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Old Music Collection 1991 Part6
  Collections | Author: Admin | 24-11-2020, 10:23

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The Psychopaths--Killer Mummy (12 ELIC 4)-Vinyl-1991-dL
The Psychopaths-Nightmares-12ELIC02-Vinyl-1991-XTC
The Ragga Twins-Reggae Owes Me Money-SUADLP002-1991-sour
The Ragga Twins-Reggae Owes Me Money-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
The Rebel Pebbles--Girls Talk-CD-1991-WUS
The Rhythm Factor--Phase 1-(SR-1232)-Vinyl-1991-dh
The Righteous Brothers-The Moonglow Years-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED
The Scientist-The Bee Remixes-KICK3TR-1991-sour
The Shadows-Themes And Dreams-1991-DNR
The Shamen--Move Any Mountain-(FK-003)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
The Shamen-Hyperreal Remixes-(048TP12L)-READ NFO Vinyl-1991-RACEMEx
The Shamen-Move Any Mountain - Progen 91-1991-TT
The Shamen-Move Any Mountain - Progen 91-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
The Simpsons-Do The Bartman-SVCD-1991-THE
The Source Ft Candi Staton-You Got the Love (Vinyl)-1991-cLuBMP3
The Specials - Singles-1991-NOiSE
The Specials-The Singles Collection-1991-KSi
The Spider--Help (STORM 41)-Vinyl-1991-dL
The Staple Singers-Freedom Highway-(Remastered)-1991-GCP
The Step - Yeah You (WAP 008)-1991-gEm
The Storm - The Storm-(7 91741-2)-CD-1991-MCA int
The Storm-The Storm-1991-gF INT
The Strikers-12 Inch Mixes-WEB-1991-ESG
The Suburban Knight-Nocturbulous Behavior-(UR011)-EP-1991-313
The Sundance Kid-Double Barrel (New Style)-CDS-1991-YARD
The Swing Kids--Yeah Good Feelin-(NER2005)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
The Termites-Do The Rock Steady-REISSUE-CD-1991-YARD
The Tone--Early To Rise-(BB-9104)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
The Toy Dolls-Fat Bobs Feet-LP-1991-gF INT
The Triplets-Thicker Than Water-TAPE-1991-ERP
The Tripper--Volume 1 (VM 001)-VINYL-1991-CMC
The Twinkle Brothers-Old Cuts Dub Pack-Vinyl-1991-RAC iNT
The Umcs-Fruits Of Nature-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
The UMCs-One To Grow On-VLS-1991-GCP INT
The Underground Solution feat Jasmine--Luv Dancin-(SR12027)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
The Unknown--Dreams Of Santa Anna (HIT 6005)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
The Untouchables--Take A Chance (RS 9117)-Vinyl-1991-dL
The Untouchables--The Swing Doctor-(SR-1249)-Vinyl-1991-dh
The Vandals - Sweatin to the Oldies the Vandals Live-1991-SOP INT
The Vandals--Fear Of A Punk Planet-CD-1991-WUS INT
The Vandals-Sheena Is A Punk Rocker-1991-ATR
The Vision (Mills Hood Banks) - Gyroscopic-EP-1991-TR
The Vision And Friends-Dub Revision (READ NFO)-Retail CD-1991-RKS
The Vision And Friends-Dub Revision-1991-RKS
The Vision--Gyroscopic EP (LEPTONE 6 EPCD)-1991-dL
The Vision-Gyroscopic EP-(UR008)-VINYL-FLAC-1991-dL
The Wailers - Majestic Warriors-(Retail CD)-1991-HiEM iNT
The Wailers Band-Majestic Warriors-CD-1991-RKS
The Wailers Band-Majestic Warriors-VL-1991-PQM
The Wailers-Majestic Warriors-Retail-1991-iNC
The Wailers-Nice Time-CD-1991-RKS
The Waterboys - The Best of the Waterboys (81-90)-1991-TNX
The Whisky Priests-The First Few Drops-1991-SDR
The Word-Respect 2-(E R 001)-VLS-1991-YARD
The X--Volume 1 (DADE 915-12)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
The X--Volume 2 (DADE 916-12)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
The Ya Yas--Looove (614 179)-EP-1991-CMC
The Young Gods-T.V. Sky-1991-shwml
Thin Lizzy - Dedication-1991-SOP INT
Thin Lizzy - Vagabonds of the Western World-Reissue-1991-MCA int
Thin Lizzy-Dedication-1991-DuDE
This Mortal Coil-Blood-1991-EOS
Thorleifs-Det Kommer Alltid Nya Varar-1991-DuDE
Thorleifs-Pa Begaran-1991-DuDE
Thorleifs-Rosor Doftar Alltid Som Mest Nar Det Skymmer-1991-TiMaN
Thorns-Trondertun Tape and Grymyrk Rehearsals-1991-TJR
Thriller U Jenifer Lara and Johnny Nice-Sex You Up-VLS-1991-RoW
Thriller U-Missing Your Love-VLS-1991-JRO
Thriller U-The Power Of Love-VLS-1991-JRO
throbbing gristle-mission of dead souls-1991-fwyh
Thunder Boy--Open Kassidi (TAX 9207)-VINYL-1991-CMC
Thunderhead - Crime Pays (Jap. Ed.)-1991-MCA int
Tiamat-The Astral Sleep-1991-BERC
Tide And Time Feat Fuschia--Bounce Right Back-(BBZ102)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Tiger-Femenine Friend-VLS-1991-JRO
Tiger-Yu Dead Now-VLS-1991-RoW
Tim Dog-Penicillin On Wax-1991-GCP INT
Tim Ryan-Seasons Of The Heart-1991-pLAN9
Tim Smooth-I Gotsta Have It-(Tape)-1991-RAGEMP3
tim story - beguiled-1991-upe
Time Modem--Mantel Der Nacht (BOY 8828-8)-CDM-1991-dL
Time To Time - Im Wald Der Traeume-(CD)-1991-DRUM
Time To Time--Zeitsprung-(1C 060-2 04519 6)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Time Zone - World Of God-CDM-1991-iDC
Tina Turner-Foreign Affair-(A60 00707 000)-LP-1991-UKW INT
Tindrum-Cool Calm and Collected-1991-LAMB
Tippa Irie-Sugar Dandy-VLS-1991-JRO
Tippa Irrie And Peter Hunningale-New Decade-1991-uC
Tiroler Kirchtagmusig-Self Titled-WEB-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Tisner Buam-Freundschaft Das Ist Wie Heimat-DE-1991-ALPMP3
TKJ--Let Me Hear You Say Yeah-(OUT 3405)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
TNI--Low Mass (FIM 002)-EP-1991-CMC
Todd Terry--Sax EP-(TNT46)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Tom Browne-Funkin For Jamaica-CDM-1991-TraX INT
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers-Into The Great Wide Open-1991-GRiPP
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers-Learning To Fly-CDM-1991-GCP
Tom Petty-Into The Great Wide Open-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Tomas - Mindsong (WAP 10)-1991-gEm
Tomita-Daphnis et Chloe-(RCA)-1991-JUST
Tommy Emmanuel-Determination-1991-DNR
Tommy McCook and the Aggravators-Brass Rockers-Retail-1991-HLC
Tommy Page-From The Heart-WEB-1991-ESG INT
Tommys-Var Dotter-1991-Sn00py
Tone-Loc-Cool Hand Loc-1991-H3X INT
Tone-Loc-Cool Hand Loc-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Tonto Metro-Resi Pie-VLS-1991-JRO
Tony D-Droppin Funky Verses-CD-1991-GCP INT
Tony M.F. Rock-Let Me Take You To The Rockhouse-1991-RAGEMP3
Tony Rebel and Beres Hammond-Respect and Honour-VLS-1991-HLC
Tony Rebel And Cutty Ranks-Die Hard Part 1-LP-1991-RKS
Tony Rebel and Macka B-DJ Unity-VLS-1991-GMG
Tony Rebel Capleton and Ninjaman-Real Rough-(WEB)-1991-DIGI
Tony Rebel Capleton Ninjaman-Real Rough-1991-JAH
Tony Rebel Capleton Ninjaman-Real Rough-CD-1991-JAH
Tony Rebel-Everybody Want Money Bw Terrific-Bingo (12 Inch)-VLS-1991-RKS
Tony Rebel-Fresh Vegetable-(VLS)-1991-SSR
Tony Rebel-Hush-VLS-1991-RKS
Tony Rebel-No Woman No Cry-VLS-1991-RKS
Tony Rebel-Rude Boy Soldier-(12 Inch)-VLS-1991-DELTA
Tony Rebel-Symptoms-VLS-1991-RKS
Tony Rebel-The Herb-(VLS)-1991-SSR
Tony Scott-From Da Soul-(RHYTHM 014-3)-CDM-FLAC-1991-WRE
Tony Toni Tone-Whatever You Want-Promo-CDS-1991-SPLiFF
Tony Toni Tone-Whatever You Want-VLS-1991-GCP
Tool-Los Angeles CA 0905-SBD-1991-EOS
Top-Emotion Lotion-TAPE-1991-GCP INT
Tori Amos--Little Earthquakes-CD-1991-WUS INT
Tornado Babies-Eat This-1991-GRW
Toto-Los Monstruos Del Rock-1991-iTS
Toxic Two - Rave Generator And Acid Flash-(DF1229) Vinyl-1991-EMP
Toxic-The Toxic EP-DANCE010-Vinyl-1991-XTC
Toy Dolls-Fat Bobs Feet-1991-DNR
Trak 1--Street Violence (OZON 20)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Trance Induction--Mindflower (DJAX-UP-125)-EP-1991-CMC
Trance Trax--Black (BB 023)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Trance Trax-First-(BB 011)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
Transvision Vamp-Little Magnets Verses the Bubble of Babble-1991-PRW INT
Treehouse-Courtesy Laugh-1991-SDR
Trevor Sparks-I Dont Have The Heart-7Inch Vinyl-1991-FireSon INT
Tribal Base-The Blapps Posse-TRIBE1-1991-OSM
Tribal Base-TRIBE003-Kicks Like A Mule-1991-sour
Tribe Vibes-Roots-(VLS)-1991-SSR
Trilithon - Trance Dance 128-1991-gEm INT
Trilithon--Choice (ZYX 6501-12)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Truck Stop - Take it Easy Altes Haus-CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
Truck Stop - Weihnachten Im Wilden Westen-CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
True Faith feat Bridgett Grace--Take Me Away (Network)-Vinyl-1991-mbs
True Faith With Final Cut--Take Me Away-(NWKTRR 20)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
True Love--Breath Of Stars (MFS 7008)-Vinyl-1991-dL
TSOL-Live 1991-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Tuff Crew-Still Dangerous-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Tuffy Tuf-Strictly 4 De Boomin System EP-Vinyl-1991-CMS
Tumpa Lion-Clitorus-VLS-1991-YARD
Tumpa Lion-Grudgeful-VLS-1991-YARD
Tumpa Lion-I Shall Return-VLS-1991-YARD
Tune - Change The Beat (RS 9133)-1991-gEm
Tung Twista-Mr. Tung Twista (Single)-1991-RAGEMP3
Turbo Red-Turbo Red-1991-CSM
Turbulence - Turbulence-(ISR002)-WEB-1991-PUTA
Turbulence - Whurlwind - Whurlstorm-(ISR002)-WEB-1991-ZzZz
Turbulence-Whurlstorm (SS-02)-Vinyl-1991-DELTA
Turntable Symphony--The Mini Album (HAPPY LP 1)-LP-1991-CMC
turntable symphony-instructions of life-vls-1991-192k
Twin EQ--I Like Techno (HYPE 9010031)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Two Kings In A Cipher-Definition Of A King-VLS-1991-FrB
Two Kings In A Cipher-From Pyramids To Projects-Retail-1991-FTD INT
Two Witches-Dead Dogs Howl-Mircalla-VINYL-1991-gF
Tycie and Woody--The Rhythms Gonna Get You-(ST-ED-66528)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Tyketto - Dont Come Easy-1991-MCA int
Type O Negative-Carnivore Retaliation-Bootleg-(160)-1991-Xtf INT
Type O Negative-Slow Deep And Hard-1991-EOS
Type O Negative-Slow Deep And Hard-1991-fada
Tyrell Corp--Running Remix (879 797-1)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Tyrone Power-True Love-VLS-1991-JRO
U 96 - Das Boot-CDM-1991-Records INT
U Roy - Natty Rebel - Extra Version-1991-ToXiCMP3
U Roy-Natty Rebel Extra Version-Retail-1991-PpGa
U Roy-True Born African-RETAIL CD-1991-R2R
U Roy-True Born African-Retail CD-1991-RKS iNT
U-Roy-Natty Rebel Extra Version-1991-RAC
U-Tek--Das Mass Der Dinge (Ultra Remixes) (NEZ 18R)-Vinyl-1991-dL INT
U.H.F-The U.H.F E.P-XLT25-320-Vinyl-1991-cr3
U2 - Achtung Baby-1991-FAF iNT
U2-Achtung Baby-1991-JUST INT
U96 - Das Boot (865097-1)-Vinyl-1991-MS
U96 - Das Boot (Remix) (MAXI CD)-1991-JA INT
U96 - Das Boot-CDM-1991-CTN INT
U96 - Das Boot-CDM-1991-iMC
U96-Das Boot (Remix)-CDM-1991-TraX INT
U96-Das Boot-REMIXES-CDM-1991-FMF
UB40-Labour Of Love Pt 1 And 2-(Ltd Edition)-2CD-1991-SMP3
UB40-Tears from My Eyes-CDS-1991-RAC
UB40-The Way You Do the Things You Do-CDS-1991-RAC
Ugly Kid Joe-As Ugly As They Wanna Be-(EP)-1991-DNR
Ugly Kid Joe-As Ugly As They Wanna Be-(EP)-1991-JESUS INT
UHF--UHF (SNC-2002)-EP-1991-CMC
Ultima Thule - Svea Hjaeltar-1991-KME
Ultima Thule - Svea Hjaltar-Retail-SE-1991-SPiRiT
Ultima Thule-Svea Hjaeltar-SE-1991-LAMB
Ultima Thule-Svea Hjaltar-1991-TKi
Ultra Nate - Is It Love-(YZ509CD)-CDM-1991-iHQREV
Ultra Nate--Rejoicing-(0-40368)-Vinyl-1991-mbs
Ultramarine--Every Man And Woman Is A Star-(BRAINKCD21)-WEB-1991-BABAS
Ultramarine--Stella-(Braink 11)-Vinyl-1991-mbs
Ultraviolence - Shout-Vinyl-1991-BC
Ultraviolet--I Wish That (BLR43T)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Unanimated-Fire Storm-Demo-1991-EYESERSE
Underground Resistance - Elimination (UR009)-EP-1991-TR
Underground Resistance - Punisher-(UR017)-Vinyl-1991-EMP INT
Underground Resistance - Waveform EP (UR004)-EP-1991-TR
Underground Resistance featuring Yolanda--Living For The Night Remixes-(UMM 006)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Underground Resistance--The Final Frontier (UR003)-WEB-1991-dL
Underground Resistance-Acid Rain-(SW-1008)-EP-1991-313
Underground Resistance-Elimination-Gamma-Ray(Ur009)-Vinyl-1991-BFHMP3
Underground Resistance-Fuel For The Fire Attend The Riot-(UR012)-VINYL-FLAC-1991-dL
Underground Resistance-Living For The Night Rmx-(UR016)-EP-1991-313
Underground Resistance-Living For The Nite-(UR007)-EP-1991-313
Underground Resistance-Nation 2 Nation-VINYL-1991-BPM HOUSE
Underground Resistance-Punisher-VINYL-FLAC-1991-FrB
Underground Resistance-Riot E.P-Vinyl-1991-MiNDTRiP
Underground Resistance-Riot-EP-1991-313
Underground Resistance-The Final Frontier-(UR-003)-WEB-1991-MAEM
Underground Resistance-The Punisher-(UR017) Vinyl-1991-radial
Undivided Roots-Undivided Roots-1991-FUA
Union T. by DJ Ch Ye-Perestroika-VINYL-1991-B2A INT
Unity--Unity-(3-4013-0)-VINYL-1991-dh int
Urban Dance Squad--Life N Perspectives Of A Genuine Crossover-CD-1991-WUS INT
Urban Dance Squad-Life N Perspectives of A Genuine Crossover-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Urban Soul--Alright (Remixes)-(V23712)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Urban Soul--Alright-(POL-001)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Usher feat Nu Beginning-Back To The Beginning-WEB-1991-ESG
Ustad Sultan Khan and Ustad Zakir Husain - Sur Taal-1991-MYCEL
Utah Saints--What Can You Do For Me (Transformer Remix)-(FX164)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Utah Saints-What Can You Do For Me-(8695172)-CDM-1991-MPX
VA - 25 Reggae and Rhythm Hits Vol.3-1991-OMA
VA - 6200 Volume One-(LAB 01)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
VA - Absolute Reggae Vol 1-CDA-1991-SNUDDAS
VA - Absolute Reggae-1991-DCR
VA - B1203-(B1203)-Vinyl-1991-EMP
VA - Djs Choice 12-(DJC 012)-VINYL-1991-EMP
VA - Formel Eins Direct Hits-CD-1991-iDC
VA - Formel Eins Direct Hits-1991-Records INT
VA - Formel Eins Mega Hits-(515 089-2)-2CD-1991-ZzZz
VA - Formel Eins Mega Hits-2CD-1991-Records INT
VA - Frankfurt Trax Volume 2 (The House of Techno)-(PCPCD2)-CD-1991-BC
VA - From Our Minds To Yours (PLUS8009)-2x12-1991-gEm
VA - Grease OST-1991-RMG
VA - Hard Breakers - the Ballads-1991-CMG
VA - Het Beste Uit De Top 40 Van 91-2CD-1991-HB
VA - Mindblowing Technomania Vol 01-1991-TNX
VA - Move The House 1-1991-KG
VA - Move the House-(262.455)-1991-NCR
VA - Mr Music Hits No.01-12-1991-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.01-1991-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.02-1991-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.03-1991-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.04-1991-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.05-1991-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.06-1991-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.07-1991-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.08-1991-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.09-1991-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.10-1991-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.11-1991-TNX
VA - Mr Music Hits No.12-1991-TNX
VA - Nintendo-White Knuckle Scorin-1991-CDiva iNT
VA - No More Ugly Germans (On 126 BPM)-1991-EMP
VA - Reggae Hits Vol.1-4CD-1991-oNePiEcE
VA - Salsoul Mega Mix-(RHR 4088)-CDM-1991-DJ INT
VA - Sielun Veljet - Kullervo Kivi and Gehenna Yhtye - Musta Laatikko-3CD-1991-SOP INT
VA - Sven Melander and Co - Steve Me Lloyden-1991-4U2M8
VA - Techno Rave-2CD-1991-HaVeFuN INT
VA - Techno Trax Vol.2-2CD-1991-DFTU
VA - Techno Trax Vol.3-2CD-1991-DFTU
VA - The Commitments-1991-GRiPP
VA - Tuliset Tummat-Suomalaista Mustalaismusiikkia-FI-1991-SOP INT
VA - Turn Up The Bass 11-CD-1991-KnBr
VA - Turn Up The Bass 12-CD-1991-KnBr
VA - Turn Up The Bass 13-CD-1991-KnBr
VA - Turn Up The Bass 14-CD-1991-KnBr
VA - Turn Up The Bass 15-CD-1991-KnBr
VA - Turn Up The Bass 16-CD-1991-KnBr
VA - Turn Up The Bass All The Rage-The Ultimate Megamix-CD-1991-KnBr
VA - Turn Up The Bass House Party 1-The Ultimate Megamix-CD-1991-KnBr
VA - Turn Up The Bass House Party 2-The Ultimate Megamix-CD-1991-KnBr
VA - Turn Up The Bass Rap Vol 1-CD-1991-KnBr
VA - Turn Up The Bass Rap Vol 2-CD-1991-KnBr
VA--1000 Ohm (SUCK CD 1)-1991-dL INT
VA--Best of Techno Volume One (PCD-1420)-CD-1991-CMC INT
VA--Force 1 (469495-2)-2CD-1991-CMC INT
VA--Non-Stop Loop Mix-Vinyl-1991-TAiP
VA--Panic Grooves Volume 1 (90 10982)-CDM-1991-CMC INT
VA--Pioneers of the Hypnotic Groove (WARPCD002)-CD-1991-CMC
VA--Techno Party 2 (DFR 6049)-CD-1991-CMC INT
VA--Techno Rave (DCD 90 30842)-2CD-1991-dL
VA--Technolyt Trax Volume One (CHAPTER 3 PROGRAM 08)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
VA--The Babe OST-CD-1991-WUS
VA--The Dance Sampler First Chapter (DADE 291-2)-CD-1991-CMC INT
VA--The Dance Sampler Fourth Chapter (DADE 691-2)-CD-1991-CMC INT
VA--The Dance Sampler Second Chapter (DADE 391-2)-CD-1991-CMC INT
VA--The Media Technotrax (MB 505)-Vinyl-1991-dL
VA--The Techno Clubsound Of 1991 (BTB CD3)-1991-dL
VA-25 Rock-Hits - The Masters Of The Rock-Era Vol 1-1991-iTS
VA-25 Rock-Hits - The Masters Of The Rock-Era Vol 2-1991-iTS
VA-25 Rock-Hits - The Masters Of The Rock-Era Vol 3-1991-iTS
VA-25 Rock-Hits - The Masters Of The Rock-Era Vol 4-1991-iTS
VA-6200 Volume One-(LAB 01)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
Va-A Tribute To Tenor Saw-1991-vod
VA-Absolute Music 11-1991-ATM INT
VA-Absolute Music 12-1991-ATM INT
VA-Absolute Music Vol 12-1991-MAHOUCLASSIX INT
VA-Absolute Reggae-1991-GRiPP
VA-Action Dancehall Vol 1-(WEB)-1991-DIGI
VA-After Hours-(WEB)-1991-DIGI
VA-After Hours-CD-1991-YARD
VA-Ah Wha-LP-1991-LiViTY
VA-All Fruits Ripe-Retail CD-1991-RKS
VA-April 91-Mixes 3-VLS-1991-GCP
VA-Art Of Mix-Vol 07-US-Bootleg-Promo-Remix-1991-AMOK
VA-Augustus Pablo Presents Rockers International-1991-RAC
VA-Ba Ba Boom Riddim-VL-1991-JAH
VA-Babylon A Fall Down-1991-RAC
VA-Bass Waves Vol. 3-1991-pLAN9
VA-Bassic Tension Vol 1-(BS 208)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
VA-Bassic Tension Vol 1-(BS208)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
VA-Be Thankful-1991-YARD
VA-Belly Bus-RETAiL CD-1991-R2R
VA-Benitsubaki-Mentality Society-Hard Core Clash Out-Split-2x7inch-Vinyl-JP-1991-hXc
VA-Black Rock Coalition - History Of Our Future-1991-pLAN9
VA-Black Scorpio Presents Reggae Sound War Volume One-LP-1991-JRO
VA-Blacker Dread (12 Inch BD8803)-VLS-1991-YARD
VA-Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh - The Record-7 Inch Vinyl-1991-FATHEAD
VA-Boy Megamix Volume 1-(BOY 8835-12)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
VA-Boyz in the Hood-OST-1991-OSR
VA-Boyz N The Hood OST-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
VA-Boyz N The Hood-OST-(9266432)-CD-1991-GCP INT
VA-Breaks Bass And Bleeps 2-(Rumour Records)-TAPE-1991-BOSS
VA-Brilliant New Music-1991-pLAN9
VA-Carl Cox And Vibe Tribe Live At Energy-(TAPE)-1991-BB
VA-Chaikovsky Prokofiev Conciertos Para Violin-CD-1991-LiViTY
VA-Champion Sound-the Best of Kickin Vol 1-KICKLP1-1991-XTC
VA-Cherry O Baby-LP-1991-YARD
VA-Clash of the Century-WEB-1991-ENRAGED
VA-Classic Rock Rock Renaissance IV-1991-pyt
VA-Club Culture Volume 1 (9548 30524-2)-2CD-1991-CMC INT
VA-Cold Front Rap Compilation-1991-FTD INT
VA-Compton Cartel-Back In The Hood-1991-RAGEMP3
VA-Concord All Stars-(SRLP02)-LP-1991-YARD
VA-Cool As Ice OST-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
VA-Dance Mix 91-1991-C4
VA-Dancehall Christmas-CD-1991-YARD
VA-Dancehall Old Skool-1991-GMG
VA-Dansk Jul-2CD-DK-1991-iFA
VA-Death Metal Session-LP-1991-gF
VA-Deep Heat 10 The Awakening-2LP-1991-D2H
VA-Dennis Star Presents Labrish Vol 4-(WEB)-1991-DIGI
VA-Dennis Star Presents Labrish Vol 4-LP-1991-LiViTY
VA-Devon Russell And The Fire House Crew Presents Something Special-LP-1991-YARD
VA-Diamond Reggae Vol 1-(WEB)-1991-DIGI
VA-Die Hard-Cutty Ranks and Tony Rebel-CD-1991-JAH
VA-Die Hits Der 80er-Retail 3CD-DE-1991-UMT
VA-DJ S and S-Old School Part 2-Tape-1991-JCE
VA-DJ Screw-Chapter 301-Smoke One and Smoke Two-2CD-(Bootleg)-1991-GT4
VA-DJ Screw-Chapter 342-Club New Jack 91-(Bootleg)-2CD-1991-CR
VA-Downbeat the Ruler Killer Instrumentals-Best of Studio One Vol.3-CD-1991-YARD
VA-Duke Reid Artists Cultural Things-1991-JUST
VA-Dvorak Raspsodia Eslava Scherzo Capriccioso Brahms Danzas Hungaras-CD-1991-LiViTY
VA-El Disco Del Millon-ES-1991-FATHEAD INT
VA-Essential Hardcore-DINCD33-1991-BTK
VA-Essential Hardcore-DINCD33-CD-1991-XTC
VA-Feeling Soul Riddim-Vinyl-1991-SPLiFF
VA-Finndies Volume 1 the Very Best of Finnish Independents-1991-KALEVALA
VA-First Family Of Reggae-1991-pLAN9
VA-Funky Punany-CD-1991-YARD
VA-Funkymix 08-1991-WRE
VA-Funkymix 10 (REMASTERED)-WEB-1991-SPiKE iNT
VA-Funkymix Volume 10-1991-JCE
VA-Garazs II-LP-1991-gF
VA-Go Bang Volume 1-(Go Bang)-1991-DPS
VA-Good Fellas Vol 1-(WEB)-1991-DIGI
VA-Good Fellas Vol 2-(WEB)-1991-DIGI
VA-Good Fellas-LP-1991-YARD
VA-Good Fellows Vol 1-LP-1991-Gully
VA-Good Fellows Vol 2-LP-1991-Gully
VA-Governor Riddim-1991-vod
VA-Grammy Lyrics Vol 2-(WEB)-1991-DIGI
VA-Greensleeves Sampler 5-1991-HSACLASSiX
VA-Greensleeves Sampler 5-CD-1991-RKS
VA-Groove Sector Plus 8-Pro1-(HB-010 Plus 8 PRO-1)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
VA-Gun Talk-LP-1991-LiViTY
VA-Happy Beat-(DAN801CD)-1991-iDF
VA-Hard Works from the Observer All Stars-(OM-001)-WEB-1991-SOUNDz
VA-Hardcore Breakout USA (Vinyl)-1991-rH
VA-Hardcore Dancefloor-DINCD24-1991-BTK
VA-Hardcore Ecstasy-DINCD29-1991-BTK
VA-Hardcore Ragga 2-CD-1991-YARD INT
VA-Hardcore Uproar-DINCD20-1991-BTK
VA-Hardcore Uproar-DINCD20-CD-1991-XTC iNT
VA-Here I Come Again-LP-1991-LiViTY
VA-Here Is Christmas-SE-1991-mQ
VA-Hit News 91 Volume 4-1991-MAHOU
VA-House Party 1-The Ultimate Megamix-CD-1991-SQ INT
VA-House Party 2-Ost-1991-FTD
VA-House Party 2-The Ultimate Megamix-CD-1991-SQ INT
VA-House Party II Soundtrack-1991-OSR
VA-I Shall Sing-1991-YARD
VA-Illegal Rave Strictly Hardcore Vol 1-STHCLP1-320-Vinyl-1991-cr3
VA-In the Eyes of Death Compilation-Retail-1991-M4E
va-incubus volume 1-1991-tt
VA-Its Rockin Time-Duke Reids Rock Steady 1967-1968-Retail CD-1991-HLC
VA-Johanna Singlet Vol.1-FI-1991-KALEVALA
VA-Juice OST-1991-OLD
VA-Just My Imagination Vol.2-Tears Of A Clown-1991-RAC
VA-Kesta Presents Punnany Chemist-LP-1991-LiViTY
VA-King Jammy - A Man And His Music - Vol 2 - Computer Style-CD-1991-RKS
VA-King Jammy A Man And His Music-Vol 3 Hits Style-1991-SRC
VA-Knock Out Joe Frazier-LP-1991-JRO
VA-Kutchie More Kutchie-(WEB)-1991-DIGI
VA-Kutchie More Kutchie-CD-1991-YARD
VA-La Plus Grande Discotheque Du Monde Vol. 2-(191 007-2)-1991-B2A INT
VA-Les Merveilles Du Passe 1957 1975-1991-SNOOK
VA-Limousine Reggae Dancehall Taxi Vol 1-LP-1991-Gully
VA-Liszt Rapsodia Hungara Los Preludios Y Musorgsky Cuadros De Una Exposicion-CD-1991-LiViTY
Va-Love Fever-1991-vod
VA-Love That I Can Feel-VL-1991-JAH
VA-Lovers For Lovers Volume 6-1991-HSACLASSiX
VA-Maquina Total 2 (NM510LETV)-Vinyl-1991-NRG
VA-Maquina Total 2-1991-FaiLED INT
VA-Meditation Classical Relaxation Vol 2-1991-MTD
VA-Miami Bass Wars II-CD-1991-RAGEMP3
va-miami bass wars-ii-1991-ragemp3
VA-Midnite Rock-LP-1991-LiViTY
VA-Mister Doo Presents The Doo Experience-CD-1991-YARD
VA-Mixed Groups Of The Motorcity-LP-1991-GCP
VA-Mixing Lab Master Mixes Vol 3-LP-1991-YARD
VA-Musical Feast Mrs Pottingers High Note and Gayfeet Label-CD-1991-YARD
Va-Nanny Goat Skank-1991-vod
VA-Nanny Goat Skank-CD-1991-RKS INT
VA-Nazis Raus-DE-1991-HiTS iNT
VA-Never Mind The Mainstream The Best Of MTV 120 Minutes-1991-pLAN9
VA-New Jack City OST-(Retail)-1991-Recycled INT
VA-New Jack City OST-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
VA-No Name On The Bullet-(WEB)-1991-DIGI
VA-One Man One Vote-Retail CD-1991-RAS
VA-Original Mission Riddim-(WEB)-1991-DIGI
VA-OST-Until The End Of The World-1991-DGS
VA-Out Of Many The Upsetter-1991-RAC
VA-Pay It All Back Volume 3-CD-1991-YARD
VA-Penthouse Dancehall Hits Vol 1-Retail CD-1991-WiS INT
VA-Pioneers of the Hypnotic Groove (WARPCD002)-CD-1991-CMC
VA-Place Of General Happiness Vol. 2-1991-pLAN9
VA-Planet Core Productions Special Double A Side-(IS001)-Vinyl-1991-TrT
VA-Planete Reggae-Retail CD-1991-R2R INT
VA-Please Dont Lick The Walls-4x7 Inch Vinyl-1991-FATHEAD
VA-Power Matic Dance Hall Vol.2-CD-1991-YARD
VA-Power Matic Dance Hall Vol.3-CD-1991-YARD
VA-Punk I-1991-SDR
VA-Punk II-1991-SDR
VA-Punk Vol.1 - Loud and Angry-1991-rH
VA-Punks Not Dread-1991-rH
VA-Pure Lovers Volume 3-CD-1991-YARD
VA-Ragga Dub Force Massive-RETAIL CD-FR-1991-R2R
VA-Readers Digest Presents-100 Worlds Most Beautiful Melodies Album 1-1991-MiNERAL
VA-Real Rock Riddim-VL-1991-JAH
VA-Reflections of Fantasy-2LP-1991-EFX
VA-Reggae Christmas-CD-1991-RKS
VA-Reggae Christmas-CD-1991-YARD
VA-Reggae Dance Hall Killers Me Gone Buck Wild-(Retail CD)-1991-WiS
VA-Reggae Dancehall Classics-CD-1991-Gully
VA-Reggae Hits Vol 10-Retail CD-1991-RKS
VA-Reggae Hits Vol 10-Retail CD-1991-RKS iNT
VA-Reggae Hits Vol 11-CD-1991-RKS
VA-Reggae Hits Vol 11-Retail CD-1991-RKS
VA-Reggae House Music Vol 3-(Retail CD)-1991-WiS INT
VA-Reggae House Music Vol 3-CD-1991-CUR
VA-Request Riddim-VLS-1991-YARD
VA-Retro Techno Detroit Definitive-Vinyl-1991-DPS INT
VA-Return Of The Bass That Ate Miami-WEB-1991-UKW INT
VA-Rhythm Divine 2-DINCD27-2CD-1991-XTC
VA-Riacho Doce OST-BR-1991-100REAL
VA-Riddim Rulers-LP-1991-YARD
VA-Ruff Mean and Deadly-(WEB)-1991-DIGI
VA-Serious Beats 2-CD-1991-TGX
Va-Shocking Vibes presents Wicked-1991-vod
VA-Silver Hawk-Ft Ninjaman And Shabba Ranks-Tape-1991-RKS
VA-Sin-Bad A-Than-Them-LP-1991-YARD
VA-Smash City Records-Dont Walk Away From The Children Compilation-(Tape)-1991-RAGEMP3
VA-Soap Riddim-Vinyl-1991-scar
VA-Solid Gold from the Vaults Vol 2-1991-RAC
VA-Solid Gold from the Vaults Vol 3-1991-RAC
VA-Soul Christmas-CDA-1991-BTB INT
VA-Soul Defenders At Studio One-1991-RAC iNT
VA-Soul Defenders at Studio One-CD-1991-YARD
VA-Star Trek The Next Generation Vol 2-(OST)-1991-pLAN9
VA-Steamin Hardcore 92-JARCD1-1991-XTC
VA-Steely And Clevie Presents Soundboy Clash-CD-1991-YARD
VA-Strictly Business OST-(Retail)-1991-Recycled INT
VA-Strictly Business OST-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
VA-Strictly the Best 04-1991-JAH
VA-Strictly the Best Vol 01-Retail CD-1991-WiS
VA-Strictly the Best Vol 02-Retail CD-1991-WiS
