another -impg.mp3
14-joe williams-come rain or come shine-impg.mp3
15-joe williams-all right ok you win-impg.mp3
16-joe williams-the comeback-impg.mp3
17-joe williams-roll em pete-impg.mp3
18-joe williams-smack dab in the middle-impg.mp3
01-joe williams-every night-impg.mp3
02-joe williams-sometimes im happy-impg.mp3
03-joe williams-dont you know i care-impg.mp3
04-joe williams-who she do-impg.mp3
05-joe williams-is you or is you aint my baby-impg.mp3
06-joe williams-winter wonderland-impg.mp3
07-joe williams-i aint got nothing but the -impg.mp3
08-joe williams-too good to be true-impg.mp3
09-joe williams-too marvelous for words-impg.mp3
10-joe williams-jimmys blues-impg.mp3
11-joe williams-i want a little girl-impg.mp3
12-joe williams-evryday (i fall in love)-impg.mp3
13-joe williams-everyday i have the blues -impg.mp3
01-john scofield-three sisters-impg.mp3
02-john scofield-chichon-impg.mp3
03-john scofield-beep beep-impg.mp3
04-john scofield-kelpers-impg.mp3
05-john scofield-groan man-impg.mp3
06-john scofield-fez-impg.mp3
07-john scofield-blackout-impg.mp3
08-john scofield-kilgeffen-impg.mp3
09-john scofield-we are not alone-impg.mp3
10-john scofield-swinganova-impg.mp3
11-john scofield-drop and roll-impg.mp3
12-john scofield-kilgeffen (reprise)-impg.mp3
00-louis armstrong--meets oscar peterson-(1997)-impg.m3u
00-louis armstrong--meets oscar peterson-(1997)-impg.nfo
00-louis armstrong--meets oscar peterson-(1997)-impg.sfv
01-louis armstrong--that old feeling-impg.mp3
02-louis armstrong--lets fall in love-impg.mp3
03-louis armstrong--ill never be the same-impg.mp3
04-louis armstrong--blues in the night (my mama do-impg.mp3
05-louis armstrong--how long has this been going on-impg.mp3
06-louis armstrong--i was doing all right-impg.mp3
07-louis armstrong--whats new-impg.mp3
08-louis armstrong--moon song-impg.mp3
09-louis armstrong--just one of those things-impg.mp3
10-louis armstrong--theres no you-impg.mp3
11-louis armstrong--you go to my head-impg.mp3
12-louis armstrong--sweet lorraine-impg.mp3
13-louis armstrong--i get a kick out of you-impg.mp3
14-louis armstrong--makin whoopee-impg.mp3
15-louis armstrong--willow weep for me-impg.mp3
16-louis armstrong--lets do it-impg.mp3
Louis Armstrong-Verve Silver Collection-1984-FTD
00-louis armstrong-verve silver collection-1984-ftd.m3u
00-louis armstrong-verve silver collection-1984-ftd.nfo
00-louis armstrong-verve silver collection-1984-ftd.sfv
01-louis armstrong-top hat white tie and tails-ftd.mp3
02-louis armstrong-have you met miss jones-ftd.mp3
03-louis armstrong-i only have eyes for you-ftd.mp3
04-louis armstrong-stormy weather-ftd.mp3
05-louis armstrong-home-ftd.mp3
06-louis armstrong-east of the sun and west of the moon-ftd.mp3
07-louis armstrong-youre blase-ftd.mp3
08-louis armstrong-body and soul-ftd.mp3
09-louis armstrong-when your lover has gone-ftd.mp3
10-louis armstrong-youre the top-ftd.mp3
11-louis armstrong-nobody knows the trouble ive seen-ftd.mp3
12-louis armstrong-well be together again-ftd.mp3
13-louis armstrong-ive got the world on a string-ftd.mp3
14-louis armstrong-do nothin till you hear from me-ftd.mp3
15-louis armstrong-i gotta right to sing the blues-ftd.mp3
01-michael brecker-arc of the pendulum-impg.mp3
02-michael brecker-sound off-impg.mp3
03-michael brecker-half past late-impg.mp3
04-michael brecker-timeline-impg.mp3
05-michael brecker-the morning of this night-impg.mp3
06-michael brecker-renaissance man-impg.mp3
07-michael brecker-dr slate-impg.mp3
08-michael brecker-as i am-impg.mp3
09-michael brecker-outrage-impg.mp3
Nina Simone--In Concert (reissue)-2006-WUS
00-nina simone--in concert (reissue)-2006-wus.m3u
00-nina simone--in concert (reissue)-2006-wus.sfv
01-nina simone--i loves you porgy-wus.mp3
02-nina simone--plain gold ring-wus.mp3
03-nina simone--pirate jenny-wus.mp3
04-nina simone--old jim crow-wus.mp3
05-nina simone--dont smoke in bed-wus.mp3
06-nina simone--go limp-wus.mp3
07-nina simone--mississippi goddam-wus.mp3
nina simone--in concert (reissue)-2006-front cover-wus.jpg
nina simone--in concert (reissue)-2006-rear cover-wus.jpg
