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Old Music Collection 1978 Part2
  Collections | Author: Admin | 18-11-2020, 08:14
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Keeling Beckford-Combination-WEB-1978-JAH
Keith Hudson-Bloody Eyes Remix-VLS-1978-RKS
Keith Hudson-Rasta Communication (GREENLEEVES DELUXE EDITION 2012)-2CD-1978-RAC
Keith Mansfield-Kpm 1000 Series National Heritage Rural Heritage-(KPM 1221)-WEB-1978-gF
Keith Mansfield-Kpm 1000 Series Olympiad 2001-(KPM 1220)-WEB-1978-gF
Ken Boothe-Showcase-LP-1978-YARD
Keshavan Maslak Trio-Buddhas Hand-LP-1978-JUST
King Floyd-I Wanna Slow Dance Wit Cha BW Stop Look and Listen-VLS-1978-Gully
King Sighter-The One Eyed Giant-(Vinyl)-1978-0MNi
KISS - Gene Simmons-Remastered-1978-INT-GORE
Kiss-Ace Frehley-1978-DNR
Kiss-Ace Frehley-1978-LAMB
KISS-Peter Criss-1978-INT-GORE
Kitch-Melodies Of The 21st Century-LP-1978-LiViTY
Klaus Weiss-Time Signals-WEB-1978-UVU
Klaus Wunderlich-Wunderlich Pops 7-LP-1978-D2H
Knowledge-Hail Dread-(ALMH68500)-LP-1978-corn
Kool and the Gang-Everybodys Dancin-LP-1978-JCE
Kool and the Gang-Spin Their Top Hits-1978-JCE
Kraftwerk - Die Mensch-Maschine (German)-1978-CMG
Kraftwerk - The Man Machine (English) Track 1 Fixed-1978-CMG
Kraftwerk - The Man Machine (English)-1978-CMG
Kraftwerk - The Man Machine (English)-1978-DMA
Kraftwerk-The Man Machine-1978-RWHCLASSIX
Kraftwerk-The Man Machine-English-1978-cmg
Kraftwerk-The Man-Machine-1978-CMG
Kraftwerk-The Model (Vinyl)-1978-cLuBMP3
Lasse Stefanz-Darlin-1978-Sn00py
Latimore-Dig A Little Deeper-LP-1978-GCP
Leda-Welcome To Joyland-LP-1978-USR
Lee Perry-Free the Prisoners (DISCO PRISON 12 INCH)-EP-1978-RAC iNT
Lee Perry-Roast Fish Collie Weed and Corn Bread-1978-RAC iNT
Lee Scratch Perry And The Upsetters-The Original Super Ape-1978-RAC
Leningrad Dixieland-Leningrad Dixieland-LP-1978-D2H
Lenny Williams-Spark Of Love (Expanded Edition)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1978-ENRAGED
Leo Graham-My Little Sandra (12 Inch PMSDD-496)-VLS-1978-Gully
Leon Haywood-Double My Pleasure-LP-1978-GCP
Leroy Hutson-Closer To The Source-LP-1978-GCP INT
Leroy Sibbles-Aint No Love Bw New Song (12 Inch)-VLS-1978-Gully
Leroy Smart-Dread Hot In Africa-LP-1978-RAC
Leroy Smart-In London Clinker-LP-1978-A
Leroy Smart-Jah Almighty (12 Inch)-VLS-1978-YARD
Leroy Smart-Jamaica In Peace (12 Inch)-VLS-1978-YARD
Leroy Smart-Leroy Smart And Friends-CD-1978-RKS
Letta Mbulu--Letta-(TMC5213)-WEB-1978-BABAS INT
Linda Ronstadt-Living In The Usa-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Dread Beat An Blood-1978-ESK
Linval Thompson-I Love Marijuana-VLS-1978-RAC
Linval Thompson-Love Is The Question-(Vinyl)-1978-0MNi
Lloyd Parks And U Brown-Reach Out-VLS-1978-YARD
Lonnie Liston Smith-Loveland-WEB-1978-AMOR INT
Lopez Walker-Trial Days Bw Fly Away (12 Inch RF38)-VLS-1978-Gully
Lord Creator-Passing Through (12 Inch CJ 3022)-VLS-1978-Gully
Lord Shorty-Soca Explosion-LP-1978-LiViTY
Louisa Mark And The In Crowd-6 Six Street-(BFM 107)-12INCH VINYL-1978-Gully
Lucrethia and the Azoto 14008-Dance Skinsation-WEB-1978-UVU
Magnum Bonum-Reggae Aer Hans Liv-VLS-SE-1978-YARD
Magnus and Brasse-Det Aer Serverat-SE-1978-ATM
Magnus Uggla - Vittring (Remastered 1997)-1978-IND
Manchild-Feel The Phuff-LP-1978-GCP INT
Manfred Manns Earth Band-Watch-WEB-1978-TosK INT
Marcia Griffiths-Naturally Steppin-WEB-1978-JAH
Marcia Griffiths-Stepping Out of Babylon (7 Inch Read NFO)-VLS-1978-Gully
Marie Pierre-Walk Away (7 Inch HOSS-157)-VLS-1978-Gully
Markku Aro-Anna Aikaa-WEB-FI-1978-KALEVALA
Matumbi-Seven Seals-VL-1978-RAC
Maxime Le Forestier-Sentimental Vol 1-Vinyl-FR-1978-SNOOK
Maxime Le Forestier-Sentimental Vol 2-Vinyl-FR-1978-SNOOK
McCoy Tyner-Passion Dance (Remastered)-WEB-1978-MOHAWK
Mcfadden and Whitehead-Aint No Stoppin Us Now-Vinyl-1978-LiViTY
Meditations-Wake Up-LP-1978-YARD
Merchant-Um Ba Yao-VLS-1978-LiViTY
Metropolis featuring The Sweethearts-The Greatest Show On Earth-WEB-1978-UVU
Michael Baker-Rayman-VLS-1978-HLC
Michael Campbell-Love The Dread-VLS-1978-RAC
Michael Propet-Conscious Man (Vivian Jackson)-VLS-1978-RAC
Midnight Oil-Midnight Oil-1978-EOS
Mighty Diamonds-Tell Me Whats Wrong (Well Charge)-VLS-1978-RAC
Mighty Gypsy-Worrier-VLS-1978-Gully
Mighty Threes-Africa Shall Stretch Forth Her Hand-LP-1978-RAC
Mikey Dread-African Anthem Dubwise-1978-RAC
Mikey Dread-Dread At The Controls Christmas Special-1978-RAC
Mix Flour and Sugar-Screw The Cock Tight-VLS-1978-JRO
Montana-I Love You (SD 19215)-LP-1978-Gully
Moodie-In Dub Vol.1 - Black Slate Meets Souls Syndicate-VL-1978-RAC
Mothers Finest-Mother Factor-LP-1978-GCP
Motor City Drum Ensemble - Selectors 001-WEB-1978-0DAY
Motorhead-Louie Louie-(VLS)-1978-DNR
Nationalteatern-Barn Av Var Tid-SE-1978-GCP
Naturally-Ill Get by Bw All I Have is Written in Your Eyes (12 Inch BFM 111)-VLS-1978-Gully
Neil Young-Comes A Time-1978-agw INT
Nigger Kojak And Lizza-Showcase-LP-1978-RAC
Nina.Hagen.Band Nina.Hagen.Band-1978-RBC
Nino Manfredi-Tarzan Lo Fa-(SPB 55)-VINYL-IT-1978-B2A INT
Odyssey-Hollywood Party Tonight-1978-GCP
Ohio Players-Jass-Ay-Lay-Dee-WEB-1978-AMOR INT
Olivia Newton-John-Totally Hot-TAPE-1978-GCP
Orchestre Septentrional-Souvenir Danniversaire-WEB-FR-1978-AZF
Orlando Riva Sound-Body to Body Boogie-WEB-1978-UVU
OST-American Hot Wax-2LP-1978-CMS
OST-Animal House-1978-EOS
OST-Grease-1978-KSi INT
Otis G Johnson-Everything God Is Love 78-WEB-1978-ENRiCH
Pablo Moses-I Love I Bring-VL-1978-RAC
Pablo Moses-Revolutionary Dreams-VL-1978-RAC INT
Pamela Maynaed-Lu Lu (12 Inch 78-3)-VLS-1978-Gully
Pamela Maynard-Sugar Bum Bum (12 Inch 78-2)-VLS-1978-Gully
Paradise Express-Paradise Express-LP-1978-GCP
Pat Kelly-You Send Me Bw Johnny Clarke-Simmer Down (12 Inch MR-78-5-4)-VLS-1978-Gully
Patrick Adams Presents Phreek--Self Titled LP (SD 19213)-Vinyl-1978-dL
Patrick Andy And Ranking Barnabas-Woman Woman Woman (12 Inch GMDM 3)-VLS-1978-Gully
Patrick Andy-You Dont Want Me-VLS-1978-YARD
Patti LaBelle-Tasty (Expanded)-(BONUS TRACKS)-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Pattie Brooks-Our Ms. Brooks-LP-1978-GCP
Paul And Delroy-Talk It Out Dub (12 Inch DRDD01)-EP-1978-YARD
Paul And Delroy-Talk It Out Dub-(DRDD01)-12INCH VINYL-1978-Gully INT
Peaches And Herb-2 Hot-(2391378)-LP-1978-GCP
Peps Blodsband-Spar-LP-SE-1978-YARD
Peps Perssons Blodsband-Spaar-Vinyl-1978-SRC
Perikles-Perikles Nr.3-1978-NoGRP
Peter Brown-A Fantasy Love Affair-WEB-1978-ESG
Peter King-Moods (OLP016)-LP-1978-Gully
Phillip Frazer-Come Ethiopians-LP-1978-JAH
Pink Floyd-Under Construction (The Wall demo)-1978-PMS
Prince Ala-Naw Go A Them Burial (7 Inch)-VLS-1978-RKS
Prince Allah-Their Revard (7 Inch GS010)-1978-RAC
Prince Far I-Health And Strength-1978-JAH
Prince Hammer-Never See Come See-VLS-1978-YARD
Prince Jammy-In Lion Dub Style-VL-1978-RKS
Prince Mohammed-People Are You Ready-LP-1978-YARD
Prince-For You-1978-DNR
Problems - Ei Taa Lama Paahan Kay-Vinyl-FI-1978-SOP INT
Professor Longhair-Live On The Queen Mary-WEB-1978-ENRiCH
Quazar-Quazar (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1978-ENRAGED
Queen-Bicycle Race (WideScreen)-DVDrip-Svcd-1978-mV4U
Queen-Dont Stop Me Now (WideScreen)-DVDrip-Svcd-1978-mV4U
Queen-Fat Bottomed Girls (WideScreen)-DVDrip-Svcd-1978-mV4U
Queen-Jazz-CD-1978-iOM INT
Quiet Riot - Quiet Riot-(CDEPC 32783)-CD-1978-MCA int
R Stevie Moore-Delicate Tension-1978-WEB320
R Stevie Moore-Games and Groceries-2CD-1978-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Pow Wow-1978-WEBV0
R Stevie Moore-Sheetrock-1978-WEB320
R Stevie Moore-The North-2CD-1978-WEB320
Rainbow-Long Live Rock N Roll-1978-DNR
Ranking Joe-Weekheart fadeaway-1978-RAC
Ranking Joe-Weekheart Fadeaway-CD-1978-RAC
Ranking Trevor and Trinity-Three Piece Chicken and Chips-LP-1978-MostHigh
Ras Ibuna and Jah Woosh-Pay Dem Dues bw Diverse Doctrine-VLS-1978-RAC
Ras Ibuna And Jah Woosh-Pay Them Dues Bw Diverse Doctrine (12 Inch GMDM 7)-VLS-1978-Gully
Ras Midas-Rain And Fire-LP-1978-RAC
Raydio-Raydio (Expanded)-WEB-1978-ESG
Real Thing-Step Into Our World-LP-1978-GCP
Reggae Regular-The Black Star Liner Bw Its Coming-(VLS)-1978-SSR
Regina James-Dancin In The Flames Of Love-WEB-1978-UVU
REO Speedwagon-You Can Tune a Piano But You Cant Tuna Fish-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Revelation-Jah Feelings-(VLS)-1978-SSR
Revolutionary Sounds-Four on One-VLS-1978-Gully
Richard Pryor-The Wizard Of Comedy-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Rick James-Come Get It-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Rinder and Lewis--Seven Deadly Sins (NSPL28252)-Vinyl-1978-dL INT
Robert Rental-Paralysis-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED
Roberta Kelly-Gettin The Spirit-LP-1978-GCP
Roce Royce-Strikes Again-LP-1978-GCP INT
Rockers All Stars-Chanting Dub-CD-1978-YARD
Rockers All Stars-Chanting Dub-LP-1978-YARD
Rockets-On The Road Again-WEB-1978-MARR
Rod Taylor-His Imperial Majesty-VLS-1978-YARD
Roedelius-Durch die Wueste-WEB-1978-ENSLAVE
Roman Stewart-Praise Jah-VLS-1978-RAC
Ronnie Davis-Breaking Up Bw Part 2-VLS-1978-YARD
Ronnie Davis-Hard Times-LP-1978-RAC
Rose Royce-Rose Royce III Strikes Again-WEB-1978-ENRAGED iNT
Roundtree--Discocide (Mango)-Vinyl-1978-dL
Roy Ayers Presents Ubiquity-Starbooty-LP-1978-GCP
Rudolf Rock Und Die Schocker-Volle Pulle-WEB-DE-1978-ALPMP3
Rufus and Chaka Khan-Street Player-LP-1978-GCP INT
Russ Ballard-At the Third Stroke-LP-1978-iCU
Ryuichi Sakamoto-Thousand Knives-WEB-1978-SOUNDz
Sammy Hagar-All Night Long-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Sandy Mercer-Hey Love Come And Get It-WEB-1978-UVU
Santic-No Justice for the Poor (7 Inch MS05)-VLS-1978-Gully
Sarah Dash-Sarah Dash-LP-1978-GCP
Schytts-VM Skivan-1978-Sn00py
Seals and Crofts-Takin It Easy-WEB-1978-MARR
Sister Sledge I Gatti Di Vicolo Miracoli-Capito-(PROMO 073)-45RPM VINYL-1978-B2A INT
Slave-The Concept-WEB-1978-ESG
Sleepy Sleepers-Holiday in New York 59-Vinyl-FI-1978-COS
Sleepy Sleepers-Takaisin Karjalaan-FI-1978-COS
Sly And Robbie-Disco Dub-LP-1978-YARD
Smokey Robinson-Love Breeze-LP-1978-GCP
Smokey Robinson-Love Breeze-WEB-1978-ESG
Sonia-I Never Knew (12 Inch)-VLS-1978-RKS
Sonny and Debby-Sweat Suit-VLS-1978-YARD
Sons of Jah and Ranking Reuben-Israel Bw Dubsco (12 Inch CONGO002)-VLS-1978-Gully
Sons Of Jah And Ranking Reuben-Save The Children-VLS-1978-JAH
Sons Of Jah-Bankrupt Morality-LP-1978-RAC
Space Art--Nous Savons Tout (Carrere)-Vinyl-1978-dL
Stanley Turrentine-What About You-LP-1978-GCP
Starcastle-Real To Reel-WEB-1978-MARR
Steel Pulse - Handsworth Revolution-1978-HiEM INT
Steel Pulse-Handsworth Revolution-1978-ISA
Steel Pulse-Handsworth Revolution-1978-SmO
Steel Pulse-Handsworth Revolution-CD-1978-2GCREW
Steel Pulse-Handsworth Revolution-Retail CD-1978-507 INT
Stephanie Samuels-Africa We Want To Go-VLS-1978-NOiR
Steve Baswell-Cool Rasta Man Cool-(DSR5803)-12INCH VLS-1978-Gully
Steve Hillage - Green-(HQ)-(CDV2098)-1978-ZAiK iNT
Steve Martin - Wild and Crazy Guy-(Vinyl)-1978-WPi
Stiff Little Fingers-Suspect Device-7 Inch-1978-rH
Suburban Studs-Slam-WEB-1978-FREGON INT
Sufferer Sound-I A Suffer Bw National Front (12 Inch TEMD2)-VLS-1978-Gully
Sugar Minott-This Old Mans-VLS-1978-JAH
Sven-Erics-Karlek I Det Bla-1978-Sn00py
Sweet Cream-Sweet Cream and Other Delights-LP-1978-GCP
Sylvan Morris And Harry J-Cultural Dub-Vinyl-1978-RAC
Sylvan White-Mountain Top (Read NFO)-(VLS)-1978-SSR
T-Connection--At Midnight (DAS-5048)-Vinyl-1978-dL
Talking Heads-More Songs About Buildings And Food-1978-EOS
Tamlins-Season For Girls Bw Best Things In Life (12 Inch HD 015)-VLS-1978-Gully
Tasha Thomas-Shoot Me (With Your Love)-VLS-1978-GCP INT
Tavares-Future Bound-LP-1978-GCP
Teaze-On the Loose-LP-1978-iCU
Ted Nugent - Double Live Gonzo-2CD-1978-SOP INT
Ted Nugent- Double Live Gonzo-2CD-1978-PRW INT
Ted Nugent-Double Live Gonzo-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Ted Nugent-Weekend Warriors-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Ted Taylor-Keepin My Head Above Water-LP-1978-GCP
Terry Callier-Fire On Ice-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Tetrack-Lets Get Started-VL-1978-RAC
The 5th Dimension-Star Dancing-LP-1978-GCP
The Abbysinians-This Land Is For Every One (7 Inch)-VLS-1978-RKS
The Abdul Hassan Orchestra-Arabian Affair-LP-1978-GCP
The Abyssinians-Arise (UK MINT)-LP-1978-UPR
The Aggravators And Revolutionaries-Guerilla Dub (BURNING SOUNDS)-LP-1978-UPR
The Aggrovators-Jammies In Lion Dub Style (LIVE AND LOVE HI REZ)-LP-1978-UPR
The Aggrovators-Kaya Dub-1978-RAC
The Agrovators-Kaya Dub-1978-RAC
The Arawaks-Dearest Bw Bring Back My Baby (12 Inch BSD008)-VLS-1978-Gully
The Atlantic Family-Live At Montreux-2LP-1978-GCP
The Beatles-I Wanna Hold Your Hand-DVDRiP-SVCD-1978-mV4U
The Blues Brothers-Briefcase Full Of Blues-1978-EOS
The Boppers-Number 1-LP-1978-KLV
The Brecker Brothers - Heavy Metal Be-Bop-1978-SOP INT
The Clash-Give Em Enough Rope-(Joe Strummer Tribute)-1978-SDR INT
The Clash-Give Em Enough Rope-1978-FIH INT
The Crusaders-Images-LP-1978-GCP INT
the dead boys-we have come for your children-1978-sdr
The Dickies-Give It Back-Vinyl-1978-SDR
The Dickies-Paranoid-Vinyl-1978-SDR
The Dickies-Silent Night-Vinyl-1978-SDR
The Doobie Brothers-Minute By Minute-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
The Ethiopian-Open the Gate of Zion-LP-1978-YARD
The Facts Of Life-A Matter Of Fact-LP-1978-GCP
The Fatback Band-Fired Up N Kickin-WEB-1978-AMOR
The Floaters-Magic-LP-1978-GCP
The Gaylads-Stop Making Love Bw if You Dont Mind-(DEB009)-12INCH VLS-1978-Gully
The Gladiators - Proverbial Reggae-(Retail CD)-1978-HiEM iNT
The Gladiators - Proverbial Reggae-1978-RAC
The Gladiators-Proverbale Reggae-1978-KN
The Heptones-In Love With You-LP-1978-A
The Hues Corporation-Your Place Or Mine-LP-1978-GCP INT
The Isley Brothers-Showdown-1978-BLA
The Jolly Brothers-Conscious Man-VLS-1978-RKS
The Kinks-Misfits-1978-DuDE
The London Symphony Orchestra--The Second Movement-Classic Rock-LP-1978-KLV
The Maytones-Boat To Zion-LP-1978-RKS
The Merrymen-Sugar Bum Bum BW Time Marches On-VLS-1978-SPLiFF
The Mexicano-Annies Song-(GUY 15)-VLS-1978-YARD
The Mighty Diamonds-Planet Earth-Vinyl-1978-MostHigh
The Mighty Diamonds-Stand Up To Your Judgement-LP-1978-RKS
The Mystic-Forward With Jah Orthodox-VLS-1978-RAC iNT
The Originals-Another Time Another Place-(FT542)-LP-1978-VULGAR
The Police--So Lonely-AMS7402-VINYL-1978-WUS iNT
The Police-Outlandos Damour-1978-DuDE
The Residents-Duck Stab-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED
The Residents-Not Available-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED
The Revolutionaries - Jonkanoo Dub-(Retail Vinyl)-1978-HiEM iNT
The Revolutionaries-Fatal Dub-EP-1978-YARD
The Revolutionaries-Jonkanoo Dub-LP-1978-RAC
The Revolutionaries-Reaction In Dub-LP-1978-YARD
The Ritchie Family-American Generation-WEB-1978-UVU
The Royals-Israel Be Wise-LP-1978-RAC
The Rutles--I Must Be In Love-K17125-VINYL-1978-WUS
The Shadows-Dont Cry For Me Argentina-(EMI2890)-VINYL-1978-XXS
The Simeons-Dub Conference In London-LP-1978-YARD
The Skatalites-African Roots-LP-1978-RKS
The Slickers-Many Rivers to Cross Bw Dreams to Remember (7 Inch MIRS01003)-VLS-1978-Gully
The Softones-Brand New Day-LP-1978-GCP
The Stockley Sisters-Stay With Me-VLS-1978-GCP
The Stylistics-In Fashion-TAPE-1978-GCP
The Tamlins-Testify (7 Inch Sky-1031)-VLS-1978-Gully
The Tams-The Mighty Mighty Tams-LP-1978-GCP
The Universal Robot Band--Freak With Me (RG-217)-Vinyl-1978-dL
The Upsetters-Return of the Super Ape-LP-1978-YARD INT
The Whispers-Headlights-LP-1978-GCP
Thelma Houston And Jerry Butler-Two To One-LP-1978-GCP
Thelma Houston-Ready To Roll-LP-1978-GCP
Theo Vaness-Back To Music-WEB-1978-UVU
Thin Lizzy-Live and Dangerous-1978-LAMB
Thin Lizzy-Live And Dangerous-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Third World-Journey To Addis-1978-RAC
Third World-Journey to Addis-Vinyl-1978-SRC
Third World-Now That We Found Love Bw One Cold Vibe (Read Nfo) (12 Inch)-VLS-1978-Gully
Thorleifs-15 Goodies-LP-1978-Sn00py
Tim Maia--Disco Club (Atlantic)-Vinyl-BR-1978-dL
Timmy Thomas-Touch To Touch-VLS-1978-GCP
Tom Waits-Blue Valentine-1978-MHQ INT
Tony Hymas-Kpm 1000 Series Wessex Tales and Elements-(KPM 1216)-WEB-1978-gF
Toots n Maytals-Pass The Pipe-CD-1978-ReDz
Tracy Nelson-Homemade Songs Come See About Me-WEB-1978-TERSE
Trinity Vs Dillinger-Clash-VL-1978-RAC
Trinity-At His Toasting Best-LP-1978-MostHigh
Trinity-Dreadlocks Satisfaction-LP-1978-MostHigh
Trinity-Mr Landlord-VLS-1978-YARD
Trinity-Set Up Yourself-VLS-1978-YARD
Truck Stop - Auf Achse-CD-1978-UNiCORN INT
Two Man Sound-Disco Samba (Version Integra)-(C-062-060241)-LP-BR-1978-MAPHiA iNT
Tyrone David and D-Roy Band-Mind Blowing Decisions bw Trenchtown Skank-(DRDD03)-VLS-1978-NOiR
U Brown-Black Star Liner (12 Inch Vole-4)-VLS-1978-Gully
U Brown-Please Doctor (7 Inch)-VLS-1978-Gully
U Brown-Row Fisherman Row-VLS-1978-RKS
U Brown-Weather Baloon-LP-1978-YARD
U Roy And Naggo Morris-Say You (12 Inch)-VLS-1978-YARD
U Roy And The Upsetters-Dreamland-ART25-VINYL-1978-z0ne
U Roy-Carolyn Bw Nana Banana-VLS-1978-YARD
U-Roy-Version Galore-1978-smg
Umoja-Love And Unity-VL-1978-RAC
VA - Grease OST-1978-iRO
VA--Vana Meloodia-Estraadilaule-LP-EE-1978-KLV
VA-Black Echoes (DEBLP2)-LP-1978-Gully
VA-Burning Sounds 12 Inch (BSD 005)-VLS-1978-Gully
VA-Bushays 12 Inch (BFM 105)-VLS-1978-Gully
VA-Bushays 12 Inch (BFM-106)-VLS-1978-Gully
VA-Chanan Jah 12 Inch (CJ 3020)-VLS-1978-Gully
VA-Channel One 12 Inch (JJ-032)-VLS-1978-Gully
VA-Death in the Arena Riddim-Vinyl-1978-RoW
VA-Deb Music 12 Inch DEB019 -VLS-1978-Gully
VA-Deb Music 12 Inch ( DEB019)-VLS-1978-Gully
VA-Deb Music 12 Inch (DEB 008)-VLS-1978-Gully
VA-DEB Music-(DEB015)-12INCH VINYL-1978-Gully
VA-Diamond 12 Inch ( DMDC 703)-VLS-1978-Gully
VA-Ethiopian Kings Riddim-VL-1978-JAH
VA-Fight 12 Inch (FTDD 4430)-VLS-1978-Gully
VA-Fleet (7 Inch 15 794)-VLS-1978-YARD
VA-Ggs 12 Inch (GG 028)-VLS-1978-Gully
VA-Grease - The Original Soundtrack-(Retail)-1978-Homely INT
VA-Grease OST-1978-iRO
VA-Grease Soundtrack-1978-aPC
VA-Grease-1978-KSi INT
VA-Greensleeves (12 Inch GRED01)-VLS-1978-YARD
VA-Grove Misic 12 Inch (GMDM 4)-VLS-1978-Gully
VA-Hitrun 12 Inch (HIT DD 2)-VLS-1978-Gully
VA-Jah Jah New Garden Riddim (Phase One)-VL-1978-RKS
VA-Jah Lion 12 Inch (JLDC 603)-VLS-1978-Gully
VA-Jama Music 12 Inch (JADC 001)-VLS-1978-Gully
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Contemporary Impact-(KPM 1209)-WEB-1978-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Country and Western and Bluegrass-(KPM 1218)-WEB-1978-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Flutes of Fancy-(KPM 1215)-WEB-1978-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Industry and Awards-(KPM 1225)-WEB-1978-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Marchtime USA - Hollywood Heyday-(KPM 1219)-WEB-1978-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Miniature Theme Suites-(KPM 1211)-WEB-1978-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Pictures in the Mind-(KPM 1210)-WEB-1978-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Pulse of the City-(KPM 1214)-WEB-1978-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Small is Beautiful-(KPM 1223)-WEB-1978-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series the Good Life-(KPM 1208)-WEB-1978-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series the World About Us-(KPM 1217)-WEB-1978-gF
VA-Monicas Production-(78-4 78-5)-12INCH VINYL-1978-Gully
VA-New Star (12 Inch DNEW2)-VLS-1978-YARD
VA-Put It On Riddim (Gorgon Records)-VLS-1978-YARD
VA-Rod Taylor-The Emotionals-VL-12inch-1978-RAC
VA-The Front Line 2-LP-1978-HLC
VA-The Wiz-2CD-OST-1978-RAMP3
VA-Tribesman 12 Inch (TM 008)-VLS-1978-Gully
VA-Well Charge - Channel One-1978-RAC
VA-Who is the One (7 Inch)-(VLS)-1978-R2R
VA-Xamayca Music (12 Inch XA001)-VLS-1978-YARD
VA-Xamayca Music 12 Inch (XA 001)-VLS-1978-Gully
Valikausitakki - Valikausitakki-FI-1978-SOP INT
Van Halen-Van Halen-1978-iRO
Van McCoy-My Favorite Fantasy-LP-1978-GCP
Vangelis and Irene Papas - Odes-1978-CHiCNCREAM
Vangelis Beaubourg-CD-1978-UniCorn int
Vangelis The Dragon-CD-1978-UniCorn int
Verna Lee Powell-Mood (Time Will Tell) (12 Inch JADC 005)-VLS-1978-Gully
Vikingarna-Kramgoa Latar 06-1978-Sn00py
Wailing Soul and Rankin Trevor-War (12 Inch)-(VLS)-1978-R2R
Wailing Souls And Ranking Trevor-War-VLS-1978-RKS
Wailing Souls-Jah Jah Give Us Life-(12 Inch)-VLS-1978-YARD
Wayne Jarrett And Jerry Johnson-Come Lets Go-VLS-1978-YARD
Wayne Wade-No One (7 Inch)-VLS-1978-Gully
Well Pleased And Satisfied-Give Thanks And Praise-Vinyl-1978-RAC
WHITESNAKE - Trouble-1978-ATM
Whitesnake-Northwinds-1978-AoR INT
Whitesnake-Trouble-Retail-1978-Recycled INT
Willie Bobo-Hell Of An Act To Follow-WEB-1978-UVU
Wilson Pickett-A Funky Situation-LP-1978-GCP
Wilton Felder-Secrets-LP-1985-GCP999-999-1978-gF
Wilton Felder-We All Have A Star (AA-1009)-LP-1978-Gully
Winston Jarrett and the Rightous Flames-Chuky Hark and Shark (7 Inch TS004)-VLS-1978-Gully
Wizex-Miss Decibel-1978-NHK
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart-Herbert Von Karajan-Symphonies No 38 KV504 and No 39 KV 543-1978-SNOOK
Young-Holt Unlimited-Just A Melody-LP-1969-GCP
10cc--Dreadlock Holiday-6008035-VINYL-1978-WUS
Zambandis-Go Deh Bw Live and Let Live (12 Inch BSD 016)-VLS-1978-Gully
Zarko Dancuo-Dengi Dengi-7inch-Vinyl-1978-FiH
Zarko Dancuo-Poet Zarko Dancuo-VLS-1978-D2H INT

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Old Music Collection 1978 Part1
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10cc-Bloody Tourists-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
10cc-Greatest Hits 1972-1978-1979-DNR
15 16 17-Emotion (12 Inch DEB 003)-VLS-1978-Gully
15 16 17-Good Times Bw Black Skin Boys (12 Inch DEB-012)-VLS-1978-Gully
15 16 17-Only Sixteen Bw Girls Imaginaion (12 Inch)-VLS-1978-Gully
15 16 17-Suddenly Happiness Bw Ooh Ooh-(DEB 006)-12INCH VINYL-1978-Gully
999-999-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
999-Separates-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
A Taste of Honey-A Taste of Honey-1978-CMS
A Taste Of Honey-Boogie Oogie Oogie-VLS-1978-GCP
Abba-Eagle-DVDRip-XviD-1978-MV iNT
Abba-Summer Night City-DVDRip-XviD-1978-MV
Abba-Take A Chance With Me-SVCD-1978-LCF
Abba-Thank You For The Music-DVDRip-XviD-1978-MV
Abbott And Costello-Whos On First-TAPE-1978-ERP
AC DC-If You Want Blood You've Got It-1978-RBZ
AC DC-Powerage-1978-RBZ
AC-DC - If You Want Blood Youve Got it-Live-1978-PiAD INT
AC-DC - Powerage-1978-PiAD INT
AC-DC-If You Want Blood Youve Got It-(Remastered)-1978-HNH
AC-DC-If You Want Blood Youve Got it-1978-DuDE
AC-DC-If You Want Blood Youve Got It-1978-EOS
ACDC - If You Want Blood Youve Got it-1978-HaVeFuN INT
ACDC-Alternating Current Ohio 09-10-1978-aAF
ACDC-If You Want Blood Youve Got It-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
ACDC-Live In Ohio-1978-ESK
ACDC-Live Nijmegen Holland-1978-CRSMP3
ACDC-Powerage-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
ACDC-Whole Lotta Rosie-(VLS)-1978-DNR
ADC Band-Long Stroke-LP-1978-GCP INT
Aerosmith - Live-BOOTLEG CD-1978-UNiCORN INT
Aggrovators and Revolutionaries-Guerilla Dub-1978-RAC
Aggrovators-Jammies in Lion Dub Style-1978-RAC
Aggrovators-Jammies In Lion Dub Style-1978-RAC-INT
Aggrovators-Kaya Dub-1978-RAC
Al Campbell And Trinity-Reggae Music Dragon Dance (12 Inch DEB 013)-VLS-1978-Gully
Al Campbell-Aint That Loving You (VISTA 1983)-LP-1978-UPR
Al Campbell-Loving Moods of Al Campbell-LP-1978-MostHigh
Al Campbell-Mr. Music Man (MANIC)-LP-1978-UPR
Al Campbell-No More Running (PHIL PRATT PRODUCTION)-LP-1978-UPR
Al Campbell-Rainy Days (HLP003)-LP-1978-Gully
Al Campbell-Rainy Days-LP-1978-MostHigh
Al Campbell-Showcase-LP-1978-MostHigh
Al Campbell-Sly And Robbie Presents The Soulful Al Campbell (RHINO 1994)-CD-1978-UPR
Al Jarreau-All Fly Home-Retail-1978-Recycled INT
Alice Cooper - Form the Inside-1978-HaVeFuN INT
Alice Cooper - From The Inside-1978-Mr Metal
Alice Cooper-From The Inside-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Alric Forbes-Warn the Nation (7 Inch)-VLS-1978-Gully
Althea And Donna-Sorry Bw Puppy Dog Song (Read Nfo)-VLS-1978-Gully
Alton Ellis-I Am The Ruler-VLS-1978-JAH
Alwari T-Silver Ball-LP-1978-KALEVALA
Amanda Lear-Sweet Revenge-(913211)-VINYL-1978-CRAP4U
Aminatou And Roots Underground-Runaway Dread-VLS-1978-RKS
Angela Bofill-Angie-1978-OSC
Angela Morley-Watership Down-OST-PEG022-CD-1978-G3L INT
Ann Peebles-The Handwriting is on the Wall-1978-soup
Anna Oxa-Fatelo Con Me-VINYL-IT-1978-B2A INT
Anna Oxa-Un Emozione Da Poco-VINYL-IT-1978-B2A INT
Apples-Mind Twister-(ODILIV003D)-WEB-1978-MOHAWK
Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers-Reflections In Blue-WEB-1978-SOUNDz
Augustus Pablo-Africa Must Be Free By 1983 Dub-Vl-1978-RAC
Augustus Pablo-Earth Rightful Ruler (MESSAGE RP 011 ORIGINAL JA MIX)-LP-1978-UPR
B.B Seaton-Is Life-VLS-1978-RoW
B.B. King-Midnight Believer-1978-JUST
B.T. Express-Shout (Shout It Out)-WEB-1978-ESG
Bad Brains-Demo-1978-ATR
Bar Kays-Light of Life-LP-1978-JCE
Bar-Kays-Light Of Life-LP-1978-GCP INT
Barrington Levy-Whats Going On (12 Inch JJ011)-VLS-1978-YARD
Barry Biggs-Surely-VLS-1978-JRO
Barry Brown - Give Thanks and Praises (7 Inch ATT013)-VLS-1978-RAC
Barry Brown-Far East-VLS-1978-JRO
Barry Brown-Give Thanks and Praises (7 Inch ATT013)-VLS-1978-RAC
Barry Brown-Release the Chain (RP45007)-VLS-1978-TrT
Barry Brown-Stand Firm (JUSTICE)-LP-1978-UPR
Barry Brown-Stand Firm-LP-1978-YARD
Barry Brown-Step It Up Youthman (PARADISE HI REZ)-LP-1978-UPR
Ben E. King-Let Me Live In Your Life-WEB-1978-UVU
Best Friend Around--Its So Good To Know-(QC411)-SINGLE-WEB-1978-BABAS INT
Beth Carvalho--De Pe No Chao-LP-1978-bossa
Big Joe-African Princes(TROJAN HI REZ)-LP-1978-UPR
Big Joe-At The Control (LIVE AND LOVE HI REZ)-LP-1978-UPR
Big Youth - Dreadlocks Dread-1978-ToXiCMP3
Big Youth-Dreadlocks Dread-1978-ToXiCMP3
Big Youth-Isaiah First Prophet Of Old (VIRGIN FRONTLINE HI REZ)-LP-1978-UPR
Big Youth-Isaiah First Prophet of Old-1978-RAC
Big Youth-Reggae Gi Dem Dub (NICHOLA DELITA HI REZ)-LP-1978-UPR
Billy Cobham And Friends-ALIVEMOTHERFORYA-LP-1978-KrbZ
Billy Joel-52Nd Street-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Black Flag-Nervous Breakdown 7 Inch-Vinyl-1978-iTS
Black Flag-Nervous Breakdown-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Black Sabbath-Hard Road-(VLS)-1978-DNR
Black Uhurie-Plastic Smile (7 Inch Gorgon Records DSR9668)-VLS-1978-YARD
Blackbeard-Strictly Dub Wize (BALLISTIC)-LP-1978-UPR
Blowfly - Blowflys Disco Zodiac Party-(WW2031-Vinyl)-1978-DRUM
Blue Magic-Message From The Magic-LP-1978-GCP
Blue Magic-Message From The Magic-WEB-1978-ENRAGED
Blue Oyster Cult-Dont Fear The Reaper-SCBS6333-VINYL-1978-XXS
Bob Andy-Lots of Love and I (Sky LP 15)-1978-Gully
Bob Dylan-Ok I Still Get Stoned-Bootleg-1978-DON
Bob James-Touchdown-1978-OBC
Bob Marley & The Wailers - Babylon By Bus-1978-DJNG
Bob Marley & The Wailers-Kaya-1978-DJNG
Bob Marley - Babylon by Bus-1978-FAF INT
Bob Marley and the Wailers - Is this Love (Dutch)-1978-PaDDeRaX
Bob Marley and The Wailers - Kaya-1978-aAF
Bob Marley And The Wailers - Kaya-1978-PaDDeRaX
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Babylon by Bus-1978-DuDE
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Babylon By Bus-1978-Leech iNT
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Babylon By Bus-1978-ReZz
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Babylon by Bus-1978-VhV iNT
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Babylon by Bus-Live-1978-sfsh
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Babylon by Bus-Retail CD-1978-RAS INT
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Babylone by Bus-1978-iNT
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Exodus-1978-FERiCE
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Is This Love-VLS-1978-YARD
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Kaya-1978-DuDE
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Kaya-1978-dx
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Kaya-1978-RMG
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Kaya-1978-sfsh
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Kaya-1978-UNTiTLED
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Kaya-1978-VhV iNT
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Live At The Ahoy Rotterdam Netherlands-1978-ICE
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Live At The One Love Peace Concert Kingston Jamaica-1978-ICE
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Miami FL USA-STUDIO REHEARSALS-05-31-1978-gnvr
Bob Marley and the Wailers-One Love Peace Concert-1978-VhV iNT
Bob Marley and The Wailers-Satisfy My Soul (Live at Top of the Pops) (1978-07-13)-x264-1978-GRMV
Bob Marley--Babylon By Bus-1978-i
Bob Marley-042278 Peace Concert Kingston Jamaica-1978-KSi
Bob Marley-Babylon By Bus-1978-FTD-INT
Bob Marley-Babylon By Bus-1978-SKPoWaH
Bob Marley-Death Wont Ever Kill You (Bootleg)-1978-REV