VA-Strictly The Best Vol 03-Retail CD-1991-WiS
VA-Strictly the Best Vol 04-Retail CD-1991-JAH
VA-Sub Pop 200-1991-LaPH
VA-Suck Mix Volume 1 (SUCK MIX 1)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
VA-Svenska Klassiker 1970-1979-SE-1991-FTM
VA-Take 7 Mega Mix-(DO 312)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
VA-Techno Dance Party-2CD-1991-D2H
VA-Techno Dance-1991-DPS
VA-Technomancer-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
VA-Tendenthia Compilation Volume 2-(DFC 557706)-1991-SAMURAi iNT
VA-Tendenthia Compilation-(DFC 557703)-1991-B2A INT
VA-Teriyaki Asthma Vols. I-V-1991-SDR
VA-The Best Of Champions (japan retail)-1991-vod
VA-The Best Of Champions 1 (Japan Retail)-1991-vod
VA-The Best of Steely and Clevie-READNFO-Vinyl-1991-RoW
VA-The Blues Collection-1991-DNR
VA-The Buckaneers Home Taping Is Killing Music-WEBRIP-1991-YYY
VA-The Complete Stax-Volt Singles 1959-1968-9CD-1991-DNR
va-the dance sampler fourth chapter-1991-tt
VA-The Dance Sampler Third Chapter-1991-DPS
VA-The Heatin System Essential Argo-Cadet Grooves Vol. 2-CD-1991-FTD
VA-The Portable Altamont-1991-FWYH
VA-The Return of the Bass that Ate Miami-1991-SHiVA
VA-The Rock Collection Night Rock-2CD-1991-DeBT iNT
VA-the roots of reggae (18 ska -1991-RAC
VA-The Roots of Reggae Vol 2-1991-RAC
VA-The Sound Of California (954830363-2)-1991-DGN
VA-The Stinger-(WEB)-1991-DIGI
VA-The Ultimate Rave-CDP7986412-1991-XTC iNT
VA-The World of Techno Compilation-1991-DPS
VA-Things A Gwan-CD-1991-vod
VA-This Is Bass-Volume 3-1991-RAGEMP3
VA-This Is Lovers Reggae Volume 2-CD-1991-YARD
VA-Three Decades Of Rock (60s 70s 80s)-1991-pLAN9
VA-Thursday Night Juggling-(WEB)-1991-DIGI
VA-Thursday Night Juggling-CD-1991-YARD
VA-Time Life Sounds of the Seventies 1975 Take Two-1991-aAF
VA-Tin Tin Energy Studio Mix-(TAPE)-1991-BB
VA-Tom a Jerry pisnicky-WEB-CZ-1991-I KnoW
VA-Top Ten Sound Clash-(CFR-8011)-LP-1991-YARD
VA-Torture Tech Overdrive-Vinyl-1991-FWYH
VA-Total Recall Volume 2-1991-YARD
VA-Touch Me All Over-LP-1991-LiViTY
VA-Tour of Duty Volume 3-1991-ATM
VA-Tra La La La La La-(CFR-8009)-LP-1991-YARD
VA-Tribute to Skatalites-1991-RAC
VA-True Faith The First Phase-(Network)-LP-1991-mbs
VA-Tuesdays Just As Bad-1991-MTD
VA-Tun It Over-CD-1991-YARD
VA-Tun It Over-LP-1991-iLL
VA-Turbo Charge-(OM-012)-WEB-1991-SOUNDz
VA-Turn Up The Bass Megamix 1991-CD-1991-SQ INT
VA-Turn Up The Bass Rap 1-(01 6161 61)-CD-1991-YARD
va-turn up the bass rap vol. 1-cd-1991-knbr
va-turn up the bass rap vol. 2-cd-1991-knbr
VA-Turn Up The Bass-Volume 11-CD-1991-SQ INT
VA-Turn Up The Bass-Volume 12-CD-1991-SQ INT
VA-Turn Up The Bass-Volume 13-CD-1991-SQ INT
VA-Turn Up The Bass-Volume 14-CD-1991-SQ INT
VA-Turn Up The Bass-Volume 15-CD-1991-SQ INT
VA-Turn Up The Bass-Volume 16-CD-1991-SQ INT
VA-Twice My Age Riddim-Vinyl-1991-Scar
VA-Twin City Spin 2-CD-1991-RKS
VA-Twin City Spin 2-CD-1991-YARD
VA-Two Friends Ting And Ting-CD-1991-YARD
VA-Ultimate Breaks And Beats Vol 25-LP-1991-soup
VA-Veteran DJ Jamboree-LP-1991-YARD
VA-Vinicius De Moraes Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar-BR-1991-100REAL
VA-Vivaldi Albinoni Corelli Conciertos Y Sonatas-CD-1991-LiViTY
VA-Vyhravala kapela (Slavne ceske lidovky 1)-WEB-CZ-1991-I KnoW
VA-Wayne Wonder and Sanchez Part 2-LP-1991-LiViTY
VA-Weil Ich Dich Liebe-Die Schoensten Volkstuemlichen Kuschelschlager-DE-1991-oNePiEcE
VA-Welcome To Technology Volume 1 (BOY 2801-2)-CD-1991-CMC INT
VA-Wheeeeeeeeeeeel and Come Again Vol One-(STLP 002)-LP-1991-YARD
VA-Who She Love Riddim-CD-1991-SPLiFF
VA-Witty (12 Inch Witty2a)-VLS-1991-YARD
VA-Wizzards from OS-1991-GRAVEWISH
VA-Worm Riddim-Vinyl-1991-SCAR
VA-XL Recordings Second Chapter (XLLP-108)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
VA-Xmas With Satyricon-1991-iTS
VA-Yaman Productions DJ Bailey Techno Vol 2-(TAPE)-1991-BB
VA-Yaman Productions LTJ Bukem Vol 1-(TAPE)-1991-BB
VA-Yaman Productions LTJ Bukem Vol 2-(TAPE)-1991-BB
VA-Yo MTV Raps Volume 2-1991-C4 INT
VA-You Dont Care For Me-(YOUD)-READ NFO-7 Inch Vinyl-1991-NVS
VA-Yush Vol 1-(WEB)-1991-DIGI
Valentino - Tender Love-WEB-1991-iDC
Valerie Still - Let Me Feel Your Rhythm-WEB-1991-iDC
Van Halen-For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge-1991-EOS
Van Halen-For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge-WEB-1991-OMMM iNT
Van Halen-Poundcake-CDS-1991-D2H
Van Halen-Top Of The World-CDS-1991-D2H
Vanilla Trainwreck-Sofa Livin Dreamazine-1991-EMG INT
Vanilla Trainwreck-Sofa Livin Dreamazine-1991-pLAN9
various artists-noise compilation-lptot3-1991-sour
Various-Sexual Healing-1991-CR
Velvet Viper - Velvet Viper-1991-MCA int
Velvet--Hold Me-(TTT43)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Verdi-Arias Duos Y Coros-CD-1991-LiViTY
Vic Mizzy-Original Music From The Addams Family-(07863-61057-2)-1991-B2A INT
Vic Mizzy-Original Music From The Addams Family-(07863-61057-2)-1991-B2A INTAcoustic Alchemy - Back On the Case-(1991)-aAF
Vice - Survival Instinct (4W-140)-EP-1991-TR
Vicious Base Ft. D.J. Magic Mike-Back To Haunt You-1991-RAGEMP3
Vikingarna-Far Jag Lov 09-1991-Sn00py
Vikingarna-Kramgoa Latar 19-SE-1991-ATM
Villacher Alpenquintett-Das Bierkind-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Vinnie Moore - Meltdown-1991-MCA int
Vinnie Moore-Meltdown-1991-DNR
Vinnie Vincent-Guitars from Hell-Demo-1991-AMRC
Vinyl Solution-Bizarre Inc-STORM25-1991-OSM
Vinyl Solution-Bizarre Inc-STORM32-1991-OSM
Vinyl Solution-Bizarre Inc-STORM38-1991-OSM
Vinyl Solution-Eon-STORM33-1991-OSM
Vinyl Solution-Midi Rain-STORM31-1991-OSM
Vinyl Solution-Midi Rain-STORM37R-1991-OSM
Violent Femmes-Why Do Birds Sing-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Virgo Man-Hip Hip Horay-VLS-1991-JRO
Virtual Reality-Make Some Noise-(786-003)-VLS-1991-MAEM
Vital Remains-The Black Mass-EP-1991-GRAVEWISH
Voivod-Angel Rat Sampler-CDEP-1991-GRM
Volcano Suns-Career in Rock-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED
Voodoo Child - Voodoo Child (RS 9122)-1991-gEm
Voov--User (MFS 0100 002)-CDM-1991-dL
Walt Disney - Bernard und Bianca Im Kaenguruland-Audiobook-DE-1991-oNePiEcE
Warlock Pinchers-Circusized Peanuts-1991-iTS
Warlock-Rare Diamonds-1991-LAMB
Warmath-Damnation Play-LP-1991-gF
Warner Brothers-Thompson Twins (SHITE)-W0058(T)-1991-OSM
Warp Factor 3--Jammin Soul (ESP 9105-1)-EP-1991-CMC
Warp-Tricky Disco-WAP011R-1991-OSM
Watanabe-Odoru-Vinyl-(CHR 112)-1991-DPS INT
Wayne Daniels-Decorate Your Life-VINYL-1991-G3LTUNES INT
Wayne Fire-Sexy Body-LP-1991-Gully
Wayne Wonder And Cutty Ranks-Lambada-VLS-1991-DELTA
Wayne Wonder-Go On-VLS-1991-JRO
Wayne Wonder-Im Only Human (Penthouse 12 Inch)-VLS-1991-YARD
Wayne Wonder-When Im with You-VLS-1991-RoW
WC And The Maad Circle-Aint A Damn Thang Changed-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
WC and The Maad Circle-Getting Looped (Dress Code)-DVDRip-XViD-1991-CMS
Wc-Aint A Damn Thing Changed -dvdrip- svcd-1991-kvz
Ween-The Pod-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Westbam-A Practising Maniac at Work-1991-TT
Whicker Man-Long John-VLS-1991-JRO
White Lion - Mane Attraction-1991-INF INT
White Trash - White Trash-1991-SOP INT
White Trash Debutantes - San Francisco-VLS-1991-SOP INT
Whitelabel-LTJ Bukem-WIZBUK12-1991-OSM
Whitelabel-Nuff Said-(NUFF1)-1991-SOUR
Whitelabel-Nuff Said-NUFF1-1991-sour
Whitelabel-Vital Organs(Dirty Dancing EP)-VIT001-1991-OSM
Whitney Houston - My Name is Not Susan-CDM-1991-Records INT
Whizzard--Groovy Guitar (CL 9105)-VINYL-1991-CMC
Who Am I-Addictive Hip Hop Muzick-1991-GCP INT
Whodini-Bag-A-Trix-1991-EMG INT
Whodini-Judy-(Promo CDS)-1991-SO
Wickerman-Punaanie Maniac-VLS-1991-YARD
Wiener Biedermeier Solisten - Wiener Gemueths Walzer-(CAM210-CD)-1991-REDRUM
Wild Liffe Society-Suicide-(Tape)-1991-RAGEMP3
Will Downing-A Dream Fulfilled-CD-1991-SC
Will Downing-A Dream Fulfilled-CD-FLAC-1991-LoKET
William Bell-Bound To Happen-Wow-Remastered-1991-GCP
Willie Cole-Mona Lisa-VLS-1991-JRO
Willis Dempo-Where Did You Get That Body-Promo-CDS-FLAC-1991-EMG
Willy Astor-Mamabuwerl-DE-1991-uC
Wilson Phillips - The Dream Is Still Alive-CDM-1991-iDC
Winger-Headed For A Heartbreak-(A7671T)-12 Inch Vinyl-1991-GCP
Winston Jarret-Kingston Vibrations-1991-RAC
Winston Jarret-Kingston Vibrations-1991-RAC INT
Winston Jarrett And The Righteous Flames-Solid Foundation-1991-RAC
Winston Jarrett And The Righteous Flames-Solid Foundation-CD-1991-RAC
Winston Jarrett-Kingston Vibration-LP-1991-JRO
Winston Jarrett-Kingston Vibrations-1991-RAC
Wipers-Land Of The Lost-1991-iTSA Chorus of Disapproval-Truth gives wings to strength-1990-rH
Wipers-Wipers-1990-iTS2 Fabiola--The Milkyway-(DO 335)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
With It Guys feat Shirley Lewis--Feel Alright-(IN 6075)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Wizex-Jag Maste Ge Mig Av-1991-Sn00py
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart-Richard Edlinger-Concerto for Flute and Harp K299 and K297B-1991-SNOOK
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart-Wilhelm Kempff-Piano Sonatas and Fantasias-1991-SNOOK
Womack and Womack-My Dear (the Letter)-CDM-FLAC-1991-LoKET
Women Of The SS-SS Orgy-7 Inch Vinyl-1991-FWYH
Wonder Girl-Jig Me-VLS-1991-JRO
World Power feat Althea Mcqueen--Im Happy-(3-4021-0)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
x japan-jealousy-1991-moff int
X Japan-Jealousy-JP-1991-LAMB
X Japan-Say Anything-(CDS)-JP-1991-LAMB
X Japan-Silent Jealousy-(CDS)-JP-1991-LAMB
X Japan-Standing Sex-(CDS)-JP-1991-LAMB
X-101 - X-101 (TRESOR001)-LP-1991-TR
X-101 - X-101-(Tresor1)-CD-1991-TRa
X-101--X-101 (TRESOR001)-CD-1991-CMC
X-101-Sonic Destroyer G-Force-(UR-013.5)-VINYL-FLAC-1991-dL
X-Groove--Groove-(BCR 003491)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
X-Ray - Requim (LAB 004)-Vinyl-1991-Disc0LjUS
Xavier Cugat-And His Orchestra 1940 42-1991-SNOOK
xenophobia-rush in da house-vls-1991-sour
XL Recordings-SL2-XLS24CD-1991-sour
XL Recordings-XLS24CD-SL2-1991-sour
XL Recordings-XLT17-The Prodigy-What Evil Lurks EP-1991-boss
XL Recs-John and Julie-XLT23-1991-OSM
XL Recs-Prodigy-XLT17-1991-OSM
XL Recs-Prodigy-XLT21-1991-OSM
XL Recs-SL2-XLT24-1991-OSM
XL Recs-T99-XLT19-1991-OSM
XL Recs-UHF-XLT25-1991-OSM
XL Recs-XLT22-Set Up System-1991-OSM
Xon--The Mood Set (NWKT 17)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Xorcist-Damned Souls-1991-FWYH
Xpansions-What You Want-Vinyl-1991-WC2R
Xray Xperiments-Xray Xperiments Volume 1-(XRAY 001)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
Xymox-At The End Of The Day CDM-(Wing 867 321-2)-1991-shwml
Xymox-At The End Of The Day-Us Issue-VLS-1991-AMOK
Y and T - Yesterday and Today Live-1991-MCA int
Y-Decibel - Calix EP-(SUCK008CD)-(CDM)-1991-PsyCZnP
Ya Kid K Spunkadelic - Awesome (You Are My Hero) Creatures Of Habit-(JP CDM)-1991-ATRium
Yak-Town Boys Club-Shit Niggaz Dont Know-(Tape)-1991-RAGEMP3
Yami Bolo-He Who Knows It Feels It-CD-1991-JAH
Yami Bolo-He Who Knows It Feels It-Retail CD-1991-KOA
Yami Bowlo-Isnt She Lovley-VLS-1991-TLC
Yellowman-Dont Burn It Down CD-1991-YARD
Yellowman-Life In The Ghetto-CD-1991-RKS
Yellowman-Mi Hot CD-1991-YARD
Yellowman-Mi Hot-(WEB)-1991-DIGI
Yellowman-One In A Million-CD-1991-YARD
Yellowman-Who Can Make The Dance Ram-VLS-1991-YARD
Yngwie Malmsteen - The Yngwie Malmsteen Collection (Jap. Ed.)-1991-MCA int
Yngwie Malmsteen-The Yngwie Malmsteen Collection-1991-DNR
Yngwie Malmsteen-The Yngwie Malmsteen Collection-1991-GORE
1-5ive Posse-Life Is All About Knowledge-1991-RAGEMP3
Yo-Yo-Make Way For The Motherlode-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT7 Seconds-Old School-1991-rH
Yomo And Maulkie-Are U Experienced-1991-RAGEMP3
Yomo and Maulkie-Are U Xperienced-1991-GCP INT
Young Black Teenagers-To My Donna-VLS-1991-GCP
Young Disciples-Apparently Nothin-(CDS)-1991-JCE
Young Disciples-Apparently Nothin-(VLS)-1991-SUT
Young Lo Carlos Warren-Seventh Street Bound-WEB-1991-ESG
Young MC-Keep It In Your Pants-VLS-1991-GCP
Young MC-Thats The Way Love Goes (Remix)-VLS-1991-GCP
2 in a Room--Shes Got Me Going Crazy-CDM-1991-WUS
Youngbloods - Got Me Burnin Up Gimme Some More-(SR1235-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM
Yours Truly-Truly Yours-1991-CR
YUP - The Hippos From Hell-VL-1990-MM
Z-Formation--The Brutal EP-(FVT1)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Zakir Hussain - And The Rhythm Experience-1991-PsyCZnP
Zappa-Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch-Remastered-1991-ERP INT
Zappala And D.J. Professor-We Gotta Do It (Remix)-(MR 584)-WEB-1991-iDF
Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers-Jahmekya-1991-UAK
Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers-Good Time-VLS-1991-YARD
Ziggy Marley And The Melody Makers-Jahmekya-1991-RUPT
2 Black 2 Strong MMG-Doin Hard Time on Planet Earth-1991-JCE
Zillertaler Jodlertrio-Verlier Nicht Den Mut-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Zillertaler Schuerzenjaeger-Schuerzenjaegerzeit-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Zimbabwe Legit-Zimbabwe Legit-CDEP-1992-GCP
Zoe - Lightning-(MAGCD18)-CDM-1991-iHQREV
Zombie Nation-Kernkraft 400-SVCD-1999-LCF INT
Abdel Gadir Salim All-Stars-The Merdoum Kings Play Songs Of Love-1991-GCP
Zone-Ghosties-(GHOST 001)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
2 in a room-shes got me going crazy-1991-tt
Ztt Records-808 State Ft Raagman-ZANG14T-1991-OSM
Ztt Records-808 State-ZANG1T-1989-OSM
100 Masterpieces Vol. 10-the Top of Classical Music(1894-1928)-1991-DuDE
Ztt Records-Shades Of Rhythm-ZANG24T-1991-OSM
ZTT Recs-Shades Of Rhythm-SAM1143-1991-OSM
ZTT Recs-Shades Of Rhythm-ZANG22-1991-OSM
ZTT Recs-Shades Of Rhythm-ZANG22T-1991-OSM
Ztt Recs-Shades Of Rhythm-ZTT8-1991-OSM
Zucchero Feat. Paul Young-Senza Una Donna (Without A Woman)-(867-020-2)-CDS-1991-DBM
Zvezdinsky-Im Grateful To Woman...-(13 14 1190)-RU-READNFO-Vinyl-1991-UKW
ZYX Recs-Anticappella-ZYX6587 12-1991-OSM
ZYX Recs-L A Style-ZYX6586R 8-1991-OSM

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Old Music Collection 1991 Part5
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Prodigy - Charly-EP-1991-BOSS
Prodigy-Charly EP-1991-TT
Prodigy-Charly-CDM-1991-XXL INT
Prodigy-Everybody In The Place-CDS-1991-REV
Production House-Baby D-PNT019-1991-OSM
Production House-D M S-PNT026-1991-OSM
Production House-Dice-PNT024-1991-OSM
production house-the house crew remix-pnt029r-1991-sour
Production House-The House Crew-PNT029-1991-OSM
Professor Griff-Kaos II Wiz 7 Dome-1991-GCP INT
Professor Griff-Kaos II Wiz7dome-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Professor Longhair-Mardi Gras In Baton Rouge-1991-GCP
Program 2 Beltram-The Omen-(RS9136DB)-WEB-1991-KOUALA
Project 1-Project 1 Are Back EP-RSN09-VINYL-1991-XTC
Project Pitchfork - Dhyani-1991-FWYH
Project Pitchfork - Dhyani-1991-HaVeFuN INT
Project Pitchfork-Dhyani-1991-FWYH-iNT
Project XYZ--Its Just An Ecstasy-(MMU017)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Prong-Prove You Wrong-1991-PTE INT
Prong-Prove You Wrong-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Prong-Prove You Wrong-TAPE-1991-a2D n0gRP
Prophet of Rage-Somebody Scream-(RSN 7)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
Psyance - Motion-(PLUS8006)-Vinyl-1991-EMP
Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia - Maenad (KK 069)-1991-gEm
Psycho Hype--Wrong Is Right (GK 010)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Psycho Team--The Power Remix-(DW 1940)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Public Enemy and Anthrax-Bring The Noise-DVDRip-SVCD-1991-MVS
Public Enemy-Apocalypse 91 The Enemy Strikes Black-1991-DeBT iNT
Public Enemy-Apocalypse 91 the Enemy Strikes Black-1991-sfsh
Public Enemy-By The Time I Get To Arizona-x264-1991-CMS iNT
Public Enemy-Cant Truss It-DVDRip-x264-1991-CMS
Public Enemy-Cant Truss It-YoMTVRaps-SVCD-1991-UVZ
Purple Heart-Phussion (Master Techno Vol 1)-PH001-1991-OSM
Putrid Offal-Exulceration-Split CD-1991-GRAVEWISH
Q Bass-Hardcore Will Never Die E.P-SUBBASE07-320-Vinyl-1991-cr3
Quad Star-Bass Is The Game-1991-RAGEMP3
Quadrophonia - Quadrophonia-CDM-1991-Dang3
Quadrophonia--Schizofrenia-(07863-62232-1)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Quadrophonia-The Wave of the Future-1991-TT
Quazar-The Future (BANG 016CD)-CDM-1991-CMC INT
Qube 45--The Sequal (AUM 1112)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Queen - Innuendo (Jap. Ed.)-1991-MCA int
Queen Latifah-Nature Of A Sista-1991-EMG INT
Queen Latifah-Nature Of A Sista-1991-H3X INT
Queen Latifah-Nature Of A Sista-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Queen Mother Rage-Vanglorious Law-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody-CDS-1991-SFA
Queen-Greatest Hits-1991-FaiLED INT
Queen-Innuendo-(20-4164-2)-CDM-1991-DBM INT
Queen-Innuendo-CD-1991-iOM INT
Queen-Queen II-Reissue-1991-Wyse
Queen-The Greatest Hits II-1991-LAMB
Queen-The Show Must Go On-(20-4533-2)-CDM-1991-DBM INT
Queensryche - Best I Can (Jap. Ed.)-CDS-1991-MCA int
Queensryche-Operation LIVEcrime-Retail-1991-FH
Quiet Force Feat Steve Toeteberg And Ilse Werner-Happy Go Lucky-Vinyl-1991-D2H
QX 1-Inject Me Love-(HFD09063)-WEB-1991-320
R and S-Beltram and Program 2-RSUK07-1991-OSM
R and S-Beltram-RSUK03-1991-OSM
R and S-Human Resource-RSUK04-1991-OSM
R and S-Human Resource-RSUK04R-1991-OSM
R and S-Outlander-RSUK01-1991-OSM
R and S-RS9116-Outlander-The Vamp-1991-Cream
R and S-Second Phase-RSUK02-1991-OSM
R. Kelly and Public Announcement-Shes Got That Vibe-PROPER-VLS-1991-GCP
R.A.F-Weve Got To Live Together-(ZYX6729-8)-CDM-1991-iDF
R.A.F.-We Gonna Get-(ZYX 6548-8)-CDM-1991-WLTN INT
R.A.F.-Weve Got To Live Together-(ZYX 6729-8)-CDM-1991-WLTN INT
R.E.M.-Losing My Religion-dvdrip-ivtc svcd-1991-mVa
R.H.C.-Fever Called Love-RSUK9CD-CDS-1991-XTC iNT
R.T.Z.-Dance Your Ass Off-CDM-1991-funteek
Racola Jam-The Chocolate Factory-1991-RAGEMP3
Radical Rob-Monkey Wah-(VINYL)-1991-RNS
Radical T-Radical But Critical-1991-RAGEMP3
Radioaktiva Raker-Ur Askan Ur Elden-1991-eXz
Rage Against The Machine-Cal State Northridge-1991-EOS
Ralph Tresvant (Feat. Bobby Brown)-Stone Cold Gentleman-VLS-1991-GCP
Ralph Tresvant-Stone Cold Gentleman (The Remixes)-Promo CDM-1991-XXS
Ramin - Vol.1-Essence Of Ecstasy (PCP 014)-1991-gEm
Ramin - Vol.1-Essence Of Ecstasy (PCP014)-1991-gEm
Ramin--Vol 1 Essence Of Ecstacy EP (DE 2005)-CDM-1991-dL
Ramirez--La Musika Tremenda (DFC 055)-VINYL-1991-CMC
Ramones-All The Stuff (And More) Vol 2-1991-ATR
Ramones-Loco Live-1991-HiTS iNT
Random Noise Generation - Falling In Dub (4W-120)-EP-1991-TR
Ranking Ann-A Slice Of English Toast-CD-1991-RKS
Raphel--In Memory Of EP-(EP 1)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Rappin Is Fundamental-Rapping Is Fundamental-VLS-1991-GCP
Rappin Is Fundamental-The Doo-Hop Legacy-1991-RAGEMP3
rappinstine-the ultimate creation-1991-ragemp3
Rappinstine-The Ultimate Creation-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Raptori-Tulevat tanne sotkemaan meidan ajopuuteorian-FI-1991-TOiVO
Raptori-Tulevat Tanne Sotkemaan Meidan Ajopuuteorian-LP-FI-1991-KALEVALA
Ras Sam Brown-Teacher-CD-1991-4581
Ratt - Ratt and Roll 81-91-Retail-1991-MAC INT
Ratt-Ratt And Roll 8191-1991-DNR
Ratt-Ratt and Roll 8191-1991-NHH INT
Rave 2001--Seduce Me (BZZXL 106025)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Rave Crusader--World Destiny-(BB 035)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Rave International-Armitage and Shanks-RNTW1001-1991-OSM
Rave Masters--Volume Two (RM 904)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Ravebusters--Mitrax-(DO 321)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Ravebusters-Mitrax (SUCK SIX CD)-CDM-1991-CMC INT
Raven - Architect of Fear (Japan Ed.)-1991-MCA int
Ravenous-Book Of Covetous Souls-1991-gF
Raw Fusion-Live From The Styleetron-1991-GCP INT
Raw Fusion-Throw Your Hands In The Air-CDM-1991-GCP
Raw Power Organisation - 1991 (And I Just Begun)-(PCP013)-Vinyl-1991-BC
Raw Power Organisation--1991 (And I Just Begun) (PCP 013 CD)-CDM-1991-dL
Ray Charles-The Birth Of Soul-Remastered-3CD-1991-GCP INT
Ray Wylie Hubbard-Lost Train of Thought-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED
Raze--Bass Power-(GSR 713)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Razor Boy and Mirror Man-Cutter Mix Beyond Control-(CUT001)-White Label Vinyl-1991-WC2R
Razor-Open Hostility-1991-CNMC
Reachin-Danse City-REMU1205-1991-OSM
Real Time--Real Time (ACV 0999)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Recall IV - Aesthetic EP Vol 1-(CDM)-1991-PsyCZnP
Recherche-Mark One-RE002-1991-OSM
Red Cyclone - Anonimia (Remix)-WEB-1991-iDC
Red Cyclone - Anonimia-WEB-1991-iDC
Red Dragon-Man Tu-VINYL-1991-G3LTUNES INT
Red Dragon-X-Rated-VINYL-1991-G3LMP3
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik-(7599266812)-1991-ALTAiR INT
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give It Away-DVDRip-iNT-SVCD-1991-VOLTAR
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Blood Sex Sugar Magik-1991-DNR
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Blood Sugar Sex Magik-1991-EOS
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Blood Sugar Sex Magik-1991-FIH INT
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Blood Sugar Sex Magik-1991-LAZY
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Blood Sugar Sex Magik-1991-MEH
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Blood Sugar Sex Magik-1991-tFA INT
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Blood Sugar Sex Magik-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Give It Away-(9 40261-2)-CDM-1991-B2A INT
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Give it Away-CDM-1991-pyt
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Under The Bridge-SVCD-DVDRiP-1991-pHViD
Red Norvo Trio-Red Norvo Trio-1991-DGN
Red Seal-39 Orbits-RSR002-1991-OSM
Redcell - Active E Motion-(B1205)-Vinyl-1991-EMP
Redhead Kingpin and The FBI-Get It Together-VLS-1991-GCP
Redhead Kingpin And The FBI-The Album With No Name-1991-CMS
Redhead Kingpin-The Album With No Name-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Redrose And Tony Rebel-Gun Talk-(12 Inch)-VLS-1991-DELTA
Reese - Funky Funk Funk-Bassline-(NWKT 23)-Vinyl-1991-EMP
Reese Project--Direct Me Remix Edition 2-(NWKTR31)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Reese Project-Direct Me-(NWKCD31)-CDM-1991-MPX
Reese Project-Direct Me-1991-TT
Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra-Marley Classics-CD-1991-YARD
Reggie Stepper-Hand Cuff-LP-1991-DELTA
Reggie Stepper-Mother Young Gal (7 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Reggie Stepper-Mother Young Gal (7 Inch)-VLS-1991-W33d INT
Reggie Stepper-Mother Young Gal-VINYL-1991-G3LMP3 INT
Reinforced Records-Various Artists-RIVET201-1991-XTC
Reinforced-4 Hero-RIVET1208-1991-sour
Reinforced-Nebula II-RIVET1211-VINYL-1991-LAME
Reinhard Lakomy-Aer-.Erdenklang.-1991-AMOK
Remi--Running Miles (REMI 001)-Vinyl-1991-dL INT
Rene Kollo-Weihnachtstraeume-DE-1991-XY
Repression-Germany Rocks-1991-GRAVEWISH
Resident Alien-It Takes A Nation Of Suckas To Let Us In-1991-FTD INT
Return - Replay (The Best Of Return)-Russian Retail-1991-M4E
Revenant-Prophecies Of A Dying World-1991-DeBT iNT
Reverend - Play God-1991-MCA int
Rexanthony-Gas Mask-(LSD 002)-VINYL-1991-B2A INT
RFTR - Extrasyn-(ZD 44972)-CDM-1991-ZzZz
Rhythim is Rhythim (Derrick May)-Innovator-VLS-1991-BLA
Rhythm King-Tiziana-SPLISH01-1991-OSM
Rhythm of Life--Touch Me (ROL 002)-VINYL-1991-CMC
Rhythm Revolution--Now Gimme Your Beat-(GFB 028)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Rhythm Section-Comin On Strong EP-RS005-VINYL-1991-sour
Rhythm Section-Rhythm Section-RS004-1991-OSM
Rhythm Section-Rhythm Section-RS005-1991-OSM
Ric Ocasek-Fireball Zone-1991-EOSiNT
Ricardo--High Flyer-(UCP003)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Riccardo Cocciante-Se Stiamo Insieme-(664 277)-CDS-IT-1991-iNViNCiBLE iNT
Rich Wyman-Just Might Make It-1991-pLAN9
Richie Sambora-Stranger in this Town-1991-KLV INT
Richie Stephens And General Trees-Waist Line-VLS-1991-YARD
Richie Stephens-Sincerely-LP-1991-GMG
Richie Stephens-Sincerely-RETAIL CD-1991-R2R
Richie Stevens-Diana (7 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Richmix--I Believe (NG 096)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Rick Astley-Cry For Help-(CDM)-1991-pLAN9
Rick Astley-Free-WEB-1991-TosK INT
Ricky Smith-Hard Drive-(HFD09066)-WEB-1991-320
Ricky Smith-The Power Move EP-(HFD09067)-WEB-1991-320
Rieserferner Buam-Rose Der Dolomiten-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Right Said Fred-Im Too Sexy-(Vinyl)-1991-BUL
Ripping Corpse-Dreaming with the Dead-1991-iND
Rising High-Dub Collective-The Head EP Vol 1-RSN02-VINYL-1991-XTC
Rising High-Project 1-Project 1 Are Back EP-RSN09-VINYL-1991-XTC
Rising High-The Hypnotist-RSN01-VINYL-1991-XTC
Rising High-The Hypnotist-RSN04-VINYL-1991-XTC
Rising High-The Hypnotist-RSN13-1991-OSM
Rising High-Tranquillizer-RSN06-VINYL-1991-XTC
Rising High-Tranquillizer-RSN6-1991-OSM
Rising High-Westbam-The Bug EP-RSN10-Vinyl-1991-XTC
Risto Benji-Passport Buddy (12 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Rita Marley-We Must Carry On-1991-RAC
Riviera Traxx--Volume 1-(ANT005)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Rjs Rule--Rave This Nation-(TINK 011)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Robbie Nevil-Just Like You-CDM-1991-D2H
Robert Armani - Ambulance-(DM041)-Vinyl-1991-EMP
Robert Nighthawk and Forest City Joe-Black Angel Blues-1991-GCP
Robert Owens - Ill Be Your Friend-CDM-1991-tronik
Robert Owens--Ill Be Your Friend-(07863 62156-1)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Roberto Carlos-Todas As Manhas-BR-1991-100REAL
Robotiko Rejekto-Hangar 18-.ZYX.-12inch Vinyl-1991-AMOK
roby dj-now listen-(dmx 10029)-web-1991-idf
Rocio Banquells-A Mi Viejo-ES-1991-FATHEAD INT