nina simone--in concert (reissue)-2006-wus.nfo
Nina Simone-My Baby Just Cares for Me-2007-OSC
00-nina simone-my baby just cares for me-2007-(cover 1)-osc.jpg
00-nina simone-my baby just cares for me-2007-(cover 2)-osc.jpg
00-nina simone-my baby just cares for me-2007-osc.m3u
00-nina simone-my baby just cares for me-2007-osc.nfo
00-nina simone-my baby just cares for me-2007-osc.sfv
01-nina simone-love me or leave me-osc.mp3
02-nina simone-trouble in mind-osc.mp3
03-nina simone-my baby just cares for me-osc.mp3
04-nina simone-little girl blue-osc.mp3
05-nina simone-feeling good-osc.mp3
06-nina simone-work song-osc.mp3
07-nina simone-old im crow-osc.mp3
08-nina simone-sugar in my bowl-osc.mp3
09-nina simone-the laziest gal in town-osc.mp3
10-nina simone-dont you pay them no mind-osc.mp3
11-nina simone-how can i-osc.mp3
12-nina simone-tomorrow is my turn-osc.mp3
13-nina simone-nobody knows you when youre down and out-osc.mp3
14-nina simone-mood indigo-osc.mp3
15-nina simone-brown eyed handsome man-osc.mp3
16-nina simone-marriage is for old folks-osc.mp3
17-nina simone-the gal from joes-osc.mp3
18-nina simone-im going back home-osc.mp3
Nina Simone--Pastel Blues (reissue)-2006-WUS
00-nina simone--pastel blues (reissue)-2006-wus.m3u
00-nina simone--pastel blues (reissue)-2006-wus.sfv
01-nina simone--be my husband-wus.mp3
02-nina simone--nobody knows you when youre down and out-wus.mp3
03-nina simone--end of the line-wus.mp3
04-nina simone--trouble in mind-wus.mp3
05-nina simone--tell me more and more and then some-wus.mp3
06-nina simone--chilly winds dont blow-wus.mp3
07-nina simone--aint no use-wus.mp3
08-nina simone--strange fruit-wus.mp3
09-nina simone--sinnerman-wus.mp3
nina simone--pastel blues (reissue)-2006-front cover-wus.jpg
nina simone--pastel blues (reissue)-2006-inlay-wus.jpg
nina simone--pastel blues (reissue)-2006-rear cover-wus.jpg
nina simone--pastel blues (reissue)-2006-wus.nfo
Nina Simone-The Diva Series-2003-JUST
00-nina simone-the diva series-2003-just.m3u
00-nina simone-the diva series-2003-just.nfo
00-nina simone-the diva series-2003-just.sfv
01-nina simone-i put a spell on you-just.mp3
02-nina simone-he aint comin home no more-just.mp3
03-nina simone-i loves you porgy-just.mp3
04-nina simone-mississippi goddam-just.mp3
05-nina simone-tell me more and more and then some-just.mp3
06-nina simone-love me or leave me-just.mp3
07-nina simone-see-line woman-just.mp3
08-nina simone-wild is the wind-just.mp3
09-nina simone-four women-just.mp3
10-nina simone-dont you pay them no mind-just.mp3
11-nina simone-lilac wine-just.mp3
12-nina simone-either way i lose-just.mp3
13-nina simone-the gal from joes-just.mp3
14-nina simone-dont explain-just.mp3
15-nina simone-i love my baby-just.mp3
16-nina simone-dont let me be misunderstood-just.mp3
Nina Simone-Verve Jazz Masters 17-1994-ATX
00-nina simone-verve jazz masters 17-1994-atx.m3u
00-nina simone-verve jazz masters 17-1994-atx.nfo
00-nina simone-verve jazz masters 17-1994-atx.sfv
01-nina simone-black is the color of my true-atx.mp3
02-nina simone-i put a spell on you-atx.mp3
03-nina simone-love me or leave me-atx.mp3
04-nina simone-little girl blue-atx.mp3
05-nina simone-my baby just cares for me-atx.mp3
06-nina simone-i loves you porgy-atx.mp3
07-nina simone-work song-atx.mp3
08-nina simone-ne me quitte pas (do not leave me)-atx.mp3
09-nina simone-wild is the wind-atx.mp3
10-nina simone-see-line woman-atx.mp3
11-nina simone-strange fruit-atx.mp3
12-nina simone-pirate jenny-atx.mp3
13-nina simone-four women-atx.mp3
14-nina simone-mississippi goddamn-atx.mp3
15-nina simone-dont let me be misunderstood-atx.mp3
16-nina simone-i hold no grudge-atx.mp3
Quincy Jones-Swinging The Big Band-(Verve)-CD-2006-OBC
00 quincy jones-swinging the big band-(verve)-cd-2006.m3u
00 quincy jones-swinging the big band-(verve)-cd-2006.nfo
00 quincy jones-swinging the big band-(verve)-cd-2006.sfv
00 quincy jones-swinging the big band-(verve)-cd-2006-back.jpg
00 quincy jones-swinging the big band-(verve)-cd-2006-cd.jpg
00 quincy jones-swinging the big band-(verve)-cd-2006-cover.jpg