Bob Marley-Kaya-1978-VON
Bob Marley-Live (07-07-78)-1978-DGN
Bob Marley-Pavillion In Paris -1978-RAC
Bob Marley-Pavillion in Paris-CD-1978-VhV iNT
Bob marley-redemption song (live studio)-dvdrip-svcd-1978-mVz
Bob marley-satisfy my soul (live tv)-dvdrip-svcd-1978-mVz
Bob McGilpin-Superstar-LP-1978-GCP
Bobby Caldwell-What You Wont Do for Love-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Bobby Melody-Joy In The Morning-VLS-1978-JAH
Boney M--Rasputin-K11192-VINYL-1978-WUS
Bootsy Collins-Bootsy Player Of The Year-WEB-1978-ENRAGED iNT
Brano Hronec Sound-Brano Hronec Sound-REPACK-VLS-1978-D2H
Brano Hronec Sound-Brano Hronec Sound-VLS-1978-D2H
Brass Construction - Brass Construction IV-(UALA916H-Vinyl)-1978-DRUM
Brent Dowe-Righteous Works-VLS-1978-YARD
Brian Eno - Ambient 1 Music For Airports-1978-sfsh
Brian Eno - Music For Films-1978-sfsh
Brian Eno-Kings Lead Hat - R.A.F-VLS-1978-BCC
Brian Eno-Music For Airports-1978-EMG INT
Brian Eno-Music for Films-1978-sfsh
Brian May-Patrick-1978-sfE
Brown Sugar-Confession Hurts-(WE106)-12INCH VLS-1978-Gully
Bruce Cockburn-Further Adventures Of (Deluxe Edition)-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Bruce Springsteen - Bruce Springsteen Live and Alive-1978-HaVeFuN INT
Bruce Springsteen-Darkness On The Edge Of Town-1978-FIH INT
Bruce Springsteen-Darkness on the Edge of Town-1978-VhV iNT
Bruce Springsteen-Passaic Night-3CD-1978-aAF
Bruckner--Symphony No 2-(Gewandhaus Orchestra Leipzig-Masur)-1978-OMA
Buddy Rich-Zoot Sims Air Mail Special-LP-1978-UTB
Buffalo Smoke-Stubborn Kind of Fella-VLS-1978-JCE
Burning Spear-Harder than the Best-Vinyl-1978-RoW INT
Burning Spear-Social Living-1978-RAC
C.J. and Co.-Deadeye Dick-LP-1978-GCP
Caetano Veloso-Dentro Da Estrela Azulada-BR-1978-100REAL
California Smoker-D2D Chapter 1-LP-1978-GCP
Cameo - Ugly Ego-(077 251-2)-WEB-1978-BiNGO iNT
Candi Staton-House Of Love-WEB-1978-UVU
Capital Letters-Smoking My Ganja (12 Inch GRED5)-VLS-1978-YARD
Capital Letters-Smoking My Ganja (12 Inch)-VLS-1978-R2R
Capleton-Yad Along-Vinyl-1978-XXS
Captain Beefheart-Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)-1978-DNR
Carol Douglas-Burnin-VLS-1978-GCP
Carrie Lucas-Street Corner Symphony-LP-1978-CMS
Cathedral-Stained Glass Stories-WEB-1978-MARR
Cedric Brooks-United Africa-LP-1978-RAC
Celeste--Cinco E Triste Da Manha-(Tapecar)-CD-1978-mbs
Celi Bee-Fly Me on the Wings of Love-LP-1978-JCE
Cerrone - The Golden Touch-1978-JUST
Chalawa-Exodus Dub-1978-RAC
Champion Jack Dupree-The Legacy of the Blues Vol 3-1978-JUST
Chanson-Chanson (SW-50039)-LP-1978-Gully
Chantells-Blood River-VLS-1978-RKS
Charo - Ole Ole-(SG-202)-Vinyl-1978-EMP
Cheap Trick-At Budokon-1978-EMG INT
Cheap Trick-Heaven Tonight-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Chic--Le Freak-AT3519C-VINYL-1978-WUS iNT
Chic-Cest Chic-LP-1978-GCP INT
Chick Corea-Acoustic-1978-SiRiON
Chico Buarque-Chico Buarque-BR-1978-100REAL
Chosen One s-Party Night-VLS-1978-RKS
Chris Craft--Discosmic Dance (Vogue Belgique)-Vinyl-1978-dL INT
Cimarons-Harder Than The Rock-(VLS)-1978-SSR
Cissy Houston-Think It Over-LP-1978-GCP
Claudja Barry-I Wanna Be Loved By You-LP-1978-GCP
Cliff Richard - Green Light ()-VINYL-1978-UNiCORN INT
Clint Eastwood-Death In The Arena-LP-1978-RKSiNT
Clint Eastwood-Jah Lights Shining-LP-1978-RKS
Clinton Ferron-On the Other Side-VLS-1978-YARD
Cloud One--Funky Disco Tracks Of Cloud One-(LP4040)-WEB-1978-BABAS INT
Cocomotion-El Coco-(LP)-1978-OSC
Commodores-Natural High-LP-1978-JCE
Con Funk Shun-Loveshine-LP-1978-JCE
Cool Candys-Go Bitar 08-1978-Sn00py
Cool Candys-Halla Dar-LP-SE-1978-NoGRP
Cornelis Vreeswijk - Live Montmartre Koepenhamn-Live-SE-1978-SCR INT
Crackin-Special Touch-LP-1978-GCP
Creation Rebel-Close Encounters of the Third World-LP-1978-YARD
Cristy Lane-I Cant Tell You-VLS-1978-GCP
Crushal-Jah Jah Born-VLS-1978-YARD
Culture And Ranking Joe-Baldhead Bridge-EP-1978-RAC iNT
Culture-Africa Stand Alone (RARE Bootleg)-VL-1978-RKS
Culture-Africa Stands Alone-LP-1978-RAC iNT
Culture-Baldhead Bridge-(KJG010)-LP-1978-Gully INT
Culture-Harder Than The Rest-1978-FLP
Culture-Harder Than The Rest-LP-1978-RKS
Culture-Two Seven Clash-RETAIL CD-1978-R2R INT
Culture-Two Sevens Clash-CD-1978-RAC
Curt Haagers-Tinge Linge Ling-LP-SE-1978-NoGRP
Cygnus-Jah Man Bw Babylon-(GRED 4)-12INCH VINYL-1978-YARD
D.C. LaRue-Confessions-WEB-1978-UVU
D.Witter-Mawamba Dub (Warrior)-1978-RAC
Dambala-Zimbabwe Bw Visions of War (12 Inch MH001)-VLS-1978-Gully
Dan Hill-Frozen In The Night-WEB-1978-ESG
Daniel Balavoine-Le Chanteur-FR-1978-MK2
Dannys Om Du Vill-1978-NHK
Daryl Hall and John Oates-Along the Red Ledge-1978-JUST
David Axelrod-Strange Ladies-LP-1978-JCE
David Gilmour-Mihalis-1978-DuDE
De Wolfe Music-Mean and Dirty-WEB-1978-TosK
Dead Kennedys - Demo Tape-TAPE-1978-SDR
Dead Kennedys-Demo Tape-TAPE-1978-SDR
Dead Kennedys-Kill the Poor-IMPORT CDS-1978-TJS
Death in the Arena Riddim-Vinyl-1978-RoW
Dee D. Jackson-Automatic Lover-VLS-1978-GCP INT
Dee Dee Bridgewater-Just Family-1978-WCR
Def Leppard-Ride Into The Sun-EP-1978-AMRC
Delroy Wilson-20 Golden Hits-2LP-1978-YARD INT
Delroy Wilson-20 Greatest (Golden) Hits-LP-1978-YARD
Denise Lasalle-Under the Influence (AA-1087)-LP-1978-Gully INT
Dennis Brown And Nigger Kojak-Aint That Loving You (12 Inch)-VLS-1978-YARD
Dennis Brown And Nigger Kojak-Aint That Loving You-VLS-1978-YARD
Dennis Brown-Children of Israel (12 Inch)-VLS-1978-Gully
Dennis Brown-Josephs Coat Of Many Colours-CD-1978-YARD
Dennis Brown-Money In My Pocket-VLS-1978-RKS
Dennis Brown-Oh What A Day Bw Man Next Door (12 Inch DEB-010)-VLS-1978-Gully
Dennis Brown-What About The Half-VLS-1978-YARD
Derrick Harriot-Slave (12 INCH CRYSTAL RECORDS)-Vinyl-1978-RAC
Derrick Pitter-King Pharaoh Army-VLS-1978-YARD
Devo-Are We Not Men (We Are Devo)-1978-EOS
Devo-Q Are We Not Men A We Are Devo Deluxe Remastered Edition-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1978-MOHAWK
Diamonds-Jail House-VLS-1978-2GCREW
Diana Ross-Lovin Livin And Givin-VLS-1978-GCP INT
Dillinger-Answer Me Question-LP-1978-YARD
Dillinger-None Stop Disco Style-Vinyl-1978-SRC
Dillinger-War Is Over Bw Junior Murvin-Cool Out Son-VLS-1978-RKS
Dire Straits-Dire Straits-1978-GRiPP
Dire Straits-Leeds 78-1978-STAR
Dire Straits-Sultans Of Swing-DVDRiP-1978-SVCD-mV4U
DJ Rogers-Love Brought Me Back (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1978-ENRAGED
Djalma Correa-Baiafro-Retail LP-BR-1978-VYM
Dobie Gray-Midnight Diamond-LP-1978-JUST
Doc Severinsen-Torch Songs for Trumpet-1978-JUST
Doctor Birds-Smoking Bw Rock With Me-(JSM001)-12INCH VINYL-1978-Gully
Donald Byrd-Thank You For F.U.M.L. (Funking Up My Life)-LP-1978-GCP INT
Donna Summer-Je Taime (Moi Non Plus)-VLS-1978-GCP INT
Donna Summer-Live and More-Retail-LP-1978-JCE
Donna Summer-Mac Arthur Park-VLS-1978-GCP
Donna Summer-The Best Of Live And More-(NBPIX7119)-Vinyl Picture Disc-1978-GCP INT
Double Exposure-Fourplay-WEB-1978-ESG
Dr Alimantado-Best Dressed Chicken in Town-LP-1978-DON
Dramatics-Do What You Wanna Do-(LP)-1978-OSC
Dwayne Ellis-Precious Moments (OLP017)-LP-1978-Gully
Earl Sixteen-Cheating-VLS-1978-YARD
Earth And Stone-In Time To Come-VLS-1978-YARD
Earth And Stone-Satta Amasagana (12 Inch Cord DSR4135)-VLS-1978-YARD
Earth Wind and Fire-The Best Of Earth Wind and Fire Vol 1-WEB-1978-AZF
Eberhard Weber Colours-Silent Feet-WEB-1978-UVU INT
Ed Watson and Brass Circle-Just A Little Bit-LP-1978-LiViTY
Eddie Kendricks-Vintage 78-LP-1978-GCP
Eddie Money-Life For The Taking-WEB-1978-MARR INT
Eddy Grant-Say I Love You-12Inch Vinyl-1978-LiViTY
Egil Straume Jazz Combo-Fiesta-(Vinyl)-1978-VERiTAS
Electropleinair Sound Diary--The Wind Rises-1978-HiT2000
Ella Fitzgerald and Cole Porter-Dream Dancing-1978-JUST
Elvis Costello-This Years Model-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Ennio Morricone - Cosi Come Sei OST-1978-sfE
Ennio Morricone-La Cage Aux Folles OST-1978-sfE
Eric Clapton-Backless-1978-DNR
Eric Relph-Pretty Darlin-WEB-1978-ENRiCH
Erotic Drum Band-Plug Me to Death-LP-1978-JCE
Errol (Flabba) Holt-Vision of Africa-LP-1978-MostHigh
Errol Holt-Vision Of Africa-(DDLP102)-LP-1978-Gully
Errol Holt-Vision Of Africa-Vinyl-1978-RAC
Errol Scorcher-Rastafire-LP-1978-YARD
Exile One-Face Au Public-Vinyl-FR-1978-RoW
Faith Hope and Charity-Dont Pity Me-VLS-1978-GCP
Fatback - Fired Upn Kickin-CDM-1978-DJ Classics INT
Faze O-Good Thang-LP-1978-JCE
Ferrara - Shake It Baby Love Love Attack (MD509)-Vinyl-1978-Disc0
Fil Callender and Jah Stitch-Baby My Love-VLS-1978-JRO
Finished Touch-Need To Know You Better-LP-1978-GCP
Flamingokvintetten-Flamingo 09-LP-1978-Sn00py
Flora Purim-Everyday Everynight-WEB-1978-UVU
Foghat-Stone Blue-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Francis Lai-Bilitis OST-LP-1978-GCP INT
Franco Micalizzi-Stridulum OST-1978-BSC
Frank Zappa-Studio Tan-1978-DNR
Frank Zappa-Studio Tan-1978-EOS
Frank Zappa-Studio Tan-1978-MFO
Frank Zappa-Wanna Buy Some Acid-2CD-(Bootleg)-1978-FFWG INT
Franklin Waul and Chariot Raiders-Before the Rain (12 Inch 2012)-VLS-1978-Gully
Freddie Hubbard-Super Blue-LP-1978-JCE
Freddie McKay and Jah Lloyd-War Is Over-(GG017)-VLS-1978-NOiR
Freddie Mckay And Trinity-When Youre Smiling (12 Inch Gorgon Records)-VLS-1978-YARD
Full Wood-Stop and Think Me Over Bw Prince Alla-Bucket Bottom (12 Inch)-VLS-1978-Gully
Funkadelic-One Nation Under A Groove-1978-EMG INT
Funkadelic-One Nation Under a Groove-1978-iGR
Funkadelic-One Nation Under A Groove-VLS-1978-CMS
Gal Costa-Agua Viva-BR-1978-100REAL
Ganymed - It Takes Me Higher-(BZC 4410-Vinyl)-1978-DRUM
Gary Boyle-Electric Glide-LP-1978-CMS
Gary Moore- Back on the Streets-1978-PRW INT
Gasolin - Live in Skandinavien-1978-RMT
Gasolin-Live I Skandinavien-1978-HNH
Gasolin-Live I Skandinavien-1978-HVN
Gasolin-Live I Skandinavien-1978-iONx
Gasolin-Live I Skandinavien-DK-1978-JESUS INT
Gaylads-Girl Its You I Love (7 Inch)-VLS-1978-Gully
Gaylads-Stop Making Love (7 Inch)-VLS-1978-Gully
Gene Page-Close Encounters-LP-1978-GCP
Gene Rondo And Militant Barry-Jah Jah Worker (12 Inch BSD007)-VLS-1978-YARD
Gene Rondo-Jah Jah Worker Bw Africa is My Home (12 Inch BSD 007)-VLS-1978-Gully
General Echo-A Little Dis A Little Dat (7 Inch)-VLS-1978-Gully
Generation X-Generation X-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Genesis - And Then There Were Three-1978-PiAD INT
George Benson-Erotic Moods-LP-1978-FTD
George Faith-Guide Line-VLS-1978-YARD
George Nooks-Left With A Broken Heart-(VLS)-1978-SSR
George Reid-Love Is Lovely-VLS-1978-YARD
Gina X Performance-Nice Mover-WEB-1978-UKW INT
Giorgio Moroder-Midnight Express-OST-1978-D2H INT
Gladys Knight and the Pips-The One and Only-LP-1978-JCE
Gladys Knight-Miss Gladys Knight-WEB-1978-UVU
Glen Sloley-Lonely Soldier (12 Inch WE704)-VLS-1978-Gully
Gloria Gaynor-Anybody Wanna Party-VLS-1978-GCP
Godiego-Magic Monkey-1978-FTD
Golden Earring-Grab it for A Second-1978-JUST
Gong - Expresso II-Retail-1978-teqra
Goody Goody-Goody Goody-(Atlantic)-LP-1978-DEF
Grace Jones-Fame-(0060075360293)-WEB-1978-UKW INT
Graham Central Station-My Radio Sure Sounds Good to Me-LP-1978-JCE
Grand Theft-Have You Seen This Band-LP-1978-GCP
Grateful Dead-Shakedown Street-1978-DNR
Grateful Dead-Shakedown Street-1978-LAMB
Gregg Diamond and Bionic Boogie-Hot Butterfly-LP-1978-JCE
Gregory Isaacs and U Brown-The Border (12 Inch GG 040)-VLS-1978-Gully
Gregory Isaacs-Cool Ruler (Deluxe Edition)-WEB-1978-ENRAGED iNT
Gregory Isaacs-Cool Ruler-1978-BRC
Gregory Isaacs-Slum In Dub-VL-1978-RAC
Grey Storm-I Cant Stop Loving You (12 Inch BFM 103 )-VLS-1978-Gully
Grover Washington Jr.-Reed Seed-LP-1978-CMS
Grubrick-Top Ranking JA.-(VLS)-1978-DON
Gyllene Tider - First EP-SE-1978-Rusland
Gypsy Lane-Predictions-LP-1978-GCP
Harry Mudie-Meets King Tubby Dub Conference Vol 3-RETAiL CD-1978-R2R
Haruomi Hosono and Tadanori Yokoo-Cochin Moon-1978-DPS
Heatwave-Central Heating-LP-1978-JCE
Hector Lavoe--Comedia-(Fania)-SP-CD-1978-mbs
Heptics-Natural Woman (12 Inch DRDD-04)-VLS-1978-Gully
Heptones-Every Day Every Night (12 Inch Joejoe3000)-VLS-1978-YARD
Herb Alpert and Hugh Masekela-Herb Alpert and Hugh Masekela-LP-1978-JCE
Herbie Hancock-Sunlight-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Hernaldo Zuniga-Cancionero-ES-REMASTERED-WEB-1978-FREGON
Hingross-Background Music N. 8-WEB-1978-UKW
Hopeton Lindo-Black History-VLS-1978-YARD
Horace Andy-This Must Be Hell Bw If I Wasnt A Man (12 Inch UN002)-VLS-1978-Gully
Hortense Ellis-Got to Make it-VLS-1978-Gully
Hubert Laws-Land Of Passion-LP-1978-JCE
Hugh Mundell and Augustus Pablo-Africa Must Be Free by 1983-1978-RoW iNT
Hugh Mundell And Augustus Pablo-Africa Must Be Free-CD-1978-RKS
Hugh Mundell-Africa Must Be Free By 1983-Vl-1978-RAC
Hugh Mundell-Africa Must Be Free By 1983-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Hugh Mundell-Let All Unite-VLS-1978-YARD
I jah man-Haile I Hymn (Chapter One)-REMASTERED-1978-RAC
I Jah Man-Haile I Hymn (chapter one)-RETAIL CD-1978-R2R
I Jah Man-Jah Heavy Load (Edited) Bw Im A Levi (Edited) (7 Inch WIP-6458)-VLS-1978-Gully
I Kong-Zion Pathway Bw Take A Hold-VLS-1978-YARD
I Roy-Exodus Chapter 2-CD-1978-RKS
I Roy-Hotter Yatta-LP-1978-RKS
I Roy-The General-LP-1978-RKS
I.Haicideons and I.Jarzif-Rise Ethiopians (12 Inch)-(VLS)-1978-R2R
Ian Matthews--Shake It-M7039-VINYL-1978-WUS
Idris Muhammad-Boogie To The Top-WEB-1978-UVU INT
Idris Muhammad-You Aint No Friend of Mine-1978-JCE
Iggy Pop-TV Eye-1978-DNR
Iggy Pop-TV Eye-1978-iRO
Ingmar Nordstroms-Saxparty 5-1978-DuDE
Isaac Hayes-For The Sake Of Love-LP-1978-GCP INT
Ishan People-Ishan People (White Label-Bal-89003)-LP-1978-Gully
Israel Vibration-Same Song (7 Inch)-VLS-1978-RKS
Itals-You Dont Care-VLS-1978-JAH
Jackie Brown-Miss Hard to Get-(VLS)-1978-DON
Jackie Mittoo-Showcase (Studio 1)-VL-1978-RAC
Jacob Miller And Ray I-Natty Christmas-LP-1978-RKS
Jacob Miller-Killer Miller-1978-RAC
Jacob Miller-Wanted-(Vinyl)-1978-0MNi
Jah Berry-Chant Down Babylon (7 Inch)-VLS-1978-RKS
Jah Larry And Ken Parker-My Girl Joyce Bw Im Just A Guy (12 Inch CH 006)-VLS-1978-Gully
Jah Ruby-Dread Affairs-LP-1978-YARD
Jah Son-Natty Go Dey Valuntarily (7 Inch BS-021)-VLS-1978-Gully
Jah Stone-The Messiah-LP-1978-YARD
Jah Thomas-Stop Yu Loafin Bw Bicycle Skank-VLS-1978-RKS
Jah Thomas-Stop Yu Loafin-VL-1978-RAC
Jah Thomas-Tell Me The Truth (7 Inch)-VLS-1978-RKS
Jah Wobble - Steel Leg Vs The Electric Dread-EP-1978-YARD
Jah Wobble-Steel Leg Vs The Electric Dread-EP-1978-YARD
Jah Woosh-Religious Dread-VINYL-1978-RAC
James Brown-Take A Look at Those Cakes-1978-JCE