Rod Masons Hot Five Featuring Angela Brown-Self Titled-1991-ALPMP3
Rodney O And Joe Cooley-Get Ready To Roll BW Get Down With The Lyrical Strangla-(VLS)-1991-RAGEMP3
Rodney O And Joe Cooley-Get Ready To Roll-1991-GCP INT
Rodney RT Taylor-Soul 4-1-1-1991-GCP
Roger Whittaker - Seine-Groessten Erfolge-1991-Records INT
Roman Stewart-Baby Why-VLS-1991-FireSon INT
Roman Stewart-Silouhette Bw Bobo General and Roman Stewart-Make Them Talk-12-Inch-Vinyl-1991-FireSon
Ron Trent-Altered States-2VLS-1991-kW
Root-Hell Symphony-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED
Root-Hell Symphony-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Roots-Hardcore Love-VLS-1991-soup
Rosa Passos-Curare-BR-1991-100REAL
rosenfeld-pigs of the empire-1991-dnr
Rotting Christ-Passage to Arcturo-re-release with bonus-1991-cnmc
Roxette - Fading Like A Flower-CDM-1991-SLD
Roxette - Joyride-1991-Records INT
Roy Black-Rosenzeit-WEB-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Royal Flush-976-DOPE-1991-RAGEMP3
Royals-Spring 76-CD-1991-KALEVALA
Rozalla-Everybodys Free (Promo Vinyl)-1991-CLUBMP3
Rozalla-Everybodys Free (To Feel Good)-(CDLOSE13)-CDS-1991-MPX
Rozalla-Everybodys Free-CDM-1991-hopsis
Run DMC-Faces BW Back From Hell Remix-VLS-1991-GCP INT
Run-DMC-Together Forever (Greatest Hits 1983-1991)-(FILECD-419)-1991-DBM INT
Running Wild - Little Big Horn-CDS-1991-MCA int
Running Wild-Little Big Horn-Ltd.Ed. Shaped 7 Inch-Pic-Disc-1991-RZB
Rush--Roll The Bones-CD-1991-WUS INT
S-Bam-On The Road Again (RA.RE 07291)-WEB-1991-DWM
s.m.t.-danza-(dmx 10027)-web-1991-idf
s.m.t.-silence-(dmx 10012)-web-1991-idf
Sacred Reich-A Question-EP-1991-GRM
Sacred Reich-A Question-EP-1991-Ngrp
saint etienne-only love can break your heart-cdm-1991-nuhs
Salt N Pepa-Lets Talk About Sex-VLS-1991-JCE
Salt-N-Pepa - Lets Talk About Sex-CDM-1991-HB INT
Sam I Am-Dont Make Me Stop This Car-(Promo)-1991-pLAN9
Samantha Fox-Just One Night-1991-NHH INT
Sambodhi Prem-Mirror of the Sun-WEB-1991-I KnoW
Samiam-Soar-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Samson En Gert - Samson-CD-NL-1991-HB INT
Sanchez-I Cant Wait-Retail CD-1991-HLC iNT
Sanchez-I Cant Wait-RETAIL CD-1991-R2R
Sanchez-Love Is A Funny Feeling-7Inch Vinyl-1991-FireSon INT
Sandra Cross-This Is Sandra Cross-RETAiL CD-1991-R2R
Santonio Echols-Thats Where Its at-(SE001)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
Santonio--Images-(EXP012)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Sarcofago-The Laws of Scourge-1991-INT
Satan and Adam-Harlem Blues-WEB-1991-ENRiCH iNT
Satin Storm-Satin Storm-SSHC1-1991-OSM
Savatage-Streets-A Rock Opera-1991-DNR
Saxon - Best Of Saxon-1991-MCA int
Scarface of The Geto Boys-Mr Scarface Is Back-1991-RAGEMP3
Scarface-Mr Scarface Is Back-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Scarface-Mr. Scarface Is Back-1991-AMP
Scarface-Mr. Scarface Is Back-1991-RAGEMP3
Schoolly D-How A Black Man Feels-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Schubert-21 Lieder-CD-1991-LiViTY
Schumann-Obras Para Piano-CD-1991-LiViTY
Science Lab-Flesh and Blood-(MR 004)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
Scientist V Prince Jammy-Big Showdown (READ NFO)-CD-1991-JAH
scorpions - the zoo-1991-chicncream
Scorpions-Hot And Slow (The Best Of The Ballads)-1991-EOSiNT
Scorpions-Wind of Change-EP-Japanese Edition-1991-GRAVEWISH
Scorpions-Winds Of Change-SVCD-1991-MiLF
Scotch - Best Of Scotch-1991-GRiPP
Scotch-Best Of Scotch-1991-GRiPP
Scotty D-Hit Em With The Beat-(VLS)-1991-RAGEMP3
Scotty-Dont Have A Heart-VINYL-1991-G3LMP3 INT
Screamin Jay Hawkins-Cow Fingers and Mosquito Pie-WEB-1991-gF
Screaming Lord Sutch-Rock and Horror 1982-1991-sfE
Screaming Trees-Anthology SST Years-1991-EOS
Screaming Trees-Uncle Anesthesia-1991-iRO
Screeching Weasel-Punk House-1991-rH
Screwdriver-Teach Dem-RETAiL CD-1991-R2R
Screwdriver-Teach Dem-Retail-1991-W33d INT
Seal-Future Love EP-Vinyl-1991-GCP
Seance-Levitised Spirit-Demo-1991-FFF
Seaweed-Despised-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Secchi Feat. Orlando Johnson-Keep On Jammin-(X-12088)-Vinyl-1991-iDF
Second Phase-Mentasm-(RSUK2DB)-WEB-1991-KOUALA
Secret Identity-Body to Body-(BB-9105)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
Selector--Move Your Body (ZYX 6525-12)-VINYL-1991-CMC
Selector-Move Your Body-WEB-1991-ALPMP3
Sens Unik-Le VI Eme Sens-(CDEP)-FR-1991-SO INT
Sentenced-Shadows of the Past-Journey to Pohjola (Remastered)-1991-AMRC
Sepultura-Arise EP-1991-EPK
Sepultura-Arise-1991-DeBT iNT
Sepultura-Dead Embryonic Cells EP-1991-EPK
Sepultura-Morbid Visions-Remastered-1991-DeBT iNT
Sepultura-Under Siege (Regnum Irae)-(EP)-1991-DNR
Sequencial--Death House (GK 005)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Sergei Prokofiev-Alexander Nevsky - Scythian Suite-1991-SNOOK
Sex Pistols-No Feelings-Bootleg-1991-JUST
Sfs--I Dont Even Know If I Should Call You Baby-(ZSK 73891)-Promo CDM-1991-mbs
SFX - Monster Mania-(MMI 9061)-Vinyl-1991-PSL
Shabba Ranks And Lady G-Fanciness-12inch-1991-JAH
Shabba Ranks Feat Maxi Priest-Housecall (Read Nfo) (12 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Shabba Ranks Featuring KRS-1-The Jam-(CDM)-1991-C4
Shabba Ranks Featuring Maxi Priest-Housecall-CDM-1991-RKS
Shabba Ranks-As Raw As Ever-(WEB)-1991-DIGI
Shabba Ranks-As Raw As Ever-1991-420 INT
Shabba Ranks-As Raw As Ever-1991-JAH
Shabba Ranks-As Raw As Ever-CD-1991-JAH
Shabba Ranks-As Raw As Ever-CD-1991-RKS-INT
Shabba Ranks-As Raw as Ever-Retail-1991-W33d INT
Shabba Ranks-Mr. Maximum-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Shabba Ranks-Trailor Load A Girls-(CDM)-1991-C4
Shades Of Rhythm--Shades Of Rhythm (ZTT 8)-1991-dL INT
SHADOW005-Moving Shadow-Kaotic Chemistry-1991-sour
SHADOW09-Moving Shadow-Tone Def-1991-sour
SHADOW12-Moving Shadow-Cosmo and Dibs-1991-sour
SHADOW8-Moving Shadow-Cosmo and Dibs-1991-sour
Shaka B-Gal Pickney Fe Care-VLS-1991-YARD
Shaka Shamba-Luv Da Soun Ya Bad-VINYL-1991-G3LTUNES INT
Shaka Shamba-Reggae Fight-(Reissue Vinyl)-1991-FyahChunes
Shakespears Sister-Goodbye Cruel World-CDS-1991-KOMA
Shalamar - The Very Best Of-WEB-1991-KNOWN iNT
Shanice-I Love Your Smile-VLS-1991-GCP INT
Shanice-Im Cryin-CDM-1991-GCP
Sharada House Gang - Passion-WEB-1991-iDC
Sheena Easton-What Comes Naturally-12INCH VINYL-FLAC-1991-LoKET
Sheena Easton-You Can Swing It-12INCH VINYL-FLAC-1991-LoKET
Shelly Manne And His Men-At The Black Hawk Vol 1-Reissue CD-1991-RAC
Shelly Manne And His Men-At The Black Hawk Vol 2-Reissue CD-1991-RAC
Shelly Manne And His Men-At The Black Hawk Vol 3-Reissue CD-1991-RAC
Shelly Manne And His Men-At The Black Hawk Vol 4-Reissue CD-1991-RAC
Shelly Manne And His Men-At The Black Hawk Vol 5-Reissue CD-1991-RAC INT
Shelly Thunder-Jump Around (7 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Sherriff-Halla Fe De Hood-(VLS)-1991-DON
Shivkumar Sharma - Raga Puriya Dhanashri-1991-PsyCZnP
Shivkumar Sharma and Zakir Hussain - Raga Purya Kalyan-1991-PsyCZ NP
Shonen Knife-712-1991-DeBT
Showaddywaddy - The Ultimate Hit-Collenction-1991-Records INT
Shugo Banton-Marksman-VLS-1991-JRO
Shut Up And Dance-Codine-SUAD18-1991-sour
Shut Up And Dance-Ragga Twins-SUAD12-1991-sour
Shut Up And Dance-Shut Up And Dance-SUAD21-1991-sour
Shut Up and Dance-SUAD18-Codine-1991-sour
Shut Up And Dance-SUADLP002-The Ragga Twins-Reggae Owes Me Money-1991-sour
Sick Of It All - We Stand Alone-Limited Edition-1991-rH
Sick Of It All-We Stand Alone-Limited Edition-1991-rH
Sidney Bechet-Blues In Thirds-1991-GCP
Sieg Ueber Die Sonne--Mazzo (LEPTONE 2)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Sieges Even - A Sense Of Change-Retail-1991-SOKIR INT
Sielun Veljet-Musta Laatikko-WEB-FI-1991-KALEVALA INT
Signal to Noise Ratio-Detroit is Burning-DJAX-UP-129-Vinyl-1991-XTC INT
Signal--To Noise Ratio (DJAX-UP-129)-EP-1991-CMC
Silicon Dream - Wanna Make Love-CDM-1991-iDC
Silver Bullet-Undercover Anarchist-CDS-FLAC-1991-hbZ
Silverfish-Fuckin Drivin Or What...EP-CDM-1991-iTS
simon harris starring dina carroll and monte luv-dont stop the music-1991-tt
Simone--My Family Depends On Me-(SR12060)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Simpleton-G C T-VLS-1991-RoW
Simply Red - Stars-1991-HaVeFuN INT
Singh Kaur - Crimson Collection Volumes 1 And 2-(CD)-1991-REDRUM
Singh Kaur - Crimson Collection Volumse 6 And 7-(CD)-1991-REDRUM
Singing Melody-Party Time-VLS-1991-RoW
Sir Neville Marriner-Mozart Requiem-1991-DeBT iNT
Sissy Penis Factory-Everybody Fuck Now-VLS-1991-FFaCC
Sistematic - Ive Been Thinking About You (Remixes)-WEB-1991-iDC
Sistematic - Ive Been Thinking About You-WEB-1991-iDC
Sister Carol-Mother Culture-1991-RAC
Sister Charmain-Trailer Load Of Man (12 Inch SRD63)-VLS-1991-YARD
Sister Charmaine-Hood Top (12 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Skankin Pickle-Skafunkrastapunk-1991-EMG INT
Skatemaster Tate-Do The Skate-1991-RAGEMP3
Skeet Machine Featuring Matthew Tallon - Es De P Madre-(NM532MA)-VINYL-1991-NRG
Skid Row - Monkey Business-Limited Edition Vinyl-1991-SOP INT
Skid Row - Slave to the Grind (Jap. Ed.)-1991-MCA int
Skid Row - Slave to the Grind-1991-BFS INT
Skid Row-Slave To The Grind-1991-ATM
Skid Row-Slave To The Grind-1991-DNR
Skid Row-Slave To The Grind-1991-LAMB
Skid Row-Slave to the Grind-Retail-1991-FH
Skin Chamber-Wound-1991-AMOK
Skinny Puppy-Last Rights-1991-DeBT iNT
Skull Man-Friend Turn Enemy-VLS-1991-JRO
Skull-No Bones About It-1991-GRW
Skyclad-The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
SL2-Djs Take Control-1991-TT
SL2-The Noise And Bassquake-SL001-320-Vinyl-1991-cr3
Slagsmalsklubben-Live In Roedby-1991-ArkLoV
Slam x Rejuvination--Eterna Ibo-(SOMA1)-WEB-1991-BABAS
Slave-The Best Of-1991-pLAN9
Slaves Of New Brunswick-Slaves Of New Brunswick-1991-pLAN9
Slavko Avsenik Und Seine Original Oberkrainer-Stimmung Muss Sein-WEB-DE-1991-ALPMP3 INT
Slayer - Dance of the Dead-Bootleg-1991-MCA int
Slayer - Decade Of Aggression 2CD-1991-AMRC
Slayer-Decade Of Aggression (Live)-2CD-1991-iRO
Slayer-Live Decade Of Aggression-2CD-1991-DNR
Slayer-Raining Blood-VCD-1991-pHViD
Slayer-Seasons In The Abyss-(VLS)-1991-DNR
Slint-Spiderland-1991-k4 int
Slowdive-Holding Our Breath-(CRESCD 112)-CDEP-1991-SHGZ INT
Sly And Robbie-Many Moods Of Sly Robbie And The Taxi Gang-Retail CD-1991-ras
Sly Dunbar-Sly Wicked And Slick - Extra Version-CD-1991-RKS
Sly Dunbar-Sly Wicked And Slick-CD-1991-RKS
Smart Systems-Tingler Remix-(Jumpin and Pumpin)-Vinyl-1991-MAEM
Smiley-The Rhythm Of Life-(Tape)-1991-RAGEMP3
SMK-Da Gangsta Walk (CD Single)-1991-RAGEMP3
smk-the real side of me-1991-ragemp3
Snap - Colour Of Love-CDM-1991-HB INT
Snap - Colour of Love-CDM-1991-iMC
snap-colour of love-1991-tt
Snap-Colour of Love-CDM-1991-XXL iNT
Snap-Mary Had A Little Boy-Remix-1991-TT
Snap-Mega Mix-1991-TT
Snap-Mega Mix-CDM-1991-XXL iNT
SNFU-The Last Of The Big Time Suspenders-1991-DNR
Snooks Eaglin-Country Boy in New Orleans-WEB-1991-TERSE
Sodom - Sodomania (Only for Japan)-1991-MCA int
Sodom - The Saw is the Law - Ausgebombt (Jap.Ed.)-1991-MCA int
Software-Modesty Blaze-The Erotic Message Vol.1 1-9-9-1 Summer Remix-1991-D2H
Software-Modesty Blaze-WEB-1991-ENSLAVE iNT
Sol Invictus-Current 93-Death In June-Live Split-1991-NMS
Son Of Bazerk-Bang (Get Down Get Down)-VLS-1991-GCP
Son Of Bazerk-Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk-WEB-1991-SOUNDz iNT
Son Seals-Living In The Danger Zone-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Sonic Experience 2-The Phuture Is Now-(STUR009)-Ltd Ed Vinyl-1991-WC2R
sonic surfers-having a great time-1991-tt
Sonny Boy Williamson-Dont Send Me No Flowers-1991-GCP INT
Sonny Terry and Brownie Mcghee-Conversation with the River-1991-NOiR
Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee-Hometown Blues-(Remastered)-1991-GCP
Sons of the Pioneers-Sons of the Pioneers-1991-EMG INT
Sophia George-For Everyone-CD-1991-JAH
Sororicide-The Entity-1991-gF
Soundgarden-Badmotorfinger-1991-EMG INT
Soundgarden-Jesus Christ Pose (UK CDS)-1991-iRO
Soundgarden-Jesus Christ Pose-(Remastered CDM)-1991-PRA
Soundgarden-Rusty Cage limited edition digi-pak-1991-PMS
South Central Cartel-South Central Madness-1991-RNS
Space Cube--Space Cube (FIM 004)-EP-1991-CMC
Space Trax - Volume II (STR0691)-Vinyl-1991-TR
Space Trax-Atomic Playboy-1991-TT
Spare Beat-Luxury II-SBBR001-1991-OSM
Spectralyzer--Break Down (BB 015)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Speedy J - Evolution EP-Vinyl-1991-EMP
Speedy J - Something For Your Mind-Vinyl-1991-EMP
Speedy J - Wicked Saw (Plus8005)-EP-1991-TR
Spice 1-Let It Be Known-1991-RAGEMP3
Spice 1-Let It Be Known-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Spice 1-Spice 1-1991-RAGEMP3
Spice-1-Spice-1-1991-RAGEMP3 INT
Spirit Of Adventure--Spirit Of Adventure (HIT 6015)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Splash - Set The Groove On Fire-CDM-1991-iDC
Split Potlid--X-Massive (HOTDANCE 1)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Spragga Benz - Bun Him And Grieve Him-1991-vod
Spragga Benz - Camouflage (Vinyl Single)-1991-vod
Sprawl-The Deflowered-1991-pLAN9
Squeedly-Things A Gwan Fi Me-VLS-1991-YARD
Squidly Rankin-Teckisha-VLS-1991-YARD
Stacy Earl-Stacy Earl-1991-C4
Stacy G.-One Man Riot-(CD)-1991-RAGEMP3
Stage Dolls-Stripped-1991-LAMB
Stan Getz-Stan Getz At Large Vol. 1-1991-GCP INT
Stan Getz-Stan Getz At Large Vol. 2-1991-GCP
Stan Getz-The Jazz Collector Edition-1991-pLAN9
Stardiver--Lifetime Mission (TZ002)-Vinyl-1991-dL INT
Station Q--That Special Melody-(EL846207)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Status Control--Come Get Me If You Want Me-(SR208)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Steady B-Pay Me Baby-Vinyl-1991-LiViTY
Steel Porn Rhino-Steel Porn Rhino-.Hangman.-1991-AMOK
Steel Pulse - Victims-1991-HiEM INT
Steel Pulse-Victims-1991-RbR
Steely and Clevie feat. Suzanne Couch-Why-VLS-1991-YARD
Stefano Secchi-Da Ya Think Im Secchi-(4683032)-1991-HFT
Sten Och Stanley-Dansparty-SE-1991-DuDE
Sten Och Stanley-Musik Dans Och Party 06-1991-aiZe
Stephan Eicher - Pas D Ami (Comme Toi)-(2198)-PROMO-FR-Vinyl-1991-ZzZz
Stereolab-Stunning Debut Album-(DS4502DL)-WEB-1991-MOHAWK
Stereolab-Super 45-(DS4501DL)-WEB-1991-MOHAWK
Sterling Void - Dont Wanna Go (DJ 979)-Vinyl-1991-kiNky
Stetsasonic-Blood Sweat and No Tears-WEB-1991-UVU INT
Steve Harper-Every Woman in the World-VLS-1991-HLC
Steve Haun-Collage-CD-1991-D2H iNT
Steve Plunkett-My Attitude-Reissue-1991-GRAVEWISH
Stevie Nicks-Timespace The Best Of Stevie Nicks-1991-DNR
Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble-The Sky Is Crying-1991-NHH INT
Stevie Ray Vaughan-The Sky is Crying-1991-EMG INT
Stevie Wonder-Gotta Have You-VLS-1991-GCP
Stiff Little Fingers-Flags And Emblems-1991-gF
Stillborn-The Permanent Solution-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Straight TMZ-Tell The World My Name BW Take A Walk On The Dark Side-(Tape)-1991-RAGEMP3
Strange Boutique - The Loved One-(BDZ006)-1991-ZzZz
Strangeways-Unknown (Bass Culture EP)-SWAY004-1991-OSM
Stratovarius-Break The Ice-Vinyl EP-1991-mwnd int
Stravinski-El Pajaro De Fuego Cuatro Estudios Y Sherzo-CD-1991-LiViTY
Streaplers-Lite Nostalgi-1991-aiZe
Strebers-Kaos and Skral 85-87-SE-1991-gF
Street Military-Aggrivated Rasta-1991-RAGEMP3
Street Military-Aggrivated Rasta-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Strictly Hardcore-Hackney Hardcore-STHC01-1991-OSM
Strictly Underground-DJ Hype-STUR11-1991-sour
Strictly Underground-Mad Bastard-FU2-1991-OSM
Strictly Underground-Noise Engineer-STUR07-1991-OSM
Strictly Underground-Sonic Experience-STUR06-1991-OSM
Strictly Underground-Sonic Experience-STUR09-1991-OSM
Strictly Underground-Soundclash-STUR05-1991-OSM
Strictly Underground-The Warrior-STUR11-1991-OSM
Strictly Underground-Tigers In Space-STUR10-1991-OSM
Strictly Underground-Undercover Movement-STUR04-1991-OSM
Stryper-Cant Stop the Rock-1991-ICE
Sub Sub--Space Face Remix (TENR 373)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Sub System--III (MOM 08)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Sublime-Jah Wont Pay The Bills-1991-KSi
Subsonic 2-Include Me Out-1991-GCP
Suburban Base-Austin-SUBBASE004-1991-OSM
Suburban Base-Kromozone-SUBBASE001-1991-OSM
Suburban Base-M and M Ft Rachel Wallace-SUBBASE006-1991-OSM
Suburban Base-M and M Ft Rachel Wallace-SUBBASE006R-1991-OSM
Suburban Base-Phuture Assassins-SUBBASE003-1991-OSM
Suburban Base-Q Bass-SUBBASE005-1991-sour
Suburban Base-Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era-SUBBASE008R-1991-sour
Suburban Knight-Nocturbulous Behaviour-1991-TT
Suckspeed-Slow Motion-1991-GRW
Sue Chaloner--I Wanna Thank You-(12LOSEX14)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Suffocation-Effigy of the Forgotten-(Reissue)-1991-WLM
Sugar Black-Wild Flower-VLS-1991-JRO
Sugar Minott-Happy Together-CD-1991-RKS
Sugar Minott-Wake Up-VLS-1991-YARD
Sun Electric - Olocco-Revisited-EP-(HQ)-(MWS020R)-1991-ZAiK iNT
Sun Electric--Red Summer (SAM 889)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Sungods--Ascension (MFS 0100 012)-CDM-1991-dL
Super Cat-Don Dada-1991-Eac
Super Cat-Don Dada-CD-1991-MNC
Super Cat-Don Dada-Retail CD-1991-RKS INT
Supermatic-Bumrush The Sound Remixes (BANG 014R)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Supermatic-Open Your Mind (BANG 014)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Supreme Nyborn-Style-1991-RAGEMP3
Surface-The Best of Surface A Nice Time 4 Lovin-CD-FLAC-1991-NBFLAC
Surgeon-The Sign of Ending Grace-1991-AMRC
Susan Clark featuring Stimulation--Deeper-(JB0002)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Suzi Quatro-Oh Suzi Q-1991-GRW
Sven-Ingvars-Du Flicka Med Vind I Ditt Har-1991-Sn00py
Sven-Ingvars-Electric and Twist Mix-CDM-1991-Sn00py
Sven-Ingvars-Paa Festplatsen-1991-PELiKAN
Sven-Invars-I Frodingeland-1991-Sn00py
Svullo - Slaeta Av Mej - Suckface-CDS-1991-4U2M8
Swamp Dogg-Surfin in Harlem (Digitally Remastered)-WEB-1991-ENRAGED
Swamp Dogg-Surfin in Harlem-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Swamp Terrorists-Rebuff-(CDM)-1991-V0
Swans-White Light from the Mouth of Infinity-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Sweet Doctor Phebes--Babe (I Love You)-(NN00592)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Sweet Exorcist--CCCD (WARP001)-CD-1991-CMC
Sweet Exorcist-CCCD (WARP001)-CD-1991-CMC
Sweetie Irie-DJ Of The Future-CD-1991-PQM
Sweetie Irie-She Want It (12 Inch 12MNG772)-VLS-1991-YARD
Syamese--Pure Sickness EP (SSR 112)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Sydney Youngblood - Wherever You Go-(YRCD 68)-CDM-1991-ZzZz
Sylk Smoov-Self Titled-1991-RAGEMP3
Synchrotron--Let Em Down-(BOY 8837-12)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Sypposytyk Hypnozya - Hard Oclusio (BZZXL 106028)-(VLS)-1991-PsyCZ
Sypposytyk Hypnozya - Part Two (BZZXL 106048)-(VLS)-1991-PsyCZ
System 7 - Miracle-CDS-1991-tronik
T Ark - Carry Me-WEB-1991-iDC
T-Abel Cachet-Dead Dreams Bw Put Your Body In It-1991-CMS
T-Bone Castro - Radical Padrone (Remixes)-(DE2003-PCP010)-Vinyl-1991-BC
T-Bone Castro - Radical Padrone (Remixes)-(DE2003-PCP010)-Vinyl-1991-BC - kopie
T-Rex - The Essential Collection-1991-KMA
T.C. Ellis-True Confessions-(7599-27497-2)-CD-FLAC-1991-CUSTODES
T.C.F.-If You Wanna Sex Me Up-(CDS)-1991-pLAN9
T99 - Children Of Chaos-1991-VoLGa
T99-Anasthasia (Rap Version Remix)-CDM-1991-GTi
Talk Talk-Laughing Stock-1991-sUppLeX
Tammy Banks--My Life-(BLR-9005)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Tank - Filth Hounds of Hades-Reissue-1991-MCA int
Tank - Power of the Hunter-Reissue-1991-MCA int
Tanya Mullings-Love Will Never Do Without You-VLS-1991-YARD
Tara Kemp-Piece Of My Heart-VLS-1991-GCP
Tara Kemp-Tara Kemp-WEB-1991-UVU INT
Tattooed Love Boys-No Time for Nursery Rhymes-CD-1991-gF
TC 1991 - Berry-(RS92021)-Vinyl-1991-TRa
TC Berry-1991-(RS 92021)-Vinyl-1992-DPS
TC Crew--Welcome To The Underground (RB 202)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Techno City-Vamos Techno (BOY-096)-Vinyl-1991-NRG
Techno Fixx--Caution-(SR-1259)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Techno Grooves--Mach 3 EP-(RS 9112)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Techno Grooves--Mach 4 (RS 9130)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Techno Grooves--Mach 4 (STR 1191)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
techno-cyborg-martirum-(dmx 10028)-web-1991-idf
Technoline-Dont Give A Fuck-Vinyl-(HYPE 90 10291)-1991-DPS INT
Technologic-Wrong Number-(TR 009-CD)-WEB-1991-iDF
Technology - Black Memory EP-(TECHNO12.89)-Vinyl-1991-NRG
Technomania--Technomania Has Begun-(664 688)-CDM-1991-CMC INT
Tecknotribe--Tribal (W 500)-EP-1991-CMC
Teena Marie-Greatest Hits-(EK 48652)-CD-FLAC-1991-EMG
Tekkknozid - Instruction (BOO010)-VLS-1991-TR
Television Personalities-Shes Never Read My Poems-.Fire.-CDM-1991-AMOK
Temper Temper-Temper Temper-1991-GCP
Temple Of The Dog-Hunger Strike-(UK CDS)-1991-DNR
Temple Of The Dog-Hunger Strike-CDM-1991-GCP INT
Temple Of The Dog-Say Hello 2 Heaven (Promo CDS)-1991-ATR
Temple Of The Dog-Temple Of The Dog-1991-ALW
Temple Of The Dog-Temple Of The Dog-1991-DNR
Tender Fury-If Anger Were Soul Id Be James Brown-1991-pLAN9
Tenor Fly ft Sugar Minott-Town Ah Run Hot-VLS-1991-YARD
Tenor Senior-Mi A Love Di Gal-(Reissue Vinyl)-1991-FyahChunes
Tenor Senior-Press Gas-VINYL-1991-G3LTUNES
Terminator X-Juvenile Delinquintz-(CDS)-1991-0MNI
Terminator-Probability of Doom-CZ-1991-GRW
Terrace - Buena Avenue (Djax-Up 122)-1991-gEm
Terrace - In-Motion (DJAX123)-VLS-1991-gEm
Terrace - Inspiritual (djaxup 128)-Vinyl-1991-iDC
Terrace - Reconstruction (DJAX-UP 13134)-1991-gEm
Terrace--Straight Trippin (DJAX-UP-127)-EP-1991-CMC
Terrace-Straight Trippin-DJAX-UP-127-Vinyl-1991-XTC INT
Terrahsphere-Third in Order from the Sun-1991-GRAVEWISH
Terri Nunn-Moment Of Truth-1991-C4
Tesla - Psychotic Supper-1991-NaJ iNT
Tesla-Psychotic Supper-1991-iRO
Test Dept-Proven in Action-1991-PMS
Tevin Campbell-T E V I N-CD-FLAC-1991-NBFLAC
Tevin Campbell-T.E.V.I.N.-1991-GCP INT
Thastrom-Xplodera Mig-2000-1991-RbR
The 2 Live Crew-Live In Concert-REPACK-CD-FLAC-1991-NBFLAC
The Abbyssinians-Swing Low-VLS-1991-WiS
The Abyssinian Baptist Gospel Choir-Shakin The Rafters-(Reissue)-1991-GCP
The Affair-Some Things Never Change-CD-1991-SC
The Al Mack Project - Desire Nightlife-(SR1230-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM
The Allman Brothers Band-A Decade Of Hits 1969-1979-1991-iTS iNT
The Art Of Noise-Instruments Of Darkness (All Of Us Are One People) (The Prodigy Mix)-CDS-1991-TraX INT
The Bellamy Brothers-The Very Best Of The Bellamy Brothers-CD-1991-6DM
The Blue Aeroplanes-Beat Songs (Deluxe Version)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1991-MOHAWK
the bogey man-horrors part ii-1991-tt
The Cables-What Kind Of World-RETAIL CD-1991-R2R INT
The Cakekitchen-Time Flowing Backwards-Reissue-(DAIS091)-WEB-1991-MOHAWK
The Catch Featuring Don Snow - 25 Years The 1991 Version-CDM-1991-iDC
the church-a quick smoke at spots-1991-just
The Clash-Clash On Broadway-3CD-1991-MHQ INT
The Clash-Clash on Broadway-3CD-1991-RbR
The Clovers-The Best Of The Clovers (Love Potion No 9)-WEB-1991-TERSE
The Collektive--The Head EP Vol 1 (LEPTONE 05)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
The Concept-Taint My World-CD-1991-SC
The Concept-Taint My World-CD-FLAC-1991-SCF
The Cult-Wild Hearted Son-(CDM)-1991-JESUS INT
The Cure-Entreat-1991-TNS
The Cure-The Walk-Bootleg-1991-FWYH
The Curse-All Systems (Are Go)-(City 1)-Vinyl-1991-HSACLASSiX INT
The Daou-Head Music-(WEB-DR001)-1991-FaiLED
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band-Open Up Whatcha Gonna Do For The Rest Of Your Life-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
The Dogs-Beware Of The Dogs-1991-RAGEMP3
The Don-Wake Up The Party-1991-EMG INT
The Doobie Brothers-Brotherhood-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
The Doors-Music Form the Original Motion Picture-1991-kHz
The End--Extasy Express (FLY 044)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
The Escofferys-Opinions-CD-1991-SC
The Escofferys-Opinions-CD-FLAC-1991-SCF
The Farm-Spartacus-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
The Faust--The System-(UMM008)-Vinyl-1991-dh
The Formula--Exploded (STORM 28)-VINYL-1991-CMC
the free boys-trouble time-(dmx 10026)-web-1991-idf
The Future Sound Of London-Accelerator-1991-EOSiNT
The Future--Locked In Madness (MMI 9049)-Vinyl-1991-dL
The Genius--New Stlye-(ESD105)-Vinyl-1991-dh
The Golden Gate Quartet-Swing Down Chariot-1991-GCP
The Hard Corps-Def Before Dishonor-1991-GCP INT
The Hedgehog Affair-Rush Til Dawn EP-PH002-1991-sour
The Homeboy Project-Brother-(849-430-2)-CD-FLAC-1991-EMG
the housepope-chapter 122 - verse 1-1991-tt
The Hypnotist--The Hardcore EP (RSN 13)-Vinyl-1991-dL INT
The Hypnotist--This Is My House (LEPTONE 07)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
The Hypnotist--This Is My House Remix (LEPTONE 07R)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
The Infinity Project-Hyper-Active-(AT-15)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
The Invisible Men-The Self Indulge EP-(12 ORBIT P 4)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
The Jaz-Ya Dont Stop-(CDP7968252)-CDEP-1991-GCP INT
The Jaz-Ya Dont Stop-EP-1991-GCP INT
The Jolly Boys-Sunshine N Water-CD-1991-JAH
The King Street Crew--Gonna Be Alright Things U Do 2 Me-(NER 20007)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
The KLF - Last Train to Trancentral-CDM-1991-TRI INT
The KLF - The White Room-1991-wZ NP
The KLF-3am Eternal - Vinyl-1991-DS
The KLF-Last Train To Trancentral-CDS-1991-TraX INT
The KLF-The White Room Japanese-Ltd.Ed.-1991-PMS
The KLF-The White Room-1991-TT
The KLF-The White Room-CDA-1991-hopsis
The KLF-The White Room-US-Edition-1991-NuC INT
The Latin Kings--I Want To Know-(NER 20004)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