00 quincy jones-swinging the big band-(verve)-cd-2006-inlay.jpg
00 quincy jones-swinging the big band-(verve)-cd-2006-inside.jpg
01 quincy jones-comin home baby.mp3
02 quincy jones-desafinado.mp3
03 quincy jones-invitation.mp3
04 quincy jones-hard sock dance.mp3
05 quincy jones-quintessence.mp3
06 quincy jones-bossa nova-u.s.a..mp3
07 quincy jones-straight no chaser.mp3
08 quincy jones-chega de saudade (no more blues).mp3
09 quincy jones-baby elephant walk.mp3
10 quincy jones-jive samba.mp3
11 quincy jones-moanin.mp3
12 quincy jones-i never has seen snow.mp3
13 quincy jones-take five.mp3
14 quincy jones-samba de uma nota so (one note samba).mp3
15 quincy jones-strike up the band.mp3
16 quincy jones-the in crowd.mp3
17 quincy jones-caravan.mp3
18 quincy jones-the gentle rain.mp3
01-randy weston melba liston--blue mood.mp3
02-randy weston melba liston--chalabati blues.mp3
03-randy weston melba liston--sad beauty blues.mp3
04-randy weston melba liston--the nafs.mp3
05-randy weston melba liston--volcano.mp3
06-randy weston melba liston--harvard blues.mp3
07-randy weston melba liston--in memory of.mp3
08-randy weston melba liston--blues for strayhorn.mp3
09-randy weston melba liston--penny for packer blues.mp3
10-randy weston melba liston--jk blues.mp3
11-randy weston melba liston--mystery of love.mp3
12-randy weston melba liston--kucheza blues.mp3
13-randy weston melba liston--blues for elma lewis.mp3
01-randy weston--caravan.mp3
02-randy weston--heaven.mp3
03-randy weston--sepia panorama.mp3
04-randy weston--limbo jazz.mp3
05-randy weston--c jam blues.mp3
06-randy weston--chromatic love affair.mp3
01-randy weston--african village bedford-.mp3
02-randy weston--the healers.mp3
03-randy weston--african cookbook.mp3
04-randy weston--la elaha-ella allah-morad alla.mp3
05-randy weston--the call.mp3
01-randy weston--african village bedford- 2.mp3
02-randy weston--the seventh queen.mp3
03-randy weston--blue moses.mp3
04-randy weston--african sunrise.mp3
05-randy weston--a prayer for us all.mp3
00-regina carter--motor city moments-(2000)-impg.m3u
00-regina carter--motor city moments-(2000)-impg.nfo
00-regina carter--motor city moments-(2000)-impg.sfv
01-regina carter--dont git sassy-impg.mp3
02-regina carter--dont mess with mr t-impg.mp3
03-regina carter--for someone i love-impg.mp3
04-regina carter--forever february-impg.mp3
05-regina carter--higher ground-impg.mp3
06-regina carter--love theme from spartacus-impg.mp3
07-regina carter--prey loot-impg.mp3
08-regina carter--fukai aijo-impg.mp3
09-regina carter--chattanooga choo choo-impg.mp3
10-regina carter--up south-impg.mp3
Return.To.Forever--Return.To.The.7th.Galaxy-(1996)-iMPG cover.jpg cover.jpg
01-return to forever--500 miles high.mp3
02-return to forever--captain marvel.mp3
03-return to forever--light as a feather.mp3
04-return to forever--spain.mp3
05-return to forever--after the cosmic rain.mp3
06-return to forever--bass folk song.mp3
07-return to forever--hymn of the seventh galaxy.mp3
08-return to forever--captain senor mouse.mp3
09-return to forever--theme to the mothership.mp3
01-return to forever--vulcan worlds.mp3
02-return to forever--beyond the seventh galaxy.mp3
03-return to forever--earth juice.mp3
04-return to forever--the shadow of lo.mp3
05-return to forever--where have i known you before.mp3
06-return to forever--song to the pharoah kings.mp3
07-return to forever--dayride.mp3
08-return to forever--no mystery.mp3
09-return to forever--flight of the newborn.mp3
10-return to forever--celebration suite (part iii).mp3
Roland Kirk--Talkin Verve-Roots Of Acid Jazz-1996-FuFFENS
00-roland kirk--talkin verve-roots of acid jazz-1996-fuffens.m3u
00-roland kirk--talkin verve-roots of acid jazz-1996-fuffens.nfo
00-roland kirk--talkin verve-roots of acid jazz-1996-fuffens.sfv
01-roland kirk--hip chops-fuf.mp3
02-roland kirk--terminis corner-fuf.mp3
03-roland kirk--dyna-soar-fuf.mp3
04-roland kirk--black diamond-fuf.mp3
05-roland kirk--a sack full of soul-fuf.mp3
06-roland kirk--when the sun comes out-fuf.mp3
07-roland kirk--limbo boat-fuf.mp3
08-roland kirk--berkshire blues-fuf.mp3