Jamppa Tuominen-Jos Ystavaan Luottaa Voit-LP-FI-1978-KALEVALA
Janet K And Rico-Silhouette-(BFM 108)-12INCH VINYL-1978-Gully
Janne Onnerud och Co-Kryddboden-1978-Sn00py
Janusz Muniak Quintet--Question Mark-LP-1978-FuFFENS
Jasper Vant Hof With Bob Malik John Lee and Alphonse Mouzon-However-WEB-1978-UKW
Jasper Vant Hof-Flowers Allover-WEB-1978-UKW
Jayes-Truly Bw Ya Yo (12 Inch HAVE D1)-VLS-1978-Gully
Jean Michel Jarre - Equinoxe-1978-TtR
Jean-Michel Jarre-Equinoxe-1978-SYN INT
jean-michel-jarre-equinoxe-1978-syn int
Jefferson Starship-Earth-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Jerry Butler-Nothing Says I Love You Like I Love You (JZ-35510)-LP-1978-Gully
Jethro Tull-Heavy Horses-1978-DNR
Jigs-Goa Bitar 07-1978-Sn00py
Jim Morrison - An American Prayer-1978-FAF INT
Jim Morrison - An American Prayer-1978-TtR
Jimmy Bo Horne-Let Me (Let Me Be Your Lover)-VLS-1978-GCP INT
Jimmy Briscoe and The Beavers-Living For Today-VLS-1978-GCP
Jimmy Buffett-Son of a Son of a Sailor-1978-MHQ INT
Jimmy Cliff and The Roots Radics-Live-1978-11-11-Park West, Chicago, IL
Jimmy Cliff-Live-1978-11-24-My Father's Place Roslyn
Jimmy London-Welcome To My World-(BURNING SOUNDS)-Vinyl-1978-RAC
Jimmy Riley-Majority Rule (BS-1029)-LP-1978-Gully
Jimmy Stratdan and Zabandis-Slow Dancing Bw Quick Stepping (12 Inch)-VLS-1978-Gully
Joe Gibbs-African Dub - Chapter 3-LP-1978-RKS
Joe Griffiths-Kpm 1000 Series A Child for All Ages-(KPM 1212)-WEB-1978-gF
Joe Higgs and Jimmy Cliff-Sound of the City (7 Inch)-VLS-1978-Gully
Joe Tex And U Black-Friday Evening-VLS-1978-JAH
Joe Tex-Get Back Leroy-VLS-1978-GCP
John Abercrombie - Arcade-1978-ROYALMP3
John Abercrombie-Gateway 2-WEB-1978-UVU
John Holt-I Forgot to Say I Love You-VLS-1978-Gully
John Holt-If I Was A Carpenter Bw What Love Can Do (12 Inch DSR7848)-VLS-1978-Gully
John Holt-Let it Go on (TRLS 163)-LP-1978-Gully
John Holt-The Impressable-LP-1978-MostHigh
John Stubblefield-Prelude-LP-1978-JUST
John Travolta Olivia Newton-John Louis St. Louis-Summer Nights Rock N Roll Party Queen-Vinyl-1978-B2A INT
Johnny Clarke And U Roy-Every Knee Shall Bow-VLS-1978-YARD
Johnny Clarke-Play Fool Fe Get Wise-VLS-1978-JAH
Johnny Guitar Watson and Watsonian Institute-Master Funk-LP-1978-JCE
Johnny Thunders-So Alone-WEB-1978-ENTiTLED iNT
Johnny Winter - A History of the Blues-CD-1978-UNiCORN INT
Jorge Ben-A Banda Do Ze Pretinho-LP-1978-IGR
Jose Larralde-Si Yo Elegi mi Destino-WEB-ES-1978-SOUNDz
Joy Division - A Factory Sample-1978-WOS
Joy Division-A Factory Sample-1978-WOS
Joya Landis-Moonlight Lover Bw Kansas City (Sky DD014)-VLS-1978-Gully
Jr. Walker-Smooth-LP-1978-JCE
Judas Priest-Killing Machine-1978-DNR
Judas Priest-Stained Class-1978-DNR
Junior Byles-Fade Away-VLS-1978-RoW INT
Junior Byles-Jordan-1978-RAC
Junior Delgado-Dance A Dub-VL-1978-RAC
Junior Delgado-Love Wont Come Easy Bw Famine (12 Inch DEB D01)-VLS-1978-Gully
Junior Delgado-Trickster-7INCH VINYL-1978-YARD
Junior Ross and the Spears-Bow Down Babylon (7 Inch Read NFO)-VLS-1978-Gully
Junior Soul-Sings for the People (BR1002)-LP-1978-Gully
Justin Hinds And The Dominoes-Just In Time-1978-RAC
Justin Hines And The Dominoes-Just In Time-1978-RAC
Karel Gott-Karel Gott-RU-REISSUE-LP-1978-UKW
KC and the Sunshine Band-Do it Good-LP-1978-OSC
Kc and the Sunshine Band-Who Do Ya Love-1978-CMS

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Old Music Collection 1977
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10cc - Deceptive Bends-1977-aAF
10cc-Deceptive Bends (Remastered)-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
10cc-Deceptive Bends-1977-DuDE
10cc-Live And Let Live-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
4th Steet Orchestra-Yuh Learn (RMLP-006)-LP-1977-Gully INT
4th Street Orchestra-Yuh Learn (RAMA) LP-1977-UPR
Abba-Knowing You Knowing Me-DVDRip-XviD-1977-MV
Abba-Take A Chance On Me-DVDRip-XviD-1977-MV
Abba-The Name of The Game-DVDRip-XviD-1977-MV
AC DC-Let There Be Rock (Australia)-1977-RBZ
AC-DC - Let There Be Rock-1977-PiAD INT
AC-DC - Let There Be Rock-Australian Edition-1977-FERiCE
AC-DC-Let There Be Rock-(Remastered)-1977-HNH
AC-DC-Let There Be Rock-1977-DuDE
Acdc - Let There Be Rock-1977-HaVeFuN INT
ACDC - Live From The Atlantic Studios-1977-bootleg-CMG
acdc - rare rarer rarities-1977-bootleg-cmg
ACDC-Let There Be Rock (Australia)-Remastered-1977-DEMONiC INT
ACDC-Let There Be Rock-(Retail)-1977-HHI
ACDC-Let There Be Rock-(VLS)-1977-DNR
ACDC-Let There Be Rock-1977-iRO
ACDC-Let There Be Rock-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
ACDC-Live At The Waldorf-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
Aerosmith - Draw the-LINE-1977-UNiCORN INT
Aerosmith-Draw The Line-(Remastered)-1977-FIH INT
Airto-Im Fine How Are You-LP-1977-GCP
Al Campbell-Gee Baby-LP-1977-MostHigh
Al Di Meola - Elegant Gypsy-Advance-1977-teqra
Alain Souchon-Jamais Content-FR-1977-SNOOK
Alan Hawkshaw-Kpm 1000 Series the Road Forward-(KPM 1192)-WEB-1977-gF INT
Alan Hawkshaw-Kpm 1000 Series The Road Forward-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED
Alan Moorhouse-Kpm 1000 Series Music of the 30 s Music of the 40 s-(KPM 1204)-WEB-1977-gF
Alice Cooper - Lace and Whiskey-1977-HaVeFuN INT
Alice Cooper - Lace And Whiskey-1977-Mr Metal
alice cooper-the alice cooper show-live-1977-int-HaVoC
Alla Pugacheva-Zerkalo Dushi-WEB-RU-1977-SOUNDz
Alphonso Johnson-Spellbound-LP-1977-GCP INT
Althia And Donna-Uptown Top Ranking-VLS-1977-YARD
Alton Ellis and Ranking Trevor-You Make Me Happy Bw Baby I Love You (12 Inch SKY DD001)-VLS-1977-Gully
Alton Ellis-I Am Still in Love Bw Murial (7 Inch)-VLS-1977-Gully iNT
Amanda Lear-I Am A Photograph-LP-1977-BFHMP3
Ana Mazzotti-Ana Mazzotti-(FARO213)-WEB-BR-1977-SOUNDz iNT
Andre Brasseur-Experience-(RKM)-LP-1977-DEF
Ann Peebles-If This Is Heaven-1977-FTD
Ansel Collins-Riding High-LP-1977-RKS
Ansel Collins-Riding High-VL-1977-RKS
Antonin dvorak - stabat mater (rafael kubelik)-2cd-1977-rare
Antonio Carlos E Jocafi-Louvado Seja-BR-1977-100REAL
antonio carlos jobim e jocafi-louvado seja-br-1977-100real
Antony White-Block Party-Vinyl-1977-BWA
Archie Bell and the Drells-Hard Not to Like it-LP-1977-CMS
Art Pepper-The Trip-Vinyl-1977-DGN
Artful Dodger-Babes on Broadway-1977-JUST
Ashford and Simpson-Send It (Expanded Version)-WEB-1977-UVU
Ashra-Blackouts-WEB-1977-MARR INT
Ashra-New Age Of Earth-1977-agw INT
Atomic Rooster--Home To Roost-(B and C Recordings)-2LP-1977-mbs
Attitudes-Good News-(LP)-1977-JCE
Augustus Pablo-Crucial Burial-VLS-1977-JAH
Augustus Pablo-East Of The River Nile (GREENSLEEVES REISSUE 1983)-LP-1977-UPR
Augustus Pablo-East of the River Nile-1977-RAC
Average White Band and Ben E King-Benny and Us-Promo-LP-1977-JCE
Average White Band and Ben E. King-Benny and Us-LP-1977-GCP
B.T. Express-Function At The Junction-LP-1977-GCP INT
B.T. Express-Function at the Junction-LP-1977-JCE
Baby Grand-Baby Grand-LP-1977-ERP
Barbara Jones-Have A Good Time-VLS-1977-SPLiFF
Barbara Jones-Oh What A Night-VLS-1977-SPLiFF
Barbara Mason And Bunny Sigler-Locked In This Position-LP-1977-KrbZ
Barry Biggs and Inner Circle-Barry Biggs and the Inner Circle (TRLS-142)-LP-1977-Gully
Barry Biggs-Sincerely (DYNAMIC SOUNDS HI REZ)-LP-1977-UPR
Barry Biggs-Three Ring Circus-WEB-1977-JAH
Barry Biggs-Youre My Life-WEB-1977-JAH
Barry White-Barry White Sings For Someone You Love-LP-1977-GCP
Baselaut-Give Me Your Love-WEB-1977-POWPOW
Bebeto-Esperancas Mil-LP-1977-RAC
Bee Gees--Stayin Alive-2090267-VINYL-1977-WUS iNT
Belle Epoque-Miss Broadway-LP-1977-JUST
Benny-Skateboard UH AH AH-7inch Vinyl-DE-1977-rH
Berth Idoffs - Nu Reser VI Hemt-LP-1977-RoLLe
Big Band Katowice--Music for My Friends-LP-1977-FuFFENS
Big Joe-Keep Rocking And Swinging (LIVE AND LOVE)-LP-1977-UPR
Big Youth-6 Dead Nineteen Gone to Jail-VLS-1977-YARD
Bill Cosby-My Father Confused Me-LP-1977-JCE
Bill Withers-Menagerie-WEB-1977-ENRiCH iNT
Billy Joel-The Stranger-1977-EMG INT
Billy Joel-The Stranger-Retail-1977-Recycled INT
Billy Joel-The Stranger-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
Billy Paul-Only The Strong Survive-1977-GCP
Bizzare Contact-Horizon-Clean Bootleg-1977-PSycH
Black Disco-Night Express-(MM108)-WEB-1977-MOHAWK
Black Sabbath-Killing Yourself To Die-Bootleg-2LP-1977-hXc
Black Uhro-Natural Mystic Bw Sorry For That Man (12 Inch Third World TWDIS009)-VLS-1977-YARD
Blue Oyster Cult - Spectres-1977-SOP INT
Bob Andy-Lots Of Love And I (SKY NOTE HI REZ)-LP-1977-UPR
Bob Marley & The Wailers-Exodus-1977-MeeD
Bob Marley and Lee Perry-Punky Reggae Party-REPACK-VLS-1977-JRO
Bob Marley and Lee Perry-Punky Reggae Party-VLS-1977-JRO
Bob Marley and the Wailers - Exodus-1977-FAF INT
Bob Marley and the Wailers - Jammin (French)-1977-PaDDeRaX
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Exodus (CD)-1977-NGR
Bob Marley and The Wailers-Exodus (Live at Top of the Pops) (1977-06-09)-x264-1977-GRMV
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Exodus Jamaican Mix And B-Sides-2LP-(Vinyl)-1977-DNR
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Exodus-1977-FAF INT
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Exodus-1977-LT
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Exodus-1977-sfsh
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Exodus-1977-VhV iNT
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Exodus-LP-1977-RKS INT
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Jamming-(VLS)-1977-0MNi
Bob Marley And The Wailers-One Love-People Get Ready (ARIOLA 7 INCH 17921AT)-VLS-1977-RAC
Bob Marley and The Wailers-The Birth of A Legend (1963-66)-1977-Wyse
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Waiting in Vain-(VLS)-1977-0MNi
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Waiting In Vain-VLS-1977-YARD
Bob Marley-Exodus-1977-DuDE
Bob Marley-Jamming (12 Inch IPR2005)-VLS-1977-YARD
Bob marley-one love (people get ready)-dvdrip-svcd-1977-mVz
Bob Marley-Waiting In Vain-XViD-1977-HHE
Bobby Kalphat-Something Special-(GG001)-12INCH VLS-1977-Gully INT
Bonnie Raitt-Sweet Forgiveness-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
Booker T. and The MGs-Universal Language-LP-1977-GCP
Bootsy Collins-Ahh The Name Is Bootsy Baby-WEB-1977-ENRAGED iNT
Bootsys Rubber Band-Aah The Name Is Bootsy Baby-Vinyl-1977-KOB INT
Bootsys Rubber Band-Ahh The Name Is Bootsy Baby-1977-IGR
Booty People-Booty People-(LP)-1977-JCE
Booty People-Booty People-LP-1977-GCP INT
Boris Gardiner-Dont Look Back-VLS-1977-JAH
Brass Construction-Brass Construction III-LP-1977-JCE
Brenda and The Tabulations-(Im A) Superstar-VLS-1977-GCP
Brent Dowe And U Roy-River Of Babylon (12 Inch)-VLS-1977-YARD
Brooklyn Dreams-Brooklyn Dreams-LP-1977-JCE
Brooklyn Dreams-Street Dance BW Music Harmony and Rhythm-VLS-1977-JCE
Bruce Cockburn-Circles In The Stream (Deluxe Edition)-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
Bruce Springsteen-Live at the Capitol Theatre Passaic NJ 31 Dec 77 (Remastered)-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
Buddy Rich-Class of 78-LP-1977-JUST
Buddy Rich-Lionel Hampton Presents-LP-1977-JUST
Buddy Rich-Plays and Plays and Plays-LP-1977-JUST
Buddy Rich-Sound of Jazz-1977-JUST
Buddy Rich-The Best Band I Ever Had-1977-JUST
Bunny Sigler-Let Me Party with You-(LP)-1977-OSC
Bunny Wailer-Love Fire (12 Inch BW0078)-VLS-1977-Gully
Bunny Wailer-Protest-1977-RAC
Bunny Wailer-Protest-Retail CD-1977-RAS INT
Bunny Wailer-Protest-Retail CD-1977-RKS iNT
Bunny Wailer-Protest-WEB-1977-JAH iNT
Burning Spear-Dry And Heavy-1977-JVC
Burning Spear-Dry And Heavy-1977-RAC
Burning Spear-Live-1977-Boston, MA
Burning Spear-Live-1977-RbR
Butch and the Isralites-Entebbe-(VLS)-1977-DON
C.J. and Co.-Devils Gun-LP-1977-GCP
Caetano Veloso-Bicho-BR-1977-100REAL
Calypso Rose-Action Is Tight-LP-1977-LiViTY
Cameo - Cardiac Arrest-(CCLA 71016)-WEB-1977-BiNGO iNT
Cameo - We All Know Who We Are-(CCLA 71.032)-WEB-1977-BiNGO iNT
Cameo--Funk Funk Good Times-(CANL 112-12)-VLS-1977-mbs
Cameo-Cardiac Arrest-1977-JCE
Camouflage Featuring Mysti-A Disco Symphony-WEB-1977-UVU
Candi Staton-Music Speaks Louder Than Words-LP-1977-GCP
Captain And Tennille-Greatest Hits-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
Carl Dawkins-Luv Is Needed-(VLS)-1977-SSR
Carlton Jackson-Hisory Bw Julia Delgado-Sons of Slaves (12 Inch)-VLS-1977-Gully
Carlton Patterson-It s Raining (7 Inch)-VLS-1977-RKS
Carol Williams-Reflections Of Carol Williams-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED
Carpenters-Passage-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
Cartola-Verde Que Te Quero Rosa-BR-1977-100REAL
Cedric Brooks-Im Flash Forward-JA LP-1977-MostHigh
Cedric Im Brooks-Im Flash Forward-(STUDIO ONE)-Vinyl-1977-RAC
Celi Bee and The Buzzy Bunch-Celi Bee and The Buzzy Bunch-LP-1977-GCP
Cerrone--Cerrone 3 Supernature (CBS 82657)-Vinyl-1977-dL
Chalawa-Exodus Dub-(SKYLP14)-LP-1977-Gully INT
Chalawa-Exodus Dub-VL-1977-RAC
Chantells And Jah Barry-Waiting In The Park-(RF-929)-12INCH VINYL-1977-Gully
Cheap Trick-Cheap Trick-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
Cheap Trick-In Color-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
Chico Da Silva-Samba Quem Sabe Diz-LP-BR-1977-GCP
Chocolate Milk-Were All In This Together-WEB-1977-UVU
Chris De Burgh-At the End of A Perfect Day-1977-VhV iNT
Christers-5e LP-1977-Sn00py
Christers-6e LP-1977-Sn00py
Cimarons-Live At Roundhouse London-LP-1977-RKS
CJ and Co-Devils Gun-7inch-1977-soup
Clarence Gatemouth Brown - Blackjack-CD-1977-UNiCORN INT
Con Funk Shun-Secrets-1977-CMS
Cornell Campbell-Turn Back the Hands of Time-LP-1977-MostHigh
Crackin-Makings Of A Dream-LP-1977-GCP
Culture And Prince Mohammid-Zion Gate Forty Leg Dread-(DSR4588)-12INCH VINYL-1977-Gully
Culture-I Am Not Ashamed-VLS-1977-RKS iNT
Culture-Two Sevens Clash-(ALTERNATE MIX) VLS-1977-RAC iNT
Curt Gorans-Var Fjarde-1977-Sn00py
Curt Haagers-Min Symfoni-LP-SE-1977-NoGRP
Czeslaw Bartkowski--Drums Dream-LP-1977-FuFFENS
D.C. LaRue-The Tea Dance-WEB-1977-UVU
D.D. Sound-1 2 3 4 Gimme Some More We Like It-(Disco Mix 3)-VINYL-1977-B2A INT
Daniel Edwardson-Kpm 1000 Series Rock on-(KPM 1196)-WEB-1977-gF
Dannys-Boogie Woogie Rockn Roll-LP-1977-Sn00py
Dannys-En Akta Rock N Roll-LP-SE-1977-NoGRP
David Bowie - Heroes-Limited Edition-Internal-LP-1977-DAW
David Bowie-Heroes-1977-VhV iNT
David Bowie-Low-1977-VhV iNT
David Gold-Kpm 1000 Series Big City Suite - Jingle Jangle Jingles-(KPM 1194)-WEB-1977-gF
David Matthews-Theme From Star Wars-VLS-1977-GCP INT
David Snell-Kpm 1000 Series the Classical Harp-(KPM 1199)-WEB-1977-gF