The Leaving Trains-Loser Illusion Pt.0-CDS-1991-SDR
The Lord Diabolus-Down There-Demo-1991-grmg
The Mackenzie--Brain Killer (MAC 1019)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
The Martian - Red Planet Volume 1 (RP-1)-EP-1991-TR
The Meantraitors-From Psychobilly Land-LP-1991-FiH
The Meditations-Greatest Hits-CD-1991-RAC
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones-Whered You Go-WEB-1991-COURAGE INT
The Millions-M Is For Millions-1991-FATHEAD
The Mothers Of Invention-Burnt Weeny Sandwich-Remastered-1991-ERP INT
The Mothers Of Invention-The Ark-1991-ERP INT
The Mothers Of Invention-Tis The Season To Be Jelly-1991-ERP INT
The Mothers-1st Born-1991-pLAN9
The Needles-The Needles-EP-1991-NOiR
The Nick Jones Experience--Wake Up People-(MB-001)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
The Nightingales - Just Another Friday Afternoon-1991-SOP INT
The Normaltown Flyers-Normaltown Flyers-1991-pLAN9
The Offspring-Baghdad-EP-1991-7 Inch-rH
The OJays-Emotionally Yours-WEB-1991-ESG INT
The Orb - Aubrey Mixes the Ultraworld Excursions-1991-HiEM
The Orb - Peel Sessions Part 1-(SFRCD118)-CDM-1991-NCR
The Orb - Peel Sessions-1991-RQ
The Orb - Perpetual Dawn-CDM-1991-OND
The Orb--Aubrey Mixes The Ultraworld Excursions (BLRCD 14)-1991-dL INT
The Orb-Perpetual Dawn-.Big Life.-CDM-1991-BFHMP3
The Overlords - Sundown-VLS-1991-gEm
The PC Brothers-The Jam 91-VLS-1991-GCP
The Pied Piper - Kinetic (Orbital Remixes)-Vinyl-1991-ChX
The Pixies-Alec Eiffel-EP-1991-EOS
The Pixies-Head On-EP-1991-EOS
The Pixies-Planet Of Sound-CDM-1991-EOS
The Pogues-The Best Of The Pogues-CD-1991-LiViTY
The Posse NFX-Black Or Ya White-VLS-1991-FrB
The PreC.I.S.E. M.C.-All Night Thang-Promo VLS-1991-GCP
The Prodigy-Charly E.P-XLT21-320-Vinyl-1991-cr3
The Prodigy-Charly-CDS-1991-INT-DDZ
The Prodigy-Everybody In The Place-XLS26CD-CDM-1991-XTC iNT
The Prodigy-Everybody In The Place-XViD-DVDRip-1991-PMSVCD
The Prodigy-What Evil Lurks-WEB-1991-PITY INT
The Prodigy-Wind It Up-XviD-DVDRiP-1991-PMSVCD

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Old Music Collection 1991 Part4
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KMFDM-Split - Piggybank-1991-iRO
KMFDM-What Do You Know Deutschland-1991-eDm
KMS-E Dancer-KMS033-1991-OSM
Kmsm-Black Enemie-1991-RAGEMP3
Kobalt 60-Kaos From Order-NOTE57-1991-sweet
Koko Taylor-Wang Dang Doodle-1991-aAF
Komakino-Sector One (SUCK SEVEN CD)-CDM-1991-CMC INT
Konzept--Last Night NW Remix (NEZ 15)-Vinyl-1991-dL INT
Konzept--Last Night NW Remix (NEZ 15CD)-CDM-1991-CMC INT
Kool and the Gang-Anthology-1991-JCE
Kool Moe Dee - Funke Funke Wisdom-1991-FTD
Kool Moe Dee-Funke Funke Wisdom-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Kraftwerk-Die Roboter-CDM-1991-CMG
Kraftwerk-Heute Abend-2CD-Bootleg-1991-radial
Kraftwerk-Live in Lund-1991-12i
Kraftwerk-Radioactivity-Remix CDM-1991-AMOK
Kraftwerk-The Mix (English Version)-1991-radial
Kraftwerk-The Mix (German)-1991-CMG
Kraftwerk-The Mix (Remaster)-WEB-1991-TosK INT
Kraftwerk-The Mix-ENGLISH-1991-RWHCLASSIX
Kraftwerk-The Robots-(12EM192)-Vinyl-1991-WC2R
Kreator-Pleasure to Kill - Flag of Hate-Japanese Edition-1991-GRM
Kreator-Terrible Certainty - Out of the Dark into the Light-Japanese Edition-1991-GRM
Krokus - Alive and Screaming (Jap. Ed.)-Reissue Live-1991-MCA int
KSMB-Rika Barn Leka Baest-CD-SE-1991-SDR
KSMB-Rika Barn Leka Bast-1991-RbR
Kumma Heppu Ja Lopunajan Voidellut-Kunnon Ihmiset-FI-1991-KALEVALA
KuttelDaddelDu-Live in Lausanne-1991-NOiR
KYBE The Brotherhood-On The Move-(Tape)-1991-RAGEMP3
Kyosuke Himuro-Higher Self-JP-1991-JRP
L.A. Guns--Hollywood Vampires-CD-1991-WUS INT
L.A. Guns--Vicious Circle-CD-1991-WUS INT
l.a. guns-hollywood vampires-1991-dnr
L.A. Guns-The Ballad of Jayne-CDS-1991-Goober INT
L.A. Posse-They Come In All Colors-1991-RAGEMP3
L.A. Style - James Brown is Dead-CDM-1991-Records INT
L.A. Style - James Brown is Dead-CDS-1991-TALiON INT
L.A. Style-Im Raving-O Si Nene-CDM-1991-funteek
L.A. Style-James Brown is Dead (White Label)-Promo EP-1991-funteek
L.A. Style-James Brown Is Dead-(ZYX 6650-8)-CDM-1991-WLTN INT
L.A. Style-James Brown Is Dead-CDM-1991-hM
L.A. Style-James Brown is Dead-CDM-1991-hopsis
L.A. Style-James Brown Is Dead-CDM-1991-TraX INT
L.L. Cool J-6 Minutes Of Pleasure-CDS-1991-GCP
L7 - Smell The Magic-1991-RZB
L7-Chicksrheavy-Ltd.Ed. Bootleg-1991-SDR
L7-Smell The Magic-1991-DNR
La Bottine Souriante--Jusquaux Ptites Heures-CD-FR-1991-WUS
LA Style - James Brown Is Dead-CDM-1991-HB INT
laaz rockit-nothings sacred-1991-dnr
Labello Blanco-2 Be As 1-LB04-1991-DDB
Labello Blanco-Alter Ego-LB05-1991-DDB
Lacy J Dalton--Crazy Love-CD-1991-WUS
Lady Levi-Looking For A Dope Beat-VLS-1991-YARD
Lady Wonder-Big Man Agony-(Reissue Vinyl)-1991-FyahChunes
Lamont Dozier-Inside Seduction-1991-GCP
Lamont Dozier-The Quiets Too Loud-CDM-1991-GCP
Larry Larr-Da Wizard Of Odds-1991-RAGEMP3
Lars Sjosten-In Confidence-1991-GCP
Laserdance - Ambiente-1991-4U2M8
Laserdance - Megamix Vol. 4-CDS-1991-PDJ INT
Laserdance - The Maxi-CD Collection-4CDM-1991-4U2M8
Lasse Stefanz-Bugga Loss-SE-1991-NoGRP
Lasse Stefanz-Tingvalla 03-1991-Sn00py
Lasse Stefanz-Tingvalla 04-1991-Sn00py
Lassigue Bendthaus-Matter-(PHOE 19CD)-1991-DPS INT
Latin Alliance-Latin Alliance-1991-wWs INT
Latour - People Are Still Having Sex-(879992-7)-Vinyl-1991-SOB INT
Lavar-The Vanilla Melt BW Girlz N The Room-(Tape)-1991-RAGEMP3
Lawnmower Deth-Ooh Crikey Its... - Kids In America-1991-DeBT
LDC - Die Schwarze Zone (DAN 657516 2)-CDM-1991-gEm INT
LDC - Die Schwarze Zone (Teil 2)-CDM-1991-NCR
Le Syndicat-Sardanapale-WEB-1991-AZF
Le?ther Strip-Object V-EP-1991-CMG
Leaders Of The New School-A Future Without A Past-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Leaether Strip-Object V-1991-FWYH INT
Leatherface-Mush-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Lee Aaron-Some Girls Do-(ACD 1322)-CD-1991-LzY INT
Lee Aaron-Some Girls Do-1991-ATM
Lee Aaron-Some Girls Do-1991-PRW INT
Lee Perry And The Upsetters-News Flash-1991-RAC iNT
Lee Perry And The Upsetters-News Flash-Retail CD-1991-RoW INT
Lee Perry-Black Ark In Dub-1991-RAC INT
Lee Scratch Perry-Lord God Muzick-1991-DON
Lee Scratch Perry-Lord God Muzick-Retail CD-1991-RKS iNT
Lee Scratch Perry-Meets The Mad Professor In Dub Chapter 1-Retail CD-1991-RKS
Leevi And The Leavings-Raparperitaivas-FI-1991-BOS
Leevi And The Leavings-Raparperitaivas-WEB-FI-1991-KALEVALA INT
Leftfield-More Than I Know Not Forgotten-(FOOT9)-Vinyl-1991-WC2R INT
Leno - Mas Madera-Reissue-ES-1991-MCA int
Leroy Mafia-Finders Keepers-CD-1991-RKS
LFO - Frequencies-1991-MYCEL iNT
LFO - We Are Back-Vinyl-1991-ChX
LFO - What Is House (Wap 17)-1991-gEm
LFO - What Is House EP (WAP 017LTD)-Ltd.Ed.-1991-gEm
lfo--we are back (remix) (wap 14 r)-vls-1991-cmc int
LFO--We Are Back-(WARP 14)-Vinyl-1991-mbs
LFO-We Are Back-(RTD 126.1124.3)-CDM-1991-DPS INT
LFO-We Are Back-(WAP14)-WEB-1991-TrT
Lifers Group-Lifers Group-(CDM)-1991-EMG INT
Lifers Group-Lifers Group-Retail EP-1991-Recycled INT
Liftarens Guide-Tid O Rum-CDS-SE-1991-ERP
Lil Louis and the World-Saved My Life-1991-TT
Lil Mac-The Lyrical Midget-1991-RAGEMP3
Lil Suzy-Love Cant Wait-WEB-1991-ESG
Limited E Edition-CMC-CW01-1991-OSM
Limited E Edition-Noise Factory-CW001-1991-sour
Linda Rice--If You Want My Love-(DJ-815)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Linda Ronstadt-Mas Cancions-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Lionel Hampton-Lionel Hampton 1929 To 1940-(Remastered)-1991-GCP
Liquid Metal-Dynomite-EP-(GAGA 003)-Vinyl-1991-MAEM
Liquid Wax-DJ Phantasy and Gemini-HAN003-1991-OSM
Lisa Dominique - Gypsy Rider-1991-MCA int
Lisa Dominique-Gypsy Ryder-1991-GRW
Lisa Fischer-So Intense-WEB-1991-UVU INT
Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam-Straight Outta Hells Kitchen-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Lita Ford-Dangerous Curves-1991-LAMB
Lita Ford-Dangerous Curves-1991-PRW INT
Little Feat-Shake Me Up-1991-404
Little John-Gambling-VLS-1991-YARD
Little Lenny-Is My Name-LP-1991-RKS
Live-Mental Jewelry (25th Anniversary Edition)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED
Living Colour-Biscuits EP-1991-PMS
living colour-biscuits-(ep)-1991-dnr
Living Colour-Biscuits-EP-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Living Death-Killing in Action-1991-GRM
Living House--To Talk (LINE 2003)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Lo-Key-Attention The Shawanda Story-Promo VLS-1991-GCP
LOF--Are You Ready (HT2905)-VINYL-1991-CMC
Lon And Lee--Live At The Ohm Club (OHM 3)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Londonbeat-Ive Been Thinking About You-(RARDS-53992)-CDM-1991-HFT
Long John Baldry-It Still Aint Easy-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED
Lonnie Gordon - Gonna Catch You-(145961-3)-CDM-1991-ZzZz
Loop--So Good-(ZYX 6505-12)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Loop-Heavens End-(Reactor CD1)-Reissue-CD-1991-SHGZ
loputkin loat-perameren pohjukan puhuri-FI-1991-DDt
Lords Of Acid-Lust-1991-EOS
Lords Of Acid-Lust-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Loreena McKennitt-The Visit-1991-HiTS iNT
Lotta och Anders Engbergs Orkester-Varldens Basta Servitris-1991-CrY
Lotta och Anders Engbergs Orkester-Varldens Basta Servitris-1991-DuDE
Loud Flower (Ft Fonda Rae and Vince Montana Jr)-Heart To Heart-(CDM)-1991-pLAN9
Loudness-On The Prowl-1991-DNR
Loudness-On The Prowl-1991-EPK INT
Loudness-On the Prowl-1991-GRM
Louie Ranking-Vibes In Ah Me-7Inch Vinyl-1991-FireSon INT
Louis Armstrong-Live In Europe-1991-DGN
Louis Culture-Pressure-VLS-1991-RoW
Louis Hayes Quintet-Night Fall-1991-SNOOK
Louise Hoffsten-Message Of Love-1991-EOS
Love And Sas-I Dont Need Yo Kiss-(Promo CDM)-1991-C4
Love Decade--So Real-GLOBE106-VINYL-1991-WUS iNT
Love Decade-So Real-CDGLOBE106-CDM-1991-XTC iNT
Love Root--Hold Me Right-(FF1127)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Love-Skin Up (Censored Rerelease)-EVOLX4-1991-OSM
Lovindeer-Dirty Dancing Dollar Wind-LP-1991-DELTA
Low Atomic Style-The EP-1991-pLAN9
Low Atomic Style-The EP-STR2691-320-Vinyl-1991-cr3
Lt Stitchie-Wild Jamaican Romances-CD-1991-2GCREW
ltj bukem--glr001 (vinyl)-1991-kW
LUCA--Change Position (X-12103)-VINYL-1991-CMC
Lucky Dube-Captured Live-1991-RAC
Lucky Dube-Captured Live-CD-1991-RAC
Lucy Simon-The Secret Garden The Original Broadway Cast Album-(OST)-1991-MTD
Ludwig Hirsch-In Meiner Sprache-CD-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Lush-Black Spring-(bad 1016 cd)-CDEP-1991-SHGZ INT
Lush-Spooky-(RTD 120.1259.2)-CD-1991-SHGZ INT
Lush-Spooky-1991-EMG INT
Lustmord-A Document Of Early Acoustic And Tactical Experimentation-1991-D2H INT
Luther Vandross-Power Of Love-CD-FLAC-1991-PERFECT
Luther Vandross-Power Of Love-TAPE-1991-GCP INT
Lynn Anderson-Country Girl-REISSUE-CD-1991-6DM
Lynyrd Skynyrd-1991-1991-DarkAvenger
Lynyrd Skynyrd-Boxed Set-3CD-1991-CNS
Lynyrd Skynyrd-Lynyrd Skynyrd Box Set-3CD-1991-EMG INT
Lyrical-Artificial Famine-VLS-1991-YARD
M DJ Mad--Respect-(PL309)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
M Fada--Jungle Flute (AP 156)-EP-1991-CMC
M Walking On The Water-Elysian-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
M-Doc-Universal Poet-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
M-Team-For Deposit Only-1991-RAGEMP3
M. A. Numminen - Swingin Kutsu-FI-1991-SOP INT
M.L. House-In The Message-(OZ008)-Vinyl-1991-iDF
M17-Rocking Down the House-PROMO-VINYL-1991-XTC
Maarten Altena-Cities and Streets-1991-SNOOK
Maarten Van Der Vleuten--TZ 2 (TZ 2)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Mac Dre-California Livin-EP-1991-CR
Mack Mackenzie--Three Oclock Train-CD-1991-WUS
Macka B-Peace Cup CD-1991-YARD
Macka B-Peace Cup-(ARICD 068)-1991-SCF
Macka B-Peace Cup-CD-1991-2GCREW
Macka B-Peace Cup-CD-1991-RKS iNT
Macka B-Peace Cup-CD-1991-YARD
Mad Professor-Dub Me Crazy Part 11-Hi-Jacked To Jamaica-CD-1991-DDoS
Mad Professor-Hi-Jacked to Jamaica-1991-JCE
Mad Professor-Hi-Jacked To Jamaica-CD-1991-JAH
Madd Noise--The Pinnacle-(SR-1280)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Mads Eriksen-Storyteller-CD-1991-FRAY
Maestro Fresh-Wes-The Black Tie Affair-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Maestro Fresh-Wes-The Maestro Zone-WEB-1991-ENRAGED
Maggotron Crushing Crew-Miamis Rockin Baby-(VLS)-1991-RAGEMP3
Magic Marmalade - Everybody Get Up-(9031-74831-0)-Vinyl-1991-ZzZz
Magik Roundabout-Everlasting Day-MAGCD8-CDM-1991-XTC
Magnum Bonum-Hits-1991-GRiPP
Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens-The Best Of-ZA-1991-NOiR
Mahler-Sinfonia Numero 4-CD-1991-LiViTY
Maho Neitsyt-Okei Beibi-Vinyl-1991-SDR
Main Source-Breaking Atoms (2017 Remastered Version)-WEB-1991-ENRAGED
Main Source-Just Hangin Out-(Promo CDM)-1991-RAGEMP3
Major Bones-Sticky-VLS-1991-JRO
Major Cat-Trash and Ready-VLS-1991-Gully
Major Christie-One More Chance Bw Gregory Issacs-to Be Your Man-VLS-1991-Gully
Major Lloyd-My Heart is Gone-VLS-1991-HLC
Major Malfunction - Gives You Central House (Djax-Up 130)-1991-gEm
Major Malfunction - Magic Moments (DJAX-UP 126)-1991-gEm
Maksim Fadeev-Tantsuy Na Bitom Stekle-RU-WEB-1991-UKW INT
Mangrove-Atmosphere and Emotion-(BTI 9103)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
Mano Negra-King Of Bongo-1991-LAMB
Mantrax--Scarlet Circus (WHITE 003)-Vinyl-1991-dL INT
Mantronix-The Incredible Sound Machine-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Manu DiBango-Makossa Man (Re-Edition)-RETAIL CD-1991-R2R
Marc Germino and The Sluggers-Economics-1991-pLAN9
Marcia Griffiths and Tony Rebel-Things No Right-VLS-1991-JRO
Marcia Griffiths Tony Rebel-Things No Right-(Reissue Vinyl)-1991-FyahChunes
Marco Masini-Ti Vorrei-(867 351-2)-CDM-IT-1991-iNViNCiBLE iNT
Marduk-Fuck Me Jesus-Demo-1991-grmg
Maria Del Monte-Al Alba-ES-CD-1991-MAHOU
Mariah Carey-Emotions-VLS-1991-GCP
Mariah Carey-Theres Got To Be a Way EP-WEB-1991-ENRAGED
Marius Muellers Funhouse-Maximum-1991-LAMB
Mark Dwane - Angels Aliens And Archetypes-1991-UPE
Mark One-Hoovers and Spraycans-RE002-Vinyl-1991-XTC
Markku Aro-Rakastamme Vain Toisiamme-WEB-FI-1991-KALEVALA
Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch Feat. Loletta Holloway - Good Vibrations-(CDS)-1991-DRUM INT
Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch-Music For The People-1991-WLTN INT
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch-Music for the People-CD-FLAC-1991-CUSTODES
Marshall Law - Power Crazy-EP-1991-MCA int
Martell-Do You Want Me-Vinyl-1991-LiViTY
Martika-Love Thy Will Be Done-DVDRiP-CONVERT-x264-1991-PmV
Marva Hicks-Marva Hicks-TAPE-1991-GCP
Massive Attack - Blue Lines-1991-CMG
Massive Attack--Unfinished Sympathy (WBRT 2)-VLS-1991-LUSTHUS iNT
Massive Attack-Any Love Remixes-VLS-1991-soup
Massive Attack-Blue Lines-(Retail)-1991-BLEED
Massive Attack-Blue Lines-1991-DNR
Massive Attack-Blue Lines-1991-EOS
Massive Attack-Blue Lines-1991-iRO
Massive Attack-Blue Lines-1991-JUST INT
Massive Attack-Safe From Harm-CDS-1991-FTD
Massive Attack-Singles 90-98 (CD02)-1991-TFS
Massive Attack-Singles 90-98 (CD03)-1991-TFS
Massive Attack-Unfinished Sympathy-(WBRS2)-VINYL-1991-XXS INT
Massive Attack-Unfinished Sympathy-CDM-1991-EOS
Massive Attack-Unfinished Sympathy-CDM-1991-NuC iNT
Massive Attack-Unfinished Sympathy-CDS-1991-FTD
Master Minds--EMF (MAC 1016)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Master Minds--EMF (MAC 1016R)-REMIX VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Master P-Jack Of The Jackers-(Tape)-1991-RAGEMP3
Master Program--Hallo (Listen To The Program) (NEZ 16)-Vinyl-1991-dL INT
master techno-vol. 1-(std42.12.30)-vinyl-1991-idf
Masterboy-I Need Your Love (KSR 042-X)-WEB-1991-ESK
Masterboy-Shake It Up And Dance (Remixes) (KSR046-X)-WEB-1991-ESK
Mastication-Demo-1991-END INT
Mathias Grassow--Prophecy-1991-1way
Mato Grosso-Thunder-(DW1930)-Vinyl-1991-iDF
Matti Esko-Miehen Tie-FI-1991-WiSHLiST
Matz Bladhs-Emma-1991-Sn00py
Maurice--Melody (Remix)-(ID 1007-0)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Maurice--Out Of Nowhere Melody-(ID004)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Max Romeo-War Ina Babylon-CD-1991-YARD INT
Maxi Priest-Maxi Priest Best Of Me-(Retail CD)-1991-WiS INT
Maxi Priest-The Maxi Priest EP-1991-C4
Maximum Peak - Overload-(VLS)-1991-ATRium
Maximum Peak-Overload-(ESP 9110-1)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
Mazzy Star-She Hangs Brightly-1991-iRO
MBG--EP One (MBG 1091)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Mbg--This Is Paradise-(FLY022)-Vinyl-1991-dh
MC B and Daisy Dee - Crazy-CDM-1991-Dang3
MC Brains-Oochie Coochie-VLS-1991-GCP
MC Cash-Thinking Of You-(VLS)-1991-RAGEMP3
MC Crown--Robots (FFRR 1232)-Vinyl-1991-dL
MC Hammer-2 Legit 2 Quit-(2045762)-CDM-1991-MAPHiA iNT
MC Hammer-Addams Groove-(2046312)-CDM-1991-MAPHiA iNT
MC Hammer-Super Dance Remix-TOCP6642-CDM-1991-MAPHiA iNT
MC Hammer-Yo Sweetnes-2043392-CDM-1991-MAPHiA iNT
MC Luscious-Boom-1991-pLAN9
MC Lyte-Act Like You Know-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
MC Lyte-All that-VLS-1991-MGF
MC Lyte-Poor Georgie-(Promo CDS)-1991-SO
MC Lyte-Poor Georgie-VLS-1991-MGF
Mc Nikke T-Muistomyymalan Avajaiset-FI-1991-KALEVALA INT
MC OJ and Rhythm Slave-What Can We Say-WEB-1991-ENRAGED
MC Peaches-More Than Just A Pretty Face-1991-CMS
MC Pooh-Life Of A Criminal-1991-RAGEMP3
MC Skat Kat-The Adventures of MC Skat Kat-Retail-1991-FTD
MC Smart-Straight From The South-1991-RAGEMP3
MC Solaar-Bouge De La-CDS-FR-1991-USR
MC Solaar-Fnac Promo-CDS-1991-FTD
MC Solaar-Qui Seme Le Vent Recolte Le Tempo-FR-1991-128k
MC Solaar-Qui Seme Le Vent Recolte Le Tempo-FR-1991-SO INT
MC Solaar-Victime De La Mode-CDM-FR-1991-USR
MC World And Girlz-I Just Got To Be Me-1991-RAGEMP3
MC World-I Just Got to Be Me (Digitally Remastered)-WEB-1991-ENRAGED
MC XII Gauge-Oaktown Criminals-(Tape)-1991-RAGEMP3
Mc. Jr. Cas-Born 2 Flow-1991-RAGEMP3
Mcj Feat Sima--Sexitivity-(XR-12091)-Vinyl-1991-dh
MCM-X Maz-N-The Hood-(Tape)-1991-RAGEMP3
Mecano - El 7 De Septiembre-CDM-ES-1991-oNePiEcE
Mega City Four-Stop-EP-1991-gF
Mega City Four-Terribly Sorry Bob-1991-SDR
Megabeat - Fuego Camina Conmigo And Twin Beats (MEGA-FUEGO)-VLS-1991-gEm
megadeth-hangar 18-(cdm)-1991-dnr
Melvin Sanders-The Voice-CD-FLAC-1991-NBFLAC
Meng Syndicate--Artificial Fantasy (HIT 6007)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Merciless-Comecon-Branded by Sunlight-Conductor of Ashes-VINYL-1991-gF
Merzbow and Emil Beaulieau-Live in Chicago-Vinyl-1991-FWYH
Meshuggah-Contradictions Collapse-1991-BUTT INT
Meshuggah-Contradictions Collapse-1991-EOS
Metal Church - The Human Factor-1991-Trp
metal church-the human factor-1991-dnr
Metallica - Black Album-1991-SNR
Metallica - Metallica (The Black Album)-CD-1991-ABEZMP3 INT
Metallica - Metallica-(Retail CD)-READ NFO-1991-HiEM INT
Metallica - Metallica-1991-PloPP
Metallica - Terminator (Live)-1991-STAR
Metallica-Black Album-1991-SNR
Metallica-Black Album-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Metallica-Dickrash-2CD-Bootleg-1991-SOKIR INT
Metallica-Enter Sandman-(METAL7)-VINYL-1991-XXS iNT
Metallica-Enter Sandman-Import CD Single-1991-RNS
Metallica-enter sandman-proper-dvdrip-xvid-1991-mVa
Metallica-Enter Sandman-SVCD-1991-pHViD
Metallica-Just Another Kraut (MM90023)-(Bootleg)-1991-UTB
Metallica-Live in Montreal Qc-1117-Bootleg-1991-PMS
Metallica-Metallica (Black Album)-(FLAC)-1991-SiRENS
Metallica-Metallica - Edits Alternate Versions And Demos-1991-0RB
Metallica-Metallica-(Japanese Import)-1991-ATH
metallica-one (japanese edition)-1991-ksi
Metallica-Self Titled (Black Album)-1991-FTS
Metallica-self titled-1991-EiP
Metallica-Storm at Vahalla-Bootleg-1991-radial
Metallica-the unforgiven (theatrical version)-dvdrip-xvid-1991-mVa
Metallica-the unforgiven-proper-dvdrip-xvid-1991-mVa
Metallica-The Unforgiven-SVCD-1991-int-mVz
Metallica-Wherever I May Roam-CDS (Japanese)-1991-PAL
Metropolis - Time Of War-(EP)-1991-fLp
Metropolis--Time Of War (NEZ 17)-Vinyl-1991-dL INT
Michael Dream - Shock In The Night-WEB-1991-iDC
Michael Jackson-Black Or White-(CDM)-1991-DNR
Michael Jackson-Dangerous (Australian Collectors Edition)-2CD-1991-SO
Michael Jackson-Dangerous-1991-DNR
Michael Jackson-Dangerous-1991-DuDE
Michael Jackson-Dangerous-1991-NHH INT
Michael Jackson-Dangerous-CD-1991-iOM INT
Michael Land-Monkey Island 2 Lechucks Revenge-MPU401-2CD-1991-FTD INT
Michael Prophet-Gunman Righteous Are The Conqueror-CD-1991-JAH
Michael Rose-Bad Boys-VLS-1991-YARD
Michie Mee and L.A. Luv-Jamaican Funk Canadian Style-1991-GCP INT
Michigan and Smiley - Back In The Biz - vls-1991-spliff
Michigan and Smiley-Back in the Biz-VLS-1991-SPLiFF
Mickey Simpson and Nigger Mikey-Loving Pauper-VLS-1991-JRO
Mickey Simpson And Nigger Mikey-Loving Pauper-VLS-1991-YARD
Midge Ure - Pure-1991-HaVeFuN INT
Midi Maxi and Efti-Ragga Steady-4474429-VINYL-1991-G3L
Midi Rain--Always Blue Piano Mix (STORM 37R)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Midi Rain--Always-(STORM37CD)-CD-1991-dh
Midi Rain-Always-(STORM 37CD)-1991-DPS INT
Mig-29-Mig 29-CDM-1991-FWYH
Mighty Diamonds-Jam Session-CD-1991-YARD
Mighty Diamonds-Jam Session-VL-1991-PQM
Mikey Dread - BestSellers-CD-1991-2GCREW
Mikey Dread-African Anthem Revisited CD-1991-YARD
Mikey Dread-BestSellers-CD-1991-2GCREW
Mikey Dread-Profile CD-1991-YARD
Mikey Melody-Romance For The Moment-12-Inch Vinyl-1991-FireSon
Miles Davis Quintet-Cookin With The Miles Davis Quintet-1991-DNR
Miles Davis Quintet-Cookin-1991-ICE
Miles Davis Quintet-Relaxin-1991-iRO
Miles Davis Quintet-Steamin-1991-FnF INT
Miles Davis-All Blues-1991-DGN
Miles Davis-E.S.P. (1965)-Remastered-1991-GCP INT
Milhaud-La Creation Du Monde Saudades Do Grasil La Boeuf Sur Le Toit-CD-1991-LiViTY
Militant Mothers-Man-Made Mad Clones-1991-SDR
milli vanilli-keep on running-1991-tt
Mind Candy--Volume 1 (IS013)-EP-1991-CMC
Mind Control Music - M.C.M. (RB 206)-VLS-1991-gEm
Mind Control Music - M.C.M. (RB 206)-VLS-REPACK-1991-gEm
Mind Control Music-Mind Control-WEB-1991-ALPMP3
Mind Of Kane--Stabbed In The Back (DJV 007)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Mind Trips-Volume One-Vinyl-(RM 903)-1991-DPS INT
Mindstorm--Rock The House-(EFA 04025-02 MS)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Ministere A.M.E.R-Traitres-FR-CDM-FLAC-1991-Mrflac
Ministere Amer-Traitres-CDM-FR-1991-ZeN
Ministry-Jesus Built My Hotrod CDS-1991-iRO
Ministry-Jesus Built My Hotrod-(CDM)-1991-DNR
Ministry-Just One Fix CDS-1991-iRO
Ministry-Live USA-Bootleg-1991-SDR
Miss Nicky Trax--Sweet Sensation-(DO 307)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Missed In Diary-Wonders Why-.Eye.-7inch Vinyl-1991-AMOK
Mobb Deep-Hell On Earth (Explicit)-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Moby-Go (Loco Dice Remix)-WEB-1991-BB8
Moby-Go Remixes (READ NFO)-CDM-1991-pyt
Molly And The Heymakers-Molly And The Heymakers-1991-ERP
Monie Love-Its A Shame (My Sister)-CDM-1991-GCP
Moodswings--Spiritual High-(614528)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Moon-Yours Sincerely-1991-gF
Morbid Angel - Abominations of Desolation-Retail-1991-LD
Morbid Angel-Abominations Of Desolation-(Vinyl)-1991-DNR
Morbid Angel-Abominations Of Desolation-1991-DeBT iNT
Morbid Angel-Abominations of Desolation-Retail-1991-LD
Morbid Angel-Blessed Are The Sick-1991-DeBT iNT
Morbid Angel-Blessed Are The Sick-1991-DNR
Morbid Angel-Live At Dortmund 02.12.89-Bootleg-LP-1991-hXc
Morgoth-Cursed-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Morpheus-In the Arms of.-Ltd.Ed. VINYL EP-1991-EYESERSE
Mortal Sin-Every Dog Has Its Day-1991-mwnd int
Moskwa TV-Tell Me Tell Me-12 Inch Vinyl-1991-FWYH
Motley Crue-Decade Of Decadence 81-91-1991-NHH INT
motley crue-decade of decadence-1991-dnr
Motorcycle Boy-Popsicle-1991-gF
motorhead - 1916-1991-dma
Motorhead-No Voices In The Sky-(CDS)-1991-DNR
Moving Shadow-Bass N Buzz-TOP004-1991-sour
Moving Shadow-Cosmo and Dibs-SHADOW12-1991-sour
Moving Shadow-Cosmo and Dibs-SHADOW8-1991-sour
Moving Shadow-Earth Leakage Trip-SHADOW01-1991-OSM
Moving Shadow-Kaotic Chemistry-SHADOW005-1991-sour
Moving Shadow-Sci-SHADOW6-1991-OSM
Moving Shadow-SHADOW05-Kaotic Chemistry-1991-sour
Moving Shadow-SHADOW12-cosmo and dibs-1991-sour
Moving Shadow-Tone Def-SHADOW9-1991-sour
Mozart-Conciertos Para Piano Numeros 22 Y 23-CD-1991-LiViTY
Mr Beat - Change-WEB-1991-iDC
Mr Pants-Bow Cat-VINYL-1991-G3L INT
mr. bungle-mr. bungle-1991-dnr
Mr. Klaus - The Dreammer-(EP)-1991-fLp
Mr. Pants-Bow Cat-VLS-1991-JRO
Mr.Big - Lean into it (Reissue)-1991-AoR
Mr.Big-Lean Into It-(Japanese Import With Bonus Track)-1991-gF
Mudhoney-Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge-(Retail)-1991-dSS
Mudhoney-Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge-1991-DNR
Mudhoney-Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge-1991-FTS
Mundo Muzique-Mundo EP-(W-400)-VINYL-1991-dL
Murphys Law-The Best Of Times-WEB-1991-COURAGE INT
Musicology - Hall Of Mirrors-(B1206)-Vinyl-1991-EMP
Mutabaruka and Gary Saddler-The Peoples Court-(VLS)-1991-SSR
Mutabaruka-Blakk Wi Blak k k-CD-1991-DELTA
Mutant-Matrix Rise-12MUTATE6-1991-OSM
Mutant-The Witch Doctor-12MUTATE4-1991-OSM
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult-Sexplosion-(WAXCD 7163)-1991-DPS
N-Joi - Anthem-(PD44446)-CDM-1991-iHQREV INT
N.W.A.-Niggaz4Life-CD-1991-D2H iNT
Nana Mclean-Nanas Medley (12 Inch PH86)-VLS-1991-Gully
Nando Boom-El Maco (12 Inch)-VLS-SP-1991-Gully
Nando Boom-Reggae Espanol (Spanish Reggae)-LP-SP-1991-Gully
Nao Religiao-Ninguem Me Escuta-BR-1991-rH
Napalm Beach-Thunder Lizard-1991-iTS
Napalm Death - Death by Manipulation (US)-CD-1991-UniCorn int
Napalm Death-Christmas Corruption-Bootleg-1991-SLiT
Naphtali-Mental Slavery Showcase-LP-1991-YARD
Nargaroth-Orke Tapeversion-Demo-1991-AMRC
natalie cole-this will be the ben liebrand mix-1991-tt
Nationalteatern - Barn Av Var Tid-SE-1991-HVN INT
Nationalteatern-Roevarkungens Oe-SE-1991-ATM