09-roland kirk--narrow bolero-fuf.mp3
10-roland kirk--you did it you did it-fuf.mp3
11-roland kirk--get in the basement-fuf.mp3
12-roland kirk--jive elephant-fuf.mp3
13-roland kirk--blue rol-fuf.mp3
14-roland kirk--theme from peter gunn-fuf.mp3
15-roland kirk--untitled blues-fuf.mp3
01-stan getz--manha de carnival.mp3
02-stan getz--balanco no samba.mp3
03-stan getz--melancolico.mp3
04-stan getz--entre amigos.mp3
05-stan getz--chega de saudade.mp3
06-stan getz--noite triste.mp3
07-stan getz--samba de uma nota so.mp3
08-stan getz--bim bom.mp3
01-stan getz luiz bonfa--sambalero.mp3
02-stan getz luiz bonfa--so danco samba (i only dance.mp3
03-stan getz luiz bonfa--insensatez (how insensitive).mp3
04-stan getz luiz bonfa--o morro nao tem vez.mp3
05-stan getz luiz bonfa--samba de duas notas.mp3
06-stan getz luiz bonfa--menina flor.mp3
07-stan getz luiz bonfa--mania de maria.mp3
08-stan getz luiz bonfa--saudade vem correndo.mp3
09-stan getz luiz bonfa--um abraco no getz (a tribute.mp3
10-stan getz luiz bonfa--ebony samba (2nd ver).mp3
11-stan getz luiz bonfa--ebony samba (1st ver).mp3
Stan Getz - The Definitive (Verve)-CD-2002-kiNky
00-stan getz - the definitive-2002-kinky.jpg
00-stan getz - the definitive-2002-kinky.m3u
00-stan getz - the definitive-2002-kinky.nfo
00-stan getz - the definitive-2002-kinky.sfv
01-stan getz - early autumn-kinky.mp3
02-stan getz - parker-kinky.mp3
03-stan getz - moonlight in vermont-kinky.mp3
04-stan getz - east of the sun (and west of the moon)-kinky.mp3
05-stan getz - tours end-kinky.mp3
06-stan getz - once upon a time-kinky.mp3
07-stan getz - desafinado-kinky.mp3
08-stan getz - the girl from ipanema-kinky.mp3
09-stan getz - summertime-kinky.mp3
10-stan getz - litha-kinky.mp3
11-stan getz - blood count-kinky.mp3
12-stan getz - night and day-kinky.mp3
Stan Getz-Bossas And Ballads The Lost Sessions-2003-aAF
00-stan getz-bossas and ballads the lost sessions-2003-aaf.m3u
00-stan getz-bossas and ballads the lost sessions-2003-aaf.nfo
00-stan getz-bossas and ballads the lost sessions-2003-aaf.sfv
01-stan getz-sunshower-aaf.mp3
02-stan getz-yours and mine-aaf.mp3
03-stan getz-joanne julia-aaf.mp3
04-stan getz-soul eyes-aaf.mp3
05-stan getz-spiral-aaf.mp3
06-stan getz-beatrice-aaf.mp3
07-stan getz-the wind-aaf.mp3
08-stan getz-el suendo-aaf.mp3
09-stan getz-feijoada-aaf.mp3
Stan Getz-Jazz Samba-1994-JUST
00-stan getz-jazz samba-1994-just.m3u
00-stan getz-jazz samba-1994-just.nfo
00-stan getz-jazz samba-1994-just.sfv
01-stan getz-desafinado-just.mp3
02-stan getz-samba de uma nota so-just.mp3
03-stan getz-manha de carnaval-just.mp3
04-stan getz-the girl from ipanema-just.mp3
05-stan getz-corcovado-just.mp3
06-stan getz-o grande amor-just.mp3
07-stan getz-desafinado (vocal)-just.mp3
08-stan getz-chega de saudade-just.mp3
09-stan getz-insensatez-just.mp3
10-stan getz-once again-just.mp3
11-stan getz-bim bom-just.mp3
12-stan getz-sambalero-just.mp3
13-stan getz-o pato-just.mp3
14-stan getz-so danco samba-just.mp3
15-stan getz-vivo sonhando-just.mp3
Stan Getz-Verve Jazz Masters 53-Bossa Nova-1996-JCE
00-stan getz-verve jazz masters 53-bossa nova-1996-jce.m3u
00-stan getz-verve jazz masters 53-bossa nova-1996-jce.nfo
00-stan getz-verve jazz masters 53-bossa nova-1996-jce.sfv
01-quiet nights of quiet stars-jce.mp3
03-so danco samba-jce.mp3
04-off key-jce.mp3
05-waters of march-jce.mp3
06-o grande amor-jce.mp3
07-agua de beber-jce.mp3
08-double rainbow-jce.mp3
09-o morro nao tem vez-jce.mp3
10-fascinating rhythm-jce.mp3
11-how insensitive-jce.mp3
12-useless landscape-jce.mp3
14-por todo minha vida-jce.mp3
01-steve turre-funky - t-impg.mp3
02-steve turre-morning-impg.mp3
03-steve turre-since i fell for you-impg.mp3
04-steve turre-rhythm within-impg.mp3
05-steve turre-twilight dreams-impg.mp3
06-steve turre-all blues-impg.mp3
07-steve turre-montuno caracol-impg.mp3
08-steve turre-body and soul-impg.mp3
09-steve turre-african shuffle-impg.mp3
Toots Thielemans-Verve Jazz Masters 59-1996-VERiTAS
00-toots thielemans-verve jazz masters 59-1996-(back)-vrt.jpg
00-toots thielemans-verve jazz masters 59-1996-(front)-vrt.jpg