Dean Stone Banditto-See What You Stirring Up-VLS-1977-JAH
Dean Stone Naggo All Stars-Mighty Dread-VLS-1977-JAH
Debra Keese And The Black Five-Travelling-VLS-1977-RAC
Delegation-The Promise Of Love-LP-1977-GCP
Delroy Washington-Give All The Praise To Jah-(VDJ22)-12INCH VINYL-1977-Gully
Delroy Washington-Give All The Praise To Jah-(VDJ22)-REPACK-12INCH VINYL-1977-Gully
Delroy Washington-Rasta-1977-RAC
Delroy Wilson - Ive Been In Love VL-12inch-1977-RAC
Delroy Wilson-Give Me Your Love-VLS-1977-SRC
Delroy Wilson-Ive Been In Love-VL-12inch-1977-RAC
Delroy Wilson-Money-LP-1977-YARD
Delroy Wilson-Money-Vinyl Single-1977-SRC
Deniece Williams-Songbird-1977-JCE
Denise LaSalle-The Bitch Is Bad-LP-1977-GCP
Dennis Alcapone-Investigator Rock-(TWS911)-LP-1977-BANDULU
Dennis Brown-Created By The Father-VLS-1977-RKS
Dennis Brown-Visions-1977-RbR
Dennis Brown-Wolf And Leopard Bw I Roy-Maggie Breast (7 Inch)-VLS-1977-RKS
Dennis Brown-Wolf And Leopards-LP-1977-RKS
Dennis Pinock-Ride on (12 Inch VNLP-92)-VLS-1977-Gully
Deodato-2001-(Promo)-LP-1977-GCP INT
Derrick Morgan-Peoples Decision-LP-1977-MostHigh
Diana Ross-Baby Its Me-LP-1977-GCP INT
Dillinger Vs Trinity-Clash-1977-RAC
Dillinger Vs Trinity-Clash-LP-1977-MostHigh
Dillinger Vs. Trinity-Clash-(K7)-1977-R2R
Dillinger-Answer My Questions-LP-1977-MostHigh
Dillinger-Cokane In My Brain (7inch 3 songs) VLS-1977-RAC INT
Dillinger-Crabs In My Pamt-VLS-1977-YARD
Dillinger-Flat Foot Hustlings (7 Inch)-VLS-1977-Gully
Dillinger-Ragnampiza bw Bionic Dread-VLS-1977-YARD
Dillinger-Take A Dip-VLS-1977-YARD
Dillinger-Talkin Blues-LP-1977-YARD
Dillinger-Top Ranking Dillinger-LP-1977-YARD
Dionne Warwick-Love At First Sight-LP-1977-GCP
Dizzy Gillespie-Dizzys Party-LP-1977-UTB
Dizzy Gillespie-Sweet Soul-(LP)-1977-JCE
Doc Alimantado and the Rebels-Born for A Purpose Bw Reason for Living (7 Inch GRE002)-VLS-1977-Gully
Donna Summer-I Remember Yesterday-(7C06299136)-Vinyl-1977-GCP
Donna Summer-I Remember Yesterday-WEB-1977-ENRiCH
Dorothy Moore-Dorothy Moore-LP-1977-GCP
Drifters-Dansa Disco Rock-1977-NHK
Dynamic Superiors-Give and Take-LP-1977-GCP
Earl Klugh-Finger Paintings-LP-1977-JCE
Earl Klugh-Living Inside Your Love-1977-JUST
Earl Zero-Heart Desire-VLS-1977-JAH
Earth Wind and Fire-Jupiter Bw Runnin (7 Inch SCBS 6276)-VLS-1977-Gully
Easy Baby and His Houserockers-Sweet Home Chicago Blues-1977-UTB
Ed Watson-Tourist Let Go-VLS-1977-JRO
Eddie C. Campbell-King of the Jungle-1977-JUST
Eddie Money-Eddie Money-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
Eddie Money-Eddie Money-WEB-1977-MARR INT
Edwin Starr-Clean (M-559-BS)-LP-1977-Gully
Electric Moog Orchestra-Music From Close Encounters-LP-1977-JCE
Electric Moog Orchestra-Music From Star Wars-LP-1977-JCE
Elkie Brooks-Pearls A Singer-VLS-1977-ERP
Eloise Laws-Eloise-(LP)-1977-JCE
Elvis Costello-My Aim Is True-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
Ennio Morricone - Autostop Rosso Sangue OST-1977-sfE
Eric Clapton-Live in great Smoke-2CD-Bootleg-1977-STAR
Eric Clapton-Slowhand-1977-DNR
Eric Clapton-Slowhand-Retail-1977-FH iNT
Eric Donaldson-More Love-VLS-1977-RKS
Errol Walker-Better Future-VLS-1977-YARD
Esther Phillips-Youve Come A Long Way Baby-LP-1977-GCP
Ethiopians-Slave Call-TWS15-LP-1977-corn
Faragher Brothers-Family Ties-(LP)-1977-JCE
Faragher Brothers-Family Ties-LP-1977-GCP INT
Fatback Band - Nynycusa-WEB-1977-BiNGO iNT
Faze O-Ridin High-LP-1977-JCE
Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and The Africa 70--Fear Not For Man-(Berkeley)-Vinyl-1977-mbs
Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and The Africa 70--Zombie-(Berkeley)-Vinyl-1977-mbs
First Choice-Doctor Love-VLS-1977-JCE
Flamingokvintetten-Flamingo 08-LP-1977-Sn00py
Fleetwood Mac-Rumours-1977-MHQ INT
Foghat-Live-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
Four Tops-The Show Must Go On-LP-1977-GCP
Francesco De Masi - Napoli Spara Ost-1977-sfE
Freakon - Psycho-(TRAX0185)-WEB-1977-MMS
Fred Locks-Black Star Liner - True Rastaman-Lp-1977-Rks int
Freddie Hubbard-Bundle Of Joy-LP-1977-GCP
Freddie Mcgregor-Oh No Not My Baby (12 Inch UBS 901)-VLS-1977-Gully
Freddie McKay And Jah Stone-Picture On The Wall Bw Rendevouz (12 Inch GG009)-VLS-1977-Gully
Freddie Mckay-Take My Hand Oh Jah Bw Dont Make it Look So Bad (12 Inch 8829LD)-VLS-1977-Gully
Freddie McKay-The Best Of Freddy McKay VL-1977-RAC
Freddy Mckay-How Could I Leave (7 Inch) (REPACK)-VLS-1977-Gully
Freddy Mckay-How Could I Leave (7 Inch)-VLS-1977-Gully
Gal Costa-Caras E Bocas-BR-1977-100REAL
Gary Peacock-Tales Of Another-(ECM1101)-WEB-1977-MOHAWK
Gasolin - Gor Det Noget-1977-RMT
General Smiley And Papa Michigan-Rub A Dub Style-LP-1977-JAH
Genesis - Wind and Wuthering-1977-PiAD INT
Genesis-Auditorium Theatre Chicago 021677-2CD-1977-JUST
George Carlin-On the Road-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
George Faith-To Be A Lover (Have Mercy) (ILPS-9504)-LP-1977-Gully INT
George Faith-To Be A Lover (Have Mercy)-LP-1977-PSM INT
Gibson Brothers-Non-Stop Dance Come To America-LP-1977-GCP
Gideon Jah Rubbaal-Love Rasta-VLS-1977-RKS
Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson - Bridges-Vinyl-1977-CMS
gil scott-heron and brian jackson-bridges-lp-1977-igrint
Gilberto Gil-Refavela-BR-1977-100REAL
Giorgio--From Here To Eternity-(25087OT)-LP-1977-RAMPLjUS
Gits (Lloyd Willis)-Plays Bob Marleys Greatest Hits-2LP-1977-YARD
Glen Washington-Rockers Nuh Crackers-(7 Inch)-VLS-1977-YARD
Goblin-Shock-OST-1977-FTD INT
Grace Jones-Portfolio-(0060254736229)-WEB-1977-UKW INT
Grateful Dead-Live at Barton Hall-3CD-Bootleg-1977-DON
Grateful Dead-What A Long Strange Trip Its Been-2CD-1977-DNR
Gregory Isaacs and Ranking Banabas-Tumbling Tears Bw How Can I Change My Mind (12 Inch GG002)-VLS-1977-Gully
Gregory Isaacs And Trinity-My Time (12 Inch E010)-VLS-1977-YARD
Gregory Isaacs-Love is Overdue-VLS-1977-RoW INT
Gregory Isaacs-Mr Knows It All (12 Inch The Thing 205)-VLS-1977-YARD
Halloween Horrors-Halloween Horrors-VLA-1977-FTD
Hannes Wader-Hannes Wader singt Arbeiterlieder-WEB-DE-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
Harmonia--Deluxe-(0001.073)-WEB-1977-BABAS INT
Harold Butler-Meditation Heights-LP-1977-RAC
Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes-Now Is The Time-LP-1977-GCP
Harrie Mudie Meet King Tubbys-In Dub Conference Vol.2-VL-1977-RAC
Harry Mudie-Meets King Tubby Dub Conference Vol 2-RETAiL CD-1977-R2R
Heart-Little Queen-1977-DNR
Heatwave-Always and Forever-VLS-1977-GCP
Heatwave-Boogie Nights BW Always and Forever-VLS-1977-Gully
Herbie Hancock-V.S.O.P.-Promo-Vinyl-1977-CMS
High Inergy-Turnin on-(LP)-1977-OSC
High Inergy-You Cant Turn Me Off (In The Middle Of Turning Me On)-VLS-1977-GCP
Hodges James and Smith-Whats On Your Mind-LP-1977-GCP
Horace Andy-Oh Lord Why Lord (Studio One)-VLS-1977-YARD
Horace Silver--Silver N Percussion-1977-(Blue Note)-Remastered-CD-1996-mbs
Hugh Mundell-Jah Will Provide-VLS(12 Inch)-1977-JAH
Hugh Mundell-Jah Will Provide-VLS(12 Inch)-1977-RoW iNT
Humphrey Campbell-Angel-VLS-1977-GCP
I Roy-Dub It On Deh-VLS-1977-YARD
I Roy-Point Blank Bw Rasta Pickney (7 Inch TW63)-VLS-1977-Gully
I Roy-Roots Man (7 Inch)-VLS-1977-RKS
Idris Muhammad - Turn This Mutha Out-LP-1977-smc
Idris Muhammad-Turn This Mutha Out-1977-CMS
Iggy and The Stooges-(I Got) Nothing-Reissue-CDM-1977-iTS iNT
Iggy Pop - The Idiot-1977-SataN INT
Iggy Pop And James Williamson-Kill City-(Vinyl)-1977-DNR
Iggy Pop-Lust For Life-1977-HNH
Iggy Pop-Lust For Life-1977-iRO
Iggy Pop-The Idiot-1977-EOS
Ikenga Super Stars Of Africa--Ikenga Super Stars Of Africa-(SALPS9)-WEB-1977-BABAS INT
In Crowd-His Majesty is Coming (7 Inch CT 100)-VLS-1977-Gully
In Crowd-We Play Reggae (7 Inch CT 108)-VLS-1977-Gully
Ingmar Nordstroms-Saxparty 4-1977-DuDE
Ingram-Thats All-(LP)-1977-JCE
Inner Circle - Ready For The World-(Retail Vinyl)-1977-HiEM iNT
Inner Circle-The Best Of The Capitol Years 1976-1977-rac
Isaac Hayes And Dionne Warwick-A Man And A Woman-LP-1977-JCE
Jack DeJohnette-Pictures-WEB-1977-UVU
Jack Parnell and His Orchestra--Braziliana-LP-1977-bossa
Jacob Miller-Forward Ever-VLS-1977-RAC
Jacques Brel-Brel-VLS-FR-1977-SNOOK
Jah Berry-Daily News-VLS-1977-RIDDIM iNT
Jah Stone-Ten Ton Woman-VLS-1977-RKS
Jah Woosh-Lick Him With The Dustbin-LP-1977-JAH
James Brown-Muthas Nature-LP-1977-JCE
James Taylor-JT-WEB-1977-ENRiCH iNT
Jan Akkerman-Jan Akkerman-CD-1977-JRP
Jan Hammer Group-Melodies-1977-RTB
Jean-Pierre Decerf-Themes Medicaux-WEB-1977-MARR
Jeremy Steig-Firefly-1977-JCE
Jerry Butler-It All Comes Out In My Song-LP-1977-GCP
Jerry Butler-Suite For The Single Girl-LP-1977-GCP
Jethro Tull-Songs From The Wood-1977-DNR
Jiri Schelinger A Frantisek Ringo Cech - Hrrr Na Ne-CZ-1977-PiAD
Joe Tex-Bumps and Bruises-(LP)-1977-OSC
John Denver-I Want To Live-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED
John Handy-Carnival-LP-1977-GCP
John Holt-In The Spring Time (Striker Lee)-VLS-1977-RAC
John Holt-The John Holt Showcase-LP-1977-YARD
John Renbourn-The Guitar of John Renbourn-(KPM 1203)-WEB-1977-gF
John Travolta-Whenever Im Away From You-TAPE-1977-GCP
Johnnie Taylor-Disco 9000-1977-0MNi
Johnny Bristol-Bristols Cream-1977-SO INT
Johnny Clarke-Bad Days-VL-10inch-1977-RAC
Johnny Clarke-Blood Dunza (7 Inch ATT007)-VLS-1977-RAC
Johnny Clarke-Girl I Love You-LP-1977-YARD
Johnny Clarke-Play Fool Fe Get Wise-VL-10inch-1977-RAC
Joni Mitchell-Don Juans Reckless Daughter-WEB-1977-TosK INT
Jonnie (Johnny) Clarke-Dread Natty Congo-LP-1977-YARD
Jonnie Clark-Roots Disco Dub - Super Star-LP-1977-YARD
Jonnie Clark-Roots Disco Dub-Super Star-LP-1977-YARD
Jonnie Clarke-Girl I Love You-LP-1977-YARD
Journey-Next-Retail-1977-Recycled INT
Judas Priest-Sin After Sin-1977-DNR
Jukka Raitanen-Vapaa Oon-WEB-FI-1977-KALEVALA INT
Julian Priester and Marine Intrusion-Polarization-WEB-1977-UVU
Junior Murvin-Police & Thieves-1977-FLP
Junior Murvin-Police And Thieves-1977-RAC
Kansas-Point Of Know Return-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
Keith Jarrett--The Survivors Suite-LP-1977-WUS
Keith Jarrett-The Survivors Suite-WEB-1977-UVU INT
Keith Mansfield-Kpm 1000 Series Olympiad 2000-(KPM 1200)-WEB-1977-gF
Keith Mansfield-Kpm 1000 Series Vivid Underscores-(KPM 1190)-WEB-1977-gF
Keith Poppin-Pop Inn-LP-1977-YARD
Keith Rowe-Groovy Situation (7 Inch Wip 6405)-VLS-1977-Gully
Ken Wilson-My Friend Jack-TAPE-1977-KASSETA
Keni Burke-Keni Burke-LP-1977-GCP
King Tubby-Dub Like Dirt 1975-1977-1999-DNR
King Tubby-King of Dub-WEB-1977-SOUNDz iNT
KISS - Alive II-2CD-1977-INT-GORE
KISS - Love Gun-Remastered-1977-INT-GORE
Kiss-Texas Blood-DVDA-1977-SMP3
Klaus Schulze - Mirage-1977-tu
Knowledge-Fools And There Money Bw Good Luck My Friends (12 Inch Stars)-VLS-1977-YARD
Kool and the Gang-The Force-LP-1977-JCE
Kraftwerk - Trans Europa Express (German)-1977-CMG
Kraftwerk - Trans-Europa Express (German)-1977-CMG
Kraftwerk - Trans-Europe Express (English)-1977-CMG
Kraftwerk-Trans-Europa Express (German)-1977-CMG
Kraftwerk-Trans-Europe Express (English)-1977-CMG
Kraftwerk-Trans-Europe Express-1977-EMG INT
Kraftwerk-Trans-Europe Express-1977-FAF INT
Kris Kristofferson-Songs of Kristofferson-1977-aAF
L.T.D.-Something To Love-LP-1977-GCP INT
Lambert Douglas-Living Man-LP-1977-RKS
Lasse Stefanz-Sunshine-1977-Sn00py
Laurie Marshall--The Disco Spaceship (C7-2001)-Vinyl-1977-dL
Lee Perry - Disco Devil bw Bob Marley - Keep on Moving-EP-1977-YARD
Lee Perry and the Upsetters-Return of the Super Ape-1977-RAC iNT
Lee Perry---Kung-Fu-Meets-the-Dragon-1977-BRC
Lee Perry-Disco Devil (UPSETTER DISCO 12 INCH)-EP-1977-RAC iNT
Lenny Williams-Choosing You (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1977-ENRAGED
Leon Hyatts-Baby Be True (12 Inch)-VLS-1977-Gully
Leroy King-Mash Down Babylon (7 Inch DSR4529)-VLS-1977-Gully
Leroy Smart and Trinity-If You Should Take Me (DH-1002-LP)-VLS-1977-Gully
Leroy Smart-Super Star-LP-1977-YARD INT
Leroy Smart-The Best Of-CD-1977-YARD
Linda Ronstadt-Simple Dreams-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
Little Roy-Columbus Ship-1977-RAC
LKJ-Dread Beat And Blood-1977-RAC
Lloyd and Devon-Wolf Out Deh (7 Inch)-VLS-1977-Gully INT
Lloyd And Devon-Wolf Out Deh-VLS-1977-YARD
Lone Ranger-On the Other Side of Dub-JA-LP-1977-MostHigh
Lone Ranger-Photo Finished (7 Inch)-VLS-1977-RKS
Lone Ranger-Step It Inna Africa-VLS-1977-YARD
Lou Rawls-When You Hear Lou Youve Heard It All-LP-1977-GCP INT
Lynyrd Skynyrd--Whats Your Name-MCA40819-VINYL-1977-WUS iNT
Lynyrd Skynyrd-One More From The Road-Retail-1977-GaG
Magnus Uggla-Va Ska Man Ta Livet Av Sig Foer Naer Man Aenda Inte Far Hoera Snacket Efterat-SE-1977-ATM
Magnus Uggla-Va Ska Man Ta Livet Av Sig Foer-SE-1977-ATM
Magnus Uggla-Va Ska Man Ta Livet Av Sig For-SE-1977-atm
Manfred Manns Earth Band-1971-1973-LP-1977-ERP
Mans Theory-Just Before Dawn-LP-1977-GCP
Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr.-The Two Of Us-LP-1977-GCP
Markku Aro-Markku Aro-WEB-FI-1977-KALEVALA
Marlena Shaw-Sweet Beginnings-LP-1977-KOPiE
Marta Acuna-Dance Dance Dance-(PP55512)-Vinyl-1977-BF
Marvin Gaye-Got To Give It U Part 1 and 2-(VLS)-1977-SO INT
Marvin Gaye-Got to Give it Up (7 Inch TMG 1069)-VLS-1977-Gully
Matumbi-The Best Of-(Japan Import)-LP-1977-JAH
Max Fenders-Venus-1977-Sn00py
Max Romeo-Norman bw Sexy Natty (Upsetters 12inch)-VLS-1977-YARD
Max Romeo-Reconstruction-1977-RAC
Max-Romeo Open-The-Iron-Gate 1973-1977-$fyah480$
Maxi Anderson-Maxi-1977-METH INT
Maytones and I Roy-Money Trouble (12 Inch) (Read Nfo)-VLS-1977-Gully
Maytones And U-Brown-Too Much Pollution Bw Jah Control The Collie-12 Inch-VLS-1977-RKS
Meat Loaf-Bat Out Of Hell-1977-DNR
Meat Loaf-Bat Out Of Hell-1977-iRO
Meat Loaf-Bat Out Of Hell-1977-LAMB
Meco-Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk-1977-(CD Re-Release)-1999-WEBV0
Michael Campbell And Keith Texon-School Girl Bw Living My Life-VLS-1977-YARD
Michael Henderson-Goin Places (Expanded)-WEB-1977-ENRAGED
Mikael Wiehe-1977-85-Atm
Militant Barry-Idi Amin Disco Blood Up Bw Free Black People (12 Inch Conflict Cond2000)-VLS-1977-YARD
Montana-A Dance Fantasy Inspired By Close Encounters Of The Third Kind-WEB-1977-UVU
Moodie-In Dub Vol 3 (MMLP-103)-Vinyl-1977-TrT
Moon Birds--Cosmos No.1 (Disques Ibach)-Vinyl-1977-dL
Morning Noon and Night-Morning Noon and Night-LP-1977-GCP
Morwells ESQ-Kingston 12 Tuffy-7inch-1977-SRC
Mozart-Mass 14 KV 317 and Vesperae Solennes De Confessore KV 339-CD-1977-LiViTY
Mr President-La La Akimbo Bw Do It-(VLS)-1977-SSR
Muddy Waters-Hard Again-1977-EMG INT
N.C.C.U.-Super Trick-LP-1977-GCP
Nagoo Morris-Su Su Pan Rasta-VLS-1977-RKS