Naughty By Nature-Everythings Gonna Be Alright-(SPXCD010)-CDM-1991-GCP INT
Naughty By Nature-Everythings Gonna Be Alright-Promo VLS-1991-GCP INT
Naughty By Nature-Naughty By Nature (Read NFO)-1991-AMP
Naughty By Nature-Naughty By Nature-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Naughty By Nature-O.P.P. Wickedest Man Alive-(146.058.3)-CDM-FLAC-1991-WRE
Naughty By Nature-O.P.P. Remixes-(VLS)-1991-JCE
Naughty by Nature-O.P.P.-Extended Version-VLS-1991-NOiR
Naughty By Nature-O.P.P.-Retail CDM-1991-SFSH
Naughty By Nature-OPP-YoMTVRaps-SVCD-1991-UVZ
Nautilus--Terror E.P. (SUCK FOUR CD)-1991-dL
Necrophobic-Unholy Prophecies-Demo-1991-ss
Negrosex--Tekno La Droga (NEZ 20CD)-CDM-1991-dL INT
Negrosex-Tekno La Droga-(NEZ-20)-Promo-Vinyl-1991-DBM
Negrosex-Tekno La Droga-(NEZ-20-CD)-CDM-1991-DBM
Neil Sedaka-Greatest Hits-1991-KLV INT
Nemesis--Classic Cuts 1-(IGE18T)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Nemesis-Munchies for Your Bass-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Neo-Technic--Maas (HW 001)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Neon Light Feat Fonda Rae - Keep On Dancing-WEB-1991-iDC
Neon--Crash On Baba (R 5508)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Network-Altern 8-NWKT24-1991-OSM
Network-Altern 8-NWKT24S-1991-OSM
Network-VA (The Discotheque EP)-NWKT26-1991-OSM
Neurosis-The Word As Law-1991-DNR
Neutron 9000--Back With A Vengeance (MFS 0100 010)-CDM-1991-dL
Neutron 9000--Walrus (INT 845.551)-1991-dL
Neverland--Mato Grosso (AT-10)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
New Scene--Tonight-(BOY 8834-12)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
NHS-Scott and Keith-NHS002-1991-sour
Nia Peeples-Kissing The Wind-Promo VLS-1991-GCP
Nice And Smooth-Aint A Damn Thing Changed-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Nice and Smooth-Hip Hop Junkies-Promo-CDM-1991-D2H
Nick Kaye - Open Your Door-WEB-1991-iDC
Nicky Thomas-Doing The Moonwalk-LP-1991-JAH
Nicodemus-Bonanza-VINYL-1991-G3LTUNES INT
nightfly-love festival-(dmx 10022)-web-1991-idf
Nightmares on Wax-A Case of Funk-(WAP15)-WEB-1991-TrT
Nikki D-Daddys Little Girl-CDM-1991-D2H
Nikki D-Daddys Little Girl-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Nina Hagen-Street-1991-CARDiNALS
Nina Simone-The Legend-DVD-1991-SNOOK
Nina.Hagen Street-1991-RBC
Ninja Man-Shot A Talk Bw Beenyman-Shipment A Mask (12 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Ninjaman - Kill Them Done-1991-rbk
Ninjaman-Mandela Come (7inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Ninjaman-Step Aside (12 Inch)-VLS-1991-RKS
Ninjaman-Target Practice-1991-DELTA
Ninjaman-Test The Hi Power-12-Inch Vinyl-1991-FireSon
Ninjaman-Things A Gwan-12-Inch Vinyl-1991-FireSon
Ninjaman-Uno Fi Move Bw Skullman-The World (12 Inch)-VLS-1991-RKS
Nino Ferrer-Avec Radiah Et Le Sud-Suite En Oeuf-FR-1991-SNOOK
Nirvana - Nevermind-1991-FAF INT
Nirvana 2002-Disembodied Spirits-Demo-1991-END
Nirvana-Come As You Are-XViD-1991-NaWaK
Nirvana-Cow Palace San Francisco (1231)-Live-1991-JUST
Nirvana-Digital Nirvana-1991-PMS
Nirvana-Had It All - Live 10-25-91 in Hollywood-1991-REV
Nirvana-lithium-svcd-1991-mVa iNT
Nirvana-Nevermind-1991-DeBT iNT
Nirvana-Nevermind-1991-EMG INT
Nirvana-Nevermind-1991-HiTS iNT
Nirvana-Nevermind-1991-MCM iNT
Nirvana-Sir Henrys Pub Ireland-Bootleg-1991-gF
Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit-(CDM)-1991-DNR
Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit-dvdrip-ivtc-svcd-1991-mV4U
Nitro - Nitro II H.W.D.W.S.-(ALCB-474)-CD-1991-MCA int
Nitzer Ebb-As Is-EP-1991-AMOK
Nitzer Ebb-Ascend-CDM-1991-AMOK
Nitzer Ebb-Ebbhead-1991-DeBT iNT
Nitzer Ebb-Examples 1987-1991-CDM-1995-eDm
Nitzer Ebb-Godhead-CDM-1991-AMOK
Nitzer Ebb-I Give to You-CDM-1991-AMOK
Njoi--Mindflux-(07863 62162-1)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
No Critics-November-Tape-1991-AMOK
Nobuo Uematsu-Final Fantasy III-OST-1991-EOS
Nobuo Uematsu-Final Fantasy IV Minimum Album-1991-EOS
Nockalm Quintett-Schuld Sind Deine Himmelblauen Augen-WEB-DE-1991-ALPMP3 INT
NOFX--Liberal Animation-CD-1991-WUS INT
NOFX-Liberal Animation-1991-DNR
NOFX-Liberal Animation-1991-EOS
NOFX-Liberal Animation-1991-IPS
NOFX-Liberal Animation-1991-iRO
NOFX-Liberal Animation-CD-1991-WUS INT
noise factory-who are you bw the dungeon-vls-1991-sour
Nomad-Just A Groove Remixes-1991-TT
Nomad-Just A Groove-1991-TT
Nomeansno-0 Plus 2 Is One-1991-DNR
Nomeansno-Oh Canaduh-7inch-1991-SDR
Nomeansno-Sex Mad-You Kill Me-(Reissue)-1991-DNR
Norbert Clarke-Rainy Day-VINYL-1991-G3LTUNES INT
Now Thats What I Call Music - Volume 19 (2CD)-2CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
Now Thats What I Call Music - Volume 20 (2CD)-2CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
nrg-the terminator nrg in da house-1991-tt
NTM-Le Monde de Demain-CDM-FR-(Classic)-1991-MOP iNT
Nuclear Assault-Game Over-the Plague (Reissue)-1991-FeNRiS
Nuclear Assault-Game Over-The Plague-(Reissue)-1991-DNR
Nuclear Assault-Out Of Order-1991-cnmc
Nuclear Assault-Out Of Order-1991-DNR
NW1 featuring Born 2 B-The Band Played the Boogie-VLS-1991-soup
NWA-Appetite For Destruction-DVDRip-SVCD-1991-iNT-MVS
NWA-Approach To Danger-DVDRip-SVCD-1991-iNT-MVS
NWA-Niggaz4life-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
O--Orgasm-(BOY 8830-12)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
O.M.D. - Pandoras Box-CDM-1991-Dang3
Oaktowns 357-Fully Loaded-1991-GCP INT
Oasis-The Haunting Sounds Of A Desert Oasis-Tape-1991-D2H
Obertron--Insanity (ZT 44770)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Obervellacher Buam-Du Wirst Mein Herzblatt Sein-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Octave One-Octivation EP-4W 100B-VINYL-1991-BPM HOUSE
Odyssee Of Noises - Circe And Its The Traxx (PRO 660)-Promo-VLS-1991-gEm
Oliver Adams--Im on Fire (BB 029)-VINYL-1991-CMC
Oliver Nelson-Taking Care Of Business-(Remastered)-1991-GCP
OMD-Sugar Tax-1991-FaiLED INT
Ome Henk - De Spannende Verhalen Van Ome Henk-(656.761-2)-WEB-1991-VELOCiTY
Omniverse-Venere-(ANT 004)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
Oomph - Ich Bin Du-CDM-1991-CMG
Oomph-1991-1996 The Early Works-1996-MOD
Ooscha--Ich Will Dich (I Want You)-(QK 031)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Open Billet--Could Be Rock-(ISP-1084)-VINYL-1991-dh int
Operation Ivy--Operation Ivy-CD-1991-WUS INT
Optik-Music Harmony and Rhythm-Vinyl-(MBG 291)-1991-DPS INT
Orbital - Green Album-1991-SuLfuR
Orbital - Midnight-Choice-CDM-(HQ)-(FCD63)-1991-ZAiK iNT
Orbital - Orbital-1991-BOSS
Orbital-After Dark (After Dark EP)-12ORBIT06-1991-OSM
Orbital-DJ Trace-12ORBIT11-1991-OSM
Orbital-DJ Trace-12ORBIT11-1991-XTC
Orbital-Satan EP (ffrr fx149)-Vinyl-1991-HSACLASSiX
Orchestra JB--Come Alive-(RUMAT 30)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark-Sailing On The Seven Seas-(CDM)-1991-DNR
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark-Sugar Tax-1991-DNR
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark-Sugar Tax-1991-EOS
Organized Konfusion-Organized Konfusion-1991-EMG INT
Organized Konfusion-Organized Konfusion-CD-FLAC-1991-FiXIE
Orig. Alpenland Quintett-Ein Tiroler Auf St. Pauli-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Orig. Alpenland Quintett-Jetzt Gehts Rund-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Orig. Fidele Moelltaler-Unser Neues Motto-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Orig. Suedtiroler Spitzbuam-Musik Und Sonnenschein-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Origin - Timidity-(HIT6013)-Vinyl-1991-UPE
Origin--Hard Impact (HIT 6009)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Original Almrauschklang-Eine Riesengaudi-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Original Bergland Express-Traeumereien-WEB-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Original Bregenzerwaelder Dorfmusikanten-Das Lied Der Heimat-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Original Oberkrainer Sextett-Mit Besten Wuenschen-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Osiris-Futurity And Human Depressions-1991-mwnd int
OST - Disneys Beauty And The Beast-1991-XCell
OST - Super Castlevania 4-1991-VeLLoX
OST-Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey-Retail-1991-FH
OST-Bill And Teds Bogus Journey-1991-ATM
OST-Bill And Teds Bogus Journey-1991-DNR
OST-Bill And Teds Bogus Journey-1991-EOS
OST-Bill And Teds Bogus Journey-Retail-1991-FH
OST-Boyz N The Hood-1991-FTD INT
OST-Cheech And Chong-Up In Smoke-Reissue-1991-CLR
OST-F-Zero Original Soundtrack-1991-WLGM
OST-House Party 2-1991-DNR
OST-Point Break-1991-DNR
OST-Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves-1991-EOS
OST-Robin Hood Prince of Thieves-1991-HVN
OST-Super Castlevania IV-1991-iND
OST-Switch (Original Soundtrack)-1991-aAF
OST-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II The Secret Of The Ooze-1991-EOS
OST-Thelma And Louise-1991-DNR
Oumou Sangare-Moussolou-1991-GCP INT
Out Out-Pepperbox Muzzle-1991-V0
Outantic-Try (Youve Got to Try)-(NN00191)-Vinyl-1991-iDF
Outer Rhythm--Magic Fly-(DMX-0001)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Outer Rhythm-Moby-FOOT15X-1991-OSM
Outlander - TZ 1 (TZ01)-VLS-1991-gEm
Outlander-The Vamp-1991-TT
Outlander-The Vamp-RS9116-1991-cream
Outrage--Emperor (FIM 008)-VLS-1991-CMC
Overkill-Horrorscope-1991-mwnd int
Oz - Roll the Dice-(BMCD 11)-1991-MCA int
Ozric Tentacles-Afterswish 1984-1991-Remastered-2CD-1998-SER
Ozzy Osbourne-Mama Im Coming Home-(GER CDM)-CDM-1991-DeBT iNT
Ozzy Osbourne-No More Tears-1991-EOS
P-H-P-Alpha Charlie Echo EP-WEB-1991-hbZ
P.M. Dawn-Of The Heart Of The Soul And Of The Cross The Utopian Experience-CD-FLAC-1991-FLACME
P.M. Dawn-Of The Heart Of The Soul and Of The Cross-(GECDX 7512216-2)-CD-FLAC-1991-WRE
P.M. Dawn-Paper Doll-VLS-1991-GCP INT
P.M. Dawn-Set Adrift On Memory Bliss-VLS-1991-GCP INT
Panache Culture and Macka B-I Dont Like Reggae I Love It-(RN0013CD)-CDM-1991-211
Pandemic-Slammin-Vinyl-(HARD 001)-1991-DPS INT
Panhead-Proud Bw Ruddy Irie-in-Law (12 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Paolo Vallesi-Paolo Vallesi-(508 309-2)-IT-1991-iNViNCiBLE iNT
Papa San And Tippa Irie-Ja To Uk Clash Vol.2-(LP)-1991-YARD
Papa San And Tippa Irie-JA To UK Clash Vol.2-LP-1991-YARD
Papa San-Dancehall Good To We-CDS-1991-YARD
Papa San-Fire Inna Dance Hall-LP-1991-YARD
Papa San-Maddy Maddy Cry-VINYL-1991-G3LTUNES INT
Papa San-Original Gunman (7 Inch)-VLS-1991-W33d
Papa San-Original Gunman-VLS-1991-RoW
Papa San-Strange-VLS-1991-WiS
Papa San-The Sistem-(WEB)-1991-DIGI
Papa San-Turn Me On-VLS-1991-YARD
Paradise Orchestra--Colour Me-(12LOSE10)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Paradox-Obvious Puzzle-1991-GMP3
Pat Benatar-True Love-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Pat Donohue-Life Stories-WEB-1991-TERSE
Pate Mustajarvi-Pam Pam Pauli Vaan-FI-1991-KALEVALA
Patrick Irie-Mek Mi Pick It Nuh-VLS-1991-JRO
Patrick Ohearn - Indigo-(01005-82091-2)-1991-NCR
Patti Labelle (Feat. Big Daddy Kane)-Feels Like Another One-7 Inch Vinyl-1991-GCP
Paul Robeson-The Power and The Glory-1991-GCP
PC Quest-PC Quest-1991-CR
PC1-Kiss The Ground-(PC1)-VINYL-1991-DEF
PCP007 Alien Christ-The Art of Shredding (PCP007)-Vinyl-1991-DELTA
PCP010 T-Bone Castro - Radical Padrone (Remixes)-(DE2003-PCP010)-Vinyl-1991-BC
PCP012 Castro-Space - Ace In The Hole (PCP012)-1991-gEm
PCP013 Raw Power Organisation - 1991 (And I Just Begun)-(PCP013)-Vinyl-1991-BC
PCP013CD Raw Power Organisation--1991 (And I Just Begun) (PCP 013 CD)-CDM-1991-dL
PCP014 Ramin - Vol.1-Essence Of Ecstasy (PCP014)-1991-gEm
PCP015 Free Base International - The Futureworld E.P.-(PCP015)-Vinyl-1991-BC
PCPCD2 VA - Frankfurt Trax Volume 2 (The House of Techno)-(PCPCD2)-CD-1991-BC
Peabo Bryson-Can You Stop the Rain-CD-FLAC-1991-LoKET
Peacock Palace-Like A Snake-CDM-1991-oNePiEcE
Pearl Jam-Alive (CDS)-1991-iRO
pearl jam-fan club 7 inch-1991-eos
Pearl Jam-Ten-1991-KSi INT
Pearl Jam-Ten-JP Import-1991-DeBT
Pedro Guzman--Jibaro Jazz-(Tropical Music)-CD-1991-jAZzMan
Pegboy-Strong Reaction-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Penny Irie-Bow Cat List-Promo VLS-1991-JRO
Pennywise--Pennywise-1991-WUS INT
Pennywise-Pennywise-1991-k4 int
Pennywise-Pennywise-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Perception-Fabio and Grooverider Feat Excel D-12UNI4-VINYL-1991-XTC
Pestilence - Testimony of the Ancients-1991-MCA int
Pestilence-Testimony Of The Ancients-1991-DNR
Pet Shop Boys-Discography The Complete Singles Collection-1991-EOS
Pete Rock and CL Smooth-All Souled Out-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Peter and The Test Tube Babies-Cringe-1991-SDR
Peter And The Test Tube Babies-Supermodels-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Peter Hunnigale-Mister Vibes-VLS-1991-JRO
Peter LeMarc-Sangen Dom Spelar Nar Filmen Ar Slut-1991-ATM
Peyote--I Will Fight No More Remixes (DAN 656606 8)-EP-1991-CMC INT
Peyote-I Will Fight No More Forever (Remix)-CDM-1991-GTi
Phantasia--Violet Skies (MR 005 CDS)-CDM-1991-dL
Phantom 4000-Stomp-(BB-9106)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
Phenomania--Who Is Elvis Remix-(NRR 101)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Phenomania--Who Is Elvis-(NRR 001)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Phil and Brenda Nicholas-Back To Basics-1991-GCP
Phil Jubb--Remember Me-(UC001)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Philip Bailey-The Best Of Philip Bailey - A Gospel Collection-1991-pLAN9
Photon - Doin Our Thang-(SSR118)-Vinyl-1991-UPE
Phure Bhoomie-The Epitome Of Hype (Repacked)-SOX03-1991-OSM
PID-The Chosen Ones-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
PIG-Praise the Lard-Ltd.Ed.3000.Copies-1991-FWYH
Pigface-Lean Juicy Pork (Welcome To Mexico-Promotional Interview Disk)-1991-V0
Pinchers-Bandelero Bw Little Twitch-Joe Blankheart-12 Inch-VLS-1991-RKS
Pinchers-Bandelero-LP-1991-RKS iNT
Pinchers-Bigger Gun Bw Captain Barkey-Dem Gun-12 Inch-VLS-1991-RKS
Pinchers-Bring Them All-VLS-1991-RKS
Pinchers-Headback Nuh Careless-VLS-1991-2GCREW
Pinchers-Hold Me-VLS-1991-RoW
Pinchers-No One Knows-VLS-1991-RKS
Pinchers-See Mi Yah-VLS-1991-RKS
Pink Cream 69 - 36-140 (Jap. Ed.)-EP-1991-MCA int
Pink Cream 69 - 49-8-EP-1991-MCA int
Pink Cream 69-One Size Fits All-(Retail)-1991-dss
Pink Floyd-Behind The Wall 3CD-Bootleg-1991-STA
Plaid Retina-Mind Tracing The Going Down-1991-FATHEAD
Pleasure Game--Le Seigneur Des Tenebres (PI 31424)-VINYL-1991-CMC
plexus - private story (diki.48.12.20)-vinyl-1991-tr
Plexus--Raw Mission-(DIKI 491230)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Pliers-Love Will Lead You Back-7Inch Vinyl-1991-FireSon INT
Plutone--Confused (EFA 04024-02 CD)-CDM-1991-dL
Pocho Pan and Bacan-Bo Bo-VLS-1991-Gully
Pocho Pan and Bacan-Chicas Te Velan (12 Inch)-VLS-SP-1991-Gully
Pogues-The Best Of-1991-ATM INT
Poison Chang-Press Up Bw Johnny P Look Good (12 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Poison Clan-In My Nature BW Spoiled Rotten-SINGLE-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Poor Righteous Teachers-Pure Poverty-1991-FTD INT
Pop Will Eat Itself-Cure For Sanity-1991-EMG INT
Poppy Irie-Fight Fi Punny Bw Shugar Banton-Punny Stop Light (12 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Potec--Das Ende-(12-0891-001)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Pouppee Fabrikk-Portent-1991-V0
Povel Ramel-Ramels Klassiker 1942-1991-5CD-SE-1992-LzY
Power Man-Tight A Top-VINYL-1991-G3L
Powerhouse--Industrial-(MM 0010)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Powerule-Volume 1-1991-FTD INT
Praga Khan-Rave Alarm-1991-TT
Precious X Project-A New Kind Of Sound Generated From Our Nevrotic Mind Vol 1-CDM-1991-DBM
Price 2 Pounds-Curiosity (The Remix)-(DW1920)-Vinyl-1991-iDF
Primus-Sailing The Seas Of Cheese-1991-DNR
Primus-Sailing The Seas Of Cheese-1991-eMG INT
Primus-Sailing The Seas Of Cheese-Retail-READ NFO-1991-QwL INT
Prince Akeem-Coming Down Like Babylon-(CD)-1991-RAGEMP3
Prince Akeem-Coming Down Like Babylon-LP-1991-NuC
Prince and The New Power Generation-Cream Remixes-Vinyl-1991-GCP INT
Prince and The New Power Generation-Diamonds and Pearls-1991-GCP INT
Prince And The New Power Generation-Diamonds And Pearls-7 Inch Vinyl-1991-GCP
Prince Far I-Dubwise-1991-JCE
Prince Far I-Dubwise-CD-1991-RKS
Prince Fari-Dubwise-1991-LPS
Prince Jazzbo-Choice Of Version-1991-RAC
Prince Rakeem-Ooh I Love You Rakeem Sexcapades-SINGLE-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Prince-Diamonds And Pearls-1991-DNR
Pro One-Red Shift-PRONE3T-1991-OSM
Problem House--Volume 2 (HIT 6011)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT

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Old Music Collection 1991 Part3
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Eros Ramazzotti-Eros in Concert-2CD-1991-iTA
Errol Dunkley - Darling Ooh-CD-1991-JAH
Errol Dunkley-Darling Ooh-CD-1991-DON
Errol Dunkley-Darling Ooh-CD-1991-JAH
Erroll Garner-Body And Soul-1991-gF
Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung - Watumba-CD-DE-1991-CENSORED
Escape From Brooklyn - Escape From Brooklyn (BGP 001)-VLS-1991-TR
Escape From Brooklyn--The Rhythm (BGP 001)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Esham-Erotic Poetry-EP-WEB-1991-ENRAGED
Eskimos and Egypt - Welcome to the Future Parts 1 and 2-(CD)-1991-DRUM
Eskimos And Egypt-Perfect Disease-(TPLP37SP)-Test Pressing-Vinyl-1991-MPX
ESP-The R-ESP9106 1-1991-OSM
Eton Crop - Hey Hey-CDM-1991-oNePiEcE
ETW-Stop The Wild Hype-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Euphoreal-The Jungle Tekno EP-VLS-1991-soup
Euphoria--4 Cut (QK033)-VINYL-1991-CMC
Euphoria-Love You Right-CDM-1991-ALPMP3 INT
Euro-Vision - Sweet Dreams 1991-CDM-1991-iDC
Eurooppa 3-Sateenkaaren Alla-FI-1991-KALEVALA
Europe - I Ll Cry for You-CDM-1991-oNePiEcE
Europe-Prisoners in Paradise-(Japan Release)-1991-UasH
Europe-Prisoners in Paradise-CDS-1991-GRM
Europe-Prisoners in Paradise-LP-1991-GRM
Europe-Prisoners in Paradise-Retail-1991-BFS
Eurythmics - Greatest Hits-1991-SVIK
Eurythmics-Greatest Hits-1991-ATM
Eurythmics-Greatest Hits-1991-RNS INT
Evenstorm - Attacks the Town-1991-MCA int
Everyday People-Second Nature-CDM-1991-ALPMP3
Evildead-The Underworld-1991-GRM
Ex-Girlfriend-Why Cant You Come Home-(CDM)-1991-OSC
Ex-Girlfriend-You (Youre The One For Me)-CDM-1991-OSC
Ex-Plain - Check Out-CDM-1991-Dang3
Ex-Plain - Check Out-Vinyl-1991-ESK
Executer-Rotten Authorities-LP-1991-EPK
Exit 100 - Liquid (FIM003)-VLS-1991-gEm
Exodus-Good Friendly Violent Fun-1991-MMF
Extortion Featuring Dihan Brooks--How Do You See Me Now Remix-(EZS-7574)-VINYL-1991-dh int
Extreme Napalm Terror-Why-1991-rH
Extreme Noise Terror-Extreme Noise Terror-1991-rH
Extreme Noise Terror-Phonophobia-1991-PMS
Extreme-More Than Words-(CDM)-1991-LAMB
F Project-Fantastic Max-WHITE002-1991-sour
F R David-Words-(8797011)-Vinyl-1991-MPX
F-14 - F-14-(PRT62)-EP-1991-HSA
F-18 - F-18-(PRT65-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM
F. Zappala D.J. Professor-We Gotta Do It (Remix)-Vinyl-1991-iDF
F.I.A.F - Chart Material-(FIAF001-Promo-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM
F.p.i. Project--Rich In Paradise (Remixes)-(RUMAX9)-Vinyl-1991-dh
F.S. Effect-I Wanna B Ure Lover-Promo CDS-1991-XXS
F.S. Effect-So Deep Its Bottomless-1991-EMG INT
Fabiana-Mixed Feelings-VLS-1991-JAH
Fabio Morgera Quintet-The Pursuit-CD-1991-RAC
Faith No More-Live At The Brixton Academy-1991-DeBT iNT
Fantasy UFO--Mind Body Soul-(YZ591T)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Farley Jackmaster Funk--Hold Me Again (HF-1)-EP-1991-CMC
fast eddie-watch me git funky-dance rock dont stop-1991-tt
Fastbacks-In America-1991-rH
Fat Boys-Mack Daddy-WEB-1991-ENRAGED
Fatback--Man With The Band-(Ace)-EP-1991-mbs
Father Dom-Father Dom-1991-GCP INT
Father Dom-Father Dom-1991-RAGEMP3
Father MC-Lisa Baby-VLS-1991-GCP
Fatman-Presents Unleashed Dub Volume 1-CD-1991-YARD
Fats Domino-The Essential-1991-yOiNK
Fats Navarro-Fats Blows-1991-GCP
Fats Navarro-Featured With The Tadd Dameron Band-1991-GCP
Fats Waller-I Maestri Del Jazz-Vol.75-1991-ooze
Faze 2-Chops EMC n Extensive-12FAZE6-1991-sour
FCMP--Demon Dance-(BOY 8826-12)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Fear Factory-Lost Souls (Demo)-1991-BKF
Fear of God-As Statues Feel-EP-1991-FFF
Fear-Live...For The Record-WEB-1991-COURAGE INT
Fear-The Record-(Reissue)-1991-DNR
Fehlfarben-Die Platte Des Himmlischen Friedens-DE-1991-rH
Ferde Grofe-Suite Del Gran Canon Y Mississippi Suite-CD-1991-LiViTY
Fermata - Smile-SK-1991-mCZ
Ffrreedom-Zero B-The EP-TABX102-1991-XTC
Fierce Ruling Diva-Trance Europe Express-Vinyl-1991-radial
Fifty Hertz--Get Up-(OUT 3406)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Fila Fresh Crew-Taking Charge-1991-IHH INT
Fila Fresh Crew-Taking Charge-1991-RAGEMP3
Finitribe - 101-CDM-1991-tronik
Firehouse-Love of A Lifetime-Vinyl-EP-1991-KLV
First Star-My Grip Is Like A Cobra-1991-RAGEMP3
Fishbone-The Reality Of My Surroundings-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Fjellis-See You In Hell Blind Boy-1991-GCP
Flames-Nomen Illi Mors-Vinyl-1991-FFWG INT
Flourgon and Buju Banton-From A Distance (Repack)-Vinyl-1991-soja
Flourgon and Buju Banton-From A Distance-Vinyl-1991-SoJa
Floyd Dixon-Marshall Texas is My Home-1991-JUST
FM Einheit-Educacao-CDS-1991-CMG
Foje-Gali Skambeti Keistai-1991-AMOK
Fokus UK-1st Project-FKUK001-1991-OSM
fokus uk-first project-fkuk001-1991-sour
Fokus UK-The Clepto Maniacs-FKUK005-1991-OSM
Fokus-Bitin Back-FK002-VINYL-1991-sour
Fokus-Egyptian Empire-FKFR1-1991-OSM
Force Dimension-New Funk-Vinyl-1991-FWYH
Force Inc-Biochip C-FIM032-1991-OSM
Force Inc-Exit 100-FIM003-1991-OSM
Force Inc-Space Cube-FIM004-1991-OSM
Forgemasters - Black Steel EP (NWKT30)-1991-gEm
Formicula 4--Stroboid Over (BI 811-12)-EP-1991-CMC
Formula 4-4--Throwdown The Madness and You Keep Playing Mind Games-(SR12050)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Forrestal - Forrestal-WEB-1991-iDC
Four On The Floor Productions--Black Traxx 2-(NCL-003)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
FPI Project-Lets Go-VINYL-1991-BPM HOUSE
Francine-A Piece Of Noise-WEB-1991-KALEVALA
Francis Dhomont-Les Derives Du Signe-(empreintes DIGITALes)-1991-DPS
Frank Zappa Mothers-Piquantique-1991-ERP INT
Frank Zappa-Anyway The Wind Blows-2CD-1991-DGN
Frank Zappa-As An Am-(Bootleg)-1991-DNR
Frank Zappa-As An Am-1991-ERP INT
Frank Zappa-Freaks And Motherfuckers-(Bootleg)-1991-DNR
Frank Zappa-Freaks And Motherfuckers-1991-ERP INT
Frank Zappa-Make A Jazz Noise Here-2CD-1991-DNR
Frank Zappa-Make A Jazz Noise Here-2CD-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Frank Zappa-Orchestral Favorites-Remastered-1991-ERP INT
Frank Zappa-Piquantique (Beat The Boots)-1991-XSR
Frank Zappa-Piquantique-(Bootleg)-1991-DNR
Frank Zappa-Saarbrucken 1978-1991-ERP
Frank Zappa-Sleep Dirt-Remastered-1991-ERP INT
Frank Zappa-Tis The Season To Be Jelly (Beat The Boots)-1991-XSR
Frank Zappa-Unmitigated Audacity-(Bootleg)-1991-DNR
Frank Zappa-You Cant Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 4-2CD-1991-DNR
Frank Zappa-Zappa In New York-Remastered-2CD-1991-ERP INT
Frankie Bones - Pres. Favourite Breaks Vol. 1-(AP151)-Vinyl-1991-EMP
Frankie Bones - Pres. Favourite Breaks. 1-(AP151)-Vinyl-1991-EMP
Frankie Knuckles--Beyond The Mix-WEB-1991-BABAS
Frankie Knuckles-Whistle Song-1991-TT
Frankie Paul - Fillery VLS-1991-SRC
Frankie Paul-At His Best-CD-1991-YARD
Frankie Paul-At His Best-LP-1991-RKS
Frankie Paul-Best In Me-CD-1991-RKS
Frankie Paul-Every Nigger is a Star CD-1991-YARD
Frankie Paul-Every Nigger Is A Star-CD-1991-RKS iNT
Frankie Paul-Fillery-VLS-1991-SRC
Frankie Paul-FP the Greatest Bw the Kissing Game(12 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Frankie Paul-Greatest Hits-1991-MIL
Frankie Paul-Greatest Hits-CD-1991-PSM INT
Frankie Paul-Heart Attack-VLS-1991-JRO
Frankie Paul-Money Talk-CD-1991-YARD
Frankie Paul-Should I BW Desert Eagle-12-Inch Vinyl-1991-FireSon INT
Frankie Paul-Should I-CD-1991-RKS
Frankie Paul-Start Of A Romance-LP-1991-RKS
Frankie Paul-The Veteran-LP-1991-RKS
Frankie Paul-Tomorrow-(WEB)-1991-DIGI
Frankie Paul-Tomorrow-LP-1991-RKS
Frantic Flintstones-Cuttin a Fine Line-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Fred Schneider-Fred Schneider-1991-MTD
Freddie McGregor-Bobby Bobylon-CD-1991-JAH
Freddie Mcgregor-Jamaican Classics-1991-PSM iNT
Freddie Mcgregor-Let Him Try (12 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Freddie McGregor-Live At Town And Country Club-CD-1991-JAH
Freddie Mcgregor-Now-1991-CHiCNCREAM
Frederik-Killeri-WEB-FI-1991-KALEVALA INT
Frederik-Rakkauden Aika-WEB-FI-1991-KALEVALA
Free Base International - The Futureworld E.P.-(PCP015)-Vinyl-1991-BC
Freedom Fighters - The Wailers-Rastaman I-Tation-CD-1991-YARD
Freedom Of Soul-This Is Love-Promo-CDS-1991-SPLiFF
Freestyle Fellowship-To Whom It May Concern -1991-FTD
Freestyle Fellowship-To Whom It May Concern-1991-EZI
Frequency-Kiss the Sky-Vinyl-(LES 017)-1991-DPS INT
Frequency-Where is Your Evidence-(LES 011)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
Friends of Matthew - Out There-Vinyl-1991-ChX
Front 242 - Rhythm Of Time-CDM-1991-CMG
Front 242 - Rythm of Time-Vinyl-1991-MS iNT
Front 242--Live Target (GUZZI 888)-CD-1991-CMC INT
Front 242--Mixed By Fear (RRE CD 12)-CD-1991-CMC INT
Front 242--Tyranny For You (RRE CD 11)-CD-1991-CMC INT
Front 242-Mixed By Fear-MCD-1991-MAGNOLiA
Front 242-Rhythm of Time 7inch-Vinyl-1991-AMOK
Front 242-Rhythm Of Time-Promo CDM-1991-FWYH
Front 242-Tyranny (For You)-1991-eDm
Front 242-Tyranny (For You)-1991-EOS
Front 242-Tyranny For You-1991-DNR
Front 242-Tyranny For You-1991-eForce INT
Front 242-Tyranny For You-1991-ELN
Front Line Assembly - Virus-CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
Front Line Assembly-Caustic Grip-1991-EOS
Fu-Schnickens-Ring The Alarm CDS-1991-WCR