00-toots thielemans-verve jazz masters 59-1996-(inside)-vrt.jpg
00-toots thielemans-verve jazz masters 59-1996-veritas.m3u
00-toots thielemans-verve jazz masters 59-1996-veritas.nfo
00-toots thielemans-verve jazz masters 59-1996-veritas.sfv
01-toots thielemans-undecided-vrt.mp3
02-toots thielemans-body and soul-vrt.mp3
03-toots thielemans-flirt-vrt.mp3
04-toots thielemans-soldier in the rain-vrt.mp3
05-toots thielemans-hummin-vrt.mp3
06-toots thielemans-brown ballad-vrt.mp3
07-toots thielemans-youre my blues machine-vrt.mp3
08-toots thielemans-bluesette-vrt.mp3
09-toots thielemans-big bossa-vrt.mp3
10-toots thielemans-tenor madness-vrt.mp3
11-toots thielemans-nocturne-vrt.mp3
12-toots thielemans-vai passar-vrt.mp3
13-toots thielemans-killer joe-vrt.mp3
14-toots thielemans-the peacocks-vrt.mp3
15-toots thielemans-c to g jam blues-vrt.mp3
16-toots thielemans-for my lady-vrt.mp3
VA-Bossa Nova-(Verve)-CD-2006-OBC
00 va-bossa nova-(verve)-cd-2006.m3u
00 va-bossa nova-(verve)-cd-2006.nfo
00 va-bossa nova-(verve)-cd-2006.sfv
00 va-bossa nova-(verve)-cd-2006-back.jpg
00 va-bossa nova-(verve)-cd-2006-cd.jpg
00 va-bossa nova-(verve)-cd-2006-cover.jpg
00 va-bossa nova-(verve)-cd-2006-inside.jpg
01 tamba trio-mas que nada.mp3
02 sergio mendes trio-the girl from ipanema.mp3
03 klaus doldinger quartet-copacabana.mp3
04 sylvia telles-discussao.mp3
05 baden powell-tristeza.mp3
06 joe pass-el gento.mp3
07 edu lobo-upa neginho.mp3
08 oscar peterson trio-triste.mp3
09 art van damme-wave.mp3
10 ella fitzgerald-useless landscape.mp3
11 j.t. meirelles-o barquinho.mp3
12 coleman hawkins-desafinado.mp3
13 astrud gilberto-agua de beber.mp3
14 luiz bonfa-bossa nova cha cha.mp3
15 bob brookmeyer-a felicidade.mp3
16 elsie bianchi-meditation.mp3
17 stan getz and laurindo almeida-once again.mp3
18 antonio carlos jobim-chega de saudade (bst).mp3
VA-Cool Jazz-(Verve)-CD-2006-OBC
00 va-cool jazz-(verve)-cd-2006.m3u
00 va-cool jazz-(verve)-cd-2006.nfo
00 va-cool jazz-(verve)-cd-2006.sfv
00 va-cool jazz-(verve)-cd-2006-back.jpg
00 va-cool jazz-(verve)-cd-2006-cd.jpg
00 va-cool jazz-(verve)-cd-2006-cover.jpg
00 va-cool jazz-(verve)-cd-2006-inside.jpg
01 art farmer - benny golson jazztet-the cool one.mp3
02 miles davis-au bar du petit bac.mp3
03 ed thigpen-harper.mp3
04 chet baker-i wish you love.mp3
05 wes montgomery-whats new.mp3
06 max roach-crackle hut.mp3
07 dizzy gillespie-coolie.mp3
08 al cohn-zoot sims quintet-angel eyes.mp3
09 paul gonsalves-cleos asp.mp3
10 stan getz-serenade in blue.mp3
11 jimmy giuffre-the easy way.mp3
12 roy haynes quartet-snap crackle.mp3
13 lee konitz-foolin myself.mp3
14 hans koller-the gentle art of love.mp3
15 gerry mulligan and paul desmond-wintersong.mp3
16 barney wilen-nuages.mp3
VA-Jazz Remixed-(Verve)-CD-2006-OBC
00 va-jazz remixed-(verve)-cd-2006.m3u
00 va-jazz remixed-(verve)-cd-2006.nfo
00 va-jazz remixed-(verve)-cd-2006.sfv
00 va-jazz remixed-(verve)-cd-2006-back.jpg
00 va-jazz remixed-(verve)-cd-2006-cd.jpg
00 va-jazz remixed-(verve)-cd-2006-cover.jpg
00 va-jazz remixed-(verve)-cd-2006-inside.jpg
01 orchester erwin lehn-color (saluts intro edit).mp3
02 space jazz dub men-it dont mean a thing (incognito remix).mp3
03 george shearing-aquarius (the maxwell implosion remix).mp3
04 wolfgang dauner-just bring it out (andy smith and scott hendy remix).mp3
05 nylon-im 80. stockwerk (the maxwell implosion vs. ben human mix).mp3
06 peter herbolzheimer rhythm combination and brass-ballad of the sad young men.mp3
07 ella fitzgerald-sunshine of your love (rockers hi-fi remix).mp3
08 horst jankowski quartet-speech craft (forss no sleep til dawn remix).mp3
09 monty alexander-monticello (vinyl vibes remix).mp3
10 michael sauer vs. the phoneheads feat. bill ramsey-why and how.mp3
11 dave pike set-mathar (frank popp ensemble mix).mp3
12 fritz pauer-terra samba (xaver fischer remix).mp3
13 george duke-feel (spacek remix).mp3
14 don menza-morning song (dj dsl mix).mp3
VA-The Complete Verve Remixed (BOX SET)-4CD-2005-0MNi
000-va-the complete verve remixed (box set)-4cd-2005-0mni.m3u
000-va-the complete verve remixed (box set)-4cd-2005-0mni.nfo