New Birth-Behold The Mighty Army-LP-1977-GCP INT
New Riders Of The Purple Sage-Marin County Line-LP-1977-GCP INT
Newban--Newban 2-(Guinness)-LP-1977-jAZzMan
Norman Connors-Romantic Journey-LP-1977-GCP INT
Ohio Players-The Best Of The Early Years-LP-1977-GCP
Olivia Newton John--Dont Cry For Me Argentina-MCA40811-VINYL-1977-WUS iNT
Orlando Riva Sound--Moon-Boots (TZ 6000)-Vinyl-1977-dL
os saltimbancos-os saltimbancos-br-1977-100real
Oscar Rocchi and His Keyboards-Magic Keys-WEB-1977-UVU
OST - Saturday Night Fever-1977-FAF INT
OST-Saturday Night Fever-1977-FAF INT
Owen Gray-When I Need You Bw Heavy Robbery (7 Inch)-VLS-1977-Gully
Paolo Ferrara-Profondita-WEB-1977-TosK
Paolo Ferrara-Tabarin-WEB-1977-TosK
Parliament-Funkentelechy Vs The Placebo Syndrome-WEB-1977-ENRAGED iNT
Paulette McWilliams-Never Been Here Before-LP-1977-GCP
Peaches and Herb-Peaches and Herb-LP-1977-GCP
Perikles-Jag Vill Vara Den Du Ringer Till-1977-NoGRP
Peter Michael Hamel-Nada-Tape-1977-D2H
Peter Tosh - Equal Rights-Remastered-1977-DXE
Peter Tosh-African-(VLS)-1977-SSR
Peter Tosh-Equal Rights-1977-FTD
Peter Tosh-Equal rights-1977-RAC
Peter Tosh-Equal Rights-Remastered-1977-DXE
Peter Tosh-Live-010777-Wxfm Radio Studio Chicago Illinois-1977-KSi
Pharoah Sanders-Love Will Find A Way-WEB-1977-KLIN
Philippe Wynne-Starting All Over-LP-1977-GCP
Phyllis Hyman-Phyllis Hyman (Expanded Edition)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1977-ESG
Pink Floyd-Animal-1977-iRO
Pink Floyd-Animals-1977-KSi INT
Prince Far I-Heavy Manners (7 Inch TRO-9000)-VLS-1977-mrp int
Queen--We Are The Champions-E45441-VINYL-1977-WUS iNT
Queen-News Of The World-1977-EOS
Queen-News of the World-CD-1977-iOM INT
Queen-Spread Your Wings (WideScreen)-DVDrip-Svcd-1977-mV4U
Queen-We Are The Champions (WideScreen)-DVDrip-Svcd-1977-mV4U
Queen-We Will Rock You (Fast Live Version)-DVDrip-Svcd-1977-mV4U
Queen-We Will Rock You (WideScreen)-DVDrip-Svcd-1977-mV4U
R Stevie Moore-Swing and a Miss-1977-WEBV0
Rainbow-On Stage-(Live)-1977-DNR
Ralph Towner-Solstice Sound and Shadows-WEB-1977-UVU INT
Ram Jam-Black Betty-(VLS)-1977-SO
Ras Michael-Mr Wicked Man-VLS-1977-RoW
Ray I-Winey Tiny-VLS-1977-SPLiFF
Rex Smith-Where Do We Go From Here-WEB-1977-ALPMP3
Rhythm Heritage-Last Night On Earth-LP-1977-GCP
Richard Hell And The Voidoids-Blank Generation-1977-FTS
Rick Dees and His Cast Of Idiots-Disco Duck-LP-1977-GCP
Rico Rodriguez-Wareika Dub Ghetto Rockers-PRELP1-1977-TML
Rico-Man Form Warieka-LP-1977-RAC
Rico-Man from Wareika-1977-aAF
Riot - Rock City-Retail-1977-MAC INT
Rising Son-Jah Jah Robe-VLS-1977-YARD
Rockets--Self Titled LP (Ariola)-Vinyl-1977-dL
Ron Geesin-Kpm 1000 Series Atmospheres-(KPM 1201)-WEB-1977-gF
Ronny Astrom-Hampadangor-LP-SE-1977-ERP
Roots Underground-Tribesman Assault-LP-1977-YARD
Rose Royce-In Full Bloom-WEB-1977-ENRAGED iNT
Rudolf Rock Und Die Schocker-So Wie Ein Tiger-WEB-DE-1977-ALPMP3
Rupie Edwards-Dub Classic-LP-1977-YARD
Rupie Edwards-My Little Red Top-VLS-1977-JRO
Rush--A Farewell to Kings-AN11010-CD-1977-WUS INT
Rush-A Farewell To Kings (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED
S Beckford-Family Court-(GG006)-VLS-1977-YARD
Sammy Hagar-Musical Chairs-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
Sammy Hagar-Sammy Hagar-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
Schytts-Disco Lady-LP-SE-1977-NoGRP
Seals and Crofts-One On One-OST-WEB-1977-MARR
Seka Molenga Kalo Kawongolo And Lee Perry-From The Heart Of The Congos-1977-RAC
Sex Pistols - Nevermind The Bollocks-1977-FAF INT
Sex Pistols-Never Mind the Bollocks Heres the Sex Pistols-1977-ENT
Shalamar-Uptown Festival-SD10906-VINYL-1977-G3LTUNES INT
Shelton Walks And Ranking Joe-Youre My Girl (12 Inch Reggae Connection)-VLS-1977-YARD
Shirley Brown-Shirley Brown-LP-1977-GCP
Shirley Caesar-First Lady-WEB-1977-ESG
Slave-Hardness Of The World-WEB-1977-ESG
Slave-Slave-WEB-1977-ESG INT
Smokey Robinson-Deep In My Soul-LP-1977-GCP
Smokey Robinson-Deep In My Soul-WEB-1977-ESG
Soul Syndicate-Harvest Uptown Famine Downtown-(Vinyl)-1977-0MNi
Space Project--Conquest Of The Stars (KPN1-0267)-Vinyl-1977-dL
Status Quo-Rockin All Over The World-1977-(Remastered 2005)-HVN INT
Sten Och Stanley-Framsida-1977-RoLLe
Styx-The Grand Illusion-1977-EMG INT
Sugar Minott-Live Loving-LP-1977-RKS
Sugar Minott-Show Case-LP-1977-YARD INT
Supertramp-Even in the Quietest Moments-1977-DuDE
Sven-Erics-Lat Oss Vara Tillsammans-1977-Sn00py
Sven-Erics-Nar Kvallens Dans Ar Slut-1977-Sn00py
Sweet Maya-Sweet Maya-WEB-1977-UVU
Sylford Walker-Chant Down Babylon-VL-10inch-1977-RAC
Syreeta-Quick Slick-VLS-1977-GCP
T-Connection-On Fire-LP-1977-GCP
Talking Heads-Talking Heads 77 (Deluxe Version)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1977-MOHAWK
Talking Heads-Talking Heads 77-1977-FTS
Tappa Zukie-Escape From Hell-LP-1977-YARD
Tavares-Love Storm-LP-1977-GCP
Ted Nugent-Cat Scratch Fever-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
Teddy Pendergrass-I Dont Love You Anymore-VLS-1977-GCP INT
The 13th Floor-Steppin Out-(BL-55056)-WEB-1977-SOUNDz
The Aggrovators Meets Revolutioners-At Channel One Studios (UK LP HI REZ)-1977-UPR
The Aggrovators-Kaya Dub (THIRD WORLD)-LP-1977-UPR
The Aggrovators-Meets Revolutionaries At Channel 1 (CULTURE PRESS 1998)-CD-1977-UPR
The Agrovators And The Revolutioners-At Channel One-LP-1977-YARD INT
The Arawaks-Dearest-VLS-1977-JRO
The Beatles-Love Songs-1977-FIH INT
The Blackbyrds-Action-WEB-1977-ESG
The Chantells-Natty Supper Bw Man In Love (12 Inch DSR4544 5)-VLS-1977-Gully
The Chi-Lites-the Fantastic Chi-Lites--CD-1977-UNiCORN INT
The Clarkestars-Never Gonna Give Up-VLS-1977-YARD
The Clash - Rough Demo-1977-rH
The Clash-Complete Control-(VLS)-1977-DNR
The Clash-Remote Control-(VLS)-1977-DNR
The Clash-The Clash-(Joe Strummer Tribute)-1977-SDR INT
The Dead Boys-Young Loud And Snotty-Original Vinyl-1977-SDR
The Doobie Brothers-Livin On The Fault Line-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
The Dramatics-Shake It Well-LP-1977-GCP INT
The Dreads At King Tubby's 1974-1977-[256kbps]
The Fatback Band-Double Dutch-VLS-1977-GCP
The Floaters-Floaters-LP-1977-GCP INT
The Heptones-Party Time-1977-RAC iNT
The Hues Corporation-I Caught Your Act-LP-1977-GCP
The Isley Brothers-Forever Gold-LP-1977-JCE
The Jewells Bw Leroy Smart and I Roy-Jah-I Bw Jah Is My Light and Wicked Eat Dirt-(OB 0010)-12INCH VINYL-1977-YARD
The Jimmy Castor Bunch--Maximum Stimulation-(SD19111)-WEB-1977-BABAS INT
The Jolly Boys-Roots of Reggae-WEB-1977-JAH
The Killjoys--Johnny Wont Get To Heaven-(DAMGOO165)-WEB-1977-WUS
The Manhattans-It Feels So Good-LP-1977-GCP
The Masqueraders-Love Anonymous-LP-1977-WUS
The Maytones-Madness-VLS-1977-RKS
The Mighty Clouds Of Joy-Live and Direct-LP-1977-GCP
The Players Association--Turn The Music Up (VS 5011)-Vinyl-1977-dL
The Pointer Sisters-Having A Party-LP-1977-GCP
The Prince Brothers-Ram Jam (7 Inch CG-010)-VLS-1977-Gully
The Revolutionaries-Death-VLS-1977-RKS
The Ritchie Family-African Queens-WEB-1977-UVU
The Ritchie Family-Life Is Music-WEB-1977-UVU
The Roots-Mash Down-VLS-1977-RKS
The Runaways-Live in Japan-Remastered-1977-PRW INT
The Runaways-Queens of Noise-Remastered-1977-PRW INT
The Sex Pistols - Nevermind The Bollocks-1977-FAF INT
The Shadow-The Shadow Thing-VLS-1977-LiViTY
The Shadows-20 Golden Greats-1977-DuDE
The Silvertones-African Dub-(VLS)-1977-Ashanti
The Silvertones-King of Kings-(VLS)-1977-Ashanti
The Silvertones-Take A Little Love-(VLS)-1977-Ashanti
The Sons Of Champlin-Loving Is Why-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED
The Soul Patrol-More Disco Dynamite-LP-1977-GCP
The Stylistics-Sun and Soul-LP-1977-GCP
The Temptations-Hear To Tempt You-LP-1977-GCP INT
The Trammps-The Trammps III-LP-1977-GCP INT
The Younghearts-All About Love-LP-1977-GCP
Thelma Houston and Jerry Butler-Thelma and Jerry-LP-1977-GCP
Thelma Houston-The Devil In Me-LP-1977-GCP
Thin Lizzy-Bad Reputation-1977-DNR
Thin Lizzy-Bad Reputation-1977-DuDE
Thin Lizzy-Bad Reputation-WEB-1977-ENTiTLED iNT
Third World-96 Degrees In The Shade-1977-RAC-INT
Third World-96 In The Shade-Vinyl-1977-SRC
Thor-Erics-Resa Med Solen-LP-1977-Sn00py
throbbing gristle-nothing short of total war-tape-1977-fwyh
throbbing gristle-the second annual report-1977-fwyh
Tom Waits-Foreign Affairs-1977-MHQ INT
Tommy Mccook and the Agrovators-Disco Rockers-1977-MostHigh
Tonix-Santo Domingo-1977-Sn00py
Tony Kinsey-Kpm 1000 Series the Lighter Side the Life of Leisure-(KPM 1198)-WEB-1977-gF
Tony Palmer-Sister Beloved-VLS-1977-JRO
Tradition - Tradition in Dub-(Retail Vinyl)-1977-HiEM iNT
Trinity-3 Piece Suite-VLS-1977-JAH
Trinity-Three Piece Suit (7 Inch)-VLS-1977-Gully
Trinity-Three Piece Suit-LP-1977-MostHigh
Trinity-Up Town Girl (7 Inch)-VLS-1977-RKS
Trinity-Up Town Girl-LP-1977-MostHigh
Triumph-Rock and Roll Machine-LP-1977-KLV INT
Truck Stop - Truck Stop-LIVE CD-1977-UNiCORN INT
Truck Stop - Zuhause-CD-1977-UNiCORN INT
Twinkle Brothers-Miss Labba Labba-1977-MostHigh
U Roy-Rasta Ambassador-Retail-1977-PpGa
Uriah Heep-Firefly-1977-PRW INT
Uriah Heep-Innocent Victim-1977-MFN iNT
VA-Creator-Such Is Life BW Jolly Brothers-Dread Dreader-Read Nfo-(SL DD 001)-VLS-1977-211
VA-Discover Cosmic The Klaus Schulze Sessions-(Cosmic Music)-2LP-1977-jAZzMan
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Cause for Concern-(KPM 1206)-WEB-1977-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Classical Synthesiser - Stained Glass Windows-(KPM 1193)-WEB-1977-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Contemporary Themes-(KPM 1205)-WEB-1977-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Industry Vol.3-(KPM 1197)-WEB-1977-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Landscapes - Things to Come - New Innovations-(KPM 1191)-WEB-1977-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Light and Easy-(KPM 1207)-WEB-1977-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Music of the Nations (Volume 4) France - Italy-(KPM 1202)-WEB-1977-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Music of the Nations Vol. 3 - Germany - Austria-(KPM 1034)-WEB-1977-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Music Suites Volume 1-(KPM 1195)-WEB-1977-gF
VA-Motown Extra Special-LP-1977-GCP
VA-Observer 12 Inch (OBS 902)-VLS-1977-Gully
VA-Reggae Goodies Vol 1 (WACKIES 0039 REISSUE LP)-1977-RAC
VA-Reggae Goodies Vol 2 (WACKIES 0040 REISSUE LP)-1977-RAC
VA-Rock N Roll Relix 1976-1977-1996-pLAN9
VA-Rock Rallye 77-LP-1977-KALEVALA
VA-Smokey And The Bandit-OST Vinyl-1977-99 INT
VA-Soul City-LP-1977-GCP
VA-Staying Alive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)-WEB-1977-AZF
VA-Streets-Select Highlights From Indept Brit. Labels-Vinyl-1977-SDR
VA-Time to Remember (Vinyl LP Sky LP11)-1977-Gully
VA-Westbound LP Sampler-(Promo)-LP-1977-GCP
Vikingarna-Kramgoa Latar 05-1977-Sn00py
Vivian Jackson And The Prophets-Deliver Me From My Enemys-1977-RAC
Wagadu Gu-Sweet Mother-(SDRK01)-12INCH VLS-1977-Gully
Wayne Wade-Everybody Bawling-(7 Inch)-VLS-1977-YARD
WHITESNAKE - Whitesnake-1977-AoR INT
Whitesnake-Whitesnake-1977-AoR INT
Wiener Philharmoniker und Karl Boehm-Ludwig van Beethovens 9 Symphonien-8LP-1977-KLV
William Eaton-Struggle Buggy-LP-1977-GCP
Wire-Pink Flag-WEB-1977-CBR iNT
Wizex-Som En Sang-1977-NHK
Wolfgang Ambros-Hoffnungslos-CD-DE-1977-ALPMP3
X-Ray Spex - Germ Free Adolescents-1977-OBSERVER
Yabby You-Beware Dub-VL-1977-RAC
Yabby You-Deliver Me From My Enemies-1977-RAC
Yabby You-Jesus Dread 1972-1977-2CD-1997-MostHigh
Yabby You-Jesus Dread 1972-1977-2CD-1997-NuHS
Yabby You-Jesus Dread 1972-1977-2CD-1997-RbR
Zap Pow (Feat Beres Hammond)-Last War-VLS-1977-YARD
Zlooke-Can You Read My Lips-Vinyl-1988-LiViTY

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Old Music Collection 1976
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10cc-How Dare You (Remastered)-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
4th Street Orchestra-Leggo(Ah-Fi-We-Dis)-RAMA-LP-1976-UPR
Abba-Arrival-Retail-1976-Recycled INT
Abba-Dancing Queen-DVDRip-XviD-1976-MV
Abba-Money Money Money-DVDRip-XviD-1976-MV
Abba-When I Kissed The Teacher-DVDRip-XviD-1976-MV iNT
AC DC-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap-1976-RBZ
ac dc-dirty deeds done dirt cheap-australian edition-1976-ferice
AC DC-High Voltage-1976-RBZ
AC-DC - High Voltage-1976-PiAD INT
AC-DC-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap-(Remastered)-1976-HNH
AC-DC-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap-1976-DuDE
AC-DC-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap-Retail-1976-Recycled INT
AC-DC-High Voltage-1976-DuDE
ACDC - BBC Transciption Services-1976-bootleg-CMG
ACDC-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap-(Australian Version)-1976-FIH
ACDC-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap-1976-mwnd int
ACDC-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
ACDC-High Voltage-1976-EOS
ACDC-High Voltage-1976-iRO
ACDC-High Voltage-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
ACDC-Live In Birmingham-1976-CRSMP3
Ace Spectrum-Just Like In The Movies-LP-1976-GCP
Ache-Pictures From Cyclus 7-WEB-1976-MARR
aerosmith - rocks-1976-gripp
Aerosmith - Rocks-CD-1976-UNiCORN INT
Aerosmith-Rocks-(Remastered)-1976-FIH INT
Aggrovators-Rasta Dub 76-LP-1976-MostHigh
Aggrovators-Rasta Dub 76-LP-1976-YARD
Aggrovators-Reggae Stones Dub-1976-RAC
Aggrovators-Reggae Stones Dub-1976-RAC 2
Aggrovators-Reggae Stones Dub-1976-RAC INT
Agrovators-Reggae Stones Dub-LP-1976-MostHigh
Alan Parker and Madeline Bell-The Voice Of Soul-WEB-1976-UVU
Alan Parker-The Sound Of Soul-WEB-1976-UVU
Alan Tew-Drama Suite Part I-WEB-1976-UVU
Alan Tew-Drama Suite Part II-WEB-1976-UVU
Alice Cooper - Goes to Hell-1976-HaVeFuN INT
Alice Cooper - Goes To Hell-1976-Mr Metal
Alice Cooper-Goes To Hell-1976-DNR
Anthony Braxton-Quartet Dortmund 1976-1976-JUST
Antonino Riccardo Luciani-Ambiente E Musica-WEB-1976-UVU
Archie Shepp-Archie Shepp-LP-1976-JUST
Armando Trovajoli - Honeymoon in Three OST-1976-sfE
Armando Trovajoli-Dimmi Che Fai Tutto Per Me-OST-1976-sfE
Artful Dodger-Honor Among Thieves-1976-JUST
Arthur Alexander-Sharing the Night Together She Throw Stones at You-VLS-1976-Gully
Arthur Prysock-All My Life-LP-1976-GCP
Asha Puthli--The Devil Is Loose-(CBS81443)-WEB-1976-BABAS INT
Ashra - New Age of Earth-Advance-1976-teqra
Aswad-Aswad (ISLAND)-CD-1976-UPR
Aswad-Three Babylon-(VLS)-1976-0MNi
Augustus (Gussie) Clarke At King Tubbys-Black Foundation Dub-CD-1976-UPR