Fu-Schnickens-Ring The Alarm-VLS-1991-GCP INT
Fudge Tunnel-Hate Songs In E Minor-1991-DNR
Fugazi-Steady Diet Of Nothing-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Fuggetlen Ado-Lepesvaltas-Demo-HU-1991-gF
Fun Fun - The Best Of-(ZYX 20203-2)-1991-ZzZz
Funk Inc.-The Best Of Funk Inc.-1991-pLAN9
Funk Machine Feat Katia Thompson--Ive Closed The Door-(FLYUK10T)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Funkmaster Flex And Nine Double M-F.A.L.L.I.N. (And You Cant Get Up)-Vinyl-1991-FrB
Funky Aztecs-Chicano Blues-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Funkytown Pros-Reachin A Level Of Assassination-1991-RAGEMP3
Furry Lewis-In His Prime-(1927-1928)-1991-UTB
Future Sound of London-Papua New Guinea-CDM-1991-SFSH
futurhythm - braincooler (bmw 01)-1991-gem
G. Isaacs-Twelve Months Hard Labour-VLS-1991-YARD
G.N.D-For Fun-CDM-1991-GTi
G.P.A.-Im Gonna Win-(DLM31713)-Vinyl-1991-HFT
Galliano-In Pursuit Of The 13th Note-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Galliano-Jus Reach-(TLKX16)-Vinyl-1991-MPX
Gamma Ray-Roden Club Athens 2311-Bootleg-1991-AMRC
Gamma Ray-Sigh no More-1991-UBE
Gandalf - Reflection Masterworks (1986-1990)-1991-UPE
Gang Of Four-To Hell With Poverty (The Loaded Remix EP)-(EMS172)-7-Inch-1991-iPC
Gang Starr-No More Mr. Nice Guy-1991-CMS
Gang Starr-Step In The Arena-1991-FTD
Gang Starr-Step In The Arena-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Gangsta Pat-Number 1 Suspect-1991-RAGEMP3
Gangstarr-Step In The Arena Bw Check The Technique-(VLS)-1991-0MNi
Gangstarr-Step in the Arena-1991-GMZ
Gangstarr-Step in the Arena-1991-soup int
Gangstarr-Step In The Arena-DVDRIP-INT-XVID-1991-VinylMvZ
Ganjah Posse--Me Say Boom-(NER20010)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Gardner Cole-Its Your Life-WEB-1991-ESG
Garth Brooks-Ropin the Wind-1991-EMG INT
Garth Webber-Get A Grip on the Blues-1991-JUST
Gary Clail on U Sound System-Human Nature-(PD 44402)-CDS-1991-NVS
Gary Foster-Make Your Own Fun-1991-UTB
Gary Lamb-Distant Fields-1991-UTB
Gary Numan-Outland-Reissue-1991-AMOK
Gary Primich-Self Entitled-1991-JUST
Garys Gang--Knock Me Out-Makin Music-(SPEC-1514)-Vinyl-1991-mbs
Gas Huffer-Janitors of Tomorrow-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Gato Barbieri-I Mestri Del Jazz-Vol.63-Gato-1991-ooze
gauntlet-run the gauntlet e.p.-(gen 9103)-web-1991-idf
GBH-Live In Japan-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Geir Bohren and Bent Aserud-Kvitebjorn Kong Valemon OST-1991-JUST
Gene Ammons-Bad Bossa Nova-(1962)-Remastered-1991-HLSMP3
Gene Harris-Black and Blue-1991-JUST
Gene Rice-Just for You-(Retail)-1991-SC
Gene Vincent And Eddie Cochran-Rockn Roll Heroes-Bootleg-1991-OND
General Levy-Africa-VLS-1991-RKS
General Peacos-Bodyworkshop (7 Inch)-VLS-1991-W33d INT
General T.K.-Poisonous Dettol-VLS-1991-JRO
General Trees-No False Rumour-VINYL-1991-G3LTUNES
Genesis - I Cant Dance (Sex Mix)-Digipak-1991-SDA
Genesis - Jesus He Knows Me-CDS-1991-HSMp3
Genesis - We Cant Dance-1991-PiAD INT
Genesis - We Cant Dance-1991-TLO
Genesis-We Cant Dance-1991-DNR
Genesis-We Cant Dance-1991-EOS
Genetic Bass - Frustrate (Djax-Up 131)-1991-gEm
Genius-Pass The Bone-VLS-1991-CMS
Genius-Words From The Genius (Track 15 Fix)-1991-RMG
Genius-Words From The Genius-1991-RMG
GENKITV-Dance Koshien Original Video Dance Music-JP-1991-JRP
Georg Solti And The Chicago SO-Ravel And Debussy-Remastered CD-1991-MK2
George Benson-Midnight Moods-1991-JUST
George Clinton-R and B Skeletons in the Closet (1986)-Reissue-1991-JCE
George Faith-To Be A Lover (Have Mercy)-CD-1991-YARD
George Kranz Ft Doug Lazy-Din Daa Daa 91-Vinyl-1991-WiS
George Mccrae-With All My Heart-WEB-1991-AMOR
George Moustaki-Master Serie-CD-FR-1991-WC2R
George Russell-The Outer View-1991-UTB
Georges Chelon-Master Serie-FR-1991-SNOOK
Georgie Fame-Cool Cat Blues-1991-GCP
Gerado-When The Lights Go Out-VLS-1991-CMS
Gerald Levert-Private Line-WEB-1991-ESG INT
Gerardo-Mo Ritmo-1991-OSC
Gerardo-We Want the Funk-(096357)-VLS-1991-GCP
Gerry Mulligan--The Best Of The Gerry Mulligan Quartet With Chet Baker-(Blue Note)-CD-1991-mbs
Get Down Gang--Work It-(GD 103)-Vinyl-1991-dh
geto boys the-we cant be stopped-1991-osr
Geto Boys-My Mind Playing Tricks On Me-VLS-1991-WHOA
Geto Boys-We Cant Be Stopped-1991-eNT INT
Geto Boys-We Cant Be Stopped-1991-RAGEMP3
Geto Boys-We Cant Be Stopped-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Geto Boys-We Cant Be Stopped-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Ghetto Tech-The Might (GT-1)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
Gibel Bogov - Bolshoi Kanyon-Twilight of the Gods - The Grand Canyon-Split-LP-RU-1991-GRW
Gigi Dagostino - Noise Maker-EP-1991-iDC
Gigolo Tony-All You Need-1991-RAGEMP3
Gil Evans-I Maestri Del Jazz-Vol.64-1991-ooze
Gilead Limor-You Are The Stars-CD-1991-D2H
Gin Blossoms-Up And Crumbling-1991-ATR
Giorge Pettus-This Is Your Night-1991-CR
Gipsy Kings-Este Mundo-SP-1991-MST
Girlschool - Demolition Hit And Run Lmtd Edition-1991-aAF
Girlschool - The Collection-1991-MCA int
girlschool-cmon lets go-1991-rzb
Giuseppe Verdi--Aida-Rigoletto-2CD-1991-WUS
Gladys Knight-Meet Me in the Middle-(VLS)-1991-CMS
Glen Velez - Doctrine of Signatures-1991-PsyCZ NP-VBR
Glen Velez - Ramana-1991-PsyCZ NP
Glenn Miller-Chattanooga Choo Choo-the No.1 Hits-1991-aAF
Gloom-The End-Demo-Tape-JP-1991-hXc
Glorious Bankrobbers-Live at CBGBs N.Y.C.-WEB-1991-KLV INT
Goblin-Lullaby-REMASTERED CDM-1991-B2A INT
God-Loco-(Live Album)-1991-V2
Godfather Don-Hazardous-1991-CMS
Godfather Don-Hazardous-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Godflesh-Cold World-1991-CDM-DeRK INT
Godflesh-Slavestate-1991-DeRK INT
Got to Be-Freedom (CON40055)-CDM-1991-HFT
Gpr-The Black Dog-GENP(X)02-1991-OSM
Graeme Allwright-Emmene Moi-FR-1991-SNOOK
Grandmaster Slice-Electric Slide (Shall We Dance)-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Grave New World-The Last Sanctuary-LP-1991-COR
Grave-Deviated Instinct-Devolution--Split-1991-DeBT iNT
Green Bullfrog-The Green Bullfrog Sessions-1991-GRW
Green Carnation-Hallucinations Of Despair-Demo-1991-gB
Green Day-1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Greenhouse - Show Me Girl-VLS-1991-SOP INT
Gregg Tripp-Time-CDS-1991-oNePiEcE
Gregory Isaacs And Freddie McGregor And Ninjaman-John Law-(GRED 319)-12INCH VINYL-1991-YARD
Gregory Isaacs and Little Twitch-Gimme Gimme-VLS-1991-Gully
Gregory Isaacs-Bench Warrant-VLS-1991-JRO
Gregory Isaacs-Boom Shot-CD-1991-YARD
Gregory Isaacs-Love is Overdue-CD-1991-YARD
Gregory Isaacs-State of Shock-1991-RAC
Gregory Isaacs-Tribal War-12-Inch Vinyl-1991-FireSon INT
Gregory Isaacs-We Dont Pet Sound Boy-7INCH VINYL-1991-YARD
Gregory Issacs-Bench Warrant-VLS-1991-YARD
Gregory Peck-Nuff Ambition-VLS-1991-YARD
Gregory Peck-Peanut-VINYL-1991-G3LTUNES INT
Greyhouse--All The Fly Skinnies Feel The Beat (STR 2591)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Greyson and Jasun-Sweatin Me Wet-1991-GCP INT
Greyson And Jasun-Sweatin Me Wet-1991-RAGEMP3
Grindsman-Benz Punnany (7 Inch)-VLS-1991-W33d
Grindsman-Cry For The Youth-(LM 021)-VLS-1991-YARD
Groove 2--Originality-(SR-1262)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Groove Line--You Are The One (AT-09)-EP-1991-CMC
Groove Mercenary--Switch-(BB 026)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
grooverider at helter skelter the legendary-1991-sour
Grossglocknerkapelle Kals-45 Jahre-DE-1991-ALPMP3
GTO-Listen to the Rhythm Flow-(12REACT001)-EP-1991-HSA
Guillotine Terror-No God-EP-Vinyl-1991-GRW
Guitar Shorty-My Way or the Highway-1991-JUST
Guitar Slim-The Things That I Used To Do-1991-pLAN9
Guns N Roses - Appetite for Outtakes (3CD)-3CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
Guns N Roses - Civil War V1-CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
Guns N Roses - Civil War V2-CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
Guns N Roses - Come on Feel the Noise-2CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
Guns N Roses - Make My Day (Subversive Rock Productions)-CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
Guns N Roses - Make My Day-CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
Guns N Roses - November Rain (Bad Boys)-CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
Guns N Roses - Slashin Pumpkins-CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
Guns N Roses - Use Your Illusion I-1991-SRC
Guns N Roses - Use Your Illusion I-CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
Guns N Roses - Use Your Illusion II-1991-SRC
Guns N Roses - Use Your Illusion II-CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
Guns N Roses - Winchester-CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
Guns N Roses--Use Your Illusion I-CD-1991-WUS INT
Guns N Roses--Use Your Illusion II-CD-1991-WUS INT
Guns N Roses-Delusions and Illusions-2CD-Bootleg-1991-EVIGHET
Guns N Roses-Dramas And Traumas-2CD-1991-CNS
Guns N Roses-Make My Day-1991-GRiPP
Guns N Roses-One in A Million-Bootleg-1991-RIAA
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion 1-(Retail)-1991-BCRIP
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion 1-1991-KSi INT
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion 2-1991-KSi INT
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion 2-1991-XY iNT
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion I-1991-DNR
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion I-1991-EOS
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion I-1991-FIH INT
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion I-1991-iRO
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion I-1991-LAMB
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion I-1991-NER INT
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion I-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion II-1991-DNR
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion II-1991-EOS
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion II-1991-FIH INT
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion II-1991-LAMB
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion II-1991-NaDa
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion II-1991-NER INT
Guns N Roses-Use Your Illusion II-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Guns N Roses-You Could Be Mine-(MCD)-1991-DNR
Guy-D-O-G Me Out-Promo CDM-1991-XXS
Guy-D-O-G Me Out-VLS-1991-GCP
Guy-Do Me Right (The Remixes)-Promo CDM-1991-XXS
Guy-Lets Chill-JP CDM-1991-OSC
Guy-Lets Chill-VLS-1991-GCP INT
GZA-Words From The Genius-(Retail)-1991-NPC
H.E.A.L-Heal Yourself-VLS-1991-CMS
H.P. Lovecraft-Live At The Fillmore May 11 1968-WEB-1991-MARR INT
Habera Rolincova Janku-Snehulienka a 7 pretekarov-WEB-SK-1991-I KnoW INT
Half Pint-I Am Not A Substitute Lover (7 Inch)-VLS-1991-W33d
Halo Of Flies-Music For Insect Minds-.Amphetamine.-1991-AMOK
Hamen - Without Words-(VOXPOPULI 5543-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM
Hammer-Addams Groove-Remix CDM-1991-NOiR
Hammer-Too Legit to Quit-1991-TIN
Hammerhawk-Welcome Home We Expected You-.Overdrive.-1991-BFHMP3
Handel Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Chorus Sir Georg Solti-Messiah Great Choruses-CD-1991-EiTheLMP3
Handful Of Snowdrops - Dans L Oeil de la Tempete-1991-PsyCZnP
Hans Hartz - Sail Away-CDM-1991-oNePiEcE
Hans Soellner-Bayerman Vibration-DE-1991-HiTS iNT
Hans Wilhelm - Waldo Weihnachten Im Geisterschloss-Audiobook-DE-1991-oNePiEcE
Hans Zimmer - A World Apart-OST-1991-TDK
Hans Zimmer - Green Card OST-1991-XCell
Hans Zimmer - K2-OST-1991-TDK
Happy Drivers-Toowoomba-1991-gF
Hardbeat-4th Compilation-1991-HSACLASSiX
Hardcore Uproar - High on Hope-Vinyl-1991-ChX
Hardcore Urban Music-G Double E-URBANEP2-1991-OSM
Hardcore Urban Music-Genaside II-URBANT01-1991-OSM
Hardcore Urban Music-Genaside II-URBANT1-1991-sour
Hardfloor-Let Da Bass Go-(9031 75421-0)-Vinyl-1991-HSACLASSiX
Haunted Garage-Possession Park-LP-1991-RZB
Havana-Fiesta Pa Ti-SP-1991-NOiR
Hayden Andre-Subculture 7 The Voyage-Vinyl-1991-LiViTY
Haywire--Let Me Be Your Fantasy (PROCT 3)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Head of David-Seed State-1991-Ngrp
Head of David-Soul Spark-EP-1991-Ngrp
Heartland - Heartland-1991-FKK
Heathen - Victims Of Deception-(APCY-8046)-CD-1991-MCA int
Heathen-Victims Of Deception-1991-DNR
Heathen-Victims of Deception-1991-MMF
Heavy D And The Boys - Now That We Found Love-(CDM)-(Japanese Editon)-1991-ATRium
Heavy D And The Boyz - Peaceful Journey-WEB-1991-Homely iNT
Heavy D and The Boyz-Is It Good To You-(Promo CDM)-1991-SO
Heavy D and The Boyz-Is It Good To You-CDS-1991-D2H
Heavy D and The Boyz-Is It Good To You-VLS-1991-GCP INT
Heavy D and The Boyz-Now That We Found Love-(MCD 17797)-CDM-FLAC-1991-WRE
Heavy D And The Boyz-Peaceful Journey-1991-H3X INT
Heavy D And The Boyz-Peaceful Journey-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Heavy D And The Boyz-Peaceful Journey-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Heavy D And The Boyz-Peaceful Journey-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Heavy D. and The Boyz-Now That We Found Love-MCSTD1550-CDM-1991-XTC iNT
Hector-Lapsuuden Loppu-WEB-FI-1991-KALEVALA
hedgehog affair-rush till dawn pres. hedgehog affair-(ph002)-vinyl-1991-sour
Heikki Sarmanto-Tales Of Max-1991-gF
Heikki Sarmanto-The Traveler-1991-gF
Helen Sharpe--Got 2 Have Your Love (ST-006)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Helix-Back For Another Taste (Japanese Edition)-1991-GRW
Helloween-The Best - the Rest - the Rare-1991-NaDa
Helmet-Unlive 0805-Bootleg-1991-RZB
Helmut Aniko--His Vib-Project LP-(Melodia)-LP-1991-mbs
Hen Gee And Evil E-Brothers-1991-FTD
Hen-Gee and Evil-E-Brothers-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Henri Des-Vol.8 Les Betises-Retail CD-FR-1991-VYM
Henry Mancini Orchestra-Cinema Italiano-1991-1REAL
Henry Mancini-Music From Films Of Blake Edwards-1991-TiNU
Henry Red Allen-World on A String-1991-UTB
Henry Rollins And The Hard-Ons-Let There Be Rock-(VLS)-1991-DNR
Henry Threadgill-Spirit Of Nuff Nuff-1991-DGN
Henry Wolff And Nancy Hennings--Tibetan Bells II-1991-WUS
Herb Alpert-North on South Street-1991-JUST
Herb Alpert-Summertime (71)-1991-JUST
Herb Alpert-The Very Best of-1991-DuDE
Herman Van Veen - Zingt En Vertelt Van Alfred Jodocus Kwak Deel 2-CD-NL-1991-HB
Heroes-Do You Believe In -.SPV.-1991-AMOK
HHFD-Start the Panic-(RSN012P)-1991-HSA
Hi Five-I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)-Promo VLS-1991-CMS
Hi-C Featuring Tony-A-Skanless-1991-CMS
Hi-C-Skanless-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Hi-C-Skanless-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Hi-Five-I Cant Wait Another Minute-EP-1991-OSC
Hi-Five-I Cant Wait Another Minute-VLS-1991-GCP
Hi-Five-I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)-7inch-VLS-1991-GCP INT
Hi-Five-I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)-CDS-1991-XXS
High Times Players-High Gear-VLS-1991-YARD
High-Tlantix--Lost in the Sea (APM 017)-VINYL-1991-CMC
hijack-daddy rich-vls-1991-soup
Hijack-The Horns Of Jericho-1991-FTD
Hijack-The Horns Of Jericho-CD-FLAC-1991-hbZ
Hilton Ruiz-A Moments Notice-CD-1991-MK2
Himekami-Moonwater-.Higher Octave.-1991-BFHMP3
Himekami-Snow Goddess-.Higher Octave.-1991-BFHMP3
Hinterberger Musikanten-Boarisch Aufgspuit-WEB-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Hiski Salomaa - Kootut Teokset 1927-1931-FI-1991-SOP INT
Hokus Poke-Earth Harmony (1972)-Remastered-WEB-1991-MARR
Hole - Pretty On The Inside-1991-MeeD
Hole-Pretty On The Inside-1991-PRA
Hole-Teenage Whore-1991-PMS
Holger Hiller-As is-1991-JUST
holger hiller-as is-1991-syn int
Holly Dunn - Milestone (Greatest Hits)--CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
Holy Moses-Terminal Terror-1991-DNR
Holy Noise--Enter The Darkness (HIT 6004)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Holy Noise--James Brown Is Still Alive Remixes (HIT 6016)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Holy Noise-Get Down Everybody-1991-TT
Holy Noise-James Brown Is Still Alive-1991-TT
Holy Rollers-Fabuley-1991-pLAN9
Home T and Cocoa Tea and Cutty Ranks-Another One For The Road-(GREL164)-LP-1991-KOA
Home T Cocoa Tea And Cutty Ranks-The Going Is Rough-12 Inch-VLS-1991-RKS
Honeymoon Suite - Monsters Under The Bed-1991-aAF
Honeymoon Suite-Monsters Under The Bed-1991-CRock
Honor The Earth Powwow-Songs Of The Great Lakes Indians-1991-OSC
Hood And Mills - Tranquilizer - Axis01-EP-1991-TR
Hoodlums-Lloydie Crucial and Peter Ranks-HOD001-1991-OSM
Hopeton Lindo-Territory-VLS-1991-RKS
Hopeton Lindo-The Word-CD-1991-RKS
Horace Silver-The Jody Grind-1991-DGN
Horsepower-Second Albummah-1991-gF
Hot Rocks-Worries And Troubles-LP-1991-YARD
House Of Usher-On the Very Verge-EP-1991-GRAVEWISH
House Party II Soundtrack-1991-OSR
House Squad - In the Mix-CDM-1991-Dang3
How II House--Let Me Show You-(BLX 1005)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Howard Roberts-Goodies (65)-1991-JUST
Howard Rumseys Lighthouse All-Stars-Music For Light Housekeeping-Remastered CD-1991-MK2
Howard Rumseys Lighthouse All-Stars-Vol. 4-Remastered CD-1991-MK2
Howlin Wolf-The Wolf is at Your Door-2CD-1991-pyt
Hubbub-Point Of View-Promo VLS-1991-GCP
Hugo Barrington-Me Name Nuh Ring Up-VLS-1991-YARD
Human Resource - Dominator-(AUM1012)-Vinyl-1991-DEFI
Human Resource - The Complete Dominator-(CDM)-1991-PsyCZnP
Human Resource - The Joke-CDM-1991-HB INT
Human Resource-Dominator (Remixes)-(RS 91 035)-Vinyl-1991-HSACLASSiX
Human Resource-Dominator Re-Remixes-1991-TT
Human Resource-Dominator-(AUM 1012)-Vinyl-1991-HSACLASSiX iNT
Human Resource-Dominator-CDS-1991-1REAL
Human Resource-The Complete Dominator (Vinyl)-1991-cLuBMP3
human resource-the complete dominator-1991-tt
Human Resource-The Joke-(2BF 101-7)-Vinyl-1991-hM
human resource-the joke-1991-tt
Human Soul-Human Soul-1991-OSC
Humanoids From The Deep--Tube-Tech (OVER 10-12)-VLS-1991-CMC
Humantronics--The Sound Of Afrika (664 030)-CDM-1991-dL
Humble Souls - Beads Things And Flowers-(JAZID41T-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM
Humidity 69 - Oh La La-(VLS)-1991-ATRium
Humphrey Lyttelton and His Band-Rock Me Gently-1991-UTB
Hunters And Collectors-Where Do You Go-.Mushroom.-CDS-1991-AMOK
Hunting Movement--Escape (INT 002)-VINYL-1991-CMC
Huy Zabey-Sran Gospodnia-Digipak-RU-1991-D2H
Hybryds--The Ritual Should Be Kept Alive Part 1-(EP)-1991-sb
Hype-DJ Pc-12PUMX005-1991-OSM
Hypernature - In Memory of the Ritual-1991-PsyCZnP
Hypernature--Kaos (OHM 06)-Vinyl-1991-dL INT
Hypernature--The Ritual (2 OHM)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Hypnotyk--Aschenputtel (CHAPTER 3 PROGRAM 06)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Hypnotyk-Aschenputtel (Got to Be)-CDM-1991-radial
Hysteria Blast-Take Me Higher Higher Degree-(CHAMP 12-289)-Vinyl-1991-HSACLASSiX
Hysteria--Take Me Higher (BTB T3)-Vinyl-1991-dL
I Start Counting-Catalogue-1991-JUST
IAM-...De La Planete Mars-FR-1991-224k
IAM-De La Planete Mars-FR-1991-SO INT
IAM-Red Black and Green (MAXI)-VLS-FR-1991-HDR
Ian Moss-Worlds Away-WEB-1991-TERSE
Ian Sweetness-Forever by Your Side-(Reissue Vinyl)-1991-FyahChunes
Ibiza Crew - Lady Feeling Round House-(IR001)-Vinyl-1991-ZzZz
Ibiza-Happy Hour EP-IRR001-1991-sour
Ibiza-Ibiza Crew-IR001-1991-OSM
Ibiza-Ibiza Crew-IRO07-1991-sour
Ibiza-Low Noise Block-IR003-1991-sour
Ibiza-Noise Factory-IR002-1991-sour
Ibiza-Noise Factory-IR004-1991-sour
Ibiza-Noise Factory-IR005-1991-sour
Ibiza-Noise Factory-IRO08-1991-sour
Ibrahim Tatlises-Dunu Ve Bugunu Ile-WEB-TR-1991-SOUNDz
Ice Cube-Death Certificate-1991-VMA
Ice Cube-Death Certificate-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Ice Cube-Death Certificate-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Ice Mc - Happy Weekend-CDM-1991-Dang3
Ice MC-Happy Weekend-.Polydor.-CDM-1991-BFHMP3
Ice T-Richochet Maxi-Remix (cds)-1991-CR
Ice T-Ricochet Bw Mind Over Matter-Promo VLS-1991-FTD
Ice-T-New Jack Hustler (Ninos Theme)-VLS-1991-GCP
Ice-T-O.G Original Gangster-1991-SO INT
Ice-T-O.G. Original Gangster-1991-DNR
Ice-T-O.G. Original Gangster-CD-FLAC-1991-hbZ
Ice-T-O.G. Original Gangster-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Ice-T-O.G. Original Gangster-VLS-1991-GCP
Ice-T-OG Original Gangster-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Ice-T-OG Original Gangster-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Ice-T-Thats How Im Livin-(CDS)-1991-OSC
Iced Earth-Iced Earth-1991-DMA
Iced Earth-Iced Earth-1991-DOM
Icy Blu-Icy Blu-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Icy K-I Control The Radio-(Tape)-1991-RAGEMP3
Ideal - EP-(CBB6847-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM
If - Open Up Your Head (Leftfield And Grid Mixes)-CDM-1991-tronik
Ijahman Levi - Love Smiles-1991-ATM
Ijahman Levi-Haile I Hymn (Chapter 1)-CD-1991-RKS
Ijahman Levi-Love Smiles-1991-ATM
Illinois Jacquet-The Blues Thats Me-1991-UTB
Illinois Jacquet-The Soul Explosion-1991-UTB
Immolation-Dawn of Possession-1991-AMRC
Immortal-Call Of The Wintermoon-Bootleg Vinyl EP-1991-gF
Immortal-Unholy Forces of Evil-EP-1991-cnmc
Impaled Nazarene-Taog Eht Fo Htao Eht-Demo-TAPE-FI-1991-BERC
In Slaughter Natives - Enter Now the World-1991-XXI INT
In Slaughter Natives - Media-1991-AMOK
In Slaughter Natives - Selftitled-1991-agw INT
Incognito - Crazy for You-CDM-1991-DJ Classics
Incognito - Inside Life (PHCR-1089) Japan Edition-Retail-1991-DJ Classics
Incognito Ft Jocelyn Brown-Always There (Promo Vinyl)-1991-cLuBMP3
Incognito-Always There-(TLKXR10)-Vinyl-1991-MPX
Incubus - Volume 1 (AUM 803)-CDM-1991-TRa-CLX
Infectious Grooves-The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move-1991-iRO
Infobeat-Weve Got The Funk-VLS-1991-GCP INT
Ingmar Nordstroms-Saxparty 18-1991-DuDE
Ingrid Chavez-May 19 1992-1991-OSC
Inner City - Let it Reign (TENCD 392)-CDM-1991-TRa-CLX
Inner City - Till We Meet Again-(TENCD-337)-CDM-UK-1991-DJ Classics
Inner City-Let it Reign-1991-TT
Insane Clown Posse-Dog Beats-EP-1991-DeBT iNT
Inside Treatment-Anaesthetic Age-.Energy Rekords.-12inch Vinyl-1991-AMOK
Intact--Acts Of Sensation-(BOY 8827-8)-CD-1991-CMC INT
Intellectual Harmonious Sanction--Drift And Dream (RS9123)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Intense Degree-Released-EP-1991-COR
Intense--Movement Soul-(ACE0006)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Intense-Love And Life-CD-1991-YARD
Interactive--Intercollection-(DST 30082-2)-CD-1991-CMC INT
Interactive--No Control Remix-(DST 1062-12)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Intercord-Cubic 22-INT125 916-1991-OSM
Intercord-T99-INT125 913-1991-OSM
Intercord-The KLF-INT825 907-1991-OSM
Invocator-Excursion Demise-1991-N S INT
INXS-Live Baby Live-1991-LAMB
Iqulah-Rasta Philosophy-1991-RAC
Irma Thomas-Live Simply The Best-1991-GCP
Iron Maiden-Rest In Pieces-Bootleg-1991-ViC
Irresistible Force - Underground EP (RSN 27)-Whitelabel-1991-gEm
Island-Mark Summers Ft Jcool-12BRW177-1991-OSM
Ismael Isaac-Rahman-Retail CD-FR-1991-WALABOK
Ismael Issac-Rahman-1991-RAC
Isotonik-Different Strokes-TAB101-VINYL-1991-XXS
Isotonik-Different Strokes-TABCD101-CDM-1991-XTC
ISQ--Panic on the Dancefloor (HT2909)-VINYL-1991-CMC
Israel Vibration-Forever-1991-RAC
Israel Vibration-Unconquered People-VL-(Read NFO)-1991-RKS
Israel Vibration-Why You So Craven-1991-KSi
Israel Vibration-Why You So Craven-1991-PLT
Israel Vibration-Why You So Craven-CD-1991-JAH
Itals-Easy To Catch-CD-1991-YARD
j and cm-give me the night-(dmx 10023)-web-1991-idf
J B Lenoir - Natural Man-2CD-1991-ToXiCMP3
J Rock-Save The Children-VLS-1991-FTD
J.J. Johnson-Standards (Live At The Village Vanguard)-1991-OSC
J.M.H. and Tito K.-Remixin Veljeskunta-FI-1991-KALEVALA
J.T. - Let Me Groove U EP-(Vinyl)-1991-DRUM
J.T. Taylor-Long Hot Summer Night-VLS-1991-GCP
Jack Lee Gates-From the Other Side-1991-pyt
Jackie and The Starlites-Featuring Jackie Rue-LP-1991-WUS
Jackie McLean-Right Now (1965)-1991-aAF
Jackson Do Pandeiro-Brilhantes-BR-1991-100REAL
Jacob Sisters-Ihre Grossen Erfolge-WEB-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Jade 4U-Jade 4U-VLS-1991-radial
Jah Lewis-All Gone Astray-CD-1991-JAH
Jah Shaka and Twinkle Brothers-Rasta Surface-1991-MostHigh
Jah Shaka Meets Sly And Robbie-Sensi Dub Vol. 4-5-1991-RAC
Jah Shaka-Africa Drum Beats (Commandments Of Dub 10)-Retail-1991-KOA iNT
Jah Shaka-Commandments of Dub 10 Africa Drum Beats-1991-MostHigh
Jah Woosh And I Roy-We Chat You Rock (Two DJ Clash)-LP-1991-YARD
Jahn Taam-Honour-VLS-1991-JRO
Jalla Jalla - Jalla Jalla-1991-SOP INT
jamaica twins-stop that train-(dmx 10033)-web-1991-idf
James Bond-Ripup Bw Trevor Sparks And Bobo General-Virgin (12 Inch)-VLS-1991-RKS
James Brown-20 All time Greatest Hits-1991-CMS
James Brown-Soul Syndrome Plus-UK-CD-1991-NuC
James Clay-A Double Dose Of Soul (1960)-Remastered CD-1991-MK2
James Harman-Do Not Disturb-1991-UTB
James Ingram-Greatest Hits The Power Of Great Music-1991-GCP INT
James Montgomery Band-The Oven is on-1991-UTB
James Newton Howard - The Prince Of Tides OST-1991-XCell
James P. Johnson-I Maestri Del Jazz-Vol.74-1991-ooze
James Peterson-Too Many Knots-1991-UTB
James Reyne - Any Day Above Ground-1991-FKK
James Reyne-Electric Digger Dandy-1991-aAF
James Taylor-New Moon Shine-WEB-1991-ENRiCH iNT
jamestown feat. jocelyn brown-she got soul-1991-tt
Jamppa Tuominen-Aamu Toi Ilta Vei-2CD-FI-1991-ff3
Jan Henning and Wieland Harms-String Dancer-1991-SNOOK
Japaneese-Yu Name A Fi Call-VLS-1991-RoW INT
Jarboe-The Thirteen Masks-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Jarre and Nieto-Seville Film Music Concerts-2CD-1991-SiRiON
Jasmine Guy-Dont Want Money-VLS-1991-CMS
Jason Donovan-Greatest Hits-1991-aAF
Javier And The Str 8 Jackers-The Hard Way-1991-RAGEMP3
Javier And The Str8 Jackers-The Hard Way-1991-RAGEMP3
Javier Solis-Javier Solis Con Banda-CD-SP-Remastered-1991-WM