000-va-the complete verve remixed (box set)-4cd-2005-0mni.sfv
101-willie bobo-spanish grease (dorfmeister con madrid de los austrias muga reserva mix).mp3
102-carmen mcrae-how long has this been going on (mj cole remix).mp3
103-astrud gilberto-who needs forever (thievery corporation remix).mp3
104-dinah washington-is you is or is you aint my baby (rae and christian remix).mp3
105-nina simone-feelin good (joe claussell remix).mp3
106-shirley horn-return to paradise (mark de clive-lowe remix).mp3
107-ella fitzgerald-wait till you see him (de-phazz remix).mp3
108-billie holiday-dont explain (dzihan and kamien remix).mp3
109-nina simone-see-line woman (masters at work remix).mp3
110-sarah vaughan-summertime (ufo remix).mp3
111-billie holiday-strange fruit (tricky remix).mp3
112-tony scott-hare krishna (king britt funke mix).mp3
201-dizzy gillespie-manteca (the funky lowlives remix).mp3
202-nina simone-sinnerman (felix da housecats heavenly house mix).mp3
203-sarah vaughan-whatever lola wants (gotan project remix).mp3
204-oscar brown jr.-brother where are you (matthew herbert remix).mp3
205-ella fitzgerald-slap that bass remix (miguel migs petalpusher remix).mp3
206-archie shepp-blues for brother george jackson (mondo grosso next wave mix).mp3
207-ella fitzgerald-angel eyes (layo and bushwacka remix).mp3
208-ramsey lewis-do what you wanna (mr. scruffs soul party mix).mp3
209-cal tjader-soul sauce (fila brazillia remix).mp3
210-willie bobo-fried neckbones and some home fries (dan the automator remix).mp3
211-betty carter-naimas love song (dj spinna remix).mp3
212-hugh masekela-mama (metro area birthday dub).mp3
213-astrud gilberto-heres that rainy day (koop remix).mp3
214-nina simone-black is the color of my true loves hair (jaffa remix).mp3
301-nina simone- little girl blue (postal service remix).mp3
302-billie holiday- speak low (bent remix).mp3
303-anita o day- sing sing sing (rsl remix).mp3
304-sarah vaughan- fever (adam freeland remix).mp3
305-shirley horn- come dance with me (sugardaddy remix).mp3
306-blossom dearie- just one of those things (brazilian girls remix).mp3
307-astrud gilberto- the gentle rain (rjd2 remix).mp3
308-sarah vaughan- peter gunn (max sedgley remix).mp3
309-jimmy smith- stay loose (lyrics born remix).mp3
310-hugh masekela- the boys doin it (carl craig remix).mp3
311-nina simone- lilac wine (the album leaf remix).mp3
312-billie holiday- yesterdays (junior boys remix).mp3
313-dinah washington- baby did you hear (danger mouse remix).mp3
401-walter wanderley- popcorn (diplo remix).mp3
402-cal tjader- los banditos (michael reinboth remix).mp3
403-dorothy ashby- afro-harping (car craig remix).mp3
404-ramsey lewis- 1 2 3 (raw deal remix).mp3
405-dizzy gillespie and funky lowlives - manteca.mp3
406-felix da housecat and nina simone - sinnerman.mp3
407-sarah vaughan- fever.mp3
408-ella fitzgerald- slap that bass (miguel migs extended petalpusher remix).mp3
409-archie shepp- blues for brother george jackson (mondo grosso next wave extended remix).mp3
VA--Verve Club (Legendary Jazz Grooves 1957 Till 2009)-2010-OMA
00-va--verve club (legendary jazz grooves 1957 till 2009)-2010-oma.jpg
00-va--verve club (legendary jazz grooves 1957 till 2009)-2010-oma.m3u
00-va--verve club (legendary jazz grooves 1957 till 2009)-2010-oma.nfo
00-va--verve club (legendary jazz grooves 1957 till 2009)-2010-oma.sfv
01-mark murphy--stolen moments-oma.mp3
02-harace silver quintet--not enough mama-oma.mp3
03-stan getz--wives and lovers-oma.mp3
04-bill evans--the caretakers theme-oma.mp3
05-yusef lateef--chang chang chang-oma.mp3
06-dizzy gillespie--panamericana-oma.mp3
07-cal tjader--samba do suenho-oma.mp3
08-bebel gilberto--bim bom-oma.mp3
09-jimmy smith--whos afraid of virginia woolf-oma.mp3
10-la clave--move your hands-oma.mp3
11-george benson--thunder walk-oma.mp3
12-willie bobo--roots-oma.mp3
13-kai winding--cantaloupe island-oma.mp3
14-count basie--shanghaied-oma.mp3
15-ella fitzgerald--like young-oma.mp3
16-the oscar peterson trio--goodbye j.d.-oma.mp3
17-anita oday--senor blues-oma.mp3
18-wes montgomery--movin wes-oma.mp3