Augustus (GUSSIE) Clarke-Presenting The Right Tracks (CACTUS)-LP-1976-UPR
Augustus Pablo And Joe White-Edi Amin-VLS-1976-RAC
Augustus Pablo-King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown-1976-RAC
Augustus Pablo-King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown (JA YARD REPRESS 1979 HI REZ)-LP-1976-UPR
Augustus Pablo-King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown (SHANACHIE REISSUE)-CD-1976-UPR
Aura Lewis Meets Lee Scratch Perry-Full Experience-1976-RAC
Average White Band-Person To Person-2LP-1976-GCP
Azar Lawrence-People Moving-(LP)-1976-JCE
B.T. Express-Energy to Burn-LP-1976-JCE
Barrabas - Watch Out-WEB-1976-BiNGO iNT
Barre Phillips--Mountainscapes-(ECM)-CD-1976-mbs
Barrington Spence-Speak Softly-Vinyl-1976-RAC
Barrington Spence-Tears On My Pillow (KLIK HI REZ)-LP-1976-UPR
Barrington Spence-Tears on My Pillow-Vinyl-1976-RAC
Barry Biggs-Mr.Biggs (DYNAMIC SOUNDS)-LP-1976-UPR
Barry White-Let The Music Play-LP-1976-GCP INT
Bee Gees-Love So Right-RS859-VINYL-1976-G3L INT
Ben E. King-I Had A Love-WEB-1976-UVU
Beres Hammond-Soul Reggae-LP-1976-YARD
Big Joe-Set Your Face At Ease-(VLS)-1976-SSR
Big Youth-Hit The Road Jack (TROJAN)-CD-1976-UPR
Big Youth-Natty Cultural Dread (TROJAN HI REZ)-LP-1976-UPR
Billy Cobham-Life and Times-LP-1976-GCP INT
Billy Joel-Turnstiles-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
Billy Paul-Let Em in-1976-JCE
Billy Swan-Billy Swan-TAPE-1976-ERP
Black Sabbath-Back Street Kids-(VLS)-1976-DNR
Black Sabbath-Gypsy-(VLS)-1976-DNR
Black Sabbath-Technical Ecstacy-Retail-1976-Recycled INT
Black Sabbath-We Sould Our Soul for Rock N Roll-1976-TBO
Blue Magic-Mystic Dragons-LP-1976-GCP
Blue Magic-Mystic Dragons-WEB-1976-ENRAGED
Bo Kirkland and Ruth Davis-Bo and Ruth-LP-1976-LiViTY
Bob Crewe Generation-Street Talk-LP-1976-JCE
Bob Dylan-Desire-1976-EMG INT
Bob James-BJ4-1976-CMS
Bob Marley & The Wailers-Rastaman Vibration-1976-RUPT
Bob Marley - Live At The Roxy Hollywood CA-1976-ESK
Bob Marley and the Wailers - Cry to Me-1976-PaDDeRaX
Bob Marley and the Wailers - Jah Live WIP 6265-1976-PaDDeRaX
Bob Marley and the Wailers - Live at Lyceum-1976-PaDDeRaX
Bob Marley and The Wailers - Rastaman Vibration-(Retail CD)-1976-HiEM INT
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Cry to Me-(VLS)-1976-0MNi
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Jah Live-(VLS)-1976-0MNi
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Live At The Stardust Club Exeter UK-1976-ICE
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Live At The Tower Theater Upper Darby PA-1976-ICE
Bob Marley and The Wailers-Positive Vibration-x264-1976-GRMV
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Rastaman Vibration-1976-iNT
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Rastaman Vibration-1976-ReZz
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Rastaman Vibration-1976-sfsh
Bob Marley and the Wailers-Rastaman Vibration-1976-VhV iNT
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Rastaman Vibration-LP-1976-RKS
Bob Marley And The Wailers-Smokin Pot Live At KSAN Studios-2CD-(Bootleg)-1976-DNR
Bob Marley-Live At The Roxy Los Angeles 05-26-76-1976-DGN
Bob Marley-Rastaman Vibration-1976-SKPoWaH
Bob Marley-Smokin Pot-2CD-Bootleg-1976-ICE
Bob Marley-The Yvette Acoustic Tape-1976-EOS
Bob Marley-Yvettes Bedroom-1976-DON
Bobbie Melody-Jah Bring I Joy (7 Inch TRO7992)-VLS-1976-Gully
Bobby Kalphat-Something Special (12 Inch Ggs Hit)-VLS-1976-YARD
Boney M-Daddy Cool-(K 10827)-VINYL-1976-B2A INT
Bootsy Collins-Stretchin Out In Bootsys Rubber Band-WEB-1976-ENRAGED iNT
Bootsys Rubber Band-Stretchin Out In Bootsys Rubber Band-1976-WEB320
Boston-Boston-1976-EMG INT
Boz Scaggs-Silk Degrees-Retail-1976-Recycled INT
Brass Construction-Brass Construction II-1976-CMS
Brent Dowe-Equality and Justice-(VLS)-1976-SSR
Brother To Brother-Let Your Mind Be Free-Vinyl-1976-DGN
Bruce Cockburn-In The Falling Dark-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
Bunny Wailer - Blackheart Man (Unreleased)-(READ NFO)-1976-HiEM
Bunny Wailer-Blackheart Man-1976-EAC
Bunny Wailer-Blackheart Man-CD-1976-2GCREW
Bunny Wailer-Blackheart Man-Retail CD-1976-RKS iNT
Bunny Wailer-Blackheart Man-WEB-1976-JAH iNT
Burning Spear-100th Anniversary-1976-MIL
Burning Spear-Live-1976-08-21-Mocambo Club Toronto
Burning Spear-Man In The Hills-1976-Leech iNT
Burning Spear-Man In The Hills-1976-RAC
Burning Spear-Man In The Hills-CD-1976-RKS
Burning Spear-Man In The Hills-CD-1976-RKS INT
Burning Spear-Man in the Hills-Remastered-1976-RPC
Burning Spear-Man in the Hills-Retail CD-1976-507 INT
Burning Spear-Marcus Garvey - Garveys Ghost-Retail CD-1975-1976-RKS iNT
Burning Spear-Marcus Garvey-Garveys Ghost-1976-MK3
Byron Lee And The Dragonaires-Reggae International-LP-1976-YARD
Can-Flow Motion (Remastered)-WEB-1976-MOHAWK
Candi Staton-Young Hearts Run Free-LP-1976-GCP
Captain And Tennille-Song Of Joy-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
Carl Malcolm-Right Size (LEO RECORDS ML-2811)-VLS-1976-RAC
Carol Douglas-Midnight Love Affair-LP-1976-JCE
Carol Williams Ft Salsoul Orchestra-Lectric Lady-LP-1976-JCE
Carpenters-A Kind Of Hush-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
Casa Das Maquinas-Casa De Rock-BR-1976-rH
Cerrone-Love In C Minor Part I and II-VLS-1976-GCP
Chairman Maf-1976-2013-FTD
Charles Earland--Odyssey-LP-1976-WUS
Chick Corea-My Spanish Heart-1976-DNR
Chinox-Tunna Skivor Me-LP-1976-NoGRP
Christers-Som En Sommarvind-1976-Sn00py
Christers-Som En Sommarvind-LP-1976-CrY
Chuck Mangione--Main Squeeze-LP-1976-WUS
Collin Walcott-Cloud Dance-WEB-1976-UVU INT
Colosseum II - Strange New Flesh-2CD-Advance-1976-teqra
Colosseum II - Strange New Flesh-Advance-1976-teqra
Cool Candys - Full Gas-LP-1976-RoLLe
Cool Candys-Full Gas-LP-SE-1976-NoGRP
Cool Candys-Go Bitar 07-1976-Sn00py
Cornel Campbell-No Mans Land-VLS-1976-JAH
Cornel Campbell-No Mans Land-VLS-1976-RKS iNT
Cornel Campbell-The Sun-VLS-1976-JAH
Cornell Campbell-Gorgon-LP-1976-MostHigh
Credence Clearwater Revival-1976-Chronicle Vol.1-TFS
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Chronicle-1976-BiR
Creedence Clearwater Revival-Chronicle 20 Greatest Hits (Ecopac)-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
Creedence Clearwater Revival-Chronicle The 20 Greatest Hits (Volume Two)-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
Crosby and Nash-Whistling Down the Wire-1976-MHQ INT
Curt Gorans-Tredje-1976-Sn00py
D.C. LaRue-Cathedrals-WEB-1976-UVU
Danny Krivit-Re Edit Series-VINYL-1976-BPM HOUSE
Dannys-The Elephant Song-LP-SE-1976-NoGRP
Dave Mason-Certified-Live-1976-JUST
David Bowie - ChangesOneBowie-LP-1976-DAW
David Bowie - Station to Station-Read Nfo-LP-1976-DAW
David Bowie-Changesbowie-1976-VhV iNT
David Bowie-Station to Station-1976-VhV iNT
David Bowie-Station to Station-RERIP-1976-DuDE
David Bromberg-How Latell Ya Play Til Vol.1live-1976-UTB
David Ruffin-Everythings Coming Up Love-LP-1976-GCP
Deep Purple-Made In Europe-1976-SMP3 iNT
Delbert Mcclinton-Genuine Cowhide-1976-JUST
Delroy Wilson-Ive Been in Love (7 Inch TOPS 001)-VLS-1976-Gully
Delroy Wilson-Sarge (LP1)-LP-1976-Gully
Deniece Williams-This is Niecy-LP-1976-JCE
Denise La Salle-Second Breath-LP-1976-LiViTY
Dennis Brown-Lifes Worth Living-VLS-1976-YARD
Devon Russell-Prison Life-1976-JAH
Diana Ross-I Thought it Took A Little Time Bw After You (7 Inch)-VLS-1976-Gully
Dillinger - Cokane in My Brain Maxi-Vinyl-1976-DAW
Dillinger--Bionic Dread-(ILPS9455)-LP-1976-RAMPLjUS
Dillinger-Bionic Dread-LP-1976-MostHigh
Dillinger-Bongo Man (Striker Lee)-VLS-1976-RAC
Dillinger-CB 200-1976-RAC
Dillinger-CB 200-Cd-1976-YARD
Dillinger-Detention Camp-VLS-1976-RKS
Donald Byrd-Donald Byrds Best-1976-JCE
Donna Hightower-Besame Mucho Granada-LP-1976-DGN
Double Exposure-Ten Percent-LP-1976-GCP INT
Dr. Alimantado-Best Dressed Chicken in Town-1976-MostHigh
Dutch Mason-The Blues Aint Bad-Vinyl-1976-UTB
Eagles - Hotel California-1976-FAF INT
Eagles-Hotel California-1976-iRO
Eagles-Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)-1976-MHQ INT
Earl Zero-Home Sweet Home (7 Inch)-VLS-1976-RKS
Eddie Harris - That Is Why Youre Overweight LP-(A780251-Vinyl)-1976-DRUM
Eddie Kendricks-Never Gonna Leave You-7inch 45RPM-1976-JCE
Eddie Russ--See The Light (Monument)-Vinyl-1976-dL INT
Edrich Siebert-Kpm 1000 Series Silver Band-(KPM 1181)-WEB-1976-gF
El Coco-Lets Get It Together-WEB-1976-UVU
Electric Light Orchestra-A New World Record-1976-DNR
Electric Light Orchestra-Ole ELO-LP-1976-JCE
Elektriktus--Electronic Mind Waves-(PLDA6050)-WEB-1976-BABAS INT
Elton John-Blue Moves-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
Emilio Santiago-Brasileirssimas-LP-1976-GCP
Ennio Morricone - Divina Creatura OST-1976-sfE
Eric Burdon and War-Love is All Around-1976-JCE
Eric Clapton-Dallas 1976-2CD-Bootleg-1976-STAR
Eric Clapton-No Reason To Cry-1976-DNR
Errol Alphanso-Chant Jah Victory-VLS-1976-YARD
Errol Dunkley-Put Down The Gun-VLS-1976-JAH
Errol Dunkley-Sit and Cry Over You-1976-MostHigh
Errol Dunkley-Sit And Cry Over You-Vinyl-1976-RAC
Errol Dunkley-Sit And Cry Over You-Vinyl-1976-RAC iNT
Esther Williams-Let Me Show You-WEBRIP-1976-YYY
Fist O Funk Orchestra-New York Strut BW the Feeling-VLS-1976-JCE
Flamingokvintetten-Flamingo 07-LP-1976-Sn00py
Flying Norwegians-Wounded Bird-LP-1976-gF
Foghat-Night Shift-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
Foxy-Foxy (Expanded Edition)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1976-ESG
Frank Zappa-The Eyes of Osaka-2CD-1976-JCE
Frank Zappa-Zoot Allures-1976-DNR
Frank Zappa-Zoot Allures-1976-GiFT
Freddie Hubbard-Echoes of Blue-LP-1976-JCE
Freddie Hubbard-Windjammer-LP-1976-JCE
Freddie Mckay-Fire is Burning-Vinyl-1976-MostHigh
Funkadelic-Tales of Kidd Funkadelic-1976-CMS
Funky Brown-I Can See-VLS-1976-YARD
Funky Kings-Funky Kings-LP-1976-GCP
G. and M. De Angelis - Keoma OST-1976-sfE
G.C. Cameron-G.C. Cameron-LP-1976-GCP
Gal Costa-Gal Canta Caymmi-BR-1976-UTB
Gary Burton Quintet-Dreams So Real - Music Of Carla Bley-WEB-1976-UVU INT
Gasolin - Efter Endnu En Dag-1976-RMT
Gasolin - Live Sadan-1976-RMT
Gene Harris-In A Special Way-LP-1976-JCE
Genesis - A Trick of the Tail-1976-PiAD INT
Genesis-KBFH Hammersmith Odeon London 061076-1976-JUST
Genesis-Music Hall Cleveland 041376-2CD-1976-JUST
George Benson-Blue Benson-LP-1976-JCE
George Benson-Good King Bad-LP-1976-GCP INT
George Harrison-The Best of George Harrison-1976-EMG INT
George Harrison-The Best Of-1976-aPC
Gilde Duo-In Tirol-WEB-DE-1976-ALPMP3
Gladys Knight and the Pips-Best of Gladys Knight and the Pips-LP-1976-JCE
Gladys Knight and The Pips-Pipe Dreams-OST-WEB-1976-UVU
Gloria Gaynor-I Got You-LP-1976-CMS
Gong - Gazeuse-Retail-1976-teqra
Graham Central Station-Mirror-1976-IGR
Gregory Isaacs-Mr Cop-VLS-1976-YARD
Gregory Isaacs-My Time (12 Inch Gussie002)-VLS-1976-YARD
Hall and Oates-Bigger than Both of Us-LP-1976-JCE
Harrie Mudie Meet King Tubbys-In Dub Conference Vol.1-VL-1976-RAC
Harry Mudie And King Tubby - In Dub Conference Vol 1-(Retail LP)-1976-HiEM iNT
Harry Mudie-Meets King Tubby Dub Conference Vol 1-RETAiL CD-1976-R2R
Heart-Dreamboat Annie-1976-UasH
Heart-Greatest Hits-1976-RNS
Hector Lavoe--De Ti Depende (Its Up To You)-(Fania)-SP-CD-1976-mbs INT
Herb Albert-Just You and Me-(LP)-1976-JCE
Herbie Hancock--VSOP-1976-(Columbia)-2CD-Digipak-1996-mbs
Herbie Mann Ft Cissy Houston-Surprises-LP-1976-JCE
Herbie Mann-Bird in A Silver Cage-LP-1976-JCE
HiTide Harris-Leadbelly-OST-LP-1976-GCP
Honeyboy and Winston Curtis-Let it Be Me (7 Inch)-VLS-1976-Gully
Honeyboy-Lovers (THIRD WORLD)-Vinyl-1976-MostHigh
Horace Andy-Guiding Star (Striker Lee)-VLS-1976-RAC
Hugh Roy-Merry Go Round-VLS-1976-YARD
Hyldon-Deus A Natureza E A Musica-BR-1976-100REAL
I Roy-Cant Conquer Rasta-1976-RAC
I Roy-Dread Baldhead (LP KLP-9020)-1976-Gully INT
I Roy-Dread Baldhead-1976-RAC
Ilona Staller-Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi-VINYL-1976-B2A INT
Impressions-Loving Power-LP-1976-GCP
Ingmar Nordstroms-Saxparty 3-1976-DuDE
Inner Circle-Capitol Years-1976-JAH
Isaac Hayes-Groove-A-Thon-LP-1976-GCP INT
Isaac Hayes-The Best Of-Vinyl-1976-RpM
Isley Brothers-The 16 Greatest Hits of the Isley Brothers-(LP)-1976-JCE
J.J. Cale-Troubadour-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
Jack DeJohnettes Directions-Untitled-WEB-1976-UVU
Jackie Edwards-Get Up-VLS-1976-YARD
Jackson Sisters-Jackson Sisters-WEB-1976-ENRAGED
Jacob Miller-Stop Them Jah (LIMITED EDITION 10 INCH REISSUE)-Vinyl-1976-RAC
Jacob Miller-The Killer Rides Again-1976-RAC
Jacob Miller-Tired Fe Lick Weed in A Bush (7 Inch NK2)-VLS-1976-Gully
Jah Carlos And Soul Syndicate-Black Harmony-VLS-1976-RKS
Jah Lion-Colombia Colly-1976-RAC iNT
Jah Lion-Colombia Colly-CD-1976-RKS
Jah Lion-Soldier and Police War Bw Glen Decasta-Magic Touch (7 Inch)-VLS-1976-Gully
Jah Lloyd-I and I A Search for Survival-VLS-1976-YARD
Jah Woosh-Gathering Israel-LP-1976-YARD
Jah Woosh-Jah Jah Dey Dey-LP-1976-YARD
James Taylor-In the Pocket-WEB-1976-ENRiCH iNT
Jasper Vant Hof-The Selfkicker-WEB-1976-UKW
Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene-1976-TtR
Jean Michel Jarre-Oxygene-1976-Homely iNT
Jean-Michel Jarre-Oxygene-LP-Reissue-1976-EFR INT
Jean-Michel Jarre-Oxygene-Remastered-1976-EFR INT
Jerry Butler-Loves On The Menu-LP-1976-GCP
Jerry Hilter And Bullwackies All Stars-Whats Wrong With You-VLS-1976-RKS
Jigs-10 I Toppar Vol.02-1976-Sn00py
Jigs-Goa Bitar 06-1976-Sn00py
Jimi Hendrix with Curtis Knight - The Legendary Jimi Hendrix Flashing-Vinyl-1976-FKK
Jimmy Cherry-Hell Have to Go (7 Inch ALDRE 1)-VLS-1976-Gully
Jimmy Cliff-In Concert the Best of-Vinyl-1976-MostHigh
Jimmy Cliff-In Concert-The Best Of Jimmy Cliff-1976-RAS
Joe Morgan And Reckless Breed-Basement Session-VLS-1976-RKS
Joey Lewis-Calypso Disco-LP-1976-LiViTY
John Edwards-Life Love And Living-LP-1976-GCP
John Handy-Hard Work-LP-1976-GCP
John Holt-Up Park Camp-(Vinyl)-1976-0MNi
John Klemmer--Barefoot Ballet-LP-1976-WUS
John Leach-Kpm 1000 Series Traditional Folk Music Great Britain and France-(KPM 1182)-WEB-1976-gF
John Miles-Music-(611871)-Vinyl-1976-MAPHiA INT
johnny cash-at folsom prison and san quentin-1976-dnr
Johnny Clarke-Rockers Time Now-CD-1976-RKS
Johnny Clarke-Roots Natty Congo-VLS-1976-RKS
Johnny Winter--Captured Live-1976-WUS
Joni Mitchell-Hejira-1976-DNR
Joseph Cotton-Dancehall Days-1976-1984-(1998)-RAC99
Journey-Look into the Future-Retail-1976-Recycled INT
Jr. Walker-Sax Appeal-LP-1976-GCP
Jr. Walker-Whopper Bopper Show Stopper-LP-1976-GCP