Jawbox-Grippe 5-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Jean Michel Jarre-Images - The Best Of-1991-iRO
Jean Michel Jarre-Zoolook RMX-(POLYDOR8671452)-CDS-1991-UTB
Jean-Michel Jarre - Images-1991-OiGnp
Jeff Dahl-Ultra Under-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Jeff Dahl-Wicked-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Jeff Johnson-No Shadow of Turning-1991-UTB
Jeff Mills-The Punisher-(UR017)-EP-1991-313
Jello Biafra Feat. NOMEANSNO-The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy-1991-PMS
Jello Biafra--I Blow Minds For A Living-2CD-1991-WUS INT
Jellybean--Spillin The Beans-(DMD1652)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Jellybean-Spillin The Beans-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Jennifer - Welcome To The Edge-WEB-1991-iDC
Jeri Brown-Mirage-1991-aAF
Jerry Gonzalez-With Fort Apache Band-Earth Dance-1991-SNOOK
Jesse Fuller-The Lone Cat Sings-Remastered-1991-UTB
Jesse Jaymes-Thirty Footer In Your Face-1991-RAGEMP3
Jesters March - Beyond-(008-76271)-LP-1991-MCA int
Jestofunk - Im Gonna Love You-(RNC001-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM
Jesus Loves You-Generations of Love (Fire Island Mixes)-1991-cLuBMP3
Jesus Loves You-Generations Of Love-CDM-1991-TraX INT
Jethro Tull - Catfish Rising-1991-TtR
Jewel-Revolution In Heaven-1991-gF
Jibri-Wise One-CD-1991-SC
Jigoku Manju-Yi-7inch-Vinyl-JP-1991-FiH
Jim Jamison-When Love Comes Down-1991-GRW
Jim Reeves - Four Walls--CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
Jimi Hendrix-Live Isle Of Wight 70-1991-JCE
Jimi Hendrix-Stages (Live)-4CD-1991-iRO
Jimmy Castor-The Best of-1991-pyt
Jimmy Crash-Crash Course Remixes-(HARD 002)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
Jimmy Somerville - Run form Love-CDM-1991-iMC
Jimmy Witherspoon-Blowin In From Kansas City-1991-SNOOK
Jimmy Z-Muzical Madness-1991-IHH INT
Jimmy Z-Muzical Madness-WEB-1991-UVU INT
Jinny--Keep Warm-(NP50168)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Jo Smith--Angel Of Love-(UMM009)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Jo Stafford-The Very Best of Jo Stafford-1991-UTB
Joao Bosco-Zona De Fronteira-BR-1991-100REAL
Jocelyn Brown--Absolutely-(BR Music)-CD-1991-mbs
Jock D. With D.J. Swift-Partytime-(VLS)-1991-RAGEMP3
Jodeci-Forever My Lady-1991-RBG
Jodeci-Forever My Lady-CD-FLAC-1991-JLM
Jodeci-Stay-(Promo CDM)-1991-MTD
Jody Need - Im The One You Need-(MCSTD1609)-CDM-1991-EMP
jody watley-im the one you need-1991-tt
Joe Beck-Relaxin-1991-UTB
Joe Inferno - Techno Church (NMX770)-Vinyl-1991-MS
Joe Pass-Appassionato-1991-UTB
Joe Public-Live and Learn-VLS-1991-GCP
Joerg Strawe-Legend of the Wolves-1991-SEVER
Joey Beltram - Energy Flash EP-(RSUK 03)-Vinyl-1991-HSACLASSIX
Joey Beltram-Energy Flash EP-(RSUK 03)-Vinyl-1991-HSACLASSiX
Joey Beltram-Machines-(WHITE 001)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
Joey Negro--Above And Beyond EP (ZEDEP 002)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Joey Negro--Do What You Feel-(TEX391)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Johannes Brahms-Sinfonia Numero 4 Y Variaciones Sobre Un Tema De Haydn-CD-1991-LiViTY
John Cage--Music For Merce Cunningham-1991-HiT2000
John Cage-Works for Piano Toy Piano and Prepared Piano Vol.III (1944-)-1991-JUST
John Campbell-One Believer-1991-UTB
John Campbell-One Believer-WEB-1991-UKW INT
John Coltrane - Live in Japan 1966 (4CD)-4CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
John Coltrane-Bahia-1991-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Black Pearls-1991-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Coltrane Time-Remastered-1991-FnF INT
John Coltrane-I Maestri Del Jazz-Vol.66-1991-ooze
John Coltrane-John Coltrane and the Jazz Giants-1991-SnS
John Coltrane-The Gentle Side of-(Remastered)-1991-OSC
John Coltrane-The Last Trane-1991-FnF INT
John Coltrane-Wheelin And Dealin (1957)-Remastered CD-1991-MK2
John Coltrane-Wheelin And Dealin-1991-FnF INT
John Dee Holeman-Bull City After Dark-1991-UTB
John Dyson-Aquarelle-.Surreal.-1991-BFHMP3
John Holt-Love Songs Volume 2-LP-1991-JRO
John Lee Hooker-Thats My Story-1991-JUST
John Lee Hooker-The Ultimate Collection 1948-1990-2CD-1991-SSR
John Prine-The Missing Years-1991-420RipZ INT
John Surman-Adventure Playground-1991-JUST
John Williams-Hook OST-1991-KSi
Johnny Adams-Johnny Adams Sings Doc Pomus The Real Me-1991-404
johnny cash-20 super hits-1991-dnr
Johnny Clarke-Authorised Rockers (1976)-CD-1991-JAH
Johnny Clarke-Reggae Archives-RETAiL CD-1991-R2R
Johnny Gill-Johnny Gill-(530 025-2)-CD-FLAC-1991-NBFLAC
Johnny Gill-Wrap My Body Tight-(ZD44272)-CDM-FLAC-1991-WRE
Johnny Gill-Wrap My Body Tight-CDM-1991-GCP INT
Johnny Griffin-Live in Tokyo-CD-1991-aAF
Johnny Heartsman-The Touch-1991-UTB
Johnny Osbourne-Hartical Love-VLS-1991-RoW
Johnny P and Lady P-Man A Ge Bun Woman A Ge Bun-DSR7256-VINYL-1991-G3LTUNES INT
Johnny P-Bruk Wile (7 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Johnny P-By Law-VLS-1991-YARD
Johnny P-Honor-VLS-1991-YARD
Johnny P-Tek A Gal Man-VLS-1991-RoW INT
Johnny P-The Head-VLS-1991-JAH
Johnny Shines - Traditional Delta Blues-CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
Johnny Shines-Back to the Country-1991-UTB
Johnny Shines-Johnny Shines-(Hightone)-1991-UTB
Johnny Shines-Traditional Delta Blues-1991-UTB
Johnny Winter-Let Me In-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Johnson Big Jack - Daddy When is Mama Coming Home-CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
Jomanda-Got A Love For You-VLS-1991-GCP
Jon and Vangelis-Page of Life-1991-ROYALMP3
Jon Faddis-Hornucopia-1991-UTB
Jonathan Sheffer - Omen IV (The Awakening) OST-1991-XCell
Jonathan Sheffer - Pure Luck OST-1991-XCell
Jonny L-Make Me Work-(XLT49)-VINYL-1991-XXS iNT
Jose Carreras-Hollywood Golden Classics-CD-1991-NVS
Joseph Cotton-No Touch the Style (WALP005)-LP-1991-Gully
Josey Wales-How You Mouth Tan So-VLS-1991-SPLiFF
Josey Wales-The Outlaw-CD-1991-JAH
Josie Wales-Code Of Conduct-LP-1991-RKS
Jovanotti-Una Tribu Che Balla-IT-1991-LSi
Jovonn - Be Free-(GT1001-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM
Jovonn - Out All Nite EP-(EM712-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM
Joy and Joyce-Babe Babe-(BH3001)-Vinyl-1991-iDF
Joy Salinas-Joy Salinas-(Fly-100-CD)-1991-DBM
Joy Salinas-Rockin Romance (Black Box Remix)-(FLY074)-WEB-1991-HFT
Joy Salinas-Rockin Romance-(FLY058)-WEB-1991-HFT
Joy Salinas-Rockin Romance-(ZYX 6571-8)-CDM-1991-B2A INT
Joy Salinas-The Mystery Of Love (Joey Negro Remix)-(FLY111)-WEB-1991-HFT
Joy Salinas-The Mystery Of Love-(FLY088)-WEB-1991-HFT
Jr Reid-Banana Boat Man(7 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Juan Atkins-The Future Sound-Vinyl-1991-DPS
Juan Del Enzina - Romances and Villancicos CD-1991-nCLaSSiCs
Judas Priest-A Touch Of Evil-(CDM)-1991-DNR
Judy Mowatt-Guilty-(VLS)-1991-SSR
Juice Leskinen Grand Slam-Taivaan Kappaleita-WEB-FI-1991-KALEVALA INT
Juice Leskinen-Lahtikaupungin Rullaluistelijat-WEB-FI-1991-KALEVALA INT
Juice Leskinen-Tahan Saakka-WEB-FI-1991-KALEVALA INT
Jule Neigel Band-Nur Nach Vorn-DE-CD-1991-6DM
Julee Cruise-Rockin Back Inside My Heart-CDM-1991-AMOK
Julian Joseph--The Language Of Truth-1991-FuFFENS
Juliet Jonesin Sydan - Roistot-FI-1991-SOP INT
Julio Iglesias-Da Manuela A Pensami-(COL4687762)-1991-HFT
Jumpin Man - Trance Me-(MMI 9065)-Vinyl-1991-UNiCORN
June Tabor-Airs and Graces-1991-JUST
Junie Ranks-Sugar Truck (7 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Junior Delgado-20 Classic Hits-1991-RAC
Junior Delgado-The 20 Classic Hits Of Junior Delgado-RETAiL CD-1991-R2R
Junior Parker-Funny How Time Slips Away-1991-JUST
junior reid-long road-1991-eac
Just D - Svenska Ord-1991-aLeXis
Just D feat Dr Alban-Hllihop-12inch vinyl-1991-mF
Just D-Hallihopremix12a-(TM31)-VLS-SE-1991-GCP
Just D-Hur E D Mojligt-VLS-SE-1991-GCP
Just D-Svenska Ord-(TCD9)-CD-SE-1991-GCP INT
Just Us--You Got It-(NER 20008)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Juvenile Delinquintz-Juvenile Delinquintz-(Promo)-1991-FTD
K Klass-Rhythm Is A Mystery EP-12R6302-320-Vinyl-1991-cr3
K-9 Posse-on A Different Tip-1991-pyt
K-Klass-Rhythm is A Mystery-12R6302-VINYL-1991-XTC
K.M.C. Kru-Gettin Smooth With It-1991-pLAN9
K.M.C. Kru-Gettin Smooth With It-CD-FLAC-1991-WRS
K.M.D.-Mr. Hood (Original Retail)-1991-WCR
K.M.D.-Mr. Hood-1991-FTD
KA-22--Metamorphism (STR 1891)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Kachaturian-Spartacus and Gayaneh-CD-1991-LiViTY
Kaija Karkinen-Mustaa Vetta-FI-1991-KALEVALA
Kake Randelin-Jannu Huoleton-WEB-FI-1991-KALEVALA
Kake Randelin-Tuhlaajapoika-WEB-FI-1991-KALEVALA
Kamera--Back in the Time (FLY 042)-VINYL-1991-CMC
Kane Roberts - Saints and Sinners-1991-MCA int
Kane Roberts-Saints and Sinners-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Kaoma - Danca Tago Mago-(14-656974-00)-Vinyl-1991-ZzZz INT
kaotic chemistry-five in one night ep-(shadow005)-vinyl-1991-sour
Kaotic Stylin-Closer To Your Love EP-Vinyl-1991-FTD
Karen Perkins Hall-Can You Handle Me-VLS-1991-YARD
Karthago-Rockn Roll Testament (1974)-Reissue-WEB-1991-MARR
Karunesh - Heart Symphony-(HQ)-(OMCD6136)-1991-ZAiK iNT
Karyn White-The Way I Feel About You-(EU Retail)-CDM-1991-GCP
Katherine E - Then I Feel Good-WEB-1991-iDC
Katherine E-Then I Feel Good-(MB-1603)-CDM-1991-iDF
Kay LC-Hard 2 Handle-1991-FTD
Keimzeit-Kapitel Elf-CD-DE-1991-k4 int
Keith And Tex-Stop That Train-Reissue LP-1991-YARD
Keith Jarrett--Bye Bye Blackbird-1991-WUS
Keith Sweat-Keep It Comin-1991-GCP INT
Keith Sweat-Keep It Comin-CD-FLAC-1991-NBFLAC
Keith Washington-Make Time For Love-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Kelly Charles-Fallin In Love-Vinyl-1991-LiViTY
Kelly Willis-Bang Bang-1991-ERP
Ken Boothe-18 Classic Songs-1991-RAC
Kenny Davern-One Hour Tonight-1991-UTB
Kenny Larkin--Integration-(PLUS8008)-WEB-1991-BABAS
Kenny Larkin-Integration-(PLUS8008)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
Kenny Love-Think Twice-MSC3072-VINYL-1991-G3LMP3
Kenny Thomas-Voices-(CCD1890)-CD-1991-WC2R
Kentucky Headhunters-Electric Barnyard-1991-aAF
Kevin Eastwood-Arising-CD-1991-YARD
Kevin Owens-That Time Again-CD-1991-SC
Kevin Owens-That Time Again-CD-FLAC-1991-SCF
KGGM-Revenge of KGGM-JP-1991-rH
Kickin Records-KICK020-Xenophobia-1991-sour
Kickin Records-The Scientist-KICK03TR-1991-OSM
Kickin-K 90-KICK26-1991-OSM
Kickin-Santa Hardcore-KICK FREE-LIMITED EDITION-1991-XTC
Kickin-Zero Zero-KICK4-1991-OSM
Kickin-Zero Zero-KICK9-1991-OSM
Kicks Like A Mule-The Bouncer Remixes-TRIBE03-1991-sour
kicks like a mule-the bouncer-cdm-1991-tt
kicks like a mule-the bouncertribe mix-1991-tt
Kid Capri-The Tape-1991-CMS
Kid N Play-Face The Nation-(2-61206)-1991-WLTN INT
Kid N Play-Face the Nation-1991-CMS
Kikki Danielsson-Vagen Hem Till Dej-1991-Sn00py
Killing joke-money is not our god-retail-dvdrip-x264-1991-mVa
Killing joke-money is not our
Kim Appleby - Mama-CDM-1991-iDC
king bee-cold slammin-1991-tt
King Diamond - In Concert Abigail-1991-M4E
king diamond-in concert abigail-1991-dnr
King Ledgi-Sunshine-7Inch Vinyl-1991-FireSon INT
King Of Swing--Swing That Body and Get Up To Get Down-(SR12044)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
King Of The Hill-King Of The Hill-1991-EMG INT
King Oliver-I Maestri Del Jazz-Vol.73-1991-ooze
King-Show-Danzai Danzai Mata Danzai-JP-1991-FFWG INT
Kingdom Come - Hands Of Time-1991-SaR
Kings Of Swing-U Know I Love Ya Baby-VLS-1991-FTD
Kish-Order From Chaos-1991-C4
KISS - God Gave Rock And Roll To You-CDM-1991-EiTheLMP3
KISS - Revenge-1991-INT-GORE
Kix-Hot Wire-1991-EMG INT
Kix-Hot Wire-Reissue-1991-GRW
Klamydia-Los Celibatos-FI-1991-DP iNT
Klangwerk-Die Kybernauten-CDS-1991-FWYH
Klaus Schulze - Timewind-(HQ)-(CARCD01807-2)-1991-ZAiK iNT
Klaus Schulze-Timewind-1991-iRO
KLF the-3 A.M. Eternal Live at the S.S.L.-1991-TT
KLF the-Justified and Ancient-1991-TT
KMC-Three Men With The Power Of Ten-1991-RAGEMP3
KMD-Mr Hood-1991-JCE

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Old Music Collection 1991 Part2
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Car-Man-Vokrug Sveta-RU-WEB-1991-UKW
Caravan-Back To Front-(1982)-1991-SNOOK
Caravan-BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert-(1975)-1991-SNOOK
Caravan-Songs And Signs-1991-SNOOK
Caravan-With An Ear To The Ground-1991-SNOOK
Carbonized-For the Security-Vinyl-1991-ss
Carcass-Necroticism-Descanting The Insalubrious-1991-DNR
Carcass-Necroticism-Descanting The Insalubrious-1991-pH
Cardiacs--Songs For Ships and Irons-1991-WUS
Carl Cox-I Want You Forever-(PT44886)-EP-1991-HSA
Carl E Feat Lifetime--Freedom-(OTM1001)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Carl Orff-Carmina Burana (Prague Festival Orchestra And Chorus)-1991-EMG INT
Carl Orff-Millennium Collection-1991-DGN
Carlene Davis-Dial My Number-CDM-1991-YARD
Carlos Dalessio Marguerite Duras-India Song Et Autres Musiques De Films-1991-JUST
Carlton Livingston-Piece Of My Heart-VLS-1991-RKS
Carrara Noises - The King-WEB-1991-iDC
Cartouche - House Music All Night Long-1991-ATRium
Cash Crew-Will It Make My Brown Eyes Blue-1991-HBZ
Castro - Be What You Wanna Be-CDM-1991-iDC
Castro-Space - Ace In The Hole (PCP 012)-1991-gEm
Castro-Space - Ace In The Hole (PCP012)-1991-gEm
Cat Rapes Dog-Superluminal-CDM-1991-BeB
Cat Rapes Dog-The Banzai Beats-1991-V0
Catfish Keith - Pepper in My Shoe-CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
caveman - victory e p-vinyl-1991-crz
Caveman-Positive Reaction-WEBRIP-1991-YYY
Cazuza-Por Ai-BR-1991-100REAL
CC Cowboys-Rockn Roll Ryttere-NO-1991-LAMB
CCCP - Conquestadores-(HKG013)-Vinyl-1991-MS
Ce Ce Peniston-Finally-1991-TT
Ce Ce Peniston-We Got A Love Thang (12-Inch)-Vinyl-1991-GCP
Ce Ce Peniston-We Got A Love Thang (Vinyl)-1991-cLuBMP3
Cece Peniston-Finally-CDS-US-1991-DS
CeCe Rogers-Never Give Up-1991-OSC
Celine dion and peabo bryson-beauty and the beast-dvdrip-vidman-svcd-1991-mV4U
Censorship On Parade-Censorship On Parade-Tape-1991-FiH
Cerebral Fix - Bastards-Retail-1991-FERiCE
Cerebral Fix-Bastards-LP-1991-EPK
Cerrone-L Integrale de 1976 a 1991-2CD-1991-FSP
Ceybil--Love So Special-(DMD 1559)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
CFM Band--Lets Do The Tap Dancing (AP 153)-EP-1991-CMC
Chaka Demus-No.1-LP-1991-YARD
Chaka Demus-Young Gal Business (12 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully iNT
Champagn-Muffin Zouk-Vinyl-FR-1991-RoW
Champaign-Champaign IV-WEB-1991-ESG
Champion Jack Dupree-C.J.Dupree of New Orleans-1991-JUST
Champion Jack Dupree-Forever and Ever-1991-JUST
Channel X--Groove to Move (BB 033)-EP-1991-CMC
Channel X--Rave The Rhythm-(BB 025CDS)-CDM-1991-CMC INT
Channel X-Rave The Rhythm (Remix)-CDM-1991-GTi
channel x-rave the rhythm-1991-tt
Chantal-The Realm-(BCM12482)-EP-1991-HSA
Charizma-Rockin the World Together-LP-1991-GRW
Charles Mingus-The Great Concert Paris 1964-2CD-1991-MK2
Charlie Chaplin-Cry Blood-CD-1991-JAH
Charlie Christian-With Benny Goodman-Solo Flight-1991-SNOOK
Charlie Haden-Ballad of the Fallen-1991-JUST
Charlie Jay-Rhythm Is A Mystery (Remix)-(DLM31719)-Vinyl-1991-HFT
Charlie Patton-King Of The Delta Blues-1991-pLAN9
Charta 77-Hobbydiktatorn-1991-RbR
Cheo Feliciano-Cantando-1991-RBK
Cher-Love Hurts-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Chesney Hawkes-Buddys Song-1991-gF
Chesney Hawkes-Im A Man Not A Boy-CDM-1991-ERP
Chet Baker And The Lighthouse All-Stars-Witch Doctor (1953)-Remastered CD-1991-MK2
Chet Baker-Burnin at Backstreet-1991-JUST
Chet Baker-I Maestri Del Jazz-Vol.53-Chet-1991-ooze
Chet Baker-Two A Day (1978)-CD-1991-MK2
Chevelle-Why Must We Hold On-VLS-1991-YARD
Chic--Dance Dance Dance-The Best Of-1991-WUS
Chicago Beau-My Ancestors-1991-UTB
Chick Willis-Back to the Blues-1991-UTB
Chill-Original Clique-TUV09-Vinyl-1991-XTC
Chill-Return Of The Living Acid-TUV18-1991-OSM
Chill-Terra Incognita-TUV16-1991-OSM
Chill-The Bogey Men-TUV05-Vinyl-1991-XTC
Chilly Uptown-This Is My Method-(Tape)-1991-RAGEMP3
China - Live-(848227-2)-CD-1991-MCA int
China-Go All the Way-German Edition-1991-GRW
Chipnotic - I Cant Get Enough-Vinyl-1991-ESK
Chosen Few--Positivity-(FK-005)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Chris Connelly-Whiplash Boychild-1991-DeBT iNT
Chris Cuevas-Somehow Someway-1991-C4
Chris Huelsbeck - Shades-1991-CMG INT
Chris Isaak - Wicked Game-1991-FAF Int
Chris Isaak - Wicked Game-1991-TSJ
Chris Pittman-C.P. Time-1991-GCP
Chris Pittman-C.P. Time-CD-FLAC-1991-THEVOiD
Chris Rock-Born Suspect-1991-EMG INT
Chris Rock-Born Suspect-1991-RMG
Chris Thompson - Tower Of Love-CDM-1991-iDC
Chris Walker-First Time-CD-FLAC-1991-NBFLAC
Chris Wayne-Talk About Love-1991-DELTA
Christy Moore-The Christy Moore Collection 81-91-1991-NOiR
Chrome-Dreaming In Sequence - Liquid Forest-1991-FWYH
Chubb Rock-Chubbster-VLS-1991-CMS
Chubb Rock-Just the Two of Us-(VLS)-1991-JCE
Chubb Rock-The One-1991-GCP INT
Chubb Rock-The One-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Chubby Carrier-Boogie Woogie Zydeco-1991-UTB
Chuck Mangione Quintet-Recuerdo-1991-UTB
Chuck Rascal--Watch Me Flippin Ribbed (HR 950)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Chunk-Menace To The Game-1991-RAGEMP3
Chunk-Menace To The Game-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Chyp-Notic--I Cant Get Enough-CDM-1991-WUS
CIN-Criminal Image-(CDS)-1991-RAGEMP3
Circuit Breaker--Overkill (PRO 02)-EP-1991-CMC
Circuit Breaker-Overkill-EP-1991-CMC
Cirith Ungol-Paradise Lost-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
City Beat-The Badman-CBE1259-1991-OSM
City Beat-The Badman-Cbe1259-Vinyl-1991-XTC
CKA--Bellissimo-(GFB 011)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Claps-My Love-(MR577)-WEB-1991-HFT
Clarence Edwards-Swampin-1991-UTB
Clash-Clash on Broadway-the Interviews-Promo-1991-pyt
Clash-Rock the Casbah-CDM-1991-pyt
Classex--Ze Black Messe-(DIKI 481226)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Claude--Magic Lover-(BV3006)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Claudia Brucken-Love And A Million Other Things-1991-AMOK
Claus Ogerman-Featuring Michael Brecker-1991-pyt
Clay D And The Get Funky Crew-Were Goin Off-1991-RAGEMP3
Clayt The Great-Frisco Town City Of Players-1991-CR
Clazzique-On A House Tip-WEB-1991-ALPMP3
Cliff Richard - Together with-CD-1991-UNiCORN INT
Clivilles and Cole - Pride (in the Name of Love)-CDM-1991-Dang3
Clivilles And Cole-Pride (In The Name Of Love)-(44K 74135)-CDM-1991-B2A INT
Clivilles and Cole-Pride (in the Name of Love)-CDM-1991-GTi
clivilles and cole-pride-1991-tt
CLS-Can You Feel It (SR12069)-WEB-1991-MiNDTRiP
Club House - Deep In My Heart-WEB-1991-iDC
Club House And D. Morales-Deep In My Heart (Rmx)-(MR 0947-28)-WEB-1991-iDF
Clubhouse-Deep in My Heart-(FX157)-Vinyl-1991-MPX
Clubland--Hold On Tighter To Love-(162-530 611-1)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Clubland-Hold on (Tighter to Love)-Vinyl-1991-UTB
Cobra-Gun Talk-WHITELABEL-VLS-1991-JRO
Cobra-Mercy Less Bad Boy-VLS-1991-RKS
Cobra-Original Kill And Nuh Run-VLS-1991-RKS
Cobra-Sex Appeal-WHITELABEL-VLS-1991-JRO
Cobra-Shot A Talk (7 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully INT
Cobra-Shot A Talk-VLS-1991-RoW
Cobra-Stop Dis The Girls Them-VLS-1991-RKS
Cobra-Tease Dem Bw Rohan Irie-Watch Out-VLS-1991-Gully iNT
Cobra-Tek Him-VLS-1991-RoW
Cobra-You No Real-VINYL-1991-G3LTUNES
Coco Tea and Ninja Man-Dirt Heart (7 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Coco Tea-The Marshall-LP-1991-JAH
Cocoa T-Kill No Man Bw Berlin Wall-VLS-1991-JAH
Cocoa Tea -Another One For The Road-CD-1991-YARD
Cocoa Tea Ninjaman-Dirt Heart-(Reissue Vinyl)-1991-FyahChunes
Cocoa Tea-20 Tracks Of Cocoa Tea-1991-RAC
Cocoa Tea-Authorized-CD-1991-JAH
Cocoa Tea-Kill No Man Bw Berlin Wall (12 Inch)-VLS-1991-RKS iNT
Cocoa Tea-Rocking Dolly-1991-RAC
Cocoa Tea-Rocking Dolly-CD-1991-JAH
Cocoa Tea-Ruling Cowboy-12INCH VINYL-1991-YARD
Cocoa Tea-The Marshall-(WEB)-1991-DIGI
Cocoa Tea-The Marshall-LP-1991-JAH
Cocoa Tea-Too Hot To Handle (12 Inch)-VLS-1991-RKS
Code 6 - 2nd Capter (NG 072)-1991-gEm
Coffin Break-Crawl-1991-DNR
Coffin Break-Crawl-1991-LAMB
Coffin Break-Crawl-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Coffin Break-No Sleep Til The Stardust Motel-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Coil - The Snow-EP-1991-CMG
Coil-The Snow-EP-1991-CMG
Col. Lloyd-Im Krushed-VLS-1991-JRO
Cold Sensation--Re-Turn (BB 008)-EP-1991-CMC
Coldcut and the Orb-Kiss FM Xmas Edition-1991-RFL
Collin Roach Major Christie Dr Nuts-Hey Youthman (12 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Color Me Badd-C.M.B.-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Color Me Badd-I Adore Mi Amor (9362-40227-2)-CDM-FLAC-1991-WRE
Color Me Badd-I Adore Mi Amor-CDM-1991-GCP INT
Color Me Badd-I Wanna Sex You Up-VLS-1991-GCP INT
Coma Club--Coma Club (CC1)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Commander Shad and Wonder Girl-Love In A Bed-VLS-1991-JRO
Comptons Most Wanted-Comptons Lynchin-VLS-1991-RFL
Comptons Most Wanted-Growin Up In The Hood-VLS-1991-RFL
Comptons Most Wanted-Straight CheckN Em-1991-AMP
Comptons Most Wanted-Straight Checkn Em-VLS-1991-RFL
Comptons Most Wanted-Straight Checkn Em-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Con-Dom - The Eighth Pillar-Ltd.Ed. Vinyl-1991-BFAMP3
Concorde Movement--7 Trips And Then (MDAT2)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Condemned 84-The Boots Go Marching In-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Confusion Club--Move (W 100)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Congress-40 Miles-HEART01-VINYL-1991-XTC
Conrad Herwig Quartet-New York Handball-CD-1991-MK2
Consolidated-Friendly Fascism.-1991-420RipZ INT
Consolidated-This is Fascism-(CDM)-1991-BUTT
Contagious-Ministry Of Fear-CONT001-1991-OSM
Control-VA-CON4026 1-1991-OSM
Convicts-Convicts-1991-EMG INT
Convicts-Convicts-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Convicts-This Is For The Convicts-VLS-1991-FTD INT
Cookie Crew-Fade to Black-CD-1991-JCE
Cookie Crew-Love Will Bring Us Back Together-VLS-1991-FTD
Cool and Resistance--One More Chance-(IN6077)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Cop Shoot Cop - White Noise-1991-FKK
Cornell Campbell-Hold Me Baby (Love Me Forever) (Read Nfo)-12-Inch Vinyl-1991-FireSon
coroner-mental vortex-1991-dnr
Coroner-Mental Vortex-1991-iRO
Corpsegrinder-Demo 1991-TAPE-1991-BELLUM
Corrosion Of Conformity-Blind-1991-iRO
Corrupted Ideals-Join the Resistance-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Cosmic Psychos-Blokes You Can Trust and Slave To The Crave-1991-SDR
Cosmo And Dibs-Star Eyes (SHADOW 8)-Vinyl-1991-TRa
Cosmo Crew-Groove Is Hypnotizin-(DST1068-8)-CDM-1991-HFT
Count Zero--Success (OZON LP 8)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Courtney Melody-Good Lover-VLS-1991-JAH
Covert-For Your Bootay Only-1991-RAGEMP3
Craaft-No Tricks-Just Kicks-1991-gF
Craig G-Now Thats More Like It-1991-FTD
Crash--Crash-(SB 5011-5)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Creative Thieves--Nasty Rhythm-(SST3)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Critical Rhythm--Im In Love With You (NG-069)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Cromlech-beyond the truth-demo-1991-ss
Crosby Stills and Nash-Carry On-2CD-1991-MHQ INT
Crosby Stills and Nash-CSN-4CD-1991-MHQ INT
Crowded House-Fall at Your Feet-CDS-1991-aAF
Crucial Youth-A Gig Too Far-WEB-1991-COURAGE INT
Crucial Youth-Singles Going Straight 1986-1991-WEB-1995-COURAGE INT
Cry Of Terror-Unnatural Prospects In A Concrete World-1991-gF
Crypt of Kerberos-Demo-Ltd.Ed.-1991-FFF
Crypt of Kerberos-Rehearsal-Ltd.Ed.-1991-FFF
Crystal Waters - Makin Happy-CDM-1991-iMC
Crystal Waters-Gypsy Woman-Makin Happy-Vinyl-1991-UTB
Cubic 22-Night in Motion-(XLT20)-Vinyl-1991-MPX
Cubic 22-Night in Motion-1991-TT
Cubic 22-Night In Motion-CDM-1991-GTi
Cubic 22-Night in Motion-XLS20CD-CDM-1991-XTC iNT
Culture Beat Feat. Lana E. And Jay Supreme-Tell Me That You Wait-(656531 7)-7 Inch Vinyl-1991-MAPHiA INT
Culture Beat-I Like You-DVDRIP-SVCD-1991-PmV
Culture Beat-No Deeper Meaning-CDM-1991-ZzZz
Culture Beat-Tell Me That You Wait-DVDRIP-SVCD-1991-PmV
Culture-Culture In Culture-1991-RAC
Culture-Three Sides To My Story-1991-RAC
Culture-Three Sides To My Story-1991-RAC iNT
Curtis Fuller Quintet - Blues-Ette-1991-CMG
Cut N Move-Get Serious (Japan Edition)-1991-NTS
Cutty Ranks and Tiger-One Man Something-VLS-1991-Gully
Cutty Ranks and Tony Rebel-Die Hard-1991-PFC
Cutty Ranks-Chop Chop-VLS-1991-RKS
Cutty Ranks-Dominate (7 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Cutty Ranks-Lethal Weapon-LP-1991-Gully
Cutty Ranks-Money Talk-7Inch Vinyl-1991-FireSon INT
Cutty Ranks-Retreat-CD-1991-RKS
Cutty Ranks-Retreat-CD-1991-YARD
Cutty Ranks-The Agony (7 Inch Fashion FADJA014)-VLS-1991-YARD
Cutty Ranks-The Stopper-1991-IHH INT
Cutty Ranks-The Stopper-CD-1991-JAH
Cutty Ranks-The Stopper-CD-1991-pqm
Cutty Ranks-Try Again-Vinyl-1991-SoJa
Cyberfunk-Life at the Wunderbar-(RAD 30)-Vinyl-1991-HSACLASSiX
Cybersonik - Backlash (Plus8007)-EP-1991-TR
Cybersonik - Thrash (Plus8016)-EP-1991-TR
Cybex Factor-Die Schoepfung-Vinyl-1991-FWYH
Cyborg--Full Frequency (EP-SLP-1002)-VINYL-1991-CMC
Cyclone Empire-I Hate Therefore I Am-LP-1991-gF
Cyclotron-The Hypnotist-LEPTONE03-1991-OSM
Cyclotron-The Hypnotist-LEPTONE07-1991-OSM
Cyndee Peters and Eric Bibb-A Collection Of Cyndee Peters and Eric Bibb-1991-GCP
Cynic-Roadrunner Demo-Demo-1991-BERC
Cypress Hill-Cypress Hill-1991-EMG INT
Cypress Hill-Cypress Hill-1991-EOS
Cypress Hill-Cypress Hill-1991-FrB INT
Cypress Hill-Cypress Hill-1991-iRO
Cypress Hill-Cypress Hill-1991-NHH INT
Cypress Hill-Cypress Hill-1991-RMG
Cypress Hill-Cypress Hill-1991-SNOOK INT
Cypress Hill-Cypress Hill-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Cypress Hill-Cypress Hill-VBR-1991-OSR
Cypress Hill-Cypress Hill-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Cypress Hill-Hand On The Pump-(CDS)-1991-EMG INT