19-jimmy smith--burning spear-oma.mp3
20-wynton kelly trio--souh seas-oma.mp3
VA-Verve Fall Into The Groove-2006-MP3
00-va-verve fall into the groove-2006-mp3.m3u
00-va-verve fall into the groove-2006-mp3.nfo
00-va-verve fall into the groove-2006-mp3.sfv
01-natalie cole-day dreaming.mp3
02-gladys knight-god bless the child.mp3
03-regina carter featuring carla cook-ill be seeing you- a sentimental journey.mp3
04-milt jackson and ray brown-enchanted lady.mp3
05-the rh factor-a place.mp3
06-mindi abair-the joint.mp3
07-brian culbertson-lets get started.mp3
va-verve remixed 2-advance-2003-cms
00-va-verve remixed 2-advance-2003-cms.m3u
00-va-verve remixed 2-advance-2003-cms.nfo
00-va-verve remixed 2-advance-2003-cms.sfv
01-manteca (funky lowlives remix) - dizzy gillespie-cms.mp3
02-sinnerman (felix da housecat heavenly house mix) - nina simone-cms.mp3
03-whatever lola wants (gotan project remix) - sarah vaughan-cms.mp3
04-brother where are you (matthew herbert remix) - oscar brown jr-cms.mp3
05-slap that bass (miguel migs petalpusher remix) - ella fitzgerald-cms.mp3
06-blues for brother george jackson (mondo grosso next wave remix) - archie shepp-cms.mp3
07-angel eyes (layo and bushwacka remix) - ella fitzgerald-cms.mp3
07-angel eyes (layo and bushwacka remix) - ella fitzgerald-cms .mp3
08-do what you wanna (mr. scruff remix) - ramsey lewis-cms.mp3
09-soul sauce (fila brazillia remix) - cal tjader-cms.mp3
10-fried neckbones and some homefries (dan the automator remix) - willie bobo-cms.mp3
11-naimas love song (dj spinna remix) - betty carter-cms.mp3
12-mama (metro areas birthday dub) - hugh masekela-cms.mp3
13-heres that rainy day (koop remix) - astrud gilberto-cms.mp3
14-black is the color. (jaffa remix) - nina simone-cms.mp3
VA-Verve Remixed 3-2005-RNS
00-va-verve remixed 3-2005.m3u
00-va-verve remixed 3-2005.nfo
00-va-verve remixed 3-2005.sfv
01-nina simone-little girl blue (postal service remix).mp3
02-billie holiday-speak low (bent remix).mp3
03-anita oday-sing sing sing (rsl remix).mp3
04-sarah vaughan-fever (adam freeland remix).mp3
05-shirley horn-come dance with me (sugardaddy remix).mp3
06-blossom dearie-just one of those things (brazilian girls remix).mp3
07-astrud gilberto-the gentle rain (rjd2 remix).mp3
08-sarah vaughan-peter gunn (max sedgley remix).mp3
09-jimmy smith-stay loose (lyrics born remix).mp3
10-hugh masekela-the boys doin it (carl craig remix).mp3
11-nina simone-lilac wine (the album leaf remix).mp3
12-billie holiday-yesterdays (junior boys remix).mp3
13-dinah washington-baby did you hear (danger mouse remix).mp3
VA-Verve Remixed 4-2008-VERVEREMiXED4
00-va-verve remixed 4-2008.m3u
00-va-verve remixed 4-2008.nfo
00-va-verve remixed 4-2008.sfv
01-dinah washington-cry me a river (truth and soul remix).mp3
02-nina simone-gimme some (mike mangini remix).mp3
03-james brown-there was a time (kenny dope remix).mp3
04-marlena shaw-california soul (diplo-mad decent remix).mp3
05-nina simone-take care of business (pilooski edit).mp3
06-astrud gilberto-bim bom (psapp remix).mp3
07-anita oday-tenderly (mocky remix).mp3
08-sarah vaughan-tea for two (chris shaw remix).mp3
09-patato and totico-dilo como yo (antibalas remix).mp3
10-willie bobo-evil ways (karriem riggins remix).mp3
11-roy ayers-everybody loves the sunshine (9th wonder remix).mp3
12-ella fitzgerald-i get a kick out of you (cinematic orchestra remix).mp3
VA-Verve Today 2006-(VERVE)-CD-2006-OBC
00 va-verve today 2006-(verve)-cd-2006.m3u
00 va-verve today 2006-(verve)-cd-2006.nfo
00 va-verve today 2006-(verve)-cd-2006.sfv
01 gladys knight-god bless the child.mp3
02 roy hargrove-nothing serious.mp3
03 toots thielemans feat oleta adams-stormy weather.mp3
04 till broenner-a distant episode.mp3
05 ketil bjoernstad-the rainbow.mp3
06 rebekka bakken-any pretty girl.mp3
07 elvis costello and allen toussaint-the sharpest thorn.mp3
08 chris potter-the wheel.mp3
09 the mungolian jet set-navigator.mp3
10 rh factor-a place.mp3
11 richard bona-tiki.mp3
12 salif keita-kamoukie.mp3
13 dhafer youssef-27th ethos.mp3
14 mari boine-vuoi vuoi mu.mp3
15 torun eriksen-stories.mp3