Ju-Par Universal Orchestra--Moods and Grooves-(Ju-Par Records)-LP-1976-mbs
judas priest-sad wings of destiny-1976-int-gore
Judas Priest-Sad Wings Of Destiny-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
Juice - Keskitysleirin ruokavalio-1976-IND
Jukka Raitanen-Vangin Toive-WEB-FI-1976-KALEVALA INT
Junior Ross and the Spear-So Jah Jah Say-VLS-1976-YARD
Junior Ross and The Spears-Babylon Fall-VL-1976-RAC
Junior Ross And The Spears-Hold Them Prophecy-VLS-1976-JAH
Junior Walker and The Allstars-Hot Shot-(LP)-1976-JCE
Kansas-Leftoverture-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
Keith Hudson-Too Expensive-LP-1976-RKS
Keith Jarrett-Hymns Spheres-WEB-1976-UVU
Keith Mansfield-Kpm 1000 Series Contempo-(KPM 1188)-WEB-1976-gF
Ken Boothe-Blood Brothers-1976-0MNi
King Tubby Meets Vivian Jackson-Chant Down Babylon Kingdom-1976-RAC
Kiss - Destroyer--1976-FAF
KISS - Destroyer-1976-INT-GORE
KISS - Rock and Roll Over-1976-INT-GORE
KISS-Destroyer (The Remasters)-1976-LAMB
KISS-Rock and Roll Over-1976-INT-GORE
Kiss-The Lost Concert-DVDA-1976-SMP3
Knowledge-Every One Has Their Works-VLS-1976-YARD
Kool and the Gang-Open Sesame-LP-1976-JCE
Kukerpillid-Rahvalikke Laule-Vinyl EP-EE-1976-gF
L.A. Express-L.A. Express-LP-1976-GCP
Lasse Stefanz-Strandpartajj-1976-NHK
Lasse Stefanz-Strandpartajj-1976-Sn00py
Latimore-Qualified Man-VLS-1976-GCP
Led Zeppelin-The Song Remains The Same OST-2CD-1976-iRO
Lee Perry and the the Upsetters-Super Ape-1976-RAC iNT
Lee Perry and the Upsetters-Super Ape-1976-RAC iNT
Lee Perry-Dyon Anaswa (ORCHID)-VLS-1976-RAC iNT
Lee Perry-Roast Fish Collie Weed and Corn Bread-1976-RAC
Leroy Smart Feat. Mighty Diamonds-Disco Showcase-EP-1976-YARD
Leroy Smart-Ballistic Affair-VLS-1976-YARD
Linda Ronstadt-Hasten Down The Wind-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
Linval Thompson-Cool Down-1976-RAC
Lion Zion-Reggae in America-LP-1976-YARD
Lloyd Charmers-Rythm in Rhapsody-VLS-1976-YARD
Lloyd Parks-Loving You-LP-1976-MostHigh
Lord Laro-Budget Debate-VLS-1976-JRO
Lord Laro-Foreign Press BW Budget Debate-VLS-1976-YARD
Lou Rawls-Youll Never Find Another Love Like Mine-(PIR4372)-7 Inch Vinyl-1976-GCP
Lou Rawls-Youll Never Find Another Love Like Mine-ZS83592-VINYL-1976-G3L
Louisiana Red - Dead Stray Dog-CD-1976-UNiCORN INT
Luther Allison - the Motown Years 1972-1976-CD-1996-UniCorn int
Luther Allison-Night Life-LP-1976-GCP
Luther-May Christmas Bring You Happiness-(DSKO 78)-VLS-1976-YARD
M.A. Numminen and Sein Neo-Rustikalisches Orchester-Auf Deutsch-DE-1976-BCC
Mac and Katie Kissoon-The Best Of Mac and Katie Kissoon-LP-1976-GCP
Mac and Katie Kissoon-The Two Of Us-LP-1976-GCP
Magnus och brasse-Varning for barn-SE-CDA-1976-wAx
Magnus Uggla-Livets Teater-1976-GRiPP
Magnus Uggla-Livets Teater-SE-1976-EVIGHET
Margie Joseph-Hear The Words Feel The Feeling-LP-1976-GCP
Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr.-I Hope We Get To Love In Time-LP-1976-GCP
Markku Aro-Etsin Kunnes Loydan Sun-WEB-FI-1976-KALEVALA
Martha Velez-Escape From Babylon-LP-1976-RKS
Masekela-Melody Maker-LP-1976-GCP
Mass Production-Welcome To Our World (Of Merry Music)-VLS-1976-GCP
Max Fenders-En Hjartesak 04-1976-Sn00py
Max Romeo And The Upsetters-One Step Forward-VLS-1976-YARD
Max Romeo and The Upsetters-War Ina Babylon (Expanded Edition)-WEB-1976-ENRiCH
Max Romeo and the Upsetters-War Ina Babylon-CD-1976-R2R
Max Romeo-Chase The Devil-VLS-1976-RSD
Max Romeo-Heads A Go Roll Bw Tacko (7 Inch)-VLS-1976-Gully
Max Romeo-One Step Forward-VLS-1976-RAC iNT
McCoy Tyner-Cosmos-WEB-1976-MOHAWK
McCoy Tyner-Focal Point (Remastered)-WEB-1976-MOHAWK
Meditation Dub-Meditation Part 1-LP-1976-JAH
Michael Henderson-Solid (Expanded)-WEB-1976-ENRAGED
Mighty Diamonds-Live-1976-At Schaefer Festival Central Park, NYC
Mighty Diamonds-Play On Jah Music-VLS-1976-RAC
Mighty Diamonds-Right Time-1976-RAC
Mikey Brooks Meets The Upsetters - Solid Ground -1976-RAC
Millie Jackson-Lovingly Yours-LP-1976-GCP
motorhead-on parole-1976-dnr
Motorhead-On Parole-Retail-1976-DEMONiC INT
Motown Magic Disco Machine-Vol. II-LP-1976-GCP
Naggo Morris-Flour Power-VLS-1976-YARD
New York City-The Best Of New York City-LP-1976-GCP
Nick Ingman-Kpm 1000 Series Distinctive Themes - Race to Archivement-(KPM 1189)-WEB-1976-gF
Nick Ingman-Terminator-WEB-1976-UVU
Nite Blues Steel Band-Golden Hour Presents Caribbean Carnival (GH-619)-LP-1976-Gully
NU and U Roy-The Originator-LP-1976-YARD
Nuroy and Uroy-The Originator (CGLP107)-LP-1976-Gully INT
Ohio Players-Contradiction-LP-1976-GCP INT
Olivia Newton-John-Come On Over-VLS-1976-GCP
Osibisa-The Warrior-1976-SiRiON
OST-Easy Rider-1976-DNR
Pat Metheny-Bright Size Life-(ECM1073)-WEB-1976-MOHAWK
Peps Blodsband - Droppen Urholkar Stenen VL-1976-RAC
Peps Blodsband-Droppen Urholkar Stenen-VL-1976-RAC
Peps Blodsband-Hoeg Standard-1976-M32-Int
Perikles-Alla Tiders Bil-LP-1976-Sn00py
Perry Como-All Time Greatest Hits-1976-EMG INT
Peter King-Omo Lewa (OLP010)-LP-1976-Gully
Peter Tosh - Legalize it-Remastered-1976-DXE
Peter Tosh-Compact Price-Retail-1976-HLC
Peter Tosh-Compact Price-Retail-1976-HLC INT
Peter Tosh-Legalize It-1976-FTD
Peter Tosh-Legalize It-1976-inw
Peter Tosh-Legalize it-Remastered-1976-DXE
Peter Tosh-Legalize it-Rerip-1976-sfsh
Peter Tosh-Legalize It-Vinyl-1976-SRC
Piirpauke-Piirpauke 2-WEB-1976-KALEVALA INT
Pluto Shervington-Dat-VLS-1976-YARD
Pluto Shervington-Ram Goat Liver-VLS-1976-YARD
Prince Alla-Heaven Is My Roof-1976-RAC
Prince Allah-Heaven Is My Roof-1976-RAC
Prince Jazzbo-Ital Corner-1976-RAC
Prince Jazzbo-Ital Corner-1976-RAC iNT
Prince Jazzbo-Natty Pass Thru Rome (Deluxe Edition)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED
Prince Jazzbo-Natty Passing Thru-(Vinyl)-1976-0mni
Prophets-King Tubbys Prophecies Of Dub-LP-1976-YARD
Queen - A Day at the Races (Jap. Ed.)-1976-MCA int
Queen-A Day At The Races-1976-EOS
Queen-A Day At The Races-CD-1976-iOM INT
Queen-Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy (WideScreen)-DVDrip-Svcd-1976-mV4U
Queen-Tie Your Mother Down (WideScreen)-DVDrip-Svcd-1976-mV4U
R Stevie Moore-Phonography-1976-WEB320
Rasalla and the Spear-Bosrah-VLS-1976-YARD
REO Speedwagon-REO-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
Revolutionaries-Vital Dub Strictly Rockers-1976-JVC
Rex Smith-Rex-WEB-1976-ALPMP3
Rhythm Heritage-Disco-Fied-LP-1976-GCP
Riccardo Cocciante-Margherita-(TPBO 1243)-7 Inch-VINYL-IT-1976-MAPHiA INT
Richard Powell-Memories Of Glenivy-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED
Rico Rodrigues-Man From Wareika-VL-1976-RKS
Rising Son-Everyone Should Have A Home-VLS-1976-YARD
Rising Son-Jah Jah Robe-PROPER-VLS-1976-YARD
Ron Carter-Pastels-WEB-1976-UVU INT
Rose Banks-Rose-LP-1976-GCP
Royals-Spring 76-LP-1976-KALEVALA
Rudolf Rock Und Die Schocker-Man Muesste Nochmal Halbstark Sein (Die Tollen 50er Jahre)-WEB-DE-1976-ALPMP3
Sam Jones-Double Bass-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
Sammy Davis Jr-Barettas Theme-VLS-1976-GCP
Sammy Hagar-Nine On A Ten Scale-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
Schytts-Halligang 06-1976-CrY
Scorpions-Virgin Killer-(Retail)-1976-BFS
Scorpions-Virgin Killer-Retail-1976-Recycled INT
Seals and Crofts-Sudan Village-WEB-1976-MARR
Sheer Elegance-Sheer Elegance-LP-1976-GCP
Siluete-Makedonsko Devojce-Vinyl-RS-1976-VULGAR
Silver Connection-Get Up and Boogie-C48109-VINYL-1976-G3L INT
Silver Convention-Success-TAPE-1976-GCP
Skip Mahoaney and The Casuals-Land Of Love-LP-1976-GCP
sleepy sleepers-livet i bordell-FI-1976-DDt
Sleepy Sleepers-Livet I Bordell-Proper-FI-1976-COS
Sly And the Family Stone - Heard Ya Missed Me Well Im Back-CD-1976-UNiCORN INT
Son Seals-Midnight Son-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
SpaceArk-Spaceark Is-WEB-1976-ENRAGED
Steely Dan-The Royal Scam-LP-1976-GCP INT
Sten Och Stanley-Bella Bella-1976-RoLLe
Steve Miller Band-Fly Like an Eagle-1976-DuDE
Street Corner Symphony-Little Funk Machine-LP-1976-GCP
Street People-Street People-LP-1976-GCP
Sven-Erics-En Kvall Med Dig-1976-Sn00py
Sven-Erics-Kom Till Mej-1976-Sn00py
Sylvia Robinson-Sweet Stuff-1976-WEB320
Sylvia Robinson-Sylvia-1976-WEB320
Symbolics-Tell Them Jah Jah (7 Inch)-VLS-1976-Gully
Tapper Zukie-Pick Up the Rockers (7 Inch KL624)-VLS-1976-Gully
Tata Vega-Full Speed Ahead-LP-1976-GCP
Ted Nugent-Free-For-All-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
Tender Aggression--Fly Disco Fly (MST 7100)-Vinyl-1976-dL
Terry Reid - Seed of Memory-1976-SOM
Tetrack-Lets Get Started (Rockers International)-VLS-1976-RAC
The Abyssinians-Forward On To Zion-(1978 UK HI REZ)-LP-1976-UPR
The Abyssinians-Satta Massagana-(ORIGINAL JAM SOUNDS PRESS)-LP-1976-UPR
The Abyssinians-Satta Massagana-CD-1976-SRC
The Aggrovators-Rasta Dub 76 (ATTACK REISSUE CD 2006)-1976-UPR
The Aggrovators-Reggae Stones Dub (ABRAHAM)-LP-1976-UPR
The Agrovators-Rasta Dub 76-LP-1976-YARD
The Beatles-Searchin-(VLS)-1976-DNR
The Black Notes-African Style-VLS-1976-RAC iNT
The Blues Busters-Phillip And Floyd (VOGUE)-LP-1976-UPR
The Chi-Lites-Happy Being Lonely--CD-1976-UNiCORN INT
The Disco Sound of Andre Gagnon-Surprise-L2607-VINYL-1976-G3L INT
The Doobie Brothers-Takin It To The Streets-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
The Dramatics-Joy Ride-LP-1976-GCP
The Drifters-Every Nites A Saturday Night-LP-1976-GCP
The Ebonys-Sing About Life-WEB-1976-UVU
The Fatback Band-Night Fever-LP-1976-GCP INT
The Fatback Band-Spanish Hustle-VLS-1976-GCP
The Fatback Band-The Best Of The Fatback Band-LP-1976-GCP
The Gladiators - Trenchtown Mix Up-(Retail CD)-1976-HiEM iNT
The Gladiators-Trenchtown Mix-1976-KN
The Group with No Name-Moon Over Brooklyn-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED
The Heptones-Cool Rasta-1976-RAC
The Heptones-Mistry Babylon-VLS-1976-RAC iNT
The Heptones-Night Food-CD-1976-R2R
The Impressions-Its About Time-LP-1976-GCP
The Jacksons-The Jackson-1976-H3X
The Keyboard Circle--1976-CD-1976-mbs
The Manhattans-Manhattans-1976-JCE
The Meditations-Running From Jamaica-VLS-1976-YARD
The Memphis Horns-High On Music-WEB-1976-UVU
The Mighty Diamonds-Stand Up To Your Judgment-JA LP-1976-MostHigh
The New Ventures-Rocky Road-LP-1976-GCP
The Originals-Communique-LP-1976-GCP
The Originals-Down To Love Town-VLS-1976-GCP
The Revolutionaries-Revolutionary Sounds-1976-DELTA
The Runaways-The Runaways-(Cherry Red)-1976-SDR
The Runaways-the Runaways-Remastered-1976-PRW INT
The Sins Of Satan--Thou Shalt Boogie Forever (BDS5673)-Vinyl-1976-dL INT
The Sons Of Champlin-A Circle Filled With Love-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED
The Staples-Pass It On-LP-1976-GCP INT
The Supremes-Mary Scherrie and Susaye-LP-1976-GCP
The Sylvers-Something Special-LP-1976-GCP
The Trammps-Where the Happy People Go-(LP)-1976-OSC
The Tymes-Tymes Up (Expanded Edition)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1976-ENRAGED
The Tymes-Tymes Up-LP-1976-GCP INT
The Undisputed Truth-Method To The Madness-LP-1976-GCP
The Whole Darn Family-The Whole Darn Family Has Arrived-WEB-1976-SOUNDz
Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak-1976-PMS
Thin Lizzy - Johnny The Fox-1976-INT-GORE
Thin Lizzy-Jailbreak-1976-DNR
Thin Lizzy-Jailbreak-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
Thin Lizzy-Johnny The Fox-1976-INT-GORE
Thin Lizzy-Johnny The Fox-WEB-1976-ENTiTLED iNT
Third World-Third World-Retail LP-1976-WiS INT
THP Orchestra-Fightin on the Side of Love-PB50289-VINYL-1976-G3LTUNES
Tim Maia--Racional Vol 2-(SEROMA0004)-BR-WEB-1976-BABAS INT
Tina Charles-I Love To Love (But My Bady Loves To Dance)-2310501-Vinyl-1976-MAPHiA INT
Tom Waits-Small Change-1976-MHQ INT
Tomasz Stanko-Balladyna-WEB-1976-UKW INT
Toots The Maytals-Reggae Got Soul-1976-JAH
Toots And The Maytals-Reggae Got Soul-SVCD-1976-DiViSiON
Trinity-School Days-VLS-1976-Gully
Truck Stop - Truckin on New Tracks-CD-1976-UNiCORN INT
Tunji Oyelana--Double Face-(NEMILP0268)-WEB-1976-BABAS INT
Two Man Sound-Disco Samba-(11917)-VINYL-1976-B2A INT
U Roy-Natty Rebel-VLS-1976-YARD
U-Roy-Natty Rebel-LP-1976-FireSon
U-Roy-Right Time Rockers-1976-JVC
U-Roy-With Words Of Wisdom-VL-1976-RAC
Ufo - No Heavy Petting-1976-TRP
VA-Bubbling Brown Sugar-1976 Original Broadway Cast-WEB-1976-ENRAGED
VA-DIP All Stars-LP-1976-RAC
VA-Disco-Club Vol. 2 African Sound-LP-1976-GCP
VA-Discomania 2-LP-1976-GCP
VA-DJ Round Up-LP-1976-YARD
VA-Hits of the 70s - Volume 1 (Disc 11)-CD-1976-VhV iNT
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Amusement-(KPM 1174)-WEB-1976-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Caricature-(KPM 1178)-WEB-1976-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Chartbusters-(KPM 1176)-WEB-1976-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Classical Guitar Spanish Suite - European Suite-(KPM 1186)-WEB-1976-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Gemini Suite Russian Suite(with Romanian Suite)-(KPM 1184)-WEB-1976-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Hot Wax-(KPM 1177)-WEB-1976-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Impact-(KPM 1171)-WEB-1976-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Love s Themes-(KPM 1175)-WEB-1976-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Middle East Suite - India-(KPM 1183)-WEB-1976-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Orchestral Contrasts-(KPM 1179)-WEB-1976-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Solid Gold-(KPM 1173)-WEB-1976-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series Tender Emotions-(KPM 1180)-WEB-1976-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series the Nature of Woodwind-(KPM 1187)-WEB-1976-gF
VA-Kpm 1000 Series the String Family-(KPM 1185)-WEB-1976-gF
VA-Pan-American Travelogue-WEB-1976-UVU
VA-Pesni Iz Kinofilma Priklucheniya Buratino-Vinyl-RU-1976-D2H
VA-Pulse Of Events-WEB-1976-UVU
VA-Rasta Have Ambition-LP-1976-KOA
VA-The All American Powerhouse-WEB-1976-UVU
VA-The Front Line-LP-1976-HLC
VA-This Is Reggae Music Vol.3 CD-1976-YARD
Van Halen-Gene Simmons Demos-1976-MMF
Van McCoy-Rhythms Of The World-LP-1976-GCP
Van McCoy-The Real McCoy-LP-1976-GCP
Vangelis - Albedo 0.39 (UK Vinyl-LP-1976-UNiCORN INT
Vangelis - Albedo-1976-UNiCORN INT
Vicki Sue Robinson-Turn The Beat Around-VINYL-1976-WLM
Vikingarna-Kramgoa Latar 03-1976-Sn00py
Vikingarna-Kramgoa Latar 04-1976-Sn00py
Willie Hutch-Concert In Blues-LP-1976-GCP
Wizex-Har Du Glomt-1976-NHK
Yabby U-Judgement Time (Vivian Jackson)-VLS-1976-RAC
ZZ Top-Tejas-1976-FAF INT
ZZ Top-Tejas-1976-LT

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