Cypress Hill-Hand On The Pump-(CDS)-1991-JCE
Cypress Hill-Latin Lingo-VLS-1991-CMS
Cypress Hill-Pigs-VLS-1991-FTD
Cypress Hill-Real State-VLS-1991-CMS
Cypress Hill-Stoned is the Way of the Walk-VLS-1991-CMS
Cypress Hill-The Phuncky Feel One BW How I Could Just Kill a Man-VLS-1991-soup
D Raw Power Organisation--1991 (And I Just Begun) (PCP 013 CD)-CDM-1991-dL
D Twins - Foreign Affair-WEB-1991-iDC INT
D Zone-Bassix-DANCE005-1991-OSM
D-A-D-Riskin It All-1991-DNR
D-A-D-Riskin It All-1991-LAMB
D-Nice-to Tha Rescue-1991-EMG INT
D-Nice-To Tha Rescue-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
D-Rock - I Cant Believe Its Over-(1102752)-CDM-1991-ZzZz
D-Shake--Interstellar Overdrive (BANG 015)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
D-Shake--My Heart The Beat (BANG DJ 008)-Vinyl-1991-dL
d-shake-interstellar overdrive-1991-tt
D-Shake-Tekno Bam (BANG 017)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
D-Word-Da 1 And Only-1991-DNR
D.A.M. - Inside Out-1991-MCA int
D.F. Sadist School-Les Cent Vingt Journees De Sodome-.Parade Amoureuse.-Vinyl-1991-AMOK
D.J. Laz featuring Danny D-Mami El Negro-VLS-1991-GCP
D.J. Magic Mike And M.C. Madness-Dynamic Duo-(VLS)-1991-RAGEMP3
D.J. Magic Mike And M.C. Madness-You Want Bass-(VLS)-1991-RAGEMP3
D.J. Molella-Revolution-(FM 001)-VINYL-1991-B2A INT
D.J.P.C.-Inssomniak (I Come Back)-(146.083-5)-Vinyl-1991-iDF
D.o.p.--Get Out On This Dancefloor-(GRRR19)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Da Juice--Runcomefollowme-(657351)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Da Noize--Djs De-Lite Volume 2-(JY-103)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Da Noyz Boyz--The Myth-(NG 084)-Vinyl-1991-mbs
DA Rebels--Back To The Basics-(CHR 106)-Vinyl-1991-mbs
DA Rebels--Basic Essentials-(CHR 111)-Vinyl-1991-mbs
Daddy Freddy-Daddy Freddys In Town-VINYL-1991-YARD
Daddy Freddy-The Crown-(Promo VLS)-1991-JCE
Daddy Lilly-Trash and Ready-VLS-1991-JRO
Daddy Lizard-Borrow Clothes-VINYL-1991-G3LTUNES INT
Daddy Lizard-Borrow Clothes-VLS-1991-YARD
Daddy Yod-King-CD-FR-1991-YARD
Dag Nasty-85-86-1991-FiH iNT
Dalton Reed-Louisiana Soul Man-1991-JUST
Damage-Cant Get No Lower-(Tape)-1991-RAGEMP3
Damian Dame-Damian Dame-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Damian Dame-Right Down to it-(CDS)-1991-OSC
Damn the Band-Damn the Band-1991-KALEVALA
Dan Gibsons Solitudes - The Classics-1991-ESK
Dan Reed Network - The Heat-1991-INF
Dance 2 Trance-Dance 2 Trance (SUCK TWO CD)-CDM-1991-CMC INT
Dance 2 Trance-Lets Get Rollin (SUCK FIVE CD)-CDM-1991-CMC INT
Dance 2 Trance-Where Is Dag-SUCKNINECD-CDM-1991-sweet
Dance Designers--The Warning-(BB-022)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Dance Ecstasy-T Bone Castro and Ace The Space-PCP012CD-1991-OSM
Dance Or Die-3001-1991-XoN
Dancing Fantasy--California Grooves-Vinyl-EP-1991-WUS iNT
Dangel-Rolling Thunder-(Buzz)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
Daniel Scheidt-Action-Reaction-(empreintes DIGITALes)-1991-DPS
Dannii - Love and Kisses Success (U.K. Remixes)-CDM-1991-DJ Classics
Dannii Minogue-Baby Love-DVDRiP-XviD-1991-mV4U
Dannii Minogue-Jump To The Beat-DVDRiP-XviD-1991-mV4U
Danny De Munk - Vrienden Voor Het Leven-(DICD8294)-CDS-NL-1991-SOB
Danny Madden-These Are The Facts Of Life-1991-pLAN9
Danny Owens - Hot Nights In Ibiza-(DDS 56891)-CDM-1991-ZzZz
Dare - Blood From Stone-1991-MCA int
Dark Angel-Time Does Not Heal-1991-TPGOT
Dark Tranquillity - Trail of Life Decayed-1991-RKH
Das Ich-Die Propheten-1991-CMG
Das Kombinat-BSE-Tape-1991-FWYH
Data Bass--A Trip In The Night-(LOC 50)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Datura-Nu Style-(LSD-003)-Vinyl-1991-DBM
Dave Alvin-Blue Blvd-1991-JUST
Dave Angel-1st Voyagge-1991-TT
Dave Brubeck Octet-Dave Brubeck Octet-Remastered CD-1991-MK2
Dave Brubeck-Dizionario Enciclopedico Del Jazz-MAG CD-1991-MK2
Dave Specter And Barkin Bill Smith-Bluebird Blues-(Proper)-1991-404
David Behrman-Leapday Night-1991-JUST
David Fascher-Treat Her Right-Vinyl-1991-FLA INT
David Hasselhoff - David-1991-DMA
David Lee Roth-A Little Aint Enough-JP Import-1991-DeBT iNT
David Lewiston-Mexico Fiestas Of Chiapas and Oaxaca-ES-1991-FATHEAD INT
David Murray-Conducted by Lawrence Butch Morris-1991-SNOOK
David Murray-Murrays Steps (82)-1991-JUST
David T. Chastain - Elegant Seduction-(BDCD 049)-1991-MCA
David T. Chastain-Elegant Seduction-1991-GRM
Dayglo Abortions-Two Dogs Fucking-1991-rH INT
Dazz Band-Greatest Hits-CD-1991-SC
Dazz Band-Greatest Hits-CD-FLAC-1991-SCF
DBora-Dream About You-VLS-1991-GCP
DDAA-Bruit-Son-Petit-Son-.Kill Your Idol.-MCD-FR-1991-SEVER
Ddk Feat Maggie Lin--I Want The Good Life-(FLYUK2T)-Vinyl-1991-dh
De La Soul ft Vinia Mojica-Keepin The Faith (Straight Pass)-XViD-1991-iNT-CMS
De La Soul--A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays-(TB990)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
De La Soul--Keepin The Faith-(FIN046)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
De La Soul-A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays-CDM-1991-GCP INT
De La Soul-A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays-Read NFO-CDS-1991-FTD
De La Soul-A Rollerskating Jam Named Saturdays-VLS-1991-GCP
De La Soul-De La Soul Is Dead-1991-AMP
De La Soul-De La Soul is Dead-1991-OSR
De La Soul-Is Dead-1991-FTD INT
De La Soul-Keepin The Faith-CDM-1991-GCP INT
De La Soul-Keepin the Faith-CDM-1991-NuC INT
De La Soul-Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa BW Keepin The Faith-CDM-1991-GCP INT
De La Soul-Millie Pulled A Pistol on Santa-(CDS)-1991-JCE
De La Soul-Millie Pulled A Piston on Santa (Promo VLS)-1991-CMS
De La Soul-Remixes-1991-CMS
De La Soul-Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)-(CDM)-1991-DNR
De La Soul-Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)-(US Retail)-CDM-1991-GCP
De La Soul-Ring Ring Ring-REMIX-CDM-1991-NuC
De La Soul-Ring Ring Ring-UK-CDM-1991-NuC INT
De La Soul-Ring Ring Ring-UK-VLS-1991-NuC
Dead Can Dance - A Passage in Time-1991-EkX
Dead Dead Good-Digital Orgasm-GOOD09TX-1991-OSM
Dead Serious-Its A Nice Day-1991-CSM
Deadly D And Dj Tiny-Deadly Situation-1991-RAGEMP3
Deadly Headley-35 Years From Alpha-VL-1991-RAC
Death in June-The Wall of Sacrifice-1991-BHOOD666
Death-Early Demos-Bootleg-LP-1991-hXc
Death-Human (Deluxe Version)-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Death-Human-1991-DeBT iNT
Death-Human-1991-mwnd int
Death-The Final Gigs-Bootleg-LP-1991-hXc
Deconstruction-N Joi-PB44445-1991-OSM
Deconstruction-N Joi-PD44446-1991-OSM
Dee Danie Dee--Ecstasy Energy (NG-091)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Dee Danie Dee--Ectasy Energy-(NG-091)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Dee Gorgeous - Better Than Sex-(NG077-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM
Dee Nasty-Dee Nasty-1991-FTD
Dee-Lite-How Do You Say Love Groove is in the Heart-CDM-1991-XTC
Deee Lite--Good Beat-(EKR122T)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Deejays United - Computer Dance Five-CDM-1991-iDC
Deems-Planet Deems-(Retail CD)-1991-BLA
Deep Blue--Deep Blue-(I-30084)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Deep Purple-Anthology-2CD-1991-DNR
Deep Purple-Anthology-2CD-1991-mwnd int
Deep Purple-In the Absence of Pink Knebworth 85-2CD-1991-AMRC
Deep Purple-Knocking At Your Back Door-1991-JUST
Def Dames-2-Large-1991-pLAN9
Def Jef-Here We Go Again-Vinyl-1991-FrB
Definition of Sound-Love and Life-A Journey with the Chameleons-1991-FTD
Definition of Sound-Now is Tommorrow 12-1991-FTD
Deftones-Rare Demos-1991-REV
Degung Instrumental - Sangkala-1991-PsyCZnP
Deja Vu-D e q-DJV009-1991-OSM
Deja Vu-Messiah-DJV005-1991-OSM
Deja Vu-Mind Of Kane-DJV007R-1991-OSM
Deja Vu-Recall-DJV008-1991-OSM
Del Dako-Balancing Act-1991-UTB
Del Shannon-All The Hits And More-1991-DNR
del tha funkee homosapien-dr. bombay-vls-1991-ftd
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien-I Wish My Brother George Was Here-CD-1991-D2H iNT
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien-I Wish My Brother George Was Here-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien-Mistadobalina-VLS-1991-soup
del tha funky homosapien-i wish my brother george was here-1991-cns INT
Delerium - Stone Tower-(DCD9024)-1991-NCR
Delroy Wilson-The Best Of Delroy Wilson-1991-EOS
Deltron Records-Deltron-DEL01-1991-OSM
Demented Are Go-Orgasmic Nightmare-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Demilich-Four Instructive Tales of Decomposition-1991-BERC
Denise M-Dont Runaway-Vinyl-(HJA9117)-1991-DPS INT
Dennis Brown and Brian and Tony Gold-Sherry Baby-7Inch Vinyl-1991-FireSon INT
Dennis Brown-Brown Sugar-1991-JAH
Dennis Brown-Cant Let You Go (7 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Dennis Brown-Victory Is Mine-1991-RAC
Depeche Mode-Dreaming of me-CDS-1991-ATM
Depeche Mode-The 2nd Strike-Remix-Bootleg-1991-AMOK
Depth Charge-Depth Charge Vs Silver Fox-VLS-1991-JCE
Depth Charge-Depth Charge Vs Silver Fox-WEBRIP-VLS-1991-YYY
Derrick Irie-DJ Origination-VINYL-1991-G3LMP3
Desecrator of Graves-The Funeral-Vinyl-(HR 970)-1991-DPS INT
Desire-Dr Baker-WANTX28-1991-OSM
Desire-Rebel MC feat Tenor Fly-WANTX40-1991-sour
Desire-Rebel Mc-WANTX44-1991-OSM
Desiya--Comin On Strong The Tony Humphries Remixes-(Mute)-CDM-1991-mbs
Desiya--Comin On Strong-(P12MKT2-3)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Desmond Dekker And The Specials-King Of Ska-1991-gF
Detroit House-M D Emm-DETROIT1-1991-OSM
Deuter - Sands of Time-2CD-1991-PsyCZnP
Devo-X-Comin Up-(Tape)-1991-RAGEMP3
Dexter Gordon Trio-Lullaby for A Monster-1991-SNOOK
Dextro NRG-Sun Moon Stars-(MON 002-12)-Vinyl-1991-HSACLASSiX
DHS-The House of God-1991-TT
Dialog-Posredine Mira-RU-1991-GRAVEWISH
Diamond Shell-The Grand Imperial Diamond Shell-1991-FTD INT
Diamond Shell-The Grand Imperial Diamond Shell-1991-GCP INT
Dicky Wells and Bill Coleman-In Paris-(Remastered)-1991-GCP
Die 4 Holterbuam-A Glatzerl Jo A Glatzerl-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Die Fidelen Inntaler-Bei Uns In Tirol-WEB-1991-ALPMP3
Die Haerte-Wahnsinn I-DE-1991-iTS
Die Mimmis-Das ist meine Welt-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Die Neuen Sulmtaler Dirndln-Ich Schenk Dir Nur Rote Rosen-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Die Toten Hosen-Learning English - Lesson One-1991-VhV iNT
Dieter Ilg-Summerhill-CD-1991-MK2
Digital Boy--Ok Alright-(FLY 067)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Digital Boy--Technologiko (FLY 047 LP)-LP-1991-CMC
Digital Boy-1-2-3 Acid-(FLYUK 19T)-Vinyl-1991-HSACLASSiX
Digital Boy-Futuristik (FLY 110 LP)-1991-DGN
Digital Boy-Gimme A Fat Beat (FLY 046 R)-Remix Vinyl-1991-TRa
Digital Boy-Technologiko-(FLY 047 CD)-1991-B2A INT
Digital Boy-This Is Mutha Fucker FLY115-VINYL-1991-BPM
Digital Excitation--Dream Party the Remixes (HPF 912)-VINYL-1991-CMC
Digital Orgasm-Running Out of Time-1991-GTi
Digital Orgasm-Running Out of Time-VLS-1991-radial
Digital Underground-Nuttin Nis Funky-Promo VLS-1991-CMS
Digital Underground-Same Song EP Part 1-1991-MC
Digital Underground-Sons Of The P-1991-AMP
Digital Underground-Sons of the P-CD-FLAC-1991-CUSTODES
Digital Underground-Sons Of The P-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Digital Underground-This Is An EP Release-EP-1991-GCP INT
Digital Underground-This Is An EP Release-Vinyl-1991-GCP
digital vamp-you can take my body-1991-tt
Dilemma--Hexahedron (MAC 1017)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Dillinger-Man Pon De Side-VLS-1991-YARD
Dillinger-Say No To Drugs-1991-RAC
Dillinger-Say no to drugs-CD-1991-YARD
Dimitri - Presents So Lonely (Numbers and Feelings)-1991-gEm
Dimple Minds-Helden der Arbeit-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Dina D-Never Seen A Rapper Like This (And Ill Betcha)-1991-BFHMP3
Dino Lenny--Cocaine-(FLY 053)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Dinosaur Jr-Whatevers Cool with Me-1991-FTS
Dio - Evil Eyes (Live 1983)-Bootleg-1991-MCA int
Dio - Great Box (Jap. Ed.)-4CD-1991-MCA int
Dire Straits - First Night in Birmingham 1991-2CD-AUD-Bootleg-1991-FKK
Dire Straits - Fourth Night in Birmingham 1991-2CD-AUD-Bootleg-1991-FKK
Dire Straits - Second Night in Birmingham 1991-Bootleg-1991-FKK
Dire Straits-On Every Street-1991-GRiPP
Dire Straits-On Every Street-1991-LAMB
Dire Straits-The OES Kick-off-2CD-Bootleg-1991-STAR
Directional Force - F.O. (RS9102)-EP-1991-TR
Dirts Man-Nah Put it Dung-VINYL-1991-G3LTUNES INT
Dirtsman-Bubble and Wine-VLS-1991-RoW
Dirtsman-Dog Heart (7 Inch)-VLS-1991-W33d INT
Dirtsman-Hot this Year (12 Inch) (Read Nfo)-VLS-1991-Gully
Dirtsman-Mi Gun Nah Stick (12 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Dirtsman-Nah Put it Dung (7 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully
Dirtsman-Steer Them-VINYL-1991-G3LTUNES INT
Dirty Mind--The Killer-(ISP1010)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles-Dealing With It-1991-iRO
Discharge-Massacre Divine-1991-SLiT
Disco Brothers Presents Nu-Luv--Is This A Dream-(GEMX-001)-Vinyl-1991-dh
Discomagic-Game Over-OUT3528-1991-OSM
Dismember-Like An Ever Flowing Stream-1991-DNR
Dismember-Like An Everflowing Stream-BONUS TRACKS-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Disney - The Twelve Days of Christmas-1991-oNePiEcE INT
Disney Happy Kids - Die Schoensten Lieder Aus Bernard und Bianca U A-DE-1991-oNePiEcE
Disorder - Panic-Groove Attack-(RR-1001)-Vinyl-1991-EMP
Disorder-Panic-(RR-1001)-Vinyl-1991-DPS INT
Dissection-Into Infinite Obscurity-VLS-1991-EYESERSE
Divine - The Story So Far-1991-Records INT
Division S-Live in Sweden-Bootleg-Tape-1991-GRAVEWISH
dj alex t feat jenny j-dance party (i like it)-(dmx 10019)-web-1991-idf
DJ Dick-Weekend-CDM-1991-ALPMP3
DJ Dick-Weekend-Remix VLS-1991-soup
DJ Doc Scott-The NHS EP-ABS001DJ-1991-sour
dj food-jazz brakes vol 2-1991-soup int
DJ H. Feat. Stefy-I Like It-(PD-44742)-CDM-1991-DBM
DJ Ivan--All Night-(UMM012)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince-Homebase-(1392-2-J)-1991-WLTN INT
DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince-Homebase-1991-EOS
DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince-Homebase-1991-RMG
DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince-Homebase-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince-Homebase-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince-Ring My Bell-(CDS)-1991-DNR
Dj Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince-Summertime-UK-CDM-1991-NuC
DJ Laz-DJ Laz-1991-pLAN9
DJ Laz-Mami El Negro-1991-RAGEMP3
DJ Les And The Kool Kat Featuring The Archies - Sugar Sugar-CDM-1991-iDC
DJ Magic Mike-Vicious Base-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
DJ Massive--Massive Overload-(12 MKT 1)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
DJ Professor-Rock Me Steady-(MR587)-WEB-1991-iDF
DJ Quik-Quik Is The Name-1991-DeBT iNT
DJ Rush - Childs Play (DM042)-EP-1991-TR
DJ Selector And X 10 CIV - Select The Rhythm-(SGM1002-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM
DJ Sound-Vol 1-(Tape)-1991-RAGEMP3
DJ Supreme-Stolen Beats and Ripped Off Scratches-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
DMS Featuring Von Black--Dont Stop it (CR-247)-VINYL-1991-CMC
DOA-Definition Of A Maniac-(Tape)-1991-RAGEMP3
Doby Dobson-Seem To Me I Am Losing-VLS-1991-JRO
Doc Franz - Dont U Want Me-1991-Dang3
Doc Scott-Surgery Rmx-(ABS001DJR)-VLS-1991-HSA
Doctor G-The Hypnotizer E.P-DJG002-320-Vinyl-1991-cr3
Doe Maar-De Beste-CD-NL-1991-RKS
Doe Maar-Lijf Aan Lijf-2CD-NL-1991-RKS
Dollarman-Coca Cola Shape-12-Inch Vinyl-1991-FireSon
Dominant Force-Rapativity EP-GAGR001-VINYL-1991-sweet
Dominant Force-The EP-WEBRIP-1991-YYY
Don Carlos - Alone-(CPS014-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM
Don Carlos-Just A Passing Glance-CD-1991-YARD
Don Fitzgerald-Are You Serious-12-Inch Vinyl-1991-FireSon
Don Friedman Trio-A Day In The City (1961)-Remastered CD-1991-MK2
Don Grusin-Zephyr-1991-JCE
Don Huonot - Silmankaantotemppu-FI-1991-SOP INT
Don Youth - Matey Career A Pause (Vinyl Single)-1991-vod
Donna Summer-Breakaway (Remix)-7 Inch Vinyl-1991-GCP
Donna Summer-When Love Cries-VLS-1991-GCP
Donovan Joseph-Sounds Of Many Colours-LP-1991-YARD
Dope Posse-Mind Over Matter-WEB-1991-ENRAGED
Doris Norton--01 Rave (TSX 103)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Doris Norton-Ego Sum Qui Sum-(MEET 491)-VINYL-1991-B2A INT
Doro - True at Heart-1991-MCA int
Doro - True At Heart-Retail-1991-AM INT
Doro-True At Heart-Retail-1991-AM INT
Dorothee - Les Neiges De L Himalaya-(190 0887)-Vinyl-FR-1991-ZzZz INT
Dosta Crew-All Together-1991-RAGEMP3
Double Dealers feat Opi Williams--My Love-(NN001291)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Double Dee--Double Dee-(Japan Edition)-(Five Records Indipendent)-CD-1991-mbs
Double Dee-Dont You Feel-(865 687-2)-CDM-1991-iDF
Double Impact--The Manic Track-(SR12037)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Double Sense - You Make Me Feel-WEB-1991-iDC
Double You-Please Dont Go-CDM-1991-funteek
Doug Cameron-Journey To You-(CD-3020)-CD-1991-MK2
Doug Hammond-Spaces-1991-DGN
Doughboys-Happy Accidents-1991-iTS
Down By Law-Down By Law-1991-iRO
Down By Law-Down By Law-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Down Town - Space Love (WHOS 55)-Vinyl-1991-TR
Downtime-I Feel the Music (USA 924)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
Downtown Science-Downtown Science-1991-EMG INT
Downtown Science-Downtown Science-1991-FTD
Downtown Science-Downtown Science-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
Downtown Science-Room to Breathe-VLS-1991-JCE
Downtown Science-The Big Yellow 12 Inch-VLS-1991-JCE
Dr Alban--U and Mi Remix (LOC 055)-VLS-1991-CMC
Dr Alban-Hello Africa-svcd-1991-PmV
Dr Alban-No Coke-CDM-1991-RKS
Dr Baker-Turn Up the Music (Remixes)-(COMAR 127020)-Vinyl-1991-HSACLASSiX
Dr Caligari-Freaks-(TUV19)-Vinyl-1991-TrT
Dr. Alban - Hello Afrika the Album-CD-1991-nice
Dr. Hector and the Groove Injectors-Emergency-1991-UTB
Dr. Hector and the Groove Injectors-House Calls-1991-UTB
Dr. Marshall-True Colour-VLS-1991-JRO
Dr. Phibes and Teddy Jones - Waresnare (DIKI 48.12.21)-1991-gEm
Dramarama-Vinyl-WEB-1991-ENTiTLED iNT
Dread Flimstone and the Modern Tone Age Family-From the Ghetto (Remixes)-(866 273-1)-Vinyl-1991-HSACLASSiX
Dream Frequency Ft Debbie Sharp - Feel So Real-Vinyl-1991-ChX
Dream Frequency--Feel So Real-CBE763-VINYL--1991-WUS
Dream in Goa - Shine on You Crazy Diamond-(TLX550498-Vinyl)-1991-DRUM
dream police - messing with the blues-1991-uash int
Dream Warriors-And Now The Legacy Begins-1991-MAD
Dream Warriors-Ludi (CD Singel)-1991-FTD
dream warriors-ludi-1991-tt
Drexciya-Deep Sea Dweller-(SW-1007)-EP-1991-313
Drive She Said - Drivin Wheel-1991-MCA int
Drizabone - Real Love-(BRCD223-CDS)-1991-DRUM
DSK-What Would We Do (Promo Vinyl)-1991-cLuBMP3
DTF-From A Smooth Point Of View-WEB-1991-ENRAGED
Dub Collective--The Head EP Volume 1 (LEPTONE 05)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Dub Collective-The Head EP Vol 1-RSN02-VINYL-1991-XTC
Dub Judah-Twinkles Riddim-LP-1991-YARD
Dub Syndicate - Stoned Immaculate-(Retail CD)-1991-HiEM iNT
Dub Syndicate-Classic Selection Vol.2-1991-RAC
Dub Syndicate-Ft Akabu and Bim Sherman Live at the T and C-1991-MostHigh
Dub Syndicate-Live At The Town Country Club-1991-RAC
Dub Syndicate-Stoned Immaculate-1991-RAC
Duke Ellington And His Orchestra-Feat Paul Gonsalves-Remastered CD-1991-MK2
Duke Ellington-Carnegie Hall Concerts (January 1946)-2CD-1991-GCP
Duke Ellington-Latin American Suite-1991-DGN
Duke Ellington-The Okeh Ellington-(Remastered)-2CD-1991-GCP
Dune-Too Much-(ADV 001)-Vinyl-1991-HSACLASSiX
Dutch Department Of Techno--Starwood Party (SW 91001)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
DV8--The Egotrip EP (SR 1239)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Dynamic Boys--Make Me Say Yes-(PL328)-Vinyl-1991-dh int
Dynamic Twins-Word 2 The Wize-1991-RAGEMP3
Dynamite--Armageddon-(DO 319)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
E-Dancer--Speaker Punishing Feel The Mood (IR-008)-Vinyl-1991-dL
e-dancer-grab the beat-1991-tt
E-Dancer-Pump The Move (KMS033)-EP-1991-MS
E-Dancer-Pump The Move-(KMS-033)-EP-1991-313
E.S.P.-Valoom Padoom Pink Or Something Else Off The Wall-1991-RAGEMP3
Earl Hooker-Blue Guitar-1991-JUST
Earth Leakage Trip - Psychotronic EP-(SHADOW01)-Vinyl-1991-ZzZz
Earth Leakage Trip - Psychotronic EP-Vinyl-1991-ChX
Earth-Obscure Business-EARTHX2T-1991-OSM
East Side Beat-Ride Like The Wind (869-605-2)-Retail CDM-1991-C4A INT
East Side Beat-Ride Like the Wind-(FX176)-Vinyl-1991-MPX
East Side Beat-Ride Like the Wind-1991-TT
East Side Beat-Ride Like the Wind-CDM-1991-oNePiEcE INT
East Village People--Loves Gonna Get You-(SAM25024)-VINYL-1991-dh int
Eat Static - Live At ICA London 1991-(HQ)-(ES604CD)-1991-ZAiK iNT
echmaster P.E.B.-Bass Computer-1991-kHz
Echo Minott-Whip Appeal-VLS-1991-SPLiFF
ecstasy club-jesus loves the acid-1991-tt
Ed O.G and Da Bulldogs-Life of a Kid in the Ghetto (CD Rip)-1991-CMS
Ed O.G and Da Bulldogs-Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto-1991-FTD INT
Ed O.G-Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto-WEB-1991-ENRAGED iNT
ED O.G. And Da Bulldogs-Bug-A-Boo-(CDS)-1991-RAGEMP3
ed o.g. and da bulldogs-life of a kid in the ghetto-1991-rubix
Ed Robinson and Buju Banton-Watch How You Flex (7 Inch)-VLS-1991-Gully INT
Ed Starink-Retrospection-CD-1991-D2H
Ed Van Fleet-Grand Eagle-1991-WUS
Ed. Robinson-Ramp And Skin-VLS-1991-YARD
Eddie Flashin Fowlkes - Inequality-(4W 125)-Vinyl-1991-EMP
Eddie Meduza-Collection-1991-INT-GORE
Eddie Money-Right Here-WEB-1991-MARR INT
Eddie Russ-The Lope Song-(VLS)-1991-JCE
Eddy Clearwater-Two Times Nine (81)-1991-JUST
Eden Transmission--Im So High (ED 005)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Edge Of Sanity-Nothing But Death Remains-1991-AMRC INT
Edge Recs-VA-EDGE6-1991-OSM
Edson Gomes-Campo De Batalha-WEB-SP-1991-JAH
Eduard Artemiev-Urga-OST-1991-D2H INT
Edwards and Armani-Again-Vinyl-1991-radial
Edwin Starr-U Can Have It-CD-1991-MK2
Eek A Mouse-U Neek-1991-ViB3z
Eek A Mouse-U-Neek-1991-ViB3z
Effective Force - Complete Mental Breakdown-CDM-1991-PsyCZ
Effective Force-Complete Mental Breakdown-(MFS 7011-0)-Vinyl-1991-DPS
effecto-no sex (until marriage)-(dmx 10015)-web-1991-idf
Eg and Alice-Doesnt mean that much to me (with remix by I-SUS A.D.)-CDM-(Warner)-1991-NuHS
Egma-Let The Bass Kick-(CDM)-1991-WRE
Egyptian Empire-The Horn Track-(FKFR001)-Vinyl-1991-DEF INT
Einstein Doctor DJ-Disco Loco-(DW 1943)-VINYL-1991-B2A iNT
Einsturzende Neubauten-Strategies Against Architecture 2-(LC7149)-2CD-1991-CT
Eje Thelin-Raggruppamento-1991-ATM
El Barrio-Across 110th Street-Promo Vinyl-1991-WiS
Eldkvarn-Pojkar Pojkar Pojkar-SE-1991-ERP
Electric Choc--Shock The Beat The Remixes-(OUT 3463)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
Electronic-Electronic-WEB-1991-TosK INT
Electronic-Feel Every Beat-US-CDM-1991-AMOK
Electronic-Get The Message-CDM-1991-FATHEAD INT
Electrotete--Anjuna Dawn (9031-75730-0)-Vinyl-1991-dL
Elegant Machinery-Degraded Faces-1991-RWHCLASSIX
Eleni Karaindrou-Music For Films-1991-MTD
Elicit-Bass Construction-12ELIC03-1991-OSM
Elicit-DJ Splix-12ELIC05-1991-OSM
Ella Fitzgerald-Sings The Antonion Carlos Jobim Song Book-1991-pLAN9
Elmer Bernstein - Rambling Rose OST-1991-XCell
Elmore James-Whose Muddy Shoes-1991-UTB
Elton John - Time Life The Rock Collection-2CD-1991-STAR
Elvis Presley--Mahalo From Elvis-(CCD-7064)-REMASTERED CD-1991-WUS
Em N Em-On A Higher Level-1991-RAGEMP3
Emergency Broadcast Network--Behavior Modification We Will Rock You (TVT 3511-0)-VINYL-1991-CMC
EMF-Schubert Dip-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
EMF-Unbelievable-Retail CDM-1991-Recycled INT
Emily Heyl - Kiss My Piano-WEB-1991-iDC
Emphasis-T99-657409 6-1991-OSM
Empire Control--Hi Hi Wani-(LOC 56)-VINYL-1991-CMC INT
En Vogue-Remix To Sing-CD-1991-SC
En Vogue-Remix To Sing-CD-FLAC-1991-SCF
Energy 52 - State Of Mind (WEA)-1991-gEm
Energy 52-State of Mind-1991-TT
Energy Storm--Vol 2 (ESP 9107-1)-EP-1991-CMC
Energy Storm--Vol. 1 (ESP 9103-1)-EP-1991-CMC
Enigma - MCMXC A.D. (The Limited Edition)-1991-BFHMP3
Enigma - MCMXC A.D. The Limited Edition-(CD 262 029 - CDVIR 10)-1991-SCF
Enigma - MCMXC aD The Limited Edition-1991-OiGnp
Enigma-MCMXC A.D. the Limited Edition-320kbs-1991-SCMT INT
Enigma-Mea Culpa Part 2-CDS-1991-EBH
Enigma-The Rivers Of Belief-CDM-.Virgin.-1991-AMOK
Enrico Macias-Enrico-FR-1991-SNOOK
Ensemble Amaria-Four Cantatas-1991-SNOOK
Enslaved--Nema (Promo 1991)-1991-b-l-g
Entombed-Left Hand Path-1991-gB
Entombed-Twilight Of The Gods-Bootleg-LP-1991-FFWG INT
Enya-Shephard Moons-CD-1991-Homely INT
Enya-Shepherd Moons-1991-FaiLED INT
Enya-Shepherd Moons-1991-iRO
Enya-Shepherd Moons-1991-TLD
Enya-Shepherd Moons-Retail-1991-Recycled INT
Epmd-Give The People CDS-1991-WCR
EPMD-Rampage-(Full VLS)-1991-JCE
EPMD-Rampage-Promo CDM-1991-GCP
Eq-Lazer - Delirium-(GK007)-EP-1991-HSA
Erasure-Am I Right-.Mute.-Ltd Ed-CDM-1991-AMOK
Eric B and Rakim-Juice-XViD-1991-iNT-CMS
Eric B. and Rakim-Mahogany-VLS-1991-CMS
Eric Clapton-24 Carat Blues Band-2CD-Bootleg-1991-STAR
Eric Clapton-24 Nights-2CD-1991-FiH iNT
Eric Clapton-Blues Night-2CD-Bootleg-1991-STAR
Eric Gadd-Do you believe in me-CDM-(Metronome)-1991-JUST
Eric Leeds-Times Squared-1991-OSC
Eric Marienthal-Crossroads-1991-UTB
Eric Serra-La Femme Nikita - OST-1991-ATM
Erika - In the Arms of A Stranger-1991-BFS INT
Erika-In The Arms Of A Stranger-1991-aAF
Ernie Watts E Gilberto Gil-Afoxe-1991-100REAL
Ernst Mosch Und Seine Original Egerlaender Musikanten-Stimmung In Froehlicher Runde-WEB-DE-1991-ALPMP3
Ernst Mosch Und Seine Original Egerlaender Musikanten-Wir Laden Ins Festzelt Ein-WEB-DE-1991-ALPMP3

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