VA--Verve Today-2010-OMA
00-va--verve today-2010-oma.jpg
00-va--verve today-2010-oma.m3u
00-va--verve today-2010-oma.nfo
00-va--verve today-2010-oma.sfv
01-hamel--march april may-oma.mp3
02-terez montcalm--le requin danse-oma.mp3
03-boby mcferrin--say ladeo-oma.mp3
04-david sanborn--the peeper-oma.mp3
05-imelda may--its your voodoo working-oma.mp3
06-trombone shorty--hurricane season-oma.mp3
08-eivind aarset sonic codex orchestra--doerbak saray-oma.mp3
09-dhafer youssef--sabaa hayastan dance-oma.mp3
10-salif keita--la difference-oma.mp3
11-dee dee bridgewater--lady sings the blues-oma.mp3
12-youssou ndour--medina-oma.mp3
13-solveig slettahjell slow motion orchestra--right as rain-oma.mp3
14-jose james jef neve--just squeeze me-oma.mp3
15-rebekka bakken--powder room collapse-oma.mp3
16-ryuichi sakamoto--riot in lagos-oma.mp3
VA--Verve Today-2011-OMA
00-va--verve today-2011-oma.jpg
00-va--verve today-2011-oma.m3u
00-va--verve today-2011-oma.nfo
00-va--verve today-2011-oma.sfv
01-bkki yanosky--never make it on time-oma.mp3
02-michel camilo--the sidewinder-oma.mp3
03-nailah porter--breathe-oma.mp3
04-julian lage group--listening walk-oma.mp3
05-hugh masekela--u dwi-oma.mp3
06-celine rudolph--liebeskrank-oma.mp3
07-john scofield--simply put-oma.mp3
08-tigran hamasyan--samsara-oma.mp3
09-bugge wesseltoft--kammermusik-oma.mp3
11-liz wright--(ive got to use my) imagination-oma.mp3
12-armin mueller stahl--spielt der donner -oma.mp3
13-gerald clayton--bootleg bruise-oma.mp3
14-frank chastenier--ella elle la-oma.mp3
VA-Verve Unmixed 2-2003-XXL
00-va-verve unmixed 2-2003-xxl.m3u
00-va-verve unmixed 2-2003-xxl.nfo
00-va-verve unmixed 2-2003-xxl.sfv
01-dizzy gillespie-manteca-xxl.mp3
02-nina simone-sinnerman-xxl.mp3
03-sarah vaughan-whatever lola wants-xxl.mp3
04-oscar brown jr-brother where are you-xxl.mp3
05-ella fitzgerald-slap that bass-xxl.mp3
06-archie shepp-blues for brother george jackson-xxl.mp3
07-ella fitzgerald-angel eyes-xxl.mp3
08-ramsay lewis-do what you wanna-xxl.mp3
09-cal tjader-soul sauce-xxl.mp3
10-willie bobo-fried neckbones and home fries-xxl.mp3
11-betty carter-naimas love song-xxl.mp3
12-hugh masekela-mama-xxl.mp3
13-astrud gilberto-heres that rainy day-xxl.mp3
14-nina simone-black is the color of my true loves hair-xxl.mp3
VA-Verve Unmixed 3-2005-RNS
00-va-verve unmixed 3-2005.m3u
00-va-verve unmixed 3-2005.nfo
00-va-verve unmixed 3-2005.sfv
01-nina simone-little girl blue.mp3
02-billie holiday-speak low.mp3
03-anita oday-sing sing sing.mp3
04-sarah vaughan-fever.mp3
05-shirley horn-come dance with me.mp3
06-blossom dearie-just one of those things.mp3
07-astrud gilberto-the gentle rain.mp3
08-sarah vaughan-peter gunn.mp3
09-jimmy smith-stay loose.mp3
10-hugh masekela-the boys doin it.mp3
11-nina simone-lilac wine.mp3
12-billie holiday-yesterdays.mp3
13-dinah washington-baby did you hear.mp3
VA-Verve Unmixed 4-2008-MTD
00-va-verve unmixed 4-2008.m3u
00-va-verve unmixed 4-2008.nfo
00-va-verve unmixed 4-2008.sfv
01-dinah washington-cry me a river.mp3
02-nina simone-gimme some.mp3
03-james brown-there was a time.mp3
04-marlena shaw-california soul.mp3
05-nina simone-take care of business.mp3
06-astrud gilberto-bim bom.mp3
07-anita oday-tenderly.mp3
08-sarah vaughan-tea for two.mp3
09-patato and totico-dilo como yo.mp3
10-willie bobo-evil ways.mp3
11-roy ayers-everybody loves the sunshine.mp3
12-ella fitzgerald-i get a kick out of you.mp3
VA-Verve Unmixed-2002-EGO
00-va-verve unmixed-ego.m3u
00-va-verve unmixed-ego.nfo
00-va-verve unmixed-ego.sfv
01-willie bobo-spanish grease-ego.mp3
02-carmen mcrae-how long has this been going on-ego.mp3
03-astrud gilberto-who needs forever-ego.mp3
04-dinah washington-is you or is you aint my baby-ego.mp3
05-nina simone-feeling good-ego.mp3
06-shirley horn-return to paradise-ego.mp3
07-ella fitzgerald-wait til you see her-ego.mp3
08-billy holiday-dont exlplain-ego.mp3
09-nina simone-see line woman-ego.mp3
10-sarah vaughan-summertime-ego.mp3
11-billie holiday-strange fruit-ego.mp3
12-tony scott-hare krishna hail krishna-ego.mp3

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